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Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1991 Edition, Cover

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______________________________________________________________________________________ ■ 0(D0 T0L0g '911897 SCHOOL HISTORY: The Philadelphia Dental College opened in 1863 and later became Temple University School of Dentistry, the second oldest Dental School in the United States. In 1 876 the school became the first school to institute a department of Oral Surgery. In 1897 the school moved to 18th and Buttonwood Streets. The Dental College at that location, formally became Temple University School of Dentistry in 1907. In 1943, Temple Dental School moved to 3223 North Broad Street in what we ironically refer to as the “Old Building.AND NOW!!! Three entire floors of clinical facilities equipped with the finest laboratories and operatories make our school in 1991 THE STATE OF THE ART! Congratulations to the administration for making the dream of this building a reality. 3 2nd Floor Clinical Operatory 3rd Floor Pre-Clinical LabDear Class of 1991, First of all, I would like to thank Bob Bcntz and everyone else who worked so hard to make this yearbook a reality. It was a tremendous effort, and I am sure that as time goes on our appreciation will only increase when we look at such a wonderful reminder of our years at Temple Dental (assuming, of course, that we do want to remember). I’m just kidding, because in spite of all the struggles we have endured, there has been an awful lot of good here — helpful instructors, caring staff, enjoyable patients, and especially, ourselves. When I look back on my years in dental school, my fondest memories will be of my classmates. We are a great group of people. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my special friends here, who were so instrumental in helping me to make it through. I hope to see you dowrn the road. I wish everyone the best of good fortune in the future, and once again, thank you for all you have given me. Sincerely, Frank Nunan, President Class of 1991 P.S. put the wrong quote for my Mother on my own page. She always says that “Everything happens for a reason." Given all of our experiences here, I hope she's right.DEDICATION 1991 was a year of great international drama. As dental students, we were constantly aware that our struggles to emerge as dental professionals were minimized by thoughts of the millions of individuals whose very survival would hang in the balance of what was to become the most impressive military display in the United States history. We would be remiss in our need to express our sense of gratitude and pride if we did not share the honor of this year's dedication with the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who so gallantly gave of themselves to liberate Kuwait and restore balance to the international community. God bless you all. We are very fortunate here at Temple Dental school to have had a faculty member who not only gave unselfishly of himself at our institution, but also as the highest ranking dental officer in the U.S. Navy. This year marks the retirement of Admiral Paul Farrell from his tenure at Temple where he served as both clinical professor and chairman of the Operative Dentistry Department. He previously commanded the entire U.S. Naval Dental Corps during his twenty year naval career. Dr. Farrell is a warm and approachable man who always enjoyed sharing his knowledge with students. We wish him well in his retirement and dedicate this year’s Odontolog to Dr. Farrell for his contributions to both our school and the dental Dr. Admiral Paul Farrell 5Sifter zvhat seemed tiff midions of years, zoe'refin.... SFresfvman Sophomore JuniorSeniors!— AHMAD R.= ABDOLLAHI, DMD Mountain View, California U.C. Berkeley, B.S. Physiology Endo Study Club, Pedo Club, Perio Honor Society, ZIP I would like to dedicate this page to my family who were very supportive throughout my educational years. 81LANAHID ABRAMIANS, DMDJJPhiladelphia, PA Temple University, B.S. L= JOSEPH ABRAMS, DMD=U Chapter President. AO Fraternity. Class Vice President, Member Perio Honor Society, Member Stomatognathic Honor Society. Member Yearbook Committee, Student Recruitment Officer All my thanks and love to the ones who made it all worthwhile, especially Faith.Manati, Puerto Rico Interamerican University, Arecibo, Puerto Rico 11= CH ARLES P.= ADONIZIO, DMD 12Milford, Delaware University of Delaware, BA. Biology JAMILA MIMI AWAYES, DMD To my big brother Adly, Thank you for your patience, advice, and enthusiasm. It really meant a lot to me. To Sami and Magdi, Thank you for the good times — I love you guys. To all my friends, classmates, teachers, sunshine, and Linda — Thank you for everything. To my dearest friend Paula, they say “there is no greater blessing than an understanding friend” especially in dental school! I could always count on you to make me laugh, even through the tears. Thank you for being you. To Mom and Dad, I love you with all my heart. I want to thank you most of all. You never stopped believing in me. You were always there to show me the courage to persevere to make my dreams a reality. For that there are no words to describe my gratitude except thank you and I love you. 13ilfarshad bajoghli, dmdjj 14Moorestown, New Jersey Rutgers University, R.A. Stomatognathic Honor Society. Endo Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, St. George Oral Cancer Society, Alpha Omega—Vice President 15Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!Atlantic City, New Jersey IutSalle University I want to thank many people for helping me get to this important and prominent point in my life. But there is just not enough space! Support, love, and encouragement was always in arms reach. To my friends — THANKS! To my family — THANKS again!! To that very special someone — THANKS for giving the most, 1 will always miss you!!! May peace and happiness follow the hardships that TUDS '91 have gone through. Success will come. I will definitely miss the good times. Good-bye ZIP, Good-bye TUDS, Hello Life! Take care, Just Remember: Laugh and the world will laugh with you If you cry, you will cry alone! IL= ROBERT M. BENTZ, DMD= 16Cherry Hill, New Jersey Douglas College—Rutgers University, B.A. Biology With all my love and appreciation Thanks Mom and Dad! L AMY BETH BERGER, DMD=U When I firsi decided I was destined to be a dentist. Mitchell, I couldn’t have made it without you! 17l!= GEORGE P. BLACK, DMD=U Undergraduate: St. Thomas University of Miami, Florida Degree: BA. Major Biology Clubs: Periodontal. H.S.; Oral Surgery. H.S.; Stomatognathic. H.S.; Endo Study Club: AJSD.C.; A.SD.A. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife and my entire family for supporting me and helping me to survive those sometimes difficult and sometimes wonderful past 4 years. Thank you and 1 love you all. This is for two special friends that I met here in dental school. Some of you know us as the Pep Boys. To Ken. the best righthand man a prcclinic guy could ask for. Oh Ken, I just wanted you to know that not everyone north of the tunnel had a starring role in deliverance. To Chuck, my other half and super mario brother. Thanks for being a best friend and remember all my Mr. Heller's. I'll refer to you. Thanks guys, good luck and prosperity in your careers. Finally to all my classmates; good luck in everything you pursue! 