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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HfeALTH SCIENCES LIBP. ACTIVITIES — 98 — DEDICATION — 4 — CLINICAL — 36 — ADMINISTRATION -10- SENIORS — 104 — PRE-CLINICAL — 14 — ADVERTISERS - 290 - RESIDENCIES — 265 — CONTENTSDAVID S. SMITH, M.D. David S. Smith. Professor of Pediatrics, has been associated with Temple medical students in various capacities since 1949. He is one of the rare attendings who spends a great deal of time with the students. In addition to morning and attending rounds, lie spends extra time with his students to review significant findings and Interesting cases. In recognition of his outstanding educational abilities. Dr. Smith won the Golden Apple Teaching Award in 1967. 1985, and 1989. David Smith was bom on June 29. 1921 in Ipswich. Massachusetts, the son of a dentist. He attended Dartmouth college for both his undergraduate degree and his first two years of medical school. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1944. and completed a rotating internship at Rhode Island Hospital in 1945. He declined an attractive anesthesiology residency to enter the United States Naval Reserve, where he served in the Pacific Theater. Upon his return to the United States. Lieutenant-Commander (later Commander) Smith was stationed in Williamsburg. Virginia, where he met Dr. Tyson, the father of his medical school roommate and the head of Pediatrics at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. Dr. Tyson convinced Dr. Smith to come to Philadelphia upon conclusion of his active service. Once in Philadelphia. Dr. Smith completed a residency in neonatology at Pennsylvania Hospital, followed by a residency in pediatrics at St. Christopher's. Dr. Smith continued his training at the Philadelphia Hospital for Contagious Diseases, where he spent one year. In 1949. Dr. Waldo Nelson. Professor of Pediatrics at Temple, appointed Dr. Smith director of outpatient services at St. Christopher's . Unfortunately. the salary was insufficient to support Dr.A gentleman Smith has served on numerous committees within the University, the Hospital and other civic organizations. As befits an educator of his stature. Dr. Smith Is a member of numerous medical societies. Including Alpha Omega Alpha, the Legion of Honor of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains. Alpha Kappa Kappa and the very exclusive Pediatric Travel Club. He has authored chapters in many books, as well as numerous articles. For the Smith s growing family and he was forced into private practice. He did. however, maintain academic tics to Temple. In 1966 Dr. Smith returned to St. Christopher's as Director of Inpatient Services and was appointed Associate Professor in Pediatrics at Temple. Since that time, he has served as Acting Medical Director and Acting Chair of Pediatrics. Dr. Smith currently serves as Deputy Chair of Pediatrics as well as Director of Medical Education. In addition. Dr. St. Chris Internpast nineteen years, he has served as an associate editor of the Journal of Pediatrics . He Is an active member of both the National Board of Medical Examiners and the examining body of the American Board of Family Practice. The proud father of three and grandfather of seven, he has been described by his students as clever, witty and warm. He always has a story to tell and the time to tell it. One of his most popular tales concerns the occasion on which he and Dr. Nelson were stuck in an overheated car. Dr. Nelson Insisted that Dr. Smith climb up and down a river The Smith Clan embankment to fill a beer can with water for the radiator. Tills year. Dr. David Smith is retiring after many years of service to Temple and St. Christopher's. It is not only the length of Dr. Smith's service that is remarkable howevcr.but also his exceptional talents and dedication as teacher, scientist and friend that have left their mark on generations of Temple students. As one former student said, ‘his was one of the greatest medical services of our time." David and Eleanor in AlaskaCarson Schneck. M.D. OND C.TRUE anatomy RY-CONFERFVrF Bennett Lorber. M.D. HOODEDS Concetta Harakal. Ph.D. Pen-Mlng Ming. M.D.1991 SKULL YEARBOOK Luis A. Pagan-Carlo EditorinChief Greg S. Whorral John Yclclck Photography Editor Financial Editor Mitchell Cohen Denise Fitzpatrick Layout Editor Associate Editor Staff Jodi Shucker Rita Reichard Denise Schambron-Cooper E. Scott Palmer Thomas Lafferty Photographers Frederick Burton Renee Glass Daniel Frowhcln Heron Rattray Robert Stein Daniel Woolley Art Scott Sher This 67th edition of The Skull is meant as a scrapbook of our four years in medical school. It is not meant as an historical account of Temple University School of Medicine and yet in some ways it probably is. As individuals, most of us have experienced changes in our lives, some unexpected and some planned. In this same period. TUSM has undergone substantial changes as well. Since we arrived in September 1987. there have been four Deans of the medical school (Drs. Goldberg. Baum. Kozera. Myers). The Skin and Cancer Hospital closed, and the section of Dermatology became a subdivision of Internal Medicine. At the old Skin and Cancer Hospital we saw the opening of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the only one of its kind in the city. Temple became the largest heart transplant center on the east coast, and when we set foot on campus in September 1987. the old hospital was gone. In addition, we were the last class to do our Pediatric rotation at the old St. Chris at 5th and Lehigh, and the first class to witness the opening of the new St. Chris. On a bigger scale, during the past four years we saw the Cold War end and a new era between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. begin. We saw the Berlin Wall come down. We have lived through Philadelphia's near-bankruptcy and the Temple strike and we have seen the country go to war in Kuwait. The crew that put this book together can be counted on one hand, and yet the number of people that helped indirectly is fairly large. To all those who helped in some way but are not mentioned directly-thank you. Many thanks also go to: the financial supporters, without whom there would be no book, including alumni, faculty and affiliates-you come through year after year; Mary. Sharon. Margaret. Gloria and Sandy, for putting up with me this past year and helping me out: Drs. Rosen and Kozera for their help and support: Medical Communications staff, specifically Cheryl. Stan and Otto: The Skull staff: John who stuck with this production under the most adverse conditions, a testament to his character: and finally Greg for coming through when needed, but most of all for arguing with me when he thought I was wrong. The class of 1991 has taken a certain amount of pride in "rocking the boat." Rest assured the production of this yearbook was nothing short of that. We have accumulated four years of good and bad experiences, not surprising with all the changes around us. A great deal has been learned about our character as individuals, by ourselves and by our classmates. Now. we will be part of Temple's short and diverse history. We have chosen to dedicate this yearbook to Dr. David S. Smith (a man who has dedicated more than thirty years to Temple medical students) in this way tying ourselves to the past. It has been an interesting four years. Good Luck!! _ , _ _ J —Luis Pagan-Carlo 8 ----Skull StaffSkull Staff----9Administration Vice President, Health Sciences Center Leon S. Malmud. M.D. Dean and Associate Vice President, HSC Allen R. Myers. M.D. Senior Associate Dean Richard J. Kozera. M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum William E. Barry. M.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Sally Rosen. M.D. Assistant Dean Director of Recruitment. Admissions and Retention Charles S. Ireland. Jr. Assistant Dean for Tern pie Einstein Medical Center William F. Schulze. MA Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Dawn Marks. Ph.D. Leon S. Malmud. M.D. Vice President Health Sciences Center Acting Chair. Radiology Allen R. Myers, M.D. Dean and Associate Vice President. HSC Richard J. Kozera. M.D. Senior Associate Dean 10 AdministrationWilliam E. Barry. M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum Dr. Dawn Marks Assistant Dean Graduate Studies Dr. Moses Williams Louis Riley. M.D. Director of Admissions Assistant to Dean Minority Affairs and Student Activities Administration---- 11Dr. Sally Rosen. Assistant Dean Student Affairs Gloria doing what she does best. • 12---AdministrationDorothy Dennison. Dr. Ronald Tuma. Alumni Ajfairs Assistant Dean of Admissions Margaret McChesney Administration---- 13 -Anatomy And Cell Biology Mark Black. Ph.D. Albert Lamperti. Ph.D. Thomas Marino, Ph.D. J. Patterson McAllister. Ph.D. Stuart Moss. Ph.D. Patricia Olds-Clarke. Ph.D. Joanne Orth. Ph.D. Brett Oxberry. Ph.D. Laurie Paavola, Ph.D. Helen Pearson. Ph.D. Steven Phillips. M.D. Steven Popoff. Ph.D. Carson Schneck. M.D. Marvin SodicoiT. Ph.D. J. Robert Troyer. Ph.D. John Way. Ph.D. t Dr. Marino — give us a quick review of the aortic arches. The many “flavors" of Dr. Phillips. The man.the legend. Dr. Schneck. 16---AnatomyAs the night follows the day . . . Dr. Way. WORD GAME Today’s Word-THALAMUS (THAL-uh-mus. A part of the brain through which sensory impulses travel to the cerebral cortex.) Averag mark—25 words. Time limit—45 minutes. Cat) you find 38 or more words of four or more letters in THALAMUS? The list will be published tomorrow. n-is Yesterday’s Word—Thalamus talus alms lath mush slat thus alum lush must slum tush amah lust ulama slut halt asthma malt salt smalt haroal atlas mash sault smut haul lama mast sham stum hula lash math shut 'alas last maul slam ui« Anatomy--- 17 —Dr. Mark Black March 5. 1984: After several months. I now feel that these strange little rodents have finally accepted me os one of their own. Dr. McAllister giving his Lycra shorts a rest. — 18---AnatomyDr. Laurie Paavola Dr. Marvin Sodicoff Anatomy--- 19 -Dr. Dawn Marks David Ash. Ph.D. Andrei Budzynski. Ph.D. J. Kenneth Hoober. Ph.D. Edward Kirby. Ph.D. Dawn Marks. Ph.D. Warren Masker. Ph.D. Ronald Pleringer. Ph.D. C. Richard Savage. Ph.D. Colleen Smith. Ph.D. Robert Suhadolnik. Ph.D. Dr. Hoober, relaxing after a high glucose load. BiochemistryDr. Smith. "Where do Dunkin Munchkins enter the Kreb Cycle?" Andrei Budzynski. Ph.D. Biochemistry----21 —Dr. Dianne Soprano 22 BiochemistryDr. Ash explains how medical students metabolize ethanol. Biochemistry----23 —Dr. Ron Tuma Jacquclynn Cook. Ph.D. Steven Driska, Ph.D. James Heckman. Ph.D. Lyle Horn. Ph.D. Steven Houser. Ph.D. Peter Lynch. Ph.D. John Martin. Ph.D. Eileen Mulligan. Ph.D. Stefan Nicwiarowski. M.D. Charles Philips. MSE James Ryan. Ph.D. Thomas Shaffer. Ph.D. Ronald Tuma. Ph.D. Michael Wang. Ph.D. Roy White. Ph.D. Dr. Lynch back at sea level. 24 PhysiologyDr. Michael Wang Dr. Steven Houser Dr. Steven Driska Dr. James Ryan Physiology----25Renato Baserga. M.D. Joseph Baum. Ph.D. Bruno Calabretta. M.D. Eli Canaani. Ph.D. Nahum Duker. M.D. Pamela Edmonds. M.D. I. Bruce Elfenbein. M.D. Bruce Goldman. M.D. Eugene HoenJg. M.D. Kenneth Llpsun. Ph.D. W. Edward Mercer. Ph.D. Pen-Ming Ming. M.D. Si Chun Ming. M.D. James Paulson. M.D. Paul Putong. M.D. Sally Rosen. M.D. Francesca Ruggiero. M.D. Chik-Kwun Tang. M.D. John Wurzel. M.D. Dr. Chik-Kwun Tang Dr. Eugene Hoenig - 26---PathologyDrs. Ming and Ming — Tag Team Pathologists Dr. Edmonds has an eye for the microscope. Dr. Renato Baserga. Chairman Dr. John Wurzel Pathology----27 —Kenneth Blank. Ph.D. Susan Bock. Ph.D. Helen Buckley. Ph.D. Walter Ceglowski. Ph.D. Yung-Wu Chen. Ph.D. Kenneth Cundy. Ph.D. Lolita Danco-Moore. Ph.D. Toby Eiscnstein. Ph.D. Earl Henderson. Ph.D. Michael Higgins. Ph.D. David Mosser. Ph.D. Patrick Piggot. Ph.D. Thomas Rogers. Ph.D. Gerald Shockman. Ph.D. Kenneth Soprano. Ph.D. Allan Truant. Ph.D. Leonard Zubrzycki. Ph.D. IT f Dr. Patrick Piggot - 28----Immunology MicrobiologyDr. Blank demonstrates budding reproduction. Dr. Zubrzycki Slngle-c«ii sitcoms Dr. Helen Buckley Immunology Microbiology----29 -•un-oh Dr. Higgins — “It's a toss up between Necator Americanus and Ancylostoma Duodenale." Dr. Henderson — “It's all in the gram stain, Dude." Dr. Kenneth Soprano — 30----Immunology MicrobiologyDr. Thomas Rogers. Dr. Walter Ceglowski Dr. Yung-Wu Chen Birds of a feather flock together — Luis and Dr. Cundy. Immunology Microbiology----31 -Martin Adler. Ph.D. Barrie Ashby. Ph.D. Alan Cowan. Ph.D. James Daniel. Ph.D. Concetta Harakal. Ph.D. Lee Yuan Liu-Chen. Ph.D. James McElligott. Ph.D. Leon Salganicoff. D.Sc. J. Bryan Smith. Ph.D. Gerald Sterling. Ph.D. Ronald Tallarida. Ph.D. George VanRossum. Ph.D. Dr. Harakal demonstrating the positive effects of Pharmacology. — 32----PharmacologyDr. Leon Salganicoff Dr. Black — “Did you attend any of my lectures?” Pharmacology---- 33 —Bye-bye Dr. Baxter Primary Care Clinical Decision Making M. Donald Baxter. M.D. John Fryer. M.D. John Benson. M.D. David Gary Smith. M.D. FAMILY PRACTICE COMMUNITY HEALTH James MacBride, M.D. Dr. David Gary Smith, General Internal Medicine Ethics, Primary Care ---Clinical Decision Making Primary CareThe always entertaining Dr. Benson Behavioral Science Behavioral MedicineCLINICAL UrrttoQ ■■■■■Neil Brister. M.D. Christer Carlsson. M.D. Ansuya Chatwani. M.D. Suzane Cooper. M.D. Joseph Filler. M.D. Nancy Kcncpp. M.D. Russell Levin. M.D. Timothy O'Grady. M.D. Joseph Onishchuk. D.O. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Scott Schartel. D.O. Woodrow Wcndling. M.D. Dr. Wendling says “Keep things simple, remember the 10 p's of axillary nerve block!" - — 38-----AnesthesiologyDr. Scott Schartel Dr. Joseph Filler Dr. Kenepp. “What do you mean the patient's waking up." Dr. Gary Atkinson Anesthesiology----39 -Imaging Locke Barber. D.O. Akbar Bonakdarpour. M.D. Dina Caroline. M.D. N. David Charkes. M.D. Mary Fisher. M.D. Arnold Friedman. M.D. Evan Geller, M.D. Marjorie LazofT, M.D. Anna Lev-ToalT. M.D. Te-Hua Liu. M.D. Michael Love. M.D. Leon Malmud. M.D. Alan Maurer. M.D. Mohammed Mcsgarzadeh. M.D. Charles Mulhern. M.D. Paul Radecki. M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. Francis Shea. M.D. Jeffry Siegel. Ph.D. Theodore Villafana. Ph.D. Richard Vitti, M.D. Marvin Ziskin. M.D. Dr. Francis Shea Dr. Maiy Fisher 40----Diagnostic ImagingAnother “lovely radiologist — Dr. Love. Dr. Paul Radecki Dr. Te-Hua Liu Dr. Mauer aglow after a hard day in Nuclear Medicine. Diagnostic Imaging----41 -Medicine Margaret Donohoe. M.D. Glenn Freas. M.D. Katherine Heilpem, M.D. Justin Kaplan. M.D. Frederic Kauffman. M.D. Brenda Lapinski. M.D. Angela Lui. M.D. Ira Smith. M.D. Jerry Zuckerman. M.D. Dr. Frederick Kauffman Emergency Medicine“Honey, I told you not to call me at work." Dr. Freas “No ancillaiy staff, but damn good coffee." Emergency Medicine--43Dr. Sidney M. Cohen, Chairperson Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Richard Berkowitz, M.D. Sidney Cohen. M.D. Richard Eisenstaedt. M.D. Ronald Rubin. M.D. Dr. Ronald Rubin. Deputy Chairperson Department of Medicine — 44------Internal MedicineMedicine Alfred Bove. M.D. Susan Brozena, M.D. James Burke. M.D. Daniel Contrafatto. M.D. Ezra Deutsch. M.D. Christopher Hansen. M.D. Steven Heilbrunn. M.D. Mariell Jessup. M.D. Michael McDonough. M.D. loannis Panidis. M.D. Pia Pollack. M.D. Andrew Smith. M.D. Howard Warner. M.D. David Wiener. M.D. Drs. Brozena and Weiner. Doctors with Heart. Cardiology----45Medicine Endocrinology Metabolism E. Victor Adlin. M.D. Guenther Boden. M.D. Bertram Channick. M.D. James Hays. M.D. Allan Marks. M.D. Charles Shuman. M.D. “Sugar Charlie" Shuman Dr. Allan Marks Dr. Taron Ray Dr. Victor Adlin 46----EndocrinologyMedicine Martin Black. M.D. Marla Dabezies. M.D Robert Fisher. M.D. Benjamin Krevsky. M.D. Carrie Ogorek. M.D. Henry Parkman. M.D. “Tell me what you know about the liver!" Dr. Martin Black Dr. Marta Dabezies “Name the structure." Dr. Robert Fisher Dr. Benjamin Krevsky Gastroenterology----47 —Medicine General Internal Medicine Laurie Bridgcr. M.D. David Brody. M.D. Mary Dampier, M.D. Diane Dictzen, M.D. Abby Huang. M.D. David Karras. M.D. Debra LeLzman. M.D. Yolanda Mapp. M.D. David Smith. M.D. Ellen Tedaldi. M.D. Dr. David Gary Smith Dr. David Brody Dr. Ellen Tedaldi .— 48------General Internal MedicineMedicine Hematology Oncology ----49 —Medicine Infectious Disease Peter Axelrod. M.D. Thomas Fekete. M.D. Bennett Lorber. M.D. Byungse Suh. M.D. Robert Swenson. M.D. Dr. Thomas Fekete "So you're the one who's causing all those nosocomial infections!" Smiles are contagious. — 50 Infectious DiseaseMedicine -Walt a minute here, Mr Crumbtey. .. Maybe H Uni kidney stone after a " Dr. Robert Narins Dr. Louis Riley Christine Bastl. M.D. Martin Goldberg. M Michael Heifets. M. Gollapudi Krishna. Robert Narins. M.D. Louis Riley. M.D. Gerrl Schulman. M.D. Drs. Krishna. Heifets. Schulman. Goldberg Nephrology---- 51 - sPtMedicine Pulmonary Gerard Criner. M.D. Stanley Fiel, M.D. Steven Kelsen, M.D. Robert KotlofT. M.D. Friedrich Kueppers. M.D. Issam Mardini. M.D. Paul Richman. M.D. Dr. Gerard Criner Dr. Stanley Fiel "Need $100? — have I got an offer for you." 52----Pulmonary MedicineDr. Douglas Conaway Dr. Tourtellotte. “Let's get a sed rate and consider steroids.” Rheumatology----Neurology H. Branch Coslett, M.D. Guillermo DeLeon. M.D. Stasha Gominak, M.D. Jeffrey Greenstein. M.D. Dara Jamieson. M.D. Ramon Manon-Espaill. M.D. Mark Moser. M.D. Eleanor Saffran. Ph.D. Dr. Greenstein, “Do you really know how to check Cranial Nerves IX and X?" Dr. Mark Moster Dr. Dara Jamieson 54----NeurologyObstetrics Dr. Ashwin Chatwani Margot Bradley. MSN Ashwin Chatwani. M.D. Marvin Grody. M.D. Parviz Hanjani. M.D. Abraham Munabi. M.D. Allan Nachlis. M.D. Barbara Wesley. M.D. James Young. M.D. Dr. Terry Grody Dr. Parviz Hanjani Obstetrics Gynecology 55 -Psychiatry M. Louis Ascher. Ph.D. Philip Band. M.D. John Benson. M.D. Allan Cristol. M.D. Kenneth Draper. M.D. John Fryer, M.D. Alan Goldstein. Ph.D. John Harding. M.D. Louis Harris. M.D. Marie Mignogna. M.D. Donald Overton, Ph.D. Kevin Riley. Ph.D. Richard Roemer. Ph.D. Barry Shmavonlan, Ph.D. Roy Steinhouse. M.D. Roy Stem. M.D. John Thomas. M.D. Carol Tosone. M.S. Ralph Turner, Ph.D. Dr. John Benson H. Burr Eichelman 56----PsychiatryDr. Marie Mignogna Dr. Allan Cristol Dr. John Fryer Dr. John Harding Psychiatry----57 —Rehabilitation Medicine James Demopoulos. M.D. Stephen Gaspar, M.D. Laura Jacobs. M.D. Nathaniel Mayer. M.D. Dr. James Demopoulos — 58 Physical Medicine and RehabilitationGeneral 483 Wallace P. Ritchie,M.D.,PhD. , Chairman Francis Au. M.D. Patricia Bailey. M.D. Robert Buckman. M.D. Anthony Comerota. M.D. Daniel Dempsey. M.D. Anthony Gennaro, M.D. Julieta Grosh. M.D. Robert Harwick. M.D. Willis Maier, M.D. Wallace Ritchie. M.D. John White. M.D. PLASTIC SURGERY Amitabha Mitra. M.D. Surgery---- 59 -"There are only two indications not to perform a rectal exam ..." —IV .-V I 1. iVaiiltkinil ruint Dr. John White — 60-----General SurgeryCalculations by phone — a trauma patient's fluid deficit. Dr. Dempsey Dr. Anthony Comerota - General Surgery---61Neurosurgery David Andrews. M.D. William Buchheit. M.D. Paul Kanev. M.D. Robert Rosenwasser. M.D. Raymond Truex, M.D. yoo am cam AV. PR uaRm IS Id PtMicftiv KUA5 The FKTlcNT A' MB C 1 u 'XT? E X ] k Drs. Andrews and Buchheit 62----NeurosurgeryTTT rnpaior. GO MAY. ncaote'ctM. ? Ophthalmology Guy Chan. M.D. James Cristol. M.D. Lois Marlyn, M.D. Nongnart Romayananda. M.D. Stephen Wong. M.D. Dr. Cristol. Dr. Romayanada. Dr. Chan. Dr. Wong Ophthalmology----63Orthopedic Surgery Philip Alburgcr, M.D. Randall Betz. M.D. Robert Campo. Ph.D. Michael Clancy. M.D. David Clements. M.D. Norman Johanson. M.D. Paul Marchetto. M.D. Ray Moyer, M.D. Theodore Quedcnfeld. M.Ed. Edward Resnick. M.D. Dr. David Clements Dr. Edward Resnick Dr. Randall Betz A t. MU SMUT exCAAW, f r me Mth £Ztc3 . urs COUNT £» Off. one. POC? r c m e. POC ' WHO SAP TM im mr r A' Mce" MB wtee.KrtH my oop. i me tmer CAtiOHU. AW.. 64----Orthopedic SurgeryDr. Mohr ready for some T A (tonsils and adenoids, that is). Otorhinolaryngology---- 65 —Philip Karaftn. M.D. A. Richard Kendall. M.D. Hyman Rabinovitch. M.D. Edward J. Scidmon Dr. Kendall explains, "Don’t worry, it happens to 10% of us sooner or later." 66----UrologyCardiothoracic Jeffrey Alpem. M.D. Jacob Kolff. M.D. James McClurken. M.D. Dr. Paul Addonizio “And now it's Miller time." Dr. Alpem 'OK. Wiillomv wo-!) vole... how many heie say me heort has foot chombonT V Dr. James McClurken Cardio-Thoracic Surgery---- 67 -4Pediatrics Gity Banan, M.D. Paula Braverman. M.D. Lillian Chin. M.D. Mary Cote. M.D. Mark Joffe. M.D. Charles Oradal. M.D. Charles Reed. M.D. David Smith. M.D. Pensri Wanglee. M.D. PEDIATRICS Iain Black. M.D. Adamadia DeForest. Ph.D. Joseph Kubacki. M.D. James Wiley. M.D. INFECTIOUS DISEASE Margaret Fisher. M.D. Sarah Long. M.D. IMMUNOLOGY Omar Bagasra. M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D. PULMONARY Julian Allen. M.D. Brad Alpert. M.D. Howard Panitch. M.D. Daniel Schidlow. M.D. RADIOLOGY Marie Capitanio. M.D. Eric Faerber. M.D. Margaret Gainey. M.D. S. Bruce Greenberg. M.D. Eleanor Smergel. M.D. Barbara Wolfson. M.D. HEMATOLOGY Carlton Dampier. M.D. Gregory Halligan. M.D. Yamaja Setty. Ph.D. Marie Stuart. M.D. Robert Wimmer. M.D. This came out of whose tennis shoes? NEUROLOGY Catherine Foley. M.D. Warren Grover. M.D. Tatiana Kudijvacev. M.D. Agustln Legido, M.D. Daniel Miles. M.D. PEDIATRICS ALLERGY Edward Hein. M.D. PediatricsNEPHROLOGY J. Hobart Baluarte. M.D. Bruce Kaiser. M.D. Martin Polinsky, M.D. Seth Schulman. M.D. NEONATOLOGY Maijorie Curtis-Cohen. M.D. Helena Friss. M.D. Leonard Goldsmith. D.O. Jay Greenspan. M.D. James Kirk. D.O. S. David Rubenstein. M.D. Eileen Tyrala. M.D. Amy Zucker. M.D. PEDIATRICS BEHAVIORAL DEVELOPMENT Maureen Fee. M.D. David Schor. M.D. Deborah Davis. M.D. David Lowe. M.D. Caroline Pasquariello. M.D. Christine Schlichting. M.D. Roy Schwartz, M.D. PATHOLOGY Jean Pierre Dechadarcvian. M.D. Nelly Karmazin. M.D. ANESTHESIOLOGY SURGERY GENERAL Deborah Billmire. M.D. Stephen Dunn. M.D. Charles Vinocur. M.D. William Weintraub. M.D. PEDIATRICS CARDIOLOGY Terry Anderson. M.D. David Borton. M.D. Richard Donncr. M.D. Lloyd Marks. M.D. Anna O'Riordan. M.D. SURGERY CARDIO-THORACIC Rohinton Balsara. M.D. Jeffrey Dunn. M.D. Plerantoni Russo. M.D. PEDIATRICS ENDOCRINOLOGY I raj Rezvani. M.D. GENETICS Mark Grossman. Ph.D. Hope Punnett. Ph.D. Kathleen Toomey. M.D. PEDIATRICS GASTROENTEROLOGY Jonathan Flick. M.D. - Pediatrics----71 — Dr. Joffe. “Not another R O sepsis!"— 72------Pediatrics Drs. Kaiser and Baluarte know all the causes of hyponatremia.Dr. Grover leading Neuro rounds. Pediatrics----73 -Dr. Chin and friends Toasting the new St. Chris The Rays Team Future Faculty Member Dr. Ed Hein - 74----PediatricsDr. Jules Allen Dr. Gity Banan Dr. “T" I’m. the one who decides your grade. Dr. Marie Capitano Dr. Lois Martyn Dr. Mary Cote Pediatrics----75 —AFFILIATES Abington Memorial Albert Einstein Germantown Moses-Taylor Mercy Catholic Reading Hospital St. Luke's Bethlehem The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Another tough night on-call during Med II. ----AffiliatesAlbert Einstein Medical Center The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center Abington Memorial Hospital Affiliates-----77 —COUNTDOWN jt SB atjRtltul d L(vzij TO A War Against the Torching oil wells and disgorging crude into the gull, Saddam makes the planet his latest victim Jim Henson: 1936-1990 The man behind the Muppets leaves the stage ter Heading for a Crackup? i More power and problems for Gorbac leave the future of perestroika in doub III IIIC Night The prospect of sabotage hangs tike a pall over the crash of Pan Am Flight 103 ol At Saudi desalting plants, experts brace for oil slick No, You Can’t Have Nintendo Whose Life Is It? The long, emotional battle over abortion approaches a climax as the Supreme Court prepares for a historic challenge to R oe v Wade Marion Barry is arrested on a cocaine charge Iran seeking to gain by sitting back The Cult of Twin Peaks’ In a terrifying dress rehearsal for the Big One, a killer earthquake shakes Northern California New laws and attitudes have Americans all fired up over smoking Was the U.S. right to pull the trigger on Hussein? Fresh Prince — 78------News BriefsOLYMPICS: After a fall from glory, | the Games struggle to regain innocence Soviet troops are ready to wM begin pullinK out of war-tom Afghanistan DESERT Wanted: Noriega Tne US. indicts Panama s strongman for pushing drugs STORM The Doctor Decided on Death A candid tale ofmercy kitting mfiamti the pro teuton Awesome air power opens up the first front in xe the campaign against Iraq State of Siege With Tiananmen Square the epicenter, a political quake com u es China The Darkening Cloud over Pete Hunted by an angry faith, novelist Salman Rushdie is at the epicenter of a storm between Cast and Wen Madonna: From Boy Toy to Breathless The Twilight Of Apartheid SAUDI ARABIA A Burger to Go—Hold the Plastic fonaken by McDonald' , foam packaging may be on the way out WttSoM 4 ... Tkanda;. Fitfurr 28.19)1 Tklrty n t C«u The Bush years begin with kind words and a careful retreat Chernobyl’s Legacy Says Military Goals Are Met News Briefs-----79 —CANDIDA Welcome to Anatomy — meet your cadaver and then get started. 80----CandidsThe Anatomy Department marvels over the function of Cooper's ligaments. Candids 81CandidsStomachs i.o r ed and Colons U t $toteneo( as VoKn f’lCiVk (3K3 j or) w«i A rno ered s rhr Link in Hie Pathology - FOOD SERVICE t alee a k -Do Lunch" Seandai Candids----83- 84---CandidsCandids 85 —'FRESHMAN YEAR - AUGUST, 1987 — Candidsby: Rick Bleicher LITTLE DID WE KNOW WHAT WE WERE GETTING INTO. Candids----87Walt sporting his new drug socks . . . Dan, Jodi and Pat partying . . . Scott. Ken, Ray. Bill and Kevin scoping . . . Margaret deciding against pre-rounding tomorrow. - 88---CandidsThe most fun in medical school is usually outside of Kresge. Candids----89"AS THE SOUND OF THE ARROU ECHOED OVER THE P.A. ... DR. TOM A REALIZED THAT A RENAL LECTURE AFTER AN EXAM HAD BEEN A FATAL MISTAKE !f - 90---CandidsCandids----91 —- 92---CandidsHow to get away from the pressures of Med school — grab a cup. fill it up. and drink it down. Candids----93 -- 94---Candidsmm m to A17KKP fi M» cr pm,-cmeo Candids----95 —- — 96----CandidsTemple University School of Medicine Winter Formal 1989 Enjoying Med II at the Peanut Bar in Reading Candids----97 —Alpha Omega Alpha Temple University Medical School Spouses Association - 98 ----ActivitiesHonor Board SNMA Activities ------99Student Council 100------ActivitiesBasketball Organizations not pictured: AMSA PSR PMS Christian Medical Society Jewish Medical Society Soccer Rugby Temple Community Outreach AMWA Activities — 101 —Library Staff Medical Communications Stanton V. Saltzman Cheryl Arthur 102 — Administrative SubdivisionsRon Medori and MDLS Staff Charles Ireland. Jr. Assistant Dean and Director of Recruitment. Admissions Retention Student Program Admissions Dolores Ballard. M. Judith Russo. Peg Lipsett Office of Faculty Student Records William F. Schulze. M.A. Assistant Dean for Temple at Albert Einstein Medical Center Administrative Subdivisions----103 — %fiatid ftbousy, 9rf.