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 K|WS»Temple University School of Medicine We Have Magic To Do Just For You m 4We Have Miracle Plays To Play 5We Have Parts To PerformHearts To Warm Kings And Things To Take By Storm 8V. As We Go Along Our Way 9THE BASIC tdm SCIENCE YEARS j» t-'VKCffW • v 1 v v ! Mm • jd V Vi irA Stiii V ' pg.28 V. f4 'X- a’» vnw» l .IV. . JYV.-VW .V » .... I,«f«, fTBrntWin1 g • H •»VJ w ru -u' V4 '' .I'1 m .rtWx v ;•:. IWi A! tBST VJF (l i f', ■•■■. s V?J .viJ ul micnoBiOLOGV m i r , 1 r . KM(iv Vi 'Z v; Mif K - • !. .. ' I. r C HB L% y.i' '»vV I . ij . V K Vi» fjwf ,i.» .V Mnfwv N 1 m R -4 • sr. v t rVv.‘i Vi % Till. V I: i ■ • SA L A ' V Jilt , r. 71 N ,v R r A r 7 if,» 11 ¥ ,|ww 'liiU A nWvfflMikj w Intertill Medicine PS- 64 Pediatrics P9■ 78 Primary Cara P9- THE CLINICAL YEARS OB-GYN pg. 70 Surgery pg. 94Brains pg. 103 12 A IMOOCA DJ Eyes. Ears, Nose Throat pg. 104 Phlegm pg. 116 Hormones pg. 113 Lungs pg. 106 Nerves pg. 118 Urine pg. 117 X-Rays pg. 120 Joints pg. 115 It's Contagious pg. 121 Blood pg. 112 Heart pg. 108 Kidney pg. Ill Gut pg. 110 Sleep pg. 119 Bones pg. 114 I THE SENIOR YEARTHEATERS Baseball pg. 132 Tennis pg. 133 Class Shows pg. 124, 140 Honor Board pg. 138 Rugby pg. 128 Basketball pg. 130 pg. 135 pg. 136 pg. 137 pg. 138 pg. 139 Frats pg. 134 CLUBS Spouse's Association SNMA Noteservice Future Homemakers Dean's HourDedication.........................................................pp. 16—19 Our Town..................................................................pp. 144-167 It's A Mad Mad Mad Med World..............................................pp. 168—175 What We Did For Love ............................................pp. 356—373 The Creators..............................................................pp. 374—377 Residency Directory.......................................................pp. 378—383 Senior Photo Index ..............................................pp. 384-385 Patrons Ads.............................................................pp. 386—399 The End...............................................................pp. 400 1517A VIEW FROM THE OUTSIDE Upon meeting Dr. Dawn Beatty Marks for the first time, one is struck with her enthusiasm and intensity for didactics. She possesses that special quality which enables her to take complex, esoteric material and break it down into precise, concise concepts which her students can more readily comprehend. Although Dr. Marks' talent for biochemistry is undeniable, her true love lies in helping her students overcome their problems, personal as well as academic. In her own life she fought and triumphed against debilitating circumstances which nearly caused her permanent loss of vision. Strength and determination are ingrained in her personality. Along with being an erudite instructor of biochemistry. Dr. Marks is also a wife and a loving mother of three children. Her academic talents and her genuine concern for people serve as a paradigm for the students at Temple Medical School. The accolades bestowed upon Dr. Marks, through the dedication of this yearbook, are truly well deserved. Stephen Leone EDITOR'S NOTE- Steve Leone is not a student at Temple but a writer for the Camden County Energy Office. He had never met Dr. Marks until spending a few hours with her and her family one Saturday afternoon this winter. 18BIOCHEMISTRY - Tower of Plaut Now all of Temple once spake but one language. Then it came to pass that the biochemists thought they could discover the secret of life. And they had purines and proteins and DNA. And they collected ribosomes and enzymes and cofactors, and did begin to synthesize the helix of life. And the lectures were clear and interesting. And the Lord came down and was afraid lest the biochemists become too wise. And he turned the great helix into a Tower of Babble. And he did confound the lecturers and made them incomprehensible and dull. And no more would anyone understand biochemistry. Until Dawn. Above, left to right: Family Portrait - Eileen 12; Elise 14. Alan ‘Buddy Marks, M.D. 41. Dr. Marks; Bud Jr. 16 I 19 wCARSON-O-GENESIS In the beginning: There was Carson. And our minds were without form and void. And darkness was upon the face of the cadavers. And the spirit of Carson moved across the face of the anatomy lab. And Carson said: "Let anatomy be enlightening." And it was enlightening. And Carson saw that it was good. And Carson divided the big from the little anatomy. And the big he called "gross" (and it was gross). And the little he called "histo." And Carson said: "Let there be beasts of study - creatures of every race and sex to populate the school." And Carson nrode sure that they were good. And Carson said: "Let me make an anatomy department in mine own image to have dominion over all the freshmen that creepeth in the school." And it was so. And evening and morning were the first semester. 2324Clockwise from below: Mary Poppins; A. Kent Christensen, Ph.D. former Chairman; Laurie Paavota, Ph.D.; “My suit is Pierre Cardin, my shoes are Gucci."; Raymond Truex, Ph.D.; Steven J. Phillips. M.D. 26Clockwise from above: "We fixed them this time'"; Stephen Ernst, Ph.O. Editor of 'Sodium Pump Monthly'; "This is sexually stimulating for about 60%. '; Marvin Sodicoff, Ph.D.; Art; Robert Troyer. Ph.D. 2728Clockwise from above: Dr. Dawn Marks - the bag lady; The search goes on; Vem L. Schramm. Ph.D. "She's got to be kidding."; "They decided to serve lemonade instead of improving their lectures." 293031 Counterclockwise from above: Jonathan Cilley. Ph.D.; Gerald Litwack, Ph.D.; "May we help you?" 33Counterclockwise from above: Dr. Harold Lischner makes a funny; Victor Auerbach. Ph.D.; Hope H. Punnett, Ph.D.; Angelo DiGeorge, M.D. "What has four ovaries, three testes and wears sneakers?''; His son wins a prize 34Intro To Primary Care 35Clockwise from3bove: Alan Freeman, Ph.D., Chairman; James Heckman, Ph.D. - Quizmaster; Dr. Thomas Doubt; "Both could be right Alice. I'll discuss it with the department next year."; Mary Wiedeman, Ph.D. "Batwoman" 36"......let us understand that the exact sciences ore essential underpinnings of modern medicine. Without______biophysics, biochemistry and physiology, medicine is as naught." Oliver Cope, M.D. 373839404142 8Clockwise from above: The "Mings" - Chairman Si-Chun Ming. M.D. and Madame Chairman Pen-Ming Lee Ming. M.D.; Taking Path seriously; Don't memorize, learn the process!"; "Sure we have our problems, doesn't every depan rnent?". Ann Ainsworth, M.D.; Elliot; Joseph Baum. Ph.D.; Having a Tupperware party 43Clockwise from right: Path Lab; The Joy of Learning; He loved pathology; Alice in Wonderland; Dr. Albano 44Clockwise from left: The two best reasons why Temple students still don't understand the kidney: Igniting himself with oil imersion; Reprimanding a liver; Bowing toward Baltimore, a ritual performed daily at noon BRUCE ELFENBEIN, M.D. 45 4647 4 Primary Care Concepts 48Clockwise from left: A surprising sellout audience: "Remember to mention New Guined." Guest lecturers Ozzie and Harriet Nelson discussed the role of the family; After class; Dr. Margaret Mead; Doing the Margaret Mead shuffle; "Who said I need a 'D‘ cup?"; Gail He-She, author of Passages 4950 Counterclockwise from left: The Great John Fryer the First. Great, Great Grandfather of Dr. Fryer; House on the Haunted Hill; "I'd like to thank the two of you for coming to class today." 51Microbiology Counterclockwise from right: Alois Nowotny, Ph.D. - "Hey, Abrams! What funny you up there so."; Gerald G. Shockman, Ph.D. — Chairman and father of Joel; "Smells like strep."; Michael Higgins, Ph.D. Clockwise from left: K. Cundy; Lolita Daneo-Moore. Shein and Maurice slaving over N.Y. Times crossword puzzle; Bob Prmgle; Chuck Oenny contemplating some worms; Dr. Leonard Zubrzycki; field trip to Belmont Water Filtration Plant; Dress-up day in Micro, starring Dr, Cundy; "Nails" Nussbaum; Zubrzycki in a rare, serious moment; Presenting Dr. TJ. Linna. courtesy Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors 545556MORTON KLEIN. M.D 5758Clockwise from above: Carmen T. Bello. M.D.; John J. O'Neill, Ph.D. Chairman; Concetta Harakal, Ph.D.; Dr. Martin Black - "Now what accent shall I use today?" Count Leon Salganicoff, Ph.D., D.Sc.. Dr. Charles Papacostas 596061 . m m v - - " - -c- . [ ' - jcAV•The Sol is my Sherry; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down with green interns; he leadeth me beside the still bedpans. He ignoroth my soul; He leadeth me in the wards of frightfulness for his fame's sake. Yea, though I walk through the clinics of the shadow of death, I will fear no TB: For Sol art with me; thy residents and thy staff they comfort me. Thou prepares! a patient before me in the presence of mine attendings: I presentest my case with toil; my sweat runneth over. Surely IV's and blood gases will follow me all the days of my clerkship: And I will dwell in the house of the Sol forever. SOL—0—MINE {PSALM 23) 6465Clockwise from right: The originals — Drs. Lerner, Hyman. Levinsky and Finestone; Manny Weinberger. M-D. — before and after; Could this be Criner's book? You medical people will have more lives to answer for in the other world than even we generals. Napoleon Bonaparte FiUfllf FRAOU 66Clockwise from above: The former Herbert Waxman. M.D.; Isadore Ginsburg, M.D.; Albert Finestone, M.D.; Richard Berkowitz. M.D. -"What do you think it is7”; Louis Soioff. M.D. 67Clockwise from below: Beryl Lawn, M.D.; "Not another H P from a med. studentGuenther Boden, M.D.; Charles Shuman. M.D.; The Village People. Mr. Schulze: Walter J. Levinsky, M.D. 68MEDICINE Hello friends Are you tired of your present job’ Going nowhere fast? Then why not help yourself as thousands of fellow Americans have done and enter the exciting and profitable world of medicine by enrolling now in Temple University's medicine clerkship. "Impossible" you say? Not so! With Temple's patented "See one, do one, teach one" method of instruction, we will have you empting bedpans and mounting EKG's in less time than it takes to schedule a barium enema. The medicine clerkship at Temple is no ordinary correspondence course. Your progress will be monitored by a team of crack professors who will grade your work and even meet with you occasionally. You are quickly taught the basics so that your exciting and profitable career in medicine will be exciting and profitable. Within a few short weeks you will be able to tell at a glance a 2 plus guaiac from a 3 plus guaiac. You will be instructed in the proper method of folding and rolling EKG paper and inserting Foley catheters for distance Picture yourself as a master of the nuances of IV infiltration. By the end of the course you will be able to walk to and from the x-ray file room blindfolded. Your typical action packed day at Temple begins with morning rounds which are followed by Melba rounds (lunch). Preceptor rounds, followed by grand rounds, followed by sign-out rounds, which rounds out the day pleasantly. In addition to this, you will be working with the best patient material east of Venango. Choose from such exotica as Sjogren's syndrome, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and many others. Not a heart failure or common cold in the bunch. So friends, don't let this opportunity pass you by. Act now! and we'll include, at no extra cost, a special bonus double album — "The Greatest Heart Sounds Ever Recorded!" 69Obstetrics Gynecology 70Top right to left: Drs. Vallow and Cogan take a break from the kitchen at Northeastern Hospital; Alex Massengale. M O.; David Goodner, M.D. Center right to left: Robert Schwartz. M.D.; Dr. Hanjani; Michael J. Daly. M.D. -Chairman The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Temple Hospital has a century long tradition of professional education, research and innovative patient care. This department, frequently characterized as dynamic as an ileus and as imaginative as a fibroid, has been responsible for many Ob—Gyn "first” in surgical technique, clinical expertise, research and community medicine. In the field of surgical technique for example. Temple obstetricians have given new meaning to the episiotomy. Just last year alone, over 9.000 of these intricate procedures were performed there requiring over 842,342 years of 00 chromic suture This is enough suture material to close a hypothetical incision stretching from Tioga Nicetown to Canton, Ohio. Equally impressive is the fact that it was a team of crack Temple gynecologists who first delineated the principles of root-canal surgery in the treatment of ovarian dermoid cysts. Still another Temple innovation, the repair of cervical prolapse with sterile thumbtacks, was responsible for the now famed motto "Temple Stands for Cervix." The Ob-Gyn Service has always recognized its obligations to the community and as such. Temple became the first Philadelphia institution to extend the benefits of tuboplasty to the female geriatric population of North Philadelphia. In addition, the pioneering work in recognizing the nourishing qualities of the submucous leiomyoma, is yet another Temple breakthrough. In conjunction with its active fibroid service, the Ob-Gyn Division has made these nutritious neoplasms (marketed under the Tasty-Tumor label) available at no cost to its OPD patients. It is well known that clinical research is fundamental in expanding medical knowledge, and in the Ob-Gyn Department new ideas flow as spontaneously as a vaginal delivery. Among the many projects currently under investigation by Ob-Gyn's active research program are the teratological effects of Preparation H on developing squid eggs and fetal IgM response to habitual maternal use of cathartics. Finally, in a landmark piece of clinical investigative work, it was Temple gynecologists who first described the clinical similarities between mittelschmerz and angina pectoris and, who therefore advocated the use of subuterine nitroglycerine for the treatment of "malignant" mittelschmerz. In view of the above mentioned excellence, there is little wonder that the birth rate continues to fall in Philadelphia. 