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Temple University Health Sciences Center Library 3400 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19140 Temple University 2008 Skull School Of 3400 NORTH BROAD STREET • PHILADELPHIA, PA 19140 A ■ ■ 4 iti it II I VI DETERMINATION -V ! ' ,,5? 1 ■ iS 31 2008 SKULL 12 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Written in 1964 by Louis Lasagna, Academic Dean of the School of Medicine at Tufts University, adapted from The Hippocratic Oath: Text, Translation, and Interpretation, by Ludwig Edelstein. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1943. fwear to jvtjiU, to the beft oj my obit tty andjudgment, th f oovenant will refyeot the hat'd'Mon foientijio gatnf oj thofe yhyfidianf in whofe fheyf walk, and gladly fhare fuoh knowledge a if mine with thofe Mho are to jollow. I Mill apply Lor the bene jit oj the fiok, all meafuref [that.’J are retired, avoiding thofe twin frayf oj overtreatment and therayeuti nthihfm. Mill remember that there if art to medicine af Melt af fotenae, and that Marmth, fymyathy, and underftandmg may outweigh the furgeon f knije or the ahemift f ' t- h dru I Mill not be af homed to fay 7 know not nor Mill I jail to tall on my tolleaguef Mhen the fkiltf oj another are needed jor a yatientf recovery. I Mill refyeo-t the yrivaoy oj my yatientf, for their yroblemf are not difalofed to me that the Morld may know. Mo ft efjpettally I mu ft tread M th oare in matter oj lije and death. Ij it if given me to fave a lije, all thankf. ut it may alfo be within my yoMer to take a lije] thif awefome refyonfibihty mu ft be jaoed Mith great humbleneff and awareneff ojj my oMn frailty. Above all, I mu ft not ylay at drod. I Mill remember that do not treat a jever ohart, a oanoerouf growth, but a ft ok human being whofe illneff may ajje t the yerfon f family andeoonomio ftabihty. My refyonfibihty inoludef thefe related yroblemf, ij I am to oare adequately jor fhe ft ok. I wiltyrevent difeafe whenever I oan, jor yreventton if yrejerable to oure. Mill remember that I remain a member oj fooiety, Mith fyeoiat obligation f to all my jellow human beingf, thofe found oj mind and body af Med af the tnjirm. Ij I do not violate thif oath, may I en oy lije and art, refyeoted Mhtle I live and remembered with ajjeotion thereajter. May I alwayf aot fo af to yreferve the jineft tradttion f oj my tailing and may long eXyertenoe the goy oj healing thofe who feek my hety. 2008 SKULL 34 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Mmm 2008 SKULL 5r PhD Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology This year, filled with excitement, fear, joy, and anxiety, will always be an important year for us, the Temple University School of Medicine class of 2008. We are graduating from medical school after four difficult but rewarding years, and we now look towards residency, perhaps moving far across the country, starting marriages, beginning families, and embarking on our careers. This transition has been an important step in our becoming doctors. If we could take only one ideal, one principle, from medical school and keep it with us for the rest of our careers, I would hope that it would be that of the doctor as a teacher. The word "doctor" originates from the Latin verb docere, meaning "to teach," suggesting it is not sufficient to simply be a physician and a healer. In fact, this should compel us to realize our moral and ethical responsibility to teach our patients, our colleagues, and ourselves. For this reason, it seems so very appropriate that we, the class of 2008, dedicate our yearbook to a man who taught us. Though not a clinician himself, he is a scientist, a researcher, our mentor and dean, and our pharmacology teacher, it is with great respect that we dedicate this yearbook to Dr. Gerald Sterling. Dr. Gerald Sterling, a Philadelphia na- Gerty and Helene's Wedding (1978) tive, was born in 1951. He grew up in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, attended Northeast High School, and played the clarinet in the marching band. It was in high school that Dr. Sterling first met his future wife, Helene Blum. Even though they went to The Pennsylvania State University to- C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Gerry with his family (1988) gether, they never dated during college. Only after their college years, through a mutual friend would they meet again. It was love at first (or second) sight, and now they are about to celebrate thirty wonderful years of marriage together. Aside from their love for each other, they share a passion for Penn State. In fact, all of their children, lan and Michelle, Rachel, and Matthew are Penn State grads (or soon-to-be-grads). The whole family shares in the intensity of Penn State Football and it is even rumored that an ill-informed first-year (student?) once offered Dr. Sterling two hundred dollars for his pair of PSU-Notre Dame tickets. Always interested in science and math. Dr. Sterling graduated from Penn State in 1972 with a Biophysics degree, and then continued on to The Ohio State University to study Pharmacology. At Ohio State, the young and fully bearded. Sterling first started to develop his Temple ties. His PhD advisor left Ohio State to chair the Pharmacology Department at Temple, and Dr. Ster- ling followed, finishing his last two years of PhD work here at Temple (although his degree is from Ohio State, 1977). He was immediately drawn to Temple, not only because it was a great institute of higher learning, but also because Dr. Schneck had his name memorized from the first day (and Ted's Truck had the best coffee he had ever tasted). After completing his PhD, Dr. Sterling traveled out west for a few years for a postdoc fellowship at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. His research at NASA involved studying the dehydration that astronauts experience from fluid shifts in zero-gravity environments. Eventually, Dr. Sterling returned to Philadelphia in 1979, where he joined the faculty at Hahnemann and worked on the cholinergic nervous system in a collaborative effort with Temple pharmacologists. It was in 1990 that Dr. Sterling finally came to Temple University School of Medicine. He joined the Pharmacology Department as faculty and became engaged in teaching future doctors, dentists, and podiatrists. His interests lay in pharmacology education for professional students, as well Matthew, Rachel, Michelle and Ian (2005) 2008 SKULL 7as in research for trends in medical education. In 1997, Dr. Sterling became the Associate Dean for Medical Education where he has worked to create a close and supportive environment for the entire student body. He has a unique and close relationship with Dr. Reeves as well as everyone in the Office of Student Affairs. Dr. Reeves says, "In all my years of medical education, I never met anyone as compassionate, understanding, intelligent, and hard work- found him receptive and responsive to our concerns. From unhappy lectures to test questions to missing lecture notes he makes it a priority to give us feedback and keep us informed. When we hear pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, it is hard not to think of Dr. Sterling. He was an outstanding lecturer, covering a range of topics from autonomic pharmacology to endocrine pharmacology. Dr. Sterling has engaged all of us “You have all been like my children over the last four years.” Left: Gerry and his mother at commencement (PhD, Ohio State, 1977) Center. The young and handsome Dr. Gerald Sterling Right: Gerry and his brother(1957) ing. I aspire to be like him." Dr. Sterling is not the type to sit behind closed doors and dictate educational policy. He works hard to actively involve students in directing their medical education, he has been instrumental in the implementation of the new medical school curriculum, and he works closely with course and clerkship directors. His recent publications have included research regarding the integrated curriculum, ethics, professionalism, and student mental health. This research shows Dr. Sterling's interest and commitment to becoming a better teacher by continually learning. As students, we always have with his weekly workshops in clinical pharmacology, which stem from his belief that "we learn best in the context of a clinical problem." He also has led us through review sessions before each pharmacology test, and has always been willing to spend extra time helping students outside of the classroom. Dr. Sterling also consistently ensures that he maintains good relationships with his students through his work as Associate Dean of Medical Education. He is approachable, understanding, and truly cares about each student who walks into his office. It is not hard to believe that Dr. Sterling t TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEsaid, "You have all been like my children over the last four years" (aside from actually having a daughter in the class). Our class has been fortunate to see Dr. Sterling not only in the role of professor and dean, but also as a great father. Rachel Sterling even admits that some of her most treasured moments from Temple are the afternoons she spent chatting with her dad in his office. Aside from Temple, medical students, and pharmacology. Dr. Sterling is a man who loves his family and the community in which he lives. He and his wife are actively involved with their synagogue and community service in southern Jersey. When the weather is nice, he and his wife can be seen taking long walks in their neighborhood. He and Rachel like to do crossword puzzles in the evening, and he even enjoys household chores before sitting down in front of the T.V. Dr. Sterling may be an avid sports fan, but his favorite activity of all is going to his children's soccer games and cheering his heart out. This year is of course special for all of us as we earn our M.D.s and prepare for internship, residency, and our careers ahead. It also is a very special year for Dr. Sterling. His daughter Rachel is graduating with us, his son Matthew is graduating from college, and Dr. Sterling and his wife are celebrating thirty years of marriage. He is a devoted husband, father, and most importantly, he is a teacher at heart. Dr. Sterling is a role model for us to be lifelong students and teachers, and as great teachers, we can embrace the principle, the idea, docere. I hope that we never forget all the teachers that have helped us along this journey. Thank you. Dr. Sterling for all that you have done for us. -Jake Feldman and the Class of 2008 2008 SKULL 9HOOD ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE PROFESSOR VICE CHAIRPERSON, EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Graduation is a cultural tradition considered a rite of passage from one platform in a student's life to another. It has its origins in antiquity where many tribes were found to be celebrating their passing from youth to adulthood through various customs and observances. Today's graduation ceremony is a manifestation of this ancient rite of passage in the modern context. An important part of the graduation ceremony is the giving of hoods. The origin of the hoods lies with the Celts and the Druids (the Celtic priests). Among the Celts, only the Druids wore mantles which had hoods attached to them as a mark of their rank in the society. In the schools of the middle ages, the hoods were worn as a head-covering to resist the frigid temperatures. But gradually, it was integrated into the academic system with much symbolic significance. Now, wearing of hoods symbolizes a kind of authority, a high standing, or to identify a new graduate's institution and the degree. A hood is always black in color, but the edges and and lining have individual significance. The hood is lined in silk with HONORABLE TRADITION 10 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPROFESSOR PROFESSOR SECTION CHIEF, TRAUMA CRITICAL CARE DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY AND CELL BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY the official colors of the institution conferring the degree. The edging of the hood is velvet, with a particular color representative of the field of study to which the degree pertains. The official colors of Temple University are cherry and white while the velvet is dark green signifying medicine. A doctorate degree has a hood length of four feet. The tradition is that a candidate for a degree should not wear the hood of that degree until it is actually conferred. One of the great continuing traditions is the presence of hooders - individuals who symbolically bestow the medical degree upon each graduate. The senior class chose four individuals to assist with the placement of hoods. These distinguished members of the faculty were selected not only for their superior quality of teaching, but for their passion, hard work and dedication, the practice of medicine, and student education. Each hooder has committed themselves to challenging the minds of medical students and encouraging future doctors to maintain integrity to the profession. It was from these mentors that we were able to obtain the knowledge and learn the skills to become physicians - doctor, teacher and friend. Left top: Dr. Lyons with student and patient. Left bottom: Dr. Goldberg reviewing diagnositic imaging. Above: Dr. Harbison with Jenny Chiang in Suture lab. 2008 SKULL IIOFFICIAL COMMENDATION Congratulations From Our Dean JOHN M. DALY, M.D. DEAN Dear Members of the Class of 2008: Warm congratulations on your graduation from medical school. During the course of four years, you have come a long way. All of us who participated in your education at Temple know that you worked very hard for your degree, and we are proud of each and every one of you. We did our best to challenge you and comfort you, to answer your questions and question your answers, and to prepare you for a profession that relies on lifelong learning. In many ways, your education has only just begun. A very accomplished alumnus from the late 1980s recently wrote to me and said, “My current professional opportunities and past accomplishments are a direct reflection of my medical education at Temple." As time goes by, you too may come to recognize the special imprint that Temple has made on you. Our influence might show up in how you organize your approach to problem-solving, or in how you glean clues that others could miss during a physical exam. In ways both subtle and obvious, we’ll be there. We look forward to watching your careers in medicine as you seek to help others in the betterment of mankind. We are proud of your accomplishments — and will remain proud to be part of your history, as you are part of ours. Please keep in touch. You will always be part of our Temple family. Yours, John M. Daly, MD 73 Dean 12 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEADMINISTRATION John M. Daly, M.D. Dean Steven DeBrocky Chief of Staff Richard J. Kozera, M.D. Senior Associate Dean for Education Thomas Kupp Vice Dean for Finance and Administration Ronald Tuma, Ph. D. Senior Associate Dean Richard Coico, Ph. D. Senior Associate Dean Joanne Orth, Ph. D. Senior Associate Dean Gerald Sterling, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Medical Education Kathleen Reeves, M.D. Associate Dean for Student Affairs Audrey Uknis, M.D. Associate Dean for Admissions Stephen Permut, M.D. Assistant Dean for Academic Affiliations William Schulze Assistant Dean for Affiliate and Liaison Activities Dianne Soprano, Ph.D. Associate Dean for M.D. Ph.D. Programs Barrie Ashby, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Donald Parks, M.D. Assistant Dean for Minority Affairs Raul DeLaCadena, M.D. Assistant Dean for Recruitment and Retention Ala Stanford Frey Director of Minority Affairs Eric Abel Assistant Dean for Development and Medical Alumni Affairs Ann Untalan Assistant Dean Melinda Somasekhar, Ph. D. Assistant Dean Henry Parkman, M.D. Director Frank Erdlin Vice Dean Gregory Zimmaro Director Brad Chilnick Director M. Judith Russo Administrative Director Eryn Jelesiewicz Director Joseph Rudy Director Matthew Strickler, J.D. Director Roger Barnette President 2008 SKULL. WADMINISTRATION Steven DeBrocky Chief of Staff Richard J. Kozera, M.D. Senior Associate Dean for Education Thomas Kupp Vice Dean for Finance and Administration Ronald Tuma, Ph. D. Senior Associate Dean Richard Coico, Ph. D. Senior Associate Dean Joanne Orth, Ph. D. Senior Associate Dean 14 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEGerald Sterling, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Medical Education Kathleen Reeves, M.D. Associate Dean for Student Affairs Audrey Uknis, M.D. Associate Dean for Admissions Stephen Permut, M.D., J.D Assistant Dean for Academic Affiliations William Schulze Assistant Dean for Affiliate and Liaison Activities Dianne Soprano, Ph.D. Associate Dean for M.D. Ph.D. Programs 2008 SKULL 15Barrie Ashby, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Donald Parks, M.D. Assistant Dean for Minority Affairs Raul DeLaCadena, M.D. Assistant Dean for Recruitment and Retention Ala Stanford Frey Director of Minority Affairs Eric Abel Assistant Dean for Development and Medical Alumni Affairs Matthew Strickler, J.D. Director It TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL Of MEDICINEBrad Chilnick, Ann Untalan, Thomas Kupp, Gregory Zimmaro Office of Student Affairs Medical Education and Student Records: Back Row: Micki Miller, Mary Jack-son, Marilyn Meissler, Francine Smith, Maryalice Sobon-Brennan, Shirley Ester, Lakiesha Green. Front Row: Jane Stringer, Ron Tuma, Gerry Sterling, Dianne Butera. Missing: Kathv Reeves, Denise Green Office of Faculty Recruitment and Appointment: Patricia Pileggi and Judy Russo Office of Admissions: Audrey Uknis, MD; Patty Kott; Maria Demmler; Charlotte Boyd Medical Education Support Services: Charles Markocki and Donna Mason 2008 SKULL 17Though at times behind the scenes and other times in the face of it all, we want you to know that each of you played a role in the experience we had here. Therefore, the Class of 2008 would like to recognize the many members of the support staff at Temple University School of Medicine. Thank you for everything! STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Dionne Byers, Eileen Hyams-Kolick, RN, Dorrit Sterner, MD. Not pictured: Esther Roberts. Melvin Starchie, Melvin Carr, Lawrence Elliott (front), Thomas Frinks, Sammy Gresham, Leander Williams. MAINTENANCE STAFF K TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE| STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES First Row: Karen Allen, Francine Miles, Kozina McFad-den. Back Row: Georgia Johnson, Jerry Sharf, Tom Maiorano. Not Pictured: Fred Hough, PhD. LIBRARY STAFF First Row: Royce Sargeant, Mary Ellen Post, PhD, Harriet Pearson. Back Row: Barbara Kuchan, Karen Burstein, Gerald Malhman, Derrick Russell, Kandy Dancy. Not Pictured: John Goodheart, Tiffany Ellis, Jennifer Sanchez, Dean Smith, Mark Taylor (Director). Z008 SKULL 13 Medical Centers 20 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Geisinger Medical Center Danville, PAScranton Temple Residency Program at Mercy Hospital Scranton, PA Crozer-Chester Medical Center Upland, PA FOX CHASE Fox Chase Cancer Center Philadelphia, PA Lehigh Valley Hospital Reading Hospital and Medical Center Allentown, PA Reading, PA 2008 SKULL 21ir o | | The Western Pennsylvania Hospital Temple University School of Medicine Clinical Campus Class of 2008 It is with great pleasure that I extend my congratulations to the 7th class of clinical campus students who have completed their entire third and fourth years of clinical training at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital. We also continue to enjoy having the main campus students join us for their required and elective rotations. The campus at West Penn Hospital continues to be one of Pittsburgh's leading teaching facilities and has attracted medical students from across the country. West Penn Hospital has earned an international reputation for excellence and innovation in the care of patients, education and research. In 2006. The Western Pennsylvania Hospital was awarded Magnet Recognition™ status from the American Nurses Crcdentialing Center (ANCC). the first hospital in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania to achieve this prestigious designation for excellence in nursing and patient care services. The ANCC is the nation's largest and foremost nursing crcdentialing organization and the 4-year Magnet designation is the highest level of recognition that the ANCC can extend to healthcare organizations. In 2007. The Western Pennsylvania Hospital was as named one of the country's 100 Top Hospitals for cardiovascular care, based on the results of the 2007 Cardiovascular Benchmark for Success Study. The study, commissioned by Thomson Healthcare (which last year acquired Solucient. LLC, and its longstanding Solucient 100 Top Hospitals program), examined the performance of nearly 1.000 U.S. hospitals in treating congestive heart failure and heart attacks. West Penn is one of 30 teaching hospitals with cardiovascular residency programs named to the Top 100 list. Elliot B. Goldberg, M.D. Associate Dean I look forward to our continued affiliation with the Temple University School of Medicine and am pleased that West Penn can provide valuable educational experience for medical students. Sincerely, Elliot B. Goldberg. MD Associate Dean. Temple University School of Medicine 22 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEWEST PENN AFFILIATE CAMPUS CROZER AFFILIATE CAMPUS Z008 SKULL 23To Be A Doctor... Ever since the day you first said those magic words, “I Want to be a doctor,” you have been wrapped in the colorful fabric of the history of medicine, a fabric woven from the ideals, wisdom, endeavors, and achievements of our glorious predecessors in medicine. The original meaning of the three words- physician, medic, doctor- that describe our profession is highly illuminating. The word "physician" derives from the Greek physis or nature, denoting that the physician has his roots in an understanding of the nature of the things; the word "medic" comes from mederi, to heal, and the root med means to meditate or think, so that medic is equivalent to thinker and healer; the word "doctor" originally meant master, instructor. Thus, semantically, our profession involves learning, knowledge, healing, and teaching. Five types of ethical duties must guide your life: duties to your teachers, to society, to your patients, to your colleagues, and to yourselves. You have duties to your teachers, because they, the parents of VOlir mind, are the most important people in your life next to your own parents. I do not mean only your university professors, but any physician from who you learn anything- his science, art, ethics, self-denial, or example- that may become a source of inspiration in your professional life. You must honor your masters with devotion and friendship, for friendship is mail’s noblest sentiment, greater even than love. Your duty to society is to be idealists, not hedonists: as physicians, to accept your profession as a service to mankind, not as a source of profit; as investigators, to seek the knowledge that will benefit your fellow beings; as clinicians, to alleviate pain and heal the sick; as teachers, to share and spread your knowledge and always because you are imbued with an ideal of service and not the ambition for gain. Thus will you maintain the dignity of our profession as a social science applied to the welfare of mankind. Your duty to your patients will be to act toward them as you would wish them to act toward you: With kindness, with courtesy, with honesty. You must learn when and howto withhold the truth from your patients if by not telling them all the facts of the case you can relieve or console them, for you can cure them sometimes, and you can give them relief often, but hope you can give them always. Remember that a laboratory report is not an irrevocable sentence. A hematological determination, a roentgenogram, an electroen-cephalophagram may supply vital information on the organic working of the body, but it is even more vital never to forget that, behind all such reports and data, there is a human being in pain and anguish, to whom you must offer something more than an antibiotic, an injection, or a surgical aid; you must, with your attitude, your words, and your actions, inspire confidence and faith and give understanding and consolation. To your colleagues, you have the obligations of civilized men sharing a great and noble task and fighting for a common cause in a great crusade. YOU belong to a team of gallant professionals of all races and eras, bound together across the ages and continents bv a glorious ideal. 