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Temple University School of Pharmacy - Secundum Artem Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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 ft's All Worth It When . . . TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY P Temple uNivHftiTt DENTAL • ALLIED HEALTH • _ PHARMACY LIBRARY 3304 N. BROAD S7R£ET PHILA., PA. 19140H: 1PLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY• SECUNDUM J ARTEM 19831FACULTY— 6 SENIORS—18 ACTIVITIES—Hi I NDIH CL A SSMEN— 72 PATRONS—984'"IG-S-C “The Beginning” TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OF THE COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM OF HICHER EDUCATION HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL OF PHARMACY PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA 19140 May 29, 1980 John R | Your application and academic credentials have been reviewed and I am pleased to inform you of final admission to Temple University School of Pharmacy in September 1980. Please read the enclosed two-page information sheet very carefully as it includes information pertaining to beginning dates, tuition, orientation programs, etc. To finalize your admission submit your deposit with appropriate enclosures including Dean's Card. Congratulations to you and I do look forward to greeting you in September 1980. omCI OF ADMISSIONS Sincerely yours. FBG:el c - . Fred B. Gable Assistant Dean A •s 56TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OP PHARMACY • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OP PH ARMACY « On looking back . . . It’s all worth it when . . . We remember our dedicated— 7 FACULTYADMINISTRATION And I thought this question whs n "give-away. Joseph I). Mcttvilla. Ph.l — Dean Pang it: I never knew Pig was used forCHF. Adelaide an Titus. M.S.— Assistant Dean 8II. Weldon llaker. Ph.D Arthur (.ammnrain. Ph.D. Marquette Cannon. Pharm.l) Neil M. Davis. Pharni I). Surprising what's rulturrd in lab nowadays. 9 Pi ter Dimkas. Ph.l) FACULTYSamuel Elkin, Ph.l). John Erik, li.S. Itonnhl Caolieri, Ph.l). Hello Channel Have I gol a story for you! Michael Jacobs. Phnrm. D FACULTYMarglierita l,n Franco Phnrm.l). Maine Markou Ink, I'll.I). Ilnnna kouarskl, l h.I). Stephen Paul, Ph.l). Charles Peterson. Ph.n. David Maun. Ph.l). Non if there were only some Ink In here. .loy Reighnrd. Ph.l). 11II.ms Schott. Ph.D. Tully Speaker. I'h.l). The '.limim Conners" oi IVmpItr School oi Phnrniiiry. Roherl Thompson. I'h.l). 1213 Chillier metric to nimllirnir) and ... H hrn did you dr Hop this problem?14 Librarians: II. Vorrla, V. I.ainpson. l. I r«- man.CICKEH □£ ft TearhinK sslsianK: .1. MeOevitt. -Cioriula. I', kolilrr. M. Capull. I . Capaeio. I). Con-iu- , |. Horenstein. II. I islier. C. Martello. V Hel»-man. nat' iny l hysiolu Dept.: .1. |)r«.rs I n„,„ n ■ Marlin..I. Zal.arn. " " n’ H 1 I"- Kendall. Tnnsey Ahove I. to r.: Sheila Brennan. .1.1). (I.aw Prol'.), Alphonso UohinHon (Stockroninl, l.dvxard Cohen (Audiovisual). Haxuioml Itrooke (Animal House)On looking back il was worth it because of you. our professors. Each of you uniquely contributed in transforming a group of people with a multitude of ages, backgrounds, and personalities into one with a common goal and purpose? Over the past three years we have gained more than the knowledge of the structure of Norepi and the treatment of diabetes Some of you ga e us advice, from which we discovert! new and different roads In these and other ways you've added greater dimension to our lives and as we travel through lite we will always carry those ideas as well as your spirit with us. ml you waul me lo what?!? Did on hear itie onr nboul the mouse ...18ACY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PI On Looking Back . . It’s all worth it when We get out into The Real World 19 SENIORSF.ve F Aaronson Anthony I Angelucci Class of '83 Three years ago we sat in the infamous Room 101. shy. a little hit scared and above all apprehensive about the years to follow. We ate up the free advice given by upper classmen that day and even kind of envied them for being so at home here at Pharmacy School Little did we know that we'd be transformed from voiceless guppies into roaring lions—boycotting that which we were against 01 try ing to change that which didn't suit us Yes. it's been eventful, and our name has become associated with: ' backtests", "handout stampedes", and "the taping system" W e certainly had the most memorable Biopharm class and the 8th floor has gone down in dorm history s we graduate from Temple University we hope to keep with us the good memories and more importantly the compiled knowledge of these three years. I—-------------------------------- ;ironNiui-S. l»li Pres., RhoChi — ngeluccI-SAPhA AthenSfl.KS Batastini-SAPhA Phi Del — Brriwirk-Kl . IFC, IMBB. IMSIf. IMVB Bettlnc-Rho Chi. Phi Del. IMVB W I ■ (.eorge Bedwick Karen Athens V '-I l.vn Batastini Erin A Bettine In looking back . . . It's all worth it when weAbhrcu iaiions lor rli» llir . Inlr;it'r;iirrnily Counril-I.I.C. Inimmiinils-Vollrvhi.ll-IMX II SoftbnlKlMSB Itaskrihall-IMIIIt k .11 | • .1 I’si-K l.amhila kappa Si ma-I.KS Phi Della Chi-Phi Del Itho Chi Honor Sorlely-Itho ( hi Itlio l'i Phi-Kho Pi Siudenl Amcriran Pharninrculiral ssm-i.iiion SM’h Student Vational Pharmaceutical ssn« i.ili M« S l»h Si 11ih-ni (louni il-Sl. Conn. Student-Faculty Committers-S.l .Comm. earhook-Vrhk. Dorothea Binagi John Bovle Ellen Burke Cynthia Chan finally have the RPh. after our names ... 