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0SNJY, VHfiT DO you m m will, ae the H 6HU6HT Of YOU , PROJECTED ' MEP CAi. CAREER? i. On ' d when X WO.s in the second. 3«AdC, a. -friend of tAi ]E woj) injured during a. btfcMXI OAfAC A doctor WAs rushed to the. Scev e, Xa no time., the. 0rMe. doctor' f f y Eh etid$ o r yj o.aP rushed Aim to the hosp t L. As 013 as X Hue, hoi ) Cfi,r x cue -fo z et ™y ■f titnD'S face As he Looted isp At the-Ma-i i white, 5Aid w th a tzoR m his «y . ThAN s, Pod "( SKULL 1982 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEClinical Years Anesthesiology...................88 Dermatology......................89 Emergency Room Walk-ln...........90 Ear. Nose Throat...............91 Family Medicine .................92 Internal Medicine.............. .93 Medicine Grand Rounds............96 Cardiology.......................98 Endocrinology Metabolism.........99 Gastroenterology................100 Hematology Oncology.............101 Infectious Disease..............102 Nephrology......................103 Pulmonary.......................104 Rheumatology....................104 Neurology.......................105 Neurosurgery....................106 Obstetrics Gynecology...........108 Ophthalmology.....................110 Orthopedics.......................112 Pediatrics St. Christophers.......114 Pediatrics Einstein...............116 Psychiatry........................118 Radiology.........................122 Rehabilitative Medicine...........124 Surgery...........................125 Urology...........................129 Trudeau endsheet cartoons Copyright, 1975. G.B. Trudeau. Reprinted with permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved. 2Table of Contents Dedication......................................4 Laughter: The Best Medicine.....................8 Administration Staff.........................26 Activities.....................................36 Affiliates....................................136 SKULL Staff...................................140 Pre-Meds....................................142 Looking at Ourselves: The Class of 1982........................150 Residency Appointments......................337 Patrons.....................................341 Advertisements..............................343 Pre-Clinicol Years Anatomy 54 60 64 68 Microbiology Immunology 72 76 80 80 81 81 3 AWe the Class of 1982 of Temple University School of Medicine are honored to dedicate SKULL 1982 to Carson D. Schneck, M.D.. Ph.D.. Professor of Anatomy. As a physician, teacher and scientist, he epitomizes a standard of excellence that we can strive to emulate as we go forth in our medical careers. Carson Schneck was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania on October 10, 1933. Early in his life, his parents impressed upon him the importance of a good education. After graduation from high school, he attened Muhlenburg Colfege, where he was torn between pursuing a career in teaching or medicine. According to Carson. "I had always wanted to become a teacher, but did not realize that there were numerous teaching opportunities in the field of medicine." In line with his parents' wishes for a solid education for their son. Carson enrolled as an M.D. candidate at Temple University in the Fall of 1955. He found the basic medical sciences interesting as well as challenging and realized early during his career as a student the real need for physicians to teach basic medical sciences. His desire to be both a physician and teacher could be recognized. During his medical school years, Carson distinguished himself by being elected to 5the AOA Honor Society, and graduated second in his class, the Class of 1959. After serving a year of internship at Frankford Hospital. Dr. Schneck returned to Temple as an Instructor in Anatomy, a position he held for the next five years. From 1961-1965, Dr. Schneck pursued a Ph.D. in conjunction with the Department of Anatomy of Temple Medical School, which included a two-year fellowship with the National Institute of Health. In 1965, he accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Anatomy at Temple and shortly thereafter, was promoted to Associate Professor. He was awarded full Professor status in 1974. Aside from his responsibilities for teaching Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy to medical and graduate students. Dr. Schneck found time to prepare a series of anatomy review lectures initially designed for orthopedic resident physicians. Soon thereafter, residents in other specialties were making similar requests. Professor Schneck now teaches a total of 14 postgraduate courses to residents and practicing physicians in almost every medical subspecialty. Professor Schneck admits that he has no favorite courses or subjects, but simply "likes everything". Considered an expert in ultrasonographic anatomy of the breast. Dr. Schneck has lectured, conducted workshops, and has written two books on this subject. In conjunction with two colleagues, A Core Text of Clinical Anatomy is now in preparation. In addition to his academic interests at the medical school. Dr. Schneck manages to serve on eleven departmental, medical school and university committees. For many of us. Dr. Schneck's reputation preceeded our introduction to him on the first day of Anatomy class. To our surprise (and slight dismay), he knew all of our names on that first day and called on us by name to provide answers in his inquisitive, yet reinforcing method of teaching. His teaching sessions in Anatomy lab always attracted a large crowd as he presented and demonstrated a difficult concept in a way that could be grasped and appreciated by everyone in the class. It is not difficult for us to see how this modest and respected educator has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards and honors. i 6He received the 1970 SKULL dedication, the Linback Teaching Award in 1976, and the Sowell Teaching Award in 1980. In addition, he has received SAMA Teaching Recognition repeatedly from 1968-1978 Dr. Schneck is a man of boundless energy who survives on 1-5 hours of sleep per night. He finds calisthenics and early morning jogging to be physically rejuvenating. He is also an avid football fan. Dr. Schneck is not without a reflective side. While in college, he was very interested in theology, philosophy, and anthropology. He still enjoys reading about theology and teaches an adult Sunday school class at the First United Church of Christ in Quakertown. Carson Schneck is a gifted and admired teacher and physician who has contributed significantly to the education of thousands of students, residents, and physicians during his tenure at Temple. His enthusiasm and unique teaching talent have become legendary among those who have known him. It is with great pride and gratitude that we, the Class of 1982 of Temple University School of Medicine honor him for his excellence and commitment to our education by dedicating SKULL 1982 to him. 7Medicine(D D Is Medical School the right choice for you? A SELF-EVALUATION TEST FOR THE PRE-MEDICAL STUDENT Answer true or false: 1. Mothers often overreact to the most trivial symptoms In their children 2. Mothers are often guilty of denial followed by neglect In not bringing a symptomatic child to the doctor. 3. Women often imagine breast lumps 4. Women should examine their breasts often enough, but not too often 5. Informing patients of the side effects of the drugs prescribed for them will cause the patients to experience these side effects in their most virulent form. 6. Women are sexually excited by gynecological examinations. 7. Patients never ask the really interesting questions 8. A certain amount of physical discomfort is to be expected in anyone over 35. and old people should keep their symptoms to themselves 9. No doctor can ever really be guilty of malpractice. 10. Most people when asked to describe your personality would say,"He's not real warm ” Too Often if tho lump disappears m j lew month . not otten enough it the lump turns out lo De malignant n c □ □ □ ANSWERS: dje noA °4M MOUii n0A fOQTPftil ' tfoto po Copyright. 1973, G,B. Trudaau. Raprintad with D«rmita)on of Uotv«rMi Prat Sv"dlca:a All right, rawrVad 801$ if you U-e cuse us. the 6 QlS AND X HAVE ro have a urrvc CHAT n means i MW6BT IN IF B U UY SOME Of THOSE PUT 10U UHO YJEPE 6CCEPTEV ON 7HE R. VMM POtM THE VAmWUST? SCHOOL. WAT DOES THAT MEAN? - • rsfes OFFERED A SPOT 6HT If SOMEONE EiSE I DOESN'T UMT IT? ■ %; i Copyright. 1974. G.B. Trudeau. Raprintad with parmlstion of Univtr«a Prau Syndicate. All right, ,(Mnidi HI, DAO 100P SONS HOME' SON? kJHAT SON ? I HAVE NO +£ HAVE IS A PA BAS me OAFSPH NG WHO, ye AX AfTEB YEAA. MANA6ES TO PASS H $ COURSES JUST IN TIME Copyright. 1975. G.B. Trudaau. Raprintad with parmlwton of Unlvaraal Pra»» Syndlcata. All righu raaarvad 11The New MCAT A TEST FOR PROF. IRWIN COREY The following anonymous spoof is circulating among doctoral candidates on a number of campuses, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education which recently printed it. Anyone who's ever gone through a doctoral examination - or for that matter struggled through the cunning directions on essay tests - will agree that the writer deserves at least a Ph.D. General examination for the doctor of philosophy degree: History Describe the history of the Papacy from its origins to the present day. concentrating especially - but not exclusively - on its social, political, economic, religious, and philosophical impact upon Europe. Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Be brief, concise, and specific. Public Speaking Some 2,500 riot—crazed aborigines are storming the classroom. Calm them. You may use any ancient language except Latin or Greek. Your performance will be videotaped. Biopsy Create life. Estimate the differences in subsequent human culture if this form of life had developed 500 million years earlier, giving special attention to its probable effect on the English parliamentary system. Prove your thesis. Music Write a piano concerto. Orchestrate and perform it with flute and violin. You will find a piano under your seat In the interest of time, you may omit the coda Psychology Based on your knowledge of their works, evaluate the emotional stability, degree of adjustment. and repressed frustrations of each of the following. Moses, Alexander of Aphrodisias, Rameses II. Gregory of Nyssa, Hammurabi. Freud. Hitler, Idi Amin. Support your evaluation with quotations from each man's work, making appropriate references. It is not necessary to translate. Political Science There is a red telephone on the desk beside you. Start World War III Report at length on its sociopolitical effects, if any. Engineering The disassembled parts of a high-powered rifle have been placed on your desk. You will also find an instruction manual in Swahili. In 10 minutes a hungry Bengal tiger will be admitted to the room. Take whatever action you feel is appropriate Be prepared to justify your decision. Economics Develop a realistic plan for refinancing the national debt. Trace the possible effects of your plan in the following areas Cubism, the Donatist controversy, the wave theory of light, the automobile industry. Outline a method for preventing these effects. Criticize this method from all possible points of view. Point out the deficiencies in your point of view, as demonstrated in your answer to the last question. Physics Explain the nature of matter. Include in your answer an evaluation of the impact of the development of mathematics on science. Mathematics MX equals Pi R squared. Construct a formula showing how long it would take a fire ant to drill a hole through a dill pickle if the length-girth ratio of the ant to the pickle were 98.17 1. Philosophy Sketch the development of human thought and estimate its significance. Compare with the development of any other kind of thought General Knowledge Describe in detail. Be objective and specific. Abbreviations are permitted. You will be graded for punctuation and grammar. Sociology Estimate the sociological problems that might accompany the end of the world. Construct an experiment to test your theory. Use charts if appropriate.DOONESBURY ByGurvTrudcMV , KAUlSOHtve (5) I GOTSOMZVm ,w. MARK ACRE HAS exPOS MSnsCMBOFTHE courses omz the c m v me rrH nam HfM i- ok. mans wrr has owutu CHAWCD UJHAT1UOKT OWO? came! j. USSkSncI m HYAMSeR, ilMTP ZtmWTOMW repeat? 70 omxMfMAix' ™Z e VfHSusMBtr • 7HRJ6PeAT?f y .mt !vf T i JIj! iM60N$ xteov nuts TOsm. %£; UWN6.I TOHW' DOC. •jr-n izl. j i r —Hi u—„ i - ri i» Copyright. 1975. G.O.Trud« u Reprinted with permlwlon o» Unlverwl Pre» Syndicate. All right retervod. Another kind of illiteracy was noted in a story about the American Association for the Advancement of Science in the March issue of Smithsonian The story said that physicist D. Allan Bromley, president-elect of AAAS, had lately been stunned by a sentence he saw in a Ph.D thesis. The sentence said. "This field of research is so virginal that no human eye has ever set foot in it ” 1314A New Mental Status Exam "Well, you see. I went to one of those progressive medical schools with no formal classes or credits and the students plan their own course of study — so I never learned anything about the lungs and breathing and all that.” ______________________________________________________________ KIDS OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF - RIVERS As a writing exercise, teachers at Alexander Elementary School in Ducanville. Tex., gave their first-grade students the first half of some cliches and asked them to complete the sentences. Here are some of the results: Don’t count your chickens - before you cook them. Don't put all your eggs - in the microwave. All's fair in - hockey. People who live in glass houses - better not take off their clothes. If at first you don't succeed - go play. All work and no play — is disgusting. Eat, drink and — go to the bathroom. He who laughs last - didn't understand the joke. "Did you ever wake up in the morning and feel like you weren't all there?” "When your young, it comes naturally, but when you get a little older, you have to rely on mnemonics.” 