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 presents THE 1988 SKULLTABLE OF CONTENTS CREDITS (Skull Staff) ..................................................4 DEDICATION TO BENNETT LORBER, M.D...............................6 PRODUCED BY (The Administration)...........................................11 MEMORIZING THE LINES (Pre-Clinical Years)...........................................17 DRESS REHEARSAL (Clinical Years)...............................................67 ON LOCATION (Affiliates) .................................................127 THE CAST (The Class of 1988)...........................................149 IN A FIRST RUN THEATRE NEAR YOU (Residency Appointments)......................................337 HOTELS AND ACCOMMODATIONS PROVIDED BY (Advertisements)................................. 343SKULL EDITORS AND STAFF Editors-in-Chief Eloine Cronauer Shawn McCandless Pre-Clinical Years Jodie Buxbaum Lisa Casale Clinical Years Robin Leight Senior Pages Lisa Hutton Linda Lawrence Theme Chuck Pue Jeff Wilkins Photography Karen Nichols Finance Seth Berney Brian Lein General Staff Diane Begany Nancy Graboyes-Leopold Joyce Hemminger Larry Harrison Margie Januszkiewicz Susan Schwartz Elaine Yin 4 ituiittuiWith Special Thanks To: Jodie Buxboum Lisa Casale Hal Cohan Mary Eberhardt Mike Furman Todd Griffith Jody Krosnick Mike Mairs Sharon Mullin Sue Myers The Photographers Seth Berney Elaine Cronauer John Erhart Andy Hirsch Margie Januszkiewicz Kevin Kunkle Robin Leight Brian Lein Shawn McCandless Marian Ormont Behzad Parva Lori Paserchia Sue Schwartz I thought the deadline was next month! : SKULL ’88 - THE MOVIE • In a movie, the movement of the actors and the beauty of the scenery represents only a small part of the work that went into its production. The same applies to our book. It's important to recognize those people that put a tremendous amount of time and energy into our production. First, we want to thank the seniors for the creativity they put into each of (most of) their pages, and especially to those who contributed photographs for other sections. We also want to thank those seniors who worked as our editors — Robin, Lisa C., Jodie, Chuck, Linda, Jeff and in particular, Lisa H., Karen, Brian, and Seth who ended up spending far more time than they had anticipated when this all began. We all owe a special thanks to our families and loved ones who have been patient while we toiled, who have answered too many late night calls, and who are no doubt happier to be finished than any of us on the staff. So. classmates and friends, enjoy the show and have a nice life. 5 SHAWN and ELAINE(Dedicatee Last June our class chose the dedicatee of our yearbook. (From a long list of people integral to our education at Temple, we selected one person who we felt helped most in our development into physicians. Someone who showed interest not only in academics, but in the human aspects of medicine. As our dedicatee, we chose Dr. 'Bennett Lorber.Our class first met Dr. Lorber during the Infectious (Disease segment of (Microbiology. 9lis commitment to academics zoos obvious from the start. Me zvas Well organized and informative. 9te seemed to sense our eagerness to get across the street' by keeping the subject closely related to patient care and avoiding the Cong Cists so central to the basic science years. (But there zvas something extra. Me shozved us that beyond academics there zvas a personaC side to medicine. This zvas best demonstrated by the expression of his close friendship zvith 'Dr. Sarah Long. Dr. Lorber also zvorks zihth the medical students during our fourth year electives. ‘There he strives to show that learning, although difficult and time-consuming, can also be enjoyable. 7Dr. Lorber's attention to teaching dates back, to his own education. ‘Me attended Swart hmorc College because htefeft their program had a strong commitment to students. Me continued his education at the ‘University of tVennsylvania School of Medicine. Ole first came to Temple ‘University as a resident in Medicine, drazvn here by the then recent appointment of ‘Dr. Sol Sherry to the faculty. Mis decision to become a fellow in Infectious ‘Disease came (ate in his residency. Me had been a conscientious objector during the war. While waiting for an honorable discharge he decided to go on into a fellowship. Me chose ID because he felt that it allowed him to work with two biological systems, one being the patient and his illness; the other, the infectious agent that caused the illness. Dr. Lorber's life, however, is more than medicine. During his years at Swarthmore College, he met his unfe Carol. They have two sons, Sam, twenty, and josh, eighteen. Mis hobbies include guitar-playing and photography. 8Hooders 9 Dr. Robert Troyer Dr. Carson Schneck10ADMINISTRATION University Officials: President........................................... Peter J. Uacouras Vice-President for Health Science Center..................Peter Scanlon Provost.................................... Barbara L. Brownstein. Ph.D. Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Temple University Hospital................Michael K. Jhln Associate Dean for Affiliated Hospitals and Special Projects........................James T. Demopodos, M.D. Medical School Administrative Staff: Dean............................................ Martin Goldberg. M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum........................Hugo D. Smith. M.D. Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Management......... .................Robert Uris Assoclote Dean for Clinical Affairs...............Leon $ Ma’mud. M.D. Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education..................................Albert J. Finestone. M.D. Senior Associate Dean..............................Richard Kozera, M.D. Assistant Dean of Admissions.........................Joseph Baum. M.D. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.....................Sally Rosen. M.D. Assistant Dean of Graduate Students.................Dawn B. Marks, Ph D. Assistant Dean......................................Chories S. Ireland. Jr. Assistant Dean for Resources........................Stanley Mann. Ph.D. Deon and Director of Admissions and Student Programs.............................Moses Williams, Ph D. Assistant Dean for Finance and Medical Practices...........................................Thomas Freitag Assistant Dean for Temple........................................William Schulze Administrator of Faculty and Student Records.............M. Judith Russo Administrative Assistant. Office of the Dean................Eloise Glick Director. Administrative Services.......................Rose A. Ferrara Director of Clinical Faculty Practice Plans...............William Sacks Executive Director for Development and Alumni Affairs.............................................Charles Glanvllle Director of Library Services. HSC..............................Mark-Alien Taylor Martin Goldberg. M.D. Hugo D. Smith. M.D. 12 Administration1 Future President of the AMAM. Judy Russo Recruitment. Admissions and Retention.... Dorothy Dennison and. of course. It there's women, there's Rob. 14 AdministrationStudent Labs Temple Owts are EVERYWHERE! PriscHIa Barnes Office of Student Programs Secretaries for the Dean's office Dean Smith. No problem! Administration 15Gerrl Morton. Office of Student Programs MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS Stanton W. Soltzman, Director Jane Axamethy and Cheryl Arthur Ross Matlco Joseph Gudonis 1 16 AdministrationiWE COULD HAVE GONE ANYWHERE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OF THE COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM OF HICHER EDUCATION SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TU-556-00 3400 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 19140 Leo M. Henikoff. M.D. Dean Vice President for Mcdual Affain November 3, 1983 Dear Applicant, I am truly delighted to offer you a place in the 1984 entering class of the Temple University School of Medicine. The life of the institution is its people; and we have great expectations of this class. It is with respect for your past accomplishments and antici-pation of your contributions to the Temple community that this offer of acceptance is advanced. Our commitment to you transcends your four years as a medical student and includes the provision of opportunities for graduate medical education and ultimately practice, research, and teaching within the Temple system. Our acceptance offer is based on several conditions which are outlined in the enclosed letter from Moses Williams, Ph.D. Please review carefully the conditions and the procedures to be followed for matriculation. If you have questions on these matters you should address them to Dr. Williams, who will be pleased to respond. Congratulations are in order for your success to this point in your career. We look forward to sharing in your future achievements with a good deal of anticipation. I w I 4 ) ' 4 I Yours tru , LMH gmPEfinCO TECH technical institute lC national HO SCHOOLS OVERBROOK SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND Career Institute EDUCATION THAT WORKS Office of Admissions Sct ooU ot Elect'omcs 0'»Mio C 0 Comput WO 0 Automotive Gas 4 0 «M' Automotive Boar O.eAei Trucfc T»cnooioflv March 13, 1984 Dear Applicant, Your complete application and supporting documents have been carefully reviewed by the Committee on Admissions. The Committee, after deliberation, regrets to inform you that you are not among those to whom we can offer a place in our next first year class. The large number of applicants makes it impossible to accept many whom we would like to have as members of our incoming class. I hope that you are successful in gaining admission to some school somewhere, so that you can become a productive member of society. Sincerely, N. 0. Chance Chairman, Admissions .. . WELL, MAYBE NOT8PHILADELPHIA 21Robert Troyer. Ph.D.. Department Chairperson 22 Pre-Clinical YearsCorson Schneck. M.D.. Ph.D. Patricks Olds-Clarke. Ph.D. 23Plaid is In vogue for the fall Albert Lampertl. Ph.D. John ’Daddy' Huber, M.D.. Ph.D., Professor Emeritus A day In lab_____after a hard night, uh, studying. Mark Black. Ph.D. 24 Pre-Clinical Years25 Unci© Carson wants you!Sue thinks we need male models! 26 Pre-Clinical Years27 Lourie Paavola. Ph.D.The Physiology of Lab---- Joan Gault. M.D. 28 Pre-Clinical Years Ronald Tuma. Ph.D. The Physiology of Exercise---- James Heckman. Ph.D The Physiology of Underwater Exploration______EMO on the slopes! Steven Houser. Ph.D. 30 Pre-ClinicaI YearsThe Physiology of Prepubescent Kewple Dolls Bates vs. Audrey II 31Gerhard Piaut, Ph.D., Department Chairman Dawn Marks. Ph.D. Ronald Pierlnger. Ph.D. 32 Pre-Clinical Years Awaiting their ultimate fate-Schromm-O-Grom Vern Schramm, Ph.D. The perpetual unanswerable question 33 J. Kenneth Hoober. Ph.D. Colleen Smith, Ph.D.Caught In the actl to be here Happy to bo horo W S'r'. f V Beware of man bearing nitrites Really happy35Gloria Greenberg Lee Bacheler. Ph.D. Jon Dertel, Ph.D. David Jensen, Ph.D. James Keen, Ph.D. Sangduk Kin, Ph.D. Prabhakar Lotiikar, Ph.D. Woon Paik. M.D. Michael Strover. Ph.D. 36 Pre-Clinical Years37 Hop© Pumett. Ph.D. — GeneticsOn the first day of anatomy.... Just a 'fun guy' 38 Christmas ShowEmbryo mad© simple Christmas Wishes Christmas Show 39TAKE FIVE____ON THE WALL!Renato Baserga. M.D.. Department Chairman Joseph Baum. M.D. 42 Pre-Clinical YearsChik-Kv un Tang, M.D. Eugene Hoenig. M.D. Irena Kaprowska, M.D. Sally Rosen. M.D. 43Sl-Chung Ming. M.D. Nahum Duker. M.D. Pen-Ming Ming. M.D. Bruce Elfenbein. M.D. 44 Pre-Cllinical Years45 John Wurzel. M.D. Richard Ochs, M.DKenneth Soprano. Ph.D. Gerald Shockmon, Ph.D.. Department Chairperson Leonard Zubrzycki. Ph.D. Kenneth Cundy. Ph.D. i V 46 Pre-Clinical YearsToby Eisenstein. Ph.D. Michael Higgins. Ph.D.I can name that Grcm (-) rod! Lolita Daneo-Moore. Ph.D. Walter Ceg'owski. Ph.D. Women of Tempt© Med! Morton Klein. Ph.D. 48 Pre-Clinical YearsThomas Rogers. Ph.D. Earl Henderson. Ph.D. Scenes from lab--- 49 Bain de Soleil for the San Tropez tanConcetto Harokol. Ph.D. 50 Pre-Clinical Years J. Bryan Smith. Ph.D.. Department Chairman John O'Neill. Ph.D.51 Kresge B during Pharm Lecture Where the class really is during Pharm Lecture52 Pre-Clinical YearsRonald Tallarida. Ph.D. James McElligott. PhD. Charles Papacostas. Ph.D. - Professor Emeritus A.M. (Antidepressant Master) Singer 53 Larry Harrison, shy?54 Pre-Cllnical YearsDavid Gary Smith. M.D. Course Director SYSTEMS DISEASE PART I Lisa Crawford 55BEST OF MEDNOTES 2. Air pollution Pollution particles contain metals ( haven't you ever heard of dust magnets?). When aloft, these flying nuclei of death are capable of passing into the aveoli. The metals are distributed on the dust particle as shown: Physically Absent Bob Lutz Shawn McCandless Mike Karp (as always) ad infinitum MOfSTUM SffKFRl. Scoc-on orowp w hay fry fyn mourti no— »47er««at toomor } by W 9v -ro diion. 130 pm Sar dr, r Mary HotCKUl. Qtmt Raom Unghema Physiology According to Karp 4 10 86 L.E. Harrison 9:00-10,00 page 1 of6 Oec cCV OP St_VO-W«lS P 't GWATV. TcfcrfS'y . USA 13c rjJx TtWO '2» VOM O a tvT °» Vit - lAt A’CCX vhV 'r tsu Ca VS so ’tCDbV. Fim aY tawo- 'rws. hwc,H v,vr. ;un ;w t-kwKsen ury c... «vw » v r“w,M s ' ' ,"t- AtaV. W6V, o t td TO •wt GCA . Hoffr ttXW'O tg.L OMr 0 1' - C A, tT . SOMUJW. y «,. UtenT « cv;.«, w TM- WS --- «« i -tVM- The women- of the Temple Med Class of 88 are just about ready to begin the filming of their new fitness workout tape. We haven't yet come up with the final title -how about..."You too can have a Heather Locklearesque figure while obtaining a medical degree just like the knockouts in Classroom B" he film will be featuring-Diane Begany who will explain how, if you just concentrate on the music, the steps will just come naturally; Robin Leight will discuss the benefits of jazz dance, weight training and color-coordinated sneakers; Rebecca Leon will demonstrate how one can still act like the perfectly well-mannered woman while sweating like a pig, Lisa Casale will demonstrate the quietly-slip-out-the-door-before-she-starts-the-leg-workouts maneuver,Elaine Cronauer will demonstrate how to get a flat tummy in 2 short weeks, Mary Eberhardy will show you various funny faces you can have while you're working out, Lisa Hutton will show you how to maintain that womanly figure with just one workoutper month and Sharon Mullin will show you the most amazing feat of all- how tp keep that sleek look without ever donning a pair of Reeboks (She probably doesn't even own a pair-could you just diel?l) "... I don't think nature would devise such a complicated and intricate mechanism for only pubic hair. We don't even need it." -Iraj Rezvani, MD {lecture 4 4 86INTRODUCING SCOTT CHAPIN. OUR 1986 SPOKESMAN FOR... Massengill DISPOSABLE DOUCHE W "Who else, but roe to be this years spokesman? I follow in the footsteps of Pres. Regan ( 83). J. Fryer (’8 ) and the nepharious renal man, R. Narins (’85)- Kassengill is the perfect ending for Harrison’s Disorder. Think of roe and ask for it by name. A MtssMAN who had once »erved on (he submarine USS Grampus had a real latent. He could walk a cup of coffee from (he galley up the ladder to the conning tower without spilling a drop. The officers marveled at this feat and would ask him, “How do you do it?" “Shucks," the mcssmin would say, “guess I was born with sea legs, or something." He even became a minor hero for the stunt, until one day someone discovered his secret. He would take a big gulp of coffee, hold it while he scrambled up and, just before reaching the top, spit the coffee back into the mug. —OnuopScr Buckler. 