21To he hold enough to step forward and help someone's dreams along requires special energy. But Temple's dreamers comprise a force equal to any challenge when working together. 99 IliiH anyone seen my sneakers? Esther W Chau Yun Sook Chung Yvonne K. Chu Marcia Anita Collins 22A V U !A mw WtenR Cozan Tom. I think I'm prntnnut. Wavvv C». Cvuvu Spmfcarn Crump Jr Uiil you flgurt mil thill ‘mark-iip Muff' ri? C .onnrll -S l»h -Srr I'rrs. I (irtift-C.liiKs »» l.w irlnirw ir .-Hho C .hl .vwv' . C.urVxs Waller Can iciniewic .Susan 6a vie Czibik Barbara Damelwirz Carmen DeBellas Thomas I Oarcv My hnl's heller than our hat! Matthew V Denrski Jeffrev L. Dershem 24hV Vincent Dil'rsmtesco in Domenico W gy Dolzel John Clavlon Orumnt The people who get on in this world ave the people who get up anil look tor the eircu mst anr.es they want, anil, they can’t nil them, make them. I C lhik-LKS. IMVB. X r.l M Sec Tres. “ Danlelw ic LKS, SAPhA — DarrySAPhA, IMVB. KV-VP Ot'Hrllas-SAPh A Domenico-IMVB. IMBB Doticl-Clau Si. Coun. Pres., w Hho c;hl. l.Ks, SAPhA. Vrbk Drumm-Rho Chi. IMVB. IMSB ■ l.«ldinKrr-Rh Chi 25 Jill Ann Etldinger Marv Bridget Farrell Raiul R. F ingles I had in camp nut all weekend in gel this em!! Donna J Farrell Michael Feldman a What did vou say. boy? I Farrell. D.-l.kS, Yrbk, S IMVB. Broken bones mm Farrell. M.-SAPh . I KS. IIC T I eldman-Hhn Chi. KY. S-F comm. lingles-Sl. Conn.. S-Fc omm.. r KY. IMVB, IMBB U I isher-Rhn Chi. SAPhA I'rellas-SAPltA I_______________________________________ 26 Patricia Fisher Joanne Fitzgerald Dominic M Funaro Kimborlee V. Gnlella Paulino J. Freitas Some people look ;it the way things are and ask "Why?” ... Others % look at the tvav things may he some day and ask “Why not?” Patrick t. C.annon Met llearesil. t here «liil you pick up jour date?!? I ran'l brltovr I missed the iiiisuit hi dial question! BruirJ w '.% M lM.i ln«y A um fr-m Ur.rhml. u Ao wirrt M run f« • W»i(AnAfriminAnW »'• 27Mark Scott Gravenstine John Howard Green 28 Did he really bankrupt 3 pharmacies?29Patti Gritsko m A Carole Gross Janice B. Ilarth Brian J. Gross Helene Harigimallis Looks tiki sjiiiri' ribs to me Doc!!! DAYLIGHT—I must wait for the sunrise. I must think of a new life and I mustn’t give in. When the dawn comes, tonight will he a memory too. A And a new dav will begin. 99 Yousef M Hasan I--------------------------- Tj “j Grllsko-LKS Pres, I.MVH, SAPhA “ (iross kV, RhoChi, IMVB C, IMBB, I MSB mm GrusvSAPhA w Hadgimalllw-LKS, SAPhA I___________________________Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, hut I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and trv to follow where they lead. $9 Joanne M K it i David Korch r cft 3 i- Kill-Phi l),-l-VP r Kreel'l.KS.SAlMiA Lener-LKS, SAPhA mm l,lsie»vski-Hho Chi w Mary Ann Kreel 32 Can you repeal lhal Rx, Doc? Michelle F.laine I,ener Diane LisiewskiTepv I .or Peter M Louie 33 Anna Mario Marinelli Joseph D. MarsicoMiRiill'y-SV APh A — Mcyrrs-SM'liA, I KS, HlioChi Miller, D.-KV Pres., 1FC. IMVB. IMRB. IMSK — Miller. P.-K Miller. R.-Rho Chi Nloriino-I.KS, SAPh V. Rho Chi I___________________________________ Rom lell anyone I gaveyon u ropy. Sherrie R. Meyers Douglas P Miller James MeDuffy Paul Miller Marlene B. Morano Roberl Miller 3536 Henry Spencer N'oskow Alfred J Ochlak Geraldine A O'NeillMinimal Hoy DvM'tmriion Tividdludvr Tividdlcdum Michelle Patlove William 1 Poit BURNT—Out ends ok smokev days, the stale cold smell ok' morning. The street lamp dies, another ni ht is oven1. Another dav is dawning. 99 Mi rows lire in Alabama. X u Pal love-Phi Del. lie Porr-Phi De l Prusjt-SAPhA L Jerome Pruss 37 To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom. 99 Emerson y. Hrrsr-I.KS J ItrU'henhimjgh-Plil Hel, — IMVB, HhoChl. Uriissl.KS Klrlilnashvill-SAPhA — Hotfowsky-Phl Del ” Hiidolph'IMXB Samlin-Kho Chi ■ Sauers-KV-Tres.. S APhA Joan I, Reese Susan Elizabeth Reichcnbaugh Patricia Reuss We're on the five year plan. I.ana Rizhinashvili Christine RogowskvJoseph Rudolph Barrv Samlin Rrvan Sauers in mom: ,vvm V. SchrunV Nmoirn-Ue M Scota loan Sukowski Allen Solomon Kiss nip. toil fool! I hr • I hrnwrmlthlprrponDave Tran Donna Marie S verne Maria ( fotaro Kaphael I'ancrerii ()pi n rail" is ... inisol Cream' March on, Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not I he thorns or the sharp stones on Life's path. I Srhncrk-I.KS. Vrbk-Kdilor X Klin Chi. SAPhA. IMVII “ Sroia-I.KS. IM R. rhk II Shrrhin-kV. IMVB. IMBB. r S-Peoinm. Shimr-k Smmwj -I.KS, Klin Chi. w