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77777777 .pie university iinsbuig rieeiiti Sciences» »• tffor. ‘ S'»H ‘JUK .'ttG0, 7}fOF9fMW Lewis Katz School of Medicine Skull 2019 Temple University Ginsburg Health Sciences Library Temple UniversityThe Hippocratic Oath dW' O'p Ay tA' t 40A60A mod daopeafs That I wid he CoyaC to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; That I wiCC head my Cife andpractice my art in uprightness and honor; That into whatsoever house I shad enter, it shad he for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, I hoCding myseCf aCooffrom wrong, from corruption, and from the tempting of others to vice; That I widexercise my art soCeCy for the cure of my patients, and wid give no drug, perform no operation for a criminaCpurpose, even if soCic ited; That whatsoever I shad see of hear of the dves of others, which is not fitting to he spoken, I wid keep invioCahhy secret. These things I do promise. S s I amfaithfuC to this my oath may happiness and good repute he ever mine. The opposite if I shad he forsworn. Table of Contents: Administration: 12 Faculty Support Staff: 14 Regional Clinical Campuses: 28 Student Life: 42 Match Day: 70 Temple University Graduates: 83 Ginsbufg Health Sciences library Patrons: 242 Lewis Katz School of Medicine 2Temple University 3Hooders Graduation is a cultural tradition considered to be a rite of passage from one platform in a student’s life to another. Today's graduation ceremony is a manifestation of an ancient rite of passage in the modem context. An important part of the graduation ceremony is the giving of the hoods. The origin of the hood lies with the Celts and the Druids (Celtic priests). Among the Celts, only the Druids wore mantles, which had hoods attached to them as a mark of their rank in society. In the schools of the Middle Ages, the hoods were worn as a covering to resist the frigid temperatures. Gradually, it was integrated into the academic system with much symbolic significance. Now, the wearing of the hoods symbolizes a kind of authority, a high standing, or a new graduate's institution and degree. A hood is always black in color, but the edges and lining have individual significance. The hood is lined in silk with the official colors of the institution conferring the degree. The edging of the hood is velvet, with a particular color representative of a field of study. The official colors of Temple University are cherry and white. The dark green signifies the field of medicine. One of the great continuing traditions is the presence of hooders - individuals who symbolically bestow the medical degree upon each graduate. The medical school has chosen six individuals to assist with the placement of these hoods. These distinguished members of the faculty were selected not only for their superior quality of teaching, but also for their passion, hard work, and dedication. The hooders have committed themselves to challenging the minds of medical students and encouraging us as future doctors to maintain the integrity of the profession. It was from these mentors that we were able to become true physicians. Oneida Arosarena, MD Karen Lin, MD, MPH Thank you, Dr. Lin, for keeping us aground with your reality checks and for teaching us to use our common sense, even in uncommon situations. Thank you, Dr. Arosarena, for your commitment to excellence in our education and for being an amazing role model and mentor. Vincent Cowell, MD Thank you, Dr. Cowell, for demonstrating the best of patient care and student education both in and out of the OR. You are truly a role model for all students. Natalia Ortiz, MD Thank you, Dr. Ortiz, for being a role model for kindness, compassion, and advocacy in the hospital and in the community. 4 Kathleen Dave, PhD Thank you, Dr. Dave, for being an amazing guide and mentor to our class and for the time spent ensuring our success. Lewis Katz School of Medicine Steven Popoff, PhD Thank you, Dr. Popoff, for acclimating us to medical school and for making sure we are ready for the next step in our journey.This yearbook is dedicated to David O’Gurek, MD 1. Tell us about yourself. I grew up in Summit Hill, a small town in the anthracite coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania. After getting a taste of Philadelphia during my four years at St. Joseph’s University, I completed medical school and residency in southcentral Pennsylvania at the Penn State College of Medicine and the Lancaster General Family Medicine Residency Program. My passion for education and urban community health brought me to Temple in 2013, having the honor of serving the North Philadelphia community and the inspiring students of LKSOM. I currently live in South Philly, interestingly enough, just 2 blocks from where my maternal ancestors lived when they arrived in Philadelphia from Italy. A die-hard Philadelphia sports fan, I can often be found roaming about the city; cheering on the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers; and in South Philly Italian bakeries and restaurants. 2. What inspired you to go into medicine? Growing up in a close-knit, small town, I have been largely influenced by my own family’s personal history that always shared with the next generation the values of service, advocacy, and community. My parents still remember me telling them I was quitting school in 3rd grade to get a paper route and laugh that I went on to complete so much schooling after that. My fascination with science, humanities, and policy shepherded an interest in medicine through seeing the impact that community physicians had in their communities. Many small, impactful encounters developing relationships with people and seeing how physicians can build their own sense of community with their patients fostered a profession where I can carry out my family’s legacy. Temple University 53. Person who inspired you over the course of your career? While there have been many people who inspired me directly and indirectly, my parents, Dave and Patti, are the voice in my head, the caring in my heart, the passion in my soul, and the service in my spirit. They have always inspired me to the best version of myself and challenged me to shoot for the moon. Their coaching, understanding, and support are continuously reflected in how I carry myself with patients, students, colleagues, and communities. Standing behind me at every step of my career, I first learned from them the importance of being there for patients and for communities. A huge part of who I am today is a direct reflection of how inspirational they have been to me. 4. What advice do you want to offer our graduating class? I frequently share with applicants interviewing for a spot at LKSOM that what I believe truly makes Temple special is that we not only train good clinicians but we, perhaps more importantly, train great citizens. Never forget that idealist, ready to change the world, who wrote your medical school personal statement. Those principles brought you to medicine and brought you to Temple. Your experience over the past 4 years here has undoubtedly been touched by many exceptional teachers, the community members of North Philadelphia, who hopefully have left an indelible mark on your heart. Never forget them. Never stop fighting for them. With a changing healthcare landscape, we face many challenges as physicians but you are powerful beyond measure to change the world, even if just for one individual. Inspire. Create. Lead.5. What are some important lessons youVe learned during your career in medicine? While seasons come and go, first line therapies, treatment guidelines, and the science of medicine changes with advancing knowledge, the art of practice remains constant. I am continually reminded of Francis Peabody’s notion that the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient. Patients will be your greatest teachers and many of these patients will enter your lives, stamp your hearts, and you will, in a way completely appropriate and proper, love them. Health is something very personal to individuals and therefore advancing health as opposed to health care must involve relationships and personal connections. Allow yourself to connect and do not fight it. This is what it means to be a physician. 6. What are some of your hobbies? Aside from waiting for additional Philadelphia sports championships and celebratory parades, I have always been interested in politics and history. I’m a far cry from a foodie but enjoy trying new restaurants, particularly hole-in-the-wall places with the best food. Love drawing, live music, and my family will tell you watching the same movies over and over again. 7. What is a challenge you've encountered so far in your career? While there are many to mention, I’ve had several transition points in my career to date that either led to changes in practice or changes in location. These decisions did not come without significant discernment and consternation. Having a path or a course for yourself and your career is a positive thing but regardless of how planned it might be, when faced with a difficult decision, the best we can do is make the decision as wisely as possible and then forget about it. Absolute certainty never arrives. Taking risks is important and can lead you in a new direction and on a new path that will lead you on journey that you never could have imagined. 8. Favorites: movie, food, TV show, song? Movie - Brian’s Song Food - Chicken Parmesan TV Show - How I Met Your Mother Song - Imagine by John Lennon Temple University 78 Lewis Katz School of Medicine, J. Ann WELC Temple University 910 Lewis Katz School of MedicineThe Class of 2019 extends its deepest and most sincere gratitude to those who have helped and guided us along this journey. We are extremely grateful for all of your efforts. To our Faculty: Thank you for providing us with the strong and necessary foundation we need to succeed after we graduate. It is only through your dedication to teaching, both in the classroom and in the hospital, that we have the tools to prosper in our future endeavors. To Dianne Butera and Student Affairs: Thank you for your continuous support throughout these four years and getting us through all our professional and personal dilemmas. To Dr. Gerald Sterling: Thank you for always prioritizing our education and for your hard work and dedication preparing us for boards. To Dr. Douglas Reifler: Thank you for truly caring for us, and for always advocating for students. We are truly honored to be your first class! To Dr. Stephanie Barbetta: Thank you for the immense preparation we received during the residency application process and interview season. You are part of the reason we have jobs next year! To Dr. Alisa Peet: Thank you for guiding us through our clinical years, and for constantly reminding us that everything is going to be okay. To Jacquee Lukawski: Thank you for your patience, hard work, and understanding and for always tending to all student concerns. Thank you for making this yearbook a possibility! To Micki Miller, Ruth Wright, and Alexis Gates: Thank you for your endless hard work and for the integral part you have played in our education. Words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you have done for us. To Ann Gallagher, Gina Ralph, Rhonda McCurry, Remy Van Wyck, Betty Anne Pauly, and Carissa Forde: We truly appreciate your patience when it came to changing around our schedules and ensuring that we completed our necessary clinical rotations. You were vital to our clinical years and we sincerely appreciate that you were always there when we needed you. To the Library staff: Thank you for encouraging us to persevere with our journey every time we checked out a book or checked in to a study room. You have motivated us to study that much more and cheered us up when we needed it the most. Derrick, your kind and funny words have helped us through our most difficult times. To the Technical Services staff: Thank you for your patience in dealing with our stressed-out selves during every exam over these past four years. From class capture issues to NBME crashes, we thank you for always being available to help. To the Maintenance staff: Our building is beautiful and it is because of you. Thank you for encouraging us to keep our chins up through your friendly smiles and conversations. To Dr. Dorrit Sterner and Student Health Services: Thank you for keeping us healthy during our time here and keeping our hypochondriac tendencies at bay. To Lisa Duncan, Joanne Handler, and the Financial Services staff: Thank you for navigating us through the complicated and terrifying world of loans and graduate planning. Through your hard work, we were able to pay for our education and for this we are truly grateful. To the Mailroom staff: Thank you for all your dedication in ensuring that everyone in MERB received their packages and in handling the immense amount of mail that goes in and out of our institution. To the Bookstore staff: From Netter’s to First Aid, we want to thank you for your kindness in directing us to the right study books and selling the best sweatshirts to keep us comfortable and warm while studying. To all of you and the many others we may be forgetting - THANK YOU for your continuous support and always being there for us! o of Temple University nDean's Administration Larry R. Kaiser, MD, FACS The Lewis Katz Dean Senior Executive Vice President for Health Affairs President and CEO. Temple University Health System Senior Vico Dean. Finance Administration Executive Director, Temple University Physicians Associate Vice Doan. Clinical Affairs Richard Fisher, MD Senior Associate Doan. Cancer Programs President and CEO. Fox Chase Cancer Center Stovon R. Houser. PhD. FAHA Senior Associate Dean. Research Chair and Professor. Physiology Director. Cardiovascular Research Center Kathleen Reeves, MD Senior Associate Dean. Health Equity. Diversity. Inclusion Director. Center for Bioethics. Urban Health. Policy Gerald H. Sterling, PhD Senior Associate Dean. Education Susan E. Wiegers, MD, FACC, FASE Senior Associate Dean. Clinical Affairs Senior Associate Dean. Faculty Affairs CEO. Temple University Physicians Associate Dean. Diversity and Inclusion Associate Dean. Faculty Affairs Lawrence Kaplan, MD Associate Dean. Intor-professional Education Associate Dean. Pre-Clerkship Education 12 Lewis Katz School of Medicine) Scott K. Shore, PhD Associate Dean. Graduate Special Programs Susan Coull, MBA Assistant Dean. Graduato Medical Education Dianne R. Soprano, PhD Associate Dean. Graduate MD PhD Programs Brad Chllnick, BS Assistant Dean. Space Planning Management Associate Doan. Student Affairs and Medical Humanities Jacob Ufberg, MD Associate Dean. Admissions David Wald. DO Assistant Doan. Clinical Simulation Denise A. Salomo, MD Associate Doan. Acadomic Affiliations Stephanie Bar bet ta, MD Assistant Dean, Student Affairs wmmm Jonathan Soboloff, PhD Assistant Dean. Faculty Affairs Assistant Dean. Informatics Chief Medical Information Officer. Temple University Health System Assistant Dean. Lewis Katz School of Medicine Chief Advancement Officer, Tomplo Health Associate Vice President, Tomplo University Assistant Dean. Finance Administration Assistant Dean. Human Resources Administration Temple University 13Administration ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE Standing: Vanneta Hyatt, MD, Kathleen Reeves. MD. Melanie Cosby, PhD, Denise Salerno. MD. Marla Wolfson, MS, Phd, Peter Schartel, MS4. Megan Healy, MD. Gerald Sterling, PhD. Maria Zimmerman, Daniele Bourget. MD. Stephanie Barbetta, MD, Robert Bettiker, MD, Dione Cash, MD. MPH, Harry Goett, MD, Joel Rosenfeld, MD Seated: Lawrence Kaplan, MD, Thair Abed, MD, J. Milo Sewards, MD, Jacob Ufberg, MD, Dale Haines, PhD, Kathleen Harmer Not pictured: Walaa Abdelfadeel, MS3, Oneida Arosarena, MD, Andrew Grimes, MS3, Leonard Mason. Ill, MD, David O’Gurek, MD. Scott Shore, PhD, Amber Simmons, MS4, Gabriela Yao-Cohen, MS4 OFFICES OF MEDICAL EDUCATION AND STUDENT AFFAIRS Front Row: Ellen Johnson, Rhonda McCurry, Alexis Gates, Nana Frimpong-Chester, Jacquee Lukawski, Carissa Forde, Stephanie