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ttNCAL ALUMNI OFRCE TEMrti UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF HEWCWt FWUttiMA 40, H. 'H OCTANE  SKULL Table of Dedication............................................ 4 The Odyssey: Introduction ........................... 6 The Odyssey: Pre-Med . . . . ........................ .8 Administration.................................... ....12 Pre-Clinical Years.....................................22 Anatomy...........................................24 Biochemistry. ................................. .32 Physiology.................................... . .38 Best Worst of Med Notes .................... .44 The Odyssey: Summer Vacation .46 Pathology........................................ 48 Microbiology lmmunology.................... ... .52 Pharmacology................................... .58 Primary Care............................... . .62 Genetics............................... . , .63 Behavioral Science............................... 63 Clinical Years.........................................64 Diagnostic Imaging............................... 66 Surgery.......................................... 68 Ophthalmology.....................................74 Neurosurgery......................................75 Otorhinolaryngology...............................76 Orthopedics. .................................... 77 Urology...........................................80 Anesthesiology....................................81 Psychiatry.. .....................................82 Dermatology................................. ... .85 Family Practice...................................86 Emergency Medicine .............................. 88 Internal Medicine.................................90Contents Clinical Years Cardiology....................................... 95 Endocrinology Metabolism..........................96 Gastroenterology..................................97 General Internal Medicine.........................98 Hematology Oncology......... .....................99 Infectious Disease...............................100 Nephrology.......................................102 Pulmonary........................................103 Rheumatology.....................................104 Physical Medicine Rehabilitation...............105 Neurology........................................106 Pediatrics..................................... 108 Obstetrics Gynecology............................114 Affiliated Hospitals.............................118 The Odyssey: Sirens Temptarions 122 The Odyssey: Helios Abuse . ....... .............124 Activities............................................128 Organizations....................................130 SKULL '84 Staff..................................136 Christmas Show...................................138 Parties..........................................140 Sports ..........................................144 Med Notes TUM-SA............ ....................147 Seniors...............................................148 Residencies...........................................329 The Odyssey: Kalypso ........ .. ............332 The Odyssey: Conclusion........... 334 Medical Communications................................336 Dedication Blase Anthony Carabello, M.D. Blase Carabello was visibly pleased and touched upon hearing of his selection for the SKULL '84 dedication. When we met for lunch, he asked — obviously unimpressed with his above listed credentials - why this student thought we'd chosen him— and then proceeded to demonstrate the answers He began by asking about my career plans, not perfunctorily, but with real interest, which did not wane when I named a field outside Internal Medicine. On our way to Fisher's, a medical resident obtained a quick "curbside consult”, and once inside. I. usually timid with professors of similar rank, yielded to temptation and asked for his thoughts on an unusual case that I had seen on an earlier rotation. Blase (one quickly feels more comfortable with this than his formal title) didn't mind. He says he's accustomed to students and residents approaching him more casually than they do other faculty members I acknowledge a consensus among my classmates that, despite our admiration of him, we feel we can ask him questions with less fear of being judged negatively than is sometimes the case. BLASE ANTHONY CARABELLO 1969 B.A. Gettysburg College 1973 M.D. Temple University, cum laude 1973-1976 Residency in Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School 1976-1978 Fellow m Cardiology Peter Bent Brigham Hospital Harvard Medical School 1978-1979 Cardiologist Peter Bent Brigham Hospital 1979-1981 Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Virginia Hospital Charlottesville 1981- Director of Diagnostic Cardiology Associate Professor of Medicine Associate Professor of Physiology Temple University School of Medicine Dr. Carabello then began to describe his feelings about teaching. He has a great sense of debt and gratitude regarding all those who taught him. the most important source of his knowledge. In turn, he believes he owes his students the best teaching possible. Thus, when Blase is "floor attending", it takes precedence over all other obligations. "Where I 'grew up'” he says, referring to his training at MGH. "they always trusted that everyone was doing their best." Blase likes to treat his own students this way. preferring to assume that mistakes are made not due to negligence but rather as an integral part of the process of learning medicine. He has also learned "to expect to meet a lot of smart people in medicine," so that he's pleased and impressed rather than threatened by the student who teaches him something new. This spirit of mutual respect is apparent when he speaks of his wife Ellen, now a freshman at TUMS. he feels their marriage is the stronger for their both being happily involved in their careers. And no. he jokes, he's not threatened, as long as 41 I his wife doesn't surpass him in his research passion, myocardial pathophysiology. Dr. Carabello, the author of an impressive list of publications and recipient of several awards and honors, does research because it's "fun, like a detective game. Don't tell my chairman." he offers, "but I'd do this for nothing!” Blase's commitment to his patients equals that to his research and teaching. Far from minding the supportive role often demanded of him in his work with cardiac patients, he enjoys it. Claiming he "could never make a living in private practice." he notes that he often spends more than an hour talking with a single patient His efforts are appreciated, my first Physical Diagnosis patient was one of Blase's, and I remember her telling me. with feigned trepidation but obvious affection, that she'd never touch another cigarette for fear of his reaction. At home, Blase does a lot more reading now that his wife is in school, but in general, he likes to keep his off- duty hours free for sports events and for working on the house that they recently bought. He is genuinely excited to be back at Temple, stating that "this part of the country is home to me." He grew up in Reading. Pennsylvania, where his father is a well-known pediatrician. He adds. "There’s something special about working with the people who first taught you." One such person is Dr. James Spann, who greatly influenced Blase's career choice when Blase worked in It is lab as a medical student. Dr Carabello, we're pleased and honored to have you back. We dedicate this, the chronicle of the beginning of our medical educations, to you. in the hope that our careers might reflect the influence of your compassionate service, creative inquiry, respect for colleagues, and ... fun. We thank you for teaching us how to take care of myocardia. and of hearts as well. 5INVOCATION Tell me. Muse, of the man of many ways. Odysseus who was driven far on hard journeys. After long struggles, and hitter death of beloved friends in the small college town of llion, he was finally accepted by the Pre-Med Committee, and recommended "Highly. We feel that he definitely might do well probably”; and not long after was invited to tread the hallowed halls of the glorious Temple Medical Academy, whose shining name is sung abroad from the pot-holed Iberian streets of Fifth and Lehigh, to the boundaries of Nicetown where the motto is "Shoot ’em up, then shoot 'em down”, over to the kingdom of Frankford to whose people no disease is unknown. And this Temple is still close enough to the high schools of Montgomery County so that the faculty may live there and ride to work on the shining Expressway. Next let me sing of the bitter trials as he made his way homeward. His battle with Cyclops, Skylla and Charybdis; the trip to Erebos: hard storms, bitter hunger; and always the honeyed voice of the Sirens calling him to abandon his great enterprise. And now, great Muse, help us find Odysseus -beyond all other men in mind, and who, beyond others, has given sacrifice to the gods - help us find him at the table of Alkinoos, king of the Phaiacians unsurpassed in the art of navigation, whose sleek vessels are strangers to no part of the far flung seas. 6PRE -MED AT TROY COLLEGE So Alkinoos arose, and addressing his guests, said: "Distinguished Lords and ladies of the Phaiacian people, we are gathered to celebrate the graduation of a stranger accomplished in all the fields revered and practiced by civilized people such as we. He has shown us his power against our best men in boxing and wrestling. Far has he hurled the arcing discus, steady his hand with the shining scalpel: cunning and street wise is he in eliciting the essential history; deep reaching, a sorcerer, in plying the wondrous medications against all manner of disease; and. above all skill, his great spirit glows to soothe the wounded spirit of the sick, and make them love him as a healer. Here we shall eat of the sweet meat, drink the deep wine as is fit at the celebration of Graduation; and our honored guest will tell the tale of how he came to this place and time. Then we will give him conveyance to Ithaka, his home, as is the wont of Phaiacians, who give aid unquestioned to any traveler. Our sleek vessels cross the waters without helmsmen or navigator, knowing the wills and purpose of their journey, as if hy divine inspiration." So spake Alkinoos, and resourceful Odysseus arose, saying "So shall it be, and I shall tell you the story without omission, starting at the beginning. Eight years past did I first set eyes upon the college called Troy with my ten ships of Ithakan men all raised from their mother's laps to speed and strength. There did we meet the parties from Mykeno; the troops of fair haired Menelaos; all the numbers of the hard-greaved Achaians come to fight for Helen, whose skin is golden, like a wheat field in the prairie, and in whom reside learning, truth, the opportunity for goodly advancement, and above all, the chance of getting to Med School. Hot were we in spirit, ready for easy victory. None prepared for years of bitter struggle, wrenching loss of dear friends whose lifeblood stained the hanging dust. Inconclusive was our battle, in the balance back and forth, our armies evenly matched. Sometimes with easy A's did we prevail in Biologos, Psychologos I and II, Art History and Frisbee 101, but then in bitter onslaught, back to the walls of our beached vessels did the Trojans oppress us. stopping the mouths of beloved companions with heavy death by Physical Kemistry, Organic Kemistry. ugly Fysiks, while all around by infinitesimal decrements were our men wasted by that C-grade-giving slayer Differential Kalkulus. Until finally, after three years in the bitter struggle and a 3.0 average, in close counsel with the leaders of all the Greeks, did I, Odysseus, propose this strategem. No more in open onslaught would we contend with the shining armored Trojans. Rather, a hollow horse would we prepare, finely wrought with gold burnished flanks, amethyst bedecked, and with six legs. Set out was the hollow horse with diverse distractions. Interests did we espouse in Islam, The Applicant' 81) Toupee: To cover receding hairline squired through repeated applications over several years. 2) Neatly-Knotted Tie indicates superior manual dexterity. Portends well for surgical career. 3) Soft, Sensitive, Well- Manicured Hands: points to obsession with cleanliness, sterility, and vigorous palpation. 4) Reading Glosses: necessary from years of reading small print of MCAT preparatory course material. 5) Sincere, Compassionate Smile: means that '.are for others, especially those who sit on admissions committee, is top priority. 6) Letter of Recommendation: from the ongressmar. who his butcher's babysitter's uncle the Chiropractor met at a party once. 7) New Suit: first one bought since Bar Mit vah. 8) Sensible Shoes, indicates disinterest with things fashionable modern, or materialistic and readiness to sacrifice one’s life for the care of the infirm, so help him God. 9) Wedding Ring: signifies stability, loyalty, and, above all a source of income for loan repayment (Marriage will dissolve just prior to Pathology boards. Wife will sue for loss of potential income, and win). 10) Ivy League Insignia: to impress unwary interviewer who just may overlook the predominance of "Arts and Crafts” and Phys. Ed. courses on the transcript from Onondaga State Penal Colony. (Tie borrowed from cousin Irv, the Orthodontist). 11) Empty Pockets: needed to qualify for appropr ,ite financial aid. 12) New England Journal: next week’s copy, in ase he should desire meaningful conversation with TUH Medical Housestaff. 13) Wallet: Contents a) Picture of Mom bl Picture of the President c) Picture of the Pope (just in case) d) Picture of Mom with President and the Pope e) Bov Scout Membership Card f) Elan Membership Card g) Red Cross Certificate for donation of 1.658 pints of blood h) Prescription for FeS04 325 mg TID i) Registration for the 280Z he gets when he gets in 14) Can of Mace: given by Mom just for TUMS interview. Chinese pottery, glistening tales we fabricated of backgrounds in ghettos and chicken coops, far flung adventures in clinics (not Bordellos) in Mexico, Kibbutzim, auto mechanic workshops. theatre productions, sponsored wine drinking contests ("Thus the 2.1 average in the Sophomore year”) for the March of Dimes, research projects; and with many other glittering paraphernalia was the horse furnished, hoping that its appearance would so befuddle the admissions committees that they would grant us interviews, and we would finally come through the gates of the citadel to sack it from within. For long days did the Trojans debate over our horse, as we lay breathless within. Some said that it should be burned as an offering to the gods in gratitude for victory since the rest of the tall ships (or so they thought) had sailed off. Some thought that such a tawdry tinselled artifact should be pushed over the cliff since the stench of its smoke might offend the nostrils of the gods. But by close margin, after long discussion, they decided thus, that they would bring the horse into the city at least temporarily, to study it more closely. But one night was all we needed. As soon as the interview was scheduled we sallied forth from the hollow beast, opening the gates to all our friends who had returned. Fast work did we make of the city appearing first in rented suits, then, newly shaven with barbered locks, always with a glistening smile on our lips we feigned interest in whether embryology followed physiology. advocating grades, advocating no grades, and "yes. Harvard and Stanford interviews went well but given the chance I would prefer to come here over God's own medical academy". And soon did I and my companions receive note from the Temple school inviting us to attend, and I did accept three times by mail and four times by telephono, each time my application being misplaced by the Hydra-like bureaucracy that rules in that place. And indeed my friends and I did think we were at last in clover - foolish mind that sees the end. but not the way to it — that we were all but home in Ithaka already. And extravagantly did we plunder the riches of Troy, it being our senior year. Daylong on the ski slopes and at softball practice; by night catching movies and drinking the cool beer in the world-famed bars of that town; cavorting with the deep-loined people of that place and filling to the decks our hollow vessels with the spoils of victory for our return to Ithaka. So we set sail with a fresh breeze following expecting very soon to set eyes on our families again.Faces and FriendsKWCAi ALUMNI OTOC UNlVE!?$JTr SCHOOL OF MfOlOMF WJUIMA AO, H. Ind soon did I and mY companion receive note from the Temple School us to attend, and I did accept three times by mail ir limes by telephone ..." Temple _University SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 1213Administrators Dr. Leo Henikoff (above'l ancJ Dr. Hugo Smith (below) Leo M. Henikoff. M.D. Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs Ethel Weinberg, M.D. Associate Dean Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum William P Barba II, M.D. Associate Vice President for Affiliated Instituions Robert G Uris Associate Dean for Administration Albert J Finestone, M.D. Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Samuel S. Herman, D.D.S.. Ph.D. Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Associate Vice President for Research of Temple University William F Schulze. M.A. Assistant to the Dean Harold B Morley, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Development and Administration Charles S. Ireland, Jr. Assistant to the Dean Director of Recruitment, Admission and Retention Program Avery S. Miller Acting Assistant Vice President for Systems and Finance Moses Williams, Ph.D. Director ol Admissions Rose A. Ferrara Assistant Director of Administration Stanton Felzer. Ph.D. Associate Vice President Stanton W. Saltzman Director of Medical Communications Herman Goldner, Ph D. Director of Sponsored Programs Ruth E. Diamond Director of the Library Jonathan Ciliey. Ph.D. Director of Student Laboratories 14Robert G. Uris Dr. Ethel Weinberg William F. Schulze Dr. Albert J. Finestone Dr. William P. Barba II with Joel Boyd (left)Dr. Stanton Felzer with Melody Becker Dr. Harold B. MorleyBelow from left to right: Avery S. Miller. Sandy McDade (Assistant Director of Finance) and Jan Bendrick (Assistant Director of Finance) SalvatoreS. Lanzilotti, Ed.D. Director of Educational Services and Liaison FINANCIAL AID OFFICE (Above from left to right) Kathleen McAlary (Counselor) Linda Taylor (Secretary) Grace Krebs (Counselor) Robert Kieserman Operations Analyst. Finance Office STUDENT LABORATORIES (from left to right) Patricia Samson. B.S.. Dr. Jonathan Cillev. Ron Medori. B.S.. Donna Mason (Secretary). Myron Singleton ? ROOMS Mrs. Cleora £. Clark Office Staff Ms. Melody Becker Secretary to Associate Vice President Mrs. Carol Blount Secretary, Office of the Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs Mrs. Mary Stier Chambers Office Manager. Office of lhe Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs Mrs. Cleora E. Clark Secretary, Office of Associate Dean for Curriculum Ms. Margaret Cortese Former secretary to Associate Dean for Curriculum Mrs. Theresa Cunningham Secretary, Office of the Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs Mrs. Dorothy J. Dennison Executive Director of Alumni Office Mrs. Mable Dukes Secretary to the Assistant Administrator Ms. Mary E. Flynn Secretary, Alumni Office Mrs. Shirley Ester Secretary to Manager, Office of Faculty and Student Records Ms. Diane Lazar Secretary to Associate Dean for Administration Ms. Gerry Morton Secretary to the Director of Admissions Mrs. Judith Russo Manager. Office of Faculty and Student Records Miss Helga Sauter Secretary to the Associate Dean Miss Livia F. Sparagna Secretary to the Associate Vice President for Affiliations Ms. Cathy Thomas Secretary to the Dean for Continuing Medical Education Miss Crystal Thomas Secretary, Office of Continuing Medical Education 18 Mrs. Theresa Cunningham (left) and Mrs. Carol Blount (right)Ms. Margaret Cortese Ms. Diane Lazar 19Mrs. Cathy Thomas (right) with Elizabeth Lewis Mrs. Shirley Ester (left) with Mrs. Judy Russo Precilia Richardson (Bursar's Office)Library Staff Bur: Benenson Ruth Diamond Director Burt Benenson Jean Choi Mary Ellen Harris Wade Harris Toby Harke Anna Ludovici Robert Rooney Thelma Silvestro Maureen Smith Robert Rooney :• INDEX MEDtOJS W= INDEX MEDCUSV= NDEX MEDIOJS Wade Harris (right) Anna Ludovici (right) with Toby Harke Ruth Diamond (left) and Thelma Silvestro22YEARS • PRE- CLINICAL YEARS • PRE-CLINICAL YEARS • PRE-CLINICS 23ANATOMY Our first stop was the Aiolian Island of Anatomy where the portly king Troyophones rules. In his court many nobles gaily sing the livelong day pretty poems praising the guts and bones and sinews of the body. First in the morning would the microscopic Phillipides hold sway: "Repeat after me. 'first is the axis cylinder, then comes the neurilemma between the Nodes of Ranvier. then neurilemma nucleus then the endoneurium, then the neuriplexus network of the neurolemma, then the perineurium with its moderately dense fibrous connective tissue sheath, and then comes the cctoneurium'." Next came Paavolides whose words spun so fast that Kronos the time keeper who never sleeps would put his finger to the hands of the clock to stop them and make limo for all her words. Next we would all join hands and skip in a circle "LI. 2, 3 for the duodenum And just the same for the renals But ribs 10, 11, 12 for the splenum." Next, at lunch, the kindly Orolitov and Spratt of the gaudy breeches would help us in our games, and tell us good jokes. Afternoons we spent in the delicate fragrance of the embalming fluid trying to discover the resemblance between our cadaver and the instruction videotape. And all the while, both day and night, our efforts were guided by the great Carsonian Schneck, princely in knowledge, tireless in giving it, and unequalled in the art of making the murky seem clear and light. 24 Anatomy Robert Troyer. Ph.D. Chairperson Mark Black. Ph.D. Michael Cochran, Ph.D. Gail Crouse. Ph.D. John Huber, M.D.. Ph.D. Emeritus Albert Lamperti, Ph.D. Thomas Marino. Ph.D. James McAllister. Ph.D. Patricia Olds-Clarke, Ph.D. Joanne Orth, Ph.D. Brett Oxberry. Ph.D. Laurie Paavola, Ph.D. Helen Pearson, Ph.D. Steven J. Phillips, M.D., Ph.D. Carson Schneck, M.D.. Ph.D. Marvin Sodicoff. Ph.D. John Way, Ph.D. Special thanks to Neal Prait, Ph.D. Dr. Robert Troyer Dr. Steven J. PhillipsJohn Mitchell demonstrates areflexia. Dr. Marvin Sodicoff Dr. Mark Black Dr. Carson SchneckAnd in truth, after the long struggle in Troy we were not discontented with our childlike pursuits in Anatomy. If this was not home, it was the next best thing, and our minds discovered a new, unexplored continent of form underlying the unending variety of human appearances, every little finger with its ulnar innervation, every last tongue with circumvalate and filiform papillae. Finally we were ready to sail onward, and the kindly king gave me a bag, tied with a slim thread, and told me that in it were all the winds which I might need for straight sailing home, and that all that my men and I need do was keep the day-long regimen, and skip rope diligently, and revere as holy our lecturers, and not question anything they said, and wash behind our ears. and write to Mummy and Daddy at least twice a week and in that way we would come home quickly. So we set sail and for fourteen days with fair winds following, sped across Poseidon's water until at last we saw the cliffs of lihaka in the distance. It was about the time of Thanksgiving, and I was weary from unending days and nights 3t the helm, (for Troyophones' words had inspired me to pursue a mastery of his books like a young dog which gambols tireless, following the scent of a hare long gone). So I went down among the men, and tasted of the pleasures unknown to us since we had left Troy. But then I fell asleep, and my companions, who had seen the silver tied bag, talking among themselves, decided that I was hiding treasure that the king had meant for all. So they opened the bag. and immediately a hugh squall blew from the South. I awoke, and seeing what they had done groaned in heavy agony, and told them the whole story. The winds grew into a foul storm, buffeting our tall ship for days until we were driven again onto the Aiolian shore. Again we entered the court. "But what are you doing here comrades? Surely you have had no problem on your way since my gift guaranteed you straight passage?” I told him our story, and begged him to give us another bag of winds. But he leapt to his feet horrified, "Oh least of living creatures, out of this islandl Hurry! With such blighted luck you must indeed be hateful to the immortals. Out before your evil fate taints us all! Out!” With these words, he sent us out of his house. So we once more took our places in the ships and set out to make our own way home. 26 Meet our cadaver.... he's a hurting buck. Dr. Albert LampertiDr. Michael Cochran Dr. Laurie PaavolaDr. John Way on break Dr. Brelt OxberryDr. John F. Huber ’’Did you say that was mediolateral or lateromedial?" To Dr. Neal Pratt-A big hug from the Class of 1984.Dr. Gail Crouse The first semester threw us into Anatomy Complete with formalin filled bodies. Gross dissections, bizarre malformations And 5,000 new terms to remember. Behavioral science and genetics kept us ajar As Histology held us in suspense For each test and all the rest Just drove us to the nearest bar. Dr. Crouse blunt dissects while a large enthusiastic crowd looks on.Biochemistry Gerhard Plain, Ph.D. Chairperson Michael Brenner, Ph.D. Jerome Gabriel, Ph.D. Victor Glushko, Ph.D. Robert Hamilton, Ph.D. Emeritus J. Kenneth Hoober, Ph.D. Edward Kirby, Ph.D, Gerald Litwack. Ph.D. Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Ronald Pieringer, Ph.D. Richard Savage, Ph.D. Barbara Schick. Ph.D. Vern L. Schramm, Ph.D. Colleen Smith. Ph.D. Robert Suhadolnik, Ph.D. Dr. Gerhard Plaut Dr. Edward Kirby 32 Dr. Vern L. SchrammDr. J. Kenneth Hoober "Oh no. not the Kreb's Cycle again!" 33 Dr. Michael BrennerBIOKEMISTRY HOW TO TAKE THE BIOCHEM TEST From there, grieving still at heart, we sailed further along, and reached the country of the lawless outrageous Cyclops, or as we came to call them. Bioclots, known throughout all the world for their obsession with enzymes and pathways; a people without social intercourse or customs. loving only examinations and computer printout sheets. The Cyclops it was who fashioned the thunderbolt that destroyed Asclepius, God of healing. and were later exterminated by Apollo in revenge for their part in the killing. Their purpose in life is to distill the flux of living matior into an immutable symbolism of constants and equilibria. In youth these people, not outside in the leaf-sprung sunshine, but inside in the gloom, ponder the mechanisms of nature. Finally in that half light, their eyes close forever, the skin grows over them, and their inner eye. the one called by the Hindus Mariavara, which for most mortals is the seat conscience. swivels from its inner seat, pops through the skin, glaring abroad from the forehead, perfectly adapted to read the pH meter without parallax. The Bioclots' island is like a barren rock pile, without cultivation, and yet things do grow there without tending, and Zeus' own rain falls on them, as it does equally on all people who strain and struggle beneath the sky. So we went up onto the island to find out who lived there, whether savage and violent, or hospitable to strangers and with minds that are godly. Soon we came to a cave, which we inspected. All around were scattered pails of milk and cheeses, and equations laying bare the intricacies of life; subtle insighcs which when applied facilitate wonderful cures; and forms depicting the ebb and flow of countless processes. In truth although a strange people and horriole to mortal men, the Bioclots have discovered many wonders from their diggings in life's dark sub-soil. Other things did we see which then we little understood - oh hateful ignorancel - high filing cabinets stuffed with sheaths of colored paper, heavy volumes which suddenly would close, slamming their reader’s head between the pages so that the brains rattled around like a lotto number; and there were also interminable lists to be memorized of hydrolases, hydratases. dehydroxylases and reductases. Soon our Bioclot host returned, driving in a vast flock and banging shut the huge stone which covered the door. And the heart in us was stricken when we saw him. a monstrous wonder to behold, like a wooded mountain peak. I introduced our group, but already with suspicion in my heart, told him not what I was called, but said, "Honored sir. my name that I was given is 'Nobody'; my friends and I are travellers on our way through medical school. We beg you for your hospitality in the name of Zeus, who avenges any wrong toward strangers and suppliants!' 34Dr Dawn Marks"Miserable wretch" he roared, "you are in no position to parlay terms with me! My father is Poseidon, shaker of the earth, inventor of Radio Immunoassay, beloved of intermediary metabolism." And he reached down for two of my men, snatching them up, sprinkling them on some red and yellow paper, and like a gorilla studying a bunch of primroses yelled: "name all the cofactors of the Krebs Cycle arid four of the enzymes of glycolysis, and the amino acid sequence of insulin". The wretched souls made two gasps at answers before he slapped them to the ground, their brains spilling out, and ate them whole, entrails, flesh and bones. When he had finished he smacked his lips, farted loudly, and said “Yum, good food for the next twelve nights" before finally falling asleep. We were aghast at this gruesome spectacle. and the yellow fear seized my companions, but I quelled the rising nausea in me and set out to devise a plan for an escape, and this is what seemed best to me, and this is what we did. The next day our host, whose name was Plauto, rose early and drove out his flocks to the field, but not before saying "See you this evening my morsels. Tonight I shall make a feast of twenty six of you on the flames of the final examination." When he had gone, we prepared by sharpening one of the huge pencils in his cave, then hid it beneath some hides lying near. Next we prepared a beverage, taught me by Pallas Athene, goddess of wisdom, my protectress, which would fill us with craft, but when drunk by an enemy would cause soggy stupor. In it I threw elixir of caffeine, my trusty PC 26 3000K multiple retrieval forward recall pocket calculator, crystal column chromatography units, with retort stands, the pages of the biochemistry text which wore not already flushed down the toilet, and two articles on the suicide rate among physicians. Soon after the thick brew was ready, Plauto returned to the cave with his friends: Glushklots, the towering Suhadolnickox of the red beard. Markso. the subtle Schramman, and guests from more distant departments. Microbiology. Pharmacology, who wanted to taste of Plauto's famous cuisine. As soon as they had arrived we busied ourselves distributing the potage, sanguinely telling the guests "No greater honor could befall a man than to be torn apart, and consumed without any waste by a superior order of creatures such as yourselves. We long for your mangling hands and glorious death in your divine chops." But indeed the punch worked fast upon them, and not only were they soon yawning, but exclaiming how well satisfied they were, and that Plauto should keep us on as beermasters in his mirky den. Dr. Robert Hamilton 36Dr Robert Suhadolmk Dr. Colleen Smith Fels Research Institute Peter N. Magee. M.D. Chairperson Lee Terry Bacheler, Ph.D. Renato Baserga. M.D. Jon Kimball DeRiel, Ph.D. Nahum J. Duker, M.D. Gordon C. Hard, Ph.D. Earl E. Henderson. Ph.D. David E. Jensen. Ph.D. James H. Keen, Ph.D. Sanduk Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Gerald Litwack, Ph.D. Prabhakar D. Lotlikar. Ph.D. Woon Ki Paik, M.D. Arthur Schwartz, Ph.D. Michael Sirover. Ph.D. Sidney Weinhouse. Ph.D. Dr. Gerald Litwack Dr. Peter N. MageeSo they left, Plauto ushering them out, making sure that none of us slipped away with them. He too was contented, but not yet satisfied, and snatched up another two men. Biting off their heads with the blood still pumping from their necks and dribbling down his beard, he slapped them between two rolls of colored paper and called them "Studcntburgers". gobbling them up. Soon he was asleep and the wine gurgled up from his gullet with human meat dribbling down his chin as he snored. Galled to fury at this pitiful sight, we retrieved the pencil, staggered with it to the fire {it took four to lift it) and put the point to the flames. Soon the tip was gleaming red. and lifting it from the fire, charged at the Cyclops' eye which was now chest level. The glowing, tapered tip plunged into the globe sizzling, like the biologists' culture loop into the broth. Letting forth a terriblo cry he leapt up dragging the spike out with a huge gush of blood and vitreous. ''Help Help!" he roared, shaking the rocks "Help me! I've been attacked!" Soon his friends were once more outside the door. "What's the matter. Plauto? What is this commotion which wakes us from our heavy slumber?" "Nobody is here, Nobody has attacked me and Nobody poked my eye out!" he yelled. But Plauto's rude ways wore his undoing. For never had he introduced us to his guests, and they thought he was delirious. "Poor Plauto", we heard from the other side of the door, "he must have drunk too much of that wine, and now some monsters of conscience are attacking him in his sleep." Their words faded out into the distance. The night dragged long as Plauto rampaged around the cave hoping to snatch us with his flailing arms. When dawn came, the sheep, udders bulging, unmilked from the night before, and unfed, bleated to get out. So Plauto rolled back the stone door, and spreading his arms across the doorway to stop our escape felt the backs of the sheep as they passed. But each of my men had lashed himself beneath an animal, and I last, beneath the great black ram, sire of the flock. As soon as we were out. we untied ourselves, and drove the animals to our ships, where our comrades wept tears of joy to see us. So wo came away from that island grieving for our friends. And in truth. I shall always use some of the divine secrets which I learned in Plauto's cave, but shall never forget the horrible way I found out about them. 38 Physiology Alan R. Freeman, Ph.D. Chairperson Edward Blaine. Ph.D. Alfred Bove, M.D.. Ph.D. John Durrant, Ph.D. Joan H. Gault, M.D. James L. Heckman. Ph.D. Steven Houser, Ph.D. Peter R. Lynch, Ph.D. Francis Martin. Ph.D. James P. Ryan, Ph.D. Thomas H. Shaffer. III. Ph.D. Ronald Tuma, Ph.D. Michael B. Wang, Ph.D. Dr. Alan R. Freeman40"Now that's one and two and .... (Below) Dr. James P. Rvan rrrDr. Peter R. LynchDr. Thomas H. Shaffer III ReOrintod from Saturday Evening Post ’ ’973i Look. Mom. no hands. "Where the hell did the femoral pulse go?"The Best Worst of Med Notes 84 Introduction Best: Inver Molecular B'ol. 5-15-81 8-9 "This lecture was a summary of the biochemical and physiological aspects of lactation. At the outset. Dr. Marks wanted to show her credentials for speaking on this subject, which she did by slowly removing her blouse to reveal two luscious ... heh, heh, just kidding. What she did show were slides o her 3 children, all of whom she nursed as infants. She also mentioned that this lecture was formerly handled by a male professor, and she claimed that men did not know as much about lactation as women. Well Dr. Marks, I may not know much about lactation, but I know what I like. Enough for the introduction, on to the mea: (Maybe a booby prize for this one...?) Worst: Montrella Mole. Biol. 5 18-81 11-12 "Well, now that you've all survived three hours of trying to remember what turns renin off on, the true test comes... It's time to separate the true scientists from the biochemical dilettantes among you . . (Sacre bleu! What the heck is a 'dilettante7) Apology for Poor Typing Best: White now Ronner Path. 9- 16 -81 8-9 "I apologize for the poor typing. It will improve with practice." (Nice try, Wanda. It didn't.) Worst: OF Inc. Prev. Med. 4-28-82 11-12 "Errors? Correct your darn self. This was a rush job." Liz Rody Joke Best: NMC B.ochem. 4-8-81 9—10 "Oh. Yeah7 Look me in the eye and say that! Hold on. I'll get you a footstool." Worst: Sid Schlack. whoever he is Primary Care 9-29-81 11-12 "Growth and Development... Hmmm ... well, Liz, one out of two ain't bad." 'Turd" McGeehin Line Best: NMC Pharm. 2—3—82 9-10 'They call Billy McGeehin "turd" because his initials are "BM." It really is a shitty thing to call him. And also demoralizing to turds everywhere." Worst: DelSerra Surgery 3-19-82 11-12 ", . . with the power I have bestowed upon myself. I now 'unturd' Bill McGeehin forever." (We protest on behalf of those multitudes who still favor the nickname, including most of Bill's blood relatives) Use of a Public Forum for Private Messages Best: Hahn "ILL." (no, he’s not sick) Worst: Any Faye lecture, e.g. Pharm. 3-10-82 10-11 .. My love Ma... I mean Ricky—You'll be missed. And no. you can't take Mazel." James Joyce imitation Best: Hauber Sys Dis 1—21-82 1 -2 "4. If not diagnosed and treated. 90-100% of the people will succumb. That means die if you are an ignorant slut. I knew what it meant but I got confused and asked the question anyway and people laughed and figured that was a pretty dumb question that they were glad that they never would have asked except that they didn't have Turd McGeehin sitting next to them playing with himself and trying to look like he's taking notes which can be really distracting. On the tape you can hear Mark Meijer laughing extra hard which makes me wonder what he's got to hide . . . At least Frank C. and Gwyn W. didn't laugh but that’s because they cut class this almost entire week which is fine and dandy but really discourteous to the lecturers whom I respect a lot." Rona Barrett Imitation Best: Any Liz Rody lecture. Here's one of her best (3-22-811 "I'M NOT ONE to say "I told you so. but I guess you all caught R.S.'s insensitive remark about the sexual neurosis of a poor helpless egg. Seriously, tho, thanks Rog ... THIS IS FOR B.S.. who says he's tired of reading about back-of-the-roomers. whom Steve Hahn would call higher-ups. but that's his skewed stereopsis. We don't want any of our do-bee friends from the first few rows to feel left out... We'll fix that with one quick look in our magic mirror... There now. I see 8rucey and Kurty and Jerry and Barbie and Greggie and Barbs and Freddy .. Worst: Any Alex Zwil lecture. (Unless your idea of hot gossip is the latest theory on inflammation) Soap Opera Adaptation Best: General's Hospital by Craig Shriver. Worst: General's Hospital by Craig Shriver Limerick Best: Any Greene lecture. Here's a sample (2-11-82) "There may come a moment one day 44That I can think straight - maybe Sunday? But right now in my daze There's a point I must raise Good luck to all classmates on Monday!" Worst: Dean Pharrn 5-4 - 82 2-3 "There's once was a limerick from Philadelphia That would love and stimulate above all bounds of mind and rhyme. And raze the Temple, and rebuild it everyday. But I’m still trying to find it." Use of Polysyllables Best: z'wil Path. 9-IO 81 10 11 "The above evidence, while not conclusive, supports the lecturer's hypothesis that disruption of the normal extra-intracellular calcium gradient is the initiating event of coagula-t ive necrosis." (Makes Dickens read like Harold Bobbins, eh?) Worst Dean Biochem. 4 - 20-81 11 12 "... removes N from bcaa's for oxid'n of C skel's... NB, the net rx. is turn--ASP." (If u cn rd ths, u cn b a sertry ndmk lbs of mny!) Lecture Title Best: Coady Pharm, 4 7 82 10- 11 General Anesthesia, a soap opera starrring Frank M. Carter." Worst: NMC 8iochem. 4-10-82 9-10 "Hydroxylationsand weenies and lungers on strmgs These area few of my favorite things." Original Prose (Intelligible Category) Best: Hauber "I'm a Scribe " Mole Biol 2-20-81 8-9 (A timeless masterpiece. See photo.) Worst Again Hauber Mole. Biol. 4-3 81 8 9 "Her thighs squeezed the warm thermos between her legs. The coffee inside would awaken and arouse. She wanted neither. Tense and taunt (sic), her ears rang with expectancy A question, his question. She too would ask her question, any question, hoping to stir him. The time could become bearable if she distracted herself. A mental spelling bee worked best. Dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's" brought her farther away, away to a frustrated peace. "Could the plus isomer elicit some response7” Mississippi," she thought. "Intimately." (Barb didn't like this one, either) Most Memorable Lecture Best: Benson 9-9-81 "Being a Physician Can Be Hazardous to Your Health" . .You need nurturanceas does your family. Use those frontal lobes and live creatively. Leave love notes in the refrigerator. T ake the k ids to the hospital some days. Joke around and have fun at work. Let the kids read the love notes. Make an early breakfast the main family meal if you miss dinners." (A word to the wise .. J Worst: Harold Lischner's Immunoregu ation (Sorry for reminding you if you forgot it already) Grandfatherly Advice Best: GNC Biochem 1-29-81 "For those of you interested in more detailed and specific nutritional information I have lots of material from my graduate work in this field Books, papers, handouts ... I'll be glad to share (He really meant it.) Worst: Rosenfeld Prev. Mod. 4-9-82 2-3 "Scribe's Note If you have time I recommend the book Biostatistics in Medicine and Epidemiology on reserve in the library. (Thanks, Jack. We all read it.) Quote from a Cited Source Outside TUMS Best: Himes Biochern 3- 17-81 9- 10 "All learning which is acquired upon compulsion has no hold on the mind." (Plato) Worst PP Pharm 3—23-82 8- i "Can the human soul be glimpsed through a microscope7 Maybe — but you'd definitely need one of those very good ones with two eyepieces." (Woody Allen) Quote from a Cited Source Inside TUMS Best: M2 Pharm 2 5-82 10-11 "I just felt that TOO DAMNED MUCH STUFF IS BEING GIVEN TO THE SOPHOMORES." (Papocostas) Worst G'-osenberg Pharm 13-17-82'10-11 "Someone's talking out there and it’s getting god-damned annoying. Now shut up. No one said you had to stay here." (BOH) End of the Year Salutation Best: Bauer Pharm 4 -26-82 10-11 "Cafergot is a popular preparation and I've got nothing else to say except hey it sure feels good to be finishing up this year and I think each and every one of us deserves a pat on the back for making it through and well hell if nobody minds I'm goinq to give you all one. Patpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpat patpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpat. And specially for Carolyn and Cap’n Jill -- Pap Pap. There now that feels better. Good night. (Thanks. Fred. We needed that.) Worst: Levin Phar n 5- 11 -82 1 -2 'This is the very last of these that we must suffer through together. It's even occasionally been a pleasure but how come Anthony never has to sleep in the wet spot7 I’ve talked with most of the scribes and even Neil said Anthony never sleeps in the wet spot. And hey. How about a big hand for Jody. who has saved many a bun with her typing? Yeh! Waytogo Jody! And one for Anthony, the first person in history to hit the 50% tax bracket by running Med Notes and scribing. Waytogo Anthony! And hey. let's not forget yours truly. Yehl A big hand! Aw, come on. be a good sport, it's all over anyway, let's have a little compassion, a little mercy, some forgiveness. At least I got somebody else to type. I mean, hey. I've resisted using personal gossip, and kept my bad jokes to a minimum (It wasn’t easy). I haven’t exposed any nasty preferences in street pharmacology used in megadose medical school self-preservation I haven't discussed certain bizarre carnal appetites exhibited by some with animals or liaisons with your lover or your liaisons with her's. Hey. I've been mellow, but forget the applause. I don't need it. Nah. Just send money. Box 411_you know who you are. Good luck on finals and I will not trade for Johnstown in any block for anything ... well maybe ... if you’ll wear the pony harness. (Good night, Buss.) 1fa another cruxmy day. The roar of coemutera’ ___ tho smell of wording aloha' aveat wafta through y window and sto ay face, beating my alarm by a good ten mlnutea. I pull •If up and fcol my body awoy at tho bed1a edge. Tho cheap next to aw roll over and axpoao her lode Upetlck on the Llowcaaca. I don't care. Her mouth la worth aor« than CLeaviand loee a louay piece of linen. Dut, I'vo got to Leave now. I’ve got a Job. It atinXa but It a got to be done. !'■ a ecrlbo. NDL. BIO. REVIEW 2 20 81 DR. HAMS SCRIBE! HAUBER ac, aynthesia need a (p.20) | of 2 ' Jl.dATP. dGTV. dTTP. dCT? goes toMB. . , 1. Tcaplato ON?. copica fro® 3’ end to 5 end. W J‘ »1 • _ 2. WC polyveraat pro'ucis UNA ptlacr. Sue ' ’ S T 3.ON.', polymi. raa. Adda bnaca to the 3' end of the prlaer (100-200) then atop . 4.Proteins unwln-J the sv. helix further and penult another jl (aynthesia « • v. prisur. rore N.'» baaea ndJcd) to continue 45SUMMER VACATION Nine days we sailed onward with good wind following, and on the tenth came to the island of the Lotus Eaters, which is also called Summer Vacation. There the inhabitants live on a flowering food, nectar sweet; nor did they have any thought of destroying us. We sat down from the journey, ate our fill, and slept, and with the rosy-fingered dawn, awoke. Then I sent out some of the men to fetch water and they met some Lotus Eaters, who shared with them their golden food. Long unending days, bookless untroubled nights, social intercourse, unbridled hours rocking on the evening porch, sojourns with loved ones in dappled leafy shade where only bird songs interrupt the space, of all these things did they taste. And those who tasted the honey sweet fruit were unwilling to go away, but wanted to stay forever among the Lotus Eaters, and forget the way home. I myself found these men, and took them by force, back, weeping, to the ship, and put them on board, and tied them fast, and ordered the rest of my companions to take their places and dashing their oars in the foamy sea we came away from that place to the sophomore year. 46trPathology Dr. Chik-Kwan Tang Renato L. Baserga, M.D. Chairperson Joseph H. Baum. Ph.D. Nahum J. Duker. M.D. Bruce I. Elfenbein. M.D. Eugene M. Hoenig, M.D. Irena Koprowska, M.D. Peter N. Magee. M.D. Pen-Ming L. Ming, M.D. Si—Chun C. Ming, M.D. Richard H. Ochs. M.D. Paul B. Putong. M.D. Sally Rosen. M.D. Chik-Kwan Tang, M.D. Philip Valente. M.D. John M. Wurzel, M.D. Special thanks to John Farber. M.D. Agnes B. Kane. M.D. Laurence W. Diamond. M.D. Dr. Joseph H. Baum 48 D . Bruce ElfenbeinDr. Nahum J, Duker “Big Brother is watching YOU."Dr. Pen-Ming ... and ... PATHOLOGOS MIC ROB 10 LOGOS Then we saw ahead the surf pounding, dark smoke rising up from the waves and heard the roar of churning water. On the one hand was SkyUa, also called Pathologos, whose haunt was a cave half way up the black rock face. Her voice as quiet as a new born puppy, but she herself is an evil creature. She has twelve feet, and all of them wave in the air. She has many necks upon her, grown to great length, upon each a head, on one an Elfenbein, another a Baum, the She- and He- Ming, Putong and many more. Her body from the waist down is round and flat like a slide carousel, and she looks out to the north, the darkness, and the morgue. On the other side, by the lower cliff is Chary bdis, sometimes called Microbiologos, a monstrous hopper of infection. Three times a day the world's diseases she slurps down: Pseudomonas, capsular antigens. Erysipelas, gram negatives, bacteremia. And three times a day she vomits them back up: HBV Capsule and Nuclear, Antibodies, T B cell-mediated immunity and antibiotic spectra, sensitivities, and specificities. Dr. Philip Valente. . . Dr. Si-Chun MingAnd both monsters were voracious and insatiable. and both were armed with many examinations'- Charybdis with myriad charts of trivia and arbitrary cut offs, Skylla with mysterious entities never before mentioned in lecture, or covered in the handouts, or conceived of in the minds of mortal men. But better it was to sail close to the grasp of Pathologos and lose some of my crew, than to risk all of my ships in the mouth of Microbiologos. So we entered the narrow strait, and suddenly on our left, saw the maw of Charybdis open and suck down the sea, and green panic seized us as we saw in the entrails of the beast Shockmen and Cundys, Hendersons, virologists, microbiologists, sundry bacteriologists howling and clammering for our blood. And while we were looking that way. Skylla reached over and seized six of my best men. and ate them right in her doorway above us as they screamed to us and reached with their hands toward us imploring us to help. But our hollow ship shot through the strait although the pitiful sight stains my soul to this day. 52 Microbiology Dr. Gerald ShockmanDr. Toby K. Eisenstein Dr. Morton Klein -Thanks from the Class of 1984 Gerald D. Shockman, Ph.D. Chairperson Paul L. Black. Ph.D. Helen R. Buckley. Ph.D. Walter S. Ceglowski. Ph.D. Kenneth R. Cundy, Ph.D. Toby K. Eisenstein. Ph.D. H. Francis Havas. Ph.D. Earl E. Henderson. Ph.D. Michael L. Higgins, Ph.D. Morton Klein. Ph.D. Emeritus Michael T. Largen. Ph.D T.J. Linna. M.D., Ph.D. Lolita Daneo-Moore. Ph.D. Thomas J. Rogers. Ph.D. Kenneth J. Soprano. Ph.D. Earle H. Spaulding. Ph.D. Emeritus Leonard Zubrzycki. Ph.D. 5354Dr. Leonard ZubrzyckiDr. Helen R. Buckley Dr. Earl E HendersonACROSS THE STREET Pharmacology We travelled on from that place to the final term of the preclinical years. Pathophysiology (called "Systoms Disease ') and Pharmacology were our twin tormentors for that time; but we were by now well versed in tricks of survival. A new exam every second Monday, and we would goof and gambol at our oars for ten days. Then on Thursday a sudden breeze of blind panic would chill our boat, and every man would set the coffee-maker on "High Power ', make fifteen provolone sandwiches. excavate his alarm clock from a heap of empty bottles, and chain himself to a chair; on his left, a crisp pile of Med Notes and Handouts, on his right, a basket for the waste, highlighted, annotated, ruminated, and assimilated. 