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DIVERSITY TEM-OF HIGHER-EDUCATION STEES AND UPON-RECOMMENDATION lEBY-CONFERS-UPON a of BB1 REE • OF dTjitrtnp ILEGES AND-HONORS-APPERTAINING THE - SATISFACTORY - COMPLETION THE ■ FACULTY- OF • THE • UNIVERSITY NDERSIGNED • HAVE - SUBSCRIBED HE - SEAL ■ OF • THE • UNIVERSITY '•JIA ON THIS TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY DRED AND EIGHTY - ONE ......... PRESIDENT--OF-THE-UNIVERSITY  - O 2 a. a Zo a- “• «■) £ ? x 12 SKULL77 Temple University School of Medicine Skull 1976it SKULL 1981 likntj ' fnplt VainnUj font gci«ac g DEDICATION..... TABLE OF CONTENTS ...100 Psychiatry . ..102 HIGHLIGHTS . . .104 National Boards, Part II. ...108 PRE-CLINICAL 18 Anatomy 20 ADMINISTRATION ...110 Biochemistry 26 Physiology 82 THE GRADUATES ...122 Microbiology •i. M n : • IM'y I Immunology 28 ACTIVITIES .. .306 Pathology 44 Christmas Show 1978 . .308 Pharmacology' Behavioral Science.. 56 1979 ..310 Primary Care 56 Student Board of Ethical Preventive Medicine.. 57 Conduct ..312 Genetics ..313 National Boards, Part 1 58 Sfudcnr National Medical Association ..314 CLINICAL 60 American Medical Surgery 63 SfuJcnt .Association ..315 Neurosurgery 68 American Medical Orthopedics. ..,.69 Women's Association ,.315 Anesthesiology ,...70 Note Service Ear. Nose Throat ...71 RugbvTe am .317 Urology ...71 Soccer Team .318 Ophthalmology ,.72 Basketball .319 Dermatology ..72 Dean Hcnikoff'sParty r .320 Scurology 73 Dr. Daniel Hull's Family Medicine .74 Farewell Party .321 marry S'. Internal Medicine...............................................7( Fraternities.322 . Pulmonary................82 Gimbels Day..............323 1 Infections Disease.........82 WMS- Cardiology.................................................. 83 Spouses'Association.324 Hcmatology Oncology.........84 Gastroenterology'............8) FACES St PLACES 325 Endocrinology................88 Nephrology...................86 SKULL STAFF.334 Rheumatology.................86 Rehabilitation Medicine........81 RESIDENCY Cm.........................88 APPOINTMENTS..............338 Radiology................. 92 EmergencyRoom Walk-k,..94 PATRONS.........................344 Pediatrics - St. CEfistophef s.9h AOS ..................... 346Dedication Hugo D. Smith, M.D. These four years have witnessed the growth and maturation of each member of the Class of 1981. Challenged by many decisions, we have pondered, lamented in turmoil, and often sought needed and precious advice. Dr. Hugo Dunlap Smith has always been available at these troublesome times. As a member of the administration of the medical school, he is endowed with a wealth of information concerning academic scheduling and career plans. However, he has demonstrated to the Class of 1981 that he is far more than mainly an information reservoir. He has welcomed each of us at his door with warmth, humility, and compassion. He delights in exchanging knowledge and is an individual with a sense of commitment to the community, to his patients, and to us. It is, therefore, with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we dedicate SKULL 1981 to Dr. Hugo Dunlap Smith. 56I)r. Hugo Dunlap Smith. Associate Dean for Curriculum and Professor of Pediatrics at Temple University School of Medicine is a native of New England. He is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and received his Bachelor of Science from Yale University in 1944. Three years later, he earned his Doctorate in Medicine from Harvard University. He then served in both the United States Army and the United States Navy. On June 18. 1949, he married a childhood friend, Helen L. Lewis. They have five children, Louisa, Polly, Harriet, Hugo Jr., and Hetty. Dr. Smith's interest in medicine dates hack to his membership in a premed club as a youngster and to contact with two physicians, Dr. Marius Smith—Petersen and Dr. Lewis Foster. These two physicians impressed Hugo with their cal and enthusiasm concerning medicine. His pediatric specialty selection has definite relation to his self—description as “always being a kid at heart.” Dr. Smith has numerous academic accomplishments including: internship at Boston Children's; research residency at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania-. and residency training at Cincinnati Children's. Before coming to Temple, he was Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati and Medical Director of the Outpatient Department of Cincinnati Children's. In 1970, Dr. Smith came to Temple University School of Medicine to serve as Associate Dean for Curriculum. He also has appointments as Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Diabetic Clinic at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. He has always had a sincere interest in teaching and regrets that his contact with students as a teacher is minimal. However, he is well known to students as a friend and advisor and, in 1977, he was honored with the Golden Apple Teaching—Service Award. As Associate Dean for Cur- riculum, Dr. Smith has made continued efforts to improve the curriculum. He is largely responsible for the flexibility available to students in their senior year and has made ; ssiblc for students to review their clerkship evaluations. Dr. Smith is truly a servant to the school and the community. He is involved in a great number of committees and is a firm believer in community involvement. He labors to instill in each of us this same feeling of commitment. Several of the committees to which he devotes his time are the Curriculum, Executive Faculty, and Promotion Committees at the Medical School, Planned Parenthood of South Eastern Pennsylvania, Trustee of Germantown Academy, Editorial Board— American Journal of Diseases of Children, and the Delaware Valley Diabetic Association. Hugo Smith’s research, academic interests, and publications have centered around pediatric lead poisoning, juvenile diabetes, viral hepatitis, curriculum and teaching in pediatrics, and delivery of pediatric care. He is presently a member of the American Pediatric Society’, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Diabetes Association, and the Association of American Medical Colleges, and a diplomatc of the American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Smith has many outside interests including carpentry, vegetable gardening, and sailing. The latter is an activity enjoyed by the entire Smith family who spend summers along the coast of Maine sailing the “Cygnus.” Hugo Dunlap Smith is an engaging individual who takes pride in his work, his family, and his leisure time activities. He has been able to give something of himself in ever ’ endeavor on which he embarks. 7HIGHLIGHTS INUCLEAR] ACCIDENT Too Hot to Handle MT. AIRY. (UPI) - Networks refused to air a recent commercial in which noted dancer Melanie Martin was heard to say about her designer jeans, ‘‘Nothing comes between me and my'Carson SchnecksV Ms. Martin was unavailable for comment For Bradshaw and the Steelcrs, telling the football world "We’re No. 1” had become an annual ritual. Rock Star Returns DREXEL HILL. (AP) - Philadelphia is anxiously awaiting the return of their favorite son. popular millionaire rock star Jim Sipio, to the Spectrum, after a tour which earned him to 20 states in the U.S. as well as to several countries abroad. During one of those stops in Japan, he was arrested by customs officials for alleged possession of marijuana. Said Sipio. “It was a Christmas present to the band members (pictures below). I personally never use the stuff." 10John Wayne: At home on the range, a supertough, supermacho, superpatriot who became a legend for the world. John Lennon: 1940 1980: “Strawberry Fields Forever Kanev and Franklin PIIILLY, (AP) Paul Kanev, during his recent stint as curator of the Benjamin Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, discovered after exhaustive research that he is indeed related to that museums' namesake, by a marriage of his mother’s grandfather's grandfather's cousin twice removed from the great man’s 2nd generation great-nephew. Kanev was so overwhelmed at this revelation that he immediately went out and purchased a pair of granny glasses and a kite. Queried recently by a group of reporters as to any similarities which he noted between himself and Mr. Franklin, he stated that he liked to invent things. He numbered among his most recent inventions a way of sleeping in a classroom with his eyes open, a way of using the reflection of the sun off his head for Morse Code Transmissions, and a unique way of detecting whether or not a female person is wearing underclothes. So far. Kanev said, no one has approached him about marketing any of his inventions. This photograph of model Cheryl Tiegs was taken using Kanev’s latest invention. 11Drug Problems in Philadelphia Medical Schools PH ILLY, UPI — Sophomore medical student, Chris Gilbert, shown here at a pharmacology lecture on the adverse effects of cocaine abuse, checks his own sniffer for confirmation of the content of the lecture. It is believed that soon-to-be Dr. Gilbert engages in the pleasures of cocaine at least three times per week. Reporters learned that as a freshman medical student, Gilbert almost destroyed the school’s (name withheld to protect the school from embarrassment) labs in an endeavor to synthesize cocaine. When asked by reporters to comment on the drug problem among medical students, Gilbert stated, “There is no drug problem among medical students. We can get all the drugs we want." Gilbert also suggested that reporters visit his office and "experience." The landmark Bakke ruling. Chaz the Spaz Named Poster Boy for Easter Seals N. PHILLY, (AP) - A national representative of the annual Easter Seals campaign today named Philadelphia resident Chas. Fatseas their Poster Boy for 1979. The spokesman was quoted as saying, "If ever there was a symbol of people needing help, we certainly found one in Chaz!" 5CRRY, HAM... A SpeCIAl PR0S6CUTDR IS mmrnwi C0CAIN6CAS THeRe... ' ■meRe... mrm rr 50 harp. 12HIGHLIGHTS Numbers King Arrested SO. PHILLY. (UPI) — Rcponcd numbers king Joey Russino was arrested today for bookmaking after detectives found hundreds of gambling tickets stashed in empty orange juice cans in Russino's refrigerator in his South Philadelphia home. Following an exhaustive search of the remainder of the house, police also found numerous dice (some loaded), two roulette wheels, four one—arm bandits, one chuck—a-luck wheel, several playboy bunny costumes, and hundreds of bottles of liquor distributed in bars on each floor of Russino's three story house. Police believe this to be one of the biggest gambling busts in the history of Philadelphia. If convicted, Russino faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Russino. who remained calm throughout his preliminary trial, told reporters, "I'll give ya 8 to 5 for a double sawbuck that I won't spend a day in da slammer." A confident Russino enjoys a sandwich from PAT'S Steaks moments before his arrest. Dr. J. Junior. Jones Dilema-Basketball or Medicine NORTH PHILLY. (UPI) Robert Jones, shorter brother of Too Tall Jones, is pictured here in formal work-out attire by Pierre Cardin while attending a medical school lecture during one of his breaks from his strenuous exercise routines. Classmates say that it is a rare occurence for R.J to attend a lecture and that the only time that he consecutively attended school for more than two days was during human sexuality lectures. It is said that he aspires to be called Dr J. Junior. When asked why he chose to go to medical school, R j. replied, "Well,they call Julius Irving 'Dr. J.’ because he mastered the game. They'll call me 'Dr. J. Junior' even if I play terrible basketball." The talk at President Carter's table at a White House buffet for 80 congressmen last week drifted from energy to politics, and Rep. Toby Moffett of Connecticut naturally asked the question of the hour: what about Teddy Kennedy? “If Kennedy runs in 80," Carter answered evenly, "I’ll whip his ass." Through the whoosh of soaring eyebrows and a startled spatter of applause, a congressman across the table said he wasn't sure he had heard that right—would the President mind repeating it? “I don't think you'd better," Moffett inteijccted protectively. But Jimmy Carter, the born-again Baptist from Plains, said. "No, I'll repeat it—if Kennedy runs in '80. I’ll whip his ass.” CARTER 'I’LL WHIP HIS ASS’ A Storm Over Billy Carter 13HIGHLIGHTS The sighi was calculated to terrorize and humiliate. In a U.S. Embassy compound swarming with a rabblelike cadre of armed Iranians and daubed with hostile signs, cap-tors paraded about 60 blindfolded American diplomats and marine guards. One American—later identified as Barry Rosen, the embassy press attache—was marched to the main gate. Behind him. a red. white and blue sign read: "According to the sayings of the Imam, the U.S. is our enemy ." The mob chanted. "Death to Carter!" Rosen had refused to answer questions, said one of his captors, and he was being made to “listen to the shouts so he'll realize that we’re not alone." Militant students had seized the embassy and two abandoned U.S. consulates in the name of "the Imam." Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and demanded that Washington send the exiled Shah of Iran home to face “revolutionary justice." Efforts to negotiate quickly foundered- The main U.S. link to Khomeini, the Western-minded government of Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan. resigned in despair, and Iran became more of a theocracy than ever under a secret Revolu- Noteservice Leader on Trial CHELTENHAM. (AP) - Bcleagurcd head of the Temple ’81 Noteservice, Murray (Shifty) Cohen, was slated to stand trial today for the alleged embezzlement of class funds totalling S54.232 over a four year period. Cohen reportedly used those funds to entertain "business clients" on vacation excursions to Jamaica and the Bahamas. Witnesses expected to testify for the prosecution include former cronies as well as girlfriends who accompanied him on several trips. Said one girlfriend. "Shifty always said they would be working vacations, and we did work from the minute we stepped off the plane and into our hotel, until the minute we landed back in Philly." SFLC Escalates Demands UNIVERSITY CITY, (AP) Notorious SFLC (Student-Faculty Liaison Com miltcc) leader. Phillip Khoury, delivered additional demands today to the Chairman of the Internal Medicine Department. Dr. Sol Sherry. Not only docs Khoury, a ruthless negotiator, want Sherry to write letters of recommendation for SFLC members interested in I.M., he insists on letters from him for all relatives of SFLC members going into any walk of life. Dr. Sherry stated that if he was to meet these demands, he would have to delay his eventual retirement until the year 2001. The SFLC first came into prominence nearly two years ago when during negotiations with the Dept, of Pathology, Khoury spearheaded a group which abducted and held noted professor Dr. Joseph Baum of that Dept, for several days until their demands were subsequently met. These demands included: first crack at all autopsy specimens by SFLC members, choice seating arrangements during all lectures, and two free, all-expense paid trips to the American Society of Pathologists annual meeting of their choice for two lucky SFLC members. New bar experience for embezzler Cohen 14Gene Christian-Latest Political Figure Convicted in Abscam Trial ROX BOROUGH, (UPI) - Student Council president Gene Christian, shown here falsifying evidence, was convicted of accepting bribes from underclassmen caught in violation of the Honor Code. One of those violators who turned states evidence and who testified against Christian in the trial said he told her. 'There ain’t nothing that a few bucks can't make happcn.honcy." In 97 years they had won the undying allegiance and affection of the city — but never its trust. They had won the National League pennant in 1915. and again in 1950, but both times went down quietly in the World Series. In 1964 they had another pennant won (or so it seemed) until they lost a 6 ;-game lead in the final two weeks of the season. In 1976, '77 and '78 they were champions of the East, but sank like the sun in the West. More than anything else, they were the reason Philadelphia was mocked as the "City of Losers." But in 19 shimmering nights and days in October. 