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Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRYODONTOLOG Class of 19X4 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY ODONTOLOG .............................................. 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS .......................................2 It is what your reading. DENTAL POTOURRI .................................... Many types of Dental School relationships arc examined dissected, and recycled on these pages. CANDID 84. ............................................. 6 Pictorial poses with prankish prose. S4 FACES OF THE CLASS OF 84 8 Those you’re sure not to forget, even if you try real hard. ORGANIZATIONS ......................................... 10 T.U.D.S. is organized? ODONTOLOG STAFF ................................... II Who to come after for revenge. CLASS OFFICERS .................................... 12 CLUBS ............................................. 13 Steel. Lions and Iron. FRATERNITIES ...................................... 14 Over $140 a year for what? SOCIETIES ......................................... 16 MACULES. PAPULES. AND BLEBS ........................... IX QUOTES AND THROATS .................................... 20 Real Denial Students don’t. WAITING FOR MR. HINSON .................................22 THE GRADUATES ..........................................23 145 people who you have shared four years of your life with. Remember Micro, Freshman Anatomy. Physio with Dr. Kendall, starting into the clinic, first semester-third year finals. Boards. N.E.R.B.S., and Graduation We made it! 2Perm Motel Studentand Patient Traps ffilA P fyrb chtdi n tU 'Tey «rl (fed oV1 COVER STORY This covers it all. THE WH O TURKEY TROT ...................................... 96 Fiction by Mrs. Edwards WE COULD HA VE CONE ANYWHERE.............................. 97 But we chose Temple? Thanks Bill Cosby. PERFECT PREP .......................................... ... 98 T.U.D.S. Operative departments outstanding outrageous, but not out classical prep-aration. PERFECT STAPH.............................................. 99 DEAR ABBY ................................................ 100 And you thought you had problems? Abby reviews and answers letters from troubled students at T.U.D.S. WHILE YOU WERE HERE....................................... 101 Life that existed outside North Philadelphia. LIFE AT T.U.D.S. — action................................. 102 Was there? T.U.D.S. PLA YMATE OF 84 .............................. 104 A First! A double page spread that we had to print. FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION .............................. 106 Those responsible . PACE 127 ........................................... 127 The page after 126 STAFF 128 The secretaries, lab technicians, clinical assistants, and personnel who really run the school. CONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN ................................... 135 Those we sincerely thank and will miss. FORGOTTEN BUT NOT GONE ................................... 135 Those that we could not really care about. THE TEMPLE LOOK .......................................... 136 Or a look at Temple. ADVERTISEMENTS AND PATRONS ............................... 138 Thanks for you support! • large part of dental training is patient education. Pictured in (1) is Dr. Gervitz explaining a multi-lobulatcd radioluccncy in the ascending ramus of the mandible, necessitating a hemi-mandibulcctomy. Pictures (2),(3), (4) are displaying the average day in the life of a dental student. (2) After being no-showed at 8:45 a.m.. most dental students choose to catch up on some lab work. (3) At 1:15p.m.. your afternoon patient calls to tell you they have a toothache and won’t be able to make their one o’clock appointment ... and you believe it! (4) At 6:30you're out on the town (double fisted drinking), being your normal selves, and looking great. Pictured in (5). Dr. Olbrys is presented the “Best of Philly” award by Philadelphia Magazine for his design of fashionable dental eye ware modeled by (left to right) Drs. Principato, Olbrys, and Ger-ace. jDENTAL POTPOURRI 4 Dental PotpourriRelationships arc a very important aspect of professional school. The most important type is student-student. In picture (I), we sec an unidentified female dental student in distress (mechanical exposure) within microseconds, class mates will respond and offer a helping hand (Can I do the endo?). In picture (2) we again see students offering a helping hand. (Have a nice swim Tim!) The next type of relationship is the faculty-student, fast year at the All Dental Dance (3). Dr. Egidio Torrcti received the outstanding faculty award (Thanks Kids!) in sincere appreciation for outstanding teaching and for service to the students. To a friend we'll never forget! In picture (4), What are these men doing? Why is Rob smiling? Why is his arm around Dr. Scigel? What is Dr. Scigel looking at? Why all the questions? Why not? Right Rob? The last, probably most complicated relationship, is the faculty-faculty. In picture (5), the younger faculty member in the foreground can almost be heard to say. "When I grow up. I wanna be one of them. ” Sometimes it can be in conversation form (6). “Hew wo Dr. Wiwwctt, How are you toowday?" “You know Jake, there arc microbes all over this place ... It's an epidemic!" Dental Potpourri PLEASE DO HOT PUT TAPE ON BOOH ' II El 