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_ temple university HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRARY ft ft ( 19 8 6From the Gamemakers Dear Kuby Boomers, Congratulations upon your purchase of this special “Medical Edition ” of Trivial Pursuit at the low bargain price of $43,000, financed over four years You are now the proud owner of a unique collection of trivial facts, photos, and memorabilia acquired during countless classroom hours, innumerable clinical rounds and some really super parties, Christmas shows and road trips. SKULL ’86 STAFF EDITORS IN—CHIEF Jack Keeker Financial Co Editor Jeff Steinberg Literary Co—Editor This game would have been impossible without the input of each class member who not only designed his or her own senior page, but also contributed time, ideas, photos and artwork towards the final product. We can't thank the editors enough Ed, Stephanie, Dave. Scott. Lticretia and Greg — you have given of your precious time and immense talents to make this book a reality. An extra special thanks to Ron Endo — a true master of the game whose title “Photography Editor” does not even begin to describe his dedicated involvement in every aspect of the book from theme and layout to mailings and fundraising. Like a precious family heirloom edition of Monopoly, Scrabble or Backgammon, you will open this book several times in the future and fondly reminisce about all of the good times at Temple, in Philadelphia and with your classmates. During your four years here you have played the Trivial Pursuit game the Temple way. Now, as you embark upon the tournament circuit, you will have the opportunity to implement all of this hard-learned “trivia” in a manner which will truly help others. Good luck to all of you in filling in the pieces of your own medical pie in the years to come. Theme Editor Ed Soffen Art Editor Stephanie Com Weinberg Administration Preclinical Editor David Bobman Clinical Affiliates Editor Scott Brown Activities and Leisure Editor Greg Kent Senior Section Editor Lucretia Fitzpatrick Photography Co Editors Ron Endo Jody DiGiacomo Henry Backe Lisa Basheda Kanehann Manny Beg Doug Cline Lisa Coroniti Tricia Coyle Eric Patter Rob Dixon Ken Duckworth Bob Hall John Laurtello Cliff Lomboy Ann Scharf Sharon Tomaski Doug Zlock 2Dedication to Dr. J. Robert Troyer, Ph.D...............p. 4 The Denver Developmental for Temple Medical Students p. 8 Trivial Elections CT Predictions.......................p. 9 Administration CT Staff...............................p. 12 Pre Clinical Years....................................p. 22 The Clinical Years....................................p. 56 Affiliated Hospitals.....................................p. 102 Leisure CT Activities................................p. 114 The Class of 1986........................................p. 140 Residency Appointments...............................p. 321 Our Patrons £7 Advertisers...........................p. 326 £oms fiunus glory, grs.atns.il fame.; Otfisn juit a (iumJj[s [oot. iBut fsuj in oar fizofsuLon can. lag . . . DLy ( £ rsiiitsd tks gams of ZJxiuiat '[PuxiuLt.THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE CLASS OF 1986 IS PROUD TO DEDICATE THIS YEARBOOK TO J T bert Trajier, P j.D. Dr. Troyer: Way back in the fall of 1982, when our medical careers were barely in the early stages of development, you were present as a primary inducer who helped to mold and shape the growth of our education. As Chairman of the Department of Anatomy and as Course Coordinator of Embryology, Histology, Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy, your impact on our backbone of fundamental knowledge (and Trivia) is incomparable. We remember your lectures, labs, review sessions, and above all, your demonstrations. Three and a half years later, after countless hours in Kresge, weeks in other institutions, and months across the street in Temple Hospital, we honor your achievement and excellence. You have been an outstanding teacher, a motivator, and a friend. We can now fully appreciate how, in your own words, "To be a doctor means to be a teacher, and to be a teacher means to know how and when to listen." 4Robert Troyer was born in Princeton, Illinois in 1928. His first exposure to the medical field came while living in Columbus, Ohio. There, Robert fell down the basement steps and landed head first in a pot of boiling starch. Although only six at the time, says Troyer of the incident, “I only wanted to study the effects of thermal polysaccharides on cutaneous re—epithelialization." A budding scientist; pleuripotential undifferentiated. Dr. Troyer studied as an undergraduate at Syracuse University. Initially he was pre-med, but was influenced greatly by his Comparative Anatomy professor, Dr. Parke Struthers. He then pursued Zoology and graduate work in Histology and Embryology at Cornell. His doctoral thesis entitled "A Biochemical and Histological Study of Liver Glycogen in a Hibernating Bat”, never made the New York Times 'Best Seller List'. "Copies are available however, as Dr. Troyer adds, "and would make an excellent graduation gift." Dr. Troyer started as an Instructor at Temple in 1954 when Dr. Huber was department chairman. He came to Temple because of the integrated teaching program; at that time, all 6 faculty taught every course. It was an exciting challenge but didn't leave him any free time. Lectures were given six days a week because the basic philosophy of the department was that 'Learning should take place in school'. Ultimately he found enough free time to marry and start a family. Now he has four children: Dave 27, Susan 25, Mark 23, and Karen 21 -all of whom studied at Temple. Of course, they could have gone anywhere. 5Dr. Troyer met his wife Ruth while at Temple. He taught Anatomy and Physiology to the Nursing students while she taught the corresponding labs. "We would have dated sooner than we did, but people were always trying to fix us up. Their good intentions got in the way." Less than half a year later, on the hottest day in August, 1956, they were married. 6Troyer Trivia The Origin of the Balloon Model? "Embryology has always been difficult to get across conceptually. I started with clay and balsa wood models, but they weren't dynamic. I first used a plastic bag to represent a body cavity, and the idea grew from there. "I usually prepare my lectures on the weekend before presenting them. Thus, most of the ideas for models were generated during the Sunday afternoon football game. During halftime I go down to the basement and create them." Trivia Practical Exam Identify the soft drink at the end of the arrow. You may change the focus, but do not change the objective. 7FIRST YEAR SECOND YEAR THIRD YEAR FOURTH YEAR MATCH DAY DENVER DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENING TEST FOR TEMPLE MEDICAL STUDENTS PERCENT OF STUDENTS PASSING 26 50 75 DO M»y pm by report Footnote No, “ See beck of form Te»t Item Qjte Nernt_____ Birtbdete, Hotp No,. 1VIOOS-TVNOSa3d 3AlidV0V — H010W 3Nld 3DV00NVT aoiow ssoaoTRIVIAL ELECTIONS AND PREDICTIONS Greatest Contribution to Class Spirit____ Michael Scott Mr. Ms. Congeniality------ John Lauriello Kim Kerr Strong Best Class Scribe Cliff Lomboy Best to be 'On Call' with___ Mary Ann Casey Rich Jackoby He was born in the Projects off Ridge Ave. in East Falls, (pg. 297)Most Likely Sitting in the Front Row Sam Carson Most Likely Sitting in the Back Row Jim North Most Likely Not Sitting in Class (but recognized by his American Express) Greg Pierson .... who?? Most Likely to be Dean of a Medical School Frank Casty Most Entertaining Talent I just want to be a physician And somehow I know I'll get by. But they keep raising tuition I'll be in debt till I die. I just want to make graduation And God only knows that I try. But I keep loosin' ambition. Cause I'll be in debt till I die. 10 by Ed Soffen Scott BrownClass Couple Ken and Mary Most Likely to Open a Free Medical Clinic Gayle Lacks Most Dapper in a White Coat Albert Avila Most Likely to Own a Porsche Marc Rabinowitz 1 1 Most Likely to be Named in a Lawsuit The Class of 1986K (t) The Deans.............14 (A; A Generic Dean’s Letter 16 Ct; The New Temple University Hospital. . . 17 (3D The Administration and Office Staff..............18 12 With tke tai.fi. of axxancjincj our lives they tvexe faced, fUb fi££(2 ufi with u± tLu wox fed at a fuxious f2ac£. So to tfi£ 'J eans and tfieix itaff, (We tif2 off oux fiats.. )ox tfieif took aft oux gxief wi tk suck cjxace.Administration Dr. Sol Sherry Sol Sherry, M.D. Dean and Distinguished Professor of Medicine Leo Henikoff, M.D. Past Dean 1979-1984 Francis Sweeney, M.D. Vice President for Health Sciences Center Ethel Weinberg, M.D. Associate Dean Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum William Barba, M.D. Associate Vice President for Affiliations Robert Uris Associate Dean for Administration Albert Finestone, M.D. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Leon Malmud, M.D. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Stanton Felzer, Ph.D. Associate Vice President William Schulze Assistant to the Dean Charles Ireland Assistant to the Dean Director, Recruitment, Admissions Retention Programs Mary Stier Chambers Assistant to the Dean Herman Goldner, Ph.D. Director of Sponsored Research Programs Thomas Freitag Director of Systems and Finance Moses Williams, Ph.D. Director of Student Programs Robert Villier Director of Public Relations James Voigt Director of Finance Office Jonathan Cilley, Ph.D. Past Director of Student Laboratories Stanton Saltzman Director of Medical Communications Annette Pierce Director of Clinical Practice Plans Rose Ferrara Director of Administration Judith Russo Manager, Office of Faculty Student Records Ruth Diamond Director of the Library Dorothy Dennison Executive Director of Alumni Office Gerry Morton Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Programs Diane Lazar Administrative Assistant Suzette Silverman Editor, M.D. Magazine Dr. Leo Henikoff - "Here's to Chicago" 14 She escorted Willie Stargell around her hometown for 3 days. (pg. 176)Dr. Hugo Smith - “Sure, I remember you. You're___" Mr. William Schulze Of all the professional qualities you’re looking for, we’ve got the top six. 15 Dr. William Barba Dr. Ethel WeinbergTEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth University School of Mrilinnr Office of the Don Dear Resident Selection Committee Chairman of 1. Ophthalmology 2. Orthopaedics 3. Other MOO N Broad S Philadelphia FYnnsvhanm 19140 tflii 221 475 1. strong support of 1. last name This letter is in 2 reference to Mr7Mrs. 2. maiden name 3. defense of 3. hyphenated name 1. a residency who is applying for 2. a year of research 3 Oean of Temp'e Med School at your institution. 1 dll his her life While I have known Mr. Mrs. 2. throughout med.cal school. (name) 3 only £ hour I feel 1. first name 2. nickname' will be 3. soe. sec.« 1 an asset 2. a warm body 3 a potent at malpractice source for your program Mr Mr . graduated {last name! 1. magne 1. an Ivy League University 2. cum laude from 2. a good state or local college. 3. barely 3. Temple (but they could have gone anywherel. He she was active in f. collegiate sports 2 biochemical research. 3 frat party debauchery. 1. name During the first two years in medical school. 2. nickname 3. soc see 1 was an honors student. 2 was an above average student 3 managed to pass every course --eventually. 1. an avg of greater than 700 On pan I of the NBME. hc shc scored 2. an av9. just less than 700 3. a total of 700 (adding all the scores up) In the third year clinical rotations, his her evaluations can be summarized us follows (Select 1 from Col. A 1 from Col, B. and 1 from Col. C) HONORS HIGH PASS PASS Column A Column B Column C (Medicine) (Surgery) (the soft Stuff— Ob.Peds'Psvch) meticulous and compulsive'' "punctual and neatly groomed" "a future surgeon" "overbearing and egotistical" "enthusiastic" "looks good in greens" "enthusiastic” "belongs in Int. Medicine” "enthusiastic” In conclusion, from my discussion with (formal name), I have found him her to be 1) diligent 2) quiet 3) compasionato 4) sexy 5) intelligent 6) in need of a shower. (Circle any four) I therefore recommend this candidate 1. strongly. 2. warmly. 3. because I have to Thank you very much. I remain. Yours sincerely. 1. Alan 1. Barb 2. William 2. Cnstol 3. Hugo 3. Shultz 4. B.li 4 Rogers 5 Fred 5. Smith (choose a first and last name) 16The New Temple University Hospital A new place to operate Running the numbers .. Chemistry Laboratory Temple's Emergency Room .... you could have taken your wounds anywhere. One last look... And there's more to come! 17Dr. Albert Finestone Dr. Stanton Felzer and Melody Becker Robert Uris Dr. Moses Williams 18 'THAT'S the way we used to do a rectal exam!" Daddy Huber finally graduates!I ■ 19 Dorothy Dennison Judy RussoGerri Morton Recruitment, Admissions Retention Programs Rose Ferrara Student Labs He was omitted from the A MSA student directory four years in a row. (pg. 296) Priscilla Richardson—Bursar's OfficeFinance Office Office Staff Carol Blount, Mary Stier Chambers. Jeri Janson Cleo Clark, Jackie DeLong, Diane Lazar, Helga Sauter Denise Bacchus, Shirley Ester, Livia Sparagna 21K The Birth of the Trivia Question..............24 Anatomy..................26 © Biochemistry.............34 Physiology............38 Pathology.............42 Microbiology and Immunology'......46 m Pharmacology ............50 Behavioral Science, Genetics O Primary Care..................54 Preventive Medicine, Clinical Decision Making...........55 Fels Institute........55 22 'UfUougfi ftayES and fiaqES we itxuggC d; czdfn occasional tzst we all mu Med. -In tfis end we wou Id SEE 'ZP' equals A .'A. cjrfnd WE IE d ocs now tliE dust finaffy SEttCed.The Birth of the 24 tapping sending •n the ai Barry Levine, arriving late to class as usual, bumps into Frank DuFrayne reading the newspaper who spills piping hot coffee on snoozing Jeanette Bland .... causing Doug Cline to giggle and guffaw .... who bumps into Mark Dorogy's pen which continues transcribing onto John Krzan's trousers .... ?n HCking. Dixon who bats his eyes tnsbelief which enraptures 3 women ...."What is the submolecular mechanism of Peruvian subclavian steal syndrome in hypoxic New Zealand white mice, and its implication in the isomerization of trans glucuronidase, and or its superimposition on the id-ego dichotomy in a libidinous milieu colonized by anaerobes??" Trivia Question 'ST Which we now know we can blame on Barry Levine. before flying onto Andy Rubin's bicep propelling his copy of Rolling Stone across the armrest where it brushes against John Lauriello's bird legs and macho hair .... bringing Terry Doherty out of his next bicycle-trip dream, and as he slams on his brakes he collides into Sheila Johansson tripping Hung Doan who yells.... setting off a countercurrent electrical field with Ed Soffen's beard which excites the one neuron in Dave Abel's brain that is dying to know .... 25Anatomy Embryology Gross Anatomy Histology Neuroanatomy Dr. Schneck attempts to reconstruct a cadaver J. Robert Troyer, Ph.D. Chairperson Mark Black, Ph.D. Gail Crouse, Ph.D. John Huber, M.D., Ph.D. Emeritus Albert Lamperti, Ph.D. Thomas Marino, Ph.D. Pat McAllister, Ph.D. Patricia Olds—Clarke, Ph.D. Joanne Orth, Ph.D. Brett Oxberry, Ph.D. Laurie Paavola. Ph.D. Helen Pearson, Ph.D. Steven Phillips, M.D., Ph.D. Carson Schneck, M.D., Ph.D. Marvin Sodicoff, Ph.D. John Way, Ph.D. "A Dead-icated Student” A shadow of his former self. 26Temple students are a cut above the rest Another good check-up! ily freshman to find 3-4 )f Winslow per cadaver.Connected at the hip Dr. Mike Cochran Any relation to Barry Levine? 28 Dr. Crouse studying alien anatomyAnd for my next act A Limbic Lobe Lesion? Or a Frederick's of Hollywood Ad? Wipe that grin off your face Rick. 29Where did they put the extensor hallucis longus? The student who took the longest to learn the brachial plexus. For a mere $10, you can have a sulcus named after you. 3031“Hey! You look familiar.” 32Say "Ahhh!" Hats off to the med notes crew We would never have seen the beach without you. 33 She wanted to be a go-go dancer, (pg. 316)Learned Kreb's cycle in kindergarten Biochemistry Many nights of burning the midnight oil Reserved Seating Gerhard Plaut, Ph.D. Chairperson David Ash, Ph.D. Jerome Gabriel, Ph.D. Kenneth Hoober, Ph.D. Edward Kirby, Ph.D. Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Warren Masker, Ph.D. Ronald Pieringer, Ph.D. Richard Savage, Ph.D. Vern Schramm, Ph.D. Colleen Smith, Ph.D. Robert Suhadolnik, Ph.D. "Is this where we register for law school?" 