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2015 SKULL TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 3500 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH de sWsdsted d y te .‘ That I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; That I will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor; That into whatsoever house I shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, I holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, and from the tempting of others to vice; That I will excercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and will give no drug, perform no operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited; That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of others which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise. As I am faithful to this my oath may happiness and good repute be ever mine. The opposite if I shall be forsworn. 2 Temple University School of MedicineTABLE OF CONTENTS Administration, Faculty Support Staff................... Regional Clinical Campuses......................................36 Student Life......................................................56 Match Day.........................................................72 Seniors.......................................................... gg Patrons 226AusimAzizi Bettina Buttaro David Wald Kathleen Reeves HOODERS B Graduation is a cultural tradition considered to be a rite of passage from one platform in a student’s life to another. Today’s graduation ceremony is a manifestation of an ancient rite of passage in the modern context. An important part of the graduation ceremony is the giving of the hoods. The origin of the hood lies with the Celts and the Druids (Celtic priests). Among the Celts, only the Druids wore mantles which had hoods attached to them as a mark of their rank in society. In the schools of the Middle Ages, the hoods were worn as a covering to resist the frigid temperatures. Gradually, it was integrated into the academic system with much symbolic significance. Now, the wearing of hoods symbolizes a kind of authority, a high standing, or to identify a new graduate’s institution and degree. A hood is always black in color, but the edges and lining have individual significance. The hood is lined in silk with the official colors of the institution conferring the degree. The edging of the hood is velvet, with a particular color representative of a field of study. The official colors of Temple University are cherry and white. The dark green velvet signifies medicine. One of the great continuing traditions is the presence of hooders—individuals who symbolically bestow the medical degree upon each graduate. The senior class has chosen four individuals to assist with the placement of the hoods. These distinguished members of the faculty were selected not only for their superior quality of teaching, but for their passion, hard work, and dedication. Each hooder has committed themselves to challenging the minds of medical students and encouraging us as future doctors to maintain integrity to the profession. It was from these mentors that we were able to become true physicians. Thank you, Dr. Wald, for your devotion to our clinical development. Thank you, Dr. Reeves, for keeping us sane and grounded. Thank you, Dr. Azizi, for encouraging us to always approach concepts from a new direction. Thank you, Dr. Buttaro, for making daunting tasks seems manageable. 4 Temple University School of Medicinen 1987 Dr. Kozera came to Temple as a culty member in the Department of nternal Medicine, Division of indocrinology and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Since that time, he expanded his role to include work with id missions, curriculum development, nstitutional accreditation, and, perhaps most nemorably, as the Master of Ceremonies of both the White Coat Ceremony tnd the Medical School Commencement. Above: Dr. Kozera acting as Master of Ceremonies at Commencement. Left: Dr. Kozera giving a lecture to students. 2015 Skul He was dedicated to imparting his all-encompassing knowledge to Temple’s School of Medicine and ensured that only the highest standards would be adhered to by future doctors. His work ethic was exemplary and attention to detail unequaled. Known to be the go-to man on campus, he showed compassion and understanding for all through an unfailing open door policy where colleagues, students, and friends sought his advice for all things professional, medical, and personal. These attributes were exemplified as he strode to the podium during White Coat and Graduation Ceremonies where every new medical student or doctor was assured that he knew their name. He was present at our class’s White Coat celebration, and his absence at our graduation will be striking. Dr. Larry Kaiser, Dean of the Temple University School of Medicine, had this to say of Dr. Kozera: “He will be sorely missed for his acetic wit, his analytical fastidiousness, and most of all, for his unassailable devotion to the School, its students, its faculty, and its community. He lived and breathed the Temple mission.” Of his dedication to Temple, Sharri Reese-Banks, Administrative Coordinator in the Office of Faculty Affairs and close friend of 6 Temple University School of Medicine Dr. Kozera’s, said this: “He loved Temple. He would do anything to defend its honor. That was his aim in life: to do the right thing for the students, the faculty, and the school.” Dr. Kozera was an avid golfer and skillful pianist. He was always a calming presence among his family and friends. 1 le is survived by his three children, Leslie, Brian (Kristin), and Matthew (Amanda) and three granddaughters, Paige, Josephine, and Avery. He was preceded in death by his wife, Virginia Utter Kozera. ii He will be sorely missed for his acetic wit, his analytical fastidiousness, and most of all, for his unassailable devotion to the School, its students, its faculty, and its community; He lived and breathed the Temple Mission. 99Anoiw i oirn cltu PHILADELPHIA 8 Temple University School of MedicineTHANK YOU to oim admirniWloa, |acul{ mI Auppont Atx|| The Class of 2015 extends its deepest, most sincere thanks to the people who have helped us get this far. To our faculty: you are our bedrock. Our time here has been built around your dedication to imparting your knowledge to us in so many different ways. Both in and out of the classroom and hospital, we have turned to you for enlightenment, understanding and advice. To Micki, Ruth, Alexis, Francine and Joanne: our worlds might actually have collapsed without your generous support, patience, and endless hard work. It wasn’t until fourth year that we realized how much you do for each class every single day. We had to complete this journey to understand what an integral part you have played in it. To the Library staff: some of us literally lived in your pleasant company around exam time. We could never have reached each academic milestone without your dedication and kindness. Derek, you have held many of our hands and helped guide us through our most stressful endeavors; your hugs have kept us from giving up. You have all motivated us to study that much harder. To Meg, Ann. Waineen. Betty Anne, and Rhonda: you held the keys to our clinical years and despite some of our freak-outs, helped us remain calm and piece together our breadth of clinical experiences. To the Technical Services team: our entire academic standing depended on your efforts. We know we aren't always easy to deal with—individually or as a massive stressed-out group—and we thank you for always being available to help with class capture, exams, and the magical LCMS. To the maintenance staff: this beautiful building might have fallen apart without you. Your work to brighten our days, especially behind the scenes, is deeply appreciated. No one could imagine what our homes actually look like after seeing this place. To Student Health Services: thank you for stemming the tide of our rising hypochondria. To Financial Services: thank you for helping us navigate the new and scary world of graduate loans. We have relied on you since before we started so that we could actually pay our tuition bills and you have guided us all the way through the new and scary world of repayment. To the Mailroom staff: none of us would actually be here without you. From our admissions applications to the pages on which these words are printed, your hard work is the reason we are here. To the Bookstore staff: from sweatshirts to textbooks, we have turned to you for just about everything we've used to study these last four years. Trust us, the sweatshirts were as valuable as the books for studying in the MERB library. To all of you and to the many others we must be forgetting, we say THANK YOU for your daily and continuous support! 2015 Skull —9Dean 4 ADMINISTRATION Gerald Sterling, Phi) Senior Assoc Dean, Education Prof, Pharmacology Steven R. Houser, PhD Senior Assoc Dean, Research Prof and Chair, Physiology Director, Cardiovascular Research Center VI Larry R. Kaiser, MD Dean. TUSS1 Senior Exec Vice President for the Health Sciences. Temple University President and CEO. TUHS Prof. Surgery Thomas G. Kupp Vice Dean. Finance and Admin, TUSM Executive Director, TUP Arthur M. Feldman, MD, PhD Exec Dean, TUSM Chief Academic Officer, TUHS Prof, Medicine and Physiology, Cardiovascular Research Center VerdiJ. DiSesa, MD, MBA Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs, TUSM Chief Operactions Officer, TUHS Prof, Surgery Henry A. Pitt. MD Richard Fisher, MD Assoc Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs, Senior Assoc Dean, Cancer Programs, TUSM TUSM Chief Quality Officer, TUHS President and CEO. Fox Chase Cancer Center Kathleen Reeves, MD Senior Assoc Dean, Student Affairs Pro , Clinical Pediatrics Director, Center for Bioethics, Urban Health and Policy Audrey Uknis, MD Senior Assoc Dean, Admissions and Strategy Prof, Medicine Susan Wicgers, MD Senior Assoc Dean, Faculty Affairs Prof, Medicine Susan Fisher, PhD Assoc Dean, Clinical Research Prof and Chair, Clinical Sciences Lawrence Kaplan, MD Assoc Dean. Inter-Professional Education Prof. Medicine John H. Krouse, MD, PhD Helen Pearson, PhD Assoc Dean, GME Assoc Dean. Faculty Affairs Prof and Chair, Otolarygnotogy. Head Assoc Prof, Anatomy and Cell Biology and Neck Surgery Alisa Peet, MD Assoc Dean for Clinical Education Assoc Prof, Medicine 10 Temple University School of MedicineDenise A. Salerno, MD Assoc Dean, Academic Affiliations Prof, Clinical Pediatrict Scott Shore, PhD Auoc Dean, Graduate and Special Programs Assoc Prof, Biochemistry, Cancer Research and Molecular Biology Dianne R. Soprano, PhD Auoc Dean, Graduate and MD PhD IVograms Prof, Biochemistry, Cancer Research and Molecular Biology Asst Dean, Space Planning and Management Susan Coull Awl Dean, GME Raul De La Cadcna, MD Manish Garg, MD Asst Dean, Recruitment and Retention Asst Dean, International Affiliations Prof, Physiology and Thrombosis Research Assoc IVof, Emergency Medicine Jennifer Gordon, PhD Asst Dean, Research Assoc Prof, Neuroscience and Neurovirology Beth Moughan, MD Asst Dean, Affiliate Faculty Development Prof, Clinical Pediatries Darilyn Moyer, MD Asst Dean, GME Prof, Medicine Donald Parks, MD Asst Dean, Minority Affairs Melinda Somasckhar, PhD Asst Dean, Continuing Medical Education David J. Karras, MD Asst Dean for Clinical Education Integration Prof and Assoc Chair, Emergency Medicine Ann Untalan Asst Dean, Finance David Wald, DO Asst Dean, Clinical Simulation Prof, Emergency Medicine Nina Weisbord Asst Dean, Institutional Advancement Chief Advancement Officer, Temple School of Med Gregory Zimmaro Asst Dean, HR and Administration Paula Davis West Asst Dean, Financial Services Mark Weiner, MD Asit Dean, Informatics, TUSM Chief Medical Information Officer, TUHS 2015 Skull —11OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS Back Row (left to right): Cindy Lee Alves, Paity Kott, Germycc Harris, Sharri Reese-Banks. Front Row: Raul DeLaCadena, MD, Audrey Uknis, MD, Kathy Harmer. Nor Pictured: Maria Zimmerman. OFFICE OF CLINICAL CLERKSHIPS (Leftto Right) MegTanjutco, Rhonda McCurry, Ann Gallagher, Betty Anne Pauly, Waineen Morgan OFFICE OF FACULTY AFFAIRS (Leftto Right) Kim Alien, Pat Pileggi, Malikah Fulton, Susan E.Wiegers, Bryant Tabb, Judy Russo. Not Pictured: 1 lelen Pearson, Beth Moughan, Rene Alvarez, A. Vanetta Gram 12 Temple University School of MedicineADMINISTRATION OFFICE OF GRADUATE STUDIES (Left to Right) Denise Rykard, Tracey Hinton. Nor Pictured: Tracy Burton. OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS AND MEDICAL EDUCATION (Left to Right) Grace Hirschman, Rlizabeth Koniz. Kate Martin. Carla Lord-Powalski, Ann Gallagher, Melanie Cosby, PhD. Alisa Peet. MD, UeneAppel-Marker, Donna lohnson, Jacquee Lukawski, Michael Seip, Ruth Wright, Rhonda McCurry, Alexis Gates, Lakeisha Gaymon. Gerald Sterling, PhD, Denise Green, Marilyn Meissler, Joanne Handler, Dianne Butera, MSVV, Betty Anne Pauly, Micki Miller, Tom Fanrak. Not pictured: Waineen Morgan, Meg Tanjutco, Kathleen Reeves, MD. SIMULATION CENTER (Left ro Right) Charlotte Huber, Jane Gripe, Richard Milner, Michael Curtis, Lee Kiszonas. Nor Pictured: David Wald. MD (medical director), John Daly. MD (surgical director). 2015 Skull —13LIBRARY Back Row (Left to Right): Kandy Dancy, Gerard Main man, Lauri Fennell, Jean Cottle, Derrick Russel, Shenae Barkas, Justin 1 lercules, Erica Howel, Tiffany Ellis. Front Row: Cynthia Schwartz, Rebecca Lloyd, Barbara Kuchan (Director). Royce Sargeant, Karen Borstein. Not pictured: I.inda Brick. Andrew Dauphinee, Manda I Iavens, Jennifer Sanchez, Crol Ann Vincent. SUPPORT STAFF MAINTENANCE Back Row (Leftto Right): Wayne Cook, Faheim Hinton, Verne!) Davis, Korey Gastearl. Front Row: Alvin Williams, Karen Bradshaw, Tameka Stewart, Mattie Bryant. Not Pictured: Alice Nixon BOOKSTORE Deanna Davis and Frank Buggey. MAILROOM (Left to Right) Gloria I losten-McMillian, Terry T. McKenzie, Daniel Dawson 14 -Temple University School of Medicineea,lh F'nancia» Aid cement Beard MONEY MATT? 1 ■ STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES (Left to Right) Jerry Sharf. Kozina McFadden, Thomas Maiorano, Jr., Francine Miles, Latoya Randolph. Karen Allen. Not Pictured: Joanne Handler. Carla Lord-Powalski. SECURITY (Leftto Right) Shanira Gunther. Yvette Pastor. Courtney Hicks, Sonya Hutchins, Leroy Nelson. 2015 Skull—15 (Leftto Right) Dionne Byers, MA, Dorrit Sterner, MD. Eileen Hyams-Kolick. RN. (Leftto Right) Tom Fanrak, Michael Seip, Patrick WassonANESTHESIOLOGY Back Row (leftto Rir.tn): Georgios Charaizoglou, MD. Brian Somerset, DO. Wesley Simons, DO. Eric Gewirtz, MD. Rodger Barnette. MD. (Chair), lhab Kamel. MD, Michael Tran. DO, Marshall Lee, MD. Scott Schartel. DO. David Kim. MD Front Row: GauravTrehan. MD. Eric Wilkens, MD, Stavroula Nikolaidis, MD. Clint Fleckenstein, DO. Marc Goldberg. MD. Parul Patel, MD. Vincent Ctowell, MD, Bilal Ahmad, MD, Jyothsna Reddy, MD, Sumita Bhambhani, MD. Nor Pictured: Abiona Berkeley, MD, Neil Brister. MD. Ann Carey. MD, Ansuya Chatwani, MD. Jeffrey Dcrham, MD, Jose Dorotan, MD, John Ferrari. MD. Meera Gonzalez, MD, Amanda Hargrove, MD, Ellen Hauck, MD, Michael Keresztury, MD. Donald Koers, MD. Stephen McCaughan, IX). Daniclla Micle, MD. Gordon Morewood. MD. Dilipkumar Patel. MD. Yanfu Shao. MD. BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT (leftto Bicirr) Henry Fung. MD, (Director), Patricia I_ Kropf. MD. Mary Ellen Martin. MD. Nadia Khan. MD, Stefan Barta, MD. CARDIOLOGY Back row (left to right): Rene Alverez, MD. Martin Keane. MD, I.aurie Russell. CRNP. Howard Cohen. MD. Alfred Bove, MD. Richard Greenberg. MD. Andrew Chen, MD, Deborah Crabbe. MD, Brian O’Neill, MD. Daniel Schwartz, MD, Daniel Edmundwicz, MD (Sfx.tion Chief) From row: Susan Thomas, CRNP. Saundra Hyman, CRNP. Linda Ruppert, CRNP. Linda Madrak, CRNP Nelson Wolf. MD. Paul Forfia. MD. Frances Rogers. CRNR Not Pictured: Jeff Arkles. MD. Riyaz Bashir. MD. Joshua Cooper. MD. Daniel Dries. MD, Chethan Gangireddy. MD. Email Hamad, MD. Arnold Meshkov, MD, Brian O'Murchu. MD. John Panidis, MD. Pravin Patil. MD. Lynn Punnoose. MD. Bindi shall. MD. Emily. Tsai. MD. William VanDecker. MD. Howard Warner. MD, Susan Wiegers. MD. 16 Temple University School of MedicineHOSPITAL FACULTY % IP hoolot Medicine Department of Dermatology gfiemple Itch Center DERMATOLOGY (left to right) Crystal Wright. MA. Vincent Willoughby, MBA, Marlene McGrcgory. RN. Rodrigo Valdes Rodriguez. MD. Uideki Mocliizuki, PhD. Gil Yosipovitch, MD (Chair). Misha Mutizwa, MD. Nor Pictured: Tasuku Akiyama, PhD DOCTORING Back Row (left ro right): Jane Stringer. Adys Mendizabal. Kathleen Reeves. MD. Zach Frenzel, Graeme Williams, Denise Salerno. MD, Gerald Sterling. PhD. Lawrence Kaplan. MD. Josh Onia. Front Row: Dianne Butera. MSW. Lee Kiszonas, Michael Curtis. David Karras, MD, David Wald. MD. Michael DelVecchio, MD Nor Pictured: Amy Goldberg. MD. Stephen Pennut. MD. ID. Marilyn Meissler. EMERGENCY MEDICINE • Back Row (left to right): Thomas Costantino, MD. Michael DeAngdis. MD. David Katras, MD. Manish Garg MD, Erin Horn, MD. Megan Healy, MD.AriSdtvvell.MD Frost Row: Jacob Ulberg, MD. Robert McNamara. MD, (Chur) Richard Martin. MD. Nina Gentile. MD. Ernest Ych. MI) Not Pictured: Lawrence Albert. MD, David Bailey. MD. Pamela Bannon. MD, Stephanie Barbetta. MD. Jeffrey Barrett. MD. John Cemetich. MD, Un-da Chaile-Amold. Kristin. Kristin Covvperthvvaite. MD. Kelly Correa. MD. Wade Dehnkamp, MD, Daniel del Portal. MD. Katltlecn Fane, MD. Pauline Farnsworth. MD, Michael Rorito, MD. Jennifer Fisher. MD. Harry Goett. MD. Richard JTarrigan. MD, James Labor. MD. Joseph lex. MD, Marilyn MacVey, MD. Robin Naples, MD. Michael J. Prasto. MD. Zachary Repanshek. MD. Adam Rovvh, MD. Wayne Satz, MD. Mari Siegel. MD, Matthew Simon. MD, Michael Thomas, MD. David Wald. DO. Dana Weber. MD. 2015 Skull 17ENDOCRINOLOGY, DIABETES AND _______________METABOLISM Back Row (left to right): David Ni, MD, Tatiana Gandrabura. MD, Sharda Pankaj, MD, Victoria Maffey, NR Middle row: Ajay Rao, MD. CherieVaz, MD.Vijay Balakrishnan. MD. Daniel Rubin. MD. Front row: Flias Siraj. MD, Kevin Williams, MD. (Section Chief). Victor Adlin, MD, Guenther Boden, MD Not Pictured: Jonathan R. Anolik. Carol Homko, PhD. FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE Back row (left to right): Tracy Barnes. David O'Gurek, MD, Carolyn Cuffeld Front row: Ritu Aggarwal, MD, L.aura Martin. MD, Ruchi Kukreja. MD. Stephen R. Pernnit. MD, JD. (Chair). GASTROENTEROLOGY Back Row (left to right): Zubair Malik. MD. M. Bernstein, MD, Henry Parkman, MD, Charles Bongiorno, MD, Adam Fhrlich. MD. Second Row: M. Pathikonda, MD, Benjamin Krevsky, MD. Kaveh Sharzehi, MD. Grace Shin, MD, Paul Chang. MD. Michael Smith, MD. Malini Mathur. MD. Kiley Walp. MD. Abdullah Al-Osaim. MD. Ron Schey, MD, Kamran Qureshi, MD. Front Row: Ronald Andari, MD, Harvey I.icht, MD, Brenda Horwitz, MD. Robert Fisher, MD, Oleh Haluszka, MD, (Section Chief), Frank Friedenberg. MD. Jennifer Maranki. MD. Christopher Morrison, MD. HOSPITAL FACULTY 18 -Temple University School of MedicineHEMATOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY j Cancel (leftto right) Alvaro Pereira-Rico, MP, David Essex, MD, Ronald Rubin, MD, Juhi Mittal, MD.Aruna Padmanabhan, MD, Koneti Rao, MD, Michael Bromberg, MD, PhD, (Section Chief), Deric Savior, MD. Nor Pictured: Richard Fisher, MD, Jean-Pierre Issa. MD, Peter Walsh, MD, PhD INFECTIOUS DISEASE Back row (leftto right): Bennett I.orber, MD, Byungse Suh, MD, PhD, Peter Axelrod, MD, Heather Clauss, MD. Robert Bettiker, MD. Rafik Samuel, MD, Thomas Fekeie, MD, (Section Chief), F.ileen Farnon. MD. Front row: Sara Schultz, MD, Kiran Paramatmuni, MD, Florence Momplaisir, MD. Eric Sachinwalla, MD, Jerr - Jacob, MD, Purva Gumaste, MD. INTERNAL MEDICINE Back Row (left to right): Betsy Wolf. Colleen McAllister, Christine Gundersen, Denise Tierney. Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, Donnita Howard, Anuradha Paranjape, MD. Karen Kirch. Denise Reynolds, Michael Bromberg. MD, Douglas Lampo, JosephY. Cheung. MD, (Chair), John Davidyock, MD, Won Han, MD, Gilbert D'Alonzo, MD, Thomas Fekete, MD, Front Row: Ana Francia, Darilvn Moyer, MD, Olch Haluszka, MD, Abdullah Al-Osaimi, MD, Philip Cohen, MD, Kevin J. Williams, MD 2015 Skull —NEPHROLOGY Left column (toi to bottom): Lleras Armando Samuels, MD, Avrum Gillespie, MD, Colleen McAllister, Swati Rao, MD, Colleen Rabbitt, CRNP, Gerri Schulman, MD. Middle column: Serban Constantinescu, MD. PhD. Christine Basil, MD, Iris Lee, MD. Crystal Gadegbeku, MD. (Section Chief). Right column: Joseph Benjamin, MD, Joseph Cheung, MD, PhD, (Chair of Medicine), Won Han, MD, Jean Lee, MD. Mythili Ghanta, MD. Nor Pictured: Duncan Johnstone, MD, PhD. Pairicio Silva, MD NEUROLOGY (leftTO right) Jin J. Luo, MD, PhD. Rima Alkasem, MD, Mercedes Jacobson, MD, Tim Lachman, MD, Paul Katz, MD, Ramin Ansari, MD, S. Ausim Azizi, MD, (Chair). Not Pictured: Craig Bogen, MD, Peter Crino, MD, PhD, Camilo Gutierrez, MD. Elizabeth Haberfeld, MD, Marcia Halpern, MD, Guillermo Linares, MD, Ruma Mukerjee, PhD, Valeriya Poukas, MD. Bassel Sawaya, PhD, Michael Selzer, MD, PhD. NEUROSURGERY Back row (leftto right): Kadir Erkmen, MD, Joseph V. Queenan. MD, Charles N. Munyon, MD Front row: Philip A. Villanueva, MD, Michael W. Weaver, MD, (Chair), Bong-Soo Kim, MD 20 Temple University School of MedicineHOSPITAL FACULTY OPHTHAMOLOGY (left to right) William Foster, MD, PhD. Dany Najjar, MI), Julia Grachevskaya, OD, Lorrie Nguyen. OD, Jeffrey Henderer, 1D, (Chair), Gary Domeracki, MD. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY AND SPORTS MEDICINE Back Row (left to right): Cory Keller, DO. Easwaran Balasubramanian, MD, Matthew Lore!, MD. Saqib Rehman, MD, J. Milo Sewards, MD, Bruce Vanett, MD. Front Row: Michelle Noreski. DO, F. Todd Wetzel, MD. Pekka Mooar, MD, (Interim Chair), Ray Moyer, MD. Christopher Haydel, MD. Not pictured: Joseph I-remus, MD, JosephThoder, MD, Eric Kropf, MD. Joseph Torg, MD. OBSTETRICS, GYNECOLOGY AND REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCE Back Row (left to right): B Carnivale, DO, R Brown. MD, J Ferriss, MD, D Mastrogiannis, MD, B Mabine, MD, G Reme, MD.T Stearns, MD, S Jordan, MD, G Herrine, MD, L Goetz], MD. D Mancini. MD, M Freeman, MD, C Glowacki, MD, A Castelbaum, MD. Front Row: J Murphy, MD. M Sen, MD. S Jeronis, MD, A Horton, MD, A Ayala-Crespo, MD, E Hernandez, MD, (Chair), D Chillipalli. MD. J Barker. MD. L Maher. MD, J Arnett, MD, E Igwe, MD, E Smith, MD. F Peterson, MD. 2015 Skull 21HOSPITAL FACULTY OTOLARYNGOLOGY, HEAD AND NECK SURGERY Back Row (left to right): Donald Solomon. MD. Christopher Fundakowski. MD, Pamela Rochm, MD. PhD. Rachel Georgopoulos, MD. Sonya Wcxlcr, MD, Glenn Isaacson. MD, David Sarcu. MD. Caitlin McLean, MD. Sarah Solms, AudD. Derrick Tim. MD. Steve Zuniga, MD. Front Row: Natasha Pollock. MD. Nausheen Jamal, MD. Gary Linkov, MD. Paige Pastalove, AudD, Jenny Rajan. AudD. Oneida Arosarena, MD. Julie Adelman, MD. Resha Soni, MD, Norman Chan. MD, Sidrah Altmad. MD, Karl Whitley. MD. John Krouse, MD. PhD (Chair). Nor Pictured: Jeffrey Liu, MD, Ahmed Soliman, MD. lilina M.Toskala. MD. PhD, Elizabeth Mecnen, AudD. Mursalin Anis. MD. PhD. Jennifer Cracchiolo, MD. PATHOLOGY AND LABORATORY _________________________MEDICINE Back Coium.n (left to right): Allan Truant, PhD. Raghava Potula, MHA, PhD. Adil Khan. PhD. Servio Ramirez, PhD. Wen-Zhe Ho. MD. MPH.Yajue Huang. MD. Hcmant Parekh. PhD. Varsha Manucha, MD, Xinmin Jiang. MD. Carmen Sapienza, PhD. Ashish Bains. MD. Nahum Duker, MD. Gordon Pringle. DDS, PhD. Yuri Pcrsidsky. MD. PhD. (Chair). Front Column: Steven Geier. PhD, Riya Kuklani. DDS, Yanhua I.i. MI). Jasvir Kluirana. MD. Abir Mukherjee. MBBS. MD, Natalya Khilko. MD. Barbara Goldsmith. PhD. Rebecca Thomas, MD. Not Pictured: Raghbir Atlnval. PhD. HcbaY. Durra, MD. Susan Inniss, MD. A. Konetl Rao, MD. Slava Rom. PhD. Carrie Schneider. MD. He Wang. MD. PhD. Xu Zeng. MD. PEDIATRICS (uunr to right) Stephen Aronoff, MD, MBA, (Chair), Thair Abed, MD. Beth Moughan, MD. David Fleece, MD, Michael DelVecchio. MD, Nancy Robinson, MD, Amer Kechli. MD, Dione Cash, MD. Denise Salerno. MD. Not Pictured: Kumkum Ahluvvalia, MD, HcmalathaGuruprasad, MD. Ashleigh Hall, DO. Megan Heere, MD, Kathleen Reeves, MD, ManishaSinha, MD. 22 —Temple University School of MedicinePSYCHIATRY AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE_______________________ (left to right) Mark Denys, M. Ingre Walters, MD. Polina Zilbering. MD, Natalie Gluck, MD. Hoy Steinhouse, ML). Mary Morrison, MD. I-lien Gluzman, MD, Aurelia Bizamcer, MD, PhD. MPH, William Dubin, MD, (Chair), Maryam Namdari, DO. Jessica Kovach. MD. Not Pictured: Christopher Combs, PhD, Natasha Dalseth, MD, Peter DeMaria, Jr„ MD, John Harding, MD, Christine Marchionni, MD, Pietro Miazzo, MD, I lilary O'Neill. MD. Natalia Ortiz-Torrent, MD, Camille Paglia, JD. MD. Neil Sanuck, MD. PULMONARY AND CRITICAL CARE ■ ....— i Pictured: Dominic Marano, CRNP. Michael Jacobs, Sean Duffy, MD. Parag Desai, MD, Namrata Patel, MD. Samuel Krachman, DO, Wissam Chatila, MD. Friedrich Kueppers, MD, Aditi Satti, MD, Alexander Swift, MD, Kartik Shenoy, MD, David Ciccolella, MD. Gilbert D'Alonzo. DO, Gerard Criner, MD (Section Chief), Kathleen Brennan, MD. Victor Kim, MD, Fredric Jaffe, DO. Nor Pictured: Francis Cordova, MD, Jamie Garfield, MD. Nathaniel Marchetti, DO. John TVavaline, MD, Maria Elena Vega Sanchez, MD. Shiela Weaver, DO. 2015 SMI- 23RADIOLOGY AND NUCLEAR MEDICINE Pictured: Mark Burshsteyn, MD, Varun Sethi. MD, Bluety Hershey, MD, Ifechi Momah, MD, Dina Caroline, MD, Suzanne Pascarella, MD. David Prylude, MD, Gary Cohen. MD, Dijennia Rosica, MD, Harshad Patel. MD. Scott Faro, MD, Brin O’Connor, MD, Allan Cohen. MD, Chandra Dass. MD, Stephen Ling, MD, PallavShah, MD, Leon Malmud, MD, Ron Zinc. MD, Curtis Miyamoto, MD. RHEUMATOLOGY (leftto right) Jessamyn Melnicoff, CRNP, King Soon Goh, MD, Srilatha Kothandaraman. MD, Roberto Caricchio, MD, Steven Berney, MD, Philip Cohen, MD, (Section Chief), Irene Tan, MD, VVenhai Sliao, PhD, Srikanth Mukkera, MD. Not Pictured: Marissa Blum, MD, Bita Shakoory, MD, Audrey Uknis, MD. 24 —Temple University School of MedicineHOSPITAL FACULTY ______________ % SURGERY (clockwise) Joseph Rappold, MI), Elaine Chan, MD. Matthew Philp, MD, Kelvin Kwan Lau, MD, Sunil Karhadkar, MD, Antonio Di Carlo, MD, John Meilahn. MD, Cherie Erkmen, MD, Yoshiya Toyoda, MD.T. Sloane Guy, MD. MBA. Abbas Abbas, MD. James Bradley. MD, Howard Ross, MD. Andrew Roberts, MD. Jack Sariego. MD. Aron Wahrman, MD, Amy Goldberg, MD, (Interim Chair). UROLOGY Back row (uiet to riciit): Andrew McIntosh, MD, Michael Hickman, MD, Blake Moore, MD, Daniel Eun, MD. Michel Pontari, MD. Adam Reese, MD, Daniel Parker, MD. Brian Cronson, MD. Front row: Lindsey Parks, PA, Jack Mydlo, MD. (Chair), Alice Park. NR Anastasia Schwab. PA. 2015 Skull —25» 0 BASIC SCIENCE FACULTY ANATOMY AND CELL BIOLOGY Back Row (left to right): Mark Black, PhD, Young-Jin Son. PhD. Arthur Washburn. PhD, Lynn Kirby. PhD. Brett Oxberry. PhD, Steven Popoff, PhD. (Chair), Seo-Hee Cho, PhD, Nicole Griffin. PhD. Front Row: Michael Ruggicri, PhD. Seonhee Kim. PhD. Gianluca Gallo. PhD. Lawrence Goldfinger, PhD. Mary Barbe, PhD. Not Pictured: Mary Abood, PhD, Judith Daniels (Litvin), PhD, Thomas Marino. PhD, Helen Pearson. PhD, Stephen Pilder. PhD, Victor Rizzo, PhD. MEDICAL GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOCHEMISTRY Back row (left to right): Dale 1 iaines, PhD, Heinrich Roder, PhD. Brad Roth-berg PhD, Scott Shore, PhD, Jimmy Collins, PhD, Charles Grubmeyer. PhD, Keith Latham, PhD. Kathleen Giangia-como, PhD, Ray 1 labas. PhD. Front row: Warren Masker. PhD, Madesh Muniswamy, PhD. Jonathan Soboloff, PhD. Donald Gill. PhD, Tanya Ferguson, PhD, Nora Engel, PhD, Salim Merali, PhD, Dianne Soprano, PhD, Parkson Chong, PhD MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY ■ Back Row (left to right): Alexander Tsygankov, PhD, Dottie Bathe, Tomasz Skorski. MD, Marion Chan, PhD, Stefania Galluci, MD, Liselotte Jensen, PhD, Marc Monestier, MD.PhD. Front Row: Diane Omdal, Toby Eisenstein. PhD, Doina Ganea, PhD. (Chair), Bettina Buttaro, PhD. Not pictured: Halo Tempera, PhD, Cagla Tukcl. PhD, Wcidong Xiao, PhD. Yi Zhang. MD, PhD. 26 Temple University School of MedicineNEUROSCIENCE Back Row (left to right): Xuebin Qin, MD. PhD. VVcnhui Hu, Ml), PhD, Mahmut Safak, PhD. IikerSariycr, DVM, PhD. Pasquale Ferrante, MD. Prasun Datta. PhD. Front Row: TVacy Fischer-Smilh, PhD, Jay Rappaport. PhD. Kamel Khalili. PhD, (Chair),T. Dianne Langford, PhD. Not pictured: Shohreh Amini, PhD, Jennifer Gordon, PhD, Martyn K. White, PhD. PHARMACOLOGY Back Row (left to right): Ying Tian, PhD. Joanne Cortese, John Elrod, PhD, Raj Kishore, PhD, John Muschamp. PhD, Costas Drosatos. PhD. Scott Rawls, PhD. Xiao-Feng Yang. MD. PhD. Front Row: Nae Dun. PhD. Walter J. Koch, PhD, (Chair), Ellen Unterwald, PhD. I long Wang MD, PhD, Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen. PhD. Nor pictured: Man Cowan, PhD, Barrie Ashby, PhD, Domenico Practico, MD, Doug Tilley. PhD, Martin Adler, PhD, Eugen Brailoiu, MD. Gerald Sterling, PhD. Joseph Rabinowitz, PhD, Michael Sirover, PhD. Ronald Tallarida, PhD, Thomas Rogers, PhD. PHYSIOLOGY Back Row (left to right): Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD, Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD, Stephen Houser, PhD, (Chair). Marla Wolfson, PhD, Michael Autieri, PhD. Front Row: Rosario Scalia, MD, PhD. Xiongwen Chen. PhD, James Heckman, PhD, Satoru F.guchi, MD, PhD. 2015 Skull — 27CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH CENTER Back Row (left to right): loon Young Park, PhD, Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD, Satoru Eguchi, MD, PhD. Rosario Scalia, MD, PhD, Fabio Recchia, MD. PhD, Vickas Patel. MD, PhD, Xiongwen Chen, PhD. Front Row: Xiao-Fcng Yang, MD, PhD, Michael Autieri, PhD. Stephen Houser, PhD, (Director), Hong Wang, MD. PhD. MBA. CENTER FOR BIOETHICS, URBAN HEALTH AND POLICY Back Row (left to RiGitr): Marla Davis-Bellamy, JD. MCA, Matthew Lucas, PhD, Norma Alicea-Alvarez, DNP, Nora Jones, PhD, Kathleen Reeves, MD, (Director), Ann Reed. Front Row: Juan Franco, Diana Huang, Robert Warner. CENER FOR INFLAMMATION AND LUNG RESEARCH Back Row (left to right): Jaslyn Johnson BS, Jichuan Wu, MD, PhD, Mariola Marcinkiewiez, MS, Christi dill, MS, Gennaro Calendo BS, Sandy T. Baker, MIAS, Nicole Gates, BS, Changcheng Song, PhD. Front Row: Marla Wolfson, PhD, Thomas Rogers, PhD, (Director), Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD, Kwang Chul Kim. PhD. 28 Temple University School of MedicineRESEARCH FACULTY Center for CENTER FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE RESEARCH Back Row (luitio right): Ellen Geller, Eugen Brailoiu, MD, MaryAbood, PhD, John Muschamp, PhD, Lynn Kirby. PhD, Scott Rawls, PhD. Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, PhD. Front Row: Melva Smith, Marc Graver, Ellen Unierwald, PhD, (Director), Toby Eisenstein (Co-Direcior), PhD, Alan Cowan, PhD. Not pictured: Martin Adler, PhD (Director Emeritus), Ronald Tuma. PhD. Ronald Tallarida, PhD, Sara jane Ward, PhD. CENTER FOR TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE Back Rows (Lot to Right): LiangtiangWu, Judy Wang. Claudio deLucia. Daniela l.iceardo, Phi). Ncehariku Nemani. Venkata Naga, Garikipati Srikanth, PhD. Farah Shaik. Tim luongo. Christine PoJ, Ashlie Glasgow. Sarah Schumacher-Bass. PhD, Nora Baglivo. Jessica Ibetti. ZupingQu, Mc .ele Valenti, JinChu, Jian-Guo l.i. PriyaSanthanam. PhD. Jibin Zhao. Bijun Zhao. Nicholas Hoffman. PhD, Kurt Chupman. Alessandro Cannavo. PhD. CJ.Traynham. Phi), Samantha Baxter. Ix r Hatch, Emily Nickoloff. SureshVerma, I D, Elisabetta Lauretti. Mohsln Khan. Antonio DiMeco. Joseph Rabinotvitz. PhD. Furxvi Rove Joanne Cortese. Cindy Benedict. Zhongjian Cheng. ErheGao, MD. PhD, Madesh Munlswamv, PhD. Walter J. Kuch. WiD, (Dibector), Raj Kishorc. PhD. Costas Drosatos. PhD. Jennifer Johnson. YlngTurn. PhD. Not Pictured: Joseph dieting, MD. PhD. Domenico Pratieo. NiD. Sudarsan Rajan. PhD. Douglas Tilley, PhD. FELS INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Front row (left to right): Barbara Hoffman, PhD, Judith Garriga, PhD, Raghbir S. Athwal, PhD, Nora Engel. PhD, Jean-Pierre lssa, MD, (Director), Dan A. Liebermann, PhD. Carmen Sapienza, PhD. Dianne Soprano. PhD. Ana Gamero, PhD. Second row: Raza Zaidi, PhD, Richard T. Pomerantz, PhD, Ruma Mukerjee, PhD. Italo Tempera, PhD, Xavier Graha, PhD. Scott K. Shore, PhD. Dale Haines. PhD. Bassel Sawaya, PhD, J. Kim de Riel, PhD, Jonathan SobolofT. PhD, Jaroslav Jelinek, PhD,Tomasz Skorski, MD, PhD. DSc, Woonbok Chung, I’hD, Matteo Cesaroni, PhD. 2015 Skull — 29FROM THE TEMPLE SKULL ARCHIVES Ronald Rubin Class of 1972 Barbara Stitt Biochemistry. 1996 Brett Oxberry Anatomy. 1985 William Brady Internal Medicine. 1996 Leon Malmud Radiolog ’, 1978 Dorritt Sterner Class of 1972 Lawrence Kaplan Class of 1986 Ronald Rubin Internal Medicine. 1981 Abhijit Pathak Picture Day Infectious Disease Department Group Photo. 1985 Featuring Drs. Suh, Fekete and Lorber Keith McNeil is Class of 2000 Nahum Duker Pathology, 1981 Alexander TSygankov Dimitrios Mastrogiannis Immunology, 2002 Ob G)Ti, 1992 Bennett Lorber Infectious Disease, 1974 Warren Masker Biochemistry. 1996 Class of 1959 1974 30 Temple University School of MedicineRonald Tuma Gerald Criner Physiology. 1981 Pulmonology. 1994 Ellen Tedaldi Ronald Rubin Internal Medicine. 1992 Picture Day Abhijit Pathak Dianne Soprano Class of 1991 Biochemistry. 1996 John Daly Class of 1973 Darilyn Moyer Class of 1985 Joseph Rappold Class of 1991 Keith McNellis, Class of 2000 Self Medicating during Med School Mark Black Lawrence Kaplan Anatomy, 1985 I li h School, 1974 1981 1982 1982 Carsen Schneck Emeritus Professor of Anatomy 2007 2012 2015 Skull —31Toby Eisenstein Amy Goldberg Microbiology, 1985 Surgery, 2002 Dr. Lorber and Guitar, 1988 Thomas Marino Anatomy. 1986 Edward Goljan Class of 1968 Judith Litvin Anatomy. 2002 Pharmacology Department Group Photo. 1997 Featuring Profs. Ashby, Sterling and Tallarida John Meilahn Surgery. 1997 Gerrald Sterling Picture Day Rafik Samuel Class of 1995 Audrey IJknis Class of 1987 Charles Grubmeyer Biochemistry, 1997 Steven Popoff Anatomy, 1997 Kathleen Reeves Picture Day ,n Kathleen Reeves Pediatrics, 2005 Thomas Fekete Infectious Disease, 1986 Sean Harbison Class of 1986 32 —Temple University School of MedicineROM THE TEMPLE SKULL ARCHIVES 1986 Steven Berney Emeritus Professor of Medicine Stephen Permut Class of 1972 Ronald Tallarida Pharmacology, 1971 David Karras Emergency Medicine, 1992 Derrick Russell Picture Day Richard Harrigan Emergency Medicine, 1994 Raul De I .a Cadena Physiology, 2002 Steven 1 iouser Physiology, 1985 John Martin Physiology. 1997 Stephen Pilder Anatomy, 1997 Emergency Medicine Department Group Photo, 1997 Featuring Drs. Wald, Karras, Schwell and Denim 2015 Skull 33RETIREES 1968 1981 1985 2014 Dr. James Heckman, Professor of Physiology, has been a member of the Temple community since he began his graduate training here over forty years ago. He began teaching medical students in the physiology labs almost immediately after beginning his own training and quickly made it a passion. Generations of students have appreciated how tirelessly he has worked to develop their learning, both one-on-one during workshops, office hours and after classes, and also broadly through painstaking curricular development and course administration. He retires now as a vital member of the School of Medicine faculty. ■I £ i « A ■WU 1976 1979 1991 2014 After 55 years in the medical community of Philadelphia, Dr. Robert Fisher, Section Chief of Gastroenterology, is retiring from his life-long career as a Temple physician and educator. Dr. Fisher began his own medical training at the University of Pennsylvania, joined us for residency training at Temple University Hospital and returned as faculty after a fellowship in Gastroenterology at the University of Pennsylvania. As faculty, he is known for his devotion to his fellows, for his wit, and for his somewhat quirky taste in art - we at the Skull particularly appreciate his long-standing support of the yearbook. He now enters retirement as a Professor of Medicine, having trained and inspired generations of physicians. Thank you Dr. Heckman and Dr. Fisher! Enjoyyour much deserved retirement! 34 Temple University School of MedicineIN MEMORIUM On May 30, 2014, the School of Medicine lost a keen and passionate grandfather of the Temple community, Dr. Kenneth R. Cundy, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Microbiology and Immunology. Dr. Gundy joined Temple in 1965, and filled many roles over the next 50 years, including professor, researcher, rugby coach and yearbook advisor. In addition, he and his late wife, Elsie Cundy, RN, were generous supporters of the both the school and the hospital, donating more than $1 million to endow scholarships and to help further the initiatives and innovations Dr. Cundy helped to shape as an administrator. The Office of Institutional Advancement in the MERB is named in their honor. After retiring in 1992, Dr. Cundy continued to teach for the next 15 years. He was awarded two Golden Apple awards, the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, and the Alumni Association’s Honored Professor Award. He is admired for his long commitment to the Temple community, and will be remembered for his compassion and generosity. On August 13, 2014, the Temple University Medical community grieved at the passing of Dr. Richard J. Kozera, MD, FACP, Executive Associate Dean of the School of Medicine. A renowned leader of the Medical School since 1987, Dr. Kozera began his career at Temple as a Professor of Medicine. Gifted with an impressive aptitude for strategic planning and attention to detail, Dr. Kozera spent 27 years of his tenure serving three times as Acting Dean and supervising faculty affairs, accreditation and multiple curriculum reconstructions. With rare proficiency, he was able to combine student suggestions and concerns with School’s own goals to create the thriving medical program that Temple continues to aspire to today. In the weeks before his passing, Dr. Kozera served as Master of Ceremonies at the White Coat Ceremony, welcoming a new generation of young physicians into the Temple family. Known as an intelligent, funny, and caring colleague, Dr. Kozera will be sorely missed. On August 25,2014, Temple mourned the passing of Dr. Patrick Piggot, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology. Born in Northern Ireland, Dr. Piggot was an avid student, attended Queen’s College on a university scholarship and earning his PhD from St. Mary’s Paddington. Before joining the Temple Faculty in 1990, he worked at Harvard Medical School and Oxford University and was renowned as a researcher at the National Institute of Medical Research in London. Known as a kind, gentle man, always willing to share his ample wisdom, Dr. Piggot served as department chair from 2005-2007 and Associate Chair until 2014. Of his many honors, he received the Dawn Marks Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentorship and was elected as President of the Eastern Pennsylvania Branch of the American Society for Microbiology. He is remembered for his scholarly commitment to Temple and its students, and for the generous and temperate spirit he imparted on all those who were fortunate to have known him. On September 14, 2014, Temple suffered another loss with the passing of Dr. Norman Willett, retired Chairman of Microbiology, Kornberg School of Dentistry. Starting from his childhood on a poultry farm, Dr. Willett was intrigued by microbiology. After dealing with infections in the family chickens, he moved on to study bovine and rodent illness at the University of Pennsylvania, Michigan State and as a post-doc at Harvard, all before landing at Temple in 1967. However, education was Professor Willett's strongest passion, in addition to his university responsibilities, he received multiple grants to work with students in kindergarten to high school, developing projects for the students and training their teachers to continue the work. His enthusiasm was evident to everyone he worked with. As his daughter, Susan, said, “he was a man who believed very strongly in science education—inside and outside the classroom.” His passion came across in a lifelong commitment to teaching. 