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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINESKULL '85 STAFF “To make a great dream come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream : the second is persistence— a faith in the dream. Hans Selye, M.D. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a genuine first-edition SKULL 1985 Thank you for making this book a reality. Each member of our class contributed something pictures, stories, ideas, or special memories to be preserved .... without which the book wouldn't have been complete. Toe SKULL staff deserves a special thank you for their incredible persistence at what originally seemed an impossible task. They contributed hundreds of hours of precious free time, came to innumerable meetings, sifted through thousands of pictures, raised enough money to publish the book, and were able to meet every deadline weeks ahead of schedule. And they did alt this for little more than a few homemade cookies, a couple bottles of wine beer soda, and almost daily reminding, by yours truly, that we were behind schedule. Congratulations to us all! We dreamed a great dream, had the staying power to bring that dream to life, and now are 8 8ths M.D. s. Thank you to our ever faithful families, understanding friends, and all those along the way who have helped make us what we are today. EDITOR Natalie Pressman ASSISTANT EDITOR Bill Thoms CLINICAL SECTION EDITORS Mary Callahan Jim Fingleton PRE-CLINICAL SECTION EDITORS Pete Cochrane John Coppes DIVERSIONS SECTION EDITORS Andy Delp Darilyn Moyer SENIOR SECTION EDITORS Cheryl Booker-Carter Joan Warrenski Sandy Weidner Sandy Zebrowski ART AND THEME Margaret Donohoe— Editor Ce t M tka a -Editor Eric Marchant Mark Schwartz Jose Gonzalez-Acuna Matt Cohen FINANCE Greg Men o—Editor Paul Campbell Carol Kramer Linda Lapos Jim Yuschak PHOTOGRAPHY V ke Peggs-Editor Br-an Shapiro-Editor Chris Caswell Mary Callahan Pete Cochrane John Coppes Debbie D'Aquilante Andy Delp Dave Ludwick Lyle Myers Fran O'Brien Natalie Pressman Bill Thoms Joe Woods Sandy Zebrowsk i Dr. Bennett Lorber And others who contributed personal pictures for use in the book 2Skull °Years in Review MAN OF THE YEAR William Schulze The Open Door Policy. WORLD News and Views ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF The Executive Branch . . THE PRE—CLINICAL YEARS Classical Conditioning THE CLINICAL YEARS Behavioral Modification DIVERSIONS The Lighter Side NEW PHYSICIANS The Best and the Brightest TRANSITIONS RESIDENCIES ADS AND PATRONS p. 16 p. 24 1985 1981-1985 .p. 16 . .p. 24 . .p. 58 ,P- 124 .p. 148 ■P- 120 .p. 329 ■P. 334 r P. 58 p. 124 3 DEDICA1 o William F. Schulze Wife Donna and sons. Doug and Christian It's usually difficult to decide on one person to whom a class dedii ates its yearbook. During our four years at Temple, each of us has had many unique experiences and has been educated, influenced, and impressed by many great and caring personalities. But as a class, it is hard to find someone who has toucher! us all and made each of us feel special That is, until we think of Mr William Schulze, Assistant to the Dean, the one who always had the time, energy and the stamina to deal with every Temple medical student's unending list of problems. His office door is always open, he knows every one of us by name, and has a wonderful knack for juggling last-minute schedule changes so that the student stays happy. He takes care of us when we need advice, an encouraging word, or even a friendly pat on the back and his answer to any request is. with rare exception. 'Yes''. Mr Schulze's past may come as a surprise to many, but on closet inspection, adds an understanding light to his methods of dealing with people. Sill, as he is known to many of us, was born arid raised in Trenton. NJ He entered the seminary after finishing grammar school and was ordained a Catholic priest twelve years later, in 1963 During his seminary training, he earned a BA iri Philosophy from St. Mary's University in Baltimore in 1959, followed by an ST8 {Bachelor's Degree in Theology) from St Mary’s in 196V From 1963-1965 he served as an Associate Pastor at the Church of the Assumption. Hackeits-town, NJ. For the following four years he served as the Assistant Superintendent of Schools lor the Diocese of Trenton, meanwhile earning his MA in Educational Administration at the Catholic University of America. From 1969 1974 he served as the Director of Campus Ministry for the Diocese of Trenton, Campus Minister at Trenton State College, and as an instructor in TSCs School of Education It was during these years that Bill refined his skills of .nteracting with students. In 1974 ho left both the ministry and teaching and worked for the next three years for a private educational consulting firm. He married his wife, Donna, a teacher, in 1976. Bill re-entered the academic world in 1977 when he accepted the position of Administrator of the Teaching Program of the Department of Internal Medicine at Temple. In 1982. Bill crossed the street to assume his current position where he enjoys the daily contact with students. Bill has two sons. Christian, 4 and Doug, 2 years old. His interests include puttering around the house and outdoor sports such as camping and sailinq Although he iscurrently mostly a spectator in several sports, he plans to become more of a participant as his sons qrow older. We are pleased to dedicate SKULL '85 to William Schulze for his help and support during our medical school years. "During the few short years that I have been a part of the Temple family, I have received sufficient positive feedback from the Medical School community to assure me that I am making a worthwhile contribution to our mutual well- being. Although I like to think of myself as a genuine altruist. I would be dishonest if I d d not admit that such feedback is important to my ongoing enthusiasm for service to this community. Certainly every compliment accorded me over the years has brought much satisfaction and pride, but no form of recognition has been more rewarding than to have been named the Class of 1985's yearbook honoree It is indeed a special privilege for me, a layman, to be numbered among the professional medical educators to whom recent issues of the Skull have been dedicated Doctors Jack Benson, M Prince Brigham. Blase Carahello Connie Harakal. Bennett Lorber. Dawn Marks. Charles Papacostas. Carson Schneck. Hugo Smith, and Herb Waxman These are men and women whom I genuinely and deeply respect, and I am truly humbled now to be numbered among them. For that honor. I thank you all very much." 5PHILADELPHIA AND BEYOND cWofld 6 JHroad Street Invasion Story and Photos by J. Acuna It's peaceful here now. The waves again lap on the dusky beaches of this island on North Broad Street. The pigeons are back waiting for the handouts of the occasional tourist or the wandering medical student. Yes, even the medical students have returned. The class of '86 can be seen arriving for its first taste of clinical life. Sometimes, they pause among the debris of war and reflect on the events of the preceding weeks, as if considering whether they were lucky to have been away or sorry to have missed the excitement of the invasion. Sure, it's peaceful now. but the occasional sight of a soldier on patrol still serves as a reminder of the turmoil. And the few remaining senior students are constantly surrounded by the underclassmen, those who missed the action but hope for a glimpse of what it was like. They long to hear of that morning when the tension of events was snapped like one of Dr. Troyer's balloons blown up to the bursting point. This story is what we've been able to piece together about the strange sequence of events that took place here, not long ago .... As all else, it began with politics. There was a push for power by the department of Medicine, led by Sol “Sunny" Sherry. Though he'd long been a moderate, it is believed that his shift to the left was inspired by his right-hand man. an inflammatory character known as “The Arm”. Intelligence sources reveal that the Arm had close ties with the nearby island of Buba and that Buban assistance turned the power struggle on the island into a vicious coup that prompted the invasion. Sunny's ambitions to dominate the island began to take shape with the construction of a multi-million dollar airfield. Ostensibly built as a Medivac heliport, it had the capacity to handle huge military cargo planes. The Arm would dismiss its huge size to questioners with. “So what? We get a lot of casualties here on a Saturday night. OK?" The nearby islands of Hahnemann. Jeff, PennMed and the tiny republic of MCP all looked with dread toward this project. Their fear was heightened when reports started to flow in of large numbers of Buban “workers" on the TUMS island. When Buban ships arrived loaded with cargo suspected to be missiles, panic struck. Collectively, the surrounding islands appealed to the US armed forces to put an end to the runaway expansion. But it was too late.The coup started with the kidnapping of the titular head of the island. "Papa Doc" Henikoff. who was taken to a secret destination west of the Mississippi. "Sunny” rapidly assumed control of Henikoff’s office and ordered missile testing to begin from the airfield. Realizing this would draw immediate action by the Marines, he ordered the senior class held under house arrest while in their last sessions of Systems II. so that the Marine'scounterattack would have to be conservative. Intelligence photograph of missile firing test. Devastation after a direct hit by a New England Journal bombshell. Rebel gunner takes aim as Marine parachutes descend on the island. Kidnapping of "Papa Doc" Henikoff Luckily, as ever, few students were there, the majority of the class having been alerted to the impending danger by a trusted scribe. By promising full coverage of the salient points of all lectures and by assuring all that the course was strictly Pass Fail, this brave individual successfully relocated most seniors to safer shores in South Jersey. But the few students who were held captive rapidly became the focus of the local media and their welfare the excuse for US military intervention. Following a stirring speech by Brigadier General Walter H. Smedley who said. "We've got to get those boys and girls out of there. Already they've been exposed to the same Urology lecture sixteen times and we don't know how much more they can take of that kind of torture. There may already be permanent damage ... ."The storming of North Broad Street began. As Navy warships pelted the island with articles from the New England Journal, in effort to cause general confusion, the Marines hit the beaches. This clockwork precision paid off twofold by taking the majority of Buban workers by surprise so that they gave up with little resistance, and by providing the captive students with free copies of several recent reports of advances being made in AIDS research. One final, desperate stand was made by the Arm and a few rebel holdouts at the fortified High-Rise Garage. The "Siege of the High-Rise", as it became known locally, lasted two long days. In the end, the rebels surrendered to the Marines. Apparently, the Arm broke under the tension and had driven his own men to distraction by forcing them to listen to an impromptu lecture on septic arthritis delivered over the garage PA system. Grossed out by the mental image of gram negative arthritis, the weary rebels had turned on their leader, bound and gagged him, and delivered him to the Marines. And so it ended. 8Now. the seniors will graduate and life will continue. But life will never be the same for those who were here and witnessed these events. Medical school is never easy, but for the class of '85 it was a couple of steps beyond the expected. They have found strength from the experience, though, drawing from it the ability to face adversity without fear. The island has changed, too. Instead of the airstrip, a new hospital is being constructed on that site to serve as a tribute to those who helped save the island. An air of tranquility surrounds this new project and the promise for the future is that these people and this place will never have to know the violence of war again. High Rise Garage Here ended the last desperate stand by the rebels. New hospital being constructed on the site of the former airstrip. 9 Some of the released senior student hostages.TEMPLE'S "TOTAL" HEART TRANSPLANT PROGRAM Maturing Along with The Class of 1985 If there is any one event at Temple which parallels the coming of age of the class of 1985, it is the evolution of the artificial heart human heart transplant program; Temple's "Total" heart transplant program. The program, led by Drs. Jacob Kolff and Michael Deeb. calls for development of expertise in human heart transplantation with coordinated development of an artificial heart for transplant in a human recipient. According to Dr. Deeb, "The twin development of the artificial heart and heart transplantation is analogous to that of dialysis and renal transplantation. Dr, Kolff came to Temple in 1978 from the University of Utah to assume leadership of the artificial heart program. He is currently Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Temple. Dr. Deeb joined the transplant team in 1982 to pilot the work on the human heart transplant segment of the program. He previously worked on human heart transplantation at the University of Pittsburgh. Both Drs. Kolff and Deeb led the surgical team performing the first human heart transplant at Temple and in the Philadelphia area. Mr. Randall Duvall received the heart of a 16 year old woman during the surgery on April 24. 1984. Although Mr. Duvall died of Pneumonia and renal failure in September. 1984. the operation marked a dramatic first step in the program. (Left to right) Mrs. Duvall, Mr. Duvall, Dr. Michael Deeb. Dr. Jacob Kolff, and Ms. Terri Hollander. As of February, 1985. three patients have received human heart transplants at Temple. As of this writing, the third patient is doing well at home after receiving his new heart on January 15, 1985. Additionally. Temple is seeking approval to perform the first artificial heart implant in Philadelphia in a living human patient. Dr. Kolff has already implanted several artificial hearts in brain dead recipients since 1981. Although the program still has a long way to go, a great many benefits have already been accrued. In addition to the benefits to medical science and especially towards the care of patients suffering from end—stage cardiac disease, the program promises to continue to propel Temple's medical school and hospital into regional and national media prominence. TEMPLE TRANSPLANT LANDMARKS Sept. 1978 May 1981 Summer 1982 1984 Jan. 1985 Feb. 1985 Dr. Kolff arrives at Temple to continue his work on the artificial heart Dr. Kolff transplants the first artificial heart in a neurologically dead human recipient Dr. Michael Deeb joins the human heart transplant team The second human heart transplant at Temple The third human heart transplant at Temple The transplant team awaits approval for Temple's first artificial heart implant in a human recipient 10Philadelphia A city that will be remembered .... 12 and cultural offerings.and street traditions 1314NO SIMONE UNTURNED by MATT COHES It was hot. The sun beat down on the streets 'til the tar ran in little black Amazons. I My clothes were sticking to me as close as my landlord on rent day. I was watching a cockroach explore my baseboard and debating whether or not to shoot it when they came into my office, a couple, both in their sixties. The guy was wearing a ton of gold: three chains around his neck, rings on the four fingers of his left hand and cufflinks. His tailored navy suit could have kept me in Wild Turkey for a year. His wife looked like she'd been strapped to the front of the Broad Street line for a ride. Her blonde hair twisted above her head like the smoke from a sewer. Her dress, a velour shift, had become lopsided, riding up high over her left shoulder and sagging down the righi.Or maybe she was a hunchback. I didn't much care. They stared uneasily at my office. It isn't the Hilton, but it's home. The desk is propped under one leg by an old Converse high-top sneaker, black. The carpet is worn down to some indescribable color and the hardwood floor pokes through in places like a case of measles. The walls are lined with a bunch of cheap paintings that were there when I moved in. I didn't much care for them and the bullet holes in them were my critical statement. Their attention came back to me. They shuddered. Mr. Gold Chains seemed to make up his mind and cleared his throat. "Goldblatt?" "In the very flesh," I replied wittily. "We, that is. my wife and I have a problem." "Have you tried Masters and Johnson?” He grimaced. "Mr. Goldblatt. this is very difficult for me. Please don't make it any worse." I waved my hand mindlessly in the air. a vague gesture of apology. I'd been doing that a lot lately, waving my hands aimlessly. Maybe my brain was turning into Maypo. He stared at his shoes for a second, gathered himself together, and began again. "We're the Diamonds. Mr. Goldblatt. Three years ago our daughter Simone entered medical school at Temple. We haven’t seen her since. We want you to find her and bring her back." So that was it. Another chase after some wimp playing doctor. I'd done a tracer on a kid missing from Penn two years ago. with horrible results. After looking for a month. I'd finally found him in Pittsburgh curled up in an alley with a fifth of Banker's Club gin, mumbling something about the branches of the abdominal aorta. I refocused on the Diamonds. "I should warn you." I said. "I've done this sort of work before. The results weren't pretty." Mrs. Diamond spoke for the first time. "We don't care Mr. Goldblatt. She could be working as a secretary. She could be the french fry girl at McDonalds. All we want to know is that our baby is all right." The growl in my stomach and the slight tremor in my hands told me that it was time for lunch. The Old Grandad or the Cutty Sark today?" Decisions, decisions. The Diamonds were interfering with my day. "Okay. I'll look for your Simone. If I do find her. you get her back in whatever condition I find her. assuming she wants to come home. I run a hundred dollars a day and I don't go the Burger King route. Do we understand each other?" The Diamonds looked relieved. Mr. Diamond stood up and said. "Perfectly understood. We can only hope for the best." They began to put on their coats when I remembered a small detail. "Do you have a recent picture of Simone." I said, "from the last five years?" Mrs. Diamond got out her purse, dug around a bit and extracted a three by five of my quarry. Not a bad-looking kid. if your tastes ran that way. deep brown curly hair, oval luminescent brown eyes and full, pouting lips. Simone, where were you? I told the Diamonds that I'd be in touch. They shuffled out of the door. I considered the options facing me to start on the case instantly and find this yo-yo. or spend the rest of the day getting stupid. It turned out not to be a difficult choice. I awoke to find sunlight streaming in through my bedroom window. I wondered why sunlight always streamed. Did it ever hippity-hop. or bound, or even hobble on a bad day’ I decided these were questions best left unanswered. I propped myself up and wondered how I had gotten back to my apartment. I flirted with the idea that I'd been beamed here by aliens. It seemed unlikely. I managed to get into a half-stoop and loped into the bathroom, looking and feeling like the Neanderthal man. A hot shower and a shave later and I'd ascended the evolutionary tree again. Three cups of coffee and a quick look at the paper and I was ready to face the world. I headed uptown in my '75 Valiant. The sun filtered down through the rust holes in the roof. When I got to Temple's hospital and med school I parked my car in the lot. crossed Broad Street again, putting me in front of the school. Kresge Hall, a plaque on the building said. I wondered who Kresge was. I went over to a hot dog stand and got a coffee, black, from the truant inside the metal box. He asked if there was anything else. "Yeah." I said. "Who's Kresge?" The kid shrugged. He had a nice shrug. I went inside. A security desk faced me immediately inside the lobby and a bank of elevators stood to the left. I didn't want to hassle with the bored-looking guard behind the desk, so I did something medical I took my pulse. The guard seemed unimpressed. I walked past, counting and looking at my watch, the way they do on TV (Continued on page 29) 15You Can Start Your Career in Medicine by Calling 1-800-221-TUMS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE HAS DAYTIME, EVENING AND WEEKEND COURSES IN MANY EXCITING FIELDS SUCH AS SURGERY. PEDIATRICS AND INTERNAL MEDICINE. TEMPLE OFFERS_________ • A beautiful campus in North Philadelphia • Comfortable and inexpensive student housing • Ample parking • Financial aid for qualified students o Placement services I 16 YES. YOU TOO CAN BE A PHYSICIAN! CALL 1-800-221-TUMS TODAY AND ASK FOR HUGOcAdministration ADMINISTRATION...............p. 18 LIBRARY......................p. 21 STUDENT LABORATORIES.........p. 21 OFFICE STAFF.................p. 22 FINANCIAL AID................p. 23 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Of TMt COUUONMlAltH Of HtCHtt EDUCATION SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 3400 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA 19140 MUOO DVNIAP SMITH M D Amoum Ow mnni-Hsi WJLUAM r SCHULZE Amumw D«u (Tlfftti MM To The Class of 1985: It Is the time of year when one enjoys the pleasure of congratulating the graduating class on their accoapllshments• This always raises the question of what has been unique or especially deserving about the senior class. Certainly you deserve praise for your wisdom in graduating before tuitions rise even higher and all low cost loan money is eliminated from the Federal Budget. Likewise, I should coanend you on your success In somehow surviving the prolonged struggles to get refund checks from the University. Additional praise must be given for your ability to weather the Innumerable lectures of the second semesters by drawing lots to see which 40X of the class would attend each day. Worthy as all of these reasons for praise may be—and with the kidding aside—my real reason for rejoicing In the opportunity to laud you is that I have enjoyed working with you as a class and a9 individuals, I have delighted in watching your ideas on medicine and careers evolve, and 1 an Impressed with the sense of dedication and responsibility you have displayed. You have borne up when I have had to deny your requests; you have prodded me politely and yet quite effectively when changes were needed; you have both rejoiced In the successes of your classnates and commiserated with their misfortunes; and you have combined knowledge with compassion. Therefore I coanend you, I wish you great success, and I shall miss your presence! Still the time has come to watch you take your positions In the hectic yet rewarding world of medical school graduates; so Godspeed! Sincerely yours, Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. 