SAPhA. Vrbk Toiaro-Phi Del ! Tran-k 41 Chukwuma tfiahMartin G. VanTrieste Catherine A Vasile Jelt re Bruce Weizer X M — ViinTricMr-KV, IMSH. IMVH r; SI. Conn., SAPhA Vasilc-Vrbk'Co-eilllor. Phi l)i l. — SAPhA " Hrl cr-SAPhA _ On looking back ... It’s worth rememberingACTIVITIES! Susan J Whitmire hiimiri-ltlio ( hi. I'lii Del. SAlMi Vrbk Milil-I’hi Mi l imkI-SM’Ii -Srr I n’S, Jeanine Wood 43 all the different positions we were in.Jr?! I Yannello Stephen J Yanosliak Marlene Veufler Vftnnpllo SAPhA «■ Yanosbitk-Phl Del Yeutter-Phi Del. Rho Chi SAPhA.Yrbk T ZimmrrmaivlUio Pi “ ZubakHbo Chi. Phi l)t‘l J SAPhA, Vrbk L________________________ Incognito... " WOuld Of thollght tha. « s mat w°uld hav,Youngock u Matthew B. Zimmerman I hristinr Zubak He always tell %■ ourselves that “well cross Ilia I bridge when we come to it.” Well, here we are at “that bridge.” The decision we have to make isn’t whether or not to cross, Hut what memories and sentiments to take; with us. 99 Seniors not pictured 1) Bodnar K. Moss 1 Burden O,. Nguyen V Conti 1 N'guven (. Deloisio I Nguyen 1) M T.hirli J O'Neill S Frank T Ren S Cuirguis Sniechoski 1). Ifarrsrb Tara K l.ee k. Tran 1 Maslam N. I ran k Minutella 1). ien V ien three years to “lower” themselves to the front row46ACV • TEMPLE I MVEHSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY • TEMPLE IMYERSHA SCHOOL Ol PH On looking back ... It’s all worth it when ... We remember all The good times— ACTIVITIES 47ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL Third Vr. Class Officers: S- Czibik ISi’i-Treas.l, J. Curtis (Vice l rcs.I. P. Pot- el IPres.l. R, I -'ingles (Rep.I. M. Van Trieste (Rep.). Second Vr. Class Officers: l. Ricclnrdelli (Sec Treas.), Mcdori (Vice Pres.). H. Levin (Pres.I. D. ko loski (Rep.), M. Keeley (Rep.). First Vr. Class Officers: S. Levy (Rep.), B. Schucrcn (Vice Pres.), K. Kuly (Pros.). M. Cihhlc (Sec Trras.). G. Teitel (Rep.). 48IFC Imratmiernitx Coimril Senior Members: (i. Urdu irk. ( Im. l. I nrrell. Junior Members: I.. Denineail. lire! . I . harles. 11. Or .olek. k. knly. Student Council k. km . It. I.e in ( ire Pres.), p. Doi .el (Pres.I. S. I.evy. l. keele . M. an Trieste. It. Pintles. tonpteUni DAHRUlxan 49ORGANIZATIONS President: Eve uronson Vice Pres.: Mri'ina Cam rat See. Treas: Jeaninr W ood PP A llrlcijair: Ed Esparra d isor: Dr. Paul Zanow iak 50I indvr the leadership of Eve Aaron-son. SAI'hA held their annual Drug l air and OTC hook sale. The Regional Convention was held in Maryland on Ort 301 h There was also a delegation that alien (led the National S M’hA convention in New Orleans. cFRATERNITIES LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA President: Nancy Williams Vice Pres.: Peggy Crossin Treasurer: Debra Mikulecky lice. Sec.: Terri Sehaslianelli Cor. Sec.: Karen llariranll Soc. Chairperson: Belli Bonner Pledge Mother: Jeri Ann Mack Advisor: Maine Markon iak 52Temple is ihe home of lpha Alpha chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma, the only all female frat in the school For I.KS the year began with the annual freshman luncheon on the roof of Jones Mall. The next few months-were packed full with pledging, dinners. hake sales, l-shirt sales and more. Spring was highlighted by the annual formal w ith KY on April IS. 53FRATERNITIES' KAPPA PSI Regent: Doug Miller Vice Regent: Tom Hurry Treasurers: Bryan Sauers Bob Or .olek Secretary: liill Adatnshiek Chaplain: Pete l.oule Historian: Martin Van Trieste Pledge Master: Have Montgomery House Master: Jeff Kalchko l Isor: Hr. Ronald Gautieri 54As time goes In , the brothers of Kappa I’m continue to hold last to the standards of professionalism of the fraternity here at Temple. The Bela Omega Chapter continues to express the true meanings of the words fraternalism and brotherhood, while continuing to be one of the most social!) active fraternities on campus. No doubt man - students will never forget the great limes they bad at 1217 V Allegheny A e 55FRATERNITIES PHI DELTA CHI PHI DELTA CHI On looking back over this pasi year the brothers and sisters of the Phi Delta Chi fraternity will most remember the night at the 76ers. the successful blood drive they held tin-pledge dinner and esp the never ending raffle tickets party preparations and house renovations President: Joe llarih Vice Pres: Patty It van Treasurer: Stearns Lay ton Secretary: l.inda Dennioad Social Person: Cathy Vasili-Pledge Master: Sieve anoshak Chaplain: Tom Wild Advisor: Dr. Peter Dookas 5657FRATERNITIES During the 1982-1983 school year. RHO PI PHI accomplished numerous achievements In the fall, the membership was low anti the fraternity's future was shath but a pledge class of 29 helped Rho I’i Phi rebound to stability Aside from conducting popular parties. Rope w as involved in scholastic and social activities as well For example, toys were purchased by the members of the fraternity at Christmas time for a young boy hospitalized with a terminal illness. Overall. 