1980. the Phillies finally changed all that. On the final weekend of the season, they nipped the Expos for the Eastern Division title in Montreal. In what may have been the most exquisite series of baseball games ever played, they took the pennant with two "must" wins against Houston in the Astrodome. And then, at last, they beat the Kansas City Royals in the World Series, earning themselves and millions of Philadelphians the chance to shout “We’re No. l!" to a watching world. The 1980 Phillies will always be remembered for heroes like Mike Schmidt, Steve (Lefty) Carlton and Tug McGraw, of course. Yet what was Lombardi Arrested in Murder of Mobster Angelo Bruno OVERBROOK. (AP) - Noted underworld figure, Adolph Lombardi, purported head of one of the largest crime families in the East, was arrested today in front of his Cityline mansion for the gangland style execution of Angelo Bruno. Godfather Lombardi, when asked his reaction to the arrest stated, "I'd a dun it again if I had to. he was a dirty bum." The shot heard 'round the world’; the golden goal that beat the Russians and refreshed America's spirits. Lombardi shown here embracing Bruno in 1977 15ADMIT ONE John Paul’s U.S. Triumph The Pope’s pilgrimage to America began like all his other journeys, with a quick, athletic bow to kiss the ground. And with his red cape flapping slightly in Boston’s misty sea breeze, he greeted the American people. Near the end of his remarks. John Paul said: “I feel close to all of you and you are all in my prayers.” Then, in the tenuous rhythmic English to which the ear quickly adjusted, he recited: "America. America, God shed his grace on thee. And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.” The Pope’s first view of an American neighborhood was in Boston’s Italian North End. where the narrow streets resemble A million at mass on Logan Square in Philadelphia. You are cordially invited to participate in the Mass celebrated by His Holiness Pope John Paul 1 Wednesday. October 3. 19 79 at 4:00 P.M. Logan Circle. Philadelphia, PA (H.H.) Dozor Soon to be M.D. SOCIETY HILL. (UPI) - Well-known entrepreneur Richard (H.H.) Dozor 111, in discussing his future plans upon graduation from medical school, says that he wants to set up a solo practice in holistic medicine in Tibet at the floor of Mt. Everest. It was there in the year prior to his entering medical school that Dozor had been studying under widely known guru Sutta Yu and he wishes to complete those studies. In addition to his medical degree. Dozor also has his master plumbing license, is a CPA. flys his own Lear Jet. is No. 156 in the ATP world tennis rankings, has degrees in social work and engineering, and is said to be pointing toward a new career in a few years, sheep—herding. In preparation for that career, Dozor has just recently purchased the country of Argentina and all the sheep and gauchos that go with it. When a reporter recently questioned his sincerity about becoming a doctor, his guru training was in evidence as he replied, “May a tribe of Nomadic barbers gang-lather your only sister." Entrepreneur Dozor contemplating teachings of Sutta Yu. 16Union Leader Gets Tough GERMANTOWN. (UPI) Polish Union Leader Diane Kwasniak, shown here in a familiar pose, told a group of reporters that Solidarity has been "pushing for Dr. Scholl shoe inserts for two years." and if Communist Party Boss Stanislaw Kania continues to deny the request, there will definitely be a revolution. She insisted that the flood of Polish jokes which have been flowing from the Kremlin cease immediately. HIGHLIGHTS The Republican Landslide: Hail to the ictor: The President-elect and members of the new First Family celebrate a triumph as wide as all America. IMK - Man OFTHE YEAR Foot Fetishes ROXBOROUGII. (AP) - History has known a great number of fetishes ranging from the extremely bizarre to the rather sedate. Recently, it appears that the number of people with foot fetishes has been increasing and has reached frightening heights. Well-known Temple University psychiatrist. John Fryer, has been extremely alarmed by the crisis. At present. he has no effective therapy for this affliction. Dr. Fryer states that the problem has reached such proportions that even medical students are being affected. According to Dr Fryer, it is almost contagious. lie has supplied us with this photo of Temple Medical student. Jem Stoncmetz. who not only has bitten a hole in a fellow classmates sock, but also sits here contently embracing the foot. 17Pre-ClinicalAnatomy Robert Trover, Ph.D. Chairman Michael Cochran, Ph.D. Gail Crouse, Ph.D. Thomas Marino, Ph.D. Laurie Paavola. Ph.D. Steven Phillips, M.D. Neal Pratt. Ph.D. Carson Schneck, M.D. Marvin Sodicoff, Ph.D. John Way, Ph.D. Dr. Robert Troyer Dr. “Daddy” Huber: Professor Emeritus 20Dr. Carson Schneck “How many students do you suppose we can crowd around this tiny specimen?” 21Dr. Gail Crouse Advice to first—year medical students: You will have to learn many tedious things . . . which you will forget the moment you have passed your final examination, but in anatomy it is better to have learned and lost than never to have learned at all. V. Somerset Maugham (1874—1965) Of Human Bondage f i A BOR ATORY OF ANATOMY 2223 Dr. Dan YellonANATOMY: Gerontc: It was clearly explained, hut there was just one thing which surprised me—that was the positions of the liver and the heart. It seemed to me that you got them the wrong way about, that the heart should be on the left, and the liver on the right. Sganarellc: Yes, it used to be so but we have changed all that. Everything's quite different in medicine nowadays. Molicrc (1622-167$) Le Mcdecin Malgre Lui Act II Dr. Marvin Sodicoff 24Drs. Cillcv Pratr Dr. Steven PhillipsBiochemistry Gerhard Plaut, Ph.D. Chairman Michael Brenner, Ph.D. Victor Glushko, Ph.D. Kenneth lloober, Ph.D. F.dward Kirby, Ph.D. Dawn Marks, Ph.D. Ronald Picringer, Ph.D. Richard Savage, Ph.D. Vern Schramm, Ph.D. Colleen Smith, Ph.D. Robert Suhadolnik, Ph.D. "One hundred dollars and another drink and I’ll pass Biochemistry?” Biochemistry: In one car and out the other, i.e., a modified Krebs Cycle. Dr. Gerhard Plaut 26Dr. Vcrn Schramm28 Dr. Dawn Marks“Robyn, just take the rat by the neck and twist." One of the many ways to prevent gluconeogenesis. “I’m just thinking about biochemistry." Dr. Ronald Pieringer 29 Dr. Colleen Smith Dr. Victor Glushko Dr. Richard Savage 30 Dr. Richard Hanson31Physiology Alan Freeman, Ph.D. Chairman Joan Gault, M.D. James Heckman, Ph.D. Steven Houser, Ph.D. Peter Lynch, Ph.D. James Ryan, Ph.D. Thomas Shaffer HI, Ph.D. Richard Shank, Ph.D. Ronald Tuma, Ph.D. Michael Wang, Ph.D. Mary Wiedeman, Ph.D. Dr. Alan Freeman 32Dr. Michael Wang Dr. Joan Gault “Cheers!” 3335Dr. Mary Wiedeman Dr. James Ryan Tupperware crisper.” 3637Microbiology Immunology Gerald Shockman, Fh.D. Chairman Helen Buckley, Ph.D. Kenneth Cundy, Ph.D. Toby Eiscnstein, Ph.D. Helga Havas, Ph.D. Earl Henderson, Ph.D. Michael Higgins, Ph.D. Morton Klein, Ph.D. Lolita Moore, Ph.D. Leonard Zubrzycki, Ph.D. "SCORE” Dr. Gerald Shockman 38 “My urethral culture grew what?”Dr. Kenneth Cundy “I’m so happy here I could just shit.” Dr. Toby F.isenstein Kinte Cundc and associates 39Dr. Helen Buckley "Dammit, 1 cooked last night!" Dr. Leonard Zubrzyeki 4041 Dr. Karl Henderson42Dr. Lolita Moore “Here’s a face only a mother could love! • ■: « « •3 « C 0 C Dr. Morton Klein 43Pathology Rcnato Baserga. M.D. Chairman Joseph Baum, Ph.D. Nahvm Duker, M.D. Bruce Elfcnbein, M.D. John Farber, M.D. Eugene Hoenig, M.D. Agnes Kane, Ph.D. Irena Koprowska, M.D. Pen—Ming Ming, M.D. Si—Chun Ming, M.D. Robert Petersen, M.D. Paul Putong, M.D. Dr. Joseph Baum Pathology can be fun. Joe—casual and friendly. “Pathology is not concerned primarily with cadavers: its genesis is in (he living patient, and its greatest usefulness is to him." S.L. Robins M. Angell 44 Dr. John FarberDr. Pen—Ming Ming Above: Normal response to histopathology of tcsricular torsion. Below: Abnormal response to histopathology of testicular torsion. Pathological enthusiasm!!! 45 Dr. Nakvm DukerDr. Eugene Hocnig Larry and Ann enjoying the finer things in life together Dr. Paul Putong 46Dr. ftrucc Elfenbein taibo ogy bores mc 47AX Dr. Kenato BasergaDr. Irena Koprowska Dr. Robert Petersen 49 Dr. Michael Della VecchiaPharmacology John O’Neill, Ph D. Chairman Martin Adler, Ph.D. Alan Cowan, Ph.D. Miriam Fukami, Ph.D. Concctta Harakal, Ph.D. James McElligott, Ph.D. Charles Papacostas, Ph.D. Leon Salganicoff, D.S.C. Roger Scvy, M.D. Ronald Tallarida, Ph.D. George VanRossum, Ph.D. Dr. Charles Papacostas Dr. John O’Neill 5051Dr. Martin Adler Note the sedative-hypnotic effect of pharmacology lectures on medical students. Dr. Ronald Tallarida 5253% IT IT J 1 I !! etok?m(of TEuen. I)r. Alan Cowan v.t Dr. George VanRossum Dr. James McElligoct moments after being eaten by his computer. 5455 Dr. David Soskis Dr. John Benson Below-. The “Fryer-ata": Christmas Show 1978 Behavioral Science John Ball, Ph.D. David Soskis, M.D. John Benson, M.D. Primary Care John Fryer, M.D. Benjamin Price, M.D. Dr. Benjamin Price Dr. John Fryer 56Preventive Medicine James Mac Bride, M.D. Or. James MacBride Dr. Angelo DiGcorge The “Levi" syndrome . A chromosomal abnor-mality with two jeans characterized by a severe inferiority complex exacerbated by contact with designer labels such as Calvin Klein. Genetics Angelo DiGcorgc. M.D. Mildred Kistenmacher, M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D. Hope Punnctt, M.D. Dr. Hope PunncttNational Boards, Part I Moonlighting for the National Board. Complications of the National Board are: A) Backache; B) Neck Strain; C) Headache; D) Acute Psychotic Reaction; E) ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MORE 58EDUCATED GUESSING! CONCENTRATION! 59Starting somewhere, anywhere... 62Su rger y Robert Tyson, M.D. Chairman Francis Au, M.D. Karl Brown, Jr., M.D. Taylor Caswell, M.D. Bruce Derrick, M.D. Anthony Gennaro, M.D. Julieta Grosh, M.D. John Hall. Jr., M.D. Robert Harwick, M.D. Jacob Kolff, M.D. Vincent Lauby, M.D. William Lightfoot, M.D. Willis Maier, M.D. Dr. George Rosemond Below: Dr. Vincent Lauby 63“Surgery does the ideal thing - it separates rhc patient from the disease. It puts rhc patient back to bed and the disease in a bottle." Logan Clendening Dr. Robert Tyson “Dr. Porrecca says that I can get two years off for good behavior." 64Dr. Bruce Derrick "Shall we discuss prophylaxis for lockjaw or tetanus, as we reaJ doctors call it?" Dr. Taylor Caswell66- - 67 Dr. Francis AuDr. William Buchheit “As long as our brain is a mystery, the universe, the reflection of the structure of the brain, will be a mystery." Dr. Eddy Garrido Dr. Buchheit, Dr. Peter Jcnnctta. Dr. Garrido Neurosurgery William Buchheit, M.D. Eddy Garrido, M.D. Chairman Raymond Trucx, Jr., M.D. 68Orthopedics John Lachman, M.D. Michael Clancy, M.D. Chairman Kay Moyer. M.D. Philip Alburger, M.D. Edward Rcsnick, M.D. Robert Campo, Ph.D. Howard Steel, M.D. Tickling the funny bone Dr. John Lachman "Fracture Clinic. Mav I help you?"Dr. James Harp Dr. William Stevcnson-Smith “Three natural anesthetics .... — sleep, fainting, death.” Dr. Anthony Giorgio Anesthesiology James Harp, M.D. Chairman Christer Carlsson, M.D. Ansuya Chatwani, M.D. Thomas Deas. M.D. Anthony Giorgio, M.D. Nancy Kcncpp, M.D. Kenneth Lee, M.D. Margaret Minehart, M.D. Gertrude Pruckmayr, M.D. Mary Reardon, M.D. William Stevenson—Smith, M.D. 70Dr. Max Ronis Dr. Emil Licbman Dr. Melvin Masloff ■ Ear, Nose Throat Max Ronis, M.D. Emil Liebman, M.D. Bernard Ronis, M.D. Chairman Melvin Masloff, M.D. Dr. Barry Stein Dr. Richard Kendall "Macduff: What three things docs drink especially provoke? Porter: Marry, sir. nose-painting, sleep, and urine." William Shakespeare "Our class has had 42% fewer bacterial colonies since we've been scoped." Urology Richard Kendall, M.D. Kyril Conger. M.D. Chairman Barry Stein, M.D. 71Ophthalmology Guy Chan, M.D. James Cristol, M.D. Chairman Stephen Wong, M.D. “Our Sight is the most perfect and most delightful of all our Senses." Joseph Addison Dermatology Frederick Urbach, M.D. Donald MacVicar, M.D. Chairman Eric Vonderheid, M.D. Anand Lattanand, M.D. Alan Watson, M.D. Wf P Mt K7si : 'fill 9 MNNirtftM! mm fWmU ■ $BMi It will never get well if you pick it. Armenian proverb 72 Dr. Frederick UrbachNeurology Milton Alter, M.D. Chairman Guillermo DeLeon, M.D. Esther Kaliana, M.D. Steven Mandel, M.D. Eleanor Saffran, Ph.D. Elliott Schulman, M.D. Pablo Solzi, M.D. Joseph Toglia, M.D. Dr. Milton Alter Standard knee -jerk technique “God may forgive you your sins, but your nervous system won't.’' Dr. Joseph Toglia: Having a real curbside consult 73Dr. Steven Zinn, Dr. James MacBride, Benjamin Holmes Dr. Ellen Soefer "The great secret known to internists, but still hidden from the general public, is that most things get better by themselves. Most things, in fact, arc better by morning.” lx?wis Thomas FAMILY MEDICINE ASSOCIATES JAMES R. MAC BRIDE M.D. MARIAH VASSALL M. STEVEN L. ZINN M. SIBYL BECKETT M.O. CHARLES ALMOND M.D. •ELLEN F. SOEFER M.D-' Family Medicine James MacBride, M.D. Chairman Charles Almond, M.D. Lome Becker. M.D. Sibyl Beckett, M.D. Benjamin Holmes, M.S.VV. Laura Molnar, M.D. Fred Rogers, M.D. Ellen Soefer, M.D. Mariah Vassall, M.D. Steven Zinn, M.D. 74 Dr. Mariah Vassall75Above and Below: Work rounds, attending rounds. Grand Rounds, Professor’s rounds, sign—out rounds .... eternal rounds. Internal Medicine Sol Sherry, M.D. Harold Hvman, M.D. Chairman Norman Learner, M.D. Richard Berkowitz, M.D. Walter Levinskv, M.D. Marie Bernard. M.D. Yolanda Mapp, M.D. Guenther Bodcn, M.D. Allen Myers, M.D. David Brody, M.D. Oliver Owen, M.D. Albert Finestonc, M.D. Isadore Ginsberg, M.D. Charles Shuman, M.D. 76Dr. Allen Myers CALL 3333 CARDIAC RESUSCITATED DO AII I) “He Is a great physician who, above other men. understands diagnosis." Jacob Bigelow. 1786—1879 “Today’s date? March 31, 1942?" 7 AM and life in a coffee cup Presenting to Dr. Sherry“The medical student is likely to be one son of the family too weak to labour on the farm, too indolent to do any exercise, too stupid for the bar, and too immoral for the pulpit." 78 Dr. Walter LevinskyThe view from 3PP 79 Would you huv a used anion gap from these faces?CLINICAL PATHOLOGICAL CONFERENCE Case 237 — Focal Seizures and Dementia D.T. is a 26 year old male medical student who first presented to the Deutsch— town Hospital E.R. six months before admission (coincident with his Med I rotation) complaining of swelling of the 3rd right toe. An incidental finding on physical exam was the recurrent appearance of the letters F—L—E—A on the patient's chest. He was treated with intravenous Lasix and topical steroids and was given an appointment with Podiatry Clinic. He presented to the hospital two weeks ago (coincident with Med II) with bilateral swelling of the third toes, uncontrollable facial tics, and constant repetition of certain phrases (e.g.. "metabolic acidosis with respiratory alkalosis and spondylosis" and "5 AM and now they call me about her two year old rash!"). Admission lab testing included CBC with differential, electrolytes, BUN, ESR, LE, ANA, AMA, LSAT, MCAT, PDQ and ETC. all of which were WNL. EEC revealed chaotic patterns and chronic overloading in frontal regions. CT scan showed severe global atrophy of brain. On the thirty—second day of hospitalization, a procedure was performed. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS Dr. Amarctto: In our case file of 180 similar cases over the past year, we have identified this cluster of signs and symptoms as "Trivialis dolorosa" syndrome. Its epidemiology reveals cluster patterns in the vicinities of Broad and Tioga Streets, 34th and Spruce Streets, and 10th and Walnut Streets. Symptoms have been noted to abate when afflicted persons arc exposed to radiology, dermatology and orthopedic surgery rotations. In this patient, I would predict that the procedure was excision of the Ninth Edition of Harrison’s from his hand and four days of enforced confinement at Resorts International. Students’ Diagnosis: Acute Cholecystitis with mention of demonic possesion. CONTINUED PREPARATION OF THESE CASE RECORDS HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE BY A GENEROUS GRANT FROM CHURCH’S FRIED CHICKEN Neurons leaking csoterica and acronyms Dr. Amarctto and consultants 80“Y'ou know. Bill, if wc don’t drop those questions, there are 180 people waiting for us outside.” Or. Iinmanucl Wcinb erger Z?