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2001 Oilonloloc, 1You have h rains in your head. You haw feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own and you know what you know, You arc the guy who'll decide where togo. Oh! The places you’ll go! 99 -Dr. Seuss 2! Temple Srhool of l)onfi$fr Sa n four years later and Once upon a time, in the year 2000, 119 students from all parts of the world came to Philadelphia to achieve one common goal. This is a story filled with many twists and turns. A story where quiet, dry typodonts turned into rambunctious patients with Hailing tongues and copious saliva. where ideal MOD's became direct pulp caps and we wondered if we would receive a CLT (certified laboratory technician) along with our DMD’s. It is the journey we took that made these four years so memorable. This journey formed lifelong friendships that have proven to be more valuable than expected. Friends were there to make you laugh when it felt like the walls were caving in around you. Friends would trade patients and go out of their way to make sure you too made it to the finish line. The ending to this story is one of triumph, for the ending is graduation and the outcome is a DMD. The greatest achievement, however, was the journey itself. That is where overcoming hardships resulted in strength, knowledge and success. We leave Temple with gratitude for the many experiences, good and bad, that will help us to be the best practitioners we can. Although we say good-bye to Temple's halls and walls, it is truly just the beginning. seniors.6 underclasses.146 faculty.158 clubs.170 ads.182 the doctor is finally in 2001 Odonloloo 3Letter from Dean Martin Tansy Office of the Dean 3223 N. Broad Street (600-00) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140 (215) 707-2799 Fax: (215) 707-3192 May 20, 2004 To the Class of 2004: There is a tendency to tell each class that they are "the best class" 1 have seen during my time as dean, and that is not untrue; each class is "best" because each class is different. Each class develops its own personality, as yours has done. The thing I value particularly about this class, as well as those who preceded it and those who will follow is your ability to serve as Ambassadors of Temple University. While you are students you meet and talk with applicants to the school, freely giving your candid observations. As students you also travel near and far as part of our outreach activities, still creating the best possible impression of the Temple product. And, as graduates, you will find you are welcomed into graduate programs, the military, or practices, as you exemplify the clinically competent professional that is the proof of a Temple education. I have read the yearbook messages of my predecessors and find there is also a tendency to tell our graduates to "go forth" and "do great things.” I don’t need to resort to cliches with the Class of 2004; you are the best ambassadors Temple could wish for and I have no doubt you will accomplish much. I wish you all the very best of luck. Sincerely, 4 |I| Irmplr Srhool of Drntijitr edition of the 2004 odontolog to... The class of 2004 would like to dedicate the Odontolog to the velvet harpoon. Dr. Lippincott. Although, we have to be honest and admit we never saw the “harpoon" in him, only the caring generous side. It is rare that one professor is capable of touching the lives, inspiring, and being a role model of so many students. From the very first lecture to the clinic. Dr. Lippincott has executed to his students a level of respect, integrity, and impartialness that cannot go unrecognized. His commitment to teaching is obvious during lunch or at night when his row is still active with students. Dr. Lippincott never denies his students the time or attention they need. We thank you Dr. Lippincott. for the passion and charm you bring to the profession and we are lucky to have learned from the best. We truly hope you know how much you are appreciated and admired. Through our eyes w;e look to you w'ith hope that one day we can become inspirations for others as you have been for us. Dr. Lippincott 2001 Odnnlitlnt 5Looking back on our four years sve realize we were the first class to...have 8 finals in 5 days, have Pharmacology moved to sophomore year, caries risk assessments, dental public health, and many more. WE were also honored to be intimately integrated in one another's lives. WE saw relationships form, babies born, and weddings celebrated. Through it all we were there to support one another and believed that if we started this together we would end it together. It was what happened in between that was so amazing. The following 119 pages show the many faces that make up the class of 2004. However, the friendships, stories and secrets are ours to keep forever. 6 iiS temple Sehool ofYEARBOOK STAFF Nelly Ekanem Joy Graves Yvette Gutierrez Kimberly Jefferson Lajuan McWilliams Mountain Azy Nasiry Erin Tate April Walker Jen Udis 200 l0dontolot 7Mona Alkhayat Albandar, D.M.D. Osb Norway Bergen University, Norway ASDA. Pediatric Club, and AAWD I dedicate this degree to my husband. Jasim, and our 3 boys. Heidar, Hazem and Joey. I thank them for all the support and the love they gave me through these four hard years. I can’t thank Jasim enough for his help at home when I was studying and doing all that lab work. I w ill never forget how my boys would ask me every night “Mama, how many points did you get today?” It is a phrase that kept me going through the good times and bad times at Temple. I thank my parents and siblings for their support. They w'ere so far away, but yet were always there to encourage me all these years. Lastly. I thank my friends for their friendship and support through my rollercoaster ride at Temple. Beth. Sadia, Maryam, Amanda S., Farah. Ann. Joy, and all the other girls in our class, wre made it through and now our career has just begun. Mm irn t 8 Hi Trntpfe School ofMax A. Almodavar, D.M.D. Modesto. California CSU Stanislaus American Student Dental Association, Temple University Student Council (President). XI PSl PHI Dental Fraternity (President). Hispanic Dental Association (Vice President). Class Representative 2004 (Treasurer), Asian American Club (Treasurer). Oral Surgery Honor Society. Oral Surgery Study Club. Endodontic Study Club. Philadelphia Dental Association. Alpha Omega National Fraternity, Accreditation Committee. School Improvements Committee. I want to thank everyone in my life who has been supportive, especially my wife and family. I dedicate this day to my son who will always be to me. the reminder of my success. I thank my Mom and Dad who raised me to be the person I am and the father I will become. 2001 Orinntolofi, 9Sadia Bakhtawar; D.M.D. Fairfield. California University of California Davis Well, I guess it is time to say good-bye to student life. Being a dentist has been a goal I’ve been working towards my whole life and now that it is here, it’s exciting but a little nerve-racking. I would like to thank my family for their love, support and guidance. especially my brother. Sohail Bhai, who never listened to my lame excuses to miss school; my Mom and sisters who kept me from taking the easy way out in life; my husband Rahei who not only is the reason I ended up at Temple, but has made the past three years of my life the happiest; his family who have embraced me and kept me from getting homesick; my classmates and friends who never made me feel like "the new girl” and have given me life long friendships; and most importantly God for giving me the opportunity to come this far. Trraplr School of l citfi,«!nJeffrey S. Bell, D.M.D. Modesto. California » California State University Stanislaus American Student Dental Association. Stomatog-nathic Honor Society, Endodontic Study Club. Oral Surgery Study Club. Finally. I couldn't have done it without my wife who helps me to be a belter husband, my children who help me to be a better father, and my parents who taught me what is most important. I am truly grateful for my experiences here and for the friends I have made. I will miss a lot here-but not everything. Definitely not everything. It was actually shorter to list what 1 will miss that what I won’t. Anyway, it only gets better. And remember, bald is beautiful. 2001 Oilontoloc. 11Jonathan Ber lofK D.M.D. New Mexico New Mexico State University ! would like to use this space I have to thank all of those people in my life who have helped me get this far-those people without whom I don't think I would have made it. First of all. I would like to thank God for his many blessings and for the help He gave me through all the ups and downs of dental school. Second. I would like to thank my family for the amazing love and support they have given me throughout this experience. Thanks. Mom and Dad. for being the best parents in the world. Third. I would like to thank you, Ruth, for making the past two years the best of my life, w hen they could have been the hardest. Finally. I would like to thank everyone here w ho has helped make my experience at dental school a very memorable one. 12 I r tuple School of Urntisti Amandeep Singh Bhullar, D.M.D. Vancouver. BC University of British Columbia Senior Class President Thanks to my many friends and family members for their continuous support and encouragement throughout my education. I thank Temple for giving me an opportunity to attend dental school. I have developed many special relationships over the last four years that will last my lifetime. Good luck and best wishes to all fellow graduates. Finally to my parents. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices they have made to support all my adventures. Canada is Hockey. Hockey is Canada. Period. ‘2001 Odontoloii. 13ThomasJ. Biscotti, D.M.D. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Kings College American Student Dental Association. Dean’s List. Intramural Basketball Program, Asian American Club. Dr. Horvat Scholarship Recipient I would like to thank my wife Melissa for all of your love and support. I could not have done this without you. I would also like to thank my friends and family for your encouragement. I am very grateful for the education I received and to all those who made it possible. I am also very thankful for my friends and the times we shared. 14 m Irmplc Srhool of Dentist r Kristyn Marie Blumbei; D.M.D., M.B.A. Bridgewater. New Jersey Saint Joseph’s University Stomatognaihic Honor Society, American Association of Women Dentists, Asian American. Orthodontic Study Club “Sometimes we spend so much time trying to make life wonderful that we forget to stop and notice how wonderful life is." -Brian Levitt I just wanted to say thank you to my wonderful family for helping me get to this point in my life. Amanda, you are my best friend and I love you. I couldn't have survived these four years without you. Mark, you are my future! 1 love you so much for making my life beautiful! 2001 Oilonlnloo 15rimothyj. Bonner, D.M.D. West Grove, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Thanks: I would like to most importantly thank my wife, Devon for everything. Without her I would never have made it this far. I also want to thank my kids. Tyler. Daphne, and Trenton for giving me a better reason to succeed and for saying good luck to me on those really important mornings. I would also like to thank my parents for their tremendous help, including conceiving me. Thank you to my sisters Jennifer and Kerri, as well as the rest of my family for supporting me along the way. I would like to thank my in-laws for all their support, especially mom-mom and Hannah for helping with the kids. I want to thank everyone at Kennett Dental for helping me become the dentist I am today, especially Dr. Richard Ram and Dr. Glenn Paskow. I would also like to thank all of my friends in school for making Temple a livable place and my friends outside for helping me forget about school. Hey Joe. I’m not going into school tomorrow I better give you my ID. 16 Innplr School of DentistryBlake Braidfoot, D.M.D. Mississippi University of Southern Mississippi This page is dedicated to Joy and to Kim, my favorite two stalkers. Actually, my only stalkers. Actually they are not even stalkers. Damn-nobody wants me. Oh, and to all my lunchtime buddies-thanks ya'II. You really helped me to understand that there are more important things than having a dentist as a dean. 2001 Otlonloloe, 17Christian A. Brandyberry, D.M.D. Englewood. Florida Highpoint University American Student Dental Association, Asian American Club. Endodontic Study Club. Stomatognathic Honor Society I would like to thank the friends I have made here for making me laugh, getting through the hard times, and all of the great times we had. I would especially like to thank my family for their continued support and inspiration. I could have never done it without you. 18 temple School of DrntbtiyMatthewS. Brinkerhofi; D.M.D. Las Vegas. Nevada Southern Utah University I would like to thank my family for their continued support and tell them how much 1 love them. My roommates, Aman and Upinder. for their friendship and helping to realize that late night studying isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; Darrell, for everything, and Michele, for being my best friend, and the mot wonderful woman I have ever met. Best of luck to you all!! 2001 Otlontoloi 19Peter R. Brown, D.M.D. Camp Hill. Pennsylvania Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University First of all. I would like to thank some of my classmates (you know who you are) for making the last four years entertaining to say the least. Next I would like to thank everyone around me who has supported tne through these four most demanding years of my life, especially my wife Meghan. Meghan. I am not sure where I would be without your words of encouragement and simply sharing in this experience with me. I love you! I also want to thank my brother for the role he has played as a mentor allowing me to follow in his footsteps. Finally. I want to thank my parents who have always been there when I needed them through all the grueling years of school. Thanks guys. Go HOKIES!!! 20 H Temple School of Drntiltl?Matthew David Carlston, D.M.D. Salt Lake City. Utah Utah State University This has been the greatest and longest 5 years of my life. 1 love my wife, Callie. and would like to thank her for all of her support and help. I especially thank her for the best things that happened to me in Philly, Luke and Charlie. You guys make everything else seem so pointless. To my TB “friends ” I don’t know what I will do without you guys, but I am pretty sure that I will get by. Good Luck to all!!! 200»Odontoloi 21Bryan M. Chapman, D.M.D. Mesa. Arizona Arizona State University Asian American Study Club, Endodontic Study Club I would like to thank my wife and daughter for enduring many lonely nights while I was studying for an upcoming exam. 22 111 Trnplr School of DrnlWijDerrick Owen Co Chua, D.M.D. San Francisco. California University of California, Santa Cruz Goodbye Philadelphia! It’s been great but I'm going back home to San Francisco where the weather is extraordinary for tennis. I would like to thank my family for their complete support in all my endeavors. My accomplishments are due to the perseverance of my father, mother and siblings; Ignacio. Susana. Geoffrey. Yvette. and Gwen. Thank you for being there for me Chrissa. I love you. I hope we'll have an awesome friendship and create a lifelong friendship. To my teachers and friends: I greatly value the wonderful time we have spent together. Please contact me dochua@yahoo.com if you're ever in the San Francisco area. How are you? FANTASTIC! 2001 OUontolot, 23Edward Cias III, D.M.D. Mansfield, Pennsylvania Bucknell University Karen. Mom. and Dad-thanks for ail your support and help. Without you. none of this would have been possible. 