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Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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TEMPLE UNIV. LIBRARY PALEY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SCHOOL OF DENTAL HYGIENE" «YlRSJn  TREATMENT PRESCRIPTION Lilt the phases of treatment to be carried out and their order. Indicate briefly the TYPE and EXTENT. (IN INK). ------------TREATMENT PROGRESS DATE TREATMENT PERFORMED FOR USE BY ALL DEPARTMENTS PROGRESS notes Inst. Code PV present w‘ VV t«VK «v. Vwi« eA Nru rut itrAs. ,0tyn A.WV XAgsAaW™ s»AV 3 v V ac_V . NOtviaw Vnsub uAV VifiV »' jaagssa- t. nt V)«rx. presents w'W a' U , »« 51 ?V '«» vvvH w.it. ft. : lsW. VA PHILADELPHIA5POINT - COUNTERPOINT Be. u seems ro me rhor you cod oil rhose orher women in your shoes should foce up ro some facts of Me righr now. if you plan on proaicing genera! dennsrry, I hope you hove a husband or a sugar daddy (or boih) ro help supporT you Face rhe foes, whoi man or woman (orher rhan some rod.cal women's libber) would go ro o femde for general denrisrry? Now you and I borh know rhor a woman's knowledge and abiries ore olmosr os good as a man’s in many cases, bur rhe peop'e on rhe srreer jusr don'r buy rhor ft’s been a man's profession for years, and mosr people aren'r going ro ler rhor chooge. Dur roke heorr, don'r feel like you're nor warned, rhere is room for women m some of rhe specially fields of denrisrry Toke orTho ond pedo. since rhey borh deal primonly wirh kids. They are narurol for women Look ar all rhor women have ro offer in fields ike rhese: children jusr normally occepr women becouse of rheir motherly abiliries your smafl hands fir more easily inro rhea- Srtle mouths, women rhink like children, also when you screw up on a primary roorh rhere's less worry, because rhe kid's going ro loose it onyway. and besides, men don't wanr ro work on rhose lirrle boogers Then rhere's endo, you probcbly will hove much less trouble making ir here. Ir's o relatively new field, and mosr people don'r know if ir's a man’s or o woman's oreo, so rhey won'r know you're nor supposed ro be doing ir. On rhe orher hand, surgery is obviously our for women, due ro rhe lock of strength in rheir hands Crown and bridge requires original rhoughrs and ideas, so women would reoSy hove o hard rime here Ir’s rhe men who seem ro hove all rhe rofenr m rhis areo. so you should jusr leave r ro rhem I'm nor saying women aren'r rdenred, ir's jusr rhor rher rctenrs lie in other fields (lirerolly) I suppose women could always do research Thar field's wide open and you don'r even hove ro work m someone's mourh Which brags me ro a point of ethics — how could most of you girls practice on parents in good conscience, knowing rhor you've never done mosr procedures, becouse you've hod rhe mole instructors or school do rhem for you Ir's usr nor righr Ir seems like every rime I rry ro rell you girls obour rhese things, you ger all benr our of shape and start hollering chauvinism. I'm nor looking for trouble. I'm jusr trying ro help Remember, if you wanr ro work, ond things don'r rum our for you in denrisrry, you con alwoys become a secretory Yes Chuck, we hove made ir Through dental school, no rhenks ro you. We women have worked twice as hard in school jusr ro prove ourselves. You are under rhe sorry impression rhor female denrisrs con only moke ir through wirh help from "rheir men" You sir, and I use rhe term loosely, ore strongly misraken We are ofl quire well equipped ro handle any situation rhor comes bong Ir is o marrer of focr rhor many porienrs would rarher have rhe females work on rhem. rhey feel we cause less pom. We jusr aren't rhe butchers you men ore You Chuck soy "Who con picture a man lerrng a woman touch his mourh? - wen my dear are you saying rhor you prefer moles feeling around your mourh? I never realized rhis obour you ond rhe orher "guys" Was this one of your speaal requ emenrs ro be accepted mro dental schooP You speak of pedo and ortho os women's work • rhe more I rhink obour ir rhe more I agree We can ger rhe porienrs. borh mole and female, and educate rhem in rheir formative yeors about rhe odvonroges end superior work of rhe female dentist As rhey ger older rhey con spread rhe word about how grear rhe women ore You also rak of ortho end pedo for women because of rheir morherly abiliries Does this mean rhor all male orthodontists ore mothers? Chuck, you really surprise me. Now if you hod said this obour rhe endodonfisrs, I'd be more mdined ro agree. And os for surgery, rhey're afraid ro occepr women becouse rhey know we would show rhem up, need I say more? You are right obour crown ond bridge requiring artistic ability and on eye for esthetics Everyone knows women are more concerned obour appearance so ir would only moke sense for rhem ro be better or crown and bridge You ore wrong again Chuck. Erhics now we ore getting ro rhe real heorr of rhe issue You doim rhor rhe mole instructors do rhe work for rhe fernole srudenrs -1 find rhis hard to roke seriously Why we all know of several instructors rhor prefer rhe boys And who gets rhe berter porienrs? Think obour ir As you can see Chuck, everything you've said I have proved ro be jusr o lor of hor air Your aimless rambling reminds me of on old mon There is no need for us ro yell chauvinism. I think rhe cod should be senility And Chuck, look on rhe bright side, if your porienrs ever ger wise ro you, you con always be o leb rechWHILE YOU WERE IN HERE ALL THIS HAPPENED OUT THERE Odd-even gos rationing The running craze The pope visited Double dgir nfiaron Three Mile Island - No More Nukes! Arthur Fiedler died Elvis Presley died John Wayne died Ding Gosby b.ed Moo tse-Tung died Gold over $850 00 per oz The crisis in Iren The first res: tube boby Star Wors Oi topped $00 00 per barrel Skytab fell Idi Amin fell Neutron bomb The Dakke cose The Loerrie controversy First rrons-Arlonnc bolloon fight Son of Scm Pope John Paul Poors Pope John Poul II Poors II We hosted the Winter Olympics or Lake Plocid Israeli Egyptian peoce treaty Jonestown Massacre Potty Heory conviaed of bank robbery U S recognized Ped Giina Farroh Fawcett Majors Gieryl