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Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1990 Edition, Cover

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□ «1 S, M7r 2 O d O l_l LJ i_i _ - i— —a i-l i-J l-J l_f ui d ‘ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□nan □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ ODONTOLOG PRECLINIC LAB MAIN LOBBY • » % .AOttS® fhXPTTMTHROUGH THE YEARS CLINIC FLOOR PRECLINIC LAB EQUIPPED WITH HIGH SPEED SUCTION FOR MANNEQUINS. HALOGEN LAMPS AND HANDPIECE HOOK UPSCLASS OF 1990: WE ENTERED TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY AS FELLOW STUDENTS AND WE LEA VE AS FELLOW COLLEAGUES. AL THOUGH THIS CHAPTER OF OUR LIVES IS COMING TO A CHOSE, A NEW CHAPTER IS UPON LIS. WE ARE TARING SEPARA TE PA THS AND STRIVING TOWARD NEW GOALS. BUT, AS THE YEARS UNRAVEL, WE WILL REFLECT ON OUR TIME SPENT BETWEEN TEMPLE UNIVERSITY’S FOUR WALLS. THE HARD WORK AND COUNTLESS HOURS SPENT IN LAB OR IN PREPARA T ON FOR BOARDS AND FINAL EXAMS ARE ONL Y TO BE SMALL MEMORIES. THE MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST ARE THE BONDS THAT WE HA VE MADE AND THE FRIENDSHIPS WE HA VE FORMED. A T TIMES WE WERE MORE LIKE A LARGE FAM L Y THAN A CLASS. WE WORKED TOGETHER, COMPLAINED TOGETHER. HELPED EACH OTHER AND TRULY DEPENDED ON ONE ANOTHER TO MAKE IT THROUGH EACH DA Y. FEEL PR VILEDGED TO BE ABLE TO CALL YOU ALL MY FRIENDS. ONL Y HOPE THA T THESE FRIENDSHIPS WILL CONTINUE WELL BEYOND GRADUATION. WISH TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK EACH OF YOU FOR ALLOWING ME THE HONOR OF REPRESENTING YOU DURING THE LAST FOUR YEARS. WOULD ALSO LIKE TO CONGRA TULA TE EVERYONE AND WISH YOU WELL IN YOUR FUTURES. YOUR FRIEND, MICHELE CEC CHIN I PA TER NO SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT6VIVEK M. AMIN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania University Of Pittsburgh Delta Sigma Delta, Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery, Honor Society Dental school has been a unique experience. Help from friends has made it even more memorable. Met a lot of new friends from different parts of the country, and hopefully after graduation we will stay in touch. Thank you Mom and Dad!f MARIA T. ARROYO Humacao, Puerto Rico B.S. Universidad De Puerto Rico ASDA, LADS, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontic Study Club, St. George’s Oral Cancer Society, ASDC I couldn't find words of wisdom, something funny or witty to be remembered for in our yearbook. I could only find words of appreciation for the special people that offered me their warmth and unselfish love. Thanks: Fay, Brian. Sue, Nicole, Steve, there will always be a special place in my heart for you. Thank you Gary, for teaching me a lesson in love. Good luck everybody! ftSTEVEN L. ATLAS Allentown, Pennsylvania B.S., Temple University Alpha Omega Fraternity (Vice-pres, pres.) I.F.C. pres., Oral Surgery Honor Society (Secr Treas.), Periodontal Honor Society, Endodontology Study Club, St. George Oral Cancer Society, ASDA, Student Recruitment Officer Odontolog Staff, ACLS, Table Clinic, “125th Alumniae Celebration. To Mom, Dad, Gary, Janie: There was a time long ago when my goals seemed so far out of reach. Then I was reminded how you would be behind me whenever I needed someone. You've helped me through so many tough and trying times I've lost count. I’ve had so much support not only during dental school but in everything I’ve done. Thank you for your love, I hope I can pass on what you’ve taught me. To my friends: I can wish you nothing less than continued success with our new profession. 1 hope we can share many good times to come and not just these few short years of dental school memories. Last Will Testament: To Dennis ... I leave many trips to Martin's Aquarium, To Ken ... 1 leave my duralay and facebow. To Stephen ... I leave Ken, To Mike. Dave B. and To Dave R ... I leave the broad street subway ... may we leave it and “the lake" may we ski it. To Janet ... 1 leave Dave R. (someone has to listen to him.) To Dale K ... I knew you could do it. To Maria ... OY VEY!LINDA BELCHER Philadelphia, Pa Holy Family College Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity I knew I should have listened when every dentist I knew said. "Don’t do it!” Oh well. 4 years of migraine headaches later (not to mention owing the National Debt) its finally over. I hope the flashbacks won’t be too bad! I want to thank all my friends for making this a more pleasurable experience. Pm gonna miss you guys cheating at pictionary parties (this means you Nil!) Thanks Mom. Rich. Nan, Be. Dad and Weez for all your support. Bet you never thought you’d see this day. Thanks Jerry — you know why! And thanks Bink for your love, support. ability to have fun. You made Senior year a lot easier. You’re the greatest! 10 Lite of leisure (the pre dent years!)JANET S. BERNSTEIN Miami Beach, Florida University Of Florida A.A. 82’ University Of Pennsylvania A.D.H. 84’ Alpha Omega FraternityThe good old days in Fairmont Park DENIS G. BOURGUIGNON Orlando, Florida Rollins College B.A. Delta Sigma Delta, Endodontic Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontology Honor Society, ASDC, AGD, ASDA These past four years have been more incredible than I could ever have imagined. I was mesmerized as 1 watched my neophitic illusions crumble and took new hope in a wealth of new experiences and acquaintances. Although the years have been tumultuous at times, I believe that all my trials and tribulations have helped to strengthen my character and have prepared me for the new obstacles I will undoubtedly face throughout my career. As much as we have all complained about these years. I think that in retrospect we will all come to find that these have indeed been some of the best years of our lives. Already I have become heavy-hearted at the thought of saying farewell to the many friends who have become like brothers and sisters. I'll miss my midnight trips to Pat’s Steaks with KAC and Rogs, cool dips in Cherm's next door neighbor's pool, buying frenzies at Martin’s with Aquaman Atlas, cookouts in the alley, fishing in snow blizzards with Terry, and international dining with Dave Briller. I thank all my friends for their warmth and support and I equally thank the professors who have taken the time to share their wealth of experience with me. Merci Maman et Papa pour tout ce que vous m'aver donner, je vous aime et je vous embrasse bien fort! God bless, take care all.DAVID M. BRILLER Tamarac, FL Tulane University, B.S. 1985 Alpha Omega, Endodontic Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, ASDA, AGD, ASDC. Periodontology Honor Society My years here at Temple have been quite interesting. 1 have learned and memorized a lot of useless information; carved teeth out of pink wax; dissected a cadaver, and the list goes on. But looking back on all these “events”, I will only remember the good times, and most importantly the people. I have created wonderful friendships with Janet, Dave. Denis. Mike, Steve, and Dale, and 1 know over time that these bonds which we have created will continue to grow. Special thanks goes to Mom, Dad, and Abby for being the most open minded, supportive, loving parents and sister in the world. Without you. none of this would have any meaning. I love you. 13 An Incredible time with friends, water skiing, and plenty of eating! The Family!!MICHAEL BRONSTEIN Woodbury, New Jersey B.A. Emory University Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontic Study ClubKAREN R. CACKOWSKI Hanover Township, PA B.S., University of Scranton Delta Sigma Delta, Endodontic Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society. Soble Lab Coffee Club, Fixed Remake Club Dear Mom Dad: You are the most wonderful parents in the world. Thanks so much for all the love and support and for making my wildest dreams become a reality. I love you and am forever grateful. Special thanks also to Gram, Dzaj, Matthew. Frank, and Crissy Jimmy, who supported me every step of the way. I'll never forget my roommate Lisa who carved all my teeth freshman year or Lisa Kotch who saved me every time the Vet broke down. Love you all! Future Plans: To become a full time waitress in Chestnut Hill! 15KAREN A. CHARNECKI Nanticokc, Pa B.S. Wilkes College Delta Sigma Delta Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Student Council, ASDC These past four years have been extraordinary. To my Mom and Dad and family. Thank you for your love, support and understanding without which it would have been impossible to get through. To my many friends, especially Denis, Ed, and Young: Thank you for the many good times and for making the "Dental Experience" more enjoyable. Best of luck in the future!! To my Vincent: Thank you for making my life better, for making the harder times easier, and for giving me the little extra when I had no more to give. We made it! May all our dreams come true!MIKE M. CHEN Milpitas, California B.A., University of the Pacific ASDA, ASDC, PSI. Omega Endodontology Study Club, St. George Oral Cancer Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Odontology Staff It has been an experiencing roller-coaster four years; and the ride was shared with the many new friends, for whom without their help and support, would not have been possible. I hope this end is not a goodbye, but instead, a rest. Thanks Mom. Dad. you’re the greatest! I plan to return home to California and establish a practice and. needless to say. a renowned Food Spirit restaurant with myself as head chef!EDWARD J. CHERMOL Rosemont, Pa. B.S. Fairfield University Delta Sigma Delta, ASDC, Endodontology Study Club, Mom Dad, thanks so much for your love and support. You have always been there for me. I could never have reached my goal without you. It has been an interesting four years without a doubt! 1 know that as the years pass, it will be the people and good times 1 will remember most, from dumping my dentures to being saved by Showboat, endo access races with Chillemi to hockey with Mike, Dave, Vinny, the summers in Avalon with my family and Jerry. Young, my friend, I will never forget you! Thanks again Mom, Dad, Greg, Cathy, Dave. Hi Stevie!!! 