7172 umillllllinmtmm h 737475Primary Care - Fast Slow A MODEST 12.00 FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR EACH WALK-IN VISITS Counterclockwise from right: James McBride. M.D. - Director of Primary Care; Art Hoffman. M.D. and the gang from the Crawl-In Unit 76Believe It or Don't August 25. 1743. Archie, the 5th Duke of Wellington, (known as D5W to his intimates), inserts the first I.V. into the arm of a young boy adjudged to be "deficient in the aqueous humor." The good doctor is unfortunately awakened in his four-poster bed at 3 a.m. the following morning by a messenger from the hospital who reports that "the boye's arme is puffed—up like a sausage and the liquidde is not runnynge in." Enraged, the Duke orders the removal of the needle and no further mention is made to anyone of his invention. —Obscure Events in Medical History Episode the First Diary of Edward Darrelius Clockwise from left: Julietta Grosh. M.D. and the 'Pips' -Director of the accident dispensary; Fred Rogers. M.D., Paul Shanahan, M.D.; Tiny — 'They give me no trouble" Primary Care - Fast and Slow describes the 3rd year rotations in Primary Care and the 4th year rotation in the A.D. and Crawl-In Unit. Some students did their Primary Care rotation in Jonestown. Guiyana where the students saw many emergencies and practiced intubating on many patients. 77Right: Judy Palmer, M.D.—Pulmonary IIIIIK HO SHOKIMG mat n « A80Clockwise from left Myles Turtz. M.D. - Otolaryngology; Dr. Goldsmith tees off; Nolle; ENT is best!; Maarten Sibinga. M.D. - Gastroenterology; Fun on in-patient service?; Rosey "Adenoids" Schneier 81Right: Clamydia Deforest - Urology Below: Anna O'Riordan - Cardiology Far right: Above: 82 Norman Kendall, M.D. — Neonatology "Sorry, you got four wrong'Left: Mary Cote. M.D. Below: Jeremy Uchtman, M.D. - Mottled Cities Clockwise from above David S. Smith, M.D. Chairman; Anthony Pileggi. M.D. — Neurology; Patricia Nell. M.D. - Allergy; Lois Martin, M.D. - Ophthalmology. 83Counterclockwise from right: Rabbi Daniel V. Schid low. M.D., Ph.D —Pulmonary; Nancy Huang. M.D.-Pulmonary; Marie A. Capitanio. M.D. — Radiology; Harold Lischner. M.D.-Immunology 84I "4 Left: Victor Vaughn. M.O. Editor of Nelson's Pediatrics Clockwise from above: "Not now Michael"; Alan Gruskin, M.D.—Renal; Dr. Omdal-E.R.; Sarah Long. M.D.-Inf. Disease 85 V ?86Counterclockwise from above: A member of the Pennridge Conglomerate; Drs. Goldstein Smith; Dr. Ben Price; Mike Binder studying; Dr. Henretig - model cities; Someday; Hobart Baluarte M.D. - Renal 8788Clockwise from below: Bev-gone but not forgotten; Psych, fir 3l - largest crowd ever; Nanul Nanul; "Be honest with me' How many 'Last Saturdays' did you attend?"-. "I think its about time you start mentioning Anna Freud also!”: "Say the secret word and win a hundred dollars."The Psychiatry Service is often the most difficult of clerkships for the student to adjust to. Instead of the well-understood and familiar concepts that one is used to dealing with in other areas of medicine like carcinoma and diabetes, the clinical clerk must grapple with the nebulousities of psychoses and neuroses, and those endearing qualities which enable one to label a person clinically nuts. The Psychiatry Department has considered this problem in analytic detail and starting next semester will issue a ten—piece "Survival-Kit'' to each of its new students. It is rumored to contain: 1) One pipe replete with a 4 week supply of tobacco heavily laced with No—Doz. 2) A thesaurus detailing 1000 ways of saying "How do you FEEL about this? 3) One plastic gun for the trip to the Crisis Center. 4) A handy pocket sized Lilly conversion table for changing Thorazine doses from pounds to grams. 5) A list of 10 proverbs including "People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" and similar show stoppers. 6) One copy of the celebrated "57 Ways to Take a Mental Status After the Heart Stops Beating." 7) Advice on what to say to God's second cousin when you meet him on 2 Main South. 8) Five sure-fire "Polish" jokes to liven up any dull group session. 91 A copy of "Recreational Opportunities in Philadelphia" to all students fortunate enough to take the clerkship in the spring or summer at E.P.P.I. 10) A reprint of Dr. Freud's classic article "Penis Envy; One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison." Each kit comes handsomely packaged in a Skinner Box and may be obtained from Munchnick’s Delicatessen in their frozen foods section. Counterclockwise from right: David Soskis, M.D., famous plant psychiatrist; Anthony Panzetta. M.D., Chairman; In-patient at Horsham Hospital. 90Clockwise from above: Louise Sonnenberg, M.D.; Dr. Bill Hylbert; Allan H. Cristol, M.D. "Here's the church and here's the steeple . . Chris Mittell, Linda Hopkins. Ph.D.; Roy Steinhouse, M.D. and Leslie Lenox; Lyle Miller, Ph.D. 9!Clockwise from above: "I heard that Elaine!''; Kenneth Draper. M.D.; "Only 3.98 if you act now!' ; Louis C. Harris, M.D. 92ip 93Surgery does rhe ideal thing - it separates the patient from his disease. It puts the patient back to bed and the disease in a bottle. Logan Clendening QdClockwise from left: Julietta Grosh, M.D.; Frederick Reichle, M.D.; Drs. William Lightfoot and John Hall LUWCK KUUri MUST LET FASTER GROUPS PLAY THROUGH U 95The only weapon with which the unconscious patient can immediately retaliate upon the incompetent surgeon is hemorrhage. William Halstead TEMPLE CASE NO. 1977 C.C.: First Temple Hospital surgery clerkship for this 25 y.o. med student who presents with syncope one day PTA. H.P.I.: Patient was doing well until yesterday when he scrubbed on his first combination iliofemoral bypass and pilonidal cyst drainage. Patient noticed gradual onset of severe cramp-like pain in both arms, without radiation, associated with 5 hours of retracting, unrelieved by change in position, counting sheep or praying for salvation. Simultaneously, patient experienced revolting nausea, diaphoresis, weakness of the knees and dizziness. Patient recalls falling violently to the floor but denies chest pain, incontinence, tongue biting, lip smacking, thumb sucking and recent travels through New Jersey. Loss of consciousness lasted 5 minutes but patient remained weak for the rest of the clerkship. P.E.: Emaciated, poorly developed medical student going down the tube. Vital signs — present. HEENT - present. Rest of exam remarkably unremarkable. Impression: Acute Grepse Attack R O Myasthenia Gravis Counterclockwise from right: Robert 'Bull' Tyson, M.D. — Chairman; New surgical interns arrive on July 1st. "Give me your tired, hungry and poor." 96Clockwise from left: H. Taylor Caswell, M.D.: Frank Au, M.D., Innovator of Hyper-Au; Future patients; Vincent Lauby. M.D.; Visiting professor from Harvard Medical School; Leonard Goldman, M.D. 97FELLLOW STUDENTS Beginning to bear voices saying, "Pull harder." "Too long," "Cut shorter?” Tired o still for 3Vi or more hours? Is your back becoming permanently hunched? Are yuu increasingly severe tenesmus each day? Spending more time there and enjoying l'-‘sv WE PRESENT 8 EXCUSESTO TRY TO LEAVE THE O R.: Student's Excuse .... Surgeon’s Reply .... % Success 1) 1 must scrub out; 1 have an appointment to see the dean. OH YEAH1 Tell him Ido all rny surgery double blind. 65 2) Can 1 leave? 1 have to go to to the rectal clinic. OOOOOOH K. 50 31 Doctor, why are we standing here? The patient died 15 minutes 3go after the aneurysm ruptured. You trust the opinion of those anesthesiologists? 25 0 ' 4) May 1 go? 1 just contaminated myself by touching the light. Don’t worry. 1 just nicked the bowel. 15 5) 1 refuse to retract any longer. 1 do not learn anything from this. 61 May 1 be excused to go to a departmental conference about a patient 1 worked up in Medicine? They couldn't decide if he had psoriasis, pedis vulgis, uvulitis, or appendicitis. But he came from surgery You're not suppose to. This is how the hospital avoids hiring more O.R. technicians. It is obvious those medicine men should have operated from the start. 10 without a diagnosis. HUMPHFII 6 7) 1 have to go to see Dr. Brigham about internship applications. Don’t bother. You'll never get past Helga 2 8) If 1 don't leave in another minute. I'll shit in my pants Scrub nurse, a sterile potty for the young doctor. 0 Clockwise from left: Willis P. Maier, M.D.; Dr. Nussbaum; Robert Haiwick, M.D., Pennsylvania Director of Dale Carnegie Courses. 99'■jk®The Senior Year and Specialities102Brains Counterclockwise from left: Michael Scott. M.D.; Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery. William Buchheit, M.D.; “Baby" Truex; Wild Bill in an off momentCounterclockwise from above: "Oh those beautiful eyes'"; Unidentified student; James Cristol, M.D.; Guy Chan, M.D. —Chairman, Dept, of Ophthalmology 104Ears, Nose And Throat 105Lungs J. H. EMERSON CO. RESUSCITATORS AND IRON LUNGS CAMBRIDGE. MASS. U. S. A. 106There is really nothing 3t all to know about respiratory physiology. Just remember that FRC=RV + ERV. Now this is important only if you are aware of the fact that the VC - IV + ER V. None of this is valuable unless you can calculate the BTPS. which you must always use as a correction factor. Let us see about the Helium dilution method for the FRC. Remember FI VI ■ F2V2 ■ F2 (VI + FRC) - F2V1 + F2FRC = VI (= F) F2 You must know all of this so that you can realize the implications of the fact that FiV« = Vend x 5 4 (VI-FRC). All of which boils down to the fact that emphysema is a bad disease. 107108Far left to right: Howard Warner, M.D.; Mike Mc-Donnough, M.D.. Pop Warner closes his eyes to hear the heart; William Hammer, M.D. The purpose of these lectures is to introduce you to some of the basic problems you will find in rhythmic conduction. First and most important is the where you see elevated Q's. depressed T's and a somewhat prolonged ST segment, which is easily distinguished from the pattern of -vith it's minimally elevated Q's a slur of the QSiTs prime and a continuation of the depressed T’s. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to stop and ask as we now proceed to the double bundle tri-fasicular triple goody block, where we see the best example of the unusual configurations that the QS T prime prime with the ST and slurred U. note the U is able to take. If there are no questions, we will now proceed to the...... 109Guts Clockwise from above: Stanley Lorber, M.D. Chairman-Section of Gastroenterology; "Can you find the bullet wound?"; Robert Fisher, M.D.; "I thought you told me it was a real diamond Doc?"; Martin Black, D.O. (Editor's Note. Additional autographed photos of Dr Black available at the Temple 8ook Store or by writing in care of 'Jaundice', Box 145, Radio City Station, NYI 1 10Kidneys Clockwise from above: Christine Bastl, M D. Chairwoman-Section of Nephrology, also known as 'Princess Elfenbem’; Michael Rudnick. M.D. - "Damm! They raised the dues for Second Story Oisco again. '; Joseph Guzzo, M.D.; ''She tried."; Dr. Gwuskin tried also 111Clockwise from above: Dr. Wax man; Sam Klein and Evy Weiner find an amusing oncology story; New chairman of Hematology; Yolanda Mapp, M.D.; H. James Day, M.D.; Richard V. Smalley, M.D.-Chairman, Section of Oncology; William E. Barry, M.D. 112HormonesBones DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY P. ALBURGER M.D. M. CLANCY M 0 J. LACHMAN M.O. R. MOYER M.D. E. RESNICK M.D. H. STEEL M.D. J. TORG M.D.115CHEVALIER JACKSON CLINIC VISITING PHYSICIANS AND STUDENTS Upper right: Charles N. Norris, M.D.-Chairman of Jackson Clinic and fathei of Carl Norris. M.D. Upper left: Peter Hauslein. M.D.-Otolaryngology resident ■ 1 16117Clockwise from above: Milton Alter, M.D.-Chairman, Dept, of Neurology; "Sorry Mike, there's nothing we can do. "Would you like a molasses lollypop?": Joseph Toglia, M.D.; "I want Don Corleone dead!" 118Three natural anesthetics . . . Sleep, tainting, death. Oliver Wendell Holmes Clockwise from left: Dr. Eller; ZZzzz: Anesthesiology residents on call; Mary Reardon. M.D.; James Robert Harp, M.D.-Chairman. Dept, of Anesthesiology 119Counterclockwise from right: William Ritchie, M.D.; Harold Kundel, M.DeLeon Malmud, M.O.; Renate Soulen, M.D.; Mary Stuart Fisher, M.D.; Robert Robbins, M.D.-Chairman Dept, of Radiology and Father of Pete; Normal??; Seung Ho Lee. M.D.; Henry Woloshin, M.D.Clockwise from left. Bennett Lorber. M.D Infectious Disease; "I'm glad you all showed up today!”-, Sarah Long, M.D.; Robert Swenson. M.D,Xmas Show 76  WE THREE PROFS (tune of "We Three Kings") We 3 profs from phvsio are. Gathring quizzes from near and afar Salts increasing dogs deceasing This is what we quiz you on!! OH! COME ALL YE FRESHMENH (tune of "Come All Ye Faithful") Oh! Come all ye freshmen! Accepted and triumphant Oh come. ye. oh come ye. To Temple Med! Come and be hyper Obsessive and compulsive! Oh I Come let us ignore grades. Oh! Come let us ignore grades! Pass—Fail is the Thing!FAIR PATH TEST (tune of "White Christmas"! I'm dreaming of a fair path test Just like the ones I used to know Where the questions are clear And Honors is near And wee crock cases in the snow I'm dreaming of a fair path test With every lab I choose to go And when I read my Robbins I'll sing May all my profs be like the Mings Clockwise from above: Alias Dr. Benson; Alias Dr. Troyer; Alias E. Noble Bates; Magill; Philbin; "Your mother sucks crock-cases in Hell!George ‘The Pathologist' Mosby and Arthur "Mrs. Dr. Ming” Belber 126AWAY IN AN OFFICE {tune of "Away in a Manger") Away in an office, The big chief and head The Little Lord Sherry Of Internal Med! The junior looks up to this Great Man of Med "I'll get you good places If you do what I've said!" 127128129Basketball 130STANLEY LORBER. M.D. Dr. Lorber has been team physician for the Philadelphia 76’s since the days of Wilt Chamberlain. He has been a source of inspiration and role model not only for the students at Temple, but also for the athletes he has treated. It has been said that he is the one man responsible for Julius Erving becoming a doctor. 