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1 1 r y BAKO. G fr ;V barlow, g. 8ASM. p bibTocp. c n « o - "V BCIIAPO 1 7 T r r CAPPf TJA n pi ! a |BM0 r A » CORDERO. M • ■ ■; ': !■ • • S r • 1 t COWAN. P ,r OAN IG.S y OAPOCHA 8 1 OAVIS W .- DeGECRGI V 0 o El'WtRTH T ' k a GIN t 7 CNGEl. K fil a i. » . V fPlfDVAN B ; fUNARl, G. t FUNARl. G, « o ft 'f • f w » » . 1 . rL «.Br.° L o _ FAlSCTTI. 0 iSPfc {% • Jv f ' , s. gager a 5L GAIGANCVICZ B fvn isr-v f O a HAINES 0 •fe- T. MfrKFNBfRCER. C. l£r HILTON I [_ HINfIRBCRttR C r l HCOlOf un t ’ F ' i4r • ' Si 4Bfaii'» toA KAUfR RALSURGERY ODONTOLOG 1983 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SCHOOL OF DENTAL HYGIENESince the invention of the written word, man has chronicled the travels and events in his life. Like the ancient mariners carefully charting their course across dark and rolling seasi the stoic pioneer trekking his way through new frontiers with his faithful journali or tomorrow's star voyagers documenting phenomena in their star logs; the Odontolog staff has compiled these photographs and words to commemorate our four year passage at Temple. We hope it serves as a reservoir of memories. Some events and people who guided us during our journey may have been inadvertently missed, but they will not be forgotten. We leave Temple, since our spirits grow restless and ache to move on to new journeys, for the oceans are infinite and the roads go ever on and on . . . 2CONTENTS STUDENT LIFE 6 SENIORS 24 ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY, g STAFF 104 DENTAL HYGIENE 146 ADVERTISEMENTS 188 3ujfcii s rf r s s ti(i( ic nu STUDtNT LIF6 rrrTMBCLASS OFFICERS 1983-83 Class Officers (from left to right) Nancy Koshetar. Tom Eiswerth. Greg Smee and Jay Goldberg. Vice- President President 1979- 80 M. Christensen J. Funari 1980- 81 J. Funari J. Miller 1981- 82 G. Smee T. Eiswerth 1982- 83 G. Smee T. Eiswerth Secretary Treasurer L. Klinger B. Darocha N. Koshetar N. Koshetar Student Council M. Cordero G. Funari J. Goldberg J. Goldberg ASDA G. Phillips D. Milavec D. Milavec D. Milavec STUDENT COUNCIL 10 1983-83 Officers Pres.-Jay Goldberg, V-Pres.-Juhe Principato. Secr.-Kathi Mansell.Member are G. Bako. F. Cappetia. M. Christensen. T. Ciuchta. M. Cordero. S. Danzig. B. Darocha. A. Dilsaver. N. Di Piciro. J. Di Ponziano. J. Feinberg. C. Field . A. Fienman. S. Fithbame. K. Fi her. L. Fisher. G. Funari. J. Funari. B. Galganovicz. E. Hilton. C. Hinterberger. R. Hofko, L. Kane. D. King ley. R. Knowlton. J. Konicki. N. Kothetar. E. Leone. K. Meek . D. Milavcc. H. Mulmck. D. Nagy. G. Phillip . J. Robert . S. Rosenberg. N. Rosenthal. P. Sofia. D. Strassman. G. Su kmd. C. Taggart. R. Tananls. M. Torreti. S. Trager. F. Turco. M. Wong. R. Yardic. R. Yeager. ASDC ENDODONTOLOGY SOCIETY Member are. L. Narcum. A. Alamar. H. Saltzburg. S. Danzig. A Pedicmo. E leone. M Margots. M. Smith. R Le mak. A. Dilsaver. R. Knowlton. J. Klinge . R Pobmer. C. Hinterberger. N. DiPietro. J. Feinberg. D. Feinberg. E. Gro . N. Rosenthal. B Urbano. J. Funari. J. Robert . R. Tanam . J. Goldberg. I. Grossman. Z Makrauer. S. Miller. G. Smee. P. Sofia. R. Schnarrenberger. G. Funari. M. Cordero. M. Chri ten en. T. Ciuchta. D. Milavcc. D. Kashoff. 11DELTA SIGMAfjy-p w UVtJD't ■ ocruri AlPIIK 0y A o M M eUDM£S rrs Ntw jtY I members TO Aiwfc Lt Happt, i w W ci 5 • -_ t - v - t —1 3 - 4 f 4 k 4r»tMember are: R. Bath. T. Cherpak. W. Davis. A. Dilsaver. K. Engel. D. Femberg. J. Fcmberg. C. Field . S. Fifhbaine. K. Fisher. G. Funari. J. Funan. A. Gager. L. Genello. E. Grot . D. Flaine . T. Hanak. G. Heckcnberger. E. Hilron. C. Hinierberger. R. Hotko. J. Kelly. D. Kingsley. L. Klinger. R. Lefkowitz. E. Leone. R. letmak. D. MarceHi. J. Menna. D. Moyer. R. Mufson. G. Nack. J. Perrone. A. Peters. J. Reed. J. Robert . S. Rotcberry. S. Rosenberg. N. Rosenthal. R. Rossman. L. Ruegner. R. Schnarrenberger. A Schultz. R. Schuster. D. Sedberry. E. Silverman. D. Strassman. M. Stypula. M. Torreti. S. Trager. R. Vignola. G. Vtsnich. M. Wong. R. Yeager. R. Yardic. ORAL SURGERY HONOR SOCIETY PERIODONTAL HONOR SOCIETY Members are K Engel. G. Funari. S. Rosenberg. K. Fisher. I. Stigora. A. Schultz. A. Gager. I. Ruegner. J. Funari. T. Ciuchta. E. Flilton. T Eiswerth. L. Klinger. J. Femberg. E. Gross. C. Hinierberger. R. Schuster. M. Torreti.Members are B. Urbano. M. Smith. A. Gager. A. Peters. T. Eiswerth. L. Klinger. N. Koshetar. L. Fisher. J. Funari. G. Funari, E. Hilton. M. Cordero, G. Barlow. 0. Rosen. S. Danzig. H. Saltzburg. D. Milavec. M. Stypula. K. Fisher, P. Soffa. J. Goldberg. J. Roberts. S. Roscberry. D. Moyer. K. Summersgill. R. Mufson. S. Rosenberg. T. Ciuchta. R. Schnarrenberger. ST. GEORGE ORAL CANCER SOCIETY STOMATOGNATHIC HONOR SOCIETY Members are: G. Bako. T. Eiswerth. J. Feinberg. G. Funari. J. Funari. E. Gross. E. Flilton. D. Moyer. R. Mufson. S. Rosenberg. I. Ruegner. A. Schultz. H. Saltzburg. M. Schmidt. M. Torreti. G. Barlow. D. Feinberg. D. Kingsley. S. Roscberry. R. Yeager. S. Danzig. R. Bash. ISIRON MAN SOCIETY "8 i Enough" say these I wo lime losers having spent both undergrad and grad years at Temple Obviously a below average level of intelligence for this group. LION MAN SOCIETY fifteen buccotic boys leave serene Happy Valley to make it in the big city. Thrills and laffs along the way. STEEL MAN SOCIETY 16 Vou can take the ghetto out of the man but you can't take the man out of the ghetto.” say these students who spent their undergrad years at U. of Pitt.ODONTOLOG '83 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Linda Klinger-lsaacson Tom Eiswerth Assoc. Ed. Bus. Mgr Editor-inChiel Nancy koshetar Associate Editor Dave Strassman Photographer Asst. Ed. Joe Klmges Photographer Asst. Ed. Kelly Hykcs Hygiene Editor SPECIAL THANKS TO: Bob Dunnous (or lund raising Dan Milavec and ASDA lor their contribution Loren Grossman. Harris Mulnick Advertising Stall THANKS TO: Dave Slobodmsky. Hot Dog lady. Chuck Etclds. Rich Mulson Writers 17 Manuel Cordero. Ed Hilton. Rick Knowlton. Gary Funari. and Marty MargetisRUBBER NX HEEL STUDY CLUB CHOIR 18JOE DENTAL SOCIETY Members are. Joe Dental. Joe Dental. Joe Dental. Joe Dental. Joe Dental. Joe Dental. Joe Dcntal.Joe Dental MANIKIN CLUB oral medicine honor society 19"All joking aside. I’m great with the women." The Manikin Club sitting back and relaxing to a lecture given on Casting Failures by Dr. Robbins. 20THE THROAT Throat (throt). n. I. the passage from the mouth to the stomach or lungs, including the fauces, pharynx, esophagus, larnyx and trachea. 2. some analagous or similar narrow part of passage. 3. a tight or uncomfortable feeling in the throat, as in "lump in one's throat". 4. Slang, to give someone a scolding, berate, as in "jump down someone's throat". 5. Informal, to force someone to agree to or accept something, as in "ram something down someone's throat". 6. to cause one's ruin or failure, as in "cut one's throat". 7. achieve at the expense of others, or to cause someone elses ruin or failure, as in "cut someone’s throat" or "he's a throat", (see picture). Sneakers (disguised as shoes) made of space-age material. especially constructed for win ning the big race to chair reservation lines and postings of test grades Complete set of class notes from various mailboxes and 2 of each class handout. Complete set of protocol beginning with 1950 including all tests and boards. Complete deluxe cart-everything bought from freshman year and some things picked up along the way. Handy-dandy pocket-sized calculator lor quick and easy tabulation of grade point averages and class ranks. Includes 10.000 entry memory bank lor nifty storage ol test scores, percentiles and class ranks. Specially designed 5X magnify ing glasses, for inconspicuous viewing of social security numbers and test grades at ranges of 5-10 feet. Fashionably-styled tape recorder (cleverly disguised as a SONY Walkman) for recording lectures, seminars and conversations. Comes equipped with headphones for inconspicuous listening to lectures on elevators and street corners. Rythm machine is built-in to help create the appearance of "grooving" to some heavy music. J5 patient folders from dad's office). 00 Memory full of asinine questions to monopolize the instructors' time. Complete set of writing utensils. Includes pens in six decorator col ors. 6 number 2 pencils for test time and special number 4.5 pencils for extra-dark writing of wrong answers next to lest questions to foil onlookers. Missing Learning Center 21•tOSTMTiOH OtSS 1200-100 PM Pl£A$t K SfcAlU) "Hey Dr. Nick, how come I only got a 6 on outline form?" It sure is a good feeling to know TIIDS security is always alert and on the ball "Yes Ma'am. I'll be the Doctor with the plaid pants, plaid shirt, plaid tie. and plaid vest." "Julie, stop bothering mcl' "I knew that zipper was here somcwherel" 22EMERGENCY KIT "Yeah. I've been using Grecian for years and look how dark my hair is." "Yes. indeed. I think we can put a few pins In the retromolar pad for retention on that free end saddle." "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the doors and see all the people.” "Burpl" "Where the hell did cubicle 69 go?" Philadelphia TV News Anchor persons exchanging views at the All Dental Dance. Left to right Jim Gardner. Stan Borman. Marc Howard. Chris Wagner. Larry Kane and Debra Knapp. 2327 MARK ANTONIS Temple University B.A., General Sciences Bethlehem. Pennsylvania GABRIEL A. BAKO St. Joseph's University B.S.. Biology Toronto. Ontario Canada 28RICHARD N. BASH Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture B.S., Biology Fountainville. Pennsylvania 2930CHRISTOFER A. CAPUTO University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Biology Beaver Falls. PennsylvaniaI ROBERT H. CARBER Princeton University B.A., Biology Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 32THOMAS JOHN CIUCHTA University of Pittsburgh B.S., Microbiology JJ Springdale, PennsylvaniaMANUEL A. CORDERO Haverford College B.A.. Spanish Literature. Photography. Education Manati. Puerto Rico 34 Philadelphia. Pennsylvania3536NANCY R. DIPIETRO Temple University R.D.H.. B.A., General Studies Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JOHN P. DIPONZIANO Pennsylvania State University B.A.. Science 37 Bensalem. PennsylvaniaSTANLEY J. DUDEK. JR. Temple University B.A., General Studies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ROBERT M. DUNNOUS University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Chemistry 38 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania39DAVID S. FEINBERG Pennsylvania State University B.S.. Biology Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 40JULES I. FEINBERG Drexel University B.S.. Chemistry. M.S.. Chemistry Melrose Park. Pennsylvania CHARLES FIELDS University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Psychology Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 41ARNOLD D. FIENMAN Temple University B.A.. Biology Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 42 Altoona. PennsylvaniaKEITH L. FISHER Lafayette College B.A., Biology