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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ISPt 3400 M. BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA 19140 v10 Faculty 86 Seniors 266 Student Life 350 Residencies 360 Patrons Advertisements 2DEDICATION SALLY ROSEN, M.D. She greeted us on August 31. 1994. at orientation, prepared us for what was in store over the next four years, and helped take us through every step as we evolved from medical students into physicians. No matter how important or trivial the problem, whether it be difficulties with the curriculum or the parking situation. Dr. Sally Rosen has been the one we have turned to for guidance, advice and solutions. She has been a teacher, a mentor and a friend upon whom all students have relied. Born in a suburban town in Connecticut. Sally Rosen was the youngest of three children. Her father, a liquor store owner, and her mother, a homemaker, were a constant source of support and encouragement for Dr. Rosen and her siblings. Her brother went to law school anti is now presiding as a federal judge, and her sister, a teacher, currently works in curriculum development. Dr. Rosen’s interests fell into the scientific realm. She received her undergraduate degree in biology at Wheaton College in Norton. Massachusetts in 1970. She then entered the Yale University School of Forestry to study public and environmental health. Throughout graduate school Dr. Rosen felt that the program was not rigorous enough and she was looking for something more challenging (she also realized that she “could not stand the sight of sap”). Therefore, after graduating with a Master of Forest Science degree in 1972. she decided to go to medical school. Dr. Rosen attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, where she met her future husband Dr. Daniel Schidlow. Like many medical students. Dr. Rosen was uncertain about which area of medicine she wanted to practice. She interviewed for residency positions in pediatrics, obstetrics, and psychiatry. A fourth year rotation in pathology helped her to realize her calling. She graduated medical school in 1976 and began her pathology residency at Albert Einstein in New York. During her first year of residency. Dr. Rosen married Dr. Schidlow. He was offered a position at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in the Department of Pulmonology, so shortly after the wedding they moved to Philadelphia. Dr. Rosen completed her residency training at Temple University Hospital. Here at Temple Dr. Rosen met Dr. Irena Koprowska. w ho became her mentor and a lifelong friend. She continued at Temple for her fellowship training in cy-topathology under the guidance of Dr. Koprowska. After completing her fellowship. Dr. Rosen accepted a faculty position at Temple. Soon after joining the Temple faculty. Dr. Rosen became involved in the admissions committee, the faculty sen- ate, and served as the advisor to Temple's chapter of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA). Through her involvement with these committees, she began to realize how much she enjoyed working with medical students. In 1987, when the Dean's Office created a new position. Dr. Rosen was selected to be Temple’s Dean of Student Affairs, a position she kept for ten years, while continuing to practice Pathology. Dr. Rosen believed that the goal of the Office of Student Affairs was to develop, implement and maintain programs that help all medical students thrive and attain their full potential. Throughout her ten years as Dean of Student Affairs. Dr. Rosen worked tirelessly toward accomplishing that goal. By serving as the moderator of the Student Council, she has been able to maintain a constant dialogue with students and act as a liaison between the students and the administration. She has created numerous programs to assist students and enhance their 4Sally Rosen with her parents, grandparents, aunts and siblings, the role models of her formative years. Dr. Rosen and her parents at her medical school graduation Dr. Rosen and her mother Proudly posing with her sister, Phyllis, and brother. Joel medical school experience. The Wellness Committee was started to help medical students cope with the stresses of school and maintain a healthy lifestyle and the Student Health Advocacy Program was developed to address the needs of impaired students. Dr. Rosen also set up the Community Service Outreach Program to help coordinate student service organizations, which led to the creation of a community service elective offered in the first two years of medical school. The Financial Affairs Committee was implemented to assist students with the ever-challenging task of financing their medical education and Dr. Rosen was instrumental in making the emergency loan policy more student friendly. Students were introduced to the world of alternative medicine through noon-time lectures. Dr. Rosen hopes to create electives in these fields so that students will become more aware of these issues. Dr. Rosen has also been a strong advocate for the Office of Women in Medicine. She helped create the guidelines for non-sexist communication which the Office published. Temple was the first medical school in the country to develop and publish such guidelines and many schools across the country have used them as a template. Dr. Rosen also helped develop Temple’s sexual harassment policy and promote student awareness of it. She has been committed to working on behalf of women faculty members. This past year. Dr. Rosen was promoted to a new position, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. In her new role, she will be working closely with the Admissions Office. Student Affairs Office, Recruitment and Retention Office, the graduate programs, and the Medical Education Office in an effort to renew the curriculum. Through all her efforts on behalf of the students and her “open door policy,” Dr. Rosen continued on page 6 5continued from page 5 has created a supportive atmosphere for Temple medical students. She lias been able to bridge the gap between students and the administration by being aware of and responsive to the needs of all students. Dr. Rosen is the proud and devoted mother of three children: David, age 20, Michael, age 18, and Jessica, age 10. David is a junior at Brandeis University and is interested in music and science. He is an R.A. and plays the saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano. Michael is a freshman at Temple and also has an interest in science. He has worked at the Philadelphia Zoo and the Academy of Natural Science. Jessica is in the fourth grade at Merion Elementary School and she also plays the piano. Other members of the family include two dogs, Frederica and Goldie, and a cat. Sunny. Dr. Rosen's favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. Her husband. Dr. Schidlow, is from Chile and they recently took a family vacation there to celebrate his mother’s ninetieth birthday. Dr. Rosen enjoys growing roses, playing the piano, horseback riding and is an avid Star Trek fan. She is also involved in the League of Women Voter 's in her community. Since our very first day at Temple, Dr. Rosen has been a phenomenal advocate. teacher and advisor, always ready to listen and lend a hand. She has fostered our development over the past four years, striving to ensure that we become the best physicians possible. It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that wc, the Class of 1998, honor Dr. Sally Rosen with the dedication of our yearbook, the 1998 SKULL. David.Jessica and MichaelDr. Rosen with her family and friends Frederica Dr. Rosen beaming up With King Kong at Universal Studios Dr. Rosen and Chi Visiting grandmom in ChileHOODERS Hoods are a relic of medievalism in modern academic life. The hood’s silken lining is the color of the university conferring the degree, and the velvet indicates the special area of study. The colors of Temple University are cherry red and white; dark green represents medicine. Hooders are individuals who symbolically bestow' our degrees upon us. Each year the senior class chooses four individuals to place Academic Hoods upon us at our graduation ceremony. These distinguished individuals were selected not only for superb quality of teaching, but also for their hard work and dedication to the Class and Temple University School of Medicine. Our four years in medical school have been easier and more enjoyable due to individuals such as these, and they have served as great inspirations to us all. Hooders for the Class of 1998 are: I r. Carson Schneek. Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology; Dr. Amy Goldberg, Associate Professor. Department of Surgery; Gloria Greenberg, Administrative Coordinator. Dean’s Office; and Dr. Ronald Tuma, Professor and Chairperson. Department of Physiology and Associate Dean of Medical Research. On behalf of the Class of 1998, the yearbook staff wishes to thank each of our hooders for the time they have taken to guide us through the beginning stages of our medical careers. Dr. Carson Sehneck Dr. Amy Goldberg S9 Dr. Ronald TumaADMINISTRATION Leon S. Miilmud. M.D. Dean. Temple University School of Medicine; Vice President. Health Sciences Center; President and Chief Executive Officer. Temple University Health System Richard J. kozera, M.D. Executive Dean Sally Rosen, M.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ronald Tuma, M.D. Associate Dean for Research Thomas R. Freitag Associate Dean for Administration Gerald Sterling, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Medical Education Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Albert A. Lainperti. Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Audrey I'knis, M.D. Assistant Dean of Admissions Joseph J. Kuhacki. M.D. Assistant Dean for Medical Affairs Robert Smedley. Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education William F. Schul e Assistant Dean at Albert Einstein Medical Center Sandra McDade Director of Business Affairs. Health Sciences Center Virginia Morris Administrator for Planning and Facilities Management M. Judith Russo Administrative Director. Office of the Dean Mark-Alien Taylor Director of Library Services. Health Sciences Center Robert Villier Director of Public Relations. Health Sciences Center John R. Walker Acting Director. Development Office Peter Walsh. M.D., Ph.D. Director. M.D. Ph.D Program Giselle Zayon Director of Alumni Affairs Gregory Zimmaro Senior Administrator Gloria Greenberg Administrative Coordinator Dr. Leon Malmud 12 Dr. Richard Kozera Dr. Sally RosenDr. Ronald Tuma Dr. Gerald Sterling Dr. A1 Lamport i Dr. Audrey Uknis Bill Schulze Gloria Greenberg 13Sharon Foster Allen Hobbs 14Office of Faculty and Student Records M. Judith Russo A dm inis tralive Director, Office of the Dean Shirley Ester Margaret Lipsett Mary J. Stepp Shirley Ester, Judy Russo and Peg Lipsett Carol Cochran and Jack Devenney Primary Care Institute Carol Cochran Associate Director Jack Devenney FCC Coordinator Mar ' Stepp 1 15ANATOMY CELL BIOLOGY Steven N. Popoff, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chairperson F. David Aker, Ph.D. Mark M. Black, Ph.D. Albert A. Lamperti, Ph.D. Judith Litvin, Ph.D. Thomas A. Marino, Ph.D. Michael O. Montgomery, M.D. Patricia J. Olds-Clarke, Ph.D. Joanne M. Orth, Ph.D. Brett A. Oxberry, Ph.D. Laurie G. Paavola, Ph.D. Helen E. Pearson, Ph.D. Steven J. Phillips, M.D. Stephen H. Pilder, Ph.D. Carson D. Schneck, M.D., Ph.D. Timothy J. Shicklev. Ph.D. Marvin Sodicoff. Ph.D. Dr. Steven PopoffDr. Mark Black In what organ would you find these cells? Dr. AI Lamport i i Dr. Judith Litvin Dr. Tom Marino 17Dr. Patricia Olds-Clarke Dr. Joanne Orth Dr. Brett Oxberry Dr. Laurie Paavola 18 Dr. Helen Pearson Dr. Steven PhillipsDr. Stephen Pilder Dr. Carson Schneck 19 Dr. Marvin SodicofFBIOCHEMISTRY E. Premkumar Reddy, Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson David E. Ash, Ph.D. Andrei Z. Budzynski, Ph.D. Parkson Chong, Ph.D. Jimmy H. Collins, Ph.D. Kathleen Giangiaeomo, Ph.D. Charles Grubmeyer, Ph.D. Kimi Hatton, Ph.D. Keith Latham. Ph.D. Fredda London. Ph.D. Dawn B. Marks, Ph.D. Warren E. Masker. Ph.D. Emilia Oleszak, Ph.D. Ronald A. Pieringer, Ph.D. Scott Shore, Ph.D. Dipali Sinhu, Ph.D. Dianne R. Soprano, Ph.D. Barbara L. Stitt, Ph.D. Robert J. Suhadolnik. Ph.D. Peter Walsh, Ph.D. Emeritus Faculty Robert II. Hamilton, Ph.D. Dr. Premkumar Reddy Dr. David Ash Dr. Andrei BudzynskiDr. Kathleen Giagiacomo Dr. Charles Grubmeycr Dr. Fredda London Dr. Robert Hamilton 21Dr. Dawn Marks Dr. Ronald Picringer Dr. Warren Masker Dr. Dianne Soprano Dr. Barbara Stitt Dr. Robert SuhadolnikMICROBIOLOGY St IMMUNOLOGY Dr. Chris Platsoucas Chris I). Platsoucas, Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson Robert H. Baum. Ph.D. Helen R. Buckley, Ph.D. Lolita I)aneo-Moore, Ph.D. Toby K. Eisenstien. Ph.D. Earl E. Henderson, Ph.D. Michael L. Higgins, Ph.D. Rettina A. B. Leonard. Ph.D. Walter K. Long, Ph.D. Marc Monestier. M.D.. Ph.D. David M. Mosser, Ph.D. Leonard M. Pakman, Ph.D. Patrick J. Piggot, Ph.D. Thomas J. Rogers, Ph.D. Padmini Salganie, Ph.D. Arthur G. Schwartz, Ph.D. Gerald I). Shockman, Ph.D. Kenneth J. Soprano, Ph.D. Alexander Tsygankov, Ph.D. Norman P. Willet, Ph.D. Emeritus Faculty Kenneth R. Cundy, Ph.D. II. Francis Havas, Ph.D. Leonard Zubrzycki, Ph.D. Dr. Robert Baum Dr. Helen Buckley Dr. Lolita Daneo-MooreDr. Earl Henderson Dr. Michael Higgins 24 Dr. Walter Long Dr. David MosserDr. Leonard Pakrnan Dr. Patrick Piggpt if.r. la8 ■TOTAL HAT • 1 - M a£ C O-TJJ £ » - ■ 97 fci rO M . CtAttt.7 »f 7(tAn icett) (til . Jy 161 aXUAufi.) ; A ccr.3o.iftt uor«fts:rT »!!• i«;- coj » ® jr »r Mfcxcd. % jt vfJCi.. r«s TJW. « ✓ XC5«C C9l Nr r « rr of wau) eiU(B t, 1 tl tt M -r?--------r 4 9 4 1 : is it i w. STuPgFTS it zxxx :xx txxxxxxx ZIXXXXXIXl :xxxxtxxxxx tllXICXI SIX ZXIXIXXIXXX ZXXXXXXXX ZXXIXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXX Zxxxxxxx IXXIIXXXX zxxxxxxxxxxx ZXIXXIJ------------- Z X 2 XX I :xx nun mu inns niiiiiin :mt : :z : mi : in in n----- tu iri-i. ttani:s»t: fC Tao CLjajt 44 s 41 41 i s • Ixi :xiisx 41 1 :s 49 ; it 9 4 1 :» 14 1 » 1 t 54 1 It if 9 t I $.a • I.n ■ fTj.vart Jf e M4» 9CJ«£ (AMCfa ft Tr • ¥ (o'ir of roi ‘i 9CO tp) FOR. COMFORT' C0NDCTIO7J FAIL 25 Dr. Kenneth Soprano Dr. Norman WillettPATHOLOGY Henry Simpkins, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson Raghbir Athwal, Ph.D. Sarah Barksdale, M.I). James Caya, M.D. Patti Cohen, M.D. Fram Dalai, Ph.D. Raul DeLaCadena, M.D. Nahum Duker, M.D. J. Bruce Elfenbein, M.D. Bruce Goldman, M.D. Marc Hansen, Ph.D. Jay Herman, M.D. Raj Kandpal, Ph.D. Mark Kaplan. M.I)., Ph.D. Andy Kendler, M.D., Ph.D. Philip Lazarus, Ph.D. Stephen Leech, M.D., Ph.D. Pen-Ming Ming, M.D. Kai Ni, M.D. Hemant Parekh, Ph.D. Toni Robinson, M.D. Sally Rosen, M.D. Carmen Sapienza, Ph.D. Rachel Sheppard. Ph.D. Chik-Kwun Tang, M.D. Rebecca Thomas. M.D. Allan Truant, Ph.D. Peter Wong, Ph.D. John Wurzel, M.D. Oral Pathology Sow-Yeh Chen, B.M.D., Ph.D. Paul Farber, D.D.S., Ph.D. Gordon Pringle. D.D.S., Ph.D. Dr. Henry Simpkins Dr. Nahum Duker fM. -Wj Dr. Fram Dalai Dr. Bruce Elfenbein Dr. Bruce Goldman Dr. Jay HermanDr. Philip Lazarus Dr. Stephen Leech Dr. Sally Rosen Dr. Chik-Kwun Tang 27 Dr. Rebecca Thomas Dr. John WurzelPHARMACOLOGY J. Brvan Smith. Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson Martin W. Adler, Ph.D. Barrie Ashby, Ph.l). Alan Cowan, Ph.D. Janies L. Daniel, Ph.D. Concetta Harakal, Ph.D. Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, Ph.D. James G. McElIigot, Ph.D. Michael A. Sirover. Ph.D. Gerald H. Sterling, Ph.D. Ronald J. Tallarida, Ph.D. George D. V. van Kossum, Ph.D. Dr. J. Bryan Smith 28Noradrenergic nerve terminal Release-modulating receptors M, Uptake t Negative feedback (3 Adronoceplor Cardiac muscle cell (sinoatrial node) Dr. Martin Adler Dr. Alan Cowan Dr. James Daniel30 Dr. Gerald Sterling and Dr. Ronald Tallarida Dr. George Van RossumPHYSIOLOGY Dr. Ronald Tuma Ronald luma. Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson John A. Drees, Ph.D. Steven P. Driska, Ph.D. John Gaughan, Ph.D. James L. Heckman, Ph.D. Frank Hohenleitner. Ph.D. Lyle Horn, Ph.D. Steven R. Houser. Ph.D. Satya Kunapuli, Ph.D. John S. Martin, Ph.D. Stefan Niewiarowski. M.D., Ph.D. Charles Philips. M.S.E. James Ryan. Ph.D. Thomas H. Shaffer Ph.D. Michael B. Wang, Ph.D. Roy L. White. Ph.D. Marla R. Wolfson, Ph.D. Dr. John Drees Dr. Steven DriskaDr. Janies Heckman Fig. 34-1. Blood alcohol concentration (mg 100 ml) after the consumption of different amounts of alcohol [assume for an adult of about 150 lbs). 32 Dr. James RyanDr. Thomas Shaffer Dr. Michael Wang Em (mV) 33 Dr. Roy White Dr. Marla Wo If sonANESTHESIOLOGY Lydia A- Coriay, ID, 11iD, NULL Professor and Chairperson Gary Atkinson. M.D. Rodger E. Barnette, M.D, FCCM Neil W. Brister, M.D., Ph.D. Ann Marie Carey, M.D. Ansuya A. Chatwani, M.D. Linda Doberczak, MD. Elizabeth Drum. M.D. Alexandra Karetas. M.D. Nancy B. Kenepp. M.D. Michael Keresztury, M.D. L. Jill Krasner, M.D. Edward Leonard, M.D. Russell Levin, M.D. Bruce Levine, M.D. Allan Lewis, M.D. Timothy O’Grady, M.D. Thomas Rodenberg, M.D. John Safaryn, M.D. Scott Schartel, M.D. largaret Schwedler-Kerstein, MD. Bonita Shapiro, M.D. Ashok, Shenoy, M.D. Harry Smeltz, D.O. Patience Okololie-Thonipson, MD. Anthony Thornton, M.D. Woodrow W. Wendling, MD, PhD. Dr. Woody Wendling 34DERMATOLOGY Can you guess which organisms cause these rashes?DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Robert A. Gatenby, M.D. Professor and Chairperson Naveed Akhtar. M.D. David S. Ball. D.O. Phillip M. Boiselle, VI.D. Akbar Bonakdarpour. M.D. Orest B. Boyko, M.D., Ph.D. Dina F. Caroline, M.D. N. David Charkes, M.D. Gary S. Cohen. M.D. Bernadette R. Curtis, M.D. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Kenneth H. Harris, M.D. Linda C. Knight, M.D. Jeffrey Kochan, M.D. Susan K. Lemieux, Ph.D. Michael B. Love, M.D. Patricia Ann Lowry, M.D. T. Catherine Maldjian, M.D. Leon S. Malamud, M.D. Alan H. Maurer, M.D. Virginia P. Mercader, M.D. Barton N. Milestone, M.D. Samuel G. Putnam, III, M.D. George Revesz. Ph.D. Neil A. Roach, M.D. Beth A. Scott, D.O. Jean-Luc I rbain, M.D. Thomas Witomski, M.D. Marvin C. Ziskin, M.D. Dr. Robert Gatenby Dr. Naveed Akhtar Dr. Orest Boyko and Dr. Jean-Luc UrbainDr. Mary Fisher Dr. Linda Knight and Dr. Da id Charkes i Dr. Michael Love 37 Dr. Neil RoachEMERGENCY MEDICINE Frederic Kauffman, M.D. Medical Director Richard Hois, M.D. Dawn Demangone, M.D. Sundeep Ekbote, M.D. Nina Gentile, M.D. Richard Harrigan, M.D. David Jaslow. M.D. David J. Karras, M.D. David B. Levy, M.D. Thomas Rebbecchi, M.D. Manju Rentala, M.D. Ari B. Schwell. M.D. David A. Wald, D.O. Dr. Richard Harrigan and Dr. Thomas Rebbecchi Dr. Wald. Dr. Karras, Dr. Friedland. Dr. Schwell, Dr. Rebbecchi. Dr. Kauffman39 Dr. David Karras Dr. Richard BoisFAMILY COMMUNITY MEDICINE Stephen R. Permut, M.D., J.D. Professor and Chairperson David M. BardayJII, M.D., M.P.H. Director of Undergraduate Education Inyanga Mack, M.D. Director of Community Medicine Dr. Siephen Permut Dr. Permut, Carolyn Andrews. Dottie Mauro. Dr. Mack. Dr. Barclay 40MEDICINE Dr. Richard Eisenstaedt. Deputy Chairperson 41CARDIOLOGY Dr. Sidney Cohen. Chairperson The Cardiology Department Alfred A. Bove, M.D., Ph.D. Section Chief James A. Burke, M.D., Ph.D. Alfred E. Buxton. 