6OBJECTIVES OF THE DENTAL PPOGFAN El KNOW, COMPREHEND, AND DISCHARGE A_. PROFESSIONAL OBLIGATIONS TO PATIENTS M DEVELOP AND ABIDE BY AN ACCEPTABLE PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CODE OF ETHIC HU EMPLOY THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD IN SOLVING PROBLEMS Of OEKTAL I RECOGNIZE THE DYNAMIC t EXPANDING NATURE OF KNOWLEDGE84 FACES 10 OrganizationsODONTOLOG STAFFCLASS OFFICERSIRON MAN SOCIETY LION MAN SOCIETY STEEL MAN SOCIETY CLUBS w »FRATERNITIES ALPHA OMEGA DELTA SIGMA DELTA 14 FraternitiesPSI OMEGA XI PSI PHI h'nternlilt -ISAMERICAN SOCIETY OF DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN ST. GEORGE ORAL CANCER SOCIETY ORAL SURGERY HONOR SOCIETY SOCIETIES 1 h SocietiesPERIODONTAL HONOR SOCIETY ENDODONTOLOGY SOCIETY STOMATOGNATHIC HONOR SOCIETY Societies Tony palpating his limp node! Would you buy oil from these men? "Oh Cod Art. they got that on film!" "Well, my father's coming in Monday. Wednesday, and Friday What do I do Tuesday and ThursdayT' Some people do some of their own lab work some of the time"Honest Myrt. didn't cat your donuts!" Dentistry is fun when you are on Torreti's row!" Undo Department at 2:30 p.m "Could you believe neither of us paid class dues and made it to the Dental Dance!" 19 "Hi MOW"DID YOU EVER 1. Wonder why .ill prosthetic instructors play with balls. 2. otice that there arc no holes in the screening sheets Sot ice that the operative instructors give too much amalgam. 4. Measure the water-powder ratio. 5. Wonder why ortho wire is too long. 6. Notice the only bubble on your cast is on the margin 7. Measure the dew point. What is it? I've never seen one. 8. Wonder why AUM assistants never assisted. 9. Ask "Is it uncomfortable or does it hurt?" 10. Wonder why Clinics close at 4:20. but all instructors leave at 4:00. 11 Notice that flics accumulate in OS. 12 Wonder who wrote all the chapters in the Prosho text 13. Wonder why Spaghetti wax does not come out A1-Dcnlc after 8 minutes. MILESTONES IN YOUR DENTAL CAREER . Your first day at TUDS. when you were handed a buffalo knife and a block of wax and told to carve an incisor! 2. Your first operative practical. 3. Your second operative practical. 4 Every day of Gross Anatomy. 5. Your first day of clinic. 6. Your first no-show, and second, and third 7. Your Erst amalgam cxposurc. 8. Your first encounter with Mr. Hinson. 9 BOARDS! ® MY FAVORITE QUESTION! . U ho wrote chapter 13 in Winkler's prostho book ? 2. How would you feel about losing some teeth? 3. Arc you in pain? 4. Do you have the sports section? 3. Have any board lesions? 6 Do you awake frequently at night to urinate? MOLAR MARAUDERS People who roam the halls 1. Brokenshire 2. Tsokas 3. Terrinoni 4. Karen Bob 5. Andy 6. Stu (in spirit only) 7. Isabelle 8 Bob Sulkm 9. Larry looking for Joan 10. Dr. Ilsu PEOPLE WITH INTERESTING NAMES . Cusp of Terry Pelly 2. Margc-inal integrity 3. Tina Sulcus 4. O-Scot Tomar 5. Armando Carmine Biagio I ardicri. Jr. 6. Steve Matrix Band ARE YOU D.D.S. MATERIAL? Docs your mother brag about you?A lot? To everyone? Do y ou want to do something rewarding with your life? Like save mankind? And own a Beta .Max? Arc you in love? With a terrific person? Who would love you even if you weren't a dentist? Would you ever kill yourselT? If something horrible happened to you? Like waking up and finding you 're an optometrist? Do you think other people arc intelligent? As intelligent as you arc? Really? You can relate to these concepts? Maybe you arc D.D.S. material. THE ALGINATE SONG Sung to the tune of “Funiculi Funi-cula " Last night I stayed up late to Alginate. I stayed up late to Alginate. Last night I stayed up late, up on the roof, to pour a tooth the one I goofed. Mix it. fix it. let it sit awhile. Heat wax. pour up. now let's make a pile. For those of you who think carving is so great. would rather drink some beer and then go Alginate. 20 Quotes And ThroatsYOU WILL NEVER FORGET AT TUDS I Roach Coach Family 2. The Saint y jr 4. Diane C. Perio 5. Dapper Dan (Change Lady» 6. Dr McCrca 7. Herman 8. Hilda 9. Dr Torreti THINGS YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW WHILE YOU WERE AT TUDS I What docs Dr. Pa lag do? 2. Is Dr. Cornish edentulous? J. What docs Dr. McCrca have between his teeth? 4 How many different cars did Al Haz- ouri have during his four years at TUDS? 5. What does "A C." really stand for? 6. Why do medical students always wear their stethoscopes to lunch? 7. Which one is Mabel Anderson? Where docs she go. that they a I way s ha ve to page her? 8. Where did the change lady shop for clothes? 9. How many pens docs Dr. Kendall have in his pocket? 10. Would anybody actually use Wesco-dync if they weren't being watched? II Has anyone seen Dean Rocck more than twice? 12. What docs Dr Baran actually do? 13. When will they build the new School? 14 What is the record of pins that are to be placed in a single tooth? ANATOMY QUIZ I A clitoris is a type of flower 2. A pubic hair is a wild rabbit. 3. A vulva is a automobile from Sweden. 4 The term "Spread Eagle" is an extinct bird. 5. A Fallopian Tube is part of a television. 6. Copulation is sex between two consenting policemen. 7. Semen is a term for sailors. 8. Testicles arc found on an octopus. 9. Kotex is a radio station in Texas. 10. Coitus is a musical instrument. 11. Fetus is a character on Gunsmokc. 12 An Umbilical Cord is a part of a parcschute. 