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Foreword The Senior Class of 1954, Temple University School of Medicine, presents the 1954 Skull. The publication this year attempts to portray typical life at Temple University Medical School, utilizing primarily a pictorial medium and employing a minimum of wordage. It has been our endeavor to maintain the excellent standards of production achieved in the past; but in addition, it has been our aim to accomplish certain additive improvements which we hope will make a new and better publication. This year, the Skull offers an organized presentation of each year and every phase of medical school life. Amusing cartoons, portraying the humorous side of medical education, introduce each specific section of the publication. The '54 Skull provides complete and organized coverage to the faculty section and includes amusing caricatures of faculty members, which will serve to perpetuate memories of those who have taught us in the years to come. Finally, the 54 Skull presents quotations, entertaining anecdotes, and an entire new section which will demonstrate social life, scenes, personalities, and life in the classrooms, clinics and conferences. In addition to these new special features, the 1954 Skull includes twelve sections, each providing, we hope, interest, entertainment, and an excellent record of life at the Temple University Medical Center. The named sections are Introduction, Medical Center, Administration and Dedication, Faculty, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, Organizations, Activities, Technicians, and Nurses. The Skull Staff wishes to express its gratitude to all those who have helped to make this publication possible."The physician needs a clear head and a kind heart; his work is arduous and complex, requiring the exercise of the very highest faculties of the mind, while constantly appealing to the emotions and finer feelings. At no time has his influence been more potent than at present, at no time has he been so powerful a factor for good, and as it is one of the highest possible duties of a great University to fit men for this calling, so it will be your highest mission, students of medicine, to carry on the never-ending warfare against disease and death, better equipped, abler men than your predecessors, but animated with their spirit and sustained by their hopes, 'for the hope of every creature is the banner that we bear'." Sir William Osier: Teaching Thinking, McGill Modical School Address, 1-1-1894tk ©ath of ftippocrates T[ avLmxr i i r by Apollo, the physician, and AEsculapius. and Health, and Allheal. and all the gods and goddesses, that according to my ability and judgement I mill lifrp this ©ath and stipulation — to reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him. and relieve his necessities if required, to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my brothers, and to teach them this Art. if they shall wish to learn it. mtfymrt frp nr stipulation and that by precept, lecture, and every oilier mode of instruction. I will impart a knowledge ol the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath armrhitui tn thr lam of mrhiriur but to none others. I will follow the system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgement. I consider for thr benefit of mg patirnts and abstain Irom whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked nor suggest any such counsel, and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion. Illith purify auit mith lioliurss I mill pass mg life and practice mg art. I will not cut persons laboring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter. I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary' act ol mischief and corruption; and further Irom the seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. W hatever in connection with my professional practice or not in connection with it. I see or hear, in the life ol men. w hich ought not to be spoken of abroad. { mill tint ptuuirjr as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the Art respected by all men in all times! But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot!Temple University Medical Centertemple university medical school building In 1884. at the request of a group of young men who decided to prepare for the ministry. Dr. Russell H. Conwell. minister, lecturer, and philanthropist, organized a program of night study. Within four years, the group of students had grown from seven to almost six hundred. Dr. Conwell then secured a college charter; and in 1891. the College of Liberal Arts established a day department and obtained the power to confer degrees. In 1907. the College became a University, with Dr. Conwell as its first president. 8The Medical Department of Temple College was opened in 1901, using the Samaritan Hospital as its teaching center. Classes were held in the evening and the course was distributed over five years to give the student the equivalent of a four year day course. In addition, seven hundred hours of actual day work were required each year. Classes were held in the main college building, Broad and Berks Streets, and at the Samaritan Hospital, Broad and Ontario Streets. In 1907, evening classes were abandoned due to unfavorable legislation which made it impossible for graduates to obtain the necessary licensure to practice in many states. Students were urged to transfer to day classes, and by 1909 evening classes had been entirely discontinued. Progress, improvement, and expansion of the Temple University Medical Center continued slowly throughout the next decade. In this period of growth, the facilities of Garrettson Hospital, the Philadelphia Dental College, and the Greatheart Hospital were utilized at successive periods for teaching purposes. By 1925, the Temple University Medical School was ready for more rapid expansion. In that year, the Samaritan Hospital was greatly enlarged and the older sections of the hospital were renovated so that the teaching hospital of Temple University took its place among the largest and best equipped hospitals in the city. Four years later a new high in development and achievement was attained, and the year 1929 became perhaps the most memorable one in the history of the Medical School. During that ENTRANCE TO THE HOSPITALHOSPITAL LOBBY year the present eight story Medical School Building was erected directly opposite the Samaritan Hospital at Broad and Ontario Streets, which, in the winter of 1929, was named the Temple University Hospital. That same year Dr. William N. Parkinson became the fourth dean, and the Medical School received a Grade "A" rank from the A.M.A. Council on Medical Education. Under the direction of Dr. Parkinson, Dr. Charles E. Beury, and Dr. MEDICAL SCHOOL LOBBY QC'manfown cff( CGyi . fjtnnar.f m LIBRARY Robert L. Johnson who succeeded Dr. Beury as the third president of Temple University in 1941, the Medical School has continued to grow in size, usefulness, and reputation in the years since 1929. With construction started this year on the new additions to the Medical Center, 1954 will become a great year in the history of the Medical School and looms as the beginning of a new era of eminence and distinction for Temple University Medical Center. CAFETERIATHE FUTURE IN-PATIENT AND OUT-PATIENT BUILDINGS The expected and eagerly awaited expansion of the Temple University Medical Center emerged into the construction phase on March 17, 1954 with the official ground breaking ceremonies. Construction of the two new buildings, illustrated in the architect's drawing above, will be completed in 1956. In completion, the new in-patient building situated on the left and the new out-patient building located in the background will occupy the rest of the block north of the present hospital. The former building will be ten stories high, fully air-conditioned, and will provide space for 364 beds and a cafeteria. This space is expected to release 200 more beds for ward patients and will bring the total capacity of the old and new buildings to more than 1,000 beds. The clinic building.linn tittirM consisting of eight air-conditioned floors, will house diagnostic facilities, a blood bank, and out-patient treatment and examination rooms. It will permit about 400,000 outpatient visits per year. Total cost of the construction will approximate ten million dollars. With these additions, the Temple University Medical Center will improve its service to the community by providing more hospital facilities for patients, more teaching material for students, interns, and residents, and more facilities for research. Due credit, therefore, must be extended to University President Dr. Robert L. Johnson, and Vice-President in charqe of the Temple University Hospital and Medical School. Dr. William N. Parkinson, whose tireless efforts and spirited leadership have made this venture successful.Affiliated Hospitals... Philadelphia General Hospital, Southern Division Philadelphia General Hospital, Northern Division 14Sf. Christopher's Hospitol Albert Einstein Medicol Center, Northern Division 15tiruiii lire Abington Memorial Hospital Shriners' Hospital 16c «« imwmi 17 CouaTt o v T XU% t- %p A 'PvtffSSRobert Livingston Johnson, A.B., LL.D., L.H.D. President, Temple University Bachrach Howard W. Baker, A.B., M.D. Medical Director, Temple University HospitalWilliam N. Parkinson, B.S., M.D., M.Sc. (Medicine), Sc.D., F.A.C.S., Ed.D., LL.D. Vice-President, Tomplo University—Dean, Temple University School of Medicine TO THE CLASS OF 1954: The first half of the 20th century has been called "Medicine’s Golden Age." This is due to the remarkable and outstanding achievements made in the prevention and control of organic disease and a more complete understanding of mental health. During this period sulfa drugs, vitamins, hormones, antibiotics and radio-isotopes have been added to the physician's armamentarium in his battle against disease. We should look forward enthusiastically to the next fifty years in the expectation that this period may even exceed the previous half century in discoveries that will benefit and bless mankind. Your Faculty hope that each member of your class may have a part in the advancement of medical knowledge which is bound to occur. On Commencement Day, you will experience mixed emotions: gladness, because of the successful completion of your medical studies: sadness because this will be the last time you will all meet together as an entire class. But wherever you go, you represent Temple University: and the reputation of your Medical School depends upon the reputation you make in the communities in which you practice. Your Faculty and your Dean hope that the future may hold for each of you success. happiness and a large measure of usefulness to mankind; and that you will remember "Education is a lifelong process in which the student can only make a beginning during his college course." With every good wish for your future. Professors Emeritus Jesse O. Arnold, M.D., F.A.C.S. Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics G. Mason Astley, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Surgery W. Wayne Babcock, A.M., M.D., LL.D., F.A.C.S. Emeritus Professor of Surgery J. Garrett Hickey, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Physiology William C. Pritchard, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Anatomy William Egbert Robertson, M.D., F.A.C.P. Emeritus Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine John B. Roxby, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Anatomy Melvin A. Saylor, B.S., M.D. Emeritus Professor of Physiological Chemistry William A. Steel, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Emeritus Professor of Principles of Surgery W. Hersey Thomas, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Emeritus Professor of Urology yDedication John A. Kolmer, M.S., M.D.. D.P.H., Sc.D., LL.D., L.H.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.D. (Hon.) Professor and Head of the Deportment of Public Health and Preventive Medicine As we, the class of 1954, prepare to take the Hippocratic Oath, it is particularly appropriate that we should dedicate this, our yearbook, to a man whose life so well exemplifies the ideals set forth in this oath. Dr. John Albert Kolmer, as physician, teacher and personality, has influenced us directly and indirectly throughout our medical education. A man of great faith and humility, a proponent of clean living, a man possessing a deep sympathy for human suffering. Dr. Kolmer has a high regard for his profession and has constantly urged his students to maintain its highest standards and dignity. His outstanding contributions and accomplishments make a consistent and endless pattern within his biography. 21Mrs. Kolmer, Brian, Richard, John Kevin and Dr. Kolmer Dr. John Albert Kolmer was born in Lonaconing. Maryland on April 24, 1886. His education prior to medical training was received at Lonaconing High School from which he graduated in 1902, and at Charlotte Hall Military Academy to which he was awarded a state scholarship and from which he graduated In 1904 having accumulated in the interim seven gold medals for scholarship and soldiership. He entered the University of Pennsylvania the same year, received his M.D. degree in 1908 and upon graduation was awarded the Packard Prize in Clinical Medicine. His next two years were spent interning at St. Vincent's Hospital, St. Agnes' Hospital and Philadelphia Hospital for Contagious Diseases. Following his internships, Dr. Kolmer served as Pathologist at Philadelphia Hospital for Contagious Diseases from 1910-1915; Assistant Professor of Experimental Pathology at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine from 1912-1919; and Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology at Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine from 1912-1919. Further appointments have included: Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Graduate School of Medicine. University of Pennsylvania, 1919-1932; Professor of Chemotherapy, Temple University School of Medicine, 1930-1932: Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine, 1932-to date; Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Dentistry, 1936-to date; Director, Research Institute of Cutaneous Medicine, 1934-1949; Director Institute of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Temple University, 1949-to date. Honorary degrees bestowed upon Dr. Kolmer include M.S., Sc.D. and LL.D. awarded by Villanova College. St. Joseph's College and La Salle College, respectively. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1914. Other awards include the Mendel Medal of Villanova College, 1929, the Strittmatter Medal of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, 1932. and the Ward Burdick Medal of the American Society of Clinical Pathology. 1934. During these years of education and service, Dr. Kolmer married and raised a family. He married Bessie Cecelia Herron of Freeland, Pennsylvania, on September 12, 1912. The Kolmers have two sons, Dr. John H. and Mr. Daniel A. Kolmer. and eight grandchildren for whom Dr. Kolmer has an especial fondness. It was with deep regret that we learned of Mrs. Kolmer's death in January 1954.When we consider the contributions Dr. Kolmer has made to medical science, we find the following published works: INFECTION. IMMUNITY AND SPECIFIC THERAPY; INFECTION. IMMUNITY AND BIOLOGIC THERAPY- CHEMO-THERAPY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SYPHILLIS: CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, BIOTHERAPY AND CHEMOTHERAPY (with Tuft); ACUTE INFECTIOUS DISEASES (with Schamberg); SERUM DIAGNOSIS BY COMPLEMENT FIXATION; LABORATORY DIAGNOSTIC METHODS (with Boerner); APPROVED LABORATORY TECHNIQUE (with Spaulding and Robinson); PENICILLIN THERAPY: CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS BY LABORATORY EXAMINATIONS. Despite the impressive list of published literature. Dr. Kolmer is perhaps best known for research devoted predominantly to bacteriology, immunology and chemotherapy. He is author or co-author of over 490 articles on research, including papers and addresses on medicine and medicine in relation to dentistry. In 1920 he attained what is undoubtedly his greatest research achievement and contribution to the world —the Kolmer Complement Fixation Test for Syphilis, now being employed nationally and internationally. Further, in the matter of meritoreous accomplishments, Dr. Kolmer. in association with Drs. Schamberg and Raiziss, established the Research Institute of Cutaneous Medicine. In 1914, they succeeded in the synthesis of salversan and neo-salversan for the treatment of syphilis and other diseases. Dr. Kolmer became director of the Institute and president of the Board of Trustees in 1934 and the Institute, under his directorship, became amalgamated with the Temple University School of Medicine as the Institute of Public Health and Preventive Medicine 1949. Turning our attention to Fraternities and Organizations we see that Dr. Kolmer is a member of Sigma Chi and Alpha Kappa Kappa; honorary member of Psi Omega. Sigma Epsilon Delta. Omicron Kappa Upsilon, dental fraternities; and honorary member of Phi Alpha Pi, chiropody. He is a Fellow of the American Medical Association. College of Physicians, American College of Physicians, and Honorary Fellow of American College of Dentists and the Academy of Dental Medicine. Also, he is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Pathology and American Board of Clinical Pathology. In addition to those mentioned. Dr. Kolmer has membership in many other medical societies. Stephen, Dr. Kolmer, Michael, Kathy, Susan and Mrs. KolmerMedical Clinic In the Laboratory Despite the remarkable array of honors in the Kolmer record, we in the Senior class have learned to know him, appreciate him and admire him most in the lecture room and in the clinics. Throughout these past four years Dr. Kolmer has taught or directed courses covering all phases of public health, including biostatistics, legal medicine, occupational medicine, medical civics and preventive medicine. For the first and second year medical students Dr. Kolmer conducts a correlation clinic which associates basic sciences with clinical medicine and which, rn addition, serves as a good introduction to the clinical years. As Professor of Medicine at the Dental School, he presents a similar course to dental students, thereby providing knowledge in the common medical problems, especially those which have oral manifestations. Reciprocally, Dr. Kolmer has made arrangements for guest speakers to present common dental problems to the medical students in the hope that with mutual understanding the physician and the dentist can in the future work together for better health. While thus building seriously for future improved medical practice. Dr. Kolmer has at the same time injected the special flavor of his own personality into his courses and lectures, providing most importantly excellent medica: instruction, but also providing humor and entertainment, combining all to leave us with an indelible impression of greatness. Dr. John A. Kolmer, the scientist, the physician, will be proclaimed by history. Professor John A. Kolmer, the man. is proclaimed by the class of 1954, and it is to him that this yearbook is affectionately and gratefully dedicated. Public Health Lecture In the Office25Anatomy... DR. DONALD L. KIMMEl "This tie? It demonstrates the decussation of tho pyramids." DR. M. NOBLE BATES "Have you seen my slide collection?' DR. ANDREW B. ADAMS "No, this here is not a book on mountain climbing.” 