17 HDS JJdcAdministr atiori Sol Sherry. M.D. Dean and Distinguished Professor of Medicine Leo M. Henikoff, M.D. Past Dean - 1979 1984 Ethel Weinberg. M.D. Associate Dean Hugo Dunlap Smith. M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum William P. Barba. M.D. Associate Vice President for Affiliations Robert Uris Associate Dean for Administration Albert J. Finestone. M.D. Associate Dean for Continuing Education Leon S. Malmud, M.D. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Stanton Felzer. Ph.D. Associate Vice President William F. Schulze Assistant to the Dean Charles S. Ireland Assistant to the Dean Director of Recruitment. Admissions and Retention Program Mary Slier Chambers Assistant to the Dean Herman Goldner, Ph.D. Director of Sponsored Research Programs Thomas Freitag Director of Systems and Finance Moses Williams, Ph.D. Director of Student Programs SalvatoreS. Lanzilotti. Ed.D. Director of Education Services Robert Villier Director of Public Relations James Voigt Director of Finance Office Jonathan Cilley. Ph.D. Director of Student Laboratories Stanton W. Saltzman Director of Medical Communications Annette Pierce Director of Clinical Practice Plans Rose A. Ferrara Assistant Director of Administration Judy Russo Manager. Office of Faculty Student Records Ruth E. Diamond Director of the Library Dorothy Dennison Executive Director of Alumni Office Gerry Morton Administrative Assistant Office of Student Programs Diane Lazar Administrative Assistant Dr. Sol Sherry 18 Dr. Leo Henikoff(Clockwise from upper left). Dr. Hugo Smith, Dr. Ethel Weinberg, Mr. William Schulze. Dr. William Barba 19(Clockwise from upper left! Mr. Charles Ireland. Dr. Moses Williams, Ms. Geri Morton Ms Rose Ferrara (Above, from left to right) Mr. Robert Uns, Dr. Albert Finestone, Dr. Herman Goldner 20Dr. Stanton Felzer with Melody Becker Salvatore Lanzilotti. Ed.D. LIBRARY STAFF Ruth Diamond. Director Burt Benenson Karen Burstein Jean Choi Mary Ellen Harris Wade Harris Toby Harke Robert Rooney Thelma Silvestro Maureen Smith STUDENT LABORATORIES (From left to right) Patricia Samson, B.S.. Dr. Jonathan Cilley. Ron Medori, B.S., Donna Mason, and Myron Singleton 21Office Staff Melody Becker Secretary to Associate Vice President Denise Bacchus Secretary, Office of Faculty and Student Records Carol Blount Secretary, Office of the Dean Cleora E. Clark Secretary, Office of Associate Dean Christina Cruz Secretary, Office of Development Mable F. Dukes Secretary, Assistant Director of Administration Jacqueline J. DeLong Secretary, Office of Associate Dean Shirley Ester Secretary. Office of Faculty Student Records Ethel Kasinet Secretary, Biomedical Engineering Geraldine Janson Secretary. Office of the Dean Jewell McDaniel Secretary, Continuing Medical Education Livia F. Sparagna Secretary. Office of Associate Dean Helga Sauter Secretary. Office of Associate Dean Maxine Sherman Secretary, Continuing Medical Education Cathy Thomas Administrative Coordinator, Continuing Medical Education Crystal Thomas Secretary, Continuing Medical Education Kim Young Secretary, Continuing Medical Education (Top to Bottom) Cleo Clark and Jackie DeLong. Diane Lazar and Livia Sparagna. Helga Sauter (Left) 22(Top) Jeri Janson, Mary Stier Chambers. Carol Blount (Directly above) Mabel Dukes (Top) Shirley Ester, Judy Russo, Denise Bacchus (Directly above) Mrs. Dorothy Dennison FINANCIAL AID They that giveth Grace Krebs (counselor), Kathleen McAlary (counselor) and Mary Ann Hairston (Not shown) Antoinette Dolan BURSAR'S OFFICE She that taketh away. Precilia Richardson 23This challenging new edition was developed by the pre—clinical faculty at the prestigious Temple University School of Medicine. There are thousands and thousands of unusually trivial questions from six fascinating subjects. It will keep you up all night! Questions CARD 1 The .interior wall of the inguinal canal is formod by the aponeurosis of what muscle? Name the amino acid at the c—terminal end of the beta-chain of porcine insulin that replaces the threonine residue of human insulin? What is tho osmolanty of the renal papillary tip? Auer rods are associated with what type of leukemia? How many serotypes of coxsackie A arc there? Does qumidine increase or decrease the E RP APD ratio in thePurkinjo fibers? Answers CARD 2 External oblquo (g) AUnin 1200 mOsm (DA) Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Hssfl ms i Increase CARD 3 m The maxillary division of CN V exits the middle cranial fossa through which foramen? 0 ?A) What vitamin is essential for the conversion of ribose-5-phosphate to glucose-6-phosphate? What is the mean arterial pressure of the pulmonary artery? What renal disease has granular deposits of IgG only on tho subopitholial aspect of the glomerular basement membrane? What is the incubation period for infections caused by Treponema pallidum? What is tho mechanism of action of cytarabme? rd CARD 4 24°Pre- Cliiycal ANATOMY........................p. 26 BIOCHEMISTRY...................p. 32 PHYSIOLOGY.....................p. 36 PATHOLOGY......................p. 40 MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY___p. 46 PHARMACOLOGY...................p. 50 BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE.............p. 54 PRIMARY CARE...................p. 54 PREVENTIVE MEDICINE............p. 55 GENETICS.......................p. 55 25 ( Anatomy J. Robert Trover, Ph.D. Chairperson Mark Black, Ph.D. Michael Cochran, Ph.D. Gail Crouse, Ph.D. John Huber. M.D., Ph.D. Emeritus Albert Lamperti. Ph.D. Thomas Marino, Ph.D. Pat McAllister, Ph.D. Patricia Olds-Clarke. Ph.D. Joanne Orth, Ph.D. Brett Ox berry, Ph.D. Laurie Paavola, Ph.D. Helen Pearson, Ph.D. Steven Phillips. M.D.. Ph.D. . Carson Schneck, M.D., Ph.D. Marvin Sodicolf, Ph.D. John Way. Ph.D. Dr. Robert Troyer — "Balloons and Blastocysts" 26 Dr. John "Kerchunck" Way27Or. Marvin Sodicoff Sorry , yesterday’s exam is still not graded Dr Mike CochranLoretta Battista and Evelyn Dissin Dr Albert Lamperti My irst stop in tracking down Simone was going to be Anatomy Mn Diamond had given m.j a cony of Simorv '-. „ciOr nit: v "Jjk for v v p.. u tlm-e , • jr: l i tanned or ,fl" beginnin: 'ook 13 ‘or n'i, ■ ■• o’ w , sn-had disoop - wed Anatomy mat on tne seventh floor of the building. An elevator lurched ooen drunkenly and swayed a few timet. I got In warly and punched the button for seven Thif doors closed arthritically and the bo jolted upward I made it to seven and the doors crept back I steeped out and gulped a breath, glad to be back on terra iirma I almost gagged. It vnelled worse than Big Sid had when they fisned him out of the Delaware last summer Mv wyes watered A kid hustled by in a green housedress worn backwards Ho STank of the same stuff May t he was going to decontamination I ontered the door he had come out and I was almost sick. The smell was ten times worse in here Worse yet. there were rows o stiffs extending down the length of the room There were mure ‘ ds in green dresses hunched over the bodies cutting them up wit' tiny knives. A hard case I knew. Rocco “The Blender" Spotacelli. came to mind Rocco preferred meat cleavers or high speed rotary saws in his line of work He would have been in hysterics here I wolked up to the kid nearest the door He was tall, black-haired. built on the thin side, but wiry He was excavating something in the chest I didn't want to know what I cleared my throat ‘'Pardon'', I said, "Who’s in charge of this creep show?" The kid looked up from his hole sired mo uo for a moment and said. "I think you'd be referring to Dr Neck "And where might I find the good doctor?" ■ bantered "You can't miss him Medium height, gray crew-cut. surrounded by about 20 geeks " I turned, thon spun bock "You know Rocco Spattculll?" The kid cracked up. "The Blender? Sure I never saw anyone do such rvtat work with n drill press, He could have been a surgeon." I looked into a side room off of the main area. More bodies, more green dresses Probably somebody was getting a ferocious kickback on the laundry No Neck, though. Another room, the same I w.is even getting used to the smell I found him in the fourth room. Like the kid said, there was a host of peoplo around the guy I wondered how big a host was They were practically crawling up his back as he went on about something called 0 plexus and pulled out different bunches of antique white spaghetti from the arm of one of the bodies The kids around him scribbled furiously I watched hen pull out noodles for five more minutes and then hn wound down The flock dispersed I walked over "You Neck?" I said in my best TV private eve voice, pitched low with a suspcious ev« squint I Hashed him my license at the same time. A doadlv combo He yawned, no doubt to cover his fear Hn said. "A peep?" It wasn’t working "Yeah." I said. "I'm looking for a girl. Simone Diamond Here's her picture." I handed nim the glossy Mrs Diamond had given me He looked at it for a moment. I though I nod .1 loser, but then his eves lit up, "Simone Diamond Of course But she isn’t around here now She came through three years ago. A little weak on the upper extremity, but excellent on the distribution of the celiac trunk " "Yeah, that's Simone." I said, "always working on her celiac trunk She was thinking of lacquering it. you know " I wondered what the hell I was talking about Neck shook his head "What are you doing anyway. Goldblatt? Is she in danger’ Is she hurt?" "I honestly don't know Mom and Dad haven'? sewn her in three year and they want to know where she it " He thought about It briofly "I'd try Biochem if | were you. I think Simone hooked up with someone then on a research project They might know where she is now “ I thanked him and headed for the door On an impulse I said, "You know Rocco-" ''Spotacelli? Yeah It's too bod that he never took any formal training in Anatomy He'd have been one of the greats " He grinned, on almost elfin grin that caught me completely off guard He waved goodbye with his little knife and turned away to start work on another body Another horde descended I went out the doors and took the stairs dawn, out to the fray air Enough for one day (continued on page 341 29 Chris demonstrates his platysma, again.30 Dr. John "Daddy” HuberDr. Mark Black Dr. Helen Pearson Dr. Brett Oxberry 31cBiochemistry Gerhard Plaut, Ph.D. Chairperson David Ash, Ph.D. Jerome Gabriel. Ph.D. Robert Hamilton, Ph.D. Emeritus J. Kenneth Hoober. Ph.D. Edward Kirbv, Ph.D. Gerald Litwack, Ph.D. Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Leonard Norcia, Ph.D. Emeritus Ronald Pieringer, Ph.D. C. Richard Savage. Ph.D. Vern Schramm, Ph.D. Colleen Smith, Ph.D. Robert Suhadolnik. Ph.D. Sidney Weinhouse. Ph.D. Emeritus Dr. Robert Suhadolnik Dr. Gerhard Plain - 32 Dr. Ronald PieringerDr. Michael Brenner Dr. Gerald Litwack What happens if I use number 2.5 pencils? Dr. Edward Kirby 33I wc-nt home and stripped off everything, I thought of torching thu pile of clothes, but the sports coat fit too ___ well. I showered for half an hour, scrubbing the lest trace of that smell out of my skin and hair. I mode a bundle of my clothes and took it to my drycleener. Wang Ho Fetdstein and Sons. Wang Ho himself took care ol me. When he pulled out my underwear and shoes he merely lifted his eyebrows and contincd to write out my ticket. He knew bettor now with me. Today. I was bock on Simone's trail. I tooled into the garage again at Temple and left the car next to a hup silver Caddy. Ostentatious. I thought. Back across Broad, into Kresge and past the same bored-looking guard. I wondered if he was always bored. Maybe he was brain—damaged. I decided it was not my problem. I considered risking life and limb again on the elevator, but ployed it safe and took the stairs. I needed the exercise. Three flights later. I needed CPR and a pacemaker. My heart was slamming against my chest like o chain gang prisoner's sledgehammer on the rocks. I decided exercise is highly over-rated. Dr. Vern Schramm I staggered out onto the fourth floor arid went in search of thn Biochem department's big cheese. I found Dr. Klaut's office down the hall and I walked Into his anteroom. A secretary was there, typing. I ignored her and walked towards Klaut's inner sanctum. Behind me I heard the secretary telling me I couldn't go In. I proved her wrong. Secretaries tend to confuse me. so I blank them out. Klaut was behind his desk, reading a magazine that he out down quickly as I entered. Not quickly enough though. "Branched Chains Nudist Monthly" read the title page. It soundod kinky. I wondered where I could get a copy. Klaut was now out of his seat, but it was all o-ver. Perhaosa smidgen tailor than Neck, he also had close-cropped gray hair, deop-set eyes behind black framed glasses, arid a thickness in his cheeks. He was wearing a neatly tailored brown suit with a white shirt and a red lie to complete hi image. "Goldblatt. FBI.” I said. What the hell. "I'm pan of a nationwide search for this girl. Simone Diamond, whom witnesses sov was in your class approx (motley three years ago. Do you have anything to say. Dr. Klaut. or would you prefer to come quietly?" I wondered if I had overdone it. Klaut looked like he wasn't buying today, then ho suddenly changed his mind. I wondered what he was hldlng. "Yes." he finally said. "I will tell you. Simone was in my locturo three years ago. Not a genius, but she certainly passed without any difficulty." "So the last time you saw her was at tho end of your course, three years ago?" I said. "Yes." I leaned over him. shakina his magazine in my fist. "Wnot are you hiding Klaut?" He looked nervously around the room, as if seeking an out I leanod further still. A few more degrees ana I'd be in his shirt. I didn't think I'd fit. It was now or never. "OK. Klaut let's go. The bovs at tho Federal Building will want to chat with you-" All right ' he stammered. 'Til give you what I know. Simono was working with another professor in anotner department and they had a falling out. Ask her your questions." "The name." I said. "Joan Fault." "Who's that?" I asked. "A professor In the department of Physiology. Now go. That's all I know, really." I nodded. Maybe a lead In this cockornam } case at last. I picked up the copy of "Branched Chains . . . ." and told him I needed it for evidence. He nodded his head and waved me away. I went out past the secretary, who glowered at me from behind het PC. I told her to expect visits from the IRS, HUD and the Immigration Bureau. I told her not to mess with a federal agent next time. I walked out, feeling good. I nave days like that. 34 (Continued on page 381I'll learn the Kreb’s Cycle later, after the Med Notes come out' Dr. Dawn Marks Dr. Kenneth Hoober Drs. Colleen Smith and Richard Savage 35Physiology Alan Freeman. Ph.D. Chairperson Joan Gault, M.D. James Heckman, Ph.D. Steven Houser. Ph.D. Peter Lynch. Ph.D. Morton Oppenheimer, M.D. Emeritus James Ryan, Ph.D. Thomas Shaffer. III. Ph.D. Ronald Turps. Ph.D. Michael Wang. Ph.D. Dr. Alan Freeman Dr. Joan Gault 36 No, standing on your head will not flip your T waves.37Dr. Steven Houser I found Fault's office two floors below Klwjt's. A secretory doing her nails told me. in between brush strokes. ,ha Fault was lecturing. Three nails later. I'd found out | where the auditorium was. wA I I dropped down a flight of stairs to the first floor and stepped in through the double-doored entrance to the top of the lecture hall. