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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRA'-' ' The making of a doctor 12 ContentsCONTENTS Dedication..............................................4 Administration........................................ 12 Pre-Clinical Years The Ingredients....................................20 Clinical Years The Mixing Process.................................54 Affiliates............................................106 Activities............................................124 The Class Of 1989 The Finished Product..............................150 Residencies Off to the Market Place...........................322 Advertisements........................................328 Contents 3 The Class of 1989 dedicates this book to John R. Benson, M.D. John R. Benson, M.D., to whom this yearbook is dedicated, has a special interest: the mental and physical health of the members of the healing professions. The Class of '89 first met Dr. Benson on the second day of orientation. For many of us, it marked the first time the smiles on our faces were not strained. Dr. Benson shared with us his view of medical education. He told us it was not true that all our classmates had IQ's in the 180-200 range. Me assured us we would survive the first year and actually be promoted to the second. He told us stories about his own medical education. Then he pointed out they awarded his MD anyway. His message was simple: we would survive and we would be good physicians. He told us to cat right, study hard, play hard and complain, explaining that the ability to complain is a true sign of mental health. With his special brand of humor he gave us all hope. We met again in Behavioral Science I and II when he demonstrated the theories of behavior and development, showing us examples of normal and abnormal thought processes and behaviors (not personally, -on video tape). Dr. Benson in his first white coat. 4 DedicationPsychiatry Residency at Temple, 1958 Dr. Benson graduated from Yale University. He completed his medical education at Northwestern University in Chicago. After considering a residency in internal medicine, he changed career goals and completed his residency in psychiatry at Temple in 1961. In 1972 Dr. Benson became a member of the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Society, and was appointed full professor of psychiatry in 1976. Long recognized for his skill as a teacher, he has won numerous awards: The Golden Apple, 1976, the Lindback Award. 1979 and the Russell P. Moses Memorial Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching, 1982. Dr. Benson is actively involved in the teaching of medical students in behavioral Science. He teaches residents from all medical disciplines. Not content with educating those in training, he teaches his fellow health care professionals locally and nationally. High School Graduation, 1946 Senior Yearbook Picture, Yale, 1951 Dedication 5Dr. Benson finds himself surrounded by health care professionals whenever his family gathers. His wife, Barbara Benson, MSW, is a social worker in private practice and teaches in the Temple Primary Care Course. Dr. and Mrs. Benson are yearly guests of TUMSSA, speaking about the medical marriage. His son Paul Benson. TUMS '80, is a psychiatrist at UCLA, Santa Monica. His wife is a pediatrician, and they arc the parents of Katie, age 3. Linda Benson, Hahnemann 81. is a board cerified internist living in Gaithersburg, MD. She is married to a psychiatrist, and they have a son. Alex, age 1-1 2. Today, besides being Director of Medical Students Education and his other teaching duties. Dr. Benson is actively involved with patients. He deals with many medical students, residents and physicians from the community and their families. Hus message is: maintain your mental health and have something besides medicine that you enjoy doing, because if you don't lake care of yourself, you won't be able to give your patients the best possible care. Barbara and John, Linda, Paul and Barbara John Benson With granddaughter, Katie Dr. Benson, Paul - age 2, Linda - age 10 months With grandson, Alex 6 Dedication. Baum, Ph.D. Richard S. Eisenstaedt, M.D. Hooders lmix well From the Editors: The making of a doctor is a complicated process. Over the last four (or so) years, we have been molded, pressed, drilled, crammed, poked and prodded on our way to becoming physicians. Through it all. we have been allowed to grow and expand our minds and rise to any occasion. There were certainly times when wc couldn't stand the heat. Yet somehow, we have been transformed from balls of dough to the finished product. What were once obsessive-compulsive, uninformed pre-meds are now obsessive-compulsive, slightly informed physicians. We are hot off the stove, with still a few half-baked ideas. Plenty of pounding lies ahead before we ever get a taste of the sweet life. May this yearbook serve as a remembrance of these formative years. May we stay fresh with compassion and never let our thinking become stale. We certainly have our share of textbooks, notes, and loans to remind us of these years. As for this yearbook ... it's just the icing on the cake! Thanks to Julia and Steve for all their hard work. Special thanks to Betsy, Beth and Debbie without whom this yearbook never would have happened. Thanks to loved ones at home who always understood when we had to go "do some yearbook.” Also, thanks to everyone in the Class of 1989 for arranging their own senior page and handing them in more or less on time. Also thanks to numerous individuals in the class who contributed their time, ideas and photos to help make this yearbook a success. Good luck to us all! Raising money Stealing jokes EDITORS Tom Hepner Richard Herman Francis DeFabo FINANCIAL EDITORS Betsy Kerr Beth Sander PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Julia Dippl THEME Richard Herman SENIOR PAGES Susan Comerci PHOTOGRAPHY Steve Labkoff Ivan Zucker T-SHIRTS Debbie Sandrock STAFF Amy Singer Bob Hally Mary Davis Larry Levin Cindy Weibel Jewelle Sutherland Sandy Cameron Judy O'Donnell Millicient Khaw Judy Jozefiak Richard Hyman Caren Lipsky Bhaskar Deb Kathy O'Mara Radha Sarma Anna Hsu 8 Yearbook StaffThe Making of A Doctor A RECIPE Ingredients: 1 Student, fairly intelligent and slightly obsessive-compulsive 1 Stethoscope 1 Ophthalmoscope (optional) 2 No. 2 pencils 2 Cross pens (may be substituted with any pens snatched from Drug representatives) 1 Short white coat Varied assortment of textbooks, handbooks, hand-outs and review books. $50,000.00 Instructions: In order to prepare a proper doctor, one must first start with the right raw materials. Faculty and administration inspectors carefully sort through each year's crop, selecting only the finest in GPA’s, MCAT scores and recommendations, in their efforts to select the future’s most presentable and serviceable physicians. The first step in preparation involves stuffing the student. Stuff student with an enormous helping of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry until it appears that no more material can be ciammed in. Then, further stuff in three times this amount. The stuffing itself is bland and unpalatable, but most of it is gone by the time the student is fully prepared, and therefore presents little problem. Occasionally, a student may retain small bits of stuffing, and may be seen spitting them out at appropriate moments. Should this become a chronic problem, simply direct the student into Internal Medicine, and don’t concern yourself with it any further. A Recipe 9The next step involves cooking (the student's goose). The heat is put on by prodding the student for H P's, differential diagnoses, and lab results. Browning of the nose should occur spontaneously during this process. Keeping the student up all night doing scut may cause him or her to simmer. This is best handled by putting a lid on it. Rotate student every four to six weeks until ready to graduate. 10 A RecipeHow to Know When Your Doctor Is Done 1. He she is able to sleep standing up. 2. He she resists the urge to yell, "I got it!" when drawing blood. 3. He she has an abbreviation for every word in the English language. 4. He she no longer thinks it "neat" to carry a beeper or be called "doctor." 5. He she has permanent stains on all his or her white coats. Your students are now fully prepared and ready for Internship. Most likely, they do not feel ready at all. But believe me, once internship starts ... they’re finished! A Recipe 1112 AdministrationADMINISTRATION Administration 13ADMINISTRATION TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PETER J. LIACOURAS, ELM President, Temple University H. PATRICK SWYGERT, J.D. Executive Vice President, Temple University HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER LEON S. MALMUD, M.D. Vice President, Temple University Health sciences Center ALLEN R. MEYERS, M.D. Associate Vice President, Temple University Health Sciences Center SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MARTIN GOLDBERG, M.D. Dean and Vice President RICHARD J. KOZERA, M.D. Senior Associate Dean ALBERT J. FINESTONE, M.D. Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education JAMES T. DEMOPOULOS, M.D. Associate dean for Affiliations and Special Projects THOMAS R. FREITAG Associate Dean for Administration and Associate Vice President for HSC Business Affairs HUGO DUNLAP SMITH, M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum STANLEY MANN, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Resources JOSEPH II. BAUM, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Admissions DAWN MARKS, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies SALLY ROSEN, M.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs WILLIAM F. SCHULZE, M.A. Assistant Dean for Temple at Albert Einstein Medical Center CHARLES S. IRELAND, JR. Assistant Dean and Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Retention CHARLES GLANVILLE Executive Director of Development and Medical Alumni Affairs MOSES L. WILLIAMS, Ph.D. Director of Admissions and Student Activities MARK TAYLOR Director of the Health Sciences Center Libraries PETER WALSH, M.D., Ph.D. Director, M.D. Ph.D. Programs M. JUDITH RUSSO Administrator, Office of Faculty and Student Records i Dr. Goldberg Dr. Smith 14 AdministrationDr. Rosen Dr. Baum Judy Russo Mr. Schulze Dr. Kozera Dr. Williams Administration 15Sheila Booker Sharon Pointer Helga Sauter Mary Jackson I’m sorry, Gene. I just don't date students. Diane Lazar 16 AdministrationJust get the bones back on time — or else. Student labs Library Staff Debbie Troy Priscilla Barnes and Vanessa Newsome Administration 17Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Retention Sandy Candeub and Peg Lipsett Gerri Morton Student Programs and Admissions 18 AdministrationMedical Communications Stan Saltzman, Director Cheryl Arthur Art Division Bill Verzyl, Sharmainc Forchion, Hank Bacich, Audrey Nodler, Otto Lehmann (Chief), Bob Dennison Photography Division Joe Gudonis TV Division Medical Communicatu« - 20 Pre-CIinical YearsThe Ingredients •SSU-f p LINCIAL 5 Pre-Clinical Ycars 21 LECTURE An Analysis 5 min. — Trying to get comfortable without the benefit of leg room. 5 min. — Looking for the appropriate handout and a pen that works. 10 min. — Actually listening to the lecture; includes five minutes actually understanding the lecture. 15 min. — Doing "head bobs" — nodding in and out of sleep. Includes seven minutes of good solid sleeping—snoring optional. 5 min. — Waiting for someone to fix the slide projector or adjust the focus. 1 min. — Waiting for the idiot who came in late and is looking for a seat to realize that (s)he's blocking the entire screen. 5 min. — Thinking about lunch. 5 min. — Looking at the clock. 1 min. — Realizing the speaker is going overtime. 1 min. — Wondering if the speaker realizes he she is going overtime. 1 min. — Wondering whether you should a) mumble "break", b) start applauding, c) leave, or d) sit quietly and be polite as the speaker goes overtime. 1 min. — Wondering how the same four people can always have a question after every single lecture. 22 LectureFrequently Heard During Lecture: By Professors: "How do I get these lights down?" "Is the focus working?" "Can someone go back there and fix these slides?" By Students: "What kind of handout is this? There's no information on it." "Can I have your attention? I have a short announcement." "Are you staying for Primary Care?" "We have two tapes left. We have your names." "I did research on that." Lecture 23ANATOMY J. Robert Trover, Ph.D. Chairperson F. David Aker, Ph.D. Mark Black, Ph.D. Louis Caso, Ph.D. Albert Lamperti, Ph.D. Thomas Marino, Ph.D. J. Patterson McAllister, Ph.D. Patricia Olds-Clarke, Ph.D. JoAnne Orth, Ph.D. Brett Oxbcrry, Ph.D. Laurie Paavola, Ph.D. Helen Pearson,Ph.D. Steven Phillips, M.D., Ph.D. Steven Popoff, Ph.D. Carson Schneck, M.D., Ph.D. Marvin Sodicoff. Ph.D. Ernest Swanson, Jr., Ph.D. John Volz, Ph.D. John Way, Ph.D. For orientation sake, this is ... “Yes ... I believe there's a question there In the back." David Neiblum cancelled his subscription to "Playboy" when he started at Temple. Our new home. 24 AnatomyTwo bright-eyed freshmen. C0'0"C' piO MOn;o«1o! pion pipne Tro"! t'lt vCfO'-s' r luptfOf Clueless... "No Dr. Schneck, 1 think you’re wrong. This is the brachial plexus!" Anatomv 25Dr. McAllister and his research partner. Dr. Olds-Clarke — internationally renowned for her work with sperm. 26 AnatomyDr. Thomas Marino Dr. Brett Oxberry Do Dr. Pearson’s high heels smell like formalin when she goes on a date? Yet another view ... Anatomists eating lunch. Hopefully, they ordered out! Anatomy 27Dr. Marvin Sodicoff — Was he r r responsible for the "Mast Cell" question? 28 Anatomy... Gives a whole new meaning to having a splitting headache! Anatomy 29We've got to stop meeting like this! Dr. Way at home in his basement workshop. Dr. Phillips attempts to demonstrate the zone of calcification. Drs. Lamperti, Sodicoff and Marino decide who gets to use the reference book first. 30 Anatomy— IN REMEMBRANCE — Dr. Gail Crouse Department of Anatomy Anatomy 31BIOCHEMISTRY Gerhard Plaut, Ph.D., Chairman David Ash, Ph.D. Robert Baldridge, Ph.D. Andrei Budzynski, Ph.D. Jerome Gabriel, Ph.D. Victor Glushko, Ph.D. James Gurr, Ph.D. J. Kenneth Hoober, Ph.D. Edward Kirby, Ph.D. Gerald Litwack, Ph.D. Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Warren Masker, Ph.D. Ronald Pieringer, Ph.D. Robert Pollack, Ph.D. C. Richard Savage, Ph.D. Vcm Schramm, Ph.D. Colleen Smith, Ph.D. Diane Soprano, Ph.D. Andrew Stern, Ph.D. Robert Suhadolnik, Ph.D. Millicent and Curtis calculate their caloric intake. 32 BiochemistryWe'll take a bottle of Glucola to go! Brenda Yeomans settles in for a night of biochemical reactions. Dr. Kirby Dr. Smith Dr. Schramm Biochemistry 33Dr. Smith and Dr. Savage Dr. Suhadolnik Dr. Hoober Susan and Tom taking it all in The facts, Helen 34 BiochemistryJeff Hare comes up for air. Dr. Peiringer Biochemistry 35PHYSIOLOGY Peter Lynch, Ph.D. Chairman John Drees, Ph.D. Steven Driska, Ph.D. Joan Gault, M.D. James Heckman, Ph.D. Lyle Horn, Ph.D. Steven Houser, Ph.D. Francis Kendall, Ph.D. John Martin, Ph.D. Eileen Mulligan, Ph.D. Stefan Niewiarowski, M.D. Charles Philips, M.S.E. James Ryan, Ph.D. Thomas Shaffer, III, Ph.D. Martin Tansy, Ph.D. Ronald Tuma, Ph.D. Michael Wang, Ph.D. Janice Williams, Ph.D. Jacob Zabara, Ph.D. Dr. Gault trying to think of a real stumper for the final. At the end of a tough day. Dr. Wang (a.k.a. Boomcrwang) finds humor browsing through physiology exams. 36 Physiolog.vPhysiology 37Excretion Dr. James Ryan t Cooillone 38 PhysiologyDr. Shaffer confers with clinician, Dr. Allen. Scott Dietrich eagerly anticipates the CPR workshop. Dr. Heckman poses with his amazing technicolor computer. Ralph and Bob improving their VO? max. Physiology 39PATHOLOGY Renato Baserga, M.D. Chairperson Joseph Baum, Ph.D. Bruno Calabrctta, M.D. Edison Catalano, M.D. Sow-Yeh Chen, Ph.D. Carlo Croce, M.D. Nahum Duker, M.D. Pamela Edmonds, M.D. I. Bruce Elfenbcin, M.D. Paul Farbcr, Ph.D. Bruce Goldman, M.D. Eugene Hocnig, M.D. F. Kay Hucbner, Ph.D. Calvin Lcifcr, Ph.D. W. Edward Mercer, Jr., Ph.D. Arthur Miller, D.D.S. Pen-Ming Ming, M.D. Si-Chun Ming, M.D. James Paulson, M.D. Paul Putong, M.D. M. Veena Rao, Ph.D. E. Shyam Reddy, Ph.D. Sally Rosen, M.D. Francesca Ruggiero, M.D. Chik-Kwun Tang, M.D. John Wurzel, M.D. Dr. Sally Rosen Is this the lung or my last vacation? 40 PathologyDr. Edmonds: "Would you like to look with me?" Dr. Putong demonstrates telepathic tissue diagnosis. Dr. Eugene Hocnig PathoIogy 41"These preserved organs aren t nan Dr. Pen-Ming Ming Dr. Si-Chun Ming 42 PathologyDr. Wurzel The Duke Start your morning off with Dr. Tang. What does a nutmeg look like? Pathology 43MICROBIOLOGY IMMUNOLOGY Gerald Shockman, Ph.D. Chairperson Robert Baum, Ph.D. Kenneth Blank, Ph.D. Susan Bock, Ph.D. Helen Buckley, Ph.D. Walter Ceglowski, Ph.D. Yung-Wu Chen, Ph.D. Kenneth Cundy, Ph.D. Lolita Danco-Moore, Ph.D. Toby Eisenstein, Ph.D. Earl Henderson, Ph.D. Michael Higgins, Ph.D. Walter Long, Ph.D. David Mosser, Ph.D. Leonard Pakman, Ph.D. Patrick Piggot, Ph.D. Thomas Rogers, Ph.D. Kenneth Soprano, Ph.D. Allan Truant, Ph.D. Norman Willett, Ph.D. Leonard Zubrzycki, Ph.D. Dr. Gerald Shockman, Chairperson Dr. Leonard Zubrzycki Dr. Kenneth Soprano 44 MicrobioIogy Immunology Dr. Cundy enjoys the sweet Smell of Pseudomonas. "It looks like gram negative, but I'm not positive." Dr. Toby Eisenstein Microbiology Immunology 45Dr. Helen Buckley Dr. Thomas Rogers 46 MicrobioIogy ImmunologyA parasite for sore eyes Dr. Earl Henderson Dr. Michael Higgins Microbiology Immunology 47PHARMACOLOGY J. Bryan Smith, Ph.D., Chairman Martin Adler, Ph.D. Martin Black, M.D. Alan Cowen, Ph.D. James Daniel, Ph.D. Concetta Harakal, Ph.D. Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, Ph.D. James McElligott, Ph.D. John O’Neill, Ph.D. Leon Salganicoff, D.Sc. Mary Selack, Ph.D. Roger Sevy, M.D. Ronald Tallarida, Ph.D. George Van Rossum, Ph.D. Dr. Concetta Harakal Dr. Bryan Smith, Chairman Dr. Roger Sevy 48 PharmacologyThe suave Dr. Tallarida points out the salient features of the digitalis plant. Is it really possible to have such a lively discussion on the kinetics of antiarrhythmic drugs? You be the judge. Pharmacology 49Martin Black ... Physician, Pharmacologist, and all-around nice guy. Whitney and her adopted grandmother. Dr. Salganicoff ANSWER: Debrisoquine (noi Praziquantel!) 50 PharmacologyQuiz 2: Identify the rapid and slow acetylators in this group. Dr. Cowan and friends ponder how to escape the rat race. Dr. O'Neill Dr. McElligott watching his favorite program. Pharmacology 51BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE John Benson, M.D. Course Director Our first of many exposures to the Bio-Psycho-Social model. GENETICS Angelo DiGeorge, M.D. Mildred Kistenmacher, M.D. Mope Punnett, Ph.D. 2 3 Chromosome aerobics PRIMARY CARE John Fryer, M.D. - Freshman Year David Epstein, M.D. - Sophomore Year Dr. Epstein and Dr. Fryer elaborate on the Biopsychosocial model. 52PREVENTIVE MEDICINE James MacBride, M.D. Course Director CLINICAL DECISION MAKING David Gary Smith, M.D. Course Director FELS RESEARCH CENTER Abbas Ar-rushdi. Ph.D. Jon Deriel, Ph.D. David Jensen, Ph.D. James Keen, Ph.D. Sangduk Kim, Ph.D. Gerald Litwack, Ph.D. Prabhakar Lotlikar, Ph.D. Peter Magee, M.D. Woon Ki Paik, M.D. Arthur Schwartz, Ph.D. Michael Sirover, Ph.D. 5354 ClinicaI YearsThe Mixing Process CLINICAL YEARS Clinical Years 55HOW TO LOAD YOUR WHITE COAT Mixed bag of 4 x 4's, test tubes, vacutainer, tourniquet and tape. Other miscellaneous items whose purpose is unclear. Pocket coming loose from a handbook or ophthalmascope which was too big. Eye Chari: Looks nice. Never been used except by student to test his own vision. Can hide junk behind it. Essential Equations: Card obtained from Drug Rep. Never been used. Has learned the name of the one drug on top. Index Cards: Out of date. Antimicrobial Book: Very useful. Would be more helpful if one could find info, in less than twenty minutes. Penlight: Running low. Drug name blazened on side. Ophthalmoscope: Useful in Pediatrics, ENT and Ophthalmology. Otherwise takes up too much space, and is left at home by the third day of Med I. Good in a clinch when your penlight bums out. Tuning Fork: Used once to test vibratory sense. Fun to bang against knee when bored. Reflex Hammer: Actually used. Sometimes elicits reflexes. Impresses some patients, but disappoints others who expect their knees to jerk like they saw in the Flintstones. "Absolute Essentials that Every Medical Student Doing Scut Needs to Know in Fifty Pages or Less." 56 How to Load Your White CoatGENERIC H P cc: HPI: SOB CP. AMS_________Ctfier. Pt. is a — y.o. W B’H who Prosontod 10 TUH c 0 0 beginning_____days PTA-------- Please circle aD those that pertain: PMH: DM CHF PVD PUD RA Other HTN CAD CVA IBD GA TB Ml COPD PID ESRF (CAPO. HO) PSH: T A CABG 7URP TAHBSO Other Meds: _________________ q_ hrs QO BID TID CHD PO IM IV _________________ q_ hrs QO BID TID QID PO IM IV _________________ q_ hrs QO BIO TID QID PO IM IV ________________ q____hrs QD BID TID QID PO IM IV Allergies: NKDA PCN Other________________ SM: + -ETOH W - IVDA ■ • ppd x vrs. FH: _________________ ROS: F C N V D t. CP SOB DOE URI UTI other:_________________ PE: VS: T_P____RR. Gen: WDWNW B H . BP_ ?0Jr NAD Skin: ______ HE ENT: NCAT PERLA EOMI LN JVD ___________ COR: RRR ♦ -m(SEMLLS8 other________) PMI. Lungs: CTA L ____________________________ Back: W- CVAT ---------------------------- Abd: NABS S NT HSM Par (RIO RLQ IUQ LLQ) Rectal: WNL Homo + - Ext: c c e FROM _____________________________________________ Neuro: A A O x 1 2 3 CN (ll-XII)____________ DTR — Admission Labs: AyP: ------ S__8__I__ Necessary Labs: □ CSC □ PT PTT □ U A □ CAS □ Blood □ EK400 □ ESR □ ABG □ Wound □ SMA12 □ ANA □ LP □ Sputum □ BS □ RF □ SPEP □ Other □ Urine Necessary Studies: □ CXR □ CT Head'Abd other, □ KUB □ MRI □ UGI (c s SB F T) □ U S □ BE □ IVP Please sign here: Generic H P 57ANESTHESIOLOGY Christcr Carlsson, M.D. Chairperson Gary Atkinson, D.O. Rodger Barnette, M.D. Neil Brister, M.D. Ansuya Chatwani, M.D. Suzane Cooper, M.D. Deborah Davis, M.D. Frances Kasarda, M.D. Nancy Kenepp, M.D. Kenneth Lee, M.D. David Lowe, M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Scott Schartel, D.O. Christine Schlichting, M.D. Roy Schwartz, M.D. Robert Shupak, M.D. Lynn Weisbord, M.D. Iris Zwciflea, M.D. Dr. Chatwani Dr. Carlsson Dr. Pruckmayr 58 AnesthesioIogyDERMATOLOGY Eric Vonderheid, M.D. Chairperson Luigi Daloisio, D.C. Ronald Davies, Ph.D. David Epstein, M.D. Paul Forbes, Ph.D. Mahendra Logani, Ph.D. Stanley Mann, Ph.D. Frederick Urbach, M.D. Susan Corbett, R.N. and Dr. Urbach Anna and Millicent — back for another visit to the Derm clinic. Dermatology 59DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Francis Shea, M.D. Chairperson Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Marie Capitano, M.D. Dina Caroline, M.D. David Charkes, M.D. Shailendra Desai, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Mary Fisher, M.D. Arnold Friedman, M.D. Margaret Gainey, M.D. Michele Johnson, M.D. Linda Knight, Ph.D. Anna Lev Toaff, M.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Michael Love, M.D. Alan Maurer, M.D. Mohammed Mesgarsadeh, M.D. Paul Radecki, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. Eleanor Smergel, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Richard Vitti, M.D. Ivan Vujic, M.D. Barbara Wolfson, M.D. Marvin Ziskin, M.D. Dr. Shea Dr. Fisher 60 Diagnostic Imaging rDiagnostic Imaging 61EMERGENCY MEDICINE Frederic Kauffman, M.D. Acting Director Mark Boschert, M.D. William Bradbury, M.D. Generosa Grana, M.D. Bruce Hart, M.D. Justin Kaplan, M.D. Dr. Hart tries out some new equipment. Can't remember where he put his stethoscope. Now write, agree with above, and sign it. 62 Einergency MedicineDr. Kauffman Could have gone anywhere I'll take oui the thorn, but first you have to sign this release form, treeing me of any liability tor malpractice.” Medical student field-day Emergency Medicine 63FAMILY PRACTICE James MacBride, M.D. Chairperson Michael Baxter, M.D. Stephen Brock, Ph.D. David Epstein, M.D. Carmen Febo, M.D. Joseph Kipp, M.D. Fred Rogers, M.D. Janis Rubin, M.D. Mariah Vassall, M.D. Daniel Wolk, M.D. FRANK ERNEST TU££E AffF A UOT oF OtfFZPENT THINGS I C°ULP P tfCt BF---- what? youfr Favorite Si OF FpFFcT Gloria: the woman without whom the department would not function. Carla demonstrates real-life family practice. 64 Family PracticeWelcome to Dr. Roger’s neighborhood. Dr. James MaeBride, Department Chairperson Dr. David Epstein Jose practices his approach to the difficult patient. Family Practice 65INTERNAL MEDICINE Cardiology Endocrinology Metabolism Gastroenterology General Internal Medicine Hematology Oncology Thrombosis Infectious Disease Nephrology Pulmonary Rheumatology ERNIE Ronald N. Rubin, M.D., Deputy Chairperson Department of Medicine Sidney M. Cohen, M.D., Chairperson Department of Medicine 66 InternaI MedicineCARDIOLOGY Alfred Bove. M.D., Ph.D. Chairperson Michael McDonough, M.D. Howard Warner, M.D. Mariell Jessup, M.D. Joseph Kleaveland, M.D. loannis Panidis, M.D. Susan Brozena, M.D. Daniel Conirafatto, M.D. Ezra Deutsch, M.D. Christopher Hansen, M.D. Steven Heilbrunn, M.D. Pia Pollack, M.D. David Wiener, M.D. Dr. Brozena and Dr. Jessup Dr. Howard Warner gets "murmurs" from the crowd. Dr. Joseph Kleaveland CardioIogv 67ENDOCRINOLOGY METABOLISM Guenther Boden, M.D. Section Chief E. Victor Adlin, M.D. Bertram Channick, M.D. Richard Kozcra, M.D. Allan Marks, M.D. Charles Shuman, M.D. Dr. Boden Dr. Adlin Dr. Marks 68 EndocrinologyGASTROENTEROLOGY Robert Fisher, M.D. Section Chief Martin Black, M.D. Sidney Cohen, M.D. Marton Dabezies, M.D. Benjamin Krevsky, M.D. Carrie Ogorek, M.D. Dr. Fisher and Rob Handy prepare to scope their next patient. M.O.M. 30cc po prn Dulcolax supp pr prn Fleet’s enema prn Gastroenterology 69GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE David Brody, M.D. Section Chief Marie Bernard, M.D. Susan Dcuisch, M.D. Mary Fishman, M.D. Arthur Hopkins, M.D. Michael Lowe, Ph.D. David Gary Smith, M.D. Ellen Tedaldi, M.D. Dr. Marie Bernard Dr. Susan Deutsch and Dr. David Brody Next... ■ awn I I'd love to stop and talk, but..." "Please, no autographs!" 70 GeneraI Internal MedicineDr. Ellen Tedaldi Eric does his Godfather impression for Judy. 1 Dr. Mary Fishman Dr. Walter Levinsky Fueling up for a busy day. Eugene takes matters into hand. General Internal Medicine 71HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Robert Colman, M.D. Section Chief Rita Axelrod, M.D. William Barry, M.D. H. James Day, M.D. Richard Eisenstaedt, M.D. Alan Gewirt7, M.D. Kenneth Mangan, M.D. Angara Rao, M.D. Ronald Rubin, M.D. Alvin Schmaier, M.D. Sandra Schnall, M.D. Peter Walsh, M.D. 1 never metamyelocyte I didn't like. A u I— E. - i Dr. Barry Dr. Walsh Dr. Schmaier 72 HematologyDr. Eisenstaedt is not the type to get cross. Dr. Axelrod Dr. Rubin Howard searches in vein. Hematology 73INFECTIOUS DISEASE Bennett Lorber, M.D., Section Chief Robert Swenson, M.D. Thomas Fekete, M.D. Byungsc Suh, M.D. Dr. Swenson: "Ccpha what?' Dr. Bennett Lorber August, 1988: The Over-100 Consult Team Just say No! To bugs. 74 Infectious DiseaseNEPHROLOGY Robert Narins, M.D., Section Chief Christine Bastl, M.D. Martin Goldberg,M.D, Michael Hcifcts, M.D. Gollapudi Krishna, M.D. Louis Riley, Jr., M.D. Gerri Schulman, M.D. Dr. Christine Bastl "And all that was left were two smoldering kidneys." Dr. Martin Goldberg Nephrology 75PULMONARY Steven Kelsen, M.D. Section Chief Gerald Criner, M.D. J. William Fewell, M.D. Stanley Fiel, M.D. Judith K. Greenacre, M.D. Ian Hoffman, M.D. Russell Johnson, M.D. Fredrick Kueppers, M.D. Paul Richman, M.D. Dr. J. William Fewell Dr. Steven Kelsen Dr. Fredrick Kueppers Herman Dr. Judith Greenacre 76 PulmonaryDr. Charles Tourtcllotte The Fellows Dr. Steven Bemcy RHEUMATOLOGY Charles Tourtellotte, M.D. Section Chief Steven Bemcy, M.D. Douglas Conaway, M.D. Allen Myers, M.D. Dr. Allen Myers Rheumatology 77Dr. Toglia NEUROLOGY Jeffrey I. Greenstein, M.D. Acting Chairperson Milton Alter, M.D. H. Branch Coslett, M.D. Guillermo A. DeLeon, M.D. A. Willem Monster, Ph.D. Mark L. Moster, M.D. Eleanor M. Saffran, Ph.D. Joseph U. Toglia, M.D. Dr. Alter Dr. Moster Dr. Coslett 78 NeuroIogyDr. Hanjani Dr. Chatwani and Dr. Chatwani OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Parviz Hanjani, M.D. Chairperson Ramaswamy L. Mohan, M.D. telly burton slipknots Lynn, Brad, Carla, Whitney, Beverly Which one had the positive pregnancy test? (John and Brandon on the way) Obstetrics and Gynecology 79PEDIATRICS St. Christopher's Iain F.S. Black, MD. Chairperson Julian Allen, M.D. Brad Alpcrt, M.D Terry Anderson, M.D. J. Hobart Baluarte, M.D. Gity Banan, M.D. Paula Braverman, M.D. David Burton, M.D. Lillian Chin, M.D. Craig Cohen, M.D. Mary Cote, M.D. Marjorie Curtis-Cohen, M.D. Carlton Dampier, M.D. Jean Pierrre Dechadarevian, M.D. Adamadia Deforest, Ph.D. Angelo DiGeorge, M.D. Richard Donner, M.D. Maureen Fee, M.D. Margaret Fisher, M.D. Catherine Foley, M.D. Helena Friss, M.D. Jay Greenspan, M.D. Mark Grossman, Ph.D. Warren Grover, M.D. Gregory Halligan, M.D. Edward Hein, M.D. Mark Joffe, M.D. Bruce Kaiser, M.D. Dr. Black James Kirk, D.O. Joseph Kubacki, M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D. Sarah Long. M.D. Lloyd Marks, M.D. Charles Omdal, M.D. Anna O’Riordan, M.D. Howard Panitch, M.D. Martin Polinsky, M.D. Hope Punnett, Ph.D. Charles Reed, M.D. Iraj Rezvani, M.D. James Riviello, M.D. David Rubenstein, M.D. Joyce Sapin, M.D. Daniel Schidlow, M.D. David Schor, M.D. Seth Schulman, M.D. Yamaja Setty, Ph.D. David Smith, M.D. Marie Stuart, M.D. Kathleen Toomey, M.D. Susan Torrey, M.D. Eileen Tyrala, M.D. Ronald Walenga, Ph.D. Pensri Wanglee, M.D. Robert Zimmer, M.D. Amy Zucker, M.D. Dr. Mamunes, Chairperson Pediatrics, Albert Einstein Medical Center 80 PecIiatricsPorky" Schidlow Telling a "LONG” bedtime story. The DiGeorge of "DiGeorge Syndrome' John has trouble picking on people his own size! Dr. David Smith is never without a story. Pedial k Brian makes rounds during lunchtime. Relaxing in the off hours. 82 Pediatrics Curbside allergy consult.Dr. Wanglec Dr. Cote Dr. Greenberg reviews the day's films. "No. no! I'll take the next admission!" Dr. Chin keeps things under control at the walk-in clinic. Dr. Cohen takes a break. Pediatrics 83The Hematology Crew Dr. Fisher's motto is "Bug Off!" Dr. Allen Sandy’s got the healing touch. An old friend will soon have ... 84 PediatricsDr. Baluartc teaches how to Dr. Banan calculate creatinine clearance. spital for Children entury Construction Post-call Dr. Rezvani Dr. O'Sullivan prepares to check PFT's. ... a new home! Pediatrics 85Dancing in the halls. Dr. Alpert A banana a day keeps the doctor away. Dr. Omdal was a little too rough with Dr. Chin! Dr. Joffe 86 PediatricsPHYSICAL MEDICINE REHABILITATION James Demopoulos, M.D. Chairperson Michael Cheiken, M.D. Gerald Dworkin, M.D. Stephen Gaspar, M.D. Mohammed Jaffari, M.D. Nathaniel Mayer, M.D. Jay working on his Tap your head and Dr. Demopoulos, Chairperson, rehab program. rub your tummy. Just a few Temple Rehab candidates. PM R 87PSYCHIATRY Charles Shagass, M.D. Chairperson M. Louis Ascher, Ph.D. John Benson, M.D. Allan Cristol, M.D. John Fryer, M.D. John Harding, M.D. Louis Harris, Jr., M.D. Gerald Mchalick, D.O. Marie Mignogna, M.D. Barry Shmavonian, Ph.D. Roy Steinhouse, M.D. Roy Stem, M.D. Carol Tosone, M.SAV. Ralph M. Turner, Ph.D. Dr. Shagass Dr. Turner ... has DSM III memorized. Dr. Steinhouse Dr. Mignogna ... expert in geropsychiatry. Carol Tosone Dr. Ascher confirms the day's schedule. 88 Psychiatry Dr. Cristol's superego has no control over the ties he wears! Dr. Harding, captain of the C L team. Tell us the story of Billy Seizure! Dr. Stem relaxes after a tough day on 9 West. How do you spell alcoholism ... WASP-B. THE NEIGHBORHOOD Psych iatry 89Dr. Silverman 90 Radiation Oncology"This patient's entire heart seems upside-down." "All it says is, VSS, Afeb. Hey, check out that nurse." Another day of hoagies and cheese steaks. 91 MiscellaneousWhat do you mean, "I'm not dressed appropriately for rounds? Listen Jay, you'll only lose a few brain cells and it will be great practice for my neurosurgery" residency. And people think center city gets congested during rush hour... Hey, if I buy the beer, you have to listen to me sing. People watching in Kresge. 92 CandidsSURGERY General Surgery Neurosurgery Ophthalmology Orthopedics CT Surgery Otolaryngology Plastics Urology Dr. Ritchie The heliport, an integral pan of the city's busiest trauma center. Surgery 93SURGERY GENERAL SURGERY Wallace Ritchie, Jr., M.D., Chairman Jeffrey Alpern, D.O. Juan A. Asensio, M.D. Francis C. Au, M.D. Patricia M. Bailey, M.D. Rohinton K. Balsara, M.D. Robert F. Buckman, M.D. Nicholas C. Cavarocchi, M.D. Anthony J. Comerota, M.D. Daniel T. Dempsey, M.D. Jeffrey M. Dunn, M.D. Stephen P. Dunn, M.D. Julieta D. Grosh, M.D. Robert D. Harwick, M.D. Willis P. Maier, M.D. James B. McClurken, M.D. Steven B. Standiford, M.d. Joseph M. Van de Water, M.D. Chalres D. Vinocur, M.D. William H. Weintraub, M.D. John V. White, M.D. CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY Jacob Kolff, M.D. Pierantoni Russo, M.D. "The sun should never rise or set on a small bowel obstruction!" -Dr. Wallace P. Ritchie, Jr. 94 SurgeryDr. Steven Standiford Drs. White and Comerota Surgery 9596 Surgery A good job prospect for Dave Miller. NEUROSURGERY William A. Buchheit, M.D., Chairman Jogi V. Pattisapu, M.D. Robert Rosenwasser, M.D. Dr. Buchheit thinks all medical students have had lobotomies. Neurosurgery 97OPHTHALMOLOGY Guy H. Chan, M.D., Chairman James L. Cristol, M.D. Lois J. Martyn, M.D. Nongnart R. Romayananda, M.D. Stephen W. Wong, M.D. Jorge demonstrates his physical diagnosis skills, percussion for shifting dullness, with the assistance of Dr. Cristol. Dr. Guy Chan displays his new Welch-Allan pocket ophthalmoscope. 