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:Temple University School of Dentistry Philadelphia, PA 191402001 Odontolog above and beyond Dedication Odontolog Staff ! »■" 7 out of this world Seniors masters of the universe -J o Faculty and Staff 138 lost in space Underclassmen when you’re not saving the galaxy Organizations 148 104 Advertisements J (2 odontolog 2001beyond When I went to dental school you couldn’t use the elevator if there was a faculty member present I can still remember groaning and carrying my dental kit phis my articulator up two flights of stairs. Our kit did not have wheels. In the clinic you could not move away from your chair to call an instructor. You had to raise your hand holding a mirror and an explorer. That really gets tiring. Nowadays students have it better. The)’ also know a lot more than I did when I graduated. I came to Temple Dental School in IVlay of 1979. Dr. Sheldon Winkler (formerly ohairman of the l: ro8thodontics Department) asked me to give up my practice and join the faculty. It was an easy decision for me because I had been in practice for 20 years and wanted something else. I wanted to make dental school a little more user-friendly. iviy user-friendly gift to Temple Dental students is my Complete Denture web she. imagine being able to write a textbook specifically for 100 students in the Junior class. In the future I feel that most texts wffl be written in this new medium. Instead of rewriting the text h will be updated. The site covers the practice of dentistry, not only’ in the operator)' but also many of the peripheral aspects that are so important Here are some additional important points to take with you throughout your careers: •To be successful you want to create a “buzz” about your skills and demeanor. The best way to do this is to be an advocate for your patients. Use your expertise to give them the best dentistry for the least cost I did not use the word “cheap.” The longer I practiced the greater was the area of my patient pooL You get the best advertising from a satisfied patient •liecome an expert at something, preferably in dentistry. Other bits of information will readily become attached to this core of knowledge. You will give lectures and become innovative in this particular area. •Whenever I do anything in life, I am always searching for one more piece of information, whether it is to buy a stock or make a life-altering decision. One mistake I made was not getting a lawyer to look over the contracts I made for the conversion of an apartment to my dental office, if you don’t have the words included that the work must comply with the present codes then the inspectors will ask you to rip up the floor so the)' can inspect the pipes or whatever. •You shouldn’t take everything you’re told at face value. Be invested - look into it - the more you know, the less you will suffer from others’ ignorance and indifference. (Also listen to your mother.) I remember my mother telling me my main operator)' was too small. (My mother ran my father’s dental office.) How could the plans be wrong, I thought, they were made by the dental equipment company. But the)- forgot to include space for the radiator. At that time all we had to do was move the chalk marks on the floor. Imagine bow much it would have cost to move the waD with everything running through it •I have found that getting married to someone you really love made life easier for me. There are times when you are down and having a helping hand will lift your spirits. That 50% divorce rate that you have heard about applies to a large group. The percentage is much smaller for dentists. rm honored that the 2001 graduating class has chosen to dedicate the Yearbook to me. This means that I have accomplished one of my goals. I sure feel good, -DrJ This is better than average. -I)r. Julius Rosen 2001 this page sponsored by: wwdrjrosenxomor. Julius RosenCongratulations! Message From The Dean To the Class of 2001 As the saying goes, “it’s great to be a Temple Owl," and in the case of the School of Dentistry, it is more than just a saying; it is a promise of great things to come. Temple has been known during its 138-year existence for the clinical skills of its graduates, and that reputation has stood us in good stead. Our requirements are demanding and sometimes onerous, but Temple graduates going into advanced programs, residencies, the military and private practice find that their reputations have preceded them, and expectations are high. They also find that in spite of their doubts about their abilities, for the most part, they exceed those of graduates of other dental schools. I know that you, the first class of the new millennium, will continue this tradition of Temple excellence. I congratulate you on your achievements, and welcome you as our newest alumni ae. Sincerely, .D. 6 odontolog 2001Staff: Betsy Barsky, Kate Cavanaugh, Lisa Fagioletd, Alison Morrison, Daphne Rhoton, Amy Rothman, Donna Schwartz-Salin, Sarah Stanley, Navid Noorollah, Tony Lam(8 odontolog 2001Despite the rough times of our four years at ■n w fair share of fun. -These are the times we wifl look back and remember fondly.Student Council President or White House Intern? Guess who's gonna be a pedodontist? £lO odontolog 2001Left: Hey Duff! is that your final Operative slip? You stole my face! her wonder twin for the camera. Above: Yo quiero chicas! Joe Chip shows off his salsa side. Above: Had hair day, gin’s? Jeff and Shuaib personify that “fresh from the salon feeling”.Out of this World- the end of our time here at temple dental dy approaches, although the road was rocky and at times it seemed we might not make it, we have all 1111:1 : h ;i d our final destination-, graduation day! we would like to thank the faculty members who take a personal stake in our education for the sake of dentistry in the future, as we leave temple dental, we take with us all of the good times (as well as some of the bad) and embark into our future as dental professionals. 12 odontolog 2001Steven M. Alper, DMD California State University New York, NYBetsy S. Barsky, DMD Pennsylvania State University Havertown, PA Thanks row A for making the pre clinic a fun, musical (elvis does pearl jam), Joe having sleepovers in his cot, falling-madly-in-lovc• with-my-phantom head, making mud pies, good times. Steve, we were partners for everything, you'd think we would have gotten something right. Lisa, Manisha anti Christina, thanks for all of the quality "girl bonding time". Good luck class of 2001!Eric W. Bludau, DMD University of Florida Delray Beach, FL 2000 Hinman Scholar, Dr. Donald and Cecelia Pi at nick Scholarship Dr. Leonard Abrams, DDS Award Thanks to my mother for her continued support and encouragement through all my educational endeavors. Thanks to my wife, Lily, for her love, companionship, and financial stability. I had a great time these past four years and I'll never forget the friends I've made here. Thanks to everyone, especially Homey, for making these often difficult times a memory to treasure throughout my life.Christian DMD Purdue University York, PADavid R. Bowser III, DMD “TEX" Pennsylvania State University New Paris PA Pediatric Study Club, ASDA Activities and interests include playing with my girls■ Melissa. Tiffany; and Amber, restoring and repairing vehicles, mechanical bull riding, horseback riding, building things, raising beef cattle, and farming. Future plans are to return our family owned Eaglecrest Farms outside of Bedford, Paenter a practice and enjoy my family. ,18 odontolog 2001Holly Jane Branin, DMD University of California-San Diego El Toro, CA Dental school has been full of ups and downs. I thank my family and friends for their continued support and love throughout. To my fellow graduates, I wish the best of luck in life and dentistry.Richard B. Bray', DMD Temple University Scranton, PA ASDA, Academy of General Dentistry, Asian-American Study Club Throughout the past four years. I have often said that dental school was the greatest experience that I would NEVER do again! But dental school has prepared me for a career in a great profession. Now that four years have past. I would like to thank the people who made my graduation possible. First, thank you to my beautiful wife. Dina, whose love and faith helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible! To my family (EB.BB.GB.EG.PG.KB.SB.LDJR.RD), whose support and love have allowed me the opportunity to obtain my goals. A special thank you to Uncle Erv. Mom. and Aunt Bev for just listening! To the handful of faculty members whose guidance and professionalism has helped me become the best dentist I can be. Finally to my friends, I will never forget the memories we have forged together and I wish you all the success and happiness in the world. 'B' Block will live FOREVER! Catherine C. Cavanaugh DMD West Chester University Drexel Hill, PA ZIP, ASDA, Yearbook Staff I would like to thank my parents for their unconditional love ami support■ you are responsible for who I am today and I can’t imagine where (or who) I d be without you. Thanks to my sisters for always being there for me (especially with the fashion advice). To all those who made dental school bearable- especially Daph, Duff, Greg. Chris and Dave■ I wish you only the best. Daph-thanks for being like the twin I never had. We finally got parolled, but the B-Block will never die! To Mike, am thrilled to be sharing our lives together, thanks for never losing faith in me. Happy we're done!!!Lily Leh-Chueen Chan, DMD Villanova University Tanjong Malim, Malaysia My mom, dad, and brother: thank you for your unconditional love and support Samantha: what would I have done without you? Kiran (Mustashia), Caroline (Hah-su), Helene (Hillary Woodstocking): I hope the fun and laughs never end. Tim, Geoffrey, Brian, Sung, Nick: it's been real. Jay "Hostess": thanks for the company in lab. Todd Paczewski: what's wong? To all my friends: may all your dreams come trueKatie Chen, DMD Rutgers State University Cherry Hill NJ I would like to thank my parents, my sisters and my brother for their continued encouragement and support through my years in dental school and especially during my most difficult times. Caring friends and professors have made these challenging years at Temple Dental School quite memorable. I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Marchesani, Dr. Monasky, Dr. Bassiouny, Dr. Alpcrstein, Dr. Esposito, Dr. Yearwood. and Dr. Schlossberg for never letting me lose faith in myself’ and for giving me guidance and moral support. I would not have made it through with the loving support and care of friends and faculty and most of all, my wonderful family.Dennis M. Cherry, DMD Duquesne University DuBois, PA ASDA, Endodontic Study Club, Orthodontic Study Club, TempleSoccer Team, Asian American Club I would just like to thank my family, my friends, and anyoneelse who helped me maintain my sanity for the last four years. I will always remember the best advice I have ever received: "Cut a groove in it. Cherry ” I'll live my life by that motto. Oraann, without you I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today. Thank you.Joseph D. Chipriano, )r„ DMD Elizabethtown College Pottsville, PA First and foremost, I would like to thank Cod for allowing me to live this dream and all those to follow. This four year segment has been the most influential period in my life thus far. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about dentistry and the people who are treated with it, the pain in having loss but the joy for having loved, and things which are in your power to control and those left to the power of Faith. The most important things which I have learned however, have been about my own identity. Special thanks to my teachers who have been positive influences professionally and personally. Humbling thanks to my friends who have given encouraging words when I needed to hear them most. Lastly, eternal thanks to my parents for always making sure that I had the opportunities they never did.Jay H. Choi DMD Washington State University Seattle, WA I would like to thank my wife and my son for their sacrifice. JAY H. CHOI, DMD (DOCTORATE OF MASSIVE DEBT) WE LOVE YOU •JACOB GINALok Tim Choy, DMD University of California, Berkeley Cameron Park, C Aston American Club, Endo Study Club, The Fighting TUSOD Soccer Team 'We have grown too fond of the stars to be fearful of the night.' -Machiavelli Congratulations to the Class of 2001 for your perseverance. The rewards will come. Mom and Dad, am forever indebted to your support and encouragement. Howie and Steph, I have the utmost respect and admiration for the things you have accomplished. I love you all. Thanks to everyone for making the last four years bearable and for showing me what professionalism is. Cheers! 27;Fredrick E. , DMD Yeshiva University Philadelphia, P Congratulations to the class of 2001. Robbi, its been fun being your twin these past four years. Thank you to my family for all of their support. Alii, you always made me smile; Coby, you always mad me hold youfdont worry little buddy it was my pleasure); and to tluvi, my love, thank you for bending my ortho wires as well as being supportive of me when ever I needed you to be. I love you.Christen E. Conlin, DMD Villanova University Philadelphia, PA Thank you to all of my family and friends who have always supported me, especially John who has put up with me for these last four years and who has agreed to keep putting up with me for the rest of our lives. I love you. 29 1126 Majid Dastgir, DMD no photo available ; 30 odontolog 2001David R. Deakyne, DMD Randolph-Macon College Smyrna, DE ASDA Class Representative, Xi Psi Phi, Endo Study Club Thanks to all the friends, faculty, and staff who helped me over the last four years. Thank you to Dean Tansy for taking a chance on me. Thanks to Bonnie and Susan for the water ami conversation. A really big thank you to my family, especially Mom and Dad. Most of all, thank you Stacy for all of your support, love, and unwavering faith.JeffreeE. , DMD Driving from rural Ridgetown into Philadelphia for my interview. I swung onto Broad Street from Germantown Avenue and North Philly welcomed me. Wow. different from my small, quiet Canadian hometown. But. the experience has been rewarding and I have met and formed friendships with a diverse group of people. Fairmount Park and the Wissahickon Valley have been my escape from the city, and the training grounds for mountain bike and adventure races. With Dan Marut as my racing partner I entered my first off road race ever in May 98. The Fairmount Park Classic, placing 22 out of ISO plus people in my age group. This led to other races and more rigorous training and led Dan. his brother and myself to a fourth place finish in the 12 hour Turkey Chase mountain bike race in North Carolina In Sept 99. I would sincerely like to thank Chris and Holly for including me on numerous trips to the Gunks and th New River Gorge, allowing me to discover my true love for rock climbing. I will always remember my first climbing experiences with them - hanging off the rock 100 feet In the air. clipped into an anchor Chris made, with only a 3 Inch ledge to place my feet - October 31" after 12 hours of climbing, finishing with t hanging rappel of 180 feet in the DARK (you crazy kids) howling at the full moon. Dan thanks for introducing me to wakeboarding (clear the wake, numbskulls. 180 what? faceplantsl and honing my snowboarding skills (Lake Tahoe - never too much powder, caning corduroy. H pipe air. In the trees, cookies and power bars - yum!) Hi-Tec Adventure Races in The Bronx. New York will always be remembered. You are a trooper foe Chip, stop flying over the handlebars and may you never forget - triathlons are easy. Iggy keep riding and Trek WILL sponsor you. Heinball you gearhound. Stephen and Margie (I'll keep your full time dumpster diving to myself). Big Ben and Guiness. C Block, loudest table in the house. Helcat. C-llne. Samo. Chily The Paki Mac and his paper wads. What a great four years. Hey. Claudio, (ya I know. Heu ist fur Pferde) lass uns klettern gehen. Thank you to Dr. Hurwitz and Dr. Bogert for their guidance, and to Dr. lot for his belief in my clinical abilities. Mom and dad - thank you so much for supporting me and always being there for me. PS. Extreme IS my middle name.'!Dirk M. Donovan, DMD University of Evansville Evansville, Indiana Despite four long years of studying and lab work, I still feel as fortunate to be a Temple Dental student as the day I received my letter. The experiences I've had and the friendships I've made in Philadelphia truly made me a better person. I cannot thank my parents enough for the love and support they have given me throughout my life. You are why I got here. Thank you Chuck and Jay for helping me feel at home in Philly. I could not imagine a better group of people to have shared my experiences with than the Class of 2001. I wish everyone the best to come, Adam, John, and Nate, thank you for everything. It's gonna be Great!odontolog 2001 Michael C. Duffy, DMD Virginia Wesleyan University Wilmington, DE Wow! I can't believe were here, what a lot of work. I would like to thank everyone that helped me get through all this. My mom for doing all my financial aid stuff, Jackie for not kicking me out during all that pre-board studying (mostly for Part I). All of my patients who didn't show up, because that was one less thing to go wrong with a Tx plan or my day. I would like to thank Wanda's for being right around the corner after finals, and Kate Daph Greg Chris Dave for the company there. SEPTA for the hospitality and cleanliness of their mass transit system, I mean for getting me to school. My part-time job (F N Wine Spirits) for their emergency palliative care at wholesale prices. And all the people on C-Block, what a crew. Good Luck Everyone.Yolanda , DMD no photo available oUsama dm D Franklin and Marshall College Monroeville, Pennsylvania Class President. Orthodontic Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, Endodontic Study Club Stomatognathic Honor Society. “They walk the same paths in school, but outside, students often take the road less traveled; for no two are alike As you begin your future lives and careers, remember all your trials and tribulations and do not forget those you have shared your time, energy and passion. These experiences, I believe, are the critical memories that you will always draw upon in your future endeavors. I am grateful to have had such a supporting family and wonderful and close friends both in and out of dental school. My success e mi nates from your support and guidance.Lisa A. Fagioletti, DMD West Virginia University Washington, PA I want to thank my family, Lynsey, and Christian, without you guys I would not be here today. I want to also thank Manisha for putting up with me for the past four years and the unending encouragement she always gives.Derek Faktor, DM D MBA Rutgers University New Brunswick, N) It's obvious we've all had a good time... Mr. D, Vincenzo, Maj, Homey. Bumblebee, DL Class 2001 to my Mom, Dad, Stacy- thanks for your love and support ...so who stopped the music?C. Martin Farnsworth, DMD Southern Utah University Bloomfield, New' Mexico After coming from a small town out west my wife Maile and I came to Temple to learn about ourselves and the culture of the east coast. We showed our children our countries American history and ethnic cultures. Coming from large families we plan to have out's grow beyond our two. After enjoying our first three years of dentistry as a Captain in the U.S. Airforce we plan to establish a family practice out west where we can slow down and enjoy the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Good luck everyone from the Farnsworth's Martin, Maile, Drew, and Devon.Robert Fattouch, DMD University Of California, Riverside Diamond Bar, C DK, Surf Club, Temple Dental Soccer Club, Penn Charter Soccer Club I would like to first thank God, for without him nothing would be possible. I want to thank my parents, my grandmother, brother and sister for believing in me. supporting me and most importantly loving me, without them, I would not have gotten to this point. I would next like to thank all the faculty and staff at Temple for making these four years experiencable. Finally, I would like to thank all the friends I have made here at Temple, especially those that have been there for me when I needed them. To these special friends may our friendship continue throughout our lifetimes. Thank you..Christina Gregory', DMD University of Scranton Bensalem, PA First, I would like to thank my hardworking, wonderful parents whom have supported me my dreams and goals all my life. Without you I probably would not have reached my full potential or graduate practically debt free! I would also like to thank my sister. Charlene, my brothers, Thomas and Victor, and my sister-in-law, Marcella for all of their loving support and help. I never could have done this without you! As a special note. I would like to mention my three beautiful nieces. Caitlin, Brigid and Maggie and my handsome nephew. Victor William, who have made me the proudest and coolest aunt ever. To Manisha and Lisa. I am going to miss the day trips to LSI. long lunches at the Olive Carden, reading Cosmo and Halloween. Best of luck to both of you for your future endeavors. To Betsy, 'my little sis,' I am going to miss quotes from the Simpsons, the Pinata party and the Penn State parties. Good luck in Kentucky and wherever you go. To Nate, Dirk and lohn, I am going to miss your house parties near the Art Museum. To Brian, did you ever give me that onlay and how about that date you promised? Well, I guess I had my share of fun for four years and it has been rocky, no doubt, but I wouldn't change the memories for the world! Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you guys again sometime!Robert Grunstein, DMD Yeshiva University Philadelphia, PA ASDA, Alpha Omega, Academy of General Dentistry, Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry I would like to thank my parents for fostering my curiousity for all things mechanical and believing in me no matter how many things I destroyed. Words pale in their attempt to thank my wife Shira for all she has endured these last four years. From forgiving my absenteeism around finals time to being the sole crumb winner for so long... I will always be in your debt. To Fred Cohen my not so identical twin, thanks for the good times buddy, maybe at graduation they saw there were two of “us'. To my instructors thank you for showing me there's always two ways to do something, the right way. and the way it's done here. Finally I thank God for putting me on this path that I love and for giving me my reason to have endured all this, my daughter Kayla.Manisha , DMD Cornell University San Jose, California To Ashok, never forget that I love you forever with all my heart. To Mom and Dad, your love and support are never ending. Thank you for everything you have given me. To Nitu, you have the world in your hands and I know you will go far... To my friends. as we depart on our separate ways. I wish you all the best....HayieyB. Heckman, DMD Bucknell University Saxton, P 4 Asian American Club, Delta Sigma Delta, Pedodontic Study Club, Endodontic Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society I would like to thank my family for all of their patience, love, and support- especially my mom. Thanks to my friends for all of the memories and good times. Good Luck to everyone!Matthew Heimbach, DMD Susquehanna University Berwick, PA Delta Sigma Delta, Golden Shower Intramural Basketball- Four-Time Champs, Thigh Man, Mexican Post Stock Club, Giants Fan, Pioneer of the Operative Prophy, Paper War Participant (2 years), Traf Club memberAdam T. Hershkin, DMD University of Wisconsin Merrick, NY Oral Surgery honor Society (Secretary), Thrower