24 ill Trmplr School of DmtfrtryDustin Craven, D.M.D. Utah Bringham Young University Wow! Four years have come and gone and we finally made it. Well first and foremost I need to thank my wife Annie. I can not believe you are still with me-1 love you! Thanks for all of your support. Kait-lyn. Daddy loves you too. Mom and Dad, thanks for all you did to get me this far-I couldn't have made it without your support. And to all the friends I have met here at TUSoD. Good Luck, and if you are ever out in God's country look me up. And to the core 5. Luthie, Skin Child, Carlisle, and Skanky. we’ll be seeing ya’-and Carlston. just give Repscher the $100. 2001 (Hlonloloi 25James Cullen, D.M.D. AnnviBe, Pennsylvania Lehigh University Thank You... -To my family, especially my parents, for all of your guidance and hard work. You have sacrificed so much to get me where I am today and taught me the value of hard work and a good education. -To my wife. Janelle. for all of your love and support. You have been by my side through all the good and bad times. I know that 1 haven't always been easy to deal with, but with your support, we made it. -To my friends for all of the good times and making these last four year a little more bearable. I know that we will stay in touch and enjoy the many more good times ahead. You are all such an important part of my life and you will never really know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. 26 111 Tempi? Vhool ofMarieJ. Cullen, D.M.D. Huntingdon Valley. Pensylvana Fairfield University To my family: I couldn’t have done it without you. To Farah. Alex and my ’valley’ friends: Thanks for the shoulder to lean on. To all my Temple friends: Thanks for all the great memories Good Luck and God Bless the Class of 2(K)4!!! 2001 (Vdontolog, 27Upinder Dhillon, D.M.D. Toronto.Ontario I» University of Toronto First of all. I would like to thank my parents for all their love and support. Without them in my life I would he nothing and I thank God for their understanding and guidance for which I can never repay. I will be forever grateful to them. 1 would like to thank my sister Sheena and her family for being there every time I needed a feeling of home. I would also like to thank my roommates Matt and Aman for helping me get through these tough years. To my friends in Toronto, thanks for making it feel like old times every time we got together. And Finally, to my best friend in the whole world. Bhavisha, being away from you these past four years has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Through it all you never left my side. You have been my strength, my motivation and my crutch when I've needed it. and 1 can not wait for the day that we will be together forever. Thanks to you all! 28 M 1 rmplr School of Dent tryRyan C. Dunn, D.M.D. ft'tyam C' T wnM ♦ 200iOdontolo 29 Messiah College To the faculty, staff, and administration: Thank you to all of you who made an effort to make the dental school experience educational and enjoyable. To Jonathan. Tom. James. Ryan. Drew. Sara. Dustin and Matt: It didn't lake us long to find each other in the back of the lecture halls, and then it was four years of some really great moments together. Thanks. To Tim: How the heck did we spend all those commutes together and still end up being friends? After 1500+ hours in a car. w'e still had things to talk about, which is a testament to your personality and our friendship. Sec you in Kennett! To my parents: thank you for your support and encouragement, especially for letting me find my ow n way to dental school. To my wife. Liz: I can't imagine doing this whole school thing w ithout having you and Daisy to come home to. Thanks for everything that makes you special- being understanding w'hen I couldn't be there, putting up with me w'hen I was around, picking up the slack, teaching lessons, and just being overall amazing. I love you and Daisy more than anything. 30 III Temple School of l enli.stiyErne Nelly Ekanem, D.M.D. Rockville. Maryland Howard University I would like 10 thank my family. Mom. Dad. David. Fracesca. Frank. Eddie. Monica. Hania, Ogeh. Sebastian. Priscilla and Frank Jr. for the tremendous support that they have given me through this journey. Mom. you have been my inspiration. You have taught me to persevere despite obstacles. Jimmy, thank you for your love, patience and support. I am grateful to the faculty and staff, especially Dr. Lisa Deem and Dr. Arrevalo, for infinite wisdom and guidance. In memory of my sweet niece Ashley and Uncle Golden. 2001 Oilnntolne, 31StevenT.Elkhal, D.M.D. Gresham, Oregon Lewis and Clark College President of Endodontic Study Club I would like to thank my parents for their support, and making it all possible. To all my friends and family. thanks for making the last four years unforgettable. I couldn't have asked for a better situation. And to that special someone who's made me happy, keep doing what you do best. It's been a crazy run thus far and as I look forward to the next race I hope you are all there by my side. Peace! 32 US Trniplr School of DrntisfiyPeter E. Feibish, D.M.D. Sparta. New Jersey Rutgers University I know this thanks will fall on deal'ears since I am not even receiving a yearbook... Sorry Raj. Vet. I would be remiss if I did not express sincere gratitude to those who helped me succeed at Temple. First and for most, thank you Mom and Dad for the "allowances," which were received in time to prevent me from selling Mike’s textbooks. More importantly, thank you for constantly encouraging me and teaching me the value of perspective, you are both a template for the person that I aspire to be. I would also like to thank A.B.F. National Bank for the interest free funding, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Don’t w'orTy Gordo, now I will be able to cut you a check to pay for post-exam socializing. Thank you Noelle for pushing me to be successful, even from a distance. Lastly. I would like to thank the faculty who have prepared me to be a successful professional. And of course all of my friends. I could not have been any luckier in finding such outstanding people. I hope that we will continue to invest in our personal and professional relationships. 2001 tWontoloii 33Jeffrey Felzer, D. M. D. Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania University of Wisconsin Deans List. ASDA, Asian American Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends, without whom this would not be possible. You guys made coming down to North Broad a much more enjoyable experience than it could have been, so thanks. I would like to sincerely thank selective members of the faculty; I have learned so much. These last four years have been quite a roller coaster ride, and I wouldn't be lying if I said I wasn’t real glad it was over. 34 III Temple School of DentistryTodd A. Fleischman, D.M.D. Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania New York University American Student Dental Association. Stomatog-nathic Honor Society, Asian American Study Club It is most important for me to thank my family for their love and support over the past twenty-six years. Everything I am becoming is because of you. I cannot express in only a few words how important my friends in dental school have been to me. You have all had a direct effect on my life and 1 thank you for making coming to school fun. I could not have made it through the four years without you. and 1 am going to dearly miss our time we spend together. We have a lot of life to live, and I hope to share all of our success and happiness with everyone at Temple Dental that I have had a chance to work with. I have learned a lot more during this time than just dentistry. 200 j Odontolog, 35Nathaniel Flook, D.M.D. Berwick, Pennsylvania University of Scranton Well, I made it. I finally have something to show for this fortune I've spent. First of all. I'd like to thank my parents for their constant guidance, support, and financial backing. Second. I'd like to thank all my friends that have made it fun to go to work at Temple everyday. I’d also like to thank my friends that have gotten me out of the school on the nights and weekends. which kept me sane and full of energy. To my professors, thank you for your patience and support. To my classmates. I am proud to call you colleagues and doctors. So here is to your future days of prosperity and enjoyment, and may you never be sued, audited, or pull another all-nighter. 36 El Traiplf School of ltrnfi tr  William A. Forero, D.M.D. Florida »— Florida International University American Student Dental Association, Hispanic Dental Association In 4 years I got into dental school I met some great friends I married my beautiful wife Sandra My son William Jr. was born And I got myself a DMDH Not bad for 4 years I want to thank my wife, son. parents, sister, and friends for all of their support, without whom I'd never have made it this far. GcxkI luck to every one. I had a blast...(most of the time). Gracias a mi esposa Sandy, mi hi jo Billy Jr., mis padres Guillermo y Sara, a mi hermana Maria, a ceci y pedro, y a todos mis buenos amigos. Yo se que sin todos ustedes nunca hubiera llcgado a este momento en mi vida.Jos quiero mucho. 2001 Oilontnlng, 37Jason S. Francis, D.M.D. Boynton Beach, Florida St. Joseph’s University To my professors and classmates, thank you for helping me get through the past four years. To the friends I made at school. I hope our friendships continue to grow over the years and that you accomplish every thing you want both personally and professionally. Mom and Dad thank you for all of your guidance and making me the person 1 am today. David and Andrea, thank you for being supportive older siblings and helping your baby brother throughout the years. 38 111 Temple School of l riiti.sliyRoberto Gil, D.M.D. Tampa. Florida University of South Florida American Student Dental Association. Asian American Club. Hispanic Dental Association Congratulations class of 2004; we finally made it!!! To my family: Thanks for believing in me and for the never ending love and support; without you guys this journey would have been impossiblc-Love You. To my classmates: It has been a great experience getting to know all of you. Best wishes and good luck on all new endeavors. We’re out of here so let the good times roll! 2001 Oilonlolot, 39Rajeev Raghunandan Gowda, D.M.D. Cherry Hill. New Jersey Ursinus College American Student Dental Association. Asian American Club. South Asian Student Dental Association, Class of 2004 Treasurer Thank you, to my family and friends who have been supportive and understanding through the past four years. Thank you to those faculty members of the staff that helped to make getting through dental school a little easier. Lastly, thank you to my redneck physical trainer who kept me from developing into a skinny man with a fat man's belly. Good luck to all my classmates and much success in your futures. 40 Temple Srhool of l)enti (i Joy Natasha Graves, D.M.D. North Carolina ---------- Florida A M University American Association of Women Dentists, Endodontic Study Club, Haitian Health Foundation. Hispanic Dental Association. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Pediatric Study Club. Student Body Vice President (2002-2003) I dedicate this page to my family, who paved the way for me through their hard work struggles. You did it so 1 could be all that God intended for me to be. even before I was bom. I'm one step closer to fulfilling His destiny for my life!! I truly am ‘Too Blessed to be Stressed." Ann- WE have been friends since BEFORE day 1, and I thank you for sticking with me like PB J to your palate. Thank God for Phillippians 4:4-7. Yvette-1 could not have made it through all the long days and nights without you by my side to study, laugh, “fuss." and cry. Jentel Karriem- Without you guys. I'd have no stories to tell my grand kids. Believe me. they'll laugh like we have. Wendell- Whoa...Finally! Only real friends could go through this, and in spite of everything grow closer. Thank you for your shoulder. your ear, and for "keeping it real." To all the others who made this journey a little bit easier... I Thank You! 2001 Odimtolo 41Yvette Gutierrez, D.M.D. California University of California, Irvine American Association of Women Dentists. Endodontic Study Club I dedicate this degree to my mother. I could not have done this without her. To my family, especially my parents, thank you for your guidance, as it has allowed me to come this far. Thank you also for being my pillar of strength, for your love, and for believing in me when I did not. Garnik, thank you for your support and patience. I love you more than words could say. Tia Inez and uncle Rick, thank you for your love and Tia for the 22 points. To my friends-thanks for the great times and memories. Ann and Joy. I wish I could pack you up and take you to Cali with me! Joy. thank you for keeping me on track throughout the academic hell we had to endure. Thank God the madness is over! Cuong thank you for being there for me...so uhhh how many tires did you pop? To the class of 2004, Best Wishes! 42 Temple Vhool of ItenfisflAJessica A. Guy, D.M.D. Stroudsburg. Pennsylvania Wilkes University Alpha Omega. Asian American Club. American Association of Women Dentists, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Pediatric Dental Study Club Thanks to everyone who supported me through this arduous journey: Dan (the love of my life), my parents, siblings, and extended (but not expendable) family. Mar. the girls, and the assorted faculty and staff of TUSoD. Zucchini bread: 1 egg +3 whites 1 4c oil 1.5c sugar 3c grated zucchini 1 tbsp vanilla 1 2 tsp salt 1 2 tsp baking powder I tsp baking soda 1 tbsp cinnamon 1.5c unbleached flour 1.5c whole wheat Hour mix in order pour into oiled pan bake at 350 degrees F 1 hr makes 2 loaves. 2001 (Klontolot 43Kevin Guzman, D.M.D. Yuba City. California University of California Davis American Student Dental Association. Endodontic Study Club. Hispanic Dental Association. Oral Surgery Honor Society Four years, don’t they go by in a Hash... but man am I glad they’re over. First off I would like to thank my family: Mom. Dad. and Krista, thank you all for your support and unconditional love. To my friends, thanks for all the fun limes and moments we shared. I will remember them forever and can't wait to make future ones with you all. Joan, your love, affection, and understanding are amazing. For all my classmates. I have been privileged to spend four years with such great people and I wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors. 44 111 Temple School of DentifbyAlexandriaJ. Hammond, D.M.D. Las Vegas, Nevada University fo Nevada, Reno American Association of Women Dentists, Endodontic Study Club. Xi Psi Phi Fraternity I would like to thank all of my family and friends for their love and support. I want you ail to know how much I appreciate you and all you have done for me-from being a shoulder to cry on. listening to how much I love Philly. and for being there whenever I needed you. I couldn’t have done this without you. 2001 O«lonlolo£ 45JasonJ. Hanyon. D.M.D. Jessup, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University ASDA. OMS Honor Society. Endodontic Study Club. Stomatognathic Honor Society I would like to thank Temple for giving me this opportunity. Thank you class of 2004 for making these last 4 years so fun and exciting. Thank you Pat. Mike and Kevin, for your hospitality. Thank you to my friends and family from home who have loved and supported me through these past 4 years. Special thanks to my mom who has made me who I am and w ho has been a source of courage and inspiration. My w ife (my life), who if anybody knows what we went through it's her. She has been the backbone of my success, show ing only love and support. 