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Robert Troyer, Ph.D. Dr. J. Robert Troyer has been a great inspiration as a teacher and a friend to the Class of 1990. We met him on the first day of school when he helped to lay the foundation of our road to becoming great physicians. He is not only admired by his medical, graduate and dental students but by his colleagues, other academicians, and physicians in the Temple University Hospital community. Dr. Troyer was born in Princeton, Illinois and was raised mostly in Syracuse, New York. He studied as an undergraduate at Syracuse University where he, like many of us, was initially pre-med, but his interests shifted to Zoology. At Cornell University, he then pursued Histology and Embryology as his majors, with minors in Mammalogy and Comparative Anatomy and he received his Ph.D. in 1955. His doctoral thesis was entitled "A Biochemical and Histological Study of Liver Glycogen in a Hibernating Bat.” He was influenced by his professors and admired their dedication to teaching which he has incorporated into his own methods of education. . Robert Troyer as Captain of the Patrol Boys in 6th grade at Sumner Elementary School in Syracuse, New York. 4 • DedicationDr. Troycr with wife Ruth Dr. Troycr considers his most significant contribution to Temple University Medical School to be the revision and development of an interdisciplinary core curriculum for the complete four-year medical school training program, which has remained virtually unchanged until recent years. He became chairman to the Anatomy Department in 1979 and has held the position since that time. Numerous awards have attested to his achievements as a great teacher. He has been a recipient of the Lindback Award for distinguished teaching in 1972 and the Sowell Teaching Award for basic science teaching in 1981. He has received the Student American Medical Association teaching Award eight times. More recently in April of 1989, he was inducted into the Temple Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical honorary fraternity, as the faculty awardee and only the second Ph.D. to become a member of this organization. He also received Temple's Great Teacher Award which was accompanied by a medallion and a $10,000 cash award. At last year's graduation, he presented the first Faculty Salute at the University's Commencement Exercise in Convention Hall. Dr. Troyer modestly states that being a great teacher is having students who are able to listen well and organize the facts. Dr. Troyer's teaching extends beyond the lecture hall to the histology and neuroanatomy laboratory as well as to the necessary (and lifesaving) review sessions. His unique style of lecturing can best be appreciated as a member of his audience. We cannot forget his creative three-dimensional models which helped make difficult concepts manageable as well as entertaining. We all remember the colored balloons, the ladder and whatever else Dr. Troyer found in his basement carpentry shop. Temple University had the pleasure of first receiving Dr. Troyer's expertise in 1954 when he taught in the multidisciplinary course of Gross Anatomy, Histology, Embryology and Neuroanatomy. He met his wife Ruth, who is a nurse, while they were jointly teaching a nursing course in anatomy and physiology. They were married on August 18,1956. Dedication • 5Dr. Troyer's dedication extends outside of the classroom, as he has served as a member of over eight committees, examples include the Honor Board and the Dean's Advisory Committee of Medical School. In addition, he assists his colleagues and attends all of their lectures, and he has earned their admiration as exhibited by their nomination of him for the Great Teacher’s Award. He is author of many articles and texts including the chapter on anatomy in Rypin's Medical Licensure Examinations (which we may need someday). Despite his involvement in various committees and his enormous responsibility as chairman of the anatomy department. Dr. Troyer is always willing to help students with academic and even personal problems. When talking with Dr. Troyer, his concern and pride for his students, his family and his colleagues is easily recognized. This dedication of the yearbook to Dr. Troyer not only recognizes the last four years but encompasses a lifetime of achievement s which spans over ten pages of a curriculum vitae (while many of us struggled with composing our own one page version). We thank you for your excellence as a teacher, a friend and a source of strength and creativity. We wish you continued success, happiness and health. The Class of 1990 Dr. Troyer accepting the Great Teacher Award Children Mark, Susan, Karen and David 6 • DedicationCarson Schneck, M.D., Ph.D. Sarah S. Long, M.D. Sally Rosen, M.D. Hugo D. Smith, M.D. HOODERS HoodersEditor Brenda Baracka Financial Editor Kevin Bufalino Photography Editor Marc Uknis Senior Pages Laura Hastings Dedication Pages Lisa YamofT Staff Linda D'Andrea Denise Gotsdincr Dan Guttmann Lee Harmatz Debra Levinson Jamie Lieberman Amy Luckenbaugh Monica Philipkosky Rob Segal EDITOR'S NOTE Now that the final scenes of this production have been edited, I would like to thank the many hands that helped to create this high quality yearbook. First, Kevin, thanks for somehow managing to finance this book. Marc, thanks for coming through with all those photos under less than optimal circumstances. Thank you to everyone on the staff for your creativity, quality captioning, and for just being available to get the work done. Additionally, the constant cooperation from everyone in the Dean's office was greatly appreciated. Stan, Cheryl, and everyone else in Medical Communications, thanks for seeing us through all of this. We could never have made it without you. Finally, to the Class of 1990, the stars of this production, thanks for adding originality to this book by designing your own senior page, and for contributing so many candids for us to use. I hope this book will serve as a permanent record of the wonderful years spent as Temple University medical students. Good luck to everyone in achieving your future goals. Brenda 8 • Yearbook StaffDan searches for new ideas. "We need a caption . . .' Marc wonders which department won't show up for their pictures next. Rob lends a helping hand. Yearbook Staff • 9TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth University School of Medicine 3400 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140-5199 Office of the Dean February 15, 1986 Dear Applicant, I am truly delighted to offer you a place in the 1986 entering class of the Temple University School of Medicine. The life of the institution is its people; and we have great expectations of this class. It is with respect for your past accomplishments and anticipation of your contributions to the Temple community that this offer of acceptance is advanced. Our commitment to you transcends your four years as a medical student and includes the provision of opportunities for graduate medical education ano ultimately practice, research, ano teaching within the Temple system. Our acceptance offer is based on several conditions which are outlined in the enclosed letter from Moses Williams, Ph.D. Please review carefully the conditions ano the procedures to De followed for matriculation. If you have questions on these matters you should aaoress them to Dr. Williams, who will be pleased to respond. Congratulations are in order for your success to this point in your career, we Iook forward to sharing in your future achievements with a good deal of anticipation. SSslso The "temple Centennial . histdkn'of shaping the future -n$4 A Star is Born • 11UIUV U iTJLTU.11 1; TOM HULCE • RICK MORANIS • MARTHA PLIMPTON KEANU REEVES • JASON ROBARDS MARY STEENBURGEN • DIANNE WIESTT It could happen to you. : :• i-Vi INH i-’MERTAJNMENT Presents A BRIAN GRAZER Production “PARENTHOOD" '-'iiANiA NEWMAN: RUTHM'JRLEY :.MICHAELHILL DANIEL HANLEY TODD HALLOWELL DONALD Me.OPINE.a s.c. JOSEPH M. CARACCIOLO !.' BUI 0.0'Z . BABALt 0 MANUEL - RON HOWARD Z BABAL-«) MANDEL BRIAN GRAZER - RON HOWARD I :rrr ona c 'MAGiNH CNniRML KELEASEADMINISTRATIONADMINISTRATION TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Peter J. Liacouras, LL.M. President, Temple University H. Patrick Swygert, J.D. Executive'Vice President, Temple University HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER Leon S. Malmud, M.D. Vice President, Temple University Health Sciences Center Allen R. Meyers, M.D. Associate Vice President, Temple University Health Sciences Center SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Joseph H. Baum, Ph.D. Acting Dean Richard J. Kozera, MJ). Senior Associate Dean Albert J. Finestone, M.D. Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education James T. Dcmopoulos, M.D. Associate Dean for Affiliations and Special Projects Thomas R. Freitag Associate Dean for Administration and Associate Vice President for HSC Business Affairs William E. Barry, M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum Stanley Mann, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Resources Marie Bernard, M.D. Assistant Dean for Admissions Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Sally Rosen, M.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs William F. Schulze, MA Assistant Dean for Temple at Albert Einstein Medical Center Charles S. Ireland, Jr. Assistant Dean and Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Retention Charles Glanville Executive Director of Development and Medical Alumni Affairs Moses L. Williams, PhJ). Director of Admissions and Student Activities Mark Taylor Director of the Health Sciences Center Libraries Peter Walsh, M J)., Ph.D. Director, M.DTPh.D. Programs M. Judith Russo Administrator, Office of Faculty and Student Records 14 • AdministrationMr. Schulze Dr. Williams Gloria Greenberg, Curriculum Coordinator Administration 15Dorothy Dennison, Assistant Director Development and Alumni Affairs M. Judith Russo, Administrator Office of Faculty and Student Records Sandy Candeub and Peg Lipsett Sheila Booker 16 • Administration Administration 17 Gerri Morton Student Programs and Admissions Library Staff Priscilla Barnes Office of Student Life and Sendees 18 • AdministrationMEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS Jerry Pearlman, Otto Lehmann (Supervisor), Audrey Erfer, Bob Dennison, Hank Bacich, Sharmaine Forchion, Bill Veryzl, Photography Division Cheryl Arthur and Barbara Minnick, Art Division Stanton Saltzman, Director Medical Communications 19 No one thought a rebel like Joel Slovak would make it through medical school. It’s the toughest course in medical schoolPRECLINICAL YEARSTHE WAY WE WERE LOimk 22MAKING NEW FRIENDS? Mike 0. Bacterium Oscar Iasis Lech Tobacillus Yale 0. Fever Corrina Bacterium Mel E. Oidosis Sal Monella Edward Siella Pia Mel Perry Gonimus Hugh Bacterium Vera Celia Les Maniasis Herby Simplex Bo Relia Ari Sipelothrix Auntie Biotic Pauli 0. Virus Clint Amycin Ray Bies Emma Penam Ozzie Myelitis Penny Cillin Erwin Ea Quinn O'Lone Chickie Gunya Nora Floxacin Ike Enella Bruce Ellosus Cybil Iss Lee Jonella Gunnar Rhea Mike O'Plasma Pappy Lorn a Pastor Ella Polly Myxin Mona Nucleosis Ty Phoid Liz Teria Alina Robe Candy Da Biff Theria Nigel Aria Sara Tia Tallulah Remia Rhoda Coccus Dee Eflu Angie 0. Strongylus Len T. Virus Barton Ella Amy Biasis Kappy Laria Luke 0. Encephalopathy General Paresis Cal Lazar A1 Caligenes Bill Harzia Rhett Rovirus Lassie Fever Betty Lactam Mel Aria Rose Eola Sue Damonas Ruby Ola Bea Cereus Peter 0. Sporum Baby C. Osis Hale Minth Anna Sakiasis Vera Dens Tricia Monas Harry Ginosa Clem Mydia Spiro Keats Sue Dallas Cheria Uri Plasma Hymen 0. Lepis Amy Kacin Rick Ketsia Connie Diabolus Opie Thorcus Bessie Diabolus Phil Ariasis Viola Nella Auggie Mentin M. Petigo Ty Mentin Shep T. Cemia C. Linda Mycin Moe Biluncus Sol Bactam Basil S. Subtilis G.C. Arthur Ritis Sister Cerosis Frank Pus 23Dr. Troyer Dr. PhillipsInvasion of the Body Snatchers Gross Conf. 1 9 2 86 iDitQ ySLliQO to gross £QalQ®¥ L§b In Pennsylvania in 1883 an anatomical board was started. The board established a law stating that any deceased body unclaimed after 36 hours belongs to the registry and is to be distributed to Pennsylvania medical and dental schools on a quota basis(number of cadavers equals the number of freshmen in class divided by 4). The bodies are embalmed, stored, and identified by a tag on a part of the body. Utmost respect for the cadavers is expected Two burial services are held each year at Norris and Broad Streets. The bodies are then cremated. Anatomy • 25Merrick happily tests the integrity Revenge of the Lamperti. of Cooper's ligaments. i 26 • AnatomyDr. Oxberry Anatomy 27When God created man he consulted Dr. Schneck. Dr. Mark Black Dr. Joanne Orth — Sperm Specialist. 28 • Anatomy"Okay Dr. Pearson, we won’t say it. Gluteus" McAllister Hello Mother, Hello Father Here I am your future doctor Had some free time, thought I'd write you: Tell you 'bout the things I’m finding here in situ. Started learning nervous system Looked for phrenics — somehow missed 'em Dr. Way says never mind 'em — When he's done his drink he'll damn well come and find ’em! Went to thorax, found the pleura Then the lung roots — I want more These instructors won't catch me napping, Cause McAllister's scrubs are simply too distracting! In the pelvis, found the rectum Couldn't find the pubic pecten; Ask the teacher — where’s Marino? If it's tubercle-related I'm sure he'll know! Since in gross we have no lectures, Thank the Lord for predissectors Our clothes get grungy — don't have lab coats But at least we've got recourse to Dr. Schneck notes! Got to go nowr, it's exam time: Must remember, Seek, ye shall find Never thought I'd be near failing, 'Cause I couldn't find that damn anterior scalene! CHORUS: We didn't know what we were getting into, so We sit here and we gripe and moan, And when we pay the bills, we mortgage everything we own. We didn't know what we were getting into, so We sacrifice our social life, So maybe someday we can wield a fancy surgeon's knife . . . Anatomy • 29BIOCHEMISTRY Dr. Hoober Dr. PlautDave and Denise consider alternative career opportunities after that last Biochem exam. Biochemistry • 31Dr. Pieringer Dr. Suhadolnik Dr. Ash 32 • BiochemistryBiochemistry • 33Dr. Lynch — The Accidental Tourist Giggling, giggling GaultSharon Rubin — Medical student or physiologist incognito? "I know you're not laughing at my physical prowess." Physiology • 35Dr. Tuma 36 • PhysiologyDr. Heckman Physiology • 37THE LORD HOUSER CUP The first years celebrate a victory. 