5mmmg la fUmtveU (Congdoo We d) ‘I hope Internship Is easier than this. To the class of '89: It ain't too late to go to AirCo Tech and get a high paying job as a welder!! We are all familiar with the mathematician’s assertion that if a thousand monkeys were given a thousand typewriters for a thousand years, one of them would write a Shakespearian sonnet. My corollary to this assertion is that out of the nine hundred and ninty-nine left, one would probably produce mednotes Sue Kyers has asked me to tell our class that she is looking for roednote work. She is also a new exhibit at the Touch Me Museum. ‘Tie been lied to and lied to and lied to ” Mednotes 57LOVE SCENES TAKE 1 Antony and Cleopatra Trocy and Hepburn ? ? ? 58 Love ScenesFred and Ginger ? ? ? Rhett and Scarlett Bogie and Bacall Love Scenes 59THE BOARDS PART I IU » IK IV The Exam Typical pose 60 Preclinical YearsPreclinical Years 61Student Council Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Board Rugby Team Members of the faculty, bucking for a shot oil the Tonight Show, attend the Annual Contest of Chicken Cluckers. 62 OrganizationsOrganization for the furtherment of skiing and reflective sunglasses. TUMSA The Outdoors' Club Class Representatives 63 SNMA Susan prepares to play ball.64 Pre-Clinical Years65 c ut. NOW PLAYING Vb 06 ft TEMPLE SUMMER STOCK 66 Summer ScenesAnesthesiology Dr. Robert Shupak and Dr. Chatwani Dr. Christer Carlsson. Chairman Dr. Martin Rocco amusing a friend Dr. Ansuya Chatwani Dr. Rodger Barnette 68 Clinical YearsDr. Dovld Fish and Dr. Carlsson Not F ictured: Dr. Nell Brister Dr. Suzanne Cooper Dr. Ruth Dombkoski Dr. Alexandra Karetas Dr. Kenneth J. Lee Dr. Mary R.W. Reardon Dr. Lynn Welsbord 69 Dr. Nancy B. Kenepp and anesthetized friendIs it true. Dr. Urbach, that there exists a correlation between weight lifting and facial wrinkles? Dr. Urbach. Dr. Eric Vonderheid. and Dr. Anand Lattanand I swear Doc. it Just started as a small pimple on my chin____ 70 Clinical Years! r" We seem to be having difficulty with this yearbook page. FRANK! FRANK! Hurry, hurry, hurry... "Why do they always make me do this?’ Keygrip 71snaring insurance Temple is ranked No. 1 Dennis Con net The America's Cur Trouble on the Fa Christa McAuliffethe airport massacres Neurosurgeon Lyness clearec in assault cast m 3 j7C of o fi AirrDr. Michele Johnson Dr. Michael Love Dr. Arnold C. Friedman Dr. fticnara vini Dr. N. David Charkes Dr. Dine Caroline 74 Clinical Years Dr. Francis Shea Dr. Mamed Mesgarzadeh Dr. Charles Mulhern Dr. Alan Maurer Dr. Paul Radecki Not Pictured: Dr. Shailendra Desai Dr. Linda Knight Dr. Anna Lev-Toaff Dr. Jeffry Siegel Dr. George Revesz Dr. Theodore Villafana Dr. Ivan Vujic Dr. Thomas Witomskl Dr. Marvin Ziskin 75 Dr. Akbar BonakdarpourSay Aaaah Mama Stembach. M.D. Now. modelling another outfit from our family practice wear, David Epstein. M.D. we have the relaxed old-fashioned country doc look. 76 Clinical Years The Family Practice Department. Including Drs. Carmen Febo-San Miguel. Joseph Kipp, Fred B. Rogers. Marna Stembach. James MacBride. Marlah W. Vassall. Daniel Wolk. and D. Michael Baxter. "SYSTEM BEEN DOWN LONG?" Janis W. Rubin. M.D. Gloria Greenberg Got here as soon as I could, now what seems to be the problem? Twin sons of different mothers Stephen C. Brock. Ph.D. 77Turn your heod and cough. Good, now both of you try it. Dr. Fred Rogers First comes love, then comes marriage. then comes the... family practitioner? Not Pictured: Dr. Joseph Antonowicz Dr. Sibyl B. Beckett Dr. John Fryer Dr. Kevin Hepler Dr. Chester Schneider Dr. Robert M. Yost Dr. Mary Zoller 78MORE MEDNOTES 0 • OUNG Plum - ...MV' .. T-i yf W- nr c t MUn« • • [!»!%• • rrr PVTOii 0 1. nr.M, {Wit n» UD r»«X lPX A |fcV V«v» 1“.. ’HCf win PO ».• N. ■ »'«. A WW t It seems Madam X, the one who sued Temple because she lost her psychic powers, has regained her ability. I knew you would be relieved too. Just to make amends, she offered predictions for some of the Class of '88 concerning 3rd year rotations. Michael Kaep will quit medical school after his psych rotation to start a comedy career. He states, "I finally realized there is an audience out there." His tour of psych wards across the U.S. is a smashing sucess until Dan McGuire in a fit of jealousy murders him and states, "If I can't get a laugh, no one can." Dan hides out in a posh Jewish resort but is easily found. You guessed it, he was the only McGuire on the roster. Andy Hirsh won't do rotations at Temple. He will transfer to Univ. of Mich. School of Medicine and then proceed to talk about Temple all the time. I Dan Delp - be arrested during his Med. II rotation in Reading. It seems he will be signing prescription pads without a license. Carl Silver will become proficient at starting an I.V. during surgery. His only problem will be finding a line long enough to reach from the coffee pot of Dox'i truck to his arm across the street. Cameron B. will refuse to do surgery because the surgical greens cover up too much of his chest hair. Sam Mucci will panic after learning how to do a urinalysis during Med. I. It seems Sam will test his own urine and.find an extremely low creatine output. (No Sam, it's not a problem with your ; AWtSfS ) 4) The First Annual "Class of 86" Lecture Series: a - "Directions and proper utilization of the T-3000 series Lecture Podium" - Douglas Mest.b.S. Temple b - "The Melanin Pro clem - Pigmentation and the Modern American Suntan" - Robin Leight.o.S. Temple c - "Overexertion and the Importance of Rest between Sets" -Jonathan bell, B.S. Penn” d - "Fretting, '.nashing, and Slashing - Stress and the Value of Relaxation to the Medical Student" - Jody Krosnick, B.A. Yale e - "Sophomore May - where Have All the Temple Jirls Gone?" -Kevin Kunkle, B.S. Ursinus Mednotes 79TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth University School of Medicine Office of the Dean 3400 N. Broad Si. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140 215) 2214759 1. Ophthalmology Dear Resident Selection Committee Chairman of 2. Orthopaedics 3. Other 1. strong support of 1. last name This letter is in 2. reference to Mr. Mrs. 2. maiden name 3. defense of 3. hyphenated name 1. a residency who is applying for 2. a year of research 3. Dean of Temple Med School at your institution. 1. all his her life While I have known Mr. Mrs. 2. throughout medical school, (name) 3. only % hour I feel 1. first name 2. 'nickname' will be 3. soc. sec. 1. an asset 2. a warm body 3. a potential malpractice source for your program. Mr. Mrs. graduated (last name) 1. magne 2. cum laude from 3. barely 1. an Ivy League University. 2. a good state or local college. 3. Temple (but they could have gone anywhere). He she was active in 1. collegiate sports. 2. biochemical research. 3. frat party debauchery. 1. name During the first two years in medical school, 2. nickname 3. soc.sec. 1. was an honors student. 2. was an above average student. 3. managed to pass every course—eventually. On part I of the NBME, he she scored 1. an avg. of greater than 700 2. an avg. just less than 700 3. a total of 700 (adding all the scores up). In the third year clinical rotations, his her evaluations can be summarized as follows: (Select 1 from Col. A. 1 from Col. B, and 1 from Col. C) Column A (Medicine) HONORS HIGH PASS PASS “meticulous and compulsive" “punctual and neatly groomed" “a future surgeon” Column B (Surgery) "overbearing and egotistical" “looks good in greens” “belongs in Int. Medicine" Column C (the soft stuff— Ob Peds Psych) “enthusiastic" "enthusiastic" “enthusiastic” In conclusion, from my discussion with (formal name), I have found him her to be 1) diligent 2) quiet 3) compasionate 4) sexy 5) intelligent 6)‘ in need of a shower. (Circle any four) I therefore recommend this candidate 1. strongly. 2. warmly. 3. because I have to. Thank you very much. I remain. Yours sincerely. 1. 2. 3. 4. Years 5- Alan 1. Barba William 2. Cristol Hugo 3. Shultz (choose a first and Bill 4. Rogers last name) Fred 5. Smith 81 Some of tfte noovttal organ INTERNAL MEDICINE Cardiology Emergency Medicine Endocrinology Metabolism Gastroenterology General Internal Medicine Hematology Oncology Infectious Disease Nephrology Pulmonary Rheumatology Don't I look happy to be here? Usa ‘runs the show Crawford Listen to the heartbeat of America 82 Clinical YearsThe frugal delver of Med. I Honors PEANUTS gHAR M.. Hy.L2 WHEN VOU MEET YOUR DOCTOR IN THE HAllWAy OF THE HOSPITAL. AND HE DOESN'T RECOGNIZE YOU.. YOU KNOW WHAT'S A 3AD SI6N ? S3'Here's to raising those HDL's!' 84 Clinical YearsI Not Pictured: Dr. Alfred Bove Dr. Daniel S. Contrafatto Dr. Christopher Hansen Dr. Steven Heilbrunn Dr. Joseph Kleaveland Dr. loannls Panidis An BBC's eyevlew of the Bight AtriumDr. Mark Boschert teaches Chip the famous Temple Grasshopper recipe. Dr. Frederic Kauffman Margie is troubled by the 'double bubble 86 Clinical YearsDr. Justin Kaplan Herman "Who’s next? 87Dr. Oliver Owen Dr. Bertram Channick Testosterone In excess! Dr. Allan Marks Not Pictured: Dr. Charles Shuman 88 Clinical YearsDr. Stanley Lorber Dr. Robert Fisher Dr. Sidney Cohen Dr. Martin Black Have proctosigmoidoscope. will travel. Postprandial lethargy sets in Not Pictured: Dr. Marta Dabezias Dr. Benjamin Krevsky Dr. Angelo Merlo 89General Internal Medicine David Brody. M.D. Look. I'm doing my 6th H P tonight and no thanks. I do not want to do a 7th to break the med stud record! Marie Bernard. M.D. 90 Clinical YearsSo, after my 5th try. I finally took an 18 gauge needle and just stuck it straight in; boy. did that guy screaml Ellen Tedaldi. M.D.. Steven Ellis. M.D.. Neil Ffehman, M.D.. and Arthcr Hopkins, M.D. Mr. Jones' potassium is seven point what? Not Pictured: Susan Uchter Deutsch. M.D. Mary Fishman. M.D. Stanley Forman, M.D. Thomas Hul, M.D. Maryellen Kyle, M.D. Mary McGinley. M.D. Sydrla Schaeffer. M.D. 91 You want me to do a rectal on EVERY patient on 7 East?Hematology Oncology 92 Clinical YearsDr. H. James Day 93 Dr. Rita AxelrodBennett lorber, M.D. (The one with the beard) Thomas Fekete. M.D. Can you name 3 Infectious diseases that this man may be a carrier of? 94 Clinical YearsNephrology Dr. Robert Narins. Chairman, demonstrates how uremia can Impair one's ability to perform normal dalty activities. Have dipstix, will travel. Christine Basil. M.D. Goilopudi Krishna. M.D. Here's a picture of our newest little nephron — my. what cute tubules she's got. Not Pictured: Michael h'eifets. M.D. Louis Riley. M.D. Gerri Shuiman. M.D. 95So, how did your patient respond when you told her Sure, you can bronch me. she had the best pair of lungs you'd ever seen? for a price. 96Rheumatology Steven Berney. M.D. The first sign of ankylosing spondylitis Alan Myers. M.D. Charles Tourte'.lotte, M.D. 97 Douglas Conaway. M.D, Will the real Dr. Berney please remove those silly glasses98 Love Scenes Mystery CoupleSee No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Mil Love Scenes 99Neurology Dr. Jeffrey Greensteln. Acting Chairman Chorea. Hemiballism. or Athetosis? Dr. Guillermo DeLeon Dr. Milton Alter Dr. Joseph Toglla Not Pictured: Dr. H. Branch Coslett Dr. Mark Moster 100 Clinical YearsDr. James A. Kenning » • opMOllon wot a tuccBtv lo M • dock wlBi lilt rw» roman txwn wwnl on lo bocotn Bo loodwi oI u gp«al lock Irwin, howwvvi -at GtfcocUoO l y Ml twn.li ond lanviy orxl •vw jO y |utl wunOu.«d too . 101 Dr. Robert H. Rosenwasser Dr. Raymond Truex. Jr.Obstetrics Gynecology V ' ■ Dr. Parviz Hanjani. Acting Chairman Dr. Ash win Chatwanl Admiring the final product Demonstrating external rotation Dr. Roseanne Oyer 102 Clinical YearsAnnie, Annie, do you hove any lumps? Recently named in paternity suit Not Pictured: Dr. Ramaswamy Mohan 1 Dr. Denise Hartman 103A LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES Another breast lecture 104 A Look Behind the Scenes105TAKE FIVE FOR LUNCH Medical school Is a clam bake. Whatl Sue Myers made this? Jeff demonstrates the ins and outs of Gastroenterology. 106 Reservations at TUH cafeteria--- few need them, many have them.Knows when to soy when? Moffin’s: Better than tube feedings. 107Dr. John Lochmon Dove answering a casting call Dr. Howard Steel Ray Moyer, M.D. for president? 108 Clinical YearsDr. Philip Alburger. aka Pedi-pod I got hurt taping Mednotes. What's your excuse. Tod? Dr. Edward Resnick Dr. Lawrence Crossett Not Pictured: Dr. Paul Marchetto Dr. Paul Weidner 109Otorhino- laryngology Dr. Max Ronis, Chairman Jeff Taylor demonstrates the Mairs (diglto-nasal) reflex. Not Pictured: Dr. John Tucker Dr. Bernard Ronis Dr. Charles Norris. Professor Emeritus Temple's first successful phalangolabiopexy. 110 Clinical YearsOn September 14. 1987, administrators. faculty, city and state officials, and guests gathered at Front Street and Erie Avenue to break ground for the new St. Christopher s Hospital for Children. Located on 7.5 acres of land, the $75 million facility is set for completion in January. 1990. The new location, about a dozen blocks from the current facility, will make St. Christopher's more easily accessible to those patients who travel from outside the area, while allowing the continuation of its special mission to the pediatric community of North Philadelphia. In the words of Waldo E. Nelson, M.D.. Professor Emeritus. ‘There is a soul in what is done at St. Christopher's, a great spirit. My advice to us all as we proceed is to gtiard carefully that spirit." Dr. Angelo DIGeorge 111Dr. David S Smith. Deputy Chairman of Pediatrics Dr- Paula Braverman Drs. Lillian Chin. Pensri Wangle©, and Glty Banan Dr. Edward Hein. Allergy Dr. Iraj Rezvanl. Endocrine Dr. Terry Anderson. Cardiology Not Pictured: Dr. Richard Donner. Cardiology Dr. David Burton. Cardiology Dr. Uoyd Marks. Cardiology Dr. Anna O'Riordan. Cardiology Dr. David Schor. Development Behavlor Dr. Maureen A. Fee. Development Behavior Dr. Charles Omdal Dr. Craig Cohen. Cardiology The members of Pennrldge Pediatrics are: Dr. Joseph Glrone Dr. Thomas Hipp (above) Dr. Edward Rothstein Dr. Ruth Schiller Dr. Ronald Souder 112 Clinical YearsDr. Charles Reed. Chief of Ambulatory Pediatrics Not Pictured: Dr. Kathleen Toomey, Medical Genetics Dr. Hope Punnett. Medical Genetics Dr. Mark Grossman. Medical Genetics Dr. Marie Stuart. Hematology Oncology Dr. Yamaja Setty. Hematology Oncology Dr. Ronald Waienga. Hematology Oncology Dr. Hcrold Uschner. Immunology Rheumatology Dr. Walter Boutwell. Neonatology Dr. Helena Frtss. Neonatology Dr. James Kirk. Neonatology Dr. Amy Zucker. Neonatology Dr. Coral Hanevold. Nephrology Dr. Bruce Kaiser. Nephrology Dr. Martin Polinsky. Nephrology Dr. Greg Halllgan. Hematology Oncology Dr. Robert Wimmer. Hematology Oncology Dr. David Rubensteln. Neonatology Dr. Meg Fisher. Infectious Diseases Dr. Sarah Long, Infectious Diseases Dr. Jorge Baluarte. NephrologyDr. Daniel Schidlow, Pulmonary Medicine Dr. Long and Dr. Eileen Tyraia. Neonatology. Or, Dr. Tyrala and Dr. Long. The most recent studies have been unable to distinguish between the two. Dr. Eleanor Smergel, Radiology Drs. Marie Capitanio and Barbara Wolfson. Radiology Dr. James RrvleHo. Neurology Dr. Margaret Gainey, Radiology Not Pictured: Dr. Catherine Foley, Neurology Dr. Julian Allen, Pulmonary Dr. Brad Alpert. Pulmonary Dr. Lynne Quittell. Pulmonary Bryn Mawr Pediatrics: Dr. James DeMarco Dr. Michael Harkness Dr. James Reynolds Dr. Rohinton Balsara. CT Surgery Dr. Charles Vinocu, General Surgery Dr. John A. Tucker. ENT Laboratory Personnel In Pediatrics: Dr. Mildred Kistenmacher. Director Barbara Goldsmith. Ph.D.. Clinical Chemistry Joel Mortenson, Ph.D.. Microbiology Adamadia Deforest. Ph.D., Virology 114 Clinical YearsDr. William Welnfraub. Dr. Stephen Dunn. Dr. Stuart Hulnick. Director of Surgery General Surgery Plastic Surgery 115GROSS FINE MOTOR — MOTOR LANGUAGE ADAPTIVE PERSONAL-SOCIAL FIRST YEAR ______I______ SECOND YEAR _____I_______ THIRD YEAR ______I_____ FOURTH YEAR _____I_______ MATCH DAY _J______ GROVELS TO ALL DOC’S INCLUDING Ph D.’t GROVELS TO PROMOTION COMMITTEE GROVELS TO RESIDENT GROVELS TO NO ONE GROVELS TO ATTENDING GROVELS TO RESIDENT SELECTION COMMITTEE LOVES PATIENTS I LIKES PATIENTS! TOLERATES PATIENTS APPLY TO ANESTHESIOLOGY TRANSFER TO PATHOLOGY WANTS TO HE LP PEOPLE] ______I_________________ WANTS TO HELP SCIENCE |_______________ I WANTS TO ME LP WITH PROCEDURES WANTS TO HELP AT McDONALDS ABLE TO USE FINGERS IN BLUNT DISSECTION ABLE TO DO MENIAL TASKS: THEN SAY -THANKS"______ L.P. NEEDLE W FECAL MATERIAL L P NEEDLE W 60.000 RBC L P W O R8C TAKES COPIOUS NOTES I STAYS AT HOME. OCCASIONAL NOTES WITH NOTE RE11E.SQN NQLE.