131 AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHER I can still visualize you standing there, casually mentioning (for the second time that day) how nice it would be to have a son-in-law. a doctor. Your style. I must admit, was as subliminal as Mrs. Portnoy’s! Remember how the girls envied you at the majong game, two days after you married me off? Momma. I must tell you that your son-in-law. the medical student came home at 3 A.M. last night. Grumpy, no less1 Was it my fault his patient was in false labor? So he says. "Did you iron my white jacket yet?" At three o'clock in the morning, your son-in-law, the medical student, greets his wife with laundry inquiries. This, I might add. is the very same wife who has worked all day, diligently scratched off one more class toward her M.A. (a doctor’s wife can't be a dummy, right?) and stood tonight, with her very last ounce of strength, making his favorite souffle for a 7:30 dinner. Yes. Mother, there is more I must tell you. During the few minutes that I have been home during the last four years, I have changed from the lovely, soft-spoken angel you raised me to be. Today, alone, I fought off two insurance agents, a mutual fund salesman and a solicitor for cemetery plots. "Where is your husband, the potential millionaire?" they eargerly request. Wouldn't the doctor be interested in buying an investment for his future?" Meanwhile, Mother, do you happen to know a nice landlord in Manhattan who h3S a one bedroom apartment for a price which will also permit us to eat (I won’t be selfish) maybe three times a week. Before I forget, your son-in-law, the medical student, (the person you told Mrs. Teitelbaum was on the verge of curing the common cold) wishes to convey a message to you. Due to the fact that they decided to make his residency a year longer, your most beautiful and intelligent grandchild - the one who will read the New York Times every night from cover to cover at age two - is being delayed until further notice. You might congratulate Mrs. Teitelbaum on our behalf. She's so young to have three grandchildren. Mother, I know exactly what you're saying. "It'll get better, dear. In the end it will all be worth it." Frankly. I'm really not looking forward to sending any more nights alone, or having cold dinners by myself. And, Mom, while the neighbors might be speculating on how lucky I am, they at least have an advantage. When they have something important to discuss, they can make an appointment1 You see, Mom, it’s not at all like you thought it would be - being married to a doctor. It’s not that the things you told me w re wrong, they simply missed the whole point. During these last four years of "putting husband through" I've learned something. A g«rl doesn't marry a doctor, she marries a very Special man ,,,______ Your loving daughterSnma MDs (Minority Doctors) Until the late 1960's, black students in United States medical schools were almost as rare as chitlins at a bar mitzvah Blacks were seen in medical classrooms only slightly more often than at Lester Maddox's lunch counter. As late as 1968, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), there were fewer than 200 black students in the nation's 114 medical schools (excluding Howard and Meharry Medical Schools, which are predominantly black), or less than two per cent of their total enrollment. The record of recruiting and accepting minority students at Temple's School of Medicine was as abysmal as that of most other medical schools. Since 1971, the School of Medicine has been making a concerted effort to recruit minority students. As a result. Temple has done its share in producing qualified minority physicians. Len Lear 136137Honor Board Far right: Jack Magee -So important for the ethical • moral standards of tomorrow's Physicians Right: Kathy 'Frieda Malony Future Homemakers Of America 138Dean’s Hour Far left: Dr. Linus Pauling Left: AI Meltzer Below: Dr. Margaret Mead Clockwise from above: Hypnosis; Dr. Baum-Chairman of Dean's Hour Committee; A captive audience; Elizabeth Kubler-Ross; Barbara in concert 139As juniors, the Class of 78 began a new tradition by performing at the annual staff outing. It was an evening filled with fun and excitement for all as the students presented a satirical look at the clinical years at Temple. Clockwise from far right. Hello Solly!; Code 4 O.P.D.; Thanks to Sharon and Richard; The real Dr. Sherry; Renga Rajan and patient Dolores Bulfant; They loved it!! 140109 f 1 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MCDtClNE AND HOSPITAL FACULTY i STAFF OUTING PHILADELPHIA CRICKET CLUB «B WJST WIUOV OROVI AVLNUI WEDNESDAY. JUNE H. 1978 - c«»i « too r « 0 in r TOO f M •roo 1411421431A MESSAGE FROM RICK HELLER Dear Graduates: There are times in all our lives when looked back upon, remain glowing in our memories with the same warmth and bitter-sweet good feeling that they had when they occurred. Even as I write, a flood of memories return, I hope it will be the same for you when you look back over the echoing years, remembering the end of your medical school days, this day of graduation. Unfortunately, I will not be able to graduate with you as I have decided to stay on an extra year to work in the new Clinical Teaching Hospital promised us during orientation back in 1975. Adventures in human relationships and medical accomplishments are ahead. We know you can meet these new, exciting challenges with confidence because of the successful years of work you have done here. As you are pleased with yourselves and blissful in the warmth of your families, so are we pleased with you and, as a family, warmly and with great affection, wish you happiness and success for the future. Fondest regards. Rick Heller 146A LETTER FROM DEAN SMITH Shayner Kinder, ■txdx IKS-' to m»v rri t k oM'n x lexer 71P .r02X?D'tt “ISJ”T •rinp x i‘K ojjt x c"x ix C"x i"v.x y no ia oxnxc ¥ "a —i7 c lyry TX )a?'oo'avx D2tc uns -Tyciyx ts?'tk orr -t:?3 px yaxixi'o tppo vwow x li'iyiTtc rsp'0C"5 X Ton cy »itx yr’c-is c,!3 7cjno x vr 2'X tx on-jx roxa 7I”V. ya'yyv. .STTK T'X SXV DyNf rx C7TTO -Vyryi ] x rj'J' Tn os rcxr x't ou'V Wftt rix xr x v ajiVycrcoyo n c'j ?yt ex' iS2"f -oo".i 73v D= TyO?X'K 3 'T -Wtt'TJX T72x ?mVw ye-'-rx nrrax ? c 'X3 'x orx to coi? inrjB'ryi -X -W. jrr'Tx X ?3U ix "s •’vne? x l'x ’ n to •'rxr-xre:x? X "0 .yv'orx'ixo •eixcn x ‘'xex -Vex nx m T'.X 7CSnC2X X» 1 3 -ta)9D tt’tl )ojnyt»'K oyoyn n'x i3?."t rc TXyajm ' i tts" o«« Love, Hugo Dunlap Smith, M.D. Clockwise from above: Dr. Barba, Dean Brigham; Rick Heller; Marvin Wachman, Ph.D.—President of Temple University. Dean Sevy -Thank you Dr. Sevy!; Dean Hugo Smith 147148TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CHECK CASHED i tility BILLS PAI 'Hill II ill '11 ju -i i i i iTTTTTTTT7j i i r m Milii.imr.iTr LSS.siiiirniij The campus is located in a quiet residential community in northern Philadelphia. As can be seen on this page amidst the bright, sparkling steel structures of the Health Sciences Center are nearby shops, restaurants. parks and finely restored 18th century colonial townhouses. 149152Counterclockwise from above: Dr. Hanson working part-time; Helga; Harriette; Cleo; The Pointer Sisters; Sol's Arlene Co. 153154The Upper Middle Class—Juniors 156157158itti160Counterclockwise from right: Lancaster General Hospital Northeastern Hospital; Episcopal Hospital; Abingtdp Country Club 162E.P.P.I. Episcopal Germantown Horsham Lancastet General Lower Bucks Nazareth Northeastern Northwestern Reading St. Christopher’s St. Luke's ALBERT EINSTEIN H rrj Van w«U Left Albert Einstein Medical Center Counterclockwise from abdve: The first attending at A.E.; German town Hospital; St. Christopher’s; The Massachusetts General Hospital 163Where We Studied• OFFICE manheim gardens I WISSAHICKOH GARDENS ErrihgerPlaC£F£rnHju.Park Midvale Apts. Indian Queen Lane Where We Slept 165PNINIQ |UBJQ 8AA B-J9MAApf HOAGIES S6Rfj00D-STERKS-CII he Treasures of SOLANKHAKUN 1  We'll return with big endowments In our Cadillacs! Erny, we love you, Parkinson, above you Kresge, with no view Beat that Jefferson! In the city gross and grimy, (HISTORICAL NOTE: Temple University School of Medicine was without an alma mater until, at the end of our four years here; we the graduating class of 1979, sensed the need to unite ourselves and our colleagues in song, harmonizing a tribute of almost spiritual magnitude that would guide us through the torture of our souls as we ginerly picked our way through the thorny trails of medical school and through a veritable lifetime dedicated to assisting the helpless, eliminating suffering, and eradicating disease. This is our quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far. To fight for the right without question or pause, to be willing to march into HELL ... uh .. . sorry! An now reprinted is your very own copy of the alma mater). Shining jewel of Philadelphia Burning Bush so bright. Guide our path as we go forward Toward that gleaming light. We II recall our treasured memories. Fondly we'll look back We love this place. It's been our only grace. We'll save the human race While we bleed the public. Temple's sons and daughters, Senors y senoras Temple, you're a mother to us all! . Temple, here's to you! Broad and Tioga Broad and Tioga Oy vey - what a zoo! People bleeding, dogs excreting. Whoops! What's on my shoe? Pay her homage by the thousands. Stand there far and few. . Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, And we'll e'er be true!This Could Be You! Our eager investigative reporters have been at it again! That’s right, we've dug up and excerpted a few of those cherished third year clinical evaluations from some of your files. Take a peek and sec if any of these seem strangely familiar to you! SURGERY The student is to be commended for holding retractors without ever asking any questions during a procedure. She was also complimented by the house staff for her great ten—minute scrub technique and her uncanny ability to place N—G tubes in the proper orifice. Although she was initially considered for honors, the student was later found to be bright, friendly, and genuinely concerned with the patients' welfare, characteristics in direct conflict with those of a good surgeon. She is also not a foreign medical graduate and was unaware that the soul is located in the pancreas. The latter especially contributed PSYCHIATRY This student demonstrated a singularly high degree of mediocrity. Defying departmental policy, he refused to rearrange his mind. His thoughts were hopelessly organized, his behavior peculiarly normal, and he invariably thought the best of people. He had difficulty in logically formulating illogical data into an accurate psychosexual construct. Furthermore, he tended to oversimplify complicated psychiatric diseases by placing them into two broad categories: "blown away" and "not blown away." On one occasion in small group conference, he directed his mental status questions toward his preceptor rather than the patient. The preceptor felt that the student often talked about him behind his back, and might even be out to get him! The department has good reason to believe that this student is part of the secret international conspiracy to destroy Psychiatry and we would recommend intensive psychotherapy including E.C.T. OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY The student did fifty more deliveries than the interns, memorized all the stages of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, and cervical cancer and showed up at all of Dr. Rajan's parties. Despite these efforts, it is obvious that he still does not know which end is up! He was understanding, considerate, and gentle with the patients, all of which disgusted the house staff. In addition, the faculty felt that his beard was messy and he dressed like a porter. The student passed the course, but only because we never want to see him again. GOOD RIDDANCE! 172PEDIATRICS Initially, the student showed great promise by submitting a twenty-two page OPD write-up to Dr. Palmer. His performance was marred, however, by his record of perfect attendance during his three weeks on out-patient service and Nursery. Later on, the student refused to learn Yiddish from Dr. Huang. This was the most ridiculous thing we ever heard. Finally, it was most unfair of him to refuse to share his toys with the department. This student would make a good hospital administrator, mouseketeer, or mean parent. INTERNAL MEDICINE The student seemed engaging, kind and compassionate toward his patients, all traits which certainly are to be discouraged. His fund of knowledge was, of course, inferior to ours. Particularly noteworthy in this regard was the fact that he knew only 98 of the 99 diseases mimicked by lupus, and could not recite chapter and verse from the New England Journal. In addition, the student was found to have fallen sound asleep on the lap of a patient during rounds as the attending discussed the recent evidence suggesting cascara sagrada therapy for acute onset kuru in Guatemalan fish-mongers. This student would make a good surgeon, obstetrician, psychiatrist, or pediatrician, but obviously he is not one of our select few. PRIMARY CARE We just had a super time with this student! The student learned to play tennis by the third week of the rotation. She even beat my associate 6-1,6-3 on one of our days off which is usually from Wednesday through Sunday. The student seemed very interested in the cases presented in our office by constantly using the phrase "That's very interesting!" This was said even after a dressing change. Considering the sacrifice this student made to travel to Miami in the dead of winter to be with us, she deserves a grade of "Honors." 173COVJ? -tS couvvts cowv.es COWVtS COWVCS cowv.es COWVeS COWteS 4 Dunnq ik pasv lout seats, mans Wndsd ns 'i«e made land unmadeV K cmavn ku ea e an Imptesslon da can ou k combated o kse classic losm ol k pas sued as Borneo and uk , Caesai and Clcopaua and G an es and t nm Glausw ke son can ma cd kse amnus couples. Knsejen are av k kuom. «mwhviw THEGOMERSCALE Instructions: Twenty points are needed for a definitive diagnosis of gomerism, while fifteen points represents a diagnosis "highly suspicious" for gomerism. Unless otherwise indicated, all points double after 3 A.M. 1. Admitting note from outpatient department ends with sorry..................................lOpts. 