1516Rule book Record books say Satchel Paige is 74 Uc contends he really is between 71 and 72 as he hands out calling cards that identify the former pitcher as vice president of the minor-league Springfield fill.) Kedhirds On the back of the cards arc printed his rules for a good life (I) Avoid fried foods cause they angry up the blood 2) If your stomach disputes you lay down and pacify it with cool thougnts (.)) Keep the juices flowin' by janglin' round gently as you move (4) Co very light on vices such as carryin' on in society The social ramble just ain't restful Avoid runnin at all times. (6) Don't ever look back Somethtn' might bcgatnin'onyou.Oh NOooo Mr. Bill 18Which of these people ore really sleeping? 19Take as directed During a small parly a! my house one evening, a guest asked for a glass o water She took a capsule out of a pillbox and swallowed it with a sip of the water. Then she resumed drinking her bourbon highball I was puzzled enough to ask her why she couldn't have downed the medication with her highball. "Oh. no. she replied. My doctor told me I mustn’t take it with alcohol A penile drip brought a young man to the physician's off ice. "Maybe I just caught a cold in it." he said anxiously "That's possible," said the physician, "but I think I'll treat it for the clap unless it sneezes.” 20 Who needs Valium anyway7Prisoner of Erny Amphitheater "Well, I'd rather be at the shore, but Monthly maintenance? A young woman who'd recently moved to town came in for a gynecological checkup During the history-taking, she mentioned her anxiety about becoming pregnant "My husband and I both work," she explained, "and I couldn’t afford to leave my |ob the way things are now " I tried to reassure her by saying birth-control pills are almost always effective when taken as instructed Oh she replied. "I'm not on any pill My husband uses a condominium ' 21Rest now, pay later "What's going on? The question came from the young woman stretched out on a hard table follow, ig an exploratory laparotomy "We re missing one sponge, the technician told her. and we're taking an X-ray to look for it" Never mind that." the patient mumbled drowsily "Just add it to my bill and let me get back to sleep “ A frantic man dressed as Napoleon and hiding his right hand inside his coat entered the psychiatrist’s office and dramatically exclaimed. "Doctor, I need help immediately ” "I see that,” retorted the doctor. "Lie down and tell me your problem " "I have no problem." the man snapped. "In fact, as Emperor of France I have money, women, power-everything! But my wife Josephine is in deep mental trouble." "I see." said the psychiatrist humoring the fellow "What seems to be her problem?" "For some reason." answered the unhappy man, "she thinks she’s Mrs. Smith.” 22Good attendance OFFICE ‘t rr ,j. Fair attendance 23Whats New at Temple Med... 'The codeine is O.K.. and the phcnobarbitol is O.K. hut the Food and Drue Administration says no to powdered hat’s tooth " Seats in Kresge Signs Paint for the library 24Faces since Freshman year 4th floor of the FSUB Kidney Dialysis Building And What's Not •'The Pit" yes. this is the infamous pit behind Temple Hospital that we have all come to recognize over the years. Late Bulletin . it has come to our attention that the trees which have been growing in the pit for the past several years have been cleared to make room for construction of the new hospital building. They must be serious about it this time1 25Administration StaffTEMPLE UNIVERSITY OF THE COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TU-556-00 3400 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 19140 i •M I Leo M. Henikoff. M.D-Dean Vice PreuJcnt for Medical Affain February 25, 1982 To the Graduating Class of 1982: Letters such as this that come from Deans, often very near the beginning of yearbooks, must by tradition address themselves to the brightness of the future, the challenges ahead, and the joys of a career in medicine. While all of these things are true, I would prefer to use this precious space for another purpose. I want to thank you. I want to thank you for your contributions to the quality of medical education at Temple University School of Medicine. We often lose sight of the fact that the quality of a process such as ours depends upon more than just the administration and faculty. In our profession, education is a participatory phenomenon with give and take. The givers and the takers often switch identities. Most of you will soon have a more important role on the giving side as you participate in teaching those who come after you during your residencies and beyond. In the course of medical education the quality of the entire process rests upon the integrity, commitment, and expertise of the faculty and then the attitude, the desire to learn, and the integrity of the students. In the latter category we are very fortunate at Temple, and I wish to thank you for your contributions to a process and an experience that we believe to be of the highest quality. When two years ago we were reviewed for accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, the administration was questioned at length about the wisdom of devoting considerable resources to the admission process. Each member of the Committee on Admissions spends the equivalent of 20% of his or her time on the activity. If one calculates faculty cost for such participation, it is a great expense, indeed. However, we feel that the expense is worthwhile. The admission process at Temple selects people to be physicians, not numbers to be students. We believe that process to be successful. The interactions between you, our students, and those who are faculty is remarkable and in my experience not surpassed by any other school of medicine. I think that you have sensed the value of this teaching learning relationship as well. I know that you have found within your class many interesting and stimulating people, and hopefully a number of lifelong friends. Just as you have engendered respect from each other I want you to know that you have that respect from the faculty and the administration as you continue in your careers. We all wish you the best of luck. Yours truly. ' Leo M. Henikoff, M.D. LMH lgAdministrators - School Leo M. Henikoff. M.D. Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs William P Barba, II, M.D. Associate Vice President for Affiliated Institutions Ethel Weinberg, M.D, Associate Dean Robert G. Uris Associate Dean for Administration Albert J. Finestone. M.D. Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. Associate Dean for Curriculum John M. Lowe, III Assistant Dean for Development Administration of Medicine MEDICAL AtUMNI CFTKS : im-vcisiTY :.ch:oi of "LDicine umpie unr, William F. Schulze Assistant to the Dean Nancy Solomon Assistant to the Dean Charles S. Ireland. Jr. Assistant to the Dean Rose A. Ferrara Assistant Director of Administration Avery S Miller Director of Administration Dorothy J Dennison Director of Office of Medical Alumni Jonathan Cilley, Ph.D. Director of Student Laboratories The following pages are dedicated to the administrators of the School of Medicine and their staff who have done much to make our time here at Temple Med as profitable and enjoyable as possible Although their many efforts on our behalf may at times go unnoticed, they certainly are appreciated. 29Dr Leo Henikoff, Dean Dr Ethel Weinberg Dr Albert Finestone 30 Dr. William Barba, II Dr Hugo SmithMrs. Rose Ferrara Mr Robert Uris Mr. William Schulze Mr. John Lowe Mrs. Nancy Solomon Mr. Charles Ireland. Jr 31Dr Jonathan Cilley Friendly Faces Mrs Cleo Clark Mrs. Dorothy Dennison Miss Mary Chambers Mrs. Nancy Solomon 3? 3Mrs. Diane Lazar 33 Mrs. Mable DukesKRESQE HALL ■ehoal of Madid a Dr. Richard Berkowitz. Student Health Miss Livia Sparagna Mrs. Carol Blount Mrs. Joyce Peichert35"All the worlds o stage...” Shakespeare 37Organizations Our Student Council likes to travel within their budget. Student Council 1981-1982: President - Dave Levy Vice President — Bill Wilson Secretary - Kathy Cronan Treasurer - James Kmetzo Class of 1982: Erin McCann — Class President Joe Kernich Margaret Loewith Elise Block Student Council Honor Board Class of 1982 Honor Board: P.J. Brennan Eric Cedarstrom Jeff Cole Toni Eldridge Wilkes AMSA Officers: President Margaret Polanczky Vice President Joseph Maggioncaida Treasurer: George Henning Secretary Maryann Peberdy Membership Carl Mason TUM-SA Officers: President: Margo Rodden Vice President Carol Dean Treasurer: Brook Urban Secretary: Patty Brigham 38AOA Honor Society Dr. Alan Marks, Advisor Timothy Hall. President Missing Barbara Ketterer The rest of the Class of '82 SNMA SNMA Officers: President: Mavis Matthew Vice President Greg Carson Bazar Temple AMWA — The Barr—Chase Society: Officers: Carol Actor Barbara Bayldon Advisor. Ellen Soefer, M.D. 39 v "ALL I GOT WAS TWO HORRIBLE MENTIONSI"Temple Telethon 40ODE TO THE UTERUS (To the tune of "These Boots are Made for Walking") Dawn: Uterus you're wonderful I know You're the thing that really makes me glow When I'm pregnant you'll get Hyperplastic In a series of events that are fantastic Chorus: These boobs are made for milking Prolactin does the trick DNA and Oxytocin really make it slick Dawn: I'm a woman, not a man, I'm glad Men you'll never know the fun I've had Ovaries, uterus, breasts, and lactation That's what gives the sexes separation. Chorus: These boobs are made for milking. It really makes me sad, To see what men are lacking, I am woman and I'm glad. 41J J 'Nachem Off! The year was 1979 and Ayatollah Cilley was holding 50 hostages on the 7th floor of Kresge .... Joan Gault's Song: "Animal Cages in My Lab" (With apologies to Shirley Temple) Animal cages in my lab. Doggies and turtles on the slab. Gosh 0 Gee. do I have fun, Shooting up animals one-by-one. And in each doggie cage I see Poodles and Shepherds watching me. They yelp and cry when I come With Sodium Pentothal on the run. Chorus While the doggies sleep We'll administer PEEP With a blown-up Douglas bag But keep that anesthesia handy If their tails begin to wag .... Oh, Next we will cut the Vagus nerve. Then you will plot a Starling Curve. While we're at it. check and see For occulomotors bilaterally. Watch how the atria dialate, as the ventricles fibrillate. Magnesium Chloride, now we're done A star is born - Cindy as Joan Gault So. let's go to post lab everyone. 42"Send in the Clowns" Robbie in ‘Disco Histo' Joanne makes a point Dr. Jimmy Heckman lettuce on cloning Expressive gestures courteous of Dr Klein 43Parties Picnics Keepers of the Keg a? the 1981 Cheap Sunglasses Party These two men asked to remain incognito 44Jimmy's in heaven! Two seasick sailors at the Boat Party So I wore my lucky kaki pants, blue striped shirt, blue Izod socks, and docksiders every day and the year went ok 4546We've got to win this one, gang! Gorgeous Doris 47Soccer 1981-82 Soccer Team John MacCart - Captain Paul Coadv Frank Carter Steve Sargent Roger Sharf Jeff Timby Anthony Dean Vince Sardi Paul Sin Mike Bentz Mike Koslow John Hoi lets Fran O'Brien Sharad Mabourakin George Van Rossum Ed Zido Kris Valesse Neil Cohen Basketball Captain Wade Myers 48Class of '82 Ruggers This section is dedicated to those in the Class ol ’82 who were willing during medical school to put in a fine commitment for rugby The fun and friendships can never be equalled The memories will endure, and will be revived every spring with the Alumni Tournament Special thanks go to Dr. Kenneth Cundy who was generous with his time in sharing our rugby experience. To the Class of '82 and Dr Cundy, thanks for continuing the great tradition of Rugby at Temple. 49 Alumni Reunion 1980The Incredible Temple Tour We have two new deans So you could see what's going on___ And watch the things we do .... Dr Lynch teaches Physiology in great depth Dr. Troyer teaches with balloons and basketballs Construction could start as early as 1985 50 If you could see our hospitalThe way it looks to us today The "Big Pit” contains some rare flora and fauna 51 Temple's INCREDIBLE!!53Anatomy Robert Troyer, Ph.D. Chairman Mark Black, Ph.D. Michael Cochran, Ph.D. Gail Crouse. Ph.D. Albert Lamperti, Ph.D. Thomas Marino. Ph.D. Charles Ordahl, Ph.D. Joanne Orth, Ph.D. Laurie Paavola. Ph.D. Steven Phillips. M.D. Neal Pratt, Ph.D Carson Schneck, M.D. Marvin Sodicoff, Ph.D. John Way. Ph.D. Dr Robert Troyer Dr. "Daddy" Huber, Professor Emeritus, finishing up some paperwork. 54YOU NEED FUZZY BALLS TO PLAY TENNIS 5fDr Steven Phillips Dr Phillips explaining the operation of his latest invention. "The food at Temple can do this to you!" 56Dr John Way, about to sav something, we think. Dr. Laurie Paavo la 57 VV|5859Biochemistry Gerhard Plaut. Ph.D. Chairman Michael Brenner, Ph.D. Victor Glushko, Ph.D Kenneth Hoober, Ph.D Edward Kirby, Ph.D. Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Ronald Pieringer. Ph.D Richard Savage, Ph.D. Vern Schramm, Ph.D. Colleen Smith. Ph.D Robert Suhadolnik, Ph.D. Dr. Gerhard Plaut Dr Michael Brenner 60Dr Vern Schramm 61Dr Robert Suhadolnik Dr Richard Savage What is Dr Kirby smiling about7 62Dr Richard Hanson 63 Dr Colleen SmithPhysiology Dr. Michael Wang, attempting to choke himself for demonstration purposes. Dr Alan Freeman Alan Freeman, Ph.D. Chairman Joan Gault, M.D. James Heckman, Ph.D. Steven Houser. Ph.D. Peter Lynch, Ph.D. James Ryan, Ph.D. Thomas Shaffer, III, Ph.D. Ronald Tuma, Ph.D. Michael Wang, Ph.D. Mary Wiedeman, Ph.D. 6465Dr MaryWiedeman Dr. Jimmy Heckman Dr Peter Lynch 6667Dr, Pen-Ming Ming with a big smile for the camera. Dr Renato Baserga Pathology Renato Baserga, M.D. Chairman Joseph Baum, Ph D. Nahvm Duker, M.D. Bruce Elfenbein, M.D. John Farber, M.D. Eugene Hoenig, M.D. Agnes Kane. Ph.D. Irena Koprowska, M.D. Pen-Ming Ming, M.D. Si—Chun Ming, M.D. Robert Petersen, M.D. Paul Putong, M.D Sally Rosen, M.D. I 68Dr Bruce Elfenbein, with pipe. Dr Robert Petersen The Mings. Si-Chun and Pen-Ming 69 0 Dr Nakvm Duker 71 Dr. Joe BaumMicrobiology Immunology Gerald Shockman, Ph.D. Chairman Helen Buckley. Ph.D. Kenneth Cundy, Ph.D. Toby Eisenstein, Ph.D Helga Havas. Ph.D. Earl Henderson, Ph.D. Michael Higgins, Ph.D. Morton Klein. Ph.D. Lolita Moore, Ph.D. Leonard Zubrzycki. Ph.D. Dr. H Havas 2 Dr G. Shockman J. Wolf and R. Narvaez73"Looks like a virus." Dr. T. Eisenstein Or. M. Klein Dr K.Cundy 74Dr. H. Buckley Dr E Henderson 75PhafmQ(:0'09y John O'Neill, Ph D. Chairman Marlin Adler Ph-D- Alan Cowan, Ph D Miriam Fukami Ph U Concetta Harakal, Ph-D. S s- asB»» Dr. O'Neill 76777879Behavioral Science John Ball. Ph.D. John Benson, M.D. David Soskis, M.D. 80Preventive Medicine James MacBride. M.D Genetics Angelo DiGeorge. M.D. Mildred Kistenmacher, M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D Hope Punnet!, Ph.D 81Physical Diagnosis This page (clockwise from upper right); tools of the trade; R Narvaez writing an H P; Dr. Fewell demonstrating chest exam with the aid of R. Perilstein. Opposite page (counterclockwise from bottom left) S. Millmond interviewing a patient; D. Wilkes. J. Reibman and M. Rocco. 