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1 1 , PMI dslpM s,ACHILLES Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine ( Im o v Oft ot K » AmMi Juno 5, 1982 To The Class of 1982: Sir Willies! Osier once said, "Remember how auch you do not know. Do not pour strange oedlclne Into your patients.” I expect those words are true today In probably s different context. As you leave P.C.P.M., you have acquired the basic scientific knowledge as It relates to prevention and care for your patients. You understand nonaal structure and function and you are at the "state of the art" relative to pathology. As you continue In your practices you will find that new knowledge will emerge. It is laportant that you continue your studies so that you will not fall In providing your patients with the latest available care or even worse, pour strange medicine into them. Don't be the first to give up the old, or to take up the new. Make certain your knowledge Increases and that It Is always grounded on a strong scientific base. You have the knowledge, the skills and the ability to provide your patients with the best care known to man. Build on those truths and you will enjoy a most successful and rewarding career In your chosen profession. These were four short years but they were rewarding. You were eager to learn, which after all Is a Joy to any teacher. We are proud of you. We want to hear of your successes. We want to help solve any problems that arise and we want to help you to help your patients. To each one of you, 1 extend congratulations, with full confidence that you will practice our profession with dignity and dedication. Best wishes and Godspeed. Sincerely, Jsrfcs E. Bates, D.P.M. frofcsldent 3 EIGHTH AT RACE ST• PHILADELPHIA,PENNSYLVANIA 19107 1215)629-0300Achilles Staff John DiNella: lead guitar vocals Jack Sherman: Prophet-5 rhythms Mary Loft us: road manager John Solar: blues harp Harry Shoemaker: woodwinds Matt Thompson: alto sax Mark Pinker: percussion Mary Louise Schneiders: keyboards Understaff 3rd: Barbara Davis A dele Carol Jay Le Bow Eric Diamond 2nd: Dale Juron Keith Mobilia 1st: Phil Bresnahan Marina Maulucci Adviser: John Harris Special thanks to: John Cicero, Paul Fa-chad a, Sam Pearlstein, Ron Channel, Eddie Davis, the Philadelphia Police Department, Tom Kelly, Nick Bolognini and Mike Fein. Directions for Seniors 1) Turn to your page first and scrutinize. 2) Check advertisements for messages from family and friends. 3) Ignore rest of book! Left to Right: DaleJuron. Keith Mobilia. Eric Diamond. Adele Carol. Barbara Davis, Marina Maulucci. Phil Bresnahan. Jay Le Bow.Prefa ce This yearbook was assembled between classes, between interviews, between pizzas, between beers, iisr between you and me and, in the final moments, between a rock and a hard place. The fact that you are reading it is proof that we met the final deadline, anc or that we are eternally grateful to St. Typo, rAe patron saint of deadlines. We considered this yearbook purely a labor of lust. This yearbook is suitable for flaming, can be used to make mulch and in a pinch will feed a family of four for only pennies a serving. We have tried to refrain from character assassination, not always successfully, but we know that you will understand. Working on this yearbook revived a great many memories regarding our time and experiences here. If reading it does the same for you, then we will have succeeded. Table Of Continents 1. Europe 2. N. America 3. S. America 4. Asia . . . 9 5. Australia 42 6. Africa 78 7. Antartica 109 8. Upper Volta 136 158 181 200 5Over the past four years there has been one aspect of our education that has stood out as being more than adequate — the surgery department. Its chairman is a man who sets high standards and proceeds to maintain them, sometimes not without friction. Dr. Donald R. Green in both the classroom and clinic has been a guiding influence in our professional development. He is never too busy to discuss a case or explain an idea. For these reasons this book is dedicated to Dr. Green, with our thanks.THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS, PART I They came from t.ir and near. From the redwood forests of California, the frozen tundras of our northern neighbor, the cultural deserts of South Jersey There were special places to be left behind: the craggy coast of Maine, the windswept prairies of Oklahoma, the live sex-shows of the Admiral Wilson boulevard. There were contrasting origins hut a common destination. And it) the fall of 78 they gathered in Philadelphia to form the class of ‘82. These were heady days, our salad days, the days before the main course. It all began with 132 nervous, first-time Pod students crammed into a windowless room that seemed much too small. We then left the men's room and entered room 318. the theater of our opening run. our minimum-security cell for the next year. The first goal of the administration was to welcome and orient us. At least they were half successful. A memorable Philadelphia slide show was presented by Truman Capote s voice teacher. Philadelphia had its attractions bur we. unfortunately, didn't have the time. We were soon saddled with a reading list more appropriate for a life term than a first term between the corpses, trying to See if he recognized any of them. Every major arias from Grants to Rand-McNally, the World According to SARP. The French Lieutenant's Podiatric Assistant. the House of Pod. How many of us were successful in si curing the preferred Latvian edition of Gray s? No matter, the Ethiopian version would do. Meanwhile, those with foresight began visiting residency programs. (Note to current first-year students: just kidding.) The thrust of trimester one was to make us regret not having taken more anatomy courses as an undergrad After listening to Dr. Tumquists high-frequency dissertations we would descend into the bowels of the school to descend into the bowels of the cadavers The administration, fearing that this might be too enjoyable, arranged for a constant infusion of noxious fumes. Our goal was to dissect our before passing our The school soon realized the severity of the problem and installed a complex system of odor-eaters. Students too tnaucho to wear masks tended to cough a lot. At least Dr. Turnquists's mask took the edge of her squeak. Dr. van Dyke serenely fxirrolcd the aisles If Gross Anatomy wasn 't to your liking, perhaps the microscopic version held appeal With his snappy retorts to our naive queries. Dr Conway impressed us as a sort of histological Don Rickies. If he ever tires of reaching, there's always Vegas. Embryology demonstrated that a minor course could be a major headache. Dr. Hirsch used both jokes and surprise quizzes to maintain student interest If you didn't get the punchline, perhaps you got the extra-credit question. His policy seemed to he. If they cant take a joke, flunk cm." The derails of embryo would soon be forgotten, but fortunately the essence of the course had been distilled to a single, succinct phrase Oncology recapitulates Phytogeny Adjusting to the grind of Pod school proved traumatic to many. Our attrition rate would have made a kamikaze pilot proud. You could sir next to a classmate one day and hc she would be gone the next. Many drop-outs eventually settled for med school. Listening to Dr. Churchill made us feel as if we were from the wrong side of the spinocerebellar tracts In a word, dizzy. This is no reflection on the talents of Dr. Churchill It seems that the human brain has a difficult time with self-comprehension. Everyone realized the two options in Neuro: learn it now or learn it later. To rhe relief of those who teamed it later, it rained frequently the following summer We heard that Intro to Podiatry was a good course. The physiological tag-team of Davis and Pitkow taught us that 1) rhe heart pumps blood 2) we suck in O, and blow out CO{ 3) Davis's Law (no thyroid to Addison's) ■i) bleeding dogs die. (hemodynamics lab - our Contribution to rhe unwanted dog