2. Admitting orders include "stat bath" ............2 pis. 3. Patient has been evicted from 4 nursing homes of descending class in prior 4 months ..............7 pts. 4. Tuberculosis discovered one week after successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation which included mouth- to-mouth support......................................4 pts. After unsuccessful resuscitation ...............16 pts. 5. Motile sperm in cerebrospinal fluid...................9 pts. 6. Pulls out Foley catheter with 30 cc. balloon inflated (males only) ....................................3 pts. 7. BUN greater than age +10 .......................11 pts. 8. Patient urinates on physician, roommate or visitor...............................................5 pts. On medical student....................................2 pts. 9. Semi—formed guaiac-positive stool found more than 10 ft. from bed ....................................6 pts. 10. Abdomen higher than head despite 30° elevation or diuresis greater than 75 pounds......................10 pts. 11. Old chart weighs more than body weight .........5 pts. 12. Admitted to same intern on 3 different services..............................................2 pts. 13. Fecal impaction despite ileostomy .............12 pts. 14. Drinks from his own urinal .....................3 pts. From roommate's urinal................................5 pts. If NPO or on Strict l+O at the time .............8 pts. 15. Psych consult advises commitment but refuses to accept transfer .................................4 pts. 16. Bites off mercury bulb of thermometer................2 pts. If rectal thermometer.................................9 pts. 17. Regulates own IV ...............................2 pts. Regulates roommate's IV .........................6 pts. 18. Complains of itchy teeth on review of systems ... 10 pts. 19. EEG—flat: family thinks patient improved......20 175With childlike awe we once looked toward the powerful Gods of Medicine and aspired to their greatness. Only medicine, a field with such a proud ethical and scientific crusade toward the achievement of perfection, could ever hope to satisfy noble minds such as ours. With meritorious fervor we took up the challenge to prove to all the world, or at least to certain medical admissions committees, that we were far and above the "maddening crowd" of the mainstream of human com-moness. To become a doctor, we must by definition be a great deal more than "slightly" suprahuman. But once proven to a not—too— gullible selection body, our task had just begun. We now had to strive to become that all—knowing saint who occupied the role of physician in American mythology. And strive we did, the "ooven" bones of our cranial vaults threatened at each newly acquired fact to separate and dissipate the ever growing pressures of knowledge being accumulated within their fragile margins. Oh but for the grace of God (and a smidgen of connective tissue) our minds might not have held together. At half time, the doors to the clinical years were opened. The tired, hungry, meek creatures we were being trained so masterfully to care for were finally introduced to us, so that they could benefit from the healing forces of goodness that now flowed from our fingertips ... at least that is what we hoped would flow from them. People got better, there was an intermitant halleluya for the placebo effect, and an occasional "I sure hope there is somebody around, some place, to make sure that I do no harm" prayer. But all of this was obviously due to our lack of experience, and certainly attributable to the fact that we just had not quite finished our training. A few more months would rapidly cure that. Yet, all too swiftly those months accellerated past our startled globes to occupy history, and leave us standing at the beginning of tomorrow with a few terrifying truths 176driven sharply to their marks. We hadn't received our M. Diety's . . . only our M.D.'s. It wasn't the book we'd just completed . . . only the introduction. And most terrifying of all . . . MV GOD! They were only people. Those powerful Gods of medicine we aspired to be. Those proud, ethical, scientific crusaders for perfection we strove to follow. People. Just people. Like you. Like me. Like those tired, hungry, meek creatures that we struggled so desperately to prove we were not. I hope we never forget. 177 CYRIL ABRAMS. M.D. 178To my mot her who gave me a good education, and for her upbringing. To my wife with gratitude and love for the patience and understanding you have shown through these four years, and made it all happen. 179 180KEVIN C Al-KOKI. M.D. 181Where my thoughts were during most of the Path lectures in Classroom B. This is the same look I often got making my Med I rounds at 7:00 a.m. Here is the “After” picture of the first success I had at rehabilitating a patient at EPP1. 182 I |4 yutff ri't’Mf". ‘ m vncent m. balestr.no. M.D. Be Here Now! 183M0 184RODGER BARNETTE. M.D. Trust me. I’m a Doctor Proverbs 3:5, 6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways and He shall direct thy paths. Ephesians 2:8, 9 By grace are you saved through faith -and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. not of works, lest any man should boast. 185 Stolen minutes between procedures186187ARTHUR BELBER. M.D. And it continues . . . . I hope that I am as fortunate in the tuture as I have been in the past. It started like this 188189 diyDAVID H. BEST, M.D. I dedicate this page to my loving parents for their unceasing love, self-sacrifices, encouragement and understanding for which nothing was asked in return, only my happiness. Dad, your dreams and expectations of what I could accomplish made this moment in my life all possible. May you be as proud of your son as he is of his father. Mom, for your unending love and thoughts of guidance, I can only say, “Thank you Mom.” 190Oh, come with old Kayyam, and leave the Wise To talk; one thing is certain, that Life flies; One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies; The Flower that once has blown for ever dies. Macabre illustration by Edmund J. Sullivan for Quatrian XXVI of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, by Edward Fitzgerald. London, 1859. k 4 i MICHAEL BINDER. M.D. 191Mac and Butch 192■ They don’t make them any finer than this. I’m a very lucky guy! £ b LEO P. BIDULA JR., M.D. DONA-MOM-DAD-RON “To make a great dream come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream; The second is persistence, faith in a dream.” Ace and Flash 193 -Thank you for believing in my dream—■ t M. ). 194JENNY L. BOYLE, M.D. The Fear of Flying At the airport, ready to leave on my little trip, I tell you goodbye and start to get in line at the Door, our relationship so old we don’t kiss, when my neart goes crazy with pain and fear, jumps in my throat, my stomach heaves, I want to get out of this frozen skin and run for the heat of your body, and yet I can't. Every time I'm about to get on a plane, it s the same, sick terror. I’ve got to know what brings on such hysteria, what in God’s name is the matter with me. It’s not the fear of death. You've rehearsed me so often that with your false springs, your icy changes of heart and face, I’m boreef at the though of there being no more me to see and feel them. It’s not as if we were young and couldn’t bear to part — far from it. We’ve been yoked together so long it doesn’t even hurt that we forget ever)' anniversary. There were good years together, one has to remember that towards the end, surely — moondazzle, peach weather, brilliant moons, eloquent storms, sweet new spears of tenderness All the lovely tilings, natural and trite, one has to believe, I guess, make life worth living, make it worth our while to have come to middle age with such brutal knowledge of one another. How well 1 know each clever image you present in public, the four parts you play (none of them now for me): The cool, brittle disillusioned roue, handsome as a fall tree. with secret softness beneath, to be found and nursed into late bloom, much rarer of course than April’s callow ground. by someone in the room . . . My world, my senses home, familial monster, it would seem that I still love you, and, like a schoolgirl deep in her first despair. I hate to go above you. —Mona Van Duyn 196197199Today is just a moment in my life A moment to reflect on the past And thank my family and friends for All their support and enthusiasm. A moment to look at yesterday and ponder over the things that could nave been done. This moment gives me a chance to project my thoughts into the future And work for the goal to provide A much needed service to a deserving people This moment would not have been without the support of Family and Friends like you. Together We Struggle, Raymond D. Brown, M.D. 200 rLet us drink and sing the song of remembrance to Spring’s carefree sowing, and Summer’s watchful tending, and Autumn’s reward in harvest. 201 ■q'w-6 . In some ways it’s been a rough ride. Thanks to the people who made it easier. Elliott Brownstein 202MARK E. CAINE. M.D. 203 204This is a time to celebrate Our love, faith and understanding And to know that through these All our dreams arc possible. Mama and Daddy B.W. CAVANAGII. M.D. Roberta Rosalind, Doug. Alvcia and Douglas 205 AH jujitsu Black Belt Instructor Society of the Martial Arts 7 BECOMES 11 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 4 YEARS BA TEMPLE PHARMACY _3_ 7 YEARS BS TEMPLE MEDICAL 4 11 YEARS MD 206Thanks ever so much for your endurance, love and understanding. Home Sweet Home in Africa CHIKA—CHRISTINE CHIMA, M.D. I dedicated myself, not only to strive for the goals I have set But to meet them and set even more. Not only to hold to the dreams I have had But to dream greater dreams than before. Not only to take what this life can provide But through God’s grace to love, and to generously give. I traced the path and sought for a dream The years seemed long and dreary but the Lord is with me I saw a faint light and followed it, through hardship, homesickness Frustrations and perseverance I weakly and courageously Walked until I found the fountain that satisfied my dreams. 207 —Christine—Chika O. Chima •cfh b.uAix| DANIEL S. CONTRAFATTO, M.D. Love: Working together for the benefit of each other. Family: There are those who give with joy and joy is their reward. Studying: Endless hours to fulfill boundless dreams. 2083 21 78 Doctor Today you became a doctor The first time in 19 years of school you felt it. You are there baby, hang on in there, I am behind you. You just won’t let me be beside you. I’ll always remember you Cause I smiled today I was happy I thought of you Dedications to the Positron People in My Life for Making This All Possible My Mother (Lottie Mae Cooper) ‘‘It happened all because of you" ROBERT L. COOPER. M.D. My Sisters and Brothers Willie, Billy, Jean. Rufus, Robin. Stephanie. Mark “Thank you for believing in me" The Family "God bless you for the love you’ve given me” The Support Group Dennis, William. Winston, Pam "Alone I Struggle — Together We Survive" Toni Ramcharan (Butterfly) Thanks for KJLH, mind probes, positron therapy and most of all for your love “Sometimes........... When you reach for a dream You have to leave Something behind . . . .” TO YOU MOTHER To whom do you turn in time of trouble Whom do you call when something on your mind This wonderful lady who never says no The one person in fife to whom you can go She’s always there showing she cares Whenever you’re hurt Her heart's filled with tears I'm so lucky that God has given me you There is nothing in life I could ever do To show how much I really love you I thank you each day for giving me life Always willing to sacrifice You seem to understand all my fears And always greet me with smiles and cheers You. the mother of creation Whom I can turn to for consolation Be proud dear one Hold your head high With all of beauty, you have nothing to hide Cause Mothers like you come but one in a lifetime . 209A Physician's Prayer Thank you, O Lord, for the privilege of being a doctor — for letting me serve as your instrument in ministering to the sick. May I always treat with reverence the human life which you have brought into being. Keep me constantly alert to see that the sacred right to live is never violated for even the least individual. Deepen my love for people so that I will always give myself gladly and generously to those stricken with illness and suffering. Help me to listen patiently, diagnose carefully, prescribe conscientiously and follow through faithfully. Teach me to blend gentleness with skill, to be a doctor with a heart as well as a head. —Anonymous IU Li E N TmE C» v £= AnD EvfCv MOfrflNG ILL GerriDP ' I i5€T ' 0i6 I.M vjOtNo TO 3c A hUMBlE liTTlC COUNTRY V DOCTOa j TMEN ILL $TAi?t healing PECaE .ill HEAL EVKYBOW pcr miles around: CLIMP INTO AWSKKTS CAR ANC .ocvw into The country; 210 © 1959 united Feature Syndicate. Inc.211 WILLIAM E. CZELEN, M.D. 212213214And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another . . . Kahlil Gibran Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune. But I say to you that when you work you fulfill a part of earth's furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was bom . . . Work is love made visible. DARLA K. DF.C.OSKEY, M.D. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work . . . 215Formation Hiding a Water Buffalo and not smiling. Preparation Socialization CHARLES N. DENNY, M.D. 216 Watching a Water Buffalo and smiling.217 ANTHONY DiGEORGE, M.D. When I was ten years of age I looked at the land and the rivers, the sky above, and the animals around me and could not fail to realize that they were made by some great power. 