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Temple University School of Pharmacy - Secundum Artem Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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 I i PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1962 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA IFOREWORD While graduation is a time when our thoughts are of the future, let us pause to recollect some of the past. Remember when the only familiar name on the class roll was your own; “pill" and “tablet’’ were synonymous? That was four years ago when we arrived at Temple. Most of us had just graduated from high school, a few of us hud served in the armed forces, and others had attended preparatory school. Whatever our previous experiences, we entered into a completely new world—pharmacy. In order to progress, we had to acquire new skills and knowledge. We learned to read and write the language of the physician and the chemist. We learned to culture and identify microbes, synthesize and extract organic compounds, identify crude drugs, compute dosages and molarity, ami compound and dispense medication. But certainly we acquired more than facts and techniques. We gained a feeling of belonging to a unique part of society, the profession of pharmacy. The problems of the pharmacist became our problems; concern for the health of the public became our concern; and the need for professionalism became our need. The Arrcx is an effort to reproduce with words and pictures, the people, places, and events which have played such vital roles in our lives. When time and distance separate us, it will serve as a stimulus for the many memories we share.EDITORS: Howard Harpel • Barbara Spector • Ted Van Devere • Elaine DeCusatis • Toddy Nogami • Carol Leininger • Irwin Schmier • Lewis Gould • Barbara Wishnev • Susan Ralph • Alan Ralph • 3To the Class of 1962: The graduation of the Class of 1962 from the Temple University School of Pharmacy occurs most propitiously during a period when the University is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary Years. This is a time of profound change and growth. Tire outward marks of physical expansion are everywhere apparent and opportunities for research and graduate study are ever widening. Appropriately, the School of Pharmacy reflects in many ways this attitude of dynamic advancement in its expanding graduate programs, revitalized curricula, competency in research and excellent physical facilities. As alumni of this School you are entering upon a rich tradition of distinguished service in the profession of pharmacy. I am confident that your talents and energies will contribute to this tradition through their dedicated application to the needs of the communities in which you live and practice and. indeed, to the problems of a difficult world before us. Our good wishes were with you as students and will follow you as alumni. Very sincerely yours, Millard E. Gladfelter 4JOSEPH R. SPROWLS, Dean of School of Pharmacy To the Members of the Class of 1962: Many do not realize that the purpose of a college education is not solely to prepare one for practice in a chosen line of endeavor but also to build the structure that serves as a bridge between the best elements of the past and the distant future of mankind. The accomplishment of this objective presents an awesome challenge to the faculty and is one which we meet only in part. Therefore, to the extent which we have failed, it will he necessary for you to individually and collectively chart your course for the future. History has clearly demonstrated that although individualism is essential to the development of new concepts and ideas, some degree of collectivism is important to a peacefully integrated society. Those lights which can best guide you in your voyage are continued study in your professional field, good literature, high standards of professional conduct and faith. As Dean of your school. I take pride in the achievements of alumni, feeling that through your efforts. Temple University achieves its aim of benefiting society. 1 hope that you will keep your faculty friends at the School of Pharmacy informed so that they may rejoice with you at your successes. Lot the commencement program ! e the beginning of a new relationship with your Alma Mater, not as student to college but alumnus to a revered and cherished institution which has helped to shape vour life. With all good wishes. Joseph R, Sprowls Dean 5DEDICATION A smiling face in a long white lab coat—-to the Class of 1962 this has become a familiar sight in the last four years. I)r. Elkin, teacher, adviser, friend—it is to you that we dedicate with affection, our yearbook. Our first encounter with you was as chemistry professor in the freshman year. Here we came to know a man who had a genuine interest in teaching, who taught so all members of the class could learn, but yet who demanded standards of excellence from his students. It was also during this first year that we became acquainted with Dr. Elkin, class adviser. Though we once again came under your tutelage in “qual” and “quant.” we came to know you best through the four years in your role as class adviser. To the entire class you represented a person interested in our activities. You worked hard to make the trip a success, and it was. You promised us an enjoyable prom, and it was. To those of us who were instrumental in the publication of this yearbook, we owe you a heartfelt thanks for your aid. Whatever problems we had, we knew where to find a sympathetic and helpful friend and adviser. The Class of 1962 makes known to you its feelings with this verbal round of applause. From us to you. we dedicate this yearbook, the final collective project of this class, to the man who has guided our college years. 6A smiling face ... A place to seek advice . . . To the Class of 1962: It has been a demanding four years for all of you. Many of you have had to make numerous personal sacrifices to achieve your goal. You should feel proud of your accomplishment. The satisfaction of your efforts will soon become apparent. You are adequately prepared to pursue whatever avenue of Pharmacy that you may choose. 1 am confident that whatever your endeavors riiHV he. that you will perform well. It has been a privilege for me to be your Class Adviser. If I have been able, in a small way, to assist you in making your problems easier to overcome, then I consider the return most rewarding. Sincerely, Samuel Elkin 7 Earnest researcher . . . Patient teacher . . .JOSEPH B. SPROWLS Ph.C., B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Dean, Professor of Pharmacy CH ARLES F. PETERSON R.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Pharmacy F A C HARRY KOSTENBAUDER B.S., M.S.. Ph D. Associate Professor of Pharmacy u FRED B. GABLE JOHN A. LYNCH B.S., M.A., M.S. 1 Ph.C. Assistant to the L Assistant Professor Dean, Instructor of Pharmacy in Pharmacy T Administration V NAGINDAS K. PATE1 B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Instructor in Pharmacy PRANCES M. WILSON Ph.C., B.A. Instructor in Pharmacy TERRY L BENNEY B.S., M S. Teaching Fellow in Pharmacy SURENDRA M. BAHAL B.S., M.S. Graduate Assistant in Pharmacy 8MURRAY l. TUCKERMAN B.S.. B.S. ' Pharmacy . Ph.D.. Associate Professor of Chemistry FRANK II. EBY Ph.C., Ph.D. Professor of Botany and Pharmacognosy THEODORE KALLEUS 1- B.S.. M S.. Ph.D. Associate Professor 1 of Pharmacognosy A C u ROBERT L. MEYERS B.S.. M.S. L Instructor in Botany and Pharmacognosy —i V SAMUEL ELKIN B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry SAMEEH S. TOUKAN Ph.G.. B.S.. M.S,, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry GEORGE CRINAWAY B.S.. Graduate Assistant in Pharmacognosy RALPH T. MANCINI B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry RAt MONO ORZECHOWSKI B.S., M.S. Assistant Instructor in Chemistry 9DAVID F.. MANN. JR. B.S., M S.. Ph D. Professor of Pharmacology RONALD F. GAITIERI B.S.. M.S.. Ph D. Assistant Profeawr of Pharmacology HENRY P. CIUCHTA B.S., M.S. Graduate Assistant in Pharmacology F A C u L T V HERBERT M. COBF. B.A., M S.. Ph D. Professor of Bacteriology ARTHUR LEBERKNIGHT Ph.G., B.S. Assistant Professor of Bacteriology WALTER J. BACDOK B.S.. M.S. Teaching Fellow in Pharmacy FRANK T. Y. LIU D.V.M., M.A.. Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Physiology EVERT J. LARSON A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Physiology MAURICE L. I.EITCH B.S., M.S. Professor of BiologyEDWARD FACKENTHAL JEROLD NEWBURGER B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. aS., M.S. Associate Professor Instructor in of Physics Physics TOMAS D. ARIAS R.S. Graduate Assistant in Pharmacy PATRICK P. DrLUCA as., m.s. Graduate Assistant MAY D. FI.ANACAN A.B., M.A. Instructor in English Fchander k. bahal as. Graduate Assistant in Chemistry A C U L LANCE L COLLINS B.S. Graduate Assistant in Pharmacy T V S. WALTER FOl I.KROD. JR.. ESQ. B.S.. I.I .B. Lecturer on Pharmaceutical Law THOMAS M. LOGAN A.B., M.D. Associate Professor of Public Health P IISECRETARIES: Miss Henrietta DeFeo. Miss Angeline Cos-tanzo, Mrs. Mary Keller. RESEARCH ASSISTANTS: FIRST ROW: Mr. Surendra Bahai. Mrs. Chander Bahai. Mr. Stanley Leonard, Mrs. Gab-rielle Revesz. SECOND ROW: Mr. S. I. Bhuta. Mr. Janardan Nagwekar, Mr. P. B. Shah LIBRARIANS: Miss Virginia Lampson, Miss Margaret Kehl. Mrs. Theresa Pryor, Mrs. Virginia Wvkoff. PHYSICAL PLANT: FIRST ROW: Ralph Dilaine, William Supper!. Donald Dickson. Alexander Mullowncv. SECOND ROW: Edgar Mitchell, Thomas Aspell, John Ercegovic. LAST ROW: George Gallagher. John Naylor. Elmer Druce. 12IN MEMORIAM Dr. Louis R. Stezzi. Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Temple Lniversilv School of Pharmacy, died on September 5, 1961. at his home in Broomall. Pa. Death was caused by a sudden heart attack. F)r. Stezzi was horn September 16. 1021. in Philadelphia and was a graduate of South Philadelphia High School. He graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy in 19 IB and subsequently received a Master of Science Degree from the same institution in 1951. From 1948 until 1952 lie served on the faculty of the School of Pharmacy as an Instructor in Inorganic Chemistry. He was awarded the Doctor of I'hilosophv Degree from Georgetown University in 1957. Dr. Stezzi served as a faculty member at the Lniversilv of Maryland from 1952 until 1954 and rejoined the faculty at Temple University School of Pharmacy in 1955. Faculty, alumni, and students deeply mourn the loss of a fine educator and individual. He proved his ability to work successfully with young people and endeared himself to all of those with whom he dealt. He served as a Coach to the Temple University School of Pharmacy basketball team at the time the tram was a member of the Eastern Inter-Collegiate Pharmacy Basketball League. He was a member of the Kappa Psi Fraternity. American Pharmaceutical Association, and the American Chemical Society. To us. the Class of 1962, the passing of Dr. Stezzi was a grave shock. We are grateful for the opportunity of having known him as a teacher and as a friend. 1314ELAINE DE CU5AT1S T0SH1K0 NOCAMI Fflitor 15 SENIORSZALIG ACKER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Zalig is an energetic student who faces difficulty without faltering. He is, to all appearances, conservative, yet in reality is an ardent rock ’n roll fan. “Ziggy” is best known for his smile and his punctuality. He enjoys pharmacology lab but not the review tests. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t care for tests ot any kind. Zalig has spent much time gaining practical knowledge in a retail pharmacy. This experience will stand him in good stead as he realizes his ambition to practice pharmacy in Hawaii. (He secretly admits a liking for pineapples and oriental girls.) Zig hopes to put his enthusiasm for popular music to work and become a part-time disc-jockey also. Activities: APhA JOHN BARBAGIOVANNI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania With thirteen letters in a name, you’ve got to lx? a big man to carry that weight, and that man is Big John. At 6' I”. John presents an imposing profile. This huge frame houses many different personalities. Scholastically John ranks high in the class, but his nature is far from serious. His ready smile will make you wonder if some joke is about to be played on you. His good nature added something to his portrayal of Santa Claus at the party that Phi Delta Chi held for orphan children. Besides being prelate (chaplain) for his fraternity, he is an APhA member. John’s future is uncertain, but with his inquisitive and persistent nature he will surely succeed in any field. Activities: Phi Delta Chi, APhA 16i ROSALIE BARBERA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 'in this world of ordinary people" there is Miss Rarhera. our vivacious (curvaceous) classmate. “Ro" is renowned for her dancing talent which includes anything from the mummer’s strut to the carnival tango. Rosalie will always extend her very frank and honest opinion on any subject. Her generosity "ill be long remembered by her friend who enjoyed a “tour” of 9th Street and many delicious home-style Italian meals from her kitchen. Rosalie works hard scholastically, but occasionally has unwittingly defeated her own purpose due to a knack for forgetting the last page of an exam. Her lively nature has endeared her to the class of ’62. Rosalie’s vitality will indeed prove a welcome addition to her chosen profession. Activities: Class Scc'y Newman Club Mortar and Pestle Players APhA Prom Committee Arrex Staff AI VARS BERKIS Reading, Pennsylvania Capable, congenial and cooperative are adjectives which aptly describe Ivy. He performed all laboratory assignments with zeal and confidence. His academic nature is shed at lunchtime, during which time he may be found playing pinochle in the cafeteria, and is usually softspoken until his ace is trumped. Ivy has been an active member in the APhA and Kappa Psi fraternity. He has been co-chairman of the Art Committee. His artistic ability is evidenced by his always-approved pharmacognosy drawings. Ivy enjoys fraternity parties, fishing, hunting, swimming and boating. He enthusiastically applies himself to each of these. Ivy is the outdoor type while the sun shines. With his personality and initiative. Ivy should do very well in his chosen field, retail pharmacy. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA ■MARTIN BRIAN Ambler, Pennsylvania Marty is a gradual - of Ambler High School, and before coming to Pharmacy School he atlcnded Temple University Liberal Arts College where he was a member of the debating team. He is a brother of Alpha Zeta Omega fraternity and was past sub-directorum. He is also a member of the student branch of the APhA. Those who attended the Pharmacy School production of “Where There’s Smoke.” remember Marty as he made his entrance on stage outfitted with pith helmet, binoculars, and butterfly-trapping equipment. Marty spends practically all of his time after school hours in the Sun-Ray drug store which he owns and manages in Ambler. He is an enthusiastic worker and a clever businessman. After graduation Marty will be personally in charge of the prescription department in his pharmacy. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omega—Sub Directorum APhA DOUGLAS BRUNNER West Reading. Pennsylvania Doug came to Temple after graduating from West Reading High School in 1958. “Mug” stands well over six feet tall and can very easily be seen towering above the class. His height, needless to say, has been a great asset to the KY basketball team. His activities, outside of school, center around sports. Doug enjoys baseball, swimming, golf, skiing, and, of course, basketball. Doug’s “different” sense of humor is a great boost to class morale. Things are usually lively when he’s around. There is a serious side to his | ersonality which is evidenced by his untiring work for the Student Branch of the APhA which he serves as president. He has scheduled interesting speakers and debates for the student APhA meetings. He has also shown leadership as secretary of Kappa Psi fraternity. He should have great success in his future plans to enter the retail or industrial pharmaceutical fields. Activities: Kappa Psi A PhA—President 18 Intramural SportsRALPH BRYAN Fdllsington, Pennsylvania Some of his brothers may not know who you’re talking about if you ask for Ralph, so just ask for “Chico.” This not too tall fellow from Fallsington can easily be recognized from either near or far by his peculiar walk. Chico's hobbies center around sports, and since joining Kappa Psi he has participated in inter-fraternity football, basketball and softball. Besides serving as chairman of the sports committee. Chico was an active member of the pledge committee. Included in Chico’s talents is dancing, to which anyone who has attended any Kappa Psi parties will attest. Future plans for Ralph include retail pharmacy and the hope to eventually own his own pharmacy. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA FRANCIS BLOND Riverside, New Jersey Frank became a daily commuter from Riverside, New Jersey, when he gave up his bachelorhood in the summer of 1961 and married Janet. Though he is quite busy, Frank always has time to participate in Kappa Psi’s activities. He’s always keeping after "those guys.” Frank served in the Marines and is now a crew chief in the Air Force Reserve Unit at Newark Airport. Frank is greatly interested in sports. He is an avid fan of the New York Yankees and the New York Giants. Frank's future after graduation includes working in his father’s pharmacy in Riveredge. New Jersey. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA 19JOHN B. CAMPBELL Exeter, Pennsylvania “Quiet John” is very well liked by all his classmates. He is noted for his great sense of humor and his quick readiness to offer help to his friends. He spends his spare time playing basketball, a sport in which he excelled while attending high school in Exeter, a small town in upstate Pennsylvania. John is a member of Kappa Psi fraternity. Newman Club, and the student branch of the APhA. After graduation, John plans to enter retail pharmacy. As for Lnclc Sam, he prefers to wait until he is drafted. John hopes to marry and wants two or three children. Activities; Kappa Psi Newman Club APhA I JEFFREY CAMSON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jeff, a popular member of our class. is a former farmer, mink rancher and soldier. Now after four years of pharmacy school, Jeff can add pharmacist to his list of occupations. He managed to maintain a fine scholastic record despite the fact that he spent many hours working in a pharmacy and driving a taxicab. Jeff, and his lovely wife, Estelle, are the proud parents of two wonderful children. Stanley and Hence. Jeff feel indebted to his family for the support and encouragement which they have given him during his four years at Temple. He has chosen to enter retail pharmacy, in which his persevering nature is bound to win him success and happiness. 20JOHN W. CLAAR New Cumberland, Pennsylvania “Bill,” a man of few words, came to Temple Pharmacy from New Cumberland. He is an active brother of Kappa Psi fraternity and served as Editor of the “Kappa’s Eye" during his senior year. He is also a member of the APhA. Bill's hobbies are mainly centered around rugged outdoor sports. He likes hiking and target-shooting, but cave exploring is his forte. Bill has all the equipment necessary for an all out exploration and has full knowledge of the dangers involved in this exciting sport. Bill finds pharmacology a most fascinating course, but his calling for the future will be in retail pharmacy. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA MOHTON COHEN Pottsville, Pennsylvania Mort is a carefree guy who has devised a most unique manner to study. He sits yogi style in front of a television set (on, of course) with a notebook spread across his lap. All this is set in an apartment which features “wall to wall" newspapers. Mort is a football fan who shows either amazing foresight or else out-right luck in picking the winners of the week’s games. His friends think that he should become a professional “dunkel." Mort also enjoys playing football and has fought hard on the gridiron for his fraternity. Rho Pi Phi. After graduation Mort sees dental school in his sights. Activities: Rho P, Phi APhA 21MELVYN DAVIS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mel. known as M. Davis to be distinguished from R. Davis, is a native of South Philadelphia. Mel. a serious student, persists in his lab work until he obtains the correct results. He is an energetic member of Alpha Zeta Omega, and he also holds membership in the APhA. Mel considers himself a TV critic and can be found watching Elliot Ness every Thursday night. Among his other interests are folk music and cooking. It seems that Mel has either decided that he's a perfect chef by now or that he d better let someone else leam the trade, since he intends to marry in December and will relinquish his chef's post. Mel is headed for industry to work in the manufacturing phase of pharmacy. Activities i APhA Alpha Zeta Omega RONALD A. DAVIS Burlington, New Jersey Young Mr. Davis proudly proclaims that he is a resident of Burlington, New Jersey. He claims its people are more considerate, its waters more potable, and its standards arc far above those of Philadelphia. However, Ronnie has been wrong before. Freshman year in English class found Ronnie often in error as far as Miss Breen was concerned. Ronnie is quick with a smile and a helping hand. He has proven himself a worthy cohort as a lab partner as Elaine I), will testify. His MDR (minimum daily requirement) includes cards in the cafeteria with Jiis Kappa Psi brothers, taunting and chatting with the other players. Ron will enter retail pharmacy and will be remembered as that “loud whisper'" in the fourth row. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA 22ELAINE DE CUSATIS Hazleton, Pennsylvania The young lady with all the answers is Elaine, as evidenced by a 3,7 average. On entrance to Temple Pharmacy, she was awarded the Breyer’s scholarship; and she not only justified this award but received another scholarship from J. Mahlon Buck. Besides being a top student, Elaine is also an active clubwoman. She was treasurer of Lambda Kappa Sigma, a member of two honor societies—Rho Chi and Magnet, the APhA, and the Mortar and Pestle Players. She is the only bookworm known who can can-can. With all her success. Elaine is not the least bit affected. She cultivates an interest in school activities, classical music, tennis and her younger brother. Elaine has the perfect mixture of brains, talent and personality. The members of the class of ’62 leave this suggestion as the key to success—sign your bluebook “DeCusatis." Activities: Rho Chi Magnet—Vice-president Lambda Kappa Sigma—Vice-president and Treasurer Mortar and Pestle Players Interfratcmity Council Arrex—Co-Senior Editor APhA ANTHONY DEI. PIANO Jersey City, New Jersey Tall, dark, and handsome Tony came to Temple in 1958 after graduating from William L Dickinson High School in Jersey City. He is active in his fraternity. Kappa Psi, being a member of the Ritual and Executive Committee as well as serving as Chaplain. An avid sportsman, he served his fraternity as co-chairman of the sports committee. His favorite sports include football, baseball, basketball and swimming. Tony also enjoys indoor recreation, such as girls. As any female can testify, he is quite an expert on the dance floor. Tony is also known for stirring up trouble in lecture in the row just behind the girls. The future will find Tony working in a retail pharmacy, "but duty to my country comes first.” Activities: Kappa Psi Intramural SportsRICHARD DI MONTE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dick was graduated from Saint Joseph’s Preparatory High School where he participated actively in foothai) and baseball. While in pharmacy school he maintained this interest by representing Phi Delta Chi in intrafraternity sports. Dick is also a member of the APhA. Dealing in money matters is one of Dick’s talents. He served as class treasurer during the sophomore year and was on the fund-raising committee of his fraternity. Dick was very efficient in labs, but it seems that he spent most of his summer earnings for broken glassware. His quick wit can find humor in even these circumstances. Marriage in June is the only definite plan for Dick, although he will probably enter the retail field. Activities: Phi Delta Chi APhA NANCY DOCTOFSKY Perth Amboy, New Jersey Nancy is the short, dark haired, dark-eyed miss who sits in the first row. Her interests are varied, and she attacks all with enthusiasm. Word games of any kind are Nancy’s forte. When she tires of working out crossword puzzles, she makes up her own. “Scrabble" is undoubtedly Nancy’s favorite game. She plays practically every night and hates to quit until she has won (which is usually quite often). Music is another of Nancy’s loves. She enjoys practically all kinds including jazz, which rates very high, opera, and show music. Nancy is a talented singer, and her performances as Duleie in "The Boyfriend" and as “Gloria” in “Damn Yankees” endeared her to the audience. A summer trip to Europe in 1%0 whetted Nancy’s appetite for globe-trotting. She hopes to do extensive traveling during her vacations from retail pharmacy. Activities: Mortar and Pestle Players APhA 24BARRY DUBINSKY Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Barry, a graduate of South Philadelphia High School, will he well remembered for his classroom quips on a varietv of amazing subjects. He is interested in diversified types of music and is currently taking, guitar lessons so he can accompany his folk singing. Barry regularly attends the concerts at the Academy of Music, and especially enjoys Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in D Minor. When his financial situation doesn’t permit the Academy. Barry intently listens to fM radio. Barry is also an amateur artist and frequently visits the Philadelphia Museum of Art. But. if the museum is not open, he willingly goes to the nearby poolroom. Barry hopes to do graduate work in the field of pharmacology. Activities: lpha Zt'ia Omega A Ph A STANLEY EH LIN Freehold. New Jersey “Schenley" i- a resident of Freehold. New Jersey. His friends think he should he called ‘‘The World’s Fastest Human." hut they have never really seen him move. Stan professes a real dislike for manual labor. Stan has several favorite pastimes. He can often be found in the cafeteria enjoying a game of pinochle. He also is an ardent follower of the “Sport of Kings." Stan finds that his study time is often interrupted by his great need for sleep. Stan is known as one of the best natured. easygoing fellows in our class. These traits will aid him as he enters retail pharmacy. Activities: Rho Pi Phi APhAVANCE EPPLEY York, Pennsylvania Vance came lo the School of Pharmacy as a graduate of Central High School, York. Pa. “Epp,” as he is known to his fellow students, was elected Class Vice-President during the sophomore year. He is a member of Kappa Psi and the student branch of the APhA. Until this past summer you could find Vance tinkering with sport cars, water skiing, or hunting. Now, after being late for his own wedding due to the loss of a pair of trousers, you can find him happily spending all his time with his bride. Vance was awarded the purple heart in organic lab when Dick DiMonte made a slight miscalculation. I.uckily, after the smoke cleared, Vance only needed some burn ointment and a new lab jacket. Upon graduation, Vance plans to join his father’s chain of pharmacies in York. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA HARRY FRIEDMAN Atlantic City, New Jersey Butch will be remembered ns one of the few seniors who didn’t need animals to make kymographs in physiology-lab. His true talents were revealed, however, that day he won five dollars in Mr. Lynch’s class for being an attentive listener. Butch searches out the kind of music he likes. Peps and The Second Fret are his favorite spots to hear jazz and folk singing. He is the owner of over one hundred jazz albums. Butch’s records have managed to get him into trouble. He once spent the night in jail for playing his records too loudly. Butch will be joining the Walgreen chain after graduation. He is headed for Chicago to begin manager’s training. Activities: APhA 26PAUL GARBER Pittston, Pennsylvania Paul, sometimes called “Gahbah,” graduated from Hanover Township High School in 1956. Hr now resides in Pittston. Pa. Paul’s sophomore year was interrupted due to illness, hut he came hack to us the following year after his recuperation. In Kappa Psi fraternity Paul has served the Art, Social and Photography committees. His willing help and versatility are considered a great asset to his fraternity. Paul has also been an active member of the APhA and the Newman Club. He enjoys most sports, hut the cold winter weather brings Paul most of his favorite athletic endeavors: namely, skiing, ice skating, and tobogganing. Paul's post graduate plans include either retail pharmacy or Public Health Service. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA STEVEN GARFIELD Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Fink” or Steve attended Philadelphia Military College Preparatory School and Olney High School. He is highly enthusiastic about his outside interests. Steve takes pride in a large collection of American stamps. He spends many happy hours listening to his extensive library of jazz records. An avid football fan. Steve indulges himself by watching his favorite team, the Eagles, play. This likeable and handsome fellow is simply wild about pizza. About military service, Steve says he will merely “wait and see.” His future plans include work in a retail pharmacy. He also plans to “tie the knot" on July 1st to “The Queen.” as Judy, his fiancee, is affectionately known to his friends. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omega 27RICHARD GERHART Hatboro, Pennsylvania A resident of Halhoro, Did is known to his friends as a diligent worker with a wonderful | ersonality. Me is a member of the Student branch of the APhA, and during his junior year, he worked in the pharmacy school library. He enjoyed aiding students in selecting the literature they needed. In pharmacology lab. the skill and ease with which he handled and injected laboratory animals was the envy of his partners. Dick was also a whiz in physics lab. His talents outside of pharmacy include music, especially the clarinet which he expertly plays. Dick plans to marry in September and practice phar-mao in a retail store. Ac till lies: APhA NATHAN GEWERTZ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nate has a wide variety of interests, and he pursues each with enthusiasm. He likes photography and has his own dark room fully equipped to develop and process film. As a sports car enthusiast, Nate hoj es to own a Mercedes 300 in the near future. Also on his list of hobbies arc football and fencing. Nate enjoys boating and is a member of the L. S. Naval Institute and the Sea Explorers. He is a conscientious worker and lias served as an efficient and competent exchequer in Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity; he is also an active APhA member. With an amiable personality and earnest character as two of his assets, Nate should be highly successful in industrial pharmacy. 28 Activities: APhA Alpha Zcta Omega—ExchequerBASIL GIONDONNATO, JR. Malvern. Penna. “Chick” is a tall, good looking, poised fellow, who always has a twinkle in his eyes and a smile for everyone. He is very organization minded and is an enthusiastic and active member of Circle K. the Newman Club, and the APhA. Chick also aptly serves Kappa Psi fraternity as co-chairman of the social committee. He loves the outdoors, is very fond of horses, and is an expert equestrian. Chick also has a great love for music. He plays the piano and has a fine baritone voice. He exhibited his talents when playing leading roles in “The Boyfriend” and in “Damn Yankees.” Chick, talented and personable, will surely succeed in his chosen profession. Activities: Kappa Psi Mortar and Pestle Players APhA MARTIN E. GIBSON Pcnnsaukfn, New Jersey Marty, though he now resides in Pennsauken, New Jersey, was originally from Philadelphia. After he was graduated from Overbrook High School. Marty entered the U. S. Air Force and served for four years. During this time he had the opportunity to tour Greenland, Labrador, and Newfoundland. After he was discharged, Marty decided to enter the field of Pharmacy, and while in school, he has l een an active member of the APhA and a busy writer for the Arrex staff. Marty’s interests after school hours include photography, tape recording, and most sports. Marty, always cheerful and carefree, often entertains his classmates with his humorous interpretations of any situation. Marty amazes his friends with his predictions which often materialize. Future plans for Marty include either hospital pharmacy or retail pharmacy, and marriage. Activities: APhA Arrex StaffFRANCIS GIORDANO Philaiiciphia, Pennsylvania Frank is a member of an inseparable group of colleagues in Pharmacy School. His friends know him lo have an easygoing, fun-loving personality. A more serious side of Frank is Francis the student, lie has shown a great deal of ability in chemistry and mathematics. Frank has a remarkable memory, a great asset when it comes to pharmacognosy. However, watch out for Frank in lab! You never know when something might explode. Tops on Frank’s list of hobbies are baseball, fishing and hunting, in which he actively participates. He also enjoys good music, and likes to spend his free time listening to records. Frank hopes to achieve success in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Activities; APhA FRANKLIN GOLDMAN Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Frank, who is well known for his pleasing personality, came to Temple from Upper Darby High School. While at Upper Darby, he played varsity football and attained a very fine scholastic record. Frank’s hobbies include fishing and bowling. During the summer he manages a Little League Baseball Team which shows his sincere interest in community activity. He also bowls for the Delaware County Pharmaceutical League. At school, Frank is the youngest member of "the clan" which also includes Gibson and Giordano. The night before any test you can find him at home "looking it over." Frank’s easiest laboratory course was Quantitative Chemistry. (Strange, isn't it?) During his years at Temple. Frank has investigated the numerous opportunities in the pharmaceutical field. He has decided that upon graduation and completion of his military obligation, he will enter either hospital pharmacy or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Activities: APhA Alpha Zctu OmegaMARLENE GOLDPAINT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Marlene entered Temple after graduating from Germantown High School. Marlene spends much extra time in labs, especially pharmacognosy. This added effort will lx of great value if Marlene pursues her desire of continuing her education. Classical music serves as the basis of Marlene’s other interests. Her study of the piano, opera and most recently ballet, consumes most of her free time. She senes publicity chairman for the Women’s Auxiliary of the Wissahickon Valley Orchestra. Painting, hiking, and horseback riding are also a source of pleasure for Marlene. Marlene’s future plans include either study in the field of agriculture or a career in pharmacy. Her persistence and perseverance will certainly aid her in whatever she chooses. Activities: Arrex Staff LEWIS GOULD, JR. Middletown, Pennsylvania Lew is part of the three some of Gould, Brunner and Claar. This team can keep even the most sober-faced person “in stitches” for hours. Lew handles most of the monetary business of the class as class treasurer and business manager for the Arrex. He takes these responsibilities very seriously by badgering each individual for money towards the yearbook, prom, trip or ads. His leadership has also brought him the positions of treasurer of Kappa Psi and secretary of Circle K. Lew enjoys politics, stage shows, skiing, and golf and is a grandstand spectator for most athletic events. Being a fine student. Lew should have no difficulties pursuing his plans for graduate study. Activities: Kappa Psi—Treasurer Circle K—Secrelary Mortar and Pestle I’layers APhA Exchange Program Arrex—Business MalingerDAVID CROFT Hanover, Pennsylvania Dave, better known as the "gray ghost," comes from Hanover. Lean and lanky. Dave is a quiet, conservative fellow. but when he makes up his mind to do something there is little anyone can do to change it. Dave's mental capacities rank among the highest in the class. Working every night of the week, lie often finds it difficult to get down to any lengthy study before exams. In the end. though Dave usually earns one of the better grades. One of his favorite pastimes is sleeping, lectures being the site of most of his practice sessions for this sport. Most of his notes are taken the night before a test from one of his friends. With marriage to a local nurse in the near future, Dave hopes to solve any illnesses which may come his way. Someday he hopes to own a pharmacy in a small town since he dislikes large cities. Activities: Phi Delta Chi BERNARD GROSNOFF Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Boh, better known as Groz, is a native Philadelphian and a graduate of Olney High School. When not modeling his tasteful clothes, he spectates or participates in football, baseball, and basketball. Bob is enthusiastic about weight-lifting and spends much of his leisure lime exercising with his barbells. Groz loves music, and from hi bachelor apartment emit the voices of Belafonte. Sinatra, and Fitzgerald. Bob also takes an active interest in his fraternity. Alpha Zeta Omega. He hopes to either teach high school science classes or to enter retail pharmacy. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omega APhA 32ARTHUR GROSSMAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Art was graduated from Gluey High School. At Temple Pharmacy he joined the APhA and became a brother of Alpha Zeta Omega. He enthusiastically served AZO as head of the athletic committee. Art is a great sports enthusiast. Particular interest centers around horse racing. He is also what is called a numismatist, which translated from English to English means a coin collector. Art is interested in both retail and manufacturing pharmacy ami has not decided which field to enter upon graduation. Popular Art will certainly prove an asset to whichever field he chooses. Activities: Alpha Zcta Omega APhA WILLIAM EDWARD IIAMMERSCHMIDT Scllcrsville. Pennsylvania Bill, known to his friends as “Hammer”, was graduated from Pennridge High School. Hammer is always eager to listen to a good joke lor a bad one for that matter . As a rule, he usually has a few of his own to tell. During his four years at Temple. Hammer has been a brother of Kappa Psi fraternity, serving on many committees. Among his pastimes are swimming, football, country and western music and pinochle. Bill’s special enjoyment is u jam session with Donn and Dick. Bill has had experience in retail and in manufacturing pharmacy in his hometown of Sellersville. His future plans include one of these two, as well as marriage. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA Arri-x StaffSTUART HARLEM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tall, goodlooking Stu is known by his deep, manly voice. He was graduated from Olney High School and spent his summers before coming to pharmacy school working at resorts. His summers are now spent in a retail pharmacy. A good student. Stu finds concentrating in lecture difficult because he is usually busy keeping his neighbors on either side of him quiet or awake. He is an outdoorsman and shows preference for water sports. After graduation Stu would like to teach chemistry in high school. However, his first concern is to fulfill his obligation to the service. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omega HOWARD HARPEL Souderton. Pennsylvania Howie, an honor student, came to Temple Pharmacy from Pennridge High School on a Rexall Club Scholarship. Despite Howie’s very casual approach to life, he has played an active role in extracurricular activities. He served his fraternity. Kappa Psi. on the pledge, scholarship, and executive committees, and as historian. Howie also did a fine job as co-editor-in-chief of the Arrex. Howard is very interested in the history of the Civil War, and he has many novels about this topic in his library. During his spare time, when not attending a baseball or football game, Howie can be seen operating the switchboard at Johnson Hall. His future plans include graduate study in the field of Pharmacology. Activities: Kappa Psi—Historian Rho Chi Arrex Co-Edilor-in-ChiefCOMER HARRIS Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Comer is a graduate of West Philadelphia High School. After entering the School of Pharmacy, he became a member of Omega’s l-ampodo Club. Comer is very likeable and versatile. admired by all of his fellow students. When not modeling one of his many fashionable sweaters, Comer might be playing basketball or running track. His prowess in these sports is aided by his height. Comer’s hobbies, in the order in which he lists them, include girls, sports and painting. At the present time Comer is eligible for marriage and the draft, but he prefers to complete his obligation to Uncle Sam before he marries. Activities: Omega P i Phi Limpodo Club APhA CHARLES K. HELLER Northumberland, Pennsylvania Charles, well known as Charlie or Chuck, comes from the quiet town of Northumberland. Charlie enjoys the crisp, fresh air and the historic sights of Philadelphia on weekends. He has a distinctively slow gait, except when he’s late for class. Chuck is a competent student. He attends all lectures faithfully, and willingly supplies some unfortunate classmates with lecture notes. Charlie enjoys Broadway show music, and his room at the Phi Delta Chi house always echoes with the strains of WNBC. In the evenings he falls asleep while listening to “All Night in New York.” After graduation, Charlie intends to work for Rea and Derick. Inc., but he hopes some day to travel westward and open his own store. Activities: APhA Phi Della ChiLAWRENCE MARSHALL HERMAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Larry came lo Temple Pharmacy from Northeast High School. Being one of the hardest working members of the class. Larry still finds time to participate in school activities, keep up with his studies, and enjoy his hobbies while being employed in a retail pharmacy after school hours. Larry’s favorite pastime is sports-car racing with Steve Katsiff at Vineland, New Jersey. He also enjoys reading and sports. Larry’s favorite subject in college was pharmacology. Future plans for Larry include marriage in July. After fulfilling his military obligations to Uncle Sam. he will enter retail pharmacy. Larry is well equipped for this, since he has worked in a retail pharmacy for many years. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omega— Parliamentarian APhA JOHN HIRAS Williamsport, Pennsylvania John, a native of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was raised in Greece. Although John spent the greater part of his life in Greece, he is a dedicated American citizen. This was proven by the speech John gave in Pharmacy Administration prior to the 1960 Presidential election. John has served as president of the Rho Epsilon Chi Society. He has also played an active role in the affairs of the student branch of the APhA. Outside of school, John is active in the International Relations Club and is an ardent follower of Americans for Democratic Action. John’s plans for the future include making his mark in hospital or retail pharmacy. He also hopes to further his general education. Activities: APhA International Relations Club Rho Epsilon ChiSTEPHEN JAY KATSIFF Philadelphia, Pennsylvania V Steve came to Temple Pharmacy in 1958 from Germantown High in Philadelphia, In his spare time, Steve works as a volunteer ambulance driver for the 50th ward in Philadelphia. This has given him a valuable chance to work closely with allied medical professions. Steve’s favorite hobby is sports car racing. He is the proud owner of an MGA, which he races occasionally with Larrv Herman. He is also a member of the “Sports Car Club of America.” Future plans for Steve include marriage in June. Also, he will enter the U. S. Public Health Service, and in a few years he plans to pursue a career in retail pharmacy. He hopes to manage his own store some day. Steve will attain his goals without too much difficulty, since his ability will overcome any obstacles. Activities: Photographer tor Arrcx Alpha Zcta Omega API. A RAYMOND SAMUEL KAUFFMAN Elkins Park. Pennsylvania Ray was one of the first of the class of ’62 to he married. He and his lovely wife. Ellen, reside in the Lynne-wood Cardens Apartments in Elkins Park. “Fessy,” as he is more affectionately called by his friends, is an avid sports car fan. He also loves to play ches-and pinochle, and bunt with his fellow classmates. Ray has always been active fraternally, taking a great interest in Rho Pi Phi fraternity, as well as participating in the inter-fraternity council. Ray will either further his education at Phila. School of Osteopathy, or enter retail pharmacy with the hope of owning his own store one day. Whatever his choice, this personable lad will capably undertake all his endeavors. Activities: Who Pi Phi Interfraternity Council APhA 37SANDRA KOPSTEIN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sandy came to Temple Pharmacy from Olney High School. Sh«? is a member of the APhA and enjoys reading its monthly journals which keep her up to date on the latest developments in pharmacy. Sandy manages to spend her limited free time in diversified ways. She enjoys water skiing, bowling, and tennis. She finds time in her schedule to see a great number of shows. Sandy also loves to travel. Whenever she has a vacation, she plans a short excursion. All she does is pack her books, and she’s ready to go. Sandy has shown a special interest and aptitude for chemistry and is determined to pursue this field after graduation. She plans to continue her studies in biochemistry at UCLA. Activities: APhA Arrex Staff WILLIAM KOWALEWSKI New Castle, Delaware Quiet and reserved are adjectives which aptly describe the only member of our class from Delaware. Bill takes pride in being one of the three distinguished K’s—Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Kowalewski. ‘The Kid” attacks each assignment in his usual calm manner and seldom complains, although he is sometimes irritated by things which are too theoretical. To Bill, horse racing is not a hobby but a fulltime job. He goes to the track almost every day in summertime and on weekends whenever possible. Whatever system he uses, he must have a good one. since he is a consistent winner. After graduation Bill hopes to return to New Castle and divide his time between his pharmacy and the track. 38MATTHEW I.AMELZA PhiL Jr||iliiu, IVim«yl jnia Mall is a graduate of Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia. While at Temple Pharmacy School, he was an active brother of Phi Delia Chi. and a supporter of the APhA. It seems that in Matt's studies he always enjoyed chemistry. hut a brush with aluminum paste in the elective quant lab has somewhat dampened this interest. When the warmer weather arrives. Matt finds enough time to enjoy swimming, tennis and surf fishing. After graduation. Matt’s plans include military service and retail pharmacy: he hopes to someday own a pharmacy in Philadelphia. Activities: Phi Delta Chi APhA HARRY LALTENBACHER Cornwells Heights. Pennsylvania From all external appearances, Harry seems to he a quiet, serious fellow, but many know him to be quite a spirited debater. Harry's knowledge of motorcycles is undisputed by all. He spends many a carefree hour on his motorcycle, usually on country roads away from city traffic. His skill on the cycle was demonstrated to the class in the film Harry showed during a pharmacy administration class. Harry’s motorcycle has had a very strange effect on his life. His well-groomed blond hair was singed on the hot manifold of his motorcycle, and Harry was forced to get a crew-cut. His knowledge of vehicles does not cease with motorcycles. Harry displays great skill in fixing cars as well. Retail pharmacy is the field that Harry has chosen to enter after graduation. His careful, thorough ways will insure his success. Activities: Kappa Psi 39SAMUEL LEE Burlington, New Jersey Sam hails from Burlington, New Jersey. While at Burlington High he first developed an interest in science which brought him to Temple Pharmacy. Sam is a good student and a conscientious worker. Despite a handicap in the form of his lab partners, he managed to get through ‘cology lab as the efficient second surgeon in charge of injections. Sam is athletically inclined and was a member of the State Track team. He enthusiastically pledged Omega Psi Phi freshman year and is now a brother. Extracurricular activities include all forms of music, good food and sports events. In the future Sam plans to serve his military obligation and then to open a medical center in conjunction with his roommate who is currently a med student at Temple. Activities: APhA Omega Psi Phi CAROL LEININGER Allentown. Pennsylvania Carol is the blue-eyed blond from Allentown who will be remembered for her lovable personality and sparkling humor. She has taken an active part in many school activities. In 1960, she was secretary of Lambda Kappa Sigma sorority. Carol showed a flair for acting as the leading lady in the pharmacy school's production of "The Boyfriend.” One of her favorite pastimes is practical joking, at which she does excel. Her clever ideas have been a perpetual source of amusement to all her friends. The unsuspecting victims of her pranks will never forget the laughs they had over them. Carol's other recreations include reading and writing poetry. Here, again, in her poetic anecdotes, her wit is reflected. Carol is sure to attain success in her chosen career. Activities: I. imlxi.i Kappa Sigma—Secretary APhA Mortar and Pestle Players Arrex—Underclass Editor PAUL ANDREW LEUTHNER Williamsport, Pennsylvania Paul, a friendly gentleman with vivid blue eyes, hails from Williamsport, Pa. Prior to coming to Temple Pharmacy. he served with the Navy. At Temple, he has been an active member of Kappa Psi fraternity and an enthusiastic backer of the APhA. Paul is extremely frank and anxious to share his opinions. He has been known to instigate an argument just for the fun and for the joy of raising a friend's blood pressure. He is unusually adept and capable in physiology and pharmacology labs and has successfully avoided both mouse and rat bites. When not in another lab. Quant. Paul, a noted sportsman, can be found golfing, hunting or fishing. Paul's future plans include entering the field of retail pharmacy. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA ■ SANDRA LLEWELLYN Avoca, Pennsylvania Petite and pretty aptly describe Sandy. She can easily be identified by her pixie haircut. A quiet person, she is well liked by both sexes. Sandy is a member of Laml du Kappa Sigma, the APhA, and the Mortar and Pestle Players. Sandy’s interests are varied. She enjoys classical music, attending concerts as often as she can. Sandy is an avid fan of Ayn Rand, having read all her books and anything that has been written about the author. She loves to read magazines, keeping herself informed on subjects such as show business and sports cars. Sandy is quite a conscientious student, always keeping up with her work. She will be a credit to our profession. Activities: I.amhda Kappa Sigma—Historian APhA Mortar and Pestle Player 41WILLIAM LOWNEY Fall River, Massachusetts Bill is the soft spoken “carrot top” from Fall River. Massachusetts. Quiet as he may seem, he can be overheard vehemently discussing politics or world affairs with his familiar New England accent. He has taken an active interest in his fraternity. Kappa Psi. Bill has been a hard worker here at Temple, and is so diligent in lab he is inevitably the first one out. Of his various outside interests. Bill shows a keen preference for sports with football and basketball predominating. After living with the “old salt,” Paul Leuthner. for several years. Bill has gotten first hand knowledge of how to do things. Mis biggest gripe is getting up so early in the morning, and Paul hasn’t helped him overcome this. Future plans for Bill include further studies in the medical field. Activities: Kappa Psi APhA MICHAEL MALINIAK Shamokin. Pennsylvania Mike graduated from the Shamokin Area Joint High School in 1958. At Temple, he has been a student council member for two years; during which time he has served the school in many ways. He also displayed leadership in Kappa Psi fraternity, and has been a four year member of the APhA. He is known to all as an easy-going, good humored young man and can usually be seen wearing a smile. Mike’s musical talents were demonstrated when he played the drums for the school show, “The Boyfriend.” His immediate plans include retail pharmacy, and Mike will probably begin working in his father’s pharmacy. However. the future will sec Mike as the owner of his own apothecary. Activities: Kappa Psi APhATHOMAS JOHN M l ISHAI CKI T.imaqua. Pennsylvania Tom. better known as "Mai”, was graduated from Tamaqua High School and was married before coming to Temple. He and his wife are the proud parents of a little girl. Well known for his dexterous and rapid technique in the lab. he is always the first to leave. This leaves him much leisure time which he spends playing pinochle. Nevertheless. he has remained in the upper one-third of the class. Tom is willing to voice his opinions with anyone willing to listen about fraternal, pharmaceutical and world affairs. To this his Dell brothers will testify. With his "gift of gab" and ready wit. Tom is a personable member of our profession. Activities: Phi Delta Chi—Plcdgcmaster Intramural Sports HOWARD MARKOWITZ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Howie was graduated from Olnev High School and is a native Philadelphian. While at Temple. Howie has been an active brother of Alpha Omega fraternity, and he holds the unique position of champion pitcher for it-softball team. Howie spends much of his spare time working in a retail pharmacy. This invaluable experience will certain!) stand him in good stead if he should decide to make his future in retail pharmacy. He is still considering detail work. Whatever his decision, we are sure that his jovial personality and eagerness to succeed will insure his success. The future holds bright plans for Howie in another respect. He will be married to Paulette in Jul . Activities: Alpha Zeta OmegaROBERT L. MASSETTI Jessup, Pennsylvania Bob graduated from Jessup High School where he played varsity football and baseball. At Temple Pharmacy, Bob has been a member of the APhA. the Newman Club, and has participated enthusiastically in intramural sports. Bob is known to his friends as a joker, both as a teller of funny stories and as a practical joker. Trading quips with him can be an amusing pastime. When Bob isn’t home with his wife Joyce and son Bob, Jr., his favorite pastimes are playing pinochle, baseball, football and golf. He plans to put his friendly and endearing personality to good use by working as a detail man for some fortunate pha rmaccut ical com pa nv. Activities: Newman Club APhA Intramural Sport CHARLES LOUIS MILAZZO West Wyoming, Pennsylvania Chuck is your man if you are looking for someone to put a new twist in poster painting. He does an able job of publicizing that special event or party for any organization, especially for his fraternity, Phi Delta Chi. Chuck is also talented in the musical field. He returns to his hometown. West Wyoming, every weekend to play a bass fiddle in a local band. His musical talents were also appreciated by the Mortar and Pestle Players. Chuck took a step forward in the summer of 1961. by giving up his bachelorhood to share his artistic and musical life with his wife. Being the gifted person that he is. Chuck will most definitely be a success. Activities: Phi Delta Chi Mortar and Pestle Players Newman Club Intramural SportsRONALD NIGHSWANDER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ron is a graduate of Matoon High School in Illinois. After high school he entered the ( nited State Navy and served for four years as a meml»er of the medical corjn. During his time in the service, Ron traveled extensively in the Orient and the South Pacific. He is happy to relate his experience of encountering King Neptune while crossing the Equator. Ron and his wife are the proud parents of a girl, Debbie. Even with the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood. Ron finds time to take an interest in school activities. He is a brother of Phi Delta Chi and served as a very competent vice-president for two years. Ron plans to enter the field of manufacturing pharmacy. His competency will make him a valuable asset in industry. Activities: Phi Delta Chi—Vice-President CARMEN OCITO Camden, New Jersey Where is Carmen? t seems like “Chinee" has a talent for getting lost; it’s probably because he moves so fast no one can keep up with him. Cryptograms and crossword puzzles occupy most of his sparv times, especially those long lectures. He keeps the “hack row hoys of Room E“ busy trying to think of olmcure three letter words. His skill with cryptograms will certainly come in handy interpreting physicians' handwriting. Carmen is an avid music lover. His favorite types are opera and dixieland which seem to be incompatible, but that’s Carmen. During the summer he can usually be found on the tennis court, hut when winter sets in be trades his racket for a pool cue or a deck of cards. This future pharmacist is sure to enliven ll e profession. Activities: Kappa Pti APhA 45TOSHIKO NOGAMI Pcrkasie, Pennsylvania Toddie was graduated with honors from Pennridge High School. She has attained excellent class standing at Temple Pharmacy which earned her membership in Rho Chi Honor Society. Toddie can be recognized by her musical laughter. She enjoys skating, reading, and especially dancing (the Twist and the Cha Cha Cha I. She also spends many hours demonstrating her culinary ability for her roommates. Thi pert and personable miss takes a sincere interest in school activities. She represehted our class on student council for three years and served as secretary for her sorority. Lambda Kappa Sigma. She was also co-editor of the senior section of the Arrex. We prophesy that Toddle’s capabilities will bring her success in the future. Activities: Lambda Kappa Sigma—Secretary Student Council Magnet- Secretary Rho Chi Interfraternity Council Arrex- Editor Mortar and Pestle Players JAMES O’SHEA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Who’s that smiling senior walking around the halls? It's Jim! He’s better known to his fraternity brothers as “Father O’Shea" due to his role as sunshine committee chairman and his priestly features, especially when he wears that derby. Jim has also served on the pledge and social committees of Phi Delta Oti. Always ready for a good laugh, Jim has had his serious moments. In his junior year he married his high school sweetheart. He is now the proud father of a baby boy, James Pasquale O’Shea. His present intentions will carry him into the field of detailing where we can see him explaining the new antiradiation capsules to the pharmacist in charge of “Razzle Dazzle" Pharmacy. 