Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine - Achilles Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

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Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine - Achilles Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1974 volume:

1974TO THE NEW DOCTORS OF POD1ATRIC MEDICINE In the past four years our objectives have been to give you direction, point the wav for you. and fur nish you with what we feel is a currently complete chart. Assuming these have been fulfilled, we then have provided you with the basis for a rewarding professional career. Please note it was the word "basis that was used, because if you will be current with the latest scientific information, that long will you be a successful and competent podiatrist. In the foreseeable future, and certainly before you are long in practice, the people, through their governments, will not only expect but will demand that vou demonstrate your professional competence regularly for relicensure. The current Social Security Act, through Medicare and Medicaid, was the beginning of the development of national standards for health care. The Professional Standards Review Organizations (P.S.R.O.) which are currently being developed certainly point in that direction. In the P.S.R.O, the peer approach is to be utilized in evaluation and review. The current Regional Medical Programs and the Comprehensive Health Planning Programs, soon to be replaced by what is now called the National Health Policy and Health Development Act of 1 74, also include provisions for minimum standards of health care delivery. The latter act. still to be enacted, may well spell out specific proficiency demonstration requirements for the health professional In any event, the future is clear; continuing education will plav a prominent role for you. Through continuing education in one of its many forms, vou will keep your chart up to date. The great Sir William Osier once said There are physicians who practice with their brains, and there are those who practice with their tongues Use vour formal education, your continuing education, and your brain as vou serve mankind May each new dawn bring you good health, happiness, and fulfillment. God Speed. 2TO THE CLASS OF 1974 September. 1970 was only yesterday and the world of tomorrow has already arrived Four years of professional training have passed rapidly and you have earned the degree Doctor of Podiatric Medicine For some members of the class a residency program exists for others a private practice, singly of as an associate, is in the near future. For all of you this beginning of a new career and the acceptance of a grave responsibility to serve the public The delivery of health care has changed drastically in the last four years and national health insurance will change that even more in the immediate future. You have the educational background to adapt to these changes. Use it wisely. Your contributions to health care delivery will help make the profession in the years ahead. Improve your background with quality continuing education programs and help the profession in vour area by delivering superior foot care. The College will be available to assist you in any of these areas. Use its resources often and inform us of its deficiencies. The educational and