8risk Monday mornings, the Broad Street denizens would peer from their doorways over piles of empty cans and bottles to watch us, figures scurrying past with eyes which stared back from deep pits, with tales of zombie visions to match their own. We were left frontal lobes on legs (barely functional, winded by one flight of stairs, but well could we pen the risk factors for atherosclerosis ten) prepared for one thing only, to vomit on demand hundreds of mindlessly roted facts, which teetered precariously on the minutes of our short term memories. And anything which remained after the oxam was easily expunged by the next week on the lam. But if the study jig was reflex by now, the fourth semester saw us take a momentous new step on the path to becoming Doctors. For the first time, we donned white coats and crossed Broad Street to the hospital, which for two years had been so far removed that we thought its physical proximity a bizarre coincidence. Crossing that street, we were as confused as penguins parachuted onto the Nile "Hey, Mike, ever saw an iceberg like that? and scared like lost ducks who have fled the farmyard to find a noisy indifferont world, "Hi Connie, quack, nice jacket. Whore do we go next?" We were scared by our confusion: "At 2:30 we're supposed to be on the floor . "Do we have to sit on the floor, quack? ’ "Quack, the floor is where we do our aitch and pec." And confused by our fear; "John says we're supposed to go to Erny; but Lisa says we should go back across the sweet." "Who's Erny?" "I think he's the attending." "Quack, what docs an attending do?" "He's a special kind of nurse, and waits on the patients." "I'm looking for palpable clicks exacerbated by deep inspiration." ".. .so I bouejit all the attachments for only $200. Quack, I'm interested in Ophthalmology anyway. I hope I see some Roth spots today." John J. O'Neill. Ph.D. Chairperson Martin Adler. Ph.D. Martin Black. M.D. Alan Cowan. Ph.D. Miriam Fukami. Ph.D. Concetta Harakal. Ph.D. Michael Loughnane. M.S. James G. McElligott. Ph.D. David C.B. Mills. Ph D. Charles A. Papacostas. Ph.D. Leon Salganicoff. D.Sc. Roger W. Sevy. M.D., Ph.D. Michael Sirover. Ph.D. Ronald J. Tallarida. Ph.D George D.V. Van Rossum. Ph.D. 58 Quacking up the steps quacking in the elevators, desperate to fit in, but always in the way. The nurses Dr. Martin Black £_ Dr Leon Salganicoff Dr. Martin Adler 59 Dr Charles A. Papacostaswere happy for a slice of our tender flesh. "I'd like to use that chart if you get through with it this week." "Well. I was looking for, uh, hmm, where are the alcohol sponge preps?" As John leaned forward to get one to clean his tuning forks, one of his bulging pockets sent a complete set of blood cultures into a soupy pattern on the floor. Silence. I kneel down to help mop up, knocking the meds from the charge nurse's hand. Debbie bends over to retrieve them, colliding heads with Bob. who stands up quickly. But his stethoscope is still caught under the chair, so he bends down again, catching Debbie’s $40 reflex hammer in the eye. Finally, with three people, two charts, a box of needles, and four smashed bottles spread around the floor of the nurses' station, Dr. Baer shows up, "So you're the Sophomore Students. Are you ready?' We waddled into the rooms. No physician-patient contract here, sick people were asked to reveal intimacies to strangers who had absolutely nothing to do with their treatment. Blushing to the hair roots, we introduced ourselves. meticulously questioning sick patients about their history: "Did the pain shoot all the way down your left arm. or just to the elbow?" Their personal habits: "How often______? I have a colostomy bag. Doctor." "Oh yes... .1 see. .. .(what kind of a bag is that?)" Their psychiatric history: "Do you hallucinate often?" Their social history: "So you left Virginia in 1932, and smoked until 1949, but didn't find God until 1943?" Their family history: "Did your Aunt die from the Cancer or the Stroke?" Their sexual history: "About eight times a week. Doctor, said a sixty-five year old, with a twinkle. I thoucfit of my own shrivelled libido, swinging like September's grapes on a January vine. We asked them to cough, to hold their breath, to valsalva until they were blue; to lie down, to stand, to sit, whoops! almost forgot the Romberg! "I'd like you to stand up again just one more time." We prodded and poked and peered, and tried to think of a reason why they really needed another Rectal. These would be among the most shameful of my memories, were it not for what they taught me. I learnt that before, during, and after a Doctor and a Patient, there are two people; and that professional roles are only roles. Self-effacement and a good measure of humor make one almost indestructible. I also learned what a seductive temptation is the cardinal clinical sin: Pride; a straight jacket of eyes and ears and mind; and a refuge I have often longed for. I hope that I become a Physician worthy of the patience granted me by these Patients. Dr. Concetta Harakal "I want you to take this 3x day with O.J." 60 From there we sailed straight to our National Boards, and without pause, into the Junior year.Dr. James McElligott (Below from left to right) Joseph Aceto — Graduate student. Dr, Ronald Tallarida. Robert Raffa, Ph.D.Dr. Laura A. Molnar Course Director - Primary Care Concepts Primary Care James R. MacBride. M.D. Chairperson Stephen C. Brock. Ph.D. Forrest Lang. M.D. Laura A. Molnar. M.D. S. Scott Paist. M.D. Fred Rogers, M.D. Milton Sarshik, M.D. Ellen Soefer. M.D. Gregory Tramuta. M.D. Mary Willard. M.D. Steven Zinn. M.D. Mary Zoller, M.D. Dr. Benjamin Price Former Director -Intro to Primary Care Bottom Row (L to R): Patricia Hedden. Kate Andrews. R.N.. Dr. Mary Willard. Loretta Shore, Agnes McColgan, Betty Lukert Top Row (L to R) Dr. Fred Rogers. Dr. J.R. MacBride, Dr. Eugene Sobel Middle Row (L to R): Annette Pierce. Cynthia Carle. Gloria Greenberg, Cynthia Anderson, Sandie Jordan Culver, Jana Mossey. Ph.D. Preventive Medicine James R. MacBride. M.D. Jana Mossey. Ph.D. Eugene Sobel. Ph.D. 62 AGenetics Angelo DiGeorge. M.D. Director Mildred L. Kistenmacher. M.D. Harold Lischner. M.D. Hope Punnett. M.D. Dr. Angelo ”56" DiGeorge Would this be a mutation? Behavioral Science David Soskis, M.D. Director Donald Overton. Ph.D. Dr. David SoskisRheumatology Dr. Tourtellotte cornered by a drug detail rnan pushing another cure for arthritis.Physical Medicine Rehabilitation James T. Dempoullos, M.D. Chairperson Kenneth Izzo, M.D. Mohammed Jaifari, M.D. Nathaniel H. Mayer. M.D. Anita Roth, M.D. Aravabhumi Srinivas. M.D. Thomas E. Strax, M.D. Dr. Kenneth Izzo (right). 105 (Right) Drs. Roth and Srinivas.Neurology v , s Milton Alter, M.D. Chairperson H. Branch Coslett, M.D. Guillermo A. DeLeon, M.D. Jeffrey T. Greenstein, M.D. Willem A. Monster, Ph.D. Eleanor M. Saffran, Ph.D. Joseph U. Toglia, M.D. Nystagamoose Italian style. Dr. Toglia (left). Hey buddy, can you spare a neuron? Dr. CoslettWernicke and KorsakoffPEDIATRICKS The following day the Phaiacians rose late and moved slowly in the light; a short walk with words well spaced out. The leaves rustled vaguely. Odysseus, churned by grief like a sand man beneath the waves was yet renewed; pumped by the ebbage. As on the morning after a night of angry storm the sky seems blown distillate clear, and is reflected in redundant puddles trembling between ribs of wet earth; just so did Odysseus rise from his night of tears. The slow hours salve the jittery synapses, and social appetite returns. Evening draws new water of anticipation: hot deep baths leisurely, dry, naked every pore clean, astringent, scented, fresh clothes carefully chosen. First cool of night air deep in the lungs, the guests congregato in Alkinoos' vaulted hall. Once again they wero well sated at the great king's table. Billions of mitochondria were supplied with enouefi reduced hydrocarbons to fight entropy for the noxt twelve hours, freeing the mind to contemplate the ways of human being. First the blind poet, whose song could conjure all things from their first idea, to their final residue, took his seat at the centro with his lyre. He sang of Sisyphos whose cunning is famed even beyond that of Odysseus’, who thrice defied the gods and fate, clinging to the red gush of life over Thanatos’shrill whistle. Next he told of Asclepius, the god o medicine who learned his art from a centaur — half man, half beast. This Asclepius (although he was never awarded an M.D.) had power so great that he bestowed warm breath on the lips of the dead. For this violation of the order of nature Zeus struck him down with a thunderbolt. When the poet had finished his song. the guests turned to resourceful Odysseus, calling him to continue with his story. He rose slowly and said: "Lord and Lady Phaiacians. I am honored that you come again to hear my tale to the end. Yesternight I took you to the place of the dead. where yet so much was learnt of life. Your eyes shine in my graduation as Physician; but already you know it has not been an easy pathway hither. Medicine can be a glorious mistress and also a tyranical master. As the poet says: "You start out standing glad to seize her anything she sees but wind up at a keyhole down upon your knees." Our days, our deeds, are numbered. but medicine is a clock which takes eighteen hours a day to wind. While others have been tilling the earth. I have ploughed the slipping waves where the only trees arc albatross perches, bobbing. Though some medical students have grown, most have just grown older. and still we have not harvested a grain. Pediatrics Dr. David Smith (above) and Dr. Ellen Soefer (below). 108Dr. Donald Pinkel Donald Pinkel. M.D. Chairperson Terry Anderson, M.D. Rohinton Balsara. M.D. Hobart Baluarte, M.D. City Banan. M.D. Ian Black, M.D. Michael Bye, M.D. Marie Capitanio, M.D. Lillian Chin, M.D. Mary Cote, M.D. Marcelino DeSantos, M.D. Angelo DiGeorge, M.D. Richard Donner, M.D. Jeffrey Dunn, M.D. Eric Faerber, M.D. Margaret Fisher. M.D. Catherine Foley, M.D. Margaret Gainey, M.D. Donald Goldsmith, M.D. Warren Grover, M.D. Alan Gruskin, M.D. Cathryn Howarth, M.D. Stuart Hulnick. M.D. Bruce Kaiser, M.D. Mildred Kistenmacher, M.D. Wilhelrnina Korevaar. M.D. Joseph Kubacki, M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D. Sarah Long, M.D. David Lowe. M.D. Lois Martyn, M.D. Ashok Mehta, M.D. Lawrence Naiman, M.D. Charles Omdal, M.D. Anna O'Riordan, M.D. Judith Palmer. M.D. WangLee Pensri, M.D. Anthony Pileggi, M.D. Martin Polinsky, M.D. Hyman Rabinovitch, M.D. Charles Reed. M.D. Iraj Rezvani, M.D. David Rubenstein. M.D. Guillermo Sanchez, M.D. Daniel Schidlow, M.D. Christine Schlichting, M.D. Maarten Sibinga, M.D. David Smith, M.D, Ellen Soefer, M.D. Myles Turtz, M.D. Eileen Tyrala. M.D. Charles Vinocur. M.D. Charles Wagner, M.D. William Weintraub, M.D. Steven Widzer, M.D. Robert Wimmer, M.D. Barbara Wolfson. M.D. Who said Peds is a lot like Veterinary medicine? 109With such thoughts we came away from Erebos, eyes darkened, but purged by our knowledge of the limit. The skies brightened as the dead shores fell away from the stern. It took the full morning to realize that our arms were glowing from the sun's warmth, and our nostrils tingling with air, acrid with the damp of thawing earth and rising sap. It was the first day after winter, when birds and vines and animals are called from a crouching sleep by another world, stretching, tentative; long imprisoned wings fluttering among the last patches of melting snow. In this way we found the Land of Pediatricks at the Hospital of Saint Christopher's; a beautiful place, hidden among the desolate tracts of North Philadelphia. This hospital is famed abroad as the ground which nurtured Nelson's Text of Pediatric Medicine. Academic excellence there is not the pretext for compromised care. At the centre arc nurses unequalled in ministration and love beyond the call of duty. Many great clinicians inhabit that place, some already known to us from Erebos. Others were new encounters: Wang-Lee and Chin of the diminutive stature, but immense authority; Hetznecker and Mcllhenny, Doctors of the Soul; Weintraub, surgeon, quicksilver hands and judgement, saver of children and savager of residents. Lischncr the imrnunoaccomplished was there, tireless teacher; Meg Fisher of Bugs; Widzer, Master, G.I., deft Pileggi; designer DiGeorge of genes; and all this Land, day and night. was bathed in the bright unfailing light of children, untamed and untarnished by the corrosions of life, who immediately saw in our clumsy adult armor, every chink and flaw: "If you're a Doctor, how come you don't know about my medicine?" "Does it hurt to have spots like you?" "You've got butter on your shirt." and of course, the fifth heart sound: "Waaaaaa. .. Little children under the covers, children behind the doors. Dopplers, monitors, cathode-ray oscilloscopes between the teddy bears, posters, pictures, paraphernalia, in wild playroom profusion. Kids pushed along the halls on chariot I.V. poles; kids at the nurses' station; children with ocean deep neurological deficits succored with tenacity which gives no thought to effort or expenditure; kids with eyes tired of pain, suffering the indignities of modern medicine with the unquestioning acceptance of life's ancient, self-purposing protoplasm. Children showed us time unfolding in crisp new-turned furrows. They showed us life burgeoning infinite from possibility's infinite infinity. The children raised us from our knees and showed us the way onward on our journey. (Above) Dr. Chin. (Below) Dr. Wimmer. 110Harry and his dancing Baers. DrJ shookDr. Sarah LongPEDIATRICS EINSTEIN Peter Mamunes, M.D Chairperson Allan Arbeter, M.D. Marcia Arem, M.D Steven Dowshen. M.D. Julia Hayes, M.D Gerard Helinek. M.D. Neil Izenberg. M D Benjamin Price, M.DOBSTETRICOS GYN£COl6g6s Our time with the children reminded me again of Penelope, alone in Ithaka. the woman who was the iron peg for the mortise of my soul. We sailed on seven days and six nights together, coming at last to the sheer citadel Gynecos. Obstetricos. of the Laistrygones. There, a cannibal people tend by day their herds, by night, flocks of silvery sheep, and the courses of night and day run close together in the Delivery Room, We entered between sheer cliffs the kingdom, and three of my men went ashore to determine what manner of people lived there. Soon, by a well, they encountered one Artahie, a first year resident, the powerful daughter of the king Rajanixes. and asked of her who might be the prince of that fertile land, and how they might procure supplies for the onward journey. She with sweet words did welcome them. with invitations to the palace, high roofed, upon the hill. But when they entered the glorious house their hearts were filled with horror as they encountered a woman tall as a mountain peak. She, Rajanina, a second year resident did call Rajanixes, who coming from a conference, devised plans for dismal death against my companions. He snatched one of them up and immediately prepared him for dinner. When they saw this, the other two fled in terror. Seeing that he had been cheated of two thirds of his feast, Rajanixes flew into a rage at Rajanina: "Daughter and wife of mine, on whom I have lavished such effort to teach you in the ways of doctrine and dogma, do you not realize that when there are two such, many more tender morsels cannot be far off? How come you brought only these, and now you have let go the two whom we could torture to find where the rest are hiding?" And he rushed upon her to let her feel the force of his hard fists. But she, well-versed in the down-hill principle, ducked his blows and said: "My lord, forgive me, I would never have let them go had I not seen those two first year residents making faces behind your back as you spoke." And as he rose to pummel the innocent interns, she added, "And surely I was further distracted by hearing your great voice and beholding your great stature as you spoke. And indeed, my Lord, all this was planned so that we could follow them to their hide-out. Back at the ship, hardly prepared were we for the Laistrygonian hordes as they descended upon us with pessaries and dilators reeling our befuddled brains. Whap! "What was this woman's blood pressure at the 36th week?" 8am i "Do the H P on tomorrow's twenty D E's." Slap! "What is the sixth commonest ovarian carcinoma?" "Do you have brain mets?" Obstetrics Gynecology (Above) Dr. Rajan. (below) Dr. Daly 114Let's spend the night together... in the OB on call room!!?? '0 u urn sinr SCTOOt " »■ m Dr. Harris Michael J. Daly. M.D. Chairperson Ashwin Chatwani. M.D. Urmila Franklin, M.D. Parvis Hanjani. M.D. Joseph L. Harris, M.D. Renga Rajan. M.D. Gerard Reme. M.D. Claire Robinson. M.D. Patricia A. Sullivan. M.D. Drs. Ritter and Kenny in the neonatal nursery."Why was this G6P6AbO woman's pregnancy uncomplicated?" Some of my companions stood very very still, hoping to be mistaken for old delivery sheets Wham! Some ran to memorize every lab value of their patient's admission .... Siam! “Did she have childhood diseases?" Some, seeking an attending's approval, took refuge at the nurses' station, hiding behind charts, while others loudly cried, "Don't look at me. I’m on Surgery!” As the sun declined in the west, they mounted the final onslaught: Eighty warped questions straight from the fantasy of Rajamxes without recourse or recall. Calling my battered and bleeding men to their places in the black hulled vessel, I cut with my sharp sword the cable which moored us. Praying the great gods to give them strength, the men churned the waiting water, and we sped away from the hooting throng. Dr. Ashwin Chatwani 1 16 Dr. Parvis HanjaniAffiliated Hospitals Dr. Martin Farber Chairperson Obstetrics Gynecology UMU ALBERT i EINSTEIN1 MEDICAL CENTER northern division I 7 -1” H»nfV V,B by undat °rAbington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Allentown Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, PA American Oncologic Hospital Philadelphia. PA Atlantic City Hospital Atlantic City, NJ Conemaugh Valley Hospital Johnstown. PA Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute Philadelphia, PA Albert Einstein Medical Center. Northern Division Philadelphia. PA Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. PA Geisinger Medical Center Danville, PA Germantown Hospital and Medical Center Philadelphia. PA Horsham Hospital Ambler, PA Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, PA Mercer Medical Center Trenton. NJ Mercy Hospital Scranton. PA Millville Hospital Millville. NJ Montgomery Hospital Norristown, PA Moses Taylor Hospital Scranton. PA Moss Rehabilitation Hospital Philadelphia. PA Nazareth Hospital Philadelphia, PA Northeastern Hospital Philadelphia. PA Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry Fort Washington, PA Philadelphia Geriatric Center Philadelphia. PA Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, PA Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown. PA Shriner's Crippled Children’s Hospital Philadelphia, PA St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, PA St. Luke’s Hospital Bethlehem. PA Veterans Administration Medical Center Wilkes-Barre. PA Wayne County Memorial Hospital Honesdale, PA 119(Clockwise) Drs. Davidson, MacMoran. Egoville, Silberstein, Harris. FinkelsteinMercy Hospital. Scranton. PA Dr. Robert Wright (left). Chairperson Department of Medicine Dr. William Reppert, Chairperson St. Luke's Hospital. Bethlehem. PA Department of Medicine Reading Hospital Medical Center. Reading. PA Conemaugh Valley Hospital. Johnstown. PA Dr. Eugene Hildreth. Chairperson Department of Medicine Episcopal HospitalTemple _ University SCHOOL OF MEDICINE i 64CLINICAL YEARS • CLINICAL YEARS • CLINICAL YEARS • CLINICAL Yl 65Drs. Soulen and Malmud Diagnostic Imaging Leon S. Malmud, M.D. Chairperson Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Dina E. Caroline, M.D. David N. Charkes, M.D. Gary J. DeFilipp, M.D. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Te-Hua Liu, M.D. Alan H. Maurer, M.D. David P. Mayer, M.D. Mohammed Mesgarzaden, M.D. Paul Radecki, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D. Peter S. Robbins, M.D. Francis J. Shea, M.D. Renate L. Soulen, M.D. Jacqueline Taylor, M.D. Theodore Villafana. Ph.D. Henry J. Woloshin, M.D. Marvin C. Ziskin. M.D. (Right) Dr. Peter Robbins vs. PacMan (Below) Obvious admiration67SURGERY Surgery At last we were embarked on our clinical rotations. After the wooden years, life on the wards joyed our souls like breezed May flags. Our bodies with unsuspected craft lanced the black hulled vessel beneath the sky amid sunlit spray, while the sea was a jade green whose depth is felt, but not seen. We came to an island with a great house among the trees. Before, as I had prayed, my protectress, Pallas Athene, had appeared to me and warned me that this place was the abode of Circe, dread goddess who talks with mortals, sorceress and surgeress, with pale blue eyes dazzling in dark olive skin. First, I was told, she would greet us, offer us shelter, then feast us, but with drugged food, then she would cast a spell which would turn us into beasts. As soon as she did this. I was to draw the sharp sword from my side, and rush toward her, as if to kill hor and beat her about the head with a "Peanuts” book, and hang from the ceiling and moon her. and play her my "Talking Heads” records; and tell her that I was going into psychiatry, then to say "You think you're tough. But I'm insane.” Then, Pallas told me, would Circe be afraid, and invite me to go to bed with her. and that I should not refuse, but insist first that she should swear a great oath to the gods not to harm me or the men. 3. V So we beached the ships, and went towards the high chimneys whose smoke edged tentatively in the morning. When we had passed the gates we heard the screams of the beasts who were under Circe’s spell. A dark light of panic shone on all of us then, but I made the men laugh by practicing my mooning. Circe approached us, a sharp beauty shimmering, and, when we had introduced ourselves, immediately called her servants, who brought tender lamb, roasted pig. and spiked punch to seduce our gullible souls. After we had satisfied our hunger, she arose with eyes aflame and said: Wallace P. Ritchie, Jr,, M.D.. Ph.D. Chairperson Francis Au. M D. Earl Browne. Jr.. M.D. Anthony Comerota, M.D Michael Deeb, M.D. Bruce Derrick, M.D. Anthony Gennaro. M.D. Julieta Grosh, M.D. Robert Harwick, M.D. David Hing. M.D. Jacob Kolff, M.D. Vincent Lauby, M.D. William Lightfoot, M.D. Willis Maier, M.D, Robert Tyson. M.D 68Is there any future in psycho-surgery? Dr. Wallace Ritchie 69 Dr. Francis Au (top left) and Dr. Bruce Derrick {bottom left)“Motley wanderers of the dithering ways and half-assed conclusion learn now of achievements, deeds, and resolution. I speak of Surgery where healing steel cuts out the ill. The line is drawn, the cut is deep and with hard will, cautery, ligation, for good exposure: hard retraction; no paltry, high pitched eunuch dandruff picknose scratching. We see the goal and win it, make new life-sending the sick flesh to pathology with the knife." Then, seizing a trochar, she rushed at me saying “Go to your sty now and lie with your other friends there.” But I gave no ground, and did everything as instructed, and grabbed my giant plastic reproduction of Andy Warhol’s "Banana Skin.” and that really terrified her. She could not understand how I had resisted her powerful spell, and invited me to her chamber. But I refused until I had negotiated a mighty oath from her. and she had promised to protect us and do us no harm. So we became her guests, and came well to love her artful ways. She taught us of suturing, the many ties intricate, the one handed square knot, left and right, the surgeon's knot, the many threads and needles, the fine discrimination of tissue planes, and gentle dissection, the subtle palpation of the abdomen, nasogastric tubes, chest tubes, sumps, drains. A-lines, CVP's and Swan Ganzes. She showed us the beauty of living anatomy, the healing power of the scalpel. Her hands were stream water on a sunbaked rock, and as powerful as a boulder in the stream. Hers the decision — careful, unhurried, sudden; confidence tempered with fear - to make the incision. Dr. Maier (top) and Dr. Browne and friend (middle)Dr. Deeb - Does he or doesn't he "dome" his students? Dr. Taylor Caswell 71 Drs. Grosh and Hall (above left); Dr. Vincent Lauby (below left).In the evening, Circe would like to watch the poor wretched animals, once voyagers like ourselves who had been less fortunate than we in eluding her spells. Down in the pigsties they would clamour from 5 a.m. when they would start their "pre pre-rounds” to late in the night. All manner of surgeons were there, Generalists, also called "bowelists"; Plastics, of the platinum fleece; Orthopedists of the golden jock; Cardiothoracic Surgeons of the niddering mentality. Their favorite time of day was mid morning, the 'feeding time', when Circe would throw them pieces of meat, and they would each take up his favorite instrument in his hoof and anastomose or plast or plex or suture or excise or cauterize of splenectimizc until there was nothing but a seething foaming mass of trotters and tusks and meat and screams of "Off my case", "One hernia is worth two appendectomies!'', "My turn to close"; "You sutured my tail in the wound!" "Reglove, redress, retie!” and "Shut up you old Gomer, I just want to know if you're diabetic." Circe would laugh until the tears rolled down her glorious cheeks at this spectacle, but we had less stomach for these changelings, once like us. And so one night I begged the fair goddess clasping her round the knees on our bed, to help us on our way. "Resourceful Odysseus always with a part of yourself held back, and scheming. I will do as you ask in accordance with my oath. But you will know hours of your life when you will wish for anything to be back here. Next you must travel to the land of Psychiatry, and after that to Erebos, place of the dead, also called Med I." With the stomach rising to my throat. I heard her description of that place and the instructions how I was to survive in it. So the next morning with the hollow feeling of any man before leaving the familiar for unknown danger, I ordered the men to make ready to sail. 72 (Top) Dr. Jacob Kolff, (below) Dr. William LightfootOphthalmology Dr. Guy Chan 74Neurosurgery Dr. Raymond Truex William Buchheit. M.D. Chairperson James Kenning, M.D. Raymond Truex, Jr., M.D. Dr. William Buchheit i 75Otorhinolaryngology Ready for action, Dr. Masloff Dr. Liebman, a wizard with the scalpel Max Ronis, M.D. Chairperson Emil Liebman. M.D. Melvin Masloff. M.D. Rose Mohr. M.D. Charles Norris. M.D. Bernard Ronis. M.D. 