Lansdale. Pennsylvania LARRY EDWARD FISHER Pennsylvania State University B.S.. Biology, M.S., Speech Pathology Malvern, Pennsylvania 4JGARY JOSEPH FUNARI University of Pennsylvania B.A.. Biology 44 Yardley. PennsylvaniaARTHUR H. GAGER Syracuse University B.A.. Chemistry 45 Norwich. Connecticut46 Scranton. Pennsylvania47EVAN SCOTT GROSS Purdue Universtiy. Pennsylvania State University B.A.. Science Pocono Pines. Pennsylvania 48DONALD W. HAINES University of Scranton B.S., Biology Moscow. Pennsylvania THOMAS HANAK Temple University B.A.. English Merion Station. Pennsylvania •49so Harrisburg. PennsylvaniaSr. Francis College B.S., Biology Altoona. Pennsylvania 51ROBERT PAUL HOSKO University of Scranton B.S.. Biology 52 Stroudsburg. PennsylvaniaWILLIAM L. JAKAVICK Muhlenberg College B.S.. Biology Brookhaven. Pennsylvania LINDA M. RUEGNER KANE Pennsylvania Slate University B.S.. Pre-Medicine Abington. Pennsylvania 53DAVID R. KASHOFF Muhlenberg College B.S.. Natural Science Levittown, Pennsylvania JAMES M. KELLY University of Delaware B.A., Biology. Psychology 54 Camp Hill. Pennsylvania55JOSEPH FRANCIS KLINGES King’s College B.S., Biology Wilkes-Barre. Pennsylvania RICHARD D. KNOWLTON, JR. Pennsylvania State University B.S., Animal Science Stratford. New Jersey 56JEFFREY S. KOCHE Pennsylvania State University B.S., Engineering Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute M.S., Engineering Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JOHN P. KONICKI Wilkes College B.S.. Biology 57 Pittston Township. Pennsylvania58 Willow Grove. PennsylvaniaROBERT D. LEFKOWITZ Pennsylvania State University B.S.. Pre-Medicine North Hills. Pennsylvania 59ERNEST LEONE Temple University B.A.. Biology Blackwood, New Jersey ROBERT E. LESNIAK University of Scranton B.S., Biology Scranton. Pennsylvania 60ROBERT JAMES LORUSSO Pennsylvania State University B.S., Biology Erie. Pennsylvania ZOLA A. MAKRAUER University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Psychology 6i Pittsburgh. PennsylvaniaMARY ANTOINETTE MANNING Drexel University B.S.. Nutrition Conshohocken. Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Biochemistry Jeannette. Pennsylvania b263Penllyn. Pennsylvania 64tro n P Iry'fc-J ■mm nr •'OunroMBB JAY S. MILLER. II Dickinson College B.S., Biology b 5 Newville. Pennsylvania66DAVID J. MOYER Muhlenberg College B.S., Biology Penns Park. Pennsylvania RICHARD ALAN MUFSON University of Florida B.S.. Chemistry Miami Beach. Florida 67Temple University B.A.. Biology Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 686970 Philadelphia. Pennsylvania GARY PERRINO University of Southern California. Pennsylvania State University B.S.. Biology Edinburg. Pennsylvania JOSEPH A. PERRONE Dickinson College B.A.. Psychology Westmont. New Jersey 71ANDREW D. PETERS Dickinson College B.S., Chemistry Allentown. Pennsylvania GEORGE ROBERT PHILLIPS Dickinson College B.S.. Biology Exton. Pennsylvania 72San Diego. California 71’■iBARBARA ANN RICH Rutgers University B.A.. Biological Sciences Camden County College A.A.. Dental Hygiene 7 S Pennsauken, New JerseyJOSEPH F. ROBERTS University of Pittsburgh B.S., Biology Punxsutawney. Pennsylvania 767778 Randolph. MassachusettsFRANK T. SAGEN Temple University B.A.. Sociology Levittown. Pennsylvania HARRIS RAND SALTZBURG Temple University B.A.. History Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 7960ALLEN J. SCHULTZ University of Nevada at Reno B.S., Biology Orange, California ROBERT G. SCHUSTER Pennsylvania State University Health Planning and Administration Whitehall, Pennsylvania 81Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania83 Philadelphia. PennsylvaniaManchester. Pennsylvania 8485DAVID S. STRASSMAN University of Pennsylvania B.A.. Biology i B6 Wilkes-Barre. PennsylvaniaMICHAEL C. STYPULA St. Bonaventure University B.S., Biology Sharon. Pennsylvania KURT SUMMERSGILL Loyola University B.S.. Biological Sciences University of Pittsburgh M.S.. Human Genetics Sycamore. Pennsylvania 87GARY C. SUSKIND University of Arizona B.S., Biological Sciences Woodmere, New York CHRISTINE HALASA TAGGART Temple University B.A., Biology 88 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania89KATHERINE L. THOMAS Springfield College B.S., Physical Education Bronx, New York JOHN T. TIMKO Wilkes College B.S.. Biology Weatherly. Pennsylvania 9091FRANCESCO R. TURCO University of Pittsburgh B.S.. Biology. Chemistry Kittanning. Pennsylvania BARBARA J. URBANO Muhlenberg College B.S., Natural Science Norristown. Pennsylvania 92ROBERT WILLIAM VIGNOLA Bloomsburg State College B.A., Biology 9} Springfield, PennsylvaniaGEORGE VISNICH JR. University of Pittsburgh B.S., Biochemistry Johnstown. Pennsylvania emergencies 94 York. Pennsylvania95RICHARD K. YEAGER Indiana University of Pennsylvania B.S.. Biology Erie, Pennsylvania %I I I ANDREW ZUDANS Temple University B.S., Mechanical Engineering I 97 West Chester. PennsylvaniaJumble Jumble Unscramble these tour Jump'es. one letter io each square to torm tour o'fl a'v words IXAMM zm r ROWCE Tm 1 CRAFTO, TT _U DEGELP m1 Now arrange in circled letters to form me su»p"se answer as suggested by the above cartoon Unscramble these tour Jumtxes one letter to each square to torm four ordinary words SEEPH □ n OL NOARP POMLEY _im PHASIM nzcr Now arrange me c rced letters to form me surpr.se answev as suggested by me above cartoon Answer here an t i m- am —- Txxn-mmr 98The following list appeared outside the large lab during sophomore year - author unknown. TOP 20 MOST INTENSE SOPHOMORES (With apologies to the Freshmen for stealing their idea) First Place votes in parentheses. 1) Rich Mufson (45): So intense he understands Poiseuille's Law. Asks more questions than the rest of the class put together. (Ever notice how many teachers call him by his first name?) 2) Rich Bash (28): Even Dr. Monasky thinks he's intense! 3) Joe Perrone (15): Wants to grow up to be Rich Mufson. 4) Alan Schultz (8): "God. I'll have to bust ass if I want to pass the California Boardsl” 5) Joel Funari (5): He needs no explanatory comment. 6) Frank Turco: "We'll show those blankety-blanks on the Promotions Committee." 7) Howard Bloom: "We'll show those blankety-blanks on the Promotions Committee.” 8) Dave Kingsley: Love means never having to say "I'm too tired to study." 9) Mary Ellen Torret: Love means never having to say "I'm too tired to study." K2) Scott Gross: "All for one and one for all; united we stand, divided we fall!” 11) Dave Femberg: "All for one and one for alii united we stand, divided we fall!" 12) Jules Feinberg: "All for one and one for all. united we stand, divided we fall!" 13) Dave Moyer: Latest member in the rich Mufson school of after class questioners. 14) Tom Hanak: Anyone over 5 7" who sits in the front is intense! 15) Jay Hoffman: Anyone over 5’7" who sits in the front is intense! 16) Diane Falsetti: Anyone over 5'7” who sits in the front is intense! 17) Chuck Fields: April Fool! We threw his name in to make sure you’re paying attention. 18) Capt. HistO: Has residual intensity from first year Anatomic Sciences. 19) Linda Klinger: Good example of "closet intensity." 20) Robin Cowan: Such a nice girl, we couldn’t find anything nasty to write about her. FACULTY QUESTIONNAIRE WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN THE NEW SCHOOL? Julius "Dr. J" Rosen - "Wider doorways." A. H. Robbins ■ "The Good Book in every cubicle." Dr. Torreti - "Nitrous oxide in the faculty lounge." Dr. Bowden - "A vendeteria that serves grits." Dr. Jackson - "Why do you ask?” Dr. Cornish - "Splash guards for patients and an aisle to the sink.” Dr. Schlossberg - "A lecture hall with a built-in echo, so I don’t have to repeat everything twice, everything twice. Dr. Bassiouny - "A beeger toose-colored material department." Dr. Caso - "Ink proof "Rest" signs for Histo practical.” Dr. Patag - "Pre-cut sprue wax." Dr. Rosett - "Huh?" Dr. Forgeng - "My own operatory with gently tapering walls." Dr. Love - "My office in a more secluded area." Herman - "More respect from the people around me." Mrs. Adam - "A shorter front desk.” Mr. Hinson "A star on my office door." Mark Meraner - "More mirrors." Carolanne Craig - "Fewer mirrors." 99"I lust can't seem to get it up anymore.” "So jnywjy Marge this student has the nerve to ask for a chair reservation while I'm on the phone." "And you tell me there's not enough mercury vapor around here to cause craziness!” "I'll show you what makes me great with the women LETTERS TO THE EDITOR A Serious Look at Clinical Asepsis at TUDS Dear Editor. I. for one. am totally in favor of the revisions being introduced involving clinical asepsis at TUDS. The changes being instituted, such as individual spray disinfectant bottles for students, should greatly decrease the number of bacterial exposures to our patients. We owe these patients at least that consideration. However. I feel we should not stop here, as many nasty germs still inhabit our clinical environment. Further steps need to be taken, such as: 1) Pen and pencil sterilizers - these everyday instruments, in the wrong hands, can be lethal weapons. 2) Pre-sterilized form 10’s - who knows what nasty little bugs inhabit these seemingly harmless papers? 3) Mandatory finger cots for nose pickers - perhaps students don’t realize their nostrils are not sterile. 4) Cidex bottles for the resident cockroaches - if we have to scrub up. so should they. 5) Decontamination of instructors - here are the real culprits. Since the risk of cross-infection is greatest with instructors, they need to be sterilized after each patient. Dry heat (1800° F for I minute) would seem to provide the best results. 100 Name witheld ’A, Q. VJitfKT's JOR, e THAU ,_ Pfc- ROBSJW2, GRAVlKt(? hU AMA,lc m? . A. t £.. RoB£jM$ GfiAP wO AW oxi y $ WHM-S W»ese w tenwb ?. ' £« ? A. H«THif b. t s MWAsur t? • da 4; filuiL "h MATCH MO CVIC6 - $ urcy ' 'Ue. c .Ao Wi Jiauj Ucfoki A for A- 4 ejr0uj'v Uj2£ SluiU? 221 -245-6 VAt- 5 S’ 2 fc gCtyl '... 'w FOUM A C r »” • ,« OHtX1 v,ry r»e»Ksvoivfiz LO0JL-ALt AUA10; flA Jl!K ir ?S, UPf Nf Vsn4‘ V’' Vr «v. V pr ov . X ' . . S eV-' £■ WT f K »„•', -ru ecu Mir., V % c 2 COLUAiy g t-Urch 2- rt ?j J C riMt Fei er j U e Z j lM- riHiauAUj I frd ffatiMe. 7 fat . , Vr h •?. Pr. S. Dr • V ZV. fV r. f-h 0 C Or J S£ i U aW e v ■ f o Please eVm £-....• 7rV»E- roLLo r ntuy Follow .: NG pf r; DR.RosEh. ■■ you% circusFetAMce' PR. RoBfej S- 'yoLiR rtouMess" PR. Z-vsuis - 'youR FAifeMe s" PR. M. HARRliotf - " our ptoTUBEXAHCe PR. AAOtfArRi - -youR pE-K.FecrHEZS" vvR. IHSON - '• y MR CL RK Hip" -7 + Uro JU . 2 kDouad, 3 +v ula t- •2. X usfidJ (u t cajI JL, iJLt I C A, 3 • -• x 5 tJ f CjL.fi, v Fkjt £ u+u£ by q ± a vutke t+ Ud M Ky tyccf% £l ’ 7 SAch«y r pressure. ' L (U+i t rxaM f tciUuj £ (ua . fretiuuCi V y 'o % 101"Don't worry. I always work with my eyes closed.' Wax coated lloss may sometimes stick to your teeth 102 Dr. Weiss, back at his old |ob. Caution. Men-na at work"Shooo'. I goi out of here at just the right time "Class, I'm really deadl In the morning they hook me up to electric circuits Siss. Boom. Baa and Don Vito Cor leone bartering for primary here so I can teach for 3 hours." points. "Everytune I stand here I feel like Mr. Ed. Clinical Asepsis Committee Meeting. 