2015 Skull —35REGIONAL CLINICAL CAMPUSES 36 '-♦Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull 37ST LUKE’S HOSPITAL Joel C. Rosenfeld, M.D., M.Ed., FACS I want to extend my warmest congratulations to the Class of 2015 of Temple University School of Medicine and especially our first class of Temple St. Luke’s regional campus students who have spent their entire 2nd. 3rd and 4th years training at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem. Pennsylvania. Thanks for accepting the challenge of being our inaugural class and for all your thoughts and efforts to improve our regional campus. 1 also want to congratulate the many students who rotated with us for their required and elective courses. You should be proud of your accomplishments. We certainly are proud of you. It has been a true pleasure to see our students develop into knowledgeable, caring, and skillful young physicians. As you are aware, the education of a physician occurs over three stages - undergraduate - medical school, graduate - residency and fellowships, and post graduate - continuing medical education. You are embarking on your second stage, beginning a residency. You have learned a great deal of information in the past four years. Now you will be applying that knowledge and the skills you learned for the treatment of patients in the specialty you have chosen. You have been taught the importance of continuing education. We know that you will provide excellent care to your patients. We urge you to remember that you will always be an ambassador for Temple University School of Medicine and St. Luke’s University Health Network. Sincerely, Joel C. Rosenfeld. M.D., M.Ed., FACS Chief Academic Officer St. Luke’s University Health Network Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Surgery Temple University School of Medicine 38 " Temple University School of Medicinegreetings to the students who have been part of the inaugural class of the St. L.uke’s Regional Campus. You are each very talented individuals and you have accomplished so much during your time at Temple and St. Luke’s. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with and get to know you. I look forward to hearing of your future accomplishments. Sincerly, Florence C. Kimball, Ph.D. Department of Medical Education St. Luke’s University Health Network Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Associate Professor of Microbiology Temple University School of Medicine Florence C. Kimball, Ph.D. 2015 Skull —39Raymond Durkin, M.D. Cardiology Peter Ruder, M.D. Infectious Disease Florence Kimball, Ph.D. Microbiology Santo Longo, M.D. Pathology 40 Temple University School of MedicineJennifer Axelhand, I).(). Critical Care Scott Keeney, 1X0. Surgery Janies Cipolla, M.D. Surgery Richard Garwood. D.O. Internal Medicine Dianne Jacobetz, M.D. Pediatrics David Leh, M.D. Tania Martinez-Jimenez, M.D. Rachel Patterson, M.D. Internal Medicine Psychiatry Emergency Medicine ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL Jennifer Ranton, M.D. Family Medicine Andrew Shurman, M.D. Radiology Joan Sweeney, M.D. Neurology 2015 Skull — 41AMERICAN MEDICAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION ANESTHESIOLOGY INTEREST GROUP 42 Temple University School of MedicineINTERNAL MEDICINE INTEREST GROUP ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL 2015 Skull —43PEDIATRICS INTEREST GROUP LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOL FAIR 44 Temple University School of MedicineWILDERNESS MEDICINE INTEREST GROUP ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL 2015 Skull— 45 jESTJ EN HEALTH SYSTEM Daniel Benckart, Ml) Ii gives me great pleasure to extend congratulations to all Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2015 graduates and especially to those who have completed their entire third and fourth years of clinical training at theTUSM Clinical Campus in Pittsburgh. Pa. In 2013, our clinical campus became part of Allegheny 1 lealth Network, an integrated delivery network that includes seven hospitals in western Pennsylvania, a physician organization and 2.100 affiliated physicians, a research institute, ambulatory surgery centers. Health + Wellness pavilions and a diverse array of home and community health services. We are very proud of what our network has accomplished this past year and of our high rankings among the nation’s academic medical centers. For example, our Pittsburgh-area teaching facilities - Allegheny General Hospital, West Penn Hospital and Forbes Hospital - were all recognized in the U.S. News 2014-2015 Best Hospital’s Guide as high-performing medical centers across multiple clinical specialties, including cancer, geriatrics, gynecology, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery', urology, gastroenterology’. GI surgery, orthopaedic surgery, pulmonology, diabetes endocrinology, cardiology and cardiac surgery'. AGH and West Penn 1 fospital are also among a select group of U.S. hospitals and two of just 57 in Pennsylvania to be lauded as Top Performers on Key Quality Measures® by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of healthcare organizations in the United Stales. Every caregiver contributes to the exceptional clinical outcomes that play such an important role in the distinguished recognitions we have earned, and I thank Temple students who completed their learning experiences on our campus for your contributions to these successes. Best wishes to all members of the Class of 2015. Sincerely. Daniel Benckart. MD Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Allegheny Health Network 46 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —4748 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —49GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER Congratulations! You have demonstrated that you have the knowledge and skills to be outstanding physicians and you can be proud of your accomplishments. The faculty and staff at Geisinger Health System have enjoyed being part of the medical school education for many of you. As an organization, we strive to HEAL, TEACH, DISCOVER, and SERVE. The skills that you develop in medical school are the foundation. Your challenge is to build on these skills as you enter the next phase of life-long learning. We know that you are prepared to provide excellence in patient care as both future leaders and team members in systems that will increasingly require innovation and quality. Douglas F. Kupas, M.D. Linda Famiglio, M.D. If you spent time at Geisinger as a clinical campus student, or simply as a student on a single rotation, we hope that you gained some insight into the importance of system design and innovations that lead to optimal patient outcomes. We hope that you also realize that it is still an incredible honor to be fortunate enough to share the relationship between a physician and a patient. As you progress through your careers and become responsible for creating the healthcare systems of the future, remember the words of our founder, Abigail Geisinger, "Make it the Best". Sincerely, Douglas F. Kupas, MD Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Geisinger Clinical Campus Temple University School of Medicine Associate Chief Academic Officer Geisinger Health System 50 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —5152 Temple University School of MedicineGE1SINGER MEDICAL CENTER 2015 Skull —53Fox Chase Cancer Center Jeanes Hospital Lehigh Valley Hospital Reading Hospital and Medical Center INSTITUTION Adds Ababa University Cairo Uhversrty CiO.nl Medical university. B |in f u Jen CATHOUC University. Msin-Ouiang City. Taiwan e 0 University, Tokyo National Cheng Kun« Unhrersrty. Tainan, Taiwan Nat.ce.al Tiww University. Taipei NR) AcxMmy of Science . Andhra. Pradesh People's Hospital Of Changjhou. Shanghai Royjl College of Surgeons of Ireland, BiW" Seoul National Untve s-ty Tcchnon University. Haifa The University of Pernambuco The University of Sharjah University of Malaga Unr ersity of Melbourne Unhersity Of Milan University of Panama University of Zurich COUNTRY REGION Ethtocu Africa ClYT Africa China Axia China Asia Japan Asia Ovnj As a China Asia inda Asa China Asa Ireland Europe Korea Asa Israel Mddle East brarJ Latin America UAE Mddle East Spam Europe Austra.J AustraVa r.aly Europe Panama Central Amerce Switrertand Europe St. Christopher’s Hospital lor Children International Affiliates 54 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull— 55MATCH DAY 72 '-"Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —73 Anshul Agarwala Nooshin Asadpour Kevin Branch Carolyn Cardaropoli Surgery Pediatrics Internal Medicine Family Medicine Rush University Medical Center St. Christophers 1 lospital St. Luke's Health Network University of Massachusetts Chicago, IL Philadelphia. PA Bethlehem. PA Worcester. MA Jessica Ahlum Daniel (Kofi) Asihene Jesse Brandfass Nels Carroll Neurology Family Medicine Diagnostic Radiology Thoracic Surgery SUNY Upstate Medical University Crozer-Chester Medical Center University of Vermont University of Texas - San Antonio Syracuse, NY Chester. PA Burlington, VT Transitional Year at Crozer Medical San Antonio, TX Ekene Ajufo Brittany Atidley Center in Chester, PA Alissa Cerny Pediatrics Pediatrics Pediatrics Cooper University Hospital North Shore-UJ Health System Megan Burke Johns Hopkins Hospital Camden, NJ New I Iyde Park, NY Internal Medicine University of Pennsylvania Baltimore. MD Heidar Albandar Ashley Balentine Philadelphia. PA Chrissy Chan Internal Medicine Anesthesiology Emergency Medicine Wright State University University of Southern California Christopher Buros Maimonides Medical Center Dayton. OH I .os Angeles, CA Diagnostic Radiology University of Pittsburgh Brooklyn. NY Megan Algeo Aaron Balinski Pittsburgh. PA Andrew Chansky Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Transitional Year at Allegheny Ceneral Psychiatry Temple University 1 lospital Naval Medical Center Hospital in Pittsburgh. PA University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA San Diego. CA John Cagino Philadelphia. PA Robert Ames I.ior Benjamin Anesthesiology Alexandra Charos Orthopaedic Surgery Anesthesiology Albany Medical Center Pediatrics Temple University Hospital Temple University Hospital Albany, NY North Shore-LIJ Health System Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Christopher Caputo New Hyde Park. NY Jillian Angelo Robert Betancourt Surgery Adaeze Chikwem Surgery Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Diagnostic Radiology Harbor-UCLA Medical Center University of Arizona Philadelphia, PA Temple University Hospital Los Angeles. CA Tucson. AZ Philadelphia. PA Surgery Prelim Year at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. PA 74 " Temple University School of Medicine Manprcct Chohan Anesthesiology University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Brian Cohagan Emergency Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Jaclyn Davolos Obstetrics and Gynecology St. Lukes Health Network Bethlehem. PA Priya Duggal Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Grace Choi Internal Medicine UCSF - Fresno Fresno, CA Marissa Cohen Emergency Medicine St. Luke’s Health Network Bethlehem. PA I.ui . I)e Souza Neurology University of South Florida Tampa, FL lason Duran Internal Medicine UCSD Medical Center San Diego. CA Stephanie Chow Obstetrics and Gynecology Kaiser Permanente • Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA Casey Coleman Pediatrics Jefferson - duPont Children’s Wilmington, DE Molly Dcak Pediatrics Jefferson - duPont Children’s Wilmington, DE Sara Filing Obstetrics and Gynecology Madigan Army Medical Center Tacoma, WA Timothy Chow Pediatrics University of Texas - Dallas Dallas, TX Renee Coleman Anesthesiology Penn State University 1 iershey, PA Megan Delp Pediatrics Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH Stephen Ellison Anesthesiology-Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC I .aura Cifrese Neurology Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA Sarah Colihan Obstetrics and Gynecology Albany Medical Center Albany, NY Stephanie Dong Psychiatry University of Southern California Los Angeles. CA Ross England Internal Medicine Pediatrics Brigham Women’s Boston Children’s Boston. MA Michelle Clark Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital Philadelphia, PA Molly Cutright Emergency Medicine SUNY Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn. NY Michael Drapala Internal Medicine Brown University - RI Hospital Providence, RI Mark Fegley Family Medicine St. Luke’s Health Network Bethlehem. PA Camille Clefton Family Medicine Kaiser Permanente - Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Rori Dajao Obstetrics and Gynecology Cooper University Hospital Camden, NJ Ornclla Dubaz Neurology Northwestern University Chicago, 11. Jorge Feria Pediatrics Penn State University I Iershey. PA 2015 Skull —75Stuti Fernandes Ariel Gclman Internal Medicine Ophthalmology Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Tripler Army Medical Center Ix)s Angeles, CA Honolulu, HI Lena Gottesman Jason Halpern Pediatrics Diagnostic Radiology Albert Einstein - Montefiore Brown University - RI Hospital Bronx, NY Providence, RI Joshua Fleetman Lindsey Gerngross Patricia Green Carrie Hamilton Family Medicine Radiation-Oncology Pediatrics Internal Medicine Penn State University Johns Hopkins Hospital Weill Cornell - NY Presbyterian University of Virginia Hershey, PA Baltimore, MD Transitional Year at Crozer Medical NewYork. NY Charlottesville, VA Simonne Francis Center in Chester. PA Ethan Greenberg Steven Han Physical Medicine and Rehab Ophthalmology Diag 1 Interventional Radiology University of North Carolina Emmanuel Ghormoz University of Minnesota University of Michigan Chapel Hill, NC Internal Medicine Minneapolis, MN Ann Arbor. Ml Albert Einstein - Montefiore Transitional Year at Crozer Medical Transitional Year at St. Luke's Health Prashant Gabani Radiation-Oncology Bronx, NY Center in Chester. PA Neltvork in Bethlehem. PA Barnes-Jevvish Hospital Victoria Gilbert Moshe Dov Grossman Seneca Harberger St. Louis, MO Surgery Diagnostic Radiology Family Medicine Transitional Year at UPMC-Shadyside Icahn - Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Pennsylvania Hospital University of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh. PA New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Medicine Prelim Year at Einstein Philadelphia, PA Rupen Garg Anna Gilman Medical (Center in Philadelphia. PA Nitish Harid Radiation-Oncology Anesthesiology Neurology UC Imne Medical Center Yale University Erica Gundermann University of Maryland Orange. CA Transitional Year at Uhigh Valley New Haven, CT Emergency Medicine University of Pittsburgh Baltimore, MD Hospital in Allentown. PA David Gish Diagnostic Radiology Pittsburgh. PA Andrew Harrison Internal Medicine Sarah Gearhart University of Virginia Brendan Hagerty Morristown Memorial 1 lospital Pediatrics Charlottesville, VA Surgery- Morristown. NJ Jefferson - duPont Children’s Transitional Year at Reading Hospital Allegheny General Hospital Wilmington, DE in Reading. PA Pittsburgh. PA Robert Hartley Internal Medicine University of Utah Salt Lake City. UT 76 Temple University School of MedicineAnna Hegge Obstetrics and Gynecology Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Julie Wood burn Hein Obstetrics and Gynecology UCLA Medical Center I-OS Angeles. CA Tiara Heisey James Family Medicine iimeaster General Hospital Lancaster, PA Adrianna Hitchins Psychiatry University of Kentucky Lexington. KY Amber Horner Family Medicine University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Dina llussam Internal Medicine Christiana Care Health System Newark. DE Kara Huston Emergency Medicine Cooper University Hospital Camden, NJ Ola Ibekwe Internal Medicine Cooper University Hospital Camden, NJ Margaret Ivanov Internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia. PA Lea Jancic Anesthesiology and Critical Care Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore. MD Transitional Year at St. Luke's Health Network in Bethlehem, PA Jennifer Jang Internal Medicine Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Sylmar, CA Ying Jenny Jiang Ophthalmology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Transitional Year at Crozer Merlical Center in Chester, PA Katherine Jones Pediatrics Walter Reed Military Medical Center Bethesda, MD Yash Joslii Psychiatry UCSD Medical Center San Diego, CA Nicholas Julius Emergency Medicine Penn State University Hershey, PA Jackly Juprasert Surgery Weill Cornell - NY Presbyterian New York. NY Rishi Kalwani Emergency Medicine Drexel University Philadelphia. PA Kathryn Kean Pediatrics Rutgers - RWJ Medical School New Brunswick, NJ Kristin Kean Obstetrics and Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Taryn Kilmer l’ediatrics UCIA Medical Center Los Angeles. CA Jonah Klein Surgery I.ankenau Medical Center Wynnewood. PA Lara Kobrin Family Medicine Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, | A Samuel Kolman Internal Medicine Icahn - Mt. Sinai Beth Israel New York. NY Priya Kothapalli Internal Medicine I louston Methodist Hospital Houston, TX Akaash Kumar Anesthesiology University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Alex Lambi Surgery Temple University I Iospital Philadelphia, PA Jennifer Lawrence Family Medicine Bryn Mawr I Iospital Bryn Mawr. PA 2015 Skull —77 Edwin Layng Casey Ling Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine St. Luke's Health Network Temple University Hospital Bethlehem. PA Philadelphia, PA Kelly I evis Abram Lishansky Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Staten Island University Hospital Icahn - Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Staten Island. NY New York, NY Natalia Levytska Megan Lowery Internal Medicine Internal Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago Jackson Memorial Hospital Chicago. IL Miami. FL Stephanie Li Anika Lucas Physical Medicine and Rehab Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital University of Connecticut Philadelphia. PA Hartford. CT Transitional Year at Mercy Medical Center in Philadelijhia. PA Tennyson Lynch Orthopaedic Surgery Chlen-Fu Lin St. Mary’s Medical Center Internal