1982-1983 was a very productive year for Rho Pi Phi. We are optimistic about the future for the fraternity and the entire School of Pharmacy. 5859FRATERNITIES RHO CHI ALPHA ZETA OMEGA Alpha Zeta Omega, a fraternity which was non existent just two years ago is growing rapidly. This year's pledges more than doubled the membership over the last year. AZO's activites are also increasing. This year's highlights included a pizza-luncheon at Doc's and a hoagie luncheon. They are looking to continuing this progress next year 60The poet Kahil Gibran once said, "Knowledge and understanding are life's faithful companions who will never prove untrue to you For knowledge is vour crown, and understanding your staff; and when they are with you, you can possess no greater treasures," These words exemplify the main objectives to the RHO CHI Society It's accomplished by conducting an annual banquet to honor new members and b the Kallelis-Lynch Lecture series which features a faculty member who has made a contribution to science through his her research. Dr. Gautieri was the guest speaker this year President: Chris nh.ik Virr Pres.: Mike Feldman Secretary: Marlene Mornno Historian: John Drumm l isor: Ur. Paul Zanowhik 61 4»MISCELLANEOUS PARTIES mm MISCELLANEOUS PARTIES CHRISTMAS DANCE 65 MISCELLANEOUS PICNIC On April 29. 1983 the School Picnic hosted bv the 1st vr class at Bluebell Park proved to be a lot of fun . games for all There was softball, volleyball, frisbee, football, egg throwing and more! 6667MISCELLANEOUS ▼ v PARTIES Raskrtball Tram l Hohinson-Coach. R. Frnnkil. H. Kuniii. S. I. vy, II. Stadulis. M. nibble, .1. Huckev, R. I.ipshul . R. Piavis. II. Iropold 6869MISCELLANEOUS---------------- VOLLEYBALL GYMNASIUM, ETC ... 70Volleyball grew into a tradition for the Class of ‘83. From our first semester here we’ve had 2 or 3 teams formed and the competition was tough. Although no one ever swept the league, we advanced as far as the finals only to lose to the 1st place team In a feu | oints. We’re real I going to miss those limes 71r fplAC;V • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCIIOOLOFPH On looking back ... It s all worth it when ... We remember the Friendships weVe made 73 UNDERCLASSMEN■I. Xiiicntlolarti I.. Bntustlni . Alhnm S. Bascove IV. Xdnutshirk It. Rrrlolinu C. Bri-I It. Itroilhi i k Class of ’84 II seemed as if summer hadn't quite ended when Sept, arrived bringing the class of 84 together again. The once nameless sea of faces were now familiar and friendly; hallways and classrooms which seemed strange and new just 1 yr. ago had become all too well known Ready or not it was time to settle into the routine of classes as summer memories were tucked awa to he replaced bv Drug Info. COlog)'. Cognosv and Biopharm. Before we realized it a year had passed and now one summer lay between us and graduation. 74 Xbove left: tVr'i'P the weather girLs. I.eft: Slou K c you. SlowK r me.I.. Bmdie I . Bun'lcro I.. Charles M. Crouln irl mil ol' here or I'll hit you with m chin. .1. Carroll C. Cervlno Lei your fingers do I lie walking. I always look this »va before I gel my coffee. F. I)' Alessandro P. lie Angel is If. Davis D. DeJanovieII. Do M. Ferenz E. Dolinish E. Ksparm M. Fox I'- Do Bullona, Bcrl Beri, I va I'rsi. llrvlls Dun . .. U i' rame lo help j ou hold up ihr wall. 76 On looking back it is the special timesK. C.iiitij.iu i J. Ilarriy i:. Il.irris K. Ilarlranft I lliink il'Mimr. l)orl anil Dt'rl from the year past that are not forgottenNational Smile Week. 78S. I avion M. I.••on It. I rvin Take :i v alium and call me in (he mornin . It. I.rnpnld Give me a minute and I’ll (each you everythin I know. 79 I've ol the look women w ain lo know heller. v Mcdorl Kfl j. Marcheac E. Melber D. Marini .1. Merlle II. Matthew B. McCci Manley V. Mclamrni i). Mlkiilcckj it. MlfjlloaiM. Murphy V. Murphy R. Np» Ion J. arclilii L. XjJuyrn . N uvcn 81 I feel good nil underI). Oeizel H. O llnm "Oh Vorgi, you're mi fine..." C. Onyrjeakn V. I'alengas I ihink sin: likes me I). Os I row H. Orzolek 8283 School, ivhat do on mean i{o lo class?P. Ryan II. Schwartz T. Scbaatianelli D. Shorpinsky P. Shirar W. Shurr Vour tmithpirk sprouted Happiness is sharing T.Sklhlnski O. Solum ale M. Spin.i M. Sprit . J. Stvavrlx htMcuIbk l . Tran M. Tliema (). TurcMiniuk I). Walker V W illiams J. W inner . W nods I', .eknski 85 How ahmn June 7. IfWS at H?It's a bird—it's u plane—Xo li'ft NANCY! Junior Class Trip Indianapolis, Indiana April 19-22 1983 An Unforgettable Experience87Class of '85 Well wo made il and what a year it's been We started off as strangers and since have grown into a real family. But it’s no wonder we’ve grown in friendship After all how could we face what we have and do otherwise We'll never forget those crazy days with lit Kowarski when we were taught tin basic philosophy of pharmacy—"You never mix the tomatoes with the potatoes." Then we advanced to Dr Schott who taught us all we ever wanted to know about surfactants, green sheets, bacteria that affect pigs and sheep, not to mention A P. Dr. Martin anil the U hat did the hark row do this time? Oh llenry!! Ilry hig hoy. until some candy? 