46 Activities: Phi Delta Chi APhADONN ROBERT POLLOCK Haddon Heights, New Jersey Donn is n graduate of Haddon Heights High School. While in pharmacy school, he has been an active member of Rho Pi Phi fraternity, serving as its Recording Secretary and as a member of the Educational Committee. Donn is also a member of the APhA. An able writer of musical comedy, Donn lent his talents as assistant director to Mr. Gable for the pharmacy school productions of “The Boyfriend” and “Damn Yankees.” Head ing Donn’s lists of interests is music, especially classical and show music. He also likes professional football and traveling, his latest interest being jet travel. Donn has worked for several years in a retail pharmacy, but upon graduation, he plans to undertake graduate study in hospital pharmacy. Activities: Rho Pi Phi—Secretary APhA Mortar and Pestle Players RICHARD GREGORY PREVOST Fallsington. Pennsylvania Before becoming a member of the Class of ’62, Dick attended Rutger’s University, and served in the U. S. Army for two years. He came to Temple and joined Phi Delta Chi fraternity and the APhA. Dick showed his acting and singing ability by playing the part of “Lord Hubert Brockharst” in “The Boyfriend” and the devil in “Damn Yankees.” Being musically inclined, Dick is an accomplished organist and pianist, and plays the guitar and harmonica as well. He still finds time for swimming, horseback riding and traveling. He serves the Episcopal Church in his hometown in the Sunday School and in other phases. Dick plans to enter graduate study or work in a retail pharmacy on the west coast. Acini tits: Phi Delta Chi Arrest Staff APhA Mortar and Pestle Players 47RAYMOND PRICK. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ray graduated from Southern High School and was awarded a Board of Education scholarship. He is a conscientious student and a meticulous worker, having devoted much extra time to physics and quant labs; Ray has always maintained a high scholastic average. Although Ray works in a retail pharmacy, he still finds time for his other interests. Chief among them is sports, especially football. Ray can often lie found at Franklin Field mentally quarterbacking for the Philadelphia Fugles. Ray possesses the necessary attributes for success. He hopes to continue his education after graduation, planning to do graduate work in a related science field. Activities: APhA RAYMOND RAGLAND I Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Ray is a native of Philadelphia and a graduate of Overbrook High School. Upon entering Pharmacy School. Ray beanie a member of the APhA and Om«;ga Psi Phi fraternity. He served ns a fraternity officer during his junior year. Ray has spent his summers working in a retail pharmacy in West Philadelphia. During his leisure time, he enjoys participating in sports, excelling in basketball and swimming. Ray is also an avid jazz enthusiast and is proud of his vast collection of jazz recordings. Following graduation. Ray plans to marry. He intends to further his education by attending Howard University's Graduate Hospital Pharmacy Training Program leading to a Master of Science degree. Activities: Omega Psi Phi APhA 48RICHARD RAKE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania It is always amazing that Ricky, nicknamed the “Mouse,” never fails to fall for girls at least a foot taller than himself. His constant companion is a dashing "Corvette.” which automatically takes off for Garden State Race Track every Thursday. That is why Ricky is always borrowing money on Friday morning. When the track is closed, he tucks his "Marlin Mountie” rifle under his arm and sets out for the target range with Alan Ralph to practice sharpshooting. After graduation. Ricky will take leave of Marcus Pharmacy, where he apprenticed, to open his own suburban pharmacy or enter his father's business. Whichever he chooses, Rick is bound to be successful. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omega ALAN RICHARD RALPH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I Al is the past president of Rho Pi Phi fraternity who is talented in just about everything you can name. Should you ever need some information on guns, archery, art, sports cars, hi-fi equipment, or cameras, just ask Al. Don’t get into an argument with him. because he might be tempted to try some of the Karate he’s learned. He is well liked by everyone in the class, especially by a certain Susie who liked him so much she married him in June. 1961. Now, he and Sue reside comfortably in a modern apartment in Germantown with a cat he’s allergic to, and an MG to which he’s not allergic. Al’s plans include medicine or pharmacy. Regardless of which, he’ll be sure to enrich it w ith his forthright manner and his clever w it. Activities: Rho Pi Phi—President Art Editor of Arrex Mortar and Pestle Player APhA 49MARVIN R PPAPORT Swoyctvillc. Pennsylvania “Stretch" is Swoyerville’s contribution to the Class of '62. Always present when there is a good joke to he told. Marv is rapidly becoming known as a second Jose Jimenez. He is well known for originating several | et expressions of our class, especially “1 don't believe you said that!” And whose name do we hear being gently shouted from Mr. Lynch’s mouth? R A P PA P O R T!! Rack at the pad. Marv can be found glued to the radio listening to the sounds protruding forth into the wee night hours. With his jovial humor and exceptional personality, Marv is bound to be a success in retail pharmacy. Activities: Rho Pi Phi APhA Mortar and Pestle Players SUSAN PERKINS RALPH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sue came to Temple Pharmacy from Overbrook High School. At Temple, she found more than an education in pharmacy: she also found Alan. Romance bloomed in pharmacy school during the sophomore ear. and she and Al married at the end of the junior year. Sue’s time is devoted to school work, housework and working in a retail pharmacy. However she found some time in her busy schedule to handle practically all of the typing for the yearbook. Two of Sue’s favorite pastimes are crossword puzzles and bridge. Just u novice at bridge. Sue loves to play, eager to perfect her skill. Sue plans to teach high school chemistry after gradua tion and to do part-time work in a retail pharmacy. Activities: Arrcx—Chief Typist APhAHARRY REICHENBACH Bethlehem. Pennsylvania Harry, better known as the Whale by his fraternity brothers, resides in Bethlehem. Pa. Harry’s interests include sports. Phi Delta Chi. pharmacognosy, and his '-19 Chevy. He is well known as the best social director Phi Delt ever had. always ready to get dates for the stag fellows. Students will recall the memorable performance that Harry gave as the Temple Owl on the prize winning Phi Delt Homecoming float. Harry is interested in joining the Public Health Sen-ice after graduation and later entering retail pharmacy. His personality, willingness to work, and general overall drive are his greatest assets. Harry will be a quick, assured success in whatever he pursues. Activities: Phi Delia Chi THOMAS RENNER Roxborough, Pennsylvania Tom was renowned in quant lab as the originator of the “Renner Factor.’’ He discovered that his common denominator, x + 3, greatly accelerated titrations and afforded him extra time in the cafeteria. Lil’ Tommy was one of the harder working brothers of Kappa Psi. He entertained at many parties with his expert guitar playing. He served as pledge master and representative to the Interfraternity Council, and during his senior year was elected president. Tom’s lesser known talent is carpentry. He masterminded the construction of three Homecoming floats and built his own sail boat. His favorite pastimes are deep sea fishing and boating. Activities: Student Council APhA Kappa P»i Interfratemity Council—PresidentTHOMAS RINSLAND Harrisburg. Pennsylvania If you need a fourth for pinochle or bridge, Rinny is your man. Don’t teach him any new games because it won’t take him long to start winning. He is always ready to listen to a good joke to add to his repertoire. A man of many interests, Tom is a hard working mem-l er of the Harrisburg Fire Department. He is an enthusiastic weightlifter and a first-class camjx-r and fisherman. Rinny has been active in Kappa Psi. He has served on the pledge, and art committees and, in his junior and senior years, was a representative to the Interfraternity Council. According to Tom. the priceless ingredient for success is sleep. However. Tom won’t have much time for sleep as he fares his responsibility of serving Uncle Sam. Asleep or awake. Tom is bound to be successful. Anilities: Interfruternity Council Kappa P« COLEMAN ROBINSON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Cole” is a native of Philadelphia and graduated from Overbrook High School. This tall, dark haired, dark eyed member of our class is a man of many interests, the most outstanding include swimming, canoeing, basketball, archery. badminton, and hiking. But then there’s the more inquisitive and studious side of Cole. He is an avid music lover, enjoying folk music and jazz as well as the classics. He plays chess, tinkers with astronomy and microscopy and can always be seen with a book under his nose, be it an adventure story or Freud’s Psychology. Coleman would like to enter the field of retail pharmacy. We know that his alertness, challenging nature and undying energy will lead him on to great success. Activities: University Investment—Corresponding Secretary Friendship Liberal League—Associate Member Kx Society—SecretaryYOI SSEF ROKHSAR Tehran, Iran Joe’s home is Tehran. Iran. He joined our class in the sophomore year after attending Lehigh University. He is active in tin- University International Club and serves on the Student Council of the International House of Philadelphia. When Joe isn’t spending extra time in chemistry lab, or isn't occupied with his International Club activities, he finds time to increase his stamp collection, or to skillfully defeat an opponent at chess. Joe also enjoys swimming. His perseverance in all his studies will certainly help him in his future plans. He is contemplating doing graduate work in pharmaceutical chemistry, ultimately hoping to enter the field of manufacturing in Iran. Activities: International Club International House of Philadelphia DONALD RYNIER Paradise, Pennsylvania If you have a question about ’cology, ’cognosy, quant, or calculus, see Don. or Tyrone as he is letter known. He seems to remember just about everything he has ever been taught. He not only has a remarkable memory, but is gifted in the art of teaching. Don’s excellent scholastic ability brought him membership in Rho Chi. Don spends many evenings toying with radio speakers and amplifiers. He enjoys classical music, and one of his favorites is the 1812 Overture. Don is not only a listener of good music, he is a talented musician as well. He studied the accordion for many years. Don’s capabilities, diligence and humor will surely aid him as he furthers his education at Temple Medical School. Activities: Phi Delta Chi—Treasurer Kho ChiPHOEBE SADDIC Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Phoc” is a native' Philadelphian and a graduate of Southern High School. She spends her leisure hours bowling, watching horror shows, and trying to get her more cowardly roommates to watch “Gorgo” and “The Pit and the Pendulum.” She is also a great Belefonte fan. Phoebe has learned to cook, using her roommates as guinea pigs. Phoebe's not so leisure hours are largely filled with quant lab. Phoe is a diligent worker and a good student, and this explains why her lecture notes are always in demand. Phoe is a quiet person with a subtle sense of humor. Extremely kind-hearted, she has been known to forfeit her lunch to a stray dog. Such a sweet-natured person as Phoebe w ill undoubtedly be an asset to our profession. Activities: Lambda Kappa Sigma APhA Mortar and Pcutlr Players YALE SAGER Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania Originally Yale’s hometown was Wilkes-Barre, but he has adopted Atlantic Gty, his roommate's hometown, as his own. His summers are spent either in Atlantic City or in summer school. Yale prides himself as a sharp dresser, keeping up with the latest campus styles. Yale has earned a reputation as being th fastest human alive in the lab, because he is always the first one finished. His fondest memory of pharmacy school is wandering through its hallowed halls from 8 A.M. until 5 P.M. every day during the dark and dreadful sophomore year. After graduation Yale plans to work for Walgreen Drug Stores in Chicago. Activities: APhA 54FRANK SAKALOSKY Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Frank has Iteen extremely active in all types of activities. One never has to hesitate to ask Frank's aid. for he is always willing to help out. Being president of Phi Delta Chi pharmaceutical fraternity is a full time job for Frank. He has a keen interest in the future of pharmacy, and has been the class representative for the PART). He is also a member of the APhA. Outside of school, he participates in sports, and especially enjoys swimming and boating. Frank is considering pharmaceutical sales or detailing for his future. Whatever he decides upon, we know that with his outgoing personality he will find success. Activities: APhA Phi Delta Chi—President 1 IRWIN SCHMIER Allentown, Pennsylvania Irv is a tall, dark haired fellow who calls Allentown his home. His dynamic personality and vitality carry over to each organization of which he is a member. Irv is an enthusiastic member of Rho Pi Phi and a crusader for the APhA activities. His hobbies include music from Broadway shows, operas, and ballads, which he plays on his new Hi-Fi. He likes to read classic Russian novels and plays. Irv is a good student and has an inquiring mind. He is also a natural conversationalist with a gift of gab. Irwin's plans for the future include retail pharmacy. He should be a sure success. Ac tin ties: Rho Pi Phi APhA 55 RAYMOND SCHULTZ Pitman. New Jersey ■ Tall, good-looking Ray is a daily commuter to school from Pitman, New Jersey. Before coming to Temple Pharmacy. Ray served a hitch in the army and spent some time in Europe. Ray is a brother of Kappa Psi and a member of the student branch of the A I’ll A. Ray and his wife are the parents of a young daughter. When Rav isn’t spending time with his family or studying, he likes to have some fun with his Porsche. He is quite a sports car enthusiast. After graduation Ray plans to make a cereer in the manufacturing side of pharmacy. Activities: Kappa Pm API. A NORMAN SCHWARTZ Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Duke is a conscientious student who came to Tempi Pharmacy from Central High School. Norm is the most active member of the APhA Spirit Committee. He is a staunch defender of professionalism in pharmacy. He is also an enthusiastic brother of Alpha Zeta Omega. Duke likes to spend his spare time playing football and basketball. He enjoys explaining things to his fellow students. Norm likes to ask tricky questions on side effects. addiction liabilities, and manufacturer’s products. Norm always knows the answers. After graduation. Norm is looking forward to building a career in teaching, for which he shows a natural talent, or in retail pharmacy. Norm has the “pr ce ess ingredient” which should insure him success. Activities: APhA Alphd Zeta Omfjja 56STEPHEN SHENK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Steve is an ardent sportsman and has a keen interest in football, basketball, and baseball. During the fall, you can fine] Steve and his father at Franklin Field on the 50-yard line cheering the Eagles to victory. In the winter, he follows the Philadelphia Warriors basketball team, and in the spring and summer Connie Mack Stadium is his headquarters. Steve is active brother of Alpha Zeta Omega and an interested member of the APhA. He enjoys music and reading, especially printed matter on medical topics. Steve is a polite, considerate and ethical boy who is a credit to the profession of pharmacy. After graduation he hopes to go to medical school, spending his spare time working in retail pharmacy with his Dad. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omefca APhA EAR I. SIEGFRIED Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Siegie plays the guitar for his own pleasure as the boys at the Phi Dell house will agree. After formal instructions, the brothers at the house are now able to identify some of the songs. These “critics” feel that someday, with constant practice, Earl will be a great musical virtuoso as well as a pharmacist. Earl served as an excellent, hard-working secretary of Phi Delta Chi. Karl enjoys athletics and outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing in the mountains surrounding Bethlehem. Earl’s talents with bow and arrow have earned him the title of “William Tell.” Earl is interested in serving in the I'nited States Public Health Service. Eventually he plans to practice pharmacy in the Bethlehem-Allcntown area. Activities: Phi Delta Chi Arrex Staff APhABARBARA CAPLAN SLAVIN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bobbie came to Pharmacy from the Philadelphia High School for Girls’ with a full-tuition scholarship. She is a conscientious worker and always accomplishes what she starts out to do. She is a member of Lambda Kappa Sigma professional sorority and the APhA. Last June, Bobbie was married, and since then most of her time is occupied in catering to her pharmacist husband. Among her hobbies are ice skating and bowling in which she actively participates with her husband. She enjoys knitting and decorating her apartment. She likes to entertain, and has given many wonderful parties for her friends in the class. After graduation Bobbie would like to work in a hospital pharmacy. Activities: APhA Lambda Kappa Sigma Mortar and Pe9tle Players BARBARA SPECTOR Perth Amboy, New Jersey Our blond, attractive Barbara resides in Perth Amboy. New Jersey. This vivacious co-editor-in-chief undertook her many responsibilities most capably anti with a masterful touch. In the junior year. Barbara’s excellent scholastic record won her election to the national pharmaceutical honor society. Rho Chi. During the past two summers, Barbara acquired the title "Miss J J." because she worked in the field of formulation and analysis at the Johnson and Johnson Research Center. Barb became engaged last summer and will be married in July, 1962. She and Jerry are planning to make their home in New Jersey. Barbara would like to work as a retail pharmacist after graduation, and we are sure she will lie a great asset to our profession. Activities: Arrex Staff Kho Gii Honor Society APhAEUGENE SPELMAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gene is a graduate of iN'ortli Catholic High School. Before entering pharmacy school. Gene spent four years in the Air Force and served for one year in Korea. After his stint, he spent one year in a liberal arts college and was an assistant editor of the school newspaper. Gene has a fine baritone voice that has enlivened many a Phi Dclt party. He is a hard-working brother of Phi Delta Chi. having served as chairman of its Kducationa! Committee. In his spare time, Gene indulges in his favorite pastimes which are howling, chess, and pinochle. Gene plans to enter retail pharmacy. His meticulous, well-organized manner will insure his success. Activities: Phi Delta Chi CLAUDE SPIN NATO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Claude came to pharmacy school from South Philadelphia High School, where he served as vice-president of his class. In his sophomore year, he took a “sabbatical” from Temple, and spent three months touring Italy. He liked it so much that he decided to complete his education there. Unfortunately two full years of credit were needed for transfer. and Claude had to abandon the idea. Returning to Temple, he plunged into many fraternity activities, representing Phi Delta Chi on the bowling, football, and baseball teams. His tact and sense of humor were put to good use during his two years as a member of the fraternity grievance committee. Claude looks forward to the time when he will manage his own retail pharmacy. Activities: Phi Della ChiALAN STRAUSS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Alan, or "Che$h." as he is known to his fraternity brothers, is a graduate of Central High School. At Temple pharmacy, he lias been an active brother of Alpha Zeta Omega. He served AZO as Signare I secretary). Al is quite interested in photography. In addition to taking pic ture . AI does his own developing and enlarging of pictures. He served as a staff photographer for the Arret. AI and Howie Markow itz spent many hours in Alan's den "pounding knowledge” into each other’s heads. Al enjoyed the sophomore course in Physics. His lab work was excellent, and he was often performing original experiments. After completing his military obligation, Man plans to enter retail pharmacy in Florida. ictii it its: APhA Alpha Zeta Omega EDW ARD SWUM Philadelphia, Pcimtyhllttt F.ddic i a graduate oi Olney W gVi School. Reioie coming to Temple Pharmacy, he was employed in a Center C l department store. s a brother oi Rho Pi Phi. he held the office of “Firev Dragon" and served on the Werluternitv i w •• • » Council. During nice weather Ed's iavorite spot is the go i course. He is a charier member oi the "Stamp out t$t Cholesterol in the Diet Club” ami a staunch enemy ol the high priced spread. “SwlcV will be remembered as being soft spoken, very itiendly. and always well dressei in the latest style. His future is undecided, but be hopes o enter ei 1 leaching or retail pharmacy. Miliw. Rho Pi PhiFRANCIS S IKNCKOWSKI Reading, Pennsylvania Frank has been a daily commuter from Reading since he joined our class in the Sophomore year. Over the past three years, he has built up an understandable dislike for the Reading Railroad. Frank's chief interest is his family. He and his wife, Sally, are the proud parents of two boys. Steve and Mark. They are expecting another addition to their family in the near future. Frank enjoys wood-working as a hobby. The cabinets in his home arc the results of his labor. Lack of time to do the things he enjoys is Frank's chief complaint of the rigorous life he leads. When lie can manage it, he likes to ski. fish and hunt. After graduation Frank plans to join the sales team of Upjohn. DAVID TEDESGO Philadelphia, P«-nm» Ivunia Dave or "Worm," as he is known to his close friends, was graduated from Northeast Catholic High School. Dave and his wife Phyllis were married in September. 1061. and the li e in an apartment in Philadelphia. Dave is a member of Kappa Psi fraternity, Newman Club and the APhA. Dave was an active participant in fraternity football, basketball and baseball. Sportsminded Dave takes an interest in community athletics. I nder his able coaching, a junior football team of neighborhood children won a championship. During his leisure time. Dave enjoys listening to music and reading, especially books by Hemingway. Dave plans to enter retail pharmacy after graduation, but bis plans also include something a bit more unusual. He hopes to go to night school with the intention of becoming a sports announcer. Activities: Kappa Pm APhA Newman Club 61ROBERT THOMPSON Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Bob graduated from Olney High School. During his four years at Temple, Bob has attained a high scholastic standing and is a member of Rho Chi Honor Society. He is well known for his quick, accurate lab technique and is always willing to share his talents with his fellow classmates. Bob not only takes an active interest in his studies but also boating and water skiing. He has joined the New Jersey Boating Association. Bob is one of the fortunate applicants who has been accepted by Temple graduate school. He plans to work for his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. With his ambition. Bob should become Dr. Bob Thompson in no time. Activities: Rho Chi APhA DANIEL TRACHTENBERG Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Danny entered Pharmacy School in the sophomore year after attending Temple Liberal Arts College, where he was a brother of Tau Delta Phi fraternity. He is now a brother of Alpha Zeta Omega fraternity and in his Senior year served as its Directorum. Dan is also very active in religious activities. He has been a leader of a junior congregation group and a Sunday School teacher. One would think that such a busy person could find no time for recreation. But leave it to Danny to find time for all those dates! Danny’s greatest interest was pharmacology which will be of value if he decides to pursue graduate work in the medical field. Activities: Alpha Zeta Omega—Directorum APhAJUDITH ORCUTT VAN DEV ERE York, Pennsylvania Judy came to Temple Pharmacy from William Penn Senior High School in York, Pa. Here at Temple, she excels in her studies and has developed an efficient lab technique which is both accurate and rapid. l ast summer. Judy was one of the first Temple Pharmacy students to participate in the foreign exchange program. She spent an invigorating summer in Villmergen. Switzerland and resided with the family by whom she was employed. Part of her time in Europe was spent touring the rest of the continent. Her favorite hobbies include music, sports, reading and painting. Future plan for Judy are employment in industry or hospital pharmacy. Judy states her eventual goal as that of raising “little Van Deveres.” Activities: Exchange Program Gas Sec'y Arrex Staff Freshman Cump Staff lambda Kappa Sigma APhA TED VAN DEVERE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ted graduated from Lincoln High School in 1953. He worked at SKF for three years and then was invited to join the U. S. Armed Forces in Germany and Holland. Even though Ted is a quiet individual, he enjoys all sports, and is an avid skin-diver, fisherman and hunter. He also participates in football and tennis. Dancing and traveling arc his less strenuous pursuits. As an organization man, he presides over the affairs of Kappa Psi and is a key member of many other campus organizations. Ted plans to eventually settle on the East coast and work in industry. Activities: Kappa Psi—Vice-President. President Circle K A PhA —T reasurer Vice-President of Class Co-Chairman of Prom Committee Co-Chairman of Freshman Camp 63SYDNEY WEINSTOCK Wilke Barre, Pennsylvania “Beep” is the beloved “Mr. President” of our class and has been for three years. Syd has proven himself an excellent liason between our class and the faculty. He lias always seen that we never had two tests on the same day. Beep’s favorite expression is, “Help me, man. I’m going to take gas in this exam.” He loves to study pharmacognosy even though it interrupts his daily eight hour nap. Syd is a loval brother of Rho Pi Phi. He always makes the scene at Rope’s parties and enlivens them by doing the twist and searching for a partner for “the mashed potatoes.” He is a talented musician, playing a “mean” saxophone. He has lent his musical talents to the school show “The Boyfriend” and “Damn Yankees.” Personable Beep, an industrious student, faces a fine future in retail pharmacy. Ac tii it its: Class President Rho Pi Phi APhA Mortar and Pestle Players BEVERLY BLOOMFIELD WEISMAN Clifton, New Jersey Beverly has a very complex personality. She is Bright, entertaining and vivacious. She can be intelligent, and interesting, yet at the same time ridiculous. Immediately after she has discussed a renowned artist or a popular novel, a person might he convinced that Beverly is quite clever. To the contrary, ask her how many legs a chicken has—her answer—“four.” As a frosh Beverly could not tolerate history; as a soph she reacted adversely to physics: as a junior she was irritated by quant, and. as a senior she was not fond of any course. Bev has always considered school and its details an extracurricular activity. Her time is usually spent in what she considers pertinent business—her husband, “Life” magazine. and the arts. Mrs. Wcismans recipe for success—you must “concentrate in silence. ’ Ac tii it its: Mortar and Pestle Players APhA Lambda Kappa SigmaBARBARA DOLFMAN WISHNEV Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "Dolf" became the wife of Dr. Martin Wishnev in September. 1061. She enjoys homemaking and especially likes to cook, but she hates to rlo the dishes. Barb looks forward to raising little Wishnevs at some future date. Although Barbara rarely frequents classroom lectures, she is a good student. Still finding time to partake in school activities, she has played in all of our school shows and took the starring role of "Lola” in "Damn Yankees.” She served as Advertising Editor for the yearbook and helped bring in those ads. Future plans for Barbara include employment in a professional store. She would like to see the day when pharmacies fill prescriptions exclusively. Activities: Advertising Editor of Ariex Mortar and Pestle Player A PI. A DAVID ZENSTEIN Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Dave is a graduate of Germantown High School. After giving up his bachelorhood in December of 1961. be moved to Northeast Philadelphia where he resides with his wife. Eve. Dave ambitiously works during the school year in a medical center: nevertheless, he still finds time to indulge in his favorite hobby of bowling. He is a loyal brother of Alpha Zeta Omega and has served his fraternity with enthusiasm. Dave is well liked for his good sense of humor and easygoing manner. Dave plans to enter retail pharmacy upon graduation and eventually own his own pharmacy. This personable boy will assuredly be a success. Anilities: Alpha Zcta OmegaJANET ZOOLE Penosaukcn, New JrrM.