18Glenolden, Pennsylvania Albright College, B.S. Biology Periodontal Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontic Study Club, ASDA, ASDC, Temple University Intramurals Mom and Dad: Words could never express my appreciation and gratitude for all of the love and support you’ve shown through the years. We did it together. I could never have made it without you. I love you both. Sue Jim: Thank you for all of the things that I can’t possibly list — most of all for the love, guidance and support shown along the way. Patricia: Sometimes I think these years were more difficult for you than they were for me. Thank you for making the bad times bearable and the good times wonderful. I will never forget. KENNETH J. BOSCH, DMD=U 19Dushore, Pennsylvania Beaver College, B.S. Xi Psi Phi Fraternity, ASDA, Endo Study Club. ASDC Mom Dad, Thank you so much for all you have done these last four years. You have helped me come to the realization that my achievements are not determined by my abilities alone but by the desire I possess to reach them. I share this accomplishment with you for without you I would not have come this far. To my siblings and their families, thank you for accepting all those collect calls and especially for always being interested and supportive. Richard, your unquestioned acceptance even in my cranky times has especially helped me through this last year. Thank you for all the happy times and for believing in me sometimes more than I believed in myself. (I still think I would have liked you more if you hadn't wrecked my 3 unit bridge first year — but I'm almost over that now.) My friends. Good Luck! When you're all rich and famous I'll say I knew you when! DENEEN BRUSAMONTI, DMD 20Some things are just made to be together and were one of those things. Mom and Dad — thanks for all of your support and love. Especially thanks for being there when I needed you most. I could have never done it without you! P.S. We did it. love you both!LUCINDA K. BUNTING, DMD Dags boro, Delaware University of Delaware Secretary, Senior Class President, S tomato gnathic Honor Society Member, Endo Study Club and Oral Surgery U.S. .. but, people like us aren't supposed to be dentists!" Thank you to those who’ve always stood behind me: Sandy, Lin, Dad. Ken, Mom-mom R. Mom-mom B, my Ca-Ca, and especially Mom! You've always believed in me. 1 love you all! To the “lunch bunch”: Scott R.. Scott M., Chris, Dr. W., Ed, Becky, and Lura. I couldn't have made it without you and I'm glad we made it together! 22Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania Gwynedd Mercy College, US Biology, -45 Cardiopulmonary Technology Oral Surgery Honor Society. Stomatognathic. Honor Society. Periodontal Honor Society. Endodontic Study Club BENJAMIN A. CASSALLA, DMD 23Ii= AMY CHABALLA, DMD =0 Ephrata, Pennsylvania N.CA.C.C. Temple Dental Hygiene, CAM, R.D.ll. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, my family, Jim and Beth, and Jimmy for all their love and support. I love all you very dearly! 24Medford lakes. New Jersey ASDA, Endo. Oral Surgery and Stomatognathic Honor Societies, William Goodman Foundation Grant The end of a four year roller coaster from Jones Hall to 3243 to 3307 North Park and from Histo, Gross, Micro, Path to Clinic. I'm out of here! Thanks Mom, Dad, Joe, Tom and Diane. = ROBERT CHASE, DMDWallingford, Pennsylvania University of Delaware, B.A. Biology Vice President—Perio Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society. Endo and Pedo Study Clubs. ZIP, ASDA Seventh Temple Dental Grad., TUSOD basketball undefeated in Professional Schools League and Temple Intramural League, Golfing and the OMO, water skiing in Stone Harbor, once a Blue Hen now an Owl, Ed the roommate I never saw. Don't believe the hype, Lou and Mark running trim in-n-out, Jeffs call from Bernadette during sports, Micky the IDC and a little Vitamin P, Kim its been great and thanks to my family for all your support and patience. STEPHEN J. CHERMOL, DMD 26Toronto, Ontario l!=ALAN W.F. CHING, DMD=U 27Mohnton, Pennsylvania Albright College, B.S. Biology ASDA, Endodontic Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Odontology 91' Graphic Illustrator Thank you Mom and Dad for all the love and support that you have provided me. I guess that all those years of an lessons have finally paid off Mom. Thanks Andy for being there when I needed you. My best wishes to you in med school. I know you will do well. 28Cherry Hill, New Jersey Ursinus College, li.S. Chemistry Endo Study Club, ASDA, Perio Honor Society. Alpha Omega “Dentistry is not a time of darkness, but looking back to the past can only make the future that more desirable for complete happiness.” Thanks for everything Drs. Lindenmeyer, Carrel, Marchesani, Winkler, Rosen, Monasky, Spiegelford, Appleby, Hertzog, Gomez, Esposito, Bassiouny, Alperstein, Sammartinos, Williams and especially, MOM and DAD! 29 I think my crown is in there somewhere.' Allentown, Pennsylvania Fairleigh Dickinson University, Associate of Arts Thomas Jefferson University, B.S. Dental Hygiene St. George Oral Cancer Society— President. Pcriodontology Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontic Study Club. Selected for the Navy General Practice Residency The patience, support, understanding and encouragement of my parents, family and friends is greatly appreciated. Their faith in me has been a constant source of strength and perseverance during my dental school struggle. “Listen well, and your moments of silence will be broken by the gentle words of encouragement spoken by those who love you. Reach, strive and you will succeed.” CATHERINE CUMMINGS, DMD 30Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Morehouse College, B.S. Biology Atlanta, GA You are what you aspire to be. And not what you now are; You are what you do with your mind, And you are what you do with your youth. Peace and Good Luck! VINCENT J. DANIELS, DMD=J] 31Detroit, Michigan Morehouse College, B.S. Thank you to all the people in my life who have seen me through this endeavor. I love you Momma, Daddy, Terri, Tyrone, Domo, Cyndal, EG, and the Nupes. “We the willing, led by the unknowing, are now qualified to do anything —Malcolm X— lt= DELBERT A. DAVIS, DMD=!J 32 j M Glenside, Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College t I would like to thank my parents, Robert and Sandra, for all their support and inspiration during my years in dental school. Without my parents I would have gone through school with dirty clothes, and I would have been hungry on Wednesdays and Sundays. Most of all, I would like to thank my family, all my friends, and my sister Franny, for their love and encouragement. GEORGE JAY DISHLER, DMD 33Springfield, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania, RDII President of the Society for Children's Dentistry, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontal Honor Society. Endodontic Study Club. ZJP. ASDA I would like to thank my family for all their help and support through what I consider the most challenging four years of my life. Steve, I'll never forget the good times we shared. Jeff, I won't forget how you got me in trouble when it was always your fault. Thanks to all those I borrowed from in Soble. Janet, thanks for the back tests. Kim, good luck in clinic. KIMBERLY A. DONDICI, DMD 34 rHazleton, Pennsylvania Penn State IL= JOHN G. DOUGLAS, DMD=JJ To John and Louise, my parents. Everything I needed, they gave to me, even when they had to sacrifice. That's where the love comes in. Thanks. I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. and I’m all out of bubble gum! To row from left to right: William Laurie (“Big Sis”) _ , . , . . , Bottom row: little Ashley. One cannot explain everything one does to everybody, you know. That explains why I drilled and filled my own cavities. 35M3ARY C. FERGUSON, DMD =!l SEMPER PARATUS! (Not quite a colonel.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania St. Joseph's University, B.S. Endo Study Club. Periodontal Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society. Stoma tognathic Honor Society. St. Georges Oral Cancer Society. Yearbook Staff I have a great idea ... Let’s get married during the first semester of dental school. The guy in the middle talked me into this and the wonderful girl here put up with my talk through dental school. 