13. A rectum is w hat you are for taking this quiz. REAL DENTAL STUDENTS DON’T 1. Measure the water ponder ratio of Dental Stone 2. Write up progress notes the same day as treatment. 3. Fix Undo x-rays for 5 minutes. 4. Autoclave dental burs 5. Scrub for 10 minutes for OS. duty. 6. Remove pedo folders from the Pedo clinic. 7. Get any of Dr. Mann's prescriptions correct. 8. Understand Physiology. 9. Stay awake during four hours of classes. They read the paper 10. Buy the required text 11 Read assignments from the text 12. Attend classes unless they have to. COURSES WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE AT TUDS 1. Golf in Dentistry 2. Video Games in Dentistry 3 Sleep Learning 4. Faculty Management 5 Comedy in Dentistry 6 Operating Your Own Roach Coach For Fun and Profit 7. Gold Foil For Pets 8 Ghetto Survival I 9 Ghetto Survival II 10. Bartending and Entertaining in Dentistry Quotes nd Throats Dj WAITING FOR MR. HINSON | The following 16 people were photographed outside Mr. Dick Hinson's office at sunrise. May 5, 1982., waiting for treatment ready patients. Why are they all smiling? 1. ) Jim Basara: thinks he didn't get into the picture, but also knows he’s the first in line. 2. ) Tom Franchetti: knows he's in the picture, but also knows he’s already been accepted into the Grad Ortho program. 3. ) 4.) Chuck and Lisa: already have their patients but just came hoping to get a head start on everyone else. 5. ) Jerry Snead: He's smiling because he knows he’s so boring we couldn’t think of anything nasty to say about him. 6. ) Jeff Hainley: knows that the Navy has taken care of all his fixed and removable requirements and doesn’t care what Hinson gives him. 7. ) Isabelle Barlctta: “Marie, could you believe Hinson’s going to make me work-up two patients? The nerve of him! Gary is going to hear about this!” 8. ) Marie Gallup: “1 don't know this girl, where she came from, or what she’s talking about.” 9. ) Chuck Glosson: Have you ever seen him not smiling?” 10. ) Tom Baransky: He’s smiling because he knows we can’t see his braces behind Marie’s head. 11. ) Steve Band: He knows he has the best tan in the class. 12. ) Chris Juchno: Why is he smiling? lie’s getting married! 13. ) Ron Briglia: He's smiling because he’s the only one with a copy of “How to get good patients” by Dick Hinson. 14. ) John Cacchio. He’s smiling because he was just offered a teaching position in the hygiene department. 15. ) (folded hands): probably A1 Hazzouri’s, but no ... wait ... the fingernails aren't polished! 16. ) And who can forget the photographer, where and with whom did he spend the night? 22 Uniting For Mr. IlmsonThe (induttes 2.1 2-iTHOMAS M. BA RA NSK Y University of Kentucky B.S.. Biology M. S., Micro biology Cumbola. Pennsylvania ■ 26STEFAN F. BENDER Indiana University ot Pennsylvania B.S.. Biology Indiana. Pennsylvania28MICHAEL A BLASEK University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Chemistry and Psychology Lafayette Hill. Pennsylvania RICHARD M. BLASF.R Villanova University B.S., Electrical Engineering 29 Mountainside. Sew Jersey BARRY JOSEPH BORAS St. Joseph's University B.S.. Biology Minersvillc. Pennsylvania EDWARD MICHAEL BOYCZUK Canisius College B.A.. Psychology Orchard Park. Sew York 30STANLEY J. BOYD Temple University B.A., Biology Harrisburg, Pennsylvania RONALD JOSEPH BRIG LI A Gannon University B.S., Biology 31 Erie, PennsylvaniaJOHN R. BROKENSHIRE Penn State University B.S.. Biology M.S., Biology Barnesvillc, Pennsylvania 32 Blue Bell. Pennsylvania JOHN N. CACCHIO Temple University B.A., English Phi In dclphia. Pennsyl van in f BRYAN P. CARLIN University of Notre Dame B.S.. Prc-Professional Studies Berwick, Pennsylvania » )334TIMOTHY JON CL A Y LaSalle College B.A., Biology is Langhorne, PennsylvaniaRICHARD G. COSLETT Moravian College B.S., Chemistry Kingston, Pennsylvania is Dunmore, PennsylvaniaHAROLD JAMES CR1MMEL. JR. Bucknell University B.A., Chemistry Lewistown, Pennsylvania RICHARD H. CUTLER LaSalle College University of Pennsylvania B.S., Biology Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 37JOSEPH NICHOLAS D A NIELLO Allentown College B.S., Chemistry Glcnsidc. Pennsylvania DONALD O. D'AURORA Cannon College B.S.. Biology Erie. Pennsylvania J8MF HR I DIO M. DiSARDO University of Pittsburgh B.S., Biology J9 Bridge ville. Pennsylva nia4041 Broomall. PennsylvaniaTHOMAS C. FOX Allegheny College B.S.. Chemistry 4; Franklin. PennsylvaniaMARK FRIED Cornell University BA.. Psychology i Marblehead, MassachusettsLEE T. FROST Muhlenberg College B.S., Biology Wayne, New Jersey TODD A. FROST Rutgers University B.A., General Science 44 Pcnnsaukcn, New JerseyL PASQUALE JOSEPH GALLELLI LaSalle College B.A., Biology and Psychology Drcxcl University M.S.. Environmental Science and Toxicology Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MA R IE GA LI. UP SCOTT S.U.N.Y. at Oneonta B.S., Elementary Education 45 Oneonta, New YorkWILLIAM R. GAROFALO University of Pittsburgh B.S., Biology Bro wns villc, Pcnnsylva nia 4tiR 1C HA R D J. GA WA R ZE WSK LaSalle College B.A., Biology Temple University B.S.. Pharmacy Camden. New Jersey JAIME J. G ELM AN Fairleigh Dickinson University B.S.. Biology Haddonticld. New Jersey 4748 Drexcl Hill, Pennsylvania50MICH A El HAAS Vassar College B.A., Psychology New York. New York JEFEREY L. II AIN LEY Penn Slate University B.S., Biology Altoona, Pennsylvania si52 Hopewell. PennsylvaniaSiAL BERT ALEX HAZZOURI. JR LcMoyne College B.S., Biology University