34Stu says he listens best with his eyes closed. ® ®... highly effective for both sleep induction and sleep maintenance Sleep Laboratory Investigator Pennsylvania c;ii :o—s—Coa • n,o Aarlvl-GoA CnA SH "Please God, let me have passed that exam." 35Or. Suhadolnik points out the class' trend of grades. It takes a tough man to make a tender enzyme. Scott conducts lecture, Frank backs him up. before Med Notes received critical acclaim 36Tracey caught in a freak act of studying. Teaches the Evelyn Wood Speed Writing Course. "It's amazing what they send through the mail these days!" 37 Dr. Hoober pondering the importance of phosphofructokinase.Dr. Alan Freeman Physiology Dr. Lynch surfacing for lunch Alan Freeman. Ph.D. Chairperson Joan Gault, M.D. James Heckman, Ph.D. Steven Houser, Ph.D. Peter Lynch, Ph.D. Eileen Mulligan, Ph.D. Charles Philips, M.S.E. James Ryan, Ph.D. Thomas Shaffer, III, Ph.D. Ronald Tuma, Ph.D. Michael Wang, Ph.D. 38 He was an active member of 'The Bullwinkle Fan Club" in high school, (pg. 216)Drs. Wang, Tuma, Shaffer, posing for a Crest commercial. I Three Wise Men? Dr. Gault- winner of the Lisa Coroniti look-alike contest. 39POOTCOASTCXC EJECT10H-1 mss« - ---AORTIC PRESSURE arm . Pmsawt VtHTWCULAR PRESS vENIRKULAR WXUME CLtCTROCtfOOCAAM PKNOCMOOCRAM 40Lynn after Val explains how babies are made. Dr. Houser—most eligible bachelor? Greg makes a guest appearance. “What do you mean brains and beauty don't go together?!" 41Pathology Renato Baserga, M.D. Chairperson Joseph Baum, Ph.D. Bruno Calabretta, M.D. Nahum Duker, M.D. Pamela Edmonds, M.D. Bruce Elfenbein, M.D. Ricky Hirschhorn, Ph.D. Eugene Hoenig, M.D. Irena Koprowska, M.D. Edward Mercer, Jr., Ph.D. Pen-Ming Ming, M.D. Si—Chun Ming, M.D. Richard Ochs, M.D. Paul Putong, M.D. Sally Rosen, M.D. Chik—kwun Tang, M.D. Philip Valente, M.D. John Wurzel, M.D. Flunking a sophmore practical exam Quincy's role model 42The Ming Dynasty of Pathology 43 He has a cat named Horse, (pg. 194)Dr. Hoenig hates when students talk back. 44Steve waves goodbye to pathology. Dr. Wurzel gets high on Pathology. Chuck R. - A future Qunicy, stay tuned. Dr. Baum telling about the one that got away. How do you pronounce "Nahum”? 45Microbiology Immunology Dr. Shockman submerged in paperwork. Gerald Shockman, Ph.D. Chairperson Paul Black, Ph.D. Helen Buckley, Ph.D. Walter Ceglowski, Ph.D. Kenneth Cundy, Ph.D. Lolita Daneo-Moore, Ph.D. Toby Eisenstein, Ph.D. Francis Havas, Ph.D. Emeritus Earl Henderson, Ph.D. Michael Higgins, Ph.D. Morton Klein, Ph.D. Emeritus Michael Largen, Ph.D. Patrick Piggot, Ph.D. Thomas Rogers, Ph.D. Kenneth Soprano, Ph.D. Earle Spaulding, Ph.D. Emeritus Allan Truant, Ph.D. Leonard Zubrzycki, Ph.D. "Where is Greg Pierson?" mm mv Dr. Michael Largen He was present at the Woodstock Folk Festival, (pg. 283) 4647 Specimens donated by local vendorsBugs Drugs Part II 48 "Rich, don't look now, but two bacteria are conjugating in my coffee."Dr. Rogers—"Can you say histocompatibility? Sure, I knew you could." Dr. Toby Eisenstein "Do you know how long it takes me to get these bangs just right?!" Dr. Buckley—A budding mycologist. 49Pharmacology Dr. J. Bryan Smith Mieronase glyburide,5mg tablets J. Bryan Smith, Ph.D. Chairperson Martin Adler, Ph.D. Alan Cowan, Ph.D. Concetta Harakal, Ph.D. James McElligott. Ph.D. John O'Neill. Ph.D. Charles Papacostas, Ph.D. (Retired) Leon Salganicoff, D.Sc. Roger Sevy, M.D., Ph.D. Ronald Tallarida, Ph.D. George Van Rossum, Ph.D. 50Tablets of 25.50 and 75 mg _ dip ridamde Persantine Dr. Tallarida — New York Times Best Seller author "Nick, what the heck is an adrenergic receptor?" 51Dr. Concetta Harakal Martin Black— Probably a rapid acetylator He worked in the 4PP Pharmacy during Freshman year. (pg. 292) 52“Wake up. Barb, lecture's over!" Marc asks Debbie about the contraindications to drinking Diet Pepsi in class. Dr. Leon Salganicoff Minipress (prazosin HCi) telm92rr Bumex - bumetanide Roche 53Behavioral Science Dr. John Benson Course Director Genetics Dr. Angelo DiGeorge Course Director Typical FH for your first H + P Primary Care Mary Willard 54 Symptom—Nuchal Piloerection Diagnosis—Schizophrenia You'd smile too if you had a syndrome named after you! Laura Molnar, Mary Willard Course Directors Gloria Greenberg— always a helpful hand.Preventive Medicine Course Director Late in the year, after Med Notes received critical acclaim. Clinical Decision Making Fels Institute Peter Magee, M.D. Director Renato Baserga, M.D. Charles Bieler, M.B.A. Jon Kimball de Riel, Ph.D. Nahum Duker, Ph.D. Earl Henderson, Ph.D. David Jensen, Ph.D. James Keen, Ph.D. Sangduk Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Gerald Litwack, Ph.D. Prabhakar Lotlikar, Ph.D. Woon Ki Paik.M.D. Lawrence Rizzolo, Ph.D. Arthur Schwartz, Ph.D. Michael Sirover, Ph.D. Sidney Weinhouse, Ph.D. 55 Dr. Magee(2) Anesthesiology........58 (p) Dermatology...........60 D Diagnostic Imaging. ... 61 (R) Radiation Oncology ... 62 E Emergency Medicine . . 63 Cj) Ear, Nose, T Throat. . . 65 Cf5) Family Practice......66 Internal Medicine .... 68 (N ) Neurology............79 (£)bCLS ACLS..............80 (iT) Neurosurgery.........81 (g)Obstetrics Gynecology. 82 (O) Ophthalmology.........84 (o) Orthopedic Surgery ... 86 Pediatrics............89 5 Psychiatry............93 Rehabilitation Medicine.........95 Surgery...............96 Urology'.............100 Potpourri I..........101 Affiliates...........102 Potpourri II.........109 The Match (sort of) ..110 56On cubits coat use cloned to tbe boifiitaf; cOxmed with stetbeicofie and scat nonfey manuals.. (We tried to bs bold, cOnd a ftfiouyfi Vjs ujsxs icofded, ' We deferred quite a bit of tfi o±e fifiyeicah ! m 57Anesthesiology James Harp, M.D. Chairperson Rodger Barnette, M.D. Ansuya Chatwani, M.D. David Fish, M.D. Nancy Kenepp, M.D. Kenneth Lee, M.D. David Lowe, M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Christine Schlichting, M.D. Robert Shupack, M.D. Daniel Walter, M.D. Local bag person. Dr. David Fish Dr. James Harp Dr. Gertrude Pruckmayr He worked as an engineer for Eastman Kodak Co. (pg. 189) 8Dr. Rodger Barnette sitting for portrait of Temple Mascot. Dream Wizards at work 59 Drs. Ashwin and Ansuya ChatwaniDermatology Frederick Urbach, M.D. Chairperson Anand Lattanand, M.D. Eric Vonderheid, M.D. Prestidigitator Dr. Eric Vonderheid confounds the residents with his legerdemain. 60Dr. Renate Soulen Leon Malmud, M.D. Chairperson Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Marie Capitanio, M.D. Dina Caroline, M.D. David Charkes, M.D. Gary DeFilipp, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Mary Fisher, M.D. Arnold Friedman, M.D. Margaret Gainey, M.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Alan Maurer, M.D. Mohammed Mesgarzadeh, M.D. Paul Radecki, M.D. Parvati Ramchandani, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. Franics Shea, M.D. Eleanor Smergel, M.D. Renate Soulen, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Barbara Wolfson, M.D. Marvin Ziskin, M.D. Diagnostic Imaging Dr. Leon Malmud (above) Dr. Ramchandani (below) 61Dr. Mary Fisher Dr. Francis Shea c Dr. Akbar Bonakdarpour Radiation Oncology Ann Chu, M.D. Chairperson Olubunmi Abayomi, M.D. Nalini Mehta, M.D. Raymond Wu, Ph.D. Drs. Ann Chu and Raymond Wu 62 They eloped to Mexico in a Mexican Taxi 376 and had to borrow the S45 to pay the Justice of the Peace, (pgs. 258-259)Emergency Medicine Bonnie Goldman, M.D. Chairperson Bruce Hart, M.D. Frederic Kauffman, M.D. David Nunnely, M.D. Joyce Petrini, M.D. 6364 Future pathologist Jack Sees shows his enthusiasm for pre-monem care.ENT Max Ronis, M.D. Chairperson Emil Liebman, M.D. Melvin Masloff, M.D. Rose Mohr, M.D. John Tucker, M.D. Drs. Masloff, Liebman (left) and Ronis (above) sporting the latest in ENT regalia She's the youngest person in the class— born Dec. 6, 1961. (pg. 295) 65Family Practice James MacBride, M.D. Chairperson Sibyl Beckett, M.D. Stephen Brock, Ph.D. David Epstein, M.D. Gregory Estlund, M.D. Carmen Febo, M.D. Jana Mossey, Ph.D. Fred Rogers, M.D. Janis Rubin, M.D. Eugene Sobel, Ph.D. Marna Sternbach, M.D. Mariah Vassal, M.D. Dr. MacBride catching up on a little paperwork The Family He's nicknamed "Baseline” for picking up the broken pieces of his car's exhaust system at 3 a.m. in South Philly. (pg. 151) Dr. Fred Rogers 66Dr. Gregory Estlund Dr. Mariah Vassal V 4f Dr. David Epstein Dr. Mama Sternbach Dr. Carmen Febo Turned down a Family Practice residency because he was intimidated by the fund of knowledge required. 67Internal Medicine CARDIOLOGY Barry Denenberg, M.D. Arnold Gash, M.D. Michael McDonough, M.D. Louis Soloff, M.D. Howard Warner. M.D. ENDOCRINOLOGY Bertram Channick, M.D. Section Chief Victor Adlin, M.D. Allan Marks, M.D. METABOLISM Guenther Boden, M.D. Section Chief Robert Hoeldtke, M.D. Oliver Owen, M.D. Charles Shuman, M.D. GASTROENTEROLOGY Stanley Lorber, M.D. Section Chief Martin Black, M.D. Robert Fisher, M.D. David Karlin. M.D. Benjamin Krevsky, M.D. GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE David Brody, M.D. Section Chief Marie Bernard, M.D. David Bernbaum, M.D. Alan Bilsky, M.D. Ita Brandman, M.D. Francis Bryan, M.D. Ronald Collman, M.D. Sharon Fischer, M.D. Beverly Keefer, M.D. Maryellen Kyle, M.D. Robert Laskowski, M.D. Allen Myers, M.D. Michael Peimer, M.D. Sol Sherry, M.D. David Smith, M.D. Gerardo Voci, M.D. Jordan Weiss, M.D. Jacob Zatuchni, M.D. Health Services Albert Finestone, M.D. Harold Hyman, M.D. Norman Learner, M.D. Walter Levinsky, M.D. Student and Employee Health Yolanda Mapp, M.D. Richard Berkowitz, M.D. HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY THROMBOSIS Robert Colman, M.D. Section Chief James Day, M.D. Section Chief Rita Axelrod, M.D. William Barry, M.D. Richard Eisenstaedt, M.D. Alan Gewirtz, M.D. Angara Rao, M.D. Ronald Rubin, M.D. Paul Schick, M.D. Alvin Schmaier, M.D. Peter Walsh, M.D. INFECTIOUS DISEASE Bennett Lorber, M.D. Section Chief Thomas Fekete, M.D. Byungse Suh, M.D. Robert Swenson. M.D. NEPHROLOGY Robert Narins, M.D. Section Chief Christine Bastl, M.D. Edward Jones, M.D. Gollapudi Krishna, M.D. Louis Riley, M.D. PULMONARY Theodore Rodman, M.D. Section Chief Howard Baier, M.D. William Fewell, M.D. Stanley Fiel, M.D. Russel Johnson, M.D. Fredrick Kueppers, M.D. RHEUMATOLOGY Charles Tourtellotte, M.D. Section Chief Steven Berney, M.D. 68Cardiology Dr. Warner wards off another student's attempt to filch his special stethoscope (has built in Su and holosystolic murmur) Hangin' on a heartbeat Marching out P waves to the Dr. Arnold Gash beat of a different drummer. 69Endocrine Metabolism Dr. Channick 70Gastroenterology Dr. Stanley Lorber Dr. Martin Black: "This is as close to a smile as I come without a biopsy needle in my hand" Maalox He has a secret love for snow and cold weather, (pg. 273) 71General Internal Medicine Drs. Marie Bernard (below) and David Smith (right) Drs. Richard Berkowitz (above) and Walter Levinsky (right) Harrison He wore a fake mustache for 3 years of medical school, (pg. 165) 72Hematology Oncology Thrombosis Upon identifying the object depicted above, you would: 1) Buy coffee to complete a balanced breakfast 2) Suspect a megaloblastic anemia 3) Rotate your radials 73 Dr. Eisenstaedt conducts a patient interview (above) Dr. William Barry (right)Dr. Ronald Rubin Dr. Rita Axelrod 74 He was born at Temple Hospital, later studied sculpture at Tyler School of Art. (pg. 219)Infectious Disease Dr. Byungse Suh Come on in, the air conditioning's fine! A spoiled bavarian cream . .. A raging Salmonella outbreak ... Coincidence? Dr. Swenson doesn't think so. Dr. Lorber, looking smooth (and encapsulated) 75Dr. Robert Narins demonstrates the first 24—hour Holter monitor. LASIX The biopsy of an apple. Path report: Minimal Change Disease 76Dr. Howard Baier Pulmonary Dr. Theodore Rodman 77arthritis therapy Rheumatology Dr. Bastl pores over the literature in an attempt to identify the disease entity which has left Dr. Tourtellotte with a right-sided flexure contracture and Dr. Berney, with a case of hyperphotophobia. 78 Dr. Steven Berney, incognito.Neurology Milton Alter, M.D. Chairperson Branch Coslett, M.D. Guillermo DeLeon, M.D. Jeffrey Greenstein, M.D. Richard Hassett, M.D. William Monster, Ph.D. Mark Moster, M.D. Eleanor Saffran, Ph.D. Joseph Toglia, M.D. Dr. Branch Coslett Dr. Milton Alter Dr. Joseph Toglia "Nystagamoose .... yes?" 79Dr. Hasset ponders a neurologic enigma. Barry takes a turn at “What's my lesion?" BCLS ACLS Jim intubates after failed attempts at mouth to mouth, mouth to nose ... and nose to mouth. 80Neurosurgery William Buchheit, M.D. Chairperson James Kenning, M.D. Raymond Truex, Jr., M.D. 81 Dr. Raymond Truex, Jr. (top) Dr. James Kenning (bottom) She owns 20 records of oboe music, (pg. 193)Dr. Parviz Hanjani OB GYN Michael Daly, M.D. Chairperson Ashwin Chatwani, M.D. Subra Rao Gunupudi, Ph.D. Parviz Hanjani, M.D. Joseph Harris, M.D. Rosanne Oyer, M.D. He once walked out of the house with a hair out of place, (pg. 268)"Then I got Mary pregnant, and man, That was all she wrote," Bruce Springsteen, The River 83Ophthalmology Guy Chan, M.D. Dennis elicits the Chairperson oculo—brachial reflex. James Cristol, M.D, Joseph Kubacki, M.D. Lois Martyn. M.D. Nongnart Romayananda. M.D. Stephen Wong, M.D. Dr. James Cristol f The window of the soul. Dr. Stephen WongDr. Guy Chan attempts to interest the photographer in a hot new video .... on narrow angle glaucoma. 85Dr. Edward Resnick Orthopedics John Lachman, M.D. Chairperson Philip Alburger, M.D. Randal Betz, M.D. Robert Campo, Ph.D. Michael Clancy, M.D. Ray Moyer, M.D. Theodore Quedenfeld Edward Resnick, M.D Howard Steel, M.D. Dr. John Lachman a.k.a. "The Latch" He was nicknamed "LUNAR" in college for living on the 3rd floor of a two story house, (pg. 310) 86Dr. Michael Clancy: The Sixer's team physician, i.e..”The Dr.'s” doctor. 1,2, 3,____pinned 87"I haven't had this much fun since I cleaned out my sock drawer." dem bones dem bones dem funny bones. Dr. Howard Steel, Chief of Staff Shriner's Hospital 88 She has a motorcycle license, (pg. 232)Pediatrics 89STEP 2: The hands-on experience 90A long, long time ago, In an affiliate far, far away .... Jedi Pediatrician, Dr. Daniel Schidlow. Dr. Gity Banan Dr. David Smith: "It breaks to the right just after my waste basket." She went to a high school named "Little Flower”, (pg. 195) 91Top Row: (left to right) Drs. Angelo DiGeorge, Marie Capitanio and Charles Reed Middle Row: Drs. Meg Fisher, Sarah Long and Greg Halligan Bottom Row: Drs. Joseph Kubacki, Neil Schlackman and Lillian Chin Dr. Torrey: "Your nose was there a minute ago. Dr. Omdal: A man who does more than wash his hands in between patients. 92PEDIATRICS ST. CHRISTOPHER'S lain Black, M.D. Chairperson Brad Alpert, M.D. Terry Anderson, M.D. Victor Auerbach, Ph.D. Hobart Baluarte, M.D. Gity Banan, M.D. Galen Breningstall, M.D. Lillian Chin, M.D. Mary Cote, M.D. Adamadia Deforest, Ph.D. Angelo DiGeorge, M.D. Richard Donner, M.D. Margaret Fisher, M.D. Catherine Foley, M.D. Joseph Girone, M.D. Mark Grossman, Ph.D. Warren Grover, M.D. Gregory Halligan, M.D. Thomas Hipp, M.D. Bruce Kaiser, M.D. John Kenny, M.D. Mildred Kistenmacher, M.D. Joseph Kubacki, M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D. Sarah Long, M.D. Ashok Mehra, M.D. Charles Omdal, M.D. Anna O'Riordan, M.D. Martin Plinsky, M.D. Hope Punnett, Ph.D. Hyman Rabinovitch, M.D. Charles Reed, M.D. Iraj Rezvani, M.D. Edward Rothstein, M.D. David Rubenstein, M.D. Guillermo Sanchez, M.D. Daniel Schidlow, M.D. Ruth Schiller, M.D. Neil Schlackman, M.D. Maarten Sibinga, M.D. David Smith, M.D. Ronald Souder, M.D. Susan Torrey. M.D. Carol Towne, Ph.D. Eileen Tyrala, M.D. Pensri Wanglee, M.D. Steven Widzer, M.D. Robert Wimmer, M.D. PEDIATRICS EINSTEIN Peter Mamunes, M.D. Chairperson Allan Arbeter, M.D. Marcia Arem, M.D. Steven Dowsher, M.D. Julia Hayes, M.D. Hallam Hurt, M.D. Neil Izenberg, M.D. Jeanne Manser, M.D. Praewpun Nuchpuckdee, M.D. Rachel Porat, M.D. Peter Trinkaus, M.D. Psychiatry Dr. Anthony Panzetta (top) Dr. John Fryer (bottom) Dr. Allan Cristol (top) Dr. John Benson (bottom) He jumped from a perfectly safe airplane, (pg. 158) 93Anthony Panzetta, M.D. Chairperson Michael Ascher, Ph.D. Philip Band, M.D. John Benson, M.D. Allan Cristol, M.D. Kenneth Draper, M.D. Edna Foa, Ph.D. John Fryer, M.D. Alan Goldstein, Ph.D. John Harding, M.D. Louis Harris, Jr., M.D. William Hetznecker, M.D. Richard Jaffe, M.D. Richard Josiassen, Ph.D. Michael Kozak, Ph.D. Arthur Lazarus, M.D. Leslie Lenox, M.S.W. Paul Mcllhenny, M.D. Peter Meyer, M.D. Marie Mignogna, M.D. Donald Overton, Ph.D. Richard Roemer, Ph.D. Charles Shagass, M.D. Roy Steinhouse, M.D. Ira Steisel, Ph.D. Roy Stern, M.D. John Thomas. M.D. Ralph Turner, III, Ph.D. Enjoying a rare unhurried moment at PPC (above) Dr. Peter Meyer "Touching base" (below) More "I'm O.K. you're O.K." boys: Dr. Roy Steinhouse (top left) Drs. Montgomery and Harding (right) He's been auditing medical school, (pg. 229) 94Dr. Kenneth Izzo Rehabilitation Medicine James Demopoulos, M.D. Chairperson Srinivas Aravabhumi, M.D. Gerald Dworkin, D.O. Kenneth Izzo, M.D. Mohammed Jaffari, M.D. Nathaniel Mayer, M.D. Veanne Pelensky. M.D. Anita Roth, M.D. Amelia Tabuena, M.D. Drs. Izzo, Roth and Aravabhumi just after pulling someone's leg. Dr. Srinivas Aravabhumi Dr. James Demopoulos 95Dr. Vincent Lauby Surgery Wallace Ritchie, M.D., Ph.D. Chairperson Francis Au, M.D. Rohinton Balsara. M.D. Anthony Comerota. M.D. Michael Deeb, M.D. Julieta Grosh, M.D. Robert Harwick, M.D. Jacob Kolff, M.D. Vincent Lauby, M.D. William Lightfoot, M.D. Willis Maier, M.D. James McClurken, M.D. Amirabha Mitra, M.D. John White, M.D. Dr. Julieta Grosh: "Come on, cut like a man!!" Dr. Wallace Ritchie 96They slice. They Dice .... Drs. John White, Anthony Comerota, and Robert Harwick 97Dr. Willis Maier 98Drs. Michael Deeb, Jacob Kolff (top) and James McClurken (bottom). Three men with answers to the rhetorical question . . . How do you mend a broken heart? He really would rather be a boy scout troop leader, (pg. 302) 99Dr. Richard Kendall Urology Richard Kendall, M.D. Chairperson Walter Gerber, M.D. Lester Karafin, M.D. Edward Seidmon, M.D. 7 x'M nor a rnmeHf Dr. Walter Gerber He is planning to write 'The House of God” sequel entitled .... "The Temple of Doom”, (pg. 153) 100Potpourri I "Those are the fourth year students?" Nick attempts to convert Jim's atrial flutter. "I'm sorry Noel, but the Med I grades are final ” Dave's listening for the left shift. 