(D. Khalid A. AbousyYoon Jung» ' J This page is dedicated to my Daddy. Dr. William A. Alexander. DDS We love you! Me and my Mom My family: Dad-Mom-Sis-Me My Mom — Alison AlexanderTo My Parents I owe it all to you. You always put my future ahead of yours. You gave me strength and courage, taught me right from wrong, provided me with a perfect example to follow, in my brother; but most important you taught me to have faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you {jlUjny 7 Gregory T. Altman---Attipoe M. t Along the way. I learned that progress is not the only yardstick for measuring success, but the ability to surmount difficulties is also an index to success!! Lord, please teach me to remain a humble servant who will always remember that “the practice of medicine is cold and abrasive unless it is tempered by LOVE - the love which binds together people of goodwill, of all races and religions.’ To my lovely wife Trena. I say “Thank you. baby, for everything; but most of all. thank you very much for providing your soft and warm shoulders for me to cry on when things got too rough. LOVE ALWAYS. To my wonderful In-laws, mom and dad. thank you for eve: thank you for my moral support but most of all. 1 wife and your To all my brothers and sisters. I say thank you for everything. It couldn't have been possible without you. Tttrlm. thank you for paving the way... And Zcwuze. you moke It possible. I salute you. Duklul, thank you for making us laugh when we should be crying. To my wonderful mother - the ’Dzodzenyaga." I say thank you for all the prayers, the tears and the Joys. Yes. thank you for all my beautiful brothers and sisters. God bless you. To my wonderful father, the late Togbui Duklul Attipoe III. I miss you. Whether or not ghosts practice medicine, “this M.D. is for you." 110 — Nobel AttipoeThanks for all your love, support, weekly allowances, laundry services, food shopping, etc... Lecture me. and I will forget Show me. and I will remember. Involve me. and I will understand. Confucius Jamaica '89 Sunday Mornings Larry I. Ban ai:--- ill —112 — Suzanne E. BeckJames M. Benner - 113 -Non semper ea sunt quae videntur. -Phaedrus, c. A.D. 8 Wherever you go. there you are. ■Buckaroo Bonzai — 114 — Leslie M. Bitman .. VTChristina R. Blair--- 115 —-116 — Carol F. BodenheimerPt: S.C.B. CC: Change in m.s. x 4 years. HPI: Acting funnu lately PMH: None' SH: Positive for almost everything PE: WNL A: Change in m.s. x 4 years P: Consult Elxorcist. R O possession My Dog “Fritz" The Sixties When I was little, I The Seventies wanted to be a terrorist! After you buy this book, everything you earn is yours. Stephen C. Borgese--The years teach much which the days never know To a wonderful family, THANKS For all the support and encouragement! — 118 — Robin L. Boyd-Kranis“Only great pain, the long, slow pain that takes its time... compels us to descend to our ultimate depths... I doubt that such pain makes us ‘better,’ but I know it makes us more profound... In the end. lest what is not important remains unsaid: from such abysses, from such severe sickness, one returns newborn, having shed one’s skin... with merrier senses, with a second dangerous innocence in joy, more childlike and yet a hundred times subtler than one has ever been before.” Nietzsche Michael J. Braun —Baby J.C. and Mom and Dad All thanks to God, family, and friends, for without your support, I would not be where I am and who I am. Thank You J.C.B.G. Sis and the Homoes: Joan, Jason, and Sean THE CREW! f 120----John C. BrunsonTo my family and grandmother, thank you for all the assistance and support you have provided over the years. I could not have done it without you. To my lovely fiancee, you were always there when I needed support and encouragement. Words can not describe what you have meant to me for the past four years. I will love you always for it. Ronald J. Brzana — 12112 — Frederick A. BurtonKarin E. Byers- 124---Karen A. Camasso“Little me Mummy and Grandma My dear mother who has been my inspiration and role model throughout my entire life. Who has always been a tower of strength and a source of comfort. Thank you Mom. I love you. never could have done it without you. The greatest sister a girl could ever have. Looking forward to having you do my taxes in a couple of years. My niece Sam. welcome to the family Marza and Ricky. Thanks. Wc did it! Cousins Christine. Claudia, and Jennifer. Keep smiling. Caron M. Campbell--- 125"If it doesn't hurt, it ain't loud enough." - 126----Joseph V. CampelloneRodney Campos-Delerr .e--- 127 -Ideas are clean. They soar in the serene supernal. I can take them out and look at them, they fit in books, they lead me down that narrow way. And in the morning they are there. Ideas are straight - But the world is round, and a messy mortal is my friend. Come walk with me in the mud... Thank You. Nicola. My Baby Sisters! Life’s fleeting accomplishments and temporary failures leave only the love and respect of family, and friends as a true foundation of meaningful success. Thank you for your support. I love you all! TO THE END" Is that Dr. Carson's Mom? — 128-----Kevin L. CarsonThank you for just being there. You guys never let me forget what is really important. Special thanks to Grandmom for all your prayers and to Mary Ann for all your help along with being a constant source of inspiration. love you all very much! I am eternally arateful for your limitless love, support, and prayers. How did I get so lucky...? I could have never done it without you. 1 love you both. After four years I've earned a medical degree, but more importantly. I've gained great friends. Thanks for the memoirs and may the good times continue. Best wishes to all and God bless. Here’s to the future... Brian Brian M. Casey---- 129 - T 'y , 1 - 3Vt 0 ftsrou. f" ,r ; ' 3 ?6 - Y c ’Wf iort!» f«P5() Halloween 1989 qt Ann and Mike before their sex change operations. Mom, Dad. and the tree. - 130 Michael J. CassidyDouglas N. Chen --- 1311 could have gone anywhere. I chose Temple. — 132-----Daniel J. ChessMy buddy Mom and Dad. This moment is as much yours as it is mine. Thanks for being there. Robert A. Christman —WE CANNOT MERELY 1‘RAY TO YOU We cannot merely pray to You. O God. To end war; For we Know that You have made the world in such a way That man must find his own path » peace WitNn hmsott and with his neighbor. We cannot merely pray to You. 0 God. To end starvation; For You have already given us the resources With wtvch to feed the worfd. N we would only use them wsety Wo cannot merely pray b you. O God. To root out prejudice; For You havo already grven us eyes Wib which to see the good in all men H we would only use thorn nghtty. We cannot merely pray to You. O God. To end despair; For You have already pven us the powor To dear away slums and b g ve hope If we would only use Oix power justly. We cannot mere»y pray b You. O God. To end disease. For You have alroady gvon us great rnmds With which to soach out cures and healings H we would onty use them constructvotv. Therefore we pray to You instead. O God. For strength, determination, and veil power. To do instead of just to pray. To become mstoad of merely » wish. For You' sake and for ours. Speedily and soon. That our land may be sate, And bat our lives may be blessed. May be words that we pray. And the deeds that wo do Both be acceptabo boforo You. O Lord. Oix Rock and Redeemer - 134-----Elinor M. CohenTo my parents and brothers, Barry and Andrew, whose endless patience, support and devotion outlasted my incessant barrage of complaints. Simply stated, I thank you! Coxsackie (Mitchell with his fiancee) To Maileen: From endless nights at the law school. To wake-up calls at 3 A.M.. You truly are my best friend. May we always share one love, one lifetime. Mitchell I. Cohen ---Clyde Fry (Dad) Mrs. Banham Barren Kathy and Garry Grosshanten Barkley Chris — 136-----Maijorie R Cooper tw?. »r AS A UJORlD FAMOUS 5UR6EON, DO OTHER P0CT0R5 OFTEN ASK FOR TOUR ADVICE? I SAlP.‘ WELL. IT'S ABOUT A HUNDRED AND THIRTY YARDS. MXl'P BETTER HIT THE EI6HT IRON Mark C. Cullen----No weapon formed against thee will prosper. -Isaiah 54:17 May you always keep God first. _ 138-----Jacque Y. Curtis-MajorNiloofer F. Dalai ---- 139Thank you Mom, Dad, Steve, Kirk, Donny, Rob. and my friends —for always being there. - 140----Kimberly A. D'AmbraGive me time to realize my aim. - Culture Club - Opposites attract Tropical is the island breeze All of nature, wild and free This is where I long to be - Madonna - Hanh Van D - 141-Ron and Jeannine- You're the best! Thanks for all your patience and understanding. Mom and Dad - Thanks for being there throughout the important moments of my life! I couldn’t have made it without your guidance and support. ----Felicia B. DanielsRaymond L. Davis-i43 -My Grandmom Formula for success Special Friends My family Family and Friends __ 144---Deneen M. DenoncourNovember 4, 1989 To laugh often and much: to win the respect oj intelligent people and affection of children: to earn the appreciation of honest critics...: to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others: to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition: to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived This is to have succeeded - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Dawn A. Ericson---- 145 —A Lot can happen in four years... To Glenn and Dakota... My inspiration, my life, my future... my love. In this special moment in life... Think freely, practice patience. Smile often. Savor special moments. Live God’s message. Make new friends. Rediscover old ones. Tell those you love that you do. Feel deeply. Forget trouble. Forgive an enemy. Hope. Grow. Be crazy. Count your Blessings. Observe miracles. Make them happen. Discard worru. Give. Give in. Trust enough to take. Pick some flowers. Share them. Keep a promise. Look for rainbows. Gaze at stars. See beauty everywhere. Work hard. Be wise. Tnj to understand. Take time for people. Make time for yourself. Laugh heartily. Spread joy. Take a chance. Reach out. Let someone in. Try something new. Slow down. Be soft sometimes. Believe in yourself. Trust others. See a sunrise. Listen to rain. Reminisce. Cry when you need to. Trust life. Have faith. Enjoy wonder. Comfort a friend. Have good ideas. Make some mistakes. Learn from them. Celebrate life. ■ Jan Michelsen - 146----Kimberly M. Fany“Would you tell me. please, which way I ought to go from here?" “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." said the Cat. Lewis Carroll Denise F. Fitzp rick--- 147 King of the Mountain! Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love, support and guidance. 148----Daniel M. FrohweinWhen you wrack your brain trying to unify things without knowing that they arc already one. It Is called "three In the morning." What do 1 mean by "three In the morning?" A man who kept monkeys said to them. You get three acorns In the momlng and four In the evening." This made them all very angry. So he said. "How about four In the morning and three evening?" - and the monkeys were happy. The number of acorns was the same, but the different arrangement resulted in anger or pleasure. This Is what I am talking about. Therefore, the sage harmonizes right with wrong and rests In the balance of nature. This is called taking both sides at once. Chang Tsu Gerald E. Fronko 149(Dana Qedon, 94.D. Dana £. GedonDaisy, are we at Cranley Garden yet? This page is dedicated to my wonderful family for all of their love and support. Post-call “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein Steven L. Gilbert-----152 Daniel J. GordonQavin Qraff, ‘M.D. Gavin Graff--- 153Mom: All that I am, or hope to be. I owe to you. Thanks for your support. The best things in life come from hard work, and medicine is only one of them. ----Patrick A- GrayI would like to thank my family (especially my brother Michael) for their endless support and encouragement. Richard J. Gregor--- 155 - yr) ouj_ is - »ho "X-e fc. —v- ?j glg, c ■ ? 