of Scranton t.S., Biochemistry Scranton. Pennsylvania 54EDWARD J. HORAN Indiana University of Pennsylvania US., Biology Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MIC11A EL A N THON Y IIOR VA 77 Edinboro Slate College B.S., Chemistry Temple University B.S., R.Ph.. Pharmacy ■is Uniontown. Pennsylvania56 Erie, PennsylvaniaCHRISTOPHER THADDEUS JUCHNO Temple University B.A., English Phi In delphia. Pennsylvania JAY T. KAN EG AW A Car let on College B.A., Biology Aiea, Hawaii 57 ALAN PHILIP KATZ University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Anthropology Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Peckvillc, Pcnnsylvanin60 Carnegie, Pennsylvania61MARJORIE BETH LEOF Temple University R.D.H. Old Dominion University B.S., Den ta I Hygiene Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania SUSA MARIE LEO I Wheaton College B.A., Psychobiology Ambler. Pennsylvania 62LAWRENCE A. LOUIE Fairleigh Dickinson University B.S., Biology 6) Dover, DelawareCHARLES MANS Kenyon College B.A.. Biology Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania KEITH LYNN MAYBERRY Clarion State College B.S., Chemistry 6-1 New Castle, Pennsylvania6$MARK F. XI ISC A VAGE King’s College B.S.. Biology Wilkes- Bane, Pennsylvania THOMAS V. MOHS' University of Scranton B.S.. Psychology M S.. Rehabilitation Counseling Ardmore. Pennsylvania M M CLYDE SORELIJ University of Colorado B.A.. Psychology Emma us. Pennsylvania b7GEORGE J. O'DONNELL. JR University of Scranton US.. Biology Wilkes- Ba rrc, Pennsyl van in 70JEFFREY JACOB POSTAL University of Florida B.A.. Chemistry Ft, Lauderdale, Florida 71JULIA A PRINCIPA TO Fairleigh Dickinson University B.S., Dental Hygiene Haddon field. New Jersey MARK G. R A DOM HE Villa nova University B.S., General Science and Biology n Drcxcl Hill, PennsylvaniaLARRY F. RAKOWSKY Albright College B.S.. Biology Brack ville, Pennsylvania A NT HON Y . . RA PONE Villa no va Univcrsi tv B.S.. General Science Carneys Point, New Jersey RO REIN MILLER St. Joseph's University Gloucester University Penn State University B.S.. Health Administration 74 Hazleton, Pennsylvania(HR I ROBI S.L Y. at Stony Brook B.S.. Biology 7■» Bronx. ew York76CHA R L BS H A R R IS SA CKS Temple Univcrisiy B.A., Psychology Drcxcl University M.S Biology Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania 77■flJAMES B. SCHWARTZ Muhlenberg College B.S., Biology Greensboro, North Carolina JEFFRY ZANE SCOTT Temple University B.A.. Chemistry 79 Lancaster. PennsylvaniaflO Haddonfield, Sew Jersey81MICHAEL R. SHUKE University of Pittsburgh B.A., Biology Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 82SHEILA A. SMITH Ursinus College B.S., Biology 83 Gilbert, PennsylvaniaGERALD LLOYD SNEAD, III Old Dominion University B.S., Recreation and Parks Elmhurst, Pennsylvania FRED L. SOLOMON Temple University B.A., Liberal Arts 84 Margate, New Jersey MSCAROL A. STEPHANICK Rutgers University B.S.. Biology- South Amboy. New Jersey DAVID PHILIP STOCKER University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Biology Do wningtown, Pennsylvania 85ANDREW P. STONE St. Joseph's University B.S.. Chemistry Cherry Hill, New Jersey ROBERT D. SULK IN Rutgers University B.A., Art History Yardley. Pennsylvania 868788 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania8990JEFFREY A. WEISS Villa nova University B.S.. Biology 91 Brooma II, Pennsyl vania Temple University B.S., Medical Technology Butler, Pennsylvania 92CRAIG D WILLIAMS Dartmouth College A.B., Chemistry Phi la delphia. Permsylva nia CHARLES A. WISNIEWSKI Temple University B.A.. Biology Philadelphia. Pennsylvania a 9 BERNARDJ WUJCIK. JR. King’s College B.S., Biology Northeastern University M.S., Forensic Chemistry Plymouth, Pennsylvania LYNN HTTP ROCHELLE YOUNG ft. Vernon College A. A., Biology University of Pennsylvania B. A., Biology 94 Baltimore, MarylandMATTHEW A. 7.ALE University of Scranton B.S., Psychology and Biology Dunmore. Pennsylvania 95The strutting peacocks who came on the clinic floor May 1982 were reduced to a bunch of turkeys by mid-term and transformed into docile but determined by May 1983. Summer break, a time for work, worry, play and reflections on the year past. Gone are the pigeons, crows and sparrows Seniors will emerge as soaring eagles to conquer the barriers or cross the bridges built by the wise Old Owls of Temple. I'm glad to know you. Marion Edwards %could have been editors of the Set ) ork Times. could have been .in arcade attendantPERFECT PREP Pupil” protection Beveled shoulder Reverse S curve Rest seat Over contour parallel lines — So exposure Trough for structure durability Fine polish Retentive pin Tight contact for good arch support|PERFECT STAPH { Perfect Staph 99DEAR ABBY AT T.U.D.S Dear Abby, Denial school has been the greatest experience in my life! I am so remarkable. that my instructors have selected me to enter an elite clique to which only the manually talented belong. But let’s face it Abby, I’m good and why shouldn’t everyone know it? Can I be honest with you? I am the only person in my class who actually stays awake during lectures, let alone takes notes. If I wanted to. I could be the entire note service for my class but - hey - I don't need the money, I sell cars on the side (now you see why the faculty all like me???). I don’t need any advice from you. I’m just writing in ease you need any help ... I'm willing to answer any letters you can’t handle (for a nominal fee. of