Medicine San Francisco, CA Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Adam Lyons Family Medicine Yendi Linares University of Pennsylvania Pediatrics Philadelphia. PA Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Los Angeles. CA David Mann Neurological Surgery University of Colorado Denver Denver. CO 78 '-Temple University School of Medicine Jason Mannion T. Conor McKee Internal Medicine Diagnostic Radiology Oregon Health and Science University Thomas Jefferson University Portland. OR I’hiladelphia. PA Transitional Year at Crozer Medical Ariel Marks Center in Chester. PA Neurology Boston University Medical Center Kevin McKim Boston. MA Pediatrics North Shore-LIJ Health System Kathleen Marulanda New Hvde Park, NY Surgery University of North Carolina Matthew McMullan Chapel Hill. NC Emergency Medicine Cooper University Hospital Joseph (Jay) Mat . Camden. NJ Ophthalmology Temple University Hospital Kevin McVeigh Philadelphia. PA Anesthesiology Medicine Prelim Year at Abington Penn State University Memorial Hospital in Abington. PA Hershey, PA Ann McCarthy Daniel Mecoz i Child Neurology Pediatrics Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Stanford University Philadelphia. PA Palo Alio. CA Justin McCloskey Sumaya Mekkaoui Diagnostic Radiology Emergency Medicine University of Pittsburgh Cooper University Hospital Pittsburgh. PA Camden. NJ Medicine Prelim Year at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. PA Nicholas Mollanazar Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PAAnca Pelinescu Internal Medicine Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Ryan Platzbecker Internal Medicine Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk, VA Eric Quach Neurological Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA I tura Rainirez-Caban Obstetrics and Gynecology Emory University Atlanta, GA Emily Reeves Pediatrics University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Zachary Reichenbach Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA |ohn Richards Orthopaedic Surgery Walter Reed Military Medical Center Bethesda, MD Jenny Mosier Pediatrics University of Rochester Rochester, NY Sean Moss Internal Medicine Temple University I lospital Philadelphia, PA Meghan Musselman Psychiatry Massachusetts General 1 lospital Boston. MA Vincent Nguyen Neurological Surgery University of Tennessee Memphis, TN Raman Nohria Family Medicine Lawrence Family Health Center Lawrence, MA Zachary Norman Neurolog)’ UCLA Medical Center I.os Angeles, CA Medicine Prelim Year at Olive View-UCI.A Medical Ceriler in Syhnar, CA Cristina Novak Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Morgan Oakland Emergency Medicine Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA Oluwafunmike Ojewoye Family Medicine Bronx-l banon I lospital Center Bronx, NY Laura Onderko Internal Medicine Pediatrics Maine Medical Center Portland. ME |i Eun (June) Park Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Sumil Patel Emergency Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Dilan Patel Emergency Medicine Drexel University Philadelphia. PA Nathan Peffer Urology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA 2015 Skull — 79 Kaitlin Rinaldo Obstetrics and Gynecology Abington Memorial I lospital Abington, PA Cayce Roach Emergency Medicine York Hospital York. PA Nathaniel Robertson Surgery Temple University I lospital Philadelphia. PA Richard Ronca Neurolog)' Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami. FL Scott Rudkin Diagnostic Radiolog)’ Allegheny General I lospital Pittsburgh, PA Surgery Prelim Year at Brown University in Providence. HI Faisal Saced Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore. MDKathryn Schlatter Courtney Souza Raheela Sultan Julia Tolentino Internal Medicine Pediatrics Psychiatry Surgery University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Case Western Reserve University University of Maryland St. Dike's Health Network Cleveland. OH Baltimore, MD Bethlehem, PA Daniel Selig Brian Sprandio Derek Sundermann Nhut Tran o Internal Medicine Family Medicine Anesthesiology Psychiatry Walter Reed Military Medical Center Bryn Mam 1 lospital University of Pennsylvania SUNY Downstate Medical Centei Bethesda, MD Bryn Mawr, PA Philadelphia. PA Medicine Prelim Year at Drexel Brooklyn, NY Cori Shollenhergcr James Squadrito University in Pliiltulelphia. PA Jennifer Trosko Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Medicine Pediatrics Penn State University Temple University Hospital Shane Sweeney Jefferson - duPont Children’s 1 lershey. PA Philadelphia, PA Pathology Walter Reed Military Medical Center Wilmington. DE Daniel Shpilskv Timothy Steinhott Bethesda, MD Dawnette Urcuyo Internal Medicine Psychiatry-Neurology Internal Medicine University of Pittsburgh Brown University - RI Hospital John Tierney Cooper University Hospital Pittsburgh. PA Providence, RI Surgery Rush University Medical Center Camden, NJ Jason Shpilsky Ashley Sterchele Chicago, IL Jeffrey Uribe Internal Medicine Psychiatry Emergency Medicine Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Icahn - Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Richard Tilton Lincoln Medical Center Boston. MA New York. NY Otolaryngology University of Iowa Bronx, NY Angela Silverman Yuan Stevenson Iowa City. IA Benjamin Wagner Family Medicine Surgery Orthopaedic Surgery Thomas Jefferson University Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital Bridget Tobin Geisinger Health System Philadelphia. PA Sayre. PA Obstetrics and Gynecology Western Pennsylvania Hospital Danville, PA Sarah Sodhi James Stoner Pittsburgh, PA Jessica Wagner Emergency Medicine Diagnostic Radiology Obstetrics and Gynecology Cooper University Hospital University of Maryland Steven Tobochnik Ohio State University Camden, NJ Baltimore, MD Transitional Year at St. Luke's Health Network in Bethlehem. PA Neurology Columbia - NY Presbyterian New York. NY Columbus. OH 8o Temple University School of MedicineMingfeiWang Anesthesiology University of Maryland Baltimore. MD Zi Wang Neurology Yale University New Haven, CT Sean Wessel Internal Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL Brian Weston Diagnostic Radiology UCLA Medical Center 1-os Angeles, ('A Transitional Year at Crozer Medical Center in Chester, PA Chia Winchester Anesthesiology Emory University Atlanta, GA Medicine Prelim Year at Cooper University Hospital in Camden. NJ Nina Wylonis Psychiatry University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA XiXue Diagnostic Radiology New York University New York. NY Transitional Year at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Im Angeles. CA Janice Yackoski Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Melissa Yacur Internal Medicine Penn State University Hershey. PA Michael Yang Neurology Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH TarikYuce Surgery Northwestern University Chicago. IL Matthew Zuber Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 2015 Skull — 8lr SeniorSuperlatives15 V____________ '• ' '- '"-I Best Hug Chris Capuco, Casey Ling First to Laugh Laura Ramirez, Andrew Harrison The Next Dr Leo Spaceman Ryan Plarzbecker Most Likely to do Street Magic Abe Lishansky, Stephanie Chow Most Likely to be a Temple Lifer Sumaya Mckkaoui, Heidar Albandar Cutest Couple Michelle Clark James Squadrito Best Kaiser Mustache Potential Nate Robertson Most Likely to Testify in Court Nina Wylonis, Andrew Chansky 82 -Temple University School of Medicine SeniorSuperlatives 15 Most Likely to Host an NPR Segment Anna Gilman, Ariel Marks Most Likely to Pimp Prashant Gabani, Bridget Tobin Most Likely to Wield Power Tomi Sodckc, Nick Mollanazar Under the Radar Carrie Hamilton, Ari Gelman (not pictured) Most Likely to Lead a Cult Ncls Carroll, Chia Winchester Always Nice to See Them Julia Tolentino, Zi Wang Most Likely to Bake Staff Birthday Cakes Jason Mannion, Emily Reeves Not Pictured: (ie, picture even blurrier than the ones we did include...) Next Nobel Prize Winners Alex Charos, Steven Tobochnik Sexiest Legs Eric Quacli 2015 Skull —83Cu ssof2015: Megan Algeo, Megan F. Burke. Christopher M. Buros, Christopher Caputo, Alissa Cerny.Timothy Chow. Ornella Dubaz, Ross England, Prashant Gabani, Lindsey Gerngross, Carrie Hamilton, Seneca Harberger, Julie Hein, Margaret Ivanov. Lea Jancic, Ying Jiang. Alex Lambi, Chien-Fu Lin, David Mann. Jason Mannion, Meghan Musselman, Zachary Norman, John Richards, Kevin Shaigany, Daniel Shpilsky, Jason Shpilsky. Francis James Squadrito, Shane Sweeney. Steven Tobochnik, Zi Wang. Brian Weston. Xi Xue, Melissa Yacur, TarikYuce. Matthew Zuber Gass of 2016: Michael John Bashline, John Freiling Jessica Jackson, Rachel Kyper GOLD HUMANISM HONOR SOCIETY Megan Algeo Nels Carroll Andrew Chansky Stephanie Chow Timothy Chow Ornella Dubaz Victoria Gilbert David Gish Patricia Green Ethan Greenberg Seneca Harberger Janice Harlow Yackoski Nicholas Julius Rishi Kalwani Kristin Kean I.ara Kobrin Casey Ling Anika Lucas Tennyson Lynch David Mann Jason Mannion Ariel Marks Joseph Matz Justin McCloskey Sean Moss Raman Nohria Cristina Novak Morgan Oakland Dilan Patel Sumit Patel Nathan Peffer Laura Ramirez Emily Reeves Sarab Sodhi Courtney Souza Yuan Stevenson Julia Tolentino NhutTran Ben Wagner Jessica Wagner Cilia-Lin Winchester NinaWylonis Tarik Yuce Matthew Zuber 84 —“Temple University School of MedicineA TRIBUTE TO OUR FORMER CLASSMATES The following students started with us in 2011, and we wish them all the best as they complete their various academic endeavors! Jonathan Brigham S. George Mastrogiannis Constantine Troupes Radikha Chandramouli Kaitlyn Musco Lucas Tsikitas Lindsey Colman Shan Parikh Luis Vera John Ellis Peter Sauerhoff Mary Volk Yvonne Fetterman Karson Schmidt Jay Wang Bryan Harris Andrew Sekhon Melissa Wasilewski Rochanne Johnson Arman Serebrakian Lilly Yi Olabusayo Lola Kilo Eric Stanshine Edwin Yoo Lauren King Martin Lindenberger Jennifer Trinh RaviTripathi We Miss You!! IN MEMORIUM On March 19,2015 the Temple University School of Medicine community t ragically lost one of our dearest classmates, Ryan McCormick. Me was completing his third year at the Geisinger Clinical Campus after starting with the Class of 2015 and taking a year off to do research at the Temple Cardiovascular Research Center. Friend and member of the Class of 2015, Megan Lowery, writes: Ryan was a beloved son and friend. He was a passionate student and thinker who valued logic, reason and medical science. A man of broad interests, Ryan was a successful student researcher with Cardiovascular Medicine and a member of the Honor Board, but he loved to use his knowledge and skills to help his friends. He could be counted on to help fix a computer, think through a personal conflict or sit down and review Biochemistry - though no study session was complete without his favorite ice cream (vanilla with a pile of fresh fruit!) and nice Margherita Pizza. He was loved for his wry, slightly sarcastic wit and for encouraging his friends in all their endeavors. When you struggled, you could always rely on Ryan to listen and be honest without being cruel or harsh. He always teased his friends out of love and brought smiles to even the most serious faces with pop culture references - often forcing the more naive among us to use “Urban Dictionary." 2015 Skull— 85 His presence - with his smile and chuckle-laugh - will be forever missed.ENGAGEMENTS, WEDDINGS AND BABIES! Luiz de Souza and Anna Petracca Engaged on October 12, 2013 Carolyn Cardaropoli and Kevin Murphy Engaged on December 14, 2013 Sumit Patel and Annie Behari Engaged on June 26, 2014 Conor McKee and Rae Lilley Married on May 26, 2013 Steven Tobochnik and Ellie Pavlick Ross England and Jennie Landis Married on October 12, 2013 Married on July 6, 2012 86 Temple University School of MedicineJaclyn Hopkins and James Davolos, Jr. Married on October 13, 2012 Julie Woodburn and Chris Hein Married on May 10, 2014 Carrie Rothermel and Jeffrey Hamilton Married on August 9, 2014 Emma Faith Chow Born on July 20, 2014 Alex Tobin Born on September 30, 2011 Henry England Born on July 21, 2014 Gavin Fleetman Born on May 8, 2013 James Marshall Davolos, 111 Born on September 18, 2014 2015 Skull —8788 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull — 89TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE CLASS OF 2015 90 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —91CONGRATULATIONS FROM OUR t fo)- DEANS To the Class of 2015: Four years ago, when you were very eager and brand-new at Temple University School of Medicine, we promised to provide you with a first-class medical education, to imbue you with the knowledge and skills commensurate with the MD degree. You worked very hard these past four years. You absorbed tomes of concepts. You practiced dozens of techniques. Yet no matter how diligently you studied and rehearsed, your faculty—and especially your patients—seemed to want something more. In time, it came to you. What is being asked of you has been there, inside you, all along: your humanity and compassion, your innate desire to make a difference in the world. Patients assume you are a competent physician. But they need to know that you care. And isn’t caring what called you to medicine in the first place? Your faculty and I wish you all the best as you leave us. It has been a privilege to watch you develop and grow as professionals. As we congratulate you on your accomplishment, we encourage you to keep cultivating what calls to you from that very deep core. It will serve you well in ever}' phase and chapter of your career. With all our best, Larry R. Kaiser, MD, FACS Senior Executive Vice President for Health Sciences, Temple University Dean Professor of Surgery. Temple University School of Medicine President CEO, Temple University Health System 92 Temple University School of MedicineDear Class of 2015: It is probably hard to believe that your four year journey through medical school is over and within a few short weeks you will begin residencies at hospitals across the country. As you go forth from Temple I would give you three things to remember. First, your time at Temple has provided you with outstanding clinical skills. I am confident that you will use these skills wisely in the treatment of your patients and to support the efforts of your colleagues. Second, medicine today is ever changing. Discoveries in areas that span human genetics, innovative devices, and novel treatment strategies will change the way you practice- even during the short time of residency. I know that you will continue to use the learning skills that you demonstrated so aptly here at Temple to maintain the knowledge base that is necessary to provide the best possible care for your patients. And finally, you are now a member of the Temple family. You join a large and supportive group of Temple alums who share the common culture of outstanding care and service to the community. I am confident that you will become ambassadors for Temple, sharing our commitment to excellence in patient care with students and colleagues. You should each be proud of the fact that you have completed an arduous journey, but I urge you to be cognizant of the fact that the practice of medicine is a lifelong journey of continuing education and professional growth. You now join a profession that dates back to the earliest times in the history of man and one that is unparalleled in the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes from caring for another human being. I wish you much success and fulfillment as you embark on the next leg of your life’s journey. With best regards, 2015 Skull 93 Arthur M. Feldman, MD, PhD Executive Dean Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine Chief Academic Officer, Temple University Health SystemCONGRATULATIONS FROM OUR CLASS PRESIDENT txfo)- What have the past four years meant? They are etched into our history and cannot be re-written. Each of us journeyed to Temple with uniquely individual backgrounds. We first came together during orientation week in August of 2011. Dr. Schnecks legacy was still a myth. The magnitude of STEP exams was unknown. The awkwardness of patient encounters was still a frightening endeavor. DiIan’s accent was still concretely British. How we have grown! Heading into residency we have each experienced a transformation. The knowledge and skills picked up from our dedicated faculty here at Temple distinguish us from other young professionals. Four (plus) years wholeheartedly spent investing time, money, and emotion, while having our patience regularly tested, has brought us to the brink of graduation. But, will we ever really graduate? Will we ever really be “done?” I think everyone agrees a true graduation will never come. Others may begin calling us “doctors,” but we will always be students—students with a perpetual responsibility to learn. Our classroom will continue to change. Though many of us may never physically step back into MERB, none of us will ever fully leave. Moving forward, our legacies will continue to interweave, gaining strength through new connections. Having learned together the foundations of the art of medicine, as the Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2015 we share a bond that cannot be broken. Many questions swirl around the future of healthcare, but none of us should be scared. None of us should be fazed. We are in a fantastic position to look ahead with unwavering excitement because we know that we have achieved this momentous accomplishment together. Congratulations Class of 2015! Best Wishes, Andrew Chansky and Laura Ramirez 94 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —95Ocala, Florida University of Florida Applied Physiology Kinesiology w Specialization In Exercise Science Ekene Evelyn Ajufo, M.D. It has been a crazy road full of ups and downs but I'm incredibly grateful for the people who have been there to help me along the way! I hope to continue to make my friends and family proud in the years to come. 96 Temple University School of MedicineOslo, Norway Temple University Biochemistry Heidar Jasim Albandar, M.D. In my journey from Norway to Pennsylvania. I've had much to be grateful for. I’d like to start by praising and thanking my creator for allowing me to arrive at the point that I am today. All of my accomplishments and positive qualities are derived from the One that continues to sustain and renew me. Secondly, my parents have had a unique role in my life, helping foment my development and have supported me on every step of the way. Thank you and I love you dearly. One does not go far without the simultaneous bickering yet encouragement provided in the form of brotherly love. Thank you Hazem, Josef, and Zacky: you are the thorns and fragments of delightful perfume that adorn the most unusual flower one could ever come across. Lastly, my friends (in essence, second family) have been a great source of support, contentment, and relief. Some of you have helped make my own education a reality from measures as seemingly small as words of advice to different measures such as financial support. Suffice it to say that you are the bedrock that anchored my journey; that is reason enough to be thankful for an eternity. 2015 Skull— 97Telford, Pennsylvania Brown University B.A. Biology Megan Algeo, M.D. 98 Temple University School of MedicineDallas, Texas Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Sociology Robert Joseph Ames, M.D.