26 DRS. MARY ELLEN and JOHN D. HARTMAN Ozzie and HarrietJOHN FRANKLIN HUBER, A.B., M.A.. M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Head of fhe Department of Anatomy Dr. Huber instructing in the micro lab. 27Physiology... MORTON J. OPPENHEIMER, A.B., M.S., M.D. Professor and Head of the Department of Physiology DR. ESTHER M. GREISHEIMER Grandmother figure. i DR. E. A. OHLER "There must be something I forgot." DRS. JOHN D. EVANS and JEROME M. WALDRON "Is he in one of those moods aaain?"... Physiological Chemistry DR. JOSEPH H. BOUTWELL "The result of my recent experiments with cytochrome C show..." DR. JONATHAN H. CILLEY "I became so incensed I threw it out the window." ROBERT H. HAMILTON, M.A., Ph.D., M.D. Professor and Head of the Department of Physiological Chemistry DR. HOWARD W. ROBINSON "How much cheese can you eat?"Pharmacology... DEAN A. COLLINS, B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D., M.D. Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology DR. CARMEN T. BELLO "Across the street we . . . uk. j. RICHARD R. BOBB Takes his whiskey with a digifa is c... Bacteriology DR. MORTON KLEIN "Really gents, it doesn't hurt them a bit.” EARLE H. SPAULDING, B.A.. Ph.D. Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology DRS. THEODORE G. ANDERSON and KENNETH M. SCHRECK "There's beer in the ice box, Ken.” DR. JOHN A. KOLMER and ANTHONY T. LAMBERTI "Tony you hove c nice bunch of nurses here.”Pathology... DR. AUGUSTIN R. PEALE "The chief's fond of this question . . . DR. WILLIAM N. CAMPBELL Mighty mouse. DR. JAMES B. AREY "Did you soy pulmonary hyaline membrane? DR. EDWIN S. GAULT "Edemar-r-r-r . .. ."DR. LESTER RAUER "Around and around she goes and where she stops nobody knows."Internal Medicine... DR. THOMAS M. DURANT Temple's Dr. Oslor.DR. JOHN LANSBURY ''Gentlemen, this is rather classical case of hypobetzcellemia." Internal Medicine . . .Internal Medicine... DR. MICHAEL G. WOHl "So you zoe she has a hungry t'yroid!” DR. WILLIAM H. PERLOFF Currently studying the gonadotrophin levels of the Mediterranean baboon. DR. LOUIS A. SOLOFF "Aro you SURE Dr. Zatuchni said that?” DR. CHARLES R. SHUMAN "There was an article . .... Internal Medicine DR. STANLEY H. LORBER "My conclusion from these tests is that she's constipated." DR. HUGO ROESLER "This tracing may possibly indicafo a non-specific myocardial abnormality of doubtful etiology." DR. LOUIS TUFT "On the 2000th test it was found that she was allergic to elephant flatus." DR. HOWARD N. BAIER But the detail man said Butazolidine works wonders!" DR. NORMAN LEARNER "Remember, you've got to get intimate with them about their smoking problems."'i Internal Medicine Op ' 0r d vz ‘ DR. WILLIAM A. STEIGER "To boil it all down, you're saying she's nuts." DR. JACOB ZATUCHNI "Did this Indevidsul have hair on his toes?1 38V '0s?'. Internal Medicine DR. GEORGE E. FARRAR . and this here chiropractor sent him to on osteopath!" DR. MORRIS KLEINBART 'Recognize this, doctor?" DR. ISADORE W. GINSBURG 39 n DR. CHRIS J. D. ZARAFONETIS What do the sed. rate and red blood cell count have to do with it?"Surgery... DR. R. ROBERT TYSON Young man with a future. DR. ROBERT M. BUCHER "I'm not much of on artist, but the Burnett grip looks like this . . . DR. KARL C. JONAS "Dr. Babcock often said DR. JOAN HUMPHREY-LONG "80% burns and anuric, tee-heel teo-hee!" DR. PAUL R. CASEY If in doubt, cut it out.1" DR. JOHN R. MINEHART, "I'm using the telephone-lifter muscle." DR. FREDERICK A. FISKE That answer is exactly wrong, Doctor!" 40 DR. OCTAVUS P. LARGE "Whof? HE has a cyst in the canel of nuckll?"DR. JOHN V. BLADY "Where did they get THESE statistics? "Better refer ... Surgery DR. GEORGE P. ROSEMOND "You all are never too old to palpate 'em." DR. H. TALYOR CASWELL her to dental clinic, Charlie—she's urinating dust."Obstetrics and Gynecology... DR. CLAYTON T. BEECHAM 'Til see you at the mortality conference." DR. ELSIE REID CARRINGTON Mod-students’ obstetrician. DR. JOHN P. EMICH "It moans just what it soys. Doctor. DR. HEATH D. BUMGARDNER Patience is a virtuo.... Obstetrics and Gynecology J. ROBERT WILLSON, M.D., M.S. Professor and Head of the Department of Obstetrics and GynecologyPediatrics... DR. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN. Ill . . . . and then there's the double Coomb's test." DR. SAMUEL L. CRESSON Did you see any ganglion cells in that bowel, Jim?" DR. ROBERT H. HIGH "Per os, subcut., I.M., I.V., or rectally, it's all penicillin." DR. NORMAN KENDALL DR- JOHN B- BARTRAM obviously retarded." 44 "See what Skippy Peanut Butter can do!"Pediatrics... DR. FREDERICK REARDON, JR. I prescribe whiskey for the mother and Coke for the child. 46 :... Radiology DR. GUSTAVUS C. BIRD, JR. "On this film we see the celluloid tubercle W. EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.R., F.A.C.P. Professor and Head of the Department of Radiology "They haven't been x-rayed until they've been x-rayed at Temple."CHEVALIER L. JACKSON, A.B., M.D., M.S., F.A.C.S. Professor and Head of the Department of Laryngology and Bronchoesophogology "The boundaries of the Jackson Triangle are . . A nesthesiology... Laryngology and Bronchoesophagology.. DR. CHARLES M. NORRIS 'Tracheal aspiration is really very simple." DR. ROBERT J. LACHMAN Storting a bottle of I.V. Seagrams. DR. SHERMAN C. MESCHTER "See what good anesthesia can do?" LeROY W. KRUMPERMAN, M.D. Professor and Head of the Department of Anesthesiology "Did you feel the dura pop?"... Proctology DR. HOWARD D. TRIMPI In our business infectious hepatitis is an occupational hazard." v I DR. SAMUEL W. EISENBERG "One day I found a set of false teeth. . . ." DR. LOWRAIN E. McCREA “My advice to you, young man, is to . . . KYRIL B. CONGER, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor and Head of the Department of Urology "Remember the perineum is between the wind and the water." HARRY E. BACON. B.S.. M.D.. ScD., F.A.C.S. F.I.C.S., F.A.P.S., F.R.S.M. Professor and Head of the Department of Proctology 76% of the cancers of the rectum are at your finger tips." Urology... DR. STUART M. FINCH The best thing to do is to treat the mother. DR. HERBERT FREED Not to be confused with tho Austrian physician. DR. MORRIS W. BRODY Had any good dreams lately?' DR. A. VICTOR HANSEN, JR. This would make a good medico-social study.DR. ELEANOR A. STEELE now you turn right—or is if loft—of the Old Mill or School, then, oh we!I, see you there." O. SPURGEON ENGLISH, M.D., F.A.C.P.. F.A.P.A Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry "Sometimes I wonder even about myself DR. STEVEN HAMMERMAN Nevor expose your children to o castration complex. DR. O. EUGENE BAUM I once studied a flat-top colonelJOHN R. MOORE. A.B., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. Professor and Head of the Department of Orthopedics "Did someone mention osteopath?" • • • Orthopedics... DR. ARTHUR F. SEIFER "C'mon now, whotta ya gonna do; call a doctor?" DR. HOWARD H. STEEL . . and the little student nurses would ask, 'Is this the room you get felt?'" CARROLL S. WRIGHT. B.S.. M.D. Professor and Head of the Department of Dermatology and Syphilology "A good case of acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans to show ............................ Neurosurgery DR. HENRY WYCIS Collector of scalps. DR. FREDERICK MURTAGH Your hair will grow back in no time." MICHAEL SCOn, B.S., M.D.. M.S., F.A.C.S. F.I.C.S. Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery Student's favorite. • • • SHERMAN F. GILPIN, B.S.. M.D. Clinical Professor of Neurology "Remember, thev're all human beings." •Oto - R hi n o logy and MATTHEW S. ERSNER, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. Professor and Head of the Department of Oto-Rhinology and Rhinoplasty "Just call me Uncle Matty, boys." ... Ophthalmology GLEN GREGORY GIBSON, M.D. Professor and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology "Ours is the queen of the specialities." Public Health and Preventive Medicine... JOHN A. KOLMER. M.S., M.D., D.P.H., Sc.D., LL.D., L.H.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.D. Professor of Medicine and Director of the Institute of Public Health and Preventive Medicine "Take up the torch . . "SeniorsClass of 1954WILLIAM C. HEWSON Senior Closs President Class Officers WILLIAM C. MANTHEY Junior Closs President Sophomore Class Vice-President DAVID M. CONNELLY Sophomore Closs President WILLIAM T. FOREJT Freshman Class Vice-President CHARLES RAFFETTO Freshman Class President EVERETT B. COOPER Class Treasurer-1951-1954 BRADFORD M. BLANCHARD Senior Class Vice-President Junior Class Vice-President JACK E. BROWN Senior Class Secretary GLENNIS R. WHEELOCK Junior Class Secretary 57 JUSTINE L. VAUGHEN Sophomore Class Secretary Freshman Class SecretaryWilliam H. Bachman, B.S., M.S. Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Bucknell University Babcock Surgical Society Internship The Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, Pennsylvania 58 Bill, BILLY AND SHEILAArthur M. Baron, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Internship Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 59 ARTTheodore J. Barry, B.A. Havertown, Pennsylvania La Salle College Phi Alpha Sigma Skull Staff, 1954 Internship Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania TED 60Victor H. Barton, B.S. VIC Everett, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Phi Beta Pi Internship Veteran's Administration Hospital Long Beach, California 61Irvin R. Besman, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Internship City of Detroit Receiving Hospital Detroit, Michigan IRV 62William R. Best, A.B. Chapel Hill, North Carolina University of North Carolina Phi Chi Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania BILL 63Bradford Martin Blanchard, B.A. New London, Connecticut Yale University Phi Chi Presiding Junior, 1953 Presiding Senior, 1954 Class Vice-President, 1953, 1954 Internship Hartford Hospital Hartford, Connecticut BRAD 64Arlo R. Blumer, B.S. (Medicine) ARLO Beresford, South Dakota University of South Dakota Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship Veterans Administration Hospital Long Beach, California 65Leon N. Bran+on, B.S. Allentown, Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College Phi Alpha Sigma Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Internship Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania 66 LEELuis G. Brenes, B.S. San Jose, Costa Rica Haverford College Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship Hospital San Juan de Dios San Jose, Costa Rica 67 LUISJack E. Brown, B.S. Bradford, Pennsylvania Grove City College Alpha Kappa Kappa Senior Class Secretary Internship Harriot Hospital Erie, Pennsylvania 68 CAROL, ALICE AND JACKJ. Duff Brown, B.S. South Orange, New Jersey Westminster College Christian Medical Society Internship The Mountainside Hospital Montclair, New Jersey 69 DUFF AND MARGEWilliam C. Brown, B.S. Trenton, New Jersey Ursinus College Phi Beta Pi Internship The Mercer Hospital Trenton, New Jersey 70 BILL AND ETHIERoss M. Bushyager, A.B. Jeannette, Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Uniontown Hospital Uniontown, Pennsylvania 71 GINNY, ROSS AND SNOOPYArturo Daniel Cabezas-Lopez, B.A. San Jose, Costa Rica Wheaton College Christian Medical Society Internship Hospital San Juan de Dios San Jose, Costa Rica 72 RITA, BEA, NICKI AND ARTRichard E. Canouse, A.B. DICK Berwick, Pennsylvania Gettysburg College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Veterans Administration Hospital Long Beach, California 73Earl L. Chandler, B.A. Honesdale, Pennsylvania University of Colorado American Association for Advancement of Science Internship St. Anthony Hospital Denver, Colorado 74 EARL AND DORISWalter Y. M. Chang, B.A. Honolulu, Hawaii Harvard University Phi Beta Pi Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WALT 75Melvin D. Chei+lin, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Internship Army Medical Center Washington, D. C. 76 HELLA AND MELTulsa, Oklahoma Haverford College Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship St. Luke's Hospital Denver, Colorado 77 JANET AND DONDavid M. Connelly, A.B. Shelby, Ohio Miami University of Ohio Phi Beta Pi Sophomore Class President Internship Memorial Hospital Wilmington, Delaware 78 CAROL AND DAVEMichael J. Connelly Jersey City, New Jersey St. Peter's College Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship Frankford Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JOHN, THOMAS MARY, MARY VIRGINIA, MICHAEL, JR., MIKE. COLLEEN, BRIAN TIMOTHY 79Everett B. Cooper, A.B. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania Haverford College Alpha Kappa Kappa Corresponding Secretary, 1952 Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Class Treasurer, 1951-1954 Skull Staff, 1952, 1953 Co-Editor of Skull, 1954 Internship Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania 80 EV AND KARENJoseph H. Cooper, B.S. Halifax, Pennsylvania Dickinson College Phi Chi Treasurer, 1954 Internship Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 81Felix M. Cortes, B.A., B.S. Areciho, Puerto Rico Polytechnic Institute of Puerto Rico Hobart College University of Rochester Phi Alpha Sigma Babcock Surgical Society Internship Bayamon District Hospital Bayamon, Puerto Rico FELIX 82David Jack Crozier, B.S. Altoona, Pennsylvania Geneva College Alpha Kappa Kappa Skull Staff, 1954 Internship United States Naval Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JACK, MARGE, JIM, DAVE, AND CHRISTINA-JEAN 83William Taylor Delp, B.A. Lansdale, Pennsylvania Haverford College Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship United States Naval Hospital St. Albans, New York 84 BILLVincent DePillis, B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania La Salle College Internship Frankford Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 85 VINCEWilfred B. Dodgson, A.B., M.S. Terre Haute, Indiana Franklin College University of Colorado Babcock Surgical Society Student President, 1954 Internship Christ Hospital Cincinnati, Ohio 86 KEN AND BILLRussell G. Doyle, B.S. Utahville, Pennsylvania Grove City College Alpha Kappa Kappa House Manager, 1953, 1954 Internship Altoona Hospital Altoona, Pennsylvania RUSS 87Charles L. Eater, Jr., B.S. Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Dickinson College Phi Chi Internship Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 88 JUDY, CHUCK AND CHARLIEPhilip Evans, B.S. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Phi Beta Pi Internship Brooke Army Medical Center San Antonio, Texas 89 PHIL. DIANE AND PHYLLISFrederick Joseph Feurbach, Jr., A.B. FRED Larchmont, New York Holy Cross College Alpha Kappa Kappa Babcock Surgical Society Skull Staff, 1954 Internship United States Naval Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 90William Theodore Forejt, Jr., B.S. Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Phi Beta Pi Interfraternity Council, 1954 Internship Memorial Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania TED 91Donald R. Freund, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dartmouth College Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 92 PRISCILLA, PERI AND DONRichard M. Fry, B.A. X DICK Wilmington, Delaware Denison University Phi Beta Pi President, 1954 Internship University Hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan 93Sidney Gerald Gever, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Skull Staff, 1954 Internship City of Detroit Receiving Hospital Detroit, Michigan 94 GERRYHarold Jerome Goald, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 95 HAROLDJoseph J. Gormley, B.S. Indianapolis, Indiana University of Notre Dame Internship Indianapolis General Hospital Indianapolis, Indiana 96 JOE, PEG, GREG AND SHERRY LOUM. Mil+on Go+tlieb, A.B. Drexe! Hill, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Internship Army Medical Center Washington, D. C. 97 MARY AND MILTWilliam H. Greendyke Little Falls, New Jersey Lafayette College Phi Alpha Sigma Skull Staff, 1954 Internship Mountainside Hospital Montclair, New Jersey 98 BILL AND DORISJohn J. Gribb, A.B. Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Cornell University Alpha Kappa Kappa Co-Editor of Skull, 1954 Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania i 4 JOHN 99William B. Gun+her Haddonfield, New Jersey Princeton University Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division Philadelphia, Pennsylvania BIU 100John D. Guyton, B.S. JOHN Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Geneva College Phi Rho Sigma Internship Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 101Lillian Haddock, B.S. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico Alpha Epsilon lota Internship Bayamon District Hospital Bayamon, Puerto Rico LILLIAN 102Samuel B. Hagner, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Oberlin College Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship Germantown Dispensary and Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 103 LIZ, BABE AND SAMDale Emerson Harro, A.B. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Wheaton College Christian Medical Society Vice-President, 1952 President, 1953 Internship Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 104 DALE AND DOROTHYJoseph L. Hatch Salt Lake City, Utah University of Utah Phi Beta Pi Babcock Surgical Society Internship St. Luke's Hospital Chicago, Illinois 105 JOE, FLOYD AND ANNETTECharles M. Helsel, B.S. Houtzdale, Pennsylvania Grove City College Internship Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 106 ELEANOR AND CHUCKWilliam C. Hewson, A.B. Waldwick, New Jersey Temple University Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Senior Class President Internship United States Naval Hospital Bethesda, Maryland 107 JANIE, BILL, JR. AND BILL James D. Hileman, B.S. Jednnette, Pennsylvania Allegheny College Phi Rho Sigma Internship Homot Hospital Erie, Pennsylvania JOANNE AND JIMHoward L. Hoffman, B.S. CAROL, BARBARA, HOWARD, AND HOWARD, JR. Carlisle, Pennsylvania Dickinson College Phi Chi Babcock Surgical Society Internship Reading Hospital Reading, Pennsylvania 109Knowlton L. Hollis, Jr., B.S. Sulligent, Alabama University of Alabama Phi Chi Internship Jefferson-Hillman Hospital Birmingham, Alabama no KNOWLTON, KELL, JOHN AND ELIZABETHGeorge F. Huck, Jr., B.S. Abington, Pennsylvania Mount Saint Mary's College Phi Chi Internship Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania 111 GEORGEGeorge Malcolm Jameson, B.A., B.S. (Medicine) Sioux Falls, South Dakota Augustana College University of South Dakota Internship Germantown Dispensary and Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 112 CAROL AND MALWilliam G. Jones, B.S. Lebanon, Pennsylvania Lebanon Valley College Internship Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 113 CHARLOTTE AND BILLPaul F. Kase, A.B. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Gettysburg College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Harrisburg Hospital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 114 JEAN AND PAULNelson M. Kennedy, B.S. Glenside, Pennsylvania Lehigh University Internship Allegheny Valley Hospital Tarentum, Pennsylvania 115 JOAN, PAUL, NELS, ARDIS AND ROBERTAJohn E. Kenvin, A.B. Hazleton, Pennsylvania Lafayette College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania JOHN 116Murray H. Kimmel MURR Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Chairman of Five-Chapter Dance Annual Scientific Committee Skull Staff, 1954 Internship Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 117Arthur H. King, B.A. West Newton, Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College Phi Beta Pi Internship St. Francis Hospital Pittsburg, Pennsylvania ART 118Walter Robert Kirker, A.B. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Gettysburg College Phi Alpha Sigma Interfraternity Council, 1954 Co-Business Manager of Skull, 1954 Internship United States Naval Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 119 JEANNE AND JANE LOUISEWilliam A. Kressler, B.A. Cheltenham, Pennsylvania Johns Hopkins University Internship Mercer Hospital Trenton, New Jersey BILL 120Marc S. Lapayowker, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Lambda Kappa Treasurer, 1951, 1952, 1953 Alpha Omega Alpha Internship Delaware Hospital Wilmington, Delaware 121 ISABEL AND MARCWilliam A. E. Leitzinger, Jr., B.A. Clearfield, Pennsylvania Williams College Phi Chi Interfraternity Council, 1954 Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 122 SHIRLEY AND BILLRichard A. Leydig, B.S. Somerset. Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Phi Beta Pi Internship Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown, Pennsylvania 123 SHEILA AND DICKPaul M. Lin, B.S., M.D. Shanghai, China St. John's, Shanghai, China 124 SYLVIA AND PAULHoward A. Lovett, Jr., B.A. Arden, Delaware University of Delaware Phi Rho Sigma Skull Staff, 1954 Internship Memorial Hospital Wilmington, Delaware 125 PUNKY AND HOWARDWilliam C. Manthey, B.S. Erie, Pensylvania Western Reserve University Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Sophomore Class Vice-President Junior Class President Skull Staff, 1954 Internship St. Luke's Hospital Cleveland, Ohio 126 BILLIE, BILL AND GAILWilliam Y. Marcus, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Interfraternity Council, 1954 Internship Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 127 BILL AND SUELawrence A. McCay, B.S. Palmyra, New Jersey Rutgers University Internship Mercer Hospital Trenton, New Jersey 128 LARRY, LARRY, JR. AND MARIONHarry B. McEuen, Jr., A.B. HARRY Jacksonville, Florida University of Virginia Phi Beta Pi Vice-President, 1954 Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 129Paul A. McGarry, B.S. PAUL Warren, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University 130Bernard H. McLaughlin, B.S. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Charity Hospital of Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana 131 BERNIEWilliam C. Menzies, Jr., A.B. Wyoming, Pennsylvania Lafayette College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Allentown Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania BILL 1321 ' Harold E. Morris, B.S. Trenton, New Jersey Otterbein College Internship Mercer Hospital Trenton, New Jersey 133 HAROLD AND RUTHDavid Lewis Mudrick, A.B. Chester, Pennsylvania Temple University Alpha Omega Alpha Internship Chester Hospital Chester, Pennsylvania 134 HENRIETTA, MARYLYN ANN AND DAVEAlan Muir, A.B. Centre, New York University of Rochester Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Misericordia Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 135Glen Paul Musselman, B.S. Cranford, New Jersey Muhlenberg College, N. J. Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Greenwich Hospital Greenwich, Connecticut 136 BERNADINE AND GLENRobert M. Nakamura, A.B. Whittier, California Whittier College Phi Chi Alpha Omega Alpha Vice-President, 1953 President, 1954 Babcock Surgical Society Internship Los Angeles County Hospital Los Angeles, California 137 BOB f Cecilia A. Narowski, B.S., M.S. Derby, Connecticut University of Connecticut Yale Graduate School Alpha Epsilon lota Alpha Omega Alpha Internship St. Francis Hospital Hartford, Connecticut 138 CECILIAWilliam E. Neeld, Jr., B.S. Chester, Pennsylvania Saint Joseph's College Phi Alpha Sigma Vice-President, 1954 Secretary. 1953 Internship Chester Hospital Chester, Pennsylvania 1 BILL, TERRY. KATHY AND ANN 139James L. Nicholas, B.S. York, Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Phi Beta Pi Alpha Omega Alpha Internship York Hospital York, Pennsylvania JIM 140Richard Nicholls, A.B. DICK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Alpha Omega Alpha Internship Philadelphia General Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 141Theodore Hyatt Niewenhous, B.S. BEA AND TED Chevy Chase, Maryland Lehigh, University Internship San Diego County General Hospital San Diego, California 142James Frederick Orndorf, B.S. Millersburg, Pennsylvania Bucknell University Phi Chi Christian Medical Society Internship Harrisburg Polyclinic Hospital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 143 JIM, JIMMY, DORIS AND LYNNRoland Keith Perkins, B.S. Anchorage, Alaska University of Washington Alpha Kappa Kappa President, 1953 Interfraternity Council, Secretary, 1954 Skull Staff. 1953 1954 Internship University of Oregon Medical School Hospitals and Clinics Portland, Oregon PERK 144Nicholas D. Petruccelli, A.B. NICK Bangor, Pennsylvania LafayeHe College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania 145Valentine F. Pytko, Jr., B.S. BILL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Yale University Phi Chi Internship George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital Danville, Pennsylvania 146Joseph Redmond Quill, B.S. West Chester, Pennsylvania Villanova College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 147 JOE AND JEANCharles Raffetto, B.S. Manasquan, New Jersey Villanova College Phi Alpha Sigma President, 1953 Freshman Class President Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CHARLIE 148Irwin Readerman, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Senior Senator, 1954 Social Chairman, 1954 Internship Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 149 DR. McCRACKEN AND IRVNorman Reiss, A.B. Hillside, New Jersey Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon President, 1954 Babcock Surgical Society Internship St. Michael's Hospital Newark, New Jersey NORM 150James C. Reitz, B.S. Sunbury, Pennsylvania Bucknell University Phi Beta Pi Internship Williamsport Hospital Williamsport, Pennsylvania 151Faye N. Robinson, A.B. Oxford, Pennsylvania Maryville College Alpha Epsilon lota Vice-President, 1953 Internship Abington Memorial Hospital Abington, Pennsylvania FAYE 152 Edward Rosato, B.S. Devon, Pennsylvania Villanova College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 153 Mildred M. Rosenberger, B.S. MILDRED Quakertown, Pennsylvania Juniata College Christian Medical Society Internship Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, Pennsylvania 154Spencer A. Rowland, B.A. San Antonio, Texas Lafayette College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 155 MARION AND SPENCEAlbert Henry Ruhe, B.S. Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Geneva College Phi Rho Sigma Internship General Hospital of Riverside County Arlington. California 156 DOT, RICKEY AND ALJohn Wendell Sae+her, Artium, B.S. Halden, Norway University of Oslo, Norway Denison University Internship Harrisburg Polyclinic Hospital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 157 JOHN AND JUDYSamuel C. San+angelo, B.S. SAM Norristown, Pennsylvania Ursinus College Phi Beta Pi Internship Abington Memorial Hospital Abir.gton, Pennsylvania 158Barbara Helen Sawyer, A.B. Primos, Pennsylvania Bryn Mawr College Alpha Epsilon lota Internship Bryn Mawr Hospital Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania iT w 159 BARBARA Charles A. Schehl, Jr. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Saint Joseph's College Internship United States Naval Hospital St. Albans, New York 160 PAT, MARY ELLEN AND CHARLIEKarl F. Schaepfer, Jr., A.B. KARL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Princeton University Phi Rho Sigma Internship University Hospitals Columbus, Ohio 161 %David Seaman, B.S. (Medicine) Faulkton, South Dakota University of South Dakota Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship Ancker Hospital St. Paul, Minnesota 162 4 DAVE AND MARRELYCEJacob Seltzer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Lambda Kappa Internship Mount Sinai Hospital Cleveland, Ohio JAKE 163John Y. Short, B.S. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ursinus College Phi Beta Pi Internship Swedish Hospital Seattle, Washington JOHN 164Marvin Shus+er, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Alpha Omega Alpha Photography Editor of Skull, 1954 Internship Delaware Hospital Wilmington, Delaware 165 ELINOR AND MARVGeorge William Sickel, A.B. GEORGE Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Dartmouth College Internship Chester Hospital Chester, Pennsylvania 166Irvin Singer, B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Alpha Omega Alpha Internship Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern Division Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 167 RUTH AND IRVJohn McGill Smith, B.S. Lancaster, Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Phi Beta Pi Internship York Hospital York, Pennsylvania 168 JACK AND HELENDonald H. Souilliard, B.S. DON Allentown, Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College Phi Alpha Sigma Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Internship Sacred Heart Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania 169Charles Frederick Stamm, B.S. Shillington, Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Phi Beta Pi Internship Reading Hospital Reading, Pennsylvania 170 CHARLIEStephen Edward Stevens, B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania La Salle College Internship Frankford Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania STEVE 171Martin Lawrence Stoker, B.S. Lloydell, Pennsylvania Villanova College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship District of Columbia General Hospital Washington, D. C. 172Albert J. Sungenis, B.A. Bridgeton, New Jersey Temple University Internship Cooper Hospitai Camden, New Jersey 173 PATRICIA. AL AND MARIEErnest M. Tassoni, B.S. ERNIE Chester, Pennsylvania Ursinus College Phi Beta Pi Alpha Omega Alpha Internship Philadephia General Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 174John K. Thomas, B.A. Collingswood, New Jersey Brown University Phi Rho Sigma Babcock Surgical Society Internship Cooper Hospital Camden, New Jersey 175 BARBARA AND JOHNWilfred E. Vogler, Jr., B.S. Nazareth, Pennsylvania Moravian College Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship St. Luke's Hospital Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 176 AUDRE, PHILIP AND BILLJohn R. Waddell, Jr. Rogersville, Alabama Vanderbilt University Phi Chi Internship Jefferson-Hillman Hospital Birmingham, Alabama JOHN 177Joseph Patrick Tritschler, B.S. New Brighton, Pennsylvania Geneva College Alpha Kappa Kappa Internship King County Hospital Seattle, Washington 178 JOE AND JEANNE JOE, JEFF AND JILLJustine Liesel Vaughen, B.S. DeLand, Florida Stetson University Alpha Epsilon lota Internship St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan 179 JUSTINE Sidney Wallace, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Delta Epsilon Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Art Editor of Skull, 1954 Internship Philadelphia General Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 180Ralph Weber, B.S. RALPH Baltimore, Maryland Franklin and Marshall College Phi Delta Epsilon Internship Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 181Jay A. Wenger, A.B. Phoenixvllle, Pennsylvania Houghton College Alpha Omega Alpha Babcock Surgical Society Christian Medical Society Internship Cooper Hospital Camden, New Jersey 182Robert B. Wenner, B.S. Hazleton, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Phi Alpha Sigma Treasurer, 1954 Co-Business Manager of Skull, 1954 Internship University Hospitals Madison, Wisconsin BOB 183 Glennis Roscoe Wheelock, B.S. Union City, Pennsylvania Grove City College Alpha Kappa Kappa Junior Class Secretary Internship Hamot Hospital Erie, Pennsylvania 184 GLENN AND PRISCILLAThomas Woodman, A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Earlham College Internship McKeesport Hospital McKeesport, Pennsylvania 185 TOM AND EDIESamuel J. Wright, B.S. SAM Newark, Delaware University of Delaware Alpha Kappa Kappa President, 1953 Internship Memorial Hospital Wilmington, Delaware 186Robert Axtell Yee, B.S. New Brighton, Pennsylvania Geneva College Phi Alpha Sigma Internship Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania BOB 187Jack Zislis JACK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Lambda Kappa President, 1951 Interfraternity Council, 1951 Skull Staff, 1954 Internship Frankford Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 188 DtVELXrpitslG HAPPo RtJ ASK. J. Coles, A. Capella, J Giambalvo, L G- BrownA. Heffomon, J. Herman, A. Holder Haski° Vor on, S. T. HaNon D. Gregory, W. GroverI Jones D. Jev etl, J- 0. Gf«g0r_ Hur'' C. Jaggard Ward rounds at Episcopal Hospital f a rC. Look, J. LowderW. Walls, D. Trapp, R. Uhlman, W. Tassman S. Wharton, W. ZapcicR. Sponard, J. Stoll, C. SmartNeurology conference at P.G.H. with Dr. Gilpin Medical conference at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Northern DivisionG. Friday, M. Glassman, T. Geib E. Chasteney, A. Clement C. Harding, C. Headley, L. Grove J. Campbell, R. Buckwolter, L. Byerly J. Clifford, S. Clipp, P. Coggins D. Fluharty, G. Fink, C. Fey H. Herman, R. Henderson, M. Hennessey 200D. Bosom, R. Blume, H. Biklo N. Entwistle, C. Fasono, H. EvelofP R. Heinig, G. Heder, R. Hench 201 W. English, J. Engle, J. Durant J. Delp, C. Delp, J. Donnelly E. Donohoe, S. Dubel, Mr. Lamberti, J. Drennen F. HerzelW. Kreienberg, J. Kornmesser S. Hollin, E. Hopton, C. Holmberg R. Jacobs, R. Johnsen, G. Humma M. Perlman, R. Panoro, W. OrtizM. Lipkowitz, C. Krueger, W. Lesh C. Rentschler, B. F. Rice G. Olson, J. Naples, J. Mollick E. Rebollo, A. Policke, A. Puleo D. Metrione, B. Mittemeyer, R. Messick J. Mead, D. Mclndoe, S. McCarter 203E. Siegcner, C. Llenzo E. Jones, J. Kolas, R. Kemp P. Szolack, R. Thomas, S. Stormer, B. Sturm B. H. Rice, M. Ronis D. Weaver, J. Sylvester, J. UrbanA. Rein, D. Reid, C. Reninger L. Schoenfield, C. Salazar, N. Rosenbaum F. Tompkins, G. Townsend, E. Tremblay G. Zazanis, J. Wood, C. Zug L. Snow, D. Snyder, J. Sfiffel F. Gloecknor, A. E. Gordon, H. W. Gordon A. E. Gordon. M. Bork.y P' Mo,,in’ D' M°reht"”' G- Sh° al FreshmenL. Clark, W. Courfney, H. Cornell D. Buccella, G. Binder, J. Biemer C. Grammes, S. Goodwin, A. GordonPhysiology laboratoryBiochemistry laboratoryR. Silvius, P. Silva-Fort, R. Smalley F. Rice, G. Reiss, I. Rex F. Litwin, R. Medlin, R. Krissinger j Ro,enboom, E. SWPP'. J-3CFP J. MacLaughlin, J. McDevitt, N. F. Merkling, J. Miller, L. Mercado v ed'° Mov'n° fA. f oV e«9'rson rno'oing Icctuf®4 Hel °n 5. Romisher, P. Saroduk»Z. Hurwifz, J. Somerndike, N. Scheiblii -4. Steinberg, C. Tourtellotte, J. v- r"lly, J. TredennickFraternities and OrganizationsOva GfttAJ i wuat Father. HM'U HOO -VAlkVCf 217CO-EDITORS Skull Staff... Everett B. Cooper John J. Gribb CO-BUSINESS MANAGERS ART EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Walter Kirker Robert B. Wenner Sidney Wallace Marvin Shuster Bock Row: J. Roehm, I. Clark, G. Donelon, J. McLaughlin, W. Greendyke, R. Fry, J. Worgo. Front Row; J. Zislis, S. Gevcr, M. Kimmel, W. Manthey, H. lovott, R. Perkins. Absent: B. F. Rico, W. Bachman, F. Feuerbach, W. Vogler, G. Whoelock, D. Crozior, W. Gunther, T. Hatton, T. Barry, 0. Jones. 