82"Your ear trouble is caused by loud noises in the air, your nose trouble is caused by funny smells in the air, and your throat trouble is caused by strange particles in the air." Herman '«•! V'O'CO't 'I can't even pronounce what you've got'" 83National Boards: Parts I and II This page (left to right) T. Hall, P. Hermany. E. Gibson, R. Hauser, C. Harding, J. Holets, A. Zucker D. Tunney, D. Levy H. Levy, J. Schwarts, R. Miller. R Schnall, P Weidner, S. Frakes, S. Harding, B. Fong, K. Smith. C. Harding R. Perilstein. P. Julius. J. Stone. Opposite page (left to right) Intermission; the end of the second day; S. Destian. N Toll; H Levy. 84Professor Emeritus, Department of Anatomy 1910-1981) In Memorium: Dr. Noble Botes 85Anesthesiology James R. Harp, M.D. Chairman Raymond D Adams, M.D. Ansjya A. Chatwani, M.D. Thomas C. Deas, M.D. Alexandra I. Karetas. M.D. Nancy B. Knepp, M.D. Kenneth J. Lee, M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr. M.D. Mary W. Reardon, M.D. Robert C Shupak, M.D. William H. Stevenson-Smith. M.D. I! must bo acupuncture! My toothache is gone Guard of the greens! 88 Nitrous and halothane: anesthetic inductants Dr. James Harp Dermatology Frederick Urbach, M.D. Chairman DanielS Berger, M S.E Luigi C Daloisio, D C. Ronald E. Davies, Ph.D. Paul D. Forbes, Ph.D. Robert A Harper, Ph.D. Anand Lattanano, M.D Mahendra K. Logani, Ph.D. Stanley J. Mann, Ph.D. Eric C. Vonderheid, M.D. Alan C Watson. M.D. Dr Urbach Perusing the April issue Dermatology is a branch of medicine dealing with keeping the skin healthy. The importance of the latter is reflected in our society by its admonition of movies, advertising and magazines. 89Emergency Room Walk-In Dr Morris Swartz demonstrating the newest fashion in Emergency Medicine ... Shock Pants inflatable pants which increase blood return to the heart patient" Morris A. Swartz. M.D. Chairman Bonnie J. Blatt, M.D. Leigh G. Durlacher, M.D. Ian B Hoffman, M.D. Gregory S. Williams, M.D Pam collaborating with the Emergency Room Staff at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Emergency Room at Temple: One of the many facilities being renovated at the Health Science Center. 90 ,v 1'.Ear, Nose Throat Max L. Ronis, M.D. Chairman Joseph Ardito, M.D. Elaine Comer. M.A. Ann E Dickter.M.S John D. Durrant, Ph.D Emil Liebman. M.D, Melvin Masloff. M.D. Deborah Simmons. M.D Thoughts of an otolaryngologist What do we have hear? l r 91Family Medicine Dr James MacBride Recent advances in genetic research has determined that traits previously handed down in generations are actually handed up. i.e., insanity you can get it from your children. James R. MacBride, M.D. Chairman Charles R Almond. M.D. Lorn A. Becker, M.D. Sibyl B. Beckett, M.D. Stephen C. Brock, Ph D. Leonard E Gottesman, Ph.D. Mary Haythornthwaite. M D Patricia J. Hedden, M S. Benjamin G. Holmes. M.S.W. Laura A Molnar.M.D. Jana M. Mossey, Ph.D Fred B. Rogers. M.D. Janis W. Rubin, M.D. Eugene L. Sobel, Ph.D. Ellen F. Soefer, M.D. Judith H. Sutton, M.D. Mariah W. Vassall, M.D. Mary A. Willard Robert M. Yost, M.D. Steven L Zinn.M.D. Dr Fred Rogers A pensive moment Dr. Fred Rogers and Dr. "Daddy" Huber Two individuals who have contributed to the growth of Temple Medical School. 92Internal Medicine Sol Sherry, M.D. Chairman Richard D Berkowitz, M.D. Marie A. Bernard, M.D. David J. Bernbaurn, M.D. Leonard Braitman, Ph.D. I la I Brandman, M.D David Brody, M.D. Albert Finestone, M.D Sharon P. Fischer, M.D. Isadore W. Ginsberg. M.D Harold Hyman. M.D. Terry M Kanefsky, M.D. Norman Learner, M.D. Walter Levinsky. M.D Yolanda I. Mapp. M.D. Allen Myers. M D Fred Rogers. M.D. Gerardo A. Voci, M.D. Jordan Weiss, M.D. Jacob Zatuchni, M.D. Dr Sol Sherry The lustrous Chairman of Medicine Dr. Gerardo Voci Lecturing in medicine at Episcopal Hospital Bruce attempting to call a time out when he knows there are no time outs left 93Dr. William Levinsky Dr. Marie Bernard Dr. Albert Finestone Steve Future member of Temple's Internal Medicine Hall of Fame Mr. Bill Schulze 94Dr Allen Marks and Company. Medicine Rounds at Tempie Dr Yolanda Mapp General Internist One man's medicine is another man's poison Dr Allen Myers Dr Vincent Lauby introducing Dr Sol Sherry as a guest lecturer in Surgery in an attempt to give a flea's point of view 95Medicine Grand Rounds Dr. Levinsky: Medicine Grand Rounds: Demonstrating intense An example of intense concentration concentration’ 96Dr. Norman Learner Dr Ronald Rubin Dr Sol Sherry Four of the doctors on the Temple University Hospital staff are attentive participants in the Wednesday lecture series involving guest lecturers from all over the country. 97Cardiology James F. Spann, M.D. Chairman Blase Carabello, M.D. George Cooper, M.D Barry S. Denenberg, M.D. Arnold K. Gash, M.D. Michael T. McDonough, M.D Louis A. Soloff, M.D. Howard F. Warner, M.D. Electrocardiograms: Investigations of rates, rhythms and axes Dr James Spann Dr. Howard Warner 98 Dr. Louis SoloffEndocrinology Metabolism ENDOCRINOLOGY Bertram Channick, M.D. Section Chief Victor E. Adlin, M.D. Allan D. Marks, M.D. METABOLISM Guenther Boden, M.D. Section Chief Robert D. Hoeldtke, M.D Oliver E. Owen, M.D. Tarun Ray, M.D Charles R. Shuman. M.D. John Turner, M.D Dr Charles Shuman Dr. Allan Marks and Dr. Bertram Channick " r l|Jn t'jrlMTJarll During the tedious years of medical school, one may sometime lose sight of the ultimate goal. While the care of the patient i$ most important, the certificate at left is what basic science studies and clinical rotations is all about Dr Victor Adlin 99Gastroenterology Stanley H. Lorber, M.D. Section Chief Martin Black, M.D. Robert S. Fisher, M D. William Kaplan, M.D. Dr Martin Black in his Pharmacology research lab Dr Robert Fisher Dr Stan Lorber Gastroenterologist and team physician of the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers Reviewing slides with Dr. Weiss at Episcopal HospitalHematology Oncology William E. Barry, M.D. Robert W Colman.MD. James H Day, M D Richard S. Eisenstaedt, M.D. Barbara A. Neilan. M.D Angara K. Rao, M.D. Ronald N. Rubin, M.D. Paul Schick, M.D. Alvin H. Schmaier, M.D. Peter N. Walsh. M.D Dr Barry. On rounds with the heme team Scene from the new motion picture "Blood Bench” Dr Richard Eisenstaedt 101Infectious Disease Robert Swenson, M.D. Section Chief Bennett Lorber, M.D. Byungse Suh, M.D., Ph.D. Dr Robert Swenson Dr Bennett Lorber At home with his students in his office Dr Byungse Suh 102Nephrology Robert G. Narins, M.D. Edward R. Jones, M.D. Section Chief Michael R. Rudnick, M.D. Christine P Bastl, M.D. Mary C. Stom, M.D. Thomas R Beck, M.D. Dr Christine Bastl Dr Robert Narins Dr Edward Jones "You’re not drinkinir your water!” Dr Michael Rudnickuimonary Allen B. Cohen, ISA.O. Section Chief Howard N. Baier.M.D. William J. Fewell, M.D. Stanley B. Fiel.M.D. Harold James. Ph D. Fredrick Kueppers,M.D. Theodore Rodman. M.D. Dr Theodore Rodman Rheumatology is D. Tourtellotte.M.D tion Chief 104Neurology Dr Milton Alter Milton Alter, M.D. Chairman David N. Caplan. M.D. Guillermo A DeLeon. M.D Ronald Ebert, Ph.D. Steven Mandel. M.D Willem A Monster, Ph.D. Eleanor M Saffran, Ph.D. Elliott A. Schulman, M.D Joseph E Toglia, M.D. "Welt, you lure fooled me. There’} not a darn thing wrong with you." Brian Melito shown here suffering acute paralysis due to a heretofore unknown microorganism now identified as Classi Presidentuim. Dr. Joseph TogliaNeurosurgery William A. Buchheit, M.D. Chairman Thomas Delgado, M.D. Raymond C Truex.Jr.MD Dr. Paul Lin, Sr addresses a captivated audience. Tools of a Neurosurgeon 1068UT HO,X HM TO BECOME A nEuao- SuRfcEON 1i£t rfjYAKES. ft Dr RayTruex.Jr Leisurely awaits his next vie . . . (oops) patient Dr. William Buchheit Enjoying his (lay at the office 107Obstetrics Gynecology Michael J. Daly, M.D. Chairman Ashwin M. Chatwani. M.D. Parvis Hanjani, M.D. Joseph L Harris. M.D. Renga Rajan, M.D Robert P. Schwartz, M.D. Stylishly dressed and handsomly combed obstetrician, Dr. Bob Schwartz is seen here threatening the photographer. Bob prefers not to be seen fashionably puffing on his Zsa Zsa Gabor-like cigarette holder. Dr. Michael Daly 108 AS A Boy z ZXtAr.zo of Btus r Betti' AND FfeAWD. And Li k£ , fW Yower rtEN, I DKEAflED of FMER OVER Worm-titS Wt G pEIiO Dr Rajan "Doctor, is that the prednisone synthetic pathway I see on the blackboard?" 109Ophthalmology Guy H. Chan, M.D. Chairman James L. Cristol. M.D. Lois Martin, M.D. Joseph J. Kubacki, M.D. Nongnart R. Romayananda. M.D. Stephen W. Wong, M.D. Dr Kubacki addressing questions, while Bob demonstrates his ability to perform the extraocular movement exam. 1 10OPTICAL ILLUSION: Stare at the pair of sunglasses above for a couple of minutes then stare at the white space on the right In a matter of seconds you will wonder why you're staring at white space expecting something to lappenf 111Orthopedics John W. Lachman, M.D. Chairman Philip D. Alburger, M.D Robert D. Campo, Ph.D. Michael Clancy, M.D. Ray A. Moyer, M.D, John Murphy, M.D. Theodore C Quedenfeld, M.Ed. David B. Rees, M.D. Edward J. Resnick, M.D. Howard H. Steel, M.D. Dr. Howard Steel This Man of Steel happens to be a Man of Bones Dr. John Lachman 112Traction Devices: A sturdy externa! skeleton for a damaged internal one. Ed demonstrates the finer points of cast dissection on a skeptical Bob. Success' Success! Ed and Jeff have just completed the perfect cast. The only problem .. it was his elbow not his wrist 113Pediatrics-StXhristopher’s David S. Smith, M.D. Chairman Victor H. Auerbach, Ph.D. Henry W. Baird, M.D. Rohinton K. Balsara, M.D Hobart J. Baluarte, M.D. lain S. Black, M.D. Lawrence W. Brown, M.D Marie A. Capitanio, M.D Thomas J Casey, M.D. Lillian E. Chin, M.D. Mary L Cote. M.D. Adamadia DeForest. Ph.D Angelo M DiGeorge, M.D. Richard M. Donner, M.D Jeffrey M Dunn, M.D. Eric N. Faerber, M.D. Margaret C. Fisher, M.D. Catherine M. Foley, M.D. Donald P. Goldsmith, M.D. Warren D. Grover, M.D. Alan B Gruskin. M.D. Nancy N Huang, M D DaleS. Huff. M.D. Stuart J. Hulnick, M.D. Mildred L. Kistenmacher, M.D. Joseph J. Kubacki, M.D. Sarah S. Long. M.D. David A, Lowe. M.D. William J. Mark, M.A. Lois J. Martyn, M.D. Ashok V. Mehta, B.S. Lawrence J. Naiman, M.D Charles A. Omdal. M.D Anna C. O'Riordan, M.D, Judith J. Palmer, M.D. Anthony J. Pileggi. M.D. Martin S. Polinsky, M.D. Hope H. Punnett, Ph.D. Hyman H. Rabinovitch. M.D. Ira J. Rezvani, M.D. David S. Rubenstein, M.D. Guillermo R. Sanchez. M.D. Daniel V. Schidlow. M.D. Maarten S. Sibinga, M.D Carol C. Towne, Ph.D Myles G Turtz, M.D. Eileen E. Tyrala, M.D. Charles D. Vinocur. M.D. William H, Weintraub, M.D Steven J. Widzer, M.D. Jonathan L. Williams. M.D. Robert S. Wimmer, M.D Barbara J. Wolfson, M.D NEONATOLOGY John D. Kenny, M.D. Dorothy A. Ritter, M.D. Dr. Schiller Dr Donald Goldsmith 14115 Dr Anna O'RiordanPediatrics-Einstein Dr. Benjamin Price Benjamin E. Price, M.D. Chairman Rachel Dorat, M.D. Neil Eizenberg, M.D. Gerard Helinek, M.D. Hallam Hurt, M.D. Jeong Lee. M O. Jeanne Manser, M.D, Nghis Tran, M.D. Dr Smith looks quite perturbed as he explains that this is the third time this week he has missed “Romper Room" because of those silly Chairman Rounds. Bob Maurer pictured here in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit . a significant advance in our lifetime. 116 Anthony F. Panzetta, M.D. Chairman Robert F Ashleigh, M.A. John C Ball. Ph.D John R. Benson, M.D Dianne L Chambless. Ph.D. Allan H Cristol, M.D. Joseph Delvey, M.A, Dorothy Dewart. Ph.D. Kenneth H. Draper, M.D. Edna B. Foa. Ph D. John E. Fryer, M.D. Alan J. Goldstein. Ph D. Jonathan B. Grayson. Ph.D, John J. Harding. M.D. Louis G. Harrid. Jr. M.D Linda B. Hopkins, Ph.D Richard L. Jaffa, M.D. Paul R. Latimer. M.D, Leslie G. Lenox, M.S.W. Thomas McDonnell, M.A Marie J. Mignogna, M.D. Donald A Overton. Ph.D. Richard A. Roemer, Ph.D. CharlesShagass, M.D. Barry M. Shmavonian, Ph.D Michael A. Simpson, M.D. David Soskis, M.D. Roy Steinhouse, M.D. Ira M. Steisel, Ph.D. Roy Stern, M.D John J. Straumanis. M.D. Ralph M. Turner. Ill, Ph.D. Joseph Wolpe, M.D. 118119 Dr Allan CristolDr John Fryer Here at his Temple office after one of his brief returns from England. Dr Anthony Panzetta The look of Freud Dr Allan Cristol and Carol Turek discussing the value of nutrition to the 'id'. 120Dr David Soskis The Boy-Wonder Psychiatrist Dr John Benson Teacher, Physician, Advisor and Friend 'Sir Harris I think »r will accomplish more if you wilt ask your mother to wait outside " C Halai “Although humans make sounds with their mouths and occasionally look at each other, there is no solid evidence that they actually communicate among themselves." 121Radiology DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY Marc S. Lapayowker, M.D. Chairman Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Mary S. Fisher, M.D. Nancy J. Goldenberg, M.D. Leslie Narunsky, M.D. Satish D. Patel. M.D. Parvati Ramchandani, M.D. George Revesz, Ph.D Francis J. Shea, M.D. Renate L. Soulen, M.D. Jacqueline Taylor, M.D. Theodore Villafana, Ph.D. Henry J. Woloshm, M.D. Alan E. Zimmer, M.D. Marvin C. Ziskin, M.D. NUCLEAR MEDICINE Leon Malmud, M.D. Chairman David Charkes. M.D. RADIATION THERAPY Robert Robbins, M D Nalmi Mehta, M.D. Ross A. Shiels, M.D. Raymond K. Wu. Ph.D. Dr Leon Malmud: "You scour 'em. We'll scan 'em!" but not a great x-ray- 1 T5 Radiologists supplement with their diagnostic skills various implications of this ECG tracing. Radiologists play an intricate role in the diagnosis of many diseases. Dr Leslie NarunskyDr Lapayowker lecturing on the finer points of radiology. "The leg bone is connected to the hip bone." These three females are recent hopefuls for staring in the new soap 'Women in Cell Block 8' Yearbook staff: Erin McCann. Joe Kernich, Margaret Loewith Radiologist Carol "We three radiologists of Temple are. Attempting to locate the source of that fart " 123Rehabilitation Medicine Dorothea D. Glass, M.D. Chairman Srinivas Aravabhumi, M.D. Richard M Herman, M.D. Kenneth Izzo, M.D Mohammed Jaffari, M.D. Nathaniel H. Mayer. M.D. Thoman E. Strax, M.D. "Walk, damn it!" Dr. Dorothea Glass 124Surgery Robert R. Tyson, M.D. Chairman Francis C Au.M.D. Earl Z Browne, Jr., M.D Anthony J Comerota. M D. Bruce Derrick. M.D. Jeffrey M. Dunn, M.D Anthony R Gennaro, M.D. Julieta D. Grosh. M.D. John H Hall, Jr.. M.D. Robert D Harwick, M.D. Stuart J. Hulnick, M.D. Jacob Kolff, M.D. Vincent W. Lauby, M.D. William P. Lightfoot, M.D. Willis P Maier, M D Gabriel B. Rosales. M.D. William H. Weintraub, M.D Dr Robert Tyson Dr Vincent Lauby Dr. Willis MaierDr William Lighifoot Dr Francis Au hod fo remove one of your livers. Mrs. Lenhort Iwt you'll be up and around in no lime or I don't know my medicine!" Dr John Hall 126 Dr. Caswell and Dr Maierf Dr Bruce Derrick Dr. Gene Porecca Ode to the Vascular Team Oh. You're so vein I bet you think this layout's about you! Dr. Julieta Grosh CIW.I SECTIONS I CARDIOL!' AND CARDIO -THOR At ■ ■—i ■ U IMDBAC BLU' -masm Q«» (!