38 • The Lord Houser CupBATTLE HYMN OF THE FRESHMEN Mint eyes havo seen the glory of the first year softball team With such n balanced line-up it's the best you've ever seen We plan on scoring runs at a rate that is extreme As first year rolls along ... CHORUS Physio will be DEFEATED Physio will be DEFEATED We're tired of hearing idle threats That never will come true AS FIRST YEAR ROLLS ALONG ' If you build a trophy case, it never will be used With all the brags you made in class, we really were amused And now it’s time for you to be the ones who are abused As first year rolls along CHORUS CHORUS We predict that Dr. WANG will start as pitching ace SCHAFFER won't relieve him 'cause he only plays first base Meanwhile well be laughing ns we polish ofTa case As first year rolls along ... CHORUS Physio will be DEFEATED Physio will be DEFEATED As age goes up compliance goes down AS FIRST YEAR ROLLS ALONG When you show up for the game, please don't forget your car And if you plan on waling home, you know you won't get far Now we know the reason that you taught us CPR As first year rolls along! HOUSER says he drinks a lot but we've heard it's not true THE END We know it's GAULT and MULLIGAN a soakin' up the brew And when they want to party hard they bring in TUMA too Compliments ofJA, KM, NJ, JD, and the Irish Pub As first year rolls along ... The Lord Houser Cup 39PATHOLOGY Renato Baserga, M.D. Chairperson Joseph Baum, Ph.D. Bruno Calabretta, M.D. Edison Catalano, M.D. Sow-Yeh Chen, Ph.D. Carlo Croce, M.D. Nahum Duker, M.D. Pamela Edmonds, M.D. I. Bruce Elfenbein, M.D. Paul Farber, Ph.D. Bruce Goldman, M.D. Eugene Hoenig, M.D. F. Kay Huebner, Ph.D. Calvin Leifer, Ph.D. W. Edward Mercer, Jr., Ph.D. Arthur Miller, D.D.S. Pen-Ming Ming, M.D. Si-Chun Ming, M.D. James Paulson, M.D. Paul Putong, M.D. M. Veena Rao, Ph.D. E. Syham Reddy, Ph.D. Sally Rosen, M.D. Francesca Ruggiero, M.D. Chik-Kwun Tang, M.D. John Wurzel, M.D. Dr. Baserga Dr. Ming — A Golden Apple for the teacher.Pathology • 4142 • PathologyJr. Pathology •Dr. ShockmanDr. Cundy Dr. Buckley Dr. Daneo-Moore Microbiology Immunology • 45"What the?... This Is lemonade! Where's my culture of amoebic dysentery?" Dr. Blank — "Now take a 30 second break and ask your neighbor if he thinks this is a mouse that I drew." Dr. Henderson — The only one to know how the herdsmen got scabies from the sheep. Dr. Higgins 46 • Microbiology Crazy Cundy — No growth after 4 years. Dr. Eisenstein Dr. Soprano Microbiology • 47PHARMACOLOGY Dr. Smith Dr. HarakalPharmacology • 4950 • Pharmacology • •Hello Mother, Hello Father Here I am your future doctor Now a sophomore, things are better So I though I’d sit and write you both a letter. Patho classes make me weary Study till my eyes are bleary; Preserved organs — we don’t mind’em But to study them we first have to find'em! Then there’s Micro every Monday Led by fearless Dr. Cundy; No matter how hard we've been busting, He can find a way to make those bugs disgusting! Immunoglobins seem to haunt me I won't let those Ig's daunt me— Can't say I'm fond of all those B cells, But I really like those cyto-killer T cells! Twice a week it's Primary Care At least a dozen students there Dr. Baxter is understanding, And we love him for not being too demanding! Got to go now — got to study; Can't even go out with my buddy Got to hit it, no time for play — National boards are only five short months away! Chorus: We didn't know what we were getting into, so We sit here and we gripe and moan, And when we pay the bills, we mortgage everything we own. We didn't know what we were getting into, so We sacrifice our social life, So maybe someday we can wield a fancy surgeon's knife . . . Hello Mothers, Hello Fathers Here we are your future doctors May not have known what we were in for, but We made the right choice, of that you can be sure! Pharmacology • 51Dr. Fryer Embarrassing moments at gene parties"Alter one checkup, you made me quit smoking because I smoked too much. Next, you made me quit drinking because I drank too much Now I m |ust back from my honeymoon, so this checkup scares the hell out ot me' Dr. David Gary Smith Dr. Baxter Preclinical 5 3There’s one thing mod school doesn’t prepare you for... rail life. It’s their storv TEMPLE UNIVERSITY EB HOSPITAL ga _ IF YOU BUILD IT 56 • Hospital of Dreams... THEY WILL COME. Hospital of Dreams • 57ANESTHESIOLOG Christer Carlsson, M.D., Ph.D. Chairperson Gary Atkinson, D.O. Rodger Barnette, M.D. Neil Brister, M.D., Ph.D. Alexandra Caretas, M.D. Ansuya Chatwani, M.D. Suzane Cooper, M.D. Joseph Filler, M.D. Nancy Kenepp, M.D. Russell Levin, M.D. Joseph Onishchuk, D.O. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Scott Schartel, D.O. William Stevenson-Smith, M.D. Woodrow Wendling, M.D., Ph.D] Dr. Atkinson Dr. Filler, Dr. Schartel, Dr. Cooper Dr. Chatwani 58 • AnesthesiologyDr. Kenepp Dr. Barnette Dr. Brister Dr. Levine and Dr. Pruckmayr Anesthesiology • 59DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Francis Shea, M.D. Chairperson Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Marie Capitano, M.D. Dina Caroline, M.D. David Charkes, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Mary Fisher, M.D. Arnold Friedman, M.D. Michele Johnson, M.D. Linda Knight, Ph.D. Anna Lev-Toaff, M.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Michael Love, M.D. Leon Malmud, M.D. Alan Mauer, M.D. Mamed Mesgarzadeh, M.D. Charles Mulhern, M.D. Paul Radecki, M.D. Eleanor Smergel, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Judith Weinstein, M.D. Barbara Wolfson, M.D. Dr. Shea Dr. Lev-Toaff and Dr. Radecki Dr. Fisher Dr. LoveThe Nuclear Medicine Crew Name the structure at the tip of the pointer. ■I Dr. Liu "Excuse me, Doctor, but radiologists don’t work past 4 p.m." Dr. Mesgarzadeh Diagnostic Imaging • 61Mary can’t wait to suture those lacerations. Dr. Kauffman Dr. Kaplan 62 Emergency MedicineDr. Donohoe Emergency Medicine • 6364 • Family PracticeDr. Baxter, Dorothy Mauro, Carolyn Andrews, Dr. Brock, Dr. MacBride, Jeanne Quinn (Department Administrator) Calvin and Hobbes Family Practice • 65Sidney M. Cohen, M.D. Chairperson, Department of Medicine Ziggy______________________ " HGV! WAv T A M i NOTG t 1 1WS ISNTAMet lCALOiPtPMA! 'T3 AN OtO POBUSweR'S Ronald N. Rubin, M.D. Deputy Chairperson, Department of MedicineDr. Warner CARDIOLOGY Alfred Bove, M.D., Ph.D. Section Chief Susan Brozena, M.D. Daniel Contrafatto, M.D. Ezra Deutsch, M.D. Christopher Hansen, M.D. Steven Heilbrunn, M.D. J. Patrick Kleaveland, M.D. Mariell Jessup, M.D. Michael McDonough, M.D. John Panidis, M.D. Pia Pollack, M.D. Louis SolofT, M.D. Howard Warner, M.D. David Weiner, M.D. Dr. Bove Dr. Jessup Dr. Brozena Cardiology • 67ENDOCRINOLOGY I METABOLISM Guenther Boden, M.D. Section Chief E. Victor Adlin, M.D. Bertram Channick, M.D. Robert Hoeldtke, M.D. Matthew Kane, M.D. Allan Marks, M.D. Tarun Ray, M.D. Charles R. Shuman, M.D. Dr. Boden Dr. Shuman Dr. Channick, Dr. Adlin, Dr. Marks, Dr. Hoeldtke 68 • Endocrinology MetabolismDr. Fisher Dr. Krevsky Dr. Black Dr. Dabezies Dr. Ogorek Gastroenterology • 69GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE David G. Smith, M.D. Section Chief Marie Bernard, M.D. David Brody, M.D. Grace Cordts, M.D. Mary Dampier, M.D. Abby Huang, M.D. Yolanda Mapp, M.D. David McGailiard, M.D. Ellen Tedaldi, M.D. Julia Uffer, M.D. Dr. Smith No Rich, we can't make everyone a DNR. Dr. Tedaldi 70 • General Internal Medicine"I've got to get labs on the whole sendee and I'll give up this terminal when I’m done." Dr. Brody General Internal Medicine • 71HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Robert Colman, M.D. Section Chief Rita Axelrod, M.D. William Barry, M.D. H. James Day, M.D. Richard Eisenstaedt, M.D. Alan Gerwitz, M.D. Luther Glenn, M.D. John MacDonald, M.D. Kenneth Mangan, M.D. A. Koneti Rao, M.D. Ronad Rubin, M.D. Alvin Schmaier, M.D. Sandra Schnall, M.D. Peter Walsh, M.D. Dr. Schnall Dr. Eisenstaedt 72 Hematology OncologyDr. Suh Dr. Lorber f Infectious Diseases • 73Dr. Narins Dr. Krishna 74 • NephrologyDr. Kelsen Dr. Hoffman "Okay, you can breathe out now. Dr. Kueppers Pulmonary • 75Dr. Tourtellotte Dr. Myers Dr. Bemey Dr. Conaway 76 • Rheumatology"Okay, 3 blood draws, insert a foley, drop off 5 x-ray slips, and then write 10 notes, and then maybe I'll be out of here by 8." Yes Mike, you have found the heart. Two ambitious students Twins?! "Evan, you get the history and I'll do the physical." Candids • 77Dr. Greenstein Solon finding it easy to demonstrate decerebrate posturing. 78 • Neurology Dr. Jamieson Dr. Moster Dr. Coslett Neurology 79OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Phillip R. Hamilton, M.D. Chairperson Ashwin Chatwani, M.D. Robert Filosa, M.D. Terry Grody, M.D. Parviz Hanjani, M.D. Ramaswamy Mohan, M.D. Allan Nachlis, M.D. Barbara Wesley, M.D. James Young, M.D. IN MEMORIUM Phillip R. Hamilton, M.D. January 3,1940—February 3,1990 "Those great mental efforts on which the soul occasionally lights are not things on which it dwells; it only jumps there for a moment, not forever, as on a throne." —Pascal We will remember you fondly. 80 • Obstetrics GynecologyDr. Wesley Cheryl Denick — 34 weeks gestation Dr. Grody Dr. Chatwani Obstetrics Gynecology • 81Dr. Demopoulos Dr. Weinik and Dr. Dworkin 82 • PM R"Hello, is this dial-a-date?" John keeps a firm grip on his bone. When the unit clerk is away . .. the med student will play. "Should I be concerned with this 10 beat run of V — tach?" Why use ipecac? Candids • 83PSYCHIATRY Charles Shagass, M.D. Chairperson M. Louis Ascher, Ph.D. John Benson, M.D. Allan Cristol, M.D. John Fryer, M.. John Harding, M.D. Louis Harding, Jr., M.D. Gerald Mehalick, D.O. Marie Mignogna, M.D. Barry Shmavonian, M.D. Roy Steinhouse, M.D. Roy Stern, M.D. Carol Tosone, M.S.W. Ralph M. Turner, Ph.D. Dr. Stem Dr. Benson Dr. Fryer Neurotics build castles in the air, Psychotics live in them, and Psychiatrists collect the rent. 84 • PsychiatryDr. Harding 9aaSE?S Carol Tosone Dr. Mignogna Dr. Turner Dr. Cristol Dr. Shmavonian 24 Psychiatry • 85Wallace Ritchie, Jr., M.D. Chairperson, Department of SurgeryGENERAL SURGERY Wallace Ritchie, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. Chairperson Juan Asensio, M.D. Francis Au, M.D. Patricia Bailey, M.D. Rohinton Balsara, M.D. Constance Barone, M.D. Deborah Billmeri, M.D. Robert Buckman, M.D. Anthony Comerota, M.D. Daniel Dempsey, M.D. Jeffrey Dunn, M.D. Stephen Dunn, M.D. Julieta Grosh, M.D. Robert Harwick, M.D. William Maier, M.D. Amitabha Mitra, M.D. Charles Vinocur, M.D. William Weintraub, M.D. John White, M.D. CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY Paul Addonizio, M.D. Jeffrey Alpem, D.O. Jacob Kolff, M.D. James McClurken, M.D. Pierantonio Russo, M.D. Dr. Asensio Dr. Kolff and Dr. McClurkenDr. Dempsey Dr. Buckman Dr. Au Dr. Grosh Dr. Maier General Surgery • 89Dr. Buchheit Dr. Rosenwasser 90 • NeurosurgeryDr. Wong One of Temple's less Dr. Cristol fortunate patients. Ophthalmology7 • 91Dr. Lachman, Chairman Emeritus Dr. Betz ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Michael Clancy, M.D. Chairperson Philip Alburger, M.D. Randal Betz, M.D. Robert Campo, M.D. David Clements, M.D. Lawrence Crossett, M.D John Lachman, M.D. Paul Marchetto, M.D. Ray Moyer, M.D. Edward Resnick, M.D. BKOOM COUNTY by Berke Breathed 92 • Orthopedicsa cast on rny fey y rj aqo and boy did it ikhl...Drove ( me crazy y'Know wM I'm sayfn'?.. 'Cause you can-t scratch if, y'Cno .. Don't -think about ttchny anywhere, Dr. Clements Dr. Moyer Dr. Crossett Dr. Resnick BLOOM COUNTY by Berke Breathed eve khc set? T SJU THtT t MUG me Nu oe term ¥.Y 601K. I TK PKn T CAS' inn A -A P- rta —■— Immm Orthopedics • 93Dr. Mohr Dr. Ronis “We implant this behind your left ear and you won't even know it’s there.” 94 Otolaryngology■y % V '1 { ¥ I X Dr. Kendall Dr. Seidmon Dr. Gerber Roland, hold it like you mean it! Urology • 95ST. CHRISTOPHERS HOSPITAL Pediatrics Iain F.S. Black, M.D. Chairperson Julian Allen, M.D. Brad Alpert, M.D. Terry Anderson, M.D. J. Hobart Baluarte, M.D. Gitty Banan, M.D. Paula Braverman, M.D. David Burton, M.D. Lillian Chin, M.D. Craig Cohen, M.D. Mary Cote, M.D. Marjorie Curtin-Cohen, M.D. Carlton Dampier, M.D. Jean Pierre Dechadarevian, M.D. Adamadia Deforest, Ph.D. Angelo DiGeorge, M.D. Richard Donner, M.D. Maureen Fee, M.D. Margaret Fisher, M.D. Catherine Foley, M.D. Helena Friss, M.D. Jay Greenspan, M.D. Mark Grossman, M.D. Warren Grover, M.D. Gregory Halligan, M.D. Edward Hein, M.D. Mark Joffe, M.D. Bruce Kaiser, M.D. James Kirk, D.O. Harold Lischner, M.D. Sarah Long, M.D. Lloyd Marks, M.D. Charles Omdal, M.D. Anna O'Riordan, M.D. Dr. Iain Black Dr. ChinMartin Polinsky, M.D. Hope Punnett, M.D. Charles Reed, M.D. Iraj Rezvani, M.D. James Riviello, M.D. David Rubenstein, M.D. Daniel Schidlow, M.D. David Schor, M.D. Seth Schulman, M.D. Yamaja Setty, M.D. David Smith, M.D. Marie Stuart, M.D. Kathleen Toomey, M.D. Susan Torrey, M.D. Eileen Tyrala, M.D. Ronald Walenga, M.D. Pensri Wanglee, M.D. Robert Wimmer, M.D. Amy Zucker, M.D. Pennridge Pediatric Associates Bryn Mawr Associates Dr. Ruth Schiller Dr. David Smith CALVIN AND HOBBES ME? I'M FINE! I JUST SIT MOUND TORTURE CHAMBERS m MV ONfcWEAfc FOR KICKS. LETS SEE tEGREE, TCU OJACK! I'M N3T GOING TOUU J TOO. I'M JUST GOING TO EXAMINE. yew to ss. WAT'S MSW6. IU TELL'CO MIMS WBCNG! I'VE GOT TXT FRANKBTO FOR A VEDlA- trig an. nur VfclATS WtKAfc! By Bill Watterson NtfSE.CAU.WE A«S SICAQGISI IN MERE. W U_ TOO PLEASE? MT DADS A LAXTER IU UME womr DONT we-NEAR ME? Pediatrics • 97Cathy Root 98 • St. Christopher's HospitalDr. Reed Dr. Torrey W .BQNfc-M £ ME.' m9po sxnt OW . OKf fc QdMiD IB S STOP TO spkew swt TPMSF«X)NEjeWfe . Pediatrics • 99Dr. DiGeorge Dr. Hugo Smith Dr. Halligan, Dr. Dampier, Dr. Stuart _______ V Dr. Baluarte Dr. Rezvani 100 • St. Christopher's HospitalDr. Fisher and friends Pediatrics 101 Dr. Schor Dr. Hein Dr. Shulman and Dr. Kaiser 102 • St. Christopher's HospitalDr. Stephen Dunn — Pediatric Surgery Dr. Smergel, Dr. Capitano, Dr. Greenberg, Dr. Faerber — Pediatric Radiology Dr. William Weintraub —Pediatric Surgery Dr. Lois Martyn Pediatrics • 103104 • AEMCDr. Somers Dr. Mamunes Dr. Ostrum J! IGG! - J.JGC. JG- GC AEMC 105Dr. Lerner 106 • GermantownDr. MacMoran Dr. Gash Dr. Herold Dr. Finkenstadt Dr. Le Dr. Jones Dr. Egoville Germantown 107Dr. Polin Dr. Dent 108 • Abington Other Affiliates: AOH Comenaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Easton Hospital Lancaster General Hospital Philadelphia Psychiatric Center Reading Hospital Scranton Hospital St. Luke's Hospital Affiliates 109Sherma and Mike are finally able to visualize the fundus. Susan offers Lynda a psych consult. Does anyone know how to use this thing?? 