101Affiliates Dr. Alan Berger Otolaryngology Dr. Wallace McCune, Chairman Department of Medicine 102Drs. Schulman Silberstein Neurology (right) Dr. Edward Jones Nephrology (below) Dr. James Harris Surgery (left) Dr. Jay MacMoran, Chairman Department of Radiology (below) 103 Dr. Irwin Becker Family PracticeDr. Peter Pediatrics Chairman Manunes, Pediatrics g rig tuw +m- - Dr. Herbert Waxman, Chairman Internal MedicineOBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY Dr. Arnold Cohen Dr. Martin Farber, Chairman Dr. Martin Freedman As a child, he wanted to be a paleontologist but felt that 'physician' was easier to spell, (pg. 245) 105Northeastern Hospital NORTH £ ASTf'R' 106 At age 14, he smuggled Bibles into Moscow, (pg. 169)ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL OF BETHLEHEM. PENNSYLVANIA laois Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital 1086 Franklin Street Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905 107READING HOSPITAL Reading, PA Mr. Stubs, Drs. Rotenberg, Rodenberger, Reeves, Mr. Smickley We would also like to thank all those affiliates not pictured, for their role in preparing us for what lies beyond these familiar halls: VOOR, MesSAGS IS: "POC, PIP YOU forget you jv a? £ A gamg with us? W6'Re ON THE COURT NOUJ. AND we CAN’T start WITHOUT YOU-'' 108Potpourri II Today's man .... On senior portrait day. 109The Match (Sort of) On the next four pages, match the pictured sub-specialty with the list of students who have chosen that discipline, (answers on page 113) A. David Abel Sam Carson Gayle Lacks John Lauriello Barry Levine Chris Sanders 110C. John Ashby Lucretia Fitzpatrick Judy Lee D. David Bobman Joyce Burnside Frank Casty Matt Connolly Patricia Coyle Mark Dorogy Ken Goldstein Larry Kaplan Robert Krywicki Joanna Lehman Barb Marston Andrew Rubin E. Tom Antonetti Jim Bernheisel Jerry Bishop Scott Brown Bruce Bullock Bruce Culp Terry Doherty Karen Fleck Lauren Hirsh Mark Puffenberger Dennis Schank Paul Slomiany Rhondi Tagg 111 He has a space shuttle project scheduled to fly in December 1987. (pg. 317)6) F. Jack Becker Chuck Block Mary Ann Casey Debbie Cohen Stephanie Corn—Weinberg Lisa Coroniti Ron Endo Sue Kressly John Krzan 7) G. Jay Rindenau Stu Weiss Rick Yevak Tom Zavitsanos 8) H. Liz Drum Bob Hall Sean Harbison Al Mameniskis Tom Shaughnessy 1121) G (Anesthesiology) 2) F (Pediatrics) 3) H (Surgery) 4) I (Pathology) 5) C (P.M. R.) 6) D (Medicine) 7) A (Psychiatry) 8) J (Urology) 9) B (Orthopedics) 10) E (Family Practice) 11) K (OB-GVN) 113CD Student Council, Honor Board, Senior Class Officers.........116 AMSA, CMS, u SNMA.............117 AOA CT Med Notes. ..118 ® AMWAtTTUMS-SA 119 g Rugby...............120 Sports.............122 The Sophomore Banquet..........123 x The Class Picnic...124 Entertainment Stars of Stage O' Scalpel.126 Cx; The Class of’86 Celebrates.........128 On the Road Again ... 130 Systems Disease II ... 132 Halloween............133 •H Haute Cuisine de Temple...............134 ’86 — A Class Act___135 Skull ’86 Staff - In the Pursuit of Trivia.136 Philadelphia.........138 I 14Senior Class Officers Senior Class President - Kim Strong Student Council President — Michael Scott Senior Class Representatives — Rob Dixon, John Lauriello, Marybeth Yuskavage Honor Board Senior Class Board Members Frank Casty Doug Cline Ed Collier Rob Hall Senior Class Council Members - Michael Scott-President. Rob Dixon, John Lauriello, Kim Strong, Marybeth Yuskavage Student Council 1 16American Medical Student Association Seniors Shown: Jack Becker, Rob Dixon, Al Mameniskis, Chuck Romberger, Chris Sanders, Tom Shaughnessy, Jeff Steinberg Christian Medical Society Senior Members: Scott Brown, Liz Drum, Nancy Hsueh Beggs, Joanna Lehman, Dennis Schank, Rondi Tagg Student National Medical Association 117AOA Senior Members: Mindy Bohrer Joyce Burnside Edward Collier Matthew Connolly Patricia Coyle Carol Denehy Mark Dorogy Ken Duckworth Noel Elgut Richard Jacoby Lisa Basheda Kanehann John Lauriello Deborah Liebman Roy Marcus Barbara Marston Mary McCarthy James North Steven Orebaugh Marc Rabinowitz Gerald Ross Edmund Rowland Diane Saldukas Eugene Saravitz Ann Scharf Michael Schremmer Mark Shulkosky Paul Slomiany Edward Soffen Thomas Zavitsanos Dr. Allan Marks-Counselor, Dr. Ronald Rubin-Treasurer Med Notes Relax... ...You Ye Covered 118Members Shown: Carol Denehy, Sheila Johansson, Debbie Nelson, and Sharon Tomaski. Advisor—Sally Rosen, M.D. American Medical Women’s Association Mary Lee Sorenson and Blanca Hermida Temple Medical Spouse’s Association 119Rugby 1985 EPRU Champs '85-'86 Squad She is an ex-track star in 5th and 6th grades, (pg. 260) 120121Camping Gambling Soccer Softball Football 122The Guest Speaker arrives. The Sophomore Banquet Joanna kicks off the festivities by asking for a volunteer to scribe the dinner. The most ''Photo-genic'' table. Greg shrieks as Nick's mustache spontaneously migrates to the left. Scoop and Marybeth share a laugh as they mail the dinner check to Dean Sherry. The boys attempt to support Pat's avulsed head. He once tried to pick up Mariel Hemingway in a N.Y. bar. (pg. 206) 123124125 Back row meets front row. Y r ENTERTAIN C STAGE I 1. What common ailment was popularized by Doug and Wendy Whiner of "Saturdi-Night Live" fame?................... 2. Who was the witch-doctor on "Bewitched"?........................I 3. In 'Terms of Endearment", what was Debra Winger's presenting symptom for her cancer?.....................j 4. Who was the Psychiatrist on "I Dream of Jeannie"?............... 5. What medical field did Jethro Bodine of j "The Beverly Hillbillies" aspire to? ... 6. Who played Dr. 'Bones' McCoy in "Star Trek"?........................ 7. What type of doctor did Glenn Close play in "The Big Chill"?............j 8. On "Saturday Night Live", what did Lisa Lubener's dad suffer from?..... 9. What medical specialty did Buckaroo Banzai practice in the movie, "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai"?_____ 10. What famous British novelist received h medical degree from Edinburgh University?......................... 11. What was Quincy's boss' name on the T v show "Quincy"?...................... 12. Who plays Dr. Cliff Huxtable on TV? . 126AENT STARS F ★ SCALPEL ...............................Diverticulitis ................................Dr. Bombay ..........................Lump in her axilla ................................Dr. Bellows ...............................Brain Surgery .............................DeForrest Kelly .................................Pediatrician Lubener's Disease (i.e. born without a spine) .................................Neurosurgery ...................Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ...................................Dr. Astin ..................................Bill Cosby 127Class of ’86 Celebrates: Ever feel like an homunculus the morning after? In classroom A . . . . This musician plays a 'wicked' harmonica, (pg. 209) 128Class beware, or your will need the services of our favorite hepatologist. ”GO GET A BEER” 129Bahamas On the Road Again Florida His favorite beer is actually Molsen's. (pg. 175) 130m Tahoe 131Systems Disease II SUN 'N SURF" 132In the early 60's, his mother worked with Marilyn Monroe on a radio show. (pg. 235) 133... "Moffins" was the place for a hoagie or a steak . .. of course, "Bobby's" was always a popular luncheon spot... ... and who could forget the Chinese food truck ... . . . But now, one of our own classmates has established his own unique dining establishment... Jim, you've finally found your calling.The Temptations? Rajan's party—A tradition ’86 -A Class Act Cheers go up as Ron falls out the window on his tenth attempt to take a class picture. "Hi, I'm Manny. Fly me!" 135Skull 86 Staff The Duff grinds out the layout. T-Shirt sales only go so far ... . 136 In God we trust, all others pay cash!! An artiste at work.In the Pursuit of Trivia Jeff, Mollick will never stand in front of that Mr. Softee Truck. Look Rob, you're thinking’s too organized to work here. Our dedicated publisher gives his approval of our layout. 137 September 2, 1982 138139 o CO ON Alumni Parents . . ( p ) Pre'Meds of the 50 and 60’s............. ’s (T ) The Seniors. . , R'} Residency Appointments 142 144 150 321"tyVitH- wide eye and fiiqk fiofiei tue Gey an tkii great talk; d o ideal iitic and eager, Gut we teamed verq (ait. ddlat tfie trick of tft ii trade. wai now weft we d fienuade our attendinqi we learned a fl tkii ituff in the fiait.JWemoratulta Cribia Following in their footsteps .... Alumni parents of the Class of 1986 Match their picture with the list of names (see opposite page for answers) 1. J. Duff Brown, M.D. Class of 1954 2. Arthur G. Goldstein, M.D. Class of 1961 (father) 3. Norman S. Goldstein, M.D. Class of 1929 (grandfather) 4. Alvin I. Kaplan, M.D. Class of 1955 5. Emil P. Liebman, M.D. Class of 1959 6. Roger N. Longenecker, M.D. Class of 1964 7. James A. Mollick, M.D. Class of 1956 8. Ralph B. Norris. M.D. Class of 1962 9. Susan Stormer Pezzi, M.D. Class of 1956 10. George L. Richards, M.D. Class of 1952 11. Edmund B. Rowland, M.D. Class of 1953 12. Irvin Singer, M.D. Class of 1954 13. Bruce F. Sorenson, M.D. Class of 1960 14. Robert E. Steller, M.D. Class of 1953 142KEY " 1) G 2)B 3)A 4) K 5) C 6) M 7) D 8) J 9)1 10) E 11) F 12) L 13) N 14) H 143Once got an exam question wrong (pg. 181) Asking Grandma if he can sit in the front seat (pg. 172) Lost 1973 Montgomery County Spelling Championship on the word 'Stupefy' (pg. 189) PREMEDS OF THE 50's and 60's (see pg. ) Really has straight hair (pg. 224) Practicing her surgery skills at an early age (pg. 308) Lived with Harley Daubert and Terry Doherty during freshman year (pg. 282) I Needs another vowel in his last name (pg. 227) Came from Yugoslavia on the Queen Mary (pg. 301) 144 Loves to tickle the ivory (pg. 164) (pg. 278) Czech name never pronounced correctly (pg. 257) Pants were pulled down by Sue Kressly at Andy Rubin's party (pg. 208) Knows how to build a swimming pool (pg. 264) Her hair is now longer than her height in this picture (pg. 286) Thinking of her next hair style (pg. 280) (pg. 207) 145Would rather be dancing (pg. 179) Auditioned on Broadway (pg. 296) Wants to be President of the U.S. (pg. 289) Most likely to advertise (pg. 158) Future yearbook editor (pg. 302) Suffered a comminutedfracture of left distal femur, with shortening, medial angulation, lateral rotation and 100% displacement (pg. 198) 146Hunted grizzley bears and trophy moose in British Columbia (pg. 297) Worked in Amsterdam's red light district before med school--in a Christian youth hostel (pg. 305) Changed her name because she couldn't spell it (pg. 255) Fullback for Temple Med Rugby team (pg. 256) Traveled to Michigan on 'Precious', his bicycle (pg. 191) Sometimes dresses like a gypsy (pg. 223) 147Has a pet snake (pg. 258) Gets oral treatments from her husband .... a dentist (pg. 287) Secretly despises Dave Hartley (pg. 186) Ran the AMSA test service (pg. 291) . - i . Lived in Ipoh, Malaysia ages 4-6 (pg. 238) 148 (pg. 178)Most likely to see eye-to-eye Warren is looking with her patients (pg. 180) a little pail pg. 299) In many ways .... a Strong woman (pg. 304) 149David R. Abel, M.D. "My favorite pastime" 150"Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy. For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger. And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distills a poison in the wine. And if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man's ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night." From THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran Thomas B. Antonetti, M.D. Mom, Dad, Mike, Sherry and Dave -Thanks for all your support Tom Debbie—It has been a great four years. Looking forward to many more. Love, Tom The boys from Manayunk '83-'84 Bruce, Tom, Jerry, Greg Manayunk Beach—Spring 1985 Frank, Tom, Jerry, Terry 151152 John W. Ashby, M.D.VC: Scott W. Asroff, M.D. I dedicate this page to my family for their continuous support and encouragement during the past four years. Also, this page would be incomplete without Laura, since her perpetual love, devotion and camaraderie helped make my dream a reality. 153Jose Alberto Avila, M.D. To Heather and my family .... for their unending love and support.... and making it all worth it!!!!!! 154 I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by . .. I must go down to the sea again for the call of the running tide is a wild call And a clear call that may not be denied ... from Sea Fever by John Mansfield "I'm still reaching" 'THUMBS UP TEMPLE!" Taos winter '84 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Support: Meals: Toleration: Inspiration: Mother and Dad G ramps Siblings and "T" John W. Lachman, M.D. J. William Fewell, M.D. 155Lisa Basheda Kanehann, M.D. Thank you. To Mom, Dad, Stephen, and Lynn, and especially Bill for your love, encouragement, understanding and prayer. To my wonderful husband Bill for bringing me joy in fulfilling my dreams .... and to all of my family and friends who share these dreams with me, I love you all! 156To my parents, whose love, persistence and patience were very helpful. Eric David Becker, M.D. 157Jack Michael Becker, M.D. PRESS ON Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Caryn— Whose love, caring and personality are why I will always love you. You make it all worthwhile. My Family 158 My Parents— Their love, comfort, and support guided me and gave me the strength to find my own way. My Med School Family- -Manny, Moe, Jack and LisaMansoor H. Beg, M.D. 159 Thank you for all your kindness and understanding.Nancy Hsueh Beggs, M.D. A major goal in my life has been realized this day. Yet I know I did not achieve this on my own. No goal, no dream, is ever realized by oneself. Others plan and encourage. They offer needed support, advice, and guidance. No goal can be reached without the presence of God, nor is a goal truly achieved unless it is shared with those we love. Thanks you all!! 160James Arthur Bernheisel, M.D. The Pep Boys + 1 Manny, Moe, Jack and Lisa Moe's Family MOTOWN — Moe's favorite record label Physiology E KG—Postlab Dr. Houser March 22, 1983 Scribe: J. Bernheisel 2:00-4:00 page 1 Moe: Miss Hathaway, Please take a letter to Miss D.F. Miss Hathaway: All right, Moe. Moe: That's Mr. Moe to you. Dear Miss F. I'm starting a catalogue of medical jargon, and I'd like to consult with you on a few points. I know where to insert "Wolf-Parkinson-White" and "Marching on the P Waves," but I'm not exactly sure where to put "Ummrn. shit." Should that be alphabetized under "Ummrn" or "Shit"? Also, I know what the last phrase means, but can you define for me the first two? I'll be waiting witfrbaaantfbaited breath for your reply. Respectfully, Moe Don't Call Me Moe Moe's favorite reading material The Moe you give, the Moe you receive Moe, we hardly knew ye. 161.... so this is med school? Illigitimi nonest carborundum 162163Glory Days! Back in the saddle again 164"My Medical Education" David E. Bobman, M.D. "During" "My support System" 165Mindy Bohrer, M.D. in time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow) forgetting why, remember how in time of lilacs who proclaim the aim of waking is to dream, remember so (forgetting seem) in time of roses (who amaze our now and here with paradise) forgetting if, remember yes in time of all sweet things beyond whatever mind may comprehend, remember seek (forgetting find) and in a mystery to be (when time from time shall set us free) forgetting me, remember me e.e. cummings 166Ron A. Braverman, M.D. S P Diet Pepsi 10K" "Don't worry Big V. Gl is just a tube. We can do it all on Sunday.” "My wonderful sister—The Duck” 167 "My sister—Shirley"Julius Brooks, M.D. My 1st delivery Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:3, 4 1 year old 2 years and counting Special thanks to Mom, Queen, Deac, my sisters, my brother and sister-in-law (GiGi and B.J. tool), Exhortation, Pastor Richardson and the entire Body of Christ for all your prayers and support. And last but not least, thanks to my wife Julia and my daughter Rachel for your love, prayers, and understanding. 