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ACHILLES 1971 PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIAAfter a Dr. Harford quiz" 2 "We were there first” "Nw student housing” The first new patient” 4 My first whirlpool” "Podiatry at its finest on our new site"Having your a- pul in a sling' "Is this the way Dr. Hymes started?" PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE MORTON L FISHMAN ASSOCIATES A.IA ARCHITECTS b-am.l_a . CUMta LOCATION AT 1.0HTV. ANO BlNl (TAUT MLAOIL MlA PINNA The true ground breaking" 5SPRING DANCE7 “Blasting away'DEDICATION by Jay Schnitzer Each individual walking the tightrope of life must achieve a balance in living. Our yearbook is dedicated to an individual who despite a short and bittersweet life had a balance in all his endeavors. Those who knew and worked with him realized this, and sadly appreciate this now. The fiber of the man was obvious when after being struck by such an ominous circumstance, he then decided to take the long, hard path towards the plateau of a professional individual worthy of the word “Doctor”. Jay was one individual in the class who truly had no enemies, nor bad words for anyone. Never would he sadden a conversation, ask for the easy way or scamper out of the way of a challenge this was the courage of the man. We all must relate to his strength and courage and instill it into our own personal being. I knew Jay perhaps closer than most people in the class, and feel that a simple poem would describe Jay’s life better than a eulogy. The poem’s author is unknown yet the words arc truly beautiful. Jay Rapoport TO AN ATHLETE DYING YOUNG The time you won your town the race. We chaired you through the market place; Man and boy stood cheering by. And home we brought you, shoulder high. To-day the road all runners come. Shoulder high we bring you home; And set you at your threshold down. Townsman of a stiller town. Smart lad. to slip betimes away. From fields where glory docs not stay; And early through the laurel grows. It withers quicker than the rose. Eyes the shady night has shut. Cannot sec record cut; And silence sounds no worse than cheers. After earth has stopped the ears. Now you will not smell the rout. Of lads who wore their honor out; Runners whom renown outran. And the name died before the man. So set. before its echoes fade. The fleet foot on the sill of shade: And hold to the low lintel up. The still-defended challenge cup. And now that early laurelled head. Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead; And find unwithcrcd on its curls. The Garland breifer than a girl’s. — Anonymous —CLASS HISTORY by Harris Klcar and Jay Schnitzer There it was, September 1967 and there were Forty-Five sparkling individuals joined together to form the fifth graduating class of P.C.P.M We all had one goal in mind (well, some of us had others) and that was to graduate with the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Unfortunately, not everyone was destined to succeed and there were casualties early in the long hard path. This brief monologue will attempt to bring back some of those fond memories. "Three fingers in the air", and Pavlov in his grave would have gotten ready for a quiz in Anatomy The conditioned reflex was created and it would follow us all the wuy to the fourth year. Frustration, fear and anxiety ruled the year, yet there were the few who always broke the curve. Mike Litman was still used to the pressures of Comparative Anatomy in college and quickly identified the Chicken's Tibia in a snap quiz in dissection lab Monday mornings (The Happy Hour) were occupied by Doctor DiPrimio and his funny little quizzes Between a couple of floods and a bribe for Monte Carlo night we were lucky to miss the Happy Houru few times during the year. "Bread and Tissssu” were the words we heard in Physiology and for some of us it took half of the year to realize their true meaning. We all realized that we