1 would like to thank her for the greatest gift of all. my son... MAXIMUS! 46 llll Irmplr Srhool of Drnfisfl}Weixiong(Stephen) Hao, D.M.D. Fru’ade phia Pennsylvania St. Joseph’s University American Dental Association. American Student Dental Association. Hispanic Dental Association, Asian American Club It has been a challenging past four years at the dental school. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for their unconditional love and support. Thanks to my friends, who are always there to cheer me up when I'm down; for the joy you brought me have made my days much easier and enjoyable. •iOOMWontoloft, 47Keric L. Hockenberry, D.M.D. Lewisberry. Pennsylvania Bucknell University Well. 1 finally made it. First and foremost-thanks to my parents, brothers, and pappap. Your endless support. guidance, and financial backing made it all possible. If I can return half of what you have given to me. I will consider my life a success. To all the friends I have shared time with, thanks; you have all made the ‘ghetto’ more enjoyable. As for post-grad plans. I plan on visiting the following: Guzman-let’s hit a real rodeo, and if I drive, Owen can’t come... Jeev-hey I needed to have one brown friend, if you move out of Jersey, I will visit ya... Owen-after I drive 7 hrs to Owen County (and Owen’s Pond) I better see some new land and fresh food plots... Brink-In hoc... Momos, to all of you and your 100 w ives, thanks... Kendall-’you shake like a poodle pooping a butcher knife', get that spare room ready. AK here I come... Dr. Reid-see ya out west. Anyone else heading out to the woods, look me up, maybe we can shoot some cans! 48 HI Irinplr School of DcntistiyWendell Holdbrook, D.M.D. Sewell. New Jersey Rutgers University Pediatric Study Club. Periodontology Honor Society. American Student Dental Association. Endodontic Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society These past four years have brought me endless memories and relationships that I will never forget. Thanks to everyone that I’ve befriended over the past four years. Thanks for the laughs and for being there. Most importantly. I need to thank my parents who have always been there for me. They have made this accomplishment possible. Thanks to my friends who mean the world to me: Kim. Joy. Karriem. and Ra-jeev. Your support made this journey easy. To JSO, I will never forget the golden days. Good luck class of ‘04. 2001 Odnntolnt, 49Cuong Hong, D.M.D. California — I» University California Los Angeles “If you are going through hell, keep going.” -Sir Winston Churchill Keep going and good luck to the class of 2004 with all your future endeavors. I would like to thank all the friends I made here for their support and sometimes making me work harder than I wanted to. To Mom and Dad, thanks for instilling in me the values I now possess. Thanks for always pushing me to become a better person and for allowing me to step out on my own. For all the sacrifices you’ve made I am grateful. To my sisters 1 say thanks. Thanks for putting up with your annoying brother and all the support. 50 HI frmplr School of Drntifll)'Sara Horan, D.M.D. Lancaster, Pennsylvania — Bucknell University American Sludcni Dental Association. Oral Surgery Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Stomatog-nathic Honor Society. Haitian Health Foundation I would like to thank my family, especially Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Colin for always supporting me and believing in me throughout these four years. Thank you to my grandfather for inspiring me to do great things through his example. Drew. I couldn’t have done all this studying without you. Everyone in Oral Surgery Department has made these four years much more enjoyable, and has shown me what 1 want for my life. Johnny. I love you, and 1 can't wait to share my life with you. •2001 Odontoloi 51Todd C. Hyde.; D.M.D. McMinnville, Oregon » - Villanova University American Student Dental Association, Haitian Health Foundation. Endodontic Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society I would like to thank everyone who has shared in this journey with me. Ashley, I could not have done this without your love and support, thanks for putting up with me through the stressful days. Mom and Dad, without you this would only be a dream, thanks for your guidance, love, and especially prayers before exams. Troy and Travis, thanks for keeping me grounded while I have been on the East Coast. Thanks to my grandparents, your thoughts and prayers helped get me here. Finally, to my wife’s family, you have gone out of your way to make me feel like a son and brother, thank you. 52 |ij irniplr School of Mary so I Iniguez, D.M.D. Santa Ana, CaTrfornia - l» University of California Irvine The most important thing I learned at Temple is that if I survived the past four years, I can get through anything! I would like to thank my friends for keeping me sane. Paul for always making everything seem possible, and my family for their endless encouragement and support. I couldn’t have done it without you. 2001 Odontolot 53JoannaJaminska, D.M.D. Wilmington, Delaware University of Delaware Don’t give the odds. Because I will beat them. Don't tell me 1 can t. Because I won't listen. Don’t say it's impossible. Because with God I can overcome. Don't say there is no hope. Because hope is all I have. Don’t say no. Because yes is all I want. 54 ill Innplr School of Dent tiyKimberly A. Jefferson, D.M.D. Rancho Cucamonga. California La Sierra University I would like to give a special thanks to my parents for all their love and support. To my sisters and brother, thank you for the late night talks and always putting a smile on my face. To my TUSoD gang, you made dental school so much fun that I would do it over again. Jeff, we accomplished this side by side and I fell more in love with you each day. Thank you for always making me laugh. “Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true." -Wizard of OZ- 2001 Otloutol«t£ 55Mandy Matter n Johnson. Hollidaysburg. Pennsylvania Shippensburg University AAWD, Endodontic Study Club. ZIP Thank you to all of my family and friends for all of the love and support you have given me over the years. We have shared triumphs and failures, laughter and tears. 1 would not be where 1 am today without you all. 56 ill Trmplf School of DfnlWis'Prashant Kaushik, D.M.D., M.B.A. Calgary. Alberta. Canada University of Calgary Class President, Asian American Study Club. Orthodontics Study Club. Endodontic Study Club. Stomatognathic Honor Society. OMS Honor Society With all my love and thank you... Dearest Mom and Dad. for the endless love, support and dedication you have given me all my life. Dad. thank you for providing words of wisdom that no classroom could ever teach me. Mom. nothing could ever repay you for every thing you have sacrificed in order to give us the best. To the best parents in the world, this success is very much yours as it is mine. Samir and Shivani. you have always inspired me with your profound achievements. Your simple, kind, and humorous nature reminds me that it is always possible to conquer the tougher times in life. And to my Ruchi rani. I can not say enough for the patience and support you have shown in our relationship. Despite the long distance we had to overcome, our love has survived, only to bring us closer together. I will always seek for my patients, your smile that brings happiness into my life. Your heart is forever mine. To the Class of 2004. congratulations! 2001 Oitonfnlo£ 57Farah S. Khan, D.M.D. — -------------- University of Pennsylvania Thanks to my friends and family for their love and support (financial and otherwise), especially Pedro, Bhargavi, and Julia. Mom. Dad and Sabeeh. I'm so glad I returned to Philly for Dental school. I’d also like to extend a special thanks to the great people I met at Temple who filled each day with laughter and good times.especially Marie. Jentel. Tony. Ashish. Vu and Ed. I’m happy and proud to have gone to school with you guys. Good luck to the class of 2004 ? 58 Hi Irmph Vhool of Dontistr Tew- Kvrrv Tae-Soo Kim, D.M.D. Chicago. Illinois ---------- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2001 Odnnloloc, 59Inna Kost, D.M.D. Tel-Avrv. Israel Tel-Aviv University School of Dentistry, D.D.S. These two years were the most challenging years in my life. I share my success with my husband and my dearest friend Yura, whose loyalty and faithfulness have amazed me for almost 20 years. My precious daughters, I’m thankful for your patience, understanding. and your very good grades in school. Ira. Oleg, and Julia. I would never have succeeded without your help. I'm grateful to my parents, family, and friends who’s belief in my victory has inspired me to succeed. 60 |]|| Imiplc School of Drnfistry2001 Odoillolo 61Michael D. Latourelle, D.M.D. Chatham. Massachusetts — — University of Rochester Thank you Amy and Ryan for your patience, love and support. You both inspire me to work harder and achieve more everyday. Mom and Dad you’ve always been there for our family whenever we needed you. Thanks to my new friends who made these past four years more enjoyable. 62 IDJl Temple School of Drnti ti WilliamJ. Le, D.M.D. Fairfax. Virginia George Mason University "The harder I work, the more luck 1 seem to have.” -Thomas Jefferson Even in my wildest dreams I never saw myself as a dentist. Over my four years at Temple I have come to know some wonderful people. Some of which have become good friends, some I wish I had time and opportunity to get to know more. Class of 2004. if anyone ever gets lost in Washington D.C. or Virginia look me up. I may help you with directions, at least to my home. Mom and Dad. a few extra letters after my last name won’t make me an adopted son. will it!!!?? Thank you so much Mom and Dad. Thank you for being so liberal and trusting. Thank you for your life long love, support, and selfless sacrifices. To my two brothers Hien and Tung, you are more than brothers to me. You are also my friends, my most trusted friends. To my teachers and friends, thank you so much for making my education an enjoyable experience. 2001 Oilontolo£ 63Sigmund H. Lee, D.M.D. Edmonton. Canada University of Alberta At last. I’m glad that dental school is finally done! Now. I need to look for a cute and intelligent wife... Thanks to all my friends for helping me survive 4 years in Philly without a car. for taking me to neat places along the East Coast, and for molding me to become a less passive, less frugal Canadian! 64 lUl Innplc Vhool of DrnlMrvApolonioA. Liriolll, D.M.D. Becktey, West Virginia Georgetown University Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine M.S. To my family: Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support. I would never be where I am now without you. To my Stephie: You were always there when I needed you. You have helped me get through the toughest times, and have given me the happiest days of my life. I will love you always. To my friends in the Class of 2004: Congratulations and good luck!! 2001 CMontolot, 65Luis A. Lugo Jr.. D.M.D. AnascoPuerto Rico » — University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus Organizations: ADA. ASDA. HDA, AO, AGD. and Asian-American Club I would like to thank God for all he has given me because with Him all thing are possible. To my wife Niehol I say thank you for keeping me sane throughout dental school. I appreciate all the things you did and always do for me. 1 don't know what I would do without you; love you! Also I would like to thank all the other people who have helped me get to where I am today. To the Class 2004 I say good luck in your careers! 66 0 fraiplf School of DrnlMrySpencer L. Luth, D.M.D. Garland. Texas I» Southern Utah University Fresh and Soph Class Vice President, Junior Class President, Oral Surg Study Club, Supplement Co-Director To my wonderful wife Nicole thank you for your constant support and encouragement these past four years. I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made to enable me to be successful through my education. I'm so excited for what the future has in store for our family. You are my best friend and I love you very much! To the TB Crew (Skinner. Mathis, Rep and Dusty) Thanks for all the great memories. It was never boring between the Velcro tearing, study sessions de-bates. trip to MB and our undefeated senior season! Thank you Mom. Dad. Dawn, and Karen for your support and advice. 2001 Odontulnc, 6768 |[j| Irniple Srh«M l of Drnlisll ‘ AvJennifer Mackey, D.M.D. Plainfield, Connecticut University of Rhode Island Stomatognathic Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society. Alpha Omega International. Fraternity. American Association of Women Dentists. En-dodontic Study Club To John. Mom, and Dad: Thank you for helping me and supporting me during the past four trying years. I could not have done it without you. Love you always. Here comes Dr. Jen! 2001 Odnnlolo£ 69WendyJ. Ma da, D.M.D. East Bangor. Pennsylvania East Stroudsburg University AAWD, Asian American, Endo Study Club. ZIP I would like to thank my family. Mom. Gene, Vic, Deb, Larry, Marlene, Pete, Nana. David and Josh for all of their support. Also my Gram. Helen, nieces and nephews. Jennie. Matt and Mick for all the long trips to school. My friends both old and new, especially my roommate Alex for putting up with me. My best friend Mandy. thanks for lending an ear and a couch to crash on. But most importantly I would like to thank my husband Hugh, for all the sacrifice, hard work and support he has given me throughout this journey. Thank you for being there when I needed you. I love you. Ulgi oy J- 70 §5 Innplr School of DentistryBeth A. McCarthy, D.M.D Newark Valley. New York Lycoming College Alpha Omega, Asian American. ASDA, AAWD, Oral Surgery Study Club. Pediatric Dentistry Club I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to my family (especially my mother), my friends, and the faculty at TUSoD for giving me the support and encouragement to achieve my fullest potential during the past four years. The inspiration that they have provided will never leave me, but will serve as a guide in days to come. 2001 Oilonlolo" 71Ashish P. Mehta, D.M.D Calgary. Alberta University of British Columbia Twenty years from now you will he more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain Irmplr School of l»ciiti$flAMehrdadjoe Mehranfar, D.M.D. California Southern Illinois University Implant Study Club - President. Endo Study Club I would like to thank my mom. dad and brother for their unconditional love, support, and generosity. You have supported me throughout my life and w ithout your help it would have been a very difficult task. To my friends: Enrique and Jen. you guys have made the last three years of my life interesting to say the least. Marko, Sanaz. Matt, Aman and Upinder. thank you for the good times. Thanks to Drs. Braun. Weis-berg. Reid. Esposito, Ram for both professional and personal guidance. 2001 Oilmifnloi 73Edward Mereminsky, D.M.D Philadelphia. Pennsylvania La Salle University Alpha Omega and Endodontic Study Club I would like to thank my mother and the rest of my family for all the support and encouragement they gave me during these four difficult years of dental school. Also, best wishes to the class of 2004, and thank you for all the great memories. 