1 was so anxious to understand this power that I questioned the trees and the bushes. It seemed as though the flowers were staring at me, and I wanted to ask them “Who made you?” I looked at the moss—covered stones; some of them seemed to have the features of a man, but they could not answer me. Then I had a dream, and in my dream one of these small round stones appeared to me and told me that the maker of all was Wakan Tanka, and that in order to honor him I must honor his works in nature. The stone said that by my search I had shown myself worthy of supernatural help. It said that if I were curing a sick person I might ask its assistance, and that all the forces of nature would help me work a cure. By: Tatanka—ohitika, or Brave Buffalo, a Sioux Indian, who was a prominent medicine man of the Standing Rock Reservation, as had been his father. 218To Tasha 1 love you for what you are, but I love you yet more for what you Are going to be. I love you not so much for your Realities as for your ideals. I pray for your desires that they May be great, rather than for your Satisfactions, which may be so Hazardously little .... We are going forward toward Something great. I am on the Way with you, and I love you. —Carl Sandberg EDWARD J. DONAHUE. M.D. To Christopher: .. . “Live As I have taught you To. — It’s a short dash Dig your starting holes Deep and firm Lurch out of them Into the straight away With all the power That is in you. Look straight ahead To the finish line. Think only of the goal Run straight Run high Run hard Save nothing And finish With an ecstatic burst That carries you Hurtling Through to Victory ..." 219220A TOAST To all those to whom I owe appreciation. To the experience of delayed gratification. To the fund of knowledge acquired. And especially to have been inspired To deliver health care. —J. Duckett 221 ’fr'ucA? Omxi I?- FRANK R. EBERT. M.D. 222r _ DAVID S. E1NG0RN, M.D. 223JEFFREY D. FREID, M.D. 225GARY II. FRIDAY, M.D. American Heartbreak by I angston Huges I am the American heartbreak — The rock on which Freedom Stumped its toe — That Jamestown made Long ago. Motto by I-angston Huges I play it cool And dig all jive — That's the reason I stay alive My motto As I live and learn Is Dig and be dug In return 226mm GEORGE M. GAVIN. M I). 227 228i DAVID GOODRICH, M.D. 230Love and thanks to my husband Garv, the most tolerant and encouraging of men; to my son, Joshua — artist, sage, and child—physician; and to my parents. Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Weiss, grandparents nonpareil. Thanks also to Roy Roders, my personal caterer for the last four years. Joyce M. Grabar JOYCE M. GRABAR. M D. 231 Thanks lo all of our friends MARTHA McCOLLOUGH GRABSKI, M.D. To my parents and most of all to Bill. 232233GARY L. GREEN, M I). Hunting with "Sam” 234Mom, my sister Carmen and brother Greg My sister Carmen My sister Gwendolyn, my nephew Stefan, and my two nieces, Lesley and Tiffany WENDY L. GREEN. M.D. Dr. Szubuike L. F.zicfe ("Azu"), the man in my life. My Mother and Father, to whom this page is dedicated with all my love. "Special note of appreciation” to those who have been especially kind throughout the years. To name a few. Cleo Clark (who’s been like a second mother), Drs. Gennaro and Altha Gobantcs. my cousins who passed this way before me, Bea. my cousin who’s like an aunt. The Brittons, and the Samuel Abrams Foundation, etc. 235236To Ellen. My wife. My rock, My love, My life. Thanks for being with me through everything. MAURICE D. GROSS, M l). 237 238 T.S. ElliotThe Passions of My Life THE DAILY CHUCKLE Obstetricians prove that men are not born tree. ELAINE R. HALTMAN, M l). 239240STEPHEN A. HEACOX, M.D. 241My beloved family. I love you for the energy that you have given freely to me. Me and Ellen My beautiful wife, Leslie and daughter, Ellen “Poopcy" llenriquez 242 Many thanks to Salome Henry (my grandmother) and Beatrice Thwaites—Bronstorph without whose love and help I would never have gotten to this point.RE1NALD0 HERNANDEZ, M.D.KENNETH HERR, M l). 244245DAVID L. HITZ, M.D. 246247DANIEL J. HOWLEY, M.D. That’s Atherosclerosis??? 248ROBERT B. HULL. M.D. Gudrun with Bobby — Applied OB 249 (Tui irrnf{ 3 250 The Little White (Corvair) BusNo Responsibilities! ! My favorite threesome My son, Nick, discussing a pertinent pediatric problem with Dr. Vaughan; Hi — Ohh, Heidi . . . . Away!! 251 mwsimmsEUf Yromisc y outsell lo be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Ao talkVv o vV ,happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your fiends feel that there is something in them. To ook at the sunny side o everything and make yout optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best and expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a snule. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you.have no time to cr'it'icw.c others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. 757. - Christian 1). Larson253rf-b. RUSSELL A. JOHNSON, M.D. 254MICHELE HACK LEY JOHNSON, M.D. 255MICHAEL J. KALSON, M.D. Life’s Simple Pleasures .... Are t he l»esi Little things make you Forget all the rest. Holding hands, another try Feeling love and knowing why. A sunny day, alone in thought Finding someone you've Always sought. A friendly smile, passing A test. Yes, life’s simple pleasures Are Surely the best. 256JESSE ALLEN KANE. M.D. 257258 With the family.WILLIAM A. KRAMER, M.D. 259JOSEPH KORT, M.D. 260 kV261 262GOYA AKMA - You’ve moved it and improved it. HENRY KURUSZ III, M.D. Lady — tell me about petite .. . Possibilities? .. . hardly, how about realities. 263264I would like to thank my wife, Darlene; my son, Andy; my mother, father and brother whose prayers and support have meant so much to me in the past four years. 265266Debbi I 267CHARLES LINGUITI, M.D. 268Pursuing M.S. in Pharmacology STEPHEN M. LIPKIN, M.D. “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” Edgar Allan Poe Betty and Steve: Just the two of us “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year's words await .Another voice." 269 QV 5? Oct udt 270JOHN T. MAG 11.1. IV, M.D Mr. Mrs. John T. Magi 11 III Mom “They say everything can be replaced They say even.- distance is not the end. So I remember every face of ever man who put me here.” — Bob Dylan The Last Waltz 271“Mom and Dad” I’d like to thank my parents, and especially my wife, for all that they have done. JOHN MALJOVEC, M.D. 272The two who nude it all possible. With Bruce £ KATHLEEN A. MALONEY. M.D. Before Medical School After . . . 273 As I look back on my life, one of the most constant and powerful things I have experienced within myself is the desire to be more than I am at the moment — an unwillingness to let myself remain where I am — a desire to do more, learn more, express more — a desire to grow, improve, accomplish, expand. I used to interpret this inner push as meaning that there was some one thing out there I wanted to do or be or have. And I have spent too much of my life trying to find it. But now I know that this energy within me is seeking more than the mate or the profession or the religion, more even than pleasure of power or meaning. It is seeking out more of me; or better, it is flushing out more of me. H. Prather ROBERT E. MANNHERZ, M.D. Thanks my dear, for your support. 274 JOHN MARINO. M l). 275 DANIEL L. MARTIN, M.D. Medicine probably confronts one with raw humanity as much as any other profession. A physician’s mind - set and abstracted ideals — can be continually challenged with the essential realities of life, death, joy, suffering. So even though my medicine experience has planted seeds of cynicism, that’s where its at, and it makes me nappy. 276My mother M MARK W. MARTINSON, M.D. My wife. Beth and daughter, Heidi. 277 A very special girl. 278 The Three Muskateers“a journey of a thousand miles . . . DAVID MAURY. M.D. 279 A5). Klr(XwJ3?oi Nu) 280oul "WW V V ) CURT D. MILLER. M.D. X yvV 2wx „ V 282283I thought to sit, and here to write some heavy thoughts — so deep! So philosophical! Of light and truth! (lest they be held apochryphal!) and so (thought I), this best be good! But lo. . . in spite of all the thought that could (I thought) be brought to bear — as thus it should .... Just words came out, but I’ll not fret, I simply haven’t that much wisdom (yet)! And so... I’ll labor, love, and learn — to live, and commit myself, always my best to £ive — or try ... that when I die ...Id like to leave a legacy of faith and hope — to my children, maybe my people — To believe! And thus be free. This to a better world, I pray, I may bequeath (There’ll be no need for me to bereave)! GSM 6 28 78 GEORGE SAMUEL MOSBY III, M.D. May I Always Honor . . . 284 . My Mother Evelyn Mosby 285286RICHARD W. NAGLE. M.D. 287288A true rugger hugger. Roots ALLEN NUSSBAUM. M.D. My big brother Burt, sister Diane and nephew Craig. Guido the lil Italian meatball, his dentist, and friends. Gregg) Panzy about to demonstrate a backdive the hard way. 289The two smiles that made it worthwhile: My wife Michelle and daughter Nancy. JOSEPH H. NEJMAN, M.D. My sisters. Grace and Joyce A lift to school with Grandpop. The real me. Celebrating acceptance to Med School with Dad. Mother and Grandpop. 290291m.7) My mother, Florence. My father, Lou. My deepest gratitude to the following people: Mike Ifcanyi Nvvaka (brother) Chuks Susan Nwaka (brother sister-in-law) Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Plummer Dr. Prince Brigham Dr. C. Harakef Mrs. Lucretia Saunders Thank you all for standing by me when the going was rough and never doubting that I could make it. Lastly, thank you. Temple University, for everything. God Bless You All! 292293WENDY PANZER STEPHENSON, M.D. low-up fa mferite bt fa£ idk ft) fa OtoU| fim btj'km'rtk wdc 294295JOHN PARKER. M.D. I wish to dedicate this page to Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior. The heavens are telling the glory of God and the firmament proclaims his handiwork. —Psalm 19 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — His eternal power and divine nature — have been dearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men arc without excuse. — Romans 1:20 296297kg. Pec bh W£ I dedicate this page to my wife, Ruthann, who saw me through it all. KARL RICHARD PECHT, M.D. God’s Country, our roots in Mifflin County. Pa. Still innocent here, age 7. Our wedding after Freshman Year, June 19, 1976. Ruthann behind Lynwood Gardens where we live. Also my favorite Nurse (worked at Rolling Hill Hospital) 298 299 Q U ' n(jJU dZ 300I’ve heard new born babies wailing like a morning dove And old men with broken teeth stranded without love. Do I understand your question, man, it is hopeless and forlorn Come in, she said. I'll give you shelter from the storm. —Dylan JOSEPH F. PHILBIN, M.D. My wife, who shares equally in this accomplishment. Her understanding, encouragement, and love arc my greatest strength. Thank you, Donna. Mom and Dad. Thanks for Everything! 301Jimmy Bjorn Biochcm 302Angie, you’re a dear friend, and an exceptional woman. ROBERT C. PRINGLE, M.D. 303C At P- 304305 Two wild and cra-a-a-zy guys!Anybody seen my Clementes 3061 4 WW This page is gratefully dedicated to my beloved parents. PETER L. ROBBINS. M.D. 307KENNETH R0SENSTE1N, M.D. 308BRUCE ROSENTHAL, M.D. To that one individual who has been my greatest teacher, and whose love shall be a source of everlasting inspiration— MY MOTHER 309 ' ' ‘r 310311.Mark Van Younkins 1954-1975 To whose spirit I dedicate my page- Q 2T STEVEN RYAVE, M.D. Many's the time I’ve been mistaken and many times confused. Yes, and I’ve often felt forsaken and certainly misused. Oh, but I’m alright. I’m alright I’m just weary to my bones, Still, you don't expect to be bright and bon vivant, so far away from home. So far away from home. 312I shall pass through this world but once .... If therefore, there he any kindness I can show. Or any good thing I can do, Ix;t me do it now .... For I shall not pass this way again. Ex Libris 3 I 313(UUJ' 314“Security, Mortal’s Chief cst Enemy" I 315 BHTSY L. SCHLOO. M.D. "For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge . . Proverbs 1:72 (KJV) My special thanks to: God . . . My Parents . . . My Family . . . 316Thanks, Mom and Dad! My loving and supportive wife, Lynnic. MICHAEL D. SHAPIRO, M.D. 317Discharge Summary RICHARD SHEINBAUM. M.D. Did you ever stop And wonder where you were Then continue And wonder when you’d stop United like fusion Then emitted as electrons To new horizons . . . 318JAMES H. SMALLWOOD, M.D. My main motivation: without her. the dream would not have come true. This page is dedicated to you; Yoyo and Pogo. I love you. Your sacrifice was the greatest of all. Mv Roots Loving Grandmothers. They started it. long ago. Mom, and the brothers Woods 320 To J. Lee and Joseph B. and D.M. who had the faith, my deepest appreciation.He his achieved ucco» who h » lived w u, lau hed often and loved such; who ha enjoyed the truth of pure soaen, the respect of intelligent sen. «nd the love of little children; who hi filled hi niche and aceonplished hi task; who ha left the world a better place than he found It; whether by ar. Inproved poppv. a pretty poett, or a rescued oul; wno ha never lacked appreciation of the earth- beauty or failed to expres it; who ha ilwav looked for the best in other ; and given then the belt he had; wno- life .a an inspiration; who' -.eaory i Benediction; 321322Thanks to my family, friends arid teachers, and most of all. to my patients. MADELINE SIMASEK. M.D. 323DEBORAH A. SMITH. M.D. 324Keeping up with the latest news! Testing my new treatment for insomnia!! Doing what I do best! My wife. Donna, and I DANIEL M. SPATZ, Jr.. M.D. Thanks. Mom and Dad 325 QU A326Remember all the good times! 327WILLIAM SPIEGEL, M.D. To my R—1 and R—3: Thanks for “rounding” out my four years. 328JERRY STREET. M l). 329DOR KIT HAITI STF.RNF.R, M.D. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having Laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do-. Forgetting what lies behind and reaching Forward to what lies ahead, I press on Toward the goal for the prozc of the Upward call of God in Jesus Christ. Philippians 3:13, 14 We would like to offer our gratitude and express our deepest love to our parents, who have sacrificed, encouraged, supported, strengthened, and loved us far beyond our full understanding. It is to them that we humbly dedicate our pages of this yearbook. As special as ncuroanatomy is to freshman year, “AREA 39” is to us. We consider ourselves richly blessed by this group of very dear friends. Wc pray for God s fullest blessings for you in all things. 