-SE.RV.ICE SERVICE SUPPLEMENTATION COMES TO CLASS BUT DOES CROSSWORD PUZZLE PROGRESS NOTES 2 PAGES PROGRESS NOTE "AGREE WITH RESIDENT" COSIGNS RESIDENT NOTES "DO WE HAVE TO KNOW THAT?" "IS IT ON THE BOARDS?” ” YOU MEAN — YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!” ”1 USED TO KNOW THAT” THINKS "STERILE TECHNIQUE’ WILL PREVENT POSSIBILITY OF HAVING KIDS REALIZES VALUE OF "STERILE TECHNIQUE." CHOOSES RESIDENCY IN NEUROSURGERY REALIZES THAT RESIDENCY WILL PREVENT POSSIBILITY OF HAVING KIDS KNEELS IN FRONT OF CARSON SCHNECK BACK TURNED TO DR. ELFENBEIN COWERS ON ATTENDING ROUNDS COWERS DURING INTERVIEW STANDS UPRIGHT SEVERSCAROTID IN SEVERSCAROTID IN CAROTID CANNULATED WHILE ANATOMY LAB PHYSIOLOGY LAB ATTEMPTING C V P LINE PERFORMS CAROTID ENDARTERECTOMY IN SURGERY SUB. 1 o • Zz o o 3 1 1 z I 3 S I 3 o "O m 30 a m Z n 3 c o m Z o V o m Z t» m O 33 -I m 2 m ■o r- Sm m C" ZZ c m O m m Z ( O H m co H O I 1 2 • I !Dr. James 7. Demopoulos Dr. Steven Gaspar V Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dr. Amelia Tabuena Dr. N. Mayer emphasizes. ‘It's never too late for rehabilitation. Not Pictured: Dr. Michael Chelken 117John R. (2+2=5 and that's O.K.) Benson. M.D. John Harding. M.D. Ptotouot Golloghuf ami hli couhuvutsii lin_hnl (uu of itmuflarwouvl co ontwiy Itiu luuf oJ lK lylilv. uihJ Mm tknk. Barry Shmavonian. Ph.D. Really, life Isn't too bad here on 9 West. I mean you can talk to, er. uh. listen to the radio all day. 118 Clinical YearsRoy Steinhouse. M.D. So then the paranoid schizophrenic says to the manic-depressive. 'What are you staring at, lithium-breath?' John Fryer. M.D. Ralph M. Turner, Ph.D. 119Allan Cristol. M.D. Tie-dyed and proud of itl Needs a shrink ’MoytX) li t not mo. y'luvow? .. Moybo li t lliu oil ol llio hold lliart tfooo uitono Not Pictured: Michael Ascher. Ph.D. Robert Clark. D.O. Kenneth Draper. M.D. Alan Goldstein. Ph.D. Louis Harris, M.D. Gerald Mehalick, D.O. Peter Mayer. M.D. Donald Overton, Ph.D. Richard Roemer. Ph.D. Roy Stern. M.D. Carol Tosone. ACSW Arthur Lazarus. M.D. 120 Clinical YearsRadiation Oncology Dr. Am M. Chu. Chairman Dr. Craig L. Silverman Dr. Olubunml Abayomi Totally RAD studentsSurgery Dr. Wallace P. Ritchie, Chairman Dr. Julieta Grosh Aren't these caps---SPECIAL? Dr. Francis C. Au Dr. Maler keeps abreast of things Dr. Vincent Lauby We broke_____for lunch 122 Clinical YearsDr. James McClurken -Whoa1 Watch «hc»o that Wng kiodt - ■ ■ » protooe ow«a ft" If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 123 Dr. Anthony J. Comerota What's up her sleeve?Dr. Head Neck Dr. Jacob Kolff Well. Mary, what do you tttnk? Dr. Nicholas Cavarocchi Undercover Doc "And Wfiol K this. Nurse Wilkens? I disimclty asked for the btg scolpe Btg scalpel! Big scoipett" The Beaming Surgeon What's the mecnlng of life? Not Pictured: Dr. Patricia M. Bailey Dr. Robert F. Buckman Dr. Jeffrey Alpern Dr. Kristin Sfueber 124 Clinical YearsSTUNTMEN The training room We have the training to build .... a bionic stuntman Doug exhibits his award-winning spike Gathering of Local 3400 of the Scutmonkey's Union 125 Dave gives his all to elicit a Babinski on a resistant patient. Go ahead. I dare you to check for steroids. 126 Clinical YearsON LOCATION 127Dr. Bernard Klnlaw and Dr. Jack Kelly Dr. Richard Snyder (left). Dr. Phil Fteekop 128 No v onder It takes so long to get a refill of coffee.Dr. John Kukora shows Bob Lutz the business end of the colonoscope. 129A friendly, familiar face Dr. Mel vyn Tiger — Int. Med. Dr. Mamunes — Pediatrics Dr. Arnold Cohen - OB GYN slariod down mo rood of professional basfcotbon before an ankJe injury drvertod him into science Dr. Raja — Nephrology 130 Affiliates Dr. Robert Somers — Surgery. Chairman Dr. Gary Levine — Gastroenterology Dr. Siegel - «• Med' 131Wayne peruses a chart. Chas. discusses ID with Dr. David Schlossberg. Greg------The Great Collator Rhonda examines hematology slides with Dr. Oyer. Dr. David Cohen Need I say more? 132 Affiliates133 Silver vs. IronDr. D'Orazio — Radiology Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Flowers — E.R. Gerrr anfown Food: Tastes great?__Less filling? 134 Affiliates135Mercy Hospital. Scranton Lancaster General Hospital Reading Hospital 136 AffiliatesDr. Paul Engstrom — Internal Medicine Dr. Burton Eisenberg — Surgery Dr. James L. Weese — Surgery. Chairman i Dr. Gary Hudes — Internal Medicine The a on ainoiou'i Become cartel 137Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital 138 Affiliates139 N.B.M.E. II — The Sequel Dammit Mills, are you asking me or telling me? Midway through the exam. Allen pulls out a bigger brain. NBME's Poster Child Public health? You better start worrying about personal health. 140Two days, two hundred bucks, and all l get is a lousy powdered doughnut. Sharon Mullin's fan dance is always welcome respite for the troops during the boards. Knows the answer, but won't tell--- ’Quick! Call my boyfriend! I need the keys Tells the answer, but doesn't know.... to these handcuffs.’ lisa laments to Greg Oriented to 'place' only 141m A. Doyle Malcolm B. Behzad Parva C. Dave Carter D. Tony Scola E. Greg Lane F. Rhonda Greggs G. Marc Davis H. Steve Bowers 1. John Powers J. Doug Mest K. Nancy Graboyes L. Ellen Lazarus M. Sabina Diehr N. Steve Rothman O. Greg Case P. Marian Ormont Q. Jon Bell R. Jim Peightel Ndoa si avis vA. Poul Mather B. Sharon Messics C. Cheryl Gooden D. Linda Crowther E. Bill Barry F. Terry Sullivan G. Kelly O'Neill H. Laura Pierl 1. Lisa Hutton J. Scott Fuchs K. Nancy Cristoforo L. Seth Bemey M. Mike Bromberg N. Carl Silver O. Cary Campanella P. Sam Muccl Q. Frank Falco R. Carol Harrus S. Dennis tvill 1ujog s| JDis V t7t7L Ron Hoffmann Sob Baranowski C Jim Hurley D Jodie Buxbaum E. Lisa Casale F. Mary Eberhart G. Todd Griffith H. Joe Sabol L Ron Schreiber J. Scott Sessions K. Stan Kofsky L. MattThran M. Ken Brinsko N. Mike Warner O. Tom Hargest P. Alice Pierce Q. Nancy Dunbar INSfrl A. Harry Malcolm B. Robin Leight C. Hal Cohan D. Sue Borys E. Rob Podolsky F. Mary McLoone G. Wanda Patton H. Mike Hlrsch 1. Brad Van Duker J. Diane Begany K. Chuck Pue 1. Mark Emas M. Victor Abraham N. Mark Armstrong O. Mike Karp Iujog s| io s V 9t7l A. Lori Paserchla B. Allen Singer C. Elaine Cronauer D. Sharon Mullin E. Margie Januszkiewicz F. Mike Malrs G. Dan Bergher H. Mike Patete 1. Jerry Canakis J. Ira Strassman K. Tony Valdes-Dapena L. Wayne Fosterm i H A. Sue Myers B. Bill Fortuner C. Chip Long D. Greg Chopls E. Cheryl Roberts F. Sue Schwartz G. Andy Hirsch H. Rob Mills L John Comerci148 Dressed for success Engrossed with Gross? Cow philosophy 150 Victor E. Abraham IIIKenneth J. Adelman 151152 Mark E. ArmstrongTUMS Dr. (!) Bak the last of enough 5 20 87 1300 Where is the Art in Medicine? I guess that some of you will probably remember me from my picture, but a few more - especially those who didn't come to class — know me better in this way, by my words. In any event. hopefully you won't mind me leaving you this page of prose instead of a picture of me in scrubs doing something profane to Cecil's or Robbin's__or Daddy Huber — Anyway_____it would seem a bit presump- tuous to suppose that there would be anything I could relate to you now that would be of value to any of us in the future. However. I was taught somewhere in my philosophy days that questions are really more useful than statements and I have plenty of those. Now. I don't mean “roundsman questions that show that a student has been reading the Journal of My Attending'$ Major Achievements (JOMAMA) — I mean questions that you think about, that have a life of their own. that can affect how you feel about what you are doing. I put one of mine at the top of the page, which I guess will end up somewhere between my bow-tie and the blemish on my left temple (unless they have airbrushed my bow-tie away).... Now, what the heck does that mean? (another good question — see how you kind of get a rhythm for this stuff) Well, you've heard I'm sure about the “art and science of medicine. In the first couple of years of school here. I wondered where the medicine was. sometimes where I was. After third year, gathering data for H P's written while on the way to a conference about what the appropriate therapy was for diseases I'd never seen so that I would be prepared for the monumental decision of A. B. C. D. or E. it became obvious to me where the answer to the question “Where is the science? was found — it Just wasn't available while the computer was down. This "art of medicine' that I heard about on “St. Elsewhere seemed to elude me. Having now completed my subinternship, and still not exactly sure where I am (I looked south and thought I saw the Chrysler Building the other day). I think I see a way of getting to an answer. It was while lingering along about 4:30 AM waiting for a lab result to tell me that this patient with no veins needs an IV that it hit me — "this is something out of Dante's Inferno.' In that moment I realized that if art can be thought of as finding meaning and. hopefully, value In human experience, then medicine Is full of art. Full of art — as long as someone is willing to be an artist and see what's special in all the sometimes humdrum and occasionally horrible human stories that will roll before us. Even tragedy has an aesthetic — it can be done poorly or well. Sounds very biopsychosocial. huh? I guess so. However, you can look at yourown life that way too. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I hope you find only a Rembrandt or Cezanne. If not. I'd like to think we're the painters as well, and have the right to change subjects, much less the colors and lines. It's been a pleasure to know you all. Peace with courage, truth with love. JL Mb — J. Randolph Bak 153154 Robert BaranowskiWilliam L. Barry 155Key West. 1986. 156 Diane P. BeganyRetain’ In the sun and sand S. Carolina Vacation" '85 To the Greatest Family.... Jonathan D. Bell 157158 INTERMISSIONDaniel Bergher 159To the Maid. Kelston. Lisa. Mary. Greg. Willy. Steve, Chuckles. Gramma. Uncle Fester. Lurch. Mamma Harrus. Elaine. Kirsten, the Mouse and especially Laura. David. Mom Dad. Without all of your support, guidance and love. I would never have made it this far. ‘I may grow old but I'll never grow up. A doctor is the only man who can tell a woman to take her clothes off and send her husband a bill for it. 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery which is why my dad sounds and acts so much like me. 160 Seth Mark BerneyINTERMISSION 161 162 INTERMISSIONsn 5 n y v Jeffrey P. Blice 163164 Susan Faith BorysV Steven K. Bowers 165166 Kenneth J. Brinsko • «Mom and Dad My brother-in-law. sister, mom. nephew and niece. Michael Bromberg 167’My Bar-MItzvah. 1977 (the tie b still too big for me!) 'With special thanks to my parents who made It all possible (the one in the middle Is my nephew. Steven). '2 3 of my M.D. Brothers (3rd one was in the O.R.) 'And thanks to good friends who made it a little bit more enjoyable.' 168 Kamran H. BroukhimSurf's up! What Grace does best. Dinner at the Brown's. Where have all the waves gone? Tod A. Brown 169My Family, Mom, Dad, Amy and Doug----------- To my old friends------ _____and my new friends. Thanks for your love and support! ----and of course, Elmer! — HO— 170 Jodie L. BuxbaumWhat can l say? We got kind of close ‘till it was all over. Thanks. Mom and Dad - For encouraging my dreams For teaching me discipline For giving me opportunities For caring so completely I love you! This next part is for the Lord (no photo available). 'It Is good to give thanks to the Lord, And to sing praises to Thy name, O Most High; To declare Thy loving kindness in the morning. And Thy faithfulness by night. With the ten-stringed lute and with the harp; With resounding music upon the lyre. For Thou, O Lord, ha?t made me glad by what Thou hast done. I Will sing for joy at the works of Thy hands.’ Psalm 92:1-4 We ve made it. Lord, and I invite You to join with me in the celebration' Help me now to honor You through the practice of medicine and in all that I d°J° ore my strength, my song, my salvation. Cary Cary L. Campenella 171---- yi. m P ---- The Three Musketeers Say Cheese Gang! Carla, you saw me through medical school holding me and loving me. Together. Always and Forever_____ Hold on Honey! Thank you Mom and Dad for your love and support. 172 Jerrold S. CanakisDedicated to Irene, mother. wife. and friend. With All My Love and Appreciation. P.S. To my folks, bet you never thought you'd see the day ... thanks! I say simply: Thank you! Anthony Cardell 173— % Gss A,y0v.ti. What a greot famiily! I.L.Y.M.T.Y.LM. • my sincerest thanks. Grand Rounds In college. Presenting was so much easier then. To my One and Only--thcnk$ Wendy I P.S. • Let's not study this weekend (hint). OK. so I applied a little too early. 174 David K. CarterThe Final Four Honors in Ob-Gyn The Casales 1963 it Lisa M. Casale 175L—£4 Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. Booker T. Washington In the central place of every heart there Is a recording chamber; as long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, so long you are young. When the wires are all down and your heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the Ice of cynicism, then and only then, are you grown old. Douglas Mac Arthur 176 Charles G. Case—M b._ Thanks to my parents who are responsible for such a great family. Steven E. Casey 177Af'p — My family: I couldn't have made it without you. I love you. Could you lend me a few bucks? Where's Forman? Clueless 178 $cott D. ChapinI'd Ilk© to tharfc my parents for their love, support and encouragement. Thanks also to my sisters. Anne and Lauren, for being my best friends. I could not have done it without a!l of you. V- 0. ------ sextfoao WAVE. A 100. rue rw T I love, doc 't uitM UKe At AHOtUtoJtNC OtA, Itwxv I IlAUI TO -7 00 Ul TW w ufe. ON TUte tGUT 6t0t, lT'e RtAt6l£lNl6 TO KNOW I UXVtMT ItAKU? set- 2 I've decided to study the rigorous discipline of boat medicine 11 Gregory J. Chapis 179180 John C. ChenYou only live twice; Once when you are born. And once when you look death in the face. •Fleming 1964 Hal Cohan 181To my family---Thank you for your encouragement, support and love .... I love you. 182 John T. ComerciRichard N. Conn 183184 Everett B. Cooper, Jr.Love and thanks to Mom, Dad. Steve. Caro) and Andy, and my larger farrviy, who believed In me no matter what and gave me a place to go to regain my strength. And to Todd, who braved the pre-test panic attacks and helped me find my way. It is a trait In the perversity of human nature to reject the obvious and the ready, for the far-distant and equivocal. ■Edgar Allan Poe 'I asked. Pug. why normal physical diagnosis is valuable? 'It Is valuable. Prentiss answered, ‘because half of the people who come to you aren't physically sick. They come for a physical aliment because they hope to escape from It. - Augusta Tucker Calvin and Hobbes The first thing we do. let's kill all the lawyers. -William Shakespeare Nancy Todd Cristoforo 185— 0 £c yi£UieAj M ). To my family. Thanks for everything. And Dad. I swear III pay you back, how much do I owe you? Greg, May we never stop laughing together. But please, leave the flexing to Jeff. It's a tough life, but someone's got to do Itl Jeff, you can stop flexing now. Elaine, my alter ego. I can never thank you enough for being there. 