98 OphthaImoIogyGene treats himself to a free make-over under the watchful eye of Dr. Stephen Wong. Clint Anthony develops a substemal pressure sensation as Kieran Cody practices on him. OphthaImology 99iisn ORTHOPEDICS Michael Clancy, M.D. Chairperson Philip D. Alburger, M.D. Randal R. Betz, M.D. Robert D. Campo, Ph.D. Lawrence S. Crossett, M.D. John W. Lachman, M.D. Paul A. Marchetto, M.D. Ray A. Moyer, M.D. Theodore C.Quedenfeld, M.Ed. Edward J. Resnick, M.D. Dr. Edward Resnick (below) What procedure was named for this famous Temple orthopod? Answer: Lachman maneuver Dr. Clancy 100 Orthopedics"Hey, who says you can't operate after a lobotomy? "This is almost as much fun as shop class in Jr. High." "Okay. Wellington. I'm comfortable with my grip if you are— Have you made a wish?" Orthopedics 101102 OrthopedicsDr. Max Ronis, Chairperson Refer to plastics OTOLARYNGOLOGY Max Ronis, M.D. Chairperson Emil Liebman, M.D. William Martin, Ph.D. Melvin Masloff, M.D. Rose Mohr, M.D. John Tucker, M.D. Dr. Rose Mohr Jake demonstrates his aptitude for ENT. OtoIaryngology 103UROLOGY A. Richard Kendall, Chairman Walter L. Gerber, M.D. Lester Karafin, M.D. Hyman H. Rabinovitch, M.D. Edward J. Seidmon, M.D. Question: What EKG findings are associated with urethral stricture? Answer: Split P waves. Dr. Kendall Dr. Karafin Dr. Seidmon 104 UroIogySTUDENT EVALUATION BY CLINICAL FACULTY Student Name___________________________________Class___________ Elective Location______________Block Fund of Knowledge ________ Excellent, well above level of training _____ Knew what congestive heart failure meant _____ Could only remember appropriate dosages for narcotics. Problem Solving __________ Developed intelligent and appropriate differential diagnoses. _____ Came up with the right answer if you gave him the first three letters of the word. _____ Couldn’t find his way out of a shoe box. Responsibility ___________ Worked well independently _____ Would remember to do his work if reminded three times. _____ Difficulty functioning due to preoccupation with sex. Level of Reading _________ Kept up to date on all the latest journals. _____ Read the first few pages of every chapter in the textbook before falling asleep. _____ Read NMS Review Book three days prior to exam. Interpersonal Skills______ Worked well with house staff; well liked by patients. _____ A real brown-noser — will go far. Recommend career in research. Grade Honors High-Pass Pass Condition Fail Expel Signed Clinical Evaluation 105I 106 Affiliates affiliate: s Affiliates 107108 AbingtonAlbert Einstein Medical Center Dr. Farbcr Drs. Waxman and Mamunes Dr. Ostrum AEMC 109Dr. McCume Dr. Silberstein Dr. Becker Dr. Estlund 110 Germantown Hospitals r. CHRISTOPHER'S % hospital r FOR CHILDREN W Dr. Chin Dr. Fisher St. Christopher’s Hospital 1Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Episcopal Hospital Northeastern Hospital 112 AffiIiatesNot Pictured: Fox Chase Lancaster General Hospital Philadelphia Psychiatric Center Scranton Hospital St. Lukes Hospital Affiliates 113 Rounds begin. This involves waking up patients to ask them how they've slepL Followed by a brief physical exam. Surgical students learn to place stethoscopes directly below xiphoid process, allowing simultaneous auscultation of heart, lungs and abdomen. ® Rounds taking too long. Resident resorts to peering into patient’s room to check for signs of life (like snoring). © Quick cafeteria break to fucl-up ____on coffee and doughnuts. Also time to prepare scut list, and update illegible patient list. Decide whether or not to start a new list, or continue to cross off old patients and scribble in new ones in the margins. Vow to become more organized. ® Waiting for attending physician to begin rounds. Hc shc is no doubt delayed by (1) an interesting office patient, (2) conversation about research, (3) conversation with his or her attorney and or stockbroker. ® Attending rounds begin. This involves walking past patients' rooms, occasionally saying hello. Really interesting cases are cither in x-ray or are being bathed. ® Lunch. Deciding between Moffin’s, Chinese food, or something even less healthy. Five minutes vowing to cat healthier, or at least get your cholesterol checked. ® Wailing in line at the computer terminal to check labs that aren't back yet. Or haven't been drawn. 114 A Day in the Life® Progress Notes. 15 minutes reading yesterday's note -provides 90% of today's note. 15 min. reading the notcs consults of specialists, including their recommendations in your note. This makes it appear that you also have thought of these brilliant decisions, or at least agree with them. © Trying to decipher the handwriting of other specialists who have scrawled on illegible but no doubt crucial note on the chan. After all, they wouldn't want to make the above procedure too easy for you. 15 minutes actually using original thought, and your trusty handbook, to evaluate any new problem. © X-ray rounds. Involves a fruitless search in the file room to locate films. Members of the team must walk in rank order as the search continues. © Sign out rounds. (If you're lucky). Involves filling in the intcm-on-call about which patients arc stable and which are circling the drain. Then a quick dash for the door before your beeper goes off. Unless, of course, you happen to be on call. Then, your day is just beginning. A Day in the Life 115® Mystery meal in the Hospital cafeteria. ® Attempting to gel "just the facts, ma’am" requires po- ® Your first hit. An 83 y.o. white female with a history ofHTN.CMF, DM and CRF presents with total body failure. And she doesn't bathe. 30 minutes in medical records, trying to find the pi's chart from her last admission two weeks ago. As a last resort, you decide to talk to the patient. litely interrupting the patient to tell you more about her chest pain, and less about her grandchildren. Be deliberate, but smile. The only thing worse than a rambling patient, is an uncooperative, rambling patient. © Playing "Name that Drug" with your patient. Frequently heard: — "A white pill? A pink pill? Twice a day?" Don't even bother to ask this one: "Do you know the dosage of your medication?" Scrawling out an H P. Reviewing the diagnostic and treatment options with your resident after all possible hopes of turfing the patient to another service arc gone. ® Answering hundreds of pages to start I.V.’s, restart blown I.V.’s, blowing I.V.’s and do an assortment of ABG' and blood cultures. 116 And Into the Night© Your second hit. An HIV positive IV drug abuser presents will) multiple abscesses, cellulitis and endocarditis. You put on mask, cap, gown. 10 sets of gloves and lead armour as you draw his bloods and cultures. You remember your medical school interview, and how you always wanted to be a doctor. Foolish youth. ® Finally get to the on-call room to catch a few zzzz’s. You manage to fall asleep in about 10 seconds, dreaming of sunny beaches and passionate sex. BEEEEEP!! And into the Night 117118 CandidsWhere do all these people go to have a good time?!? to Kresge "A" of course. Well, we all have our remedies. ... And the holiday spirit lives on ... Candids 119Maggie, Larry, Rick enjoy the sun and cement. You guys look like you could use another drink! Alex Salomon looking pensive. Mike Furman plugs a Professional School Party. Chinese Style Fun! Just a Sunday stroll down Broad Street. Brian Ellis overdressed again. 120 CandidsA favorite locale for reviewing gross anatomy. You mean I still have 399,999 in each ovary! Candids 121What a resemblance! bottomless pit. Joe’s Indian Chief imitation. Lunch on the wall — a Temple institution. Rob, Madhu, Helen The bicep that ate Brooklyn. Steve and Larry live it up in Cancun. 122 Candidssquared. I The party hosts — Bob and Jim Cataract or hard contact lens? Candids 123 Don't quit your day job, Rich! n, us toward the lawyer's convention. Jon and John and a buddy.124 Activities ACTIVITIES Activities 125Student Council Senior Representatives Left to right: Debbie Sandrock, Dave Miller, President; Jay Vanston, Jean Ding 126 ActivitiesHonor Hoard American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Activities 127SNMA Pennsylvania Medical Society TUMMSA Not Pictured: American Medical Women's Association Christian Medical Society Jewish Medical Society Med notes AOA 128 Activities129Primary Care - 11 20 86 Rich Herman How to find the Scribe at a Primary Care lecture 1. He ahe attends the lecture ( Narrows it down to 30) 2. He she is awake ( Narrows it down to 15) 3. He she is taking notes ( Narrows it down to 2} 4. The one who is not on the Turkey' Bingo Card (usually) is the scribe. Try it sometime. SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Quitting Medical School Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health Rheumatology 1987 Kieran Cody I apologize for these Mednotes. Early last week I received a call from Dean Smith. He told me that my acceptance to medical school had been a mistake and said that I was being recalled. I thought that really sucked and told him so. He said he understood just how I felt, that I had a right to be angry , and that the people who made this error ought never to do it again. Z thanked him for understanding. So alas, although I can't go on with my medical education, I will complete this obligation to my class even if X am unqualified. I take solace in the fact that some how, soma way, I my still be able to contribute to improving the quality of health care in America. God bless each and every one of you, and good luck. By the way, my name was Kieran, with one n. (TKi 3vf i 130 Best of Med NotesPrimary Care - 11 6 86 John Difiori Peak attendance of 30 achieved at 1:50 pm (actually 28 but Grife took up 3 seats} Sure to be on the final (K type) If Mark Zebley scribed this lecture 1. You would have only a half-page to read 2. These notes would have a variety of spelling errors and typos 3. These notes would have the grammatical flair of your third grade brother 4. You would have been glad if were true. Pathology (and meat by-products) Thurs. Oct. 9, 1986 Dave Miller ' broadcasting from r • the Berlitz Library Ron Pneumatic Wpwviewlurr Disease First, some phonetic-aidsi Wow' view lurr valvular DT uh REEEAH looseness of bowels Gene lies - 10 29 85 Jim Harris Cri Du John Grife Syndroms -Symptoms 1) Large size 2) Animalistic tendencies when placed on any type of playing field 3) Instinctive knowledge of Histology 4) Given to much hand shaking and slapping -Treatment is thru the use of a wide variety of drugs -Life expectancy: Short for those who are foolish enough to oppose these people. • • • VOUfiKOSSAUP wuuve w . P07ATCtt£A2.., 9U7HEU.WR B£MCft£THAN A V£6£7A8t€. It has been noted that some students at Temple arc experimenting with the theory that one can assimilate more knowledge by keeping ones eyes closed during lecture. If you see one of us please do not disturbe us for this will hamper the assimilation process. A collection will be taken in class next week for the M.S. Fund. All are encouraged to donate so that My Stereo can be paid for and there will be music in my life. Surgery - 5 15 87 ft ch Her t n Benign Diseases of the Breast are a Global problea. I wouldn't try to commit all this 8tuff to mammary. Just try to get a feel for it. I.'ll try to keep you abreast of what went on in lecture. Remember, when it comes to this particular topic, more than a lectureful is wasted. Best of Med Notes 131RUGBY Dr. Kenneth C. Cundy, Faculty Advisor Atlantic Cup Tournament, 1988 Looks like fun, doesn't it? 132 RugbyU)The Holiday Show 1985 HIGHLIGHTS Wonderful World performed by Cheryl Collier, Rich Herman and Anna Hsu A Bcll Chapin Film Jon Bell and Scoit Chapin Ode to My Cadaver Doug Chen, Jeff Dunn, Ashraf Elshami, Babak Etemad and Myron Yencha Krazy Kundy Funguy Temple Vice 1986 HIGHLIGHTS Welcome. Grossbustcrs A Holiday Song Ivan Zucker, Tom Hepner Med School's Greatest Hits Study Night Sesamoid Street Bob Hally, Judy Jozefiak Teirmle Med School A Slide Presentation Brad Rlnrk The Devil Went Up to Gross Lab.. Rob Karr, John Buterbaugh, Marc Uknis, Jamie Lieberman, Rick Noll The Cosby Show Cheryl Collier, Anna Hsu. Rob Handy, Kieran Cody Distant Warning Rick Noll, Ross Zimmer 134 Holiday ShowRock 'n Roll Rick and "The Axe". These students demonstrating another use for their opthalmoscopes. Scott hangs it up while Jackie. Jay, and Kathy discuss the finer points of procrastinating. Holiday Show 135 Bob Hally and Jon Grife show Scott they’re behind him all the way. Don't know much about Anatomy. Don't know much Histology. I’m not making an apology. But don't know any Embryology ... But I do know I'm done my test And I know that if I got some rest What a wonderful world this would be. Don't know much about the Head and Neck. I should've listened to Dr. Schncck. Don't know how a cranial nerve affects us. I'm still studying the brachial plexus ... But 1 do know I passed. I think. And I know that if I had a drink What a wonderful world this would be. Now, it's not easy to be a med student But I'm trying to cope For maybe by being a med student, baby. I'll leam to use my ophthalmoscope. Don’t know much about the perineum I only know the parts when I see 'em Don't know much about the mediastinum Thoracic duct is there, but I can't find 'im ... Take away my microscope box 'Cause I'm heading on down to Doc's ... What a wonderful... Why arc practical at seven-thirty, They're worse than lectures by Dr. Lamperti And to Gross Lab I say "See ya later," No more smell in' up the elevator... But 1 do know I passed. I think. And I know that if I had a drink What a wonderful world this would be. Now. it’s not easy to be a med student But 1 have to laugh ’Cause if 1 wasn't a med student, baby, I might've been an osteopath But I do know I'm done my test And I know that if I got some rest What a wonderful world this would be. 136 Holiday Show Tom and Ross rock Kresge A. Jim Lowe playing doctor with Dorothy Dixon as Dave Miller narrates. Holiday Show 137PHIL A 138 PhiladelphiaDELPHI A Pliiladelphia l 39 WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD WAS DOING In September. Gretchen Carlson was selected Miss America 1989. Olympic swimmer Janet Evans won three gold medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. South Korea. The 17 year old senior high school student from Placentia, Calif, set a world record in the 400 meter freestyle. Olympic runner Florence Griffith Joyner. the glamour girl of track, dazzled the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea with lightening speeds, flashy track outfits and long, painted fingernails. She won three gold medals and one silver medal. After a careful search for jurors for the Oliver North trial who were totally oblivious to the national news, the only remaining candidates were Ronald Reagan and the TUMS Class of 1989. The Duke and Duchess of York, the former Sarah Ferguson and her husband. Prince Andrew, named their daughter Beatrice Elizabeth Mary. The princess was bom August 8,1988. Prince Andrew is the second son of Queen Elizabeth II. Rock stars Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa ham it up on stage before 150,000 fans during a concert at Wcisscnsec arena in East Berlin. Bruce and Patti became an item during the summer of 1988. 140 NewsWho is this man and why is everyone making such a fuss over him? His name, of course is Pee-wee Herman. He takes a short break from all the hoopla after receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was the 1,874th star on the internationally famous sidewalk. Tom Hanks and Keith Richards team together host a Saturday Night live presentation. Hanks was best known for his increased popularity starring in several feature films during the year. The answer is... Game show host Alex Trebek has dozens of answers every week as host of "Jeopardy." He has been with the popular show for four years and. at some point, he would like to get into production. Lloyd Bentsen and Michael Dukakis led the Democratic party in its unsuccessful bid to reacquire the presidency. George Bush and his running mate Dan Quaylc accept the nomination of the Republican Party at the August convention. The two went on to win the general election in November and extend republican control of the office for another four years. The Irish rock group U2 wallows in the applause during the Grammy Awards ceremony in March at new York City's Radio City Music Hall. The group was honored with album of the year for "The Joshua Tree." The album sold 12 million copies. One-two puncher Mike Tyson, the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, and his wife, actress Robin Givens, arrive at the 40th annual television Emmy awards presentation. He may be irreverent but he sure is popular. Late night television host David Lettcrman has a smile and an unpleasant thing or two to say. His late night show has a fast growing audience. News 141Patients Say the Darndest Things What they say — Sick-as-hcll anemia Old timer's disease Very close veins Fireballs in my eucharist Flea bites Cadillacs Hounddog What it means — Sickle Cell Anemia Alzheimer's Disease Varicose Veins Fibroids in my uterus Phlebitis Cataracts Haldol "1 came to the ER for my heart on Saturday. I had a cataract arrest!" "1 had my tubes tied at utility clinic.” "I have a vial of coke in my vagina" "Can you help me? I have some problems in my gentile area." 62 y.o. female, "I have a condom stuck in my vagina." "I took some aspirin for my shoulder pain. It didn't help, so I injected some cocaine ... which helped." "I have congenital heart failure." "I’m sore down there; we used a sock." "I'm three years overdue, and I want you to deliver my baby." "I was at Penn's Landing two days ago and have been seasick ever since." Diabetic, "I shoot instant." "I have a withdrawal from my penis for two days." "I'm afraid I'm a closet diabetic." Dr. — "Are you sexually active?" Patient — "No, I just lay there." 