'Medicine, make it up as you go along." Dr. Max Orthopedics John W. Lachman. M.D. Chairperson Philip D. Alburger. M.D. Randal R. Betz. M.D. Robert D. Campo. Ph.D. Michael Clancy. M.D. Ray A. Moyer, M.D. John Murphy, M.D. Edward J. Resnick. M.D. Howard H. Steel. M.D. Dr. John Lachman, a rare teacher and a gentleman. 77 Utter B.LissMike and Dr. Campo — Even Ph.D.'s get in the yearbook. Dr. Resnick tosses a bone to the boys.Typical John Tumescent biceps Occupational hazardUrology (Counterclockwise) Drs. Kendall. Stein and Conger. Richard A. Kendall. M.D. Chairperson Lester Karafin, M.D. Edward Seidmon, M.D. Barry S. Stein, M.D.Anesthesiology Russell demonstrates the universal distress signal. II Drs. Chatwani and Chatwani (right) James R Harp, M.D. Chairperson Ansuya A. Chatwani. M.D. David J Fish. M.D. Alexandra Karetas, M.D. Nancy B. Kenepp. M.D. Kenneth J. Lee. M.D. Mary J McLaughlin. M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr. M.D. Mary W Reardon. M.D. Rober t C. Shupak. M.D William Stevenson-Smith. M.D.PSYCHIATRY September came in the third year of our long journey, and we found ourselves to be in the magical City of Psychiatry: strange fruits hung from reflecting trees, exploding when they fell. All the fire hydrants were on a single street, and the people walking by, vanished and reappeared. The houses had dark windows, and shapes which changed as one entered in: some which pigsties seemed, hid gilt rooms; others looked like mansions, but as one crossed the threshold were swallowed into a shoe box, dark and small. In the East and West, behind high walls, were the patients' houses, with gables and jumbled lots, rusted out cars on their bellies, and sodden twisted mattresses. From strange angles I saw my own buildings reflected there. Somewhere in the sky the sun could not be seen but shot shards of light from the waste of broken glass. One noon I came from behind those walls to eat my lunch. Broad Street, my sea home for so long, floated shimmering among the desolate tracts of North Philadelphia. On the sidewalk, Koreans hawked perfect oranges "forty sens cash, dolla fo' tree", and shoulder bags "Made in Taiwan". Feasting black smoke of sheesh-kebabs curled into the nostrils through the sun; from Dox Truck, a sad smell of cold cakes, from Steve and Fly's, sweet sizzling grease, and people pouring happy hoagie bearing from Moffin's, like potatoes from a bag. Eight Chinese in one concession stand served "Star flied lice wit swee' sow soss, $1.80." White stockingod nurses, doctors like crustaceans huddled, probosci waving, tentative; 8lacks, Hispanics. Caucs, Orientals, spun and mingled round the hospital. ".... unusual case of Prinzmetal's... ." . . .two cases of High Life . . . .'Oui no French' " ". .. .can't get it on .. ." "Don't know if he died" ". .. .the way to Patient Billing?" "... .D.R.G.'s..."... .interesting pathology... ". . . .mayonnaise, no peppers, please." "Smells like fish, tastes like turkey". ". .. .hey man, Moses took us to the promised land once". In the street, flakes of gold light were shed upon the planet's fluxing children and upon a warm wall I sat to watch them as by a babbling stream in summer season, and softly slipped upon me the silk sleeve of sleep. I dreamt that I was trying to cross a lake, encouraged by my father who was five years old. He had a switch with which he lopped the heads of goldenrods "Come on, son, I get younger every day, and you get a day older." A boat was there, but the oars did not fit their locks. "I only beat my father as far as that tree," said my father. Psychiatry 82Tom adjusts Dr. Stern's antenna. Anthony Panzetta. M.D. Chairperson Michael Ascher. Ph.D. John Ball. Ph.D. Philip Band. M.D. John Benson. M.D. Allan Cristol. M.D. Kenneth Draper. M.D. Edna Foa. Ph.D. Marc Forman. M.D. John Fryer, M.D. Alan Goldstein. Ph.D. Jonathan Grayson, Ph.D. John Harding, M.D. Louis Harris. Jr.. M.D. William Hetznecker. M.D. Richard Jaffe. M.D. Cynthia Jayne, Ph.D. Paul Latimer. M.D.. Ph.D. Leslie Lenox, M.S.W. Paul Mcllhenny, M.D. Peter Meyer, M.D. Marie Mignogna. M.D. Donald Overton. Ph.D. Richard Roemer. Ph.D. Charles Shagass, M.D. Barry Shmavonian. Ph.D. Roy Steinhouse. M.D. Ira Steisel, Ph.D. Roy Stern. M.D. John Straumanis, M.D. John Thomas. M.D. Ralph Turner. Ph.D. Joseph Wolpe. M.D. (Left to right) Drs. Fryer and Benson."but a man ought to do what a man ought to do." On the other side of the water sat my mother making a daisy chain. "I need one with two heads to complete the circle," she said. Then my father was with my mother on the far bank, and they left. I was in a town, which I knew well. I was lost, no one could understand me. Someone was dying. I needed to get to the hospital, I found the train, it pulled out backwards. When I got to Temple. I went to the I.C.U. Everyone was bustling about the dying patient, I went over to see. I saw that it was me. Penelope was my nurse; she was crying; I tried to tell her that I was fine, but my bps made no sound. I left to look after my own patients. By the elevator was a cleaning lady, round, cheery, black, with musical voice, who told me about South Carolina before the Great Depression, and then said "Heal thyself, heal, Doctor, Doctor, heal thyself I" "Doctor. Doctor, Doctor!" The sun light flashed black and white on my lids. Trying to assume a position of solemn contemplation I looked up into the bright eyes and teasing smile of my friend Joe Ben, chief among all my companions. "Doctor, it's time to get back to clinic.” Dr. John Harding (top); Dr. Anthony Panzetta (midcfle) Dr. Allan Cristol (bottom). 84Dermatology Clockwise: Drs. Urbach. Watson, and Vonderheid Frederick Urbach, M.D. Chairperson Anand Lattanand, M.D. Eugene J. Van Scott. M.D. Eric C. Vonderheid. M.D. Alan D. Watson. M.D. Ilona bronzing in Kresge Park tanning center.Family Practice It's lonely at the top — Dr. MacBride. Lively debate — George’s forte. James R. MacBride, M.D. Chairperson Sibyl B. Beckett. M.D. Marilyn A. Knaub, M.D. Laura A. Molnar. M.D. Fred B. Rogers, M.D. Michael S. Rodgers, M.D. Janis W. Rubin, M.D. Mariah W. Vassall, M.D. Mary A. Willard. M.D. Robert M. Yost. M.D. A superb role model----- Dr. Laura Molnar. 86An historical perspective ala Dr. Rogers. Drs. Zinn and SuttonVesPaul, there is life after medical school, oro V i.fc au,WD. Chairperson . ferjaxx £ r arto, VA . ■ VNorcva . VA .0. tow k.Ve uT ,VA.O. Oem V.Vuce.VA.D. Ck . fc att tesuxwaies tanta aUet her t.ft. to a on.Dr, Dennis Price (right) Workman's comp - at Temple?!!MED I So we went back down to the ships, put keel to water, and as Circe had told us, set sail for Erebos, the place of the departed, which is also called Med I. Our hollow vessel sped all day and all night, and made the limit, which is Erny Amphitheatre. The hearts within us were stricken with dark grief for our hard paths to this point and memory of friends lost on the way. We went ashore taking the sacrifices with us. Unlooping from my neck the stethoscope which hung from it I dug a pit of a cubit in each direction. Then I took the bloods I had drawn, the green topped tubes, the red tops and purple, and poured them into the pit. Next I took tho urine samples, the vital signs of many cases, Dilantin levels, EKG strips with J point elevations and, offering a special prayer to the god of lab services that my specimens would not be lost, and that the lab techs were not on break this month, and that the computer was well supplied with good electrons; and having waited three days for the results, I took all these things and threw them into the pit. My next offering was all the accumulated knowledge of two years. Systems of disease and disease systems; the learning of the Bioclots, the brief sweet journey 90 Internal Medicine"The Arm" gets "Stoned" - Drs. Myers and Finestone ERNY AMPHITHEATER £ Sol Sherry. M.D. Chairperson Allen Myers. M.D. Deputy Chairperson Richard Berkowitz. M.D Albert Finestone. M.D. Isadore Ginsberg, M.D. Harold Hyman. M.D. Norman Learner. M.D. Walter Levinsky, M.D.blown by Aiolian winds. Physiology, Pharmacology and Pathology, and over all this poured the nectar of my youth spent studying while my peers had been out caressing the soft June nights. Finally I memorized pages 1534 to 45 of the Harrison's Book, and taking a sharp 14-gauge needle from my side I cut from it two hundred pages. Over them I swore that I would learn and revere as holy the first generation, the second, third, and fourth generation of Cephalosporins; and having considered the differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia, I flung them all into the foaming ditch. Meanwhile the gibbering hordes of the departed swarmed around our great sacrifice. I prayed to the gods that I would not become one of them. Many we had not seen since we left Troy. Bobby of the bright smile was now working as a stockbroker. He looked happy. Dearly beloved Paula whose eyes had prodded and dazzled me through llion College: she was now an artist in Minneapolis, and content. Terese, fluffy, the psychology major now a stenographer and rich; Jack the Jock, football captain and beer connoisseur, an insurance salesman; Nicky of the dungarees and sandals, unchanged and in a food co-op. Rixis who had never spoilt an evening on account of a final: in a pick-up with two children and working on the night shift; all. all busy and with contented smiles on their faces. There also were more recently departed friends, torn asunder by the Cyclops, snatched by Skylla. all now active and quite .... quite .... happy. And still I held them back from the offering with my glistening ophthalmoscope, as Circe had instructed, to let Teiresias the Theban drink first. Teiresias is the Great Attending, whose eyes, having seen the naked beauty of Athena had been struck blind by the immortal gods, giving him instead divine vision to see all things, past, present and future. He is the Teacher whose st3turc is recognized by all in the hospital, from janitor to department chief, inspiring by example. His manner and skill are a touchstone through the career of a physician. He is the Lorber; Lachman and Steel of Orthopedics; the glistening dome. Sol Sherry, of the Temple; the Eisenstadt, Caraballo, David Smith, Sarah Long, Truex, Banan, Bannett; ponderous knowledge flourished light as a song; William Osier. Putnam, Gray and Harvey, Galen, Hippocrates. These are great humans, synthesizing past learning and teaching it anew. And their knowledge is divine because it is infused with wisdom. And by this sign shall you know them: whether showered with Lucre on the Main Line or begrimed by thick ketotic smoke In the thankless anarchy of an urban clinic, they ply their genius with a single purpose; with the same humility, good humour, and care. They dignify alike the famous and the failures and rediscover the way of health where the wasteland of disease holds sway. Dr. Sol Sherry 92Dr. Myers, do we really have to work the last weekend of our "sub" at G-town???? Dr. Norman Learner Would you buy a used Harrison's from this man? 93 Valerie and Tom swap references.When Teiresias had drunk from the pit he stood up and addressed us so: "Odysseus, unhappy man, you seek sweet homecoming. How then are you here, nowhere that could be further from home and the hearth that glows to contented conscience? Home, the place where the human soul completes its weave through the warp and woof of instruction, home, the tapestry with strands of color but yet a whole; a point on no graph paper where trajectories stand still yet move harmonically; how is it that you are still buzzing your soul like a shred of cloth flapping on the prairie wire? And yet I think you will come home, but not easily, for the Earth Shaker. Poseidon, holds a grudge against you still for blinding his son, the Cyclops, so long ago. But even so might you come back after much suffering, if you can contain your own desire and that of your friends. Other rotations, distant journeys to residency interviews after interminable applications, forms, photos, recommendations, Boards. the Match, the Unmotch, subinternship, and round and round the renal rounds at Temple. And even when you have regained your native shores with your graduation, new ardors await you in Residency. Years alone every third night, mind honed vigilant and crafty as ever for trickery of thieves and oversight of friends. And always on the lookout for indifferent nature, hanging over your hospital like a cat over a fish bowl. And at home, still will your case be bad, for Penelope, your wife, is beset by suitors plying her for her hand. She has promised to choose one of their mothy heads when she has finished her glorious tapestry. Every night she unweaves what she made that day and thereby artfully resists their blandishments. But this love for you is in a frozen posture of disuse, and what you are. apart from your journeys. your tricks and your achievements, grows faint to her memory; as it does to your own. You will be hard pressed to fight off these parasites that beset the true target and focus of your soul For the first time, Odysseus faltered in his long tale; stooped his face in the hissing silence of candles. "Forgive me lords and ladies of ihe Phaiacians, honored guests of my lord Alkinoos at this my graduation feast, for interrupting the words of Teiresias. The tears ooze down my cheeks at the memory of his hard prophesy. Allow me to complete my stop tomorrow night when we shall continue this feast. Then shall I be less oppressed by the memory of my weary pathway hither." So Odyssous sat down, and for many minutes the guests sat in their own silence, until one by one they arose, and with few words to each other, left the hall. Finally Alkinoos got up with his wife who escorted Odysseus to the guest bed with the artfully woven covers. » t 94 Cardiology Dr. Denenberg. good "vibing his way into your heart. The man you'd want to run your code. Dr. Warner. James F Spann. M.D. Chairperson Blase Carabello. M.D. George Cooper. M.D. Barry S. Denenberg, M.D. Arnold K. Gash. M.D. Michael T McDonough. M.D. Louis A. Soloff. M.D. Howard F. Warner. M.D. Dr. James SpannEndocrinology Metabolism ENDOCRINOLOGY Bertram J. Channick. M.D. Chairperson Victor E. Adlin, M.D. Allan D. Marks. M.D. METABOLISM Guenther Boden, M.D. Chairperson Robert D. Hoeldtke. M.D. Oliver E. Owen. M.D. Tarun Ray, M.D. Charles R. Shuman, M.D. (Left) Drs. Channick and Channick. (Below Clockwise) Dr. Owen, Dr. Marks, Dr. Shuman. Dr. AdlinGastroenterology (Below left) Dr. Lorber Dr. Fisher (right)General Internal Medicine Dr. Marie Bernard Dr. David Brody David Brody. M.D. Chairperson Marie A. Bernard, M.D. Frances E. Bryan, M.D. Robert J. Laskowski, M.D. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, M.D. Yolanda.I. Mapp, M.D. Michael E. Peimer, M.D. David G. Smith, M.D. Mary Ellen Kyle, M.D. 98 Drs. Lavizzo-Mourey and Smith help Paul practice empathy.Hematology Oncology (Below clockwise) Drs. Barry, Axelrod. Rubin and Eisenstaedt. Robert W. Colman. M.D. Chairperson Rita S. Axelrod, M.D. William E. Barry. M.D. James Day, M.D. Richard S. Eisenstaedt. M.D. Alan M. Gewirtz. M.D. Angara K. Rao. M.D. Ronald N. Rubin. M.D. Paul Schick. M.D. Alvin H. Schmaier, M.D. Peter N. Walsh, M.D. C3n you spot what’s missing in this photo of Gary? 99Infectious Disease Bennett Lorber. M.D. Chairperson Byungse Suh, M.D. Robert M. Swenson, M.D. Dr. Lorber, the role model's model. Cutting class to communicate disease. 100 Jonathan sans facial hair.The I.D. Three Drs. Lorber, Swenson, and Suh.Nephrology A surgeon auscultates the kidney ... Robert G. Narins. M.D. Chairperson Christine P. Basil, M.D. Thomas R. Beck. M.D. Edward R. Jones, M.D. Gollapudi G. Krishna, M.D. Mary C. Stom, M.D. Dr. Christine Bastl (below left) and Dr. Robert Narins (below right) 102 (Right) Future nephronPulmonary Charisma cures Theodore Rodman. M.D. Chairperson Howard N. Baier, M.D. William J. Fewell, M.D. Stanley B. Fiel. M.D. Steven Idell. M.D. Frederick Kueppers, M.D. . .. . and percusses the adrenalSIRENS TEMPTATlON Next we came to the island of the Sirens. I did what the wise goddess had told me: carved from the great wheel of wax. melted it, and plugged each of my companions' ears, having first instructed them to lash me to the mast, so that I might hear the sirens' sweet song. Soon they became clear to me and my heart went out to them. "Great blooded Odysseus, tarry with us here awhile and we will teach you our song. First we shall show you the glistening beach where you may repose day-long with cool beers in the sun, then in the night with gin and daiquiris our hands will conjure your perfect body. Long parties we have with driven music to wrest your pituitary from its tiresome shackles. Our lady Methamphetaminos will spark your sinews, making the hours longer, and your journeying shorter. And if the bed of sleep should call you, the twin sisters. Valiuma and Demerofa. in their laps will nestle your battered brain. Do not weary your sweet self with the ardors of this fruitless journey. Here wo have mindless television, men and women full of conversation and more succulent fruits should you want them, and always unlimited penicillin and Acyclovir when you need it." So they sang, and I longed for their delirious pleasures. For in my younger days my full body had been no stranger to the vistas of my far imagination. But my men fastened me with more lashings, and beat the deep water to a white foam, and soon their voices could be heard no more. 122HELIOS ABUSE Onward we traveled, onward on the bare back of the water, driven we knew not whence nor whither. The ocean can be immense, formless, like a nightmare. But from it there is no escape to wakefulness, no thankful touch of hard smooth chairleg in the dawn halflight. Finally we saw the island of Helios, the Sun. bringer of joy to mortals, who sees and hears all things. He is the unstinting source beckoning to the trembling leaves; and all living things share in the fellowship of his flame from man to Pseudomonas. And in his light reside also truth and wisdom. Through it did the world's great healers learn often to comfort, sometimes to relieve, and rarely, to cure; to succor and respect their patients, even in the ignominy of creeping disease; to respect in spite of the failure of their efforts, even to the triumph of cradling death; above all to do no harm. And yet the heart was stricken within me for Circe had warned me, as had Teiresias. to avoid this place with its broad backed cattle and fat flocks, raised and doted upon by the god of the sun. So I ordered the men to row onward. But they cried out as with one voice, protesting against me. saying "You are a hard man, Odysseus, your limbs never wear out; you must be made of iron to order your men onward, worn with work and wanting sleep. Let us ashore to make ready the fat feast on fast land; and in the morning go forward refreshed." So we went ashore, and ate. and slept the heavy sleep. But during the nitwit, south winds plied close the dark clouds and the dawn spread her fingers not rosy, but wan. weakly, washing us with rain and a grinning wind as if still buried in the clutches of night. Six days we huddled, smeared against that shore beneath the sheer cliffs. We wure content as long as our provisions lasted, but on the seventh day they were all exhausted, and I sent the men to fish, and trap game; above all not to slaughter the sacred herds of Helios. Meanwhile I went along the coast and prayed the gods that they might shosv me a way out of our predicament. But all they did was cast heavy sleep upon my eyes while among my men. their hollow stomachs soon made them forget my words, driving them to terrible deeds. Some, standing at the bedsides of those wracked by old age. but with minds entire, idly discussed their patients. Others, for fear of seeming inept, again and again stuck at infants'collapsed veins, rather than ask for more skilled help. Some discussed cases loudly by name on elevators. Some, in blithe indifference, would forget their patients on bedpans. To the ultimate clinical professors ... our patients: For every marathon sophomore H P. for the millionth suture removal (and the first suture placement), for every cold stethoscope as your breakfast appetizer; for the privilege of witnessing your births, and for teaching us that death, after all, is a part of life ... we thank you. 124Beards PARDON OUR APPEARANCE WE ARE WORKING TO MAKE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL BETTER AND MORE CONVENIENT FOR YCSome would start IV's or place Foleys just for practice, or seeking kudos from attendings. wake patients from the healing sleep for routine tests they had forgotten to order the day before. Some, with lust in their hearts, roughly would perform pelvic exams on modest women; while others, unable to face the urges within them, would avoid pelvic exams when they were needed. Sometimes in psychiatry clinic, students would sleep while patients talked of their sickness; or in medical clinic would ignore or mock the psychiatric reasons for a visit ostensibly made for lower back pain. So did my companions slaughter the cattle of Helios, and all the time explaining their actions: "We will take the twelve best animals, and sacrifice them to the gods, and our residents and chief attendings will be pleased with us and speed us homeward.'1 But Helios, seeing this, was enraged, demanding of Zeus a just retribution. So Zeus, gatherer of the clouds, abated the wind and storm, and my men gloating in their hearts, went aboard the sleek ships with thoir spoils; but I would not eat of that meat though the sharp hunger was on me. So we sailed with following wind, but no sooner were we out of sight of land than a new storm arose, making the other seem like a summer breeze. Zeus sent lightning and thunderbolts upon the vessels, slashing the forestay so that the mast crashed down upon the helmsman, driving his spine into his brain lifting his proud life from him. Everywhere my men were flung from the vessel bobbing like feathers in the churning brine, and swept away. I went back through the ship and where the keel had been torn away, there I lashed it to the fallen mast, and clinging to both rode the snarling storm-wind; driven nine days on the ocean current never to see my companions again, to the island of Kalypso. 126WHO SAID IT? (One final quiz for you obsessive-compulsive types) 1 "There's pathology all around you." 2 "Doctor, why you are the way you are?" 3 "The only person who does this operation better than me is God." 1 'The kidney is my favorite organ " 5. "Don't worry, you're all going to get '100's' on the final " 6 "Attendance should be mandatory " 7 "You can trade recipes later." 8 "OK, settle down, you guys ” 9 "(Chinese words}" 10 "My endocardial cushion is bigger than Dr Trover's" 11 "Enzim.” 12 "Put an asterisk next to this." 13 "You would never present like this if you were presenting to Sol Sherry " 14 "If you don't pay your overdue tuition, we will be forced to become unpleasant " 15 "You have to realize that halt oi you will be in the bottom half of the class " J3AOJJ. iQ-Si :gi!iu$ ueaa-pi ' ue.Mijag jjaqoy 3Q-£i ruiajsAjjog JQ Zi 'ir |g JQ-11 ouijo JQ-Ol 'Uui.w 'D'S Ja-6:;l|U|Opeuns jQ-g-suuc jq- fiibV auj.