36 Dad, I wish you were here for this. Mom, thank you.Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Thiel College, BA. Biology BARRY CRAIG FOSTER, DMD I would simply like to thank my Mother and Father for all the support and patience they have shown through good times and bad. I would also like to thank my fiance Marcia, who has gone through Purgatory with me. Temple Dental School has provided me with an unforgettable experience, and thank God it's over. 37Pcnnsburg, Pennsylvania Albright College - Undergraduate Reading, PA To my parents, who have taught me the important things in life — you are the reason I am who I am and the finest, most genuine human beings I have ever known. Thank you for always being there for me. To my future wife, Linda, you bring out all the best in me and no matter how the day went, seeing you at the end of it made everything all right. Thanks for listening to me gripe day after day. I know it wasn't always easy to take, but one day you'll be rich. You're the best! Also thanks to my brothers, Joe and Shane, my Nana, grandmom DiFelice, Ann Boyd, Dr. Paul Farrell, Dr. Frank Sammartino Jr., Dr. Mohammed Bassiouny and removable prosthodontics. This page is dedicated to the memories of Harvey Reinbold and Serafino DiFelice. I!= PAUL M. GEUNES, DMD =U 3811= SCOTT GOLDBERG, DMD=!1 Freehold, New Jersey Albright College, H.S. Psychology Special thanks to Lori, my love and inspiration for four fast years and a lifetime full of support. Mom and Dad thanks for your love and guidance which made me the person I am, and for always being there. Finally I would like to thank the Tucker family for their daughter, sincere advice, love and care. Always remember what's the story? Lcb, what would you do? AJ scenes from a walk-in. Hcdwig. superbowl, boat, his fangs. Trouper Land. CB Huy and his southern Bell. Sandbar Rubble, Kelly Drive, real funny, hey nurse! Bandana Koloska, pizza for Dave', Old Forge! What be a shudda gudda, Wunsch's pet python, Waicus’s son, Chivas for gringo at St Yo's, Hymic too. Billy D’s light show. It's your world baby, clubber Bosch mr. neutral, Mary Kay, do I have any class? Super glue. Remember as long as you carry your childhood around you'll never grow older. Lots of luck to all! 39 Ofr= DAVID MARK= HAZZOURI, DMD I, David Mark Hazzouri, bequeath the following: To Mike Land (The Ultimate Physique) — my bench press. To Matthias — my diamond calves. To Dave “Wags” Wcigle — quarters to play the slots. To Rich Vannni — my Rocky Balboa impression (Yo Richie). To Rich Morrow — breakfast at Joan Staub's. To Brooke and Derek — two pillows and a blanket. To Don, Del, and Vince — a $10,000 gift certificate at Boyd’s. To Bart and Barry — a free plane ride via “Air Krupa” to the Ponderosa, piloted by Big Ed. To Jay and Walter— healthy sons named Rob. To Rob Wunsch — my Vanessa Del Rio videos. To Doug Vallinino — veal saltimbocca with side of fettucine. To Kevin Mecca — antihistamines and handkerchiefs. To Scott Goldberg, a.k.a. “Trauma Man” — epinephrine, 02, or CPR. To Tom Helwig (The Coattail Kid) — my Scranton Lingo (use it well hero). To Andy Patton — Tom Helwig (Remember, “Sandbar”, hang around garbage, ya get dirty). And to my consigliere, Ken Bosch, — anything you want brother. Finally, to my family, especially my best friend, my mother, may we remain close in unity with God. And to my inspiration, my father, may I be half as successful as you wrere — love and miss you. With honesty humility, David Mark Hazzouri, aka “The Leb" P.S. To Jay Monari — Jules Rosen 41THOMAS W. HELWIG, DMD No picture availableBandung, Indonesia Ijjma Linda University, B.Sc. Biology 1= ERWIN HIDAJAT, DMD=i “Finally, education alone can conduct us to that enjoyment which is at once best in quality and infinite in lecture." —Mann— Me on the island of Bali 43Hurffville, New Jersey Rutgers University ASDA Rep, Senior Class Secretary. Oral Surgery Honor Society Member, Endo Study Club and S tomato gnat hie Honor Society I’d like to thank my family: Mom, Dad, Sharon, Al, John, Eric, Danny, Ziggy, Sam, Brutus, Weebles, and Barney for helping me through the past four years. Special thanks go to Bill for always believing in me. To the “lunch bunch” — Scott, Ed, Becky, Cindy, Dr. W., and Lura — we made it and now let’s make it happen! 44LOUIS A. HUY, DMD Schuylkill llaven, Pennsylvania Temple University, BA. Biology Periodontic Honor Society. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Stomatognathic Honor Society. Endodontic Club. St. George Oral Cancer Society. American Student Dental Association. Temple Dental School Basketball Team I would like to thank my parents, William and Rita Huy, as well as William and Bernadette Huy, for their support and understanding throughout these four years of dental school. Steve Chcrmol, Mark Dellou, Jeff Price, Matt Koloska, Van Wise, and Dan Keenan were my diversity of roommates throughout dental school and I hope each and everyone will be successful and happy in their careers and lives. 45THOMAS K. KAMINSKY, DMD 46Woodbury, New Jersey Temple University I can'i believe it is finally over. It seems like just yesterday. Mom and Dad — thank you for all your encouragement and support. I could never have made it through without you. Albert and Steven — thank you for all the road trips to North Philadelphia to keep me company. I owe you both a few bucks for gas. Bill, finally I'm finished with school, maybe now I can get the moths out of my wallet. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you again everybody. Let's keep the good times rolling. = ELIZABETH = KILPATRICK, DMD 47Cameron and Sherry, it would not be possible without your help. I thank you and I love you! 48Wolfsburg, Germany Wilkes College MATTHIAS KOLOSKA, DMD Enole gut, alles gut! Cheers to you too. Mom and Dad. Thanks for everything! I love you both. 49California University of Pennsylvania CHRISTOPHER = KOSENSKE, DMD “They were the worst of limes, they were ihe best of limes." Endodontic, Oral Surgery. Periodontic, and St. George Oral Cancer Honor Societies; Xi Psi Phi Fraternity To John and Dolores — thank you for all of the loving and caring support. Though I never showed it, I needed and appreciated everything. I love the both of you. Summer Session 50Hockessin, Delaware University of Delaware, B.A. Biology Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontic Study Club, ASDA. St. Georges Oral Cancer Society Many thanks to my family and friends who helped me see through four years of dental school. Special thanks to Beth who provided me with the extra moral support I needed. Good luck to the Class of 1991 and especially Ben, Rico, Steve, Jeff, Liz, Bob and yeh. Dr. Anderson, who helped me diagnose periocoronitis. DERON TODD KOVAC, DMD 51Nazareth, Pennsylvania Delaware Valley College, B.S. Biology Minor Chemistry I thank my parents for all that they have given me; all the support, love, and understanding over the years. I would not have been able to do any of it without you, I love you both. Rachele, I thank you for staying with me for over nine years of saying hello on Friday nights and goodby on Sunday nights. I love you and remember October 12! Donna, Rick, and Abby, thank you for putting up with me, I owe you an awful lot. To Barry, Ban, Leb, Helwig, Wags, Patton, and all the rest, it's been great. Sorry boys of Nonh Philly, I will not have my car stereo, clothes, golf clubs, battery, sneakers or another car for you to 'harvest' up! 52Syracuse, New York Miami University, B.A. Chemistry, Minor Marketing I l!