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Arrex 1961 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA George Heil John SilbersteinUMPLE UN.vrRs, SCHOOL OF pharmacy «INDII BY R2S?U 'Wr tii UiNivTfjsr 2 MA0l OF PrfA MACy FOREWORD Four years have passed and with them go hours of hard study, exams, laboratory experiments, proms, convocations and many good laughs with our fellow students. We have been strengthened by the great teaching of one of the best pharmacy school faculties in the United States. Now wc step forward into our professions, willing and able to help our fellow man as members of a team destined to work for better health in communities throughout our great country.14if DEDICATED TO DR. ARTHUR E. JAMES Over fhe past twenty three years Dr. Arthur E. James has served Temple University School of Pharmacy devotedly and successfully. Dr. James earned his Bachelor of Science Degree at Pennsylvania State University where he received the degree in 1921. He then became an instructor in chemistry at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania for one year after which he was appointed to assistant professor. Dr. James received his Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania and then became professor of chemistry at Lincoln University. In 1933 he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree at Cornell University. He remained at Lincoln University until 1937 at which time Temple University had the good fortune of acquiring his services as a faculty member. In 1953 Dr. James became chairman of the chemistry department at the School of Pharmacy. In 1955 Dr. James took a leave of absence to lecture on chemistry at the University of Peshawar in Pakistan under the auspices of the Eulbright Program Outside of Temple University, where his teachings have been greatly appreciated throughout the years., the active Dr James has many accomplishments to his credit. Until 1954 he had been president of the West Chester Y.M.C.A. for eleven years during which time he had written two books concerning Chester County and various scientific articles dealing with the spectrophotomctric assay of drugs. He also edited West Chester's Scsqui-Ccnlcnnial, 1799-1949 Historical Booklet. He is past president of the Chester County Historical Society and Richard Humphreys Foundation and Chairman of the Committee in charge of the Westtown School in Westtown. Pennsylvania. He is an active member of professional organizations such as the American Chemical Society. American Pharmaceutical Association. Pennsylvania Academy of Science, and the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers. All of the enviable qualities and achievements of this inspiring gentleman have stimulated the spirit and interests of the entire student body. In recognition of his many years of leadership and service, the Yearbook Staff dedicates this 1961 Arrex to Dr. Arthur H. James . . scientist, author, scholar, and humani- tarian. 4TO THE CLASS OF 1961 Your decision to dedicate your Year Book to me came as a real surprise and 1 accept the honor with sincere appreciation. Only during your senior year have I come into close contact with many of you but during this brief period I have found this to be a very rewarding experience. To terminate my teaching at Temple University with this quality of relationship is a source of deep satisfaction. Your student years at Temple University have been signally eventful in many aspects. Weatherwise as sophomores you survived the blizzard of March 1958 while during your senior year Philadelphia experienced the coldest and the snowiest winter in this century. You have had the good fortune to be students under the administrations of two illustrious Temple University Presidents . . . Dr. Robert L. Johnson and Dr. Millard E. Gladfelter. Since your freshman year the School of Pharmacy has inaugurated the five-year curriculum and the Ph.D. Degree Program. The first candidates to complete the latter program received the Ph D. degree in 1960. At times you may have felt that some of your teachers were unreasonably demanding and exacting. In retrospect we hope that you will realize that we were really concerned with your growth and development and not just wanting to be tough. As you go forth into your chosen field of work it is our hope that you will find pertinence in both the academic and the non-academic aspects of your college experiences. Persistence in the face of difficulty, the ability to get along happily with people in all walks of life, the art of finding joy in difficult tasks well done, constructively serving your fellowman—are among the blessings that wc covet for each of you. May we each realize that the major satisfactions of life do not consist just in material abundance but rather in useful work, wholesome recreation, deepening friendships, and the submission of all of life to the purposes of God. 5 96 2-MILLARD E. GLADFELTER president Temple University To the Class of 1961: Temple University was founded in 1884 and chartered in 1889. Since we arc now celebrating the 76th anniversary of these founding years, the Class of 1961 is among the graduating classes of the Jubilee Years. School of Pharmacy graduates have a justifiable pride in becoming alumni members of this particular college and of the University in general. The School of Pharmacy has a distinguished roster of alumni and an enviable record in the profession. It also has a place of distinction characteristically for its excellent faculty, its splendid library and physical facilities, and its competency in research. To any alumnus this is a source of strength and pride. To the members of the Class of 1961 it should be an inheritance which will enable each to advance the healing arts within our society. It is my hope that it will give you great comfort and satisfaction as you enter the practice of Pharmacy. You have my warmest regards and very best wishes. Cordially yours, Millard E. Gladfcltcr President 6JOSEPH B. SPROWLS dean School of Pharmacy To the Class of 1961: You leave the School of Pharmacy as it completes its sixtieth year of educational service within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and as the parent university observes the seventy-fifth anniversary of its founding. No member of the faculty nor, indeed, can the total faculty properly reflect to you a complete summation of all that has gone before; yet, each of us has been affected in some way by the dedication and efforts of those who have preceded us in this venture. In many intangible ways, there has come down to us a spirit of dedicated service which begins with the Founder, Dr. Russell Conwell. This history, which is well known to you, should serve both as an inspiration and as a challenge. In a short space of time. Temple University has grown from an idea conceived by one man to its present status as one of the largest urban universities in the world. The fact that this has happened during a period no greater than the life expectancy of an individual should indicate the great potential which resides in each of you. Temple University grew because it was dedicated to public service. As pharmacists, you will likewise be dedicated to service. If you make this your goal in life, you will succeed and you will find happiness in your life's work. May I wish for each of you a happy, successful and valuable professional career and may we meet often to compare notes on what has been accomplished. Sincerely yours, Joseph B. Sprowls Dean 7DR. HARRY KOSTENBAUDER Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy DR SAMUEL ELKIN Assi Professor of Chemistry p. MR FRED B. GABLE Asst, to Dean. Instructor in Pharmacy MR. ROBERT L MEYERS Instructor in Botany and Pharmacognosy F A C U L T Y DR EDWARD FACKF.NTHAL Assoc. Professor of Physics DR. FRANK H. EBY Professor of Botany and Pharmacognosy DR ARTHUR E. JAMES Professor of Chemistry DR JOSEPH B. SPROWLS Dean. Professor of Pharmacy 8 DK EVER! J. LARSON Professor of Physiology DK DAVID E. MANN. JR Professor of Pharmacology DR CHARLES F. PETERSON Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy MRS. FRANCES MARK WILSON Instructor in Pharmacy DR FRANK T. Y LIU Asst Professor of Physiology DR HERBERT M COBF Professor of Bac teriology DR LOUIS R STFZZI Asst. Professor of Chemistry MR S. WALTER FOULKROD. JR Lecturer on Pharmaceutical Law MR. JOHN A. LYNCH Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Administration MR JEROLD NEWBURGER Instructor in Physics DR MURRAY TUCKERMAN Assoc. Professor of Chemistry MR MAURICE L. LF.ITCH Professor of BiologyMR NORMAN I HENDERSON Dept, of Pharmacy MR HENRY CIUCHTA Pharmacology Dept. MR JOSEPH F GALLELLI Pharmacy Dept MR JOSEPH G. McCUNNI-Y Bacteriology Department r Jral MR VINCENT A