course). Yours in the Green Dear Greenie, I definitely think you are suffering from an ego problem. Your head is over-inflated and your self confidence has sky-rocketed! What you need is my phaniphlet “How to I.ove Yourself and be Happy”. Mail your $2. check or money order to “Abby. I I.ove Myself’ Box 1221. Chicago, illinois 60606. Now. about the new Datsun Maxima Dear Abby, Iwasjust wonderingifyoucould give-mcsomcadvice? lamastudentindental schoolandwillbe graduatingthisycar, thankstothc ad visorofmy fraternity whoisthechairmanof adepartmenttha-trcquircs thosehardtofind onlaysand-foils. Soonlwillbc goingintothc rcal-worldandantafraidl won'tbeabletodcal withrealpatients. sinccthcrewon’t bcan-y one t ogive me them when Heave!! Whatwouldyoudo.Abby? Sly as a Fox. but Scared as a Rabbit Dear Sly, First of all. 1 think you should slow down! Your pace is much too fast for me! I know a good Admiral you could see about your problems Smooth Sailing! Dear Abby, I’m desperate! Besides being from Pittsburgh. I just happen to have another problem! I have this uncontrollable desire to deface other people’s property. That is not so much the problem as what I do to these objects. I draw space-guns! (yes . spaccguns!) I think it has absolutely no resemblance to a certain part of a male’s anatomy ... but a psychiatrist once told me that I may be stuck in the genital stage of emotional development! It can’t be that. Abby, because I'm married . . but I can’t help myself! I draw them on blackboards. exit signs, elevators, instrument cabinets . .. you name it, I draw on it! Give me a piece of chalk and I’m a terror. My best friend has even become an ACE at drawing them. What could be my problem? Skinny, but not l.anky from Pittsburgh. Dear Spaced-out, We all go through the genital stage, but show it in different ways I drew oysters for three years! If you don’t gel over it, write again. Dear Abby, I would consider myself an extremely attractive, very rich and definitely eligible Italian female dental student. Since my boyfriend graduated from dental school last year, I have been unable to find anyone to fill the void! Everyone is after me, but I haven’t found the right one to temporarily take his place. I’m afraid to marry my boyfriend because I think our children might be unattractive (you see. he’s not as good looking as I deserve). Should 1 settle for less, or go for the gusto? Panllcss in Pa. Dear Eligible, If you are so concerned about the appearance of your children, why don’t you consider being a surrogate mother? Then you could sleep with whomever you choose! (P.S. Why don’t you wear pants, anyway?) 100 l)?jr bh WHILE YOU WERE HERE Soviet soldiers sudden invasion of Afghanistan. USA Hockey team won at Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Workers triumph in Poland led by I.ech Walesa. Abscam investigations of local politicians. Washington State’s Mount St. Helen’s exploded with a force 500 times greater than the Hiroshima A-bomb. Beatles’ John Lennon set the age to words and music and was killed in the process. J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagnian) was gunned down. Walter Cronkite ends 18 years as CBS anchor. Baseball players begin 50-day walk-out. Aerial spraying is ordered to stem Medflies. Air traffic controllers call a strike. Voyager 2 gathers new information on Saturn’s rings. Haitian refugees drown off Florida Coast. The attempts on the lives of President Reagan and the Pope. The murder of Anwar Sadat. After 444 days in captivity, 52 hostages returned from Iran. Profootball players go out on eight-week strike. First double-digit unemployment since 1941. The Knoxville World's Fair opens. Arafat leaves Beirut during PI.O exodus. Brezhnev is buried near Red Square. Seizure of the Falklands by Argentine troops. Steven Spielberg’s E.T. was the biggest smash of all times. Pac-man. Defender, Donkey Kong, Centipede. Air Florida’s Flight 90 crashed into the ice-clogged Potomac River in Washington, D.C.. The painkiller was recalled after seven people died from cyanide-laced Tylenol capsules. No one in Philadelphia reads The Bulletin anymore. It folded. 125 million viewer watch the final episode of TV’s M A S H. U.S. Embassy in Beirut is bombed, killing 63. Philadelphia's first black mayor. Wilson Goode. Nukes wipe out Kansas in TV’s The Day After. At dawn a truck rumbled through 3 U.S. Marine checkpoint. Philadelphia's Grace Kelly died. AIDS was declared the No. 1 priority of the U.S. Public Health. Korean Air Lines 747 was shot down by a Soviet air-to-air missile. George Brett’s game-winning homer against the Yankees was disallowed, then reinstated over the amount of pine tar on his bat. Michael Jackson and his Thriller was No. 1 LP W hile You Were Here 101■I.Oiikm at you kid. is like lookin in the mirror!' 'l ook o.k. to me I sign for amalgam. Where is Larry Gribb when I need .1 good Backrub? Dr Todd Frost models dentistry '$ new liber optic headgear. •7 m getting so sick of sending these dear John letters!" 102103 "I'll scratch your buck if you scratch mine'" Once again, Isabelle has her nose up in the .nrHI TV. ADMINISTRATION AND STAFFADMINISTRATION On October 6. 