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Temple University School of Pharmacy - Secundum Artem Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OENTAL - ALLIED HEALTH -PHARMACY LIBRARY 3304 N. BROAD SIRcET PHILA. PA. 191-iQ TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACYOne September morning, a long time ago, wc converged on 3307 Broad Street. Wc didn't know what we'd Find there, what we’d learn, who we'd meet. And so it began —the bids from the frats. the twenty pound textbooks, the stream of batteries and empty coffee cups wc trailed behind, byproducts of an internal reaction. Some of us lived it as we found it. saw Temple as a fine place to learn and have some laughs when stopping between the lines. Others saw it as a stretch of landscape to be endured in passing. Others of us saw it as neither. In any case the questions we first asked our selves gradually became answered. We learned and grew. In doing that, wc were changed fundamentally; the people who enter in September are never the ones who leave in May. Things have been gained and things have been lost. What follows is an attempt to record an ex( erience. 2THE TEMPLE EXPERIENCE 3 5I'hrough the Looking-Glass tree, and said kindly. “You may test a little, now." Alice looked round her in great surprise. "Why. I do believe we've been under this tree the whole time! Everything’s just as it was!" "()l course it is," said the Queen. "What would you have it?" "Well, in am country." said Alice, still panting a little, "you'd generally get to somewhere else il you ran very fast for a long time as we've been doing." "A slow sort of country!" said the Queen. "Now. here, you see. it takes all the running you can do. to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as last as that." 6 210TEMPLE UNIVERSITY of the commonwealth system of higher education u . E; St lit5 1. Ztf! ■J MMF Ills ” w”“ w w mifflini i lyffiitiiitiiymii ' W W--- SUJLr- mi 1M ISI aWM HlflHli Bill o » — it z — — 02 s a, H W •»- I imiiimi —’ n n 0, CO' ----r-—rrTrrTi »—n— r ... §)£( Hit Ilf . 9fl gfliiilljlf 44 - 44- 5i«I5 '3‘ Ml 4 5 I.t O is ir ip' IliJrS RHiitimi Jr 5 5-6 5-5 5 friHHrt-i 6 6 -«- • itttH M •• - - ¥-¥■- ■« +• H-HHH-N MH J HMS11TS S .£ 8 S c S 5 S 5 3 | rr n ry rr r rt n W HWW 'W n r- ” n filf||ai|jti:tiijii rtm MEASUREMENT AND RESEARCH CENTER (MARCI - STANDARD ANSWERSHEET - FORM "E- IF t r - 1:1 liini ;i f ? n ii?i § i iiun sif 5 §! ti ■ e s e ?i 11 u iS s 9f d £ 8 E £ ' 1 8 8 E E ill 9 8 8 E ui 1 8 8 E oj 8 § 8 E 9 8 8 S isl 9 E 5 E i‘l 8 S 9 S i’l i 8 E £ i i e t 5 i isi E E i E joI E 5 E E ni i E s E 2JI I E E E bI E E 5 E mI 8 E 5 ! »l i t 8 E J‘i 8 E 8 E 2?i 8 E 8 £ ni E E 8 E «l e E 8 E sol s 8 t sij 8 E 8 E szi 8 s 8 £ 33l 8 S 8 E 3 i 8 8 8 E 3st 8 S 8 E »i 8 S I 8 3il 8 8 8 !»I f 8 9 8 ni 8 ! 8! oi ! E • ! 4II E E 8 E «i 9 8 § E 43l SE 8 E : i SE 8 E cl S’ E 8 E 4ti 8 E 8 E 9 8 3 E uj 8 8 8 E 4«i S E 8 E so j 8 S 8 3 sii 8 8 8 E s l 8 E 8 E sii 8 8 8 8 wi 8 I 8 8 ssi 8 8 8 8 sol 8 8 9 E s’i 8 E 8 E ssj i’ 8 8 E 5oj 8 8 8 8 6o| 8 E 8 E 6ii 8 8 8 8 ! 8 8 E oij 8 £ 8 8 uj 8 8 9 E «i f E S E «i 5 E ! E 6,l ! E S E «i 8 S 8 E 6,| 9 S 8 E ,oi 9 E 9 E J'i 9 E 9 E ij! 9 S 8 ! 75| ( £ S Good morning ladies and gentlemen MAC The nor f 3 ? T . T f r mal dose of atropine sulfate is Critical micelle con S€ S SS § £ S3 E 2 £ 5 ceniration . Well, there is quite a bit of material on the I 2 2 ..! [ P „ P { P n f f f P B next exam but- • B Lactamases cascara sagrada 1 I t - L 5 t { I 9luBuE The well prepared student should be able to Would som u “ u S £ i [ 98 ft £ £ I r 35 a f T S body please wake up that gentleman sleeping in the back? p g f T r T f y f . . Ignorance of the law is no excuse . Natural cosmic 105 SS§Sl06 8SSu 1072 2 S 2 feelings . The rate of spontaneous depolarization is S S S r r r r t f Lord no. I'd never expect you to memorize all of this for the 1l3j S E ? I ,,42 2 2 2 2 1153 2 S « exam, it's only for your own information . The ideal shape “ “ “ 921" BPS r 122i 1 P 8 f |2J 1 0 0 °f a suppository is similar to a torpedo . venous throm p g p uuuuu 444-““ bosis . . Betamethasoooone . . Cardiogenic shock . . Gol I79S i § g g'30 3 f g 3 s HI? 3 S B DanS • • EAC How many of you people work in g g g T r r t r r hospitals? . . How many of you people work at all? . Sub- 137 2 u 2 2 138 2 S 5 S 139? 2 2 2 stractions. . The LD 50 in a mouse is Believe it folks 2:2 S8PBP SBPBP BBee Space management . . Most of you did quite well on the last - - ? 