330TODD MITCHELL STERNER. M.D. We have spent these past four years learning about the human being from the best textbooks and teachers that medicine can provide. Yet wc have learned much more than this during our years at Temple. Wc have found that God expressed an amazing love for even-one of us through the death and resurrection of His Son. Jesus Christ. We have dedicated our lives, our marriage, and our careers to the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because He paid the price of our sin on Calvary to give us eternal life with Him. "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23. To those who have taught us. wc give our sincere thanks. To our God, wc give all praise, glory, and honor. For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory That has overcome the world — Our Faith. I John 5:4 331RICHARD STURTZ, M.D. 332 in S. £ MICHAEL J. SUTULA. M.D. LEISURE What is this life, if. full of care. Wc have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows. No time to see, when woods we pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass. No time to see in broad daylight. Streams full of stars, like skies at night. No time to turn at Beauty's glance. And watch her feet, how they can dance. No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eyes began. A poor life this if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. w.h. da vies 333Thank you for the Primary-Care Concepts course! BRAXTON H. TABB, M.D. 334That’s the last time I get my hair cut. The only one in town. ALAN J. THORNER. M.D. Boy was I thirsty! It can't lx- all that bad. 335  Thanks, and much love, to Tony, my son and Joy, to my mother, to my wonderful loving sisters and brothers, and to my friends. 336337 V. HxJ2 % £ BRIAN H. TOOLE. M.D. And a good time was had by all. For Mom. compliments of Tracy. Thanks to my family, especially Mom and Dad who helped finance this adventure. To my friends and classmates I wish the best of luck and all the good things that life can bring. Hasta la vista. 338Thanks! JOSEPH ANTHONY TREAT. M.D. 339My older sister -Even back then, she kept me dressed in the height of fashion. . And there is Michael -There is no end to what we can do together. I am the sum total of those who are closest to me - any success of mine is a success of theirs. My Parents — They raised me well, then gladly gave me away. My younger brothers— Familial training in handling non-compliance. EILEEN MULHERN TYLER, M.D. 340Thanks to parents who cared, To Eileen who shared, To John who inspired. 341PAULM. VAUGHAN, M.D. 342My family, friends, Mr. Howard Dr. Simmons — Thank you for continuing to have faith in me. GLORIA J. WASHINGTON. M.D. Till- ROAD NOT TAKEN Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it beat in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair. And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for mat, the passing there Had worn them really about the same. And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if 1 should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence; Two roads diverged in a wood, and 1 I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost 343MILTON D. WATKINS, M.D. 344MARTIN WEINGARTEN, M l). 345346347348Ulrn cathedral, 1976 The past four years have been an intellectual feast. As vc begin work in the sen ice of healing, I want to thank my wonderful parents and many others, to whom I owe so much, and who inspired me. I offer the cheer: “To Life!” SAMUEL MAYHEW WILSON. M.D. 349 '-q UA noiseless patient spicier. I marked where on a little promontory it stood isolated, Marked how to explore the vacant vast surrounding It launched forth filament, filament, filament out of itself, Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them! And you, O my soul where you stand. Surrounded, detached, in measureless oceans of space Coursclcssly musing, returning, throwing, seeking the spheres to connect them Till the bridge you will need be formed, till the ductile anchor hold. Till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere, O my soul. —Walt Whitman MICHAEL J. YAROS. M.D. High School Life has loveliness to sell. all beautiful and splendid things. Blue waves whitened on a cliff, soaring fire that sways and sings. And children’s faces looking up. holding wonder like a cup. life has loveliness to sell, music like a curve of gold, Scent of pine trees in the rain eves that love you, arms that hold, And for your spirit’s still delight. Holy thoughts that star the night. Spend all you have for loveliness, buy it and never count the cost; For one white singing hour of peace count many a year of strife well lost, And for a breath of ecstasy Give all you have been or could be. —Sara Teasdale Getting my sister’s goat. 350351 M.b 352 BURT HARDEN. M.D.We are born into a life. The life is waiting there. We don’t pick it, wc step into it: parents, first born or last, the part of the country, the part of the world, our appearance, the efficiency of our brain. Then a time comes when we realize that wc also have choices. When I was growing up I was taught that to do good was not enough; one hail to be good, and I was told that if a person was good, that is, if to the best of their ability they were gentle, honest, patient, forgiving, they would have reached the highest state possible to reach on this earth . . . and in so far as I am able to judge my inner state. 1 did become a better person. 353 LEAH M. VAUGHAN. M.D.IN MEMORIAM RICHARD PFAU 1952-1977 Rich caught the research bug (a fatal disease) during sophomore year and decided to take off a year and work as a lab technician. He will not be a member of the Class of 79. God be with you Rich. We will always remember you. 354OATH OF HIPPOCRATES I swear by Apollo the physician, •nr. Aesculapius, and Hygeia. and Pan and all the gods and goddesses, according to my ability and judgm will keep this oath and this stipulatio reckon him who taught me this equally dear to me as my parent share my substance with him and his necessities if required; to look his offspring as my own brothers teach them this Art, if they shall learn it, without fee or that by precept, lecture, and every mode of instruction I will knowledge of the Art to my own and those of my teachers, and to bound by a stipulation and oath mg to the law of medicine, but to others. I will follow that regimen which according to my and judgment I consider for the of my patients, and abstain whatever is deleterious and will give no deadly medicine to asked, nor suggest any such counsel in like manner I will not give to a wy a pessary to produce abortion, purity and with holiness I will life and practice my Art. I will persons laboring under the stone, leave this to be done by men practitioners of this work. Into houses I enter I will go into thum benefit of the sick and will every voluntary act of corruption; and further, from the lion of females and males of free slaves. Whatever, in connection professional practice or not in with it, I see or hear in the life which ought not to be spoken of I will not divulge, as reckoning such should be kept secret, continue to keep this oath may it be granted to me to enjoy li the practice of the Art, respected men and all times. But should I and violate this oath may the my lot. msmm fMm mm @2Kiss today goodbye The sweetness and the sorrow Wish me luck the same to you But I can't regret What I did for love Look my eyes are dry The gift was ours to borrow Its as if we always knew And I won't forget What I did for love Love, love is never gone As we travel on Love's what we'll remember Kiss today goodbye And point me toward tomorrow We did what we had to do Won't forget Can't regret Wh3t I did for loveILdTHE CREATORSEditor-in-Chief - DAVID H. 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ALTMAN Johns Hopkms University Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Pediatrics KEVIN C. AURORI Pennsylvania State University Martland Modical Center Newark. New Jersey Orthopedics JOSEPH J. BAEM Kenyon College Abmgton Memorial Hospital Abmgton. Pennsylvania Obstetr ics-Gynecotogy VINCENT BALESTRINO University of Pittsburgh St. Margaret Memorial Hospital Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Family Practice NEIL L. BARG Muhlenberg College Univ. of Michigan Affil. Hospitals Ann Arbor. Michigan Internal Medicine RODGER E BARNETTE Trenton State College Temple Univorsily Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Anesthesiology BRUCE J.8ARRIS LaSalle College Univ Connecticut Affil. Hospitals Farmington. Connecticut Family Practice SAMUEL M.BARST Haverfprd College Presbyterian Hospital New York. New York Pediatrics ARTHUR 0. 8ELBER Franklin Marshall College Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine HARRY J. BELL Colgste University Syracuse Medical Center Syracuse. New York Pediatrics DAVID H BEST Frankim Marshall College First Postgraduate Yea Lenox Hill Hospital New York. New York Surgery Residency Pittsburgh Eye and Ear Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Otolaryngology LEO P BIDULA West Virginia University Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine MAUREEN M MCNULTY BlOULA Mary-wood College first Postgraduate Year Presbyterian Univ. of Pa. Med Ctr. Phiiadetphra, Pennsylvania Internal Mcdione Residency Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Radiology MICHAEL J. BINDER Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dartmouth-Huchcock Center Hanover. New Hampshire Pathology CATHY A BLOOMOUIST Pennsylvania State University USC-Los Angeles City Medical Center Los Angeles. California Pediatrics WALTER R. BOHNENBLUST Albright College Reading Hospital Rearing, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine JENNY L. BOYLE Temple University Presbyterian Univ ot Pa Med. Ctr Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Flexible SAMUEL O. 8RICKER Temple University St. Margaret Memorial Hospital Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Family Practice RANDY 8RISTER Temple University Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pediatrics LEONARD BRODY Temple University Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Anesthesiology RAYMONO BROWN Temple University Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Obstetrics-Gynecology RONALD BROWN Lincoln University Harlem Hospital New York. Now York Flexible ELLIOT BROWNSTEIN University of Pennsylvania Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine MARK E- CAINE Muhlenberg College Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Obstetrics-Gynecology CHARLESM CALLAHAN U. of Rochester Assoc. Programs Rochester. New York Pediatrics BURMA H. CAVANAGH Queens College Carney Hospital Boston. Massachusetts Internal Medicine ROBERT C. CHANTIGIAN Temple University Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Rochester. Minnesota Anesthesiology UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Duke llniuereitg Jflcbieal Center 378 DURHAM NORTH CAROLINA 27710 The University of VermontCHIKA CHRISTY CHIMA $l. Joseph's College Veterans Administration Hospital Long Beach, California Internal Medione DANIEL CONTRAFATTO Pennsylvania State University C.W.R. University Hospital Cleveland, Ohio Internal Medicine ROBERT L COOPER Cornell University Public Health Baltimore, Maryland Flexible RICHARD A. CRANDALL Gettysburg College Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster. Pennsylvania Family Practice GERARDJ CRINER University of Pittsburgh Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine WILLIAM CZELEN University of Pittsburgh Georgetown University Hospital Washington. D.C. Anesthesiology JOSEPH DADAY University of Notre Dame Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania Family Practice DARLA DECOSKEY University of Pittsburgh C.W.R. University Hospital Cleveland. Ohio Internal Medicine LEON G. DEMASl St Joseph's College Hahnemann Medical College Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine CHARLESF OENNY Villanova University Public Health San Francisco. California Flexible CRAIG A DERR Pennsylvania State University Reading Hospital Reading, Pennsylvania Internal Medione ANTHONY M. DIGEORGE Temple University Children's Center Hosptal Boston. Massachusetts Pediatrics EDWARDJ DONAHUE Villanova University Presbyterian -St Lukes Hospital Chicago, llinois Surgery CRAIG F DONATUCCI University of Pennsylvania Public Health San Franosco. California Surgery JOYCE A DUCKETT Temple University Mercy Catholic Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine FRANK EBERT Temple University Madigan Army Medical Center Tacoma. Washington Surgery DAVIDS EINGORN LaSalle College First Postgraduate Year Presby U of Pa Medical Ctr Phiiadelph.a. Pennsylvania Surgery Residency Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Orthopedics VICTOR J. FARALLI University of Pennsylvania Allentown Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Flexible JEFFREY FREIO University of Scranton Reading Hospital Reading. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine GARY H FRIOAY Columbia University Harlem Hospital New York. New York Internal Medicine GEORGE M GAVIN University of Pittsburgh St Margaret Memorial Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Family Practice HARRIS GELLMAN Temple University Hosp. of University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Orthopedics MARY 0 GLODEK Bucknell University Reading Hospital Reading. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine DAVID C. GOODRICH Franklin Marshall College University of Virginia Hospital Charlottesville Virginia Anesthesiology MARTHA M. GRA8SKI Geneva College 8rooke Army Medical Center San Antonio. Texas Internal Medione WILLIAM GRABSKI Geneva College Brooke Army Medical Center San Antonio, Texas Internal Medicine JOYCE M GRABAR University of Pennsylvania Fust Postgraduate Year Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton. Pennsylvania Internal Medione Residency Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Ophthalmology GARY L GREEN Franklin Marshall College Malcolm Grow USAF Medical Center Washington. D.C Family Practice WENDY GREEN Lincoln University Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. California Pediatrics GARY S GREENE Temple University Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Radiology 525 EAST 68th STREET NEW YORK NY 1002’ Tin: NEW YORK HOSPITAL-CORNELL MEDICAL CENTER STANFORD UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER 300 Pasteur Drive Stanford. California 94305 University of Pittsburgh 379MAURICE 0. GROSS Albright College Abmgton Memorial Hospital Abmgton, Pennsylvania Family Practice STEVEN C. HALBERT Albright College Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton, Pennsylvania Internal Medicine OORRIT E HALE Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine ELAINE R. HALTMAN Pennsylvania State University Temple University Hosoitol Obstetncs-Gynecology PAUL HARDEN University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill N. Carolmia Memorial Hospital Chapel Hill. North Carolina Obstetrics-Gynecology GEORGE HARR Pennsylvania State University Univ. of Virginia Hospital Charlottesville. Virginia Internal Medicine STEPHEN A. HEACOX Washington Jefferson College Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton, Pennsylvania Surgery HUMBERTO E HENRIQUEZ Lincoln University George Washington Univ. Hospital Washington. D.C. Internal Medicine REINALOO HERNANDEZ Hunter College Martin Luther King Hospital Los Angelos. California Obstetrics-Gynecology KENNETH P. HERR Franklin Marshall College Univ. of Rochester Assoc. Hosp. Prog. Rochester. New York Obstetncs-Gynecology JOHN S. HICKEY St Joseph’s College St. Christopher’s Hosptal for Children Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Pediatrics DAVID L. HITZ Wheaton College Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania Family Practice JEFFREY E H0LM8ERG Washmton Jefferson College First Postgraduate Year U. of Colorado Affil, Hospitals Grand Junction. Colorado Family Practice Residency St. Many’s Medical Center Grand Junction. Colorado Family Practice DANIEL J. HOWLEY Franklin Marshall College Ouke University Medical Center Durham. North Carolina Internal Medicine ROBERT HULL Williams College Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center San Antonio. Texas Pediatrics KENNETH HYLBERT Pennsylvania State University Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Psychiatry LORENZ N.IANNAHONE St. Joseph's College Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Surgery JOHN JACKSON Lincoln University Northeastern Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Family Practice JAMESJOHNS U.S. Military Academy Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center Denver. Colorado Surgery MICHELE HACKLEY JOHNSON University of Delaware Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Radiology RUSSELL A. JOHNSON Howard University Albert Ernstem Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine MICHAEL J KALSON Emory University First Postgraduate Year Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Surgery Residency Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Orthopedics JESSE A. KANE Temple University William Shands Hospital Gainesville. Florida Obstetrics-Gynecology SAMUEL KLEIN University Hospitals Boston. Massachusetts Internal Medicine JOSEPH F. KORT Rensselaer Polytech Institute Conemaugh Valley Hospital Johnstown. Pennsylvania Family Practice KAREN KOTLOFF Washington University Hospitals of University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Psychiatry WILLIAM A KRAMER St Joseph's College St. Margaret Memorial Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Family Practice KENNETH B KURICA Juniata College St. Joseph's Hospital Denver. Colorado Surgery HENRY KURUSZ Springfield College Allentown Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania Surgery JAMES C. LASKER Yale University Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta, Georgia Internal Medicine tufts university Lenox Hill Hospital 100 East 77th street New Vtxk. New 'ibrfc '0021 Boston City Hospital Boston University School of Medicine 818 narr son Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02118 School of Medicine New England Medical Center Hospital 380 BROWN UNIVERSITYANDREW J LEE Grove C ty College Washington Hospital Center Washington. D.C. Internal Medicine JEFFREY E LElMBACHER Allegheny College Bayfront Medical Center St, Petersburg Florida Family Practice JOEL E LEWIS Temple University Los Angeles Gty-USC Center Los Angeles. California Pediatrics CHARLES LINGUITI St. Joseph's College Geisingcr Medical Center Danville. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine STEPHEN MARK LIPKIN Albright College Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine JOHN G. MAGEE University of Notre Dame St, Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Pediatrics JOHN T. MAGILL Cornell University First Postgraduate Year Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton. Pennsylvania Surgery Residency Hebrew University Tel Aviv. Israel Orthopedics JOSEPH J. MALJOVEC Pennsylvania State University Ha mot Hospital Erie. Pennsylvania Family Practice KATHLEEN A. MALONEY Villanova University Abington Memorial Hospital Abmgton. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine DOUGLASL MANN Lafayette College Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine ROBERT E MANNHERZ Muhlenberg College First Post aduatr Year Framingham Union Hospital Framingham. Massachusetts Flexible Residency Ophthalmology JOHN A MARINO University of Pittsburgh CWR University Hospital Cleveland. Ohm Internal Medicine DANIEL LEE MARTIN Rensselaer Polytech Institute Allentown Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Flexible MARK W MARTINSON University of Maryland Mayo Graduate School of Medline Rochester. Minnesota Anesthesiology GIRARD M MARYNIAK Albright College Reading Hosptal Reading. Pennsylvania Obstetrics-Gynecology DAVID MAURY Fayettevl State University Womack Army Hosptal Fort Bragg. North Carolina Family Practice DAVIDS MCAULEY Univ. of California at Santa Out Abmgton Memorial Hosptal Abmgton. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine HERMAN I MCGILL Gwynedd-Mercy College Grad Hosptal Umv of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine CURT MILLER University of Pittsburgh Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Surgery JAMES H MIXON Lmcoln University Eastern Virginia Grad Sch of Med Norfolk. Virgmia Family Practice GEORGE MOSSY Temple University Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington. D.C. Surgery JOYCE MYERS Temple University Thomas Jefferson University Hosptal Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Obstetrics-Gy necology STEVEN L NACK Albright College W Virginia University Hospit.il Morgantown, West Virginia Internal Medionc RICHARD NAGLE University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Syracuse Medical Center Syracuse. New York Radiology JOSEPH NEJMAN Temple University Abington Memorial Hosptal Abmgton. Pennsylvania Surgery CLAUDE E NICHOLS Brown University Hosp. of University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Orthopedics NORMANO NUMEROF Michigan State University Abmgton Memorial Hospital Abmgton. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine ALLENS NUSSBAUM University of Pittsburgh Children's Hosptal Cincinnati, Ohio Pediatrics LILY L NWAKA Beaver College Hurley Medical Cente Flint. Michigan Internal Medicine THAODEUS OZIMEK Washington Jefferson College William Beaumont Army Medical Center El Paso. Texas Flexible Pennsylvania Hospital Boston City Hospital Boston Untvaraity School of Madicma 6’8 Harrison Avenue Boston Massachusetts 0Z»18 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL or MCOICINC University of Cincinnati Medical Center 381WENDY PANZER Temple University Intern',hio deterred tor one year GREGORYJ PANZO University ot Notre Dame Cleveland Ctimc Hospital Cleveland. Ohio Internal Medrcme RENEE PARKER Boston University University Miami AHil. Hospitals Miami. Florida Obstetrics-Gynecology KARL R PECHT Pennsylvania State University United Hospital Center Clarksburg, W Virginia Family Practice HEATHER PEIRCE Beaver College Allentown Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Obstetrics-Gynecology ALICE R PEREZ Cabnni College Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Surgery JOSEPH F. PHILBIN University ot Scranton Scranion-Temple Residency Prog Scranton. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine EDWARD R. PRINCE Pennsylvania State University Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Family Practice ROBERT C. PRINGLE Pennsylvania State University Albany Medical Center Hospital Albany. New York Surgery EDWARD C. RABBITT LaFayetta College F.rst Postgraduate Year Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Surgery Residency Georgetown University Hospital Washington, D.C. Orthopedics MARK B REAL Pennsylvania State University Albert Einstein Medical Cenier Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine WILLIAM E. RICHARDSON University ot Pittsburgh Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Flexible PETER S ROBBINS University ot Rochester Baystatc Medical Center Springfiold. Massachusetts Internal Medicine KENNETH ROSENSTEIN Albr ght College Abmgton Memorial Hospital Abmgton, Pennsylvania Family Practice BRUCE W. ROSENTHAL Denison University Children's Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Pediatrics MICHAEL J RUDDY V'llanova University Medical College of Virginia Richmond. Virginia Orthopedics CHRISTOPHERS RUMPF Muhlenberg College Allentown Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Internal Medrcme STEVENS. RYAVE University of Pittsburgh Mcdrc.il College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Flexible GENE Z. SALKIND University of Pennsylvania First Postgraduate Year Ab'ngton Memorial Hosptai Abtngton. Pennsylvania Surgery Residency University of Pennsylvania Hosp Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Neurosurgery ALBERT SAUL Drexel University Albert Emstem Medical Center Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Interna' Medicine STEPHEN SCHELL Bloomsburg State College Allentown Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Surgery BETSY L. SCHLOO Juniata College Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Surgery MICHAEL 0. SHAPIRO Temple University Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine RICHARD C. SHEINBAUM Franklin Marshall College Lenox Hill Hospital New York. New York Internal Medicine JOEL D. SHOCKMAN University of Wisconsin Chestnut Hill—Jefferson Hosps. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Flexible DERRIL SHTASEl Swarthmore College NYU-University Medical Center New York. New York Psychiatry MADELINE SlMASEK Carlow College Children's Hospital Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Pediatrics JAMES H SMALLWOOD Chicago State University Univ. of Chicago Climes Chicago. Illinois Obstetrics-Gynecology DAVID SMITH Carneg «-Mellon University Hosps. University Health Center Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Internal Medione DEBORAH A. SMITH Juniata College Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Family Practice UNIVERSITY OF OREGON HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER THE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL BALTIMORE MARYLAND 21208 UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA CHARLOTTESVILLE. 22901 MEDICAL CENTER VIRGINIA 382DANIEL M SPAT2 BRAXTON TABB GARY S WILSON KmgS College Washington Lee College Howard University St. Joseph’s College Saaed Heart Hospital Wilmington Medical Center University Of Maryland Hospital Temple University Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Wilmington. Delaware Baltimore. Maryland Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Family Practice Obstetrics- Gynecology Surgery Interna) Medicine ALAN D. SPEALMAN ALAN J. THORNER PAUL M VAUGHAN SAMUEL M. WILSON University ol Maryland Nassau County Hospital Pennsylvania State University Swarthmore College Prince Georges General Hospital Meadowbrook. New York Pennsylvania Hospital Temple University Hospital Cheverly. Maryland Internal Medicine Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Family Practice Surgery Surgery MARY L. TOBIN KAREN N. SPECTOR Temple University GLORIA J WASHINGTON MICHAEL J. YAROS Bryn Ma«vr College Temple University Hospital Beaver College University of Pennsylvania Children's Hospital o Buffalo Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Charlotte Memorial Hospital First Postgraduate Year Buffalo. New York Anesthesiology Charlotte. Noah Carolina Wilmington Medical Cent Pediatrics Pediatr.es Wilmington. Delaware WILLIAM TODHUNTER Flexible WILLIAM A SPIEGEL Cornell University MILTON D WATKINS Residency Pennsylvania State University Madigan Army Medical Center Lincoln University Yale University Hospital Phoenix Affil. Hospitals Tacoma. Washington Episcopal Hospital New Haven. Connecticut Phoenix. Ar. ona Flexible Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ophthalmology Pcdiatiics Surgery BRIAN H TOOLE DAVIO ZUKOWSKY TODD M STERNER Pennsylvania State University MARTIN Z WINGARTEN Muhlenberg College Lehigh University Baystate Medical Center University of Pittsburgh Temple University Hospital Thomas Jefferson Univorsity Hospital Springfield. Massachusetts Cincinnati General Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Obstetrics-Gynecology Cincinnati, Ohio Psychiatry Pediatrics Internal Medicine JOSEPH A. TREAT JERRY N STREET Dickinson Collcgr RANOAL L WHITMAN Texas A M University Georgetown University Hospital Stanford University University of Texas Affil. Hosps Washington, D.C. Thomas Jefferson University Hosp'tol Houston. Texas Internal Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Orthopedics Pediatrics EILEEN P. TYLER RICHAROP STURT2 Villanova University CHRISTOPHER WHITNEY Allegheny College North Carolina Memorial Hospital Bucknetl University Riverside Methodist Hospital Chapel Hill, N. Cjrolma Temple University Hospital Columbus. Ohio Anesthosioiogy Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Surgery MICHAEL J. TYLER MICHAEL J.SUTULA Villanova University MARCIA K. WHOOLERY Georgetown University North Carolina Memorial Hospital Pennsylvania State University Allentown Hospital Chapel Hill. N. Carolina West Virginia University Hospital Allentown. Pennsylvania Family Practice Margantown, West Virginia Pathology Internal Medicine THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO the university OF TEXAS AFFILIATED HOSPITALS BETH ISRAEL HOSPITAL health science center at Houston GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Hartford KlospiSaO 3800 RESERVOIR ROAD. N.W. WASHINGTON. DC. 20007 383Abrams, C. 105, 178, 370 Alleyne, S. 179 Altman, H. 5, 121. 