'v'xa oo OV- - 156----Renee J. GrobMOM, DAD, ANDY, and MERI, Each of you, in your own unique way, has provided me with something very special. I hope to always do the same for you. I love you all very much Lawrence B. Grossman--- 157 -Thank you Mom, Dad, Cathy, Angela, John, John, Francis, Nan, Aunt Angela and Ellie. Your patience and sagacity have made it possible for me to appear on this page. “You are the wind beneath my wings!” - 158----James C. GuarinoTo Ren, Renny and Erin, for their endless encouragement, love and support. With love. Lisa (a.k.a. Mommy) Lisa A. Hamer- 159A portrait of my sister. HARTMAN, M.D. OPHTHALMOLOGY My Dad’s business logo. Son ???? My parents and I sitting at a dinner table. My fiancee and my dog in front of the Christmas tree My two brothers with their dog between them. — 160----King H. HartmanTo my parents: who have always taught me to reach for the highest star... without your love and support it would have been unattainable. To my brother: whose example in life has taught me never to look back... at whatever risk - go forward. To all of my other family and friends: whose love, support, and understanding have helped me become who I am today. Love, Joe Joseph A- Hassey-- 161 —® HAT IS SUCCESS? To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty; To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether bv a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have Jived; This is to have succeeded —Hdlph Waldo F.mrrson 162 Walter C. HayneBart Simpson--- 163 - ZtymU % Mcton tA Thank god for his many, many blessings! Thank you Mom, Dad, Tracy and Andrew for your love and support. ---Lynne M. HoldenMom. the budding sociologist Big brother shows little brother who’s boss! Best friends for life My Dad. the race car driver The early days C OjV 3 x David P. Hurwitz---Nancy, the Love of my Life, was always there Everyone should have as good a support system... The boys with the noise -keeping me sane Jeremy R. Jaffe-To the very best family... Thanks for listening Thanks for caring Thanks for always helping in times of need Thanks for sharing Thanks, for always being there. - M. Hutchinson - Nothing would be possible without the endless love, support and encouragement of my family and friends. I love you all dearly! Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And Meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. - R. Bach Friends are joined heart-to-heart My favorite veterinarian... and bestest friends. ---Deanna M. JanoraJeffrey Jenkins, M.J). Jeffrey D. Je: vdns- 170---James G. JonesAnastasia Karama .des 171£W c ( •£■ 172---Dong Uk KimLouis M. Komer----- Asha, my friend, my love: the future Is ours. Loving and selfless, always there, my mother, Lilian. Above and right; In loving memory of my grandparents, August and Maria Bridi. My brother Kurt and Joanne. Back row; My sisters Karol and Kaleen, Dad and Mom, my sister Krisa and Eric, my sister Karen and husband, Leonard, and me. Up front, Karen and Len’s children, Jessica and Christopher. DEDICATED TO MY FAMILY Strong and silent, heart of gold, my father, Andrew. ----Kellen K. KovalovichMichele M. K' - -— 175-Thanks Cindy, for always being there. Thanks, Mom and Dad. With “Chucky and Bucky With “Reckless Joe” Hanging around in Florida... With Mike in Ireland — 176 — Thomas E. LaffertyA special thanks to my family for their love and encouragement. John D. Lehman- 177 —Share everything. Play fair. Put things back where you found them. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Flush When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together. Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the styrofoam cup: The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why. but we are all like that. — 178-----Erie J. LevinNo person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. Calvin Coolidge The traveler sees what he sees; the tripper sees what he has come to see. G.K. Chesterson The wise man travels to discover himself. James Russell Lowell What a long strange trip it's been. Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Hunter IK )■ iK) ud. Hal W Levin----- 179 ■9(ennetfi Liebman, 94.(0. — 180---Kenneth M. LiebmanJennifer K. Lipman — 181 -182----Timothy J. MachonHumble Beginnings The Final Product — 184-----Michael A. MarksLIFE IS SHORT -HIPPOCRATES- PRE-PRE-MED Scott G. Mattox--(WCn Ml) In the last four years there have been days when I didn't believe today would ever happen. Those were the days when one of you were invariably there. I would not be who I am, if you all had not been who you are. The list is long. I love you all: Dad, Mom, Gram, Jim, Michele, Mike, Maureen, Joanne, Baib, Mom McC., Christopher, Michael John, K.D., Chris, Ginny, and Duchess Chris and Kaitlin Michael John Duchess Just as my family were my roots, my new friends became a part of my growth. There will never be another lunch crowd quite like you. ---Kathryn M. McCansRichard A. McC ,,ey----- 187 —To My Family, Thank you for always being there for me -1 couldn't have done it without you. You really are the greatest Love, Pat tic Ah --- 188---Joseph P. McGrawMy parents: I dedicate this page in loving memory of my father William W. Milboume I am the second of four sons bom to Delores Milboume. Michael Milboume-- KjX. 'Tnji.. ov.jb If it swims I can kill it. My grandfather, a tough guy who told us how he bit heads off snakes. When we caught one he said he no longer does it because of his dentures. Sorry guys. I'll never stop talking about this one. America’s coolest family. ----Mark A. MillerTo my family and my friends, whose love and support have been with me all through my life. Without you my goals were not attainable. Love, Hamid Hamid R. Mohammadz ;:deh - 191 —tun a. -wj. Challenge Every woman has within her the ability to do great things. Her touchstone is challenge. No matter what her field of endeavor, a woman must measure herself against the demands of the world. To rise to the challenge... ultimately this is the reason women build bridges, climb mountains, become surgeons, and do a thousand other things that manifest personal achievement and satisfaction. Anonymous, revised by CX. My family... the wind beneath my wings. Halloween Party 10 88 “Pull out! Pull out! You’ve hit an artery!” Larson — 192-----Beth A. Mooreconcentrate... ZZZZZZZZzzz Daniel J Mullinsc -r cu - M.D. — 194-----David C. Nauss mIf love were a thing that money could buy The rich man would live and the poor man would die. The co-founders of the FGS engage in research in Carribean-ocular toxicology. Joshua P. Needleman-- 195---David OmdalTo my family, especially my parents, who have always encouraged and believed in me -1 love you. R cXc6- OflouJpr- M Michele S. Oplinger--- 197 —Qod heals, and the doctor taUgs the fits. ‘Benjamin 'franklin There are some remedies worse than the disease. “Publius Syrus To avoid a delay, pUase have alt your symptoms ready. ffptice in an “English “Doctor's waiting room Tita y Luisin Gracias por todo. Los qulero mucho... IEEE ANATOMY; My partners do not like me- ha. Park Heights - no water 4 7 days of the week. Maggot!! PHYSIOLOGY; ugh®!! . BIOCHEMISTRY; good donuts. Rita the Condom Queen (relinquished to Jodi) PATHOLOGY: Disgusting- all I see are blue dots! MICROBIOLOGY: I still can't gram stain. PATHQPHYSiOLOOY; Say what? PHARMACOLOGY: more like farm ecology. PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS: My 1st pt. was blind, bed-ridden, deaf, demented - good H P?! OB GYN; -disgusting! SURGERY: This is JAJA. PSYCHIATRY: Reading motel with diamonds. MED I: Giving Kowalski the finger, how about Schmucker's test for male GC. MED II: Flying down the slops with Schecter. PEDIATRICS: medspeak cost me the grade! How about that E P ratio? FAMILY PRACTICE: I shall always carry at the tip of my nose! SENIOR YEAR; Tim Welby, if you need $ 5.00 I can always contribute to the cause. Child’s play.... JAJA — 198------Luis Pagan-CarloAnn M. Pagana 1943-1984 I dedicate this medical degree to my wonderful mother Dr. Mrs. Charles C. Pagana. Happily married five years. Special thanks to my loving wife, Marueen. I would have never made it without your help. Love, Chuck. Can everyone tell us apart yet? Also, special thanks to my father. Aunt Barb, and Uncle John Pagana for all their support. Jamie Chelsey Charlie 3 years 1 year 6 years Charles C. Pagana----Softball Horseback Riding Best Man Night on the Town VACATION 200-----William J. Pagana“Rocky” My psycho study partner June 1983 Police Academy Graduation Mom, Aunt Ro, Could not have made it without your love, support, and encouragement. I will be forever thankful. Love, Joe Susan, Your love and companionship helped to make medical school bearable. Good Friends, Dave, Scott, Tim, Brian and Tim Thanks, Good Luck! Joseph Pagane---201Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things that I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference JAZZ LIVES Playing the saxophone 202----David C. PaikSpecial Thanks! Mom. Dad and Mark: For giving me the chance to be all that I had ever hoped to be... and for loving me... Bill. Chuck. Joe. Maureen. Trlsh and the Yoonsten For letting me call you my friends... and the dinners... Lauren: For inviting me Into your world, then changing mine... and remember. “A great temptation never really dies. ... Eric S. Palmer--to CAAJL C CN-M. Charles and Diane of San Diego, CA "Why, yes ... we do have two children who won't eat their vegetables." ALL I l ALL-y'9 LD TO W(pW I LLARf D I9i •KJ? L-J(gAlJUT.X. Most of what really need to know about bow to live and what to do and how to be I (earned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate -sc foot mountain, but there in the sandpile at Sunday School. These art the things I (earned: Share everything. May fair. 'Don't hit people. Tut things back, when you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don’t take things that aren 't yours. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. :flush. Warm cookies and cold milk.are goodfor you. Live a balanced life - team some and think, some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work.every day some. Take o MfMT every afternoon. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick, together. He aware of wonder. by Robert July hum — 204-----Margaret A. Parente W§HAnd now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 Welcome, Elaine. Have a great life. Myung H ark--QALy? S. PcoCt u-, mo Future Quack The Best Men — 206-------Abhijit S. Pathak Thomas A. Pezzi- 207 —----208-----Magalie Pierre-LonisHERMAN "Rapid pulse. sweating, shallow breathing.... According to the computer, you've got gallstones." For a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is. — Goethe For your encouragement, love and support, thank you Mom and Dad Steelers Flyers Only 25 gall bladders. 15 appendices, and a few hernia repairs! David J. Polldori----- 209 -— 210-----Michael J. Ramirez awTo my wife and son who have always been there and to my parents who should have been. Joseph F. Rappold--- II fflftff B3 Harvard Medical School in the background. ... ' was in the neighborhood.. “Thanks to God, my family, and my friends" — 212----Amitabh RastogiDedicated to my friends and family whose love and support made my life so much easier during medical school. I love you son. Heron G. Ra tr y--213 -After enduring four years of medical studies, roommate Cynthia enjoys her new mansion purchased by Reichard Mednotes. Inc. Kitfl Reichard Biochem McdnolC 2 33 1-2 pm Be a little crazy and make things worthwhile. Then remember your friends with a laugh and a smile. Cat Stevens Rita A ReichardSamuel iva. Reiner-I. Scott A. Rice having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States... in the grade of CPT do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic: that 1 will bear true faith and allegiance to the same: that 1 take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which am about to enter. SO HELP ME GOD. Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you. - I Samuel 12:24 “For I know the plans that I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." - Jeremiah 29:11 THANK YOU RUTH - I LOVE YOU. THANKS MOM AND DAD — 216------Scott A RiceRoseline Rod ' 217 - U f ® — 218----Mark J. Roth“There's no direct repaying our first flight instructor, for giving a new direction to our lives. We can only repay that debt by passing the gift along... by setting it in the hands of one searching as we searched for our place and our freedom." Richard Bach ‘To be is to be.” -Plato To do is to do.” -Aristotle “Do be do be do.” -Sinatra It’s all downhill from here. He had had much experience of physicians, and said “the only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, do what you’d druther not. and take a Debrisoquine every day." With apologies to Mark Twain Jonathan B. Rudolf-— 220------Kenneth C. SabatinoTUl yQ j'lUVVLiS' ' I . P; “Fats. I figured out why you stay in medicine." "Terrific!" he said. “Hit me while I'm hot!" “It's the only profession that's big enough for you!" "Yeah, and you know what? It might not be. after all." "Really?" "Sure. But that's the game, isn't it?" "What is?" “To find out. To see if it matches our dreams." Thanks Mom and Dad Neil B. Sandson 221 -Hi Uncle Delwyn. Can we come visit you at Tempe instead of going to Disney world? Thank you sis for all your support and encouragement. Mom. thank you for your support and encouragement over the last four years and more importantly, thank you for believing in me. I love you! To a very special person who was always there for me especially through the rough times. Thanks for everything! Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men of talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a prouerb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge Delwyn H. SargeantThe Happiest Day of my Life Brunchday with my Sweetheart Many thanks to my parents for their love and support countless loads of laundry and boxes of groceries. Mom. try to take one day at a a time. love you! Dad, I am glad you knew I could do it. I hope the tests weren't as traumatic for you. I love you! Many thanks to my huslxmd. Harold, for standing by me even when I was difficult to live with and for all the prizes and cones. I love you! Many thanks to my sister. Michelle, for our dinners out. long talks and the therapy dogs. Better times are ahead for both of us. M need your help with Clouseau. I love you! The Therapy Dogs My Toblerone In Memory of my Papa February 17, 1983 ‘wish you could be here Denise L. Schambron-Cooner--Grand exit A special thanks goes out to my fa y lor eir undying support. 1 love you! My favorite escape In memory of a very special person who could not be here to celebrate with me Who says a good man ' J 224----Jodi L. SchuckerShefali- We have grown together. Sharing laughter and tears, thoughts and silence. Thanks to my family for their never-ending support through all - good and bad Amit B. Shah--My Second Home My Medical Degree is Dedicated to my Parents. They Worked Hard to Put me Through Medical School. I Worked Hard to Make it Through Medical School. We Did it. I Love You 226----James S. ShecterEric C. Sheffer---- 227 -JadtCL JW, M n . To Lisa Arm, my un e and best friend, whose love and encouragement gave me the strength to fulfill this dream... Thanks to my entire family whose patience and understanding outlasted the insanity of medical school... — 228------Scott A. SherTae J. Shin---229Dad and Mom Michael and Alex God Daughter Stephanie ana Brother Shawn Pat and A1 Nephew Michael Niece Porschia Yes!! It’s over! Ricky and Marza Enjoying the seas of Trinidad Our wedding day June 24, 1989 ---Marza M. Smith-PennyCharles R. Sobn-----231 -Many thanks to my family, friends, and professors.Fredric B. SquiresWith my brother, who taught me what I really need to know. The finish is here! At speed... dreams will be realized. At 80 feet in Cayman, the best See you later. — 234------Kevin S. St dtlanderRobert B. Stem---- 235 -The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others. Joseph Campbell The mystery existing between an open moment and a person’s preparedness reveals the truth Nakayama Masatoshi To my friends for their laughter; to my teammates for their encouragement; to my brother and sister, my dearest, most trusted friends; and to Barbara, my love: Thank you. Yet. most of all. to my parents, without whose guidance and love, nothing is possible — 236-------George T. ScollsteimerThanks to Willard for leaving leaving your natural surroundings to be with me. Thanks to Mom and Dad for your continuous encouragement and support. Thanks to my siblings Dave. Tippy. Kenton. Dianne and Mary Ann. To Teddy, with those teeth you might actually pass for a “watch dog." To Kaiser, the newest addition in the family. Bonnie M. Stoltzfus------Dedicated to my wife Terese for the Love and Support through all the years — 238------David M. Strasser‘EdwardSupitislq, M.rD. Edward M. Supinski ---- 239 —Mom, Neil, Kris. Diana. Harry Abbey: Thanks for all your love and support. Dad: I hope I can attain the same standards you upheld as a surgeon. — 240-------Jay S. Talsar ■Grant E. Taylor----241Mom and dad, Thanks for your support, I would have never made it without you. Ix ve, Tom — 242----Thomas H. TaylorThe ever-growing Thomas family! - Thanks, guys. I love you. I guess it takes a wedding to get my Scranton friends (and Gary) in ties. tapj) Hg , M.D My high school crew! The "Ogle street Boys" In the festive Guess which one Is married. spirit of Christmas. Neal J. Thomp?- 243 •Not my baby. My baby! Jo £ AS ftolUNC MV6J7A [COO»V£rj«e WWW -zAF HAl-i.f.-’ j Td«T‘HW P'V.KVi 1HA' STifiP IrtJfWON! 1ft • OX it4Sk»r| iA$ni«Eim HWil® y’M£ ’■L-__________ almost er h au . iuir 'TdOMWCN iNTOXlBUi i MmKCN: TMWCH. MTMAT $TI?IP TKwrjONfTW lUAT IWWOlWCN-.HE n£»« UXSTCT TJ TAX? Av-ADOCE JCtV K 17 f 7» Lfflc LMtt A«t . VOW? . 1$ JWT TMJ SCfiTCf TOI 5 I KNEtf HEP DC! TfdVAKW POC ? iwcwr«w "W S£ RAW I MATE WM AX' OFfK KE COUUW “5=3-7------------' I ftHWE ON TXGWTMJfi mu «rtxj—or -rr—■ Uft1 LVA I PEAav I ". J) n m p I 9‘ Univat’ J M I eXACTLV UIHA7 MAff£NEP_ 244---Joseph C. ThompsonJesus said to him, 7 am the way. and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. ” John 14:6 For Ruth, with all my love. Mom and Dad, thanks for all you’ve done. And with loving memories of Uncle Al. Nothing is as strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. St. Francis John V. Timko--245— 246------Derrick J. Tolbert-WalkerThe completion of my medical degree will be one of the most treasured moments of my life because so many people have shared in my dream. I wish to express my gratitude to my parents, family and friends for their unending encouragement and support throughout all these years. t Quang C. Tran-“Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to other men, by the joint execution of skill and humanity, are above all the great of the earth... since to preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create." Voltaire, 1764 Thank you Mom and Dad for allowing me the opportunity to visualize my goals ----Jeffrey T. TrostJonathan J. Uv —3 went to the woods because 3 wanted to live deliberately, 3 wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life! To put to rout all that was not life... 3lnd not, when 3 came to die, discover that 3 had not lived... To mij father and other, 3iartin and Dolores; 'Through your love and guidance, 3 have learned that nothing is impossible... IZARD of ID 250------Mitchell VogelTo my parents - Thank you for your constant love and support. I never could have achieved this without you. To Katie - Thanks for putting up with me these past four years, Mrs. Walsh. I love you! Smile for our new toy Tough radiology rotation in San Diego Mb “1 Air Walsh Daniel W. Wal?1 -----251— 252---Thomas N. WangA multitude of thanks to: Granny!?, Mom and Dad, mon cher petit oiuseau (et son espoux pour sa patience infini), Molly and Jake, Tuch and Carol, Edie and Jay, Tim and Jill, Tamah and Grey, Dr. Molnar, Sabina, Jan, Sue and all the rest for all of the support -financial, moral and spiritual; the shoulders to cry on, the giggles and laughter, and the general bolstering. Love and Warm Fuzzies, - Mary - Adventure is not in the guide book and Beauty is not on the map. Seek and ye shall find Got to move on, got to travel walk away my blues. Terry RussellTo Joyce, my mother; Sean, my brother; and Mary, my sister; my love and thanks always. P.S. to Brian and Tim - no matter how old I get, I’ll always be younger than you! — 254----Timothy D. WelbyI dedicate this page to my parents who have always been there for me. Thanks for being the greatest parents a guy could have. Love, John John W. Weming--255THE BOYS - FROM SLEEPLESS NIGHTS BEFORE EXAMS TO EVEN LONGER NIGHTS AT "THE THIRD" - THANKS FOR THE BEST TIMES ANYONE IN MED SCHOOL COULD EVER HAVE. MOM AND DAD - WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE BOTH OF YOU. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE AND KNOWING JUST WHEN I NEED YOU THE MOST. THIS M.D. IS AS MUCH FOR YOU AS IT IS FOR ME. Chris - Thanks for being a great friend and for always giving the last... for me. I love you. ■— 256----- Greg S. WhorralMarianne Wizd? -- 257 —258----Alan Wong.M c ’S ail a eij c •§ r--c S-S rs.h O O r—, C « £? «So «ia Mexico, Mona Me cicKiNaa Studying Hard in College Studying Anatomy in Med School jflom att Da , tl attfcs for all of tfic support you 6at « 0tl eu m ol er tftc years! By the u ay, can I borrow $50?? Practicing Surgery Thanks Philadelphia! Daniel S. Woolley-- I dedicate this page to the best family in the world, without whose love and support I never could have made it. Thanks also to all of my new friends, who made coming to Temple worth it. Mark and a friend Ceasar Aloha, Mom and Dad! John M. ve]cick Mark A. Zaetta----261Yael, my beautiful love, thank you for making my life so special. n o. To my parents... More thanks and appreciation than could possibly be expressed. I love you. ----Scott L. Zager My sister, Mindi, brother-law-Alan, and niece, Danielle, I appreciate your love and support. Love to you all!!!I would like to thank... My father for guiding me toward intellectual pursuit. Cathy, for her love, patience, and understanding over these past four years. Stephen G. ZarreW ---263jrih T wo Diversity is stability - Charles Darwin Many thanks to my parents, family and friends - 264-----Jeffry T. ZemKhalid A. Abousy, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Yoon J. Ahn, M.D. Internal Medicine Daxtmouth-Hitchcock Medical Ctr. Hanover, NH Alison J. Alexander, M.D. Internal Medicine Rehabilitation Medicine Temple University Hospital Moss Rehabilitation Hospital Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Cregory T. Altman, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Year Two Orthopedics I lamot Medical Center Erie, PA Nobel D. Attipoc, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA' Larry I. Barmat, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Suzanne E. Beck, M.D. Pediatrics Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD James M. Benner, M.D. Surgery Richland Memorial Hospital Columbia, SC Leslie M. Bitman, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Christina R. Blair, M.D. Pediatrics SUNY Buffalo Children's Hospital Buffalo, NY Carol F. Bodcnheimer, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Stephen C. Borgese, M.D. Emergency Medicine McGaw Medical Center Northwestern University Chicago, IL Robin L. Boyd-Kranis, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology Temple University I lospital Philadelphia, PA Michael J. Braun, M.D. Internal Medicine Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia, PA John C. Brunson, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial I lospital Abington, PA Ronald J. Brzana, M.D. Internal Medicine University Health Center Pittsburgh, PA Frederick A. Burton, M.D. Family Practice Halifax Medical Center Daytona Beach, FL Karin E. Byers, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Karen A. Camas so, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Caron M. Campbell, M.D. Internal Medicine Montefiore Medical Center Bronx, NY Joseph V. Campellone, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medicine Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Neurology Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Rodney Campos-Delcrme, M.D. Psychiatry Mount Sinai Hospital New York, NY Kevin L. Carson, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Newton-Wellesley Hospital Newton, MA Year Two Diagnostic Radiology University of Massachusetts Hosp. Worcester, MA Brian M. Casey, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology St. Barnabas Medical Center Livingston, NJ Michael J. Cassidy, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Douglas N. Chen, M.D. Psychiatry Thomas Jefferson University Hosp. Philadelphia, PA Daniel J. Chess, M.D. Anesthesiology University 1 lealth Center Pittsburgh, PA Robert A. Christman, M.D. Pathology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Elinor M. Cohen, M.D. Transitional Reading I lospital it Medical Center Reading, PA Year Two Physical Medicine Rehabilitation UMDNJ-Ncw Jersey Medical School Newark, NJ Mitchell I. Cohen, M.D. Pediatrics Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA Marjorie Cooper, M.D. Psychiatry Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Mark C Cullen, M.D. Orthopedics University of Cincinnati Hospital Cincinnati, OH Jacque Y. Curtis, M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Medical Center of Deb ware Newark, DE Niloofer F. DaUL M.D. Transitional Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two 266 Residency npointmentsAnesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Kimberly D'Ambra, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Florida Med. Center Shands I lospital Gainesville, FL Mark Hanh V. Dang, M.D. Family Practice Memorial Hospital Burlington, NJ Felicia B. Daniels, M.D. Residency Deferred Maternity Leave Dcncen M. Denoncour, M.D. Pediatrics Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA Dawn A. Ericson, M.D. Pediatrics Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey, PA Kimberly M. Farry, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Reading 1 lospital Medical Center Reading, PA Denise F. Fitzpatrick, M.D. Pediatrics University Hospital of Cleveland Cleveland, OH Daniel M. Frohwein, M.D. Transitional Reading Hospital (e Medical Center Reading, PA Year T wo Anesthesiology Thomas Jefferson University Hosp. Philadelphia, PA Gerald E. Fronko, M.D. Medidne-Pediatrics Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey, PA Dana E. Cedon, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading, PA Steven L Gilbert, M.D. Transitional Reading Hospital fc Medical Center Reading, PA Year Two Diagnostic Radiology Presbyterian Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Daniel J. Gordon, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Reading Hospital ft Medical Center Reading, PA Gavin R. Graff, M.D. Pediatrics