10}ADMINISTRATION FACULTY, C STAFFA WORD FROM THE ODONTOLOG STAFF Well gang, this is it. the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. For four long years we've struggled and suffered assorted niceties. Hey. but we’ve handled it. We've all coped, some better than others. But we’ve all achieved what we set out to accomplish. Now it's coming to an end. and it's almost sad to think of leaving the place we’ve all grown to hate. Our class has gone through very tough times together, and strong bonds have been formed that will undoubtedly last for years to come. With this in mind, we feel we can speak for the entire class in saying that TUDS has been a positive experience. We mean, what are a few gray hairs and ulcers between friends? Hey. your spouse’s bruises will all heal someday. Remember that exam you failed your Junior year? Remember how angry and upset you were? Well, now you can look back and laugh about it. Really, your kid's limp is hardly noticeable now. But seriously, we would like to thank the faculty and staff of TUDS for making dentists out of a bunch of cocky college kids. All the material contained in this yearbook is meant to harmlessly find some humor in ourselves and the people who have educated us. We didn’t intend to bruise any egos or hurt any feelings along the way. On the following pages, our staff has "reviewed” each department, treating them as though each were a fictitious movie. Our rating scale appears below. So let's share a few laughs, and take this for what it is. a civilized way for the class of 1983 to finally get something off their chest. To the faculty, thanks for what you've done for us. —as to what you've done to us. well, read on. HOW THEY RATE 99999 999m Excellent- A flick even Rex Reed and Gene Shalit might enjoy. Strong, but not exactly "E.T." or "Gone the Wind" Good- possible Oscar material Weak- the kind of pic only good popcorn can save. Moderately Poor-great if you’re behind on sleep. Fair at Best- Almost unfit for human consumption. 99m 999 Modestly Nice- Fine for the whole family (or at least part of the family) Mediocre- sure to be on HBO or Prism next year. A Real Dog- in other words, only your dog might enjoy it. Outright Lousy-wouldn’t even want your dog to see it. 106ADMINISTRATION Dr. Dale F. Roeck Dr. John I. Bomba Arthur L. Young Dean Associate Dean Assistant to the Dean lor Administration tdward G Sullivan Assistant to the Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Raymond O. Rydalek Director of Clinics Richard Hinson Assistant for Clincical Administration Student Patient Affairs "WHO’S MINDING THE STORE?" Dr. Thomas Davis Associate Director of Clinics John H. Hennessey Administrator. Financial and Support Services Dr. Derek Waller Assistant Director of Clinics Richard Peterson Clinics Business Manager Vaudeville returns in thel980’s. making a strong comeback backed by the hilarious antics of that zany trio of yesteryear. The Three Stooges. Their brand of comedy has changed over the years, but nonetheless can still have their audiences rolling in the aisles. Mr. Sullivan, who plays Moe. (and is about as exciting as day-old oatmeal, without the help of his sidekicks), is the chief administrator at a dental school, of all places. Together with Dr. Roeck. who plays Larry, and Dr. Bomba, who plays Curly, they wreak havoc on the school in their classic roles of three poor souls who somehow wind up in important positions. You’ll split your sides laughing as they double-talk their way into your hearts, with the administrative goof-ups continually mounting. Ah yes. Vaudeville has returned and the comedy is as good as it ever was. a 107FRESHMAN PRECLINIC "UNCLE FESTER GOES TO DENTAL SCHOOL " Dr. B. Pang Dr. C. Santangelo Dr. R. Goldberg -'A.. Dr. M. McCrea Dr. J. Denbo A light-hearted, skin-headed comedy as the famous TV ghoul gets a job teaching dental students dental anatomy. Dr. Santangelo plays the lead role. Though he plays the character to a "tee”, he is somewhat unimpressive as an instructor. Nevertheless, you'll have to laugh as he makes the course an unforgettable experience for the poor freshman. Dr. McCrea. who plays his loyal sidekick, doesn't get paid but loves to kibbitz with the male students. A shallow plot but lots of fun. "Where have you gone. Jackie Coogan?” BIOCHEMISTRY "IT HAPPENED AT THE SCIENCE FAIR" Dr. R. Pollack Dr. T. Rosett Dr. G- Schactcrlc Chairman Imagine a bunch of dental students trying to be chemists. What a joke! I mean, they have enough trouble being dentists. The three main characters. Dr. Pollack. Dr. Rosett. and Dr. Schacterle realize the hopeless situation and humor the students by having them perform meaningless, childish experiments reminiscent of the second grade science fair. The conflict in this film revolves around the student's unwillingness to participate in such nonsense. They respond by drawing mustaches on the centerfolds in Dr. Schacterle's office, making fun of Dr. Pollack’s ties (he buys them used from Dr. Soricelli). and telling jokes to Dr. Rosett. but never revealing the punchline. And to make matters worse, when they ask him. "Dr. Rosett. do you get it?” he replies, "four o’clock.” An utterly ridiculous film. ANATOMY HISTOLOGY NEUROAN ATOM Y "AN AFFAIR TO DISMEMBER" Wouldn't it be really funny if someone made a movie about four fun-loving, foot loose, and fancy-free guys who made a living taking apart corpses? You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Well, someone finally did and you won't be disappointed. This hilarious flick takes place in a medical school, of all places. Dr. Volz and Dr. Aker make for the funniest pair since the Odd Couple, as you follow their madcap misadventures through Anatomy Lab. Dr. Hausberger plays an aging. WW II vet with a delightfully sinister personality. You’ll roar with laughter as they scalpel and saw their way to your humerus (that's anatomy for funny bone). Last but not least is Herman, who provides new material for the frustrated surgeons and also deals in spare parts on the black market. The boys suspect Herman to be a necrophiliac, but he insists he was born in Camden. You'll bust a gut over this one. Dr. E Reith Chairman Dr F. Hausberger Dr E. Swanson Dr. P. Aker Dr. L. Caso a 108 Dr. J. VolzMICROBIOLOGY "THE STERILE CUCKOOS" The exciting story of a few brave men. out to destroy the entire germ population of TUDS. armed only with plastic spray bottles. Against overwhelming odds, each man does his share to wipe out the invisible enemy. Dr. Pakman offers to tell jokes, thereby boring the gram-positives to certain death. Dr. Farber agrees to get rid of the aerobes by fumigating the school with his cheap cigar smoke. Dr. Long offers to dress up as a spirochete and infiltrates the enemy, but he is immediately recognized because he is so much shorter than all the other bacteria. Predictably, however. the germs win in the end. In his closing speech. Dr. Farber delivers an emotional testimony of his relentless efforts to be victorious. One is certainly moved as the movie fades to black, with Dr. Farber vowing. 'Til get that cwazy wickettsial" Dr. N. Willett Chairman Dr. W. long m Dr. L. Pakman PHYSIOLOGY "SAME TIME NEXT YEAR" In this heart-warming follow-up to Neil Simon's hit movie. Dr. Tansy steals the affections of all who know him. Fie portrays the head of the Physio. Dept., but has some trouble making the role seem believable. Nonetheless, his warmth and generosity still rise to the surface in what seems to be an endless outpouring of goodwill toward dental students. Dr. Kendall is masterful in a supporting role, and the costume crew gets an "A” for fitting him with clothes two sizes too large to convey the ineptness of the character. Dr. Martin plays a loudmouthed instructor who also is a stockholder in a band-aid company. Built from Herman’s spare parts. Dr. "Lurch" Hohenleitner plays sort a morbid role, eating lunch with rats and giving his old clothes to Dr. Kendall. Dr. Zabara plays an unfortunate fellow whose white turtle-neck sweater was glued onto him by his playful colleagues. The plot centers on the Dept.’s intense love of their students. and their untiring efforts to keep The Class of ’83 by their side for just one more year. The class responds to the Dept.’s affection by sending flowers to Dr. Tansy every Valentine’s Day. Bring plenty of tissues to this one. Dr. M. Tansy Chairman Dr. J Drees Dr F. Hobcnlcitner Dr. F. Kendall Dr. J. Martin Dr. J. Zabara 109OPERATIVE Dr G. Baran Dr. A. Diamond "BEVEL WITHOUT A CAUSE" Dr. Farrell heads an all-star cast in this major motion picture. It seems Farrell has assembled a group of outcasts from society and turned them into dentists. Stationed at TUDS. they try to make life miserable for the students by demanding they complete unreasonable requirements in order to graduate. Dr. Austin "Loops” Robbins, the Dept. Chaplain, preaches the merits of direct gold as he pops out yet another class III. Dr. Robert "Pinhead" Cornish lets no obstacle stand in his way in his never ending quest to get to the sink. If one problem is obvious in this film, it is the fact that the characters are depicted as far too inept to be dental school instructors. Dr. Torreti. however, is the bright spot in the movie. In his role as a double agent type, he helps the students without being supported by Farrell and his cohorts. Besides, he smells too good to be a bad guy. But alas, even Dr. Torreti is no match for the heartless Operative Department. And once again, as always students must sign on for extended duty so they can fulfill the ever-important gold requirements. As the contented instructors savor their victory, the film fades to black while in the background one can faintly hear. "Dr. Ba-soony, Dr. Ba-soony. come to the opitive department.” Don't act surprised if you leave the theater feeling a title bitter. I know this reviewer did. w Dr. M. Mcrancr Dr. B Siegel Dr E. Woodland Ms. T. Wyszynski rtoDr V Buggy Dr. S. H u The Class Of 1983 wishes to extend a sincere thank you to a man whose duties and abilities extend far beyond the teaching of technical dentistry. To a human being who will fight behind you in your corner, regardless of peer pressure. To a genuine, kind man who has proven it is possible to be. at once, an excellent instructor and a good friend. Dr. Torreti. we could not overlook all you have done to make us better persons as well as better dentists. Thank you. Dr. J. Salkowitz Dr. N. Sammartmo Dr. G. Shelly Dr. F. Pavllkowski Dr. A. Robbin Dr. E. Torreti Dr. M. Tracer "Pinhead" THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF PRECLINICAL OPERATIVE DENTISTRY I. THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE G.V. BLACK. 1 THOU SHALT HONOR THY RUBBER DAM AND KEEP IT HOLY. 3. THOU SHALT NOT REMOVE THY TOOTH FROM THY DENTOFORM. 4. THOU SHALT NOT NICK OR SCRATCH THY ADJACENT TOOTH. 