0-37-346345-2 EDWARD 3 CHE ROMO I. 3355 N PARK AVE PHILADELPHIA PA 19145 18RICHARD R. CHILLEMIII Springfield, Pennsylvania B.S. Ursinus College President, Temple American Student Dental Assn. Jr. Sr. Vice President, Temple Student Council Sr. Vice President Temple ASDA So. Pa. ADA Committee For The Young Professional Temple Political Education Network Liaison Jr. Sr. Committee Member P.C.D.S. Annual Meeting Sr. Stomatognathic Honor Society Sr. Oral Surgery Honor Society Sr. Endodontic Study Club Sr. Monari Pep Squad; G.T.M. ! will fondly remember: Subway Surfing with Brill, Rom, Brons, and Janet. Showboating for the wacker Wanna Perk? Playing “Guts Ball" with someone else’s project. “V" is for victory! Karen Yelling at me. The avalanche of love and gifts! Eating races with Steven L. Crabbing with Ed, Young, and Deneen. I hereby bequeath; to Ed Chermol. all of the stuff that he already took from me. until such time as he breaks and returns them, complaining of my inferior quality instruments! To my sister Sharon, a case of Advil for duty days! Mom and Dad. thank you for your love, insight, and guidance. I love both of you! Ms. D.B. : Are P D A ’s still out of the question? Sharon. Ronald, Lauren, and Nelson, thank you for making “Family Time” an intellectual pursuit! 0-37-346344 RICHARD R CHILLE AI II 2106 S 17TH STREET PHILADELPHIA PA 101-lbMARIA C. COLE Pittsburgh, Pa. Dartmouth College Delta Sigma Delta, Endodontic Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society ASDA Thanks Mom for everything -for being my best girlfriend, being there when I needed you and when I thought I didn’t. 1 love you so much. To all the men in my life-Michael. Marcus. Max. Magnus, and my Daddy - I love you guys! To my girls Michele. Leslee and Judee — you're so very special to me — What can I say? We did it together. I don’t know how I could make it through the “DAZE" without you This place will Never be the same because of Us. I love all of you. Thanks for everything and best wishes to Dr. Bill, Uncle Mort, Uncle George. Dr. Johnson. PJW. Jack. Gilda, Ethel and Julie (Get to work!) Love you guys. 20 DANA J. COPE Allentown, PA B.S. Juniata College Stomatognathic Honor Society (President); Endodontics Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society "You can’t always get what you want .. but sometimes you get what you need.” 21 Stacey. Chris, and Dana: Another intense, productive: study sessionANTHONY R. COSTA Attended Villanoya University They who go Feel not the pain of parting; it is they Who stay behind that suffer. Henry W. Longfellow I would like to thank my father and mother for providing me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. You both have contributed essential parts in growth as a person. Without your patience, encouragement and guidance 1 could never have made it this far.BARBARA COURTNEY Wilmington, Delaware B.A. University Of Delaware Delta Sigma Delta. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontal Honor Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society, St. George’s Oral Cancer Oral Cancer Society I'd like to dedicate this page to the memory of my grandfather, who without his love, support and belief in me, I wouldn’t have gotten so far. 0-37-346269-4 BARBARA COURTNEY 514 S RANDOLPH ST PHILA PA 19147 23ANTHONY J. DANGELO Hazleton, Pennsylvania B.S. King’s College Endodontology Study Club St. George Oral Cancer Society ASDC I'm sure denial school has been a very challenging and rewarding experience for all of us. I am very grateful to my family and friends who motivated me with their confidence and support I'd like to wish the very best of luck and success to the entire Class of 1990 in both their dental careers as well as their personal lives. 24CHRISTOPHER T. DILEO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A., Gettysburg College Secretary: Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontology Study Club, ASDA, Dean’s List, Intramural Softball (The Drill Team-“You can’t coach that.”), Fiissball at noon, golfing at Ron Jaworski’s Eagle’s Nest I want to thank all of my friends for making dental school a fun four years, and a very special thanks to my wife and parents for all of their love and support. 25 CHARMEN W. DOUGLAS Springfield Gardens N.Y. Syracuse University B.S. 1984 Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society For all my family and friends I am extending my deepest appreciation for your support towards all my endeavors. Once again, I thank you.JEFFREY J. EMMI Wilmington, Delaware University Of Delaware BA Young Republican Dental Students Of PA, Endodontology Study Club, St. George’s Oral Cancer Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society Dental school has been a unique experience. Help from friends has made it even more memorable. Met a lot of new friends from different parts of the country, and hopefully after graduation we will stay in touch. Thank you Mom and Dad. ' »•» i in» 27MICHAEL F. FEDELE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S., Temple University With all sincerity I would like to thank my parents, Michelle, and my fiancee Anita. For it was through their guidance and understanding and support and patience that I was able to achieve this goal. Thank you! Best of luck to the Class of 1990! We stoop so low, to reach so high ... (U2) 28WILLIAM J. FETCHCKO Indiana University of Pa. ASDA. Endodontic Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Intramural Softball Team. MVP With considerable gratitude. I would like to thank my family and friends for their motivation, support, sacrifices, and care packages Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad — You made it happen! 29DAVID C. FRECHTMAN New York City, New York B.S. Fairlcigh Dickinson Univ. Alpha Omega Fraternity, Treasurer of the Endodontic Study Club Dad Mom. 30 My Dental assistant and myself. Naturally, infection control has always been a priority of mine'CARMINE J. GALDIERI III Hackensack, New Jersey B.A., Susquehanna University Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society, ASDC. Football Pool If failure is a good teacher, then I have learned more than is humanly possible. However, when one overcomes failure, the success is that much better do not be afraid to fail or you will never reach your potential. To my family and friends, who helped me through the rough times, enjoy the good times and pass away the meaningless times. I thank you. love you. and will not forget you! “All things happen for the best." Gramps. 31 JENNIFER GIANG Fountain Valley, California UCLA, B.S Endodontic Study Club; Oral Surgery Honor Society, Perio Honor Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society 32ANDRE R. GONZALEZ Pharr, Texas BA Texas A I University Endodontology Study Club I would like to dedicate this page to my wife family, for without their support, I may not have made it this far!JAVIER R. GONZALEZ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S., Villanova University Yearbook Staff. Oral Surgery Honor Society, St. George’s Oral Cancer Society: Vice President-Fellow Latin American Dental Students Society (Treasurer) 1 wish to express my love and appreciation to my family (Mom, Merci, Dominic, Nancy) for their love and support throughout my career. Te Amo Mama, te Amo Todes. 34GERALD C. GREEN III Chester, Pennsylvania B.A., Temple University American Student Dental Assoc. Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontology Honor Society I would like to thank my family and friends for all of their support and encouragement, especially my fiancee Aurora, who has always been thoughtful and understanding These past four years have gone by quickly, but not quite quickly enough. Best wishes to my fellow classmates in all of their future endeavors.CINDY GREENBERGER Bayside, New York State University Of New York Alpha Omega Fraternity, Periodontal Honor Society, American Association Of Women Dentists, American Society Of Dentistry For Children. Stick with me Rob the Best ts Yet to Come!!! I Love You I low you both v«y much. Thank you for your love and support throughout it all 36JUDEE HASHEM RAPOZA B.A., Temple University Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontology Honor Society, American Student Dental Association Sometimes the road we choose is difficult, but the friends we meet along the way make it all worth while. I thank you Mother and Father for without you both, my dreams could not have been realized. I thank my friends for all the laughter we shared. I thank my loving life long companion, Tony, for all his love and support. P.S. I swear Tony did not do ANY of my lab work!!! 37TROY A. HEUER Sassamansville, Pennsylvania B.S., Albright College Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontology Honor Society, ASDC, St. George’s Oral Cancer Fellowship Thanks Mom and Dad for all your support through these years. Hi Bill. Tracy. Bonnie. Billy III, John Jr., Heather. Jordan, Alyssa and the crackheads that stole the plain brown wrapper, twice. Never forget the slides into third base, scorpion from Phila Eddie, Sweet Lou. Bob’s Cresson Ave., Dobson St., and all the friends whom I shared the experiences with.NILESH C. KANSANGRA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.A., Washington and Jefferson College Delta Sigma Delta. Endodontology Study Club. ASA. Academy of General Dentistry To my parents and sisters, thanks for giving me support and strength when things were down. Thanks for believing in me. To my roommates. Marty. Steve. Dave. Laura, and Jackie, don’t forget all the wild and crazy times we had together these last 3 years. Remember the valentines that we went out with too! To all the instructors, thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me and thanks for making my time at dental school one to remember forever,MARTIN L. KERZIE Palmdale, California B.S. Cal. Polytech., Pamona Endodontology Study Club