±Tr ring fhrCC Sh,YtS' 2 '"issions in the ER and 4 patients s.multaneously went to ground ?-“All that wheezes is not asthma." Chevalier Jackson Dr. Howard Baier and Dr. Stanley Fiel Pulmonary Howard Baier, M.D. Stanley Fiel, M.D. Allen Cohen, M.D. Fredrick Kueppers, M.D. William Fewell, M.D. Theodore Rodman, M.D. Dr. Theodore Rodman Dr. William Fewell Dr. Allen Cohen ] ; Infectious Disease Bennett Lorber, M.D. Robert Swenson, M.D. Byungsc Suh. Ph.D. Dr. Bennett Lorber Dr. Robert Swenson “Sickness is catching." William Shakespeare s.ie Ol •CJ 0n -CM R— N ----CM----CM CC 3 0 | (?) | 0 | CM, C---— N---------CH—COOM O Sno oi p4niciiiii kM action (bro beu actam ringl 82Above: Dr. William Hammer Below. Dr. Alfred Bove “Of the heart. This moves of itself and does not stop unless forever." Leonardo da Vinci Above: Dr. Michael McDonough Below: Dr. James Spann Cardiology Alfred Bove, M.D. Barry Dcncnbcrg, M.D. Arnold Gash, M.D. William Hammer, M.D. Michael McDonough, M.D. Louis Soloff, M.D. James Spann, M.D. Howard Warner, M.D.Dr. William Barry Dr. Ronald Rubin Dr. Richard Eisenstaedt Dr. James Day “Blood is the originating cause of all men’s diseases." The Talmud Hematology Oncology William Barry, M.D. Robert Colman, M.D. James Day, M.D. Richard Eisenstaedt, M.D. Barbara Neilan, M.D. Angara Rao, M.D. Ronald Rubin. M.D. Haul Schick, M.D. Alvin Schmaicr, M.D. Richard Smalley, M.D. Peter Walsh, M.D. 84Gastroenterology Martin Black, M.D. Stanley Lorber, M.D. Robert Fisher, M.D. Dr. Robert Fisher Dr. Stanley Lorber Endocrinology Victor Adlin. M.D. Allan Marks, M.D. Bertram Channick, M.D. Dr. Martin Black 85Nephrology Christine BastI, M.D. Michael Rudnick, M.D. Edward Jones, M.D. Mary Stom. M.D. Robert Narins, M.D. “It is no exaggeration to say that the composition of the blood is determined not by what the mouth takes in but by what the kidneys keep.’' Dr. Christine BastI mit ri Dr. Steven Bcmcy Rheumatology Steven Bcmcy, M.D. Charles Tourtcllotte, M.D. Man,' Moore, M.D. Dr. Mary Moore 86Rehabilitation Medicine Dorothea Glass, M.D. Kenneth Izzo, M.D. Chairman Nathaniel Mayer, M.D. Srinivas Aravabhumi, M.D. Thomas Strax, M.D. Richard Merman, M.D. Above: Dr. Kenneth Izzo, Dr. Nancy Shanahan “Use strengthens, disuse debilitates.” Hippocrates 460—377 BC Dr. Dorothea Glass Below: Dr. Srinivas Aravabhumi 87Ob Gyn Michael Daly, M.D. Chairman Ash win Chatwani, M.D. Parvis Uanjani, M.D. Joseph Harris, M.D. Kenga Rajan, M.D. Robert Schwartz, M.D. NEONATOLOGY John Kenny, M.D. Dorothy Ritter, M.D. Dr. Michael Daly Rajan's parties: One of the many delights of Ob Gyn 88Dr. Kcnga Kajan DEPT. OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY MICHAEL J. DALY HD. RENCA RAJAH M.D. PAR VIZ HAftJANI Mi). ASHWIN CHATWAHI Mi). JOSEPH HARRIS Mi). VAWCALA V. R. REDDY N. ZUCKERMAN HJ . "Doctor, you must understand the role of prog estrogen or you arc no good, Doctor.” "Scarfacc” Bob Schwartz: Eat a student a day. We can ,carn from S,«P- Doctor, better than from class notes. "It is not true thar I have fifty-two students hosrage in mv OK.” 89Dr. Joseph Harris Dr. John Kenny 90The fireman and his bucket brigade. 91Radiology DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY NUCLEAR MEDICINE Mare Lapayowker, M.D. Leon Mai mud, M.D. Chairman Chairman Akbar Bonakdarpour, M.D. Mary Fisher, M.D. David Charkes, M.D. Jaime Montoya, M.D. RADIATION THERAPY Leslie Narunskv, M.D. Robert Robbins, M.D. Francis Shea, M.D. Chairman Renatc Soulen, M.D. Henry Woloshin. M.D. Marvin Ziskin, M.D. Manuel Vidcr, M.D. The infamous wax pencil sign 9293 l)r. Mary FisherEmergency Room-Walk-ln P-aul Auerbach, M.D. Norman Rothsccin, M.D, Andrew Fishman, M.D. Gregory Williams, M.D. Morris Swartz, M.D. ‘‘Doc, you gotta help. I'm short of breath, I’m suffocating and I’ve tried everything I could think of.” Dr. Morris Swartz and Dr. Paul Auerbach “No sir. we regret rhat we cannot provide health care for your turtle."I)r. Andrew Fishman Karl teaching self-defense — and if you buy that, there's this bridge for sale .... Dr. Julieta Grosh and Dave “I've spent a day and a half on the medical service now . . . . and I can sec already that this hospital is going to be a real snake pit." Intern PHARMACY 95Pediatrics St. Christopher’s David Smith. M.D. Chairman Victor Auerbach. M.D. Lawrence Brown, M.D. Marie Capitanio, M.D. Lillian Chin, M.D. Mary Cote, M.D. Adamadia DeForcst, Ph.D. Angelo DiGeorge. M.D. Margaret Fisher, M.D. Donald Goldsmith. M.D. Richard Goldstein. M.D. Warren Grover, M.D. Alan Gruskin, M.D. Dale Huff. M.D. Stuart Hulnick, M.D. Mildred Kistenmachcr, M.D. Joseph Kubacki, M.D. Harold Lischner, M.D. Sarah Long, M.D. David Lowe, M.D. Lois Martyn. M.D. Lawrence Naiman, M.D. Charles Omdal, M.D. Anna O'Riordan, M.D. Judith Palmer, M.D. Anthony Pileggi, M.D. Hope Punnett, M.D. Hyman Rabinovitch, M.D. Iraj Rc .vani, M.D. David Rubenstcin, M.D. Daniel Schidlow, M.D. Maarten Sibinga, M.D. Myles Turtz, M.D. Eileen Tyrala, M.D. William Weintrauh, M.D. C. Robert Wells, M.D. Steven Widzer, M.D. Robert Wimmer, M.D. Dr. David Smith Dr. Sarah Long 96Dr. Mary Cote Dr. Lawrence Naiman 97 Dr. Dale Huff Dr. David Rubenstein98 Dr. Harold LischncrDr. Anna O’Riordan Dr. Eileen Tyrala “So tell me, Docror, how can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?” Dr. Robert Wimmer Dr. Gitv Banaan 99I Pediatrics Einstein Benjamin Price, M.D. Chairman Steven Dowshen, MD. Neil I cnberg, M.D. Mi—rye Kim, M.D. Jeong Ok Lee. M.D. NEONATOLOGY Jeanne Manser, M.D. Nghia Tran, M.D. Ira Wertheimer, M.D. Dr. Benjamin Price Dr. Ira Wertheimer 100 Dr. Steven Dowshen“And you think you’re going to listen to my heart sounds....? “It's hard to keep a straight face when the juniors present at rounds.” Dr. Mi—rye Kim Dr. Harold Meyer Claudia 101Psychiatry Anthony Panzctta, M.D. Chairman John Ball, Ph.D. John Benson, M.D. Allan Cristol, M.D. Kenneth Draper, M.D. Edna Foa. Ph D. John Fryer, M.D. John Harding, M.D. Louis Harris, Jr., M.D. William Hetzneckcr, M.D. Linda Hopkins, Ph.D. Richard Jaffe, M.D. Paul Latimer, M.D. Leslie Lenox, M.S.W. Marie Mignogna, M.D. Donald Overton, Ph.D. Charles Shagass, M.D. Michael Simpson, M.D. David Soskis, M.D. Roy Stcinhousc, M.D. Ira Stcisel, Ph.D. Roy Stern, M.D. John Straumanis, M.D. Joseph Wolpe, M.D. Dr. Allan Cristol Ms. Leslie Lenox: Sorry, Leslie, we tried! Dr. John Benson 102“Everyone is more or less mad on one point. ' Rudyard Kipling Above: Dr. Ira Stciscl Below: Birdman Harding in disguise 103 Dr. John Harding Dr. David SoskisAffiliates ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1200 YORK ROAD ABINGTON. PA 10001 Dr. Waxman ALBERT EINSTEIN 187®-1966 By Honry V«n Wolf Donated by The Segel Foundation 104,y „ yfcrrruvri c-wn c ic« 6f»£r. ONE PENN BOULEVARD PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA 19144 Dr. Pattison NORTHEASTERN HOSPITAL © ST. CHRISTOPHER’S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN 5(h and Lehigh Annul. Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19133 105COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE Henry Avenue and Abbottsford Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19129 Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown, Pennsylvania LANCASTER GENERAL V—i- '—i -i___I i -• 106NAZARETH HOSPITAL 2601 HOLME AVENUE • PHILADELPHIA, PA 19152 ' a3-2363 „ „ ia i Mndisoo Ave • Scronroo Pennsylvon»o 16510 • 717 • Scronroo-Temple Residency Progrom • 74 _______ 107National Boards. Part II Mary and Maureen swapping war stories. oo i or- •WIN 13UTVI •stowm Tt8 •c-oot •n 0 T« ece« - ». j?Q u7i S?'J c-l? 60 o to .... Jl-u 1 J 1 NAT MU ONAL CHtirnv BOARD tVMCI OF Ml DIC AL EXAMINERS ' RCPOtrr or scones • part ii tia I»«t1 II tr.o '01 OtCO fclbRCI 'O u»m« O' «UO0 -a «CO'M llw i» 3 ll«"4r i IMR «« T« »l» «.« M«;l ;i « S_ Mr, KUMI tf !o e nAt»» 0 •'» " IH«« Iw »»•' 9 iOWl m. l.r.. i VlTilRwi r" «R !»« W 0.1. O- »'• 'rv».M ..a. ..I «n -«o., (PM re to ww . a (n« W'«nt (fiMi ,o«., a, It- , HAi'iM-, Th,ml,cewI, «V43 lionN»w o'®.«dion« .M.W9C "My God. these tests really are in Greek!" "What, me worry?" “I need at least a double bourbon. Jim. Dave, representing the Temple U. Mail-Order Medical School Assoc. 108“May there never rise in me the notion that I know-enough but give me strength and leisure and cal to enlarge my knowledge . . . Thou hast chosen me in Thy grace to watch over the life and death of Thy creatures. I am about to fulfill my duties. Guide me in this immense work so that it may be of avail.” Maimonidcs 109 r 1 mmm ms.'AdministrationAdministrators Leo llenikoff, M.D. William Barba, 11, M.D. Ms. Jancll Jones Dean Vice President for Associate Vice President Director of Admissions and Medical Affairs Mr. John Lowe, III Registrar Albert Finestone, M.D. Assistant Dean Mrs. Rose Ferrara Associate Dean School of Medicine Assistant Director of School of Medicine Mr. Charles Ireland, Jr. Support Services Hugo Smith, M.D. Assistant to the Dean Mrs. Dorothy Dennison Associate Dean Jonathan Cilley, Ph.D. Director School of Medicine Director of Student Laboratories Medical Alumni Office Mr. Robert Uris Mr. Avery Miller Mrs. Joyce Pcichert Associate Dean Director of Administration Coordinator School of Medicine Student Activities Ethel Weinberg, M.D. Associate Dean School of Medicine 112TEMPLE UNIVERSITY or THt COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM Of HICHER EDUCATION SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 3400 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA 19140 Leo M. Henikoff. M.D Dean Vice President January 21, 1981 for Medical Affairs To the Class of 1981: I lament the fact that I am not graduating with you. It puts me 18 years behind. Recently, I had the opportunity to address the alumni of Temple University School of Medicine about the "good old days" and "the good new days". Without question, I would choose the latter. Science, technology, and patient attitudes create opportunties today that just weren't there 18 years ago. In science, we were dealing with refinement of concepts. Very recently, it is evident that entire concepts are changing. Developments in the fields of Genetics and Immunology coupled with the emerging relationship between Psychiatry and Cellular Chemistry and Physiology have been as radical in changing concepts in medicine as Einstein's theories were in Physics. The technologies available to you today and in the near future are making obsolete the technologies about which I was so excited at the time of my graduation. For the first time, people are vitally concerned with personal measures for preventive medicine. In the 1960's, advice about exercise and dieting and nutrition was unheeded when compared with the response from today's population. Perhaps we are even seeing the results of this change already in that acquired heart disease is on the decline. Perhaps also for the first time, we are making progress in coordinating the delivery of health care services into some kind of rational system. At least there are multiple attempts underway with differing philosophical approaches to getting this job done. Temple is also on the threshold of its opportunities, not only in respect to research and innovations in medical education, but as a vital participant and leader in developing the health care delivery models for the future. I hope that wherever you may be, you will continue to participate with us however you can in that new role. With best wishes. . .71 Am 1 9 _ 113 Centennial Challenge Program 1884-1984Dr. Ethel Weinberg Mr. Robert Uris f i Dr. Albert Finestone Dr. Hugo Smith Dr. William Barba, II 114115 Dr. Jonathan Cilley Mr. Charles Ireland. Jr.Miss Mary Chambers 116 Mrs. Joyce PeichcrtMiss Livia Sparagna Mrs. Gloria Pilla Miss Helga Sauter Ms. Gwendolyn Taylor Ms. Clco Clark Mrs. Betty Can in 117Mrs. Jancll M. Jones Left: Ms. Rudi Miller, Right: Mrs. Shirley Ester During the past four years as medical students, many of these people pictured in this section of the yearbook have touched our lives in more than just an ‘‘administrative” fashion. They have befriended us and shared in our lives. They have helped us, comforted us, and counciled us. We, the Standing: Ms. Dolores Price, Ms. Valerie Broadus Seated: Mrs. Dolores M. Tisdale members of the Class of 1981, wish to express our appreciation and reassure them Standing: Mr. Julius Brooks. Mr. Harold Freeman Seated: Ms. Blanche Staton, Ms. Gwen Taylor Not Shown: Ms. Lucrctia Saunders that we will never forget their smiling faces. 118Roger W Sevy, M.D.,PhD. Dean: 1973-78 Dr. Scvy with his wife Barbara Upon our arrival at Temple University School of Medicine, we found a very competent man in the office of the Dean. Dr. Roger W. Scvy served in this position for a total of five years. These years were ones of crisis, instability and uncertainty in the areas of health care and medical education. At all levels-----National. State and Local — the major crisis revolved around diminishing financial support. Despite these adversities. Temple, under Dean Scvy's direction, not only maintained excellent programs developed in the past, but also moved ahead significantly in other important 3rcas. Dr. Scvy has now returned to the Department of Pharmacology on a full-time basis. What docs a former Dean do when he returns to the department that he chaired for seventeen years? He sits through the entire sophomore pharmacology course (and takes the exams), accepts a major responsibility in a new departmental graduate course, sets up a research laboratory dealing with cardiovascular pharmacology, writes grant proposals, accepts new lecture assignments from the medical course director, sits on preliminary and thesis defense committees, advises medical and graduate students, attends seminars, provides a wealth of information about our science, helps reorganize the departmental library, and accepts departmental committee assignments from the Chairman. In short, he becomes "Professor Scvy." No surprise to anyone who knows this outstanding man. 119Dr. Brigham will above all be remembered for his sense of humanity. During a period of our lives when the medical school experience is ruled by stress and insecurities, he showed to us and brought into our lives the basic qualities of human kindness, warmth, and concern. There always was time for each of us, and a simple, meaningful greeting from him during a hectic day brought us back to the real meaning of caring for others. Many a day we would be sitting outside by the walkway when he would walk by and spend part of his lunch hour talking to us, to ask about classes and how each of us was coming along. To Dr. Brigham, the student came first. He always had time for students even with his full schedule. His devotion to the students was legendary, consistently above and beyond the call of duty. He always gave his time, energy and encouragement. Dr. Brigham donned many hats in his role as Dean. He was a teacher, counselor, father—confessor, and healer. There are many here today who can honestly state that without his encouragement and support, they would not have been able to remain in medical school during trying times in their own lives. Our personal problems became his problems and whether the problem be of an academic nature or otherwise, he was there to listen and to provide hope and insight—to convince us that we could continue with our education even with difficult circumstances. Where else could we turn to find a shoulder on which to cry—to spill our guts to someone we knew would care and would try his best to help us in our time of need. In a profession too often filled with egos. Dr. Brigham was filled with humility. There was always friendship, a kindly smile. For many of us our first introduction to Dr. Brigham came in his capacity as Dean of Admissions— and again for