should have taken that correspondence course in Japanese. Dr Yoh was very fond of animal experimentation, especially with Rabbits, however Dr Abramson was not happy to find out that his favorite bunny had seen its last F.astcr Histology. Embryology and Biochemistry Lab. were all taught by Howard (memorize Arey’s) Pitkow w ho must have taken some kind of speed reading course We had the fastest embryo slide test in history Biochemistry was taught by an ingenious Britisher. Dr. Sheff If anybody needed information about anything he was sure to have the answer. Just give him some corn shavings. Husk ointment and iron filings and he could make a nutritious diet for a South American AArdvark Harris Klcar enjoyed Biochemistry so much (due to his previous pharmacy experience) that he mistook some acid for mouthwash. Such a hot drink, he had! P S. does anybody know how to bandage a tongue? Springtime arrived and to all of PC PM that meant the Spring Dance This was to be one event which our clas-» would gladly support the entire four years at school. (Believe it or not. no complaints) At this first dance who can forget Larry Kauffman twisting his ankle Quick, is there a Doctor in the house Now its the middle of the first year finals and Stu Tcssler kept wearing his "flaky" Avis button "we try harder" The trivia question of the year as well as the saying of the year were contributed by Dave Bartos They were, which college did Dave attend ? and his famous description of the Dean's attitude towards us “why you know that we're on your side (three fingers in the air). Gary Almas was a part time student that year commuting between classes here and Spanish mandolin lessons in New York The second year was filled with all kinds of goodies and every day really kept us so busy Stan Katz, the honorary theologian of live class took all the Friday afternoon courses (by virtue of an honorary grunt given by his Temple) at the Friday evening services. Dr Abramson enter stage left with a cast of thousands Staph, Strepp. E. Coli. Proteus, 7 B. etc. and we sort of got the impression that the guy was going to dominate the year W ho can forget the pure joy ol a Mycology exam, or the excitement of picking up a thirty-seven page exam book? (just the questions). W c were not exactly ungrateful however, especially as Burt Kaizen in a tear-jerker ceremony presented him with a book he always wanted. The book was titled "Tsu Tsu Gamushi for fun and profit" The shoe therapy course was taught by Dr Feldman and one individual received one of the biggest assignments ever. Harold Glickman was instructed to skive the entire Fast Coast and right now he is down in Georgia doing his thing At the awards banquet he received both the "Yoh-Skivc" citation as well as the coveted "Anton Nutraderm Skive" awards Certain Doctors can have great influences on people Our class saw its prime example in Dr Kraus' lesson to Mark Julsrud. The good Doctor showed our boy all that he knows maybe Mark will be called in on a consult for an emergency nail procedure at the Mayo Clinic Some courses never made it off the ground Who had that great calling card "the elevation of the lowly corn'" rt Daviv belter known as A DD was really eager to learn all about skin conditions (as well us flicks) and had a vast research library on the subject. Dr. Schutta covered many topics such as Spina Bifida. Peripheral neuropathies. Wernicke's encephalopathy and rocking horse manure Dr Ganiev promised everyone a trip to Maryland logo Deer hunting what happened' The second year was also the "year of the moustache" with John Hodges, Harold Glickman. Steve Moss. Lee Loviiz. and Harry Papa ian growing the fuzz and at the same time singing in a barbershop quintet Then there was Carmen "Fd Sullivan" Martina with hiv expression “really bcccg shew". Every time Carmen told his jokes his hair got higher and higher Summer clinic started and many if not all had oscillatory hands when they