Tiegs Do Derek Jimmy Carter was President Oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico Pete Pose came to Philly Starvation m Cambodo Gambling in Atlantic City New York Cry on the brink of bankruptcy Cleveland on the brink of bankruptcy Chrysler Corporation on the brink of bankruptcy King Tut toured America Gay Lib and Anita Dryonr MOVE Cubans in Angola Deer caused cancer Scorch caused cancer Hot dogs caused cancer Honk Aaron broke Dabe Path's homerun record Charter chcnge nor possed, Frank Pizzo post Saturday Night Live Pussons invaded Afghontsron DC-10 crashed in Chicogo Dilly Carter Dilly Deer E R A fight continued Steve Morrin Death penalty returned Disco Fever 7hi6-I€aji rrcCLASS OFFICERS 1976-1977 1977-1978 1978-1979 1979-1980 Presidenr T Lynch P Walsh W Johnson M. Lodmon Vice President W Kozuch D Logon D. Grohorr, D Loughlm Sec Treas D Logan M Lodmon M Lodmon L Eisenberg Student Council J. Casey C Crawford J Peihner C King A SO A W. Kiesel M Dunn M Dunn M. Dunn 1979 - 1980 Class OfficersMembers D Achte. L Angeto. E. Boron. L Checcho, F Gono. S Curler. D DUrto, 0 Erney. IX Gerber, L GokJsrtSn. D Grchom. IX Griffith, S G xon. M Horowrz, J Keeoon, V Kiesel (Pres) J Koshercr, G Kounoros. D Kunzmon. D LoughAn. H Logon, F Luxl. 'i Mogom. D Mcioo. J Morrin, S Mastow, E Oriini, J Pogiei, S Poincr. A Potokov y, T Pcterisk. 0 Pcr?en, 0 Begorr, D Bother. J Sobc . 0 SoneeK C Srenfcerg, L Super. D Vrbo AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN RESTORATION Mergers 0. Whre. IX Lesser. Dr Forgeng, Dr Robbins. P Welsh n Members D AdHe. H Alexander. I Angelo, D Auchrer. 6 Oorber J Oeteono, J Casey. I Checcho. S Chroryyer. F Oono. A Cocooione. J Comoly. C Gag. 5 Curving. R Dondreo. M D'Aurao. W Decroo. T Del'Agio. J. Deton. D DiVw. t Eaenberg. L GoWsreh. D Grohom. G Gray. R Qrtfth (Pres). S Gupron. T Hammond. W Johnson (Sec -Trees). J Keenon. W Kesei. j Klopfer. J Kosher or. G Koumaras (V -Pres), W Kozuch. D Kunzmon. M lodmon, D Lajgrtn. M Loverre. F Luod. T Lynch. D Malzw. J Mamn. W Memo. S McAdoo. E Mrarsky, A Moore S Muench. j Never G Newel. T Nordone. G Pocropi. J PogSe». F Parker. D Pierce. T Pax . S Poner. A Potafcovsky. T Polanski, 0 Porren, S Porrer. L Pyke. W Ronen. D Regorr, J Rehrer. J Recz. S Rheou . J Rxhrermon. D Rorher. J Sobol. V SondSos. D Soneck. P Schworzboch. K Shorkon. J Scompien. E Srefonowscz, L Super J Tarroroff, J Tono. E Tmey. D Vrbo. M Weis. P Weverberg. J Zmmermon ORAL SURGERY HONOR SOCIETY PERIODONTAL HONOR SOCIETY Members D Achie, L Angeio, D Auchrer. E Doron. J Dor on. F Ciono. J Comoly. C Gog. S Cumng. W Deaoo. D. CXJnro, L Eaenberg (V -Pres). D Grcham. R Gnffrh. G Koumoros, W Kozuch M Lodmon, M Loverre. F lux). J Mamn. W Mamn, S Muench. E Orsni (Pres). A Potakovsky. D Porren, S Porrer. W Ranen J Rerz. W Sandros P Schworzboch, E Sre onow z. C Srenberg M Sutvon. j Tono (Sec Treas). P Veverberg 12Memberi 0 A chic, E Ooron. M Dum (Sec) R Garber, L Gottreh. R Grtfth. J Grove, J Kosheror. W Kozoch. D loughin. J Morin. S Mostow. R Meyer. J Mton. E Orsni. G Pocrops. J PogW, S Pomer. T Potanste, W Ronen, D Re orr, J Rxhrormon. 0 Rorhcr. J Sobol (Treat). V SendJos (V Pres . 0 Saneck H Schmoyer, K 5harten. L Snger. C Srehberg. L Soper, N Tobos, E Tmey, M Worst ST. GEORGE ORAL CANCER SOCIETY STOMATOGNATHIC HONOR SOCIETY Members D Achle. H Alexander. L Angeto. D Aodver, G Dorber. J Cormo y. C Croig. S Curing, R Dandreo (V Pres). W Decroo. J Defcon. D Donore (Sec Treat). J Ewig. R Gorber, D Grohom. G Gray. 0 Green. S Gupron, W Johnson. J Keenon. C King (Pres . J Ktopfer. M Lodmon W Marm. R Meyer. A Moore, S Muench. J Never, E Osr». A Potatevsky. 0 Poren. S Porer, L Pyke. R Renecker. P Schwarzboch. K Shorten. J Soane, C 5remberg. J Tono, J Tamarott D Vrbo. P Wesrerberg UYou hove reod through 688 lectures for 40 efferent courses, 2750 poges of nores wirh 1.5 motion words. In rorol we used obour 400,000 sheers of paper (rhar's 202 million words!) and 17 gallons of ink, or o cost of $23,000.00 A lor of good people pur in o lor of hours of hord work — Frank Gone NOTE TAKING SERVICE TEMPLE DENTAL WIVES ASSOCIATION WE DID NOT GET A PICTURE OF T.D.W.A. BECAUSE ALL OF THE MEMBERS WERE TOO BUSY COOKING, CLEANING, RAISING CHILDREN, OR WORKING TO SUPPORT THEIR HUSBANDS. 14ODONTOLOG STAFF Phorvdo Thompson Hygiene Editor Keith Shorkan Ediror-in Chief Oil Sandlos Assooore Editor Corl Steinberg. Jerry Miilon. Druce Porker Phorogrophers Jock Sobol. Derry Porten, Ellen Doran General Staff 15ALICE'S ANNUAL PICNIC 16SUMMER SOFTBALL LEAGUE Dors 'n bcses, beers ‘n balls. The summer sofTboll leogue was fun for oS The GOA 73 were berried by rhe FILERS, The LOWLIFES were barrered by rhe FURTERS As rhe playoffs come around. The FURTERS were finals bound When rhe season wos rerminored. The FRANK'S FURTERS hod dominated. For me, I personally would like ro exrend rhanks ro all. Summer softball was more than o ball (And bearing rhe LOWLIFES wos best of oil!) Kevin O'Meara The Commissioner Fronk’s Furters. rhe 1979-1980 ChampionsALPHA OMEGA DELTA SIGMA DELTA 18 ri ■ mP5I OMEGA XI P5I PHI 19Members H Alexander, L Angeto. J Doron. C Crag, S Culler. J Detan. A GoJdenCerg. W JoNtsoo, C Kng. W Kozuch. M Meodlowsta, J Nearer, G Newel, G Pocropc. F Pcrl«er, 0 Porten. S Porter. J IWtrermon, J. SpevcA, E Srefooowtcz, C Srenberg IRON MAN SOCIETY DR. J (j HIS PROSTHETICS' CHORUS LINE 20TABLE NINE STUDY CLUB ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE STUDY CLUB 21MALE PATTERN BALDNESS SOCIETY RUBBER WHEEL CLUB Members J SpevoK. J Cormoty (Pr«). D Doncre . Dr R Derrtch, Dr ft Srcrfc Honorary members Dr F Sommormo. Jr, F Mtzqonto. C D T Nomrse s stored tor nefucnon m Apr I960 K O'Mecra. ft D’Andrea. G Groy. J ftethner FocJry T Cococ e, Dr J Moxjri (Grand MogU Supreme). Dr J Esposro (Grcnd Counselor), Dr M Spiegetad (Chairman Nomnorons Ccnvnnee ) 22A BROKEN APPOINTMENT You did nor come. And morching rime drew on, and wore me numb. Yer less for toss of your dear presence rhere Than rhcr I thus found locking m your moke Thor high compassion which con overbear Reluctance for pure lovingkndness' soke Grieved I, when, os rhe hope-hour srroked its sum, You did not come Thomas Hordy 2324 "And if you reoty took dosely you con see rhe lirrle foce I drew on my fingerooil."FAMOUS QUOTES “I con corve this wirh ren smple curs " Dr Ourofrownbysundown Drown "Tcp-rop-rop nrhe yrificicdreerh }nd " Herr MuSfer "Should I hold it or jusr let ir hong " - Dr T M J Denbo "Tomorrow is Moy." Dr Rombteon Chapman "Thor looks like socks on o roosrer ” - Colonel Mngiedorff "This e rhe course rhor mokes you mro doaors ” - Or Punhornewspcperdown Schwartz "Isn’t rhor reolly just on exercise in frugofcry?" • Donorelli "He was a "C" student but he did a nice job anyway " - Dr Ourofrownbysundown Drown "We in rhe odministronon ore mreresred m whor you rhink ” Dr Sureyouore Roeck "Vrboi Vrboi Vrbo Vrbor - Table 10 "I'm nor hord ro pleose " Dr Carol Hildebrand "It's simple Jusr remove a Vshoped portion ...” - Dr kjidobdominolsurgeryduringrhewor Mohnoc "The girls in rhe doss hove srarred ro tools kind of ragged " - Dr Friedman "Shucks, TS be gkxJ ro help onybody in rhe doss cuz I hod oX rhs before " Skid Rheaufr "I cdl rhis my "os-ro-os" lecture ” - Dr. SmorTos Smpson "Und hear ve hoff der fursr fosoa of ze roras c caveeree ” Dr Housberger "Okoy Roy." • The Sonr "What?" - Dr Toperdon'tsoyr Rosen "I'm going ro come around rhe room and if I corch onybody waxing up on rheir denroform I’ll break rheir wax-up." - Herr Muter "AH AH AX' Ah'" ■ Qoss of 1980 to Dr. Compozeerrezeen Dossouny "Good moorrmng people " Dr Ntckedmyselfshoving Martin "Codesco is your friend ” - Rick Wouldyoubuyousedcarfromthismon Dunlop Strange sound caused by ptaong rhe onrenor third of rhe rongue ogoinsr rhe hard polore and developing negorive pressure in rhe posterior oroi coviry - Dr McCreo "Cwohn's Disease 6 vewy mpowronr m denrd p woo ice " - Z Forber "I don’t ploy favorites " Merer Hinson "Thanks for droppm' boh'" • Colonel Mingledorff "Just ler rhe Srrle kiddo go. he’ll stop suckng his rhumb when he’s reedy " • Dr Youshouldbeablerodorhis Gruber "Moke it norrrrer." The Saint "Go with ir." - Dr Zislis "On rhe outside this course would cost you $60000 ” - Dr Toothmovemenr ScNossberg "You hove reverse visual perception, but don't worry rhere ore o few n every doss " Dr Ourofrownbysundown Drown "6-ggo ask Dr WmkJer. ” - Dr Ohhewon'rikerhor Wozney "Doctor, HOME rhe lirrie creep” - Dr llikekids Goskfl "Awh. awh. awh ” Dr Monan "Weill ... Doc ... rorr ..." - Dr Srorminnormon Freeman "Attention students, staff, and patients Ir is now ren minutes ro four If you ore parked going north on Brood Street please move your cor immedorety m order ro ovoid ticketing or rowing ” Mrs. Youjusriosryourchovdoc Adam 2526“You coll this hot. I'l show you hot ” “First you put your two knees dose up tight "He'l hove to sel his cor to poy this b»ll "And when she bent over - Momo Mio'"OCCLUSOAPICALLY MESIODISTALLY 1 • The Lord of Endo 2 - Somoroi Porhologtsr 3 - "You don'r hove ro like kids ro be o pedodonnsr." 5 • . rhe former m______ 10 • A boy nomed_______ 11 • Runs lunch and learn perio 12 The only person who appears ro be edentulous bur in reality is nor 13 He purs rhe "sparks" in O D 14 "Whar do you soy ro a drunken sailor___“ 15 - A minus from Penn. 16 - Deals m drugs 18 Sr ay our of his s»ghr if you didn’t shave this morning 19 Advisor of rhe Vendererio Pinochle Society 20 - Has a granddaughrer produced entirely by members of our class. 23 • Ye dde prospecTor 25 To ger an "A” you hod ro satisfy her 26 - Temple's own "Dr J ' 30 - We were rhe last doss ro ger a full dose of him 31 Inventor of rhe use of denral floss as arncularing paper 33 ■ Crown and Bridge's elder Greek. 34 - Beleves rhe South will rise agon 36 • Dr. "Go with ir " 37 - One is Inro rays and one is mro plates 38 Has a near-sighted foreheod 41 - Belongs in rhe looney___(s). 42 - Has a wooden sailboor in Moine. 43 - No one con srond lisrening ro him for more than ren seconds 44 "The Fonz ” 45 "_____________ gone ” 49 A Dutch treat boy do we m s him! 50 See poge 141 51 - Often seen with 5 above 55 - Nighrdub enrerToiner who reaches endocrinology on rhe side 56 - "Listen ro rhis now or you’ll have ro pay for it lorer.” 58 Has on instrument ncmed after him 60 • "007" 61 - Our own "Rocky " 63 - "Let's rok about waaxes" 4 - “You should be able ro handle rhe ortho on this kiddo." 6 - Gaskill’s better half 7 • Toughr us rhe exciting history of welfare 8 Gove Mario a real shot in rhe orm 9 - Old Four Hands 12 Carotonne's heorrrhrob 14 Has a fix on rhe number six 16 The Admiral of Parhology 17 "Over hi, over dole..." 18 - "I told you if you pounded hard enough it would hurr." 21 - "Of course you know him, you s y wabbiti” 22 Harvard's gift ro TUDS 24 - The cNd of Kerrrv and Miss Piggy 27 - "Just walk owoy Rene... please?" 28 0 D nsrruaor who holds up Mrs Adam's desk 29 "If they find our I'm telling you this they'I fire me 32 - Don'r ler rhis guy near your tongue 33 - Chairmon of Folderdonrics 34 "He! no. I won'r go " 35 - Crown and Bridge's younger Greek 37 • "Jonorhon Uvingsron________." 39 - Never shorT of a writing instrument 40 Appears m rhe Journo! more rhon G V Block 42 Proved ro us rhar cardiology doesn'r hove ro be interesting 46 Toughr us about our other important orifice 47 - Must go ro rhis Mounr ro pass Endo 48 Crown and Bridge instructor wirh sinus trouble 52 • Chief gum gardener 53 - Porky rhe Pig wirh glasses strops 54 - Author of The Joy of Bevels 57 • One of rhe three rop prosrhodonrisrs in rhe U S (AccorcSng ro him.) 59 - He deserves on "Oscar " 62 - A plus from Penn. 64 A member of TUDS' ski porrol 65 Ovid The answer key t located ci rhe Adverr«- g seer on THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOl Mrs Smith's reptocemerr HANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 30HANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK HANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOl 31 ADMINISTRATION Dr Dole Roeck Dean Dr John L Bomba Assisronr Dean 34 A Leonord Young Admirwsrroror Edward G. Sullivan Srudenr AffoirsJoseph 6 Nohos Administrator Dr Roymond Bydolek Director of Clinics 35 Ramona Rivero Business Manager Dr Angelo Cosro Assr Director of Ones Richard Hinson Student Porienr ControllerFRESHMAN PRECLINIC Dr L Love Dr D Porog Dr C