problem.) Celebrity assistant-instructors included Mick Jacgger andJim Ryan. An emotional highlight of Physiology was Dr Pitkow s storming our of class in response to continuing giddiness from several of our less socially-developed classmates His anger was such that some feared he would smash his self-bought "Super- 7Dad' coffee mug Against the nearest wall Dr. Pitkow later switched to Sanka - brand and calmed down considerably. First year was our most tumultuous politically, with all non-students considered enemies until proven otherw ise There were frequent visits from various vice-presidents and other important greased fish. Don Becket. our version of FDR, was elected to the first of his three terms. Don 's career, however, ended not with u New Deal but a burn deal. While it was hi$ running mate who got pregnant, insisted Don, it was he who got screwed. Dr. facoby, our favorite biophysicist, pulled a fast one bv rearranging the answers to his time-honored exam. Dr. Jacoby later demonstrated his versatility by winning the fourth race at Liberty Bell. Lower Anatomy lectures gave Dr. DiPrimio, apparently a frustrated tailor at heart, an opportunity to glut strips of cloth to the defenseless skeleton in the front ot the class. These bizarre ornaments illustrated either muscular attachments or the latest South Philly fashions. It was easy to cell which students had received letters of recommendation from Dr. DiPrimio. He would call on Pornenti for an answer and then on Speziale for the Correct answer. As the Course material accumulated grade averages plummeted. Tempers flared, and the violence became mote than verbal as Dr. Hirsch was assaulrcd with a flying patella The atmosphere during quizzes and tests recalled prisoner-of-war camps, except that P O W.s had toiler privileges. All answer cards were signed and whisked to Scotland Yard for handwriting analysis. Fortunately, a rumored shipment of polygraph machine never materialized. And who pur the nasty note in the bitch box'1 Even during these high-stress times the class never lost its sense of Compassion or humaniti When one poor soul's house burned down, a class collection yielded a used sewing machine, a snow shovel ami a hag ot cheese nachos. Romances budded during this period, and stxan Sam and Bill were seen everywhere together. Dr. James Burke, rhar rarest of birds, had a strange quirk of treating students like humans, lie and Dr Fenton, our favorite lecturer in a skirt, made our trip through the Kreb s Cyle as painfree as possible The inscrutable Dr Whitney assured us that as time went on we would be with him, biomechanically speaking, and that it rook him three years to understand a class and vice versa The 8class bookies Lived odds dm (his was about as Ukel as the Phillies winning a World denes. The year-end Roast gave us u chance tor some good-natured revenge Mick, wearing u Mickey Mouse cap and standing behind a screen, successfully walked the bine line between mockery and disrespect Remember, kind instructors, that we re laughing with you and not at you Skip did some hilarious impressions, it'you could figure out who he was trying to be. The arrival of summer allowed us to work on our tans or Pmbryology. It would he three summers before some students could develop tan lines to speak of. Till HISTORY OF TNF CLASS, PART II Second year began, our year devoted to insidious, debilitating diseases, to virulent, pathogenic microbes, to horrifying and crippling callosities. If this sound disturbing, it was. Students commonly "contract what they study, and there was more than one outbreak of hallux limicus Pathology was our only course ro be taught by a contingent from the l. .. Dr. Kay told numerous jokes and stories bur the punchlines were always in British. Horn Drs. Seo and De Ton? we learned the essentials of carshmoma Dr. Arden served as the token American. Microbiology ran the gamut from the common cold to boa-boa (didn't he play shortstop ). On some dais Micro seemed geared to those who were planning to practice in Pago-Pago. Bo ami Roman counted heads and discussed keem-rhcr-Pl '■ tics, respectively. Dr. Axlcr's rationale for including San Joaquin Valley fever in the course was priceless: If you don't See these diseases here, you 'll ne cr see them, laths were not for the hunt-hearted. It's Hard ro Relax When You've Cot Anthrax to the tunc of "All Along the W atchtow er") Don 't point that Petrie dish at me Flame your loop somewhere else Am disease on might want to catch Is sitting infectiously on that shelf The precautions we know are great M.n he it 's just my neurosis But all it takes is one errant spore And you vc gor blastomycosis Handle (bar needle with thought and Care Prevent an accidental stab I know m wife will never believe I caught a case of the clap m lab During our second year we had the honor of meeting PCPMs resident legend. Dr. Charles Kraus . Dr. Kraus 's enthusiasm and zest for life were an inspiration ro us all. He also docs an excellent imitation of Mick Bolognini. Another legendary figure in our midst was King Harold Schoenhaus I. DP M. King Harold's rales of triples and highspeed highway escapades only added to his legend His resident would proctor the rests if he wasn't busy polishing the King's chariot, a starch Ben . Students who decided ro gun for a spot in the cameloc of JFK began working on their waxing skills. There aregrc.it dangers in developing the mind ar the expense of the body. We were always conscious of (his and were quickto take to the courts, slopes, diamonds, rivers, trails and beaches Preferably, this was done during school hours. Basketball privileges at a local high school were revoked when Kamen obliterated his fifth backboard. Bruce, there is more to basketball than slam-dunking. )'ear two saw a sizeable white water rafting expedition The wilds of the upper Lehigh urre small challenge to our seasoned flotilla. Some became bored with the safety of the rafts and rode the river bareback. keeping watch for hecklers and hemorrhoids. DiNella and Solar are still counting the money they made from that trip. The first and only outing of the Wrestling Club was a bashing, mashing, smashing success. Sandler’s banner waved proudly over sold-out Spectrum crowd, vastly elevating their PML The double main events were as gruesome as anticipated. but the evening's definite highlight was our personal audience looking for a tall building to climb. We quickly returned ro the mam arena where Bob Backlund was battling Parkins in a Texas Steel-Cage Death Match. It looked like left had the champ in a fully-pronated and locked position, but Backlund resupinated out of it to win the match. Jeff remained in a funk for weeks. Continuing our run of excellent student-teacher relations, we successfully induced two instructors ro retire (Joey and Tud). Some would claim rhar this total was artifcally inflated b Lenny ’s frequent habit ot breaking wind. Come to think of it. my eyes are still watering. Intro ro Surgery introduced us to Dr. Donald Ayatollah Green, the man who lent his name to the suits now universally worn in the O.R. Dr. Green's stern reputation preceded him His wrath never lived up ro his rep. but we were too scared to with Gorilla Monsoon This is something few' mortals ever achieve, and the moment will remain with us forever. Mr Monsoon was ver) personable for a primare. and he h-js more than happ) ro pose for pictures and autograph our faces. The popping of our flashbulbs startled him. however, and he began notice. Of course, no history would be complete without a word of thanks ro those two angels of the O R.. Nadine and Tina, always a calming force when pressures ran high. Tina, we still think you should get back with Ike. Between grand rounds. Dr. Leonard Jacobs found rime to give H (Xt a m. lectures actually worth getting up for Here we learned the long-term effects of our drugs of choice. The labs were nothing if nor frustrating. Have you ever tired to make a rabbit snort.' In rhe interests of preventing didactic burn-our we were rewarded with two mornings a week of "Clinical Observation." 