1983, in Anaheim. California. Associate Dean Dr. John L. Bomba was elected to the office of President-Elect of the American Dental Association. His victory by an overwhelming margin was a source of pride for all of us at Temple. For over thirty-five years. Dr. Bomba has served our profession as a clinician, a teacher, and a leader in association affairs. IV? are confident that the 140,000-plus members of the American Dental Association will he richly rewarded by their selection of Dr. Bomba as their leader. just as Temple has benefited during his many years of service. Our congratulations to Dr. Bomba! I)r. John L Bomba Associate Dean Arthur L Young Assistant to the dean for Administration t'dnard 0. Sullivan Assistant to the Dean for Student AffairsDr. Raymond O. Bydalek Director of Clinics Dr. Derek Waller Assistant Director of C linics Dr. Ihomas Dj ■ s ssociatc Director of Clinics Richard Hinson ssistant for Clinical dministration 'Faculty A ad Administration John II. Hennessey Xdministrator, Financial and Support Sen ices Richard Peterson Clinics Husiness Manager _ Dr. V. McCrea FRESHMAN PRECLINIC Dr. J. Hrcitnun "II could he Horse, nr could he freshman. Dr. H. Pa ag Dr. (. Saatangelo nO Fucn n And Administration Dr. R. H3 urn Dr. H. Long Dr. V W illett Chairman Dr. J. y.jhjru Dr. M. Tansy Chairman Dr. J. Drees Dr. F. Ilohenleitner Dr. J. Martin Dr. F. Kendall MICROBIOLOGY ■■■■■■ 1 ' 1 .. ] PHYSIOLOGY Dr. F. Aker l)r. I. Ca so Dr. R. Pollack ( hair nun Chair nun ANATOMY HISTOLOGY NEUROANATOMYDr. S. Hsu Dr. D. Cesser Dr. w. Merancr Dr. J. Scncll Dr. H Siegel Dr. F. lorrtti Dr. . I racer Dr. I. Woodland Dr. '. Farrell Chairman t OPERATIVE ) Dr. S. ull Dr. (',. HaranDr. Beard, call on line -I! Dr. . Diamond Dr. R. Cornish Dr. '1. (lawman Dr. .1. D Messandro Dr. I. I’atlikoHski Dr. t. Rohhin% Dr. .1. Salk on it Dr. (.. Shells Dr. h. Mingledorff Chairman l)r. R. Hlii cr Dr. D. Xpplcb» Dr. w. I den Dr. T. forging Dr. R. Coldbcrg Dr. J. Johnson Dr. I. hac mar I under if CAB »ill go fur a N unit mandibular bridge. 'Jv •lie make 'em fit." Dr. . Raskjs Dr. 4. Rinaldi Dr. I’. 44 nicusPROSTHETICS Dr. S. Winkler h.iirnun Dr. M. ppclbjum Dr. H. bram« Dr. h. I bboll Dr. J. Rosen Dr. •'. Sjmmjrlino. Jr. Skip the inter ieo Wj . just turn to the centerfold.''’Dr. M. Reigcr Dr. (i. Moniisk) Dr. (i. Reis | OROFACIAL l)r. J. Schneiser Dr. M. Spiegel ford Dr. J. Summers Faculty And Administration, ] J7PERIODONTICS Dr. D. Litnack Chairman l)r. J. I’oullain l)r. I. Abrams H all Dr. A. W illiam Dr. I. Schlossberg Dr -ws»{ ENDODONTICS W= Dr. P. tang Dr. I. Sinai Chairman Dr. G. Biron Dr. O. Bolanos Dr. A. Alpcrstcin Dr. D. Morse Dr. I. horen Dr. P. hrasner 1 A Dr. J. Esposito Dr. M. Kaye Faculty And Administration 19And idminisiratioa ____________ .; - ‘ • — C vV- : K: Dr. I. Macchia Dr. J. (iiordano Dr. I. lei Id ini Chairman ORAL SURGERY Dr. R. I)i(.turdi Dr. t. Ilaher-Cohcn Dr. t. l.ct andon ki Dr. t. ohle Dr. M. KellySurgeons do it Internists talk about it Radiologists just like to look at the pictures "l ooks human to me!” RADIOLOGY Dr. T. Snmmariino Chairman Dr. II. Finger Dr. H. (Gregory Dr. T. Marcucci Dr. I. ordone Dr. S. Tophi n l)r. I. W'alinclius Dr. 1. 11 Mumslacults m1 4dm iurjti .- -» - -''r' ■ - : j y ::: rc ?iMW .x«»y .7 • . i. Dr. £. Cohen - Dr. T. Cook Dr. S. Mc( onnelI Dr. R. limes Dr. A. .arrinnia "l » .»«• Aru'n. I remember an emergency I had here at Temple. .4 father came to me and said his son na% kissing his girlfriend nhile he and his nife h ere out. and the son got his braces locked. o problem I said. I huic to unlock teenagers' braces all the lime. Then the father asked, f rom an l.t .1).?" Dr. A’. Aztzi Dr. l. I a tide Do you lore children? Do you lore them niton they tomil on you? When they hit you? When they scream. "I hate rou. Mr. Doctor!" so loudly that etery mother and child in the nailing room is thrown into a panic? I hen welcome to II DS I’cdo ( linic. — Dr. k. Anderson Dr. I. Simpson (bait man Dr. t. Bolno Dr. J. Pittman Dr. f. Moore ORAL MEDICINE „ — Dr. t. Halbert Dr. I. I lalpcrn Dr. Y freeman ")ou shouldn't hate told Dr. freeman your ludes just kicked in he nunts us both back tomorrow at noon."Dr. . euman l)r. f. Jackson Dr. t.l. hurst Dr. D. Soricclli Dr. I.. Dubin Dr. (.. Orner ( hair nun if i i L COMMUNITY DENTISTRY! - ........- 1,1 1,1 . —...... PATHOLOGY } _ Dr. C. I titer "I’ut the patient in the frec cr. we'll he with it in the morning. PHARMACOLOGY "lie.m are. mum of our patients will be taking certain medications WELCOME CUSS OF $ THOUGHT IT WAS ME, BUT MAYBE THE SCHOOI S NO DAMN GOOD ” r»gt After 126 127SECRETARIES Marie Biggans dminist ration I’In His ( onners Orthodontics V 4 11 Hope Stringer Oral Medicine Sherrie I’ustin Insurance hath) Rater I Pathology Elizabeth Kraft Periodontia t.ilda Segal Endodontics Roseanne Souders Physiology Barbara Henderson diuinistration I hcresa Marlin Vdminlstration him Mar er 1 dministration Claire Stater Pathology Barbara lleahlcr Dental Material• A Janice Brennan EndodonticsStaff 129 Mary Jo Esbeasen Insurance Patriciaann hr in Radiology Sharon Greenberg OraI Surgery He mice Cross dministration Mickt Miller Pedodontics Sylna Per 1st em Prosthetics Margaret Pickard Histology Jackie Pie ( omniunin Dent. "She's got my number. "SSSHIIH. In thinks he's running this place.