saw their first patients Sometimes the clinic volume got so slow that "Rip Van Klcar" found himself with another day of summer vacation. The new dress code for clinic presented certain problems for Mark Julsrud with his long sideburns. Amedeo Forluna blew everyone's mind with white bell bottoms. The “Best Liked by The Clinicians Award" was given to two people that year. Both Ray Doyen (now Dow cn) and Burt Kaizen got the coveted awards. Dr. Hirt can always be found in the clime behind Levoy’s "100.000 practice" book. Stan Karpo got on the inside track in the O.R Working there helped him get an honorary position on the surgical staff at school Stan also practices medicine at the accident ward at Rolling Hill Hospital. Another student. Guido LaPorta was greatly influenced by Dr. Hlavacand is following in his footsteps (forefoot varus). California Dreaming! The third year also introduced us to Dr. (low six figure) Hymes in Orthodigita. All that's needed tocorrect any fool pathology is one broken bra strap, a paper clipanda 1964 Chevy emblem along with Lithe panther-like movements. "Children can be fun" with Dr Rubin was an interesting course, and just like Dr Brachman there were no failures. Dermatology presented itself as a challenge, especially for those w ho didn’t have a positive KOH Little did we know until the spring dance that Dr. Shrager owns his own Bentley. Everyone will long remember Jay Schnitzer "s Dermatology study guide. If it has to be written. Jay will do it You can be sure that when there is any demonstration to take place the "big boys up front" policy will be enforced by Gary Sherman (tank)and Mike (pretty boy) McDonough Dr. Daniels and Viner taught an excellent Internal Medicine which was so enthusiastically received that Armc (Mr Fixit) Karpo developed Tophi, and John Orlando hypoglycemia If any one has any complaints about either the instruments or the finances of the yearbook, they can check with Myron (Zclmo) Bernstein. Myron intends to open up his ow n Podiatry supply house in the near future Anthony Costa happened to be the only normal in Dr Rudnick’v Psychiatry class. Can the test be false? Larry Levine sat in on the admissions committee, and his influence can be seen in the rise in female students in the school's first year class The fourth year finally rolled around. It was time to go to allied facilities in the Delaware Valley. It should have said in the school's catalogue that a car is necessary in the fourth year Ah. the joys of the trip ride to South Mountain, the sights and sound of Pennhurst. the excitement of St. Ignatius' Mark Shangold and Dave Bartos made their claim to lame in the moulded shoe business we hope that Mark's sheepdog has a pair. Steve (Iron) Mills and his blue Mach I can always be seen zipping around the halls at P.C.P M Did you know that one-fourth of the Podiatry profession is related to Steve Bill Rutherford has by far been the most popular man in clinic with more "brothers" than anyone Every Christmas he always gets into the Christmas spirits along with his patients. Well its a funny feeling to finally be on our ow n. yet there is a feeling of satisfaction w hich can be described as accomplishment o more quizzes, tests, reports or lecture notebooks those are perhaps the most gratifying things. Sincerely Harris and Jay 9EDITOR S MESSAGE Here at P.C.P.M. wc have accomplished many things. We have studied hard and long, learning not only how to visualize and digest information but how to translate these ideas into action. Along with this we learned that our hands could do more complex tasks, than the more simples ones we have done our whole lives. Everyday we have been encouraged to participate, to do and learn as much instead of as little as possible. P.C.P.M. has always accented the importance of the individual moving towards full productive capacity in the service of fellow man. Most important of all we have learned the values of giving as well as taking. For this wc can only thank our professors and all their associates. Thus, we are now the proud standard bearers of Podiatric Medicine. We shall accept the responsibility with vigor and excitement and attempt to raise it to even higher standards. Yet. we realize our youth and its limitations. and the fact that medicine is a never ending educational process. We therefore pledge ourselves to strive towards a goal of responsible productivity guided by the rule to use the most plus and the least minus. 