88"Back Row Boys" II we learned nothing else about A I’ we did learn that it's a yearly ritual to bombard Dr. Martin with paper balls. And who could ever forget the day l)i Speaker went to sit down on the chair and the chair wasn't there. And then there's the parlies—the annual Christmas party fraternity parlies and the school picnic. And so as we journey on through the next years ol pharmacy school we anxioush await all that will befall us One final look hack leads us to ask hut we're afraid to ask. We' e grown together despite defeating circumstances- Noi another bakcsulir! Think P.H.! I'roin I. to r. Row I: .1. D'Anirechy. M. modci M. Bull n. Borodkin, K. Br.ikrr, It. ratalini, I . Ilntlclic. Hoh Z: J. Cnvlleri. V. Dihitt-co, I,. Kurion, J. Burkoj. J. Ambrose. Him :t: l . Cinrllno, C . r.olt'lli. .1. Iturkr. t. Skovira. 8990 I ram I. lo r. Itm I: H. I r.mkil. S. Gubin. I). Geiger. How 2; J. Gal to, C. Ilardo. I). Ilaii h. K. Eagan. ('. Godfrey, M. Gihlile. How 3: E. Fernandez, X. Dominic, XX. George. IXcm 4: P. Erickson. B. Freeman, It. Dlcesare, C. Dlberardlnis. Mum n mild he so proud! ou'» «• almost tfot it. Sin : from I. to r. How I: I). Ili-nry. K. Kuiy. S. I.e . . keehaitlis. How 2: (i. I . I.owcnllial, K. Hull. .1. Kristirk. I . .lung. .1. Ilewifl. It. Kaplan. I . korrliiil. I). HurgeNS. How 3: C. Lebcrgfern. I.. Iltrueh. A. Nl. I.eltain. It. .lary motvye .. .lolinson, . Kowalr .iik. M. Rn’nihalKh. Smile Green Jim. if . not that hail. 91Arc you still hungry? Not lignin! WOW! Look at hrr! Is lit- for rrnl?!? From I. to r. Front: Z. Millas. How I: G. Mumuney. M. Mi Faddfii. I . Papagcorge. II. go. I. Ovrmola. P. Onion. t. Orsini. II. Picrioni. I). Myles. T. Massftti. F. w aka. lion 2: C. Schmidt. S. Pfeiffer. R. Schecter. II. I.ipschutz. R. Scheuren. . Patalou ski. 92Well l'o .a. did he make It or didn't he? 9394 Smile Sell , cheir nnlrhlrijj"95BachelorScience in PHARMACYTEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF I’llARM n i I $ PHAK IAC.IS’ 98ACY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY' SCHOOL OF PH On looking back ... It's all worth it when ... We remember our friends Who supported us— 99 PATRONSGraduates — Class of ’83 Congratulations Best Wishes for a Successful Rewarding Career in Pharmacy Alumni Association Temple University School of Pharmacy3 C 1234 Rising Sun ve. 227-0900 CAMPUS INK "Where The In-Crowd .Meets " Happy Hour 4-0 6 days a week We’ve Got It All! ★ Excellent food . drinks ★ Catering for parties ★ Special rates for student parties ★ Movies, sports, music on our Giant 5' Screen ★ Take-out orders ★ Beer pizza nitesPennsylvania Prescriptions, Inc. Don Schell '67 Rick DeLuca '73 “Our Branches to Serve You" Emerald Drug Store 2300 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17110 Uptown Professional Pharmacy 2645 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17110 102 Dauphin Medical Center Pharmacy R.D. 1 Dauphin, PABEST WISHES Pharmaceuticals Pfizer Laboratories Division Roerig Division Pfipharmecs DivisionSUN Ray Drugs Good Luck Class of '83 104Best Wishes Congratulations Pharmaceutical Division Sandoz Inc. Wyeth Laboratories Maplewood Pharmacy Michael’s Pub Germantown and Rising Sun (One block east of Broad) Featuring Good Food Domestic and Imported Beer Catering and Parties Takeout 228-9453Good Luck and Best Wishes To Walter Cwietniewicz A Man For All Seasons Fondly, Jules and Lois Lllis Ellis Pharmacy GOOD LUCK TO KAPPA PSI BROTHERS CLASS OF ’S3 Doug Miller “Slant Jam" Martin Van Trieste “Sea Dog” Tom Darcy "Torch" David Shcrbin “Sherb” Peter Louie “Ltidie” John Shiner "Bear Cat” John Green “JGH" Paul Miller “The Boy" George Beduick “Georgey” Mike Feldman "Phantom 3' Howie Marcus "J.J.' Hand Finales ’Tatoo" Brian Gross ’ PH'er" Brvan Sauers ' Silk" David Tran "Transam" In Memory Of John Paul Zaydon-Miami Mongrel Pharm.D.,Ph.D.,L.S.D. Congratulations and Rest W ishes to the Senior Brothers and Sisters of Phi Delta Chi and to the entire Class of 1983. Lyn Batastini Erin Bettine Joanne Kitt Michelle Patlove Mickey Porr Sue Heichenhaugh Chris Bogowsky Maria To taro Cathy Vasile Sue Whitmire Tom Wild Steve Vanoshak Marlene V'eutter Chris Ztiltak Congratulations and Good Luck to Matthew Zimmerman Yvonne Chu and the rest of the Class of 1983 —From the Brothers and Sisters of the Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. Congratulations Class of '83 from Sun Schramm-Apple Congratulations “JCH" Love Denise Shop Bag 3532 Germantown Ave. Phila., PA Bank’s Apothecary, Inc. Northern Medical Bldg. Tabor Road Park Ave. Phila., PA 19141 Congratulations Class of '83 Good Luck! LEEDO.Y1 YVISSLER Druggists Since 1895 ILMI ljt(fHIM,h Ml I-M S Chelten Pulaski Aves. Phila., PA 19144 GE8-1340 GE8-4637 SUNSHINE PHARMACY' SURGICAL SERVICE A VERSA PHARMACY Ifcj '1'wentieth Street and Passvunk Avenue 6301 Torresdale Ave. Phi la., PA 19135 ANTHONY R. SPAY M A4-3380 Registered Pharmacist FU 9-4077 ROSICA PHARMACY Prescription Specialists SOUSAN PIIARMACY Elaine Haaz, H.Sc., R.Ph. 8029 York Rd., Elkins Park, PA 19117 K.S. Nighswander. H.Sc. 334-4477 Phones ME 5-4200 CA 4-1630 Medical Ecpiipnient Surgical Supplies 21st Snyder Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19145 Convalescent Aids DEDICATED TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH Full Service Pharmacy BITNER Me VAN PHARMACY I nr. SHp (215)545-3525 RICHARD B. BITXKR R.Ph. JOHN A. McVAN III R.Ph. IjU MEDICAL TOWER PHARMACY (hmlity anil Service Susie—"M. ft. happiness success.' Phone (215)855-4110 801 IV. Main St. (215) 855-9514 Lansdale, PA 19446 HOWARD SOKOl. 