• M' FOTVREHOME Oh TUH ARTIFICIAL J$i heart PROGRAM Dr. Kolff tells the story of coming back from a convention on the West coast a few summers ago when he had a little trouble with his luggage. It seems United Airlines put his belongings on the wrong plane while he flew back to Philadelphia. Among the items lost were artificial circulation devices. It was good to hear from the airlines when they called to tell him “they left his heart in San Francisco ” 127Who Are These Mosked Men? 128Urology Dr. Richard Kendall Richard A. Kendall, M.D. Chairman Lester Karafin, M.D. Kyril B. Conger. M.D. Barry D. Stein, M.D. Dr Kyril Conger What did one bug say to the other bug under the microscope "Smile ur-ine candid camera." 129Life in these Clinical Corridors Dave Wilkes listens attentively as Joe Kernich explains the theory of evolution of the pigeon It's been a long night, a heart transplant, two bowel resections, a couple of appendectomies and a histerectomy and now you read you blew it all on the fifth race at Liberty. "My name is Dr Allan Marks " "My name is Dr. Allan Marks." "My name is Dr. Allan Marks " Will the real Dr. Allan Marks please sit down l i 130He's a pepper. She's a pepper. He's a pepper Wouldn't you like to join the pepper team Dave Baker looks a little skeptical about a new artificial heart transplant that runs on gasahol. It’s a smaller version the Japanese have developed that's guaranteed for 106 beats, but replacement parts are hard to get The following is a taped conversation between two suspected drug dealers "Hello. Reiko, I couldn’t get into the drug supply room today .... But will try again tomorrow . . Oh' By the way, don't call me at this number again." 131Rick 'William Hurt' Miller checks in on his ongoing experiment on altered states. His experimental design is to change the state of water from a liquid to a crystalline mass by lowering the temperature. He's been working on the project for three years with profound success. Dr. Rubin asking Dr. Eisenstaedt if the bird he has in his hands is alive or dead. Secret cameras uncover a payoff m the recent Temscam undercover operation. Dr. Alter is seen here accepting an undetermined amount of green stamps in return for advice on curing the hang nail. 132The Surgeon General has determined that smoking may be hazardous to your health. Here she is taking a break! Harry'sSchool of Medicine "And you too can become a doctor in just five weeks! No previous experience required! Dr. Bennett Lorber explains five (well almost five) good reasons on why to become a doctor Dr Howard Steel, recent inventor of the bionic arm, is seen herewith his first human implant trial. If successful, Pat will be the first ‘Six Million Dollar Woman'! 133f S 8Unitec StatesAffiliated Hospitals Abington Hospital Abington, PA Atlantic City Hospital Atlantic City, NJ Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown. PA Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute Philadelphia, PA Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Philadelphia. PA Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, PA Germantown Hospital and Medical Center Philadelphia, PA Horsham Hospital Ambler. PA Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. PA Mercy Hospital Scranton. PA Millville Hospital Millville. NJ Montgomery Hospital Norristown. PA Moses Taylor Hospital Scranton, PA Moss Rehabilitation Hospital Philadelphia, PA Nazareth Hospital Philadelphia. PA Northeastern Hospital Philadelphia. PA Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry Fort Washington. PA Philadelphia Geriatric Center Philadelphia. PA Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, PA Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, PA St Christopher's Hospital Philadelphia, PA St. Luke's Hospital Bethlehem, PA Veterans Administration Hospital Wilkes-Barre, PA Wayne County Memorial Hospital Honesdale, PA 136 137138139 Conemaugh Valiev Memorial Hospital St Luke's HospitalSkull Staff William Booker David Clements Susan Cowdery Susan Cunningham Sylvie Destian Toni Eldridge Evamaria Eskin Richard Gadon Theodore B. Jones Bruce Kane Richard Kaufman Joseph Kernich Margaret Loewith Erin McCann Terri Mellon Steve Millmond Regina Palazzo Ruth Perry Fred Rachman John Raines Jerry Reibman John Ross Kathy Smith John Wolf The staff of the 1982 SKULL would like to acknowledge with gratitude the contribution of Joe Kernich to this yearbook. Not only did Joe singlehandedly raise the money that paid for the book, but he is also responsible for organizing the rest of us so we could make our own contributions. He gave ceaselessly of his time and energy, and in doing so sparked us on to complete the book. 140Medical Communications Nancy Klimley - Ari Supervisor Henry Bacich and William Verzyl Joe Gudonisand William (Ron) Taylor Robin Gelber 141Pre Meds Try to match the faces of these Pre Meds to the graduates of the Class of 1982. (Answers appear on p. 333) 1 7 142143144 29' ft 67 68 14879 149Looking at Ourselves The Class of 1982151152 Toni R. AllisonJames H. Anasti 153154 Clement C. AuLarry S. Axelrod 155 - 7- a«Ms7Uh 156 Jay T. BackstromDavid G. Baker 157A. fcjUrJT -o- 158 Andrew S. BelmontGail The Panasiuks The Bermeks The Polishs La Famiglia Pichler Richard A. Bennek 159 160 Desiree Bennet1) i- «hanw Mj). Debra L. Birenbaum 161To my wonderful parents who stood lovingly by my side through all the years: "Thank You" 162 Elise Robin BlockTo: Mom, Dad, Allison Jonathan Peter Lee Linda Tsu Barb A. John H. Syd Sylvia Karen Robin My friends at OCAW Sherry B. Allegra, Rich, Ellen Bob the folks at 14 Irving Paul B. Dick Chula Gina Margaret, Will Erik everyone who took the time to think teach care...... Thanks — BB Barbara Boardman 163 I dedicate my page and my medical career to my mother, my family and my community..... in the beginning there was i and i existed in a state almost unaware of itself responding evolving reacting but not truely appreciating its disposition and time and experience having their effect change i to i am and i am became a being aware of itself encompassed by its cognition defined by its reference and time and experience having their effect changed i am to i can and i can was amplified and aspired having gained not only being but predilection and time and experience surrounded i can as if to preclude it ignoring its call watching on with mirror-shaded eyes reflecting ten thousand images but i can grew strong with determination and became i will and i will knew no boundaries and was unrelentless and invictus became sacred verse and time and experience relented as if to catch a breath and i will transcended to even higher planes and became i have and the sweat of consummation was wiped away off sculptured features and furrowed brow well time and experience are you ready to go on because i... i am____i can___i will ... i have ... "The Meditation," W, Booker 164 William Barry Booker 2 — , Aij David A. Bottger 165Vv- 166 Anthony W. BrackenPatrick J. Brennan 167168 Francis X. Burke"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans" -Gramer Lennon Eric A. Cedarstrom 169CHALAL DR. AND MRS. KENNETH CHALAL nr LORRAINE RUpSITSKY ol 15 Levering Circle Cynwyd. Pennsylvania announce the arrival of Richard. Jeffrey and Rnndy'e sieter JO ANN on Saturday. May 22. If5f at Temple University Hospital “Dr. J LCILjU lI,'W) With deep love and thanks to my family, whose unconditional love and support has helped me to become who I am. 170 Jo Ann ChalalDenise Enoch Cho 171The sleepless nights you had for my sake are paying off. I love you very much, Mama. 172 Obasi A. Chukwunenye C LJcX. Kb Stephen J. Cindrich 173iLy % A thank you full of love to Tamara, my Mother and mv Dad. I KEEP TELLING YOU- “IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD" MRS. SMITH. 174 David H. ClementsCindy K. Clover 175 k. (jtriew y 7H.b. "You mean you want ME to present extemporaneously the patient I admitted five minutes ago with presumed Marchiafava-Bignami disease to Sol Sherry's Professor's Rounds one hour from now?" The young Cohen brothers: Mark, Robert, David The Cohen family, 1977 176 Robert Alan Cohenrm Geoffrey P. Cole 177 tf-lcuyv-- Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes." -Thoreau A man said to the universe, "I exist." "The fact," replied the universe, "does not create in me a sense of obligation." —Stephen Crane 178 Thomas A. CooperLydia G. Com 179180 Lynne L. CornellThanks family, | love you. The real strength of our love is that we share rather than control each other's lives. -Susan Polis Schutz My page is dedicated to Harold M. Carter, Jr. Born June 30, 1956 Died March 12, 1980. "When you part from your friend, you grieve not; for that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain." -Kahlil Gibran Susan L. Cowdery 181182 Susan L. CunninghamChristopher Craig Lowns Custer 183184 Robert M. DalseyThe early days. After hours - freshman year. Good medicine is good food. Good food should be everybody's medicine. No practitioner of medicine should forget this. This will give a strong body. The two other essential ingredients are: A good mind and a peaceful spirit. Breaking out" - at last. Michael A. Daniels 185186 Sylvie Destian fA. D. Robert Davies 187Trust in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence rely not; In all your ways be mindful of Him and He will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5—6 188 Douglas Paul DionneE. Jeffrey Donner 189190 Zev EliasI John English !91 192 Evamaria U. EskinLaura M. Farnum 193194 Stuart Felzer"To make a great dream come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream, the second is persistence, a faith in the dream" To my family and friends, whose sacrifice and faith have made this dream come true. Leslie H. Fenton 195196 Joseph J. FillerNeil and Mari My Father and Ellyn Howard B. Fleishon 19 "To my parents, without whose support and encouragement over the years my medical education would not have been possible." 198 Jeffrey R. FolkEverything is possible to one who has faith. Mark 9:23 ft 'ft) • 'ft) £ Barbara M. Fong 19l h- J) • Family Practice Rotation Marathon, Fla. Nov. '80 Slaughter's Beach Aug. '80 Family Practice Rotation Marathon, Fla. Nov. '80 End of Jr. Rotations Spring '81 200 John A.J. Forest IIIDr. and Mrs. Edmund Forte, Sr. .. .. and Barbara The day after the National Boards Part I Edmund John Forte. Jr. 20‘longer ozf O, s( j nAjrr?a ftiojf shjUjcP s wt J - (L Si(Lorixcf JUfyktAj, clwidun Hu Aujrrzcf £■ -Mjutk . 2£ T,mo7HY Z '15 those 202 Shirley I. Frakesy rJLp(4.p. Michael N. Fucile 20: Z Z 77r»2 Mom Dad, Sept. 5, 1954 Stephanie, on our honeymoon June 10, 1979 Sisters three and me, 1968 204 Richard K. GadonSheila G. Garris 20E206 Robert Jay Gastfriend James R. Gaul 20' To my loving family who helped make this dream come true. "The gift of fantasy’ has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge!’ URtJlTtJ nj 208 Patricia L. GerhartSpecial thanks to my parents and sister for their love and support, and for instilling within me the wish to pass it on to others. Stages As every flower fades and as all youth Departs, so life at every stage. So every virtue, so our grasp of truth, Blooms in its day and may not last forever. Since life may summon us at every age Be ready, heart, for parting, new endeavor, Be ready bravely and without remorse To find new light that old ties cannot give. In all beginnings dwells a magic force For guarding us and helping us to live. Serenely let us move to distant places And let no sentiments of home detain us. The Cosmic Spirit seeks not to restrain us But lifts us stage by stage to wider spaces. If we accept a home of our own making, Familiar habit makes for indolence. We must prepare for parting and leave-taking Or else remain the slaves of permanence. Even the hour of our death may send Us speeding on to fresh and newer spaces. And life may summon us to newer races, So be it, heart: bid farewell without end. H. Hesse R. Edward Gibson 209Linda, E.J., Bob, Jeff May 30, 1955 E.J., Bob, Jeff, Linda Nov., 1978 Bob, Thelma strange to see the river through the window that lets the colors in behind me it's real light as opposed to artificial it's real life I'm in the middle of, I hope where you are is just as real (I also hope) and the history we share between us is a filament that bears its own energy, glowing in ways too subtle or too fast for the eye to pick up, a precious alloy that puts us in the same place "on one level", the level of the river and the light 210 Jeffrey R. Gladden David E. Gladu 21 ... . and Aldo Ortho knows what older women like. Lucky they didn't count my H P's In the Vienna office of the famous Sigmund Raines At home, the great chef performs. On the road, the great chef continues his performance. 212 Richard S. Glosser JJLI love you for always being by my side! rf-0. Without the both of you, my dream would not have come true. Thank you! With love, I dedicate this day to you! Lewis D. Gold 21CI have no craving for great wealth and fine estates and such, I yearn not for a chest of jewels or the fabled Midas touch; I'm quite content with what I own, my needs are few. I'm rich, indeed I've got a friend as rare as you. 214 John N. Graham21Yft O. Special thanks to my family and friends for all their help and encouragement. Best of luck to all my classmates! "So what are you going "Do Rheum!" "Do Neurol" to do now?" "F Troop" 216 Hope GruberJune E. Grutzmacher-Abele 21218 Timothy Scott HallClarke T. Harding 111 21220 Susan HardingDenise Hartman 22 £) Af. 7). "The situation is hopeless, but not serious. 