1.D. William G. Combs, M.D. Daniel G. Dadourian, M.D. Howard J. Eisen, M.D. Christopher L. Hansen, M.D. Henry H. Hsia, M.D. Kenneth B. Margulies, M.D. Paul J. Mather, M.D. Michael T. McDonough, M.D. Arnold Meshkov, M.D., M.B.A. John M. Miller, M.D. John P. Panidis, M.D. lleana E. Pina, M.D. Pia S. Pollack, M.D. Steven A. Rothman, M.D. Sharon Rubin, M.D. Louis A. Soloff, M.D. Howard F. Warner, M.D. David H. Wiener, M.D. Eric Williams, M.D. 42Dr. James Burke Dr. William Combs 43 Dr. Daniel Dadourian Dr. Christopher Hansen44 Dr. Howard Warner (caching EKG reading in the CCDENDOCRINOLOGY Dr. Bertram Channick. Dr. Guenther Boden and Dr. Allen Marks Dr. Victor Adlin Guenther Boden. M.D. Section Chief E. Victor Adlin, M.D. Bertram J. Channick. M.D. Richard Kozera, M.D. Allen D. Marks, M.D. Tarun K. Ray, M. I). Charles R. Shuman. M.D. Hypothalamus Pituitary Cortisol ACTH Adrenal gland 45 Dr. Tantn Ray Dr. Charles ShumanGASTROENTEROLOGY Robert S. Fisher, M.D. Section Chief Martin Black, M.D. Sidney Cohen, M.D. Marta Dabezies, M.D. Brenda Horwitz, M.D. Benjamin Krevsky, M.D., M.P.H. Larry s. Miller, 1.D. Henry 1 . Parkman, M.D. Dr. Robert Fisher 46 The Digestive SpecialistsDr. Benjamin Krevsky and his team Dr. Henry Parkman Dr. Kelberman and Dr. Miller 47GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE Margot Boigon, M.D. Anthony Ronagura, M.D. William Brady, M.D. Marion Brody, M.D. Crystal Clark, M.D. Susan Gersh. M.D. Diana Morgenstern, M.D. Darilyn Moyer, M.D. Kristin Parris, M.D. Starr Pearson. M.D. Ellen Tedaldi, M.D. Mary van den Berg-Wolf, M.D. Colleen Velsoki, M.D. Dr. Richard Eisenstaedt Dr. Margot Boigon Dr. Marion Brody Dr. Susan Gersh 48Dr. Darilyn Moyer with a staff member Dr. Diana Morgenstern HEMATOLOGY Robert W. Col man, M.D. Section Chief Richard S. Eisenstaedt, M.D. Keith R. McCrae, M.D. A. Konetti Rao, M.D. Ronald Rubin, M.D. Sunita Sheth, M.D. Peter N. Walsh. M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Keith McCrae Dr. Ronald Rubin 50 Dr. Peter WalshONCOLOGY THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY CANCER CENTER Kenneth Mangan, M.D. Program Director Stuart Goldberg, M.D. Thomas Klumpp. M.D. Lance Leopold, M.D. Anthony Magdalinski. D.O. Sandra Schnall, M.D. Dr. Lance Leopold 51 Dr. Magdalinski. Dr. Schnall. Dr. Macdonald Dr. Stuart Goldberg and Dr. Thomas KlumppINFECTIOUS DISEASES Bennett Lorber, M.D. Section Chief Peter Axelrod, M.D. Thomas Fekete, M.D. Jay Kostman. M.D. Robert Swenson, M.D. Byungse Suh, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Bennett Lorber Dr. Thomas Fekete Dr. Jay Kostman Dr. Byungse SuhNEPHROLOGY Dr. Joseph Benjamin and Dr. Christine Basil Dr. Ellie Kelcpouris r m i Dr. Martin Goldberg Patricio Silva. M.D. Section Chief Christine P. Basil, M.D. .Joseph Benjamin. M.D. Martin Goldberg, M.D. Ellie Kelcpouris, M.D. Gerri Sehulman. M.D. 53PULWONARY MEDICINE Gerard Criner, M.D. Section Chief Kathleen Brennan, MJD. Wissam Chatila, M.D. David Ciccolella, M.D. Francis Cordova, M.D. Gilbert D’Alonzo, D.O. Steven Kelsen, M.D. Samuel Krachman, D.O. Friedrich Kueppers, M.D. Vadim Leyenson, M.D. Gerald O'Brien, M.D. John Travaline. M.D. 54 Dr. Samuel Krachman and Dr. David Ciccolella55 Dr. John TravalineRHEUMATOLOGY Dr. Janet Burkholder Dr. Audrey Uknis Dr. Charles TourtellotteNEUROLOGY Dr. Branch Coslctt Dr. Bibhati Mishra Jeffery I. Greenstein. M.D. Professor and Chairperson H. Branch Coslett, M.D. Joseph F. Hulihan, M.D. Bibhuti B. Mishra, M.D. Slme Z. Tun. M.D. 57 Dr. Shwe TunOBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY E. Albert Reece, M.D. Professor and Chairperson Raymond Brown, M.D. Art Castelbaum, M.D. Linda Chan. M.D. Ashwin Chatwani, M.D. Robert Filosa, M.D. Claro Floro, M.D. Martin F. Freedman, M.D. M.H. Terry Grody, M.D. Ozgur Harmanli, M.D. Denise Hartman, M.D. C. William Helm. M.D. Meena Khandelwal, M.D. Paul Nyirjesv, M.D. Pia Platia, M.D. Gerard Reme, M.D. Valerie Whiteman, M.D. Ying King Wu. M.D. Chorionic mill Myomutrlom Dr. Ashwin Chatwani 58 Dr. Terry Grody Dr. William HelmOB GYN Faculty Rjnl Temple Fetal Center it Department of Obstetrics, Gynecobgy and Reproductive Sciences • Fetal Cardiology • Fetal Testing • Prenatal Diagnosis Treatment • Genetic Counseling 59 Dr. Paul NyirjesyPEDIATRICS I raj Kezvani. M.I). Professor and Chairperson Howard Grant, M.D., J.D. Chief Medical Officer and Chief Executive Officer Leonard Friedland, M.D. Director; Pediatric Emergency Helena E. l'riss, M.D. Acting Director; Neonatology Matt Sadof. M.D. Director, Ambulatory Pediatrics David Zipes, M.I). Director, Inpatient Dr. Iraj Rczvani ffflllll iniiiim 60 Temple University Children's Medical CenterPHYSICAL MEDICINE REHABILITATION Dr. Andrea Brown James T. Demopoulos, M.D. Professor and Chairperson Andrea E. Brown, M.D. Stephen R. Caspar. M.D. Margaret A. Guest. D.O. Ian B. Maitin, M.D. Michael B. YVeinik, D.O. Dr. Ian Maitin and Dr. Michael Weinik Dr. Stephen Gaspar 61PSYCHIATRY Ellen Sholevar, M.D. Acting Chairperson Carol Alter, M.D. Michael Ascher, Ph.D. Christopher Combs, Ph.D. Allan Cristol, M.D. Sharon Curlik, D.O. Paul Fink. M.D. John Fryer, M.D. John Harding. M.D. Louis Harris, M.D. Steven King. M.D. Donald Overton, Ph.D. Kevin Riley, Ph.D. Richard Roemer, Ph.D. Robert Ruchinskas, Psy.D. Hope Selarnick, M.D. Hedy Singer, Ph.D. Roy Steinhouse, M.D. Roy Stern, M.D. Marc Zisselman, M.D. Dr. Ellen Sholevar Dr. Combs. Dr. Ascher. Dr. Roemer. and Dr. Sholevar 62 Dr. Hope Selarnik Dr. Allan Cristol and Dr. John FryerRADIATION ONCOLOGY Dr. Craig Silverman Robert A. Gatenbv, M.D. Professor and Acting Chairperson Craig L. Silverman, M.D. Glenda Smith. M.D. Patrick Thomas. M.D. Dr. Patrick Thomas 63 Dr. Glenda SmithGENERAL SURGERY Stuart L. Myers, M.D. Professor and Chairperson Francis Au, M.D. Michael Kadellino, M.D. Barry Browne, M.D. Robert Buckman, M.D. Anthony Comerota, M.D. Section Chief Vascular Surgery Daniel Dempsey, M.D. Section Chief General Surgery Joseph DiBello, M.D. Clarence Foster, M.D. Amy Goldberg, M.D. Robert Marwick, M.D. Steven Kagan, M.D. John Meilahn, M.D. Amitabha Mitra. M.D. Section Chief Plastic Surgery Michael Schina. M.D. John White, M.D. Dr. Stuari Myers 64 Dr. Francis Au Dr. Michael Badellino65 Dr. Daniel Dempsey Dr. Amy Goldberg66 Dr. Goldberg and her team on roundsTrauma Category 2 67 The Surgery FacultyCARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY V. Paul Addonizio, M.D. Section Chief Satoshi Furukawa, M.D. Valluvan Jeevanandani. M.D. Janies McClurken, M.D. Dr. Paul Addonizio 68 Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam Dr. James McClurkenNEUROSURGERY Dr. Raj Narayan Raj K. Narayan, M.D. Professor and Chairperson Jack 1. Jallo, M.D. Douglas W. Laske, M.D. Michael Munz, M.D. William F. Young, M.D. Dr. Douglas Laske Dr. Michael Munz Dr. William Young 69OPHTHAMOLOGY Joseph J. Kubacki, M.D., EA.GS. Professor and Chairperson Lois J. Martyn, M.D. Jane Portnoy, M.D. Stephen YV. Wong, M.D., F.A.C-S. Dr. Joseph Kubacki 70 Dr. Stephen WongORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Dr. Michael Clancy Michael Clancy. M.D. Professor and Chairperson Philip D.AIburger, M.l). E. Balasubramanian. M.l). Randal R. Betz, M.D. David H. Clements, III, M.D. John A. Handal, M.l). Norman A. Johanson, M.l). John I). Kelly, IV, M.l). Scott H. Kozin. M.l). John Y. Lachman, M.l). Paul A. Marchetto, M.D. Stanley P. Michael, M.l). Ra A. Moyer. M.D. Edward J. Resnick, M.D. Joseph J. Thoder. M.D. Dr. John Lachman and Dr. Edward Resnick I Dr. David Clements 71Dr. John Kelly ••Dr. Handal and the hoys doing the lord's work 12 Dr. Scon Kozin with a patient and a resident73 Dr. Joseph ThoderOTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY Glenn C. Isaacson, M.D. Professor and Chairperson Aija . Alvi, M.D. Robert Jyung, M.D. William Martin. Ph.D. Max L. Ronis, M.I). Ahmed Soliman. M.D. Wasyl Szeremeta, M.D. Dr. Glenn Isaacson and Dr. Leon Malmud cutting the ribbon for the new ENT clinic. 74 Dr. Robert Jyung. Dr. Aijaz Alvi and Dr. Ahmed SolimanUROLOGY Dr. Philip Hanno Philip M. Hanno. M.D. Professor and Chairperson A.Richard Kendall. M.D. Michel A. Pontari. M.D. E. James Seidmon. M.D. 75 Dr. James SeidmonALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER 76 Bill Schulze, Assistant Dean for Temple at Albert EinsteinALBER EN T MED CENTb Dep r Me I Anne Nolan. Academic Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Wallenstein. Interim Chairperson of the Department of Medicine, and Dr. Michael Czarnecki. Assistant Chairperson of the Department of Medicine. Dr. Glenn Eiger on rounds in the MICU Dr. Richard Allman. Internal Medicine FacultyABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 78MERCY HOSPITAL SCRANTON, PA Dr. Edward Dziclak. Internal Dr. John McGeehan. Internal Medicine Faculty Medicine Faculty MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL SCRANTON, PA 79ST. CHRISTOPHER S HOSPITAL for CHILDREN ST. CHRISTOPHER’S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN 80Dr. Charles Official, Department of Emergency Medicine, taking a moment to relax 81ST. LUKE S HOSPITAL BETHLEHEM, PA 82STUDENT SERVICES Charles Markocki, Lab Technician; Ron Medori. Associate Director; Donna Mason, Senior Lab Technician MULTI DISCIPLINE 83 LABORATORY SERVICESHEALTH SCIENCES CENTER LIBRARY KRESGE SECURITY AND MAINTENANCE 84 Eugene Braxton, Kresge Security; and Sam GreshamSTUDENT HEALTH I "I Sh. Bruce Gilmore, M.D. Student clerk: Eileen Hyams. R.N.: Patrice Howerton FINANCIAL AID OFFICE Neida Perez, Francine Miles. Cynthia Patterson. Jerry Sharf Not pictured: Thomas Malloy. Assistant Director: Dr. Fred Hough. Medical School Counselor 858687El TEMPLE UNIVERSITY School of Medicine 3340 N. Broad St. SFC Suite 305 A Commonwealth University Office of Admissions Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 19140 (215) 707-3656 Fax: (215) 707 932 January 4, 1994 Dear Medical School Applicant: I am truly delighted to offer you a place in the 1994 entering class of the Temple University School of Medicine. The life of the institution is its people; and we have great expectations of this class. It is with respect for your past accomplishments and anticipation of your contributions to the Temple community that this offer of acceptance is advanced. Our commitment to you transcends your four years as a medical student and includes the provision of opportunities for graduate medical education and ultimately practice, research, and teaching within the Temple system. Our acceptance offer is based on several conditions. Please review carefully the conditions and procedures to be followed for matriculation. Congratulations are in order for your success to this point in your career. We look forward to sharing in your future achievements with a good deal of anticipation. If you have any questions about this acceptance or if you do not wish to accept a place, please contact me immediately. Ronald F. Tuma, Ph. 13. Assistant Dean for Admissions 98 o ' r y 98 M . A 98 98 A iS' V a A Ahmed, Riaz Amin. K.ui Angel" Mark 88HtmIkts KJfflberh I Bn-.lin, Kvnncih Chufkim, feha Coneiyjuhn Cush, Gcranl D'Agatx Cine 89Hamish. Peicr HeBdfinjjcr. Scai Man. Denim J Hwan, Warden Jacobs, MiducI Jennings, Joshua Humu. Nancy Musnunn. Deiek 1 kiiumzcr. Guuon Learnan Timotb] Kcpncr. Andrew Kamil, Sukesh K« mg, Pciann Scan I Jm Scv. Luma, Oregon Lowry, Morgan Maddnw. Charles Marsteller, Scoci Mom. Vincent Muiph O iretta Nacamuli Randiil 90Pen !, Herre, Gamflab Smilcr. Knin Sokmum. f.ivm husier. Kevii Tulwar. Vikram Spychalski.Jamo I u, Rumond TriMtnuii. Mxhctc Tang, Joanna Ti m mc . ParncLi iiifTc-Yaxio , y »jtc Caldmun, Justine '■Uuuf. Mu had Verdi, Vincent fteMEL I 91Abdotreza Agahtehrani, 9d D. 92 Abdolreza Agahtchrani, M.D.%jaz ftfimed, 'M D. Riaz Ahmed, M.D. 9394 Y Jorge Ajuria. M.D.Christmas in the “Big House" Good Luck Class of ‘98 Thanks for everything Mom and Dad 7(|jC rtb Raaj Amin. M.D. 95Special thanks to my family without whom none of this would be possible. That’s me on the right with my brother. Anthony. and sister. Tana, right before my med school interviews. Best Wishes to the Class of ‘98 It was my pleasure to get to know you and an honor to work with you. GOOD LUCK ! My third birthday...When I first w'ishcd to go to Temple to become an internist. Good old ma pa— "Mark drove us to drink." My fiancee Danyel....Thanks for all the love and support and helping me through the tough times! 96 Mark Angelo, M.D.Friendship Cm — —h ! p 7 T a tempo - E== Von Can Count On Me Verse We've been down this road before. Moping to find our way. Through the years. When life closed a door. Somehow you opened a window In the eyes of a friend. All is clear, A mirror of our world. A bond forged by time. A harbor battered by storms. No matter what (he hour. Or how high the price. You must never forget.... Chorus When you're in doubt. And you’ve nowhere to turn. Just look by your side. And that's where I'll be. When the world closes in. No need to fear I'll always be there for you. You can count on tnc. Verse For so many years we've tried. Moping to find our dreams. Now here we stand. Facing the world alone. But somehow we'll always remember The times that we've shared. The memories we've made. They cannot be replaced. We've come so far. There's no turning back. Wherever you may go. I'll always be near You must never forget.... Chorus Bridge No one can divide us. Or take aw ay our pride. It's the faith of friends Who have stood as one That gets us through the nights. It's a.smile of thanks. Or a handshake of strength. That has seen us to the end No one can change what we mean to each other. We’ve been together through it all. Success Mow do you measure success? A fifty dollar bill in every pocket. Your name known throughout the world. A snap of your fingers that sends them running. Satisfaction after a long day's work, A voice on the line that lifts your spirits. The smile of a loved one that melts your heart How do you measure happiness? Happiness A bond forged by time, A harbor battered by storms. tf , v No matter what the hour. Uno "Oiciuto oggi pud essere un amteo domam. Or how high the pnee. (A s,ran«cr 030 a friend tomorrow.) You must never forget.... Chorus Patrick Aquilina. M.D. 9798 Y Regina Arvon, M.D.The Augustin Family Jeffrey Augustin. M.D. 99Mamma and Papa Austin Mano a Mano on Slopos Me. My Wife, Some Strange Chick 100 If Matthew Austin, M.D. 1-C vL t M. D. Mom Dad. thank you for always believing in me encouraging me— I couldn't have done it without you! To the rest of my family, friends, and all my cousins— thanks for all the laughs so many great times— you're the best! Kimberly Bacon. M.D. 101102 Darrell Baranko. M.D.July 5. 1997 I married my high school sweetheart and medical school classmate, Darrell. To laugh often and much. to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children... to leave the world a hit better... to know even one life had breathed easier because you had lived. that is to have succeeded. Adapted by Bessie Anderson Stanley from an original verse by Ralph Waldo Emerson To my wonderful parents — Words cannot express how grateful I am for all you have given me. I love you. To my sisters. Kara and Karina — Thanks for all your love, support, and friendship. Kristin Menconi Baranko. M.D. 103 104 y Lydia Bellhouse Bennett, M.D.lMenna Berfane, fM.B). Menna Berhane. M.D. 105106 Jodi Bcsden. M.D.“Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you." —New Testament Mom and Dad: Thank you for all the love and support. I am blessed to have you as my parents. Grandmom: I felt your prayers during all my tests. You are the greatest grandmother in the world! Bobby. Fiona. Tammara. and Billy: We are very' fortunate to have each other as siblings. Class of 1998: Use your knowledge and skill to serve mankind and yourselves. Brian Bora. M.D. Y 107108 y' Kimberly Bridges-White. M.D.Kenneth Brislin. M.D. 109110 Joyce Brunt. M.D.yimei Cao, 94. D. Yimei Cao. M.D. "|T 111The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him. —Ralph Waldo Emerson 112 f John Carroll, M.D.Christian Caruso, 9 C.O. Christian’“Let us descend now therefore from this top Of Speculation; for the hour precise Exacts our parting hence; and see the Guards, By me encainpt on yonder Hill, expect Thir motion, at whose Front a flaming Sword. In signal of remove, waves fiercely round; We may no longer stay..." Milton. John. Paradise Lost. Book XII, 11.588-594. “Every sickness is a musical problem,' so said Novalis, ‘and every cure a musical solution:’ You knew that also." Auden. W.H. "The Art of Healing" 11.37-42. Kenneth Caswell. M.D.To my family. For your never-ending love and guidance. I never would have made it this far without you. If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never truly be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have: rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. —Lao-Tzu To Mimi. Words can’t describe how much you’ve meant to me these past few years, and the comfort I feel knowing you’ll be by my side forever. David Chang. M.D. 115Elliott, beltway politico, kicking back with Bill. Elliott, big game fisherman, with sisters 1 and 3. Elliott, global meanderer. travelling economy class. 116 Elliott Chen.M.D."To study the phenomenon of disease without books is to sail an unchartered sea. while to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all." —Sir William Osier “With this sense of the splendour of our experience and of its awful brevity. gathering all we are into one desperate effort to see and touch. wc shall hardly have time to make theories about the things we see and touch." — Walter Pater, The Renaissance Lucia Chen, M.D. 117This page is dedicated to my family friends for their endless patience, love, and support. 'Kent tf dotuy toAot Kcedo to Ac done riyAt hou‘. toe tuoAe tAc tuoot of caeA fircocut huukchC. 