10Chip. Chip Chip” 11GARY ALMAS D.P.M. Brooklyn College B.A. 12DAVID P. BARTOS D.P.M. Franklin And Marshall B.A. 13 MYRON Z. BERNSTEIN D.P.M. Temple University B.A. 14ANTHONY J. COSTA D.P.M. University Of Maryland B.A. 15ARTHUR D. DAVIS D.P.M. University Of Maryland 16RAYMOND DOYEN D.P.M. University Of Maine B.A. 1?AMEDEO L. FORTUNA D.P.M. Temple University B.S. 18HAROLD B. GLICKMAN D.P.M. Emory University B.A. 19JOHN H. HODGES D.P.M. Wake Forest University B.S. 20pr MARK JULSRUD D.P.M. Wisconsin State University 21ARNOLD S. KARPO D.P.M. Philadelphia College Of Pharmacy And Science STANLEY KARPO D.P.M. Temple University 23STANLEY M. KATZ D.P.M. Yeshiva University B.A. 24BURTON J. KATZEN D.P.M. George Washington University 2bLAWRENCE D. KAUFFMAN D.P.M. Temple University B.S. 26HARRIS KLEAR D.P.M. Temple University Pharmacy 27GUIDO LAPORTA JR. D.P.M. Scranton University B.S. 28LAWRENCE A. LEVINE D.P.M. Rutgers University B.A. 29MICHAEL LITMAN D.P.M. Temple University 30LEES. LOVITZ D.P.M. Temple University A.B. 31michael McDonough d.p.m. Boston College B.S. 32CARMEN MARTINA D.P.M. Rutgers University A.B. 33Penn State University 34STEPHEN L. MOSS D.P.M. Temple University B.A. 35JOHN J. ORLANDO JR. D.P.M. Villanova University B.S. 36HARRY Z. PAPAZIAN D.P.M. Newton Junior College 3?WILLIAM RUTHERFORD D.P.M. Howard University B.S. 38 JAY S. SCHNITZER D.P.M. Temple University 39MARK SHANGOLD D.P.M. University Of Pennsylvania B.A. 40GARY J. SHERMAN D.P.M. Upsala College 41STUART L. TESSLER D.P.M. St. Lawrence University 42•‘You're an old patient of mine aren't you" turn44 Charles Gibley Ph.D.. Academic DeanCarl Abramson, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Basic Sciences and Prof of Microbiology Charles W Giblcy. Ph.D.. Academic Dean and Prof, of Anatomy 45 G. Elmer Harford D.S.C. — Chmn. Dept, of Anatomy and Professor Raymond Diprimio D P M Assoc Prof, of AnatomyMichael F Sheff. Ph.D. Associate Professor Biochemistry. Carl R. Marbach B.S.. Instructor Physiology. Joseph Bruno. P.T.. Clinical Professor. Physical Medicine. Arthur Sharpe. D.P.M.. Assistant Professor Pathology Ara Dcr Marderosian. Ph.D. Asso ciate Professor Pharmacology. Howard Pitkow, M.S.. Assistant Professor Physiology 46 Sidney H. Arden. M.D.. Professor. PathologyDIVISION OF CLINICAL SCIENCES DIVISION OF CLINICAL EDUCATION James Rockett, D.P.M.. Director Division of Clinical Education. Not Shown Mark Nissenbaum. M D D. Costrigano. M.S. J. Sat . Ph D Emil Bishara. Ph D Rose Ann Jakobowitch. M.S. Philip Nash. Ph D Frank P. Dombkoski. M.S Barrj Slavcn. B.S Fredrick B Ciller. Ph.D 47Morris Moss DPM, Assistant Clinical Professor of Podiatry. George Hclfand DPM. Clinical Instructor Podiatry. CLINIC Anthony Kidawa DPM. Clinical Instructor Podiatry. Charles J. Briglia DPM. Clinical Professor Podiatry. David Lebovith DPM. Clinical Instructor. Associate Professor of Podiatry. Lawrence Cosatnzo DPM, Clinical Instuctor Podiatry. 48Mark Rabin DPM, Clinical Instructor Nicholas Lamaina DPM. Clinical Instructor. Ralph Mincrvino DPM. Clinical Instructor. Alan K. Whitney DPM. CHMN. Dept, of Podiatry. Professor of Podiatry. 49 Not Show n Anthony Napoli DPM Ralph Pcrner DPMHenry S. Shutta. M D.. Coordinator of Dept, of Medicine. Professor of Neurology Joseph D. Shrager M.D.. Associate Professor of Dermatology. Harvey Lerner M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery. Norman J. Skversky M.D.. Professor of Peripheral Vascular Disease. 