SanrongeJoBIOCHEMISTRY Dr K Pollock Dr T Roserr Dr G Schocrerle Choirmon COMMUNITY DENTISTRY 37 Dr R. Filewich Dr L Fursr Dr. H Neuman Dr G. Oner Dr D. WallerANATOMY HISTOLOGY NEUROANATOMY Dr E Retfh Dr. F Aker Dr L Coso Chairman 38 Dr M McCreo Dr E Swonson Dr J. VolzPHYSIOLOGY Dr. M Tansy Dr J Drees Chairman Dr F Hohenleirner Dr D Innes Dr. F Kendall Dr. J Martin Dr J ZobaraMICROBIOLOGY Dr N Men Chormon PATHOLOGY 40 Dr A Miller Chairman Dr S. Chen Dr J Fanrosa Dr P Farber Dr C LeferPHARMACOLOGY HYPNOSIS Dr L Dubln Dr D Mann D Hobson, fX N School Norse Nina Sirtos Leorning Cenrer 41CROWN AND BRIDGE Dr C. Scnditos, Dr K Udei Dr J Dfedermonn Dr W Dlirzer Dr J. Oeirman Dr R Hancock Dr P. Hochman 42Dr P Archachs Dr S. Cohen Dr P Cosre Dr D Obrys Dr D Appleby Dr fV Cleveland Dr T Koczmor Dr J. Morrin 43 Dr P Wocus Dr. L. ZislisH| ENDODONTICS Dr S. Seltzer Chairman Dr G Diroo Dr. O Dolonos Dr F DiNoa Dr. J. Esposito Dr R. Hunrer Dr P Krosner Dr J. Lang 44 Dr. D. Morse Dr I Schoengold Dr I Sna.ORAL MEDICINE Dr. T. Simpson Chairmen Dr K Anderson Dr M Qolno Dr. D. Bowden Dr. N. Freeman Dr I. Halpern Dr. E. Moore 45 Dr. J Pittman Dr I Schworrz Dr H WeissOPERATIVE Or J Doocu Dr A Dwmood Dr T Forgeng Dr S. McFoddeo Dr M Merooer Dr F Pavikowsk. Dr S. Piper 46 Dr G Shelly Dr B Siegel Dr E Torreri Dr M Trocer Dr E WoocflaodDr J. PisKg Dr A Robbins Dr J. Sofoowiz Dr M Dcssioony Dr V. Buggy Dr M Chapman Dr R Cornish Dr J. D'Alessondro Dr S Lisowslsi Dr D Gesser Dr S Hsu Dr R Lindemeyer 47 Dr C WycKoff Theresa WyszynskiORAL SURGERY Dr A Fielding Dr A. Mohnoc Dr C Durzynski Dr. R DtGuordi Chairman Dr E Noble Dr D. Rothman Dr R Schrc6huhn 48ORTHODONTICS Dr. H Gruber Dr J. Bond Dr A Brown Chcirmon Dr E Coben Dr T Cook Dr IX D»ggs Dr C Greeley Dr D Grosser 49 Dr fX. Hayes Dr M. Loode Dr I ValenzoPEDODONTiCS Dr. A Chiolostri Dr R, Correl Dr W IVins. Jr Chairmen Dr . T Dq Dr D Bresler Dr E CzaroecMi Dr W Goskfl Dr H Jones i Dr S Morcd Dr J. Marchesoni Dr S. McConnell J Dr [ Moore, Jr Dr. G. Nisro 50 Dr. S. Presenr Dr M Shohinfor Dr O. Slovin Dr. J. Wmrers«- Dr D UtwQCk Choirmon Dr I Abrams Dr J DJank PERIODONTICS Dr F Deftenzis Dr J. Dombrowski Dr. C Hilbebrcnd Dr J Jospon Dr L Levin Dr A Melrzer | c Nee Dr J. PodBoin Dr I Solkn Dr A Schlossberg 51 Dr D Schneider Dr D Won Dr. A. WifiamsOROFACIAL AND PROSTHODONTICS Dr S. Winkler Choirmon Dr D Abroms Dr W Rjes Choirmon Dr W Rieger Dr. J Schweiser Dr M. Appetooum Dr T Davis Dr R Domonico Dr. M Feldman Dr. J. Icenhower Dr. J Monarl Dr. W Mousso Dr J. Rosen 52 Dr F Sommorrino, Jr Dr M. Spegefford Dr J Summers Dr R. Varrin Dr J WazneyRADIOLOGY Dr F. Sommonino Dr. H. Finger Dr ft Gregory Choirmon Dr P Morcucd Dr S Toplor Dr. E. Wolnchus Dr F. Williams Susan Kreipe Linda Leipzger Janice Liss Joyce Piccone Susie Wysz 53CLINICAL ASSISTANTS Sonia Aroyo Oral Surgery F1 Par Gtadden Koy Henry Oral Medicine Crown and Dodge Derry Loev Orol Medicine Lindo Marrin Orol Medicine Merrme Ounng Orol Surgery Dorbaro Seidle Crown ond Bridge Joanne Smith Pedodoarics Myrtle Smith Prosthetics Susan Thomas Orol MedianeLennie Jones Florence Kong Chris Krouser Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Endodontics Erhel Perkins Meredith Richardson Daniel Royals Periodontics Endodontics Orol Surgery Morie Wright Crown and Bridge 55 Irene Trtoble Oral Surgery Gertrude Wqjak ProstheticsSECRETARIES Moureen Bockof Debtxe Ddke Oofooal Admimsrraron Mory Flynn Cheryi Goins Sharon Greenberg Rod ology Operorive Oral Surgery Carol Nisra Pedodonrics Eloine McNeill M£ki Miller Oral Surgery Pedodonhcs Joan Poporo Oral Sorgery J Theresa Raverr Eleonor Rogers Gikja Segol Adminisrrorion Orol Med.cme Endodonrtcs Soro Teol Adminisrrorion Corolyn Walker Orol MedioneMane Duggans Administration Phyllis Conners Orrhodonrics Barbora Deabler Denrol Marenols Barbara Henderson Qzoberh Krofr Thereso Monin Administration Periodontics Administration Morgaret Pickard Hstdogy Jockie Pie Community Dentistry Kathy Raven Pathology Debbe Delaney Prosthodonrics Kim Morzer Administration Kathy Fehrle Crown and Bridge Barbara W.'iiams Biochemtsrry Las Zucker Periodontics 57CLINIC FLOOR Susan Adorn Gerrie Dowdle Dororhy Fmk Mrs Adam Carol Denson Gseta Frick EsreBe Kozulko Bess e Rodriguez Debbie Show Merris Srevens AUM Thelmo Davenport Wendy Frank Adrienne Needlemon Lmdo Posserello Dervse Pierromomre S8LAD TECHNICIANS Maury Borenbaum Beverly Burns Bill Edwards Jock Gennle Supervisor Bii Hogomin Marge McMahon Frank Mizgorski Roberr Oehrrmann 59 lorry Schoefer ComeSa Stlberman Ingoborg Srevenron Frank Si MarrineVISUAL EDUCATION MUSEUM Mory Gardiner Susan Howel AJex Mucha Pauline Mucha NUTRITION Joner Lemon Donno Moeller LEARNING RESOURCES Mono Foma, Dr. S. Robinson, Dr M. Robinson, Ooudio Spodoro 60 DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS Jomes Blakely Orofociol Harold Perrong Phys-ology Anroinette Sleiko Pathology Herman Bryson Anotomy Louise Gomez Pathology Frank Morrmo Orthodontics Helen Ruane Hsrology Marguanra Schmid Ken Shepley Anatomy Biochemistry Cloire Srever Regina Tyronski Willie Wiliams Porhology Porhology Orofacial 61CONTINUING AND ADVANCED EDUCATION Dr J Aleo Donco Uzewsto Arlene Solomon TELEVISION STUDIO Richard Soyers Roy 5hepord LIBRARY Marcelle Frymon, Virginia Lompson. Hope Nordo 62PHYSICAL PLANT Derry Noon Chonge Lody Tom Aspell Mike Federisko Charlie Horrison CODESCO Joe Murray Dick Dunlop Laundry Crew Sergeant Robinson Guard 63Augusr. 