5. THOU SHALT USE ONLY SHARP HAND INSTRUMENTS TO BREAKETH THY CONTACT WITH THY ADJACENT TOOTH. 6. THOU SHALT HONOR THY ROW INSTRUCTOR (EVEN IF HE OR SHE CANNOT CUT A CLASS V PREP ANY BETTER THAN THOU CAN). 7. THOU SHALT NOT WAX-UP ON THY DENTOFORM PREP. 8. THOU SHALT LEAVE NO UNSUPPORTED IVORINE RODS IN THY PREP. 9. THOU SHALT MEMORIZE. FOREVER. THE DIAMETERS (IN INCHES). SILLY CATCHY NAMES. AND COLOR CODES OF THY TMS PINS. 10. THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBORS DENTOFORM PREP. mCROWN AND BRIDGE Or. D. Appleby Dr. R. Blilzer Dr. J. Br let man Dr. E. MmglcdoHI Chairman Dr. R. Cleveland Dr. S. Cohen Dr. P. Coste Dr. C. Craig "TO KILL A MINGLEDORFF" Get ready.mystery fans. A murder mystery of the highest caliber awaits. It seems Dr. Mingledorff, head of the CSB Dept., has ideas of becoming king of the department. He's gone as far as to commission his underlings to construct a crown for him to wear, but no one could get the wax-up signed off. But the instructors in this dept, are a proud breed, and they know no one will rule over them without a struggle. In a secret meeting they randomly select someone to bump off "Uncle Ernie." but don't disclose who the lucky person will be. Will it be mild-mannered Dr. Appleby, whose stylish checkered pants and moustache have been the envy of Mingledorff for years? Or maybe Dr. "Cool Breeze" Olbrys. who may have coughed on Mingledorff once too often? Or the seemingly harmless Dr. Aden, last seen knitting a pair of socks for Mingledorff’s rooster? And what about Dr. Cleveland- no. I mean Coste- well. I never could tell those two apart. And who could leave out Dr. Zislis whose vivacious and effervescent personality have long been a threat to the would be king? The suspense is enough to keep you cemented to your chair right up to graduation day. maybe even longer. A suspense thriller of the highest magnitude but falters because of it's predictable ending — the student loses in the end. Dr. A. Ra ka ¥ Dr. P. Waicus Dr. A. Rinaldi Dr. L. Zislis 112This year marks the retirement of Dr. Louis Zislis-clini-cian. and instructor. With Dr. Zislis go our sincere thanks for all his help through the years, and our best wishes for the future. Dr. T. Forgcng Dr. J. Johnson Dr. T. Kaczmar Dr. 8. Olbrys "No kidding. I really did know Paul Bear Bryant. "I | vc my job. my pipe, and my wackie tobackie!" 113PROSTHETICS Dr. $ Winkler Chairman Dr. F. Abbott Dr. S. Lippincott Dr. J. Monari "Gee Berme. I didn't know girl could do something like that. That incredible!" Dr. B. Abram Dr. M. Appelbaum Dr. G. Monasky Dr. J. Rosen "ALTERED PLATES’’ Remember the old days when a trip to the movies meant music and laughter, not sex and violence? Well, welcome to Prosthetics. Produced by Dr. Sheldon (the Fonz) Winkler. Altered Pistes"restores the silver screen to respectability. No sex. drugs, or violence here, no sir. Just a bunch of happy-go-lucky guys who really enjoy playing with fake teeth. Sound funny? Just wait. Dr. George (the Cheese) Monasky, who really runs things, looks after Dr. Winkler too. He brings him his warm milk and assures him. "Geez. yeah. Shelly, they're still buying your book." Dr. Joe (Wizard of Waz) Wazney serenades the clinic floor with classically hummed renditions of "My Life Is Like An Empty Rest Seat” and the ever popular "Darling. Please Don't Leave Me Until I Take Centric." And then there's Dr. Julius (Pac-man) Rosen, the rotund court-jester type, who keeps students and patients rolling in the aisles with classic "Jeff Smith" stories. The only conflict in this laid back film is when Monasky and Wazney get engaged in a contest to see whose superball bounces the highest. But the contest is never consumated. It seems one slow day Dr. Rosen got hungry and thought the superballs were jaw breakers. Well anyway, everyone had a good laugh. Dr. Monari even smiled, and Dr. Winkler nodded out in his office. This is truly a fun filled family film that would make Walt Disney jealous. Be sure to take your grandmother to see mm 114Dr. F. Sammarnno. Jr. Dr. M. SpiegeHord Dr. J. Summers Dr. J Wa:ney OROFACIAL Dr. W Ries Chairman Dr. W. Rieger Dr. J. Schweiser 1!5ORAL SURGERY Residents Pr. L. Beto. D. M. Eckharl. D. K. kleber. Pr. S. Levine. Pr. J. Manse. Pr. G. Jones Pr. B. Rothman "TEMPLE CHAINSAW MASSACRE” The granddaddy of horror classics, this film is a true standout in this day of dime-a-dozen bloodbath flicks. The intensity of the film is multiplied by the number of psychotic butchers. Where lesser films have only one madman, this has quite a few. The diabolical mastermind is played by Dr. Fielding who has at his command a corps of cold, calculating crazies craving the feel of cold steel through human flesh. You'll gasp in horror as scalpels "accidentally" slip while instructors chuckle in the background. Your skin will crawl as tuberosity reductions become sinus draining procedures, and simple extractions become radical ostectomies. But the really chilling thought that makes this movie the crudest of all cult horror films is that everyone else has the decency to let their victims die. thereby ending their terrible ordeal. But at Temple the torture continues, and mangled bodies leave the clinic every day. victims of an unthinkable horror. Only in Hollywood could such a shamelessly brutal film be conjured up. At least we know it’s only a movie. Or is it? This movie should be avoided by those with weak stomachs and those who haven't shaved. H6 Just let me get a better point of purchase and this tooth will be right outENDODONTICS Dr. I. Sinai Chairman "DEEP TOOTH" In a remake of an X-rated classic, even Linda Lovelace couldn’t swallow what the students are asked to swallow. First, there is Dr. Sinai, a figurehead chairman with a permanent scowl. It's more likely that the secretary. Gilda Segal, knows more about what’s going on than "Uncle Irv." And how about the famous mob scenes that start each day at 8:30 and LOO in front of the supply window? "Well, students should know we don’t finish our coffee until 9:00.” say the endo girls. "And furthermore, you can only get supplies in the afternoon during commercial breaks.” On and on the aggravation goes ... But endodontics is a very sexually oriented practice by its very nature. It involves plenty of "reaming”, looking for orifices. and the ever popular filling of canals, just to name a few. And the screams and moans that eminate from the chairs of this clinic would make Harry Reems jealous. But endo gets kinky, too. Sadism is big in this movie, as the Marquis de Sinai sees to it that the most painful teeth get frozen, burned, electrocuted and banged on for the sheer fun of it. So. if you like inflicting pain, or receiving aggravation, this movie is a definite turn on. 117PERIODONTICS GRAD PERIO Dr. A Freedman. Dr. C. Hildebrand. Dr. J. Jaspan. Dr. C. Proclni. Dr. D- Sabatino. Dr. L. Salkin. Dr. M. Siein "Well. Mom warned me there would be day like this. "PLAQUE BEAUTY” An emotionally jarring story about a man with a story to tell, a class who longs to hear it. but a staff unable to teach it. They make useless attempts to convey the spirit of periodontology to aspiring dentists. They try self-taught courses, an apathetic attempt to teach perio and have the day off at the same time. When this method fails miserably, they try gimmicks to teach the students. They bring in a specialist from the south of France, who meshes perfectly with the uneducated students because he is just as confused as they are. But this doesn't work either, as all the students pick up is a funny French accent. They try to glorify the field of perio. but what it all boils down to is a high-priced janitorial job consisting of cleaning up dirt every day the rest of your life. Students do not climb all over each other to become maintenance men with three-letter degrees after their name. And so these poor students will never realize that plaque can be their livelihood, that this shapeless mass of bacteria can support a family, two cars and a swimming pool. They will unfortunately, never realize that, yes folks, you heard it here, plaque is beautiful. 8RADIOLOGY Dr. R. Gregory Dr. P. Marcucci Dr. $. Toplan Dr. t. Walmchu Dr. F. Williams Susan Kreipe Linda Leipziger Joyce Hawley Susie Wysz Janice Woll "ZAPPED" A musical spoof of an old sci-fi movie, this film features a bunch of people zapping patients indiscriminately with deadly ratiation while singing and joking without a care in the world. Dr. "Bruno" Sammartino belts out a moving country western tune sure to become a hit single called. "I can see right through you. you’re just radiolucent to me." Dr. Williams leads a new wave band called Frankie and the Photons, who rock the audience with their version of "Underdeveloped and in need of a fix." Everyone's friend Dr. Toplan hums his classic song "This is satisfactory, here’s your 3". while Dr. Walinchus gets stuck on his tune, stuck on his tune, stuck on his tune.. The ending is totally unexpected and somewhat unbelievable. A student walks into Radiology, actually sees the secretary behind her desk, and nearly faints from the shock. Well, only in the movies. ffl»9PEDODONTICS St. Chrii Residents Or. M. Auerbach. Dr J. Gcshay. Dr. P. Simons. Dr. C. Killian. Dr. E. Rolon. Dr. M. Suchar I Dr. T. Ba Dr. R. Carrel Dr. A. Chialastri Dr. R. Lindemeyer Dr. J. Marchesam Dr. R. Moore Dr. W. Binns Chairman Dr. E. Czarnecki Dr. O. Slavm "YOUNG FRANKENSTEINS" Where will it all end? Another link in the seemingly endless chain of amateur horror films we are being overrun by. In this screen epic, the Pedo Clinic is being invaded by little monsters who resemble large cockroaches, and wreak havoc upon unsuspecting students and instructors. Folks, these little creatures are na-a-a-a-sty. They cry. they spit, and they bite. They are every dental student's nightmare come true. The brave Pedo instructors, armed only with the dreaded "quiet room”, fight gallantly to rid the clinic of these evil pests. Dr. Marchesani. who stands behind the students all the way. signs form 10's till he’s gray, in a personal effort to help students rid the clinic of these monsters. But for every monster that’s sent away, two more take his place. The situation is hopeless. But wait —the brats seem to be changing. They are cringing in their chairs, vowing to do anything. "I’ll do anything you tell me,” one is overheard to cry. "just don’t let him near me—the one with the pipe!” A new instructor stands boldly in the doorway, ready to take charge of the situation. Easily recognized by his pipe and clogs, children and grownups alike cringe at the mere sight of him. Dr. Borkum Riff has arrived and Pedo will never be the same. RQORTHODONTICS Dr. H. Gruber Chairman Dr. K. Axizl Dr. R. Hayes 1 Dr. A. Brown Dr. M. Lande Dr. S. McConnell Dr. K. Zarrmnia "CHARIOTS OF WIRE" A tasteful, old fashioned film that captures the essence of what makes America great. The only problem is. half the cast just got off the Mideast oil barges. Dr. Gruber plays the father figure. He is very easy to spot in this role- -he's the one with the white