________________________________ To my beautiful and amazing wife Sara, Everything I've accomplished I owe to you. Thank you for your constant love and support. Your passion for life and dedication to our family continue to amaze me every day. And to our awesome kiddos Elijah Harper. Watching you grow and flourish is the absolute greatest joy of my life. I love you both more than words can express. 2015 Skull —99Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University B.S. Biochemistry ____________________________Nooshin Asadpour, M.D. "I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights...I've learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as making a “life.” I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance. I've learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands: you need to be able to throw something back. I’ve learned that whenever 1 decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision. I've learned that even when I have pains, 1 don't have to be one. I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug. or just a friendly pat on the back. I've learned that I still have a lot to learn. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou 100 Temple University School of MedicineEast Setauket, New York Stony Brook University, The State University of New York B.S. Biology with a specialization Neurobiology 2015 Skull —101White Plains, Maryland Hampton University B.S. Chemistry ______________________________Ashley S. Balentine, M.D. To my family: THANK YOU! I cannot say it enough, nor can I repay you guys for being the sole reason I am here today fulfilling my dreams. I just hope to continue to make you proud and serve the name. HOOAH! To my friends: We made it! Thanks for the amazing times and great memories! Good luck! To my love: You were the one person that was literally always there. Simply put. I could not have done this without your continuous love and huge support emotionally, mentally, and physically'! I love you! And just to share a few words that have directed my path in this demanding yet rewarding profession: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou Wishing the best to all! 102 -Temple University School of Medicine-iSi. Enfield, Connecticut Boston College Chemistry Carolyn Cardaropoli, M.D. I want to thank all my family and friends for the love and support 1 have received over the past four years. 1 couldn't have done this without all of your help and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next chapter. Congratulations to the Class of 2015! 2015 Skull 103Spokane, Washington University of Washington B.S. Biology ___________________________Nets Davis Carroll, M.D. A huge thank you to my family: Dad, Mom. and Laurel. Without all your support, encouragement and guidance I certainly would not have made it this far or have this amazing opportunity to practice medicine. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." - Dalai Lama 104 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —105Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always." - Hippocrates Chrissy H. Chan, M.D. Brooklyn, New York University at Buffalo B.A. Asian Studies, B.S. Biomedical Sciences 106 Temple University School of MedicineBryn Mawr, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Science Andrew Abbuhl Chansky, M.D._____________________________________ Applying to medical school, I remember this theme of “lifelong learning”. I understand this concept as truly important to becoming a great physician. However, this commitment to academics isn't a task I can do alone. For me, education at the sacrifice of life is misery. Without my family and friends, I am certain 1 would not have made it through med school. There aren’t words to accurately portray my gratitude toward the people closest to me. My family has been supportive in every imaginable way. My friends, new and old, have been there with comfort, distractions, fun, intellect, relaxation, dinner, whatever, when 1 needed it most. When I reminisce on my days at Temple, I want to read these words and remind myself to constantly say. and show, "thanks" to these people who have engaged me, and eased my travels. My love for you is unconditional. And I look forward to returning that love, and cultivating our relationship for many years to come. Cheers, Andrew A. Chansky 2015 Skull —107Singapore Lehigh University B.S. Physics ________________________________Timothy Chow, M.D. I’d like to thank my wife, Jenny, I couldn't have made it without your support and encouragement. I love you sweet girl. Psalm 63: 1-4 O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water. So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and glory. Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you. So 1 will bless you as long as I live; in your name I will lift up my hands. io 8 Temple University School of MedicineReading, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Neuroscience Laura Cifrese, M.D. Thank you to my amazing friends and family for your unconditional love and support. 1 really would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of you! Congratulations to the class of 2015! 2015 Skull — 109Levittown, Pennsylvania University of Maryland B.S. Microbiology ______________________Michelle Marie Clark, M.D. To my family for their unconditional love and support, and to Temple for bringing to me a best friend and partner for life- thank you. 110 Temple University School of MedicineFolsom, California UC San Diego Environmental Systems: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Camille Lynnae Clefton, M.D.______________________________ I am beyond grateful to those I love for their unyielding support and encouragement, thank you, thank you. thank you. “Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to earn' the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love die world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its horror.”-A.Boyd 2015 Skull—illYork, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Biology ___________________Brian James Cohagan, M.D. Thank you to all my family and friends for your love and support these past four years! I could not have done it without you. Congratulations class of 2015! 112 ■—Temple University School of MedicineEast Hills, New York Miami University Zoology Marissa Shannon Cohen, M.D.______________________ "I am happy in my prison of passion." -Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray "I want it that way" -Backstreet Boys 2015 Skull—113Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Georgetown University B.S. Health Care Management Policy ________________________Renee L. Coleman, M.D. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all of my family and friends who have supported me to this point. Each of you has contributed to my success in a profound and unique way, and my life would not be what it is without you in it. Every word of encouragement, every hug, every call, every text - thank you for all of the love over the years. All of it has helped me achieve this lifelong goal of becoming a physician. THANK YOU! 114 "—Temple University School of MedicinePortsmouth, Virginia University of Virginia B.S. Architecture Massachusetts Institute of Technology M.Arch Rori Dajao, M.D., M.Arch________________ This would have been impossible without these people. 2015 Skull —115Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of New England B.S. Biochemistry and Medical Biology _________________________Jaclyn M. Davolos, M.D. People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway. If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Honesty and frankness will make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway. The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds. Think big anyway. People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs. Fight for the underdogs anyway. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway. People really need help but may attack you if you help them. Help people anyway. Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway. -Kent M. Keith, The Paradoxical Commandments To my husband, parents, family, and friends who continually help me to give my best -1 am eternally grateful for your unconditional love and support. 116 —Temple University School of MedicineFramingham, Massachusetts University of Miami B.A. Biology Luiz Felipe de Souza, M.D._________________________________ I would like to thank my parents for the amazing support they have given me from the beginning, my beautiful fiancee, who patiently helped me through countless sleepless nights of studying, my sister and her husband. who opened their home to me during an amazing rotation in Brazil. my friends, who kept me sane, and Temple University, for giving me the opportunity to realize my dream. 2015 Skull- 117Newtown Square, Pennsylvania University of Notre Dame du Lac B.S. Physics Molly Peak, M.D. Thank you to the faculty and staff ofTUSM for your support and flexibility over the last 5 years. Dad. thank you for encouraging me to pursue my dreams, regardless of their feasibility. Mom, thank you for the endless love and childcare, including 3 years of letting my wild family live with you. Alex, you have made me the luckiest. I couldn't imagine a more selfless husband and father. You are an excellent physician and amazing man. Mary and Lucy, you are truly my proudest accomplishments of the last 4 years. I love being your mom. 118 -—Temple University School of MedicineFreeport, New York Yale University History of Science, History of Medicine Michael Drapala, M.D. Thank you. Lauren. I couldn't have done any of this without you. 2015 Skull 119Riverside, Connecticut University of Michigan B.A. History of Art ____________________________ Qrnella M. Dubaz, M.D. Thank you Mamma, Papa, Marcello, Sofia, Jeff, and all of my family and friends for supporting me throughout this adventure! "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” - Antoine de Saint-Hxupdry, Le Petit Prince 120 —Temple University School of MedicineSyosset, New York Stony Brook University B.A. Anthropology Priya B. Duggal, M.D.______________________________ To my amazing family and friends who have supported me these past 4 years when times got hard and when times were fun. thank you!! Special shout out to Mama Duggal for always being my rock and support system! P.S. I love you A_ 2015 Skull— 121■V Maple Grove, Minnesota Boston College B.S. Biology Jason M. Duran, M.D., Ph.D. 122 Temple University School of MedicineRaleigh, North Carolina University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill B.S. Chemistry Stephen Patrick Ellison, M.D., Ph.D. To my family and friends: You have and always will be the most important part of my life. Each of you has been there for me time and time again on this VERY long journey. Your unwavering love and support through good times and bad has given me the strength to achieve my dreams. Without you I would have been lost. Words cannot convey how lucky I am to have you in my life and just how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I love you all! To Mom: You are the strongest, most beautiful, most loving woman I have ever known. Thank you for always fighting for me. I love you so much! To Dad: You truly are the greatest father anyone could imagine. Hopefully someday 1 can achieve my greatest success of walking in your footsteps by becoming the kind of father you have always been to me. Thank you for everything. I love you! SIBBIES 4 LIFE!!!! “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." 2015 Skull -123Oxford, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Biology i ________________Ross Nevin England, M.D., Ph.D. It has been an honor and a privilege to spend the past seven years at Temple University School of Medicine. I am grateful to everyone who made it possible for me to graduate from the MD PhD program. I thank Dr. Michael Autieri, my thesis advisor, for his constant guidance in the completion of my doctoral dissertation. I thank my fellow lab members, past and present, Sheri Kelemen. Khatuna Gabunia, Stephen Ellison, James Richards, Laura Sommerville, Tony Cuneo, and Alex Miecyjak for their help and friendship. I thank Dr. Dianne Soprano and the MD PhD program for seven years of guidance and academic support. I thank my family for their love and support. I thank my wife, Jennie, for her love and encouragement. “What the future has in store for me, I cannot tell—you cannot tell. Nor do I care much, so long as I carry with me, as I shall, the memory of the past you have given me. Nothing can take that away.” -Sir William Osier 124 Temple University School of MedicinePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University B.A. Molecular Biology Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Erinle, M.D., M.P.H. I am a tree planted by the streams of water and I yield fruit in season and my leaves do not wither. Whatever I do prospers. Psalm 1:3-4 It is my season! I give all glory and honor to almighty God for this journey so far. Without His guidance, I would not be who I am today. To my Mummy and Daddy! Thank you for showering me with the love, prayers and encouragement I needed to make it through this journey. Words cannot express the depths of my gratitude. I love you both. TomyEgbons:Eseunpupopupo!Youarean unwaveringsource of support that I can always count on anytime. To my one and only Buttercup, thank you for keeping me grounded and true to myself. To my New Mexico family, we did it! Thanks for all the support and encouragement! You rock! To my wonderful families and friends near and far: I love you all. Congratulations to the Class of 2015! We did it. Now let's show the world how it’s done! 2015 Skull —125North Wales, Pennsylvania Syracuse University B.S. Biochemistry and Economics University of Pennsylvania M.S. Chemistry ______________Mark William Fegley, M.D., M.S. Medical school has been an amazing four year journey and I owe many individuals a debt of gratitude for helping me along the way: My wife, Whitney, thank you for all of your love, support and always being there for me. My parents, Bill and Jackie, thank you for your encouragement and financial assistance for my education through the years. All of my family and friends, a special thanks for your continued support. The St. Luke's community, thank you for all of your generous financial assistance and welcoming our class into the Lehigh Valley. And special thank you to Dr. Joel Rosenfeld, Dr. Florence Kimball and all of the Temple St. Luke's staff for all of your support and assistance. Congratulations to everyone and best of luck! 126 —Temple University School of MedicineMiami, Florida University of Miami 2015 Skull —127Lititz, Pennsylvania LeTourneau University B.S. Biology Joshua Paul Fleetman, M.D. •-------------------------------------------------- Thank you to friends and family who helped me survive these past four years, especially the last two. I appreciated all the help and caring during Gavin's birth and Heather's surgery. "You are what you do when it counts." - John Steakley 128 —Temple University School of MedicineSaint Louis, Missouri Illinois Wesleyan University B.A. Biology and Hispanic Studies Simonne C. Francis, M.D. To my Amazing Mom and Super Dad—Love you both so much! Thank-you for always being there with countless words of wisdom and love, shoulders to cry on, and formidable strength. Thank-you for this opportunity to further my career aspirations and for always pushing me past what I think my limits are. I am truly blessed to have the most wonderful parents as friends and confidantes, and I love you both dearly. Jenelle and Aaron—You both are truly going to change the world. We’re the Francis kids! until the very end. You keep me laughing and humble, and we’ll always have our Francis holiday fiascos to catch up. Much love! To my wonderful extended family—Thank-you all for your unending love and support. I really couldn’t have accomplished this goal without all of you, and I am so grateful for you. Thanks for all the late-niglu phone calls of encouragement and advice, and for reminding me that life exists outside of school. I love you and can't wait to see you soon! Anise, D, and Dr. Dragon—Hey dearies! You’re all going to be remarkable physicians and the world is so lucky to have you. Thanks for keeping me sane and for your extraordinary friendship. Stay fantabulous! 2015 Skull —129Prashant Gabani, M.D. "We look for medicine to be an orderly field of knowledge and procedure. But it isnot. It isan imperfect science, an enterpriseof constantly changing knowledge, uncertain information, fallible individuals, and at the same time lives on the line. There is science in what we do, yes. but also habit, intuition,andsometimesplainoldguessing.Thegapbetween what weknovv and what we aim for persists. And this gap complicates everything we do.” Atul Gawande, Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science 130 Temple University School of MedicineBaltimore, Maryland University of Pennsylvania B.A. International Health Sarah Elizabeth Gearhart, M.D. “Every intern makes mistakes. The important thing is neither to make the same mistakes twice nor to make a whole bunch of mistakes all at once." Samuel Shem. The House of God 2015 Skull —131Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania B.S.N. Lindsey Gerngross, M.D., Ph.D. To the Class of 2015- Congratulations! I feel honored to have spent the last seven years learning with you and, more importantly, from you. Like the mighty mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, you have been the main source of energy that has fueled my time at Temple. To my fiancd, Josh- like a permeable membrane, you are responsible for bringing all of the good into my life, and protecting me from die bad. To my family, especially my incredibly beautiful sister, Jillian- you are like the Cl (Atlas) and the Coccyx, supporting me from the beginning until the end. Sincerely, Lindsey. Actually, this is Lindsey s sister, Jillian. It’s 1:00am in Seattle and Lindsey isn’t home yet. She’s on an audition rotation and is still at the hospital finishing up consult notes. I received an urgent text that the deadline for this statement was approaching and dug deep into my non-existent medical knowledge to come to her rescue, like an antibiotic (for a bacterial, not viral, infection). Addendum: 1 saw and evaluated Jill’s statement. I agree with the sentiment but acknowledge several factual exceptions includi ng that a singular1"powerhouse" organelle is a mitochondrion. For real this time- Lindsey 3:30am 132 Temple University School of Medicine Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Bucknell University B.S. Biology Victoria Gilbert, M.D. ■■ . Four years flew by so fast! Special thanks to my family, my fiancg Mike, and all of my friends old and new who have been there for me during this time. I’m looking forward to what the next few years bring as a physician! 2015 Skull —133Newton, Massachusetts Barnard College B.A. Biological Sciences Anna Joelle Gilman, M.D. 134 Temple University School of MedicinePalmyra, Pennsylvania Eastern Mennonite University Biology David Samuel Gish, M.D. 2015 Skull 135Waterbury, Connecticut Cornell University Biological Sciences __________________________Patricia C. Green, M.D. I would like to thank my family for being a constant source of motivation and support from before I could even remember. To my friends from back home and undergrad: thank you for consistently sending encouraging words and positive energy my way. To my friends that I have gained along this medical school journey: thank you for making this trip a fun and memorable and for keeping me focused along the way. 1 wish you all the best as we move forward! 