4c tony ic toe are atioc. toe (tie aCeooye face to Acytu ayotM. Ouotcad of foKototuy ut old. tooru-out AtoAtt. huxAc a. freoA otort tAto moHtCMt oh tAc reot of your (ife. SocA day to a tteto 3 tort. SocA utotueut to a AcytMMtMy. --- 4 tOHtf HOU0 fox cUttioctAi Of toe can toAe a chance neto anti tAc . JtcA and ceoreA. dtceooer and dr com. yroto and ye tArouyA eocA day tottA tAc Auototcdye tAat toe can only toAe io ttucA ao toe eon ytoe, and toe com ut(y yet oc tttucA out of life ao toe attoco ourcetoec to Uoe.... tAcu toe com Ac truly Aa tjty. Tile com reotiye a dream or ttoo. and toe com moAe a A a Ait of reocAtny out for rain Aotoc and coCortuy our Uoeo tottA toouderful doyo . —(?eUiM TKc vtty 118 Y Songok Chin. M.D.Usha Chundru.Jeanfiee Chung, 'MfD. 120 Jcanhee Chung, M.D.To my classmates A's teach B's who work for C’s J.F. Poretta Always remember that you don't have to be what they want you to be. Muhammed Ali To my family Thanks for supporting me through the years especially in this final step. To Nicole You believing in me got me through the rough spots. Thanks for all your patience. Peas and carrots. To my friends This doesn't mean the Christmas parties are over just in a bigger basement. Gary Clauser. M.D. 121To these idiots and all the other idiots that have made life hilarious. Shine On. Congratulations. Dr. Lackey. To Tina, thanks for always being there. I love you. To Nana Gramps, the Bros, and especially mom and dad. thanks for all the support. I can't say enough about how much 1 appreciate all you have done for me. 122 IjT Andrew Cole. M.D.‘John Conery, ‘M.J). John Conery. M.D. If 123“August 9. 1997 — When Best Friends Fall in Love” 124 Peter Cronholm, M.D.Well another chapter in the book is almost done. I found myself in some sticky situations but I had alot of fun. 1 couldn't have done it without certain people by my side. These people were there for me every step of the ride. Andy. Bill, John Beavis. each in their own way, define the word friend. No matter what the situation might have been, they always had a hand to lend. This seemed to be the case with many in my class over the past 4 years. Whether it was in Kresge D or out at Flatrock over a few beers. Though this was only a part of the support that was offered my way. My mom dad, brothers sister always knew the right thing to say. They backed me no matter wheat I wanted to do. So I listened to my mind followed my heart to make my dreams come true. Last but not least, the one that put up with me the most. The one that made me work harder when I just wanted to coast. Thanks, babe, for listening when 1 would bitch and complain. You were the only one able to keep me from going insane. Thank you all for the times 1 won't soon forget. These were four years that I will never regret. Gerard Cush. M.D. 125126 IjT Caric D’Agata. M.D.Por ihc truth is that I already know as much about my fate as I need to know'. The day will come when I will die. So the only matter of consequence before me is what I will do w ith my allotted time. I can remain on shore, paralyzed with fear, or I can raise my sails and dip and soar in the breeze. —Richard Bode Karen. Chip, and Matt thanks for everything-Jenny Marie AKA Jenni-mac AKASuperjen: we finally made it! NOW are you finally going to believe it w hen you hear me whistle the theme to Superman? Juliette— where do I start? You are. quite simply, the best. You have my gratitude for all you have done, and my respect for putting up with me. P.S. I know a certain sailboat that is looking for a crew if you are interested. Love. Craig Mom and Dad Thank you for your lifetime of unconditional love and support, all that I have accomplished and all that I will become I owe to you. Your encouragement and support made these long years bearable I love you as my parents, and I respect you each tremendously as role models. Craig Dates. M.D. 127I VD. V. O. Yes. I’ve seen you singing. So for you. O singing wash-woman, For you. singing little brown woman. Singing strong black woman. Singing tall yellow woman. Arms deep in white suds. Soul washed clean. Clothes washed clean. For you I have Many songs to sing Could I but find the words. Excerpt from “Song to a Negro Wash-woman5 by Langston Huges "The Treacherous 3 Babysitter wanted. Must love kids...or else. Thanks, mom. I love you very much. 128 f Jenni Davis, M.D.Amy DeLeva. M.D. X 129Marc getting into the talc again. It’s amazing that he continues to enjoy engrossing himself in whatever he does. i haven’t changed, although it takes more talc new. Marc's other great achievement in medical school was finding his beautiful bride. 'In the training of competent medical men (and women), masterful teachers and the proper type of student are matters, which far outweigh in importance the character of the curriculum” —A.R. Rich. 1931 It was an honor and a privilege to be exposed to masterful teachers and outstanding classmates at Temple. It was fantastic to realize that even in a place so laden with poverty and disease, like Haiti, there can be found beauty, dignity, and a love of life. 130 Marc DcMoya. M.D.BEST FRIENDS THEN )a l {I ) _j M. T). My Family AND NOW David Dcrr.M.D. 131j«p The love of my life (THEM) Step 1 post-mortem 132 Chrisiopher DiGiulio, M.D.133Ov r Vld 134 Y Abraham Dubb. M.D.‘Wilson Dumomay, Wilson Dumomav.My Boys: Dad and Young Stephen My Girls: Denise, Nana. Diane, and Mom Liane. My Love and Friend Forever 136 Robert Duncheskie, M.D.“I’m not Dylan. Mommy. I m Buzz Lightyear!” Thank you, Scott, for loving me through all of this... and beyond... Kristin Edwards. M.D. 137Jazid ‘Jadt, fJ d.(D. 138 'Y Yazid Fadl. M.D. D- God blesses those who realize their need tor him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is given to them. God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Healthy people don't need a doctor — sick people do. I have come to call sinners, not those who think they are already good enough. Jesus Jeffrey Fisk. M.D. 139 Mona and I. as usual having fun Good times with the Furman family David Furman, M.D.ftnshuC QambfiiTj M.D. Anshul Gambhir. M.D. 141If life seems jolly rotten There's something you've forgotten And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing When you're feeling in the dumps Don 7 be silly chumps Just purse your lips and whistle, that's the thing. —Monty Python's"Life of Brian" £Aere are plates J remember A 11 my lip tAongA some have tAangeA forever not for tetter £ome Aave gone auA seme remain AU tAese plates Aave tAeir moments rfitA lovers anA frienAs 7 Still tan retail JyOme are AeaA an A seme are living ]n my live J've loveA tAem all. —J,enncn-74U(? artney Cite good thing about Oeiitg young b that you axe loo inexpexienced to knout that you catuiot do what you axe atxeady doing. —Qeeie Sixown 142 Panagiotis Georgelos. M.D.Mom Dad —There aren’t even enough words to express my thanks. Nikki —Learn well, because you'll be representing me soon. Bekka —Learn well, because you'll be where I am soon. Margaret —Without you I never would have had the ability to make it this far. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you always. Thank you. Robert Gerson. M.D. 143 Good-bye Philadelphia. Hello world in the beginning.... look at us now BLIZZARD OF 96 SUMMER OF ’96 Rita and Rob Rob. Senator. Norris. Wilson. 1.000.000 strong! FAMILY VALUES To ME: Through the good and bad times.... I’m here—a DOCTOR. This day is for ME!!! 144 Robert Gibbs. M.D.Matthew Gillespie, M.D. jT 145No Man Is An Island I did nol go to medical school alone. 1 would like to thank some of the many people whose support have been so valuable to me. I am very grateful to my parents. Andre and Miriam: my grandfather, Andrew: Mark Beverly: Lynn Michael: Michael Chris: Gail Paul: and all of my friends. I owe special gratitude to my wife, Sunitha, who has made the last four years worthwhile. 146 Bruce Giroux. M.D.Eric Giza. M.D. 147 » So zrt t r s v a bcpei mrcpi-KoncHoto mopp 148 y Marat Goldenberg. M.D.Mom, Dad, Gerda. Fernando, and Michael: Thanks for your help! I Love you! “One of the essential qualities of the clinician is interest in humanity, for the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.” Frances Weld Peabody Good Doggie! Casey. What the First two years of Med school felt like. Amazon River. 1995 John-Paul Gomez. M.D. 149Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.... —from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann And all the time Winnie-the-Pooh had been trying to get the honey-jar off his head. The more he shook it. the more tightly it stuck. “Bother!" he said, inside the jar, and “Oh, help.r and, mostly “Ow!" And he tried bumping it against things, but as he couldn’t see what he was bumping it against, it didn’t help him; and he tried to climb out of the Trap, but as he could see nothing but jar. and not much of that, he couldn’t find his way. So at last he lifted up his head, jar and all. and made a loud, roaring noise of Sadness and Despair... Winnie-the-Pooh 150 y John Graham. M.D.The greatest team in the world. DAD: the serious hut always loving CAPTAIN. MOM: our supportive CO-CAPTAIN always being the most enthusiastic, endearing and spirited team member, Derek: the sprinter always winning one for the team while cheerleading the rest, and finally Vul— the hurdler always jumping over some obstacle but never giv ing up the race. The new and improved Green clan. I love you all and appreciate all the support I have received over the years. It all began one "happy" morning in 1974 for these two little kids at Ncshaminy Valley Monicsorn School. Even at two years old can you see who wav destined to be the Doctor and Lawyer of the family? Even in 1978 the Lawyer knows how to butter up the Doctor. Now isn't that LOVE. THE WHOLE CREW, all of you have contributed to my success. The bond doesn't end even when we all have our MD. I dedicate this degree to the Green and Winters families as well as my extended family in Philadelphia (The Rivers and Ball Families). my Spelman Sisters and Morehouse Brothers and a host of friends who have sacrificed so much that 1 might achieve my goals. From Africa. Barbados. North Carolina and Pennsylvania we have a long and illustrious past, this is just a page in the chapter of new beginnings. In Memory of my grandparents Walter Green Sr.. Robella Green and Ruth Winters. I know vour spirit lives within me. Valerie Green, M.D. 1517iuA?jW;,mp- 152 Nicole Gross. M.D.‘David‘Manes, David Hanes. M.D. J 153I'd like to thank God. my family, and all of my special friends for supporting me through this long endeavor. Ro i I. Hacoib , M. P. “TO LAUGH OFTEN AND LOVE MUCH; TO WIN THE RESPECT OF INTELLIGENT PERSONS AND THE AFFECTION OF CHILDREN; TO EARN THE APPROBATION OF HONEST CRITICS AND TO ENDURE THE BETRAYAL OF FALSE FRIENDS; TO APPRECIATE BEAUTY; TO FIND THE BEST IN OTHERS; TO GIVE OF ONE’S SELF; TO LEAVE THE WORLD A BIT BETTER, WHETHER BY A HEALTHY CHILD, A GARDEN PATCH, OR A REDEEMED SOCIAL CONDITION; TO HAVE PLAYED AND LAUGHED WITH ENTHUSIASM AND SUNG WITH EXULTATION; TO KNOW THAT EVEN ONE LIFE HAS BREATHED EASIER BECAUSE YOU HAVE LIVED — THIS IS TO HAVE SUCCEEDED.” —RALPH WALDO EMERSON 154 Robin Hardie. M.D.MONICA It has been your limitless patience. your love, understanding and occasional kick in the butt that has kept me going these four years. Thanks for tolerating the study marathons and the crazy call schedules...it only gets better.? LOVE PETER Peter Hamish. M.D. Y 155"So what will happen to your consciousness? Your consciousness, yours, not anyone else’s. Well, what are you? There’s the point. Let’s try to find out. What is it about you that you have always known as yourself? What are you conscious of in yourself? Your kidneys? Your liver? Your blood vessels? No. However far back you go in your memory, it is always in some external, active manifestation of yourself that you come across your identity—in the wwk of your hands, in your family, in other people. And now listen carefully. You in others—this is your soul. This is what your are. This is what your consciousness has breathed and lived on and enjoyed throughout your life—your soul, your immortality, your life in others. And w hat now? You have alw ays been in others and you will remain in others. And w hat does it matter to you if later on that is called your memory? This will be you—the you that enters the future and becomes a part of it. 156 Michael Heeg, M.D.£bOJ J MQ Sean Heffelfinger.PAIN IS TEMPORARY BUT PRIDE IS FOREVER 31 Aug 94—21 May 98 My deepest gratitude to the people who dreamed with me. struggled with me, and now stand victorious with me: Mom. Dad. Sonali arid Sylvia. We did it! Perhaps the world is round so that we cannot see too far down the road.... 158 y Anusha Hemachandra. M.D.Jiff Men, ‘M D. Jill Herr.M.D. 159Thanks, To my parents, who gave me life and whose guidance and support is always available but never imposed. To George. Lydia, and Nancy, and all of my friends, you have filled the journey with laughter and especially to my buddy Chris, who possesses three of the most important qualities any friend could have; compassion, loyalty, and a remarkable sense of humor. To my wife Cathy, my high school sweetheart, because medical school was not in the brochure when you married me, but nonetheless have never stopped listening, have been my guide out of confusion, my healer when in pain, and the guardian over my solitude. My love for you is limitless. 160 Y James Hetznecker. M.D.The Besi Part of My Life Carlton falls for the old rubber-scalpel gag. As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It is not as wide as you think. —Native American The Best Part of Medical School George Hobbib. M.D. 161C(inton Jiotumzer, iM D. 162 Clinton Holumzer. M.D.Thanks. Mom and Dad. for all your support! Adam, you are my hero I Love You. Mommy a PamelaToomey. M.D. 163 JJ.b- 164 Y Nancy Horvitz, M.D. V“Classmates, friends, brothers! "A house full of brothers! "The Husmann men in Big Bend. TEXAS. It's like a whole other country.” "To my family, there is not thanks enough. To my friends, who could ask for better. To my God. what do I have that you have not provided. I am greatly blessed. ’ "More housemates and too much love! Bui we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.’ I Cor. 4:7 Derek Husmann. M.D. 165Warden 'Xzvan, M D. 166 Warden Hwan. M.D.Michael Jacobs, M.D. "jT 167Joshua Jennings, 'M D. 168 Joshua Jennings, M.D.Mom and Dad My wife, Adrienne Me and my brother, David Adrienne and the “Love Doctor" Boot', the Wonder Dog! Dennis Jerdan, M.D. 'fT 169170 Y Timothy Johnson. M.D.Sukgsfi Xansil, ‘M.D. Sukcsh Kansil. M.D. "f 171172 Andrew Kepner, M.D.AM AN ihsaMECYE A special debt of gratitude to Abdy A.. Mark K.. Andy K.. Will K. And Pete V. for their friendship and support. Navid Khodadadi. M.D. 173“Whatever nature has in store for mankind, unpleasant as it may be. men must accept, for ignorance is never better than knowledge.” —Enrico Fermi “Thank you” to all who have helped me in medical school. In particular. 1 would like to thank my family for their support. Dr. Carson Schneck. for mentorship, and Kathy, my wife, for her love, patience and understanding. Best wishes to all my classmates and friends! 174 'If' Mark Kiehn. M.D.Jason Kim. M.D. Y 175Watch out!....Here I come! “The long and winding road..." —Delaware River. NY! “The Niagara of Pennsylvania” —Bushkill Falls, PA 176 Peiann Kong. M.D.‘William Lackey, ‘M.D. William Lackey. M.D. 177' fl.b. If you spendyourselves in behalfofthe hungry, and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light zvill rise in the darkness, andyour light zvill become (ik§ the noonday. (Ihie LORD zvill guide you always; he wiilsatisfy your needs in a su n-scorched land and will strengthen your frame, you mil be life a well-watered garden, liRe a spring whose waters never fail your people unll rebuild the ancient ruins and zvill raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called ‘Repairer of (Broken 'Walls, ‘Restorer of Streets with ‘Dwellings. Isaiah 58:10-12 Summer Medical Institute. North Philly. 1997. Roca Blanca Medical Clinic. Oaxaca. Mexico. 1994. With parents and sister at Alpha Omega Alpha Induction. 178 Timothy Leaman. M.D.Joseph Lee. M.D. 179 You shall above all things be glad and young, for if you’re young, whatever life you wear it will become you; and if you arc glad w hate vers living will yourself become, e.e. cummings For my family— 1 love you all! With your love and support 1 can accomplish anything. Thank you for everything, God bless you. From THE SONNETS TO ORPHEUS II. 29 Silent friend of many distances, feel how your breath enlarges all of space. Let your mighty presence ring out like a bell into the night. What feeds upon your face grows might from the nourishment thus offered. Move through transformation, out and in. What is the deepest loss that you have suffered? If drinking is bitter, change yourself to wine. In this immeasurable darkness, be the power that rounds your senses in their magic ring, the sense of their mysterious encounter. And if the earthly no longer knows your name, whisper to the silent earth: I'm flowing. To the flashing water say: I am. Rainer Maria Rilke Sueyun Lee. M.D. 181182 R. Sean Lenahan. M.D.MY 1 PATIENT. MY NIECE ASHLEY Steven Levy, M.D. 183Mom and Dad... My Foundation and My Strength!!! To Almighty GOD. how Excellent is thy name!!! Thank You for bringing me thus far by Faith. To my Mother and Father, thank you for your unwaving love and support...thru your wisdom I have grown into the man I am today. Dad. although you are no longer with me in the flesh I know you are present in spirit....THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!!! To Sue. Butch, Kevin, Tracey and William, Thank You for always being in my corner and praying for me. With family like you I have Heaven on earth. To my original crew, new crew, extended family and friends. Thank you for keeping me grounded and giving me a jump start when my battery was running low!!! This day seemed like a long time in the making but it is finally here and I thank each and everyone of you for teaching me life’s lessons.... Raymond L. A vacation to Remember!!! One of the essential qualities of the clinician is interest in humanity, for the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient. —Frances Weld Peabody (1881-1927) My Anchor and Original Crew (Not pictured...Angela Davis. Donald Parker, and Valerie Green...sorry!!) 