74 HI Irmpir School of Drnt tiyCarlos Mirabal, D.M.D Miami. Florida Florida International University Thank you to my hardworking, wonderful parents and sister, who have supported and encouraged me throughout the years. To my friends Ericka and Scott for ail the good times we have shared. To Margo for cooking me dinner every Saturday. To Abby and Sare for always helping me study - without you guys I wouldn’t have made it. Special thanks to 0 for your support and unconditional friendship. Words are not enough to express how much you mean to me. I’m really going to miss you a lot. To the class of 2004, live each day like it’s your last. Have fun and good luck. 2001 Oilontolo-i 75Jace Molinari, D.M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh These past four years have been an emotional journey and I would like to first and foremost thank my family, friends, and classmates for providing inspiration in some of the dark times. The reason 1 have made it to this point and the reason you are reading this has been my girlfriend. Shane. Not only was she willing to endure this sometimes selfish journey through school with me. but she was selfless throughout. She is my emotional and spiritual center as well as my best friend. 1 would also like to thank the staff, assistants, and the professors, without whom none of this w'ould have been possible. I hope some day 1 can repay the debt of gratitude that the class of 2(X)4 owes to the faculty. Run, run. run for the roses, the sooner it opens, the quicker it closes. Man. oh. man. oh. friend of mine, all good thins in all good time. - R. Hunter J. Garcia Irinplr School of DrnfiftfryAnn Mihalko-Mooney, D.M.D. Pennsylvania --------- University of Scranton Sacrifice. Sacrifice is an enormous pari of a dental education. Not only docs the dental student sacrifice their time, money, and sanity, but so do their loved ones. For this my heart is forever endeavored to my family and friends- without them the life that I dreamt for would not be at the grasp of my fingertips. My sweet Seth, the most caring husband in the world, who despises Philadelphia, yet stayed by my side every step of the way giving me all the love and support I ever dreamed of. You kept me focused on our future together and without your sacrifice graduation would be impossible. My parents, the best ever; without your life instilled lesson that I could be anything I ever wanted to be. continuous encouragement to follow my dreams, sacrifice of time, and not to mention money, dental school would not be possible. The rest of my loving family, you lent me the support I needed throughout this experience My life long friends I've made at Temple, you actually made every day enjoyable. My angels. Yvette and Joy -you let me grab onto your wmgs and helped push me through the final year, even when I didn’t want to be pushed- but knew I should. I thank all of you. I love all of you. You’ve made tremendous sacrifices for me and my dental education. without each and every one of you my dreams would be impossible. 2001 Odoutolot 77Joseph A. Mountain Jr., D.M.D. New Orleans. Louisiana — I Xavier University of Louisiana To my parents. I greatly thank you for your emotional and financial support. Without the support there would have been some shaky times. To my wife, La-Juan I thank you for hav ing a crystal ball that showed you the path we should follow. Thanks for believing in and supporting all my crazy ideas. I know the past four years of sacrifice will lead to a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. You are my love and my world. I am blessed to have you as my wife. Thanks for loving and taking care of me. 78 lii temple School of DrntifltvyLajuan McWilliams-Mountain, D.M.D. New Orleans. Louisiana Xavier University of Louisiana I would like to thank my parents for all that you have done for me. Your prayers, gifts, and words of encouragement were instrumental in getting me to this point. Mom you are my hero. I thank you for being my mom and giving me my lighting spirit. To my husband. Joseph, you are my everything. We shared this journey four years ago hand in hand, vowing to carry each other whenever necessary. We have fulfilled that vow and many others. You are my inspiration for everything I do. I thank you for loving, nurturing, and standing by me. 2001 Otlonlnlot, 79J. Aaron Mowery, D.M.D. + So long TUSoD and Nonh Fliilly. I won't miss the regular parking tickets, having my car towed, or having my car vandalized. Joe and Jonathan -thanks for the rides into school during the first two years. 1 wish you the best and I know much success awaits you both. Barry and Deb -how-can I say thank you enough for making me feel so welcome in your family. Thank you so much for the prayers and support during the last four years. Becky -it was so nice having you in Philly with us. I’ll never forget all the special times on Walnut Street, sneaking into the TJU cadaver room, and the good food at the Irish Pub. You’re right, there is an underground trolly! Mom and Dad -sit back and smile, now that I’ve graduated I won’t have to ask for any more dough. I love you both so much and I’m so proud to be your son. Andrew -you’ve been my escape from school. You’ve brightened my life in so many ways. I’ll try not to push you into dentistry and Phillies’ base-balL.but I think they are both inevitable. Sarah -you have been my rock, my sugar-mama! My accomplishments in dental school would not have been possible if not for your support, hard work and sacrifice. You have all my love. Irmplc School ofAzadeh Nasiry, D.M.D. Vancouver, British Columbia University of British Columbia Sometimes I think that if I had to go through these past four years again, knowing what I know now. that I would not do it. But then 1 think about how the time flew by. It seems like just yesterday that I was walking around awkwardly in my suit, trying to remember classmates’ names. 1 think the time flew by not because I had a lot of work to do. but because I was happy. I realize that the people I surrounded myself with made this journey a good one. and I want to thank them. I want to thank my friends at school, who were always there to help me through whatever obstacles. 1 need to thank my parents for being the unending source of encouragement and security in my life. I want my sister. Arezoo. to know that she was my inspiration; to my brother. Omid: thanks for making my life seem easy. But most of all I want to thank Waylon. You are the greatest reason why the last four years were happy ones for me. The sacrifices you made in order to be by my side are unbelievable. 1 thank you for your constant support and understanding. Words cannot fully explain how I feel about you. The sense of peace and tranquility you give me made the stress at school insignificant. I feel my strongest by your side, and now that this is done. I'm filled with hope and excitement for our future together. 2001 OUnntnln 81Abigale Neville, D.M.D. Richmond. Virginia Virginia Tech It has been a long, fast ride and I could not have done this alone. I am so lucky to have such wonderful support from family and friends. I’d like to thank my parents for their guidance and faithful support my whole life. Sare and Carlos, you guys rock; thank you for all your help. My son. Eric, you are my little man: thank you for making my life so much more wondrous. And. most importantly, to my husband. Gabc, you are the reason 1 have made it this far and will continue to grow. Thank you; I love you! 82 |Ij Irmplr Srhool of I riifi.sfrsJentel S. Ougrah D.M.D. Houston. Texas Loyola University of New Orleans As I approach the end of this journey . I would like to thank some very important people in my life. I;irst and foremost. 1 would like to thank God for his many blessings and grace, without Him. none of this would be possible. Next. I would like to thank my Dad and my Mom. for their unconditional love and support (emotionally and financially). Krishna and Chancesas. my siblings that have lent their ears and listened to all that I have to say and letting me be me. To all the faculty that have spoken kind words of encouragement and wisdom, thank you. Much love to my best buddies classmates in this building, you know who you are, thank you for always being there to give a helping hand and shoulders to cry on. You guys feel my pain more than anyone else. Thanks for all the memories (good and bad). This journey is almost over and I wanted to thank a very special man in my Iife-Karriem. for pushing me to finish and loving me the way I am- you arc my heart. Last, but not least. I want to thank anyone who 1 left out-Staff, Patients, my extended family members and friends for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel, you don’t know how much your words meant to me. I love you all. 2001 Odontolnt 83Patrick Andrew Owen, D.M.D. Scranton, Pennsylvania University of Scranton 1 would like to thank God and my family because without their love, caring and support I would not be where I am at right now. I would also like to thank the administration, faculty and staff at TUSoD- those who care about you as a person and your education such as: Annie. Kay, Phyllis, and Mrs. Wyszynski: and Doctors like: Braun. Lippincott, Monasky, Sisson, Weisberg. Wood and of course. Reid. I would like to thank my classmates here at TUSoD. From the DWG gang who are alw ays ready to celebrate any success or failure with a drink; to my hunting and fishing buddies who give me an excuse to get out of filth-adel-phia; and to my lunch group who were always there to help me get through whatever dental school threw at me. I would also like to thank the class of 2004. Though I never took those diversity classes. I did meet some great people, made some lifelong friends, and learned much more here than just dentistry1. Remember if anyone is putting together hunting or fishing trips or if you are in the northeast PA area, make sure you look me up! Thank you for the great memories and good luck. Innplr Srhool of l rnti.stiyAndrew Pacinelli, D.M.D. Wilmington, Delaware Bucknell University American Student Dental Association, Oral Surgery Honor Society (vice president). Oral Surgery Study Club (treasurer), Stomatognathic Honor Society Love and respect to my parents who have supported me throughout life. You taught me how to succeed. Matt and Pete, thanks for letting me live vicariously through you these past four years. Katie, you have given me hope and defined my success. Sara, without you 1 would be out of options. Thank you for your friendship. 200 1 Odontolo£ 85Mario Paul Pary, D.M.D. Santa Ana. California University of California Irvine The past four years of my education have truly been the most difficult thus far. 1 can honestly say that I would not have made it without the constant support of those close to me. I would like to thank my family for always standing by me. and for instilling in me values that have helped to form the person I am today. I would like to thank my friends for making dental school a truly enjoyable experience. Most importantly. I would like to thank Marysol. for standing by my side, for her constant support, and for always pushing me to be a better person. 86 (IJ I'rinplc School of Dcntijtiyx Sharli S. Patel, D.M.D. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Wilkes University Four Year Twists Vanishing Hair intertwining around my fingers. it caught my eye through the foggy grey mist. Looking up I found my thoughts to linger, they searched for their place quietly in twist. Years have passed in these familiar hallways. While whispering secrets among those here. Coming to an end of a rope with frays, as weeds and clouds begin to disappear. It all comes down to just one day. music playing softly as together we walk. Shadows behind us. blooms ahead of May. doors crack open as we step up to knock. Unthinkable, it passes quickly through our eyes, endings and beginnings circled in time. Our laughter and smiles created these cries. which then stains our cheeks from those bells that chime -S. Patel. 2001 Odontolot 87Tarun Patel, D.M.D. Bakersfield. California I» University of California, Irvine Finally, the time has come! Thanks to everyone at Temple University School of Dentistry, especially the faculty, for all your knowledge. Hope to make you all proud. Classmates fricnds colleagues, please keep in touch, we were there for each other during dental school, and we should continue to he in the future. To my dear family, thank you so much for all of your love and support. Hi Nakulbaby! 88 (]jJ li'niplr School of DrntfetiyBoyd Patummas, D.M.D. Bellflower, California University of California, Irvine 'WN £ •2001 O«lonlolot 89Justin Philipp, D.M.D.,M.B.A Oshkosh. Wisconsin University of Wisconsin La Crosse Stomatognathic Honor Society. Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity I would like to say a special “Thank You” to my mother and father for all of their support. 90 |I|I lmtplr Srhool ofAnthony Rao, D.M.D. Tempe, Arizona University of Arizona Endodontic Study Club I would like to thank my family for their continued love and support. Thank you for always encouraging me to pursue all my dreams and goals, whatever they may be. 2001 Odonloloe, 91Frank Jaeson Repscher, D.M.D. Paris, Idaho Utah State University Traci, you arc my life, my love, my everything! Thank you for your patience. Thank you for spending so much time with our girls. Thank you for your eternal companionship. I love you! Mom, thank you for all your support and ever-pressing me to become more. Thanks to the core MO Mb's (beaver, doggie, freak-show, and luihy). School would have been unbearable without you. Lastly. I’m grateful for each of my professors who taught me and helped me gain a foundation in dentistry. Frjnplt School of l r nfisfoySare Rhodes, D.M.D. Dallas. Pennsylvania University of Scranton Thank you to my family for all of their love and support throughout the years. Thank you to my closest friends. Abby and Carlos, for always being there. A special thanks to Carlos for being a wonderful roommate and my best friend who always put me above everything else. All my love to Scott, for the endless weekends you came to see me. Without your love and support I would never be where I am today. 2001 Odonlolot, 93Jaime Rivera, D.M.D. Baldwin Park, California University of California Los Angeles I lispanic Dental Association, Asian American Club Papa y Mama, todo lo que he podido lograr en mi vida ha sido gracias a su esfuerzo. dedication y la-grimas. Gracias al amor que ustedes me han brinda-do hoy me he convertido en una persona de bien que valora y respeta la vida. El apoyo, amor y compren-sion de mis hermanos y amigos han hecho de este capitulo de mi vida una expericncia verdadcra y profunda. El amor de mi bella esposa Karina ha con-tribuido a que las metas que una vez sone alcanzar se tornaran en realidad. Todos nuestros sacrificios han sido con el objetivo de salir adelante y poder ofrecer un mejor futuro a nuestras proximas genera-cioncs. Irntplr School of Drntinti}Lonnie M. Rodgers, D.M.D. Philadelphia Pennsylvania Hampton University Asian American. SNDA I would like to thank my family for their love, support and strength. To Ira: this dream could never be a reality without your love and faith in me. To Nia and Bria: in your wonderful eyes I see hope and compassion: qualities that 1 have developed by being blessed to be your mother, to my friends at Temple, for keeping me laughing. Finally, always remember God never gives you more than you can bear. 2001 Oilonlnlon 95Anna Rossis, D.M.D. Staten island, New York State University of New York at Buffalo Pediatric Study Club. Endodontic Study Club, American Association of Women Dentists. Alpha Omega Fraternity. Class Secretary 1 have so many people to thank for my success. My dear family, thank you so much for always being there for me. I could never repay you for all the support. kindness, and care. I love you more than I could ever show or say. Lana, my rock, thank you for your friendship and thank you for preserving my sanity. Amanda. Krystyn. Inna, you inspire and enrich my life every day. Thanks to all the professors who have made it hard for me to give up by pushing me to show them that I can do better. Irmple School of DentistryMaiyam Sarrafzadeh, D.M.D. California ---------- California State University I thank God for his guidance and blessings he has bestowed upon me. Thank you to my dear loving mother, for being my best friend that has loved, supported. guided, and inspired me. Without you. getting through dental school would have been impossible. Thank you. Dad, for all the love and prayers you give me every day. Thank you, Joseph, my brother and my buddy, for always being there when I needed you, making me laugh, and helping me with my computer problems. Thank you to all my dear friends who have been my second family away from home...dental school would have been unbearable without all of you. Thank you Mandy for being a sister to me...I will never forget our dance parties! I wish the class of 2(X)4 the best of luck and success!! 