1976 Ir really wasn't rhar long ogo We were only freshmen rhen. bur we reaiy thought we were something Afrer all. we hod gorren mro denral school because we were the "best” from our respective colleges "A lor of big fish," the Saint used ro coll us, bur he promised to " ... moke us little fish ogam " Will anybody ever forger the Saint? smoother, rounder, more convex on the meeziol mctery ") Gve h.m credit, though, becouse he surrounded himself with rhe finest predmical lab faculty ("Does rhs look OK, Docror?" “Wei, ah, rhe lingual, you know, end rhe, ah, buccal, too. you know? You fix ir now ") (“I con carve rhe anoromy of this second motor with ten cuts.") Freshman year wasn't reo'ly o3 rhar bad. You l new rnor no matter how poorly you db in one course, there were some easier courses rhar would pull up your grades Biochemistry. for example A you had ro do was "Pur aside text and rates, ood recite from memory ..." (Was he live, or was he Memorex?) For sure. Hisro would pull up your grades ("Dr McGeo. is this a plasma cel? ... Really? Fly shir!?!") Anoromy was o good course, bur it nod its drawbacks one a'ternoon m thot lab and every insect in Philadelphia wanted ro Icy eggs an you If things starred ro get you down. Lotte was there ro cheer you up Two hours with him and your own problems seemed mnisculeWasn't sophomore yeor rhe year you learned ro eor lunch with one hand and do lab work wirh rhe or her ? We nearly losr rwo of our dassmores ro bologna porcetaln poisoning. Lob was rhe cenrer of our lives rhen The crowns hod ro fir perfectly ("Maybe one more coor of nailpo sh wi do i? ") rhe fo l hod ro srick (“When he furns h bods, undercur rhe hell our of rhe prep!"), rhe gurra percho hod ro be right or rhe apex ("Seal -r with super glue, they'll never see ir on rhe x-roy "). Life wos one "Go wirh ir " after anorher If precinic and rhe denrol courses wore you down, rhe base science courses provided a pleasant change Pathology, for example. ("Der you five bucks rho? Dr Lexer's glasses fal off his foreheod rhe period ” (Dr Fotber. is this o plasma cell?" "Slly wobbir. ir's o piece of fwy shir, but I think rhe fwy hod Cwohn's dtseose '), or Micro ("Dr Pakmon. are these dplococo5" "Hee, hee. no, those sexy krrie coco ore doing ir ogain Let me warch for o while " , or even Physio ("If Dr KendaS's pens srarr ro leak, we'll all drown m ink ") ("I don't wanr ro cur rhe dog open, you cur rhe dog open " "Oh no. I'm nor cutring rhe dog open ”). 67May. 1978 The clinic. Reol reerh, wirh peop'e orrccned Nor one porienr with screws under hts chin1 There weren't fewer problems, jusr differenr ones ("Won't Hnson ever give me o denture patient?'') ("Con'r you open any wider than that?") ("Dom it, three ccrpules ond h6 lip sn’r numb yet1") The foculry honed your skils ("There is o 15 micron opening on the lingual do it over ”) ond mode you o thinking clinician ("No Dr Freeman, 1 didar know rhor the patient's srepfother was a rransvesrite Do we have to premedeote wirh penciling') Don't forger those great patient excuses. 'Gee Doc. you didn't hear about the earthquake in Olney?", especially offer you got up at 5:00 AM to get in line for that operative chair No wonder everyone siepr through those never ending hours of denrdty-oriented one credit courses (Dr Schworrz. "If you don’t pur down rhose newspapers and woke up you' never become doctors.") Thank God for the note rokng service' 68Server year My God. we're olmosr DOCTORS' Where did those four years go? Your lost requirements ticked off like the few seconds before midnight, New Years Eve, building to that great academe orgasm graduation Thor last denture dekv-ered. (“Sure it's uncomfortable. bur you'll get used to it “) the final bridge cemented, ("Uh oh, I’l have to angle the bite wings so it looks like I have contact'’) ond the eighth onlay seared (“Dr Torreri. I know ir’s her nose bur she’s DPA and I rhink on onlay would look good there ') May. 1980. Graduation No more requirements No more instructors No more Form 10's No more duty doys No more Mr Hinson No more fraternity parties or roi’gare parries Now comes rent poymenrs, equipment payments, payrolls, income rax deadlines, end proctice management Maybe we didn’r hove it so bad after all .., 69727j74John Joseph Boron Temple University D A . Biology Philadelphia, Pa 75Richard Drazon Pennsylvania Store University DS., Biology Belie Vernon, Po Tv 76Lincoln University DA, Pre-medicine Biology Ph!ode!phio. Po. Joseph William Cosey Lo Satie College D A . Biology VtSanovo University MS., Biology Off on Heighrs. Po. ■Ml Darcel Eileen Drirr 77Leonordine M. Checchio Vdkmovo University BS. Biology Phiodelphio, Pa Sreven Brenr Chronisrer University of Delaware BAAS. Biological Sciences Red Lon. Pa 78Anrhony D. Cocciolone 79James John Connolly 5c.nr Vrncenr College D A . Chernsrry Delle Vernon. Po Carolanne Croig Temple Uruvers ry D A . Psychology Newrown. Po 80Stephen C. Cunning University of Pittsburgh 0.5.. Dioiogy Cholfoor. Pa Susan Eisenberg Curler University of Pennsylvania R DH, Denroi Hygiene Temple University 0.5, Health Education Wynnewooc'. Po 81Raymond L. Dandrea, Jr. University of Norre Dome OS. Oology Ebensburg. Po Mario E. D'Aurora University of Pittsburgh OS. Biology Erie. Pc 82838 85Drod D. Ernesr University of Delaware D A , Otology and Psychology Drexel University MS.. Oology SpfingtekJ, Po 868789Pennsylvania Store University OS.. Oology Murrysvi'ie. Po Mary E. Granados Uruverstry of Maryland OS. Zoology Levirrown, Po David D. Graham 90 Glenn Groy Pennsylvania Srore Umversiry OS. Gene'Ol Sc-ence Monroeville, Po Donald H. Green Washtngron College OS. Chermrry Porrsrown, Po u M 91Robert R. Griffith Pennsylvania Store University DS ., Science Shamofon. Po John Paul Grove Lycoming College DA, Dioiogy SoHadasburg, Pa 929394 v f95%William A. Kiesel Albrighr College OS. Bfo ’ogy Quokerrown. Po Charles J. King Temple University DA . General Science Mounr Nebo, Po. 97John W. Klopfer Pennsylvania Store University OS, Science York. Po Joyce Elizabeth Kosheror ViHanovo University DS, Biology Fdsom, PaWilliom Morrin Kozuch Temple University D A , Psychology Phtadeiphio. Pq. ■ 99100101Hugh David Logan University of Pittsburgh DS. Biochemistry Connefeville, Pa Robert Frank Lesser Tufts University DS. Engineering North Woles. Po .n. 102Michael P. Loverre Saar Vincent College 05 B otogy Johnstown. Po. Frank 5. Luxl Washington College DA, Mathematics University of Delaware M Ed., Chemistry Cholfonr, Po 101Thomas 5. Lynch Wake Forest University Pennsylvania bare University DA . General Arts ond Sciences Lancaster. Pa W. Edmund Mogonn, Jr. University of Scrcnton DA., History Stroudsburg, Pa i 10410S106Michoel Andrew Mendlowski 107108109m Alice Helene Moore Temple University R DM. Denrol Hygene Fartexgb Ocisenson University D 5. Ratog coi Sciences Huntingdon Volley. Po Srephen Deon Muench Muhlenberg College D 5, Natural Science Ponsvilie, Po nomKevin P. O'Meara