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom Inside. I could make out what looked to be a couple hundred seats In front of me. populated by enclaves of students hero and there. I heard someone's amplified voice coming over the speakers planted In the walls, end I turned to the front of the room to check out Fault. Thero was no one there. A podium stood in the center of the floor at the bottom of the hall, but no one was behind it. The voice droned on. Either that last fifth of Canadian Club had gone bad on me. or It was time for Rubber Wall City. I was trying to picture myself in a tweed strait jacket, when the podium tipped slightly. It rockod back the other way. and then, gaining momentum, it swung forward passing the point of no return. The crash sent a couple of kids straight up out of their chairs. Down below, an older, gray-haired woman, who couldn't have been more than fivo foot tall in six inch heels, was lecturing on undaunted bythe loss of her prop. "Dr. Fault. I presume." I mumbled to myself and sighed. The only way this woman could hit someone would be from an airplane. Unless she'd been able to cripple Simone at the knoecaps and take her down from there. Dr. Fault didn't look like a promising suspect. Still, • went through the motions. After class. I went down to intro— cfcjce myslef to Fault. Yes. Simone had worked for Fault for a semester doing some of tho library and laboratory work germane to her protects. A? the end of that time. Simone had decided that her interests ley elsewhere and they parted amicably. Another dead end. (Continued on page 42) 38Dr. Michael Wang Dr. Thomas Shaffer 39 Dr. James RyanDr. Richard Ochs Roll'em! Pattjplogy Renato Baserga. M.D. Chairperson Ernest Aegerter. M.D. Emeritus James Arey. M.D., Ph.D. Emeritus Joseph Baum, Ph.D. Bruno Calabretta, M.D. Nahum Duker, M.D. I. Bruce Elfenbein, M.D. Ricky Hirschhorn, Ph.D. Eugene Hoenig, M.D. Irena Koprowska. M.D. Edward Mercer. Ph.D. Pen - Ming Ming. M.D. Si—Chun Ming, M.D. Richard Ochs. M.D. Augustin Peale, M.D. Emeritus Paul Putong. M!D. Sally Rosen, M.D. Chik—Kwun Tang, M.D. Philip Valente, M.D. John Wurzel, M.D. 40Drs. Pen—Ming Ming and Si-Chon Ming _ Dr. Eugene Hoenig. Samurai Neuropathologist Dr. John Wurzel 41Dr. Chik Kwun Tang The Diamonds called the next morning, waking mo out of .1 dream Something about blondes but I couldn't remember I , couldn't remember much about Simone either i told them that the investigation was progressing well ind that I was hot on h- r trail Clients love to hear that. I was about to add that I'd head her off at the pass, out caught mywlf. Wrong genre The day was sure to be a toughie I'd exhausted all the avenues that the school hod to offer It was time to get serious and hit the hospital. I hate hospitals. By the time I'd gone through my morning routine, it was ten or so An "orlv start, for a change I went out to the Valiant Somehow it looked a little different today, a little more aerodynamic Then I realized that all four tires were flat Big Mel at Big Mol's Tires was going to be one happy man today I had no time for tire shysters though I went back inside, picked up my gun ana headed for the subway two blocks down I descended the subway steps and the familiar, all-embracing smell of vintage urine immediately hit me. I h dn't been on the subway for two years, ever since the Valiant came along. It didn't look like much hod changed I paid the flunkie in the glass booth and wont through the turnstile out onto the olatform Off to one side, two kids were talking over how much angel dust would be adequate for that night To my right, a bog l3dy was ramblinq about having slept with Ricardo Montalbon in 1968. It must have been a good year. The subway came at last, croaking to a stop l got on and assumed my Catatonic Subway Rider's position. Twenty minutes later. I re-emerged into the sunlight. The hospital loomed two blocks away I fought my way through a block of street vendors hawking everything from watches to Givenchy leans. I modo it to Temple's lobby and stopped to got my bearings. First, to track down Simone's Surgery professor. Next, Medicine. If nothing showed. I was flat out of leads. (Continued on page 72) Dr. Nahum Duker Dr. Robert Peterson 42Dr. Joe Baurn Dr. Sally Rosen I've been looking for it for hours, but it's just not there! 43Studying hard or hardly studying? This stuff is disgusting. 44Dr. Irena Koprowska Watch out for the domino effect! Pathological behavior 45 Microbiology immunology Gerald Shockman. Ph.D. Chairperson Theodore Anderson. Ph.D. Emeritus Paul Black, Ph.D. Helen Buckley, Ph.D. Walter Ceglowski, Ph.D. Kenneth Cundy, Ph.D. Lolita Daneo-Moore. Ph.D. Toby Eisenstein, Ph.D. H. Francis Havas. Ph.D. Emeritus Earl Henderson, Ph.D. Michael Higgins. Ph.D. Morton Klein. Ph.D. Emeritus Michael Laraen, Ph.D. Thomas Rogers, Ph.D. Kenneth Soprano, Ph.D. Earle Spaulding, Ph.D. Emeritus Leonard Zubrzycki, Ph.D Dr. Gerald Shockman 46t— Dr. Morton Klein Dr. Michael Higgins Dr. Paul Black 4849Pharmacology John O'Neill. Ph.D. Chairperson Marlin Adler. Ph.D. Alan Cowan. Ph.D Concetta Harakal, Ph.D. JamesMcEIhgon. Ph.D. Charles Papacostas. Ph.D. Leon Salganicoff. D.Sc. Roger Sevy, M.D.. Ph.D. Ronald Tallarida. Ph.D George van Rossum. Ph.D Dr Concetta Harakal chch,n Dr. John O'Neill 50 Dr Ronald TallaridaDr Leon Salganicoff Dr. Alan Cowan Dr. George van Rossum Dr. Charles Papacostas 5152Drs. Charles Papacostas and Roger Sevy Dr. James McElligott 53Qenetics Dr. Angelo DiGeorge, Course Director behavioral Sciences Dr David Sosk is. Course Director Preventive Medicine Dr Lome Becker Course DirectorPrimary Care Dr. Ellen Soefer, Course Director cjFels Research Institute Peter Magee. M.D. Director Lee Bacheler. Ph.D Jon Deriel, Ph.D. Gordon Hard. D.V.M. David Jensen, Ph.D. James Keen. Ph.D. Sangouk Kim. Ph.D. Gerald Litwack, Ph.D. Prabhakar Lotlikar, Ph.D. Woon Paik, M.D. Arthur Schwartz. Ph.D. Michael Sirover. Ph.D. Sidney Weinhouse. Ph.D. 55 Dr. Peter Magee, DirectorEveryone Should Learn CPRj 56Tired of doing your own scut work? A.M.A. S APPROVED ® HURTZ RENT A-STUPEWT iHr.fu .' TO CONTACT YOUR HURTZ RENT-A-STUDENT, CALL THE PAGE OPERATOR 58Clinical ANESTHESIOLOGY.........................p. 60 DERMATOLOGY............................p. 62 DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING.....................p. 63 RADIATION ONCOLOGY.....................p. 65 EMERGENCY MEDICINE.....................p. 66 ENT....................................p. 68 FAMILY PRACTICE........................p. 69 INTERNAL MEDICINE......................p. 72 NEUROLOGY..............................p. 84 NEUROSURGERY...........................p. 86 OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY................p. 87 OPHTHALMOLOGY..........................p. 90 ORTHOPEDICS............................p. 92 PEDIATRICS.............................p. 95 PSYCHIATRY.............................p. 99 REHABILITATION MEDICINE................p. 102 SURGERY................................p. 107 UROLOGY................................p. 107 AFFILIATES.............................p. 108 59c5Anesthesiology' James R. Harp, M.D. Chairperson Rodger Barnette. M.D. Ansuva Chatwani, M.D. Thomas C. Deas, M.D. David Fi$h, M.D. Alexandra Karetas. M.D Nancy Kenepp, M.D. Kenneth Lee. M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Mary Reardon. M.D Robert Shupak, M.D, Douglas Swift. M.D. Tommy Symreng, M.D. Daniel Walter. M.D. Dr. David Fish, also of S.I.C.U. fame % Dr Jim Harp. Chairman and Quarterback Dr. Gertrude Pruckmayr 6061 Dermatology Frederick Urbach, M.D. Chairperson Anand Lattanand, M.D. Eric Vonderheid. M.D. Eugene Van Scott. M.D. Drs. Urbach. Vonderheid and Lattanand 62I ‘Diagnostic imaging Dr. Leon Malmud (above) Dr. Akbar Bonakdarpour (below) Leon S. Malmud, M.D. Chairperson Francis J. Shea, M.D. Director, Radiology Alan H. Maurer. M.D. Director, Nuclear Medicine Akbar Bonakdarpour M.D. Dina F. Caroline. M.D. N. David Charkes, M.D. Gary J. DeFilipp, M.D. Mary Stuart Fisher. M.D. Arnold C. Friedman, M.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Mohamed Mesgarzadeh, M.D. Paul D. Radecki, M.D. Parvati Ramchandani, M.D. Renate L. Soulen, M.D. Jacqueline Taylor, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Henry J. Woloshin, M.D. 6364 Dr. Parvati RamchandanicRadiation Oncology 65 Drs. Ann Chu and Raymond Wu "Boy, 3000 Rads and my tongue sticks out and my eyes won't shut!"Emergency Medicine Bonnie Blatt. M.D. Chairperson D. Bryan Franks, M.D. Frederick Kauffman. M.D. Thomas Lukens, M.D. David Nunnelly. M.D. Joyce Petrini, M.D. Dr. Bonnie Blatt67 Dr. Fred Kauffmanw Max L. Ronis, M.D. Chairperson Emil Leibman, M.D. Melvin Masloff. M.D. Rose Mohr. M.D. Charles Norris, M.D. Bernard Ronis. M.D. 68Family' Practice Dr. James MacBride James R. MacBride. M.D. Chairperson Sibyl B. Beckeu, M.D. Stephen C. Brock. Ph.D. David E. Epstein. M.D. Carmen Febo. M.D. John E. Fryer. M.D. Ellen Ruth Mahon. M.D. Jana Mossey. Ph.D. Fred B. Rogers. M.D. Michael S. Rogers, M.D. Janis W. Rubin. M.D. Eugene L. Sobel, Ph.D. Marna Sternbach. M.D. Fereidoun B. Tehrani. M.D. Mariah W. Vassall, M.D. Mar A. Willard, M.D. Robert M. Yost. M.D. Mary A. Zoller, M.D. Dr. Michael Rogers Gloria Greenberg says. "Of course it's no problem! ' Dr. Mary Willard Dr. Fred Rogers Dr. Mariah Vassall 69Some of the Many NeW 70FsLCGS of cFaminternal Medicine CARDIOLOGY James F. Spann, M.D. Section Chief Blase Carabello, M.D, George Cooper, M.D. Barry Dennenbercj. M.D. Arnold Gash. M.D. Michael McDonough. M.D. Louis Soloff. M.D. Howard Warner. M.D. ENDOCRINOLOGY Bertram J. Channick, M.D. Section Chief Victor E. Adlin. M.D. Allan D. Marks, M.D. METABOLISM Guenther Boden. M.D. Section Chief Robert Hoeldtke, M.D. Oliver Owen. M.D. Charles R. Shuman. M.D. GASTROENTEROLOGY Stanley H. Lorber, M.D. Section Chief Martin Black. M.D. Robert Fisher, M.D. David Karlin. M.D. Benjamin Krevsky. M.D. GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE David Brody, M.D. Section Chief Lesley Carson. M.D. Beverly Keefer, Ph.D. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, M.D. Michael Peimer. M.D. David G. Smith, M.D. Richard Berkowitz, M.D. Student and Employee Health Yolanda Mapp, M.D. Health Services Albert Finestone. M.D. Harold L. Hyman, M.D. Norman Learner. M.D. Walter J. Levinsky. M.D. HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY THROMBOSIS Robert Colman. M.D. Section Chief H. James Day. M.D. Section Chief Rita Axelrod. M.D. William Barry, M.D. Richard Eisenstaedt. M.D. Alan Gewirtz, M.D. Angara Rao. M.D. Ronald Rubin, M.D. Paul Schick. M.D. Alvin Schmaier. M.D. Peter Walsh. M.D. INFECTIOUS DISEASE Bennett Lorber. M.D. Section Chief Thomas Fekete, M.D. Byungse Suh. M.D.. Ph.D. Robert Swenson. M.D. NEPHROLOGY Robert Narins. M.D. Section Chief Christine Bastl, M.D. Edward Jones. M.D. Gollapudi Krishna. M.D. Louis Riley. M.D. PULMONARY Theodore Rodman. M.D. Section Chief Howard Baier, M.D. Stanley Fiel. M.D. H. William Fewell, M.D. Judith Greenacre, M.D. Frederick Kueppers, M.D. RHEUMATOLOGY Charles D. Tourtellotte. M.D Section Chief Steven Berney. M.D. After the debacle in Surgery, I took the weekend off, which happened along at a convenient time. I thought about spending most of t tucked away In a bottle of Dewar's, but Simone's image kept intruding I knew Monday was to be my lost shot ot finding her After her Medicine rotation, Simone had spent the rest of her time traveling to godforsaken ports of the country. As far as I was concerned, my investigation didn't extend beyond the Mam Lina. As it h8S a way of doing. Monday eventually came I got into the Valiant, re-fitted with new rubber, courtesy of Big Mel and headed up Broad Street once again Past the main campus, a crane wbs swinging a block of concrete to an unfinished structure on my side of the street As I passed, the wind caught the block and whipped it across the top of my car. neatly shearing off the roof. I decided I likod the convertible look. Once at the hospital. I walked up to Simone's old floor, where she's spem her Medicine rotation, to get a f »l for the place. I opened the fire door and was greeted with Bedlam I looked around A few patients were wandering in the halls, some dragging poles on wheels behind them. One old guy seemed to be deep in conversation with his pole. Down the hall, someone started up with a scream that sounded like a Messorschmidt coming in on a power dive. At the end, the scream broke off. then started again, at the original altitude Nobody seemed upset at this, so I decided to play it cool I found the nurses' station, a veritable beehive of activity. The clerk was engrossed in the latest Cosmo Two nurses were talking about their dotes from the night before A third nurse announced. "Break time." and headed for the lounge, lighting a cigarette on the way. I approached the head nurse, or at least the one who seemed to be doing something reloted to medicine. I showed her Simone's picture Her face lit up into an entirely unexpected smile "That's Simone." she said. "That's right." I replied. "What can you tell me about her?" "Simone was a pure doll Never bitching, like some of the other geniuses we get around here, nerver grumpy. She always had a smile for us and for her patients, even the worst ones." "Was there anyone she didn't seem to get along with?" She thought hard. "Not Simone." she said finally "She really had the touch for making people brighten up a little." I thought on this. "Is there anyone else I might talk to about her here? Someone who was supervising her. maybe, or a colleague, or someone?" The nurse burst out loughing. I knew that I was a funny guy. but that hadn't been ono of my better lines of late I thought of using it next time at PT's. She said. "Well now there's a story for you. darlin’. Simone's attending, her supervising physician, left a short time ago to take a new job. something more suited to his personality. Yes. he's happy as a clam as the warden of Attica now. And let's see. her resident, what's his name, is gone too. Ho snapped one night on call. I think. You might have noticed him running a cart on the street outside." "You moan the Organ Delight truck?" I said. "You got it. sweets " "OK So what you're saying, then, is that Simone was God's Gift here, that she hod no enemies In the world and thot anyone who hao been connected with her is not here anymoro. cither literally or figuratively " "Damn, you talk pretty. But that's about oil she wrote " I thanked the nur» and traced my way back to the stairwell As I trudged down the steos. I got a raw taste in my mouth the sour flavor of failure. I'd have to call Simone's parents and tell them that the case was at a dead end. (Continued on page 1061 72Mary Ledwith Administrator, Teaching Program Department of Medicine Dr. Sol Sherry Dean, School of Medicine Past Chairperson. Dept, of Medicine Dr. Allen Myers Acting Chairperson Department of Medicine 73Cardiology" Dr. "Dub" Spann Dr. Blase Carabello Dr. Howard Warner 74Endocrinology Metabolism ■ Dr Victor Adlin Dr. Bertram Channick Dr. Oliver Owen 75 I Dr. Robert HoeidtkeGastroenterology" Dr. Robert Fisher Dr. Martin Black s k Dr. Stanley Lorber 76General Internal Medicine Dr. Norman Learner Dr. Albert Finestone Dr. Richard Berkowitz Dr. Walter Levinsky 77 Dr. David Gar ' Smith beating a dead horse.‘Hematology Oncology Thrombosis 7879 Dr. Rua Axelrod‘Infectious Disease An invisible bug. Sleeping in your lung . . . Who ya gonna call7 PUSBUSTERSM 80Dr. Robert Narins, "Sprue. 100% filtered, 0% reabsorbed" Nephrology' Drs. Christine Bastl and Edward Jones 81Dr. Howard Baier Drs. T. Devil. William Fewell. and Stanley F ei cPulmonary ' Dr. Theodore Rodman 82GRheumatology' Will the real Dr. Steven Berney please sit clown Dr. Allen Myers Dr Mary MooreNeurology Milton Alter, M.D., Ph.D. Chairperson H. Branch Coslett, M.D. Guillermo DeLeon, M.D. Jeffrey Greenstein. M.D. Willem Monster. Ph.D. Eleanor Saffran. Ph.D. Joseph Toglia, M.D. Dr. Milton Alter (above) and Dr. Branch Coslett (left). 4rr, 46 OMM • C is a? Dr. Guillermo DeLeon Dr. Joseph Toglia Dr. Jeff Greenstein Status post National Boards Part 11 85Dr. William Buchheit, "You are known by the company you keep" Dr. James Kenning Ngutbsmrgery' William A. Buchheit. M.D. Chairperson James A. Kenning. M.D. Raymond C. Truex, Jr.. M.D. Dr. Raymond Truex, Jr. Would you let this man operate on your brain? 86Obstetrics Gynecology' Michael Daly. M.D. Chairperson Ashwin Chatwani. M.D. Parviz Hanjani, M.D. Joseph L. Harris, M.D. Roseanne Oyer. M.D. Renga Rajan. M.D. Patricia Sullivan. M.D. Neonatology John D. Kenny. M.D. Dorothy A. Rater, M.D, Dr. John Kenny Let me see, Doctor, why you are the way you are. Conrad 878889Dr. Guy Chan Dr. Stephen Wong Ophthalmology Guy Chan. M.D. Chairperson James Cristol. M.D. Nongnart Romayananda. M.D. Stephen Wong, M.D. 90 Dr. James CristolOrthopedics John W. Lachman, M.D. Chairperson Philip Alburger. M.D. Randall Betz, M.D. Robert Campo, Ph.D. Michael Clancy, M.D. Ray Moyer. M.D. Edward Resnick. M.D. Howard Steel. M.D.. Ph.D Russell Windsor. M.D. Dr. John Lachman (above) and Dr. Howard Steel. Chief of Staff, Shriner's Hospital (left) Dr. Edward Resnick "Resnick's my name, bones are my game.’’ 92Dr. Philip Alburger Dr. Ray Moyer, Surgeon of the Stars; Dr. Pat Sewards. Chief Resident Alpine Golfer. Dr. Michael Clancy "Who didn't know that? 93Harry Seifert gets plastered by Dr. "Latch 94 Pediatrics Dr. Donald Pinket (above) Ms. Fran Pinnell. Librarian Dr. David Smith asks Steve to consider the possibility of Tularemia in a 4 year-old with F.U.O. PEDIATRICS ST. CHRISTOPHER'S Donald Pinkel, M.D. Chairperson Terry Anderson.M.D Victor Auerbach. Ph.D. Rhinton Balsara. M.D. Hobart Baluarte. M.D. Gity 8anan, M.D. lain Black. M.D. Michael Bve, M.D. Marie Capitanio, M.D. Lillian Chin. M.D. Mary Cote, M.D. Adamadia Deforest, Ph.D. Angelo DiGeorqe. M.D. Richard Donner. M.D. Jeffrey Dunn. M.D. Caroline Eggerding. M.D. Eric Faerber. M.D. Margaret Fisher. M.D. Catherine Foley. M.D. Margaret Gainey. M.D. Peter Gilligan. Ph.D Donald Goldsmith. M.D. Ellen Gottschalk. M.D. Warren Grover. M.D. Catbryn Howarth. M.D. Stuart Hulnick. M.D. Bruce Kaiser. M.D. John Kenny, M.D. Mildred Kistenrnacher.M.D. Wilhelminia Korevaar. M.D. Joseph Kubacki.M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D. Sarah Long, M.D. David Lowe, M.D. Lois Martyn, M.D. Ashok Mehta. M.D. Anna O'Riordan, M.D. Anthony Pileggi, M.D. Martin Polinsky, M.D. Hope Punnett, Ph.D. Hyman Rabinovitch, M.D. Iraj Rezvani, M.D. Dorothy Ritter. M.D. David Rubenstein, M.D. Guillermo Sanchez, M.D. Daniel Schidlow. M.D. Christine Schlichting, M.D. Maarten Sibinga. M.D. David Smith. M.D. Carol Towne. Ph.D. Myles Turtz. M.D. Eileen Tyrala. M.D. Charles Vmocur. M.D. Charles Wagner. M.D. William Weintraub. M.D. Steven Widzer. M.D. Robert Wimmer. M.D. Barbara Wolfson. M.D. Pensri Wanglee, M.D. PEDIATRICS EINSTEIN Peter Manunes. M.D. Chairperson Allan M. Arbeter. M.D. Marcia C. Acem, M.D. Steven A. Dowsher. M.D. Julia C. Hayes, M.D. Hallam Hurt. M.D. Nell A. Izenberg. M.D. Jeanne I. Manser. M.D. Praewoun Nuchpuckciee. M.D. Rachel Porat, M.D. Peter M. Trlnkaus. M.D.9697Dr. LoisMartyn Dr. Neil Schlackman Drs. Sarah Long and Meg Fisher, Pusbusters for the Junior set. V Dr. Angelo DiGeorge (Syndrome) Dr. Warren Grover 98Dr. John Benson {above) and Dr. Roy Sleinhouse (below) cPsyShiatr2Y' Anthony Panzetta. M.D. Chairperson Michael Ascher. Ph.D. John Ball. Ph.D. Philip 8end. M.D. John Benson. M.D. Allan Cristol. M.D. Kenneth Draper. M.D. Edna Foa. Ph.D. Marc Forman, M.D. John Fryer. M.D. Alan Goldstein. Ph.D. John Harding, M.D. Louis Harris. Jr.. M.D. William Hetznecker, M.D. Richard Jaffe. M.D. Cynthia Jayne. Ph.D. Leslie Lenox, M.S.W. Paul Mcllhenny, M.D. Peter Meyer. M.D. Marie Mignogna. M.D. Donald Overton. Ph.D. Richard Roemer. Ph.D. Charles Shagass. M.D. Barry Shmavonian. Ph.D. Roy Steinhouse. M.D. Ira Steisel, Ph.D. Roy Stern. M.D. John Straumanis, M.D. John Thomas. M.D. Ralph Turner. Ill, Ph.D, 99100 Dr. Barry Shmavonian101 Dr. Michael Ascherc'Rehabilitation Medicine James T. Demopoulos, M.D. Chairperson Srinivas Aravabhumi, M.D. Kenneth Izzo. M.D. Mohammed Jaffari, M.D. Nathaniel Mayer, M.D. Veanne Pelensky. M.D. Anita Roth, M.D. Thomas Strax, M.D. Dr. Ralph Peirucci demonstrates a 12th cranial nerve lesion. Dr. James T. Demopoulos 102Wallace P. Ritchie. Jr.. M.D.. Ph.D. G Surgery' Wallace P. Ritchie, M.D.. Ph.D. Chairperson Francis Au. M.D. Earl Z. Browne. M.D. Anthony Comerota. M.D. Michael Deeb, M.D. Julieta Grosh, M.D. Robert Harwick. M.D. Jacob Kolff. M.D. Vincent Lauby. M.D. William Lightfoot, M.D. Willis P. Maier. M.D. James McClurken, M.D. Amit Mitra. M.D. John White. M.D. Dr. Earl Browne Michele Pitale and Dr. John White Dr. William Lightfoot 103Dr. Vincent Lauby Dr. Robert Harwick THE WOftLD WUld BE A BETTER PLACE WITHOUT hemorrhoids 104105Drs. Kolff, Deeb, and McClurken "Don't forget, you can get married again, but you can never repeat your residency!" I stopoed five people to find out w»M re the operating rooms were and got five identical "Is no my yob. man " I hit oil on the sixth try. I hiked up to the second floor and walked right through the doors marked "No Admittance— Operating Rooms". I imagined I was Humphrey Bogart in search oI clues. Would Hump let u sign stop him? Pfuil I wolkod past what oppearod to bo serveral locker rooms Inside- one. grown men seemed to be cavorting about in green pajamas and blue booties. I had to remind myself that I’m . $ open-minded as the next guy. I walked through a second door similarly inscribed as the first. I wondered if they were hiding something like an MX missile, or gold, or my landlord, who I'd been trying to reach for three months about my bathtub But that’s another story As I walked Past the main desk. I asked where I might find the surgeon who'd been Simone's teacher A woman at the desk tossed off a room number without looking up I found it on the floor plan and strolled over to the room Through the window of the door I saw five green-gowned bodies clustered around a table I noted two of the bodies to be contorted in pretzoloid positions, m order to maintain their grips on their tools. Another was wobbling, glassy—eyed. While I watched, ho swung too for one v ay and fell out of sight There was a loud thud The guy at the head of the table the one I assumed to be in charge looked up briefly and said. "Condition him." and went back to his work. With space at the table. I seized the moment I swung the door inward and took a spot at the table. Things proceeded smoothly for several seconds, and then th guy in