2001 (klonloloii, 97Rachael J. Schawel, D.M.D. Rathdrum. Idaho •» University of Idaho To all the friends I've made thanks for the memories. To Savannah thanks for giving me a reason to smile every day. Auntie RaRa loves you. And to the rest of my family you’ve given me love and support through it all. I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to happily ever after. 98 jljj Irniplc Vhixtl rtf l ntfi.str Christopher E:. Schomaker, D.M.D. Alpine. Utah University of Utah I think the Grateful Dead said it best... “what a long strange trip it’s been!" The fortunate thing is that 1 have not had to do it alone. To Jenny. Mekenzie and Halie thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for your support, your love, your willingness, your sacrifice, and your patience. Jenny, without you I would have never made it. Kenzie and Halie I couldn’t ask for better children... you two kept me sane, and always brightened my day. To my family, I love you! You are the BEST!" To my Mom. you never missed a Sunday, and Dad thanks for always being there. G money and Co. thanks for providing some necessary relief. Grandma and grandpa Ferguson...Thank You. 1 have made some excellent friends at Temple. 1 wish you the best of luck and thank you for this unforgettable experience! This ’‘long strange trip" is finally over. 2001 Oilontoloo 99Advait V. Shah, D.M.D. Holbrook. NV SUNY at Stony Brook President Co-founder - SASDA Endo Study Club Stomatognathic Honor Society Hinman Scholar I want to say thanks to my parents who have given me unconditional love and have been by my side through everything. Also to all my friends 1 have met at Temple, thank you for putting up with me for four years, and best wishes to everyone! 100 Irmplr School of DfntisttyAmish Sheth, D.M.D., M.B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennyslvania State University I would like to thank my Mom. Dad, and Brother (Dar-shan). for their love, support, and understanding over these last four years; 1 could not have done it without you. I would also like to thank my friends here at Temple Dental for being there during good times and more often the worst. I wish all my classmates the best of luck and happiness in the future. IAamaK 2001 Odonlolne, 101State University of New York at Binghamton Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. I mean everything you have done. I could not have come this far without your support and guidance. Thank you Sewoong. my little brother, for putting up with me all these years. And to the new friends I’ve made at dental school: I don’t think I would’ve survived without you. Thanks guys! 102 |Q Irmplv School of PcntWiyKendall Brent Skinner. D.M.D. Salt Lake City. Utah Weber State University Special thanks to my eternal companion Nichole, for the prayers, tears, sacrifice, and long suffering of four years. Thank you Dad and Mom. I couldn't have done it without you. Above all to Mason and Kaleb for their love and spirit and for giving me the needed motivation day to day to be the best dad den-tist possible. To my MO MO crew, thanks for the laughs and good times. YX — 2004 Odmiloloi 103Jennifer Shannon Stachel, D.M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson University ASDA. Orthodontics Study Club. Endo Study Club. Oral Surgery Honors Society. OMS Study Club. HSDA. Student Council "A Graduate's Dedication" “A graduate can never truly be successful without the help and support of an aw ful lot of people, and this one is no exception " My love to Mom. Dad. Kara. Mr. and Mrs. Wismann for your warmth and encouragement beyond dental school. Also. I would like to thank Dr. Arevalo for all of his support and guidance. Thanks to the faculty. staff, and fellow students who advised and listened to me. To my dear friends that 1 have made, congratulations and good luck in the future. Finally, to Enrique. I can't say it any better than Tom Cruise in your favorite movie. Jerry Maguire. "You complete me." 104 Icinplr rhool ofBryan Stein, D.M.D. Brookville. New York University of Wisconsin at Madison ASDA. Endodontic Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Oral Surgery Study Club, Stomatognathic Honor Society. Asian American Club It is with much joy that I wish to congratulate my fellow classmates and all of those instrumental to my education. Thank you Mom. for your nightly supportive calls. Thank you Grandma. Jason. Robin. Andrea. Abe. and Jamie for your advice and motivation. Thanks to Lisa for your companionship. Thanks to all my friends for all of our good times and memories. Lastly, thank you to the faculty and staff for all your help and guidance. Congratulations to the class of 2004 and best of luck in the future. 2001 Odonlnlng, 105Amanda Stough, D.M.D. York, Pennsylvania Juniata College Looking back. I've come to realize that in life things happen in their own time and God always helps through the love of others. Thank you Mom and Dad for your support. You two are my world and always will be in my corazon. To my friends, may life bring you true happiness. I love you all dearly and will treasure the memories we've shared. Dr. S. always remember that 1 love ya like a sister and you made life a whole lot funnier. EJ. thank you for being you. 106 |j frmplf School of Drntislij£-oK £rz_r" Robert Stutts, D.M.D. Charlotte. North Carolina University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Thank you to Mom. Dad. family. Cynthia and friends for the support, love, and encouragement. 2001 Otloiilolo 107Stephen Sulzbach, D.M.D. i» 1 08 (j Irmplr School of Drnlisli  Michael A. Sutton, D.M.D. Allentown. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University I would like to thank my family for their unconditional love and support. Without you I would not be where I am today. I would also like to thank all the doctors who have helped us through this long arid arduous journey. Finally, I can't forget all the great friends 1 have met along the way. Who knew dental school would be so much fun. You guys are the best. 2001 (Kloiitnloo 109Amanda ReikaTaba, D.M.D. Rchmond, California Northern Arizona University Stomatognathic Honor Society. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Xi Psi Phi Fraternity. American Association of Women Dentists Many said dental school would be hell. Well. I've already been to hell and back and it did not look like this! Dental school has been very challenging; emotionally, mentally and physically. Without Alexandria and Alyssa's support and encouragement I would not be here. Without my mom’s help it would not have been possible to do so well. Without both of my sisters' wisdom and belief in me I might have faltered. Without Krystyn, Anna and Joanna. I would not have had any escape from the craziness. Without Steve I would not have had music. Without Michael and Pete I would not have had laughter. Thank you all for making dental school not only bearable but the most wonderful time of my life! I will cherish you all forever! 110 School of DentistryErin C. Tate, D.M.D. Appleton, Wisconsin I I Rockhurst University Success is often measured by 'haves’ and ‘have nuts’, dids’ and ‘did nots'. We’ve certainly fought through the ‘nots’ and now can celebrate the haves and ‘dids’! A big kudos to the faculty of Temple, your excellence in education has not gone unnoticed. More importantly. thank you to my wonderful family, friends, and of course Matthew. I could not have gotten through these four years without your patience and support. Again, thank you. Finally, 1 would like to wish my classmates success and happiness! C- aJbb 2001 0 lnntolo£ 111Jeffrey B. Tauber, D.M.D. Sparta. New Jersey North Carolina State University American Student Dental Association. Asian American Club. Endodontic Study Club I would like to thank my Mom. Dad. Becky, and Andy for their constant love, guidance, and encouragement. 1 am the person I am today because of you. To all of my TUSoD friends, thanks for all of the good times and support over the past four years. I will never forget you. Thanks to the faculty and staff for your time and patience. Kim. we did it! I love you and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Thanks for always motivating me through all the rough times. Good luck to the TUSoD class of 2004. 112 temple School ofPciifi.stnDaniel Paul Thomas, D.M.D. Shavertown, Pennsylvania -------------------- Shippensburg University Carrie, thank you for supporting us for the past four years. Soon it will be your turn to mooch off of me. I’ll bet you can't wait, and neither can I. Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there for us when we ran into problems. Dad. thank you for slipping me all those twenties when we came to visit. To the rest of my family: I simply cannot afford to give all of you free dental care. It’s just not in the cards, but thanks for your love and support anyway. It is finally time to become a productive member of society. Anybody in the market for a beautiful 1992 Ford Mustang with a spanking new Die Hard battery? 2 HM Od«iitolo 113Karriem Robert Thurman, D.M.D. Philadelphe. Pennsylvania University of Colorado Endo Study Club - VP Periodontology Honor Society I would like to thank my parents for the gift of life. Thanks Sugar Bear. Biscuit, and Dumppy for your support through school. I want to say thank you to the Yancy. Nelson’s, and the Alvarez’s for their generosity. I trust that all of us will do well and excel beyond the norm. The class of 2004 is guaranteed to give them (insurance) hell. My day will arrive when I can border mold and perform extractions on our great professors at Temple. Please get old soon...especially Dr. Fielding. I shall have a hall-drill waiting just for you my friend. I cannot forget to thank my patients in emergency who allowed me to perform extractions even without lidocaine. Famous Quote in Temple: Is she numb yet? Yup. Just not in the right place. 114 1 temple School of DcnfWryLarry NocholasTrubilla, D.M.D. AJlentown. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University American Student Dental Association (Region 3 Trustee), American Dental Political Action Committee. Academy of General Dentistry. Endodontic Study Club, Pediatric Study Club. Delta Sigma Delta, Asian American Club Wow, is it 2004 already? To Mom. Dad. and Linda: thank you for your unconditional love, encouragement. and support throughout this difficult journey. I would never have made it without you. Thank you to all of the professors who provided endless amounts of guidance and knowledge to me during my academic career. Finally, thank you to all of the wonderful friends that I have made at Temple Dental. You are all very special people. It will be an honor to call you colleges. "A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for” -Robert Browning •2001 OtUmtnlot, 115116 iDj Imiplo School of DwfiafryLilly L.Tsou, D.M.D. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ------------------------ Carnegie Mellon University The time has finally come...It was a long journey and at times there seemed like there was no end. Thanks to my best lab partner and friend in dental school. Cheng! To my long lost friend Lorelei who 1 have known since we were seven, playing horse in her grandmother's living room. And to Liyan, my best friend through high school and beyond. To my parents who were a great inspiration in my life. And most important to my significant other. Matt, he has been there by my side throughout the whole journey. And to my two beautiful baby kittens, Maui and Sox. I love you. 2801 Odoiitoloc, 117Jennifer Lynn Udis, D.M.D. Philadelphia Pennsylvania University of Rochester I would like to thank my family for their love, support. and encouragement. I would not be where I am today without you. To all of my friends at TUSoD thanks for making these past four years interesting! Who would have thought that coming to dental school could be so much fun? Keep in touch! Good luck to the class of 2004. Irmplc School of IVntfelnValeria Valdez, D.M.D. El Centro. California University of California, San Diego A mis padres, que nunca dudaron en mi y que sola-mentc demostraron su amor en esios 4 anos mas di-ficiles. Sin ustcdes no pudiera haber echo este sueno una realidad. Gracias! To my sisters and brother, whom without 1 would not have made it through (emotionally or financially). Thanks for only being a phone call away. And to my friends, my buddies from home, and my new found friendships here at Temple, thanks for just being my friends. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt 2001 Odonfolofi, 119Vu M. Vo, D.M.D. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Philadelphia University Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity. Endo Study Club Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might...Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your objective. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Indeed, without enthusiasm and optimism. I would not have made it this far. I would like to share this joyful moment with my parents whose love, support and encouragement has helped me achieve this accomplishment. Thank you Mom and Dad for bringing me into this life and making me this person. I love you. And to all of my friends, best wishes on your future career. Irmplc School of Urntislr April E. Walker, D.M.D. Rtiladeiphsa, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University I would like to thank my family, especially my mother and father for supporting me physically and financially throughout these four surprising years. Without the two of you all of this would have never been possible. To my love. Tommy, without your constant love, patience, and support 1 wouldn’t be where I am today. And. to my angel. T.J.. you are the one who made me realize what life is all about. I love you all. To the class of 2004. this is the beginning to a great ending-be healthy, wealthy, and wise. 20010.1011I0K 121James, A. Ward, D.M.D. Connecticut I» Ursinus College President Oral Surgery Honor Society. Vice President Oral Surgery Study Club. President TUSoD Haitian Health Foundation Thanks to everyone who helped me through, especially my wife Jenni, who never let me give up. Also thanks to all the doctors who encouraged me. To all my friends, I wish you the best life has to offer. I can't believe this stage of the journey has finally come to an end. Good luck to all! "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things." -The Shawshank Redemption 122 Irmplr School of DrnfigtiyTravis Dee Whiteley, D.M.D. Alptoe. Utah Brigham Young University 2001 (Mnnlolot, 123Enrique G. Wisemann, D.M.D. Huntington Beach. California Santa Clara University American Student Dental Association. Hispanic Student Dental Association. Endodontic Study Club "It's rare when there is something we can do for ourselves which also pleases someone else”. -J. Irving “Only as high as I can reach can I grow. Only as far as I seek can I go. Only as deep as I look can I see. Only as much as I dream can I be”. Thank you to the faculty, staff and friends for adding meaning to my four years of dental school. Mom. Dad. Kiki. and Jennifer: I owe my life to you. Thank you for your support and love. This is only the beginning.... 