-9 e6joao!0 ..99.. 0|96uv K)-9'|l 8 'a- qn ilu» M JQ-S 'uelea JQ-2 lUHiuag 'Q 1 :siomsuvTemple_________________________________ Ijn I KfirS ri7 ACT,v,T,ES • activities • activitii SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 128129Student Council To Kathy. Dave. Steve. Paul and Aiison For representing the class on issues from mobile microbiology margins to mandatory class attendance .... For waiting for 5:30 pm meetings after 5:30 am surgery rounds. .. For organizing class picnics and parties, from freshman year at the Society Hill Club to senior year at the Bellevue .... We thank you! Dave Levy The Pres 130 Official Student Council responsibilities included the christening of Lake Henikoff.AOA Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society CUM of 1984 Van Adams Penny Bard Dune Barton Barbara Bayldon William Beam Marc Blaster Wendy Carter Mary Beth Cermak Anthony Dean Dean Dresner Susan Erisman Mary Ann Febbo Timotny Garvey Carolyn Gaukter Stephen Hahn -Vice President Peter Hauber George Henning -President Robert Kerper Frederick Lennon Bonnie Marr Michael Millenjon John Mitcholl Thacn Nguyen John Sou ter Lee Segal Stuart Sherman Craig Shriver Anthony Slovmsky George Weber Gerald Williams Clan of 1985 John Coppes Doan Orosnet Leonard Hojncrwski Alan Komin$ky Michael Stierstorfer Councillor--- Alan Marks. M D Treasurer — Ron Rubin. M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha is organized for educational purposes exclusively and not for profit, and its aims shall be tho promotion of acholarship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high attainment in medical science, practice and related fieldsAMSA American Medical Student Association PSR Physicians for Social Responsibility AMSA includes more than 300 Temple students as members. The national organization provides publications, group insurance, loan programs and other services for medical students. Temple's chapter was responsible for the publication of the student directory, old exam reprints, and a new. expanded ‘TUMS News”. Sophomores enjoyed a helpful panel discussion on rotation selection, sponsored by AMSA. The Golden Apple Teaching Awards were voted on by students and given out to the deserving professors at the close of the school year.AKK Phi Chi FraternitySignificant Accomplishments in 1980-84 - Thorough review and discussion of the role of the Honor Code during the Dean’s Medical School Retreat of October 1981. - Expansion of Freshman Orientation including a newly published pamphlet on the Honor Code. — Initiation of the first review and revision of the Honor Code Constitution and By-Laws since 1976. — Development of a multi-faceted organization to cover increased faculty contact and education as well as student education.SNMA Student $ National Medical Association SNMA at Temple will not soon forget the contribution and support it received from the class of 1984. SNMA has been involved in the local Tioga N ice town community through activities such as health and hypertension screening at local churches, and patient education throughout other area locations. SNMA. through its membership, has also been involved in the introduction of medicine as a viable career to interested younger members of the community. On campus. SNMA has been a leader in student activities with guest lecturers speaking on such topics as nutrition and residency programs, academic excellence in medicine and physician lifestyles. There have been SNMA sponsored awards ceremonies for outstanding minority students, and social and cultural events in the form of mixers and annual Black History Month Dinners. Our best wishes to SKULL and the class of 1984!SKULL ’84 Staff Co-editors Kathleen Cronan Mary Montrelia Pre-Clinical Section Jack Rosenfeld, Editor Clinical Section Anne Casey. Editor Wanda Ronner. Assistant Sue Weston Activities Section Marcia Dowdy. Editor Michael Bentz. Assistant Senior Section Rick Goosenberg, Editor Robyn Faye, Editor Barbara Bayldon Michael Bentz Anne Casey Marcia Dowdy Carolyn Gaukler Lou Mancano Annie Petit Peggy Poianeczky Wanda Ronner Liz Rody Theme Section Peggy Poianeczky, Editor Neil Cohen. Assistant Photography Staff Harry Baer. Editor Wanda Ronner Kathy Cronan Art Staff Brett Horwitz, Editor Peter Hauber Lou Mancano Anthony Dean Business Staff Roger Sharf. Business Manager Diane Barton. Assistant Barbara Bayidon Michael Bentz Ned Carp Steve Hahn Roseanne Paz Jeff Timby Cover Design Brett R. Horwitz Dedication Elizabeth Rody Medical School Odyssey Anthony Dean 136One hundred and eighty distinctly unique personalities and four years of diverse medical education—the result is a countless number of memories covering a wide emotional spectrum. It is this which we have tried to capture in these pages. We would like to especially thank all those who contributed their time, effort, and creativity the section editors, the photographers, the artists, the creator of the theme, the business staff, the Medical Communications staff.....and all those who helped them. 11 is our hope that in future years the spirit of our Medical School Odyssey will endure. Ka,hy and Mary Harry Baer sine qua non of Skull 1984.Christmas Show 22 DECEMBER NOON CLASSROOM A FagocytesPHYSICIAN (to the tune of 'Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof) TEVYEH LEVY A student of medicine. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Here in our little village of Temple Medical School, you might say that each of us is like a Fiddler on the Roof ... But then again, you might not. You'd probably say that each of us is like an idiot, trying in the face of ridiculous circumstances to scratch out a passing grade without losing his mind. It isn't easy. You may ask. why do we come here? Why do we slave day after day, sit through hours of lecture trying to learn a collection of esoteric facts we may never use again? Why do we suffer through sleepless nights. Doc's coffee, and endless exams? That, my friend, I can tell you in one word — PHYSICIAN. CHORUS Physician, physician — physician! TEVYEH Who everyday must scramble into lecture, stuff his face with coffee, take his daily notes? And who has no right to ask too many questions or even live a normal life? TEVYEH: And so, we labor here at Temple Med for four long years, so we can become physicians. We suffer because we know that someday it will be worth it. We will be respected, we will have made many accomplishments, attained in life a certain position ... But at the same time, we will have shouldered ourselves with enormous debt. For to come here, we must borrow thousands and thousands of dollars, mortgage our father's houses, eat at McDonalds, sell our stereos ... All so that we can pay — Tuition! (For S8000 you expected maybe "A Chorus Line"?)PartiesBasketballSv ftball Frank "Hitch" Carter John "Casey at the Bat" Jeff "Downtown" DeLuca Lou "Rocky" D'Oro Barry "Fabulous" Fabius Tim "Garagiola" Garvey Bill "Knuckleball" Gray Dave "The Kid" Kurtz Bruce "Shades" Saidman Lee "Brooks" Segal ‘Phil "Flash" Sih Jerry "Jack-em” Williams 'Gwynn "Grand-Slam" Woodward Co-Captains The class of 1984 Temple Medical School Softball Team has progressed from an average season in '81 to a powerhouse team in ’83. After crushing each team in the regular season by more than ten runs and surviving a tough playoff schedule, injuries, and even away rotations, we emerged as the 1983 Temple Intramural ChampionsMed Notes A special kudos to all involved in three years of Med Notes production the coordinators copiers collators, the linancier. and of course, the dedicated and occasionally creative scribes typists. Through their efforts, the trials and tribulations of the classroom months faded just a little bit ... . our thanks TUMSA Temple University Medical School Spouses Association 147 Temple____________________ unwersiLUs • • se SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 148)RS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIOI Svc;'; 149150- Dedicated to my family, and in special memory of my mother, without whom none of this would have been possible. The Doctor There are men and classes of men that stand above the common herd: the soldier, the sailor, and the shepherd not unfrequently; the artist rarely, rarlier still, the clergyman; the physician almost as a rule. He is the flower (such as it is) of our civilization; and when that stage of man is done with, and only remembered to be marvelled at in history, he wiU be thought to have shared as little as any in the defects of the period, and most notably exhibited the virtues of the race. Generosity he has. such as is possible to those who practice an art. never to those who drive a trade: discretion, tested by a hundred secrets; tact, tried in a thousand embarrassments; and what are more important. Heraclean cheerfulness and courage. So it is that he brings air and cheer into the sick-room, and often enough, though not so often as he wishes, brings healing. —Robert Louis Stevenson 152153154Gregory Richard Applegate, M.D. Jack and Mom - Thanks for your support There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and miseries On such a full sea are we now afloat And we must take the current when it serves, Or loose our ventures. Julius Caesar Act IV Scene III Lines 217-223 sgJJM 155 Lloyd Harbor, L.I., N.Y.156157158Harry M. Baer, M.D. To mv dearest parents-------many thanks. Ai this all important time in our lives. I give you this promise - that we will live and grow together, yet never impede each other's freedom; that we will proceed through troubled times and good times, offering each other support and encouragement, and above all love. 159Why marry a doctor when I can become one?! By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established, And by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Prov. 24:3,4 160''Doctor! Tell me, why you are the way you are7’” — R. Rajan, M.D. 1 83 In Dedication To the one who has given me unbending support, gentle encouragement and unselfish sacrifice. I have gained more from her than any university could offer me. To Mrs. Winifred K. Baldys. my mother - thanks for everything. I lames S. Baldys, M.D. 161Dedication my folks: For all the Trans-Atlantic care packages, for the trips to N.V. in blizzard conditions ... but most of all -for being you. the faculty and staff of SGUSOM For realizing my impossible dream, the Class of '84 For taking in a stranger, and making her feel so very much at home. Helen and Gene Baran My favorite "Boogie Man" Home so far away from home - Grenada. W.l. Columbia. Buddy and Marasmus 162163Pm ft Diane Barton, M.D. 164165 Our Son the Doctor!!!166167168To my family, for all the encouragement, support, and love .... Many thanks. I love you.Robert Philip Berkowitz, M.D. My medical school graduation is dedicated to my family, whose love and support have enabled me to fulfill a dream. Thank you. I love you. Robert 170171172 173174FOREVER AND ALWAYS LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP Joel L. Boyd, M.D. It was once said the secret of success is that there is no secret. I have come to realize the secret of success lies in those who are willing to stand behind you. correct you and support your efforts. So special thanks to my four mothers and the rest of my family, to my friends who put up with it and Cheryl who made it bearable. 175 Love. Joel176177179180181Thanks to the people whose support helped me to reach this day. Gregory B. Carson, M.D. 182 "Koolin out"183 A trusted companion Thanks184185186 REDEMPTION THROUGH PROFESSIONALISM"187188190 Paul Michael Coacly, M.D. 191"To my classmates: It has been an exquisite pleasure sharing these years with you. Go far and be happy; now get outta here, all of you!" Affectionately, NMC W.A. Mozart - an eternal voice of inspiration. Mom and D3d - two all stars! "Happiness is just sometimes having nothing better to do." 192 193Odette M. Cohen-Martin, M.D. With Phillip 194 My Parents Patricia age 3 months Trish age 1 yearWisdom is Life and Health My son, attend to my words Incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; Keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them And health to all their flesh. Keep thy heart with all diligence. For out of it are the issues of life. Put away from thee a forward mouth, And perverse lips put far from thee. Let thine eyes look right on, And let thine eyelids look straight before thee. Ponder the path of thy feet And let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor the left. Remove thy foot from evil. PROVERBS 4:20-27 Geoffrey Coleman, M.D. 195Seedlings—Kwasi, 12 - Afrisha. 4 months 196Randy and Val "Werdaheckawe" - Canada 1983 “Always remember, in dealing with your patients, the head bone is connected to the heart bone." —Alan Alda Roderick W. Cook, Jr.. M.D.. F.A.C.P. To Mom. Rick and Sue who made my dreams come true. Temple Med. 1951 197Thanks for your love and support 198Kathleen M. Cronan, M.D. you shall above all things be glad and young. For if you're young, whatever life you wear it will become you, and if you are glad whatever's living will yourself become. e.e. cummings For your unfaltering support, heartfelt thanks to all of you. 199200 Carol Monica Ann — Friend of many ways.Your strength is my strength I will cherish you forever You are dearest to me now And always will be For in you I have found The perfect mate. 201Cathy — my wife and friend who listened and helped each step along the way. I couldn’t have done it without her. To my Mom and Dad - Two of the greatest people I know. Thanks for all the support, prayers and guidance all these years. 202203Lord_____ Gram me the strength to change those things which I can ... And to accept those which I cannot.. . And grant me the wisdom to know the difference between the two. To my Mom and Dad. for all of their love and support without which I could not have persevered. Oh, to be young and carefree again! A little recreation to keep the developing minds clear. 204Multi and Dad. whose love, encouragement, and generosity, along with that of other family members and dear friends, have been indispensable. THIS BRIDGE This bridge will only take you halfway there To those mysterious lands you long to see. Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fairs And moonlit woods where unicorns run free So come and walk awhile with me and share The twisting rails and wondrous worlds I've known. But this bridge will only take you halfway — The last few steps you'll have to take alone. —Shel Silverstein Marcia loan Dowdy, M.D. Cape May memories Bethe and Rob. my nutty siblings. 205 Dean A. Drezner. M.D. Wedding Day — September 12. 1982. Those that count, stick with you. Amy, the one who makes it all worth it. Bermuda Honeymoon. 206 Elise Jill Eckhard, M.D. Chief Complaint: Too much of South Dakota and too little time in which to see it. Diagnosis: Acute onset of ecstasy brought on by four weeks of hiking through the Scottish Highlands. 207208209210211Barry' Michael Fabius, M.D. "Cloquet hated reality but realized it was still the only place to get a good steak." Woody Allen "Choosing the wrong eyeshadow is the most frequently made mistake." Marie Osmond "All the same, when one sees the misery it brings, one must be a madman, a coward, or stone blind, to give in tamely to the plague." Albert Camus In memory of my father who wanted more for me than he did for himself. 212213214The past four years have been an intense learning and living experience. Family and true friends have acted as beacons of love, warmth, and reassurance to guide me. I salute them and embrace their memory For teaching me empathy and eloquence and doubling as my coach, For teaching me the joy of working with my hands, For admonissions to "study hard” and "get your rest," For the checks that paid the rent and bought the groceries (Mom, Dad. sister Angela, grandparents) For playing my surrogate mother (Lucretia Saunders) For playing my surrogate brother (Bill Winston) For your teaching, encouragement and laughter, especially on those long and lonely nights before exams (my fellow classmates of Color) For your good advice and honest concern (the R AR staff) For your confidence (my patients) For changing the subject when I talked about failing (Moses Young, M.D.) For teaching me "the Temple nod” (William Booker, M.D.) For cooking dinner and asking "How was your day?" (Mitzi McSwain) For accepting me as your live—in sister (Ashley and Marc McSwain) For your poetry (Marion Salaam) For your laughter (the Smith family) For never doubting that I'd make it (Clarence and Pearl Whalen, Marie Young) For Sunday dinners in Willingboro (the Johnson family) For Sunday masses when I always left feeling better (Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church community) For lending me your apartment that weekend I needed to get away (Carol Oliver) For making my heart "buzz" with excitement (Dave McKill. Wade Harris) For your letters and long distance phone calls that transported me into your love when I needed a two-week vacation, but could afford but a few minutes (Chuck B., Howard C.. Cortina C., Cecil E.. Elaine J.. Jerome K.. Sharon R.) AL-HAMDUILLAH (All praises due to Allah) "Shabazz" Jenelle Elizabeth Foote, M.D. 215Jill Rae Frey, M.D. Oh cat of grey Oh cat of joy Come back, come home Save me, save me I'm lost now you know My security gone, my confidence weak. My consolation lost. Depression strikes. Where are you? I'm looking, I'm calling. Come home to me. Come back to me. Are you wild now — are you free? Can I come with you? Will you wait for me? I want to be wild. I need to be free. Wait for me. Wait tor me. I'm coming. I’m coming. Oh cat of grey Oh cat of joy. I watched two horses today. Side by side as if in unison. Each step planned as if to help the other. Like a machine, they fit together Their parts meshing as one. I watched two leaves fall today Linked to each other in their death fall Joined to the end - never parted in all their time. They belonged together, they were created together. Their parts meshing as one. I watched two twigs float today. Down the stream, the current carried them Beyond control they floated together not even thinking - they stayed together. And then it happened — the current split and one went one way - one the other. I watched as they drifted apart. Farther and farther. 216Let's not hurry, we don't have a moment to lose. Barry Friler, M.D. 217Cordon F. Funs, M.D. I owe it all to my loving family. With family at graduation Birthday with nieces Growing up with brothers and sister 218My family_______Bern. Jay. Pat. Peggy, Mary Ann. and Meghan .... plus two missing additions. Maureen and Elizabeth. The vein and I. (Vein—A rion-muscular. thin walled, easily distended vessel). That's me when I was smart and wanted to be a cowboy. Timothy A. Garvey, M.D. An earlier graduation . .. Mom. my love and thanks for your help and support in all my past graduations, but especially so for the past four years which now see me graduating from temple.Carolyn jean Gaukler, M.D. A special thanks to my parents, sisters, and Randy, for all their love and support. 220221222William Eibe Gottlieb, M.D.Robyn Beth Faye, M.D. My very special family — I love you all and want to thank you for your love and support. You helped make my dream a reality. Rick, the love of my life—my husband and best friend. You are such an important and beautiful part of my life. I need you by my side forever— Mazel Wonder Dog Faye— my brother, Med notes typist and scribe, playmate and sleeping buddy. 224 RobTo my wonderful family I love you. Eric Brad Goosenberg, M.D. To my beloved Robbala: "You have your own special way Of turning the world so it's facing The way that I'm going. Don't ever leave me." 225William A. Gray, M.D. INH and Liver Toxicity .... a rare moment in my Temple career. My running is both process and product. Sometimes it's all meaning and no purpose. Other times it is all purpose and no meaning. Sometimes it is work other times play and there are times when it is an act of love. George Sheehan No matter how many people you surround yourself with, there are times when no one can help you—it’s just you and that test, or you and the road—it's those times when I'm least alone, oddly enough. Because no matter what I do or where I go. I am forever my family (yes, even you Louie, more than you know). And that can only make me a stronger person—thank you Mom. Dad, Anth and Lou. 226227Alison Whitney Grover, M.D. To All Mom. Dad. Peter. David. Molly. Catie, Gregg. D, Beth and the kids .... Thank you much for the love, support, laughter, encouragement and tolerance without which I would have been lost. Love you all. 228Stephen Michael Hahn, M.D. f 1 ' 2302312320- ( ?) Peter John Hauber, M.D. 233234235 George Frederick Henning III, M.D. From inability to let well alone, from too much zeal for the new and contempt for what is old. from putting knowledge before wisdom, science before art and cleverness before common sense; from treating patients as cases, from making the cure of the disease more grievous than the endurance of the same. Good Lord deliver us Sir Robert Hutchison My wife. Judy. 236 Our sons Adam Nathaniel Henning, 3 yrs. Aaron Matthew Henning, 3 mos. Our home, a place where all is made well again.WUMTIUS fUNOS MNCNTUT WIOCO' c i I but SAT-JULY 2i WASH-DC the U.S. War Against Central America the Caribbean !•«» •••' • r v« • « • K« M Hi ( »•«««•• • C«H "« BlWH» • HO 0 • •••« - »• . • •WW n« ■• • W HO Wm M«M . . . . 14 1 IMMM maMtaMNi RALLY 2:30 a ra PM Paul F. Hergenroeder, M.D. 237Jonathan Hibbs, M.D. • - w What does the Lord require of thee but to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God? Micah 6.8 238 WWW Vt m Jeffrey Scott Hillmann, M.D. With love to my parents and sisters for their encouragement, love and support. 239Dorothy Anne Himes, M.D. In the kitchen with housemate Janice In Dedication: With much love and thanks to my Mom. Dad. family and friends When the time of our particular sunset comes. Our thing, our accomplishment, won't really matter a great deal. But the quality and care with which we have loved others Will speak with vitality of the great gift of life We have been for each other. Weston Priory Me with my sister Nancy. Mom and brother Fran 240241242"What a long, strange trip it's been" 243Robert M. Kerper. M.D. ) I ft-' _ To my mother and father Your love, support and innumerable sacrifices have made this dream come true. Thank you. To my wife Patty It couldn't have been done without you. Just in time for the yearbook 244245246Gently .... .. .Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream Eric D. Kramer, M.D. For, yes ____to dance beneath the diamond sky. with one hand waving free -silhouetted by the sea -circled by the circus waves -let me forget about today -until tomorrow .... Hey Mr. Tambourine Man .... so it goes! Thanks Dad Thanks Dr. Harakal 247248 Dedicated to my family, whose love and support is something I could always count on.249250251252 HillDedicated to my wife, my children, and my family with all my love. Deirdre, Shane and Connell Frederick F. Lennon, M.D. Margo and I The Family Portrait 253254255Degenerating Freshing nosumRobert Gary Liss, M.D. 257John Gossling MacCart, M.D. 258259260261Louis D. Mancano, M.D. i 22 phone books = 1 med notes '84 To my family, with all my love .... thank you for your support and encouragement. 262263264Auntie Thanks to Daddie. who taught me discipline. Auntie, who loved me as her child: My family, who has always been there to provide me with strength and support. 265John Joseph McCloskey, M.D. 266267268IF- If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you. But make allowance for their doubting too, If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies. Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise If you can dream-and not make dreams your master. If you can think-and not make thoughts your aim. If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same. If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools: If you can make one heap of all your winnings. And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss. And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them. "Hold on!" If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue. Or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch. I f neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you. If all men count with you. but none too much. If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run. Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And—which is more—you'll be a Man. my son! Rudyard Kipling [1865-1936] 269"I like sitting in the front row." Meijer MEDICAL STUDENTS? They climb mountains like animals, stupid and sweating; one has forgotten to tell them that there are beautiful views on the way up. NIETZSCHE 270271John P. Mitchell, M.D. .... On the road again! "The knee bone is connected to the .... thigh bone." Dedication To my mother (for raising me). To my wife, Susan (who kept me human) To my faithful Colt (for all 75,000 miles) To the Air Force (for money). "Off we go into the wide blue yonder 272Rhoncfo Michelle Mitchell, M.D. One nighi I had a dream I dreamed I was walk ing along the beach with the Lord and across the sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonged to me, the other the Lord. When the last scene of my life flashed before us. I looked back at the footprints in the sand, I noticed, that many times along the path of my life, there was only one set of footprints. FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in my life. This really bothered me and I questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you. you would walk with me all the way, but I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints. I don’t understand why in times when I needed you most, you would leave me." The Lord replied, "My precious Child, I love you and I would never, never leave you during your times of trials and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, IT WAS THEN THAT I CARRIED YOU." 273Some sisters share everything - even rotations: Karen, student BSN and Mary, JMS with our favorite patient. Tanya "Loddy" Doddy. St. Chris, 1983. "We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time." T.S. Eliot From "Little Gidding" To my friends .... To my family .... But most especially, to Mom and Dad: For infinite patience and encouragement. For all the smiles and laughter. For the special time we have shared. My humble thanks — and all my love. Mary 274Me. Janisand Kevin (twin brother) Dad at 21 My family at Mom's wedding. July, 1982. Lloyd Bernard Moore, Jr., M.D. This page is dedicated to God and to my grandmother. "I tell you, therefore, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours." Mark 11 24 Karla 275276 Howard Ian Nadjari, M.D. 277To Mom, Dad and Marc: Thanks for your encouragement, support, and above all, love. To Arleen Thank you for direction, devotion, and for being the most beautiful part of my life. 278Without the support of my family, none of this would have been possible! Much love and thanks. 279In memory of my father Morris Q. Nguyen, M.D. TJ deals arc (ike stars • A6u M i(( n£ succeed in tcuchinj Ujem vittj your (funds. % ut, Li c ttje SMfbrinjj men on t jc desert ef T vtter, choose them as yaur guides, and joliowiny tiym react) your destiny cAu z. 280Dedicated with love and gratitude to my parents and my fiance, without whose support and encouragement this moment would not have been possible. 281David Oseliiisky, M.D. ' ? ■ ' JGH.'.. ' ' •» '? ■ ’ Create mental pictures of your goals, then work to make those pictures become realities. Exercise your God-given power to choose your own direction and influence your own destiny and try to decide wisely and well. Have the daring to open doors to new experience and to step boldly forth to explore strange horizons. Be unafraid of new ideas, new theories and new philosophies. Have the curiosity to experiment. . . to test and try new ways of living and thinking. Recognize that the only ceiling life has is the one you give it. You are surrounded by infinite possibilities for growth and achievement. Keep your heart young and your expectations high and never allow your dreams to die. 282KUCAl ALUMM OfFXf !H IE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MCOCWE ftNiAOCLPHU 40. H. Thanks to those who. through their love and support, made all this possible. Stephen R. Paul, M.D. 283Rosanne Freeman-Paz, M.D. Dad_____A Dedication You helped to give me life. You taught me understanding and patience. You are ever close when I need assistance. You extend your hand and open your heart. You are the righteous judge and the loving father. You help me direct my goals and reach my aspirations. Dad ... you are you. And you are why I am me. Love of my life, man of my dreams. A backbone of strength; a will to conquer. How long did you say you had this condition? 284 And baby makes three ....To my mom .... I owe it all to you. You will find as you look back upon your life That the moments that stand out Are the moments when you have done things for others. Mary Ann Peberdy, M.D. To my family and friends .... For ail your prayers, confidence and support____ I thank you. 285286287"What is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?" Dad, my love. "Vet the timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream." With special thanks and love to all those who made this journey a little easier. 288Margaret M. Polaneczky, M.D. To my family Mom, DacJ, Al. Patty, Ronnie, Franny, Michael, Mary Lou, Rosemary and Joey, Thank you for your love and your support. I never would have made it without you. I love you all so very much. Yo'A climb {h£ la.d ?r of Jucceis A Ksf- f rank Cos 289290For Grandma Bea, Grandpa Lou and Grandpa Ben. who'd have been thrilled, and for Mom, Dad. Liney, Annie. David. Grandma Nettie and the rest of my family and friends, to each of whom belongs a share in this achievement. 291Time's a strange fellow; more he gives than takes (and he takes all) nor any marvel finds quite disappearance but some keener makes losing, gaining -love! if a world ends more than all worlds begin to (see?) begin e.e. cummings 292"My first patient" "Everywhere Man blames Nature and Fate. Vet. his fate is mostly but the echo Of his character and passions. His mistakes and weaknesses." Democritus In all masterpieces. Blow obscured. But not quite forgotten. The ashes of the creator; An ordinary simpleton. Born for tomorrow Under yesterday's sun. J.C.R. "We are but pawns in the game of life." 293294295296 W-297Med school. .. They were years of cadavers and exams, patient presentations and hard work. But. they were also years of friends, and romance, spaghett i dinners, and d3ncing; community cooking, and running on rooftops, volleyball, and soccer, and basketball teams; "surprise" birthday parties for everyone, gourmet dinners and aerobic dancing, and vegetables with dip. parties with hats, and a party with shirts, and Sunday O.J. for four; weekends at beaches, and bicycle trips, and marriage, and honeymooning, and happiness. They were good years — Thanks for the memories. 298299 300301Thank GOD for Systems Disease II Besides, somebody brought Marriott's with them. The skies await your presence. Where’s Wolf and Tannenbaum anyway? 302 3'This page could not have been without the love and support I received from everyone in this picture ... I love you all!!!! I will always remember the great times we had . .. This page is dedicated to you. sweetheart. My loving future wife on her graduation day as a B.S.N. To my wonderful second family who also provided me with great support and love ... Here's to you. 304305Herbert M. Sinning, M.D. 306307308309311312313314315316DEDICATION I would like lo dedicate this page to a person whom I admire and respect, who has stood by me in my frustration and shared in my happiness, who at times has had more faith in me than I've had in myself, who has always been there with support and encouragement and made it all seem worthwhile, my lover, my companion, my best friend, my wife - Maarit. Donald J. Viscusi, M.D. 317MY TRIBUTE How can I say thank; for the thing; you have done for me Things so undeserved yet you gave to prove your love for me The voice; of a million angel; cannot express my gratitude ALL THAT I AM AND EVER HOPE TO BE. 1 OWE IT ALL TO THEE Just let me live my life and let it be pleasing. Lord to thee And if 1 gain any praise. I'll let it go to calvary 318 TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS HE HAS DONE320321Douglas Alan Whitney, M.D. His wife and provider, Barb. 322 Layne - 9 5 83323324■ Mom and Dad, the two most wonderful parents anyone could have. Thanks for all your love, prayers, and support. 325 Internal Medicine sure is fascinating.David Gwyn Woodward, M.D. Many special thanks to my family, for without their love and support. I would have never made it. My Dad - bringing home the bacon. My brother who carrried who through medical school? My Mom - learning that they were allowing me to graduate. My sisters — continually testing my sanity. 326 - Tyfirji CU — T J"J- Alexander Stephan Zwil, M.D.Residencies CAROL F. ACTOR. M 0. Pediatrics Children's Hospital Washington. DC VAN D. ADAMS. M.D. Preliminary Surgery York Hospital York. PA ANNE C. ALDRIDGE. M.D. Family Practice Wilmington Medical Center Wilmington. DE THOMAS W. ANDERSEN. M.D Family Practice Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA LEONARDS ANDERSON. M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA GREGORY APPLEGATE. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA JAMES H. ARANT.M.O. Preliminary Medicine Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine Conton. OH GOROON R. ARCHIBALD. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Roger Willioms General Hospital Providence, Rl JOSEPH V. ATTEWELL. M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA — HARRY M. BAER. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA 8OB8I D. BAKER. M.D. Emergency Medicine CWRU Mount Sinai Hospital Cleveland. OH JAMES S. BALDYS.M.D Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport. PA ILONA A. BARAN. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Mercy Catholic Medical Center Philaoelphia. PA PENNY A. BARO. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA DIANE 8ART0N.M.D. Preliminary Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA FREDERIC M BAURER. M 0. Psychiatry The Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA BARBARA W. BAYLDON. M O. Pediatrics Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago. IL WILLIAM R. BEAM. M.O. Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA JAMES E. BEITZEL.M.D. Internal Medicine Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg. PA MICHAEL L. BENTZ. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA ROBERTP. BERKOWITZ. M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA TODD BERNSTEIN. M.O. Preliminary Medicine Hanford Hospital Hartford. CT MARC BLASSER, M.D. Preliminary Surgery U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth. VA ERIC J. BLOOM. M.D. Intornol Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA ELLIOT 8. BOOOFSKY. M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA JOELL BOYD. M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Cleveland Clinic Hospital Cleveland. OH ANDREA BROWN. M.D. Preliminary Medicine New Rochelle Hospital Medical Center New Rochelle. NY PATRICIA R. BROWN. M.D. Internal Medicine Vanderbilt University Affil Hosps. Nashvillo. TN THOMAS M BROWNE. M.O Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA STEPHEN J. 8R0ZENA. M.D. Internal Medicine Presbyterian—U. of Pennsylvania Medical Center Philadelphia. PA THOMAS J. CAMPANA. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA NED Z CARP. M D. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA GREGORY B. CARSON. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Robert Packer Hospital Sayre. PA FRANK M CARTER. M.D. Surgery University of Massachusetts Coordinated Programs Worcester. MA WENDY CARTER. M.D. Transitional Walter Reed Army Medical Ctr Washington, DC GARCON M. CARUSO. M.D. Surgery Morey Hospital Pittsburgh. PA ANNE M. CASEY. M D. Transitional St. Vincent's Hospital New York, NY JOHN CASEY. M.D. Preliminary Surgery U.S. Naval Hospital San Diego. CA MARY BETH CERMAK. M.D. Orthopedic Surgery West Virginia University Hospital Morgantown. WV RICHARD N. CHANNICK. M.O. Internal Medicine U. of Massachusetts Hospltel Worcester. MA VICTOR Y. CHOU. M.D. Family Practice St. Francis Hospital Wilmington. DE PAUL M. COADY. M.D. Internal Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia. PA NEIL M. COHEN. M.O. Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA NORMAN L. COHEN, M.D. Pediatric Children's Hospital of Buffalo Buffolo. NY ODETTE COHEN-MARTIN. M.D. Pediatrics Cooper Medical Center Camden. NJ SUSAN R COLE. M.O Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. PA GEOFFREY COLEMAN. M.D Emergency Medicine Howard University Hospital Washington. DC ROSA A. CONNORS. M.D. Family Practice Glendale Adventist Meplcal Ctr Glendale. CA RANDALL C. COOK. M.O. Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. PA BENNETT H COZEN. M O. Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA KATHLEEN M. CRONAN. M.D. Pediatric The Children's Hospital of Phlle Philadelphia. PA JUNIOR DeFRElTAS. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia. PA ANTHONY J. DEAN. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Presbyterian-U. of Pennsylvania Medical Center Philadelphia. PA JOSEPH J. DelSERRA. M.D. Surgery St. Vincent's Hospital New York. NY JEFFREY V. DeLUCA. M.D. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA LOUIS D'ORO. M.D. Surgery Good Samaritan Hospital Cincinnati. OH MARCIA J. DOWDY M.D. Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington. DC DEAN A.DREZNER, M D. Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA DESMOND W. EBANKS. M.O Preliminary Medicine Harlem Hospital Center New York. NY ELISE J. ECKHARD. M.D Pediatrics University of Colorado Affiliated Hospitals Denver. COSUSAN P ERISMAN. M.D. Internal Medrcine University Hospitals Madison. Wl ROBERT J ESSEY. M.D Pathology University of California Affiliated Hospitals Irvine. CA BARRY M. FABIUS, M.D. Internol Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA GARY J. FAERBER.M.D. Urology University of Michigan Affiliated Hospitals Ann Arbor. Ml ROBYN B FAYE. M.D Obstetric s-Gynocology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA MARY A. FEBeO. M.D Internal Medicine University Hospitals Madison. Wl JENELLE E. FOOTE. M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medicu' Center Philadelphia, PA JILL R. FREY. M.D. Surgery Boston University Affil. Hosps 8oston. MA BARRY S FRITER. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA GORDON F. FUNG. M.D. Internal Mcdicino Presbyterian-U. of Pennsylvania Medical Center Philadelphia, PA TIMOTHY A. GARVEY. M.D. Orthopedic Surgery George Washington U. Hospitals Washington. DC CAROLYN J. GAUKLER. M D. Preliminary Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia. PA STEVEN L. GER8ER. M.D Internal Medicine Overlook Hospital Summit. NJ MICHAEL F. GLACKEN. M.D. Psychiatry Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA ERIC B. G00SEN8ERG. M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA WILLIAM E GOTTLIEB. M 0 Preliminary Medicine Atlantic City Modicol Center Atlantic City, NJ WILLIAM A GRAY. M.D. Internal Medicine Rhode Island Hospital Providence. Rl COLIN M. GREENE. M 0. Family Practice Virginia Baptist Hospital Lynchburg. VA ALISON W. GROVER. M.D. Internal Medicine U. of Massachusetts Hospital Worcester, MA CAROL L. GRUVER.M D Internal Medicine U. of Connecticut Affil Hosps Farmington, CT STEPHEN M HAHN, M D. Internal Medicine U. of California Hospitals San Francisco, CA ROBERTS HARKINS, M D Family Practice Reading Hospital Medical Center Reading. PA MERLEEN HARRIS. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Mercy Catholic Medical Center Philadelphia. PA PETER J. HAUB6R.M D. Psychiatry Hospitals of University Health Ctr Pittsburgh. PA MARGARET HAYES. M.D Internship Deferred PHILIP A. HELLER. M.D Surgery U. Hospital SUNY-Stony Brook Stony Brook. NY GEORGE HENNING. M.D. Family Practice Wilson Hospital Johnson City. NY PAUL HERGENROEDER. M.D. Emergency Medicine Medical Collage of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA JONATHAN R. HIBBS. M.D. Internal Medicine U. of Minnesota Hospitals Minneapolis. MN JEFFREY S. HILLMAN. M.D.N Preliminary Medicine LA County-USC Medical Center Los Angeles. CA DOROTHY A. HIMES. M O. Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport. PA -» BRETT R. HORWITZ. M.D. . Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA MARC R. INVER. M D. Psychiatry The Institute of tho Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA JAMES W. JAFFE. M.D Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA ROY JAMES. M 0 Family Practice Chestnut Hill—Jefferson Hospitals Philadelphia. PA ROBERT M, KERPER. M.D. Internal Medicine Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester. NY CAROLA A. KIEVE. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr. PA PHILLIP M KOFSKY. M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA ERIC D KRAMER. M D Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hospital-U. Medical Ctr. Camden. NJ RICHARD M KRAVIT2, M.D Pediatrics Children's Hospital Pittsburgh. PA HARVEY C. KRElTZER. M.D Internal Medicine Primary Care Scranton Tcmolc Residency Prog. Scranton. PA — JOSEPH P KR2EMINSKI. M D. Preliminary Surgery Temole University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA DAVID I. KURTZ, M 0. Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelohia. PA JAMES P LABENSKI.MD. Transitional Reading Hospital Medical Ctr Reading. PA FREDERICK F. LENNON. M.D Internal Medicine University of New Mexico School of Medicine Alberquorque. NM RUSSELL L LEVIN. M D. Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hosoital-U Medical Ctr Camden. NJ DAVID B LEVY. M.D Family Practice Highland Hospital Rochester, NY STEVEN R LINDHEIM. M.D Obstetrics-Gynecology Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA ROBERT G LISS. M.D Orthopedic Surgery S Illinois University and Affiliatod Hospital Springfield. IL JOHN G. MacCART. M D. Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Norristown. PA JOSEPH MAGGIONCALDA. M D. Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA RAOUL D. MAIZEL. M.D. Transitional Chestnut Hill—lefferson Hospitals Philadelphia. PA TIMOTHY M MALAK. M D. Preliminary Surgery Presbyterian-U. of Pennsylvania Medical Center Philadelphia. PA LOUIS D MANCANO. M O. Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Norristown. PA BONNIE L MARR. M.D. Pediatrics The Children's Hospital of Phii3. Philadelphia. PA CARL MASON. M D. Internal Medicine Walter Reed Army Med. Ctr Washington. DC MAVIS L. MATTHEW. M.D Pediatrics Children's Hoscual Washington. DC JOHN J. McCLOSKEY. M.D Pediatrics Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore. MD LAUREN A McDONALD. M.D. Internal Medicine St Paul's Hospital Dallas. TX WILLIAM H. McGEEHIN. M.D Preliminary Surgery Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia. PAResidencies OWEN R. MclVOR. M.O. Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA ROSANNE B. PA2. M.O. Internal Medicine Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA JOHN G. SAUTER. M D. Anesthesiology Hospital of the U. of PA Philadelphia. PA KENNETH D. VESIO. M.D Internal Medicine UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical $ch Newark. NJ MARK E. MEIJER. M.D. Family Practice UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School New Brunswick, NJ — MICHAEL M.MILLENSON.M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospitals Philedelohio. PA JOHN P MITCHELL. M.D. Internal Medicine Barnes Hospital St. Louis. MO RHONDA M. MITCHELL. M.D. Internal Modiclne Washington Hospital Center Washington. DC MARY J. MONTRELLA. M.D. Internal Medicine Primary Care Medical College of Virginia Richmond. VA LLOYD B. MOORE. M.D. Preliminary Medicine St. Leu is University Hospital St. Louis. MO ALEXANDER MULTAKH. M.D. Internal Medicine Hospitals U. Health Centers Pittsburgh, PA HOWARD I. NADJARI. M.O. Surgery SUNY Buffalo-Eria Co Med. Ctr. Buffalo. NY RICHARD E. NAIDS. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA WILLIAM 8. NEUSIDL, M.D. Preliminary Medicino Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA MINH 0. NGUYEN. M.D. Transitional St Luke's Hospital-Temple Affil. Bethlehem. PA _ THACHN. NGUYEN. M.D. Internal Medicine Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia. PA DAVID OSELINSKY. M.D. Surgery SUNY Buffalo-ErieCo Med. Ctr. Buffalo. NY STEPHAN R PAUL. M.D. Pediatrics Unlv. Colorado Affiliated Hosps. Oenver. CO MARY ANN PEBEROY, M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA DENNIS J. PE LLECCHIA, M.D. Transitional Allentown Affiliated Hosoitals Allentown. PA SCOTT A. PERKINS. M.D Transitional Presbyterian-U of Pennsylvania Medical Center Philadelphia. PA ANNIE I. PETIT, M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Sloto Univorsity Of New York-Kings County Medical Center Brooklyn. NY MARGARET POLANECZKY. M.D, Obstetrics—Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA JOHN P. POLENTA. M.O. Mediclne Pedlatrics Mercy Hospitaf Pittsburgh. PA ELIZABETH J. RODY.M.D-Psychiatry Georgetown University Hospital Washington. DC WANDA RONNER. M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology Boston City Hospital Boston. M A JACKC. ROSENFELD, M.D. Family Practice Sacred Hoar: Hospital Allentown, PA DAVID L. RUBENSTElN. M.D Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA BRUCE H SAIDMAN. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia Richmond. VA THOMASS. SAMUELSEN. M.D. Obstetrics-Gynecology U. Rochester Assoc Hospital Prog Rochester. NY VINCENT F. SARDI. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA STEPHEN E SARGENT. M.D. Modicine Pediatrlcs Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. PA LEE S. SEGAL. M.D. Orthopodlc Surgery S. Illinois University Affiliated Hospitals Springfield. IL ROGER E. SHARP. M.D Surgery New Britain Genorol Hospital New Britain. CT CRAIG SHRIVER, M.O. Surgery Walter Reed Army Medical Ctr Washington. OC PHILIP G. SIH. M.O. Obstetrics-Gynecology Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA HERBERT M. SINNING. M.D Surgery Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, PA ANTHONY J. SLAVINSKI. M.D. Internal Medicine Reading Hospital Medical Ctr Reading. PA ROBERT L. SPANGLER. M.O. Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. PA EUGENE R.STISH.M.D. Family Practice Memorial Hospital Burlington Co. Mt. Holly. NJ ROBERT STRATTON. M.D Pathology Reading Hospital Medical Ctr. Reading. PA DONNA L. TABRIZI M O. Internal Medicino Baylor College Affiliated Hospital Houston, TX ALAN H. TANNENBAUM. M.D. Pediatrics Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA JEFFREY W. TIMBY.M.O. Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia Richmond. VA MICHAEL K. URBAN. M.D. Preliminary Medicine Waterbury Hospital Waterbary. CT GARYT. VERAZIN. M.O Surgery Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown, PA DONALO J. VISCUSI.M D Family Practico Hamot Hospital Erie. PA VICTOR V WATERS. M.D. Internal Medicine St Luke's Hospital Temple Affil Bethlehem, PA GEORGE WEBER. M.D. Family Practice Womack Army Hospital Fort Bragg. NC SCOTT L WEITZEL. M.D. Internal Medicine Geisinger Medical Center Danville. PA SUSAN C. WESTON. M.O. Psychiatry Georgetown University Hospital Washington. DC DOUGLAS A. WHITNEY. M.D Transitional Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA GERALD R. WILLIAMS. M.D Orthopedic Surgery U. San Antonio Teaching Hospital San Antonio. TX Ml Ml B. WINN. M.D. Pediatrics Montcflore Hospitol Center New York. NY STEVEN WOLF. M.D. Preliminary Surgery U.S Naval Hospital San Diego, CA DAVID G. WOODWARD. M.D. Transitional St. Luke'sHospital Temple Affil Bethlehem. PA ALEXANDER S. ZWIL. M.O. Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA 330Curt... a golden boy • - • ending the pam qj a Jour month, fatal disease, placed himself where Vie most wanted to be • • • that place was where he idols bejore the onset qj this disease •• • secure and happy fun-loving, loving life and surrounded by special friends. iDe honor hurt by placing Kim there.Too • • • imping those last four months from memory. Curt packed so much joy into his Twenty-seven years .. • his gift to us u?as in choosing us to share rt and in. doing so lejr each qj us with a parr qj him. cfor this we will forever celebrate his life 331KALYPSO 'SEDUCTION Kalypso with the lovely hair found me on the beach of the isle Ogygia more like a ham on the butcher’s slab, skin puckered, clammy, and white, than a living man. But she. half mortal, whose father is Atlas, who holds the globe and has sounded the depths of all oceans, she expected my arrival, and carried me from the shore to her cave, and soon, with divine craft and potions, restored me. Then seeing my fine thighs, and the great shoulders on me. like a mountain rising from a great plain, and loving my wily ways, always withholding judgement, and never speaking my mind straight out. soon. I say, did the goddess want me for her spouse. With every trick and flirtation did she try to seduce me. The tracker’s thrill in the physical examination, heart sounds split and unsplit, paradoxical and alternans. the infinite puzzle of differential diagnosis; the chase of the work up; yields, sensitivities and specificities; the consummation of diagnosis; the climax of therapy: drug interactions, dosages, regimens; and then, perhaps, the fulfillment of cure like a blissful sleep. With all the glistening beauty of medicine did she ply me; now the acetylene interventions of surgery, now the miracle of birth; the holy privilege of insight into the multiplex human mind, the interaction with peers as driven and gifted as I; the honor and veneration of men; even the laughter of little children in the maytime landscape. Yet still was the heart in me not won over, for Medicine must be a main part of a Physician's life, and not a substitute for life; and I longed for my home and the people dear to me. Seeing this. Kalypso spoke to me saying. "All this, and all that you can see can be yours if you will just kneel down at the altar with me. And still you insist on sitting, chin in hand on the beach, face to the east with longing eyes, blubbering for your home." And I, so as not to anger my mighty hostess: ”0 dreadful Kalypso how certain it is that my wife Penelope, while beautiful, is a homely milkmaid to you. And yet many trials and hardships have I borne for the day of my homecoming and will endure many more if the gods so will it. For I must be the man that I am. No golden ideal or ethereal form of beauty can substitute for the place a mortal man calls home. Always will I hold dear your teachings, and the wonders you have shown me, and use them through all my days as 3 healer. But now, I must again risk my fate on the merciless sea to see whether I cannot finally come home to Ithaka." So Kalypso gave me an axe of bronze double headed, with shaft of hard wood. finely crafted, and with it I built a raft. with mast, and sail provided by Kalypso, finely woven, and fitted out with provisions enough for weeks of sailing and skins filled with water and with wine. 332 Dean Henikoff "The life of an institution is its people."LAWS OF THE HOUSE OF GOD LAWS OF THE HOUSE OF PARKINSON I. Gomers don't die. II. Gomers go to ground. III. At a cardiac arrest, the first procedure is to take your own pulse. IV. The patient is the one with the disease. V. Placement comes first. VI. There is no body cavity that cannot be reached with a 14 needle and a good strong arm. VII. Age + BUN = Lasix dose. VIII. They can always hurt you more. IX. The only good admission is a dead admission. X. If you don't take a temperature, you can’t find a fever. XI. Show me a BMS who only triples my work and I will kiss his feet. XII. If the Radiology resident and the BMS both see a lesion on the chest x-ray. there can be no lesion there. XIII. The delivery of medical care is to do as much nothing as possible. I. Gomers go to 3. II. If Gomers don't go to 3. they go to 6. III. If you get "Honors" on the clinical evaluation, you will do poorly on the written exam. IV. At a "code", the first procedure is to try to get into the room. V. If the medical student, the Medicine Resident, the Radiology Fellow, and the Pulmonary Attending all do not see a lesion on the Chest film. Mary Fisher will. VI. If the patient tells you where their best vein is. they're probably right. VII. The farther away from Broad Street you park, the later you will get out that night. VIII. There is no such thing as a daily weight. IX. You don't get your grade until you turn in your evaluation. X. Always multiply the reported ETOH intake by 2. XI. If you arrive late in the morning 3 of your 4 patients will be in the bathroom. X11. A hemoglobin over 10 is always lab error or polycythemia. XIII. If a patient arrives on time for scheduled elective surgery, the PT PTT will not have been done. XIV. Getting domed is not as bad as having your battery stolen.After the boat was completed, I rose early the next morning and when Kalypso had bathed me, I put on fresh clothes, and happily took up the steering oar, artfully trimming the canvas. For seventeen days and nights I sailed, and on the eighteenth caught sight of this. Lords and ladies, your fair Phaiacian land." CONCLUSION So finally, Lords, and ladies, I come to the conclusion of my tale. Tomorrow, the gods willing, your swift ships will carry me to the shores of my homeland. There, as Teiresias foretold it, and I have told it to you, more snares and obstacles await me. But not all Teiresias'words were of that hue that took the strength from me last night, with tears like sap from the wounded pine. True, he did prophesy — oh bitter root! a final journey after all had been resolved in Ithaka. "You must travel until you come to a place”, he said "where men know nothing of compulsiveness, neuroses, caffeine tainted nights, fears, and a sense of systematic inadequacy. And I will tell you a very clear proof of this place: when, as you journey, you meet some wayfarer who sees the text-book on your shoulder and asks you what manner of doorstop it is, or whether you carry it for amusement, then will you take down the battered tome from your shoulders, and dig a hole, and bury the book. From that place will spring a great and far reaching oak. that will briny joy and shade to many generations of men". When he had finished speaking, he quickly bent down and observed the Mg++ level in my offering, referred me to a case report in Acta Medicologica Skandinavic3 from 1953. volume 48. pages 1296-8, and went back whither he came. Let us rest, honored listeners. My tale is done. o aoo 334 All parts of "Medical School Odyssey" copyright Anthony Dean. 1984.335Medical Communications Robin Gelber. Art Supervisor Cheryl Arthur, TypesetterPatrons Dr. and Mrs. Paul Actor Frank and Phyllis Mancano Albert Einstein Medical Center Gordon and Blanche Marr Department of OB GYN Mrs. Elliott W. Mason William P. Barba, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy Dr. William E. Barry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. McColgan Joseph H. Baum. Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Millenson Jack and Barbara Benson Richard J. Morris. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bodofsky Alien R. Myers. M.D. Morgan and Anne Brown Robert G. Narins. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Campbell Frank X. O'Brien Dr. and Mrs. Leon M. Carp Dr and Mrs. Charles A. Papacostas Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Cermak Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Phillips Bertram J. Channick. M.D. Ronald A. Pieringer Gail S. Crouse Donald Pinkel, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Cundy Dr. Gerhard W.E. Plaul Joan and Vernon Dean Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius J. 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M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kuhns Dr. Sidney Weinhouse Dr. and Mrs. Al Lamperti Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer C. Woodward Bennett Lorber. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Zubrzycki Stanley H. Lorber, M.D. 337Alumni Patrons John A. Anthony. M.D. '46 Margaret M. Barnes. M.D. '81 Daniel H. Bee, M.D. '37 Kathleen R. Bell. M.D. ‘81 David H. Best, M.D. 79 George I. Blumstein. M.D. '29 Dr. and Mrs. J. Duff Brown '54 Dr. Jason L. Campbell ’56 Blase and Ellen Carabelio 73 Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Charles '80 Dr. and Mrs. John T. Comerci "55 Paul A. Constantine. M.D. '63 Angelo M. DiGeorge. M.D. '46 William H. Duncan, M.D. ‘59 John Vincent Ferrazzano, M.D. '67 Albert J. Finestone. M.D. '45 Morris S. Fleischman 33 Robert L. Fry, M.D. '58 Anthony R. Giorgio. M.D. 73 Gregory D. Hall. M.D. 72 Dr. and Mrs. John H. Hall '41 Walter S. Hazlett. Jr.. M.D. '52 William M. Hughes. M.D. '48 John J. Jennings. M.D. '66 Leon A. Kauffman, M.D. ’61 Robert M. Kemp, M.D. '56 Howard P. Knapper, M.D. ‘40 Victor Kremens, M.D. '43 Stephen F. Latman, M.D. '68 Norman Learner. M.D. '39 Joseph F. Levin, M.D. ‘52 Walter J. Levinsky. M.D. '45 Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Liss '61 Dr. Robert J. McCardle '61 Dr. and Mrs. James J. McGuire. Jr. "80 James A. Mollick. M.D. '56 W. Mahon Myers. M.D. Wade Myers. M.D. '83 Charles M. Norris, M.D. '39 David J. Overholt. M.D. '83 Donald E. Parlee, M.D. '59 Arthur H. Popkave, M.D. 72 Peter J. Racciato. M.D. 74 Edward B. Raskiewicz. M.D. '81 James C. Rex, M.D. '50 Beth Rezet Gregg Fromell '83 Donald J. Ritt. M.D. '60 Stephen Rockower, M.D. 75 Irving Rosenberg, M.D. '42 Dr and Mrs. Howard Rosenfeld '60 Edmund B. Rowland. M.D. '53 John Rudoff. M.D. '83 Butch Schmaltz '83 Dr. and Mrs. Carson D. Schneck '59 Diane E. Shafer. M.D. 76 Dr. and Mrs. Leon Sheplan '34 Harry Shubin. M.D. '37 Charles R. Shuman, M.D. '43 T.R.C. Sisson. M.D. '44 Dr. and Mrs. Philip V. Skerrett ’53 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Sorensen "60 Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Steerman 75 Lillian Haddock—Suarez, M.D. 54 George W. Truitt. M.D. "35 Eric Vonderheid '68 Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Walley, III '66 Paul M. Wapner. M.D. '39 Lewis R. Wolf. M.D. '34Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division extends warm congratulations to the Class of ’84 We are proud to be a part of your educational experience and offer our best wishes as you pursue your professional career. Artist's rendering of Northern’s new patient facilities, 339CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON STEVEN B. WOLF, M.D. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR CAREER Mr. Mrs. Rudolph J. Wolf, Jr. We hope you all have fulfilling careers in medicine We enjoyed developing with those of you who participated with us in Training. CONGRATULATIONS. BILLY! aka WILLIAM ANTHONY GRAY, M.D. With Love, Devotion and Pride, Always -Dad and Mom from the Scranton-Temple Residency Program Staff The Radiology Department of Germantown Hospital extends its Best Wishes! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT CONGRATULATIONS LEE STEVEN SEGAL, M.D. " DOCTOR! SOUNDS GOOD TO ME." J.W. Mac Moran, M.D. E.A. D'Orazio, M.D. E. S. Escovitz, M.D. F.J. Kiefner, Jr., M.D. F. A. Piro, M.D. F.S. Esposito, M.D. Dad, Monica and Family 340m ' r Congratulations on achieving your M.D. Degree We are indeed happy and proud that you are about to become fellow members of a most exclusive organization. Our medical school has an outstanding teaching staff, curriculum, and student body, and the single most important source of energy for sustaining that fine edge of excellence is that group of M.D.'s who appreciate the distinction of being Temple University School of Medicine alumni. The Medical Alumni Association of Temple UniversityCongratulations and Best wishes to our Son Desmond W. Ebanks, M.D. From your Loving Father Mother your Proud Brother Darryl Sister-in-law, Carmelle 342BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 DRS. ELSA AND LEON MALMUD Congratulations to David Oselinsky, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRANDDAUGHTER From MIMI BETH WINN, M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1984 Dr. Mrs. Nicholas Oselinsky Best Wishes from Dr. and Mrs. Edward Lipsius Congratulations and Best Wishes to CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '84 Herbert Martin Sinning, M.D. FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS and the Class of 1984 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 Your loving and proud family FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF REHABILITATION MEDICINE James Demopoulos, M.D. Mohammed Jaffari, M.D. Chairman Nathaniel Mayer, M.D. Srinivas Aravabhumi, M.D. Thomas Strax, M.D. Kenneth Izzo, M.D. 34 3Montgomery Family Practice Center WILLIAM H. RODGERS, III. M.D., Director MARC W. McKENNA, M.D., Associate Director 15 W. Wood St. Phone: 277-0964 Norristown, PA 19401 Success to the Class of 1984 from Temple Neurologic Associates Congratulations and Best Wishes to Kenneth Dominick Vesio, M.D. FROM YOUR PROUD FAMILY Mom, Dad, Bill Loris, Jim Rosann, George Nana Aunt Audrey IN MEMORY OF THE FIRST AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOURTH FROM T.U.M.S. J. A. BLASSER, M.D. '17 E.F. BLASSER. M.D. '52 K. E. BLASSER, M.D. '78 M.H. BLASSER, M.D. '84 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY FUTURE TO MARY J. MONTRELLA, M.D. Love Always, Mom Dad Karen Eileen Ted Terri 344CONGRATULATIONS DAVID BOHRER LEVY. M.D. Mother. Dad, Fred, Barbara, Reuben, Rachel, Jonathan, and Alison CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON STEVEN ROBERT LINDHEIM, M.D. From Proud Parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lindheim Congratulations to Dr. Roger E. Sharf Our Best Wishes for an exciting future you’re the Greatest and we love you. Dad Mom Carlyn Alice Diane Phil Bennett Millard Nan Congratulations to the Class of 1984! The Department of Radiology, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division 345Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 for fulfilling careers and lives. We enjoyed working with you. The Faculty and Residents, Department of Medicine, Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Herbert S. Waxman, M.D. Chairman Seymour Siegel, M.D. (TUSM '45) Associate Chairman Mark J. Capkin, M.D. (TUSM '80) Chief Medical Resident Susan M. Moyer, M.D. Chief Medical Resident Division Heads Harry Goldberg M.D., Cardiology Sol Epstein, M.D., Endocrinology Gary M. Levine, M.D., Gastroenterology I. Robert Schwartz, M.D., Hematology Oncology Richard S. Levy, M.D., Infectious Disease RasibM. Raja, M.D., Nephrology Michael Lippmann, M.D., Pulmonary Mary E. Moore, M.D. (TUSM '67), Rheumatology ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER 346 QLsW. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON To those of you who had the opportunity to be a part of the Allentown Affiliated Hospitals...best wishes in your future endeavors! Stephen E. Sargent, m.d. AND OUR NEW DAUGHTER Alice Boylan Dennis Peilechia Geoffrey Coleman Bruce Saidman Stephen Hahn Thomas Samueison Mark Meijer Philip Sih Lehigh Valley Hospital Center 1200 South Cedar C'Otl Boulevard • Allentown PA • 18105 The Allentown Hospital 1?th a Chew Sheet • AHenlown, PA . 18102 Susan Cole Sargent, m.d. FROM A VERY PROUD Mom Dad subvdiane o HeaimEast Inc BEST WISHES MSP MERCK SHARPS DOHME DIVISION OF MERCK CO . INC . WEST POINT PA 19486 347. Congratulations to the Class of 1984 from the Department of Anesthesiology JAMES R. HARP, M.D. ANSUYA CHATWANI, M.D. THOMAS C. DEAS, M.D. DAVID FISH, M.D. ALEXANDRA I. KARETAS, M.D. NANCY B. KENEPP, M.D. KENNETH J. LEE, M.D. mary McLaughlin, m.d. GERTRUDE PRUCKMAYR, M.D. MARY R. REARDON, M.D. ROBERT SHUPAK, M.D. WILLIAM H. STEVENSON-SMITH, M.D. Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 from the Faculty of the Department of Psychiatry 348 TM WWf OfHCE nwii UHIVE2J.;r -SCHOOL OF WBSSBdi _______BKUUUm -------------1 Philadelphia Rehabilitation, Inc. Moss Rehabilitation Hospital FIRST FLOOR MEDICAL SUITE 12TH STREETS TABOR ROAD • PHILADELPHIA, PA 19141 TELEPHONE (215) 329-5715 James T. Demopoulos, M.D. President Herbert Avart, D.O. M. Evans Brown, M.D. Robert W. Downie, M.D. Anne A. Idiculla, M.D. Joseph Jacob, M.D. Jane T. King, M.D. Raymond Lafontant, M.D. Nathaniel H. Mayer, M.D. Diego Morales, M.D. Aurora Payawal, M.D. Meeta Peer, M.D. Jeanne Pelensky, M.D. Gurcharan Singh, M.D. Thomas E. Strax, M.D. Theerasakdi Vachranukunkiet. M.D 349 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1984Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 from the Temple Health Sciences Bookstore Profession al Books and Supplies 221-: 3157 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON RICHARD ERIC NAIDS, M.D. ALEXANDER S. ZWIL, M.D. From Proud Parents Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Naids From Proud Parents Mr. and Mrs. George Zwil CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TIMOTHY A. GARVEY, M.D. CLASS OF 1984 From Proud Family Mom, Pat, Jay, Maryann, Bernie and Peggy FACULTY AND STAFF DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY 350CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR SON TO THE CLASS OF 1984 CRAIG DAVID SHRIVER. M.D. GERMANTOWN NEUROLOGICAL ASSOCIATES from Proud Parents Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Shriver, Jr. Stephen D. Silberstein, M.D. Elliott A. Schulman, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS AND WARM WISHES TO CONGRATULATIONS TO DOROTHY ANN HIMES, M.D. GARY JOSEPH FAERBER, M.D. LOTS OF LOVE FROM: Mom, Dad, Fran, Nancy Jim Dad, Mom. Cathy, Jim, Michael, Lu Ann, Aunt Mamie Tip Mary, Randy, Mark, Jeanne, Grandmas, Marge, Don, Dan et al., and Genesee Bank Best Wishes from the Department 0 f Orthoped ic Surgery John W. Lachman, M.D. Philip D. Alburger, M.D. Ray A. Moyer, M.D. Edward J. Resnick, M.D. Michael Clancy, M.D. Randall R. Betz, M.D. Howard H. Steel, M.D. John Murphy, M.D. Robert D. Campo, Ph.D. 351Dedicated to improving health care through drug research. McNEIL PHARMACEUTICAL Spring House. PA 19477 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER, CAROLYN AND THE CLASS OF 1984 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gaukler Ann, Barbara, Susan and Diane CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON AND BROTHER ERIC DALE KRAMER, M.D. WITH A DOUBLE MEASURE OF LOVING PRIDE, WE CONGRATULATE OUR DEAR CHILDREN. DR. ROBYN FAYE (GOOSENBERG) and DR. ERIC GOOSENBERG MAY YOU SHARE A FUTURE BLESSED WITH HEALTH. HAPPINESS. AND FULFILLMENT! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. IRV FAYE MR. MRS. STAN GOOSENBERG AND FAMILIES From Proud Parents Dr. Mrs. Melvin Kramer Neil Robyn, Alan Ellen, David 352BEST WISHES to the Class of 1984 YOUR FRIENDS AT DOLBEY’S Medical Books and Supplies Retail Store: 3726 Spaice Street Phila., Pa. 19104 222-6020 222-6021 Dealers for: Welch-Allyn Taylor Propper 3 M Liftman Hewlett-PackardCongratulations and Best Wishes to Class CONEMAIJGIf VALLEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL the teaching hospital where people make a career of caring 1086 Franklin Street Johnstown. Pennsylvania 15905 CONGRATULATIONS “PEANUTS" CONGRATULATIONS TO STEPHEN ROBERT PAUL, V.M.D., M.D. FROM ' 1' " 3' " 4" and “ 5' CONGRATULATIONS TO FRANK MOULTON CARTER, M.D. “DeMefra' GOOD LUCK - YOU DESERVE THE BEST With Pride and Love Mom, Dad, Bobsi, Al, Shana, Maggie, Bowser, and the rest CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON JOHN G. SAUTER, Jr., M.D. From Proud Parents Dr. and Mrs. John G. Sauter, Sr. 354Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 from The Faculty of the Department of Medicine 1st Row (left to right): R. Colman, C. Bastl. R. Narins. P. Walsh, A. Myers, S. Sherry. 0. Owen. G. Boden. B. Channick. N. Learner, W. Barry 2nd Row (left to right): W. Levinsky, S. Fiel. T. Rodman, L. Soloff, J. Day, V. Adlm. R. Swenson. R. Axelrod. T. Beck. R. Fisher 3rd Row (left to right): R. Warner. Y. Mapp. A. Gash. M. Black, B. Suh, G. Krishna. R. Hoeldtke, M. Peimer. R. Laskowski. G. Cooper, B. Carabello 4th Row (left to right): A. Finestone. B. Denenberg. A. Gewirtz. E. Jones. S. I dell. M. Stom, $. Berney, B. Lorber, R. Rubin. P Schick 5th Row (left to right): F. Bryan, R. Mourey. M. Popovtzer (Visiting Professor). H. Baier Missing: J. Spann, D. Cepin, M. McDonough, A. Marks. S. Lorber. W. Kapian, D. Karlin. D. Brody. M. Bernard, D. Smith. R. Eisenstaedt. A. Rao. A. Schmaier. C. Shuman. H. Feweil. F. Kueppers, C. Tourtellotte. H. Hyman. B. Blatt, B. Franks. T. Lukens. J. PetriniTo the Class of 1984 ! We are proud of you and your accomplishments, and wish you well in the pursuit of your career goals. We are happy to have contributed to your education, knowing full well that it will stand you in good stead in the years to come. Congratulations! The Faculty and House Staff Department of Medicine 356Congratulations to John Patrick Mitchell,M.D. for a job well done and a drive well driven ! SUSAN, MOTHER, MOM, DAD, CHANDRA, JIM, DAVID, ERIC, AARON, LOUISA, THE COLT, INTERSTATE 95, UND VIELEN GLUCK, DEINE OMI The Department of Urology welcomes the Class of 1984 as our newest alumni. Best Wishes Graduates and Alumni Support your school. Rolling Hill Hospital congratulates the Class of ’84 .... as you enter your professions of caring rhh Rolling Hill Ho»piUI 357CONGRATULATIONS TO MARC R. INVER. M.D. From His Loving Wife, Bonnie His Proud Parents, Dorothy and Phil His Proud Brother, Paul CONGRATULATIONS TO ERIC J. BLOOM Mom. Dad and Rhonda The FRCSHIE COMPANY The Food Services People. A company on the move in the food services industry. 200 Pat! non Av«--« Pa 19140 - |211 2?M 169 5 1e I 6MnJI0jg ts ik % thtiih dll bli± IGrih pOUX Catnip CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO DR. NEIL M. COHEN From Your Proud Family: Parents Ruth and Jules Cohen, Dr. Debra Weissbach, Melanie and Richard Hershman CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO JOHN G.MacCART, M.D. GREAT JOB, WE'RE PROUD OF YOU! With Much Love, Your Family Mary Rebecca, Grandma, Dad Mom, Mac Laura, Tom Marji and "Ralph" 358CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Congratulations CLASS OF 1984 TEMPLE GRILLE MOFFINS'STEAKS Best Wishes to the CONGRATULATIONS TO Class of 1984 from the Faculty MICHAEL L. BENTZ. M.D. of the WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU With Love -Mother, Dad and Jay Department of Pathology Congratulations to the Class of 1984 Episcopal Hospital, a community teaching hospital since 1851, is proud to be affiliated with Temple University | Episcopal Hospital Front Street Lehigh Avenue • Philadelphia. PA 19125 • 215 427-7000 359Miracles happen here. Privacy and courtesy are not luxuries at The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center. They are a standard part of patient care. We offer a home-like environment of private rooms (at semi-private rates), and caring people. Plus an enclosed landscaped campus. And of course, the most modern medical facilities and services. For us, quality medical care is not a tradition, it’s a practice. Congratulations as you begin your practice 360 The Germantown Hospital and Medical CenterCongratulations to you William Randy Beam., M.D. on all your accomplishments. Well Done! WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU DAD, MOM, BRIAN AND JILL Compliments of Dr. Beams Animal Hospital Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Son Gordon Francis Fung M.D. YOUR LOVING FATHER AND MOTHER, GRANDMOTHERS. EURIS MIRIAM, YOUR SISTER CAMELIA, YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW CARL. AND YOUR BROTHERS, BRIAN, CLAYTON AND RONALDCONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON CHERYL, ROBIN STAN GARY T. VERAZIN, M.D. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU “Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way" A MILLION THANKS! from Proud Parents Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Verazin, Sr. Roger CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON CONGRATULATIONS TO VICTOR VIRGIL WATERS, M.D. PAUL M.COADY, M.D. from Proud Parents Mr. Mrs. Virgil Waters Wife Janet Mother and Dad Linda, Ed, Michael, Claire, Peter Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 from the Department of Surgery 362BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON, TO THE " THE DOCTOR" CLASS OF 1984 ROBERT MICHAEL KERPER, M.D. FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL Edward and Marilyn Kerper With Special Wishes from Rick and Faith CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR SON Ralph S. Sando, M.D., P.C., F.A.C.S. ROBERT L. SPANGLER. M.D. and Associates (649—7616) T.U.M.S., 73 From Proud Parents Church Rd. and Sibley Ave. Ninth and Walnut Sts. Ardmore, PA 19003 Philadelphia, PA 19107 Bryn Mawr Hospital Wills Eye Hospital Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Spangler CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER THE CLASS OF 1984 NANCY ROSE BUCCIARELLI NAZARETH ANESTHESIA ASSOC., INC: TEMPLE MEDICAL SCHOOL David W. Schaffer, M.D. Robert L. Leegard,M.D. CLASS OF '85 Frank Garbak, M.D. From Proud Parents Vaishali D. Naik, M.D. Gus and Mary Bucciarelli CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON CONGRATULATIONS HARVEY C. KREITZER, M.D. TO THE CLASS OF 1984 From Proud Parents Mr. Mrs. Harvey D. Kreitzer DOX LUNCH TRUCK 363CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON RANDALL C. COOK. M.D. and STEPHEN JAMES BROZENA, M.D. THE CLASS OF 1984 from Proud Parents Mom, Rick, Sue and Val Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Brozena CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS IMPORTANT MILESTONE IN VOUR LIFE CONGRATULATIONS TO TO OUR SON, BROTHER AND UNCLE DR. BARRY STEVEN FRITER STEPHEN JAMES BROZENA, M.D. Aunt Bern and Gram Brozena Love — Mom, Dad, Charlotte, Flo Randy, Lisa and Jordan 'The principal objective of the medical profession is to render service to humanity with full respect for the dignity of man." CONGRATULATIONS TO BARBARA W. BAYLDON, M.D. CONTR ATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 FROM THE FAMILY PRACTICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM LANCASTER GENERAL HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wood Bayldon Sara S. Bayldon CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO DR. PHILIP G.SIH ROBERT PHILIP BERKOWITZ We are proud to have a M.D. in the family Mom, Dad, Jean and Grace From Proud and Loving Parents Charles and Adele Berkowitz and Brother Michael 364The Skull Staff and Class of 1984 sincerely thank our alumni and patrons for their generous support. Congratulations Best Wishes to the class of ’84 from the faculty staff of the Department of Family Practice Community Health 365___..... .v no caused on .xtr«.mu cardiac .ut; t. E.