many in the medical school classes, that meant a letter of rejection. But he never gave up on the students who cared, who really wanted to be physicians. He stood by us, guided and encouraged us, and when that letter of acceptance finally came, a special bond had been formed that would last through our years of medical school and beyond. Here he was, a man of such eminence and power, and yet our individual daily needs and concerns were his most important job. A man with great power in his job, but we never felt threatened in his presence. There was time for any problem—no matter how small. From his days of greeting us during orientation, he was the one person we all knew we could turn to at any time of day or night. He made Temple Medical School a family, in a situation where depersonalization could have come so easily. Dr. Brigham never lost sight of the individual—he treated us as people first, not professionals .... He will always represent those qualities that each of us tells ourscivcs arc the reasons we want to be physicians—his simple dignity, his total understanding of the human condition. He never lost sight of the individual. He always had a smile, and he never lost that wonderful sense of humor even in the nature of disease. He worked for us like a man possessed, resigned to his too early demise, yet working harder and more enthusiastically than the more healthy. In the end his body was broken by the ravage of disease, but nothing could break his spirit. His spirit will remain with us—forever. January 16, 1980 Brian Eisenberg M. Prince Brigham, M.D. (1923-1980) 120Raymond C. Truex, Ph.D. (1912-1980) Ray Truex was a devoted and lo ing husband, father, and grandfather to his family. In another sense Ray also was a devoted husband, father and grandfather to his profession of Anatomy. Ray’s family shared him with his profession and for that, anatoms' flourished, not only at Temple and in Philadelphia, but in all areas of the world. As a husband to his profession Ray managed mam households for he was a born leader of people. Whether it was as president of his college fraternity or senior class at Nebraska Wesleyan, as president of the Home and School Association, as Chairman of Anatomy at Hahnemann, or as President of the Cajal Club and the American Association of Anatomists—Ray was a person that people looked to for leadership and he never failed them. Ray was not one to seek positions of stature—they found him. Ray fathered three textbooks that grew to be outstanding in their field. He fathered research on the cardiac conduction system that attained international prominence. He fathered programs that paid tribute to outstanding senior anatomists and recognized new scientists who were just starting their careers. He taught his students with a level of energy, expertise and love that would suggest that he was teaching his own children. Ray was a grandfather to all of his colleagues. He spoiled us rotten, lie looked after us in many ways. He would promote us as authors and researchers. He Croposcd us as scientists who could write chapters for ooks or present courses, lectures and symposia, lie recommended us for positions of prominence, lie seemed to see our potential before we did and he would call our attention to our own abilities, and then guide us to higher pursuits. He could help us sec past all the little unimportant 'salt and pepper’ things and then help us to focus on the big important issues in our lives. Like the classical grandfather he was quick to praise and slow to criticize. His dedication to us, to Temple, anil to the other institutions where he worked was astounding. He was our counselor and our champion. When Ray was in college, his nickname was ‘Shorty’. I believe many of his colleagues never knew that. I also believe that many of his colleauges, students and friends might ask why he was called ‘Shorty’, inasmuch as we have always seen Ray as a 'giant' not only in his profession, but as a friend. Anytime you were down and your spirits needed a little boost. Ray would pick you up. Anytime you were struggling with a paper or research project and you needed wise counsel, Ray would help you through the problem. He made himself available—he was there when you needed him. He is still there when we need him. He has provided us, his professional children and grandchildren, with all of the expertise and support that arc needed to advance our profession. We have had the pleasure of being his colleague, we arc still his students. We thank his wife Betty, children Mary and Ray. and his grand children for sharing Ray with us, his professional family. February 11, 1980 J. Robert Trover. Ph.D. Chairman, Department of Anatomy Temple University School of Medicine Three generations of Trucxcs 121The Graduates124 Anthony M. Albericoprc— mcd (X - O- Mark S. Anthony 1 25 The production crew behind the scenes.Mom Dad, For your encouragement, emotional support and countless sacrifices without which my dreams would have remained just that, and for your boundless love that allows you to stand above all the rest and makes me so proud to be your son, I thank you. 126 Akolisa Mof AnyaegbunamDedicated to my family Guido Ascanio 1 27“To find out what one is fitted to do and to secure an opportunity to do it is the key to happiness.” John Dewey 128 Karl C. Azizkhan William Balkc 1 29INVICTUS Out of the night that covers me. Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever Gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced or cried aloud. Under the bludgeoning of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the horror of the shade. And yet the menace of the years finds, and shall find me, unafraid. It matters not how straight the gate, How charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henley Words cannot express the great sense of appreciation which I feel for those who have supported me through this most significant endeavor. A special thanks to my wife, my children, and my parents. 130 Walter E. Bantom, IIIPhilip S. Barba, M.D. t • P (3 At A The Supporting Cast William P. Barba 131Xf. Xt The dead and the children the youth and the aged hold out a flame for us to sec b Our patients, our families our lovers, our friends expect a flame from us for them And we, with one another, look for kindling in the darkness friendship in the terror of learning our limitations and we. with one another, arc sometimes too distant and sometimes too close to see what we need But there's laughter in the hallways solace in the work challenge in the chance to change destiny Margaret M. Barnes 132 Margaret M. BarnesMarv Elizabeth Barry 133134 H. Edward BeamBonny L. Beck 1 351 36 Kathleen Reilly BellThis page is dedicated to my family especially MOM DAD, without whose love, understanding, confidence and inspiration this page and the accomplishments that it represents, would have been merely a long, unfulfilled dream. The future doctor To my wife. For your patience, understanding and sanity which you have somehow maintained during our years together; for your unmeasurable moral support; and most of all for your unlimited love that has made my life so complete. I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. Booker T. Washington Getting ready for "success” on Saturday Thank you! night. .Michael Bellamy 1 37138 Lori K. Bennett Rrucc II. Bern 1 39Oft £). Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again. after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. 140 Francis Brian BobekI'd like to thank my friends lor the good times. 7 9- 'Q nvrUA , A special thank you to my family for their love, encouragement, fun, and closet space! Thank you for a special friend. Eileen M. Bonner 141142 Jonathan BriskinGive to my eyes the power to see The hidden source of ill. Give to my hand the healing touch The throb of pain to still. Grant that my cars he swift to hear The cry of those in pain ; Give to my tongue the words that bring Comfort and strength again. Fill my heart with tenderness. My brain with wisdom true. And when in weariness I sink. Please strengthen me anew. “Physician’s Prayer" S.C.N. d. 7C. -. s Susan C. Brozcna 143I o Mom Dad, Thank You. You have supported and encouraged me for all these years. Mom, sometimes your advice would frustrate me. You would say “Everything will he alright" at times when I thought everything would be ruined. And you know what — you were right. There is so much more I could say hut just know that you will always be in my thoughts. I'm as proud of you as you are of me. I love you both very much. To Clco, Thank you for everything. You’ve been my second mother. I've never cried on prettier shoulders. Please don’t forget me. Love ya. To Jerome. I won’t get mushy but thanks for being one of the most dependable and best friends I've ever had. 144 Craig K. Burgess“The GOOD LIFE" "Three Professionals “A toast to all ye merry Class ’81" Daniel A. Callaghan. Jr. 145146 Anthony M. CampWttuY. vow vct much famWv and friends. Jerome Canads 147148 May Akcita ThomasCraig Steven Carter 149150 Helena R. ChangIt’s not enough that we do our best, sometimes, we have to do what’s required. Winston Churchill Favorite Activities M.O. Mom and Dad Friends Eugene J.Ch»vaeciM51MEMORIES Roof parties at Jones Hall The Anatomy final Walking "Uvula” downtown Student Union parties Joe’s A party with "Philly’s Finest” Broad Street football Shirt women Parking tickets Moving to “The Summit" Baseball and sweet potato pie Murphy’s MCP Valley Green The Xmas party Path lab Studying The first H P Boards Falling in love Night call The first code Corners Deciding what to go into The first delivery End of classes "Chocolate chase” "Knife and Gun Club” Water skiing at the cabin Getting engaged Germantown Wedding plans Residency Appointment Electives Graduation Marriage The prececding is dedicated to my parents, without whose support none of the above could ever have taken place. 152 Eugene Paul Christianl.ord, when did we see You hungry and feed You or thirsty and give You drink?.... And when did we see You sick ___and come to You? And the King will answer. “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you di l it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me. Matthew 25 Whom have I in heaven but Thee? And besides Thee, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 7 3 JON S WIFE LORI REC BROTHER JON DAD SISTER ALTHEA HUSBAND JIM MOM Robert Edward Cillcy 15 3154 Murray Jay Cohen"No other success can compensate for failure in the home." I)a id O. McKay Don — A good friend and a fine brother. Charlotte The Jo of our lives. M parents, who have set the example, and whose love and concern continues to be a source of encouragement. V . Mb. Donna - My Sweetheart and eternal companion, without whose help anti guidance I could not have made it. William Y. Collins. Jr. 155to the women's movement. Without affirmative action there would not have been a place for me in medical school. — to David, my family and the friends in med school in the real world who gave me encouragement helped me to maintain perspective. — to me. without whom it could not have been possible. — to the future transformation of this society, which is governed by a few according to their profit margins, into a society which is governed by the majority according to our needs. 156 Nikki ColodnyI would like first to thank Jesus Christ for the opportunity of being able to attend medical school. Through Him all things were possible. My mother, father, and brother have been a constant inspiration for me all through my career. I feel without their support and patience the task would have been unattainable. Words cannot explain my love, appreciation, and admiration for Carla Morris, May Thomas, and my brother Craig Carter during my four year tenure. I would like also to say thank you and God Bless for those who have helped, prayed, motivated and inspired me during this phase of my life. “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these charity.” hirst Corinthians 13:13 Gkw a. a.O . My brother Jimmy, a constant My Mother and Father who I love dearly, joy in my life. Robert A. Copeland, Jr. 157158 James W. Cox-ChapmanLawrence S. Crossett l 59160 Robert R. DeeDonald P. Douglas 161162 Richard J. DozorGregory Scott Drumhcllcr 163 “Life is not life at all without delight" Victory in Defeat Coventry Kersey Digit ton Patmore “Lord of himself, though not of lands; And having nothing, yet hath all." Sir Henry Wot ton The Character of a Happy Life “And when he takes a jump, anticipating, lie leaves the earth almost as if he could fly Hans Heinrich Isenbart “Far hack, far hack in our dark soul the horse prances .. . The horse, the horse the symbol of surging potency and power of movement, of action ..." D.H. Lawrence With love and gratitude to my dear parents, whose support and love have made all things possible. 164 Dorothy Klizabeth Grayson DuggerConcernment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and guidance you will never know how much you mean to me. Thanks to my sister Joan for paving the road, and getting me organized when my ends were loose. To Bryan and Kimbi, thanks for reminding me of how delightful kids arc and the joy of watching them grow . These are some of the most important people in m life. Thanks and love to all my family and friends. To Michael, my husband and best friend, thanks for sharing your life with me. Deborah S. Dunn 165With love and gratitude to everyone whose support and encouragement made my dreams come true .... My Parents My Family Dan 1978 Monterey, California My summers with the Army .... 1980 Honolulu, Hawaii 1979 Heidelburg. Germany 166 Theresa Ann DunnA special thank you to my wonderful faitiih and those who arc dear to me for their unending love and support and for making this all possible. My Family Anatomy Lab Terry, Deb. Maureen Stephen Nanny Deborah K. D .ombak 1677b: ??lA Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Eakin. Stan, and Shelley To my family: Thank you for your encouragement, love, and prayers. I am very fortunate and blessed to have you. To my wife: Your bright smile lightens the heaviest of burdens. Your never -ending love and support help to hold my world together. Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Ellis August 11. 1978 168 Stephen Wayne EakinHoward Edington 169 r -I 170 Brian EisenbergThomas K. Evans 171SID 111! Charles F. Fatseas Robert R. Fehr 173174 Francis T. Ferraro“I c skilled, be learned, be aware of the dignity of your calling. But please don't ever lose sight of your own simple humanity . . . . I ask of you. possess your skills, but don't be possessed by them. You are entering a very select group. You have a monopoly on medical care. Please be careful not to abuse this power that you have over the rest of people .... Thank you for taking on the enormous responsibility that you have — and for having the strength to have made it to this day. I don’t know how you’ve managed to learn it all. But there is one more thing you can learn about the body that onl a non—doctor would tell you and I hope you'll always remember this: the head bone is connected to the heart bone. Don't let them come apart." Alan Alda M A‘SMI C At. h Mary C. Finan 175Fi-D. 176 Arrhur Fishman Linda L. Horn 177Tfl. ft. D. I dedicate this page to my loving parents, whose unceasing toil, support and encouragement have made all of this possible. Thank-you. My Parents Frosty (1965-1980) A loving companion during the long and winding road 178 Scott M. Folk Vera Frumin—Eisenberg 179180 Roberta L. GartsidcI CORINTHIANS 13 FOR PHYSICIANS Though I speak lo patients with assurance and hope and have not love, I am become as the sound of running water; and though I had the gift of healing and understood all medicine and had all knowledge to prevent illness, and though I could cure all cancer, and did not love. What good would it do; And though I labor day and night to heal the sick, and though I give my whole life to medicine, anil have not love. What reward do I receive? Medicine is love. And love endures sickness; yes love lasts even through dying; love is kind, love is gentle; Love may cause pain; but its end is true comfort. Love never fails. But whether there be healing, it shall cease; whether there be medicine, it shall fail. When I was a freshman. I spoke as a freshman -, I understood as a freshman, I though as a freshman: but as I became a physician, I put away freshman things. Now I see part of what medicine means, but some day I shall love as I have been loved. And now continue learning, healing, medicine, and love. But the greatest of these is love. VJ JOjL An exciting day. December 22. 