1U HI Trniplr School of Drntiltl)K. -r - henry C. Yu, D.M.D. Torrance. Califomta ------------ UC Santa Barbara San Diego State University To my Mom. Dad and sisters Dianna and Amy, I wouldn't have come this far without your strength and ability to overcome and persevere through great obstacles, as learned when we were young and first came to this country. To my wife, Melissa, and her parents Michael and Shelley Stein. I wouldn't have believed I could come this far without your unending support, devotion, attentiveness, faith and astute advice. To my friends (you know who you are), I wouldn’t have enjoyed coming this far without your empathy, camaraderie and wonderful attitudes. To my classmates, thank you so much for everything, this achievement is one that you’ve all been traveling towards with me and I look forward to furthering the journey with you. All my love, Henry 2001 O.lonfnloi 125ChengZhu, D.M.D. Belmont. California University of Toronto Four years of dental school seemed to be endless when I was struggling with tny classmates in the pre-clinic trying to meet the project deadlines and studying lor eight final exams in one week at the same time. Now everything seemed to happen so last when I actually look back once more. The denial school experience taught me not only how to become a dentist but also how to interact with other people in the society at large. I deeply appreciate the help from the faculty members and staff You provided me a good learning environment and made me more competent and skillful. I also appreciated the criticisms when I was not at my best. This made me want to strive to better myself. I appreciated the hardship I went through during my difficult times. This made me cherish and look forward to the better days in the present and future. I would like to thank my friends who gave me trust, support and care when I started to doubt myself Without you. I wouldn't have made it. 1 appreciated the loving care from my family who gave me love, support, and took pnde in whatever I was doing. I also would like to take this moment to thank all the professors and instructors for teaching me the art and science of dentistry. Your knowledge gave me a solid foundation for pursuing my dream as a good dentist. I would like to especially say thank you to Drs. Lippincott. Monansky. and Winkler. I appreciated the time, energy and effort you devoted to your students. You made the practice of removable prosthodontics seem more fun and interesting than it should be Your work ethic and professionalism set a good example for me as a health care professional I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my late high school biology teacher, Mrs. Robson, a great mother, wife and teacher who died of breast cancer four years ago. She had faith in me when I was confused and lost. If it w eren't for her encouragement and guidance. I wouldn't have made it this fax today. Her positive attitude towards life alw ays enlightened me to love life the way it is. fflWWlliri! ww 126 |Q| Icinple Sehool ofDentigfrv2001 0 loutolo£ 127Fraplr Srhool of Dfiiltfrv2001 Otloiitnl«t£ 129SENIORS 130 0 Tcinplr School ofPniti t! 2001 0 lniit«ilo£ 131132 lomplo Srh«v l of l nli lrv££l ?‘ ri"‘»ro i oor.134 III Irniplr Srhool of2001 Oilontnlo 135136 IfH Irmplr School of Denti tr '2001 Otlnulolog, 137138 |I| Irmple School of IVnfi$fr 2001 (Hlontolo£ 139MARRIAGES William Sandra Forcro 12 23 2000 Sadia Bakhtawar Rahel Zubairi 06 23 2001 Mr. Mrs Joseph Eckman 07 21 2001 Mr. Mrs. Jaime Rivera 08 04 2001 BIRTMS Sadie Loth on 04 01 2001 Luke Carlston on 10 12 2001 Benjamin Bell on 12 08 2001 Halie Schoemaker on 12 12 2001 140 Irmplr Srh«M l ofWendy Magda Hugh Heisler 02 16 2002 Peter Sr Meghan Brown 07 27 2002 Abby Gabe Neville 08 10 2002 Max Sr Deborah Almodovar 10 10 2002 T. J. Spross born to April Walker on 05 12 2002 Kaitlyn Craven on 06 20 2002 Daisy Eckman on 06 30 2002 William Forero on 08 30 2002 2001 Odoitfoloi 141MARRIAGES Mandy Mattern Matthew Johnson 05 23 2003 Apollo Stephanie Lirio 05 25 2003 Ann Mihalko tV Seth Mooney 06 23 2003 Tom • Melissa Biscotti 07 19 2003 Halie Shoei BIRTHS Andrew James Mower)'on 10 16 2002 Ryan Michael Latourelle on 11 09 2002 142 tl Irinplr School of IVnfJoseph Lajuan Mountain 08 01 2003 Tae-Soo Kim John Shin 09 06 2003 Henry Melissa Yu 09 13 2003 Sara Horan John McDonald engaged 10 24 2003 Maximus Hanyon on 02 18 2003 Charlie Carlston on 05 12 2003 2001 Odontoid 143MARRIAGES James Janelle Cullen 12 27 2003 Marvsol Iniguez Mario Parv engaged on 01 24 2004 Lonnie Rodgers Ira Andrews 05 16 2004 Matthew Brinkerhuffto Michele Brcznicky 05 21 04 April Walker Tommy Spross 0(5 2004 BIRTHS Ethan Almodovar on 05 27 2003 Eric Neville on 07 29 2003 144 m Irinplc School of DenfWryAzy Nasiry Waylon Coyne 08 06 2004 Kimberly Jefferson Jeffrey Tauber 09 04 2004 Lilly Tsoij • Matthew Geyer 09 05 2004 Sare Rhodes Scott Kern 09 2005 Bria Andrews born to Lonnie Rodgers on 10 20 2003 Mallory Repschcr on 08 26 2000 Avery Repschcr on 04 2003 2001 Oilnnlnloii 145still cutting our teeth When we look at the underclassmen we are allowed to take a glimpse into our past. We have sympathy for the headaches of freshman year. There's the fear of failing Biochemistry and Histology, along with the many restorative deadlines and practicals. As a sophomore the stress piles on. you take nine exams in one week and try to determine which class you can study less for... Pharmacology or Oral Pathology? When junior year kicks off. the anxiety of awaiting national board scores looms overhead and you realize that being a clinical student gives new meaning to the word "tired.” Through it all we found comfort in knowing that if the classes before us did it. we could do it too. 146 iJl Irmplr SrhiM l of Drillist FAILURE IS ALLOWED. ONLYTO PERFECT OUR IMPERFECTIONS. THERE SHOULD BE NO SHAME IN YOUR WEAKNESSES FOR AFTER YOU GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF CHANGE, YOU ARE ALL THE MORE PREPARED FOR YOUR DESTINY FOR WHATEVER DOES NOT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER. » Kanika Walker 2001 Odontolo 147148 111 Irmptr Srhool of PrnH«tfr 200iOdoult)kv£ 149Ejlal .Malawi Martha Egcland Pedro Alquizar Clark Elkins Hajira Anijad Christopher Esposito Rochelle Andrews Jessica Falk Michael Baldino Michael Farr Michael Balthaser Michael Flannery Chrisiophe Baran Marjorie Garcia Roberi Bay ley Danielle Gerber Zackary Bergcson Kimberly Ghali Brendan Blymire Jared Gianquinto Alegra Bomeman Janele Gibson Gabriel la Bors Matthew Gray Keya Boykni Keith Gressell Ryan Buehner Christine Gruvcr-Burton Geoffrey Caligan Ivor)1 Hancock Kasey Call George Hanna Bethany Cann Greg Harriet Goldman David Celello Michael Hatcher Moon Chan Cha Gregory Heidman Mihee Chang Eric Higgins Man Van Chau Dianne Hogan-Thrower Ruth Chau Christopher Homack Corey Chmil Nicholas Ives Woojac Chong Julia Jackson Joshua Christman Matthew Johnston Anthony Corral Elizabeth Joseph Isaac Datikashvili Aparna Kanneganti Natalie DeBarros Daniel Keating Mohamad Dehyar Melanie Kessler Melissa Dingle Brian SuengGin Kim Arash Dormcshian Peter Min Kim Scott Peterson Young Kim Roycc Peterson Trevor Knowles Kristine Quinto Pavendeep Kooner Steve Ray Myochul Kwon Bryan Ruda Ayan Lawson Daniel Runkle David Lewis Judith Samselski Inez Lopez Thomas Sardina Johnathan lubeck Anthony Skiadas Nitin Malhotra Sonya Amcreczynsky I la Mankad Geeta Soni Firas marouf Tharwat Sorour Michaela McCormick Shea Stevens Francis Mccadon Kaja Styczynska Timothy Medianick Katarzyna Suberska Erik Mendelsohn Selvana Sorour Damian Milillo Mary Katherine Szejner Calandria Miller Jason Tennison Victor Mok Amor Tiburcio Stephen Molinaro Joseph Torres Brian Morris Tyler Twiss Christopher Nguyen Charles Van Meter Christian Nunez Inna Vaynblat Casey Osterhout Elizabeth Wagner Matthew Palermo Kanika Walker Joung Park Patricia Wardius Nishit Patel Jillian Weinstein Azure Pelberg Christopher West David Perizzolo Nathan Wcycrman Lisa Pcrrotta Timothy Yu 150 Irmplr School of DrntWlJ' 2001 Otlnnlolnc, 151Jamccl Aftab Raymon Cros David Akkara Ruth Cuellar Jon Albrcchisen Ryan Cunningham Sharmccn Ali Rcnic Daniel Bradley Alvarez Kenneth D'Annibale Mark Amianious Melissa Dellacroce Ahmed Badawy Katie Duong Paul Bahn III Nga Anh Duong Ainit Bhakia Joseph Dutncr Vihar Bhakia Nuri Eraydin Christine Biondi Anne Eunson Brian Bishop Christopher Fahmey Farid Blanco Andrea Famish James Boudreau Joan Flores Joseph Brennan Juan Flores Jason Bressler Kenneth Foster Jr. Justin Burns Megan Fulcher Mark Cannon Jennifer Garzia Michael Cari Kesi Gaskin Christina Caruso Andrew Gcisa Jerome Cerdan Karsten Grinderslev Jen-Hwan Chen Roben Helder Faria Chohan Cara Hemas Danial Choi Nghia Ho Jane Choung John Huynh Brian Chudleigh Gary Johnson Lisa Ciabattoni Yohan Kim Shawn Colbert Jennifer Koch Eric Copes Phuong Le William Costello III Erica Lcsniak Luis Craig Margery Lewis Yuling Liang Verne Reed Serena Lin Jerome Rinaldi Tyan Linn Abel Riojas Pouyan Maany Jennifer Risley Justin Martone Aaron Roan Alan McCaffrey Timothy Roenigk Shawn McGinley Lawrence Romney Hilary Mclnally Arelis Ruiz Ashley McKinney Raymond Samaroo Jared Mcrin Jarom Sauble Mclineh Mikalian Angela schmoyer Sean Moriarty Scrang Maqsood Erik Ney Neal Shah Duycn Ngo Shahram Shamloo Alan Nguyen Ali Shayan-Zakaria Vu Nguyen Katerina Sioutis Geoffrey Noll Ashley Smith Phillip Olsen Michael Sock John Pagana Christine stinton Patrick Pagana Trevor Strupp Amish Patel Vu Thai Amita Patel Ian Thomas Ryan Pensyl Andrew Tong Tara Pette Ya-Ting Tsai Michelle Piloncs Alvaro Virgcn Jonathan Pong Colynda Vu Stephanie Potter Cameron Wagner Lukas Pytlik Lydia Wigglcsworth Michael Raffo Jelani Winslow Amita Rastogi Amy Yalch David Ray Chong Ye 152 Irmplc Srhool of l f ntistrv2001 Odonloloi, 153Tim Adams Joshua Davis Dana Addison Samir Dhruva Amy Alexcovich Janice Dionisio Francis Altomarc Sheri Fago Dmitriy Aminov Susan Fox Robert Anderson Shweta Gandhi Miguilina Arocho Amit Ganglam Robert Baird Mohammad Ghani Jason Bansch Ian Gibbs Michael Barton Patricia Grantham Jeremy Bateman Stephen Gunn Kashif Bhatli Christopher Halper Andrew Biffen Dwayne Han Brian Bowser Richard Heideman Steven Bruderer Rhasheda Henley John Butler Jason Hcrres Christopher Cannon Johnathan Hill Drew Carlin Justin Hurlburt Jane Chong Kyle Jackson Richard Cobum James Jarerna Heath Col ledge Christopher Brian Jones Connolly Catherine Dailey Meha Kapadia Michael Dam row Anthony Kash Jr. Wael Kassem Ryan Moffett Sang Kil William Moffett Chae Kim Michael Monokian Hyosun Kim Tererai Muronda Joseph Kobeski Vikram Nanda-Kumar Elizabeth Kubasko Jason Noah Thomas Lanzilotti Christian Nolten Curry Leavitt Jacob Orozco Dong l-cc Matthew Papsin Jeanette Linskey Joseph Paradise Carina Loucks Jin Park Quan Ma Sang Park Yuri Majul Vaughn Perkins III Scott Matson Jonathan Peterson Devon McCalla Debra Pisarcik Ann McDonough Jennifer Plumeri Brandon Meier Aaron Polcck Emily Mcltzcr John Popemack Marcus Mercier Carlos Pria Anna Meycrson Heather Rothrock James Michino Owen Sanders Michael Milewski Jacob Milunsky Nicholas Santarsiero 154 Irmplc School of l»ni|i. ln2001 Otlonloloii 155156 Temple School of Prnlijil '£Ql «| »l»'opOioor.The Class of 2004 would like to thank all the faculty for taking us under their wing and being our mentors. Not only have you taught us buccal from lingual, but also to enjoy our profession. You saw in us what we had difficulty seeing in ourselves. You were patient as we struggled to make a coping fit, and as we took 3 hours to complete our first occlusal. Thank you for making the transformation from students to colleagues enjoyable. 158 ij Irmplr Vhool of Ucnfi.sfrvA GOOD DENTIST MAKES A GREAT IMPRESSION! 2001 (Mimloloii, 159PEDODOMTICS Dr. Enrique Acosta Dr. David Bressler Ms. Deborah Brown Ms. Gelsie Cipriano Ms.Debbie Griffin Dr. Wanda Janik Dr. Edith Jones Ms. Kimberly Lockhart Dr. Erik Scheifele Dr. Mahnaz Sbabinfar Dr. Angela Stout Dr. Kourosh Zarrinnia 160 fij Innple School ofENDODONTOLOGY nnnnn nron Dr. Francisco Banchs Dr. John Esposito Dr. Wanda Gordon Dr. Ada Greenfield Dr. Roni Nissan Dr. Omar Porras Ms. Kay Schickling Ms. Rita Schlecker Dr. Roy Harris Stevens Dr. Daniel Uzbelger Dr. Cemil Yesilsoy 2001 Odontoloc, 161Dr. Klara Alperstein l)r. David Appleby Dr. Juan Arocho Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny Dr. Meredith Bogert I)r. Daniel Boston Ms. Rosa Brown Dr. Eric Cantor Dr. Hank Cutler Ms. Lorraine Daniels Dr. Thomas Deem Dr. Ralph Domanico Dr. Juan Espinoza Dr. Anne Facchiano Dr. John Friel Ms. Elease Ciarlick Dr. Glenn Goodliart Dr. Sarah Gray Dr. C'arl Harrison Dr. Theodore Hill 162 H Irnipir- Vhoo, ofI)r. Jack Hollingsworth Dr. Samuel Lippincott Dr. Aldan Lori Dr. Larry Love Dr. Mark Meraner Dr. George Monasky Dr. John Nase Dr. Joseph Nasife Dr. Salvatore Pera Dr. Richard Rani Dr. Axel Ramke Dr. Frank Sanunartino Dr. June Sisson Dr. Louis Tarnoff Dr. Linda Thornton Dr. Sonia Vargas Dr. Herbert Weinstein Dr. Allan Weisberg Dr. Eugene Whitaker Dr. Sheldon YY inkier 2001 Otlnnloloji. 163I)r. Robert Wood Dr. William Woody Dr. (lordon Zayon Dentists Brighten The World One Smile At A Time! ORTHODONTICS Dr. KhoshrowAzizi Dr. Joseph Brogan Orthodontists shr i h-feh things out! 164 Irmplr SfktNtl o( Dnilijlr}Periodontists are Picky, Picky Picky! Dr. Jasini Alhandar Dr. Howard Gross Ms. Teaka Peele Ms. Ethel Perkins Dr. Thomas Kanis Dr. Leslie Salkin Dr. Allan Schlossberg Dr. Claire Shaw Ms. Janice Wolfe Ms. Theresa Wvs .vnski • 001 165ORAL MAXILLOFACIAL PATHOLOGY I)r. Stanton Braid Dr. Andrea Haber-Cohen Dr. Bernard Feinstein Dr. Allen Fielding Ms. Annie Hall Ms. Valerie Johnson Dr. George Kouniaras Ms. Rita Lee MEDICINE SURGERY Dr. Loven Litchmore Ms. Charlotte Murphy Ms. Grace Norman Dr. Wayne Reid 166 HI Trnplf School of OrnlifttiyTOOTHACHE:The pain that drives you to extraction. ORAL MEDICINE Dr. Oscar Arevalo Dr. Robert Braun Dr. Gary Conovor Ms. Teresa Denny Dr. Maria Fornatora Dr. Peter Giannini Dr. Tamara Jackson Mr. Ben McNeil 2001 Otlonlolo£Ms. Gwen Brooks Ms. Johnnie Wells-DuBois Ms. Marge Gray Ms. Angela Hammond ACADEMIC CLINICAL AFFAIRS Ms. Brenda MeBane Ms. Denise Morton Ms. Phyllis Schuler Ms. Sheron Scott Dr. Leonna Sperra . a Ms. Tamara Thompson SOBLE LAB Mr. John Butler Mr. Gustav Krebs Mr. John Lanza Ms. Marge McMahon Not pictured: Ms. Camilla Butler Mr. Larry Graham h 168 |I| Irmplo Vhool of Drnii.slf BUSINESS OFFICE Ms. Mthandi Burton Ms. Jean Davis Ms. Michelle Garofalo Ms. Lucille Goodwin Ms. Karen Hardy Ms. Linda Maple Ms. Franeine McGarrah Mr. Phillip Randolph 2001 Odoutolne, 169Throughout dental school, being members of various organizations helped us keep our sanity, and gave us distractions and free lunch at lunch-n-leams. These organizations have established traditions that continue to be anticipated events in the lives of dental students. Asian American dinners, bi-annual trips to Haiti, and Halloween parties are a few of these events. tempi School of Drnti tf 2001 Oilonlolo" 171Alpha Omig a American’ Stiidevt Diatai Association 172 0 I'rutplr School of UrnlMi)Asian American Student Dental Association Dm ra Signa Delta 2001 Otlnnloln 173Endodovuc Study Club 174 Irniplc Vhool of l nilis(r Oral Surgery Hoxok Society Oral Surgery Study Club Pidlatric Study Club 200lOdo»lolo£ 175Sportsman Chib 176 III Innplf School of Drnlisli Stum at Coiimcii Clubs not pictured: South Asian Student Dental Association Student National Dental Association Temple Hockey Team 2004 iXlonloloi 177Looking Back at 2000-2001 Actor Michael J. Fox holds hts award tor outstanding lead actor in a comedy senes for his work A7) Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov George W. Bush and Dick Cheney wave to in Spin City' at the 52nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards m Los Angeles. Sunday, Sept 10. media cameras after Cheney's arrival at the Governor s Mansion in Austin Texas, Tuesday. Jufy 2000 25.2000. Colombian star Sh3kira performs during the first annual Latin Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Wednesday. Sept. 13.2000. Shakira won for best female pop vocal performance and best female rock vocal performance The closing ceremony fireworks for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games erupt over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House Sunday. October 1.2000 Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong of Austin. Texas, rides New York Yankees celebrate winning the down the Champs Elysees with an American flag after the 21 st American League Championship against the and final stage of the cycling race in Paris. Sunday. July 23.2000 Seattle Mariners in Game 6 Tuesday. Oct. 17. 