=MICHAEL ERIC KUN, DMD=U I would like to thank my parents and my sister for their constant support and encouragement through Dental School. I would also like to thank Tina for her support and understanding. I love you all and I could not have done it without you. 53Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Thomas Jefferson University DIANA E. ZAWADOWYCZ, DMD Perio Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endo Study Club, ASDA, St. George Oral Cancer Society 54 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania IuiSalle University, BA. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society. Endo Study Club = CHRISTOPHER = LARMOUR, DMD 55 Minersville. Pennsylvania Penn State University, B.S. Microbiology Honor Societies: Endodontic, Oral Surgery. Pedodontic. Periodontic, Stomatognathic Activities: Professional Schools of Philadelphia Basketball League (3 years). Temple Intramural Basketball League (3 years) After four long years it's finally here, graduation day. I would like to thank my wife Noreen and my mother Gloria for all the support they gave me through those years. I would also like to wish success and good fortune to my fellow graduates. 0= MICHAEL J. LAND, DMD Jl 56Sellersville, Pennsylvania Albright College, B.S. Biology Endo Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society. ASDA, ASC, Vendo Study Club. Lead in all school play. Member of Glee Club I'd like to thank my family and friends for being there when I needed them! J. BROOKE LEWIS, DMD =J 57 Before Temple ... After!Mom and I chilling ai ihc crib. 0= DEREK MARSHALL, DMD=U Weirs Estate, St. Georges, Antigua, West Indies Howard University, Chemistry, B.S, Endodontology Society. Student National Dental Association Special thanks to all those who made these four years of trials and tribulations a much smoother path for one to cross. Dad (the I.M.F.) thanks for always being there when I needed you. Thanks for always being inspiring. Thanks for always being understanding; but most of all thanks for just being DAD. Thanks Mom for the discipline and moral standards you set for Hugh, Sam and I — put simply, thanks for everything. Signing off, I would like to give special thanks to the great MAN above for getting me across Broad Street alive while at TUDS. 58 My Father, brother and I Wunsch — me and guess who?Wilmington, Delaware Elizabethtown College, B.S. Biology Endodontic Study Club, Stomatognathic Honor Society, Periodontology Honor Society. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Pedodontic Club Student Council Class of 91 Representative: 4 years. Student Council Vice President: 1990-91. Assistant Editor Odontolog Yearbook and Photographer, Xi Phi Psi (ZIP) Member: 4 years, Freshman Representative: 1987-88, Rush Chairman: 1988-89, President: 1989-91 What can I say? ... Finally, four years and several loans ago I decided to commit my life to Dental School, and now when I look back where did it all go. Mom, there is no way I could repay all that you have done for me, but hopefully someday I might come close. Dad, you might not have always been geographically close to me, but I knew you were always right with me no matter what I decided. Rachel, I (and a lot of friends) could not have made it without your great cooking (pasta, sauce and cookies) — thanks for just being yourself... Grandmom. Albert, thanks for being there for an occasional oil change or some laid-back encouragement on how not to worry about anything — your the best. Billie, Shari, Lori and Tommy, thanks for becoming a recent part of my life and I am looking forward to many more years. To all my friends, I could not have made it without you, and my family, who was always there — I love you all! Now it is time to start enjoying life! ILdavid e. mastrota, dmd 1 59Buffalo, New York S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, B.A. RICHARD T. McLANAHAN, DMD Oral Surgery Honor Society. Stomatognathic Honor Society. Endodontic Study Club 60Scranton, Pennsylvania Scranton University, B.S. Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Special thanks to Mom and Dad. Hey Lenny — you're lucky I didn't! Chris — Relax! “Guiness for strength” Mimi — Smile! George — What did you get, nothing? Jose — where are your shades? lt= KEVIN R. MECCA, DMD =JJ 61JOSE AGUSTIN MEDINA, DMD San Juan, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico, R.S. Endodontology Study Club. Periodontology Honor Society. American Society of Dentistry for Children. Oral Surgery Honor Society To my parents who always gave me more than I needed and to Melba, who has been beside me every step of the way. 62Easton, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh President. Oral Surgery Honor Society 1990-91. Stomatognathic Honor Society. Periodontal Honor Society, Endo Study Club. Mom and Dad, thanks for all your love and support and sis, you were a great patient. Most of all, Mary, thanks for making this all worthwhile. U= LEONARD A. MERLO, DMDJJ 63SUSAN M. MISCHISSIN, DMD Freeland, Pennsylvania Ursinus College, B.S. Xi Psi Phi Fraternity—Treasurer, Stomatognathic Honor Society. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontic Study Club, ASDA.ASDC It has been four long, stressful, exciting, at times very depressing, and at other times wonderful and fun-filled years. I have made some very dear and hopefully life-long friends. Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you both very much. I couldn’t have made it without your love and support. Most of all, I want to thank Peter ... “The love of my life”. Now, our life together can finally begin!Orange, New Jersey Rutgers University, B.A. ALVAN EUEL MITCHELL, DMD Brother Mitchell to me is a symbol of dignity and total dedication to whatever course he chooses to pursue. I strongly believe that upon his graduation he will certainly be a source of elevation to human dignity. Good luck. Eric J. Ndumele My father is a good dentist. My father makes false teeth. Art work by Vanirl — Words by Jewel. Major Support Group: Wife — Shirley D. Mother-in-Law — Almeida Roberts Children — Huan. Vanirl. Jewel Rather than doing a full mouth extraction. I’ll ignore a few “bad teeth.” Now, what am I left with? TUDS! A fun learning experience which could only happen at Temple. ’Twas wrapped around day staff, lecturers and instructors, night staff and students; patients too. I'm proud that I was able to contribute to the milieu. God is good to me. A Ivan66King of Prussia, Pennsylvania Temple University Student Council President '90-91, Class Treasurer '89-90, Endodontic Study Club '89-91, Periodontal Honor Society '90-91, Xhi Psi Phi '87-'91 Well, it has been an experience beyond my wildest dreams — I have no regrets. Fabulous friendships, fun fraternity, and how do I feel? Fabulous! Thanks Mom, Dad, Pargol. Special thanks to my wonderful friends Maryam, Julie, Diana, Cindy... the list goes on. Remember the good times! REBECCA MOSTATAB, DMD 67Da Nag, Vietnam Medical College University of Massachusetts Harvard University Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontology Honor Society HIEP P NGUYEN, DMD Dedicated to people who have guided, supported and encouraged me to succeed since the time I came to the new world And especially to my Mom — The great Mom.Londonville, New York University of Pennsylvania, BA. Hey, Phil (my longest lasting friend). What docs Joe say ...!? P.S. Thanks also to Rusty and his family and to my brothers, Mike, Jimmy and Joey, and my sisters. Nancy, Barb and Katie. FRANCIS A. NUNAN, III, DMD Mike O’Connor at Avalon, NJ. "Your most important job in life is to enjoy every day. It’S not an easy job.” Praise the Lord. My parents. Thank you for staying with me through thick and thin. Dad, for teaching me that Dentistry was just a job, and Mom, for believing in my deepest desires even though no one else would. (“All things work for the good of those whose mind is stayed on him.”) I love you both with all my heart 69 Manny Santiago at Pcsaro, Italy. You may be an ophthalmologist, but don't forget. I'm the Dcntista!