Barbetta, MD. Dianne Butera, Micki Miller Marchesani, Betty Anne Pauly, Liz Koniz Back Row: Denise Green. Sharri Reese-Banks, Douglas Reifler, MD, Donna Johnson, Ruth Wright, Denise Salerno, MD, Mike Vitez. Jerome Wright, Gerald Sterling, PhD, Lisa Duncan, Joanne Handler Not Pictured: Lawrence Kaplan, MD, David Karras, MD, Marianne LaRussa, Hannah Flite, Alisa Peet, MD, Gina Ralph, Remy Van Wyk 14 Lewis Katz School of Medicine OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Front Row: Denise Green, Jacquee Lukawski. Stephanie Barbetta, MD. Micki Miller Marchesani Back Row: Douglas Reifler. MD. Donna Johnson, Mike Vitez, Dianne Butera, Lisa Duncan. Joanne Handler ADMISSIONS OFFICE Left to Right: Jacob Ufberg, MD; Kristin DeLay; Stefan Schechs; Kathy Harmer; Lindsey Sharpe: Patty Kott Not Pictured: Maria ZimmermanAdministration CLERKSHIP OFFICE Left to Right: Gina Ralph, Rhonda McCurry, Carissa Forde, Betty Anne Pauly Left to Right: Tracey Hinton, Denise Rykard, Dianne R. Soprano. PhD, Scott K. Shore, PhD Not Pictured: Tracy Burton Left to Right: Jerome Wright, Hannah Flite. Nana Frimpong-Chester, Alexis Gates. Liz Koniz TECHNICAL SUPPORT Front Row: Tom Fanrak, Marianne McVey. Michael Boland, Felicia Boccuti Back Row: Barbara Thomas, Mike Seip. Timothy Mistalski. Darrel Asbury OFFICE OF HEALTH EQUITY, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION Back Row: Melanie A. Cosby, PhD; Oneida A. Arosarena, MD; Kathleen A. Reeves, MD; Joyce Donnelly Front Row: Germyce Harris. Afeni Stones Not Pictured: Nora Jones, PhD STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES Lisa Duncan. Joanne Handler FACULTY AFFAIRS Left to Right: Aileen Rollins, Kim Allen, Frankie Brown, Susan Wiegers, Patricia Pileggi, Sheila McMillan, Sharon Kass. and Bryant Tabb Not Pictured: Vanetta Grant, Elizabeth Oquendo Temple University 15Support Staff LIBRARY Back Row: Derrick Russell. Mark Marcino Middle Row: Erica Howell, Jean Cottle. Chris Denison, Will Dean, Tiffany Ellis Front Row: Jenny Pierce, Barbara Kuchan. Stepanie Roth. Karen Burstein, Patrick Lyon, Royce Sargeant SIMULATION CENTER Left to Right: Charlotte Huber. Jane Cripe, Michaella Kinloch. Alexis Higgins. Lee Kiszonas, Dave Brown STUDENT HEALTH Left to Right: Dorrit Sterner, MD. John Thomas, RN. Dionne Byers, MA MAILROOM Left to Right: Jeffrey Branch. Gloria Hosten, Terry Mckenzie BOOKSTORE Left to Right: Amanda Otto, Alana Farrington, Deanna Davis, Sunny Gupta, Suhmer Gantt SECURITY Left to Right: Carol McCormick, Wayne Johnson, Courtney Hicks MAINTENANCE Staff: Alvin Williams, Shante Linton. Shanon Medlock, Angel Eichelberger, Darlene Burgess. Alice Nixon. Nyeem Carter, Maruice Mobley, Tameka Stewart, Michael Chapman. Mattie Bryant 16 Lewis Katz School of MedicineHospital Faculty I ANESTHESIOLOGY Left to Right: Amol Patel, DO; Spencer Drotman, MD; Georgios Charatzoglou, MD; Jyothsna Reddy, MD; Daniella Miele, DO; Larissa Salas,MD; Sumita Bhambhani, MD; Anish Sethi. DO; Parul Patel, MD; Dr. Dilipkumar Patel, MD; Scott Schartel, DO; Neil Brister, MD, PhD ; Ihab Kamel, MD; Abiona Berkeley, MD, JD; David Fish. MD; Ashish Sinha, MD; Marc Goldberg, MD; Alla Spivak, DO; Diana Feinstein, MD Not Pictured: Dmitry Roberman, DO; Michelle McMaster, MD; Francisco Suero, MD; Gurpreet Mundi, MD; Kristin Krauss, MD Valerie Armstead. MD, Gordon More wood, MD, MBA (chair) CARDIOLOGY Faculty: Nana Afari-Armah, MD; William Auger, MD; Meredith Brisco-Bacik, MD, MSCE; Riyaz Bashir, MD; Anuj Basil, MD; Joshua Cooper, MD; Deborah Crabbe. MD; Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, MS (Chief); Paul Forfia, MD; Chethan Gangireddy, MD, MPH; Richard Greenberg, MD; Eman Hamad, MD; Sabrina Islam, MD, MPH; Martin Keane, MD; Brian O'Murchu, MD; Brian O’Neill, MD; John Panidis, MD; Pravin Patil, MD; Val Rakita, MD; Bindi Shall, MD; Vaidya, MDAnjali; William Vandecker, MD; Susan Wiegers, MD; Isaac Whitman. MD DERMATOLOGY Left to Right: Shaan Patel, MD; Shoshana Grossman, MD; Sylvia Hsu, MD (chair); Nicholas Mollanazar, MD; Brandon Rowe, MD; Gabriel Isaza-Gonzalez, MD; Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD ENDOCRINOLOGY Front Row: Dr Kevin Jon Williams, Dr Cherie L. Vaz, Dr Tanya Reznick, Dr Kristin Criner Second Row: Anne Varghese NP, Dr Victor Adlin, Dr Daniel Rubin Third Row: Dr Amy Iwamaye Forth Row: Dr Rajesh Jain. Dorothea McGlaughlin NP, Dr Ajaykumar Rao, Dr Imali Sirisena Back Row: Dr Christine Mathai, Dr Jonathan Anolik (Chief) Temple University 17Hospital Faculty EMERGENCY MEDICINE Back Row: Stephanie Barbetta, MD; Naomi Rosenberg, MD; David Wald. DO; Derek Isenberg. MD, MS; Nina Gentile, MD; Daniel del Portal, MD, MBA; Manish Garg, MD Front Row: David Karras, MD: Robert M. McNamara, MD (Chair), Kraftin Schreyer. MD; Andrea Blome, MD; Michael DoAngelis, MD FAMILY MEDICINE L to R: Jasmin Brown; Alexandra Schieber. DO; Menachem Leasy, MD; Carolyn Cuffeld; David O’Gurek. MD; Amelia Dean; Robin Milhouse, RN, BSN. Margot T. Savoy, MD (Chair) Not Pictured: Stephen R. Permut, MD, Professor; Lisa Fino; Ebonique King; Kiarra Perry GASTROENTEROLOGY Faculty: Frank Friedenberg, MD. MS (Chief); Paul Bandini, MD: Adam Ehrlich. MD; Jonathan Gotfried, MD; Stephen Heller, M; Brenda Horwitz, MD; Amirali Kiyani, MD; Woo Jung Jay Lee, MB, BCh. BAO; Harvey Licht, MD; Zubair Malik, MD; Henry Parkman, MD; Lee Peng, MD. PhD; Robin Rothstein, MD; Mina Shaker, MD, MSc HEMATOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY Alvaro Pereira-Rico, MD; David Essex. MD; Ronald Rubin, MD; Juhi Mittal MD;Aruna Padmanabhan, MD; Koneti Rao, MD; Michael Bromberg, MD, PhD (Chief); Doric Savior, MD Not Pictured: Richard Fisher, MD; Jean-Pierre Issa, MD; Peter Walsh. MD, PhD Lewis Katz School of Medicine 18Hospital Faculty INFECTIOUS DISEASE Back Row: Bennett Lorber, MD; Rafik Samuel, MD,Daniel Mueller. MD; Byungse Suh. MD; Robert Bettiker, MD; Heather Clauss, MD; Thomas Fekete, MD. MACP; Peter Axelrod, MD Front Row: Joseph Derose. DO: Brionna Matt, DO; Nirmol Philip, MD; Abdulrahman Elabor, MD; Rebecca Fallis, MD; Milagros Acevedo. INTERNAL MEDICINE Top row: Lawrence Kaplan. MD; Alia Chisty, MD; Gina Simoncini.MD; Anuradha Paranjape, MD, MPH; Vanneta Hyatt, MD; Ellen Tedaldi, MD. Mohammad Hashmi, MD; Elizabeth Leilani Lee, MD; Mark Weiner, MD; Jaime Fineman, MD; Regina Jacob, MD; Jill Allenbaugh, MD Bottom row: Rakesh Malhoutra, MD; Douglas Reifler, MD; Susan Gersh, MD Karen Lin, MD. MPH Not pictured: Jennifer Aldrich. MD; Sharon Herring, MD, MPH; Ralph Horwitz, MD; Mary Kraemer, MD; Alisa Peet, MD; Paul Williams, MD MEDICINE SECTION CHIEFS Back Row: Thomas Fekete, Professor and Chair. Department of Medicine, Rafik Samuel, MD, Chief, Infectious Disease, Frank Friedenberg, Chief, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Michael Bromberg, MD, Chief of Hematology, Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, Chief, Cardiology. Jonathan Anolik, MD, Interim Chief, Endocrinology. Marissa A. Blum, Vice Chair, Education and Internal Residency Program Director, Front Row: Roberto Caricchio, Interim Chief. Rheumatology, Anuradha Paranjape, MD . Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs. Karen Lin, MD, Chief, General Internal Medicine, Rachel Rubin, MD Chief, Hospital Medicine Not Pictured: Crystal Gadegbeku, Chief, Nephrology NEPHROLOGY First Row: Jean Lee, MD; Crystal Gadegbeku. MD (Chief); Sally Quinn, MSN; Srikanth Thiruvarudsothy. MD Second Row: Liliane Hobeika, MD; Iris Lee, MD; Colleen Rabbitt, CRNP Third Row: Iryna Danylyuk. CRNP; Rhonda Washington, CRNP; Sumithra Nalla, MD; Christine Basil, MD; Fourth Row: Serban Constantinescu. MD; Avrum Gillespie, MD; Joseph Benjamin, MD Fifth Row: Duncan Johnstone. MD: Joseph Cheung. MD; Othello Kwaidah. CRNP Not Pictured: Dina Abdelwahab, MD; Neel Desai, MD; Suma Prakash, MD; Gerri Schulman. MD; Diane Woodford, CRNP Temple University 19Hospital Faculty NEUROLOGY Front Row: Ivan Cuesta, MD; David Rahimian. DO; Ossama Khazaal, MD Middle Row: Narsis Aminian, MD; Jennifer Haynes. MD; Shilpa Samudrala, DO; S Ausim Azizi. MD. PhD (Chair); Paul Katz, MD; Brian Flynn. DO; Kristine Arandela. MD; Tim Lachman, MD; Maria “Irma" Dorotan. MD Back Row: Sean Cleymaet, MD; Valeriya Poukas. MD; Ching “Julie" Tsao. MD; Jeffrey Ruta, MD; Darshan Pandya, MD; Edward Gettings. MD; Sarah Grewal, DO; Anahita Deboo, MD; Yongwoo Kim, MD Not Pictured: Rima Alkasem, MD; Terry Heiman-Patterson, MD; Mercedes Jacobson. MD; Jeffrey Kaufmann, MD; Justin Kwan, MD; Jin Luo, MD. PhD; Imama Naqvi, MD NEUROSURGERY Left to Right: Rami Almefty. MD; Philip Villanueva, MD; Kadir Erkmen. MD; Michael Weaver, MD; Joseph Queenan, MD; Bong-Soo Kim, MD; Charles Munyon, MD; Scott Shepard, MD; Christopher Loftus, MD OPHTHALMOLOGY Left to Right: Yi Zhang, MD, PhD; Mark Krakauer, MD, MPHIL; Upneet Bains, MD; Dany Najjar, MD; Angela Ba MD; Jeffrey Henderer, MD; Edward Hagop Bedrossian (Chair); Julia Grachevskaya. OD; Gary Domeracki, MD Not Pictured: Lorrie Cheng, OD; David Lamed. MD; Ned Bedrossian. MD; Iftikhar Chaudhry. MD ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY AND SPORTS MEDICINE Standing: Christopher Haydel, MD; Mark Solarz, MD; Cory Keller, DO; Hesham Abdelfattah, MD; Pekka Mooar, MD; Min Lu. MD; Leslie Barnes, MD; Michelle Noreski, DO; Milo Sewards, MD; and Joseph Thoder, MD. Seated: Ryan Schreiter. DO; Saqib Rehman, MD; Eric Kropf, MD; Julie Shaner, MD; and Vishal Saxena, MD Lewis Katz School of Medicine 20« Hospital Faculty OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Back row Dr. Divya Chillapalli; Dr. Laura Hart; Dr. Tanise Branche; Dr. Wadia Mulla; Dr. Karen Houck; Dr. Carol Glowacki; Dr. Bruce Mabme, Dr. Juan Diaz-Quinones; Dr. Deslyn Mancini; Dr. Martin Freedman; Dr. Gail Herrine; Dr. Maureen Robert; Dr. Jocelyn Ray (Gyn One Fellow); Dr. Daniel Benrubi; Dr. Kate Sanserino; Dr. Bruce Carnivale; Dr. Arthur Castelbaum. Middle row: Dr. Katyayani Papatla; Dr. Nishanth Sidduri; Dr. Hema Datwani; Dr. Yiran Xu; Dr. Stacey Jeronis; Dr. Enrique Hernandez, Chairman; Dr. Rachel Pantoja; Dr. Kristen Kean; Dr. Leah Roberts; Dr. Holly Boyle. Front row: Dr. Arleen Ayala-Crespo; Dr. Molly Singer; Dr. Olga Mutter; Dr. Molli Bascom; Dr. Shira Saperstein; Dr. Richa Pursnani; Dr. Alexandra Lebental; Dr. Angela Liu; Dr. Sravanthi Gutta: Dr. Tiffany Gee OTOLARYNGOLOGY, HEAD AND NECK SURGERY Faculty: Cecelia E. Schmalbach, MD, MSc, (Chair); Oneida Arosarena, MD; Elina Toskala, MD, PhD. MBA; Ahmed Soliman, MD ; Glenn Isaacson, MD; Natasha Poliak, MD; Caitlin C. McLean. MD; Pamela Roehm, MD, PhD; Karl Whitley. MD; Jeffrey C. Liu, MD Audiology: Paige Pastalove, AuD; Amanda McVey, AuD, CCC-A; Susan Ward, AuD; Eric Bostwick, AuD Senior Administrator: Thomas Lubiski, MBA Residents: Steven Zuniga, MD; Vishaal Patel, MD; Jonathan Harounian. MD; Suraj Kedarisetty. MD - PGY 3; Jessica Tang, MD; Punam Patel. MD; Bahbak Shariat-Madar; Benjamin Liba, MD: Nicole Molin, MD PATHOLOGY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE Left from bottom up: Adil Khan, M.Sc., PhD; Ashish Bains, MD; Jasvir Khurana, MD; Carrie Schneider. MD; Suad Taraif, MD; Slava Rom, PhD, MBA: Steven Geier, PhD; Ioannis Ioannidis, MD; J. Todd Kuenstner, MD; Wenhui Hu, MD. PhD; Jian Huang. MD, PhD; Riya Kuklani, DDS; Kaede Ota Sullivan, MD; Carmen Sapienza. PhD Right from bottom up: Yuri Persidsky, MD, PhD (chair); Jared R. Hassler, MD: Nirag C. Jhala, MD; Olga Timofeeva, PhD; Amandeep Aneja, MD; Uma Sriram, PhD; Nahum Duker, MD; Raghava Potula, MHA. PhD; Servio H. Ramirez, PhD; Congli Wang, MD, MS; Edward J. Yoon. MD; Wenzhe Ho, MD, MPH PEDIATRICS Front Row: Brittany Hansen. MD; Ilona Duffy, MD; Dione Cash, MD Middle Row: Beth Moughan, MD; Stephen Aronoff, MD (Chair); Jessica James, MD; Julia Burger, MD; Hema Guruprasad, MD Back Row: David Fleece, MD; Michael Delvecchio, MD; Megan Heere, MD; Amer Kechli, MD; Denise Salerno, MD Temple University 2!Hospital Faculty PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION L to R: Reed C. Williams, MD, MBS; Andrea Brown, MD; Ernesto Cruz, MD; Ian Maitin, MD, MBA PSYCHIATRY AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE Front Row: Jessica Kovach, MD; Ellen Guzman. MD; Natasha Kiryankova-Dalseth, MD; Justin Faden. DO Middle Row: Roy Steinhouse, MD; Gregory Gorton, MD; Christopher Combs, PhD; Aurelia Bizamcer, MD, PhD, MPH; Ingre Walters. MD; Polina Zilbering, MD; Jonathan Kersun, MD Back Row: James Graham, DO; William Dubin. MD (Chair); Camille Paglia, MD. JD; Mary Morrison. MD Not Pictured: Natalia Ortiz, MD; Sarah Braun. MD; Jeffrey Grand, PsyD; Pietro Miazzo. MD THORACIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY Faculty: G. Criner, MD. FACP, FACCP (Chair); T. Rogers. PhD; C. Bakos, MD, MS. FACS; J. Beros, MD; K. Brennan. MD; J. Brown. MD, MBA; W. Chatila, MD; D. Ciccolella. MD; G. D’Alonzo, DO; P. Desai, MD; S. Dhungana, MD; S. Duffy, MD; A. Abbas, MD; C. Erkmen, MD; J. Galli, MD; J. Garfield, MD; M. Gordon, MD; R. Gupta, MD; F. Jaffe, DO; L. Kaiser, MD, FACS; S. Kelsen, MD; L. Kilpatrick. PhD; V. Kim. MD; B. Kosminder, PhD; S. Krachman, DO; F. Kueppers, MD; A. Mammary, MD; N. Marchetti, DO; P. Mulhall, MD; E. Narewski, DO; R. Petrov, MD, PhD, FACS; P. Rali, MD; U. Sajjan, PhD; D. Salerno, MD; A. Satti, MD; S. Sehgal, MD; K. Shenoy, MD; J. Stewart, MD; J. Travaline, MD; M. Vega-Sanchez, MD; M. Weir, MBChB, MRCP; M. Wolfson. MS, PhD RADIATION ONCOLOGY L to R: Curtis Miyamoto, MD (Chair); Bizhan Micaily, MD, FACR; Andrew Hollander, MD 22 Lewis Katz School of Medicine KalHospital Faculty RADIOLOGY AND NUCLEAR MEDICINE Faculty: G. Cohen, MD (Chair); S. Abdulla. MD; O. Agosto. MD; S. Ali, MD; R. Bronstein, MD; T. Chayapruks, MD; S. Cherian, MD; K. Chemukha. MD; E. Cuthbertson, MD; S. Dadparvar, MD, FACR, FACNM; C. Dass, MBBS, DMRD; B. Davila. MD; S. Fenerty, MD; B. Hershey, MD; P. Jonnalagadda, MD; B. Kamat, MD; M. Khan. MD; M. Kumaran. MD, MBBS, FRCR; S. Lee. MD; H. Lewis, MD; S. Ling. MD; L. Malmud, MD; A. Maurer, MD: D. Niman, MD; J. Panaro, MD; S. Pascarella, MD; H. Patel, MD; P. Patel, DO; T. Power, DO; D. Pryluck, MD; J. Sykes, MD; Z. Wang. PhD RHEUMATOLOGY Back Row: Marissa Blum, MD, MSHPR; Philip Cohen, MD; Steven Bemey, MD Front Row: Lawrence Brent, MD; Audrey Uknis, MD; Irene Tan, MD; Catherine Najem, MD, MSCE, Roberto Carrichio, MD SURGERY Faculty: Amy Goldberg, MD. (Chair); Jessica Beard. MD, MPH; Robert Boova. MD; Eric Choi. MD. Tatyan Clarke. MD; John Daly. MD; Elizabeth Dauer, MD; Sanjiv Dewan, MD; Ravi Dhanisetty, MD; Antonio DiCarlo. MD, CM; Verdi DiSesa. MD, MBA; Michael Edwards. MD; Andrew Gassman, MD; Scott Golarz, MD; Jesus Gomez-Abraham. MD; Christine Jones, MD; Andreas Karachristos, MD. PhD; Sunil Karhadkar, MD; Suresh Keshavamurthy, MBBS; Lindsay Kuo. MD, MBA; Kelvin Lau, MD; Eros Leotta, MD; Zoe Maher. MD; Leonard Mason III, MD; Kenji Minakata, MD. PhD; Lawrence Oresanya, MD; Abhijit Pathak, MD; Matthew Philp, MD; Lisa Rae. MD; Ravishankar Raman, MD; Kathleen Reilly. MD; Howard Ross, MD; Thomas Santora, MD; Frank Schmieder. MD; Norihisa Shigemura, MD. PhD; Lars Sjoholm. MD; Rohit Soans, MD; Yoshiya Toyoda. MD, PhD; Paul Van Bemmelen. MD. PhD; UROLOGY Front Row: Allison Sih, MD; Lindsey Parks, PA; Jack Mydio, MD, (Chair); Anastasia Schwab, PA: Jessica Matande, PA Back Row: Matthew Loecher, MD; Laura Kidd, MD; Adam C. Reese. MD; Michel A. Pontari, MD; Daniel D. Eun, MD; Michael J. Metro, MD; Min Jun, DO; Kevin Yang, MD; Daniel Abbott, MD Temple University 23Basic Science and Research Faculty ANATOMY AND CELL BIOLOGY Back Row: Seonhee Kim, PhD; Shuxin Li, MD, PhD; Gareth Thomas, PhD; Shin Kang, PhD; Gianluca Gallo. PhD; Mark Black, PhD; Steven Popoff. PhD (Chair); Judith Litvin, PhD; Young-Jin Son, PhD; Arthur Washburn, PhD; Gar abet Teberian, MD; William Robinson. PhD; Victor Rizzo. PhD; Thomas Owen. PhD; Marc Graver Front Row: Lynn Kirby, PhD; Stephanie Sillivan, PhD; Brett Oxberry. PhD; Nicole Griffin. PhD; Helen Pearson, PhD; Michael Ruggieri, PhD; Amanda White. PhD; Fawzi Habboushe. MD; Stephen Pilder, PhD; Mary Abood, PhD: Mary Barbe. PhD. FELS INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH AND MOLECULAR BIOLOY Back Row: Dale Haines, Woonbok Chung. Kelly Whelan, Bassel Sawaya, Jon Kim DeRiel, Raghbir Athwal, Jonathan Soboloff, Italo