24 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEA Finally, you will have obligations to yourselves. Every man in his youth forms an ideal profile of himself or of what he wants to be. He envisions, while young, an ideal program of things to do in life. The rest of his life is spent trying to fill in that profile with achievements. Some fail to reach fulfillment, and later it is tragic to see that ideal profile, of which they dreamed during their youth, in ruins, with the stumps of things begun but never completed. But in the majority of cases, that ideal silhouette created in youthful days really represents our true selves. You must live to be worthy of that silhouette. Your life, your work, and your personality as a physician must be such that your ideal profile of yourself will be filled in with brilliant achievements. Loam tO live perceptively, using that key to wisdom that comes from seeing everything with a total perspective and in view of eternity. Learn through science to correlate things in space, through history, to correlate events in time, and combine all this knowledge esthetically through the beauty of art. Remember that the important thing in life is to be great, HOt big, a great man, not a big man. Let your actions be great, but preserve your personal modesty and humility. What counts in a man and in a physician is his greatness. By greatness I mean grandeur in the things we do and Simplicity in the way we do them, doing things that influence the lives of many people, but preserving always the greatest personal simplicity. For greatness is simplicity. Try to find out as soon as you can what your ideal self is. You have chosen the best destiny of all, a life of dedicated service and dynamic activity. If you work with faith and without dismay, all your dreams will come true. In your future work you will be in good COinpOJiy, the great physicians of history, the glorious figures of the past, will always be near you. When you perform a dissection, a red-bearded young man with flashing eyes, Andreas Vesalius, will be peering over your shoulder; when you make a physiological experiment, the melancholy, pensive eyes of William Harvey will be watching you; when you teach medicine, the venerable figure of William Osier with his Apollonian head will come and sit like a medical Goethe beside you; and when you approach the sickbed, the shades of Hippocrates, Sydenham, and Fleming will gather round to counsel you. The Greeks created the legend that Delphi, site of the famous oracle, was the center of the world, because if two eagles were to fly from any two points of the globe, sooner or later they would meet in Delphi. We now know that the two eagles of science and medicine do not fly only in space but also in time, and their wings hover over the illustrious shadows of the investigators, clinicians, €(llIC£LtOrS, pioneers, rebels, £111(1 ITiart TS of the history of medicine. The meeting place of those two eagles lies not in space but in time, in the future, and in the mind and the heart of every one you w to greatness when you decide "to be a doctor." J io answered destiny's cal Felix Marti-lbanez, M.D. v 2008 SKULL 25TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 2C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2008 SKULL 27'WvotJ n SITEMPLE 13 UMivmsrrr L'NIVKRMTt jjjTEMrLE 13 vwvnwnr UN" -' $£ SS}£ fl TEMPLE 13 mMvtMm jjj TEMPLE 13 UNIVERSITY 28 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE n rtM.n-1 ST Lt grlTEMPLE tl U8lvSMf7 UTEMPLE fc3 UH1VBWT SALMA AKTER, M.D. Woodside, New York B.S. Biology Marymount Manhattan College SaimOo kW_ M.D. 30 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERENEE ELEANOR ASHWORTH, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A. Biological Basis of Behavior University of Pennsylvania Wow- four years goes by really fast! I came here in 2004 all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but I'm leaving beat-down and broken-in. As terrible as that sounds, it's a good feeling. I am so proud of what 1 have accomplished, and yes, I would do it again in a heartbeat. GOD, thank you for ordering my steps, lighting my path, and weathering my storms. Mom, thank you for your endless love, support, and high expectations; I love you. Lyron, thank you for being you and for allowing me to be me, love ya' babe;-) To my prince Gabriel- aim high little man, there's nothing that you can't do! Thanks to the rest of my family and friends for believing in me- 1 got you! Ciana, Courtney, Ejiro, Janis, Latisha, Paula, Tiffany- stay beautiful, be powerful. And to the Class of 2008-1 wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. I'm out!!! 2008 SKULL 31ARTHUR AU, M.D. Fort Washington, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Temple University X] d£- 4- sij? 32 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2008 SKULL 3334 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEBEHRAD AYNEHCH1, M.D. Beverly Hills, CA B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley The unwavering support of my family is the source of my growth. Looking back at our journey only inspires me towards continued success. Dad, you are the embodiment of humility and integrity. The sacrifices that you and my mother have made are innumerable. Mom, you have taught me the value of perpetual learning in this ever-changing world. Shirin, your innovation and flexibility has been a paradigm for us all to follow. Faramarz, you are among the most resourceful and ambitious ones. Shahrad, you have always been the source of inspiration and leadership in my career. David and Daniel, you are two special guys who will always make me proud. 1 will never forget the unconditional love of Mommy Maryam, Daddy Yadollah, and Nanajoon. 2008 SKULL 35ROYA AZADARHAK!, M.D. Centreville, Virginia B.S. Biochemistry Georgetown University wiaMriaki, fitJ) it TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEW7) ASEEH .'(UMAR BHANDAR!, M.D. Butler, New Jersey B.S. Chemical Biology Stevens Institute of Technology Masters of Public Health, UMDNJ Z008 SKULL 37GEETA 8HARGAVE, M.D. York, Pennsylvania B.A.S. Bioengineering University of Pennsylvania 38 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERAJESH BHAVSAR, M.D. State College, PA B.A. Biology New York University 2008 SKULL 3540 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MARGARET CHRISTINE BOWER, M.D. Albany, California B.S. Biology, B.A. Spanish University of California, Davis Some things in life are bad They can really make you mad Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life’s gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle And this'll help things turn out for the best... And...always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the light side of life... --Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (from Monty Python) 2008 SKULL 41COURTNEY NICHOLE BURRELL, M.D. Bessemer, Alabama B.S. Biology, M.A. Health Studies University of Alabama Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 42 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJULIAN LEONARDO CASTANEDA, M.D. Reading, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Ursinus College Masters in Biomedical Science Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for carrying me through the path I have traveled thus far and for lighting my way towards the future. I extend my sincere appreciation to my loving wife, Brenna, and our beautiful son, Benjamin, for their unending encouragement, patience, and willingness to accept my goals and dreams as their own. 1 am forever indebted to my mother, Gloria, for being an inspiring role model, for teaching me to respect and help all those in need, and for instilling in me a strong desire for education. I would like to express admiration and gratitude to Dr. Raul DeLa Cadena, MD for being a fantastic mentor and friend, who has strived to provide me with all resources available in order to achieve my dream. Last, but definitely not least, 1 would like to extend my appreciation to all of my classmates who have traveled with me during this memorable journey. You are all an inspiration to me and I wish you success in all future endeavors. May you go forth and improve the lives of others as you have done mine. 2008 SKULL 43JASON CATANZARO, M.D. Clearfield, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Lycoming College JaA r1 CAfa Yvla?U9' ftfj) 44 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINENICHOLAS S. CAVALLARO, M.D. Winter Haven, Florida B.A. Psychology University of South Florida 2008 SKULL 45SUYIN CH!, M.D. Darnestown, Maryland B.S. Biochemistry University of Maryland, Baltimore County This is for mom and dad, who have been waiting patiently several years for this moment. To my siblings—Irene, Phil, Vince—who I bored senseless when 1 launched into med speak. Thanks to my college friends who were there for the highs and lows for the last decade, for your belief that 1 could do more. And to my friends at Temple who have made the last few years bearable during the rough and stressful times, fun and exciting during the good. We'll always have I HOP. 4C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJENNY CH!ANG, M.D. Morristown, New Jersey B.S. Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University M.S. Human Nutrition College of P S, Columbia University To my family and friends- Thank you for all your love and support. Especially to mv family 1 love you all. Eric-1 love you. I carry vour heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it. To the Class of 2008- We are a very special class. Never forget we are all destined to do great things. Skull Yearbook staff- You are amazing people!!! 1 raise a plastic cup to you. And thank you for not 302ing me. “Hope wrestles with despair, but it does not generate optimism. It just generates this energy to be courageous, to bear witness, to see what the end is going to be. No guarantee, unfinished, open-ended. I am a prisoner of hope. I am going to die full of hope." -Cornell West 2008 SKULL 47MICHELLE A. CHIN, M.D. Portland, Oregon B.S. Biology and Psychology University of Oregon It has been quite the trip from Portland to Philadelphia... I would like to thank my parents, for without them, I am nothing. For my brother and sister who pushed their liT sis to be independent, stronger, and to always expect more. My dearest friends and family who have put up with me throughout the years and continue to consider me both friend and family. And also to the new friends and family I have found through Temple Med who have taken me into their lives. Here's to the Asian Lab Group who could never see over the Tall Lab Group. Most of all I would like to thank my 1 lab partner for life, Michael, who has been through it all right by my side. 4S TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE t jALLEN CHIU, M.D. San Francisco, California B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley UUOi hD. Down the Road This road through Death Valley I remember well. It traveled as far as my eyes could follow, and still further after I could not see. How I would like to fly down this road again—fly free of reason and responsibility to the edge of the earth and know only the road that 1 travel down and not where it goes. Thank you to those who I have met along the way—those who have made this an incredible experience. May our paths again cross, somewhere down the road. HARRY CHO, M.D. San Clemente, California B.S. Human Biology, Health and Society Cornell University "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain Homy Cho' WV SO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJOSEPHINE CHOU, M.D. Palo Alto, California B.S. Biology University of California San Diego 2008 SKULL 51BRIAN J. CLARK, M.D. Greensburg, Pennsylvania M.S. Agronomy The Pennsylvania State University 52 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESAMUEL NATHAN COOPER, M.D. Albany, California B.S. Animal Physiology and Neuroscience University of California, San Diego Thanks Dad, Mom and Ali! I love you guys. 2008 SKULL 53KATHARINE THERESA CRINER, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Vertebrate Physiology Biology The Pennsylvania State University To my family: "If you live to be 100,1 want to live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you." Mom Dad: Thank you for your constant love, support, fun times laughs. I couldn't have wished for better role models. Kris, Kala, Andrew Rach: You taught me so much and gave me strength when I needed it most. Circus: "Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them." Rinaldi: "I'll tell you one thing it's always better when we're together." "A true friend is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway." DBerry. Suyu: "Best friends are the ones who can be the farthest away but there the fastest when you call." Surbs: "Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support." You're my fav brown bra. Temple Friends: "After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart... and if you're very lucky, a plane ride away." 54 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAARON SUHN CZYSZ, M.D. New Tripoli, Pennsylvania B.S. Physics and Mathematics Lehigh University 2008-SKULL 5556 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE r VVika r'DattO 'N'I)RACHEL ELAINE DAVIS, M.D. Washington, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology, Dickinson College M.A. Physiology, Indiana University Rachel ]) m A WJ) SI TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINELINZY ANN DOHERTY, M.D. Gardnerville, Nevada B.S. Biology Loyola Marymount University 2008 SKULL 5SJAYANTH R. D0S3, M.D. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada B.S. Biology University of Alberta "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou Thank you to my family and friends for your love and support, always believing in me, and most importantly-helping me believe in myself. Ct TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEjan:swatchen dossen.m.d. Seattle, Washington B.S. Biochemistry University of Southern California To my parents, thank you for all of your sacrifice and prayers. To my brothers, thank you for supporting me all the time. To my friends, you know who you are and you will always be with me. Thanks for the laughs, smiles, cries, double dates J, and so much more as I went through this journey. To my fiance and future husband, we made it!!! I'm sure T-mobile has made a killing off of us, but I can't wait to be back on the same time as you. Thank you for your love, encouragement and listening to me sleep J. I love you. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. ...be careful that you do not forget the Lord." Deuteronomy 6:5,12 My Papa Mommie The most romantic beach proposal. 1 love Santa Barbara!! Me My Babe. Fight On!! Temple Towers 2004 Dysfunctional Anatomy My big sib Sara I Me the lovely ladies Group 2008 SKULL 61JOSEPH DWYER, M.D. Medford, New Jersey B.A. Communications C2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEEJ1R0 IRENE EDUVIE, M.D. Far Rockaway, New York B.S. Biology Temple University To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but also believe. "So 1 say to you, ask and it will be given to you; seek, andyou will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." Thanks to my family and friends. A special thanks to God. Ejieroghene-Praise be to God. 2008 SKULL C3DAVID EZON, M.D. Deal, New Jersey B.A. Middle Eastern Studies Political Science Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey "I am standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me." Grandma Celia, you have founded our family on the principle that education is the key to growth and success. Thank you for always encouraging me to succeed. Uncle Saul and Aunty Sally, Uncle Eli and Aunty Grace, I have long benefited from your efforts. You anticipated that I would need an education, so you built me a school. When I sought more, you volunteered your support. Thank you. Uncle Joey and Aunty Sophie, thank you for ensuring that I could make my way. Thank you, Mom. You and Dad have always shown me the affection and insight I needed to find my way. Jack, Myriam, Celia, Philip, Ikey, and Joey, thank you for setting a strong precedent and clearing the path ahead of me. GMILY Teaching is a force multiplier. Thank you to all of my teachers for spending time to transmit the knowledge and skills I will use as I practice medicine. May the service 1 perform as a physician merit those that have enabled me to act. "If 1 am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?" (4 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology The Pennsylvania State University 2008 SKULL (5DEVON 1,1. FLAHERTY, M.D. Westwood, Massachusetts B.S. Psychology, Union College M.P.H. Drexel University Thank you to my family and friends for their endless love and encouragement. Mom, Dad, Jen, Josh, Tree, the Trifecta, Bub, the Black Pants Brigade, and, of course, the Peanut Gallery, it's been a long journey and 1 am grateful that you were all along for the ride. CC TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDYLAN SCOn FUPSE, M.D. Williamsport, Pennsylvania B.A. Chemistry Case Western Reserve University Thank you to my family, because without them, this would have been much closer to impossible. Thanks to everyone who had fun. And thanks to Surabhi who will, I think, always refer to me as her first husband. 2008 SKULL 67EMILY SHJRWEN FONG, M.D. Radnor, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Cornell University To Momma Daddy Fong who have always shown me unconditional love and support. From "10 little monkeys" to medical school you have never stopped believing in me. To Allen, my brother and my best friend, who let me be his big sister even when I felt small. To Jonathan who, for reasons that are still unclear, loves me even when I am being a Ram. And to Ralee, the most wonderful roommate, who makes me giggle when I want to cry. And to the rest of my family and friends, thank you for sharing this amazing journey with me -1 love you all! Cl TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJONATHAN BRYAN FORD, M.D. Ridgecrest, California B.S. Biology San Diego State University To my family: Thank you for all of your support not only now but throughout my entire life. My achievement is a testament of your love and guidance. 1 could not have done it without you. To my friends: You give me joy and relief from it all. We have come a long way from cheesesteaks and 40s, spending the night in the 24 hour room, and having everyone including the dean tell us that we smell. 1 will never forget all the great times we shared. To my fellow colleagues: Congratulations to all. Our first day of school seems like just yesterday. Our work is not done yet. 1 hope you all continue to work hard and enjoy great success and happiness. To Emiley: Perhaps it was the smell and sight of the anatomy lab that caused you to dislike me initially. I am glad you came to your senses and gave me a chance. I hope that you will continue to make me happy for many more years to come. 2008 SKULL 69ADRIENNE LEIGH FREIDl, M.D. Easton, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry Bucknell University n TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMEGAN GARVIN HEERE, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology University of Scranton To Mark, my family, and friends. Thank you so much for all of your love and support through these years. I couldn't have done it without you! To the amazing staff of the yearbook. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to those who don't hand in their stuff on time! ZJULA 2008 SKULL 71SURABH! X. GAUR, M.D., M.B.A. Canonsburg, Pennsylvania B.A. Economics, Dartmouth College M.B.A, Temple University Eat your heart out, Vegas, I beat the odds by getting this far. Thank you first and foremost to my parents my brother. You three are a relentless source of love, support encouragement. Especially to Amma Papa—thank you for always telling me to "dream big." Most of all, I appreciate your sacrificing your wants for my goals. To my friends, old and new, thank you for making medical school much more enjoyable than it should have been. In the spirit of 170, believe the hype. And to Dylan...thanks for being at McGlinchey's on a cold night four Februaries ago. "I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl."—Anthony Kiedis "If you feel that you deserve everything you have, then you haven't tried hard enough yet."—Abhay Gaur n TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ANDREW GELLER, M.D. Tarzana, California B.A. Economics Brandeis University Qwh+Ajj M.D. 2008 SKULL 73RYAN DAV!D GENTZLER, M.D. Harleysville, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Davidson College I would like to thank my wife, Betsy, for all of the love and support she has given me over the past fours years as I made my way through medical school. 1 could not have done it without her. I would also like to thank my parents and sisters for their support and willingness to spend time with us despite a difficult schedule. It has been a tough but wonderful four years of learning that I will never forget. Temple is a special place that has molded me into the doctor I am about to become. 74 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEKathMyru tfiMwb flfl) KATHRYN GIROUX, M.D. Saegertown, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology and B.A. Anthropology The Pennsylvania State University I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— 1 took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost 2008 SKULL 75WILLIAM NICHOLAS GLEASON, M.D. Warminster, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology LaSalle University Congratulations Class of 2008! Strong work! Thanks to my family and friends for all their support. Colleen, you're the best. I couldn't have done it without you. Gal, thanks for making medicine so much fun. Team "Gross" and Team "O", we may not have won many games, but I still had a great time playing. Best Wishes to the Class of 2008! rv, fl'p tt TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2008 SKULL 77LAWRENCE JAMES RONALD GOLDHAHN.M.D. Abington, Pennsylvania B.A. American Studies The Pennsylvania State University "All who drink of this remedy will recover...except those in whom it does not help, who will die. Therefore, it is obvious that it fails only in incurable diseases. - Galen (129-C.200AD) 71 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESUZANNE JILL GOLDRING, M.D. Havertown, Pennsylvania B.S. Physics, M.A. Education American University 2008 SKULL 75FRANK JOSEPH GROSHEK, M.D. Chicago, Illinois B.A. Neuroscience Johns Hopkins University "I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany." Cheers to the last three rows on the right side of the classroom. Too bad Jon Boy was on the left. I’ll never forget week-night Mooseknuckle games, Thursday night TV, 12 hour postexam celebrations, multi-state treasure hunts, all night cram sessions, Phillies tailgates, and mostly the constant degrading and off-color comments...! guess I should also thank my wife for putting up with my often crazy schedule and even crazier mood swings. I love you and thanks for paying the bills. My parents for their constant love, support and always being in my corner. My in-laws for providing many weekend retreats filled with great food and company. And everyone else, family and friends, who have supported me throughout these four years. To all my Temple friends, thanks for always being there, you all made these four years some of the best of my life. 1 could not imagine doing it without you all. Temple Med 2008, Stay classy! Yeah Bowy! 0 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESAMSON WACHIRA GUTHUA, M.D. Nairobi, Kenya B.S. Biology Towson University First I want to thank God for affording me the opportunity to be accepted into medical school and for seeing me through up to this point. Without Him I am nothing and none of my accomplishments thus far would have been possible. I would also like to thank my wonderful parents and siblings: vour love, advice, prayers and constant support through the years were not only encouraging but needed in order to keep me focused on the end result. I would also like to say a special thank you to my uncle, Patrick, and his wonderful wife, my aunt Jane, for all the support and encouragement they have given me. Lastly, but by no means least, I want to thank my loving wife, Emma, for standing with me through this long arduous process. Her belief in me and unconditional support always gave me the extra strength that I needed to keep going. To my extended family as well as my wife's family and the great friends I have made in med school, thank you for the prayers, cheers and encouragement. I could not have achieved this without everyone's help and support. 