184 f Raymond Lewis, M.D.Chloe and Emmett (aka Chickie Chloe and Mr. Rooney) ytauA ' To give life a meaning, one must have a purpose larger than one's self. —Will Durant When we grow old. there can be only one regret— not to have given enough of ourselves. —Eleanora Duse How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving. and tolerant of the weak and the strong because some day in life you will have been all of these. —George Washington Carver The only true gift is a portion of yourself. —Ralph Waldo Emerson Life becomes harder for us when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier. —Albert Schweitzer Thanks, guvs Morgan Lowry. M.D. 185My Mother— my support and strength, your love is one ot the reasons how I made it. I love you. I want to thank God for his many blessings in life that got me where I am. I also want to thank Lolita and Sharon for being my second mothers. To Charmaine, Kiesha, Marcia, Juliette and especially Jackie, thank you for being there when nobody else would. To all of those I did not mention, blame my head and not my heart. A low key note to my baby, with you we are as one. I love you. Dr. Jerry Guydcn— my father figure and inspiration. Thank you for your tutelage. Dagoberg and Michael— My brothers. My favorite sight on a Friday afternoon. Craig and Jenni— My study partners and medical school posse. Keep it real. Gregory. Wynette, and Earl— My friends and future fellow entrepreneurs. 186 Gregory Luma. M.D.Debra. Thank you for being my best f riend, for sharing the ups, downs, and post-call syndromes. Your patience and compassion are examples I strive to equal. I love you. “Let me not die ingloriously and without struggle, but first let me do some glorious things that shall be told among men thereafter." —Hector. The Iliad Mom and Dad. Thank you for making this all possible, for supporting me in every way. for teaching me to love medicine and allowing me to share that love with you. The first part of being a good doctor is being a good person, and you have taught me that by example. I love you both. Charles Maddow. M.D. 187Life During Medical School 1) la the Great Smokcy Mountains 5) A Godfather Amongst a Good of Tennessee Friend’s Family 2) Caracas. Venezuela 6) My Parents and a Nephew 3) Southernmost Point in the 7) Hamlet in F.ngland Continental U.S. 8) Boating with a Childhood Friend 4) Three Adorable Nieces. Mom 9) A seder with Friends and 2 Brothers at Christmas 10) San Francisco with a Cousin Praise be to God through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior 188 y Robert Madeira, M.D.Cfietan 'Jviaingi, ‘M.D. Chetan Maing 190 f Gautham Mallampaii. M.D.Christine Maroon. M.D. 191Scott ‘Marstefler, 5V 2). 192 Y Scott Marsteller. M.D.Amy G. (Green) Martin, M.D. 193This page represents some of the influences in my life, but not all. To my biggest supporters, my family. I thank you! With special thanks to GOD. my mother, and my brother Orin. without whom 1 would have been immobile. 194 Y Nathalie McCammon. M.D.Thanks to my FAMILY— Mom Mom, Dad. Mom. Moe, Kev, Kate. Nick And Grandmom. Grandpop. and Pop— your journeys ended before mine really began For your love, humor, support, and, most of all. for giving me inspiration And to my FRIENDS— you know who you are Without YOU ALL— my work would not be possible nor worthwhile and happiness so much harder to come by Edward McGonigle. M.D. 195These have been four great years of learning this noble profession. Thank you God for always being by my side. Thank you God for my supportive family. Thank you God for my wonderful Carolina. Con mucho amor para ayudar a personas como tu. Arturo Silva. “Porque tu eres mi fortaleza y mi asilo; y pro honra de tu nombre me guiaras y sustentaras.” SALMO 30 196 Jaime Membreno-Escapini, M.D.Someday girl I don't know when we're gonna get to that place where we really want to go and we’ll walk in the sun.... Kath: I know that it has been a while since we started this road, and you have been patient and understanding. On this day I just want to say: thank you for all your hard work, and.....I love you forever. Bernardo Mendoza. M.D. 197To all of my “fans”— Thank you for your support. Rob— You will always be in my thoughts and in my heart. Love you.... To mom. Dad and Bob (my most devoted fans): Thank you for your never-ending encouragement and support. I love you all very much. 198 Margaret Meyer. M.D.-ley St. Philly, what would I have done without you. Thanks guys. I'm elad we had the chance. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Space for all of your love. I thank you and love you with all my heart. Albert Mikhail, M.D. 199200 Vance Moss. M.D.I dedicate my .VI.D. to the true women in my life. Thanks Dad for everything We're paving the way for you nephew Lamar To Vance. "We did it. now on to bigger and better things!" Vincent Moss. M.D. If 201202 Kashif Munir, M.D.Coretta Murphy, M D. Coretta Murphy, M.D. 203K-----CTsoiz My love and thanks to Mom and Dad. the M and D that made the MD possible. “And now for something completely different" John Cleese. Monty Python’s Flying Circus Downpour at Disney world The Future of Medicine UCSD Graduation Mill Valley, CA Eiffel Tower 204 If Randall Nacamuli. M.D.Cong Cha Nhu Nui Thai Son Ngh'ia Me Nhu Nuoc Trong Nguon Chav Ra Mot Ldng Th6 Me Ki nh Cha Cho Tron Ch'u Hieu M6i Lit Dao Con Cam on Ba Me da thuong yeu. day bao, va huong dan cho eon an hoc duoc thanh tai. 1 would like to dedicate this degree along with all the hard work that was put into earning it to my loving and supportive family. I thank you with all of my love. f— 1.0. Ngoc Nguyen. M.D. "f 205Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy My Girls My Nana and My Grandmom Anne— Where would I be without you? Julie, Robyn. Jen. and Monika— Thanks for giving me such a great start. 3428— Thanks for going the distance. Sheila Nolan. M.D.Me, Dad. my sister Tina. James. Mom. Grandma, my brother Jeremy. Tsuyoshi Okawa. M.D. 'f 207To my Mother— My savior To my Father— My strength Both of you are my inspiration To my Twin— I love you dearly, thanks for all the support. To Chikez— For all the little things that have added up to be important. To my Brothers Sisters— For Believing in me. To Meka— For your guidance, encouragement and being a great role model. To Veronica— For your unfettered support, encouragement and love. To Edgar Stewart— For the priceless gift of friendship. To Mark Harris— For your consistency as a friend, and invaluable insight. To the Deans office staff; Sharon. Hazel. Mary and especially Margaret for all your assistance, encouragement and kind words over my many years here. To Francine in the Financial Aid office— For making that process pleasant. To anyone I neglected to mention w ho may have contributed positively to my medical school experience. Last but not least. To my God— For giving me the strength to endure, the faith to believe and the will to succeed. RISK Press On To laugh is to risk appearing the fool— To weep is to risk being called sentimental— To reach out to another is to risk involvement— To expose feelings is to risk showing your true self— To place your ideas and dreams before the crowd is to risk being called naive-To love is to risk not being loved in return— To live is to risk dying— To try is to risk failure— But risks must be taken, because the greatest risk in life is to risk nothing— The people who risk nothing do nothing, have nothing, are nothing, and become nothing; They may avoid suffering and sorrow, but they simply cannot learn to fed and change, and grow, and love and live... Chained by their servitude, they are slaves; they have forfeited their freedom. Only the people who risk are truly free. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent w ill not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. 208 If Chukw'uma Onyew u. M.D.Maria Oquendo. M.D. 209Thanks, Mom Dad! I couldn’t have accomplished this without your never-ending love, encouragement, and faith. "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." —Ralph Waldo Emerson Nisha. your smile has always brightened my day and lifted my spirits. You’re the greatest!!! Anjali. your constant love and support have given me the strength to make it through. Thanks for all the good times! "The mind is restless, turbulent. obstinate, and very strong. To subdue it is more difficult than controlling the wind, but it is possible by constant practice and attachment. He who strives by right means is assured of success." —Bhagavad Gita 10 If Naimish Pandya, M.D.Promise Yourself— Thanks for the 23rd B-Day Party ! To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best and expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countinence at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. Stacey Patterson. M.D. “211212 Theodore Pawlik. M.D.And to my loved ones who helped me to build, pursue and achieve my dreams.... I give you all THANKS. Through your love and friendship. all of my achievements and success are due to you. To the ones who had to leave but their love remained in my heart.... To the divas who helped me to maintain a small amount of sanity.... Sonja Penson. M.D. " 213—-1 v c To my family and friends— Dave. Jen. Jen. Adriana, Sonja. and Dave: Thanks for your support and encouragement throughout my life and especially the past eight years. I love you all very much. 214 'TjT Michelle Persun, M.D.‘Damon ‘Pettimtfi, ‘M.D. Damon Fettinelli. M.D. 215 A. V Mom and Dad. As long as I can remember you always told me I could!! For everyone who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I could not have done it without your love, support and prayers! THANK YOU!! Love, Nikki 216 Gamilah Pierre. M.D.Me, brother Kingsley. Aunt Lucia, cousin June. Dad. Mom. brother Karsten. Glendale. CA. Home sweet home. Kasey Poon. M.D. Y" 217Oll m.p. With thanks to Dad. Mom. Art. and Anna. Know that your encouragement, support, and guidance has made this possible. 218 If Charles Rapp. M.D.Dear Lord. Without You I would not be. I owe all I am to thee. You loved me in spite of me.... — and — Holding me in Your hands. You make me all that 1 am. When I say, “I can't”. You say, "I can!”. —Fred Hammond Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. —Calvin Coolidge 653 The always willing volunteers for the P.E. Thanks, Guys! The great escape. 9 30 49 SURGERY... MSIII... ORGAN HARVEST. The excitement, the adrenalin, the CHEST PAIN! Kimberh Richardson. M.D. 219220 Lisa Ricketts. M.D.Andrew Rochet. M.D. 221222 Our baby girl, Kayla Rose Yuskoski, was born during my OB GYN rotation at Temple July 19. 1996. 3 lbs. 11 oz. Thank you Mark and Kayla for always believing in me! Kayla’s first birthday Thank you all Rub-a-dub-dub Me My Better Half 224 $ ■ Gerald John Rossini. M.D.Naheed Safabakhsh, M.D. 225226 Matthew Schaeffer, M.D. Los Ties Amigos— “Hey! The River of Rocks sounds like a good trail!" Panama City— “Hey Drew, are you having a good time? Good, now listen up....” For my father, from whom I inherited my motivation and determination, for my sister from w hom I learned humility and understanding but most of all for my mother, from whom I learned how to be independent and who has always been my strongest advocate, standing behind me. no matter wrhat. Joshua Schier. M.D X 227228 X Kevin Schuster, M.D.hn' j MO- All the people who continue to touch my life, make me who I am today. Thank you everybody, especially Mom and Dad. my gorgeous sisters, my friends and even the Dam'Is. Avi Silber. M.D. X 229Thank you to my family for all your love and support. Behind every successful woman is a patient man putting up with her. 4 The White House Scranton. PA version Andrew. You were always there for me. to cheer me on and cheer me up. I'll be forever grateful and forever yours. See you at the church May 30! Thanks to my aunts and uncles Dolan and Donohue, for always having a home cooked meal for a weary medical student. Jennifer Simmons, M.D. Eric Sklar. M.D. f 231 My inscription, my hope. my comfort and my guidance. "To cure sometimes, to treat often, and to comfort always.” Dr. Edward Livingston “May there never rise in me the notion that I know enough, but give me the strength and leisure and zeal to enlarge my knowledge.” Maimonides (1135-1204 A.D.), daily prayer of a physician before leaving a sick man. 232 Gretchen Slavik. M.D.“Crisco, Bardol. Vagisil. Any one of the three will give you an extra half inch on your curveball!” —Eddie Harris in “Major League” “When in doubt, be smooth.” —Joe Camel "You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something.... I AM GOD!” —Alec Baldwin in "Malice” I have gained much knowledge during my A years at Temple Medical School, but I have gained nothing greater than the caring and compassion of my new wife. Meegan. 1 could not have made it through the basic science years without her late night telephone "pep talks”, and it has been a pleasure to come home since our marriage and share my clinical stories. Also, a huge thanks to both of my parents who have helped to mold me into the person I am today. Their continuous and tireless support have allowed me to trudge on through the difficult times. Best of luck to my classmates, it has been a long journey! Kevin Snyder. M.D. 233234 Jason Solomon, M.D.Oliver Mummy in the Beginning Oliver Daniel Oliver Mummy Now Donna Spratt. M.D. 235This page is dedicated to the three most important women in my life. To my wife: In the last four years I have become a doctor’s husband, a father, and a physician. All of which I couldn't have done without you. Thank you for all your support, advice, and encouragement. Love Always, James My wife. Joy Spychalski. M.D. and my daughters, Rachel and Julia Spychalski. 236 f James Spychalski. M.D.What we can see is not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, hut because we are like dwarfs raised up on the shoulders of giants. Bernard of Chartres Thank you to my giants including: my parents and brother, both guides and friends. Steiners and Schrocks past and present. friends new and old. for companionship and entertainment. previous teachers, and the faculty, peers, and patients of medical school, from whom I have learned so much. Michael Steiner. M.D. 237 In dreams and in love There arc no impossibilities_ If you can imagine it You can achieve it If you can dream it You can become it If you can grasp it You can live it If you can hold on to it Then it’s yours forever.... IMANI (FAITH) — To believe with all our hearts in our parents, our teachers, our people and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. —ANONYMOUS 238 “f Kent Stephenson. M.D. Jon Stivers, 'M D. Jon Stivers. M.D. 239The Gang at Christmas, 1995 Habitat for Humanity, 1995 Honeymoon in Kauai. 1996 3 240 David Stuhlmiller. M.D.Vilqam Tafzmr, 'M.D. VikramTalwar, M.D. "f 241To my parents, family, and friends.... Hellooo, Nurse! —The Warner brothers. Animaniacs Brevity is the soul of wit. —William Shakespeare. Hamlet To build true confidence one must have knowledge of the mind, strength of the body, and honesty of the heart. —Ed Parker, grandmaster Kenpo Karate There are worse places to spend a year than in medical school. —Debbie Anderson So long and thanks for all the fish. —Douglas Adams. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 242 Denny Tang. M.D.Joanna Tang. M.D. 243To my "Family of Friends"— YOU ...kept the faith...cheered me on...dried my tears...calmed my fears...gave without question, condition, nor limitation...believed in my dreams., believed in me... Thank you for making my dream come true! I love you. Michael D. Bantum Racine M. Leonard Kevin L. Cooke Tracey M. Richey Dr. Emily J. Williams Jacqueline Thomas-King James McCall. Jr. Debora Bclt-Coleman Debora Leon Britt Mom Mary Pauline H.L. Gordon Love and gratitude to my parents, Arthur L. And (the late) Gertrude W. Troutman whose gifts of love, compassion, education, and prayer are truly the greatest part of me. •HERO” It must have been cozy in my shadow To never have sunlight on your face You've been content to let me shine; You always walked a step behind. I was the one with all the glory While you were the one with all the strength Only a face without a name. I never once heard you complain. Did you ever know that you're my hero and everything I'd like to be. I can fly higher than an eagle with you as the wind beneath my wings. It might have appeared to go unnoticed; But I've got it all right here in my heart. I want you to know I know the truth. I would be nothing without you. Did you ever know that you’re my hero and everything I'd like to be; I can fly higher than an eagle with you as the w ind beneath my w ings. You are the wind beneath my wings. In loving memory of My Mother. Gertrude W. (Bcnn) Troutman My Grandparents. Helen C. (Morgan) and Herbert T. Benn. Sr. My Uncles. Herbert Jr.. Richard, and Freddie You are always in my heart My cherished brothers. Michael and Marc— forever adorable and with me ever)' step of the way. 244 Michele Troutman. M.D.My brothers!!!! Thanks for all your support. Mom and Dad: Thanks for everything. Raymond Tu. M.D. 245246 y Rajesh Tuli, M.D.Christopher VagCia, 'M D. Christopher VagiDear Mom, Dad. Kumar. Suri Prasad Uncle. Veena Aunti, Praveen, Bobby: Thanks for your support. Can’t believe I made it through Gross Anatomy with you slackers! 248 Ravi Veeramasuneni, M.D.If you strike a thorn or rose. Keep a'goin'! If it hails or if it snows. Keep a’goin’! ‘Taint no use to sit an’whine When the fish ain't on your line. Bail your hook an'keep a-tryin-Keep a-goin’! When the weather kills your crop. Keep a-goin’! Though ‘tis work to reach the top. Keep a-goin’! If your beer runs dry. Keep a-goin’! S’pose you’re out o'ev’ry dime. Gittin’ broke ain’t any crime; Tell the world you’re feelin' prime-Keep a-goin’! When it looks like all is up. Keep a-goin’! Drain the sweetness from the cup. Keep a-goin’! See the wild birds on the wing. Hear the bells that sweetly ring. When you feel like sighin’, sing-Keep a-goin’! Prank Stanton “A moment in time which lasts forever." Vincent Verdi. M.D.250 If' Panagiotis Vlagopoulos, M.D.Justine Waldman. M.D. 