186 Elaine L. CronauerThanks for aU the great memories and moments together — your love and understanding has made this all possible. Mom ond Dad — Thanks for all your encouragement and support Modeling formal wear In Jamaica My obedient and highly trained watchdog Linda L. Crowther 187188 Karen J. DavisMarc A. Davis 189 J Spider-Man I O VKT KlftW jO K3 »0 v AHCMSan 0 1 jjj.I— . 6'ojj r .d. —I For Karen: "You have come, fulfilling me. taking me over my head; all of my love b with you. part of my soul is In you. taking me higher_____ Graham Nash - ’Love Has Come’ We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot Off the coast of Grenada - October. 1983 Atop the Tetons - July. 1979 The journey has been long but the experience Invaluable. It has taken me to distant shores, shown me the human spirit rising above adversity, carried me home to more peaceful waters and given me the chance to pursue dreams that, at the outset, seemed unattainable. My deepest appreciation to Karen and my parents for staying by my side. Special thanks to Dr. Gene Hoenig for all of his support and encouragement during my years at Temple. 190 Jeffrey M. DaynoMy wonderful parents without whom there would be no Dr. D I Love You. Clicife, £ • ' 2jcJ3 W ' D. ““ Physician's Prayer Lord. Who on earth didst minister To those who helpless lay In pain and weakness, hear me now. As unto Thee I pray. Give to mine eyes the power to see The hidden source of ill. Give to my hand the healing touch The throb of pain to still. Grant that mine eyes be swift to hear The cry of those in pain; Give to my tongue the words that bring Comfort and strength again. Fill Thou my heart with tenderness. My brain with wisdom true. And when in weariness I sink. Strengthen Thou me anew. So in Thy footsteps may I tread. Strong in Thy strength always. So may I do Thy blessed work And praise Thee day by day. To my glamorous sister Ulllan: Thanks for listening to me complain for the past four years. Celeste E. DeBaptiste 191192 Daniel L. Delp Dr. med. Roland Straumann Sabina Diehr 193 Care more for the individual patient than for the special features of the disease - Osier What does a woman want? Freud Jerry Gould, my mom and friend. Thank you Dennis, for your love and support! 194 Nancy Robin Gould DunbarTHE OFFICIAL M.D. HANDBOOK One day in the Life of an Academic Internist: 8:15 A.M. to 8:45 p.m. 2 Hours Reading the Journals; writing for the journals; reading other Internists' submissions to the Journals, rejecting them, smiling. 2 Houj's Directing hospital Rounds, demonstrating to the assembled medical students and residents Just exactly how ignorant they are. JO minutes: Teaching medicine in a nonpunltlve fashion. 2 Hours Ordering and interpreting tests for obscure and unlikely diseases. J Hour. Having lively arguments with other Internists over trivial details about these obscure and unlikely diseases 1 Hour: Stomping off to the library to find and photocopy Journal articles to prove his point about these diseases. 30 Minutes: Disparaging surgeons for being ignorant technicians. 30 Minutes: Complaining that surgeons make far too much, considering what they actually do 30 Minutes: Regretting the decision to go into medicine and not surgery 30 Minutes: Drafting an angry editorial for the Journal of the AMA on the inordinate amount of prestige and financial compensation awarded to surgeons 2 Hours. Berating lab technicians in his research lab for being unproductive. 20 minutes: Actually having person-to-person contact with patients. Grand Total 12 hours. 30 minutes, spent in hospital, lab. and library. A4 D. PA b. — Vuong Duthinh 195To the people I love most, thanks for being there. There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance, that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better or worse as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing com can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. -Emerson 196 Mary H. Eberhardt- v v U si5 . . ' f Jonathan M. Ellen 197ttri ia j] 'The Home Team Incredible support Medical School ? ? ’You've got to be Joklngl' 198 Mark EmasItMPLfc UMIVCflSlIV SCHOOL OF NEDILINE CLASS OF 1988 FINAL EXAM NAY |9, 1988 fluestions 1-5; Loose Hatch 1 Nice guy, balloon exhibitionist, Diet Pepsi stockholder 2) Proud of kids, Endo spouse J) Hycoses lady from Harvard 41 Good shoulder for crying 51 Nicest intern of all junior year rotations a) Dawn Harks, Ph.D. b) John Fryer, H.D. c) Stephanie Weinberg, H.D. d) Helen Buckley, Ph.D. e) J. Robert Iroyer, Ph.D. f) Jonas Salk, H.D. gJ Louis Pasteur Ouestions 6-10: Tight Hatch 61 J. Fryer: ’Everyone Favorite Jewish Mother. 71 Mrs. of Dr Hr. I Dr.'Krs. Pathology 81 Family Practice Preceptor with heart 91 Good advice, good guy 101’Park in the lot. If you lose your car battery, it will cost you a dinner.’ a» Lillian Chin, H.D. b Joseph Baum, Ph.D. c) Gloria Greenberg dl Jon Sternberg, H.D. el Pen-Hing L. Ming, H.D. Ill K-Type: To my classmates 1 heartily say: 1) ’Huch happiness.’ 21 ’Success always. 3) ’Hatch for my best seller, Hedicus Wrecks. 4) We could have gone anywhere, but we CHOSE Temple.’ 12) Single BEST Answer: All of the following were OFFICIALLY assigned to Anatomy Table 112 EXCEPT: A Hary Eberhardt D) John Erhart B) Jon Ellen El Steve Eversley Cl Hark Emas (Emol 131 K-Type: Displayed in the photograph on the RI6HT is fare!: 11 Dr. Alain Harrus, Dr. Isaac Harrus (Class of 2012) I Dr. Carol (Roms) Harrus 21 Dearest friend 3) Hy fondest memory of Temple 4) S.W.h.W.H.T.K.I.A.A. 14) K-Type: Pat and 1 share this happy occasion with many friends and family, especially: 1) Dad I Horn E., Hot Dad 0., Barb, Diane 4 Robert 21 Dr. and Hrs. Albert Beatty and family (Jonathan, tool 3) Carol I Alain, Hary I Hax 4) Barb, Patti, Bob, Eleanora, Bill Debbie, Bob Sandy et ai ‘Fcr when you look at me. I'm everything and more I'd dreamed Id be.’ Answers: le, 2a, 3d, 4b, 5c, 6c, 7e, 8d, 9b, 10a, HE, -VWfffams 12E, 13E, 14E (0-14 correct = Honors) John F. Erhart 199tyl M d— Isocrates, on the discovery of medicine notes that .. because they enjoyed such conditions of life, discovered for the body the aid which the medical art affords, not that which uses dangerous drugs, but drugs of such a nature that they are harmless as daily food, yet in their effects are so beneficial that all men agree the Egyptians are the healthiest and most long of life among men;.. . It is this tradition, that of Imhotep, the first physician, that inspires us and that we seek to uphold. Northeast Rootsman Posse In the hills! 200 Steven H. EversleyGod Bless and Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 Thanks Mom and Dad — Mb Frank John English Falco 201— dhfsyrvtsr' M.D, — Every man needs his special woman. Mr. and Mrs Leonard R. Mazer of Northeast Philadelphia announce the engagement of their daughter. Sherry Kay. to Robert Allen Feldman, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Feldman of Northeast Philadelphia. Sherry, thanks for your support and patience. Who would have thought this little person would grow up to save lives? 202 Robert A. FeldmanINTERMISSION 203X ' « •' ., • ' V ., N , V 1 P-« , v - - ' « V 4 V o fii'oS be p Kf')l $6 K. (pos o| OS( r St TTfcTp T X.fc t ?| St K.piV 5 A.6 7r y At'i 5fc OU [4CvO J £040Tow TTAplyeiV T SfcOVTrf iTOt OVr , aAX« K. L T6V VOfft£ VTg ( K«C 7"OU Trxpeovr s, K«c r e£o 06V. Hippocrates 204 Laurel R. Fisher Who says I'm not a party animal?’ Exoldftdtion of Marks S - SaUeluclory ! - improving N - Nestis to improve Things have changed since my kindergarten report card. I know I have gotten rusty in most of these areas except I have no problem resting quietly anymore. Currently I am going through the pre-test series for blocks and story tolling in preparation for the boards Part III. ____For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband does safely trust in her. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life. Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for your loving-kindness which sustains and enables Erin and I. Dear Parents. Thank you for your selfless giving. I can only hope to be a shadow of your example. Dear Erin. You are the pillar which supports my every step. The source of my counsel, understanding, and love. How can I say thanks? Love. Bill Proverbs 31:1 Ob-12 William J. Fortuner 11 205SONO I Bro and Mom 'We get more at the shore. ‘The beast from the east.’ 206 Wayne P. FosterYou Guys ore the Greatest - I'm Lucky to Have You (Thanks tor the Wile E. Coyote haircut Dad) I (super genious) JVW - Thanks for everything. I'll never forget. J. Jeffrey Freda 207They told us that the experiments Jean Claude Fuchs and Friends (Vermont. Winter 1987) may cause slight ear growth I 208 Scott L. Fuchs Mom. Dad. Doug arvd Mer: I owe you all so much, but all I have to offer now Is thanks for making this dream become reality. I love you all! Marked for a career In internal medicine? Gl? Colorectal? See Fortuner. I told you I was Anal from the beginning! Is this realty what they produce at Pitt? Who is this guy anyway. Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Neither, just Luke-smartest man I know, future rodiatron and friend for life. Thanks buddy! ---- „,ui«siui ineiaugns.ri hoops, the parties and Just making things just a little more bearable. Me and my tutor at Hilton Head U.. where I majored In Marine Biology. Silver Bullets and grilled shark. Thanks for the refuge M. Paul Dudley Giles 209A typical rrved school party. 210 Warren Goldstein'--- K XAY 9oOc(j2 r J M P — Cheryl K. Gooden 211 THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL “And if by chance that special place that you've been dreaming of, leads you to a lonely place, find your strength in love." LC. 12 20 86 212 Nancy Graboyes-Leopold Thanks for everything Mom and Dad!!! Introduction to Primary Care-----on the slopes. Official Team Doctors of the Miami Dolphins Andrew J. Greenfield 213I am woman. I am different. I sing a different song. I pain a different pain__ I have had babies And felt the ripening of bodies in my body. My experience belongs only to a woman______ A different outline shapes my course. Hold me to the light and you will see. Better yet. Hold me. That is perfect proof I am woman. I am different. from 'A Weeping Eye Can Never See' by Lois Wyse 214 Rhonda GreggsAll things or© possible to him that believeth ... ask and it shall be given you. seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Mark 9:23 Mot1hew 7:7 Carole Guy 215 — The Best — 216 Kirsten K. HakalaThe Hargest Family To my wife, whose constant devotion and encouragement guided me Thcrtvlflu- OAc JL Jl PhD.— Ph.D. research. Penn State University I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged In a wood, ond I -I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. The Road Not Token - Robert Frost Thomas E. Hargest, Jr. 217Medical school gave me a new lease on life... with an option to buy. ABSWtt) BOARS) fttttSTlC 1 .22S 0. DiatlngMien the ltmont in A end b. A. ?nr patient in panel A aanlteets ar tu »r.iit patient B denonsirate am adlllo. »hlle eeeentlally a dr ct exclusion. am adilic present »sth the claDBlc triad s! an pair., decreased C t and ceerae scalaa. Eliciting a travel nx it eaeential tor the da. The dlaaaee atari die tally and advanceo proxiaally, opining the rotator cuff. Serial AFP (£n adlllo Jetal Jrotelri) titera are useful in following tne courne of the diaeeot. Put a tingle elevated ATP la not diagnostic. At thli tin , are adlllo doee not reepond H surgical or nedical treotsent, ao the therapeutic sametay la topical ■ teroida. (Sourcei Marriacn'e Texthoot of Internal Medicine, p JlO-2 :) My first attempt at tricyclics. My 'Circle of Friends' 218 Larry Harrison0 0 , JAa c. fy' % • (Xh omA 'Thotf,, oAtyvJo j my j Aifrdj. TIluxJ I ' r Y AufffiA . Mv %Mk W 1U , Q w{ mm . Jam, m «. XEP a . £„•£ CVCcdOHO . I o vA ffw .JoyOL sf e t fl O. My sister. Karen, and husband, Barry. My sister. Jean, and husband, Brian. John had many different titles during medical school — first boyfriend, then fiance, then husband. We look forward to a long, happy life together. 220 Joyce A. HemmingerAndrew C. Hirsch 221— M.p. — Thanks for the support! 'This is just the beginning.' 'Dedicated to improving the human condition' m Beach Medicine — It takes a special kind of M.D. to practice In these kinds of conditions! 'Primed to start the third year' 222 Michael A. HirschRon Hoffmann 223LET NO ONE BE DISCOURAGED BY THE BELIEF THAT THERE IS NOTHING ONE MAN OR ONE WOMAN CAN DO AGAINST THE ENORMOUS ARRAY OF THE WORLD S ILLS. AGAINST THE MISERY AND IGNORANCE. INJUSTICE AND VIOLENCE. FEW HAVE THE GREATNESS TO BEND HISTORY ITSELF. BUT EACH OF US CAN WORK TO CHANGE A SMALL PORTION OF THESE EVENTS. AND IN THE TOTAL OF ALL THESE ACTS WILL BE WRITTEN THE HISTORY OF THE GENERATION. IT IS FROM NUMBERLESS DIVERSE ACTS OF COURAGE AND BELIEF THAT HUMAN HISTORY IS SHAPED. EACH TIME A MAN STANDS UP FOR AN IDEAL. OR ACTS TO IMPROVE THE LOT OF OTHERS OR STRIKES OUT AGAINST INJUSTICE. HE SENDS FORTH A TINY RIPPLE OF HOPE. AND CROSSING EACH OTHER FROM A MILLION DIFFERENT CENTERS OF ENERGY AND DARING. THESE RIPPLES BUILD A CURRENT WHICH CAN SWEEP DOWN THE MIGHTIEST WALLS OF OPPRESSION AND RESISTANCE. ROBERT KENNEDY TO MY FAMILY THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. 224 Laura L. HolmesThe Wednesday night dinner club. My mentors and role models. — 4. — The surgeon and academician: J.V. White. M.D. and Larry (just kidding, cupcake). The Researcher: S.A. Rosenberg. M.D.. Ph.D. My ultimate source of love, encouragement, and Inspiration: my parents and brother. Jody Krosnick 225226 INTERMISSIONRichard K. Hoy 227228 R. Matthew HunterJames M. Hurley 229 Bandit tutoring Rick Rick: Thanks for always being there, hun! 230 Lisa J. Huttonoei'CHTtssoj Dennis W. lvill 231- ib- — 232 Timothy D. JacobSisters and Best Friends Always 'You have turned for me rny mourning into dancing; You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with joy. that my soul might praise you and never more be silent. Oh my Lord, my God, I will give thanks to you forever more.' Psalm 30 DASHING (Thank you Mary West!) Margie A. Januszkiewicz 233Beached East Coasters In San Diego S'?. --- What Life fe About Another 'Killer' Day of Med. School These Guys Deserve a Lowenbrau 234 Kirk L. JensenMichael A. Karp 235236 David J. Kaufman, Jr.Edward C. Kav!e 237  Home is where one starts from. As we grow older The world becomes stranger, the pattern more complicated Of dead and living. Not the intense moment Isolated, with no before and after. But a lifetime burning in every moment And not the lifetime of one man only But of old stones that cannot be deciphered. There is a time for the evening under starlight. A time for the evening under lamp light (The evening with the photography album). Love is most nearly itself When here and now cease to matter. 238 Young KimTo my Mother and Father: Thank you for doing so much for me. I wouldn't have made It without you. My Family My special friends who always gave me a lift when I needed It. The AcropoBs The Alps Hitching a ride in Copenhagen Stanton Kofsky 239240 Christopher A. Kronenwetter'The sooner you foil behind, the more you have to catch up. Beach life Is better left to experienced surf dogs like Scooter. .p.— “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Press on. ’To what ends my course leads I know not. but the woods are too dark to stray from the path I've chosen.- KK Kevin L. Kunkle 241242 Gregory J. Lane Dedicated to Great-aunt TiHle Ellen F. Lazarus 243244 John E. Leech[ IMAGINE THE LIFE « OF A SURGEON CAN £ BE VERY REWARDING . i obviously, vou mave SAvep twe lives of many people Brian C. Lein 245 Man's youth is a wonderful thing: It is so full of anguish and magic and he never comes to know it as it Is. until it has gone from him forever. —Thomas Wolfe 246 Todd R. GriffithRobin L. Leight 247248 Rebecca Ann LeonTo my classmates, for four memorable years. 