Even though it has been a rigorous four years, I am still leaving with many happy memories. I would like to thank my family and friends for the support given during the rough times. Plans for the Future: A general practice residency followed by private general dentistry. Juit ooe mote millimeter' -JOGERALD J. KILLARAN Philadelphia, Pa B.S., Ursinus College Endodontology Study Club When people ask me why I want to be a dentist, I’m usually obliged to say. "I want to help people and make them feel better about themselves.” But the real truth is, and Herbie agrees, “I don’t want to make toys anymore. I want to be a dentist.” Over the past four years my brain has been overworked, overplayed, and overtaxed with books, beer, and bills, consecutively. But. thanks to my mother and father, and all of my classmates and friends. I was able to survive this hell Thank God it’s over! This is the happiest time of my life and my biggest goal has been fulfilled. I’ll really cherish the memories: Preclinical tooth carving, occlusion definitions, our cadaver — 'The Myth”, fraternity parties and happy hours, my first shaky mandibular block, working 2 jobs. Spring breaks, patient No Shows, duty days, sleeping in class, safety glasses, scrubs, and most of all my classmates and teachers for their guidance and friendship. Thanks Mom Dad for reminding me over and over of the worthwhile long term. I couldn't have done it alone. I love you! Kindergarten vJbwr wimr My IdolYOUNG-HEE KIM Pusan, South Korea B.S., Loma Linda University Delta Sigma Delta Endodology Study Club. American Society of Dentistry for Children Dear Everyone: These few words are to thank each one of you that has contributed to make school life possible. First, and above all. I want to thank my parents, not only for giving me my education, but also for their compassion, love, and friendship. I will always be with you. Next. I want to thank my second family, my classmates, who occupy a very important place in my life To Bertha and Ed. you are two wonderful friends who will always have a very special place in my heart— forever. To Vincent. Karen. Jerry, Rick, Fernando, we had a wonderful summer together at Avelon Beach. Last, but not at all least. I want to thank all my teachers who have given me a sound foundation in dentistry. God bless the Class of 1990 and thanks to all! Love, Young (Forever Young)LISA M. KOTCH Hanover Township, Pa. B.S. Wilkes College Delta Sigma Delta Oral Surgery Honor Society ASDA. Endodentology Study Club, ASDC, Yearbook Staff I Lisa Kotch. being of sound mind (?? after 4 years at Temple) do hereby leave all my patient's unpaid bills to Ed Krupa (he should be able to pay off the debts with his race car winnings!) Special thanks to my parents for all their help and support these past 8 years. Especially Daddy, for being my Guinea Pig! Included also for their support are my grand mothers, grandfather. aunt Phyllis, as well as my sister Jackie fiance. Scott. If tt weren’t for these special people in my life. I never would have been able to complete dental school. Thanks again! What's left of my 3rd floor apt? My pal Samantha? Mom. Jackie. Dad (my support) My best fnends! My fovonte person! 43 PAMELA J. KOVALICH Bethlehem, Pennsylvania B.S., St. John Fisher Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontology Study Club, ASDC PSI Omega (Vice President '87 ’89), ASAA member, St. George’s Oral Cancer Society To the class of 1990, 1 leave the best of luck, may all your futures be filled with prosperity and happiness. I LOVE YOU HONEY, WITH ALL MY HEART! Thank you Mom Dad tor your endless low and support throughout the years Words cannot express how much I low you Penelope my scholastic advisor1 Thanks to my ssster Eileen triends who supported me throughout the years and kept me going. I love ya all' Thanks for the best years of my life!DALE C. KUSHNER ardley. Pa. B. S. University of Maryland Asda, Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society, Instrument Committee. Yearbook Staff. Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity (Vice President), ACls Certified. I would like to dedicate this page to the many people who have helped me through the toughest 4 years of my life and to offer my thanks. First and foremost, to Mom Dad: for always being there for me. day or night, to give me the love, support, and encouragement I so often needed. Thanks for doing your best to make my life easier and more bearable through all the "ups-n downs" these last few years. But. most of all. thanks for being you. To Rhonda. Michael and David: For listening to my complaints, for the place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of dental school, for your moral support and for the great pneumonics at exam time. To Buddy— My Mentor: For caring and giving so much through the years. You have truly made a difference iri my life. To Steve A.: Well, you were right, and you can say “I told you so." Thanks for always believing in me (from day one), for the late-night pep talks, tutoring sessions, and lectures. Mostly, thanks for being such a wonderful friend1 Finally, thank you to all the instructors who have made dental school a fulfilling and rewarding experience!SANTO T. LAFOCA Oral Surgery Honor Society, St. George Cancer Research. Endodontics Study Club. Delta Sigma Delta ASDAC I leave my golf clubs and attire to Rick Chillemi, along with my "Playing Lessons" by Jack Nicholas. The rest of my personal assets will be given to needy children.ANTHONY N. LAQUNILLA Dickinson College Endodontology Study Club ASDC, Oral Surgery Honor Society, St. George’s Oral Cancer Society, 1m Basketball, Im Volleyball. Im Softball, Philadelphia Med. Lacrosse, VATACS It was hard, it was tough, but mostly it was unbearable! Thanks to all my family and friends for making the Dental School years better than they really were! 47KIMBERELY R. LAND Pottsville, PA B.S. Wilkes Barre American Student Dental Association, Delta Sigma Delta, American Association Of Women Dentists. Endodontic Study Club. Intermural Volleyball Thank you Mom. Dad. Patt. and Ben- I love you!!PAUL T. LEARY Wanaque, New Jersey B.S., Gannon University Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Thank you to my friends and family for their comfort support and love. I couldn’t have made it without you. 49 My special support group. I low you all!'VIRGINIA E. LEE B.A. Franklin And Marshall Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontics Society, St. George’s Oral Cancer Society. Xi Psi Pin Fraternity To my devoted parents and sisters who have given me un relenting support. To Dennis, my BBK. who has made my “temporary stay” at TUDS much more pleasant Last Will and Testament: To Lisa and Laura, and my little brother. Rico. I bequeath all of my carving skills, and hope that your “visit" to TUDS is as painless as possible. 50HARISON LOO Honolulu, Hawaii B.A., B.S., Univ. Of Hawaii St. George Oral Cancer Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Eudodontology Study Club. Periodontal Honor Study Best wishes and luck to my classmates. I would like to thank my family for their support, patience and understanding To my friends and classmates. I wish the best of luck and all the good things that life can bnng' 51THOMAS G. LOPATOFSKY Troy, Pennsylvania B.S., University of Saranton Delta Sigma Delta Grand Master; Endo Study Club; Oral Surgery Honor Society I would like to thank my father for all of his support these last four years, as well as his patience during our many hours of “talking dentistry”. I would also like to thank the best sisters and brothers-in-law a brother could ever have. Those extra $5.00’s and $10.00$ were always given when my funds were the lowest. I love you all very much And last but not least. I would like to thank Nicole. We’ve had good times and better times. What else can 1 say? Nicole, I Love You! WILL YOU MARRY ME. PLEASE?!?HUNG VAN LY Hue, Vietnam B.S. Saigon Science University M.D. Hue Medical School Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, ASDC This page is dedicated to my mother who has unselfishly given of herself and asked only for my happiness in return. 53WENDY C. MATT Philadelphia, PA. Drew University, B.A. 1981 Treasurer Alpha Omega. St. George Oral Cancer Society; Endo Study Club; Oral Surgery Honor Society; ASDA, Odontolog Staff One of ihe rare times in the years 1986-1990 where Wendy was ahead I'm gonna grow up and be a dentist’ C'mon get serious’” The house I could have bought if 1 didn’t have to pay back dental school loans. 54SUSAN M. McELHILL Delaware County, Pa. St. Joseph’s University B.S. Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Student Recruitment. St. George’s Oral Cancer Society, ASDC, Endodontology Honor Society, Tutored Histology. Certified in ACLS I would like to dedicate this page to the two most important people in my life, my father and my fiance, Pete. I could have never made it through the last four years without them. My father has taught me the most valuable lesson in dentistry which is to always do your best and to be yourself. My fiance, Pete, has taught me the meaning of the word patience. Thanks for waiting for me, Pete I love you both very much. 55h FANNY MINTZ Mexico City, Mexico Dental School Mexico City Pediatric Residency Philadelphia These years have been kind of "interesting” and hard at the same time, the first week in the sophomore year I heard: “Don't let your highs take you too high; or your lows take you too low." I keep remembering it, very often... I wish you all lots of happiness, success, and Thank You.. Fay Mintz 56TERRY L. MONTELEONE Allentown, Pennsylvania Elizabethtown College Endodontology Study ClubGREGG V. MONTEROSSO Yonkers, New York Bs Fourleigh Diounson Univ. Psi Omega Fraternity Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society. ASDC, ST. George Oral Cancer Society, ASDA Some of us may see this as the end. but i see it as just the beginning. I look back on these past 4 years and all the good times... and all the friends that I made will remember forever. Mom, Dad, Nana, Lara, Glen, Gary, Karen, the boys— what can I say but thank you for your support. Babe, thank you too for being a part of it, your love, support, pep talks and ring-dings! I love you. And last but certainly not least, Mom Dad. I didn’t just do it, we did it. Without your love, support, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration, this wouldn’t have been possible. With all my heart— Thanks Last Will Testament: I leave my.. instruments to Andy Patton, who has most of them anyways, Locker comber to Ken Soffer. and my thanks to all the friends I've made for all the laughs good times.RICHARD S. MORROW Philadelphia, Pennsylvania LaSalle University, B.A. ASDA representative Vice President of Fr. and Jr. classes Peridontal Honor Society. Endodontology Study Club. Oral Surgery Honor Society. ASDC. Alpha Omega Fraternity Thank you Mom and Dad, Todd and Rendi for all your support. A special thanks. Mom Dad. for all that you have done, and for being the most special and most wonderful parents that you are! I love you! Mr Sparks. 