142 Patients say"It was fractured, but I just kept it levitated." "I was kinda dancin’ with my daughter in the kitchen. She told me to fall backwards. I fell backwards. She forgot to catch me." "The doctor said my mother died of a mighty internal fan." Patient with gunshot wound of right buttock was asked to undress to check for an exit wound. "Don't worry, it came out. I’ve got it right here in my back pocket. That’s how come I knew it was a 22." Patient with CHF on 4L oxygen via NC: "Don't you have any of them oxygen pills?" Dr. — "Sir, you have a positive test (RPR)." Pt. — "Does that mean I have chicken pox?" Over the Phone ... "Is it OK for a 14 month old child to use adult toothpaste?" "My leg got grazed by a bullet. It's bleeding and all black and blue. The bullet is caught in my stocking. Do I need a tetanus shot?" "Grandmother's not sleeping and she's being loud. Her medicine's not working. N.W. is full; can they bring her here?" "I masturbate every' day. What can happen?" "My leg has been numb for three weeks and I can’t move my toes. Is something wrong?" Patients sav 143HALLOWEEN PARTY 87 Julio dressed as "The Drunken The Polyester King Thing with Red Hair". Thank God it's out of focus. 144 Parties A ViT TIME! After being incessantly pimped on rounds and forced to take call so often that we needed I.V. caffeine, what better way to relax than having a few beers and refusing to talk medicine for a few hours. See if you can guess what I am now!" Discussing the fine art of keg tapping. Too tired (or too dmnk?) to stand. National Boards Party at 3455 Cresson St. Parties 145CHOOSING A SPECIALTY At your medical school interview, you may have used a line like "I want to help people," or 'Tve always wanted to be a doctor," but never gave a thought as to what kind of doctor to be. Different fields attract different types of people. Where do you fit in? The following survey is designed to help you find the specialty you’re most likely to enjoy (or least likely to hate, however you manage to make the decision). Internal Medicine Do you enjoy knowing trivial facts about rare diseases? Especially when others can't remember them? Do you like ordering lab tests? Like baseline sed rate and urine electrophoresis? Surgery Do you feel the skin should never stand between you and a diagnosis? Do you like to wear pajamas all day? Are you arrogant? Pediatrics Do you enjoy screaming children? Do you enjoy hysterical parents? Radiology Do you want to be home by 4 o'clock every day? Do you enjoy sitting in a dark room looking at pictures? (excluding pornography) Do you not mind being radioactive? 146 Choosing A SpecialtyPsychiatry Do you feel that sex motivates all behavior? All other people's behavior too? Can you sit for an hour at a time, showing empathy, and say things like "Um-hum," and "Tell me more about that." Can you grow a beard (hopefully applies only to males). Family Practice Do you enjoy patients who aren’t really sick? Can you discuss at length the various treatment options for a viral URI? OB GYN Do you enjoy being awake at 3 AM? Can you examine female genitalia all day and continue to have a normal sex life? Do you have long fingers? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you have found your specialty. If not, you're probably wondering what or w'ho attracted you to medicine in the first place. And how to get even. But don’t worry, there's still a number of other fields to choose from such as: Anesthesiology, Dermatology and Pathology. Perfect if you want a career that is either boring, disgusting or both. Still no luck? Well then, try to look at medical school as an enriching and challenging life experience. You can always be the first person in your uncle's construction business with an M.D. You never know when you might need it! Choosing A Specialty 147WITH THANKS FOR FRIENDSHIP AND G TO TEMPLE MEDIC Hugo D. Smith began his medical training at Yale. New Haven in 1943. He spent twenty years at the University of Cincinnati beginning as a junior resident and leaving as Professor of Pediatrics. He came to Temple in 1970 in his current capacity as Associate Dean for Curriculum and Professor of Pediatrics. He has spent his years at Temple tirelessly working with the faculty and students to promote quality education. He was awarded a Golden Apple twice. First in 1970 at Cincinnati and then at Temple in 1977. He was the dedicatee for the Skull in 1981. Thanks! 148 Dr. SmithDECADES OF UIDANCE______ AL STUDENTS... Joseph H. Baum arrived to begin his job as Associate Professor of Pathology in 1968. He retires as the Assistant Dean for Admissions for Temple University School of Medicine. His work on admissions and promotions committees as well as his active promotion of medical student education won him a Golden Apple in 1987. He was awarded the Christian and Mary Lindbach Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1981. A little known fact: Dr. Baum retired from the Illinois National Guard with the rank of Britiadier General. "Yes, sir!" Dr. Baum 149150 SeniorsThe Finished Product THE CLASS OF 1989 Seniors 151and Priya. "The Boat People" Mom, Dad, Fellow Boardheads, It's Tubular Dudes! No! I won't go to Med School! Scranton Connection Mike, Ready for another day on the wards? Budapest or Bust, Curtis where arc we? 152 Madhu Alagiri Cherolyn AIlcn 153Cfot (1 Mb. 154 CIint W. AnthonyWilliam F. Arndt III 155Thanks for all the encouragement and support. May we celebrate together. 156 Howard Axe What a curie pie? She could have gone anywhere but she came to TEMPLE. Dreams Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Langston Hughes I wish to dedicate this poem to Uncle John who will not be able to see our mutual dream come true but whose memory will always be close to my heart. Special thanks to my parents, family, special friends, and God for their support and understanding to enable me to fulfill the first step of my dream. Charletta A. Ayers 157 ? }. jSzot i, fO-V. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." James Elliot 158 Andrew M. BaurQ: "So when did you decide you wanted to be a doctor?" A: "On my birthday, age five, seen here that day, in scrubs for the first time." Dedicated with love to Mom Dad, seen here with the family, my very great good fortune, the foundation of my life. Top Row (L to R): Grandad Mark (99 y.o.), Dad, me, brother Jack Bottom Row (L to R): Uncle Aitken Aunt Jean, sister-in-law Cathy with nephew Mark, brother Mike, and Mom. Robert E. Bickerton 159We now leave behind one part of our life to move on to another. Medical students learn the same tricks that dogs have always known. Temple Med through my looking-glass. Too much fun sometimes follows too much work. Finally, a time to celebrate. One for all, and all for the M.D. Medical School: An institution for learning the art of medicine; derived from "Medicus Screwus" -- Latin for "Life in the Dog House." The Seductress. 160 Bradlcy M. BlockTo Mom, Dad, Marc — Thanks for being there. I love you. $0 4 A d Knowing others is wisdom; Knowing the self is enlightenment. Mastering others requires force; Mastering the self needs strength. He who knows he has enough is rich. Perseverance is a sign of will power. He who stays where he is endures. To die but not to perish is to be eternally present. — Lao Tsu Opening petals — Frail beauty daring boldness — F.mbrace a new day. To Julie — I Love You. In your eyes I see forever becoming. In a moment’s time together. We go places, near and distant — Places that no one knows about — Places that belong only to us. — D. Block Daniel B. Block 161(Cmu To my parents, Bodjedi a Mbela and Mahuwa ma Akeragale, I say, "Akeva egala emena." To Makanga ma Mokuku, Behaii b'Injenji, and Bosenje a MbwaElomba I say, "Akeva egala reya e kombetye inyweni. Na va lenjiye mboka e jawetye ngwe na kodo nyago." 162 Enenge A' BodjediThanks for the inspiration Denise. This is it Folks — please give a round of applause to my cheering section. I will always remember those special nights at Kresge. Michel D. Brathwaite 163%jL- H- m- 10 10 84 — The good ol' days Christmas in Germany 1987. Going for a stroll. 164 Kilian H. BrechTo Mom, Dad, Wendy and all of my family; Thanks for all of your love and support. I couldn't have done it without you. Edward J. Brennan 165166 Janet F. BurkholderThank you for your many years of support. w CK . CsOsyv odhjj' • 0 • Franchise and Troublemaker on Elk Mountain. Jose A. Camacho 167"Nothing in nature is exhausted in its first use. When a thing has served an end to the uttermost, it is wholly new for an ulterior service. In God, every end is converted into a new means. Thus the use of commodity, regarded by itself, is mean and squalid. But it is to the mind an education in the doctrine of Nse, namely, that a thing is good only so far as it serves; that a conspiring of parts and efforts to the production of an end is essential to any being." from Ralph Waldo Emerson's Selected Essay's My thanks to those who have encouraged me with both words and actions; namely, my family, teachers, friends, the members of the RAR office and of course. Dr. Reichek. Thanks for your support and prayers; as I seek to find the area where I can best serve. 168 Sandra D. CameronIt is a rare and special thing to find a friend who will remain a friend forever. Family and friends — God has blest me with the best! Thanks for everything. Angelo C. Cammarata 169Success d duijJ.(3 A4X5.. ( To laugh often andmuch; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to findthe best mothers; to heave the worlda bit better, whether by a beafthy child, a ga rden pa tch or a redeemed sociaf condition; to know everv one fife has breathed easier because you have lived, cTfus is to have succeeded. — rWafcC? Emerson Mom ... Then ... And Now 170 HeIen M. CarterSay Cheese! Hanging Out in California To My Family ... ... Thanks for Everything! (p umj,, mXi. Curtis A. Chong 171172 Kieran CodyOur children, Carmine and Simon TAKE up a spadeful of loam, who can guess what it holds? But a gardener knows that it is full of peaches, full of oranges, and he drops in a few seeds, lets it lie in sun and rain, and by and by it has lifted into the air its full weight in golden fruit. Emerson "Mama's home!" My family, my joy. Thanks Rocco, you're 'the wind beneath my wings.' L Storyr time. Where's the pasta, Mom? Blacky, our good luck. Ona Colasante 173He liked to have it slender as a whipstock. Free from the least knot, equal to the strain Of bending like a sword across the knee. He showed me that the lines of a good helve Were native to the grain before the knife Expressed them, and its curves were no false curves Put on it from without. And there its strength lay For the hard work. Robert Frost The Ax-helve 174 Sean ColdrenCheryl A.Collier 175To My Family — Without whose love and support this would not have been possible. Me at age 3 %r Rama ... 12 years old and still going strong 176 Tracy M. CollinsS z C 2- 7$). Thanks, Laurie, for listening, for caring, for being a friend. To my wonderful family: T couldn't have done it without you ... ALL OF YOU!!! WOW, What a catch! Who said a medical marriage can't work? I LOVE YOU!!! Susan C. DiPerna Comerci 1777 . C tAtfAJL You were there from the beginning You taught me to dream With your love encouragement and support My dream is now a reality Dad and Mom 178 MarIene M. CorriereThanks to my lovely wife for your patience and support. J. C Ui tyl • My mother Iola, and my nephews Jimmie and Vernon Rev. Eugene S. Craig Sr. This page is dedicated to my parents for their illustrative skills of transcending adversity. They are doctors in their own rights. Eugene S. Craig, Jr. 179180 Mark T. CurtisMy Strength: They told me Heracletus, they told me you were dead, They brought me bitter news to hear, and bitter tears to shed, I wept, for I remembered how often you And I had tired the sun which followed us, And chased it around the sky. And now, though you have departed, my dear Old Kwame Nkrumah, a handful of gray ashes Long, long ago to rest, still alive by voices Like nightingales quick. The death, it taketh all away, but never. Never can take life away. F. Wills Special Friends "The Core" Roger L. Danclar 181182 Mary P. DavisIf— If you can keep your head when all about You arc losing theirs and blaming it On you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt You. but make allowance for their Doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. Or. being lied about, don't deal in lies. Or. being hated, don't give way to haling. And yet don't look too good, nor talk loo Wise; If you can drcam--and not make dreams your master; If you can think-and not make thoughts your Aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. Or watch the things you gave your life to broken, and Stoop and build'em up with womout tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings and risk it on one turn of pilch-and-toss. And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your Loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to Sene your turn long after they arc gone. And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on"; If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch; If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; If all men count with you. but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' w'orth of distance run- Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And--which is more--you'H be a man my son! —Rudyard Kipling Mom and Dad — Words will never repay your efforts, love and support. I love you very much. We finally did it!!! Bhaskar Deb 183Mom Dad, You're the greatest! This M.D. is for you. Vincent Maria: The most important two accomplishments while in medical school. Lynn, The most important thing that I have learned in medical school is the strength of true love. You have stood beside me in the good times and held me up through the bad. I love you more each day. 184 Francis L. DeFaboBethany L. Denlinger 185US. £)uxi L Now take a deep breath and push! Med School.. .udder delight... but seriously, my advice to you — always keep a firm grip on the situation! To my family — Thanks for everything. 186 RaIph W. DicksonAdvice for success Dress sharply! Jlo+Xt }. Keep a firm grip on potentially troublesome situations! And enjoy your free time with your favorite activities. Even if it is cow tipping! Scott A. Dietrich 187188 John P. DiFioriFar away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their Beauty, believe in them, and Follow where they lead. To My Family: God will keep us together, always — in this life — and wherever our souls go from here. I love all of you. Thanks, Cody Eileen DiFrancesco 189190 Jean DingTHIS IS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU Time... ... slipping ... ... Wasted ... If I could stop the t-i-c-k-i-n-g of the clock and turn its monstrous hands backward I'd show you how much I care for you How much you mean to me How much I really love you. HEY DAD ... Remember... The time you taught me to ride a bike. You held the scat with your strong arms while I wobbily steered the handlebars. You kept letting go, and I kept falling over. Finally, one day you let go and 1 rode off down the street. I was so excited. Did I ever tell you how much I care for you? HEY MOM. ..Remember... The time I decided I wanted to help you clean. That was the day you went out and bought a little plastic sweeper at Sears. It made me feel so important. Did I ever tell you how much you mean to me? HEY LITTLE GIRL ... Sweet and innocent How could we be rivals and siblings at the same time. You’re the Fire burning now, you can be the dreams I never was. If I could just pass on to you one lesson without its pain My cup would runneth over. Did I ever tell you how much I love you? MY FRIENDS ... All my waking hours spent with you, around you. Were we nothing more than strangers Thrown together in confusion? Did I tell you how I cherish the times when we talked together? shared together? laughed together? cried together? Did I tell you how' much I love you?? I’d tell you ... If I could just go back ... If I could just have a little more time ... K Time... ... grains of sand ... ... slipping ... ... one ... ... by ... ... one ... through the hourglass; Time... once endless, now it’s gone. If it could only have lasted a few more hours... days... years... I’d tell you just how much I really love you! JMD 8 8 79 Mom Dad, Pan of this diploma will always be yours. Thank you for believing in me. JMD 5 19 89 Julia M. Dippl 191To My Mom, Who has always been supportive of me and to whom I owe my achievements thus far in life .. . Love Always, Lisa "Congratulations!!!" to the Class of 1989 It’s been a long road!!! To my dearest Lisa, First of all I’d like to say that 1 love you with all my heart. We finally made it through mod school. I know it was hard for both of us. Congratulations on being a successful physician. You can always rely on me to be your number one supporter. Besides I’m your husband now. Love, your husband, Michael 192 Lisa M. Dix-EnipcradorDorothy A. Dixon 193194 Eric A. DohnerTo my parents, James and Vera and my sister and brother-in-law, Shirley and Robert. Thank You! B cyrvruJi D uyn M.D. To Friendship. Who.t ij l OtiMjUlta l zaUxi t u jaicL a-f'fh. umhM, ttu tmcbJtrn caiM-«_ RxCJyx'vL boch Bonnie Dungan 195£ V "Thanks 10 my family, sine qva non. ILmgrr no! an Ihr say, strap not from pour aim 1 lumps sliior, almaps moor, alV3{vs adsiarr. 