50M.H. Samitz M.D., Professor of Dermatology. William J. Tuddenham M.D., Visiting Lecturer Radiology. Not Shown James C. Giuffre M.D. Stanley N. Cohen M.D. Frank A. Matlei M.D. Herman D. Rudnick M.D. George Niedcrmaycr M.D. Theodore G. Duncan M.D.. Associate Professor Internal Medicine. 51ORTHOPEDICS AND COMMUNITY HEALTH Arthur E. Helfand D.PM. Chmn. Dept. of Community Health. James V. Ganley DPM. Chief of Orthopedics, Professor of Orthopedics. 52Marvin Sandler DPM. Assistant Professor of Orthopedics. Eugene Spector DPM. Instructor in Podiatry. Gerald V. Feldman DPM. Assistant Professor of Orthopedics. Charles Krausz Professor Emeritus. Podiatry. Not Shown Edwin Seavc J D. Donald M. Lyons DPM Jerome Shapiro Pod. D. Franklin Vogel DPM Richard Schiller DPM. Instructor in Podiatry.4 ' V Louis P. Zulli DPM, Chief of Podiatric Rocngtenology. Prof. Podiatry. ROENTGENOLOGY Leon Kchr DPM. Assistant Professor of RocngtenologyLouis M. Newman DPM, Chief and Professor of Surgery A. J. Fabbi DPM. Professor of Surgery. Harold Sitkoff DPM. Associate Professor of Podiatry. A. L. Green DPM. Assistant Professor of Surgery. 55 SURGERY Florence Conncrton R.N.. Instructor in O R Protocol and O R. Supervisor.DIVISION OF CONTINUING EDUCATION LABORATORY Judith D. Truax B.Sc.. Medical Technician. Instructor in Laboratory. Janice Scgall. L3b Technician. 56 Mary Madonna. Lab Technician.Mrs. Charlotte K. Smethurst. See. To The Academic Dean and Registrar. Miss Alice Graham. See To The Faculty. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Mrs. Lorene Denney. Sec. To The President. 57 John S Denney. Director. Instructional Communications.James Rcinsmith MT SC. Noble J Rauer. Business Administrator. Miss Olive Lord. Sec. To The Director Of The Division of Clinical Sciences Mrs. Rochelle Ellis. Sec. To The Business Manager. Mrs. Loretta Whitney, Receptionist. Miss Mary Ann Hornung. Clinic Registrar.Miss Maureen T. MeGeehan, Sec. to Business Administrator. Miss Louise Taylor. Lab Technician. Mrs Margaret Ann Compagnola. Sec to The Academic Dean. Miss Francis Peter MLS. Librarian. Mr. Gerard Schwcglcr. Supervisor Printing Department. 59 Mrs. Lee Welch. Asst. Clinical Registrar. Mrs. Helen M. Morris. Sec to Chmn Div. Basic Sciences Mr. William Bowman. Building Engineer.Robert P. Bewley Barry- R Block Stanley E. BocEdwin S. Damon UNDERCLASSMAN o — ON r- CMJerome L. Dovberg Gary J. Fischman Alan I. Ettinger Harvey W FritzNVaync A. Moyer 64 Samuel R. MillerGlenn A.Ockcr Thomas A. Norris Robert M. Perer Jordan W. RachlinMichael Schaeffer Donald J. Slimbaugh Mark H. Sugar Frank J.Tiuo Alan J. Tobias Alan P. Tuchman 66 Larry Zonis Barry Wislcr67 Jonathan P. ContompasisJohn A. DcMaria Frank J. Dipalma Bruce M. Dobbs Frank M. Ferrari Wesley L. Daniel Arnold V. FederNorman Field Charles E. Giffonicllo David M. GoffDaniel H. MillerMartin M. Pressman Guy R. Pupp 71 Raymond A. Rivell, Jr. Elliot G. RoseAnthony F. Schiro Michael R. SiswickKenneth E. Sokolowski Thomas F. Tesla Bruce I. Weiner Stephen S. Weiner Lee WinthropLee S. Cohen CLASS OF 1974 74 Stephen ConcinoMarlin J. Diamond William R Forman Jefim F. Gawcrc Alan J. Greenberg Anthony M. Jurca Barton I. Kessler Robert N. Kish Robert A Erlich man Richard Feldsher 75Anthony T. Mcrcuri. Jr. Alan L. Meshon Edwin B. Martin. Jr. 76Jon N3thanson Michael B. Newman Marc H. Novell David C. Novicki Craig K. Petek 4 Stephen Pctrofsky Leonard F. Pinto Michael P. Porter Stephen Renzi78 MarcSchmcrinStanley M. Shapiro Ronald P. Soefer Dee Slclmach Joseph M. Union Jane Digiovanni Vesotsky Linda Welbnon 7980 Mrs. Lee Welch. Assistant Registrar.A CTIVITIES A ND OR GA NIZA TIONSL. TO R ISEA TED) Steven Moss. Treasurer. Jay Schnitz-er. Vice President. (STANDING) Burton Kaizen. Secretary. Harold Glickman, PPSA Rep., Guido LaPorta, President 1971 CLASS OFFICERS 1972 l.. TO R. (SEATEDi Thomas Norris. Vice President. Robert Perez. President, L TO R. (STANDING) Sheldon