'Heal with a kind heart like a parent's Arid your highest competence and learned skills.' To my father, who has Inspired and influenced me with his love and compassion for others. To all my sisters and their families, for their care and encouragement. To my beloved Sean, for sharing the good times and the hard times, for building our dreams together, and for supporting me atways. To my friends and counselors, for their friendship, help, and guidance. Gina Leung 249• to- 8ent1y Always and Forever 250 Richard LevenbergEarly Education Mom and Dad----- Parents and good friends To praise the one person. Who means everything to me. Takes little struggle. He's my big brother you see. He smiles when I'm funny. He comforts when I weep. His wisdom is my guide. And my confidence down deep. We never question our closeness. We only thank the Man above. For this person I call BROTHER. With whom I share the deepest love. I love you. Jamie First Fish-- Then hooked for life Craig Lieberman 251 252 Laurel LobovltsCharles D. Long 253GOBIT'S - New Year s Eve 1986 Studying Anatomy A Typical Nantucket Debauch Powder 111 254 Mark T. LounsburyRobert B. Lutz 255My family Nora and I In ‘Heavenly Valley 256 lgor MaidanskyMY STRENGTH - L—Lj m - IF YOU SEE A TURTLE ON TOP OF A FENCE POST, YOU KNOW HE HAD SOME HELP. -THANK-YOU EVERYONE EE NY MEENY MINY MO Michael A. Mairs 257258 Dayle Quigley MalcolmHarry D. Malcolm 259 David, Your commitment to this idea helped get me started. Your flexibility and hard work helped make it possible. Your humor kept me laughing. Your support and love kept me going. THANK YOU! 260 Beth Zimet Mark'Support and Friendship'--Family "The true profession of man is to find his way to himself.’ — Hermann Hesse Paul J. Mather 261KODAK TX 5063 262 David M. McAfeeShawn E. McCandless 263264 Daniel E. McGuireMary T. McLoone 265266 Delia C. Meltonmi Sharon M. Messlcs 267My Godson Patrick and friend c V.Z? ““ Clowning around in Rehoboth Practicing what I do best: 'Beach-Bar Medicine The whole gang (almost) Team Cohan-H P Champions! 268 Douglas R. MestRobert H. Mills, Jr. 269'Therefore I cannot think why the thoughts of my heart should not grow dark when I consider all the life of men through this world — with what terrible swiftness they forgo the hall-floor, bold young retainers. So this middle-earth each day fails and falls. No man may indeed become wise before he has had his share of winters in this world's kingdom. The wise man must be patient, must never be too hot-hearted, nor too hasty of speech, nor too fearful, nor too glad, nor too greedy for wealth, nor ever too eager to boast before he has thought clearly. A man must wait, when he speaks in boast, until he knows clearly, sure-minded, where the thoughts of his heart may turn." 270 Samuel J. MucciTHE FUTURE’S SO BRIGHT. WEVE GOT TO WEAR SHADES! Sharon Lee Mullin 271----- tf. --------------------------------------- To My Family. Thanks Guys I 272 Susan B. MyersWith graduation comes the realization of my biggest dream, the dream which I can never achieve on my own. I would like to express my thanks to my grandmother, parents, brothers and sisters who have given me love, encouragement and support through all these difficult years. I love you all very much. Minh-Hong Nguyen 273274 Karen J. NicholsSandra and Michcel — my brother and sister. The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides never decides." Henri Frederic Amiel Kelly M. O'Neill 275I dedicate this page to my parents, for their wisdom and encouragement; to Mimi. for her understanding and support along a rough and circuitous road; to Philadelphia, the place where I learned and grew whole; and to the land, whose various playgrounds have and continue to give me joy and release. 276 Paul H. OppenheimerOn ne voit bien qu'ovec I© coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux (One can only see clearly with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.) —Antoine De Saint Exupery Marian A. Ormont 277 Nance, you have brightened each day and shared the dreams. Another step you have helped me take, as in every one in life. I love you Mom and Dad. 278 Behzad ParvaIt's been as it was. then again it will be, tho the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. Blind skies and fortune, each has separate ways, on the wings of maybe, downing birds of prey, kind of makes me feel sometimes as if I didn't have to grow, but as the eagle leaves the nest, we've got so far to go — Ten Years Gone To Mom, Dad and Mike----- This one Is for you! Lori A. Paserchia 279 s' S 60 o C 3- u o 280 Michael L. PateteThose who profess to favor Freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground — Power concedes nothing without a demand. Frederick Douglass To those in South Africa fighting for their rights. Continue the Struggle! Wanda Patton 281 Too much sanity may be madness. And the maddest of all Is to see life as it is and not as it should be. —Cervantes If only I may grow: firmer, simpler, quieter, warmer. —Dag Hammarskjold When you part with a friend, you grieve not; for that which you love most may be clearer In the absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain. -KahSI Gibran No matter where you go. there you are. —Buckeroo Bonzl Let's get on with it. —Jim Peightel Family Roots Supportive Branches New Buds 282 James A. Peightel Mario Perez 283 This school tried to kick my_ You've come a long way baby! Cheryl sexy Gooden, muchas gracias para todo chlca 284 Phyllis Phillips If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two Impostors just the same .... Kipling Alice M. Pierce 285286 Laura PieriAnd though he tried to look properly severe for his students, Fletcher Seogull suddenly sow them all as they really were, just for a moment, and he more than liked, he loved what he saw. No limits. Jonathan? He thought, and he smiled. His race to learn had begun. Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach Robert S. Podolsky 287288 John H. Powers IIIMy lovely wife. Debbie taul aiuriujy iu jpUuWvi tozujy (ko t i vuiy taciexte m vi (lit ijeuA tftouar HUy. tcfe -tkt 1 Wk tkfiC ix iftcwtk o du } VUUj. i w, pi i u c ftkvTtufc tarkt ft a ture • 1% bnrt tiC k(jt ft ywUt Ufjfot t rntt |jaa (ftflU tilt- UttxicL uAivu. yeu dwdl it a VLr Vuiuifcul fi4LCC How could I possibly fail with all this support — especially from Mom and Dad. — ysZitu , €. 1 Our Family (Any resemblance is purely coincidentaf). William E. Prenatt 289—C uZL tf. — OHIO LYNNE. CONGRATULATIONS! WEVE MADE IT. AND I WOULDNT HAVE CHOSEN TO HAVE GONE THROUGH IT ALL WITH ANYONE ELSE. YOU'RE GOING TO BE A GREAT DOC! POP POP. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THE WORLD AND MY HERITAGE. BOTH MEMORIES I'LL CARRY WITH ME FOREVER. HAL DAVE. TEXTILE S FINEST!! FOR SOME REASON. OUR OLD STUDY HABITS HAD TO BE MODIFIED A LITTLE. OTHERWISE. I WOULD BE DAVE'S JANITOR. ALREADY. MOM. DAD RICK. NO FAMILY COULD BE ANY CLOSER THAN WE ARE. AND WITHOUT YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT I WOULDNT BE WHERE I AM TODAY. THIS DEGREE IS AS MUCH YOUR S AS IT IS MINE. 290 Charles Pue•— fLX OL. fazz 4P —1 The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live. He’s forfeited his freedom. Only the person who risks is truly Free. Anonymous Mark A. Putnam 291All my thanks to: Sara Bragdon — my pillar of strength, truth and source of love. Eva and Ed — for your flexibility, understanding and constant support. Ema Konig. M.D. — for your inspiration. Steve Tobin — for being one wild and crazy man. Thanks for keeping me In perspective. Marc Rovito — in deepest gratitude for your Incredible humor, nonconforming personality, unquestioned caring and comradery. 292 David F. RayMay 28.1985 To Our Cheryl. Just a little note of encouragement and love. We know it has been tough at times, tiring, and a whole lot more; but we also know that God has seen you this far along the way and He will see you through. A little lesson in geology: The best diamonds are developed under great temperature and pressure. The best diamonds are found deeper into the earth. Don't be fearful of the heat and the pressure. Don't become weary digging deeply into your books. For... one day. you're going to wake up and say Thonk-you Jesus. I'm a diamond of a doctor!' Love, Mama May 19.1988 (Graduation) Dear Mama. Daddy. Cynt and C.J.. Thank you all for always being there for me. I woke up this morning and guess what I said! Love. Cheryl To the beautiful future ahead Cheryl H. Roberts 293294 INTERMISSION Steven A. Rothman 295With the Deepest. Most Loving Memories Agnes Mirarchi Rovito — 'Mom Vincent Virgil Rovito 296 Marc A. RovitoTHE FAMILY. They couldn't have done it without me. i I 'nystcian s Prayer Lord, Thou Great Physician, I kneel bejore Thee. Since every good and perfect gift must come from Thee, I PRAY: Give skill to my hand, clear vision to my mind, kindness and sympathy to my heart. Give me singleness of pur. pose, strength to lift at least a part of the burden of my suffering fclloumen, and a true realization of the rare privilege that is mine. Take from my heart all guile and worldliness that with th simple faith of a child I may" rely on Thee. Amen. Gerlfer? J80 Joseph Geno Sabol 297o«0|DS 3 PIOUJV 862Sominder S. Sandhu 299300 INTERMISSIONGail M. Schauer 301302 Ronald Schreiber •MOM AND DAD. I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT. THANKS FOR BEING THERE. •— o-l WHAT A CREW! II M ‘GRANDMA AND GRANDPA. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. THE REST OF THE FAMILY. Richard L. Schroff, Jr. 303My memories of Medical School: ---SL. H A--- In the words of W. Somerset Maughan: Tis a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you often get it_ _____and I got it. I love you. Jeff (and you too. Willie). "May the Schwartz be with you — — Mel Brooks In ’Spacebars' .... I'm sure glad they were with me — Thanks Mom. Dad. Ellen and Jay. Third Year — The reason Life begins in the Senior Year we re all In medicine. (and In Ventnor, NJ). 304 Susan L. SchwartzFamily support system (partial). Innumerable thanks to Mom and Dad (back row) for their 26 years of encouragement, generosity and love. — Soyb. Af. D — The doctor bit was so far out. ---Donovan You can call me Al; yeah, that's the ticket. ---Paul Simon Tommy Rinagan And the youngest of the family is moving with authority. Building castles by the sea. he dares the tardy tide to wash them an aside. ----tan Anderson But there was all the difference in the world between this planning airily away from the canvas, and actually taking brush and making the first mark. ----Virginia Woolf Anthony J. Scola 305The two most Important people In my life who made becoming a physician possible. Thanks for the confidence, support and most of all your love through all the trials and triumphs! 306 Scott C. Sessions'Commute? Va? Sure, why not. ____you just get up at 3 AM to beat the traffic---' Thanks! ‘____If all it takes is inspiration... then I might have just what It takes —' Thanks Grandpop — I II try to make you proud. Carlton Silver 307Protector of Humanity A dream Is the fulfillment of a wish. S. Freud 1900 'I dreamt I was Lucy's associate in the 5 cent cdvlce booth, and I was seeing Charlie Brown four times a week. AM Singer 1963 'The Agusta Street Gang' (Mom and Marsha taking picture) 308 Allen M. Singer'My Insprlation. thanks.' ’Thanks for all your love and support.' "THE STUDY GROUP You know who's in charge. ’Fun days in Europe. ‘Friends forever. Carl A. Smart 309310 Boyd E. Sprenkle MO My Support. My Inspiration, My Family. David A. Sproat 311 Good Hands Intensity 312 Thomas J. SteffeUP.—1 Mitchell Stein 313Z).-1 314 Richard E. SterlingThanks for everything Mom and Dadlll Ira H. Strassman 315316 Theodore R. Sullivan, Jr.This was on© of the best times of our lives (Finland 1984). So we finished four years at Temple. Thank you all who have crossed our lives and helped us through this. Love. Jeffrey and Maarit Our Pride and Joy: Awaiting new arrival Spring 1988. Jeffrey S. Taylor 317I shall pass through this world but once A ny good thing, therefore, that I can do Or any kindness that can show to any human being Let me do it... For I shall not pass this way again — Henry Drummond 318 Matthew ThranThere are so many people who helped me going through medical school: Barbara. Vickie and Alex; Barb’s parents. Emil and Lyda Kraekel; my parents and Patty. Andy, and Victoria; the people at church in so many ways; many hardworking and creative Temple faculty and staff; my classmates, especially Cary and Dave; other great friends; th,e state and federal governments with their financial aid; and the U.S. Navy. Bless the LORD, O my soul. And forget none of His benefits------- Antonio Valdes-Dapena 319— ] o J aU,i rnX— Scott C. Van Duker. M.D. 2 B? Norman Barbara Van Duker Thad Bernice Mlktas Thank you for your encouragement and support. 320 Bradford $. Van DukerPeggy Mom Dad Dad Brother Dan Me John Thomas R. Walther 321When things go wrong as they sometimes will. When the road you're trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low. and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit— Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Success is failure turned inside out. The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems afar. So. stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit— It's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit. To my wife--- To my parents... Thank you for all of your love, patience, and understanding. I couldn't have done it without you. 322 Michael A. WarnerJames Warren 323324 Judith M. WattINTERMISSION 325Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything! Switzerland. July 4th. Why cook? "WE-KENZ at the shore The kids. Party. Paris style. 326 Eric G. WeissThe Best'------The Wilkins' to my left; Connie. 0llot. ond Doug (standing on a rock) Anne and I In Austria-mit etna frauiein wunderbar Lnd schon caML j%h- The Smart ones, my non-medical friends ----Catherine, me. Gregg. Danny. Cathy. The Anti-Christ. Soooo. and wonderful roomie Keith. To Class of '87. See you on Ihe other side ... Why does a 13 year old want to be a doctor? Answer is far right: Uncle Ron. M.D. with family: Aunt Anne, Cousins Rebecca and Hunter Destruction 1 and 2---------Who. besides my mother can tea which Is my room? H. Jeffrey Wilkins 327328 Charles R. WolfeTHIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO MY MOTHER Father, Charles E. Wynne Husband, Jimmy and Family. Chuck, Charline, Barbara, Kenna. Amber Bill lf you have the Faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you ' Denise E. Wynne-Baker 329Mom Dad — Support team from home! I coiJdnt have mode It without them. 330 Kenneth Eric Yagodich‘Take two aspirin.. .and call me in the morning. To my family------ Thank you for making all of this possible and for being there through the years... Elaine Yin 331—f P . — Mom and Dad, your endless love and support have made my dreams a reality. My late Grandmother and Aunt, our memories together will be forever. Tom and Ann, thank you for your guidance and support. 