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Temple University Ginsburg Health Sciences LibraryEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 3500 North Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19140 r yf 7 fi y tia'CY h { ' rec i, J io s (} ori • ' ( : That I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; That I will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor; That into whatsoever house I shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, I holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, and from the tempting of others to vice; That I will excercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and will give no drug, perform no operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited; That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of others which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise. As I am faithful to this my oath may happiness and good repute be ever mine. The opposite if I shall be forsworn. 2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAdministration, Faculty Support Staff.9 White Coat Ceremony.....................30 Clinical Campus.........................32 Student Life............................38 Seniors.................................70 Patrons................................204 3 TABLE OF CONTENTSManish Garg, M.D. Mary Barbe, Ph.D. Robert Bettiker, M.D. Barrie Ashby, Ph.D. HOODERS --------□ Graduation is a cultural tradition considered a rite of passage from one platform in a student’s life to another. It has its origins in antiquity where many tribes were found to be celebrating their passing from youth to adulthood through various customs and observances. Today’s graduation ceremony is a manifestation of this ancient rite of passage in the modern context. An important part of the graduation ceremony is the giving of the hoods. The origin of the hood lies with the Celts and Druids (the Celtic priests). Among the Celts, only the Druids wore mantles which had hoods attached to them as a mark of their rank in the society. In the schools of the Middle Ages, the hoods were worn as a covering to protect against frigid temperatures. Gradually, it was integrated into the academic system with much symbolic significance. Now, the wearing of hoods symbolizes authority, high standing, or a new graduate’s institution and degree. A hood is always black in color, but the edges and lining have individual signifi- cance. The hood is lined in silk with the official colors of the institution conferring the degree. The edging of the hood is velvet, with a color representative of a field of study. The official colors of Temple University are cherry and white. The dark green velvet signifies medicine. One of the great continuing traditions is the presence of hooders - individuals who symbolically bestow the medical degree upon each graduate. Each senior class chooses four individuals to assist with the placement of the hoods. These distinguished members of the faculty were selected not only for their superior quality of teaching, but for their passion, hard work, and dedication. Each hooder has committed themselves to challenging the minds of medical students and encouraging the development of future doctors to this great profession. Thank you Dr. Garg, for showing us how to be ninjas. Thank you Dr. Barbe, for staying late and dissecting the hard parts. Thank you Dr. Bettiker, for expanding our horizons. Thank you Dr. Ashby, for impressing the importance of fundamentals. 4 HOODERS 2014U: _ JLa fit DEDICATION E JLdVach year, the graduating class dedicates their yearbook to an outstanding faculty member whom they feel has had a significant impact on their development as physicians. It is the privilege of the class of 2014 to dedicate this year’s Skull Yearbook to Dr. Alisa Peet for her ongoing commitment and kindness to her students. Starting from our first few days in medical school, Dr. Peet has been an integral part of our education. As students we’ve worked with her through our Docting courses and our Medicine rotations. Now as fourth years, Dr. Peet is not only a mentor and an educator, but also a voice of guidance and reassurance. In the hospital, she always made sure we were an integral part of the team. Our questions, opinions, and suggestions mattered and we were able to make meaningful contributions to our patient care. Through these final months, as we approach residency, once again Dr. Peet stands with us as a mentor to help us navigate the decisions that will impact our lives. Dr. Peet is always there with a quick response to our stressed emails, words of comfort to ease our anxieties and straightforward, honest advice about our futures. Born and raised in New York City, Dr. Peet found her interests in medicine began early on when she volunteered 5 DEDICATIOND DEDICATION at a hospital during high school. Dr. Peet moved to San Francisco soon after earning her degree in Psychology from Yale University. There, she worked with a Forensic Child Psychologist and parttime at a halfway house caring mostly for residents with schizophrenia. During her time there, she also volunteered at a rehabilitation hospital where she rediscovered her love for medicine. Dr. Peet moved back to the East Coast, completing her Post Baccalaureate at Boston University. She matriculated to Temple School of Medicine and fell in love with the Temple community. “I went to medical school to be a Primary Care doctor for patients in an underserved community and I feel really lucky that I have the opportunity to do that”. A Temple School of Medicine and Temple Internal Medicine Residency graduate, Dr. Peet now dedicates countless hours teaching and helping new generations of Temple medical students and residents. “I love being at Temple. I love the community and caring for patients in the community, and I love working with the students and helping them.” Dr. Peet is not only a wonderful teacher and role model, she is also an excellent mentor. One student said “Dr. Peet sacrifices her time to make sure that students are doing well mentally and academically. She always 6 DEDICATION-------------------------------------------------------------□ made herself available whenever issues came up and if she hadn’t heard from me in a while, she would check in on me”. Dr. Peet’s accomplishments are innumerable, from graduating as a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, to being Chief Resident, and the first member of her family to become a doctor. Arguably for many of us though, it is her dedication to teaching and devotion to her students and patients that has made her our mentor and role model. Dr. Peet, on behalf of the entire 2014 class, we would like to thank you for all your contributions and for the impact you have had on our lives. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Maybe to fly so I could get places quickly whenever I wanted. What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t be afraid to be wrong or fail. Since you are such an avid reader, what is your favorite book? I cant pick one - I just read A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy, that I loved. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be? The mountains anywhere. Had you not become a physician, what do you think you would have done? A teacher. 7 DEDICATION8 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE‘Than fyou to our administration, facufty and support staff!! The class of 2014 is extremely grateful for all your efforts. Faculty: It is through your knowledge and guidance that we were able to develop the foundation that will make us great thinkers, scientists and physicians. Thank you for your patience for the concepts that may have taken us awhile to grasp. Thank you for your dedication to education and mentorship. Bookstore staff: From our first purchase of Netter’s to our final clerkship books, we thank you for your kindness in directing us to the right study books. Librarians: What’s a catalog again? Thanks for helping us find the books we needed, for looking the other way when we brought pizza into a study room, for lending us laptops and for your continued encouragement throughout these hard four years. Kresge mailroom staff: Your presence, just a building away, has not been forgotten. Thank you for your dedication in ensuring that everyone in MERB recieved their packages and that our initial correspondence to Temple as mere pre-medical students was directed to the right place. Maintenance staff: In our times of stress, we may not have cleaned up behind ourselves like our mother’s taught us. We thank you for your patience and for keeping our building beautiful. Financial services: Thank you for helping us navigate the very complicated Student health: Thank you for keeping us healthy through these stressful four years. Technical support: Thank you for helping to make sure our class time ran smoothly. Without you, the home dwellers of 2014 would have never class captured in the comfort of their PJs. loan process. We would have been lost without you. 9 THANK YOULarry R. Kaiser, MD Dean Senior Executive Vice President for the Health Sciences President and CEO, Arthur M. Feldman, MD, PhD Executive Dean Chief Academic Officer, TUHS Verdi J. DiSesa, MD Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs Chief Operating Officer, TUHS Professor of Surgery Richard Kozera, MD Executive Associate Dean Thomas G. Kupp Vice Deem, Finance and Administration CFO Temple University Physicians TUHS Professor of Surgery Gerald Sterling, PhD Senior Associate Dean, Medical Education Professor of Pharmacology Stephen Permut, MD, JD Associate Dean, Academic Affiliations Chair Person and Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine Scott Shore, PhD Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Associate Professor, Fels Institute of Cancer Research Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Dianne R. Soprano, PhD Associate Dean Graduate MD PhD Programs Professor of Biochemistry Fels Institute of Cancer Research Molecular Biology Lawrence Kaplan, MD Associate Dean Clinical Education Professor of Medicine John H. Krouse MD, PhD Associate Dean Graduate Medical Education Chairperson Professor of Otolaryngology -Head Neck Surgery Darilyn Moyer, MD Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education Professor of Medicine Melinda Somasekhar, PhD Assistant Dean, Continuing Medical Education Audrey Uknis, MD Senior Associate Dean, Admissions and Strategy Manish Garg, MD Assistant Dean International Affliations 10 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHong Wang, MD, PhD Associate Dean Research Brad Chilnick Assistant Dean, Space Planning Management Joseph Cheung, MD, PhD Senior Associate Dean, Research Chair of Medicine Helen Pearson, PhD Associate Dean Faculty Affairs Faculty Development Kathleen Reeves, MD Sr. Associate Dean, Student Affairs Associate Professor, Clinical Pediatrics Alisa Peet, MD Assistant Dean. Student Affairs, Associate Professor, Medicine Rene J. Alvarez, Jr MD Assistant Dean, Minority Faculty Professor of Medicine Vice Chief, Cardiology Ann Untalan Assistant Dean.TUSM Finance Beth Moughan, MD Assistant Dean, Aifiliate Faculty Development Raul DeLa Cadena, MD Donald Parks, MD Gregory Zimmaro Paula Davis West Nina Weisbord Assistant Dean Assistant Dean Assistant Dean Human Assistant Dean Financial Assistant Dean Recruitment Retention Professor, Physiology Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center Minority Affairs Resources and Administration Services Institutional Advancement (Interim) Steven R. Houser. PhD, Frank Erdlen FAHA Vice Dean Sr. Associate Dean for Research (Interim) Chairperson, Dept, of Physiology Finance and Technology 11 ADMINISTRATIONOFFICE OF ADMISSIONS Standing (Left to Right): Patty Kott, Dashaun Dunston, David Lynn, Julie Morton, Maria Demmler. Seated (Left to Right): Dr. Raul DeLaCadena, Germyce Harris, Dr. Audrey Uknis, Kathy Harmer OFFICE OF CLINICAL CLERKSHIPS Left to Right: Betty Anne Pauly, Ann Gallagher, Rhonda McCurry, Waineen Morgan OFFICE OF FACULTY ______________AFFAIRS____________ Left to Right: Kim Allen, Pat Pileggi, Malikah Fulton, Susan H. Wicgcrs, Bryant Tabb, Judy Russo. Not Pictured: Helen Pearson, Beth Moughan, Rene Alvarez, A. Vanetta Grant, Sharri Re-esc-Banks 12 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEOFFICE OF GRADUATE STUDIES Left to Right: Denise Rykard, Tracey Hinton OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS AND MEDICAL EDUCATION Left to Right: Alisa Peet, MD, Donna Johnson, Sharri Reesc-Banks, Gerald Sterling, PhD, Marilyn Meissler, Colleen McDermott, Richard Kozera, MD, Ann Gallagher, Kenya-lyn Makone-Anunda, Lakeisha Gaymon, Bill-Schulze, Betty Anne Pauly, Francine Smith, Lawrence Kaplan, MD, Dianne Butcra, MSW, Joanne Handler, Meg Tanjutco, Mary Alice Sobon Brennan, Denise Green, Margaret Phil-lips-Hester, Jane Stringer, Micki Miller SIMULATION CENTER Left to Right: Lee Kiszonas, Michael Curtis, Donna Morgan, Richard Milner 13 ADMINISTRATIONLIBRARY Left to Right, Back to Front: Karen Burstein, Mary Alice Ciceralc, Derrick Russell, Tiffany Ellis, Gerry Mahlman, Barbara Kuchan, Latiri Fennell, Rebecca Lloyd, Kandy Dancy-Seated: Royce Sargeant and Jennifer Sanchez. MAILRQOM Left to Right: Gloria Hosten-McMillian, Daniel Dawson, Terry T. McKenzie 14 SUPPORT STAFFMAINTENANCE Left ro Right: Alice Nixon, Mattie Bryant, Vcrncil Davis, Vancinc Palmer, Karen Bradshaw STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES Left to Right: Jerry Sharf, Georgia Johnson, Thomas Maio-rano Jr. (Assistant Director), Rozina MeFadden, Karen Allen, Francinc Miles, TECHNICAL SUPPORT Left to Right: Patrick Wasson- Applications Systems Manager, Erie Johanson- Senior Technical Support Specialist, Tom Fanrak- Assistant Director,Jennifer Ford- Senior Instructional Support Specialist, Michael Seip- Classroom Support Specialist, Yiu "Chester" Li- Instructional Support Student Worker, Manda Havens- Library Technical Support Specialist STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Left to Right: Dionne Meyers, MA, Dorrit Sterner, MD, Eileen Hyams-Kolick, RN. Not pictured: Esther Goldsmith 15 SUPPORT STAFFAnesthesiology Front Row: S. Nikolaidis, MD, E. Haurk DO, PhD, P. Patel, MD, J. Ferrari, MD. 2nc row: V.Cowell, MD, D. Patel,MBBS, N. Bris ter, MD, M. Goldberg, MD, E. Gewirtz, MD G. Trehan, MD. Back Row: S. Schartel, DO R. Barnette, MD, G. Charatzoglou, MD, B Somerset, M D. Not pictured: K. Alao, MBBS B. Alexander, MD, E. Basch, DO, A. Berke ley, MI), JD, S. Bhambhami, MBBS, a. Care) MD, M. Caruso, MD, M. Gonzalez, MD, A Hargrove, MD, I. Kamel, MD, M. Keresztu ry, MD, D. Kim, MD, D. Koers, MD, S. Me Caughan, DO, D. Miclc, DO, S. Pai, MD, J Parekh, DO, Y. Shao, MD, W. Somerset, DO Department Chair: Rodger Barnette, MD HOSPITAL FACULTY Bone Marrow Transplant Left to Right: Patricia Kropf, MD, Henry Fung, MD, Mary Ellen Martin, MD, Thomas Klumpp, MD Cardiology Back Row: Rene Alvcrez, MD, Martin Keane, MD, Laurie Russell, CRNP, Howard Cohen, MD, Alfred Bove, MD, Richard Greenberg, MD, Andrew Chen, MD, Deborah Crabbe, MD, Brian O'Neill, MD, Daniel Schwartz, MD, Daniel Edmundwicz, MD (Chief of Cardiology). Front Row: Susan Thomas, CRNP, Saundra Hyman, CRNP, Linda Ruppert, CRNP, Linda Madrak, CRNP, Nelson Wolf, MD, Paul Forfia, MD, Frances Rogers, CRNP. Missing: Riyaz Bashir, MD, Joshua Cooper, MD, Enian Hamad, MD, Arnold Meshkov, MD, Brian O'Murchu, MD,John Panidis, MD, Pravin Patil, MD, Bindi Shah, MI), Emily, Tsai, MD, William VanDeckcr, MD, Howard Warner, MD, Susan Wiegers, MD 16 FACULTYDoctoring Front Row: Anuradha Paranjapc, MD, Denise Salerno, MD, FAAP, John Travaline, MD, Michael Del Vcchhio, MD. Back Row: Marilyn Mcissler, Jane Stringer, James Heckman, PhD, Gerald Sterling, PhD, David Karras, MD, Larry Kaplan, MD, David Wald, DO, Michael Curtis, BA, Stephen Permut, MD,JD. Not pictured: Dianne Butcra, MSW, Thomas Fckctc, MD, Kathleen Reeves, MD, Audrey Uknis, MD, David Lch, MD, Ann Gallagher, Keith McNellis, MD, David Karras, MD, Karen Lin, MD, Amy Goldberg MD Emergency Medicine Standing: Robert M. McNamara, MD (Chairman), David Karras, MD, David Wald, DO, Richard Martin, MD, Zachary Repanshek, MD, Alvin Wang, DO. Seated: Nina Gentile, MD, Amanda Horn, MD, Robin Naples, MD, Jennifer Fisher, MD, Megan Haley, MD Endocrinology, Diabetes ana Metabolism Top Left to Right: David Ni, MD, Tatiana Gandrabura, MD, Sharda Pankaj, MD, Victoria Maffey, NP, Rao, MD, Chcric Vaz, MD, Vijay Balakrishnan, MD, Daniel Rubin, MD, l .lias Siraj, MD, Kevin Williams, MD, Victor Adlin, MD, Guenther Boden, MD 17 FACULTYFamily Community Medicine Left to Right: David O'Gurek, MD, Rjtu Ag-garwal, MD, Ruclii Kukrcja, MD, Stephen R. Pcrmut, MD (Professor Chair) HOSPITAL FACULTY Gastroenterology I .eft to Right: B. Encstvedt, J. Maranki, P. Sachdeva, M. Makhani, K. Makipour, M. Pathikonda, M. Bernstein, A. Sankcnini, J. Jaffc, V. Patel, K. Walp, E. Toto, R. Rothstcin, P. Bandini, G. Shin, M. Vcrrcngia , H. Parkman, B. Krevsky, B. Horwitz, R. Fisher, O. Halusz-ka, M. Black, F. Fricdcnbcrg, M. Mathur Hematology and Oncology Left to Right: Alvaro Pereira-Rico, M.D., David Essex, M.D., Ronald Rubin, M.D., Juhi Mittal, M.D., Aruna Padmanabhan, M.D., Koneti Rao, M.D., Michael Bromberg, M.D., Ph.D., Deric Savior, M.D. 18 FACULTYInfectious Disease Standing Left to Right: Bennett