Tempera, Scott Shore Front Row: Jozef Madzo. Dan Liebermann, Barbara Hoffman. Raza Zaidi, Carmen Sapienza, Nora Engel, Xavier Grana, Tomasz Skorski, Jaroslav Jelinek Bottom Row: Jean-Pierre Issa, Gurushankar Chandramouly. Yi Zhang MEDICAL GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOCHEMISTRY Front Row: Ling Yang, PhD; Ana M. Gamero, PhD; Dale Haines. PhD; Glenn Gerhard, MD; Dan Liebermann, PhD; Parkson Lee-Gau Chong, PhD Back Row: Brad Rothberg, PhD; Richard Baxter, PhD; M. Raza Zaidi, PhD Not Pictured: Nora I. Engel, PhD; Kathleen M. Giangiacomo, PhD; Xavier Grana-Amat, PhD; Barbara Hoffman. PhD; Dan Liebermann, PhD; Richard Pomerantz, PhD; Scott K. Shore. PhD; Jonathan Soboloff. PhD; Dianne Soprano, PhD MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY Front Row: Marion M. Chan. Hong Wang, Toby K. Eisenstein, Stefania Gallucci Back Row: Xiaofeng Yang, Vincent Tam, Cagla Tukel, Bettina A. Buttaro. Alexander Y. Tsygankov, Weidong Xiao Not pictured: Thomas Fekete, Liselotte Jensen. Marc Monestier, Tomasz Skorski, Italo Tempera, and Yi Zhang 24 Lewis Katz School of MedicineBasic Science and Research Faculty CENTER FOR METABOLIC DISEASE RESEARCH Front Row: Konstantinos Drosatos, Mohsin Khan. Hong Wang. Joon Young Park Middle Row: Jun Yu. Satoru Eguchi, Rosario Scalia. Xiongwen Chen. Pu Fang Back Row: Xiaofeng Yang, Weidong Xiao, Erhe Gao. Abdelkarim Sabri. Xuebin Qin Not pictured: Eric T. Choi. Wenhui Hu, Michael V. Autieri, Victor Rizzo. Fabio Recchia. Ajaykumax D. Rao, Jian Huang. Kevin J. Williams PHARMACOLOGY Back Row: Konstantinos Drosatos, Phd ; Xiao-Feng Yang. MD. PhD, FAHA,; Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, PhD ; Gerald Sterling. PhD: Douglas Tilley, PhD; John Elrod. PhD Front Row: Ying Tian. PhD.:Linda M. Console-Bram. MS, PhD; Walter J. Koch. PhD (chair): Ellen Unterwald, PhD; Hong Wang, MD. PhD, EMBA; Raj Kishore, PhD CENTER FOR PHYSIOLOGY AND CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH Front Row: Marla Wolfson, MS PhD; Steven Houser, PhD (Chair); Rebecca Sullivan. PhD; Rosario Scalia, MD, PhD; Sadia Mohsin. PhD Middle Row: Jun Yu. MD; Xiongwen Chen, PhD; Umadevi Sajjan, PhD; Beata Kosmider. PhD; Satoru Eguchi, PhD Back Row: Mohsin Khan, PhD; Joon Park, PhD; AbdelKarim Sabri. PhD; Victor Rizzo. PhD; Xiao-Feng Yang. MD, PhD CENTER FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE RESEARCH Back Row: Sara Jane Ward, PhD; Stephanie Sillivan, PhD; Mary E. Abood, PhD; Eugen Brailoiu, MD; Ronald R. Tuma, PhD; Scott M. Rawls, PhD; Lynn G. Kirby. PhD; John Muschamp. PhD; Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, PhD Front Row: Melva L. Smith; Toby K. Eisenstein, PhD; Ellen M. Unterwald, PhD; Martin W. Adler, PhD; Marc W. Graver Temple University 25Basic Science and Research Faculty CENTER FOR TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE Left to Right: Sudarsan Rajan. PhD; Ying Tian, PhD; Joseph Y Cheung. MD. PhD. FACP, FAHA, FCPP; Zhongjian Cheng. PhD; Conchi Estaras, PhD; Erhe Gao. MD, PhD; Raj Kishore, PhD; Konstantinos Drosatos. PhD; Venkata N.S. Garikipati, PhD; Walter J. Koch, PhD (chair); Manish Gupta. PhD; John Elrod, PhD; Douglas Tilley, PhD CENTER FOR BIOETHICS, URBAN HEALTH AND POLICY Left to Right: Nora Jones, David O'Gurek. Jonetta Gibbs. Steuart Wright. Bryson Hoover-Hankerson, Victor Jegede. Nicolle Strand, Providenza Rocco, Tariem Burroughs. Kathleen Reeves, Joyce Donnelly. Shelli Branscomb, Naida Burgos. Afeni Stones. MaryBeth Hayes, Brandon Brown Not Pictured NEUROSCIENCE Kamel Khalili, PhD; Tricia H. Burdo, PhD; Prasun K. Datta, PhD; Tracy Fischer-Smith, PhD; Jennifer Gordon, PhD; Jeffrey Jacobson. MD; Rafal Kaminski, PhD; T. Dianne Langford. PhD; Xuebin Qin, MD. PhD; Pamela Roehm, MD. PhD; Mahmut Safak, PhD; Ilker Sariyer, DVM. PhD; George Smith, PhD; Hassen Wollebo, PhD CENTER FOR INFLAMMATION, TRANSLATIONAL AND CLINICAL LUNG RESEARCH 26 Lewis Katz School of MedicineRetired Faculty Donna J. Barbot, MD Associate Professor. Surgery Chair. Surgery, Jeanes Hospital 2015-2018 Associate Professor. Surgery Clerkship Director, Surgery 2004 - 2018 Mark M. Black, PhD Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology 1980-2019 Thank you for your guidance, dedicated research, and vast wisdom! You have inspired many classes of medical students, and we are eternally grateful. Congratulations on your retirement and enjoy your upcoming adventures! Friedrich Kueppers, MD Associate Professor. Thoracic Medicine and Surgery 1976-2018 Bennett Lorber, MD, MACP Professor, Clinical Medicine Professor, Microbiology and Immunology 1971 - 2018 Temple University 27Clinical School of Medicin I QSP'TAL { J lO-Pf 28 Lewis Katz School of MedicineSt. Luke's Hospital Joel C. Rosenfeld MD, MEd, FACS Class of 2019: I want to extend my warmest congratulations to the Class of 2019 of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and especially to our class of Temple St. Luke’s regional campus students who have spent their entire second, third, and fourth years training at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem. Thank you for all your efforts to develop and enrich our regional campus, as well as our local community. I also want to congratulate the many students who rotated with us for their required and elective courses. You should be proud of your accomplishments. We certainly are proud of you. It has been a true pleasure to see you develop into knowledgeable, caring, and skillful young physicians. As you are aware, the education of a physician occurs over three stages - undergraduate - medical school, graduate - residency and fellowships, and post graduate - continuing medical education. You are embarking on your second stage, beginning a residency. You have learned a great deal of information in the past four years. Now you will be applying the knowledge and the skills you learned for the treatment of patients in the specialty you have chosen. You have been taught the importance of continuing education. We know that you will provide excellent care to your patients. We urge you to remember that you will always be an ambassador for the Lewis Katz School of Medicine and St. Luke’s University Health Network. Sincerely, Joel C. Rosenfeld, M.D., M.Ed., FACS Chief Academic Officer St. Luke’s University Health Network Senior Associate Dean Professor of Surgery 30 Lewis Katz School of MedicineSt. Luke's Hospital Admissions | Front: Bonnie Coyle, MD, Peter Thomas, MD, John Lukaszczyk, MD, Joshua Luster Back: Melissa Ripper, John Patterson, MD. Joel Rosenfeld, MD, James Anasti, MD, James Cipolla, MD, Jennifer, Janco. MD, Kathleen Dave A. Dave, Ph.D. Dear Class of 2019, Congratulations on graduating medical school! You did it; you’re doctors! I’m so proud of all of you and grateful to have gotten to know you and been a part of your education. Some of the days were long, but the years were fast- it seems like yesterday I was talking with you at Second Look Day over ice cream at The Cup. Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy in bringing to life exciting and innovative community service events, student support wellness initiatives, and projects that (I feel) were all of the above (Brain Games!) You have had a tremendous positive impact on our community, both inside and outside of Temple’s and St. Luke’s walls. I will miss you all. but I can’t wait to see what the Class of 2019 does next! Best wishes, Kathleen A. Dave, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Simulation Center | Front: Michelle Rieder, Megan Augustine Back: JR Kushnir. Adam Hough Temple University 31Block and Clerkship Directors .r » W' Sanjiv Argawala, MD Hematology Oncology James Anasti, MD Obstetrics Gynecology David Anderson, MD, PhD Pathology Raymond Durkin, MD Cardiology Infectious Disease Dianne Jncobetz, MD Leslie Johnson, PharmD Pediatrics Pharmacology Ana Rosado, MD Intornal Medicine Santo Longo, MD Pathology Christine Marchionni, MD Psychiatry Marian McDonald, MD Rachel Patterson, MD Jennifer Ranton, MD Surgery Emergency Medicine Family Medicine Sharon Stolnman, MD Pathology Andrew Shurmnn. MD Radiology Joan Sweeney, MD Neurology Lewis Katz School of Medicine Front row; Joe! RoserJcUL MD. MKU. Megan Augustine. MEd. Cam Lam. MD Middle row. Theodore Burger. MD. John Patterson. MD. Kolth TUrnei. MD Bock row; Dawcl Leh. MD. Thomas 7och3v jcy, MD. Robert PuimO. MD 32Student Organizations Anesthesiology Interest Group Community Health Education Pro Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging Group Imergency Medicine Interest Group Temple University 33Student Organizations Student Research Coun Temple University 3536 Lewis Katz School of Medicinem Match Day - St. Luke's f wkifrt, ) m Lewis Katz School of MedicineGeisinger Stanley Russin, Jr., MD, FACP Members of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University Class of 2019: Congratulations! You have demonstrated that you have the knowledge and skills to be outstanding physicians, and you can be proud of your accomplishments. The faculty and staff at Geisinger have enjoyed being part of the medical school education for many of you. As an organization, we strive to demonstrate caring in all we do. The skills that you develop in medical school are the foundation. Your challenge is to build on these skills as you enter the next phase of lifelong learning. We know that you are prepared to provide excellence in patient care as both future leaders and as team members in systems that will increasingly require innovation and quality. As a clinical campus student at Geisinger, we hope that you gained some insight into the importance of system design and innovations that lead to optimal patient outcomes. We hope that you also realize that it is still an incredible honor to be fortunate enough to share the relationship between a physician and a patient. As you progress through your careers and become responsible for creating the healthcare systems of the future, remember the words of our founder, Abigail Geisinger: “Make it the best." Sincerely, Stanley Russin, Jr., MD, FACP Associate Dean for the Geisinger Clinical Campus Professor of Medicine Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University iCLp] Temple University 39Geisinger 40 Lewis Katz School of Medicine jrnrAffiliates Fox Chase Cancer Center Lancaster General Hospital " • ML'i " ''Hk'jj - . r-n-u. •• • -,r «» r -r iA ,t i k' Jfc1 • . .'• mi i 4 )• 1 Main Line Health International Affiliates Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia Fu Jen Catholic University, China Keio University, Japan National Taiwan University, China People's Hospital of Changzhou, China Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland Seoul National University, Korea Technion University, Israel The University of Pernambuco, Brazil University of Malaga, Spain University of Milan, Italy University of Panama St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Temple University 41Student Life Lewis Katz School of Medicine 42OrientationWhite Coat Ceremony August 7, 2015Temple University School of Medicine White Coat Class of 2019 ‘ Honor Society Class Sf 2016 Friday, August 7, 2015 10:00a.m. Temple Ferfnmmg Arts Center Temple University Temple University 45An Oath Based Upon the Declaration of Geneva I solemnly pledge to devote my life to the service of humanity. I will maintain by all the means in my power, the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from its beginning; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. The health of my patient will be my first consideration. I will respect the secrets which my patients confide in me. I will not permit consideration of religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, social standing, or type of illness to intervene between my duty and my patient. I will trust and respect my deserving colleagues. I will constantly strive to work under the highest ethical principles and will so encourage my colleagues. I will respect all who assist me in my continuing quest for knowledge. I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my honor. Celebration of Remembrance May 11,2016Student Groups 48 Emergency Medicine Interest Group Lewis Katz School of MedicineTemple University Global Medical Brigades50 Lewis Katz School of MedicineLGBTQ and Allies in Medicine Medible Garden ClubNeurology Interest Group Ophthalmology Interest GroupPediatric Interest Group Temple University Students for a NationalPost Bacc Program Lewis Katz School of Medicine South Asian Health Student Association 54Temple Med Soccer "■ 11 l Student National Medical Association American Medical Women's Association Temple UniversityLewis Katz School of Medicine Temple Emergency Action CorpsSenior Superlatives Next Larry Kaiser Brent Halsey and Shiv Gandhi Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize Lauren Stone and Nick Lombardi Most Likely to Their Medical Students Keval Ray .and Anna Ralchenko Class Clown Tian Sun and Maxwell Harley Derek Shepard and Meredith Grey Award (Cutest Couple) Margaret Wolf and Victor Rivera Dr. Dolittle Award (Most Pictures of Their Pet on Social Media) Kelsey Hobart and Samantha Shepard Temple UniversityMost Caffeinated Victor Rivera and Jevon Fragoso Dr. Frank Netter Award (Most Artistic) Mary Helen Schwartz and Mai Stewart an Exam and Still Ace it Peter Schartel and Brittany Caruso to Write a Book) Nonyerem Acholonu and Danielle Verghese Most Likely to be Featured on Chefs Table Jack Lemon and Bryan Zoll Most Likely to be Seen at a Political Rally Karim Sariahmed and Bushra Anis Senior Lewis Katz School of Medicine 58Turk and JD Award (Cutest BFF's) John Hauber and Benjamin Metais Most likely to Become a Temple Lifer Chris Michel and Firrah Saeed Dr. Sanjay Gupta Award (Most Likely to Start a Journalistic Career) Danielle Verghese and Karim Sariahmed Most Likely to be Found at the Gym Eric Lutz and Jack Lemon Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Lecture George Gadalla and Hayat Khan Dr. Dre Award (Most Likely to Become a Music Icon) Zachary Guy-Frank and Johanna Lou Superlatives o iCLp; Temple University £9 59Winter Formal 2016-2019 60 Lewis Katz School of MedicineTemple University 61Leslie Weaver and Daniel Crosby Engaged February 5, 2018 Stephanie Nguyen and Michael Sobrepera Engaged December 19, 2018 Samantha Sheperd and William Montgomery Engaged February 4, 2018 Married June 2, 2019 Rebecca Masel and Daniel Lamond Engaged November 23, 2018 Holly Jordan and Daniel Betterly Engaged May 21, 2018 Thomas Pham and Paige Pfeffer Engaged January 1, 2017 Married May 18, 2019 Katz School of MedicineDavid Pioquinto and Engaged February 10, 2018 Brent Halsey and Ian Li Married March 25, 2017 Cathy Bachur and Alex Michael Married November 3, 2018 Neeraj Khiyani and Pooja Saraiya Engaged Jan 1, 2018 Rich and Easton McKinney Engaged March 11, 2016 Married October 21, 2017 Joshua and Hannah Hamsher Married September 1, 2018 Temple University 63Dr. Lauren McFadden and Luke Musser Married May 19, 2018 Suarez Married June 25, 2016 John Stelmach Married May 26, 2018 Joshua and Susanna Luster Married Oct 20, 2018 Lauren Sibeck and Samuel Tanner Married Dec 30, 2017 Patrick and Angela Siegele Married April 29, 2018 Hilario and Allison Yankey Married Dec 22, 2017 Francisco Garcia Married Sept 24, 2016 Katz School of MedicineAlpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Caroline Barnhart, Samantha Brothers, Brittany Caruso, Dana Clark, James Donovan, Alexander Engelmann, Elizabeth Feldman, Kyle Fierro, James Fitzgibbon , Patricia Fortin, Aron Gedansky, Alisa Geier, Rachel Jennings, Tara Jennings, Evan Jones, Mumtu Lalla, Nicholas Lombardi , Meredith Manire, Timothy McKinley, Richard McKinney, Nicole Meckes, Christopher Michel, David Pioquinto, Victor Rivera, Peter Schartel , Benjamin Stabler, Daniel Stapor, Lauren Stone , Allison Swiecki-Sikora, Joseph Tarr, Conor Vickers, Timothy Visser, Margaret Wolf, Alyssa Zaidi, Bryan Zoll •Inducted in Year 3 Gold Humanism Honor Society Shauna Abdouche, Nonye Acholonu, Cathy Bachur, Caroline Barnhart, Sarah Bruce, Rosemarie Byrd, Brittany Caruso, Brijae Chavaria, Dana Clark, Avani Dalai, Emily Du, Noha Eshera, Elizabeth