--- ROOT — CHUMDERMPADETSUK, DMD Bangkok, Thailand 70Lpfayette Hill, Pennsylvania St. Joseph's University, B.S. Chemistry PAULA JOAN O'REILLY, DMD Thank you to my family for all the little and the big things you did for me throughout dental school to make life nice for me. Thank you also to my friends who made the years I spent at dental school good years. A special thanks to may friend Mimi, I can't imagine going through dental school without you. 71Santa Clara, California University of California, Davis To my mother, father and sisters — Thanks for your love, support and encouragement. Through your belief in me I was able to achieve my goals. Cindy, you silly person, thanks for all the memories and laughter. Hee hee hee. I will never forget you. Martin, thanks for putting up with all my mischief and crabbiness. I love you with all my heart. U=LURA E. ORSINO, DMD=J 72New Castle, Pennsylvania Youngstown State University, Biology ASDA, Endo Study Club. Perio Honor Society. Oral Surgery Honor Society After four years dental school is finally coming to an end. And for this I thank my parents and family, for without their encouragement and support I couldn’t have made it this far — Thank you. To Tom, Dave, Ken, Wags and Rico, you guys have been great friends and its been a lot of fun. To Russ and Sharon, good luck next year and in the years to come. UCHARLES A. PATTON, DMEM 73Nanticoke, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Xi Psi Phi, Stomatognathic Society, Endodontology Society, ASDA—Vice President Mom and Dad, Well, it's finally over. No more Microbiology, early morning appointments, or calling home for money. But throughout it all you both were there for me. When times were rough and I thought of giving up, you both believed in me and gave me the support I needed. I might not have said it often enough, but I love you both and I just want to say THANK YOU! WILLIAM PAVELETZ, JR., DMD 74 lledminster, New Jersey Temple University =ROBERTPAUL= PRAISNER, DMD Thanks Mom and Dad! The Good Life 75Havertown, Pennsylvania Elizabethtown College — B.S. Biology Oral Surgery Honor Society. Periodontal Honor Society. Stomatognathic Honor Society. Endodontic Study Club. XiPS, Phi Dental fraternity. American Student Dental Association. Philadelphia Professional School Basketball League. Temple Intramurals Basketlmll League. Her»o inc (Her' o in), n. 1. A woman of heroic character; a female hero 2. The principal female character in a story 3. My Mom. Thanks Mom for showing us all how to be so strong during such difficult limes — I love you. My Dad once told me “If you want something bad enough, you're half way there." 1 miss you Dad. Thanks Bernadette, for being ... you. thanks Steve and Lou of the old love shack. Rico, Ben, Dcron, Kim and Paul and even you circus peanuts. Good Luck TUDS of 91! And remember all the monkeys aren’t in the zoo everyday you meet quite a few! Suck ... suck suckatash. JEFFREY JAMES PRICE, DMDHilltown, Pennsylvania Albright College, Biochemistry Activities: Roundball Squad, ASDA, Temple Dental Jousting Team. Capt. All-male Tenor Glee Club, President. Polish Aluminum Foil Study Club Hi Mom! To all my family and friends — thanks for all your support ($). Special love and thanks to Carol Anne, you have made my time here a lot easier! = JOHN LOUIS = RECKNER, DMD 77DANIEL E. RODRIGUEZ, DMD Interamerican University, BA.Allentown, Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College, B.S. Natural Science Kussian ASDA. Endo Study Club. Psi Omega Fraternity. St. George Oral Cancer Society THOMAS J. ROGINSKY, DMD 79San Juan, Puerto Rico University of Sacred Heart Purdue University, B.A. Biology Endo Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society I would like to dedicate this yearbook to my parents who have been a source of inspiration and support through all of these years. Also to my relatives, especially Ana L. Guzman and Maria Cruz, for their helping hand when I needed it. Finally to my girlfriend Scharie T. Jordan who has been my right hand. To all my friends thanks for the good times and for Daniel, Javier, Walter and Jose good luck in the future days. ORLANDO LUIS ROSA, DMDJ 80Temple University, B.A. Psychology Perio Honor Society. Endo Study Club. Student Recruitment Officer. Admissions Committee 11= SCOTT J. ROSEN, DMD The Drs. Rosen — Rachcllc TUDS 81. Debra TUDS '83, Scott TUDS St. Croix Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for all the love and support! 81 Doc, is it too late for implants?Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Temple University __- MICHAEL _ RUGGIERI, JR., DMD Thanks Elana for all your love and support! 82Center Moriches, New York SUNY Geneseo "If you smile at me I will understand, cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language.” CSN Thanks Mom and Dad, my sisters and family and last but not least my friends!! JS. 1UJUDITH S. SAVINO, DMD Thank You All... For a Real Good Time!! 83 Peace Love SmilesDuPont, Pennsylvania King's College, B.S. Biology, Wilkes-Barre, PA Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontal Honor Society. Endo Study Club, Vice President-Pedo Study Club. Xi Psi Phi Fraternity, Rush Chairman-American Student Dental Association To my Mother, Father, Jill and Lee Ann — Thank you for the support you have given me and the sacrifices you have made for me. You have given me the strength I needed to achieve my dreams. All that I have accomplished, and the future I have ahead of me, I owe to you, my family. GEORGE D. SELLOCK, DMD 84Arecibo, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico The nightmare is over! Time to enjoy. Glad to know you all. Take care. WALTER I. SEPULVEDA, DMD 85Allentown, Pennsylvania University of Miami MARK SHOENBERGER, DMD “Thanks to my family for all their support and good luck to everyone.”ADAM BRANDON STERN, DMD Princeton, New Jersey Washington and Jefferson College Endodontic Study Club. American Society of Dentistry for Children COMMITMENT is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. COMMITMENT is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism. 87Belgrade, Yugoslavia L= MARIJA TERZIJA, DMD II is not who you are or w here you come from. It is whether you grasp life with all your might and let your star shine, or settle down for average, with passion long lost and causes forgotten. I promise never to forget those that reached out and helped me in what seemed to be a never ending struggle. I am deeply indebted to you. Why marry a dentist, when I can become one? 88 Aunt, this is how they kiss in Hollywood! I bet you didn’t know it!Manalapnn, New Jersey Albright College, B.S. Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society. Periodontology Honor Society, ASDC. ASDA To Mom and Dad — Thank You! Without your love and support none of this could have been possible. Thanks again to my family and my friends whose help and laughter brightened these past four years. To the “lunch bunch” all my warmest wishes for the future. Favorite memories: living in the crazy house — PSI-O, Mickey D's, out with Al, and Finally no more Mr. Ed (sorry Wilbur). EDWARD P. THIEVON, DMD 890= MARK THOGODE, DMD =J. North Bergen, New Jersey Manhattanville College, BA. I would like to thank my family for always being there for me. It was their support and encouragement that got me through some of the tough times to bring me where I am today. I would also like to thank my girlfriend Michelle for making my life complete. 90Hackensack, New Jersey Lehigh University, B.S. Chemical Engineering Endo Study Club. Pedo Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Three Stooges Fan Club Thanks to everyone who supported me these last four years . . . especially you, Camille! lt= DOUG VALLININO, DMD =JJ 911ms Angles, California UCLA l!= EYAL WALDMAN, DMD=U Endo Study Club. Periodontal Honor Society I would like to thank my family for all their support throughout the years. 