-y Twinkling eyes and a warm smile are characteristic of Janet, affectionately known as Miss Zoooole. This resident of Pennsauken has been a very active sister of Lambda Kappa Sigma and served as its president during her senior year. Janet ably planned all of I.KS’s fund-raising and social functions. There is always a discussion about the treasury at her “short” Wednesday afternoon meetings. Janet has a strong feeling for Junior quant lab. She was always doing her unknown, and doing her unknown, and doing her unknown. However. Janet bears the distinction of having enjoyed all her courses. Janet plans to work in a retail pharmacy after graduation. Activities: Lambda Kappa Sigma—President APhA STANFORD Zl'KIN Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Stan was graduated from Olney High School in Philadelphia. If you are doubtful as to “who dun it?”, don’t look any further. Our man Stan has always been a great promoter of “class spirit.” He has also Immmi a faithful brother of Rho Pi Phi and served its educational committee as chairman. He became an active member of the APhA and worked as co-chairman of the program committee. Stan married Elsa in August. 1961, and they expect an addition to the Zukin family presently. Future plans for Stan include partnership with his brother Ronnie in “Twins' Pharmacy.” Activities: Rho Pi Phi APhASENIOR Cl.ASS OFFICERS: Sid Weinstock. President: Lew Gould. Treasurer: Judy Van Dev ere. Secretary: Ted Van Dcvere. Vice-President. 67FRONT ROW: John Brown. Harvey Dubin. Christine Dolan. Sheila Fanshel, Maria Ciffarrlli. John Baker. Richard Andriole. SECOND ROW: Edwin Berkowitz. Albert Fleisehner. Edward Cohen. Haney Kaufman. Harvey Gill»ert, Joseph Donato, Charles Faaano. LAST ROW: Share wood Cole. Alfred Gilgore, Arthur Gelman, Harry Caplan. CLASS OF FRONT ROW: Robert Hartzell. Loretta Mayer. Flek Lefkoe. Theodore Knauss. Howard Mai-mud. Albin Milewski. SECONE) ROW: Neal Levensten, Sheldon Klein. Barry Gilles. Howard Krasny. Martin Koutcher. LAST ROW: Joseph Irrera. Herman Glnssman. Jerry Haston. William McClay. Jerry London.FIRST ROW: Steven Pettier, Melvyn Rosen. Fredrick Romich, Alfred Powell. Joseph Pazel. Alfred Rose. Frank Mebino; SECOND ROW: Larry Schwartz, Robert Schwartz. Mitchell Rechson, William Moors, Mark Rosenberg. Henry Shade. LAST ROW: Gerald Rosenberg. Stanley Rovncr. Hillcl Liebcrman, tawrcncc Rose, John Lorenzo. 19 6 3 FIRST ROW: Marshall Sterling. Gene Shusman. Nicholas Trunzo, Susan Thomas. Geraldine Upanavage. Howard Spirer, Ronald Stern. SECOND ROW: Gerald Packer, Gerald Yakatan, Leonard Winegrad, Joseph Worley, Lawrence Young. Ronald Zukin, Frank Steinberg. John Wilson.JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Elek Lefkoe, president; Frank Steinberg. treasurer; Susan Thomas, secretary: John Wilson Jr., vice-president. Class Adviser: MR. GERALD NEWBERCER CLASS OF 1963 With three-quarters of their college life already behind them, the Junior Class is looking forward to only one more year of formal education. This class marks the end of an era—they arc the last class to study pharmacy under a four year program. The Junior (’lass is known for its sense of humor. Its schedule was blighted occasionally hv those necessary “qual" lectures instead of lunch and an eight o’clock “quant" lab. The class also adjusted to devoting an hour of spare time to ’cognosv the third Thursday of every month. Although the learning process did not come easily, it was buffered by Junior good humor. The ac tivity-conscious Juniors have done more than their share in supporting activities sponsored b the pharmacy school. Many of the members of this class took part in “Damn Yankees." helped to organize the school newspaper. and were quite active in the APhA. This clas9 works hard and plays just as hard, adding up to well-rounded students, full of vitality and willingness. 72SEATED: I sad ore Brody. Lawrence Forman, Stanley Greenberg. STANDING: Roger Zier. Faye Banks. Joseph Armon. Frederick Cohen. Jordan Sitnick. CLASS OFFICERS: David Wenger, Stan Green berg, Larry Forman. Larrv Kramer. Class adviser: DR. MURRAY TUCKERMAN CLASS OF 1964 The Second Professional Year class has the distinction of beginning a new era in pharmaceutical education. They arc the first class studying under the newly instituted five-year plan. Their curriculum includes Pharmacy Mathematics. Pharmacy, Qualitative Chemistry, Micriobiology. Zoology ami Physiology. t first glance into a second year lab. one might think four-fifths of the class had been hit by a flu epidemic, for the twenty students are lost in a large laboratory. This group holds still another distinction in that it is the only class that can be comfortably seated in its entirety in a fourth floor lecture room. Being such a small group, this class has had the advantage of growing exceptionally close. They eagerly and enthusiastically take an active part in pharmacy sponsored activities and in professional and fraternal organizations. This class makes up in quality what it lacks in size. 74CLASS OF FIRST ROW: Bruce Ganly, Stephen Frey, Leonard David, Jordan Vbowilz. Marcia brains. Helen Casarella. SECOND ROW: Irwin Gibbs, Donald Greenberg, Richard Green, Lawrence Gross, Joseph Esjwsito, Leonard Gerhart. LAST ROW: Richard Hytnan, Larry Haiper, Barry Jacobs. 761965 FIRST ROW: Gloria Smith. Maren Jahnke. Barry Marell. Harrison Melstein. Jay Pollock. Jerry Silberman. SF.COM) ROW: Gary Schock. Joel Sendroff. Fred Kiescrman. Marvin Mazer, Barry Kelly, Stephen Solotoff, Leon Piaseckt. THIRD ROW: Gcoffrev Irvine, Mark Dubow, Murry Bruder, Gerald Rosenfeld. Fred Weiss. Bruce Morse. LAST ROW: Nathan Rosenberg. Robert Maycon. Steven Malish. Herbert Novitz. 77FIRST PROFESSIONAL YEAR OFFICERS: Peter Arcuri. treasurer; Leonard David, vice-president; Harrison Melstein, president; Marcia Abrams, secretary. Class Adviser: MR. JOHN LYNCH CLASS OF 1965 The First Professional 't ear Class that entered the school in September. 1961, is the second class to be enrolled under the five year pharmacy curriculum. The class numbers seventy-five students, and it is triple the size of it predecessor. Since many members of this class satisfied their pre-pharmacy requirements at Temple University’s School of Liberal Arts, the University was not new to them. This previous experience at Temple made the first year of professional study somewhat easier. Pharmacy Orientation introduced them to the ethics, history, and terminology of the profession. With some learned advice from the upperclassmen, they discovered that organic, physics, and botany lab can really be fun. Fraternity and sorority rushing began the first week of the fall semester, and soon many members of this class were proudly wearing pledge pins. By the end of the first semester they had become active members of these organizations. The class is also proud of its large representation in the APhA. The Class of 1965 is very happy that their “second freshman year" has been completed. 78CAROL LEININOF.R Editor A 69 UNDERCLASSMEN rHOW 1. Left to Right: Toshiko Nogami. Thomas Renner. Elaine De Cusatis. Faculty adviser. Hr. Khy. addresses a meet- ROW 2: Gerald Yakatan. Irwin Schmier, Thomas Rinsland. ing. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The purpose of the interfratcrnitv council at Temple Pharmacy is to conduct an organization for the mutual benefit of all its members, to advance the profession of Pharmacy, educationally as well as socially, and to promote a spirit of fratemalism among the component groups and their members. The 1FC is often called upon to “iron out” problems between organizations ami serves a very useful purpose in the school. The member organizations are Kappa Psi. Alpha Zeta Omega. Phi Delta Chi, Rho Pi Phi and Lambda Kappa Sigma. Each fraternity and sorority has two delegates and two alternates but only one vote. Offices are held in annual rotation by each member organization. OFFICERS President —THOMAS RENNER Vice-President—RONALD STERN Secretarv JACK RAKER Corr. Secretary—GER LD YAKATAN Treasurer—ELAINE DeCUSATlS MEMBERS Thomas Rinsland Andrew Obin Leonard Winegrad Irwin Schmier Toshiko NogamiOFFICERS President: GERALD YAKATAN Vice-President: TOSIIIKO NOGAM I Secretary: VIVIAN BREEN I he Student Council's I1-Pharmac Dance was an immense success. STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 1: Ann Bryan. Vivian Breen. Gerald Yakatan. Toshiko N’ogami. ROW 2: Clint Roderick. Larry Kramer. Michael Maliniak. I he primary objective of Student Council is to serve as an intermediate between the student body and the faculty. In addition, the Council has a large number of other activities designed to help round out the students school life and to improve the school in any way possible. This year's All-Pharmacy Dance, held at the Bellvuc-Stratford. was an outstanding success with the largest attendance e er. Under the prompting of President Gerald Yakatan, a school newspaper, “The Temple Triturate.” was initiated with Sue Thomas as editor. Through combined student effort the council again sponsored a booth in the Temple Carnival and helped decorate a tree at Christmastime. The Student Council has greatly benefited Temple Pharmacy through cooperation, initiative and a good deal of hard work. Jerry Yakatan gives Sheila Fanshel her ticket for "Damn Yankees." 83Lance Collins, president of Rho Chi. instructs a lab in organic chemistry. Dr. Elkin, adviser, shows new officers, Howard Hurpel, president, and Stanley Leonard, historian, the program for Rho Chi Day. RHO CHI Beta Lambda Chapter of Rho Chi Society was begun in 1955 at Temple Pharmacy. The object of the Society is to promote scholarship, friendship, and to recognize high attainment in the pharmaceutical field. Candidates for membership must maintain a cumulative average of at least 3.2 for not less than five semesters. The Beta Lambda Chapter holds an annual Rho Chi Day, at which time new members are honored at a convocation featuring a guest speaker, and initiated at a dinner that evening. This year’s program was held in April. ROW I. Ix-ft to Right: Toshiko Nogami, Elaine De Cusatis. Barbara Speclor. Howard Har-l cl. ROW 2: Robert Thompson, Lance Collins, President. Donald Rynier. 84Doug Brunner, president of APhA, posls an announcement of a meeting. Don Rynier and Earl Siegfried hitching a ride with Dr. Tuckerman to the APhA National Convention in Las Vegas. With Pharmacy at a critical point in its history. increased emphasis has been put on the student organizations as one means of rebuilding the profession in the public eye. The Temple branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association has not missed any of the acti itv: rather, it has been in the middle of much of it. With Doug Brunner and Gerry Yakatan as leaders, and Dr. Peterson and Dean Sprowls. as advisers. Temple's student branch has experienced a sort of revival. Sparked bv a symposium on Fair Trade, films on cancer and the new hospital ship, SS Hope, membership has increased tremendously this year. In addition. Temple's delegates are playing a greatly increased role at the national conventions. Under the guidance of the national organizations, the APhA will continue to expand, providing students with an increased knowledge of the importance of professional associations. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerald Yakatan. Douglas Brunner. Judy Van Devere. Irwin Schmier. 85Howard llarpel. co editor in-chief, finds a free moment to go to class. ARREX STAFF EDITORS ROW 1, L. to R.: Toshiko Nogami, Seniors: Elaine DeCusatis, Seniors: Barbara Spector, Co-editor-in-chief; Howard Harpel. Co-editor-in-chief: Barbara Wishnev, Advertising: Susan Ralph. Typing. ROW 2: Alan Ralph. Art: Carol Leninger, I nder-classmen; Lewis Gould. Business Manager: Irwin Schinier. Organizations: Ted VanDevere, Faculty. 86TOSHIKO NOGAMI: Seniors ELAINE DeCUSATIS: Seniors editor RLflN RRL PH BARBARA WISHNEV: dvertising IRWIN SCHMIER: Organizations ALPHA ZETA OMEGA MR. NEWBURGER, Adviser “Let’s jitterbug” ROW 1. Left to Right: Ronald Stern. Howard Markowitz. Nathan Gewertz. Norman Schwartz. Daniel Trachtenberg. Alan Strauss, Mclvyn Davis. Harry .apian. ROW 2: Richard Rake, Marshall Sterling, Robert Schwartz. Jerry Silverman, Larry Halpcr, Harvey Dubin, Fred Kicscrman. Donald Greenberg. ALPHA ZETA OMEGA Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmaceutical fraternity was founded in 1918 at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. The Gamma chapter of Temple University was founded in 1922. The goal of AZO is to forward the ideals of scholarship, culture, and fraternnlism. The chapter maintains a cultural program featuring an annual symposium with guest lecturers and films. A recent charity drive was held to collect funds for a college of Pharmacy in Israel. With the aid of its supreme and alumni chapters, AZO annually sponsors a scholarship for a worthy student at Temple Pharmacy. Another chapter feature is the “Gammazoan,” a bimonthly newspaper printing the Knobby-Knees? 88OFFICERS Di recto rum: DANIEL TRACHTENBERG Sul) Direetorum: CARL MOGILEFSKY Signare: ALAN S1RAI SS Exchequer N THAN GEW ERTZ Bellarum: NORMAN SCHW ARTZ Social Chairman: NEAL LEVENSTEN ROW’ 3: Martin Brian, Steven Garfield. Ronald Usertnaq. Barrv Kellv. Neal Levensten. Murray Bruder, Leonard David. ROW : Lnrrv Young. Jordy Silnick. Barry Dubinsky, Leonard Winegrad, Stephen Shenk. I rrv Herman. FRATERNITY latest drug and fraternity news. Many social functions were held this year at VZO’s new fraternity house which is jointly owned with the PCP S chapter. This year, as before, the social calendar included a pre-school stag, an “Opening" dinner dance. Purple Passion and Beachcomber parties, and a New Year's Eve party, all of which were climaxed by a dinner-dance following exams. In presenting such a rounded program. ZO has attempted to promote professional relationships through fraternal ism. AZO’s distinguished executive committee. Dancing close at the house. Studying together 89kappa psi Do the floor—not my toes!’' HOW I. Left to Right: Tom Rinsland. Howard Harpel, Tony Del Piano. Ted Van Devere, Stan Smith, Lewis Gould, Douglas Brunner, Frank Buono. ROW 2: Ralph Bryan, Carmen Xocito, Joseph Pazcl, Richard Andriole. Frank Rubino, William Moors, Dave Tcdesco, Bill Kowalcwski. KAPPA PSI Kappa Psi Professional Pharmaceutical fraternity was founded on May 30, 1879. expanding constantly until today there are fifty two collegiate and twenty two graduate chapters throughout the L. S. Beta Omega chapter was initiated in 1930 and since that time has steadfastly grown. Three of the charter members, Mr. Lieberknight, Mr. Lynch, and Dr. Eby are presently on the faculty and available for assistance and advice. The past four years have been extremely fruitful for the Temple chapter culminating in an outstanding senior year. An active social program consisted of 1 stag and I dated affair monthly, highlighted by a Chest X-ray van sponsored by K . 