hat. Dr. Gruber likes to playfully tease the students by continually promising to teach them how to do minor orthodontic procedures, but never really shows them anything. Dr. Gruber is a smart man—he doesn't want GP's taking money out of orthodontist's pockets. You may not learn too much from this movie, but it sure makes you feel good inside. Q 9 121ORAL MEDICINE Dr. K. Anderson Dr. M. Bolno Dr. E. Moore Dr. J. Pittman Dr. F. Scott Dr. N. Freeman Dr. A. Halbert Dr. I. Halpern Dr. M. Kajani Dr. I. Schwartz THE GREAT IMPOSTERS" "Ye Doctor, thi x-ray lamp could even be a chief complaintll" What happens when you aspire to be a uucior ail your life and can never realize your dream? Well, this bunch decided to go for the next best thing and become dentists in the Oral Medicine department at TUDS. You see. here they can act out their fantasies by pretending to be vast warehouses of medical knowledge. This is fine in dental school, but when engaged in social conversation with R.D.'s (real doctors) they always have to change the conversation to the weather. One member of the group turns in a lackluster, unemotional performance in a role so forgettable that his name is not worth the space it would occupy to mention it here. The group of "would-be's" includes 2 grizzled old military veterans, overweight. balding and with permanent scowls. One member requires an interpreter to be understood, and there is one short. Durante type. It behooves me to mention, however, that most of these men have barks much worse than their bites, and sometimes even stoop so low as to be friendly. But for the most part, they realize that they must play the pompous, arrogant role to command the respect befitting the word "doctor”, even if their popularity suffers. Well friends, as for their popularity, they finished behind Idi Amin in one unofficial poll. But the a saddest part of all is that for all the popularity they sacrifice, no one respects them anyway. Where have you gone. Danny Bowden? $ 122PATHOLOGY Dr. A. Milcr Chairman Dr. S. Chen Dr. J. Fantasia Dr C. Leifer Dr. P. Farber "FANTASIA " This show is a colorful, but somewhat boring display of slides more appreciated for their esthetic value than their entertainment value. You'll marvel over such slides as "An Au tumn Stroll Through the Pancreas” and "Sunset on the Spleen". Dr. Chen makes his contribution by presenting his slides on the circulatory system, entitled "Blood Wessels in Technicolor", indeed a rovery - uh. lovely sight to see. There is also a great ending when Dr. Miller presents. "The Colorful World of Carcinoma". Whoever thought destruction of human tissue could be so beauti ful. Fantasia—esthetically pleasing, rarely entertaining. and family viewing especially for the morbid. COMMUNITY DENTISTRY "T.T. tt Dr i. L. Furst Dr. G. Orncr Dr. I. Dubin Chairman Dr. E. Jackson Dr. H. Neuman Dr D. Soricelh A The enchanting story of an alien creature lost in a strange world, and the department that befriends him and convinces him to stay at TUDS. Dr. Soricelli does a masterful job of playing the alien creature, affectionately known as T.T. The creature is closer to perfection by his own admission. than any earthling could ever hope to be. He has ideas so far advanced that the earthling students he instructs scoff at his suggestions and laugh at his theories. But Dr. Orner. the head of the department, finds T.T. selling string ties on the corner of 13th and Market and immediately realizes his potential as a community dentist. "How well this strange creature would fit into our department." he thinks. He devises a plan to lure the creature to TUDS by leaving a trail of untrained dental assistants. Once the creature arrives on the premises, he is greeted by Dr. Larry Furst. who makes the initial eye contact with T.T. The creature suppresses the urge to flee from this strange ritual and goes on to meet Dr. Eric Jackson. Dr. Jackson teaches T.T. how to spend hours talking to a patient at no charge, and not to be jealous of the exclassmate who just passed your Volkswagen in his Mercedes. And now. T.T. is preaching his extra-terrestrial theories to unappreciative audiences of aspiring dentists. But deep in his heart, he longs for home, where T.T. s run a planet which no longer finds any need for real dentists. 123DENTAL MATERIALS Dr L. love Dr. S. Seltzer "SLEEPER” Dr. Love stars in the story with no plot, no climax, no action, and weak characters. Highlights include tensile strengths, creep values, and his secretary Barbara's hats. A sure cure for insomnia. PAIN CONTROL "IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I LAUGH” Dr. Sam Seltzer plays the lead role of I. Ken Hurtem in this undergrad S6M movie filmed right here at Temple. It seems to be a take-off of the ever-popular "snuff” movies which pop up every now and then. Only here, the victims don’t get the pleasure of dying. They are just specimens which feel pain. Dr. Seltzer's main line in the movie is, "Does it hurt when I do this?”, which he repeats ninety-three times. His assistant is cued by this line and measures the amount of pain Dr. Seltzer elicits from the patient. For instance, if there is much pain. Dr. Seltzer can sense this and smiles very broadly. The assistant then sees Dr. Seltzer’s wide grin and surmises the pain must have been great. No smile from Seltzer indicates no pain elicited, and obviously that something must be pinched, poked, or banged on harder. Dr. Seltzer says he is doing research, but it is very obvious that the man enjoys his work immensely. His research pays off. however, when he discovers that pain is not mediated by prostaglandins, as once believed, but by french fried potatoes. "Every person who has ever eaten french fries, has, at one time or another, felt pain", declares Dr. Seltzer. After his startling breakthrough. Dr. Seltzer heads west on a vacation, but meets his untimely death after being lynched by fifty Idaho farmers. Well, at least this movie has a happy ending. a PHARMACOLOGY "A MANN FOR ALL SEASONS” Disguised as a pharmacology teacher. Dr. Mann is working feverishly in his basement at nights trying to supplement his income. Through trial and error, he has managed to produce procaine, xylocaine, tetracaine, mepivicaine. sugar cane. Biscayne. hurricane, and the Caine Mutiny, but can't zero in on the formula for cocaine. Discouraged, but not defeated, he sends his faithful assistant Ester to the local cocaine dealer for a sample of "the real thing." But just as Ester is driving off in her car. the door is kicked down by Detective Brompton and his men. It seems that Brompton was tipped off by the students who attended Mann's lectures, and both of them were rewarded for their help. His professional career now in shambles. Dr. Mann quietly moves to the country to live out the remainder of his life in peace and harmony, hidden from the past by his assumed name, John DeLorean. It must be noted that despite the poor material Dr. Mann has to work with, he treats his audience admirably, with respect and compassion. -If only all "leading characters” would be so kind 0G 124THE TODAY'S FORECAST Dental Underground Daily Scandal Sheet I no-show I casting failure 3 gray hairs Vol. MOD. No. 7JCOO "NEARLY EVERY INSTRUCTOR DREADS THE T.U.D.S.-D.U.D.S.S.' OPERATIVE DEPT. SEEKS NEW CHAIRMAN "Things just aren't the same anymore.” laments Oper. Prof. A.H. Bobbins. "Ever since Bobby left, things have begun to crumble. Why. I even saw a student smile the other day. Something drastic has to be done.” The regime so carefully built by Robert E. Going is fading into nothing more than a glorius past. The Department’s present chairman. Dr. Farrell, has already been slandered by anonymous operative malcontents. being called everything from a nice guy to a gentleman. There is clear cut evidence of a militant uprising aimed at dethroning Farrell. Bobbins goes on to state other unsettling facts. "He’s always smiling. always pleasant. It's disgusting. He says please and thank you to students, and always treats them politely. I even overheard him say that students should be treated like human beings. The man is absolutely bonkers." When confronted with these accusations. Farrell stated. "Golly, gee whiz, fellas. I don’t understand what all the hubub is about." DATE SET FOR ROUNCE-OFF It’s that time of year again, and the school is all a-buzz this week before the first annual Prosthetics Bounce-Off. The field has been narrowed down to George "The Cheese" Monasky and Joe "The Wizard" Wazney. Dr. Monasky’s hopes lie in his little brown ball which he is sure will out-bounce "The Wizard's" blue ball. As the tension mounts, these men practice feverishly in the clinic every day. Who has more bounce to the ounce? The odds are even at this point. Accordingly. Dr. Julius Rosen will judge the event. Commenting on the upcoming Bounce-off. Dr. Rosen said. "Bounce-off? I thought they said Bake-off!” Bobbins sees a replacement for Farrell as the only hope to regain the glory of days gone by for the Operative Dept. "We need somebody to once again instill fear and loathing into the hearts of students. Obviously. I am too incompetent-uh. important in my present position to leave. The name that immediately comes to mind is Moarmar Khadafy, but with our limited budget, we may not be able to afford him. Wait a minutel When is Charlie Manson up for parole?” For anyone interested in this position. the qualifications should include the qualities of being mean, nasty, sneaky, scheming, rude, and stubborn. Ugly is preferred, but not necessary. Wife beaters, child abusers, and blackmailers are encouraged to apply. A dental education is not necessary. But. ah. Dr. Farrell is still here, isn’t he? How could someone else be hired Dr. Bobbins? "No problem, I’ve spiked his Kool Aid with lethal amounts of fluoride. Soon we’ll be rid of that nice guy for good. Once again, we will rule with an iron hand!” (Speculation has arisen as to whether the iron hand Dr. Bobbins spoke of is the same one he uses to drill cavity preps.) ROBBINS PROMOTES NAME CHANGE It seems that Dr. A. Robbins, self-proclaimed defender of morals, thinks the term "rubber dam" should be changed to "rubber darn." "The use of profanity by professionals is uncalled for.” states Dr. Robbins, "and I sure as H-E-dou-ble hockey sticks won’t put up with it.” If Dr. Robbins is successful in his current crusade, he will seek to delete the word "rubber" from the term. "It may be associated with undesirable images conjured up by those of less moral fiber.” he said. PROFESSOR BEATEN UP Community Dentistry big-wig Dr. Eric Jackson was brutally beaten upside the head by his patient yesterday. The accused. Leroy Ouickfist. offered this report. "I came in with a nasty toothache, so I ask Dr. Jack-son can he fix it. He say. "Why do you ask?" I say. "cause it hurt.” He say. "no really, why do you ask?" I say "cause it hurt." He say. "Mr. Ouickfist. if you refuse to cooperate I cannot help you." "So I helped myself to a one-two combination upside his head. I felt much better after that.” Dr. Jackson, resting quietly in his hospital bed replied. "My mistake-1 gave a probing statement rather than an understanding statement. I deserved it." DAVE CONFESSES. RERNIE CONVERTS. HOWARD CONFUSED In a banner day for headlines, three star students startled the news world with their sudden unexpected announcements. Dave finally confessed to his misdeeds and offered his sincerest apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by them. He then excused himself, saying something about it almost being closing time at Harry’s Pawn Shop. In another stunning development. Bernie announced that after his spring break trip to Israel, he was converting to Judaism. "I like those neat little hats they wear." said Bernie. "Besides, maybe now Gilda will like me." And finally, after much speculation, Howard admitted to being confused. "I used to think I knew what was going on." he said, "until Dr. Sammartino explained to me the difference between my ass and a hole in the ground. Why. I don’t even own a donkev." 