92Marl ton, New Jersey Temple University School of Dental Hygiene R.D.H. Alpha Omega. Treasurer Endo Study Club. ASDA Thank you Stu, Stephanie, and Joshua for all that you have put up with these last four years. It will be worth it. KAREN ALENE WALLET, DMD 93Boothwyn, Pennsylvania JAY BRYAN WARDIUS, DMD ASDA, Psi Phi Fraternity, S tomato gnat hie Honor Society, Periodontal Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society. Endodontology Society Mom, I want to thank you for always being there whenever I needed you, even those times when I may not have seemed to appreciate it. From a phone call, to a card, dinner or a few thousand bucks, you always kept me going (P.S. we definitely can't forget the wash). I hope there is a way I could someday do as much for you as you have done for me. Thanks again — I love you. Jay 94Ephrata, Pennsylvania Eastern Mennonite College, B.S. Biology Oral Surgery Honor Society, Stomutognathic Honor Society, Endodontology Study Club, American Student Dental Association. Academy of General Dentistry—Student Member. Christian Medical and Dental Society, Mennonite Medical Association. Yearbook Photographer L=R. TODD WEAVER, DMD=!I 95Marlton, New Jersey Albright College, Biology ASDA. Endo Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society After four years of dental school, I have met a lot of good friends, a wonderful lady and fine faculty. I would like to thank my family for their strong support throughout these trying years. I would like to also thank Michele for her much needed encouragement. Good luck to everyone especially Andy P., J. B. Wardius, D. Hazzouri, Rico, T. Helwig, K. Bosch, G. Black, Goldy, R. Wunsch. DAVID C. WEIGLE, DMD=!1 96— MICHELE — BERNARDICH, DMD New Middletown, Ohio Youngstown State University, B.S. Nursing ASDA, Endo Study Club-President. Oral Surgery Honor Society, St. George Oral Cancer Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society, Xi Psi Phi Fraternity-Editor I want to thank my Mom for all her support during the past four years of dental school and my brother for serving as an inspiration to always strive to do well. And Dad, even though you are not here to witness the final victory, I will use the name, Dr. Bemardich, in your honor. Thanks also to all of my friends at TUDS. You have been the best part of dental school. I love you all!! 97West Chester, Pennsylvania Drexel University, B.S. E.E. Alpha Omega, ASDA, Endo Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Odontolog Staff IL DOUGLAS R. WHITE, DMD This page is dedicated to my grandfather, Joseph A. White, DDS, '32, and to my parents, Robert and Judy, whose love, guidance, and wisdom made my education possible. Also to Annette Kim, whose kindness and support will always be remembered. Many thanks to Inga, Ron Shuttleworth, Miss Thompson, Cheryl Edwards, Drs. David Appleby, George Morasky, Norman Freeman, Tom Backenstose, Charles Hertzog, Jay Monari, Frank Sammartino Jr. and Sr., Joe Marchesani, David Litwak, Jack Esposito, and other staff and faculty who are dedicated to us and our education. Furthermore, a word of thanks to Todd Cohen, who provided a helping hand in the clinic, an alternative to SEPTA, and friendship.West Reading, Pennsylvania Albright College, B.S. Biology ASDA, Endo Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society ROBERT ALAN WUNSCH, DMD It’s finally over and I’m still sane. I’d like to thank my family and friends for standing by me all this time. I'd especially like to thank my wife Traci, for keeping me on my toes. Future plans include a GPR program in Reading followed by a general dentistry practice in the Reading area. Now who's smokin’ Joe!? 9911= DONOVAN YOUNG, DMD =U Pembroke Pines, Florida University of Pittsburgh, BA. 100if HISTOLOGY ■ B tfiAimAriA Hts t uiiWt:l)t. TMJhii m Oral Pathology Clinical FeriofVw Human Physiology 1‘fMUII.MUloUt .mil nni.ii ml s1. Mimi Awayes 6. Deneen Brusamonti 2. Paula O’Reilly 7. Tom Roginsky 3. Todd Cohen 8. Bob Bentz 4. Bill Paveletz 9. Tom Kaminsky 5. Michele Welsh 102dacuity Staff and Administration 103Dr. Lindemyer Bonnie Graham Dr. Rosen Dr. Sammartino, Jr. Dr. Monasky, Kay and Mabel Dr. Zarrinia Dr. Denbo 104 Dr. Winkler Dr. AndersonDrs. Waicus and Baka Dr. Carrell i Dr. Williams Drs. Basara, Herzog, and Wescott Dr. Freeman (“The Unhappy Trio”) Dr. Spiegel ford Dr. Yesilsoy Dr. Esposito and Gilda 105I I Drs. Love and Sammartino, Jr. Dr. Davis Dr. Deem Dr. YearwoodDr. Gomez Appreciation can never be shown by just a picture. So those whom we have missed, you are not forgotten. 107 Thanks for everything!Dr. Vic Gregory Jack Gentile Dr. Lucyck Dr. Charles Hertzog 108Dr. Sammartino, Sr. Does he work here? Younger years! , .. Dr. Schwartz The Organizer The Few, The Proud, The Faculty! Dr. Spiegs 109□ Dr. Louis GomezDr. Joseph Newell Dr. Car------ r j Dr. Eugene Whitaker Dr. Tamara Jackson Dr. Keith Anderson .r, Dr. Lisa Deem Dr. Martin Dr. David Aker Dr. David Appleby 111Odontolog 1991 Salutes FACULTY OF THE YEAR Dr. George Monasky We, the Class of 1990, offer our appreciation and gratitude to Dr. George Monasky for his relentless and continuous dedication to Dentistry and for helping to educate countless numbers of students, staff and all others who crossed his path. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.Hats off for two who need no intro but could use some recognition ... Dr. David Litwak, D.D.S. Dept, of Periodontics Dr. David Appleby, D.D.S. Dept, of Prosthodontics Dr. Sarah Gray, D.D.S. 1991 Yearbook Advisor Although extremely over-committed. Dr. Gray still found the time to back us. Thank you. Odontolog "1991" Class of 1991 — You’re terrific! Along with usual obstacles in dental school, you’ve also survived a monumental relocation. I have enjoyed and admired you as students, and I will be proud to know you as my peers. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing of your future successes. Come back and visit! Sarah Gray, D.D.S. 115WE THANK YOU!117What an applicant! This is a stick-up You had better page Tom Asbcll! Am I doing this correctly, Lorraine! 118It's a good thing they can't see my lips moving. Don't look up! With eyes gazed towards the heavens, he hears, “I'll sign it.' I've been doing this for way too long! A healthy workout in the halls of TUDS. Say ooh, ooh, ooh . Hey man, that's Lupus! . A very eager patient? 119120 Keep on smilin’!Who? Me? u r The art of procuring good patients. The radiology crew . always ready to help. The TV star ... caught off guard. Somebody's happy! Where’s the party? 121But Doctor, I have been brushing! 122 Oooh look, calculus! Hay Dios Mio! Treatment planning in 5 minutes and my models aren't mounted!It's 4:00 and we've gone nuts! I've fallen asleep and I can’t get up! Hey Kovac, can I borrow your lighter... and your Our two favorite guys — haw, haw, haw!!! bunsenbumer; you 7-A spatula ... and your articulate? 123Chuck's famous rain dance?? Gum gardening with Schlossberg! Probing at its best!! Always Time For FunLooks of Dental School 125North Philly at Its Best!WORKING Oh no, not this time. This crown is going in his mouth! You use this for what?! Dr. Wescott, I was looking for you all over! Oh God, help me! doesn’t matter. 1 know that I’m right! 1128for Club Helwig Lunchtime stomping Where you wi students at lun the Spring. =9 The OldThrough these doors will pass some of the best dentists in the world. t v» Brook and the boys in the new lobby. A patient trying to stop a student from jumping out the window. What do you mean I have to go to class! 130Price on the prowl! “What a set of legs." AY ,' Trying to develop radiographs with a composite light? 