Feldman, George Gadalla, Brent Halsey, Max Harley, Dovber Hecht, Rachel Jennings, Tara Jennings, Andrew Kelly, Mumtu Lalla, David Link, Nicholas Lombardi, Johanna Lou, Steven Luminais, Richard McKinney, Nicole Meckes, Alexander Michael, Victor Rivera, Margaret Rush, Karim Sariahmed, Rose Solomon, Lauren Stone, Grace Su, Anna van Venrooy, Danielle Verghese, Hannah Zimmerman________________ Temple University 65Lewis Katz School of Medicine Parkinson Babcock Marks Saunders Nelson College CupKenderton Health FairTemple University 69MATCH 70 Lewis Katz School of MedicineDAY 2019 Temple University 71Shauna Abdouche New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center Anesthesiology Nonyerem Acholonu Massachusetts General Hospital Pediatrics Shawn Ahmad Chaustre Drexel Univesity COM Hahnemann University Hospital Internal Medicine Sara Aijaz Boston University Medical Center Internal Medicine Oluwanifesimi Akinwamide Temple University Hospital Anesthesiology Sam Albanesi Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Bushra Anis Northwestern McGaw NMH VA Family Medicine Jonathan Avallone St. Luke's-Bethlehem Transitional Year Pennsylvania Hospital Diagnostic Radiology Catherine Bachur University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Obstetrics-Gynecology Mollie Baker-Salisbury Crozer-Chester Medical Center Family Medicine Sourodeep Banerjee University of Colorado SOM -Denver Surgery-Preliminary Caroline Barnhart Kaiser Permanente-Oakland Obstetrics-Gynecology Leah Baum Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Anesthesiology Michael Bianco Maine Medical Center Vascular Surgery Benjamin Bird St. Luke's - Bethlehem Transitional Year Caroline Blatcher CMSRU Cooper University Hospital Emergency Medicine Paul Bonney Oregon Health and Science University Psychiatry Samantha Brothers Mountain AHEC Family Medicine Sarah Bruce Methodist Hospital-Houston Obstetrics-Gynecology Rosemarie Byrd Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Family Medicine Manuel Cabrera George Washington University Internal Medicine Brittany Caruso Brigham and Women's Hospital Plastic Surgery Stephan Castro Oregon Health and Science University Medicine - Preliminary Oregon Health and Science University Neurology Brijae Chavarria Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Psychiatry Dana Clark New York Presbyterian Hospital -Weill Cornell Medical Center Obstetrics-Gynecology Lewis Katz School of Medicine 72C harles Cole Temple University Hospital S irgery - Preliminary Jacob Cravens Madigan Army Medical Center T ansitional Year Dylan Cuva Ic.ahn SOM at Mount Sinai General Surgery Avani Dalai Chestnut Hill Hospital Family Medicine Patrick Donaghue Temple University Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Brienne Donovan Temple University Hospital Surgery - Preliminary James Donovan Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Emily Du UC - Irvine Medical Center Obstetrics Gynecology Thomas Dunne Thomas Jefferson University Anesthesiology Jonathan Edelstein CMSRU Cooper University Hospital Internal Medicine Samuel Elberts Thomas Jefferson University Emergency Medicine May Elgash Providence Health Medicine - Preliminary Oregon Health and Science University Dermatology Brendan Elias Thomas Jefferson University Neurology Mahmoud Elrakhawy Allegheny General Hospital Vascular Surgery Michelle Eng Jefferson Medical College duPont Children's Hospital Pediatrics Alexander Engelmann Reading Hospital Medical Center Transitional Year University of Maryland Ophthalmology Noha Eshera Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Family Medicine Mikael Fadoul CMSRU Cooper University Hospital Vascular Surgery Elizabeth Feldman Johns Hopkins Hospital Internal Medicine Kyle Fierro Harbor - UCLA Medical Center Emergency Medicine James Fitzgibbon Brigham and Women's Hospital General Surgery Olivia Fladmark UPMC Medical Education Family Medicine Trisha Fortin Albert Einstein Medical Center Medicine - Preliminary Nassau University Medical Center Ophthalmology Jevon Fragoso Zucker SOM - Northwell NS LIJ Internal Medicine George Gadalla Abington Memorial Hospital Surgery-Preliminary St. Joseph's University Medical Center Anesthesiology Temple University '■ ' 73Shiv Gandhi Tufts Medical Center Internal Medicine Xinyi Ge St. Vincent Health Center Family Medicine Aron Gedansky Cleveland Clinic Neurology Alisa Geier University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville Orthopaedic Surgery Aaron Gish Jackson Memorial Hospital Anesthesiology Nelly Grigoryan University of Maryland Medical Center Internal Medicine Zachary Guy-Frank Montefiore Medical Center Einstein Psychiatry Brenton Halsey Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Joshua Hamsher Thomas Jefferson University Internal Medicine Maxwell Harley Geisinger Health System Transitional Year NY Medical College-Westchester Medical Center Ophthalmology Bryan Harris University of North Carolina Hospitals Surgery-Preliminary University of North Carolina Hospitals Interventional Radiology John Hauber Icahn SOM St. Luke's-Roosevelt Emergency Medicine Dovber Hecht Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Internal Medicine Joshua Hitchings Pennsylvania Hospital Internal Medicine Truong-An Ho Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Kelsey Hobart St. Elizabeth's Hospital DBH Psychiatry Lindsey Houghton Yale-New Haven Hospital Medicine-Preliminary Yale-New Haven Hospital Neurology Rachel Jennings Vanderbilt University Medical Center Emergency Medicine Tara Jennings Lankenau Medical Center Medicine-Preliminary CMSRU Cooper University Hospital Dermatology Jesse Johnson Thomas Jefferson University Internal Medicine Evan Jones Baylor College of Medicine- Houston Otolaryngology Holly Jordan Temple University Hospital Psychiatry Brandon Kamrava Jackson Memorial Hospital Otolaryngology Lewis Katz School of Medicine ■TO Tf-Mttf — IKIMK’l "(0 f ay (jTEMPUE ■7MM IW |TT,MP g TEMPLE MATC H DAY 2019 TF.MPI.E ■nww T jr.wfi TEMPLE TEMPLE TEMPLE 74X iillv'.nT ■T?W« r1W ■■ H TEMPLE ■T7.W r vri Brone Lobichusky Temple University Hospital Surgery-Preliminary Nicholas Lombardi Allegheny General Hospital General Surgery Johanna Lou CMSRU Cooper University Hospital General Surgery Steven Luminais University of Southern California Internal Medicine Joshua Luster San Antonio Military Medical Center Neurology TEMPLE TEMPLE Andrew Kelly Lankenau Medical Center Internal Medicine Hay at Khan CMSRU Cooper University Hospital Emergency Medicine Risha Khetarpal Montefiore Medical Center Einstein Internal Medicine-Primary Care Neeraj Khiyani St. Luke's-Bethlehem Transitional Year Thomas Jefferson University Radiology-Diagnostic Eonjung Kim icahn SOM Beth Israel Medicine-Preliminary Icahn SOM Beth Israel Neurology Matthew Kor Penn State Hershey Medical Center Family Medicine Deirdre Kurtz Lankenau Medical Center Obstetrics-Gynecology Mumtu Lalla Tufts Medical Center Internal Medicine Jack Lemon University of Colorado SOM-Denver Medicine-Preliminary Temple University Hospital Ophthalmology Amber Lindsay Hennepin County Medical Center Internal Medicine David Link Temple University Hospital Emergency Medicine Steffen Lis Madigan Army Medical Center Internal Medicine Evan Lutton NYP Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center General Surgery Eric Lutz Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Psychiatry Meredith Manire Western Pennsylvania Hospital Obstetrics-Gynecology Rebecca Masel Rhode Island Hospital Brown University Internal Medicine Spencer McCaffrey UCLA Medical Center Family Medicine Nora McGinley-Hence UPMC Altoona Hospital Family Medicine Timothy McKinley Geisinger Health System Pediatrics-Preliminary Geisinger Health System Dermatology TEMPLE TEMPLE ■TWJW 5 TEMPLE Temple University 75Richard McKinney Allegheny General Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Nicole Meckes UPMC Medical Education Obstetrics-Gynecology Benjamin Metais UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Alexander Michael University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Otolaryngology Christopher Michel Monmouth Medical Center Orthopaedic Surgery Christopher Montoya Temple University Hospital Medicine-Preliminary Jackson Memorial Hospital Radiation Oncology Mary Morgan Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School Internal Medicine Luke Musser Lankenau Medical Center Medicine-Preliminary Thomas Jefferson University Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Zachary Nadler Abington Memorial Hospital Medicine-Preliminary University of Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Stephanie Nguyen Lankenau Medical Center Surgery-Preliminary University of Washington Affilitated Hospitals Interventional Radiology Matthew Nitti Louisiana State University-HSC Urology Joseph Noto Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Jenny O'Brien Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Kaleigh O'Rourke UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Daley Owens Eastern VA Medical School Pediatrics Kyle Panzer Abington Memorial Hospital Surgery-Preliminary St. Vincent Hospital-Worcester Radiology-Diagnostic Hannah Parks Cleveland Clinic Foundation Anesthesiology Roshani Patel Pennsylvania Hospital Internal Medicine Meghana Patil Cleveland Clinic Foundation Internal Medicine Kyle Peters Oregon Health Science University Internal Medicine Tess Peterson Lankenau Medical Center Internal Medicine Thomas Pham UPMC Medical Education Ane sthesiology Gordon Reed Phillips Reading Hospital Medical Center Family Medicine 76 Lewis Katz School of MedicineDavid Pioquinto NYP Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center psychiatry Jerica Podrat Methodist Hospital-Houston General Surgery Conner Polet SUNY Health Science Center- Brooklyn Psychiatry Jeffrey Qiu Harbor-UCLA Medical Center General Surgery Bharaniabirami Rajaram Thomas Jefferson University Internal Medicine Anna Ralchenko George Washington University Internal Medicine Keval Ray Icahn SOM St. Luke's-Roosevelt General Surgery Madelyn Renzetti HYP Hosp-Weill Cornell Medical Center Internal Medicine Victor Rivera Thomas Jefferson University Surgery-Preliminary Thomas Jefferson University Interventional Radiology Russell Rozario Westchester Medical Center Internal Medicine Margaret Rush Hospital of the University of PA Obstetrics-Gynecology Firrah Saeed Rhode Island Hospital Brown University Internal Medicine Karim Sariahmed Montefiore Medical Center Einstein Internal Medicine-Primary Care Peter Schartel UPMC Medical Education Psychiatry Mary Helen Schwartz Stony Brook Teaching Hospitals Pediatrics Leigh Selesner Oregon Health Science University General Surgery Jacqueline Seoane Orlando Health General Surgery Jeremy Sharma Temple University Hospital Psychiatry Richard Sharpe Temple University Hospital Surgery-Preliminary Samantha Shepard Penn State Hershey Medical Center Emergency Medicine Alexander Shin West Virginia University SOM Family Medicine Steven Shipman University of Missouri-KC CBM Psychiatry Charles Shumaker University of Southern California Internal Medicine Lauren Sibeck UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine 78 Lewis Katz School of Medicine Patrick Siegele Mercy Catholic Medical Center Medicine-Preliminary NYP Hospital-Columbia Cornell Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Ronya Silmi University of Florida COM-Jacksonville Emergency Medicine Mitchell Silver Thomas Jefferson University Neurology Ambrosia Simmons St. Luke's-Bethlehem Transitional Year University of Texas Southwestern Medical School-Dallas Radiation Oncology Anthony Siudela Tulane University SOM Internal Medicine Samantha Sokoloff Thomas Jefferson University Internal Medicine Rose Solomon SUNY Upstate Medical University Emergency Medicine Uriel Spak Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Benjamin Stabler Lancaster General Hospital Family Medicine Daniel Stapor UPMC Medical Education Internal Medicine John Stelmach Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Orthopaedic Surgery Mai Stewart niversity of Maryland Medical Center Medicine-Preliminary dbany Medical Center I Radiology-Diagnostic Lauren Stone UC San Diego Medical Center Neurological Surgery Tudor Sturzoiu Thomas Jefferson University 1 ntemal Medicine Grace Su Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Transitional Year University of Washington Ophthalmology Fermin Suarez Denver Health Medical Center Emergency Medicine Andrew Sultzbaugh Geisinger Health System Psychiatry Tian Sun Lankenau Medical Center General Surgery Allison Swiecki-Sikora Temple University Hospital Obstetrics-Gynecology Joseph Tarr Zucker SOM-Northwell NS LIJ Plastic Surgery Colleen Taylor Vidant Medical Center East Carolina University Emergency Medicine Chelsea Thampy Ascension St. John Hospital General Surgery Dhanalakshmi Thiyagarajan University of Illinois COM-Chicago Obstetrics-Gynecology Stephanie Tittaferrante Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Tory Toles University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals Family Medicine Enoch Tse UPMC Medical Education Family Medicine Anna van Venrooy University of Virginia Internal Medicine Danielle Verghese Thomas Jefferson University Internal Medicine Conor Vickers Crozer-Chester Medical Center Transitional Year Temple University Hospital Dermatology Timothy Visser Penn State Hershey Medical Center Orthopaedic Surgery Kristen Walters Penn State Hershey Medical Center Anesthesiology Lauren Warshaw Drexel Univ COM Hahnemann University Hospital Internal Medicine Leslie Weaver Crozer-Chester Medical Center Emergency Medicine Ryan Wei Kaiser Permanente-Santa Rosa Family Medicine Elizabeth Weiner Maimonides Medical Center Medicine-Preliminary VA Greater LA Health System Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Margaret Wolf Temple University Hospital Emergency Medicine Matthew Wood University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Internal Medicine Hilar io Yankey Crozer-Chester Medical Center Transitional Year Temple University Fox Chase Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Gabriela Yao-Cohen Swedish Medical Center Family Medicine Edwin Yoo Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai Internal Medicine Alyssa Zaidi NYP Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center Internal Medicine Rennette Zavala University of Colorado SOM-Denver Surgery-Preliminary Hannah Zimmerman UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Bryan Zoll Hospital of the University of PA Internal Medicine Time to celebrate! Temple University 79Qjj Lewis Katz School of Medicine►t I Senior Lewis Katz School of Medicine UTemple University 83DEAN Dear Class of 2019: As a physician graduate of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, you possess the curiosity, motivation, and professionalism to face with confidence the complex medical and scientific worlds that lie ahead. Change will shape your career. It will be affected by new healthcare delivery and financing models. It will be influenced by scientific findings. It will be subject to any number of circumstances that affect not just your patients, but your own health and your family’s. Far and away, the factor that will determine your success will be your ability to leverage change to your patients’ best advantage. Whatever may come, you must train yourself to view everything through this lens. The best path won’t always be immediately clear, nor necessarily ideal, but if you make finding it your consistent aim, you will enjoy tremendous satisfaction in your career, your patients will appreciate you, and you will be proud of yourself. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it. May you enter this next phase of your lives and careers with this in mind - and with dedication, passion, and fond memories of your time at Temple. You are now part of the extended Temple Med family, a family in which you may take great pride - and a family that takes great pride in you. Always remember: Physicians who are educated at Temple have the skill, knowledge, compassion, and creativity to navigate every terrain. Congratulations and best wishes. Larry R. Kaiser, MD, FACS The Lewis Katz Dean at the School of Medicine Senior Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Temple University President and CEO, Temple University Health System Professor, Thoracic Medicine and Surgery 84 Lewis Katz School of MedicineCLASS PRESIDENT Dear Class of 2019, Congratulations on the accomplishment of graduating medical school! Like other graduates of Temple University, during our four years at Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM) we have built a strong foundation for our careers. We have had the privilege to work in North Philadelphia. Since orientation, we have served and learned from members of the community that live around Temple. Through these interactions with the community, coupled with the guidance and mentorship of our professors, we have acquired the skills necessary to diagnose and advocate for our future patients. As a class, we have also had experiences that will always make the Class of 2019 unique. A great deal of change occurred in our time at Temple. We saw the institution’s name change to honor Lewis Katz during our first year, and we are the first class to have spent all four years of our education in the newly named institution. We are also the first class to have small group learning in workshops BRENT S. HALSEY, MD serve as a significant part of our education. Finally, we took part in the LCME reaccreditation process seeing the school receive full re-accreditation. Often, change can serve as a challenge to students, but our class always responded with poise and flexibility. For those of you who do not know, other medical students refer to the Class of 2019 as the “chill” class. To me, this characterization is relatively close to our actual personality. It speaks not only to our ability to respond in a calm and collected way to challenges and changes; but also points out our dedication to supporting one another and the general good-natured attitude that we all share as a group. As we continue to meet new challenges throughout our careers, I believe being members of the Class of 2019 will allow us to continue to adapt effectively to them. On top of our strong foundation, I want to provide some advice to help you when you reach a bump in the road. Remember the feeling of excitement you experienced during our first weeks of medical school. I still remember having a conversation with a friend from the Temple ACMS postbacc saying, “Can you believe we’re actually in medical school?” We were reminiscing about how hard we had worked, the challenges we had already faced to get to that point, but mainly looking forward to how excited we were to start medical school. I experienced this excitement during medical school many times: the first time I helped deliver a baby, or when I first stood terrified yet exhilarated in the operating room, or any time patients trusted me with intimate details of their life stories. I am sure you all have your own experiences like these and that we are all bound to have this feeling again on days like Match Day. graduation, and throughout our careers. Remember the excitement of these experiences and channel it to help you overcome the new challenges you face like you have already done so effectively. I look forward to continuing to share the strong bond we have as classmates as we happen upon each other in our professional and personal lives. Thank you for the past four amazing years, and good luck on all your future careers. I can’t wait to see all that the Class of 2019 accomplishes. Brent Halsey, MD Temple University 85SHAUNA AMANDA ABDOUCHE, M.D Antigua Barbuda B.S. Biology Moravian College A special thank you to: Mom and Dad for the pep talks, support and for helping me to accomplish this My brother and sister for the unconditional love My friends for listening to me when I needed you My study buddies for preventing me from going insane LKSOM faculty, for teaching me and giving me this opportunity Lewis Katz School of Medicine 86NONYEREM OKWUKWE ACHOLONU, M.D. Macungie, PA B.S. Human, Biology, Health, and Society Cornell University Thank you to my incredible family for being my rock and my greatest support system! Temple University 87SHAWN K. AHMAD CHAUSTRE, M.D. North Brunswick, NJ B.A. Biological Sciences, Nutrition Rutgers University I would like to thank my family for their undying support and their unconditional love. I would like to thank my friends for the company they gave me during medical school as well as bringing me light in the darkest of times. Last but not least, I would like to thank the Temple St. Luke's program for accepting me as well as my St. Luke's attendings and preceptors for helping me grow as a clinician. My friends thank you, my brother thanks you, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, and I thank you. "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton Lewis Katz School of Medicine 88SARA AIJAZ, M.D. Mountain Top, PA B.A. Biology, English University of Scranton Temple University 89THOMAS SAMUEL ALBANESI III, M.D., M.A. Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Biochemistry Allegheny College Thanks to my parents, siblings, and friends for encouraging me through all the years of schooling. My dream to become a physician has become a reality with your love and support. Thank you to the outstanding physicians and professors who worked to provide me with an incredible medical education. Of note, Dr. Clauss, Dr. Bettiker, and Dr. Jones, you have changed my life forever as my mentors over the last four years. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Finally, an extra special thanks to my partner and the love of my life, Tommy. You are there for me on the good days as well as the bad. And above all, you make me happy. I can’t wait for our future adventures together! x Lewis Katz School of MedicineBUSHRA ANIS, M.D. Colombo, Sri Lanka B.S. Neuroscience Smith College Thank you to my medical school family, Smith College family and my real family for supporting me through these last 4 years! Special shout out to Spencer for always eating out and spending money with me, because let's be real, that’s how I really got through med school! Temple University 91JONATHAN A. AVALLONE, M.D. Sergeantsville, NJ B.A. Biological Sciences University of Delaware "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done." Rita Mae Brown Thank you Mom, Dad, Andrew, and Christopher for always sticking by me and supporting me throughout this journey. I could not have done it without your love and encouragement. 92 Lewis Katz School of MedicineCATHERINE DORY BACHUR, M.D., M.A. Baltimore, MD B.A. Psychology Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture Princeton University M.A. Urban Bioethics Temple University Temple University 93 w.-MOLLIE G. BAKER-SALISBURY, M.D., M.A. Swarthmore, PA B.A. Biochemistry Vassar College To my very dear family and friends - Sam, Mom, Dad, Natty, Gramma, Poppy, Sheryl, Paul, Judith, Dean, Halley, Alaina, Angela, Harshika, Lillian, Kristie, Brian, Abe, Elise, Koda, Carrie, and others I’ve forgot -There is no way I would have made it here without you! I have so much love and gratitude for you: for dinners together game night with friends, for walking around Philadelphia and sitting in the park watching dogs, for tomatoes fresh from the garden, for bagel weekends, for holidays together, for hikes in the Wissahickon, and for traveling together. You remind me why I chose this path, and are there to celebrate and to have fun together! I couldn't ask for anything more. With love, Mollie 94 Lewis Katz School of MedicineSOURODEEP BANERJEE, M.D. Eagleville, PA B.A. Biochemistry Case Western Reserve University "Stepping into the operating room to perform heart surgery on a sick patient, being fully in control of the large team of people who are required to do the procedure, and feeling totally prepared to perform the task at hand is an unbelievable feeling that can barely be described." -Renee Hartrz, MD, FACS, Cardiothoracic Surgeon Temple University 95CAROLINE ELIZABETH BARNHART, M.D. Palm Beach, FL B.A. History, Minor Psychology Dartmouth College To Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for your unwavering support. You always know when to give me a push, a pep talk, or a hug. I’m glad I have you two on my side, and I could not imagine better role models. To my sisters and friends: I would not have survived medical school without each and every one of you. You make my burdens so much easier to bear and my successes so much more enjoyable. To my roommates, Dr. Meckes and Dr. Caruso: Thank you for all of the late-night laughs and keeping me sane. Reunion at Bagel Basket? 96 Lewis Katz School of Medicine LEAH MICHELLE BAUM, M.D. Los Angeles, CA B.S. Physiology end Neuroscience; Minor Music University of California San DiegoMICHAEL PHILIP BIANCO, M.D. Hollis, NH B.A. Biochemistry Hamilton College Thank you to my parents and younger brother for all their help and support. I would not have made it this far without them. Lewis Katz School of Medicine 98CAROLINE JOY BLATCHER, M.D. West Chester, PA B.S. Biology Genetics University of Georgia Thanks to my family, friends, and Lou for all of your support and love over the past four years. I couldn’t have done this without you! Temple University 99PAUL MATTHEW BONNEY, M.D. Portland, OR B.A. Neuroscience Vanderbilt University "Buy the ticket, take the ride." i oo Lewis Katz School of MedicineSAMANTHA BROTHERS, M.D. Charlotte, NC B.S. Forensic Science, B.S. Criminal Justice Western Carolina University To my mother and father, A simple “"thank you"" doesn't express the amount of gratitude that you both deserve. With unwavering support, you believed in me in moments when I struggled to believe in myself and you celebrated my victories as if they were your own. You raised me to always be kind and challenged me to strive for more, setting the foundation for the physician medical school would mold me into. For this, and so much more, I am forever grateful. Love, Samantha Temple University 101SARAH E. BRUCE, M.D. Wayne, PA B.S. Biology Pennsylvania State University To my all of my family and friends, especially Mom, Dad, Lobs, and Evan - Thank you for the unwavering support and for always keeping me smiling. 102 Lewis Katz School of MedicineROSEMARIE CRISTEN BYRD, M.D. Melbourne Beach, FL B.S. Biology, Minor Chemistry, Concentration Portugese University of Miami "A arte de ouvir 6, tamb6m, a ciencia de ajudar" - Joanna de Angelis I’m forever grateful for my family, friends, and the Temple community who have guided me through this transformation. Temple University 103 BRITTANY TAYLOR CARUSO, M.D. Hampton Falls, NH B.S. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Simmons College KM Lewis Katz School of MedicineBRIJAE ANNE CHAVARRIA, M.D., M.A. Lansdale, PA B.S. Nursing; MA Urban Bioethics (LKSOM) Virginia Commonwealth University Thank You To My Village: • God-For having a plan and a purpose for me, even when I could not see it. • Kenny-For your unwavering presence, positivity, faith in me, and support throughout. • Mom-For teaching me the keys that get me through life —the things that no amount of tuition money could ever cover. • Mom-mom-For being my greatest inspiration. • Dad- For leaving behind a legacy. We made history as the first Black father-daughter duo to graduate from Temple Med. Temple University 105DANA MARIE CLARK, M.D. Macungie, PA B.S. Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, French Studies Emory University Lewis Katz School of Medicine 106AVANI ATUL DALAL, M.D. Macungie, PA B.S. Biochemistry Duquesne University My heartfelt thanks to my parents, Ruchi and Sarthi. Your never ending support and love got me to where I am today. I truly wouldn't be me without you guys. Temple University 107BRIENNE MARIE DONOVAN, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Neuroscience Brown University 108 Lewis Katz School of MedicineJAMES DONOVAN, M.D. Monongahela, PA B.S. Microbiology; Minors Chemistry, Philosophy University of Pittsburgh Thank you to my family and friends, especially my parents, for all of your love and support! I couldn't have done this without you.EMILY DU, M.D. Irvine, CA B.S. Neuroscience Duke University Congratulations to the Lewis Katz School of Medicine Class of 2019! 110 Lewis Katz School of MedicineTHOMAS DUNNE, M.D. Tuxedo, NY B.A. Biology Northeastern University “Man, when you lose your laugh you lose your footing. Forever grateful for all those who have supported me along the way. Temple University inSAMUEL ELBERTS, M.D. Glen Ellyn, IL B.A. Biological Sciences, Computer Science Northwestern University Thank you to my family, especially to my parents, Steve and Lori, who provided me the opportunities and support to achieve my goal, and to my fianc Jane who has supported me through it all on this arduous and rewarding journey. Thank you to the university for providing me this opportunity and all of my mentors and patients who have nurtured my development. Lewis Katz School of MedicineMICHELLE ENG, M.D. Maple Glen, PA B.S. Biomedical Engineering University of Virginia Thankful for Mandy Waisi (the original Dr. Engs) and for my big sister for letting me follow her to Temple Med. Temple University 113ALEXANDER ROBERT ENGELMANN, M.D. Westminster, MD B.S. Biological Sciences University of Maryland Thank you Mom and Dad! Your inspiration, guidance, and care are what have made my dream a reality. Pamela and Bryan, thank you for your friendship and support. I love you! 114 Lewis Katz School of Medicine TRISHA FORTIN, M.D. Rumford, ME B.A. Neuroscience; Minor Human Physiology Boston University Don't ever change! Temple University 115JEVON CHRISTOPHER FRAGOSO, M.D. Whitest one, NY B.S. Pharmacology Stony Brook University Thank you to all my friends and family. We made it! 116 m Lewis Katz School of MedicineGEORGE ADEL GADALLA, M.D. Fairview, NJ B.S. Life Sciences - Biology New York Institute of Technology Copyright (c) UWorld, Please do not save, print, cut, copy or paste anything while a test is active. Temple University 117SHIV D. GANDHI, M.D. South Windsor, CT B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology; MBA (Fox School of Business) University of Connecticut Thank you: To my family for lifting me up during this journey and to my friends for making it enjoyable. To my mother and father for their unconditional love. To my brother for his steadiness. To my teachers, clinical mentors, and patients that made and make Temple an exceptional place to get an education. What an incredible journey in such a wonderful place. Thank you for the memories. US Lewis Katz School of MedicineXINYI GE, M.D. Jinan, China B.A. Anthropology, Psychology Washington University in St. Louis “Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost." - Erol Ozan Temple University 119ARON ISAAC GEDANSKY, M.D. Needham, MA B.S. Neuroscience University of Pittsburgh Thank you to my wonderful wife Whitney for all the support. I would not be here without you. 120 Lewis Katz School of MedicineALISA GEIER, M.D. Charlotte, NC Bachelor of Environmental Design University of Colorado at Boulder B Temple University 12!NELLY GRIGORYAN, M.D. Ivy land, PA B.S. Biology Emory University Thank you Mom, Dad, David, Brian and all of my wonderful friends. I am so lucky to have all of you and could not have made it this far without you! 122 Lewis Katz School of MedicineZACHARY DYLAN GUY-FRANK, M.D. Philadelphia, PA B.A. Psychology; Minor Music University of Pennsylvania Extending endless thanks. To my parents, Ruth Frank and Stephen Guy - without your support, love, patience and guidance I would not be where I am. You have continually served as shining examples of the person and physician I hope to become. To my sister, Chelsea Guy-Frank, who took the plunge into medicine alongside me. You have been one of my best friends, and I know in my heart you will make a remarkable surgeon. My brother, Andrew Emsley - your profound wisdom, unimpeachable integrity, deep kindness, and musical partnership has been a constant blessing. My dear friend, Gunel Eva - through our years together and creative partnership we have shared the world. Temple University 123BRENTON SHAW HALSEY III, M.D., M.A. Richmond, VA B.A. English. Spanish Lit.; M.A. Urban Bioethics (Temple Univ.) Duke University M.A. Urban Bioethics Temple University Thank you to my professors, attendings, and residents for taking the time to teach me; to the patients I worked with for letting me be a part of your care and for everything I learned from you; and to all my friends and family for your support - especially Ian, Mom and Thurston, and Grandpa. 