14............U u “ “ u u ,47“ u “ “ exam but . . A favorite question asked on the boards . . “ u “ , jB f E B P ioB B 6 B P iccS 8 6 8 Vat am I going to do wis you people? . I've enjoyed this p 0 p class, good luck, and Merry Christmas . . BCV. 3 37 74 FORM E CADEMICS 7Joseph D McF.villa. Ph D Dean Adelaide Van Titu M.S Director of Admissions i Fred Gable. M.S All of us owe Fred a special debt of gratitude. By exhibiting impeccable good taste in his selections of both students and art. in many ways he determined the personality of the school. We'll never forget his lectures, his fine books, such as Psychosocial Pharmacy. and his contributions to the profession. We wish him continued success in his pursuits. t John Lynch. Ph.G. PROFESSORS EMERITUS Herbert M. Cobe. Ph.D. Frank H. F.by, Ph.D. Edward Fackenthal. Ph.D. Arthur James. Ph.D. Theodore Kallelis, Ph.D. John A. Lynch. Ph.G. Seymour Zelmanoff. M.S. xl Theodore Kallelis Ph D 8H Wddon Baker l»h D Arthur Cammarata. Ph.D You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in t In-face. You are able to say to yourself, "I lived through this I can take the next thing that comes along. Eleanor Roosevelt Marquette Cannon Pharrn. D. Neil Davi$. Phami D Peter Doukas. Ph D 9Samuel Elkin. Ph D John Erik B S Konald Gautieri. Ph.D. Richard Colder. Ph.D Michael Jacobs, PharmD The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. 10 — F. Scott FitzgeraldHanna Kowarcki, Ph.D And honor the man u?ho is willing to sink. Half his present repute for the freedom to think. And, when he has thought, be his cause strong or weak, Will risk t 'other half for the freedom to speak. —James Russell Lowell Marghcrita I .a Franco, Pharm.I). 8k Peter Lemke. B.S. Elaine Mackowiak. Ph D David Mann. Ph D 11Stephen Paul. Ph I) Charles Peterson. Ph.D. joy Keighard. Ph.D Mans Schott Ph D Tully Speaker. Ph D A man may love a paradox without either losing his wit or his honesty. — Ralph Waldo Emerson John Stedman. Ph.D. Howard Stern. Ph D 12 (J ■ Melvin Thoma on. M S. Salvatore Turco, Phaim.D. Robert Thompson. Ph D Paul Zanowiak. PhD Murray Tuckerman. Ph I) James Zimmerman Ph D 'AT,e ,,NAMt as Jb ADDRESS T 30T (2kVo-t 0 IF THIS IS USED FOB IN-PATIENT PLEASE CHECK □ GE OAT£ 7vtsw.28. Ml FOR SCHEDULE II DRU( B PJ2m S O.s : {.1Z8J LjjfeU uj2- xA-o fcccrv- -' Of Dr r SUBSTITUTE Temp Un.wt.ty Hospital Pharmacy » » dispense a a n » e«ju'»a en' (under the IpnmAary system) unless the part«ut j»u9 « nc«c»ed PHYSICIANS PPINTFO NAME , , TEMPLE (UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL £V 9-79 Y-434 3401 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA PA 19'40 SUBSTITUTION PERMISSIBLE □ NON SAFETY CONTAINER ££.__________dca A $ H flo9S') TELEPHONE 7217000 13ANATOMY PHYSIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Dr M Tansey.J Martin, F Kendal) MICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENT: I)r» W. Long. N. Willct R Baum. L. Packman Paul J Smith. Ph D Andrew Solomon. J D Alphonso Robinson Raymond Brooke Edward Cohen 14ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS: M Sridman. I Robinson, C Walker Eileen Lichtenstein STAFF SECRETARIES B. Crowni, D. Smith. C. Cardamonc, M Popeck, S Jones, F Brighter . M Lucas 15Three years ago we were a bunch of people whose median knowledge of pharmacy consisted, perhaps, of the generic name for Tylenol.® We all know a lot more than that now. Though it's never by passive diffusion, knowledge flows along osmotic gradients too. in accordance with relative need. Wherever that knowledge carries us will be the product of our own devices. It’s nice though, in passing, to remember the sources, to give credit where credit is due. In retrospect, if all the professors didn't earn our admiration, they should have earned our respect because each was a knowledgeable professional, and that implies that certain prices have been paid If it’s true that they all didn't display equal degrees of enthusiasm, it's also true that we didn't either. Which was the cause and which the effect? That's maybe a pointless question now, but maybe not. What remains is the fact that whatever "average" means, we've all had the privilege of being taught by some exceptional people who transcended the term. Whether by an ability to laugh with their eyes, to empathize, or to think in non-rectilinear space, they came to occupy unique places in our experience. They were the exceptional people. We know who they are. It's been said that in the end. what one receives is proportional to what one has given. To every professor we say. "Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us." To the special people we say, “Thank you for going above and beyond the call. . " 16. . we'll remember that, we'll remember you . . 17J QLXv nXt ,, A. T»U CjJ -»uW '' ’ "» » « l r . f j-»-r'o;. SaCA » • y Tweeny 23H ai OA ao- T t-nA oi - io cLo dJ.U-'i CtiLX p.l,ft..y-t xOLi-Hj.-t Of _I VX Oy-CJJt xXx_ltX Ct-rvA. QyV J- - -U -Ou c uvv4K_cO -nut) 'Mvcy 0X'r-' xo CX j pi 4 "rrux xx P x 6 £fi xf.c J X.AJWKT - -' ' ZL ++ ,. Pxt_ O--YXSXXI X- cfc fcX -A oxt. ▼ °v JsiAi-eJ KcJaf. £ -£u_ t f» «' - «_ rv cof’-' ’ wu-ti PxJ °c c ■fo C-CU 'nAoH 0 06 L 1 £t-"V hLmJ. KA -4+JLXjo -t-in (U_t cnjJtH-c feet J • f faJt Jbu z j atP CaxcK vxr.dUC£L piil. pocto _£ ZvulSUXo CXX tcOuxc CPnJ.PL • CO_£ t coL CotocIx C x rr-. tX v-i. PJ ■ ©£ KA Xn-t t bca v C C Y JjUL (Jh Cm £ - - £jP CJt 9 - Q - S- r a oo PxjcclcX ctxaJ hcco xJojXj.a aji cU-c -y-HL . j o f x X u o LUn- s dt Is A-fyru. -P uu_ jL - f o. p'lc'pd' p x_o i- t fi n o 0 f CU Xe 4_LX jLXi pK-tUA 'XC- (5 cct C' _f o caj(x) C p-J. ...