218... Interfraternity; Council Al pha Kappa Kappa—Roland K. Perkins Phi Alpha Sigma—Walter R. Kirker Phi Beta Pi—William T. Forejt, Jr. Phi Chi—William A. E. Leitzinger Phi Delta Epsilon—William Y. Marcus Phi Rho Sigma—John D. Wargo The Inter-Fraternity Council functions as a mediating group for problems encountered and social events sponsored by the collective Fraternities. Its membership is composed of a representative from each of the Fraternities of the Campus and is under the able guidance of Dr. John F. Huber, Professor of Anatomy. The events under the direction of the council include the Smoker which is held in the Cafeteria at the opening of each year where Freshmen are introduced to members of the various Fraternities, organization and supervision of rushing activities, and the annual Inter-Fraternity Dance which is held in the Spring. Front Row: R. Perkins, Dr. Huber, J. Worgo. 8ock Row: W. Marcus, W. Forejt, W. Kirker. Absent: W. leitzinger. 219President—Lois Price Vice-President—Faye Robinson Treasurer—Lois Eberhardt Recorder—Phyllis Szolack Corresponding Secretary—Betty Hurm Alpha Epsilon Iota... Front Row: Stella Stuba, Lillian Haddock, Bo»ty Storm. Back Row: Phyllis Szolack, Cecilia Narowjki, Juitine Vaughen. Betty Storm, Lois Eberhardt, Or. Greiiheimer, Joan Hoshaoor. Even before the doors of the medical school opened in September for a new school year, the smell of fresh paint permeated the Alpha Epsilon lota chapter house. The members were spending their post-vacation days painting and decorating their own rooms, the dining room, kitchen, and living room. The chapter house of Alpha Epsilon lota is located at 1409-1411 West Ontario Street, directly behind the school,—especially convenient on those cold winter mornings. The Fraternity, founded at the University of Lillian Haddock Michigan in 1890. granted a charter to the Alpha Epsilon Chapter in 1948—“to promote good fellowship, to maintain a high order of scholastic and professional achievement, and to foster a spirit of moral and social usefulness." It is the only woman’s medical fraternity at Temple University and is open to all women in the medical school. About twenty members live in the house. This serves to promote and maintain common scholastic and social interests. In addition, on weekends an exhibition of culinary art may be seen in the kitchen." Alpha Epsilon Iota Monthly meetings are held and every month faculty members are invited to dinner which is followed by stimulating informal discussion. Since all work and no play makes anyone dull, the chapter house plans two parties a year in addition to a Christmas party, complete with egg-nog, carols, and exchange of gifts. Daily after-dinner relaxation consists of bridge, song and piano fests, television, or chatter over the coffee cups. The informal atmosphere of AEI provides not only a unit within the small group of women in the medical school but also an opportunity to establish traits which make for responsible physicians and citizens. From lop to bottom: S. Stuba, J. Giambalvo, I. Price. Front Row: E. Siegener, L Eberhordt. L. Price, F. Robinson. P. Szo-lack, B. Storm. Back Row: J. Giambalvo, Z. Horwitz, E. Shipp , M. Borkey, J. Sapp, J. Hoshauer, R. Raycroft, C. Jone», S. Sformor, J. Vaoghen, S. Stuba, C. Narowjki L Hoddock. Absent: A. Gruber, M. Glo sman, A. Wentz Flagg, E. Tyson, K. Aeckerle, B. Ae»chliman. 221Alpha Kappa Kappa... President—Samuel J. Wright Vice-President—Larry Wilson Treasurer—John Coles Secretary—William Boger Corresponding Secretary—David Norton E.N.T. Conference • C. Reninger, R. Courtney, J. Somerndike, Dr. Lemon, R. Good, R. Perkins. The Beta Omicron chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa was founded at Temple University in 1932. The present house on 17th Street was first occupied in 1946. In the past few years all members have contributed time and talent in a program of re-finishing and redecorating, and during the past summer several members spent much time improving the house so that it is truly enjoyable for fellowship and study. Scholastic and social betterment are the aims of the fraternity. A most impor- tant part in the program to further these aims is the strengthening of relations with our faculty members. Fellowship dinners and banquets are scheduled during the year, and CPC's and conferences with a faculty member presiding have been instituted. We have consistently benefited by the positive action of both student and faculty leaders, and we are hopeful that Beta Omicron will continue to grow under these stimuli. The "Gang" at the Junior Dance 222 Alumni Banquet - R. Mullen, alumnus; S. Wright; Dr. T. Durant, Primarius. S. Wright, Dr. W. Nelson, and alumnus W. Reynolds...Alpha Kappa Kappa Top Picture Front Row: C. Roninger, W. Boger, J. Coles, L. Wilson, W. Delp, R. Perkins. Back Row: A. Blunter, F. Feuerboch, J. Tritschlor, M. Connelly, E. Cooper, D. Norton, J. Gribb, L. Brenes, R. Doyle, D. Seaman. Bottom Picture Front Row: H. Bair, J. Somerndike, T. Henry, R. Good, K. Drennen, F. Rico. Bock Row: L. Krieder, R. Courtney, G. Zazanis, F. Merkling, J. Clifford, F. Entwistle, I. Rex, E. Greoves, G. Showok, D. Mcssick, D. Hutson, B. Blumc. Absent: J. Brown D. Cole, F. Gloeckner, S. Hagner, J. Hewson, W. Hewson, J. King, J. McClosky, C. Wolfe, S. Wright. 223Alpha Omega Alpha President—Robert Nakamura Vice-President—Al Kaplan Secretary-Treasurer—Dr. John F. Huber Counsellors—Dr. Augustin Peale Dr. Thomas Durant Dr. Rosemond, toastmaster at the annual banquet; L - R: Dr. Hufnqgel, Dr. Rosemond, Dr. Parkinson, Dr. Huber, R. Nakamura. Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society is the only organization of its kind in medical schools in this continent. The three Greek letters are the initials of the essential words in the following motto: "Worthy to serve the suffering." The society was founded at the University of Illinois in 1902 and since that time sixty-five chapters have been established in medical schools of the United States and Canada. The Pennsylvania Epsilon Chapter was organized at Temple University Medical School in 1950. Regular members are students who have shown promise of leadership in medicine. Physicians who later have attained such leadership may be elected. There are honorary members consisting of physicians and nonphysicians who have gained unusual recognition in medicine and related fields. Aims of the society are the promotion of scholarship and research, encouragement of high standards of character among students and graduates, and the recognition of high attainment in medicine and related fields. The outstanding function sponsored by the society is the annual lectureship. This year we were privileged to have as our speaker, Charles A. Hufnagel, M.D., Professor of Surgical Research, Georgetown University School of Medicine, who spoke on the recent advances of cardiovascular surgery. R. Nakamura, president of the Society, addressing the members and guests at the annual bonquet. Dr. Parkinson presenting the society key and certificate to initiate J. Hoshauer. 224...Alpha Omega Alpha Top Picture Front Row: C. Norowski, A. Koplon, R. Nakamura, M. Cheitlin, M. Haskin. Back Row: W. Leitzinger, M. lapayowker, W. Manthey, W. Hewjon, E. Cooper, M. Goldberg. Bottom Picture Front Row: M. Shutter, D. Rovner, J. Hoshauor, H. Goald, D. Mudrick. Back Row: I. Singer, E. Tassoni, S. Wallace, R. Nichollt, J. Nicholat, J. Wengor. Absent; A. Baron, I. Branton, B. Kendall, A. Holder, D. Souilliard. 225Babcock Surgical Society... Honorary President—Dr. W. W. Babcock President—Dr. W. Emory Burnett Vice-President—Dr. H. Taylor Caswell Secretary-Treasurer—Dr. G. P. Rosemond Student President—Wilfred B. Dodgson Student Secretary-Treasurer—C. R. Smart The Babcock Surgical Society was founded on October 9, 1907 by seven medical student admirers of the brilliant young surgeon. At present the Society assembles bimonthly to hear papers presented by senior students on current surgical advancements and procedures. Members of the Surgical Staff attend these meetings and volunteer information from their personal experience to enhance the discussions. The membership of the Society includes students who are chosen by the staff and members of W. Dodgson, student president of the society the Society on the basis of scholarship, personality and expressed interest in the Society. There are two social functions during the year—a banquet and a picnic. The aims of the Society are to promote an intellectual and entertaining discussion of new and current practices in the field of surgery, to promote fellowship and scholarship among the students of Temple University Medical School, and to provide meetings where the students and faculty can meet to fulfill these desires. Dr. Lin, discussing the surgical treatment of hydrocephalus. Dr. Bucher and members of the society listening to the presentation of a paper....Babcock Surgical Society Top Pictvro Front Row: F. Fcuorbach, C. Zug, J. Wenger, H. Lockhardt, B. H. Rice, B. F. Rice. Middlo Row: A. Baron, L. Branton, R. Nakamura, W. Dodgson, M. Cheitlin, W. Bachman. Back Row: H. Goald, E. Cooper, S. Wallace, H. Hoffman, J. Hotch, W. Hewson, W. Month , J. Thomas, F. Cortei. Bottom Picture Front Row: J. Brown, R. Kriebel, A. Capello, G. Friday, H. Klovit, G. Townsend. Middlo Row: Lockhardt, C. Smart, L. Richie, A. Puleo, C. Wolfe, G. Brown. Back Row: J. Riden, D. Rovner, W. Schaeffer, N Landerman, T. Daughtridge, S. Dubel, S. Gentry. Absent: J. Durant, R. Hench, A. Holder, D. Jewett, A. Kaplan, B. Kendall, W. Leitzinger, N. Reiss, A Skladany, D. Souillard. 227Phi Alpha Sigma... Primarius—Charles Raffetto Sub-Primarius—William Neeld Custos—Robert Wenner Scribus—Robert Dorian Phi Alpha Sigma, the nation's oldest medical fraternity, can boast in 1954 that the lota Chapter of Temple University School is now the largest of all their chapters. Sixty-seven embryo physicians, each in his own stage of development, belong to this chapter. Through the years since this chapter’s founding in 1932, the trend has been for constant improvement until at the present time we believe that lota Chapter offers a well balanced program second to none in assisting the medical student achieve his goal and at the same time have at his disposal all the necessary facilities needed to provide adequate recreation. To sate the thirst of knowledge there is provided a well stocked reference library, frequent selected guest speakers, and motion B. Pherson, J. Hughes, N. Harris, J. Roehm, A. Bidikian, S. Macut. B. Pherson, M. Stoker, N. Harris, R. Wenner, A. Djadis, S. Macut, D. Kerr, F. Cassin pictures on newer developments relative to the field of medicine. On the lighter side there are cards, checkers, TV, darts, ping-pong, outings and picnics. Highlighting these is the annual "Glutton Party" with the Delta Chapter of Jefferson Medical College. Our recreation room, reminiscent of a modern cocktail lounge, provides the nebulus for the monthly parties with its dancing, debauchery, and good spirit. Not to forget the married folks, an active Ladies' Auxiliary exists composed of the wives of the married brothers. We point with pride to a house filled with fraternal spirit in which all are working together in harmonious unity toward a common goal. Our motto—"Cor unum via unum" One heart, one way. J. Humnia, R. Hench, W. Gunther... Phi A Ipha Sigma Top Picture Front Row: $. Sava Macut, R. Bushyager, N. PetruceHi, A. Capella, W. Nccld, R. Dorian. Back Row: R. Yee, E. Sebastion, R. Fry, W. Bradley, R. Torp, N. Harris, t. McClung, R. Roffotlo, F. Litwin, J. Trodonnick, W. Kirker. Bottom Picture Front Row: G. Hummo, R. Honch, R. Henderson, D. Greene. Middle Row: J. Wood, E. Donohoe, J. Biemer, V. Tolly, R. Deak, F. Cories. Back Row: R. Mercado-lugo, A. Bedikian, G. Eichler, J. Roehm, J. Kenvin, J. Hughes, W. Greondyke, P. Kase, L. Branlon, W. Menzies, D. Souillard, J. Peterson, W. Pherson. Absent: T. Barry, H. Bialas, R. Conouse, S. Carpenter, J. Comoro', J. Poulliot, J. Quill, S. Rowlond, R. Russo, M. Stoker, G. Townsend, E. Drauch, R. Eidelmon, W. Fithion, W. Gunther, D. Kerr, W. R. Wenner, W. Zapcic. Krienberg, B. McLaughlin, R. Medlin, A. Muir, G. Musselman, 229 Phi Beta Pi... Archon—Richard Fry Vice-Archon—Harry McEuen Treasurer—Louis R. Fry Secretary—Bruce Powell Beta Eta Chapter was formed in 1937 when the national council of Phi Beta Pi granted a charter to the Upsilon Chapter of the defunct Omega Upsilon Phi, which had been founded at Temple in 1918. In 1948 the chapter moved into its present home at 1421 West Ontario Street and since then has continually worked and added to the house to make the best possible place for living quarters and relaxation of the members of the chapter. Phi Beta Pi is founded on the principles of brotherhood and cooperative endeavor to assist one another during student days. One example of the success of these endeavors is shown by the possession of the Dean's Cup B. Powell, P. Marin, R. Buckwalter. for three out of the five years it has been presented. At present the chapter has an active membership of fifty-four undergraduates and many distinguished alumni of the faculty of the medical school. Membership has been kept small to form the basis for a closely knit group which through the years has proved to be the best advantage of all. The chapter frequently plays host at parties held at the house throughout the school year. Tri-chapter dances are held yearly with fellow chapters from the Hahne-man Medical School and Jefferson Medical College. 230 M. Wood, R. Wolff, R. Heinig, P. Martin, P. Williams. R. leydig, R. Fosburg, R. Pratt, D. Fluharty, H. McEuen....Phi Beta Pi Top Piduro Front Row: W. Musser, B. Powell, R. Fry, H. McEven, I. Fry, R. Hurl. Back Row: D. Trapp, R. leydig, P. Evans, T. Forejt, V. Borton, J. Holton, J. Hotch, A. King, J. Reitz, J. Nicholas. Bottom Piduro Front Row: P. Johnson, R. Wolff, C. Headley, R. Heinig, T. Pierro, R. Pratt. Bock Row: G. Gigliotti, J. Byrne, J. Miller, G. Binder, F. Millspaugh, A. Balent, N. Scheibling, P. Williams, S. Goodwin, J. Hillis. Abtont: J. Bomberger, W. Brown, R. Buckwolter, W. Chong, $. ing, A. Holder, R. Jacobs, P. Martin, W. Paul, S. Santangelo, Clipp, D. Connelly, C. Fosano, D. Fluharty, R. Fosburg, C. Hard- J. Short, J. Smith, C. Stamm, E. Tassoni, R. Corson. G. Jones. 231Phi Chi... Presiding Senior—Brad Blanchard Presiding Junior—Jack Brown Secretary—Neil Stewart Treasurer—Joe Cooper Judge Advocate—Jay Riden IFC Representative—Bill Leitzinger Chapter Editor—Charles Delp Sentinel—George Keats Engendered with the ideals of leadership and service, Theta Upsilon of Phi Chi International Medical Fraternity rounds out another year of distinction at Temple University. Since its inception at Temple in 1910, Phi Chi has risen to an enviable position in social activities, campus and scholastic achievement. Scholastic endeavor is given impetus by the Scholastic Committee which conducts seminars and awards the Anatomy Trophy annually to the Freshman excelling in that field. T. Allen, S. Harrison, A. Heffeman A series of monthly parties designed to give expression to individual talent, is sponsored with the concept that a well balanced social program is an integral part of a physician’s education. Bonds of brotherhood between student, faculty and alumnus are strengthened and renewed at the Annual Alumni Banquet. Phi Chi looks forward to another year of progress in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood. Front Row: E. Rebollo, M. Hennessey, D. Bosom. Middle Row: G. Huck, J. Orndoff, B. Leitzinger, B. Blanchard, J. Cooper, B. Pytko. Back Row: C. Delp, J. Kornmesser, R. Ponaro, E. Chos- teney, F. Tompkins, H. Kaupp, J. Donnelly, R. Templeton, A. Clement, G. Keats, G. Olson....Phi Chi Top Picture Front Row: D. Gregor, A. Heffermon, T. Allen, N. Stewart. Middle Row: J. Cole, P. Cooper, P. Ingaglio, M. Strockbine, W. Ascoli, D. Latoni. Back Row: H. Holvorson, A. Skladany, B. Schaeffer, E. Paine, E. Roe, J. Lowder, P. Kistler, T. Shivy, J. Riden, C. Weller, G. Brown. Bottom Picture Front Row: D. Kohl, D. Ryon, K. Harvey. Middle Row: G. Friday, I. Byerly, A. Puleo, C. Llenza, C. Salazar, B. Rice. Back Row: J. Taylor, M. Manko, P. Yurchak, S. Silvius, J. McDevitt, L. Done-Ian, J. Holm, B. Harman, N. Lin, P. Fukui, B. Gosull. Absent: W. Best, C. Eater, K. Hollis, H. Hoffman, R. Nakamura, J. Waddell, J. Brown, D. Gregor, W. Grover, T. Daughtridge, S. Harrison, D. Jewett, S. Jones, J Lawrence, J. McDode, L. Mondez, L. Pagan, R. Shugart, J. Tomlin, C. Weller, T. Hoftori, J. Esben-shade, B. Wright, W. English, E. Hopton, J. Kolas, D. Morchant, C. Rentschler, R. Tcmploton, C. Zug, G. Albright, T. Geib, B. Mittemeyer, R. Bedotto, W. Frankenbrugh, R. Fulmer, H. Garey, D. Gazibara, R. Silva-Fort, R. Smalley, J. Thaidigsman, C. Tourtel-lotte. 