10which at least allowed us to sleep late "Clinical Participation' would begin in earnest in the summer of ’SO. The excitement of your first actual debridement, the white-hot rush of adrenalin, the crimson warmth of your first patient's blood as it copiously coursed past your blade, down your arm, and onto the floor. Today I schneide; today I am a man' Somebody get Dr. Karpo! There were further evaluations. Demonstrate a hand-tie, burr a few nails, and it was rime for the National Hoards Pod school was half over Now we would study the left foot' THE HISTORY OP THE CLASS. PART III That we were now actually treating patients entitled us to the two mam pastimes ol third and fourt-year students: complain ing about the low case-load and dodging charts Certain students elevated the practice of schneide-and-hide to a fine art. There are those who could lecture for hours on the fine points of their chart avoidance techniques. Hut those who paid their dues in the tyloma mines of PM grew co know and respect the Class of '82 Minority Student Organization. (I to r):J. Tung men who ran them: Drs. Karp. Masters, held man. Stem. Kwas, Mags and Orowirz. During slow spells we would debate a Certain clinician's hair: was it live or was it Mernorex' Third year seemed to lx- a scheduling mistake We could hear the administration deciding it "Should it be academic or clinical' Let s make it both!" Ir was a slow year in one respect as we triggered only one retirement. (We should get extra-credit for this one. though, since ir resulted in the cancellation of several anesthesiology rotations.)Just to round out the schedule, twenty other courses were thrown in. Ski trips with afternoon departures were now in vogue. On one visit to Camclbavk, "Static Kling perfected the an of riding the slope s ski-less on his back This technique offers an unusual view and significant savings on bindings and skis. Other favorite peaks included F.lk and Shawnee. Dr. Whitney introduced us to some of his newer concepts, including Pecking Heel (very common in Chinese restaurants I and the international ramifications of global cavus. From Dr. Rudnick we learned to diagnose hysterical forefoot varus. Counselor Seavc argued for the prosecution, while Dr. Newman waxed eloquent for the defense. Do lawyers study podiatry.' During Internal Medicine (or as Dr Stern would think, you mean inside the rocs") some of the area's leading specialists lectured to a group ol highly captivated rape recorders. Statistical Epidemiology was taught b two men whose promising vaudeville careers wen snuffed out by the birth of television. In Rearfoot Surgery we learned procedures to try while outside the three-mile limit, while Drs. Martin. Mandracchia and Quinta-valle presented more mundane (and practical) material. In Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the good foot goes to heaven and rhe class goes to hell tor poor attendance. And. of course, there were The Rig Two. (drumroll please.) Ncuro and Derm. The Marx and Lenin, the Yin and Yang, the Minneapolis and St Paul of the third year. Derm and Neuro. Weddings. funerals, insurrections and lynchings revolved around their schedules Their .subject matter seemed to meld. Neuro-dermatitisf! Augghhh!Sub-acute migratory pannicuHties of Vil-lanova, or was ir Bombay? Holy cow■ Dr Gaurang "Baseball" Bhatt lectured in his propter English and Dr Wirkowski in his proper Philadelphian At least treatment regimens in the two courses differed. In dermatology, steroids are given topically, while in neuro they are given p.o. Hut rhe real fun of third year was clinical Students anxious to learn the mysterious wavs of Orthopedics arrived to find -surprise■! • thc were expected to already know them. Dr. Hums and his trusty sidekick. Dr. Dice, turned us all into masters of the check-off sheet. Dr. Green, jealous over this new hurdle, decided to institute an cun bigger list in lus department next year PT, X-ray and the various workshops Served j breathers between the biggies. With Dr. LeBovirh we discussed rubber-burrer and prominent Philadelphian families. ",Any of you boys 11from Philly?" In Diagnosis wc learned how to probe and palpate, how to elicit both good histories and exquisite pain. Ahh, the exquisite pain of it all! After three years of PPMSA beer blasts in the less- than-fabulous student lounge, the class was ready for a change in venue. In a burst of inspiration PPMSA rented a boat house along the Schuykill for an evening of dancing and drinking. The libations flowed as freely as the river Several students, suffering an Ortlieb overdose, understood "renting a boat hoursc” to mean that the boats were rented along with the house. They navigated a purloined rowboat to mid-Schuykill where they were sported by the watchman of the premises, who decided it was time to end the party. Anxious negotiations ensued and a deal was struck. Serlo. Cain and Bax were bounced up . n dock -mg, and the festivities were permitted to continue. Among the more popular social events were the annual parties at Greg I.uzmski's house in Cherry Hill Greg is a sizable fellow and he had a residence to match. He proved a gracious host and allowed us full use of his numerous tennis and racquet ball courts With his obvious interest in athletics it's surprizing he never conquered his weight problem Ir was a sad day tor all of us when he was bannished to Chicago. 1980 was tilled with special events as the Phils rook the Scries, we began to understand Dr Whitney and the Pope visited Philadelphia. There was much disappointment, however, as the Pontiff failed to keep his Biomechanical and Casting appointment. In a bitter election, Flwood ended the reign of Donald as each cast aspersions on the other s ancestry. Woody thus won the right to deliver the commencement speach, but Don insisted that he should give the first three-quarters and Woody the last. The third-year Roast was cancelled when Clyde couldn't think ot anything funny. By this point in our podiatnc lives we could appreciate the residency paranoia affecting the fourth-year students. April first rolled around with its ubiquitous questions, "Gotta match?" One student, distraught over being marched with a certain Philadelphia program, threwr himself in front of a bus. His crumpled CASPR letter was found nearby. ■ D«1 IOU 1 “" ij'inj 5c A i 66758 O.k » Aft . - AJuf 7v. asr ! 77 a J 0. OO ar.oo -y.cxo • +TO.OO • l.oo erf yfUir(3-1.) it Ml. if IZ2Z ... n.t •» 5”"] __________________________w •_______✓ temOC«-» T- THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS, PART IV Fourth-year arrived to the Sound of suitcases hung snapped shut and revving jet engines. Rand-Mch'ally atlases, unused since Gross Anatomy, were hauled out to locate the more obscure externships and residency interview s Hey. can anyone find Zimbabwe? Only those whose relatives were program directors didn't need relatives who were travel agenrs. The externship lorrcn was quickly forgotten as it was replaced by a bigger, more exciting game: "Bobbin' for Residencies The Bobbin' Song (to rhe rune of Beethoven Quartet No. 11 in C Sharp Minor, Op. HI.) Merrily we bob along Bobbin, bobbin all day long Bobbin' high and bobbin' low W'ho doesn't hob. we want ro know W'hat is Summer without the Fall? What is Moorestown without the Mall?As birds must fly and agent insure Sureh we must bob some more Bobbin', bobbin' far and near Bobbin' those both hated and dear Bobbin with care and bobbin' with haste Golly, that’s a tunny taste! Bob in the shade and bob in the sun Bob we must but it isn 't much fun And if your bobbin' is all for naught I hope at least you didn't get caught Students with a talent for research began projects that would form the basis for future podiatric advancements. Mart Gins-burg successfully isolated the virus responsible for causing pronation in rabbits When the vaccine is perfected Marc will rest it on eager first-year volunteers. Quire a few classriiates opted