196 Jeffrey E. Dunn LISon, we're very proud of you. We realize more and more each day that parents can only give guidelines for their children, and then the children are the ones who do the growing. We're proud of how you've taken what we've taught you and made it into the uniqueness that is you. We feel very lucky to have a son like you. M.E. Miro To Mom, Dad, and Mike, Thanks for all your love support. Yost, Ellis Mr. and Mrs. William Yost. 209 Pine Dr., recently announced the engagement of their daughter. Lisa Yost of Philadelphia, to Brian Ellis, also of Philadelphia. He is the son of Mr and Mrs. David Ellis, 211 Orchard Lane. The bride-to-be graduated from Butler Area High School in 1983 and from the University of Pennsylvania in 1987. She is a research assistant employed by the University of Pennsylvania and is scheduled to begin medical school in September. A 1982 BHS alumnus, her fiance completed studies at Pennsylvania State University in 1985. He is a third year medical student at Temple University. Brian D. ElIis 197To Mom and Dad, thanks for everything! To Majid and Hala: Our time together has been precious, we have grown together. Mellowing out. 198 Ashraf A. ElshamiHave times really changed? Twenty four years have gone by and the toys are still the same, the outfits only a bit more conservative, and it's hard to say if the hairstyles are different. So maybe the times haven't changed much. I guess I haven’t either! Dad — your example is unparalleled. Thanks for the insight and guidance. I love you. Mom — will the world ever see a more perfect blend of love and discipline? Thank you for being so strong. Kambeze and Kathy — What a year for us all, right? Be happy, keep the faith, and here’s hoping that we all glory in each other's successes together, never alone. Fire and rain. There is no better way to describe these sometimes frost-bitten, other times enrapturing days. How many times was that poor car broken into? And how many times were those handouts read and reread? But how poignantly India and Eastern Europe, Amnesty and Bahai affairs colored bright the North Philadelphia sky. And if it wasn't studying at Bryn Mawr College or teaching class on Sunday morning, it was Barb (thanks, my old friend) on the lifeline shattering isolation and moving the evening by smoothly, comfortably. And letters from Germany and Russia and New Zealand made big deals small and friends not seem that far away. Thanks Airdale and Manheim - you each had your moments. Thanks Mom and Dad for believing in me against the odds. Thanks Dave - good friends never come easy. And thank you God. Fire and rain all trickles down to a song when viewed through Your eyes. Babak Etemad 199200 Stephany D. FarrMarilyn Wehlaufer-Franzi, M.D., FACOG Marilyn thank you so much for everything. If I can become 1 10 the physician you are, I will truly be excellent. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philip 4:13 If it is God's will for your life, the greatest of obstacles can be surmounted. Sabumnim, Kum Sa Ham Nz Dah! Tae Kwon Do Left, teaching Sr. citizens self-defense. Right, one of many breaking techniques. Joseph J. Franzi 201Scott: Preparing for a date. Good luck to: Franzi, Garbo, "The Mood Ornament", lobster. Miller, Scotty D, Larry' and the rest of the Class of 1989. It’s been a pleasure to know all of you ... well most of you ... well... 202 Frank K. FriedenbergWhy, then the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open. Shakespeare Anita M. Gage 203 TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING! To my mother and father, my whole family and friends — Thanks for all your support! To my husband Erik, thank you for making these To our precious baby Katherine, you are hard years into happy ones — I love you! my pride and joy of medical school. 204 Susan R. GaireScott J. Garbcr 205Yani’s Smile" ’Promises to Keep’ Long ago in a far away land" 206 Allen R. GarrettBrian A. Geraci 207208 Roger GiordanoJoel S. Gish 209To Ruth, for all the great times we’ve shared together and all those yet to come. Thanks for being a special part of my life. Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be open to you. For anyone who asks does receive, who seeks does find, and who knocks does enter. I haven’t changed all that much since my first birthday, have I? 210 Edward J. Goebel- -=fe: The Olympics? Maybe next time ... The TUMS Hurdle Marguerita E. Gonzales 211The Gordon Clan 212 MichaeI S. GordonJonathan E. Grife 213Mamau Gull Pr Q mm 7 FIVE F'S OF MED SCHOOL SURVIVAL 214 Nancy Griff Massoud Hadjiagha 215j kd. Brothers Matt and Sean with sister Lori. I'd first like to thank the two people who made all of this possible — my mother and father; without them, 1 wouldn't be where I'm at today I love you both very much! Next I'd like to thank everyone who has made all this so much fun — the boys and girls from Brownie's; the guys from DAV; and Jim, Myron, and the rest of the class of '89! Mummery - My alter ego. "Where’s Mom?" — Easter Day Parade Scranton in Fort Lauderdale, 1985 Probably at the jukebox. 1986 216 Robert J. HallyTrust in the lord with all thine heart And lean not on thine own understanding In all thy ways, acknowledge Him And I Ie will direct thy paths. Prov. 3:5-6 To Mom and Dad: I love you! Thank you for everything! "Tab. uo Robert W. Handy 217fyfvy.'ot Thanks to Mom, Dad, Mike and my grandparents for giving me the encouragement to succeed. God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 218 Jeffrey L. Hare What a Crew Breakfast of Champions Mr. Hyde At the Preakness Father and Son Tag Team Thanks: Dad, Bob, Erin. Ritchey, Tuco, Myron, Mikey and the rest of my family and friends for your support. James V. Harris 219220 Michael L. HarrisTo Ginger and Oliver: Thanks for making me smile and laugh. Thanks to my family and friends who have shared my good and bad times with understanding and encouragement. cfisaf’etfi tj ass(acficr, Elisabeth A. Hasslacher 221Andrew Th( mas 5-4-88 My greatest accomp ishment at Temple! 222 Thomas A. Hepner, Jr.THANK YOU FOR FULFILLING A DREAM YYWC § «n.o. Mark J. Hepp 223Thanks to my wife and best Buddy, Hollic, (pun intended) whose love and support helped me get through medical school. Brace yourself for residency. Thanks to my family, especially my parents, for believing in me, and supporting me. (with love and tuition) Thanks to my friends, for putting up with my jokes. I was driven to become a doctor. Thanks to my orange Toyota Corolla, for driving me. Ba-dump-bump. To the Class of 1989— Some 1 befriended; Some 1 offended; Now that it’s ended. Can you believe we attended? I wish everyone the best of luck. P.S. Please feel free to refer your patients to me. 224 RicharcI M. Herman Daniel S. Hirsch 225God grant me the courage to change the things I can change, the serenity to accept those I can not change, and the wisdom to know the difference, but God grant me the courage not to give up on what I think is right, even though I think it is hopeless. Chester Nimitz Unborn tomorrow and dead yesterday. Why fret about them if today be sweet? Omar Khayyam 226 Margaret L. Hoffman-TerryTo Dad. Mom, and especially Lena: Thanks for all the time, support, and sacrifices that made my job a little easier. At K.S.C., where it all began. After calculating my HEAL loan repayment. To my brothers and all my friends, especially those pictured above. Thanks for your support. John E. Hopkins 227 To my mother who taught me courage, independence and love, and showed me that all is possible. It was you who lit the path that brough me here. You live in my heart and through my work forever. To Jean-Luc, Though many eyes. Lost in dream And endless search Could never know Why I, alone, Wandered here, A chosen path Long diverged The answer now Ever clear. To be at last Loved by you. Many thanks to all my family and friends who supported me, especially my husband, Jean-Luc Zenon, Isidore and Odette Zenon and my brothers, Randy and Hans. 228 Hedy A. Howard FAMILY Then and now: times and people that are important to me. FRIENDS CHILDHOOD Anna Y. Hsu 229Mom, Dad, Ron, and Wendy My family, who helped me to fulfill my dream. Thank you, 1 love you all! My Grandmothers; who often filled my stomach and will always fill my heart! Elice, Thanks for listening, Thanks for understanding. Thanks for caring. Just thanks for being you! You're the greatest! My life-long buddies, when the going gets rough, the tough vacate. To the good times had with school friends. 230 Riehard L. HymanJoseph S. Iobst 231To my parents: Thank you for your support. You are the best. I love you. Dr. Baum: You arc the greatest advisor. Thank you for believing in me. To all the RAR staff, you were my strength. Lucretia, you must be the most patient human being on this planet. When 1 think about all the time I came to your office to complain about something or another, you were always there, listening to me, and at the end you always had a word for me that would make me regain my confidence and my strength. 232 Marie Goty JeanLet it be known of the fears, wonder and disbelief upon the realization of dreams. This dream, which began many years ago and miles away was a dream that only I dared to dream in my innocence and confusion. Though many scoffed, while others laughed, undaunted, or so I thought, I stood______! Now however, it is with unabounding joy and a reassured soul that 1 proudly proclaim that this achievement is not my own, but is of those who guided by path and molded by soul. Those loving individuals, who in their generosity gave of themselves most when I in my arrogance had the least. That special someone who believed in me when I could not believe in myself, and showed me the meaning of unconditional love. To all of you goes the credit for not only this moment but all that may subsequently result. But as for now, let the celebration begin. Let all those assembled past and present take their throne, and may the enjoyment of this moment be surpassed, only by the magnitude of our thanksgiving. Finally, now that the victory is begun, let us all remember the struggle, lest we forget the objective of our mission. To God I give the glory' To man I offer my service; and To the world...... "Beware for I am ready to dream again." OHJ Oliver H. Jenkins 233Four years have passed quickly. It is hard to believe that in a few short months we will be conferred our M.D. degree. To my family, you have seen the ups and downs of these years and have always supported and encouraged me. I thank you all: Maryrose, Steve. Kathie, Stevie and John, George, Noreen, Norcen Mary, Mark, Brendan, and Daniel, Lcenv, Leo, Sean, and Matthew, Matt, Ann, Paul, Andrea, Grandpop and, most of all. Mom and Dad. I know you share my joy on my graduation day. To my friends, you have known the same hard work and long hours of study. We have shared our new experiences, our triumphs, and our defeats. Billy, Jack, Henri, Don, Brad, Scott, Judy, Oliver, Gote, Margaurita, Tom, Joe, Jorge, Steve, and classmates ... we have Finally reached our goal: doctors! Good Luck. Finally, to my teachers, you have shared your knowledge and time and inspired me to learn. Thank you. We are all molded and remolded by those who have loved us and though that love may pass We remain none the less, their work ... No love, no friendship can ever cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark upon it forever. —Mauriac Dennis Thanks, Mom and Dad Love, Dennis 234 Dennis E. JohnsonWe never know how high we are Till we are called to rise; And then, if we are true to plan. Our statures touch the skies. The heroism we recite Would be a daily thing. Did not ourselves the cubits warp For fear to be a king. —Emily Dickinson You may ask yourself, "What is that beautiful house?" You may ask yourself, "Where does that highway lead to? You may ask yourself, "Am I right, am I wrong?" You may say to yourself, "My God, what have I done?" —David Byrne KUtt K COTtS DM 91 Judith A. Jozefiak 235236 Robert A. Karr After a time of decay comes the turning point. There is movement, but it is not brought about by force ... The movement is natural, arising spontaneously. —I Clung ici't Neal Kass 237238 Lynn KerrIf you know who you are and what you want and why you want it and if you have confidence in yourself and a strong will to obtain your desires and a very positive attitude you can make your life yours if you ask —Susan Palis Schutz Thanks for keeping me sane! Future Cheers! Pediatrician Betsy Kerr 239 We see so many ugly things ... We know alas! We know How quickly fade ... The hlpom upon the breast And youth's blind hour. Yet keep within your heart A place apart Where little dreams may go ... Hold fast Hold fast your dreams. —Louise Driscoll To my Family, Thank you for always being there. Kenneth Khaw, M.D. NY Medical College, 1988 240 Millicent KhawMy parents, My first and greatest teachers. Warmest wishes for happiness and continued success to my friends in the Class of '89! Kimberly A. Kolonich 241242 StanIey H. Kotala"Reason is an excellent thing ... but reason is nothing but reason and satisfies only the rational side of man’s nature, while will is a manifestation of the whole life ... of the whole of human life including reason and all the impulses... Reason only knows what it has succeeded in learning ... and human nature acts as a whole, with everything that is in it, consciously or unconsciously.’’ Dostoevsky Lauren Jill Kranner 243SgdY 4- feastKK, M.p. Arthur Krosnick, M.D. Temple '50 Thank you for the inspiration, encouragement, support and love. Because of you, I look forward to my future with pride and joyous anticipation. 244 Jody A. KrosnickThe Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long 1 stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent into the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair. And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same. And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black, Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. My many thanks go to my parents, brother, and friends. It has been a long and hard haul... thanks for all your help, love and support. Mittens-True and loyal friend Steven E. Labkoff 245246 John C. Leighton, Jr.The greatest of thanks to those who made it possible: Bubba and Zaida Mom, Dad, Mike and Shari Larrv Levin 247Mom, Dad, Louis and Tammi — Thanks for all your love, support, and understanding. I could never have done it without all of you! 248 Caren L. LipskyThose were the days Mom Dad, Helped me through the ups and downs (i.c., herniated disc) of medical school. —Thanks The Idaho Cheering Section The Idaho Spud You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. —Desiderata, 1692 Sandra Loeb 249250 James G. LoweTo Deb, my best friend and wife. May our future together be filled with happiness. We’re in this thing together. To Mom, Dad, Pat, Mike and Mary Jo ... 1 couldn't have done it without you. P.S. Where do you sign up for this "medical school" thing! Thomas J. Lvnch 251 To Mort, Norma Sue, Fannie, Maggie, Amy, Ed, and Robin; This degree is as much yours as it is mine. Thanks for being there. 252 Joshua S. MaddenTo my wife Mindy, without whom much of this would not have been possible. To tell you the truth. I’d rather be fishing. Dion Manhoff 253Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all your support My study companions 254 Kathy A. MarksW.ndW fA.b. Days turn to minutes and minutes to memories, Life sweeps away the dreams that we have planned. You are young and you are the future. So suck it up, tough it out, and be the best you can. J. Mellencamp This page is dedicated to my parents and grandparents and to Ann Richman, who first inspired my interest in medicine and continues to inspire me today. At a British state dinner, an appalled dignitary's wife approached an obviously inebriated Sir Winston Churchill and exclaimed "Mr. Churchill, you are drunk, you are very drunk," to which the Prime Minister, without hesitation replied, "Madam, you are ugly, you are very ugly. In the morning, I shall be sober." 