124 Lewis Katz School of MedicineJOSHUA COLE HAMSHER, M.D. Wyomissing, PA Biology; Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies University of Richmond Special thanks to my family, especially my wife Hannah, who helped support and encourage me over these last four years and beyond. Temple University 125MAXWELL HARLEY, M.D. Parts Unknown B.A. International Relations Saint Joseph's University Special thanks to my mom, dad, sister and friends whose support made my medical education possible. A family practitioner, an internist, a surgeon, and a pathologist are duck hunting. The family practitioner sees a duck, aims his gun, and says "That looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck." The internist looks and says "Yeah, that could be a duck. Rule out penguin, rule out flamingo, rule out ostrich... duck versus goose seems most likely." The surgeon, unloads his gun, spraying bullets all over the field. He reloads, and keeps shooting until he’s empty. He then turns to the pathologist and says "Go see if that was a duck." Lewis Katz School of Medicine 126JOHN A. HAUBER, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Kinesiology; Minor German Pennsylvania State University Thanks to my family and especially my parents Catie and Peter “Dr. So Groovy" Hauber for their love and support— and for all of the cheese. Thanks to the cardiac crew (incl. honorary members) for making it a fun ride (sorry). C’mon Ben! Thanks to the soccer, hockey and hurling teams that provided a much needed distraction from med school life. And to Viv, thanks for making everyday a joy, even when you’re demolishing me in Boggle. Or tennis. Or ping pong... Temple University 127DOVBER HECHT, M.D. Chicago, IL B.A. Liberal Arts Yeshivah Ohr Elchonon Chabad (Los Angeles, CA) This has been an unbelievable ride. My classmates are amazing! I know they will go on to achieve great success in their respective careers. One of my favorite memories was bringing my four month old son to our inaugural College Cup. Running around with him and of course changing his diaper in the lecture hall are experiences I will forever cherish. The stain he left on the table in lecture hall 105 will be there forever too. Lewis Katz School of Medicine 128JOSHUA WILLIAM HITCHINGS, M.D. Bethlehem, PA B.S. Biology Lafayette College Thank you to all of my family and friends for your love and support along this journey. Special thanks to those that believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Temple University 129LINDSEY HOUGHTON, M.D., M.A. Rensselaer, IN B.A. English; Minor Philosophy; M.A. Urban Bioethics (LKSOM) Houghton College M.A. Urban Bioethics Temple University "I think there must also be a prevenient courage that allows us to be brave - that is, to acknowledge that there is more beauty than our eyes can bear, that precious things have been put into our hands and to do nothing to honor them is to do great harm." -Gilead, Marilynne Robinson 130 Lewis Katz School of MedicineRACHEL JENNINGS, M.D. Macungie, PA B.A. English Literature University of Virginia Thanks to my family and friends for the support along the way! journeymen situationroom Temple University 131TARA JENNINGS, M.D. Macungie, PA Bachelor of Arts Duke University Thank you to my Mom, Dad, Nana, Pop-pop, brothers and sisters, Will and the Piwnica-Worms family! You all are the best! 132 Lewis Katz School of MedicineJESSE ALEXANDER JOHNSON, M.D. Pasadena, MD B.S. Biology; B.A. Psychology University of Maryland Thanks to my family for the constant love and support, Liz for always sticking with me, and my friends for the good times along the way. Temple University 133EVAN ANTHONY JONES, M.D. Clarks Summit, PA B.S. Biochemistry Molecular Biology The Pennsylvania State University Thank you to my family and friends for all the support throughout the years. Mom and Dad, I couldn't have done any of this without you. Thank you for always being in my corner. These four years have been wonderful. They shaped me as a person and as a practitioner. We are.. Temple Tough. 134 Lewis Katz School of MedicineHOLLY JORDAN, M.D. Blackburn, England B.S. Commerce and Business Admin,, Major Marketing The University of Alabama I would like to thank my mom, dad, sisters, and fianc6-1 am forever grateful for your love, support, encouragement, and guidance throughout this process. I couldn’t have done it without you! I would also like to thank Liz, Grace, and Dr. Shore from the Temple BCMS Post Baccalaureate Program for making all of this possible-1 am so excited to be starting my career in a field that I am so passionate about. Temple University 135HAYAT KHAN, M.D. Brooklyn, NY B.S. Human Physiology; Minor Business Administration Boston University "Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, 'Would an idiot do that?' And if they would, I do not do that thing.” - Dwight Schrute, The Office 136 Lewis Katz School of MedicineRISHA KHETARPAL, M.D. Maple Glen, PA B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; MPH Social and Behavioral Sciences (Temple Univ.) The Pennsylvania State University Thank you to my parents for their incredible generosity, to Zach for his unwavering support, to Nyra and Krishna for their encouragement, to the Hostetler family for their kindness and to the rest of my family and friends for being a part of this adventure! Temple University 137NEERAJ KHIYANI, M.D. Boca Raton, FL B.S. Food Science and Nutrition; M.S. Medical Sciences University of Florida """You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott" - Neeraj Khiyani 138 Lewis Katz School of MedicineEONJUNG (ANGELINE) KIM, M.D. Woodstock, MD B.S. Neuroscience The College of William Mary Let your faith be bigger than your fear. STAY ON THE WI t Temple University 139MATTHEW J. KING-LUNG KOR, M.D. Honolulu, Hawaii B.A. Medical Anthropology; B.S. Chemistry; M.S. Clinical Anatomy Creighton University First, I thank God for everything. Secondly, I thank my family and friends for their love and support throughout the years. Thirdly, I thank the faculty, staff, and patients who helped me learn, understand, and appreciate what it means to be a doctor. 140 mt; Lewis Katz School of MedicineTemple University 141MUMTU LALLA, M.D. Fort Myers, FL B.S. Health Management; Minor Biology Public Health Saint Louis University 142 Lewis Katz School of MedicineJACK DONOVAN LEMON, M.D. Denver, CO B.A. Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; MBA (Fox School of Business) University of Colorado Boulder It really does take a village to raise a child. Thanks to everyone especially Mom, Dad, Carson, Wil, and James, and my family, friends, and mentors who have supported me with love and encouragement throughout this long and rewarding journey Temple University 143DAVID LINK, M.D. Minnetonka, MN B.S. Biology University of Notre Dame Thanks to my mom for showing me that a smile is an important thing to put on in the morning, and to my dad for the practical wisdom that pants are important too. 144 Lewis Katz School of MedicineBRONE SUBALUSKY LOBICHUSKY, M.D. Barnesville, PA B.A. Biology Swarthmore College I owe an innumerable amount of thanks to my parents who have provided their continuous love and support. I could not have completed this journey without your guidance. You have been exemplary examples of hard work and dedication, and I am lucky to have such wonderful role models in my life. I love you both very much! Temple University 145JOHANNA LOU, M.D West Caldwell, NJ B.A. Neuroscience and Behavior Columbia University Much love and gratitude to Cisco, Petra, Mom, Dad, and friends who have become closer than family. I wouldn't be here without your sanity, solidarity and endless support. 146 Lewis Katz School of MedicineJOSHUA LUSTER, M.D. North Brunswick, NJ B.S. Biochemistry; Minor Psychology Ramapo College of New Jersey “The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.” -Frank Herbert Thank you everyone who was there for me: -Suzy for sticking through the tough times to marry me October 20, 2018 -Mom and Dad for supporting me through this process -Midge for all the Saturday Skype dates Temple University 147EVAN M. LUTTON, M.D., PH.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.A. Cell and Molecular Biology; PhD (LKSOM) Washington Jefferson College Thank you to my family, mentors, and friends, old and new, for helping me to make the most of these seven years. 148 S Lewis Katz School of MedicineI MEREDITH MANIRE, M.D., PH.D. Detroit, MI B.S. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology, PhD (LKSOM) Wayne State University Hi Bandit! Temple University 149REBECCA HOPE MASEL, M.D. Huntingdon Valley, PA B.S. Chemical Engineering Lehigh University Thank you to my family, friends and boyfriend for supporting me throughout this journey. I could not have done it without your motivation, support and love! 150 Lewis Katz School of MedicineSPENCER MCCAFFREY, M.D. Los Angeles, CA B.A. Psychology Oberlin College Special shout out to Bushra for reminding me to treat myself (every day) and teaching me where Sri Lanka is, to Ben and John for keeping me happy, optimistic and sane, and to Deirdre and May for making Philadelphia feel like home. And of course to my amazing family and all of my best friends, who are full of unwavering support. I can say with all honesty that there is no way I would have made it through these last four years without you! P.S. Love to Philly, the Ritz theaters, and Beyonce for also making life a little more worth living. Temple University 151RICHARD WALTON MCKINNEY, M.D. Ellwood City, PA B.A. Chemistry New York University M.S. Biology Chatham University Thank you to my parents, my wife, and our entire family for always pushing and encouraging me. I certainly would not have made it through without their love and support.NICOLE A. MECKES, M.D. Catasauqua, PA B.S. Biology University of Pittsburgh To my parents, thank you for always encouraging me to pursue what I love and for teaching me the power of diligence and the necessity of perseverance. To Kyle, you have been by my side through college and medical school and are truly my greatest supporter and rock. Thank you for helping me make the tough decisions, proofreading my emails and personal statements, and being so patient and kind through it all. I would also like to thank my family, friends, and fellow classmates for their encouragement and support through these years. I could not have made it to this point without all of you! Temple UniversityBENJAMIN METAIS, M.D Gex, France B.S. Chemistry Ithaca College Massive thank you to the most supportive parents, without whom I never would have made it this far. Thank you to my brothers, my family and my closest friends for being the best. And to Haley, who has gracefully stood by my side through it all. Shoutout to l’Olympique Lyonnais for making medical school even more stressful than it should be and the French national team for providing me with the second best day of my life after the ’98 World Cup title. C'MON JOHN Lewis Katz School of Medicine 154ALEX MICHAEL, M.D. Phoenix, AZ B.S. Biochemistry Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University To mom and dad, thank you for supporting me in every possible way. To Hilary, Emy, and Leah, thank you for being my support system when things got rough. To Cathy, thank you for keeping me grounded and being my person! I couldn't have done it without any of you. Temple University 155CHRIS MICHEL, M.D. West Chester, PA B.A. Biology Temple University Copyright (c) UWorld, Please do not save, print, cut. copy or paste anything while a test is active. 156 Lewis Katz School of MedicineCHRISTOPHER MONTOYA, M.D. Morton, PA B.S. Biophysics Johns Hopkins University Temple University 157 LUKE VAN DYKE MUSSER, M.D. Lafayette, CA B.S. Biology, Minor in Business Management Villanova University M.A. Biology Villanova University Out of the frying pan... 158 M Lewis Katz School of Medicine■ ■ I STEPHANIE KIMBERLY NGUYEN, M.D. Seattle, WA B.S. Chemistry University of Washington I want to thank my parents and sister for supporting me throughout this journey. With their love and support, all of my dreams are within reach. Temple University 159JOSEPH G. NOTO, M.D. Freehold, NJ B.S. Biochemistry Rowan University To Mom and Dad, Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you. To Kara, Kenny, and Jonny, Thank you for the years of laughter and always being there for me. 160 Lewis Katz School of MedicineJENNY ALYSSA O'BRIEN, M.D., PH.D. Marlborough, MA B.S. Biology Hobart and William Smith Colleges Temple University 161KALEIGH O'ROURKE, M.D. 4 Philadelphia, PA B.S. Neuroscience, Theatre Minor Allegheny College "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you" - Ralph Waldo Emerson Thank you to my family for supporting me through every challenge and celebrating every accomplishment. Thank you to Patrick for all the big mugs of tea at the end of tough days and for filling my free time with travel, good TV, the same 3 restaurants, and thought provoking podcasts. 16: Lewis Katz School of MedicineOLUWANIFESIMI OTULUGBU, M.D. Lansdowne, PA B.S. Biochemistry Temple University Thank you Temple for helping to make my dream come through!!! I want to say a big thank you to my husband for his support and to my son who endured all the days I couldn't be there for him when I should. To my parents, siblings, in-laws and friends I say thank you for your support and prayers. To the wonderful people who made my stay at Temple fruitful I say thank you, most especially Dianne Butera I appreciate you for your words of encouragement. I am finally Temple Made!!! Temple University 163KYLE VELOSO PANZER, M.D. Media, PA B.S Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics Minor The George Washington University None of this would have been possible without the encouragement, support, and love of my family and friends. Elizabeth, thank you for your love and patience. Mom and Dad, thank you for everything that you have done for me. i Lewis Katz School of Medicine 164HANNAH PARKS, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Biology, History Minor The Ohio University Thank you to my family, friends, teachers, and mentors who supported me on this journey. “Listen to me. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a dinosaur. I wanted to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex more than anything in the world. I made my arms short and I roamed the backyard and I chased the neighborhood cats, and I growled and I roared. Everybody knew me and was afraid of me. And then one day, my dad said, "Bobby, you're 17. It's time to throw childish things aside." But, you know, I thought to myself, I’ll go to medical school. I'll practice for a little while, and then I'll come back to it. But I forgot how to do it. The point is don’t lose your dinosaur.” - Dr. Doback, Step Brothers Temple University 165ROSHANI PATEL, M.D. Mantua, NJ B.S. Biology, B.S. Psychology, Chemistry Minor Virginia Commonwealth University This journey would not have been possible without the support of my family and friends! Lewis Katz School of Medicine 166V MEGHANA PATIL, M.D. Reading, PA B.S. Bioengineering, Chemistry Minor University of Pittsburgh we out here Temple University 167THOMAS PHAM, M.D. ColIegeviUe, PA (Montgomery County) B.S. Biological Sciences, B.S. Chemistry University of Pittsburgh I want to give my utmost thanks to my mother, father, brother and fiancee for their support throughout medical school and helping me achieve my dream. 