Wesr Virgrxo University D A , Biology and Zoology Sharon, Pa 112113114Frederick W. Parker Temple Univers ry D A. Social Sciences Droomall. Pa Lawrence Jay Paul Pennsylvania Srcre University 0 A . Science D,A . History M S., Environmental Health Philadelphia, Pa nsWilliam Michael Perrige, Jr. V anova Un vers ry DA., Liberal Arrs Dloomsburg, Po 116David H. Pierce Muhlenberg College O.5., Natural Science Lcnsford, Pc Thomas P. Piskai Urshus College 05. Oology PhoerilxvJe, Po 117Srephen Girard Poirier Fitchburg Store CoSege DS. Diofogy Vorcesrer. Mass Andrew Gerard Polakovsky University of Pittsburgh D S, Chemistry Mounr Reasonr. Pa 118Barry Lee Porren Temple University DA, Psychology Phtodeiphio, Pa 119120121John M. Reihner Pennsylvania Store University D A , General Arts and Sciences M 5, Health Education Washington. Po 122John V. Reirz Muhlenberg College O SChemistry Shomokin, Po Sreven Joseph Rheaulr Poromoc Srare College 'Vest Virginia University D A Diofogy and Chemarry Bedford, Po it 12512412S1261 fLawrence Sruarr Singer Alfred University DA, General Science Lofoyerre Hfl, Po John William Sloone Wilkes College 05 .. Oology FreeJood. Po. 128Joseph M. Spevok Temple Universiry D A. Psychology Pt odeipho, Po. Jon C. Srampien Universiry of Sourh CoroHno DS, Biology Duquesne University MS, Dotogy Old Forge. Po. 129Eloine Dororhy Srefonowicz Temple Uruversiry DA, Biology Phriodelphio. Po Corl E. Sreinberg Temple University D A., General Science Philodefpho, Po. 130Mark P. Sullivan V onovo University D.5., Biology Drexe! H«, Po Lyn M. Super Grove Cry College O S., Oology New Florence, Po. 131Norman D. Tobos Muhlenberg College DS. Norurol Science Philodeiphto. Po James Tamaroff Muhlenberg College DS. Norurol Science and Morhemohcs Allenrown. Pa 132John Edward Tiono University of Pittsburgh OS., Biology Woshingion, Po Edward James Tinney VOonova University OS, Biology Philadelphia, Pa 133134James Vance Weimer Washington and Jefferson College DA., Chemistry Woynesburg. Pa. Michael Barry Weiss Lo SoSe College DA.. Diology Temple University M D A . Finance Philadelphia. Po 135Franz R. Wiedemann Untied Stores Novel Academy OS., Engineering H6Gerard M. Yarzabek 137138 John L. Zimmerman Pennsylvania Store Untvervry q S , Ammo! Science Gop. Po PAsr"I jusr finished my gold exam wirh Lsowski "We don'r need Olock Flag around here'" RADOLOGY PRAYER. Moke our patients qu er ond cooperative Keep the developing solution at 68°F Help us in rimes of narrow polores and third motors Calm gaggers and fidgety children Forgive us for bending fim corners Deliver us from the appetite of the automatic developer And finoiy Lord, grant us no retakes. Amen ‘Watch me reduce rhis student to a vibrating mass of alginate." 140"Whor rhe hell is on nrerdenrol srirr«jloror,?'' There is on old Token nomed Ted Who speaks os if he's weS reod But when you lisren in doss He speoks from his oss And should be o Butler instead. "Heads ir's o 0. rote it's a C " "Let’s see ... thor's 10,000 ivorine teeth or o doilor opece — " 141 1. DENTAL FfLESH. SEPT. n76 )■$ WI o Jcf i a:. :o! 3 h| I ! ! »D ! , 3 1 5 1 5) $ 1 a® !t T» s «®|s( 3 ) 5 : ‘3 J £■•) !D ;0 1 ® hot) Qe i _ If 5© ! ' £ 1 d " r,;o ! ?2 [ ® ] s( 1 O »;( i}X !?«!) • ■ • ;o ■ 3 rirD »hc DPp I ;t f C X IvOT) i;«. : O J; 3 £ ® O ; O : ® :' 3;1 ®® 'ld3S 'HS1?N IVINia '3 Ambtrious student procrices latest self-hypnosis technique. ■nw. TP . 2 - ,__ And everyone said that rhe dogs were only used once TI make tbs mother sear' "No Wayne nor with your tongue'' 144145 "One more rerake and I'll srerfcze you!" "Con you see where I dropped rhor inlay?"1461481491501STm 1 Gerionne Essl Comp Hill. Po. Liso Marie Federico MePiO. Pa 152Susan Derh Fishman Philadelphia. Pa, Lesley R. Fry Wflmingroo, Del 153A Berh Geschwindr Berlin, N J. Gina Marie Grasserri Spring Grove. Pa 154155Jodi K. Hornberger Corowisso. Po Georgiono M. Kennedy Phi'odelphio. Po i 15615715®159Mory Kay McFodden Plymouth Meeting, Po Lauren E. Mooney Pirrsburgh, Po J 160161Donnie J. Puschouver Wesr Hozelroo, Pa y 162163164r Joanne Srankiewicz Philadelphia. Pa Barbara Ann Srevens Philadelphia. Pa 165Joanne Tepper Phtadelphio. Po Rhonda J. Thompson Kenoerr Square. Pa 166167Barry Williams Porrsrown, Po Diane E. Tweed Uirz. Pa 168169170AS WE WOULD SAY As Dr Updke Boddersretn would soy. "Srep Dock!" As Us Boyerski would soy, "OOOOOHH NOOOO!” As Sue BrocWey would soy. “Oh Baby'" As Dobs Droder would soy, "I'm dozed and confused" As Teen would soy. "Are you serious?'' As Dig Lu would soy. "See you in o bir" As None would soy. "Gone'” As Geres would soy. "for real!” As Lee would soy. "Really?" As Sue would soy, "I om me Uke me for whor I om ond nor for whor I om nor " As Fryboby would soy, "I'm gonna box your eye»" As Geschwinken would soy. "Take ir easy" As Gina would soy, "I'm Gno. rhor's Tmo” As Disco Deb would soy. "It's been real" As Mrs Ho would soy, "I'm in rhe ozone" As The Horn would soy, "Go for it" As Ab would soy, "Gone" As Lo Rocks would soy. "The greoresr kndness we con offer eoch orher is rhe rrurh" As Koren would soy. "I feel fomr" As Suemoyes would soy, "Is anyone n rhe borhroom?" As More would soy, "Yeoh, really" As Nan would soy. "Just ducky" As Karhy would say. "False” As Porker-Sue would soy. "Do I core? No'" As Donzi would soy, "Be real!" As Glendar would soy, "I jusr can'r ger mro it'" As Sbopeless would soy, "Oooh la lo" As Jan would soy. "I'm o mess" As Jodi would soy. "Thor's true1" As Jo would soy. "Thank God it's Friday1" As Barb would soy, "For Red?" As Tep would soy. "Whor o rrip" As Ronn e would soy. "Remember, wherever you go, rhor's where you ore" As Terry would soy. "Oh my God!!' " As Moir would soy, “Eor Bugs'" As Bor would soy. “Con’r woir nil Moy 1980" As The Hoi would soy, "Very arrrocrive. reoliy" As Becky would soy. "Ger me our of here" As Miss Gayle Denrol Anaromy would soy. "Double overtime" As Mory Zem would soy, "I'm so upser'" 171Saro E Henne. R.D.H., 0$ Assisronr Professor 172TJ Derry Gronger. ft.D.H., DS Insrrucror Joon L Leimboch, ft D H , D S. Ed M Insrrucror Margorer L Me“ody, ft.D H . D S Insrrucror Nodell E Norrhrop. ft D H , DA. M Ed. Insrrucror 173Eloine A Granodos. RDH.. DS., M Ed