197S19S8 59JEFFREY S. MOSKOWITZ Brooklyn, New York B.A., Skidmore College Periodontal Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Endodontology Study Club, ASDA, AGd, A.O. Fraternity, Student recruitment officer. Yearbook Staff. . .Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obssscurity into the dream.”— Pink Floyd. Last will and Testament: I leave ONE cent to the Temple Dental Alumni Fund. 60 “She' not pregnant a she?!"PIERRE MOURADIAN Philadelphia Pennsylvania Rutgers University Saint George Oral Cancer Society Secr. Armenian-American Medical and Dental Association of Greater Phila.. Endodotology Study Club. First International Medical Dental Congress on AIDS. Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity. Armenian Students Associations of America. Inc.. Bay Scotts of America. Hamentnen of Philadelphia • With time you showed me that there was more room to love you than I was able to realize on my own." Pierre MouradianBRIAN C. MUZYKA Freehold, New Jersey B.S. Cook College-Rutgers University Student Council President 1989-1990, Secretary-Treasurer Class Of 1990, 1986-1990. Student Council Treasurer 1988-1989, Student Council Representative 1986-1989, American Student Dental Association, American Association Of Dental Schools, Endodontic Study Club, St. George Oral Cancer Society 62ALAN EDWARD NAIDOFF Langhorne, Pennsylvania B.S. Cook College-Rutgers University 1986 St. George Oral Cancer Society, Endodontics Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society, Periodontology Honor Society, American Student Dental Association, Odontolog Yearbook To Mom, Dad, Mark. Lisa, Rose, Anne, and assorted friends. I thank you for your unending support, help and love. You have helped me see the future through the haze. 63STEVEN OCHSENREITHER Willow Grove, PA. Penn State University Endodontology Study Club, ASDC. Oral Surgery Honor Society. Periodontal Study Club 1 would like to thank my family and friends for always being there when I needed them. Your love and support has made my life wonderful. Thanks!! You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire Once the flame begins to catch, the wind will blow It higher" Peter Gabriel. B1KOSTEPHEN L. OLITSKY Philadelphia, PA Franklin Marshall College Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, Sigma Omicron Sigma Social Fraternity, ASDA, ASDC. St. George Oral Cancer Society, Stomatognathic Honor Society, Oral Surgery Honor Society. Endodontic Study Club To Kenny “The Weas" Softer I leave my black wing tips, dark socks, and plain white undershirt RUNNING AT TOP SPEED WITH NO OBJECTIVE'' Jacob Olitsky (1936) Ma and Pop I am hard pressed to (md adequate words of appreciation Your love, support and encouragement has enabled me to ochtcve goals unobtainable otherwise I live by your example and it is you that I thank for the person I am today Tamar, the day we met you forever changed my life In such a way that I have never looked back. Through the past four years I often wondered who it was harder on. and If I could have endured on my own But the one thing that I am sure of Is 1 would not have wanted to do it without you by my side. Thanks for your unyielding love, support and patience Dr. LM Salkin, thank you for your friendship and guidance as well as your exemplary devotion to the field of dentistry, both as practitioner and educator. Kenny when I reflect back on the past four years I wonder how w« made it and then I think to myself "we" made It. It seems as though whether I recall the hard time or the good times you were always there And when I think of my sofa you were always there (sleeping on it) Weas. thanks for your sustaining friendship, one that I am sure will last a lifetime.RONALD A. PAHL JR. Springfield, Massachusetts B.S., Springfield College Endodontology Study Club, American Society Of Dentistry For Children “1 leave wondering why 1 chose Temple." 1964. that’s me My brother and I, 1968 I don’t kiss and tell! 66MICHELLE CECCHUNI PATERNO Pennsauken, NJ B.S. Thomas Jefferson University President Class Of 1990 (1986-1990), Student Council Secretary 1988-90, Student Delegate AADS, Northeast Regional Correspondent AADS, Kraemer Award For Academic Achievement, Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Stomatognathic Honor Society, Periodontal Honor Society, Endodontology Study Club, Oral Surgery Honor Society IADR When I look back on my life, I see paths chosen and loved ones standing by to support those choices. How can 1 show the amount of appreciation, admiration, and love for my family whose patience, guidance, and understanding words helped make me the person that I am? All I can do is to say thank you and I love you! 67PETER J. PELLITTIERI B.S., State University of N.Y. at Buffalo Rochester, New York ASDA Academy of General Dentistry Endo Study Club. This is dedicated to Alison, who married me in June of 1986. If only you had known what life with a dental student was like!! You’ve put up with a lot these past four years (even gold foils, like any spouse of a dental student!) I could have never done it without you!! Last Will and Testament: To the Dental School I leave my lunch bag. which earned FOUR YEARS of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! 68MARC A. POVEROMO Miami, Florida Miami Dade Community college Florida State University University of Miami Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity [Keeper of the door!!] endodontology study club Last Will Testament: This One’s For You Dad!NICOLE M. QUEZADA Red Bank, New Jersey University Of Illinois, Champaign Delta Sigma Delta (Rush Chairman); Endodontic Study Club; ASDA Representative Lots of love and thanks to my parents and brother for helping me through all these years of education. Thank God it’s over! Tom. we’ve been through everything I can imagine and more together-thank you for being there for me. I love you. Honey!crnKrC LESLEE A. M. RAKOWSKY B.S., Albright College Endodontology Study Club; Oral Surgery Honor Society; Periodontology Honor Society; Stomatognathic Honor Society To accomplish great things We must not only act but dream ... Not only plan but also believe_ If you can imagine it you can achieve it- If you can dream it you can become it! nervous iwucb ■ fear of crib nolr discover) crossed eyes due to deciphering ompateriied rum answer sheets )i woro oul nose- pot to grindstone last two weeks dislocated shoulder -put to whrri loo diligently ,___fingers worn down • « p i-untl "V m -ee r-d J7 mwuto f arm from strenuous lifting (coffer In morning and beer at night) - limited wardrobe afire pa)ing for graduation cost — second best foot- _ 6 0 icalous of best foot's leadership My best patients 71DONALD W. RAY II B.S. University Of Pittsburgh IADR; AADR; St. George Oral Cancer Society; Endodontic Study Club; Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity; Oral Surgery Honor Society; American Student Dental Assoc.; Table Clinic 125th AnniversityHEIDI RAY New Kensington, PA B.S. Westminster College Endodontology Study Club; Oral Surgery Honor Society Thanks Mom and Dad ... We made it!!!VINCENT S. ROGLIANO Riverton, N.J. B.A. La Salle University There are many things I would like to say about my time at TUDS. but most of them would probably be edited! Let it suffice to say that I don’t believe I finally finished all those ?!@C% requirements! Only you, who went through this place, know what ?!@C% means. A special thanks to Ed Young, who helped me laugh during the hard times; Skinny Minny, who helped me gain patience; and especially Karen, who’s support companionship allowed me to write this paragraph. Thanks to all of you who helped me through this ?!@C% ordeal! Mom Dad: Thanks for your love, support, cash! Salute! All dressed up for the site team visit! 74 The Future!DAVID L. ROMISHER Philadelphia, PA. Rutgers University Periodontology Honor Society; Oral Surgery Honor Society; Endodontology Study ClubBERTHA M. RUIZ N. Bergen, New Jersey B.S. Fairlcigh Dickinson Endodontology Study Club; American Society Of Dentistry For Children Goal in life-to be happy and successful in my private general practice. I wish to express my love and gratitude to my parents for their guidance and support throughout my career. To Fernando the nice moments at TUDS which were shared with you. To Young Hee the memories of a beautiful friendship. To the faculty thank you for all that you taught me. Finally to all my classmates the best of luck! 76MARGARET M. SCHMITT Wilmington, Delaware Boston University Endodontology Study Club V.P.; Periodontology Honor Society; Oral Surgery Honor Society Call me Moon Me and my lavonte palGEORGE SEARS B.S. Muhlenberg College 1986 Periodontology Honor Society; Oral Surgery Honor Society; American Society Of Dentistry For Children; Psi Omega Dental Fraternity I. being of partly sound mind and body hereby bequeath my clectromallet to anyone that wants it! Sigma Phi EpsilonMURRAY SELTZER B.A. Stockton State College 1986 American Society Of Dentistry For Children Vice President; Oral Surgery Honor Society; Endodontology Study Club; American Student Dental Association To the Walrus and the Pegasus I leave to you the memories of all the valuable protocol you supplied me with,! couldn't have survived without your help, thanks again! To the Seller, Davis and Cooperman families thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Especially Rose, my mother and Marvin, my father and now colleague! 