Phoenix Children's Hospital Phoenix, AZ Patrick A. Gray, M.D. Internal Medidne Montefiore Medical Center Bronx, NY Richard J. Gregor, M.D. Transitional Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, MD Year Two Diagnostic Radiology Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading, PA Renee J. Grob, M.D. Pediatrics Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medidne Norfolk, VA Lawrence B. Grossman, M.D. Internal Medidne University Health Center IHttsburgh, PA James C. Cuarino, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Lisa A. Hamer, M.D. Family Practice Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA H. King Hartman, M.D. Transitional St Francis Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA Year Two Ophthalmology St. Frands Medical Center Pittsburgh. PA Joseph A. Hassey, M.D. Internal Medidne Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Walter C Hayne, M.D. Surgery The New York Hospital New York, NY John Heflin, M.D. Family Practice Eisenhower Army Medical Center Fort Gordon, CA Lynne M. Holden, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Emergency Medicine Einstein Bronx Munidpal Hospital Bronx, NY David P. Hurwltz, M.D. Internal Medicine Emory University School of Medidne Atlanta, GA Julia K. Hyland, M.D. Pediatrics UMDNJ-Robcrt Wood Johnson Camden. NJ Jeremy R. Jaffc, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Abington Memorial 1 lospital Abington, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Deanna M. Janora, M.D. Transitional Chestnut Hill Hospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Physical Medidne ft Rehabilitation Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Jeffrey D. Jenkins, M.D. Neurosurgery Bowman Gray NC Baptist Hospital Winston Salem, NC James G. Jones, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Anastasia Karamanides, M.D. Family Practice Memorial Hospital Burlington, NJ Dong U. Kim, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Mercy Catholic Medical Center Darby, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Mount Sinai Hospital New York, NY Louis M. Komer, M.D. Family Practice Forbes Health System Monroeville, PA Kellen K. Kovalovich, M.D. Internal Medidne Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD Michele M. Kowalski, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Washington Hospital Center Washington, DC Thomas E. Laffcrty, M.D. Internal Medidne Thomas Jefferson University Hosp Philadelphia, PA John D. Lehman, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Eric J. Levin, M.D. Pediatrics SL Christopher's I lospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Hal W. Levin, M.D. Pediatrics University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Kenneth M. Liebman, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Year Two Neurosurgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Jennifer K. Lipman, M.D. Pathology New England Deaconess Hospital Boston, MA Timothy J. Machon, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia, PA Catherine Marcucri, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital Residency Appointment-3; ■- Baltimore, MD Year Two Anesthesia Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD Michael A. Marks, M.D. Internal Medicine UMDNJ-Robert W. Johnson Piscataway, NJ Scott C. Mattox, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Diagnostic Radiology Montefiore Medical Center Bronx, NY Kathryn McCarvey McCans, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Richard A. McCluskey, M.D. Pathology University of South Florida Tampa, FL Joseph P. McCraw, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington, DC Michael Milboum, M.D. Internal Mcdidnc Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Mark A. Miller, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Hamid R. Mohammadzadeh, M.D. Surgery Univ. of Kentucky Medical Center Lexington, KY Beth A. Moore, M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Daniel Mullins, M.D. Transitional Fitzsimons Army Medical Center Aurora. CO David C. Nauss, M.D. Transitional St. Lukes Hospital Bethlehem, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC Joshua P. Nccdlcman, M.D. Pediatrics University of Maryland Baltimore, MD David Omdal, M.D. Transitional Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, HI Michele S. Oplinger, M.D. Transitional Reading Hospital U Medical Center Reading, PA Year Two Diagnostic Radiology St. Barnabas Medical Center Livingston, NJ Luis A. Pagan-Carlo, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Minnesota 1 iospital Clinic Minneapolis, MN Charles C. Pagana, M.D. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, PA William J. Pagana, M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Geisinger Medical Center Danville, PA Joseph Pagane, M.D. Emergency Medicine Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD David C. Paik, M.D. Surgery St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center New York, NY Eric S. Palmer Pediatrics University of Florida Medical Center Shands Hospital Gainesville, FL Margaret A. Parente, M.D. Pediatrics Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Myung H. Park, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Abhijit S. Pathak, M.D. Surgery Temple University I Iospital Philadelphia, PA Thomas A. Pezzi, M.D. Surgery Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Magalie Pierre-Louis, M.D. Pediatrics Monlefiore Einsteln AffiL Hospitals Bronx, NY David J. Polidori, M.D. Surgery Craduate Hospital Philadelphia, PA Michael J. Ramirez, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Joseph F. Rappold, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Naval Hospital San Diego, CA Amitabh Rastogi, M.D. Internal Mcdidne The New York Hospital New York. NY Heron G. Rattray, M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Rita A. Reichard, M.D. Internal Medicine Emory University School of Medicine Atlanta, GA Samuel M. Reiner, M.D. Pediatrics Childrens National Medical Center Washington, DC Scott A. Rice, M.D. Pediatrics Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu.!!! Roseline Rodney, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Mark Roth, M.D. Anatomic Pathology National Institutes of I lealth Bethcsda, MD. Jonathan B. Rudolf, M.D. Emergency Medicine Stony Brook Teaching Hospitals Stony Brook, NY Kenneth C. Sabatino, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Neil B. Sandson, M.D. Psychiatry Sheppard Pratt Hospital Towson MD Delwyn H. Sargeant, M.D. Internal Mcdidne Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Denise L. Schambron, M.D. Preliminary Internal Mcdidne Pennsylvania I Iospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Anesthesiology I Iospital of University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA JodiL. Schucker, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology St. Luke's Hospital Bethlehem, PA Amit B. Shah, M.D. Radiation Oncology Rush-Prcsby.-St. Luke's Med. Center Chicago, IL James S. Shecter, M.D. Preliminary Surgery York Hospital York, PA Eric C Sheffer, M.D. Family Practice University of Missouri Columbia. MO Scott A. Shcr, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Hospital of University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Tae Shin, M.D. Transitional Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, HI 268 Residency AppointmentsMarra Smith-Penny, M.D. Pediatrics Naval I lospital Portsmouth, VA Charles H. Sohn, M.D. Internal Medicine Dartmouth-1 litchock Medical Center Hanover, Nl I William J. Sonstein, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Montefiore Einstein Affil. Hospitals Bronx, NY Year Two Neurosurgery Albert Einstein College of Mcdidnc Program New York, NY Fredric B. Squires, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden, NJ Year T wo Diagnostic Radiology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Kevin S. Stadtlandcr, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach, FL Robert B. Stein, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA George T. Stollsteiiner, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Orthopedics Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Bonnie M. Stoltzfus, M.D. Pediatrics Thomas Jefferson University Hosp. Philadelphia. PA David M. Strasscr, M.D. Internal Medicine University Hospital of Cleveland Cleveland, OH Edward Supinski, M.D. Internal Medidne National Naval Medical Center Bcthesda, MD Jay S. Talaania, M.D. Orthopedics Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Grant E. Taylor, M.D. Surgery Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Thomas H. Taylor, M.D. Emergency Medidne Martin Luther King. Jr Drew Los Angeles, CA Neal J. Thomas, M.D. Pediatrics Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, SC Joseph C. Thompson, M.D. Transitional Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland, OH Year Two Ophthalmology Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland, OH John V. Timko, M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hosital Philadelphia. PA Derrick Tolbert-W'alker, M.D. Residency Deferred Quang C. Tran, M.D. Internal Medidne UCLA-San Fernando Valley Prog. Sepulveda, CA Jeffrey T. Trust, M.D. Family Practice Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, PA Jonathan J. Uy, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology Mayo Graduate School of Medidne Rochester, MN Mitchell Vogel M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Mountainside Hospital Montclair, NJ Year Two Ophthalmology Nassau County Medical Center East Meadow, NY Daniel W. Walsh, M.D. Transitional Madigan Army Medical Center Tacoma, WA Thomas N. Wang M.D. Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Mary D. Washbume, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn, NY Timothy D. Welby, M.D. Pediatrics Geisinger Medical Center Danville, PA John W. Weming M.D. Preliminary Surgery Thomas Jefferson University Hosp. Philadelphia, PA Greg S. Whorral M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Western Pennsylvania Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Marianne Wizda, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology University Health Center Pittsburgh, PA Abn Wong M.D. Pediatrics Montefiore Einstcin Affil. Hospitals Bronx, NY Daniel S. Woolley, M.D. Surgery UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden, NJ John Yclrick, M.D. Pathology UMDNJ-Ncw Jersey Medical School Newark, NJ Mark A. Zaetta, M.D. Internal Mcdidnc University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA Scott L. Zager, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medidne Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA Stephen G. Zamlli, M.D. Transitional Mercy Catholic Medical Center Darby, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD Jeffry T. Zem, M.D. Surgery Medical Center of Deb ware Newark, DE Residency Appointments---269Guess Who . . . 9 — 270----Candids• ILZ---SPIPUBO 6 8 ANSWERS p. 270: 1) Steve Zarrelli 2) Karin Byers 3) Mitchell Cohen 4) Dave Polidori 5) Neal Thomas 6) Eric Levin 7) Denise Schambrom 8) Denise Fitzpatrick 9) Jenny Lipman p. 271 1) Pat McGraw 2) Chuck and Bill (with present) Pagana 3) Jim Guarino 4) Kenny Liebman 5) Greg Whorral 6) Larry Barmat 7) Jeff Zem 8) Luis Pagan-Carlo 9) Jodi Schucker272 CanaidsCandids---- 273 •“Uh— uh— uh— uh— uh. . .Can anyone here tell me what Steve there is doing wrong with his elbow?" - 274----Candids‘ 1 k ft $ THE XUIflCS "BEGUN TO C LAMP J v bill k»jew HE'4 UftvJt ro hvRR 0 "MAT His flTrfMDlM6. ■ • Candids----275SpipUBQ ---MARCH MADNESS - THE ROAD TO MATCH DAY Residency Expenses (pertrip) Allowance $340 Airfare Frequent Flier $250 Hotel (Econo-Lodge) $4 CM night Food $20 day (take advantage of lunch, if provided) Aicoho 1 (post-1nter iew) $30 Net Balance $0 All remaining funds Candids— 278----CandidsAfter waiting 6 hours to sign his financial aid check. Gavin was overheard saying. “What do you mean it's at the Main Campus?” Candids----279 280 Candids sain ji■ ISZ spipuBQOur Lifeline. — 282----CandidsaiitB stittiitfite tgiiivsi ■uni k mdtaw Another institution closed at Temple. ",He says he's much too busy to leave work for his appointment. ... And he’s wondering if he faxes his symptoms ... could you fax him a prescription?"_____’ George and Jodi practice contraception. Candids----283Cell Cycle Specific Agents Pharmacology April 11, 1989 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Dr. Salganicoff Scribe: Cathy Marcucci Page 5 of 5 Note: This lecture was a mess. I was listening to the tape and still having problems. The book is pretty helpful on this material, so if you have time, you might want to try that. PACrB ofT % TTt hi5to amii try ITT--------OT ciKini c cocimyvj AilTOMf £6Wk°TiC. JS wflT".—;---jjr klQj 0 ftOMO ltK P HA y CAll AfAmy i" |i IT? Basic STup i:tyv Oossroon aflMcflOftt Pharmacology Dr. Black May 2. 1989; 9:00-10: Scribe: John Yelcick One Final Note: to Dave Polidori In reponse to your re pond with my one "hv Sp.t.t pharmacology Gout Dr. Daniels 4 27 89 9-10 am Rita Reichard n WHY BEER IS BETTER THAN WOMEN 1. YOU CAN ENJOY A 8E R ALL MONTH LONG. 2. BEER STAINS WASH OUT. a. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WINE AND DINE BEER. 4. YOUR BEER WILL ALWAYS WATT PATIENTLY FOR YOU JN.THE CAR WHILE YOU p ay HOCKEY, a. WHEN YOU BEER GOES FLAT YOU TOSS TT. eL 8E?R IS NEVER LATE. T. HANGOVERS CO AWAY. a. A BEER DOESN'T GET JEALOUS WHEN YOU CRAB ANOTHER BEER. •• 9. BEER LABELS COME OFF WITHOUT A FIGHT. 1 a WHEN YOU GO TO A BAR YOU KNOW YOU CAN ALWAYS PICK UP A BEER. VI. BEER NEVER HAD A HEADACHE. 12. AFTER YOU HAVE HAD AETER THE BOTTLE.I3.3TUET-WORTHIOc. 1X A BEER WON'T GET UPSET IF YOU COU£ HOME ANO HAVE SEER ON YOUR BREATH. 14. IF YOU POUR A SEER RIGHT YOUTJ. ALWAYS GET GOOD HEAD. 1 15. YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE BEER «N A NIGHT AND NOT FEEL GUILTY. 16. A SEER ALWAYS GOES DOWN EASY. 17. YOU CAN SHARE A BEER WITH YOUR FRIENDS. 1B. YOU ALWAYS KNOW YOLPIE THE FIRST ONE TO POP A BEER.--------r‘ T . A EEER IS ALWAYS WET. 20. BEER DOESN'T DEMAND EQUALITY. 2-L YOU CAN HAVE A BEER IN PUBLIC. 22. A BEER OOtSNT CARE WHEN YOU COME. 23. A FRIGID BEER IS A GOOD BEER. 24. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WASH A BEER BEFORE ITTAST S , GOOD. list of nhy beer is setter Than Women ‘■item list of: £J2 Than B er cn in 1. You don't throw up in Roberts Field's parking lot after a few women. Don't fret over missing this lecture. You can imagine what it was like in person. And you didn't have to listen to a TAPE of it! Remember, nobody gets this guy's questions right anyway. Finally, don't forget to take a Debrisoquine every day. I guess this is the last time I'll ever do Mednotes, so Cheers! 284 — CandidsNOTE: For those of us who were absent, asleep, or semi-comatose (ouch!...what a nite), Dr. Baserga (a.k.a. the "Sandman") . read quite well from the handout. PHARMACOLOGY ANTI NEOPLASTIC AGENTS Dr. LEON SALGANICOFF 04-05-89 10 am DAN WOOLLEY Reviewed Chelators like i£DTA binds Calcium and aoesn t allow it to stimulate coagulation. Clacium is not needed for the thrombin stimulated fibrinogen For those who were wondering.... Yes, Mike Cassidy is the product of a little known, yet tawdry affair between Alfalfa's mother and Spanky's father of Li'l Rascals fame. EXPERIMENT 7?7 rhosphodiesterase inhibitor (eg. papaverine) increase THE MAIN POINT: Realize that it exists, that Ca"" can increase without membrane depolarization. Just becase Em is the same doesn't mean that the membrane properties are the same. Attendance 1? (21 if you count the two rharm grad student; Dr. Harakal, and Jr. Kills) I -1 end the e med-notes the same way Jeremy Jaffe does: “I'm outta here. in ww v ua. ncre ... r it I have to wonder is that Jeremy talking or just his hair: owed you one jeremy. The End. u' ' HOOPS'- 1W $k5K£T 8 ML C AMP raRr CUM'icLy VMCOO0i ATeD: .H . «rt (fl - m I u o o 0 ... O C C X OO: •“ 1) - E 1 4J n H 4J tj c a ttj : " H -H H O. I WO a rH cr o n a n -h « c n v - c •H CO VO TJ £l r- tj . h C M U ? i -« - x: g r. t £ +j « o, r-H ; o «j v ’ l 3 V-I H C —'------h H U Q) 3 w o. a a— 1 —- £ fl 07 PU 1 c — - CD Oat ta . »' jAftv' - GO 0»i«; - 2a . fakUiK- fo r______ U JvP —Z.' " Jiitet. e ? n.x' +• — 7p_o a ______ ---- ___________________________________ — . £ S5- 7_r JitT fF rT otr A ' 7 r eT ,e. • Candids----— 286----CandidsCandids---- 287 - USPICK A DEAN — ANY DEAN Question: Which of the following was the Dean of the Medical School between 1987— 1991? Matin Goldberg. M.D. Richard J. Kozera, M.D. Answer. All Joseph H. Baum. Ph.D. Allen R. Myers, M.D. — 288----Candids- 683 SpipUBO 8 6 Answer: 1) Joe Massey 2) John Yelcick brother Mark 3) Renee Glass 4) Kevin Stadtlander 5) Dan Mullins 6) Myung Park 7) George Stollsteimer 8) Bonnie Stoltzfus 9) Mike Cassidy II oiiM ssano GlRARO MEDICAL CENTqj ■ r HOT fmr 1 0 ry.miummkf. w me jSmo rtca wchmup |kr4him(Mi 0 juniir VHhrvrmrrt 657 4010 CP _• MOMTT MVWtO COUKM fci4 Alumni Patrons Jack M. Becker, M.D. '86 Drs. Robert Belasco Jean Bello Bclasco '73 Kathleen Reilly Bell, M.D. '81 Dr. and Mrs. William Taylor Delp '54 Dr. and Mrs. Russell Del Toro '49 Angelo M. DiGeorge, M.D. '46 William H. Duncan, M.D. '59 Robert Edelman, M.D. '78 Ron Endo, M.D. '86 John Vincent Ferrazzano, M.D. '74 Gerald W. Ferry, M.D. '74 Albert J. Finestone, M.D. '45 Dr. Morris S. Fleischman '33 Robert L Fry, M.D. '57 Anthony R. Giorgio, M.D. '73 Richard M. Herman, M.D. '89 David S. Hurewitz, M.D. '67 Herman Hurwitz, M.D. '62 Drs. John and Alice Joyce '83 Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Krosnick '50 Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Love 70 Amy S. Luckenbaugh, M.D. '90 Joseph F. Lydon, M.D. '47 R. Samuel Magee, M.D. Patrons Dr. William E. Barry The Department of Biochemistry Dr. and Mrs. McClellan G. Blair Dr. and Mrs. David Campbell Dr. Sow-Yeh Chen Mary Stuart Fisher, M.D. Robert S. Fisher, M.D. Julieta D. Grosh, M.D. Gregory E. Halligan, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harakal Dr. and Mrs. Irwin L. Hirsch Bennett Lorber, M.D. Leon S. Malmud, M.D. John McDonald, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. James J. McGuire, Jr. '80 John D. McMastcr '51 Edward M. Miller, M.D. '69 Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Oplinger '63 M. Vernon Ordiway, M.D. '58 Kimberly K. Paterson, M.D. '82 Steven A. Pickert, M.D. '72 Raymond H. Pierson III, M.D. Arthur H. Popkave, M.D. '72 John Powers, M.D. '88 Ira H. Rex, Jr., M.D. Donald S. Ritt, M.D. '60 Fred B. Rogers, M.D. '48 Beth Sander and John DiFiori '89 Jerome Santoro, M.D. '72 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Scardigli, M.D. 76 Josepha Seletz, M.D. 76 Diane E. Shafer, M.D. 76 Scott R. Sharetts, M.D. '77 Michael B. Stierstorfer, M.D. '85 Robert D. Strauss, M.D. '63 Howard Joel Summons, M.D. '40 Paul M. Wapner, M.D. '39 Lewis R. Wolf, M.D. '34 Dr. and Mrs. M.T. McDonough Drs. Si-Chun and Pen-Ming L. Ming Mark L. Moster, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Phillips Dr. and Mrs. Carson D. Schneck Gerald D. Shockman J. Bryan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Supinski Ellen M. Tedaldi, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Troyer Mark K. Vatavuk, M.D. Yianni and Ellen Floyd and Pearl Zehr Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Zern AdvertisementsCongratulations Best Wishes to JODI and the CLASS OF 1991 Dr. Mrs. Forrest A. Schucker Congratulations to The Class of 1991 DOLBEYS 3726 Spruce Street Medical Books Philadelphia. PA 19104 Diagnostic Equipment (215) 222-6020.6021 Special ‘Thanks to Cheryl Arthur of the Department of Medical Communications The Physiology Department hereby officially challenges the Class of 1991 to a rematch “grudge” softball game in the year 2001. We believe that the next ten years will have a more adverse impact on your softball game than it will on ours. We are determined to prevail. Congratulations Best Wishes! See ya in ten years.CONGRATULATIONS! WE WELCOME YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS IN THE FUTURE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ---AdvertisementsCongratulations to the Class of 1991 and to Our Future Neurosurgical Consultant... KENNETH MICHAEL LIEBMAN, M.D. DEPARTMENT OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY Max L. Ronis, M.D., Chair Ellen S. Deutsch, M.D. William H. Martin, Ph.D. Glenn C. Isaacson, M.D. Melvin L. Masloff, M.D. Emil P. Liebman, M.D. (Dad) Rose M. Mohr, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS DR. DAN WOOLLEY Success and Best Wishes for the Future! Love, Mom and Dad Doug, Susan, Donna, Don, Annie and Duncan 295Congratulations and Best Wishes to Members of the Class of 1991 Temple University School of Medicine from Members of the Department of Medicine The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center Congratulations and Success to Congratulations to the Class of '91 the Class of 1991 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Germantown Neurological Associates The Philadelphia County Medical Society Stephen D. Silberstein, M.D., F.A.C.P. Elliott A. Schulman, M.D. William B. Young, M.D. — 296COMPLIMENTS A SANDOZ Scrndoz Pharmaceuticals E. Hanover, NJA Residency at Abington ? 5 Temple grads tell why they chose Abington Memorial Hospital. "I wanted a large community hospital affiliated with a university. There’s a wider referral base here, with more diversity of patients and more variety of problems. There's a wide and deep clinical experience plus an academic program which is better than most 'university' type hospitals." Ron Hoffmann, M.D., Temple '88 -OB GYN "The atmosphere is conducive to learning. There's more respect for students and residents. On rounds, there's no 'one-up-manship.' Everybody's here to learn." Carlton Silver, M.D., Temple '88 -Family Practice "At Abington, there's a larger corss-section of patients and range of problems. I've seen many challenging cases for example, some unusual presentations of cancer.” Bonnie Dungan, M.D., Temple '89 -Internal Medicine "The facilities are good. The hospital has an excellent reputation. You get the experience you want. If you’re interested in certain areas, you have the freedom to pursue them." Joanne Burrell, D.D.S., Temple '89 Dentistry "AMH takes the good things about university programs and the good things about private hospital programs and combines them in the perfect blend, providing excellent teaching cases and strong academics while, at the same time, offering a friendly environment and excellent ancillary services." Bob Maxwell, M.D., Temple '90 Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital offers - • Level II Trauma Center • Major obstetrical referral center • High tech facilities - MRI, lithotripter. Level III NICU • Opportunities to join thriving practices in Philadelphia's northern suburbs • Residency programs in- Family Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine Obstetrics Gynecology Dentistry Dental Surgery For more information about Abington Memorial Hospital's residency programs, ask your colleagues above or call 576-2603. tm Abington Memorial Hospital 1200 Old York Road • Abington, PA 19001Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of ’91! A state leader in Surgery, Cardiology, Oncology, Neonatology. Radiology, and Psychiatry. The Opportunities Residency programs in Family Medicine. Obstetrics Gynecology, Diagnostic Radiology, Internal Medicine, Preliminary Medicine, and a transitional program. Located in historic Berks County, combining comfortable suburban living and rural charm with close proximity to major metropolitan The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Sixth Avenue and Spruce Street. West Reading. PA Medical School Spouses dissociation and ‘Their Spouses'! The Hospital The Surroundings areas of the East Coast. 299TEMPLE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS E. Howard Bcdrossian ’45, President John H. Martin ’58, President-Elect Anthony J. Comcrota ’74. Vice-President Kenneth H. Gordon 48, Secretary Emily J. Penman ’78, Treasurer Edward J. Rcsnick ’51, Immediate Past President Allen R. Myers, M.D., Dean ALUMNI DIRECTORS Richard P. Albertson ’63 D. Michael Baxter ’80 William R. Beckwith ’64 G. Raymond Brown '47 Wm. A. Buchheit ’60 I. Favcl Chavin ’55 Richard A. Close '72 William T. Delp ’54 Robert I. Dennis ’71 Wm. H. Duncan ’59 Tamar D. Earnest '68 John H. Esbenshade, Jr. '55 Albert J. Finestone '45 Gilbert A. Friday '56 Thomas L. Gaydos ’61 Anthony R. Giorgio '73 Robert A. Heinbach 'll William C. Hewson '54 Eric K. Holm '69 John B. Jeffers ’67 A. Richard Kendall '56 Woodrow B. Kessler '62 E. James Kohl '66 Arthur Krosnick '50 Gerald M. Lemolc '62 Gary P. Lcngel '76 Joseph B. Lennert ’73 Fraser Lewis '60 Stephen D. Lockcy, III '63 Richard M. Lubowitz '52 Richard M. Magill '65 Walter E. Margie, Jr. '51 Allan D. Marks '62 Ronald J. Mattson 71 James B. McClurken '76 Francis J. Menapace '70 Paul H. Menzel '65 Curt D. Miller '19 Peter B. Panzer '74 Stephen R. Permut '72 Richard C. Putnam '51 W. Gale Rcish '68 Wm. D. Reppen '51 E. Ronald Salviui '63 Louis X. Santore '80 Walter L. Schectz 58 Charles R. Shuman '43 John R. Siberski '75 Frederick P. Sutliff '46 William S. Tasman '55 Charles D. Tourtcllottc '57 Michael H. Ufberg '66 Howard F. Warner '53 Leslie W. Whitney '44 EMERITUS DIRECTORS William H. Coleman '45 Dominic A. DeLaurentis '53 Frederick W. Durham 45 John H. Hall '41 Trudeau M. Horrax '46 Edwin Lauterbach '46 Walter J. Levinsky '45 Gladys M. Miller'51 John R. Minchart '35 Frederick Murtagh, Jr. '43 W. Gordon Pauley '53 FACULTY STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES Martin Black, M.D. Christer Carlsson, M.D.. Ph.D. Kenneth R. Cundy, Ph.D. Jodi Schuckcr '91 Umberto DcRienzo '92 Andrea Satinsky '93 Ailccn Oswald ‘94 Advertisements‘Btst wishes CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OJF 1991 BEST WISHES to the Sifvestri Steermati SurgicaCAssociates General Thoracic and Vascular Surgery CLASS OF 1991! Archimede J. Silvestri, M.D. Paul H. Steerman, M.D. Leonard H. Cohen, M.D. Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology Congratulations and CONGRATULATIONS Best Wishes to the to CLASS OF 1991! DAN FROHWEIN and the CLASS OF 1991 Department of Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Dr. Mrs. John Frohwein Advertisements----The faculty, staff, and administrators of the ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER are privileged and proud to share in the professional growth of Temple medical students. We wish all of you much success and satisfaction in the years ahead. Genius in health care — 302 — AdvertisementsERIC — We're so proud of you and all Congratulations and that you have accomplished these past four years. Bring on the kids to Dr. Levin! Best Wishes Richard Mother Sc Dad Mary Fran Sc Jack Love, Kathy Sc Brian Rhonda Kim Sc Michael Mom and Dad Levin Frank Mom and Dad Levine Daug Love and Congratulations to RITA ANN REICHARD, M.D. Dreams Do Come True! Your Family Advertisements----Congratulations and Success to The Class of 1991 and Margorie Rush Cooper “The World Needs You” Love and Respect, “A proud father” — Clyde R. Fry CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1991! MONTGOMERY FAMILY PRACTICE CENTER William H. Rodgers, III, M.D. Marc W. McKenna, M.D. Hazel M. Bluestein, M.D. Richard L. Edman, M.D. Montgomery Professional Building 1330 Powell Street Suite 409 Norristown, PA 19401 Telephone: (215) 277-0964 — 304-----AdvertisementsHOSPITAL of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Offers Residency Positions in: Internal Medicine Transitional Year Obstetrics Gynecology SETTING STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE ‘Best ‘Wishes to the Chass of 1991 iDepartment of OSste tries Qyneeofogy A [Bert 'Einstein Medical Center AFTER 173 YEARS OF BANKING IN PHILADELPHIA, OUR MOST IMPORTANT GOAL IS STILL HELPING YOU ACHIEVE YOURS. THE FUTURE IS RJGHT WHERE TVS ALWAYS BEEN AW Philadelphia Savings A Fund Society Advertisements----‘Best Wishes to the Ctass of 1991 Lemote Sp Cigna, (P.C- CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1991 from the DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE at ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ---AdvertisementsThe Germantown Hospital and Medical Center has a long and proud tradition of helping to train and prepare Temple University Medical students for their future careers. The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center, founded in 180}, is located in northwest Philadelphia where Chew. Wister and Olney intersect, on a 25 acre campus with a private boulevard approach All rooms are private and offered at a semi-private rate Congratulations to the class of 1991. We extend sincere best wishes for your continued success. THE GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER -v nc FYnn HoutronJ —— ItiiUMrfcu. IVnrwhunu 19144 Advertisements---- 307 —Our Love, Support and Congratulations to Our Son MITCHELL VOGEL, M.D. and the Class of 1991 Temple University School of Medicine Upon Your Graduation and Accomplishments and to Your Future Success Mother Dad and Jeff Congratulations and Best Wishes BEST WISHES to MICHELE PAT TO THE CLASS OF 1991 THE CLASS OF 1991 from Dr. Mrs. Michael Kowalski Chris Kim Dr. Mrs. Loris O.O. King, M.D. 1 ---AdvertisementsAT T Salutes the Graduating Class of 1991 AT T has always been committed to helping the people of the world live and communicate better. AT T The right choice. From the Employees of AT T: King of Prussia Service Center 601 Allendale Road King of Prussia, PA 19407 Advertisements---- 309 -CONGRATULATIONS to Our Son JOHN VINCENT TIMKO, M.D OUR LOVE, BLESSINGS AND BEST WISHES be with you in all your future endeavors. — 310------Advertisements MOM and DAD Marie T. and John Timko, Jr.caHQ mLwnoHs to Leslie ‘Michelle Hitman, M.D. and ‘The Class of 1991 !Kenneth L. Hitman, M.D. Marlene D. Schumann Hubert A. Hitman ‘Doris Sumcrson Caiman, M.D. '56 %pbert J. Caiman Jennifer and Adam Lip tali John C. ‘Writer Sam and Mae Sumcrson Andrew J. Caiman, M D. CONGRATULATIONS and SUCCESS to JOHN VINCENT TIMKO, M.D. Temple University School of Medicine LOVING GODPARENTS Uncle Al and Aunt Wynn The Late Al Moscicki (1987) CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1991! MOFFIN STEAKS 1307 W. Tioga Street Congratulations to BRIAN M. CASEY, M.D. We re so proud of you! All our love — Mom Dad, Grandmom, Lou Mary Ann, Tom Amy, Mike, Cathy, Aileen. Kevin. Denise. Rachel, Ryan Colleen Advertisements----311CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1991 DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY Gary Atkinson, D.O. Neil Brister, M.D. Rodger Barnette, M.D. Christer Carlsson, M.D. Ansuya Chatwani, M.D. Suzane Cooper, M.D. Lars Eriksson, M.D. Alexandra Karetas, M.D. Frances Kasarda, M.D. Nancy Kenepp, M.D. Russell Levin, M.D. Timothy O'Grady, M.D. Joseph Onishchuk, D.O. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Scott Schartel, D.O. Margaret Schwedler, M.D. Woodrow Wendling, M.D. To our “KID” CONGRATULATIONS on all your accomplishments DENISE L. SCHAMBRON, M.D. with LOVE and PRIDE YOUR MOM and DAD -312-----AdvertisementsBEST WISHES from the DEPARTMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING David S. Ball, D.O. Michael B. Love, M.D. Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Leon S. Malmud, M.D. Marie A. Capitanio, M.D. Momed Mesgarzadeh, M.D. Dina F. Caroline, M.D. Paul D. Radecki. M.D. Ja-Kwei Chang, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. N. David Charkes, M.D. Eleanor Smergel, M.D. Iluynh Doan, M.D. Theodore Villafana. Ph.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Richard Vitti, M.D. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Lawrence Wang. M.D. Arnold C. Friedman, M.D. Barbara Wolfson. M.D. Bruce Greenberg, M.D. Thomas Witomski, M.D. Linda C. Knight. Ph.D. Marvin C. Ziskin, M.D. Te-Hua Liu. M.D. Advertisements----313 —CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1991 from The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine ---AdvertisementsGOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1991 Independence Plaza Apartments 3120 School House Lane Philadelphia, PA CONGRATULATIONS SUCCESS TO DAVID J. POLIDORI, M.D. and the CLASS OF 1991 Temple University School of Medicine With Love and Pride — Mr. Mrs. Alfred J. Polidori, Parents and Brother, Alan Congratulations to KENNETH C. SABAT1NO, M.D. and the CLASS OF 1991 With Love and Pride Your Family Advertisements----315 The Triple “A Team? or The Indian National Congress?CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1991 from Dean Allen R. Myers and His Staff Richard J. Kozera, M.D., Senior Associate Dean William E. Barry, M.D., Associate Dean for Medical Education Albert J. Finestone, M.D., Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Thomas R. Freitag, MBA, Associate Dean for Administration Stanley J. Mann, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Resources Charles S. Ireland, Jr., MSW, Assistant Dean and Director of RAR Program Dawn B. Marks, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Sally Rosen, M.D., Assistant Dean for Student Affairs William F. Schulze, MA, Assistant Dean for Temple at Albert Einstein Medical Center Ronald F. Tuma, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Admissions Rose A. Ferrara, Director of Administrative Services Sandra J. McDade, BA, Director of Business Affairs, Health Sciences Center M. Judith Russo, Director of Faculty and Student Records Peter N. Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the M.S. Ph.D. Program AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS MITCHELL IRA COHEN, M.D. You have accomplished another milestone. May your success be as great as our pride. We wish the Class of '91 well in all their future endeavors. Love you forever, Mom and Dad Brothers Fiancee Grandmom Zena Gil Barry Andrew Maileen Abrams Sara Gitlin CH Affiliated with the Scranton-Temple Residency Program ‘Best ‘Wishes from Our Mouse to ‘The Chass of 1991 on ‘your graduation ‘Elsie and %ennetfx Cundy Advertisements----4 O Y E A' R S St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children joins the Temple University School of Medicine Class of'91 in honoring DAVIDS. SMITH, MD for 40 years of service as a pediatrician and a teacher• ST. CHRISTOPHER’S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN ERIE AVENUE AT FRONT STREET. PHILADELPHIA, PA 19134-1095 -318-----AdvertisementsSincere Congratulations and Best Wishes to My Niece and Our Cousin LYNNE MICHELLE HOLDEN, M.D. Love, Aunt Dolores Gail, Luke, Dave, and Dan Congratulations DEANNA M. JANORA. M.D. With Love and Pride Mom, Pop, Edward Lisa Congratulations and Success to FREDERICK ALTON BURTON, JR„ M.D. With Love. Pride Joy Your Family Congratulations to Jim The Class of 1991 With Love and Pride The Guarino Family CONGRATULATIONS DELVVYN HENSON SARGEANT, M.D. With Love Pride Your Family Congratulations MARZA M. SMITH With Love and Pride Your Family AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1991! Department of Urology “CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1990 55 yArA A A y A associates, irtc. PRINTING AND TOTAL PRODUCTION OF DIRECT MAIL THE DELAWARE VALLEY’S COMPLETE PRINTING DIRECT MAIL FACILITY. COMPUTER LASER LETTERS CHESHIRE LABELING MACHINE INSERTING TYPESETTING SHEETFED WEB PRINTING U ENVELOPE PRINTING M BINDERY □ 215 825-2570 ---AdvertisementsOPENING TO TEE FUTURE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1991 From the Medical Staff of St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Advertisements---- •Clinical Clerkships •Rural Clerkships •Pre-Clinical Preceptorships Congratulations and X —Allegheny Much Happiness I wVH Family to Our Son and Brother y.tt,' J Physicians Family Medicine Residency Program JOHN VV. WERNING, M.D., D.M.D. of Altoona Hospital Affiliated with: The Department of Family and Community Medicine The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center of the Pennsylvania State University For additional information contact: With Thankfulness and Pride, Love Richard L. Decker, M.D. Recruitment Coordinator 501 Howard Avenue, Building “F" Your Family Altoona, PA 16601 Telephone: (814)946-2020 Congratulations and Best Wishes to LYNNE MICHELLE HOLDEN, M.D. You have made us very proud. May God bless you in all your endeavors. With Love Always, Your Family Mr. and Mrs. Donald Holden and Tracy Advertisementsf , J to the Class of 1991 Department of Surgery Advertisements----Best Wishes to The Class of 1991 for fulfilling careers and lives. We enjoyed working with you. The Faculty and Residents Department of Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division DIVISION HEADS Morris N. Kotler, M.D., Cardiology Robert Fox, M.D., Dermatology Sol Epstein, M.D., Endocrinology Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology Mark Capkin, M.D. (TUSM 80), General Internal Medicine I. Robert Schwartz, M.D., Hematology Oncology Richard S. Levy, M.D., Infectious Disease Rasib M. Raja, M.D., Nephrology Michael Lippmann, M.D., Pulmonary Mary E. Moore, M.D. (TUSM ’67), Rheumatology Herbert S. Waxman, M.D. Chairman Lisa Wallenstein, M.D. Associate Chairman Tina Phipps, Ph.D. Behavioral Sciences - 324----AdvertisementsTHE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OFFERS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING MEDICAL CLASS OF ’91 THE PHYSICIAN'S MANTLE ONCE BESTOWED MUST NEVER BE REMOVED. ITIS INDELIBLY AND EXTERNALLY PLACED. FOR IT TO SHINE IN STARTLING BRIGHTNESS, THE WEARER MUST WORK WITH DILIGENCE, LOVE WITH FERVOR, LAUGH WITH JOY, AND SERVE WITH HUMILITY. “Remember Always to Keep Your Patient Interest and Health First” CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS TO MARZA M. SMITH and the CLASS OF 1991 With Love and Pride, Your Aunt and Uncle Arthur B. Dorothy D. Posey AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1991 from the Faculty of the Department of Neurology Jeffrey I. Greenstein, M.D. Professor and Chairman H. Branch Coslett, M.D., Associate Professor Guillermo deLeon, M.D., Associate Professor Stasha C. Gominak, M.D., Assistant Professor Dara G. Jamieson, M.D., Assistant Professor R. Manon-Espaillat, M.D., Associate Professor Eleanor Saffran, Ph.D., Professor ---AdvertisementsCongratulations and Best Wishes to Members of the Class of 1991 From Members of the Department of Medicine Faculty Temple University Hospital Knowledge is the Antidote to Fear.... Ralph Waldo Emerson Department of Microbiology Immunology Congratulations JONATHAN V. UY, M.D. With Love and Pride, Mom, Dad. Karen and Brian Advertisements----THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred: "That I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; That I will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor. That into whatsoever house I shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, I holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, and from the tempting of others to vice; That I will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and 1 will give no drug, perform no operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it; That whatsoever 1 shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise and in proportion as 1 am faithful to this my oath may happiness and good repute be ever mine. The opposite if I shall be forsworn." TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCiENCES LIBRARY COOKE PUBLISHING COMPAN' OEVON, PtNKSVlVANIA -328•?Vsj2X - • For Reference Not to be taken from this library

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Temple University School of Medicine - Skull Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1994 Edition, Page 1


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