to enlist in the National Health Service Corps, a federal program designed to bring podiatric w services to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses earning to be free from corns. Corpsmen must be skilled in routine podia -try, podiatric surgery, well-drilling and forestry They must be able to treat everything from a painful calf to a diseased bull Some students hoped that the ascension of Ronnie to power would free them from their future obligations, but this was not to be. When asked to rank his preferred areas to practice. Levy-submitted Canada. Tibet and Columbia. Dave, please remember to write. It was during this period when PCPM’s native population of mice discovered what Biener had known all along: Tastykakes! Without so much as the exact change these hypoglycemic rodents ransacked the third-floor vending machine tor all the Krimpets it was worth. When it was suggested to the vending company worker that the machine be baited w ith rat poison, he responded that this would only bt redundant Fourth-year scheduling fell under the rule of thirds: clinic, externships and miscellaneous In clinic, we carefully dispensed morsels of our new-found clinical acumen to hungry, grateful third-year students, or tried to. In Surgery, an elaborate checkoff sheet made its debut. It was so elaborate, in fact, that it proved impossible to complete. Dr. Green finally relented and gave fourth-year students an extra year to do so. We spent two afternoons a week mastering "Zulli-isms" and Dr Hymes’s 1.412 steps to a successful practice. In between there were refresher trips to the Gross lab. in case you missed it the first time A way from school on extern and clerkships we learned that, yes, there is life after PCPM. Life that was becomming rantaliz-ingly close after four years of dedication and debauchery. As we walk down our final common pathway to receive our diplomas, we can re fleer on what these past four years have brought A knowledge of medicine, to be sure, but more importantly a know ledge of ourselves and of each other. The future will find us scattered to the winds, from east to west and from Manasquan to Cape Hcinlopcn. But no matter how great the distances between us. we will always have these days in Philadelphia that we’ve shared. The quiet walks, the noisy fun. the residency we almost won. We have these moments to remember. John DiNclla. with encouragement from Sherwin Tucker JD mls 13Cruel Shoes ANNA KNEW she had to have some new shoes today, and Carlo had helped her try on every pair in the store. Carlo spoke wearily. "Well, that's every pair of shoes in the place." "Oh. you must have one more pair "No, nor one more pair .... Well, we have the cruel shoes, bur no one would want ..." Anna interrupted, "Oh yes, let me see the cruel shoes!" Carlo look incredulous. "No, Anna, you don't understand, you see, the cruel shoes are . . . "Get them!" Carlo disappeared into the hack room for a moment, then returned with an ordinary shoebox. He opened the lid and removed a hideous pair of black and white pumps. But these were not an ordinary pair of black and white pumps; both were left feet, one had a right angle turn with sepa -rare compartments that pointed the toes in impossible directions. The other shoe was six inches long and was curved inward like a rocking chair with a vise and razor blades to hold the foot in place. Carlo spoke hesitantly, "... Now you see why . . . they're not fit for humans ...” "Put them on me." "But ...” "Put them on me!" Carlo knew all arguments were useless. He knelt down before her and forced the feet into the shoes. The screams were incredible. Anna crawled over to the mirror and held her bloody feet up where she could see. "I like them." She paid Carlo and crawled out of the store into the street. Later that day. Carlo was overheard saying to a new customer, Well, that’s every shoe in the place. Unless, of course, you d like to try the cruel shoes ." S.M 16CLASS OF ’821819Too often we become so involved in what we are that we forget . . . who we are within, where we have come from and what we may someday be. Assuredly, we can be proud of our accomplishments, yet • we should not forget those who have helped us reach this dream, and those who will always be with us. to share our new hopes. I would like to thank all who have touched my life, nurtured my growth, and encouraged me to continually strive to be as good as one could expect to be. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. to my parents - whose financial support, but more important - emotional strength, was always present. They have always trusted me. and been behind whatever I wanted to do. to my family - They have understood my absenca. I am proud to be a part of those who have helped me in so many ways. to my friends - who have always had confidence in me, and shared my problems, complaints and joys. to Pamela - Who makes the struggle for the future worth wile. You have endured my moods, and helped me to remember that there is more to life than Podiatry alone. Our lives will always be an expression of our love. 20IRobert Craig Baxendale, D.P.M. To my wife, Darlene, for inspiring me to continue studying and for your constant aid in the completion of my education. Your cooperation was both essential and heartwarming, because without your help, I might not have made it. Thanks l.ove Bob 22 Donald Edward Beckett, D.P.M. 23Edward C. Beckett, D.P.M. To my family and friends who gave me their continued support and understanding over the past four years, thanks. A special thanks to Dr. Roy Ronerous tor his confidence and guidance. 24Alan S. Biener, D.P.M. 25Seymour M. Bigayer, D.P.M. To my wife Diane: For all of her encouragement, sacrifice, understanding. love and devotion. Without her this dream would never have become a reality. 26Nicholas Bolognini, D.P.M. To Mom and Dad, Without your love and support tt would not have been possible Love, Nick 2728Michael A. Caesar, D.P.M. 29Thomas D. Cain, D.P.M. "Men arc men before they are lawyers or physicians. And if yon make them capable and sensible men, They will make themselves capable and sensible lawyers and physicians." John Stewart Mills Thanks Mom Dad 30Pierre P. Cardin, D.P.M. 31Ronald W. Channell, D.P.M. To Mom, Dad, family and friends: Words cannot express my gratitude Tor the support you have given me over the years, for that I will be forever thankful. 32 Steven B. Concors, D.P.M. 3334Richard W. Cullen, D.P.M. uJdrdi Sticne can't rf y ajPprttAiHfcn my family 2 vi $oad (rand fer fhciV W rnilKrtJ tupparh and care duonj -Mksc. or»j four u)»ntlrj.... many -H mKs , (i c Podiatric Medical Education Stillpond Krck » SWf Pond ftVK) T «.»« AM lOmBlirvamgaiMB'. f R 'Ii»t W»i Aim m«,nU («tf"6-lrl 1 mjM « .«( . Worton Pt i Ailt » Anthony E. Dallalio, D.P.M. W 36Eddie Davis, D.P.M. Thunk yon Mom and Dad. I would have never made u without your help. I have come to be who I .im not totally as a result of my choosing. From rhe beginnings of my educational experience I have been taught, counseled and influenced by many people —all of which have contributed in some ways to the decisions that I have made. And all of what I am today was made easier because through it all I had a family who supported me and allowed me to be a part of something that cannot be taught bur only experienced — love. And it all started with a mother who gave so much of that to me. Mother, this one is for you! Thank you. I love you. And although I have reached a plateau in my life. I have yet to learn who I am. for I still have people to meet and life to experience. A special thanks to Dr K Brute Shcrbine, an outstanding educator, advisor and friend whose time and patience given to me will never be forgotten. Finally to my classmates; It was an effort that we achieved together — best of luck. 3SJohn J. DiNella, D.P.M. 39William Francis Dunleavy, D.P.M. 40;V • JL•' j - • % • « • ! • 4742Michael E. Eglow, D.P.M. 4344Steven B. Epstein, D.P.M. 454647Robert A. Frick, D.P.M. 48 Marc D. Gins burg, D.P.M. On