professional aims of podiatric medic ine will set the priorities for the 1980's. Congratulations on your individual achievements. We are proud to have vou as the practitioners of tomorrow!! Sincerely. Academic Dean 3FACULTY ADMINISTRATION 4FACULTY 5 DR. THOMAS V MELILLO CO CHIEF OF SURGERY DR GUIDO LaPORTA CO-CHIEF OF SURCER'i LOUIS M NEWMAN D.P.M CO-CHIEF PROF ESSOR - SURGERY THEODORE A. ENGLE. D.P.M. DIRECTOR OF CLINICAL SCIENCE NORMAN J SKVERSKV. M.D. PROFESSOR (PUD) MORRIS B. MOSS. D.P.M. ASST CLINICAL PROFESSORFACULTY Raymond R. DiPrimio, D.P.M Emil Bishara. Ph.D Sidney- H. Arden, M.D. Jaye Satz, Ph.D. Rose Ann Jakubowitch, Ni.Sc. Ara DerMarderosian, Ph D. Michael F.Sheff. Ph.D Howard 5. Pitkow, Ph.D Charles D. Puglia. Ph D. Carl R Marbach, Ph.D. James E. Rockett. D.P.M Ralph Minervino, D P M. David Lebovith. D.P.M. Anthony L Napoli D.P.M Mark Rabin. D.P.M LaurenceT Costanzo, D P M. George A Melt and, D.P M John T. Sharp. D.P.M. Louis P. Zulli, D.P M M. H Samitz M.D. Herman D Rudnick, M.D. George H Niedermayer, M.D. Roger B. Daniels. M.D. Andrew Newman, M.D. Edward D. Viner. M.D. Edwin Seave, J.D. Donald M. Lyons D P.M Alan K. Whitney. D.P.M. Charles E Krausz. D.P.M. A. L. Green. D.P.M. A. J. Fabii, D.P.M. Harold D. Schoenhaus. D.P.M. Joseph Bruno, P.T. Gerald V. Feldman. D.P.M. Ron Brittner. D.P.M. Neil Kan nor D.P.M Carmen Martina. D.P.M John Orlando. D.P.M LeeOrowitz D.P.M Roger Davidheiser. Ph.D Marilyn Fenton, Ph.D Frank Conway. Ph D. Lenny Jacobs, M.D Marvin Mordes, M.D Stanley Cohen. M.D Harry Glass, D.O. We, thestaff of ACHILLES, would like to explain the reason for listing the above faculty. Due to the increasing size of the faculty necessitating a great deal of space within the yearbook we found it imperative to delete pictures of those members who did not support our efforts. 8G. ELMER HARFORD The 1973-74 school year marks the end of an era at PCPM and indeed for the profession of podiatry Dr C Elmer Harford is retiring from his full time position as Chairman of the Department of Anatomv and Professor. We are encouraged that Dr. Harford has consented to offer special guest lectures for future classes Forty-two years of teaching is a living testimony to Dr Harford i- dedication His mere presence made us cognizant of our assets as well as our inadequacies thereby forcing us to strive toward our highest attainable ideals At the eighth graduation of PCPM. our graduation. May 11th, Dr Harford was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Dr Harford is a life member of the American Podiatry Association chairman of the anato my division of the National Board of Podiatry Examiners a member of the APA Curricular Study Committee on Anatomy. the guiding spirit of the Stirling-Harford Honorary Anatomical Society. Past Persident of the Pennsylvania Podiatry Association s Bucks-Montgomery Division, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences a lecturer at national, state and regional conventions, and the author of many articles in podiatry journals. 910n1214CHARLES J. BRIGLIA, D.P.M. 1906-1974 Dr. Briglia was born in Philadelphia and received his education in the Philadelphia School System. graduating from South Philadelphia High School. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia in 1929 He entered Temple University School of Chiropody graduating with the G.Cp. Degree in 1937 At the time of his graduation, he won prizes in both clinical and didactic Chiropody. He received his D.S.C. Degree from Temple University in 1942 and his D.P.M Degree from the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine in 1970 Following graduation from Chiropody School in 1937 he was appointed as a clinician and in 1943 was appointed Instructor in Shoe Therapy. He continued his teaching assignment at Temple-University until the Chiropody Sc hool closed in 1900. Dr. Briglia (oined the Faculty at Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine as an Instructor in Podiatry in 1965, and remained in this position until his death in March of this year He was a member of the American Podiatry Association. Pennsylvania Podiatry Association, Bucks-Montgomery Podiatry Society and the Pi Epsilon Delta Fraternity. He made many contributions to scientific and professional journals The death of Dr Charles J. Briglia on March 19, 1974 was a great loss to the profession and a most sorrowful event for the college He was an exacting taskmaster beneath which was found a warmth of personality that knew no bounds. His dedication to teaching and his profession was profound Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine is grateful for his years of devotion to the college and student body 16EDITORS MESSAGE To preserve achievements and experiences i» important, but more significant is the wise and profitable use of the priceless asset — time. The great Rousseau once said All that time is lost which might be better employed." Students often find the present painful as a time for learning respect for authority, for mastery of fundamental facts, for the development of high and noble ideals, and for the building of the traits of character and citizenship. How better can one spend their days as a student ? Students often recall the past as too rapid in flight and the future as too slow in coming' Mon-effort should be spent in using the brief present to the end that the future may be rich and full and rewarding. Best wishes to the classes that will follow our class in graduating from PC PM. Make the most of your time while you are a student. ACHILLES STAFF Sincerely, Q. 1 , David Cohen Lee Sherman Cohen Stephen Concino Jane Lllen DiGiovanni Anthony Michael Jurca Barton Irwin Kessler Neal Kramer Edwin B. Martin. Jr. Michael Bennett Newman Raymond A. Rivell, Jr Frank John Santopietro Joseph Michael Union 17CENTER CITY HOSPITAL (PHILADELPHIA. PA.) ALAN L. MESHON DELAWARE VALLEY HOSPITAL (BRISTOL. PA.) KOPEL M. ROTHBERG EASTERN STATE HOSPITAL (WILLIAMSBURG, VA.) RONALD F. SANDERS JEWISH MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (NEW YORK CITY) MARC F. LERNER RONALD F. SEFTEL JOHN F KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (STRATFORD. N J ) MALCOLM F. KRAMER KERN HOSPITAL (WARREN, MIC H.) KIRK R. ALLEN ANTHONY M. JURCA LAWNDALE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL (PHILADELPHIA. PA.) WALTER P KNIGHT MARYLAND PODIATRY RESIDENCE PROGRAM (OWINGS MILLS, MD.) DAVID COHEN FRANK J. GAWERC BARTON I KESSLER N.H.F.. COMMUNITY HOSPITAL (PHOENIX. AZ.) JON E NATH ANSON NEW ENGLAND DEACONESS HOSPITAL (BOSTON, MASS.) FRANK J. SANTOPIETRO NORFOLK COMMUNIT HOSPITAL (NORFOLK. VA.) THOMAS B. M LEECOST NORTHI.AKE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL (NORTHLAKE, ILL.) JANE E. DiGIOVANNI WILLIAM J. MARTIN SCOTT C. RIEGER OXFORD HOSPITAL (PHILADELPHIA PA.) DEE S. OWEN PARKVIEW HOSPITAL (PHILADELPHIA. PA.) ALAN J. GREENBERG MICHAEL B NEWMAN DAVID C NOVJCKI PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE (PHILADELPHIA PA.) NEAL KRAMER FRANKLIN J LORINCZ ROCKLAND STATE HOSPITAL (ORANGEBURG. N. ) NORMAN H. BUCHMAN ST. LUKE S AND CHILDREN S MEDICAL CENTER (PHILADELPHIA. PA.) RICHARD F ALFANO HARRY M. CAPLAN STEPHEN M CONCINO RICHARD FELDSHER PATRICIA A. MATURA MARC H. NOVELL LEE J. SANDERS STANLEY M. SHAPIRO JOSEPH M UNION ST. MICHAEL S MEDICAL CENTER (NEWARK. N.J.) JOHN E. BARTEK SIDNEY A SUMBY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (RIVER ROUGE. MICH.) MARK SCHMERIN UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER (SAN ANTONIO. TEX ) JAMES L. BOUCHARD VALLEY FORGE MEDICAL CENTER AND HOSPITAL (NORRISTOWN PA.) EDWIN B. MARTIN, JR. WASHINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (TURNERSVILLE. N.J.) MARTIN J. DIAMOND ARMED FORCES COMMISSIONS UNITED STATES AIR FORCE RONALD P. SOEFER UNITED STATES ARMY ROBERT N. KISH ANTHONY T. MERCURI. JR RAYMOND A RIVELL !R 19RICHARD F.ALFANO 20KIRK R. ALLEN 21JOHN E. BARTEK 22JAMES L. BOUCHARD 23NORMAN H. BUCHMAN 24HARRY M. CAPLAN 25DAVID COHENLEE 5. COHENSTEPHEN M. CONCINO 28MARTIN J. DIAMOND 29JANE E. DiGIOVANNI 30FRANK J. DiPALMA 31I. RICHARD FELDSHER 32JEFRIM F. GAWREC 33ALANJ. GREENBERG 34ANTHONY M. JURCA 35BARTON I. KESSLERROBERT N. KISH 37WALTER P. KNIGHT 38MALCOLM F. KRAMER 3940NELSON C. LEE 41THOMAS B.M. LEECOST 2MARC E. LERNER -33FRANKLIN J. LORINCZ 44EDWIN B. MARTIN JR. 45WILLIAM J. MARTIN •J6PATRICIA A. MATURA •17ANTHONY T. MERCURI JR. 48ALAN L. MESHON 4905 NOSNVH1VN '3 NOfMICHAEL B. NEWMAN 51( I MARC H. NOVELL « 52DAVID C. NOVICKI 53DEE S. OWEN 5456MICHAEL P. PORTER 5?SCOTT C. RIEGERRAYMOND A. RIVELL JR. 59KOPEL M. ROTHBERG61BARRETT E. SACHS r f63 RONALD F. SANDERS FRANK J. SANTOPIETRO 65MARC SCHMERIN 66RONALD F. 5EFTEL 67STANLEY M. SHAPIRO £BRONALD P. SOEFER 69JOSEPH UNION r 70RONALD J. WIECZOREK 71AWARDS PRESENTATION73Frank Anderson Robert Barbu to Raymond Bock Cary Bravstcin Raymond Brown Jeffrey CohenJames Dancho Craig Ellis Richard DiMano W. Edward Finger David Dondero Dennis Furman Alan Gurwood 76Alvic Hurray Ronald Kahn Donald Kapljn John KlausGeoffrey Kleiman Ronald Klein Allan Mann Richard Meredick Michael Marcu Joseph Mar zacco Dale Meyer-- Bruce Miller Theodore Mushlin 78Neil Rapoport Kel Sherkin Dennis Taylor Lawrence 5t«in Mark Spector Leonard Wisotsky David VVucrtrer Fredrick Wilson 798081Vice-President Secretary Howard Never on time Sokoloff Bob Rebel Hatcher President Jon "1 dlike to make an announcement' Scarlet Treasurer Phil "C P.A Ornstein P.P.S.A Rep. Darryl IVhoooah" Burns 82Larry ‘Liberty Bell ADULT BOOKS magazines PERIODICALS wmrr--- Tom Schizo' Albert Michael Busta Cent roll.i Chris R D Connor Bill T was wondering'' DcFco Steve Ditch Deitch Karen ‘ Slide Woman Edisonr I I Steve Hammlisch Finer Burce ■Senator" Folbaum Sc hail Frank Schail" Frank Barbara and her disciples' Friedman ( Angie "where's Barbara?' Giarratano Neil Alan «■ other half Goldberg Howard "Night Shift” GoldhammcrWilli,lm All American Collcr Cary "What me worry?' Greenberg Alan Neil's other halt Grotsky Robert Sandwich Man'' Hanlon Bill Say What? Harris John Harvey