'f 251252 Michael Weaver. M.D. Years ago. when I told my parents I wanted to go to medical school, my dad did his best to talk me out of it. He claimed it would ruin my family. But my mom. in her quiet way, took me aside and said this: “If I’d known when I was young that girls could be doctors I would have wanted to be one. Don't listen to your dad. If you want to go to medical school, do it!" During first year orientation, my mom called me from California with the following news: "Mary, I have two things to tell you. First. I have pancreatic cancer and second. I want you to stay in school." She died thirty days later. I’m glad I listened to my mom. And so now is my dad. I hope 1 can do as much to help my daughters' dreams come true. Thank you Mom. Dad. Ginny and Ellie for your support. Mary Tobkin. M.D. 253Hawaii Honeymoon Brian age: 18 mo. Kathryn. Age: 5 yrs Mary, dearest friend, wife of eight years Above: Kathryn 1 yr.. daddy 25 yrs. Roger Weenig, M.D.This is for my parents, the two most important people in my life. To my father—the greatest physician I know. You have been there for me whenever I need you and shall always be my model and hero. To my mother— the kindest and most giving person 1 know. You have always been there to bring me up w hen I am down, and to cheer me on when 1 succeed. Without the two of you I could have never made it this far. I love you both very much. “So, Ben, w hat do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor or a regular person?' —Jeremy, age 8 Jeremy Weinberger. M.D. 255v' I MAY HAVE TO REFER A PATIENT TO ONE OF THESE GUYS? THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! TEMPLE MED IN THE HOUSE! WHITTAKER FAMILY-THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! MY COLLEAGUE, MY BEST FRIEND AND MY LOVE FOREVER! THANKS FOR MAKING MY MEDICAL SCHOOL YEARS SO SPECIAL! Scoti Whittaker. M.D.Ashley Wilson. M.D. X 257258 Y Christopher Wolfgang. M.D.. Ph.D.Bryan cWong) 'M.'D. Bryan Wong. M.D.. Ph.D. 259OUR GANG 260 Michael Wong. M.D., Ph.D.Carf'Wynter, JA D. Carl Wynter. M.D. 261“For Your Good Health"??? Looks like managed care to me! Thanks Mom. Dad and Parand. My Better Half, I love you! 262 Y Pedram Zendehrouh. M.D.. Ph.D.Naseem Zojwalla, M.D. 263Dear Jeff, Mom. family and friends, Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Jeff. I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you! 264 Andrea Zynda, M.D.WANTED People to work long hours with frequent mandatory overtime. Few holidays and weekends off. Must be able to keep massive amounts of paperwork up to date while making split-second decisions. Must be immune to verbal abuse and able to neutralize the occasional physical assaults. Must display patience, kindness, understanding and caring even when personal life is coming apart at the seams. Must show no aversion to blood, vomit, oozing infections or human body wastes. Salary in no way commensurate with knowledge and ability. Only those interested in dealing with depressing situations on a daily basis need apply.STUDENT LIFE BACK TO BASICS The third layer of three muscles includes the flexor hallucis brevis and flexor digiti minimi brevis muscles which attach to the base of their respective proximal phalanges to flex the metatarsophalangeal joints of these digits (N. 503). 0n« ganaral nachema by vhuh t»IU baeoaa functionally apacieltied involve (ha a-phaaia or amplification of one or aor. intracal1ular atruc-turaa. In thia ennteat, which ona of tha following call typaa ia HtCOMeCItT paired with an intracal Iwlar atructura that ia emphaaiaad ia Chat call typaf A. Protein aecreting call - rough andoptaaaic reticulum. ». Steroid aacrating call - amooth andoplaaaic reticulum. C. Absorptive call - (acti«-containing) mtcrofIlaaaata. D. Phagocytic call lyaoioaar. t. Murcia call - microtubule . Graafian (mature) follicle Theca externa Theca interna Liquor folBcui granulosa Corona radiuta Cumulus oophorus 268QUIZ OBJECTIVES PHYSIOLOGY 1995 QUIZ NUMBER 7 March 13, 1995 ,u, Ll »n wl» «h of thm «“owina vouta .Ou !( dor «1 root '• c 10« Of -«on Cera.aals? b« LEAST LIKELY to t »• A. IlitcUai dorsalt oi Ci-f Nucleus Substantia rt« t« nucleus. Accessor. (lat.r.l. .-t.rn.l) c««-‘ Which of tho following call davalop from nsuroblssts: A. Schwann calls. B. Postganglionic aywpathatlc naurons. C. Praganglionic ayapathatic naurona. D. Doraal root ganglion calls. Epiphysis Dtaphysis Epiphysis Articular cartilage Cancellous bone Compact bone Periosteum Medullary cavity lAOSTUDY, STUDY, STUDY Josh teaches the class about the nephron 270 Another long evening at TextileMorgan, you have to start studying, the test is tomorrow. Ready for the Belmont Center 271 Anusha: "Wake me up when it’s all over!Pete comes up for air Al. Scott. Charlie and Kasey - there's no place like home 272 Kasey. Shadi, Anusha and Josh - dinner time in the modulesAnusha and the modules - perfect together 273 Ravi scrambles to cram some last minute microNoise from the Right Upper Quadrant Time out - enough is enough Pete. Anusha. Mike, and Sean enjoy a break between classes 2745 Facts You Must Know for the Boards 1. Polycystic kidney disease is associated with berry anuerysms 2. Oral contraceptives are associated with DVT’s 3. Migrating polyarthritis is associated with gonorrhea 4. Epstein Barr Virus is associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma 5. The fractional excretion of Na 1% is associated with prerenal azotemia Charlie, Scott and Al locking up the library again AI finds Charlie's PM I 275AFTER EXAMS AT BROAD STREET EDDIE S Beavis and Bullhead make a guest appearance at Broad A friendly face after a rough exam St. Eddie's 276Only 2 exams left 277Justine, it wasn't that funny Chris. Cheryl, Pat. George and James awaiting the arrival of Dr. Lamperti with Lydia and Nancy - Broad Street the Neuro grades Eddie Vixens 278279 Don’t worry, the next round of shots is on me!LETS HIT THE SLOPES I p. V On top of Camelback Marc. Dave. Rich and John show off their new' skis Sheila, you’re not supposed to ski into the barriers! Kasey. Charlie, Scott and A1 tour Aspen 282 Rob, Lucia and Kim conquered the mountainThirsty skiers find a haven Lucia and Margaret teach country line dancing Scott shows off his talent Shuffleboard can be a dangerous game... ...You can even lose your hair — right Dave! 283 Dave had a rough day! Never be the first to pass out!!ALL DRESSED UP FOR... Shane. Riaz. Elliot. Pat and Josh huddle up Matt being treated like royalty by his wife. Shauna Everyone looks on as Vinny performs the Heimlich maneuver Jason and Nancy enjoy a drink together on Victor Amy. John and Matt take a break Who forgot to tell Wilson about the dress code? from the crowd 284...A NIGHT ON THE TOWN Abraham and his date are caught in the midst of the forbidden dance. Lambada Raaj. Melanie and Tsuyoshi all dressed up for the Semi-Formal Mike mesmerizes Scott and Rob by pointing out Ted's Marfanoid hand f 1 Michelle and Dave at a Semi-Formal pre-party 285ENJOYING THE COMPANY Matt, Ken and Dave are all smiles Sonja and Adrianna pose for the camera Shane and Marc check to see who’s taller Matt, Gary and Ken show off their evening atire OF GOOD FRIENDS Kasey. Tsuyoshi and Melanie enjoying the night out The fantastic Seven dressed to kill 287 John and Gary loosen their ties for Gan ’s fiancee. Nicole Nikki and Valerie at the SNMA National Convention in New OrleansLIVING IT UP AT Josh. Joanna and Shadi greet the new arrivals to the Semi-Formal Matt. John. Gary and Ken enjoying life’s pleasures Randall and Lucia on a romantic date in the House of Skulls Wow. Vince and Vance even look away from Everyone wants to pet Ted. the happiest lap dog the camera in the same way 288THE MUTTER MUSEUM All righl. so what’s S378 divided by 16 people? How many people does it take to dip Scott? Look, it’s those crazy kids from “Friends Ken and his fiancee, Erin Kim surrounded by her court of suitors Lance and Amy enjoying the evening 289THE SUPERFREAKS Dancing on furniture, now if that isn't a cry for attention "The Dragon” Duncheskie and his fiancee. For a change. Ken and John are about to put someone else’s foot in Liane. flank Brian their mouths 290COME OUT AT NIGHT Pat, Mark, Gerry and Josh starring in Michael Flatley’s ‘Riverdance You can do it. It's Electric!!! Boogie-woogie... 11 John showing his strong passion for the Fine arts Rob Duncheskie starring in the horror classic Jodi. Joanna and Matt admiring the megacolon “Dance of the Living Dead" 291SPRING BREAK Look out Florida, here we come!! Somebody better call Hotel Security! 292 Dave and Ken consider a new career Kent goes spelunking3 V’s: Vance. Vinnie and Vince Shopping in CaliforniaMargaret and the guys Uh oh. maybe it was shoplifting in California! We’re too sexy for this Beach! I’m too sunburnt to go out. Do you deliver? v - - Ted creates the leaning tower of Molson Us 08 WUIC 294295 There is such a thing as... ...too much fun! Scott cleans up the messPHYSIOLOGY PICNIC PLAY 296297 Come on, boys! We’re waiting for the Full Montv! ... You can't play the outfield with Lacrosse sticks! 298 Reason 12 why we lost...299 Carla. Naseem. Amy and Darby strike a pose Shadi: “I don’t want to smoke this!" Naseem: "I will!Cheers! 300Indiana Rob and Temple’s Maroon Naseem. Melanie and Ravi laughing off the loss 301Pat Aquillina — The Center of Attention 302303 Chris "Weaver Farley and Friends Bosom BuddiesDoogie Houser and his fan club 304 Lei them eat cakeJosh visits South Philly 7th Inning Stretch Temple Med Class of 1998, you are the first team in history to lose against the Physiology Department, what are you going to do now?? "We're going to Disneyland!” 305Congratulations! You just completed your first year of Medical School, you are automatically inducted into Lambda. Lambda, Lambda! Gotcha, didn't I! We're off to the real party 306"POP-UP" PICNICS A keg of beer contains 60,480 cc's c The 31 on a Rolling Rock bottle stands for the number of people who failed the Behavioral Science Final _______________________________________________ C The intracranial pressure of an upside-down drunk 320 mmHg D 307Frisbee was an ancient courting ritual in the Byzantine Hmpirc c When Coca-cola was first introduced it contained cocaine ) 308The average child goes through 3,781 diapers in a lifetime (give or take a little diarrhea) Softball has been shown to be the game that requires the least amount of participation per player ( The average pitcher throws 98 pitches per game (Sheila threw 325) X A players batting average decreases 85% only using one hand (Rob's improved on this day ir when is day!) Jr It takes 36 muscles to smile but 107 to frown (this bunch is lazy) The average American family owns 2.3 cars ) 310ANOTHER YEAR OVER ANOTHER PICNIC 311 See one... Do one... Teach one???Avi. Rich and Nicki playing with the puppy Song, Dave. Kim. and Josh take a much needed break Josh describes his magnificent Home Run Navid and Mark chilling out BXH a. '.T ry.y yJI '■- ■’■ ?■ ♦... % - 1 Kim does the Macarena! Ted. don't get fresh! 312Do you think we would make the cut for Baywatch? The starting line-up for your Temple Owls! Margaret lounges on the sidelines 3 years of softball games and we haven’t won yet! Mike. Sheila and Josh enjoy a cold one after the game 313THE KRESGE DAYS Kasey after the last Behavioral Science exam Will work for food - Denis, Ken, Ravi, Jason. Naseem. Nancy, Justine, Kim. Amy.Sue. Dave, Tony, and George Denny enjoys some light reading: “Pentose Phosphate Pathway" Robin. Yi Mei, and Kim enjoy the lunch hour THE WALL Most Popular Lunch Time Selections: 1. Moffin’s Turkey Hoagie 2. Gyro 3. Chicken Cheese Steak 4. Tuna Salad on Rye 5. Meatball Parm 314Gautham. Joe, Raj, and Pam relax outside Kresge Robert and Senator get ready to work out at SFC George, Chris. Janies and Song gather tor a class meeting Wilson, Jeff and Kent line up to sign their loan checks Jodi. Dave and Donna all dolled up for Physio Lab Song and Yi Mei comfort Jeanhee after she forgot her mailbox combination, again 315A DAY IN THE LIFE New friends... ...Best friends First year fun Stacey and Kim Hash those pearlies! 316Ready for another day! 317 Playing pool between classesFRIENDS AND FUN 318 Sonja grills it up Calgon. take me away!Passing lime at the Irish Pub! II Here comes the weekend Greichen. Dave and Jodi Poster Boys: John and Marc 319ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Patrick M. Aquilina Alpha Omega Alpha Members Class of 1998 Michael B. Jacobs Jennifer Simmons Riaz Ahmed Joshua T. Jennings David F. Stuhlmiller Darrell J. Baranko Mark W. Khicn Joanna Tang Kristin Menconi Baranko Steven A. Levy Michael W. Weaver Jeanhee A. K. Chung Timothy J. Leamon Roger H. Wccnig Robert C. Duncheskie Morgan A. Lowry Jeremy S. Weinberger Matthew J. Gillespie Edward J. McGonigle Christopher L. Wolfgang Eric Giza Margaret L. Meyer Pedram Zendehrouh Sean M. Heffclfinger Randall P. Nacamuli Andrea M. Zvnda Clinton C. Hoiumzcr Gina L. Rose Thomas S. Kang Class of 1999 Eric J. Mahoney Fiona Simpkins John C. Sun Michele M. Urban 320THE CLINICAL YEARS Rob and Dave discuss a patient in St. Luke’s ER Dr. Dempsey and Marat after surgery EKG rounds on Med ITony and Tsuyoshi checking lab results with resident “I get off work at 7, so I'll pick you up at S, babe Adrienne Hollander The future cast of ER Hey dude, check out this totally rad cast I just made! 322Kim and Usha examining the babies in the newborn nursery Ken: “Yeah, sure I hear that murmur!” Margaret, Lucia and Sheila take a midday ice Kasey. Kim. Ken and Drew try' to convince George and his staff to cream break switch jobs for the day 323DEEP THOUGHTS “ '['his is a lovely vintage. A Merlot. probably 1993. Bold and sassy, yet crisp and clean.” "I'm all alone. I’m out of beer. Oh my! Where’s my Mommy!!” “O.K. Let me get this straight, alanine to guanine makes glucose and urea" 324“Hmm. I wonder if bright yellow golf pants would go well with my new pink Izod??" "Lookout Rob! I'm mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!” “I don't think one beermcisier is enough for this house" "Just a minute now. I learn so much more when I “Hey! I just found out how many licks it takes to get take extra call!" to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop!" 325TOTALLY 80 S The new Psychiatry Department arrives at Temple Miami Vice raids 3428 Henry Avenue Totally groovy! Oh Mickey, you’re so fine! Madonna and Pee Wee Herman Special Musical Guest: A Flock of Seagulls What a bitchin party dude! 326"You are a dancing queen...” sings Kim Scott serenades Lucia, Sheila. Kim and Margaret Squeals, Randall and Melanie enjoy a cold one The boys getting advice from Punky Brewster Rob Bashes the East Falls Gang’s secret sign 327HOLIDAY FUN A spirited Mike Graham with Jennifer. Dave and Chris Holiday smiles with Kim. Mimi and Dave An Indian Queen Night: Mike. Ted. Rob and Scott 328 The Wonder Tw ins: Brian and KenBora shows off his holiday perm to Josh. Mike. Kevin and Ted. Pat and Rob: Hey want to tell us your wish list ? John 329 New Year's Eve 1997 with Lucia. Sheila. Jodi and Kim Leanne and Scott share a tender party momentLIFE OF THE PARTY Vic. Shadi. Al. Drew and Maggie relax aflcr ihe end of 2nd Girls Night Out year Marat and friend. Marc. Naseem and Jaime: Hey Beer Man! 330Rob, Drew and Josh: Babes Sonja turns the other cheek A party with the stars in Manayunk 331KICKIN' BACK WITH A COLD ONE Josh. Vinnie. Al. Ravi. Joe and Chris enjoying a study break The gang out for a "Manayunk Stroll” f ML j uut W a. Ninja Boy Duncheskie and Chef Ted Just Grabbing a pint at Pitcher’s Pub Vic, Sonja, Mike, Marc and Naseem at Dr. Schnecks Sean describes his winning touchdown at Notre Dame House? 332Living it up at the deMoya homestead Mimi, Dave and Kasey reminisce about UCLA Brian. Vic and Justine at Heather’s baby shower Jeanhee just cannot remember how many drinks she has had Justine. Michelle. Pam and Kim at the wine and cheese BUD LIGHT I SAID!!! party 333GOOD TIMES GOOD FRIENDS Dr. DeMoya opens up her house for another wild Temple Med party 334 Nicki and Kim enjoy some Friday night fun Smiles, everyone, smilesKascy. Scott. Charlie and Al — The Rector Crew Vic. Nancy. Anusha and Marc Stacey and the boys Sean. Anusha and Charlie Vinnie. don’t lick my face Lucia. Kim. Margaret and Sheila get soggy after Boards Parti 335DINING OUT, A LA TEMPLE Scott, Mike, Melanie, Kasey, Albert. Nancy, Song and Shadi. John. Nancy. Vic. Anusha. Marc and Havier Randall Michelle, Kim. Natalie. Stacey and Nikki Another night out on the town Scott. Anusha. Josh. Joanna. Melanie. Shadi, Rob. Mike, Lydia. George. James. Pat. Chris. Amy and Nancy Justine and Charlie 336Charlie, Scan. Jaime. Morgan. Scott. Kimuli. Darby. Abe. Kasey and Mike 337 Breakfast of Champions!SURGEON GENERAL S WARNING SMOKING MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH Cigar, beer, all I need is a man No belter way to kick off the New Year! Official members of the Cigar of the Month Club 338Lucia and Kim puffing away Morgan and Rich enjoy a Cuban specialTEMPLE MED:WORLD TOUR Scott. Ted. Josh. Kevin. Marc and Matt: white water rafting in West Virginia 340 Nancy. Al. Scott, Song, Melanie and Kasey; Disneyland, Summer 1995Temple Med goes to jail Melanie. Kasey. Song. Nancy. A1 and Scott: San Francisco. Summer 1995 341ATHLETE IN ALL OF US The gold, silver, and bronze medalists in the 1996 Lumberjack competition 1995 Broad Street Run - Mind if we stop off at Eddie’s' 342 I'm so good. 1 can do this one handed!Dave and Kim tear up the court Kasey and Scott get a little off track Anusha just misses qualifying for the 19% Olympics Training for the Doritos Munch-Off Temple Med Bobsled Team Ready for the rapids Dave explains proper softball attire to Pat 343WHAT DID YOU LEARN IN MEDICAL SCHOOL? Identify the following structures: 1. a) doughnuts h) lifesavers c) red blood cells d) pot-holes in the dirt lot 3. a) a throw rug b) paramyxovirus c) a snake in a basket d) Dilullo's linguini special 2. a) Boboli pizza b) the moon c) vomit d) a neutrophil 4. a Philadelphia Park Racetrack b) skid marks c) myelin sheath d) Mr. T's gold chains 3445. a) fingers b) villi c) sea anemone d) gum drops 6. a) 7 layer cake b) eye wall layers c) tiramisu d) crowd at the Eagle’s game 3457. a) a ihumbprini b) the old swimming hole c) a cell d) aerial view of ihe new Core States Center 8. a) an alien b) a happy face c) a Rorshach card d an eosinophil 9. a) a thumb b) big toe c) the liver d) prepuce 34610. a) (he Mississippi Delia b) intramembranous ossification c) sparkling champagne d watermelon II. a) an ant farm b) doctor’s progress note c) slack of blueberry pancakes cl) cardiac muscle cells 12. a) Lake Superior b) lateral x-ray of a fool c) Brontosaurus fossil d) pituitary gland 3471998 TEMPLE MED NOT-SO-SPECIAL OLYMPICS Most likely to fall asleep in class GOLD SILVER BRONZE Josh Jennings Abraham Dubb Sheila Nolan Most likely to ask a question GOLD SILVER BRONZE Abraham Dubb Dave Stuhlmillcr Marat Goldcnberg Most likely to know the right answer GOLD SILVER BRONZE Mark Khien Pat Aquilina Mike Weaver Most likely to take extra call GOLD Mike Weaver SILVER Mike Heeg BRONZE Elliot Chen 348Most likely to skip call GOLD Bill Lackey Most likely to disappear for hours during a rotation SILVER Kashif Munir BRONZE Anusha Hemachandra GOLD Vince and Vance Moss SILVER Rob Gcrson and Margaret Meyer BRONZE Matt Schaeffer Longest med student keg stand GOLD Sheila Nolan (27 seconds) SILVER Scott Whittaker (7 seconds) GOLD Jason Kim I J GOLD Song Chin Best Dressed (Male) SILVER BRONZE Kent Stephenson Yazid FadI Best Dressed (Female) SILVER Nikki Gross HONORABLE MENTION Brian Bora BRONZE Naseem Zojwalla 349MATCH DAY Kimberly Ann Bacon, M.I). Family Practice MacNeal Memorial Hospital Berwyn. IL D.irn ll Jolui Bamako. M.I). Internal Medicine Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington. DC Kristin Mcnconi Haranko. MJ). Medicine-Pediatrics University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore. MD l.ydla Bellhouse Bennett, M.D. Family Practice Fairfax Family Practice Center Fairfax. VA Menna Berhane, M.D. Family Practice Penn State University Good Samaritan Hospital Lebanon. PA Jodi F.llen Bcsden, M.D. Obsteincs-Gynecology Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia. PA Brian Raphael Bora. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Tulane University New Orleans. LA Kimberly Gave Bridges-White. M.D. Ohstetncs-Gynccology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Kenneth James Brislin, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia. PA Ahdolrrra Agahtehranl, M.D. Internal Medicine Emory University Atlanta. GA Ria M. Ahmed. M.D. Internal Medicine UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles. CA Jorge Lub Ajuria, M.D. Internal Medicine George Washington University Washington. DC Raaj Romesh Amin. M.D. Pediatrics Medical University of South Carolina Charleston. SC Mark Angelo. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Patrick Michael Aquilina, M.D. Family Practice Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA Regina Lisa Arson. .M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Nassau County Medical Center East Meadow. NY Jeffrey Franck Augustin. M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School Newark. NJ Matthew S. Austin, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia. PAJoyce K. Brunt. M.l). Kt-nnrlh l.ec Caswell. M.l). Lucia Yl Ju Chen. M.D. Residency Deferred Transitional Emergency Medicine Cro cr-Chcstcr Medical Center Beth Israel Medical Center Vimel Coo. M.l). Upland. PA New York. NY Internal Medic me-Primary Care Year Two Beth Israel Medical Center Radiology Song-Ok Susan Chin. M.D. New York, NY University of Virginia Pediatrics Charlottesville. VA Albert Einstein Medical Center John F. Carroll. M.l). Philadelphia. PA Radiology David Flemming Chang. M.l). Cleveland Clinic Foundation Internal Medicine Lsha Chundru. M.L). Cleveland. OH Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Preliminary Surgery Los Angeles. CA Temple University Hospital Christian Caruso, M.l). Philadelphia. PA Internal Medicine FIIh.II Hot hen. M.l). Year Tw o Boston University Medical Center Preliminary Surgery Otolaryngology Boston. MA State University of New York Stony Brook Temple University Hospital Stony Brook. NY Philadelphia. PA MARCH 18, 1998 Ji-anhee Chung, M.l). John Patrick Conery. M.l). Carle D'Agata, M.D. Internal Medicine Preliminary Medicine Obstetrics-Gynecology Presbyterian Hospital Eastern Virginia Medical School Milton S llervhcy Medical Center New York. NY Norfolk. VA Hervhey. PA Year Two Cary W. Cluusrr. M.l). Radiology Craig A. Dates. M.D. Neurology Albert Einstein Medical Center Emergency Medicine Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Die Brooklyn Hospital Center Lackland Air Force Base Brooklyn. NY San Antonio. TX Peter Foster Cronbolm, M.l). Family Practice Jenni Mars Davis. M.l). Andrew James Cole. M.l). Hospital of tlvc University of Pcnnsylva- Pathology Transitional nu Temple University Hospital Readme Hospital and Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Philadelphia. PA Reading. PA Year Two Gerard J. Cush Jr.. M.D. Radiology Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Philadelphia. PA Atm Lyon DcLcva, M.D. Pediatrics Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland. OH Marc Anthony de Moya. M.D. Suigery St. Barnabas Medical Center Livingston. NJ David Ronald Derr. M.D. Family Practice Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown. PA Christopher P. Di Giulio. M.D. Family Practice West Jersey Health System Voorhees. NJ Abraham Samuel Dubb. M.D. Internal Medicine University ot North Carolina Hospital Chapel Hill. NC Wilson Dumornay. M.D. Surgery Tulane University School of Medicine New Orleans. LA Robert C. Dumheskle. M.D. Pediatrics University Health Center ol Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. PA Kristin Wolcott Edwards, M.D. Residency Deferred Yazid Y. Fadl. M.D. Internal Medicine Strong Memorial Hospital University of Rochester Rochester. NY Jeffrey Brigham Fisk. M.D. Ptcliminary Internal Medicine Albeit Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Year Two Anesthesiology Strong Memorial Hospital University of Rochester Rochester. NY David P. Furman. M.D. Transitional St. Vincent’s Hospital New York. NY Year Two Radiology The Mount Sinai Hospital New Yoik. NY Anshul Vibhu Gambhir. M.D. Family Practice Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Panaglotis George! os, M.D. Pediatrics University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore. MD Robert Steven Gerson. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Roberl Lee Roosevelt Gibbs. M.D. Surgery Martin Luther King. Jr.-Drcw Medical Center Los Angeles. CA Matthew J. Gillespie. M.D. Pediatrics Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia. PA Bruce J. Giroux. M.D. Psychiatry- Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA F.ric Giza. M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery Harvard Combined Program Boston. MA Marat Goldenberg, M.D. Surgery UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden. NJ John-Paul Gomez. M.D. Medicine-Psychiatry Duke University Medical Center Durham. NC John Michael Graham, M.D. Family Practice University of California San Diego Medical Center San Diego. CA Valerie Renee Green. M.D. Family Practice University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore. MD Nicole Eva Gross. M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA Year Two Ophthalmology Allegheny University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA David Paul Hanes. M.D. Internal Medicine Lehigh Valley Hospital Allentown. PARobin l.ynctte Hurdle, M.D. Internal Medicine UMDNJ.Roben Wood Johnson Pi vesta way New Brunswick. NJ Peter H. Harnish. M.D. Family Practice St. Mary's Hospital Milwaukee. Wl Michael Christopher Hr eg, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading. PA YcarTwo Ophthalmology Tulanc University New Orleans. I.A Sean Michael HcfTelflngcr, M.D. Family Practice Sacred Hcan Hospital Allentown. PA Clinton C. Ilolum cr. M.D. Internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia. PA Nancy Joy Horvitz. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Derek l-anc Husmann. M.D. Family Practice Saint Francis Hospital Wilmington. DE Warden llua-Wun lloan, M.D. Pediatrics Albert Einstein Medical Ccntci Philadelphia. PA Michael Bradley Jacobs. M.D. Internal Medicine Naval Medical Ccntci San Diego. CA Sukcsh Kumar Kansil. M.D. Transitional Presbyterian Hospital University of Pennsylvania Health System Philadelphia. PA Year Tw o Ophthalmology University of Illinois Chicago. IL Andrew Miller Kepner. M.D. Surgery York HospitaJ York. PA Navid Khodadadi. M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Kaiser Pcrmuncntc Medical Center Oakland. CA Year Two Ophthalmology UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School Newark. NJ Anuslia Hlrantlil Hemachandra. M Pediatrics Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland. OH Jill Marita Herr. M.D. Family Practice Central Maine Medical Center Lewiston. ME James Michael Hetznccker, M.D. Psychiatry Hospital of the University of Pennsylvi ma Philadelphia. PA (Icorgc Charles llohbih. M.D. Emergency Medicine UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden. NJ Joshua Jennings, M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Harvard Combined Program Boston. MA Dennis Albert Jcrdan. M.D. Intermit Medicine Ahmgton Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Timothy Shane Johason. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Mark W illiam Kirhn. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Jason Y. Kim. M.l). Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia. PA Pel Ann Kong. M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Wayne State University Detroit Medical Center Detroit. Ml W illiam James Lackey Jr.. M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PATimothy Jon I.eaman, M.l). Family Practice Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia. PA Joseph Robert Let, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Soo (itung Lee. M.D. Internal Medicine Montcfiore Medical Center Bron . NY Suryun Lee, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton. PA Raymond Sean l.rnahan. M.D. Emergency Medicine Henry Font Health Sciences Center Detroit. Ml Steven Andrew Levy, M.D. Pediatric University Health Center of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Raymond Hrrbert Lewis, Jr., M.D. Family Practice Duke FAHEC Fumily Medicine Residency Program Fayetteville. NC Morgan Anisa Lowry, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Gregory Ruyanow Luma. M.D. Family Practice West Jersey Health System Voorhees. NJ Charles l.awrrnce Marldow. M.D. Emergency Medicine University of Chicago Hospitals Chicago. IL Robert Gordon Madeira. M.D. Internal Medicine Lehigh Valley Hospital Allentown. PA Chelan Prakash Malngi. M.D. Transitional Tnpler Army Medical Center Triplet AMC. HI Gautham K. Mallampati, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Abmgton Memorial Hospital Abington. PA Christine A. Maroon. M.D. Pediatrics Long Island Jewish Medical Center New Hyde Park. NY Scott Glenn Marstellcr. M.D. Family Practice Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr. PA Amv Green Martin. M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Baylor University Medical Center Dallas. TX Nathalie Denise McCammon, M.D. Family Practice Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia. PA Edward Janies McGonigle, M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Family Practice Residency Program Norristown. PA Jaime Humberto Membreoo Lscapini M.l). Preliminary Medicine UMDNJ-Roben Wood Johnson Camden. NJ Year Two Ophthalmology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Bernardo Mendoia. M.D. Surgery Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk. VA Margaret Lynn Mever. M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Albert Aboelkhair Mikhail. M.D. Urology Kaiser Permancnte Medical Ccnier Los Angeles, CA Vance JoShaun Moss. M.D. Preliminary Surgery New York Medical College Valhalla. NY Year Two Urology New York Medical College Valhalla. NY Vincent I.aVaughn Moss, M.l). Preliminary Surgery State University of New York Brooklyn Brooklyn. NYKashlf M. Munir. M.D. Interna! Medicine University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore. MD Curt-Mii Michelle Murphy, M.D. Internal Medicine Monmouth Medical Center Long Branch. NJ Randall Phillip Nacamuli, M.D. Surgery University of California Duvis-fijsi Bay Oakland, CA Ngoc luan Nguyen, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Califomia-lrvine Irvine. CA Sheila Margaret Nolan, M.D. Pediatrics University of South Florida Tampa. FL Tsuyoshi Mori Okawa, M.D. Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital San Diego. CA Chukwuuia Ohl Onyewu. M.I). Residency Deferred Maria Luisa Oquendo. M.D. Surgery Mercy Catholic Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Naimish Pandya. M.D. Emergency Medicine Metropolitan Hospital Center New York. NY Stacey Ann Patterson, M.D. Transitional Presbyterian Mcdicul Center University of Pennsylvania Health System Philadelphia. PA Year Two Radiology State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn Brooklyn. NY Theodore David Pawlik. M.D. Pediatrics Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago. IL Sonja Anissa Penson. M.D. Family Practice Cump Pendleton San Diego, CA Michelle I.ee Persun. M.D. Urology- Hospital ol the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Damon John Pettinelli, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abingtofl. PA Year Two Ophthalmology New- York University-New York. NY Gamllah Nikiba Pierre. M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology University of Texas Medical School Houston. TX Rases Benson Poon. M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Baystatc Medical Center Springfield. MA Charles Edward Rapp. M.D. Pediatries Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Los Angeles. CA Kimberly Adrlla Richardson. M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Family Practice Residency Program Norristow n. PA Lisa Anthea Rickctts-Holcomb. M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Nassau County Medical Center Fast Meadow. NY ndrcw Paul Rochet. M.D. Emergency Medicine University of Louitv tile Louisville. KY Gina Lynn Rose. M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Family Practice Residency Program Norristown, PA Gcrald-John M. Rossini. M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School New ark. NJ Nahecd Safabakhsh. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Matthew Schaeffer. M.D. Preliminary- Medicine Lunkenuu Hospital Wynnewood. PA Year TW o Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Stanford University Stanford. CAJoshua Giles Schicr, M.D. Emergency Medicine UMDNJ-Roben Wood Johnson Camden. NJ Kevin M. Schuster. M.D. Surgery UMDNJ-Robcit Wood Johnson Camden. NJ AvI K. Sllber. M.D. Internal Medicine New York Downtown Hospital New York. NY Jennifer Simmons, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Maywood, IL Year Thtce Urology Loyola University Affiliated Hospitals Maywood. IL Eric Bruce Sklor. M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Mercy Medical Center Baltimore. MD Year Two Neurology Emory University Atlanta. GA Gretchcn M. Slavik. M.D. Family Practice Concmaugh Memorial Hospital Johnstown. PA Kevin Erik Snyder. M.D. Transitional Presbyterian Medical Center University of Pennsylvania Health System Philadelphia PA Year Two Radiology University of Virginia Charlottesville. VA Jason Scott Solomon. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Donna Lee Spratt. M.D. Preliminary Surgery University of California Davis-East Bay Oakland. CA James Norman Spychalvkl, M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Family Practice Residency Program Norristown. PA Michael Joseph Steiner. M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics University of North Carolina Hospital Chapel Hill. NC Kent Martin Stephenson, M.D. Internal Medicine The New York Hospital Comell Medical Center New York. NY Jon S. Stivers. M.D. Family Practice Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA David FE Stuhlmiller. M.D. Emergency Medicine Indiana University School of Medicine Indianapolis. IN Viknim Talwor. M.D. Preliminary Surgery University of California Davis-East Bay Oakland. CA Denny Tung, M.D. Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgtoo. PA Joanna Tang, M.D. Family Practice Natividad Medical Center Salmas. CA Mary Anne Tobkin. M.D. Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA Pamela Jean Toomcy. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Michele Renee Troutman. M.D. Psychiatry Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Raymond Hsln-ll Tu, M.D. Internal Medicine University of California Davis-Sacro-memo Sacramento. CARajeah lull. M.l). Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Christopher Paul Vaglia. M.l). Pediatrics Gei'inger Medic.il Ccntci Danville. PA Ravi Kiran Yeenimasiint-ni. M.l). Surgery St. Luke's Hospital Bethlehem. PA Vincent James Verdi, M.l). Preliminary Medicine Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh. PA Year Two Ophthalmology St Francis Medical Center Pittsburgh. PA Panagiotis T. Vlagopoulos, M.l). Internal Medicine University of Massachusetts Programs Worcester. MA Justine Waldman. M.D. Emergency Medicine Alameda Counts Medical Center Oakland, CA MU had William Wcaser, M.l). Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Year Two Neurosurgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Roger II. Weenlg. M.D. Transitional Mayo Graduate Schixil of Medicine Jacksonville, I I. Year Two Dermatology Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Rochester. MN Jeremy Saul Weinberger. M.D. Surgery MeGaw Medical Center Northwestern University Chicago. 1L Scott Lincoln hlttaker, M.l). Internal Medicine University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore. MD Ashley K. Wilson. M.D. Preliminary Surgery University of South Alabama Mobile. AL Christopher L. Wolfgang. M.D.. Ph.D. Surgery Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey. PA Bryan Yuu-Vci Wong. M.D.. Ph.D. Internal Medicine Ness England Medical Center Boston. MA Michael Yuen-Yue Wong. M.D.. Ph.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Carl Mervin Wynter. M.l). Obstetrics-Gynecology Staten Island University Hospital Staten Island. NY IVdram Zendehmuh. M.D.. Ph.D. Surgery Yak-New Haven Hospital Ness Hdsen. CT Naserm Joy ah .ojvsalla. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Pluladclphia. PA Andn-a Zynda-Wiiw M.l). Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Mcmonal Hospital Abington. PA Year Two Neurology L'nivcisity of Rochester Rochester. NYPATRONS ADVERTISEMENTS ftkmni ‘Patrons Denis M. Bane, M.D. '69 Margaret M. Barnes, M.D. '81 Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bernstein '74 Bradford M. Blanchard, M.D. '54 Hugh W. Brallier, M.D. ’74 Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Comerota 74 Stephanie Com, M.D. '86 Elizabeth Sander, M.D. ‘89 and John DiFiori. M.D. '89 John V. Ferrazzano, M.D. '67 Albert J. Finestone, M.D. '45 Paul Jay Fink, M.D. '58 Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gastfriend, M.D. 82 Dr. Anthony R. and Susan K. Giorgio '73 Denise Hartman, M.D. '82 JohnS. Hickey, Jr., M.D. '79 Dr. and Mrs.William M. Hughes, M.D. '48 Herman Hurwitz, M.D. '62 John P. Joyce, M.D. 83 Dr. Harvey and Mrs. Beverly S. Lazofson 62 Steven E. Lipton, M.D. '76 Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Love 70 Joseph F. Lydon, M.D. '47 R. Samuel Magee, M.D. 76 Richard J. Morris, M.D. '55 Dr. Robert and Joan Ostrum '80 Delmo A. Paris, M.D. '46 Kimberly K. Paterson, M.D. '82 Dr. and Mrs. Francis Plucinsky '71 Arthur H. Popkave, M.D. '72 Fred B. Rogers, M.D. '48 Jerome Santoro, M.D. '72 Josepha Seletz '76 King R. Snyder, M.D. '50 Donald J. Rosato, M.D. '59 362Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Aquilina Mark V. Aregratesun David and Shymoi Austin Ann G. Bora Thomas V. Brislin, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Cundy Dr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Dempsey Richard S. Eisenstaedt, M.D. Robert S. Fisher, M.D. Andre and Mimi Giroux Amy J. Goldberg Gloria Greenberg Dr. Peter Gross Donald Jacobs, V.M.D. John O. Kelly, IV, M.D. Rev. and Mrs. James R. and Elizabeth Ann Leaman Dr. and Mrs. Chung Hsiung Lee Sharon and Saul Levy Bennett Lorber, M.D. Jeffrey A. Ellen L. Maddow Drs. Dawn and Allan Marks Paul H. and Betty M. Marsteller Anne O. McCammon Temple University Department of Ophthalmology Helen E. Pearson, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Steven Pickert Carol Solomon and Sal Santelli Dennis M. Scardigli, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Carson D. Schneck Henry Simpkins, Ph.D., M.D. Dr. Maxwell Soloman and Linda Lee Ellen M. Tedaldi, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Prince 363Congratulations to The Class of1998! The Medical Staff of Temple University Children's Medical CenterGamilah Nikiba Johnson Pierre, M.D. You are our pride joy. God planted a seed and allowed us to nurture it. That seed blossomed into a brilliant young woman. That young woman became an exciting, reverent caring person. Through your hard w'ork our prayers w ere answered. and for that, we are grateful. As you daw n your new profession, begin by knowing you are an exceptional young professional, and you will become a great physician. You have a promising future. Daughter, we are proud to call you Doctor Our Love, respect, and support will always be yours. Love Mom £ Dad The Department of Radiology Albert Einstein Healthcare Network Congratulates and Offers Best Wishes to the Class of 1998! BEST WISHES to tk CLASS OP 1998 Primary Care Internal Medicine SCRANTON-TEMPLE RESIDENCY PROGRAM Congratulations to Our Loving granddaughter Gamilah Nikiba Johnson Pierre, M.D. Do all the good you can By all the means you can In all the ways you can In all the places you can At all the times you can To all the people you can For as long as you can. grandma in ‘Memory of grandpa Love grandparents Mr. Mrs. Sidney‘Jo inson 365Congratulations SCOTT MARSTELLER We are very proud of you! AJ A aim-AamiLf Andtf, Ada, Anna, Gaik um, andA.jj. CONGRATULATIONS Robert Steven Gerson, M.D. Your hard work and sacrifices have paid off. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments. Our wish is a future full of happiness and prosperity. 366 Love, Dad, Mom, Nikki and BekkaCongratulations to The Class of 1998! Faculty Staff Department of Neurology Temple University School of Medicine 367Congratulations to a WonderfuC Daughter-in-Law andSister-in-Lazv Kimberly Bridges White, M.D. With Rd Our Love and Pride Monij DadandStaci Congratulations, Daddy! ANDREW PAUL ROCHET, M.D. C ongr atulations to the Class of 1998! N. Cavarocchi, M.D. We are so proud of you! Congratulations to Love, Dre’ and Drew Shane Johnson How proud we are of you and your achievement, knowing the perseverance it took. You have always been a blessing to us. Now you will be a blessing to others. P.S. Mommy says Congrats, too! Our love, Dad and MDXOX 368Congratulations to The Class of 1998! Best Wishes, Health, and Good Luck Always from Helene J. Casselli, M.D. Class of 1978 Temple University School of Medicine I practice in Philadelphia doing Internal Medicine and Rheumatology 369C ongratulations KIMBERLY A. BACON, AID. We are all so very proud of you and your accomplishments! You not only have the necessary in tellect for all of the vast learning to be done over the years, but you also have the unusual ability to stay focused on your goals through self-discipline and a willingness to make the years of countless sacrifices necessary for achievement. The many years of postponing financial gains, of studying rather than indulging in entertainment and fun, of doing without the material niceties of life liave finally paid off. We know the price you've paid and we are so proud of your achievements. Love, Mom, Dad, Kelly, Brian, Michelle Greg Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of '98 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’98! The Hospital A state leader in Surgery, Cardiology. Oncology. Neonatology. Radiology, and Psychiatry. The Opportunities Residency programs in Family Medicine. Obstetrics Gynecology, Diagnostic Radiology. Internal Medicine. Preliminary Medicine, and a transitional program. The Surroundings Located in historic Berks County, combining comfortable suburban living and rural charm with close proximity to major metropolitan areas of the East Coast. Congratulations!!! AMY G. MARTIN, M.D The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Sixth Avenue and Spruce Street. West Reading, PA WbLot e, You , Mont, Bill, Joanne,, 370Philadelphia Geriatric Center is proud to play an important role in training future physicians to care for the elderly ■Philadelphia ■Qefiatfic enter We Congratulate the Class of 1998! 371CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1998 Congratulations John Michael Graham, M.D. On the hard work your degree signifies, and on adding your Department of Physical Medicine intelligence, sensitivity, and tenderness to the healing profession. We look forward to your continuing growth, and wish you fulfillment and joy in your work. Rehabilitation We love you, Mom, Dad, and Peter SHRINERS HOSPITALS for CHILDREN Philadelphia providing “excellence in service” to children and adolescents with orthopaedic disabilities and spinal cord injuries SALUTES The Temple University School of Medicine Class of 1998 OUR CARE IS FREE TO ALL CHILDREN IN NEED! £, Michael Clancy, MD, Chief of Staff 3551 North Broad Street ♦New Location — Philadelphia, PA 191-10 (215) 430-4000 372GREAT GOING JEREMY!! We applaud your determination; congratulations on achieving your goal following the Weinberger Temple Medical tradition. With Love and Unbridled Pride Mom and Dad Audrey Benjamin Bogart im nnb Grandfather Emanuel Milton 1926 Father Malvin 1962 Son Jeremy Saul 1998 Congratulations to: OR 3-5777 OR 3-5778 Marc A. de Moya, M.D. Merin Studios, Inc. of Photography We love you and are very proud!!!! Mom, Bob, Andre and Adriana 2981 GRANT AVENUE Grandma, Grandpa and Family PHILADELPHIA, PA 19114 373COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM Temple University Hospital 374 Temple University Health SystemCongratulations Doctor Morgan Anisa Lowry The knowledge and the training you’ve acquired year by year Are yours to put to use now in a wonderful career We want to say sincerely May the good you’ll surely do in helping others be returned many times to you Morgan, we admire and respect you and are so very proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. (Dad; Mom and Qad 375CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1998 FROM THE FACULTY AND STAFF OF THE DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE Cotyratidations Brian P.R.L. Bora, M.D. With All Our Joy and Love ‘Dad, ‘Mom, ‘Bid, Bob, Dammara, Baofo, Biona Qrandmom Congratulations David P. Furman, M.D. With Love and Pride, Mom and Dad Jeff, Jen, and Deb Popo Designs, Ltd. FINE JEWELRY. DESIGN REPAIR 1520 BETHLEHEM PIKE FLOURTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 19031 TEL: (215) 233-1092 FAX:-1089 376Dr. Raymond Herbert Lewis, Jr. As you receive your M.D. today we. Your Calvary Family, join your parents, relatives and friends in CONGRATULATING you on a job well done. God has blessed you with the gifts of perseverance and diligent academic commitment. In return you have shown faith in Him and belief in yourself — attributes worthy of emulation. "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10 God Bless you. With Love, CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Deaeon Floyd Sudler, Chairman, Deacon Board Congratulations Kim Bridges-White, M.D. We are so proud of you! Wblowyou , Mom, DndomiKemy The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology Congratulates the Class of 1998! Congratulations to The Class of1998! from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Temple University Hospital Raymond Brown, M.D. Linda Chan, M.D. Ashwin Chatwani, M.D. Claro Floro, M.D. Marvin H.T. Grody, M.D. Ozgur Harmanli, M.D. Denise Hartman, M.D. Meena Khandelwal, M.D. Paul Nyirjesy, M.D. E. Albert Reece, M.D. Lauren Plante, M.D. Valerie Whiteman, M.D. 377We’re All Behind You! ROB DUNCHESKIE, M.D. I LOVE YOU! Your passion, tenacity', and work have made this dream a reality Congratulations from Liane and the rest of the Burton-Loew Clan: Pat • Jack • Rob B • Jen • Baby B» Noelle • Don • Adam • Amanda • David • Alex • Danielle • Daralyn Congratulations Pamela J. Toomey, M.D. We're So Proud of You! Love, Mom, Dad AftcIfe family Robert G. Madeira, M.D. Congratulations for hard work toward your goal. You made it and we're proud of you. We'll continue to pray for you. Dad Mom 378Fox Chase Cancer Center and its many excellent physicians, surgeons and scientists... Congratulate Temple University School of Medicine Class of 1998 FOX CHASE CANCER CENTER Cot tman Central Avenue Philadelphia, PA www.fccc.edu 379CONGRATULATIONS!! Jason S. Solomon, M.D. We are all very, very proud of you. With all our love, Mom, Dad, Jeff, Family Friends CONGRATULATIONS CHUKWUMA OBIOMA ONYEWU, MJD. In congratulating you. we want to thank God and you for making us always so proud of you and most of all. for being what you are. We will incessantly follow you with our prayers that God will never abandon you. that He will constantly protect you. guide you and bless you in your work. Mom and Dad Congratulations to Scott L. Whittaker, M.D. from All the Whittakers Congratulations DAVID D. DERR, M.D. We are so proud to have a son like you! We love you, Mom and Dad Fiesta Pizza II, Inc. 5800 Henry Avenue Philadelphia, PA Open 7 Days Eat In —Take Out — Delivery (215)482-15(X) Congratulations to The Class of 1998 and to Congratulations Derek Lane Husmann to All of from The Class of ‘98 Mom and Dad 380Congratulations to the graduating Class of 1998 and Muclv Success in Your Future Endeavors!!! Temple University School of Medicine Student Council Congratulations to Jeffrey F. Augustin, M.D. Congratulations GINA L. ROSE, M.D. from Mom, Dad Family We Are All So Very Proud of All Your Accomplishments! Congratulations to Dr. Kristin Baranko and Dr. Darrell Baranko May you have (he best of luck in both your new lives together and in your new careers. You will make exceptional Doctors. Love, Mary Ellen Kolatis, M.D. TUSM 1997 We love you, Mom, Dad and All Your Family 381Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1998 front the Temple University School of Medicine Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors OFFICERS Charles D. Tourtellotte '57. President Richard P. Albertson '63. President-Elect Stephen R. Pcrmut 72, Vice-President Louis X. Santore '80. Secretaiy Paul R. Hermany '82. Treasurer Kenneth H. Gordon '48. Immediate Past President Leon S. Malmud. M.D.. Dean Richard J. Kozcra, M.D.. Executive Dean ALUMNI DIRECTORS Charles I. Ludivico’70 Richard S. Eisenstaedt.M.D. William R. Bcckwith'64 John H. Martin'58 Robert Krcgcnow '99 E. Howard Bcdrossian'45 James B. McClurken’76 David McGinnis ‘01 Dennis A. Bcrman'77 Richard A. Menin'71 Craig Rubcnstcin '00 Mark P. Brigham'83 Curt D. Miller'79 JoAnna Tang '98 Charles D. Case'88 Mary E. Moorc'67 Robert S. Charles'80 Emily J. Penman'78 EMERITUS DIRECTORS Richard A. Closc'72 Sidney C. Rabin'51 William A. Buchhcit'60 Anthony J. Comerota‘74 W. Gale Reish'68 William H. Coleman'45 Thomas ). Coyle, Ir.'83 Edward J. Rcsnick’5l Dominic S. DeLaurcntis'53 Dorothy G. Dugger'81 Ronald N. Rubin'72 Wm.H. Duncan’59 Booth H. Durham'75 Gene Z. Salkind'79 John H. Hall'41 John H. Esbenshadc Jr.'55 E. Ronald Salvitti'63 Trudeau M. Horrax'46 Albert J. Fincstone'45 Ralph S. Sando'73 Edwin Lautcrbach'46 Edward C. Fischcr'68 Nathan Schnall'47 Walter J. Lcvinsky’45 Anthony R. Giorgio’73 Carson D. Schncck'59 Walter E. Margie Jr.'5l Joyce M W. Grabar’79 Charles R. Shuman'43 Gladys M. Miller'5l Natalie P. Hartcnbaum'85 Donald H. Souilliard‘54 John R. Minehart'35 William C. Hewson'54 Lillian H. Stern'67 Richard C. Putnam'51 Bentley A Hollandcr’65 Frederick P. Sutliff46 Howard F. Warner‘53 Eric K. Holm’69 William S. Tasman'55 Leslie L. Whitney’44 Peggy B Hutson'61 Michael H. Ufbcrg’66 A. Richard Kcndall'56 Audrey B. Uknis'87 STAFF E. James Kohl’66 M. Bruce Viechnicki'66 Harold B Morley. Ph D Gerald M. Lemole’62 Paul L. Weidncr’82 Vice President. Development Gary P. Lengel'76 John R. Walker Joseph B. Lcnnert'73 FACU I.TY STU DENT Acting Director, Development Fraser Lcwis'60 REPRESENTATIVES Giselle H Zayon Kenneth J. Lord’80 Kenneth R. Cundy. Ph.D. Director. Alumni Affairs Michael B. Love'70 Daniel T. Dempsey. M.D. Janninc Z. Medrana Student AssistantC ongratulations LISA RICKETTS-HOLCOMB, M.D. May God direct your pathway for the rest of your life. With all my love, Your Aunt VENA RICKETTS, M.D. In Loving Memory of My Father Despite the “Son Brother” Union's lack of funds. You Did It! We’re So Proud of You! Congratulations Andrew P. Rochet, M.D. £ ctcr J. ftlaroon Love, Mom, Dad. Lo J Fresh. Jam Master Lee J. Brandy, Joe. Armando and Adam Congratulations to DARRELL JOHN BARANKO, M.D. KRISTIN MENCONI-BARANKO, M.D. Christine Maroon, M.D. With Lots of Love and Pride Mom Dad Baranko Family 383(Best Wishes from Our Mouse to 9he Class of 1998 on Jour graduation ‘With Special‘Wishes to Temple Med: graduates Congratulations Avi K. Silber, M.D. We Are Very Proud of You! With All Our Love Mom, Dad, Nancy, Sharon DR. LISA RICKETTS-HOLCOMB May God richly bless you throughout your medical career. We are so very proud of you! Mom and Andrew Xetineth and ‘Elsie CundijCotigratuktiom ‘Dr.Sfirita Love, Colleen, Maura, Colin and Chloe Congratulations Michael Christopher Heeg, M.D. God Bless You Always With The Eye of an Eagle The Heart of a Lion The Hands of a Woman Your Proud Parents Mom Dad 385“More and more I come to value charity and love of one’s fellow being above everything else.” - Albert Einstein The faculty, staff, and administrators of Albert Einstein Healthcare Network are privileged and proud to share in the professional growth of Temple medical students. We wish all of you much success and satisfaction in the years ahead. Ivan H. Gabel Martin Goldsmith Chairman oj the Board of Directors President and Chief Executive Officer Albert Einstein Healthcare Network B5BS3 Gcniui in healthcare ALBERT EINSTEIN MOSSREHAB WILLOWCREST BELMONT GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER BEHAVIORAL HEALTH COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES C l 7 JKV 386CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1998 CLASS OF TEMPLE PHYSICIANS from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Temple University School of Medicine Philip Alburgcr. M.D. Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Easwaran Balasubramanian. M.D. General Orthopaedic Surgery David Clements. III. M.D. Spinal Surgery John Handal, M.D. Trauma Spinal Surgery Norman Johanson. M.D. Arthritis Surgery and Joint Replacement John Kelly. IV. M.D. Sports Medicine. Knee and Shoulder Surgery Scott Kozin. M.D. 1 land Upper Extremity Surgery Stanley Michael, M.D. Joint Reconstruction. Shoulder Surgery and General Orthopaedic Surgery Ray Moyer. M.D. Sports Medicine Edward Resnick. M.D. General Orthopaedics Joseph Thoder. M.D. Hand Upper Extremity Surgery Temple UmveiMiy Hospital • Broad Ontario Streets • Philadelphia. PA • 215-707-2111 Northeastern Hospital • 2301 E. Allegheny Avenue • Philadelphia. PA • 215-291-3777 9331 Old Bustlcton Avenue • Philadelphia. PA • 215-969-9100 220 Commerce Drive • Fort Washington. PA • 215-641-0700 Route 73 Grecntrec Road • Marlton. NJ • 609-596-0906 ASHLEY K. WILSON, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS GINA, Ashley, We are so proud of you! We know you will be a wonderful surgeon. We could not be more proud and you will always have our support Love ya!! Mommy Jimmy, Daddy Gladys, Kendra Adina, Jean Bettye, Leonard James Love, Kayla and Mark 387Looking for a New Apartment? Come Stay at Our Place! Barclay Square Apartments (61(1) 626-2000 Park Lane Last Apartments (610) 259-0000 Delaware (.’minty, PA (1 to 3 bdrm) sm 1 Bdrm from $465 (Eff to 3 bdrm) Lg 1 Bdrm from $499 Free Parking 24 Hour emergency maintenance Cable TV Hookup Walk to Shops Laundry Facilities Feline Friendly CONGRATULATIONS You have earned the right to be called DOCTOR Robert C. Duncheskie With pride and love we stand behind you! Mom, Dad, Stephen, Denise Dave Best of Luck to the Entire Free Gas Heat, Cooking Hot Water Class of 1998! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1998!! MONTGOMERY FAMILY PRACTICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM William H. Rodgers, III, M.D., Director Hazel M. Bluestein, M.D., Associate Director Louis D. Mancano, M.D., Associate Director David S. Fox, M.D., Faculty Associate Thomas C. McGinley, Jr., M.D., Faculty Associate Montgomery Professional Building 1330 Powell Street, Suite 409 Norristown, PA 19401 610-277-0964 388A Residency at Abington? Six Temple grads tell why they chose "Abington combines the variable educational opportunities of a large hospital with a diverse outpatient experience that I was looking for in a Family Practice Residency. Either inpatient or outpatient, I am able to see many diseases in many different psychosocial situations. Also, a friendly approachable staff makes an excellent chance to learn easily." Robert Hermann. M.D., Temple '96 — Family Practice "I chose Abington because it offers the best of both worlds — a community hospital with a strong academic focus. The attendings and other residents arc approachable, dedicated to teaching and providing excellent patient care. The training that I have received has prepared me to practice anywhere." Kristin M. Everett. M.D., Temple '96 — Family Practice “Abington offers an excellent clinical facility with a wide range of teaching cases and the academics of a university program all provided in a friendly community setting." Andrew B. Junkin, D.M.D.. Temple ’97 — Dentistry "If you want a great foundation in OB GYN, Abington is the place. The new LDRP delivery suites allow for state-of-the-art obstetrical training. The strong presence of all of the subspecialiucs plus the absence of Fellows ensures an outstanding surgical and academic experience. Compared to other programs. Abington residents do more hands-on surgery, more high-risk Obstetrics and more Gynecology Plus, the community environment makes residency less a painful rite of passage and more a natural part of your ongoing medical education." Joseph Zcbrowitz, M.D., Temple '94 — OB GYN "Abington Memorial Hospital offers a suburban-based residency which, for me, is the population I intend to serve in the future. There is a strong emphasis on primary care — health maintenance — and patients who are motivated toward that goal. University affiliation allows for exposure to individuals with a wide variety of diagnoses and the opportunity to broaden one's knowledge base following these individuals over time." Barbara Gavin, M.D., Temple ’94 —Internal Medicine "1 chose Abington's Surgical Residency Program because of the program s dedication to turning out well-rounded general surgeons who can compete in practically any field, whether as a well-founded general surgeon or a resident qualified for almost any type of Fellowship. Plus, you have all of the benefits of a large community hospital." Jessica Palumbo, M.D.. Temple '96 — Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital offers — • Level II Trauma Center • Major obstetrical referral center • High lech facilities — MKI. advanced operating suite and critical care units. 