1979 Graduation! Susan Marie Diem Williamsport School of Nursing 1978 John Wayne Gehman 181Life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue An everlasting vision of the everchanging view A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold. Carole King 182 Maria Cristina Aviado-Gentile Christian Lee Gilbert 183184 David S. GourlcvCouldn’t have done it without you. My Family Judy The Girls Helga Jeannette Hospital Women’s Aux. Love, Carol Carol J. Grabowski 185186 Steven Joel Green f Christopher L. Hansen 187Casey My house My Family My Brothers 188 Russell II. HarrisGeorge R. Herr 189■ As for a little more money and a little more time, why it's ten to one, if cither one or the other would make you one whit happier. If you had more time, it would be sure to hang heavily. It is the working man who is the happy man. Man was made to be active, and he is never so happy as when it is so. It is the idle man who is the miserable man. What comes of holidays, and far too often of sight-seeing, but evil? Half the harm that happens is on these days. And. as for money—Don’t you remember the old saying, “Enough is as good as a feast”? Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of its filling a vacuum, it makes one. If it satisfies one want, it doubles and trebles that want another way. That was a true proverb of the wise man, rely upon it: “Better is little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure, and trouble therewith.” Franklin ?».D. Think not the good. The gentle deeds of mercy thou has done, Shall die forgotten all; the poor, the prisoner, The fatherless, the friendless, and the widow, Who daily own the bounty of thy hand. Shall cry to heav'n and pull a blessing on thee. Rowe Al (Me), Rose (My W'ifc), Buddie, Andy, Ron. Adam (Our Children) 190 Alfred J Hockley IIILaura J. Horvath 191w Picr t trSkMZ Ho Thanks to my sponsors Kitch and Joe. A rare moment of industriousness in the O.R. Pathology can make you a serious person. 192 Jon Robert IchterTo my family, especially my wife Lisa who went through school with me carrying a great part of the load. Love, Russ (fZ M R tA O. Russell R. Janson 193 k 0 194 Robert J. JantzMom and friend In appreciation and gratitude to those special people who have helped me so much. I would like to thank: My parents, Frank and Elizabeth Johnson l)rs. Irwin and Tilde Kline Drs. Brigham, Smith, Baum and Troyer The Constantines and Khoury's Bernic. John, Miry Ann M.D., C.P.A., D.V.M. My family Private consult with a friend Judith Mitchell Johnson 195196 Kevin M. JohnsonRebecca Warner Johnson 197cojfev- 198 Michael D. JohnstonRoots III: Narrated by Dr. Robert Jones Mv story begins long, long ago when there was I , . . . the family . . . . . . . . and more inspiration . . . . . . . . with inspiration from Mother and Dad . . . . . . . . now it's me against the world. Robert M. Jones 199This page of my life is .le.liea.ed to the memory o Grandpa Cannon and to Melanie. Without the support of mommy; grandma and daddy; the inspiration of Michael; the calming effect of Laurie, James and Blanche; and the fortitude of Owen; this incredible experience called “med school” may have gone by the wayside. Your spirt and confidence kept me going; for that I love you. — robyn — ii„ 1 tiiCS Cool Calamity Jane Way back when . -Paul M. Kancv 201 202 Gwen A. HouptJ. Chris Kantarian 203cu-A 7 t .Q Susan, my friend, my love, my wife. Come on Sue! I know you didn't want me to l c a gynecologist, but .... Oh. hum. it's sure nice out here, but you should see where I just came from. It was dark, damp, the place had lousy plumbing, and I had this damned tom-tom constantly pounding over my head. 204 Mark J. Kaplan0 ni, Wj). My buddy, “The Bear” "Growing years" Anton Kapp 205206 Mark T. KasperWilliam R. Kemp 207 7 L.d. 208 Ginger Kessler—Constantine ... in my lab . . . my Parents . . . at a party . . . with my brother With dedication to: Boutros, Marie. Henry. Henricttc. Grace. James and F.lie Khoury. Philip B. Khoury 209210 Craig A. Kimmcl"These four years were the brighter for the lov ing support of my husband and my four parents. Thank you." Susan Ellen Kirsch 211iThank you God for a Great Family Would you trust this man with your car? I could not have made it My greatest asset, my wife, through without my Mary wonderful wife They made it possible John E. Krauland 213 214 Susan D. Keech ?( ? Richard B. Kur . 21 5 Mom and me Diane and Lou 216 Diane KwasniakT O-uyn ryj c CudUv HD. Maureen Lawler 217What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson A friend is one who knows you as you arc, understands where you’ve been, accepts who you’ve become, and still gently invites you to grow. 218 Ann Negri Levin Laurence Leonard Levin 219CUSTER STATE PARK IS A LACE WHERE ONf CAN STILL E AN UNWORRIED AND JjfJMRf GIMENTED INDIVIDUAL. AND WEAR ANY OLD CLOTHES AND SIT ON A LOG AND GET HIS SANITY BACK AGAIN. 1jO 220 Jeffrey M. LcngelElliott S. I.ichtstcin 221We will build forever side by side as here we stand best friends a groom and his bride. To Mom, Dad and Sherri; we finally made it! Thanks for everything. Dunns' river Falls, Jamaica. DREAMS If a dream is unreachable, be not put down for it is but a dream and we did nor expect it to be real If a goal is unreachable, it is but an excuse to reevaluate our desires and potentials and make certain that we are not again reaching for a dream If a person is unreachable, it is perhaps the most important thing that we reach out to touch him for until he is touched by another he can never be sure what is real and what is indeed, a dream Rachellc A. Litt 222 Jeffrey M. Litt'JJlu'nfiht( If you think you arc beaten, you arc If you think you dare not, you don t. If you’d like to win but you think you can’t. It’s almost a cinch you won’t. If you think you'll lose, you’re lost. For out of the world we find Success begins with a fellow’s will — It's all in the state of mind. If you think you’re outclassed, you arc-. You’ve got to think high to rise-. You’ve gi t to be sure of yourself before You can ever win a prize. bite’s battle don't always go To stronger or faster man; Hut soon or late the man who wins, Is the one who thinks he can. —Walter D. WintlcMy medical school career would not be complete unless it included a special thanks to the three people that I love most — my Mom and Dad, (Emilia and Adolph), and my brother, Louis. An investment in which I take great pride — my 1936 Dodge Touring Sedan Mom and Dad — 1959 Mom and Dad - 1979 Lou and me — 1959 Lou and me — 1979 224 Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr. From Peru with love Jack Lutlmir 225What happened to this sung we once knew so well. Signed promise for moments caught within the spell, I must have waited all my life for this moment moment moment. If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bicycle. 10 meters deep off the Aquadilia coast. Jon Anderson 226 Miguel LugoEdie. Thanks. Some of my classmates accused me of being overzealous in support of my city’s sports teams. This is me on the way to school one day. C , fA. 'b- SUNDAY. JULY 7. 1967_PITTSBURGH SUN-TELEGRAPH 3 Boy, 2, Puts His Hand in Wringer Sticking a hand into a washing machine can be painful. Johnny Lydon. two, of 254 Hazelwood Ave.. Hazelwood, learned late yesterday. Johnny’s right hand was cut when caught in a wringer while his mother. Mrs. Irma Lydon. was doing the family wash. Nautilus Sails SAN DIEGO. Cal. (AP The atomic submarine Nautilus leaves here tomorrow on her return trip to her home base at New London. Conn. Unquestionably my greatest achievement during medical school. Two years straight as Dr. Trover in the Christmas show. John C. Lydon 227228 Robert Stewart LykensEdmund Mandel 229Melanie Cowan Martin 231  232 Leo R. McCaffertyKevin F.. McCarthy 233234 Joseph James McHughrTcx C«-£ Vk JUiocA-' VvT-.D'. Daniel John Mclkus 235Cad™, a. in Graduation from Cardinal Dougherty High School 6 73, along with my father. Kathy and I on a very important day, 6 29 79. . . yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.” 236 Carlos A. Mendez Philadelphia Marathon, 1978 Systems Disease II Oncoiogv Monday, May 19, 1980 9-10 AM Dr. R. Smalley Notes: R. Mecurio CONCEPTS IN CANCER Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA, heart disease Richard A. Mercurio 237t MD. The MICKLESONS. To My Classmates: It’s been nice getting to know all of you. from the first moment of sophomore year to the present time. If you ever get a chance to spend a year of medical school in the Caribbean, do it. The beaches of Grenada arc a lot more soothing than Broad Street. To my friends at AKK — living there has been an experience and a joy. Cheap, close to school and with a cast of characters out of an Updike novel, it will remain one of my fondest memories. Thanks to everyone there for being a grand crew. Broken glass and garbage can be gotten used to. And finally, a special thanks to Dr. Prince Brigham, who believed in the value of experiences above and beyord the classroom, and gave many of us a chance to study m Jicine. And a special thanks to my family as well, who have backed me in this venture. Good luck to everybody. D. Lynn “I am a doctor .... please take off your clothes." 238 D. Lynn Micklcson“Today I want to share with you a part of the journey which I have made .... Before we begin it. however, there are two things I want to say. The first is this: An exploration is a very special kind of journey. You do not make it like a trip from Rome to Paris. You must never demand to arrive on time and with all your baggage intact. You walk slowly, with open eyes and open minds. When the mountains arc too high to climb, you march around them and try to measure them from the lowlands. When the jungle is thick, you have to cut your way through it, and not resent too much the labor or the frustration. The second thing is this: When you come to record the journey, the new contours, the new plants, the strangeness and the mystery, you find often that your vocabulary is inadequate. Inevitably your narrative will fall far short of the reality . . . . ” “It costs so much to be a full human being that there are very few who have the enlightenment, or the courage, to pay the price .... One has to abandon altogether the search for security, and reach out to the risk of living with both arms. One has to embrace the world like a lover, and yet demand no easy return of love. One has to accept pain as a condition of exist ence. One has to court doubt and darkness as the cost of knowing. One needs a will stubborn in conflict, but apt always to the total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying.” Morris I.. West (tdl+vMUt TTuM As, MG A yearbook is a record, a place for the permanent acknowledgement of personal achievement. A yearbook is paper pages printed with present fact, bound to become future history. A yearbook is tangible, tactile proof of accomplished goals. This page of this yearbook is also a cclc bration of myself. My likeness appears here, along with two quotations that express, in some measure, my feelings about the journcx through, and the living of. the experience of medical school. To those who do not know me; to those who have encountered me as a fellow learner; to those who have taught and enriched me, the names David. Peter. Jason. Mommy, Daddy can evoke little. I include them because tliex have been such close companions in the living, journey I embarked on years ago. The changes, the education we have experienced, deserve a recognition mere words are inadequate to convey. “Mere words," however, are the stuff of this statement. So 1 set them down with a strength, security, and success of spirt that cannot be mapped or measured, only known and felt. This opportunity to recognize and celebrate the successful completion of such a significant portion of my life journey is one I appreciate. I accept that 1 stand taller be cause I have also wept, and know satisfaction because I have also known frustration. I expect to go on embracing all I am. am not. and can be. because I cannot imagine doing otherwise. I sec a life of truth — and consequence — unfolding; and love the idea as much -and as truly — 3s I love those who will be a part of it. long past the point where this page has mellowed into history. Beverly Coleman Miller 239i{. VwK- Vo. 240 Robert A. Miller% t££j I Kiss today good-bye And point me toward Wish me luck The same to you! And I won't forget . . tomorrow Thanks MOM. Marvellen 0'Hearn Monahan 241 How long the road is. But for all the time the journey has taken, How you have needed every second of it In order to learn what the road passes by. Dag Hammarskjold 242 Gael Ann MoriartvMichael C. Morris 243I’m deeply indebted and grateful to both. “If God told you exactly what it was you were to do. you would be happy doing it not matter what it was. What you're doing is what God wants you to do. Be happy.” WE “I know that you know that I love you, what I want you to know is that I know you love me.” WE 244 Matthew P. MullenWe should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me by example to search out my own truth and for nurturing a strong and tender trust that has survived the death of many beliefs. Medical professionals have been accused of vanity, as if they monopolised society and claimed respect for an exclusive ethical status. The opposite is true: we arc servants to a never—pleased moral judge, and the constant presence of alternatives turns every choice of ours into a potential mistake. Professor Fuchs, the Jerusalem oncologist, once said that whatever we tell a cancer patient, he may insist on the universal human right for true information, but also on his equally valid right to be spared the truth. Medicine is like a rugged blend of science, humanity, and art, and there arc metaphysical inadequacies even in the scientific (supposedly exact) ingredient. Roszak wrote that in the nineteenth century science had struggled for complementarity and had a tolerance for ambiguity, whereas today science is used just to reveal information, while knowledge has become a vague holistic synthesis of facts and values. In conclusion, there seems no other choice than to turn back to our initial hypothesis. A physician has only two delicate steering—oars to guide him in his moral stumbling— along: the first is intuition, a sixth sense of perception and deduction necessary to adjust an appropriate therapy to every particular patient; the second is belief, along with a professional dedication and a striving to develop the art of medical therapeutics despite all paradoxical pitfalls. Uri Lowenthal - The Hebrew University Kathleen M. Mullin 245246 Daniel F. Murphy Kurr J. Myers 247 248 Peter L. NarunsLove is patient and kind It is not jealous or conceited or proud; Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; Love docs not keep a record of wrongs; Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the Truth. Love never gives up;and its Faith. Hope, and Patience never fail. Love is Ftcrnal. CORINTHIANS 13 And man should know that from nothing else but from the Brain came jos s, delights, laughter and jests, and sorrows, griefs, despondency and lamentations. And by this, in an especial manner, we acquire wisdom and knowledge, and sec and hear and know what arc foul, and what are fair, what sweet and what unsavory . . . THE HIPPOCRATIC WRITINGS Dovcn Nguyen 249 To Nicki, Laura, Gwen - For all the long night-time talks, tears, laughs and hugs, thanks — M.J. 250 Mary Jane OsmickThanks for the memories . Our very special friends. Gene and Maureen Cory, one of the many patients that I’ll never forget Happy days and memorable experiences enjoyed together Maggie the W'ondcrdog To Joyce, my wife and my best friend, I love you very much. Thanks for all your love and support. David B. Peichert 251Dcd' catcd to my parents 1S11 NptWe vy V'vttmaotUiui. fll. 2). Philip Poirier 253 254 Matthew S. Pollackt nn 4 y v Claudia Prapawiwat 255t yj. n. 0. 