MOTSAVAGE A Sit. Instructor in Pharmacy DR. RONALD F. GAUTIER1 Asst. Professor of Pharmacology DR THOMAS M. LOGAN Assoc. Professor of Public Health MR ARTHUR K. LFBF.RKNIGHT A Sit. Professor of Bacteriology MRS. MAY D FLANAGAN Instructor in English MR WALTER BAGDON Pharmacology Dept MR PAT DcLUCA Pharmacy Dept MR RAYMOND ORZECHOWSK! Chemistry Dept.MR JOEL PORTNOFF Pharmacy Dept. MR JOHN WINDT. JR Chemistry Dept. MISS HENRIETTA DEFEO Secretary 11 MISS ANGIE COSTANZO Secretary to Mr. GableTHE SCHOOL . . . .and its history In 1901, with two outstanding Schools of Pharmacy in Philadelphia, two students enrolled in the first class of the Temple University School of Pharmacy, and in 1904, received their Graduate of Pharmacy degrees. With just a handful of teachers and very few facilities and by sharing classes with the Medical School the school was begun. The course was offered as a two year plan of evening classes. So it was, with such meagre facilities and a few instructors that the great foundation was laid on which such a wonderful school has arisen. In 1906, the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy approved the school and placed it on the list of recognized Schools of Pharmacy. I he two year day course was established with classes being held on Monday. Wednesday, and Friday from twelve noon to six P M F.vening classes were continued until 1918. The year 1906 also saw enrollment increase to eleven students. In 1907, the School of Pharmacy was separated from the School of Medicine and Dr. John R Minchart was appointed Dean of Pharmacy This same year all classes of the Medical and Pharmacy Schools were moved to the newly acquired Dental College Buildings at 18th and Buttonwood Streets. During the ensuing quarter century under the leadership of Dr. Minchart. the school grew rapidly and rose in importance. Additional facilities were added and the course expanded and improved. In 1925 the three year course was established and in 1928 the school was accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. At the time of Dr. Minehart’s death, the school was finely established and widely recognized. Dr H Evert Kendig. Dr Minehart’s successor as Dean in 1932 had already contributed a great deal to the school. As an active teacher since 1907. he played an important part in the development of the early instructional program. As Dean from 1932 to 1950, Dr. Kendig proved to be a most capable administrator and educator During these eighteen years of his administration the four year course was established and the importance and prestige of the school were greatly elevated. In 1948, Dean Kendig realized his aspirations of a new building in which to house the Pharmacy; the present modern Pharmacy Dental School on Broad Street above Allegheny. Dr. Joseph B. Sprowls succeeded Dr. Kendig as Dean in 1950, after serving as Professor Pharmacy in the school lor two years. During the past ten years of his administration, the course has been improved by extending it to five years and the faculty enlarged. During the past years additional research facilities have been added and the post graduate program expanded immensely. Ours is a school with a great past and what most likely shall prove to be an even greater future. The school is steadily moving forward to new achievements and brighter horizons. 1213MEET THE 19CLASS OFFICERS 16 WILLIAM MERKEL I 'ice President17 AN NATE RES A PICCONE Student Council JAMES GOLDEN Student CouncilGILBERT A. ACKERS Alpha Zcta Omega 3. 4; Historian 4. Although quiet and possessive of a worrisome nature after having lost his good friend. Bob Aikcns, following the junior year. Gil has been quite active in his pharmacy school years. He has spent many hours with I.cs Albert discussing various elements about cameras, their mutual pastime. Gil's future plans are based mainly upon his coming marriage to Marcia. LESLIE ALBERT Alpha Zcta Omega I. 2. 3. 4; Arrex Staff. Holds the distinction of having never been seen without a slide rule, camera, or transistor radio. Famed for his "I took gas" attitude following each exam. So sharp a student is Lcs, that Mr. Neu-berger employed him in his City Line Drug Store during his pharmacy school training. Became engaged to Mindy in his senior year. We’ll be sure to recognize Lcs’ drug store by the window display of cameras and other photography equipment. 18RICHARD ASH BAUGH Kappa Psi I. 2. 3. 4; Class Treasurer 2. 3, 4; APhA 1. 2, 3; Rho Chi 3. 4; Arrex Staff. “Where’s your money for the Abbott Trip?" Dick loves photography, girls and cards. Always on the Dean’s List. Will always take time out to lend a helping hand. Biggest gripe—unannounced tests. As efficient as an IBM maching when it comes to working quant or physics problems. Enjoys working in ‘Cology’ lab. One of the "bounciest" members of the class. His future plans are not decided, but we’re sure he’ll do well in whatever he chooses. DONALD ARTHUR BARKEY Phi Delta Chi 2, 3. 4; Treasurer 3. 4; APhA 1.2. 3,4. Bethlehem’s “Napoleon Bonaparte." Nothing is ever the same after Don takes over. Displayed unique procedures in quant and ’cology labs. Well versed in conversation especially with females. Responsible for many midnight accordion and piano solos. Shows great talent in tea making and cigarette smoking. Famous saying. “Why didn’t somebody wake me?” Predicts a Republican sweep in Y 4. Plans to join his father in the retail field after graduation. “Rots of Ruck." Don. sGILES JAMES BELSK! Kappa Psi I. 2. 3, 4, Pledge Master 3, 4; Class President 1; APhA 1, 2, 3, 4. Pierre is a good man in any lab. Curly has Larry and Moc; Pierre has Ken and Pete. His avocation is card playing. Father of the lunchtime bridge club. Was a tough pledge-master for his fraternity. Loves to sing and play the guitar at parties. Chug-a-lug champ of KY. Plans to return to Shamokin and work in retail pharmacy. BURTON W. BRENMAN Alpha Zcta Omega 2, 3. 4; Secretary 4; APhA 4. A product of Villanova University, Burt decided to continue his studies at Temple Pharmacy where he clearly established his goal of "revising all existing pharmacy laws." Holds the class record for the most arguments with Professor Lynch. As a laboratory assistant. Burt was a great asset to Dr. Tuckcrman in the sophomore organic chemistry course. Will probably become a member of the State Board of Pharmacy in the future. 20ROBERT D. BRODY Rho Pi Phi 3, 4. An avid boating fan. Bob has the distinct honor of drawing two blanks in Quant lab. Would like to do graduate work in "cocao shell counting." Can't decide whether Quant or ’Cognosy is his favorite. An excellent conversationalist. Likes to break up those all night study sessions by walking around the block. Personality and dependability arc his trademarks. Will be a boost to retail pharmacy. LUCILLE A. BURGAS Lambda Kappa Sigma 1. 2. 3. 4; Treasurer 3: APhA 1, 2. 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2, 3; School Show 3. Hark! Sweet sounds of Music coming from room 235. It's none other than "Our Luce” playing her oboe. Was quite an asset to the Marching Band with her cymbal playing. A good kid—will do anything for a friend. Many trips to Grace's were made by this tall brunette. Always seen with her Time magazine. Every morning the “Human Alarm Clock" found difficulty in awakening Lucille. Loved Micro, in fact, got an A. Future plans, uncertain. 21ANTHONY JOHN CARDI Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4; APhA 4: Newman Club 3: Arrex Stall. Reserved and studious, Tony can usually be seen with the ‘‘Blue Bible.” trying to learn the hundreds of drugs and botani-cals. Enjoyed microbiology, especially the lab. Greatest ambition is to go to a school with a green campus. One of the idea men of KY. Tony is another one of the daily PRR riders. Will be a big asset to pharmacy. ■ I LON WAYNE CASTLE Kappa Psi I. 2. 3, 4; Class President 3; Student Council 2; APhA 2, 3, 4; Rho Chi 3, 4. Lon is one of the top students of the class. Always has time to explain some-thing to a confused classmate. Member of the lunchtime bridge club. Has the distinction of being chauffer of Peabody Hall. Lon’s wit and humor keep the long labs and study sessions jumping. Seems to enjoy everything he docs. Favorite courses are Biochemistry and ’Cology. Personality plus describes this future M.D. 22ANTHONY L. CENTAFONT Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4; APhA 4. Tony is always quiet and affable. Loves to tell stories about his son. One of the fastest workers in quant lab. Efficiency is his middle name. Doesn't believe in Murphy's Law. Have any questions?—Go see Tony. Prides himself on never having stayed up later than 12:00 o'clock to study for any test. His favorite expression used to be. “How are you?"