Lorber, MD, Byungsc Suh, MD, Heather Clauss, MD, Rafik Samuel, MD, Robert Bcttiker, MD, Tom Fekcte, MD (Section Chief), Peter Axelrod, MD (Fellows). Kneeling Seated: Kiran Paramatmuni, MD, SuyinChi, MD, Banaf-sheh Soltani, MD, Florence Momplaisir, MD, Eric Sachinwalla, MD Internal Medicine Standing Left to Right: Sydney Harrison, Donnita Howard, Marius Commodore, Alia Chisty, Karen Lin, Vanneta Hyatt, Cissy Van den Berg, Rosalind Kaplan, Ellen Tcdaldi, Mary Kraemer, Bill Brady, Larry Kaplan, Dorothy Newton. Sitting Left to Right: Susan Gcrsh, Anu Paranjape, I.eilani Lee, Alisa Pcct. Missing: Darilyn Moyer, Matt O'Brien, Sharon Herring, Gina Simoncini Front Left to Right: Muhammad Pcrvcz, MD, Xiaoying Deng, MD, Swati Rao, MD, Ashish, Bhargava, MD, Kathleen Coppola, MD, Hannah Ravrcby, MD, Kelly I.artanzi, CRNP, Bizath, Taqui, MD, Ji Hoon Baang, MD, Shchryar Anjum, MD, Abdul Saadi, MD. Rear Left to Right: Sourab Dhungcl, MD, Yoon Yang, MD, Howard Rudnick, MD, Bina Patel, MD, Manjari, Sharma, MD, Vi-nay Shah, MD, Giuliana DcFrancesch, MD, Emil Thomas, MD, Arlene Taylor, PA-C, John Davidyock, MD. Not Pictured: Nidhi Chaudhry, MD, Deborah Chege, CRNP, Maria F.scorcia-DeLeon, MD, Marwa Hcgagi, MD, Komal Khiani, MD, Shcctal Koul, MD, Keith McNellis, MD, Miral Patel, MD, Sara Peterson, MD, Nina Prabhu, MD, Isokc Roundtree, MD, Rachel Rubin, MD, Fowad Shahzad, MD, Shruti Vakil, MD 19 FACULTYNephrology Front Row, Left to Right: Dr. Mythili Ghanta, Dr. Iris Lee, Dr. Crystal Gadcgbeku (Section Chief), Dr.Jean Lee. Back Row, Left to Right: Dr. Llcras Armando Samuels, Dr. Duncan Johnstone, Dr. Joseph Benjamin, Dr. Avrum Gillespie, Dr. Patricio Silva, and Dr. Joseph Cheung. Missing section members: Dr. Gcrri Schulman, Dr. Christine Bastl, and Dr. Scr-ban Constantincscu HOSPITAL FACULTY Neurology Left to Right: Jin J. Luo, M.D., Ph.D, Rima Alkascm, M.D, Mercedes Jacobson, M.D, Tim Lachman, M.D, Paul Katz, M.D, Ramin Ansari, M.D, S. Ausim Azizi, M.D. Not Pictured: Craig Bogcn, M.D, Peter Crino, M.D., Ph.D, Camilo Gutierrez, M.D, Elizabeth Habcrfcld, M.D, Marcia Hal pern, M.D, Guillermo Linares, M.D, Ruma Mukcrjcc, Ph.D, Valeriya Poukas, M.D, Basse! Sawaya, Ph.D, Michael Sclzcr, M.D, Ph.D 20 FACULTY OB-GYN and Reproductive Science First Row: D. Chillapalli, MD, M. Sen, MD, A. Horton, MD, E. Igwc, MD, A. Ayala-Crcspo, MD, c. Smith, MD,J. Murphy, MD, S. Jordan, MD. Second Row: C. Glowacki, MD,J. Barker, MD, F. Abdulla, MD, E. Myers, MD, E. Hernandez, MD, F. Abdulia, MD, E. Myers, MD, E. Hernandez, MD, F. Oycniya-Ajayi, MD, P. Rojas-Mcndez, MD, M. Spiliopoulos, MD, A. Schaefer, MD. Third Row: I. Goetzl, MD, G. Hcrrine, MD, J. Ferris, MD, R. Brown, MD, B. Camivalc, MD, B. Mabine, MD,J. DcLaMota, MD, G. Rcme, MD, D. Mancini, MD, K. Christophe, MD, I). Mastrogiannis, MD. Not pictured: A. Charwani, MD, G. Diaz, MD,J. Diaz, MD, S. Dolan, MD, D. Dzurinko, MD, C. Floro, MD, S. Jcronis, MD, T. Lafayette, MD, A. Milicia, MD, M. Rose, MD, S. Santiago, MD, H. Su, MD, C. Turner, MD, S. Shrivatsa, MD Department Chair: Enrique Hernandez, MDOphthamology From Left to Right, Dr. Dany Najjar, Dr. Julia Grachevskaya, Dr. Lorrie Cheng, Dr. William Foster, Dr. Jeffrey Hcndcrer (Department Chair), and Dr. Gary Domcracki Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Standing, Left to Right: J. Milo Sewards, MD, Eric Kropf, MD, F. Todd Wetzel, MD, Pckka Mooar, MD,Christopher Haydcl, MD. Seated, Left to Right: Albert Weiss, MD, Joseph Thoder, MD (Chairman), Matthew Lo-rei, MD, Bruce Vanett, MD Otolarynaology Head and Neck Surgery Front Row (Left to Right): Drs. Norman Chan, Sonya Wexler, Sidrah Ahmad, Paige Pastalovc, Elina Toskala, Nausheen Jamal, Resha Soni, Mursalin Anis, Rachel Georgo-poulos, Gary Linkov, Pamela Rochm. Back Row (Left to Right): Drs. Jennifer Crac-chiolo, Lori Lcmonnicr, Karl Whitley,, Glen Isaacson, Ahmed Soliman, Jeffrey Liu, David Sarcu, Derrick Tint, Elizabeth Mccncn and Oneida Arosarcna. Not Pictured: Dr. John Krousc, Chairman 21 FACULTYPathology and Laboratory Medicine Back to Front (Left to Right): Steven S. Gei-er, PhD, Allan L. Truant, PhD, Riya Kuklani, DDS, Raghava Potula, PhD, Adil Khan, PhD, Scrvio Ramirez, PhD, Yanhua Li, MD, Wen-zhe Ho, MD, Jasvir Khurana, MD, Hcmant Parckh, PhD, Abir Mukhcrjec, MD, Yajuc Huang, MD, Natalya Khilko, MD, Varsha Manucha, MD, Xinmin Zhang, MD, Barbara M. Gildsmith, PhD, Carmen Sapienza, PhD, Ashish Bains, MD, Nahum Dukcr, MD, Gordon Pringle, DDS, PhD., Rebecca M. Thomas MD, Yuri Persidsky, MD, PhD., (Not shown) Jiang Huang, MD, PhD., Ragh-bir Athwal, PhD, Susan Inniss, MD, Carrie Schneider MD, He Wang, MD, PhD HOSPITAL FACULTY Pediatrics Top Row (Left to Right): Dr. Amer Kechli, Dr. Michael DeIVccchio, Dr. Denise Salerno, Dr. Megan Hccrc, and Dr. David Fleece. Bottom Row (Left to Right): Dr. Thair Abed, Dr. Stephen Aronoff (Chair of Pediatrics), Dr. Kumkum Ahluwalia, Dr. Dionc Cash, and Dr. Lucy Lot Physical Medicine ana Rehabilitation Left to Right: Michael Weinik, DO, Andrea Brown, MD, Ian Maitin, MD (Chairman), F.r-nesto Cruz, MD, Rick Nissley, DO 22 FACULTYPsychiatry and Behavioral Science Front Row: Ingrc Walters, MD, Hilary O'Neill, MD, Jessica Kovach, MD, Natalie Gluck, MD, Maryam Namdari, DO, Colin Crownc, MD. Back Row: William R. Dubin (Chair), MD, Roy Stcinhousc, MD, Mary Morrison, MD, Aurelia Bizamcer, MD, PhD, MPH, Polina Zilbcring, MD, Ellen Gluzman, MD, Camille Paglia, JD, MD, Neil Sanuck, MD, Mark Denys, Pietro Miazzo, MD. Not Pictured: Christopher Combs, PhD, Peter DeMaria, Jr., MD, FASAM, John Harding, MD, Christine Marchionni, MD, Natalia Or-tiz-Torrcnt, MD Pulmonary and _________Critical Care________ Top to bonom (Left to Right): Dcncan Allen, Aikia Powell, Mar)’ Craig, Mimi Ortiz, Angelina Robinson, Peter Rising, Ix ri Iaippino, Patty Evans, IJllian Brown-Reynolds, Anna Fleet, Sheila Washington, ('henna Mandapati, Jiji Thomas, Kayla Hartz, Sally Boylc-Quinn, Kathleen McLecr,Joan Friel, Wanda Holmes, Rol in Rozcn,Joanne Collins, Susan Estrella -Eades, Preehti Alexander, Lanping Hao, Vanna Tauch, Nancy Ciccolella, Jinal Gangar, Barbara Macdonald, Michael Jacobs, Jamie Garfield, Eileen Mumm, Dominic Marano, Karen Kirch, Tahseen Shariifi Courtney Vincent , Jason Krahnke, Diana Kol man -Taddeo, Dcrcio Mcndonca, Giuseppe Gug-lielmello, Sanuicl Krachman, Victor Kim, Antarpeet Kaur, Nathaniel Marchetti, Erin Narcwski, Alexandra Carpio, Alexander Swift, Robert Steiner, Wissam Charila, James Mamary, Friedrich Kueppers, Namrata Patel, Kathleen Brennan, Steven Kclscn, Gilbert D Alonzo, David Ciccolella, Gerard Criner Radiation Oncology Left to Right: Vladimir Valakh, MD, Curtis Miyamoto, MD, Bizhan Micaily, MD. Section Chief: Curtis Miyamoto, MD 23 FACULTYMei Nuclear .icine Dr. Charles Jungrcis, Chairman, with Attending Radiologists and Residents HOSPITAL FACULTY Rheumatology First Row from Left to Right: is Dr. Marissa Blum, Dr. Thais Moldovan, Dr. Srilatha Ko-thandaraman, Dr. Irene Tan and Dr. Roberto Caricchio. Second Row from Left to Right: is Dr. Steven Bcmcy, Dr. Bita Shakoory, Jcs-samyn MelnicofF, CRNP, Mike Denny, PhD, Dr. Philip Cohen, Wenhai Shao, PhD and Dr. Srikanth Mukkera. Not pictured: Dr. Audrey Uknis Surgery Standing Left to Right: Joseph Rappold, MD, Selwyn O. Rogers, Jr., MD, MPH, Chairman, Lars O. Sjoholm, MD, Matthew Philp, MD, Howard Ross, MD, James P. Bradley, MD, Elizabeth Dauer, MD, Andrew Newman, MD, Aron Wahrman, MD, Eric Choi, MD, John Mcilahn, MD, Alliric Willis, MD. Nestor Es-naola, MD. Sitting Left to Right: Kwan N. Lau, MD, Amy Goldberg, MD, Andreas Karachris-tos, MD, Thomas Santora, MD 24 FACULTYUrology Left to Right: Andrew McIntosh, MD, Michael Hickman, MD, Blake Moore, MD, Daniel Eun, MD, Michel Pontari, MD, Adam Reese, MD, Daniel Parker, MD, Brian Cronson, MD, Lindsey Parks, PA, Jack Mydlo, MD, Alice Park, NP, Anastasia Schwab, PA 25 FACULTYAnatomy and Cell Biology Bottom Left to Right: Michael R. Ruggicn. PhD, Seonhee Kim, PhD, Gianluca Gallo. PhD, Lawrence E. Goldfingcr, PhD, Mary F. Barbe, PhD. Top Left to Right: Mark M. Black, PhD, Young-Jin Son, PhD, Arthur Washburn, PhD, Lynn G. Kirby, PhD, Brett A. Oxbcrry, PhD, Steven N. Popoff, PhD. Sco-Hcc C-ho, PhD, Nicole I.. Griffin, PhD. Missing: Mary E. Abood, PhD, Judith Daniels (Litvin), PhD, Thomas A. Marino, PhD, Helen E. Pearson, PhD, Stephen H. Pilder, PhD, Victor Rizzo, PhD. Department Chair: Steven N. Popoff, PhD BASIC SCIENCE FACULTY Biochemistry Back Row: Dale Haines, PhD, Heinrich Rod-cr, PhD, Brad Rothbcrg PhD, Scott Shore, PhD, Jimmy Collins, PhD, Charles Grub-meyer, PhD, Keith Latham, PhD, Kathleen Giangiaconio, PhD, Ray Habas, PhD. Front Row: Warren Masker, PhD, Madesh Mu-niswamy, PhD,Jonathan Soboloff, PhD, Donald Gill, PhD, Tanya Ferguson, PhD, Nora Engel, PhD, Salim Merali, PhD, Dianne Soprano, PhD, Parkson Chong, PhD. Department Chair: Donald Gill, PhD Microbiology and Immunology Back Row: John Westdyke, Administrator; Wcidong Xiao, PhD, Professor; Alexander Tsygankov, PhD, Associate Professor, Marion M. Chan, PhD, Associate Professor; Tomasz Skorski, MD, PhD, Professor; Bettina But taro, PhD, Associate Professor; Stcfania Galluc-ci, MD Associate Professor. Next Row: Dottie Bathe, Administrative Coordinator; Lisclotte Jensen, PhD Assistant Professor; Marc Mon-csticr, MD, PhD, Professor; Cagla Tukel, PhD, Assistant Professor. Front Row: Patrick J. Pig-got, PhD, Professor; Doina Ganea, PhD Earle H. Spaulding Professor and Chair; Walter K. Long, PhD, Associate Professor; Mario PS Chin, PhD, Assistant Professor 26 FACULTYPhysiology Seated: Satoru Eguchi, MD, PhD, Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD, Rosario Scalia, MD, PhD, Michael Autieri, PhD. Standing: Raul DcLa Cadena, MD, John Gaughan, PhD, James Heckman, PhD, Steven Houser, PhD, John Martin, PhD, James Ryan, PhD, Ronald luma, PhD, Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD, Steven Driska, PhD. Department Chair: Steven Houser, PhD. Not Pictured: Xiongwen Chen, Ph.D., Analia Garcia, D.M.D., Kxvang Kim, Ph.D., Soochong Kim, Ph.D., D.V.M., Satya Kunapuii, Ph.D., Marla Wolfson, Ph.D. 27 FACULTYBioethics, Urban Health Policy Left to Right: Nora Jones, Norma Alicea Alvarez, Kathleen Reeves, Mary Segal, Marla Davis Bellamy RESEARCH FACULTY Cardiovascular Research Center Front Row Left to Right: Michael Auticri, PhD, Emily Tsai, MD, Rosario Scalia, MD, PhD, Xiongwcn Chen, PhD, Hong Wang, MD, PhD, MBA, Satoru Eguchi, MD, PhD. Back Row Left to Right: Xiao-Fcng Yang, MD, PhD, William Santamore, PhD, Abdcl-Karim Sabri, PhD, Steven Houser, PhD, Victor Rizzo, PhD. Not pictured: Khadija Rafiq, PhD, Weizhong Zhu, PhD, Alfred A. Bove, MD, PhD, Jon George, MD, Donald L. Gill, PhD, Madesh Muniswamy, PhD, Steven J. Phillips, MD, Fabio Rccchia, MD, PhD, Kevin J. Williams, MD. Director: Steven Houser, PhD Center for Substance Abuse Research Top Row I.eft to Right: Lynn Kirby, PhD, Khalid Benaniar, PhD,John Muschanip, PhD, Alan Cowan, PhD, Scott Rawls, PhD. Bottom Row Left to Right: Martin Adler, PhD (Director Emeritus),Toby K. Eiscnstcin, PhD (Co-Director), Ellen M. Untcrwald, PhD (Director), Sara Jane Ward, PhD, Lee-Yuan Liu-Chcn, PhD. Not Pictured: Mar)’ Abood, PhD, Ronald Tallarida, PhD, Ronald Tuma, PhD 28 FACULTYCenter for Translational Medicine Left Side: Domenico Franco, 1D, Shuchi Guo, Jian-ling Song, PhD, Alessandro Cannavo, PhD, Eugene Brailoiu, PhD, Kurt Chuprun, PhD, Wally Koch, PhD, Nick Hoflman, Danicla Liccardo, PhD, Judy Wang, PhD, Sudarsan Rajan, PhD, Madcsh Mu-niswamy, PhD, Erhc Gao, MD, PhD. Right Side: Joe Rabinowitz, PhD, Tom Force, MD, Josh Gorsky, CJ Traynham, PhD, Jon Peterson, Ben Woodall, John Elrod, PhD, Jon Hullnunn, Rhonda Carter, Hind Lai, PhD, Firdos Ahmad, PhD, Laurel Grisanti, PhD, Ashlie Glasgow, Priscila Sato, PhD, Zuping Qu, Mary Nwokcdi,Jessica Ibcttijibin Zhou, PhD, Anita Mehta, Anna Gumpert, PhD, Meryl Castcllini, PhD. Seated: Nora Baglivo, Samantha Baxter, Shan Parikh, Yuonjun Guo, Sarah Bass, PhD, Maria Cecilia Scimia, MD, PhD. Not pictured:Joseph Y. Cheung, MD, PhD; Doug Ttlley, PhD;Joanne Cortesc FcL iu»uiutc Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology Front Row Left to Right: Barbara Hoffman, Judith Garriga, Raghbir S. Athwal, Nora Engel, Jean-Pierre Issa, Dan A. Licbermann, Carmen Sapienza, Dianne Soprano, Ana Gamero. Second Row Left to Right: Raza Zaidi, Richard T. Pomerantz, Ruma Mukc-rjee, Italo Tempera, Xavier Grana, Scott K. Shore, Dale Haines, Basscl Sawaya, J. Kim de Riel, Jonathan Soboloff, Jaroslav Jelinek, Tornasz Skorski, Woonbok Chung, Matteo Cesaroni Shriners Hospital Pediatric Research Center Left to Right: Shuxin Li, PhD, Yang Hu, PhD, Sco-Hcc Cho, PhD, Michael E. Selzer, MD, PhD, Young-Jin Son, PhD, Peter B. Crino, MD, PhD, Tanya S. Ferguson, PhD, Gianluca Gallo, PhD, George M. Smith, PhD, Seonhcc Kim, PhD, Barbara Krynska, PhD, Shin H. Kang, PhD, Michael I. Shifman, PhD 29 FACULTY30 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEGEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER Members of the Temple School of Medicine Class of 2013: Douglas F. Kupas, M.D. Linda Famiglio, M.D. Congratulations! You have demonstrated that you have the knowledge and skills to be outstanding physicians and you can be proud of your accomplishments. The faculty and staff at Geisinger Health System have enjoyed being part of the medical school education for many of you. As an organization, we strive to HEAL, TEACH, DISCOVER, and SERVE. The skills that you develop in medical school are the foundation. Your challenge is to build on these skills as you enter the next phase of life-long learning. We know that you are prepared to provide excellence in patient care as both future leaders and team members in systems that will increasingly require innovation and quality. If you spent time at Geisinger as a clinical campus student, or simply as a student on a single rotation, we hope that you gained some insight into the importance of system design and innovations that lead to optimal patient outcomes. We hope that you also realize that it is still an incredible honor to be fortunate enough to share the relationship between a physician and a patient. As you progress through your careers and become responsible for creating the healthcare systems of the future, remember the words of our founder, Abigail Geisinger,"Make it the Best”. Sincerely, Douglas F. Kupas, MD Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Geisinger Clinical Campus Temple University School of Medicine Associate Chief Academic Officer Geisinger Health System 34 GESINGER MEDICAL CENTERST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL CLASS OF 2014: I want to extend my warmest congratulations to the Class of 2014 of Temple University School of Medicine, and especially to our seventh class of Clinical Campus students who spent their entire third and fourth years training at the St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, PA, and to the many students who rotated with us for required courses and electives. You should he proud of your accomplishments. We are proud of you. It has been a pleasure to see our Temple students develop into knowledgeable, caring, and skillful young physicians. We arc one of the oldest Temple University School of Medicine affiliated hospitals. Eight years ago Sr. Lukes became a clinical campus. This year, the 2nd group of 30 students started their second year at the Regional Medical School of Temple University School of Mcdicine St. Lukes University Health Network. We arc especially proud of our relationship with the Temple University School of Medicine and the part we play in the development of young physicians. I wish you much success as you start your next phase of medical education. Sincerely, St. Luke's University Hospital, Bethlehem, PA, is a full-service institution and a Level I trauma center. It is one of six hospitals in the St. Luke's University Health Network. We have won numerous national awards and recognition for patient care. We have also been designated three times in a row as one of the top 100 Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania. A significant part of our mission is the education of physicians at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate -CME) as well as nurses and allied health professionals. Joel C. Rosenfeld, M.D., M. Ed. Joel C. Rosenfeld, M.D., M.Ed., F.A.C.S. Chief Academic Officer St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network Professor of Surgery Senior Associate Dean Temple University School of Medicine 35 2014 SKULLWEST PENN ALLEGHENY HEALTH SYSTEMS Allegheny Health Network Elliot B. Goldberg, M.D. Class of 2014 It is with great pleasure that I extend my congratulations to the 13th class of clinical campus students who have completed their entire third and fourth years of clinical training at the Temple University School of Medicine Clinical Campus located in Pittsburgh, Pa. We also continue to warmly welcome students from the main campus who choose to join us for their required and elective rotations. The five hospitals of West Perm Allegheny Health System (Allegheny General, Allegheny Valley, Can-onsburg, Forbes and West Penn) are now a proud part of Allegheny Health Network, a new integrated delivery network based in western Pennsylvania. Allegheny Health Network is bringing together the brightest healthcare professionals from western Pennsylvania and beyond to form a cost-effective health system that raises