charge noticed me He was stunned. I admit. I often have that effect on people. "Let me guess." I said. "Is it the profile or the tweed coat?” The guv turned an ugly bright red I thought that he was going to have a coronary I wondered if -t was legal to neve a coronary in an operat-ng room He didn't seem to be in the mood for a discussion of the fine point of sensitive medicolegal issues. "You aren't sterile!” he screamed at me "Aw shucks, who told you7 Was it Big Ethel?" He turned magenta. I wondered how the rest of h n was still working with all of his blood in his head. I said. "Look, let's make this simple so that you can go pack to excavating this guy " I looked down I thought I could see some intesiino, maybe even 3 bit of liver. It didn't do much for me. I pulled out Simone’s picture and put it on the table, being careful not to get it into the open wound. It was the only picture I had- The guy flipped out anyway and started screaming something about sepsis, or maybe it was Pepsi . I though that it was an odd time to be ordering sodas, but who knows the intricacies of surgery? I gave the guy time enough to calm down to quiet apoplexy and then asked him again if he knew Simone He looked at mo "If I tell you who ihis is, will you go away forever?" "As fast as your blue booties will fly." He growled "Yeah, she was my student for six weeks here She’ll never cut it as a surgeon She kept wanting to to know things " H.s face contorted in revulsion "She wanted explanations all the time, like why was this patient sick, or why were we taking out this gallbladder " What's there to know? You take out an organ, the patient gets better. What could be simpler Surgeons help people, we stomp disease, we destroy decay We are gods . . "he said exultantly, arcing his scalpel up and then downward with a flourish., landing it In one of his helper's hands. "Oh good, another case." he said. I thanked h»m and shuffled backwards out the door (Continued on page 1191 106l« cUro Richard Kendall. M.D. Chairperson Lester Karafin, M.D. Edward Seidmon, M.D. Barry Stein. M.D. Drs. Richard Kendall (left). Barry Stein (left below) and Edward Seidmon (above) 107oAffiliates ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER northern division Dr. Herbert Wax man Chairperson Internal Medicine Dr. Arnold Cohen Dr. Martin Farber Chairperson Obstetrics Gynecology 108ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL A3INCTON. HWCYIVANIA 1 001 0 Mercy Hospital. Scranton. PA 1 (Above) Dr. Joel Pohn, Chairperson Obstetrics Gynecology (Below) Dr. Robert Wright, Chairperson Internal MedicineST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL OP BETHLEHEM. PENNSYLVANIA jsoio Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital 1086 Franklin Street Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905 111 Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Allentown Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, PA American Oncologic Hospital Philadelphia, PA Atlantic City Hospital Atlantic City, NJ Conemaugh Valley Hospital Johnstown. PA Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute Philadelphia, PA Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division Philadelphia. PA Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, PA Geismger Medical Center Danville. PA Germantown Hospital and Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Horsham Hospital Ambler. PA Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA Mercer Medical Center Trenton. NJ Mercy Hospital Scranton. PA Millville Hospital Millville, NJ Montgomery Hospital Norristown. PA Moses Taylor Hospital Scranton, PA Moss Rehabilitation Hospital Philadelphia, PA Nazareth Hospital Philadelphia, PA Northeastern Hospital Philadelphia. PA Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry Fort Washington, PA Philadelphia Geriatric Center Philadelphia. PA Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, PA Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children Philadelphia, PA St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA St. Luke's Hospital Bethlehem, PA Veterans Administration Medical Center Wilkes-Barre. PA Wayne County Memorial Hospital Honesdale. PA 112PRECEPTORS FOR FAMILY PRACTICE ROTATIONS 1983-1984 Abington Family Practice Center Abington, PA Allegheny Family Physicians Altoona, PA Budd Bernard Axelrod, M.D. Philadelphia, PA William Bainbridge. M.D. Malvern. PA Irwin Becker, M.D. Philadelphia, PA Walter S. Bloes, M.D. Jermyn, PA Edgar C. Bristow, 111. M.D. Absecon. NJ Burlington County Family Practice Mount Holly, NJ Louis Castor. M.D. Johnstown. PA Conemaugh Valley Family Practice Johnstown, PA Barry Cooper. M.D. Abington. PA Dennis Donohoe. M.D. Ardmore. PA Eastbrook Family Health Center Ronks. PA Drs. Ellsweig. Goldman, and Smith Allentown. PA Peter J. Favini. M.D. Scranton, PA Forbes Health System Monroeville. PA Nicholas E. Fuerst. M.D. Atlasburg, PA Germantown Family Medicine Associates Philadelphia. PA Hamburg Family Practice Center Hamburg, PA Hamot Family Practice Residency Erie, PA Janet A. Hampton. M.D. Philadelphia, PA Harrisburg Polyclinic Family Practice Harrisburg. PA Hatboro Family Practice Associates Hatboro, PA Hess Medical Clinic Shady Grove, PA Highland Physicians Honesdale. PA Thomas J. Kardish, M.D. Churchville, PA Robert Kemp, M.D. Lancaster. PA Joseph A. Knepper, M.D. Leola, PA Lancaster Family Practice Associates Lancaster. PA Leola Family Health Center Leola. PA Drs. McDevitt and Martucci Warminster. PA McKeesport Hospital Family Practice McKeesport. PA Drs. Mmtz and Risimini Millville. NJ Montgomery Family Practice Center Norristown. PA New Holland Family Health Center New Holland. PA Oklahoma Indian Health Service Ada Service Unit Ada, OK Oklahoma Indian Health Service Talihma Service Unit Talihina. OK Steven Pickert, M.D. Thurmont, MD Reading Hospital Family Practice Center West Reading. PA Rolling Hill Hospital Family Medicine Associates Elkins Park. PA Roxborough Family Medicine Associates Philadelphia. PA Sacred Heart Hospital Family Practice Center Allentown. PA Saint Francis Hospital Family Practice Wilmington, DE Saint Joseph Hospital Family Practice Reading. PA Gregory Salko, M.D. Carbondale, PA Jesse Q. Sewell, M.D. Marathon, F L Somerset Family Practice Somerset, NJ West Jersey Hospital Tatum Brown Family Practice Center Voorhees, NJ H.A. Wilkinson. M.D. Swarthmore. PA Williamsport Hospital Family Practice Center Williamsport. PA Wyoming Valley Family Practice Kingston. PA Yardley Family Practice Associates Yardley, PA OUR THANKS TO ALL THESE AND OTHER UNNAMED PRECEPTORS FOR THEIR TIME DURING OUR SECOND AND THIRD YEARS."cA Cast of 'Thousands" 114Say "aah"! ENRICH YOUR WORD POWER Choose the word in the second column which most closely matches the word in the first column. 1. Mofin 2. Deep Vein Flea Bites 3 Clap Lung 4. Fireballs in the Eucharist 5 Contraptions 6 Gongarrhea 7 TheGoutch 8. Blood Clogs 9. Sugar 10 Jerk Pill 11 Sick as Hell Anemia 12. Low Blood 13. Spite'0 Mighty Jesus 14. Falling Out 15. High Blood 16. Vomicking 17 Abscam 18. 00-Licensed to Kill 19. Dioxin 20. U—Boat. Killer Sub 21. Wheasling 22. Sea Roaches 23. Wedge 24 Technical Shot 25. Cadillacs in the Eyes A. Gout B. Senior Student C. Diabetes Mellitus D. Collapsed Lung E. Anemia F. Morphine G. Intern-PGY-1 H. Gonorrhea I. Junior Student J. Wheezing K. Contractions L. Cataracts M. CAT Scan N. Hypertension O. Fibroids of the Uterus P. Epilepsy Medication Q. Deep Vein Phlebitis R. Spinal Meningitis S. Digoxin T. Syncopal Episode U. Tetanus Shot V. Sickle Cell Anemia W. Vomiting X. Blood Clots Y. Liver Cirrhosis 1 $Z r -t?Z‘ -ZZ A ZZ r lZ V-QZ S-6t '0-81 N Ll 'M“9l N -Ql 'l- fc-l , '3-21 A-11 d-01 D 6 X—8 v-z H-9 i-5 o-p 'a-e o-z j-i :SB3MSNV 115116CASUAL LOOKS 117118 "Except for the pain you won't feel a thing."On the way out. I stopped to buy a paper from a derelict I li jfed through it fait, concentrating on the m-I portant thmqs only, like the Bloomingdale's linger.e ads. , Something registered a few pages after I’d pasted it I riffled i back through. In the local soction it read TEMPLE MED TO GRADUATE CLASS OF ’85 TOMORROW I decided the game wasn't ovor yet I got back to my car and climbed over the door. The garage attendant had thoughtfully made mo a convertible top out of two plastic garbage bags. I tipped him a generous quarter on the way out The next day I went to the Academy of Music where Simone’s class was graduating I looked around The last time I'd been in this place was in sixth grade when my class took a field trip to hey the orchestra It hadn't boon a good time then and it wasn’t now As I stood there parents, families and friends of graduates filed in and took tneir seats I drifted behind a pillar, both to look for clues and to hide from the Diamonds, in case they ware looking for mo. Soon. I he ceremony began After a few speeches and dedications, the guy running the show began reading off the names of the fledgling doctors As tech name was called, i kid in a robe would come on stage, grab a diploma, got a handshake and a whispered word, and walk off My stomach tightened Into a knot at I realized they were up to the D’s Then Simone's name was called I held my breath, hall-expecting Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, to materialise on stage Instead, a perky-looking young woman bopped to the front, went through tho same routine and calmly walked off stage The rest of the ceremony was a blur I sat there like I’d seen a ghost. When the ceremony concluded, the orchestra level cleared out to a small reception in the lobby of the Academy. I tried to sink out without being noticed by the Diamonds Right when I thought I was free and clear. I loll a hand clomp down on my bicep.The jig was up. "Mr Diamond." I began. "I know what you're thinking, and believe me. you're absolutely right I gave this case my best shot, but "And you did one hell of o job, Goldbaltt," he said as he smiled and slapped me on the back He dragged mo ocross the lobby "Come and meet our Simone." There she stood, radiant She took my hand, told mo I needed more sleep and mentioned something about thiamine that I didn’t catch. I found my voice. “Young lady, I have but one question for you Whore have you been for the past throe and o hall years? Your parents have been worried sick " Sho giggled I was about ready to throttle her “It's simple, really. Acutnlly. I was in touch with Mom and Dad by letter during tho first year After that, things (jot so crazy, before I realized it six months hod gone by without my writing to them. Then, once I bogon my rotations. I had to move every six weeks, so my mall never caught up with me. Anyway I still sont them anniversary and Rosh Mashonah cards to let them know I was still alive" Cards’ I stared at Mr Diamond Simone continued. "I just finished up my last rotation in Caribou, Maine, and got back into town last Friday I bumped into Dr Fault at school, who told mi? Mom ond Dud were frantic about getting in touch with me. So I called thorn and we've been seeing the city together for tho past few days," "You neglected to toll me about tho cards I thought she had vanished off the taco of the earth." I snarled "Woll to us she hod no phone colls, no visits home . " "Where do you live?" "American Samoa I’m the base command or there " "Aha. Terrific." I wanted to hit something. Instead. I shook their hands and turned to go Diamond called my name. I turned back. He was waving a check in his hand, no doubt the rest of my foe I thought about my liquor supply. Adequate As for the food situation, there was enough Lean Cuisine for the next three weeks, or so I thought about my car and its new view of the stars The garbage boqs were perfect. I waved at him and turned away, walked through the doors and into tho sunlight After all. I had my health. What more did I need? END VOTE Andy's dandy Sweet as candy He comes ;n handy Delp's our man-dy. ANDY FOR PRESIDENT 119transitions Dr. Leo M. Henikoff, who has been at Temple University School of Medicine since 1979 as Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs and Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, has returned to his hometown of Chicago as President of the Rush-Presbyterian—St. Luke's Medical Center. Dr Henikoff graduated from the University of Illinois and the University of Illinois School of Medicine. He did his residency and fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology at Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago. Before arriving at Temple. Dr. Henikoff held various appointments at the University of Illinois School of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine. Loyola University School of Medicine. Rush Medical College and Rush-Presbyterian—St. Luke's Medical Center. Dr. Henikoff is best remembered by the class of '85 for his long-standing challenge, to any brave soul, to a game of handball and for his excellent portrayal of the "Dub" character in the heart sound team of "Lub" and "Dub". Dr. H. Taylor Caswell, a professor of Surgery at Temple and father of our favorite projectionist, retired in 1984. Dr. Caswell is a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine, as are two of his sons, Horace T. "Topper" Caswell. Jr and our classmate Chris. He completed his surgery residency at Temple and has been there ever since. He held the position of President of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery from 1975 to 1977. as well as several other appointments. 1985 brought the retirement of Dr. Jonathan Cilley from his position as Director of Student Laboratories. His work has been vital to the teaching effort at Temple. Dr. Cilley joined the faculty in 1947 as an instructor in Biochemistry. He was named to his present post in 1969. Two of Dr. Cilley's sons are recent TUMS graduates. He believes that the most rewarding experience in his career is "to be involved in the education of several thousand medical students”. 120Several new construction projects have been undertaken or completed during our tenure at Temple Medical. In March 1983 the Kresge West Building opened (affectionately known as the KENT building). It houses 30 outpatient dialysis stations and offices for the ENT department and the Cancer Research Journal. Several other projects, aimed at improving the medical care that Temple delivers, began on March 8, 1983 with the groundbreaking ceremony for the new patient tower. It will have 482 beds when completed and the following; emergency room, clinics, surgical suite, surgical, medical, neonatal and neurosurgical intensive care units, laboratories, labor and delivery suite, research center, psychiatric units and office space for many departments. Planned completion of the first phase of this project is the Spring of 1986. The final phase will involve renovation of the Parkinson Pavillion and the Ancillary and Outpatient Buildings. Additional building necessitated the demolition of the Old Brown Building and Erny Amphitheatre. Erny will be remembered for its crowded uncomfortable seating and for the experience of a late arriving student having to walk through the entire room in order to find a seat during the neurological case conferences, heart sound lecture or grand rounds. Artist's rendition of the new Temple University Hospital. Entrance at Kresge Hall on Broad Street RENAL TRANSPLANTS Dr. Thomas Beck has been an Assistant Professor of Medicine at TUMS since 1981. when he completed a renal fellowship at University Hospital in Cleveland. Our class was first introduced to him during the Renal Physiology course, and later in Systems Disease I and as an attending at TUH. He has accepted a position in private industry as a director of clinical investigations. Dr. Michael Rudnick was primarily involved with c ir class as a lecturer in Renal Physiology and in Systems. A graduate of LaSalle College and Hahnemann Medical College, he has chosen to stay in the Philadelphia area as Chief of Nephrology at Graduate Hospital. It would be hard to argue that Dr. Mary Stom has not had a great impact on much of our class's education. From her lectures in our first two years of classroom training, to the physical diagnosis course, to her efforts as an attending physician in our third year medicine clerkship, she has shown herself to be an exceptionally gifted educator ana physician. A graduate of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, she is now Chief of Nephrolgoy at Cooper Medical Center in Camden. 121Dr. John J. O'Neill has announced that he wil' be stepping down as chairperson of the Department of Pharmacology in 1985. He received hts Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and heid positions at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Ohio State University School of Medicine before arriving at Temple. His major research interest is acetylcholine. Each of us encountered Dr. Neal E. Pratt during our first year in anatomy. His patience and excellent way of teaching caused many of us to miss him ever since he left Temple in 1983. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, he received his Ph.D. in anatomy at Temple Medical. He left Temple to assume the position of Professor of Anatomy and Director of the Gross Anatomy course at Mercer College of Medicine. Five of the students who began medical school life as members of the class of 1985 have taken different roads on their medical degrees. Mindy Bohrer has taken a one year eave of absence to learn research methodology at the University of Pennsylvania as a Charles A. Dana Foundation Scholar. Vincent Giranda has switched from a straight M.D. program to a combined M.D.-Ph.D. program in the Department of Biochemistry. Robin Gish transferred to Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine-Hershey, after our freshman year to be near her husband during his residency. Chuck Seamens transferred to Georgetown University School of Medicine. He plans on going into Emergency Medicine. Mike Stellar took a year's leave of absence to work at the National Cancer Institute (NIH) in Bethesda. He did research on monoclonal antibodies and their use in fighting human tumors. 122Dr. Laura Molnar joined the Temple faculty in 1979 as a Fellow in the Department of Family Practice. She was course director for our class's Primary Care Concepts course and was an attending physician at Germantown Hospital. She has left Temple and is now working part-time so that she can spend more time with her child. Dr. Steve Zinn served as an Assistant Professor in the De partment of Family Practice since 1978. He is now associated with the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Dr. Lome Becker was an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice from 1979 to 1984. He was Director of the Department's Division of Research, and was instrumental in finding summer research projects for many members of our class. He is now Director of Research at the University of Oklahoma. Department of Family Practice. Dr. Charles Almond was Director of the Primary Care Clerkship. as well as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Practice. He is now affiliated with the West Jersey Hospital Family Practice Program in Voorhees, New Jersey. Dr. Todd Sagin was a Fellow in the Department of Family Practice. He is now part-time faculty at Northeastern Hospital and is a second year law student. Dr. Ellen Soefer was course director of the memorable Introduction to Primary Care Course, as well as an attending physician at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. She was actively involved with our class particularly as the faculty advisor to AMWA until she left in 1984. She is now an administrator at River View Hospital. Dr. Todd Sagin Dr. Ellen Soefer Dr. Steve Zinn Dr. Mary Reardon of the Department of Anesthesi ology retired in 1984. Dr. Reardon attended Vassar as an undergraduate and received her M.S. at Vale. She graduated from Temple University School of Medicine in 1952. after working her way through medical school employed as a research assistant in the Department of Physiology. Her internship was at Philadelphia General Hospital followed by a residency in Anesthesiology at Temple. Dr Reardon has been an attending at Temple ever since. Her skill as an anesthesiologist, her dedication as a teacher, and her warmth as a human being are greatly appreciated by the students who have been fortunate enough to work with her. 123The Beer that made North Philly Famous OKAY, EH?diversions SPORTS .p. 126 tHravetf ™..p. 145 J LITERARY...............p. 133 FOOD .p. 146 GOVERNMENT........p. 129 125 ENTERTAINMENT .p. 136 SEE NEXT PAGESports RUNNING Joe Strangarity, off and running. BASKETBALL Back Row Greg Menio, Howard Greenfield, Meade Palmer Jim Yuschak, Ron Prizant, Harold Rowson Front Row: Rich Highbloom, Larry Piccioni, Perry Pitkow, Gary Gehman 126Jim and Dave Just a couple of Temple SOCCER athletic supporters jo{c)king around. Fielder's choice. 