this most memorable occasion. I wish co dedicate my achievements to my loving parents and two brothers: For it was their devoted encouragement and tnspira -lion which guided my growth, motivation and confidence. I love you all very much. 49Elliot M. Gitlitz, D.P.M.51H. David Gottlieb, D.P.M. Hallelujah! Say nor 3rd all AH » loved n irs try tho rail M win-, mho has pot up mult tthtrr that) the should I out her a lot and would SfSirr hrr • I Could. Moaning and groaning, she listened with jurience, She gate rite rhr kid when I got •rut of gear Without her I mimId hair cryed in m htrr About horn dhmal Irle uvi at tho pLCc Hue tunthrm anil pry mere brought to this aer When tightiog u cth Knot Id think of her lat e She maket life worth tiring I ran «r with thanksgiving. At PC PM I .r had ,1 all Torture they gave with glee and with gall Pur I've taken it all and dnnr my bear And non- I thmi I deserve a rest. In thr rears to cturit I mat irmnnher it urH- tun hut trvm cho fin-nmr vantage crest PCPM was NOT tun at all 52Lloyd Frederick Harris, D.P.M. 53David R. Hauser, D.P.M. 54 55John L. Hoffman, D.P.M Air. and Mrs. George Holsman of Mercerville have announced rhe engagement of their daughter. Susan, to John L. Hoffman, son of Airs. A far}' Hoffman of Aier-cerville, and rhe late John J. Hoffman. Miss Holsman and her lance are both graduates of Hamilton High School Fast. Miss Holsman received an associate's degree in mathematics from Mercer County Community College and will graduate in June from Rider College with a B.S. degree in Commerce in the Decision Sciences. She will be employed by Digital Equipment Corp. upon graduation. Air. Hoffman has an associate's degree from Aiercer County Community College and a B.A. degree in biology from Trenton State College. He is a student at Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. 56VJ Sheldon Izen, D.P.M. 57Gerard G. Joseph, D.P.M. 585 9Bruce E. Kamen, D.P.M. 60Marc A. Karpo, D.P.M. 61Katharyn Kasperovich, D.P.M. This page is dedicated to Mom and Dad whereby my yoal could have never been reached wit hour their continual support, love, understanding, encouragement and financial support. I also wish to dedicate this page and the rest of my life to William J. Knapp whose devotion, patience, kindness, sacrifice and most of all never-ending love made my graduation a reality. 62Joel Roger Kates, D.P.M. 64Richard Christian King, D.P.M. 65Bryan R. Kolber, D.P.M. 66Stephen 1. Kominsky, D.P.M. 67w David H. Korfin, D.P.M. 68William Kovalczyk, D.P.M. 69Stephen J. Kruljac, D.P.M. 70Robert A. Kuprionas, D.P.M. 717273Richard A. Lemon, D.P.M. v Paul M. Lepley, Jr., D.P.M. I would like ro express mygrarirude to my family and friends for making this possible. 75Bruce Lerman, D.P.M. To Dune. It will be better next semester With more time together. Always there when needed. A bright light m the darkness. It will be berter next year With more time together. You have given me everything. Never asking for anything. It will be better after graduation With more time together. But did we wait - - - No, We've always been together! And to my parents who have supported me throughout my education. I give my thanks. 76Bruce B. Levin, D.P.M. I would like to dedicate this degree to the people that believed in me, pushed me in the right direction, and made this day possible. Thank you to my girlfriend Tracy, my brother Paul, the best parents in the world (my mother and father), my grandfather (Gramps), and most of all to the one who. if she was still alive, would have been proudest today, my beloved grandmother (Man ). 77David B. Levy, D.P.M. To my mother who taught me rim (here is light nr the end of the tunnel, to my friends who shared the journey, and ro Melissa who showed me the light. - • • thank you. 7879Charles M. Lombardi, D.P.M. To my mother and father for their love, support ant encouragment without which the fulfillment of rhi dream would have been impossible. SO81Walter H. Majak, D.P.M. 82Jean T. Masterson, D.P.M. 83Vince J. Migliori, D.P.M. To my fiance, family and friends: An attempt to put into words what my heart feels and mind thinks is an injustice. Each of you has contributed greatly to my success and the best I can do is offer you my thanks and love. Vince 84Lyle Terrance Modlin, D.P.M. Upon reaching this point in my life I would like to thank: my family whose constant sacrifices, love and helpful hand made it possible for me to reach my goal; and to my wife whose love and understanding made it all worth wile. Love, Lyle 85 YtS-8687888990 - Donald F. Pascucci,, D.P.M. For chose pictured on this page: With deepest appreciation and sincere thanks, to my family . . without whose support none of this would have been made possible to my Fiance Denise . .. whose patience, understanding and encouragement in trying times made the past four years a lot more bearable I love you all. Don 91Samuel B. Pearlstein, D.P.M. 929394959697Richard Luther Rauch, D.P.M. 9899Alan Eric Robbins, D.P.M. 100Richard L. Rosenblatt, D.P.M. 101Jeffrey D. Sandler, D.P.M. Joltin’ Jeff Sandler on his way to greatness 102Christopher Leigh Savage, D.P.M. 103 I.E. Schifalacqua, D.P.M. The Dad I loved can never he Afore than a thought a way For as long as there is a memory He will live within my heart To some he may he forgotten To others part of the past Bur to me, who loved and lost him His memory will always last 104Mary Louise Schneiders, D.P.M. As a token of my appreciation, I would like to dedicate this page to my parents for all their love, support and encouragement, because without them I could have never made it. Love, Mary Lou 105 oe-j look back and wonder how the heck I made it, and realize it would not have been possible were it not for my wife Jana She deserves all the credit - so much devotion of time, love, and understanding • Jana I love you. I think of all the good times and the companion ■ ship with my dog. Timber, my forever friend. The only regret I have is that my Dad is not alive in body to share this moment with me. My most humble thanks to Jesus Christ, my lord and Savior ■ always beside me - Thank You! 106Stanley S. Shama, D.P.M. 107108 Vj109Harry L. Shoemaker, D.P.M. 110 ■■ Gregory Allen Smith, D.P.M. When I was accepted I couldn't wait to begin .... When I began the first year I couldn't wait to get to clinic .... When I began the second year I couldn f wait to graduate .... When I began the third year I hoped I d make it through .... When I began the fourth year I couldn 't wait to practice .... As I finish the fourth year. I am ready to retire .... P.S. A very' special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Lynn for putting up with me for these four long years. IllIllA. Robert Spatz, D.P.M.114Mark Superstein, D.P.M. 115 116117Eugene V. Timpano, D.P.M. 118Sherwin Morgan Tucker, D.P.M.120Leonard E. Vekkos, D.P.M. To my family: Everything I ever accomplished in the last four years was because of your love and understanding. I could not have done it without you. Mama and father-what you have dune for my life and my sisters no two other people in the world could have accomplished. Valerie • if I can do for myself what you vc done for yourself and Christina-I Can only be proud Renee-you vc always been there when I needed anything-my love for you has grown in that Caring. Tina-you've always provided me with a sense of love and understanding. Maria-your willingness and determination have given me main-reasons to he proud of you-out of you will grow a fine woman. For all of this, I love you all very much. I hi so proud and fortunate to be a part of you-may we always be together God Bless You. Your loving son and brother. Leonard 121122Charles T. Wallack, D.P.M. 123David H. Warner, D.P.M. To rhc Lord Tor answered prayers, To my parents for eight years of dedication, To my grandparents for always being there. To my friends, family and relations for their concern. To Smitty for all the set ups and "Good Buddies". To those who know this road less traveled by. No explanation is needed; To those