125SECRETARIES l Marie Biggans Administration Janice Brennan Endodontics Nancy Jageman Grad. Endodontics Margaret Pickard Histology Sherrie Tustin Insurance Sharon Greenberg Oral Surgery Micki Miller Pedodontics Roseanne Souders Physiology Barbara Henderson Administration Sylvia Perlstein Prosthetics Hope Stringer Oral Medicine Debra Beck Pedodontics Mary Jo Esbensen Insurance Bernice Gross Administration Joan Paparo Oral Surgery Claire Stever Pathology Kim Marier Administration Gilda Segal Endodontics 126Jackie Pie Community Dentistry Kathy Ravert Pathology Marie Wilk Administration Barbara Williams Biochemistry Darn that Mrs. Perlstein. she always eats my crackers and sardines. 127 I m sorry. Dr. Litwack. but I didn't have time to change. I just came in from "Rocky Horror".CLINICAL ASSISTANTS Sonya Arroyo Oral Surgery Julia Bae: Endodontics Elise Garlick Prosthetics Mary Gillard Orthodontics Grace Greene Prosthetics Belinda Curenton Herman Clinic Men me Outing Oral Surgery Pat Pacheco Grad. Endodontics Ethel Perkins Periodontics Daniel Royals Oral Surgery Gelsie Cipriano Pcdodontics Betty loev Oral Medicine Kay Schickling Crown and Bridge Mary Thompson Oral Medicine Boy. do we have something tor you!DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS James Blakely Orofacial Herman Bryson Anatomy r A Harold Perrong Physiology Noreen Robertson Microbiology Helen Ruane Histology Louise Gomez Pathology Beverly Maleef Pathology Marguarita Schmid Anatomy Ken Shepley Biochemistry "I thought you'd never ask!" 129LAB TECHNICIANS Bill tdwards Supervisor Morris Birnbaum Beverly Burns Bill Hcgamin Marge McMahon Frank St. Marline Carmella Sllberman Inga Steventon Frank Mizgorski Robert OertmannCLINIC FLOOR Peg Adam Marion Edwards Dorothy Fink Myrtle Flood Estelle Kozulka Marvella McDaniel Susan Roche Arlene Solomon Merris Stevens Marie Wricht LEARNING RESOURCES Mr. M. Robinson Dr. S. Robinson Maria Fama 131 Dr. Torreti's row is already filled up. you'll have to go in Cornish's row"PERSONNEL Dr. J. Aleo Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Advanced Education Delores Hobson. R.N. Nurse Charlie Harrison Physical Pant Tom AspeU Physical Plant Mike Federiska Physical Plant Donna Mueller Nutrition Janet Lenton Nutrition Theresa lee Grad Endo Carrie Simpson Operative Susan Howell Visual Education Joe Murray S.S. White Vick Ogrcen Emma Rauche S.S. White learning Center Icon Roberts Xeroxing Ray Shepard TV Studio Angela Sulherlin Receptionist Russell Epperson Reception Desk library H. Norcia. V. lampson. P. Doll. Word Processing A. Jones. J. M. Fryman Sinclair. J. Baxter 132"Don't worry ma'am, I can put full arch banding on anyone. Just give me the money nowl" "I've heard of tight contacts, but this is ridiculous!" "No ma'am. I'm still listening Joliet Jake and Ellwood P. Blue getting ready to crash the "It must be Friday." seashore in another film of The Blues Brothers. 133GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Dr. G. Airall R. Codesco Dr. J. Dombrowski Dr. t. Borden Dr. A Mohnac Dr. R. Dealrick Dr. J. Bond Dr. R. Diggs Dr. J. Podowiti Dr. D. Bowden M. Smith M. Flannery S. Douglass R. keough D. Callahan STATEMENT Codesco Inc. -••■S'' V t MINT COVERS ALC TRANSACTIONS THRU DENTAL DISTRIBUTION DIV 01 25 60 . - ENT Or ANY DISCREPANCY PLFASE NOTiTy AT ONCE m 46?.b 125? 6314': 1 TEMPLE univ dental sch PHIL A PA 1R14C DE -TiL DISTRIBUTION DIV CODESCO,INC.-1?5 P C D0X ? rE . 3HILA 3A l=lCi PAYMENT IS DUE UPON RECEIPT. AMOUNT DUES 467. b amount enclosed s TO INSURE PROPER CREDIT PLEASE DETACH AND RETURN THIS PORTION. 1 c S 7 5314C 1 DENTAL DISTRIBUTION DIV SUPPLY ACCOUNT 01 25 60 PAGE 1 INVOICE 'REFERENCE GOLD SUMDRY TEETH PAYMENT ADJUST PRIOR AMOUNT DUE COLUMN TOTALS 467. b6 467. bfi 134TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 19140 OfflCt or THE DEAN UPCOMING SELECTIVE COURSES FALL 1983 1. Dr. Frank Kendall - Physiology and Suicide - Made Simple I credit hour (unless course is completed) Learn how to kill yourself, as a method of demonstrating various basic physiologic principles. Includes how to I) Shove an 8 ft. garden hose up your nose and jump into a 9 ft. pool of water. 2) Hyperventilate before attempting to swim under water for long periods, and 3) Mountain climb over 40.000 ft. without the benefit of pressurized shorts and more. Volunteers selected on the basis of genuine need (e.g., how long have you been in dental school?) 2. Dr. Benjamin Patag - Teaching Dentistry - Reality or Illusion? Vz credit hour For future academicians, this course is designed to inform those with teaching aspirations how to be a faculty member of a dental school without actually doing anything. Emphasis is on developing the skills of appearing to be a successful and important dental instructor, while creating the illusion of not belonging to any one particular department. Includes tips on paper distribution, cutting sprue wax. and criticizing wax-ups. 3. Undergraduate Instructor (To be announced) - Increasing Your Income While Still in Dental School] credit hour (plus any additional ones you can abscond with) Financially oriented, this course offers tips on playing the gold market, making non-traceable jewelry from traceable gold ingots, selling slightly used articulators and handpieces, and putting the screws to fellow classmates for financial reward. Also includes how to stay in dental school, while still getting that twenty-thousand dollar car you’ve always wanted. 4. Dr. David Mann - Drugs for Fun and Recreation I credit hour Explores the controversial subject of drugs in relation to coping in the present day society and dental school. Topics include proper dose regimens for cramming, staying awake during finals week of first semester of Junior year, handling post-exam crash, coping with stress through prescriptions, and weekend "trips” to relax. Also includes some wild and exciting uses for topical anesthetics. 5. Drs. Love and Drees - Lecturing - an Alternative Technique for Sedating Patients in the Dental Office 4 credit hours (if you can last that long) Explores the uses of Physiology and Dental Materials lecture material as a patient sedative-hypnotic in the dental chair. Emphasis is on use of monotones, dull and repetitive phrases and other platitudes, as a means of reaching surgical planes of anesthesia without use of drugs. Other Selective Courses (Descriptions to follow later) 6. Dr. Frank Kendall - The Respiratory System - This Time in English 15 credit hours 7. Dr. David Mann The History of General Anesthesia before 1846 I credit hour 8. Dr. David Litwack - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Perio ■ But Were Never Taught 9 credit hours 9. Dr. Robert Cornish - Pins: Friend or Foe? Vz credit hour 10. Dr. Franz Hausberger - Zee Importanz uf Za Rips, unt Za Fas-cha swei credit hours 135"Hey guys. how do you like my pant ?" "Waz. are you in there? "The Eagle lo t. the Flyers bombed, the Sixer slumped, and now you want me to work?" "Hey Wall- this clinic ain't big enough for the both of u l" 136 "Ye ma-a-a-ster. that tooth will look wonderful on the monster." "What do you mean you drank my winel""This stuff has a street value of $IO.(XOan ounce, but since you're my friends On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me. six pins a-perfmg 137 " "Well, my broker it E.F. Hutton, and E.F. Hutton say "What we have in the Inlay Wax is a secret combi nation. Thi includes ah carnuba. ah parafin. ah beeswax, ah "I wish those bimbos behind me would shut up and let me sleep!" "Hey. this aftershave really does work!" "listen Julie, yesterday there were three lobsters in that tank "Hey. is that you Arnie?" 138"For my money, you gona use minikins to catch these "Thanks Paine Weberl" here bluefish. In fact. I used pins big as this when you were kncehigh to a grasshopper." YOU’VE HAD A ROUGH 4 YEARS AT T.U.D.S. And today was no exception. You took a lot of heat in Oral Medicine this morning. You landed in Dr. Cornish's row in Operative, and had to put your patient on "waivers". You put up with the Endo girls in the afternoon. And seated a casting-with Dr. Robbins. You worked hard, you sweated. And let's face it-you just plain busted your butt. In fact, you’ve spent 4 years in this God-forsakened dump-and survived .. NOW COMES MILLER TIME Congratulations CLASS OF 19831CLASS OF 1983 Occluio-ApicaHy 1, _______Gingival Graft. 2. "The check_____the mail". 3 What the above statement is. 4. Most popular item used for mounting upper models. 5. Dennis's nickname. 6. "Coke is_____." 7. Preclinic professor we were lucky not to get. 8. Resembles Yoda. 9. Second note of musical scale. II Prescription (Latin abbr.) 14. The "No hassle department." 15. Material that's a must during finals week 17. Dr. Grossman- "Louis, the______ 19. Freud's subconscious. 22. Public Relations (abbr.) 23. Should have stayed south of the Mason-Dixon Line. 25. Greek letter. 26. Prefix meaning farther from dental midline. 27. The "Torreti of the Endo Department." 29. Resembles Porky Pig. 30. Greeting. 36. "____I Were a Rich Man." 37. Dr. Sominex. 39. British Broadcasting System (abbr.) 42. Nickname of downstairs hot dog stand- the _ coach. 44. Common Oriental surname. 46. The Checic. 49. "________ DOO (cartoon TV show) 50. Angry. 51. Infectous or Scrum 53. District Attorney (abbr.) 56. Xenon (chem. symbol) 58. "_______ Like it Hot." 59. "Drill. Fill, and___". 60. Isle (abbr.) 61. Curie (abbr.) 63. Greatful_______. 65. '■_____ -Bam. thank you MAAM". 66. "On the_______ 68. Dairy State (abbr.) 70. 7-UP. the______ cola. 73. Compound. Junctional, or White-sponged _________. 75. The other Physio Plues Blues Brother - Joliet_______. 76. Part of the Eye. 81. ____ Deferens. 82. Unit of energy. 14084. "_____Mice and Men." 85. Smallest state (abbr.) 86. Has been known to cause palatal petechiae. 88 Typical operative grade for 'Canes removal". 91. Breast (slang) 93. ' Dish-pan_____ 95. Cult 98 Should win Oscar for most theatrical professor in a leading role. 100. "_____ to Billy Joe." •01. Same as MO Wesio-Distatty 103. Past tense of "to be". 