110 • CandidsDewey, Huey, and Louie Candids • 111NAME THE HOSPITAL BY IT S CALL ROOM 112 • Call Roomssix • suiooh nBDYou put on one of these white coats and they think you’re a doctor. Jeff and Tom, hard at work during their Radiology rotation. 114 • CandidsProblem 38: CHF. At least my next patient only has 19 problems. Merrick and Glenn demonstrate the proper technique for breast exams. Call the Honor Board! Left 2 1 2, right 30, left 49. I haven’t been to my mailbox in 3 months — I hope there’s nothing important. 115 • CandidsThe NBME card .. . Don't leave home without it. By invitation only .. . proper dress required. 116 • National BoardsA NIGHTMARE ON BROAD STREET Want to see my uvula?! Death Ray Tastes great — less filling. "If the numbers on your test booklet don't match .. National Boards • 117Fourth year classes — vacation block! The ideal testing conditions. 118 • CandidsA match made in the classroom. The post-call stare. The Last Supper "Oh, I see, she sits on your lap and you talk Bob, caught in an infrequent about the first thing that comes up." encounter in the classroom. Candids • 119“i am zee best part of zee entire movie! I give myself a 10+ I am OELIGHTFUL! WONDERFUL! PERFECT! C’est MAGNIFICENT!” -Napoleon Bcnapane, CONQUERING TIMES -TWO THUMBS UP...gladly would I give greater praise would but that I possessed more thumbs!” -Socrates. NEWSGREEK j “Totally HOT!!! I’d stake my life on It." -Joan of Arc. TEEN MARTYR MAGAZINE History is about to be rewritten _by_two guysiwho can't spell. 1 foil sleds EXCELLENT if nr IftiSON FNTlRftHfHBiT PRESENTS All ItfTF i -''vSOfSSORWRIW'PROajCTKWS '«U TEDS C0W.LEWT AfWEXTUREi i KE WU REEVES VUiX y.T.mR CARtm i i ’: OWfl mm TIMOTHY SUHRSfUH rS SITPHUI OEifTSCH 1 i Z210) flrlO-WSERT W COST hW9$ WnfiSOR Sfi) SOLOMON 1 _ ttWyesoen ’ mm1 I Stereo Da'— OXOti'un AVAILABLEON WDEOCASSETTE AUGUST 31stl ENTERTAINMENT fACTIVITIESSTUDENT BODIES Student Council Senior Representatives Rhonda Smalls, Dan Guttmann, Bob Maxwell, Joshua Alexander (President), Sharon Taylor 122 • Student CouncilAOA Members: Class of 1990 — Daniel Altman, William Bingaman, Richard Bisbing, Christopher Blewett, Rolan Chen, Bernadette Curtis, Paul Driver, William Flood, Muriel Gordon, Michael Grabowski, Kathleen Gretrex, Todd Harvey (President), Mary Johnston, Paul Kim (Vice President), Robert Kovar, Kenneth Lazofson, Paul Lizak, Paul Pagley, Monica Philipkosky, Putul Prasad, Douglas Redosh, Sharon Rubin, Marc Sandberg, Eric Schaible, Perpetua Staub, Rebecca Sutphen, Ingrid Van Orden, Martin Wilson, Bradley Winston. Class of 1991 — Leslie Bitman, Kenneth Liebman, Scott Rice, William Sonstein, Daniel Walsh. SNMA Pictured: Row 1: Kenneth Williams, Cheryl Pringle, Lisa Rainey, Renny Griffith Row 2: Ray Stewart, Erica Martin, Nick Chin, Denise Henderson, Jacinth Reid-Artist Row 3: Linda Cox, Darryl Murray, Rafael Olivares, Derrick Burno, Marilyn Gordon, Roderick Cairgle AOA SNMA 123American Medical Students Association PSR Miriam Parker Julie Harkness Denise Henderson Sue Hess Christine Kennedy Pennsylvania Medical Society American Medical Association Geet Raja (President), James Wurzer {Vice President), Cheryl Workman, Robert Bombard, Jr. 124 • Student Organizations xAmerican Medical Women's Association Christina Bergquist, Julia Harkness, Christine Kennedy, Terri Behrman, Julie Zimmerman, Denise Henderson, Rila Kim, Marilyn Gordon, Miriam Parker Organizations not pictured Honor Board — members: Class of 1990: Bernadette Curtis, Amy Luckenbaugh, Denise Rinato, Tony Rizzo Class of 1991: Carol Bodenheimer, Michelle Oplinger, Dave Polidori, Tim Welby Class of1992: Robert Bombard, Sue Coffey, Marilyn Gordon, Jonathan Leiser Class of1993: Linda Barth, Paul Connor, Maria Gaydos, Leslie Purnell TUMSSA Christian Medical Society Jewish Medical Society Soccer Student Organizations • 15One of many activity days at FSU At the Franklin Institute "Electricity, yeah that's it, that's the ticket." 126 • Community OutreachTemple Friends and Tutors — Christmas Talent Show 1989 Tim, Dawn, Dan, Michelle, John The kids liked their presents. The judges at the Talent Show The Talent It's smiles like this that Christmas 1988 make it all worth it. Community Outreach 127128 • Rugby1989-90 Team with Dr. C. Rugby 129Pictured: (Back Row): Ross Zimmer '89, Kim Wyatt '93, Mark Zebley '89, Eric Williams '90 (Front Row): Daryl Watson '90, Courtney Houchen '90, Dan Kazmierski '90 Not Pictured: Dennis Chyunt '93, Mike Grabowski '90, Dan Guttmann '90, James Jones '91 BASKETBALL Pictured: (Back Row): Dan Walsh '91, Neal Thomas '91, Mike Cassidy '91, Mark Cullen '91, (Front Row): Tom Taylor '91, Bill Pagana '91, Chuck Pagana '91, Bob Maxwell '90 Not Pictured: Thomas Binzer '90, Rob Christman '91, King Hartman '91 130 • Basketball Basketball • 131132 • The Great OutdoorsHas anyone seen Wanda? The Great Outdoors 133Knights of the Round Table. Greek drank so much he herniated his balloon stem! THE PLEASURE SEEKERS Male bonding at its finest. A little prick goes a long way. 134 • PartiesHeidi, where’s your goat? Hand check. Parties 135Looking good! And the winner is . .. 136 • PartiesThey could have gone anywhere Desperately seeking ... a date. Island Babes The pick up artist Parties • 137BROADCAST NEWS Here she is. Miss Amtrica 1990 Debbye Turner. The 23-year-old veterinary student from Mexico, Missouri, is the third black woman to become Miss America in the pageant's 68-year history. President George Bush took office this year after defeating Gov. Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts in the November, 1988 election. Dan Quayle, the man chosen by George Bush as his running mate, took office with the President this year. At 5:04 p.m. on October 17, the earth shook in northern California. An earthquake that measured 7.0 on the Richter Scale destroyed parts of Oakland and San Francisco and surrounding areas. Politician problems in the Middle East continued this year. Problems between Arabs in Israelis continued and the factions within the Arab population made Beirut a constant war .one. Wiiliam Bennett is the man appointed by President Bush to end the use of illegal drugs in this country. Bennett says he wants to extend the concept of drug-free schools nationally and make punishment a fact of life for drug dealers. The Who blasted out of retirement in 1989. Led by 44-ycar-old Roger Daltrey, left, the group rock'n’rolled through a 25-city reunion tour. Peter Townsend, right, was also a member of the original group that started in 1964. 138 • Current Events EMPLE SUPPORTS HE STUDENTS IN CHIN; AND DEMOCRACY In late May and early June, tens of thousands of Chinese pro-democracy protesters gathered in Tiananmen Square in Beijing to seek political change. But their protest ended in a massacre. Government soldiers, using tanks and automatic weapons, ended the protest. Thousands were killed and wounded. Hurricane Hugo swept through the Caribbean and slowly made it's way to the coast of the United States. It hit Charleston, S.C. where the 135 m.p.h. winds caused billions of dollars in damage. It was a long trip — 4.4 billion miles that took 12 years — but Voyager 2 arrived over the planet Neptune in August. It was a scientist dream-come-troe. The comic book hero Batman was the movie hit of the year, producing over $200 million in revenue. Michael Keaton played Bruce Wayne, also known as batman, and Jack Nicholson starred os The Joker. The $530 million Stealth Bomber made its debut this year to the rave reviews of the Pentagon. Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev instituted some liberal reforms in Russia and strengthened ties between his government and the United States. The Rolling Stones proved they still have what it takes. Mick Jogger and the group launched a 36-city tour in September that proved to be an extravaganza in typical Stones fashion — from fireworks to great music. Jagger is shown hero performing in Philadelphia. It was the worst oil spill in histoiy. The Alaska oil spill occurred on March 24,1989 when the oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound. A total of 11 million gallons of crude oil covered the area and created an environmental nightmare. Current Events 139140 • PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia • 141142 • CandidsCandids • 143Solon programs a new aerobic workout. 144 • CandidsKevin orders the ESPECIAL. Candids 145146 • CandidsCandids • 147148 • Candids Candids 0 149GRADUATESYou give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. — K. Gibran £lje practice of mebicine 10 an art. not a trabe; a ratling, not a business. ©sler 'Kjicnu the strength of man hut keep a womans care. -Lao’Tsu And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. —Lennon McCartney 152 • Joshua J. AlexanderDaniel T. Altman • 153All the best to my colleagues of the Class of 1990. Thank you and good bye to some best friends.... John Arbogast, M.D., Bill Bingaman, M.D., Kevin Bufalino, M.D., Barry Boden, M.D., Lisa Yarnoff, M.D., Rich Denovan, M.D., Brenda Baracka, M.D., Paul Driver, M.D., Rich Kim, M.D., Bob Just, M.D., and Lyn Fessler. Carpe diem. Horace, 20 B.C. 154 • Dale AndersonJohn W. Arbogast, III • 155X- QaMLAhu ff b "Let the children come to me and do not hinder them. It is to just such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. I assure you that whoever does not accept the reign of God like a little child shall not take part in it." Mark 10:14-15 Mom and Dad, thank you for teaching me the meaning of unconditional love — the most important lesson I've ever learned. Ron, my favorite big brother, thanks for always providing a shoulder to lean on. Samson —My strength. Andrea — I know we'll never be more than this (____) far apart. Debora Bonnie — We've come a long way since Spruce St. — I love you guys! My wonderful family — we did this together. 156 • Brenda A. BarackaDedicated to Mi's. T.N. Bingaman who made it all possible. William E. Bingaman, Jr. 157158 • Thomas BinzerRichard Bisbing • 159grant me tlje • to accept tlje tfjings 3 cannot change... fymujs£to change tlje tfjings 3 can anb 3 tsbom to bnoto tjjebifference. I know you all, and will a while uphold The unyoked humour of your idleness: Yet herein will I imitate tho sun, Who doth permit the base contagious clouds To smother up his beauty from the world, That, when he please again to be himself, Being wanted, he may be more wonder'd at. By breaking through the foul and ugly mists Of vapours that did seem to strangle him. If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work; But when they seldom come, they wish'd for come, And nothing pleaseth but rare accidents. So, when this loose behaviour I throw off And pay the debt I never promised, By how much better than my work I am, By so much shall I falsify men's hopes; And like bright metal on a sullen ground, My reformation, glittering o'er my fault, Shall show more goodly and attract more eyes Than that which hath no foil to set it off. I'll so offend, to make offence a skill; Redeeming time when men think least I will. King Henry IV-Part I William Shakespeare 7fl Jj ----------------------------J 160 • Christopher J. BlewettPlease, Medicine Man, I feel a pain. I always believed in spells and incantations. When you start to dance you visit remote pueblos in your sleep and even lands you have never seen. Put on, I beg you, charms made of feathers, now it's time to help one of your own. I have read may books but I don’t believe them. When it hurts we return to the banks of certain rivers. I remember those crosses with chiseled suns and moons and wizards, how they worked during an outbreak of typhus. Send your second soul beyond the mountains, beyond time. Tell me what you saw, I will wait. Czeslaw Milosz "I Sleep A Lot" 1962 • ip Howard Blumstein 161162 • Barry Boden28 years without a job — Thanks Mom Dad. Kevin T. Bufalino • 163164 • Andrea Bushelle%p anne Busse, M.B). Roxanne Busse • 165166 • John E. Buterbaugh And One Day, To Boldly Go ... To Those Who Were With Me Through It All, Thank You For Your Encouragement and Guidance! t _ rr ni___•Good times at the Brotherhood! Good luck to you all! Fun in the sun during Systems II... or was that during Systems I? The Family Patty ... far away, but always by my side. Colombianos sipping tinto, and pondering the merenque. 168 • Edward L.S. Chen aiIs anybody happier because you passed this way? Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today? The day is almost over, and its toiling time is through; Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word to you? Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that's slipping fast, That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed? Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said? Does that man whose hopes were fading, now with courage look ahead? Did you waste the day, or lose it; Was it well or sorely spent? Did you leave the trail of kindness, or a scar of discontent? As you close your eyes in slumber, do you think that God will say, You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today. John Hall They know nothing of Natural Philosophy, these Pinheads. Drunkards, sloths, their bellies filled with Mean and Ale. 0 that I might see them pimped! —Harvey My Most Special People. Thanks for all of your support. I never would have made it without you all. Is it over yet?? My Beautiful Wife to Be My Inspiration Always Roland N. Chen • 169To all who have made it possible for me, especially my parents, brothers and sister; and my dear wife Bernadine. Thank you. God bless you. —Theophilus Mom Dad August 26,1989. "I do." My brother and bodyguard, Joseph. Thanks for everything. Uncle Gerry My best buddy We made it by "ATP" Thanks for your continued support. Grandma Nnenna. I love you. Making a living. Hospital Pharmacy. 170 • Theophilus O. Chukwueke(Etiza6etfi J. Co66s, !JV[.CD. Elizabeth J. Cobbs • 171 My sisters, who recognized my early talent in the turtle rodeo. One of many prepubescent failed career aspirations leading to .. - strange behavior... However, when a mistake was made and 1 was allowed into med school (ns part of a grand experiment), the love and support of these people mode it possible__ after some hard knocks ... and strange dress ... Early postpubescent career aspirations were more realistic .. and provide many good memories. and exhausting labor... to delay gratiftcation graduation no longer! The credit for my presence on this page belongs to God with invaluable supportive roles played by my parents, family, and friends. THANK YOU! 172 • Sheldon R. CoberSteve and Gloria’s boys: Josh, Gary and Marshall To my family: I couldn't have done it without you. I love you. To my non-medical friends: Thanks for your understanding and support. "I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends. ' William Shakespeare. Richard 111 Mom: Somehow put up with the four of us. Dad: Sparked my interest in medicine. "To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better; to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded." Ralph Waldo Emerson Gary M. Cohen • 173174 • Eric Coleman Good friends are forever. Hrfc't 2 m.i . My sister on her wedding day. At home at 525 Pine Street. Jeffrey R. Coralnick • 175176 • John C. CresswellV ' TRUST ME! I'M A DOCTOR! David N. Csikai • 177178 • Bernadette Rothermel CurtisBest friend for life, John. Study pals, KaiSoo and Mikimoto. Little brother, Jamie. Nephew, Kyle. The budding physician. Daddy, Mom, Me, John, Ma, Dad. Best friend in college, Susan. Every morning as I wake, I thank God for my family, my health, my freedom, and my future. May I never lose them. Hoppineta for the Taking —Fra Angelica No heaven can come to us unless our hearts find rest in today. Take heaven. No peace ties in the future which is not hidden in this precious little instant. Take peace. The gloom of the world is but a shadow. Behind it, yet within our reach is joy. Take joy. There is a radiance and courage in darkness could we but see, and to see we have only to look. Life is so generous a giver, but we. judging its gifts by their coverings, cast them away as ugly or heavy or hard. Remove the coverings and you will find beneath it, a living splendor woven of love and wisdom and power. Welcome it, greet it, and you touch the angels hand that brings it. Everything we call a trial, a sorrow, a duty, believe me that angel's hand is there, the gift is there, and the wonder of an overshadowing presence... Life is so full of meaning and purpose, so full of beauty beneath its covering that you will find earth but clocks for your Heaven. Courage then to claim it, that Older sisters Cheryl and Amy with little me. All things considered, Td rather be here than in Philadelphia. is all. Linda A. Park D'Andrea • 179"Whatever it is you see That's what life will become." —Jackson Bi'oume 180 • James DaughertyERU CHAMPIONSHIP 1989—Kicking for touch Success will come to those who believe. He who knows the most says the least. Loma, without you I am nothing. I'll love you forever. I wish to thank Loma, my parents, Sonny and Pat Snock, Jimmy, Erin, Scotty, Big John, the mink, Dr. Atollino, Dr. Smith, Dr. Fisher and the Brick. God Bless You All! Oktoberfest, Pearl Harbor, Eviction party ... Richard A. David • 181CheryC 'Denial fAf.iZX 182 • Cheryl DenickMY BEST FRIENDS Richard E. Denovan • 183William Blake The Tyger Tyger! Tyger! burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire? And what shoulder, what art, Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand? what dread feet? What the hammer? What the chain? In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? What dread grasp Dare its deadly terrors clasp? When the stars threw down their spears, And water's heaven with their tears, Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee? Tyger! Tyger! burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? 184 • Bharat DesaiCjregort) DietteJ M.CD. Gregory Diette • 185j cU - onA y' jH t'-i-o-t JlA_ CyCi _ • 0 .p ‘.d-a . V (5" 186 © Beth R. DiFranciscoRemember.... — 32 oz. coffee from 7-Eleven — Kresge at 5 a.m. — A night on call and my hair still looks great! — Guido, Dweeb and Muknis. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Lynch Michael L. DiGiorgio • 187Thanks to my family and friends whose love and support have made all of my endeavors possible. 188 • Glenn M. Dragonmk jjSrfiuf -triuKpfe, ttm ffton t ctUcKcrc 6 fatCurie , tdun iv tpkr mJL »rth iCmse poor spirtte nattier 'enjoy nueti nor 'suffer mveti, Ceuiu c " t iey Cut (n the fry fwffijfif' ffct kw» wfr_ victory or (Cyeat' UtiOiCore $ ve(t- Kathleen A. Drazenovich 189Monument Valley, Arizona Relaxing at DiNardo's "Hello, Brother," a Voice said. "Do you Want some Medicine?" "Some Medicine for me?" asked Jumping Mouse. "Yes! Yes!" "Then Crouch down as Low as you Can," the voice said, "and jump as High as you Can." Jumping mouse did as he was instructed. He crouched as Low as he Could and Jumped! The Wind Caught him and Carried him Higher. "Do not be Afraid," the Voice called to him. "Hang on the Wind and Trust!" Jumping Mouse did. He closed his Eyes and Hung on to the Wind and it Carried him Higher and Higher. Jumping Mouse Opened his Eyes and they were Clear, and the Higher he Went the Clearer they Became. Jumping mouse Saw his Old Friend upon a Lily Pad on the Beautiful Medicine Lake. It was the Frog. "You have a New Name," Called the Frog. "You are Eagle!" —Hyemeyohsts Storm, Seven Arrows 190 • Michael S. DreyerPaul J. Driver • 191DOCTOR POLO: Mike Ouch of Hatfield says wate' pc.'o helps relieve the stresses of going to medical school Duch is Doctor Polo sophisticatioi style, B and wit. Lom-Distcmce couples live happily apart. Here’s how to handle those lot travails while keeping love in the forefront—on the homefront. 192 • Michael Duchcelebrate. C % t l %U t e tea vewarA. He says he wants an explanation, and it better be a good one — if you want to avoid a malpractice suit." ■ sr ,'W You’ve come a long way baby David Dundee 193of a son SCOTT KIEV on Tuesday, May 7,1963 at Rolling Hill Hospital 194 • Scott K. Epstein£ oxenfuy zro Anthony Firilas • 195OL 5 rJ? M 196 • William A. Flood, Jr.TO LOVE VVIIAT YOU DO AND FEEL THAT IT MATTERS — HOW COULD ANYTHING BE MORE FUN?” TRAX!!! Melinda Fudge • 197198 • Michael B. FurmanAndmu) Qzorgej M.T). Andrew George • 199Footprints oSfci, 7 . yffids "y? . So, you're the competition. Special tlianks to my sister, Betty Thomas, my best friend Marie and my cousin, Idell. Thanks for being there when I needed you. On right a man nod a O’nam Ha draamad h, waa walking along liw beach wm tut LORD Ac om tha a , ‘-atnad tcarws 'mm f«a life fo» aaeh c«n« he noe d two mi o' tootpn’ t» m m« tend one belonging to Mm. and me other »0 the LORO When m» Mai icene o r life daanad bate'e h m. ha tocned back at tha lootpr.r .i me tend Ha nonced that many times Wong lha paft of h.a Me tha«a waa only one Ml of footprint Mo also nohced that • happened at tha «ery lowest and teddesi lima ot hn ale Thi many bothered h n and na Questioned tha LORO aoout t LORD, you atd trial once i deodea to Mow you ou‘d walk with rm all tha way But I ham noticed that deling ma mo tfouWaaoma tlmaa in my tita tnaro n only one Mt ot lootpyInti I don't undentend why whan I madia you moat you would lee e ma" The LORO replied My preocu . precious chad, i torn you and i wouW never Warn you Ounng your r-ma of tnai and «ut anng. when you Me only One Ml 0 footprint It wat than that I carnad you" 4uihor unfnpw- The poem that got me through medical school. The love of my life — Daryl C. Watson, Jr. My father, William S. Gist, Sr. and my mother, Norma J. Gist. My inspirations. 200 • Patricia Gist"Does Bo know Dad?" My Grandparents Mom and Dad My sisters, Laura and Maria To my family, especially my parents, who have always supported and encouraged me — I love you. Nicholas Giuliani • 201Being and Nothingness C A X I B II F. A N PACIFIC OC FA N 202 • David GonzalezMuriel Gordon • 203Memories are created by sharing special moments with family and friends. Ahava, Jerusalem Love, Philadelphia Mom and Dad — whose support (both emotional and financial) got me through. I love you! Marci, David, Alana Brandon Marci — sister, mother, friend and now a lawyer too! I knew you would do it! The men in my life. 204 • Denise GotsdinerMichael W. Grabowski • 205Mother Let me paint her if I may As I see her day by day. With oval cheeks and lily face. Ever aglow with heavenly grace. With two bright eyes that ever shine Like the votive in a shrine. Gently, saintly, tender hearted From her virtue never parted: I was blessed with a beautiful, loving, and courageous mother. And whatever I may accomplish through my skills as a physician, I dedicate to the honor of her memory — for without her I could not have reached this goal. And to my dearest father — I thank him for his continued guidance, love, and support. He is a truly wonderful Dad! 206 • Kathleen GreatrexWith appreciation and love for your encouragement and inspiration. "Only realistic people believe in miracles." David Ben-Gurion "Zen is not a difficult task. If you are a physician, treat your patients with kindness. That is Zen." Na-Nin to a young physician MY FATHER, MY FRIEND "Fred and Barney" — Don’t let this picture fool you; they’re dogs from HELL! Dan Guttmann 207 CctCis K.% 11 Thanks to my parents for their encouragement and love. Reading, PA — "city of outlets and pretzels." Srinagar, India — "city of beauty and wealth of knowledge." 208 • Sujata HanjuraLee J. Harmatz • 2090 (eal tfarnty, M D. 210 • Neal HarnlyCelebration of the joining into one ... 7 Graduation — a new beginning .. . In Loving Memory of Jennie M. Sheaffer, My Grandmother November 6, 1987 Anticipation of things to come ... Todd J. Harvey • 211you are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however. Richard Bach 212 Laura A. HastingsAnne P. Hearn • 213To my two best friends, You made all the difference. Thanks TtiddLu.™ y J-bcJusf H.O. 214 • William P. Hecker £ v v( A ,Dt David J. Hoffman • 215Christopher, Collette and Courtney. 1 st day at home. I think I’ll just relax over here. Daddy, I heard an S3. 216 • Courtney W. HouchenM( I sing because I'm happy I sing because I'm free His eye is on the sparrow And I know He watches me . . . —Hymn from my youth CL UcvmcJ ) m O. And by the way, Venay Howard, I'm very proud of you. This page is dedicated to all of those who helped and most of all believed along the way, especially Mommy, Venay, Granny Pearl and my beloved Aunt Cora. Your love and support enabled a little girl's dream to become this woman’s reality. Thank you. I love you and Never shall forget. Gwendolyn A. Howard • 217218 • Julia HylandWhere the world ceases to be the stage for personal hopes and desires, where we, as free beings, behold it in wonder, to question and to contemplate, there we enter the realm of art and of science. If we trace out what we behold and experience through the language of logic, we are doing science; if we show it in forms whose interrelationships are not accessible to our conscious thought but are intuitively recognized as meaningful, we are doing art. Common to both is the devotion to something beyond the personal, removed from the arbitrary. A. Einstein Theodore A. Irra • 219 Many thanks to my family and friends who have generously supported me with their friendship and love. Sadienu Kiawaka 220 • Nancy L. JensenI believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. William. Faulkner Mary T. Johnston • 221My Thank You Notes Thanks to B.D., who had to put up with me during our entire freshman year (remember — I was the glue that kept you and Andrea together.) Thanks to the Wadd (believe it or not), whose own insanity makes me look somewhat normal. Thanks to Tony, Dave, Tom, and Chet, who made living in a family room in Manayunk a lot of fun. Thanks to The Boys (Joe and Charlie), who are the best friends a guy could ever hope to have. Thanks to my family, especially Mary Beth and Justin. Thanks to Mom and Dad, whose love and support know no boundaries. Thanks to my new buddies, Jeffrey and Craig, for being so much fun. Thanks especially to Carol, who has added a new meaning to my life and whom I love very much. Thank you: Amy, for your love and promise of lifelong union. Mom, for your never ending love, support and inspiration. Dad, for your love and giving, for your quiet example. Joe and Kathy, for keeping me honest and for your care and support. Daniel Kazmierski • 223 ftvtdoL rn -ftjjbuty M.a 224 • Linda M. KelleyLife with friends, Life full of smiles. Paul H. Kim • 225226 • Richard H. Kim "It's not the number of hours that you put in that matters but rather