79 All my low and special thanks to Dr. Tara (The Turtle) CoopermanKENNETH SOFFER Philadelphia, PA Ursinus College Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity; Periodontics Honor Society; American Society Of Dentistry For Children; Endodontic Study Club; American Student Dental Association I leave my C B requirements to Steve "Weasie" Olitsky; pumice wheel to Gregg “G-man" Monterosso; and to all who are willing, the TUDS short cut handbook. Th« Last 4 years. although at times were unbearable, were memorable to say the least I must say I had my share of the good, and the bad yet through It all I experienced some of the best times of my life 1 cherah the memories Ain't gonna be no weirdo's occlusion defs . You strapper Splash bash I II Fnday's . Elbow .. "I hooked you up" .. Huigh school ... WEAS’ I've made some great friends and t hope the friendship is everlasting Steve. 1 probably couldn't have made it without you. You're the true definition of a "friend’ Gram. Neil, and Beth. Cindy and Mike you all made It so much easier. Beth thanks for being there forever and a day Mom and Dad. what can I say You're the reason I'm in the position I am today I’ve always said. "I’ll give to my children all that you have enhanced me with MI love you guys , Sec you Wednesday for dinner' TUF omly'timg I SEE Hl W IS WHEN HE WAttVS X POM'T KNOVVABOUf Q ),AUTY TIME,BUT ftfS 80ALBERT J. TURPIE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S., St. Joseph’s University Endodontology Study Club; Oral Surgery Honor Society Thanks St. Joe’s. Good Luck to Bud. Sue, and Frank. Especially Thank you Mom, Dad and Joe who made the past 8 years possible. I leave all my meld in pinochle to Pat. which usually adds up to about 2. 81PATRICK T. HAHL Wilmington, Delaware University Of Pennsylvania 1 wish to thank all those faculty who encouraged scientific debate. Thanks, mom and dad for the emotional and financial support that made my education possible. Will — I leave my “Smile” button to Arlene Solomon. In spite of his many clinical requirements. Patrick always made time for other worthwhile activities 82SHAWN Y. WASHINGTON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A., Temple University Oral Surgery Honor Society; Endodontology Honor Society; Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity; Ultimate Frisbee Player Someday, we will looK V acK on +K'..S, an cl we rviilf UugK. But ri KT rov ; y e'r-e too ti re d t o be amused... 83DALE A. WILKIE Dallas, Pennsylvania B.S., Albright College Oral Surgery Honor Society Peridontal Honor Society, Endodontology Study Club, ASDC, St George’s Oral Cancer Society To all my friends (and those who pretended to be my friends) Thanks for making this experience fun, or at least as fun as it could have possibly been. Thanks for the unforgetable memories...ERIK D. WILLIAMS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Howard University, B.S. Student National Dental Society During my youth, my mother, Deitra Williams, and my father. Dr. Edward Williams intensively struggled to become educated to make a better life for themselves and their family. My mother reached her goals to receive a masters degree in education, and my father graduated from Temple University Dental School and unknowingly started a family tradition here in Philadelphia. Upon my graduation, 1 would like to express my sincere appreciation to both of them. Dad, your guidance, wisdom, fatherly and professional advice has given me a solid foundation upon which to build. Mom, your warmth, patience, understanding, and motherly love advice has conferred to me a sense of compassion that I would like to share with others. TUDS has provided me with the dental knowledge and professional skills necessary to confidently and competently provide quality dental care. 85 The Williams Crew. Philadelphia. I am ready for you. No guts, no glory HENRY PO-TANG WUN Taichung, Taiwan Temple University, B.S. Yearbook Staff, Endodonyology Study Club Life is a cycle of dreams, only those who dare to dream the impossible come out on top. To Mom, Dad. my dearest brothers, Mike. Ted. and sister Jen: Love forever. I leave the spirit of Rudolph Valentino to anyone who would read this page— may you treat your loved ones as best as possible. 86JOSE M. ZAYAS Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico B.S., University of Puerto Rico Latin American Dental Student Society 1 dedicate this page to all my beloved relatives and friends who gave me the support and help I needed during my years as a dental student. Special thanks to Ana for her dedication and understanding. Last Will and Testament: I would like to leave my RPD surveyor to the Class of 1993 and mv electromallet to the Class of 1994. 87STACEY L. ZUCK Bathlehem, Pennsylvania Temple University Vice-President of Oral Surgery Honor Society Vice-President-Stomatognathic Honor Society, Saint George Oral Cancer Society, Endodontology Society. Many thanks to: Betsie. Dana, and Chris along with Mom and Dad. Last Will and Testament: Fussball at Lunch. "That goal counts?’ 'Fetch' Reap the Willwind. 88LISA M. KUTZ-DEAN Nanticoke, Pa B.S. University of Scranton Endodontic Study Club. Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity I wish to express my sincere gratitude and love to my parents for all the support and love they have given me these past years. Also, lots of love and thanks to my wonderful husband. Jack, and our bundle of fluff. Sasha. 89I H I A SMIIC 1 T Lopatofsky 2. D Frcchtman 3 L Rakowsky 4 H Wun 5 M Bassiounncy 6 M Paicmo 7 D. Cope 8. D. Ray 9 M Cole 10. E. Chermol 11. M Arroyo 12. B Muzyka 9091' » I MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT. WITH HANDS LIKE THESE I SHOULD'VE BEEN A SURGEON STEP 3 NO PROBLEM" 93The dynamic duo Finally paid off! The parlials from HELL'OOOH NO MR BILL!!! This organism grows In my mouth? This Is the life, drill and fill! My fly is showing' Maria making Jim blush aaain!Hey guys, look at the funny wave It makes when I tap my feet against Dr Gang. I only wanted my teeth cleaned the leg of the table Heidi smiles in pain as she peals the hot wax off her finger.9?Charmen. don’t forget to let the air out Physiology? We would rather danceDefinition a mechanical caliper-like device which can record the relationship between the maxillary arch, the hinge axis and a third point of reference for the purpose of transferring the recorded relationship to a semi adjustable dental articulator In order to mount the maxillary model How many times does it take to do it right7 It looks easy but four years later I still can t' Jeff, suffering from jaw lock. Maria always found time to talk about boys, however, sometimes Linda had an advantage. Mike, put both Index fingers up If I'm hurting you ony. you never listen, please close your mouth JUST ONCE!!!!! Marla smiles and pretends she does not understand the English language and to this day Steve has not completed this transfer I can't tell if I'm drooling Nilesh patiently waits for the day he can torture his lab partner Leslie and Greg, this Is a demonstration of the Fake Bow Transfer, learn it! Pete shows Marc how the facebow transfers authentic Elvi Presley side burns.Lucky patient!! You're a Dell - that looks Great Those babes are soo hot' Mike will use this In a stir fry later tonight Steve. I'm telling ya. chicks really dig this"TOM AND THE PEANUT GALLERY LOOK MOM. NO GLOVES' 102 HEY BUD. WHAT KIND OF MOOD DO YOU THINK BARB IS IN TODAY? ARE WE HAVING FUN YET'Plrta cell ? Pinky extended- Dale showing us proper electrosurg etiquette. Inferior alveolar nerve should run from here to here, or wait, may be here to I've lost his pulse Is it lunch yet' 103Javier, enjoying the touch of a woman! All I think about i Tom Homeboy. you got some uuuggly teeth"" “If I could only get to his neck “ Dave getting a hold on his relationship8:00 a.m Dentistry by the disabled! Ed. it's not in my appointment book! Ahhh shucks'! Hey you guys want to |oin the Endo Club’ Eric “on time" WilliamsFine dining out at FSUB T I'd rather be fishing H I'd rather he were too 106 Dale The GuyShe sings, dances, acts, waxes, clenches, preps, and even plays the accordlan Both important, but not necessarily interchangeable II the crown won’t lit- FORCE IT! Jefl (lashing those pearly whites California here I come!Ken and Murray Cry everything to rescucitatc Annie You want these dentures when? Jose gets ready for the next locker inspection. Shawn can't wait to volunteer' Moon dreams of Egg innno Does neatness count The GIRLSWhat do you m«an I've got to do it over! I told you not to use craiy glue' Not another "C"M Doc. remember I've got a gun and I hate dentists It's hard to keep a tough man down'Try it again Sam! j Cindy, this took like the wrapping paper on the present you ve me!' But. Dr Pav it says in the clinic manual I needed a good manicure! ss yT; » "May I have one more exam tooth to start over?" 113Bill sings to himself: I Ain't Got Nobody! I'd like to Introduce you to Sammy Davis Jr. II I can't wait for Spring Break' Hey babe, what are you doing after school? A No Dr Freeman, you want Wendy?! don't know Dr Walcuj-he just stopped breathing!This Is nil fine and great, but where are the refreshments' WAIT' I think I can add |ust a little more plaster Hey Brian, have you seen Tom anywhere?!??! Now, now. Bud. this won’t hurt a bit1 It fils great when I hold it inBrian knew hi patient would lubmit to dentures or he promised to take another secondary impression. Ed recalls placing artifacts on Karen's radiographs, at least she got a DFG out of it Jennifer convinced her patient that the rubber base impression material on her jacket looks lust like a flower Henry felt if his patient could sit for four more hours his last molar would be history The day after his bachelor party Don found It difficult to fabricate a post and core1 could adjust the height but I won't1' "OK, I got one for you Steve. Why does the chicken cross the street?" That little bit off the distal contact worked, it seats perfect. i Vivek and Marc were seen plotting another Mike Chen prank. 