233Phi Delta Epsilon... Consul—Norman Reiss Vice-Consul—Benjamin Kendall Treasurer—Paul Siegel Secretary—Lewis Bennett Senior Senator—Irwin Readerman Sigma, one of the forty-eight chapters of Phi Delta Epsilon was established at the Temple University School of Medicine in 1921. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote scholarship, friendship and dedication to service. The chapter is now enjoying its second year in its new home at Allegheny and Carlisle Streets. This house was acquired and furnished last year by the combined efforts of the fraters, graduates and women's aux- Chapter Dance iliary, and through the continued efforts of the fraters themselves, many improvements have been added this year. The educational function of the fraternity as usual was propagated by frequent scientific meetings and highlighted by the annual lectureship. Our guest this year was Dr. Harry H. Gordon, who spolce on "Observations on the Etiology of Retrolental Fibroplasia." Following the lecture, a banquet was given in honor of Dr. Gordon and it was at- Al Kaplan and date, Dave and Natalie Rovner, Lou Bennett and date, John Frohwein and date 234...Phi Delta Epsilon tended by many distinguished guests as well as alumni and student members of the fraternity. The many social functions of the fraternity were enjoyed by all and, as usual, the annual Five Chapter Dance given in conjunction with the other local chapters and graduate club of the fraternity was a huge success. Now that the fraternity is well established in its new home with a new group of hard-working and ambitious officers, bigger and better times appear to be in the future for Phi Delta Epsilon. Chapter Dance Back Row: B. Marcus, S. Romisher, J. Gever, M. Perlman, A. Gordon, I. Besman, J. Herman, D. Rovner, M. Shuster, A. Koolan, I. Readerman. Front Row: B. Frankel, B. Kendall, M. Kimmel, I. Singer, R. Weber, F. Chavin. Absent: H. Goald, N. Reiss, S. Wallace, L. Bennett, J. Fleisher, M. Goldberg, M, Hoskin, N. Landerman, P. Siegal, V. Adlin, H. Eveloff, G. Fink, H. Gordon, H. Herman, S. Hollin, R. Kendall, H. Klevit, M. lipkowitz, B. Rice, M. Ronis, G. Rozan, L Schoenfeld, J. Stiff el, A. Fishmon, J. Frohwein, H. Goldman, A. Gordon, G. Grossman, R. Herman, J. Meyer, J. Rosenbaum, A. Steinberg, A. Weiner. 235Phi Rho Sigma... President—Don Wargo Vice-President—Charles Smart Secretary—Darrell Mclndoe Treasurer—Cliff Skinner Chapter Councilor—Dr. John F. Huber House Manager—Stan Wharton Social Chairmen—John Thomas Russ Spanard Phi Rho Sigma is an international medical fraternity founded at Northwestern University on October 31,1890. It has chapters in approved medical schools throughout the United States and Canada, ranging from Nova Scotia to California, with a permanent Central Office in Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Lambda Chapter of Phi Rho Sigma was installed at Temple University on March 19, 1932. It has enjoyed the privacy of a large single home at 3232 North 16th K. Schlaepfer and Gloria Grush Street since its installation. At present the total membership is fifty-four with a somewhat equal representation in all four classes. The 1953-54 term opened with many Chapter House improvements including a completely renovated party room in the basement. A regular social program of monthly parties highlighted by holiday themes is correlated with the academic schedule throughout the year. Many a good time is had by all. 236 R. Spanard, C. Smart, J. Stoll W. Courtney and R. Kriisinger...Phi Rho Sigma Top Picture Front Row: J. Sylvester, C. Skinner, D. Worgo, C. Smart, K. Schlaepfcr, S. Wharton. Back Row: L. Ritchie, D. Thompson, J. Stoll, W. Faust, J. Thomas, B. Wright, D. Guyton, M. Brown, H. Lovett, A. Blossom, R. Spanard. Bottom Picture: Front Row: R. Oi, M. Nido, F. Barrie Moborg, W. Hoch. Middle Row: F. Herzel, D. Weaver, R. Kemp, C. Mahon, L. Grove, C. Krueger. Back Row: L. Clark, W. Palmer, W. Courtney. R. Kris-singer, J. McLaughlin, G. Reiss, V. D'Androa, G. Fasiel, J. Campbell, H. Cornell. Absent: J. Durant, M. Folmly, C. Fey, T. Force, J. Hillman, C. look, A. Martucci, D. Mclndoe, J. O'Connor, G. Pentecost, A. Ruhe, P. Ruseski, W. St. Clair, F. Tiers, E. Tremblay, J. Urban, W. Walls, L. Wildrick.• • • Christian Medical Society President—Leo Sell Vice-President—Alfred Policke Secretary-Treasurer—Mildred Rosenberger Faculty Advisers—Dr. Thomas Durant Dr. Jonathan Cilley Dr. J. H. Boutwell And He sent them to preqgh the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. LUKE 9:2 The Christian Medical Society, an interdenominational organization of medical students and practicing physicians, was founded in 1931 at Northwestern University to provide opportunity for Christian fellowship with professional colleagues. At present, C.M.S. has an active membership of over twelve hundred with chapters in fifty medical schools. Members of the Temple chapter of C.M.S. gather weekly for Bible study and discussion of topics pertinent to the Christian physician. Messages from medical missionaries and Christian doctors afford us much valuable information and experienced ad- vice. As a practical method of Christian witness, our group cooperates with other local C.M.S. chapters in sponsoring three medical clinics in rescue missions of Philadelphia. This work is carried on under the direction of the Philadelphia Physicians Chapter of C.M.S. and is approved by the Philadelphia County Medical Society. Monthly informal get-togethers offer opportunity for relaxation and entertainment. Highlights of the past year were a weekend retreat at Keswick, N. J., the annual banquet of the six local chapters, and a dinner at Dr. Durant's home. Top Row, B. Shipps, R. Armstong, C. Mehon, M. Brown, G. Abxont: M. Brown, K. Foye. W. Foust, R. Minsek, G. Jansen. Fossell, J. Erickson, B. Schwizer, D. Horro, D. Brown, A. Cabezos. I. Sell. BoHom Row: M. Jenson, A. Pollicke, M. Rosenberger, I. Sell, N. Entwhistle, R. Raycroft. 238ActivitiesDr. Resnick checks for poin. Personalities Dr. Wycis and Dr. Lin. Dr. Marx cornered by the Dr. Robbins calculates the tumor dose. troops.Dr. Wright admits another patient. Dr. Fox and Dr. Casey give her a boot. Dr. Gibson and assistants. Personalities Dr. Shore, Dr. Berk, and Dr. Miller discuss the problem . Dr. "Bad Bob" Ostro.Personalities Dr. Lou Gerstley and Al Muir inspect the perineum.Dr. Gontijo and Dr. Mock check the chest. Dr. Baker inspects . . .Dermatology Clinic Clinics Cardiology Clinic What's this about Commissurotomy? Chest Clinic You're next, Pneumo. Bill does a "Belly Pneumo" Physical Therapy Clinic Try the three point, fellows. Ward Rounds The Chief relates an experience.Clinics Mrs. Wiggins went to lunch! ) Gerry makes it on the third try. Who has a social case for today? No patients today? They must have seen the sigmoidoscope.Dermatology Clinic Clinics Cardiology Clinic Chest Clinic You're next, Pneumo. Bil1 does a "Belly Pneumo Ward Rounds Physical Therapy Clinic Try the three point, fellows. The Chief relates an experience.Mrs. Wiggins went to lunchl Gerry mokes it on the third try. Who has a social case for today? No patients today? They must hove seen the sigmoidoscopeOb — Gyn J. Quill lunes in. Wonder if she's pregnant? I Scrub Up! Wonder if they will let us tie a knot? Rederman passes gas.Delivery Number 24. What shall I say? Gunther delivers. If Dr. Willson comes in, send me roses. It's BradWenner mokes the diagnosis. We missed it.Phi Beta Pi Donees Phi Betas line up.A.KK Affairs Dances Party time C.P.C. with Dr. Durant Party time Brad just left. 3Graduation Convention Hall June 17, 1954Technicians Too ftwsne T Ov X) A.6 nXO«,TVO A-V4The Senior Class of Medical Technology takes great pride in dedicating this section of the 1954 Skull to Dr. Theodore G. Anderson, Associate Professor of Microbiology. Dr. Anderson, an alumnus of Brown University, received his doctorate at the Graduate School of Yale University. Before coming to Temple in 1947, he served as Associate Professor in Bacteriology at Pennsylvania State College, and later as an officer in the 19th Medical General Laboratory in the South Western Pacific theater of operation in World War II. He is a member of the Society of American Bacteriologists; American Association for Advancement of Science: Sigma Psi Fraternity, and honorary member of Phi Beta Pi fraternity. Dr. Anderson has endeared himself to us for his concern in our best interests and wholehearted attempts to train us !n our field. We take this opportunity, therefore, to express our sincere appreciation for his able guidance and assistance. Dr. Theodore G. Anderson, Ph.B., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Microbiology 256Four years ago we enrolled in our respective undergraduate schools and began a liberal arts course in preparation for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology. In August 1952, after completing our undergraduate work, we arrived at Temple Medical School. After a two week orientation period we were assigned to our respective laboratories—our intensive training had begun. By the end of the month a decided change could be noted in each of us as we gradually became a part of the laboratory routine. As we assumed the many responsibilities connected with the various labs we became aware of the importance of technology in the field of medicine. Each year the field of medical technology is becoming vastly enlarged by the development of many new techniques and equipment. We're leaving Temple now with a feeling of achievement and confidence for we realize that in no other school could we have been so adequately trained for our profession. 257ELIZABETH LOUISE BOND 4015 Wilsby Avenue Baltimore, Maryland Temple University EDITH WALDMAN FELDMAN 6801 Martins Mill Road Philadelphia II, Pa. Temple University Phi Sigma Sigma Corresponding Secretary of Student SHIRLEY FINGERHUT 561 I Spruce Street Philadelphia 39, Pa. Temple University Intercollegiate Conference on Government Student Senate 258RHODA FRAMSON 2645 Parma Road Philadelphia 31, Pa. Temple University EDYTHE LEWIS 2025 Cheltenham Avenue Elkins Park I 7, Pa. Temple University Phi Delta Tau Hillel FRANCINE MILLER 1468 McKenley Street Philadelphia 49, Pa. Temple University Phi Sigma Sigma 259DAISY JO NUSS 1018 Grande Avenue Tower City, Pa. Temple University GRACE ALBERTINE PETTENGILL 421 Taylor Avenue West Collingswood, New Jersey Temple University Class Treasurer 1953-54 DUANE LINK REDLES 434 Dock Road Beach Haven, New Jersey Temple University Alpha Sigma Alpha Class President 1953-54 260 ELIZABETH M. RICEMAN 5328 Greene Street Philadelphia 44, Pa. Rosemond College THEODORA SCHMERIN 301 Hopkins Road Haddonfield, New Jersey Temple University Class Secretary 1953-54 i ELIZA HUGHES SULLIVAN 3423 N. 19th Street Philadelphia 40, Pa. Temple University A 261HELJU AGA TOROP Seabrook, New Jersey Concordia College AUDREY M. WASHINGTON 923 N. 43rd Street Philadelphia 4, Pa. Temple University Alpha Kappa Alpha 262 OR. ERNEST E. AEGERTER, Director MRS. MARJORIE ROBBINS, Assistant DirectorBACTERIOLOGY Instructors CHEMISTRY M. Green, E. Bernhardt, B. Brown, P. King D. Pienkowski, G. Jansen, B. Spangler, M. Lauth, L. Fertel S. Weintraub, H. Borow GASTRIC ANALYSIS P. Wilson BLOOD BANK ENDOCRINOLOGY S. Joffe, H. Hadd, D. Koerner, B. Shuster SEROLOGY J. Rybak, E LynchHEMATOLOGY PARASITOLOGY P. Shutack, E. Parker, E. Showalter, C. Kick ANATOMY L. Tinari URINANALYSIS ELECTROCARDIOGRAM Misj Lisi, Dr. Roesler, F. Mino S. Tarzian HISTOLOGY B. Morgan, S. Tinson 264 D. Loeb} Senior Informals A. Washington, D. Nuss G. Petfengill, D. Redles E. Riceman Miss Lisi, A. Washington E. Sullivan 266 JUNIORS ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER-NORTHERN DIVISION C. Pinn M. Simmons, C. Pinn, M. L. Rippey, B. FestoffF. Mino, S. Wirth S. Drucker, F. Mino J. Brenner, L. Pruss P- GageNurses, ''J . ♦ - i . •' -fc i'H Vi  Carlisle House TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITALOar Dedication In dedicating your Class Book to me you have done me a very great honor. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A couple of years ago, when I first met you as a group, we talked about some of the spiritual values in the nursing and medical professions, and I have never forgotten the evidence you gave me that day of your sincere interest in these most important aspects of life. We talked about mediocrity, and how to rise above it,—about the need for constant awareness of the difference between what we are and what we ought to be,—and about the elements that enter into the making of a really successful nurse. As you leave your Alma Mater and go forth to practice your chosen profession, you have my good wishes, of course. But more than that, you have my assurances of appreciation and faith. I know that you will not forget or neglect those spiritual values that give life meaning and make true success possible. 271 W. Edward Chamberlain, M. D.Our Director of Nurses To the 1954 Graduate: Each of you has attained the goal you set three years ago and I add my congratulations. During these past three years you have learned the fundamentals of nursing, and now you have the opportunity to continue to learn and improve your art of nursing. In all the changes you will observe and help to initiate, never forget that you, as a nurse, have the privilege and responsibility to keep faith with all those you care for and to maintain the highest level of professional ethics. In the years ahead I desire that you will achieve fulfillment of your goals by having seen and reached for the opportunities to do a good piece of work each and every day. The personal security of happiness and contentment will be yours in forgetting yourself by helping others. Florence E. Brown Director of Nurses 272Nursing School Office Miss Ditzler Miss Kanuch Miss Hampton Miss Miller Miss Scott Miss DeLuca 1 Miss Tumas Head Nurses and Supervisors First row, left to right: B. Reeder, D. Shogi, E. Battalini, G. DiYorio, L. Diffenderfer, A. Hart, B. Silverstein, V. Geifer, K. Minder. Second row: I. Gimmer, S. Rohrbaugh, J. Montgomery, G. Luchanin, A. Forgoch, J. Annon, N. Wright, R. Specht, E. Geiger, S. Lin, M. Conti, F. Rutecki, P. Brewington, J. Golka, R. Purcell.To The Graduating Class of 1954: With pleasure I have witnessed your completion of the nursing course at Temple University Hospital. You, no doubt, have learned that happiness lies in activity and in your mental attitude toward your work. You are about to leave behind those arduous years of education and training which prepared you for a professional career. That you have chosen wisely is taken for granted: that you are fitted, mentally and physically, for the work before you is understood. The future of nursing lies in the hands of those who, by virtue of learning and experience, are ready to set examples for those who are to follow. I sincerely hope that in time, through personal application and perseverance, many members of this class will reach positions of leadership and promote the ideals so dear to the heart of every true nurse. Your success will always bring me happiness. R. White Director of Education 274MISS R. MOORE Anatomy MISS B. MEYERS Nursing Arts MISS A. MIRALDO Anatomy MISS I. NAUGLE Nursing Arts MISS J. DITORO ChemistryWe are graduating in the age of the split atom, the electric eye, and yet we Temple nurses shall not be led astray from the age-old belief of fairy-godmother, since we have had one of our own! How often had the words been uttered, "Wouldn't it be nice if,” or "We would really appreciate," and just what we desired was ours with the miraculous wave of the wand by our godmother, alias "Mrs. Livingston Jones." Although many of us never meet her personally, since she works quietly behind the scenes, we feel the warmth and comfort which her good deeds produce in our "home away from home"—our nurses' home. Every year she takes a new group of girls to her heart and sets about to make their lives MRS. LIVINGSTON JONES Our Benefactress richer and fuller. The Class of '54 will join the multitude of T.U.H. girls who will remember you and your unrewarding.kindness the rest of our lives. Thank you is a small phrase, yet it comes from the bottom of our hearts. MISS CATHERINE Our Tioga Mother We also wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Brey, Mrs. Larson, and Mrs. Boden. 