2000 in New York From left are catcher Jorge Posada, closing pitcher Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter. Chuck Knoblauch and Scott Bro-sius, The Yankees won the game 9-7. SPORTS MIG HUG HTS Tiger Woods was selected as Sports Ulus-trated s Sportsman of the Year 2000' He was also selected as the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year. vm Temple School of hrnfi.stlASeptember 11,2001 Plumes of smoke pour from the World Trade Center buildings in New York Tuesday. Sept. 11.2001. Planes crashed into the upper floors of both World Trade Center towers minutes apart Tuesday in a horrific scene of explosions and fires that left gaping holes m the 110-story buildings. The Empire State building is seen in the foreground Foe and smoke billows from the north tower of New York’s World Trade Center Tuesday Sept. 11.2001. Mounting an audacious attack against the United States, terrorists crashed two hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center and brought down the twin 110-story towers. The south tower of the World Trade Center begins to collapse t—1 o o A fireman cames an American flag to the highest pomt he could find as Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and other officials matched dunng the press tour at the site of the Work! Trade Center towers. the area known as Ground Zero, in New York. Wednesday. Sept 12.2001 This is an undated photo of Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, in Afghanistan, wanted by the United States government on account of the 1998 bombing of two U. S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Bin Laden is hiding out in Afghanistan as guest of its Islamic rulers, the Taliban Afghanistan’s hardline Taliban rulers condemned the devastating terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on Tuesday. Sept 11.2001 and rejected suggestions that Osama bin Laden could be behind them Washington Wizards' Michael Jordan drives on Detroit Pistons' Michael Curry in their exhibition game at The Palace in Auburn Hills. Mich., Thursday, Oct.l 1.2001. Jordan, playing in a Washington uniform for the first time, scored eight points in 17 first-half minutes as the Pistons beat the Wizards 95-85 in a preseason game before a sellout crowd at The Palace on Thursday night bo OBIT—Former Beatte George Harrison died Thursday at a friend’s Los Angeles home following a battle with cancer, longtime friend Gavin De Becker toid The Associated Press. Harrison's wife. Olivia Harrison. and son, Dhani. 23. were with him. Actor Mike Myers kisses the favorite motion picture award he accepted for "Shrek" at the 28th annual People's Choice Awards in Pasadena, Calif.. Jan 13, 2002. The awards recognize winners in film, television and music as voted by the public Actress Halle Berry reacts as she holds the award she won for outstanding performance by a female actor in a leading role for her work in the film, “Monster's Ball.'' at the 8th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday, March 10.2002. in Los Angeles. Desbny's Child, from left. Kelly Rowland. Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams, hold up the two American Music Awards they won for favorite soul R B band and favorite pop rock album at the 29th American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Wednesday. Jan. 9.2002 2001 Otlcwilolpt, 179Space Shuttle Columbia crew, left to right, front row Rick Husband. Kaipana Chawta. William McCool. back row. David Brown, Laurel Clark, Michael Anderson and Israeli astronaut Han Ramon are shown in this undated crew photo NASA declared an emergency and feared the worst after losing communication with space shuttle Columbia as the ship and its seven astronauts soared over Texas several minutes before its expected landing Saturday, Feb. 1.2003 Miners on the surface reach out to shake hands with the fourth miner as he is litled from the hole in the capsule at the Quecreek mine on Sunday, July 28.2002, Nine miners were putted one-by-one from the watery, 240-foot-deep shaft where they had been trapped for three days, a jubilant reward for an effort that had been fraught with one gut-wrcnchmg setback after another Former President Jimmy Carter receives the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo City Hall, Norway on Tuesday Dec 10.2002 rd QJ re PQ Ch Stars of the new Harry Potter film, from left to right. Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Gnnt. amve for the U S. premiere of their movie. 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," Sunday. Nov 10.2002, in New York. HOLLYWOOD HIGHLIGHTS 'American idol" finalists Justin Guarlni, of Doylestown. Pa. and Kelly Clarkson, of Burleson. Texas, pose backstage during the MTV Video Music Awards at New York's Radio City Music Hall, Thursday. Aug. 29. 2002. Kelly was the winner. Jennifer Aniston accepts her award for outstanding lead actress m a comedy series for her work m “Friends," during the 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Sept 22.2002, at the Shnne Auditorium m Los Angeles. 180 HI Irmplr School of DentistryCalifornia's Gov.-Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, right, introduces President Bush as he arrives to speak on the economic recovery and the war on terror, in San Bemadmo. Calif .Thursday, Oct 17.2003. California has undergone an extreme period ot political turbulence between Bush's 2000 loss here to Democrat Al Gore, and the recall earlier this month of Democratic Gov. Gray Davis and the election of Republican Schwarzenegger to replace him. Pfc. Jessica Lynch says she is "disturbed' by miltary reports that falsely said she went down shooting in an Iraqi ambush and dramatized her rescue by U.S troops. Lynch said in an Interview Tuesday. Nov 11.2003. in New York "That wasn't me. I wasn't about to take credit for something I didn't do," she told the Associated Press Captured former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein speaks in Baghdad Sunday Dec 14,2003 m this image from television. Top U.S administrator in Iraq L. Paul Bremer confirmed the capture ot tormer Iraqi president Saddam Hussein In a dirt hole under a farmhouse near his hometown of Tiknt, eight months after the tall of Baghdad Democratic presidential hopefuls, from left to right. Sen Joseph Lieber-man of Connecticut, former governor Howard Dean, of VT; former Sen. Carol Mosley Braun of IL; Sen. John Edwards of NC: retired Army Gen Wesley Clark ot AK. Sen. John Kerry of MA. the Rev A! Sharpton of NY; and Rep Oennis Kocimch. of OH pose together prior to the Rock the Vote'debate Tuesday. Nov 4.2003 at Boston's Faneuil Hall A crowd waves at the 3rd and final British Airways Concorde Jet as it makes its approach for landing at London's Heathrow airport for the tast scheduled supersonic flight. London. Friday. Oct. 24, 2003 Cars try to navigate their way through Newark City during a blackout that hit steamy U S. and Canadian cibes Thursday. Aug. 14. 2003, stranding people in subways, dosing mne nuclear power plants from New Ybrk to Michigan and choking streets with workers driven from stifling offices. Acting as his own attorney, sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad addresses the |ury as he delivers his opening argument as Prince William County bailiff Jack Fulmore watches during his that at the Virginia Beach Circuit Court in Virginia Beach. Va. Monday Oct. 20.2003 Scott Peterson stands for Judge Al Girolami as he enters the courtroom in Stanislaus County Superior Court in Modesto. Calil, Friday. Oct. 24.2003. Peterson's preliminary hearing to see it he'll stand trial on charges of tolling his wife, Laci Peterson, and unborn son was delayed lor a fourth time Friday Martha Stewart and her lawyer John Tigue leave U.S. District Court Tuesday. Nov 18.2003, in New Vbrk. U.S. District Judge Mmam Goldman Cedarbaum refused to dismiss a securities fraud charge that accuses Martha Stewart of deceiving her stockholders when she publicly declared her innocence m the insider-tracing scandal Michael Jackson gives the peace sign as he exits the Santa Barbara County Jail alter being booked on child molestation charges Thursday. Nov. 20.2003. 2001 (Monlolos, 181Congratulations LaJuan, You have achieved all that we dreamed for you. You were a stubborn little girl with a go get Yim attitude. Those traits have and wall continue to take you far. Always remember to never stop dreaming or striving to reach your goals and all of your dreams will continue to come true. You have blossomed into a beautiful and successful woman. We are extremely proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad 182 I]! rrnplf Srhool ofCongratulations soa, for all that you have achieved in Life, you have made us very proud parents aad you are truly a blessla0 to both of us. we have oftea seea you as a vlsloaary, oae committed to the pursuit of happlaess and the fulfillment of your dreams. Through your hard work aad dedication you are oa the threshold of achieving a life of fulfilled dreams and happlaess. to you we say, "Doa't be afraid of what you want, this Is your time, the barriers are dowa and the world Is waltla0 for you.' Love, Mom. aad r ad 2001 (Kloiilolttt 183184 iH Icmplr School of DentistFor our dear daughter Amanda, Your journey started back in 1996. We as your parents were totally unprepared for this, but you decided that you did not want to pack potato chips for the next 40 years. So, Amanda we know that Heavenly Father had His hand in your decision. It has been a long, hard journey, but we could see Him guiding us along the way ahead. You said one time that you wanted to be a dentist so that you could help people. We believe that you will be a very good dentist because you are a kind and caring person. We see this in you and you truly love life. Always have faith and hope. We love you. Love Mom and Dad 2001 Oilouloloii, 185Spencer L. Luth So proud of you, what you've accomplished and the person you have become! Thanks for blessing our lives with, among other things: ■ Soccer Basketball Thrills ■ Memorable Vocal Performances ■ Immeasurable Service To Family, Church Sr Others ■ Your Continual Quest For Excellence Sr Achievement ■ And last but not least— Your Never-Ending, Incredible Sense Of Humor! We have loved both the journey and the destination And look forward to sharing your future travels! Much Love, Mom Sr Dad Sr Family O Spencer, Nicole, Dallin Sr Sadie-The "Philly" Luths 'What school college or lecture bring to men depends on what men bring to carry it home in.' Ralph Waldo Emerson Temple School of IVcnfi frA‘We fiave nothing but praise and admiration for achieving such a high accompCishment Throughout the years, you faced many chaCCenges that were overcome through your bedef, courage, persistence and hard work, Now it is time to reap the rewards of that success and continue to flourish this dream you wanted so much to come true. ‘We Cove you!!! Dad, Carlos, Martha, Ximena andFamily andFrancisco. 2001 Otlnntoln 187DEAR SARA, When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest! if you must—but never quit. Life is queer, with its twists and turns. As every one of us sometimes learns, And many a failure turns about When he might have won if he’d stuck it out; Stick to your task, though the pace seems slow— You may succeed with one more blow. Success is failure turned inside out— The silver tint of the clouds of doubt— And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when if seems afar; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit— It’s when things seem worst that YOU MUSTN’T QUIT. Through your determination you have accomplished your goals, you never quit! You have made us incredibly proud of the person you have become. We love you with all our hearts... MOM, DAD, RYAN and COLIN 188 Trmplr School of Ih-nfislrvRajeev R. Gowda "There are two things to aim at in life: first to get what you want; and, after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second." Follow your heart and do your best, and the potential within you is sure to be realized and bring you happiness. We are very proud of you Raj! Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, Seeta, and Anu 2001 ( doiifnlo£ 189190 U Temple School of l enlfefiyLife is making memories and may all of yours be wonderful. May all of your wishes come true! Your family and friends are so proud of you as you become the third generation dedicated to the great profession of dentistry. Love, Mom, Dad, Mark, and Lane 2001 Otlonloloc, 191192 Anthony Rao “You are the captain of your own ship and your determination and drive have steered you toward this day. We are very proud of you and can't wait for our new dentures!” Love, Mom and Dad “Thanks Tony, now I’ll never have to brush or floss my teeth again. Congratulations!” Love, Onion “With teeth like yours, you chose the right profession. Good Luck!” Love, Cookie El fcwplo School of Dcntixti loy You Do Doy Tyler Ctyplvw o.nd Treivf My Dearest Tlw., i aw. so proud of you! we w.ade It! when you started Tew.ple, four years seeded like forever. I can't Believe It's over already, we have been through so w.uch. And to think that we alw.ost didn't do It... you have been w,y rocle through the years as we blindly kwoved forward, assuring w.e through It all that everything would be just fine, you were right. So to the love of w.y life and the best dad In the world, CONGRATULATIONS! I love you and aw. so proud of you, 'Dr. Bonner'. All My Love, Devon 2001 Ottontolog, 193TODD C. HYDER Live with intention. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Plai with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. We are so proud of you, your accomplishments and for the outstanding young man that you've become. We love you and thank you for sharing your life with us. Love, Dad, Mom, Troy, Travis, and Ashley 194 1 t emple School of DniUsb Christian, We arc all so proud of you And your accomplishment! What we feel for you words cannot Explain. You’ve worked hard all your life. And now you arc ready to embark On the journey of another exciting chapter of life Before you. The future is open wide for you And the journey will be great! God Bless You! All Our love. Gramma Grampa Josh Mindy (Brody Emily) Todd Aunt Karen 2001 Oilnnf nlo” 195RachaTbJ ne'SchctweV Hay yow drerwny come true and your dr agony be few We; love yow: MOM, VAV, Vavid Shell , Charlie and Sawannah 196 ill fr mplr Stliool of DrntifttrvMARIE J. CULLEN The road has been full of bumps, but time and time again you’ve picked yourself up and dusted yourself off and started off once more. Your family is so proud of your many accomplishments, your strength and your determination. We feel blessed that you are in our lives. Keep smiling your sweet smile!!! 