quality, enhances outcomes and preserves consumer choice for everyone, regardless of their insurance plan. Allegheny Health Network currently boasts 200 healthcare locations, 2000 physicians, and 17,500 employees - and we’re growing. Last year physicians in our cardiac programs - ranked among the best in the nation - performed 14,700 cardiac catheterization procedures and 1550 open-heart surgeries. Our cancer institute, ranked among the finest in the country for best practices and outcomes in various types of cancer, had 125,000 oncology visits among its 43 locations. We have been ranked among the top 50 orthopaedic centers in the nation for quality care and are the official medical provider for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Our transplant survival rates are the best in the nation. We are one of the first medical centers in the country to be designated a Comprehensive Stroke Center. We offer 39 women's health locations and last year delivered 5,000 babies. We counted almost 300,000 visits to our Level 1 and Level 2 trauma centers and emergency departments. We at Allegheny Health Network are proud of our affiliation with Temple University School of Medicine, and we look forward to continuing to serve as a major resource for the School of Medicine in educating their students. Sincerely, Elliot B. Goldberg, MD Senior Associate Dean, Temple University School of Medicine 36 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Reading Hospital and Medical Center St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children International Affiliates Abington Memorial Hospital Crozer-Chestcr Medical Center Fox Chase Cancer Center Jcanes Hospital MOON Afrit Africa Asia Atia Avia Avia Am Avia Am Europe Avia Middle Cave ucm America Middle Cavt Curop Auvtralia Europe Central America Curop INSTITUTION Addri Ababa Umveryty Cairo OnrrervKy capital M d eJ University. Betjir fu ten CATXXJC UnrrervJty, HvnCh K io umvervity. Tokyo Nabonat Chen Hung Unhervuy. Tainan, Tai Niton ! Taiwan Umrerjity. Taipei NIB Academy of Science!, Andhra. Pradevh Pecple’v Hovprtal of Changihow. Shanghai Royal College of Surgeont of Ireland. Dublin Seoul National UWvervty Technon uriwvity, Haifa The UruvervUy of Pernambuco The U Wvervity of Sharjah University of Malaga Unversey of Melbourne Unvervty of Milan UnNerSty of Panama UnwerMty of Zurich COUNTRY 37 AFFILIATE CAMPUSESEMERGENCY MEDICINE INTEREST GROUP SOCCER 40 STUDENT GROUPSTRANSPLANTATIONS LATINO MEDICAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION _ «• 41 STUDENT GROUPSSTUDENT NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SOUTH ASIAN HEALTH STUDENTS ASSOCIATION J 42 STUDENT GROUPSTEMPLE EMERGENCY ACTION CORPS 43 STUDENT GROUPSINTERNATIONAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION 44 STUDENT GROUPSBABCOCK SURGICAL SOCIETY ■ ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN MED STUDENT ASSOCIATION 45 STUDENT GROUPSMEDIBLE LEARNING GARDEN % 46 STUDENT GROUPS47 STUDENT CROUPS COMMUNITY SERVICE DAY BRIDGING THE GAPSDODGEBALL TOURNAMENT 48 STUDENT GROUPSICENDERTON HEALTH FAIR 49 STUDENT GROUPSRadiology Interest Group Student Government Association so STUDENT GROUPSJames and Stella Yoo Married: June 25,2011 Perry Evangelista and Lauren Ogrich Married: May 25,2013 Dave and Erin Hower Married: January 26,2013 Hadi Afrasiabi and Golnar Lashgari Engaged: December 11,2013 Dennis Delany and Rachel Kennedy Engaged: November 21,2013 Olivia Rose Gerney Born: August 1st, 2012 Judson Daniel Kjos McCarthy Born: August 30,2013 Lucy and Mary Deak April 18,2013 and June 6,2011 51 2014 SKULL David Ramski and Ashley dePadua Married: December 31,2011 Weston Bettner and Rachel Beverley Engaged: March 16,2013 Jeremy Grant and Maggie Flynn Engaged: January 2, 2014Sam and Jillian Bores David and Gabriela Guez Carl and Michael Ann Beyer Married: July 16,2011 Married: September 1,2013 Married: April 07,2012 Kla and Mawuli Brosius Neil and Dr. Naseem Kocher Married: July 21,2012 Married: April 11,2013 Eric Wang and Alicia Henriquez Engaged: August 2, 2013 Ali Green and Brian Jarred Molitoris and Sarah Lichtenstein with Molitoris Family, and Lichtenstein Family Engaged: September 6, 2013 52 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJustin Kistler and Megan Rae Engaged: April 28,2013 Justin Tunberg and Megan Herda Engaged: April 29,2013 Charlotte Rose Bores Born: March 6,2013 Matilda Anna Eriksson Born: March 22,2013 Freja Alice Eriksson Born: March 18,2011 Kla Patric Brosius Jr. Born: December 5,2012 Wesley Drake Born: August 6, 2013 Eliana Greenberg Born: June 13,2012 Ava Lynn Hower Born: July 27,2013 CO HQ RATll LAT9 0 PIS 53 ENGAGEMENTS. WEDDINGS AND BABIESrJ[1 SchdBl of Medicine — TEMPLE UNIVERSITY ! .%3$ hi ilhH. Ooyi "00.1 Ui '«»» • ATCH DAY 2014 UNTIL TUSM Mi ...bi89es!1fav ,n philly 54 TEMPI.F. UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE rMATCH Aaron, Hillary Barry. Jeffrey Brosius. Mawuli St. Christophers Hosp-PA Temple Univ Hosp-PA St Lukes-Bethlehem-PA Pediatrics Internal Medicine Obstetrics-Gynecology Adclman, Julie Bcttner, Weston Brower, Kelly Temple Univ Hosp-PA Johns Hopkins Hosp-MD St Christophers Hosp-PA Otolaryngology Internal Medicine Pediatrics Ahmed, Awad Beverley, Rachel Brown. Christina Jackson Memorial Hosp-FL UPMC Med Education-PA University of Virginia Radiation-Oncology Abington Mem Hosp-PA Obstetrics-Gynecology Emergency Medicine (Prelim) Beyer, Carl Chan, George Travis Air Force Base Nonh Shorc-LIJ Health Sys- Allen, Natalie General Surgery NY Virginia Commonwealth Univ Pediatrics Pediatrics Bhardwaj. Saruchi New York Univ Chang. Ronald Amin, Hari Opthalmology U Southern California Cooper Univ Hosp-NJ Crozcr-Chestcr Med Ctr-PA Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine (TY) Chaponis, Stephen Ansari. Ashkon Blohm. Melanie NYP Hosp-Colombia Univ U Southern California Medical Univ of SC Med Ctr-NY Emergency Medicine Obstetrics-Gynecology Anesthesiology Back, Steven Boilman. Hillary Chaudhary. Shahrukh Temple Univ Hosp-PA Hosp of the Univ of PA U Maryland Med Ctr Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Obstetrics-Gynecology Baldwin, Erin Bores. Jillian Cheng. Andrew Oregon Health Sci Univ U North Carolina Hospitals Harbor-UCLA Med Ctr-CA Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Barnette. Brian Borson, Steve Chovanes, Christina UC Davis Med Ctr-PA Bamcs-Jcwish Hosp-MO Abington Mem Hosp-PA Pediatrics Internal Medicine Family Medicine('ook County-Strogcr Hospital-IL Allegheny Gen Hosp-PA UPMC Med Education-PA Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Phys Medicine Rehab Chundru, Kishore Icahn SOM St Lukes-Roos- evcIt-NY Radiology-Diagnostin Maimonides Med Ctr-NY (Prelim) C'ipriano. Anthony St Lukes-Bethlehcm-PA General Surgery C'ristol, Jeremy Christiana Care-DE Family Medicine Davis, Lindsay I emple Univ Hosp-PA Emergency Medicine de Padua, Ashley I'homas JctTerson Univ-PA Phys Medicine Rehab Si Lukcs-Bcthlchcm-PA (TY) Dcak, Alexander I'cmple Univ Hosp-PA Internal Medicine Dclany, Dennis Medical Univ of SC Pediatrics DeStefano. Lauren Mercy Catholic Med-PA General Surgery Dimachkie. Ziad Temple Univ Hosp-PA Internal Medicine Dincher. Jeremy UPMC Med Education-PA Emergency Medicine Dittman. Lindsay Geisingcr Health Sys-PA Medicine-Pediatrics Dodard Friedman, Anise CA Pacific Med Ctr Psychiatry Dolan. Katie UPMC Med Education-PA Emergency Medicine Domadula. Indu UC Davis Med Ctr-CA Anesthesiology UC SF-Fresno-CA (Prelim) Drake. Alex Florida Hosp-Orlando-FL Emergency Medicine Duarte, Kimberly Drexcl Univ COM Hahnemann Univ Hosp-PA (prelim) Eastwick, Gary SUNY Upstate Med Univ Radiation-One Crozer-Chester Med Ctr-PA (TY) Elmously. Adham NYP Hosp-Weill Cornell Med Ctr-NY General Surgery Eriksson, Hans U Florida COM-Jacksonvillc Emergency Medicine Escobar. Daniel U Maryland Med Ctr Internal Medicine Farag, Mark UC Irvine Med Ctr-CA Neurology UC Irv ine Med Ctr-CA (Prelim) Francescangeli. James Hcrshcy Med Ctr Pcnn State-PA Anesthesiologyich Daft »ci« A Match Garcia, Reinaldo Virginia Commonwealth Univ Internal Medicine Gendreau. Kevin Steward Carney Hosp-MA Family Medicine Gemey. Garrett Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA Anesthesiolog f Giammattci, Jeanette St Christophers Hosp-PA Pediatrics Gn, Charis Rhode Island Uosp Brown Univ Internal Medicine Golfeiz. Chaim NYU School of Medicine Anesthesiology Lincoln Med Ctr-NY (Prelim) Grant. Jeremy t Western PA 1 losp J Bid Obstetrics-Gynecology Greenberg, Yitzchok Brookdalc Hosp Med Ctr-NY General Surgery Grewal, Ajitzpal Western PA Hosp Anethesiology Pinnacle Health llosps-PA (Prelim) Guez. David Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA Radiology-Diagnostic Reading Hosp Med Ctr-PA (TY) Hart. Beth U Minnesota Med School Anesthesiology Hashmi, Omar Allegheny Gen Hosp-PA General Surgery Heayn, Michelle UPMC Med Education-PA Pathology Henderson. Ian NYU School of Medicine Internal Medicine Herda. Mcagan Oregon Health Science Uni Internal Medicine Hirsch, David UPMC Med Education-PA Ortho Surgery Research Hodzic, Emina Case Westem Univ Hosps Case Med-OH Pediatrics Hohman. Christopher North Shore-LIJ Health Sys-NY Psychiatry Hong. Annie North Shore-LIJ Health Sys-NY Pediatrics Mower. Erin Duke Univ Med Ctr-NC Pediatrics Huckaby. Lauren UPMC Med Education-PA General Surgery I lughes. Lesley U Florida COM-Shands Hosp Neurology U Florida COM-Shands I losp (Prelim) j Green, Alyssa I Temple Univ Hosp-PA , Emergency Medicine Henriqucz. Alicia U Colorado SOM-Denvcr Child Neurology itch • 3in Green. Alexandra UC Davis Med Ctr-CA (Prelim) United Iffrig, Kcvan University of Texas HSC San Antonio (Prelim) Intcrrante. John Hershey Med Ctr Penn State- PA Internal Medicine Jan, Michael Temple Univ llosp-PA (Prelim) Johnson, Megan U Southern California Emergency Medicine Johnson. David I lospital of the Univ of PA Anesthesiology Abington Mem Hosp-PA (Prelim) Jones, Mary Kathryn Cooper Univ Hosp-NJ Emergency Medicine Junior, William Yale-New Haven Hosp-CT Anesthesiology Kafer. Jessica Forbes Family Medicine-PA Family Medicine Kalariya, Neil Western PA I losp Anesthesiology Cooper Univ Hosp-NJ (Prelim) Katz. Jacklyn CA Pacific Med Ctr Internal Medicine Kelley. Thomas Eisenhower Army Med Ctr General Surgery Kelly. Patricia White Mem Med Ctr-LA-CA Family Medicine Kennedy. Rachel Med Univ of SC Psychiatry Khan. Ella Sutter Hcalth-CA Family Medicine Kim. Paul Stanford Univ Progs-CA Neurology Temple Univ Hosp (Prelim) Kim, Jun Icahn SOM at Mt Sinai-NY Orthopaedic Surgery Kim, Ajin St Christophers Hosp-PA Pediatrics Kistler, Justin Temple Univ Hosp-PA Orthopaedic Surgery Klebanoff. Jordan Christiana Care-DE Obstetrics-Gynecology Kocher, Neil Hershey Med Ctr Penn State-PA Surg-Preli m U rology Kolan. Samuel Temple Univ Hosp-PA Research Kostrub, Justine Med Ctr Bcaver-PA Family Medicine Kumar. Amit Univcristy of Virginia Emergency Medicine Lagasse, Grace U Cincinnati Med Ctr-OH Emergency Medicine Lambert, Tashima Duke Univ Med Ctr-NC Obstetrics-Gynecology Lashgari, Golnar Crozcr-Chester Med Ctr-PA Family MedicineMarquez. Rachel Utah Healthcare Institute Family Medicine Mayard. Irma Crozcr-Chcstcr Med Ctr-PA Family Medicine Mayer, Amanda Icahn SOM St Lukes-Roos- cvcldt-NY General Surgery McBride. Gabriela Temple Univ Hosp-PA Emergency Medicine McGann. Sean Maimonides Med Ctr-NY Emergency Medicine McNamara. Kevin Drexel Univ COM Hahnemann Univ Hosp-PA Emergency Medicine Mei .inger, Casey Stanford Univ Progs-CA Phys Medicine Rehab Abington Mem Hosp (Prelim) Menhaji. Kimia Pennsylvania Hosp Obstetrics-Gynecology Lee. Deborah Hershey Med Ctr Penn State-PA Pediatrics Lichtenstein. Sarah Cincinnati Childrens Hosp MC-OH Pediatrics Lim, Tiffany Jefferson Med Coll DuPont Childrcns-PA Pediatrics Lipkin-Moore. Zachary Boston Univ Med Ctr-MA Internal Medicine Liss, Laura Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA Anesthesiology Liu, Zuolu UC Davis Med Ctr-CA Neurology Lydon, Kerri Baylor Coll Med-Houston-TC Anesthesiology Manupipatpong. Katherine Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps Anesthesiology ! MATCH DAY Miller. Emily Lancaster Gen I losp-PA Family Medicine Miller. Elan Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA Neurology Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA (Prelim) Molitoris. John Good Samaritan Hosp Cincinatti-OH Obstetrics-Gynecology Molnar. Theodore UPMC Med Education-PA Radiology-Diagnostic Crozer-Chester Med Ctr-PA (TY) Moore, Ryan Temple Univ Hosp-PA General Surgery Motley, Phillip Crozer-Chester Med Ctr-PA Family Medicine Mudrakola, Harsha Baylor Coll Mcd-Houston-TX Internal Medicine Nasser, Hussein Einstcin'Beth Israel Med Ctr-NY Radiology-Diagnostic Lehigh Valley Hosp-PA (TY)Newby, Quin Drexel Univ COM Hahncmann I iv Hosp-PA I lcrgcncy Medicine Nieweld, Carl I Maryland Med Ctr Internal Medicine Ocken, Levi I nomas Jefferson Univ-PA Anesthesiology : mple Univ Hosp-PA (Prelim) Ogrich, Lauren Drexel Univ COM Hahnemann Univ Hosp-PA Icahn SOM at Mt Sinai-NY (Prelim) Ohara. Sean Damall Amiy Medical Center Emergency Medicine Onishi, So Kaiser Pcrmanentc-San Dicgo- CA Emergency Medicine Oommen. Abraham 1 komas Jefferson Univ-PA Anesthesiology Ow yang. Clark Icahn SOM at My Sinai-NY ! icrgency Medicine Patel, Jui Drexel Univ COM Hahnemann Univ Hosp-PA Internal Medicine Patel, Anand Rutgers-R W Johnson Med Schooi-NJ Internal Medicine Perkins. Tiffany U Louisville SOM-KY Su rg- Pre 1 i m U rology Powell, Ashanda Chestnut Hill Hosp-PA Family Medicine Reid. Jonas Cleveland Clinic Fdn-OH Orthopaedic Surgery Riley. Nathan Kaiser Permanentc-Los Angelcs-CA Obstetrics-Gynecology Sackmann. Robert U North Carolina Hosps Emergency Medicine Sami, Malta UC Davis Med Ctr-CA Internal Medicine Sawatzky, Benjamin U Wisconsin Hosps Clinics Radiology-Diagnostic Reading Hospital Med Ctr (TY) Shapiro. Aaron Chestnut Hill Hosp-PA Family Medicine Shapiro, Danielle St Lukes-Bethlehem-PA Family Medicine Shim. Stephanie NYP Hosp-Columbia Univ Med Ctr-NY Orthopaedic Surgery Slipak, Sasha Geisingcr Health Systcm-PA General Surgery Slipak. Alan Allegheny Gen Hosp-PA Orthopaedic Surgery Sotted. Valeric Institute for Family Hcalth-NY Family Medicine Springer. Daniel UPMC' Med Education-PA Anesthesiology ich Day 201 1 Womiscr, Benjamin Cincinnati Childrens Hosp MC-OH Pediatrics Velazquez, Christine Wake Forest Baptist Med Ctr NC General Surgery Stein, Seth NYP hosp-Weill Cornell Med Ctr-NY Icahn SOM St Lukes-Roos-cvclt-NY (Prelim) 5 m Sycd. Ali Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA Radiology-Diagnostic Crozer-Chester Med Ctr-PA (TY) Tadcvosyan. Ara St Lukes-Bethlehem-PA Emergency Medicine Tcberian. Ida Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA Radiology-Diagnostic Mercy Catholic Med-PA (TY) Tragon, Tyson UPMC Med Education-PA Radiology-Diagnostic UPMC Mercy Hosp-PA (TY) Truong, Brian UCLA Med Ctr-CA Emergency Medicine van de Rijn, Marc Harvard Spaulding-MA Lankenau I losp-PA (Prelim) MATCH DAY Vcrma. Rahul Albert Einstein Med Ctr-PA Radiology-Diagnostic Albert Einstein Med Ctr-PA (Prelim) Volkert. Elizabeth St Christophers Hosp-PA Pediatrics von Ahrens, Dagny Einstcin Beth Israel Med Ctr-NY General Surgery Vora, Halley Cedars-Sinai Med Ctr-CA General Surgery Walsh. Kenneth Rutgers-New Jersey Med School General Surgery Wang, Eric U Colorado SOM-Dcnver Internal Medicine Weiss, Eric Temple Univ Hosp-PA Surgery-Prelim Wright, Carrie Penn State University-Hershey Opthalmology Crozer-Chester Med Ctr-PA (TY) Yoo.Joseph Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA Internal Medicine Yoo, Stella U Southern California Radiation Oncology Abington Mem Hosp-PA (Prelim) Zhang. Hao Kaiser Permanente-Los Angeles-CA Obstetrics-Gynecology Zhou. Jenny Cedars-Sinai Med Ctr-CA Internal MedicineALPHA OMEGA ALPHA HONOR SOCIETY CLASS OF 2014 CLASS OF 2015 Julie Adelman Weston Bettner Hilary Bollman Steven Borson Christina Chovanes Dennis Delany Jeannette Giammattei David Guez Ian Henderson Meagan Herda Lauren Huckaby Megan Johnson Jun Kim Paul Kim Justin Kistler Neil Kocher Grace Lagasse Gabriela McBride Casey Meizinger Emily Miller Theodore Molnar Levi Ocken Lauren Ogrich Danielle Shapiro Stephanie Shim Alan Slipak Daniel Springer Christine Velazquez Elizabeth Volkert Dagny Von Ahrens Stella Kim Yoo Steven Tobochnik Brian Weston TarikYuce Inducted as Junior AOA Member 64 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA HONOR SOCIETYGOLD HUMANISM HONOR SOCIETY Weston Bettner Mary Kathryn Jones Rachel Beverly Ella Kamal Khan Melanie Blohm Jun Kim Hilary Bollman Tashima Lambert Jillian Notini Deborah Lee Andrew Cheng Kerri Lydon Ashley de Padua Rachel Marquez Alexander Deak Gabriela McBride Guez Dennis Delany Emily Miller Matthew Drakeley Harsha Mudrakola Gary Eastwick Sean O’Hara Adham Elmously Nathan Riley Mark Farag Maha Sami Garrett Gerney Alan Slipak Alyssa Green Brian Truong David Guez Eric Wang Omar Hashmi Alicia Henriquez David Johnson Benj amin Wormser 65 GOLD HUMANISMTHERE IS NO HIGHER RELIGION THAN HUMAN SERVICE. TO WORK FOR THE COMMON GOOD IS THE GREATEST CREED. -WOODROW WILSON 66 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDr. Martin Black Professor of Medicine Dr. Warren Masker Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Raymond Brown Professor of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Donna Mason Administrative Coordinator TUSM Institute for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety Dr. Jeffrey Kochan