3 cardiac catheterization labs. I.e el III NIC! • 11 11 Abington open heart surgical team • Opportunities to join thriving practices in Philadelphia's northern suburbs • Residency programs in: Family Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine )bstcl rics ( • neeology Dentistry Dental Surgery For more information about Abington Memorial Hospital's residency programs, ask your colleagues above or call (2151576-2603. i IsmI Abington Memorial Hospital 1200 Old York Road • Abington. PA 19001SILVESTRI, STEERMAN COHEN SURGICAL ASSOC. General. Vascular, Thoracic. Colo-Rectal and Geriatric Surgery Congratulations Al! After so many years of hard work, you’ve finally made it. We’re so very proud of you. You have proven to us and those around you that you will be an outstanding physician. May God bless you and every decision you make. We love you! Dad, Mom Asbasia ARCHIMEDE J. SILVESTRI, M.D. PAUL H. STEERMAN, M.D. LEONARD II. COHEN, M.D. GARY B. KORUS, M.D. Jrane Phyv Of. Bid . Klein Pn r. Ofc. Bid . KinMrin Tenter One 7500 Central Ave. 2 M 5401 Old York Rd. 503 WHO BuMleton Aw. 306 Philadelphia, PA 19111 Philadelphia. PA 19141 Philadelphia. PA 19115 (215)728-7774 (215)455-1260 (215)728-7774 Fax (215) 722-3893 Mailing Address Family Practice in Pennsylvania? You must see us! The Wtllianwport Hovpital viedical Center family Practice Residency Program offers 7 PGYI position each academic year. Q«xr Ihr UntoftoOi HtorMi m Our fonmun.r, fen tun MmprUl • luqlml, -«■ JW.tr Hu» Jomtn CrrUtr. Ipm ». r—n Hm umivk Hm»n m lrm h f • An,If 1,1.1 .Own. n f about ■rudrnl talnlji tun and inturmatun b» • unro • rwano • MWanAWm ■ laiunn • AiMUrtm . a anal uukil (Mu m him Cmmt fA. -nnj tWUM rd MO MO Or , l»«n. W.U1 H — HuM.m rnun.M M Qu« a •mm • Maaienu (krta n mimmi Oborina tar fur,I. r MT « tlrotur 800-837-2011 0. N. Ambrmr M O Ml «ural Amur WMaimfort. fA I770t 1“--. Susquehanna -Sk Health System lOMi W Ih Wllw ofl »4oap iJ CONGRATULATIONS KASHIFM. MUNIR, M.D. We Are So Proud of You! M e Love You, Mom, Dad, Wuqaas, Sonya, Sadia, Musa 390391Congratulations to The Class of 1998 from the Division of Emergency Medicine Temple University Hospital Congratulations to the Class of 1998 Congratulations Eric B. Sklar, M.D. from We Are So Proud of You! [rjjTi] Jeanes Hospital With Lots of Love, Temple University Worn, Dad, ‘Brian, Sfiana Health System (215)496-0900 FAX (215) 496-0904 ANTHONY R. ANGELO, Presideni ARACOR Search Abstract Services. Inc. One Penn Center 1617 JFK Boulevard - Suite .105 Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 19103 Congratulations to my son Mark. You've worked very hard for this achievement, and your family is very proud of you...Especiallly me! 392 DadDepartment of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1998 Ralph S. Sando, M.D. t.v.m.s. ’73 PHILADELPHIA OPHTHALMOLOGY ASSOCIATES Ralph S. Sando, M.D., Director • Board Certified Wills Eye Hospital Staff Ophthalmologists • Specialists in Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina Refractive Surgery • Eye Exams, Eyeglasses Prescribed, Adult Pediatric Contact Lenses • Postoperative Patients - Second, Third Legal Opinions Welcome • Medicare Accepted. Please Call To See If We Belong To Your HMO • We Participate In Most Insurance Plans. • Flexible Appt. Times PHILADELPHIA (Next to Wills Eye Hospital) 215-627-1515 913 Walnut Street Offices in Bucks County «- Free Parking - ARDMORE (Next to Strawbridge’s) 610-649-7616 100 Church Road 393Best Wishes to the Class of 1998 We enjoyed working with you. The faculty and residents of the Department of Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Lisa B. Wallentstein, M.D. Interim Chairman and Program Director Glenn Eiger, M.D. Assistant Program Director Anne Nolan Academic Coordinator Michael Czarnecki, D.O. Associate Chair and Medicine I Clerkship Director Richard Allman, M.D. FCCII Course Director Tina Phipps, Ph.D. Eth ics Beha vioral Sciences DIVISION HEADS Morris N. Kotler, M.I)., Cardiology Mark Capkin, M.D., (TUSM ‘80)’ General Internal Medicine Santiago Munoz, M.D., Hepatology Rasib M. Raja, M.I)., Nephrology Michael Lippmann. M.I)., Pulmonary Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology Richard Grant, M.I)., Geriatrics Jeffrey Cohn, M.D., Hematology Robert Fischer, M.I)., Infectious Disease William Tester, M.I)., Oncology Larry Brent, M.D., Rheumatology ■ rtf r r hinsteinTo My Family, Kim, Congratulations!! You have achieved this accomplishment through drive and commitment. I admire you, respect you, and am very proud of you. You are my life partner and I look forward to our future! Remember, I love you always, in all ways! Your Husband, Michael Thank you for always being there when 1 needed a helping hand, hugs and kisses, words of encouragement, and a sacred place to regain my sanity! My greatest accomplishment is being able to share my happiness with my family and husband who have helped to make this achievement possible. Lave, Kimmie (I love you Honies!) Congratulations Jodi Besden, M.D. | Congratulations Jodie Besden, M.D. I Am So We are so very proud Proud of You! of you today.... as always! I Love you! —Pumpkin We love you! Grandmom, Grandpop, Mom, Dad and Laurie 395Congratulations to Temple University School of Medicine DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE DAVID EE. STUHLMILLER, M.D. We’re so very proud of you, Doctor!! Congratulations on being the first MD in our family!! Your efforts have already earned you the distinction of being inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. Your many years of hard work are now about to escalate you to a new level in your life, with unique challenges and rewards. Your enthusiasm and high energy will serve you well for the future. Your ability to communicate sincerely and lovingly with persons of all ages will benefit your patients and their families. We pray that God will give you strength and courage as you become His instrument—as He works through your hands to restore health to His children. 396 With all our love : ) Mom, Dad, Mike, Tim KnightCongratulations Class of 1998! from the Dean and His Staff Leon S. Mnlmud. M.D. Dean, Temple University School of Medicine: Vice President. Health Sciences Center: President and Chief Executive Officer. Temple University Health System Richard J. Kozera, M.D. Executive Dean Sally Rosen, M.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ronald Tuma, M.D. Associate Dean for Research Thomas R. Frcitag Associate Dean for Administration Gerald Sterling. Pit.I). Assistant Dean for Medical Education Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Albert A. Lamperti, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Audrey Uknis, M.D. Assistant Dean of Admissions Joseph J. Kuhacki, M.D. Assistant Dean for Medical Affairs Robert Smedley, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education William F. Schulze Assistant Dean at Albert Einstein Medical Center Sandra McDade Director of Business Affairs. Health Sciences Center Virginia Morris Administrator for Planning and Facilities Management M. Judith Russo Administrative Director. Office of the Dean Mark-Alien Taylor Director of Library Sen-ices. Health Sciences Center Carol Cochran Associate Director. Primary Care Institute Robert Yillier Director of Public Relations. Health Sciences Center John R. Walker Acting Director. Development Office Peter Walsh, M.D., Ph.D. Director. M.D. Ph.D. Program Giselle Zayon Director of Alumni Affairs Gregory Zimmaro Senior Administrator Gloria Greenberg Administrative Coordinator 397PUB "Sports Bar" Main Street Manayunk Ladies Night— Tuesdays Lisa Ricketts-Holcomb, M.D. What’s in a name? What your heart and mind have melded over the long seconds of just a few years. 126230400. 126230399. 126230398. 126230397 a hyphen. 126230396. 126230395, 126230394. 126230393 coupled weekends copper wire twistedpair 126230392. 126230391 ...8. 7. 6. 5. a title, prefix, suffix, initials. 4,3,... end a name begin a life. 2....1____ We did it Or. darling. GOOD LUCK TEMPLE MEDICAL! Ola of 199S 398 ARENAS PUB RESTAURANT 3521 BOWMAN STREET PHILA. PA. 19129 215-438-1500( ) ST. CHRISTOPHER’S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN From the Medical Staff of St. Christopher’s Hospital for ChildrenTo: Robert Lee Roosevelt Gibbs, M.D. Congratulations On Your Success! Mom, Patricia Gibbs....Proudly Love Always, Lawrence Gibbs Larry Gibbs Richard Gibbs Aunt Joyce Thomas Uncle Clarence Gaymon Uncle Janies Gaymon and Family Grandmom, Gladys Cherry God Bless You!!!GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1998 INDEPENDENCE PLAZA APARTMENTS 3120 School House Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144 km mm GOLDEN CHINA WOK RESTAURANT Eat In Take Out Orders Top 10 Things You’ll Miss About Temple TEL.: (215) 225-7888 3447 Germantown Ave.. Phila.. PA 19140 (behind Temple University Hospital, comer of Tioga St. Germantown Ave.) 1. Parking in the hood. 2. Behavioral Science class. Special Luncheon 3. The Climate Changes in Kresge A. 10:30-3:00 PM Daily from $2.30 and up 4. Noise from classmates in the hark row during lecture. Congratulations to The Class of1998! Thanks to everyone for all the support, especially Gerry, Pat. Chris. James. 5. Waiting at Student Health for your PPD. 6. ‘‘Truck” food. 7. The Vascular Surgery Rotation in 3rd year. 8. Playing video games in SFC. 9. The Bed Tape Express. 10. Filling out emergency loan forms. and the rest of the crew. Mark Angelo 401Congratulations to the Class of1998! Good Luck and Best Wishes for a happy and rewarding career in medicine. The SKULL 1998 Staff 402SKULL 1998 STAFF Editor-in-Chief...........................................................Sheila Nolan Student Life Editor............................................Robert Duncheskic Senior Page Editors..............................................Kimberly Bacon Margaret Meyer Lucia Chen Layout Editors..............................................................Raaj Amin Dave Chang Ted McGonigle Business Editor.....................................................Nicole Gross Staff....................................................Jodi Besden. Song Chin. Valerie Green. Shane Johnson. Jason Kim. Randall Nacamuli. Nikki Pierre. Lisa Ricketts-Holcomb, Vikram Taiwan Joanna Tang, Justine Waldman Senior Portraits Developing..................................Merin Studios. Inc. Typesetting Management.................................................Cheryl Arthur Advisor...........................................................Kenneth Cundy Publisher..............................................Cooke Publishing Company 403 Dr. Kenneth Cundy Ms. Chery l ArthurSheila and Margaret releasing tension: “Fins to the right” Kim and Rob at Arena's The best way to raise funds 404“How many more pages. Sheila?" “Don't ask, just keep working!" To the Class of 1998: Four years ago we sat in the student faculty center nervous and excited, wondering what was in store for us. How- would we cope with the long hours of studying? Would someone pass out on the first day of gross anatomy? How do we learn to talk to patients? What do they mean by “pimped"? Why do we have to be so quiet for the seniors? And what arc "the boards"? Well, now we know the answers to all those questions and many more. Together we have learned an exorbitant amount of information, (forgotten it. relearned it), shared many unforgettable experiences, and created many lasting friendships. We worked hard, but we played hard too! Over the past four years at Temple, there have been many memorable moments. In the 1998 SKULL, we have attempted to capture some of these memories and hopefully, have created a book that will serve as a fond reminder of our years at Temple. Countless hours have been spent in producing this yearbook, and I would like to thank everyone who participated. Thank you to the entire 1998 staff for all your time and effort, every contribution whether it be selling hoagies or sweatshirts, taking pictures, designing layouts or coming up with captions, was greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank the senior page editors, my roommates, who kept things under control while 1 went to Ireland. And a special thanks to Rob Duncheskie. w ho continually reminded me that putting the yearbook together was fun! Thank you to our advisor. Kenneth Cundy. Ph D., for your help and guidance: our typesetter. Cheryl Arthur, for being an invaluable resource, designing wonderful advertisements, and so much more; the Dean’s Office, for fielding phone calls, collecting pictures, distributing sweatshirts, and more; and Merin Studios for the outstanding photography services and materials. A very special thanks to Lisa Naab and the entire staff at Cooke Publishing for your thorough instruction, endless patience, wonderful designs and constant support. Thank you to the parents, faculty, friends and businesses whose financial contributions helped to make our book possible. Congratulations. Doctors! I wish each of you in the Class of 1998 much happiness and success as you begin your medical careers. Good luck! ✓ 405TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MEDICAL SERVICES Discharge Instructions Name: Qp I QtyQ_______________________________ Diagnosis:________________OYl____________________________________ Date: ? [ Z _________________________________________________ Completion of Four Years of Med School T J Keep the wound clean and dry. After two days, wash gently with soap and water two times every day. Remove the dressing after one full day. Apply a clean dressing twice a day. Change the dressing if it becomes dirty or wet. Keep area raised whenever possible to make the swelling go down and the pain go away. Keep a cold beer on ice whenever possible to make the swelling go down and the pain go 3WEy If you have pain, take as follows: every if hp22r Vacation Before Internship I Do not drink any alcohol, wine or beer. Drink without hesitation any alcohol, wine, beer. Come back to Temple right away if you have any problems: A very bad headache that will not stop. ♦A lot of vomiting. (Much more than your usual hangover.) ♦Fits, seizures or convulsions. (Everyone should know these arc one and the same.) ♦Change in mental status. ♦An urge to crack open the of Netter. Catch some rays, so you will not be so pasty for the remainder of your summer indoors. Stock up on those benzos for that first night pre-call.Internship J Drink plenty of fluids: hydration is the key to avoiding the on-call headache. J_ Eat bland food; stay away from foods that are spicy, fatty or fried. They will haunt you as you complete that ninth admission at four A.M. I 1 I I Change your return address labels to the call room at the hospital which you share with ten other guys in scrubs who haven’t showered or shaven for days. Learn to ignore that beeper. Learn to sleep with your eyes and ears open. Read every night. Read when you get ten minutes to yourself. At a cardiac arrest, the first procedure is to take your own pulse. FOLLOW-UP CARE Call your mother every other day. Call the following phone number(s) to schedule an appointment pm: ____ Broad Street Eddie’s 1-900-CHEAP-SUDS ____ Cardiology 1-900-LUB-DUBB ____ Ear, Nose and Throat 1 -900-SAY-AIIIII1 ____ Eyes 1-900-RED EYES ____ Family Planning 1-900-YEA-RIGHT ____ Gastroenterology 1-900-IRR-BOWEL ____ Moffin’s 1-900-SALAMI ____ Plastic Surgery 1-900-NLP-N-TUCK ____ Reunions 1-900-GLORIA! Important: Come hack if you pass out at three codes in a row, get kicked out for illegal activities, or forget the brachial plexus. At the end of your internship, we will call you and give you the remainder of your fourth year grades since you did not get them upon graduation despite the threats from the Deans Office. And remember, you are a Temple Grad. See one. do one. teach one. I have read and understand these instructions explained to me. I will follow these instructions as advised. I have received a copy of these instructions. — _________________ vVT ------- d.icuJ— op _________________ Physician or Nurse Graduate‘The Hippocratic Oath May 21,1998 do solemnly swear by that which 1 hold most sacred: That 1 will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; (Jhat I will lead my life andpractice my art in uprightness and honor; That into whatsoever house 1 shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sich to the utmost of my power, I holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, andfrom the tempting oj others to vice; That I willexercise my art solelyfor the cure of my patients, and unit give no drug, perform no operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited; •That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of others which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise. As I am faithful to this my oath may happiness and good repute be ever mine. The opposite if shall be for- sworn.For Reference Not to be taken from this library i Temple University Health Sciences Center Library w«;o

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