—until someone asked him if he was a doctor. A sure-shot for success in whatever field he chooses. MARY WYNOSKY CHAPPELL Lambda Kappa Sigma I. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 2; APhA 2. 3, 4; Newman Club 1.2,3. Our former Miss Wynosky who got hitched during her Junior year to a Temple pharmacist. Quite a team they’ll make. Another one of the coalcrackers from up state. With her new name she gained a new seal and her gleaming head is seen in the first row instead of the last. Favorite Chef of the Sorority girls. Spent many Saturday mornings in Quant. Lab last year. Will do well in the retail field. 23DOLORES CAMILLE CLAUSER Lambda Kappa Sigma I. 2, 3, 4; President 3; APhA 3, 4; Newman Club I, 2, 3; Secretary 2, 3. Our Dodic. Another of the many up-staters. One of the shortest girls in the class, but has the longest hair. Lucky to have a very patient tutor, who escorts her almost everywhere. Spent most of her Saturday mornings during junior year in Quant Lab. Her pet courses arc Chemistry and Math. Always talks about her niece Annette and has so many pictures of her. Is also very proud of Fluffy. Knows a lot about her profession and will certainly be an asset to the field. RONALD S. COHEN Alpha Zeta Omega 1, 2, 3. 4; APhA I, 2, 3, 4; School Show 4. Tall good-looking “Beau Brummcl” of the class. A neat dresser and pleasingly polite. Ron’s favorite hobbies arc music and Phyllis. He is very fond of those very popular unannounced tests. Has a collection of very unusual sweaters. Likes Bio-chem and ’Cology. A great manager of things, and so, should do well in the field of pharmacy. 24LANCE LONGE COLLINS Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1. 3; Vice-President 3; Rho Chi 3, 4; Sword Society 4; Arrex Staff. Lance is a first rate student. His high scholastic achievement is an excellent indication of the drive and determination which is sure to bring him a great measure of success. His extracurricular activities are many, and even include a keen ear for jazz. A little more mature in his outlook than most, we are sure he will be a credit to his chosen field. ALLEN L. CRAMER APhA 2. 3,4. Known to all by his nickname, “Duddy." As the philosopher of the class, he enjoys conversing on the topic of having “class." Eagerly looks forward to lunch hour so that he can get together with the gang at the Old Garden. Became the first honorary member of AZO fraternity. Has won everlasting fame for Cliff's Pharmacy. The class wishes the best of luck in the future to Duddy Cramer a friend to everyone. 25JOHN JOSF.PH DEPPEN Kappa Psi 1.2, 3, 4; Regent 3, 4; Class President 2; APhA I, 2. 3, 4; Vice-President 3. 4; Director of Polio vaccine program 1. 2. 3; Interfraternity sports 1. 2, 3, 4; Co-Financial Manager for Arrex. John doesn't say much, but he is a man of action. A dedicated fraternity man and a good regent of Kappa Psi. Married Camp Hill’s finest in the beginning of the senior year. Loves those fraternity parties. Responsible for the great success of KY’s campaign for Polio innoculations. The barefoot contessa of the class. Hates those surprise tests. John will go far in whatever he does. PETER A. DI PIERRO Phi Delta Chi I, 2. 3. 4; APhA I. 2, 3. 4 Quiet and unassuming, that’s Pete. Led a hectic life at the Dorms during that first year but seems to favor campus life anyway. Pete never did get to like the mice in ’cology lab. “If only those mice would hold still for just a —. I got him now—how about giving him the injection, somebody.” A competent and serious student frequently seen studying during the lunch hour. “You're going to ruin the curve Pete, take it easy." Pete's constant drive and mild manner should lead to a bright future in pharmacy. 26RODION M. FOLIS Phi Delta Chi I, 2, 3, 4. Parliamentarian 3, 4; APhA 1, 4; Newman Club I, 2. “Admiral” Folis, the pride of the naval reserve. Famous saying—“Watch that eel, son.” Roy has a great love for rock and roll and tape recordings. Wanted to take pinochle as an elective. Second choice was crossword puzzles. After years of road-testing, he donated "the wreck" to the Smithsonian Institute. Planning a short career in the Navy. Best of luck in the future. ALAN L. FREEMAN Rho Pi Phi 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; Pledge Master 3. Trouble? Never! A1 has learned to make the best of every situation—-good or bad. Has a portable drugstore in his car. Enjoys all night study sessions, and Pharmacology and Quant labs. Very active in his fraternity. A very sincere guy who will do anything for a friend. Al certainly is a credit to his school, fraternity, and profession. 27CALVIN FREEDMAN Phi Sigma Delta 1, 2. 3, 4; Pledge Master 2, 3; IFC 1; Interfraternity Sports 1, 2. 3. In the future Cal will undoubtedly make a fine representative of the Class of ’61 based solely on versatile combination of intelligence, integrity, and character. Trademarked by his friendly greeting— "Hi, guys!" An imcomparable authority on chicken-farming due to his many years of experience gained on his father’s Jersey chicken farm. Success will come to Cal in the future just as naturally as the many friends he acquired at Temple in the past four years. FRANK A. FRUMENTO. JR. Kappa Psi 1. 2. 3. 4; Secretary 4; APhA 1.2.3, 4; Arrex Staff. The little man with the big heart. Married the sweetest girl in Woodbury at the end of his junior year. A charter member of the bridge club. "Why don't they open the windows?" Loves plants. Hi Fi, and photography. A great man at a party and a good man to have on your team any time. Frank is a whiz in pharmacy lab. He will become one of New Jersey’s top retail pharmacists. 28DAVID M. GAVIGAN Kappa Psi 4; APhA 4. Very good-natured with a laugh that is frequently heard ringing through the halls. Dislikes tests and professors who take role. Dave is a hard worker and an asset to any group. Dave is a loyal Frun-zi fan. He plans to practice retail pharmacy. GERALD GENTILOTTI Kappa Psi 1. 2, 3. 4; House Master 3, 4; Class Vice-President 3; APhA 1.2, 3, 4; Class Representative 2, 3. A very active Senior with an affinity for girls, sports. Frunzi’s, and fraternity parties. Takes good care of the boys at 1301 Butler. Jerry can usually be heard mimicking "the Beeb.” A prolific dancer, a sharp dresser, and a sure candidate for success. A regular on the “Dean's Team." Jerry is undecided between retail pharmacy and medicine. 29DALE GILBERT GENTZLER Kappa Psi 3, 4; IFC 4; APhA 2, 3, 4; Rho Chi 3. 4; Arrcx Co-Editor 4. A “student" whose quiet and reasoning manner has won him great respect. P.C.P.’s loss is definitely our gain. A never failing fixture behind the Rx counter at Minnich’s Pharmacy. Always has a carload to take to York on weekends (and always needs a push to get the car started). A certainty for success. JOHN D. GHF.RARDINI Kappa Psi 3, 4; APhA 2, 3, 4 A big boy from “the Chocolate Town.” Always calm, cool, and collected. A graduate assistant in card playing and television watching. One of the main reasons for Kappa Psi’s many athletic trophies. His ability to cope with any situation will hold him in good stead in the field of retailing. 30JACK GLASS Alpha Zeta Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; APhA 1,2,3, 4. One of the charter members of "Duddy Cramer's Weekly Dinner Club.” A new convertible car and a shiny diamond ring are Jack's trademarks. This has no connection with his being treasurer of AZO! He’s certain to become a financial tycoon in the pharmacy world. His smile alone brings confidence to the prescription customers. JAMES E. GOLDEN, JR. Phi Della Chi 2, 3, 4; Student Council Representative 4; President Student Council 4; APhA 4. Better known as "Goodie." A Scranton-ian possessing a sharp, unceasing wit. Enjoys sports cars. FM radio, and winter sports. His steady weekend trips upstate have all but panicked the Turnpike Commission. Readily available and dependable for any job. Often found sketching the teachers to their unimaginable likeness. Always scheming ways to enjoy his free time. His B.S. in Biology and a blond nurse at home also insure him of a successful career. Best wishes and good fortune. 31LEONARD GREENSTEIN Alpha Zcta Omega 1, 2. 3. 4; Editor Gammazoan; Arrex Staff. Perhaps the most reserved member of the class. “Stone,” as he is known to all. actually liked school—evident by his always being first to appear in the school lobby each morning. A journalist at heart, Len earned one of the rare “A's" in Mrs. Flanagan's freshman English class, then rose to senior editor of the AZO news publication, the Gammazoan. Can be located practically any evening at his pharmaceutical haven—Buckley’s Pharmacy. KENNETH ELWOOD HAAS. JR. Kappa Psi 1. 2. 3. 