117 Heidi's patient begged and prayed that the mess she saw before her would be quick and painlessOnly 90% bone loss. I think we can save them! Treatment planning isn’t the problem 119 A little salt, a little pepper, and you have a really terrific soup Xar. I give this project five more minutes and I'm leaving! No I haven't seen the lead shield, you'll have to look lor one Boys, watch those hands' Leslee always has a sparkle in her smile Pucker up baby1 tI don't know Dr Hertzog It fits on the die You want me to put this where? 121 1 Three patients, three no shows, the three of us. While Karen and Charmen smiled for this picture, they realized they were resting in a puddle of Scope — THE BOTTOM LINE IS SIMPLE. SOMETIMES WE OVERLOOK THE OBVIOUS SIGNS THAT PREDICT THE DAYS EVENTS. Murray demonstrates a form of patient discipline for broken appointmentsWe Thank Our Colleagues For Supporting The Health Fair And Representing Our Class. OP TEN L£ IWVOBITY SCHOOL OF DEHTlSTfl I althfaif87 r 2, 10am-3pm NOVtlWWM Wfjt, 124 V.v125Pat Wahl’s table clinic was a success It's a shame that he had to sacrifice and present it In Hawaii! Here's to bow ties, shades, beer and life after dentistry! Pete and Pete Jr The Pearl Harbor Tour with friends Mike Chen poses for the Dr Samartmo look alike contest 127128 Karen and Vince assure each other that there will be better daysHere' to good friends We’ve got the beer, charcoal, hamburger , and rolls Now. does anyone have a match7 Someone wake me up when this terrible nightmare Is over!!! Heidi takes advantage of Terry's wired |aw and treats him to dinner. "This water's on me." Ron is surprised to find his name listed as one ol the ten sexiest men in America1 129WELCOME ©NS AND ALL TO TBS 1DS2 T'EMTLE ©ENTAIL TALENT SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA ALL FROCIIOS ttstm THE I9»0 ODOMOLOd yt-ARtOOK. 7HA k you roR youR su» P0R7i PRESENTING: 1) ELVIS: ALIVE A KELL? Karc Poveromo. Kike Chen 2) THE ROSE: Michel Paterno. Alan Neldoff 3) A CLASS ACT: Or. Spiegelford. Or. Konari 4) KINO BENEATH Mr WINGS: Michel Paterno 5) SAXOPHONE EXTRAORDINAIRE: William Pruden 6) MEMORIES: Alan Naldoff 7) THE TEMPLE TANGO: Henry Wun. Karla Cole. Michele Paterno 8) VIOLIN VIRTUOSO: Brent Lin 9) EN00D0NTIC REFLECTIONS: Rich Marrow. Oave Hazzourl SPEC! 41. THANKS TO: — - Oenis Bourgulgnon: Producer Michele Paterno: Casting Director Richard Morrow: Master of Cerenonies Vincent Rogllano: Photography Director Ticket Sales: Dave BrilJer. Marla Cole. Henry Wun. Cindy Greenberger. Sue Howell Ushers: Karen Charneckl. Michele Welsh, Bill PeveletzGOOD ENOUGH TO BE IN PICTURES! Richard Morrow: Matter of Ceremonies U I Monari and Spiegs the blind leading the blind. mm m Michele Paterno. The Wind Beneath Our Wings!J Violin Virtuoso Brent Lin Michele and Henry Getting down to the Beat! Hazxourl "Waicus" trtes to pick up Michele’ Saxophone Extraordinaire William Pruden Alan touching us with Memories 1 fYou’ve Got The Cutest a j . 134 22 ' VI" vsei l S Zuck 2 B Courtney 3. C. Douglas 4 T Hcuer 5 M. Arroyo 6. M. Chen 7 B Ruiz 8 P Kovaltch 9 L Rakowsky 10. Y.H Kim 11 C Dil.eo 12 D Bourguignon 13 L. Kutz 14 M Bronstein 15 T DcAngelo 16. D. Kushner 17. D Ray 18. T. Lagunilla 19 A Naidoff 20 C Greenbcrger 21 M Seltzer 22. V. Rogliano 23 K Chamecki 24 J Bernste.n 25. V. Am.n 26. R Pahl 27. H Ray 28 K. Cackowski 29 G. Killoran 30 L. Belcher 31 N Quezada 32. R. Morrow 33. K Land 34 L Kotch 35. T Monteleone 36 J. Hashem 37 M Paterno 38 T Costa 39. D. Wilkie 40. G. Monterosso41 J. Gonzalez42. S. Lafoca 43. S Atlas44 J Emmi45 H.Wun46.D Romisher 47 D Cope jjaoej tiqegajnnDR. LISA DEEM S FAVORITE CHIEF COMPLAINTS . . 1. Magor work front and back molder. 2. Teeth bleed when I brush. 3. Bad teeths. 4. Odontal work. 5. Phoplatic. 6. Wisdom abstraction. 7. I have a mouth full of garbage! 8. I am developing a black stuff in my teeth. 9. Congested gum. 10. My dental came out. 11. Ordered a slice of pizza, bit a piece of crust and then broke my tooth. 12. My cop fell off. 13. I needed attention. 14. Teeth just fall out one at a time. 15. I want to be checked out. 16. To replace teeth that are no longer with us. 17. Wisdom teeths. 18. Feeling fell out of tooth. 19. I have a tooth desies called paraldontis. 20. My doctor’s name — Dr. Harsh Barsh. 21. I feel I need it. 22. Route canal. 23. Bliring gams. 24. My teeth are always aching and I would also like placement tooths. 25. Red gums and shaky teeth. 26. Gums are decreasing. 27. Counciling on parrcell plates. 28. Needed feeling. 29. I want to transplant tooth, scrape bone and replace sealed tooth. 30. I got plat on my teeth. 136FACULTY, Etc. Our apologies to all the (acuity, administrators, and stall not appearing in these pages. Due to the high cost ol production, we were lorced to reduce the number ol pages. Our thanks to the (acuity lor teaching and helping the new generation ol dentists to carry the prolession into the (uture.i r 14}ODONTOLOG 1990 SALUTES FACULTY OF THE YEAR DR. GEORGE MONASKY WE. THE CLASS OF 1990. OFFER OUR APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE TO DR. G. MONASKY FOR HIS RELENTLESS DEDICATION TO DENTISTRY AND FOR HELPING TO EDUCATE COUNTLESS NUMBERS OF STUDENTS. WE THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH US.ODONTOLOG SALUTES DR. L.S. LIPKIN A MAN WHO WAS ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE. Director of Academic Support Service Assistant Professor. Department of Prosthodontics Rutgers University. 1955 Temple University School of Dentistry, 1959 Your years at Temple can be summed up in a quote from Golda Meier: “Nothing in life just happens. It isn't enough to believe in something. You have to have the stamina to meet obstacles and overcome them to struggle.” You have reached the first plateau, and as you look back, you will discover that your struggles were well worth it, and the mountain ahead is not so high. My sincerest congratulations to the Class of 1990, and my thanks to all of you for allowing me to be a part of your success and future. SPECIAL THANKS TO DR. SARAH GRAY ODONTOLOG ADVISOR I want to formally acknowledge and congratulate you. the Class of 1990, for the resolve, stamina and understanding you have demonstrated over the past four years during a period when your school was progressing through a monumental "rite of passage”. You. also, have experienced a "rite of passage" to a proud and noble profession for which we share a common concern and responsibility. The perseverance and dedication which have brought you and your family to this happy time are reasons for much pride and satisfaction. I commend you on the accomplishments. As you build on the knowledge and experiences of your dental school years in your future professional life, my very best wishes for good health, happiness. and prosperity go with you. Congratulations!ORGANIZATIONSASDA ENDO STUDY CLUB ORAL SURGERY HONOR SOCIETY 152 YSDC PERIO HONOR SOCIETYSTOMATOGNATHIC HONOR SOCIETY STUDENT COUNCILIIISKIK Mill Denis Bourguignon - Editor In Chief David Briller - Asst. Editor Steve Atlas - Layout Editor Charmen Douglas - Asst. Layout Ed. Auxiliaries Michele Paterno Maria Cole Lisa Kotch Henry Wun Murray Seltzer Karen Charnecki Dale Kushner Wendy Matt Vince Rogliano Alan Naidoff vjouU fdot. to tapuu dt ptSqu httb to att Holt, a lto dtdiedtd H mubfl to Ht mtdtion of ttul ytaxbccL ft wai Huougt i cut lot dp luppcdt. and inlpw c HcCHu unique Coffagt of mtmoKitl mol triiualutd. ft' wal no limpft. talk buEHaouqlt. St aff. u t, durovtxtd mov, about tad oHtz a d ouxitlctl ai ott off u odctd tbgtU z tov azdl a common goal. May a t oai duoml btcomt, KtatHif caul you fiM bt fruJtfuf . fti btta Kiat! Good tfJc and God bftu. Otail Bouxguigu 02( 6i£e Tfacc 7{ cne Occt This is your answering service. While you were at school, these things happened. Just to bring you up to date! Pit bull aggression Steroid abuse. 1988 Olympics In Seoul Jim and Tammy Baker fall Jimmy Swaggart soon to follow Gretzky traded to L.A. KINGS Holmes falls to Tyson who falls to Douglas Roger Rabbit "Batman" the movie Oliver North (Patriot or player of the Iran Contra affair) Lyme disease Baby M debate Stalker in Philadelphia Medical waste washes up on N.J. beaches Tracy Chapman Young MC Talk to raise speed limit to 65 Neptune fly by with computer images by Voyager II Iron Curtain falls as Reagan and Gorbachev discuss arms control Donald Trump and Ivana? Crocodile Dundee Thirtysomething 20th anniversary of Woodstock The fall of the Marcos' U.S shot down Iranian passenger jet Fax machines and Cellular phones Crack Bush declares war on drugs Steffi Graf wins tennis Grand Slam Sixers and Flyers talk of move to N.J. Chernobyl Nuclear accident Berlin Wall come down Haley's comet Temple dental gets a new dean Dental school closings across the country Fine Young Canibals Jessica Hahn Howard Stern WYSP Paula Abdul San Francisco earthquake interrupts World Series Beijing protest results in death of Tiananmen Square Guns and Roses South Africa is no longer ignored Filming of Rocky V. Statue controversy Hostage Terry Anderson still In Lebanon after 5 years Exxon oil spill of the Valdez Goode elected to second term WHO and Stones reunion tours AIDS Miata, return to the roadster Fire in Yellow Stone casts a cloud over much of the nation Grateful Dead Is the last band to play in J.F.K. J F K. declared unsafe SEPTA train accident. 