-.-r. mv JLc£i CCL YV4_ H C CO -jfjJLnjJJ o_tc CX'vx t COLww t r» OU v 'X'YXJL LKAXa C-Hxixl - . Vi ax»xAX!X_ k iu -J co-- i-x cxtA ' niUU) "tV crv CKOrL V CuUc OX P -4r3 bOL . ny (r P " -9 C. 'nu fOvww19 SENIORS20 Beverly Fell Allen21Jennie M. Breitigan John Bcrmingham Franklin S. Breve Dac Due Bui Richard A. Benedetto 22There something magic about a train Linda M Butera Elaine E. Campbell Rocco Castellano Thomas D. Cannon Josephine B. Carter Robert J. Chaponis Susan L. Butler 23Rita V. Chaykowsky Franklin Coger Joan Cominsky-Stctz Michael C. Crain Walter W. Coolbaugh 24AndrewJ. Delaney David E. DePedro Duvcn Dang Doan Thao Phuong Dinh Randy E. Dick and here to explain MAC and EAC i» . . Marcus A. Doddo Lynda J. Dorcmus 25VARIATIONS ON A THEME 2627Gary L. Duty William B. Exlcy Thomas D. Feldbauer Howard J. Ergen Mary E. Filed 28Ur Zanowiak ihotf arf the guys who madr ihf glok'in-ihrjjri wppoiitoriw." Charles]. A. Gartland Kenneth D. Graham Frank M. Gwynn Michael F. HaighSo what arc you doing Saturday night? You were the one who said. Let's put a couple of mice in the frrahulator and sec what happens. 30 Marilyn Hunt MaryJ. E. Jabour Lisa M. JiuntaDavid S. Johnson So that' a prolapsed hemorrhoid! This is Bill ExJey with more of my S good reasons for attending Temple Pharmacy David Kcammerer Christopher B. Kern Stuart Kerskv Michael J. Kelly 31Patricia A. Kustrin Frederick W. Kohler. Jr. John W. Krupa Deborah A. Laspas Ann M. Lawson Eugenie M. Lepri 32 Victor V. Lis. Jr. Donald T. Logan David Lovette Brucc Macartney Dianne C. Malinowski Charles D. Maranchick 33DavidJ. Marchitelli F. Wayne Marcolina Craig McCurdy Kevin M. MeFadden Pharmacist do more JohnJ. McGovern Thomas E. Mecca. Jr. Traci A. Mehlman 34Matthew A. Miller Thomas R. Miller Richard Needleman than count and pout. Mark Niblick Solomon Ogunsola James G. Ottinger Vincent C. Niezgoda 35—It lid - Ye . ihr Fly Cum are in ai lc 5, next 10 ihe ( lone Kin. 3637Ronda Ozols Young Han Park Ann C. Pascucci Frank J. Piccioni ThomasJ. Ravin Joseph N. Ranieri Matthew Perri. IllI've tn belter bodies in Cray's Anatomy 1 JohnJ. Richl Lynn M. Rogers Janice A. Rinker PatriciaS. Robinson 39 Diane M. Rudzavich Michael C. Sanders Jack R. Seyfried40Hcrminc Stein Today's special Mystery Meat 41 Hoa Van Tran Kim-Chi Tran Son N. TranRoberta D. Tucker Ronald Vadurro Anthony R Trimboli Susan Verdi Stephen F.. Walter BethJ. Weinberger-Miller Barry E. W'ciss Kam-Ying Yung EdwardJ. Yakobosky. Jr. 42Patrice M. Zalokar Sister Karen M. Zatkins Bonnie S. Zikcr-Paci To have the ability to look at the world and at yourself and laugh is to own both your sanity and your destiny. To have friends with the same ability is to have everything else. 434445M-iaduatioa I Af Meuf 2%, mi 46APRES BOARDS If I pjucd, I'm t?onna «et this thingbronzed. Anabolic steroids worked for me. they can do the came for you. 12 out of 18 pharmacists preferred our own beer to a urine sample in tbit independently conducted test . .. Just because the last wait: has been played. It don't mean the party's over. . 47 June 24. 1981 The Band768 CHAPTER 41 Aminocaproic acid is excreted by the kidney; in the presence of renal disease the dose should be reduced. Dose—Oral or intravenous, initially, 5 g, followed by 1 to 1.25 g hour to maintain a plasma concentration of 13 mg 100 ml. No more than 30 g 24-hour period is recommended. For intravenous administration the drug should be diluted in isotonic or dextrose solution and injected slowly. After 8 hours of treatment, the patient’s condition should be reevaluated. Dosage Forms—Injection NF: 5 g 20 ml; Syrup NF: 1.25g 5ml; Tablets NF: 500 mg. Hemostatics and Styptics Many substances not especially related to the clotting mechanism are capable of promoting clotting. Upon contact with most surfaces, platelets disintegrate, thereby liberating a thromboplastin. Spongy and gauzy materials, which provide a large surface area, are thus used to arrest bleeding; absorbable sponges may be left permanently at the site of bleeding. Fibrin, fibrinogen, and thrombin are also potent hemostatics (see page 583). Astringents (see Chapter 39) also initiate clotting by precipitating proteins and by labilizing platelets; ferric salts are mostly employed as styptics. Alum—poge 717. Cellulose, Oxidized—poge 1775. Estrogens, Conjugated—page 915. Fibrinogen—poge 762. Absorbable Gelatin Sponge USP Gclfonm (Upjohn) Gelatin in the form of a sterile, absorbable, water-insoluble sponge. Dvacription—Light, nearly white, noncl.mtic. tough, porous, hydrophilic solid; 10 mm cube weighing approximately 9 mg will take up approximately 45 time it weight of well-agitated oxnlnted whole blood: it u stable in dry host at 150® for 4 hours. Solubility—Insoluble in water, but absorbable in body fluids; completely digested by a solution of pepsin. Uses—A hemostatic and coagulant used to control bleeding. It is moistened with sterile sodium chloride solution or thrombin solution and may then be left in place following the closure of a surgical incision. It is absorbed in from 4 to 6 weeks. Human Antihemophilic Factor USP—page 762. Single Donor Plasma (Human)—page 756. Protamine Sulfate—page 767. Thrombin USP Class of 81 Sodium USP D-sarcasaminc. 