of tantrums in Preclinic (Row D), Thrower of various objects in class I would like to give thanks to all of the faculty, staff and, most of all. to my friends who helped me to procrastinate in style (see pictures).Jay A. Holthus, D.M.D. Juniata College Mifflinburg, PA Ped odontic Study Club (President). Student Government, ASDA. Asian American Club, Allied Health Intramural Basketball, Endodontic Study Club American Society of Dentistry for Children Nickname: flolthi Favorite Sports Team: The Golden Shower Favorite Moment: Mark Simeone, Perio Lecture with Dr. Salkin. The Explosion.' -Need I say more? Favorite Quote: ’Ah, they'll push you through " L.Y. Special Interests Hobbies: Fly fishing, hunting, mountain biking, shore lunches, and shootin' the .44 with Tex Thanks goes out to all the faculty, staff, and clinical instructors for transforming the Class of 2001 from pre clinic turds to damn good dentists. To the Class of 2001. thank you for putting up with my bipolar mood swings, my cursing, ami my sarcasm. Also, thanks goes out to that group of douche bags I sat with in class who farted on me daily, and kept life real. But most importantly. I would like to thank my family, my cat. and especially my beautiful wife. Jenn for putting up with me for these last four years. I love you guys!Caroline S. Hsu, DMD Georgia Institute of Technology College Park, Georgia ASDA, Asian American Club, Stomatognathic Honor Society It has been a long journey getting to this point in my life, and I have many people to thank along the way. Most of all I thank my parents and my brother, George for their never ending love, support, and guidance. I also want to thank all of my closest friends for keeping me sane when the stress level was unbearable, and making me laugh when the unthinkable happens. I would like to thank Helene for being my best friend and making Dental school the awesome memory that it is. I ll never forget all the other millions of memories we made together. I would also like to send a great big thank you to Michael for being so supportive and understanding to me even from miles away.David S. Iglewicz, DMD W Rutgers University Cherry Hill, NJ ASDA, Surf Club, Pedo Study Club I want to thank everyone who helped me out during my four year stay here. I especially want to thank Sandy, Freud, and the rest of my family for all the support they gave me. Good luck to all.JodiJ. Jasionowicz, DMD University of Scranton Rutherford, PA DK, Surf Club, Alpha Omego, ASDA I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, and my family for all their love, support, and encouragement throughout my life. Also, I want to thank all of my friends and fans for the great times, and for the memories we have made over the past four years. You guys are all awesome and I wish everyone the best of luck in the years to come! 2001Sunq )u, DMD University of Washington Seattle, Washington I would like to thank my parents for having faith in me and supporting me for all these years. I d also like to extend my gratitude to friends who were there when I needed them. And finally Uncle Sam who provided me with means to go through dental school and never questioned where I spent all the money. Chucky will miss all you guys.Nathan Kalteski, DMD University of Scranton Moscow, Pennsylvania Delta Sigma Delta (Vice President and President), ASDA I would like to take this moment to look back at our orientation. That day where we all had to stand up and say something about ourselves. Wow! What a long time ago. I feel that since that day I have amassed a great group of friends in 'our class'. I don't think school would have been this much fun without my best friends Elena, Matt, and John. I thank you for making school and life much easier. I also want to thank my family for standing by me throughout all of school. I love you all very much! To all I wish the best health anil happiness, and success in wit at ever endeavors you choose.Michelle A. Keaney, DMD University of Scranton Alexandria, VA ASDA, Pedo Study Club Congratulations to my fellow gratuates and best wishes in the future. I would like to thank my wonderful parents for their continual support and love. Without them and my fiance, Sean, I would never have been able to achieve this goal.odontolog 2001 Brian F. Keating, DMD Dickinson College Middletown, P would like express my love and appreciation for my entire family who have always supported me my entire life, not just over the last four years la famiglia. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful Mom and Dad, ami two brothers and friends, Russell and Kyle. Rick Bray thank you for not only being my good friend but my subordinate father and academic advisor during our tenure at school Rachelle- words cannot express the gratitude I have for how you have raised our beautiful son in my near absence. You have always supported me and made it easy for me to do this for him. Joseph - Although I have been with you every feasible weekend since your birth I miss you terribly. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and have been my inspiration over the past three years. I love you and will be home soon.Shuaib M. Khaderi, DMD University of Utah Salt Lake City; Utah Pedo Study Club. Endo Study Club. Asian-American Dental Society. Hispanic Dental Assoc.. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Indian Dental Assoc.. Academy of General Dentistry, ASDA First and foremost all praise is due to Almighty Allah, from where I obtain my strength and guidance in life. I give thanks to my Family (Mummy, Daddy. Didi. Bagi. Nikki, Khizu, and Faheed) and relatives for their support, advice, love, and patience. To the everlasting friendships and bonds which I have made. I give special thanks and appreciation. I would never have made it through these years without my other 'family'. Big bro' Ousama. Ehfad. lil sister Nadia. Leo. mi flor bonita Ari, Linda. Tareck. Jodi. Dan. Tim, Max, Jim and the many others whom I have not mentioned. I luv u guys! Good friends are hard to come by, so I congratulate you on being chosen as friends of Shuaib...j k. I give thanks to Temple Dental and those special professors and staff members who have given me the opportunity and education to pursue my goals and dreams. All the people, experiences, anil memories I have had these past years are what make up 'Shuaib' and, inshallah. this will be my foundation on the long road I have ahead of me in life. Thank you. shukran. gracias. and salaams. Shuaib (Imliprince. El Guapo. Shuaiby Baby. Haji)Yonq-Hyun , DMD University of South Carolina Suwon, Korea I would like to dedicate this page to my Mother. Cho-fa Rosaria Yoo and Father, Sa-Sik Ramanus Kim with all my love and appreciation. Their faith in me has been a constant source of strenght and perseverance throughout my life. The understanding, encouragement and love of my wife, tlae-Jin Maria and my little daughter Eun-Ua Margaret are greatly appreciated. Tom my big brother Yong-Mum Johannes and little sisters Hae-Mi Elizabeth and Sun-Mi Maria, Thank you for your patience and prayers. odontolog 2001Matthew T. Kingston, DMD University of Richmond Wilmington, DE Oral Surgery Honor Society; Stomatognathic Honor Society: Alpha Omega Congratulations to the class of 2001. I would like to thank Claire for her unconditional love and continuous support for the past four years. Your love, faith and encouragement have enabled me to get through the many tough times. I love you. Thank you to my friends, both at Temple and beyond who have these days not only bearable, but at times laughable. To my parents and family for their encouraging words and love for so many years. To Goldenshower, you will always have that one loss. No need to be bitter. Martin, when you are ready to move back East, I may have a job for you. Good Luck to each of you.Jason John Kishel, DMD SUNY- Brockport West Seneca, NY p £58 odontolog 2001 Anthony T. , DMD Temple University Philadelphia, PA I would like to thank the yearbook staff for letting me us their computer and helping me eat my food.Unwood H. Lane, DMD To all my family, both immediate and at Temple, I love you. You have shared with me the essence of what makes each of you unique and special. And this has touched my soul and uplifted my spirits. Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.Eun-Jung Jo Sathe, DMD Purdue Universiy Korea ASDA, Stomatognathic Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society As I am seeing the light at the end of tunnel, I would like to extend deep appreciations to those who have been enduring the dental school with me with great love and support, mainly mom, my sweet kindergartner Neal, and, most of all, Raj.D.M.D New York University Philadelphia, Pa Thank Cotl for everything he has given me. Mom and Dad. you are the best! I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made for me. Thank you. Auggie and Susie, what can I say? Life wouldn't be fun without you guys in it. Lucy, I am so bless that you'll always be a part of me forever, I love you. Stephen, it's been a long journey between you and me. I'll see you at my wedding or yours which ever comes first. I'll see you around buddy. Shuaib, you truly are a one in a million. Always keep your good spirit up. I'll see you in my wedding too. Tim, keep it real!! Vivien and Masha, I'll miss you guys, let's keep in touch. S.B.M.F.K. I miss you and you'll always be in my heart forever! Leonardo Eun Y. Lee odontolog 2001Andrew P. Lisko, DMD Temple University Flourtown, PA One of the questions I am most frequently asked by my friends is why I want to be a dentist. The reasons are too many, but the answer I give most often is that I was surrounded by good people while I was growing up who happened to be dentists. I was raised in a suburb of Philadelphia and attended St. Joseph s Preparatory for highschool. I moved a few blocks down Broad Street to Temple University to earn a BA in Anthropology. When it came time to choose a dental school, the decision to stay in Philadelphia and at Temple University was an easy one to make. The past four years has been a wonderful experience. I have met so many new friends who share the same passion for dentistry as I do. I have had the distinct honor of treating some of the most patient people I have ever met. I could not have done any of this without the endless support of my mom and dad. I am very grateful to them and the rest of my family and friends for their support and love. Thankyou Mom. Dad. Rich. Chris. Jean, John. Trina, Mr. and Mrs. Santomauro, Dr. Michael Tuman. and Dr. Eugene Whitaker. I would also like to thank the instructors at Temple Dental for their commitment to training the dentists of the future.Geoffrey K. Liu, DMD University of California, Davis Cupertino, California ASDA, Asian-American Club, Endo Study Club Thank you dear dad and mom for your personal and financial suppon all these years. Thank you Dr. Appleby, Dr. Meraner, Dr. Monasky. Dr. Thornton, and Dr. Winkler, I have learned a lot from you in the clinic. You guys are great! Thank you to those who have always brought me food and laughter, and helped with me in the lab. Thank you to all my friends for sharing my good time and bad time. Without all of you. I would not have survived four years of dental school and earned my DMD. Thank Cod. dental school is finally over, and I wish everyone a bright future and a successful career!Michael H. Luu, DMD University of California, Davis San Jose, CA ASDA, Asian American Club, Endo Study Club, Ortho Study Club I would like to thank Cod for everything that I have. I would like to thank my mom, dad and sister for their support and encouragement. Lastly, I would like to thank my best friend and my future wife, Amy, for your love, patience and support. To my classmates, I wish all of you the best in everything that you do. Remember Don't Work Too Hard, and 0 Is it possible? yes. anything is possible. Would I do it? Maybe John H. Mann III DMD University of Scranton Clarks Summit, PA I have wanted to be a dentist for what at sometimes seemed like an eternity but now it is here. So I would like to thank my friemls and family for coping with me and helping me to get here. I'd like to thank my parents who have always supported me despite some of my questionable decisions. I learned by their example that hard work and determination are the keys to success. I would also like to thank all of my classmates who made my four years at Temple enjoyable. I consider you all great friends. It was a lot of work but I’m glad that we were able to get through the trying times without taking it out on each other. I am proud to say I graduated with such a great group of people. I wish you the best of luck for a successful future.Daniel Marut, DMD First ami Foremost I would like to thank my mother, father, brother Lenny: and grandma for all of the support, love, and guidance throughout my life. I wish all of my colleagues the best life has to offer. Always believe in your goals and know what it takes to achieve them. A very special thank you to Erin, who has unconditionally supported me throughout our relationship. Without her love and belief in me I would not be where I am today. It's time for our dreams to come true my love. 