136 Temple University School of MedicineMinnetonka, Minnesota Cornell University B.A. Ethan Greenberg, M.D. Thank you to my family and friends for being supportive over these past years. It has been a long and exciting journey and I can't wait to see what the future may hold. 2015 Skull 137Hershey, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Biology i _______________________Erica Gundermann, M.D. "Everything is as it was. I discover when I reach my destination, and everything has changed." Michael Frayn. Thank you to my close friends and family for taking me through this journey and helping me to my destination. 138 Temple University School of Medicine Cresskill, New Jersey Lehigh University B.S. Pharmaceutical Chemistry M.S. Health and Biopharmaceutical Economics Steven Han, M.D. 2015 Skull 139140 Temple University School of MedicineOkemos, Michigan University of Michigan B.A. Emory University M.P.H. Anna Rachel Hegge, M.D., M.P.H. “Birth matters. It matters because it is the way we all begin our lives outside of our source, our mothers’ bodies. It’s the means through which we enter and feel our first impression of the wider world. For each mother, it is an event that shakes and shapes her to her innermost core. Women's perceptions about their bodies and their babies' capabilities will be deeply influenced by the care they receive around the time of birth." - Ina May Gaskin "Lets be clear here. Women are not an interest group. They’re mothers and daughters and sisters and wives. They’re half of this country. And they’re perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health.” - President Barack Obama 2015 Skull 141Toledo, Ohio Messiah College B.S. Biology ___________________Tiara M. Heisey James, M.D. Let the thankful heart sweep through the day and as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings! - Henry Ward Beecher. 142 Temple University School of MedicineAmber Michelle Horner, M.D. I want to thank my friends and family for all of their support over the years. It has been a tough journey but very rewarding. A special thank you to my husband, Joe- Thanks for putting up with all of my freak outs over tests, applications and life in general, I love you! Pottstown, Pennsylvania Lehigh University B.S. Biology 2015 Skull- 143Staten Island, New York Wagner College B.S. Chemistry __________________________________Dina Hussam, M.D. Here is to another chapter in my life drawing to a close. To the countless hours spent studying and all the patients that taught me more than any book ever could. To the fun times we had on the spring break cruise, our annual ski trips, stuffing our faces at my BBQs, that one time I was crazy enough to suggest paintballing, finally taking those salsa lessons and all of our other adventures in between. Most importantly, here is to my family and the friends that over the years have become family, who have been supporting me along this journey. Thank you for your encouragement during my times of struggle and thank you for being there to celebrate my achievements. This has been one amazing ride. Thanks for the memories! “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” - Ernest Hemingway 144 Temple University School of MedicineBelmont, Massachusetts Dartmouth College Psychology Ying Jenny Jiang, M.D.______________________________________ Thank you to everyone who has helped me become who 1 am today. To Mom, Dad, Carlo, and all my friends near and far. old and new - thank you for all your support in getting me here and in pushing me to where 1 will go. Congratulations Class of 2015! 2015 Skull—145Burlington, Kansas College of William and Mary B.S. Biology ____________Katherine Elizabeth Jones, M.D. "I was so scared, and I wanted to cry. But I didn’t!" - a 4 year old patient. Thank you to my wonderful family, friends, and husband for helping me to he brave for the last four years. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks. Mom and Dad. for always telling me I could be whatever 1 wanted to be. 146 Temple University School of MedicineMountain Top, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University Life Science Nicholas Julius, M.D.____________________________ I grew up on a small horse ranch in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, and have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I like long walks on the beach and am a man who is not afraid to cry. No, but seriously... like really long walks... I thank you, my family, for helping me along my journey of becoming a doctor. Mom. Dad. and Gram, thank you for being my greatest fans and always believing in me. Thank you, Debbie, for being my rock when times were hard - you have always been there for me. 1 am also grateful for having the greatest housemates of all time... I won’t mention any names here, but Kevin and Charlie know who they are. I will miss the days of Stone Soup and Carbots. Zi and Priya. I will never forget all the shenanigans we got ourselves into while in Philadelphia. I look forward to our next epic Chess match, Dr. Weezy - and yes, I am still keeping score. Now, onto bigger and better things! Congratulations Class of 2015! 2015 Skull 147Columbus, Ohio The Pennsylvania State University B.A. Communications-Advertising and Public Relations Kathryn Ellen Kean, M.D. 148 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull 149Fleetwood, Pennsylvania University of Maryland College Park B.A. Vocal Music Performance __________________________Alex G. Lambi, M.D., Ph.D "lam a part of all that I have met; yet all experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untraveled world, whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move.”-Alfred, I.ord Tennyson (1809-1892) Ulysses (1842) My successful completion of both the medical and graduate school endeavors would not have been possible without the contributions, tutelage, and guidance of many others along the way. I would like to thank my Ph.D. advisor. Dr. Steven Popoff, who taught me how to be a competent, independent scientist as well as a true academician. My most undying gratitude goes out to my family and close friends, the ones who lived through the inevitable emotional ups and downs of my graduate and medical education. They were a source of support whenever it was needed, whether in the form of a bike ride, a run, a chat, or a drink. Most of all, to my parents and sister, they are the reason for my work ethic, my pursuit of knowledge, and my desire to push myself to achieve success in any life endeavor. Fittingly, Tennyson’s Ulysses concludes with this line: “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." 150 Temple University School of MedicineSummit, New Jersey Williams College Chemistry Edwin T. Layng, M.D.__________________________________ To my family and friends: Thank you all for the love and support you've given me. I would not have made it this far without you. 2015 Skull —151Rose Valley, Pennsylvania University of Notre Dame Biochemistry and Philosophy e______________________Kelly Christine Levis, M.D. My family should receive MDs after the endless medical conversations they were kind enough to sit through. Thank you Mom. for taking me on walks the month before step 1. I would have been vitamin D deficient without you. I will never forget your birthday, when we celebrated two days later because of a huge exam. Dad, the nachos the night before the MCATs were amazing: I can still taste them. MaryGrace and Grandmom, you believed in me when I didn’t. Joanie, thanks for lending me your bed when I came home, and listening to gory details even though you were grossed out. I had to talk it out somehow. Monica, when you asked what my favorite fiber in the body was, and yours was the “pur-kin-genie fibers", and you were 5,1 knew I found the best little study-buddy and also America’s next top pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. Megan, somehow you got me excited about allergies, which almost makes up for the fact we could never have a dog growing up. Claire, thank you for every text of support on 2am calls when every organ was aching for sleep. Without all of your marvelous love I would be toast. 152 Temple University School of MedicineIvano-Frankivsk, Ukraine New York University B.A. Psychology Natalia Levytska, M.D. “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same” I would like to thank my family and friends for their unconditional love and encouragement throughout the last four years! I could have never done this without you! 2015 Skull — 153154 •“•Temple University School of MedicineWyomissing, Pennsylvania Bucknell University B.S. Biology Andrew S. Longenecker, M.D. To my future wife: Thanks for hanging in there with me. We made it! To my parents: Couldn't have asked for better parents and I certainly would not be where I am without your love and support. To everyone else (family and friends) who have supported me through the years, thank you. 2015 Skull —155_________________Megan Maureen Lowery, M.D. Thank you to my wonderful family and friends who have been with me through this journey! Especially, my greatest debt is to my parents who are always my rock to lean on and biggest cheering section. I could not have done it without your love and support! “Always remember to forget The things that made you sad. But never forget to remember The things that made you glad." -Irish proverb 156 Temple University School of MedicineBrooklyn, New York Wellesley College B.A. Anika M. Lucas, M.D.______________________________________________ If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. lames 1:5,6 Thank you God for helping me with this part of the journey. 1 would also like to thank my mom. grandmother, and amazing family friends for your prayers, support, and love. I am so grateful! 2015 Skull —157Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College B.A. ____________Joseph Aitken Matz (Jay), M.D. Thank you to my wonderful family! None of my accomplishments would be possible without you. 158 - Temple University School of MedicineGettysburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University-Abington T. Conor McKee, M.D. A big thank you to my family, friends and my wife for supporting, encouraging and inspiring me through the last four years! "But tomorrow may rain, so 1 11 follow the sun" -The Beatles 2015 Skull —159River Edge, New Jersey The College of New Jersey B.S. Biology ________________________________Kevin P. McVeigh, M.D. Medical school has been die most challenging, yet rewarding experience of my life. I am thankful for a supportive family who encouraged me to follow my dreams in this endeavor and for their continued moral and financial support. 1 am thankful for my fricnds colleagues who made the immense work bearable and for making fond memories and lasting relationships we won’t soon forget. 1 would like to thank St. Luke’s- Dr. Rosenfeld, Dr. Kimball and faculty, too numerous to mention individually, for building on the tremendous program at Temple and making my education unique and invaluable. I look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead in residency and in my career. Finally, 1 would like to end with a parable 1 read recently. An injured traveler lies on the side of the road. Many pass by asking, "What would happen to me if I stopped to help this man?” The Good Samaritan was good because he reversed the question: "What would happen to this man if I don’t stop to help him?” 160 —Temple University School of MedicineThank you to my lovely wife, Charlotte Mecozzi, for supporting me through the challenges of medical school. Thank you for always making sure our family (puppies) was well cared for. I could not have been as successful without your love and support. Livermore, California University of California, Davis Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Daniel Mecozzi, M.D. 2015 Skull —161Dover, Massachusetts Muhlenberg College Neuroscience __________________________Sumaya Mekkaoui, M.D. To my parents-1 owe you more than I can ever repay you. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. I would not be here without you. 162 Temple University School of MedicineNicholas Mollanazar, M.D. You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. - Nietzsche Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici (By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe). -Dr. Faustus 2015 Skull—163Doylestown, Pennsylvania Bucknell University Cell Biology Biochemistry ________________________Sean Philip Moss, M.D. I would like to thank my parents for all the support and love they’ve given me over the years. They've always been there for me when I was in need. They’ve never missed a game or an event. And this little blurb cannot come close to expressing how much appreciation I have for them. 164 Temple University School of MedicineNew Orleans, Louisiana Tulane University B.S. Neuroscience 2015 Skull—165Naperville, Illinois Case Western Reserve University B.S.E. Biomedical Engineering ________________________________Raman Nohria, M.D. "If you just learn a single trick. Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view ... until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” - Atticus Finch -To Kill A Mockingbird “When you listen, it’s amazing what you can learn. When you act on what you've learned, it's amazing what you can change.” - Anonymous “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it.” - Jobs fov'y sirv 166 Temple University School of MedicineBainbridge Island, Washington University of San Diego Political Science and Psychology 2015 Skull—167Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Massachusetts Institute of Technology Neuroscience and Biology Ji Eun (June) Park, M.D., M.A. •----------------------------------------------------- To my brother, future physician, future colleague, always my baby brother 168 Temple University School of MedicineOrlando, Florida University of Florida B.S. Biochemistry Dilan D. Patel, M.D._______________________ If you are reading this right now, it is probably because you are one of my friends, family members or mentors. In any case, I wanted to thank you because the only reason I was able to graduate medical school and be where I am today was due to your continuous support and regard. To my peers, good luck to your futures and 1 wish you all the very best. 1 have met some incredible people at Temple and I hope that you keep in touch in both a professional and personal capacity. 2015 Skull —169Westlake, OH Amherst College History Ryan Platzbecker, MD 'Thanks man. Sound Mound rocks the town' •Pete Hornberger 170 Temple University School of MedicineBoyertown, Pennsylvania Drexel University B.S. Biology Laura C. Ramirez, M.D. “Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other." - Joseph Addison 2015 Skull —171Barrington, Illinois Duke University B.S. Chemistry _____________Emily Robinson Reeves, M.D. “I’m wearing a Duane Reade bag as underwear today."—Liz Lemon 172 Temple University School of MedicineAllentown, Pennsylvania Temple University B.S. Biology Zachary Wilmer Reichenbach, M.D., Ph.D. It's hard to believe that twelve years have passed since I started this journey. At times it seems like just yesterday that I moved to college, and at other times, it seems like an eternity. Mom and Dad—I could have never done any of this without you. Your support, love, phone calls, and encouragement helped me persevere and not feel so far from home. I'll always remember "Can do." BB—thanks for all the advice and guidance and for being my role model. Gram—I miss you so much. Thanks for always taking care of me. Now you're my shining star. "The real voyage of discovery' consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”—Marcel Proust "So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty. All other pacts of love or fear derive from it and are modeled upon it."—Haniel Clark Long 2015 Skull 173 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Marietta College B.S. Biochemistry 174 —Temple University School of MedicineKutztown, Pennsylvania Temple University B.A. Communications Nathaniel Robertson, M.D. Thanks to everyone for all the support over the last 4 years. It is amazing how so many people come together to make a doctor. Thanks to my family for the unending moral support, the study crew Hob and John, for keeping me on track, many long days in those palatial study areas (I promise I will never forget the TB drugs). Thanks to the SFC crew, solely for the Brandfass Sessions. Of course thanks to the Deans, the Teaching faculty, and all the whole Fish Bowl, without all of your efforts no one would make it out of 3500 N. Broad! I wish the best for all of us as we take our skills out to the world, congratulations Class of 2015. 2015 Skull—175Kutztown, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Biology Mm _________________Gori Lynn Shollenberger, M.D. To my classmates and life-long friends, a few things to keep in mind as we begin our careers as physicians: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius "I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angclou To my parents- Thank you for supporting me throughout medical school: for making me a month’s worth of frozen meals while I was studying for Step 1. for watching Lacie when my rotation schedule got too hectic, and for always being willing to take me out when I needed a break from studying. To my brother, Kyle- Thanks for always being a voice of reason and for taking the time to edit my residency application. 176 Temple University School of MedicineRichboro, Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College B.S. Biology Daniel L. Shpilsky, M.D. I’d like to thank Alex, Vila, and Vicki Shpilsky. Also, Paul Berman. I could not have made it without this family. O’Shpilskys Buie! 2015 Skull • 177Cuba, NY Appalachian State University B.S. in Exercise Science Angela J. Silverman, M.D., M.A., M.P.H. It’s better to help people than garden gnomes." - Amdlie Poulain "This is an adventure." - Steve Zissou mm 178 --Temple University School of MedicineUnion Township, New Jersey Rutgers University B.A. Cell Biology and Neuroscience Tomi Sodeke, M.D._____________________________________ Family is family; whether it's the one you start out with, the one you end up with, or the family that you gain along the way. Thank you to all of my family and friends for their continued love, support, and encouragement throughout this journey. "Sometimes I push the 'door close' button on people running towards the elevator. I just need my own elevator sometimes, my 7th floor sanctuary.” -K.O. West 2015 Skull- 179Chandigarh, India Albright College B.S. Biochemistry and Philosophy Sarab I. S. Sodhi, M.D., M.A. Bapuji Nani, your correspondence kept me sane through trying and tough times. Seeing your distinctive handwriting on an envelope in my mailbox always brought a smile to my face. Here’s to our file getting much larger! Bapuji, seeing you smile and tell people I'm about to be a doctor was more valuable to me than all the 'Honors’ grades in the world- lucky 1 didn’t get too many of those pesky things. Mom AD, you guys set me on this path- and you’ve been behind me always. Sometimes kicking my butt in die gym- but nothing I didn’t deserve! Saba, I’m probably never going to be that cool in your eyes since I’m not insane and refuse to do surgery... Oh well. Zeus and Ra, my first patients, I miss you boys. And for the poor woman who’s put up with me through this- thanks for being there for me Liz, for lifting me up when I needed it and to bringing me crashing to the ground when I needed it! To my graduating classmates, somehow we did it. Now we get to do it all again. What did we do to deserve this? 180 Temple University School of MedicineDevon, Pennsylvania University of Notre Dame B.S. Science-Business F. James Squadrito, M.D.