332 George P. ZavitsanosCan a Nice Person Make It Through Medical School? Le Medecin Malgre Lui Oh I suppose I should wash the walls of my office polish the rust from my instruments and keep them definitely In order build shelves in the laboratory empty out the old stains clean the bottles and refill them, buy another lens, put my Journals on edge instead of letting them lie flat in heaps—then begin ten year back and gradually read them to date cataloguing important articles for easy reference. I suppose I should read the new books. If to this I added a bill at the tailor’s and at the cleaner's grew a decent beard and cultivated a look of importance— Who can tell? I might be a credit to my Lady Happiness and never think anything but a white thought! William Carlos Williams Barry Zevin 333-Asims - 334 Arun A. Bhojwani, Steven S. Bimson, George Horvathft.p, Not Pictured: Susan Benhaim Bruce Field John Sashko Joseph A. Horvath, Steven Roth, Gregg Weidner 335CHOOSING YOUR RESIDENCY Answer the following questions truthfully. Any department which receives a high percentage of YES votes merits your serious consideration. QBSmRICS—SYNECOIQQY 1. Are your fingers or toes 14 inches long? 2. CoUd you property time you- patient's birth control piis so that the curse never fails on a weekend? 3. Would your conscience have permitted you to induce labor at eight months in order to go to the gomes in Ccrfgary? 4. Do you know 500 catch one-liners to use when you see your patients at social gatherings? 5. Do you have a bullet proof vest for the occasional jealous husband who doesn't believe that the professional flourishes of your pelvic technique aid in dtagnosis? MEPlCiflE 1. Do hypochondriacal obese females who gain weight and pass gas turn you on? 2 Do you know the generic names of eight different laxatives? 3. Can you feel the liver edge through 18 inches of fat? 4. Do you have recurrent nightmares having to do with knives, razors, bright overhead Ights. and zombies in green robes and white masks? 5. Do you have totd recai. including page numbers, of all articles which have appeared in the New Erg and Journal of Medicine since 1951? 6. Do you knew anyone In Boston on a first-name basis? SURGERY 1. Do you have a skin-tight blue suit with a red cape and a big red ’S' on yoa chest? 2. Do you suspect that the undertying cause of most nosebleeds is a ruptured appendix? 3. Do you have a built-in sccwt and the cheerful disposition of a urinof? 4. Do you stir your coffee with a knife? 5. Could you go for eight years without sleep? 6. Do people without scars offend you? 7. Were you angry when you dscovered that someone else had already walked on water? 8. Do you look forward to Saturday night knifings? 9. Do you believe that irregularity rates an emergency colostomy? PEPJAIRICS 1. Can you side a 251.V. needle into a 28 vein? 2. Do you consider a foce ful of urine to be playful fun? 3. Do you know verses 1, 2. and 3 of ‘Scarlet Ribbons?' 4. Have you been vaccinated against txman bites? 5. Does your nose twitch in eager anticipation of the warm welcome awaiting you in boby's diapers? PSYCH1AIRY 1. Did your mother wont you to be a doctor? 2. Do you have recurrent dreams of a long, straight, had road leodng to a deep. dark, moist, warm cave and findng an erupting volcano? 3. Do you tak to yourself? 4. CoUd you grow a bead? 5. Can you disappear after 4:00 p.m ? 6. Were you totet trained by age 11? 7. Do you look as if you might be on some sort of hallucinogen? RADIOLOGY 1. Does bright light hat yoa eyes? 2. Have you never quite figured out why you came to medcal school? 3. Could you interpret emergency room skul films over the phone from yoa cabin on the lake? 4. Do you play golf? 5. Can you awaken in the morning sometime before noon? 6. Do you have an unlisted phone? 7. Do you have a six month supply of Preparation H? PATHOLOGY 1. Does a pickled aorta strike you as a tasty hors d'oeuvre? 2. Are you 300 poaxfc overweight? 3. Is yoa idea of a fun time spendng Saturday night looking at your friends' kidney slides? 4. Do worm bodes nauseate you? 5. Does knowing the right answer at the CPC provide you with some sort of erotic release? 6. Can you describe the smell and appearance of a two-week old floater just pulled from the harbor while enjoying crockers and crab dip? 336 Residency AppointmentsRESIDENCY APPOINTMENTS FOR THE CLASS OF 1988 NAME SERVICE Victor E. Abraham, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Kenneth Adolman. M.D. Psychiatry Mark Armstrong. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Jongchul Randolph Bak. M.D. Pediatrics Robert J. Baranowski. M.D. Internal Medicine William L. Barry. M.D. Internal Modiclne Diane P. Begany, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Jonathan D. Bell. M D. Internal Medicine Susan B. Benhalm, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Daniel 8ergher, M.D. Internship Deferred Seth Berney. M.D. Internal Medicine Arun A. Bhojwanl, M.D. Internal Medicine Steven S. Bimson, M.D. Family Practice Jeffrey Bllce. M D. Preliminary Medicine Susan F. Borys, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Steven K. Bowers. M.D. Internal Medicine Kenneth Brinsko. M.D. Transitional Medicine Michael Bromberg. M.D. Internal Medicine Kamran Broukhlm. M.D. Orthopedics Tod A. Brown. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Year Two Anesthesiology Jodie L. Buxbaum, M D. Preliminary Medicine Year Two Anesthesiology Cary L. Campanella. M.D. Family Practice Jerrold S. Canakls. M.D. Internal Medicine Anthony Cardell. M.D. Internal Medicine David K. Carter. M.D. Internal Medicine lisa M. Casale. M.D. Internal Medicine Charles G. Case. M.D. Family Practice Steven E. Casey, M.D. Orthopedics Scott D. Chapin. M.D. Surgery Gregory J. Chapis, M.D. Preliminary Surgery John C. Chen. M.D. Surgery Hal Cohan. M.D. Preliminary Surgery John T. Comerci. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Richard N. Conn. M.D. Internal Medicine Everett Cooper. M.D. Internal Medicine Nancy T. Cristoforo. M D. Internal Medicine Elaine L. Cronauer. M.D. Family Practice Undo 1. Crowthor, M D. Pediatrics HOSPITAL - LOCATION Boston University School of Medicine. Boston MA Veterans Administration Center. Sepulveda. CA Mercy Hospital. Pittsburgh. PA Children's Hospital. Seattle. WA Abmgton Memorial Hospital. Ablngton. PA University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Farmington. CT Graduate Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia, PA University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham. Al Evanston Hospital, Evanston, IL Montgomery Hospital, Norristown. PA U.S. Naval Medical Center, Bethesda. MD Medical College of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA Allegheny General. Pittsburgh. PA Portsmouth Naval Hospital. Portsmouth. VA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Now York University Meaical Conter, New York. NY Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Emory University School of Medicine. Atlanta. GA Albert Einstein Medical Centor. Philadelphia. PA Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA lankenau Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA University of Virginia Hospital. Charlottesville, VA Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York. NY Medical Center of Delaware. Newark. DE Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC York Hospital. York. PA Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Los Angeles. CA Lennox Hill Hospital. New York, NY Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Monteflore Hospital Center. New York. NY Madigan Army Hospital. Tacoma. WA Faulkner Hospital. Boston. MA Forbes Health System. Monroeville. PA Geisinger Medical Center, Danville. PA 337Karen J. Davis, M D. Orthopedics Marc A. Davis. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Year Two Emergency Medicine Jeffrey M. Dayno. M.D. Internal Medicine Year Two Neurology Celeste E. DeBapfiste, M D. Obstetrlcs Gynecology Daniel L Delp. M.D. Family Practice Sabina Diehr. M.D. Family Practice Nancy R. Dunbar. M D. Psychiatry Vuong Duthinh. M.D. Internal Medicine Mary H. Eberhardt, M.D. Emergency Medicine Jonathan M. Ellen. M.D. Pediatrics Mark Emos, M.D. Rehabilitation Medicine John F. Erharf. M D. Psychiatry Steven H. Eversley, M.D. Internal Medicine Frank Falco. M.D. Transitional Year Two Rehabilitation Medicine Robert A. Feldman. M.D. Internal Medicine Bruce H. Field. M.D. Psychiatry Laurel R. Fisher. M D. Internal Medicine William Fortuner. M.D. Internal Medicine Wayne Foster. M.D. Research John J. Freda. M.D. Surgery Scoff L. Fuchs. M D. Internal Medicine Paul D. Giles. M D. Surgery Warren Goldstein. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Year Two Otolaryngology Cheryl Gooden. M.D. Medicine-Pediatrics Year Two Obstetrlcs Gynecology Nancy L Graboyes-Leopold. M.D. Internal Medicine Andrew J. Greenfield. M O. Preliminary Surgery Rhonda R. Greggs. M.D. Obstetrlcs Gynecology Todd Griffith. M D. Preliminary Surgery Carole A. Guy. M D. Internal Medicine Kirsten K. Hakala, MD Surgery Thomas E. Hargest. M.D. Family Practice Lawrence Harrison. M.D, Surgery Carol R. Harrus. M.D. Psychiatry Joyce A. Hemmlnger, M.D. Family Proctice Andrew C. Hirsch, M.D. Pediatrics Michael A Hirsch. M.D. Family Proctice Ron Hoffmann. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Mary T. Hofmann. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Geisinger Medical Center. Danville. PA Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. PA Denver General Hospital. Denver. CO Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Reading Hospital and Medical Center. Reading. PA Williamsport Hospital. Williamsport. PA Sacred Heart Hospital. Allentown. PA Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Georgetown University Hospital. Washington. DC Medical Center of Delaware. Newark. DE Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. PA St. Francis Medical Center. Pittsburgh. PA Strong Memorial Hospital. Rochester. NY Montefioro Hospital Center. New York. NY St. Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem. PA Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA New York University Medical Center. New York. NY University of Michigan Hospitals. Ann Arbor. Ml Yale-New Haven Hospital. New Haven. CT The New York Hospitol. New York. NY Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Jackson Memorial Hospital. Miami. FL Jackson Memorial Hospital. Miami, FI Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia. PA State University of New York Kings City Hospital. Brooklyn. NY Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Ml. Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beoch. FI Beth Israel Medical Center. New York. NY Allentown Affiliated Hospital. Allentown. PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA University of Maryland Hospital. Baltimore. MD Sacred Heart Hospital. Allentown. PA U. of Massachusetts Coordinated Programs, Worcester. MA The Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Lancaster General Hospital. Lancaster. PA The New York Hospital. New York. NY Chestnut Hill Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Chester-Crozier Hospital. Chester. PA Medical College of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA 338 Residency AppointmentsLaura I Holmes. M.D. Infernal Medicine George Horvath. M.D. Infernal Medicine Joseph Horvath. M.D. Internal Medicine Richard K. Hoy. M.D. Orthopedics Robert Hunter. M.D. Preliminary Medicine James M. Hurley. M.D. Orthopedics Lisa Hutton. M.D. Pediatrics Donnis tvill, M.D. Transitional Year Two Rehabilitation Medicine Timothy D. Jacob, M.D. Surgery Margie A. Januszkiewicz. M.D. Family Practice Kirk Jensen. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Michael Karp, M.D. Family Practice David Kaufman. M.D. Research Edward C. Kavle. M.D. Pediatrics Young B Kim. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Stanton Kofsky, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Year Two Anesthesiology Christopher A. Kronen wetter. M.D. Family Practice Kevin l.Kunkle.M D. Preliminary Surgery Gregory J. lane. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Ellen Lazarus. M.D. Pathology John E. Leech. M.D, Urology Robin I. Leight. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Brian Lein. M.D. Surgery Rebecca A. Leon, M.D. Internal Medicine Gina M. leung-Sheedy, M.D. Internal Medicine Richard J. Levenberg. M.D. Orthopedics Craig Ueberman. M.D. Internal Medicine Laurel Lobovlls, M.D. Maternity Leave Charles D. Long. M.D. Surgery Mark T. lounsbury. M.D. Surgery Robert lutz. M.D. Surgery Igor Maidansky, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Year Two Anesthesiology Michael A. Mairs. M.D. Transitional Year Two Ophthalmology Dayle (Quigley) Malcolm. M.D. Family Practice Harry Malcolm. M.D. Family Practice Beth 2 Mark. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Year Two Rehabilitation Medicine Paul J. Mather. M D. Internal Medicine David M. McAfee. M.D. Surgery Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital. Cleveland. OH Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Los Angeles. CA U. Connecticut School of Medicine. Farmington. Cl Hamot Medical Center. Erie. PA Scranton-Temple Residency Program. Scranton. PA Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA St. Christopher s Hospital tor Children. Philadelphia. PA Chestnut Hill Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA University Health Center. Pittsburgh. PA Western Reserve Care System. Youngstown. OH University of California Medical Center. San Francisco. CA Fort Belvolr Army Hospital, Fort Belvolr. VA Children s Hospital. Pittsburgh, PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Hahnemann Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Washington Hospital. Washington. PA Graduate Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Robert W. Johnson Medical School. Piscataway. NJ Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Washington. DC Geislnger Medical Center, Danville. PA Reading Hospital Medical Center. Reading. PA Madigan Army Hospital. Tacoma. WA University of California Medical Center. San Diego. CA VA Medical Center-Wadsworth West, los Angeles. CA Hahnemann University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia. PA Medical College of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA Graduate Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Oakland Naval Hospital. Oakland, CA Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia, PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Chestnut Hill Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Albany Medical College. Albany, NY Grant Medical Center. Travis AFB. CA Grant Medical Center. Travis AFB. CA Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Easton Hospital. Easton. PA 339Shawn E. McCandless. M.D. Daniel E. McGuire. M.D. Delia C. Melton. M.D. Sharon M. Messics. M.D. Douglas R. Mest. M.D. Year Two Robert Mills. M.D. Samuel J. Muccl, M.D. Sharon L. Mullin. M.D. Susan B. Myers. M.D. Minh-hong T. Nguyen. M.D. Karen J. Nichols. M.D. Kelly O'Neill .M.D. Paul H. Oppenhelmer, M.D. Marian A. Ormont. M.D. Behzad Parva, M.D. Lori A. Paserchla. M.D. Michael L Patete, M.D. Year Two Wanda E. Patton. M.D. James A. Peightel. M.D. Mario Perez. M.D. Phyllis Phillips. M.D. Alice M. Pierce, M.D. Laura A. Pierl. M.D. Robert S. Podolsky. M.D. John H. Powers. M.D. William E. Prenatt, M.D. Charles A. Pue. M.D. Mark A. Putnam. M.D. David F. Ray, M.D. Year Two Cheryl H. Roberts. M.D. Steven M. Roth. M.D. Steven A. Rothman. M.D. Marc A. Rovito. M.D. Joseph G. Sobol. M.D. Arnold Salotto. M.D. Year Two Sominder S. Sandhu, M.D, John Sashko. M.D. Gall M. Schauer, M.D. Year Two Pediatrics Internal Medicine Family Practice Internal Medicine Preliminary Medicine Anesthesiology Orthopedics Surgery Pediatrics Obstetrics Gynecology Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Pediatrics Internal Medicine Obstetrics Gynecology Surgery Internal Medicine Preliminary Surgery Otolaryngology Obstetrics Gynecology Psychiatry Family Practice Family Procttce Preliminary Surgery Psychiatry Surgery Internal Medicine Family Practice Internal Medicine Psychiatry Transitional Medicine Psychiatry Pediatrics Orthopedics Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Preliminary Surgery Neurosurgery Obstetrics Gynecology Family Practice Preliminary Medicine Radiology U. of Wisconsin Hospital Clinics. Madison. Wl University of Illinois Hospital. Chicago. IL