168Scott Duff Brown, M.D. With special appreciation for Mom and Dad who put off buying a new car until I graduated. In looking back I'd like to thank my entire family for their constant encouragement, loving support and prayers. And to my wife, Kathryn, who has brought a sense of completeness to my life. 169A book upon the shelf sits sleeping a patient, silent tutor The lecture a distant hour spent echoes through time and memory sent The test an ancient enemy perhaps has taught me more than simple anguish An yet only our teachers will change the lessons continue; we will always be students Bruce Bullock, M.D. Another step Another passage Blurring with each phase An yet I live one by one The passing of these days 170Joyce Ann Burnside, M.D. 171Sam Leon Carson, M.D. A dedication of gratitude to those who have filled my days with feeling and my past with sweet memories. Mom and Dad who would have been proud Frisko whose devotion and loving spirit was a constant source of healing John and Tobi and their families whose lives embody the spirit of family Robert who has been a symbol of compassion Joseph for his unfailing encouragement Jannie and Kristian who were always there Harold whose example was a source of knowledge and strength David for dinner and more Henry and Sean for those wonderful noontime runs And the rest whose presence in my life gave me joy and fulfillment 172To my brothers and sisters who can always make me smile and laugh; who help me keep things in perspective, and who keep me human— THANK YOU! To my grandmother, who always says enough prayers before exams so that EVERYONE will do well—THANK YOU! Mary Ann Casey, M.D. To Mom and Dad, who were never too busy to listen, to talk, to help. Thank you for your encouragement, your unconditional support, and especially your love. I could never be here today without you both. Love, Mary Ann 173Frank E. Casty, M.D. For all your support, faith and love, thank you. "The Manayunk Beach Patrol" 174 Douglas C. Cline, M.D. THIS!! 175Deborah A. Cohen, M.D. 176177I could not help laughing at the ease with which he explained his process of deduction. "When I hear you give your reasons," I remarked, "the thing always appears to me to be so rediculously simple that I could easily do it myself, though at each successive instance of your reasoning I am baffled until you explain your process. And yet, I believe that my eyes are as good as yours." -Sherlock Holmes 178To all of you who helped me find the strength. I love you so. Stephanie Corn-Weinberg, M.D. QxVeM V .-SV V- Akoo. Hvt- -U. i vc-l -VTooL i. j. fWi c vio x k " li tfy V’vCWtv ii"’ • 179180 Abdomen soft, no guarding, rebound or rigidity.181Many thanks to my family for their love and support; I would not have made it without you! Mother and Dad Bruce R. Culp, M.D. "Charlie Linda Jamie, Dennie, Nicole, Brandy and Lauren Kerrie, Cliff and Lindsay TWO PARTING THOUGHTS: 1. "If you don't take a temperature, you can't find a fever." Law X, The House of God 2. "There is no such thing as an interesting case at 3 a.m." JJR 182183 Eric Daiter, M.D.184. ... Ruth . . . . Kevin .... my Mom, Mary Manning Carol Manning Denehy, M.D. UNDERSTANDING I'm a believer. I believe in kids Who ride their bikes Without holding on. I believe in the chances We take. To be complete For one moment With something we need. I believe in the crawling And struggling Of a baby Much more than I believe In his first step. I believe in trees, Especially willows. That do not try to fight the wind. And. I believe in you. My husband and best friend, Mark 185186 Mom, Dad, Grandmom, Grandpop, Lisa, Bobby, Lori, and Jim. Thanks!I did it my way 187Nicholas Joseph Dillman, M.D. Yi Ya and Aunt Athena Me and Precious Brother Mike, Wife Mary and Jason »ro Brother Keith, Wife Gwen and Precious I thank my family, especially my mom and dad, for all their support and encouragment during this long and winding road. 188 189190 Hung Doan, M.D.191 Me and PreciousMark E. Dorogy, M.D. 192UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Pep Band Fall 1981 Wandered Lonely as a Cloud wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills. When all at once saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees. Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. The waves beside them danced; but they Outdid the sparkling waves in glee; A poet could not but be gay. In such a jocund company; gazed-and gazed-but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch lie In vacant or in pensive mood. They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills. And dances with the daffodils. William Wordsworth Elizabeth Thompson Drum, M.D. With special thanks to Mom and Dad, Dave and Lori, and Amy, without whose love, prayers, and support this never would have been possible. "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15 193Ken Duckworth, M.D. Do you take this Duck Early days as a fashion plate Joe and Sue have carried me through tough times With thanks to two very special people My family doctor 194Man- McCarthy and Ken Duckworth ttwite you to share in their u vdding on April 13th, 1985 at The Horticulture Center Fat mount Park Philadelphia, PA at 6-00 in the evening Reception immediately following 195I would like to dedicate this page to my wife, Marge, for her love, support and very hard work which has made this all possible. Francis J. DuFrayne, M.D. My Two Best Buddies Christina Fran 196Dedicated to my best friend who has been there through it all. Noel LoringElgut, M.D. FOOTPRINTS One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. Each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonging to him, and the other to the Lord. When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. don't understand why when needed you most you would leave me. The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child, love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that carried 197 author unknownRonald N. Endo, M.D. KITE FLYING WITH FATHER 2. Other soared Ilk ut. But you and Mom .v r the k «p r» of line Attached to our selves; And whtn our strings tugged. And when th wind flutt r d our tl v «. You lot u go-- 4. And now my string' Invisible. What tug me now ar mamorlet. Fears. d tlr«s: Father, your temple grey. You will die some day, like everyone. But when the time com . 1. Do you, Father, remember We plucked reeds from the bamboo thicket In the arboretum. And used them to make a kit With a black Octopus embossed On the paper? It strut were thin. It folds of paper o delicate we thought they’d rip In the slightest wind. We totted the string- Drew It In when It became slack, or let It go When w felt It tug. Whenever a breere rot Off the hill. It whining sound The sound of e casting lure. Our Octopus Teetered, a giant against th sky. Then dipped, Dove, soared. And swooped, threatening to entangle In the oak tree. W followed It A current floated It higher And we had time To watch It blurry outline shift slowly Against the ground. Like those figures You drew against th screen When th slide show was don . You unwound the string So w could rid new currents of wind. Or you drew us In. And when evening came, W returned to a lightness undulating In, Calming all ripple . You carried us Like those pebble we found at the beech. Pocketed for safekeeping. 3. I hear fire Fall from th mountalntop— Gesplng red chip , Blackened wood. Tumbling Ilk match sticks In the dark. Rocking on your shoulder . Clutching your heir, bristling Ilk mounds of seaweed Belched up by th sea, I see Vapors fad Into curls. Into dusk, Mingle with a mist Rolling over Th peaks, foreshadowing dew In th morning. (W let out Our trolling line , translucent spears Jabbing the dark To catch sliver-throated trout Muscling their way toward mountains. Toward clearer waters ...,) You will be ready. Like the gull, for the tide To wash you away. 5. Now w watch our Octopus Swim slowly across the sky. A bit of newsprint Undulating with the tide-- Th weight of our line draws It down. And th sky darkens; Before evening come . Our kit settles, like a leaf. Between your hands; By the azaleas you planted When each of u we born, W walk towards home.... 6. How apt your name, Endo. '•Wisteria, far away".... Pal blossom floating On a distant mountainside. —Russell Susumu Endo 198i meant to do my work today. Eduardo Fernandez, M. D. But a brown bird sang in the tree And a butterfly flitted across the field. And all the leaves were calling me. And the wind went sighing over the land Tossing the grasses to and fro. And a rainbow held out its shining hand— So what could I do but laugh and go? Dft.D, I READ TODAY THAT'OWNING THROUGH meuow" is already this SEASONS NUMERD UNO SELF-HELP MANUAL ! HOW DO YOU ACCOUNT FOR. THAT? mi, mark. i Guess people were just READY FOP A BOO . THAT SHOWS HOW 70 USE MULOWTD GET, AHEAD. HOW ABOUT A8S0U TBIY. BEATING HIM CREATE )OUR SENSELESS WTTH OWN SPACE. A TIRE IRON ? FOR SURE. AU CONTRA IRE, MARX. WHEN IT COFCSTD SELF-ACTUALIZATION, MELLOW CAN MORE THAN HOLD AS OWN. BUT ISN'T THAT SOMEMMTOFA CONTRADICTION IN TERMS? 199Lucretia A. Fitzpatrick, M.D. One big happy family. Thank you for your patience, encouragement, and tremendous generousity. In return, free house calls! My Florence Nightingale days Keeping up with the latest professional journal 200A special thanks to my family, especially my parents, for their help, support, and understanding while I journeyed through all my years, especially med school. “Laughter may not shorten the journey, but it sure can lighten the load." Karen A. Fleck, M.D. “We pass the signs, the seasons, the signposts now at such a speed that pausing to reflect on what direction means grows harder year by year, and yet your God and mine daily holds his breath expecting us to listen and to care about each other. Across the fields beyond the highways and each ocean, I reach out to you hoping I 'll be welcomed by another outstretched hand. For each day in the year just starting and all those days in years ahead I wish you love and reason in your life and most of all the feeling and reality of our friendship." 201Joseph A. Foster, M.D.Beth R. Gabai, M.D. 203 My parents "Somebody send out for Chinese food!"204 To My Family: Thanks for all your love and support thru the years.OOPPPS! We must have made a wrong turn on the way to the hospital. 205 My Babes—bet you can't pick out my mom.Michael Alan Gottlieb, M.D. Too much of everything is just enough. -Bobby Weir More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly. -Woody Allen from "My Speech to the Graduates" •• J PRE-MED? Why not??! 206My Best Friend—Endless Understanding Gross Anatomy—Fall 1982 "Younger days" Robert M. Hall, M.D. Mom and Dad—I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me—you're the greatest!! Love, Bob 207Sean Patrick Harbison, M.D. Thanks to Parents, Family, Friends for all their support "Once you're sure, you won't be mixed up" 208MILLER Mickey Harris, M.D. It is truly wondrous the number of close friendships that were formed here at medical school. Here's to a happy future for all and to the growth of these friendships. ELIZABETH MY PARENTS MARY LOUISE MILLER LILLIE MILLER 209Dave Hartley, M.D. 'pgt PHr'1- o SO £T or -me Cou au 210 Tom Heffernan, M.D. 211 Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Natie, Joe, Pat, Renee and The Bean.Verano M. Hermida , M.D. I can't remember when you were not there, when I didn't care for anyone, but you I swear, we've been through everything there is, can't imagine anything we've missed Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do. Through the years, you've never let me down, you've turned my life around The sweetest days I've found. I've found with you. Through the years, I've never been afraid, I've loved the life we've made And I'm so glad I've stayed right here with you. Through The Years. 212The West Coast Lorin Hirsch, M.D. The family with its 1st sis-in-law 213 A special thanks to my family, whose love, concern and support never went unnoticed nor unappreciated.My husband, David, my parents and my sisters. Their love and support have made everything possible. 214My husband AVROM Our son, Gilad, at age 1 yr. "How do you eat this thing?!" Laura Furst Jacobs, M.D. This page is dedicated to my family. Without their incredible support, love and encouragement, my education(s) would not have been possible. Thank you My head CT scan. "Where did the past 4 yrs. worth of info go?" 215 ? Jacobs, gestational age 1VA wks. Due December 1985Richard M. Jacoby, M.D. Glimpses of med school— New friends. Car pooling. Summit. Anatomy. The hand. Parties. Rugby. Dr. Troyer's balloons. Biochem. Exams every Monday. Pat's for lunch. The Elf. Missing lectures. Skiing in Vermont. Breaking up. The boards. Clinical rotations. First on—call. Attendings. Med I. Scranton. Camping in Maine. Catching every virus in Peds. Delivering babies. Yes doctor. Senior year—? Special thanks to my parents and friends for their support. 216d r+rr x Mom, Dad Henry (brother) Kathleen "Murph"—y and Maureen on night before test. Sheila A. Johansson, M.D. Clare, Rose Shiela (sisters) 217John B. Junod, M.D. To my Family and Friends thank you for your support, encouragement, and love. Many shared .... few captured here in photograph .... .... all captured forever in memory 218Lawrence I. Kaplan, M.D. 'The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head ' —Sir William Osier 219Gary S. Kauffman, M.D. Cape Cod Summer 1984 220The sapling bends to the wind So that it may grow and, one day, become a full oak— a wall to the wind. Pat Kelly, M.D. To my Family Without whom none of this would be possible 221222 Michele D. Kleiman, M.D. Dan—My Inspiration Dear Mom, Dad, Jay, Danny, Mike, Jamie, Judy, Lisa, Mike P„ Diane Steve, Jeff, Lori, Sandy, Dale, Andy, Eddie .... Thanks for your unconditional love, faith, friendship and support. 223Thanks to my friends and family for all the love and support. Rosemary Kozar, It's hard to find a good doctor these days. M.D. 224 Please, not another admission!My first Littman. Sometimes it was harder on you guys than it was on me; thanks for always being there! The place where nothing got done. Susan J. Kressly, M.D. "I've decided to enter the very demanding field of beach medicine." 225Robert F. Krywicki, M.D. 226 I dedicate this page to my parents. Without their unending love, encouragement, and sacrifices, this dream would never have become a reality. Dad, Michael, Mary, John, Mom, Norenne, Thomas, David (1968) John Joseph Krzan, Jr., M.D. The Krzan Family 1983 227228 Gayle Lacks, M.D.229Judith Rae Lee, M.D. Thanks to my family for your love and support. In loving memory of my grandmother who believed I could do anything. "Believe in the world's wondrous scheme that our desires, our actions and our possibilities untold Could take us far beyond our dreams." Mom Dad—my inspiration My sister—Jody "Baby Judy alias Poo-Poo" Me and my brother—Randy 230231 Jonathan, Me, and Lillian■M Joanna Kay Lehman, M.D. A special thanks to my friends and especially my family whose love, support and prayers made this dream possible. My Family Medical School: a time for thinking about suffering. For whatever reason God chose to make man as he is—limited and suffering and subject to sorrows and death—He had the honesty and courage to take His own medicine. Whatever game He is playing with His creation, He has kept His own rules and played fair. He can exact nothing from man that He has not exacted from Himself. He has Himself gone through the whole of human experience, from the trivial irritations of family life and the cramping restrictions of hard work and lack of money to the worst horrors of pain and humiliation, defeat, despair, and death. When He was a man. He played the man. He was born in poverty and died in disgrace and thought it well worthwhile. Dorthy Sayers 232This page is dedicated to my mother and father: Thanks for all the support you've given these past four years, and for the constancy of your love through many turbulent times. Barry Lee Levine, M.D. The lids—Gary, Barry, and Larry—where the term “Good Humor" originated To My Classmates, I wish you the best of luck in the future. Always remember how shitty it is to be sick, disabled, or in pain. Winston Churchill once said, "The only guide to a man is his conscience; the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and sincerity of his actions. With this shield, however, the fates may play, we march always in the ranks of honor." 