5. 5. di commutcro, O-(calvinklcinyl), N-(«udiol). N-(partiol) nighturonic acid sodium (Templcpharm) Preparation —Due to its' highly complex structure, this compound is only available as the purified natural principle. Dexription A mixture of white, brown, and yellow particles of variable density, odorless when stored away from excessive heat and humidity, completely tasteless, stable in dry air for not more than three years but may explode if handled indiscriminately. Particles show a strong tendency to aggregate in small clusters of fixed spatial arrangement. Solubiluty—Very soluble in alcohol, soluble in water and alkaloidal reagents. Uses - Principle constituent of Informational Sponge USP Recent findings indicate highly variable affinities among individual particles, however prolonged exposure significantly increases retention cocffi cicnt. Class of 81 Sodium USP also finds usefulness as a manufacturing necessity due to its" unparalleled ability to absorb production excesses of carbon (generally of «he §2 density), as well as inferior grades or carbohydrates and caffeine For these and for more esoteric considerations. Class of 81 Sodium USP is the mixture of choice in this series of compounds. There may never be another one like it. Zinc Acetate-—page 718. Other Hemostatic and Styptic Carbazochromc Salicylate (Adronooem (litccHam-MasscngiU))—An ndrcnochromc monosemicarbazonc (3-hydroxy-1-rru-lhy 1-5.6-iu loli rvxlione-5-aeroicarbazone| sodium salicylate complex (25512-32-7) [C:»HnN«Os.-CiH»NoOj| occurring a» a fine, orange.rod. odorlex powder with a sweetish saline taste. It i soluble in both alcohol and water. pH (13% aqueous solution) 6.7-7.3. Uset: Proposed for the nyatemie control of capillary blooding of various typos. Its clinical usefulness for this purpose ia scientifically unjustified. Stinging may occur at the site of injection. Dost: Oral, 1 to 5 mg 4 time daily; intramuscular, f. mg every 2 to 4 hours. Ferric Subsulfate (approx. F «0(SOi)i.HiO]—Used and prepared only as a solution. Ferric Subsulfate Solution was official in NF XI. It is prepared by oxidising forrou aulfato with nitric acid. The solution contains 20-22 g Fe 100 ml. It is reddish brown and has an astringent, sour taste. It ia miscible with alcohol. Uses: An important styptic solution. The solution is Icsh irritating than ferric sulfate because of the leaser amount of sulfuric acid present. It is occasionally used to control aurfucc bleeding and as an astringent in a variety of skin disorders. It should not be used in vesicular, bulbous, or exudative dermatoses, because it may then cause permanent pigmentation of the skin. Electrolytes and Systemic Buffers The concentration of several of the electrolytes in the plasma is critical for the proper functioning of the cells, especially those of the excitable tissues. The proper balance of the several ions is complex; it depends not alone upon the concentration in the extracellular fluid (of which plasma is one compartment) but also upon the intracellular concentration, the ratio across the cell membrane being an essential factor, and upon the ratio of one ion type to another. Thus, the plasma electrolyte concentrations provide only a crude clue to the electrolyte status of the patient, and balance or other ancillary studies are often necessary to determine the true electrolyte needs. Certain of the electrolytes, for example calcium and phosphate, serve also as structural elements in the hard tissues (bone, teeth, etc.) and may be employed for that purpose. Others, for example the chlorides of sodium, potassium, or calcium, may be occasionally employed as diuretics (see Chapter 49). Calcium Chloride USP Muriate of I.imo; Catcaria Muriatica Calcium chloride, dihydrate (10035-04-8) CaClj.2HjO (147.02); anhydrous [10043-52-41(110.99). Preparation—By saturating HC1 with chalk or marble, then making the solution alkaline with calcium hydroxide and boiling. The treatment with calcium hydroxide precipitates magnesium, iron, and other metals. After filtering, 48DR. PAULJ. SMITH 1916-1981 Now and then, he used to talk about drug stores in little Ohio towns, the kind where people call the pharmacist "doc" and families go to church on Sundays. He said that there was a lot of satisfaction in living a life like that in a world more trusting and innocent than ours. P.J. made it in business, the toughest world there is. If he dreamed of how things should be. he knew better than anyone how things really were. His only