276Our Class Advisor To Each of You: Now that you have graduated may I extend my heartiest congratulations. It has indeed been a great pleasure for me to work with you as your class advisor. Our many class meetings, dances, and other functions will long be remembered. I have regarded each of you as my friend and I shall long cherish these friendships. May you live a full life and have the happiness you deserve. Pauline Brewington Class Advisor '54 277President—Miss D. Craft Vice-President—Miss M. McClure Class History By Caroline Pfefferle Our first day at Temple, September 10, i951, is one that will ever be remembered by the class of ’54. The brightness of that day matched our spirits. Inside much of our glee subsided as we became awed and a little frightened of what lay in the 'jture for us. The thought of starting a new life, different in many ways left us all a little breathless. We rapidly met and introduced ourselves to room-mates and classmates. Lasting friendships were on the way. The night of cur arrival a Get Acquainted party was held for us by our upper classmates. Our fears vanished and we were welcomed by faculty members, nursing staff members, and older students. We were impressed by Tioga House and anticipated the day when we would move into an apartment. We realized we had a goal to strive for, and work to accomplish in three years, but this seemed a long, long v ay off. Will we ever forget our first day of classes? Surely we weren't going to use ail those books! We found out soon enough. Pharmacology sure had its problems. As for microbiology, just adjusting the scope seemed an accomplishment. And do you recall in anatomy your surprise at the number of bones in the body? The question in nursing arts was, "Gee. will it always take me an hour to make a bed?" We started floor duty in addition to classes. Remember the difficulty locating x-ray. supply room, etc. How do you do that? was a familiar question. A sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope, whatever were they? There were times we thought we would never learn. Yes. there was a burst of pride when you discovered you were being called nurse. Six months went by rapidly. We studied, learned, and worked. Throughout this time there was one day in particular we ail looked forward to. February 23, 1952— Caoping! A unique ceremony marking great achievement. The placement of that shining symbol upon our heads denoted our acceptance into the nursing profession. We humbled and felt proud at this thought. Following capping we accustomed ourselves to full time duty. We continued to learn more efficient procedures: our responsibilities increased. With the passing of medications we donned bibs. Our uniform was now complete. Shift and night duty terms were added to our schedule. With responsibility we grew in efficiency. 278Treasurer—Miss S. Kush A year gone by already? It hardly seemed possible but as v e received our first stripe, September 10, 1952, v e knew it to be true. Our interview with Miss Brown left us anticipating another profitable year. By now v e were very much settled at Tioga House. Our class rapidly organized os officers were elected and various projects were under way. With careful consideration and unanimous approval a class advisor was selected. Dances, bazaars, and raffles were the outcome of group planning. Yes, class, we were successful—the work was fun too. The year continued along and with it class bloc found us a rather serious group. Ordering class rings and awaiting their arrival enlightened us all. Luggage and boxes in the hallway reminded us that classmates were leaving for affiliation at St. Christopher's Children's Hospital and Philadelphia State Hospital. Yes, our training was a well rounded one. We will all agree that our year was a rapid and fruitful one. September 10, 1953, another milestone conquered another stripe. Are we really Seniors? Hard to believe but so very true. There were times we thought we wouldn't make it, but we did! December 5, 1953, a significant occasion, our Senior Dinner Dance. Beautiful gowns, dim lights, soft music, and dancing come to our minds as we recall this gala occasion held at the Sylvania Hotel. The Senior Farewell Dance given by the intermediate class followed along in February 12, 1954. Another joyous occasion to be remembered. Measurements for graduation uniforms, along with planning of he year book made us realize that graduation was not far off. We paused, amidst many plans, at the thought of our training days coming to a close. Many memories accumulate over a three year period. These will be tucked away, never to be forgotten. Yes. class, there is much to remember. Graduation, the ultimate achievement. At one time so very far away—Now a Reality! We, the Class of '54, have completed our student days. Three profitable years have rapidly passed by. The knowledge gained in this time wrll form for us the foundation of the future. This firm and sturdy foundation was built through the assistance and guidance of our instructors and directress, in addition to clinical experience. Alert to the responsibilities of the future, we capably face the world. As we advance onward, as we begin anew, our training days will always remain cherished memories. Congratulations, Nurse! Secretary—Miss N. HerrMARGUERITE E. BEARD 627 North 5th Street, Reading, Pa. "The fountain of beauty is the heart" "Betsy" likes the shore, food, her bed, and a certain blonde.—Specialist in throwing away O.R. specimens.—Future plans include General Duty at Temple while working on her Graduates of 1954 PATRICIA L. FERGUSON 123 Susquehanna Ave., Olyphant, Pa. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance" Our vivacious and lovable "Pat" is always full of mischief and getting into trouble.— Ask her how to set up the diathermy sometime.—Will work in maternity as a graduate. 280MILDRED A. MARKER A ' 1 fi J MARIE C. PETROSKI 3938 North Marshall St., Philadelphia, Pa. "She that is of merry heart hath a continual feast" "Pete" with her uke and dirty glasses is always ready for a good joke or trick.—Likes to harmonize.—Class's riding champ.—Maternity will be her calling. 201 American Ave., Dover, Del. "Ay, every inch a queen" Intelligence and efficiency makes "Annie" one of the best nurses.—Pretty red hair and a know how on how to dress makes her stand out in a crowd.—College will beckon to this lass.CHARLENE ROBINSON 214 Spruce St, Huntingdon, Pa. "Everything comes to those who wait" "Robbie" likes to spend free time with John and John Jr.—Always has an answer to the question.—"How are things on Babcock or Medical?" — Future — taking care of the family. DOLORES R. SHYMONOSKI Box 11 7, Mona, W. Va. "Beauty, truth and rarity" Her simple sweetness and height make "Reggie" outstanding in any crowd.—Spare time well taken care of by a certain man who will also monopolize her future time. Basketball—2 3 282KATHERINE E. SMITH 335 East Clarkson Ave., Philadelphia. Pa. "Enjoy the present day" Wonderful figure both in and out of the water.—"Kay" spends most of the summer at the shore.—Likes to dance.—Plans on just being Mrs. Bill while wearing her whites to grace the halls of Temple. GRACE WOLFE RD 2. Berwick. Pa. "As pure in heart as angels are" Fun loving and congenial.—Carries on a steady correspondence with a certain fellow in the Air Force.—Plans working for the Veterans Administration. 283IRENE WOLFE RD 2, Berwick, Pa. "She is as good as she is fair" A lovely girl from tip to toe.—Winning smile and pleasant manner makes her a friend to all.—Will join the Mr. in South America as soon as possible. SHIRLEY WOLFE RD 2 Berwick, Pa. "On with the dance" Dancing and dating are favorite pastimes. —Eyes brighten when Bob is mentioned.— Favorite song—"I'd Rather Die Young. — Future in Veterans Hospital holds interest. 284RUTH E. BAUM 219 Richland Ave. York, Pa. "Order is Heaven's First Law" Slender—with pleasing manner.—Favorite pastime—love letters.—Following graduation we'll find her on the farm with Jack. JULIA R. BALTIC 71 I McCoy Ave. Monaca, Pa. "Calm but Creative" A catching smile . . . dark curls.—Temple's Delivery Room with marriage a little later are this lass’s plans. Student Council—2 3—Skull Staff—coeditor GENEVIEVE J. BENDRICK Excelsior, Pa. "Her heart is as great as the world" Quiet and smiling "Ginny" goes about her work faithfully.—Will return home to work and wait for the wedding bells to chime. MARGARET P. BIGLER 230 W. Ferdinand St. Manheim, Pa. "True love is not an earthbound thing" Interest lies with a Yale man.—A piece of material, a spool of thread.—in the next ten minutes there is a dress.—She will make a good Doctor's wife. Basketball—I 286EVELYN M. BLAINE East Main St. Mendhan, N. J. "Stars are the windows of heaven" Stars in her eyes and deep dimples in her cheeks all made prominent by a certain guy named Henry.—"Lyn's" altar bound. CHARLOTTE C. BOGDAN I 34 Loomis St. Wilkes-Barre. Pa. "Sincerity makes a lady" Quiet and shy.—Lass of few words but much work.—Good friend to all.—Future undecided. 287 VMARYANN G. BONK RD I, Dauphne, Pa. "As fair as a spring day in May" One of our well known "Blondies."—Pleasant smile.—Piano playing and knitting hold "Ma’s" interest (leaving a little room for the masculine gender).—Luck in Pediatrics, "Ma." IRENE BOWERS 635 East 4th St. Mt. Carmel, Pa. "Efficiency and Understanding will climb to any excellence" Enchanting smile—and winning personality. —Hidden talents at a sewing machine.— Future uncertain, but we wish you success, Irene! Glee Club—2—Student Council—2 3 mmMARIAN G. BOYER Box 103, RD I South Fork, Pa. "Charming smile and winning way" Never a worry.—Dancing and dating rank high with her.—What’s sleep?—Future uncertain. BERNADINE M. BRESKY 436 South Tamaqua St. McAdoo, Pa. "The two noblest things which are sweetness and laughter" A smile which charms all.—Ask "Bernie" about Medical sometime.—"Let's go for pizza."—Which is which twin — oops! Wrong one! 289PAULINE R. BRESKY ELIZABETH F. COKUS 232 Main St. Gilberton, Pa. "Small but mighty" Fun-loving possesses a winning smile.—Always out on a date ("Social Butterfly").— Future not decided as yet! 436 South Tamaqua St. McAdoo, Pa "A heart with room for every joy" Long, blonde locks—(oops!)—Stars in her eyes.—Pride and joy—Teddy!— Marriage and McAdoo here she comes!JOANNE L. COLL 229 S. Cleveland St. McAdoo, Pa. "Always serene, very sincere. She's sure to succeed in her career" Cheerful gal.—Profound interest in travel and a good wardrobe.—Good worker.— Future aim toward a B.S. Degree. DORIS A. CRAFT 37 Post Ave. East Williston, N. Y. "All she doeth, she doeth well" A capable class president.—"Dodie" likes to get things done.— Always something "Up her sleeve."—Dr. Dick's wife will be her future calling. Student Council 2 3—Class Pres. 1-2-3 291FAY R. DEWAR Rose Valley Road Wallingford, Pa. "Even a smile can grow and accomplish much" Dark hair and eyes and that sparkling smile all attract attention to this gay-spirited lass. —Future plans!—Putting a second ring on that finger! JANE E. DRONEY 234 Northwood DuBois, Pa. "Nothing is as strong as gentleness" Quiet, efficient, little lass.—Dark hair and dimples.—"Gay, sweet and not incomplete." — Florida bound. 4 292MARTHA J. DUDASH Main Street Gilberton, Pa. "Charm is a Treasure" Cheerful blonde.—Best friend is her bed.— Loves to dance and dream of a certain good-looking fellow.—Future goal known only to "Dudie." Glee Club—2 GRACE A. EMERICH 937 W. Walnut St. Shamokin, Pa. "Grace in all simplicity"' Always smiling is this fair-haired lass.—A gift to the nursing profession.—With a genuine kindness to all.—Her pleasing personality will advance her far. Student Council 2 3ADELE F. FELIX Box 74, Salix, Pa. "Light and fancy-free" Tall, happy-go-lucky girl.—"Del" seems to have “nary a worry and nary a care."—Fun wherever she goes.—Future undecided. SARAH L. FITZCHARLES 907 Overton Ave. Morrisville, Pa. "Bravery we share with brutes, fortitude with saints" “Sadie," tall and stately.—Her charm and grace attract those of the opposite sex.— Enjoys swimming and dancing.—Her future includes a B.S. Degree.JEAN M. GERLOCK DOROTHY Y. GREENHOLT 566 West Phila., St. York, Pa. "Pleasant is the offshoot of goodness" "Dotty's" desire is to be with that certain guy in the Coast Guard.—Active in class affairs.—Enjoys and does well in the music field.—We're sure she will make a good wife, Jim! Student Council 2 3—Skull Staff 3 I I Franklin Ave. Scranton, Pa. "What sunshine is to the flowers, smiles are to humanity" Small, but "powerful" enough to hold the interest of that one certain guy.—Future seems well planned as far as a "hubby" and home are concerned.—Luck always, Jeanie!EVA JANE GREINER 519 Connecticut Ave. Rochester, Pa. "A mind full of pity and knowledge is always rich" That soft toned voice, that quiet walk, characteristic of an "angel of mercy."—All make up our blonde, brown-eyed Eva Jane. Glee Club—I ELSIE G. GROGG 507 West Market St. Orwigsburg, Pa. "A merry heart makes its own way" Our cheerful, black, tossle-haired beauty.— Always willing to do you a favor and have a good time.—Good luck in the future, Elsie. Glee Club—2 0 J e erf A 296 'iDOLORES S. GRUTSKI 12 Poplar St. Shenandoah, Pa. "He wins the most, who can most endure" Energetic and blissful is "D."—A great teller of jokes.—Poetry holds her spell-bound.— Psychiatry is her interest.—Her future, a B.S. Degree in Psychiatry. NANCY J. HERR RD I, Millersville Pennsylvania "He who serves his brother best Gets nearer God than all the rest" Considerate, kind and true In all she endeavors to do— Simplicity and intelligence, too Will ever carry her through— Good luck to you, Nancy. Class Secretary—1-2-3—Editor Skull StaffJANE D. HEISS 1 "Barchdale" RFD 3, Doylestown, Pa. "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men” Greatest desire—more time to do more things.—Active in Student Government affairs.—Aim to get B.S. Degree. Student Council Pres.—2 3—Honor Board —2 3 DOLORES N. HESS 324 West 3rd St. Nescopeck, Pa. "Whatever she sees to do—she does" "DL"—our pinochle lover. An active and good worker.—Good pal in whatever you do.— Maybe Navy bound.—Success in your chosen future. 298MILDRED E. HOFFMAN 532 Ogontz St. York, Pa. "Wil-o-the-wisp" Just a "whiff” of a girl—short and slender.— Especially active in extra-curricular activities with Jerry.—Mind set on a "double ring ceremony" soon. VERONA J. HOLLIS I I 2 Lingle St. Osceola Mills, Pa. "Silently, she accomplishes many things" Blonde locks and a shy smile.—Likes her music "Hill Billy" style.—Future plans specializing in orthopedics)?)JULIA M. HUTCHINSON 434 8th St. Monaca, Pa. "Infused with a fortitude from Heaven" "Hutch," a real friend indeed.—Always smiling.—Has a kind word for everyone.—Ask her about her plaster of Paris armorj?)—Future plans: return home and wedding bells. Honor Board—2 3 PHYLLIS E. INMAN 3rd Prospect Phillipsburg, N. J. "Among the quiet kind, but a truer friend you'll never find" Slender, blue-eyed brunette.—Pinned to guy named Dick.—"Fudgie's" a lover of poetry and soft music.—Always seen with "Joanie" in _ ii or Lyn. 300GRACE G. JOYCE 26 E. Ft. Hamilton Brooklyn. N. Y. "Few ever fail by trying" Never a dull moment where Gayle is found. —One of our lucky classmates who has really traveled.—Aim: to travel more! Bon voyage. Gayle! JORAE KAUFFMAN 427 Duke St. Lancaster, Pa. "Natural, gay, and fair, Liked by all everywhere" One of our "model" blondes.—Seems to hold the opposite sex spell-bound.—Enjoys art and music—and shall we add, does well in both! Good luck, Jo!JOAN KEIPER 462 Whitewood Road Union, N. J. "Sunny, sweet and always bright" An ever-ready smile and honey-colored hair makes this lass outstanding.—A sweet and faithful companion.—Future plans—"Here comes the bride." HELEN M. KNAUER RD I, Downington, Pa. "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men" "Skeets' " jolly laughter and warming smile makes her a jolly companion to all.—Future undecided. 302ELIZABETH J. KOWALCHIK 104 Church St. Olyphant, Pa. "The eye is the window of the soul" "Betty's" a real "twinkle toes."—Loves the word—sleep!—John and general duty form future plans. STELLA M. KOWALSKI 439 Markle St. Philadelphia, Pa. "He who plants kindness, gathers love" Her future dreams consist of a small home, with a picket fence.—Her favorite pastime is arguing, but is a friend to all.—Luck to you. 303STASIA C. KUSH 23 I West Main St. Glen Lyon, Pa. "Always a helping hand to offer" Brains, beauty and a terrific personality, all in one.—Had the tough job of Class Treasurer.—"Gal" with a promising future. PATRICIA A. LINDERMAN 824 Scotts St. Stroudsburg, Pa. "Her crown is in her heart" Perky—witty—always ready to lend a helping hand.—Seems that special guy is here to stay.—What else is needed for the future? Glee Club—2 304h ELAINE J. MARCINIAK 696 Charles St. Perth Amboy, N. J. "Fresh as a daisy" Our tun-loving "Marcy" usually ends up the life of the party.—Loves clothes.— Homeward bound.— Lots of luck to you! MARY L. McCLURE 840 Richwood Ave. Morgantown, W. Va. "Truth and love are two of her most powerful qualities" "Pinkie," one of our smiling redheads, has that captivating personality.—Very fond of art and music.—Plans a future in obstetrics. Glee Club—2—Class Vice-Pres. 1-2-3— Skull Staff 305 yakIRENE B. MAX 3 N. Weymouth Ave. Atlantic City, N. J. "Things do not change, we change" Her blonde hair, Italian cut, attracts those of opposite sex.—"Max" loves sport clothes and Universities.—Her future includes much traveling. Skull Staff SONYA MAZUR 510 W. Spring St. Frackville, Pa. "Smooth runs water where the brook is deep" Quiet manner.—"Sonnie" is tops in baking cakes.—Movies and sleep occupy her free time.—Future undecided. Glee Club—2—Honor Board—2 3 306■ BETTY J. MILLER RD 6, York, Pa. "A friend in need, is a friend indeed” Always jolly.—Procfo and ”BJ” make a team.—Our own electrician.—Temple will be future home. Glee Club—2—Skull Staff EVELYN D. MURRAY 828 George St. Lancaster, Pa. "To see her is to love her” "Evie"—our dark-haired lass with an unquestionable interest in the Navy.—Enjoys obstetrical nursing.—Plans to be settling down with Don and raising a "basketball team”(?) 307CARMEN H. NEGRON 1516 N. Hancock St. Philadelphia, Pa. "Tiny things have great influence" Intriguing accent—beautiful complexion.— Rings on the right finger.—Should have no problems in Pharmacology as Rex's wife. RITA M. NOVITSKAS 1916 Clearview St. Scranton, Pa. " Whose happy heart has power to make a stone a flower" Sparkles like champagne.—Our "Rita" always has a neat appearance.—Works seriously on whatever she has to accomplish.— Future plans include pediatrics. Student Council—2-3—Glee Club—I 308SARA F. OCHS 437 Carbon St. Minersville. Pa. "Likable and gay" Winning smile.—Loves good food and pretty clothes.—Conversation kept flowing in Faye's presence.—Future undecided. BETTY E. PARR 443 W. Second St. Nescopeck, Pa. "Full of life and pep; you'll never find her out of step" Let's dance.—A charm all her own.