InsrruCTor Adesso J. Schmtd. R D.H , D S Insrrucror Susan C Kreipe. IVD.H , D.S. Assisranr Professor 174CAPPING THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Two roods diverged in o yeSow wood. And sorry I could nor rrovel borh And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one os for os I couto To where it bent in the undergrowrh. Then rook the other, os just os for. And having perhaps the better dam. Because it was grassy and wonted wear. Though os for that the passing there Hod worn them really obout the some. And borh that morning equally toy In leaves no step hod trodden block Oh. I kept the first for another doy' Vet knowing how woy leods on to way. I doubted if I should ever come back I shall be refcng this with o sigh Somewhere oges and oges hence: Two roods diverged in o wood, and I — I rook the one less traveled by. And that has mode oil the difference Robert Frost 175176 "'Well. 36-24-36 sure oren'r her pod ; eprhs”v -v , w 50-j- ( V £ £ y ■ { % + Cr orcl fy-Uh i p x nrkm jdX Ko j e Q)n . °C c fc(Lcoo J. QO p cH od' 5m Yi A £ sT -for their Ojiaompllaments in 1)44s ! 177LITTLE SISTERS ALPHA5ADHA Pres Jodi Smith V Pres Karen Mddleron 179 SIGMA PHI ALPHA18018118218J184185I c 111 i s t r y. Surgical and Mechanical IK K. ■ . H . S. Konnor Doctor Drill 'n Fill™. Dentistry fun with Play-Doh’ Mon's big head has teeth you make with Ploy-Dohf- . Set includes various play dentol tools and three 6 02. cons of Play-Doh' For ages 3-7. 9 U627KE694 ................$8,951 [| OUMs over Second National Bank. Fhciiix 11 V. Block. Kavelina, Ohio. Nifroint O.xvdc il iu hin Oat?) administered ill xlmctln lectli every Thursday. Kavonna, March 25. lbOT. DENTURES 90! UPPER UNO LOWER from "-------------SAME l) Y SERVICE!- «1 «in niiinioH I'linwnvn 01 k mi 1 t |‘m»-kt «»t iiim ?IMI nn » III Ml Ml M» MIMI H HIK IO III Nil Ml .1 U(||Ht loll ENTER CITY DENTAL C ENTER :»7s. 201II M. — INI 11 (m l (M.. OKNtK 20111 X l Ill sFM T) .11 Rt 11 K | 1 im. M'» I DENTAL AMERICA □ 561-51 78- J. .GREENWOOD, Dentist and Electrician, N° ii, the Shop formerly occupied by Archibald Stewart, Well Side of the Bridge, RETURNS Thanks for the many Favours received from the Public ; and, encouraged by tUe Succefs of hrs Practice, begs Leave to acquaint , them, that he extrads, replaces, tranfplants, regu- 1 laces, cleans and preferves the Teeth, reitoring them to their original Purity and Whitenefs ; fubllitutcS artificial Teeth in the neatcll Manner, and without the leall Pain ; cures the Scurvy in the Gums, and a foetid Breath, proceeding from defective Teeth. He has Prlls for ihc Tooth-Ach, Brulhes-and Powder luitablc for the Teeth. Advice concerning the Teeth and Gums given gratis, rf not detained more than five Minutes. He propofes to eledrify Perfons who are afflicted with any of the following Diforders, vir. Pally, Rheumatilm, Spafins, Obftrudions, Inflammations, Contradions, Strains, Tumours, Gout, See. and flatters himfelf that the Benefit arifir.g will be fo evident, as to need no farther Incitement to z Repetition, as the good F.ffcds of Elcdricity have been proved in innumerable InflanceS. It never was known to have any bad Effed when properly applied. The Modes differ according to the Complaints. He is provided with a Convenient Room’, and complete Machines for producing the defired Eft'ed. when poflibly attainable. His Charges arc very low, that every Pcrfon may have an Opportunity of being benefited thereby. Thole Perfons that are poor, and not able to pay, fhall be elederifed gratiq. The Price for elcdcrifing a Angle Pcrfon is is. Cd. if more than one, t . each. N. ?. He eledrifies no Perfon under the Care of any Phyfician, without his Advice and Consent. Providence, 28 786._______Communication: we take it one more important step Whenever you send us a prescription, we make sure we understand what you mean before we begin. If we need any clarification, one of our technicians will phone your office Crown and bridge restorations the way you’d want them to be Our technicians are highly skilled, able to read your margins accurately, create proper contacts and occlusal relationships They will provide anatomical or functional carvings as indicated Our porcelain technicians are master craftsmen, with long experience in artistic reproduction of contour and shading. Your next case, please We'd appreciate a chance to show you how well Concentrated Care really works, how well we can execute your prescription in creating a case, just the way you want it to be. ipco 4 2L . NOBILIUM PROCESSING KHEDOO 444 John F. Kennedy Drive North Bloomfield. New Jersey 07003ily International Nobody ever looked at a beautiful smile one tooth at a time. That’s why the blend selector for Trubyte' Bioblend' Teeth looks like,] When you select color for a Trubyte Bioblend restoration you see at a glance the combined effect of central, lateral and cuspid. And you can visualize the patient’s smile in relation to eye color, hair' color and complexion. Harmony of color...attainable the first time, time after time. I-----------1 The payoff is the patient's smile of appreciation. ® 1079 Oantsply International Inc 189Putting quality into practice In research, design, production in the over 2.000 items that comprise the Star Dental product line . putting quality into practice is both corporate philosophy and an everyday objective. We believe this professionalism translates into better dentistry ... into products that offer both certitude and dependability .. into making the most of your talents and training .. and. ultimately, success. Look to us in the future for: diamonds handpieces instruments alloy endodontics equipment star denial A Syntex Denial Company Valley Fofge. PA 19482 790i premier! ESTABLISHED 1913 for more than 60 real's a family business helping you to learn and practice Better Dentistry through a line of highest quality innovative products ft'om A to Z: aprons and ahgulators cavil and carbide burs diamonds and durelon hemodent and fluorident impreguni and ramilec scutan and sycamore wedges topicale and endodontic supplies ziroxide and zylox... premier manufacturers of a complete line of the finest STAINLESS STEEL