who have chosen a different path jYo explanation is sufficient. Dave Warner125To Robin, my wife, whose love, understanding and support has filled my life with happiness. To my Mother and Leon, whose help, understanding and love has eased the path to my goal. To my Father, in memory, who had taught me the meaning of life and how to live it. 126127CLASS OF ’83 I p«r op no.S“"C,c‘1 C"M if O- POST OP NOTE £• lab results t' Formed consent • operative report r. HISTORY PHYSICAL ALL CHARTS SHOULD BE Cl POST SURGERY. aflux abdu 1315. Miller. G Parker, D. O Heir, E. Mulhn. D. Morgan J. Donovan. K Donovan, W. Clouse. M. Cegiio, F. Doogan, 5. Fine.J. Christina. E. Diamond 132133 .. Ksnsky. K. Kronowski, D. Kuhn, C. Lipuma. P Ka-Unowski. J LcbowA. Chiles. J. DiPcinu, M. Downey. S. Boc. li. Davis. II Diamond D. Black. M Bcllctza, Dr. Whitney. A. Carol. R Budenstcin, R Caiafa, i. Zapogna, W. Bodamer 134L Richard. R Schmokler. B. Saffran, E P i-lansky. M. Roenp. M. Sampler 135P Cjpuro. M Chavis, D. Adams. R B. AIworth. A . Ball S. Cangiano I ilippom, A. Cordisco, P C D fcnk |, M Daripin 156Dr LcBovith, P Jones. C Ginsburg. C. Goldstein, L Henderson. D Hams, R Greene. F. Herrin 137 A . Gaffney. J Gerland. K. Ghek. B.Jacobs, S. MargoUs, D. Hanley. A. Goldcnlur. P. Galati138139140Surgery During Christmas' Syndrome Maybe I should have used a Vi head hallux valgus ram You're gonna pur that WHERE !! Say ' Ahhh . . Always pass sterile to sterile Thank God Derm is next, so I can sleep. r» —rt- v Anyone for some light reading? 141k L t mt let 's sec Wist can I get for a SlOO? Now seemsf Dr RuJmck twice weekly 142 Beauties and the beasts. Break' Got a match? Transcendental AfcJitannn ClassCLASS OF ’84144I. D O'Brien. 2. V. Pe-truzzella, 3■ G. Pace. 4. A’ Romansky, 5. J Zenos, 6 K Kulick. 7 G. Cor-micr. 8. J. Mintzcr, 9. E. O'Donnell, 10. D. Blum-field, 11. R Rynkiewicz, 12. R Handlcman, 13 W Oltschar. G. Dincher. K Malken, P. Good, P. Rosen. M. Kachmar, C. Chaple, D. Holman. G. Bartholomew. ttv Vrbas.J. Falconio, C. Haimon.J. Hawley. P Kaminski. 145F. Jewett, J Prior, W. Axton, L Klotzman, J. Cahill, M Werner, R Adams, R Coumoyer, A. Bravo, F. Carnvalc. R. Rosen, C Murphy. 1461474 C 148 M. Upton, R. Russell. G. Garbus. M. Davids. L. Bobanske. .. Techner.J Vomero, I. Terrell, M. Antenucci, K. Coates, J. Mideod, J. DePalma, R. Feehery, G. Scort, A Bright, B Stowers, T. Troy, S. Smith, F. Brown. 149 R Pierce, R Baldtuf, R Florors.J. Mast. J. Delaney, T Brooks.Holiday 1501511521 ' “ i' ll u j h ,t u " Xtlastif I Inman Anatomy i Ueuiiloplnq Human 7ry! V'V ,m Mi n copic Analoinv 153Left to Right: A. D'Angelantonio, S Pompili, J. Saeva,J. lurra, M Mau-facet, I Nugent, j. Coster. J Ket ner Left to Right: S. Seamans, C. Oman. B. Toll, J. Fishman, J Mitarchi, I Ziman, P I.ji King, B. Sokolowskt 154Left to Right: S Kjttler. R. DcbieC, J. Ljurino, A Borgia, G. Pontious, S. Rcller. I Denting, C Schluckebier. J Partsi Left to Right: M.Jacko, D. Micca, S. Criswell, P Cost a. R Ntivkki, M. Smith, S. Love. T. Jones 155156Back Roh (Left to Right): L. Rosen. C. Friedman. B. Goldstein. K Owens. Front Row (Left to Right): M. Bern bach, J Evans. P. Tunis. 157Lift to Right (standing): I. Nosa-eck, J. Starinski, M. Blackwell. J. Maiocco, P. Fortnun Left to Right (seated): H Edwards, K Firik. E. Bailin, J. Toole Left to Right (standing): H. Cooper. B Galc.J. MeGarry. G. Stolarick. P. Osmanski Left to Right (seated): I. Gottlieb. 1. Bussler. J. Ktuczay 158Left to Right: R. DiNapoli, S. Reill). C Bench. R Renzi, D Klcpfer, F Quinn. . Zabner, B Dechowirz. Hung Van Ly Left to Right (standing): V Bright man. D Stabile. AY. Newman, F. Fallon, J. Mangano, A Bel in Left to Right (seated): F. Tutsi, H. Gentile, D. Bask will 159Back Ron (Left to Right): C Ferrara. V. Coates, R Shcinson. Front Back Ron (Left to Right): R Renzi.J. Scvrho.J. Hurst. Hung Van Ron (Left to Right): B. Leon. K. Hollick, R. Joseph. M. Feigenbaum. Ly. Front Ron (Left to Right): J Luctdo. B. Knoll. V Pongia. B. Shollenhcrger. 160Department Of Orthopedics Michael J Hums, D.P.M., Chairman R icha rd At. Ja y, D. P. A1 Harold D. Schocnhaus. D.P.M. Alan K. Whitney, D.P. M Gilbert A Nice. D.P.M. David LcBovith. D.P.At Leonard Hytnes. D.P.M. James F. AicNetney. D.P.M. Fred Kugler. A! SEE v • James Rogers. B.S 161Department Of Medicine Anthony S. Kidawa. D.P.M.. Chairman Harvey Lemont, D.P.M. Richard P. Kwasnik, D.P.M. Lee N. Orowitz, D.P.M. Thomas G. Magltetta, D.P.M. Charles £ Krausz. D.P.M 1. H.D. (Hon.) 162Gilbert Master, D.P.M, Arnold S. Karpo, D.P.M. Arnold Feldman. D.P.M Stephen D Weissman, D.P.M. 163 Louis P Zulh. D P MMedicine, Cont Joseph A Witkowski. M D. Gaurtng P Bhatr. AID. James Christopher Connor. D PM. Morris B. Moss. D P M Donald M Lyons. DP.M Blanton T Adams. DP.M Benjamin A. Lanza, D.PM Steven Kravitz. D P M 164Department Of Anatomy Daniel li Harrington, Ph.D., Chairman Raymond R. DiPtimio, D.P.M Francis J Conway. Ph.D Brute F Hirsch, Ph D. Jud) Rae Churchill. Ph D 165 Robert B. Boyd, Ph D Thelma A Chen. M.S.Department Of Surgery Donald R Green, D.P.M., Chairman John H Walter. D.PM. Vincent J Mandracchia, D.PM Joseph N Vticchio, D PM Louis M Newman, DPM Richard R Daniels. D.PM. Daniel Davis, DPM John A Pron, DPM 166 William J Martin. D.P.M. Laurence T. Costamo, D.P.M Paul R Qumravalle. Jr.. D.P.M. 167 Tina Lauri Marx Gates Ruth TorresDepartment Of Physiological Sciences Howard S. Pitkow, Ph D., Chairman Robert H Davis. Ph D Leonard S. Jacob, M.D., Ph D. Charles D. Puglia, Ph D. 168 Ronald L Brinner, D P M.Department Of Microbiology, Etc. David A Axltr. PhD. Chairman Carl Abramson, PhD Sidney Arden, M.D. 169 Valentin T Udefonso, M.D.Department Of Community Health Arthur F. Helland. D.P.M.. Chairman Edwin Seave, D.P.M..J.D. Bruce 1 Weiner. D.P.M.. Pharm D. Department of ShhhU 17() Francei Peters. M L S John Harris. M.L.S Isabelle DickSixth Floor Janice A. Hof ter, PhD. ha Cooperman 171 Robert G Worrest Jennie Rosen Robert E SowinskiClinic Personnel Herbert Matthews. Director Lee Koonce Joy Vygoda Geraldine Rhinehardr Keren Click Velma Jennetcc Anrhom Holland Louise Catango Tim Gag Hardi 172Pat Bottoms Cheryl Bowens Mary Ann tiomung Maureen Woods Carmella Pirolli Serena Allen Lisa Seachrisr I . Virginia Keehoe 173Staff Gerard Schwegler Harold Burlier Roseanne O'Connor 174 Darlene P Lockwood Patricia A Sizer Viola 1. WarrenMatalda Thorstensen Brenda Stallworth Monica L. Edwards 1 75 Connie Cerminaro Thomas J. Kelly Hal Rizenr Dee Sheryl Smith Maxine Preston Sharon D. Marshall Roseanne Mane Ptcciano Levi Smith Nancy Brown Olive Lord r6 Bernice M. Jackson F. Lynn Karpo Ernesto Mtiforra17? Lenora H Duppins William J. Rcinsmirh Sheryl HerringSharon Gellcr john McCormick 178 Matthew Pirolli Gene Pirolli Chuck MacFarltndDoctor Charles M. Lombardi You have made us very proud, on this your graduation day. We Love You, DAD, MOM, AND ALL OF THE FAMILYDr. Anthony A. Pontarelli Congratulations And Best Wishes. The Road Was Long. The Struggle Was Hard. But You Had Our Love, And Your Faith In God! We Love You, MOM AND DAD Dr. Richard Rosenblatt The Harder The Effort The Greater The Triumph. We Are Very Proud. Much Love, MOM, DAD, MARC AND FRAN DR. I. EUGENE SCHIFALACQUA Congratulations Skip. MOM 180Congra tula tions Dr. John L. Sherman May Your Future Bring Nothing Less Than Happiness, Satisfaction, Good Fortune And Success. Love, MOM DAD CHRISTINE, KATHIE, KEVIN, DIANE, DEBBIE ED, UNCLE JACK AUNT HELEN 181Consra tula dons g And All Good Wishes To Dr. James C. Neveroski From COUSIN JIM AND AUNT ANNE 182— DR. ANTHONY A. PONTARELL1 Dr. Samuel B. Congra tula tions YOU DID IT. Pearlstein Love. May Your Future Be As Wonderful As You Have AUNT RITA MILLIE Made This Day For Us. Congratulations On Your Graduation. MOM DAD DR. WILLIAMJ. POMENTI Bill: Congratulations. The Very Best Of Luck In Your Future. Love, ANNETTE AND MOM Dr. James Neveroski Congratulations Grandson: Best Wishes For A Wonderful Future And Great Success. GRANDPA GRANDMA NEVEROSKI 183 DR. KATHARYN KASPEROVICH Congratulations On Your Tremendous