131 I know her first name, but what is her last name? The Colonel!Judy's Marching Band — “I do anything to get an instructor's attention.” That’s one denture soup, easy on the garlic. Mike, take a little off the bangs and a chamfier trim. 8 o'clock classes; always well attended. Somebody up there doesn't like me.The smell of “Gross” formaldehyde keeps us dancing. “All I need is one more day for this project.” Anterior bridge “showcase showdown”. Oh brother, I can’t take another project. What kind of lesion is Steve trying to hide? Casanova Cassalia strikes again.134 Oh Sh......we have class too?Bewery quit! We're hunting Wescotts!!! Oh no, four more visits of perio and then she needs perio surgery. You could’ve gone anywhere, but you chose TEMPLE. 135Oh good, we got more room to throw a party! Hum! I wonder how this stuff works? Hey guys, I'll sign it off. Yeah, I finally finished putting porcelain on that 8 unit bridge. 136Yeah, I know, another broken chair to be fixed. So this is where we get our mail. Where's the children's clinic? Hey, finally we're moving into the new school. 137You want me to do what??? Move her here, him there; No that won’t work, wait... him here, her there ... It's only a 4mm pocket. What fourth canal??? 138Whaat! It had to be “C”. “Histo Days” Hey boddy, how many unit you got? Hey dude, what arc you doing? O.K. doctor... NO PROBLEM! 139It’s pumice, not sand, pumice. One more move Joe, and I'm calling your mom!! O.K. Chris, open wide! What open margin?! Where? Yeah, like I would do this in the real world.We'll be in the new clinic next month ... month .. . month. What do you mean he didn't pay! The classic mug shot. This sure beats hygiene. l .0 i 141142 I just love this place. Get me out of here. r Bucco — lingually; he looks good, but occusally??? Don't ask! Lookin’ good. Picking up women, made easy. An image engraved in for life! 143On the road to graduation. Can anyone identify this? 144He's so dedicated, he even does lab work. Well deserved coffee break. What! I'll need a date, second signature, and an apple spice cake. Lookin sharp. 145Yeah, Right! Alright! Who took all the paper? Nice shoes. Figures... 146Hey 1 Watch where you point that thing! well, I dunno I kind of like the FIRM approach! WHERE’S OUR TOYS?’ Nov George, I feel the best approach is to understand your child's rears; y'know, alleviate their tension148 Boy, I love kids! HmmmmmmLook who's walking. Temple girls??? Bonnie has sure earned her money this year! 149OrganizationsNEWS Congratulations! TUDS Class of 1991! Thank you for supporting ASDA and remember, the ADA still needs you to maintain its strength by numbers in promotion of organized dentistry. Good Luck!! 152Student Council Solutes the Class of 1991 153 »t nwi- torjitatljic ganor Society Oral Surgery ganor Society 154(En o imtic Jtn u mnb gleritftamtk gjonor §acirt||Jlcbo ontif Stubtj Club S1I3A 156(Dnteya fraternity pelta £iywa pelta fraternity£t » i W fraternity Throughout our four years at Temple, these organizations have successfully made the atmosphere more tolerable through lectures, sponsored events and most of all happy hours and parties. Thanks for the memories — a job well done! 158Robert Bentz..... David Mastrota. George Sellock. Todd Weaver... Charles Chung. . Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor ...Layout Editor ... Photographer ..........Artist Auxiliaries Doug White Bill Paveletz Frank Nunan Todd Cohen Liz Kilpatrick Sue Mischissin Cathy Cummings Marija Terzija Mimi Awayes Rebecca Mostatab Joe Abrams I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who donated at least a little of their time to this yearbook. You have all made this possible. It was not an easy task. However, it had to be done to preserve the memories that will someday be looked upon. Our future is in our hands, make it good! It's been real. God Bless, Good Luck, Good Bye, Bob BentzWhile Ifou Were Out MESSAGE: This is your answering service. While you were at school, these things happened. Just to bring you up to date! The fall of Jim and Tammy Baker Pit Bull aggression Holmes falls to Tyson who is beat up by Douglas who is pummelcd by Holy Field Medical waste washes up on Jersey shore Neptune fly by with computer images by Voyager II Sixers, Flyers move to Jersey? Camden Kats? I've fallen and I can't get up! , Berlin Wall comes down Gretzky is a legitimate King in LA. Roger Rabbit Reagan and Gorbachev discuss arms control Steffi Graff wins Tennis Grand Slam South Africa is no longer ignored TUBS gets new school Dress code is changed from smocks to ties Temple Dental wins Professional Schools of Philadelphia Basketball League Beijing in protest, death at Tiananmen Square Howard Stern new King of morning radio —John DiBello in mourning Oprah goes from blimp to bikini to blimp The Big Red Machine is back, sweep A's in 1990 Cherobyl nuclear accident Bush declares war on drugs, then on Iraq Earth Day Philadelphia, broke! My name’s Bart, who the hell are you? Mike Schmidt calls it quits B-52 carpet bombing Sir Charles Superstar of the NBA Patriot missals, Lisa Olsen, Patriot missals 20 years after Woodstock Terrorists at Tampa? Herschal Walker traded for what? Savings Loans scandal Hand pieces must be autoclaved! Baby M debate You could’ve gone anywhere! You chose here—ha!ha!ha! Goodbye Gold Foil Read my lips, no new taxes Jim Henson a gentle genius is gone A historical celebration — TUDS 125 years old Kareem Abul Jabbar calls it quits Dress code is changed from ties to smocks Exxon s' Valdez spews a disaster Batman craze Yo man, cat my shorts Who and Stones reunite Dental school closings across the country Dress code is strongly enforced San Francisco earthquake interrupts World Series Death of Iatollah Khomeini AIDS Oliver North, Patriot or Player of the Iran contra affair Bills end 49ers dominance then fall to Giants. YUCK Mark Macon NBA or bust? Aquino becomes President of Phillipines Sinaid O’Conner speaks up Grateful Dead last show at JFK Lenny Dykstra flirts with league batting crown Yo! MTV raps Bye! Bye! Buddy Fax machines and cellular phones Haley’s comet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dr. J farewell to NBA Old Glory and yellow ribbons Hey Saddam — F-------Y---- 160 Temple University Class of 1991 finally wakes up!! WELCOME BACK TO REALITY!Why do I always next to the projector? m jjL Charlie Chung finally makes his mark — artistically. ABSO-MTttV NO EM'N fLMP-.slT FRANK! Cindy, I think we better leave... like right NOW! Hey Chris! Wake162164165 Check out Deneen!! How smooth should these margins be? Just being themselves. I love fire. A ZIP fundraiser. Guess who for a buck? T L Now' there’s a face. That’s instructor Jay Wardius to you!How much? No, I still can't give you the answers. Why me! It's only pan-time. What's happening here??? A precision attachment. Patient recovery. T A dentist? Oh what a feeling!! Now this is living! Recovery session after a “This is our favorite clinic attire, hard day at the clinic. 