purpose in teaching was to let us benefit from his experience and become aware of some of the complexities of managing not only pharmacies. but our own lives as well. There aren't enough people around who give things of value without caring what they get in return. There aren't enough people around who can cut through fraudulence and pomposity while wearing a quiet and whimsical smile. P.J. did both. Sometimes it just isn't fair.MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY III Dr. A. Cammarata - Spring, 1980 Instructions Please provide all answers on the an -Don't forget to PRINT your name r At the end of the e am hand in A key will be found posted oi» Match the structure wit’ ' •'et (last page of exam). ay keep the exam. $ C h u d£r y-ir_ jt. Induces weight gain and muscle development y. The derived acetate is 2X mor potent C. An anti-estrogen at the estrogen receptor y. An investigational male oral ©ntraceptive One of the most potent estrogens known y. Produced by the feto-placenta1 unit during pregnancy C. Generally leads to hepatotoxicity-reversible upon discontinuance xH". An estrogen derived form the urine of stallions I. Indicated solely for the treatment of endometrial carcinoma Y. Desirable to include in female oral contraceptives due to enhanced estrogenic as opposed to androgenic component to actionUNDERCLASSMEN 51CLASS OF EIGHTY TWO 52Htrpci! ? Opps. oh hi Dr. Mann. Come on little mousie. what » there to be so scared about? Well inv broker is E F Hutton, and E.F Hutton says Our legs fit your legs, they hug you. they hold you. they never let you go You mean all this time you thought you were in dental school? 53S. Albertson J As-olio A Babiar F Berenato A Bilski S Bode R Btadlcy R Carter C CettulloM Cionci J Cation E Coonan H T Dao t. Doibcri D Dcnitola T DePeiiro K. Eberly W Eckenrodc P Farrior E Fenton 55M J Hughes S. Hurley S. Tucker M Laskin S Kim J Kornecki K Kreniel I). Krempasky M Keebler J. McGlonc K McNeill S Merow R Miller 56F Nat ale E Nemeth R Oberlender L Penvcn J $ Miskovsky V Peck faL_______ - -U L Pettini S. Schramm D. Schuster E Pusey C Rish E Rosato B. Allen L. Brinkman R Daniels J. Davis V. DiNoia F. Fielder A. Fiocco M. Cehman B Guillama B Hodakoski B Israel R Karetskv D. Kohler A M Ruane J luipri G. Mason O McKeithan A Mechell E Monck T Montgomery H Mosowitz L Palmer J. Radrwilka L Roeuenbacher A. Shaughnessy P Shiner K Trembecki 57TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY M Serdikofl J Shelly J. Shuster DEPARTMENT OF RECREATIONAL PHARMACY SECOND PROFESSIONAL YEAR EXAM I NAME_______________________ s.s.o______________________ DIRECTIONS: Match the Name with the appropriate Nickname. Only one answer is correct for each name. Be sure that your name is on the test. An answer key is listed below. Relax and Good Luck! 1. Denise Tomlinson a. Beak 2. Jack (Vincent) Peck b. The Wad 3. Jeff Colson c. Buffer 4. Paul Brazzo d. Mr. Pharmacy 5. Pam Farrior e. Chicken 6. Dave Denicola _f. Earl Flynn 7. Sanford Smith 8- Snake 8. John Shelly h. Luigi 9. Greg Wislosky i. Wild Bill 10. Kathy Bratek Penny Pharmacy 11. Mat Leon k. Peckersnoot 12. Mike "Greene" 1. Horns 13. Roger Miller m. Johnny Romeo 14. Mat Gruschow n. Egg Shell 15. Bill Wiest o. Shark 16. Angela Macario _P- Big Daddy 191 ‘tsi ‘q i jct ‘pzi ‘mi ‘ oi ‘ 6 ‘us ‘mi ‘09 ‘fg ‘oty ‘8e ‘ 3 ‘31 J. Skaudit D Slover B. Smith J. Smith S. Smith 58K. Sic tier B. Tabaac J Tabit D. Tomlinson D T. Ttan T. I'rang J L'ngrrman R Vcnarucct L Wang W. Wie t J Wilson C. Wulosky J D Wylie 5960Can Donna come out to play? Put your hands back on the table. Buster. Great! I've just won a V I P tour of a petrolatum factory. Oooh Mexico, We’ve never reallv been But we’d sure like to gooo ... 61 Buy a Krass Bros suit and get a bottle of generic Pierre Cardin cologneCLASS OF EIGHTY-THREE K Athens G Bedwirk E. Aaronson E Bettine J A belt D Biangv t) Bodnar J Bovlc I). Boyne A Angelucci 62 bring on Radar!C. Hirwri J Brown 1 BurtiPn D Butgc« t- ButVc C. Chan B Chow V Chu V. Chung 63J Detshem I). Dickens V DiFrancrsco V Domenico S. Ctibik C. Daioi io H Crimi B Daniclwicr S. Crump $ T Darcy A Conti C Connelly W Cwirlmrwu; M Demski M Collins J. Curtis C De Bellas 64 I got 100 on a Schott test ?l?Can t we get this show on the road already?! M Farrell M. Ferenz P Fisher P. Gannon J Fitzgerald L Green S. Frank P. Freitas D. Funaro P. Gritsko H Gross C Gross H Madgitnallis D Harrseh R Fingle P. Greenwood J Harth 65FUNDAMENTALS OF AMAi VS tT C r.. QUIZ I 8. November ,1580 SHOW ALL WORK I!f 1) Calc pH of solution containing 0.04 moles of NH4C1 and 0.01 moles of Ni OH (Kb - 2x.?0' j In 250 ml of water. (phV (sixicr ) r-°' . OM m-£ = 5»lO Jc poH -- iO pH- . A solution of adult hemoglobin at body temperature is equilibrated with a gas mixture containing partial pressures- . of PO2 = 40 mmHg and PCOo = 40 mmHg and the resulting pH isCjTp. Which of the following changes in equilibration conditions woilfd result in an