what you put into the hours." Bobby Knight 79 Sidney Kirshner '80, '81, '82 Merick Kirshner • 227228 • Barbara KnightThanks for your love, faith and patience . . . Joan and Audrey Charles Kovar, M.D. Mildred Kovar, RN Jeff, Jim, and Jonathan Also ... Hilary Lavender, M.D. Jack Kerouac Francis Mangold The Ramones Robert C. Kovar • 229230 • Audrey KrosnowskiOne of the noblest things a man can do is the best he can. Alan Lawrence • 231To my parents: It is only through your support, caring, and generosity that we can share this achievement. Thanks, Mom and Dad 232 • Kenneth Lazofson4«_, 0 0 The kids make it all worthwhile. Thanks to my family, friends, and AMSA, who reminded me why I got involved. Your support has pulled me through. ■ Pamela Lee • 233Thanks Mom and Dad for your encouragement and support. -m (JsuAas H[) Hger 234 • Julia LehmanOne thing I learned in medical school was how to tie a tie. Power World Gym provided a powerful outlet from the rigors of medical school — so did those walking distractions in the background. fakti j pi rx My family — Manny, Chops and Rick The Havertown Boys — they kept me Take two of these and "sane" throughout medical school. call me in the morning. Robert T. Levine • 235236 • Debra M. LevinsonEARLY PIDDLE TRAINING I was a little child born to Children of another time, They gazed upon the tiny life, I can't believe she's mine. They gave her life and happiness, But that was not epitome, They gave her love, a brother too, A greater gift could never be, I love you with all my heart, To this I con attest, You are my hope, my dreams, my life, And I am truly blessed Thankful for your love and trust. Mommy, Daddy and Craig too, I could never be who I am, If it were not for all of you. DOING WHAT I DO BEST I LOVE YOU MOMMY AND DADDY STILL A THESPIAN AT HEART MY BEST FRIEND, CRAIG Jamie S. Lieberman • 237238 • Paula LizakDo not exchange the laughter of your heart for the fortunes of the multitudes Nor be content with converting your tears into calm. It is my fervent hope that your whole life on this earth will ever be Tears and Laughter. Tears that purify your heart and reveal to you the secret of life, Laughter that brings you closer to your sisters and brothers, Tears with which you join the brokenhearted, Laughter that symbolizes joy over your very existence. —K Gibron What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly. —Richard Bach ■ rn Cj To be Frank . . . Frank Pus and the PMN's .. . frank infarction .. frank blood . .. frank fracture . . .steamy frank eroticism .. . frank infection .. . frank hemorrhage ... and so on . . . Francis Lo • 239"He that sinneth before his Maker, let him fall into the hand of the physician." —Ecclesiaticus 38:15 To my friends, old and new, thank you for giving me a life outside medicine ... stick around, I may need you more than ever in the years to come. To my family, old and new, it's nice to know that no matter what happens, I'll always have you and you'll always have me ... whether you like it or not. To Mom and Dad, thanks for being there to talk me back into going to medical school... just because I love you doesn’t mean I won't get even. And to my beautiful wife Sheila, without whom 1 could accomplish nothing, for whom I accomplish everything ... I love you. 240 • Michael LobisI thank you Mom, Dad and David for your loving support and inspiration. We shall not cease from exploration. And at the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And to know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies w'ithin us. Ralph Waldo Emerson Joseph A. Locala • 241I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, 1 knew not where; For, so swiftly it flew, the sight Could not follow it in its flight. I breathed a song into the air. It fell to earth, I knew not where; For who has sight so keen and strong, That it can follow the flight of song? Long, long afterward, in an oak I found the arrow, still unbroke; And the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend. H. W. Longfellow To my family and friends, You have been my strength; You have been my song. And, now we have succeeded, Together. A.S.L. 242 • Amy S. LuckenbaughSee any resemblance between my nephews, me, and the gorilla. "It's a puzzling thing. The truth knocks on the door and you say. Go away. I'm looking for the truth, and so it goes away. Puzzling.M Robert M. Pinsig Great friends, thinking friends, funny friends. Friendship, man's intimate link to society. Dear Mom and Dad, Never a doubt with such a love as yours. Dear Karen and Kathy, My beautiful sisters. Strength of our society lies in the family. My strength lies with you. Love, Jay To myself, An M.D. is not the ends, it was only the means. John Ludwicki • 243Best of Luck to All in Temple '90! Bob Lyons, M.D. 244 • Robert LyonsEvan Madianos • 245My one in a million. Gym Rats Thanks to my family for all their support. Maria and I ponder the X Rays. Mark prepares his first malpractice suit. 246 • John P. MantaIt’s been many years in the making. Thanks for all the love and support. I love you all. Bob Robert J. Maxwell • 247248 • Palmer B. McDonald‘Karen ‘M. KtcDozvett, M.K. Karen M. McDowell • 249Sharon %. Mc'Doiuetf, M.T). 250 • Sharon K. McDowellJohn McMurtry • 251252 • Kelly A. MillerTo my family and friends: I love you all .. . thank you for all the love and support you have given me. P.S. Omer, Abdi and Shehab .. . you three must be ghosts — I didn't forget you guys. Nina Nina Mohammed • 253254 • David NaceThis page is dedicated to: My Family, for their unending support and encouragement. My Professors, for their excellent instructions and guidance. My Classmates, for becoming my great friends and colleagues. My New Homeland, America, for giving me the opportunities. "I've always wanted to be a doctor" My deepest gratitude to my parents. The Nee Network Guy Nee • 255Our Daughter, Our Gift — Linda 256 • Ronald E. Nolley, Jr. Group Therapy" — Colby College 1986 QjZuxJb A.?. With my best buddy — brother, Greg, 1975 Mayte, my sweetheart, thanks for helping me to make it through. 77? (ViM V T77 Medicine Pumps Me Up! Theory of life: "Lighten Up, Francis" Thanks to Mom, Dad (the real Dr. Olewiler), Greg, and Mayte The Powenvorld Gang AKA "Knotheads" Summers as a water-safety technician specialist Scott D. Olewiler • 257Thanks Mami and Yossie for your support and understanding. You are the best! Hey Scotty 0. We made it to graduation! I couldn't have made it without you. Baby Mayte New Year's Day — It's party time! God never wastes a heartache ... and He never wastes a core. He never wastes a teardrop ... nor a moment of despair. He never wastes a burden ... that so often we endure. He takes them and He fashions them ... to make our lives more pure. All things that come into our lives ... He's purposed that He would, Take each and every one of them ... and turn them into good. So when the pathway's dreary ... and you feel so sad and blue, Remember, He turns heartaches ... into blessings just for you. Betty Purser Patten 258 • Maria T. OliveroMom and Dad: You have always been a source of love and support. Your visits and CARE packages were constant reminders of how much you cared. Thank you for everything. Pam: You can accomplish anything you want to. Don't let anyone take away your dreams. Robin: Your selfless companionship and encouragement helped these four years go by so quickly. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. You are the most wonderful person in the world. I love you. Paul R. Pagley 259To my loving family and my dearest Billy. Thank you for your support and understanding. 260 • Maria PalasiukKristin Parris • 261‘Tfiomas Parsons, M. D. 262 • Thomas ParsonsMicfiad fPau(, M. D. Michael Paul • 263Scott TenfiC, tJv(.[D. - 264 • Scott PenfilMonica A. Philipkoski • 265266 • Mark PisaneschiThe Woodsmen NFL or TUMS The $1483 Hershey Regardless of inulin's surprising Jerusalem artichoke origin, with good family and friends you can do anything. Richard Pogach • 267A musical study break My best friend — Monica The Pond family A shot to the gap at Vet Stadium Studying hard ... or hardly studying? M Of Till tlMlill MU MUMII t t imm I MIM HIM X |T COM « Will HAT % |tn roso 4 UM tl HAHTU 1 K»f m uu«i «. I IAS AAHON • iwnraiMMi My Top Ten list The pre-clinical years 268 • James M. PondNow Forever Nights Out L ) 6 L i. £L-, t n j Putul Prasad • 269My parents, Carrell and Betty Rainey, my brother David, and my sister Sue. I couldn't have done it without you, and I'll always love you. Paul B. Fowler, M.D. My oldest and closest friend, and in many ways "the wind beneath my wings." The future doctors at ages 2 years and 6 months. 270 • Cynthia L. RaineyDouglas J. Redosh • 271272 • Douglas R. ReedThe hardships of a medical student never end. is - To those I love the most, thanks Mom and Dad. Lynda Reiser • 273The Ressler Family SWEETHEART!! WE MADE ITU Karmella Robert SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mom and Dad for being there ALL those times I needed you. My families for your support. 274 • Melvin W. ResslerTo Mom and Dad, Thanks for all you've given me; Thanks for your love and support; Thanks for always understanding; But most of all — Thanks for helping me realize a dream ... I Love You. Dee Denise R. Rinato • 275I M. O, Mamma e Papa, Ti in grazie per tutto. Ti amo. Tuo fislio —Antonio 276 • Anthony RizzoiW Scott A. Rome • 277278 • Solon L. Rosenblattc «. jcsjcv'yl R fAO ij- J- r - •m d Susan Rosenfeld • 279280 Sharon RubinJordon d usfij 9d.(D. Jordon Rush • 281282 • Marc I. SandbergTo my beautiful wife, Evelyn, our wonderful daughter, Julia and our as of yet unborn child: Thank you for all your love, patience and support. I love you all with all of my heart. — Eric Eric R. Schaible • 283I WANT TO BE A KID DOCTOR 284 • Peter SchochetEric A. Schoen • 285Much love to my family with whom all. .. explorations, setbacks, and triumphs have been shared during the past four years. 286 • Carolyn Simpson Scott"Special thanks to my family — Mom, Dad, Milton Judi, for their unending support and love." w Boo! Sueny M. Seeney • 287288 • Robert D. SegalSomething to Think About Nothing is more exhilarating in Life than to be shot at without result! Richard Slagle • 289Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold, Her early leafs a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf So Eden sank to grief. So dawn goes down to day Nothing gold can stay. C 'SrtS.. us V. 290 • Rhonda SmallsThe end of one chapter . .. The beginning of another. To my Family, with Love Ob' a. 7b-B. Perpetua A. Staub • 291292 • Douglas St. ClairThis page and this accomplishment are dedicated to my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sutphen. To my loving supporters — Gale, Mom, Bob, Linda, Hope and Chris, Rose, Dana and Rusty, Ralph, Roxanne, Ryan and Randy. — you’re my world! Rebecca Sutphen • 293A PHYSICIAN'S PRAYER Lord, Thou Great Physician, I kneel before Thee. Since every good and perfect gift must come from Thee, I pray: Give skill to my hand, clear vision to my mind, kindness and sympathy to my heart. Give me singleness of purpose, strength to lift at least part of the burden of my suffering fellowman, and a true realization of the rare privilege that is mine. Take from my heart all guile and worldliness that with the simple fath of a child I may rely on Thee. Amen. To my family, Thanks for your love, support and words of encouragement. I couldn't have made it without you. Special thanks to my friends at Temple, the staff and students at Biomedical Sciences Program, and my friends in New York and Philadelphia. 294 • Sharon L. TaylorThe Matriarch Truly Central I pray my Life will balance out on the side of good. £•4 1 J t 7.S). Tightly Wrapped Whom are we kidding? Smarter than the Average Bear. As well as can be expected! We ARE Family .. .. Trustworthy Evan J. Thomas • 295Take kindly the counsel of the years ... Gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, No less than the trees and the stars; You have a right to be here .. . Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; For in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, It is perennial as the gTass ... Therefore be at peace with God, Whatever you perceive Him to be .. . And whatever your labors and aspirations, In the noisy confusion of life Keep peace with your soul... With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, It is still a beautiful world. BE CAREFUL. STRIVE TO BE HAPPY. —Desiderata 296 • Petra J. ThomasMany thanks to Mommy, Daddy, Tina, George, and Gregory Michael for your love and support. Teresa A. Thomas • 297Phil, Ed and I at Pool Club in Columbia Dear future M.D.s, As physicians, may we all remember to care for our own physical and mental well being as well as that of our patients. Love, Happiness and Health to all! Tony T. P.S. Thanks for the memories Class '90 and Good Luck! 298 • Anthony ThorntonWith Dawn. Jamaica, 1989. My pet, Angelico. With Alain, Cannes, France, 1987. My Family. Christmas Eve, 1985. Thank you all for helping me make this happen. A1 fin! Reinaldo Torres-Guillont • 299300 • Lori C. Trostle To my husband, Chuck, for his endless love, support and understanding... To my family, especially my parents .. . And to my friends both old and new ... Thank you! I could never have done this without you. Christine R. Tullius • 301"Dedicated to My POP POP — whose Loving Memory Lives On in Me Every Day." 302 • MarcUknisIngrid Sofia Van Or dm, M.U. Ingrid S. Van Orden • 303Mom and Dad Thanks for all your love and support throughout the years. I Love You. ... Out on the Stoop! Zimmerman by any name would sing so sweet! 304 • John S. VlattasCjart) Vogin, M. D. GaryVogin • 305Jod (WagmanJ 9tf.