4 dead and 181 injured 1986 Mets. the come back kids Emperor Hirohito is dead after 62 years Aquino becomes Philippines' president Oprah goes from blimp to bikini Death of the latollah Khomeini N.W Flight 255 crash- 1 survives Autoclaving of handpieces once again becomes mandatory Temple University Class of 1990 splits PA lottery!! WELCOME BACK TO REALITY!IK'ASSO Freshmen year: For some of us, it was the realization of a life long dream; for others, it was a last minute decision. But here we were, on our way to the professional life. The plan was simple enough, take a few courses, pass a few exams, and voila — we’d be dentists! How could we have been so naive? Our first brush with dentistry (no pun intended) was the seemingly foreign language of dental terminology. We memorized a myriad of terms, classifications, number codes, nomenclature, and, of course, the definition of the Bennet angle. Memorization, we soon found, was the key here. Don’t ask why. just memorize. Protocol became a household word as we dumped dozens of nickles in the copying machines. We were introduced to the world of lab work and pondered endlessly the age old question of how to keep stone and plaster from sticking everywhere but where we wanted it. Alginate became a fun tool to duplicate all kinds of things like fingers, hands, noses, faces, anything but teeth! We endured countless hours of carving teeth, grinding, equilibrating, and waxing up. only to be rewarded by the usual grade of a “C". We learned to hate the sight of a microscope and to dread those things called practical. And just when we thought we were in the clear with the end of the first semester, we hit gross anatomy We will forever remember the putrid smell of cadavers, all night cramming sessions, the fear of K questions, and Rick’s total embarrassment as we celebrated his birthday with a singing telegram stripper. Sophomore year began with the realization that summer vacations were now a thing of the past. We bid a fond farewell to Franco American and a few others who were smart enough to quit early in the game, but the rest of us were ready to take on the world once again. Would we ever learn? All those courses that had seemed like fun the first year were suddenly much harder. We learned more complex operative restorations, were taught to believe that pounding small pieces of gold into teeth with a portable jack hammer was an “ideal” restoration, especially if you enjoyed endodontics, and discovered the wonderful world of cooking porcelain in mini volcanos Physiology hit us like a ton of bricks with more information than we could ever hope to use practically, and it was a wonder as to how we ever figured out those EKG machines. Internal medicine was as much of a blur and. here again, the key was memorization. But when the dust finally settled, there we were with our first two patient folders, and a burst of enthusiasm in our veins. "New Juniors" it had such a wonderful sound to it We proudly explored the clinic floor, burning with anticipation. Most of us happily attended the first summer session, even though it was “optional", with the hopes of getting a head start no. we would never learn, the old system for O.D. was still in swing and people lined up as early as 7:00 am to make chair appointments. We memorized all the childhood diseases and the five forms of gingivitis, including popcorn gingivitis, in case Dr. Freeman was in a quizzing mood, and often found ourselves rewriting O.D s But we worked hard and soon became accustomed to the system, until they decided to change it In fact, the word “change" became a kind of theme for us for the last two years. We saw many old professors leave and new ones appear. Credit requirements changed like the seasons and the clinical review board came into being But through it all we held our ground and looked forward to our last year. Senior year brought home a feeling of accomplishment and final jeopardy. We'd made it this far and nothing was going to stop us now! Our course work load had been decidedly less than previous years, but we had other obstacles to overcome. First came the National Boards part II. They would be more extensive than the first part and the fact that we would be taking them before completing the pharmacology course did not reassure us; and to think that they actually had the audacity to give us a pharm final AFTER the boards! But clinic soon became our main interest. With the NERBS on the way. the race was on to complete all those crowns, castings, complex foils, and those elusive primary points. Lighter times brought the advent of Temple’s first annual talent show extravaganza! We’ll never forget the singing, dancing, music, and, most of all, Rich and Dave’s imitation of Tom Lopatofsky (boy, was he ever p— off!). This small summary doesn't even come close to the immeasurable experiences we've undergone since our first day at Temple. Many of these experiences were not exclusive to our class, but many more were unique only unto each one of us. No one could have prepared us for what we were to endure, and we probably wouldn’t have believed them anyways. Though we may not realize it right away, we ourselves § have changed. We have come to know ourselves better and matured into vibrant young professionals, i]eady to take on whatever our destinies may bring. Yes, we have finally learned Good luck to all of you, e fruitful, and prosper! Denis G. BourguignonVBy Wendy Matt w O' ►- m o “'O 2 0 cr w rn £ r 2 MEMORIALS DEDICATIONS AND ADVERTISEMENTS 161FRANCIS M. KENDALL. Ph D. 1935 - 1989 Dr. Francis M. Kendall was a dedicated teacher and exemplary citizen of the School of Dentistry. His behavior was consistently characterized by those criteria always identified with excellence in teaching: fairness, candor, tact, sensibility, selflessness and. perhaps most important, empathy. He was not only an effective teacher, but was greatly respected by students and colleagues alike for his unfailing concern and his intellectually challenging teaching style. To me. the most impressive think about Frank Kendall was his ability to eliminate the trivial and address himself instead to questions of the first importance. This ability enabled him to succeed in making important and original discoveries. He was a first-rate scholar, the brightest man I ever knew — but he never flaunted it. and tempered his intellect with wit. humor and warmth. As a person, he combined his intelligence with uncompromising integrity and an indefatigable capacity for work Perhaps I can best sum up the essence of this man by saying: "Frank Kendall’s personal and professional conduct and integrity were beyond reproach." We miss you. Frank. Martin F. Tansy. Ph D. DeanON YOUR RETIREMENT Edward G. (Sullivan AS6I TANT TO THE DEAN EOD (STUDENT AEFAIDS Best Of Luck To My Oood friends David Briiier Karen Charnechi Uince Rogliano Steve Atlas Terry Monteleone Keep In Touch, DmU Bowiguigum 163JttND'R'E R. GOTOZ.TLEZ Congratulations on TJour Graduation From Tempte Tlniversitg School oj Dentistrg From Ever gone That Loves Xjou Jir. Firs. Rat Gonzalez Baniel Dr. Firs. Omar Gonzalez Familg Firs. Tndre R. Gonzalez Flr. Flrs.Roberto Ramirez.Sr.S; Fam. Fir. Emanuel Ramirez Son Flr. Firs. Ruben Balli, Sr. Fam. Flr. Firs. Ruben Balli, ]r. Flr. Flrs.Rlutarco Rodriguez Fam. DENTAL ££ SUPPLIES tnd EQUIPMENT A. Ijeventhal . Sons i c. Til 0e..| Sctaal • »0»o J -40. 5er»ft»»n. USM PS9r » T1T-J4Z J106 TeoFrea 1-»00-»««}lT A FAMILY OWNED • FUU SERVICE SUPPLIER SIKCE 1858 • le-geK JKa-team oF hem o d Ad»-en«d denta-’ taw " • ,K« United J’o'e. lodor • M and camp■h.ih y el denial egvipment ne- a-d -ecartd.t.oned) me-cbandie. »eetb. a-d p-eciou, m«'oK We Ko.t .. Keck tbete ’ O'O get •••• ». • Fun and ce-plete equip-eM iepo department - • ladeO1 t.0.»ed pe-io--. • f-nt cempvie'-ied end e.pe'lenced Ceiled Sec f Oepo'’-en ie handle all 0 rovr needi. • Complete lman .nj pockoget to e'ed to ta'l.ljf od penanol reij.-emenh ond peoo i.t.oi n Speciol le-eMh l • e.eJ.-'g eba-ge account o.o'.ot-'e • Cenp'e'e otea caMuliotIo" »et i ei •• Include a»oToW.ty al ptocMe. to io’e ottcc o'et p bait o eo. ond locat-0". lac »e. ond wKeB.te oM.cei. partnenKp, ond bwr In . • tepvrcKoie ©I e. K.ng dental equipment. • O. a t .. lotgeK part. .n.etKaTr e -Wcde part, o.o.lob.tn, Foe old ond dKentinued dental equip-e»e. • Compet f.te and pce er.ed p-- .ng '• .»K.t .on« art lotge eqwpmenl and -a-cNond..a eedert. • P eFe»ad CvKama P'eg'om. • 5pen»a».Mp tjt AGO Acc'ed'ed IdeCO'-anel Sem.non and Cour,e» CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1990! ■ Let's Cement our Relationship in the Future. «0TF lbrt.ant..«. Due Mvttlu 1 I ( ■ , ' 4(V I Mkt 1J« IHMI’iCONGRATULATIONS Hurry Vince, we're holding them in as long a we can!! TO OUR SON DR. VINCENT ROGLIANO We Love You Vince Good Luck and God Bless You! Mom and Dad The 50,000 dollar house call!! Good Luck from "La Familglia"!! Weekends in Riverton Cramming for exams! 