168 m Lewis Katz School of MedicineDAVID JUAN PIOQUINTO, M.D. Boca Raton, FL B.S. Micorbiology, Art History Minor University of Florida Thank you to Emily Nyren for supporting and tolerating me at every step along the way. Thank you to Papa and Bubbe, my parents, and Jason for their roles in helping to shape me into the person I am today. Temple University 169 JERICA PODRAT, M.D. Voorhees, NJ B. S. Ecology Evolutionary Biology Tulane University Many thanks to all of the friends and family that have supported, distracted, and encouraged me. Thank you for making the good times sweeter, the bad bearable, and for reminding me that, "life is too short to be taken seriously." - Oscar Wilde 170 Lewis Katz School of MedicineCONNER POLET, M.D.BHARANIABIRAMI (RANI) RAJGOPAL, M.D Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Biology, Minors in Mathematics and Biochemistry Duquesne University My biggest thank you is to my parents for making me the person I am today and for supporting me each step of the way. I love you!KEVAL AJIT RAY, M.D. East Hanover, NJ B.A. Biology Temple University Masters of Business Administration Temple University Fox School of Business My parents, grandparents. Krupal, cousins, aunts, uncles, Shivani. and friends have shown me constant support since I started my Philly journey in 2012. Whether it is the monthly trips to drop off homemade food and help me clean my apartment or the never-ending phone calls of unwavering support, you all have given me an incredible amount of love and dedication. Mom, Dad, and Ba. you are the most incredible parents and grandmother. Despite struggling throughout your lives, you have taught me the importance of family, helping others, and hard work. Krupal, you have always given me strength to do better in pursuit of my goals as you do every day without letting T1DM define you. Shivani, you have been there throughout undergrad and medical school, supporting me every day and night, and I couldn’t have done this without you! To my family, Shivani. and friends, I love you all. Temple University 173MADELYN RENZETTI, M.D. Caldwell, NJ B.A. Biology with a Concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology Biochemistry, Minor in Creative Writing Colby College Thank you to my family, friends, and wonderful fiance for being my unwavering support system through the last nine years. Congratulations, Class of 2019! We did the thing! 174 Lewis Katz School of MedicineVICTOR IVAN RIVERA, M.D., M.A. Potomac, MD A.B. English Literature Princeton University M.A. Urban Bioethics Temple University Thank you to Mamf, Papa, and the rest of the RKs for their support, patience, love, and free meals. Temple University 175MARGARET ANNE RUSH, M.D. Fort Washington, PA B.S. Biology of Global Health Georgetown University Thank you Mom and Dad for the unwavering and unconditional support, and Gram for the initial inspiration. 176 Lewis Katz School of MedicineFIRRAH SAEED, M.D. Radnor, PA B.S. Biochemistry, Minor in Political Science Temple University Thank you to my parents, my wife, and our entire family for always pushing and encouraging me. I certainly would not have made it through without their love and support. Temple University 177PETER SCHARTEL, M.D. Dresher, PA B.S. Biology Muhlenberg College “It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting." - Jerry Sternin When I’m in a slump, I comfort myself by saying if I believe in dinosaurs, then somewhere, they must be believing in me. And if they believe in me, then I can believe in me. Then I bust out. Mookie Wilson, LF, NY Mefs Favorite Dinosaurs of the Mots by C. Rabin The Village Voire 17s w Lewis Katz School of MedicineMARY HELEN SCHWARTZ, M.D. Oreland, PA B.S. Biomedical Engineering Bucknell University Thank you to all of my family and friends. Your love and support has been invaluable! Temple University 179JACQUELINE SEOANE, M.D. Miami, FL B.A. Anthropology, B.S. Biology University of Florida Thank you Mom and Dad, Steph, family and friends for your unwavering love and support in helping me live my dream. Life is short. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake. Take the trip. Lewis Katz School of Medicine 180JEREMY JAY SHARMA, M.D. Fremont, CA B.S. Biological Sciences University of California, Irvine Thanks to my mom, dad, and brother who have supported me through everything. Thanks to Devan, my girlfriend, for being there when I really needed her to be. Love you all! Temple University 181SAMANTHA ALICE SHEPARD, M.D. Bloomsburg, PA B.S. Biology, B.A. Spanish Temple University "I think I’m quite ready for another adventure." 182 Lewis Katz School of MedicineFairfax, VA B.S. Chemistry Haverford College Temple University 183STEVEN SCOTT SHIPMAN, M.D. Blue Springs, MO M.S. Psychology M.S. Clinical Psychology Missouri State University Brittany, thank you for your unconditional love and support throughout my education. You have more wisdom and tenacity than anyone I have ever met, and your faith in me led me to believe in myself. I love you more than you could know. Mom and Dad, thank you for your love and patience. I will never forget all that you have done, or the important values you instilled in me. Love, Scotty All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure. - Mark Twain 184 U Lewis Katz School of MedicineLAUREN PAIGE SIBECK, M.D. Glendale, AZ B.A. Chemistry, Minor in Religion Swarthmore College "Promise me you'll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - Winnie The Pooh Thank you Mom, Dad, Kara, Nick, Grandma, Grandpa, and my husband for your endless grace, patience, motivation, and love. Temple University 185RONYA silmi, m.d. Ocala, FL B.S. Microbiology and Cell Science University of Florida M.S. Health Science University of South Florida To my family, I could not have done this journey without your unwavering support. Thank you for believing in my dreams! All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them — Walt Disney MITCHELL SILVER, M.D. Fort Washington, PA B.A. Neuroscience Johns Hopkins University I want to thank my parents for being there for me throughout all the highs and lows of medical school. I wouldn't be where I am today without your love and support. Thank you! Temple University 187AMBROSIA SIMMONS, M.D., Ph.D ■ Tome, NM B.S.E. Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Life Sciences University of Michigan I would like to thank my advisor Seonhee Kim, who helped develop me as a critical thinker, a writer, and as a scientist. I would also like to thank all of my family for all their love and support not just these past few years but throughout all of my academic endeavors. Specifically, Meredith, who has become family, my particularly zealous mom, who has pushed me in everything I have ever done, my grandma, who flew across the country to help me study for my medical board exam, and finally, my husband, Skyler, who has supported me both emotionally (and financially) throughout my journey in the MD PhD program from application to now. Lastly, thank you to my adorable munchkins. Dillon and Diego, who make all of this worthwhile. I couldn't have made it to this point without each and every one of you! Lewis Katz School of Medicine 18mANTHONY JOSEPH SIUDELA, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Biology Pennsylvania State University Thank you to my family for all of the love and support over the years! From my very first days of school to Penn State and finally medical school at Temple, you've been with me every step of the way. I could never have achieved this without you! Temple University 189SAMANTHA SOKOLOFF, M.D. Mount Laurel, NJ B.S. Biochemistry Lehigh University Thank you: To Mom, Dad, and Jon for always being my biggest supporters. To the rest of my family for always believing in me. To all of my friends at Temple St. Luke's I would not have made it through without you. 190 Lewis Katz School of MedicineDANIEL CHARLES STAPOR, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Biology Duke University Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8 Times. "You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”- Stuart Scott "If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special." - Jim Valvano Temple University 191LAUREN ELIZABETH STONE, M.D. Penryn, CA B.A. Music - Clarinet Performance Azusa Pacific University Colossians 3:17 Soli Deo Gloria 192 Lewis Katz School of Medicine » GRACE LYNN SU, M.D. Federal Way, WA B.S. Human Communication Sciences, Minor in Spanish Northwestern University Temple University 193194 Lewis Katz School of MedicineANDREW J. SULTZBAUGH, M.D. Elizabethville, PA B.S. Biology, B.A. History Pennsylvania State University Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way, particularly my family and my wonderful wife Kelly. Temple University 195TIAN SUN, M.D. Lewis Katz School of Medicine i%ALLISON LEIGH SWIECKI-SIKORA, M.D. Newtown, PA B.A. Government Harvard College Thank you to my family, friends, and advisors for all the love and support you've given me on this journey! Temple University 197JOSEPH THOMAS TARR, M.D., Ph.D. Fords, NJ B.S. Biochemistry Ramapo College of New Jersey Thanks Mom, Dad, Aunt Patty, and Kim! i )8 Lewis Katz School of MedicineCOLLEEN DIANE TAYLOR, M.D. Salinas, CA B.A. History Columbia University Many thanks to Mom, Dad, Cathy, and Christina for their love and support. "Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." - Elizabeth Zimmerman Temple University 199CHELSEA ANN THAMPY, M.D Fresno, CA B.S. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention University of Southern California They call me the "Hazard on Broad" (HOBs) Lewis Katz School of Medicine 200DHANALAKSHMI KALAVAI THIYAGARAJAN, M.D. Bethlehem, PA B.S. Biomedical Engineering University of Pittsburgh My childhood dream is one step closer to becoming true. This journey has only been possible with all of the help that I have received! Mommy, you amaze me by always being right. Daddy, you are my biggest role model. Vidhi, you provide me with continuous inspiration and motivation. Aaya and Thatha, I am very blessed to receive your unconditional love. My amazing friends, I am so lucky to have you supporting me. And Chutney and Idly, what would I do without your affectionate cuddles? I will forever be thankful to you all! I will always remember your compassion when I am treating my patients and show them the same kindness! Temple University 201STEPHANIE TITTAFERRANTE, M.D. Folsom, PA B.S. Biology Saint Joseph's University 202 Lewis Katz School of MedicineTORY TOLES, M.D. Las Vegas, NV B.S. Biology, Pre-professional University of Nevada, Las Vegas Keep on keepin' on. Temple University 203DANIELLE VERGHESE, M.D. Philadelphia, PA B.S. Biological Sciences, Minor in Public Health Drexel University "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton Thank you, my giants. Your examples of sacrifice and love have gotten me this far, and I hope to do you proud in the chapter ahead. Lewis Katz School of Medicine 204LAUREN WARSHAW, M.D. Boston, MA B.S. Neuroscience University of Michigan Thank you to my family and friends for being the most incredible support system anyone could ask for. A special thanks to my amazing mother and father. Temple University 205LESLIE A. WEAVER, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.A. Economics Wheaton College (Illinois) “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' That's how you know there is hope." - Fred Rogers Thank you to all of those who have joined me on my journey to become one of those helpers. 206 M Lewis Katz School of MedicineRYAN JONATHAN WEI, M.D. Los Angeles, CA B.A. Business Economics University of California, Irvine Mills College Although our individual accomplishments have an impact, as time goes by, it is our character and how we go about our daily life that defines each and every one of us. - Norman Coleman Thank You Mom and Dad, Rick, Kelly, Drew, Soph, Chung, DH (the mayor), Yanno, AK, B-man, Ster, JB, JP, PJ, KG, Lukas, DE, and Lambi. Temple University 207k ELIZABETH MARIE WEINER, M.D. Hermitage, PA B.S. Kinesiology Pennsylvania State University Thank you to my family and friends for helping me stay grounded and true to myself throughout this experience. I particularly want to thank my parents, sisters, grandparents, and uncle for being my constant supporters and for always encouraging me to follow my gut. Finally, thanks to Dr. Mary Kraemer for her early advice and now my mantra: “Keep your blinders on." 208 Lewis Katz School of MedicineMARGARET WOLF, M.D. Allentown, PA B.A. Molecular and Cellular Biology Colorado College Thank you to my parents for your constant encouragement and support. Thank you to my siblings for keeping me grounded and well fed. Thank you to my friends for endless dim sum and laughs. "If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” - T.S. Eliot Temple University 209MATTHEW WOOD, M.D Madison, WI B.S. Microbiology University of Wisconsin, Madison Thanks to my parents, Katie, and Jeff for all of their unwavering support over these last 5 years. Thanks to Rachel and Cricket for being a part of my journey through med school. Lewis Katz School of Medicine 210HILARIO NWIAKOJO YANKEY, M.D. Kikam, Western Region, Ghana B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology Drexel University I am grateful to God, my family and friends in and outside of medical school for keeping me sane these past years in medical school. I am grateful to Dr. Arosarena, Dr. Cosby and Dr. Rebecca Shulman for their guidance and mentorship. Finally, Allison, I love you and thank you for sticking with me during the tough times. Can't wait to see what God has in store for us! To my classmates, your hardwork paid off one way or the other. I am proud of us and good luck with the rest of your careers. Temple University 211GABRIELA YAO-COHEN, M.D. Oakland, CA B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology University of California, Berkley 212 Lewis Katz School of MedicineSAMIR G. YEZDANI, M.D. Greenville, DE B.A. Foreign Languages and Literature with a Concentration in Spanish Studies University of Delaware I want to thank my parents, Khaja and Vijay Yezdani, my sister and brother-in-law, Mona Yezdani and Peter Gillen, my niece and nephew, Isla and Caelen, the O’Briens, and my girlfriend Meg O’Brien. I love you all and thank you all for your amazing support. I would not be here without you. Temple University 213EDWIN YOO, M.D., PH.D. Milbrae, CA B.S. Biochemistry University of California, San Diego Ph.D. Pharmacology University of Pennsylvania Thanks to my wife Esther, parents, and siblings for all your support! 214 Lewis Katz School of MedicineALYSSA ZAIDI, M.D. Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Neuroscience Washington and Lee University Thank you to my family, friends, and Temple! Temple University 215RENNETTE NICOLE ZAVALA, M.D. Miami, FL Bachelor of Health Science University of Florida “Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” - James Baldwin Thank you to my two wonderful parents, Roque and Tatiana Zavala, without whom I would not be here. You guys sacrificed everything to help me achieve my dreams, always reminding me to be proud of where we came from. Los amo con todo mi corazdn. Lewis Katz School of Medicine 216HANNAH ZIMMERMAN, M.D. Northampton, MA B.A. English (Creative Writing), B.A. Biology Wesleyan University Temple University 217BENJAMIN BIRD, M.D. Medon, TN B.S. Physics Union University “Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough." -Richard Feynman MANUEL ALEJANDRO CABRERA, M.D. Blauvelt, NY B.S. Biology Columbia University 218 Lewis Katz School of MedicineSTEPHAN ARMANDO CASTRO, M.D. Palo Alto, CA B.A. Neuroscience Pitzer College I will not remember the hours spent studying with fondness but I will gladly reminisce on the pick-up basketball games, ice-skating, board games and group dinners in the future. I want to thank my friends and colleagues for 4 great years. I would not entertain the thought of doing it again, at least not without all of you. CHARLES LOUIS COLE III, M.D. Winfield, PA B.S. Biology, Minor in Computer Science Bucknell University Thanks to my friends and family, especially my mom and dad. I wouldn't have made it here without you. Temple University 219DYLAN CUVA, M.D.PATRICK DONAGHUE, M.D. Chadds Ford, PA B.S. Biology Villanova University JONATHAN EDELSTEIN, M.D., M.A. Philadelphia, PA B.S. Biology and Chemistry Brandeis University M.A. Urban Bioethics Temple University Temple University 221MAHMOUD ELRAKHAWY, M.D. Forsyth, IL B.