233234Poa: ricr lunarcla artery Superior articular ta-.ai Tr»n»v r e Transverae torarren FI . 463: Ihc A (las, Mewed from Abme Andrew Michael Rubin, M.D. •■traiMy 235236 David Ling, M.D.Experiment? What Experiment?!?}. Clifford T. Lomboy, M.D (KVkpc OJLVA The enzirr, i: fosfofrookto . nace." rmtkJ YOUR KEY TO THE CLASSICS 237238 Count your age by friends, not years; Count your life by smiles, not tears.With my deepest love gratitude to my parents for giving me inspiration moral support, and for helping me to achieve the goals I have sought for in life. Mary Ellen Joan Luchetti, M.D. 23?240241242 Roy Gordon Marcus, M.D.Doonesbury 60 AHEAP, ZCWfUOl JJ.AMTW | JVSTTOIDME jj.YOUPiNomes ARB OVER. 1‘VB PB-OPBPTD60VMSP SCHOOL. UH-HOH. AMP I'M JOINING U BOLSHOI. I'm sbrjous. jj -tvs appubp TOTHS BABY DOCCOUSGS OF PHYSICIANS. THB FINEST NUN MSP AND I PONT WANT TO SOUND COCKY OP ANYTHING, BUT I HAYS EVERT REASON TO BBUEVB THAT tM A SHOO IN' I PONT 1 PONT CAPS, DEAN Km Sif HONSTIN£ NEED HIM tvs NEVER SHOPS UP THB SE 6MC VCUSYBAU. SQUAD' UPS THSSS. VfcX. 24Michael F. McCollum, M.D. 244“Making workable choices occurs in a crucible of informative mistakes. Thus intelligence accepts fallibility. And when absolute (infallible) choices are not known, intelligence takes chances with limited data in an arena where mistakes are not only possible but also necessary." Frank Herbert 24James M. McGrath, M.D. 246Tim McKee, M.D. HAPPINESS IS FOUND ALONG THE WA Y, NOT AT THE END OF THE ROAD. 247AXE HANDLES David L. Mevorach, M.D. Long after you have swung back away from me I think you are still with me: you come in close to the shore on the tide and nudge me awake the way a boat adrift nudges the pier: am I a pier half-in half-out of the water? and in the pleasure of that communion I lose track, the moon I watch goes down, the tide swings you away before I know I'm alone again long since, mud sucking at gray and black timbers of me, a light growth of green dreams drying. Denise Levertov One afternoon the last week in April Showing Kai how to throw a hatchet One-half turn and it sticks in a stump. He recalls the hatchet-head Without a handle, in the shop And go gets it, and wants it for his own. A broken-off axe handle behind the door Is long enough for a hatchet. We cut it to length and take it With the hatchet head And working hatchet, to the wood block. There I begin to shape the old handle With the hatchet, and the phrase First learned from Ezra Pound Rings in my ears! "When making an axe handle the pattern is not far off." And I say this to Kai "Look: We'll shape the handle By checking the handle Of the axe we cut with-" And he sees. And I hear it again: It's in LuJi's Wen Fu, fourth century A.D. "Essay on Literature"—in the Preface: "In making the handle Of an axe By cutting wood with an axe The model is indeed near at hand." My teacher Shih-hsiang Chen Translated that and taught it years ago And I see: Pound was an axe, Chen was an axe, I am an axe And my son a handle, soon To be shaping again, model And tool, craft of culture. How we go on. Gary Snyder 248Special Thanks: To Mom and Dad for your love, support and guidance. To Michele, Dave, and Steve for picking me up when I was down. To Greg for three fantastic trips, Jimbo for some great times with Mo and Tony, Rubes for the many lessons (beatings) and Pat for his friendship and hospitality. "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" James Mollick, M.D. 24? "The 3 Stooges" "It's Miller time”William Alan Morgan, M.D.Debra Nelson, M.D.My parents, Roger and Irene whose patience and understanding made it a little easier. 252Minh Ly Nguyen, M.D. To my family, my parents, Chau Vo and the kids, and Hong, thank you for the love, support, laughter and encouragement which have made it all possible. I never would have made it without you. I love you all so very much. 253Daniel Norden, M.D. 254Abu Simbel, Egypt To my mom, my sisters Lesly and Kyle, and my friend Dr. Swami. Thanks for your love, encouragement and patience. Alexis Norelle, M.D. Me—on a good day (modeling before med school) My study companions My sister Lesly, my mom and myself 255256257Denise Ferraris North, M.D 258rv O' ID James H. North, Jr., M.D.Susan Oberlender, M.D. My husband and best friend— Thanks for always being there. I love you. Many thanks to my wonderful family, who gave me all the love and support that I could ask for. 260261Steven L. Orebaugh, M.D. Mom and Dad —more thanks than I can ever say. Running: my escape from drudgery. I walked in rolling fields today; the ones that touched your heart and made you see again your loved Shenandoah Valley, the trees were newly bare surrounded by their gnarled leaves— and father I wouldn't help but think how quickly winter took you as it has the lifeless trees. Dave and Tim— the best of friends. 262S. Margaret Paik, M.D. 263264265266 Gregory G. Pierson, M.D.I would like to express heartfelt thanks to the following people: My Father, whose sensitivity and enthusiasm have served as an inspiration and model for me. My Mother, whose insight and willingness to talk have helped me through many crises. My Brother and Sister, whose closeness and support were always felt, whether expressed or not. My Grandparents, who backed me both spiritually and financially throughout my schooling. My Friends, who provided me with entertainment and back tests to study from. The gang at Blackwater Falls Mark Puffenberger, M.D. Another trophy for above the mantle. Doing my Wilbur and Orville at Being KRZANANIMAL: med students Kitty Hawk imitation. ridding the boardwalk of high school seniors. 267268269 It was easy folks .... wasn't it?!? Thanks for your love, support and good humor.270 John C. Reed, M.D.1 MICHAEL SANDY Mark A. Reynolds, M.D. MICHAEL MICHAEL MED. STUDENT STRIVE WITH EVERY PARTICLE OF YOUR BEING EXPECT NOTHING IN RETURN THE STRIVING IS WHAT COUNTS 5:32 AM 271This is dedicated to those people, things and occasions that make life pleasant. "Each passing hour brings the Solar System 43,000 miles closer to Globular Cluster M-13 in Hercules — And still there are some misfits who insist there is no such thing as progress." Anthony L.B. Rhodes, M.D. After dinner After four years 272If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away. Thoreau Scott B. Richards, M.D. You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it however. Richard Bach "Illusions'' I get by with a little help from my friends! 273 "Practice. A little theory and a lot of practice."274To my wonderful family. Thank you all for your support and love. ABA and EMA, I love you. Special thanks to Linda for putting up with me. It's only the beginning. 275Douglas Edward Ross Roeshot, M.D. 276 - -w-For everyting there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; a time to rend, and a time to sow; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace. Charles Romberger, M.D. 277278Tasha 279Marina Russman, M.D. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for their immense love and support. To my favorite doctor, best friend and love. 280281Diane Marie Saldukas, M.D. These are the best of times 282Chris Sanders, M.D. .,. . and new ones 283Eugene M. Saravitz, Jr., M.D. Christmas 1961 Dad, Mom, me, Grandmother, and my brother 1967 This page is dedicated to my family — especially mom, dad, grandmother, and my brother for their patience, love and support these past four years. 284 Scranton 9 84Thanks to my family for their unending support Dennis Joseph Schank, M.D. Tioga County Camp Colorado '84 285286 Dusty, thanks for staying up late with me all those nights I had to study.Robin Beth Scheiner, M.D. 287Michael Allen Schremmer, M.D. Would you let us operate on you? The Real Me On my way to the A—BAR—A Which way to the gym? This is how the West was won! 288 MV LOVING MOTHER Gaining Through Losing I asked God for strength, that I might achieve, I was made weak, that I might learn to humbly obey. I asked for health, that I might do greater things, I was given infirmity, that I might do better things. I asked for riches, that I might be happy, I was given poverty, that I might be wise. I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men, I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God. I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life, I was given life, that I might enjoy all things. I got nothing that I asked for, But everything I had hoped for. Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered. I am, among all men, most richly blessed. —Frankie Beverly Michael Duane Scott, M.D. And it came to pass that a "messenger" came forth with his sole purpose being to delineate and impart medical facts and fiction, respectively, to one said Class of 1986 (He could have gone anywhere ...). Who is it that has been given this inalienable right to carry on in such untrammelled insalubrity, especially while under the guise and pretense of proper protocol and predication of 'med notes', and why have they been given license to do so? Well, the who is The SCOOP. Why? ... Because the supreme grantor of such licensure had absolutely no choice; it just happens to be that time. As it has been stated; There is nothing harder to stop than an idea whose time has come to pass, and The SCOOP is what time it is!! Cool breezes fill the morning with running As our lean toward the center of thangs Brings us closer to the sunship Of autumn's clearer spaces. Winds, drifting back From their origin in song, Do not haunt these self same sources Whose desire is a naked trace Of first love .... Walter Jordan-Dee. 23, 1975 Key words, phrases, people, places, and times: 1) My sacrifices and this page are dedicated to my entire wonderful family. You have always been my 7) "1 would give everything to be rich; obviously others would give more." strength. 8) Dancing Room Only (DROOM) 2) The world's future, my Godchildren: Dedric, 9) Mother's Finest lives! Jarred, Patrece, Sharan. 1 love you dearly. 10) M-O—N-O-C—Y —T—with a single E .... 3) "That's not funny, that's sick!" 11) Never has progress been made without those 4) Rock-N-Roll is better than music! pioneers making said progress suffering to achieve 5) "SCOOPendipity" the goals that would result in the aforementioned 6) Mobile, Alabama — The Azalea City progress. 289290Practicing Decerebrate Posturing 291Mark J. Shulkosky, M.D. WE WORKED HARD TOGETHER; WE SUCCEEDED TOGETHER. GOD WILLING, WE'LL DO THE SAME WITH OUR NEXT CHALLENGE. Cindy, Mark, Jeffrey, Brian, and the baby who didn't make the publisher’s deadline. 292293 "My first girlfriend"Walter Paul Slomiany, M.D. 294“Sing a girl's song, sing a song of life. Sing a song of her possibilities and let her be born. Let her be born .... and handled warmly." -Ntozake Shange "Thanks to my family for their love and support— especially Mommy, Phil, Mare, and Les." Tracey Erin Smithey, M.D. '•To all those whose struggle has allowed me to attain this degree: May my life serve as proof that it was not done in vain." 295 Dedicated to the memory of my father, Philip J. Smithey, M.D.Edward M. Soffen, M.D. I'd like to know what this whole show is all about before it's out. Piet Hein This is what it's all about! 296297Julie M. Speicher, M.D. "Forget what you have done for your friends, and remember what they have done for you. Disregard what the world owes you, and concentrate on what you owe the world. And above all remember that God helps those who help themselves. Act as if everything depended on you and pray as if everything depended on God." "Live each day to the fullest. Get the most from each hour, each day, and each age of your life. Then you can look forward with confidence and back with no regrets. Be yourself, but above all be your best self. Dare to be different, and to follow your own star. And don't forget to be happy. Enjoy what is beautiful. Love it with all your heart and soul. Believe that those you love, love you." Thanks to my family for all their love and support. 298299300Mom Dad Thank you for the support and encouragement, but most of all thank you for your endless love. Kole Nick Stefanovski, M.D. Niagara Falls: Summer 1984 I thought I had them fooled! This one's for you! Saturday morning — anesthesiology conference 301Jeffrey Steinberg, M.D. Barrie—My Wife, my Love, my Light, my World My Boston Family—Thanks for your To my parents—A special thanks for the encouragement and love along the way. love and support you have always given me. 302TODAY MY HANDS ARE STRONG, SO LET ME HELP YOU. TOMORROW THEY MAY BE WEAK OR OLD OR SICK. AND YOU WILL HAVE TO LIGHTEN MY LOAD. BUT TODAY MY HANDS ARE STRONG, SO LET ME SHARE YOUR BURDEN. FOR WHY DO WE EXIST IF WE CANNOT CARE FOR OUR FELLOW MAN; WALK HIS PATH; KNOW HIS SORROW. TODAY MY HANDS ARE STRONG — LET ME HELP YOU. 303Yes, my family dresses this way for dinner every night! Kim Kerr Strong, M.D. The Kerr Klan- -trouble always comes in threes. 304"_____it's to Christ the hungry and Christ the naked and Christ the homeless that they are doing it. And this conviction and this love is what makes the giving a joy .... If the work is looked at just by our own eyes and only from our own way, naturally, we ourselves we can do nothing. But in Christ we can do all things. That's why this work has become possible, because we are convinced that it is he, he who is working with us and through us in the poor and for the poor." Mother Teresa "Not that I have obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me." Philipians 3:12 Rondi Jeannette Tagg, M.D. 305306 Lawrence E. Tama, M.D.Alan Toben, M.D. Happiness Love make up in height for what they lack in length. Robert Frost 307308309Merrick Jay Wetzler, M.D. "In the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip." — Daniel L. Reardon "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." -A.A. Milne "It is not doing the things we like to do, but liking the things we have to do, that makes life blessed." -Goethe lllegitimi non Carborundum" — Dr. Jack Benson WRESTLIN'! Thanks—Mom, Dad, Lee Jodi 310MY TRIBUTE How can I say thanks for the things you have done for me? Things so undeserved, yet You give to prove your love for me. The voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude; All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it all to Thee. To God be the glory! Words by Andrae Crouch My mother—because of her endless love, wisdom, and sacrifices—made this goal possible. Michael Anthony Williams, M.D. Thank you Dad for your support, understanding, and love! 311312 Harvey H. Wolf, M.D.With special dedication to my family, especially my parents, without whom all of this would not have been possible. Lawrence Yellin, M.D. 313 Medical School as it should be— Hawaii, January 1985314 Weekends by MistralTHE QUESTIONS, THE ANSWERS 1 In seeking to give to those that have given to me out of love, what have I learned? I have learned that retribution is impossible unless it is given in the light of love. 2 What is our ultimate intention for those persons that we love? Not to possess them as objects, but to release them to life, to love and to the interim of death. 3 What is the ultimate price we pay for loving? There is no ultimate price or final payment for love. We pay everyday of our existence because love is like a HEAL loan, it only gets bigger. Dr. T Thomas Jay Young, M.D. 315Marybeth Yuskavage, M.D. Look out world! Here come the Yuskavage sisters. My friend, "Jackie 0" at a wild class party. Mom Dad—We see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you for your love, support and patience. 316 To my grandparents—Thank you for everything! I hope I can always make you proud.To Jim and Stephanie; Thank you for your love and guidance these last four years. To my late great aunt; My memories will be with you forever. To Annie; Thank you for your smile, your warmth, and your love. Thomas Peter Zavitsanos, M.D. To my dear family. Dad, Mom, Evelyn, and George; Thank you for making it all possible with your love and endless support. 317 The ONLY way to spend a sick-day!Douglas Zlock, M.D. 318319 ■y Residencies David R. Abel, M.D. Psych iatry Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Thomns B. Antonetti, M.D. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport. PA John W. Ashby. M.D. Transitional Frank ford Hospital Philadelphia. PA Physical Medicine ReflOb Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Scott W. Asroff. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Rhode Island Hospital Providence. Rl Urology 8iown University Hospital Providence, Rl Jose A. Avila. M.D. Emergency Medicine University of Massachusetts Hosp Worcester. MA Transitional Medicine Worcester City Hospital Worcester. MA Henry A. Backo, M.O. Preliminary Surgery U Calif San Diego Affil Hosp San Diego. CA Mol,mm Bashed Kanehann, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia, PA Diagnostic Radiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Eric D. Becker. M.D Psychiatry Templo University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Jack M. Becker. M.D. Pediatrics CWRU University Hospital Cleveland. OH Mnntoor H. Bag. M.D Surgery North Shore Univ Hospital Manhasset. NY Nancy Beggs. M.O internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hospital Philadelphia. PA James A. Bernheisel. M.D. Family Practice Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown. PA Jerry W. Bishop. M.D. Family Practice Washington Hospital Washington, PA Joanotto E. Bland. M.D. Pediatrics Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Herman E Collier. M.D Preliminary Medicine Eisenhower Army Medical Ctr Ft Gordon. GA Charles A. Block. M.D. Pediatrics U. of Virginia Medical Center Charlottesvillo. VA Matthew J. Connolly. M.D. Internal Medicine Hosd. of Univ of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA David E. 8obman. M.D. Internal Medicine Cooper Hosp. Univ. Med. Center Camden. NJ Stephanie Corn-Woinberg, M.D. Pediatrics St Christopher's Hosp for Child Philadelphia. PA Mindy Bohrer, M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA Ron A. 8raverman, M.D. Family Practice West Jersey Hospital Voorhees. NJ Julius Brooks, M.D. Family Practice West Jersey Hospital Voorheos. NJ Scott D. Brown. M.D. Family Practice Washington Hospital Washington, PA Bruce D. Bullock. M.D. Family Practice Latrobe-Jefferson U Affil Latrobe. PA Joyce A. Burnside. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Thomas J. Campana. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Sam L. Carson. M.O. Psychiatry Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Mary Ann P. Casey. M.D, Pediatrics Thomas Jefferson U Hospitol Philadelphia. PA Frank E. Casty. M.D. Internal Medicine Presbyterlan-St Lukes Hospital Chicogo. IL Douglas C. Cline. M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Norristown, PA Deborah A. Cohen. M.D. Pediatrics Children's Hospital Cincinnati. OH Lisa J. Coroniti. M.D. Pediatrics Geisinger Medical Center Danville. PA Patricia G. Coyle. M.D. Internal Medicine Hosps of Univ Health Center Pittsburgh PA Bruce R. Culp. M.D, Family Practice Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown PA Eric Daiter, M.O Obstetrlcs Gynecologv Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pa Harlan B. Daubert, M.D. Research Hershey Medical Center Hershey. PA Carol M. Denehy. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecologv Womens Infants Hospital Providence. Rl Lynn G. Dever. M.D. Pediatrics Long Island Jewish M«d Ctr New Hyde Pork. NY Jody C. DiGiacomo, M.D. Surgery New Rochelle Hospital New Rochelle. NY Nicholas J. Dillman. M.D Pathology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Robert H. Dixon. M O. Pediatrics St Christopher's Hosp. for Child Philadelphia. PA Hung Doan, M.D. Family Practice Halifax Hospital Medical Center Daytona Beach, FL Terrence A. Doherty, M.D. Family Practice U. of Connecticut Sch of Med Farmington, CT 321Terrene A. Doherty. M.D. Family Practice U. of Connecticut Sch of Med Farmington. CT Mark E. Dorogy, M.D. Preliminorv Medicine Fitzsimmons Army Medical Ctr Denver, CO' Elizabeth T. Drum. M.D. Surgery St Mary's Hojp.tal Program Waterborv, CT Kennoth S. Duckworth. M.D. Transitional Lemuel Shottuck Hospital Boston. MA Havard Psychiatry Massachusetts Mentol Health Ctr Boston. MA Francis J. OuFrayne. M.D. Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA Nool L. Elgut.M.D. Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hosp. Univ. Medical Ctr Camden. NJ Ophthalmology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Ronald N. Endo. M.O. Pediatrics St Christopher'sHosp for Child Philadelphia. PA Eduardo Fernandez. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia PA Lucretia Fitzpatrick. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelohia. PA Physical Medicine flahab Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Karen A. Fleck, M.D. Family Practice St Vincent's Medical Center Jacksonville. FL Michaol A. Gottlieb. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Otolaryngology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Robert M. Hall. M.D. Surgery Cleveland Clinic Hospital Cleveland. OH Sean P. Harbison. M.O. Surgery Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA S. Miller Harris. M.D. Internal Medicine Allentown Affiliated Hosps Allentown. PA David W. Hartley. M.D. Family Practice Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA Thomas M. Heffernan. M.O Internol Medicine Worcester Memorial Hospital Worcester. MA Vnrano M. Hormida, M.O. Preliminary Surgery Episcopal HoSP'tol Philadelphia. PA Lorm S. Hirsch. M.D. Family Practice Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, PA John D. Horowitz. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Episcopal Hosoital Philadelphia. PA Joanne Vogel Jackson. M.D. Pediatrics Univ of Michigan Affil Hospitals Ann Arbor. Ml Laura F. Jacobs. M.O. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Mad Ctr.-N Div Philadelphia. PA Joseph A. Foster. M.D Family Practice Warren Hospital Phillipsburg. NJ Beth R.Gabai. M.D Surgery Huron Road Hospital Cleveland. OH Joffry N. Gerber, M.D. Family Practice UMDNJ Rutgers Medical School Piscatoway. NJ Kenneth B. Goldstein. M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia, PA Richard M. Jacoby, M.D. Internal Medicine New England Deaconess Hoso Boston. MA Sheila A. Johansson. M.D. Internal Medicine Cooper Hospital Unrv Med Ctr Camden. NJ JohnB. Junod. M.D. Family Practice Abingion Memorial Hospital Abington. PA Lawrence I. Kaplan. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Valerie Kardon, M.D. Family Practice South Nassau Community Hosp Oceansides. NV Gary S. Kauffman, M.D. Internal Medicine UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School Piscatawoy, NJ Patrick J. Kelly. M.O Preliminary Medicine U S. Navy Medical Center Oakland. CA Gregory J. Kent. M.D. Transitional Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown. PA Ophthalmology St Vincent Hosoitol New York. NV Michele D. Kleiman, M.D. Pediatrics Tulanc Univ Affiliated Program New Orleans. LA Rosemary Kozur, M.D. Surgery Univ of Texas Med Sch Affil Houston. TX Susan J. Kressly, M.D. Pediatrics St Christopher's Hoso for Child Philadelphia. PA Robert F. Krywicki. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Brooke Army Medical Center Ft Sam Houston. TX John J. Krzan. M.D Pediatrics Children's Hospital of Buffalo Buffalo NY Gayle Lacks. M.D. Psychiatry Hahnemann University Hosoital Philadelphia. PA John Lauriello. M.O. Psychiatry The New York Hospital New York. NY Judith R. Lee. M.D. Physical Medicine Schwab Rehabilitation Cente Chicago. IL 322William M. Lee. M.O. Family Practice Memorial Hosp. of Burlington Co Mt. Holly, NJ Joanna K. Lehman, M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospitol Philadelphia, PA Barry L Levine. M.D Psychiatry Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Deborah A. Liebman, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Med Ctr.-N Div Philadelphia. PA Diagnostic Radiology Thomas Jefferson Unlv Hosp Philadelphia. PA David Ling, M.D. Family Practice Temple University Hospital Philadelphia PA Clifford T. lomboy. M.D. Internal Medicine Mayo Graduate Sch of Medicine Rochester. MN Stephen C. Longenocker. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Mary E. Luchetti, M.D. Pediatrics Univ of Connecticut Sch of Med Farmington. CT Virginia E. Maher. M.D. Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington. DC Algird R. Mameniskis. M.D. Surgery Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA John C. McFadden, M.D. Family Practice Cincinnati General Hospital Cincinnati. OH James M. McGrath, M.D. Pediatrics St Christopher's Hosp for Child Philadelphia. PA Timothy R. McKee. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA David L. Movorach. M.D. Anesthesiology Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, NY James L. Mollick, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Templo University Hospital Philadelphia. PA William A. Morgan, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Med Ctr.-N Div Philadelphia. PA Dobra Nelson, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Univ. of Calif (Irvine! Affll Hosp Orange. CA Neurosurgery Hnrtfo'd Hospital Hartford. CT Dean Nenni. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology St Luke's Hospital Bethlehem. PA Mmh Ly Nguyen. M.D. Transitional Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Alloniown, PA Daniel K. Nordon, M.D. Internal Medicine Monteflore Hospital Pittsburgh. PA Annette L. Nypaver. M.D. Pediatrics The B8bies Hospital Nevr York. NY Susan B. Obcrlender, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Med Ctr.-N Div Philadelphia. PA Diagnostic Radiology Albert Einstem Medical Center Philadelphia. PA John J. Oppenheimer. M.D. Internal Medicine UMDNJ Rutgers Medical School Piscataway. NJ Steven L. Orobaugh. M.D Emergency Medicine Wright State Univ Affil Hosps Dayton. OH S. Margaret Paik. M.D. Pediatrics Presbyterian-St Luke’s Hospital Chicago, IL Charles H. Parker. M.O. Internal Medicine Roanoke Memorial Hospitals Roanoke, VA James S. Pezzi. M.D. Family Practice Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown. PA Gregory G. Pierson. M.D. Family Practice Henneoen County Medical Center Minneapolis. MN Mark W. Puffenberger, M.D. Family Practice Washington Hospital Washington. PA Marc S. Rabinowitz, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Albert Einstem Med Ctr.-N. Div Philadelphia. PA Roy G. Marcus. M.D. Internal Medicine Univ of Michigan Affil Hosps Ann Arbor. Ml' Barbara J. Marston. M.D. Internal Medicine Oregon Health Sciences Univ Portland. OR Mary K. McCarthy, M.D. Pediatrics Massachusetts General Hospital 8oston, MA Michael F. McCollum. M.D Obstetrics Gynecology Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hosp. Philadelphia. PA Alexis Nordic, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Neurosurgery Medical College of Georgia Augusta. GA John F. Norris. M.D. Internal Medicine Reading Hosoitai Medical Center Reading. PA Donise F. North. M.D Family Practice Univ of Calif (Davis! Affil Hosp Sacramento. CA James H. North, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Letterman Army Medical Center San Francisco. CA John C. Reed. M.D. Family Practice Kingston Benedictine Hospital Kingston. NY Murk A. Reynolds. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Anthony L. Rhodes, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Scott B. Richards. M.D Psychiatry Medical Univ. of S. Carolina Charleston. SC 323Uf Clytie S. Rimberg. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia. PA Jay J. Rindenau. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Hackensack Medical Center Hackensack. NJ Anesthesiology Univ of California (Irvine) Orange. CA Douglas E. Roeshot. M.D Orthopedic Surgery Geisinger Medical Center Danville. PA Charles F. Romberger. M.D. Pathology University of Chicago Clinics Chicago. 1L Gerald J. Ross. M.D Diagnostic Radiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Edmund 8. Rowland. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Andrew M. Rubin. M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA Francehelene M. Ruisman, M.D Preliminary Medicine Reading Hospital Medical Ctr Reading. PA Anesthesiology Critical Care University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore. MD Patricia A. Rylko. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Diane M. Saldukas. M.D. Internal Medicine Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown PA Christopher A. Sanders. M.D. Psychiatry The Inst of the Pennsylvania Hosp Philadelphia. PA Eugene M. Saravitz. M.D. Transitional St Luke's Hospital Bethlehem. PA Donms J. Schank. M.D. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport. PA Ann T. Scharf. M.D. Preliminary Medicine 8ryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr PA Diagnostic Radiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Robin B. Schemer. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Michael A. Schremmer. M.D! Emergency Medicine Medical Center of Delaware Newark. D£ Michael D. Scott, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Washington Hospital Center Washington. DC Jack N. Sees. M.D. Pathology Hershoy Medical Center Hershcy. PA Thomas E Shaughnessy. M.D Surgery CWRU University Hospital Cleveland. Oh Mark J. Shulkosky, M.D. Internal Medicine U S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth. VA Fred J. Singer. M.D Internal Medicine Cooper Hosoitaf Univ Med Ctr Camden. NJ Walter P. Slomiany. M D Family Practice Washington Hospital Washington. PA Tracey E. Smithey. M.D Psychiatry Mt Sinai Hospital New York. NY Edward M. Soften, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hosoitat Univ Med Ctr Camden. NJ Radiation Oncology Hose. 0 Umv of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA John B. Sorensen. M D. Surgery Youngstown Hospital Youngstown. OH Julie M Speicher. M.D. Primary Core Medicine Scranton Temple Resld Prog Scranton. PA Warren K. Stafford. M.D. Family Practice Hunterdon Medical Center Flemington NJ Moishe Stark man. M.D. Family Practice Memorial Hosp of Burlington Co Mt Holly. NJ Nick Stefanovski, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Hamot Hospital Erie PA Jeffrey Steinberg. M.D. Surgery Beth Israel Hospital Boston. MA Michael A. Steller. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecologv Ouke University Medical Ctr Durham. NC Kim K. Strong, M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Rondi J. Tagg. M.D. Family Practice Cook County Hospital Chicago. IL Lawrence E. Tama. M.D. Family Practice Shadys de Hospital Pittsburgh PA Alan L. Toben, M.D. Family Practice San Pedro Peninsula Hospital San Pedro. CA Sharon M. Tomatki. M.D Transitional Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu. HI Otolaryngology University of Colorado Denver CO Stuart J. We.ss, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Anesthesiology Temple university Hospital Philadelphia PA Merrick J. Wetzler. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Med Ctr N. Oiv Philadelphia. PA Michael A. Williams. M.D. Internal Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia, PA Harvey H. Wolf. M.D. Internal Medicine UMONJ Rutgers Medical Scnool Piscataway. NJ Lawrence B. Yellm. M.D. Transitional Jersey Shore Medical Center Neotune. Nj Richard J. Yovak.M.D, Preliminary Modicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Anesthesiology Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC Thomas J. Young. M.D. Intornal Medicine Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh. PA Marybeth S. Yuskavage. M.D. Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore. MD Thomas P. Zavitsansos. M.D Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Anesthesiology HosP of Univ of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Douglas W. Zlock. M.D. Internal Medicine Univ. of New Mexico Sch of Med Alberquerquo. NM 324Medical Communications Television Audiovisual Divisions: Stanton W. Saltzman, Director Joe Gudonis Ross Matico (not shown) Photography Division (left to right): Hank Bacich, Audrey Nodler, Otto C. Lehmann (Chief), Karen Wurzel, Bill Verzyl Art Division: .... and Robin Gelber Cheryl Arthur, Jane Axamethy..... 