4: APhA 4. The “Ben Hogan” of the senior class. One of most even tempered guys around. “But Mr. Lynch. Em Haas not Hawke.” Loves sports and girls. Will go out of his way to help a buddy. Lots of fun at a party. Travels home on weekends, much to the dismay of the Philadelphia girls. With his personality and ability, Ken should go far in his chosen profession.ALBERT WILLIAM HAWKE Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4; Chaplain 4; APhA 1.2. Always quiet, well dressed and polite. Takes the neatest notes in the class. Loves playing basketball, arguing politics, making kymographs, and counting cocao shells. Microbiology ranks high in his list of greats. Pet peeve—the Pcnna. Railroad, which he uses everyday in his long trek from Trenton. Usually manages to bring one of the prettiest girls to fraternity affairs. Plans to enter retail pharmacy. GEORGE CHARLES HEIL. JR. Kappa Psi 1. 2. 3, 4; Treasurer 4; APhA 3. 4; Rho Chi 3, 4; Arrex Staff. Honorary president of the Tchaikovsky Fan Club. Can usually be found playing bridge at lunchtime. George is another one of the top students in the class. Doesn't mind lectures, but dislikes most labs. Usually at the other end of Al Hawke’s political debates. Doesn’t miss a word of lecture notes; when he's awake! Hobbies are golf, bowling and stereo. Will probably join the other 90% in retail pharmacy. Prediction: Continued success in the future. 33FLORA ANITA KOONS Lambda Kappa Sigma 1. 2, 3, 4; Historian 3; IFC 3, 4; President 4; APhA 1, 2, 3; Secretary 3; Arrex Staff; Social Chairman of Peabody Hall 3; School Show 1. 3, 4; Magnet Honor Society 4. The “Flower” of the senior class. One of the gang with the York accent. Was very studious during Freshman year, but now —one of the Pinochle Quartet. Has quite a collection of shoes and hats. Is continually found in Sarah’s room trying to study and listen to music at the same time. If it weren’t for Flora, none of the Pharmacy girls from Peabody would make their morning classes. Quite a mathematician. Likes Dr. Mann and ’Cology. Her plans after graduation include Richard and Retail. ROBERT KF.NNETH KRAMER Kappa Psi 1. 2, 3. 4; APhA 4. “The Beeb.” The class bard and philosopher. He is best known for his skirmishes with Mr. Lynch and his fear of a surprise test in ’cognosy. Laughs longest and hardest at his own jokes. Because of his innate good-nature, he becomes the butt of a good many practical jokes. Spends a lot of time at Frankford Hospital land not for medicinal purposes). Plans to enter retailing. 34STANLEY LEONARD Alpha Zeta Omega I, 2, 3, 4; Class President 4; APhA 3, 4; Rho Chi 3, 4; School Show 4. Stan, is certainly the class candidate for "most likely to succeed” honors. Rose to immortal fame with a 4.0 academic average for three consecutive semesters. Elected to class presidency in his senior year. Possesses a most versatile personality which has won him many friends. The future holds vast opportunities for Stan, regardless of which field he chooses. RAYMOND A. LODATO Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4; APhA 4. Ouict. reserved, hut full of fun. Ray can be seen Hying down Roosevelt Blvd. every morning at 8:15 in his white Valiant. Loves ’cognosy, especially the lab. "I can’t see any druses!” An avid gun collector and skin diver. Always ready with a smile and a good word. Ray plans to work in retail pharmacy. 35FAITH G. LOPEZ Lambda Kappa Sigma I. 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; APhA 3. 4; Newman Club I, 2; School Show 1, 3,4. Our Grctchen. Was notorious during sophomore year for the Ape Call. Famous Resolution: to learn a new dance at every Home-Coming Party. Took quite a collection of notes during classes. “Please Dr. Eby, we don’t want a ’Cognosy test.’’ (Sung to the tune of Mr. Custer). Loves Tom Collins’. Always goofing off. Her favorite lab was Quant, which she took as an elective. One of the Pinochle Quartet. Is so very proud of her three nieces, but is still hoping for a nephew. After graduation Faith intends to stay with Marsh and Co. in Princeton. MARIE ANN LORENZO Lambda Kappa Sigma I, 2, 3, 4; President 4; IFC 4; Student Council 1; APhA 2, 3. 4; Newman Club 1. 2, 3; School Show 3, 4; Yearbook 4. Temple’s gift from Clifton Heights. Quite a wardrobe and docs justice to every bit of it. Wears spikes to avoid being stepped on in the halls. A good pianist. I-ovcs orange sodas at Fraternity parties. Represented the Sorority very well at Detroit Convention. Works in a Pharmacy after school hours. Delights in teasing a certain Senior boy. If she stays the way she is, our Marie will go far. 36ROBERT W. LUCE. JR. APhA 1,2, 3,4. A “great Guy" who has been a big help to many during the past four years. Second to none in both speed and efficiency in Pharmacy lab. Had the distinction of working with three females in Physiology lab—who did most of the work. Bob??? Hasn’t missed that trip home on weekends in four years. A conscientious student. Bob. is sure to be a success in. and a credit to retail pharmacy. ANNE MARY MALLOY Lambda Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; Class Secretary 1; APhA 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4; Newman Club I, 2, 3; Treasurer 3; School Show 1, 3; Co-Editor Arrex. Our Irish Colleen from McAdoo. Her code words are "Kelly Green fiercely.” Loves to sing and dance, was a hit in the school shows. One of the Pinochle Quartet. Loves Whiskey Sours and parties. Although she didn't live in “The Hall," was a secret guest before every lest in sophomore year. Is absolutely crazy about Frank Sinatra. “I bet we get a ’Cognosy test today."—Knows her ’Cology. Plans after graduation are uncertain. but should prove interesting. 37RENEE HUPPERT MARMON Lambda Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 3; APhA 1. 2, 3, 4; Junior Counselor 2, 3. Rcncc lends an air of international intrigue to the class. Speaks French, Spanish. and English very well. Changed her name in senior year. This would have been a big help to the Profs, had they not given up a long time ago, and started to call her Renee. A conscientious student. She has surmounted great barriers, language and otherwise, to endear herself as a true friend to all her classmates. Her favorite color is "blue navy.” Plans to enter industrial pharmacy. DAVE S. MATLOW Alpha Zcta Omega 2, 3, 4; Parliamentarian 4; APhA 2, 3; Arrex Staff. A real wit and master of the fine art of satire. He really enjoyed those long study sessions with Schwartzy, Ruddy, and Walt. Has been busy in his senior year trying to establish a fund to maintain the good health of old, decrepit men. Is there some ulterior motive, Dave? Enjoyed Physiology Lab—not the work— he played the role of chief observer. The best fan Max Shulman and Shelly Berman ever had. A sharp dresser, and all around swell guy, Dave is aimed for continued success. 38WALTER R MAUPAY, JR Kappa Psi I. 2, 3. 4; APhA 3. 4. One of our married men. Always well-dressed (what does he carry in that brief case?). Believes the Daily News is more interesting than his ’cognosy book. Temple’s strongest Kennedy supporter. Has a habit of dozing in Mr. Lynch’s lecture. "Where’s Maupay?” Walt’s good looks and pleasant personality will be a definite asset to the profession. WILLIAM B. MERKEL Phi Delta Chi I. 2. 3. 4; Secretary 3. 4; Class Vice-President 4; APhA 1. 2. 3, 4; Fraternity Bowling Team 2. 3. 4; Captain 3, 4. Alias "Boswell.” The Jersey Shore gent, with that special knack of making friends. Known for his carefree attitude. "Don't sweat it Sammy—no test tomorrow.” A real telephone ambassador and an ace strategist in intra-housc wars. "Check that. Goodie!" Bill is a good student and an active member of his class and fraternity. Once quite a ladies’ man till that pretty blonde nurse stepped into the picture. A sure-fire success, with an eye to the retail field. Best of luck. Bill! 39GEORGE J. NAG LACK APhA I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 1, 2. The financial wizard of the class, George is the proud possessor of an Austin-Healy sports car and an abundant wardrobe of Morville clothing. His concentrated study of the horse racing forms during classes and frequent visits to the track earned for him a reputation as an authority in this field. It is expected by all that George will gallop to success in the future years. MICHAEL F. NEOPOLITAN Phi Delta Chi 1. 2, 3, 4; APhA 1. 2, 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2. Mike ranked high in the academic rating of the class for all four years, but didn't ever grow fond of lectures—just couldn’t seem to pay attention. Did his best work in Pharmacy lab. but “that Quant lab has me bugged.” Can answer anyone’s questions on Pharmacognosy, except Dr. F.by’s. A die hard Eagles fan—never misses a game. Loves fraternity parties and songfests. Can’t miss being a sure success in his future attempts.BERNARD J. O'DORISIO Phi Delta Chi 2. 3, 4; APhA 2, 3. 