Feat. Your Dedication And Determination Have Given Us Great Satisfaction. We Extend Our Wish For Many Years Of Success. MOM AND DAD Dr. Marc A. Karpo A Title You Have Rightfully Earned And Deserve. DAD, MOM, SISTER BINAE AND ALL THE KARPO FAMILY C'ongra tula tions Dr. Marc "Butch’’ Ginshurg Be Very Proud Of Your A ccompi ish m en ts. We Certainly Are. With Loving Pride, MOM, DA D, SCOTT AND BRUCE Dr. David R. Hauser With Pride We Congratulate You. Love, PATTI, MOM, DAD, SISTER BROTHERS A 184 DOCTOR WILLIAM KOVALCZYK On This Your Graduation Day, You Have Made All Of Us Very Proud Of You. DAD AND MOM, MARRA, JOHN, JANET, MELISSA AND LARA DR. WILLIAM KOVALCZYK I’m So Very Proud Of You Billy . . . All My Love And Congratulations To My Very Best Friend. JODY-LYNN DR. WILLIAM KOVALCZYK We Wish You Success And Fulfillment In Your ( hosen Profession. We’re Proud Of You! Love, MOM. DAD, JOY G1NGFR To Stephen J. Kruljac D.P.M. May Your Future Be Filled With The Happiness That You Have Bestowed Upon Us Today. JUDY, MOM DAD KRULJAC GRAM Bruce Ian Lerman, D.P.M. Congratulations On A Job Well Done. May Your Future Endeavors Be Filled With Happiness And Success. Your Proud, MOM AND DAD 185To Dr. Erwin John Juda Congratulations son - your determination and preseverance in attaining this goal has been rewarded. The road was long and the struggle was hard but you have earned this honor for your many years of study and self-sacrifice. We are very proud of you and wish you good health, happiness and a successful future. Love, MOM DAD John L. Hoffman, D.P.M. May All Your Problems Be Foot Problems. With All Our Love, MOM, JIM, JOANNE SUSANDr. Eddie Davis Hope you find in your new plans good luck and great success. May each day lead you to a life that's filled with happiness. With our unconditional love. YOUR PROUD PARENTS Rick Ehy, D.P.M. Cynthia Eby, D.P.M. tt'e Shared Your Stress. Your Toil And Tears That Went Into These Past Four Years. We Sow Share The Pride In Your Degree. Congratulations Drs. ('indy And Rick Ehy. Keep "Hitching Your Wagon To A Star" We Know You'll Both Go Very Far. To My Wonderful Brother; Dr. James C. Neveroski, I Shall Fie Proud Of You Love, MOM. DAD. ANEL. AUNT RUTH AND GRAM Forever. (I Knew You Could Do It) Your Sister RAQUEL To Michael A. Caesar, With Congratulations! Thou Shalt Re Served Thyself By Every Sense Of Service Which Thou Renderest. Fli jbcih Barren Browning MR. MRS. MICHAEL CAESAR ' Deserve Success, And You Shall Command It.” Dr. Kathy Kasperovich, I Love You . . . BILL 187DR. NICK BOLOGNINI We Are Proud That You Have Achieved The Goal You Sei For Yourself. Love. MOM. DAD, AND ALL THE BOLOGNINI FAMILY -SB DR. BRUCE E. KAMEN Congratulations On Your Graduation Love, THE DIG "E’ DA IX CRAIG AND JON Dr. Ronald W. ('hannell Congratulations To A Very Special Brother And Uncle. Our Best Wishes For The Future Success And Happiness You Deserve. Good Luck Always. Unde. With Love. DR. RON CHANNELL NANCY. BRUCE. KIM AND RANDI Dr. Ronald W. Channell Congratulations From The Proudest Mom And Dad To A Most Deserving Son. Continued Success In Your Chosen Profession. All Our Love, Congra tula tions. We Arc So Very Proud Of You. Good Luck And Success In The Future. Love. MOM AND DAD AUNT HELEN AND UNCLE HARRY A 188Congra tula tions Doc Barbosa. You Did It!! All Our Love, GRANDPA GRANDMA BARBOSA Dr. Gary J. Barbosa, With Very Special Love For You And Pride In All You’ve Done. Love, MOM, NANA, JOSEPH, LAURA, DAVID AND ANDRE, TOO!!!Congra tula dons Dr. Anthony Anzalone Our Hearts Are Filled With Loving Pride. Thanks For Being You, And Thanks To Your Helen For Being By You All The Way. MOM, DAD, SANDRA, HELEN, JEFFDR. BENSON WEINSTOCK Outstanding Son And Brother To Let You And The World Know How Proud We Are. You Had And Will Continue To Have All Our Support. May You Have Many Years Of Happiness In Your Chosen Career. All Our Love, MOM, DAD AND ROBERTA Leonard Vekkos All The Happiness And Success To A Great Guy! THE BATTIK FLU FAMILY Congra tula tions Dr. Benson Weinstock! We Know You Will Fly High With Your Feet On The Ground. We’re So Proud Of Our New Son-In-Law. RUTH AL YFSSFR cn Dr. Eugene Timpano Our Best Wishes For A Well Accomplished Feat. MOM, DAD MARC, LORR1, KEVIN BRIAN, SUZANNE RON S m Dr. Kevin M. Wakeham Congratulations Kevin. May You Have Good Health. Good Fortune And Continued Success In Life. Love Always, MUM DAD Dr. Matthew J. Thompson We Hope You Have As Much Happiness As We Have Had Watching You Grow. MOM DAD To Dr. Kevin Michael Wakeham (Daddy) Congratulations On Your Accomplishments. Most Of All. Thank You For Your Constant Love. We Realize It Wasn't Fasy But You Always Made Time For Us. All Our Love, PHYLLIS BRENDAN MICHAEL A 192Dr. David Warner On This Your Graduation Day, The Greatest Achievement Of Your Life, You Have Made Vs AH Very Proud Of You. Love, MOM, DAD, CRAIG AND SCOTT DR. BENSON WEINSTOCK Your Knowledge, Earnest Compassion, And Determination Are The Keys To Your Rewards. Your Warmth, Sensitivity And Happiness Are Mine. I Love You. FERN DOCTOR DAVID WARNER Congratulations On The Achievement Of Your Very Special Goal. Best Of Luck. UNCLE LESTER. AUNT BEATRICE. DEBRA AND JEFFREY KLIPPLE 195Richard L. Rauch Happiness Is - Not Only To Find Oneself But To Share It With Others. With Much Pride And Affection MOM AND DAD. The Reins Are In Your Hands, Doctor! Richard L. Rauch Little Did I Think When I Was Babysitting You That One Day I Would Have A Built-In Podiatrist. Putting Up With My Baby Brother Might Finally Bring Some Compensa tion. Lovingly. YOUR SISTER. PEGGY ANN BROTHFR-ln-LA W. SIGMUND NEPHEW. CHRISTOPHER In Loving Memory Of Your Grandparents Mr. Mrs. Luther H. Rauch and Mr. Mrs. Warren L. Noll And The Pride They Would Have Shared With You We're Proud Of You Rick! WHITEY Go To It! FROM AI.L THE IN-LAWS Congra tula tions!!! MOM• THE PROFESSOR- NEW YORK, NEW YORK A 194“ J want comfort, efficiency and durability in a podiatry chair.” "So PDM created two new chairs just for mer Model K104. Podial-eze Contour Chair. Available In either Haugahyde or H culon Fabric Cushions. Model K 110. Podiat-eze Knee-Break Chair Table. Motorized Knee-break Standard Features: Power base, back and till • One-button positioning and automatic return • Fingertip controls for base, back and tilt • Tri-foot controls for base, back and tilt (optional on Mode! 104) • Scuff cover • Built-In headrest or pillow • Supreme grade US. Royal Naugahyde in full range of colors • Hcrculon fabric seat and back inserts available • Removable cushions • Heavy-duty steel undercarriage • Non-plastic or fibreglass frame Just What The Doctor Ordered. For more information on PDM chairs, mrglcil light, mobile cabinet. X-ray and stool uvitt PDM Enterprises 2601 South 2700 Hot SatiUkcCity.lkafiBJII9 PDM Prices Start From $1,895. SPECIAL OFFER Call PDM Toll Free 1 800-453-8474 for Special Summer Savings Incentives. Graduating students and residents welcome. 19 5HP ABACUS is the LEASING SPECIALIST for the PODIATRIST! OPENING OR EXPANDING YOUR OFFICE ? 