256 Gregg S. PressmanJacqueline Pringle 257I Merc s a health to all those that we love, ere s a health to all those that love us, ere s a health to all those that love them that love those I hat love them that love those that love us. There is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a fc erish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. G.B. Shaw r: £ Nancy Sid Doug Lucy Valerie Andrew M. Rabin 259 Edward B. Raskicwicz 261 "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to cat: it was a hobbit—hole, and that means comfort.” The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Triology by J.R.R. Tolkien 262 Daniel ReifsnyderCesar A. Reves 263 My Mom and Dad — two really nice people. God. grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can. and Wisdom to know the difference. My fiance Mary and I at Loch Haven, Maryland. It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinions; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. Ralph Waldo Emerson My niece Karen — the little kid, and Diane — my sister — w ho is also a good friend. 264 Robert M. Ricketts, Jr.MY PAPA S WALTZ The whiskey on your breath Could make a small boy dizzy; Bur I hung on like death: Such waltzing was not easy. We romped until the pans Slid from the kitchen shelf; My mother's countenance Could not unfrown itself. The hand that held my wrist Was battered on one knuckle; At eveiy step you missed My right ear scraped a buckle. You beat time on my head With a palm caked hard by dirt Then waltzed me off to bed Still clinging to your shirt. By Theodore Roethke Graciano Rivera 265"Love, art thou sweet? Then bitter death must be; Love, thou art bitter-, sweet is death to me. O Love, if death be sweeter, let me die." Tennyson 266 Andrew E. RosenbergThis page is dedicated to m family: — who have been very supportive and cooperative these past 8 years - who have been with me through thick and thin, in good times and in had times My Aunt Luc - died August 1971 Grand-maa and Dennis A special thanks to my mom for teaching me that “dreams can become a reality ” and for her philosophy. “You can make it if you really want, You can make it if you really want. But you must try. Try and trv, 4 • 4 Try and try, You will succeed at last. You will succeed at last.” Barbara Ann Russell 268 Joseph L. Russino ) Larry J. Sarginger 269270 Richard D. Schaaf David I Scott 271They’re sure, they know, they remember I'm not so sure Things that are so small they can’t be seen that they didn’t see yesterday they see today, but weren’t they sure yesterday I'm not so sure Oh, but you see, now it’s clear, they have seen that before, they see it now and that’s the way it is, they arc so sure I’m not so sure They knew, they know, but they didn’t know that before, that’s why they didn’t know I guess I just don’t know what they are so sure of — you see. 272 Adriana Micheal Faella Sclvaggio■M William R. Shepard 273 1 There is nothing I can give you which you do not have, but there is much that while I cannot give it. you can take. No Heaven can come to us unless our- hearts find rest in it today. Take Heaven. No 'Peace lies in our future which is not hidden in this present instant. Take 'Peace. The gloom of the world is but a shadow, behind it. yet within reach is joy. there is radiance and glory in the darkness could we but see and to see we have only to look. I beseech you to look. Life is so generous a giver, but wo. judging its gifts by their covering” cast them away as ugly or heavy or hard. 'Remove the covering and you will find beneath a living splendor woven of love, by wisdom with power. Welcome it. grasp it. and you touch the angels hand that brings it to you. ’Everything wc call a trial a sorrow or a duty, the angels hand is there, the gift is there and the wonder of an overshadowing presence. Our joys too be not content with them as joys. They too conceal diviner gifts. And so at this time I greet you, not quite as the world sends greetings, but with profound esteem and the prayer that for you, now and forever, the day breaks, the shadows flee away. Giovanni 151? 9V6 274 Suzanne J. ShermanRobert Shore 275 "JOY” If I should die before I wake tell them how I loved each day. Tell them of my JOY IN LIVING, tell them why I feel this way. Tell them how I've always tried, to he the best I could be. And though I think I've done my best — there are fallacies in me. Tell them of my gift for caring and helping that's most sincere. Tell them of my love for beauty, in whatever form it may appear. And tell them of my love for Christ who enabled me to understand how beautiful the world can be as He leads me by the hand. A.J. Rutherford 276 Robin I.. SimsJames C. Sipio 111278 Susan M. SirenWe do not lose heart, though our outer man is decaying, our inner man is being renewed day by day. For momentary light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which arc seen but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen arc temporal, but the things which are unseen arc eternal. Michael Pericles Siropaidcs 279PITTSBURGH: CITY OF CHAMPIONS 280 Randall C. StarlingGaze at the sky And picture .1 memory Of days in your life You knew what it meant to be happy and free With time on your side Remember your daddy When no one was wiser Your ma used to say That you would go farther than he ever could With time on your side lint day after day The show must go on And time slipped away Before you could build any Castles in Spain The chance had gone by With nothing to say And no one to say it to Nothing has changed You’ve still got it all to do Surely you know The chance has gone by Think of a boy with stars in his eyes Longing to reach them but frightened to try Sadly you’d say someday, someday But day after day The show must go on And you ga c at the sky And picture a memory of days in your life With time on your side Alan Parsons Adios Amigos! It's been real. Jerry L. Stonemetz 281_ Aft In recognition of my father Frank and my brother Joseph. Thank you! Dedicated in memory of my mother. Philomcna Deiaurentis Suraci. oh come with old Khayyam and leave the wise to talk, one thing is certain that life flics, one thing is certain and the rest is lies, the flower that once has blown, forever dies. then to the rolling hcav’n itself I cried asking “what lamp had destiny to guide her little children stumbling in the dark?” and “a blind understanding”, heav’n replied. Omar Khayyam 282 Aldo SuraciRobert D. Sutherland 283284 Douglas S. TaseBruce I'cich 285286 Lisa M. FedulloRobert J. Thompson 287Special Thanks .... Aunt Francis for the early years My mom for her undying support Linda for a lasting friendship Bob and Derrick for their love and patience At Last! There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, Can circumvent or hinder or control The firm resolve of a determined soul. Each wellborn soul must win what it deserves. Let the fool prate of luck. The fortunate Is he whose earnest purpose never swerves. Whose slightest action or inaction senes The one great aim. Why, even Death stands still, And waits an hour sometimes for such a will. Ella Wheeler Wilcox 288 Lynda T. ThomasMy husband, Randall, who survived this madness Our eldest daughter. Danielle Mold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. — Langston Hughes Our youngest daughter, Brooke My Grandmother— an invaluable help Janice Tildon—Burton 289c Sl QvZkhrK'i yj Ufp rf).D. 290 Lee Anthony Tripp « V ) Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. Mara Z. Underwood 291C. -0- l ime it was. And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences. Long ago ... it must be . . . I have a photograph. Preserve your memories; They’re all that’s left you. Can you imagine us Years from today Sharing a park bench quietly? . . . Old friends. Memory brushes the same years Silently sharing the same fear. Old friends . . . Old friends .. Paul Simon To my friends, my family, my wife and child; thank you for the love, the sacrifices, and the memories. May our Lord grant us years of peace, love, health, and happiness together. 292 Henry C. Van Zantcntill M| Benjamin F. Vilbert 293 Frantz Fanon, 1925—1961 This page is dedicated to the memory of Frantz Fanon. a Black Psychiatrist who truly understood the cultural and psychological damage European colonization had on millions of African People all over the world. 294 Donald Wallace, Jr.Michael K. Weed 295if Family, friends Sharing moments of love, of laughter--- Striving for what may he Flowing onward in time, onward in dreams with my past Firmly implanted within my future 296 Lisa Ann Weidner |1 '|BJ Lawrence S Weisberg 297In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him .... .... and the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and wc beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth .... .... grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. John 1: 1-3. 14. 17 298 Jay D. WengerFOR MY BROTHER When one of us is gone And one of us is left to carry on Memories will have to do Those memories alone will get us through Just thinking of me and you You and me against the world Lcrov C. White 299300 J. Eric Wieczorek Emmanuel Witherspoon 301 XXf V CJ oaJUa U. lOoeA JU,, K. b. Sharon I am thankful that I shall always recall my four years here as ones in which I learned the fulfilling happiness of marriage, experienced continued support and love from my family, enjoyed studying and learning the discipline of human care, and grew stronger in my love of the Lord. Thank you, Mom and Dad, and especially you, Sharon. My Parents My sisters and their husbands with Sharon and me Buying a bull, Peace Corps, Kenya 302 Charles H. WoemleAlice M. Wong I 3034 MosesC. YoungWe wish to acknowledge the following members of the Class of 1981 who have chosen not to appear in this section of the yearbook: DAVID B. KLEBANOFF, M.D. LOUIS MARMON, M.D. OWEN RAHMAN, M.D. Christmas Show 1978 Lighting up for medicinal purposes. “Nothing conics between me and my broccoli." Bruce on the loose. “I feel something wonderful is about to come over Another one bites the dust. me." 308 llllllllllllllllllllllMlIllilipThe hoys in the band. “How can I explain that I am waiting on my school loan to buy some clothes.” Confucius say: “Nothing I never can tell if he is spaced or with us. from nothing leaves nothing.” Early failure of clone experiments. Porky Pig on the rise again. “You didn’t fail the test by that much!” 309Sophomore Class Party-1979 Hey you guys, not in public. Okay folks, it is show time. “How long have you had this drinking problem?'' 310 The “laid back" look.“Hey, would you shorten this mike— I am standing up." "I accept this award on the behalf of the Wcstinghousc light-bulb company." It is too late gang; grades have been submitted already. Temple really takes the cake. Come on. it was not really all that funny. looking good. 311Student Board of Ethical Conduct (Honor Board] 1977-78 1978-79 Craig Carter Jon Ichter Jon Ichter Chairman Daniel Murphy Craig Carter Vera Frum in Mary Jane Osmick Mary Jane Osmick Rebecca Johnson 1979-80 1980-81 Craig Carter Robert Lykens Stephen F.akin Jay Wenger John Gehman Margaret Barnes Robert Lykens Daniel Reifsnvder A demonstration of the Honor Board’s method of maintaining the strictest confidentiality. Honor Board: 1980-81 312Student Council 1977-78 1978-79 Eugene Christian Kathy Reilly Class President Class President Maryellen O'Hearn Matthew Mullen Donald Wallace Carol Grabowski Stephen Eakin Russell Harris 1979-80 1980-81 Robert Cilley Robert Cilley Class President Class President Kathy Reilly Hell Adolph Lombardi David Peichert David Peichert Carol Grabowski Carol Grabowski Student Council members smiling for the camera 313 They forced us to take this second picture. We do not think that they look any better.Student National Medical Assoc. 1978-79 1979-80 Carla Morris Robert Copeland President President May Thomas Suzanne Sherman Vice-President Secretary Kobyn Jones Vice President Would somebody please tell me what is going on. 314 ‘‘Believe me, I’ve got everything under control.”American Medical Student Assoc. 1978-79 1978-79 1980-81 Lisa Wcidner Craig Carter Lisa Weidncr President Golden Apple Awards 1978 ROBERT TROVER. PhD CARSON SCIINECK. M l) . Ph I 1979 JAMES SPANN. M D JOHN I.ACIIMAN, M 1) 1980 WILI.IAM BARRY. HD. RICHARD GOLDSTEIN. Ml) Lisa Wcidner American Medical Women’s Assoc. -Barr Chase Society 1979—80 GwenHoupt Dr. Richard Goldstein Dr. William Barry Agnes Barr Chase. MD. Class of 1909 315 Adviser Dr. Ellen Socfer (center, standing) and membersNote Service The never-ending job of collating Adolph. Chief Coordinator: We never could have done it without you. Murray. Assistant Coordinator: Shown here in a rare appearance in class. 316Rugby Team “No Balls At All" "Scrum down Temple Med" Alumni Game 79 - "We are all queers together..." "And when the ball was over. 317 Well, here we are, we’re at it again.Soccer Team I hope these new uniforms will help with our outcome this season. This is the picture we send home to Mom. Winning is not everything, it is the only thing. I wish I knew what the heck I am suppose to be doing. I really kicked rhat ball. Let's get this game rolling. 318Basketball The Synovial Joints The synovial joints were horn in the fall of 1977 under the guidance of l.ancc Pope. The team was composed of medical students of outstanding athletic skills. Why they never demonstrated them we will never know. The reigning World Champions. “I cannot believe he is really passing the ball." “I am about to demonstrate the shake-n-bake move." This picture is now on the FBI's most wanted list. ‘ V hat do 1 do now? Pass, or toss it in your face!" 319Dean Henikoff’s Party “Would somebody tell me where the ladies are.” “How can I explain to you that this is a party and not a political forum?” This is for your eating pleasure, folks. Going for the gusto in life. "Feels warm and moist under there.” 320 Lynn Swann they arc not. Friends and associates of the watering hole alumni. It is always a good feeling to he around friends who care. Dr. Daniel Hall’s Farewell Party I)r. Hall, a gentleman anil a scholar, whose whole life lias revolved around his family and students. “Feeling Good! “Were you three invited to this affair?" 321Fraternities ----------------5-------(---------------- HII$ £21 i -r muiu 322 The hole in the wall gangGimbels Day 323 Temple University Medical School-Spouses Association TUMS—SA Officers: Maureen Chiavacci. Fatty Brigham, Joyce Peichcrt, Joan Evans CLASS OF 1981 GRADUATING SENIOR TUMS-SA MEMBERS Mrs. Gayl Bantom Mrs. Connie Bobck Mrs. Maureen Chiavacci Mrs. Debbie Fishman Mrs. Susan Gehman Mrs. Rose Hockley Mrs. Lisa Janson Mrs. Susan Kaplan Mrs. Sheila Lichtstein Mrs. Blinia Ludmir Mrs. Helene Myers Mrs. Joyce Pcicheri Mrs. Beth Rcifsnyder Mrs. Ann Sutherland Mrs. Carolyn Tripp Mrs. Sharon Wocrnle 324Faces... !