4; School Show 4. Bernie’s first love is the piano. Has that special talent in raising the morale of his classmates. Found guilty of precipitating many a convulsion in the quant, and pharmacy labs. Bernie’s art in ’cognosy lab. is that of Picasso. Nowhere but nowhere is there gloom when Bernie’s around. Most responsible for the egg becoming USP. Bernie capitalizes on the “stretch” and strives vigorously for modifications. His cliches will long be enjoyed but never understood. “Words, words.” Is the "pride” of the senior class and of South Philadelphia. IRVIN M. ORKLINE Alpha Zcta Omega 1, 2, 3. 4; APhA 1. One of the gayer members of the class. Frv is continually smiling and seldom disturbed by anything. Became an idol of the Oral Hygiene girls in his senior year. Known to all by his "fire-plug" stature. Has professed many times that he seeks nothing more in the future than happiness itself. It may easily be seen that Irv will remain quite content in the future years. 41BERNARD M. FACH Alpha Zeta Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; APhA 2, 3. 4; School Show 4. The “singing pharmacist,” Bernie may be located on any school day vocalizing in the auditorium with Bernie O’Dorisio’s piano accompaniment. Finally made the big time upon his selection to the cast of “The Boyfriend.” Does a noteworthy imitation of Dr. Kostenbauder’s Physical Pharmacy lectures. Made the "sleeveless -sweater” style a classic to be remembered by his classmates. Success is unquestionable for this personality. EDWARD J. PANTLE Phi Delta Chi 2, 3. 4; President 4; APhA 1.2. 3,4. The "Big Daddy” of Phi Delta Chi house. Played a dual role as Phi Delt’s president and house manager, during senior year. Will do anything for you, except get up in the morning. Likes good music. Studies far into the night. Designed and built Phi Delt’s bar single-handed. Never stops working. Plans to enter the retail field after graduation. If ambition is any criterion of success. Ed’s got it made. 42ANTHONY PASOUARELLA Phi Delta Chi 1.2. 3, 4; APhA 1.2, 3. 4; Newman Club 1.2. 3. The "major” from South Phila. One of the sharpest dressers in the class—right from a page in Esquire. Majored in lunch time pinochle, and is always willing to prove his skill at the game. Was the captain of the Park Avenue Football Team. Tony has been very active in his fraternity. Thinks Mr. Lynch’s lectures arc the best he had in four years. Would certainly make a good public relations man for the field of pharmacy. CAROLE LOIS PATLER Lambda Kappa Sigma 1. 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 4; APhA I, 2, 3. 4; Secretary 4; Arrex StalT. Carole, the other member of the inseparable “Bobsey Twins,” will always remain “Unc Jeunc Fille," wearing her leotards, and bulky sweaters, and keeping up with her bowling and ice skating. She is an accurate and precise note-taker, never missing one word of wisdom spoken by the Profs. Carole is endowed with many talents, which will undoubtedly bring her success. Most of all, she is a real pal. Carole is presently engaged in hospital pharmacy, and intends to continue in this field after graduation. 43MICHAEL PENNOCK Alpha Zeta Omega I. 2, 3, 4. Short in stature (robust at the same time), Mike worked his way up to become one of the better students in the class. His footsteps are being closely followed by Sandy, a pharmacy sophomore and Mike's future bride. They will most likely operate one of Mr. Lynch’s "Mamma-Pappa" stores. An ardent horse racing fan. Mike, on many an afternoon would have chosen to attend the track rather than lectures. An exciting future lies ahead for Mr. Pennock. ROBERT S. PEYAKOVICH Kappa Psi 1,2,3. 4; Student Council 1: APhA 2. 3, 4; President 4; Yearbook 4. •‘Rock’’ is the chief party organizer at Kappa Psi. His interests vary from beer parties to athletics. He has been a very positive factor in the APhA work. Fascinated by number 45. Seldom goes home due to attraction to Clifton Heights. Another of the 17th Street boys. A Deli-nite leader who will go far. 44ANNATF.RESA PICCONE Student Council 3, 4; Secretary 4; APhA 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Secretary' 3; School Show 1; Arrex Staff. Annatcrcsa, one of the more active members of our class, is a girl known by many nicknames. Among them are ‘‘Pete." "Terry,” "Tecnie." "Teresa." and "Annie.” She is noted for taking excellent notes in lectures as anyone who sits near her can be counted on to “Borrow her notes." Her tastes run from chocolate cake (her favorite) to red charleston dresses. Anne is constantly seen with the other member of the "Bobsey Twins." Her plans after graduation are centered around the field of hospital pharmacy. v VINCENT REINA Phi Delta Chi 1.2, 3, 4; APhA 1.2,3, 4; Newman Club 1.2, 3. A member of the South Phila. gang. Frequently seen with a sandwich in one hand and a pinochle deck in the other. Can’t resist a quick peck at his opponents’ cards. A good stick ball player, Vince never misses a game. His quiet unassuming manner is one of his notable traits. Always smiling. Liked ’Cology and Quant labs. Headed for a successful career in retail pharmacy. 45THOMAS S. ROMAN Kappa Psi 1. 2, 3, 4; APhA 4; Newman Club 1,2,3. A good-looking Senior with a real gift for satire. Tom is quiet, mature and well-mannered. Has a critical eye as far as girls are concerned. His gripes are Quant. Lab, “Bccb’s" jokes, the Phila. Phillies, and the high cost of cigarettes. Well-liked by his friends and a creative thinker. Tom will be an asset to the profession. ENOCH PEDRO ROBERTS APhA 3, 4; International Club I, 2, 3. 4; English Speaking Union 1, 2. 3, 4; School Show 3. A true gentleman. Pedro has become a real friend to all. Insists he doesn't sleep in class, but rather is able to hear better and absorb more when his eyes are closed. Interested many of his classmates with stories of “home.” Enjoys school, especially labs. With his personality and sure drive, Pedro is sure to be a success in Pharmacy. 46LEONARD ROSENBERG Alpha Zcta Omega 1. 2. 3, 4; Social Chairman 4; APhA 4. One of the quieter members of the class although his scat in lectures is located in the midst of his more loquacious classmates. Known to all as "Krantz." A sincere student and a true gentleman. Lenny is the likeable social chairman of AZO fraternity. On weekends his car is headed to a certain South Philadelphia delicatessen to sec a friend, Elaine. Krantz’s drug store will probably carry a variety of spiced meats. LEONARD ROTHKOI I Alpha Zcta Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Chaplain 4; School Show 4. Certain to remain a legend in the history of pharmacy students, l.en brought joy to the class during our darkest moments w'ith his famed “chicken" stunts. He made up his own official compendium of synonyms of his classmates based on their physical appearance. Mr. RothkofT expects to form a partnership with his brother in operating a new drug store in the future. 47JACOB ROTH MEL Alpha Zcta Omega I, 2. 3, 4; Dircc-torum 4; APhA 4. Although Jake is very quiet and reserved, he is the capable president of AZO fraternity and mainly responsible for the fraternity’s aquisition of a new house. Plans to marry Ellen in the near future. A friend to everyone, Jake deserves a happy future in retail pharmacy. HAROLD ROZENBERG Rho Pi Phi 2. 3, 4: APhA 2. 3. Known to his friends as the “Jack of all trades” with the winning smile. Handy with paint brushes and carpenter’s tools. Hal finds his services well in demand. Likes his Pall Mali’s with Hi-Fi music. Greatest scholastic moment concerns a certain 98 in 'Cology, which Hal will never forget. Future plans will be concentrated south of the Mason-Dixon Line, in the hills of Kentucky with or without the Southern drawl. 48MARTIN RUDMAN Known to his many friends as “Ruddy.” this scholarly classmate has built an enviable reputation at pharmacy school of modesty and sincerity. Through the years he has displayed great enthusiasm toward school and all of its functions. Owes much of his pharmaceutical experience to "Doc” Greshcnfcld, Marty’s long time employer and close friend. He attributes much of his knowledge of medicine to his past experience in the Navy, l.ots of luck in the future to a real swell guy. JEROME STEVEN SAMOILOFF Rho Pi Phi 2, 3, 4; APhA 4. Jerry always amused us with his joviality. He spent his spare time doing extra credit work in Quant Lab. His pet gripe is always studying the wrong thing, but we know this will not effect his career in retail pharmacy; although, it was a bit misleading for his pet course. Physical Pharmacy. Holds the class title for being the one most often found on the receiving end of Dr. Janies’ eraser.PAUL SAVARESE APhA 1, 2, 4; Newman Club 1. One of the guys who really enjoyed Micro lab. Thinks Mr. Lynch was the greatest during junior and senior year. Paul is another of the South Phila. boys. He has always enjoyed his homebound trip with Bernie. Vince, and Tony. His quiet disposition and many other admirable traits are sure to bring only success his way. RICHARD SCHWARTZMAN Despite his policy of never taking notes in lectures, this controversial redhead still progressed through pharmacy school years and is considered a good student. Believing justly in a liberal education. Rich took it upon himself to read various educational novels during school lectures. An ardent admirer of Dr. James and a radical fan of Dr. Fackcnthal. Success in the future cannot be denied to this master of the mortar and pestle. 