325K 2 Alumni Patrons Our Patrons . . . Our Advertisers 328 329 330 K 326"0.t issmi [(As foxsosx ws os woxksd off oux taifs; c fnd that thxouyh thsis foux ysaxi ws haxdfcj haos laifsd. fDhs lufifioxt of oux family and fxisncL we. must haif, ox without a ix loos edit this taih ius wou [d fa if. ' 327Alumni Patrons Drs. Mary Ann and Steven Ager '80 Daniel H. Bee. M.D. '37 Kathleen Reilly Bell '81 Dr. Howard Scott Berinson '67 Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Bernstein 74 Bradford M. Blanchard, M.D. '54 George I. Blumstein, M.D. '29 Hugh W. Brallier, M.D. 74 Rob Burgess 73 Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Charles '80 Robert L. Cogan. M.D. '61 Dr. Mrs. William A. Coleman '45 John T. Comerci. M.D. '55 Charles W. Delp. M.D. '24 Dr. and Mrs. Russell Del Toro '49 James C. DeMarco, M.D. 77 Angelo M. DiGeorge '46 William H. Duncan. M.D. '59 John M. Dwyer '25 Margaret Hay Edwards, M.D. '44 Vincent L. Ferrara. M.D. '64 John Vincent Ferrazzano. M.D. 74 Albert J. Finestone, M.D. '45 Paul Jay Fink, M.D. ’58 Gary S. Finkelstein, M.D. 74 Lucretia A. Fitzpatrick '86 Morris S. Fleischman '33 Dr. Mrs. Robert L. Fry '57 Anthony R. Giorgio. M.D. 73 Drs. Rick Goosenberg Robyn Faye '84 Harry R. Gossling. M.D. '47 Stuart C. Greene, M.D. 77 Sanford Guttler, M.D. 76 Dr. Gregory D. Hall 72 Dr. Mrs. Jack A. Henriquez 74 Mark Holland, M.D. '34 John Howard Hoskins. M.D. ’61 George R. Hunter, M.D. 76 William M. Hughes. M.D. '48 David S. Hurewitz. M.D. '67 Herman Hurwitz, M.D. '62 Drs. John P. and Alice P. Joyce '83 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kandra 72 Robert M. Kemp, M.D. '56 Dr Mrs. A. Richard Kendall '56 Dr. Charles H. Kravitz '35 Victor Kremens. M.D. '43 C. Darrell Lane. M.D. '64 Stephen F. Latman, M.D. '68 Dr. C.A. Laubach, Jr. '43 Harvey Lazofson, M.D. '62 Clark H. Lentz, M.D. '45 Walter J. Levinsky, M.D. '45 Joseph F. Lydon. M.D. '47 Allan D. Dawn B. Marks '62 Gregory J. Menio, M.D. '85 Dr. Mrs. James J. McGuire. Jr. '80 Beverly A. Mikuriya, M.D. 73 James A. Mollick, M.D. '56 Stephen M. Morris, M.D. ’65 W. Mahon Myers. M.D. '44 Matthew B. Nacgle, M.D. 73 Ralph B. Norris. M.D. ’62 M. Vernon Ordiway. M.D. '58 David J. Overholt. M.D. '83 Stewart J. Petrie, M.D. '50 James C. Rex '50 Howard P. Knappcr, M.D. '40 Arthur H. Popkave, M.D. 72 Peter J. Racciato, M.D. 74 Donald J. Ritt, M.D. '60 Stephen J. Rockower, M.D. 75 Fred B. Rogers, M.D. '48 David Ross. M.D. '68 John J. Rubino, M.D. 77 Drs. John Joanne Rudoff '83 Helen Hayes Ryan, M.D. '25 Jerome Santoro, M.D. 72 Diane E. Shafer, M.D. 76 Drs. Jane Walter W. Scheetz '62 '58 Roger Evan Sharf. M.D. '84 Charles R. Shuman. M.D. '43 Bruce F. Sorensen, M.D. '60 Paul M. Steerman. M.D. 75 William F. Taylor. M.D. '60 S.D. Thomas. M.D. '67 Carson J. Thompson, M.D. 76 Dr. Mrs. Joseph J. Toland, III '43 Raymond C. Truex. Jr., M.D. '67 William Tonkonow. M.D. '35 Dr. Mrs. Robert E. Walley, III '66 Earl R. Walter. M.D. '52 Kenneth W. Warren. M.D. '38 George H. Wessel. M.D. '52 Lewis R. Wolf. M.D. '34 328Patrons Mr. Mrs. Lewis H. Abel Leonard Adelman Paul H, Ahrens Dr. Alagiriswami M. Masood Akbar. M.D. Dr. Mrs. William P. 8arba II Joseph H. Baum. Ph.D. Mr. Mrs. Raphael Becker Samuel H. Becker Amanda M. Jack Barbara Benson Mrs. Eve Bernstein Burt Eileen Bobman Karen Boyd Mr. Mrs. Irwin Bromberg Mrs. Carmen Camacho Drs. Levitt. Barbour Castaldo Dr. Mrs. Joseph Clarke Gad S. Crouse. Ph.D. Mr. Mrs. Charles R. Culp Dr. Mrs. Kenneth R. Cundy Danks Co Dept. Store Dr. Mrs. Donald Daiter Dr. John K. Dunn Richard S. Eisenstaedt Mr. Mrs. S. Sim Endo Dr. Mrs. Javier Fernandez Mary Stuart Fisher. M.D. Robert S. Fisher. M.D. John E. Fryer, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Gabai Jay and Barbara Gerber Dr. William R. Griffith Mr. Mrs. Michael Harakal James S.C. Harris, M.D. Mr. Mrs. Donald J. Hastings Jack A. Henriquez, M.D. David W. Hunter, M.D. Imerco Products Co. Harold J. Isard Aaron and Sylvia Kauffman Shaw Dr. Mrs. C. James Kavle Irena Koprowski. M.D. David and Barbara Krasner Dr. Mrs. Walter Krywicki John F. Kurtzke. M.D. Dr. Mrs. Al Lampcrti Stanley H. Lorber, M.D. Mr. Mrs. John J. McFadden D.J. McHenry. M.D. Russ and Nan McKee Richard J. Morris, M.D. Drs. Marlene Mark Moster Richard H, Ochs. M.D. Dan Alice O'Neill Mrs. Mary O'Rawc Dr. Mrs. Charles A. Papacostas Ronald A. Pieringer Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Phillips Francis C. Plucinsky, M.D. Kenneth A. Rhodes Jack, Ethel. Marc Lloyd Rabmowitz Irving Rosenberg, M.D. Dr. Mrs. L. Stephen Russman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Schank William F. Schulze Security Pacific Executive Professional Services Dr. Mrs. George Seltzer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Sesnovich Dr. Roger W. Sevy Dr. Sol Sherry Leo Shulkosky Mr. and Mrs. Hal Siegel Dr. Mrs. Hugo Dunlap Smith Faye and Joseph Soffen Elizabeth A. Sun. M.D. F.J. Sweeney. Jr., M.D. John W. Testa’; M.D. Mary L. Teter The Night Kitchen George F. Thomas, M.D. Joseph Toglia. M.D. Dr. J. Robert Troyer Robert G. Uris Edwm V. Valdiserri, M.D. Eugene J. Van Scott. M.D. Mr. Mrs. Vincent J. Vanston Mr. Mrs. Gerald K. Vogel Ethel Weinberg, M.D. Frederic I. Weinberg. Esq. Sidney Weinhouse Mr. Mrs. P.J. Wingate Amil and Dorothy Yagodich James V. Yuschak, M.D. Dr. Mrs. Leonard Zubrzycki 329FROM THE DEAN'S STAFF TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1986 NOW THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED ONE OF THE GREATEST MILESTONES IN YOUR LIVES. MAY EACH OF YOU FULFILL YOUR GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS AS PHYSICIANS Dean Sol Sherry, M.D. Associate Vice President — Affiliations William P. Barba, III Livia Sparagna Associate Dean Ethel Weinberg, M.D. M. Judith Russo Helga Sauter Shirley Ester Associate Dean Academic Affairs Hugo D. Smith, M.D. William Schulze Jacqueline Delong Cleo Clark Associate Dean Administration Robert G. Uris, M8A Rose A. Ferrara Diane Lazar Mable F. Dukes Dorothy Dennison Mary Flynn Mary S. Chambers Marian McKill Daniel Dawson Alonzo Hamilton Ella Smith Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Albert J. Finestone, M.D. Robert Smedley, Ph.D. Catherine Thomas Jewel McDaniels Maxine Sherman Kim Young Associate Dean Clinical Affairs Leon S. Malmud, M.D. Sally Ginsberg Admissions Student Programs Moses L. Williams. Ph.D. Gern Morton Rudi Miller Linda Berrian Charlotte Boyd Recruiiment, Admissions, Retention Charles S. Ireland. Jr., MSW Harold Freeman Lucretia Saunders Ernest Lowe Carmen Colon Gwendolyn Taylor Systems Finance Department Thomas R. Froitag, MBA Sandy McDade Jim Voigt Irene Kushnir Peter Luczszyn Nadine Nelson Diane Weathers Patricia Bradshaw Mu I ti- Disciplinary Laboratory Services Stanley J. Mann, Ph.D. Ronald Medori Patricia Lewis Donna Mason Myron Singleton Sponsored Programs Administration Herman Goldner, Ph.D. Brenda Burton Dolores Sullivan Eleanor Cherry Barbara Stinson Helen Shulik 330817 Lancaster Avenue Vilianova 525-5630 Just as Jack entered Medical School the family met to determine A proper path for his career to take and how much he'll be earning "Count us neutral" Bubby, Sam and Amanda said, "we don't care to shape the result" "Knowledge of medicine is good" Mom said, "I can't wait to consult" "Medical School will be good," Dad said "It means one thing for certain" Beginning in 1990 he can support me if only he will be a plastic surgeon Even though they live in Pittsburgh, Lynda, Marv, Melanie and David opined Couldn't you just move on out here - whatever you do we won't mind. "Keep thinking about it", said Caryn, his wife, "This is how we will be spending the rest of our life." "Enough of what you want," Jack said, "I have to follow my life's ambition" "Remember, the decision is ultimately mine — I'll be a Pediatrician!" Congratulations to the Class of 1986 CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK TO VALERIE KARDON RAVETZ Best wishes from the Radiology Staff WITH LOVE FROM YOUR FAMILY MOM DAD. NANCY KAREN YOUR HUSBAND, JEFFREY of CONGRATULATIONS SUCCESS TO STEPHANIE CORN-WE IN BERG, M.D. Albert Einstein Medical Center Mom Dad (Uncle, Daddy, Doctor, Pop-Pop) Corn Mom Dad Weinberg, Fred, Robin, Eddie, Kitty, Leslie, Gary, Lauren, Alison. Erica, Jared, Jaci, Yosi, Brian, Alan. Mitchell, Claudia, Vicki, Hal, Alison two babies to be named later. WE LOVE YOU Northern Division 331Just a couple of words about developing a sound financial program. Professional experience. PAMELA J. BEATTY We're proud to introduce an experienced associate of our Firm. She is someone whose professional background and proven ability can be invaluable to you in evaluating the broad spectrum of financial products and services available in today's increasingly complex marketplace. To develop the best financial program for your individual needs, you owe it to yourself to rely on an expert. Call for complete information about how to acquire the security you need and deserve — now, and for the years ahead. Just a couple of words today could make all the difference to your future. Suite 1825 ■ Two Penn Center Plaza Philadelphia. PA 19102 ■ 215) 568-0535 Suite 220 ■ One Aldwyn Center Villanova. PA 19085 ■ (215) 525-5434 252 Kings Highway East ■ Haddonfield. NJ 08033 Delaware alley Financial Group. Inc. 332CONGRATULATIONS TO MARK A. REYNOLDS, M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1986 CONGRATULATIONS MAY THE SUN ALWAYS SHINE WITHIN YOU Sandy Michael Reynolds Department of Neurology CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 from Grand View Anesthesia Associates Grand View Hospital Sellersville, PA Albert Einstein Medical Center EUGENE ANDRUCZYK, D O.. F A.C.O.G Obstetrics • Gynecology • Infertility Frankford Hospital - Torresdale Division Ambulatory Care Center • Suite 202 Red Lion and Knights Roads. Philadelphia. PA 19114 (215) 632-1095 CONGRATULATIONS TO RICHARD J. YEVAK, JR.. M.D. Mother Dad. Ronald, Renee Robert 333Congratulations °n achieving your M.D. Degree are indeed happy and proud that you are about to become fellow members of a most exclusive organization Our medical school has an outstanding teaching staff. Curriculum, and student body, and the single most important source of energy for sustaining that fine edge of excellence is that group of M.D.'s who appreciate the distinction of being Temple University School of Medicine alumni The Medical Alumni Association of Temple University 334Best Wishes from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery PHILIP D. ALBURGER, M.D. RANDAL R. BETZ. M.D. ROBERT D.CAMPO, Ph.D. MICHAEL CLANCY. M.D. JOHN W. LACHMAN, M.D. PAUL A. MARCHETTO. M.D. RAY A. MOYER. M.D. EDWARD J. RESNICK. M.D. HOWARD H. STEEL. M.D. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS 1986 from SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA ALUMNI JOEL G. COHEN, M.D. '67 W.R.J. KILPATRICK, M.D. '44 JACK A. LISIEWSKI, M.D. '66 WILFRED M. POTTER, M.D. '58 KURT D. RUHT, M.D. '76 JACK S. WEISS. M.D. '73 335Congratulations To The Class Of 1986 From The Department Of Neurosurgery 336CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Marlene J. Mash, M.D. — Class of '82 Maria Mash Fedor, M.D. — Class of '83 HAPPY MEDICINE '86 THE LEIGHTONS CONGRATULATIONS TO MARY McCarthy and KEN DUCKWORTH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 "WE'RE SO PROUD" Mother, Dad and Eileen Provident National CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Bank FRANCIS J. OTT, JR., D.P.M. - Broad and Tioga Sts. 337Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 for fulfilling careers and lives. We enjoyed working with you. The Faculty and Residents, Department of Medicine, Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Herbert S. Waxman, M.D. Chairman Seymour Siegel, M.D. (TUSM ’45) Associate Chairman Lisa Wallenstein, M.D. Associate Chairman Stuart Felzer, M.D. (TUSM ’82) Chief Medical Resident James McNelis, D.O. Chief Medical Resident Division Heads Morris N. Kotler, M.D., Cardiology Robert Fox, M.D., Dermatology Sol Epstein. M.D., Endocrinology Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology Mark Capkin, M.D. (TUSM 80), General Internal Medicine I. Robert Schwartz, M.D., Hematology Oncology Richard S. Levy. M.D., Infectious Disease Rasib M. Raja, M.D., Nephrology Michael Lippmann, M.D., Pulmonary Mary E. Moore. M.D. (TUSM 67), Rheumatology ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER NORTHERN DIVISION 338PENNRIDGE PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES This is a mandatory K question. The Class of 1986 is: 1. Brilliant 2. Conscientious 3. Ugly 4. Boring a. 1,2.3 are correct b. 1,3 are correct c. 2,4 are correct d. 4 alone is correct e. all of the above are correct Joseph A.C. Girone, M.D. Ruth P. Schiller, M.D. Thomas J. Hipp, M.D. Neil Schlackman, M.D. Edward P. Rothstein, M.D. Ronald L. Souder, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 from Rheumatic Disease Assoc. Robert A. Gatter, M.D., Ronald P. Andrews, M.D., Joseph A. Scarola, M.D. Willow Grove, PA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 from The Department of Anesthesiology Albert Einstein Medical Center—Northern Laurence J. Krenis, M.D., Chairman TO THE CLASS OF 1986 BE HEALTHY WEALTHY WISE STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE Richard D. Berkowitz, M.D. Eileen Hyams, R.N. Rose Merrick CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT DUFF BROWN, M.D. from J. Duff Brown, M.D. and Family 339CONGRATULATIONS TO JEFFREY STEINBERG. M.D. With Much Love Mom, Dad, Rob, Grandmother Esther and Grandfather Sam DEAR SHEILA CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE YOUR LOVING FAMILY "Success is not a Harbor But a Voyage....” CONGRATULATIONS THOMAS J. YOUNG, M.D. SISTER CHRIS. NIECES TAMARA AND TAMEKA MOM AND DAD, TOM AND MARTY GRANDPOP, JAMES CRUMP AND RANE 340Congratulations to the members of the Temple University School of Medicine Class of 1986 Episcopal Hospital wishes you well in all of your future endeavors. Episcopal Hospital rront Street Lehigh Avenue • Philadelphia PA 1912S 1098 • (21S» 427 000Dedicated to improving health care through drug research. McNEIL PHARMACEUTICAL Spring House. PA 19477 CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS TO TERRENCE A. DOHERTY, M.D. ELIZABETH THOMPSON DRUM, M.D. WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT Mom Dad, Dave Lori, Amy Grandmother Mamama MOM DAD TRISHA KAREN CONGRATULATIONS LOVE CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SISTER TO LISA J. CORONITI. M.D. DR. JUDITH RAE LEE Mom Dad, Joe, Ronnie Baba Best Wishes From All Your Aunts Uncles YOUR SISTER BROTHER JODICE RANDY Thank God It's All Over! 342RESIDENCY PROGRAMS family practice-internal medicine-pathology-surgery-transitional Good Luck and Best Wishes for a Long and Productive Career Department of Pulmonary Medicine Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital— the teaching hospital where people make a career of caring Contact Education and Staff Services, 1086 Franklin St., Johnstown, PA 15905-4398. (814) 533-9139 343to the Was?oi 86 =« from Wyeth Laboratories Wyeth L U TM Radnor, PA 19087 344Congratulations and Best Wishes Dr. Jack Becker We are very proud of you. All our love, Jerry, Merilyn, Janice Jim Thall CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCRETIA A. FITZPATRICK. M.D. and THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 1986 FRANK LUCRETIA FITZPATRICK KAPLAN STANLEY H KAPLAN EDUCATIONAL CENTER. LTD. The world's leading test prep organization. CALL NOW! (215) 546-3317 - (215) 635-3116 Congratulations to Dr. Scheiner, Jr. from Dr. Scheiner, Sr. —and Grandma Scheiner, Cherie, Alan and AlanTurner Construction Company Salutes The Class of 1986 Temple.... Turner.... Builders for the FutureCongratulations to the Class of 1986 from Montgomery Family Practice Residency Program 15 West Wood Street Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401 Phone: 277-0964 WILLIAM H. RODGERS, III, M.D., Director MARC W. McKENNA, M.D., Associate Director HAZEL M. BLUESTEIN, M.D., Faculty Associate Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 1986 Graduating Class Congratulations Best Wish es to the Class of 1986 from the Department of Surgery, Albert Einstein Medical Center from the Faculty of the Department of Pathology Northern Division 347MOM DAD Saint Vincent Health Center Family Practice Residency Program Erie. PA CONGRATULATIONS LORIN TO THE END OF YOUR STUDIES AND TO OUR LAST TUITION PAYMENT SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 from the Department of Surgery 348CONGRATULATIONS TO DIANE M. SALDUKAS. M.D. Love Mom, Dad, Lenny Janice, Uncle Mike Aunt Mary Best Wishes for Success Germantown CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Neurological Associates Your Friends at Abington Memorial Hospital Medical Department STEPHEN D. SILBERSTEIN. M.D. ELLIOTT A. SCHULMAN, M.D. Congratulations to the Class of 1986 from the West Jersey Health System Family Practice Residency Program Voorhees, New JerseyHENDERSON Pumps CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 86 THE HENRY A BACKE FAMILY TlFBACK Groul Plant Mud-Jacking Gumte Plastering Equipment CHEMICAL POMPS CHEMICAL GROUTS PRESSURE GROUTING SALES — RENTALS CONSULTING OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Cambrian Equipment Co. (DIVISION OF CAMBRIAN FOUNDATIONS INC | 137 HUGHES ROAD. KING OF PRUSSIA. PA 19406 • (215) 293-9161 WAREHOUSE • 830 MATSONFORD ROAD • W CONSHOHOCKEN. PA 19428 • (215)825-1776 350CONGRATULATIONS EUGENE M. SARAVITZ, JR., M.D. Love Mother, Dad and David Douglas Carey Cline "Congratulations To "Dr. Doug” with great pride and much Love” CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 From Mom, Dad and your sisters and brothers THE CESARINI—PITKOWS CONGRATULATIONS TO LYNN GARVIN DEVER, M.D. With Much Love and Pride Mom and Dad Lisa, Bobby and Lori Grandmom and Grandpop Jim CONGRATULATIONS TO PATRICK JAMES KELLY, M.D. Mom, Dad, Tim, Annie, Nan Laurie 351CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCRETIA A. FITZPATRICK, M.D. "Will you make house calls?" Maureen BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE ON AGING and MID-ATLANTIC LONG TERM CARE GERONTOLOGY CENTER 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia. PA 19122 (215) 787-6970 CONGRATULATIONS! Edmund B. Rowland Jr. MD Your Family and Friends are Proud of You! 352«tatertttirt« ttsrfsa 8 Mercy Catholic Medical Center Welcome to a New Age of Medicine At Mercy Catholic Medical Center, we are welcoming new graduates from across the county to our residency programs in medicine, general surgery. medical imaging, and pathology. With 745 beds, we are the second largest institution in the area and a major teaching affiliate of Thomas Jefferson University. Our Fitzgerald Mercy and Misericordia Divisions are providing Delaware County and Philadelphia with a new age in medicine. Fitzgerald Mercy was selected as one of two sites in the Delaware Valley to offer lithotripsy, the procedure to non—surgically remove kidney stones. And, we are leaders in trauma care with a new facility served by a specialized trauma team and one of the world's fastest medical helicopters. For information call: Mercy Catholic Medical Center Fitzgerald Mercy Division (215) 237-4000 . 