Professor of Radiology William Schulze Assistant Dean for Academic Affliations Dr. Kenneth Mangan Professor of Medicine-Bone Marrow Transplant NOT PICTURED: Dr. Earl Henderson: Professor of Microbiology and Immunology Dr. Linda Knight Professor of Radiology Dr. Patricia Silva: Professor of Medicine -Nephrology Dr. Stephen Wong Professor of Ophthalmology 69 RETIREMENT 70 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - V zmgmm72 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE73 CLASS OF 2014CONCj'R-A'T'U.LATlOCN'S from our dean To the Class of 2014: Though it may seem like the end of the road your education really is just beginning. Despite the fact that you may think that will be just continuing your education you will soon learn that Medicine is a continuous education. The learning will be lifelong and your patients will be your teachers. You are embarking on your career at a transformative and you will be part of that change. No longer is our job simply to take care of the sick but we must promote wellness. Population management is the new norm and this will have a profound effect on us all. Inpatient admissions are decreased across the country and the hospital no longer is the central point of care. For that matter we are seeing a shift even from the outpatient clinical setting to the home especially with the use of newer technologies. Though you may have memorized a lot of information during your four years at Temple all of the factual information that you need is as close as your smartphone. What I hope we have taught you here is how best to use that wealth of information and how to think critically. I assure you that has been our aim and we will continue to refine our curriculum to best prepare our students. I hope that you are proud to say that you are “Temple made”. All of you are ambassadors for Temple and I’m confident that you will represent us well. You have reached a major milestone not just in your career but in your life. My best wishes to all of you as you embark on this next phase. Larry R. Kaiser, MD, FACS Dean, Temple University School of Medicine Senior Executive Vice President for the Health Sciences, Temple University President and CEO, Temple University Health System Professor of Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery 74 CONGRATULATIONS FROM OUR DEANCONGRATULATIONS FROM OUR CLASS PRESIDENT I hope that you felt supported by SGA during your medical school experience. It has certainly been a pleasure, for myself and for the class representatives, to work with all of you and to share in your creativity and passion. I will forever remember your dodgeball uniforms, your dance moves at select neighborhood establishments, your efforts to help the North Philadelphia community (remember, there once was no medicinal garden next to MERB!), and the unique efforts you devoted to so many student groups and clinics. The Temple community is richer for your efforts. Dear Classmates, The long road from orientation to graduation has finally reached its conclusion. What a tremendous journey it has been. As first years, we never could have predicted the fun times we would have, the friendships we would make, the patients we would help, and the challenges we would overcome. Our class in particular seemed to have a unique spirit, forged from the special characteristics of each of its members. This spirit was palpable whenever we were together. Even in a MERB lecture hall, right before a class would begin, one could sit back and absorb the warmth as everyone crowded together laughing, joking, glad to be collectively on this journey. This spirit remained strong when we worked together on the wards - sharing our excitement, our knowledge, our challenges, and our triumphs. We took care of each other and enjoyed the twists and turns that come with practicing medicine. It was a pleasure to take this journey with you. As we direct our attention now to the big world ahead, forever as physicians, I hope that you will remember your classmates, teachers, and patients from these 4 years in North Philadelphia. Remember why you chose medicine, how hard you worked to learn it, and never forget the people who helped you get to where you are today. I wish you all the best, and look forward to hearing about the many ways in which you will all surely make this world a better place! Fondly, BenWormser 75 CONGRATULATIONS FROM OUR PRESIDENTLivingston, NJ Washington University in Saint Louis B. A. Biology, Jewish Islamic and Near Eastern Studies Hillary Aaron, M.D. AU of my gratitude to my family and friends whose support, motivation, and patience have encouraged me throughout the past four years. To the class of 2014: When I started medical school, I never could have imagined what a quality group of people would surround me throughout this journey. When I look back, I will remember hours spent together in die library, countless'chill spot" lunch dates, late nights at Fado, overnight calls that felt like they would never end, ski trips, beach weekends, engagements, weddings, babies, and most of all, lots of laughs. I have had such a wonderful support system and have made some lifelong friends. And to Ryan: Thank you for truly being my family and my number one fan throughout this crazy experience. 1 fed immeasurably luck)' that I have had you by my side through all the ups and downs. To my family: Lindsay and Stephanie, thank you for all of your encouragement, understanding, and innumerable Snapchats. 'Ihc line between sisters and best friends becomes blurrier by the day. And to Mom and Dad, I cant thank you enough for your encouraging words, your listening ears, and most of all, your generosity. You never questioned the sacrifices 1 had to make in the name of medical school, and for that I am so grateful. You have made the past four years possible, in more way than you even know, and I hope I will continue to make you proud as I (finally!) start my career. Thank you for being such wonderful role models. 76 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINELancaster, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Molecular Biology B. A. Spanish Language and Literature Natalie Allen, M.D. Congratulations class of 2014! Thank you to my parents Kevin and Lisa for always supporting me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. Kaitlyn and Nick, thanks for the love and laughter. Grand-pop and my family, I am so grateful for your love and generosity. To Tom, thank you for sharing in this great experience with me. May we enjoy our next adventure as much as the last four years. "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius 77 2014 SKULLWarrington, Pennsylvania Temple University B.S. Biology and Healthcare Management Hari D. Amin, M.D. First and foremost. I would like to thank God and my family (Dad. mom, and my sister Mira) for their continued support throughout all of my years of schooling including the past 4 years of medical school. They have always been there to listen to my struggles as well as celebrate my achievements. I could not be more thankful to have such a wonderful and loving family. 1 would also like to take this opportunity to thank my friends. From the childhood friends I grew up with to the new friends I made in medical school, I definitely would not have been where I am today without them. Many say, “laughter is the best medicine" and I am thankful to those around me for always putting a smile on my face. Last but not least, 1 would like to thank all of the attending doctors, residents, faculty members, and patients who have advised, taught, and guided me on my path of becoming a physician. I would like to end with one of my favorite and inspirational quotes from P.S.M."In the joy of others, lies our own." Congratulations to Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2014!!! 78 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESu4 mt Freehold, New Jersey Oberlin College, O.H. B.A. Biology and Chemistry, History Daniel Kofi Asihene, M.D. Congrats to TUSM Class of 2014!!! Thank you to my family and friends, I couldn't have completed this journey without your love and support. 79 2014 SKULLCherry Hill, New Jersey Carnegie Mellon University B.S. Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering 80 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Steven Back, M.D., Ph.D. Thank you to everyone who stuck by my side during the challenges of the program and ensured my success: My dear friends of the TUSM classes of 2011 and 2014 as well as the TUSM MD PhD program: the faculty, staff and students of the Anatomy and Cell Biology Department; my mentors Archana Sanjay, Alexander Tsygankov, Mary Barbe, Steven Popoff and Dianne Soprano; the faculty and staff of TUSM; to my extended family, to my parents Ira and Gloria Back, my sister Susan Back, brother-in-law David Hoft-man and niece Ella, thank you for your infinite, unconditional love, encouragement and support.82 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESummit, New Jersey University of Michigan B.S. Mathematics, Biology, and Physics Columbia University M.P.H. Epidemiology Jeffrey Barry, M.D., M.P.H. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been there for me through these last four years and helped me to make it to this point. A special thanks to my family, who endured many an after work phone call while I drove home, and to my friends, who were always there to help count down how many lectures I had left the day before the exam and to help me forget about it after. "Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” -Mark Twain 83 2014 SKULLFreeport. Illinois University of Miami B.H.S. Health Science, Pre-Pharmacy Rachel Beverley, M.D. Thank you to my wonderful family for your unconditional love and support through the past four years. And Weston, my best friend, thank you for your patience and kindness and for always bringing a smile to my face when 1 need it. World uo » 84 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEVenice, Florida University of Florida B.A. Economics Carl A. Beyer, M.D. "Every mans life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” -Ernest Hemingway Congratulations to All the New Doctors in the Class of 2014! Thank you to my family, friends, mentors, professors, and especially my amazing wife Michael Ann. You have all helped me through this adventure called Medical School and I could not have done it alone. Also, a special thanks to Dr. Harbison, Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Rappold and all of the faculty and residents in the Department of Surgery for inspiring me to pursue a career in Surgery and helping me to achieve that goal. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! 85 2ota SKULLWoodsidc, New York University at Buffalo B.S. Biomedical Sciences Suruchi Bhardwaj, M.D. Thanks to: My mother, Kiran Bhardwaj, for being an excellent role model. Dr. Saadia Akluar for her continued support and inspiration. 86 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECorn! Springs, Florida Duke University Bachelor of Science in Biology Melanie Magdalena Blohm, M.D. “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for cxisring. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity." -Albert Einstein 87 2014 SKULL88 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDracut, Massachusetts Boston University B.A. Biology w specialization in Cell. Molecular, and Genetics Jillian Bores, M.D. Thank you to my amazing husband, Sam, for being by my side every step of this journey. You have been my rock, my best friend, the man of my dreams, and the reason I am who I am today. Thank you to my mom and dad for encouraging me ro pursue my dreams and instilling within me the drive to succeed. Thank you to Arthur, Patrick, Emily. Benjamin, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Margarcr-Mary, Abigail, Mary-Jo, Anthony, Gianna, and Matthew for being such awesome brothers and sisters. Thank you to my little Charlotte Rose for brightening every day of my life and for all of your little smiles whenever I walk through the door. Thanks to God for all of the blessings and opportunities that have brought me to where I am today. 89 1014 SKUl.l.Downingtown, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh 2010 BS Health and Rehabilitation Science Kelly Brower, M.D. I want to thank my family and friends for all their support! 90 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINELoma Linda, California University of California — San Diego B.S. Biochcmiscry Cell Biology Christina Yolanda Brown, M.D. I give praise and thanks to God Almighty for providing me the strength and endurance for this journey called life. Mother, Father and Edward, I am forever grateful for the unconditional love and support you bestowed upon me during these years. Mom, your prayers and affection reminded me how much I was loved. Dad. I miss you greatly but I couldn’t have done it without you cheering on “your litrle girl." Hcr-mano, thanks for your words of wisdom 8C encouragement as my brother. Grace, I am honored to call you "friend" through these years. To the remainder of my family and friends, thanks so much for all your love support. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5 91 2014 SKULLWest Orange, New Jersey Saint Josephs University B.S. Biology George Chan, M.D. % 1 V "To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life." -Victor Hugo, Lcs Miserable “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce." - Karl Lagerfeld Iff “There arc no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” -Abraham Lincoln TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE93 2 014 SKULLQueens, New York Fordham Universiry B.S. Chemistry ShahrukK Chaudhary, M.D. I would like to thank my mother and father for supporting my goal of becoming a physician. Thanks mom and dad for your love. Thanks to my brother and sister for motivating me to be the best brother that I could be. Thanks to all the good friends that I have made at Temple for having a good time with me during the past several years and, I wish you all the best with your future endeavors. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINELaguna Hills, California University of California, Los Angeles B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology Andrew Cheng, M.D. Mom and Dad. I just want to say thank you for everything that you have done for me these past four years. I am unbelievably lucky to have such amazing parents and I would never have made it this far if not for your love, advice, and unending support. To my friends, its been an amazing ride. Thanks for all the memories! 95 2014 SKULLNarbcrth, Pennsylvania Swarchmore College B.A. English Literature Jeremy D. Cristol, M.D. To my family, friends, and the many people at Temple and St. Luke's who helped me along the way: I thank you. To my fellow new doctors: Glance up and sec that those two new letters come AFTER your name. Always remember that you arc an actual genuine human person BEFORE you're an almighty doctor, for your sake, your family's, your patients’, your students', and most importantly, for mine as your future colleague. Fond memories: The sweet sounds of your rustles, coughs, and sneezes on class capture. Watching your breath rise from that shivering pile of coats and gloves checking Faccbook in MERB 105. The horror of those fearsome assemblages of letters less publicly bemoaned than U, S, M, L, and E: EBM, SP, and OSCE. Late-night library mouse dodging. 10,000 emails about $500 scholarships for half-Inuit residents of Chester county, born in Belarus, interested in taffy manufacturing, willing to commit to three years practicing on a fishing boat that just rides one lock up and down in the Panama Canal, and other equally broad criteria. Being subjected to a study of captive markets and monopoly, willingly adding 10% to our debt in bagclwichcs. Congratulations everyone. You clean up nice. 96 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHudson, Ohio Duke University B.A. History Lindsay M. Davis, M.D. We did it! Congratulations class of 2014! Thanks to my parents for their support and encouragement. And thanks to my friends for always making me laugh. 97 ZOM SKULLJacksonville, Florida University of Florida BS Psychology Temple University Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy MA Urban Bioethics Ashley de Padua, M.D., M.A. Thanks to my funny and (way too) smart classmates - because of you 1 not only survived 3rd year. I enjoyed it! Especially Kevin G.!!! I want to thank the wonderful ladies of 325 for always welcoming me with a smile! Oh. and candy! A heartfelt thank you to Dianne Butera and Dr. Kathleen Reeves for your guidance, support, and encouragement. Thank you to Dr. Nora Jones for your guidance and patience. Thank you to my family for everything, especially the endless texts that kept my pocket bussing through rounds. Great timing - I love you! Most importantly, thank you to the best husband I could ever hope for- David. Adventure is out there! Thank you for putting up with endless foster pets and our own little menagerie. Thank you for just being you - 1 couldn't imagine doing this without you. You. Willy, Bailey, Pooj, and Coco make me more human. One last thing, something I've been trying to keep buried deep down since I moved up here: "Y all." As in: HEY Y’ALL WE MADE IT!!!! 98 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEGranville, Ohio University of Notre Dame du Lie B.S. Biochemistry Alexander Deak, M.D. Thanks to all of my friends and family for helping me get to where 1 am today. Specifically to my wife, Molly: without you, I never would have made it to med school. Everything I have is because of you. And to my parents, for all your love and support, and for teaching me to be the best husband and father that I can be. A shout out to Mom-morn as well for much baby watching, allowing us to do all of the things we needed to do. Finally: Mar)- and Lucy, you two arc the loves of my life. I promise that your lives will be less crazy one day, just give me ten years! 