Boy “Smiley"' Hoover JacobsMack ' Baby Face" Jacobs Marv " Ahh Wdl" Jacoby rick theconservative-' jay Jeff 'The Magician' Kaplan Ed "I shoulda hada 90 Katz Jeff 'Hamor Tuna' Katz Jerry "Red Neck' LangfordBruce Dick Butchy." WC.' Levin Lewi UF. OF PODIATRK: ME1MCINE Vinnre super Schrop Mandracchia Bruce OB Morgan Marc "Hairy" Morris Wall Slepy Murphy Larry Resident Genius" OloffMike ’Ddum" Otowit Rev. F. J Ott Daria Thighs Pronchick Paul Steve '•Jr. ' Sunbury where?" Quintavallc Raven Ken Quc Poss I C. D Puliafico Silent Dave ' Barry Sthcring' RosenthalHoward "The Beard Rubin Gary Commutor Computer Snyder Stu Breathe Deep Wertheimer Jeff The Mouth Wolf jerry Print Shop Schoffler Wayne Davb John Dorsey Edward lmko tee Kaufman Craig Maquire Jeffrey Parker Bruce Pcckage Michael Pinius George Turner Anthony Yaworskv jerry Whose got a deck Simm jerry Calif. Twin' WerShba John Scribble- Zcchman192 Carmen Bosco Charlev Br.i Eli ward BucHbinder Randy Cohen Lawrence Crystal Barry Collet Ronald Cohen Harvey Danciger Michael Dmhowitz■ Barry Drossner Gary Friend Gerard Furst Robert Galorenzo David Geluer Robert Gibbons William Giliotti 94 Mark GoldKenneth Hamberg Michael Hanzly . Larry Gornish Robert Gottlieb I George Gumann Cheryl Heffier 95 Daniel Herbowy David HarveyVincent Hethenngton Dode Hoskins Joseph Hylinski Simeon Isaacs Jeffrey Keating Joseph Kline 96 Kile Kinney Jeffrey KornCharles Kram Steven Ktongold Norman Levine Gerald Levitt William Lipvitz Martin Lvnn Gregory Man gum 97 Alan RothstcinKevin Moi.m Ross Reg Mitche! Rothfeld Terence Maree John McFadden Eric RichmanTodd Rotwein 'v 4 Robert Rudewtcz JackSchnallRichard Sevetat Ira Shandies Richard Silverman Simon Small Lewis Stein John Walter Arthur WeissDavid Wellikoff Bruce Zappan David Applebaum David Arlen Dennis Cirillu Thomas Ertle Fromr Fineman Leonard Goldsmith Charles Larsen Howard Liebeskind Evan Meltzer Stephen Miller Dane Myers Anthony Nardotti Jeffrey Newman Marc Pinsky Richard Roth James Runyan Leonard Ruotolo loseph Rupp Peter Skin Eugene Smolens George T rachtenberg Michael Kartell Thomas Winters Glen Zemanck 101 Victor Zelkovitr1974 ACHILLES WOULD LIKE TO THANK: MR. JOHN DENNEY We. the yearbook staff, would like to thank John Denney for the help that he has given us in making this yearbook possible. This is truly a fine individual and a friend to every PCPM student. Very seldom does one come across a person who is always willing to help another person, but he is such a person. Mr Denney never says no", and puts in many long hours at work after quitting time for most people. Whenever we needed pictures, Mr Denney was always there to take them He has made several trips into the school on weekends and at night to help us get this book together. For this, we are very grateful. The school administration should consider itself lucky to have a man of this caliber and dedication. This type individual comes along rarely in life and is sometimes taken advantageof as a result of their willingness to help others. If this school were to ever lose john Denney, it would have lost a fine individual. We could never repay John Denney for the help and time he has given us This page of appreciation is our small way of saying thanks for everything and best wishes to a truly remarkable person. 