127RUGBY 1984-85 Rugby Team VOLLEYBALL Rugby team sponsor. Ken Cundy. and mascot. Mr. Mac. SWIMMING 128 1982-83 Volleyball ChampsQoverment (yZOA CLASS OF 1985 Mindy Sue 8ohrer Grace W. Brown Paul T Campbell Mark Connors John Coppes Margaret Donohoe Doan Drosnes Gary S. Gehrnan David Goldtarb Lee Goodman Ruby Halper —Erkkila Drew Harrison Leonard Hojnowtki John D Horowitz Steven J. KanoM Alan Kommsky Joanne Konkoly Todd A Maugans Deborah A Mitchell Darilyn Moyer Scott Panzer Audrey M Park Robert W. Piston Zachary Rattne» Mary Reich-Cooper Donald A Sivick Michael Stierstorfer David W Suholet Margueritte White Sandra Zebrowski CLASS OF 1986 Joyce Burnside Patricia Coyle Deborah A Leibmon Mark J Shulkosky Edward M. Soften Dr. Allan D Marks Councillor Dr Ronald Rubin Treasurer " Afioi w S A«ii‘ roi« We tthf to Sen the $vtltnng' c AKKPhi Chi CPhi Ro Sigma Clockwise from left John Coppes. Joe Somers. Mary Callahan. Rob Dixon. Ceil Mikalac. Joe Stranganty. Not Shown Deb D'Aquilante 129 Ed Wikoff. the sole survivor.- A MC4 AMERICAN MEDICAL VAv LM. STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Jl Ol UIIl Joe Strangarity and Linda Lapos CMS CHRISTIAN MEDICAL SOCIETY Back Row Jim Stauffer. Joe Stranganty. T om Watson Front Row. Jim Vogus. ImsBardeUa. Joe Woods Joanne Konkoly, Curriculum Committee representative. Joe Woods. Executive Faculty Committee representative. Michael Peggs, Admissions Committee representative. John Horowitz. Admissions Committee representative 130G§tudent Council Back Row Chris Walton. Michael Peggs. Joe Woods. John Horowitz, Bill Wilson Front Row. Edna Schwab, Andy Delp. President. Maggie White, Mary Reich. Mary O'Brien. Eileen McGarvey gSnma STUDENT NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Seniors. Michael Peggs. Cheryl Booker-Carter. Debbie Mitchell, Orlando Davis, Gwen Youngblood. Bill Atkins, Valerie Hearns family' Practice Club Tom Carmen, Linda Schuman, Buddy Green, Ed Gmley. Leon Kraybill. Tom Lyon. Perry Pitkow Ruby Halper-Erkkila 131cAMWA TUMSA TUM-SA members married to class of 1985 students Jeanme Hnatiuk. Ellen Hojnowski. Marne Meckel Walton, Mary Snow. Jan Wilson Barbara Lee, Margaret Hager. Laila Avetta, Kathleen Meehan. Mary O'Brien. Eileen McGarvey. Linda Lapos, Mary Reich. Mindy Bohrer. Joanne Konkoly Freshman Honor Board Members from the Class of 1985 1981-1982 Jeff Adelizzi Debbie D’Aquilante Darilyn Moyer Fran O'Brien 1983-1984 Jeff Adelizzi Inis Bardella Darilyn Moyer Sandy Zebrowski 1982-1983 Jeff Adelizzi Inis Bardella Darilyn Moyer Sandy Zebrowski 1984-1985 Jeff Adelizzi Chris Caswell Frank Detrane Sandy Zebrowski As has been the tradition in past years, our class conducted the orientation program for the incoming freshmen. The highlight of the two day event was a beer party at Curtis Hall, where the two classes partied for the first, but not the last time. Chairperson Speaker's Program Curtis Hall Party and Activities: Entertainment Tour Guides Advisors Bill Thoms Mary Callahan Darilyn Moyer Ronnie Emgushov Natalie Pressman Phil Monteleone Greg Memo Dr. Ethel Weinberg Dr. MosesWilliams Profound thanks to the multitude of our classmates who made this event a success, and especially to Jeff Adelizzi (who brought the beer), the tour guides, and the many faculty who contributed their time. 132Literature Skull Staff 133cTVIed Notes X Neuro 12 9 81 8 45-9 30 S T EdWikoff p 3 of 3 and now a message from our sponsor Trouble eliciting those deep tendon reflexes? Ashamed of that little Mickey Mouse reflex hammer??? Well, your troubles are overl Introducing, from the people who brought you Gag-o-matc tongue depressors and Omniv«ew Hydraulic Sigmoidoscopes and Specula. its Sledga-o-matic. the industrial strength reflox hammer!!!!! Yes friends, you'll see knees ic?k before you even touch them!!! You'll earn the respect and esteem of patients and colleagues alike! To ordw your Sledge-o-matic. just send S49.99 to Nuncio's Hardware Medical Supply Discount Outlet Pier No 4. Bayonne. NJ So you don't forgot, send before midnight tonight' I ms Bardella (treasurer). RaeJean Bleam (tapist). Debbie Mitchell (copier), Scott Rosenberg (copier), Gary Genman (co—ordinator), Leon Kraybill (copier). Drs Preeman and Gault 10-10 30 Note Service Representative Joe Woods PHYSIOLOGY Introduction to the Good Life 1 27 82 Q. What's Rich Gobao's favorite disease? A. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus “In the beginning, they were dirt After fivo months of toil ond personation. they had built a foundation from nothing They were simple people and called thomsetves 1 8 M D. ‘s They rested ( or 24 lousy hours) and t was GOOD." Following their day of rest (weakly termed a "semester break"), the 1 8 M O's climbed the concrete path leading to the summit of Mt Kresge (being it was the only mountain most of them were eligible to climb! to receive the gift of the Gods Now. at this time, two gods ruled over this part of Mt Kresge. Dr. Freeman and Or Gault The God gave the 1 8 M O ' two largo microscope slides on which was engraved the following THE TEN PHYSIOLOGICAL COMMANDMENTS I. If thy students desire supplementary reading, confuse them by not assigning a specific textbook II. There shall be handouts--but they will need to be supplemented bv The lecturer's words of wisdom. III Laboratories shall be MANDATORY. Asa final project, students will work in groups of four and perform a triple-bypass operation on an elderly gentleman with heart disease Your patient must live lor at least 3 post-op days in order for your group to get full credit for the lab Nope 2 days. 23 hours and 50 minutes, won't cut it IV The Physiology Course shall prepare the studonts to meet national objectives in physiology set forth by tho Council of the Gods (the AMAI and tho American Physiological Society V The 1 8 M D.’s shall be encouraged to visit the earthly dwellings of the gods, the second floor of the Basic Science Building VI The grading shall be 90 - honorois (hey. to I can't spell). 70 ■ pass. 65-69 good try but you are still only 1 8 M.D. VII Thou shall notcovot thy neighbor’s answer VIII Tho Final Exam must be taken by everyone Incidently. ONE MUST PASS THE FINAL. Pansies will not be tolerated (i c no more "hey. I can Hunk the hell out of the final and still pass"). IX Students shall be encouraged to ask questions in lectures if they are puzzled X. On Monday afternoons from 2-3. there shall be sessions on applied problems in Physiology MED NOTES HONOR SOCIETY Jody Jenkins Sue Uhrich Ceil Mikalac Joe Woods (special award for humor! Physiology s t Zac Rattner Neuromuscular Transmission 3 February 1982 Or Wang 11 00 to 12 00 "If you learn nothing else in this course, remember that the spatial orientation of fumarate in Kreb's Cycle is trans and not cis. I would be remiss in my tfjties as a teacher and scholar if I were to indicate inadequately the importance with which this fact is held in the scientific community .” Gerry Plaut 134BIOCHEM - Cofbo Metab IX 3 1 82 Dr Brenner page 4 o» 5 Scribe C Mikolac The Brain Jn The Starved State Ritter to page 49 in the handouts for this first blip I am really getting tired of typing this lecture. I know the damn thing backwards and forwards (unlike you. h» ha). I went to the lecture, I asked some questions. I took notes, I listened to me tape, I rewrote my notes (which were all wrong), and now I'm typing it. typing it. typlngittypi typing?! tvpingittypmglt $0 ! (%tB6 4 -69304m g8MB68rmf e98!3,S79xvmr8 k O.K So I'm having a spasm on the typewriter Who are you to talk? Everyone in our class is getting tired and irritable People aren't going to Hooter''sanymore during the afternoon Everyone is depressed and thinks they are the only one who hutes school and doesn't want to ty. o doctor anymore Nobody oats well Everyone is getting fat or skinny Nothing is good anymore The Med Notes stink. Dox coffee has black stuff on the bottom of the cup and he's only being nice ohd colling you "Doctor" because he wants your business. They really weren’t thinking when they set up this course with 40 hours of lecture a week They have no brains at all The people in the bock rows want to nuke the people In the front rows because they ask questions in class like they're enjoying tho whole thing Nobody wants to help collate the notes anymore and everybody is tired. Philadelphia is (heugliest unfriendliest. coldest, dullest city in the world, und the meanest part of it is in North Philly specially Classroom A (leave out the Cl - il you're so inclined)- The clinking of the four-colored pens whenever Houser puts up a slide with a graph Is really beginning to bug me This has got to stop I mean all of It The gloopmg around, the genera! misery, the bitchiness, the up- tightnoss. the schizophrenia, the anal personalities, the l-don't -liko-him-ond-sho’s-so—obnoxious-l-can't-stand-it. and the nobody-knows-whot—I'm—qomg—through. This is no joy ride and you knew it when you signed up. You're not oven paying the $8000.00 for an education because this education costs more than that (hard to behove I know, but true) This is an initiation and the buckage is the imitation fee Nobody really wants us to fail and everybody in the room is gonna be a doctor whether you like them or not. so face the facts (right?). I want the joking, snickering, and grinning in the back, in the classroom. Bay the faculty They take up too much time already I think we should have a really big party soon, too Talk to Mary Physiology Gastric Secretion Dr Ryan 2 23 82 10-11 am S T Barbara Lee Page 1 of 5 Biochemistry Review l Enzymes Dr ?? »? ’ 5 14 82 11-12 AM i t Susan E Uhric . po I of 5 Preface Unfortunately, the two lor this lecture was unintelligible It sounded as if Dr Ryan was hopelessly stuck inside the Gl tract pounding on the walls of the stomach, crying to bo rapidly secreted, wanting to be carried via poristnltk waves to his terminus BIOCHEM 500 Feb 10. 1982 REVIEW I Mary Rech Or. Smith 2-3 p 1 of 0 It is going to tx: o long night; m fact, my bedtime hascome and gone I've looked .it all me cartoons in the most roce»t New Yorker, talked on the phone, why. I even did tho dishes But now. armed with a fresh pack of cigarettes, for which my body will hate me tomorrow. IV coffoo. ond punk lock on tho radio, I dedicate this to those ot you who will be reading it under the same conditions Sunday night Happy Valentine's Day! (Sorry people --- this one was BAO so just remember. I’m paid to transcribe lectures, not transform th«mM! U SOI DERM JENKINS WATSON p 5 19 83 11-12 am, 3o 4 Well kids, it's boen real Now get out there and knock Vm dead (sorry, poor choice of words) when you hi? the clinics I'm sure after these two (and for some Of us. three) yearsof basic sciences you're ready to go out tho'e and impress and amaze the ntUrndings resitn.-ntr. intorns w.m VOuye awesome grasp of all the wo'vo been handed Good luck I (Just remember the line we'll need to get us through_"j don't do kidneys."! Molecular Blochem 10 Feb 1982 8 00 Dr Marks Pressman p. 3 of 4 On the day following ©ur exciting first biochem o am. and six days before the physio exam, and probably the night before the molecular exam by the time many of you read these notes, its a good time to romember me famous saving •The more we study, the more we know The more we know, the more we forget The more we forqet. the less we know The less we know, the less wo forget The less we forget, the more we know SO WHY STUDY?? With that in mind I think I’ll go beck and finish watching General Hospital 135c.Entertainment Perry and Mary the Ding-a-lings. Snow White, Happy, Sneezy and Grumpy. 136137"Dr. Higgins" explains the parasitologic hazards of Bob Evans Sausage "Ronnie and the Sex Pili" Proud mothers "Mrs. Diamond and Mrs. Duker" 138139140141 142 1431441 a r»POOD 5R0AD STREET 1. Michael's Pub 2. Doc Holiday’s 3. Temple Grill 4. Greek Coffee Carl 5. Spiro Cart A 6. FSU Cafeteria 7. Ri d Chinese Truck 8. Spiro Can B 9. Andes' Express 10. The Wall 11. Spiro Cart C 12. Mak’s Chinese 13. Vendeieria 14. Dox’s Truck 15. Stop—N-Go 16. French Fry Cart 17. Moffin's 18. Fruit Stand 19. Fisher's 20. Munchnik's 21. Eastern Paradise 22. Tioga Pizza Sol Sherry Crystal Palace 901 Race Street 592-0362 $$$ Bennett Lorber "I don't eat lunch." ti Allen R. Myers Patronizes the Andes' Express Truck for lunch $ 146POOD £ Best of Temple BEST LOCATION: Dox's Truck — Just make a left up the ramp. BEST FRENCH FRIES: The French Fry Cart — Number 16 on the map and very greasy! BEST TURKEY CLUB: The Andes' Express - Allow 20minutes for orchestration of your sandwich. BIGGEST ENTERPRISE: The Spiro Family - They operate 5, =71 (see map) and two others! BEST COFFEE: Greek Coffee Cart — Number 4 on map. Forty cents a cup and expect a line. BEST BAGELS AND CREAM CHEESE: Dox's Truck — Always fresh with a slab of cream cheese. BEST CHINESE FOOD: Mak's Truck — Co for the combo platters FOR WAISTLINE WATCHERS: The Fruit Stand in front of the Provident Bank. Also the Salad Bar at FSU or one hour at the gym followed by a diet soda from any truck! BEST HOAGIES: Moffin's of course! They're call night specials. Mystery Luncher It was a typical afternoon for skipping at least one class when the Mystery Luncher and one Deputy crossed the portal to historic Fisher’s on N. Broad Street . . . . the Original Fisher's. The atmosphere was decidedly gothic revival and so were the waitresses. We were rnartialed to a wobbly oaken table so. when the waitress was out of sight, we moved to a stable table. The waitress refused to recognize our move and delivered water and menus to the abandoned rickety table. I ordered my favorite baked scallops, hot and tender, delicately breaded. It came with delicious french fries and creamy coleslaw, and portions were plentiful. The price: $4.75. My deputy opted for the tuna platter, delivered on a fresh lettuce bed in a bowl on two plates. Confused by the extra plateware. my friend started in on the tuna out of the bowl. While fork was in hand, an elderly paw snatched the tuna bowl from under her nose and turned the contents onto the plates below. The tuna platter was not to be eaten from the bowl. f$4.50) Undaunted, we ordered cot-fe and cheesecake for dessert. Both were served without incident, but were of average quality. Seafood is their specialty, but this is not an outing for the timid. Fisher's Restaurant 3545 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 225-7591 147On the following pages are some of the greatest young phy of our' time. cThey could have gone anywhere...... CTEMPLE 149 cBut they choseP. Jeffrey Adelizzi, M.D. It doesn't matter what you have done in the past. It doesn't matter what you will do in the future. What really matters is who you are deep down inside. Don't ever let them take that away from you. HE ALWAYS He always wanted to explain things But no one cared So he drew. Sometimes he would draw and it wasn't anything And he wanted to carve it in a stone Or write it in the sky And it would be only the sky and him And the things inside him that needed saying. 11 was after that he drew the picture. He kept it under his pillow and let no one see it And when it was dark and his eyes were closed He could still see it And it was all of him And he loved it. When he went to school he brought it with him. Not to show anyone, but just to have it with him Like a friend. It was funny about school. He sat in a square brown desk Like all the other square brown desks And he thought it should be red. And his room was a square brown room Like all the other rooms And it was tight and close And stiff. He hated to hold the pencil and chalk With his arms stiff and his feet flat on the floor STIFF With the teacher watching and watching. The teacher came and spoke to him. She told him to wear a tie like all the other boys. He said he didn't like them And she said that it didn't matter. After that they drew And he drew all yellow And that was the way he felt about the morning And it was beautiful. The teacher came and smiled at him. 'What's this?” she said. 'Why don't you draw something like Ken is drawing?” "Isn't that beautiful?” After that his mother bought him a tie And he always drew airplanes and rocket ships Like everyone else And he threw the old picture away And when he lay out alone looking at the sky 11 was big and blue and all of everything But he wasn't anymore. He was square inside and brown And his hands were stiff And he was like everyone else And all the things inside him that needed saying Didn't need it anymore. It had stopped pushing. It was crushed. STIFF Like everything else.In Dedication .... to my family, who have given me unrelenting love, support and encouragement. From you I get tremendous strength, because no matter what I do or where I go I always have and am my family. I love you. Thanks Mom, Dad. and Erkki to Curt, who gave me some of the best times of my life! I hope you are smiling again and at peace .... and finally to my friends Kate, Keith. Anne and David, along with Cindy, Judd. Bill. Fred. Mia. Duke. Rich and Frank; thanks for all the support, laughter and good times. 151Omar F. Almallah, M.D. To my lovely wife, Cheryl m nemembeniny oun nhaniny yean aftei1 yean--Oun home and oun. famiLy, oun. joy a and oun fun, Oun pLanA ion the futune, and aLL that we've done, And I'm thinking, 'I Love you with aLL of my. heant. " 152Jeffrey Dale Anderson, M.D. "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." Thoreau The love and support from family and friends have been my foundation. I wish to thank them. 153Bruce A. Asam, M.D 154William R. Atkins, Jr., M.D.Laila Avetta, M.D. 156Sally Gabrielle Beer, M.D. Thanks to my family and friends who were always there to share the load. $dlc t rfl-'b. Mom and Dad - my faith and inspiration. Sally and Robby - Halloween 1958 .. . Trick or Treat? 157 i 4Steven L. Bernstein, M.D. 158Neeta K. Moonka, M.D. %£ . K. M.v. 159Francene W. Black, M.D. Come take my hand little one. Into the clear crisp air I will show you the stars at dawn. See - you can hold them in your fingertips. I will be your governess put honeyed nectar to your lips and lick the falling droplets from your mouth. Here — breathe deeply - dr ink the drink. Holes in the soul can leak in. I will show you the moon at twilight. See - you can hold it in your fingertips. Francene W. Black, M.D. 160Rae Jean E. Bleam, M.D. "Working hard or hardly working?!!" "So. what do you want to be when you grow up?" 161Cheryl Booker-Carter, M.D. With gratitude and love to my family, whose encouragement, support, prayers, and love have made this endeavor possible.., 162C. (Z2 BOQ-. c9M.0. To my parents for their support. My family for their encouragement. My friends for making it fun. And most of all to my wife for her constant love and understanding. 163Alice Boylan, M.D. 164Grace Wojno Brown, M.D. I At the beach with Tod - How I spent my summer "rotation". "The girls" just want to have fun. O ' 165 Lenny. Eileen, John. Chris, and GraceNancy R. Bucciarelli, M.D. 166Minh N. Bui, M.D. With Mom and Dad Dalat, Vietnam (1970) 7YUJLM. mo Loc (on right) D.M.D. (Penn, '87). B.A. Biology (Penn, '83) Toan: B.A.—D.M.D. (6 year program, Penn. ’89) Thang Ph.D. (MIT. 85). M.S, Computer Science (MIT. 83) B.S. Math B.S. E.E. (Carnegie-Mellon, ’80), Valedictorian Tuong: M.D. (Hershey. "86) B.A. (Penn. '82) 167168Brian P. Burlew, M.D. 169Mary F. Callahan, M.D. 170John Coppes, M.D. tf- £ . 171172 In a world where the race is sivift and the victories go to but a very few, the richest reward is the companionship found along the way.Thomas T. Carmen, M.D. With many thanks and love to my wife. Sally, my parents, and all of my family for their support m the past years. I couldn't have done it without you! 173Sandra Marie Zebrowski, M.D. 4 ' A courage never failing. Though troubles seem prevailing; And joyous, radiant living. Made glorious by its giving; And eyes for seeing beauty, In work, in play, in duty; 7i e, cour qe, and sisce£ht3s ) maJze iw life's confeletcnesf. Life ever onward flowing. And more abundant growing. 