99 zoi4 SKULLLancaster, Pennsylvania Loyola University Maryland B.S. Biology and Spanish Dennis R. Delany, M.D. Here's to another chapter of my life, drawing to a close. To the friends I've made, the patients I've met, and the relationships I’ve built. To all of the hours spent studying. To the far too few hours I was able to spend playing soccer, hanging out with friends and family, travelling the globe. I want to thank the people that have helped me reach this point, especially my parents who give me unwavering support and have helped shape me into the man I have become. Thank you to my brothers and sisters, I look forward to ever)- time 1 can come home and hang out with yall. Thank you Rachel, mi amor, for your support, understanding, and patience. I look forward to the many years to come. "For a man to attain to an eminent degree in learning costs him time, watching, hunger, nakedness, dizziness in the head, weakness in the stomach, and other inconveniences." -Miguel de Cervantes It’s been fun, now it’s time to turn the page... TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINElOl 20.4 SKULLHast Hanover, New Jersey Fordham University B.S. Biological Sciences and Sociology Lauren M. DeStefano, M.D. Thank you to all of my friends and family who have supported and encouraged me over the last five years. I could have never accomplished all that 1 have without each and ever)' one of you. To my loving parents, who have bailed me out of enough messes for a lifetime and have always pushed me to continue on my journey. To Alyssa, Danielle and Anthony, for always being there, no matter what I needed. To Ryan, for standing by my side ever)' step of the way - you arc my rock and 1 would not be here without all that you do for me. And of course to Riley, Lucky and Zoro for always giving me the perfect greeting after ever)' hard day. I love you all. Congratulations to the class of 2014!! 102 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE i-Benicia, California Temple University B.S. Biology and Minor in Business Indu S. Dornadula, M.D. Congratulations Class of 2014!! I want to thank my family for always being there for me and supporting me in everything that I have wanted to do. 1 would not have gotten this far in life if it weren't for you and all of your love. I am also thankful for all the friends I have made. These past four years have been an amazing experience with all of you! Good Luck to everyone! 103 20.4 SKULLSouth Weber, Utah Weber State University B.A. Spanish Language and Culture Alex Drake, M.D. "What ere thou art, act well thy part." A big thank you to the people in my life that have supported me through medical school and helped me as I try to become the best father, husband, friend, doctor, and all the other "parrs" 1 play. Mostly, I want to thank my loving, compassionate, loyal, and very patient wife Allyson for being with me every step of the way. 104 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEApple Valley, CA The United Stares Air Force Academy B.S. Biology Kimberly M. Duarte, M.D. I would like to clunk my family and friends for their unwavering support. I could not have done this without you. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill Congratulations ('lass of 2014! 105 20.4 SKULLHolmsund, Sweden Clark University, Worcester, MA B. A., M.A. in Hisrory with minor in economics Hans Eriksson, M.D. Married ro Kristen Miller. Had 2 children in medical school: Freja Alice Eriksson (March 18, 2011) and Matilda Anna Eriksson (March 22,2013) 106 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEGermantown, Maryland Johns Hopkins University B.A. Biolog)r Romance Languages and Literatures M.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology 107 2014 SKULL Daniel Escobar, M.D. This experience has combined the pursuir of knowledge with each one of our personal lives, changing the way we will live forever. I am grateful for the challenges and the rewards. I am grateful for the friendships I have garnered and for the chance to have met so many great people. I send a special thanks to my family, for seeing me off at the start of this marathon, and for waiting for me at the finish line - the fastest four years of my life!Lake Worth, Florida University of Florida B.S. Chemistry and Biology Reinaldo Garcia, M.D. Thank you co all of my family and friends that supported me throughout my medical school career. I would especially like to show my gratitude to my Mom and Dad for your undying love and support, as well as my incredible girlfriend who put up with me in rimes of high stress. I am both honored and privileged to know that as I embark on the path through Residency, that I will have all of your hopes and wishes encouraging me to be the best Physician I can be. 108 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFall River, Massachusetts Boston University B.A. Biolog)' and Classical Studies Kevin R. Gendreau, M.D. My years at Temple were among the most rewarding of my life. I'd like to dedicate this page to my wonderful parents, whose love and wisdom have guided me along the way. Mom, you are the rock of our family and the strongest woman I know. I never would have made it through medical school without your constant encouragement and support. Dad, your intelligence, compassion, and generosity continue to inspire me to better myself. You arc always with me in my heart. I am here because of you. I'd also like to thank my beautiful sister, Rachel, whose wise advice and jokes always made me feel like I never left home. Jacob and Sophia, thank you for always bringing me endless laughter and support from over 300 miles away. To my loving aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, and grandmother, thank you for providing me with emotional and financial support for as long as I can remember. 1 will have to repay you all with hugs and free medical advice for years to come. To my dearest friends - Ashley, David, Jen, Lauren, Jeremy, Elaine, Connie, and Robin - thank you for making this journey a special one. I wish you all continued happiness and success. Congratulations to the Class of 2014! 109 IOI4 SKULLPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University BA Anthropology Garrett Gerney, M.D. I never knew exactly how much hard work would go into the last four years, but I always knew I could count on the support of my wife, Jen. Thank you for supporting us, making sacrifices, and bringing Olivia into the world. no TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEBairi more, MD Yeshiva University B.A. Chemistry Chaim Golfeiz, M.D. Reflecting on the last four years, I am both impressed and humbled by the amount of knowledge we have gained (and probably lost). Through our persistence and dedication, we have created countless memorable experiences together that we will always look back on as we continue with our education and careers. 1 have had so many wonderful experiences in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I am truly grateful to my family, friends, and my communities at University of Pennsylvania and in Squirrel Hill for supporting me the last four years. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to study and practice medicine at Temple. The remarkable lessons and that 1 have learned throughout my training at Temple will always guide me as 1 practice medicine. Indeed, the most important lesson from medical school that I will take with me is to simply cherish life. I wish everyone much success as we each diverge and embark on our paths as the physicians of tomorrow. " The only disability in life is a bad attitude."" Life is not arbitrary.' Ill 2014 SKULLSt. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Duke University B.A. Psychology Jeremy Norman Roy Grant, M.D. Heartfelt thanks to my family, loved ones and friends. I could not have made it this far or be the man that I am today if I did not have all the low and support 1 have received over the years. Thank you for being there to celebrate my achievements and success, but more importantly, to help me get back up when I falter. 1 ant truly blessed and deeply thankful. I also would like to wish all my friends and colleagues success in all their future endeavors. It has taken many years to reach this point, but this is only the start of what promises to be a wonderful and rewarding journey. Congratulations Class of 2014. Life isnt about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Take chances, take a lot of them. Your mistakes make you who you are. You learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel, always. Be you, and be ok with it. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. “Every mans life ends die same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another." - Ernest Hemingway "Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors" - African Proverb "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will rake to accomplish it... the time will pass anyway' - Earl Nightingale 112 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEArlington. VA UC Santa Cruz, BA in Language Studies and Linguistics American University, Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program Alexandra Green, M.D. Be kind. Be good. Be hopeful. 113 zoia SKULLBethlehem, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Biology and Spanish Alyssa Green, M.D. Thank you to all of" my family and friends; without you. this graduation would have been impossible and meaningless. Congratulations Class of 2014!! 114 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMiami Beach. Florida Fairlcigh Dickinson University Its been an incredible journey, and I couldn't have done it without the support of my wonderful family, friends and community. From my parents, who have supported me and given me the freedom to pursue my lifelong dream of medicine, to my grandfather who is almost more excited about my upcoming graduation than I am. My inlaws have always been there for my wife and I from the moment I joined their family. The community of Bala Cynwyd has been warm and welcoming beyond words, and the close-knit support group of fellow medical students was extremely valuable while navigating a new place, a new school and a new life (not to mention a place to cat lunch!). My baby girl Eliana, who always has a smile for me when I walk through the door. And finally, my amazing wife Ariella, my partner in everything I have accomplished. I couldn't have done it without you! 115 2014 SKULL Yitzchok Greenberg, M.D.Bogota, Colombia University of Central Florida B.S. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Alicia Henriquez, M.D. Thank you to my brother and sister for always believing in me and for your unconditional support. Thank you to my friends who have in many different ways helped me along the way. And a special thank you to my mother who has been my inspiration and role model. You taught me to face the world with courage and love and I am who I am thanks to you and your legacy. I wish you could be here to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. 116 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMountain View, CA University of California, Davis B.S. Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior Meagan Herda, M.D. I would like to thank my family, friends and fiance for all ot your love and support throughout these four years of medical school. 1 couldn't have done it without you! 117 2014 SKULLPittsburgh, PA University of Pittsburgh B.S. Microbiology Emina Hodzic, M.D. 118 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEBethlehem, PA Lehigh University B.A. Behavioral Neuroscience and International Relations Annie Hong, M.D. 119 zo14 SKULLPittsburgh, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh M.S. Bioengineering Erin Hower, M.D. I would like to thank my loving husband, beautiful daughter, mom and sister, as well as the rest of my family and friends for all of their support. Congratulations Class of 2014! 120 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFremont. California University of California, Santa Cruz B.S. Health Sciences Lesley Hughes, M.D. Congratulations! Its been a great 4 years! 121 sou SKULLBlue Bell, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Premedicine and B. A. Spanish Language John R. Interrante, M.D. I would like to thank all my friends: soccer players, Ketones, fishing buddies, the golf team, hikers, TDC, St. Lukcrs, all those from third and fourth year, and everyone else who helped me on my way. I would also like to thank all of my family. Most of all I would like to thank my parents, my sisters, and my fiancee for supporting me and as always allowing me to live my life in "John Time." "...Languages take such a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about." J.R.R. Tolkien 122 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEExton, Pennsylvania Columbia University B.A. Biochemistry and English Literature Michael Jan, M.D., Ph.D. Congratulations Class of 2014! Thank you for welcoming me into your class! It has been truly a pleasure working with you on wards and in clinic, and 1 wish you all the best with your future endeavors. May our paths cross again happily in good times and in bad; I know that I can always trust your clinical judgment and that on some level we will always have a common connection to the times we have shared together at Temple. urn im 41 vm 123 201.j SKULLPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Fox School of Business B.A. Risk Management Insurance, Human Capital Management David Johnson, M.D. Special thanks to: Jennifer David, DO.: Your inspiration and support made the journey to medicine possible. Tom Johnson: You always looked out for me and gave unselfishly. You helped me live my dreams. Dad: Thank you for teaching me the importance ot education and instilling the desire to do more. Dorothy David: Thank you for encouraging me to pursue my dreams and not to settle. To my Temple crew: You guys made the long days, tough schedule, and rocky roads easier. We did it!!! To the rest of my family, friends, and homies: thank you for your understanding and encouragement. 124 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFI.igsr.ifF, Arizona Temple University B.S. Public Health Megan Johnson, M.D. Thank you so much co my dear family for their love, unwavering support and generous patience these past 4 years. To my perfect husband, Ian. When we met, my dream was to be a dancer. You helped me through the loss of that dream and the birth of a new one to be a doctor. Thank you for supporting my dreams no matter what they arc. Dad, thank you for taking my 1st grade class to your ER and planting the seed that would become my future. I will work my whole career trying to come close to the thoughtful, smart, humble and generous doctor you are. Mom, thank you for teaching me that the best way to be in this world comes from approaching it with a generous spirit that is interested in and cares about everyone it encounters: from prisoners to immigrants, from the illiterate to the college student. Molly and Lily, thank you for opening my world and my mind. I am lucky to be a part of your incredible lives and proud to be your sister. You calm my spirit and fill my heart with love every day. 125 2014 SKULLMonrovia, Liberia Temple University B.S. Biology Mawuli Alfretrude Jones Brosius, M.D. I thank Jehovah for the many blessings thar he has bestowed upon me throughout my life. To my husband Kla Brosius, my best friend and rock, thanks for taking this journey with me. Kla , you are always there and I cannot ask for more. I love you with all my heart. To my son Patric (My baby Trie), you inspire me everyday; you are my biggest motivator. Mommy loves you unconditionally. To Florence Jones (Mom) and Alfred Jones (Dad) this journey started with you: You told me 1 could be anything 1 dream of, and I believed. Uncle Sheriff your labor did not go in vain; thanks for the support. Sis Mary, I could not have done this in a timely manner had you not been there for my family. Apulia (sis personal therapist). Buddy (nephew my lil doctor in training) and Jo (Go To IT Man, hard drives and all ), thanks for the well wishes. To my family. In-laws, friends: All I can say is thanks for all the support!!! XOXO Yours Truly, Mawuli Brosius, MD 126 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFranklin, Tennessee Bryn Mawr College B.A. Anthropology; M.A. Medical Anthropology London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London M.Sc. Public Health in Developing Countries M. Kathryn C. Jones, M.D. [ ear JuIk. Mom SC Dad ■ It it hard to imagine how I ever would have made it. if I hid not hid your enduring love, support ind belief in me. I took the long pith to get here, ind you collectively hive been my cheering squid through thick ind thin. I hive finally become the two things thit mattered most to me in my life, to be i mother and to be a physician. My appreciation and thanks to you a overwhelming, especially to Mom who never doubted I would one day become a doctor. Love. XOXO Kat Dear Jack and Cameron - To my two little boys - just a few words that hate guided your Mom - alwayspursue your dreams ... stay true to your calling ... it really doesn't matter when you achieve what is your heart. ;ust beUesv in yourself, ignore the naysayers, and just make sure you DO it. No regrets, life is short and being at peace with what you do on this earth is important and so u the mark you make and how you give to others the gifts that you will find in yourselves... and as Grandma used to say.'always be a leader and never a sheep.' Lose always- Mom 1 also want to thank all of my extended family and friends who have helped me realize my childhood dream and in helping Julie, the boys and me get through (he last seven years through all of your encouraging words and acts of kindness. Whew! 