2008 SKULL 81JOSEPH ANTHONY GW1SZCZ JR., M.D. Cheltenham, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Temple University It has been a very fast and grueling four years, but it was bearable because of the many friends that I have made along the way, and for that I thank you all. Class of 2008. Those of you with whom I've become particularly close, know that you can always count on me to be there for whatever. I'm just a phone call away, don't hesitate. Likewise, I would like to express my love and gratitude to my family, particularly my parents, who have always strived to put their children before themselves; without you I would not be where I am today, literally and figuratively. And to my sisters, 1 am proud of all of you no matter what, so don't stop reaching for your dreams; the only true failure is to not try at all. And now to end with a few of my favorite quotes: “You can only do as much as you can do, and the rest is up to God." "Life is a series of choices, some big, some small, but all significant." “Go BIG, and Dominate" -thanks Jon. And in Philly Joe style “water" is pronounced “wooder" in Philly; and it is always "wiz wit." (L ?7?I 82 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEz:yad shawkat hammoudeh, m.d. Merion Station, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry Drexel University 2008 SKULL S3C!ANA TYIESH HAYES, M.D. Maple Shade, New Jersey B.A. Spanish Ursinus College £ Ciamo WD M TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEVI JANELLE MARIE HESSE, M.D. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Temple University 2008 SKULL 85U TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJANIS ELIZABETH HOBBS, M.D. Amherst, Virginia B.A. Biology University of Virginia I thank God everyday that I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you have done for me. You have truly been wonderful role models and an excellent support system for me. I love you so much!!! Thanks to my brother, Jesse, for being supportive and helping to keep me grounded. Thanks to all of my friends for being loving, caring, and understanding. Congratulations to the Class of 2008!! 'ZIwua to D, to)PH 2008 SKULL 87KIRSTEN WINIFRED ANNE HOGAN, M.D. Glenwood, Maryland B.S. Kinesiology University of Maryland tS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERIAN AARON HOLAYTER, M.D. Eagle River, Alaska B.S. Biochemistry Brigham Young University liam H laAfeA WZ 91 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE K!RST!N ERIKA HOWELL, M.D. Minneapolis, Minnesota B.S. Biology Tufts University Listen to the mustn’ts child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn't haves, the impossibles, the wonts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me. Anything can happen child. Anything can be. Shel SUverstein You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Dr. Seuss 2008 SKULL 91Temple City, California B.A. Biology Pomona College To my family and friends who have been there to support me, feed me, poke fun at me, ground me, and stand by me, 1 want to say a sincere "thank you". You can all be assured that I'll gladly return the favor if you ever find yourself buried...umm, I mean involved in further schooling and subjected to, how do I put it, a mountain of debt. Dinner’s on me this time, as soon as I pay off my loans, so it might take some time, but I'm good for it. But all joking aside, although it's been a long road thus far (and with much more to go), the journey has been rewarding, palatable, and worthwhile due in large part to your help. Thank you all again, your kindness is truly appreciated. To my fellow classmates, it's been an enlightening, interesting and, at times, trying experience that I'm glad to have shared with you. I wish you all the best of luck with the next phase of your lives and thanks for four memorable years. I look forward to when our paths will cross again! n TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEir JU:-CHUNG JESSE HUNG, M.D. Los Angeles, CA B.A. Sociology UCLA 2008 SKULL 93 A AYN CARROLL HUNTINGTON, M.D. Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania B.A. Government Dartmouth College M TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESHWETHA IYER, M.D. Iselin, New Jersey B.S. Public Health Rutgers University It is easy to lose track of the things important to you when your life is devoted to long hours of studying and training. While we strive to achieve our dreams of being physicians, nothing is more essential than a network of people who care and support us on our journey. I dedicate this page to my family and friends who have always believed in me and have kept me sane throughout this often turbulent process. After my house burned down, I saw the moon more clearly. - Zen saying z5 trwtMvh (yen, }yf]) It s not what happens to you, it's what you do with what happens to you. -Alduous Huxley 2008 SKULL 55K TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMP CAROLINE CHRISTINA JADLOWIEC, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.A. Political Science, B.S. Biology Gannon University To my family and friends, thank you. Mojc nicustannc dzi$kczynienie kieruj do Boga, Ducha Swi tego, Jezusa Chrystusa, i Matki Bozej. Puszck, dzi$kuj$ Ci za Twojq pczgraniczn pomoc, wsparcie, i wiar$ we mnie. Nie moglabym tego wszystkiego dokonac bez Ciebie. FB, four years ago you told me, “pray, hope, and don’t worry." I certainly tried to do that. I wish you could have been here today. 2008 SKULL 57SHRADDHA JAN!, M.D. Pennsville, NJ B.A. Music Columbia University Thank you to Dad, Mom, Neha and Shreya for your unconditional love and support and to Raif for being the sunshine of our lives. And thank you Kristine, my Philly family-- you are a good friend and an even better distraction. M TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEshad: jarjous, m.d. Allentown, Pennsylvania B.S Biochemistry Temple University To Mom and Dad, Rahil Makhail Jarjous, my two heroes. Without your love and support, I would not have been where I am today. I am exceedingly grateful and proud to be your son. To my sister, friend, and colleague Waed, our Dr. Jarjous 2.1 am proud of you. To my cousin, Pierre Richan, for being the best brother and friend I can ask for. To all my family and friends here and overseas for your love and all the great memories. "Only as high as I reach can I grow. Only as far as I seek can 1 go. Only as deep as I look can I see. Only as much as I dream can I be." -Karen Ravn- 2008 SKUIJ. 33ARUN L. JAYARAUAN, M.D. Dresher, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry and Biology West Chester University I thank those that have taught, befriended, and supported me. I am especially grateful for the enduring love of my wife and family. To my classmates, I wish you all the best. MP ehV ISO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMATTHEW P. JENKINS, M.D. Nicholson, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology and Sociology Boston College 2008 SKULL 101NICOLE JANINE JOHNSON, M.D. Woodland, Washington B.A. Biochemistry The Colorado CollegeSARAH ANN JOHNSON, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering University of Virginia 2008 SKULL 103RAYFORD ROBEL JUNE, M.D. Merion Station, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology University of Pennsylvania To Lauren: thank you for all of your love and support. Our journey continues and even when I think it is perfect, it keeps on getting better. I can't wait to see where it takes us next. To my Temple Patients: thank you for all you have taught me. I hope someday 1 can return the favor. To my friends and classmates: it has been great working together. Thank you for all of the memories. 1 look forward to continuing the friendships and having patients together. To Dad: You set quite an example and 1 couldn't be more grateful. I've loved our discussions on runs and rides, and I look forward to many more. CRJ: I finally did it! I miss you daily, and I am trying to live by the values that you so eloquently taught me. "Learn as if you would live forever; live as if you would die tomorrow" -Gandhi "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." -Ralph Waldo Emerson "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."-Samuel Johnson IM TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINENorth Wales, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology and American Studies Temple University 2008 SKULL 105LAURA KAPLAN, M.D. East Brunswick, New Jersey B. S. Engineering Masters in Biotechnology University of Pennsylvania Thank you to my wonderful parents and brothers for their love, support, and encouragement. d aJUJlAI Q. jULjll K Mp I0C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINES. Kar weddmi, M.D, DAVID SHOJA XARIMEDDINI, M.D. Farmington, Connecticut B.S. Premedicine Pensacola Christian College I want to thank God for His love and His faithful provision for us. "Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it." (I Thess. 5:24) 1 want to dedicate this page to my beautiful and loving wife, Jessica, who reminds me that there is life outside of medicine. And thank you to our parents for their overwhelming love and support for us during these four years and always. 2008 SKULL 107' M ROBERT JAMES KATZER, M.D. McLean, Virginia B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley [l beM' KWD 108 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJOHN H. m, M.D. Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.A. Neuroscience Johns Hopkins University J fvn KOnvMATTHEW I KLEJNER, M.D. Wyomissing, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Boston College Matthew KttOr A WV 118 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEKRISTINE ELIZABETH KONOPKA, M.D. Centennial, Colorado B.A. Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology University of Colorado, Boulder Z0Q8 SKULL 111A!HAM XORBAGE, M.D. Syrian Arab Republic B.A. French Studies Haverford College I dedicate these 25 years of my life to Mama and Papa, with infinite gratitude and respect. I could not have come this far without your love, altruism and sacrifice. You have both inspired {and spoiled) me over the years, and I am forever thankful. To Noura, my evil twin and nemesis, and my favorite sister. Thank you for the laughter, the fights, and of course the best sibling rivalry ever! To my bigger family in Sweida and Ha lab, thank you for the memories, for your prayers and support. To Teta, who taught me my first letters, and who wanted to see me one of the best. I know you are watching me from Heaven; 1 hope to continue making you proud. To my dear uncle Issam, who gave me my name and mv first drawing book. To friends from Haverford College, Paris, and Cuba, who gave me much wisdom. To the people of the Middle East, I extend a peace from my heart. To all those living in poverty, and to the uninsured victims of our health care system. And last but not least, to God for giving me life, joy, an intellectual family, and great Mediterranean genes. 112 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEEL! KOTT, M.D. Bachelor of Talmudic Law Ner Israel Rabbinical College 2008 SKULL 113KEVIN KRfUMND, M.D. Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.S. Information Science University of Pittsburgh To my wonderful wife, Lindsay, thank you. You are my better half. To my family, thank you all for everything. uni £ BRET JARED XRICUN.M.D. Allentown, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology and Environmental Studies Tufts University 2008 SKULL 115BRIAN LACE, M.D. Latrobe, Pennsylvania B.S. Engineering Sciences and Mechanics The Pennsylvania State University • D . IK TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2008 SKULL mDANIEL JEFFREY LANDSBURG, M.D. Havertown, Pennsylvania B.A. History and Sociology of Science University of Pennsylvania 111 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE“VICK!” YOUNG CHU LEE, M.D. Lubbock, Texas B.S. Chemical Engineering Texas Tech University VOcfoi lw ftiV 2007 SKULL IWJESSICA MAE LEONARD, M.D. Aston, Pennsylvania B.S. Ursinus College Thanks Mom Dad for all the love and support over the years. Jason, thanks for being there for me during my difficult moments, I love you. Thanks Aunt Barb, Uncle Bruce, Jake, Megan, Shawn and kids for all the years of support. Jackie, Steve and Ryan, thanks for being there for Jason and I. Christine, thanks for being a great friend throughout college and medical school, couldn't have done this without you. Mr. Dowman, I wouldn't have gone for my dreams if it wasn't for you. To all my friends, thanks for keeping me sane throughout this long process. Love Jessica 120 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJ LORA LEE LEONARDO, M.D. Hackensack, New Jersey B.S. Biochemistry Rutgers University 2008 SKULL 121SHAWN GLEDHILL LESLIE, M.D. Erie, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Allegheny College Mom and dad, thanks for your knowledge and guidance throughout my 25 years. You have given me the best gift a daughter could ever ask for, the confidence to reach my dreams. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for your love and sacrifice. Nick, I am so lucky to have such a supportive and caring husband. You have picked me up from ever)' fall and shared every victory. Thanks for always making me feel special. And Laura, thanks for keeping me sane through long of hours of class, studying, and call, it wouldn't have been any fun without you. 122 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEGAL LEVY, M.D. New York, New York B.S. Behavioral Neurosciences Columbia University Thanks mom for cooking dinners for me before exams, without which I would have surely starved. Thanks dad for being my sommelier, without whom 1 would have ended up drinking cheap beer at home alone. Thanks to my sisters and brother for always being available to hang out, without which I would have rotted at home in a fetid stench fetal position in a corner. And last but not least...Thank you Stafford, both subsidized and unsubsidized, without which I never would have had the opportunity to rack up enormous loans and learn the value of consolidation. At the very end. I'd like to thank Douglas Adams may he rest in peace. Thank you DA for always making me laugh through the toughest rotations and the most grueling exams and realize the fundamental absurdity of life as a medical student. "I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is" Douglas Adams, Life, The Universe and Everything 2008 SKULL 123SU-YU JUSTINE L!, M.D. Redondo Beach, California B.S. Biochemistry University of California, San Diego Mama and Baba- Thank you for always loving me. Su-Ting, Su-Pei, and Dale- You are the inspirations in my life. Abu, Aburnay, Zoki, and Yuki- Thank you for being my other family. ilA yiAs L0] lT) 124 TEMPI E UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDEBORAH YVETTE C. L!M, M.D. Manila, Philippines B.A. Biology University of Pennsylvania Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." - Psalm 107:1 To Dad: I miss you. This one's for you. To Mom, Achie and Harvey: Thanks for being the best family in the world. To Webster: Thanks for all the encouragement and support especially in the last 4 years. To my friends study buddies: Thanks for making med school a fun and bearable experience for me! 2008 SKULL 125SHARON L!M, M.D. Manila, Philippines B.S. Biochemistry University of California, Los Angeles I2t TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECHRISTIAN SOUZA BARBOSA LIMA, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Boston University C tywMwYv Iwma plV 2008 SKULL 127MITCHELL ALAN LINDER, M.D. Yardley, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology and English Union College rfM 'ZJ Mx . 128 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEANDY H. L!U, M.D. Arcadia, California B.S. Biochemistry University of California, Los Angeles These past four years could not have been possible without the support of my loving wife. 1 would like to thank her for putting up with my long hours of studying and many nights away on call. She was always the light at the end of a long day at school or the hospital. Thank you for always standing by me and encouraging me to be the best that I can be. 1 would also like to thank my family for giving me this opportunity and always giving us their unconditional love and support. Best of luck. Class of 2008! LrA rufj y lw,M) 2008 SKULL 123DAN (JENNY) NGOC LUU, M.D. San Diego, California B.A. Psychology University of California, Berkeley I have always thought of my life as a book with lots of pages to be filled. As 1 am starting another chapter in my book, 1 am filled with mixed emotions. A little bit of sadness, lots of excitement, and most importantly- gratitude. 1 am grateful for my family and friends who have whole-heartedly supported me through out the years. They took pride in my accomplishments, shared my happiness, and encouraged me to dream beyond the stars. They took me into their arms when my heart carried heavy loads. Thank you for your love, patience, and support. Last but not least, a big thank you to my professors and attending for sharing their vast knowledge with me. So, family and friends, this page is dedicated to you guys. HO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2008 SKULL 131ZOE MAHER, M.D. Ocean View, New Jersey B.A. Individualized Study New York University 132 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE _____,ALINE ANH MA!, M.D. Lake Forest, California B.S. University of California, Irvine Deepest gratitude to my dear grandpapi, who's youthful spirit and itchy feet inspire me everyday to get out and see the world. To my mom and dad, who loved me enough to reluctantly push me outside of my cozy bubble in "The O.C" And to my baby sis, who always tempers my wanderlust with homesickness. Sincere thanks to my teachers and classmates at Temple who were able to coax me out of my shell with their patience, warmth and kindness. iflOw, M-D• 2008 SKULL 133DANNY MA!, M.D. Yorba Linda, California B.S. Biology University of California, Irvine Vevrvrvty WJ) 134 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHILLARY SUSAN MAITLAND, M.D. Haddonfield, New Jersey B.A. Biology University of Delaware I would like to dedicate this page to the memory of my grandfather Charles E Meidt who first encouraged me to pursue a career in medicine and whose dedication and empathy are such an inspiration to me. 1 also want to thank my family for their constant support and endless encouragement, especially my dad who never complained too loudly about my credit card bills, parking tickets, and another four years of tuition, Richard for paying the rent, taking out the trash, washing the dishes and doing pretty much everything else 1 forgot about while studying for exams, and my mom for surviving my endless complaining. I truly could not have finished without you and I will be forever grateful. 2008 SKULL 135MARY AKHNOUKH-MAKARYUS, M.D. Queens, New York B.A. Psychology Barnard College Columbia University "But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Mt 6:33) 136 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEZUBAIR A. MAIJK, M.D. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania B.S. PreMedicine The Pennsylvania State University Zufacufv ftlaloks pfl 2008 SKULL 137ANTHONY W. MARTIN, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology University of Pittsburgh "It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!" - Rocky Balboa 138 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECHRISTINE AGNES MARTIN, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Ursinus College "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us"- Ralph Waldo Emerson. I dedicate my yearbook to my mom, my best friend. Mom, you believed in me from day one and have always been the wind beneath my wings. You gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams and the love to let me know that 1 was never alone. Thanks for ALL of your prayers. Dad-I can't thank you enough for all you have done. Dziadzi- you are in my heart always. Babci-1 send you a special thanks for everything you do for me each day. I love you! Douggie, Cindy, Ryan, Nicole-I love you all. Reenie- thanks for keeping me smiling and for always being there when 1 need a friend. Jess-1 couldn't have done this without you. ECREW forever! Finally, to the love of my life, Chris- you are my everything! You've made the last three years so incredible. I can not thank you enough for all that you do forme. We did this together baby! Thank you for filling my life with laughter, love, peace and beauty. I love you BBB! 2008 SKULL 133KARINA ANN MENCONI.M.D. Tamaqua, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry Dickinson College Seth, I never expected to come to medical school and meet the love of my life. I look forward to beginning this next chapter of our lives as husband and wife. I love you. To my Parents, I could never thank you enough for all of your support. I could not have made it this far without you. Kristin and Kara, my sisters and best friends, you could not have set better examples of what to strive for as a doctor. Thank you both for all the advice and pearls of wisdom throughout the years. Thank you for showing me the way. Katie and Rachel, 1 could not have asked for better friends to endure the past four years with. I'll never forget all those study dates and lunches in the study lounge. Thanks for all the laughs. 140 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE]6duO(hUtM'rn‘ RAISE ! A MILLER, M.D. Howard, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Goucher College 1 wouldn't have learned anything during these four years without the help of a few people: To my parents: Your unwavering and enthusiastic support of everything that Rick and I have attempted is inspiring. I hope to someday be as cool as the two of you. To Jess and Jenn: I've learned more from our silly conv ersations than from any other medical school lecture. I miss you guys! To Emiley: I think you might be slightly crazier than me, but I loved living with you anyways. I hope we can have more tribal popcorn-crunching dance parties or two-pound pasta events in the future. And to my new friend Jayne: My poor decision-making skills and the resulting drama wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable without you laughing with me. Hopefully we can have just as much fun during your fourth year. 2008 SKULL MlSOME LYNN M!RO, M.D. New City, New York B.S. Animal Bioscience The Pennsylvania State University I can't believe that in just a few months we will no longer be students. Thank you to all of my friends and family for supporting me over the years. Mom, Dad, and Sara, for the many phone calls, the encouragement, and stressed out moments, I love and thank you. Thanks to my friends for being my escape from all the work, 1 couldn't find a more amazing group. Karina and Rachel, we are almost there...and Rachel, I have to admit I will miss the hours of studying on the phone.. .just a little. 142 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPAULA CHRISTINE MURRAY, M.D. Upper Marlboro, Maryland B.S. Biology Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University God Almighty has brought me; The love of family has supported me; The joy of friendship has uplifted me; And with the guidance given by the Holy Spirit, I have arrived! Heavenly Father - I stand in awe of Your graciousness. Thank you for being my Source and my Song, and for giving me the grace to press on. Mom and Dad - Where would I be without you? Thank you for your love and for the countless sacrifices you have made on my behalf. I am so blessed to have you as parents. Anika and Andrea - My sisters and my closest friends. Thank you for all the good times- late night laughs, three way calls, fashion and relationship counsel, weekend getaways and island excursions. I love you! To All my Family and Friends - Thank you for believing in me and my dreams! 2008 SKULL 143steven : un:h:ro NAKAO, M.D. Newtown, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Millersville University of Pennsylvania M.S. Microbiology Thomas Jefferson University I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Lara, and my family for all their encouragement during medical school. Without all of you, these last four years would have been so much more difficult. 