180, 365, 368, 370, 373 Aurori, K. 166, 181,370, 371 Baem, J. 25, 40, 74, 182, 364, 372, 376 Balestrino, V. 183, 360 Barg. 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Effinger, M.D. '49 John V. Ferrazzano. M.D. '67 H. Keith Fischer. M.D. '43 Dr. and Mrs. Simon B. Forman '39 Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fry '57 Louis P. Gefter, M.D. '32 Dt. and Mrs. I.W. Ginsburg '34 Harriet M. Harry, M.D. '36 Jack A. Henriquez, M.D. 74 Edward B. Hill. M.D. '60 Dr. and Mrs. William M. Hughes '48 Harold J. Isard, M.D. '34 Edmund E. Jacobitti, M.D. '34 Or. and Mrs. Robert M. Kemp '56 Howard P. Knapper, M.D. '40 William Kozin, M.D. ’60 Marc S. Lapayowker, M.D. '54 Beryl Lawn. M.D. 72 Norman Learner, M.D. ’39 W.J. Levinsky. M.D. '45 Paul M. Lin, M.D. '54 Dr. and Mrs. W.A. Lyons '48 John R. Maloney, M.D. 72 Walter E. Margie Jr., M.D. '51 Julius Margolis, M.D. '30 Allan D. '62 and Dawn B. Marks George P. Matthews, M.D. '43 Robert D. May. M.D. '51 Donald E. McDowell, M.D. '47 Robert P. McFarland, M.D. '60 W.C. Menzies Jr., M.D. '54 Dr. and Mrs. William B. Moore '67 W. Mahon Myers. M.D. '44 Drs. Matthew E. Judith J. Ochs 73 M. Vernon Ordiway '58 Reynold A. Panettieri, M.D. '58 J.W. Piekarski. M.D.'29 Thomas M. Pierro. M.D. Jack N. Poles Family 70 Robert S. Pressman, M.D. '37 O. L. Puttier, M.D. '36 Dr. Kenneth M. Reighter '34 Dr. and Mrs. James C. Rex '50 Dr. and Mrs. Jose M. Reyes '53 Donald J. Ritt, M.D. '60 Fred B. Rogers. M.D. '48 Donald J. Rosato, M.D. '59 George P. Rosemond, M.D. '34 Irving Rosenberg, M.D. '42 Howard Rosenfeld, M.D. '60 James A. Rusmuscll Jr., M.D. '41 Ralph S. Sando, M.D. 73 Dr. and Mrs. F.J. Santore '45 Frederic C. Schnebly, M.D. '48 Dennis M. Scully, M.D. 74 Steven M. Selbst, M.D. 77 Martin Shansky, M.D. 74 Scott R. Sharetts, M.D. 77 Harry Shubin, M.D. '37 Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Shuman '43 Charles H. Sillars, M.D. '45 Thomas R.C. Sisson, M.D. '44 Richard V. Smalley. M.D. '57 L.E. Solberg, M.D. ’53 Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Steerman 75 Dr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Strockbme '55 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Sugarman 39 William D. Todhunter, M.D. '43 William Tonkonow, M.D. '35 George W. Truitt, M.D. '35 Ellsworth P. Uhler, M.D. '39 Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Walley III '66 Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Wapner '39 William L. Warren. M.D. '50 Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Weiss '31 Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Wellikson 73 Dr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Whitney '44 Lewis R. Wolf, M.D. '34 N. Yoder. M.D. '51Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Abrams James C. Alden, M.D. W.T. Balkstrom William P. Barba II Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Barg Or. and Mrs. William E. Barry Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Beck Mr. and Mrs. H. Belber Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Bencie John R. Benson, M.D. Richard D. Berkowitz, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jack L Best Dr. and Mrs. Mervin L. Binder Mt. and Mrs. John R. Bottger Ita S. Brandman, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Bricker Jr. Frank X and Nancy W. Burke Daniel A. Callaghan Mr. and Mrs. S. Richard Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chantigian Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Contrafatto Family of Dr. Richard A. Crandall Jr. James L. Cristol. M.D. G.S. Crouse, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Cundy John J. and Jane B. Czelen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daday Robert F. Dee Dr. and Mrs. Leon DeMasi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Denny, III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Donahue Mr. and Mrs. F. Donatucci Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Duckett Kent R. Duffy George E. Ehrlich, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Faralli. Jr. Robert S. Fisher, M.D. John E. Fryer, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Allan Gastfriend Rose, Harry Marc Gellman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gellman Drs. Grapin, Chaykin, Levy James and Margaret Green Richard J. Green, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gross Mr. and Mrs. Irwin B. Grossman Dr. and Mrs. Brennie E. Hackley, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John H. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harakal Jack A. Henriquez S.. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. John S. Hickey Drs. A.H. and F.P. Holt Dr. and Mrs. John Franklin Huber Mr. and Mrs. Levy R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Julius Mr. and Mrs. Anton Kapp, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Klebanoff Mr. and Mrs. H. Leonard Kleiner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knafelc Leon Kotloff, M.O. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kustan Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lee Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Leimbacher Dr. Ellis J. Lindenbaum Mrs. Paschal A. Unguiti. $r Bennett Lorber, M.D. Stanley H. Lorber, M.D. Dr. Orlando R. Lugo Donald N. MacVicar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maljovec. Sr. Lester Mann Mr. and Mrs. E. Mannherz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Marino, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. McCollough Dr. and Mrs. M.T. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. James J. McGuire Angelo J. Melito Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mellon Mrs. Daniel Menza Mr. and Mrs Belton E. Mixon Dr. and Mrs. James P. Moore Mary E. Moore, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Raphael S. Moss Mrs. Evelyn Mosby Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mulhern Dr. and Mrs. Allen R. Myers Drs. Judy Palmer J. Lawrence Naiman Joseph M. Nejman Albert Nemez, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Claude E. Nichols, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Reginald B. Nicklas Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nussbaum Dr. and Mrs. Charles A Papacostas Mr. and Mrs. Milton Parker Dr. and Mrs. Thomas May Peirce III Mr and Mrs. Gordon Pfau Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Philbin Dr. and Mrs. Steven Phillips Siy Polekoff Mr. and Mrs. H. Przewodowski Mr. Jospeh Pusateri Mrs. Elliott D. Real Dr. and Mrs. Robert Robbins Theodore Rodman, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Roseman Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenfeld John L. Rumpf Mr. and Mrs. William Schloo Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sctcchitano Roger W. Sevy Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shapiro Iris Sheinbaum Gerald D. Shockman, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Dunlap Smith Renate L. Soulen, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Spatz Lowell L. Styer Mr and Mrs. Paul R. Sturtz Kirk, Neil, Jean Bob Swenson Mr. and Mrs. W. Hugh Toole Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Troyer Mr. and Mrs. John Turek R. Robert Tyson, M.D Mr. and Mrs. Eversley S. Vaughan Victor C. Vaughan III, M.D. Carl and Marianne Vijan Paul M. Wapner, M.D Sidney Weinhouse Dr. and Mrs. Herman L. Weisberg Mary P. Wiedeman Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Mack Wilson Woldow, Mandell Kahn Associates 387Congratulations on achieving your M.D. Degree We are indeed happy and proud that you are about to become fellow members of a most exclusive organization. Our medical school has an outstanding teaching staff, curriculum, and student body, and the single most important source of energy for sustaining that fine edge of excellence is that group of M.D.'s who appreciate the distinction of being Temple University School of Medicine alumni. The Medical Alumni Association of Temple UniversityBest Wishes to the Class of 1979 from the Faculty of the Department of Psychiatry JOHN A. SCOLA INC. BEER - SODA - ICE PHYSICIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES Financial counseling specialists to the Medical Profession for twenty years. INSURANCE Life FINANCING Personal 1606-10 So. 8th St. DE 4-3669 Phila., Pa. 19148 FU 9-8066 Disability Mortgage Major Medical Equipment Association Term Leasing Estate Planning Insurance Premiums INVESTMENT REFERRAL Keogh Practice Set Up Pensions Practice Management Mutual Funds Computer Billing Deferred Compensation Incorporation LAURA- MARCIANO ASSOCIATES 146 Montgomery Avenue Bala—Cynwyd. Pa. 19004 NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE (215 667 -1760 POWER OF A WOMAN! Love, Doc Rolf and Lil 389ELSBETH A warm and tender love story. David Christensen and his wife Elsbeth couldn't ask for anything more. They were young — in love with life, with their work and with each other. Their happiness seemed exquisitely complete. Then very suddenly, Elsbeth fell ill, and the future became an unforgettable battle with time. Discover how this young couple faced the pain and pressure of their harsh reality. Dr. David Christensen is a 1967 graduate of Temple University School of Medicine. ELSBETH is the true story of his life and faith. ELSBETH is available at the Health Sciences Bookstore. A Revell Publication. Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 from the Faculty of the Department of Pathology 390CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1979 From the Faculty and Staff Department of Anesthesiology Nancy Huang and the Staff Pulmonary Disease Section St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Congratulations Wishes You Mazeltov! to Anthony M. DiGeorge, M.D. and The Class of '79 Dr. Mrs. Angelo M. DiGeorge BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1979 from Nazareth Anesthesia Associates Inc. 391Congratulations and Best Wish es to the Class of 1979 from the Faculty Staff of the Department of Family Practice and Community Health 392Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1979 From the Board of Trustees and the Medical Dental Staff of MILLVILLE HOSPITAL Millville, New Jersey PULMONARY SECTION AEMC, NORTHERN DIVISION Philip Kimbel, M.D. Alan Fein. M.D. Robert Fischer. D.O. Michael Lippmann, M.D. A Service for Everyone in the COMMUNITY R. Sinha. M.D.. Ph.D. WORTH LOOKING INTO! Inexpensive Money Orders, FREE Travelers Checks for savers, and a complete array of savings plans are but a few of our many financial services. Coupled with our personal service, we're well worth looking into. Community federal Savings and Loan Association 3628 N. BROAD STREET and 9 other Delaware Valley Offices Member FSLIC LENDER BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1979 from Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Scott 393We’re family. And we’d like to congratulate the graduates of the T.U.M.S. Class of 1979 394 and their families!PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION For over 25 years, helping the medical profession bring better health care to the women of the world... and their families Ortho fW ...uuKiMBlCoroonthM fcmCm Hr ns r 09W Congratulations to our newest Alumni Best Wishes from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery May they continue to support their school through the years. Courtesy of the Department of Urology 395With Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 From the Faculty of the Department of Medicine 396A + 2 Congratulations to the Class of 1979 from the Department of Surgery 397With Best Wishes To The Class of 1979 Greetings and Best Wishes From the Medical Staff and Administration of to the Class of 1979 ST. CHRISTOPHER'S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN Mr. and Mrs. Louis 1. Barst CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1979 From Upjack Phartaceuticals, Kazzoo, Mich. Remember Us? We Gave You Your Free Reflux Hammer — "Flat Line Electrocardioguide" Smegmomanometer — Aortic Balloon Pump Well DOCTORS, (isn't that music to your ears?) Remember the little piece of paper you signed to get your free 'Compendium' sometime during your first year? The writing on the other side which you probably didn't notice (you were a BUSY little student, weren't you?) was a contract! In return for our freebies, you agreed to prescribe a minimum of 2000 tabs of Diarrhenium and 4000 tabs of Labium (Dazepam) weekly for the duration of your professional life. (And may it be a long one!) Once again, best of luck from Upchuck! P.S. PLEASE don't try to get out of this. Your business is taking care of people and we don't want to have to "take care" of you. 398 UPJACK — Better Living Through ChicanerySalinier contains no chemical additives, preservatives or sweetners. And no calories. It's quickly absorbed into the body as a fluid replacement. That's why many people, after strenuous athletic activity or cardiogenic shock find a chilled bottle to be instantly refreshing. 399  ecuco

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