'The ship of ideas is powered by the wind of imagination.' -Daniel T. Marut 67.Vivien Mesina, DMD Willow Grove, PA Temple University American Student Dental Association. Student Clinicians of the ADA. Stomatognatil Honor Society. Alpha Omega Fraternity. Endodontic Study Club, Ortho Study Club It's hard to believe that four years at TUSoD is finally coming to an end. I can remember Masha saying. 'Congratulations. we just completed our first day in denu schoolWhat can I say Mash. WE DID ITU Back then the end seemed so far...hi look at us now. I am thankful for having befriended you. I am also grateful for tht many diverse friendships I've developed and am saddened by the coming departure. I wish everyone the best of luck. To all my eating buddies, it's hard to believe other people enjoy food as much as I do. Who's turn is it to cook anyway?? And Maj■ I» can t figure out how we did it. Nevertheless. I forgive you for standing me up all those times. :■) To my mom and dad. I thank you for all your love, support and sacrifice. The strtngc and dedication you both display truly inspire me. And finally, to Cary, what can I se your endless support and humor has kept me sane. Thank you for being there aid encouraging me through those tough times. And most importantly, thank you for growing with me.Alison Morrison, DMDButogwaM DMD Boston University Nairobi, Kenya Mama, Baba, Thetu, Mwaniki, Messu, Kabeta. Asha, na Masanyiwa. asante sanafor everything. LLKMVMAMV thanks for the good times, from Indian to Russian and I cannot forget the sushi dinners and two hour lunches. {70 odontolog 2001Miroslav Nemet, DMD ■» Anh Nquyen, DMD University of Missouri-Columbia St.Charles, MO Thank you my family who have supported me for the last four years.Elizabeth Hanh , DMD MBA University of California, Berkeley San Leandro, California A Note of Gratitude Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me life, and guiding me through the joy and turmoil of life. Thank you Thao and Vy for loving me unconditionally. Thank you to all my friends who shared with me the laughter as well as the agonies of school. Thank you to all my instructors who have shared their treasure of knowledge and experience. And most of all, thank you John for loving and supporting me. With you by my side, I can do anything. 73}Navid Noorollah, DMD George Mason University Virginia Alpha Omega International Fraternity, American-Asian Club, ASDA Representative, Member: ASDA, ADA. Pennsylvania Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry It has been a challenging, yet great 4 years. We have learned a lot. But remember 'Imagination is more important than knowledge' So use your imagination in order to capture the great opportunity that is out there waiting for us. With great thanks to my aunt and her husband, my sister and her husband, my parents, and all my teachers ami friends for their continuous support throughout my educational years.Jason Samuel Olitsky, DMD Wake Forest University Ft. Myers. Florida DK. Surf Club. Temple Dental Soccer Captain. Penn Charter Soccer Club. I would like to thank my parents and family for everything they have done for me. I had a great time in dental school! I made some of the best friends of my life here, and we need to keep in touch always. 36. '68. 69, 90. 98. 01Todd Paczewski, DMD MBA College of William and Mary Dallas, PA Golden Shower Basketball Intramural Champions, Tarf Club Member, Paper War Pioneer - 2 year member. Hair Club President. Before I start to remember the past, I really do have to thank my wife, parents, in-laws and the rest of my family for putting up with me for the past four years. I made a lot of friends and actually enjoyed my time here, but there are some people that when I think of them, all I really want to tell them is to "Grab a nice tall glass of.!!!"Thomas T. D. Pham, DMD 'My Love Affair' November was when we first met Four years today. I cannot forget... Temple was your first name A name that sounded so sweet I knew I had to find a way for us to meet... You had on this cute little outfit. And a sexy smile to match... Luckily for me. you were unattached You laughed at my little jokes. And you thought I was quite adorable Who would've thought you d find me just as lovable... It had been four years that had passed. Somehow we were able to make it last.... We laughed We cried We did our little dance Luckily for me . I had somehow passed.... Passed all of my classes that is... Farewell my darling Temple... Until we meet again... To my family and friends■ thank you for your love and support. I love you very much....Tuan P DMD University of Virginia SpringfieldV Endodontic Study Club, American Dental Society First and foremost, would like to thank God, to whom I owe my life, inspiration, and sanity. To my parents and relatives, offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks - your guidance and support through these four years were much needed and appreciated. My thanks also goes out to the special faculty and staff here - your knowledge, patience, compassion, and companionship has both enlighted me and provided me with many foml memories. And to the “gang - we have survived and experienced so much together here. Very special thanks to PV and SW - for kicking my behind on the numerous occasions I needed it and for yanking on my ear and encouraging me along. AN. DS, DT, KV, LC, ML, PV, SW1. SW2, VS, WS. and others- thanks for the great time. Say... does anyone wanna go eat?David Prusakowski, DMD Villanova University hlarleysville, PA Congratulations to the entire class of 2001! Idlike to wish everyone the best of luck and continued success in all of life's pursuits. Thanks to all of my friends for sharing good times and laughs both in school and out on the town. Most of all. I'd like to thank my family for all of the help and support they have given me throughout my life. Mom and Dad - You are the best! I couldn't have done it without you! Linda Raskansky, DMD University of California San Diego San Diego, CA ASDA Class Represenative, Hispanic Dental Association, Oral Surgery Honor Society: Stomatognathic Honor Society The time has come to move forward towards our future. We will venture to new places, meet new people, chance new experiences and experience new beginnings. When we open this unfamiliar door of the future, we cannot see nor can we anticipate where these experiences may lead us. What we can trust is the past filled with memories that comprise who we have become. When I look back at these last four years. I'll remember the love and support I received from my amazing family and friends without which, I could have never made it through. I hope that they realize how much I appreciate and love them for everything they have done. It is these memories that I will cherish and take with me on my journey into the future.Matthew fames Raynor, DMD Connecticut College MansfieldCT Mom Dad and Jules• Thanks so much! I could not have done it without your never-ending love and support. Sue- LYM and excited for our future together.Oraann Reinheimer, DMD New York University North Wales, PA ASDA, Orthodontic Study Club. Endodontic Study Club, Stomatognathic Study Club, Oral Surgery Study Club. Alpha Omega, Asian American Club Thanks to my family who were so supportive over the last four years. Special thanks to all of the friends that I have made here and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Denny, thank you for being there for me every step of the way.Masha R, DMD Temple University Huntingdon Valley; PA Pedodontic Club. Endodontic Club, Orthodontic Club. Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, ASDA Completing dental school, reaching the end of this four-year journey, has been a grand goal, and sometimes a Herculean one. The knowledge I have attained, both professionally ami personally, along with my skilled two tools (my hands) are my rewards for lots of hard work. To Vivien, my carpool studying comrade support network cooking partner ami dear friend, I will always remember our late night study sessions and how you kept me awake. Do you think they are sick of us at Barnes and Nobles? I am grateful for the several close friends I have made: Ahn, Mimi. Bu, Victor, Leo, and Maj. Misery is bearable with great company. My love to my parents (Jim aiul Alex), my brother (Alan), and my grandmother (Sara) for warmth and joy beyond dental school. Finally, to Sasha, for support, lots of confidence building pep talks, and our amazing history. Congratulations, class of 2001!Daphne Faye Rhoton, DMD Moravian College Quakertown, PA Xi Psi Phi. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Orthodontic Study Club, Yearbook Committee, ASDA I need to thank my family; Mom, Dad, Alisha, Chris, Dan, and Mom-Mom. You will never know how much all of your love and support has helped me to become what I am. I also want to thank my friends. Kate- you have been like a sister to me. Greg. Mike, Chris, Dave-1 couldn't have done it without you. Tim- I thank God for bringing you into my life at the exact moment I needed you. Good luck to the rest of the Class of 2001, we're done!Maryann Riordan, DMD Rutgers University Hasbrouck Heights NJ Student National Dental Association, A5DA, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society, TUSoD Admissions Committee, Temple University Programming Board As I near the end of this long road, I recognize all those who have helped me along the way. First I would like to thank my parents anil family for their support and encouragement to work hard for what I want in life. Secondly I want my boyfriend Peter to know that he is my rock and my inspiration. His words allow me to persevere and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. Next, to all my friends who have put up with my crazy ways and have showed me nothing but love. Meredith, Michelle, Limla, Tam, Ora ami Sara.. .thanks for letting me be myself (or should I say'ourselves') anil for the great anil not-so great memories that will last a lifetime. Finally I want to thank the rest of my classmates for the jokes, advice, motivation and back-exams that have made it easier to get through these last four years. I know I am truly loved and blessed and I realize that my accomplishments are not mine alone. The Lord has given me the strength and guidance to see all things through. I'm ready to begin my life and will always remember that ’With Cod. all things are possible’.Greqory Romanow, DMD University of Pennsylvania Turnersville, N) ZIP, ASDA. Oral Surgery Honors Society Endo Study Club. Stomatognathic Honor Society Thanks to all who helped me through my years in dental school, including- my family: Gena, Duff. Chris, Dave, Kate, Daphne, the '11’table, the country of Haiti, ami everyone else in my class and faculty who helped me so much-I could not have done it without your help.Amy Rothman, DMD The College of William and Mary Portsmouth, Virginia Alpha Omega Fraternity (President, VP), Admissions Committee, Tutor, ASDA, AAWD. Pedo Study Club, Endo Study Club Surviving dental school would have been practically impossible were it not for the many generous faculty, staff, administrators, patients ami fellow students who went out of their way to assist. advise, listen to.and encourage me. I am eternally great ful to all the goodhearted people who miule every day at school a pleasure, from the warm smiles andgreetings at the beginning of the day to the little pushes that got methrough the tough stuff. Looking back, dental school wasn't so bad. arulit was the small, kind things people have done that made it that way. To everyone who put a smile on my face, helped me out of a bind, or chased away the blues: Thank you! I will always remember the positiveway you shaped my life. Thank you also to my family and friends outside of dental school who supported me and put up with me for the past four.crazy years. You kept me sane. Please keep up the good work, 'cause your job ain't over yet!Gregg S. Rothstein, DMD University of Pittsburgh Bensalem, PA President Orthodontic Study Club, Vice President Stomatognathic Honor Society; Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity Thanks to my fiancee Michele and the rest of my family for their love and support over the last four years. I'd like to thank Dr. Lippincott for showing us how much fun dentistry can be, and for teaching me everything I know about removable and patient management. Temple needs more people like you. Dr. L. To Dr. Azizi: I can't thank you enough for everything you’ve done. Your support is truly appreciated. Finally, a big thanks goes to the H table for two great years, and to Golden Dragon for making a sesame chicken like no one else can. Best of luck to everyone!Wilbert Saavedra, DMD Radford University Blacksburg, Virginia Alpha Omega, Endo Study Club, Ortho Study Club, Asian American Study Club, Stomatognathic Honor Society I would like to thank Emmie and Scout for their undying love and support that has sustained me though these years. I also like to thank my Mom, Dad, Sako.Lola and Angkong whose unwavering devotion has served as an inspiration. Thank you to my fans, Phil, Jig, and Aileen, you are the greatest. May we have all the success. And to all my friends, we finally made it. Thank you. It's been fun. 89.Colleen Marie Sabol, DMD Ursinus College Collegeville, PA ASDA, Surf Club, Temple Dental Soccer Club Kick kick-punch high kick-triple punch combo-high kick!! I didn't think dental school was suppose! to be this much fun. I had a great time all four years hanging out. going out, surf trips, playing soccer, watching my favorite band(DK), and of course in clinic. So I give a million thanx to faculty and staff. To my special friends I have made, I love you ami will miss you very much. I want to thank my mommy and daddy for all their love and support.Victor J. Samaan, D.M.D. Barry University St. George's, GrenadaW.l. Asian American Association. Endodontic Study Club. Orthodontic Study Club. Pediatric Study Club I would like to thank my parents• especialy Moms- for reminding me that ‘it will soon be over'. I want to thank the H-table of pre-clinic— they made the first 2 years passable, a good refuge from the classroom. To the professors and clinical instructors who guided me into and through clinic- thanks for the patience and the grit to say ' really think that you should redo this one' without the blink of an eye. Even though I can't actually thank them. I appreiciate all the patients that have heard either of the following from me: 0I'm sorry, but we didn't get a chair this morning’. ‘I seems that it didn't fit this time, we’re gonna have to redo it' ... and the like. Now on to what we call at home... 'Da Big Life !!! Todd Rutledqe Sander. DMD University of North Carolina Raleigh, NC Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, Stomatognathic Honor Society. Endodontic Study Club, Aesthetic Dentistry Study Club, Christian, Medical and Dental Society, American Student Dental AssociationJohn Eric S DMD Bucknell University Binghamton, NY id like to give special thanks to Mom and Dad and wish everyone from the TUSoD class of 2001 the best of luck in the future.Kiran Satashia, DMD Beaver College Lansdale, PA ASDA. Asian American Club. The Stomatognathic Honor Society, Endodontic Study Club The ride through the dental school started with 'BITS of disagreements..Todd: however, it has been a fun ride changing into a more civil friendship. Caroline. Helene, Jeff. Lily, and Samantha, who would I have made fun of or laughed with if it was not for you guys?!!!!! I probably would not have received a DMD if I did not have the support of my family; I love you guys. Thanks for putting up with my eight year plan.Meredith Elyse Scalzi, DMD Trenton State College Bayonne, N) Student Council President, ASDA First Delegate ' don't even want to be just the best. I want to grow so tall that nobody can reach me. Not to prove anything, but just to go where you ought to go when you devote your whole life and all you are to one thing." -James DeanDonna Schwartz-Salin, DMD University of Texas at Austin Melrose Park, PA Endodontic Study Club, Stomatognathic Honor Society, Delta Sigma Delta, American Student Dental Association, Odontolog Staff To Mom, Dad, and Mindy: Thank you for all of your encouragement and support, and for truly believing in me. You have made my dreams possible. I finally made it! To Mike, Thank you for your support, understanding and unconditional love. You were always there to give me courage and strength ami I could never have done it without you. I love you! 2001Robert Serafin, DMD Susquehanna University Mechanicsburg, PA Stomatognathic Honor Society, Endotiontic Study Club Congratulations to all of my fellow classmates and Good Luck in your future careers! I would also like to Thank my family for all of their support and encouragement over the past four years and most of all Thank You Tam, without you I don't think I would have made it.Ehfad M. DMD La Salle University Philadelphia, PA I have learned a great deal in these past four years, but what i will remember the most about my years at Temple U. are the friendships that I made. I would be nowhere without them. I want to thank my family for all of their support during my seemingly never-ending academic career. I am excited about what the future holds in store for me. Hitch your wagon to a star" Ralph Waldo Emerson 2001Tamara L. DMD University of Richmond Elkins ParkPA It is amazing how fast the four years of dental school have gone by. I wish the best of luck to everyone in their future endeavors. THANK YOU to all my family and friends for their love and support and attempts to keep me sane. Bob, I know you don't think I am sane but you're stuck with me...I love you!Sarah L. S DMD University of Kansas KS Congats to my fellow class mates!! We could not have asked for a better group of people to spend the last four years with. Best of luck to all of you. -Kansas SarahChristopher M. DMD North Carolina State University Gastonia, NC Over the the past four years, I have gotten to know pretty much everyone in the class- and hopefully you have gotten to know me. On this page, I want to share an aspect of my life that many of you may not have seen before. Here are some pictures of the most important people in my life-my beautiful wife and daughter...and oh yeah, my boy. Without them, would not have been able to make it through dental school. Thanks a lot to Caroline, Lindsay, ami falte. I love you. Everyone, take care!!!!!Mark Simeone, DMD Lehigh University Wallingford, PA 102 odontolog 2001Steven E. Smullin, DMD Muhlenberg College Hellertown, PA Asian-American Club President, Oral Surgery Honor Society President, Orthodontic Study Club. Endodontic Study Club. Stomatognathic Honor Society Dental School truly was an amazing experience. I would not have finished the program without the support of all the friends I made along the way. I give special thanks to my Father Cary (my first crown patient), my Mother Ruth, my Brother Scott, my Sister Stacey and all of my Grandparents. Good luck to all of my classmates. l°3jJoseph So, DMD University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Endo Study Club, Asian American Club First of all, I give all the glroy and thanks to Cod who led me throught the last four years in Philadelphia. And thank you. mom and dod for what you have done for me. YOur suportk encouragement, and your prayers are what got me through the school. The last four years were the most challenging and yet rewarding moments, from the waxing up and jet acrylic provisionals in pre-clinic years to the first patients ami the wedding in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I came to Philadelphia with empty hands, but I leave with both hands filled; a diploma and my wife. God bless and best wishes to you all...Sarah A. Stanley: DMD Pennsylvania State University Philadelphia, PA Stomatognathic Honor Society President, Pedodontic Study Club, AAWD, Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, s 'on American Club, Yearbook Committee, SD I wish to thank my family for all of the love and support they have given me through the past four very difficult years. I love you very much Jamie, Mom, Dmi, Moro and the rest of my amazing relatives. I can't believe it's over!Elena Stavisky, DMD University of Pennsylvania Clarks Summit, PA Pedo Study Club Vice President, Oral Surgery Honor Society-Treasurer, Endo Study Club ASDA. ZIP Mom and Dad: Thank you for your encouragement, guidance, understanding, and unconditional love throughout my entire life. You gave me the opportunity to explore the world, and thanks to you I finally found my perfect niche. I love you very much! Tanya and Natasha: You are my two very best friends and without you, I would not be who I am today. Thank you so very much for your advice, encouragement, and love. Nate: Thank you for being such a good friend ami for all the wonderful memories. To all my incredible friemls: Thank you for all the memorable times and endless support - I will miss you! Best of luck Class of 2001!David P. DMD University of Michigan New Castle, PA Emmanuel Church in Philadelphia (PCA), ASDA I thank my family for their lavish love. Especially my parents who have provided for me financially and supported me through their many prayers. 'All men are like grass. and all their glory is like the flowers of the field... The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Cod stands foreverDavid , DMD Bucknell University Reading, P Asian American Club, Endo Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society Orthognathic Honor Society {l08 odontolog 2001Vivian Phuong H. Trinh, DMD University of Virginia Springfield, VA Thank you Mom and Dad for your love, support and guidance throughout my life. Thank you to all my family and friends for being there for me. Without you guys, I would not be where I am today. Best wishes to all my fellow classmates. May you all be successful and happy with everything you do. We have made it!Pranav Vohra, DMD City University of New York New York, NY After almost four years of cramming, sleepless nights, repeat wax ups for ill-fitting crowns anil not to forget the six o'clock rush by Dr. Johnson's office for chairs we re finally at the doorstep of Joining an elite profession of health care providers. Well good luck to all my classmates and don't forget what the top one-half percent of all dentists in the country make?’ On a serious note, thanks to my dad. mom. Swati. Nishith. respected faculty and friemls for their constant encouragement and support without which I would have never made it this far.Walter B. DMD Wilkes University Swoyersville, PA I just want to say it's been a great four years here at Temple Dental. I can t believe how fast it all went by. Best of luck to all my friends and classmates, hope you will all be successful. I want to also say thanks to my family: especially my Mom and Dad who have been very supportive and encouraging throughout my years of education. The pictures below are all from my family vacation to Hawaii in April of 2000. Once again, good luck to all in the TUSoD class of 2001!Khang Vu, DMD UCLA Thanks to my family for their love and support, especially my mom, dad, and bros. It's been a long, busy, and fun four years and I wish all of my classmates the best of luck. To my close friends, I know Yall will be successful in life and we ll see each other again. 112 odontolog 2001Sharon X. Wang, DMDRuth Woldemicael, DMD University of Massachusetts EthiopiaSamantha Wong, DMD Bucknell University PhiladelphiaPA f's been four years and there have been some special people to help me along the way. I want to first thank my family who not only helped me get to Temple but also supported me during the finals. the quizzes, boards. and all the other 'fun' things. I also need to thank my friends and especially the girls, who through a lot of lunches anti daily sweet fixes made the longer days that much quicker. I like to think that it was the cookies that made the time fly. I wish all of you the best, and I only hope that I can one day give back to you the fun. support, and love that you have given me the past few years.Helene A. Woodmancy, DMD King's College Pittson, PA Asian American Club, ASDA I have made so many wonderful friendships over the past four years. Tam and Holly, it was much easier coming back from the weekends knowing you were there (regardless of what you thought, Janey). Keaner, always remember you're the OLDEST. Ben, BuBu, Coritha, Jef, and Wonger..You ve made the past four years fun. exciting, and full of laughter. Without you. C-Line, I never would've gotten over the homesickness, I never would've roller bladed, and I never would’ve retired the bulky clothes. You are all truly great friends that I will miss seeing everyday. Mom and Dad. with your love, support, and encouragement. you have enabled my dreams to come true. ,116 odontolog 2001Lome Irk Yasbin, DMD Pennsylvania State University Baltimore, MD Congratulations to all my fellow dentists in the class of 2001. Thank you to all the faculty and staff. A special thanks to my family: my Mom and Dad who instilled the values in me necessary to succeed. and Melanie, without whom I would have never gotten to this point. 117. George Mason University Woodbridge, VA Endodontic Study Club, Xi Psi Phi Faternaty, AAWD, Esthetic Dentistry Study Club I want to thank my family for their never-emling love ami support especially in the past four years. Tooran joon, Amin joon, Massih joon, Nima joon, Mani joon, and Helen joon I love you all very much. To Wayne who believed in me and was always there for me, thank you. To all my friends especially Dave, Navid, Maryam. Sarah. Susan, Mimi, and Justin, you guys are the best. It s been fun.The class of 2001Most Likely to Succeed % Steve Smullin: “No, this isn’t too much Best Shuaib JKhaderi: “if I had known, I would have worn something hot” pressure!” Class Clown Adam Hershkin: “I was hoping to win for best body, but thanks anyway” SmXrlatives Most Likely to be 1st in Line for Chair Reservations Dave Deakyne ivikhael Duu: “No, I’m first!” Favorite Staff Member Tamara Thompson: “Aww_ you guys are so sweet”” (l22 odontolog 2001Most Likely to Borrow instruments and Never Return Leo Lee: “I always return stuff! Cutest Couple Holly Branin c hris Bowman: “We voted for Adam’s two front teeth as cutest couple, but go figure!” Most cwsorganized ennis cherry: “I wrote down my quote, but I lost it” Best Car Joe Chipriano (1988 Mercury Grand Marquis): “She’s a chick magnet” Best Personality Victor Sarnaam “I don’t know what to say-” 123)Top Ten Freshman 10 “I got cut from the extreme games so I HEIMBACH. m ■ derided to be a dentist instead.” 1 -Matt Heimbach Q 1 If nOMANOW. G 8 “in my spare time I wrestle alligators.” -Greg Romanow f “You may not see me again until your graduation day” -Dean Tansey A HECKMAN H 1 6 “if anybody finds any of my clothes, please let me know ” -Hayley Heckman T_ 9 “Before I came here I made french fries.” -Jay Choi NT CHOI. JANG C124 odontok 2001Orientation speeches 1 5 A “I like to party.” §4 -Donna Schwartz-Salin SCHWARTZ. D | zzr “Before I could come here, I wandered in the desert for a week to escape Iran.” -Navid isroorollah DOWSER. DAVID 3 “My name is Dave and Fm from Pennsylvania, but you can call me Tex.” -David “Tex” Bowser 2 “All my friends from home thought I was going to a Jewish dental school.” -Dirk Donavan i 1 “I chose between being a cab driver, running a 7-11 or coming to dental school. I hope it pays off.” -Branav Vohra [vohra. pranav 125.Masters of the Universe-. the end of our time here at temple dental quickly approaches, although the road was rocky and not make it, we have all llUUll at times it seemed we reached our final destination— graduation day! we would like to thank the faculty members who take a personal stake in our education for the sake of dentistry in the future, as we leave temple dental, we take with us all of die good times (as well as some of the bad) and embark into our future as dental professionals. Faculty I avid Aker Nicholas Addiego Jasim Alhander Martin Alfano Klara Alperstein I avid Appelby Juan Arocho Lucia Arroyo Khoshrow Aari M chanted Bassiouny Russell Bleiler Kenneth lioberick Meredith Bogert I aniel Boston Stanton Braid Robert Braun I avid Bresler Eric Cantor J unaid Chaudry Timothy Clark Andrew Cohen Ciary Ceeoonover James Craig Lisa Deem Thomas Deem Jay I xnbo Ralph ixmanico Robert ixnach Juan Espinoza John Issposito i 128 odontolog 2001Faculty Right; we know the secret behind Or. Winkler’s Smile-Rate’s going home for the day. Below; Gregg finally talked Or. Arocho into giving him a chair in Treatment Planning. Jack Hollingsworth Henry I lunritz Tamara Jackson Young Soo Jang Wanda Janik Edith Jones Michael Land Rochelle I Jndemeyer Samuel I Jppincott yvlden Lori Larry Love Daniel Lucyk Ivan Lugo Joseph Marchesani Joseph McClure ;130 odontolog 2001Left; Dr. Rosen demonstrates the vertical dimension of occlusion for Vivien IVlesana and the camera. Below: Elena Staviaky and Dr. Waicus enjoy the Class of 2000 post-graduation festivities. iviark ivieraner ieorge Monasky Nagamani Narayana John Nase Joseph Nasife Gregory Newman Ronnie Nissan Jeffrey Novak I -ee Paialowski icamlesh i •atel Manoj Patel Salvatore I era Michael P kin C mar Porras-Bonilla Richard Ram 132 Tfaooas Rams Wayne D. Reid Julius Rosen 'I'itus Schleyer I-. Michael Salkin Frank Sammartino Virpi Schaeffer Allan Schlossberg June Sisson Ueiko Spallek odontolog 2001special thanks to jyr. G.v. Black for standing in for our camera shy faculty members! Leona Sperrazza .Alan Stark Roy Stevens Angela Stout Louis Tamoff Linda Thornton c rhan Tuncay Raul Waicus K lerbert Weinstein Allan Weisberg Richard Weiss Eflftne Whitaker William woody Sheldon Winkler Theresa Wysmski Jie Yang Lionel Yearfdod C'emil Yesilsoy Rourosh Xarrinnia Ciordon Zayon 133 Larry Alston Gwen Anderson Eleanor Hatties Tanya Belle Constance Berry Deborah Bonner-Ricks Gwen Hrooks Deborah Brown Rosa Brown Shirley Brown Mthandi Burton Sally carter Gelsie Cipriano Lorraine Daniels Audun Davis 634 odontolog 2001Harrow Herrong When we think of Harold Perrong. we can picture him in many roles. Sometimes he was the dutiful pre-clinic maintenance guy. always there with the necessary tools as soon as something leaked, burned or broke. He was the brave hero who didn't hesitate to dive into the fray to tame a wild air hose. He cleaned up after us. putting things away and keeping the sinks draining after we had poured bowls of alginate and stone powder into them He was our security guard who made sure our cabinets were locked and who returned our keys when we left them in the locks. He gave us advice about working with and caring for our equipment. In addition to the jobs that Harold docs in the pre-clinic, perhaps his favorite pan of his job is being a "father away from home" for the hundreds of students every year. Before Harold came to Temple, he was a high school teacher for 13 years in Nirgra Falls and for Northeast Catholic. When he married his wife, Helen, he came to Philadelphia to teach. At that time, he met Dr. Tansy from Jefferson, and began working with him at Temple as a lab technician. Eventually, the physiology lab expanded and became a part of the School of Medicine Dr Tansy was named Acting Dean of the School of Dentistry in 1986. and Harold was named director of the brand new prc-clinical laboratory in 1992. ____________ In the pre-clinic. Harold always seemed to be in a fine mood Always wearing his contagious smile, he encouraged us and helped whenever we asked, and sometimes he just knew when we needed it. If you arc one of the many students who visited Harold's office, you saw his extensive and eclectic collection of wall decorations - from certificates of appreciation and recognition from all sorts of Temple groups to his motivational signs, Harold likes his office to be comfortable and student-friendly When Harold is in. his door is never closed Students come in. sit down, and just talk sometimes Usually there is something they just want to get off their shoulders, or they simply need a sympathetic car. Harold is a great listener. Harold encourages each student to. "do what you think is best." instead of doling out his own advice Harold takes pnde in being able to help students both in the pre-clinic and in their spirits. If you ask Harold who is favorite students arc or who his favorite class is. he will never answer. He doesn't have a favorite, because he sees the students as his extended family. A parent could no more easily choose a favorite child. Harold says of Temple Dental. "I love it here This is where I belong - with the Temple students " His care for the students' pre-climcal and emotional needs has enriched all of our dental school experiences. -Amy Rothman Class of 2001 I iarbara I eabkr Nicole I xlorme 'Feresa I xnny I xrri Oonohue Michelle Garafalo Klease C iarlick Y'elma Gilbert i-ieverly Gilmore I grille Goodwin I ionnie Graham Marjorie Ciray l bbie Griffin 'Ferry Griffin Annie I fall Karen HardyStaff Alice I lopkins Susan Howell Valerie Johnson Gus ivrebs John I -anza Mark I j)rahard Linda Maple I xdrah Martin Francine Mc iarrah I-5en McNeil Brenda Me Bane Shirley Merritt I lenrietta Mikutis Julie Montanez Sandra Moore Charlotte Murphy Benjamin Batag Ethel Bakins Harold Berrong I ale Richardson Bhyllis Schuler Ray shepherd Ronald Shuitleworth Michelle Smith I lope stringer Tamara Thompson Eat Van Beveren Renee Waites Johnnie Web-1 uBoi$ Janice Wolfe odontolog 2001Lost in Space_ from {it’s to 7a’s and from chamfers to sprues, pre-clinic and underclassmen go hand in hand, what did you say in your orientation intro? were you ready for what was in store for you? keep your chin up! although it may seem impossible at times, surviving dental school in one piece is quite possible, the class of 2001 is living proof. (138 odontokg 2001139 Addk$ I XnsicD Adler. Sean A fat Nada Aden. Kevin Axuliy. Ymal mhiaday, Aren John rjlik.sia® Hums, Todd liutkr. Tcdd Kyroe, Alyson OhiPWrid dun. Jams ChiHong-Jb Cbai, IXrrid C Cfcrtepher I Joy , Miduel IXdrls. Ryan Defe5ct,Gre$r. ixtderim, Mjdxfle De xt,Tnroodiy lx. Hieu EtI''a8T, Andre Enico, James Fischer, Raul Fa Brian Fate, Eric CJH IVUiad Guendmer, Brad I lan oan, David Hxtsan. Midael HjdsrAay, Derek. Hen®. Misty Befor.JiKs! Hcrtoa Jennifer llseh. Join Tung Hung Andre I luflett. j«n Ishfceaque.Farocq IshCeeaqur, Saqib M. Iva®va, Yurtou Jefbe, Maricn Jbeoa, Niki D. Krp, Jeffrey Khxbuar, Ss» Klein, Eridu Kern, Hdi I jhey, Braittn 1 ■JUtthn. c irtgTv I J»les Dcciei LcHurg I je,Soo Lff.Sy Jm Levis, Shad I.iaci, Jarace Liu, Albert Luoreffi, Midaad I-utoig, Jcoadan I.’i KOI Lv, iJonrr. Ly.Pta M$l Brani-n Marcantaac Geojje MirdKstMidad Mohite, l atrii McNeal David Meer. Bdi MdOLTni Memfl. Chadwick M ru. Midas Mirabi Beard Memo, MidaaH Juniors 2001XX XXX JO SSB[0odontolog 2001available Markk-.Thxns Mauio, Autoov rviiDer. Kathamt Mm. Mat Mtfivvn. HrJi Nguyen, I-rankin 1101 A. Nguyen. IMiT !Miinb,Sean i itrk. Sang v. I Miiw. I JOT) I Mul, Jenivr l-Mreira, Raul l hun. chum l ham. Kira Tic IMxtini. Sltphtn Ran Mnhmrmd Rankin, .Iicraifir I_ Riuss Kevin R hi Jamie Rim, I Mod Rodriguez. Marine San »n.St(piwi S3h2$)i,Jun Soraurra. Mitvl Seidel l irir Shin. 