«• n incr. asc l in loft ventricl-. fr. » 4 ta 3'liwnNj). Thin o.u= n increased loft venous j-resauru. «. Tf-vitmont: 1) Surgical replacement of mitral valve 2) Digitalis will shrink size of loft atrium an : vontriclo causing EL'V and loft atrial pressure to fall 3) Diurcctlcs: Block kidney absorption of sodium so more fluid is excreted. Decrease in fluid volume will shrink hoart size(by decreasing venous return) DIAGNOSIS; Mitral Insufficiency. Physical exam showed maximum cardiac pulsation near the axillary line(normally it Congratulations To The Class Of 1984 From The Department Of NeurosurgeryMANY THANKS TO DAN SOLARI STAFF OF WILLIAM T. COOKE PUBLISHING CO. 367PUBLISHED BV COOKE PUBLISHING. INC. OEVON. PENNA. 368ALimi Off C OL or HtKMXLtm to. H fc n l m R S coRr $ $HtR.vU,M t W.-.U. Nt-Vefl. MlOW PA - Y-'w Wti . «vevt i wawTEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCMOOl O K-miClNTemple University School of Medicine Diploma Ceremony May 24, 1984 Academy of MusicORDER OF EVENTS PROCESSIONAL NATIONAL ANTHEM INVOCATION WELCOME REMARKS DEDICATION OF YEARBOOK ACCEPTANCE HIPPOCRATIC OATH JUDITH RUSSO WILLIAM F. SCHULZE. S.T.L., M.A. LEO M. HEN1KOFF, M.D. Dean and Vice President For Medical Affairs DAVID B. LEVY, M.D. President. Class of 1984 KATHLEEN M. CRONAN, M.D. Editor. 1984 SKULL ANTHONY J. DEAN. M.D. BLASE CARABELLO. M.D. LEO M. HENIKOFF, M.D. Dean and Vice President For Medical Affairs I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred: “That I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; That I will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor; That into whatsoever house I shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power. I holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, and from the tempting of others to vice; That 1 will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and I will give no drug, perform no operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it; That whatsoever 1 shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise and in proportion as 1 am faithful to this my oath may happiness and good repute be ever mine. The opposite if I shall be forsworn.” PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS LEO M. HENIKOFF, M.D. Dean and Vice President For Medical Affairs HUGO DUNLAP SMITH. M.D. Associate Dean ETHEL WEINBERG. M.D. Associate Dean BENEDICTION WILLIAM F. SCHULZE, S.T.L., M.A. RECESSIONAL RECEPTION TO FOLLOW AT BELLEVUE STRATFORD HOTEL. BALLROOMMARSHALS GAIL S. CROUSE, Ph.D. ALBERT A. LAMPERTI, Ph.D. THOMAS A. MARINO, Ph.D STEVEN J. PHILLIPS, M.D. CARSON SCHNECK, M.D., Ph.D MARVIN SODICOFF, Ph.D J. ROBERT TROYER, Ph.D JOHN S. WAY, Ph.D PARTICIPANTS IN HOODING CEREMONY RICHARD EISENSTAEDT, M.D. SARAH S. LONG, M.D. RICHARD OCHS, M.D. BENJAMIN E. PRICE, M.D. ORGAN JOHN E. FRYER, M.D. TRUMPET JOHN THYHSEN MEZZO-SOPRANO JUDITH RUSSO PROCESSIONAL MUSIC JEREMIAH CLARKE HENRY PURCELL TRUMPET VOLUNTARY IN D TRUMPET TUNE IN D RECESSIONAL MUSIC TRUMPET TUNE CORELLICLASS OF 1984 School of Medicine CAROL F. ACTOR Pediatrics Children’s Hospital Washington. DC fVAN DOUGLAS ADAMS Preliminary Surgery York Hospital York. PA ANNE CAMPBELL ALDRIDGE Family Practice Wilmington Medical Center Wilmington, DE THOMAS WADE ANDERSEN Family Practice Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA LEONARD STEPHEN ANDERSON Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA GREGORY RICHARD APPLEGATE Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA JAMES HUNTER ARANT Preliminary Medicine Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine Canton, OH GORDON RIDER ARCHIBALD Preliminary Medicine Roger Williams General Hospital Providence, R1 JOSEPH VINCENT ATTEWELL Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA HARRY MAX BAER Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA BOBBI DARLEEN BAKER Emergency Medicine CWRU Mount Sinai Hospital Cleveland. OH JAMES STEVEN BALDYS Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport. PA tILONA ANN BARAN Preliminary Medicine Mercy Catholic MedicaJ Center Philadelphia, PA T PENNY A. BARD Preliminary Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA tDIANE BARTON Preliminary Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. PA FREDERIC MARTIN BAURER Psychiatry The Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA f BARBARA WOOD BAYLDON Pediatrics Children’s Memonal Hospital Chicago, IL tWILLlAM RANDY BEAM Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA JAMES E. BE1TZEL Internal Medicine Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg, PA MICHAEL LLOYD BENTZ Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA ROBERT PHILIP BERKOWITZ Obstetrics-Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA S. TODD BERNSTEIN Preliminary Medicine Hartford Hospital Hartford, CT t MARC HEPNER BLASSER Preliminary Surgery U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, VA ERIC JEFFREY BLOOM Internal Medicine MedicaJ College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. PA Honor Student t AOA Honor Medical SocietyELLIOT BODOFSKY JOHN DONALD CASEY Internal Medicine Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center U.S. Naval Hospital Philadelphia, PA San Diego, CA JOEL LUVONNE BOYD Orthopedic Surgery Cleveland Clinic Hospital Cleveland, OH ANDREA ELAINE BROWN Preliminary Medicine New Rochelle Hospital Medical Center New Rochelle, NY PATRICIA RENEE BROWN Internal Medicine Vanderbilt University Affiliate Hospitals Nashville, TN THOMAS MONROE BROWNE Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA STEPHEN JAMES BROZENA Internal Medicine Presbyterian - U of PA Medical Center Philadelphia, PA THOMAS JAMES CAMPANA Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Phildelphia, PA NED ZACHARY CARP Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA GREGORY BECKWITH CARSON Preliminary Surgery Robert Packer Hospital Sayre, PA FRANK MOULTON CARTER Surgery University of Mass. Coordinated Programs Worcester. MA t WENDY PETERSEN CARTER Transitional Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington. DC GARCON MARK CARUSO Surgery Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. PA ANNE M. CASEY Transitional St. Vincent’s Hospital New York. NY t MARY BETH CERMAK Orthopedic Surgery West Virginia University Hospital Morgantown, WV tRICHARD NEIL CHANNICK Internal Medicine University of Massachusetts Hospital Worcester, MA VICTOR YEA-TSE CHOU Family Practice St. Francis Hospital Wilmington, DE PAUL MICHAELCOADY Internal Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia, PA NEIL MURRAY COHEN Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA NORMAN L. COHEN Pediatrics Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Buffalo. NY ODETTE MARIE COHEN-MARTIN Pediatrics Cooper Medical Center Camden, NJ GEOFFREY COLEMAN Emergency Medicine Howard University Hospital Washington, DC RANDALL CHARLES COOK Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, PA BENNETT H. COZEN Internal Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. PA KATHLEEN MARIE CRONAN Pediatrics The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA LOUIS CHRISTOPHER D’ORO Surgery Good Samaritan Hospital Cincinnati. OH Honor Student t AOA Honor Medical SocietyTANTHONY J. DEAN Preliminary Surgery Presbyterian - U of PA Medical School Philadelphia, PA JUNIOR DE FREITAS Preliminary Surgery Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia, PA JOSEPH J. DELSERRA Surgery St. Vincent’s Hospital New York. NY JEFFREY VINCENT DE LUCA Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA MARCIA JOAN DOWDY Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington, DC t DEAN ANDREW DREZNER Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA DESMOND WALTER EBANKS Preliminary Medicine Harlem Hospital Center New York, NY ELISE JILL ECKHARD Pediatrics University of Colorado Affiliated Hospitals Denver, CO t SUSAN PLATT ERISMAN Internal Medicine University Hospitals Madison, WI ROBERT JOHN ESSEY Pathology University of California Affilitated Hospitals Irvine, CA BARRY MICHEAL FAB1US Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA GARY JOSEPH FAERBER Urology University of Michigan Affiliated Hospitals Ann Arbor, MI ROBYN BETH FAYE Obstetrics-Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA fMARY ANN RYBKA FEBBO Internal Medicine University Hospitals Madison, Wl JENELLE ELIZABETH FOOTE Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. PA ROSANNE FREEMAN-PAZ Internal Medicine Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia, PA JILL RAE FREY Surgery Boston University Affiliated Hospitals Boston, MA BARRY STEVEN FRITER Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA GORDON FRANCIS FUNG Internal Medicine Presbyterian - U of PA Medical Center Philadelphia, PA tTIMOTHY ANTHONY GARVEY Orthopedic Surgery George Washington University Hospitals Washington, DC tCAROLYN JEAN GAUKLER Preliminary Medicine Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia. PA STEVEN LEWIS GERBER Internal Medicine Overlook Hospital Summit, NJ MICHAEL FRANCIS GLACKEN Psychiatry Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA ERIC BRAD GOOSENBERG Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. PA WILLIAM EIBE GOTTLIEB Preliminary Medicine Atlantic City Medical Center Atlantic City, NJ WILLIAM ANTHONY GRAY Internal Medicine Rhode Island Hospital Providence, R1 Honor Student t AOA Honor Medical SocietyCOLIN MONTGOMERY GREENE Family Practice Virginia Baptist Hospital Lynchburg, VA ALISON WHITNEY GROVER Internal Medicine University of Massachusetts Hospital Worcester, MA CAROL LYNN GRUVER Internal Medicine University of Connecticut Affiliated Hospitals Farmington, CT t STEPHEN MICHAEL HAHN Internal Medicine University of California Hospitals San Fransisco, CA ROBERT STEVEN HARKINS Family Practice Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, PA MERLEEN HARRIS Preliminary Medicine Mercy Catholic Medical Center Philadelphia, PA tPETER JOHN HAUBER Psychiatry Hospitals of University Health Center Pittsburgh, PA MARGARET CH1QU1TA HAYES Intership deferred ♦PHILIP ARTHUR HELLER Surgery University Hospital SUNY Stony Brook, NY t GEORGE FREDERICK HENNING. Ill Family Practice Wilson Hospital Johnson City, NY PAUL FRANCIS HERGENROEDER Emergency Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA JONATHAN RUSSELL HIBBS Internal Medicine University of Minnesota Hospitals Minneapolis, MN JEFFREY SCOTT HILLMANN Preliminary Medicine L A County - USC Medical Center Los Angeles, CA BRETT ROBERT HORWITZ Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA MARC ROBERT INVER Psychiatry The Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA JAMES WILLIAM JAFFE Preliminary Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA ROY LEWIS JAMES Family Practice Chestnut Hill-Jefferson Philadelphia, PA fROBERT MICHAEL KERPER Internal Medicine Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, NY CAROLA ANNE KIEVE Preliminary Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr, PA ROSA ANNE KINCAID Family Practice Glendale Adventist Medical Center Glendale, CA PHILLIP MARK KOFSKY Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA ERIC D. KRAMER Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hospital - University Medical Center Camden, NJ RICHARD MARK KRAV1TZ Pediatrics Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh. PA HARVEY CHARLES KRE1TZER Primary Care Internal Medicine Scranton Temple Residency Program Scranton. PA JOSEPH PHILIP KRZEM1NSKI Preliminary Surgery Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA DOROTHY ANNE HIMES Family Practice Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, PA Honor Student t AOA Honor Medical SocietyDAVID IRWIN KURTZ Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA CARL JEFFRIES MASON Internal Medicine Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington, DC JAMES PETER LABENSKI Transitional Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, PA MAVIS LORRAINE MATTHEW Pediatrics Children’s Hospital Washington. DC t FREDERICK F. LENNON Internal Medicine University of New Mexico School of Medicine Alberquerquc, NM JOHN JOSEPH McCLOSKEY Pediatrics Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD RUSSELL LEE LEVIN Preliminary Medicine Cooper Hospital-University Medical Center Camden, NJ LAUREN ANNE McDONALD Internal Medicine St. Paul’s Hospital Dallas, TX DAVID BOHRER LEVY Family Practice Highland Hospital Rochester. NY WILLIAM HUGH McGEEHIN Preliminary Surgery Lankanau Hospital Philadelphia, PA STEVEN ROBERT LINDHE1M Obstetrics-Gynecology Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, PA OWEN ROWE McIVOR Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA ROBERT GARY LISS Orthopedic Surgery So. Illinois University and Affiliated Hospitals Springfield, IL MARK ERIK ME1JER Family Practice UMDNJ - Rutgers Medical School New Brunswick, NJ JOHN GOSSLING MAC CART Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Norristown, PA TMICHAEL M. M1LLENSON Internal Medicine Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA JOSEPH ANTHONY MAGGIONCALDA Preliminary Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA fJOHN PATRICK MITCHELL Internal Medicine Barnes Hospital St. Louis, MO RAOUL DAVID MA1ZEL Transitional Chestnut Hill - Jefferson Philadelphia, PA RHONDA MICHELLE MITCHELL Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington, DC TIMOTHY MICHAEL MALAK Preliminary Surgery Presbyterian-U of PA Medical Center Philadelphia, PA MARY JOAN MONTRELLA Primary Care Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia Richmond, VA LOUIS D. MANCANO Family Practice Montgomery Hospital Norristown. PA LLOYD BERNARD MOORE. JR. Preliminary Medicine St. Louis University Hospital St. Louis, MO t BONNIE LEE MARR Pediatrics The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA ALEXANDER MULTAK Internal Medicine Hospitals University Health Center Pittsburgh. PA Honor Student t AOA Honor Medical SocietyHOWARD IAN NADJAR1 Surgery SUNY Buffalo - Erie County Medical Center Buffalo. NY RICHARD ERIC NA1DS Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA WILLIAM BRIAN NEUSIDL Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA M1NH QUANG NGUYEN Transitional St. Luke’s Hospital-Temple Affiliate Bethlehem, PA tTHACH N. NGUYEN Internal Medicine Temple University Hospitals Philadelphia, PA DAVID OSELINSKY Surgery SUNY Buffalo - Erie County Medical Center Buffalo, NY STEPHAN ROBERT PAUL Pediatrics University of Colorado Affiliated Hospitals Denver, CO MARY ANN PEBERDY Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA DENNIS JOHN PELLECCHIA Transitional Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown, PA SCOTT ASHER PERKINS Transitional Presbyterian-U of PA Medical Center Philadelphia, PA ANNE INGRID PETIT Obstetrics - Gynecology State Univ. of NY-Kings County Medical Center Brooklyn, NY MARGARET M. POLANECZKY Obstetrics - Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA JOHN PAUL POLENTA Medicine Pediatrics Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, PA ELIZABETH JOAN RODY Psychiatry Georgetown University Hospital Washington, DC WANDA RONNER Obstetrics-Gynecology Boston City Hospital Boston, MA JACK CRAIG ROSENFELD Family Practice Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, PA DAVID LLOYD RUBENSTEIN Preliminary Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA BRUCE HOWARD SAIDMAN Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia Richmond, VA THOMAS SPENCER SAMUELSEN Obstetrics-Gynecology University of Rochester Assoc. Hospital Program Rochester, NY VINCENT FREDERICK SARDI Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA STEPHEN ERNEST SARGENT Medicine Pediatrics Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, PA SUSAN REBECCA COLE SARGENT Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, PA t JOHN G. SAUTER, JR Anesthesiology Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA tLEE STEVEN SEGAL Orthopedic Surgery So. Illinois University Affiliated Hospitals Springfield, IL ROGER EVAN SHARF Surgery New Britain General Hospital New Britain, CT tCRAIG DAVID SHRIVER Surgery Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington, DC Honor Student t AOA Honor Medical SocietyPHILIP GREGORY SIH Obstetrics-Gynecology Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA HERBERT MARTIN SINNING Surgery Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, PA t’ANTHONY JOSEPH SLAVINSKI Internal Medicine Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, PA ROBERT L. SPANGLER Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, PA EUGENE ROBERT STISH Family Practice Memorial Hospital Burlington County Mt. Holly, NJ ROBERT GREGORY STRATTON, JR. Pathology Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, PA DONNA SKERRETT TABR1ZI Internal Medicine Baylor College Affiliated Hospital Houston, TX ALAN HARRIS TANNENBAUM Pediatrics Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia. PA JEFFREY WILLIAM TIMBY Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia Richmond, VA MICHAEL K. URBAN Preliminary Medicine Watcrbury Hospital Waterbury, CT GARYT. VERAZIN Surgery Allentown Affilitated Hospital Allentown, PA KENNETH DOMINICK VESIO Internal Medicine UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School Newark, NJ DONALD JOSEPH VISCUS1 Family Practice Hamot Hospital Erie, PA VICTOR VIRGIL WATERS Internal Medicine St. Luke’s Hospital-Temple Affiliate Bethlehem, PA f GEORGE FRANCIS WEBER Family Practice Womack Army Hospital Fort Bragg, NC SCOTT LYNN WEITZEL Internal Medicine Geisinger Medical Center Danville. PA SUSAN CATHERINE WESTON Psychiatry Georgetown University Hospital Washington, DC DOUGLAS ALAN WHITNEY Transitional Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, PA t GERALD ROSS WILLIAMS Orthopedic Surgery U. San Antonio Teaching Hospital San Antonio, TX M1MI BETH WINN Pediatrics Montefiore Hospital Center New York. NY STEVEN BRIAN WOLF Preliminary Surgery U.S. Naval Hospital San Diego, CA DAVID GWYN WOODWARD Transitional St. Luke’s Hospital-Temple Affiliate Bethlehem. PA ♦ALEXANDER STEPHAN ZWIL Preliminary Medicine Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, PA Honor Student t AOA Honor Medical SocietyAWARDS JOSEPH C. DOANE MEMORIAL PRIZE A prize awarded annually to the member of the graduating class who attains the highest average covering the entire four years of medical school. STEPHEN MICHAEL HAHN MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION GRADUATION AWARD A certificate and cash award given to the member of the graduating class who is considered to have accomplished an outstanding performance in the clinical years. ROBERT MICHAEL KERPER THE DEAN’S AWARD A prize given annually to a member of the graduating class who through leadership and service has made outstanding contributions to the life of the medical school. DAVID BOHRER LEVY JOHN FRANKLIN HUBER AWARD IN ANATOMY A cash prize and certificate awarded to the member of the graduating class for excellence in the field of Gross Anatomy. MARY ANN RYBKA FEBBO WILLIAM A. DeCHERNEY PRIZE IN FAMILY MEDICINE A certificate and cash prize awarded to the member of the graduating class exemplifying caring and concern for patients as people, and excellence in academic performance throughout the disciplines of medicine. GEORGE FRANCIS WEBER JOHN GOSSLING MacCART THE PHILADELPHIA ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS MEMORIAL AWARD An award presented annually to the graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence and interest in the specialty of Family Medicine. GEORGE FREDERICK HENNING III THOMAS M. DURANT PRIZE IN INTERNAL MEDICINE A certificate and cash prize awarded to the member of the graduating class who best exemplifies the ideal physician - one who not only has thorough knowledge of the biologic disease, but who also possesses a sensitive awareness of the patient as a person influenced by the the social and psychologic factors that attend illness. STEPHEN MICHAEL HAHN MATHILDE AND LOUIS SOLOFF CARDIOLOGY PRIZE An award given to the graduating senior who has demonstrated superior knowledge and skill and interest in the field of Cardiology. PAUL MICHAELCOADYEMANUEL M. WEINBERGER PRIZES These cash prizes and certificates are awarded to members of the graduating class who have demonstrated excellence in the understanding and application of knowledge related to the subspeciallies of Internal Medicine. ROBERT MICHAEL KERPER Infectious Disease JOHN G. SAUTER, JR. Pulmonary Medicine MICHAEL M. MILLENSON Rheumatology THE MATTHEW T. MOORE PRIZE IN NEUROLOGY A gift certificate awarded to a member of the graduating class who performed in an excellent fashion in Neurology and who displayed in high measure the qualities of regard for patients, personal integrity, and conscientiousness. JONATHAN RUSSELL HIBBS MRS. JERRY L. GOLDSTEIN PRIZE A monetary prize awarded to a student, resident physician, or fellow who has done outstanding research pertaining to cerebral vascular accidents. ALEXANDER STEPHAN ZWIL CERTIFICATES OF MERIT IN NEUROLOGY PENNY BARD PHILLIP HELLER GEORGE HENNING DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY PRIZE Awarded to the member of the graduating class who has demonstrated outstanding interest, knowledge, and aptitude in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. THOMAS SPENCER SAMUELSEN JOHN W. LACHMAN AWARD IN ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY A cash prize and certificate awarded for outstanding attributes, performance and enthusiasm for patient services in orthopedic surgery. STEVEN BRIAN WOLF BERNARD J. RONIS PRIZE IN OTOLARYNGOLOGY A monetary award and certificate given to a member of the graduating class who has demonstrated a commendable interest and aptitude in ear, nose and throat medicine. DEAN ANDREW DREZNER AUGUSTIN PEALE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PATHOLOGY A certificate and monetary award given to the member of the graduating class who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in Pathology. ALEXANDER STEPHAN ZWIL WALDO E. NELSON PRIZE IN PEDIATRICS An annual award given by the resident staff at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and awarded to the member of the graduating class considered to have done outstanding work in Pediatrics. JOHN JOSEPH McCLOSKEY UPJOHN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD A plaque and cash prize awarded to the member of the graduating class considered to have done outstanding work in Pharmacology ALEXANDER STEPHAN ZWILO. SPURGEON ENGLISH AWARD A prize awarded Cor excellence in behavioral science, behavioral medicine, and clinical psychiatry in all lour years of medical school training. The recipient of this award must have demonstrated clinical, academic, and interpersonal skills. PETER HAUBER HERBERT M. STAUFFER RADIOLOGY AWARD A cash prize awarded in memory of Herbert M. Stauffer to the student who demonstrated special aptitude and interest in Radiology during the senior year. ROBERT GARY LISS THE DOROTHEA DANIELS GLASS, M.D. AWARD IN PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION This award honors Dr. Dorothea Daniels Glass, an outstanding advocate for the handicapped, pioneer in sexuality concerns of the disabled, and former Temple Chairperson. It is given to the student who demonstrates clinical merit in rehabilitation, disseminates knowledge about the disabled and or shows meritorious involvement with disabled individuals and causes in our society. The award is sponsored jointly by Moss-Rehabilitation Hospital and Temple’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. DIANE BARTON W. EMORY BURNETT PRIZE IN SURGERY A cash prize and certificate awarded by the surgical faculty to the member of the graduating class considered to have done outstanding work in Surgery. MICHAEL LLOYD BENTZ DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY AWARD A prize awarded to the member of the senior class who demonstrated outstanding interest and aptitude in the field of Urology. HARRY MAX BAER A NOTE ON ACADEMIC COSTUMES A relic of medievalism in modern university life is the academic procession. The somber gowns and colorful hoods are not unlike those worn by scholars and churchmen perhaps as early as the twelfth century. The garb in those times had an element of unity. The robes were warm; the hoods could be drawn up to protect against drafts in unheated buildings. Traditionally, the hood’s silken lining has been in the color of the wearer’s university, and the color of the bordering velvet indicates the special area of study. Dark green velvet represents medicine; dark blue, philosophy; white, arts, letters and humanities; yellow, science; purple, law; lilac, dentistry; olive, pharmacy. Tassels on the “mortar boards,” or caps, of the candidates for degrees correspond in color to the velvet borders of the hoods. Gowns representing the bachelor’s, master's and doctor’s degrees vary in style. The bachelor’s gown has long pointed sleeves; the master’s gown, longer, narrow, closed sleeves which extend below the knees; and the doctor’s gown, full bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet and a front opening, faced with wide velvet bands in either black or the color indicating the area of study.  

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