'Whatever you are. be a good one." (Abraham Lincoln) 'All the Woulda -Coulda -Shoutdas Lavin' in the sun. Talkin' bout the things They woulda-coulila-shoulda done ... But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas All ran away and hid From one little did.' (Shcl Silver stem) 127 2014 SKULL Pcckvillc, Pennsylvania University of Scranton B.S. Biology and Neuroscience Neil S. Kalariya, M.D. 'That which does not kill us can only make us stronger." Friedrich Nictzche To my family and friends. Thank you so much for the supporting me through these last four years. Without you to inspire me, the last four years of medical school would have been an insurmountable feat. I am looking forward to what the next step brings and knowing I will always be able to count on your support. Thank you! Love, Neil 128 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OE MEDICINE Stone Mountain, Georgia Furman University B.S. Biology Rachel Kennedy, M.D. Mom and Dad, endless thanks for all of your encouragement, from the 14-hour drive to Philly on moving day. to the white coat ceremony, to graduation. Dad, for coming along on interview day, always being there to help me study, and being an awesome representation of a godly physician. Mom, I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for your encouraging words. My brother Michael, many thanks for your support throughout the years; I adore your fantastic sense of humor. And to my friends, it has been fantastic learning and growing with all of you; 1 cannot wait to see what your futures hold! Congratulations Class of 2014! "And what docs the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." -Micah 6:8 129 2014 SKULI.130 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHorsham, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Chemistry Justin M. Kistler, M.D. I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to those who have helped me over the past four years. It has been a wonderful experience and 1 could not have gotten to this point without the continuous love and support of my family, friends, and fellow classmates. To Mom, Dad, Nicole, and Megan...you have put up with me unconditionally and I cannot thank you guys enough. You have stuck by me every step of the way and kept me sane for the past 4 years. I love you all very much. To the class of 2014, I've made some great memories with you that I will carry with me forever. Good luck to all of you! 131 2014 SKULLMountain Top, Pennsylvania Wilkes University B.S., Biology, English minor Neil John Kocher, M.D. A very special thank you to my parents and family for their endless encouragement and unwavering assistance in helping me accomplish my goals. To my loving wife, Nasecm, a fellow physician and indeed my better half, I thank you for your tireless support (and perpetual tolerance!) throughout our years together. A well deserved thank you to my de facto mentor. Dr. Frank J. Tamarkin, for his unmatched patience and instruction in the field of urology both in the operating room and beyond. Shout out to Mrs. F, the first-grade teacher who tried ever so valiantly to place a younger, more rambunctious version of myself into special education. Congratulations and all the best to the Class of 2014. "Any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still know where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with." - Douglas Adams 132 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEBergenficld, New Jersey Drcxel University B.S. Biology Amit Kumar, M.D. Yikes! How did four years fly by? I still recall...being 21, crashing Temple mid-orientation, cutting our cadaver on Day 1 getting my white coat. Plus, all the MERB all-nighters. Subway Dunkin City-View runs, my first medical-missions in Honduras, tornado-relief in Alabama, moving to St. Lukes, and amazing EM-aways at Vanderbilt UMass. It has been a crazy ride and I have met awesome people along the way. I thank God for making me who 1 am today. Love, support, and food from mom, dad, and Anu helped too! I’m thrilled for my next milestone of training in Emergency Medicine. I wish to use my skills and passion to make a positive impact in this world...and not hand-out free Dilaudids! TUSM 2014, we did it. RollTidc ffMoreCoft'ccPlz PagingDrKumar BrbRepayingLoans Jcrcmiah2911 Why fit in when you were born to stand out? - Dr. Seuss This is your life, arc you who you want to be? - Switchfoot PLE UNIVERSITY )0L of MET' CL F AMIT KUMAR AMIT KUMAR 915164503 Emergency Medicine Ttmpie Unit ■ [XP 8 24 13 St Luke s Amit Kumar Temple St. Luke’s Campus Medical Student Amit Kumar Sc“ COiof Visiting Medical Student 133 1014 SKULLKembles ville, Pennsylvania University of Delaware B.S. Biological Sciences Grace Lagasse, M.D. Mom. Dad, James, Memerc and Pcpcrc: I cannot thank you enough for the support: emotionally, financially, and food-wise. Without you these four years would have been long, tedious, and overwhelming. Ben: Thank you for supporting me each step of the way during this crazy pan of our lives called medical school. Through the ups and downs you have kept me grounded and sane. I am so proud of you for everything you have accomplished. Temple Friends: I never thought I would meet so many fun, normal, and hilarious people in medical school. We've come a long way from the anatomy lab. 1 can't believe we did it! 1 know that the next few years will be busy, but I hope we keep in touch and continue our journey together even though we may be apart. Thank you for making the last four years so very special. Ghana Trips 2011 and 2012: Thank you for enriching my medical school experience more than I could have ever imagined. Truly memories to last a lifetime. Akwaaba! Stop feeding the goats Dan... TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESt.Croix, US Virgin Islands The University of Virginia B.A. Biology Tashima Ellery Lambert, M.D. When I think of the amazing people I have met throughout this journey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. To my colleagues, professors, deans, the faculty and staff at Temple Philadelphia as well as Temple St.Lukcs; I thank you for your guidance, encouragement, and friendship over the past 4 years. I could not dream of a more dynamic group of individuals to help mold me as a physician. To the people that arc at the core of my life... Mom and dad, thank you for your incomparable parenting and your extraordinary support. To my one and only sister and my entire family, you all inspire me to be my best self. I hope 1 can continue to make you proud. To the world’s most AWESOME friends...You girls (and guy) will never know your worth. Thank you for always being the escape I need from this world of medicine. To the Author and Finisher of my Faith...I will continue to live by this motto... “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness: and all these things shall be added unto you." 135 2014 SKULLI.ansdale, PA Dartmouth College B.A. Biology Deborah Lee, M.D. Thank you to Mom, Dad. Steven, and everyone else who supported me through this journey. I love you all. Nick - I'm so lucky to have found you; thanks for being your wonderful self. To my friends - the memories will last forever and I look forward to more ridiculousness in the future. 136 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE137 20i4 SKULLWellesley, Massachusetts Amherst College B. A. Psychology and Spanish Tiffany Lim, M.D. I dedicate this page to: My parents who have always been by my side My entire extended family The best friends a girl could ask for. I really couldn't have done it without you all. To my classmates: These past 4 years have been incredible. The experiences we’ve gone through And the memories weve created Have shaped who 1 am today. I am so proud of every one of you. Congrats Temple Med Class of 2014! 138 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE139 ioi4 SKULL140 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEChongqing, China University of Pennsylvania B.A. Biology, Economics, East Asian Languages and Civilization 141 2014 SKULL Zuolu Liu, M.D. Baba Mama: Thank you two so much for always supporting me and always being there for me. I would not be where 1 am today without you. You arc the best parents in the world. Love. LuluIndialantic, FL Emory University, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Kerri Lydon, M.D. " I Hanks to my classmates, professors, and attendings for making this a great four years at Temple. Also thanks to my family friends for supporting me throughout medical school; I could not have done it without you!" 142 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEBangkok. Thailand Juniata College B.S. Biology Katherine Manupipatpong, M.D. World s biggest Thank You to my family; Worapot, Waraporn, Methawee, and Sasi cha Manupipatpong, for the Skype sessions all the way from Thailand, giving me the unconditional love and support (and money) that I needed to make it through. To my friends at Temple- I'm so glad 1 got to know you (y all)— especially those of you who watch Arrested Development. To Geisingcr- thank you for being so good to me the last two years. I will miss the compound and all the people in it. Congratulations, Class of 2014; you done good. 143 2014 SKULL Chesterfield, Virginia Brigham Young University B.S. Physiology and Developmental Biology Rachel Marquez, M.D. To my family: Thank you for the never ending love and support you have all given me throughout my entire life. 1 never would have made it without you! To my friends: You have truly become my home away from home. I look forward to seeing what your futures have in store! I will miss you all and cannot wait to hear about all of your new adventures! I wanted to share a few quotes that have inspired me to become the person 1 am today, I hope they can inspire others as well! "In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” - Gordon B. Hinckley “You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." - Gordon B. Hinckley “Come what may, and love it." -Joseph B. Wirthlin 144 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPort-au-Prince, Hairi University of Florida University of Miami B. A. in Biology and French Irma Alexandra Mayard, M.D. I am forever thankful to my family and friends for your endearing love and support! I would not be here without you...From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 145 20:4 SKUl.1.Blauvelt, New York University of Maryland B.S. Chemistry Amanda Mayer, M.D. One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire car in a tree. "Which road do 1 take?" she asked. “Where do you want to go?” was his response. "I don’t know,” Alice answered."Then," said the cat,"it doesn't matter.” Congratulations Class of 2014 and best of luck wherever the road takes you! 146 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEKey Biscaync, FL University of Florida B.S. Biology Gabriela M. McBride, M.D. Immensely grateful for the support from my mom, dad. my brother Anthony, my husband Dave, and all my friends and family! 147 1014 SKULLHavertown, Pennsylvania Temple University B.B.A Accounting Sean McGann, M.D. I-isa, I could not have asked for anyone better to share this journey with me. You arc my strongest supporter and my best friend. I could not have done this without your encouragement, insight, humor and love. Mom and Dad, thanks for always being there for me. Nothing I have accomplished would have been possible without your love and support from day one. You have been amazing role models, parents and friends. Mike. Dennis, Paul, Larisa, and Kelly, 1 will never find friends as great as you. 148 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINELafayette Hill, Pennsylvania Saint Josephs University B.S. Biology 149 zoi4 SKULL Kevin McNamara, M.D Thank you to my family and friends for your support (mostly family) and distractions (mostly friends). Thank you Mom and Dad for all you have done throughout my life. Thanks to all my friends for introducing me as your doctor friend to random people, sorry I couldn't be more helpful with your ridiculous medical questions. Thanks to Brian for doing all the same rotations as me in third year and making me look good. Thank you to Dwayne “the Rock" Johnson for your inspirational tweets for the past 4 years. Good luck to all my classmates graduating with me this year, I hope to see you in the future.Doylcsrown, PA University of Louisville B.S. Exercise Science Casey Meizinger, M.D. Nothing is more important to me than my family and friends, and looking back on medical school I see how I have grown because of the people in my life. Chris, you arc the best change of plans I could have "run into". Thank you for trying to talk to me during the marathon! I learned that Chris is like my dad, the kindest and most easygoing person I know, and everyday I try to be more like both of them. Mom, you know I have always been my own toughest critic, but you helped me become my biggest fan. You are the reason I am growing into a happier, healthier person, and I love you for being a part of me. Courtney, here is to sharing our twenties together, and I will always have your back. I learned that the time I spend with my aunrs, uncles, cousins, and grandparents is healing and invaluable, and they exemplify unconditional love. Laken and Nancy, 1 love you both. You never held my busy schedule against me, and all you did was support me and include me in your weddings. Thank you to Morgan, Diana, Stephanie, Agin, Brian, and Jimmy; I cherish our new friendships! And to the Letellicr's, Dr. Locb, Kathy, and my second home: Louisville First, Cardinals Forever! Thank you all so much, you have no idea. 150 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAliso Viejo, California University of California, Irvine B.S. Genetics with a Minor in Women's Studies Kimia Menhaji, M.D. It has been a pleasure to go through this one of a kind experience alongside all of you. We have been through many ups and downs together and I’m glad that we made it through. I wish everyone the best of luck and can't wait to hear about all the wonderful things you all do. To my mom and dad, thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for your support not only through medical school but my entire life. Thank you for the sacrifices and the many moves across this world, so that 1 could follow my dreams. To my brother and sister, there is no one I love more than you two and no one could ask for better best friends in this world. Thank you for listening and always making me laugh even if we re thousands of miles apart. Thank you everyone for the memorable journey, can't believe it went by so fast, truly a blink of an eye. Couldn't have asked for better partners in crime. "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myselfT -Rumi 151 2014 SKULLBala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Temple University B.A. Political Science Elan Miller, M.D. Thank you to all my family and friends who helped me get to where 1 am today. Special thanks to my dad, who inspired my love of medicine and scientific discovery, and who continues to inspire me to be the best physician and person that I can be. To my mom and my brother, for their endless support and love. And to my wonderful wife, for always believing in me, supporting me, and pushing me to be the very best that I can be. "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” • Albert Einstein "Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement." - Golda Mcir "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.' - Mark Twain 152 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERidgecrest, California Barnard College B.A. Biochemistry, Dance Emily Miller, M.D. Thank you to my parents and family for all their love and support. It's been an amazing four years - Congrats TUSM 2014! 153 ao«4 SKULLSclinsgrovc, Pennsylvania Johns Hopkins University B.A. Neuroscience John Jarred Molitoris, M.D. To my family, (hanks for being (here the last 27 years and always supporting me. You guys have always pushed me to be better, yet manage to keep me grounded. I love you guys. Congratulations Class of 2014! It was a tough four years, but we managed to have fun and grow as a group. Good luck in all future endeavors. 