'I'criKhy Sh» h, lihiiravi So. ixcafr Skatrii, Anunii SnAy, C'heri Sepnsky. I Xnid Sttlsr, .icdnu svvisaur 'I'anturo. Kartira Tcttin. Matthew ’ITan, Jonim 'I'm. Kim-I Jnh Tnn.TU)flNgi TnMi.Un Vancr, i Um Verixf. Miiivd vo. i jo WadtrAJ, Clxtiu Wang. I fccjarcin vvtoeiw.s«a WieMirmAi, 1 Javil VVijid Kmy Wydnff. Knife Vang. Andrew Yeung. DhniAhnd . Mm A I. Shram Alwdwar. Mb ifciJrffm Jixuihr I ihullir. Anundwp likwti 'llun . Itiunijr. Kn« n Ifcrm.'linrthy IVadfut, Kj'tanod lvmhbm)Xlwac lirinkcrtnff. iVladn ltmti.lM(r carton. Mac clun. Ndan ( lujuun, I in » Ci», Ivdnrf 01 9, I MHtn CuBm. Jam» CuDm. M rif I M ltarrm,KxW I Me, i ipodtr IKEB.KVB Kdsun. Jcr i Fianun, Fme KiKhA Sinai i-'ntoh.iMB Pfbrr. Jrffrry Fkktam. -rodd Flrolt. NBlunid Form. Win ■•'ms, j to (;il lirv (Mil. Raj Craws, J«jr C iufitfrrz, YwOf ;uy,.j« a (iuznur. Kivm I Ijtanrrd. Afaurdru i unmJHc I lJO.S«fptRI l lodafarn, Ktrir I loldbnd. wmdrB II atom 11 ran. San i iider.'rodd Inpa. Mansd JaninAa. J cam Jtffmca, Knnherti Kjnc'l'nan Kxcttk. I- ndue( Kmnedv, IV adrai Ketor. Mcinie Khan. I'rii Kira. •|'»-Soo Kotgt.Krs I jtwtfle. Mkiad UllM l t.sjpnund lJritt,Apctasb l.udlSprtWf Mi I jndi Main. Jatdtt Mapk Wad} JVUkn. Manh Mrtranfar. MdnU McWinh. I oJoin Mehta. AM) Mnwarelo. Kd»anJ MihiH , Ann 144 odontolog Freshmen ■V' i MnhiCib Mcfcuri. Jar Mountain. Joseph Mown. Jans injmp. Aakfc ourt JffllH ora, iimi Facials. Andrar Class of 2004 Ll° n m ? ? ® Fiy.Maio indsloi ntUn I ■artenc. A he I "ifunmJK ISoyd lUpp. Jisbn Aaun Km. Anthcny Kepschtr, Fra KhiisSare Rivera. Jam KobntM'rttT Rafen, Ijxoir Roms, Aau Sartfndth. Mayan Sdnwt RadaH .Clrisophfr Sfeh.Advait Shrth. .Amish Stall Sfuris. I r.id SUriri.J«wf«T Sim. ivyai Slutfi Anunld Stott . Riint SuUadi. Stephen sunm.MiduH 'nt . Anundi 'rate. I-Crin •raibT.Jfffrtj IJaruH 'I'humun. Kamn 'moifclfter ( Tdk, Jennifer Vabrz. Vairu Vo, Vo VVif, April Wad. Jaws Whiteks.'Travis n WijtfLsarrth. I .Hfa Wnmsd. I :nrijw Yu. I lenrv ZhuC’hfnS ' jv, I Jhin time After four years wrapped up with preparations for starting a life in the real world, seniors anticipate the future and recall die past Can you remember- Freshman Year when Derek Faktor and Jeff Dempster both had long hair? Pre-Clinic with Dr. Rosen (“Put a groove in it. Cherry!” “Pack it, pack it, pack it..." I can't see the groov e, hut I believe you if you say it's there." “It's been 30 years since I used a handpiece.”)? Who stole the temporal bone model? Mark Simone's nervous breakdow n in Dr. Salkin's Perio. lecture? Dr. Chen’s attendance policy and assigned seating? Dr. Farber’s trip to Florida paid for by CD sales? odontolog 2001"Now open even wider. Mr. Steven .... Just out of curiosity, were going to tee tt we con also cram In ft tennis baft." 605H' A OfioT MV THAT'S Quits a price 7t f y ftjfi Af£w tpNboNS!V HixyOtiAi TELL me ... Do 1 HjAVfc AMVS DY STuCk !KJ Mvteetm? • ; •• . • w a? ‘v 5 mm: jv i ■ v:. -V-, • 1-. :-. Urnl i '.»i MO TbsT tfovl 'Oo'yboSx.PScrf 7o OJDgftSTMO x) V4A£V4 6(J COA’T A w£ MlyWlrtG M yxM t ocnU ?! hR y oekifer ta u M n-.A from keeping us sane, to teaching us an extra dung or two, our chibs and activities have been a vital part of our dental school experiences, we would like to thank all of our faculty advisors who took the time to guide our various organizations. when you’re not saving the galaxy_Alpha Omega Alpha Omega is an international Fraternity, Second in size to the ADA as a dental organization. Originally, AO started as an organization for Jewish students and dentists, but has grown to include men and women of all backgrounds. Internationally, the fraternity provides funding and manpower for dental projects all over the world, including the creation of two dental schools in Israel. president: Greg Defelice Vice resident: Bill Ahi Secretary’: Gianna DeSimone Treasurer: Jill Carre AAWD iiISiy.il Association of Women Dentists The AAWD is a national organization founded in 1921 durag an annual meeting of the Amercan Dental Association. Membership is open to all female dentists and dental students. The AAWD does not intend to foster a separation of men and women in the profession. Rather, the organization promotes leadership for women in dentistry both academically and professionally. £l50 odontolog 2001Firsl I elegate - Meredith scalzi I legislative I -iasion - Michael Verber second I legate • Connie Sedon Secretary - Jeff Karp Alternate Delegate - James Drake Cunch-n-I -eam Coordinator - Treasurer and Newsletter I lor • Ora Reinheimer Michelle Keanev I listorians - Maryann R Jordan, I -inda Raskansky Community Service Coordinators • Klena Stavisky, Sarah Showalter ASDA Dental Assodation The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry'. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy. Aaan-A chib II ‘Jl Vill The Asian-American Uhib is open to all students and encourages the exploration of the cultural diversity' that embodies Temple University School of Dentistry. The dub provides assistance to ease the transition into dental school and helps the student to cope with the rigors of academic life.Class of 2001 Class Officers Each year the students have an opportunity to elect class officers. These individuals represent the class at monthly student council meetings, and serve to voice student opinions and concerns. It is also the responsibility of these officers to keep the class informed of important issues or changes occurring throughout the school. President: Ousama El-Hillal Vice President: Kate Cavanaugh Secretary: Betsy Barsky Treasurer: Derek F'aktor ASDA Representative: -Jay Hohhus Deha sigma Delta The Rho Rho chapter of Delta sigma Delta would like to congratulate our graduating senior members on their accomplishments throughout then-dental school carreers. Dental school can be very difficult and demanding at times. Here within our organization, we have managed to promote academics, pre-clinic, and clinic. We have also managed to find time away from books to have fun. We have had some great times together and aD of our graduating seniors will be greatly missed We wish each and every one of you great success and happiness in your new carreers and in all that you do. President: Nathan Kaheski vice President: -Jeff Kjrp Secretary: Connie Sedon Treasurer: Donna Schwartz Social Chain Bets)- Barsky odontolog 2001President: Donna S. Schwartz Vice President: Ora Reinheimer Treasurer: Prana? Vohra Secretary: Nazdaneh zahadet Endodontic Study Chib The Endodontic Study dub is an organization that was established in 1980. It is open to all junior and senior students interested in the principles and Members are given the opportunity to learn about current endodontic techniques and technologies through guest lecturers and “hantkon" equipment demonstrations. Endodontic-related clinical concerns are also addressed through case presentations, Q A sessions, and faculty and graduate student lectures. Team Members shuaib “just one wish” Khaderi 'I'odd “peckerhead" Paaewski I )ave “sausage finger” I’nisakowski Matt “look-off" I leimbach Jay “multipk- migraine" I lolthus usama “uni-brow" Kl-I lillal Mike “kxatelli" i.uccarelli Matthew “big eared, balding. 2 kids on the way" Raynor Golden Shower Basketball Tean in the last four years many things have changed including clinical requirements, dress codes, our row instructors, and even the race to recession between our two guards. However, one thing has remained constant- The Golden shower. The “Shower” has compiled over 50 wins, 4 intramural basketball championships, and only 2 losses in their four years at Temple. “They've owned the league and especially us for all four years,” a dejected Matt Kingston reflects. We would like to apologize for all the taunting, jeering, mother jokes, flagrant fouls, 40 point blow-outs, pressing the final minute of those 40 point blowouts, and our pretty orange shirts. PS - psssssssssssssssssssssssssssst! Oral Surgery Honor Sodety The Oral Surgery Honor Society was established to educate the undergraduate dental student in advanced topics related to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Members are ehgeble due to outstanding performance in each of the two courses taught by the department There are four symposiums held each semester. The various topics have included trauma, pathology, orthognathic surgery, cosmetic reconstructions, and temporomandibular joint management A special thank you to Dr. Fielding, Dr. C'ohen, Dr. F'einstein, and the residents for their support in the advancement of our education. F resident; Steven SmulHn Vice F res: Dirk Donovan Secretary: Adam Hershkin Tresuren Elena Stavisky Advisors Dr. Fielding and Dr. o hen F edodontic Study chib The pediatric dentistry stud)’ chib represents theinterests of those Temple Dental students who have an ambition toward pursuing children’s dentistry . Members benefit local schools through nonprofit dentalbeahh education and dental screening programs. The organization is dedicated toward assisting vohmteerprograms such as Special Olympics. Lastly, the dub promotes and encourages participation in dental research and externships for advancement in pediatric dentistry. F resident: Jay Hofthus Vice F resident: Elena Stavisky Treasurer: Rob Eattouch Secretary: David Igelwicz 6 54 odontolog 2001President: Gregg Rothstein Vice President: Ora Reinheimer Treasurer: Wilbert Saavedra Secretary: Eric Rhidau Orthodontic Study Club The orthodontic stud)’ chib is comprised of second to fourth year studentswho have an enthusiasm for the discipline of orthodontics The chib hasmonthh- meetings which encourage members to become more involved and awareof how orthodontics impacts specialists and general dentists. Membership is open to all motivated students. I Resident: Sarah A. Stanley Vice President: Gregg Rothstein Secretary: Kiran Satashi Treasurer: Miroszlav Nemet Stomatognathic Honor Sodety Members of the Stomatognathic Honor Society of Temple demonstrate an outstanding interest in the advancement of their knowledge in Fixed, Removable, and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. 155)Student Council Student Owned consists of officers and representatives from each class. Monthly meetings are held in order to provide an opportunity to discuss concerns with fellow students and administration in order to reach a mutual!)’ agreeable solution. President: Meredith Scalzi Vice President: John Bishop Secretary’: Arien Bahawdory Treasurer: Mike Verber SNDA Student National Dental Association The SNDA is an organization established in 1972 to encourage minority dental students in the pursuit of a dental career. It emphasizes ways for the minority’ student to gain greater recognition in the profession. The chapter here at Temple was organized in 1982, and continues to meet the needs of the minority students. We actively participate in a number of events throughout the year, some of which indude: wax-up sessions, tutorials, community services and socials with other SNDA chapters. (l56 odontolog 2001The Odontolog Staff Kate Cavanaugh I xmna Schwartz-SaBn iJsa Dgioletti Afeon iviorrisoo Amy Kothman I daphne Khoton sjirah Stanley Betsy Barsky Navid Nooroliah Tony Lam Odontolog Staff The staff of the Odontolog spends countless hours att to immortalize each class to vllll.Hl 1. graduate from Temple Dental. Meeting deadlines, taking and cropping pictures, writing cop}’, designing layouts- these are just a few of the daily stresses of an Odontolog staff member. if you had known that the yearbook staff looked like this, wouldn’t you have come to more meetings?!? xi Psi f M Xi F si Phi Fraternity was organized for the purposes of: -providing a better, more substantial foundation upon which to build a successful professional life. -creating a desire for a cleaner, healthier, and more wholesome atmosphere in winch to live. -developing an appreciation of the qualities of friendship and hospitality’. -stimulating a desire to include these qualities in the characters of its members. r readent: Daphne Rhoton Rledge Master: Mike Duffy Vice President: Dave Deakyne Rush Chair. Jim Parfrtt Secretary: Kate Cavanaugh Kditor: Chris Cox Treasurer: Lisa F'agioletti m odontolog 2001Rent this Space- ◄ Dairy Queen TACO 'BELL die following pages contain messages from companies, family members, faculty, and loved ones, we would tike to thank these individuals for helping us to defray the cost of our yearbook, none of this would have been possible without their contributions and supportTo Our Son and Brother Joseph Dominic Chipriano Jr., D.M.D. Shells line the beach, everywhere you look so many, there must be thousands, but each one is different, each one with its own grace and splendor, each waiting to be chosen and treasured... just like all the possibilities that lie before you. Because of your endless perseverance, dedication and love of life itself, you have finally reached your life-long goal, “Dr. Chip”. You have survived great obstacles through Faith and Trust in God, Family and Friends for whom we will be forever grateful. We are very proud of you and we know you w ill be an “AWESOME” Doctor for your patients. Congratulations! Love, Dad, Mom and JeffDr. Donna vSalin DR. DAVID R. DEAKYNE, JR. Congratulations! Veareso proud of you for achieving your goal of becoming a dentist. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE! MAY YOUR HARD WORK AND TENACITY CONTINUE TO WORK YOUR "PLAN ”. Love, Mom, Dad Mindy, Brian, Gay, Gene Michael WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AND STACY. ALL OUR LOVE. MOM. DAD AND DANIELLE Dear Masba, Tou b(ft e gfoen us tbe greatest gifts a daughter can gh e ber parents- tbe growth of a ifnd, confident and accomplished Woman. We wish you continual success and happiness. cCo'be, Mom, T)ad and zAlan • r J ty r us yeu Zee tip ZZeu Ze ee wes e' Z Zur uere ZtZee je 7 iueZ M flt f e ree u M7 S rue. Z u Zrej eye Zee r, tZZc uu Zlo ueZ Zee e eZZe neM. ,JZZ ee ycu Zeee . r' Zeuyj, re, „ me- mMAfJIJhA 6U(=Ya------ COM R UR ATIOM SI YOU DREAMT YOUR DREAMS, AND MADE THEM REALITY WE ARE PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT. YOU HAVE BLOSSOMED INTO A BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED AND CARING YOUNG WOMAN. YOU WILL DO YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSION PROUD WISHING YOU SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FOREVER LOVE, MOM, DAD AND NITU I’M VERY PROUD OF ALL YOUR HARD WORK ENJOY THE MOMENTS OF YOUR SUCCESS 1 LOVE YOU ___________ASHOK___________Manalapan Family Dental Center CONGRATULATIONS DR. ERIC W. BLUDAU May all your hopes and dreams for the future 16 Plaza Nine come true. Manalapan, NJ 07726 732.431.2080 With love, Mama, Bob Dieter CONGRATULATIONS SUNG JU We are so proud of your hard work and commitment. You did a great job. Wishing you success and happiness in all your future endeavors. Love, Mom and Dad CIRCA 1518 VALNUT STREET PWLADELPPIIA PA 21 5.545.6800 odontolog 2001SUMMIT PARK Luxury Apartments Clubhouse FAMOUS FOR OUR SPECTACULAR SOCIAL LIFE! 8201 Henry Avenue ■ Philadelphia, PA 19128 (215)482-0788 ■ Fax (215)482-3145 1695Congratulations Todd! Frederick Dental Group 14 South Main Street • Wilkes-Barre • PA 18701 Phone 829-2691 • Fax 829-2790 Email drdon@epix net • www fredenckdentalgroup com Don Alex Tammie Jill Marcy Nancy (170 odontolog 2001 Joseph Dominic Chipriano Jr., D.M.D. Our Dearest Joe, We have watched you mature since birth to become a fine, intelligent and handsome young man. Throughout the years your goal was to do your best. Trust and Faith in God protected you through your challenging times. You have always been an achiever and we know you will continue to be the “Best”. Love Forever, Nan Wagner Uncle John Aunt Linda Cousins John and Justin DANIEL THOMAS MARUT You followed your heart with the values of concern and caring for others. You believed in it and you did your best. NOW... you have achieved it. U 99 Dr. DAN We love you! Mom and DadTo Our Daughter Dr. Helene A. Woodmancy From the day you were born you were our shining star. We were always so proud of you. All of your hard work is finally paying off. Today is your day Helene! You reached for the stars and today you achieved the goal you worked so hard for. Words cannot express how proud we are of you. Love, Mom Dad Congratulations Dr. Ruth Woldemicael for a job well done! We wish you success and joy in the years ahead. May you enjoy the fruit of your labor. Lots of Love, Mom and SophiaDr. Maryann T. Riordan Congratulations Holly and Chris! You have given us many reasons to be proud! This is a first A year to remember! Best wishes for enjoyable careers in dentistry and happy and fulfilling lives in marriage. for our family and you made it happen. Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad Love from your West Coast Family— Mom, Dad, Gwen, and Aunt Cal DR. SMAH STANLEY Dr. Steven E. Smullin We are so proud that we COULD BURSTS Congratulations on ATTAINING THIS WONDERFUL GOAL WE WISH YOU SUCCESS, LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN ALL THAT YOU DO. We love you so very muck From the time you started as a kid examining our teeth, we knew this day would come. As your family, we are so proud you are a part of us. Persistence and dedication has earned you the honor you deserve. Mom and Dad Mara, Mark and Jamie, Grandma and all of your TIunts, Uncles and cousins We love you and wish you the best of luck! Dad, Scott, Stacey, The McKeever’s, and Smullin’s 2001To Our Son Dr. Victor J. Samaan For your many years of hard work and commitment, we are proud of you. For your determination to reach your goals, we congratulate you. Just remember that today is the first day of your future, so reach for your dreams. Good luck and God be with you! Love, Mom, Dad and Samantha DEAR NAZDANEH You have given us so many reasons to be proud. Wishing you success and happiness in all your future endeavors. ♦CONGRATULATIONS All our love Tooran Amin Massih, Mani, Nima, Helen Peeshi (Bamm Bamm)Dr. David R. Bowser III You have given us many reasons to be proud! This is a first for our family and you made it happen! Congratulations! We Love You, Melissa, Tiffany, Amber Mom, Dad, Derek Natalie, Jeff, Dylan To Our Daughter Dr. Betsy Suzanne Barsky They call it hard work for a reason. It is. We are very proud of you, Betsy. We wish you success and happiness in all your future endeavors. Congratulations for a job well done! Love, Mom and Mark Dr. Christina clQregory Success and best wishes to our determined acbiCoer. utll our £dt e, zJXCom, T)ad, 'Victor; Charlene and Thomas 6 174 odontolog 2001Congratulations Dr. Dennis Cherry! You have finally made it. All the hard work and study has paid off. It must be a great feeling of accomplishment. We would like to wish you all the success in the future. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Nikki Grandma and Grandpap 75)Congratulations, Dr. Todd E. Paczewski n ' Mom and Dad Lauren Eric and Jen Mark and Jen Congratulations Dr. Robert Fattoucfi Everybody fere is so proud of you and of wfert you accomplished. One day it was a dream, now it is a reality, So we wish you a bright, happy and successful future. God Bless you. We love you so much. Mom, Dad, Nona, Marie Pat Congratulations ousama We are so proud of your hard work And achievements. You did a great job. Wishing you success and happiness in your up coming Orthodontics program. Love Mom,Dad,Nadia Waleed, Huwaida Dean (l76 odontolog 2001DR. MEREDITH ELYSE SCALZI You have given us many reasons through the years to be proud! You worked very hard and did a great job. Wishing you success and happiness in all your endeavors. All Our Love, Mom, Gram, Marvin, Alexa Kim D . Colleen M. 3aboi WOW CoRgAatiiiatioMjf We an »e y pnoud of all you aceomplliknenti. (Jojur time Inti cone row. We wtih ijOii gmt iueeeu and kppiReii in tbe futun. All ouh lone. Mori, Vad. Teddy and Kmtin Congratulations Dr. Donna Commitment Dedication Sacrifice... Has made your dream eome truel We are so proud of youl We Love You, Mike. Patch and fihayna The Pennsylvania Dental Association and the Philadelphia County Dental Society wish to Welcome to the profession! Come join us and find out how tripartite membership can benefit YOU Become a member of the ADA, the PDA, and your district and local. Call today. Congratulate the Class of 2001! Pennsylvania Dental Association Pennsylvania Dental Association P.O. Box 3341 Harrisburg, PA 17105 (800) 223-0016 www.padental.org Philadelphia County Dental Society Ms. Teresa Ravert, Executive Director One Independence Place 241 S. 6lh St. C 3101 Philadelphia, PA 19106-3797 (215) 925-6050 (l78 odontolog 2001Dr. Ads on Morrison Congratulations to your wonderful success and to your totaC commitment to the dentalprofession, your selection of this field of zndeavor matches perfectly with your talents and abilities. IVe wish you continued success in your advanced training in 'Endodontics and in priv atepractice. Love, Dave Mom and Dad Joe and Julie Mary and GaryCongratulations Dr. Cavanaugh! We are so proud of you for reaching your goal! We love you. Always, Michael and Sam TV. TVpVnoe. TSWftav' T?.T We. are. very prpual vcmI Kbw wrv t "tie 4WUa' 'tbdtU "ta? “tVie. we. VvTpe.1 Lrve., Congrats SWm, T oci '4li Ua, Pan, a oc?l CUn Dr. Gregory C. Romanow Sharon! Congratulations Greg! -From All of Us With our love and best wishes, Mom and Dad Where our work is, there let our joy be. -Tertullian, c. 220 £l80 odontolog 2001 Special thanks to our dedicated seniors Meredith Scalzi Ora Reinheimer Maryann Riordan Michelle Keaney Elena Stavisky Linda Raskansky Sarah Showalter Dennis Cherry Alison Morrison 2001Of all the accomplishments in my life... The extraordinary people I have met. The tournaments I have won. The successes I’ve earned (and the failures I’ve tolerated). I honor two great privileges: Being a member of my family. And taking part in your professional growth and development. Thanks for choosing Temple. Thanks for all of your help, And the very best wishes for a brilliant career! Mark H. VV. Lombard “J HAJDF HAR OWQT LWER OYEEYDCV CJFRT SRBH SV EYBH TRDHJBHB JB SQJTLR” The Yearbook Staff would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their assistance in the completion of this volume of the Odontolog: Carl Wolf Studios Christopher Reppert Susan Howell Michael Bowes and Syncretic Software Thanks a million! Congratulations Siena! c Coloe, CMom, ‘Dad, C atasba, Tanya and DanTemple Orthodontic Alumni and Residents congratulate the Dental Class of 2001 Your Total Solution Provider! For over 65 years, Sullivan-Schein Dental has been committed to bringing you innovative products and services, adding up to unbeatable value for you! FEATURING Special Promotions Large and Small Equipment Practice Management Systems ProRepair - Our Small Equipment Repair Service For a Free copy oF any of our catalogs, call toll Free: 1-800-372-4346 • Financial Services • ArubA5 - Our On-Line Computer Ordering System • Always 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction 8am-9pm (et) Visit us on the World Wide Web: http: www. henryscFiei n. com 7 Sullivan-Schein Dental AlHiMnScxorCb J PI999 Harry Schain. Inc. No copying without parmhskxt. Not mipowibU lor typographical arrorv £l84 odontolog 2001 Vi ■i •V 

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