increased oxygen affinity of the hemoglobin: a. decrease in the partial pressure of CO- b. decrease in the pH produced by adding a strong acid vc. increase in solution temperature (dj two of the above e. all of the above3307 N. Broad St. TET-'PLE university School of Pharmacy 221-4901 Phila.,Pa. 19040 FOR: Age: Address: Date: Rx A ,, ).Q% o-i om J L JL, JLL 'UJ? s „ , 'Ajfrttrt cf - L L c X O S'5--»rPid 6o Substitution Permissible —- — OlJ DEA Do Not Substitute Refill (7) 2 3 4 5 NRM Krecl M Lrncr D. l.iticwski C Maiesc A -J F Lome L. Lubontki J Marmo T. Lor H Marcu» A Marindli M. Madrcj L. Luuvitch 68Here' to friends, tonight is something special glad it's not my phone bill 69A. Scot a K. SontowsVi A Sniechoski D. Sweeney R Tancredi N. Tara M Toiaro T. Tran 70Give a cheer, give a cheer, (or the guy who drink the beer . . 71 The Rx-pertJ and The Pill Popper .TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ACTIVITIES CALENDAR First Semester 1980-1981 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 19 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 15- JANUARY 8 Classes begin at 9 A.M.; New student orientation program in Eby Hall 10 A.M. 10 Fraternity Meetings at 12 noon; Student Council Meeting at 1 p.m. Student National Pharmaceutical Assn, at 1 p.m. 13 Temple vs. Rutgers (Franklin Field, 7:30 p.m.) 17 SAPhA Meeting at 12 noon; Rho Chi Honor Society Meeting at 1 p.m. 20 Temple vs. Delaware (Veteran Stadium, 7:30 p.m.) 24 Class meetings with Advisors between 12 and 2 p.m. (Advisors Reserve Rooms) 1 Fraternity Meetings at 12 noon; Student Council Meeting at I p.m. 4 Temple vs. Boston University (Veteran Stadium, 7:30 p.m.) 8 Rho Chi Honor Society Meeting at 12 noon; SAPhA Meeting at 1 p.m.. Student National Pharmaceutical Assn, at 1 p.m. 13 Dean's Hour at 1 2 noon in Eby Hall; Student Council at 1 p.m.; IFC Meeting at 1 p.m. 18 Temple vs. Akron (Veteran Stadium, 7:30 p.m.) 21 Senior Trip to Eli Lilly 22 SAPhA Meeting at 12 noon; Rho Chi Honor Society Meeting at 1 p.m. 24 Mid-ss.nester faculty grade reports due at 12 noon 29 Distribution of Frat Bids from 12 noon to 12:30 p.m. (F.by Hall); Fraternity Meetings at 1 p.m.; Student Council at 1 p.m. 5 Class Meetings with Advisors between 12 and 2 p.m. (Advisors Reserve Rooms) 8 Temple vs. West Virginia (Veteran Stadium, 1:30 p.m.) 12 Fraternity Meetings at 12 noon; SAPhA Meeting at 12 noon; Student Council at 1 p.m. 15 Temple vs. Penn State - HOMECOMING GAME (Veteran Stadium, 1:30 p.m. 19 Rho Chi Honor Society Meeting at 12 noon; Student National Pharmaceutical Assn, at 1 p.m.; IFC Meeting at 1 p.m. 26 Open Hours 12 to 2 p.m. (Optional Meetings); Thanksgiving recess begins at 5 p.m. 1 Classes resume at 9 a.tn. 3 Drug Exposition in Student Union Building Lobby 9-4 8 Senior Career Placement Day - Interviews by appointment with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, chains, government reps., etc. 10 Dean's Luncheon with class officers at 12 noon in Room 313 of the SUB; Fraternity meetings at 12 noon 19 Mid Year Examinations 19 First Semester Ends at 5 p.m. 5 Faculty Grade Reports Due for Fall Semester at 12 noon 19 Classes begin at 9 a.ra. for Spring Semester73 ACTIVITIESSAPhA HERMINE STEIN — President DIANE RIJDZAVICH Vice-President TOM FELDBAUER AACPRep Student Council JENNIE BREITIGAN PPA Rep DAN GEIGER — Alternate PPA Rep ALL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS t STUDENTS WELCOME 6+k Annual DRUG INFORMATION EXPOSITION Representative', -frevn wer 25 c xnp«ni s to and distribute literature abovt pharmaceutical products DATE: Wedreioay Dkwkr 3, mo HMD 9 00 am- OOpm PLACD FACULTY-STUDENT UNION BUILDING Broad Ontario Streets SPONSERED BY TKe Student American PUrmacevtical A%V)datvon erf tKe Temple University ScW of PKarmocy 74RHO CHI MARYBETH FILETI President BEVERLY AI.LEN- Vice-President BRUCE MACARTNEY Secretary Treasurer DON LOGAN-Historian STUDENT COUNCIL GARY DUTY President SUE SCHRAMM - Vice-President I.F.C. BRUCE MACARTNEY — President KAREN ASHMAN — Vice-President MARK STAMER — Secretary 75LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA JOANN McGLONE— President RENEE VENARUCC1 Vice-President JOAN SKAUDIS Rec. Secretary SHARON BODE— Corr Secretary JUDY SHUSTER Treasurer KATHY BRATER - Pledge Mother SUE SCHRAMM — Social Chairperson 7677KAPPA PSI THOMAS MONTGOMERY — Reagent TOM FELDBAUER Vice-Reagent DAVE KOHLER -Secretary PAT ANDREWS Treasurer DOM TROMBETT A Historian NICK DALESSANDRO— 7879PHI DELTA CHI DAN GEIGER - President SANFORD SMITH Pice-President MADELEINE BALDAUF — Secretary PAUL ADAMS — Treasurer MATT GRUSCHOW - Social Chairperson MIKE RUANE- Pledge Master 8081RHO PI PHI MIKE CRAIN — President GLENN FREAS Vice-President KATHY McNElL Scribe ESTHER TAM AS — Treasurer LARRY ROETTENBACHER Pledge Master JACK SMITH — Social Chairperson MARK GEHMAN - Firey Dragon ALPHA ZETA OMEGA JOE SOMERVILLE —D rec orum CHUCK STEINBERG - Excheque RITA CHAYKOWSKY-Signore BARRY