___________________________ I want to thank my family for all of the love and support you have given me on this long journey. Thanks to my friends, to Temple, and to my love. Michelle. 2015 Skull—181Gordon College B.S. Biology _______________________ Yuan Y. Stevenson, M.D. At the embarkmcnt of a new and exciting journey. I'd like to share this psalm of encouragement. Many thanks to Leonard, my loving husband, my family, my friends and all those who have been supporting and encouraging me. May the LORD’S blessing be with you always. Psalm 121 (CJB) If I raise my eyes to the hills, from where will my help come? My help comes from Adonai. the maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip — your guardian is not asleep. No. the guardian of Isra'el never slumbers or sleeps. Adonai is your guardian; at your right hand Adonai provides you with shade — the sun can’t strike you during the day or even the moon at night. Adonai will guard you against all harm; he will guard your life. Adonai will guard your coming and going from now on and forever. 182 Temple University School of MedicineGlen Mills, Pennsylvania Temple University B.S. Biology Raheela Sultan, M.D. ---------------------------------------------------- Mumma, this page is for you. You have supported me since Day 1. and i couldn't have done this without your love and encouragement. Daddy, you left India to give your kids better opportunities, and 1 couldn’t be more grateful. Nadeem, you taught me that success comes only through fortitude of will power and perseverance. Bhaiyya, Subbu, Nani Ammi, and Nana Aba: you are the greatest system of support 1 could ever ask for, and 1 love you all. Thanks for everything. 2015 Skull'-” 183Greensburg, Pennsylvania Saint Vincent College B.S. Biology mm "______________Shane Patrick Sweeney, M.D. I would like to thank all of my friends, family, and classmates for all their support. 184 Temple University School of MedicineParadise Valley, Arizona University of Notre Dame B.A. Program of Liberal Studies John Francis Tierney, M.D. May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. 2015 Skull- 185Abington, Pennsylvania Arcadia University B.F.A. Theatre __________________________________Bridget Tobin, M.D. To my loving husband, Tony: you have been my rock. I would not have made it through these four years without your unwavering support and encouragement. Thank you for being the amazing person you are. 1 love you more than I can say. To Sarah and Alexander: you are the best children a mother could hope for. I love you both so much. Thank you for being good for Daddy when Mommy was at the hospital or studying for “big tests”. I’m so proud of you. my sweet, smart, funny, beautiful babies. Everything I do is for you. To Mom, Liz, and the rest of my friends and family: you fill my life with love. Mom and Liz, the extra support you gave us was vital. Thank you all for always being there for me to be an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on. or a laugh to share. I love you all. To my classmates: WE DID IT! I am honored to be part of a group of such amazing people. I wish you love, happiness, and success in all you do. Congratulations, TUSM Class of 2015! 186 Temple University School of MedicineEnglewood Cliffs, New Jersey Barnard College of Columbia University B.A. Chemistry Julia Christine Tolentino, M.D._______________________ Thank you. thank you to everyone who has helped and guided me during the past fourteen hundred and sixty days and more. To Dad. Mom. and Ate Tolentino and the rest of my wonderful family; to all my friends and mentors at St. Luke's and Temple. Bethlehem and Philadelphia who made this possible: Gaudeamus Igitur. Love you always. -Julia, MD 2015 Skull —187Sunnyside, New York City College of the City University of New York B.S. _______________________________________Jeffrey Uribe, M.D. Querida Familia, Amigos y Jocelyn, Wow, No puedo creerque por fin eh cumplido missuenos. Honestamente, no creo que hubiera terminado, sin su apoyo y amor. Entrd solo en este esfuerzo y salt con un tftnlo. dos mejores amigos y un amor. Arman y Vince - Mis hermanos, que han estado allf desde el principio, de la Navidad y aiio nuevo en California, a los buenos tiempos en Philly. Esto es sdlo el comienzo de nuestra amistad y espero que crece cada dia mds. Familia Uribe - Mami y papi - Yo no estarfa aquf si no fuera por su arduo trabajo y dedicacidn para darme una educacidn y un futuro. S61o Dios sabe lo agradecido que estoy y cuanto los quiero. Gracias por creer en mi, por todos su sacrificios para en verdard, yo cumplier nuestro suenos. Kevin - gracias por ser mi mejor amigo, mi hermano. Sd que siempre puedo contar contigo para todo. Bothas-4-ever. Jocelyn - Nunca espere tener alquien tan linda de como tu en mi vida. Solo se que diosito nos trago juntos esa tarde en Agusto, p4ra poder compartir our alegrias juntos. Gracias por ser mi mejor amigo y mi amor. TQM. 188 Temple University School of MedicineLittleton, Colorado Cornell University Biological Science Jessica Wagner, M.D.______________________________ I want to thank my wonderful friends and family for all of their support during the last four years. Your unconditional love, advice, and humor have made the tough days bearable and the great days even better. A special shout out to my twin sister, Kelly, who will be graduating from the University of Colorado School of Medicine this year. I can't thank you enough for the hours of Skype studying, long phone calls, and advice-filled emails. You’re the best twin ever and you will make a wonderful Geriatrician. To my parents, Mark and Janelle: thank you for always believing in my and encouraging me to reach for the stars. To all of my St. Luke’s Campus peers: you guys are awesome and made the past three years fly by. 2015 Skull—189Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China University of California, Merced B.A. Psychology ________________________________Zi Chi Wang, M.D. I am deeply humbled and truly privileged to all my friends, family, colleagues, and mentors both near and afar for your continued support all these years. You guys believed in me at times even when I couldn’t believe in myself. I want to thank especially my grandparents, who instilled in me the essence of humanism and humility early in my childhood. And of course my mom and dad. whose unwavering support is the reason why I am here today. Thank you. 190 —Temple University School of MedicineWexford, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Psychology Sean Wessel, M.D. 2015 Skull 191Yorktown, Virginia | University of Mary Washington B.S. Biology ______________Chia Winchester, M.D. To my Mom. my Dad. my Mae, my friends - I love you all! 192 Temple University School of MedicineVentura, California University of Southern California B.S. Biomedical Engineering Julie Diane Woodburn Hein, M.D. _______________ Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life for helping me through this journey! To my husband Chris, for loving me unconditionally and being there for me, no matter how crazy life can be. To my parents, for encouraging me to follow my dreams. To my fellow JDVVs, my inspirations for entering the field of medicine. To my sisters, for playing “doctor'' with me as a kid (and teaching me that doctors do not, in fact, smear lipstick all over their patients’ faces). To my med school friends, for all the study sessions and nights out, and everything in between. And to everyone at Temple who helped make medical school such a great experience: my classmates, patients, mentors, and teachers. Congratulations to the Class of 2015! We did it! 2015 Skull 193Copenhagen, Denmark NYU Biochemistry ________________________Nina Tove Wylonis, M.D. “To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all. to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never to forget." -Arundhati Roy 194 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull—195Bristow, Virginia University of Virginia B.A. Biology 196 - Temple University School of MedicineDartmouth, Massachusetts Boston University B.A. Biology Tarik K. Yuce, M.D. _____ I would like to thank everyone that has made these past four years so memorable. 1 would not be where I am today if it were not for the love and support of my parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. “I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now 1 gotta be responsible for this water bottle" -Kanye West 2015 Skull 197Tamaqua, Pennsylvania Ursinus College B.S. Biology Matthew Zuber, M.D. 198 Temple University School of MedicineBethlehem, PA Johns Hopkins University B.A. Public Health Studies Anshul Agarwala, M.D. To my family: I couldn't have made it this far without your support, thank you for all the love and encouragement you have given me. 1 am truly blessed to have you all. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." --Winston Churchill Pennsylvania State University B.S. Chemistry Jessica Ahlum, M.D. Jessica Ahlum was born in Wichita Falls. Texas in 1986. As a child, her family also lived at Hahn Air Force base in Germany. She graduated from Danville Area Senior High School in Pennsylvania in 2005 and received an award for community service. She enjoyed pursuing artistic endeavors by organizing and painting murals throughout the school. Jessica attended The Pennsylvania State University and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Chemistry and minor in Biolog)'. During her undergraduate education, she participated in multiple research opportunities with subsequent publications in the journals Science and Biochemistry. She also performed studies on self-healing polymers during an internship at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia. Jessica attended Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia for her medical education and training. She provided volunteer efforts in a medical service trip to Ecuador, and helped as support staff for the She's My Sister bike tour to raise funds and awareness for rape and violence victims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. During her medical education, she discovered a fascination with the Neurology specialty and is looking forward to continuing training with a residency in this field. Her other interests include the arts, biking, and horsemanship. 2015 Skull —199Lincroft, New Jersey Lehigh University B.S. Chemistry Dover, New Hampshire Harvard College A.B. Biology Yale University Ph.D Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Alexandra E. Charos, M.D., Ph.D. 200 Temple Universiry School of MedicineTurlock, California University of California, Davis B.S. Psychology Manpreet Chohan, M.D. Cupertino, California University of California, Berkeley Molecular and Cell Biology Stephanie Chow, M.D. 2015 Skull » 20lIpswich, Massachusetts Georgetown University B.A. Economics Molly Teare Outright, M.D. Hermitage, Pennsylvania Case Western Reserve University B.A. Biochemistry Megan E. Delp, M.D. Whatever you choose, do it fully with a passion and child-like enthusiasm" 202 -'—Temple University School of MedicineSkillman, New Jersey Cornell University B.A. Biology and Chemistry Stuti Fernandes, M.D.___________________________ I had a great time in medical school, learned a lot and made some lifelong friends. 1 am grateful for my friends and family (Mom, Dad, Aakil) that supported me throughout these four years. Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania United States Military Academy International History Ari B. Gelman, M.D.________________________________ Thank you to my family and friends. 1 couldn’t have done it with out you. 2015 Skull —203New York, New York University of Pennsylvania B.A. Public Health Lena E.S. Gottesman, M.D. Life decision: Pediatrics! Special thanks for unremitting support: DK + SG Chicago, Illinois Yeshiva University B.S. History 204 '—Temple University School of MedicineBethany, Connecticut Fordham University B.S. Chemistry Jason Halpern, M.D.________________________________ "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson York, Pennsylvania Harvey Mudd College B.S. Physics Seneca Harberger, M.D., M.A. What unbelievable luck to live up to. 2015 Skull 205North Brunswick, New Jersey Temple University B.S. Biology Lancaster, Pennsylvania Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute B.S. Biomedical Engineering _____________________Cory Weston Helder, M.D. Many people tried to explain what medical school would entail in advance, and either nobody was accurate or I chose not to listen. Regardless. I could not have imagined the ride that was going to be these four years. I’m happy my classmates now friends were there to share the highlights and for their support during the rough patches. While we all might never catch up on sleep. I'm excited that this is only the beginning. 206 Temple Universiry School of MedicineWest Milford, New Jersey Simon’s Rock College BA, European Studies Adrianna May Hitchins, M.D. "If there’s one thing 1 came out of medical school with, it was this: the realization that there was absolutely, positively, no way you were EVER going to get everything read, studied, and reviewed that you needed to before the test. And somehow when the test was over and the dust had settled, you’d done it. And you’d have no idea how. I still don’t." - Dr. Grumpy, neurologist and humor writer I have kept the above quote taped on the wall next to my desk since the start of medical school and it has kept me sane. Now in my fourth year, I would like to add one thing: You have haven’t just done it: you’ve succeeded in something. Maybe even excelled. That’s medical school in a nutshell. I leave you with this thought: Q: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? A: Only one. but the light bulb has to want to change. Boston, Massachusetts Union College Psychology Kara Huston, M.D._____________ "I expect big things from you" -Hy Birnbaum 2015 Skull —207Coppell, Texas Creighton University B.S. Biology Ola Ibekwe, M.D. Vinnitsa, Ukraine University of California, Davis Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Specialty: Internal Medicine Margaret Alice Ivanov, M.D. 208 Temple Universiry School of MedicineBedford, New Hampshire Trinity College Neuroscience ■■ Lea Jancic, M.D. Hayward, California UCLA B.S. Physiological Science Jennifer Jang, M.D. 2015 Skull 209Columbus, Ohio University of Michigan Women’s Studies and Psychology Kristin Elizabeth Kean, M.D. Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Psychology Lara Kobrin, M.D. Mom and Dad, The day I was bom, I was already the luckiest girl in the world because you are my parents. I’m a doctor because of you. Dale and Andy, You are my best and most loyal friends. Granny Faye Grandpa Natey, Granny Naomi Grandpa Fred, Thank you for your unconditional love. I keep you in my heart always. Classmates, Thank you for making these four years fun. William, You are my everything. Thank you. I love you. 210 Temple Universiry School of MedicinePleasanton, California Amherst College B.A. Biology ______________________Stephanie Z. Li, M.D. So long, and thanks for all the "fish”... I must've caught at least a whiff of it. West Chester, Pennsylvania Johns Hopkins University B.A. Biology Chien-Fu Lin, M.D. Labor omnia vicit" - Virgil 212 Temple Universiry School of MedicineLower Moreland, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Adam Lyons, M.D.______________________________________ Thank you to my friends and family for your support. Probably could have done it without you, but glad I could help you help me along the way. Princeton, New Jersey Vassar College B.A. Biology David Michael Mann, M.D.__________________________ Medical school has been an arduous, inspiring, and transforming journey that ultimately would not have been possible without the love and encouragement of family, the support of friends and colleagues, and the generosity of mentors and patients. I have learned and experienced much these past four years. 1 want to acknowledge and thank all of you for this humbling and amazing gift. 1 especially want to thank my parents who have always been in my corner no matter what. 2015 Skull 213Miami, Florida Brandeis University B.S. Biology, Music _________________________Ariel Haim Marks, M.D. I cannot thank my parents, grandparents, brother and sister, and my entire family for forming me into the person I am and instilling in me the values and ethics that have allowed me to grow. I love you so much. Thank you, Tim and Steve— for teaching me everything I know. Literally. 1 am blessed to have worked with you and am looking forward to being colleagues and friends for many years to come. And of course, thanks to Jenny and Ellie for being their bread winners for so many years. You might have to keep doing it for a little while, though. Thank you, Judith. For holding my heart. And thank you, God, for sustaining us to see this day. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Washington Jefferson College B.A. Biochemistry and Spanish Justin McCloskey, M.D. 214 Temple Universiry School of MedicineNorth Attleboro, Massachusetts Saint Joseph’s College of Maine B.S. Kevin McKim, M.D. "While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing.” To some I owe all, and to all I owe some, thank you to everyone who helped me become the man I am today. "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” “Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. Its hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, you’ve got about a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you've got to be kind.”—C.od Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (1965) Kurt Vonnegut West Chester, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Bioengineering Matthew R. McMullan, M.D. 2015 Skull —215Glastonbury, Connecticut Bowdoin College B.A. Biochemistry History Laura Onderko, M.D. Floral Park, New York Binghamton University B.A. Biology ______________________Sumit Patel, M.D As I look back on my experience during medical school, there are only two definitive statements 1 can make. First -1 would not have gotten this far had it not been for the love and support of my fiancee, Annie, my parents, my brother, or my friends. On the days I felt exhausted, they were the ones who helped me push through. Second - a Met fan can survive in Philadelphia - and grow to love it. 216 Temple University School of MedicineBaltimore, Maryland Middlebury College B.A. Neuroscience Baltimore, Maryland Dickinson College B.S. Spanish and Biology Kathryn Schlaffer, M.D. 2015 Skull — 217Richboro, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology _____________________________Jason Shpilsky, M.D. Could not have done this without the support of my friends and family! Appreciate everything you have done for me! "It has done me good.” said the fox. "because of the color of the wheat fields.” - Antoine de St. Exup y Stonington, Connecticut Fordham University B.S. Chemistry _________________________Timothy Steinhoff, M.D. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” -Albert Einstein 218 ‘—Temple Universiry School of MedicineDowningtown, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Ashley Nicole Sterchele, M.D._________________________________ Thank you to my friends, April, Yiwen, Lauren, Peter, Eric, and Chris who were always just a phone call away. Will always remember our carpool mornings, Lauren. Scattered Skype chats, Yiwen. Long phone calls, April. Board-games with Lauren and Peter. Exploring new foods with Eric. H-Mart with Chris. Thank you for bringing joy to my life every day! I had the courage and strength to face each day with the love of my family -Thanks Mom, Dad, Justin, Joshua. Myron, Mimi, and Grandma. Thank you Mom for helping me survive life! Cleaning, cooking, pick-me-up desserts! Thanks Joshua for always bringing a smile to my face and playing Final Fantasy on Friday nights. Thanks Dad for your support and teaching me to play pool, even when I rather had been studying! Thanks Justin for always having the perfect music playlist for me when studying. Myron, thank you for reminding me what it is to have uncontrollable infectious happiness. Love to all in my life. I look forward to this new chapter together. - Ashley will be pursuing a residency in psychiatry and one day a fellowship in Child - Adolescent Psychiatry Lancaster, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University Pre-medicine James Stoner, M.D. 2015 Skull 219Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Johns Hopkins University Neuroscience Derek Richard Sundermann, M.D. Gap, Pennsylvania Calvin College Biology Richard Kyle Tilton, M.D. 220 Temple Universiry School of MedicineMidland, Michigan University of California Los Angeles Bioengineering e____________________________Michael Yang, M.D. I want to thank my family, my friends and Steffi for their support in my medical education the last four years. 222 '-'■Temple Universiry School of MedicineBrendan Hagerty, M.D. Zachary Norman, M.D. 2015 Skull 223Scott Rudkin, M.D. Kevin Shaigany, M.D. John T. Richards, M.D. Carrie Rothermel, M.D. 224 Temple Universiry School of MedicineJennifer Trosko, M.D. Elaine Wong, M.D. NOT PICTURED Jillian Angelo Emmanuel Ghormoz Vincent Nguyen Daniel Asihene Jessica Haber Oluwafunmik Ojewoye Aaron Balinski Janice Harlow Nathan Peffer Lior Benjamin Andrew Harrison Anca Pelinescu Robert Betancourt Yash Joshi Eric Quach Kevin Branch Jackly Juprasert Cayce Roach Jesse Brandfass Rishi Kalwani Richard Ronca Megan Burke Taryn Kilmer Daniel Selig Christopher Buros Jonah Klein Christopher South John Cagino Samuel Kolman Courtney Souza Adaeze Chikwem Yendi Linares Brian Sprandio Casey Coleman Abram Lishansky Nhut Tran Michael Dinapoli Tennyson Lynch Dawnette Urcuyo Stephanie Dong Kathleen Marulanda Benjamin Wagner Sara Elling Ann McCarthy Brian Weston Rupen Garg Jenny Mosier 2015 Skull 225I M MM tu vmiK nms sym it But where will you sit patiently in the dark while you wait for the next day to start...I mean sleep? - Kenneth Parcell 226 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —227228 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull —229230 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull - 231PATRONS 232 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull — 233Dr. Stephen: You have always wanted to be a doctor, and now you are one. We are all so proud of you. It has been a long journey, but you are going to make one amazing physician! With all our love and support, Mom, Dad, Memi, Kristen, Mark, and Jenna, and of course - Papa is smiling from above! 234 Temple University School of MedicineSt. Luke’s University Health Network extends sincere congratulations and best wishes for a rewarding career in medicine to the members of the 2015 graduating class of Temple University School of Medicine St Luke s A regional medical school campus of Temple University School of MedicineTo the Class of 2015: Best Wishes are Extended to All FROM THE DEPARTMENTOF FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE Ritu Aggarwal, MD Tracy Barnes Carolyn Cuffeld Ruchi Kukreja, MD Laura Martin, MD Sharon Mattia, Administrator David O'Gurek, MD Stephen R. Permut, MD, Chair 236 Temple University School of MedicineTemple University Department of Medicine Congratulates the Temple School of Medicine Class of 2015 Best wishes on your path to success and happiness. Congra tula dons 2015 gra dua tes! vv A Department of Medicine Faculty 2015 Skull 237The Cardiovascular Research Center and The Department of Physiology would like to congratulate the Class of 2015! Congrats on completing the long road to being a doctor, now only 35 years to retirement! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations Laura! Throughout the daily challenges and difficult times you have always shown leadership, perseverance, and dedication. We never had to push you, your high standards and relentless drive toward excellence combined with the natural desire to help others is of great distinction. We are so proud of you! We join you in your fulfillment and have complete conviction of your continued success in future years. Whoever saves a life, it is as if they saved an entire world. — TheTalmud Congratulations to Zachary I. Norman, MD and the Class of 2015 With love and pride, Dr. Earl and Tamara Norman (Class of 1987) Lindsey, I am so proud of you! You have worked so hard to get where you are today and no one deserves it more than you. I love you and I am lucky to have you in my life! Love, Josh Love you always, Drew, Mama, Gabby Center for Substance Abuse Research Congratulations Graduates! I believe in evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers. I'll believe anything, no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and more solid the evidence will have to be. -Isaac Asimov, Scientist and Writer (1920 -1992) 238 Temple University School of Medicine Sarah: A unique prescription of intelligence, determination, compassion, and beauty in pursuit of a dream to help people. It is difficult to capture or translate into language the joy, awe, pride, and love felt by your parents. Isaiah 40. Love always, Mom and Dad To the Class of 2015: Best Wishes For A Rewarding Career in Medicine! Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences 2015 Skull —239What are the words that describe Sumaya? Smart, big hearted, caring, empathetic, honest, modest, loving, compassionate, curious, energetic, hard-working You are all that and more. What else can a patient ask for their doctor to be? We are all proud of you and what you have achieved. We love you! Dad, Mom, and Marielle ■f HL 31 240 Temple University School of MedicineAnna ‘If a physician cannot give a patient medicine for the body, he should somehow find and give medicine for the patients soul.” -TheZohar $i| Congratulations on all your hard work and your great accomplishments! Love, Mom, Dad, Melanie, and Noah 2015 Skull —241CONGRATULATIONS EMMY! We arc so proud of you and can't wait for the next part of your journey. Love, Mom, Dad, Liz and Scan Zach: Congratulations to our Sunshine! After many years of hard work and complete dedication your dream is about to unfold. We are sorry that not all the family members who started the journey with you are here to see you finish, especially Grammy O. Your Gram would be in her glory to see you today. As a child you always wanted to be a doctor. As the years went by, that was not enough, your science fair competition became more and more fun. Research was born - from potatoes to mice on marijuana. High school days brought EMT class and volunteering for the ambulance corps, following your brother's footsteps. In college the formation of the EMT squad for TU became a reality. You worked long and hard and were completely dedicated as you saw that mission completed. To this day you still work, volunteer, and teach forTUEMS - and love every minute. We all know that you loved your journey to this point and will love even more the years to come. Keep having fun and continue to love life. Embrace your future Dr. Zach Reichenbach with happiness, for you have earned it. And continue to bring sunshine to all who will be near you. We are so very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and BB 242 - Temple University School of MedicineCongratulations to the graduating Geisinger clinical campus students John Cagino Stephanie Chow Camille Clefton Sarah CoEhan Stuti Fernandes Rupen Garg Janice Hariow Robert Hartley Adrianna Hitchins Margaret Ivanov Megan Lowery Jenny Mosier Benjamin Wagner GEISINGER You went into this for the right reasons. Now you both will begin the next phase of your training and you will be wonderful physicians. Your mother and I couldn't be more proud. We love you, 2015 Skull 243Tomi; We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. We encourage you to continue to develop an attitude of gratitude, give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step towards achieving something bigger and betterthan your current situation. Have confidence that your best is still ahead of you not behind you. We love you, The Sodeke, Olugbenga, and Lawson families Andrew! What an exciting ride your medical school adventure at Temple has been. We could not be more proud of your and your accomplishments as a medical student and the amazing person you have become. Sharing all this with you here in Philly over the past four years has been one of the high points of our lives. We love you! Maj, Faj, Peter, and Ben CONGRATULATIONS TO Dr. Lindsey Gerngross who taught us that if life gives you lemons, eat crab. Love Mom, Dad, and Jillian Carolyn, Congratulations on reaching your goal after many years of hard work and sacrifices. We are so very proud of you and all your achievements! Love, Mom, Scott, Dad, and Penny I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. -- Maya Angelou 244 Temple University School of MedicineCongratulationsTUSM Class of 2015!!! We will miss you! Be well... -- Faculty and Staff from the Offices of Medical Education and Student Affairs Listen to the Exhortation of the dawn! Look to this Day! For it is Life, the very Life of Life. In its brief Course lie all the Varieties and Realities of your Existence: The Bliss of Growth, The Glory of Action, The Splendour of Beauty; And Tomorrow is only a Vision; But Today well lived makes Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, And everyTomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well therefore to this Day! Such is the Salutation of the Dawn! -Kalidasa, as quoted by William Osler in A Way of Life 2015 Skull — 245Congratulations and Best of Luck TO THE Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2015 FROM THE Department of Emergency Medicine Robert M. McNamara, MD Professor and Chair David J. Karras, MD Professor and Associate Chair Lawrence Albert, MD Assistant Professor E. David Bailey, MD Assistant Professor Pamela Bannon, MD Assistant Professor Stephanie Barbetta, MD Assistant Professor Jeffrey Barrett, MD Associate Professor JohnCernetich, MD Assistant Professor Kristin Cowperthwaite, MD Assistant Professor Kelly Correa, MD Assistant Professor Thomas Costantino, MD Assistant Professor Michael DeAngelis, MD Associate Professor Wade Dehnkamp, MD Assistant Professor Daniel delPortal, MD Assistant Professor Kathleen Fane, MD Assistant Professor Pauline Farnsworth, MD Associate Professor Michael Fiorito, MD Associate Professor Jennifer Fisher, MD Assistant Professor Manish Garg, MD Associate Professor Nina Gentile, MD Professor Harry Goett, MD Assistant Professor Richard Harrigan, MD Professor Megan Healy, MD Assistant Professor Erin Horn, MD Assistant Professor James Labor, MD Assistant Professor Joseph Lex, MD Professor Marilyn MacVey, MD Assistant Professor Richard Martin, MD Associate Professor Erica McKernan, MD Assistant Professor Molly Mulflur, MD Instructor Robin Naples, MD Associate Professor Michael Prasto, MD Assistant Professor Zachary Repanshek, MD Assistant Professor Adam Rowh, MD Assistant Professor Wayne Satz, MD Associate Professor Ari Schwell, MD Associate Professor Mari Siegel, MD Assistant Professor Matthew Simon, MD Assistant Professor Michael Thomas, MD Assistant Professor Jacob Ufberg, MD Professor Mark Ulitsky, MD Assistant Professor David Wald, DO Professor Dana Weber, MD Assistant Professor ErnestYeh, MD Associate Professor 246 ’-"Temple University School of MedicineCongratulations to the Class of 2015! We wish you continued success in all your future endeavors! --the Admissions Committee 2015 Skull 247Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 2015 from the Alumni Association Board of Directors OUR ALUMNI include more than 12,000 highly accomplished, productive graduates and former residents of Temple University School of Medicine are practicing on every habitable continent of the globe. Approximately 22% of physicians in the Philadelphia area graduated from Temple, and approximately 45% of graduates remain in Pennsylvania. Temple alumni work in a spectrum of careers in academia, clinical practice, business and industry, and public service. Nearly 600 alumni are full time faculty at medical schools across the United States; approximately 20 currently sen e as department chairs; and twelve have served as deans. Dozens are authors, editors and contributors to leading medical texts. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS (2013-2015): Darilyn Moyer. MD’85 -President-, Lawrence Kaplan. MD’86 -President Elect; David Fish, MD’78 -Secretary-Treasurer; Paul Wcidner, MD'82 -Immediate Past President-, Larry R. Kaiser. MD -Dean DIRECTORS (2011-2015): Gary Finkelstcin, MD ’74, Beverly Mikuriya. MD ’73. Kimberly Bridges-White, MD ‘98, Joan Zcidman. MD ‘87 (2012-2016): Edward Jones, MD-Res ’86. Robyn Jones. MD ’81. Lawrence Kaplan, MD ’86, Jacqueline Napoletano. MD ’89. Ruth Perry, MD ’82. Susan Sunimcrton. MD ’88. Paul Weidner, MD ’82 (2013-2017): James Davis. MD ’01. Robert Schnall. MD ’82. Lisa Johnson. M D '87, Stephen Hahn, MD ’84, Anthony Salem. MD '62 (2014-2018): Alison Alexander. MD 91. Alfred Bovc. MD ’66. Edna Schwab. MD '85, David Mauro. MD ’96. Sarah Goodyear. MD ’03 FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE: Gerald Sterling. PhD EMERITUS DIRECTORS: William Beckwith, MD'64; Jean Bello Belasco. MD’73. Robert Belasco. MD'73. William Buchhcit. MD’60; Richard Close. MD’72; William Coleman, MD’45; John Daly, MD'73. Dominic DcLaurentis. MD'53; William Duncan. MD'59; Eric Holm. MD’69; A. Richard Kendall. MD’56; Fraser Lewis, MD'60; Michael Love. MD’70; Leon Malmud, MD; Walter Margie. Jr.. MD’5I; James McClurken, MD’76; Curt Miller. MD’79; Sidney Rabin, MD’51; W. Gale Rcish. MD'68; Ronald Rubin. MD’72; Gene Salkind. MD’79; E. Ronald Salvitti, MD'63; Nathan Schnall. MD’47;Carson Schneck, MD’59. PhD’65; Charles Shuman. MD'43: Donald Souilliard. MD’54; Howard Warner. MD'53; Leslie Whitney. MD’44. COUNCIL of PAST PRESIDENTS: Richard Albertson. MD’63; Anthony Comerota, MD’74; Albert Finestone. MD’45; Paul Hermany, MD'82; Stephen Permut. MD'72; Edward Resnick. MD'51; Louis Santore. MD’80; Frederick SutlilT, MD'46; Charles Tourtellotte. MD’57; Audrey Uknis. MD’87 The skills and abilities you develop at Temple will serve you well wherever you apply them, wherever you want to go." — Calvin Johnson, MD. Chief Medical Officer, TUHS Former Secretary of Health, Commonwealth of PA 248 Temple University School of MedicineTEMPLE UNIVERSITY School of Medicine CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 2015. YOU ARE JOININGTHE RANKS OF A VERY PROUD, ACCOMPLISHED FAMILY OF ALUMNI WHOWORKVERY HARD AND CARE VERY DEEPLY ABOUT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY AND OUR WORLD. "Physicians understand that service is a privilege - and derive deep satisfaction from doing good, doing what's right. To give in such a meaningful way is the most valuable compensation a person can get." -Albert A. Alley, MD '64. "Temple has made me a better person, more open to a multitude of different views." - Brooke Keim, MD '07 "I can trace back many of my important decisions and guiding career principals to the faculty atTemple." -- John D. Sprandio, MD '80 "AtTemple I became engaged in a lifelong search for learning, open to innovation and new challenges. I will always think of my medical experience as an exceptional opportunity, guided by excellent teachers and staff-true mentors." - Sandra Harmon Weiss, MD '74 "I came toTemple because of its reputations for producing good clinicians, and when I left with my MD degree, I had earned a social conscience as well." - Frederick Hartman, MD ‘69 "Only when everyone reaches a new level of health education can everyone be truly equal citizens." -AlfredA. Bove, MD '66, PhD '70 "It seems like just yesterday that I was a third-year, running through the halls of Temple University Hospital. And I know that I would not be doing as well as I am today were not for the excellent training I received atTemple." - Michael Scully, MD ‘97 PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH WITH US. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT 3500 N. BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA 19140 215-707-4850 800-331-2839 medalum@temple.edu www.temple.edu medicine 2015 Skull 249The 2015 Temple Skull wishes to thank the following Generous Patron Donors: CityView Pizza TheTemple Department of Dermatology The Mekkaoui Family The Norman Family The Reeves Family Andrew Witzel and Minerva Caban Witzel 250 Temple University School of MedicineNICHOLAS, Congratulations, We're so proud of you. YOU DID IT!!! We love you, Mommy, Daddy, Andrea 2015 Skull 251We are incredibly proud of you for all that you've accomplished to get to this point. Your dedication to your studies, will power to work hard and stamina to succeed is outstanding. We admire that you managed to maintain a well rounded life style with close friendships and relationships with your loved ones. We are all sure you will always be successful and that you'll be an amazing pediatrician. Congratulations and Best of Luck. We love you Brittany. Mom, Dad, Kristen andThomas P.S. We recognized! O.M.G. Look at those little hands and toes! WE LOVE YOU, HOME BIRTH BABY! Congratulations! Congratulations mama You MAKE US SO PROUD! With so much love! Mom, Dad Johan Just a Few More Baby Pictures. Can you match them up? 252 —Temple University School of MedicineOur enduring gratitude to all those who HELPED IN PRODUCING THIS BOOK. In particular: Thank you Dianne Butera, Micki Miller and Dr. Sterling for help in making sure we toed the line properly, to Simonne Francis for your extensive copy contributions and to Lou Guarrieri and the whole team at Cooke Publishing Company for actually printing the book. We could not have done this without you! -2015 Skull Staff 2015 Skull 253254 Temple University School of Medicine2015 Skull - 2552015 SKULL STAFF Emily Reeves EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dean of Photoshop Director, Institute for Copy Creation Carolyn Cardaropoli EDITOR Vice Dean for Check Management Chair, Dept of Heart-Felt Parental Congratulations Seneca Harberger EDITOR Assoc Dean for Historical Embarrassment Prof, Fonts and Pixel Manipulation Kathryn Kean editor Dean of Naps Co-Director, Institute for Familial Academic Study Printed and Bound in the U.S.A. COOKE PUBLISHING COMPANY Warminster. Pennsylvania Ryan Platzbecker EDITOR Assoc Dean of Punctuation Minimalism Prof, TCoB Elaine Wong editor Vice Dean for Departmental Pestering Prof, Croup Portraiture 256 —Temple University School of MedicineTemple University Ginsburg Health Sciences Library 00 t § 0 8 1 © P £ I ® 0® tSl © ©§ B000 000 000 t £ © 3 «■ 0 § © ft i i ocia O00ao 303 90® 3 ? 0 it ft 0 i, -yj Lf] 2 t £ a o .t i ft£6lroto 8 gw £ £ •to oei aO©0©O a 0 £V0© 0 «mtdc cmsmii ©©id © © “ 9 © £'© 0 © O 1 © 

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