256 David W. Miller'v. "It is, in the last analysis, our relationships with others which makes our lives happy and meaningful, which gives us our humanity'." Curry With thanks and best wishes to friends and faculty of the Class of '89 Leslie W. Iilne 257Also, Leslie, Colleen, Mikey, Luke, Maggie Rose and Charlie. Life is a gift to everyone Complete in what we do And what to us is done. Rich the life of balance Of work and care; pleasures, too. With deep appreciation, Mary Elizabeth Hughes 258 Marylou Moyerto-Tk uuJL,' to A T7 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, just as fair. And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear. Though as for that, the passing there Had worn them really about the same. And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh. I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way. I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. —Robert Frost CHRISTMAS 1987 Many thanks to Mom, Dad, Grandmom, Nancy and everyone who helped to make my dream come true! OUR FUTURE GROUP PRACTICE! Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends ... —Corinthians 13:6-8 John M. Murphy 259Cjyy js To Mom Dad: You have given me the ability and inspiration to excel. Thanks for everything. I love you. To Mary Beth: My wife and best friend, you have alway been there for me. I couldn't have done it without you. 1 love you. Do they offer residencies in this? 260 David J. MusserDear Tasha, Your strength and courage made the hard times easier. We made it together. Love, Mommy To Jones, Lconie, and Ma Vickie, Thanks for being there for Tasha. You all have made this venture possible. Cecil The Family To my darling husband. Your love, patience, and support has made this day possible. To Gloria and Alvin, Thanks for being understanding and caring. My sister Jean, Your courage and strength throughout your illness has been a source of inspiration for me. Dear Mommy, These last four years have been hard but your love, caring, and direction has made them easier. Congratulations, I'm proud of you and will always be. Love, Tasha my. Study Group Cynthia E. Myers 261 Dad, Mom Jeff — Thanks for everything! Every new answer raises a new question." -Anonymous 262 David R. NeiblumTo Brandon Charles: Merc's to our future together as we reach for the heavens and gather the stars. May our love for each other last a lifetime sweetheart. Our Study Group: Thanks Michel Cynthia for your gentle urgings, for your shoulders, but above all for your love. Beverly Nelson 263SLif % nJL ■». 9. To Kath who has been waiting patiently. We made it! Many thanks to Mom and Dad for helping make my dream come true. IT MATTERS ... a young man observed an older man walking along the beach. He noticed that the older man was picking up clams that had been washed onto the sand. If left there, the sun would kill them. Seeing that there were hundreds of clams, the younger man approached the older one and asked, "why bother throwing them back when there are so many — you will never save them all — what docs it matter?" The older man threw another back into the water as he replied, "it matters to this one” ... Anonymous 264 David H. NielsonRichard J. NolI 265tydith f ■ $ 'Qcrmlil, "Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul. For just as the wind carries the winged seeds, so each moment brings with it germs of Spiritual vitality that come to rest imperceptibly in the minds and wills of men." Thomas Merton "Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness. This is the judgement. Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what arc you doing for others?" Tricia, thanks for being my practice patient, my source of laughter and my "bestest" friend. Jackie, thanks for all the great lunches, the support, and the music in my life. Mom Dad, all I can say is "I love you." 266 Judith A. O'Donnell Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.I thank you for your kindness and your stories of the road. 1 thank you for my freedom when it came my time to go, I thank you for your kindness and the times when you got tough. Mom and Dad I'll never say I love you near enough. JPM I take two treasures from Temple as I leave. One is the bond we've forged; The other is my M.D. Both should last a lifetime. Thank you. Love Always, KOM Kathleen A. O'Mara 267Is this Temple’s California campus? Thank's for everything! PLEASE DO NOT ANNOY. TORMENT. PESTER. PLAGUE. MOLEST. WORRY. BADGER. HARRY. HARASS. HECKLE. PERSECUTE. IRK. BULLYRAG. VEX. DISQUIET. GRATE. BESET. BOTHER. TEASE. NETTLE. TANTALIZE. OR RUFFLE THE ANIMALS What about medical students? 268 Robert OpetPali Lookout. Oahu Sdcrot, Israel Kresge Hall Stanley A. Ordnian 269270 Suzanne L. PalmerTo My Family, thanks for your love and support. The dream is reality. A special moment with Linda. WEEKEND! "The Boys in Acapulco" ic Mark K. Perezous 271 To My Family in Greece: My Mom Dad. Athina, Gina and John, Enrico and Roberto. Even though you are so far away, you've been next to me in my thoughts and heart all the way through. I love you all so much ... I miss you! 272 Marian X. Peseckis Andrew S. Potash 273The sweat tickles my nose. My bool — smothered by the high wet grass, The wind pierces my shirt, First peak cleared. Feet feeling tired and damp, The sheep — barking and grazing. Finally, we sense the summit. Only ten meters more. The culmination of our efforts My partner is quiet, I—silent, What do we see? Another peak saying, "What about me?" A. Nichols 274 Patricia Prior"MARRIED?" Nannette, thanks for your love and support. You are so beautiful... I love you! Thank you: Mom, Karen, Tony, Babci, Jim, Barbara, James, Jackie, Granny, Pugie Love, David BOGART i si From a room with a spectacular view "The Philadelphia Museum of Art" Fetch your slippers? What, are you nuts! - David J. Pronchik 275276 CandidsCopy 3 To Mom and Dad, Thanks for your love, patience, and faith. Ernesto P. Rhodes 277"Enough of this stuff; is it time to go fishing yet?" f 'I t l S O. t "Damn rabbit got away again!' Thanks to all, for things too numerous to mention; especially for a stocked refrigerator. Thanks to the Lord: for the basic and finer things of life. 278 Richard M. Rigottiyou are led Through your lifetime By the inner learning creature The playful spiritual being That is your true self. We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing While others judge us by what we have already done. - Richard Bach - Longfellow Shari and me with Mom — With thanks to the team — friends forever. for guidance and encouragement. Judith H. Robinson 279oulZ } frtifytAAJ M0 To my family, I" could hove never done it without you. Thonks q lot. I love you.1 280 GaiI RodgersSpring break in Avalon More washed up medical waste along the Jersey Shore. "On the Way to Cape May" Hold it Mark, better make that just one ski for Scott Ricardo A. Rodriguez 281To my parents Michael and Sharon, Thanks for all of the support. I couldn’t have managed without it. Washington University buddies Dan's wedding rehearsal; Atlanta, Ga. At the shore with my pal Jackie 282 Jonathan P. RozanAlexander R. Salonion 283(4 P 284 Elizabeth B. SanderDeborah A. Sandrock 285fimAAjli — ft- , Mb. Many thanks to my family for the love and memories over the years. Good luck to you all in every endeavor you make. 286 Anuradha H. SarniaJorge and Tracy November 7, 1987 Reading, PA To my wife, Tracy: Your love made the difficult moments of the last four years bearable. Your faith in me gave me the courage to dream. Your presence made my life complete. To my friends Dennis, Jake, and Steve: Your friendship and laughter mitigated the doldrums of Kresge. I wish you the best of fortune in your careers. To Mom, Dad, Mackv, and Carlos: Thanks for always being there when 1 needed you! Jorge J. Scheirer 287My Buddy, Jon My Parents Cyrano You only have one life to live, but if you do it right, that's all you need. Mexico Muscle Beach 288 Jacqueline SchillingParasailing over Key Largo, Florida Buchanan To Mom and Dad: The Dream has become Reality. Thanks for all your love and support. Discovering Nova Scotia — Summer '86 Skiing capital of the East: Stowe, Vermont Neil R. Schultz 289"The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person." Vii Putnam To Mom, Dad, and Mark: Your love and support through the years has helped me obtain my goals. Thanks for everything. 290 John L. Serrian, Jr.Weldon F. Shaffer III 291listen to tfic mustnts.cHiLcL. fasten to till dints 1 Listen t ? t He shouCdn'ts THc impossi6Les. tdc idon'ts Listen to die neVer fiaVcs ifun Listen cLose tomc-Anytfi'tnq can Happen, cdiid. Anything cart 6c. Sfiel Silver tan i » 11 ____tKcir 5uP ’ort 292 Amy SingerDaddy’s girl! Thank you: Mom and Dad, for your love and guidance, and for instilling in me the confidence to succeed. Joe and Judy, for your love and support, and for entrusting your daughter, Meg, unto me. Jeff and Joseph, for keeping me laughing during the roughest times as no two brothers could. Grandparents, for sharing your wisdom with me. Meg, for your endless love, infinite support and limitless understanding. I'll love you always! Ashley, for helping me through the past four years with your hugs, kisses, and funny faces, and for reminding Daddy of what life’s all about. I'll cherish you always; you're precious to me! Our love will endure forever. Stephen J. Sladicka 293Wa Wt ?rv Donna and Jeff June 20. 1987 I couldn't have done it without your love and support. Thank-you! 294 Donna L. Smith-HarrisonFlora R. Solomon 295God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December. James M. Barrie One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love. Sophocles 296 Marie A. SteltzPre-wed You're my inspiration, You're my battle cry. Mom, Dad, and my "little" brother Ron A friend is one before whom I may think aloud. —Ralph Waldo Emerson Janin S. Struminger Rockowitz 297 JzuitJLkLz f. Qiu pMua 7f 9. To Mom, Tony, Trina, and Aunt Alice: Your unwavering encouragement, support and love has made this possible. Thank you. Ilove you MADLY!!! 298 Jewelle R. SutherlandLoice A. Swisher 299 Hanging out Napping Our dog, Chip Special thanks to my family Life of a boardhead is always intense. 300 Junji TakeshitaMy Mother Brother — Paul Sister— Wendy Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior, is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere there will be war. (Words from a song by Robert Marley) Thanks to God, my parents, family and all my friends for seeing me through. Graduate at age 2 Peter D. Taylor 301With commitment and sacrifice, I honor Inhotep, the African Father of medicine in body soul, in night day, through the an of healing by dedicating my life to the cure of human suffering, from the least conscious virus, to the most real diseases of hunger, racism, and the cancer of social injustice in the rebirth of a new African spirituality, where no one is healthy until free. J.T. Thanks Papa, Mama, Tete for being so cool understanding! Tell no lies claim no easy victories! A.C. Sorry! Can't make it to class today ... I'm stuck to a coconut tree...! 302 Julio A. TeixeiraSpecial thanks to my family ... And friends — especially "Fuzz" — thanks for getting me over the big humps. And F.Y.A. Karen E. Thornton 303tu. Ly «j) 304 Eric J. UhlmanV incent Jay Vanston 305306 Anthony VittoSuzanne Wada 307308 John L. WagnerTo Barb, Mom, Dad, Cindy, Karen and Glenn: Thanks for all your help! With love, Tom (Bax£axa aQnn Qtaly n vi OAonot £in« HfuUoct to itntx tAnx paxtnti xitjutil tfu Aanoux of ycut fiuua at lAtix naxxiayt zSatuxJau. tAi tiyAtA of OctoClx imhtn AunJxtJ and tijAty-tijAt at Aalf aft ti ttn in (At moxntnj Saint (Poul t U uJ CAuxeA of CAx.it 1 VatAlnyton and luM £lxttt ZJaylox. (Pmmyloanla "Sharp Left" is: Drew, Mark, Paul, Tom, Ash and Ross. "What, my solo?" Doc's, Springside Frat parties, Rusty Nail, Dickinson, Manncchor and Fairmount Park. — Tom Jack's Wedding 7 18 88 Neil, Stan, Bohand Jim Beer drinkers hell raisers Thank you all for a fun four years! New Years 1988 Me, Barb, Mark. Kevin, Lisa Chris Little Pub 10 31 87 Paul, Chris and Ross Thomas E. Wallace 309310 Cynthia M. WeibelPeople don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. BJ, I believed in you and you have become a pan of me. 1 never doubted your beauty ... who is the beauty and who the beast? There is no beauty without my beast. You are my beautiful, beautiful beast. I love you. Thanks for a wonderful home and thanks for three beautiful children and thanks for loving me. My life is your life ... let’s blame it on our wild heans. To my children: You all keep me hopelessly enchanted and I love you. To my mother What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. and I thank God for what lies within you. Thanks for always believing in me and thanks for always being therc.Vou know I couldn't do it without you. You have been the biggest and best influence in my life and I love you. Hey Dad. guess what! 1 made It!! Thanks for caring. I love you. Happiness lies in the consciousness wc have of it and by no means in the way the future keeps its promises. To my friends: Wc are all travelers in the wilderness of the world, and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend. Thanks for being there. "It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena: whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at best, knows the triumph of high achievement and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory’ nor defeat." —Teddy Roosevelt Carla Morris YVeis 311uj, nn.o. To Dad, Mom, Michael, and Christine: Thanks for everything. You made it all possible. Wednesday afternoon office hours The key to happiness is having dreams, the key to success is making them come tme. A little bit of rock-n-roll Cinderella giving me the grand to help relax the mind tour of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. I found her glass slipper. 312 Myron W. Yencha, Jr. U icUu MX Thank you to all those who helped me keep my sanity, and helped me enjoy these years: My parents and family. "French Fries" Camacho, Carla, Loice. All the classmates I laughed with and played in racquetball and volleyball. And, of course, the PPPP. To the good memories. Brenda J. Yeomans 313314 Dykcs YoungThank you all for your support, strength and encouragement! Bradley D. Youse 315Special thanks to the people who made this day possible, my best friend and wife, Gina, my family and my friends. MEDICAL SCHOOL ■'Cannonbaaaaaaaalllllllll!' 316 D. Mark ZebleyThanks to Zeus, Lo-Lo, Heppster and the ol' Alfer — No one has more fun in 4 years of med school than we did! No pictures (mainly because I have no pictures) nor any Aileen — amount of words could express how important the love You’ll and support of my family was to me: Mom, Dad, Rachelle, always be Matt and Mom-Mom — Thank you. I love you all. my l’il sis. Ross R. Ziminer 317I have not yet been able to answer... the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want? —Freud Left, couple of new friends: Right, couple of old friends Epcot Ski Lessons on the H.E.A.L. Plan The Black Sheep and crew; 1st mate at the wheel Ahoy! Above: Zucker Dynasty; Right: Parental Units To all those with whom I've had the pleasure to debouch: So well go no more a roving So late into the night. Though the heart be still as loving. And the moon be still as bright. —Lord Byron And when she was good She was very, very good, But when she was bad She was horrid. —H.W. Longfellow 318 Ivan L. Zucker319CUT N' PASTE Feel free to decorate your yearbook with the following items as you see fit. 320 Cut N' PasteMisceIlaneous 321322 Residency AppointmentsOff to the Market Place RESIDENCY APPOINTMENTS Residency Appointments 323RESIDENCY APPOINTMENTS Enenge A'Bodjedl, M.D. Angelo C. Cammarata, M.D. Bhaskar Deb, M.D. Brian D. Ellis, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Surgery Surgery Transitional Mantefiore Hospital Bethesda Naval Hospital University of Massachusetts Cleveland Clinic New York, NY Bcthexda. MD Coordinated Program Cleveland. OH Madhu Alagiri, M.D. Helen M. Carter, M.D. Worcester, MA Year Two Ophthalmology Preliminary Surgery Internal Medicine Francis L. DcFabo. M.D. Cleveland Clinic Lenox Hill Hospital University of Minnesota Hosp. Obstetrics-Gynecology Cleveland, OH New York. NY Minneapolis, MN Western Pennsylvania Hospital Cllnl W. Anthony, M.D. Curtis A. Chong, M.D. Pittsburgh. PA Ashraf FJshaml, M.D. Internal Medicine Psychiatry Preliminary Medicine Bethany L. Drnlingrr, M.D. Hospital of the University Triplex Army Hospital Kaiser Perm-Oakland Internal Medicine of Pennsylvania Honolulu, HI Oakland. CA Medical College of Virginia Philadelphia. PA William F. Arndt, M.D. Klernan D. Cody, M.D. Richmond. VA Babak Etcmad. M.D. Transitional Preliminary Surgery Ralph W. Dickson, M.D. Internal Medicine Lctterman Army Hospital University of Illinois Hospitals Family Practice Cleveland Clinic San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL Reading Hospital Medical Qr. Cleveland. OH Howard Axe, M.D. Ona M. Colasanle. M.D. Reading, PA Joseph J. Franzi, M.D. Internal Medicine Family Practice Scott A. Dietrich, M.D. Surgery Michael Reese Hospital Lester E. Cox Medical Centers Family Practice Graduate Hospital Chicago. IL Springfield, MO Reading Hospital A Medical Ctr. Phdadelphia. PA Charlctta A. Ayers, M.D. Sean C. Coidrea, M.D. Reading, PA Frank K. Frledenberg. M.D. Obstetrics -Gynecology Psychiatry John P. DiFloci, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Thomas Jefferson Hospital Family Practice Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Philadelphia. PA Ijjkaster General Hospital Philadelphia, PA Andrew M. Baur, M.D. Cheryl A. Collier. M.D. 1 anc-aster. PA Anita M. Gage. M.D. Family Practice Internal Medicine Eileen DtFrancesco. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Montgomery Hospital Temple University Hospital Psychiatry Allegheny General Hospital Norristown. PA Philadelphia. PA Medical College of Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, PA Robert E. Hickerton, M.D. Tracy M. CoUlns, M.D. Philadelphia. PA Susan R. Galrr, M.D. Internal Medicine Obstetrics-Gynecology Jean Ding, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Scripps-Grecn Hospital [hike University Medical Center Orthopedics Brooke Army Hospital U Jolla, CA Durham. NC Temple University Hospital San Antonio, TX Bradley M. Block, M.D. Susan C. Comrrd. M.D. Philadelphia. PA Scott J. Garber. M.D. Family Practice Transitional Julia M. Dlppl, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Wyoming Valley Family Practice St. Barnabas Medical Center Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Kingston, PA Ijvingston, NJ Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Year Two Philadelphia, PA Year Two DanlH B. Block, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology Anesthesiology Psychiatry St Barnabas Medical Center Lisa M. Dtx, M.D. Temple University' Hospital Temple University Hospital Livingston. NJ Internal Medicine Philadelphia. PA Philadelphia, PA Marlene M. Corrlere. M.D. lankcnau Hospital Philadelphia. PA Allen R. Garrett, M.D. Michael D. Brathwalte, M.D. Prdiminsry Medicine Preliminary Surgery Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Dorothy A. Dixon, M.D. UMDNJ University Hospital Medical College of Virginia Philadelphia, PA Emergency Medicine Newark, NJ Richmond. VA Year Two Medical Center of Delaware Anesthesiology Newark. DE Brian A. Gerad, M.D. Kilian H. Brcch, M.D. Hahnemann University Hospital Internal Medicine Pediatrics Philadelphia, PA Eric A. Dohncr, M.D. Eisenhower Army Hospital North Carolina Memorial llotp. Family Practice Fon Gordon, GA Chapel Hill. NC Eugene S. Craig, M.D, Highland Hospital Internal Medicine Rochester. NY Roger G. Giordano, M.D. Edward J. Brennan, M.D. Francis Scon Key Medical Or Preliminary Medicine Preliminary Surgery Baltimore, MD Bonnie J. Dungan, M.D. Cooper Hospital Lankcnau Hospital Preliminary Medicine University Modical Center Philadelphia, PA Mark T. Curtis, M.D. Abington Memorial Hospital Camden. NJ Pathology Abington, PA Year Two Janet F. Burkholder, M.D. Hospital of the University Year Two Rehabilitation Medicine Internal Medicine of Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Medicine Temple University Hospital Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Jose A. Camacho, M.D. Roger L. Danclar, M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Philadelphia. PA Jeffrey D. Dunn, M.D. Jod S. Gish, M.D. Family Practice Internal Medicine SUNY Kings County Hospital Internal Medicine Harrisburg Hospital Cooper Hospital Brooklyn. NY Eastern Virginia Sch. of Med. Harrisburg. PA University Medical Center Camden. NJ Mary P. Davis, M.D. Norfolk. VA Edward J. Goebd. M.D. Sandra D. Cameron, M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Psychiatry Thomas Jefferson Hospital Medicine-Pediatrics Norristown, PA Philadelphia. PA Baysute Medical Center Springfield, MA 324 ResidenciesMarguerita E. Gonzales, M-D. Preliminary Medicine Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester. NY Michael S. Gordon, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Year Two Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Jonathan E. Grlfe, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abtngton Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Nancy S. GrifT. M.D. Psychiatry Baylor College of Medicine Houston. TX Massoud HajIAghall. M.D. Surgery Metropolitan Hospiul New York. NY Robert J. Hally, M.D. Internal Medicine University Health Center Pittsburgh. PA Robert Handy, M.D. Transitional Beaumont Army Hospital El Paso. TX Jeffrey L. Hare, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Graduate Hospiul Philadelphia. PA Year Two Diagnostic Radiology Temple University Hospiul Philadelphia. PA James V. Harris, M.D. Internal Medicine University Health Center Pittsburgh. PA Michael L. Harris, M.D. Transitional Prcsbyterian University of Pennsylvania Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Year Two Ophthalmology Nassau County Medical Center East Meadow. NY Elizabeth A. HassJacbcr, M.D. Psychiatry Pennsylvania Hospiul Philadelphia, PA Thomas A. Hepner, M.D. Internal Medicine Gcisinger Medical Center Danville. PA Mark J. Hepp, M.D. Internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson Hospiul Philadelphia, PA Richard M. Herman. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospiul Philadelphia, PA Year Two Otolaryngology Temple University Hospiul Philadelphia, PA Daniel S. Hirvch, M.D. Pediatrics Montefiore Hospiul New York. NY Margaret Hoffman-Terry, M.D. Internal Medicine Healiheast Teaching Hospiul Allentown. PA Ron Hoffmann, M.D. Obstetrics -Gynecology Abington Memorial Hospiul Abington. PA John E. Hopkins, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Reading Hospital A Medical Or. Reading, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Temple University Hospiul Philadelphia. PA Hedy A. Howard, M.D. Maternity-Parental Leave Anna Y. Hsu, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Minnesota Hosp. Minneapolis. MN Richard L. Hyman, M.D. Internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson Hospiul Philadelphia. PA Joseph S. I oh st, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Mark G. Jean. M.D. Internal Medicine Sl Vincents Hospital New York. NY Oliver H. Jenkins, M.D. Transitional Wayne Sutc-Deiroit Rcc. Hosp. Detroit, Ml Dennis E. Johnson, M.D. Surgery George Washington Univ. Hosp. Washington. DC Judith A. Juzrflak. M.D. Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospiul Abington, PA Cherolyn K ark an las, M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Hospiul Norristown, PA Robert A. Karr. M.D. Transitional Boston University School of Medicine Boston. MA Year Two Psychiatry Beth Israel Hospital Boston. MA Neal S. Kavs, M.D. Transitional Lemuel Shatiuck Hospital Boston, MA Year Two Psychiatry Massachusetts Mental Health Ctr. Boston, MA Lynn A. Kerr, M.D. Internal Medicine Valley Medial Center Fresno. CA Mary Beth Kerr. M.D. Family Practice Malcolm Grow USAF Hospiul Andrews AFB. MD MllllcenI Khaw, M.D. Anesthesiology The New York Hospiul New York. NY Kimberly A. Kdonkh. M.D. Family Practice Mem. Hosp. of Burlington Co. Mount Holly. NJ Stanley H. Kotala. M.D. Family Practice Altoona Hospiul Altoona, PA Lauren J. Krasner, M.D. Surgery Univ. of Chicago Medical Ctr. Chicago, IL Jody A. Krumkk. M.D. Surgery Beth Israel Hospiul Boston. MA Steven E. Labkoff, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Year Two Neurology University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA John C. Leighton, M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphu, PA lurry L. Levin, M.D. Internal Medicine Montefiore Hospital Pittsburgh. PA Caren L. I.lpsky, M.D. Pediatrics Sl Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA James G. Lowe, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Thomas Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia. PA Year Two Neurosurgery Thomas Jefferson Hospiul Philadelphia, PA Thomas J. Lynch, M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, MD Joshua S. Madden, M.D. Pediatrics University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore. MD Dion T. ManhofT. M.D. Pathology Pennsylvania Hospiul Philadelphia, PA Kathy A. Marks. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Robin E. Maurer. M.D. Pediatrics Case Western L'nir. Hospiul Cleveland. OH David W. Miller. M.D. Neurosurgery Cleveland Clinic Cleveland. OH I-esJle W. Milne, M.D. Transitional SL Vincenls Medical Center Bndgepon, CT Year Two Emergency Medicine University of California Sai Diego Medical Center San Diego. CA Marylou Moyer, M.D. Internal Medkine Hahnemann University Hospiul Philadelphia, PA John M. Murphy, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Temple University Hospiul Philadelphia. PA David J. Musser, M.D. Surgery Health can Teaching Hospital Allentown. PA Cynthia E. Myers, M.I). Internal Medicine West Chester County Medical Ctr. Valhalla. NY David R. Stibium, M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Beverly P. Nelson, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Graduate Hotpiul Philadelphia, PA Sandra G. Loeb, M.D. Pediatrics Sl Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA David H. Nielson. M.D. Surgery lunkenau Hospiul Philadelphia. PA Residencies 325Richard J. Noll, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Reading Hotpiul St Medical Qr. Reading, PA Judith A. O'Donnell, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Kathleen A. O'Mara, M.D. Pediatric St Christopher' Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA Robert F. Opet, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Reading Hospital Medical Qr. Reading, PA Year Two Anesthesiology Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Stanley A. Ordman, M.D. Transitional Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, MD Year Two Diagnostic Radiology Newark Beth Israel Medical Cu. Newark. N'J Suzanne L. Palmer, M.D. Internal Medicine West I-os Angeles VA Med. Ctr. low Angeles, CA Mark K. Perczous, M.D. Orthopedic Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Marian X. Pescckts, M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Andrews. Potash, M.D. Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA Patricia A. Prior, M.D. Family Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr. PA David J. Pronchlk, M.D. Emergency Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Harold T. Pyc, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Bcthesda Naval Hospital Bcthesda, MD Year Two Neurosurgery Bethcsda Naval Hospital Bcthesda, MD Ernesto P. Rhodes, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Richard M. Rigotti, M.D. Internal Medicine Geisinger Medical Center Danville. PA Judith H. Robinson. M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia, PA Janln S. Rockuwltz, M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Gall L. Rodgers, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia. PA Ricardo A. Rodriguez, M.D. Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, PA Jonathan P. Rozan, M.D. Surgery North Shore University Hospital Manhassct, NY Alexander R. Salomon, M.D. Pediatric Thomas Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia, PA Elizabeth B. Sander, M.D. Internal Medicine Milton S. Hershey Medical Cu. Hershcy, PA Deborah A. Sandrock, M.D. Pediatric St Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia. PA Anuradha H. Sarnia. M.D. Medicine Pediatrics St lasuis University Hospital St Ixxiis, MO Jorge J. Scheirer, M.D. Internal Medicine U.S. Air Force Hospital Biloxi. MS Jacqueline Schilling, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology Medical Center of Delaware Newark. DE Neil R. Schultz, M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA John L. Serrlan, M.D. Internal Medicine Reading Hospital ft Medical Ctr. Reading, PA Weldon F. Sh after, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Roanoke Memorial Hospital Roanoke. VA Amy Singer, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Year Two Diagnostic Radiology Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Stephen J. Sladlcka, M.D. Surgery Eisenhower Army Hospital Ft Gordon. GA Donna L. Smith-Harr-lson, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Flora R. Solomon, M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Marie A. Stella, M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Jcwdl R. Sutherland. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Loke A. Swisher. M.D. Emergency Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA JunJI Takeshita, M.D. Transitional St Lukes Hospital Bethlehem. PA Year Two Psychiatry Yale-New Haven Hospital New Haven. CT Peter D. Taylor. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia Charlottesville. VA Julio A. Tdxdra. M.D. Preliminary Surgery UMDNJ University Hospital Newark. NJ Karen E. Thornton, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Case Western Reserve Univ. Ilorp. Cleveland, OH Year Two Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Eric J. Oilman, M.D. Surgery Abuigtcn Memorial Hospital Abingtcn, PA Vincent J. Vanston, M.D. Psychiatry Yale-New Haven Hospital New Haven. CT Anthony Vltto, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Kaiser Foundation Sanu Clara, CA Year Two Neurology Stanford University Hospital Stanford, CA Suzanne Y. W'ada, M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA John L. Wagner. M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland lloapiial Baltimore, MD Thomas E. Wallace, M.D. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, PA Cynthia M. Weibel, M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia. PA Carla M. Weis, M.D. Medicinc-Pediatnc Albert Etnsiein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Myron W. Yencha, M.D. Preliminary Surgery U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth. VA Brenda J. Yeomans, M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Dykes M. Young. M.D. Internal Medicine University of Hawaii Hospitals Honolulu. HI Bradley I). Youse, M.D. Orthopedics University of Cincinnati Hospital Cincinnati. OH Dadd M. Zebley. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital A bin gt on. PA Ross R. Zimmer. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Ivan L. Zuckcr. M.D. Transitional Reading Hospital ft Medical Qr Reading, PA Year Two Diagnostic Radiology Reading Hospital ft Medical Ctr Reading. PADown with And up with the new! The New Hospital 327328 AdvertisementsADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements 329PATRONS Eugene Andruczyk, D.O. A. Lamperti The Barry Family Mr. Mrs. Bernard Levin Dr. Joseph H. Baum Parents of Caren L. Lipsky Philip Baur Bennett Lorber, M.D. Dr. Mrs. John R. Benson Stanley II. Lorber, M.D. Burron Medical Inc. The Drs. Leon Elsa Mai mud Tom Calvert Dr. Robert J. McCardle Sow-Yeh Chen Michael P. McGuinness Dr. William II. Coleman Mr. Mrs. Douglas D. Milne, Jr. Arthur Frances Collins Mr. Mrs. Jospeh M. Morisco Joseph Eugene S. Craig, Sr. Robert G. Narins, M.D. Joseph Kieserman Oliver E. Owen, M.D. Dr. Mrs. Kenneth R. Cundy Dr. Mrs. Charles A. Papacostas Dr. Mrs. Arun K. Deb Helen E. Pearson, Ph.I). Leonard Gloria DeFabo Judge Mrs. Michael J. Perezous John A. DiFiori Dr. Mrs. Steven J. Phillips Mrs. Nancy B. Dix Ronald A. Pieringer Richard S. Eisenstaedt, M.D. Gerhard W'.E. Plaut, Ph.D. Mr. Mrs. David C. Ellis Dr. Mrs. Francis C. Plucinsky Virginia Ellen Fields Mr. Mrs. Charles Potash Mary Stuart Fisher, M.D. Joseph Rigotti Meg Fisher, M.D. St. Francis Hospital — Robert S. Fisher, M.D. Family Practice Residency Program Dr. Marilyn Wettlaufer Franzi Mr. Mrs. Robert Sandrock Mrs. Mildred S. Frederick Dennis M. Scardigli, M.D. Helena Friss, M.D. Sandra F. Schnall, M.D. Dr. Mrs. Robert L. Fry Dr. Mrs. Carson D. Schneck Mr. Mrs. George S. Gordon Mr. Mrs. W'illiam F. Schulze Rev. Mrs. J. Wilbur Gouker Arlyne T. Shocknian, M.D. The Griff Family Gerald D. Schockman, Ph.D. Parviz Hanjani Mr. Mrs. Stephen J. Sladicka, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Michael Harakal Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. Mrs. Brosl Hasslacher Mr. Mrs. Karl Solomon Laurie Hastings T. Takeshita Mr. Mrs. Thomas A. Hepner, Sr. Ellen M. Tedali, M.D. Justin Kaplan Dr. Mrs. Maurice Thornton Irena Koprowska, M.D. Joseph U. Toglia, M.D. Barbara David Krasner Mr. Mrs. Vincent J. Vanston Mr. Mrs. Leon J. Labkoff Mrs. Mary E. Zebley 330 PatronsALUMNI PATRONS Leslie W. Beadling, M.D. ’64 Dr. Mrs. Michael Bernstein '74 George I. Blumstein, M.D. '29 Scott I). Brown, M.D. ’86 Nicholas C. Cavarocchi, M.D. ’78 Dr. Mrs. Robert S. Charles '80 Kenneth Chavin, M.D. '87 .John C. Chogich, M.D. ’53 Anthony I). Colasante, M.D. '52 John Comerci, M.D. ’55 Suzane Cooper, M.D. '80 Robert J. Courtney, M.D. '57 Charles VV. Delp, M.D. '24 Russell A. Del Toro ’49 Angelo M. DiGeorge, M.D. '46 Dr. Mrs. Rudolph Dippl '62 William H. Duncan, M.D. '59 Ron Endo '86 Lisa M. Fedullo '81 V.L. Ferrara, M.D. ’64 John Vincent Ferrazzano, M.D. ’74 Albert J. Finestone, M.D. '45 Dr. Mrs. Jay J. Garcia ’74 Anthony R. Giorgio, M.D. ’73 Bernardino Gonzalez-Flores, M.D. '52 Stuart C. Greene, M.D. ’77 George and Karen Hunter ’76 Dr. Mrs. Samuel L. Karr '52 Elaine Ilaltman Kelbick, M.D. ’79 Dr. Mrs. A. Richard Kendall Bruce A. Kolbe, M.D. '64 Gary L. Krebs '77 Arthur Krosnick, M.D. ’50 Dr. Mrs. Robert A. Lanzi '61 Dr. Charles A. Laubach Jr. '43 Harvey Lazofson, M.D. '62 Walter J. Levinsky, M.D. '45 Steven E. Lipton, M.D. '76 Dr. Mrs. Michael B. Love '70 Rob Barb Lvkens '81 Rick Mankin Lisa Goldstein, M.D. 87 George P. Matthews, M.D. '43 Dr. Mrs. James J. McGuire, Jr. '80 Edward M. Miller, M.D. ’69 Kelly M. O'Neill, M.D. '88 M. Vernon Ordiway, M.D. 58 Robert F. Ostrum, M.D. '80 Del Paris, M.D. '46 Raymond II. Pierson III '80 Dr. Leon Reidenberg ’29 James C. Rex, M.D. '50 Fred B. Rogers, M.D. ’48 Irving Rosenberg, M.D. '42 George Rowland, M.D. ’42 John Rudoff, M.D. '83 Harry Shubin, M.D. 37 Michael B. Stierstorfer, M.D. '85 Valerie G. Thomas, M.D. '83 Joseph J. Toland, M.D. 43 George W. Truitt, M.D. '35 Earl R. Walter, M.D. '52 Dr. Mrs. Paul M. Wapner 39 Alumni Patrons 331FROM THE DEAN'S STAFF TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1989 NOW THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED ONE OF THE GREATEST MILESTONES IN YOUR LIVES, MAY EACH OF YOU FULFILL YOUR GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS AS PHYSICIANS. 