2001 O lnntnlo£ 197Dear Daughter, Words cannot express how proud we are of you. You have succeeded in accomplishing this goal through To a wonderful career and congratulations on accomplishing your goal. Here’s to your bright smiling future! Love, Aunt Penme and Melissa hard work A determination. We You've reached for the star: You went beyond the sun and the moon Your goal was accomplishe We're so proud of you! Love. Aunt Marion. Jimmy. Jennifer Dakota. wish the very best for your future; hoping it’s long, happy and satisfvina. Love, Mom A Dad XOXO 27 years of smiles with you and now you’re the expert on them I’ve never smiled so BIG Congrats! Love, Nat Congratulations!! The Queens of the Roundtable Tou've come a Cong way Sut it s on(y just 6cgun we ’([ aCways Be there for you if just to make you smile. Love, Jlunt SaCCy, CCiris, HshCey, (Dylan of ‘Eugene We arc so proud of you and your accomplishments! Wishing all your dreams come true. Love, Grandpa and Uncle Peter Alexandria J. Hammond "Alex" I started it all. dental careers that is, Hopefully you’re not the one to finish the tradition. Congratulations!! Love. Aunt Kathleen. Tim. Brittany Carson Baby steps, it happens little by little, a little girl taking little steps, unsteady at fust, stepping a little further into the future everyday, a young woman walks across the stage in her cap and gown, 1 remember that little girl and 1 love that young woman. I’m so proud to be your Aunt, your friend, proud of every step you’ve taken and will take, too proud to hold my applause until the end. With Love on your graduauon, The Queen Bee and Jim 198 fjj Irmplr School nfl rit(i lr Apol, Now that you have travelled that long and winding road, hopefully the next trail will be the yellow brick road. Congratulations for a job well done! Love, Pop, Mom, Eric, and Michael 2001 Odon(olo£ 199SSBBBBBSWg e o.'rc So orou-CA 6T 7° . , fole 's ar 4 accc fli Wn1 ur st ' e aoci enV U5 as all vou do Inav c. env-icined »voa us 200 {fjj li'inpli' Srhool of IVnf lry r «rcdo. ! Tyranny, like Dental school, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the schooling, the more glorious the degree. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: Tis dearness only that gives everything its value. Temple University knows how to set a proper price upon its degrees; sod it would be strange indeed, if so oekstial a degree as Doctor of Medical Dentistry should not be highly rated." | isC vtf bJts' IUe mvj dfO '«6+ V 6,Dawa) 1 i: otv» o 9 outl Know -VV 0k1 i Wvt 4 uMl y ft'ways V you. I X Lo it you wtVV aAl K«acTl fct.Ua x.n i £4 rr Uy ®o 01 Wve.wdt.i4-M r+,i JU)‘ l rd o teqi4-i no. 2001 Odonloloc. 201Dr. Erin Tate May 20, 2004 Temple University 202 Irniplc School of Denti (jyKrystyn. Tyma, our First Born: Congratulations on your graduation' While we are extremely proud of your academic accomplishments to date, and they have certainly been significant, we are more impressed by the mature young woman you have become It is an absolute necessity in the world in which we live In today to excel in both areas. You have shown a real desire to do both. Wc are confident that you will someday make a difference in this world. In our eyes you have already made a difference in our lives Now. the sky is the limit. Only you will set the boundaries by which you will be judged by yourself as well as your peers Go after it and never look back Best of luck, and know full well, we will ALWAYS be there to provide guidance and support Love, Dad. Mom. Lourcn. Brandon and Chloe 2001 Oilonfnln£ 203Kimberly Jefferson Congratulations on your exceptional achievement. The journey has been long and difficult but your dedication and hard work has made it possible to fulfill your dream. dreams ct fantasies to a bright future. So nsiti IVq Strotte 4rHat out tiny, cute, little yird Hat made of Her lift' yout active imayination and yreat xtorici you entertained many youny friendi fjou introduced u» add to tfie d ude family and many more very interextiny tfiinyx. 7$t a very tardy aye you decided you uranted to It a dentixt, you Have adwayx Hefxt to your Have touched many diva and Have xdown add wHat a true friend you are lecome a very xtrony role model for add of your nieca and nepHewx Have adwayx enjoyed your yreat zext and zead for life. (We are xo very proud ofyou for of ! achievementx and tfu woman you have lecome 'UHe future ix yourx. £njoy it. you de-the [rat. tyou are truly a yift from Heaven ’ Jlove alurayx. ov'llom, IdSad, llSelra, (Sfinytr, ‘ Wendy, f.'Jennifer ffoHn Loving Daughter 204 M Icmplc School of Drnli$ll}Jeffrey Bruce Tauber Your graduation countdown has already begun Your four years at Temple Dental are almost done Lots of studying, classes, clinic, and hard tests We always knew you’d give it your Best. Jeff, oh so proud we are of you Loving, considerate, and talented, too. Be happy, enjoy life, smile, have fun For now you’re a dentist, we love you, dear son. With pride in our hearts. Mom Dad, Becky John, Andy Liz. and Kim ■2001 Oilontolo” 205As you continue to grow in Your unique way, wonderful, ways, Always rememSer that we are more (Proud of you that we can say, We feel truly blessed to call you Our daughter. Congratulations, Sharli We love you with ad our hearts. Stay forever young. We wish You the best for all your future plans Love, Mom, (Dad, diOaymin Always be proud of what you arc Whatever that might be. The job that you do. however small. So all of the world might sec. Give it your best and make it your own-Uave faith in your dreams come true. Lend a part of yourself in your every plan In all that you ever do. Always be proud of what you have been. Be sure that you’ve lived life well. Be proud of the hope that is in your heart. Your story that life can tell. Walk through each day with your head held high, And your eyes on that far away star. Trust in tomorrow and surely you’ll find It’s nice to be just w hat you arc. Always be sure you w ill never fail Your future so promising and bright. Save up a smile for a darker day. Success ever there in your sight. Congrats Ash. We always knew you could do it. Love Mom, Dad and Av. 206 l«mplr School of IVnIWiyTo Our Very Own Dr. Jen, It's been a long four years, and you've made a lot of sacrifices. You've put your life on hold to attain your goals. Now the end is near, and your career, babies and a house are just around the next bend- We are so very happy for you, and prouder than we can say- You pulled it off, you stuck it out. You made it happen.... You left your mark. You gave the world a glimpse of what you're made of. Congratulations on everything it took to get here. You've got so much to be proud of, Jenna Penna!!!!!! What an accomplishment! We love you. Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Jason Libbie You are my joy ahie your talents Explore new Horizons Trust in Cjodalways Yfiinhjpositively (Enjoy! Life is too short Love, mom 2001 (Monlolt) 207Clf'R'lST’O'PtfCE'R X'RIC SC'rfO'M'AK'E'R One of tfe floppiest days, and one of great worth. Was holding you in my arms, the day of your birth. You have truly hfessedmy fife, with great fove and joy. §odknew what ’] needed, when he sent me a hoy. ( reat pleasure you have given us, watching you grow. You’re speciaf to us, and 1 want you to Imow. You've afways met your goafs, in everything you've done, ‘bfow that schoofis accompfished, your fife can he so fun. Apractice to start, and a new home to huifd. With your heautifuf wife, and rwa greatgirfs tf wiff hefiffed Chris, you are loved very much, and we are proud of you. §o on with your fife, andSTA'K'T' A ‘hfEW. CO'tfQ'R'A'f'ULAriotfS 'Mom, Jach, Carey, Lance and Ash fie lAU Q IE CONGRATULATIONS We arc so proud of what you have accomplished . What you will accomplish. J hc man you arc and the man you will be. Tbanlts for beine who you are! We love non A ays. Tnant Ivraven above that (jod sent bi» love. A°d blessed voae cWdren at birtk W'tb a gtt tkat could jive . Onesfaceabngkt»a»ile, WvtnKe sent tkese dentist»to cartk Conjrats C- n» »c are proud cf you Love. Sin's We are proud of you. Congrats! Love you, Dad Sherry 208 |i| temple School of l»nifis!r  font. Dad Daniela. Ana, Ben Thank you for all of your hard work. You have made us so very proud of you. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. We wish you success as you go on with your life. Te queremos mucho. DANIEL PAUL THOMAS CONGRATULATIONS DAN! From your first day of School pictured here to achieving your DMD, we knew you were blessed with the ability to accomplish goals in your life. However, our greatest joy is the ukind of a man" you are! Love, Mom and Dad The Measuring Stick (By Dan's grandmother, Clara Thomas Morgan) It isn't the size of the man that counts, or the cost of the house where he lives. It isn’t the weave of the clothes he wears or the price of the Rift he gives. It isn't his color, religion or creed or the breadth of his social span. It isn't the title by which he is known that makes him a worths man. It's the kind of a man that he is that counts, and the kind of life that he lives. It’s the smile that he wears, and the sacrifice that he makes by the gift he gives. It's the sympathy, kindness, the courage and truth that you see when you look in his face; The respect that he has for his fellow men. despite their religion or race. It’s the kind of a name that he makes for himself and the worth to which he amounts. No, it isn't the size of the man at all. but the kind that he is that counts.HORRA y ! ANN MIHALKO-MOONEY We are sooooooo proud of you! You grew great by your dreams A determination We Love You!—-Mom, Dad, Seth Gram, Ron, Marisa, Mark, Stacey, Molly A the Turks Caicos Gang Luis A. Lugo Jr. (Junito) Always be positive, that s what keeps you going. 1 lave fun while your at it. Learn from the mistakes you make on the way to success and don't be afraid to take risks. You already have the strength and determination. God bless you! Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, Jenny and Tito who I'm sure is watching from heaven. 210 Iriiiplr School of DrntistiyPatrick The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential...these arc the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. Eddie Robinson At work, at play, with friends, with family. Your willingness to work hard and have fun. Your compassion for others Will lead to a life you will be happy to live. Congratulations on the man you have become! We are proud to call you or son With our love! Mom Dad We are incredibly proud of you, and your accomplishments. Congratulations Dr. Kevin Guzman DDS Dear Kevin, The day has finally arrived and you have realized your goal! You have persevered through years of hard work and challenges and your dedication, determination, and discipline has made you the responsible person you arc today! With the knowledge you have learned, you are now able to reap the rewards and satisfaction of helping others. Love, Mom, Dad, and KristaDear Sadia. It has been a great joy for all of us to watch daddy’s little girl and the baby of the family to grow into such a beautiful, intelligent and sensible young lady We are all very proud of your hard work, dedication and accomplishments We wish for you the very best life has to offer. May God bless you with a long prosperous life and a fulfilling career as a dentist Always remember that whether we are near or far. you are always close to our hearts. Thank you for making the dream we all had for you into a reality. With all our love and best wishes, congratulations on becoming the first dentist in our family. Abbu.Ammi, Baber Bhai, Sameera Baji.Sofia.Iram.Sarah and all the kids JAMES A. WARD WISHER UPON STARS RELENTLESS PURSUER SELFLESS TEAM MEMBER ONE WHO: UNDERSTANDS THE CHALLENGEOF GETTING A LEAD OF ONE MORE FOOT LEANS LEFT WHEN THE PITCH IS ON THE OUTSIDE PART OF THE PLATE LOVES THE SMELL OF WELL OILED LEATHER HITS BEHIND THE RUNNER WORKS THE COUNT FOCUSED ACHIEVER STALWART COMPANION 1MAGINEER DOGS BEST FRIEND HUSBAND BROTHER SON NOBODY DOES IT BETTER LIVE LONG PROSPER YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL WITH LOVE DAD. MOM. JENNI, MATTHEW GRACE 212 H Ifniplc School of IVnti«lf (r'y Or ' 1 c r " LifCr '+Sys"'''0'"' s S '« -.». r "u" O kJ f Wendy Joan Magda You have always worked hard to achieve you goals. You can be proud of all you have accomplished All I can say is "I’m so very proud Dr. Wendy" to be your mom 2001 O.lonloloti. 213Dear Nathaniel. We are so proud of all you have accomplished and look forward to sharing all that you will do in the future. Each new day is an adventure! With love and congratulations. Mom, Dad, Seth, Joshua, Jessamy and Dan J. Aaron Mowry DMD Oh, the choices we have make as kids-termite exterminator or dentist? We think you made the right choice! We love you and are very Proud of you There’s only one other thing we can say Go Navy Beat Army! Sarah, Andrew, Mom, Dad, and Becky Nathaniel William Flook. Class of 2004! Peter R Brown We've watched you grow from an impish little boy to an accomplished young man. All of your dreams and years of hard work have finally turned into a reality. “Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” - Washington Irving Aman, we are so proud of you! Your accomplishments are a result of your hard work and determination and your strive to become a better person everyday. There are few people in the world that can capture the hearts of everyone they meet. You are one such person. The joy and happiness you have brought our family is immeasurable. We are so proud of the person you've become. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You and Meghan deserve it. Love, Mom, Dad, and Dave Congratulations Aman and the Class of 2004! Papa, Mom, Dad, Jay, and Raman. 214 HI Irmplc School of DriiH llJ '| "HcacAenA afrea the daan; fM eaten (fy _____________ rMMif HOU4, Congratulations! You've crossed the threshold. Good Luck on the other side! The Faculty and Staff of the Division of Pediatric Dentistry Oi • ' A , ko ‘0 K.W uea VUw . ' ifoiJtcMtfok K-O d lo f- m AfC' 'Wd A. r w i r CONSERVATIVE PREP The Fissutokmiy Bur allows for exploration of fissures. It is virtually pam-frcc' and creates an ideal cavity Iona You can explore and restore m just 3-5 minutes. ...a conservative solution to suspect fissuresI I Less Invasive... Less Costly... Virtually Pain-Free to the DEJ Tip of bur is smaller and more conservative than 1 4 round. i Fine carbide lip will not strip quickly like thin diamonds. Virtually pain free' to the DEJ.... in most cases no anesthesia is needed I Ideal cavity prep form for a flowablc composite. | Cleaner, more controlled and less costly than air abrasion. FISSUROTOMY® Diagnostic Finishing Bur Kit UC«t«KlfctxtMtfcB SD4 3ttOw F»n rY6w 3 « taimry Uoo NTT Bm 3 «ftnxtjV Ifco STF tfe t a fiMfuig Bv ial«rfwQ8 7«6 SS"Whi1e Burs. Inc. 1145 Towbin Avenue • Lakewood. NJ 08701 • Visit our wtbate © www. com I Fissurotomy" Original Fissurotomy Micro NTF (Mirras Tip F U'«) Fissurotomy Micro STF (SSiUon T 9«r Fiiiur ) XVV Fc Uoimy Oentjty kn sd hr cor ISOy i ■2001 Oilontoloi,216 lil Irrnplr School of UrnUft(i 'CLUB "In the Air or on the Ground -if it's Brown it’s COIN’ DOWN!" •2001 Odnntolo 217Bryan E. Stein How proud we are of you! Your determination in accomplishing your goals shows your strength of character. Your compassion, gentle touch, and kindness will enable you to use expert skills with a soothing demeanor. Your laughter, playfulness, and sense of humor keep all who know you happy. May you always find contentment and enjoy much happiness both in your professional and personal life. Congratulations and much success to you and your classmates of 2004! Love always. Mom, Grandma, Jason, Robin, Maxwel. Andrea, Abe, Jaime, and Lisa Inuplr School of DrnlMi)2001 Orinnloln 219220 frmplr School of l «-nf isln‘2001 0.lonfoloii, 221 222 Irmplr Vhool of l» nfi fn2001 Oilonfolo£ 223224 Ilf rcmplr School of Dcnffeti  • L-E UN TV ERSIIY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY

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