154 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEWM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Stare Universiry B.S. and Honors in Biobehavioral Health Theodore T. Molnar, M.D. Thank you to all of my family and friends for your love and support. Thank you to all of my classmates for an incredible four years. Congratulations and best of luck to the class of 2014. 155 2014 SKULLPlymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania Boston College B.S. Biology and B.A ’llicology Ryan Moore, M.D. "Did you hear I finally graduated?" "Yeah, and just a shade under a decade too." "All right. You know a lot of people go to college for seven years." "I know, they're called doctors." To my family, Mom. Dad, Steve, Jessie and Andrea, thanks for the love and support over the past four years and never doubting that this is what I was meant to do. From the missed family functions, to the personal statement editing, I certainly couldn't have done this alone, and I am grateful I had all of you along for the ride. To all of my friends who have also made it through this journey, we made it! I’ve seen more of you guys than 1 ever would have imagined, early mornings in the lab and late nights in the library. Hill, thanks for being there for me over the past two-plus years, 1 love you so much. We definitely had fun along the way and as we all move on to different places and adventures I wish everyone the best of luck, I am lucky to have so many people to call my friends. Congratulations to everyone! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDubai, United Arab Emirates Muhlenberg College B.S. Biology Hussein Nasser, M.D. These words are dedicated to my family. To my mother Gulshan: you are the reason I am here today. If I should acquire but an ounce of your character, I will live the rest of my life a happy man. 1 owe you all of my successes and none of my failures. I love you mom. To my older brother Abbas and my younger brother Ali: you are my best friends. I couldn’t have asked for two of the greatest young men as brothers, without asking for you. The road ahead is still long, so its best we sit back, enjoy it, and say O.N.I.F.C. I love you guys. To my other brother Benjamin Button: CLUCK! (I had to say cluck one time). Love, Hussein 157 2014 SKULLCircleville, Utah Southern Utah University BS Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry and Spanish Quin Tyson Newby, M.D. Thank You: Mom for all your encouragement, hard work and dedication. You arc wonderful. Dad for inspiring me to become a doctor through your service to others and many taped ankles. Brothers for all your encouragement, support and company. Aunt Terry for your support and help along the way. Friends for the fun times we had. I dedicate my graduation and career to my Dad, Mom, Dexter, Brady, Kelsey, Quincy, Cash, Aunt Terr)', Family and Friends. I specially dedicate my graduation to Kelsey in his memory. You were a bright, fun coyote calling brother. You would have made a great doctor.159 2014 SKULLQueens, New York Ner Israel Rabbinical College Bachelor of Talmudic Law Levi Ocken, M.D. Congratulations to the entire class of 2014! Thank you to all the faculty and staff who have made our experience at Temple memorable. You have prepared us wonderfully for what lies ahead in our careers and we will always be grateful. Thank you as well to all my family and friends who have helped me reach this point. To my wife, Dahlia, and our children, Moshc and Hillcl: you have helped me to get through this important stage in my life and to enjoy it as much as possible. Thank you for sticking with me when I needed your support, and for giving me space when I needed to work. You deserve credit for everything that I have or will accomplish. P.S. The next four years might nor be much better;-) Levi 160 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Mentor, Ohio Case Western Reserve University B.A. Biology and Psychology Lauren Ogrich, M.D. My time at Temple University School of Medicine has been filled with wonderful memories and amazing friends. 1 would like to thank my parents, Linda and Ed Ogrich, and sister, Jessica Ogrich, who always believed in me and taught me to follow my dreams. 1 would also like to thank my husband and best friend. Dr. Perry Evangelista, who supports me and loves me unconditionally. Lastly, I would like to thank the faculty, amazing classmates, and friends who make me smile on a daily basis and inspire me through their acts of kindness and dedication to the medical profession. l6l ao«4 SKULLBaltimore, Maryland University of Maryland Baltimore County B.S. Biological Sciences Oluwafunmike Doyin Ojewoye, M.D. I want to thank God for my journey in medical school; it could have not been possible without the support and prayers of family and friends. This journey has helped form part of the person that I am today. I have grown so much as a person and as a future physician. A lot of new memories have been made, new lessons learned, and new lifelong friends. Can't wait for what the future holds! 162 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPittsburgh, Pennsylvania Columbia University B. A. Neuroscience and Behavior So Lawrence Onishi, M.D. Dear Pauline and Grace, To my daughters, I love you so. You arc both so special; I hope you know. I.ovc shines through you for all to sec. I’m in awe that you’re a part of me. -Anonymous 1 look back on my medical school years and remember the blessings of having gone through these years with you. Each of you brought me so much joy in my life and above all, gave me every reason to do my best at home and at school. As you grow up and pursue your own dreams, always know that I am cheering for you and that I love you both from here to the star and back! Papa 163 2014 SKULLBensalein, Pennsylvania Temple University B.S. Biology Abraham Oommen, M.D. ! want to begin by clunking God for giving me the opportunity to pursue .1 medical education. I want to flunk my family for continually keeping me in their prayers over the past four years. With their love and support 2014 has finally arrived! I want to especially thank: My Dad for all his hard work, putting me through school, and starring my interest in medicine. My Mom for continually praying for me and doing all the little things that made life as a med student that much more bearable. My Brother for taking me golfing all the time and making me lose those coveted study days. My Sister for being with me in school since kindergarten all the way through college. 164 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESacramento, California University of Southern California B. A. Theatre and B. A. Biological Sciences Clark Owyang, M.D. Thanks to everyone who’s given me their support and understanding. To my family, I appreciate everything you've done. You guys are awesome. 165 2014 SKU LLEaston, Pennsylvania Lehigh University B.S. in Biochemistry, B.A. in Neuroscience Anand Patel, M.D. I want to thank my family and friends for all their support and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you. 166 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Johns Hopkins University B.A. Biology Ashanda P. Powell, M.D. Thank you to my family, friends, and mentors for believing in me! Mommy, Daddy, and Ty... I’M A DOCTOR!! Congratulations Class of 2014! 167 2014 SKULLPittsburgh, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh, 2008 B.A. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures Nathan Riley, M.D. 168 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECary, North Carolina University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill B.S. Biolog)' Robert Sackmann, M.D. Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Tons of great memories from this place. Thanks to Lauren and Emma for your constant support, friends here for keeping things interesting, and for family and friends back home. Love you all. 169 2014 SKULLTorrance, CA University of California, Los Angeles Bachelor of Science; Biochemistry Maha Sami, M.D. Student Groups: !HO. Step Clinic, Med Student Interviewer Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends, especially my amazing mother! 170 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE171 2oi4 SKULLHarleysville, Pennsylvania Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. Biology Stephanie S. Shim, M.D. It has been a long, long road. To my family - thank you for bringing me to this day. You have shared in my triumphs and my disappointments and have seen me through it all with unwavering love and support. To my sister Jennifer - I have no idea how anybody gets through life without a sister. I am so blessed to have a best friend like you. To my friends - thank you for keeping me sane these past several years, I cannot wait to sec the amazing things you will do. Best of luck to all my fellow classmates! 172 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINETanncrsvillc, Pennsylvania Tlie Pennsylvania State University 13.S. Mathematics and Physics Alan Slipak, M.D. I would like to thank: My parents Peter and Vita. Your guidance and sacrifice has given me the opportunity to achieve this point in my life. You have both nude me the person that I am today and for that I will always be grateful. My brother Sasha. The journey over the last four years together was amazing. Having someone to go through this process with was really valuable and I look forward to our continued path in medicine together. My wife Kelly. Thank you for putting up with the long hours, the random travelling and the many complaints. 1 am thankful that I have a wonderful person in my life to help me through this process. To all my medical school friends. I will never forget all of the fun times we shared. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and careers. I hope that our paths will cross again someday. 173 2014 SKULLTanncrsvillc, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania State University B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics Sasha Slipak, M.D. I would like to thank all of my friends and family for supporting me throughout medical school. It has been a unique and gratifying experience that I won't soon forget. I have met some amazing people and made many great friends. I want to give a special thanks to my brother, Alan, who has been by my side for my whole life. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to share the past 4 years with you. I also want to give a special shout our to my Temple and Cieisinger families. You all know who you arc and I just want to thank you all for being the best and most supportive friends I could have asked for. Whether it’s been late night studying in MERB, salsa dancing, or having one of many BBQs, I've made some wonderful memories. I know that even if we move apart, well always have each other to fall back on. No matter where you go or what you do, remember to always MAKE IT THE BEST!! Congratulations to the Class of 2014! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMiami, Florida Florida International University Bachelor of Science in Biology 175 2014 SKULL Valerie Soued, M.D. IF YOUR DREAMS DONT SCARE YOU...THEY ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH. It was an honor to be part of the Temple Med Class of 2014. Thank you for four great years! I wish you all the best of luck!North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College B.A. Biochemistry and German Daniel G. Springer, M.D. It seems like only yesterday that orientation began and before we really knew it graduation was upon us! Four years of countless hours spent on the wards and in the books have led to the point where we are ready to finally practice medicine! Congratulations to all my classmates! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! My time in medical school could not have occurred without the support of my family and friends, especially Amanda who put up with me being in a different city for two years! Your love, support and constant encouragement will never be overlooked! "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." - Hippocrates "But strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." - Alfred Lord Tennyson's Ulysses WELCOME CLASS OF 2014 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 176 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Yard ley, Pennsylvania University of Rochester B.A. History Seth Stein, M.D. Thank you to my parents, Harmon and Nadine, for leading the path to success with unwavering support and unconditional love. 177 1014 SKULLAltoona, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S. Neuroscience and Chemistry Tyson Tragon, M.D. Future Plans: Diagnostic Radiology I would like to dedicate this page to: My parents, Tim and Jan Tragon. I know I wouldn't be the man I am today without your love and support. You have both taught me that with enough hard work and dedication, I can achieve anything, and 1 intend to do just that. Thank you both for all you have done for me in this life, and for always believing in me. For my Grandmother, Anne. No matter how hard my day may be, your unconditional love is what helps me get through it. Thank you for always being there to put a smile on my face and making me feel special. For my Grandfather, Jack Tragon. You were the most selfless person I have ever known. You taught me that family always comes first. Know that you arc greatly missed and 1 try my best ever)- day to make you proud. “1 believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all just perception." - Brad Pitt "The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open." - Chuck Palahniuk TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEEgg Harbor Township, New Jersey Stevens Institute of Technology B.E. Biomedical Engineering Marc van de Rijn, M.D. I just wanted to use this space to thank all those who helped me get to the end of this journey. To my mother who always was there to support me when times got tough, listen when 1 had a long day, and encourage me to always follow my heart no matter how difficult things got. To my father for teaching me the value of hard work and that if you always try your best you will succeed. To my sister and the rest of my family for always putting up with me talking about medical school whenever we saw each other. To my friends and brothers who always believed in me. Finally, I'd like to dedicate this to my grandmother, though you left us suddenly I'm sure you're watching over us. 179 2014 SKULLThorndalc, Pennsylvania Temple University B.S. Biology Rahul Verma, M.D. This day has finally come and my journey would not have been possible if it were not for the people whose path 1 crossed during this time. To my parents. I owe everything 1 have in life to you. You have given me unconditional love and have never stopped. I truly would not be in this position today if it were not for your support. To Bitu and Manjeet, thank you for all of the encouragement and advice you have given me. I look up to both of you and am excited to teach my nephew all you have taught me. To Adah, thank you for staying by my side. It was a rollercoaster that had its ups and downs and there is no one I would have rather spent it with than you. I would not have gotten through it without you. To Rocky, thank you for hilly embodying the phrase,"man's best friend.” To the rest of my friends and family, thank you for all of the kind words, prayers, and patience. I wish I could personally thank all of you here. "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” •Ernest Hemingway 180 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINENorth Caldwell, New Jersey University of Pennsylvania B.A. Biological Basis of Behavior l8l 2o«4 SKULLDoylcstown, Pennsylvania American University B.S. Biology 182 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMission Viejo, California Union College B.S in Biology Halley Vora, M.D. Thank you co all my family and friends who have supported me these past four years. You've made these the best years of my life. Mom, Dad, and Scan, I love you guys very much. Thank you all for making my life richer. 183 IOI.J SKULLRedmond, Washington New York University B.A. Anthropology Eric Wang, M.D. To my classmates that have helped me throughout the years, I could not be more proud to be graduating next to you this year. You have all helped shape me into the physician I will become, the times we have had together will remain with me for the rest of my life. To the countless numbers of family members and friends both new and old who have supported me in several different ways both getting in and through medical school. 1 could not have accomplished what 1 have without your support, thank you! 184 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Hamden, Connecticut Boston College B.S. Biology Ben Wormser, M.D. Thank you all for a wonderful four years! Despite how long some of the days felt, it sure flew by quickly. I want to thank my friends and classmates, who made it a pleasure to come to school each day and who shared in all of the fun that our formative years in Philadelphia had to offer. To my family, I thank you for the emotional and financial support you have given me, along with the wisdom you were always willing to share- I would not be half the man I am today without you. And to Grace, the greatest thing I could have hoped to discover in medical school: I thank you for always being there for me and for the love and laughter that we share everyday. Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope that your careers bring you a happy, fulfilling life and that your work does the same for your patients. 185 iom SKULLGladwync, Pennsylvania Barnard College A.B. English (Creative Writing) Carrie Wright, M.D. Short. Clever. Energetic. Call me Cora. 186 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECypress, California University of California, Berkeley B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology Stella Kim Yoo, M.D. I am honored to have received my education at such a wonderful institution with intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful peers! I will always be proud to be a part of the Temple family.:) Iho (Aiswyi AtofU 187 014 SKULL188 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEArcadia, California University of California, Berkeley B.A. Molecular Cell Biology Jenny Zhou, M.D. My time at Temple has been unforgettable. Really, we have the kindest, coolest, sweetest people in our class. Can't believe were graduating! Thanks to my favorite people Annie, Chrissy, and Mike. I also love the Pittsburgh peeps. 1 hope that we don’t forget each other when this journey ends and another begins! Can’t wait to see everyone in long coats! 189 20.4 SKULLPhiladelphia, PA Emory' University B.S. Biology Julie Adelman, M.D. Walnut, CA University of’California, San Diego B.S. Bioengineering Ronald Chia-Rong Chang, M.D. 190 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHonolulu, Hawaii New York University B.A. Art History Laura Chun, M.D. ’Clean, hardworking, dependable, quiet type.' Good god! What kind of’ monster is this that they want. 1 am afraid that I could never work for a concern with a world-view like that. - Ignatius J. Reilly Yardley, Pennsylvania Tufts University B.A. Economics Kishore K. Chundru, M.D. Its been a wild ride but a lot of fun and a lot of memories along the way. Can't believe we are doctors! Good luck to everyone and stay in touch! 191 zoi4 SKULLPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University B.S.E. Bioengineering Ziad Dimachkie, M.D. Delran, New Jersey Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Science and Engineering Gary Eastwick, M.D. 192 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University B.S. Biology, Concentration in Neuroscience Adham Elmously, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University B.A. Molecular Biology Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Erinle, M.D., M.P.H. 193 2014 SKULLMark Farag, M.D. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania University of Scranton Biochemistry, BS James Francescangeli, M.D. 194 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESwarrhmore, Pennsylvania Middlebury College B.A. Neuroscience Jeannette Giammattei, M.D. Wliac a wonderful four years with even more wonderful people! Congrats TUSM "14!! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Washington University in St. Louis B. S. Biology Charis Gn, M.D. 195 ioi4 SKULLPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Srate University B.S. Chemistry David Guez, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Colby College B.A. with Honors in Chemistry-Biochemistry Minor in Philosophy David Hirschm, M.D. 196 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAbington, Pennsylvania Lehigh University B.S. Bioengineering Christopher Hohman, M.D. Hopkinton, Massachusetts Brown University B.S. Biochemistry Lauren Huckaby, M.D. 197 2014 SKULLBoston, Massachusetts Berklec College of Music-Music Education and Music Business Management William M. Junior, M.D. V Silver Spring. MD Cornell University B.S. Chemical Engineering Jun S. Kim, M.D. To my family, thank you for all your support. Without your guidance, this would not have been possible. 1 thank you for giving me the courage to pursue this career in medicine. To my friends, I thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. For the future, I think the end of medical school leads to something new. I don't doubt we'll all have our fair share of trials, so I’ll be in touch with you guys throughout the way! 198 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University B.A. English Temple University School of Medicine BCMS Post Baccalaureate Program Philip R. Motley, M.D. It’s been a long road that I never could have guessed would lead me here. This road and the people on it have shaped me, influencing my course and my character. My achievements arc to their credit as much as my own. I'd like to thank: God. without Whom I achieve nothing. St. Stans and Lansdale Catholic, whose teachers dedicated their lives to Catholic education, encouraged my enthusiasm for learning, taught me the 4 R's, and taught me how to learn. My college and medical school professors, whose infectious enthusiasm helped me to appreciate their fields. My friends, for their support and confidence. Though few of you were on this journey with me, many of you were my relief from it. My fiancif, whose presence has enriched my life in ways too great for words. My parents and family for their quiet confidence and encouragement, for providing the loving environment where I grew, and for putting up with me. Without your support, I would be nowhere; without your work ethic, I would be no one. Without your values, I would be lost; without your appreciation for beaut)', I would be miserable. Without your respect for life, I would not be. Meehan icsburg, Pe n nsy 1 van i a West Chester University B.S. Chemistry Carl Nieweld M.D. 199 2014 SKULLPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Ara Tadevosyan, M.D. "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value" Albert Einstein Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Duke University B.S. Psychology Eric Weiss, M.D. 200 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHazleton, Pennsylvania Buckncll University Bachelor ot Arts, Double Major in Philosophy and Music Graduates Not Pictured Awad Ahmed Omar Hashmi Uchenna Onyekwere Ansari Ashkon Michelle Heayn Jui Patel Joseph Baldwin Ian Henderson Tiffany Perkins Weston Bcttner Kevan Iffrig Jonas Reid Steven Borson Jessica Kafer Aaron Shapiro Megan Burke Jacklyn Katz Danielle Shapiro Adaeze Chikwem Thomas Kelley Christopher South Christina Chovanes Ajin Kim Ali Syed Anthony Cipriano Paul Kim Ida Teberian Jeremy Dincher Jordan Klebanoff Brian Truong Lindsay Dittman Samuel Kolman Christine Velazquez Katie Dolan Justine Kostrub Kenneth Walsh Mathew Drakeley Golnar Lashgari Ajitpal Grewai Harsha Mudrakola Beth Hart Sean O’Hara 201 2014 SKULL202 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE203 CANDIDSCongratulations to the graduating Geisinger clinical campus and semester students Bottom row left to right Middle row left to right Top row left to right • Rachel Kennedy • Rachel Beverley • Tiffany Perkins • Ashkon Ansari • Sasha Slipak • Lindsay Dittman • Katherine Manupipatpong • Suruchi Bhardwaj • Jordan Klebanoff • John “Jarred" Molitoris • Jun Kim • Weston Bettner GEISINGER 206 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESt. Luke’s University Health Network extends sincere congratulations and best wishes for a rewarding career in medicine to the members of the 2014 graduating class of Temple University School of Medicine StLukefs A regional medical school campus of Temple University School of MedicineYOU HAVE MADE US SO PROUD EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! - Congratulations njj Doctor Davis m ■j ll our loue. - ;i"' Dear Dr. Lim, Congratulations!!! I guess we missed out on a great creative mind but now we have a staff Physician! Never stop Dreaming!!! Best Wishes, Lala, Uncle Steve Max Baker Design Group, Inc. r 5 : i Congratulations Tiffany Lim, M.D. 1 We are extremely proud of all you have accomplished. T3 May you always love life and live it to the fullest. Our love always, Dad, Mom, and Jensen . Congratulations Tiffany! 1st doctor in the family! Best wishes, Melissa Bond, JD Congratulations Annie Tiffany on completing your childhood goal! We are proud of you. Andrew J. Liu 208 PATRONS209 PATRONSShriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center From all of us on 6 MERB, congratulations and best wishes in your careers in medicine. TO THE CLASS OF 2014 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BEST WISHES ARE EXTENDED TO ALL FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE Ritu Aggarwal, MD Tracy Barnes Carolyn Cuffeld David O’Gurek, MD Ruchi Kukreja, MD Sharon Mattia, Administrator Stephen R. Permut, MD, Chair Mary Ann Picone, CRNP 210 PATRONSBEN WORMSER “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else. I’ve felt that many times. My hope for all of us is that “the miles we go before we sleep, will be tilled with all the feelings that come from deep caring -delight, sadness, joy, wisdom -and that in all the endings of our life, we will be able to see the new beginnings.’’ -Fred Rogers We are so proud of you! With love. Mom, Dad, Kate and Emma 211 PATRONSNatalie, We continue to love watching you grow. Congratulations to a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. Best wishes for future success. Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn and Nick 212 PATRONSJames, One chapter ends and another begins. We’re sure the ending will be great We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Eric 213 PATRONSCongratulations Ashanda! Circa 1994: I am 55 Vi inches tall and I weigh 85 pounds. My hair is brown and my favorite color is red. I am 8 years old and my name is Ashanda Powell. Doctor Everything on Earth has a purpose and every person has a mission. In the early years of Ashanda Powells life, she drew her dream. Today she fulfills that dream. Certain things may catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart. We wish you the very best in your journey forward! -The Powell Willis, Evans, Hewitt, Dejarnette, Williams, and Simpson Families In Memory of Nellie Willis 214 PATRONSBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 2014 School of Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY FROM THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY TO THE CLASS OF 2014 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK! FROM THE FACULTY AND RESIDENTS OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE Robert M. McNamara, MD FAAEM Professor and Chairman Lawrence Albert, MD E. David Bailey, MD Pamela Bannon, MD Stephanie Barbetta, MD Jeffrey Barrett, MD John Cernetich, MD Linda Chailles-Arnold, MD Kelly Correa, MD Thomas Costantino, MD Kristin Cowperthwaite, MD Michael DeAngelis, MD Wade Dehnkamp, MD Daniel delPortal, MD Kathleen Fane, MD Pauline Farnsworth, MD Michael Fiorito, MD Manish Garg, MD Nina Gentile, MD Harry Goett, MD Richard Harrigan, MD Megan Healy, MD Amanda Horn, MD Erin Horn, MD David Karras, MD James Labor, MD Joseph Lex, MD Marilyn Macvey, MD Richard Martin, MD Erica McKernan, MD Robin Naples, MD Michael Prasto, MD Zachary Repanshek, MD Adam Rowh, MD Wayne Satz, MD Ari Schwell, MD Matthew Simon, MD Michael Thomas, MD Jacob Ufberg, MD Mark Ulitsky, MD David Wald, DO Alvin Wang, DO Dana Weber, MD Gerald Wydro, MD Ernest Yeh, MD Victor Alcalde, MD Daniele Bourget, MD Robert (Tim) Bryan, MD Daniel Case, MD Patricia De Melo, MD Lauren Diamond, MD David Edwards, MD Rachael Engle, DO Stacy Fernandez-Rodriguez, MD Ryan Gibbons, MD Gladston-Hackett, MD Jason Hine, MD Louis Kind, MD Katrine Kissman, MD Christopher Kleinberg, MD Christine Knettel, MD Michael Kouch, MD Dana Kozubal, MD Amrita Lalvani, MD Jessica Levely, MD Nevin McGinley, MD Shannon McNamara, MD Molly Mulfur, MD Travis Omura, MD Ashley Panicker, MD Vicki Parikh, MD Kylee Phillips, MD Naomi Rosenberg, MD Marta Rowh, MD Linda Sanders, MD Kraftin Schreyer, MD Evan Scott, MD Kathyrn Sepelyak, MD Edward Siegal, MD Erin Sjostrom, DO Ian Symons, MD 215 PATRONSPear Pr. Kevin McNamara, We all wanted to wish you luck as you continue to spend nights like this I need 20 cc’s of apple STAT! Put clearly you've had this whole doctor thing figured out since 19S9. "I always knew you were going to be a doctor after you diagnosed we with dementia. What's this quote for again? " -William "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" -Colleen "Looks like all those Scrubs episodes on PVR finally paid off. Congrats!" -Rob "(Had to have another Pr. McNamara in the family. Love you" -Mom "Congratulations! If you bring PP£J for lunch you will save thousands of dollars." -Pad 216 PATRONSMatty, Your heart, passion, and desire for excellence have been your longstanding trademarks and have served you well in the fulfillment of your dream of becoming a medical doctor. We congratulate you on a job well done and know that you will serve your profession with honor and dignity. Love, Dad, Mom, Emily, Scott, Kristen, Tim, and Erin Dear Alan and Sasha, Congratulation on your achievements! We are very proud of everything that you have accomplished. We wish both of you the best of luck and success on your future endeavors. We know that you will make us proud as you take the next steps in your lives. Your loving Mom and Dad 217 PATRONSCongratulations Kathryn! Your dream has come true. Your family is so-o-o proud of your perseverance and dedication to your life-long desire to become a Physician. "Oh the Places you will go" and the amazing contribution that you will bring to patients and the medical profession! We love you! Mom, Dad, Jean, Dave, Julie, Jack, Cameron and The Bednarzik, McCown, Meacci, Nickson, and Teates Families Congratulations Graduates! Genius without education is like silver in the mine. Benjamin Franklin, Inventor, Political Leader and Scientist (1706 -1790) II t 218 PATRONS Anassa kata, kalo kale. Ia ia ia Nike. Bryn Mawr! Bryn Mawr! Temple Med!! IJary KHhrgn Cameron 'Jaffa Jones!!!!!!! ■wlth all oar love.- Xnn Brown Jennifer Cfiaffee KSistin Wftting Jjin Saydlowski Jeong Sayre Ramberg Mariana Olenko Ca e Hancock Julie Millward M?lissa Orner Donna"NCettwiller Kite Dllltngtam Michele Taft Morris Ijrlften Ahrens 'You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experienJ in which ycu really stop to look fear in the face-You must do J the thing you think you cannot do.' - Eleanor RoosevTemple University Department of Medicine Conyratnlates the Tewnple School of Medicine Class of 2014 Best wishes on your path to success and happiness. Congratulations 2014 graduates! Chair, Joseph Y. Cheung, MD, PhD and the Medicine Faculty 219 PATRONSTyson R. Tragon, You have always had a strong desire to succeed in life. You set your goals and went forth with great passion and determination. You sacrificed a lot and perservered by working diligently to fulfill your dreams. This achievement shows your dedication, commitment and strength as an individual to contribute to your profession. We are immensely proud of you as you should be of yourself. We congratulate you and wish only the best for a bright future ahead! Cardiovascular Research Center and the Department of Physiology We love you forever. Dad, Mom.Thad would like to Congratulate the Class of 2014 To the Class of 2014: Best Wishes For A Rewarding Career in Medicine Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences 220 PATRONSCongratulations! Thank you for four great years, your involvement andcontributions -wtCC he Cong remembered and ■we wifCmiss you!!! Tfie Staff from MedicaiTducatiori and Student Affairs 221 PATRONSCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2014! WE WISH YOU CONTINUED SUCCESS IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS! THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE 222 PATRONSThe Department of Anatomy WHAT WE DO FOR Cell Biology OURSELVES DIES “Excellence in Research, WITH US. Educations, and Service” WHAT WE DO FOR Congratulates the Medical OTHERS AND THE School Class of 2014 WORLD IS IMMORTAL As its members begin the next phase of their medical careers -ALBERT PINE THE TUSM CLASS OF 2014 WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF OUR SUPPORTERS! 223 PATRONSppA TEMPLE UNIVERSIjjJffCH L'OF MEDICINE QUOTE226 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE227 CANDIDS 228 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE229 CANDIDS230 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE231 CANDIDS232 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE233 CANDIDS234 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE235 CANDIDS 236 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEA special thanks to Cooke Publishing Company for making the production of this book possible COOKE PUBLISHING COMPANY A special thank you to Lisa Buscaglia and Erica Franzzo Thank you Dianne Butera for your guidance throughout the making of this book We love you and will miss you Dianne! 238 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECANDIDS 239COLMQ 'RA'TULA.'Tl OMS CLLASS OJ 2014 Melanie Blohm (Editor), Steven Back, Golnar Eashgari, Kimberly Du (Editor), Mary Kathryn Jones, Ashanda Powell (Editor) 'Wi yistf you ml mictf sxlcce: - yom ymmoox committi 240 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE C0Temple University Ginsburg Health Sciences Library  

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