50LOUISE A. SHEVOCK Lambda Kappa Sigma I. 2. 3, 4; Social Chairman 3. 4; Class Secretary 2; APhA 2. 3. 4; Newman Club 1. 2. 3: Recording Secretary 3; School Show 4; Freshman Camp Staff 2; Arrex Staff 4. Fondly nicknamed Loozy Bush by the other Peabody girls. Loves to dance, especially the “Twist.” One of the Pinochle Quartet. Jack Rose and Scarlet O’Hara are two of her favorites. The little girl with the big, big heart. Enjoyed Qual. Lab. Who did the guard catch hanging out of the fifth window? Crazy-mad about the Kingston 1'rio. Official crier at weddings, graduations and cowboy movies. Present employee of Whelan Drugs. Future plans uncertain, but she’s bound to be a success. STANLEY ALVIN SIGAL Rho Pi Phi 1. 2. 3, 4; Pledge Master 3; APhA 1. 2, 4; IFC 2, 3; President 3; Hillcl 1; School Show 1, 3. 4. Stan came all the way from beautiful Connecticut to study pharmacy here at Temple. Knows his way around better than a home town Phila. boy. His hobbies arc fishing, swimming and Quant, lab. Handles himself well in any lab. The human alarm clock for 74. Stan is an active member of his fraternity. Plans to enter the retail field after graduation. 51JOHN LOUIS SILBERSTEIN Kappa Psi I, 2. 3. 4; Vice-Regent 3; APhA 1,2. 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2. 3: Arrex Business Manager. Jack is Rcnova’s contribution to pharmacy. Always smiling and willing to learn. A great fraternity man. a real organizer and born leader. Loves to demonstrate his "unbreakable” glasses. Favorite—Quant, lab “Rip Van Winkle" of the senior class. Ran his own coffee concession in organic lab. Enjoys classical music and a good time. Prides himself as being one of the only students to go through pharmacy school and not learn to play pinochle. PHIL SOLOMON Pi Lambda Phi 1, 2. 3, 4; APhA 2, 3, 4; Hillel 1. Exemplified his love of campus life by living down at the “Main U.” for four years. Enjoyed talking over international affairs with Renee. All Phil's actions are slow and deliberate—no move made, no question answered without a great deal of forethought and consternation. Likes lab work, and did good work in all of them. Good luck. Phil, you really deserve it. 52PETER J. STAHL Kappa Psi 1. 2, 3, 4; Intcrfratcmity Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Polio Campaign 2. 3, 4; APhA 1.2. 3, 4. Good morning. Pete. Tall and slim. Pete is a positive catalyst in any undertaking. He is a member of the 17th Street gang and a real bridge addict. A genius at any math problem. “Hey Pete, how do I find this pH.” Thinks we should have unlimited cutting. Terrific personality and ability assure Pete success in the future. SIDNEY SPILLERMAN Alpha Zeta Omega 1. 2, 3, 4; IFC 4; APhA 4. A habitual worrier. Sid’s only relief comes from the humor supplied by classmate, Len RothkofT. He lives only for Saturday’s fraternity party, having never missed any of them in his four years at school. Everyday during lunch Sid has to tell everyone his latest joke. The future awaits Sid most likely with a host of new jokes and good parties. 53JACQUES TCHIKOUL1AN APhA 1, 2,3,4. A great guy who always seems to have something to say—or else he says nothing. Very much liked by everyone for his “just plain Jack” attitude. Enjoyed sitting with his end of the alphabet colleagues; many arc the good times they had during lectures while sitting in the back of the classroom. Jack's plans are uncertain, but we arc sure that he will be a success at whatever he chooses to do. ANTHONY VILLARE APhA 1, 2, 3. 4; Newman Club I, 2. 3. The guy with the smile. Everyone agrees that Tony’s way of enjoying a joke is just about tops. Found a great many friends in pharmacy school; a good many of them being at the end of the alphabet. Enjoys Quant lab and Dr. James’ lectures. Tony’s future plans include retail pharmacy.GARRY WACHTEL Rho Pi Phi I, 2, 3. 4; Treasurer 3, 4; Pledge Master 4; Rho Chi 3, 4. Garry is a proficient student with the grades to prove it. He holds the distinction of being the first out of every test. Helped Dick get all the money together for the trip to Abbott. Enjoys lab and fraternity parties. “The Henry David Thoreau" of the senior class. Plans to continue his studies in the field of medicine. RICHARD M. WAGNER Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4; Historian 3, 4; Rho Chi 3. 4. Recently married to a cute Temple nurse. Rich is very easy going and an excellent student. His quietness and slow gait are the pet peeves of Tom and Lance. "Hurry up Wags, the world is passing you by.” His special loves arc basketball, bowling, and ’cology lab. Was one of the calculus quartet. Although future plans are uncertain we know he’ll be a success. 55t JEROME WEBER Alpha Zcta Omega I, 2, 3, 4; Sub-Director urn 3. Considering all of Jerry's favorite subjects. none seem to have been offered in the pharmacy school curriculum . . . l ew doubt that he will ever stop admiring Dr. Eby for that "A" in pharmacognosy . . . Jerry chooses to aid his brother, Marv, in his Ogontz Avenue Drug Store to acquire practical experience rather than “book learning.'’ He plans to continue in the future his philosophy of "worry-free relaxation.” He'll do it too! WILLIAM J. WARNING Sigma Phi Epsilon 1. 2, 3, 4: President 3, 4: IFC 3, 4; APhA 3, 4; Ulysses Grant Luback Award 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; District Leadership Award 3; Inter-fraternity Sports 1,2, 3, 4. Bill was the guest of honor at what turned out to be the infamous "Bachelor Party" of the senior year. Enjoyed most lectures and labs. The few he didn't like never bothered him—he very seldom attended them. Leader of the great vocal group that bears his name. "Bill Warning and His Pennsylvanians.” He and Sam made classes a joy for one another, especially during that "dull and trying” senior year. Bill plans a career in retail pharmacy. 56SAMUEL NEVIN WRIGHT Phi Delta Chi 2. 3, 4; Pledge Master 3; Social Committee 3; Interfraternity Basketball 2, 3, 4; APhA 1, 2, 3, 4. “Sammy" The "man in the gray flannel suit". A neat dresser and a good student. Quiet and unassuming till you get to know him. To say the least, Sam has been well endowed with a keen sense of humor and a perpetual smile. "Boswell's” roommate for four years. Sam rarely misses that week-end trip home to Catasauqua. For a good reason too— that pretty auburn haired lass waits him there. Sam’s personality will certainly be an asset to the retail held. MARTIN ZARGE Phi Sigma Delta 2, 3. 4; IFC 2; APhA 4. The years at pharmacy school have been “years of rest" for Marty. Anyone (other than a member of our class) watching him in a lecture would immediately diagnose his symptoms as narcolepsy. Seen almost always with Cal. Marty’s longtime friend, roommate, and fraternity brother. He excels in pharmacology where he became a fearless master of the experimental animals. Always praising Microbiology as his all-time favorite course. This good-natured guy is most deserving of success. 57UNDERCLASS 58• ■••II IIIIIWI SCHOOL or fNAIMACV tmm iiMiimi SCHOOL or ocomttvCLASS OF 7. Acker. J. Barbagiovanni. R. Barbcra. A. Bcrkis, B. Bloomfield. M Brian. D. Brunner. R. Bryan, F. Buono. J. Campbell. J. Camson. B. Caplan. J Claar. M. Cohen. M. Davis. R. Davis, F.. DeCusatis, A. DcIPiano. R. DiMontc, N. Doctofsky. B. Dolfman. B. Dubinsky. S. Fhlin. V. Eppley. H. Friedman. P. Garber. S. Garfield. R. Gerhart. N. Gewertz. B Gian-donato. M. Gibson. F Giordano. F. Goldman. M. Goldpamt, L. Gould, A. Groft. B. GrosnofT. A Grossman. W. Hammcrschmidt. S. Harlem. H. Harpcl. C Harris, C Heller. I Herman, J. Hiras. S. KatsifF. R. Kauffman. S. Kopstcin. W. Kowalewski. M. Lamelza. H l.autenbacher. S. Lee. C Leinin cr. P. Leuthncr. N Lcvcnstein. S. Llewellyn. W Lowncy. 601962 M. Maliniak. T. Malishaucki. H Markowitz. R Massetti. C. Milazzo. R. Nighswander. C. NocitO, T. Nogami, J. Oreutt. J. O'Shea. S Perkins. D Pollock. R Prevost. R Price. R Ragland. R Rake. R Ralph. M Rappaport. H Rcichenbach. T Renner, T. Rinsland. C. Robinson. Y. Rokhsar. I). Rynier. P Saddic. Y. Sager. F. Sukalosky, I Schmier. R Schultz. N Schwartz. S Shenk. I- Siegfried. B Spcctor. E Spclman. C. Spinnato. A. Strauss. I Swichar. F. Swienckowski. I). Tcdcsco. R. Thompson. D. Trachtenberg. T N'anDcverc. L. Vegotsky, S. Weinstock, D. Zenstein. J. Zoole. R. Zukin. S. Zukin. 