165CONGRATULATIONS MURRAY MOM, DAD, ALAN AND DAVID Say goodbye to TUDS Puddin Head CONGRATULATIONS I LOVE YOU Dave Dillon Hey Wojohusky, You're A Joke. To a woman who is a leader of many and who is the most talented woman 1 know. To a woman to who gives everything she can and asks for nothing in return. To a woman I love very much and would not live without. To my wife. Michele. You Loving Husband. Clen To Harrison, Through your hard work and perseverance, you must be as proud of yourself as we are of you as you graduate from dental school. You’ve made us all very happy, especially Dad. Love, Mom and the rest of us. Congratulations Janet and Dave we’re so proud of you and your accomplishments. We love you. Mom, Dad, Steven, and Nanny CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE DR. MICHAEL F. FEDELE LOVE MOM, DAD, AND MICHELLE 166We’ve been defending doctors since these were the state of the art. These instruments were the best available at the turn of the century. So was our professional liability coverage for doctors. In fact, we pioneered the concept of professional protection in 1899 and have been providing this important service exclusively to doctors ever since. You can besure we'll always offerthe most complete professional liability coverage you can carry. Plus the personal attention and claims prevention assistance you deserve. For more information about Medical Protective coverage, contact your Medical Protective Company general agent. •tr.ix j IaLUlKAO Ctj y.vir Jfuu Offices in Allentown. William Waldron. Robert Ignasiak. (215) 395-8888 • Plymouth Meeting. Eugene P Ziemba. William J. Carey. Robert J. Zucosky. James I. Frazer. (215) 825-6800 • Camp Hill. Sidney B. Elston. Jr. Paul M. Fischerkeller. (717) 737-9900 • Pittsburgh. Donald C. Hoffman. R. Grant Stewart. David M. Gusic. (412) 531-4226 BEST WISHES TO THE CIIaVSS ©E 1990 IDT. AND HITS. SADI FDECHTMAN AND FA Hliy 167Best wishes to Dr. Vincent Rogliano from IN LOVING REMEMBERANCE Aunt Annette, Uncle Sonny and the Boys!! MAURICE BELSKY BENJAMIN GREEN ROSE GUTTLER FANNIE GREEN PEARL KAYE SAMUEL BELSKY LYNNE KAFFMAN ELKA BELSKY Congratulations Troy and Lots Of Success Love Ya, Tracy B. REMEMBERED BY DR. BELSKY AND FAMILY Congratulations Jeffrey Moskowitz our love ond best wishes on o great achievement! Mom, Liso, ond Adorn And Best Wishes To Dr. Richard Chillemi II! Congratulations To Gregg Vincent Monterosso and to the rest of the graduating class of 1990. Gregg, we are so very proud of you and wish you and your classmates best wishes and good luck in your careers. Love, Mom and Dad and the rest of the Monterosso’s 168169w Dr. Eli H. Moskowitz, D.D.S. 12-13-36 11-11-89 “ . . . names that have enriched lives are woven into the fabric of life itself.” It’s almost impossible to sum up the effect your life and its achievements have had on everyone. Your wisdom, wit, and philosophy impacted us all. But, deep down inside we know you are reaping the eternal rewards that you so justly deserved. You can rest peacefully, Dad — we will make you proud of us and will never be forgotten. with all our love, The Moskowitz Family 170Janet Bernstein and David Romisher A marriage made Dental School. Love, Mom and Dad Romisher COnGRA TULA TIOMS KIM! WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. DAD, MOM, A.J., TRACY, KERRY, JAMIE, PATT, AMD UMCLE Btiom Fontum n Dl. VlkMmF Rog Mcr rUmt GkokjcImm Thank Heidi. "You have reached your goals and exceeded our dreams." W.Q. With much love and pride. Mom and Dad Troy; Congratulations and good luck to my favorite brother! Love Bill Jr., Bonnie, Billy III, Heather, and Jordan yjrernier) ESPf oremler Dependable Products Dependoble Product,. Il'» o itmple concept, but on iKol ho, guided ou lom.V iince:', incepfconin 1913. ESPE IMPREGUMf, CAVfT. HEMOOENT, DUREION. IWOSTRrPER® diomond, ond KETAC gloi, tonomertore wmof the encelleni product, we olfer to denlol prod, boner,. your kcol Piemier .rf.i.rr.V)Vv«. fob Be.twenger 6 Thoyer Drive Wotwn. PA 19355 (2I5J 296i 09 Wore important, , the PREMIER orvd ESPE-PREMIES componie, ore ol»o dependoble. You con re it otiured thol we will be here to guide you wilh helpful technique, ond h ne-loving procedure,. And. ol courie. every product come, wilh our totlifocfcon guororv teed itamp of approval. Send for your fREE PREMIERASPEPREMIER catalog ond oik oboul tho BONUS for now donlith Picmior Dontol Product, Co E SPE Premier Solo, Corp Bo 111, Ncd.jlown, PA 19404 17122?. 'TftccAeie eccAi U 7 at utu, 7( e A tecu x£ cpxu tfruuty cui££ cutd cCe£en ta uiti i eue t a a yuu t$ $ d. "Sect, cue neve cuua t Aaue utuupitted tAe cpude cpxu Aaue attested a x cue cuatcAed cfucc ftna$%eA tu tfe tAe £i te cucwuut cue fmuudbf ceU£ xcvt daccyAte . Tik, cucaA quel feed AeattA, Aafrftutee - cutd ntucA Meceee i t yuan. Ctfe. 7Afuxu$A Cuui up ecfCA cue cueUcA i t acue cultA tAe uuu£ed e tAat cfuun fictune futuCe Aaue yet tu 6e aecu cfdl Aed. TTiaq (fad 6£eA eject ( t tAe uu te cuacj Ae Aae 4Ce eed ue. a££ etci Ceue, 0?%4u c cutd 72ad Maria Christine Cole: congratulations for a job well done! God has given much: be thankful and share always. Remember, you are a voice, maybe at times a lone voice crying out in the wilderness: yet you will never know the effects of its echo! Your happy and proud parents, brothers and other family members. "The Cole Family" "Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much: wisdom is humble that he knows more." Cowper 172TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth University School of Dentistry 3223 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19140 (215) 221-2802 Office of the Dean CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1990 YOU HAVE REACHED ANOTHER MILESTONE IN YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSIONAL CAREERS, AND YOU ARE TO BE COMMENDED FOR HAVING ACHIEVED YOUR GOALS. THIS IS A BEGINNING, AND NOW IT IS UP TO EACH OF YOU TO DEMONSTRATE TO ALL WHO BELIEVED IN YOUR POTENTIAL, THAT YOU CAN BE A CREDIT TO THE DENTAL PROFESSION. EACH CLASS HAS ITS OWN IDENTITY AND ITS OWN PERSONALITY. YOUR CLASS HAS ADDED SOMETHING POSITIVE TO THE FABRIC OF THIS SCHOOL, AND WE ARE A BETTER SCHOOL FOR HAVING HAD YOU AMONG US. TO EACH OF YOU, I EXTEND MY PERSONAL WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL AND MOST SATISFYING CAREER IN DENTISTRY. "THE EDUCATION OF EVERY PERSON ENRICHES ALL OF OUR LIVES!!" Sincerely, Richard W. Hinson Admin. Assistant to the Dean 173TWO BROTHERS PIZZA ,tyoi dad 2P c c- 'I ft J nd dte r.ety Va 225 - 052 - 053 HOURS Mon. thru Thurs. 11 AM to 12 PM Friday - Saturday 11 AM to 1 AM Sunday 2 to 10 PM 3322 N. 13th Street'Troy Boy Thanks” We've all heard the story of the kid who pulled himself up from out of the hole and went onto become a Great Success. Remember the one about the pre-schooler who took a long nap one afternoon in the window' well while the rest of the world searched frantically into the night even to the depths of the pool for a "One of A Kind Kid that also went on to become a GREAT SUCCESS and more importantly, a GREAT PERSON!! What they never tell you with those stories is how much hard work and dedication along with a lot of sacrifice to achieve that success. Troy, you've come a long way from that window' well and our little pre-schooler is now' a big college graduate. Our hearts are filled with admiration and respect and all the love a mother and dad could feel for one hell of a man. You're personal commitment and desire once again triumph and shows what "Troy Boy" is all about. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments and wish you all the good health and wealth that your hard work and determination has earned you. It sure is one of the joys of getting older to be able to watch your children grow and become their own person with their own personality and their efforts rewarded and their dreams become a reality. We Thank you for the privilege of being part of your young life and hope and pray for your continued success and long life. May 1990 be your Greatest Year ever and all your new dreams just a chapter in a Great kids life. All our love and exceptional. CONGRATULATIONS Love, Mother and Dad1 'felicitations a noire fils Denis. iUe are so proud of you and uery grateful to Temple Denial School and the teachers mho helped you along. Congra tula tions LesLee Ann on a job well done. We are all proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and the rest of the family. (Daman et papa Dear Dr. Michelle Cecchini Paterno, We want to congratulate you for making your dream a reality. On your graduation day, you will have finished a very important aspect of your training. But, this occasion also marks the beginning of the rest of your life. Through your hard work and success that you have achieved in the past, we know that you will be just as successful in your future endeavors. We wish you the best of luck and we look to you with love and pride. Love Always, Albert, Kelly, Grandmom, Aunt Theresa, Aunt Fran, Uncle Dick, Richard, Francine, Rich, Maria, and Richie M "Dr. Paul T. Leary" We are proud of you! Love, Dad, Mom, Shari, Patti Kathleen, Tom Susan and Michael 176177MARIA T. ARRDYO: WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU! CONGRATULATION!! YOUR PARENTS ORESTES AND MERCEDES, YOUR SISTERS AND BROTHERS GRACE, ORESTES, GLORIA, PETER, MIEHELLE, RICARDO, AND DENNIS. 178Nos felicitation sincere pour notre fils Docteur Pierre Mouradian. Nous sommes tous fiere d’avoir un fils qui a pus metre tous son pouvoir et son ame pour achever la specialization de les etudes dentaire. Nous souhetons nos meilleures Veux pour votre reucite. Pierre, “We must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. De Papa et Maman Mouradian Dear Dale, We are so very proud of you for all that you have accomplished. Best wishes and a world of good luck to you and the class of 1990. With much love, Mom, Dad, Rhonda. Michael and David Over 67 years ol innovation in dental radiography techniques and procedures. SRINN Manufacturers of: EZ-Tab F r Mounts EEZEEMOUNT• Mounts Greene Trans View Mounts Greene DarcV-ew Mounts Greene Record Systems Skmlme Viewer w Magnihet XCP and BAI instruments Lead-hoed PtDs Pmg CoBimatofS EndoRay Endodontic Film Holder Uni-Bde Film Holder EEZEEGRtP• Film Holder EZ-Gnp ll. lie Film Holders EZ-Prop Denial Props Disposable xCP te-Blocks Stabe Fdm Holder Simtme and Universal Duplicators Mtv Ray Duplicator Protective Aprons Cbairside Darkroom Processing Tanks. Hangers and Accessories DXTTR X-ray Ttamers When Rmn Corporation began in 1923. dental radiography was m its infancy. Throughout the decades since, our commitment to research has reflected our continuing dedication to making dental radiography safer, more ofhcient and more effective for the dental professional and patient Rmn Corporation looks forward to serving you m the decades ahead Rinn Corporation 1212 Abbott Drne Elgn. Illinois 60123-1319 800 323 0970 in Blmois 708 742 1115 FAX (24 hows i day) 800 544 0787 ,n Illinois 708 742 1122 Leaders m the development ot dental x-ray technology. 179Me Mould Tike Id Thank The following people for Their Most Generous Contributions To The Odontolog 'yearbook: Sow yell Chen Sarah IT Gray Martin f. Tansy Arthur S. Miller lawrenee lipkin ftiehard C. Meiss Ernest ft. Swanson fterta ft. Graham ftorman C. freeman Arthur Belsky lisa Deem 'I  PSJ1N

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