144 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL Of MEDICINEWILLIAM NGHIEM, M.D. Bellevue, Washington B.S. Neurobiology University of Washington WiMifi rrv YtfJ) Z008 SKULL M5NHAN-VU THU NGUYEN, M.D. Seal Beach, California B.S. Biology University of California, Riverside )ltov- Via? p(7) I4C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDAISUKE FRANCIS NONAKA, M.D. San Diego, California B.S. Biology Yale University ft. £2 2008 SKULL 147Wvyvrv p(T 148 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERYAN THOMAS OLESZEWSK!, M.D. Laurel, Maryland B.S.Biology University of Maryland To my wife Ashley, I share this success with you in full. You have always believed in me and brought out the best I have to offer, even when I did not think myself capable. You have enabled me to reach for my goals and I hope that 1 can help make all your goals and dreams come true as we share our lives. Mom and Dad, you have given me all the love support and opportunities a kid could need, it has been the foundation for my achievement in school and in my marriage. Even during the rough times when I had given up, you never quit on me. To all our friends in Philly you have become a family away from home for us, we will miss you, but we will remember you all wherever life takes us. The grace of God has made every success in my life possible. 1 am humbled by where I am today and my greatest desire is to use the skills and opportunities He affords me to their fullest. I put my faith and trust in Him completely. 2008 SKULL 149ISO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE(2 uj Pc -y r CAMILLE IRENE PAGLIA, M.D. Narberth, Pennsylvania A.B. Political Science, Bryn Mawr College M.G.A. University of Pennsylvania J.D. University of Pennsylvania Law School Thanks to my father, Ludwig Paglia MD, who inspired this journey a long time ago; to my classmates, who are some of the finest people I've ever had the honor to know; to my sons, Anthony and Nicky Francis, who not only tolerated their mother's frequent absences and distractions, but stepped up to the plate at home, looked after each other, and even let her practice her physical exam technique on them; and most of all, to mv husband, Vernon Francis, whose support and encouragement made everything possible. 2008 SKULL 151NEIL PALM:S!ANO, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology The Pennsylvania State University Without the love and support of my family and friends, 1 would have not had the strength to accomplish my wildest dreams. Thank you guys with all of my heart. "The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates 152 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEALEXANDER Y. PANTELYAT, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A. Biological Basis of Behavior Russian Lit. University of Pennsylvania "A fetus is a fetus until he graduates medical school.'' I want to thank my amazing mother and grandmother for helping me in every way possible during these years, and thus enabling me to truly enjoy myself! I want to thank our teachers, who were so approachable, and often made themselves available to answer any questions. I also want to thank the many classmates (you know who you are!) who engaged my curiosity, made me laugh, and generally helped make the medical school experience a positive one! Finally, I want to thank a certain librarian, who for me will forever remain identified with the friendly, caring, and generally relaxed atmosphere that I associate with Temple. You have truly made a humane impact, your love for what you do is always apparent, and I hope you continue to do your thing for many years to come! 2008 SKULL 153SUMIT K!RT!KUMAR PATEL, M.D. Bergenfield, New Jersey B.A. Biology and Psychology Oberlin College 154 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE paMt ftfj)UTPAL PATEL, M.D. Philadephia, Pennsylvania B.S. Biochemistry The Pennsylvania State University For all the formal education that I have undertaken, nothing parallels the education that I have received from my loving parents, Vina and Jashbhai. They gave up everything for me and my brother, so that we could have a better life. Their sacrifices, hard work, and dedication to us is the true reason for our success. When 1 think of all that is good in the world, 1 think of my parents. I dedicate my achievements to them, for their unlimited support, guidance, wisdom, and love. lAtyal paUL ftfl) 2008 SKULL 155CHARLOTTE NICOLE PAZ-PABON, M.D. Miami, Florida B.S. Biology University of Miami To my Mami, I would not be here were it not for you. Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams and for always being a source of constant support. I am who 1 am because of you. Titi Arleen, I could never say thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Thank you for being my own personal cheerleader and for being there for me when I needed you the most. Maya, you are the best grandma in the world, thank you for all your love and support. Papi, thank you for always being there for me, giving me support and letting me know that you believe in me. Mi Gordito, thank you for all your love, for moving to Philly even if it meant leaving your boats behind in Miami, for always making me smile, and for always making me believe that everything will somehow work out for the best. To Abuelo and Papi Julio, I miss you both so much but I know that you are always with me. Finally, to all my friends and family, thank you for all your love and support. I love you all with all my heart! ISC TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE J Jvn pe ydeA' pfj) JOHN PEOPLES, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. The Pennsylvania State University 2008 SKULL 157AN!MESH PETKAR, M.D. Cerritos, California B.S. Biology University of California, Irvine Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me through everything. —— m-t 158 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESTEVEN JAMES PORBUNDERWALA, M.D. Merrimack, New Hampshire B.S. Human Physiology Boston University On hearing this, Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Matthew 9:12-13 2008 SKULL l$SANDREW COX PORTER, M.D. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma B.S. Biology Saint Louis University ICO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJORDANA WEIL PRICE, M.D. Orinda, California B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of California, Davis "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away" -anon To all my classmates, good luck in all your future endeavors and aspirations. Thank you to my family and friends who supported and helped me get here. WLEOL L 2008 SKULL 161ANGELA PUGUESE, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology University of Maryland (AA las flfl) IC2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERAGHUVEER RANGANATHAN, M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S. Cell Molecular Biology University of Michigan To my parents and sister, you are all the reason I got into medical school in the first place, 1 can honestly say I had very little to do with it. Without you all, I would not be in this position to attain this M.D. degree. Thank you for that love and affection you three have given me. 2008 SKULL 163JASON REDON, M.D. Port of Spain, Trinidad B.S. Biochemistry University of Miami JaA n [itd 'Yv Ytf]) 2008 SKULL 165SETH PAUL REED, M.D. Lehighton, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Wilkes University The past four years will be remembered as some of the best in my life. This is due to the love of my life Karina, the great friends that I've made, and from the loving support of my family. I'd like to thank my fiance Karina, Mom, Dad, my brother Noah and all my friends for their love and support. ICC TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEM.b. THOMAS JOSEPH REILLY JR., M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Ursinus College 2008 SKULL 1C7JUSTIN EDWARD RICHARDS, M.D. Hendersonville, North Carolina B.A. Religion Lenoir-Rhyne College "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." -Proverbs 3: 5 "Just 'cause I'm married to a supermodel doesn't mean I'm good looking." "You have the ubulus muscle which attaches to the upper dorsimus. It's boring stuff but it's a part of my life." -Ron Burgundy ICS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEKATHERINE NICOLE RINALDI, M.D. Blue Bell, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology University of Pennsylvania Momma, you are my infinite well of wisdom and kindness, and the only reason 1 have not been committed. Daddy, your unwavering belief in me, since that fateful 100m race, is my constant source of strength when I feel I can't possibly run another lap Laur. you are the sunshine in my life and at times, a boil on my behind - just as an older sister should be. 1 admire you every day. G and Lola, you have put up with me for fifteen years. In return, a little medical advice -you do not have the clap, and giggling does not make it smell better. Mr Mrs C., thank you for "adopting' me. Although, before you did, I used to bring a gift with each visit. Now, 1 eat your ice cream and leave the dirty sheets on the bed. D. Berry, you are the gravy on my fries. Promise me you'll always be hideous. Su-Yu, Surabhi, Aaron, Dave, Josh, Jonas, Jon Frank - I applaud and appreciate your persistent efforts to socialize me. And, once again. I'm sorry about the softball game. Ella, Rufus Mimsy - what are lovable, soft, furry, have 12 legs and wake me up at 5am? Joshwa, my love, you are my better half. "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." 2008 SKULL 1(9ALEXANDRA VERONICA ROSENFELD, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MPH, Yale University 170 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMASASH! J. ROHE, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University Thanks to mv friends and family pfaAMhv IV V Male Genital Diagram l%2 casein and graphite on linen Founding Collection t omnbunnn The Andy Warhol Foundation for ihe Vrisual Am, Inc. 1908 1.9 2008 SKULL 171LATSSHA TAMEKA ROWE, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Psychobiology University of Miami Survival Story: I was born in Opa-Locka FL to two intelligent determined individuals who immigrated from Jamaica in pursuit of a better future. Growing up the only time I saw a doctor was on TV, yet here 1 am today. 1 wish I could take all the credit. I wish I could say I was the smartest, hardest working, most determined student out there. 1 got here on a direct flight piloted by Jesus, with friends and family that provided a strong tail wind. I thank the Lord first and then Thank You Mom for always pushing me, always believing in me and for writing countless checks! 1 love you and you are the most beautiful person I know. "Greater is he that is within me" John 4:4 172 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEMELISSA ANN RYAN, M.D. Geneva, New York B.S. Chemistry State University of New York, Binghamton "I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou Thank you to my family and friends for your love and support, always believing in me, and most importantly -helping me believe in myself. 2008 SKULL 173Hingham, Massachusetts B.A. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Boston University 174 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEROBYN SCHULTZ, M.D. Mohnton, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology University of Hartford "Good things don't come to those who wait. Good things come to those who want something so bad they can't wait." Thank you to my family for keeping me on track and my friends and roommates (170 and 378) for making sure I keep a balanced social life! The last five years have been exhausting and amazing because of you. Mom, Dad, Heather, Kyle, Em, Tony ...my "A" team. You guys keep me going. I don't know what I would do without you. I Love you all. Congratulations, Class of 2008! Here's to the next step of our wonderful journey (and to finally getting paid)! "We never really grow up — We just learn how to act in public." 2008 SKULL 175MICHAEL THOMAS SCHWcIZER, M.D. Media, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering University of Delaware 17 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESADIA JAHAN SHAFI, M.D. Hagerstown, Maryland B.A. Psychology and Arabic Georgetown University "...if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind...” Quran 5:32 "Seek medical treatment, for God has not created an illness without creating a cure for it." —Prophet Muhammed 2008 SKULL inGUNJAN LAUTCHANDRA SHAH.M.D. Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry The George Washington University To My Mom, Dad, and Bhaiya - For Being My Everything To Jordana- For Being the Bestest Roommate To Shwetha - For All the Entertainment To Mike, Sadia, Grace - For Being the Best Alphabetical Friends To Rob, Jason, Raghu, Christian, Chris, and Andy for Being My Boys To Jen Au - For Always Being There To Jenny - For Always "Studying" To Grace Debbie - For Really Being Study-Buddies or Running Off to NYC To Nina, Jensy, Janelle, Sumit, Vikas, Sunil - For Hanging Out in the Kitchen To Mark, Melissa, Nikki, Suzanne, Gal, Sarah, Behrad, Brett, Charity, Kirsten, Devika, Lora, Charlotte, Jay, Joe, Ken, Neil, Rian, Josh, Sharon, Steve P, Meg, Harry, Kate, Dylan, Surabhi, Emily, Ray, Kristine, Kate, Matt, Eric, Scott, and Zu - For All the Fun CONGRATS TEMPLE MED CLASS OF 2008! 17 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEGRACE H. SH!N, M.D. North Wales, PA B.A. Chemistry and Biochemistry Bryn Mawr College "Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands." (Deut 7:9) 1 want to first give thanks to God for sustaining me through it all! To my family and friends, 1 couldn't have done it without your prayers and encouragement. I love you guys! Mom Dad... Light, Diane, Abigail... Deborah, Dan, Solomon. I couldn't have asked for a better family in the world. Jelly, SYK, Melbel - I'm so thankful for such faithful friends,sisters, partners in Christ! Chuck, I couldn't have asked for a more supportive best friend! Thanks for always being there for me... and studying with me even though you didn't have anything to study! A special congrats to my awesome study buddies: Dbo Gunjan! I probably would not have passed these four years without you two keeping me in check. It's been a long but exciting, humbling yet growing four years! Congratulations to the class of '08! Good luck and I wish you all the best! 2008 SKULL 173SCOTT SIMONSON SHORT, M.D. Susanville, California B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of California, Santa Barbara MO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE rv KATYA SHP1LBERG, M.D. Newton, Massachusetts B.A. Psychology Wesleyan University 2008 SKULL l«1ajaz m. s:dd:qu:, M.D. Randolf, New Jersey B.A. Biology Temple University 1(2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINETIMOTHY PAUL SMITH, M.D. Bakersfield, California B.S. Chemistry California State University, Bakersfield Me gustaria agradecer a mis padres por su apoyo durante los ultimos veintisiete anos. Siempre orgullosos de mis £xitos y dedicados a mi. A Muni por tu consejo y las cervezas que tomamos juntos. jSalud! Y la ma importante a mi gorda. Que sino fuera por ella mi vida no estaria completa. A Scott y Katie, por muchos anos de amistad (los vamos a extranar). A Ajaz por muchas conversaciones sin fin en los estacionamientos de los hospitales. A la universidad de medicina por darme la oportu-nidad de ser parte de su cuerpo estudiantil. Algun di'a, y puede ser que ese dia nunca venga, te Uamare para que me prestes un servicio. Pero hasta ese dia acepta esta jus-ticia como un regalo en el dia del casamiento de mi hija. 2008 SKULL 113JASON JEONG-HWON SONG, M.D., PH.D. Baltimore, Maryland B.S. Cell Molecular Biology Genetics University of Maryland, College Park It4 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECATHERINE MARIE SOPRANO, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Vassar College 2008 SKULL t IE5JOHN DAVID SPRANDIO, JR, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology LaSalle University Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you have done for me. I would not be the person I am today without you. I love you. Mike, Brian, Kate, and Shane thanks for always being there for me. You are all my best friends. Clare, Karen, and Kathy Anna thanks for always looking out for me and keeping me in your prayers. Mary Reilly, I love you. To all my friends at Temple it has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you all, good luck in the future. These past two years have been the best of my life. I am the luckiest man in the world. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINETODD STAFFORD, M.D. Jamestown, New York B.S. Molecular Biology Grove City College T 44 ftfj) 2008 SKUli 187RYAN MICHAEL STASZAK, M.D. Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin B.S. Biology, Washington College M.S. Medical Science, Drexel University My beautiful wife Carolyn, Mom, Dad, Lynnie and Logan: 1 could not have made it through these past four years without your unconditional love and constant support. Thank you so much. Lots of love to my new baby. IS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERACHEL SHOSHANA STERLING, M.D. Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.S. General Science The Pennsylvania State University Mom and Dad, How could I have survived these past four years without you? Your unconditional love and support means more to me than you know. I love you and immensely appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you so very much! Ian, Michelle, and Matthew, You have been my inspiration! From you I have learned to never give up. Thank you for always being my biggest fans. You truly are the best! To all my Temple friends and family, 1 never imagined I would meet such a wonderful group of people. Thanks for all the good times and life long memories. Together we have made it through! 2008 SKULL 189ERIC THOMAS STICKLES, M.D. University Park, Maryland B.S. Biology University of Maryland To Chia, Mom and Dad, Heather, Jerry, Brett, Colin, Ben, Phil, the Matts and Max. Thanks for all the love and support over the past four years.PHILIP ALDEN STUCKEMAN, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Premedicine, B.S. Psychology The Pennsylvania State University 2008 SKULL 191XEAIA R. TEK0L3TE, M.D. Wayne, Pennsylvania B.A. Biochemistry Franklin and Marshall College IK TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESTEPHANIE LYNN TESSING, M.D. Sewell, New Jersey Master of Public Health Temple University School of Public Health Thank you to my amazing parents for all of your love and support over the past five years and always - your belief in me gave me strength and you have ultimately helped shape me into the woman I am today. Thank you to all of my friends - from the class of 2007, the class of 2008, and the School of Public Health - who have filled this journey with friendship and laughter. Finally, thank you to Brian for being there -1 could not have asked for a better friend and partner with whom to finish out my medical school experience. 2008 SKULL MSARAH M. THOMAS, M.D. Chanhassen, Minnesota B.A. General Business Administration Michigan State University So your standing on a ledge, It looks like you might fall. So far down. Or maybe you were thinking about jumping. Now you could have it all. If you learned a little patience! For though I cannot fly, I’m not content to crawl!... So give me a little credit. Have in me a little faith! -John Hampson 194 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE JOSHUA ADAM TOLL, M.D. Abington, Pennsylvania B.S. Human Biology, Health, and Society Cornell University The thing that startles me is how fundamentally human an endeavor [medicine] it is. Usually, when we think about medicine and its remarkable abilities, what comes to mind is the science and all it has given us to fight sickness and misery: the tests, the machines, the drugs, the procedures. And without question, these are at the center of virtually everything medicine achieves. But we rarely see how it all actually works. You have a cough that won't go away - and then? It's not science you call upon but a doctor. A doctor with good days and bad days. A doctor with a weird laugh and a bad haircut. A doctor with three other patients to see and, inevitably, gaps in what he knows and skills he's still trying to learn. -excerpt from "Complications: A Surgeon's note on an Imperfect Science by Atul Gawande The three A's of a good doctor: Amiable, Available, and Able -Dr. Fabio Dorville (Internal Medicine Attending at St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, PA) 2008 SKULL 135JACOB ANTHONY TRESKOViCH, M.D. Latrobe, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology College of William and Mary To my family friends who have supported me through this tumultuous period of my life. Without you, I would not exist. “Have no fear of perfection - you will never reach it." - Salvador Dali IK TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJOSEF M.TURNER, M.D. Middletown, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Messiah College Thanks to my family and to my wife, who never stopped believing in me... And if you never visited West Penn just know that it is so much better than Temple! 2008 SKULL t 137TIFFANY C. TURNER, M.D. Baldwin, New York B.S. Chemistry Howard University "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." -Herman Cain IM TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEWINSTON CHUKWUEMKA U6BAJAH, M.D. Jonesboro, Georgia B.S., P.G.Dip. Medical Laboratory Sciences University of Nigeria-IMLTN "He giveth power to the faint, and to them that have no might he increaseth strength .... But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40: 29-31. First of all, 1 thank the Almighty God for giving me the strength and courage to fulfill my dream. The events of the past four years have made me to realize that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but rather our failure to accept that we are powerful beyond measures in Christ Jesus. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. Indeed, it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We should let the light in us shin to give other people permission to do the same. Also, as we are liberated from the shackles of our own fears our presence automatically liberates others. To Angela my wife and best friend, 1 am grateful for your understanding, love and support and to Chisom. Oluchi and Arinze for bearing with me. To my mom and dad thanks for your good upbringing and prayers that have brought me thus far. To all my friends and other family members thanks for your support and love over the years To faculty, residents and staff I remain indebted for your tutelage. To the patients I cared for, 1 am grateful for letting me learn first hand from your affliction. To the class of 2008, congratulations and good luck as another chapter has come to an end and a new chapter awaits. 2008 SKULL mTHOMAS LAWRENCE WALSH, M.D. Monaca, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology University of Notre Dame 200 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2008 SKULL 201SEAN ROBERT WILLIAMSON, M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Biological Sciences Duquesne University 292 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERACHEL M. WILSON, M.D., PHD. Brookfield, New Hampshire B.S. Biology Ursinus College Looks like we made it! Thanks and love to Mom, Dad, and Nathan - couldn't have made it without your support. Thanks to my fellow Mud-Phuds - it's been a great trip. Class of 2005, Class of 2008 - I'm glad I got the chance to be part of two classes. Dr. Houser, all the lab guys - thanks for all your help, and thanks for the sushi! For all those times I needed a non-medical school person to talk to - thanks, Steph! You saved mv sanity. And Danielle, Lisa, Frannie - hopefully the fun dinner nights will continue, wherever we end up. As Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Or maybe the other way around -it felt that way sometimes. Either way, best of luck to everyone! 2008 SKULL 203BENJAMIN R. WINDERS, M.D. Boone, North Carolina B.S. Biology Appalachian State University 204 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAMY ELLEN JAMISON, M.D., M.B.A. State College, Pennsylvania B.S.B.A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania M.B.A. The Pennsylvania State University Like a doctor, I learned to create From another's suffering my own usefulness, and once You know how to do this, you can never refuse. To every house you enter, you must offer Healing. From "What 1 Learned from My Mother" By Julia Kasdof SfM, 4 No greater opportunity or obligation can fall the lot of a human being than to be a physician. In the care of the suffering he needs technical skill, scientific knowledge, and human understanding. He who uses these with courage, humility and wistom will provide a unique sendee for his fellow man and will build an enduring edifice of character within himself The physician should ask of his distiny no more than this, and he should be content with no less. Tinsley Randolph Harrison Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it. -Helen Keller 2008 SKULL 2 20C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJAMES J!HOON Y!, M.D., PHD. Blue Bell, Pennsylvania B.A. Biology Cornell University I would like to thank my family for their support and love. I couldn't have asked for better parents and brothers. I would also like to thank my friends, Dan, Sumeet, and Rachna for always willing to hang out and chat. And finally, my teachers and mentors for providing me with guidance and knowledge. "Just chill, it ain't that bad."