61Half of our college career was over when September I960 rolled around. Now, exactly what will the second half bring? Certainly there would be new subjects. We would surely come face to face with different professors. Fraternity parlies, the All Pharmacy Dance, convocations and the such would nevertheless, continue to be a part of us. But "tests'’ or “Quizzes ’ call them what you like, were still a part of our never ceasing “thirst for knowledge.” No doubt we were all amazed at the unique style of Dr. Mann, both as a lecturer and as a person Dr. Stezzi led us to meet a new planet, that of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Structures and more structures—were they our downfall! We dug in a little deeper in qual knowing very well that February would bring us face to face with the lab next door. “What do you mean by the lab next door?” you ask. Well, as it has been put so nicely by some students, when you're just about at the end point and a "fellow” classmate comes along and slaps you on the back, and that 10th normal acid starts flowing like Niagara Halts into your unknown base—well that's the lab next door. Dr. James then starts quoting Murphy’s Law, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” says he and how right he was. And we thought we were through with "significant figures," how wrong can you get? Dr. Fack-enthal saw to it that we never lost our knowledge of significant figures when he so nicely admixed them with quant problems on those exams. Yes, this and more makes up this third year. It’s all a part of quenching that terrible “thirst, the thirst of knowledge.’’ Next year we call ourselves “seniors” we hope, and then we can put our “comprehension" and “interpretation" to work. Sydney Wcinstock Ted VanDcvere Judith Orcutt Lewis Gould President 'ice President Secretory Treasurer 62 Dr. Samuel Elkin. Class AdvisorAnalytical Balances T racheidsCLASS OF R Andriole. J Armon. J Baker. G Bcitzcl. Z. Bclbcr, E. Berkowitz. W Black. J. Brown. H. ( apian. S. Capone. J. Chait. D. Chianese. M. Ciffarelli. H. Coffman. E. Cohen. S. Cole. C Dolan. J. Donato. H. Dubin. D. Ebaugh. S. Fanshcl. C. Fasano. A Fleischncr. I. . Gutto. R Gaudreau. A. Gclman. R Gentile. P. Gerber. II Gilbert. A Gilgorc. B. Gilles, H. Classman. H. Gwaizda. E. Hartzcll. ) Haston. J. Hritz. J Irrcra, R. lsserman. S. Pcnnock. S. Klein. I Knauss. M. Koutchcr. H. Krasny, E. Lefkoe. II. Letofsky. H. l.icberman, J. London. J Lorenzo. I. Lush. W. McClay. H. Malmud. D. Marcus. R. Mariani. C. Ma-sicllo, L. Mayer. J. Meehan. A. Milewski. R Modad. C. Mogilcfski. W. Moors. 64 1963 A Obin. G. Packer. J Pazel, S. Pctner. R Piccolo. I Pollack. A Powell. M Rechson. M Rcn .ulli. S Robinson. I- Romich. A Rose. L. Rose. M Rosen, Ci. Rosenberg. M. Rosenberg, S. Rovncr. F. Rubino. J. Sanscvcrino. L. Schwartz. R Schwartz. R M. Schwartz. H. Shade, W. Shapiro. L Shefter. E Shusman, B Sklar. S Smith. M Solfcr, H Spircr. F Steinberg. M Stirling. R. Stern. S Talamo. A Tammara, S. Thomas. N Trunzo. J Turi. G. Upanavage. P. Voluck. J. Weiner. J Wilson. L Winegrad. J Worley. G. Yakatan, L. Young. R. Zabinsky, N ZumofT 65We had heard a lot about it and now had a chance to sec if it was all true. Our schedules didn't encourage us. Three eight o'clock classes and wc had to stay four days until live o’clock. When do you find time to study or even for a smoke? Yes, this was the sophomore year. All that we had heard was true. Eight o’clock classes, Monday morning physics exams, labs in all five courses, everything from microbacterium tuberculoses to picnomeiers. We sure didn’t waste any time getting started. Physiology lab saw us pricking our lingers trying to get a few drops of rich red blood. Never thought you were so anemic, did you? Physics lab saw us measuring tables which had been measured at least four dozen times before. It was physics lab that also gave us our first glimpse of an analytical balance. That water wouldn’t stop evaporating to save your skin. Organic lab gave us our first opportunity to break a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of glassware and also to deodorize the entire fourth floor. Bacteriology lab gave us opportunity to: 1. paint our hands blue, red, green, etc.; 2. burn our lingers on hot slides; 3. spill cultures of staphylococcus aureus; 4. swab each other’s throat, and; 5. wish we could go home and study organic. In Pharmacy Lab we got our chance to make everything from aromatic waters to suppositories by the fusion method. How well we will remember this great year. How does it compare to the freshman year? Well, let’s not say. Rather let us say. thank goodness the junior year is almost here. Stanley Smith Joseph Turi John Lorenzo Theodore Knauss President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 66 Mr Jerold Newburgcr. Class AdvisorSignificant Figures 67CLASS OF Vibian Lee Breen. Isadore Brody. Csilla Egycd. Lawrence Forman. Stanley Greenberg. Larry Kramer. 681964 Harold Landsberg, Stephan Lawrence. Nerissa Parkinson. Jordan Sitnick. David A. Wenger 69ORGANIZAI, TIONSMarie Lorenzo Elaine DeCusatis Carol Leininger Janet Zoolc Sandra Llewellyn Faith Lopez Louise Shcvock Mrs. Frances Wilson President Vice President Rec. Secretary Corr. Secretary Historian Treasurer Social Chairman Faculty Advisor Lambda Kappa Sigma was organized under the name of the Lambda Kappa Society at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, October 14. 1913. The Alpha Alpha Chapter was founded at Temple University School of Pharmacy in 1948, being one of the largest and most active chapters in the world. The most significant day in our sorority traditions is that of Hygeia Day on March 15 when Hygcia, the first woman pharmacist is honored. 72LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMAJacob Rothmel Marlin Brian Burton Brenman Jack Glass Neal Levenstcin David Mallow Leslie Albert Gilbert Ackers Leonard RothkofT Mr. Jerold Newberger Mr. Robert L. Meyers Directorum Sub-Director tun Signore Exchequer Bellarum Parliamentarian Historians Chaplain Faculty Advisor Assoc. Advisor The Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmaceutical Fraternity, founded in December, 1919 at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, now includes thirty chapters throughout the country. In 1922, Gamma Chapter was chartered at Temple University School of Pharmacy. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote the scholarship, fellowship, and character of its members and to advance the profession of Pharmacy. The fraternity house, which is the National Home of Alpha Zeta Omega, is located at 3932 Spruce St. The faculty advisors to the fraternity are Mr. Robert Meyers, Instructor in Botany and Pharmacognosy, and Mr. Jerold Newberger, Instructor in Physics and Quantitative Analysis. The cultural program of Alpha Zeta Omega is concerned with assisting the Roy Scott Memorial Fund, a program dedicated to establishing a school of pharmacy at the Hebrew University in Israel. Gamma alone has pledged and paid $ 1500 over a period of three years. Several brothers have traveled to various high schools explaining the benefits and opportunities of a pharmaceutical career. 74 ALPHA ZETA OMEGAJohn Dcppcn Ted Van Dc vcre Frank Frumento George Heil Albert Hawke Richard Wagner Dr. Charles Peterson Mr. John A. Lynch Regent Vice Regent Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Historian Faculty Advisor Assoc. Advisor The successful history of Kappa Psi at Temple University was begun in 1930. Still with us arc two charter members. Mr. Arthur Leberknight and our illustrious Grand Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Frank H. Eby. Our aims are many: to promote good health, happiness, prosperity and the continued opportunity to serve the members of our community, both professionally and socially. The fraternalism of Kappa Psi cannot be measured by the physical appearance of its structure, but by the principles for which it stands ... its deep rooted philosophy of life . . . its well rounded and well developed social and professional program created by men who work with and for professionalism. 