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Fixing broken hearts both on and off the field (surgical field). 222 Lewis Katz School of MedicineMIKAEL A. FADOUL, M.D. Aurora, OH B.S. Biochemistry John Carroll University Temple University 223Lewis Katz School of Medicine 224OLIVIA FLADMARK, M.D AARON GISH, M.D. Elizabethtown, PA B.S. Molecular Biology University of Pittsburgh Thank you to all my loved ones who have supported me on this journey! Temple University :wr 225TRUONG-AN ANDREW HO, M.D. Philadelphia, PA B.A. Biology University of Pennsylvania Thank you! 226 Lewis Katz School of MedicineKELSEY HOBART, M.D. Naples, NY B.A. Forensic Psychology Fairleigh Dickinson University STEFFEN LIS, MD. Reading, PA B.S. Biology Temple University Thank you to my friends, family, and parents, your support along the way has meant the world to me. Temple University 22"NICK LOMBARDI, M.D. STEVEN NILS LUMINAIS, M.D. Berwyn, PA B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University Thank you to Alice for always being there for me despite the long hours and unpredictable schedule. 228 Lewis Katz School of MedicineTIMOTHY MCKINLEY, M.D. Danville, PA B.S. Political Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology Thank you to my wife, Marissa, and my parents for all your support. Temple University 229ZACHARY NADLER, M.D Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Physics and Mathematics Emory University Special thanks to my always-supportive family and great friends, without whom I'd probably still be lost in space. 230 Lewis Katz School of MedicineTESS PETERSEN, M.D. Maple Glen, PA B.S. Brain and Cognitive Science University of Rochester GORDON REED PHILLIPS, M.D. Willingboro, NJ B.S. Microbiology, Minor in Psychology Grove City College I want to thank my family and especially my wife Joy for supporting me during my journey through medical school. I could not have done this without you. Temple University 231Lewis Katz School of Medicine 232KARIM SARIAHMED, M.D. MorganviUe, NJ B.A. Biology Swarthmore College “The dispossessed of this nation — the poor, both white and Negro — live in a cruelly unjust society...There are millions of poor people in this country who have very little, or even nothing, to lose. If they can be helped to take action together, they will do so with a freedom and a power that will be a new and unsettling force in our complacent national life..." - MLK, 1967. Love and gratitude to those who came before us. LEIGH SELESNER, M.D. Las Vegas, NV B.A. Growth and Structure of Cities Haverford College Temple University 233PATRICK BRAVACOS SIEGELE, M.D. Berwyn, PA B.S. Biology and Psychology Loyola University of Maryland Masters of Business Administration Fox School of Business at Temple University A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all my friends and family for helping towards this achievement. 234 Lewis Katz School of MedicineROSE CAROLINE SOLOMON, M.D. URIEL SPAK, M.D. Buenos Aires, Argentina B.S. Biology University of Florida Temple University 235BENJAMIN RUSSELL STABLER, M.D Lancaster, PA B.S. Human Evolutionary Biology Harvard University I want to say thank you to my amazing family and incredible wife for all their support and love over the last four years! Medical school has been an unbelievable experience and I couldn't have done it without you by my side. I can't wait to see where the next few years in medicine will take me! 236 Lewis Katz School of MedicineMAI E. STEWART, M.D. Montclair, NJ B.S. Bioengineering Pennsylvania State University Thank you to my family and friends. Temple University 237Lewis Katz School of Medicine 238KRISTEN HOPE WALTERS, M.D. Hershey, PA B.A. Biological Foundations of Behavior. Animal Behavior Franklin Marshall College To my family. Mom. Dad and Jenna - Thank you for your sacrifices, encouragement, words of wisdom, laughter and love. To my study buddies (L, B J) - Thank you for your friendship, early review sessions while watching the sun rise from MERB and giving me confidence. In addition, thank you for supporting me after I broke my ankle. To N • Thank you for understanding the journey, always being willing to listen and being a positive influence. BRIAN EDWARD ZOLL, M.D. Philadelphia, PA B.A. Biology University of Pennsylvania Masters of Business Administration Fox School of Business at Temple University Thanks to all who helped me along this journey. Temple University 239NOT PICTURED May Elgash, M.D. Brendan Elias, M.D. Amber Lindsay, M.D. Eric Lutz, M.D. Nora A. McGinley-Hence, M.D. Matthew Nitti, M.D. Kyle Keenan Peters, M.D. Jeffrey Qiu, M.D. Charles Michael Shumaker, M.D. Jonathan Kenneth Stuef, M.D. Enoch Shouzheng Tse, M.D. Dane van den Akker, M.D. Anna van Venrooy, M.D. 240 Lewis Katz School of MedicineMai Stewart, M.D. Temple University 241i C You can’t live a perfect day wife vou do something for mmDear CCass 0 2019, Oh the memories! your invoCvement, enthusiasm, and commitment to your education have inspiredaCC of us. Among many things, you Ceave a Cegacy of the importance of wed-heing, creating and sustaining the LXSOM TempCe O'M L.s! ™ r Thank you! LXSOM Offices of Student Affairs and MedicaCEducation Temple University][ Congratulations! The Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Class of 2019 Wishing you much success in your endeavors! The Temple Department of Surgery Amy J. Goldberg, MD Professor and Chair 244 Lewis Katz School of Medicinean'OuO Congratulations to the Graduates of 2019 L toR: Dr. A. Patel, Dr. Drotman, Dr. Charatzoglou, Dr.Reddy, Dr. Miele, Dr. Salas, Dr. Bhambhani, Dr. Sethi, Dr. P br.'D. Patel, Dr. Schartel, Dr. Brister, Dr. Kamel, Dr. Berkeley, Dr. Fish, Dr. Sinha, Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Spivak, Dr. Fei; Dr. D. Patel, Dr. Schartel, Dr. Bri: L to R: Dr. Roberman, Dr. McMaster, Dr. Suero, Dr. Mundi, Dr. Krauss, from the faculty of the Department of Anesthesiology Temple UniversityTO THE CLASS OF 2019 LEWIS KATZ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK! FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE FACULTY, RESIDENTS AND STAFF Robert M. McNamara, MD Professor and Chair Michael Fiorito, MD Associate Professor Jennifer Repanshek, MD Associate Professor David J. Karras, MD Professor and Associate Chair Manish Garg, MD Professor Zachary Repanshek, MD Assosicate Professor Pamela Bannon, MD Assistant Professor Nina Gentile. MD Professor Clare Roepke, MD Assistant Professor Stephanie Barbelta. MD Associate Professor Ryan Gibbons, MD Assistant Professor Naomi Rosenberg, MD Assistant Professor Jeffrey Barrett. MD Associate Professor Harry Goett, MD Associate Professor Maura Sammon, MD Assistant Professor Robert "Tim" Bryan. DO Assistant Professor Richard Hamgan, MD Professor Wayne Satz, MD Associate Professor Danielle Bourget. MD Assistant Professor Megan Healy, MD Assistant Professor Kraftin Schreyer, MD Assistant Professor Dov Brandis, MD Assistant Professor Derek Isenberg. MD Associate Professor An Schwell. MD Associate Professor John Cemetich. MD Assistant Professor Carolyn Kanter. MD Instructor Edward Siegel. MD Assistant Professor Linda Chailles-Amold, MD Assistant Professor Linus King, MD Assistant Professor Mari Siegel. MD Assistant Professor Thomas Costantino. MD Professor Ultrasound Education Director Dana Kozubal. MD Assistant Professor Matthew Simon. MD Associate Professor Michael DeAngelis. MD Associate Professor James Labor. MD Assistant Professor Nicholas Tyner. Mb Instructor Daniel del Portal. MD Associate Professor Marilyn Macvey, MD Assistant Professor Jacob Ufberg. MD Professor Joseph D'Orazio. MD Assistant Professor Allison Marshall, MD Assistant Professor Mark Ulitsky, MD Assistant Professor Kathleen Fane. MD Associate Professor Richard Martin, MD Associate Professor David Wald. DO Professor Pauline Farnsworth. MD Associate Professor Erica McKeman, MD Assistant Professor Dana Weber. MD Assistant Professor Jessica Patterson. MD Assistant Professor Ernest Yeh. MD Associate Professor 246 Lewis Katz School of MedicineSt. Luke’s University Health Network extends sincere congratulations and best wishes for a rewarding career in medicine to the members of the 2019 graduating class of Lewis Katz School of Medicine Temple University StLukefs UNIVERSITY HEALTH NETWORK A regional medical school campus of Temple University Temple University iaiCONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 2019 YOU ARE JOINING THE RANKS OF A VERY PROUD, ACCOMPLISHED FAMILY OF ALUMNI WHO WORK VERY HARD AND CARE VERY DEEPLY ABOUT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY AND OUR WORLD. "Physicians understand that service is a privilege - and derive deep satisfaction from doing good, doing what's right. To give in such a meaningful way is the most valuable compensation a person can get." -AlbertA. Alley, MD'64 "Temple has made me a better person, more open to a multitude of different views." - Brooke Keim, MD '07 " can trace back many of my important decisions and guiding career principals to the faculty at Temple." -- John D. Sprandio, MD '80 "At Temple I became engaged in a lifelong search for learning, open to innovation and new challenges. I will always think of my medical school experience as an exceptional opportunity, guided by excellent teachers and staff-true mentors." - Sandra Harmon Weiss, MD '74 "I came to Temple because of its reputation for producing good clinicians, and when I left with my MD degree, I had earned a social conscience as well." -- Frederick Hartman, MD '69 "Only when everyone reaches a new level of health education can everyone be truly equal citizens." - Alfred A. Bove, MD '66, PhD '70 "It seems like just yesterday that I was a third-year, running through the halls of Temple University Hospital. And I know that I would not be doing as well as I am today were not for the excellent training I received at Temple." -- Michael Scully, MD '97 PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH WITH US. THE OFFICE OF ALUMNI RELATIONS LEWIS KATZ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 3500 N. BROAD STREET PHILADEPHIA, PA 19140 215-707-4850 800-331-2839 medalum@temple.edu TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Lewis Katz School of Medicine Medicine.temple.edu alumni 248 Lewis Katz School of MedicineThe Department of Medicine Congratulates the Class of 2019 Best wishes on your path to success and happiness. Department of Medicine Administration Standing: Thomas Fekete, Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine, Rafik Samuel, MD, Chief, Infectious Disease, Frank Friedenberg, Chief, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Michael Bromberg, MD, Chief of Hematology, Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, Chief, Cardiology. Jonathan Anolik, MD, Interim Chief, Endocrinology, Marissa A. Blum, Vice Chair, Education and Internal Residency Program Director, Seated: Roberto Caricchio, Interim Chief, Rheumatology, Anuradha Paranjape, MD, Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs, Karen Lin, MD, Chief, General Internal Medicine, Rachel Rubin, MD Chief, Hospital Medicine Missing: Crystal Gadegbeku, Chief, Nephrology Temple University 249TO THE CLASS OF 2019 BEST WISHES ARE EXTENDED TO ALL!! THE DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY COMMUNITY MEDICINE Menachem Leasy, MD David O’Gurek, MD Margot Savoy, MD, Chair Alexandra Schieber, DO Stephen R. Permut, MD Lisa Fino, Department Administrator Carolyn Cuffeld, Administrative Coordinator The Department of Anatomy Cell Biology Excellence in Research. Education and Service" Congratulates the Medical School Class of 2019 As its members begin the next phase of their medical careers To The Class of 2019: Best Wishes For A Rewarding Career in Medicine Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences 250 Lewis Katz School of MedicineWe knew there were great things in your future because you always demonstrated great effort and determination in everything you have done. Your family shares with us how proud we are of you and wish you the very best. All Our Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations III Dr. Lauren 'Elizabeth Stone Since childhood you have had a wide-eyed curiosity about the world. Coupled with an amazing, unwavering focus and discipline, we have seen you make 'bold moves’ with courage, integrity and compassion. You will be a gifted physician and we are so very proud of you! All our love. Mom, Dad. Lainey and Family Joseph, Congratulations on your graduation from medical school. We are extremely proud of you and cannot wait to see what you achieve in the future. Love, Mom and Dad Now with that hard work, commitment and ambition you have become DR. THOMAS SAMUEL ALBANESI, III Congratulations and may God Bless your medical future with compassion and care! Love. Mom and Dad Temple University 251Kyle Veloso Panzer, MD Congrats to you Kyle, as you’re now an MD From pre-K through med school so proud of you are we A video game tester you may not have become But you’re truly unique, marching to your own drum Your humor’s infectious with wit that is quick And we’ll all stand right by you through thin and through thick We know you’ll excel in the field that you choose You’ve earned your success and paid most of your dues May you be happy and healthy in life and career Your adventures await you, it’s your ship to steer We commend you, Ky, on this most special day With love and applause, here’s to you, come what may Mom, Dad, Kate, Kira, Elizabeth, Bear and the rest of the VelPan Clan Lewis Katz School of Medicine We always knew you possessed the confidence and ability to achieve your goals. Perseverance and dedication have made this dream a reality. Now let compassion and integrity be your guide. Your family is proud to call you, Dr. Luke Musser. 252-BRONE-So proud of you! Do great things Love, Mom + Dad FT'O COMRRJESS within the covers of any hook, however voluminous, the Record of the Cfass of 2019, is a far greater undertaking than the tweCve Labors of Achiffes combined It wouCd require the genius of a Demosthenes to review the yast four years in aftting andayyroyriate manner. Yet ours has been the joyous task ofcomyifing such an ‘Ant ho fogy. We have sought neither to throw a rosy gfow about the good and briffiant attributes of our friends, nor to turn the searchfight uyon their faifings. ‘T’he aim of this book is to record inyermanent form the most imyortanty bases and incidents of our class at the Lewis OCatz Schoof of ‘Medicine at T imyfe ‘University. Of in some far-off future year, you, gentfe reader, shad take from some dusty sheff this book, and if as you turn itsyages o'er with sacred care and sweding heart, there arise before you memories of our hayyy years syent here, our feebfe efforts wid not have been in vain. T'imyfe has become dear to our hearts. Its traditions, standards, and future are a yart of our fives. It is imyossibfe for us to breathe into these fife fessy ages the fuff significance offamifiar cfassroom scenes, and thatyowerfuf influence in the fife of every student "T’he T'imyfe Syirit." Many dear friends have been made among Tacufty and Cfassmates. On yarting, our friends may be far distant from us and their comyanionshiy fost, but their influence (eaves a fasting imyression on our fives as members of a cfass whose syirit is Odeaf, Unbroken, and Unstained - Harry E. Bacon, Editor-in-Chief, Skull 1925. Adapted for the Class of 2019 Temple University 253Temple University 255Yearbook Staff Editors: Brie Donovan and George Gadalla Faculty and Administration: Jonathan Edelstein and Brone Lobichusky Student Life: Meghana Patil and Maggie Wolf St. Luke's: Josh Luster Senior Pages: Firrah Saeed and Leslie Weaver Ads and Patrons: Joe Tarr 256 Lewis Katz School of Medicine Wcdsworih'Temple University 6m$burg Health Sciences LibraryweUUW Temple University Health Sciences I

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