WEISS - Bellarum 82OTHER ACTIVITIES 83 Getting even with the metei maid by using quarters infected with Proteus Vulgaris Discovering that Dr Turco knows the specifications for Toyota tune ups. 88586IOTHER ACTIVITIES (com.) Strangling the guv who had back test for Biopharmaceutics and never told anyone Farting during Dr. Schott's final and being too scared to giggle. Paying tribute to all the mice, rabbits and assorted amphibians who gave their lives to advance human knowledge and permit the passage of lab quiz-res 88 Making a Pat's Run.FRIENDS 89Graduates — Class of 1981 Congratulations 8c Best Wishes for a Successful 8c Rewarding Career in Pharmacy Alumni Association Temple University School of PharmacyWe share your commitment to helping to improve health care McNEIL PHARMACEUTICAL Spring House, PA 19477 GOOD LUCK Compliments Nancy of Chris WYETH LABORATORIES Grace From, F.S. W. '49 91PATRONS GOLD Mr. 8c Mrs. Stamer The Daido Family SILVER Aiken’s Pharmacy, Inc. T.E. Ashman Pharmacy Dr. Marquette Cannon Dr. Murray Tuckerman CHERRY WHITE Dr. Margherita LaFranco Dr. Hans Schott Mr. Mel Thomason 92First off. many thanks to Adelaide Titus for the dedication, enthusiasm and courage she displayed in a position where such qualities can sometimes be a liability. We'd also like to thank Dr. Weldon Baker for his considerable assistance, both photographic and otherwise. Without these two fine people, as well as those who helped to support us financially, this book would never have existed. It's traditional at this point to drop a golden nugget of concluding profundity dealing with enchanting memories, friendships that will last longer than aluminum brer cans. etc. We decided not to do that because there really isn't anything left to be said that could make whatever experience you had here at Temple any more vibrant than the way you now perceive it. We can only hope that our effort will remind you of good things you might have otherwise forgotten, when sometime down the road, there comes a long and quiet summer afternoon when you possibly may conclude that these were some of the best days of your lives. Karen and Tom —Senior Editors SENIOR STAFF Renata Baras Lynda Doremus Joe Somerville Mark Stamer Nancy Subolish Sister Karen Zatkins CLASS OF'82 STAFF Sharon Bode Kathy Braiek Joann McGlone CLASS OF'83 STAFF Peggy Dotzel Lynn Schncck Donna Sweeney 93There was a time when it was necessary to make a decision that wasn’t easy for any member of the Class of 1981 to make. We made that decision, as we’ve made numerous others, entirely on our own. Many thanks to the people who had enough faith to believe in the integrity of their friends. In the end. there's only one definition of success that really matters. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY DENTAL - ALLIED HEALTH • PHARMACY LIBRARY 3304 N. BROAD STREET PHILA., FA. 1914094DATE DUE OEMCO 25-370SENIOR DIRECTORY A William Adamson 75 Shepherd Road Cherry Hill. NJ 080S4 Cordelia Agogbua 1419 W. Allegheny Avc. Apr. 34 Philadelphia. PA 19132 Bcom Ahn 4919 N. 11th Sc. Philadelphia. PA 19141 David Aigellinger 308 Midland Avc. Wayne. PA 19087 Beverly Allen Valleybrook Apts. 146 Lancaster, PA 17610 Patrick Andrews 200 Hill St. Blairsville, PA 15717 Karen Ashman 387 South St. Waymari. PA 18472 B Madeleine Baldauf 175 Wernersville Blvd. Wernersville. PA 19565 Anthony Baloga 71 Ninth St. W'yoming, PA 18644 Renata Baras 719 N. Jackson St. Media. PA 19063 Richard Benedetto 108 N. Liberty St. Hammonton, NJ 08033 John Bermingham 410 Jefferson Ave. Linden wold, NJ 08021 Scott Blumenthal 3860 Pine Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19066 Jennie Brcitigan 536 E. Norwegian St. Potuville, PA 17901 Frank Breve 1722 Oregon Ave. Philadelphia. PA 19145 Dat Due Bui 2916 Carnation Avc. Willow Grove, PA 19090 Linda Butera 455 Monument Ave. Wyoming, PA 18644 Susan Butler 329 N. Arthur Drive Edgewater Park. NJ 08010 C Elaine Campbell 1019 Rue Lane West Chester, PA 19380 Thomas Cannon 608 Washington Lane Jenkintown, PA 19046 Josephine Carter 547 Rockland St. Lancaster, PA 17602 Rocco Castellano 1029 John Ave. Scranton, PA 18510 Robert Chaponis 4 Gunhill Road New Britain, CN 06053 Rita Chaykowsky 400 Sanger St. Philadelphia. PA 19120 Franklin Coger 3514 N. 24th St. Philadelphia, PA 19140 Joan Cominsky-Stetr 3571 Lafayette St. Philadelphia, PA 19129 Walter Cooibaugh 701 Marley Road Philadelphia. PA 19124 Michael Crain 24 Brenda Lane Audubon, PA 19403 D Christopher Damico 19 Bellevue Ave. F.lmwood Park. NJ 07407 Deborah Davis 31 Elder St. Wilkes-Barre. PA 18702 Andrew Delaney 415 Acorn Ave. Telford. PA 18969 David DePedro 1311 WestChester Road Coatesville. PA 19320 Randy Dick 19 Granada Way Altoona. PA Thao Dinh 47 W’. Durham St. Philadelphia. PA 19119 Duyen Dang Doan 548 S. Lansdownc Ave. Yeadon, PA 19050 Marcus Doddo I Forsytbia Drive North I.evittown, PA 19056 Lynda Doremus 384 Green Valley Road Langhorne, PA 19047 Gary Duty 614 Light