255 South 1 7th Street Philadelphia. PA 19103 107TIOGA PIZZA Pizza — Steaks — Grinders — Platters Congratulations and Best Wishes to All the LKS Sisters of the Class of 1983 Our Large Pizza is Hi' Call for Pick-up or Delivery 223-3770-1 3533 Germanfmvn vr. Mon.-Thurs. I I a.m.-12 p.m. (ai YenangOtft Tioga! I'ri.-Sal. I I a.m.-l p.m. PliilB.. PA I !l I 40 Gold Star Patrons Three cheers for the Class of '83 We’re so proud of you, Anna Marie!! Mr. . Mrs. Joseph E. Marinelli Parents of David Bodnar Congratulations Peggy and the Class of 83. Mr. Mrs. Fred Dotzel Congratulations on your graduation, it was a long haul, but we knew you could do it. Best wishes for your future. Mr. Mrs. Curtis Schneck Bruce, May the end of your college be the beginning of your tuture with success and happiness. Congratulations and Best Wishes. Love, Mom and Dad. Cathy, Congratulations to our pharmacist of the family on a job well done—We're proud of you. Mom, Dad. Angel. Tommy. Franny and family. Abram E. and Bernice Patlove Dr. Murray Tuckerman Dr. and Mrs. Ron Gautieri Dr. Mackowiak Class of 1962 Dr. and Mrs. David Mann Alumni—Dave Denicola Joe Tabit ■We Thank YouSilver Star Patrons Congratulations Best Wishes lr. . Mrs. Jacob Aaronson Congratulations on a job well done. Mom . Dad Morano and family Congratulations Sue Class of ’83 The Whitmires Parents of Maria Totaro Congratulations and Best Wishes to Pat and all graduates—The Fishers Best Wishes—Class of "83 Mr. Mrs. Kenneth E. Wood Congratulations to the Class of 83 Mr. Mrs. Robert Miller Parents of Craig Connelly Congrats to our Family Pharmacist Mom. Dad, Grandniom. ABC D Lisiewski Congratulations, Marlene. With love Mom, Ron, Marilyn and Ringer Congratulations. Doug. LOVE, Mom Carol, We re so proud of you. Much love, Mom and Dad. Congratulations Brian—With Love Pride. Anthony and Ramona Gross Parents of Vincent Domenico Mr. . Mrs. Howard O. Green Congratulations, Chris. We're very proud. Mom, Dad. and Family. Parents of Carmen DeBellas Congratulation. Donna. We love you. Mom. Dad and Jacquelyn Sweeney Congratulations, Anthony! I’m very proud of you. Vour wife, Rosemary A. Parents of Matthew Demski Dr. Zanowiak Dr. La Franco Dr. Kowarski Dr. Turco Alumni—Frederick Kohler Linda Sheet . Mark Stamer Red Star Patrons Mr. . Mrs R Lubonski and Family Mr. Mrs. William Bedvvick Congrats Shelly. Love Mom Dad Congratulations. Mr. Mrs. Xoskow Dr Paul Mr. Thomason Dr. Stedman Mr Mrs. Harth Well done. Janice Mr. Erik Alumni—John Shellv 109 We Thank You—now we lake our lime so nonchalant -and spend oul nights so bon vivanl we dress our plays in silken robes —the money comes the money goes —we know it’s all a passing phase —we light our lights lor atmosphere —and hangout hopes on chandeliers we re going wrong, we re gaining weight —we’re sleeping long and far too late —and so it’s time to change our ways Rut I've loved these days -now as we indulge, as things refined —we hide our hearts from har der times —a string of pearls, a foreign car —oh v e can only go so far on caviar and cabernet —we drown our hearts in dry champagne —and soothe our hearts with fine cocaine I don’t know why I even care . —we get so high and get nowhere —we ll have to change our jaded ways But I’ve loved these days — so before we end land then begin! —we ll drink a toast to how it’s been —a few more hours to be complete —a few more nights on satin sheets —a few more times that I can sa I've loved these days 110 —Billy Joel—“THE END” TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OF THE COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION BY AUTHORITY OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND UPON RECOMMENDATION OF THE FACULTY HEREBY CONFERS UPON THE DEGREE OF Sarhrlnr of drirnrr in iihamuiai TOGETHER-WITH-ALL-1 HF.