168The future is in our hands — now where our hands are in the future is another issue altogether. “Livin' in the lap of luxury.” (Jones Hall) 169170 'Editor's ‘Message... r 1987—1991 Freshman year: For some of us, it was the realization of a life-long dream; for others, it was a last minute decision. But here we were on our way to the professional life. The plan wfas simple enough—take a few courses, pass a few exams, and bam — we’re dentists! Who were we kiddin? It all started with dental terminology. We struggled many nights memorizing terms, classifications, number codes, nomenclature, and of course, the definition of incisal guidance which will always haunt us. Memorize, memorize, memorize. Don’t ask why just memorize! Protocol soon became a household word; dime and dime again. Our evenings were filled with lab work while stone and plaster followed us everywhere — hands, shoes, shirts, pants, watches, etc.I am sure that everyone was happy to hear that we were the last class to be blessed with the numerous funfilled hours of tooth carving. A trade, however, we probably have utilized many times in concept so they say!! And let’s not forget the microscope... I still cringe when the thought occurs. Also we will forever remember the putrid smell of cadavers; cramming sessions; K questions. Sophomore year: But its got to get better! Yeah. Who needs summer vacations anyway! Lab hours increased, things were suddenly turning much harder. Some couldn’t handle the heat and got out, while the rest were eager to get pounded more. Examples—Micro, Physio, Endo, C B, Perio, labs, labs, labs... But when the dust finally settled, there we were with our first patient folders with thoughts of relief-on-the-way! uNew Juniors — it has such a wonderful sound to it. We proudly explored the clinic floor, burning with anticipation. Most were at the first summer session in hopes of practicing dentistry. Frustration soon set in. “Chair reservations?” Little did we know that Jamie would soon be deemed God. But we worked hard and soon became accustomed to the system, until they decided to change it. In fact, the word “change” became a kind of theme for us for the last two years. But through it all we held our ground and looked way into the future — graduation. Senior year brought home a feeling of accomplishment and final jeopardy. There is no turning back now! We were finally starting to see the light. The only thing left was to get smacked about with many boards, e.g., National II, Mocks, Nerbs, and Retakes. Once again, we should be proud to know that completing Pharm before the boards was now part of the past. Next year’s past. We still got lucky! Yeah... It is hard to summarize and even come close to the immeasurable experiences we’ve undergone since day one at Temple. History seems to repeat itself time and time again with every class. Nothing anybody said to warn us would have prepared us for what was in store. Though we might of said that as the years past, our class has grown distant, especially during Senior year. However, we have come to know ourselves better and we have joined with one another as vibrant young professionals. The class of 1991 has left its mark on Temple and I am very proud to have been a contributor. But please, if someone ever asks you to be an editor... just say NO! Good luck to all, may happiness and success follow you forever! ‘Rgbert M. Wentz171MARK A. THOGODE You have worked so hard over the past four years to reach your goal, and you have done so veiy well. I am as proud of you as I can be and I am sure Marty will always be there with you. God bless you always! Love, Mom CONGRATULATIONS Michael and the Class of 1991 and BEST WISHES IN THE FUTURE! Your Mother, Gloria Land and all of your family Shofu Dental Products Proven Products for Better Dentistry SMOTU MHTAl CORONATION 075 tofsannen 0"«i Manlo »»_ C•! .: !.a 0 07% ! % 37 00 % CONGRATULATIONS LOU and the CLASS OF “91” Mr. Mrs. William J. Huy, Sr. Mr. Mrs. William J. Huy, Jr. and Baby AlexCONGRATULATIONS ON BEHALF OF DEN-TAL-EZ, INC., MANUFACTURERS OF STAR DENTAL, DEN-TAL-EZ, AND CUSTOM VACUUM PRODUCTS. Den-Tal-Ez, Inc. P.O. Box 896 Valley Forge, PA 19482 (215) 666-9050 FAX: (215) 666-9062 173CONGRATULATIONS! JOSEPH J. BUCHALSKI, D.M.D. 174 5 For some malpractice carriers, easy come meant easy go But not The Medical Protective Company. Our financial stability is a legend in our industry And has been since we invented professional liability coverage at the turn of the century. Ninety years in business and a continual A+ (Superior) rating from A M Best prove it. Don't gamble your premium dollars Put your money on a sure thing and call our general agent today. UutHIMUMkVM NO DOUBT Allentown. WflMnWaldron Robert L Ignaaak (215)395-8888 Pittsburgh. Donald C Ho'lman R GrarV Stewart. David M ,Gus»C, (• 2) 531 4226 Camp Hill, Sidney B Elston. Jr. Raul M Fischerkeiler. 717) 7379900 Plymouth Meeting. Eugene P Ziemba Wi am j Carey Robert J Zucosfcy James i Frazer. Jr. (215)825 6800 Dear Dr. Bosch, We are very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Best of Luck in Your New Career! Love from All, Dad and Mom Bob and Sue Jim, Lisa, Danielle and Goo Sincere thanks to Miss Grace and the “night crew” for their kindness, concern, consideration and friendship. You helped make the evening “lab hours” bearable at Temple. Appreciatively, Catherine L. CummingsCONGRATULATIONS! KEVIN R. MECCA Love and God Bless You! Erin and Keith Mom and DadThe Best of Luck, Love, Health and Happiness to the Class of 91! But Boster Be happy Be well Believe me, I'll be fine. 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But without those hardships you wouldn't be so wise or have the wonderful qualities and strength of character that make you the person you are today. As your mother, I am so proud of you and my love for you just keeps getting stronger. Love, Mom George, I want to tell you how proud I am of you. I've always believed in your intelligence and determiantion to accomplish any of the goals you set for yourself. In these past years, we have experienced some difficult as well as beautiful times together. But even the tough times were easier because of you. I'm really lucky to have you in my life. I love you very much and consider myself blessed to be your w'ife. Congratulations! Love, Paulette Son, It is with great love and pride that we congratulate you on your achievement. We wish you success, love and happiness for the future. Congratulations! Love, Dad Mary Ann George Peter, With great pride and joy we all wish you Good Luck, Good Fortune and Great Success! Congratulations! 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Mom Dad CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1991 Temple University School of Dentistry from Dr. Vincent C. Rogers Department of Community Dentistry 187Through Times of Endurance Dr. Johnson Thank you for your dedication to helping our class become better dentists. We admire your drive for excellence and example of discipline. We will never forget the knowledge you have given to us and will now build on this for the future.Congratulations to Dr. Robert M. Bentz and to The Class of 1991 We are very proud of you and your accomplishments and wish you the best in the future. We love you "Mr. Got Rocks." Mother and DadIn Memorium Louis Caso, PhD. 1924-1991 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm 23:6 Dr. Caso served in the Histology Department for many years and will be remembered by all of us. A soft spoken but able teacher, a professor we will never forget, and will always honor. May the things he taught us help to guide our future in dentistry to make us better in our profession. With respect, The Class of 1991 190THE ALL NEW DOC HOLIDAY'S SEEING IS BELIEVING EAT IN OR TAKE-OUT BETWEEN 11 AM-6 PM CALL 223-8054 DAILY LUNCH DRINK SPECIALS ll'OA AAI Ml . coR rn nrrr . i K«rn m ri srri iai HOAM Itl I r HOAsi hmi k «iirrAi irnnri . I V A ’Ml 2 mi •i' HOT SANDWICHES IMlf nl A Nile Ilf •hf»l K lifi ».JI Vnril tuh I V » rt.fct. V- konst nrrr A 2 A roam nr rr at cm i Ar A AO KOAai conn A ' m»AAi rnNK v i m i xr A VI 'll mum l I "A Ml AlltAI 1 K CHI 1 A| A i A iiri'niM % ftn • •III IKK. l,-« II. 1 1 VI 1 III 1 A| IMM. 1 . ||, , • 7'. ■ 'in i him ii. i ,» «M l ACOfl 1 rill I 1 Ar IOMMO 1 MA Oku i i n in fAr 1 7 a okii i in cm rAr at hai oo 2 2 A C.KII 1 III II M 1 III • .• 2 7 A II.HA MU T 2 "A hi r i or mam 2 am • Kirn roo 1 • A rmro roo nr ii m I O A iMiro roo nr kaco'x 1 7A I'ORR KOI I t ‘‘A ronn hoi i cur rAr BURGERS S- • ,. •1H « ll‘M-1 ..INI r • I • H. • n M" mm.ik Ml I Nrni'Kl.f K hm o' «iirrArm Korn n 17 ri :• • • MHMINOlHI M'HI.rK r f« ni Ki.iK Hen' ftflovi I 2 A I VI I MA I 7A 7 ' CORNER OF 13th RISING SUN AVE. 3AR HOURS: 11 AM-2 AM Mon. - Fri. 5 PM-2 AM Sat. K»TCHEN HOURS:11 AM-11 PM Mon.- Fri. 5 PM 11 PM Sot.192 COOKE PUBLISHING COMPANY OCVON. PENNSYLVANIATEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY

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