[ CLINIC FLOOR ) [LEARNING RESOURCES]Sonya Irroso Oral Surgery || CLINICAL ASSISTANTS Julia Baez Indodontics Judy Carrasquillo Oral Medicine Gelsie (ipriano Pcdodontic Belinda Curenton Herman Clinic Mary (iillard Orthodontic (•race (ireene Pro the tics disc Car lick Prosthetics Joyce I loo ley Radiologs Betty Toes Oral Medicine Mertine Outing Ora! Surgery Pat Pacheco Grad. Indodontics l.lhel Perkins Periodontics Daniel Royals Oral Surgery hay Sc hick ling Crossn and Bridge Mars Thompson Oral Medicine Janice Wolf Radiologs Susie » Radiologs Joanne Smith PedodonticsBeterly Maleef Pathology r-v w ■'k A T-k nri% T I A THTO ▲ OO I CT 4 X I TO DEPARTIV1LN IS ASSISIAlNIS Louise (ionic Pathology Harold Per rang Physiology James Blakely Orofacial Herman Bryson Anatomy oreen Robertson licrohiology Willie Williams Orofacial Regina Tynnksi Pathology Marguarita Schmid Anatomy Helen Ruane Histology “Did you make this mess?” “I'm sorry. I don't hate your patients folder!" PERSONNEL Charlie Harrison Phrsicill Plant Hike lederiska Physical PlanI loin tspell Physical Plant Dr. J. leo 1 ssoeiate Dean Delores llobson, R. V ursc Donna Mueller Sutrition I heresa Lee (.'rad Undo l ame Simpson Operatin' Susan lloyyell isual education Janet l emon Sutrition hnuna Rauche Learning Center Joe Murray S.S. H bite l ick Ogreen S.S. While Rjy Shepard J Studio I ngela Sutherhn Receptionist Russell I pperson Reception Desk library-I I. Sorcia, I. I ampson, P. Doll. l. Pry man W ord Processing- . Jones J. Sinclair. J. Raster Dr. I. (Vision lean Huberts Bill Idwards Linda l.cip igcr Debra Berk Peg 4 dam Dr. D. Bowden l)r. J. Didirohnw Dr. . Buggy £ 19 W' U l)r. XI. I'cldmun ? i Dr. II. (.ruber Dr. S. I.ippincoll Susan Makrauer Nano Jageman Susan Kreipe GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTENprescriptions “Maybe if v c ignore AI long enough he'll go tiwjy. 136"Thi V impression stuff „ Si) messy!" The result of mandatory attendance. M7Dedicated to improving health care through drug research. McNEIL PHARMACEUTICAL Spring House. PA 19477 Stay with Healthco We’ll help you succeed. Wherever you go. Whether you opt tor your own practice, an associateship, partnership, graduate study or another avenue. stay close to Healthco. your full-service dental dealer We offer the most to the new dentist Here are some of Ihe areas where Healthco can help: i Prov o 0 personal Rales ccrm tant a Help you got conventional or lease Viancmg through Healthco Profcr.iumal SorvcosCr p (HPSC) 2 MtHpyou select a locafroi 3 CounMiyounAssooaJwnip.Pannershc. Group Practice a« J institutional Employment 4 Counsel you on bu ling rent-ngor leavng your office 5 Help you buy a practice 6 De n your ohice ana help you decorated 7 Hrrtp you select cental equpnrerrt 6 Furnish specs » contractor and subcontractor ’0 Help you determine office polcy it Help you hire aij«ilia ies and offreestatt i? So up your bAng and coaechon system 13 Help you buy merchant ® econcnvcaily, the Healthco Custom Acquisition through the I Program (CAP) M Set up your Inventory Control System 15 Furnish r«yiab e service technicians. promptly L •Healthco Dental Supply Mas iog your practice more p»oductne Icahhco Philadelphia Denial 2130 Arch Si reel Philadelphia. PA 19103 (213) Atf.74.f0 (800) 222-170S P. y£ (800) 323-1-90 (HJ. %'). Dh. Y) - Healthco Pittsburgh Denial Supply 286ti BanksviUe Road Pittsburgh, PA 13216 1412) 344-8686 (800) 242 1612 (PA) Healthco Dental Supply Turnpike Industrial Park Middleton n. PA 17037 (717) 939-0483 (SIX)) 932-0383 (PA) Healthco Baltimore Dental Supply 6308 Blair Hill I anc Baltimore. MD 21209 (301) 828-0300 (800) 492-4703 (MD) (800) 638-4711 (DR. PA. W V. 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Of course, we also provide a full selection of carts and wall-mounted systems for side delivery. And we offer two versions of doctor and assistant instrumentation combined in a single cart for rear delivery, along with console-mounted units. And that's what makes A-dec. the doctor's first choice. Shown above: (top) Decade Gnit 2030, (right) Century Doctor's Gnit 2050 with gravity drain cuspidor and assistant's instrumentation, (left) Doctor Hygienist 2020. ad ‘c 0 r Tl»U!» ow . n»»n tw» IIMe!■«! AO£C INC N6»CiThe Jelenko System Products - Programs - People . . . designed to serve the dental profession and craft in the tradition of excellence you have come to expect from Jelenko. IS Pewvwlt JELENKO I OENTAl HEALTH PROOUCTS 99 BUSINESS PARK OfllVE ARMONK NY 10504 USACongratulations to the Class of 1984 DAVOR PHOTO, INC. 654 STREET RD. ■BOX 190 BENSALEM, PA. 19020 (215) 638-2490 From Shofu.... the professionals in the manufacture of quality abrasives. SHOFU Shofu Drill ] Corporation 4025 Hofunnon Dmr • Mmlo Park. California 94015 CONGRATULATIONS TO JAIME GELMAN ROBERT GELMAN FROM DR. MRS. IRVING GELMANTime is the irreplaceable cost Don’t waste it on avoidable and unnecessary chair-side time in adjustments, grinding, fixing occlusion, inserting cases, etc. That’s why so many dentists rely on Conicella-Fessler. Crown £ Bn,ifie Proper Marginal Design Intetptoximi) Spacing Coni yon ns lust a lew of Uw actor to he cure tiered when Conicetb Fesslw plan!