353CONGRATULATIONS DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER NORTHERN DIVISION MANSOOR H. BEG Congratulations and Best Wishes CONGRATULATIONS TO for a Gratifying Career ROBIN BETH SCHEINER. M.D. Love from Mom. Milton. Alan and Alan Your Loving Family CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 from Maria Esther DeNegron — Class of 1959 Allegheny i Family V ft f of The Altoona Hospital FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY PROGRAM MEDICAL STUDENT CLERKSHIPS Affiliated with CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE The Department of Family Community Medicine The Milton S. Hcrshey Medical Center of the Pennsylvania State University DR. SUSAN JANE KRESSLY For additional information, contact: "Health, Love Happiness Always" Mom Dad Carol Rich Clifford R. Wald man, M.D. Recruitment Coordinator 501 Howard Avenue, Building F Altoona, PA 16601 Telephone: (814) 946-2020 354Best Wishes from the Department of Diagnostic Imaging Leon S. Malmud, M.D., Chairman Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Marie A. Capitanio, M.D. Dina F. Caroline, M.D. N. David Charkes, M.D. Gary J. DeFilipp, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Arnold C. Friedman, M.D. Margaret A. Gainey, M.D. Kathryn Grumbach, M.D. Claude Johnson, M.D. Michele H. Johnson, M.D. Linda C. Knight, Ph.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Alan H. Maurer, M.D. Mamed Mesgarzadeh, M.D. Paul D. Radecki, M.D. Parvati Ramchandani, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. Francis J. Shea, M.D. Jeffry Siegel, Ph.D. Eleanor Smergel, M.D. Renate L. Soulen, M.D. Jacqueline Taylor, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Richard Vitti, M.D. Thomas Witomski. M.D. Barbara Wolfson, M.D. Marvin C. Ziskin, M.D. ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL - A suburban Philadelphia teaching hospital offering broad based clinical exposure: 14 — 1st yr. positions in Medicine 6 — 1st yr. positions in Surgery 4 - 1st yr. positions in Family Practice 2 — 1st yr. positions in Ob—Gyn For information contact: Office of Medical Education Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA 19001 (215)576-2603 L 355HOSPITAL of BETHLEHEM. PA. SETTING STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE SINCE 1872 Offers Residency Positions in: -Internal Medicine -Transitional Year - Obstetrics- Gynecology Congratulations to the Class of 1986 Philadelphia Ophthalmology Associates RALPH SCOTT SANDO, M.D., F.A.C.S. DIRECTOR (T.U.M.S. 73) 913 Walnut Street 200 Bryn Mawr Medical Building North Philadelphia. PA 19107 Bryn Mawr. PA 19010 (215) 627-1515 (215) 649-7616r ' Congratulations to the Class of 1986 from the Department of Anesthesiology PROFESSOR AND CHAIRMAN JAMES R. HARP, M.D. PROFESSORS ALEXANDRA KARETAS, M.D. GERTRUDE PRUCKMAYR, M.D. PROFESSORS EMERITUS THOMAS C. DEAS, M.D. MARY R.W. REARDON, M.D. ASSOC A TE PROFESSORS NANCY B. KENEPP, M.D. KENNETH J. LEE, M.D. ASSISTANT PROFESSORS RODGER BARNETTE, M.D. ANSUYA CHATWANI, M.D. SUZANE COOPER. M.D. DAVID J. FISH, M.D. WILLIAM SHEPARD, M.D. ROBERT C. SHUPAK, M.D. TOMMY SYMRENG, M.D. DANIEL WALTER, M.D. Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 from the faculty, staff of Family Medicine Associates of the Germantown, Cheltenham, and Roxborough Offices 357CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSE ALBERTO AVILA, M.D. With all our love and best wishes for the future We Love You Papa, Mama', Jose' Maria and Vince CONGRATULATIONS TO JAMES S. PEZZI, M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1986 from The Edelman Family CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 from the Section of Pediatric Nephrology St. Christopher’s Hospital For Children H. JORGE BALUARTE, M.D. BRUCE A. KAISER, M.D. MARTIN S. POLINSKY, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 E.R. SQUIBB and SONS, INCJack N. Sees Jr., M.D. CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1986 CONGRATULATIONS FOR A JOB WELL DONE Your Proud and Dept, of Radiology Loving Family Germantown Hospital Wife Donna, Mom and Dad Randie, Kelly, Karen and Tim JAY W. MacMORAN, M.D. EDWARD A. D'ORAZIO. M.D. F. JOSEPH KIEFNER, M.D. FRANCES S. ESPOSITO. M.D. FRANK A. PIRO. M.D. CHERYL A. STEWART. M.D. Best Wish es to the Class of 1986 from the Faculty of the Department of Psychiatry 359BEST WISHES, Lemole and Spagna, P.C. GERALD M. LEMOLE. M.D. PASCHAL M. SPAGNA. M.D. N. PETER KARMILOWICZ. M.D. KATHLEEN W. McNICHOLAS. M.D. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS TO ROGER DEAN NENNI. M.D. Wife Vanessa, Mom Dad. Nadine T.J. Laventhol Horwath Certifed Public Accountants EUGENE M. SARAVITZ, JR.f M.D. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE With Love and Prayers Grandma 360Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1986 Residencies Family Practice Internal Medicine Orthopedic Surgery Pediatrics Radiology Surgery Integrated residencies available through The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center of The Pennsylvania State University. For information: David A. Smith. M.D. Vice President for Medical Affairs 2601 North Third Street. Harrisburg. PA 17110 717-782 4130 HARRISBURG. PENNSYLVANIATo the Class of 1986: We are proud of you and your accomplishments, and wish you well in the pursuit of your career goals. We are happy to have contributed to your education, knowing full well that it will stand you in good stead in the years to come. Congratulations! The Faculty and House Staff Department of Medicine 362To those of you who had the opportunity to be a part of the Allentown Affiliated Hospitals... best wishes in your future endeavors! Rondi Tagg Don Heinrich Robert Purvis Tracy Horten Donald Samuelson Andrew Block John Depasquale Ruby Joy Camarena Scott Shoemaker Bruce Feldman Robin Spangler Kenneth Chavin Lisa Johnson Sam Carson Diane Saldukas Tom Hefferman Lorin Hirsch David Mevorach Hung Doan Frank Casty James Bernheisel Debra Nelson Clifford Lomboy Lehigh Valley © The Allentown Hospital Center Hospital A HOilnUll Ho p.UI 1700 South CM Ow Bourn «fo Ai.-rionri PA t(H0S A »».. .".6 AM HMOU ’ ?t i A Crw A mown PA 18 07 CONGRATULATIONS to Kenneth B. Goldstein, M.D. FROM HIS PROUD FAMILY INCLUDING NORMAN S. GOLDSTEIN, M.D. '29 AND ARTHUR G. GOLDSTEIN, M.D. '61Congratulations to the Class of 1986 from the Department of Anesthesiology Frankford Hospital Nancy Day ’77 Mike Lilian ’80 Tom Mitros ’80 Owen Rahman ’81 CONGRATULATIONS to CONGRATULATIONS TO Thomas Matthew Heffernan M.D. Eric Daiter, M.D. Very Proud Family Mother Dad, Joseph, Natalie Your Loving Family 364The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center Founded in 1863, The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center, has a long and proud tradition of helping to train and prepare Temple University Medical students and other health care professionals for their future careers. Congratulates The Class of 1986 Located in historic Germantown, adjacent to Wister Woods, the Center's 25-acre landscaped campus is entered from a private boulevard approach. The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center features a wide range of medical specialities and all private rooms at semi-private rates, for every patient. Extending Sincere Best Wishes For Your Success 365CONGRATULATIONS TO FRANK CASTY. M.D. “Ambition Without Determination Has No Destination" You Have It All! We're So Proud! Mom, Dad, Gary, Karen. Larry Godchild Ashley BEST WISHES TO LUCRETIA FITZPATRICK, M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1986 ROBBINS. TOZER NILON CONGRATULATIONS Kim Kerr Strong, M.D. You Have Made Your Family Very Proud 366Congratulations to the Class of 1986 from The Staff of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children 367DR. MARY ELLEN LUCHETTI and THE CLASS OF 1986 CONGRATULATIONS TO MAY YOUR DREAMS BECOME REALITY! Mr. and Mrs. Carl Luchetti NICHOLAS JOSEPH DILLMAN, M.D. Class of 1986 CONGRATULATIONS! • 'Mm h S maget, •Atr. STEVEN P. GRAHEK. M.D. extamvt rtCl »«£W €nt utOC l D B£CTO« "WE ARE ALL SO VERY PROUD OF YOU YIYA, MOM. DADDY. MICHAEL. MARY. JASON. KEITH. GWEN. PRECIOUS. AUNT ATHENA. AUNT HELEN, UNCLE JACK, AUNT DOROTHY 800 DOUGLAS ROAD ATLANTA. GA 30342 «04 256-9774 CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. MARK A. REYNOLDS With Pride Love Mom Dad Schwartz Larry Schwartz CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Mr. Mrs. Lee Moffins Steaks 1307 W. Tioga Street 225-4808 368John Joseph Krzan, Jr., M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHAEL DUANE SCOTT "We Never Doubted Today Son. Stay With God.” All Our Love, Mom and Dad , Truevine Missionary Baptist Church Family, Inc. 1350 Pecan Street Mobile. AL 36603 Dr. Howard Johnson, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHAEL A. GOTTLIEB, M.D. Michael, Germaine, WITH PRIDE AND LOVE FROM Mary , Tom, David and Norenne MOM DAD LINDA AMY 36QGOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1986 DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY AEMC-N.D. WITH HEARTFELT PRIDE WE OFFER OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU EUGENE M. SARAVITZ, JR., M.D. Congratulations To The Class of 1986 Gerald Bertha Vingara and Larry Simone Dela Corte from the RON ALEXANDER BRAVERMAN, M.D. WE ARE SO PROUD AND HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS MOTHER AND JOE Department of Anatomy 370Albert Einstein Medical Center extends warm congratulations to the Class of ’86 We are proud to be a part of your educational experience and offer our best wishes as you pursue your professional career. Mt. Sinni-Daroff Division • Northern Division • Willowcrest-Bamberger Division • Philadelphia Psychiatric CenterCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 LEDERLE LABORATORIES DIVISION AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '86 from Larry Kaplan's Parents Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of ’86! The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Sixth Avenue and Spmce Street West Reading, Pennsylvania 19603 372Good Luck to the Class of 1986 from the Temple Health Sciences Bookstore Professional Books and Supplies 221-3157 Congratulations to the Class of 1986 DOLBEY’S 3726Spruce St. Phila., PA 19104 (215) 222-6020, 6021 Medical Books Diagnostic EquipmentBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 SEARLE LABORATORIES Division of Searle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. We hope you all have fulfilling careers in medicine. We enjoyed developing with those of you who participated with us in training. Good Luck! Scranton-Temple Residency Program Congratulations to Sean Patrick Harbison, M.D. "Possunt Quia Posse Videntur” (Virgil: Aeneid,V.) Mother, Dad, Megan, Maura, Kayne, Gavin Sue 374The Faculty, Residents and Staff of Wyoming Valley Family Practice Residency The Wyoming Valley Family Practice Residency Program offers a Family Medicine Elective Clerkship to third or fourth year medical students. The residency program has a new freestanding Family Practice Center with 26,000 patient visits per year. There are 18 residents, four full-time family physician faculty, one full-time pediatrician, one full-time gynecologist obstetrician, and one full-time psychologist involved in patient care. There are laboratory and radiological services available at the center. Library services are available through the program's supporting hospitals — Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and Nesbitt Memorial Hospital. Computer access is also available at the Family Practice Center. Modern videotaping equipment is available for use and participation is encouraged. Clerkships are available on monthly or six-week blocks. Housing is provided and a meal allowance is included. Congratulates 1986 For more information contact: William D. Hakkarinen, M.D., Program Director Wyoming Valley Family Practice Residency 540 Pierce Street Kingston, PA 18704 (717) 288-7451 375Patricia Ann Rylko Congratulations for all that will be. May success follow wherever you go. LAWRENCE BRETT YELLIN "OUR HEARTS SWELL WITH PRIDE BECAUSE OF YOU" YOUR LOVING FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS, GOOD LUCK MUCH SUCCESS TO ALGIRD R. MAMENISKIS Mother and Dad Mother, Dad and Walt CONGRATULATIONS TO CHARLES ALAN BLOCK, M.D. With Much Love and Pride from Your Thrilled and Delighted Family CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DOCTORS McDUCK MARY KAY McCARTHY, M.D. KENNETH SCOTT DUCKWORTH, M.D. Big Bro, Rhett, Sheara, Jason, David and Chris Duckworth 376CONGRATULATIONS to Judith Rae Lee, M.D. For Your Success; We Are Proud Of You! Daddy, Mommy Aunt Helen Congratulations to the Class of 1986 From the Family Practice Residency Program Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, Pa. DIRECTOR NIKITAS J. ZERVANOS. M.D. ASSOC!A TE DIRECTORS ALAN S. PETERSON, M.D. WILLIAM H. BACHMAN, M.D. RICHARD W. SLOAN, M.D. STEPHEN T.OLIN. M.D. Best Wish es from the Department of Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital 377Congratulations to Debbie Liebman Andy Rubin everyone else in the Class of 1986 from the Department of E.N.T. B.J. RONIS, M.D. MAX RONIS, M.D. EMIL LIEBMAN. M.D. MELVIN MASLOFF, M.D. ROSE MOHR. M.D. Congratulations Best Wishes Best Wishes to the to the Class of ’86 Class of 1986 from the faculty, residents staff Manstein Plastic Surgical Association of the GEORGE MANSTEIN, M.D. CARL H. MANSTEIN, M.D. Family Practice Residency Program MARK E. MANSTEIN, M.D. 378CONGRATULATIONS TO RICHARD MICHAEL JACOBY. M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1986 from The Jacoby Family CONGRATULATIONS TO MERRICK J. WETZLER, M.D. "WITH GREAT PRIDE LOVE" from Your Entire Family Congratulations To The CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Class of 1986 Dr. Mrs. Robert L. Hall Debbie and Mike PHARMACEUTICAL DIVISION 2 Pennw lt HEALTH PRODUCTS CHEMICALS ■ EQUIPMENT 755 Jefferson Road Rochester. NY 14623 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 1 OFFICE OF LEISURE PROGRAMS FACILITIES 379Congratulations to the Class of 1986 Nazareth Anesthesia Associates, Inc. DAVID W. SCHAFFER. M.D. ROBERT L. LEEGARD. M D. FRANK GARBAK, M.D. VAISHALI D. NAIK, M.D. The Department of Urology congratulates and welcomes our newest Alumni A. Richard Kendall, M.D., Lester Karafin, M.D., Walter L. Gerber, M.D., Hyman H. Rabinovitch, M.D., E. James Seidmon, M.D. Congratulations Best Wishes Emergency Room Staff Temple University Hospital 380Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 from the Faculty Staff of the Department of Family Practice and Community Health P. Plotnick Sons Manheim Gardens Wissahickon Gardens Erringer Place Apts. Fernhill Apts. Apartments 843-7310, 7311, 7312The Editors of this Medical Edition of Trivial Pursuit are greatly indebted to several individuals who each contributed an integral “wedge of the pie” in assembling this Skull 1986 yearbook. SPECIAL THANKS TO: 382AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' I To | Our Spouses, Parents, Relatives, Friends, and Educators... THANK YOU! love, f The Class of 1986 I L__ 383THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred. "That I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; That I will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor. That into whatsoever house I shall enter, it shall he for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, I holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, and from the tempting of others to vice; That I will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and will give no drug, perform no operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it . That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise and in proportion as I am faithful to this my oath may happiness and good repute be ever mine. The opposite if I shall be forsworn." 384 SKULL SKULL 1986 AUTHOR BORROWER'S NAME 3? v .TEMPLE university school of medicine 1986 SKULL

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Temple University School of Medicine - Skull Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


Temple University School of Medicine - Skull Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1989 Edition, Page 1


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