Fleishman, Faculty Liason Rep., Ron Miller, PPSA Rep . Alan Tobias. Secretary. (Not Shown) Robert Levine, Treasurer 82L TO R SEA TEDi Ken Sokolowski, Vice President, Wesley Daniel, President. Maurice Levy, Treasurer. Peter Lewis. Secretary. Guy Pupp. PPSA Rep 1973 L TO R. (SEATED} Stephen Concino. Vice President, Kopcl Rothberg. President, (STANDING! Neil Kramer, Treasurer, Dee Slclmach. Secretary. David Cohen PPSA Rep 83 1974STIRLING-HARFORD HONORARY SOCIETY (ON FLOOR) Ken Canter, Larry Zonis. (KNEELING)Thomas Norris,(SEATED) L TO R. Wayne Moyer. G Elmer Harford. Michael Pearlman. (STANDING) I. TO R Sheldon Fleishman, John Orlando. Gary Fischman, Robert Bcwley. Alan Tobias, John Burghardl, Peter Lewis, John Hodges. David Bartos, Donald Green (Not Shown) Stuart Tessler. NATIONAL OFFICERS Stanley Boc, National President. Stanley Karpo, National Liaison Committee. P.P.S.A. OFFICERS (SEATEDi L TO R Stanton Cohen, Treasurer. Jerome Dovberg President (STANDING) L. TO R Walter Buck. Vice President, Paul Greenberg. Secretary Not Shown (Arnold Fcdcr). 84ACHILLES STAFF (SEATED) L. TO R. Myron Bernstein. Business Manager. Jay Schnitzcr. Editor. STA NDING (L. TO R i Gary Sherman. Photography. Arnold Karpo. Business. Harris Klear. Copy. Stanley Katz. Business,' No Sho m Michael McDonough. Copy IL. TO R I Jay Schnitzcr. Editor-in-chief, Myron Bernstein. Business Manager (L. TO R.) SEATED: Elaine Carvillc (Managing Editor). Arnold Karpo (Staff Reporter). STANDING: Don Sumbaugh (Layout Editor). Frank Tiano (Layout Editor), Don ChanUllcs (Chief Circ. and Art). Peter Mason (Reporter), Alvin Groman (Reporter). Guy Pupp (Reporter). Neil Kanner. Reporter. (Not Shown) Ronald Brittner (Editor). Allen Jacobs (Asst. Managing Editor), Paul Greenberg (Photo Editor). Mike Newman (Reporter). R3y Rivell. Dee Stelmach (Reporters) Peter Lewis. Jordan Rachltn (Art and Circulation) Faculty Advisor Dr. Arthur E. Hclfand. 55 PODOPRINTS STAFFCOMMITTEES SPRING DANCE (!■■ TO R.) SEATED Walter Buck. Jordan Rachlin, Michael Shaeffer, STAN DING: Jerome Dovberg, John DeGovanni (Not Shown) Alan Ettingcr, Harold Glickman, Mark Shangold. STUDENT-FACULTY- LIASON SEATED: (L. TO R.) Elaine Carville, Linda Wellmor (STANDING) Frank Tiano, Walter Buck. Stanley Karpo. (L. TO R ) SEATED: Kopel, Rothberg, Sheldon Fleishman. Norman Field. (STANDING) Jerome Dovberg. David Bartos. Jordan Rachlin. ADMISSIONS Donald Green. (Not Shown) Larry Levine. BOOKSTOREiL TO R.) Michael Litman. Jordan Rachlin. John DeGovanni. SPRING DANCE AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHARIMEN (L. TO R.I SEATED Jerome Dovberg. Jordan Rachlin, John DeGovanni, Michael Shaeffer, {STA XDIXC) Gary Fischman, Norman Field. Walter Buck (Not Present) Ronald Brittner. Alan Ettinger, Thomas Maglictta. SOCIAL IL- TO R.I {SEATED) Ronald Miller. Sheldon Fleishman. Harris Klear. {STAXDl.XGi Guy Pupp. Jerome Dovberg. Kopcl Roth-berg. David Bartos. Norman Field. {TOP) Waller Buck. Jordan Rachlin. TUTORING _ (SEATED) Michael Pearl-man. Stanton Cohen. Alan Tobias. John Burghardl. (STA.XDLXGl Robert Be ley. Guido LaPorta, Michael Shaeffer. Donald Green. Wayne Moyer. {L. TO R.I SEATED: Jordan Rachlin. Michael Shaeffer. Tony Costa. {STAXDIWG) James Pascalides. Wesley Daniel. Ronald Miller, Guido LaPorta. (Not Present) Larry Levine. Carmen Martina. Jerome Dovberg. Thomas Norris. Mark Sugar GRIEVANCEPUBLIC RELATIONS II. TO R.) SEATED: Stanton Cohen. Ronald Miller. Arnold Karpo. Stephen Pctrofsky, {STANDING) William Martin, Neil Kanner. Jor dan Rachlin. Wesley Daniel, David Cohen. Jerome Dovbcrg, (Not Present) John Hodges, CURRICULUM MID-WINTER A.P.S.A. MEETING ISEATED) Jordan Rachlin. Glen Ockcr, Steven Weiner Anthony Costa, (MIDDLEI Sheldon Fleishman. Guy Pupp Barry Wisler. Guido LaPorta, ITOP) Wesley Daniel. Ron aid Miller. Jon Coniompasis (Not Present) Larry Levine Larry Zoms, Marshal Feldman, Ellis Jacobs. Robert Levine. Thomas Norris. Jordan Rachlin LIBRARY (SEATED) Bart Kessler. Neil