-RIGHTS-PR IVILEGFS-AND-HONORS-APPERTAINING THERETO IN RECOGNITION OF THE-SaTISP ACTOR Y COMPLETION OF IHE-COI RSF. PRESCRIBED BY -THE-FACUL I Y-OF THE-UNIVERSITY IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF THE-UNDERSIGNED-HAVE-SUBSCRIBED THEIR NAMES AND AFFIXFD-THE-SEAL-OF THE-UNIVERSITY G1VFN-AT-PHU ADF.LPHIA PFNNSYLVANIA-ON-THIS-TWFNTY SIXTH-DAY OF MAY NINETEEN HUNDRED- AND-EIGHT Y-THRF.F Uthough this year's book has come to its end You must remember to keep on your toes and not to let your guard down because... No matter where vou may go or what you may be doing The yearbook staff is keeping an eye on you!!! IllThe shared dreams ol the years of friends, activities, academics, parlies, papers, glories and pains will not vanish with the the startling wake-up known as graduation However, people do move on and once—distinct memories become slurred, much like last night's dream And so we have a yearbook I bis book is an effort to capture the dreams and the hopes of you, and to remind you of the special people and days that hav e made up the past year. Our hope is that some years from now, should you come across this Secundum Ar-tem. you will not only be able to drift back into the dreams of 1982-83. but you will be able to say that you are still daring to chase your dreams just as you were doing "way back when" at Temple Yearbook Staff Kditor: l.vnn Schneck Associate Kditors: Cathv Vasile Wendy Shun Advertising Manager: Sue Whitmire Senior Staff —Peggy Dot el —Sue Malkus —Donna Farrell —Sue Bushin —Gerri O'Neill —Donna Sweeney —Antoinette Scota —Jodi Whitmer —Marlene Yen Iter —Steve Yanoshak —Stev e Whitmer Supportive Staff: —Chris Zubak —Beth Bonner — Peggy Crossin Junior Staff' —Ellen Cozen —Ron Brodbeck —John Green —Dan Kappler —Kich Kaplan —Mike Leon —Kathy Kuty —Marge Madres The 1982-83yearbook staff would like to take time out to thank Dr. Weldon IT Baker for his assistance in the making of this book and also to Ms. Titus. Eileen and to all those who supported us—enabling us to make this yearlxiok possible. We Thank You!Senior Directory Kve F. Aaronson 3303 Cloverfield Road Harrisburg. Pa. 17109 Anthony .1. Angeliirrl 7 I I OB Tabor vr. Philadelphia. Pa. 191 I I Karen Athens IHI9 l.inroln St. Iti'llilrhrm. Pa. I HO I 7 I.) it Hatnstini 1040 S. 13th St. Philadelphia. Pa. 191 IN George Bedxvick I 11 Stanton St. AVilkes-Barre, Pa. 18702 Krin A. Hetline 431 F-. Carlrtnn Ave. Ila .lrlnn. Pa. 18201 Dorothea AA. Hinagi 909 U . Conner si. » liitexx ater. H iseonsin S3190 lliit ill .1. Iloilnar 73 Taylor Drive Pallsinglon. Pa. I90S4 .loliit Boyle 381 F. Glcnside Axe. Glciisidr. Pa. 19038 Carol Brexx er 18 Cherry llill ltd.. Box 333 Paradise. Pa. 17302 John B. Broxvn 454 IV. Bringhurst St. Philadelphia. Pu. 19144 llene M. Burden 1720 lion St. Philadelphia. Pa. 19111 Film Burke 294 Oak Ave. Clifton Heights. Pa. 19018 ( x nthia Chan 1201 Penn A alley Ave. Bristol. Pa. 19007 liar S. (.hang 3245 Bio llrixe Mt)8 Falls Church. Virginia 22041 Father IV. Chau 3120 Srhoolhonse I ane. Apt. MC-9 Philadephia. Pa. 19144 Vx tinne F. Out 31 l Worn Drive Hridgrxx ater. .J. 08807 V on Hook CliiinK 137 IV. Olnrx Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. 19120 Mareia Anita Collins llillf rest Tyrone, Pa loose (rain Connelly 509 Fixe Mile Drive Ithara. .A . Anthony B. Conti 2427 S. Btisexx ootl St. Philatlelphia. Pa. 19143 I lien B. Co an 87 I..import Boad 1 pper Darby. Pa. 19082 Harry G. Criini 1019 S. 9th St. Philadelphia. Pa. 19147 Spingarn Crump dr. 575 Poplar SI. Coatesville. Pa. 19320 Janet I.. Curtis 400 Beserx oir Btl. Merhaniesburg. Pa. 17033 A alter (Ax ielniexxlc 751 N. 201 h SI Philadelphia. Pa. 19130 Susan C. C. ihik 914 Piltslon Ax e. Seranfon. Pa. 18503 George Dahiisio 931 N. F.xansSt. Pollstoxvn. Pa. 19404 Barbara Daniclxvic 2944 F.llridge St. Philadelphia. Pa. 19149 Thomas l . Da rev 8008 Atlantic Ax e. Marble. .J. 08402 Carmen DeBellas 23 Maple St. Trrsckuxx . Pa. 18254 Matthew A. Demski I 15 Fast Broad St. Nantiroke. Pa. 18034 Jeffrey F. Dershem Hatfield a illage Apt. a 3 12 Hatfield. Pa. 19440 A inreni DiPraneeseo 9305 Ashton lid. Apt. E 7 Philadelphia, Pa. 19114 A In Domenico 7133 Jackson St Philadelphia. Pa. 19135 Margaret Al. Dol el 137 So. Walnut St. AVilkes-Barre. Pa. 18702 John Clay ton Drumm 85 Highland Drixe Uineaster. Pa. 17002 Jill Ann Fddinger Box 104 Campbelltoxvn. Pa. 17010 Miriam Fhieli 220 l-ociisi St. »3F Philadelphia. Pa. 19100 Donna Farrell 19 Fdgexxood Drixe Somers Point. NJ. 08244 Mary Bridget Farrell 274 Carry Axe. Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 18702 Allrhael Feldman 1702 luslin Axe. Philadelphia. Pa. 19152 Band II. I ingles 8334 Benton Ave. Philadelphia. Pa 19152 Patriela Fisher 914 I airx iexx Ave. Stroudsburg. Pa. 18300 Joanne Fif grratd 384 A FIm St. Warminster. Pa. 18974 Steven Frank 731 Afartin ltd. Flklns Park. Pa. 191 17 Pauline .1. Freitas 99 Mosher Btl.. B.l). ' I Princeton. .J. 08540 Dominie M. Funaro 1321 Heed St. Philadelphia. Pa. 19147 Klin her lee A . Galt-lla 20 DriftxvtHid Drive AVilkes-Barre, Pa. 18705 Patrick G. Gannon 18 Strathmore Drix e chery Hill, v..i. 08003 Vvettc Garhutt 0313 Crittenden St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19138 Donna Alarie Gnrrlarh 7 Baldwin Ax e. Hldlex Park. Pa. 19078 Mark Scon Gravenstine 141 Dory Court Beverly. N.J. 08010 John lloxx arcl Green 1950 AAundhory Boat! Bethlehem. Pa. I8tii7 I. ois Green 305' i Delancex St. Philadelphia. Pa. I910t; I’lnllis A. Greenxvood B. 7. Box 7822 l.orust l err. Brim n Mills, N.J. 08105 Patti Gritsko 21 AAest BltlgeSl. Nantlcoke. Pa. 18634 Brian .1. Gross 5007 A irginia Axe. Harrisburg. Pa. 17109 Carole Cross 203 Grey horse Boad AAilloxx Grove, Pa. 19090 Samiha Gtiirguis IOI VOrmond Axe. Ilavrrtoxvn. Pa. 19083 Helene Hatlgimallis II, 0 F. Fli alielh Unr Kichhoro. Pa. 18954 Dennis Al. Harraeh 9 Farmxx ay Drive Kichhoro. Pa. 18934 Janice B. llarih One Mill Bare Springhouse. Pa. 19477 Yousef Al. Hasan 1810 V Mutter St. Philadelphia. Pa. 19122 Homan Jarx minx ve , I IK Delia l.ane Philadelphia. Pa. 191 15 Mary Ji .majian 404 Saxx mill Court Norrlstoxvn. Pa. 19104 Sarlynn It. Joe 360 Fast Drive Coatesx lilt . Pa. 19320 Bruce Johnson 2K4S Shady l.ane Lansdalr. Pa. 19446 Bonnie Just 1828 Sxx el land St. Scranton. Pa. 18504Edward Kee Airy Ave. Chalfont. Pa. 18914 .loanin’ M. Kill 336 Washington Ave. ■lerscy Shore, Pa. I774U David Korclt 7!) Kcntner Itoad llaihnro, Pa. 19040 Mary Ann Krcel P.O. Box 272 Lock Haven. Pa. 17745 KuangS. Lee 3203 . Maschcr St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19120 Michelle Elaine l.cncr 902 W. I riion Si. Whitehall, Pa. 18032 Diane l.isiewski 1495 By berry llnatl Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 19006 Tepy l.or 1303 Rising Son Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 19140 Peler M. I.onie 6609 N. lOlll SI. Philadelphia, Pa. 19126 l-awrence .1.I.uhonskl 124 E. Military Drive National Park. N.J. 08063 llowaril Marcus 10 (Queens Place Old Bridge, .J. 08857 Anna Marie Marinelli I II Ashley Hoad Newtown Sq.. Pa. 19073 Joseph I). Marsleo 3139 Draper Si. Philadelphia. Pa. 19136 Irene Maslanv 7539 Hallershy SI. Philadelphia. Pa. 19132 James MeDuffy 936 W. Wyoming Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. 19140 Sherrie Meyers 2810 Chase Hoad Philadelphia. Pa. 19152 Douglas P. Miller 1247 W. Allegheny ve. Philadelphia, Pa. 19133 Paul Miller 333 Hidge Ave. Kingston. Pa. 18704 Kohcri . Miller I 4 Meado « I .a in? Woodhury, N.J. 08096 Marlene H. Morano ■ 308 Brighton Si. Philadelphia, Pa. 191 I I Kirhard I). Moss 626 Oakficld lane Philadelphia. Pa. 191 15 Holirri l». Mo .ersky 7916 Heather Hoad Elkins Park. Pa. 191 17 llo Thuc Nguy en 6483 San llarro Circle Buena Park. Ca. 90620 Ouang N. Nguyen 3253 N. Park vr. Philadelphia. Pa. 19140 Ta Van Nguyen 1623 Mole Si. Philadelphia. Pa. 19145 l.iiula Nogami 2917 l.ine larxinglon Hoad Hatfield. Pa. 19440 Henry Spencer N'oskow 88 14 Hau l home l-ane Wyndmnor. Pa. 19118 Alfred J.Orhlak 4243 Malta SI. Philadelphia. Pa. 19124 Geraldine A. O'Neill 7034 Kecdland Si. Philailelphia. Pa. 19142 Michelle Pallovc 115 Grasmere Rued Bala Cymvyd. Pa. 19004 William M. Porr 2113 M’oodview Drive Harrisburg. Pa. 17112 Jerome A. Pruss 532 Jane way Drive. pt. 148 Norristown, Pa. 19401 Jean I.. Reese I 12 Harding Ave. llaihnro. Pa. 19040 Susan Elizabeth Keichenhaugh 119 Park ye. liummclstnwn. Pa. 17036 Tung Hen 91 4 Hal er Hoad Wayne, N.J. 07470 Patricia Heuss I 129 rail-mount Ave. Vineland. N.J. 08360 I .ana Hizhinashvili 3901 Pinkney Rd. Apt. 8 Baltimore. Md. 21215 Christine Hngnusky 14 Tenth Ave. Shamokin Dam. Pa. 17876 Joseph Hudnlph 3440 Vista St. Philadelphia. Pa. 19136 Barry Sanilin 2501 Maryland Hd.. Apt.Si I Willow Grove. Pa. 19090 Bryan Sauers 272’ . X. 8th St. l.ehighlon. Pa. 18235 t.ynn Schneek 25 Oakw ood Circle Sehnecksville, Pa. 18078 Antoinette M. Seola P.O. Box 292 Cppcr Darby. Pa. 19082 David G.Sherbin 17 Goldcnridgc Driv e l.ex iltow n. Pa. 19051 John Shiner 25 Poland St. Sw oyersville. Pa. 18704 Joan Silkow ski 351 Dash Ave. Media. Pa. 19063 Temple UnW. DAHE U ran Anthony H. Snieehoski 1042 Mason St. Bnolhivyn. Pa. 19061 Allen Solomon 8570 Castor ve. Philadelphia, Pa. 19132 Donna Marie Sw eency 173 Main St. Ax oca, Pa. 1864 I Raphael Tancredi 7254 Bast wood St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19149 Nina K. Tara I 420 Sinker Hoad W arminster. Pa. 18974 Maria C. Toiaro 620 George St. Old Forge. Pa. 18518 Kinh Van Tran 66 Meadow hrook Hoad Wayne. Pa. 19087 Nga Tran 1131 W . Rockland St. Philadelphia. Pa. 1914 1 Dav e I ran 7027 Paschall Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. 19142 Chuku tuna Utah 1604 W. Allegheny vc.. Apt. 6 Philadelphia. Pa. 19132 Martin C. Van Trieste 2317 Bryn Maxvr Ave. Ardmore, Pa. 19003 Catherine A. Vasili-25.30 S. 201 h SI. Philadelphia. Pa. 19145 Mion Ton Vlen 327 E. Broad St. Sottderion, Pa. 18964 Jeffrey Bruce W’eizrr 3850 Hidgcview Hoad Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 19006 Susan .1. W hitmire 1025 Pross Hoad Lansdnle, Pa. 19446 Thomas l . W ild 246 Hampshire Drive Chall'ont. Pa. 18914 .leonine A. Wood 641 I Glen wood St. Meehauieshurg. Pa. 17055 Jeff Yanncllo 54 Firelnish Hoad Lcvitfown, Pa. 19056 Stephen .1. anoshak 15 Pow ell St. Plains. Pa. 18705 Marlene Yeutfer 102 W . Chestnut St. Souderlon. Pa. 18964 Voungoek Vu lOO E. Glcuoldcii Ave.. B-20 Glcnolden. Pa. 19036 Matthew H. Zimmerman Mail Route Hoad. H.D. 8 Heading. Pa. 19608 Christine Zuliak 600 Fairx iew Axe. Feasterx ille. Pa. 19047 FOR REFERENCE sfl Do Not Take From This Room

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