Memorial Hospital Burlington City. Mt. Holly. NJ Medical College of Virginia. Richmond. VA Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia. PA University of California (Irvine) Medical School. Irvine. CA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Medical College of Ohio Hospital. Toledo. OH St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. Philadelphia. PA Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Philadelphia.PA University Health Center. Pittsburgh. PA Medical College of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Washington. DC Baystate Medical Center. Springfield. MA Rush-Presbyterlan-St. Luke's Medical Center. Chicago, IL Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Reodlng Hospital A Medical Center. Reading. PA Jackson Memorial Hospital. Miami, FL Jackson Memorial Hospital. Miami, FL Emory University School of Medicine. Atlanta, GA Temple University School of Medicine. Philadelphia. PA USC P1H Family Procttce Center. Whittier. CA St. Francis Hospltol, Wilmington. DE Hershey Medical Center. Hershey, PA Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Pennsylvania Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA The Medical Center, Beaver. PA Ohio State University Hospitals, Columbus. OH The Institute ot Pennsylvania Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Cambridge Hospital. Cambridge. MA Cambridge Hospital. Cambridge. MA Emory University School of Medicine. Atlanta. GA Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore. MD Medical College of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh. PA University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington.KY University of Kentucky Medical Center. Lexington. KY SUNY Buffalo Educ. Consort.. Buffalo. New York Madigan Army Hospital, Tocoma. WA Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia. PA Hahnemann University Hospital. Philadelphia. PA 340 Residency AppointmentsRonald T. Schrelber. M.D. Richard Schroff, M.O, Susan I. Schwartz, M.O. Year Two Anthony J. Scola, M.D. Year Two Scott C. Sessions, M.D. Cartton I. Silver, M.D. Allen M. Singer, M.D. Year Two Carl A. Smart, M.D. Boyd E. Sprenkle. M.D. David Sproat, M.D Thomas J. Stefte. M.D. Mitchell Stein, M.D. Year Two Richard Sterling, M.D. Yoar Two Ira Strassman, M.D. Theodore Sullivan. M.D. Jeffrey Taylor Matthew J. Thran, M.D. Antonio Vales-Dapena, M.D. Bradford S. Van Duker, M.D. Thomas Wallhet, M.D. Michael A. Warner, M.D. James Warren. M.D. Judith Watt. M.D. Gregg G. Weidner, M.D. Year Two Eric Weiss. M.D. H.J. Wilkins, M.D. Charles Wolfe. M.D. Denise E. Wynne-Baker, M.D. Kenneth E. Yagodlch, M.D. Elaine Yin. M.D. George P. Zavitsanos. M.D. Barry Zevin, M.D. Infernal Medicine Surgery Preliminary Medicine Radiology Preliminary Medicine Radiology Surgery Family Practice Transitional Psychiatry Internal Medicine Surgery Family Practice Preliminary Surgery Preliminary Medicine Ophthalmology Preliminary Surgery Otolaryngology Pediatrics Surgery Pediatrics Preliminary Medicine Family Practice Preliminary Surgery Emergency Medicine Family Practice Internal Medicine Internship Deferred Transitional Anesthesiology Surgery Family Procttce Medicine-Pediatrics Preliminary Surgery Family Practice Obstetrlcs Gynecology Surgery Internal Medicine University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison. Wl Portsmouth Naval Hospital. Portsmouth, VA Cooper Hospital U. Medical Center. Camden, NJ Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA Cooper Hospital U. Medical Center. Camden. NJ Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia. PA lankenau Hospital. Philadelphia. PA Ablngfon Memorial Hospital. Abington, PA Cambridge Hospital. Cambridge. MA Cambridge Hospital. Cambridge. MA Monfefiore Hospital Center. New York. NY Episcopal Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Elsenhower Army Hospital, Fort Gordon, GA Cooper Hospital U. Medical Center. Camden. NJ Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia. PA Case Western Reserve Hospital, Cleveland, OH Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Medical University of S. Carolina. Charleston. SC Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. PA St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. Philadelphia. PA University of Massachusetts Hospital. Worcester, MA U S. Naval Hospital. Camp Pendleton. CA Cooper Hospital U. Medical Center, Camden. NJ Akron City Hospital. Akron. OH Montgomery Hospital, Norristown, PA lankenau Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Hope Project, Delhi. India Mercy Hospital. Pittsburgh. PA Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Hershey. PA Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia, PA Montgomery Hospital, Norristown. PA Duke University Medical Center, Durham. NC Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia. PA St. Mary's Medical Center, Evansville. IN Temple University Hospital. Philadelphia, PA Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia. PA Cambridge Hospital. Cambridge. MA 341 The staff of Skull 88 would like to recognize those people who helped with our yearbook. Thank you all very much! Dr. Moses Williams.Gerri. Rudi. Brenda. Charlotte and Linda — Student Programs Otto. Bill. Hank, Audrey and Karen — Photography. Medical Communications Keith Russell — Museum of Natural Sciences Stan. Cheryl. Jane — Medical Communications Dorothy Dennison Medical Alumni Office Dan Solari and the Staff of William T. Cooke Publishing Company Merin Photography Studios Those close to us who were patient during those hours when we left them to do layouts. 342PATRONS PARENTS AND FAMILY Victor E. Abraham. Jr. The Barry Family Dr. and Mrs. Albert Bell Mr. and Mrs. Invin Bromberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Campanella Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John S. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Casale Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Chapis Dr. and Mrs. Wen L. Chen Skeets and Joanne Cohan Dr. and Mrs. Everett B. Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Cronauer Charles and Rhoda Davis Dr. and Mrs. John C. Freda Dr. and Mrs. Milton Fuchs and Family Mr. and Mrs. Merrill H. Giles Dr. and Mrs. William R. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. James Hemminger Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mirsch Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kaufman. Sr. Dr. and Mrs. C. James Kavle Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lein Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lounsbury Thomas and Helen Malcolm Francis D. McGuire. M.D. and Ruth E. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Mullin Dan and Alice O’Neill and Family Dr. and Mrs. William E. Peightel Mr. and Mrs. John H. Powers. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sashko Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. William C. Warner Amil and Dorothy Yagodich STAFF AND FRIENDS Stanley B. Fiel, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. John J. Fisher Robert S. Fisher. M.D. Germantown Salad Bar Gus and Nick’s Hot Dog Cart Parvis Hanjani, M.D. Hematology and Oncology Dept. Ioanni and Ellen Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kendall Albert Lamperti, M.D. Bennett Lorber. M.D. Mak's Chinese Lunch Truck Leon S. Malmud. M.D. Nathaniel H. Mayer. M.D. Moffins Steaks Nikos Toula Hot Dog Stand Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Papacostas Pfizer Labs Pharmacology Department Dr. G. W.E. Plaut S. Michael and Linda Rosenberg Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Troyer Joseph M. Van De Water. M.D. 344 PatronsALUMNI PATRONS Drs. Mary Ann and Steven Ager ’80 Dr. J.W. Arbogast. Jr. '21 Leslie W. Beadling, M.D. 63 Dr. Joanne Bernabei ’76 Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Charles 80 Kenneth D. Chavin, M.D. ’87 James C. DeMarco. M.D. 77 Angelo M. DiGeorge. M.D. 46 William H. Duncan. M.D. '59 Ron Endo '86 John Vincent Ferrazzano. M.D. 74 Albert J. Finestone. M.D. ’45 Paul J. Fink. M.D. 58 Dr. Morris S. Fleischman '33 Donald R. Fox. M.D. '74 Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fry '57 Jay J. Garcia. M.D. '74 Jeffrey T. Gibson. M.D. '80 George E. Goldman. M.D. '78 Stuart. Martha Amelia Green '77 Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Guttler '76 Susan Harding. M.D. '82 Jack A. Henriquez. M.D., FACEP '74 John Solano Hickey. Jr.. M.D. 79 George and Karen Hunter '76 Harold J. Isard. M.D. '34 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kandra '72 John J. Klekotka. M.D. '63 Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Krosnick '50 Keith E. Larkin. M.D. 71 Walter J. Levinsky. M.D. '45 Dr. Steven Lipton '76 Joseph F. Lydon, M.D. '47 John R. Maloney. M.D. '72 Walter E. Margie. M.D. '51 Curt D. Miller. M.D. '79 Richard J. Morris. M.D. '55 Stephen M. Morris. M.D. '65 M. Vernon Ordiway. M.D. '58 Kimberly K. Paterson. M.D. '82 Stewart J. Petrie. M.D. '50 Raymond H. Pierson. HI. '80 Dr. and Mrs. Francis Plucinsky '71 Arthur H. Popkave. M.D. '72 James C. Rex. M.D. '50 Donald J. Ritt. M.D. '60 Stephen Rockower. M.D. '75 David Ross. M.D. '68 Dr. and Mrs. Carson Schneck '59 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Scully '74 Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Shuman '43 Esther Stein William F. Taylor. M.D. Sherman William Thorpe. M.D. 48 Charles D. Tourtellotte, M.D. '78 Edwin Valdiserri. M.D. '78 Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Wapner. M.D. '39 A. Richard Weaver. M.D. '64 George H. Wessel. M.D. '52 Lewis R. Wolf. M.D. Ophth. FACS '34 Moses C. Young. M.D. '81 Jim and Susan Yuschak. M.D. '85 Alumni Patrons 345CONGRATULATIONS WE WELCOME YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS IN THE FUTURE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 346 AdvertisementsGOOD LUCK! We hope you all have fulfilling careers in medicine. We enjoyed developing with those of you who participated with us in training. SCRANTON TEMPLE RESIDENCY PROGRAM CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 CACHEPOT FLOWERS FOR YOU CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 Young's Seafood and Ellis Meat CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CAREER! TWO BROTHERS PIZZA 3322 N. 13th Street 225-1052 1053 347Congratulations to the Class of 1988 The Department of Surgery- Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division To Mark, Our Wonderful Son and Special Brother Congratulations, We’re Very Proud of You! Love, Mom, Dad and Eddie CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BROTHER, ANTHONY, AND TO THE CLASS OF 1988 David A. Scola, M.D. Congratulations to the Class of 1988 HAMBURG FAMILY PRACTICE CENTER Charles M. Baney, Jr., M.D. Daniel C. Lyons. M.D. Robert B. Blauscr, M.D. Clifford H. Lyons. M.D. R. Williams Alexander. M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER Northern Division Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 FROM THE FACULTY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY 348 AdvertisementsDear "Doc" Ron, The gestation period is over, and lo and behold, we've seen the birth of a doctor. Wishing you much success. With much love and "Rx's," ____________________Roy and Lori CONGRATULATIONS JEFF BLICE Love You, Mom and Family CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 The Comerci Family and The Dipema Family 349CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL Jay W. MacMoran, M.D. Edward A. D'Orazio, M.D. F. Joseph Kiefner, M.D. Cheryl A. Stewart, M.D. Kenneth Neigut, M.D. BEST WISHES FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY Philip D. Alburger, M.D. Randal R. Betz, M.D. Robert D. Campo, Ph.D. Michael Clancy, M.D. Lawrence S. Coslett, M.D. John W. Lachman, M.D. Paul A. Marchetto, M.D. Ray A. Moyer, M.D. Edward J. Resnick, M.D. Howard H. Steel, M.D. Paul L. Weidner, M.D. 350 AdvertisementsBest Wishes To The Class Of 1988 The Faculty and Residents Department of Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Herbert S. Waxman, M.D. Chairman Lisa Wallenstein, M.D. Associate Chairman William R. Beam, M.D. Chief Medical Resident Bruce Rosen, D.O. Chief Medical Resident Division Heads Morris N. Kotler, M.D., Cardiology Robert Fox, M.D., Dermatology Sol Epstein, M.D., Endocrinology Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology Mark Capkin, M.D. (TUSM ’80), General Internal Medicine I. Robert Schwartz, M.D., Hematology Oncology Richard S. Levy, M.D., Infectious Disease Rasib M. Raja, M.D., Nephrology Michael Lippmann, M.D., Pulmonary Mary E. Moore, M.D. (TUSM '67), RheumatologyCongratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 from the Faculty of the Department of Pathology Congratulations to Seth and His Classmates of 1988 Dr. Steven and Hollis Berney Laura and Dave CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 William Menin, M.D. Richard A. Menin, M.D. Paul J. Bandini, Jr., M.D. Ronald I. Waloff, M.D. 352 AdvertisementsSusan Lynn Summerton, M.D., Congratulations Both you, Sue, and your great accomplishment, are a source of immense pride and joy to us. TO THE Class of 1988 We wish you love and happiness always. Mom and Dad: Mickey and Marv Schwartz Your Friends at ABINGTON Sister and Brother: Ellen and Jay Schwartz MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Medical Department Grandmom and Grandpop: Sally and Sam Schwartz Congratulations Best Wishes to Members of the Class of 1988 From Members of the Department of Medicine The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center 353BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 FROM THE FACULTY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY ALBERT 1 EINSTEIN % MEDICAL 1 CENTER Department of Psychiatry You Have Our Support Congratulations! 354 AdvertisementsOur best to you. Specialists in local long distance moving for home, office or industry. Commercial Household Goods Storage. Art Antiques Handling QUAKER MOVING STORAGE € 901 Poplar street, Phila., PA 19123 • (215)236-5800 GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF 1988 SILVESTRI STEERMAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATES Archimede J. Silvestri, M.D. Paul H. Steerman, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO ED AND THE CLASS OF 1988! Best Wishes TO THE Class of 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Myers 355CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1988 and to Our Son-In-Law TONY VALDES-DAPENA from Mom and Dad Kraekel Owners: REINERT S CANDIES 3441 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia (215) 228-7847 KRAEKEL'S Renting Apartments in Tioga Since 1970 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF1988 from the DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY Jeffrey I. Greenstein, M.D. Milton Alter, M.D., Ph.D. H. Branch Coslett, M.D. Guillermo deLeon, M.D. Mark L. Moster, M.D. Eleanor M. Saffran, M.D. Joseph U. Toglia, M.D. 356 AdvertisementsC ONGRATULATIONS to the Members OF THE Temple University School of Medicine Class of 1988 Episcopal Hosptial Wishes You Well in All of Your Future Endeavors ______________Episcopal Hospital Front Street Lehigh Avenue • Philadelphia PA 19125-1098 • (215)427-7000 357 9CONGRATULATIONS TO SUSAN L. SCHWARTZ, M.D. Your proud brother. Jay B. Schwartz, DDS Congratulations to Each Member of The Class of 1988! George H. Wessel, M.D. '52 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ’88 ( Family llii'v Practice Forbes Health System Family Practice Residency Program 2566 Haymaker Road • Monroeville. PA 15146 (412) 273-2768 DR. ANTHONY J. SCOLA Congratulations Best Wishes John A. Scola, Inc. Beverage Distributor 1606-08-10-12 South 8th Street 334-3669 465-3388 CONGRATULATIONS CHUCK AND THE CLASS OF 1988 MOM, DAD, AND RICK Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 Guy L. Kratzer, M.D. '35 358 AdvertisementsCongratulations and the Best of Health, Happiness, and Luck in All Your Professional Endeavors. We wish you all the best and we hope and pray that you, Ron will have a wonderful life. Love You Forever, Mom and Dad Congratulations to a Wonderful Brother, Brother-In-Law and Uncle, Ron. May you continue to be a source of pride and joy to our family and especially to our parents, who were with you every step of the way. Lots of Love, Happiness and Success. Love, Ralph, Gila, Eric, and NatalieCongratulations to The Class of 1988 PENNRIDGE PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES Ruth P. Schiller. M.D. Mara S. Schiffman. M.D. Thomaa J. llipp, M.D. Edward P. Rothstein, M.D. Joaeph A.C. Girone, M.D. Ronald L. Souder. M.D. Henry H. Bernatein. D.O. CONGRATULATIONS DIANE! WE ARE HAPPY FOR YOU WE ARE PROUD OF YOU AND WE LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, David, Dale, and Stephen C ON GRATULATION S Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 From The DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 360 AdvertisementsHOS PITAL of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Offers Residency Positions in: Internal Medicine Transitional Year Obstetrics Gynecology SETTING STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE SINCE 1872 RESIDENCY PROGRAMS family practice—internal medicine—pathology—surgery—transitional WConemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital— the teaching hospital where people make a career of caring Contact Education and Staff Services, 1086 Franklin St., Johnstown PA 15905-4398.