174175Dawn Marie Cesarini, M.D. 176 177Steven A. Channick, M.D. 178Robert M. Coben, M.D. 179Peter J. Cochrane, M.D. A special thanks to my wonderful parents and everyone else who helped along the way: Dr. Edward Hallinan, Mike Donovan. OSFS. and Pete Lenard. OSFS. Dad, Mom, Charlotte, MaryAnn, Richard, Bernadette. Tom and me. 180Matthew Joseph Cohen, M.D. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S. Thompson Mom and Dad Howard Roark laughed. Ayn Rand My sister, Amie 181Mark Connors, M.D. 182Debra Ann D’Aquilante, M.D. M V A) 183Orlando R. Davis, M.D. The authors of Black Rage are black psychiatrists who, from their professional work with black patients and from their own lives as black men in America, bring a unique understanding of the anger raging in the black man's breast and the long history of white racism that put it rhere. The authors as psychiatrists are admirably equipped to see that white perceptions of Negroes, and the historical inculcation of these perceptions in the minds of Negroes themselves, are at the root of our present troubles. They demonstrate beyond challenge the crippling effects of white American culture on the attempts of Negro Americans to do here what all people everywhere must do if they are to develop fully —to find an identity, a sense of worth, to relate to others, to love, to work, and to create. Black rage is the result of our failure, after 300 years, to make these human values possible.:.. In the first book ever to examine the full range of Negro life from the vantage point of psychiatric knowledge, Drs. Grier and Cobbs tell of the insidious effects of the still-living heritage of slavery; of the almost hopeless struggle of the black boy and girl to achieve the pride of a healthy manhood and womanhood; of love, marriage, and the family; of the sexual myths and fears in both races; of the development of specific Negro character traits; of how the schools fail the black child; of mental illness among black people and the psychic stresses brought about by discrimination; and, finally, of the miasma of racial hatred that envelops this ountry, why it exists, and what will surely happen if it is not soon dispelled. 184Donald J. Deforno, Jr., M.D. Joy at the start, fear in the joif in the coming home; Jl jjart of the heart gets lost in the learning Somewhere along the road. —Dan Togelhgrd Olwio 185i- J. Bret Delone, M.D. 186187Andrew T. Delp, M.D. I began life at Temple University Hospital_____ ____and developed an interest in medicine at an early age .... . ... only to return to Temple many years later to realize my career goals.... . .. all of which was made possible thanks to the love and support given to me by my wonderful family (especially William. TUMS '54 and Jane Ann. TUNS '52). 188David E. DePedro, M.D. MaryAnn, Fluffy, and Dusty — Always by my side in good times and bad. My parents who always offered an encouraging word. Ok ui- f. AUkd t)) My brother and his family who were there when I needed them. The only way to spend a night after being on call! I wish he'd stop studying and play with us for a change! 189Frank J. DeTrane, M.D. "A rare moment of relaxation.” "I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or kindness that I can show to any human being. Let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it. For I shall not pass this way again.” 190Gary J. Dietrich, M.D. ■ Dr. Toperzer, an excellent physician, an even greater person. Good friends are hard to find - I guess I was lucky. Dear Mom. As I pass through this phase of my life, words cannot accurately express my appreciation for all that you have done. The sacrifices you have made, the understanding you have given, and the love and confidence you have shown allow me to reach this goal today. I shall always be very proud to be your son. Mom - To whom this is dedicated. 191 Thank you!Steven F. Dobkin, M.D. To my family, for believing in me, And to Susan, with whom I share my life. My deepest gratitude and the knowledge that I couldn't have succeeded without them. 192Andrew Joseph Drabick, M.D. G aa. L jlaaJ Q. cA j The Chocolate Cabbage Cake Connection Luna-Kit The Jones Hall ExperienceMargaret R. Donohoe, M.D. "May there never develop in me the notion that my education is complete, but give me the strength and leisure and zeal to continually enlarge my knowledge." Maimonides Thank you to my wonderful parents and sisters who made it all possible .... And to Dean who made it fun! 194Dean L. Drosnes, M.D. I LJONPER WHAT WOULP HAPPEN IF 1 WALKEP OVER TO THAT LITTLE REP-HAlREP GIRL, ANP GAVE HER A 016 HU6... To my family and friends, both old and new .... Thank you for your endless generosity and support. 195Christian Paul Ecker, M.D. 196Rinchen-Tzo Emgushov, M.D. 197John B. Evans, M.D. My parents, whose love has gotten me where I am today. Wasn't I adorable? My role model My sister Patricia, who helped me laugh through it all. 198199Bonnie J. Farrell, M.D. 200James G. Fingleton, M.D. 201202Gary S. Gehman, M.D. 203Edward J. Ginley, M.D. My nephew and godson, Michael. 204“The Yough" Richard A. Gobao, M.D. “Akaka Falls. Hawaii" p4• W-2) 205David A. Goldfarb, M.D. I wish to acknowledge family, friends and faculty who have nurtured my interests and extend special thanks to my parents whose continued support has been a refreshing source of energy throughout my medical endeavors. 206Jose Gonzalez-Acuna, M.D. 207Lee A. Goodman, M.D.209210 Krack and Wolf preparing for death-defying feats.Dr. Samuel L. Greenfield Class of 1931 211Edward S. Gronka, M.D. 212213Ruby Halper-Erkkila, M.D. fcuJy j U EsikhtJA 214215Drew S. Harrison, M.D. 1977-1984 Dead, but not forgotten. "Systems II" "One down, two to go" 216Timothy J. Hayes, M.D. 217218219 ■iRichard Y. Highbloom, M.D. Dear Mom and Dad, If you ever need an appointment, just call my secretary — you may even get a discount! , Seriously though, thank you for everything. Love Always. Richard 220221 Jay. watch where you're putting your hand! The ThinkerOleh Wasyl Hnatiuk, M.D. "Another Wasyl?" "Another doctor?" "Love is" 222223Leonard S. Hojnowski, M.D. a . Jl y. hhj 'YiylvQ U. wo. 224John D. Horowitz, M.D. To my family Thanks for your patience, understanding and love. God's gift Hey, Boo Boo! Let me live in a house, by the side of the road. Where the race of men go by------ The men who are good, and the men who are bad. As good and as bad as I. Yet let me not sit in the scorner's seat. Nor hurl the cynic's ban, Let me live in a house by the side of the road. And be a friend to man .... Rudyard Kipling 225 The boys go to Louisville!Lewis L. Horvitz, M.D. 226 -227■ Jody Jenkins, M.D. Beyond a wholesome discipline. Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and stars; You have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you. No doubt the universe is unfolding As it should. 228Fernando Jimenez, M.D. Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon! Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light, and Where there is sadness, joy. Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek to be To my beloved spirits Consoled as to console; J.G.H. To be understood as to understand. F. de A. To be loved as to love; A.K. For it is in giving that we receive; and Felipe. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; And it is in dying That we are born to eternal life. Francis of Assisi 229230231L. Robert W. Kaville, M.D. "This dermatology rotation is definitely the best!" Bermuda-1983 fitter ft to dare mujkty in i sup Ho wuc aforiout triumph £wn Mien duckerxd h) nXuiu to take rank with than tvcr$cuk vMq utsfaer M rnwck nor enjoy much, for they Civc iuthe any tw iid t that knew urt'vixfcmj her Defeats Katadin-1983 Thanks to Mom, Dad. Nance, George and Penn, and all those who were so encouraging. 232Sherri Lynn Klemow, M.D. That Woman is a Success .... who loves life atul lives it to the fullest, who has discovered and shared the strengths and talents that are uniquely her own, who puts her best into each task and leaves each situation better than she found it. who seeks and finds that which is beautiful in all people . . . and all things, whose heart is full of love and warm with compassion, who has found joy in living and peace within herself. Barbara J. Burrow 233234235 Hamilton, BermudaCarol A. Kramer, M.D. (2. Many thanks...... To understanding family and friends. And especially to the person who was with me from the start, without whom Medical School would have been little more than a dream, who held us together through thick thin.....Randy. I love you very much! 236237 David W. Kuhns, M.D. 238Matthew J. Landfried, M.D. Thanks to my family for all their help and support, but especially thanks to my wife Kerry, for all her patience, support, inspiration, and love. She made a long haul a lot easier. 239Linda Lapos, M.D. 240Michael D. Lecce, M.D. Thanks! For those who waited patiently for so longBarbara K. Lee, M.D. 242243Frederic Eliot Liss, M.D. 244David J. Ludwick, M.D 245 Thomas F. Lyon, M.D. T flQ ?■ £ "Thanks 10 Mom. Nancy, and Rich for all your interest, laughter, love and support.” "My Dad” "K'sand L's, May '82 end—of-year celebration” 246 "Pre-'z' Days"Christopher J. Lyons, M.D. 247Margaret Maas, M.D. 7. 0., Lemon Squares Preheat oven to 350°. Mix: 2 cups flour Vi cup confectioner's sugar ’ j lb. butter and press into 10” x 15” pan. Bake for 25 minutes. Meanwhile, beat well: 4 eggs 2 cups granulated sugar 6 tablespoons lemon juice Fold in; 4 tablespoons flour 'A teaspoon baking powder and pour over pastry. Bake for 25 minutes. Enjoy. 248249250 What got me through the worst of timesHoward Dane Markowitz, M.D. • iff I •» Ziggy 251Dennis Michael Mattei, M.D. 252Todd A. Maugans, M.D. 253Brian Patrick Michael McDonough, M.D. Without your love this dream would not be a reality__ 254Eileen F. McGarvey, M.D. He who never dares will never know what he might have won. Unknown This page is dedicated to my husband and daughters who, through their support and help, have made medical school possible for me. Thanks 255Kathleen Meehan, M.D. 256Gilbert 1. Melin, M.D. 257Gregory J. Menio, M.D. Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for all of the support you have given me throughout the years. Love, Gregory P.S. I love you both. 258Illlllir c:j Scott Meyerson, M.D. 259Cecilia Mikalac, M.D. 260L. Tracey Miles, M.D. This page is dedicated to my family. To Dad- Who I wish could be here to share my graduation. To Mom- Who's always believed in me and given me an abundance of warm-hearted support. I love her dearly and happily. To Carol. Paul, Andrea, Warren, Joan and Ursula— My wonderful brothers and sisters who keep getting better all the time. I love each one uniquely. To J.H.- Whose caring, patience, humor and example have infused me with the ability not only to prevail through the rugged valleys, but to strive for the smooth peaks as well. In my joy and fulfillment, I thank them. 261David Auten Miller, M.D. 262Stephen C. Mills, M.D. August 14, 1982 I would like to thank my family for all their loving support. I would especially like to thank my wife. Jan. Jan clowning around with some of our special friends 263Alan Lewis Mitchell, M.D. W-dL Mom and Dad — I love you! 264Deborah Ann Mitchell, M.D. My loving parents — the strength behind my success. Behind every good woman stands a good man ... my sweetheart Clay. 265Philip M. Monteleone, M.D. y i ty D 266Darilyn Valenta Moyer, M.D. Panicking when it's the day before the test and all we’ve got to show for it are tans. Inadvertently doing a toothpaste commercial at the 1984 Graduation Ceremonies Love and thanks to my mom and dad for their infinite amount of support 267Daniel Joseph Muccio, M.D. 268mm Lyle Christopher Myers, M.D. If we meet again, we will smile; if not then we know this parting was well made. Shakespeare 269William T. Newman, M.D. 270Lucas Njo, M.D. M-JXFrancis X. O’Brien, Jr., M.D. 272Mary Claire O'Brien, M.D. ykb A MERRY HEART DOETH GOOD LIKE A MEDICINE Proverbs xvii. 22 273Meade T. Palmer, M.D. hLe %D The Palmer Clan 274 Being gross with Annette and Mary. Where's Fran?Scott M. Panzer, M.D. The Panzer Clinic. 1960 275 Just think, no more tuition! M- You should have seen the one that got away! My inspiration7f IXCKU. OtKA- , J CiflL- .-ZlxOjJ V OU. fcdjcvskdfl - font r dU. U.'UA- TTLl, u. 'fa ' aJtw o kx A- JfautX. r 276Kenneth Rosborough Parker, M.D. 277Michael A. Peggs, M.D. 278Lawrence Piccioni, M.D. 279Robert Walter Piston, M.D. Sister Nancy Best friend, Mike ( {.0 ) x£biA. wd. WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mom and Dad My "Z 280Michele L. Pitale, M.D. On tie demande pas a tin malbeureux De queI pays on de quelle religion es tu? On Ini dit: Tu souffres cela suffit; Tu in 'apportions et je te soulagerai. Pasteur 281Bernardine Polish, M.D. This page is dedicated to my family for their patience, love and support. You were always there when I needed you. A special thanks to Dr. Neil Pratt and Dr. Hugo Smith for your help and guidance throughout. 282Natalie Sheryl Pressman, M.D. Mom and Dad, I dedicate this page to you for your love and constant understanding. I love you. To my Grandparents, Thank you for everything. Rob, My brother, and now my friend. I know you 'll be great at whatever you do. To my friends. Thanks for being there when I need you. 6 Months Wanted to get a head start on Wi I warns 283 Ronald Joseph Prizant, M.D. Spaghetti and Champagne Mom and Dad. thank you for Clinton Street all your love and support 284 285286Mary Elizabeth Reich-Cooper, M.D.Edward G. Rohaly, M.D. 288Scott Bennett Rosenberg, M.D. "With all my love' r Shana - she was a wonderful dog "The mermaid" - more of her can be found in "M” section. 289Harold Timothy Rowson, M.D. 77 rlrto oyj UV. A special thanks to my wife, family and friends for all of their love and support. Though here at journey's end I lie. in darkness buried deep Beyond all towers strong and high. Beyond all mountains steep Above all shadows rides the sun and stars forever dwell. I will not say the day is done nor bid the stars farewell. Tolkien 290Jose A. Santiago, M.D.Paul Schaefer, M.D. T'W. iluLu r-pV17) ___rhtl ar-293Edna P. Schwab, M.D. 29429528-mile climb MOUNT EVANS. CO - Don Spence outsprinted Holland's Ad Bajt and U.S. national road team member Dave Paronka to win the 19th annual Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hillclimb. Aug. 14. The threo-man charge came after 28 miles of climbing from the start in Idaho Springs. CO. which is 7,540 feet above sea level. The finish near the peak of 14.264-foot Mount Evans is at the end of a road billed as the world's highest paved surface. Nearly 300 riders competed in six classes. The event is named for '80 Olympic team member Bob Cook, six-time Mount Evans winner and course record-holder 1:54:27 in ’78). Cook died of cancer in March '81 at the age of 23.' 296Bryan E. Shapiro, M.D. This page is dedicated to family and friends, to my parents, and to my wife. Stephanie, who helped me through these past four years. 297Jude Francis Sidari, M.D. 1 0. "Salem 298 Jude and MollyIll (ti Inis Bardella Simpson, M.D. "Reward!" "The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation." Psalm 118 14 299The happiest day of my life I dedicate this fulfillment of a dream to my father, without whose advice, energy, support and love I would not have accomplished this goal. 300Brandon Wayne Snow -Born January 17. 1984 “Nothing worthwhile is easy!" “We'd rather be skiing" Mary - “The Greatest Love of AIT 301Joseph V. Somers, Jr., M.D. 302 So this was med schoolCharlene Song, M.D. Thank you for your encouragement and emotional support, especially A.B.B. WI 303James D. Stauffer, M.D. 304JoAnne A. Steward, M.D. 1972 1978 1980 Jti r- yj ■ - 1 4L ■2m. S bu +Jj n.t. I960 305Michael B. Stierstorfer, M.D. Fish tales Mom. Dad, Sally, and Leslie, thanks for everything! Grandpa, she's only 18 years old! 306Joseph William Strangarity, M.D. .. . Jesus said to them, "It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Mark 217 NAS. "And as you go. preach, saying, 'The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, freely you received, freely give." 307 Matthew 10 7-8, NAS.David Suholet, M.D. 308Charles Curtis Sullivan, M.D. From Fast Cars And Fast Women . ... L c. 309Leslie Ann Teeple, M.D. 310311William W. Thoms, M.D. (J'j "Each path is only one of a million paths. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path. If you feel that you must now follow it. you need not stay with it under any circumstances. Any path is only a path. There is no affront to yourself or others in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you to do. But your decision to keep on the path or to leave it must be free of fear and ambition. .... Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself and yourself alone one question. It is this: Does this path have a heart ? All paths are the same. They lead nowhere. They are paths going through the brush or into the brush or under the brush. Does this path have a heart is the only question. If it does, then the path is good. ” “Teachings According to Don Juan” Carlos Castaneda A brief dedication (from a man of few words!?!): . ... To Mom. Dad. and Marg, who have loved, cared, and supported me no matter what paths I’ve followed. I hope you know how very much I love you. . ... To my friends—you guys know who you arc out there: If I received only one iota of the strength, love, and happiness you have given me I would still be the luckiest person on earth. Thanks. "Doctor. you have a natural talent for Pathology " R. Rajan.MD "Well, you could have fooled me. ” W. Thoms. MD—to—be 312Susan E. Uhrich, M.D. d ja. S-. From my past, through my present, into our future___________ With love, all things are possible. 313314315316 Happy New Year! ■■317Sandra L. Weidner, M.D. With unending thanks to my family, friends, and significant others for their love and constant support. You have all helped to make this dream come true. —"Doc" 318Margueritte Mabry White, M.D. ■ To Mom and Dad .... for teaching me that all things are possible .... In every winter's heart there is a quivering spring---- To my husband Michael .... whose love and faith has been my inspiration .... I love you ... Mags Behind the veil of each night, there is a smiling dawn. Kahlil Gibran 319Edward Kowal Wikoff, M.D. No. be a plumber Cooking with Cub (my brother) 320Kevin George Williams, M.D. Saundra A. Williams, M.D. 322323Mary Wolf-McCart, M.D. 324 John and Rebecca - sources of love and companionshipJoseph M. Woods IV, M.D. Sierra-Nevada 1982 flfl. ms "Learn to love the freedom of the student life, only too quickly to pass away; the absence of the coarser cares of after days, the joy in comradeship, the delight in new work, the happiness in knowing that you are making progress. Once only can you enjoy these pleasures." -Sir William Osier 325 Snowbird, Utah 1984Gwendolyn Virginia Youngblood, M.D. The Youngblood Family Kristen Youngblood (Niece) To my entire family Thanks for always being there and helping make a dream come true. To my new niece and nephew who make it all worthwhile. 326Suds 327cTWedical Communications Photography Division (Left to right) OttoC. Lehmann (Chief). Hank Bacich. Karen Wurzel. Audrey Erfer. Bill Verzyl Art Division (Top to bottom): Robin Gelber. Cheryl Arthur. Jane Axamethy Stanton W. Saltzman, Director ■30Q Television Audiovisual Division: Joe Gudonis and Ron TaylorJeffrey Ad«liZ2l, M.D. Radiology Germantown Hospital and Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Ursula A. Adourian. M.O. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Anesthesiology John Hopkins Affiliated Hosps. Baltimore. MO Omar F. Almallah. M.O. Preliminary Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr. PA Ophthalmology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Jeffrey Dele Anderson, M.D. Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. PA Bruce A. Asurn, M.O. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA William R. Atkins, M.O. Preliminary Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Leila Avetta. M.O. Surgery McKeesport Hospital McKeesport PA Sally Gabriello Boer, M.O. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Steven L. Bernstein. M.O. Internal Medicine SUNY-Downstate Medical Ctr Brooklyn. NV FranceneW. Black. M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hospital Philadolphio. PA Rae Jean E. Bloom. M.O. Family Practice Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr. PA Cheryl Booker-Carter. M.O. Family Pract.ce Temple University Affii. Hospital Philadelphia. PA Residencies Richard Charles Boone. M.D. Surgery Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown, PA Alice Boylan, M.O. Internal Medicine Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med Ctr. Hanover. NH GracoW. Brown, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hospital University Medical Center Camden. NJ Anesthesiology Tompie university Hospital Philadelphia. PA Nancy R. Bucciarolli. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Presbyterian-U. of Pennsylvania Medical Center Phiiodolphio, PA Radiology Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Minh N. Bui. M.D. Family Practice Temple University-Rolling Hill Hospital Philadelphia. PA Brian P. Burlow. M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hosonai Pn.ladeiphia. PA Mary Callahan. M.O. Family Practice Thomas Jefferson U Hospital Philadelphia. PA Paul Thomas Campbell, M.D. Internal Medicine Duke University Affiliated Hosps. Durham NC Thomas T. Carman, M.O. Family Practice Shodysidc Hospitol Pittsburgh. PA Christopher C. Caswell, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Dawn Marie Cesarmi. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Wilmington Medical Center Wilmington. DE Steven A. Channick. M.D. Internal Medicine Cooper Hospital U Med.cal Ctr. Camden. NJ Robert M. Coben, M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Peter J. Cochrane. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Matthew Joseph Cohen, M.D. Psychiatry Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center Los Angeles. CA Mark Connors, M.D. Pediatrics New England Medical Center Boston. MA John Coppes, M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Debra Ann D'Aquilante. M.D. Primary Cere Medicine Scranton Temple Residency Prog Scranton. PA Orlando R. Davis. M.D. Psychiatry Unrversity of Maryland Affiliated Hospital Baltimore. MD Donald J. Deforno, M.O. Surgery Youngstown HoSO'tal Youngstown. PA J. Bret Delone. M.D. Surgery SUNY-upstate Medical Center Syracuse. NY Andrew Delp. M.D. Family Practice Maine Medical Center Portland. ME David DoPodro, M.D. Family Practice Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA Frank J. DeTrane. M.D. Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington, OC 329Gary J. Dietrich. M.D. Transitional St. Luke's Hospita' Bethlehem. PA James G. Fingteton. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Margaret H. Hager. M.D. Family Practice Chestnut Hill Hospital Philadelphia. PA Steven F. Dobkm. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Urology Brown University Hospitals Providence. Rl Margaret R. Donohoe, M.D. Internal Medicine Templo University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Carrie L. DonVito. M.D. internol Medicine SUNY-Upstate Medical Center Syrocuse. NY Andrew Joseph Drabick. M.D. Family Practice Memorial Hosoital of Burlington County Mount Holly. NJ Doan L. Drosnes. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA ENT Thomas Jefferson U. Hospital Philadelphia. PA Christian Paul Ecker. M.D Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton. PA Rmchen—Tzo Emgushov. M.D. Obstetric s Gynecology Thomas Jefferson U Hospital Philadelphia. PA Ruby Helper Erkkila. M.D. Family Practice Somerset Medical Center Somerville. NJ John B. Evans, M.D. Pediatrics St Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia. PA William 8. Exley. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Reaoing Hospital Medical Ctr Reading. PA Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Bonnie J. Farrel. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Reading Hospital Medical Ctr Reading. PA Charitiy Muthani. M.O. Pediatrics Polyclinic Medical Center Harrisburg. PA Gary S. Gehman, M.D. Family Practice Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA Edward J. Ginley, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Wilmington Medical Center Wilmington. DE Anesthesiology Templo University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Richard A. Gobao. M.D. Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. PA David A. Goldfarb, M.O. Urology Cleveland Clinic Hospital Cleveland, OH Jose Gonzalez-Acuna. M.D. Family Practico St. Francis Hospital Wilmington. DE Lee A. Goodman. M.D. Family Practico University of Virginia Hospital Charlottesville. VA Allen H. Green. M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Norristown. PA L. Bruce Groenberg. M.D. Family Practice Son Pedro Peninsula Hospital San Pedro. CA Howard M. Greenfield. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Mt Sinai Medical Center of Greater Miami Miami Beach. FL Urology U. of Miami Affiliated Hosos M mi. FL Edward Gronka. M.D. Surgery Mt Sinai Medical Center of Greater Miami Miami Beach. FL Mary K. Harada. M.D. Surgery Episcopal Hospito! Philadelphia, PA Drew S. Harrison. M.D Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Timothy J. Hayos. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Valerie Lynne Hearns. M.D. Family Practice Memorial Hosoital of Burlington County Mount Holly. NJ Noal Hermanowicz. M.D. Neurology University of Wisconsin Hosps. Madison. Wl Richard Y. H.ghbloom, M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Karen A. Hiznay, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Eo-scopai Hospital Philadelphia. PA ENT Thomas Jofforson U Hospital Philadelphia. PA Oleh Wasyl Hnatiuk. M.D. internal Medicine Tripier Army Medical Center Honolulu. HI Hal S. Hockfield. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Leonard S. Hojnowski, M.D. Radiology SUNY-Upstate Medical Center Syracuse. NY John D. Horowitz. M.D. Preliminary Surgery ENT John Hopkins Hosoital Baltimore. MO Lewis L. Horvitz, M.D. Iniernal Medicine Hospitals of the University Health Center Pittsburgh. PA Lisa K. Jablon. M.D. Surgery Alton Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Jody Jnnkirn. M.D Surgery New Britain General Hospital New Britain. CT Fernondo Jimanor. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Neurosurgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA Steven J Kunoff. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Ophthalmology University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Denver. CO Steven M. Karan, M.D. Anesthesiology Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington. DC Robert W Kaville, M.D. Primary Caro Medicine Scranton Temple Residency Prog Scranton. PA Sherri Lynn Klemow. M.D. ObMetrics Gynecology Monmouth Medical Center Long Branch. NJ Alan Kominsky. M.D. Prutimlnary Surgoiy ENT Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA JoAnne Konkoly. M.D. Pediatrics Si. Christopher's Hospital loi Children Philadelphia. PA Carol A Kramer, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Hospital of St Raphael New Haven, CT Radiation Oncology Yale U -New Haven Med Ctr. New Haven, CT .David W. Kuhn . M.D. Emergency Medicine Darnell Community Hospital Fort Hood. TX Matthew J. Landfned. M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Hamot Hospital Eri«. PA Linda Lapo . M.D. Surgery Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown. PA Michael O Lecce. M.D. Surgery Eisenhower Army Medical Center Fort Gordon, GA Barbara K. Lee, M.D. Surgery Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA Joel M. Lerman. M.D. Psychiatry Tomplo University Hospital Pmladelphia. PA Frederic Eliot Liss, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA David J. Ludwick. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton. PA Thomas F. Lyon, M.O. Family Practice West Jersey Hospital Voorhees. NJ Christopher J. Lyons. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia PA Margaret Maas. M .D. Psychiatry Beth Israel Medical Center New York. NY Shahrad Mabourakh. M.D. Primary Care Medicine University of California (Irvine) Affiliated Hospitals Irvine. CA Eric Alan Merchant. M.D. Surgery Polyclinic Medical Center Harrisburg. PA Howard Dane Markowitz, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. PA Dennis Michael Mattei. M.D. Primary Core Medicine Scranton Temple Residency Proj Scranton. PA Todd A. Mnugans, M.D. Surgery Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med. Ctr Hanover. NH Neurosurgery University of Virginia Hospitals Charlottesville. VA Brian McDonough, M.D. Family Practice St. Francis Hospital Wilmington. D£ Eileen F McGarvny. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hospital U. Medea! Ctr Camden. NJ Kathleen Meehan. M.D Family Practice West Jersey Hospital Voorhees, NJ Gilbort I. Melln. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Graduate Hospital Philadelphia PA Neurosurgery U. o Tennessee Center loi the Health Sciences Memphis. TN Gregory J. Munio, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown. PA Orthopedic Surgery Boston University Boston. MA Scott Meyerson, M.D. Internal Medicine Cooper Hospital U Med-cat Ctr Camden NJ Cecilia Mikalac, M.O. Psychiatry University of Massachusetts Hosp Worcester MA 331David Auten Millor, M.D. Surgery Neurosurgery Dartmoulh-Hitchcock Med. Ctr Hanover. NH Mary Cloire O'Brion, M.D. Emergency Medicine Medical Collego of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Dav»d L. Pytlowski. M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Stophon C. Mills. M.D. Family Practice Latrobe Area Hospital Latrobe. PA Alan Lewis Mitchell. M.D. internal Medicine Long Island Jewish-Hillside Medical Center Program New Hyde Park. NY Dobornh Ann Mitchell, M.D. Transitional Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu. HI Philip M. Montoloono, M.D. Pediatrics Medical College of Virgin : Richmond. VA Neeta K. Moonka, M.D. Anesthesiology New York University Med. Ctr New York, NY Darilyn Valenta Moyer. M.D. Internal Medicine Tomplo University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Daniol Joseph Muccio. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Meade T. Palmer. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. PA Scott M. Panzer. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr. PA Audroy Mio Park, M.D. Surgery Thomas Jefferson U- Hospital Philadelphia. PA Konnath R. Parkor, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA Michiiul A. Peggs, M.D. Preliminary Medicine Mercy Catholic Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Lawrence Piccioni. M.D. Proliminory Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Robert Walter Piston, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Lyle Christopher Myers. M.D. Internal Medicine US Naval Hospital Portsmouth. VA William T. Newman, M.D. Surgery Western Pennsylvania Hospital Pittsburgh. PA Lucas Njo. M.D. Preliminary Medkrino Robert Packer Hospital Sayre. PA Francis X. O'Brion. M.D. Internal Medicine Cooper Hospital University Medicol Cemor Camden. NJ Michele Pilate. M.D. Surgery SUNY-Downstoie Med. Ctr. Brooklyn. NY Perry Pitkow. M.D. Family Practice West Jorsoy Hospital Voorhees. NJ Bernadino Polish, M.D. Residency Deferred Natalie S. Prossman, M.D. Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA Ronald Joseph Pnzant, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Groduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA Znchary Rnttnor. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA Radiology Yale-New Haven Medical Ctr Now Haven. CT Mary E. Raich-Coopor. M.D. Internal Medicine Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Edward G. Rohaly. M.D. Internal Medicine US Naval Hospital San Diego. CA Scott Bonrvott Rosenborg, M.D. Internal Medicine UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School Piscataway. NJ Harold Timothy Rowson. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Mercy Catholic Medical Center Anesthesiology Tnomes Jefferson U. Hospital Philadelphia. PA Paul A. Schaefer, M.O. Psychiatry Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Linda Joan Schuman. M.D. Family Practice Middlesex Memorial Hospital Middlotown, CT Edna P. Schwab. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Mark P. Schwartz, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester. NY Harry A. Seifert. M.D. Surgery New Britain General Hospital New Britain. CT Brian E. Shapiro. M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Corner Philadelphia. PA 332Judo Francis Sidari, M.D. Inturnal Medicine Geislnqor Medical Center Danville. PA Inis Bardolla Simpson, M.D. Family Practice Washington Hospital Washington. PA Donald A. Sivick, M.D. Anesthosiology Hospital of ihe U. of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Stephen W. Snow. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Hartford Hospital Hartford. CT Joseph V. Somers, M.D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Charlene Song, M.D Obslolrics Gynecology Reading Hospital Modicol Ctr Reodirig. PA James D. Stauffer, M.D. Family Practice Forbes Health System Monroeville. PA Jo-Anno A. Stoward. M.D. Transitional Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA Michael B. Stierstorfor. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Dartmouth Hitchock Medical Ctr Hanover. NH Joseph William Strangority. M.D. Family Practice Reading Hospital Medical Ctr. Reading. PA David W Suholei, M.D. Ortnopedc Surgery University of Texas Medical Sch. Houston. TX Charles Curtis Sullivan, M.D. Surgery Mt Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach. FL Leslie Teeple. M.D. Internal Medicine Presbyterian-U of Pennsylvania Medical Center Philodnlph.a. PA Elaine A. Thnllnur, M.D. Emergency Medicine CWRU-Mount Sinai Hospital Cleveland. OH William W. Thoms, M.D. Preliminary Modicino Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Radiation Oncology M.D. Anderson Hospital Houston. TX Susan E. Uhrich, M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA James 8. Vogus, M.D. Family Practice US Naval Hospital Jacksonville, F L Chris Walton, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Dartmoulh-Hitchcock Med. Ctr Hanover. NH Joan Warrenski. M.D. Psychiatry New England Center Hospital Boston. MA Thomas G. Watson, M.D Family Practice US Naval Hospital Jacksonville. F L Sandra L. Weidner, M.D. Pediatr.cs SUNY-Upstate Med-cal Center Syracuse. NY Marguoritte Mabry Whito. M.D. Obstetrics Gyneco'ogy Mt. Sinai Hospital New York. NY Edward K. Wftoff.M.D. Transitional Reading Hospital Medical Ctr Reading. PA Physical Medicine Rehab. Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. PA Kevin George Williams, M.D. Primary Care Medicine Scranton Temple Residency Prog. Scranton. PA Saundra A. Williams. M.D. Internal Medicine Illinois Masonic Medical Center Chicago. IL William C. Wilson, M.D. Urology University of California Hospitals San Francisco. CA Mary Wolf-MacCart, M.D. Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Norristown, PA Joseph M. Woods. M.D. Surgery Emory University School of Medicine Atlanta. GA Gwendolyn V. Youngblood. M.D. Pediatrics Medical College of Virginia Richmond, VA James Victor Yuschak, M.D. Surgery Abington Mcmoriol Hospital Abington. PA Sandra Marie Zebrowski. M.D. Psychiatry Yale-New Haven Medical Center Now Haven. CT 333Patrons Leonard Adelman Dr. Mrs William C Anderson Bette S. Asam Gtty H. Banan. M.D. William P. Barba II. M.D The Barry Family Joseph H. Baum. Ph D. Leslie W. Beadling. M.D. Jack. Barbara Paul Benson Richard D. Berkowiiz. M.D. Mrs. Eve Bernstein Hugh W. Brallier.M D. ItaS Brandrnan. M.D. Mr. Mrs. Irwin Bromberg Joseph Jean Burlew Mr. Mrs. Thomas J. Campbell Lou Joan Cesarini Family Bertram J. Channick. M.D. Nicholas J. Chapis. M.D Mr. Mrs. Charles J Cochrane Mary Louise Cote. M O Gail Crouse Dr. Mrs. Kenneth R. Cundy James C DeMarco. M.D Helen F. Dietrich Mr. Mrs. Andrew J. Drabick Ruth Lloyd Drosnes Dr. Mrs Paul G Ecker R Eisenstaedt Annie Elcock RobertM. Emas.VM.D Mr. Mrs. Edwin R. Evans EdnaM Thomas Farrell Stanley Fiel, M D. Mary Stuart Fisher. M.D Robert S. Fisher. M.D. John E. Fryer. M D Barbara Jay Gerber Mr Mrs. Edward J. Ginley Dr Mrs Morton Goldfarb Dr. William R. Griffith Mr Mrs. Michael Harakal James S C Harris. M.D "Hemianonymous” Dr. Mrs. BohdanT. Hnatiuk Harold J. Isard. M D Dr Mrs. Norman C Jablon Mr Mrs J.J. Jacoby Mr Mrs. Steve Karan Dr. Mrs. C. James Kavle A Klees. M.D. Mr. Mrs. Jack and Ruth Klemow Family Irena Koprowska. M.D. Richard A Krause. M.D. A» Carrie Kunz Dr Mrs. Al Lamperti Mr Mrs Jack Lapos Paul M Lm. Neurosurgical Group Dr Mrs. Gilbert A. Liss Mr Mrs. Milton Liss Bennett Lorber. M.D. Stanley H. Lorber. M.D. Mr Mrs. Carl Luchetti. Jr Alice M. Lyon D.J. McHenry. M.D. Henry Melin Jennie John Menio Mr Mrs Kishan L. Moonka Mr Mrs. William C. Moyer Allen R, Myers. M.D. William Mahon Myers. M.D. Robert G Narins, M.D. Mr Mrs. Frank X. O'Brien Joan K. Palmer Meade W Palmer Dr. Mrs. Charles A. Papacostas Dr. Mrs. Steven J Phillips Mark Piccioni Ronald A. Pieringer Mel, Marlene and Robert Pressman Jack. Ethel, Marc Lloyd Rabinowitz Dr. Roger Sevy Dr. Sol Sherry Gerald D. Shockman. Ph.D. Mary Ann Hal Siegel JoAnne C. Simmons. MSN Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. Renate L Soulen. M D. Dr Mrs. M.J. St-erstorfer, Jr 8yungse Suh. M.D. Francis J. Sweeney. Jr 8ob Sc Jean Swenson Dr Si Mrs. Ronald Taiiarida and "R.J." Dr. Sc Mrs. Joseph U Toglia Al 8c Phyl Trotano Dr 8c Mrs. J Robert Tioyer R Robert Tyson. M D. Robert G. Uris Mrs, Jackie C. Walton Pensri Wanglee. M D. Mr Sc Mrs. George Warren ski Mr 81 Mrs. Richard D Weidner Ethel Weinberg. M D Dr. Sidney Wemhouse Mr S Mrs. William B Wikoff Dr. Mrs. Eugene M Williams Mr. Mrs. Phillip J Wingate Lewis R Wolf. M.D. Norbert J Wolf Mrs Charles R. (Lee Ann) Wolfe Mr. Mrs. William Yuschak Walt and Irene Zebrowski Dr. Mrs. Leonard Zubrzycki 334cAlumni Patrons Philip Alburger, M.D '69 Bruce H. Allen, M.O., P.A '57 John A. Anthony, M D ’46 Margaret M. Barnes, M.D. ‘81 Darnel H Bee. M D. '37 Kathleen Reilly Bell "81 Dr and Mrs. Michael R. Bernstein ’74 George I Blumstem, M.D. '29 Dr. and Mrs. Alan P. Brown '67 Dr. and Mrs J. Duff Brown ‘54 Blase and Ellen Carabello ‘73 H Taylor Caswell, M D '39 Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Charles '80 Joseph F. Clarke, M.D. 62 Dr. William H Coleman '45 John T Comerci. M D '55 John A. Contino. M D. '73 Dr. Mrs. William Taylor Delp ‘54 Angleo M DiGeorye. M D. '46 Gerald J. Dolan. M D '37 William H Duncan, MD. '59 Robert Edelman. M.D. '78 Margaret H. Edwards '44 Gerald J. Effinger. M.D. '49 John Vincent Ferrazzano, M.D. '67 Albert J. Fmestone, M.D '45 Dr Paul J. Fmk '58 H Keith Fischer, M.D. '43 Dr Morris S Fleischman 33 Robert L. Fry. M.D '57 Robert J Gastfriend. M.D '82 Anthony R Giorgio. M.D. ‘73 Carroll W Gleaton.M.D. '53 George E Goldman ‘78 Rick Goosenberg Robin Fave '84 Gregory D Hall, M .D. '72 William H. Hazlett. M.D. '42 John S. Eileen M. Hickey. Jr.. M.D. '79 William M. Hughes. M D '48 David W. Hunter. M D '65 Joseph J Kendra. M.D. ’72 Leon A. Kauffman. M.D '61 Robert M Kemp. M D '56 Howard P Knapper. M.D. 40 Charles H Kravilz, M.D '35 Victor Kremens, M.D. '43 Dr Mrs Arthur Krosnick '50 Keith E Larkin, M.D.'71 Stephen F Latman. M.D '68 Norman Learner. M.D. '39 Clark H. Lentz, M.D. '45 Walter J. Levinsky.M.D '45 Clifford A Levitt. M.D. ’69 Joseph F Lydon '47 Carl H Manstein. M.D '76 Walter E Margie Jr '51 Allan D. and Dawn B Marks '62 Marlene Mash '82 and Maria Mash Fedor '83 Sandra Briggs McCann. M D '70 Dr. Mrs. James J. McGuire. Jr. 80 Mark Metjer. M.D '84 Joseph A. Mendelson, M.D '15 James A. Mollick, M.D. "56 Terence E. Moore. M D. '82 William Mahon Myers, M D '44 James W. Nelson. M.D '57 Christines. O'Donnell.M.D '83 David J. Overboil. M.D. '83 J.C. Peele. M D. '35 Dr Mrs. Francis Plucinsky 71 Arthur H Popkave. M.D. 72 Peter J. Racciato, M.D. 74 James C. Rex, M.D '50 Stephen Rockower. M D 75 Robert A. Roethe, M D 72 Fied B. Rogers. M.D. ’48 Wanda Ronner. M.D. '84 Irving Rosenberg. M D. '42 Jack C Rosenfeld, M.D '84 Edmund P Rowland. M.D '53 Andrew D Roxby, M.D. 68 Drs John Joanne Rudoff '83 Abraharn B Sand.MD "33 Alan P. Sandler. M.D. 70 Jerome Santoro. M D 72 Drs. Jane ’62 Walter L Scheet; 58 Dennis M Scully, M.D. 74 Steven M Selbst. M D. 77 Diane E Shafer. MD 76 William J Shanahan, M.D. '69 Roger Sharf '84 John J Sh.go.M D '69 Charles R Shuman, M D. '43 Dr Mrs. Carson D Schneck "59 T R C. Sisson '44 King Snyder. M D '50 Ellen F Soefer. M.D. 74 Dr Mrs. Bruce F Sorensen "60 Paul H Steerrnan. M.D 75 B I Tart Jr.. M.D. '39 William F. Taylor. M.D '60 Joseph J Toland, 3rd. M.D '43 Edwin V Valdiserri, M.D. 78 Dr. Mrs. Robert E Walley III '66 Paul M Wapner. M D '39 L sa A Weidner.M.D. '81 JamesW Williamson. M.D.'53 Edmond M Wroblewski. M.D. 75 Jerry Zaslow. M D. '40 335Congratulations from Temple University Hospital 336To the Class of 1985: We are proud of you and your accomplishments, and wish you well in the pursuit of your career goals. We are happy to have contributed to your education, knowing full well that it will stand you in good stead in the years to come. Congratulations! The Faculty and House Staff Department of Medicine 337Congratulations to the Class of 1985 Found in 1863, The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center, a Temple affiliated hospital, has a long and proud tradition of helping to train and prepare physicians and health-related professionals for their future careers. Congratulations and sincere best wishes for your success. The Germantown Hospital a Medical Center is located in historic Germantown adjacent to Wister Woods. Entry to its 25-acre landscaped campus is via Penn Boulevard. It features a wide range of medical specialties and private rooms, at semi-private rates, for all its patients. The Germantown Hospital and Medical CenterCongratulations on achieving your M.D. Degree We are indeed happy arid proud that you are about to become fellow members of a most exclusive organization. Our medical school has an outstanding teaching staff, curriculum, and student body, and the single most important source of energy for sustaining that fine edge of excellence is that group of M.D s who appreciate the distinction of being Temple University School of Medicine alumni. The Medical Alumni Association of Temple University 339Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division extends warm congratulations to the Class of85 We are proud to be a part of your educational experience and offer our best wishes as you pursue your professional career. 