- James Yi "Let's eat some khana." - James Yi "We are all about the same, the difference is how hard one works." Eric Alani Jamlet 2008 SKULL 201§S£M£le HIEMn-E PlfeMPLE mum mm .nersiw SCHOOVAATCHDAYMATCHBA' M ATCHDAY MATCH DA' MATCHDA MATCHDA Salma Akter SUNY HSC Brooklyn New York, New York Internal Medicine Rene Ashworth UMDNJ-New Jersey Med Newark, New Jersey Internal Medicine Arthur Au Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Emergency Medicine Jennifer Au rhomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Kelly Axsom NYP Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Center New York, New York Internal Medicine Behrad Aynehchi SUNY HSC Brooklyn New York, New York Otolaryngology Koya Azadarmaki Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Otolaryngology Aseem Bhandari Long Island Jewish Medical Center New Hyde Park, New York Radiology - Diagnostic Geeta Bhargave St Vincents Hospital New York, New York Internal Medicine Rajesh Bhavsar Lennox Hill Hospital New York, New York Surgery - Preliminary Eric Biondi U Rochester Strong Memorial Rochester, New York Pediatrics Margaret Bower Beth Israel Medical Center New York, New York General Surgery Courtney Burrell Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami, Florida Pediatrics Julian Castaneda Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Anesthesiology Maimonides Medical Center New York, New York Transitional Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Surgery - Preliminary Jason Catanzaro University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio Medicine - Pediatrics Nicholas Cavallaro Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Suyin Chi Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Jenny Chiang Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Family Medicine Michell Chin St Christopher's Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pediatrics Allen Chiu UC Irvine Medical Center Orange, California Phys Medicine Rehab Easton Medical Center Easton, Pennsylvania Surgery - Preliminary Harr ' Cho Yale-New Haven Hospital New Haven, Connecticut Medicine - Primary Josephine Chou University' Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio Internal Medicine Brian Clark Good Samaritan Hospital Cinncinati, Ohio Surgery - Preliminary Samuel Cooper UC Irvine Medical Center Orange, California Emergency Medicine Katharine Criner Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Surgery 210 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHATCH DAYM ATCHDAY M ATCH D AYM ATCH DAY M ATCH DAY MATCH DA Aaron Czysz Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Katrina Daley University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland Obstetrics - Gynecology Vikas Datta U Rochester Strong Memorial Rochester, New York Radiology - Diagnostic Westchester Medical Center Valhalla, New York Medicine - Preliminary Rachel Davis University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ophthalmology Western Pennsylvania Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Transitional Linzy Doherty UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles, California Anesthesiology Jayanth Doss Boston Univ Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts Internal Medicine janis Dossen UC Irvine Medical Center Orange, California Anesthesiology UC San Francisco-Fresno Fresno, California Medicine - Preliminary Joseph Dwyer Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Surgery Ejiro Eduvie Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Newark, New Jersey Emergency Medicine David Ezon Children's National Medical Center Washington, DC Pediatrics Jacob Feldman Boston Univ Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts Internal Medicine Lara Feulner Maimonides Medical Center Manhasset, New York Pediatrics - Primary Devon Flaherty Brigham Womens Hospital Boston, Massachusetts Anesthesiology Drexel University COM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Medicine - Preliminary Dylan Flipse Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Emergency Medicine Emiley Fong UC Davis Medical Center Sacramento, California Pediatrics Jonathan Ford UC Davis Medical Center Sacramento, California Emergency Medicine Adrienne Freidl Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Megan Garvin St Christopher's Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pediatrics Surabhi Gaur UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden, New Jersey Emergency Medicine Andrew Geller Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, California Anesthesiology Ryan Gentzler Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Kathryn Giroux Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Johnstown, Pennsylvania General Surgery William Gleason Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania Surgery - Preliminary Joshua Gluck University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Orthopaedic Surg 5 Y 2008 SKULL 211IATCHDA' MATCHDAV MATCHDA MATCHDA MATCHDAYMATCHDA1 Lawrence Goldhahn Ziyad Hammoudeh Janice Hobbs Nathan Holmes York Hospital VVSU Detroit Medical Center St Christopher's Hospital Crozer-Chester . led ica 1 York, Pennsylvania Detroit, Michigan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Center Emergency Medicine General Surgery Pediatrics Springfield, Pennsylvania Suzanne Goldring Ciana Hayes Kirsten Hogan Family Medicine Thomas Jefferson University St Christopher's Hospital Emory Univeristy SOM Kirstin Howell A.I. DuPont Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Atlanta, Georgia UIC Mt Sinai Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pediatrics Phys Medicine Rehab Medical Center Pediatrics Janelle Hesse Franklin Square Hospital Chicago, illinois General Surgery Frank Groshek UMDNJ-Robert Wood Baltimore, Maryland Temple University Hospital Johnson Medicine - Preliminary Ken Hsin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Camden, New Jersey Olive View-UCLA Radiology - Diagnostic Emergency Medicine Rian Holayter Medical Center Pennsylvania Hospital Charity Hill UMDNJ-New Jersey Med-Newark Sylmar, California Internal Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania NYU School Of Medicine Newark, New Jersey Medicine - Preliminary New York, New York Radiology-Diagnostic Jesse Hung Joseph Gwiszcz Phys Medicine Rehab Lehigh Valley Hospital Baystate Medical Center Springfield, Massachusetts Children's Hospital of University of Maryland Lehigh, Pennsylvania Anesthesiology - 4 vr Philadelphia Medical Center Transitional Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pediatrics Baltimore, Maryland Medicine - Preliminary- 212 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1ATC H DAY M ATC H DAY M ATC H DAY M ATC H DAY M ATC H DAY M ATC H DA' Shwetha Iyer Shraddha Jani Nicole Johnson Laura Kaplan Einstein Montefiore Temple University Hospital Northwestern UMDNJ-R W Johnson- Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania McCaw CMH Piscataway 1 New York, New York Urology Chicago, illinois Piscataway, New Jersey Medicine - Primary Temple University Hospital Pediatrics Radiology-Diagnostic 1 , JensyJacob Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sarah Johnson Virginia Commonwealth U Brown Medical Surgery - Preliminary Emory Univeristy SOM Health Svstem J fi School Memorial Hospital Atlanta, Georgia Richmond, Virginia Pawtucket, Rhode Island Family Medicine Shadi Jarjous Lehigh Valley Hospital Internal Medicine Medicine-Preliminary Lehigh, Pennsylvania Rayford June David Karimeddini Caroline Jadlowiec Internal Medicine Hershey Medical Center Hartford Hospital U Connecticut Health Penn State Hartford, Connecticut Center Arun Jayaraman Hershey, Pennsylvania Rad iologv-Diagnostic Farmington, Connecticut UPMC - Medical Internal Medicine General Surgery Education Program U Connecticut Health Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Nina Kalawadia Farmington, Connecticut Amy Jamison NYU School Of Medicine Anesthesiology NYP Hospital Columbia Univ Medical Center Medicine-Preliminary New York, New York Drexel University COM New York, New York Robert Katzer Phys Medicine Rehab Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Med icine-Prel i minary Anesthesiology Georgetown Washington Hospital Center Western Pennsylvania Lankenau Hospital Washington, DC Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Transitional Wynne wood, Pennsylvania Medicine-Preliminary Emergency Medicine 2008 SKULL 213IATCH9A' MATCHDAYMATCHDA MATCHDA MATCHDAYMATCHDA1 Ayn Kerber Crozer-Chester Medical Brian Lace Lora Leonardo Williamsport Hosp-PA Center Henry Ford Health System Einstein Montefiore Williamsport, Pennsylvania Upland, Pennsylvania Detroit, Michigan Medical Center Family Medicine Transitional General Surgery New York, New York ; Anesthesiology John Kim Iliya Kott Devika Lai U Colorado SOM St John Hospital Drexel University COM Lankenau Hospital Denver, Colorado Detroit, Michigan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wvnnewood, Pennsylvania Medicine-Primary Emergency Medicine Pathology Medicine - Preliminary Matthew Kleiner Kevin Krauland Daniel Landsburg Shawn Leslie Temple University Hospital S AUSHEC Lackland AFB Hospital of the Univeristy Lehigh Valley Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania San Antonio, Texas of Pennsylvania Lehigh, Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Surgery' Pathology - Anatomic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Clinical Internal Medicine Kristine Konopka Gal levy William Beaumont Hospital Bret Kricun Vicki Lee UMDNJ-New Jersey Med- Royal Oak, Michigan Albert Einstein Medical Allegheny General Hospital Newark General Surgery' Center Allegheny, Pennsylvania Newark, New Jersey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania General Surgery' General Surgery Aiham Korbage New England Med Center Radiology - Diagnostic Jessica Leonard Su-Yu Li Boston, Massachusetts Albert Einstein Medical St Luke's Hospital Pennsylvania Hospital Radiology-Diagnostic Center Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Trans Radiology Emergency Medicine Radiology - Diagnostic 214 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEIATC H DAY M ATCH DAY M AT C H DAY MAT C H DAY M ATCH DAY M ATC H DA1 UC San Francisco-Fresno Fresno, California Medicine - Preliminary Deborah Yvette Lim NYP Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Center New York, New York Internal Medicine Sharon Lim Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Christian Lima UPMC-St Margaret Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Family Medicine Mitchell Linder U Rochester Strong Memorial Rochester, New York Obstetrics - Gynecology Andy Liu Loma Linda University Loma Linda, California Anesthesiology Loma Linda University Loma Linda, California Medicine - Preliminary Jenny Luu Altoona Family Physicians Altoona, Pennsylvania Family Medicine Lisa Luyun Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Anesthesiology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Medicine - Preliminary Zoe Maher Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania General Surgery Ahn Mai Drexel University COM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Emergency Medicine Danny Mai Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania Family Medicine Hillary Maitland University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Internal Medicine Mary Makaryus North Shore-UJ Health System Manhasset, New York Pediatrics Zubair Malik Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Anthony Martin Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading, Pennsylvania Family Medicine Christine Martin Hospital of the Univeristv of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Karina Menconi Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Obstetrics - Gynecology 2008 SKUIJ. 215Hatchdaymatchdaymatchdaymatchdaymatchdaymatchd Ralce Miller Crozer-Chester Medical Center Springfield, Pennsylvania Family Medicine Katie Miro NYU School Of Medicine New York, New York Internal Medicine Melissa Mroz NYU School Of Medicine New York, New York Internal Medicine Paula Murray UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden, New Jersey Emergency Medicine Steven Nakao Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania General Surgery William Nghiem St Lukes-Roosevelt New York, New York Radiology - Diagnostic University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland Medicine Preliminary Vu Nguyen Kaiser Permanente- So California Region Los Angeles, California General Surgery Daisuke Nonaka U North Carolina Hospitals Chapel Hill, North Carolina Anesthesiology Megan Nyffeler Geisinger Health System Danville, Pennsylvania General Surgery Ryan Oleszewski SAUSHEC Brooke Army Med Center San Antonio, Texas Internal Medicine Christopher Olson Drexel University COM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Emergency Medicine Camille Paglia Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Psychiatry Neil Palmisiano Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Alexander Pantelyat Hospital of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Neurology Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Medicine - Preliminary Sumit Patel Beth Israel Medical Center New York, New York Internal Medicine Utpal Patel NYU School Of Medicine New York, New York Dermatology Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania Medicine - Preliminary Charlotte Paz-Pab6n Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Obstetrics - Gynecology W TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEIATCHDA1MATCHDAYMATCH DA’ MATCH IAVMATCHDA MATCHDA1 John Peoples UPMC-Medical Education Program Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Emergency Medicine Animesh Petkar Howard University Washington, DC Ophthalmology Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Medicine - Preliminary Steven Porbunderwala Morristown Memorial Hospital Morristown, New Jersey General Surgery Andrew Porter U Colorado SOM Denver, Colorado Internal Medicine Jordana Price Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Torrance, California Family Medicine Angela Pugliese Henrv Ford Health System Detroit, Michigan Emergency Medicine Raghuveer Ranganathan Drexel University COM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Jonas Redmond Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Radiology - Diagnostic Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading, Pennsylvania Transitional Jason Redon Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Radiology-Diagnostic Crozer-Chester Medical Center Upland, Pennsylvania Transitional Seth Reed Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Anesthesiology Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania Medicine-Preliminary Thomas Reilly Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Radiology - Diagnostic Christiana Care Health System Wilmington, Deleware Transitional Justin Richards Vanderbilt University Hospital Nashville, Tennessee Surgery - Preliminary Katherine Rinaldi Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Masashi Rotte Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Emergency Medicine Latisha Rowe Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas Family Med Kelsey-Sey-bold 2008 SKULL 217MATCH D AYM ATCH D AYM ATCH DAYM ATCHDAYM ATC H DAYM ATCH Mark Schomer Harvard Boston Children's Boston, Massachusetts Child Neurology St Christopher's Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pediatrics - Prelim 2 yrs Robyn Schultz West Virginia Univ Children's Hospital Morgantown, West Virginia Pediatrics Michael Schweizer Univ of Chicago Medical Center Chicago, illinois Internal Medicine Sadia Shafi Georgetown University Hospital Washington, DC Internal Medicine Gunjan Shah Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Grace Shin Einstein Montefiore Medical Center New York, New York Internal Medicine Katya Shpilberg Mt Sinai Hospital New York, New York Radiology - Diagnostic St Barnabas Medical Center Livingston, New Jersey Transitional Ajaz Siddiqui UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden, New Jersey Medicine - Preliminary Timothy Smith Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Anesthesiology Lankenau Hospital Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Medicine-Preliminary Jason Song Beth Israel Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts Surgery - Preliminary Catherine Soprano Thomas Jefferson University A.I. DuPont Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pediatrics John Sprandio Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Todd Stafford Brown Medical School Memorial Hospital Pawtucket, Rhode Island General Surgery Ryan Staszak St Agnes Hospital Baltimore, Maryland General Surgery Rachel Sterling Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Eric Stickles George Washington University Hospital Washington, DC Anesthesiology Roger Williams Medical Center Providence, Rhode Island Medicine-Preliminary Philip Stuckeman UPMC-Mercy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Surgery - Preliminary Keala TeKolste Christiana Cam Health Svstem Wilmington, Deleware Family Medicine Stephanie Tessing Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Med Ctr Cinncinati, Ohio Pediatrics Sarah Thomas Dewitt Army Medical Center Fort Belvoir, Virginia Family Medicine Joshua Toll Baystate Medical Center Springfield, Massachusetts Internal Medicine Jacob Treskovich University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Psychiatry Josef Turner Allegheny General Hospital Allegheny, Pennsylvania F.mergency Medicine 2IS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAYMATCHDAYMATCH MATCH JAY Tiffany Turner Samuel Wyche || Atlanta Medical Center Brigham Womens Hospital I Atlanta, Georgia Boston, Massachusetts I Surgery - Preliminary Pathology Winston Ugbajah James Yi I Temple University Hospital Johns Hopkins Hospital 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Baltimore, Maryland 1 Internal Medicine Psychiatry Thomas Walsh N Western Pennsylvania 1 Hospital 1 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Internal Medicine , Jeffrey Wang I Reading Hospital Medical I Center 8 Reading, Pennsylvania Family Medicine Sean Williamson j Indiana University Hospital J Indianapolis, Indiana j Pathology Rachel Wilson Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Surgery - Preliminary Benjamin Winders Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Internal Medicine 2008 SKULL 213Choosing a Specialty Many medical students sweat and fret when it comes time to choose which residency is right for them. They try imagining their future, asking their loved ones, and sometimes even try "no guarantee" questionnaires in a desperate attempt to pick the right field of medicine for their future career. The problem is simply not blowing the essence of each specialty. As most medical students are familiar with coffee, a technique has been develped that compares the essence of each field of medicine with the everyday task of drinking a cup of coffee. Each student simply needs to find the "cup of coffee" that most appeals to him or her, and a specialty match is made! Control: A cup of coffee Dermatology: Look at the coffee, then go home. Emergency Medicine: Coffee to go Family Practice: Savor the coffee with your family and friends, then prescribe a Z-Pack. General Surgery: Drink the $ % !!@ coffee NOW! Gynecology: Make the coffee uncomfortable by using a very cold spoon. Internal Medicine: R o tea, chocolate milk. Captain Morgan's, juice, water, etc.... Obstetrics: Deliver the coffee. Opthalmology: Which coffee looks better: Coffee one or coffee two? Orthopedics: Take the coffee cup, smash it and stomp on it. Get a prosthetic coffee cup, toss it on the ground and consult medicine to clean up the mess. Pediatrics: You are too young for coffee. How about some Kool-Aid? Psychiatry: Figure out which side of the house in the sky your patient is in then put some Zoloft in his coffee. Radiology: Liquid consistent with coffee but cannot rule out tea, chocolate milk. Captain Morgan's.. Urology: I would not drink that coffee if I were you... 220 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAlpha Omega .Alpha Medical Honor Society Adviser: Epsilon Chapter of Pennsylvania Amy J. Goldberg, MD Temple University School of Medicine Department of Surgery Photo credit: Mark Stehle Alpha Omega Alpha Members Beyrad Aynehchi Roya Azadarmaki Katharine Criner Rachel Davis Jayanth Doss Jonathan Ford Joshua Gluck Janelle Hesse Janice Hobbs Shraddha Jani Sarah Johnson Robert Katzer Matthew Kleiner Timothy Smith Aiham Korbage Kevin Krauland Daniel Landsburg Deborah Lim Christine Martin Katie Miro Alexander Pantelyat Utpal Patel Jason Redon Katherine Rinaldi Melissa Ryan Michael Schweizer Scott Short Katya Shpilberg Todd Stafford Stephanie Tessing Benjamin Winders 2008 SKULL 221H TEMPLE til UNivemmr BETEMPLE til iwivwm flTEMPLE til JgOYTXCTTY UTEMTLE UNUlMin gjJTEMPLE 222 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEjlTEMPLE 1 uMU»m EmPLE E™le Si®®5 0TEMPLE —■ UN1Ni rr fftTEMrUL ETJMILt fi8» W08 SKUl IANATOMY CELL BIOLOGY Steven N. Popoff, PhD Chairperson Back Row: Archana San jay, PhD, Thomas Marino, PhD, Fayez Safadi, PhD, Abdelkarim Sabri, PhD, Steven Popoff, PhD, Albert Lamperti, PhD, Victor Rizzo, PhD, Lynn Kirby, PhD, Arthur Washburn, PhD, Helen Pearson, PhD. Front Row: Mark Black, PhD, Laurie Paavola, PhD, Stephen Pilder, PhD, Judith Litvin, PhD, Brett Oxberry, PhD. Not Pictured: Joanne Orth, PhD, Carson Schneck, MD, PhD, Michael Speirs, PhD. 224 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPHYSIOLOGY Steven R. Houser, PhD Chairperson Back Row: James P. Ryan, PhD, Ronald F. Tuma, PhD. Seated, Back: Satya P. Kunapuli, PhD, John S. Martin, PhD, Steven R. Houser, PhD, John Gaughan, PhD, Marla Wolfson, PhD. Front Row: Front: Steven P. Driska, PhD, Michael Autieri, PhD, Satoru Eguchi, MD, PhD, James L. Heckman, PhD. Not Pictured: Thomas H. Shaffer, PhD, Raul DeLaCadena, MD, William P. Santamore, PhD. 2008 SKULL 225BIOCHEMISTRY Donald L. Gill, PhD Chairperson From L to R: Warren Masker, PhD, Drs. Xavier Grana, PhD, Jonathan Soboloff, PhD, Kathleen Giangiacomo, PhD, Robert Suhadolnik, PhD, Dianne Soprano, PhD, Barbara Hoffman, PhD, Premkumar Reddy, PhD, Nora Engel, PhD, Donald Gill, PhD, John Daly, MD, Keith Latham, PhD, Salim Merali, PhD, Jimmy Collins, PhD, Scott Shore, PhD, Xunbao Duan, PhD, Dan Liebermann, PhD. Not pictured: Drs. James Burke, PhD, Parkson Chong, PhD, J. Kim deRiel, PhD, Danny Dhanasekaran, PhD, Charles Grubmeyer, PhD, Dale Haines, PhD, Barbara Stitt, PhD. 22€ TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDoina Ganea, PhD Chairperson Back Row: Kenneth J. Cundy, PhD Professor Emeritus; Bettina A. Buttaro, PhD; Earl E. Henderson, PhD; Richard Coico, PhD; Leonard M. Pakman, PhD, Professor Emeritus; Marc Monestier, MD, PhD. Seated: Kenneth J. Soprano, PhD; Doina Ganea, PhD, Chair; Patrick J Piggot, PhD; Walter K. Long, PhD. Not Pictured: Marion Chan PhD, Toby Eisenstein PhD, Malgorzata Nieborowska-Skorska MD PhD, Tomasz Skorski MD PhD, Artur Slupianek PhD, Alexander Tsygankov PhD. 2008 SKULL 227Nae J. Dun, PhD Chairperson Back Row: Xiao-Feng Yang, MD, PhD, Eugen Brailoiu, MD, Thomas Rogers, PhD, Gerald Sterling, PhD, Nae Dun, PhD, James Daniel, PhD, Ronald Tallarida, PhD, Alan Cowan, PhD. Front Row: Gabriela Brailoiu, MD, Hong Wang, MD, PhD, Concetta Harakal, PhD, Ellen Unterwald, PhD, Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, PhD. Not Pictured: Barrie Ashby, PhD 22S TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINERebecca M. Thomas, MBBS Chairperson Back Row: Dr. Steven Mechanic, MD, Dr. John Wurzel, MD, Matthew Hurford,MD, Mark Birkenbac, MD, Gordon Pringle, PHD, Charalambos Solomides, MD, Allan Truant, PHD, Raghbir Athwal, PHD, Hemant Parekh, PHD, Stephen Leech, PHD, Adil Khan, PHD, Xinmin Zhang, MD, Ming Jin, PHD. Front Row: Sow-yeh Chen, BMD, PhD, Susan Inniss, MD, Ruth Birbe, MD., Dr. Rebecca Thomas, MD, Yajue Huang, MD, Firoozeh Alvandi,MD,Jasvir Khurana, MD, Dr. Nahum Duker, MD. Not Pictured: Carmen Sapienza, PHD, Heba Durra, MD. 2008 SKUU. 229ANESTHESIOLOGY Rodger Barnette, MD Chairperson Back Row: Vincent Cowell, MD, Michael Keresztury, MD, MS, Eric Gewirtz, MD, Todd Burlingame, DO, Ihab Kamel, MD, Mary Gallagher, MD, Ann Carey, MD, Parul Patel, MD, Ansuya Chatwani, MBBS, Rodger Barnette, MD, David Kim, MD, Gary Atkinson, DO, Nancy Kenepp, MD, Rajiv Patel, MBBS. Front Row: Woodrow Wendling, MD, PhD, Phil McLean, MD, Neil Brister, MD, PhD, Dilipkumar Patel, MBBS, Scott Schartel, DO, Ajoy Katari, MD. Not Pictured: Kamardeen Alao, MBBS, Sumita Bhambhani, MBBS, Harry Bonet, MD, PhD, Georgios Charatzoglou, MD Jose Dorotan, MD, Elizabeth Drum, MD, Marc Freeman, MD, Bernard Harris, MD, Andrew Herlich, MD, DMD, Bruce Levine, MD, Maria Munoz-Alien, MD, Stavroula Nikolaidis, MD, Sheela Pai, MD, Gaurav Trehan, MD.EMERGENCY MEDICINE Robert McNamara, PhD Chairperson Back Row: Manish Garg, M.D.; Wayne Satz, M.D.; Ari Schwell, M.D.; David Karras, M.D.; Thomas Barry, M.D.; Joseph Lex, M.D.; David Wald, D.O..; Ernest Yeh, M.D.; Michael DeAngelis, M.D. Front Row: Richard Harrig-an, M.D.; Jacob Ufberg, M.D.; Robert M. McNamara, M.D, Jennifer Jackson, M.D.; Nina Gentile, M.D.; Linda Kruus, PhD. Not Pictured: E. David Bailey, M.D.; Stephanie Barbetta, M.D.; Jeffrey Barrett, M.D.; Linda Chaille-Amold, M.D.;Thomas Costantino, M.D.; Pauline Farnsworth, M.D.; Michael Fiorito, M.D.; Kathryn Getzewich, M.D.; Jennifer Harris, M.D.; Joanne Hullings, D.O.; Peter Intemann, M.D.; James Labor, M.D.; Liza Le, M.D.; R. Sean Lenahan, M.D.; Marilyn MacVey, M.D., Richard Martin, M.D.; Michael Mihalakis, M.D.; Cherie Mininger-Mazeffa, D.O.; Renu Syal, M.D.; Michael Thomas, M.D.; Gerald Wydro, M.D. «... 231FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE Stephen Permut, MD, JD Chairperson Paul Lyons, MD Trisha Acri, MD 1 David Barclay, MD, MPH »2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEINTERNAL MEOICIN r C 1 Joel Richter, MD Chairperson GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE. Back Row: Mary van den Berg-Wolf, MD, Karen Lin, MD, Brian Meyer, MD., Shivanandh Chandrasekaran, MD, Lawrence Kaplan, MD, Section Chief, Stephanie Ward, MD. Front Row: A nu rad ha Paranjape, William Brady, MD, Susan Gersh, MD. Not pictured: Thomas Comerci, MD, Mary Kramer, MD, Darilyn Moyer, MD, Alisa Peet, MD, Ellen Tedaldi, MD, Lawrence Ward, MD ’008 SKULL 233CARDIOLOGY Alfred Bove, MD, PhD Section Chief Back Row: Deborah Crabbe, MD; Arnold Meshkov, MD; William VanDecker, MD; William Santamore, PhD; Nelson Wolf, MD; James Fitzpatrick, MD; Rasih Ener, MD; Lazaros Nikolaidis, MD; Alfred Bove, MD; Florin Deger, MD; John Panidis, MD; Richard Greenberg, MD. Front Row: Maryanne Shatz, NP; Debbie Gleeson, NP; Debra Ahrensfield, MD; Sara Sima, MD; Benjamin Sanchez, MD. Not pictured: Brian O'Murchu, MD 2J4 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEENDOCRINOLOGY Back Row: Guenther Boden, MD, Bertram Channick, MD, Alan D. Marks, MD, Leo Tchong, MD. Front Row: Elias Siraj, MD, Jarun Ray MD, E. Victor Adlin, MD, Colleen Veloski, MD, Meijh Zhang MD (fellow). Not Pictured: Richard Kozera, MD, Guenther Boden, MD Section Chief BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT Front Row: Robert Emmons, MD, Thomas Klumpp, MD. Back Row: James Gajewski, MD, Mary Ellen Martin, MD, Kenneth Mangan, MD 2008 SKULL 235GASTROENTEROLOGY Robert Fisher, MD Section Chief Pictured: Annapurna D Korimilli, MD , Chan Chung, MD , Harvey M. Licht, MD, Vikas Khurana, MD, Matthew Bohning, MD , Kishore Gaddipapi, MD , Larry Miller, MD, Brenda Velasco, MD , Justin J Harber-son, MD , Jyothi Mekapati, MD , Barry Levitt, MD , Joshua Desipio, MD , Chayan Irani, MD , Sabba Vlaq-bool, MD , Xiaoli .Via, V1D. Front Row: Paul Bandini, MD, Frank K. Friedenberg, MD, Robert Fisher, MD, Henry Parkman, MD, Brenda Horwitz, MD, Benjamin Krevsky, MD, MPH. ( Fellow) 23S TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPictured: Ronald Rubin, MD, Robert Coiman, MD, A. Koneti Rao, MBBS, Peter Walsh, MD, Michael Bromberg, MD, PhD. Robert Coiman, MD Section Chief INFECTIOUS DISEASE Thomas Fekete, MD Section Chief Back Row: Bennett Lorber, MD, DSc, Bvungse Suh, MD, PhD, Peter Axelrod, MD, Jason Bofinger, MD, Rafik Samuel, MD, Heather Clauss, MD, Robert Bet-tiker, MD, MGA, Thomas Fekete, MD. Front Row: Brandon Palermo, MD, MPH, Greg Mayro, MD 2008 SKULL 237NEPHROLOGY Patricio Silva, MD Section Chief Back Row: Patricio Silva, MD, Ifeyana Isaiah, MD, Jesse Goldman, MD, Michael Madaio, MD, Adam George MD, Armando Samuels, MD. Front Row: Sumera Khan, MD, Carmen Patrascu, MD, Christine Bastl, MD, Ellie Kelepouris, MD, Serban Constantinescu, MD, Sridhar Nair, MD. Not Pictured:Jean Lee, MD, Gerri Schulman, MD, Joseph Benjamin, MBBS, Lazaros Nikolaidis, MD, PhD, Iris Lee, MD, Tracy McGaha, PhD. 23S TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEONCOLOGY Curtis Miyamoto, MD, Rocco Crescenzo, DO RHEUMATOLOGY Pictured: Ritu Khurana, MD, Steven Berney, MD, Audrey Uknis, MD, Primal Kaur, MD, Jessamyn A Melnicoff, CRNP Steven Berney, MD Section Chief 2008 SKULL 235NEUROLOGY S. Ausim Azizi, MD, PhD Chairperson Pictured: Kristin Gabriel, DO, MPH, Tim Lachman, MD, Barbara Krynska, PhD. 240 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEOBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY Enrique Hernandez, MD Chairperson Back Row: Claro Floro, MD, Stacey Jeronis, MD, Marisa Rose MD, Bruce Carnivale, DO., Raymond Brown, MD, Vijaya Vella, MD, Urmilla Franklin, MD, M. Bijoy Thomas, MD. Front Row: Carol Allen, MD, Vani Dandolu, MD, Enrique Hernandez, MD, Abegael Lorico, MD, Bruce Mabine, MD, Dimitrios Mastrogiannis, MD. Not Pictured: Ashwin Chatwani, MD, Osnat Geifman-Holtzman, MD, Gerard Reme, MD, Robert Filosa, MD 2008 SKULL 241PEDIATRICS Stephen Aronoff, MD, MBA Chairperson 242 Pictured: Nancy Robinson, MD; David Fleece, MD, Helena Friss, MD, Andrew Metinko, MD, Steven Ne-merson, MD, Andrea McCoy, MD, Surya Gupta, MD, Amer Kechli, MD, Stephen Aronoff, MD,MBA. Not pictured: Thair Abed, MD, Joan Adler, MD, Brook Belay, MD, MPH, Carmela Calvo, MD, Dione Cash, MD, Maria Conwell, MD, Michael Dettorre, MD, Michael DelVecchio, MD, Bernice Duesler, MD, Barry Evans, MD, Hemalatha Guruprasad, MD, Larry Herrera, MD, Alisa Losasso, MD, Raemma Luck, MD, Stephan Paul, MD, Iraj Rezvani, MD, Kathleen Reeves, MD, Adriana Restrepo-Ormsby, MD, Denise Salerno, MD, Shehla Siddiqui, MD, Manisha Sinha, MD. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPHYSICAL MEDICINE REHABILITATION Ian Maitin, MD, MBA Chairperson Pictured: John Troup, PhD, Ernesto Cruz, MD, Michael Weinik, DO, Ian B. Maitin, MD, MBA, Frederick Nissley, DO. Not Pictured: Andrea Brown, MD, Steven Gaspar, MD, Robert Ruchinskas, PsyD. 2008 SKULL 243PSYCHIATRY BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE David A. Baron, DO Chairperson Back Row: Jonathan Shack, MD, Douglas Kovatch, MD, Polina Zilbering, MD, Ingre Walters, MD, Roy Steinhouse, MD, William R. Dubin, MD, Javed A. Joy, MD, MPH Front Row: Claire Pouncey, MD, Ellen Sholevar, MD, Diane Gottlieb, MD, Ruth Lamdan, MD, Rashida Akter, MD, David A. Baron, DO, Yong-Kook Kim, MD, Autumn Ning, MD. Not Pictured: Robert Boyd, MD, Christopher Combs, Ph.D.Joseph M Garbely, DO, John J Harding, MD, Pietro Miazzo, MD, Ralph Spiga, Ph.D. 244 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEGerard Criner, MD Section Chief Shelia Weaver, MD, Victor Kim, MD, Francis Cordova, MD, Samuel Krachman, MD, Friedrich Kueppers, MD, Gerard Criner, MD, Namrata Patel, MD, Kathleen Brennan, MD, Wissam Chatila, MD, Steven Kelsen, MD, Gilbert D'Alonzo, MD, James Mamary, MD. Not Pictured: David Ciccolella, MD, Nathaniel Marchetti, DO, John Travaline, MD. 2008 SKULL 245RADIOLOGY Charles Jungreis, MD Chairperson In The Darkroom Front Row: Stephen Ling, MD, Feroze Mohamed, PhD, Charles Jungreis, MD. Second Row: Harshad Patel, MD, Chandra Dass, MBBS, William Reinus, MD, Erin O'Connor, MD, Robert Bronstein, MD. Third Row: Chul Kwak, MD, Sayed Ali, MBBS, Harry Barr, MD, Akbar Bonakdarpour, MD, Dina Caroline, MD, Marta Chaplynsky, MD, Allen Cohen, MD, Gary Cohen MD, Edward D'Orazio, MD, Scott Faro, MD, Ariel Friedman, MD, Beverly ITershey, MD, Uday Kanamalla, MBBS, Linda Knight, PhD, Jeffrey Kochan, MD, Howard Lewis, MD, Leon Malmud, MD. Back Row: Alan Maurer, Jay MacMoran, MD, Dmitry Niman, MD, Alexander Radzievsky, MD, PhD, George Revesz, PhD, Mitchell Rodman, MD, Ira Silberman, MD, Robert Steiner, MD, Theodore Villafana, PhD, Marvin Ziskin, MD. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINENEUROSURGERY Christopher Loftus, MD Chairperson Pictured: Dominique Devanand, MBBCh, Christopher Loftus, MD, Douglas Laske, MD, Jack Jallo, MD. Not Pictured: Michael Weaver, MD. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Back Row: Bruce Vanett, MD, Philip Alburger, MD, Gene Shaffer, MD, Joseph Thoder, MD, Edward Resnick, MD, Christopher Born, MD, F. Todd Wetzel, MD, James Rogers. Front Row: Kristin Fortuna, MD, Albert Weiss, MD, Ray Moyer, MD, John Kelly, MD. Not Pictured: Easwaran Balasubramanian, MBBS, Stanley Michael, MBBS, MS, Pekka Mooar, MD, Saqib Rehman, MD, Jospeh Torg, MD. Joseph Thoder, MD Chairperson 2008 SKULL 247SURGERY Daniel T. Dempsey, M.D. Chairperson Front Row: Amy Goldberg, MD, Kathleen Reilly, MD. Second Row: John Meilahn, MD, John Rombeau, MD, Daniel Dempsey, MD, Jack Sariego, MD, Thomas Santora, MD, Alliric Willis, MD. Back Row: Andrew Roberts, MD, Sean Harbison, MD, Paola Pieri, MD, Andreas Karachristos, MD, Frank Schmieder, MD, John Migaly, MD, Kevin Bradley, MD, Abhijit Pathak, MD, Mark Seamon, MD. Not Pictured: Krish Soundararajan, MD, Paul Vanbemmelen, MD, John Blebea, MD, Satoshi Furukawa, MD, James McClurken, MD, Albert Geurraty, MD, Jnanesh Thacker, MD, John Daller, MD, Christopher Kowalski, MD, Harsh Grewal, MD, Ala Stanford Frey MD, John Daly, MD, Rhoda Powell, MD, Sashi Kumar, MD, Aaron Wahrman, MD. MS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINETRAUMA SURGERY Amy Goldberg, MD Section Chief Paola Pieri, MD, Kevin Bradley, MD, Amy Goldberg, MD, Section Chief, Mark Seamon, MD, Thomas Santera, MD, Abhijit Pathak, MD. 2008 SKULL 243CARDIO-THORACiC SURGERY Satoshi Furukawa, MD Section Chief OTOLARYNGOLOGY Wasyl Szeremeta, MD Chairperson 250 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEOPHTHALMOLOGY Stephen Wong, MD Chairperson Solomon Luo, MD, Ifitkar Chaudhry, MD, Lois Martyn, MD, Joseph Kubacki, MD, Stephen Wong, MD. Jeyian El-Mansourv, MD, PhD, Gary Domeracki, MD, Vincent Baldassano, MD. Not Pictured: Eugene Sar-avitz, MD, Frederick Sutliff, MD.VASCULAR SURGERY John Blebea, MD Section Chief Pictured: Krish Soundararajan, MBBS, Frank Schmieder, MD, Andrew Roberts, MD, John Blebea, MD. Not Pictured: Paul van Bemmelen, MD. 2S2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINELester Karafin, MD, Jack Mydlo, MD, Michel Pon-tari, MD. Not Pictured: Alan Braverman, PhD, William Jaffe, MD, Michael Ruggieri, PhD. Jack Mydlo, MD Chairperson PEDIATRIC SURGERY Harsh Grewal, MD Section Chief Ala Stanford Frey, MD 2008 SKULL 253► UTEMPLE imm.io.rrr ® TEMPLE tal UNtVRMTTV ®I£ LE glTEMPLE mm tPH UNIVWSITT in v 7MMmsf£ IjTEMPLE I±U mavcxsm gi TEMPLE E3 uwvxnm UTEMPLE ELJ uMiviuwm tudent Life 2$4 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEgSTEMPLE U UHl' t MTt BI'BEMPle iBMni1- Orientation day, one group of new students in lobby of SFC. 2- J Hung, K Hsin, S Cuthua joke with H Cho, S Schvveizer, and S Wyche. 3- S Wyche chats with Dean Daly TUSM73, and Jonathan Briskin TUSM '81.4- L Kaplan, K Daly, C Soprano, and H Maitland at the Alumni Pool Party. 5-B Clark chats with Temple Alumni. 6-Another group of new students in the SFC on Orientation. 25€ TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1 - K Krauland, J Redon, S Thomas, K Shpilberg, A Chang, and J Kim at the Alumni Pool Part)-. 2- L Goldhahn and his father, Richard TUSM '64.3- Alumni and students at Summit Park Apts for the annual Alumni Welcome BBQ Pool party. 4- Dr. Rubin chats as M Kleiner chews. 5- S Reed, A Czysz, Z Hammoudeh, J Wang, and N Caval-laro sitting by the poolside. 6- N Kalawadia, S Lim, J Jacob, and J Hesse share pearly whites. 2008 SKULL 257You are cordially invited to the Temple University School of Medicine’s White Coat Ceremony Class of 1008 fnJity. Ortofcrr 29, 2001 • 3.30 PM Mitten Hall Temple Unteenity 1913 North Broad Street (Broad Street (r Berk Mailt Philadelphia. Pmnsyfcimu 1-The Class assembled in Mitten Hall for the big event. 2- K Hogan, J Au, D Lai, V Lee, L Leonardo, and S Lim celebrate after the ceremony. 3- M Bower and S Thomas proudly display their new white coats. 4- Dean Daly shares his thoughts and congratulations. 5. K Criner, R Sterling, K Menconi and K Miro pose for a picture. 6- C Lima, J Chiang and A Huntington can't believe this day has finally come. 7- K Giroux greets an alum after receiving her coat and book. 25S TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- A group of students receive their white coats from alumni. 2- J Treskovich poses with Dr. Salvitti. 3- A Chang and K Hsin proudly sport thier white coats after the ceremony 4- Dr. Sterling beams alongside his daughter Rachel. 5- J Au and K Axsom congratulate each other with B Aynehchi and S Baker alongside. 6- R Holyater, ' Holmes, K Howell and J Hung gather after the ceremony. 7- Each student received a copy of "On Doctoring" to inspire them through school- did anyone actually read it? 8- S Urn, C Lima, M Linder, A Liu, and L Luvun anticipate the big moment. ?nn« . A 2591- A Geller looks on as F Groshek grins, M Kleiner is chewing again, J Kim looking over notes 2- M Ryan and E Kott perform a simulated lumbar puncture 3- D Lim and G Shin taking a break between lectures 4-Mark hates the library, even though he has a Pepsi 5- D Flaherty checks updates on UsYVeekly 6- K FTsin, A Pantelyat, K Saito contemplate "Are we even going to class?" The answer: Of course. 7- Anatomy group: G Shin, S Shafi, G Shah, and M Schweizer attending section 2€0 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- The dissection of the typical lecture 2- J Feldman and Derek LOVE each other 3- S Reed pretends to pay attention (Thanks, Metro!) 4- A Rosenfeld and G Shah 5- S Porbunderwala and R Ranganathan in Kresge Library "studying." Typical Raghu style. 6-1 Dossin, A Korbage, T Turner, S Akter, A Au, and N Kalawadia hang out after class in Kresge lobby. 2008 SKULL 2611- Ted's grease truck... where would we be without it? 5lbs lighter and less addicted to coffee. 2- Quintessential Philadelphia row homes (sorta)... the very community that Temple Hospital serves. 3- J Redmond, S Jarjous, S Nakao, and J Casteneda walk back to the Hospital after class in the Sim Center. 4- jaywalking across Broad Street never looked so enticing. Look, no cars! 5- Way to go K Criner and S Gaur! You make the Broad Street Run look easy...p.s. that's the SFC behind them. 6- We hope this picture brings back memories. Wait, maybe I actually parked on 15th? 2€2 TEMPI E UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- B Winders, K June, and others help with the AOA neighborhood cleanup. 2- What a fine looking group! A Au, U Patel, C Lima, A Porter, A Martin, M Kleiner, B Ayenhchi, D Flispse, B Clark and in front E Eduvie and S Jani arc post Radiology exam, pre-beer at Fado. Go Tottcm! 3- View from the Children's Hosptial Boyer Pavillion Link: Our fine parking lot from back in the day, before all the construction began. 4- J Feldman admires the unique spelling options found on some of our neighborhood doors. 5- New med school construction is coming along! 6- K Axsom imaging all the fun things to do if she leaves school early today... Z008 SKULL 2tt1- Dean Daly and Class of 2008 LOVE CAKE! Especially when it's shaped like the new med school 2- Gov Rendell proudly announces our Groundbreaking 3- Groudbreaking shovel. 4- Our broken ground 5- Our medical school (artist's rendition) 6- More construction 7- How many faculty does it take to build a med s (Dean Daly and President Ann Weaver Hart at center.) 2(4 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- Topping Off banner over Broad St 2- Yearbook advisor Dr. Kenneth Cundy with wife Elsie sign the final beam 3- Dr. Goldberg beams by the beam that she just signed 4- Dr. Daly's signature on the beam 5- Getting ready to pick up the final beam for placement! 6- The crowd overlooks from Boyer Pavilion as the beam swings across Broad St. 7- Finally topping it off. 2008 SKULL 2651- K Hogan and J Redmond wish they had lifted more weights while watching G Shah use two hands. Good thing those teeth are rubber. 2- Z Maher enjoys coffee in the lobby before she sneaks away for the rest of the day. 3- L Rowe as first assist in the OR 4- Dr Barrett applies cricoid pressure S Jarjous prepares to intubate the Sim person 5- Hey man! 6- K Miro, S Reed, K Menconi, R Sterling hang out in SFC before a class meeting 2€€ TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE■ PLJ«1 1- Z Malik gives his best beauty pageant wave 2- A Friedl tries to decipher the handvvirting in the chart 3- Hey Dr. Oleszewski, nice epiglottis. 4- M Bower and C Jadloweic love the call room, but can't wait for a trauma to be called. 5- B Avnehchi, C Lima, and D Flipse wish they had bigger desks for all those radiology notes 2008 SKULL ( 2671- Dean Daly speaks at an SGA meeting. 2- SGA President J Gwiszcz runs the monthly meeting from his flagship, the Kresge smart-classroom console. 3-1 know it's hard to see, but there are a lot of 2008ers in this picture! To name a few: L Rowe, R Raganathan, K Axson, j Dwyer, Z Maher, Z Hammoudch, D Ezon, A Huntingdon, D Flaherty, S Wyche, Z Malik, J Chiang, A Czysz, R Gentzler, A Porter, R June, J Casteneda, I) Flips , J Redmond, J Gluck, M Bower, D Landsberg, J Richards. 4- Honor Board members: S Wyche, K Siren '07, A Czysz, A Rosenfeld, and J Richards at the White Coat Ceremony dinner. 5- The Amazing Dr. Reeves: attends every SGA meeting and is always there for the students. 6- The '08 Members: S Wyche, L Rowe, J Richard, A Rosenfeld, and A Czysz with Dr. Combs. 2CS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPREVENTION POINT PHILADELPHIA 0 Universal Akotip Swab Alcottp Swab 1- Church where the Temple Cares student run clinic is located. 2- Co-leaders A Huntingdon D Flaherty set up the Temple Cares hand washing table at the Kenderfon Fair. 3- Since there are no other photos... this is a dude from another class checking a blood sugar in the Temple Cares clinic. 4- There are also no prevention point pictures so here's a reminder of one of their missions: providing Philadelphia a clean needle exchange. 6-And here's a picture of an RV—not the actual KV but one that looks like the mobile home where each day of the week it is stationed at different locations in the city, providing basic health sen ices to those who don't have the access. 2008 SKULL 2C31- C Lima, M Kleiner, M Sporty, and S Cooper rally in Boston, MA for Universal Healthcare 2- K Hsin and L Leonardo dancing at the AMSA club event 3- On Capitol Hill, G Shah, J Chiang, and ] Price see how many layers of clothing will fit under their white coat 4- J Chiang wishes her arms were as long as R Katzer's 5- M Kleiner, Z Hammoudeh, N Cavallaro, and K Hsin try to mack it with some Class of 2009 girls. 270 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1-1 Lonardo and V Lee enjoy the bus ride to NYC for AMSA's Regional conference 2- E Fong is about to march across the Brooklyn Bridge for Universal Healthcare. 3- J Chiang and C Lima 4- Boston Oct 2004, C Lima, V Nguyen, P Stuckeman, J Chiang, R Katzer, J Richards, and S Cooper talk politics over beer 3- M Kleiner and R Bhavsar wish they could check into their hotel room early 6- E Fong and I Price 7- N Cavallaro, R Katzer and K Hsin ready to go home to Philly. 2008 SKULL 2711-Temple participates the Philly wide Lunar Year Banquet 2- D Mai gives a flu vaccine at the Chinatown health-fair 3- J Hung demonstrates how to make a spring roll 4- Asians LOVE to eat 5- More clinic 6- M Chiu, J Au, R Ranganathan, S Thuani, S Lim, A Au, M Chin, Dan , L Luyun, Tony, and K Hsin hang out. 272 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- J Jacob and N Kalawadi 2- Sunil, N Kalawadia, R Ranganathan, G Shah, I Jacob, S Iyer, S Patel, and V Datta at a SAHSA event 3- S Patel, S Iyer, J Jacob, G Shah, M Kleiner, N Kalawadia, Sunil, S Akter and N Cavallaro 5-Sunil, R Ranganthan and V Datta don't believe S Patel 6- M Kleiner and S Iver. 2008 SKUU. 2731-A Rosenfeld, A Huntingdon, D Flaherty, and J Chiang before they are about to donate their tresses 2- C Soprano showing off the length of her hair 3- C Soprano's glamour shot. 4- J Chiang A Huntingdon model their new haircuts 5- A Rosenfeld looks quite pleased with her haircut 6- C Hill is so ready... 7- G Shah and C Hill posing with their new do's. 274 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- E Biondi and A Pugliese on an amusement park ride with their Little Friends. 2- E Fong and T Turner try their hands at some video games while... 3- A Pugliese takes a turn around the rollar rink. 4- One our Little Friends hangs out. 6-1 Ford bear hugs E Biondi, J Wang and their buddy. 6- T Turner and two of her mentees. 7- J Hesse plays a mean game of air hockey. 2008 SKULL 2751- The first trip fo NOLA in March 2006, '08's included: E Eduvie, Z Maher, R Ranganathan, K Krauland. 2- A Hammond '06, Dr. Lyons, Z Maher, C Trydestam '09 sit in front of the clinic. 3- E Eduvie shows her solidarity with Common Ground Health Clinic in Algiers where the Temple students volunteered. 4- K Axsom checks a patient's blood pressure at the Lower 9th Ward Clinic. 5- R Ranganathan A Hammond '06 helping to rebuild the Algier's clinic. 6- Pictures speak a thousand words. 27C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEIFYCU HAVE COhETO HEIPME WARE WASTING VOUR TIME F-UT IF you HAVE COME BECAUSE yoUR LIBERATE IS BOUND UP WITH MINE THEN LET US WORK, TOGETHER 1- March 2007 group lakes a break for lunch in the Lower 9lh ward. 2- K Krauland, R Ranganathan, E Burlingame '09, G Matthews '09 get ready to help reconstruct the Common Ground Clinic in Algiers. 3- K Axsom, Z Maher, C Cleavinger '09 enjoy the nighttime festivities in New Orleans. 4-Our dedicated Temple students in front of the Lower 9th Clinic: An '09er, Z Maher, G Matthews '09, J Chou '10, M Dhand '07, C Trydestam '09, K Axsom, C Cleavinger '09, and E Burlingame, '09. 5- Kevin Krauland helps paint the walls of the Common Ground Clinic in Algiers. 2008 SKULL 2771- | Castencda, C Hayes, M Makargas, S Jani, and C Hill get Iheir booth ready for the Kenderton school kids. 2- C Lima as the clawed foot clown entertains with a hula hoop. We never knew he was so gifted. 3- M Ryan leads her group of students to each of the booths. 4- J Price and A Porter blowing up balloons, secretly sucking out all the helium for fun. 5 A Huntingdon, K Axsom, J Chiang, K Daley, D Flaherty, and H Winders break for lunch. 6- J Doss and N Kalawadia watch over the school kids. 7- J Jensy and J Hesse. 8- S Johnson, J Wang, M Schomer and E Biondi put on a quick show. Something that requires the reverse bookbag look and mustaches. 278 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- K lisin, S Lim, and '09er talk teach about obesity. 2- S Guthua helps to pass out ballons to the students. 3- J Redon and J Dywer offer to check blood pressures for the parents. 4- Z Malik has a booth about oral hygiene, and is glad that his dentist dad let him go into medicine. 3-Babcock's version of a children's game that usually requires a blindfold... wonder how this worked out. 6- R Miller takes her group of students to M Makar-gas’ booth. 7- L Leonardo, J Casteneda, S Lim, V Lee, K Hsin, and G Shin take a break to smile for the camera. 8- V Nguyen, R Ashworth, K Criner, E Stickles and J Sprandio are ready to facepaint the kids. 2008 SKULL 2731- SNMA members E Eduvic, W Ugbajah, S Akter, and J Dossen are at the Temple Alumni Scholarship Dinner. 2- Temple's SNMA Team: k H»in, 8 miles later , and T Turn-S Culhua, L Mason ('07), Front: J Dossen, E Eduvic, P Murray, L Rowe, C Burrell at the 2005 End of year BBQ- 280 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- C Hayes is ready with everything for the African Diaspora Cultural Show. 2- P Murray performs modem dance at the Cultural Show. 3-C Dg-bonna '06, E Eduvie, T Turner, S Guthua, C Hayes, P Murray, I Dossen, A Ojiaku '09, N Beharry '09 after the African Diaspora fashion show. 4- End of year BBQ: Back- T Turner, M Williams, S Wyche, P Murray. Front: L Rowe, J Dossen, C Hayes, E Eduvie, C Burrell, and S Guthua are all 1st years the SNMA Welcoming Potluck. - BLHO members: C Hill, C Hayes, M Makargas in the Retention And Recruitment office, aka "the clubhouse.” 5-S Guthua and M Makargas present their research at the RAR Symposium. 7- P Murray presents her research to one of our faculty. 2008 SKUIJ. 2111- K Hsin accompanies S Baker on Ihe bass. 2- The Transplantations perform at the annual ALS Benefit concert. 3- R Davis performing the flute. 