—Highlights of her life—clothes, food, the Buick and Sam.—Marital bliss awaits her! VI,. 309IRENE A. PELCZAR 270 Minor Ave. Wanamie, Pa. "A sunny smile will brighten your days'' Friends.—Accident Dispensary.—Goodness to all.—Wherever you find laughter you’ll find "Pelly." CAROLINE L. PFEFFERLE 4233 North Hicks St. Philadelphia, Pa. "All that she doeth, she doeth well" Curlylocks.—Hidden talent at the keyboard. Intelligent. —Persistent. —Openminded. — A future in pediatrics. 310BARBARA S. PUDMANSKI 33 Hemlock St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. " Tis only noble to be good'1 Sweet, and sincere.—Always near when needed.—Likes to tease.—Only Shirley knows what her future holds. BARBARA T. RAINFORTH 141 Raab Ave. Bloomfield. N. J. "Act as if it were impossible to fail" "Petite and full of life," describes our "Rainey."—Always keeps conversation flowing.—Enjoys knitting (forget its trials and tribulations!)—Future, as yet. undecided. 311SYLVIA L. REESE 23 W. Broad St. Tamaqua, Pa. "The even-tempered heart" Pleasing smile.—Mischievous blue eyes.—A good partner when those card games get rough.—Partial to psychiatric nursing. SYLKA S. REITER 18 North I Oth St. Easton, Pa. "Knowledge is Power" Personality plus.—Pinochle shark.—Never a dull moment with "Bunny."—A great worker. —Prediction: A great professional future. 312'N j j f MARGARET J. SACCO 539 Grant St. Hazelton, Pa. "Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers" "Jo" is one of our dark-haired lasses.— Known for beautiful clothes and knack of cutting hair.—Usually found waiting for the mail! Student Council—2 3 -Glee Club—I 2 —Skull Staff—Co-editor JEAN A. SCHOENBERGER 81 7 Iron St. Lehighton, Pa. "An outward and spiritual grace" Remember her dancing eyes.—Her ready smile.—Ummm!—Those chocolate cakes and coffee.—Usual comeback. "I’m almost ready."—Luck to you, Jean! 313SHIRLEY L. SCHWANDT 1528 Walnut St. Ashland, Pa. "With malice toward none; with charity to all" A talented "Knitter" of our class—(We're sure Jim will never run out of socks!)—Ambition: to get B.S. Degree and repeat "the vow" with Jim. BARBARA D. SLEVIN 167 East 82nd St. New York City, N. Y. "A personality rare and a splendid kind of wit" One of our taller girls.—Heart of gold.— Good and faithful friend.—Traveling is a common thing to her.—Future aims toward B.S. Degree. 314MARILYN E. SOMMERDORF 3 10 East 7th St. Muscatine, Iowa "Prove all things, hold fast, that which is Marilyn came a long way. to our Alma Mater.—Likes to have a lot of fun.—Her future is undecided but the Navy interests her. Will be an asset to nursing. ESTHER J. STEBELL 1150 E. 21st St. Erie, Pa. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance" B-i-g brown eyes!—Personality plus.—Music and traveling (Hawaii via Paris) holds thrills. —Future undecided between anesthesia and B.S. Degree. rV f " 315FLORENCE C. STEPHANY 34 West Pine St. Mahanoy City, Pa. "A smile can grow to accomplish much" Smile of an angel.—Movies are a girl's best friend.—"We three, Janie, Ginnie, and I." —Future should hold many opportunities. ALICE D. STETS 803 E. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. "Variety's the very spice of life" Short blonde hair, sparkling eyes.—Music, sports, and food hold her interest.—Not too fond of night duty.—Future leads toward a B.S. Degree. 316FAY B. STORMFELTZ f I 15 W. Ferdinand St. Manheim, Pa. "A pleasing manner; an eager mind" That winning smile.—Can make beautiful music at the keyboard.—This lass will stay close to our Alma Mater for a while longer. Glee Club—I JOSEPHINE STUBA 334 East Elm Conshohocken, Pa. "The quiet mind is richer than a crown" Her wish is to work in a Doctor's office.— Her time is spent doing unnoticed kindnesses to those around about her.—Likes to dance. —Luck to you, "Jo." 317I ANN TERKOSKI 63 East Main St. Glen Lyon, Pa. "Nancy, with the laughing face" Always found in the middle of a merry crowd.—"Nancy’s" pride and joy is little Monica.—Oh! Those Penn State week-ends! —Desires to be Ed's loving helpmate. Glee Club—2 EDITH E. TEPPER RD I, Millville. N. J. "How far that little candle throws its beam" Bubbling enthusiasm.—Gay laughter and a pleasing smile.—A conscientious nurse.— We prophesy a great future in Private Duty. !•JOAN A. THOMPSON PAULINE A. TRUETT 308 West Cottage Place York, Pa. "For patience to put through every task we plan to do" Personality and charm.—"Patty" and those precious mitties.—(long letters to Nev?)— Raising a family will require all of her post graduate time. Prospect Ave. Extension Princeton, N. J. "Proper words in proper places" Oh! Those blonde locks and blue eyes.— Weaknesses are Brahm's music. Bermuda shorts, and knee socks.—Always traveling to Princeton.—Headed toward University of North Carolina. 319ELLEN L. TUNISON 2025 Greenwood Ave. Trenton, N. J. "To know her, is to like her” Another of our quiet, mysterious girls.—Has a faithful manner toward her friends.—Good luck in your chosen future, Ellen! MARY J. TWICHELL I I 7 S. Central Ave. Ramsey, N. J. "The happy heart has strength of ten” Smile and cheerful "chatter1 set a pleasant atmosphere wherever "Molly” is.—Always happy and carefree.—Future not certain. —Maybe a B.S. Degree. Basketball—I—Glee Club—2 320 ,v-JEAN A. ULATOWSKI r ■ 312 Garfield St. Nanticoke, Pa. "The quality of mercy is not strained" Tall and "willowy."—Quietness and intelligence all add up to make one swell girl.— Good and faithful friend.—Plans on obtaining a B.S. Degree. SANDRA ULP 822 Jackson Circle State College. Pa. "The mouth of the wise man is in his heart" A girl with magic hands—outcome: a beautiful handmade wardrobe!—"Sandy's" quiet nature seems a mystery to the men.—Success in whatever future you choose. Sandy! I 321L NATALIE P. VERTULLO 635 State St. Perth Amboy, N. J. "Not education, but character is our greatest need and safeguard" Short-cropped, wavy hair and neat appearance call attention to "Nat's" pleasant personality.—Always a good worker.—Future plans to be decided upon. MARY ELLEN WAGNER 532 Lincoln St. Hazelton, Pa. "Humor oils the wheels of life" Tall and slender.—Full of fun.—Her short blonde hair "ruffles" as she dashes by.—Always on "the go."—Future undecided. 322Sara v. Wagner 1018 South Kerens Ave. Elkins, W. Vi rginia "A smile accomplishes more than a word" Dark and attractive.—Those jokes.—Sally lives for week-ends and Charles' arrival.— Altar bound—She went! Glee Club—2 ELAINE M. WATSON 28 Ross Ave. Demarest, N. J. "The Heart's hushed Secret" Lively—vivacious—shines in any sport—Oh, that Jersey accent!—Future plans include starting her home with Jerry, a family and school nursery. Glee Club—1-2 323■■ KAREN D. WINANS Box 34, Dimock, Pa. "Not what we give but what we share One fun-loving gal.—Possesses a pair of mischievous eyes.—Active in basketball at Temple.—Plans: general duty in our Alma Mater. Basketball—1-2-3 DORIS L. WITMER I 36 East High St. Manheim, Pa. "One of the best things to have up your sleeve is your funny bone" "Kids, did you hear the one about?"— Those black lace undies!!—"Bosh!"—This vivacious one will keep Temple patients laughing for a while longer. Basketball—IMessage to Our Parents For most of us, this will be the last annual in which our faces shall appear. As we look forward to adult life, we realize how dependent we have been upon you, who each of us know better as Mom and Dad. We remember you taking us to school that first day, with our new shoes, shining brighter than our eyes at the gate which was opening before us. Then we saw your happy smile as we graduated from our grade school. It wasn't long was it, when we saw those tears in your eyes as you congratulated us on that diploma from high school? Then we said good-bye to you and came to Philadelphia to try our first faltering steps away from your constant guidance. Now we mark our last goal as we take our school's diploma and step into our proud profession of nursing. Yes! You have stood by us all the time, unselfishly giving up anything that you felt would make us happier. Now as we step off to become independent young women, we want to say thank you and to tell you it's good to know that, no matter how old we become, we have parents to be there in time of need. 325Intermediates 1st row, loft to right: B. Fulmer, H. Jones, F. Bursa, J. Hubbard, J. Harl, N. August, M. Flemming, N. Coberly, C. Gohn. Second row.- H. Bendis, H. Davis, E. lubis, D. Deal, F. Jones, M. Grissingor, N. Brandt, D. Leary, S. Wolf, B. Kocher. Third row: I. Giovannini, J. Bisco, N. Loy, D. Hopkins, E. Hollywood, C. Franckowiak, B. Gunther, E. Hollick, G. Jedrziewski, D. Dalrymplo, J. Barner, S. Ashburn, M. Dobranski, I. Vanik, D. Hatala, A. Byrnes, K. Bolig. With vitality and vim— We work as one. With success and fun— Our plans are won. Ever present is our aim, Our goal to obtain. Happy, sunny, and bright, Our work is our delight. 326Juniors 1st row, left to right: J. Luckenbaugh, P. Seyer. 2nd row: C. Henry, B. Evons, J. Jones, D. Harvey, N. Fisher, J. Eckert. 3rd row: M. Greytok, N. Hinkley, E. Ripple, M. Kehr, M. Felton, L. Lishak. 4th row: B. Meister, S. Snyder, M. May, M. Grekins, J. Bliston, D. Knittle, R. Hack, V. Dankewicz, J. Milligan. 5fh row.- I. Purcell, C. Goodman, A. Ciori, D. Luszak, L. Towner, J. Adam, E. Detwiler, J. Harvey, M. McGroaty. 6th row: D. Petroko, C. Thomas, M. Flemmer, C. Getgen, J. Gionfridda, R. Olsheski, D. Blesh, A. Ferguson, D. Barthold, M. Gandara, T. Richter. 7th row: S. Cover, L. Britta, J. Lyons, E. Testa, J. Kargess, C. Stashik, E. Macleon, L. Strelecki, H. Walters, P. Sleifer, J. Larmer, P. Schlcgel. 8th row.- E. Simpkins, T. Mahetto, L. Bosler, P. Buckta, C. LaCanna, J. Majeski, B. Owens, I. Packer, M. Macovitch, M. Macirynski, G. Hoika, C. Osmola, J. Mollick, M. Adams, P. Petrovitch, A. Mitchell, P. Beck. 9th row: B. Warren, N. Snyder, A. Marasa, H. Schimpf, D. Wert, G. Stump, J. Porter, A. Willis, P. Young, A. Siats, E. Reindl, M. Mackowiak, J. Bliston, J. Berstler, M. Sutzman, J. Leon, D. Byrnes, J. Wireback, P. Fetterman, J. Frantz, M. Russel, M. Runkle. Capping was a happy day, One we shall all recall. A stepping stone along the way, Lo a future bright for all. May the days we spend together And the memories we hold dear Become a magic part of Every coming year. 327Governing Groups STUDENT COUNCIL A student organization can be an excellent means of providing guidance to good citizenship as a concomitant to the learning obtained by formal instruction. Giving the student a voice, representation, certain powers, and certain responsibilities, helps to solve the problems continually arising in connection with the smooth functioning of an educational institution. In addition, it fulfills the ideals of democracy, fosters an awareness of the spirit on which our country has its foundations, and provides extremely valuable practice in good citizenship. Left to right: D. Croft, G. Jcdrziewski, J. Coll, J. Rinaldi, J. Heiss, J. Baltic, D. Greenholt, M. Grissinger, N. Loy. Missing: I. Bowers, J. Sacco, G. Emerick, R. Novitskas, D. Leary, T. Herbster, B. Keemer, D. Hatalo. HONOR BOARD Left to right: A. Byrnes, J. Hutchinson, S. Mazur, K. Wertz, E. Emery.Special Activities GLEE CLUB 1st row, left to right: T. Ritcher, R. Hack, P. Petrovitch, C. Osmola. 2nd row: J. Milligan, M. McGroaty, J. Bliston, H. Walters, N. Hinkley, E. Detwiler, H. Schimpf, E. Ripple. 3rd row: M. Stutzman, Miss Meyers, Instructor; D. Knittle, A. Siats, M. Russel, S. Kopp. 4th row: L. Purcell, J. Majeski, M. Grekins, J. Wireback. BASKETBALL Jjf row, left to right: A. Sivak, M. Flenner, D. Petrako, N. Brandt, V. Dankewich. 2nd row; R. Shymonoski, D. Leary, K. Winans, F. Bursa, J. Frantz, J. Harvey, J. Shearin.CLASS Chow Time' Doggie Get a Bath Too?'' “ST. CHRIS”MEMORIES VYO(VV Orientation Antics Meal Time P S. H.MORE Wanted—A Few Inches of Floor! Intermission Time "All Around the Christmas Tree- SOCIALFarewell! Babe In Arms Bicycle Built For FourI Have Some! Juice Or Milk? Enough? t's Mine! Some Fun! New Friends Mop What? Workin' Hard 3rd Degree Burns Who's The Champ? Rapid Or Slow? I Wanta Be A Nurse!'Whirlpools In Hydro Twins? Male Attraction! Glamor Pose I Christmas Spirit! Fenced In! Deep Breath—Hold! Basketball Huddle What's Coin' On? Draw It Tight! Crazy! Are You Really III? Food!?!NANCY Editor JOANN Co-Editor 'JULIE" Co-Editor PINKIE DOTTY'Index to Advertisers Page No. AG Radio Parts Co. 349 Allegheny Drug Co. Allentown Hospital Association 342 Atlas Wholesale Grocery 346 Battersby Funeral Director 352 J. Beeber Medical Supplies 347 Bell and Beltz Laboratory 351 Benjamin Franklin Hotel 351 Boys' Corner 349 Bresky Food Market 349 Cafeteria, Medical School 354 Central Uniform Co. 358 Claus Brothers Florist 351 College Inn 358 Dave’s Cafe 339 Dickman Laboratory 346 Eagle Bar 343 Fisher's Restaurant 345 Freeman Shoe Co. 342 George’s Restaurant 347 Gross Dairy 344 Greco Hair Stylist 349 Hamot Hospital 346 Hancock Funeral Director 343 Harrisburg Hospital 352 Home Front Restaurant 344 Hospital Clothing Company .... 339 Hot Spot Pizzeria 347 Keesal's Pharmacy 348 Lamb Brothers Stationers 340 Langner Laboratories 354 Lawndale Laboratory 344 Layman's Camera Shop 340 Limebumer Opticians 344 Mary and Pat Launderelle 346 John McShain Builder 357 Medical Alumni Association 350 Merin Studios 359 J. H. Meyer Jewelry Co. 358 Page No. New Art Cleaners ... 356 James A. Nolen, Architect ............ 357 North Broad Electric 343 Nurses' Alumni Association ... 347 Orange Memorial Hospital 344 Pansy Shop 339 Pilling and Son Co.............. ..... 343 Park Lane Uniforms . 347 Parker's Grille 339 Pat's Barber Shop .. 358 Philadelphia Surgical Instrument Co. 347 Physician's Supply Co. ... 359 Pierre Uniforms 356 Publicker Industries 339 Ralph's Barber Shop ... ... 343 Riser's Jewelers 356 Rosny Gift Shop 340 Rubino Beer Distributor ... 343 Saint Joseph's Hospital 340 Samson Laboratories 339 Savoy Studios ... 349 Selmi Motors 343 Sexton and Company 358 Sherman Laboratories .. 341 Smith, Kline, and French Laboratories 355 Spatola and Son Grocers 356 Starr Jewelry Company 344 Temple Coffee Shop .................. 340 Temple Floral Shop ................. 346 Temple University .. 360 Tex's Radio and Television Company 349 Tioga Hardware Company .... 359 Uptown Camera and Sport Shop 354 Vrooman Grocers 356 Westmor Bar ...................... 359 Westmoreland Federal Savings Co. 340 Williams Uniforms .................... 351 Wyeth Pharmaceuticals 353 337 Complimentary Patrons... William N. Parkinson, M.D.,Deen Sherman F. Gilpin, Jr., M.D. Charles M. Norris, M.D. Dr. Mrs. Andrew B. Adams Miss Gimmor A OB Staff Rose Reilly O'Connell, M.D. William C. Adams, M.D. Isadora W. Ginsburg. M.D. E. A. Ohler. M.D. Ernest E. Aegerter, M.D. Robert P. Glover, M.D. Mrs. Mabel K. Orndorf A John Robert J. Alcsbury. M.D. Mr. Hugh J. Gormley Mr. Clyde S. Parr Theodore G. Anderson, M.D. Mr. Garry M. Greendyke Mr. A Mrs. Paul M. Parr Walter C. Annon, M.D. Esthor M. Greisheimer, M.D. Augustin R. Poale, M.D. E. Arias, M.D. J. C. Gribb. M.D. William H. Perloff. M.D. W. Wayne Babcock. M.D. Mrs. Elsie S. Grogg Valentine F. Pytko, M.D. Mr. Mrs. William P. Bachman Elmer R. Gross, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. Cornelius P. Quill Horry E. Bacon, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. John A. Guyton James P. Quindlen, M.D. Howard Baker, M.D. Miss Guxara A OR Staff Burech Rachlis, M.D. Mr. Mrs. Harry Baron Robert H. Hamilton, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. George A. Reese John B. Bartram, M.D. A. Victor Hansen. M.D. Mr. Harold W. Reitx O. Eugene Baum. M.D. Mrs. William Helsel Robert Robbins, M.D. Clayton T. Beecham, M.D. Goorge C. Honny, M.D. Howard W. Robinson, M.D. C. T. Bello. M.D. Lewis D. Hoberman, M.D. Samuel D. Roberts, M.D. J. Edward Berk. M.D. Mrs. Knowlton L Hollis. Sr. Fred B. Rogers, M.D. Gustavius Bird. Jr., M.D. E. Berry Horwitx. M.D. Miss Jane Ann Rojahn John V. Blady, M.D. John Franklin Huber, M.D. George P. Rosomond, M.D. Goorge 1. Blumstein, M.D. Chevalier L. Jackson, M.D. Dr. A Mrs. Ralph P. Sacco J. R. R. Bobb, M.D. Karl C. Jonas, M.D. Dr. A Mrs. Maurice Saltzman Clyde Bowers. M.D. Arthur L. Jones, M.D. D. Alan Sampson, M.D. Morris W. Brody, M.D. Robert E. Karnofsky. M.D. Karl Schlaepfer, M.D. Mrs. Richard J. Brown Mr. A Mrs. John Keiper Michael Scott, M.D. Mrs. Bruington Norman Kendall, M.D. W. F. Shadel, 1st Lt. Robert M. Bucher, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. James N. Kenvin Harry Shay, M.D. Heath D. Bumgardner, M.D. Richard A. Korn. M.D. Charles R. Shuman. M.D. W. Emory Burnett. M.D. Mr. A Mrs. Walter E. Kirker George B. Sickel. M.D. William N. Campbell, M.D. Morton Klein, Ph.D. Alexander Silverstein, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. Roy C. Canouso Morris Kloinbart, M.D. Mr. William F. Smith Elsio Carrington, M.D. John W. Klopp. M.D. Lewis Soloff, M.D. H. Taylor Caswell, M.D. John A. Kolmer, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. C. H. Souilliard W. Edward Chamberlain, M.D. Dr. A Mrs. John H. Kolmer Earle H. Spaulding. Ph.D. Elbert Close. M.D. Clem L. Kressler, M.D. Herbert Stauffer, M.D. Robert V. Cohen. M.D. LeRoy W. Krumperman, M.D. Howard Steel, M.D. Dean A. Collins, M.D. John Lansbury, M.D. Eloanor A. Steole, M.D. Kyril B. Conger. M.D. Octavus P. Large, M.D. William A. Steiger, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. John J. Cooper Norman Learner, M.D. Helen F. Stochen, M.D. Kenneth L. Cooper, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. William A. E. Leitiinger, Sr. Paul Stone, D.D.S. Sherod M. Cooper, M.D. A. Neil Lemon, M.D. Edwin F. Tait, M.D. Dr. A Mrs. Samuel L. Cresson Walter J. Levinsky, M.D. H. D. Trimpi, M.D. Frances Della Croce, M.D. Hessor C. C. Lindig. M.D. Mr. A Mrs. J. E. Truett Frank Doming, M.D. Stanley H. Lorbor, M.D. Donald N. Tschan, M.D. Joseph C. Doane, M.D. George E. Mark. M.D. Louis Tuft, M.D. Thomas Durant, M.D. Albert A. Martucci, M.D. R Robert Tyson, M.D. Mrs. C. Lloyd Eater Mrs. Dorothy P. Mason Miguel Valienti. M.D. Sydney Ellis, M.D. Carl Mayo, M.D. Scott Verroi, M.D. Samuel W. Eisenborg. M.D. Stewart McCracken, M.D. Stoughton R. Vogel, M.D. John Emick, M.D. Lowrain E. McCrea, M.D. Halsey F. Warner, M.D. O. Spurgeon English, M.D. R R. McCullough, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. 