222 Edith D. HasbrouckRandy M. Hauck 221 SOAP . i Oh those murmurs! Lost again? Getting smart Essential preparation 224 Robert HauserPaul R. Hermany 225"I dedicate this page to my wife Deborah for all the warm and tender love and understanding she gave me to help me through the past four years. To my son, John Cabell, I give thanks for reminding me of the more important things in life. And to Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Holets and Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Harris, thank you for all your endless encouragement and support you've always graciously given. I love you all." 226 John A. Holets7 r paticvt (t ivi of ft )ii W( »JNS£ so«rr -thhoa-t AVIj 5u »fcfc£A- r» Puis fMjuvut INC. I.VV.F C£«ViCA . t-fNifiFAbCVCPAT f. (V tWT (Jt 1 T”£ A O STAr c«,A£. c r sm o Tiv»V' irfAfciS'i"5 «S£, s. «w icos Su 6cv'c At'O '-'a" o e»ST FCAS ANP Nice _ consult CONS:tEft-SJ£ 8 i tSi£C -”ON . ffjg.fi f ? _ o OV ■-., 9 vcJh v- «■ i , ' «7 t dk . There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesome returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact. —Mark Twain Susan L. Hooten 227 228 Sheila L. HughesI'd like to dedicate this page to my dear wife, who made this experience more meaningful and enjoyable through her support, companionship, understanding and her never—ending sense of humor. Thanks Ellen Bruce Hyde 229To those who helped me along the way 7h. y. University of the East Quezon City, Philippines Mom and Dad The kids It can be daylight if you only believe ... Barry Manilow 230 Roy JamesTheodore B. Jones 231My Parents 4 PVD. r My Sister Exploring the ocean floor Sorry John - My legs are nicer Cheap sunglass party 232 Pamela Ann Julius 1.P . Darkness makes us aware of the stars. And when dark hours arise. They often hold a bright and lovely thing. We might never have known otherwise. Bruce I. Kane 233This list is dedicated to and in appreciation of all of those people who stood by me, supported me, helped me, cried with me, celebrated with me, talked with me, yelled at me, loved me, and in several thousand other ways kept me more or less sane over the past ten years between graduation from high school and graduation from medical school. To these people I owe a great deal: Bill, Marian, Debbie, Karen, Terri, Leslee, Betty. Meg, Al, Wally, Jeff, Fox, Stan, Andrea Finder, Marci Beaver, Danny Feuer, Elliott, Joe Baum, Prince Brigham, Bret Godbout, Dave and Betty, Albert Mall. David Binder, Jon Liss, Mrs. Parmet, Dr. Weston, Joe Hershman, David Clark, Jerry, Margo, Betty Rybowski, Leslie Lenox, Alan Zubkin, Chris Custer, Joe Daday, Ed Prince, Nate and Hilda, Cindy Noveck, Miss Regis, Dr. Ray, Mike and Jody. Joy, Dr. Schmuckler, Cathy, Ken Draper 234 Brian David KarsifThank you both for everything My One and Only Whale on the Beach Our Wedding Night — The Beginning of a Beautiful Life Together Richard Ellis Kaufman 235236 Samuel KaufmanWestChester, Fall, 1980 Lawrence E. Kenney 237 Jn.j). 238 John S. KennedyDad, Mom, my brother Tom and myself To behold a whole new day aborning. To heed the call of dawn's creation. To peer inward and see soul. To gaze outward and see hope. To wonder at the life you are about to know. To quest for who you are and what you are to be. To find purpose in being. To sense challenge in becoming. To imagine yourself a star in the heavens. To approach the unknown and ask why. To confront the unknowable and ask why not. To see adventure in flights transitory. To see eternity in truths immutable. To reach. To touch. To know. To rejoice at the rise of the sun. To seek light where there is dark. To seek peace where there is strife. To embrace dear values. To value dear embraces. To seize the present. To chart the future. To find summer in winter, sun in rain. To accept your place in today. To assert your place in tomorrow. To love to live. To live to love. To laugh. To cry. To be. To become. Unknown ft?- Back in my Pre-med days. Joseph J. Kernich 239N SalAnhcL JittlAj ] PU D. 240 Barbara KettererJoseph Kipp 241 pwU HLA-J 7)Q “ I know I've seen that face somewhere .. . . maybe down in Mexico, or a picture upon somebody's shelf .. “Lily and the Jack of Hearts"— Bob Dylan Laura Klawitter and Danny Yellon Me and my Grandpa — dairy farmer, Michigan Trouble in Paradise — Tortola B.V.I. 242 Laura Lynn Klawitteryu 1 . Hi. John D. Koethe 243 Mrs. Dorothy L. Smith, "Mom" My husband — Richard T. Smith Jr. Nicholas James Smith, or "NJ2 Nathan Josef Smith, or "NJ, " 244 Kim Eng KooGrandparents. Helen and Paul Andoshenko With love and gratitude to my family who are an endless source of support and encouragement. Gregory Eugene Krill 245 Marital Bliss The Leclairs Jerry and his "10—pointer" 246 Marc F. LeclairStuart Robert Lessin 2470 C X l A+'S Al i . Santa Marta, Colombia 1979 Ft. Jendy, Grenada, British West Indies 1978 Grenadian boys Sauteurs, Grenada British West Indies 1979 248 L. Scott Levin h.d. 250 Howard M. LevyMitchell D. Lewis 251252 Paul Stephen Lin rm . li t Margaret H. Loewith 253 My favorite doctor — my wife Connie Wilder times at the U. of Rochester 254 Gary A. LindenbaumR_ O H nX g, 'YV Connie R. Mortge 255"The Getaway" 256 William MackinJoseph C. Maloney 257To my classmates and teachers, tor the memory of those moments filled with thought, laughter or tears, To the "Maestro," upon whose friendship and guidance came to rely, To my parents, whose encouragement and support never waned, To the memory of my father, whose dream for his son became a reality, Above all, to my wife, whose limitless capacity for love and understanding made all things possible. 258 George M. MartinJust saying hello! At long last Fooled you. Uncle Sam doesn’t have me. Good friends are hard to come by. but you all have been great. Best of luck! Irisaida Martinez 259 Left to right, rear to front: Paul, Mike, Donna, Maria, Grandpop, Marlene, Grandmom, Chris, Marlene, Maria, Stevie. In memory of my mother, Julia Mash My daughter Maria My daughter Christine My son Stevie 260 Marlene MashDedicated to my loving mother, father, family and those who remembered: Dr. M.P. Brigham, Dr. Mary Wiedeman and Helga David W. Massie 261 My parents PIP My First Best Friend, Josie. My Second Best Friend and Roommate, Ken. “Much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater." Luke 12:48 262 Robert J. MaurerAnon. Alfred W. Mazur 263264 Joseph E. McAndrewHarrison s PRINCIPLES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE Ninth Edition Erin L. McCann 265M.D. Thank you Mom and Dad for being my parents, best friends and mentors. 266 John F. McGurrin, Jr.Sometimes the job looked too big to handle_ .... and other times it was ‘boring as hell.' A few times it looked like the final showdown .... .... and we still celebrated. I reach my greatest heights through your love. Thank you Mom and Dad, Joel, Aldo, Sister, Ralph, Ted, Andy, and Alex. A special thanks to the Newhall Street gang: Frank, Eddie, Kitzie, Donna, Bob, and Chris. Brian V. Melito  “Glory be to God for dappled things — For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow; For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim; Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches wings; Landscape plotted and pieced - fold, fallow, and plough; And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim. All things counter, original, spare, strange; Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?) With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim; He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change." 268 Theresa P. Mellon Richard A. Miller 269"Give me your tired Your hungry Your sick Your poor Your huddled GOMERS Stranded on my ER floor." Steve Is One Wild and Crazy Guy! " . . . . And that's the way it is, Sunday, April 12th, 1981. This is Steven H. Millmond, CBS News, reporting live from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Good Night." On His Menachem's Secret Service: "Would you by a USED CAMEL from this man?" "You call that tinnitus? Why that's the most RIDICULOUS sound I've ever heard!" 270 Steven H. MillmondTerence E. Moore 271QaatUjJ. ’yy tviAo 7h rz). 272 Carla S. MorrisI could not find another photo which would depict the many other aspects of my life over the last four years; it would have been enormous. So to my super medical school friends, dynamite fishing buddies, and all the denizens of the deep, thanks for a great four years of true and lasting friendship. A special thanks to my parents, Ed and Blaine, and especially my wife, Anita, whose love and caring definitely deserves a gold mako pin. Tight lines, David Moss David Moss 273 274 Pamela Moss Peter J. Muench 275r .D. 276 Gregory L. MurphyRichard Alan Narvaez 277 278 Robert N. NeilsonThank you, Melissa, for being crazy enough to fall in love with me and even agree to marry me. I love you. Thank you. Mom. for all your love and support. I couldn't have made it without you. I love you. Thanks to my sister. Sherry, who has been the best sister a guy could want, and to her two little darlings, Teri Sue and Jennifer, whom I adore very much. Bruce K. Noll 279d Q' J,lu ,171b. 280 Letitia A. O'KickiDonald S. Ostrum 281X hiAJL- OLAJL L OLa - $ X JL$L yyusSt ytiuxM. 282 Regina Mary Palazzo'JUiXf 7-+7’LL t-'fC Lf t7c |_ 6 v v«' ' — J v' iy tv?y f« V5 ifotj OJ W" '. ‘97U tf 'Qk-x ?ucf y : J Widfi a2tfc tfy? fiit fjfyo f 'H'G £. Sfin ombi gu - v f tme v 'Tfap y ‘ 7 .• ' tbvj nvmt i .. fydf- Tn.jQ. low ctiUf OK goi+U} • - fict t£ Cky rvrfe y ° ! M $exV‘2A' M'L0 U 7?C .4ft ' c tWf -fa . tin! 'e ■ { '?•+ ? Mary Longo Papola, M.D., Class of 1943 Gino Gaetano Papola, M.D., Class of 1944 John S. Papola 283284 Sanjay Patel"Gee, playing doctor is a lot of fun." Ah yes, music, the other side. "A special tribute to my family for their love, support and understanding, making all this possible." Kimberly Patterson 285"Thou hast won my heart a thousand times over; Thou comest veiled under many and varied guises, and in every guise Thou art unique. Who is not attracted by the splendor Thou hast so skillfully produced on the face of the earth? In this beauty fair Thou shinest, adorned in myriad garbs. Thine own is all the beauty, and Thou shinest and yet art not thyself attracted by it. Thou in this stage of life actest as friend and foe, and Thou alone seest the play performed so wonderfully. I sought Thee so long, my Beloved, and now I have found Thee at last, 0 winner of my heart, and in finding Thee, I have lost myself." Hazrat Inayat Khan 286 Roger S. PerilsteinTo Mom and Dad: Your love, strength, support, and encouragement has made me what I am today. I love you both. Ruth Earlene Perry 287Cl. lUuUyk? 288 Rita C. PhillipsMay I always remember the qualities of a good physician. These qualities are integrity, compassion, competency, and respect towards others. Also let me not forget that I administer to the needs of my patients always under the watchful and caring presence of God. May I never forget or minimize the effect God has on my skills and on the health of my patients, my family, and myself. oS j 'fit. With special thanks and love to my wife, Andrea, whose love, consideration, and support enabled me to acquire the skills and knowledge required of a physician. And many thanks to our parents and families whose love and support was expressed in countless ways. Spencer D. Phill ips 289290 James E. PicaVultures Incorporated of America Thanks Go For It 'ZL.Z ftp. L. P. STANDS FOR LONG PLAYING LANCE POPE Boiton: 6I7-442-97I6 Oak Bluff , Mats. PKila 215-438-3446 (Martha' Vinayard Island) 215-843-3465 617-693-3369 . 3195 Lance W. Pope 291To those who were there to provide comfort and encouragement; who have made me ever more aware of who I am and what really matters; To Ceilia, Ruth, Iz, Nancy, Liz, Dennis, Bob, Bruce, Maggie, John, Jerry, Debbie, Annette and Melanie. With Love 292 Fred D. Rachman"Only a man who really knows is modest, for he knows how insufficient his knowledge is." Sigmund Freud Jonathan Mark Raines 293Bradley R. Reese 2950. To my parents and sisters, for their love, encouragement, and sacrifice has made this dream a reality. To my friends, for their patience, support and love. Thank you 296 Jerome B. Riebman298 Gene RoeME. A DOCTOR? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!? p zd, Ju do hc " .... to cure sometimes; to relieve often, to comfort always" The completion of my medical degree will be amongst the happiest and proudest moments of my life. Partly because I dared to dream and say I want to be, but mostly because so many people have shared in my dream—in its frustrations and disappointments and now in the joy of its attainment. I wish to express my thankfulness and gratitude to the greatest people in the world—my parents and family for their unyielding love, support, encouragement, and inspiration. For teaching me that things are possible if you aspire, persevere, and work hard. To my many friends whose steadfastness and strength have served as a rock and beacon through many storms, have proven to me that although life is a bitch, it's still the best of the alternatives. Thank you—J.P., Jim, Bob Mrkich, Jon, Rich, Amy, and Dean. And finally to Cathy, thank you for caring and loving—I'm looking forward to our lifetime together. L'Chaim ... Mozel-Tov .. . Ma-nish ta na...... John M. Ross 299R. fib 300 Ernest R. Rubbo-'jZyUfr Jc.UUU 10. Robert Schnall 301Sold! H'town Blues Better Daze 302 Jonathan SchwartzMy Pop My Loooo My Grandma and her grandson "the Doctor" My favorite uncle Robert H. Sherman 3037 £ Thanks everybody, I couldn't have asked for more Ken 304 Kenneth J. SimcicFrom then until now, I've always had you both by my side. 7.0 . Thanks to you all for making the hard times easier and the good times even better . . . . Especially you Georgette A. Sims 305With Parents, 1955 With Brothers, 1968 Grandparents' 65th Wedding Anniversary, 1976 Thank God for a stable and warm family that provided encouragement in times of despair and confusion. ' cz Sister Anita 306 William E. Smeal Thanks for all your love.And the good times! Kathleen M. Smith 307308 Robert E. SmithIf music be the food of love — play on! Shakespeare STAT page for Dr. Steinberg! Dean Steinberg 309 This is in loving memory of my aunt, Melba Butler, for the constant love, guidance and encouragement she gave me. 310 Ruth D. StevensWhen studies really became oppressive and I wasn't sure why I'd ever applied to medical school, the following Scripture was a great help: Seeing, then, that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession. For we have not a high priest who cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities, but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us, therefore, come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:14-16 And then there's Ecclesiastes 12:12- And, further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Julie A. Stone 311312 Paul Schaffner Stoner, Jr. . D. Steve, Terry, and Audra Lynn — 1979. My mom, my dad, and my little girl. Surgeons are just glorified car mechanics anyway I Stephen S. Swain 313 7 tz Making a lifetime dedication. THE DIMENSIONS OF A PHYSICIAN Taking the sting out of intramuscular injections. 