(D. 306 • Joel WagmanThanks J.C. And Dynie for your love and prayers. MY LITTLE PRE-MED! To my parents, thank you for prayers, encouragement, and financial support, without which this would not be possible. It's nice to have a family that cares — Best day of my life! it makes the difference! Special thanks to: A2, Mitch, Drs. Baum, Buckman, Kleaveland, Lachman and Ruht. Thomas J. Wall • 307My family and friends Your humor, support and love will never be forgotten. Thank you. 308 • Marcia WarrenMy Grandmother — My Mother — My Strength My Inspiration z.r H.d. Mom, little sis, Lori, and me. Pat Daryl Jr. To My Family and Friends, Thank you for all the support you have given me throughout this seemingly never ending journey. I love you all. Daryl Darvl Daryl Jr. Daryl C. Watson • 309Let us not cease to do the utmost, that we may incessantly go forward in the way of the Lord; and let us not despair because of the smallness of our accomplishments. —John Calvin Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all you've given me. Now, about all these loans I have to repay ... Kim — my wife, friend and confidante without whose support I'd certainly be lacking. 310 • Joseph K. Weidner, Jr.Theodore C. Whitford • 311Fun in the sun with this attractive, bright, and caring woman . .. may we continue to conquer life's obstacles together ... DAD ... without you none of this would have been possible . . . thank you. I would also like to thank the Morton and Wright family for all of their love and support over the years. Special thanks to Lucretia Saunders for her tremendous support. Just another night of rowdiness, worthlessness, sleeplessness, and happiness with the boys! May they never grow up to attend medical school! 312 • Eric WilliamsTony, my angel My grandmother and niece "1 will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eyes." Psalms 32:8 "In all your ways acknowledge the Lord and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:6 Deidre Wilson • 313Before After Clinical Mentor Mallory Winston SB MD Ocean City 1989 Hey Cat June 22,1985 Rhode Island Halloween 1988 Red —CoJj2 - Mt 314 • Martin C. WilsonBecky and Me, Au Naturel .. . And as 2 of a famous trio. Mom and Dad The Winand Men Atop Snowshoe, W.V. What counts is the gift of yourself, the degree of love you put into each of your deeds. Mother Teresa Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint Isaiah 40:30,31 Raymond M. Lauer, M.D. Greater love has no man than this, Temple Med. 1929 that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 Andrew T. Winand • 315I must first thank God for giving me the knowledge and courage for completing medical school. Thanks to my family for their encouragement and enormous support. A special thanks to my daughter and husband for making my time away from home less difficult. I love you all. Sister and Nephew Welcome Tiye. We love you. 316 • Sherma Winchester marie W n3r Oo octy chw(w.tcr1 • «• frov 3 ° Honey, how can I ever thank you enough? I could not have done it without all your love and sacrifice. Jeg elsker dig! My deepest thanks to our parents — your constant support and prayers are appreciated more than you know. Our special thanks to Uncle Lindley and Aunt Joyce, for your kindness and help through these years. y ' Sy? j£ My Daddy, M.D. Whenever Daddy signs his name He always writes M.D. So that all the people know That he belongs to me. For M.D. means "My Daddy" Or something just the same And that is why he always Puts these letters in his name. Some letters in his name are small But these ore not, you see He always makes them big like that Because he's proud of me. Bradley Winston 317My brothers were not the last to wonder about my perspective on the world. With love and inexpressible gratitude to my parents, Judith and Stephen Wise, whose support means everything; to Michael, Peter and Lynne Wise, my patient siblings and sibling-in-law; to Shaiele and the other denizens of 516, who have given me seven years of encouragement and laughter; and, lastly, to my husband, Jonathan A. Bailey, with whom I share the future and so much more. My parents Young scholar at work (in typical fashion) Jonnie 30 September 1989 ... pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will. A. Gramsci 318 • Anne S. WiseTo my family, thank you for all the love and support you have given me. I always knew I had something nice to come home to! William Wolfe • 319 P j 7 ,T To my wonderful parents, Thanks for all your love and support. I love you. To my favorite sister and brother, Denise and Michael, and my best friends. Thanks for all your help and patience. The Yamoff Doctors To my sexy grandmother, Nana, Thanks for all your guidance. 320 • Lisa B. YamoffMy Wife . . . My Life My Parents . . . My Inspiration My Sister's Family . . . My Strength My Brother . . . My Friend . . . And to my dear family Thanks. David Yoon • 321To the memory of my father, Albert R. Zavatsky, M.D., 1922-1974; and to my mother, for her encouragement and endless support. Lebanon Valley College National Resident Matching Program 3ds. Medical College Admission Test “THE NUTCRRCKER" Health Sciences Center g SUAUrM (MAMMUnotuUfNttliTO School of Pharmacy NAZARETH HOSPITAL Financial Aid ErfllClci'tiOri ll Office of Admissions •lullin’ i CArnEHS THE READING Hu's STOP l» SHOP HOSPITAL and emt-mast Scientific Trust ike a 5 3039 wISShHICkgn medical center Medical Sciences Knowledge Profile .. LITTMANN U' PHILADELPHIA PSYCHIATRIC CENTER maxell THE PROVIDENT' POOYIOENT MnCNAUU Pnde in Performance The University of Health Sciences temple university hospital s®®©' V’c 53 , uiatffwarowk PH6AA HEAL gapsfas THIRD YEAR LOTTERIES LancasfeK ? • ■)©©© KANSAS VfJ .ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL Philadelphia CENTER ABINGTON MEMORIAL academy of music PROGRESS RECORD n= TI r TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE J FOURTH YEAR CLERKSHIP EVALUATION 4 90® ©®® tQ Samsonite 322 • Albert R. Zavatsky, Jr.Jeffrey L. Zellers • 323Graduates not pictured: Barbara Ackerman READY OR NOT... HERE WE COME! 324RESIDENCY APPOINTMENTS 325Barbara L. Ackerman, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Baystate Medical Center Springfield, MA Joshua J. Alexander, MJD. Pediatric Rehabilitation Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX Daniel T. Altman, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Year Two Orthopedics Hamot Medical Center Erie, PA Dale H. Anderson, M.D. Transitional Healtheast Teaching Hospital Allentown, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Stonybrook Teaching Hospital Stony Brook, NY John W. Arbogast, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Brenda A. Baracka, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA William E. Bingaman, M.D. Neurosurgery Cleveland Clinic FDN Cleveland, OH Thomas C. Binzer, M.D. Orthopedics John Peter Smith Hospital Fort Worth, TX Richard G. Bisbing, M.D. Family Practice Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg, PA Christopher J. Blewett, M.D. Surgery Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey, PA Howard A. Blumstcin, M.D. Emergency Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Barry P. Bodcn, M.D. Orthopedics Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Kevin T. Bufalino, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Year Two Radiology Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Andrea L. Bushclle, M.D. Obstetrics Gynccology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Roxanne E. Busse, M.D. Pediatrics Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, PA John E. Buterbaugh, M.D. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, PA Edward Chen, M.D. Anesthesiology The New York Hospital New York, NY Roland N. Chen, M.D. Urology Cleveland Clinic FDN Cleveland, OH Thcophilus O. Chukwueke, M.D. Surgery Easton Hospital Easton, PA Elizabeth J. Cobbs, M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Indiana University Medical Center Indianapolis, IN Sheldon R. Cober, M.D. Preliminary Surgery USC-LA County Hospital Los Angeles, CA Gary M. Cohen, M.D. Family Practice Memorial Hospital Burlington, NJ Eric G. Colman, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Jeffrey R. Coralnick, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Year Two Radiology Hackensack Medical Center Hackensack, NJ John C. Cress well, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA David N. Csikai, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Healtheast Teaching Hospital Allentown, PA Bernadette R. Curtis, M.D. Radiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Linda A. D’Andrea, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA James H. Daugherty, M.D. Family Practice Franklin Square Hospital Baltimore, MD Richard A. David, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Year Two Radiology Hackensack Medical Center Hackensack, NJ 326 • ResidenciesCheryl A. Denick, M.D. Emergency Medicine Medical Center of Delaware Newark, DE Richard E. Denovan, M.D. Transitional Healtheast Teaching Hospital Allentown, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Bharat M. Desai, M.D. Orthopedics Geisinger Medical Center Danville, PA Gregory B. Diette, M.D. Internal Medicine Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Beth R. DiFrancisco, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Michael L. DiGiorgio, M.D. Radiology Univ. Miami Jackson Memorial Miami, FL Glenn M. Dragon, M.D. Surgery UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson Med. Ctr. Camden, NJ Kathleen Drazenovich, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, OH Michael S. Dreyer, M.D. Pediatrics Medical Center of Delaware Newark, DE Paul J. Driver, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Year Two Ophthalmology Bowman Gray School of Medicine Winston-Salem, NC Michael R. Duch, M.D. Preliminary Surgery St. Francis Medical Center Trenton, NJ David T. Dundee, M.D. Anesthesiology The New York Hospital New York, NY Scott K. Epstein, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Boston University Medical center Boston, MA Anthony Firilas, M.D. Surgery Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Med. Ctr. Chicago, IL William A. Flood, M.D. Internal Medicine Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC Melinda T. Fudge, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Michael B. Furman, M.D. Transitional York Hospital York, PA Andrew George, M.D. Family Practice Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown, PA Patricia L. Gist, M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Nicholas A. Giuliani, M.D. Family Practice York Hospital York, PA David Gonzalez, MJD. Obstetrics Gynecology UMDNJ-New Jersey Med. School Newark, NJ Muriel M. Gordon, M.D. Transitional Mercy Catholic Medical Center Darby, PA Year Two Radiology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Denise B. Gotsdiner, M.D. Pathology Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Michael W. Grabowski, M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Kathleen V. Greatrex, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Radiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Dan Guttmann, M.D. Transitional Highland General Hospital Oakland, CA Sujnta K. Hanjura, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington, DC Lee J. Harmatz, M.D. Family Practice St. Margaret Memorial Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Neal S. Harnly, M.D. Family Practice Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, PA Todd J. Harvey, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Year Two Ophthalmology University Hospital of Cleveland Cleveland, OH Residencies • 327Evan F. Madianos, M.D. Transitional Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading, PA Year Two Radiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA John P. Manta, M.D. Orthopedics Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Robert J. Maxwell, M.D. Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Karen M. McDowell, M.D. Pediatrics University Hospital of Cleveland Cleveland, OH Sharon K. McDowell, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Mercy Catholic Medical Center Darby, PA John M. McMurtry, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Kelly A- Miller, M.D. Surgery University Hospital of Cleveland Cleveland, OH Nina Mohammed, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA David A. Nace, M.D. Internal Medicine University Health Center Pittsburgh, PA Guy V. Nee, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden, NJ Ronald E. Nolley, M.D. Internal Medicine St. Luke’s Medical Center Bethlehem, PA Scott D. Olewiller, M.D. Internal Medicine Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading, PA Maria T. Olivcro, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Paul R. Pagley, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Massachusetts Hospital Worcester, MA Maria Palasiuk, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Kristin H. Parris, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Thomas J. Parsons, M.D. Internal Medicine Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Michael Paul, MJ). Neurosurgery University of Missouri Columbia, MO Scott H. Penfil, M.D. Pediatrics Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Monica Philipkosky, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology University Health Center Pittsburgh, PA Mark J. Pisaneschi, M.D. Radiology Cook County Hospital Chicago, IL Richard J. Pogach, M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Medical Center of Delaware Newark, DE James M. Pond, M.D. Transitional Mercy Catholic Medical Center Darby, PA Putul Prasad, M.D. Anesthesiology Richland Memorial Hospital Columbia, SC Cynthia L. Rainey, M.D. Family Practice Geisinger Medical Center Danville, PA Douglas J. Redosh, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Neurology University of Colorado Denver, CO Douglas Reed, M.D. Psychiatry Tripler Army Hospital Honolulu, HI Lynda D. Reiser, M.D. Internal Medicine Thomas JefTerson University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Melvin W. Rcssler, M.D. Surgery Polyclinic Medical Center Harrisburg, PA Denise Rinato, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology St. Lukes-Roosevelt Medical Center Roosevelt, NY Anthony Rizzo, M.D. Surgery Graduate Hospital Philadelphia, PA Scott A. Rome, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr, PA Year Two Physical Medicine Rehabilitation National Rehabilitation Hospital Washington, DC 328 • ResidenciesLaura A. Hastings, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Ann P. Hearn, M.D. Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA William P. Hecker, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA David J. Hoffman, M.D. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, PA Courtney W. Houchen, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Gwen Howard, M.D. Internal Medicine Oakland Naval Hospital Oakland, CA Theodore Irra, M.D. Pediatrics Tulane University Hospital New Orleans, LA Nancy L. Jensen, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Mary T. Johnston, M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Robert J. Just, MJ3. Internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Daniel J. Kazmierski, M.D. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, PA Linda M. Kelley, MJD. Obstetrics Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Paul Kim, M.D. Neurosurgery University Hospital of Cleveland Cleveland, OH Richard H. Kim, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Merick S. Kirshncr, M.D. Surgery Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey, PA Barbara S. Knight, M.D. Internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Robert C. Kovar, M.D. Psychiatry Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Audrey C. Krosnowski, M.D. Transitional Chestnut Hill Hospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Radiology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Alan A. Lawrence, M.D. Surgery Healtheast Teaching Hospital Allentown, PA Kenneth A. Lazofson, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Year Two Radiology Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD Pamela Lee, M J). Pediatrics Children’s Hospital Los Angles, CA Julia F. Lehman, M.D. Surgery Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown, PA Robert T. Levine, M.D. Psychiatry Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Debra M. Levinson, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Jamie S. Lieberman, M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Paula F. Lizak. M.D. Radiology Geisinger Medical Center Danville, PA Francis Lo, M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia, PA Michael R. Lobis, M.D. Surgery UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson New Brunswick, NJ Joseph A. Locala, M.D. Psychiatry Medical Center Hospital of Vermont Burlington, VT Amy S. Luckcnbaugh, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA John Ludwicki, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Robert P. Lyons, M.D. Preliminary Surgery UCA-San Diego Medical Center San Diego, CA Residencies • 329Solon Rosenblatt, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Susan E. Roscnfeld, M.D. Psychiatry George Washington University Washington, DC Sharon Rubin, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Jordan S. Rush, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Marc I. Sandberg, M.D. Internal Medicine University Health Center Pittsburgh, PA Eric Schaiblc, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Year Two Ophthalmology Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, SC Peter Sehochet, M.D. Pediatrics Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX Eric A. Schoen, M.D. Internal medicine Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center San Francisco, CA Carolyn S. Scott, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Healtheast Teaching Hospital Allentown, PA Sueny M. Seeney, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Robert D. Segal, M.D. Surgery Western Pennsylvania Hospital Pittsburgh, PA Richard B. Slagle, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Rhonda Smalls, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine University of Southern California Medical School Los Angeles, CA Douglas St. Clair, M.D. Emergency Medicine Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, OH Pcrpetua A. Staub, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Massachusetts Hospital Worcester, MA Rebecca Sutphen, M.D. Pediatrics University of Southern Florida Tampa, FL Sharon L. Taylor, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Evan J. Thomas, M.D. Psychiatry Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Petra J. Thomas, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Howard University Hospital Washington, DC Teresa A. Thomas, M.D. Psychiatry University of Southern California Medical School Los Angeles, CA Anthony M. Thornton, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Rcinaldo Torresguillont, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr, PA Year Two Anesthesiology UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson New Brunswick, NJ Lori C. Trostle, M.D. Family Practice Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg, PA Christine R. Tullius, M.D. Emergency Medicine Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburg, PA Marc E. Uknis, M.D. Post Doctoral Fellowship Transplant Immunology University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Ingrid S. Vanorden, M.D. Pediatrics Children’s Memorial Hospital Chicago, IL John S. Vlattas, M.D. Transitional St. Luke’s Medical Center Bethlehem, PA Year Two Physical Medicine Rehabilitation NYU Medical Center New York, NY Gary D. Vogin, M.D. Transitional St. Barnabas Medical Center Livingston, NJ Joel I. Wagman, M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Thomas J. Wall, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Marcia P. Warren, M.D. Pediatrics Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX 330 • ResidenciesDaryl C. Watson, M.D. Internal Medicine UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Camden, NJ Joseph K. Weidner, M.D. Family Practice Hunterdon Medical Center Flemington, NJ Theodore C. Whitford, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore, MD Eric Williams, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Deirdrc M. Wilson, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Martin C. Wilson, M.D. Transitional Mercy Catholic Medical Center Darby, PA Year Two Ophthalmology Washington Hospital Center Washington, DC Andrew T. Winand, M.D. Internal Medicine Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey, PA Sherma G. Winchester, M.D. Internal Medicine Bronx Municipal Hospital New York, NY Bradley M. Winston, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Anne S. Wise, M.D. Family Practice University of Connecticut Bridgeport, CT William R. Wolfe, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia, PA Year Two Neurology Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Lisa B. Yarnoff, MJD. Pediatrics Medical Center of Delaware Newark, DE David A. Yoon, M.D. Family Practice Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital Greensboro, NC Albert R. Zavatsky, M.D. Preliminary Internal Medicine Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading, PA Jeffrey L. Zellers. M.D. Psychiatry University of Kentucky Medical Center Lexington, KY Residencies • 331There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Brantley Foster took two weeks. THE SECRET OF MY SuccessPATRONS ADSPATRONS Mr. Mrs. Daniel Alexander Dr. Mrs. George E. Bender Jack Barbara Benson Sovv-Yeh Chen, BMD, MS, Ph.D. Command Performance International Dr. Mrs. Daniel T. Dempsey Mr. Mrs. Anthony Drazenovich Richard S. Eisenstaedt, M.D. Mary Stuart Fisher, M.D. Meg Fisher, M.D. Robert S. Fisher, M.D. Jeffrey T. Gibson, M.D. Judith Leon Gotsdiner Parviz Hanjani, M.D. Ruth Jones Jenkins Howard Dorothy Jensen Judy David Kazmierski George M. Kosco, M.D. Bennett Lorber, M.D. John S. Macdonald, M.D. Mr. Mrs. David Miller Allen R. Myers, M.D. John J. Victoria O’Donnell Mr. Mrs. Paul R. Pagley Dr. Mrs. Steven J. Phillips Ronald A. Pieringer Dr. Mrs. Francis C. Plucinsky Mr. Mrs. Carrell I. Rainey Mrs. William Redosh Sandy Schnall, M.D. Mr. Mrs. Milton O. Seeney Gerald D. Arlyne T. Shockman Morgan F. Taylor Dr. Mrs. J. Robert Troyer Dr. Ronald F. Tuma Wall, Bane Associates Marlin, Lois Leisha Zellers Leonard Zubrzycki, Ph.D. 334 • PatronsALUMNI PATRONS Leslie W. Beadling, M.D. ’64 Alvin Bell, M.D. ’78 William H. Coleman, M.D. ’45 Nancy T. Cristoforo, M.D. ’88 William Foxall Cunningham, M.D. ’66 Dr. Mrs. Alan DeChevney 67 Robert J. Deitz, M.D. ’65 Dr. Mrs. Taylor Delp ’54 Robert L. Dickey, M.D. 45 John DiFiori, M.D. 89 Angelo M. DiGeorge, M.D. 46 Bonnie B. Dorwart, M.D. 68 William H. Duncan, M.D. ’59 Robert Edelman, M.D. 78 Ron Endo, M.D. ’86 Albert J. Finestone, M.D. ’45 Joseph Floria, M.D. ’44 Anthony R. Giorgio, M.D. 73 Martin Goldberg, M.D. '55 George E. Goldman, M.D. ’78 Sanford L. Greenberg, M.D. ’60 Robert A. Heebner, M.D. 43 Richard M. Herman, M.D. 89 Bruce A. Hershock, M.D. 74 Debra Heverly, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. 74 David W. Hunter, M.D. ’65 Harold J. Isard, M.D. 34 John P. Joyce, M.D. 83 Betsy Kerr, M.D. ’89 Dr. Mrs. Harvey C. Kreitzer ’84 C.A. Laubach, Jr., M.D. ’43 Dr. Mrs. Michael B. Love 70 Joseph F. Lydon, M.D. 47 Dr. Mrs. Robert S. Lvkens 81 John R. Maloney, M.D. 72 James J. McGuire, Jr., M.D. 80 Edward M. Miller, M.D. ’69 Wm. Mahon Myers, M.D. 44 M. Vernon Ordiway, M.D. ’54 Kimberly K. Paterson, M.D. ’82 Dr. Mrs. Stewart J. Petrie ’50 Raymond H. Pierson III, M.D. ’80 Nelson J. Quigley, M.D. Donald J. Rit, M.D. ’60 Stephen Rockower, M.D. 75 Fred Rogers, M.D. 48 Wanda Ronner, M.D. ’84 John Rudoff, M.d. ’83 Alex Salomon, M.D. 89 Beth Sander, M.D. ’89 Jerome Santoro, M.D. ’72 Dr. Mrs. Carson D. Schneck 59 Harry Shubin, M.D. 37 Kurt F. Strosahl, M.D. ’78 Sonia Stupniker, M.D. ’34 Dr. Mrs. Howard J. Summons ’40 William F. Taylor, M.D. ’60 Earl R. Walter, M.D. 52 Paul Warner, M.D. ’39 Edward D. Williams, M.D. ’61 Jim Susan Yuschak 85 Alumni Patrons • 335FROM THE DEAN AND HIS STAFF TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1990 YOU HAVE ACHIEVED A GREAT MILESTONE MAY EACH OF YOU CONTINUE TO FULFILL YOUR HIGHEST GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS Acting Dean Joseph II. Baum, PhD. Anne Lewis Delores Ballard Senior Associate Dean Richard J. Kozera, M.D. Hclga Sautcr Judith Russo Margaret Lipsctl Sandy Candeub Associate Dean for Curriculum William E. Barry, MD. Rebecca White Gloria Greenberg Sharon Pointer Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Sally Rosen, M.D. Mary' Jackson Assistant Dean for Admissions Marie A. Bernard, M.D. Moses Williams, Ph.D. Charlotte Boyd Geri Morton Rudi Miller Bcmita Davis Walter Moore Assistant Dean Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Retention Charles S. Ireland, Jr. Ernest Lowe Martin Whitaker, Jr. Gwendolyn Taylor Assistant Dean for Temple Einstein Medical Center William F. Schulze, MA Clco Clark Associate Dean AfTiliated Hospitals James Demopolous, M.D. Geri Kelly Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Shirley Hall Director, M.DVPh.D. Program Peter N. Walsh, M.DJPh.D. Pat Pilcggi Sheila Booker Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Alfred J. Fines tone, M.D. Robert Smcdlcy, Ed.D. Catherine Thomas King Sharon Waters Gail White Bridgctl Johnson Assistant Dean for Resources Stanley J. Mann, Ph.D. Diane Lazar Multidisciplinary Laboratory Services Ronald Mcdori Lynn Morse Patricia Lewis Donna Mason Chuck Box Sponsored Projects Administration Elliott Kulakowski, Ph.D. Maria Kousombos Alida Kelley Brenda Burton Delores Sullivan Kathleen Millard Nanette Lane Executive Director for Development and Alumni Affairs Charles Glanville Dorothy Dennison Jill Unger Regina Moore Associate Dean for Administration Thomas Freitag Gail Gospodarek Director of Business Affairs Sandra McDade Ann Untalan Diane Weathers Evelyn Mcriwcathcr Irene Kushnir Michael Murray Pamela Younger Randy Os trow Karen Fenner Director of Administrative Services Rose Ferrara Mabel Dukes Daniel Dawson Ella Smith James Williams 336 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1990 From The FACULTY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY Jeffrey I. Greenstein, M.D. Professor and Chairman Guillermo deLeon, M.D., Associate Professor Eleanor M. Saffran, Ph.D., Associate Professor H. Branch Coslett, M.D., Associate Professor Mark L. Moster, M.D., Associate Professor Dara G. Jamieson, M.D., Assistant Professor Stasha C. Gominak, M.D., Assistant Professor R. Manon-Espaillat, M.D., Associate Professor Advertisements • 337CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO DARYL From Your Family and Friends Ceciel Alleyene Yvonne David Jordan Pauline Alleyene George Kerbacher Inez Victor Almodovar Desiree Malcolm Lawson Josephine Carnagie Detra Kyron Mack Sharon Christopher Ruth May Anne Coward Kathryn McGrath Shirley Culpepper Beverly Mandel Thora Dudley Joan Neal William Elmore Thelma Robert Pankey Gloria John Foote Gloria Perez Shawn Foote Lauretta Isaiah Randolph Rev. Mrs. Grandville A. Forde Bernice Richardson Carri Christine Fournier Thelma Roache H. Clifton Gray Dorothy Smith Linda James Greenidge Jane Tauben Tarah Greenidge Marritta Winston Thorne Grace Bob Hardy Algernee Thorne William Howell Aleida Valentin Marilyn Bernard Hunkins Judy Verne Michelle Nichelle Jones Essie Williamson 338 • AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS AND GOD S BLESSINGS TO DARYL THE CLASS OF 1990! Daryl C. Watson Jr. Lori P. Watson Mary Watson Advertisements • 339We Applaud Your Achievement and Extend Best Wishes for Continued Success to the Class of 1990 In particular. Our Laurie Congratulations from the Hastings Family 340 • Advertisements“If you are going to be a doctor, be a good doctor The late Jane Just (1985) Loving Mother of Robert Joseph Just Congratulations and Success to ROBERT JOSEPH JUST And the Class of 1990 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Love and respect, Anthony E. Just Sr. Family Congratulations SHARON RUBIN, M.D. With Love and Pride Your Family CONGRATULATIONS TO DAN AND THE CLASS OF 1990 DR. AND MRS. GUTTMANN Advertisements • 341Our Love, Support and Congratulations to Our Son, Jeffrey Michael Chavin, M.D. Upon Your Graduation and Accomplishments and to All Future Endeavors. Mother and Dad Dr. I. Favel and Mrs. Peggy Chavin 342 • AdvertisementsCongratulations to Our Grandson, Jeffrey Michael Chavin A Third Generation Graduate of Temple University Medical School May he have a long rewarding and gratifying career with happiness his constant companion. His Grandparents Dr. Sidney (1925 Graduate) and Florence L. Chavin Advertisements • 343CONGRATULATIONS TO EVAN THE CLASS OF 1990 DR. 81 MRS. MICHAEL MADIANOS, LORETTE, GREGORY, KATINA 344 • AdvertisementsA Residency at Abington ? 