1. S. Watson Matthew S. Ersner, M.D. H. Bernard McEuen, M.D. Dr. A Mrs. Emanuel M. Weinberger Albert J. Finestone, M.D. Mr. John McWilliams Edward Weiss. M.D. Max Wolff Fischbach, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. W. C. Memies C. Robert E. Wells. M.D. H. Keith Fischer, M.D. Sherman C. Moschter, M.D. Mr. A Mrs. Charles G. Wenncr Mr. James H. Fiticharlos C. Kenneth Miller, M.D. J. Robert Willson, M.D. Isador Forman, M.D. John Royal Moore, M.D. Michael G. Wohl, M.D. Herbert Froed. M.D. Rev. A Mrs. Paul A. Morris Lewis R. Wolf. M.D. Reuben Friedman, M.D. Fred Murtaugh. M.D. Carroll S. Wright, M.D. Mrs. Oliver Fry David Moyers, M.D. Mrs. Ernest B. Wright Edwin S. Gault. M.D. Mr. Mosaburd Nakamura Barton R. Young, M.D. Louis Gerstley III, M.D. Waldo E. Nelson, M.D. Chris J. D. Zarafonitis, M.D. Mr. Mrs. D. Gever Mr. A Mrs. Roy H. Nicholas Jerry Zaslow. M.D. Glen Gregory Gibson, M.D. Jacob Zatuchni, M.D. 338ALWAYS GOOD FOOD - at - PARKER'S GRILLE 3248 NORTH BROAD STREET A REMINDER! Publiclter Produce The World' Finest Ethyl Alcohol PUBLICKER INDUSTRIES, INC. 1429 WALNUT STREET Philadelphia, Pa. Phallic symbol? "BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54" DAVE'S CAFE 1421 WEST TIOGA STREET T H E SAMSON LABORATORIES 1619 SPRUCE PE 5-6900 HOSPITAL CLOTHING CO 1107 WALNUT STREET Philadelphia, Penna. 339LAYMAN'S CAMERA SHOP CATERS TO THE AMATEUR • BRING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC PROBLEMS to AL and JOE'1 3220 GERMANTOWN AVENUE RA 5-6631 St. Joseph's Hospital READING, PA. offers ROTATING INTERNSHIPS and APPROVED RESIDENCIES in the following specialties Surgery—4 Years Pathology—4 Years Medicine—I Year Radiology—I Year Approved by American Medical Association Pa. Board of Medical Licensure For brochure, application and interviews contact Chairman of Internship Committee Compliments of LAMB BROTHERS Stationar and Printers 708 CHESTNUT STREET Philadelphia 6, Pa. Telephono LOmbard 3-2877 Special Discounts to Students, Doctor and Nurses TEMPLE COFFEE SHOP 3434 NORTH BROAD STREET Stop in Betwoon Classes THE PANSY SHOP GREETING CARDS and GIFTS of DISTINCTION 3627 NORTH BROAD STREET SA 2-3537 Philadelphia 40. Pa. Why podialrict wot to much fun. GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SPECIALIZING IN COSTUME JEWELRY ROSNY GIFT SHOP 3524 GERMANTOWN AVE. BA 9-4933 WESTMORELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSN. 3628 NORTH BROAD STREET Philadelphia 40. Penna. 340CONFIDENCE A half-century of confidence of the medical profession in the Sherman label is a priceless heritage. Our acceptance of this confidence is a constant obligation to exercise uncompromising diligence to safeguard the purity, accuracy and reliability in every product bearing the Sherman label. The acceptance of our obligation is also denoted by our contribution to medical progress and by presenting items deserving your continued confidence today - - and tomorrow. PROTAMIDE (ampuls) Therapeutically effective in: NEURITIS (intercostal, facial, sciatic) HERPES ZOSTER (pain and lesions) TABES DORSALIS (lightning pains) CHICKENPOX (pruritus, fever) GERICAPS (capsules) An original formula containing high potency lipotropics and adjuvants as an aid in arteriosclerosis, diabetes, retinopathy, cirrhosis and disturbed cholesterol metabolism. IN THE SERVICE OF HOSPITALS INTRAVENOUS CRYSTALLOID LITER SOLUTIONS DISPOSABLE ADMINISTRATION UNITS Economical — Sterile — Non-Pyrogenic BLOOD COLLECTION EQUIPMENT 341DEDICATED TO YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FEET FIRST! Your feet deserve most careful consideration. Entrust them to FREEMAN, where shoes are fitted—not merely sold; where your prescription is Filled by an expert shoe Fitter; where the most modern health shoes are both scientific and smart looking. No foot Too Difficult to fit" Co. nc. ESTABLISHED 35 YEARS 3621 GERMANTOWN AVENUE. PHILADELPHIA 40. PA. RA 5-2985 — Special Discount to Doctors and Nurses — When the Dean's away . . . Mrs. Kent. Compliments of . . . THE ALLENTOWN HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION 342Phone: DA +-5613 Poetical Embalmer RAY V. HANCOCK, Undertaker (Personal Attention) 1824 CAYUGA STREET Near Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments of . . . SELMI MOTORS, Inc. OLDSMOBILE 3318-28 NORTH BROAD STREET PILLING—PHILA. Manufacturers of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS SURGICAL SUPPLIES - MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TREATMENT FURNITURE GEORGE P. PILLING SON CO. 3451 WALNUT STREET Philadelphia Complimonts of . . . A FRIEND R U B I N O BEER - ALE - PORTER Wholesale and Retail Distributor 3401 NORTH SIXTEENTH STREET ROBERT S. HART Philadelphia 40. Pa. Sidewalk superintendent!, please note. Digging the hole. FOR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES EAGLE BAR Cor. GERMANTOWN and ERIE AVENUES DELICIOUS FOOD and DRINK BAIdwin 6-1100 BROAD ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Distributors of SUPPLIES. FIXTURES and APPLIANCES Air Conditioners and Fans Lionel and American Flyer Trains DISCOUNTS TO TEMPLE PERSONNEL 3312 NORTH BROAD STREET RALPH'S MODERN SANITARY BARBER SHOP W Specialize in "CREW CUTS" 1414 W. WESTMORELAND RALPH CORVAGLIA, Prop. RA S-9354 343HOME FRONT RESTAURANT 1419 W. VENANGO STREET LUNCH I 1:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. DINNER 4:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. TWO PLACES TO EAT AT THE HOME FRONT and AT HOME J. E. LIMEBURNER CO. GUILD OPTICIANS 1923 CHESTNUT STREET Ophthelmological Instruments Contact Lenses • Plastic Eye SA 2-883S JOHN J. KRASTELL STARR JEWELRY COMPANY DIAMONDS - WATCHES • SILVERWARE 3639 GERMANTOWN AVENUE Philadelphia. Pa. The only Jewelry Store in Tioga with a Jeweler. Watchmaker end Engraver on Premises M. L. Barimonn, C. Bormtein ORANGE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL FULLY ACCREDITED for rotating internships and residencies SCHOOL of NURSING 286 Adult • 65 Pediatric Bods - 37 Clinics at ORANGE. N. J.. 18 miles from New York CHAS. GROSS DAIRY 2123 W. WESTMORELAND STREET Phone: SA 2-7160 Philadelphia. Pa. SERVING QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS over 50 yrs. LAWNDALE LABORATORY 6801 MARTINS MILL ROAD Philadelphia II, Pa. SIMON WALDMAN. Ph.G. Director COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PI 5-8581 344REMEMBER . . MILES W. FISHERS RESTAURANT 3545 NORTH BROAD STREET 345"SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" TEMPLE FLORAL SHOP "CORSAGES OUR( SPECIALTY" RA 5-3645 3508 N. BROAD STREET THE DICKMAN LABORATORIES ALBERT DICKMAN. Ph.D.. Director CLINICAL - ANALYTICAL • RESEARCH 1415 W. ERIE AVENUE Philadelphia 40. Pa. HAMOT HOSPITAL Erie, Pa. A FULLY APPROVED 350 BED GENERAL HOSPITAL Harriot Hospital offers eight Rotating Internships. Residencies in Internal Medicine. Orthopedics. Pathology and Surgery. A new Wing under construction will be opened in the Summer of 1954, adding sixty-eight bed units, a completely modern operating pavilion including seven operating rooms and a recovery room, also four Delivery Rooms. Hamot invites your Attention for Postgraduate Training. An effective Training Program is offered. Application Blanks and Full Information will be furnished by: John M. Willis, M.D.. Director ATLAS WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. 1101 NORTH FRONT STREET REgant 9-3772 Philadelphia 23, Penna. Wa carry a complete Lina of Groceries. Glassware. China and Silverware, Janitor Supplies and Paper Goods for Fraternities MARY and PAT'S LAUNDERELLE CLEANERS and DRYERS - ' 2 HOUR LAUNDRY Shirts and Coats, 24-48 Hours 1421 WESTMORELAND STREET RA 5-8558 Creom and Sugar? K. Tucker, J. OH, R. Portner Pediatrics Incorporated 346Try the . . Bosom buddies. Compliments of . . HOT SPOT PIZZERIA 3516 NORTH SEVENTEENTH STREET TOMATO PIES (PIZZA) • STEAKS REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI ☆ Phono SA 2-9868 BAldwIn 9-2212 GUS ALEX. Prop. GEORGE'S RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS STEAKS and CHOPS 3707 NORTH BROAD STREET Philadelphia 40. Pa. NURSES' ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Uniform With That "Made-T -Measure-Fit" PARK LANE CO. UNIFORM SHOP —On The Campus— 3549 N. BROAD ST. PHILADELPHIA 40. PA. With Pride We Serve Doctors. Nurse Technicians of Today — and Tomorrowl PHILADELPHIA SURGICAL INSTRUMENT CO., Inc. HOSPITAL PHYSICIANS SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT Vi it Our New Store at 140 SOUTH EASTON ROAD Glentide, Pa. Opening August I, 1954 347 KEESAL'S PHARMACY Registered Pharmacists Always in Attendance Student Supplies (Everything the student needs) A Full Line of Fountain Pens When You Equip Your Office, Let Us Supply Your Desk Set We Repair Fountain Pens Checks Cashed for Students 3436 NORTH BROAD STREET Next to the Medical School 348 Phone RA 5-9955 Philadelphia, Pa.SAVOY STUDIOS PORTRAITS - WEDDINGS - CHILDREN 3424 GERMANTOWN AVENUE RAdcliff 5-4682 Philadelphia 40, Penna. Mrt. Spitgle—Adolf. BRESKY'S FOOD MARKET MEATS and GROCERIES 436 S. TAMAQUA STREET McAdoo, Penna. WE USE RCA TUBES TEX'S RADIO TELEVISION CO. 351S N. SEVENTEENTH STREET Phone: SA 2-2118 Philadelphia 40. Penna. "WE REPAIR ALL MAKES of RADIOS TELEVISION" AG FOR TV AG RADIO PARTS CO. SEVENTEENTH and VENANGO STREET Philadelphia 40. Penna. "EVERYTHING FOR THE BOY" BOYS' CORNER Phone BA 9-1421 3619 GERMANTOWN AVE. Phone: RE 9-0809 3078 KENSINGTON AVE. 349C OllCj • enio I E ARE indeed happy and proud that you are about to become fellow alumni. The opportunity to serve your Medical School and University is afforded through membership in your Alumni Association. A life membership is now available in the Medical Alumni Association on the payment of ten dollars. We cordially invite you to join. IHE (HEDICHL mumm ASSOCIATE OF TEA1PLE UAIVERSITY ta tiilati ion 350"BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF •54- BELL and BELTZ LABORATORY SERVICE FOR PHYSICIANS Since 1926 Laboratories: 3432 NORTH BROAD STREET RA 5-4584 WILLIAMS' INTERN UNIFORMS mod© to your measurements are the finest you can buy. • Stop in, or Write or Phone for Samples and Prices C. D. WILLIAMS COMPANY DESIGNERS and MANUFACTURERS Since 1876 246 SOUTH ELEVENTH STREET Philadelphia 7, Pa. Phone PE 5-1580 CLAUS BROS. FLOWERS GERMANTOWN AVENUE and TIOGA STREET Member of the Florist Telegraph Delivery Service SA 2-5526 Est. 1888 Idle a deep breath. Hold itl EXPERIENCE plus FACILITIES To serve you impeccably for BANQUETS, DANCES. CONVENTIONS. LUNCHEONS and MEETINGS Honoring A Great Name in Philadelphia THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CHESTNUT STREET at NINTH Mrs. Wiggins In her cabbage patch. 351WILLIAM H. BATTERSBY Funeral Director BROAD STREET above WESTMORELAND Phones SAgamore 2-2667 - 2668 15 INTERNSHIPS (Rotating General) available annually under regulations of National Intern Matching Plan. $200 per mo. plus room, meals, laundry and 6 complete uniforms. RESIDENCIES in Surgery. Internal Medicine, Urology and Obstetrics and Gynecology usually available annually on July I. $250 per mo. plus room, meals and laundry. 6 JUNIOR INTERNSHIPS usually available annually for 2 mos. rotating training from June 15 through August 15 to Students who have completed the Junior year. $100 per mo. plus room, meals, laundry and 3 complete uniforms. FULLY ACCREDITED training in a 500 bed. 72 bassinet general hospital, the leading institution of its kind in CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA. 16.396 admissions 57,725 outpatient visits. 8298 surgical operations (major and minor), 2581 obstetrical deliveries in 1953. We welcome a visit by you to this FRIENDLY HOSPITAL. Write for appointments and other information: Attention — John G. Knauer, M.D., Director of Professional Activities. HARRISBURG HOSPITAL HARRISBURG, PA. ATTENTION: JOHN G. KNAUER, M.D. Director of Professional Activities 352Wyeth Research for Medical Achievement When disease strikes, its conquest is made surer by pharmaceutical research. At the Wyeth Institute of Applied Biochemistry, ceaseless investigation gives the physician better medicines to abort illness, to combat infection, to prolong life. Here chemistry, physics, and medical practice unite—basic research leading to product development, followed by broad clinical trial. The Institute's scientists, in less than ten years, have given medicine more than eighty products to loosen the foothold of disease, among them: Bicillin®, Wydase®, Phenergan®, Strepto-MAGMA®, ETHOBRAL®. 5 PHILADELPHIA 2. PA. 353"Nearest the Hospital" UPTOWN CAMERA AND SPORT SHOP Photographic and Athletic Supplies 3617 GERMANTOWN AVENUE Open evenings V2 block below Broad and Erie RA 5 6803 Jim ond George—chronic possoge congertion. J. Cecil Rhodes, B.S., M.S. PRESENTS The Combined Facilities of THE LANGNER LABORATORY 130 South 18th Street Philadelphia 3, Pa. MEDICAL ARTS LABORATORY Hillside Ave. Johnson St. Jenkintown, Pa. and its MAYFAIR DIVISION 3502 Cottman Avenue Philadelphia 24, Pa. Remember The Good Times You Had In. THE CAFETERIA Temple University SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 354Research, development, and production of medicine serving physicians since 1841 Smith, Kline French Laboratories, Philadelphia 355PIERRE UNIFORMS Designers and Manufacturers HOSPITAL CLOTHING MILITARY UNIFORMS for INTERNS RESIDENTS for ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE 1115 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. Going up? BA 9-8121 Export Watch and Jewelry Repairinq RISER'S - Distinctive Jewelry RECORDS - RADIOS 3619 NORTH BROAD STREET Special Discount to Students Open Evenings Philadelphia 40. Po. Compliments of . . . FELIX SPATOLA READING TERMINAL Phono numbors pltate. Philadelphia 7 WA 2-5600 TUX brand CANNED FOODS ARE JUST BETTER GEORGE B. VROOMAN, Inc. PHILADELPHIA 17. PA. MA 7.2424-25-26_________________________ N E W - A R T TAILORS - CLEANERS - DYERS 1515 WEST TIOGA STREET BA 9-8471 We Call for and Deliver 356JAMES A. NOLEN. JR.. SKIDMORE. OWINGS and MERRILL ASSOCIATE ARCHITECTS djuilcleM SEVENTEENTH and SPRING GARDEN STREETS PHILADELPHIA 357JOHN SEXTON CO. MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERS CHESTNUT and DELAWARE STREETS Philadelphia 5. Pennsylvania LOmbard 3-8144 Compliments of . . . PAT'S BARBER SHOP 3338 NORTH BROAD STREET FOR BETTER PROFESSIONAL UNIFORMS CENTRAL UNIFORMS 1311 WALNUT STREET 3546 GERMANTOWN AVENUE Pharmacopea. J. H. MYERS and CO. DIAMONDS • WATCHES - JEWELRY CERTIFIED WATCH REPAIRING IN THE ARCADE 3627 NORTH BROAD STREET Phono: SA 2-1552 Philadelphia 40. Penna. WALT Welcomes You to the FOR A C olleae -3 nn —Tasty Breakfast —Our Chefs Delicious "Noon Special" —Full Course Evening Meals — A"Coke" or a Bite Between Classes DOWNSTAIRS Corner BROAD and ONTARIO STREETS Phone: SA 2-9979 358Experience Has No Substitute 20 years of yearbook "KNOWHOW is yours when you sign with MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers to the 1954 SKULL All Portraits Appearing in this Publication have been placed on File in our Studio and can be duplicated at any time. Write or Phone us for Information Walnut 3-0146, 3-0147 1010 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNA. Compliments of . . . WESTMOR BAR 3301-3 NORTH FIFTEENTH STREET RA 5-2920 Free Deliveries TIOGA HARDWARE MILL SUPPLY PAINTS - HOUSEWARES - KEYS MADE 3422 GERMANTOWN AVE. 3419 NO. 13th ST. PHYSICIAN'S SUPPLY COMPANY OF PHILADELPHIA "EVERYTHING FOR THE MEDICAL STUDENT AND PHYSICIAN" PE 5-3980 SHARP DOHME DIVISION OF MERCK Qc CO.. Inc. PHARMACEUTICALS BIOLOG I CALS PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA 359 1513 SPRUCE STREETTEMPLE UNIVERSITY a great institution ... the result of a strange tale and the firm faith of a young clergyman T. he history of Temple University dates back to a strange tale about a rich Arabian farmer, Ali Hafed, who was obsessed with the thought of becoming wealthier by discovering diamonds. This discontented man scoured the mountains and plains of Europe and Asia in vain, finally losing both his fortune and life in his hunt for more wealth. Ironically, after his death, a fabulous fortune of diamonds was found on the farm he left. Dr. Conwell, founder of Temple University, was the young clergyman who heard this ancient legend in 1870 while on a trip from Bagdad to.Nineveh on the Tigris River. It so impressed him that he made it the basis for his famous lecture “Acres of Diamonds” which earned millions of dollars. With this money, Dr. Conwell founded Temple University which was dedicated to the ideal of “making an education possible for all young men and young women who have good minds and the will to work ..." W e will he glad to send, on request, the latest edition of Dr. Conwell's famous lecture, “Acres of Diamonds." TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PHILADELPHIA 360 THE COMET PRESS. INC. NEW YORK 14k; 7 t" v-y ■ ■ tft'i ■ -.ak-vw .■ !i •». ■ • .a' V v v,v • S . ’MW'•l.'.if.vi r.AAV .: vj.fv ,v ■ ■' ' "y." v.. IQu. 1 ■ , ftft '■ v'l' 'ft • • ■ v-V-V'.’, . ■ - V;. w MA «[fluff $1 ' ft ft»r l|| ■' ft 'ftftft: 1 ■ 'M B j| v -______________________________________________________________________________________ V

Suggestions in the Temple University School of Medicine - Skull Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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