105. Pretend. 106. Lcutinizing Hormone (abbr.) 107. Pie a la______. 108. Singer-_______Stuart I. III. Egyptian God of the Sun. 113. Larry. Moe. and ______. 115. American Automobile Association (abbr.) 119. "_____ lang Syne". 133. Professor whose name is also a city. 133. Tuberculosis (abbr.) 134. Soumi a cow makes. 135. Periodontal Ligament (abbr.) 137. "Fe- _______ -Fo-Fum" 139. Formal address to a woman 130. Famous rock group whose wardrobe includes paint. 131. Copalite 133. Bluegrass instrument. 135. Don Meredith's nickname. 137. Adenosine Diphosphate, (abbr.) 139. Garment made famous in "Animal House". 140. What a vacu-spat does. 141. 50's rock group the " Spots" 143. Greek letter (3.1419). 143. Discoverer of Ohm's Law. 146. Aladdin's_____. 148. Grasp. 153. "_____be or not ________be." 155. British rock group. 156. _____Doloroux. 157. Played by larry Hagman. 160. "_____ and Behold" 163. The Wizard of ______" Mesio-Distally I. Restoration no one will ever do after dental school. 4. Pinhead 10. Instrument used for decimating tooth structure. 13. Carcinoma In_____. 13. Mai_______(cocktail). 14. The "R" in RPM's. 16. One of the Great lakes 18. _______and fissure sealant. 30. Blonde who solders. 31. All Points Bulletin (abbr.) 34. Long period of time. 36. ________in dcntc. 38. Standing Room Only (abbr.) 39. Comedian - ___ Taylor. 30. Captain______. 31. Used to test vitality of teeth. 33. Competancy rating of TUDS union staff, on a scale of I to 10. 33. Hallmark of gay speech. 34. Nothing by mouth (Latin abbr ) 35. Bag of pot (slang) 38. Genetic brother or sister 40. _____. Dick and Harry. 41. Coined the phrases "mucoser" and "Carcmomer". 43. A groove on maxillary molar. 45. Department which is green color-coded (abbr.) 46. Latin prefix for "muscle”. 47. Best contraceptive known to Man (or Women) kind. 48. Scored conspicuously high on all Oral Surgery Exams 53. Wedding Words. 54. Graduate Record Exam (abbr.) 55. Former spouse. 57. Send him no flowers. 59. Pen that writes "First Time Every Time”. 61. Unconscious state. 63. Department with fossil dental units. 64. Dental Fraternity (abbr.) 65. When you_____upon a star 66. City in Brazil 67. One of the big airlines. 69. Southern Methodist University (abbr.) 71. Plays Barney Miller (initials). 73. Thinks he's God's gift to Crown and Bridge. 74 One of the "Physio Blues Brothers"-EI wood___________. 77. Opposite of "sraight". 78. Refute. 79. Plays James Bond (initials). 80. ______ -Kabcng. 83. ______ Phone Horne". S3. Accounts for smell of dental office 85. Registered Nurse (3bbr.) 87. Need sub titles for his Ortho lectures. 90. Obsession with an obiect of idea. 93. Secretary who resembles Attila the Hun (initials) 94 Social Security (abbr.) 96 Ves (Spanish). 97 Another scceretary who resembles Attila the Hun. 99 Memos. 103. A small city. 104. The "Mucho Hassle" Department. 109. ______infinitum. 110. Part of a circle 113. Reverberation. 114. Transcendental Meditation (abbr ) 115. Rear end (slang). 116 Greek letter 117. Biggest movie of summer '83. 118 AC ________. 130. Find tin popes in the______. 131. Quantity of radiation. 133. Cerium (chem. abbr.) 133. Temple University Medical School (abbr.) 136. -CIO. 138. Famous for radiographing stuffed animal 131. Venereal Disease (abrr.) 133. Class psyco-bigot-weirdo. 133. Class clepto. 134. Aluminum (chem. abbr.) 135. Doris_______, 136. "_____apple a day 138. there be light." 140. Star of never-released page in 1981 yearbook. 144. Garden State (abbr.) 145. Disto-llngual (abbr.) 147. Professor in Microbiology. 149. United Nations (abbr.) 150. or miss". 151. First note of musical scale. 153. "Boat Doctor". 154. Character played by Sly Stallone. 156. Brand of self threading pins. 158. "The Mogul". 159. Actor________Wallach. 161 Prostitute, as pronounced by SNL's Eddie Murphy. 163. One who wears gator on shirt, penny loafers and whose name is Jack. Beau or Vaughn 164. Purulent exudate. 165. "_____ it to me." 141"I'm sorry Doctor, but it look like another case of terminal Crown and Bridge.' "and this does everything but grow hair.' "Sure Janmc. all you have to do is raise this, lower that, move that over and bring that back, then we'll take the secondarys” "OOOUUCMHI My articulator |u i bit mel‘ "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!" 142Dr. Freeman signaling for a left turn. 143 "Thank you. Don Pardo I’ll lake Dental Materials for X) dollars.'"THE PERFECT PREP” It began as any other day. Up at six. shower, shave, a quick verse in the New Testament. Little did he realize that today was a day he would long remember. Upon arriving at school, he began thinking to himself. He wondered what had happened to the fulfilling and exciting job they spoke of when he was first hired. It had been many years since then and the routine was always the same. Punch the time clock, say three "Hail Bombas” and go out on the floor to look at some half-assed work by a bunch of know-it-all students. He was in a rut. "Dr. Goodbook". someone shouted, "every light in your row is lit." "Damn it." he muttered, "another day of looking at shitty preps." Disheartened, he began his morning’s work. Nothing special, he thought, as he began examining patients. A DO on a wino. a gold foil on a freshman, a pin amalgam on Dr. Cornish, and an inlay prep on a healthy, good-looking twenty-one year old blonde. He noticed a hint of cleavage peeking from her low cut sweater. "Put a napkin on that patient, for Christ's sake, and cut that prepHI" He slowly walked away, shaking his head in disgust. Thoughts began swirling in his head. "Why did I let it go this far? Why couldn’t I see what was happening? Why didn’t I stay at the mission?" Just then a blaring light interrupted his concentration. It was chair sixty-nine’s call light. He glanced at his watch. It was nine-twenty. "What the hell could this moron want from me already?", he mumbled. He walked over to the chair with the young blonde. He was not prepared for what he was about to see. As he sat down, the student handed him the mirror. "My God.” he thought, "this prep doesn’t look half bad.” His pulse quickened as he reached for the explorer and began to probe the inner depths of its dark treasures. He noticed the smoothness of its insides, silky to the touch of a gentle explorer tip. The dovetail, with its full roundness and flowing outline, sent a chill down his spine. He shifted uneasily in his chair, almost hoping to find at least one tiny defect. His hand trembled as he lowered his magnifying loops. He slowly slid his explorer across the smooth hardness of the pulpal wall towards the proximal box. He sunk his explorer to the depth of the box and moaned softly. As he withdrew he pressed hard against one wall. It was as smooth as glass. "This is a beautiful box.” he whispered hoarsely. In and out he ran his explorer, up and down, again and again, all the while exalting in the sheer ecstasy that was surging through his body like electricity. Finally he could hold back no longer. "TEN” he screamed at the top of his lungs. "TENIII A PERFECT PREPIII ARGHHHHHHIIIII” Exhausted, but thoroughly satisfied, he eased back to enjoy a smoke and relive his brief encounter with perfection. No prep would ever be the same again."Ju l wail lilt I how you what I can do with my put terr Hey. doesn't this scale go any higher7" "Kick yet shoes off. set a spell, y'all come back now. ya hear?" 14$Stefanie Aaronson Harrisburg. Pa. SADHA. Alpha Omega Yearbook Photographer Denise Albright 148 Paula Anderson Lititz, Pa. SADHA, Alpha Omega SADHA Class Rep.. Class Treasurer 149150151 152Class Vice Pres. Joanne Clare Tom's River. N.J. SADHA 1 S31  155156157Colleen Goodman Carlisle. Pa. SADHA. Xi Psi Phi SADHA Corresponding Secretary 158Beth A. Gruver Dallastown. Pa. SADHA, Alpha Omega SADHA Recording Secretary Abbey Herman Bensalem. Pa. SADHA 159Kelly M. Hykes York. Pa. SADHA. Xi Psi Phi Yearbook Rep. Maryagnes F. Keenan Phila.. Pa. SADHA. Psi Omega President 160David C. Luckenbaugh Hanover. Pa. SADHA. Psi Omega SADHA Vice Pres.. SADHA Pres. 161"Debbie, what’s that crawling on your shoulder?”No. you can’t have it. it's mine. "Don’t move or I'll shootl" 163 l. JRandi Morrow Phila.. Pa. SADHA. Alpha Omega 164SADHA, Xi Psi Phi Pres. 16S166Suzan M. Pietracatella Tannersvillc. Pa. Statton Island, N.Y. SADHA, Alpha Omega Class Pres. Valarie Pinkerton Tuscon, Az. SADHA. Alpha Omega 167168169170171Brenda S. Rowe Cape May Courthouse. N.J. SADHA. Psi Omega Yearbook Photographer Noelle Sewell Wilmington. Del. SADHA. Alpha Omega 172173Lisa Szymanski York. Pa. SADHA. Psi Omega Yvonne Taylor Phila.. Pa. SADHA 174Lorri A. Tomko Royers Ford., Pa. SADHA. Psi Omega Class Pres. Beth Van Zandt Carlisle. Pa. SADHA. Xi Psi Phi 175176DON'T QUIT When Things go wrong, as they somtimes will. When the road you're trudging seems all up hill. When the funds are low. and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit. Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Life is queer with it's twists and turns. As everyone of us sometimes learns. And many a failure turns about. When he might have won had he stuck it out. Don't give up though the pace seems slow. You may succeed with another blow. Success is failure turned inside out; The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. It’s when things seem worse. That you must not quit. 17?DENTAL HYGIENE Betsy A. Alden. R.D.H.. B.S.. Ed. m. director and professor Sherri Y. Dunbar. R.D.H.. B.S.. Ed. M. clinic director and associate professor Betty Granger. R.D.H.. B.S. instructor Janet Patrick. R.D.H., B.S. instructor 178INSTRUCTORS Denise Cohen. R.D.H., B.S. instructor Elaine Granados. R.D.H.. B.S.. Ed. M. instructor 179FRATERNITIES ZIP- (Left to right) B. Van Zandt. C. Murphy. B. Liszewski. D. Luckenbaugh. C. Goodman, B. Rooney, M. Norris. K. Hykes AO- (left to right) P. Anderson. V. Pinkerton, B. Gruver. S. Pietracatella. N. Sewell. R. Morrow missing- S. Aaronson PSI-O - row I- M. Keenan, row 2- J. Corrigan. A. Brock. D. Luckenbaugh. row 3- J. Beck. J. Evarts. L. Tomko. D. Baldwin, row 4- T. Fisher. B. Beres. row 5- V. Sideras. B. Wright. A. Campbell, D. Albright, row 6- E. Osmolinski, L. Szymanski. E. Della Croce. K. Quinn. 182CLASS C Freshman year- lorri Tomko (Pres.). Suzan Pielracaleila-(Sec.). Karen Mmnls (V. Pres.). Valarie Pinkerton (Tres.) S.A.D.KA. David Luckenbaugh President Wendy Brooks Vice President Paula Anderson Treasurer Miss Rosanne Mirakiar •FFICERS Sophomore year- Susan Pictracatclla (Pres.). Mary Norris (V.Pres). Amy Brock (See.). Paula Anderson (Tres.) Kelly Hykes Yearbook Rep. OFFICERS Beth Gruver Colleen Goodman Recording Sec. Cooresponding Sec. Diane Auker Freshman class Rep. i - 5.A.D.RA. Advisor 18318- "You ll juii love the 2.00 feeding Colette."Really Intense Lorn salutes Noclle. I cant't find a good magazine anywhere." "I was in the movie' ... 