5 Temple grads tell why they chose Abington Memorial Hospital. Abington Memorial Hospital offers - • Level II Trauma Center • Major obstetrical referral center • High tech facilities - MRI, lithotripter, Level III NICU • Opportunities to join thriving practices in Philadelphia's northern suburbs • Residency programs In- Family Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine Obstetrics Gynecology Dentistry Dental Surgery For more information about Abington Memorial Hospital's residency programs, ask your colleagues above or call 576-2603. i Abington Memorial Hospital 1200 Old York Road • Abington, PA 19001 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ "I wanted a large community hospital affiliated with a university. There's a wider referral base here, with more diversity of patients and more variety of problems. There's a wide and deep clinical experience plus an academic program which is better than most 'university' type hospitals Ron Hoffmann, M.D., Temple '88 -OB GYN "The atmosphere is conducive to learning. There’s more respect for students and residents. On rounds, there's no 'one-up-manship.' Everybody's here to learn." Carlton Silver, M.D., Temple 88 -Family Practice "At Abington. there's a larger cross-section of patients and range of problems. I've seen many challenging cases, for example, some unusual presentations of cancer." Bonnie Dungan, M.D., Temple '89 -Internal Medicine "The ancillary care makes life easier-the blood draw teams. IV teams, nursing. The program is diverse enough without the personal rigors of a big university hospital." Mark Zebley, M.D., Temple '89 -Surgery "The facilities are good. The hospital has an excellent reputation. You get the experience you want. If you're interested in certain areas, you have the freedom to pursue them." Joanne Burrell, D.D.S., Temple '89 -Dentistry Advertisements • 345Train To ' jT • v v. » EASTON HOSPITAL A mtmtor c4 Vto»ry HtoAh 250 South 21st St. Easton, PA 18042 Easton Hospital Residency Programs University Affiliation. As a major teaching affiliate of Hahnemann University School of Medicine, Easton Hospital is the site for regular third year medical and surgical rotations; fourth year medical and surgical electives; and internal medicine, surgery, and transitional year residencies of outstanding quality. High Passing Rates. Easton residents pass their examinations! In addition, Easton Hospital has an outstanding record for placing graduates in quality subspecialty programs. Hands-On Ex erjencg,. Our dynamic combination of "learning by doing" plus excellent supervision brings results: our graduating surgical residents were recently rated better than the 90th percentile in the number of complex surgical procedures performed. Patient Diversity. The wide variety of clinical pathology diagnosed and treated at Easton Hospital's state-of-the-art facility is comparable to that experienced at university centers. Most of our patients are diagnosed and treated first at Easton Hospital, not after evaluation elsewhere. Exceljen.tJPra c t ice Qpportu njjjes. Young physicians seeking to start a practice find the metropolitan area surrounding Easton a "land of opportunity." The Lehigh Valley offers an attractive environment, a rapidly growing professional population, low unemployment and proximity to NYC and Philadelphia --ideal for establishing successful medical practices. Let Easton Hospital show you how our programs can help prepare you for a successful and fulfilling career. Call the Director of the Department of Medicine, Dr. Kenneth Wildrick (215-250-4013) or the Director of the Department of Surgery, Dr. George Watkins (215-250-4014). 346 • AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1990 Department of Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF 1990 SILVESTRI STEERMAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATES Archimede J. Silvestri, M.D. Paul H. Steerman, M.D. Leonard H. Cohen, M.D. BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1990 Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Lazofson GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF 1990 DALESSANDRO’S STEAKS • BEER • HOAGIES Henry Avenue Walnut Lane 482-5407 Advertisements • 347Best Wishes to The Class of 1990 for fulfilling careers and lives. We enjoyed working with you. The Faculty and Residents Department of Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division DIVISION HEADS Morris N. Kotler, M.D., Cardiology Robert Fox, M.D., Dermatology Sol Epstein, M.D., Endocrinology Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology Mark Capkin, M.D. (TUSM 80), General Internal Medicine I. Robert Schwartz, M.D., Hematology Oncology Richard S. Levy, M.D., Infectious Disease Rasib M. Raja, M.D., Nephrology Michael Lippmann, M.D., Pulmonary Mary E. Moore, M.D. (TUSM '67), Rheumatology Associate Chairman Tina Phipps, Ph.D. Behavioral Sciences Herbert S. Waxman, M.D. Chairman Lisa Wallenstein, M.D. 348 • AdvertisementsBest Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of ’90 The Hospital A state leader in General Surgery. Cardiology. Oncology. Neonatology. Radiology, and Psychiatry. The Opportunities Residency programs in Family Medicine. Obstetrics Gynecology. Diagnostic Radiology. Internal Medicine. Preliminary Medicine, and a transitional program. The Surroundings Located in historic Berks County, combining comfortable suburban living and rural charm with close proximity to major metropolitan areas of the East Coast. The Reading Hospital and Medical Center, Sixth Avenue and Spruce Street. West Reading, PA TUMS TRIVIA QUIZ Q: Who was the first Temple medical student in history to attend a NASA space shuttle launch? A: Steven H. Millmond, Class of 82, at Cape Canaveral on April 12,1981 for the maiden voyage of Columbia (Thanks to Dean Hugo Smith!). Reference: 1982 SKULL AIM HIGH, CLASS OF 1990! BEST WISHES from STEVEN H. MILLMOND, M.D., INSTRUCTOR Department of Radiology — F.S.K.M.C. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Baltimore, Maryland Advertisements • 349BEST WISHES to the GREAT CLASS of 1990 PUN'S “A Wonderland of Toys” Bryn Mawr, PA Chesterbrook, PA 525-9789 640-4004 Need help with your small business? Liberty Bank offers Business Alliance. Call 1-800-777-7470 for details. Liberty Bank •• » c c ubM« e«i4 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1990 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1990 COLON AND RECTAL SURGERY GUY L. KRATZER, M.D., F.A.C.S. 1447 Hamilton Street Allentown, PA 18102 (215) 433-8181 350 • Advertisements TO THE FUTURE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1990 FROM THE MEDICAL STAFF OF ST. CHRISTOPHER'S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN Advertisements • 351CONGRATULATIONS! 1 THE TEMPLE HOSPITAL MEDICAL STAFF WISHES YOU WELL IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS 352 • AdvertisementsC ONGRATULATIONS from the DEPARTMENT OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY BRONCHOESOPHAGOLOGY Max L. Ronis, M.D. Rose M. Mohr, M.D. Emil P. Liebman, M.D. Melvin L. Masloff, M.D. William H. Martin, Ph.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1990! MONTGOMERY FAMILY PRACTICE CENTER William H. Rodgers, III, M.D. Marc W. McKenna, M.D. Hazel M. Bluestein, M.D. Montgomery Professional Building 1330 Powell Street Suite 409 Norristown, PA 19401 277-0964 Advertisements • 353Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe at... PAPK TCWNE PLACE whal you’ll !•« ! . ituiao «naart c'ctAwoi • tc-n •» £•« • Cii» •»«l I t o» «»i® it oowa of»a aiift-dmii. 1 Kov nt-'fw.r • S'yxo'O m.« « .J tUMiM • IWM • IK. Matt •" • ••• ■ 215 568-2200 ino ».«■ » ■ i.« i -" GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF 1990! 77 e Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology 354 • AdvertisementsThe physicians, staff, and administrators of ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER are both privileged and proud to have shared in your professional growth during these medical shool years. We wish you much success and satisfaction in the years ahead. ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER NORTHERN DIVISION Genius in health care Northern Division Willowcrest-Bamberger Division Philadelphia, Psychiatric Center Advertisements • 355CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1990! from the DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Wallace P. Ritchie, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chairman V. Paul Addonizio, M.D. Jeffrey B. Alpern, D.O. Juan A. Asensio, M.D. Francis C. Au, M.D. Patricia M. Bailey, M.D. Constance M. Barone, M.D. Robert F. Buckman, M.D. Anthony J. Comerota, M.D. Daniel T. Dempsey, M.D. Julieta D. Grosh, M.D. Robert D. Harwick, M.D. Jacob Kolff, M.D. Willis P. Maier, M.D. James B. McClurken, M.D. Amitabha Mitra, M.D. John V. White, M.D. 356 • AdvertisementsBest Wishes to the CLASS OF 1990 from the Department of Anesthesiology at Albert Einstein Medical Center BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1990 Dr. Mrs. Christopher N. Uddoh --------------------1 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1990! Drs. Leon and Elsa Malmud CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO HOWARD and THE CLASS OF 1990! Mom Dad Debbie David Grammy Alyssa Wendy Maggie, Jane PI (T IN MEMORIAM George I. Blumstein, M.D. '29 "Cramps" 1904-1989 V J) Advertisements • 357YOU'LL LIKE WHAT YOU •Higher CD and Money Market Rates • Tax-Deferred CDs • Mortgages and Home Equity Loans • Auto Loans and Student Loans • Checking Accounts and MAC CALL 1-800-888-8858 £... Firstrust ll||()l Bank The Bank with Good Ideas fdicM CUSTOM IMPRINTED SPORTSWEAR r A SC HttOIU OH MARCH MED . tori e i • rs sinvwo • • • ---.,(• • . Mf: ptxsofaiuco service • oumjtv workmanship COMPmrrvE PRICING • PROMPT DELIVERY 215-739-3323 inn (► M'OC » 1I« • » • JiS nolM out POP Mttl CAUUOC CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASSOF 1990 GOOD LUCK! MOFFIN'S STEAK “CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1990 yyy associates, me. PRINTING AND TOTAL PRODUCTION OF DIRECT MAIL THE DELAWARE VALLEY’S COMPLETE PRINTING DIRECT MAIL FACILITY. COMPUTER LASER LETTERS CHESHIRE LABELING MACHINE INSERTING TYPESETTING SHEETFED WEB PRINTING U ENVELOPE PRINTING M BINDERY □ 215 825-2570 358 • AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS FROM THE MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION TO THE CLASS OF 1990 OFFICERS E. Howard Bedrossian ’45, President John H. Martin ’58, President-Elect Anthony J. Comerota 74, Vice-President Kenneth H. Gordon ‘ 48, Secretary Emily J. Penman 78, Treasurer Edward J. Resnick ’51, Immediate Past President Joseph H. Baum, Ph.D., Acting Dean ALUMNI DIRECTORS Richard P. Albertson '63 D. Michael Baxter '80 William R. Beckwith ’64 G. Raymond Brown ’47 Wm. A. Buchheit '60 I. Favel Chavin '55 William T. Delp '54 Wm. H. Duncan '59 Tamar D.Earnest ’68 John H. Esbenshade, Jr. '55 Albert J. Finestone ’45 Thomas L. Gaydos ’61 William C. Hewson ’54 Eric K. Holm '69 John B. Jeffers ’67 A. Richard Kendall ’56 Woodrow B. Kessler ’62 Gary P. Lengel ’76 Joseph B. Lcnnert '73 Fraser Lewis '60 Stephen D. Lockey III ’63 Richard M. Magill '65 Walter E. Margie, Jr. '51 Allan D. Marks ’62 James B. McClurken ’76 Peter B. Panzer ’74 Stephen R. Permut ’72 Richard C. Putnam ’51 Wm. D. Reppert '51 Ernest R. Salvitti ’63 Louis X. Santore ’80 Charles R. Shuman ’43 John R. Siberski ’75 Frederick P. Sutliff’46 William S. Tasman ’55 Charles D. Tourtellotte ’57 Michael Ufberg ’66 Howard F. Warner ’53 Leslie W. Whitney ’44 EMERITUS DIRECTORS William H. Coleman ’45 Dominic A DeLaurentis '53 Frederick W. Durham ’45 John H. Hall ’41 Trudeau M. Horrax ’46 Edwin Lauterbauch ’46 Walter J. Levinsky ’45 Gladys M. Miller ’51 John R. Minehart '35 Frederick Murtagh, Jr. ’43 W. Gordon Pauley '53 FACULTY STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES Martin Black, M.D. Kenneth R. Cundy, Ph.D. Francis J. Shea, M.D. Joshua Alexander ’90 Nicola Chin ’93 Leah Jenkins '92 Jodi Schucker '91 Advertisements • 359fjippocrntic (Ontlj 3 bo solemnly stuenr by tljnt mljiclj | Ijolb most snereb: "(Tljnt 3 mill be loynl to tlje profession of mebieine nnb inst nnb yenerous to its members; (Tljnt 3 mill lenb my life nnb prnctice my nrt in npriyljtitcss nnb Ijonor; eTIjnt into utljntsoeoer Ijonse 3 sljnll enter, it sljnll be for tlje yoob of tlje sick to tlje utmost of my potuer, 3 Ijolbiny myself nloof from tttrony; from corruption, nnb from tlje temptiny of otljers to nice; iTIjnt 3 mill exercise my nrt solely for tlje cure of my pntients, nnb mill yiuc no brny, perform no operntion for n eriminnl purpose, cticn if solieiteb, fnr less suyyest it; (Tljnt mljntsocucr 3 sljnll see or Ijenr of tlje lines of men mljielj is not fittiny to be spoken, 3 mill keep inuiolnbly secret. iTIjese tljinys 3 bo promise nnb in proportion ns 3 nm fnitljfnl to tljis my onttj mny Ijnppiness nnb yoob repute be ener mine. (Tlje opposite if 3 sljnll be forsutorn." COOKE PUBLISHING COMPANY OEVON P«NNSYl.VVi'AFor Reference Not to be taken from this librarytemple university school of m

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