St. Millersburg. PA 17061 E Howard F.rgen 178 Berry St. Imperial, PA 15126 William Exley 211 Jefferson Drive Fairies Hills. PA 19030 F Thomas Feldbauer 20 E. Big Spring Ave. Newville. PA 17241 Mary E. Fileti 666 Midwood Road Ridgewood. NJ 07450 G Charles Gartland 317 N. Manoa Road Havertown, PA 19083 Julio Cil 4036 Claridge St. Philadelphia. PA 19124 James Gill 99 Henry St. Plains. PA 18705 Grace Golden 243 W. Harvey St. Philadelphia. PA 19144 Kenneth Graham 203 Sunnybrook Road Flourtown, PA 19031 Frank Gwynn 4405 Cottman Ave. Philadelphia. PA 19135 H Michael Haigh 10825 E. Keswick Road Apt. 57 Philadelphia. PA 19154 Uliana Hcrishko ISO New Jersey Ave. Collingswood, NJ 08108 Ngan llirai 3419 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia. PA 19140 Marilyn Hunt 1607 Keystone Ave. Upper Darby. PA J Mary Jabour 841 Ferry St. Easton. PA 18042 Lisa Jiunta 107 York Ave. West Pittston, PA 18643 David Johnson 513 Hershberger St. Martinsburg, PA 16662 K David Keammerer 832 Braddock Lane Havertown. PA Michael Kelly 206 E. Ashland Ave. Glenolden. PA 19036 Christopher Kern 2074 Baker Drive Allentown. PA 18103 Stuart Kersky 250 Ridge Pike Apt . 352 Lafayette Hill. PA 19444 Fredrick Kohler 38 Banta Ave. Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 John Krupa 1816 Laubach Ave. Northampton. PA 18067 Patricia Kustrin 23 Sunrise Drive Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705 L Deborah Laspas 6 Haws Lane D-4 Erdenheim, PAAnn Lawson 701 Concord Way Hatfield. PA 19-440 Eugenic Lepri 214 Grauy Island Ave. Jessup, PA 18434 Victor Lis 181 Share Drive Morrisvillc, PA 19067 Don Logan 232Sieaforth Ave. Pittsburgh. PA 15216 David Lovette 2114 Hayden Drive Johnstown, PA 15905 M Bruce Macartney 530 Dentine Ave. I.ansdalc, PA 19446 Dianne Malinowski 25 Memorial St. Exeter. PA 18643 Charles Maranchick 211 Lackawanna Ave. Swoycrsville. PA 18704 David Marchitelli 853 8th St. Rd. 4 Leechburg. PA 15656 Wayne Marcolina 1300 Penna Ave. E-4 Orcland, PA 19075 Craig McCurdy 500 East Wyoming Ave. Philadelphia. PA 19120 John McGovern 26 E. Savory St. Potuville. PA 17901 Thomas Mecca Jr. 413 Smith St. Dunmore, PA 18512 Traci Mehlman 238 Sandringham Rd. Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 Matthew Miller 1204 Beigan Rd. Orcland. PA 19075 Thomas Miller R.D. »3 Box 480 Tyrone, PA 16686 N Richard Ncedlcman 6032 Loretto Ave. Philadelphia. PA 19149 Mark Niblick 4507 Convent Lane Philadelphia. PA 19114 Vincent Niczgoda 880 N. Myrtle wood St. Philadelphia, PA 19130 O Solomon Ogunsola 206 Ardmore Ave. Ardmore. PA 19003 James Ottinger 800 Willopcnn Dr. Apt. K-200 Southampton. PA 18966 Ronda Ozols 1841 Montgomery Ave. Villanova. PA 19085 P Ann Pascucci 308 N. Main St. Plains. PA 18705 Matthew Perri 44 Midvale Drive New Providence. NJ 07974 Frank Piccioni P.O. Box 205 Bellmawr, NJ 08031 R Joseph Ranicri 432 Westmont Drive Collingdale, PA Thomas Ravin 15 I-aurencc Place Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 John Riehl 340 Levick St. Philadelphia, PA 19111 Janice Rinker 14 Harrison Ave. Souderton, PA 18964 Patricia Robinson 3200 Authority Terrace Philadelphia. PA 19129 Lynn Rogers 278 W. Nesque St. Easton, PA 18042 Diane Rudzavich 50 Welsh St. Pittston, PA 18640 s Mike Sanders 215 W. Gay St. Red Lion. PA 17356 Jack Seyfried 1296 Echo Drive Whitehall, PA 18052 Larry Shustcrman 636 Wynmill Place Philadelphia. PA 19115 Mathew Slakoper 2011 Spencer Drive Croydon, PA 19020 Bev Smith Box 494 R.D. 1 Roaring Spring, PA 16673 Christine Smotrys 7904 Clyde Stone Drive Elkins Park. PA 19117 Joseph Somerville 119 League St. Philadelphia. PA 19147 Mark Siamcr Box 35 Wysox. PA 18854 Carolyn Stauffer R.D. 1 Box 773 Lenhartsvillc. PA 19534 Hcrmine Stein 106 Alburger Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19115 Charles Steinberg 9817 Layton Road Philadelphia, PA 19115 Nancy Subolish 512 East Blaine St. McAdoo, PA 18237 T Laura Toms 3340 Areola Road Collegevillc. PA 19426 Hoa Van Tran 3419 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia. PA 19140 Kim-Chi Tran 114 West 24th ST. Chester. PA 19013 Son Tran 3419 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19140 Anthonv Trimboli 7215 ShalkopSt. Philadelphia. PA 19128 Roberta Tucker 52 Twin Oaks Oval Springfield. NJ 07081 V Ronald Vadurro 535 Millbridgc Apts. Clemcnton, NJ 08021 Susan Verdi 1330 Pine St. Philadelphia, PA w Stephen Walter 1819 LoneySt. Philadelphia. PA 19111 Beth Weinbergcr-Miller 310 S. Easton Rd.. »A-408 Glenside, PA 19038 Barry Weiss 7316 A. Coventry Ave. Melrose Park. PA 19126 Y Edward Yakaboskv 831 E. Pine St. MahanoyCity, PA 17948 Kam-Ying Yung 3264 N. 13th St. Philadelphia. PA 19140 Patrice Zalokar 1500 Penna. Ave. Ernmaus. PA 18049 z Sister Karen Marie Zatkins Nazareth Hospital 2601 Holme Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19152 Bonnie Zikcr-Paci 1063 Clemen Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001

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