- and engineer O0«W hndfivMori lor th» maximum in aesthetics. design £ function C-F Rcai-Etch CFRoiEtch . C«xuce'laF s! :‘» cos c“ ct:.» Maryland Typ Bndsv prueafcire kt • rctonng rru!' nurdv? • rj • :« 2i • TeNsiJiTg hrokirixkiwn teeth • per d elta' splinting For Full Dentures, Cast Partials, Ceramics, Crown oc Bridge Rely on the experts to save you time! conlcella -fessler _ C-F Resi-Etch ?ep»«9 r£f a modem apr- «» -hi a.» -wnd nc truce inf- rmation. I need U ruE wmc« capaNlitv 0«%V- F« fV ■ enclosed if trv. tir-t case' ZtTi Varrv:_ Address Cnucrltu F®»le Dental UN«Ue trx. fJoddand Au l cxct Hi i Pa t«l tMaitiJ J 9 Phone _i Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!” CONGRATULATIONS DR. STEPHEN E. BAND We5re so thrilled and proud. Mom, Dad, Helene, Jeffrey ■ CONGRATULATIONS PASQUALE J. GALLELLI I AM VER Y PROUD OF YOU BEST WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL FUTURE LOVE MOM PAUL H. BANDITT INC. Dental Instrument Depot Mailing Address: P.O. Box 841 Freehold, NJ 07728 From NJ: 800-222-0962 All Others: 800-222-0961 GIRARD DENTAL LABORATORY 1915 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA. 19103r (fj ronx (bounty Rail itil Removal C orp. ASHES AND RUBBISH REMOVED 1940 WEBSTER AVENUE BRONX. N. Y. 10457 PAUL PANZA-PRESIDENT WISHES DR. GERI ROBIN THE BEST OF EVER YTHING Formica is our business IFORMICA -- UHANU laminate FRANK ). gg-j OMPADRE SON. INC. 2755 PHILMONT AVENUE HUNTINGDON VALLEY. PA. Parsons Tables • Customer Cabinetry Hospital Casework • High Pressure Laminates Desk Tops • Counter Tops • Dental and Medical Cabinets Wl 7-2100-2101 OR 6-0510-11-12 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1984 FROM THE TEMPLE HEALTH SCIENCES BOOK STORE PROFESSIONAL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES TEMPLE INSIGNIA MERCHANDISE (215) 221-3157 LThe Food Services People. 200 Pattison Avenue. Philadelphia. Pa 19148 — (215)271 1188 DEAR GERI, SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO TALENTED WE LOVE YOU! DAD, MOM, BARR Y, LISA The J. M Ney Company. Bloomfield. CT 06002 PATENT! 0 US PATENT 4 nr or? nblTATBETTER DENTISTRY... BY DESIGN Performance, Dependability, Quality ...their built-in on these and the entire line up of Den-Tal-Ez and Star Dental Products from Syntex Dental. At Syntex, our products are designed with better dentistry in mind The 4301" Fiber Optic Handpiece Everything you need in a high speed nigh torque tiber optic handpiece The light source is an integral part o! the handpiece, eliminating tne drag and color distortion associated with fiber optic bundles Choose the 430-1 from Star Dental for the light and power you need in a high speed handpiece Titan-S' Sonic Scaler The light weight alternative to mechanical scaling The Titan-S attaches to any high speed handpiece tubing It’s completely portable no power pack to lug around Precise orbital motion removes stain and calculus quickly and efficiently The Titan -2 Plus Low Speed Handpiece System The one efficient handpiece system with the flexibility to meet all your low speed handpiece needs The complete system includes a choice of 2 powerful Tuan motors (5 000 and 20.000 rpm) a torque multiplier, motor-to-angie adaptor, a straight nose cone and 4 angles with tteld replaceable cartridge assemblies Select trom these components to build the system that best suits your needs The Advantage Chair trom Den-Tal-Ez The new value-leader in dental chans The Advantage Chair combines buiit-m patient comfort outstanding doctor convenience, and exciting new styling at a very affordable price Let us Show you how you can give yourselt an advantage The Advantage ' Patient Chair trom Den-Tal-Ez § SYNTEX DENTAL PRODUCTS P 0 BOX 896 VALLEY FORGE. PA 19482 DEN-TAL-EZ STAR DENTALCONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 84 TEMPLE DENTAL ALUMNI SOCIETY COLLINS CERAMIC DENTAL LABORATORY, INC. 8008 Castor Ave. 722-0512 Phila., Pa. 19152 “Excellence By Design ” 1ST f THA NK YOUTH A NK YOUTH A NK YOUTH A NK YOU THA NK YOUTH A NK YOUTH A NK YOUTH A NK YOUTH A NK YO £ O £ . £ £ £ 2 cn Z § 53 a- • c o p • = rc 3 c 5 o o .3 o OS 1) 1) « fe(j 0Q 3j z oo-o 0 1)0 OC0S •c i 2 o 3 K- O s a 0 3 eg 0 eg o £ o 8: eg -o‘ JO £ 0 3 eg o eg 0 o 3 §-° 5 ;o £ g-S-S UN ? ? -o o -o y :c± -3 eg r o 3 eg o o § Su?£ SS-§:s o o O 3 3 Q § eg 3 O o.’S 'o s 00 i 2 2 S« St .v-SJ § 13 3 -3 3 £ 0 3 eg N 2 l- si cj r- ££Sq£555q U) U U) ■0 0 0 3 3 3 g g g C i i Ci Cj Q 555 i= £ E?5 O 3 O O. eg OS X 6 £ 3 o 3 eg § ? a £ ’§ N r8 O « -3 o o .3 O 3 S' 5 S O £ 3 o ■O O -3 3 fi o 3 eg ’ - • § o -J o - s I sp nj rS o 3 ■5 3 •y. eg v-3 £ 'S o eo =3 0 £?■§ VJ O £ .8 § o o c o eg rz Q £ o o eg 0 o . o o c; O C j o 3 eg O - o . o o ,• . . . . •c goKc !? e 2 S2 ks55 ■§11 ?s eg ' eg eg eg O o -J 00 o 3 O O o o eg O O eg -O s- O 0 1 o 5 •y, eg s .g .o o 5 •5 •£ -j l-i -a «g o. 3 £ O - 3 O 5 0 £ o 3 O •— c -o o ■5 ej •2? 5 :| §5505 5 o 3 3 r o o 3 3 eg eg iJ C 2 s 3 5 t2 •£ 1 2 u;k.i£ O sc 3 •« 0 3 3 -3 3 O — o -o 3 £ O «9 C OS o ii 2 -£ 3 3 i ■§5 3 • CO ■O 3 3 O y) 7= I S o ■O 3 0 3 3 3 3 3 3. id § [y 8 3 I o 3 3 3 •2 S5 S) Cj 2 I S ;S- 5 S sr- l1 o "O 3 3 3 3 t . c- . 'y. . z 3J2333i3:33 5as?55i2:? •i-g .ej 3 3' O co Q Q 3' 3 I £ 5 0 0 3 3 O ■? I 3 O sl y II § ii 8-0 i § s S O £ • £ 2 2 % ■ r £ £ ir £ £ ■»r 5 ii 1 ) OA Y YHl.no A MSI VH1 HO A MM VHIOOA MM VHIHOA MM VHlflOA MM VHlflOA MM VHllOA MM VHlflO I MM VH1TEMPLE U OF THE COMMONWEALTH • S BY-AUTHORITY-OF THE BOARD OF-TR OF-THE-FACULTY- HE QUafifi THE • DE iortnr of ®j TOGETHER WITH ALL THE RIGHTS-PRI THERETO • IN • RECOGNITION • OF OF • THE • COURSE PRESCRIBED • BY IN • TESTIMONY • WHEREOF • THE • THEIR • NAMES • AND • AFFIXED • GIVEN • AT • PHILADELPHIA • PENNS DAY • OF • MAY • NINETEEN «vTIVERSITY TEM- OF HIGHER - EDUCATION STEES ■ AND UPON RECOMMENDATION XBY-CONFERS UPON f I9B4 ;ree • of rtal Surgery 1LEGES AND HONORS APPERTAINING THE - SATISFACTORY COMPLETION THE • FACULTY OF • THE • UNIVERSITY NDERSIGNED • HAVE - SUBSCRIBED ’HE • SEAL • OF - THE - UNIVERSITY VANIA • ON • THIS • TWENTY-FOURTH HUNDRED • AND • EIGHTY-FOUR --- PRESIDENT-OF-THE-UNIVERSITY DEAN SEP 2 3 1234

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