340CONGRATULATIONS! MERIN STUDIOS, INC. Creating Distinctive Photography 2981 Grant Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19114 OR 3-5777 A SPECIAL THANKS TO ERIC MARCHANT, M.D. WHO DESIGNED THE PICTURED LOGO WHICH MADE OUR T-SHIRT SALE AN OVERWHELMING SUCCESS. INCIDENTLY, LOOK FOR DR. MARCHANT'S NEW LINE OF CLOTHING THIS FALL. UNDER THE LABEL OF T-SHIRTS BY RICO. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1985 WE FINALLY MADE IT! NATALIE Congratulations to the Class of 1985 from Philadelphia Ophthalmology Associates RALPH SCOTT SANDO, M.D., F.A.C.S. (TUMS 73) DIRECTOR 913 Walnut Street Philadelphia. PA 19107 (215) 627-1515 100 Church Road Ardmore, PA 19003 (215) 649-7616Congratulations to the Class of 1985 from the Department of Anesthesiology PROFESSOR AND CHAIRMAN JAMES R. HARP, M.D. PROFESSORS THOMAS C. DEAS, M.D. MARY R.W. REARDON, M.D. GERTRUDE PRUCKMAYR, M.D. ALEXANDRA KARETAS, M.D. ASSOCIA TE PROFESSORS NANCY B. KENEPP, M.D. KENNETH J. LEE, M.D. INSTRUCTORS RODGER BARNETTE, M.D. DOUGLAS SWIFT, M.D. DANIEL WALTER. M.D. ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ANSUYA CHATWANI. M.D. DAVID FISH, M.D. ROBERT C. SHUPAK, M.D. TOMMY SYMRENG, M.D. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 Best Wishes to: Matthew J. Landfried, M.D. Manstein Plastic Surgical Association WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU MATT! MOM, DAD, LEE ANN, KATHY, DAVID PAUL GEORGE MANSTEIN, M.D. CARL H. MANSTEIN, M.D. MARK E. MANSTEIN, M.D. 342Best Wishes from the Department of Diagnostic Imaging Leon S. Malmud, M.D., Chairman Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Marie Capitanio, M.D. Dina F. Caroline, M.D. N. David Charkes, M.D. Gary J. DeFilipp, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.B. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Arnold C. Friedman, M.D. Margaret Gainey, M.D. Claude Johnson, M.D. Te—Hua Liu, M.D. Alan H. Maurer. M.D. Mamed Mesgarzadeh. M.D. Paul D. Radecki, M.D. Parvati Ramchandani, M.D. George Revesz. Ph.D. Francis J. Shea, M.D. Jeffry Siegel, Ph.D. Renate Soulen, M.D. Jacqueline Taylor, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Thomas Witomski, M.D. Barbara Wolfson, M.D. Henry J. Woloshin, M.D. Congratulations to the Class of 1985 Nazareth Anesthesia Associates, Inc. DAVID W. SCHAFFER, M.D. ROBERT L. LEEGARD, M.D. FRANK GARBAK, M.D. VAISHALI D. NAIK, M.D. Congratulations Best Wishes Emergency Room Staff Temple University Hospital 3431 ToThe Class of 1985 My Best Wish es and Congratulations To You. Sol Sherry, M.D. Dean and Distinguished Professor of Medicine -Congratulations-Philadelphia Rehabilitation, Inc. Moss Rehabilitation Hospital FIRST FLOOR MEDICAL SUITE 12TH STREET TABOR ROAD • PHILADELPHIA, PA 19141 TELEPHONE (215) 329-5715 James T. Demopoulos, M.D. - President Herbert Avart, D.O. M. Evans Brown, M.D. Max Gilbert, D.O. Gary Goldberg, M.D. Janet Haas, M.D. Anne A. Idiculla. M.D. Joseph Jacob, M.D. Jane T. King, M.D. Raymond Lafontant, M.D. Sara Marks, M.D. Nathaniel H. Mayer, M.D. Diego Morales, M.D. Aurora S. Payawal, M.D. Meeta D. Peer, M.D. Gurcharan Singh, M.D. Thomas E. Strax, M.D. Theerasakdi Vachranukunkiet, M.D. 344Best Wishes Class of 1985 Gerald M. Lemole M.D. Paschal M. Spagna M.D. N. Peter Karmilowicz M.D. Congratulations Best Wishes Congratulations to the Class of 1985 To Our Guy from the faculty, staff Bruce "Gremlin” of Greenberg Family Medicine Associates of the Germantown, Cheltenham, and Roxborough Offices from DAD. MOM. INGRID. LISA. ARI, DAVID. ANA. ANITA, FRED PRINCESS 345Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of 1985 from the Dean’s Office Temple University School of Medicine 346Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 For Information: David A. Smith, M.D. Vice President for Medical Affairs Telephone: (717) 782-4130 Residencies: Family Practice Surgery Pediatrics Internal Medicine 2601 North Third Street • Harrisburg, PA 17110 Congratulations Best Wishes Best Wishes from the to the Class of ’85 Department of from the faculty, Diagnostic residents staff Imaging of the Family Practice Residency Program 347CONGRATULATIONS TO BEST WISHES TO CAROL A. KRAMER. M.D. THE CLASS OF 1985 and THE CLASS OF 1985 John Helwig, Jr., M.D. Cardiovascular Section Germantown Hospital Mom and Dad CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS SUCCESS TO ELAINE A. THALLNER, M.D. DENNIS M. MATTEI Jeff Ann, Mom, Karl, Pete, Paul HIS ENTIRE FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS DOCTOR DR. HOWARD DANE MARKOWITZ DAVID W. KUHNS. M.D. CONGRATULATIONS! WE KNEW YOU WOULD MAKE IT! With Love, Wife Mother and Dad Doug and Wendy Love, Mom. Dad, Steven, Asher, Bubby, Nanna CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TO SCOTT MEYERSON TODD A. MAUGANS. M.D. MOTHER DAD CATHI, RANDI LIEBSHEN! MAUGAN'S UPHOLSTERY Custom Upholstery 101 Valley Street Ext. Marysville, PA 17053 348Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 Members of the Department of Medicine The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center (0(?) 1 Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 w CONGRATULATIONS from the Faculty of the Department of Pathology The Donohoes X 349CONGRATULATIONS TO HALS. HOCKFIELD, M.D. The Radiology Department With Love and Pride Mom, Dad. Cathy Tracy of Germantown Hospital extends its CONGRATULATIONS TO THOMAS F. CARMEN, M.D. Best Wishes Wife Sally Mother Dad Gary Dana Sandy Bobby Aunt Marie J.W. MacMORAN F.J. KIEFNER, Jr. E. A. D'ORAZIO F.P. PIRO F. S. ESPOSITO C.A. STEWART Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS DR. ROBERT W. KAVILLE To "WILL YOU MAKE HOUSE CALLS?" John D. Horowitz, M.D. MOM AND DAD MOTHER AND DAD RITA AND JEROME M. HOROWITZ, D.D.S. JO ANN HOROWITZ, M.D., ALAN M. HOROWITZ, BETH, RONI. AVI GILADI CONGRATULATIONS TO MARY WOLF MacCART, M.D. LOVE Mom Dad Wolf and Family Mom Dad MacCart and Family And finally, John and "The Becker" 350to the Class of ‘85 A 275-bed community teaching hospital serving Northcentral Philadelphia. A range of medical specialties attracts patients from other communities as well. Episcopal is actively engaged in the education of medical students, resident physicians, nurses and x-ray technicians. It has teaching affiliations with Temple University and Hahnemann University. Also on the hospital campus: Harrison House, a 35-bed skilled nursing facility, and the Comprehensive Health Center for outpatient services. Founded in 1851, by a group of public-spirited doctors, lawyers, clergy and businessmen, Episcopal is nowr non-sectarian.the teaching hospital where people make a career of caring Congratulations Class of 1 985 from Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital— 1086 Franklin Street Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905-4398 Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 from Philadelphia Psychiatric Center a subsidiary of Albert Einstein Healthcare Foundation Alfred A. Meltzer Paul J. Fink Vice President and General Director Medical Director 352Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 for fulfilling careers and lives. We enjoyed working with you. The Faculty and Residents, Department of Medicine, Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Herbert S. Waxman, M.D. Chairman Todd I. Braun, M.D. Chief Medical Resident Seymour Siegel, M.D. (TUSM 45) Associate Chairman Samuel C. Vrooman, M.D. Chief Medical Resident Division Heads Morris N. Kotler, M.D., Cardiology Robert Fox, M.D., Dermatology Sol Epstein, M.D., Endocrinology Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology Mark Capkin, M.D. (TUSM ’80), General Internal I. Robert Schwartz, M.D., Hematology Oncology Richard S. Levy, M.D., Infectious Disease Rasib M. Raja, M.D., Nephrology Michael Lippmann, M.D., Pulmonary Mary E. Moore, M.D. (TUSM ’67), Rheumatology Medicine ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER 353Congratulations to the Class of 1985 from The Staff of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children 354Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 i from the Faculty Staff of the Department of Family Practice and Community Health We hope you all have SUCCESS! fulfilling careers in medicine We enjoyed developing with those Neurology Associates of you who participated AEMC - N.D. with us in training. Good Luck! ALBERT SSBL from the EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER IHL Scranton-Temple Residency Program 355"The secret in the care of the patient is in caring for the patient." —F. Peabody. M.D. Congratulations to the Class of 1985 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 from Montgomery Family Practice Residency Program from the Family Practice 15 West Wood Street Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401 Phone: 277—0964 Residency Program Lancaster General Hospital WILLIAM H. RODGERS, III. M.D., Director MARC W. McKENNA, M.D., Associate Director HAZEL M. BLUESTEIN. M.D., Faculty Associate Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 1985 Graduating Class Success to the Class of 1985 from from the Department of Surgery, Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Temple Neurologic Associates 356Congratulations and Best Wishes McKeesport Hospital Family Practice Residency Program McKeesport, PA. 15132 412-664-2131 357Congratulations Success to the Class of 1985 Larry Piccioni the Department of Radiology, from Mark Piccioni Sons Mark Jr. Sco tt Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 from the Faculty and Staff of the Department of Physiology 358Congratulations from the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Bronchoesophagology from Drs. Max Ronis, Rose Mohr, Charles Norris, Emil Liebman and Melvin Masloff Philip Michael Monteleone Compliments " With Much Pride of for a job well done” Dr. Mrs. Thad A. Miklas Your Loving Family 359My Dearest Fudgey—Wudgey, For the times you've been there with your love, warmth anil understanding — Thanks. Love Always, Your Teddy Bear CONGRATULATIONS from SAMAR FASHIONS Famous Name and Designer Fashions Congratulations to Orlando R. Davis, M.D Love Mom and Dad STRONG IN THE TURNAROUND Bring us in to retnetryour nursing home management problems. Crossgates Medical. Inc., develops, manages and operates nursing Ixnnes. specializing in financial turnaround. 410 N Washington Rood. McMurray. PA 15317 (412) 343-8057 LOVE, HAPPINESS SUCCESS TO NANCY BUCCIARELLI, M.D. From Your Family CONGRATULATIONS TO MARY CALLAHAN. M.D. JOHN COPPES, M.D. Callahan Family 360BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1985 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE ON AGING and MID-ATLANTIC LONG TERM CARE GERONTOLOGY CENTER 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 (215) 787-6970 BEST WISHES FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER NORTHERN DIVISION CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 Peter W. Kozicky, M.D. Emil J. Dilorio, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS LESLIE A. TEEPLE, M.D. Harold Felton, P.A. Mother and Dad Orthopedic Surgery John, Kathy, Mark, Nancy CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS TO EDWARD S. GRONKA, M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1985 GRONKA ADVERTISING THE CLASS OF 1985 FROM THE CLASS OF '24 CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TO STEVEN L. BERNSTEIN, M.D. NEETA K. BERNSTEIN. M.D. DR. BERNARDINE POLISH Mom, Dad and Leslie from Mom Dad Bennek and Entire Family 361Good Luck to the Class of 1985 from the Temple Health Sciences Bookstore Professional Books and Supplies 221-3157 Congratulations to the Class of 1985 DOLBEY’S 3726Spruce St. 1020 Locust St. Phila., PA 19104 Phila., PA 19107 (215) 222—6020, 6021 (215) 928-7922, 7923 362CONGRATULATIONS TO WILLIAM C. WILSON M D ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL - A suburban Philadelphia teaching hospital offering broad based clinical exposure: DAD KEN 16 6 4 2 1st yr. positions in Medicine 1st yr. positions in Surgery 1st yr. positions in Family Practice 1st yr. positions in Ob-Gyn For information contact: Office of Medical Education Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA 19001 (215) 576-2603 CONGRATULATIONS TO DAVID J. LUDWICK, M.D. Mother and Dad Linda, John, Rick, Marilyn Nana and Pop-Pop Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 From The Department Of NeurosurgerVLOVE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO Best Wishes DAVID W. SUHOLET, M.D. to the from Mother, Paul, Susan and The Family Class of 1985 from The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine "FROM '35 TO '85" CONGRATULATIONS AND EVERY BLESSING KATHARINE QUINN NOLAN, M.D. (1935) Temple University Hospital James T. Demopoulos, M.D., Chairman Kenneth L. Izzo, M.D., Unit Director Srinivas Aravabhumi, M.D. Anita W. Roth, M.D. MANDITORY QUESTION: "IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR GOD WHO WAS ON MY SIDE" "ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD." Which of the following are true of the Class of 1985? (One Best Answer) CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. HAROLD T. ROWSON CLASS OF '85 1. Successful 2. Intelligent 3. Creative 4. Hard Working 5. All of the Above From Proud Parents and Family PENNRIDGE PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES Joseph A.C. Girone, M.D. Ruth P. Schiller, M.D. Thomas J. Hipp, M.D. Neil Schlackman, M.D. Edward P. Rothstein, M.D. Ronald L. Souder, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALAN LEWIS MITCHELL. M.D. ALL OUR LOVE MOM DAD NANCY, MITCHELL AND BETH 364CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '85 CONGRATULATIONS TO VALERIE L. HEARNS, M.D. MARLENE MASH. M.D. Class of '82 MARIA MASH FEDOR. M.D. Class of '83 Husband Hercules. Mom, Dad, Gloria and Grandma CONGRATULATIONS TO MARY K. HARADA, M.D. and CLASS OF 1985 CONGRATULATIONS TO MARK P. SCHWARTZ MOTHER. DAD JEFFREY Family of Thomas T. Harada, M.D. ('43) Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 from the Department of Surgery 365CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1985 PAUL M. ZUBRIT2KY. M.D. (TUMS 77) Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility Robinson Professional Building McKees Rocks. PA 15136 Best Wish es from the Department of Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital P. Plotnick Sons Manheim Gardens Wissahickon Gardens Erringer Place Apts. Fernhill Apts. Apartments 843-7310, 7311, 7312 366CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 Best Wishes for Success GEORGE H. WESSEL, M.D. BEST WISHES Germantown Neurological Associates FROM THE FACULTY AND STAFF OF THE WYOMING VALLEY FAMILY PRACTICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM KINGSTON, PENNSYLVANIA STEPHEN D. SILBERSTEIN, M.D. ELLIOTT A. SCHULMAN. M.D. The Department of Urology is Proud of our newest Graduates - Keep in touch with your school. 367CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 MOFFIN'S STEAKS LOGIC Congratulations to Richard Y. Highbloom, M.D. and the Class of 1985 Should be A Required Course for Admission to Medical School from Mom, Dad , Francine, Larry, Traci, Eric GEORGE D. PATTON, M.D. Class of 1935 CONGRATULATIONS TO JAMES G. FINGLETON, M.D. Wife Lisa, Children Matthew Christopher To those of vou who had the opportunity to be a part of the Allentown Affiliated Hospitals.. .best wishes in your future endeavors! Mother Dad, Michael, Laura, Brian, Tom Christina Richard Boorse Peter Cochrane Matthew Cohen Harlan Daubed Elizabeth Drum Jose Gonzalez-Acuna Miller Harris Gregory Kent Sherri Klemow Rosemary Kozar Robed Krywicki Linda Lapos Barry Levine Clifford Lomboy David Miller Minhly Nguyen Lucas Njo Daniel Norden Kenneth Parker Manna Russman Diane Saldukas Michael Stierstoder Joseph Strangarity Joseph Woods @ Lehigh Valley Hospital Center • KHH mi VMOI'i I ZOO South c av Owl AMWOwn PA I6I0S (Q) The Allentown Hospital «inwiiiilAnn i m. ft o » $»••••• A Bemoan PA IftlOZ CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 and GOOD LUCK TO DR.CHARLES PAPACOSTAS ON HIS RETIREMENT DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY 368CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TO JAMES B. VOGUS, M.D. THE CLASS OF 1985 WIFE LINDA, MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER DR. MRS. ALBERT A. SCHWARTZ JEFF, JACQUE AND JEFFREY CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TO BRYAN E. SHAPIRO, M.D. DONALD A. SIVICK, Jr., M.D. and CLASS OF 1985 WITH LOVE, Mother Dad, Connie Don Shapiro Mother and Dad, Al, Bob, Ed, Joe Best Wish es to the Class of 1985 from the Faculty of the Department of PsychiatryBetter health through closer communication (McNEIL) 370 McNEIL CONSUMER PRODUCTS COMPANY FORT WASHINGTON PA 19034Greetings to the Class of 1985 from HOS P I T'AL CONGRATULATIONS SUCCESS TO GWENDOLYN V. YOUNGBLOOD, M.D. Mother, Dad, Robert Jr., William, Colette. Franchesca, Stefan, Donna. Kristina. Greg, Lisa, Christopher, Kristen Germall GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '85 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Setting Standards of Excellence Since 1872. OFFICE OF LEISURE PROGRAMS AND FACILITIES Best Wishes from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery JOHN W. LACHMAN. M.D. EDWARD J. RESNICK, M.D. HOWARD H. STEEL. M.D. PHILIP D. ALBURGER, M.D MICHAEL CLANCY, M.D. RAY A. MOYER. M.D. ROBERT D. CAMPO, Ph.D. RUSSELL E. WINDSOR, M.D RANDAL R. BETZ, M.D.373 ' t t' m tty ', s ' ' ’jY ' Y Y J y t tf A y ? 7 A ‘ rmm MtuiuJ UUe y j Av y Y y J '.) Jtt t PRAESES CURATORES PROFESSORES I XIV ; % '' bfiuA A 7An jyt 374ry ' y ' 'f J z .f , ,, y,a vw tym ,wthj y M mn fa 765 Aj ff rr urrf u Wf rV f ; ? n m t r saJjmi Tar RSITATIS TEMPLATE PHILADELPIIIEXSIS 9. f J V' JJ rr ' _____ v Y r Jfyfrrf Jt .f lfUTfU' V f£f VtMUM. 375Many helped in the production of this yearbook. Listed below are individuals who were instrumental in making SKULL’85 a reality. Dan Solari and staff of William T. Cooke Publishing Co. Stan, Robin, Cheryl, and Jane —Medical Communications— Art dept. Otto,Hank, Karen,and Bill —Medical Communications — Photography dept. Mary, Charlotte, Linda, Rudi, and Geri —Office of Student Programming Mary,Cleo, Jackie,Diane, Judy,and Shirley —Administrative Offices Public Relations Office Special thanks to Margaret Donohoe Jim Yuschak Sue Rushin Lisa SkeltonTEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 1985 SKULL

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