(»»»“ .. .Places 325Timothy Michael Morris Above: James Witney Martin Below: Brian Anthony Tripp New Faces 1977-81 Garrett Bantom John Chiavacci 4 V Aaron Nicholas Van ZantenLynda T. Thomas and Christopher L. Hansen The ip8i SktM Staff Dear Adolph: When we reflect on the medical school experience, there arc many memories that flood our minds and allow us to relive some very exciting times of our lives. For the members of the Class of 1981, the name Adolph Lombardi is a part of many of those memories. From the very beginning, your presence in rhe class was noted when you took a very active role in the class note service. It seems like only yesterday when you were in the front of class room B telling us dial Dr. Farber’s pathology notes would be out in two days and that you still needed a notetaker for that 4 P.M. Primary Care lecture on that day before a Microbiology test You always seemed to be busily involved in some class or medical school activity. As a matter of fact, everyone is still wondering how you were able to plan that great dinner—dance during our sophomore year when you were spending so much of your time with Student Council, Executive Faculty Committee, and buying and selling such things as 1 shirts, hot roast beef sandwiches, and Sons of It3ly raffle tickets. The amazing thing is that you even found time to do some studying. These are just a few of your endeavors that come quickly to mind and it is with great appreciation that we thank you for your involvement in all of these activities and for your companionship over the past four years. However, we now come to our real reason for including rhis tribute and note of thanks to you here among these pages. For the past year you have worked as F.ditor-in-Chicf of the 1981 SKULL. You have given countless hours of your time to raising money for its publication, in meeting with the staff and publishers, taking photographs, laying out pages, proof reading, and in giving our yearbook that little extra touch of class. This is one page, however, that you did not get a chance to proof read for we knew that you would oppose it. Adolph, your classmates and especially the SKULL Staff wish to thank you for your tremendous effort in producing this yearbook. It will afford each of us endless opportunities to make a memorable journey through four very exciting and fun-filled years. With much thanks. The SKULL Staff and All the Members of the Class of 1981 Russell H. Harris and Kathleen Reilly Bell Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., Editor 332David 1$. Peichert and May Akcita Thomas Robert A. Copeland, Jr. and Craig Steven Carter Mark J. Kaplan, Roberta L. Gartside, Ann Negri Levin, Dorothy Elizabeth Grayson Dugger, and Jeffrey M. Litt 333loan! isor itions Editor......................................................Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr. Associate Editors...........................................Christopher L. Hansen Russell H. Harris Dedication..................................................Robyn Rachellc Jones Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr. Highlights..................................................Christopher L. Hansen Russell H. Harris dolph V. Lombardi, Jr. John C. Lydon Prc-Clinical Ed it or -V JL • « v keita Thomas Clinical r 1yrJ Bell Administration rcltfOT. . Daml K. Peichcrt The Graduates . ufsclT H» Harris Assi Busin Art Edit Director o Assistant Dir Mailing and Typ Publisher Senior Portraits Residency Illustrations................................................. Paul Ripple, M.D. tor id I. Stfott ar Tjr. tnley Itzman hmann yce Peichert Judy Russo ublishing Company Mcrin Studios The production of SKULL 1981 has required a great deal of time and effort. Many people have contributed a little of themselves to the cause. In addition to a pleasurable endeavor, it has been an excellent learning experience, and I have matured in the process. Numerous people deserve a note of appreciation, especially: the entire staff for a job well done; Nancy Klimley and the Dept, of Medical Communications for their sound advice and unending patience; Joyce Peichcrt for being so efficient; Dan Solari and Cooke Publishing for their cooperation and superb craftmanship; and Merin Studios for the excellent senior portraits. On behalf of the SKULL Staff and the Class of 1981, I wish to thank all of you and everyone who helped make SKULL 1981 a reality. ADOLPH V. LOMBARDI. Jr.TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS □ ART □ AUDIO-VISUAL □ PHOTOGRAPHY □ TELEVISION 3400 N. BROAD ST.. PH I LA.. PA 19140 PHONE 215-221-4759 OF THE COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION Stanton W. Saltzman — Director Otto C. Lehmann — Assistant Dircctor Chief, Photography ART DIVISION Nancy Klimley — Art Supervisor Cheryl Ann Arthur Typesctting Financial Records Livia Potyondy AUDIO-VISUAL DIV ISION William Ron Taylor PHOTOGRAPHIC DIVISION Henry Bacich William Verzyl Jan Fcigus TELEVISION DIVISION Joseph Gudonis 335336MURRAY JAY COM V M l ('•niTv.tr ill hmnknu S«p!) A nl Lome in M.dual tenter fWiililpliu. Tenon Ivania DONALD r UOIK.IAS M.D humvliitu Sure 1‘ni.irait Saijm Koto ! fjikv lr.np.tal !M)n, Penntyhama IIOW AH II IDINGTON. M D Cunufi I'mvrevty Sarjin ITotpoa) .■ Lnerenav Health Get Fmahuryli Pinnae h ami YKIIILK KM (MAN. M O tul.W LnnrTV.lt UtdAim AlUtt ( mitrin Medical Center Philadelphia P.TTuNvruj WILLIAM T .COI LINS. Jr M D Cruled Sum Natal A.aJnvvi S-uftty lrn led Shut Naval Mol.il Center roeiamuith. Virginia NIKKI COLOONY, M-D Tnnplt I'nnrrM) I'anily Peaetur Mi Muter V nni-nm Molt, il Main Himdtmv.Ontiiiu KOID KT A COPFLANO, Jl. MD. I itk Umrrnuy Ini Pmlgiadmit Yeu MrOn.ne Kutgeet Alf.luinl IL-lfiuli rinuiwiy, Neve Jcnry Rrvtdenev Ophthalmol, , Hnwaid Unnemev lb.tp.ul Wivhmgion. D.C JAMFNW COX-CHAPMAN, M D W'dlumv College Mel vine I’.nm. I.anu Hnepitil Plidadrlphu. fennulvaim LAWK I NCI S CROSS! ri M D HwkaatO I’nnaM) I irvi faitpiJuii Y't u Smpen Mercy lltnriul I'liliboip. lYnnnhanii RaldiKV OltllU|Kiil.l Temple I amenity ll.'ipiul Philadelphia. Pcnntyh inn ROBERT K DEf. M il Unnerv.lv .if Wjinu Medwuvc Timplt Umvmilv IKnpllil Philadelphia. IVnimliimi KICIIAKDJ OO OH.M.D I'nnvnuv nf Permit Nairn HoiUe Ihnuwl Mill llmpaal PtuUdrlphea. hmnhiu GREGORY SCOTT DRUM1II LLLK. M D Pminyh mu Suit tvmniy O-thopcd.v IlMfc-l lluvp.til F-rir. Feiuuy l.jiui DOROTHY I LI .A8ITII CRAY SON DUGGER. M D Pnaenoa I'nnemrv Pvychutry Temple Viuven.n llovpiul Philadelphia. re--mN.ru DEBORAHS DUNN MI) Prnntvhanu Suit Lhirtrvity Tint Kmpuliiu Veer Med me Ah nylon MemotuI Hatpiul Abm lon. Pvirntyhanii Rcudmey Opht .lliTu k jr Pitlvbutfh Eye arvJ Ljl lluvp.eal I'lttvhurgh, FrnM))iiM IHCKRSA ANN DUNN. M.O l.SaiV College lun.lv Prune e Mi-jyvn Army Mcdua! Center Tacoma. Wavhmgtu DCBOKAIIK D OM8AK. Ml) $ »• Ml Crilepe Med me Mauvonidev Medical Ceenrr RrauUyn. New Voefc STEPHEN WAYNE I.AKIN M D Geneva College Family Practice United Sum Nival Movpial JaeM.-nv.Ut, Honda BRIAN tISINUI KG, M I) llan aid L'ammil) Fifit ISiUjIilliitr Yeu Patru em Ivmple I'tinerany ll.npual rhJnielrhu. FensavNaiua Keaadnwy Ml.l.lleyi ll. vp :.; ..I 1,'ni.ervrty of Pcnniyhinii Phdadelph-a. Pinmyivinu THOMAS K IVANS. MO Oberhn College Super y GwHtiinm I Wufimji.m, DC aiAKI I S I I ATS! AS AID Ovj'.evtve I nrveniry F.rvi Postgraduate Yeu Surgery Temple Uni truly llt.ap.ral Philadelphia Ptnatylvama XoaJenct lar. N'.ave aiW Throat Twin I'n vrraity llotp.tal Button Mismhuvcna KOBLKTR 11 MR. MD U nnnui vl Mu by in Fanuiv Pintxt MuoJgimtrv lluap.tal Not? nitron Pctintyliinis FRANCIS T IT RKARO. M D Tultll'nncrwt) rati PoatgraJuatc Year Surgery Unhrtvtv Man land Huvpiut Balomeoe. Mary land Reiaicney Nraruturjeey I'nnetwt) i-f Man lanJ Huipaal BalLnure. Man lanJ MARVC HNAN.MD Indiana Unnymti of PcnnvySana Mediant Mtdxal Cuikye of Frnnty h»nu Fh.ladelph.i, Penmybinu I INDAC FLOYt M 0 Dmvtrtdy uf Pliubufyfc Mcvtaeiar ll.Hf.uI • L’mwivitv Health Cantu PittvIaurpS. Ptnnay h ania SCOTT M FOLK. MO Aamyh.Ca.nqre Mcduurr Geiunycr vtidoal Center DanviSe. Penniylvanu VFRA FROM IN MSTNBE RO M D L'nirriwy of MeSfan Fnlaitno St OmaophcrT lloepital KvOiidno Phlladelphu, Prnni) h-inva ROBERTA L GAKTSIDL M.O LI.raheD.tuvi n CuUcye Suqren Mcdval Cc-.trt H.apitai of Yrmoni BorlmytoA Vermunl IOILS' WAYNEGtllMAN. M 0 Siavuorhanna CuCeat Medicine Waah.nyton ll.opital Washington Pennrylianu MARIS CHRISTINA AVI ADO-d-M I LI MD L'nivtnirv of Ftnnv.lv .rj Pedutno Lenox IIUI llnip.tti N'c» York. New York CHRISTIAN LEE GILBEKI MO LmmaaCuSeyt Famdy Pnataee Sooth Colorado Famdy Media uu ftaeUo Culoeado DAVIDS. COl'RLLV. MO Uhe.'treat of L'Uh Peduuiev W'd iynJ Ilt3 A a Foeec Medial Centre San Aetonko Tcaaa 337CAROL J. GRABOWJKI.M 1) Temple Unii-emty Obstetric s-Gynecolc-gy Medical College of Prnnrtiiania Phuadriphn. r nnivl ama STEVEN JOEL GREEN, MD LaSalle College S r try Pnmykmu Huapilal PhUaddphia. Pennsylvania CHRISTOPHER L. HANSEN, M.D Harvard University MedlcrfX Unavenlly of Iexai$er.iihwrsteTn Affiliated HotpiMti Od!u, Ttui RUSSELL II HARRIS. M O ELitabeehtown Collie United Sum Nrral Medical Oncer Portsmouth. Virginia GEORGE R. KliRR.MO, Lehigh University Anesthesiology Thcvr.aa Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia. Pensiylvama ALFRED; HOCKLEY. III. M.D Lebanon College Family Praetvce Malcolm Grow Medical Center Andrews Air Forte Bile. Maryland LAURA J HORVATH. MD Univertity of Pittaburgh Flexible Warerbury Hoapiul Waterburv. Conecctiivl JON ROBERT 1CHTER. MD Crove G«y College Pasndy Pracckr Lanearter General Huap.taJ Lancaitet. Pcnntvhanu RUSSELL R jANSON. M D Brown Uareersity Obs tetri cVGynceology Lankesau Koapital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ROBERT J. JANTZ. MD Oread L'amenlly I'amdy Practice Sc Vmctnc'a llurpical Indianapolia, ledum JUDITH MITCHELL JOHNSON, M D. Vdlanova University Surgery UWenky of Miami Affiliated Huapicala Miariw. I'fonda KEVIN M JOHNSON. M.D Unrvcetity of Pennsylvania Radiology Yale- New Haven,Medical Center New Haven. Connecticut REBECCA WARNER JOHNSON. M.D. Kirkland CoStgo Pediatrics Si Oiiuiopher'i Horpital furCSddren Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MICHAEL D JOHNSTON. MD Jumau CnCege Flexible Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. Pcnnsylvina ROBERT M JONES. M D Hampton College Family Practxc St. Franers Hospital Wilmacgton, Delaware GWEN A. IIOWT. M.D Unnenicy of Prnitaylvania Ptythiatry Unhenity of Ariroaa Affiliated Educational Program Pbeomx. Ansana J. CHRIS KANT ARIAS, M.D Le .«h UarverSrty Surgery Prcabytcrian-Unrvettlty of fenniyhi Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MARK J. KAPLAN. M.D Tempi Uervmny Fitst Povlgiaduilt Year. Surgery Albert Einicem Medical Center Phdadtlphu. I'enasylvama Rcaidcncy Neurosurgery Ttmp Un.vertny Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ANTON KAPP.M.D Albrsght College First PosegriAsaie Yeti Surgery Mol ll College of Pcnnsyhsnu Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Residency Urology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ROBYN KACtlELLE JONES.M D. Brown L'eirrersity Obltetrira'Gyneetdogy Mrdaca! College of Penney San it Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PAUL M KANEV. M D Dicamton CoBege First Postgraduate Year Surgery University of Vaginas Medical Center CharlottesvkCe. Virginia Residency Neurosurgery Johns llopkant Unnensry Hospital Baltimore. Maryland MARK T KASPER. MD Si Joseph's College 1‘irrt Postgraduate Year Surgery Charity Hospital New Orlrini. Louisiana Residency Orthopedics Georgetown University Washington. D C WILLIAM R KEMP. M D Franklin-Marshall College First Postgraduate Year. Surgery Pennsylvania Phaadrfphia. Pennsylvania Reridency Temple Unrversity Hospital Phtadrlphii. PennryNania GINGER KESSLER-CONST ANTINR. M D Couches College Medicine Hahnemann Medical Coder «d Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania PHILIP B KIIOURV.MD American University of Brasil Medicine Pennsylvania Huapital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania CRAIG A. K1MMEL M D Syracuse University First Postgraduate Yetrr Surgeiy Abingtoes Memorial llinpial Alnngloa. Pennsylvania Residency Ear, Now ami Throat Temple Unnenvty Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania SUSAN ELLEN KIRSCH. M D Bryn Maur College Prducrsci Hospital for Silk Children Toronto. Canada DAVID B KLEBANOFF, M D Muhlenberg Colltgr ObHemcs Gyoecology Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JOHN I KKAULAND. M.D Umveraciy of Pattsborgh A rvrtil etiology W'Ofofll Hall Air Pone Medical Center San Antonio. Texas RICHARD B KURZ.M.D Temple University Medic ine York Hospital York. Prnnsyleanu 338339340r H §I.h IV Mu1|l|ttlThanks Compiling this yearbook has been an extremely challenging endeavor for all of us involved. Moments of sweet joy and bitter frustration have marked the course. The comraaeship which evolved has made the cause even more fulfilling. However, none of this could be called an accomplishment without many sacrifices. The Staff of SKULL 1981 and I wish to express our sincere graditude to all our patrons and advertisers who represent the life blood of the entire project. Their financial sacnficc on our behalf will never be forgorren. adOLPH V LOMARDI. jr.. M.D.. Ed,tor. 198! SKULL Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Charles V'. Adams Mr. and Mrs. James Anasti In Memory of Mrs. Eunice Anyaegbunam Mr. and Mrs. William L. Baer William P. Barba II Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Barnes Barry Family Joseph H. Baum. Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beck Barbara. Jack and Paul Benson Richard D. Berkowitz, M.D. Mrs. Eve Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Bobek Bodek Rhodes John R. Boitger Joseph A. Brady, M.D. Ita Brandman. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Brozena Daniel A. Callaghan Dr. and Mrs. William P. Camp Mrs. Paul L. Cannon Family Christcr Carlsson Paul J. Cermak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Chiavacci Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Cillcy, Sr. Robert L. Cogan, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. H. Coleman Gail S. Crouse, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Cundy Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Donahue Shirley and Harry T. Dozor Morton E. Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Speer P. Fatscas Mrs. Anthony Joseph Fedullo Rose A. Ferrara Mrs. Francis P. Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Filler Albert J. Fincstonc. M.D. Dr. Mary Stuart Fisher Robert S. Fisher, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Folk John Erccl Fryer, M.D. Angela Fucile Michael Fucile Sr. Gary B. Garison, M.D. Eddy Garrido, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Allan Gastfriend Gerber Family Robert M. Gibson Stan and Pearl Goosenberg Richard J. Green, Jr. Albert R. Greenfield, M.D. Dr. Parviz Hanjani Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harakal Mr. and Mrs. Wilmcr L. Harris Robert A. Heebner. M.D. Mrs. Doris Heller Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Henriquez Mr. and Mrs. David A. Horvath Robert II. Hubbell Dr. Joseph T. Ichtcr Jack Jill lee Cream Co. Vincent B. Janson F. Kanamullcr Mr. and Mrs. Anton Kapp, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Kasper Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kcil Dr. Nelson M. Kennedy Hanna and Bill Klebanoff Morton Klein Mr. and Mrs. Gail P. Koplin Geraldine Capozzi Krauland Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Krill T. Kueppers, M.D. Stephen and Rita Kustan Stephen F. Latman, M.D. Vincent W. Lauby, M.D. Norman Learner, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lcngel Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Haskel Lichtstein Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lindheim Sol and Estelle Litt Bennett Lorber, M.D. Stanley H. Lorber, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Orlando R. Lugo Mr. and Mrs. Nicolac Renee Mandcl Mrs. Leo G. McCaffcrty Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Mclkus Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mellon Mrs. Angelina Mendez Mr. and Mrs. D.D, Mickleson Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Mickleson Dr. and Mrs. Allen R. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Naids Robert G. Narins. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Laimons Naruns Mr. and Mrs. Frank Negri Reginald B. N'icklas Mrs. Patrick A. O'Hcarn, Jr. Frank A. Pansino Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Papacostas B.N. Park Phyllis Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Pelham Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Phillips R.A. Picringcr Mrs. Clifford Pittman Dr. Gerhard Plaut Maurie D. Pressman, M.D. Oliver L. Puttier Sr.. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Raskiewicz Mr and Mrs. James Reilly Robert M. and Mildred li. Ricketts Martin Rocco Theodore Rodman, M.D. George P. Rosemond, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. David R. Roscnwald Dr. and Mrs. Hyman Rudoff St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Francis A. Salerno. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sargingcr Saul P. Savitz. M.D. Schmaltz Construction Co. Frederic C. Schnebly, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. William Schulze Dr. Roger W. Sevy Gerald D. and Arlene T. Shockman Roberta Siren Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 from IN APPRECIATION Sidney C. Rabin '51 and Family and Douglas S. Rabin '77 MR. MRS. RICHARD J. BENNEK 342Mr. and Mrs. John F. Smith David and Caro! Soskis Rcnate L. Soulcn. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Starling Mary Catherine Stom. M.D. Ben and Mary F. Stonemetz William L. and Doris M. Teeplc Mrs. Henry J. Timby Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Troyer Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Vijan Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Vilbert Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Waters James G. Watson. M.D. Mrs. George B. Weed Franklin A. Weignad, M.D. Sidney Weinhouse Dr. and Mrs. Herman L. Wcisbcrg Walter Welham Joseph H. Wieezorck Hector R. Wiltz Maria Wiltz, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur K. Woemle Lewis R. Wolf. M.D. C.K. Yang Janis and F.lfrida Zagars Zaslow-Port ner-Cohen-Labe-J osh i Steven L. Zinn, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Zubrzyeki Alumni Patrons Drs. Steven and Mary Ann Ager '80 Denis M. Banc, M.D. '69 Leslie W. Beadling, M.D. ’64 Folke Becker, M.D. '36 Daniel H. Bee, M.D. '37 Cathy Christine Bclk. M.D. '80 Dr. Stephen T. Benko '65 Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bernstein '74 Allan L. Bess. M.D. '80 David H. Best. M.D. '79 and Renee Barry A. Blinkoff. M.D. ‘63 George I. Blumstcin, M.D. '29 Lois E. Eberhardt Brennan '55 John N. Carlson. M.D. '60 Helene J. Casselli. M.D. '78 H. Taylor Caswell, M.D. '39 Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Charles '80 Joseph F. Clarke. M.D. '62 John T. Comerci. M.D. '55 William Foxall Cunningham. M.D. '66 Dr. and Mrs. Angelo M. DiGeorge '46 Neil H. DeLozier, M.D. '64 Bums A. Dobbins. M.D. '39 William H. Duncan. M.D. 59 Rick Erdtmann, M.D. '70 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Evans '53 John Vincent Ferrazzano. M.D. '74 Albert J. Finestone. M.D. '45 H. Keith Fischer. M.D. '43 Dr. Morris S. Fleischman '33 Joseph Florio. M.D. '44 Milton J. Friedberg, M.D '51 Dr. and Mrs. Abraham M. Frumin '42 Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fry '57 Dr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Gilbert '53 Anthony R. Giorgio. M.D. '73 Dr. and Mrs. Alan Goldfine '59 George E. Goldman. M.D. '78 Steven Paul Grahek. M.D. '78 Sandford L. Greenberg. M.D. '60 Samuel L. Greenfield, M.D. '3 1 Dr. and Mrs. John H. Hall '41 Dr. and Mrs. A. Victor Hansen '45 Richard 1. Hardy. M.D. '60 Harriet M. Harry. M.D. '36 Bruce A. Hershock, M.D. '74 Edward Hill. M.D. '60 William M. Hughes. M.D. '48 Dr and Mrs. Joseph J. Kandra '72 Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kemp '56 Howard P. Knapper. M.D. '40 William Kozin, M.D. '60 Victor Kremens. M.D. '43 AmosG. Kunkle, M.D. '30 Dr. and Mrs. Marc S. Lapayowker '54 Stephen F. Latman. M.D. '68 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Levin '52 Walter J. Levinsky. M.D. '45 Richard M. Lieberman. M.D. '80 Paul M. Lin. M.D. '54 Max P. Lipman, M.D. '32 Joseph F. Lydon. M.D. '47 W.A. Lyons. M.D. '48 John R. Maloney. M.D '72 Walter E. Margie. Jr.. M.D. ’51 Allan and Dawn Marks '62 David J. MeAleer, M.D. 5 1 Richard J. McAipine. M.D. ’55 Dr. Robert J. McCardle '61 Ann M. McDonald. M.D. '80 James J. McGuire. Jr., M.D. '80 William R MeWhirter. M.D. '58 Dr. and Mrs. John R. Minch art '35 James A. Mollick, M.D. '56 Mary E. Moore. M.D. '67 Richard J Morris. M.D. '55 Gary W. Muller. M.D. '77 William Mahon Mvers, M.D. '44 John A. New. M.D. '50 James D. Nixon. M.D. '49 Charles M. Norris. M.D. '39 Dr. and Mrs. Allen Nussbaum '79 Boyd Park. M.D. '51 Donald E. Parlce. M.D. '59 George D. Patton. M.D. '35 J.C. Peele.M D. '37 Marshall J. Pierson. M.D. '43 Raymond H. Pierson III. M.D. '80 Jacob Pomerantz, M.D '3 1 R.S. Pressman. M.D. '37 Richard C. Putnam. M.D. '5 1 Nelson J Quigley. M.D. '60 Irving Rappaport. M.D. '34 James C. Rex. M.D '50 Donald J. Ritt. M.D. '60 Stephen Rockower. M.D. '75 Fred B. Rogers. M.D. '48 Donald J. Rosato, M.D. '57 Irving Rosenberg. M.D. '42 Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rosenfeld '60 Dr. and Mrs. Homer D. Schaaf 47 R Michael Scott. M.D. '62 Scott R. Sharetts. M.D. '77 Harry Shubin. M.D. '37 Charles R Shuman, M.D. '43 Richard V. Smalley. M.D. '57 Raymond L. Smith. M.D. '66 Ron Spark. M.D. '67 Jack Spivack. M.D. '63 Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Steerman '75 Buddy Stcyer. M.D. '78 Stuart W. Stoloff. M.D '75 Lynne and John Strony '80 Sam and Bca Tasker '34 William Tonkonow. M.D. '35 Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Trucx. Jr. '67 Ellsworth P. Uhlcr. M.D. '39 Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wallcy, ill '66 William L. Warren. M.D. '50 Dr. and Mrs. Jay A. Wenger '54 Edward F. Wierzalis. M.D. '46 Donald A. Youngdahl, M.D. '53 Dr. Thomas J. Yucha '70 TIOGA PIZZA 3533 Germantown Avenue (at Venango Tioga) Philadelphia, PA 19140 PICK UP OR DELIVERY FOR FAST SERVICE CALL 223-3770-1 Our Large Pizzas are 16" CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON ADOLPH V. LOMBARDI, Jr., M.D. AND TO THE CLASS OF 1981 From the Lombardi Family Adolph, Emilia, and Louis 343To the Class of 1981: We are proud of you and your accomplishments, and wish you well in the pursuit of your career goals. We are happy to have contributed to your education, knowing full well that it will stand you in good stead in the years to come. Congratulations! The Faculty and House Staff Department of Medicine 344Best Wishes Congratulations from the to the Department Class of 1981 of Orthopedic Surgery from the Philadelphia Dr. John W. Lachman Dr. Edward J. Resnick Rehabilitation, Inc. Dr. Howard H. Steel Dr. Philip D. Alburger Moss Rehabilitation Dr. Michael Clancy Dr. Ray A. Moyer Hospital Best Wish es to the Class of 1981 from the Division of Medicine Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division 345Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 from Germantown Hospital Medical Center A community health leader since 1863 Continuing our commitment to excellence with the 1981 completion of our 22 million dollar building program. 346 All private rooms at semi-private rates-expanded facilities and servicesBest Wish es to the Class of 1981 I episcopal!, hospita 9ree S Ler-jh venue Pennsvsono W12S BEST WISHES TO THE 1981 CLASS Dr. Mrs. Edward D. Williams BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1981 TEMPLE GRILL RESTAURANT MUFFINS Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from the Department of Anesthesiology JAMES R. HARP. M.D. CHRISTER CARLSSON. M.D. ANSUYA CHATWANI, M.D. THOMAS C. DEAS, M.D. ANTHONY GIORGIO. M.D. ALEXANDRA I. KARETAS, M.D. NANCY B . KENEPP. M.D. KENNETH J. LEE, M.D. MARGARET M1NEHART, M.D. GERTRUDE PRUCKMAYR, M.D. HARJIBHAI PANSURIA, M.D. MARY R.W. REARDON, M.D. WILLIAM H. STEVENSON-SMITH. M.D. 347Congratulations to the Class of 1981 from the Department of Obstetrics Gynecology Congratulations to the Class of 1981! PROVIDENT NATIONAL BANK 3509 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19140 223-2700 The Department of Radiology Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1981 FROM THE TEMPLE HEALTH SCIENCES BOOKSTORE Professional Books and Supplies Temple Insignia Merchandise 215-221-3157 348Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 from the Medical Staff of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children 349Congratulations to the class of 1981 from Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown, Pennsylvania 350Eddy Garrido, M.D. William A. Buchheit, M.D. Raymond C. Truex, Jr., M.D. Congratulations to the Class of 1981 from the Department of Neurosurgery With Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1981 LEON S. MALMUD. M.D. from the Medical Staff Administration of St. Luke’s Hospital of Bethlehem, PA. Research Education and Consultation Health Services Social Policy and Law TEMPLE UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE ON AGING Philadelphia. PA 19122 (215) 787-6970 351Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 from the Department of Surgery 352Take your idea nourish it as the first seed, unyielding in your determination to make it grow, it will grow. Congratulations! Dr. Donald W. Wallace, Jr. From Mom, Grandmom and Grandpop Fields, Val, Helen, Theresa, Shelia, Darrell, Carla, and your nieces and nephews. Best Wishes to our nephew Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., M.D. and the rest of the graduating Class of 1981 Lombardi Company Cement Contractors 345 N. Twelfth St., Philadelphia, PA 19407 WA2-1380, WA2-1381 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Dr. Robert Jones from the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum 7310 Frankstown Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208 Complete skating program for the whole family Mr. Jack Evans Mrs. Ethel Mathis, Managers Mrs. Novice S. Miller, President With Love and Pride to Our Beloved Daughter DEBORAH SNELLING DUNN Love Mother and Dad CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK DOX LUNCH SON. BARRY S. BLOCK, M.D. (OB—GYN) 353Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 Best Wishes for Continued Success from Nazareth Anesthesia Associates, Inc. from the Department of Urology The Radiology Department of Germantown Hospital extends its Best Wishes! J.W. MacMoran, M.D. E. S. Escovitz, M.D. F. A. Piro, M.D. E. A. D'Orazio, M.D. F. J. Kiefner, Jr., M.D. F. Esposito, M.D. 354Congratulations to Richard Jon Dozor, M.D. on his graduation from Temple University School of Medicine from: His wife Barri His parents Harry T. Shirley W. Dozor His brother sister-in-law Bob Betsy Dozor His sister brother-in-law Allison Stephen Lit His niece Kiersten Lit His nephew Isaac Dozor 355 and congratulations to all of Rick’s classmates.Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 from the Faculty Staff of the Department of Family Practice and Community Health 356"Congratulations" and "Good Luck" to Anthony and the Class of '81 Best Wishes for the Future of Temple University Medical School Dr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Alberico Thomas and Stephen CAPITAL HOTEL SUPPLY COMPANY Meats. Poultry and Provisions BENJAMIN KEVITCH President Congratulations to the Class of '81 The Pediatric Department Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division 146 West Laurel St. Philadelphia, PA 19123 Dial 215 627-1329 In I860 we gained the trust of the Medical Community. Not ii day has passed that we Ye taken it for granted. REED 4 CARNRICK KemKvorth. N J 07033 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON JOSEPH LOUIS RUSSINO Buona Fortuna Per Sempre COMPLIMENTS OF HOOTER'S CAFE (Formerly Joe's) 3348 Germantown Avenue (Corner of Rising Sun) 357CONGRATULATIONS ROBERTA FROM MOM AND DAD Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 Episcopal Hospital's Department of Surgery Would Like to Convey Its Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Members of the Graduating Class of 1981 from the Faculty of the Department of Pathology MSD kIhmie where Research Excellence Service is a is the is the tradition standard policy and 358Congratulations to the Class of 1981 from JONATHAN A BRiSKIN BRISKIN, FREEDMAN ft CUNILIO ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW 26 SUMMIT CROVE AVENUE SUITE 20Q TAX COUNJE L ALLAN H. rREF.OMAN BRYN MAWR. PA I90J0 VICTOR CUNICUO JAMES CUNILIO 130? IBTW STREET. N.W (215) 525- 550 WASHINGTON. D. C 20030 ADMITTED IS V C RAX OSIV IN TENDER MEMORY OF DR. MICHAEL SCOTT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 Compliments of STEVE'S STOP AND GO TRUCK Offering you friendly and quick service with a large variety of breakfast and lunch specials To the Class of '81 with best wishes for a fufilling career in medicine to each of you from the Scranton-Temple Residency Program Staff 359Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 from Walter Ebanks Licensed Real Estate Broker Management Mortgages Investments 212-434-5844 1454 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 360Congratulations to the Class of 1981 from the Department of Ear, Nose Throat Max Lee Ronis, M.D. Bernard J. Ronis, M.D. Emil P. Liebman, M.D. Melvin L. Masloff, M.D. Compliments of Fedor Buick Rts. 68 206 Bordentown, NJ 08505 609-298-4444 Paul Fedor, President Maria Mash Fedor, Vice-President, TUMS '83 Marlene Mash, Secretary. TUMS '82 Congratulations to the Temple University Medical School Class of 1981 Montgomery-Temple Family Practice Residency Program 361Compliments of P. Plotnick Son CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1981 QUAKER CUISINE 701 Ashland Avenue Folcroft, PA 19032 Manheim Garden Apts. WITH GRATITUDE TO THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Louis F. Campana, M.D. Congratulations to our daughter Barbara Ann Russell, M.D. Words cannot express our feelings. May God bless you in your new career. Love, Mom Dad Hi Little Sis, we are proud of you. Monica, Yvonne Vienna Barba, may God bless you. Love, Maa 362 Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.11 W illiam Jennings Brvan Congratulations, Doctors, and Best Wishes for Success (McNEIL) MCNE1L Consumer Products Company manufacturers of TYLENOL products ncvtiimjnofhch 363ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER NORTHERN DIVISION Albert Einstein Medical Center Northern Division Congratulates the Class of 1981 364Department of Obstetrics Gynecology of The Reading Hospital Medical Center The Obstetricians and Gynecologists at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center are pleased to play a part in the education and training of the future physicians from Temple University School of Medicine. We extend to you our heartiest congratulations upon your achievement and our sincere wishes for a fulfilling lifetime of service. Richard K. Kleppinger. M.D. Director Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology George L. Sexton, Jr., M.D. Ted Verbinski, M.D. Chairman Chairman Section of Gynecology Section of Obstetrics IN MEMORY OF To the whole Class of 1981 RICHARD L. SIREN, D.O. The Department of Neurology COMPLIMENTS OF wishes you GORDON R. ARCHIBALD, INC. (and your neurons) Professional Engineers well1 Providence, Rhode Island 365Congratulations! Mark S. Anthony, M.D. Dedicated Through research, manu- to improving the faclure and marketing of quality of life medical products and services for the women of today — and their families. from your loving family ORTHO PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION Raman Now Jersey 08869 ECtUU.O «"0«rtUNiT tvno»« CO»C 979 ORTHO Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 Faculty of the from the Department of Psychiatry 366Congratulations on achieving your M.D. Degree We are indeed happy and proud that you are about to become fellow members of a most exclusive organization. Our medical school has an outstanding teaching staff, curriculum, and student body, and the single most important source of energy for sustaining that fine edge of excellence is that group of M.D.'s who appreciate the distinction of being Temple University School of Medicine alumni. The Medical Alumni Association of Temple University 367V kTEMPLE U OF-THE-COMMONWEALTH-SK BY- AUTHORITY OF • THE • BOARD • OF • TR OF THE-FACULTY- HE aJhr fflla THE • DE inrtnr o: TOGETHER-WITH-ALL-THE-RIGHTS-PRI THERETO • IN RECOGNITION OF OF - THE • COURSE • PRESCRIBED • BY IN • TESTIMONY WHEREOF - THE -THEIR ■ NAMES ■ AND - AFFIXED • GIVEN AT PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLV OF MAY NINETEEN HU SECRETARY HMjTHE UNIVERSITYNIVERSITY fSTEM-OF-HIGHER-EDUCATION REBY- CONFERS ■ UPON m 0f HB1 ,GREE - OF t tfHpfttritte [VILEGES-AND HONORS APPERTAINING THE • SATISFACTORY - COMPLETION THE • FACULTY- OF - THE • UNIVERSITY UNDERSIGNED • HAVE - SUBSCRTRI'T' THE • SEAL • OF • THE ■ UNIVEI s ii ■ auThOR ANIA ON THIS TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY NDRED AND EIGHTY-ONE DATE DUE JUN 2 OCT 2 MAR 2 i 993 SSP 2 4 l»W CAYCOHO Tg81. .2 1991,c.2 . PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVl Literary We Oolreraity laalth flcienoos C nt»r 

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