332 AdvertisementsAllegheny Family Physicians of Altoona Hospital FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY PROGRAM ’MEDICAL STUDENT CLERKSHIPS Affiliated with: The Department of Family and Community Medicine The Milton S. Hershcy Medical Center of the Pennsylvania State University For additional information, contact: Clifford R. Waldman, M.D. Recruitment Coordinator 501 Howard Avenue. Building F Altoona. PA 16601 Telephone: (814) 946-2020 Advertisenients 333Knowledge is as wings to man's life, and a ladder for his ascent. Its acquisition is incumbent upon everyone. The knowledge of such sciences, however, should be acquired as can profit the peoples of the earth, and not those which begin with words and end with words. Great, indeed, is the claim of scientists and craftsmen on the peoples of the world... Happy arc those possessed of a hearing ear. In truth, knowledge is a veritable treasure for man. and a source of glory, of bounty, of joy. of exaltation, of cheer and gladness unto Him. Although to acquire the sciences and arts is the greatest glory of mankind, this is so only on condition that man’s river flow into the might sea, and draw from God’s ancient source His inspiration. When this comcth to pass, then every teacher is as a shoreless ocean, every pupil a prodigal fountain of knowledge. If, then, the pursuit of knowledge lead to the beauty of Him Who is the Object of all knowledge, how excellent that goal; but if not, a mere drop will perhaps shut a man off from flooding grace, for with learning comcth arrogance and pride, and it bringeth on error and indifference to God. Bahai Faith CONGRATULATIONS TO BABAK from His Family Gity, Bijan, Kambeze Kathy Etemad Congratulations to THE Class of 1989 CAMBRIA VILLAGE PHARMACY 334 AdvertisementsBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1989 Department of Radiology Germantown Hospital Jay W. MacMoran, M.D. Edward A. D'Orazio, M.D. Frances Esposito, M.D. Cheryl A. Stewart, M.D. Locke Barber, D.O. Kenneth Neigut, M.D. Janet Parker, M.D. Advertisements 335BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1989 FROM THE FACULTY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY 336 Advertisements• Prd i atria Ruth P. SchilJfr, M D, FAAP Joseph A. C. Giron . M I).. FAAP Edward P. Rothatein. M D, FAAP Thom J. Hipp. M.D, FAAP Ronald L Soud.r, M.D, FAAP Henry H B mat m. D.O, FAAP Mara S. Schiffman. M.D • Neonatology Edward P. Roth tern, M D, FAAP • Pediatric Habililatioa Joseph A. C. Giron . M.D . FAAP Ronald L Souder. M D, FAAP St. Christopher's Hospital for Children 2600 N. Lawrence Street Philadelphia. PA 19133 215-427-5095 I-awn Avenue Professional Center Box 112 Sellers villa, PA 18960 215-257-2727 Salford Square 706 Main Street Harleysville. PA 19438 215-256-1999 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1989 from THE DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY Jeffrey I. Greenstein, M.D. Milton Alter, M.D., Ph.D. H. Branch Coslett, M.D. Guillermo deLeon, M.D. Mark L. Moster, M.D. Eleanor M. Saffran, Ph.D. Joseph U. Toglia, M.D. Best Wishes for a Bright Future for The Class of 1989 from the Multiple Sclerosis Center of TUHSC Jeffrey I. Crtwnstekv MD. Director H Branch Co.lett. MO. Neuropsychology Marti L Mo tier. MD.. PKO. Meuro-Ophthatfnoiopy IBton Altar. MO.. Ph.0. Neurology Gerald E- DworVin, D.O. Physical Uedrone A Rehabilitation Waller L. Gerbor, M.O. Urology Ralph M Turner, PtvO. Clinical Psychology Eileen J. Fitzpatrick. MA„ M Ed. Neuropsychology Mchete Hartley Johnson M0. Neurorediotogy Te-Hue Uu. M 0. Naur or ecology WIBiam H. Martin, PTvD. Audiology Joseph U. Tofllie. H D. tiectrodisgnosts Joanne Lombarrt. R.N. Nurse Clinician Ethel Lombard. Administration Kerin Moore. Administration Eleanor Cherry, Adminlstrsoon Advertisements 337BEST WISHES from the DEPARTMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Francis J. Shea, M.D. Acting Chairman Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Locke Barber, D.O. Marie A. Capitanio, M.D. Dina F. Caroline, M.D. N. David Charkes, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Arnold C. Friedman, M.D. Margaret Gainey, M.D. Bruce Greenberg, M.D. Linda C. Knight, Ph.D. Anna Lev-Toaff, M.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Michael B. Love, M.D. Leon S. Malmud, M.D. Alan H. Maurer, M.D. Mamed Mesgarzadeh, M.D. Charles B. Mulhern, M.D. Paul D. Radecki, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. Ronald Richterman, M.D. Jeffrey Siegel, Ph.D. Eleanor Smergel, M.D. Michele H. Johnson, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Richard Vitti, M.D. Thomas Witomski, M.D. Barbara Wolfson, M.D. Ivan Vujic, M.D. Marvin C. Ziskin, M.D. 338 AdvertisemcntsAdvertiscments 339340 AdvertisenientsAdvertisements 341342 Ad vert isenientsCONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1989 Congratulations BETH and JOHN We’re Proud of You! Love, Mother, Dad, Chuck and Jen Advertiscinents 343344 AcIvertisementsBest Wishes to the Class of 1989 for fulfilling careers and lives. We enjoyed working with you. The Faculty and Residents Department of Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division DIVISION HEADS Morris N. Kotler, M.D., Cardiology Robert Fox, M.D., Dermatology Sol Epstein, M.D. Endocrinology Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology Mark Capkin, M.D. (TUSM 80), General Internal IV I. Robert Schwartz, M.D., Hematology Oncology Mary E. Moore, M.D. (TUSM 67), Rheumatology 1 Herbert S. Waxman, M.D. Chairman Lisa Wallenstein, M.D. Associate Chairman Michael Czarnecki, D.O Chief Medical Resident Phyllis Sapienza, D.O. Cheif Medical Resident Richard S. Levy, M.D., Infectious Disease Rasib M. Raja, M.D., Nephrology Michael Lippmann, M.D., Pulmonary Advertisements 345CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1989 from the DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY Christer Carlsson, M.D. Professor and Chairman ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Gary Atkinson, M.D. Rodger Rarnctte, M.D. Neil Brister, M.D. Suzane Cooper, M.D. Russell Levin, M.D. Scott Schartel, M.D. William Stevenson-Smith, M.D. Lynn Weisbord, M.D. INSTRUCTORS Robert Haughev, M.D. Iris Zweifler, M.D. PROFESSORS Alexandra Karetas, M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. PROFESSOR EMERITUS Thomas C. Deas, M.D. Mary R.W. Reardon. M.D. ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS Ansuya Chatwani, M.D. Nancy B. Kenepp, M.D. Robert Shupak, M.D. 346 AdvertisenientsAdvertisements 347The physicians, staff, and administrators of ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER are both privileged and proud to have shared in your professional growth during these medical school years. We wish you much success and satisfaction in the years ahead. Genius in healthcare. Northern Division Willow crest-Bamberger Division Philadelphia Psychiatric Center 348 AdvertisementsAdvertisements 349GOOD LUCK CONGRATULATIONS to the and CLASS OF 1989 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1989 SILVESTRI STEERMAN Surgical Associates Archimede J. Silvestri, M.D. Paul H. Steerman, M.D. Leonard H. Cohen, M.D. from the Faculty of the Department of Pathology To Our Daughter, Our Sister Our Friend And Now .... To Our Doctor! KATHLEEN ANNE O'MARA, M.D. Congratulations! We Are Proud We Are Grateful We Are-Always .... Your Family [l_ ---------------------------- — 350 AdvertisementsTrain To Win. Easton Hospital Residency Programs As an affiliate of Hahnemann University School of Medicine, Easton Hospital offers 3rd-year surgical rotations; 4th-year internal medicine, surgical and emergency medicine electives; and medical and surgical residencies. During the past 5 years, 75% of our medical residents have passed the American Boards of Internal Medicine. In addition, those of our graduates who wish to continue their training are well prepared for strong fellowship programs or subspecialty training. ASTON HOSPITAL A member of VtiVey Hecutfi Hands-On Experience. Our dynamic combination of "learning by doing" plus excellent supervision brings results: our graduating surgical residents were recently rated better than the 90th percentile in the number of complex surgical procedures performed Patient Diversity, The wide variety of clinical pathology diagnosed and treated at Easton Hospital’s state-of-the-art facility is comparable to that experienced at university centers. Most of our patients are diagnosed and treated first at Easton Hospital, not after evaluation elsewhere. Excellent Practice Opportunities, Young physicians seeking to start a practice find the metropolitan area surrounding Easton a "land of opportunity." The Lehigh Valley offers an attractive environment, a rapidly growing professional population, low unemployment arid proximity to NYC and Philadelphia -ideal for establishing successful medical practices. Let Easton Hospital show you how our program can help prepare you for a successful and fulfilling career. Call the Director of the Department of Medicine, Dr. Kenneth Wildrick (215-250-4013) or the Director of the Department of Surgery, Dr. George Watkins (215-250-4014).' 21st Lehigh Streets Easton, PA 18042 Advertisements 351flhe JMeAiad Staff of St. Christopher's Oiospital O'or Children Congratulates The Class of IQ8Q and rWishes Them fjreat beginnings On Their OWedicaL Careers % 352 AdvertisementsAdvert isements 353CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1989 TUMS-SA Temple University Medical School Spouses Association SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1989 RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER MSP MERCK SHARFk DOHME pharmaceuticals - biologicals Division of MERCK CO.. INC. West Point. PA 19486 354 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1989 from the Department of Medicine Advertisements 355BEST WISHES FROM THE RESIDENTS AND STAFF OF THE SKIN AND CANCER HOSPITAL 356 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1989 Stephen D. SrLBERSTErN, M.D. Elliott A. Schulman, M.D. Congratulations to Cherolyn Allen Karkanias and the Class of Cher, we love you Dad Sonja, Kevin, Denise £ Bueky, Donna Bart, Mike Debbie, Pat Cathy, Gato Advertisements 357GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1989 Offcrman Co., Inc. STOCKS-BONDS-MUTUAL FUNDS TAX SHELTERED INVESTMENTS PATRICK J. GILDEA ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE 274 New Hancock St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 1-(717)824-8759 358 AdvertisementsAdvertisements 359 To my husband, Congratulations, DR. EUGENE S. CRAIG, JR., M.D. Congratulations on your success Merz! and achievements. I am very proud of you and wish " Delight yourself in the you the best of luck. Continue Lord and He will give you to have the strength, courage the desires of your heart." and ambition to reach. Psalm 37:4 Your brothers and sisters With love, and their families your darling wife, Fran IN LOVING MEMORY OF SIDNEY H. MANHOFF WHO TAUGHT US WELL THE LESSONS OF HUMITY AND REALITY. YOU SURELY WILL BE MISSED YOUR WIFE BARBARA AND YOUR SONS, DION, JASON AND CONRAD 360 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1989 From your home away from the campus INDEPENDENCE PLAZA 3120 School House Lane Phila., PA 19144 Phone: 886-4300 VI 8-3000 Advertisements 361qrntty important to clinical excellence is each physician’s personal development as a lifelong student of medicine, a compassionate prouder of care, and an integral member of the healthcare team. Our Medical Staff wishes the class of 1989 a lifetime of personal and professional fulfillment. The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Sixth Avenue and Spruce Street, West Reading. PennsylvaniaTHE GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1989 Founded In 1863, The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center, has a long and proud tradition of helping to train and prepare Temple University Medical students and other health care professionals for their future careers. Located in historic Germantown, adjacent to Wister Woods, the Center's 25-acre landscaped campus is entered from a private boulevard approach. The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center features a wide range of medical specialties and all private rooms at semi-private rates, for every patient. EXTENDING SINCERE BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS! Advertisemcnts 363Just a couple of words about developing a sound financial program. Professional experience. PAMELA J. BEATTY We’re proud to introduce an experienced associate of our Firm. She is someone whose professional background and proven ability can be invaluable to you in evaluating the broad spectrum of financial products and services available in today’s increasingly complex marketplace. To develop the best financial program for your individual needs, you owe it to yourself to rely on an expert. Call for complete information about how to acquire the security you need and deserve — now, and for the years ahead. Just a couple of words today could make all the difference to your future. Suite 1200 ■ Two Penn Center Plaza Philadelphia. ■ 19102 ■ (215) 568-0535 Suite 220 ■ One Aldwyn Center Villanova. PA 19085 ■ (215) 525-5434 252 Kings Highway East ■ Haddonfield. NJ 08033 Delaware Valley Financial Group, Inc. 364 AdvertisementsBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1989 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE ON AGING and the GERIATRIC EDUCATION CENTER OF PENNSYLVANIA 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 (215) 787-6970 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Bernice A. Parlak YOU'LL LIKE WHAT YOU • Higher CD and Money Market Rates •Tax-Deferred CDs • Mortgages and Home Equity Loans •Auto Loans and Student Loans • Checking Accounts and MAC CALL 1-800-888-8858 PHILADELPHIA li l v M WtletafUnitrM tMwtSa l}»S lnuA« t.MUv4ss Cmw QtJt 723-3000 0«t 673-4473 015156 0900 015)592000 t215i 46 0X10 • x m MM MONTGOMERY COUNTY N w5U»«t vV 9 0151649.000 (715) 36-5700 tw-LEHIGH COUNTY 00 437 0701 U09 K Oma 6K-S {735 07-6 15 BUCKS COUNTY 01S 355-7551 Firstrust Ml' Savings Bank The Rank with Good Ideas Advertisements 365CONGRATULATIONS DR. EUGENE S. CRAIG, JR., M.D. We are all very proud of you! Love, Mom Dad Darlene Taariq and Toya Congratulations and Best Wishes DR. EUGENE S. CRAIG, JR., M.D. CLASS OF 1989 From the Staff of Microbiology Albert Einstein Medical Center CONGRATULATIONS JACK SERRIAN BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE! MOM, DAD MARK The Mednotes Staff wants to thank all the subscribers for all their help over the years ... Best of luck Steve, Millicent, Judy, Suzanne 366 Adverl isementsCONGRATULATIONS FROM THE MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION TO THE CLASS OF 1989 OFFICERS Edward J. Resnick '51, President E. Howard Bedrossian '45, President-Elect Anthony J. Comerota '74, Vice President Kenneth H. Gordon '48, Secretary Emily J. Penman '78, Treasurer Frederick P. SutlifF'46, Immediate Past President Martin Goldberg '55, Dean and Vice President ALUMNI DIRECTORS Richard C. Putnam ’51 FACULTY D. Michael Baxter ’80 Louis X. Santore ’80 REPRESENTATIVES William R. Beckwith ’64 Charles R. Shuman ’43 Kenneth R. Cundy, Ph.D. G. Raymond Brown ’47 William Tasman ’55 Bennett Lorber, M.D. William A. Buchheit '60 Howard F. Warner ’53 Francis J. Shea, M.D. Michael Clancy (Faculty) Leslie W. Whitney ’44 I. Favel Chavin ’55 STUDENT William H. Duncan ’59 EMERITUS DIRECTORS REPRESENTATIVES John H. Esbenshade II ’55 William H. Coleman ’45 Joshua Alexander ’90 Albert J. Finestone ’45 Dominic A. DeLaurentis ’53 Daniel Guttmen ’90 Thomas L. Gaydos ’61 Frederick W. Durham ’45 Leah Jenkins ’92 John B. Jeffers ’67 John H. Hall ’41 David W. Miller ’89 Joseph B. Lennert ’73 Edwin Lauterbach ’46 Jodi Schucker ’91 Fraser Lewis '60 Walter J. Levinsky ’45 Stephen D. Lockey III ’63 Gladys M. Miller ’51 Richard M. Magill ’65 John R. Minehart ’35 Walter E. Margie Jr. ’51 Frederick Murtagh ’43 Allan D. Marks ’62 John H. Martin ’58 Peter B. Panzer ’74 Wm. Gordon Pauley ’53 Advertisements 367CONGRATULATIONS! WE WELCOME YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS IN THE FUTURE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES LIBR ' ' ssssssss DATE DUE M 2 4 1 191 Art 5T jun i 4 m OCT 12 ii M' .»COl»IW « A 1989, c.2 Skull AUTHOR TITLE 1989 , c.2 7 2 SSfl t 2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRARY '• I V' f

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