4 S Iyer performs a traditional South Indian classical piece. 5- Temple’s string quartet performs. 6- The Temple Musicians leaders A I’antelyat and R Davis. 7- A Pantelyat, the violin virtuoso. 282 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- K Hsin and Steve Nakao on the other side trying to bust into the Phillies locker room. 2- C Soprano is ready to perform. 3- D Nonako, S Nakao, K Hsin and R Kaganathan warm up those vocal chords. 4-You know it's a big deal when you've made it on the Jumbo-tron. G Shin, D Nonaka, S Nakao belt it out. 5- "Oh, say can you see? By the dawn's early light..." Make Temple proud! 6- Philly Fanatic sings along with the Transplantations. Who doesn't love this big furry green mess? 7- The whole team is pumped up in the locker room right before the performance. 2008 SKULL 2831- K Axsom (it's a jacket, not her white coat), G Shin, ] Price, D Lin, G Shah, and S Iyer staying dry- at m.. • i . . . . „ ! , , , . . . , ... ? 31 ne l hvstolofzv end of year picnic. 2-Z Ham- moudeh and j Redmond are ready for a down and dirty game of softball. 3- Richards and ) Gwiszcz review the rules for the softball game as k Holayter listens on. 4- P Stuckeman and V Nguyen grinning, 'cu they each just ate 3 hamburgers. 5- Belmont Plateau? 6- N Cavaliam and s Aktcr are excited that summer is about to start. 7 Biondi enjoys the rain and mud (a little too much) after the softball game. (There »vere like 20 photos we could have used.) 8-C Lima, M Linder, L Luyun, S Lim and A Liu chose the beer and burgers over getting vet. 284 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- J Wang and Derrick lay down ground rules for the water gun fight. Watch out, Jeff! Derrick is known to be sneaky- 2- Who doesn't love a BBQ? 3- Some dude, Z Malik, S Cooper, N Holmes and S Lim are waiting for the food to be cooked. 4- Mr (J Dwyer) Mrs. Dwyer (J Wang) make a great BBQ grilling team. Through clenched teeth, J Wang says, "gimme that spatula back." 5-S Li and S Cooper enjoy the weather, sit and wait to be served. 6- C Burrell: the next Tomb Raider, but with super soaker. L Rowe. P Murray, and E Eduvie stand back and encourage her to go after Derrick. 7- N Holmes yells we need more meat, N Cavallaro and J Doss look on, while V Nguyen an M Schwiczer wonder if what they really need is more buns... ZOO8 SKULL 2851- Star quarterback S Leslie (Gledhill) finds S Shafi wide open 2- J Wang and J Peoples, “Get a room!" 3- The Asian twins 4- Coach Joe and his beer belt are ready for another round 5- R Miller, K Hogan, M Ryan, and S Lim watch the game as S Gledhill contemplates her next offensive strike 6- The 2005 Powder Puff champions! 216 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- K Konopka and K Axsom both come off the field 2-1 Toll, D Wu, and A Pantelyat 3- S Leslie (Gledhill) 4- S Gaur would soon defect to the Class of 2008 5- D Flipse tops off the pyramid as the others lose feeling in their legs. 8- The Class of 2008 male cheerleaders make a fine looking bunch 2008 SKULL 2E71- An All-Star anatomy group consisting of J Gluck, L Goldhan, S Goldring, S Leslie, and F Groshek get together to unwind. 2- A Czysz goes outside of his comfort zone and has a pomegranate martini at Bump. 3- Chump Force vs. Strike Force: Z Maher, D Mai, A Mai, Z Malik, L Luyen, S Lim, M I.inder and A Liu meet for some ultra-competitive bowling. 4- A Martin, F Groshek, J Gwiszcz, and M Heere are trying to tell us something. "Play more beer pong!" 5-K Hsin, R Bhavsar, B Aynehchi, L Luyun, and R Holayter head out on the town. 6-1 Richards, D Landsburg, and S Reed belt their hearts out. 2M TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEI- More bowling between anatomy groups. 2- K Hogan, D Lai, K Daley, J Au, L Leonardo, S Lim, G Shah might be getting ready to head to the Moulin Rouge after their pole dancing class. 3- K Hsin and H Cho face off in Wii Sports. 4- G Shin, S Short, R Ranganathan, Katie Short, and R kat .er have found something funny at I ucky Strike (most likely someone's bowling skills). 5 - Z Maher can’t avoid getting slimed on her birth-dav o thanks to Dylan Flipse who ripped the squeezv-frog. 6- D Flaherty, Josh, J Chiang and Eric just found out something shocking. 7 - | Redmond, F Groshek, and wife Jen learn the joys of beer fishing. Yes, beer fishing. 8- S Lim. C Olsen, and S Iyer enjoy a bit to eat at a birthday party. 2008 SKULL 2 31- D Nonaka, M Rotte, S Akter, A Pantelyat, A Chang, D Mai, and ] Hung with Andrew Sarah Porter and Ryan Betsy Gentzler in the back. 2-M Ryan and S Shafi love it when the Phillies win. 3- S Lim, Mark, Debby, and J Feldman take a break from tailgate games. N Holmes is too cool to play. 4-J Redmond ponders the meaning of life, and tries to stay warm before a frigid Opening Day loss to the Cardinals. 5- S Cooper, E Fong, D Flipsc, N Holmes, S Gaur, S Lim, M Heere, and J Feldman get together for yet another Phillies Game. Watch that hand Sharon! 6- "Only 6 at one time?" asks J Chiang "I know, lame!" replies R Miller on Dollar Dog Night. 7- Mark and M Heere manage to show their E-A-G-L-E-S pride even at a 76ers game. 230 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- A Czysz and D Landsburg know that silly hats are the best way to get fired up for a game. 2- Jen, F Groshek, D Angert, J Gluck, J Gwiszcz, and E Fong wait for the first pitch in our the trusty tailgaiting lot. 3- J Wang can always be counted on to man the grill. 4- J Catanzaro, A Siddiqui, M Linder, and Z Malik helped pack Citizen's Bank park. 5- K Konopka shows off our location in the nosebleed seats. 6- G Shah and J Price root on the Midshipmen. 7 M Schweizer and N Johnson take in a Phillies game under the lights. 2008 SKULL 2111- S Lim and V Nguyen gel ready for the bidding. 2- Beginning of the night at TPDS Club...the best is yet to come. 3 R Bhavsar: Dee™ ( ad' lights. At least he "puts out on the first date." 4- S Gaur fully expects the highest bid with BF D Flipse in the crowd (except for Jake). 5- C Jillara '09, MC of the event: Derrick, D Kretchman '07 and his buddy. 6- L Leonardo, D Lai, S Lim, and J Price hope to raise money for... uh. AMSA? 7- J Chiang and L Rowe work the door. 8- J Feldman makes the S5 cover worth it. 9- Check out M Kleiner's face! 10- Who really wants lo know whether or not there's a banana hammock? C'mon guys. Temple Med '08 likes to keep it classy. M2 ! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- D Flipse working hard to convince K Hsin, R Raganathan, and D Ezon, how good the show will be. 2- Way to look at the camera, Jake! 3- Temple crew and the main act of the show: Comedian ??? 4- J Gwiszcz smiles and G Shah hates us for using this picture. 5- Adorable L Leonardo and R Katzer... has somone had too many happy hour specials? 6- J Au tries her "1 went to F M, too!!" line on the MC. 7- L Luyun, L Leonardo and V Lee laughing. 8- S Li and S Cooper smile but really wish they were ordering food instead. 2008 SKULL 2531- S Gaur and J Gwiszcz are just showing off a little. 2. N Holmes and H Cho know all the moves. 3- S Cooper and J Price having just as much fun as back home in California. 4- E Eduvie, P Murray, M Markagas her husband, S Guthua, C Hayes. 5- Z Maher, j Chiang, L Rowe, and P Murray show off their formalwear. 2M TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- II Cho, S Patel, and R Molavter know that all kinds of suits can look good. 2- R Sterling, K Menconi, K Miro, and K Crinerare ready for the formal! 3- J Richards, D Landsburg, and J Ford smile for the camera. 4- M Rotte and S Johnson take a break for some refreshments. 5- E Biondi (behind) F Groshek, J Gluck, J Redmond, and J Ford try to stay classy. 5- Oh boy, does J Feldman love to dance. 2008 SKULL W51- G Shah, N Kalawadia, and J Hesse try to make S Patel look pimp as V Ddatta stands aside. 2- J Price, R Raganathan, and S Iyer really could make you consider finding another physician. 3- J Redmond is a lucky guy standing with the beautiful J Dossen and A Huntingdon. 4- Why is there always someone sitting on J Gluck's lap? Lucky for D FI ipse who will kill us once he finds out that we used this picture. 5- What a cute couple: K Menconi and S Reed. 6- S Johnson and G Levy are the newest members of some secret sticker club... ivhat are those for? 7- Black and white doesn't do this picture justice: L Leonardo, L Luyun, K Daley,) Au, and K Hogan smiling pretty. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- 7 Maher, A Huntingdon, and J Chiang celebrate Monday at Noche with several pitchers. 2- A Porter and A Petkar 3 bottles of wine later... each. 3- P Murray, T Turner, E Eduvi, L Rowe, and D Ezon having dinner at Buca di Beppo. 4- R Katzer, L Leonardo, K Hogan, S Lim, and K Hsin raise a glass at the Irish Pub. 5- S Li, blonde, J Au, I Leonardo, S Lim, and K Daley... not sure where they are but they look they’re having fun! 6 J Chou, S Chi, J Au celebrate their birthdays (sony we had to crop out the cake). 7-J Richards, A Czysz, S Reed, | Redmond, and D Angert do boys' night out, most likely in search of girls. 8- S Akter, E Eduvie, and C Burrell are ready for a night out. 9- | Chiang, J Jacob, J Hesse, friend, N Kalawadia celebrate the end of first year at El Azteca. 10- B Lace, A Pugliesc, J Feldman, M ark Meg Heere, and D Flipse get Pat's Cheesesteaks sometime around 0400 hrs. Z008 SKULU W71- M Schweizcr, a friend, N Johnson, and S Iyer make a spooky crew. 2- J Sprandio and fiancee pose as superheroes. 3- S Lim, S Iyer, and G Shah bring back the Nintendo memories. 4- J Redmond, N Holmes, J Gluck, and R I Inlay ter regress even further. 29S TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- J Doss is the world's largest carrot and J Feldman is the man behind the spandex. 2- D Landsburg, J Gwiszcz, A Czysz, S Reed, and J Richards win points for coordinating costumes. The Village People never looked so good. 3- K Hsin, R Ranganathan and H Cho love this holiday. 4- S Gaur as Pebbles and D Flipse as Christmas. 5- S Cooperand S Li make the tropical thing work. Z008 SKULL 2»1- S Paid, N Cavalllaro, D Mai, J Hung, R Holayter, and Z Hammoudeh put together a motley assortment of costumes. 2- K Konopka and S Jani with lots of beads. 3-It's hard to beat the Super Mario Brothers theme, as Meg Heere, R Miller, and Mark Heere demonstrate. 4- C Lima and his amigos. 5- J Gwiszcz and R Miller go with some classic looks. 6. J Doss, R Ranganthan, E Fong, and R Miller at the fourth year party. 300 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- M Jenkins, you are one creepy looking guy. 2- N Cavallaro, B Winders, E Stickles, Z Malik, and M Keliner enjoy themselves at Sprandio’s Halloween party. 3- M Linder makes a convincing Peter Pan, N'apoleon Dynamite's Vote tor Pedro comes complete with moon boots, and Holmes embraces his Pennsyltuckv roots and looks pretty good with facial hair and mullet... 4- If only this picture were wider to capture all of K Criner's sumo wrestler physique. 5- A Petkar plays ping-pong as Julius Caesar (the Indian version). 6- A Pantelyat, M and M Heeve are glad the keg just arrived. 7- J Redon passes up his "homeless man" gig to go as Superman this year with his wife VaJeska, and J Price as an Oreo. 2008 SKULL ! 301I - Z Malik, M Kleiner, R Bhavsar, and J Ford make a trip lo NYC just for some tasty cupcakes they saw on TV. 2 - K Daly and L Leonardo enjoy a meal along the beach in the Dominican Republic. 3 - N Holmes and S Lim get back in touch, literally, with nature. 4 - K Hsin admires the vastness of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania while away on his international elective. 5 -1 Dossen and E Eduvie got to meet Mickey Mouse. 6 - K Hsin, J Hung, D Mai, K Hsin find out what happens in Vegas. 7 - S Gaur, J Redmond, J Gluck, Melissa, and K Criner discover secluded beaches and whole lot of sunburn. 302 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE1- K Criner in New Zealand on her away elective. 2- K Hsin, B Aynehchi, D Mai, S Lim, J Hung, J Chou, A Geller, H Cho, and V Nguyen all head back lo CA for break. 3- J Redmond and D Flipse explore the rocks off of Silver Beach by snorkel. 4- It looks a bit windy, but V Lee, J Au, L Luvun. D Lai, and L Leonardo still don't mind being at the beach. 5- L Rowe set off to find out for herself which way the water would go. 6- S Cooper, J Wang, R Oleszewski, R Holayter, S Haq and Mike Hawk on the class ski trip. 7- Like a true Asian tourist, J Chiang can't pass up this Kodak moment at the Taj Mahal. 2008 SKULL 303Ode to First Year by Jeff Wang 8 AM, first day of school no pens no books just terrified looks on 180-plus scrubby blue 1st years without a damn clue some of us felt disturbed not knowing where to start while the gunners (you know who you are) were not perturbed and couldn't wait to open the heart a few of us it seems are destined for surgery with dexterity and focus and great attention to detail while some of us seemed destined for Burger King or possibly a job at the mall in retail we moved in herds and when we were split up by our last names we felt like kindergarteners even more seriously, when was the last time so many people claimed "my section of the alphabet is better than yours" we're from all over the world it's our diversity that makes us great just like it says in the brochure.. wait a minute just how many of you fellas are there from penn state??? and then there was the issue of sleeping in the 24 hour some high school like drama and stolen animal crackers but all was forgiven when the perpetrators finally showered there was a magnificent host of amazing faculty sometimes making it hard to bitch, but we quickly overcame that difficulty c'mon people just let one test go without a hitch dr. Schneck makes body parts appear out of thin air holy crap Dr. Pearson has a lot of hair we'll never forget Dr. Marino's line: "isn't this fun" And don’t let that biochem Count out into the sun (one ha ha ha two ha ha ha) we learned some things this year forgot even more that our brains couldn't wrangle some things I never again want to hear like "ok, everybody, gather round and check out this anal triangle" some of our classes were great for our education they will help greatly in our medical maturation but some of the topics were definitely not a ball and some even made us want to bash our heads into the wall like Behavioral science, which was at times better known as BS WAIT OMCf! 24 SHOULD BE "C" THAT'S ANOTHER POINT ON MY TEST!!! most started out with perfect attendance every lecturer we would see then some of us lost our dependence 314 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEand wound up catching up on our sleep both in and out of Kresge some found it easy to maintain their attention taking notes and raising hands and being completely engaged others were not so studious using wireless internet or writing stories occasionally becoming enraged we were remarkably consistent as far as intramural sports go for our school we never brought home a trophy Hag football Cremasters even lost by the mercy rule but when powder puff came our suspicions were confirmed without the male deadweight our ladies thrashed the guys were more useful by just getting trashed and Coach Joe finally got that championship he deserved some will go travel others chill and unravel all just happy to have survived to the bridges we've built and even the ones we've lost there should be no guilt it was all worth the cost we're all more intelligent people now med student uber-nerds to be specific with a good deal of medical knowledge like, we're totally science-riffic most of us have no real world medical know-how despite all knowing so much stuff talking about nerve pathways can make people say wow but I'll be damned if I can fix a friggin papercut this year guys started balding and said "this is impossible!" while girls got even more psychotic who thought THAT was possible? of all our experiences this year. I've got a hunch that the best parts in most minds were always seeing those magical words... "Kresge A Noon. Free lunch!" remember those nights in manayunk where tanks would wave Hags and get drunk it sure is a pity we're too poor now for olde city but never underestimate our ability to get crunk through late nights and early mornings through lecture slides that were way too boring through vandalized cars and broken bones through fights in bars and secondary loans from SP’s to long ass shelf tests to parking fees and arguing which Pennsylvania pro football team is the best some other highlights include baseball and tailgating with the a capella singers and discovering the caf's buck 60 veggie pita with chicken fingers (thanks Julian) we keep being told that the honeymoon is over and that it's time to grow old but even worse, time to get sober but for now we enjoy a little bit of freedom to work or to play in our long awaited off-season we will go our separate ways for the last summer of our lives 2008 SKULL 305Sieve PorbvmdeTwala arvd Cmdy Kew Erv a ed )w 1 , 2007 W’edd'u £ uwe S, 200S Wedding June 6,2008 iy Stryker Chti anU«y, eddirift J0« TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MED'.C'.NEjeff Wat'S andGcU 0 O,'3 Pr 6 s ss 2003 SKUU. 307‘Weddings Michelle Chin 'MichaelChiu June 2, 2007 •Ben 'Erika Winders My 23, 2005 Hay Lauren 'June July 23,2005 Andy and Sarah 'Toner September 3,2005 Andy (finger Liu July 4, 2004 Andreu and 'KachelQeller July 4, 2004 Scott Viatic Short July 31, 2005 308 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE‘Kfviti Linsday ‘K.rautand September JO, 2006 'Meg (jannn MarR?iecrc October 6, 2007 Ayn ’.Huntingdon “Witt‘Ktrbcr August 4, 2007 Jason VaCesRa 'J(fdon December 29, 2004 Sean Alexandra ’WiUiamson '.Rifan dr ‘Betsy (Jentzter July 17, 2004 Steve Lara ’?igRao June 25, 2005 2008 SKULL JOSJoe andShorn Turner December 16, 2006 Shown and Leslie July 30,2005 tMary 0(pny {Mafyryus July 23,2006 Jenny Chiang Trie Leslie July 2, 2005 Tranli Jen Qroshek . 'J(aclie( Chris iDavis September 16, 2006 July 2,2005 310 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEQsbrlel-Etfosp follcf jUPe 26. 2006 R,«d« iflshvforth Log?p Mlchwl fteszsb September 15. 2007 flywa Stssssb cNlchobs FmpcIs wd ;%thopy Fwods Dec 10.1992 $p f Aug 21990 Csroille Jermatoe H y 22. 2006 Cto vteyes (Jershop 2p J fltevs K.ott Feb 16. 2005 svxJ Dec TL 2002 Ell Kott JlUlm flto$Uy md Qto£er WooIr!cf£e Itoch 2. m Dec 12.1989 dJ Jfotf 2.1992 iflroy JjtoIsop itfrwsteste Llep md Sophte jubn fyosepfeU- W$P Way 12. 2006 dd February 12.2008 x lex RosepfeW Joseph Douglas Dwyer July 29. 2007 Joe Dwyer Lube Schopjer March 21. 2007 Marb Ichower Labe fychard QoWhahn May 10. 2007 Larry QoWhahp Itopjamto CastapeJa February 25.2007 JulteP CastapeJa 2008 SKUIJ. 311 TEMPLE IjTEMPLE lbs UNivmm 0 TEMPLE Ea usivswm UTEMPLE f1- tmivKiwrri Stt dPLE flTEMPLE I;1 MMIVtwm UTEMPLE IriJ iwivnwtrv Patron 312 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEI! TEMPLE U IMIVftMTTV H6TEMPLE ■-« iw.wm MTEMPLE tl Movfftsm ?oo yourjamlpj is soproud oj ait pour accomptiskuttuts. you art truly awesoutt. More you 3 Jonathan Ford 3 6 80 baby picture Jonathan loves baseball More baseball First grade picture I grew up in the desert, but we occasionally get snow Fishing time Here fishy, fishy White coat ceremony-he's come a long way! older brothers Nicholas and Jason My first communion High school prom More good times fishing- Jason. Jonathan. Nicholas, and Dad Jonathan's proud parents 314 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECongratulations to the Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2008 from the Temple Health System Transport Team Critical Care Ground and Air Transport 2008 SKUU. 315TEMPLE UNIVERSITY School of Medicine Eilkx B. Goldberg. M.D. Associate Dean Tfo Western (Pennsylvania (Hospital Congratulates Hemple University School of Medicine Class of2008 RflcHeC‘E. (Davis %fvinj. Kjauland John (R. (Peoples Josef M. Turner “Kflthryn 0. Qirowa (Brian % Lace Angela 9A. Pugliese Thomas L. Walsh Amy £. Jamison JieilD. Palmisiano Jacob A • Treshpvich Sean Williamson 1 J The Western Pennsylvania Hospital wot r m ALUcicrr nuira sttttm www.wpahs.org Provider ok Choice 316 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECenter for Substance Abuse Research Congratulations Cjraduates! It does n t matter font beautiful your theory is, it doesti 't matter (ozusmart you are. IJ it doesti't agree zvith experiment, it s wrong. Richard Feynman, physicist, Nobel laureate (1918-1988) Congratulations and our very best wishes to The Class of 2008 Temple University School of Medicine From the Faculty of the Hematology Section Michael E. Bromberg MD, PhD Robert W. Colman MD A. Koneti Rao MD Ronald N. Rubin MD Peter N. Walsh MD CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2008 WE ARE PROUD TO BE PART OF YOUR EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE. Scranton-Temple Residency Program would like to congratulate the Terrple students fromthe class of 20o3, especially those who attended our program Arthur Au,Oourtney Burra 11, Suyin Chi, Michelle Chin, Allen Chiu, Josephine Chou, Brian Clark, Janis Dossen, Joseph Dw er,Ejiro Eduvie, David Ezon, William Gleason, Joshua Gluck, Janice Hobbs, Matthew Jenkins, Nina Kalawadia, Jessica Leonaid, Anh Mai, Zubair Malik, Daisuke Nomka, AndrewPorter, Grace Shin,Catherine Soprano,Todd Stafford, Stephanie Tossing. 11 was a pleasure working with these students. STTRP remains committed to eliminating the barriers between the University, where discoveries take place, and the Communities, that implement the developments derived fnomthese discoveries. Scranton-Temple Residency Program 746 Jefferson Scranton, PA 18510 Phone: 343-2383 WebPagi http wvw sopv horg E-Hail strp?stipv%bojg 2008 SKULL 117CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 2008! FROM CROZER-CHESTER MEDICAL CENTER Susan L. Williams, M.D. One Medical Center Boulevard Director of Medical Educat ion Upland, PA 19013 318 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECourtncylll la YiOf $ 'TOro y cur co utoc 'IjftLkWojCttd i L JtA s • '4+0' iff, 'fiUf'iy m nsa '!“-+■ U t' 'j. hto JdMe iijsar ' { tfK jMtruhfii r Mani OfUttr '. . Jht anQili QuCtt On Smitmd. fa l Ctotinn -h btJjsfamjul-M» t0 pKud i nait( 2008 SKULL 313TO THE CLASS OF 2008 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BEST WISHES ARE EXTENDED TO ONE AND ALL! FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY COMMUNITY MEDICINE THE OFFICE OF ACADEMIC AFFILIATIONS Trish Acri, MD David M. Barclay, III, MD, MPH Carolyn V. Cuffeld Paul E. Lyons, MD Kenyalyn Makone-Anunda Sharon Mattia, Administrator Stephen R. Permut, MD, Chairperson William F. Schulze, MA Francine Waters Dr. and Mrs. Robert fisher wish the Temple Medical Schoo Class of 200 3 a successful future. Do Well, but more importantly, Do Good!! 320 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAbington Memorial Hospital congratulates the Class of 2008. B Abington Memorial Hospital 2008 SKULL 321■■ Congratulations Rachel !!• You have always given us enormous joy and happiness, And have been successful in all your endeavors... In academics, sports, and life! Continue to build your dreams into reality. We are very proud of all your accomplishments, And this special milestone in your life. With all our love. Mom Dad, Ian Michelle, Matthew 322 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEJOpUpufyfowpifliHflVK. M ( SerrcxA sly! E r. Kirsi.! Howell! Hnmm- £mergenctf fAe cme' Cor 3iologv? yV om cm ! Lv» ds ae ore so plod you woM om were aU. g ow A up to decide on swi'ge '! G® traimq ii patvni assessment Kas ccntnWeJ to t)» fre physician u Have todaif. Comj-aKiafions Krstin, Love Dad WeH dor deor Kirstinf I cyri jo proud of you and pray thot you mil serve the people of God u th your tc 7its and hnctuledge. I love you, Sister Mario Uowe . ?SM We Are so very provd of you! Love from Mom, LyrdSAe, Avrds SC Aror $ Leslce, rAr dmA, K-a.rer , Jer r,, Ar d Assorted Kr o(?l av cUs . yex wtllftejmlext {bar went - xid,xt tear best Yf« wtllser lift bps .- xjJod yon will cry x let - ch will Ixrgk x let yck will bicw wkxt it i: tv be Khmah xrJ. tv be ahkaxc r Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Henry David Thoreau Congratulations Ryan on reaching your dream! Pad Mom Megan Kristin - Ashley 2008 SKULL 323 st year - W hi Congratulations Rene , Love, Freddie, Wilhemina Lyron Yeah mom! Love, Gabriel-Ethan Rene , deposited within you are grace, strength and wisdom. Through your gifts, talents and knowledge, work with all people as though you are their blessing sent from God. Congratulations Dr. Ashworth. Love, Mom, Robert, Rea. Rore, Riley 324 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESt. Luke’s Hospital Health Network extends sincere congratulations and best wishes for a rewarding career in medicine to the members of the 2008 graduating class of Temple University School of Medicine StLukete A clinical campus of Temple University School of Methane 2008 SKULL 325David Shoja We are all so proud of you on this special day You have reaped the rewards of your diligence. The medical profession needs people just like you. You are dedicated, compassionate caring. Congratulations on your graduation! With love from your family, Dad, Mom, Jessica, Tony, Sara, Steve, Eden, Josh, Mary, Peter, Olyvia Ariana. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” 3 John 4 Lora Congratulations to a job well done!!! This priceless achievement is a start of a dream being fulfilled. We are very proud of you. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and success. Love. Papa, Mama, Mike, Phil. Grandma Anastacia, Grandma Rosario Grandpa Leopoldo 32C TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEKatie, I am so proud of you. Over these past tour years, you have shown me that a strong work ethic, determination, and an unwavering will make it possible to accomplish anything. You proved that it is possible to create your own path, a path that I loved traveling with you. I k now this is just one of many journeys that you will embark on, but this one has been truly inspirational. I love you and want to share the adventures with you. Babe, our best is yet to come...Love, josh The many facets of Kate...balanced, bright, creative, caring, strong, resolved, observant, impassioned, loving, whimsical, moral, and dedicated...and so much more.... Dedication: You helped Rufus get through four months of therapy. Compassion: You rescued Mimzy from the dregs. Intelligence: You only have one You've proven you have everything it takes to be a great doctor! With all our love, Lauren, Scott, Pawpurr and Giggles Dear Kate, All of your life we have watched you decide what you wanted and then proceed to go get it with all your energy, will, intellect and talent. Along with your many relatives, coaches, friends, teachers and co-workers who have encouraged and supported you along the way, we offer our CONGRATULATIONS! You make us very proud! Love, Mom and Dad 2008 SKUU. 327Mam •?tou far you ip Im Itf defend on your tWdsr WlIK iu f IjCWM COWpAiSplOMAlf Will lilt A fd, Will lll£ rifMM W IcI AmI of Ike W£a1 AM i »I "CM . bcCAlKZt lH ll-ftf MOM Will |lAV £ Jv6M a|| C f HltfStf. Love, Ot c H $corkf Anthony Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and all that you will accomplish. We are so very proud. Love. Mom Dad yosHqmax. stugusriw Thefirst ojrutxy betel, ysuttioKS in tie Oh ter 'Bunks fyodfjolffosk! Justin, We are so proud of you! Mom, Dad, Jordan US TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL Of MEDICINEI will bless the Lord who lias given me counsel; who will show me the path of life. I will love You, O Lord, my strength, my God, my strength, in whom I will trust. Ps: 16; 18 Congratulations Janice Blessings to you! From: Dad, Mom, Jesse III Best wishes for your medical career. We know you will make Temple proud. 2008 SKULL 323 Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Reproductive SciencesTo Our Dear Son Andrew Geller: It is with extreme honor and pleasure that we wish you a hearty mazal tov upon your graduation from Temple University Medical School. We are extremely proud of all your endeavors in your life and it goes without saying, especially this one! You have truly been a shining star for our entire family. You have brought only joy and happiness to us, to your wife Rachel, to your siblings, and to your grandparents. We are extremely proud of your kind character, your middos, your willingness to always take charge, your belief in what is right and what is moral, your devotion to your studies, your perseverance in the study of medicine, your diligence to our faith, and your academic achievements throughout all your years of school. This has been one of your lifelong dreams, and now it has come true. As parents, you have given us the greatest gift of all, something more than any parent can ask for, and that is nachas. Your loyalty to your family and your friends, your exceptional strength in various aspects of your life, and your tremendous exuberance in every facet of life has made you the wonderful man that you are today. We know that you will become an outstanding physician and wish you and Rachel only the greatest of everything in life. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly commend you on your outstanding and stellar achievements and again wish you a warm mazal tov. May all you dreams come true. You did it! All our love, Mom, Dad, Rachel, Brandyss Yair, and Avi 330 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEEmiley. Nothing can bring us more joy than being your family. Nothing can make us happier than that you have found the profession you truly enjoy. We are all so proud of all you have accomplished over the past four years, the brilliant doctor you have become and the differences you will make in this world. Love, Dad, Mom. and Allen Wow, time really flies. I remember meeting you four years ago. You were so excited to start school at Temple. Since then, so much has happened: we are now engaged, have a beautiful son and it's time for you to graduate. I don't know how you managed to stay so focused. From being pregnant during a crucial time in school, to taking the "boards" a week into a new birth - you were determined to get through it all, and you did. I have never been so impressed. When Maya Angelo wrote "Phenomenal Woman" it was because of women like you. I can't explain how proud of you I am. You are far beyond phenomenal. Someone should invent a new word for who you are because what you did seemed impossible, but you proved to me that anything is possible. I am so happy to have you in my life. You keep me going and striving for greatness and I thank you for being so influential in my life. Congrats Doc! You finally did it!!! Love Forever, Lyron Kaliq faulin CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTIAN ON A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT RA) CARDIOVASCULAR ASSOCIATION Practice Limited to Cardiac, Thoracic, and Peripheral Vascular Surgery V.R. Machiraju, MD Claudio A. B. Lima, MD Pablo Hong-Barco, MD 2008 SKULL 331To the Class of 1008 BEST WISHES IN YOUR EUTURE PRACTICE THE EACULTY OE THE DEPARTMENT OE PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION Ian 5. Maitin, MD, MBA, Chairperson Andrea E. Brown, MD Ernesto S. Cruz, MD Stephen R. Gasper, MD Frederick Nissley, DO Michael M. Weinik, DO Nancy K. Repetz-Ciccolella, PsyD Robert A. Ruchinskas, PsyD John T. Troup, PhD Congratulations Amy Jamison from your Mother Daughters, sister, brother and a whole host of proud relatives and friends. 332 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINENicole Janine Johnson There is only one success-to live your life in your own way. The way you live, Nikki, inspires admiration and affection. All our love; Dad, Mom, Carolyn, and TED'S LUNCH TRUCK Breakfast Lunch salads • wraps • hoagies • steaks • dubs sandwiches - hot 1 coW dnnks and more BROAD TIOGA 610 405 9 944 I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR PATRONAGE AND TO WISH EVERYONE ALL THE BEST IN THE FUTURE. THANKS, TED Joanna Pear Aaron, May your chosen profession allow you to break through the headwinds, carry those in need, and support those determined to win the race. Share your special gifts, s We love you! Mom A Dad Dear Christine, Wishing you all life’s best as you journey into the future as Doctor Christine A. Martin, M.D. Congratulations and God bless you, Dr. Martin! Love always, Mama and Dad 2008 SKULL 333Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 2008! The Department of Pharmacology CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2008! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS To a Cherished son, beloved baby brother and adored uncle. Congratulations, Matthew. We are so proud of you. We are confident you will touch many lives and make a difference in this world. All our love, Mom Dad, John Steph, Peter Debbie, Max, Jack, Will, Noah, and Molly JJ4 temple university school of medicine, Congratulations, Class of2008! Here's hoping that our paths cross again! The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Graduate Medical Education Personally focused. Experience driven. www.readinghospital.org 1-800-592-9943 We are glad to share the future with Temple graduates through opportunities in our residency programs: • Family Medicine: Anthony Tomassi. MD Christine Oh. MD Lara Thompson. MD • Internal Medicine: Timothy Long. MD • Obstetrics and Gynecology • Transitional Year: Mary Fontanella. MD Matthew Sandusky. MD Mark Rogers. MD Jeremiah Sabado. MD Wonderful is he who can teach —and wise is he who can be taught. Katha Upanishad Larry, It's been an amazing circuitous journey over the years to this truly wonderful point in your (and our) lives. After an intense four years, now begins the next exciting phase in your education, continued growth as a caring physician when interacting with and treating your patients. Because of the caring of Drs. Schwartz, Hutchison, Coen, ftipile Archuleta who started you on this wondrous road, they too will follow you as you keep them apprised about how im-portant their commitment was many years ago. We love you. We will revel in your accomplishments as you share them with all of us and with your growing family. Keep in your heart two phrases to direct your professional life: 1. Primum Non Nocere. 2. Non Juris lllegitimi Carbomndum With all our love. Mom and Dad 2008 SKULL 335School of Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY- Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of2008 from the Alumni Association Board of Directors Aliuniii Profile: More than 10,000 highly accomplished, productive graduates and former residents of Temple Jniversity School of Medicine are practicing on every habitable continent of the globe. Approximately 22% ofphysiciar in the Philadelphia area graduated from Temple, and approximately 45% of graduates remain in Pennsylvania. Temple alumni work in a spectrum of careers in academia, clinical practice, business and industry, and public service. Nearly 600 alumni are full-time faculty at medical schools across the United States; approximately 20 currently serve a department chairs; and nine have served as deans. Dozens are authors, editors and contributors to leading medical texts ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS ( 2007-2009): Audrey Ukiis, MD’87-President, Anthony G lorgo, MD72-President Elect, Paul Weidner, WSD’Z2-Secretary- Treasurer; Paul Herniary, MD'82-Immediate Past President; John Daly, MD73-Dea« DIRECTORS (2007-2011): Jean Bello Belascn MD'73; Robert Belasco, MD73;Gary Finkelstein MD74, AndhonyGiorgn MD73; AudreyUknis, MD’87 '2006-2010): David Fid MD78; Eric Goldberg MD76; Steven Harper, MD'83; Denise Hartman MD'82; JosephNejman MD7 (2005-2009): CraigAronchick, MD'78; Ray Brown MD79; William Greenfield, MD'69; Paul Hermany, MD'82; Danlyn Moyer, MD’85; FredSquires; MD'91; Mary Tobin MD'79 (20M-2006) :ThomasCoyle, Jr., MD’83; Lawrence Kaplan, MD'86; Rosalind Kaplan MD-Res’90 AmitKharo MD'96; Mark Novitsky, MD-Res'86; Kristin Parris MD'90; Paul Weidner, MD'82 FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE: KennethCiwdy, PhD EMERITUS DIRECTORS: William Beckwiti MD'64; William Buchheit, MD'60; Richard Close, MD72; William Coleman, MD '45; Dominic DeLaurentis, MD’53; William Duncan, MD'59; Eric Holm, MD’69; A. Richard Kendall, MD'56; Fraser Lewis MD’60; Michael Love, MD70; LeonMalmud, MD; Walter Margie, Jr., MD'51; James McClurken MD'76; Curt Miller, MD'79; Gladys Miller, MD'51; Sidney Rabin, MD '51; W. Gale Reish MD'68; Ronald Rubin MD'72; Gene Salkind MD79; E. Ronald Salvitti, MD’63; NathanSchnall, MD'47£arsonSchneck, MD'59, PhD'65; Charles Shuman MD'43; Donald Souilliarc( MD’54; Howard Warner, MD'53; Leslie Whitney, MD'44. COUNCIL ofPASrr PRESIDENTS: Ri chard Albertson, MD'63; Anthony Comerota, MD 74; Albert Finestone, MD'45; Paul Hermany, MD'82; StephenPermut, MD72; Edward Resnick, MD'51; LouisSantore, MD'80; Frederick Sutliff, MD'46;CharlesTourtellotte, MD’57 The skills and abilities ou develop at Temple vmII serve well viierever ou ap ply them, viic rover y u want to go.' — Calvin Johnson, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, TUSM . Secretary of Health, Commonwealth of PA MG ! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL Of MEDICINETemple University School of Medicine Class of 2008 We are proud of your achievements and proud to have you as part of our healthcare family Congratulations, doctors! 2008 SKI 337GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER REDEFINING BOUNDARIES' CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to the graduating class of 2008. Jason Catanzaro Melissa Ryan Megan Nyffeler Visit us at: www.geisinger.edu 338 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEo ratulati CLA65 Of 200 . I6lJiN ; you tUl E.5T Of LUC ! jdL RLC(2-UITME- T APMI6A)I M6 aNp e.ct Nti N (E.AE.) PP-OCf cmgvi TumruaNS Si III SZSTWCSftZS TO THE CiaSS Off 20OS! fVWJvt THE To ZfafLTM EXT offsycnoavxy A house is not a home until its lived in. From our home of30 plusyears toyoursjorthe last -fyears, we wish the class of ZOOS the best of luck! It is not true that you cannot go home again! We hopeyou always will keep Temple university School of Medicine close to your minds and hearts and notjorgetitasyour professional careers blossom. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth tl candy 2008 SKULL MSCongratulations to the Class of 2008! We wish you continued success in all of your future endeavors! The Admissions Committee MO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MED!C!NEThe Cardiology Section wishes The Class of 2008 success in their future careers. Center for Obesity Research and Education Temple University 2008 SKULL MlThe Department of Anatomy Cell Biology “Excellence in Research, Education and Service" Congratulates the Medical School Class of 2008 As its members begin the next phase of their medical careers Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2008 from the Department of Emergency Medicine Scott! d xte, Stuzutv, w t 342 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINECongratulations Class of 2003. We are very proud of you and we will miss you. All the best to you. The Offices of Medical Student Education, Student Affairs, and 5tudent Records. HATS OFF TO DR. STERLING, FOR ALL THE HATS HE WEARS! Associate Dean ....Pharmacology Professor ....Block Director ....Student Advocate ..........Alumni Parent ............Friend and Colleague And now, his newest hat, that he wears with glee, he's the Class of 2008 DEDICATEE!! Congratulations and best wishes from 2008 SKULL 343Congratulations to Bret the Class of '08 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kricun Congratulations Class of 1008! We wish you all the very best. From the Department of Radiology Try to believe Though the going gets rough That you gotta hang tough to make it "Try to be best Cause you're only a man And a man’s gotta learn to take it C£ ||ir®tifl®t r %s to tfye Class of 2,uu0! History repeats itself Try and you’ll succeed It’s bee ril qi tc s $oUXH y %se ®st foUX t e®rs. You're the best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down You're the Best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down You're the Best! Around! Never doubt that you're the one And you can have your dreams! Nothing's gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own Congratulations 2008 From the ZMSA -Skull Yearbook Staff 344 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE(LllnsB of 2008 (C n n gratulatin ns! 2008 SKULL 345Back Row: Dianne Soprano, Gerald H. Sterling, William Schulze, Donald Parks, Raul dela Cade-na, Gregory Zimmaro, Stephen Permut, Ronald Tuma, Matthew Strickler, Steven Debrocky, Frank Erdlen, Brad Chilnick, Audrey Uknis, Rodger Barnette. Front Row: Kathleen Reeves, Joanne Orth, Melinda Somasekhar, John Daly, Thomas Kupp, Barry Ashby, Ann Untalan, Richard Kozera. Not Pictured: Eric Abel, Richard Coico, Ala Frey, Eryn Jelesiewicz, Henry Park-man, Joseph Rudy, Judith Russo FROM THE DEAN’S OFFICE Ut TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE7% l e Ajiook arut tfc x j 3003 lAtovvlds CiJzes to eritertft ovw to 'pcCtfar jjOTs ttieA L K£s VOtAA' to tfc £003 Aaa£( l e sibyoh: Soviet itattxtfeor fat orvy, rO'V alvei' P f'V i e t$i ( vt+xct 'Wxohae Civitv 7 L Itan y 'PlioA eE biAe XZj m. 7 'Mcwk 7W t EuieE f'te xC' ( o+xceZZ Eh uxA jt S c™' 'PTE) £ +. (X. % tu, p . 7b wt , Cbwiclvo $. E . vrvia,, TPE) l e xAxeZz£jyi e i', PTE E . Pl 5fern 72. P'l'V. E'V. Eborvi A' emet SiOmv n SEtcEEefr 'P'J'V cvrtft 1 1'V , fyhvy ! 3EttcJze vwyys glk+x Pi. 7uUcU, pte 2008 SKULL 347End of Four Years by Jeff Wang Some of you may remember the first poem by this bard It was filled with witty verse However this one may be a little worse After all, at the end of 4th year, effort is HARD. So here we are now 180 give or take we did lose a few mates after all med school's no cake We also took in Some stragglers from ahead Who are much smarter than us Yet decided to do 5-7 year programs instead With varying amounts of debt We look forward to actually getting a paycheck And that wonderful day we're all looking forward to "Would you like to supersize?" 'I can and 1 do!" Remember sitting attentively in class? Then slowly drifting off into dreamland? And waking with a jolt at last To groaning on a Friday afternoon when someone raises their hand? Our lecture attendance gradually dwindled Since classes were like Russian roulette You could never really know what you were going to get An excuse for a nap Another pathophys no-show Or hearing about the micro professor jumping out a window To Dr. Schneck and Derek the librarian The only people who know everyone by name in our biz One has no problem telling you everything about anatomy And the other has none telling you about his To the awful days and nights spent in coffee shops and libraries Studying for step 1 and 2CK in a crunch But what we'd all really like to get back Is that day in 2CS hell and paying $1000 for that crap lunch And now for a bit of thanks To all you wonderful tanks And if you think that's you but not quite sure There's plenty of quality pictures Like using duct tape and 40s when you drank To the thousands of cheesesteaks we've eaten At lunch trucks and diners and with Jim Chubby and Pat And for all you people who are ending up leavin' Wiz wit is the only way to order - don't forget that Ht TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINETo Temple University Hospital and it's surrounding population Hypertensive at 240 160 and doing coke through your trach? we leave here knowing it's not really a weird situation RIP 60 cent veggie pitas and 50 cent chicken fingers And getting gallons of soup on the dollar. Geez-The new caf looks pretty but it's not the same Screw the bistro pamni, where's the mac and cheese? To the state of Pennsylvania for showing us its wonders Prom Erie to Crozer Allentown to Geisenger And even that city ending in ittsburgh - one of God's great blunders During our stay our families have grown greater in size Through marriage And Babies Plus those lagers go straight to the thighs. While we were here Philly as city was demoted Most depressed and fattest and it was voted The whole vibe can be due to one of a variety of reasons I feel Like seeing Donovan throwing up all over the goddamn field To the departure of Temple childrens And a new building under construction, covered in drapes Time marches on - things keep on changing Like Ted having competition with a guy selling crepes We're the last of the old school curriculum Without nap time and Arts and crafts or animal balloons That's just for the classes below us Now now we're just jealous that you never had classes past noon 4 years have now passed Both a blur and a drag There's so much information we've amassed Like recognizing C-Diff and suppressing the gag Like how to look impossibly energetic In our first couple rotations Like how to look unapologetic Post match when you take a mini vacation We've been tested with exams and quizzes and labs and presentations Practical and OSCEs and even online heart sounds Our skills were tested on the floors with patients P.S. Administration, Never EVER tell us that a shelf grade won't count And speaking of the OSCEs which gave us the chills It was pretty good preparation, considering.... But there's just one thought I keep on remembering "OK lady what the crap do you want me to do with all these pills' To the friends and family who stood beside us through all this Through 4 years while we freaked out and stressed We got lots of phone consults but this was always the best "Um I know ....someone who has burning when they piss..." 2008 SKULL J4STo the shit that we cleaned out of rectums as 1st years To the shit we had to clean off status post heme check To the shit that we studied To the shit that we saw To the shit we subjected ourselves to for a good evaluation To the shit we had to put up with from those above us To the shit that we made up to get a day off post-match To the shit we're in for come July 1st Ortho kids are shopping for their cut off scrub tops Ob Gvners are set for 4 years love hating their jobs Radiology peeps trying to forget their people skills Urology kids can't wait to play with junk all day, no need for frills Surgery peeps are brushing off their superiority complexes Peds people are cringing at attending salaries after taxes Medicine kids are walking in big circles not accomplishing much Family people are getting ready to use emedicine.com as a crutch Psych people are practicing the art of the med check ER people are off to trying to fix somebody then punting the wreck Anesthesiology is drinking coffee and ordering their US Weekly Subscription Pathology is gearing up for formaldehyde addiction And if there’s any specialty that was unscathed Man you guys suck too so everyone calm down and behave Most of you will understand That was all in good fun In the work we're about to embark upon Humility is necessary in everyone To the Temple alums that we met In unlikely places wide and far That actually went on to great things While being just as messed up as we are To all the attendings who opened our eyes To something else that would suit us much better And to the ones who put up with our groveling When we begged with cherries on top for a letter To the nurses who were exceedingly mean Belittling us in the OR and in front of our patients To the most compassionate ones we'd ever seen Who never stopped smiling and eased our frustrations This poem like med school is ending There's only 1 person left to thank or offend, sheesh And at this time there's no use pretending Sorry Coach President, but I still can't spell Ga-veesh So here's to the TUSM Class of '08 Be proud of all we've accomplished In intramural dodgeball victories alone We've exceeded the standards that had been established I believe the last poem ended with "we came, we saw. we kicked ass." I'm not sure what the latin translation is but... Holy shit. We're doctors. We passed! 354 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Jenny Chiang Jake Feldman Ralee Miller Dylan FI ipse Jen Au Rachel Sterling Ejiro Eduvie Sadia Shafi Rene Ashworth Paula Murray Courtney Burrell Janis Dossen Eric Stickles Thanks to the Yearbook Staff. I couldn't have been printed without you. -Skull 2008 2008 SKULL 351The Skull Yearbook Staff would like to extend a special thanks to the following people: (We really couldn't have done it without you two!) Dr. Kenneth Cundy, PhD, Skull Advisor Dianne Butera, MSW Mary Jackson Micki Miller Francine Smith Kathleen Reeves, MD Judy Russo The Mailroom Staff: Gloria, Terry Dan Lisa M. Buscaglia, Rep., Cooke Publishing Co. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos!! Shout outs: to that Chinese take-out place on Tioga where everything is ready in 10 minutes; to Temple Pizza where the food's not bad and they LOVE ralee; the vending coffee machine in Kresge that consistently gives you chunky coffee; the really nice lady in Dean Daly's office; questionable MR at DD cuz there's nothing black that belongs in a kruller; to the Sterling's who still need to have us over for dinner; to the computer that did not crash, the waste pipe that sweat but never actually leaked feces, and the space heater; to Jake asking: can 1 safely eject your F drive?; "A WHO?"; and to screw off top wine bottles cuz why waste $7 on a bottle opener? 3S2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE COOKE PUBLISHING COMPANY WARMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIATempi© UnWerinrty Health .Sciences Center Library 3400 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19140

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