314 Joseph J. Thoder, Jr.My mother. My babysitter Amy, age 9 Cathy, age 10 Margaret A. Tobiasson 315 J. 7oH j y. t . Tough studying, at times Two cats, two kids, one dog and a doctor Our 1 patient.... always healthy, always cooperative Guess who's really tired We Did It Together: With Love 316 Norma Spear TollCharles A. Tollett Jr. 317 fn W J. T' rnr, .D. 318 Andrew S. Toto m.u Dedicated to my two sons: Noah and Michael Doris Fosler Tunney 319 Thank you Mom and Dad for making it all possible. I love you! 320 Carole A. Turek ■■ Geoffrey Tyson 321Many thanks to my parents and friends who gave comfort when I needed comfort, support when I needed support, and without whom this would not have been possible. 322 Stephen R. VijanNancy Holt Weber 323 Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you. Matt. 6.33 "To my friends, my family and most of all. my wife . . thanks for your love that helps me be the person I am. 'My Best Friend and Me' 324 Paul C. WeidnerLance B. Wilson 325 My parents, without whom none of this would have been possible. July 11,1981 "The Budding Physician" (age 9) My wife and closest friend, Toni. 326 David S. WilkesMy grandparents Thanks for being there whenever I needed support. My husband, David You've brought so much happiness into my life. Mom and Dad Your love and helpfulness have enabled me to achieve everything that I have. Toni Eldridge Wilkes 327328 Susan M. WoganM). To my family for making most anything possible; To the friends who made most everything a good time, and to Marie, for making it all worth it. Thanks. John F. Wolf 329330 Wallace YangPhyllis beginning medical school. .. .. finishing the basic science years. . ... leaving for the first clinical rotation. ... . sharpening necessary diagnostic skills. Phyllis Goldner Yonker 331"Me and Dan the man from Pakistan (my twin)" "Running on Empty" 332 Amy H. ZuckerThe following members of the Class of 1982 chose not to appear in this section: Richard Green Edward Redovan Answers to the baby picture quiz: 1 A. Toto 2. J. Chalal 3. Z. Elias 4. E. Forte 5. S. Felzer 6. P. Stoner 7. S. Phillips 8. J Schwartz 9. S. Hooten 10. P. Hermany 11. P. Gerhart 12. R. Gadon 13. P. Brennan 14 J Ross 15. T EIdridge Wilkes 16. T Moore 17. J. Grutzmacher-Abele 18 J. Stone 19 R Miller 20. B. Kane 21. E Gibson 22. J. Kernich 23. R. Stevens 24. R. Kaufman 25. H Gruber 26. J. Riebman 27. S. Lessin 28. S. Swain 29. D. Steinberg 30. K. Smith 31 D. Gladu 32 M. Loewith 33. F Rachman 34. R. Narvaez 35. J. Papola 36. E Block 37. J. Forest 38. S. Kaufman 39. B Ketterer 40. R. Smith 41 J. Gladden 42. L Farnum 43. B Melito 44. A. Zucker 45. J. Anasti 46. C. Clover 47. R Gastfriend 48. J. Holets 49. E Eskin 50. S. Cindrich 51. L. Wilson 52. R Nielson 53. I Martinez 54 R. Hauser 55. G. Krill 56. S. Destian 57. Unknown 58. T Mellon 59. R. Glosser 60. E McCann 61. J. Thoder 62. K. Patterson 63. L Axelrod 64. T Bracken 65. J. Pica 66. D Levy 67. S. Vijan 68. B. Noll 69. M.Mash 70 R Maurer 71. J. Kennedy 72. C Turek 73. S. Millmond 74. J. Graham 75. R. Palazzo 76. D. Cho 77 P. Julius 78. D. Moss 79. T. Jones 80. T. Cooper 333New Arrivals Timothy Scott Swain John Hooten, Jr. John Cabell Holets Khalil Benjamin Perilstein Jason and Katie Hartman Noah and MikeTunney (with Rocky) Teddy and Denise Jones Erik Andrew Uttermann (Loewith) Kia Marie-Nicole Tollett Brandon Ean Murphy 334Residencies TONI R. ALLISON. M O. Surgery Tempi University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JAMES N. ANASTI, M.D. Obstotncs Gynocology Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore. Maryland CLEMENTC.AU. M.O. Family Medicine Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania LAWRENCE S. AXELROD, M.O. Surgery Albert Einstnm Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JAY T. BACKS7R0M, M.D. Internal Medicine Tomp o University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania OAVIDG. BAKER. M.O. Internal Medicine Reading Hospital Reading, Pennsylvania ANDREW S. BELMONT. M.D. Research Johns Hopkins University Baltimore. Maryland RiCHARD A. BENNEK. M.O. Family Mcdidno Ulster County Family Practice Prog Kingston. New York DESIREE N. BENNETT. M.D. Interna) Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania OE8RA L. 8IRENBAUM. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Univ. Michigan Affiliated Hospitals Ann Arbor. Michigan ELISE R. BLOCK. M.D. Psychiatry UCLA Neuropsychiatnc Institute Los Angeles. California BARBARA 80AR0MAN. M.D. Pediatrics The New York Hosoital New York. New York WILLIAM B. BOOKER. M D. Internal Modidne Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DAVID A.BOTTGER.M.D. Surgery Episcopal Hosatal Philadelphia. Penntylvania ANTHONY BRACKEN. M.D. Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia Hospital Richmond. Virginia PATRICK J. BRENNAN, M.D. Internal Medicine Tampic University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania FRANCIS X. BURKE. M.D. Surgery Graduate Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ERIC A. CEDERSTROM. M.D. Family Medione Eisenhower Army Medical Center Augusta. Georgia JOANN CHALAL M.D. Internal Medicine University of Illinois Affil Hospitals Chicago. Illinois DENISE E.CHO.M.D. Obstetrics Gynecoiogy Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore. Maryland OBASI A. CHUKWUNENYE. M.O. Flexible Medical College of Ohio Toledo. Ohio STEPHEN J.CINDRICH. M.O. Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Hasp Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DAVID H. CLEMENTS, M.O Surgery Templo Univorsitv Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania CINDY K. CLOVER. M.O. Pediatrics Rainbow Babies and Children's Hosp. Cleveland, Ohio ROBERT A. COHEN. M.O. Internal Medicine Univ, Michigan Affiliated Hospitals Ann Arbor. Michigan GEOFFREY P. COLE. M.D. Surgery NYU - University Modical Center New York. New York THOMAS A. COOPER. M.D. Research Temple University School of Medicine Philadelphia. Pennsylvania LYDIA G. CORN. M.O. Internal Medicine Medical Collego of Pennsylvania Hosp Philadelphia. Pennsylvania LYNNE L. CORNELL. M.D. Family Medicine Hamoi Hospital Erie. Pennsylvania SUSAN L.COWDERY. M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia Pennsylvania SUSAN L. CUNNINGHAM. M.O. Surgery Case Western Reserve Univ. Hospital Cleveland. Oh»o CHRISTOPHER C. CUSTER, M.O. Obstetric “Gynecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ROBERT V DALSEY. M.D Surgery University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore. Maryland MICHAEL A. DANIELS. M.D. Family Medicine Providence Hospital Washington. O.C. ROBERT G. DAVIES. M.O. Surgery Chicago Medical School Affil, Hosp. Chicago. Illinois SYLVIE D. DESTIAN. M.O Obstotrics,'Gynecology Hahnemann Medial Coll. Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DOUGLAS P. DIONNE. M D. Psychiatry Tripler Army Medal Center Honolulu. Hawaii EDWARD J. DONNER. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania TONI R ELDRIOGE. M.D. Obtletrics Gynecology Albert Einstein Medial Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ZEV ELIAS. M.D. Surgery North Carolina Memorial Hospital Chape! Hill, North Carolina JOHN T. ENGLISH. MD. Surgwy Georgetown University Hospital Washington. O.C. EVAMARIA U. ESKIN. M.D Surgery St. Barnabas Medical Center Livingston. New Jersey LAURA M. FARNUM. M.D Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center Washington, D C. STUARTSS. FELZER. M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania LESLIE H. FENTON. M.D. Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania JOSEPH J. FILLER. M 0 Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Hosp Philadelphia. Pennsylvania HOWARD B. FLEISHON. M D Flexible Presbyterian-Univ. of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JEFFREY R FOLK. M.D. Internal Medicine Geiiinger Med cal Center Danville. Pennsylvania BARBARA M FONG. M O Flexible Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital Cooperstown, New York JOHN A. FOREST. M.D Otolaryngology CMDNJ - New Jersey Med. Sch. Affil Nuwark. New Jersey EOMUND J. FORTE. M.D. Internal Medicine Medial College of Pennsylvania Hosp Phitadelphia, Pennsylvania SHIRLEY I. FRAKES. MD Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania MICHAEL N. FUCILE. M.D Family Medicine Caguas Regional Hospital Gigsus. Puerto Rico RICHARD K GADON. M.D. Surgery Penntylvania Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania SHEILA Y. GARRIS. M.O. Flexible Mercy Catholic Medial Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ROBERT J GASTFRIEND. M.O. Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JAMES R. GAUL. M.D Surgery Abington Memorial Hospital Philadelphia Pennsylvania PATRICIA L. GERHART M.D. Internal Medicine U.S. Naval Medial Center Bethesda, Maryland ROBERT E GIBSON. M.D Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JEFFREY R.GLADOEN.M.D Internal Medicine Case Western Reserve Univ. Hotpital Cleveland. Ohio 335DAVID E.GLAOU. M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania RICHARD S. GLOSSER. MD Orthopedic Surgery CWRU Mount Sina. Hospital Cleveland. Ohio LEWIS D. GOLO. MO. Surgery Abington Momorial Hospitul Abington, Pennsylvania JOHN N. GRAHAM. M.D Surgery Hanford Hospital Hartford. Connecticut RICHARD J. GREEN. M.D Farmly Medicine Conemaugh Volley Memorial Hospital Johnstown. Pennsylvania HOPE M. GRUBER. M.D. Internal Medicine Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JUNE GHUTZMACHERABELE. M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Modlcal Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania TIMOTHY S HALL. M.D Surgery Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore. Maryland CLARKE T. HARDING. M.D. Internal Medicine Los Angsles County General Hospital Torrence. California SUSAN M. HARDING. M.O. Family Medicino Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DENISE L. HARTMAN. M D Obstetrics Gynecology Abington Memorial Hospital Abington. Pennsylvania EDITH D. HASBROUCK. M O. Medicine Pcdiatrics Albert Einstoin Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania RANDY M HAUCK.M.D. Surgery Harrisburg Polyclinic Harrisburg. Pennsylvania ROBERT A. HAUSER. M.O Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Penmylvania PAUL R. HERMANY. M.D. Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JOHN A. HOLETS, M.D. Family Medicine Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania NANCY S. HOLT. M.O. Internal Medicine St. Vincent's Hospital New York. New York SUSAN L. HOOTEN. M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia. Penmylvania SHEILA L. HUGHES. M.D. Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland BRUCE HYDE. M.D. Pediatrics Thomas Jefferson University Hospital niiladeJphia, Pennsylvania ROY L. JAMES. M.O. Internal Medicine Cro ier-Chester Modical Corner Chester. Pennsylvania THEODORE B. JONES. M.D. Obttotrict Gynecology Baylor Univorsity Medical Center Dallas, Texas PAMELA A. JULIUS. M.D. Flexible York Hospital York. Pennsylvania BRUCE I. KANE. M.O. Pathology Georgetown University Hospital Washington. D.C. BRIAN D. KARSIF.M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania RICHARD E. KAUFMAN, M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania SAMUEL KAUFMAN. M.O. Obstetrics Gynecology Temple Univorsity Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JOHNS KENNEOY. M.O. Surgery Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta, Georgia LAWRENCE E. KENNEY. M.D. Surgery Temple University Hospital Wuladelphia, Pennsylvania JOSEPH J. KERNICH. M.D. Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania BARBARA A. KETTERER. M.O. Internal Medicine Los Angeles County General Hospital Torrence, California JOSEPH KIPP. M.D, Family Medidne Temple Univcruty Hospital Philadelphia. Penmylvania LAURA L. KLAWITTER, M.D. Internal Mcdidno Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JOHN D. KOETHE. M.D. Internal Medicine University of Virginia Medical Center Charlottesville. Virginia KIM ENG KOO. M.D Surgery Presbyterian-Univ. o! Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Penmylvania GREGORY E. KRILL, M.D. Family Medicine Reading Hospital Reading, Pennsylvania MAHC F. LECLAIR. M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Univ. Rochester Associated Hosp. Prog. Rochester. New York STUART R. LESSIN. M.O Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania LAWRENCE S. LEVIN. M.O. Orthopodic Surgery Duke University Medical Center Durham. North Carolina DAVID W, LEVY. M.D. Internal Medicino Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania HOWARD M. LEVY, M.D Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania MITCHELL D. LEWIS, M.O. Family Medicine Montgomery Hospital Norristown, Pennsylvania PAUL S. LIN.M.O. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania GARY A. LINDENBAUM. M.D. Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MARGARET H. LOEWITH, M.D. Obstetrics Gynecology Georgetown University Hospital Washington. D.C. WILLIAM J. MACKIN. M.O. Internal Medicine Univ. of Miami Affiliated Hospitals Miami. Florida JOSEPH C. MALONEY. M.D. Obstetrics,'Gynecology Lankcnau Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania GEORGE M MARTIN. M.D Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Hosp. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania IR ISA IDA MARTINEZ. M.D. Pediatrics Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MARLENE J MASH. M.D Internal Medicine Mercy Catholic Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DAVID W. MASSIE. M.D. Flexible Mertcal Coll, of Ohio Affil. Hospitals Toledo. Ohio ROBERT J. MAURER. M.D. Surgery Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ALFRED MAZUR. M.D Surgery Witford Hall Air Force Medical Center San Antonio. Texas JOSEPH E. McANDREW. M.O. Surgery St. Luke's Hospital Bethlehem. Pennsylvania ERIN McCANN. M.D. Research Temple University School of Medicine Ph D. Pharmacia, Uppsala. Sweden JOHN F McGURRIN. M.O. Surgery University of Chicago Clinics Chicago. Illinois BRIAN V. MELITO, M.D. Flexible Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown. Pennsylvania THERESA P. MELLON. M 0. Family Med-cine Wilmington Medical Center Wilmington. Oclawar RICHARD A MILLER. M.O Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania Hosp Philadelphia, Pennsylvania STEVEN H. MILLMOND. M.O. Interna Medicine Jewish Hospital St Louis. Missouri 336TERENCE E. MOORE. M.O Family Medicine Forbes Health System Pittsburg, Pennsylvania CARLA S. MORRIS. M.D. Modicine Pediatrics Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania CONNIE R. MORTGE. M.O. ObstetricsiGyri ecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DAVID R. MOSS, M.D. Psychiatry Thomas Jolforson Unlvertity Hotpital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PAMELA F, MOSS,M.D. Psychiatry NYU University Modical Center New York. New York PETER J.MUENCH.MD. Surgery Tomplo Univernty Hospital Philodnlphia, Pennsylvania GREGORY MURPHY, M.D Family Medicine Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. Pennsylvania RICHARD A. NARVAEZ. M.D. Internal Medicine Graduate Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ROBERT N. NEILSON. M D. Obstctrics Gynccologv St. Barnabas Medical Center Livingston. New Jersey BRUCE K. NOLL. M.O. Psychiatry Duke University Medical Center Durham. North Carolina LETITIA A.OKICKI.M.D. Surgery Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DONALD S. OSTRUM, M.D. Internal Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania REGINA M. PALAZZO. M.D. Pediatrics Rainbow Babies Children's Hospital Cleveland, Ohio JOHN S PAPOLA. M.D. Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SAN JAY D. PATEL. M.O. Family Medicine Montgomery Hospital Norristown. Pennsylvania KIMBERLY K. PATERSON. M.O. Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ROGER S. PERILSTEIN. M.D, Psychiatry Duke University Medical Centor Durham. North Carolina RUTH E. PERRY. M.O. Internal Medicine Medical Coll, of Pennsylvania Hosp. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania RITA C. PHILLIPS. M 0. Internal Medicine Methodist Hospital Oallas. Texas SPENCER 0. PHILLIPS. M.O. Family Medicine Lancaster General Hosoital Lancaster. Pennsylvania JAMES E. PICA. M.O, Internal Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania FREOO. RACHMAN. M.D. Pediatrics Albert Einstein Modical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JONATHAN M. RAINES. M.D Psychiatry The Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital Wiiladelphia. Pennsylvania EDWARD G REDOVAN. MD Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania BRADLEY R. REESE. M.O. Surgery Hahnemann Med College Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JEROME B. RIEBMAN, M.D. Internal Medicxie NY Med. Coll.-Metropolitan Hospital New York. New York MARTIN J. ROCCO. M.O. Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania EUGENE J. ROE. M.D. Pediatrics Unlv. Rochester Associated Hosp Prog Rochester. New York JOHN M. ROSS, M 0. Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital lor Children ftiiladelphia, Pennsylvania ERNEST R. RUBBO. M.D. Orthopedics Geismger Medical Center Danville. Pennsylvania ROBERT I. SCHNALL M.O Surgery Lankenau Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JONATHAN E. SCHWARTZ. M.O. Internal Medicine Univ. of Arizona Affil Ed. Prog Tuscon. Arizona ROBERT H. SHERMAN, M.O. Surgery Mighiand General Hospital Oakland. California KENNETH J.SIMCIC, M.D. Internal Medicine Fitnimmon's Army Medical Comet Denver. Colorado GEORGETTE A SIMS. M.D Ped-atrics University of Maryland Hotpital Baltimore. Maryland WILLIAM E SMEAL. M.D Flexible Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown. Pennsylvania KATHLEEN M. SMITH. M D Pediatrics Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago. Illinois ROBERT E SMITH. M D Internal Medidne Geismger Medical Centor Danville, Pennsylvania DEAN A STEINBERG. MO Surgery Abmgton Memorial Hospital Abmgton. Pennsylvania RUTH D. STEVENS. M.D Internal Medicine Wilmington Medical Center Wilmington. Delaware JULIE A. STONE, M.D. Internal Medicine Brooke Army Ved cal Center San Antonio. Texas PAULS. STONER. JR. M.O. Surgery Wilford Hail At Force Medical Otter San Antonio. Texas STEPHENS. SWAIN. M.D Internal Medicine Roading Hospital Reading. Pennsylvania JOSEPH J. THODER, M.O. Surgery Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania MARGARET A. TOBIASSON. M,0 Anesthesiology Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington. D.C NORMAS. TOLL. MD. Psychiatry Hahnemann Med. Coll. Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania CHARLES A. TOLLET.M.O. Surgery Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ANDREW S TOTO. M.O. Internal Medicine St. Agnes Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DORIS F. TUNNEY. M.D. Pediatrics St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CAROLE A. TUREK. M.D. Anesthesiology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania GEOFFREY L. TYSON, M.D. Anesthesiology Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania STEPHEN VIJAN, M.D. Surgsry Wilford Hall Air Force Medical Center San Antonio. Texas PAUL L. WEIDNER, M.D. Surgery Allentown Affiliated Hospitals Allentown, Pennsylvania DAVID S. WILKES. M D Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania LANCE B. WILSON. M.D. Family Medicine Cooemautfi Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown. Pennsylvania SUAN M. WOGAN. M.D Internal Medicine Medical Coll, of Pennsylvania Hoso Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JOHN F. WOLF. M.D. Family Medicine Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania WALLACE F. YANG, M.D. Internal Modicine Valley Medical Center Fresno, California PHYLLIS YONKER, M D Pediatrics William A. Shands Hospital Gainesville, Florida AMY H. ZUCKER. M D. Pediatrics Childrens Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 337Patrons Anesthesiology Associates. AEMC Mr and Mrs. W.T Backstrom William P Barba. II. M.D. Joseph H. Baum, Ph.D. Jack and Barbara Benson Richard D Berkowdz. M.D. Mrs. Eve Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blishak Mr and Mrs Robert C. Boardman Mr and Mrs John R. Bottger ItaS. Brandman.M.D Mr. and Mrs Kenneth L. Brod Drs Ursula and Alexander Brooks Mrs Lynn Burgis Frank X. and Nancy W. Burke Mr. and Mrs I homas J Campbell Paul S. Cermak Mr. and Mrs Anthony Cindrich Julian Narvaez Cintron Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Dept of Anesthesiology Gail S. Crouse V.E . and L.J. Dean Norman Deane. M.D, James C. DeMarco. M.D. Sylvie Destian, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J Donahue Walter Ebanks Mr and Mrs OtisW Ensman Martin Farber. to D. Stanley 8. Fid. M.D. Mr and Mrs. Stephen Filler Mary Stuart Fisher, M.D. Robert S. Fisher. M.D. Dr Morris S. Fleischman Mr and Mrs Raymond A. Folk Mr and Mrs Mon D. Fong Dr and Mrs Edmund J. Forte Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fricchione John E. Fryer. M.D. James Fung Jay J Garcia. M.D Dr and Mrs Allan Gastfriend Caron Mr and Mrs. Jay S. Gerber Ursula C. Gerhart Mr. and Mrs Robert M Gibson Dorothea Daniels Glass. M.D. Dr. and Mrs Morton Goldfarb Mrs Rosa Gonzalez Stanley and Pearl Goosenberg Martha P. Hankin Mr and Mrs. Michael Harakal Dr. and Mrs Clarke T. Harding, Jr. Dons Heller Or and Mrs. Paul L. Herrnany Allen H Holt Mr. and Mrs. L Hyde Jack and Jill Ice Cream Co. Mr and Mrs. John Kalchthaler Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kerper Benjamin Kevitch Morton Klein Mr. and Mrs. Werner E. Koeihe Dr Joseph N. Kondor Mr. and Mrs. Gail Koplin Irena Koprowska. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey 0. Kreitzer Mr and Mrs. Eugene Krill Jack and Louise Kuhns Mr. and Mrs. Guy A Leclair Mrs. E .J. Lindenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Liss H, Howard Loewiih and Family Bennett Lorber. M.D Stanley H. Lorber. M.D. John and Sue Lowe Allan and Dawn Marks Mr. and Mrs Joseph E McColgan Mr and Mrs John F. McGurrin, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Michael J Mellon Dr and Mrs. Allen R. Myers Mr and Mrs. M Meyerson Dr. and Mrs James P Moore Richard J. Morris, M.D. Leonard and Geraldine Naids Robert G. Narins. M.D. F.X O'Brien.Sr. Family Dr and Mrs. Charles A. Papacostas Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Pelham Dr and Mrs Paul K. Perilstein Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Phillips R A Piermger Dr. Gerhard W.E. Plaut Dr and Mrs Francis Plucinsky Robert S. Pressman, M D Dr Louis L. Sandra S. Pytlewski Isadoreand Ruth Rachrnan Mr and Mrs. Clarence Riddle Drs. B.J. Ronis. M L, Ronis, E.P. Liebman.M.L Maslofl Irving Rosenberg. M.D. Fred L Ross Dr and Mrs Hyman Rudoff Harry G. and Clara Schmaltz Parents of Jonathan Edward Schwartz Dr Roger W. Sevy Gerald D. and Arline T. Shockrnan Charles R. Shuman. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. George C. Sih Mr and Mrs Donald A. Sivick Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Dunlap Smith Renate L. Soulen, M.D Martha Miljus Stavrinou Max J. Stierstorfer, Jr .M.D Mary Catherine Stom. M.D. Mrs. Virginia T. Suholet Morris A Swariz.M.D. Robert M. Swenson John K. Thomas. M.D. Joseph Toglia. M.D. Mrs Henry J. Timby John L Turner, M.D. Mr and Mrs. David Otto Tyson R. Robert Tyson, M.D. Dr George Van R os Sum Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Vijan Ethel Weinberg. M D. Dr Sidney Weinhouse Dr and Mrs. Leslie Whitney Mr and Mrs. R.C Wilde James and Rebecca Wilkes Hector R Wiltz.M.D Prof and Mrs. C.K. Yang Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Zubrzycfci Judith and Aaron Zucker Mrs. Sylvia Zebooker CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1982 DOX LUNCH TRUCK 338Alumni Patrons Drs. Maryann and Steven Ager '80 Samuel L Greenfield. M.D. '31 Robert F. Ostrum. M D ’80 John A Anthony, M.D.'46 Gregory D. Hall. M.D 72 J. Patlovich. M.D. ’61 Margaret M. Barnes. M O '81 Dr and Mrs John Hall '41 J.C Peele. M.D. 37 Leslie W. Beadlmg. M.D. '64 Walter S. Hazlett, Jr . M.D '52 T.M. Pierro. M.D. '57 Folke Becker. M.D. '36 Harriett M. Harry Henning. M.D. 36 Raymond H. Pierson. Ill. M.D '80 Daniel H. Bee.M.D. '37 Jack A Henriquez M.D. 74 Joseph P. Pusateri. Jr.. M.D. '80 Kathy Reilly Bell, M.D. '81 David S. Hurewitz. M.D. ‘67 Peter J. Racciato.M D 74 Owen Belmont, M.O '39 Harold L. Hyrnan, M.D '40 Edward 8 Raskiewicz, M.D. '81 Arlington Bensel. M.D. '42 John J. Jennings. M.D. '66 Dr. Mrs. George F. Roichwein '43 Df and Mrs. Michael Bernstein 74 Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Kaplan '81 Stephen Rockower.M D. 75 David H. Best. M.D. 79 Leon A Kauffman. M.D.'61 Hilton D. Rodriguez, M.D. '49 George 1. Blumstein. M.D. "29 Richard £. Kaufman, M.D. and Fred 8 Rogers. M.D. ’48 Susan C. Brozena, M.D ’81 Abraham S. Kaufman. M.D. '35 George P Rosemond. M.D. ‘34 H. Taylor Caswell, M.D. ’39 Nelson M. Kennedy. M.D. '54 Ralph S. Sando. M.D. 73 Dr and Mrs Kenneth Chalal ‘46 Howard P. Knapper.M D. '40 Ors Walter and JaneScheetz '58 '62 Dr and Mrs Bruce F. Chandler ’48 Drs. Stuart and Elaine Kravitz 76 J. Ross Schmidt. M.D. '37 Dr. and Mrs Robert S. Charles '80 MarcS Lapayowker. M.D '54 Dr and Mrs. CharlesSchnall ‘39 Marguerite L. Church. M.D. '49 Stephen F Latman .M.D ’63 Frederic C. Schnebly. M.D '48 Dr Joseph and Lydia Clarke '62 David Latoni.M D '58 Or. and Mrs. Carson D. Schneck '59 John J. Conroy, M.D. ’31 Norman Learner. M.D. ‘39 Steven M.Selbst. M.D 77 Dr. William H. Coleman '46 Eugene B Levin, M.D. '49 Martin Shansky, M.D. 74 Paul A. Constantine. M.D. '63 Walter J. Levmsky M.D. '45 Scott F Sharetts. MD 77 Maximilian A Crispin, M.D. "41 Dr and Mrs. Paul M. Lin "64 Welland F. Short. M D. '60 Russell A. Del Toro. M.D. '49 Edward 1 Lipsius, M.D '33 Harry Shubin. M.D ‘37 Samuel Dershaw.M.D. ‘35 Joseph F. Lydon.M.D. '47 Jack Sprvack, M.D. '63 Angelo M. DiGeorge. M D. '46 Dr and Mrs Joseph M Lynch 72 Dr and Mrs. Paul H. Steer man 75 B.A Dobbins. M.D. '39 Walter E Margie.Jr..M.D. 51 Franc«$ DeSales Stokes. M.D ‘26 Gerald J Dolan, M.D. '37 Walter A. Massie.M D. '82 Kermit R Tantum, M.D '62 Dr and Mrs Alan M Dorfrnan 76 George Marion Matuschak. M.D. 77 Sam Tasker. M D. ‘34 Nelle E M. Draper. M.D. '44 Daviii J. McAlecr.M D '51 William F. Taylor, M.D. ‘60 William H. Duncan, M.D '69 Dr and Mrs. James J McGuire, Jr '80 William Tonkonow. M.D. ’35 John Vincent Ferrazzano. M.D. "67 Leonardo Mendez, M.D. "55 E llsworth P. Uhler. M D. '39 Albert J. Finest one, M D '45 William C. Menzies, Jr.. M.D, '54 Henry J Vandenberg. Jr . M.D. '41 H Keith Fischer. M.D.'43 Marie J. Mignogna.M.D. '59 Dr. and Mrs. Robert E Walley. Ill '66 Pan K. Fong, M.D. 74 James A Mollick, M.D. '56 Jim Weber. M.O. '48 J. Dexter Forbes. M O. '64 Matt Mullen. M.D. '81 Georqe H. Wessel, M.D ’52 1 W. Ginsburg, M.D. ’34 Dr. and Mrs. James G. Murphy 71 Frank W. Winters, M.O. '46 Anthony R. Giorgio. M.D. 73 Charles M Norris. M.D ‘39 Lewis R Wolf. M.D '34 Sanford L. Greenberg. M.D. 60 M Vernon Ordiway. M.D '58 CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN V. MELITO, M.D. TO OUR SON MARTIN JAMES ROCCO Mrs. Angelo J. Melito Mr. Mrs. Ralph P. Meyer Joel P. Melito Theodore Meyer Aldo R. Melito Andrew Meyer Alexander Meyer 339Congratulations to the CONGRATULATIONS TO BOB SMITH Class of 1982 The Pediatric Charlotte, Bob and Tom Smith Department Albert Einstein Medical Center CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON JOHN PAPOLA, M.D. AND THE CLASS OF 1982 Northern Division Gino G. Papola, M.D. '44 Mary E. Longo Papola, M.D. '43 Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services CONGRATULATIONS RICHARD S. GLOSSER, M.D. From Your Family at The Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital 111 N. 49th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19139 (215) 471-2391 a professional partnership Martha Turner, M.D., '73 Richard F. Limoges, M.D., '64 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 • Recovery Groups for alcoholics and drug abusart • Educational Courses Non-|udgmantal experience for problom substance users • Family Groups Drs. Elsa and Leon Malmud■MPLE UNIVERSITY-, A HOOL OF Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Dean’s Office 341Congratulations to the Class of 1982 from the Department of Ear, Nose Throat CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES JONATHAN M. RAINES, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Herman R. Raines Andrew H. Raines Max Lee Ronis, M.D. Bernard J. Ronis, M.D. Emil P. Liebman, M.D. Melvin L. Masloff, M.D. Joseph Ardito, M.D. THE RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL EXTENDS ITS BEST WISHES J.N. MacMoran E.S. Escovitz F.A. Pico C.A. D'Orazio F.J. Kiefner F. Esposito Dedicated to Improving the quality of life Through research, manufacture and marketing of medical products and services for the women of today — and their families ORTHO CONGRATULATIONS To Our Daughter CAROLE ANN TUREK, M.D. And the Class of 1982 Mr. and Mrs. John Turek Jay Turek GOOD HEALTH TO YOU AND YOURS TEMPLE NEUROLOGICAL ASSOCIATES TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ORTHO PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION Raritan. New Jorsey 08669 an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY tUPlOtfl OOPC IBest Wishes to the Class of 1982 from the Department of Surgery 343Congratulations to the Class of 1982 from the Department of Anesthesiology JAMES R. HARP. M.D. RAYMOND ADAMS. M.D. CHRISTER CARLSSON. M.D. ANSUYA CHATWANI, M.D. THOMAS C. DEAS. M.D. ANTHONY GIORGIO, M.D. ALEXANDRA I. KARETAS, M.D. NANCY B. KENEPP. M.D. KENNETH J. LEE. M.D. MARGARET MINEHART, M.D. GERTRUDE PRUCKMAYR. M.D. MARY R. REARDON, M.D. ROBERT SHUPAK, M.D. WILLIAM H. STEVENSON -SMITH, M.D.CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON BRUCE K. NOLL P. Plotnick Sons Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lloyd Manheim Gardens Wissahickon Gardens Erringer Place Apts. Fernhill Apts. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '82 Joseph A. Brady, M.D. Associates Neurological Surgery Apartments 843-7310, 7311, 7312 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982 Congratulations to the Class of ’82 TEMPLE GRILL RESTAURANT MUFFINS "GOD BLESS YOU" to WILLIAM E. SMEAL, M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1982 Gloria in Excelsis Deo Saint Luke 10:25-37 Rev. and Mrs. Wesley C. Smeal Best Wishes to each of you for personal and professional growth and fulfillment from the Scranton-Temple Residency Program Staff 345 Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved ’ William Jennings Bryan Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success | McNEII) MCNEIL Consumer Products Company manufacturers of TYLENOL products accumiiwiphcn 346CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. SUE HOOTEN From Dad. Mom, Bill, Laurie and Marcia CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 82 MONTGOMERY FAMILY PRACTICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM Norristown, Pennsylvania William H. Rodgers. Ill, M.D., Director Marc W. McKenna, M.D., Assistant Director The ability to perform well at anything takes control, timing, muscle, dedication, energy, and the desire to fly. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO DR. STUART R. LESSIN THE LESSIN FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. DONALDS. OSTRUM AND HIS CLASSMATES from Dr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Ostrum Karen, Robert and Linda Our Best Wishes to the Class of ’82 from the Department of Urology 3 47Congratulations to the Class of 1982 from the Department of Neurosurgery Congratulations! Dr. Charles A. Tollett, Jr., from your family: Dr. Mrs. Charles A. Tollett, Sr. Lynn, Frank, and Jeff and Northeast Surgery Clinic, Inc. and Staff. 348Dear Richard, This is to inform you that the last monthly payment has been made-You are now yours! Love, Dad P.S. By the way, I guess I should tell you that mother and I are indeed very proud of you. 349Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Congratulates the Class of 1982 350CONGRATULATIONS to BRADLEY R. REESE, M.D. from Mom, Bob and Families CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 FROM THE FAMILY PRACTICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM LANCASTER GENERAL HOSPITAL BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 FROM THE TEMPLE HEALTH SCIENCES BOOKSTORE Professional Books and Supplies Temple Insignia Merchandise 215-221-3157 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON DR. JOHN FREDERICK WOLF Congratulations to Jeffrey R. Gladden, M.D. and the Class of 1982 from Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Gladden Linda L.GIadden Best Wishes G.M. Lemole, M.D. P.M. Spagna , M.D.Congratulations to our daughter Debra Birenbaum , M.D from her proud parents Selma Ralph Kohn CONGRATULATIONS TO PAMELA F. MOSS. M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1982 Wheel Distributors, Inc. Moss Dynamic Engines Inti., Inc 50 Hilton Street Easton, PA 18042 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 IN MEMORY Nanna and Papa Clements David H. Clements, M.D. Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 f episcopalLT hospita Sseet iar igh Avenue » k3de«y i Pe«vuy an« t?t» BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '82 Nazareth Anesthesia Asssociates, Inc. WITH GRATITUDE TO THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Louis F. Campana, M.D. 352Best Wish es from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery Dr. John W. Lachman Dr. Michael Clancy Dr. Edward J. Resnick Dr. Ray A. Moyer Dr. Howard H. Steel Dr. David Rees Dr. Philip D. Alburger Dr. John Murphy Congratulations to Marlene Mash and the Class of 1982 Fedor Buick Rts. 68 206 Bordentown, NJ 08505 609-298-4444 Paul Fedor, President Maria Mash Fedor, Vice-President, TUMS '83 Marlene Mash, Secretary, TUMS '82THE GERMANTOWN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER Congratulations to the class of 1982 Founded in 1863. The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center is a major teaching hospital, a commitment undertaken by less than 5 percent of the hospitals in the United States This year The Germantown Hospital will help educate more than 350 health professionals They include nurses technologists, college students, medical students and young doctors specializing in residencies m internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, radiology, general surgery and orthopedic surgery The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center is adjacent to La Salle College and Wister Woods Entry to its 25 acre landscaped campus is via Penn Boulevard it features a wide range of medical specialties and private rooms, at semi-pnvate rates, for ail of its patients. 354CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO STUART FELZER. M.D. AND THE CLASS OF 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Felzer Jordan and Benjamin Felzer CONGRATULATIONS! THEODORE B. JONES. M.D. Dad, Mom, Cheryl and Eric Todd Congratulations to the Class of 1982 The Division of Radiology Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division CONGRATULATIONS To Our Daughter and Sister KIMBERLY K. PATERSON, M.D. With Love and Admiration The Phillip D. Paterson Family GOOD LUCK TO BRADLEY R. REESE, M.D. Aunt Cile and Uncle Don IN 1860, s s WE GAINED THE TRUST OF THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY. NOT A DAY HAS PASSED THAT WE'VE TAKEN IT FOR GRANTED. REED CARNRICK Kenilworth. N J 07033 355Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 from the Faculty Staff of the Department of Family Practice and Community Health 356Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine DOROTHEA D. GLASS. M.D. Chairperson SRINIVAS ARAVABHUMI, M.D. KENNETH L. IZZO, M.D. RICHARD HERMAN, M.D. MOHAMMED JAFFARI. M.D. NATHANIEL MAYER, M.D. THOMAS STRAX, M.D. Congratulations to the Class of 1982 Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown, PA 357Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 1982 Graduating Class CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSEPH J. KERNICH, M.D. AND THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kernich and Thomas from the Department of Surgery, Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1982 E.R. SQUIBB SONS Congratulations SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS CLASS OF 1982 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 James G. Lione, M.D. Flushing Hospital and Medical Center from the Faculty of the Department of Pathology CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON GREGORY MURPHY. M.D. The moment you have waited for has finally arrived. May God guide you as you embark upon a life of new horizons. Mother and Dad 358Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 from the Medical Staff of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children 359To the Class of 1982 Very best wishes for fufilling personal and professional lives From the Faculty Residents, Department of Medicine, Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division MSP MERCK SHARF DOHME pharmaceuticals - biolog icals DIVISION OF MERCK CO., INC., WEST POINT PA 19486 360OUR LOVE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO JOHN M. ROSS, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin F. Ross Mr. Mrs. Mike K. Ross Michael. Mandy Melissa Mr. James T. Ross CONGRATULATIONS Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 Jay H. Davidson, M.D. 1943 Steven J. Davidson, M.D. 1975 DR. SAM KAUFMAN Bruce L. Davidson, M.D. Mother, Dad, Debbie and Margie 1977 Center for Gerontological Studies Long Term Care Gerontology Center Temple University Institute on Aging 1601 N. Broad Street Philadelphia. Pa. 1 122 (215) 787-6970 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER EVAMARIA U. ESKIN, M.D. and THE CLASS OF 1982 Mom. Dad, Steven. Lisa and Smoky Congratulations to the Class of 1982 "AUTOMATED FOOD REFRESHMENT SERVICE’ QUAKER 701 Ashland Avenue Fokioft Ta 19032 CUISINEB FOR SERVICE CALL (21SI 534-3211 361To the Class of 1982 = We are proud of you and your accomplishments, and wish you well in the pursuit of your career goals. We are happy to have contributed to your education, knowing full well that it will stand you in good stead in the years to come. Congratulations! The Faculty and House Staff Department of Medicine 362CONGRATULATIONS TO STEPHEN SCOTT AND CLASS OF '82 Dad and Lois MAPS The Doctor » •; for Survrvii m roojy t financai ungw Episcopal Hospital's Department of Surgery Would Like to Convey Its Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Members of the Graduating Class of 1982 rjvira ucn’J PMttt ISO t -0- MR Of .. -g f»o" -»-v-f i ut nJm i ouv »m mrt recwo t. t tnw. »»•-«•«•too f«— n tRii "r ir'itao fhj? t ("■ '• ■ ant '■ • - « v.-vrc« VO • !WW M «• M Pt iwnmul tax iK • -» Jtiww r« u« • « town ou» x '»'■» ■ son imu-u v rl r» «■ •»«• «W P'rvnsrco w- mm MAP5 CONGRATULATIONS DR. JEROME RIEBMAN With Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 With Love From Your Family Mom, Dad, Marcia. Bonnie and Bruce CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON AND BROTHER RICHARD P. BENNEK, M.D. Mr. Mrs. Bennek and Family from ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL Bethlehem, PA. Administration Medical Staff 363 CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations TO OUR DAUGHTER PHYLLIS G. YONKER, M.D. and Best Wishes Reva and Samuel Goldner to the Class of 1982 and Brian D. Karsif CONGRATULATIONS ELISE R. BLOCK, M.D. from his Family WITH GREAT PRIDE AND LOTS OF LOVE Mother and Dad, Julie and Charles Best Wish es to the Class of 1982 from the Faculty of the Department of Psychiatry 364Congratulations to the Class of 1982 from The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh over 130 years of care and support for patients, employees, house staff, and community Post-graduate medical training in Anesthesia General Surgery Flexible Program Diagnostic Radiology Internal Medicine Pediatrics Obstetrics and Gynecology Mercy Hospital is a major teaching hospital and regional referral center located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. The city is a national corporate, cultural, and educational center, with big-city resources and small-town friendliness. Four distinct yearly seasons and the beautiful Allegheny Mountains just an hour away provide Pittsburghers with a wide variety of sports and recreation opportunities. For further information on post graduate education contact Graduate Medical Education Office The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh Pride and Locust Streets Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15219 (412)232-8034 365BEST WISHES to the Class of 1982 YOUR FRIENDS AT DOLBEY’S Medical Books and Supplies Retail Store: 3726 Sprnce Street Phila, Pa. 19104 222-6020 222-6021 Dealers for: Welch-Allyn Taylor Propper 3M Liftman Hewlett-Packard 366k k ■ jl Hamot Medical Center Offers Residencies in: Flexible Family Practice General Surgery Orthopedics Urology For additional information contact: Office of Medical Education Hamot Medical Center 201 State Street Erie. Pennsylvania 16550 Phone: (814) 455-6711, Ext. 355 "But, above all, we have learned that whether a man accepts from Fortune her spade and will look downward and dig. or from Aspiration her axe and cord and will scale the ice. the one and only success which it is his to command is to bring to his work a mighty heart." Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Yankee from Olympus Congratulations to Denny Hartman Mom and Dad, Tim and Scott Me Alpine 367Congratulations on achieving your M.D. Degree We are indeed happy and proud that you are about to become fellow members of a most exclusive organization. Our medical school has an outstanding teaching staff, curriculum, and student body, and the single most important source of energy for sustaining that fine edge of excellence is that group of M.D.'s who appreciate the distinction of being Temple University School of Medicine alumni. The Medical Alumni Association of Temple University 368medical aluv i unmnsw. MlADZLPUH . ' H iCE -tOICINf e’A., imffcm 'pout ' M5P CAC SCHOOL mostly, x'ue 0£€M PO fi e save PK5TTY SCK OOS SDOL-S 9 CH 6 ASour My , MOTtVCS. since x'ze yffarr %tU! JY-£i5r,%"fe YOO that's a pperry soop BUNCH OHMEUi Al TEMPLE UN" !' OF KtO!CIN€ SJBLL, X HAVEN'T TAILED you, son! xva got it ALL HERE! $3,475! TO THE DOLLAR! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE • 1982 SKULL

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