185mro n$ Congratulations to the class of 1983. Love Mrs. Kreipe John H. Hykes Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mosella Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bentzel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wolfgang Mr. and Mrs. C. Nevin Mitzel Mr. Paul C. Metzger Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Mitzel Erika Mei Mitzel Miss Heather Mitzel All our love and best wishes to our daughter Kelly Hykes Mrs. Nancy Hykes Stankus Matthew Stankus Mr. and Mrs. George Hykes Kelly Marie Hykes Jon M. Kanegawa Mr. and Mrs. Richard Righter Laurie A. Righter Congratulations and best wishes to my friends- the class of 1983 Good Luck to the Dental Hygiene Class of 1983. Congratulations to the Dental Hygiene Class of 1983. And best wishes in the futurel Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gruver Wishing the greatest success to our big sister Beth. Love. Stephen and Jeanne Marie Gruver Best wishes to Beth Gruver and congratulations to the class of 1983.- Kent E. Bailey Congratulations to my granddaughter! I'm behind you all the way. All my love. Mrs. Susan Gruver Good luck to Beth Gruver and best wishes to the class of '83- Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Gruver and Danny Best wishes to Beth Gruver and may your future fulfill all your dreams.- Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Holzer Congratulations Bethl I wish you the best of everything always. All my love. Mrs. Norma Gruver Wishing you great success to Beth Gruver and the Dental Hygiene class of 1983 - r. and Mrs. Glenn L. Gruver Best wishes to Beth Gruver and the Dental Hygiene class of 1983. May God Bless you always! Dr. and Mrs. James L.L. Baker III Dear Vicky - We are very proud of you. Congratulations. Love Mom and DadMay the Dental Hygiene Class of 1983 follow all the challenges of their goals! Congratulations and best wishes to Beth Gruverl Col. and Mrs. Martin L. Fackler M.D. A word of wisdom to my life long buddy Vicky. Don’t let life brush you by and don’t take any plaque from anyone. Your best friend Cathy Dear Vicky, may the road in your career always rise up to meet you and the best of luck in all you do. Love. Pat Good Luck Rath! Congratulations! You made it! Congratulations Honey! I love you! Thanks! Tupperware Mom! Thanks for standing behind me: Mom. Dad and Jeff May happiness and success be with you always. Good Luck everyone! Stefanie - Congratulations! We love you. Love, your Mom and Dad Stefanie - Congratulations and good luck with all you pursue. Eve and David Mindy Aaronson and Merlin Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Aaronson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Siegel Stefanie - Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Mrs. Jacob Dektor Stef- I always knew you could do it. Congratulations! Love. Shira Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Krivanelk Mr. and Mrs. C. Meryl Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murphy M+M Construction Mr. and Mrs. Walter Becker Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Babineau Michelle Babineau Mr. and Mrs. John Norris Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gicker Robin Lynn Gicker Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Osmolinski Miss Kelly A. Osmolinski R.N. Erin M. Osmolinski Mr. and Mrs. James A. McCloskey Mrs. Rosella Osmolinski Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Sultner Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Bowman D.D.S. Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Lupinetti D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Bailor Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Osmolinski and Family Mrs. Nettie Campbell Mr. and Mrs. David Campbell and Family Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Campbell and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katzenmoyer and Family Mrs. Mamie Nicrone Berks Oral Surgery Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiCerchio and Family Mrs. Ann Vath and Family Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Szymanski Diana Szymanski Deborah Szymanski Vicky - Congratulations to a pretty, terrific sister. Always be happy. Love. Mary Gene Aunt Vicky - We love you. Love. Michael and Jonathon Best of luck Vicky. Love. Teddy and Lisa Delta Cleaners Temple Grill Mr. and Mrs. R. Dale Gable Lisa Szymanski Ann Campbell To Joanne. My extraordinary girlfriend: may you excel in everything you do. Love, your exquisite boyfriend. Chris The Corrigan Family 187Bridge and Crown - KOVAIN, GAS IF DESWm 4,o»r-Ex’ T ’ . 5.00 I ioU Ffflgp ' -M w I 8lv r F®gf - . 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CORNKH 20TII CIIKSTMT) W □ DENTAL AMERICA □ 561-517ft ADVERTISEMENTSCONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1983 TEMPLE DENTAL ALUMNI SOCIETY 2 Penmalt JELENKD OENTAl HE At IH PRODUCTS 99 BUSINESS PARK DRIVE ARMONK NY 10S04 USA . . . designed to serve the dental profession and craft in the tradition of excellence you have come to expect from Jelenko. 191 premier! ESTABLISHED 1913 for close to 70 years a family business helping you to learn and practice Better Dentistry’ through a line of highest quality innovative products from A to Z: aprons and angles burs and cavil durdon and endodontic supplies fluorident and hemodenl impregum and permagum ramitec and reprodent scutan and (opicalc the two strijx’r dental diamond trijile tray wedges, and ziroxide prophv paste... premier manufacturers of a complete line of the finest STAIXLESS STEEL HAND INSTRUMENTS For complete catalog and more information contact our local representative: Rob Beiswenger 30 Hillbrook Circle Malvern. PA 19355 (215) 296-4409 t PRICELESS INGREDIENT IS f. PRtMIlR DENTAL PRODUCTS CO NORRISTOWN PA 19401 192Time is the irreplaceable cost Don’t waste it on avoidable and unnecessary chair-side time in adjustments, grinding, fixing occlusion, inserting cases, etc. That’s why so many dentists [ ' mT ' IT! Proper Marginal Design ... Interproximal Spacings... Contouring... just a few of the factors to be considered when Conicella-Fessler plans and engineers crowns bridgework for the maximum in aesthetics, design function. C-F Res i Etch ... Conicella-Fessler's cost effective Maryland Type Bridge procedure for: • restoring small numbers of missing teeth • rebuilding broken-down teeth • periodontal splinting For Full Dentures, Cast Partials, Ceramics, Crown Bridge Rely on the experts to save you time! Gf conicella -fessler □ C-F Resi-Etch represents a modern approach that can save me chairside time ... please send me more information. □ I need the full-sea'ice capabilities of Conicella-Fessler’s expert departments . . enclosed is my first case! Name: _DDS Address: Conicella-Fessler Dental laboratory. Inc. 409 Shadeland Aw. Drexel Hill. Pa. 19026 (215) 622-3298 :1299 Phone. _ I_____________LA. LEVENTHAL AND SONS INC. Dental Supplies And Equipment Established since 1898 Over 84 years of experience Service Both New And Used Equipment P.O. Box 5150 711 Davis St.. Scranton. Pa. 18505 Call Toll Free 1-800-982-4312 Or 1-800-982-4359 New York-New Jersey-Maryland 1-800-233-4105 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS PAUL H. BANDITT INC. OF DENTAL INSTRUMENTS DEPOT 1983 Mailing Address From P.O. Box 841. Freehold, NJ 07728 Out of Town Calls Collect 201-462-5457 The FRESHIE COMPANY Automated Services Division 7Q1 Ashland Avenue. 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"Part of your team serving better dentistry ' (TT) Williams Gold - 2978 Main St., Buffalo. N«w York 14214 718-837-1000 GOOD LUCK To The CLASS OF 1983 FROM CROWN YOUR ACHIEVEMENT BRIDGE THE WAV FROM LEARNING TO PROFESSION THE TEMPLE HEALTH SCIENCES BOOK STORE PROFESSIONAL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES TEMPLE INSIGNIA MERCHANDISE (215) 221-3157 IND-TECH LAB QUALITY CROWNS AND BRIDGES 1008 EASTON ROAD ROSLYN. PENNA. 19001 885-8271CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 1983 RECIGNO DENTAL LABS, INC. L.K. ARTISANS, INC. 2123 PENN AVENUE WEST LAWN, PENNA. 19609 the professionals in the manufacture of quality abrasives FULL SERVICE DENTAL LABORATORY BEST WISHES To The CLASS OF 1983 Temple University School of Dentistry DODD DENTAL LABS, INC. j PINE GROVE PLAZA WILMINGTON. H.E.L.P. FUND TO ACHIEVE A STRONG AND VIABLE SOCIETY IN THE YEARS AHEAD. WE MUST BE FIRM IN OUR RESOLVE TO SUPPORT THE EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS OF OUR YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY. THE HELP FUND WAS CREATED TO FILL AN URGENT NEED THROUGH POSITIVE ACTIONS. THROUGH THIS FUND WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT PEOPLE. NOT THINGS. ARE OUR GREATEST NATURAL RESOURCE. WE SHARE THE HOPE THAT THE GENEROUS SUPPORT OF MANY PEOPLE WILL HELP TO PERPETUATE THE HELP FUND AND. AS A RESULT. OUR DEDICATED STUDENTS WILL NO LONGER HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN EATING AND EDUCATION. THE HELP FUND EXISTS BECAUSE THE EDUCATION OF EVERY PERSON ENRICHES ALL OF OUR LIVES RICHARD W. HINSON School of Dentistry Ehnson Educational Loan FYoject Created December 22. 1981PATRONS Richard W. Stypula, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Lane Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Urling Robert Haines Zenon and Irene Zudans George and Mary Pastor Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schuster Philip S. Ames Harold and Muriel Fienman Edward P. McKlindon, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Eiswerth Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hosko Mr. and Mrs. Paul Koshetar Dr. and Mrs. Newton N. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Ricci Arthur L. Young Dr. Irving H. Sinai Dr. and Mrs. Morton B. Spiegelford Dr. M. Lawrence Furst Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas DiPietro Paul E. Farrell, D.D.S. Surilla G. Aqua Pearl Kornblau Dr. Sow-Yeh Chen Betty Granger Edward J. Reith Mr. and Mrs. William Roberts Raymond O. Bydalek Dr. and Mrs. Richard Manning Dr. Frank Hohenleitner George J. Shelly, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. John Milavec Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Makrauer Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Nagy, Sr. Dr. B. Olbrys R.F. Schnarrenberger Dr. and Mrs. Ray F. Peters Dr. Stephen C. Hsu Jack and Bernice Trager Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Grossman Paul and Carol Waicus Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Feinberg Nancy A. Schultz Diane R. Silverman Barbara Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Silverman and Family Jose Cordero and Julia Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Konicki Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Mulnick 200I -C VARaill. D. MARCH'S. M. O Sfk •tf?, McKUNOQN, L MEEKS K. i i N MTNNA J. MIIAVEC 0 'r SAlTZBURG H. 0 SCHMIDT nT SCHNARREN8ERGER CWRN, C.MIUJER j MILLER. 5. PEDICINO. A. .________PfRPINC C. lit f Tf J£ MCMN. T a MOLIHARO. N -;V- PFRRONE, J. fc. o PETER? A f A y y MOVER. D. » S i A V • OB • j ▼ Phillip? a u A T XI _ __2_ § DENT. FRESH. gg iotq f5 » 2 TO 

Suggestions in the Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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