Kanner. Robert Perez. {STANDING) Raymond Merkin. Jon Coniompasis. Anthony Jura. (SEATED) Sheldon Fleishman, Ronald Miller. Stanton Cohen, John DcGovanni, (STANDING) Waller Buck. Jordan Rachlin, Norman Field. Jerome Dovberg (Not Present) Arnold FedcrPATRONS Dr. Arthur E. Helfand Dr. William J. Ziegler Sr. Dr. Muriel E. Osborne Dr. Ralph E. Marcus Drs. Harold Marjorie Sitkoff Dr. I. Gary Sherman Dr. Romaine E. Dietrich Dr. Gartha E. Wolfe Dr. Jay Vizer Dr. John Bricklcy Dr. Charles R. Turchin Dr. Mrs. Emil Bartos Dr. George A. Helfand Dr. Stephen P. Toth Dr. Norman C. MacMath Dr. Mervyn I. Feldman Dr. Nathan L. Weinraub Dr. Rollin H. Brior Alice E. Graham Dr. NormanS. Reiter Miss Frances Peters Dr. Matthew F. Gutowicz Dr. Mrs. Frank DeCaro Dr. Julian N. Sober Dr. Herbert P. Rosen Dr. Mrs. Paul M. Taylor Dr. Kenneth R. Hankin Dr. Gilbert Whitman Dr. Paul Quintavalle Dr. Lloyd W. Doebler Jr. Dr. James E. White Dr. Carl Abramson Dr. M. H. Samilz Dr. Leon E. Kehr Dr. Mrs. Robert E. Sherman Dr. Joseph D. Shrangcr Mr. Howard S. Pitkow Dr. M. F.Shcff Dr. Leonard Portnoy Dr. Arthur Sharpe Dr. James E. Bates Dr. Leonard Hymcs Dr. Morton D. Fielding Dr. Lionel M. Hulkoff Dr. Lucy Mason Jones Dr. Ellier Russ Dr. Rob Roy McGregor Dr. Margaret M. Malarkey Dr. William H. Kelley Dr. Joseph F. Brown Dr. Harold 1. Miller Miss Adrienne R. Dahlkc Dr. Bernard S. Gilbert Dr. Theodore A. Engel Dr. Robert C. Johnson Dr. Gerald M.. Robin Dr. Mrs. Jack M. Schreffler Dr. Gerald N. Maloney Dr. Angelo S. Monaco B. Zcitz Sons Inc. Dr. Frank Concino Dr. J. Stanley Landau Dr. Dwanc Sonneborn Dr. Sidney H. Arden Florence Conncrton R.N. Dr. Morris B. Moss Dr. Richard A. Patti Dr. G. Elmer Harford Dr. Joseph Miller Dr. John B. Wong Mr. William J. Reinsmith Dr. Claudia A. Kupchinsky Dr. Robert W. Getchell Dr. Helainc R. Mashioff Dr. William E. Kamber Dr. H. L. Carbone Dr. Norman J. Skversky Dr. Ralph Perncr Dr. Norman B. Pearl Dr. Mrs. Charles W. Giblcy Jr. Dr. Mrs. Louis P. Zulli Mr. Mrs. John Denny Dr. James E. Rockett 89ADVOCATES DR. HARLEY M. HUNSICKER DR. JEROME SHAPIRO DR. ALLAN H. WETTER DR. MRS. ALAN K. WHITNEY DR. GERALD V. FELDMAN DR. LEONARD L. LIT DR. ROBERT N. HOFFMAN EDWIN SEAVE, ESQUIRE DR. MAX SPEIZMAN DR. JAMES V. GANLEY DR. MARVIN M. SANDLER DR. V. HERBERT LEVIN BENEFACTORS WILLIAM J. ZIEGLER D.P.M. DR. AND MRS. A.L. GREEN DR. CHARLES BRIGLIA DR. DANIEL L. CARROL DR. AND MRS. RICHARD SCHILLER DR. AND MRS. MYRON Z. BERNSTEIN DR. JAY SCHNITZER 90D.P.M. CLASS OF 1971 John E. Brick Icy DPM Frank P. Dombroski DPM H. L. Carbone DPM Robert C. Johnson DPM Bernard Gilbert DPM Robert Getchell DPM FURTHERING EDUCATION . . . Joseph F. Brown DPM Florence Connerton RN Dominic Castrigano DPMD.P.M. Richard A. Patti DPM Antonio P. Perez DPM Rob Roy McGregor DPM Harold I. Miller DPM Wm. Kamber DPM William H. Kelley DPM Elber Russ DPM not shown, Margaret M. Malar key DPM. Hclainc Mashioff DPM Joseph Miller DPM Gerald N. Maloney DPM . .. IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY 92It Is With A Heavy Heart" •Organized" •Orthoping 101' "Smilin' Bill" Knit One. Pear! Two" "Sleeping Beauty" "One of Mark's Rare Appearances"“Honor System — Alternate Scats Three Rows Apart" "The Patient Wasn’t That Dirty" "What ‘Ya Doing After Dissection" “Dr Bowman At Work" "Biochemistry of a Clauus" "This Little Piggy Goes to Market"“Guido. If you don't understand this "Honorary D.P.M.’ Oh Fellows" Try add z-z-z-z-z. Our Girl Janice" "Our Man Flint" "Clinical Conference" "Big Four Conference'"Where’s Doctor Yoh?" “Central Supply” "You’ll only be marked immature on the days you arc immature" "Must Return ToThc Coffin By Sunrise"GRADUATION 1971 I SH i98CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. JAY SCHNITZER FROM . . . MR. AND MRS. PHILIP SCHNITZER GOOD LUCK! COMPLIMENTS OF DR. AND MRS. MYRON Z. BERNSTEINBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1971 FROM PRESTON-PATTERSON CO., INC. ARDMORE, PA. 215-649-5480 GENERAL INSURANCE INCLUDING ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE FOR THE SELF-EMPLOYED PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INCOME PROTECTION ESTATE PLANNING LIFE INSURANCE CONGRATULATIONS TO BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1971 THE CLASS OF 1971 TRU-MOLD SHOES INC. PHILADELPHIA COUNTY 1695 Elmwood Ave. PODIATRY Buffalo, N.Y. 14207 SOCIETYALBERT L. COMROE (215) LO 3-4900-1 ARCHCRAFT LABORATORIES Manufacturing Custom Foot Appliances 107 North 23rd Street • Phila., Pa. 19103 ZAMSKY STUDIOS 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Negatives of portraits appearing in this annual are kept on file. Photographs may he ordered. for toe and foot fractures ■ As a convalescent shoe following foot surgery We will gladly refer you to the many podiatrists, physicians and hospitals now using The Reece Orthopedic Shoe. Available in both standard and shielded toe models for both men and women. Can be woi n on either foot. See your equipment supplier or write REECE WOODEN SOLE SHOE COMPANY Columbus. Nebraska 68601Dedicated to the continued advancement of health through drug research McNEIL LABORATORIES, INC. FORT WASHINGTON, PA. PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURERS (McNEIL) MAYFLOWER PODIATRY SUPPLY COMPANY Everything For The Podiatrist Under One Roof our New and Larger quarters located at 28JERICHO TURNPIKE JERICHO. NEW YORK 11753 15161333-5400 Buy with Confidence MAYFLOWER has a complete line of supplies, equipment, medications and all accessories for your office and personal use. We — are one of the largest distrbutors of supplies equipment in the country. OUR OFFICE LAYOUT PLAN WILL SAVE YOU MONEY -NO OBLIGATION-VISIT OUR NEW MODERN AIR CONDITIONED SHOW ROOMS Complete Finance and Leasing Plans Available. We have the finest values in New and Used Equipment.ou and Armour serve a common cause: better care for each patient, better health care for the nation. As a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, you take care of patients, directly. We help, indirectly, in many ways. We're in this together. It is not just that we make some of the medications which you find valuable in treating your patients ... for instance: Biozyme (Neomycin Palmi-tate — Trypsin-Chymotrypsin Concentrate Ointment), ChymoralMOO (Enzyme Tablets), and Nicobid™ (niacin, Armour) timed release nicotinic acid. We also try to do our share in aiding the advancement of podiatry by providing services which may be helpful to you personally, and to your colleagues. For example, the American Podiatry Association has joined with us to conduct professional research projects designed to provide up-to-date information on the practice of podiatric medicine. - Our Awards Program is de-signed to promote excel-W C A lence of communication in podiatry. Each year, Armour pro-AAA vides a $500 award for the best paper on lesions of the foot appearing in your_Association journal: and another $500 award for the best paper on any subject presented at the annual meeting of the APA. Then there is our Information Program which: a) publishes a periodical, the Clinical Review of Dermatology and Orthopedics of the Lower Limbs; b) makes available to you certain reprints from the scientific literature: c) commissions the writing of special Review articles on various disease categories to serve as postgraduate refresher materials: and d) circulates important information on various drug products. The fact is that we’re vitally interested in the future of podiatry, and also in the future of each new graduate doctor. If you will let us know when and where you are planning to go into practice, we’ll see if we can be of service to you right from the start. this together ARMOUR PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY. CHICAGO. ILLINOIS 60690( m V? ess Q f a LL l: H- ri rra V r s ( a» e i n -; 3 £ O v 2 «w

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