'Twas a cold winter’s evening. 90 »•OFFICERS Regent: TED VAN DEVERE Vice-Regent: STANLEY SMITH Secretary : D01 GLAS BRl NNER Treasurer: LEW IS GOULD Chaplain: ANTHONY DEL PIANO Historian: HOWARD HARPEL ROW 3: Paul Leuthner, Tom Renner. Bill Lowney. John Claar. A1 Rose. Aivars Berkis, Ronald Davis, Mike Ylaliniak. Ted Knauss. ROW 4: Harry Lautenbaeher, Raymond Schultz, Paul Garber, Basil Giundonato. John Campbell, William Hammcrschmidt, Joe Turi, Lew Gatto, Vance Eppley, Robert Gaudreau. FRATERNITY spring formal in May. Athletically, Beta Omega has done very well in the inter-fraternity competition, having won the championship for 2 out of 3 years in every sport except bowling. Free polio shots and chest x-rays to dental-pharmacy students as well as a Christmas party for Phila. orphans comprised this year's social service program. This fall negotiations were completed for a new fraternity house, promising an even brighter future. All these factors combined, to make Kappa Psi an active, well-rounded fraternity that lives up to its ideals of fraternalism and scholarship. Kappa Psi s V. I. P.’s. 91s I G M A ROW 1. Left to Right: Elaine Dc Cusatis. Maria Ciffarelli. Susa Thomas. Janet Zoole, Gere Ipanavage, Toshiko Nogami. ROW : Pinning our little sisters. LAMBDA KAI Lambda Kappa Sigma was initiated October. 1913. at Massachusetts College of Pharmaev. Today there are 57 chapters throughout the U.S. with the primary purpose of promoting the profession of pharmacy among women. On October 14, the girls celebrated Founder’s Day with the traditional ceremony. Janet Zoole. Susan Thomas, Maria Ciffarelli and Gere Upanavage attended the Eastern Regional Convention in New York where they met and exchanged ideas with delegates from other chapters. In November, an ice skating party was held and was so successful it will be repeated annually. A Bake Sale in the school lobby helped Supplying the school with baked goods and our treasury with money. 92 Triangle of officersOFFICERS Sandra Llewellyn. Mrs. Wilson. Anne Bryan. Man ia Abrams. Christine Dolan, Barbara Slavin. Carol Leininger. Phoebe Saddic. President—J WET ZOOLE Vice-President -SI SAN THOMAS Treasurer—ELAINE DcCU’SATIS Secretary- TOSHIKO NOCAMI Corr. Secretary M ARI CIFFANELLI A SIGMA SORORITY fill the Sorority's treasury and provided funds for the Christmas party where carols were sung and gifts exchanged, helping to make a really grand Christmas. This year's annual dinner-dance, combined with the PCP S chapter, was held at the Melrose Country Club. "Closing” was a senior-freshman banquet to welcome new members and bid farewell to all seniors. Sorority news and information are periodically recorded in the newspaper, “Lamb’s Tales.” A special vote of thanks must be extended to Mrs. Wilson, faculty adviser to L.K.S., for her generous help ami encouragement. At the banquet: Musta" been something they drank. Merry Christmas. Mrs. Wilson. 93 After a difficult legislative session (meeting).BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: John Barbagiovanni. Andy Obin,Ronald Nighswander, Donald Rynicr. Frank Sakalosky. Earl Siegfried, Harry Reichenbach. John Wilson. SECOND ROW: Richard Prevost, Charles Heller. Richard DiMonte. Matt [.amelza. Chuck Milazzo, James O'Shea. Dave Groft, Henry Shade. THIRD ROW: Richard Tancredi. Nick Trunzo. Joe Donato, Jim RigeL, A1 Weinstein, Jack Baker. Chuck Fasano. LAST ROW: Gene Spelman. Claude Spinnato. Fred Romich, Joe Worley, Tom Malis-haucki. PHI DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Phi Delta Chi Pharmaceutical fraternity was founded in 1884 at the University of Michigan. Alpha Omicron chapter originated on the campus of Temple University in 1951. Temple brothers of Phi Dell enjoyed a productive and exciting year under the administration of an all-senior executive committee. The year’s activities were off to an early start in September. On registration day a luncheon was held at the house to provide an opportunity for all the brothers to get together, after a busy summer. Homecoming 1961 will be fondly remembered by Phi Delt. Despite the handicap of wind and rain. Phi Dolt's float won first prize in the fraternity division of the parade. Remembering Christmas as a lime to give, the brothers invited 25 children from an orphanage to be their guests at a party complete with Santa Claus and Christmas gifts. Once again Phi Delt honored the cast of the school show. “Damn Yankees,” by sponsoring an open house party after the second performance. Throughout the year, mixers, parties, and a formal closing dinner-dance at the Adclphia Hotel w-ere held. The brothers of Phi Delt feel the credit for their successful years goes to Dr. Fackenthal. Faculty Adviser, and their persevering officers. 94Our gang—the seniors of Phi Dell. OFFICERS President: FRANK SAKALOSKY Vice-President: KONALS NIGHSWANPER Secretary: EARL SIEGFRIED Treasurer: DONALD RYMER First prize—Fraternity division of 1961 Homecoming Orphans need a Merry Christmas too. Parade. 95ROW 1. I. to r.: Sid Weinstock, Larry Schwartz. Marty Koutcher, Mark Rosenberg, Stan Rovner, Frank Steinberg, Howard Malmud. Howard Spirer. ROW 2: Gary Shock, Eddy Swichar. Phil Voluck. Steve Lawrence, Art Gelman, Stan Zukin. Al Fleischner. Stan Greenberg. ROW 3: Jeff Levine. Marv Mazur. Dave Wenger. Marv Rappaport. Steve Gart. Irwin Schmier, Larry Kramer. ROW 4: Louis Brandt. Ron Zabinsky, Harvey Coffman, Stan Grabois. Al Gilgore, Barry Jacobs. Fd Cohen. RHO PI PHI FRATERNITY DR. SAMUEL ELKIN Chancellor: MARK ROSENBERG MR. FRED B. CABLE Vice-Chancellor: STAN ROVNER Recording Scribe: LARRY SCHWARTZ Corresp. Scribe: MARTIN KOUTCHER Exchequer: FRANK STEINBERG Gamma Galen chapter of Rho Pi Phi Pharmaceutical Fraternity originated at Temple in 1951 by affiliating with Galen fraternity. Its highly successful history has been largely due to the sincerity and enthusiasm of all brothers as well as the efforts and encouragement of Dr. Elkin and Mr. Gable. Thanks largely to the seniors, the past 4 years have been some of finest with the last year the most successful of all. On the social front, besides periodic dated affairs. Dragon's Dens and “Untouchables,” a number of mixers were held as well as rushing stags bearing the motto, “Welcome to Rushing—You Ain't Gonna Leave Sober.” Re-entering the athletic competition with a renewed vigor. Rope's team has done well over the last 4 years. A raffle, held in behalf of the Leukemia Foundation, as well as a scholarship for the freshman with the highest average are annual events. Intrafraternity bowling and alumni dinners have both been initiated this year with marked success. The prime consideration at Gamma Galen is living up to tin- ideals of the national organization. This has been done with a success that is explained in 3 words: scholarship, enthusiasm and fraternalism. 96“C’mon. hoys. just one more" Dragon’s Den—1961 “Beep” twists for the crowd. And what a pledge show it was! Rope’s 2 thirstiest brothers. 97rlACTI VITIESPharmacy student and their date dance to the music of Rill Jaffc and his band at the All-Pharmacy Dance held October 17, 1961, in the Roof Garden Room of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. Those "ho attended this year’s dance thought it was the most successful ever. ALL-PHARMACY DANCE Susan Ralph enjoys a regal moment as Dean Sprowls crowns her Queen at the Pharmacy Dance. 100 Queen Susan Ralph is surrounded by the members of her court, Barbara Spector. Sandy Llewellyn, and Sue Thomas.This happy group typifies the crowd who attended the senior prom. Everyone agreed the evening was a success. Bill Jaffe and his hand made the evening a success. Vs long as the music played, everyone danced on and on. SENIOR PROM Ray Kauffman. Dr. Elkin, Mrs. Elkin. Mrs. Sprowls, Dean Sprowls. Sid Weinstock. Mary Anne Matheson and Ellen Kauffman pause for a moment after finishing their delicious dinner at the senior prom held February 17, 1062. at Meadowlands Country Club. Sandy Llewellyn and Ray Kressler seem to enjoy watching Lew Gould, Roberta Otto, and the others in an after dinner twist. Barbara and Mark Siavin show interested onlookers the proper way to tango. 101Members of the Class of 1902 take time out from their rigorous touring schedule to pose on the front steps of Lilly Research Laboratories. The class was the guest of Eli Lilly and Company from January 24 through January 26. 1962. Janet Zoolc and Coleman Robinson find time on the trip to catch up on their reading. It seems, however, that Cole is more interested in Janet's book than in his own. 102 Carol Leininger, Toddie Nogami, and Rosace Ikrbera relax in the lobby of the Harris Motel in Kalamazoo. They, along with the rest of the class were the guests of Upjohn from January 22 through January 24, 1962.Frank Goldman and Harry Reichenbach, along with other members of the senior class wait for the bus that will take them on the second leg of their journey, fram Kalamazoo to Indianapolis. For th»‘ week of January 21-26 this bus was like home to its inhabitants. Here girls gossiped, boys played cards, and others who were lucky slept in not such comfort. “Twist again like we did in Kalamazoo." Tony Del Piano and Rosalie Barbera dance to the music of radio station WKZO. Rosalie Barbera seems to have lost her partner, but vou don't need one to do the South Philadelphia twist. 103I “You’re Wind, Ump! You must he out your mind. I mp!" The Washington Senators, played by Martin Koutcher, Stanley Leonard. Mark Rosenberg. Gene Shussman, Sheldon Klein, Frank Steinberg, Stephen Frey. Harvy Kaplan, and Nick Trunzo, are determined to beat those “Damn Yankees.' Lola, the devil’s best homewrecker is expertly portrayed by Barbara Wishnev in the Mortle and Prestle Players’ production of “Damn Yankees” presented April 5 and 6. Harvey Coffman reminisces, “A man doesn’t know what he has until he loses it.” Joe has gladly returned to his wife, Meg (Marcia | w AbramsL after his adventure with the devil. “Who needs a pill when they do the mambo?” sing Rosalie Barbera. Barbara Wishnev. and Helen Casarella in a spirited number from “Damn Yankees.” The school production was directed by Mr. Fred Gable."It’s the youth of America, Joe!" Joe Hardy, renowned baseball player is feted at a party. Elaine DeCusatis and Barbara Specfor lead the members of the Chevy Chase Fan Club. Robin Elkin, Jean Sprowls, Hannah Tuckerman. and Seth Tucker-man. in singing “Heart-" Reporters Nancy Ddctofsky and Martin Koutcher seem determined to get the real st »ry on Joe Hardy from Arthur Gelman. the club manager, and Lewis Gould, the club owner. Lola (Barbara Wishnevi tries to talk ballplayer Joe Hardy (Basil Giandonatol into throwing the World Series for the Washington Senators. The devilish gleam in Dick Prevost’s eyes is a clue to the part he plays in “Damn Yankees.” As Mr. Applegate, the dc il. lie persuades a baseball fan to sell him his soul. 105107—. VZ, 1 v tSL"? B€7ma '12 SECON| D prize YOUR LIF %• kcc c q 't® T OM H IflVANSOHWO 1 «U» V | iIN APhA COMPETITION 113 ADVERTISEMENTSWelcome to the PHARMACY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Take an Active Part in Your Alumni Association Compliments of PHILADELPHIA WHOLESALE DRUG 114 COMPANYHENSEL AND SONS Wholesalers FRUNZI'S CAFE 3244 Germantown Avenue PARKERS RESTAURANT MIDGE'S BARBER SHOP Just Across From School 1414 West Westmoreland Street 115BEST WISHES to 1962 Graduates of Temple School of Pharmacy From REA DERICK DRUGS Eppley's PHARMACY Now in Our 42nd Year of Service to Pennsylvania Communities Best of Luck West Reading Drug Store to the June Grads From PAUL L. GRIFFITH Pharmacist A FRIEND 116 Phone—WA 2-5465 TR 7-2595 Gas and Oil Heat FRANK GIUNTA SON FRANK SERPENTE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MEATS LET US MEAT YOU Registered Plumbing and Heating N. W. Cor. 9th and PHILADELPHIA 47. PA. Christian Streets 5110 LANCASTER AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 31. PA. HO 8-3870 Hotels and Institutions Supplied “No Ont Knous Paint Like a Painter“ f NAPOLI TIRRO (ma£) Live and Dressed POULTRY MARKET THOS. BARBERA 1152 So. 9th St. Interior Exterior {KOSHER KILLING) Philadelphia 47. Pa. PAINTING 1022 Annin Street • Philadelphia • Phone: HO 8-7358 APPRAISALS EST. 1932 DE 4-6910 JOSEPH SERNICOLA RICCI BROTHERS Diamonds Watches—Jewelry—Repairs —grocers— 1165 South Nth Street Open Evenings 1407 DICKINSON ST. r , %. , Philadelphia 46. Pa. Except lues, end Thurs. HO 5 6637 Philadelphia 47, Penna. BEST WISHES BEST OF LUCK MR. L. ALBERGO JOE 117compliments of BUSILLIO AND D'ANNUNZIO Best of Luck to June Graduates From RAKE COIN MACHINE EXCHANGE Cigarette, Candy, and Stamp Machines Stamp Folders and Bulk Vendors Supplies for Vendors NATHAN RAKE ALAN RAKE RICHARD RAKE 609 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, Penna. WA 5-2675 SLATER SYSTEM FOOD MANAGEMENT SERVICE Compliments of The ARREX staff of 1962 extends its appreciation to MERIN STUDIOS and A FRIEND TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 1 18 for their assistance in making this yearbook possible.PROFESSIONAL PATRONS C. B. MOSEMANN, Ph.G., '32 PUBLIX PHARMACY PAGE'S FOOD MARKET SOL S. TURNOFF DAN SNYDER PATRONS MR. AND MRS. N. BARBERA MR. AND MRS. J. DEMARCO MR. AND MRS. THOMAS BARBERA MR. THOMAS ALBERGO MR. AND MRS. CHARLES B. CLAAR A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. WINFRED D. BRUNNER MR. AND MRS. LEWIS F. GOULD MR. AND MRS. M. H. DOCTOFSKY DR. AND MRS. VICTOR DOLFMAN MR. AND MRS. THOMAS J. RENNER MR. AND MRS. CARMEN C. NOCITO MR. AND MRS. J. B. CAMPBELL MR. AND MRS. OSCAR BERKIS MR. AND MRS. H. W. COLLINS MR. AND MRS. ALBERT ROSENBLATT MR. AND MRS. STANLEY DECUSATIS MR. AND MRS. FRED SPECTOR MR. JEROME EISNER MR. AND MRS. HOWARD HARPEL, SR. 119 MR. AND MRS. VANCE H. EPPLEYFAMOUS LOST WORDS QUOTE Honi soi qui mal v pense It is better to know useless things than to know nothing at all The pestle must fit the mortar Give artificial respiration until death That’s my ace in the hole The li’ul me’ul bo’ui The triad . . . nausear. vomiting, and diarrhear No names, just numbers ... you gotta know that It is the science that treats of. . . A pseudo stratified squamous epithelial cell . . . heah’s one. heah’s another one, over there’s another one Doc Dogood of Razzledazzle pharmacy . . . Dr. T urtle! Dr. Turtle! my (arson died I don't believe you said that You guys gotta know all that jazz Hum along with Doug Z-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-le UNQUOTE

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