(814)533-9845 361C ONGRATULATIONS Class of 1988 AND KJD Jfr General Co. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1988 DOLBEYS 3726 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 Medical Books (215) 222-6020, 6021 Diagnostic Equipment 362 AdvertisementsCongratulations to the Class of 1988 FROM The Department of Anesthesiology Professor and Acting Chairman Christer Carlsson, M.D. Professors Alexandra Karetas, M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Associate Professors Ansuya Chatwani, M.D. Nancy B. Kenepp, M.D. Kenneth J. Lee, M.D. Robert Shupak, M.D. Professor Emeritus Thomas C. Deas, M.D. Mary R.W. Reardon, M.D. Assistant Professors Rodger Barnette. M.D. Neil Blister, M.D. Suzane Cooper. M.D. Ruth Dombkoski, M.D. David J. Fish, M.D. Martin Rocco, M.D. TEMPLE PIZZA RESTAURANT 3617 N. BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA 223-2270 - 223-2258 ALL DAY DELIVERY Congratulations Michael Hirsch The Class of 1988 PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY, INC. BEST WISHES FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR THE CLASS OF 1988 FROM THE Multiple Sclerosis Center of TUHSC Jeffrey I. Greenstein. M.D., Director H. Branch Coslett, M.D., Neuropsychology Mark L. Moster, M.D., NeuroOphthalmology Milton Alter. M.D.. Ph.D., Neurology Gerald E. Dworkin. D.O., Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Walter L. Gerber. M.D., Urology Ralph M. Turner, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology Eileen J. Fitzpatrick. M.A.. M.Ed.. Neuropsychology Michele Hackley Johnson. M.D., Neuroradiology Tc-Hua Liu, M.D., Neuroradiology William H. Martin. Ph.D., Electrodiagnosis, Audiology Joseph U. Toglia. M.D., Electrodiagnosis Anne Marie Russick. R.N., Nurse Clinician 363THE GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1988 Founded in 1863, The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center, has a long and proud tradition of helping to train and prepare Temple University Medical students and other health care professionals for their future careers. Located in historic Germantown, adjacent to Wister Woods, the Center’s 25-acre landscaped campus is entered from a private boulevard approach. The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center features a wide range of medical specialties and all private rooms at semi-private rates, for every patient. EXTENDING SINCERE BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS! 364 AdvertisementsBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 from HELENE J. CASSELLI, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE AND RHEUMATOLOGY Klein Professional Office Building Suite 203 5401 Old York Road Philadelphia, PA 19141 Roxborough Medical Building Suite 107 5735 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19128 483-1675 Graduate of Class of 1978 365CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988!! MONTGOMERY FAMILY PRACTICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM William H. Rodgers. Ill, M.D., Director Marc W. McKenna. M.D., Associate Director Hazel M. Bluestein, M.D., Faculty Associate Myung Kyu Chung, M.D., Faculty Assistant Montgomery Family Practice Center 15 West Wood Street Norristown, PA 19401 Telephone: 277-0964 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 From The DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY 366 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS DALESSANDRO'S AND BEST WISHES STEAKS CLASS OF 1988 BEER HOAGIES DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Henry Avenue Walnut Lane TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Roxborough SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 482-5407 Allegheny Family Physicians of Altoona Hospital FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY PROGRAM •MEDICAL STUDENT CLERKSHIPS Affiliated with: The Department of Family and Community Medicine The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center of the Pennsylvania State University For additional information, contact: Clifford R. Waldman, M.D. Recruitment Coordinator 501 Howard Avenue. Building F Altoona. PA 16601 Telephone: (814) 946-2020 367The physicians, staff, and administrators of ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER are both privileged and proud to have shared in your professional growth during these medical school years. We wish you much success and satisfaction in the years ahead. ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER % Genius in healthcare. Northern Division Willowcrest-Baniberger Division Philadelphia Psychiatric Center 368 AdvertisementsTEMPLE GRILL Under New Management BREAKFAST STEAKS HOAGIES SEAFOOD SUKI YAKI 1338 Rising Sun Avenue 226-6090 6:30 AM-7:00 PM BEST WISHES TO OUR NEWEST ALUMNI THE CLASS OF 1988 Never Forget Temple University Which Prepared You for the Future THE DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY A. Richard Kendall, M.D. Lester J. Karafin, M.D. Hyman H. Rabinovitch, M.D. Walter L. Gerber, M.D. E. James Seidmon, M.D. 369Congratulations on Achieving Your M.D. Degree We are indeed happy and proud that you are about to become fellow members of a most exclusive organization. Our medical school has an outstanding teaching staff, curriculum, and student body, and the single most important source of energy for sustaining that fine edge of excellence is that group of M.D.'s who appreciate the distinction of being Temple University School of Medicine alumni. The Medical Alumni Association of Temple University 370 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 From THE MEDICAL STAFF OF ST. CHRISTOPHER'S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDRENCONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19140 215425-3855 IN PA CALL: 800452-5252 OUTSIDE PA CALL: 800-523-2721 FAX : 215425-0766 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 Much nick's Delicatessen Restaurant 1338 W. VENANGO STREET PHILADELPHIA. PA. 19140 Orders To Take Out BA 5-4344 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 From the DEPARTMENT OF NEUROSURGERY 372 AdvertisementsJust a couple of words about developing a sound financial program. Professional experience. PAMELA J. BEATTY We’re proud to introduce an experienced associate of our Firm. She is someone whose professional background and proven ability can be invaluable to you in evaluating the broad spectrum of financial products and services available in today’s increasingly complex marketplace. To develop the best financial program for your individual needs, you owe it to yourself to rely on an expert. Call for complete information about how to acquire the security you need and deserve — now, and for the years ahead. Just a couple of words today could make all the difference to your future. Suite 1825 ■ Two Penn Center Plaza Philadelphia. ■ 19102 ■ (215) 568-0535 Suite 220 ■ One Aldwyn Center Villanova, PA 19085 ■ (215)525-5434 252 Kings Highway East ■ Haddonfield. NJ 08033 Delaware Valley Financial Group, Inc.Congratulations to THE Class of 1988 Stephen D. Silberstein, M.D. Elliott A. Schulman, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS! MERIN STUDIOS, INC. Creating Distinctive Photography 2981 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144 OR3-5777 Congratulations to Jerry and classmates. We are so proud of you. We wish you all health, happiness and prosperity. The Canakis Family CONGRATULATIONS TO KAREN NICHOLS CEPERLEY We are all so proud of you! James F. Ceperley The Nichols Family Mother, Khipra, Steven, Sean and Craig Ida Dorsey Charles R. Dorsey Henry and Ellen Fortson John and Pearl Dorsey 374 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 United Health Hospital Services, Inc. Wyoming Valley Family Practice Residency Congratulations Best Wishes Emergency Department Faculty Staff Temple University Hospital CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY CONGRATULATIONS AND ALL BEST WISHES TO THE FOURTH DR. CHARLES LONG Jacqulyn Greer Long The Edward Greer Family The David A Long Family 'Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right" Jerry Garcia 375Temple University Hospital Auxiliary Congratulates The Class of 1988 CONGRATULATIONS BEST OF LUCK to the CLASS OF 1988 Pulmonary Disease Section Rob Aranson J. William Fewell Stanley B. Fiel Kathie Greenacre Ian B. Hoffman Russell Johnson Steven G. Kelsen Fred Kueppers Theodore Rodman Congratulations, Best Wishes Much Success! Department of Dermatology Temple University School of Medicine Temple University Hospital 376 AdvertisementsGood Luck to the Class of 1988 from the Temple Health Sciences Bookstore Professional Books Supplies Largest Selection of Reference Books 221-7556 P. PLOTNICK SONS Manheim Gardens Wissahickon Gardens Erringer Place Apts. Fernhill Apts. 843-7310, 7311, 7312 RESTAURANT 3545 N BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA PA. 19140 377FROM THE DEAN'S STAFF TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1988 NOW THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED ONE OF THE GREATEST MILESTONES IN YOUR LIVES. MAY EACH OF YOU FULFILL YOUR GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS AS PHYSICIANS. Dean Martin Goldberg, M.D. Eloisc Click Aline Lewis Senior Associate Dean Richard J. Kozera, M.D. Ilclga Sautcr Judith Russo Margaret Llpsctt Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Leon Malinud, M.D. Sally Ginsburg Patricia Martin Associate Dean for Curriculum Hugo D. Smith, M.D. Sheila Booker Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Albert J. Finestonc. M.D. Robert Smedley. Ed.D. Catherine Thomas King Kim Young Crystal Johnson Associate Dean for Management Robert G. Urls. MBA Rose Ferrara Diane Lazar Mable Dukes Daniel Dawson Alonzo Hamilton Ella Smith Associate Dcan Afflliated Hospitals James Demopolous. M.D. Gcri Kelly Assistant Dean for Admissions Joseph Baum. Ph.D. Moses Williams. Ph.D. Charlotte Boyd Brenda Blackstock Geri Morton Linda Berrian Rudl Miller Assistant Dean for Finance Medical Practices Thomas R. Frcltag, MBA Sandra McDade Edwtna Lee Diane Weathers Evelyn Mcrlwcathcr John B. Bachman Ursula Cos nay Jorjc Melendez Irene Kushnir Peter Luczyszyn Assistant Dean for Resources Stanley J. Mann. Ph.D. Multidisciplinary Laboratory Se prices Ronald Mcdori Patricia Lewis Donna Mason Myron Singleton Lynn Morse Sponsored Programs Administration Brenda Burton Delores Sullivan Helen Shultk Kathleen Millard Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Dawn Marks. Ph.D. Marian McKlll Shirley Hall Assistant Dean Director of Recruitment. Admissions and Retention Charles S. Ireland, MSW Harold Freeman Lucrctla Saunders Ernest Lowe Carmen Colon Gwendolyn Taylor Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Sally Rosen. M.D. Mary Jackson Assistant Dean for Temple Einstein Medical Center William F. Schulze. MA Clco Clark Executive Director for Development and Alumni Affairs Charles Glanvillc Dorothy Dennison Jill Unger Mary Flynn 378 AdvertisementsBest Wishes from the Department of Diagnostic Imaging Leon S. Malmud, M.D., Chairman Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Mamed Mesgarzadeh, M.D. Marie A- Capitanio, M.D. Charles B. Mulhem, M.D. Dina F. Caroline, M.D. Paul D. Radccki, M.D. N. David Charkes, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. Shailcndra A. Desai, M.D. Francis J. Shea, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Jeffry Siegel, Ph.D. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Eleanor Smergel, M.D. Arnold C. Friedman, M.D. Michele H. Johnson, M.D. Margaret Gainey, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Linda C. Knight, Ph.D. Richard Vitti. M.D. Anna Lev-Toaff, M.D. Thomas Witomski, M.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Barbara Wolfson, M.D. Michael B. Love, M.D. Ivan Vujic, M.D. Alan H. Maurer, M.D. Marvin C. Ziskin, M.D. “Congratulations Class of 1988” yAr z r ' yytf associates, inc. PRINTING AND TOTAL PRODUCTION OF DIRECT MAIL THE DELAWARE VALLEY’S COMPLETE PRINTING DIRECT MAIL FACILITY. m COMPUTER ■ MACHINE INSERTING ■ ENVELOPE PRINTING U LASER LETTERS ■ TYPESETTING ■ BINDERY U CHESHIRE LABELING SHEETFED WEB printing □ 215 825-2570 379HAMOT MEDICAL CENTER RESIDENCY PROGRAM Erie, Pennsylvania Harriot Medical Center is a 582-bed teaching hospital with over 250 staff members. Hamot can give you hands-on, quality experience in clinically-oriented residency programs. They include Family Practice, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Transitional Year and Senior Electives. We’re situated on the banks of Lake Erie, where you can enjoy 30 miles ot beautiful shoreline and beaches. Located in Erie, Pa. Hamot serves as a referral center for northwestern Pennsylvania in Trauma, Neonatology, Dialysis, Burn, Cancer, Cardiology, Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery. For more information about Hamot Medical Center and its Residency Program, call 814-870-6138. Jj Hamot Hamot Medical Center 20 State Sweet Ene PA 16550 380 AdvertlsementsCongratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1987 The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Sixth Avenue and Spruce Street. West Reading. Pennsylvania 19603 Better health through closer communication (McNEIL) McNEIL CONSUMER PRODUCTS COMPANY FORT WASHINGTON. PA 19034 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 SECTION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY 382 AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 Section of Cardiology Temple University School of Medicine Best Wishes to The Class of '88 McNEIL CONSUMER PRODUCTS COMPANY makers of TYLENOL® acetaminophen products TO THE CLASS OF 1988, We are proud of you and your accomplishments, and wish you well in the pursuit of your career goals. We are happy to have contributed to your education, knowing full well that it will stand you in good stead in the years to come. Congratulations! The Faculty and House Staff Department of Medicine 383CONGRATULATIONS CAROL RONIS HARRUS WITH LOVE FROM BERNARD AND TILLIE RONIS MAX AND MARY RONIS ALAIN HARRUS AND ISAAC, TOO The nose has run for two generations Max. Mary, and Carol "B.J." Max Carol Temple and Us 98 Years Class of 1934 Class of 1956 Class of 1988V  —

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