104PI DELTA (Standing) L. to R.: A lurca N Bikhman B Bruskoff. I Bartek M Marcu A Mann. D. VVuertZet. G. jolly. (Sitting) L. to R.: D. Cohen. G. Bravstein STIRLING-HARFORD HONORARY ANATOMICAL SOCIETY (Back) L. to R.: A Mann. Dr E G Harford, C EIIU, R. Kahn W. Martin. A. Jurca. N But hman, S. Rieger (Front) L. to R.: D Cohen. J Cohen J DiGiovanni D Novicki. R. DeMarre (Not Pictured): W Gollen, R Hatcher I LangfordAPPLICANT ORIENTATION COMMITTEE (Standing) t. to R: B. Kessler. M Novell N Unknown. S. Wertheimer L Sanders. S. Fine: V Mjndr.uK.hi J Wolf K Adel man. B Rosenthal). (Sitting) L. to R: N. Lee. S. Petrofskv. E Katz TUTORING COMMITTEE L. to R: D. Novicki. R Jay. W Coller (Not Pictured), D. Burns. H Goldhammar, H. JacobsPODOPRINTS (Standing) L. Cohen. N Lee, M. Kramer. M Katz. R Barbuto. J. Dancho, R Heller, R Jay J Marzzacco, K Poss. B. Brus-koff. I Klaus (Sitting) M. Novell D. Pronchick. C. Ellis, L Sanders. R Dimario. LIBRARY COMMITTEE L.toR.: W. Gollcr B Frcidman. A Gurratano.T DorseySOCIAL COMMITTEE L. to R: N. Lee, M Novell. I. Sanders . J. DiCiovanni S Petrofskv, B Kenslcr T Jurca.S Shapiro. R Kish. L Cohen (Not Pictured) M Newman. E. Martin CLINIC COMMITTEE L. to R.: M Kat .t Sanders. B. Folbaum. J Dancho. K Poss. R Brown, I Marr acco 109£ULTC evaluation committee L.loR.; G Smith, A. Hunav, |. Rubinlicht, N Rapoport COMMITTEE ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE .. oR.-.R Baibulo.D ProneV»kk. 1 WoM.H SokoloJf.G CwnbciR. 1. Scarlet. (Not Pklured): S Rieget noCLASS OFFICERS 1974 L. to K.r S. Shapiro, Vice President V Martin. President. Dee Owen. Secretary S. Contino rteasuter B K - Ur f’PSA Representative CLASS OFFICERS 1975 L.toR.: M Kot . Vic President . G. Smith. President I D.rncho, Secret an,' J Klcinm.in Treasurer mCompliments of Beeber Medical Supply Co. n? 1109 Walnut St. Phila., Pa. 19107 WA 3-1791LANGER ACRYLIC LABORATORY SHELDON LANGER. D P M Director JUSTIN WERNICK. D.P M Consultant HAROLD D. 5CHOENHAUS, D P M. Consultant LANGER ACRYLIC LABORATORY the leader in ROHADUR ACRYLIC ORTHOTICS PODIATRIC BIOMECHANICAL SERVICES • Group workshops • Individualized instruction and Write or Call tor Yourself or Your Group • Casting sessions • Continuing education courses • Consultation services 100 E. INDUSTRY COURT DEER PARK, N. 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New York 1001) I j Sian my complimentary subscription 10 Clinical Rrvit j Here 14 m address for ihc next _) min | ft mas.. I yr. permanently ______________________________________PPM ipleaie print) ADDRESS CITY STATE_____________________ZIP ARMOUR PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY PHOENIX. ARIZONA 85077 J ? CONGRATULATIONS FROM 5APER5TON LABS INC. 22 WEST MADISON ST. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60602 TO THE CLASS OF 74 SURGICAL SUPPLY SERVICE (SSS NATIONAL PODIATRY SUPPLY) 1235 VINE STREET • PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19107 SERVING PODIATRY EXCLUSIVELY SINCE 1935, NEARLY -10 YEARS DIPLOMAS. CERTIFICATES. ETC. PERMANENTLY FRAMED IN HALF INCH LAMINATED PLYWOOD LOCATION GUIDANCE AND OFFICE PLANNING FREE WITH EQUIPMENT PURCHASE WE SERVE NATION ALL'i SHIP AND INSTALL ANYWHERE PODIATRY SUPPLIES. INSTRUMENTS. SPECIALITIES. AND EQUIPMENT. COMPLETE AND AT LOWEST PRICES EASY FINANCING PLANS AVAILABLE TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS DAY PHONES: 1-215 5o7-S100 - 5101 