100% tax deductible while leasing the latest equipment; then own it at the end of your lease for 10%. FOR THE INVESTMENT-MINDED PODIATRIST: Recycle your depreciated equipment for additional cash flow through lease-back. Contact ABACUS to make the smart move. You'll find our competitive rates hard to beat! TCI fTTTTTI fTTTTTI ABACUS LEASING COMPANY Hi 10727 ftramount Boulevard • Downey, California 90241 • Call Collect: (213) 869 9955 IfcSl METROPOLITAN FEDEB4L SWINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OP EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA Home Office: 50 Monument Road. Bala Cynwyd. Pa 19004 839 1360 (Phila.) • 667-7300 (Suburbs) Offices to Serve You in Eastern Pennsylvania: • Allentown • Ardmore • Bala Cynwyd • • Center City Philadelphia • • Drexel Hill • Emmaus • Havertown • • Huntingdon Valley • Philadelphia • Reading • • Springfield • Wyncote • COMMONWEALTH FELT COMPANY Orthopedic Felt For All Purposes Write For Free Samples And Price List 211 Congress St. Poston. Mass. 02111 the pedinol pride.. , Topical treatment lor rungoia creme fungus, yeast, and bacterial infections of the skm hydrisinol creme Emollient skin softener. fungoid tincture Anti fungal agents for nail teds and grooves. hydnisalic gel Aids in removal of Hyperkeratotic tissue. salactic film Aids in removal of Verrucae. pedi-boro soak paks Astringent wet dressing. V pedinol pharmacal inc. Servicing the PODIATRIST and his patients_ 110 Bell Street. W Babylon. L I.. N Y. 11704 Phone (516) 293-9500 fit 4a 197Congra tula dons To The Class Of 1982 Our Sincere Best Wishes For A Long And Successful Career. For 41 Years We Have Been Satisfying Our Customers, We Can Do The Same For You. ARCHCRAFT LABORATORIES (Creators Of Custom Foot Orthotics) Fleisher Bldg. 26th Reed Sts. Philadelphia, Pa. 19146Eastern Podiatry Laboratories. Inc. ‘ Quality Orthoses You re always number one THOMAS M McGUIGAN D P M PRESIDENT P O Bo 7164 Trenton N J 08628 600-883-1608 For Orthotics LOOK to a LEADER ... PODIATRY ARTS LAB Graduation is here hut, fur podiatrists, learning ran never end. Wnt techniques, modern research, and innovative methods will constantly he discovered and introduced throughout your career. EL Podiatry rls lab will keepyou informed. We sponsorusofu postgraduate seminars throughout the country that will provide you with updates on the newest methods and techniques in podiatrie tare, By attending these seminars, you II have the opportunity to interact with experts in the fields of orthotics. surgery, sports medicine and biomechanics. And. Podiatry rt.s lab s complete line of Sure-Step biomechanical. geriatric, rohadur, accommodali e, and sports orthotics, all expertly crafted In trained technicians, are designed to keep pace with the latest athletic and biomechanical advances and are fabricated from the most comfortable, durable materials available. II you re seeking a professional orthotics laboratory that offer’s high quality products, advanced techniques, reliable service, and continuing education opportunities, look to the leader Podialrv ils Lab. PODIATRY ARTS LAB. INC. 293 HERMAN STREET PEKIN. ILLINOIS 61554 199Congratulations To The Class Of 1982 We Look Forward To Having All Of You Active In Your State Association. DONALD F. STEINES, DPM, PRESIDENT THE PENNSYLVANIA PODIATRY ASSOCIATION Chicago Medical Equipment Company 300 Wainwright Drive Northbrook, Illinois 60062 Serving podiatry with fine equipment and supplies since 1930. USE OUR TOLL-FREE HOT LINES (800) 323 5110 200Kr Dr. John J. Solar Congratulations, We Are Very Proud Of You! May Your Future Be Filled With Happiness And Success. Love, DAD, ANNA, BILL BILLY, JENNIFER BRIAN Congra tulations, Dr. Gregory A. Smith We Are Very Proud Of You. We Never Doubted For A Moment Your Ability To Achieve Your Goal. Therefore, We Sincerely Hope That Success And Happiness Will Be Yours Nor Only In Your Professional But Your Personal Life As Well. Our Love To You And Lynn, MOM AND DAD ' m Dr. Harry L. Shoemaker May Your Future Hold The Happiness And Success You So Richly Deserve. Our Hats Are Off To You, Hat! Your Proud Family, MOTHER, DAD. JAN FT. AND ANNE Dr. John J. Solar Congra tula tions! We’re So Proud Of You! the McIntyre family Dr. I.E. Schifalacqua I MIG LI OR I AUGUR I, BACI, BENEDIZION1, E BUONA FORTUNA PER IL FUTURO BOB, EDIE, ROB, ERICH AND MARIA 201 9 Tp Dr. David Warner We Said You Would Make It, And We re So Very Proud Of You. Our Love And Faith Will Always Be With You. GRAMMY PAPPY WARNER AUNT MAE UNCLE ART AUNT SHIRLEY SON MARK To The Class Of '82 And To Pierre Cardin Congratulations And Best Wishes ANDRE LISE AND MARCEL B. CARDIN, D.C. 20 Brandy Congra tula tions And Good Luck. SKIP, MARITA, MARC ____DR. WILLIAM J. POMENTI Congra tula tions To Our Deserving Son; Success And Happiness. Love, MOM And DAD B? Dr. Donald Pascucci Congratulations And Love. May Your Life Be Blessed With Success And Happiness. Your Proud Family, DENISE, LINDA, DREW, MICHELE, AMY MOM AND DAD 204To Our Son DR. JAMES C. NEVEROSKI In Whom We Are Everlastingly Proud. With All Our Love, MOM DAD 205Congra tula tions DR. DAVID WARN HR Buona Fortuna Class Of '82 And Especially We Are Very Proud Of You On This Your Graduation Day. May God Richly Bless You In All Thar You Do. Love, GRAMMY KLIPPLE AND AUNT JOYCE DR. JOHN DI NELL A All Our Love, MOM, DAD, SHARLENE RICK, DENISE ART Congra tula tions, Graduates! Class Of '82 The Department Of Microbiology, Immunology And Pathology Congratulates You Upon Your Graduation From PC PM And Wishes You Success And Peace In Your Professional And Personal Lives. BILL S BAR 204 N. EIGHTH ST. Proudly Serving The PCPM Community For Over A Quarter Of A Century. Available For Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs And Brisses. 206r V Dr. Steven B. Epstein Congratulations On Your Magnificent Feat! SUSAN AND ALLEN "CALI. ME DOCTOR!" CONGRATULATIONS. DOCTOR HOBKIRK from Dr. Benjamin Kenny Dr. Janice Kenny Dr. Sylvester Rossi Dr. John Thomas Dr. Jan Grossman Dr. Aaron Smith Dr. J.J. Jones Dr. Toby Schmidt Dr. Linda Ilohkirk Dr. Robert Karasik Dr. Charlotte Kenny Dr. Susan Kenny Dr. Helen Pavlishin Dr. Kathryn Monet a Grandma Marion Grandpa Carl Mrs. Layncr and from the staffs of DIE CUT SPECIALTY COMPANY. INC. IMF.RO FIORENTINO ASSOCIATES THE PORT AUTHORITY' OF NEW YORK and THE DELAWARE VALLEY PSYCHOLOGICAL CLINICS (At last the Clinics can offer 'head to toe' service with special emphasis on helping people who keep putting their foot in their mouths, stepping on others, or kicking themselves around the block. Your future is made. Doctor.) 207Still Crazy After All These Years VINNIE, MIKE. MARY. DON, RUTH, JOHN, NAD1ENE, TINA, CARL. SANTA, PAUL. TOM. zamsky studios 913 Arch st. Phila. Pa. 19107 TSL. 218 • 022-3860 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS sopts Ansuiez Negatives of portraits appearing in this annual are kept on file. Photographs may be ordered. 208 zamsk Professionally D Approved K Foot Appliances •SINCE 1918 Write Today lor Free Prescription Manual SAPERSTON LABORATORIES, INC. 200 W MONROE ST . CHICAGO. ILLINOIS 60606 VARUS VALGUS WEDGES The wedges Are available in large and small sizes. Our model 312 has a suggested retail price per pair of S3.95 ppd USA. Send check or money order. Call or write today for more information on our other footcare products. Triangle Manufacturing Inc P.O. Box 30785 Raleigh. N.C. 27622 Of Service To Podiatry SCHFRING CORPORATION Galluping Hill Road Kenilworth. N.J. 07033 Phone (201) 931-2000 209Congra tula tions Class Of ’82 210 From Your Favorite Bookies. B st wishes upon you i graduation and may youfi future in pocfiat iy always be jutjiMing. Sheldon Linger D P M i A C F O President and Chief Executive Officer Justin Wermck DP M FAC F.O Executive Vice President Michael Polchamnnff. I) P M I AC I O . Director Posture and Gait Analysis Center Patricia A Padula. D P M Director of Clinical and Consultative Services Paul -Jordan D P M . Director of Biomechanics and Rehabilitative Medicine Glenn A Ocker. D P M . F A C F O F A C F S Director of Po-iiatnc Services Wim Peter R Cavanagh Ph D Staff Consultant Richard D Nuccio. D P M FAC f O Staff Consultant Harold D Schoenhaus. I) P M I A C I O Staff Consultant Stephen D Smith D P M F A C F S Staff Consultant Allan M Spencer. D P M Staff Consultant Steven I Subotnick D P M MS Staff Consultant Lowell Scott W'eil. D P M F A C F S FAC F O Staff Consultant The Langer Group •i anger Ottboi . Latx r«t ■ • . • • . • "Where knowledge makes the difference and technology make it work 21 East Industry Court. Deer Park New York 1172‘ 111Dr. Sc Mrs. James E. Dates Dr. Sc Mrs. lawrenee I. Costanzo Dr. Marilp D. fentoit Dr. Mrs. Hrtlwr E. Helfand Dr. Jaiuee H. Hotter Hnthony D. Holland Dr. Leonard Hymes Dr. Sc Mrs. Dineent j. Mandraeelua Dr. Sc Mrs. Morris D. Moss Dr. Sc Mrs. Paul H. Oumtaoalle. Dr. Dr. Joseph H. Urieehlo Dr. Louis p. Zulll  wmm ; tms ■ ■ Mm ."■ - iWr : ‘ wkvVa fcvi vftfc ■ '■ I ■

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