76Edward Pantlc Ronald Nighswander William Merkel Donald Barkey Rodion Folis Thomas Malishaucki Anthony Pasquarclla John Barbagiovanni Dr. Edward Fackenthal President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Master at Arms Inner Guard Chaplain Faculty Advisor Phi Delta Chi. the national pharmaceutical fraternity was founded in 1883 at the University of Michigan by a group of men interested in the advancement of Pharmacy. Alpha Omicron chapter of Phi Delta Chi was founded at Temple University in 1951. At 1211 Allegheny Ave., we boast our own home, a place of study, comfort, recreation and brotherhood, two blocks from the school. We feel pride and gratitude towards our advisor Dr. Fackenthal who has inspired within us an ethical professional attitude. The brothers of Phi Delta Chi all try to advance pharmacy in every possible way and to live by our motto "Alterium Altcrius Auxilio Eget"—each one needs the help of the other. 78PHI DELTA CHIAlan Ralph Ronald Zukin Garry Wachtel Stanley Kovner Mark. Rosenberg Dr Samuel Elkin Mr. Fred. B. Gable Chancellor I'ice Chancellor Exchequer Rec. Scribe Corr. Scribe Faculty Advisor Assoc. Advisor Rho Pi Phi, an international pharmaceutical fraternity, with chapters throughout the United Slates and Canada, was originated in 1918. The Gamma Galen Chapter at Temple University was organized in 1952. We extend our sincere thanks to our faculty sponsors. Dr. Samuel Flkin and Mr. Fred Gable for guidance tendered to us during the past four years. 80RHO PI PHIRHO CHI Rho Chi was founded at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy in 1908, with the idea “to make its members more professional, more ethical, and more useful to the world in which they live.” Rho Chi is the honorary society of Pharmacy having as its basic objectives, the advancement of Pharmaceutical Sciences, through the encouragement and recognition of intellectual scholarship. High scholastic achievement is a prerequisite for membership to Rho Chi. The emblem of the society is an octagonal, bearing the Greek letters Rho Chi. The sides of the key represent the eight sciences of Pharmacy: pharmacology, pharmacognosy, chemistry, botany, bacteriology, physics. physiology, and pharmacy. Rho Chi is a member of the association of College Honor Societies. Rho Chi members Dale Gcntzlcr and Stanley Leonard are congratulated as recipients of J. Mahlon Buck Scholarship. HiThe American Pharmaceutical Association Student Branch is a professional organization, endeavoring to achieve the goals set forth by our senior counterpart; that is to advance the profession of Pharmacy in every respect. It was the desire of the group to accomplish this by having programs of interest to every student regardless of which field of Pharmacy he intends to pursue following graduation. Robert Peyakovich John Deppcn Anne Malloy Carole Patlcr Ted Van Dcvere President Vice President Rec. Secretary Corr. Secretary T reasurer The A. Ph. A. in action. 83Interfraternity council members meet to discuss their problems. The council represents four fraternities and a sorority. Seated. Marie Lorenzo. John Baker and Flora Koons. Standing: Thomas Renner. Ray Kaufman. Eugene Shusman and Jack Glass. James Golden President Melvin Rosen Vice President Annateresa Picconc Secretary Susan Thomas Treasurer Student council members present the problems of their classes to the executive committee of the faculty. There arc two council members per class.I F C The Interfraternity Council of the School of Pharmacy is an organization whose purpose is to promote fratcrnalism and good will among its members and to coordinate the activities of its member organizations. It brings together the views of five separate and distinct organizations, and makes them one corporate objective. It is composed of two delegates from each organization The organizations are: Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority. Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity, Kappa Psi Fraternity. Phi Delta Chi Fraternity, and Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. The council functions in the setting of rules concerning pledging policies, athletic allairs, and government of its members for the mutual good of the organizations. Most important of all. the l.F.C. strives to obtain cooperation and brotherhood of its members without the stifling of wholesome rivalry. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of representatives from each of the classes. It directs the self-government activities in the school of Pharmacy. It serves as a liaison between the student body and the dean’s office. Council Meeting T •» i Melvin Rosen Sophomore Representatives Susan Thomas Toddy Nogami Junior Representatives Michael MaliniakARREX STAFF John Silbcrstcin I George Hcil Richard Ashbaugh John Deppen David Mat low Anne Malloyactivities tuch year, scn,or siudcntv dc one.In January 1961. the seniors visited Abbott l aboratories in C hicago. Many thanks to the Abbott people for their wonderful hospitality.R1ES AL RESEARCH LABOF BfHPlffO mm Hi OUDffJI 3T PT 7717TI PTj SENIOR BALL Ot 94. and it conies out here. FRIENDS Oh, it tickles! Are there any questions before we begin? 95Commercially it’s used in ice cream, 96I Give artificial respiration until dead. Mow did Carry Back do? Let's get serious for a moment. 97l unchtime mavericks. 98Fill the stock jars before you leave. May I have your attention please. 99 1 . v producing nausear. vomiting, and diarrhcar. Monday morning. t '1Fun at Frunzi’s 102Plead the fifth amendment. Quiet please!then you use a shake well label. . .. Amen!PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Maier Pharmacy Mary Pat's Launderette Muchnick’s Delicatessen Pat’s Barber Shop Park Lane Uniforms Woodson’s Drug Store Page’s Food Market Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Clauser 106REGULAR PATRONS Mrs. John R. Minehart Charlie Heller Stephen Fedec Mrs. Hazel Gentzler Jim Lipschultz Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Koons Mr. and Mrs. Louis Leonard Mr. and Mrs. William S. Warning Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Shevock Mrs. Margaret Malloy Mr. and Mrs. Victor Piccone Mr. and Mrs. Louis Patler Mr. Rubin TarnofL ’41 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hawke Mr. and Mrs. William Chappell Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Lopez Mrs. Ann Silberstein William Carlino and Sons Mr. and Mrs. George C. Heil 107WELCOME TO THE PHARMACY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Take an active part in your alumni association! Compliments of PHILADELPHIA WHOLESALE DRUG COMPANY 108Compliments of KIEVE EHRLICH Greetings from Mr. E. P. Roberts. Sr. Rabbi and Mrs. Z. Rozenberg Mr. and Mrs. Norman Samoiloff Mr. and Mrs. Adolph N. Sigal Best Wishes From the Brothers of Kappa Psi Dick Ashbaugh John Gherardini Pierre Bclski Ken Haas Tony Cardi AI Hawke Lon Castle George Heil Tony Centafont Robert Kramer Lance Collins Ray Lodato John Deppen Walt Maupay Frank Frumento Rock Peyakovich Gerry Gentilotti Tom Roman Dale Gentzler Jack Silberstein Pete Stahl Rich Wagner Ken Zimmerman 109Best Wishes to the Good luck to the Class of Graduates 1961 from from KEESAL'S PHARMACY ROMAN PHARMACY HENSEL AND SONS Greetings From Wholesalers EPPLEY S PHARMACY 110SLATER DiLorenzo Pharmacy Bristol. Pennsylvania Midge’s Barber Shop D. H. Blanck Co. right around the corner Wholesalers College Inn Restaurant near the hospital George’s Restaurant Frunzi’s Cafe Compliments of Parker’s Restaurant IllOur Best Wishes to the Class of 61 REA DERICK DRUGS A good place to work in the profession of pharmacy 112 Thu booh printed h, VELVATONE. • at Mhi (raphic imntmc. Sok produmi Wm. J. Ktttrr Itu.. HuMo. N V .Vo aftier printing Arm it authomrd to uh th Vrlvattt «ut»wt1 » . . i.. •»• 4. • iiuH'-i r ■ t • • • : lit • . j • • • .'■ r . h - I  ■ .. . .■ rr. - • — ; 'f : 12-u:. •:; :::: - - 3 --‘ , . ; (fate) ; A' '•• •• ••• • • I • • I - • • » » • I . I • I • f • • , A • • « t » • I • ......- ».,• 1 • -.............. .............................................................. it.,«.... ■ - . ..................... ... . . . ......... . y. ...... • ... ... • . . . r ..... ... ..V . .. tiV . • . « ■ is . ............. • •«. • • I ............................................................... -.... • • • • .......... 1......................... ........... 1 . I I ... I. .. I ... 1 ...a. ...... ....... ..-I.. . . ....... ... ir. 4 . . ... ................ .............................-.....................................-............................... ......................................................................................................................... . ... 1 . . -i . • • s'» _• • »'•. - . • . ... r,'i .y.jf V fl .; V.. « % ....... . ... • . ■ ■ • ■ 1 • -4 ...... ,. ■ • . J . . I ............................. i . . . . • . . i 4 i'V a . . % a . • ......... fiVj-i. ............................................................................................................................................. ...... ... .............fi ’’» ’.J..................................................

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