Night Phono 1 215 5" 5o5l 125TRU-MOLD® SHOES, INC. Monufacturer of Custom Mode Molded Shoes 1695 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, New York 14207 716- 874-347 The Best Place In Town For JACKETS TROUSERS SHOES CENTRAL UNIFORM 1137 CHESTNUT ST. LO 73576 609-387-0405 609-829-1952 GARDEN STATE PODIATRY SUPPLY CONGRATS TO OUR CLASSMATES 307 HIGH ST BURLINGTON, N.J 08016 THE ACHILLES STAFF DIV. of GARDEN STATE PODIATRIC D SCO. INC. JOHN B. WONG D.P.M., F.A.C.F.O., F.A.A.H.P. FRANKFORD MEDICAL BUILDING 6200 FRANKFORD AVE. SUITE A. PHILA., PA. 19135 OUR FAMILY EXTENDS BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1974 127BENEFACTORS Dr. Carl Abramson Mr. Mrs. Hyman Cohen Dr. Wm. Goldfarb Dr. Mrs. Morris Kramer Mr. Mrs. Edwin Martin Sr. Dr. M. W. McDonough Dr. Thomas M. McGuigan Mr. Leon Meltzer Dr. Paul R. Quintivalle Mr. W. James Reinsmith Dr. Stuart Tessler Dr. Charles Turchin Dr. Wm. J. Ziegler Jr. Dr. Mrs. Louis Zulli FOR WHOSE GUIDANCE WE ARE FOREVER INDEBT . . .PATRONS Dr. Emil J. Bartos Dr. James E. Bates Ms. Florence Connecton Mr. Mrs. Harry Diamond Mr. Mrs. Thomas Leecost Sr. Dr. G. Elmer Harford Ms. Alice Grahm Dr. Raymond K. Locke Dr. Mrs. Thomas V. Mellilo Dr. Mrs. Louis Newman Dr. Mrs. T. J. Novicki Dr. M. H. Samitz Dr. D. G. Sonneborn Mr. Allen H. Wetter Mr. Mrs. I. Edward Zeitz Dr. Leonard Hymes Mr. Mrs. R. Rivell Sr. Dr. J. E. McNerney Dr. Mrs. N. MacMath WITH LESSONS OF YOURS WE SHALL NEVER FORGET. 129CONGRATULATIONS DR. JANE E. DiGIOVANNI LOVE MR. MRS. LEONARD DiGIOVANNI BEST WISHES TO DR. STEPHEN CONCINO AND ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1974 DR. MRS. FRANK J. CONCINO DR. KOPEL M. CONGRATULATIONS ROTHBERG TO CONGRATULATIONS AND DR. LEE S. COHEN SUCCESS SHARON MOM DAD RABBI SAMUEL ROTHBERG FROM MOM AND DAD PHYLLIS AND NEIL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 FROM THE SURGICAL STAFF FLORENCE C. CONNERTON R.N. LOUIS M. NEWMAN D.P.M. THOMAS V. MELILLO D.P.M. GUIDO LaPORTA D.P.M.GO-GO-GO TO THE CLASS OF 1974 DR. MRS. MORRIS KRAMER CONGRATULATIONS TO A VERY GOOD SON WALTER P. KNIGHT D.P.M. I AM PROUD OF YOU DAD WALTER P. KNIGHT M.D. TO DR. LEONARD PINTO AND THE CLASS OF 1974 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES JULIA LEONARND PINTO TO DR. BARRETT E. SACHS WITH THE GREATEST OF HEARTFELT PRIDE AND JOY I WISH YOU MY LOVING BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR DISTINGUISHED PROFESSION. ALL MY LOVE MOTHERTO DR. EDWIN B. MARTIN, JR. AND THE CLASS OF 1974 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES MR. AND MRS. EDWIN B. MARTIN, SR. TO DR. EDWIN B. MARTIN, JR. AND THE CLASS OF 1974 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES MR. AND MRS. GEORGE CURTIS CLARK THE END SPRING DANCE 1974 Chairman Ed Marlin and wife Mary Esther Bucky" checks Val's movements while Guido checks some movements occurring on the dance floor Tom and Judith Ann represent Mafia IncorporatedThe Three Stooges Boog-a-loo time' Distinguished guest 1 e n Some |ust sat and dtank and posed The Newman clan was fully represented as for pictures. Mike finally made it. Even the politician were present The third year trie to dance The pace begins to pick up Dick Lewis performs the Colorado foot stomp Jon gives Kel a boot Farewell to FCPM 113GRADUATION, 1974115

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