HAND INSTRUMENTS For complete catalog and more information contact our local representative: GARY KIENTZLER 44 Harwood Lone Gemenron. NJ 08021 1-609-6277015 , vmaussiMMroifM ---------— Fott Washington Denral Laborarory, Inc 1005 Norrh Berhlehem Pike Spring House, Po 19477 Congrarulorions ro rhe CIqss of 1980 Our laboratory specializes in porcelain fused to gold restorations, with special attention to precision attachments, overdentures. and splinting bars. Certified technicians are available for assistance and consultation in all laboratory phases of restorative dentistry. Please feel free to call or visit. "A Dedication to Perfection" v------------------------------------------------------- CONGRATULATIONS AND CONTINUED SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 TEMPLE DENTAL ALUMNI SOCIETYlive. DFNTAl SUPPL IPS and EQUIPMENT eventhal Sons P.O. Box 150 — 711 Davis Srreer, Scranron, Pennsylvania 18501 Telephone: 717-342-9106 1804 Allen Srreer, Allenrown, Pennsylvania 18105 Telephone: 215-435-5317 A COMPLETE SERVICE FOR DENTISTS SINCE 1898 193(215)223-2600 (215)223-2600 6 ™ □ W9 DENTAL AND LABORATORY WAXES warn division STEVENSON, BRO.SCO., INC. 1039 W. VENANGO ST. PHILA..PA. 19140 TODAY IS THE DAY TO REVIEW YOUR WAX NEEDS, AND "NU-WAX" IS THE NAME TO BUY TO PRODUCE THE BEST LABORATORY WORK. WE HAD THE LABORATORY TECHNICIAN IN MIND WHEN WE FIRST PRODUCED “NU-WAX' 50 YEARS AGO. AND HAVE KEPT UP WITH PROGRESS CONTINUOUSLY! • SUPERIOR RAW MATERIALS UTILIZED • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION • UNIFORMITY OF QUALITY, SIZE, AND COLOR • WILL FORMULATE TO YOUR NEEDS • CREDIT ON SCRAP WAX RETURNED • PERSONAL SERVICE ON EACH ORDER • WILL NOT STAIN MODELS • PRICED RIGHT REVIEW OUR LIST AND ORDER TODAY!! • BASE PLATE (AVAILABLE IN EXTRA THIN AND BROWN) WAXES 7.............(PINK) GENERAL SET-UP WAX WITH EXCELLENT WORKABILITY. 9......... 67........ • BITE WAX • BOXING WAX • BITE RIMS • STICKY WAX • “STRATFORD” CEMENT .(LIGHT PINK) HARDER THAN 7. FANTASTIC FOR SET-UP AND VENEERING. .(RED) PLIABLE SHEETS DESIGNED TO MAKE OWN BITE BLOCKS. (YELLOW) SUPERB IMPRESSION WAX WITH HIGH BEESWAX CONTENT. (RED) STRIPS 1 F x 1 W MADE TO WORK WITH EASE. (RED) PREFORMED BITE BLOCKS. MEDIUM GRADE. BIG TIME SAVER. (NATURAL AND RED) EXTRA TOUGH FOR THE MOST DIFFICULT JOBS. SUPER STRENGTH. WATERPROOF REPAIR CEMENT. CALL OR WRITE TODAY!!! 6 " — 'Wotonu a e JMot t!$e et Jfoi Mon 194Jelenko Leadership Leadership in crown bridge alloys through research. It's quality and color have made it the largest selling high-gold content alloy in the world. RAjAH A unique crown bridge alloy with a premium gold color at a less than premium price. MiDAS A low-cost, tarnish-free alloy with a rich gold color. All Jelenko alloys have consistent micro-fine grain structure. Facts: Significantly smaller grain size, homogeneous, and no evidence of segregation. Rnnofifc- Improved physical properties, consistent results Deneins. and greater tamjsh resjstance Pewvwlt 2 JELENKO 99 BUSINESS PARK DRIVE ARMONK N Y U S A 10504 The Leadership Company STEVEN J. RHEAULT. D.D.S.. P.M.C. PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT GIRARD DENTAL LABORATORY 1915 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19100 Academy H2oad ‘zfrentaC Office 12320 ACADEMY ROAD PHILADELPHIA. PA 19154 NE 7-6111 » 47 NE 7-6113 1-215-564-2479 JAMES A. TENNANT, C.D.T. ”5Healthco helps you succeed in the business of dentistry. Healthco is a full-service major dental supply dealer offering the most to the dental profession. Let Healthco be your personal counselor. With our years of experience you can relax in the knowledge that you are dealing with a staff of experts. Healthco dental dealers throughout the United States and Canada, provide much more than just merchandise and equipment. Listed below are but a few of the areas in which Healthco can be of assistance to you: • Provide you with personal Healthco Field Consultants • Help you select a town through Market Analysis • Counsel you in Associateship. Partnership. Group Practice and Institutional Employment • Help you pick a location and type of building • Counsel you on building, renting, or leasing your office • Help you sell or buy a dental practice • Design your office with our expert space planning specialists • Help you determine concept of operating • Furnish specs on dental equipment, partitions. electrical and plumbing layout to the contractor • Help you get financing with Healthco Professional Services Corp. (HPSC) • Help evaluate your Personal Financial Analysis • Help you determine office policy • Help you hire dental hygienists and office personnel • Set up your billing and collection system • Provide you with Practice Management counselling • Set up an Inventory Control System • Help you buy merchandise economically -Custom Acquisition Program (CAP) • Furnish fast, reliable service technicians • Give you specially prepared monographs Where is the Best Location for your New Dental Practice. Safeguards for a Successful Dental Partnership. Considerations in Setting up a Dental Practice, and Associateship vs Individual Practice • Help you decorate your office • Help you select dental equipment best suited to your needs. -Healthco Dental Supply The practical way to run your practice Philodelphio Pittsburgh Middletown Doltimore, MD 2130 Arch Sr, 19103 - (215) 5687450 2866 Donksville M.t 15216 (412) 344 8686 S Long View Dr.. Turnpike Ind Pork, 17057 (717) 9390483 6308 Dior Kfl Lon., 21209 - (301) 8280300I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 DAVOR PHOTO, INC. 654 Srreer Rood Box 190 Bensalem, Po. 19020 McShirley Products 6535 San Fernando Road Glendale. California 91201 FOR CONDENSING 2NSING GOU FOIL AND AMA1 AMALGAMPERSPECTIVES ? Webster states, "a perspective is a distant view, judgment of facts, or circumstances with regard to their proportional importance." At Codesco, we realize your perspectives of your future in dentistry have changed since the first day you considered dental school through the present and we know they will change in the future. When you initiated your career in dentistry, your view point centered upon completion of your clinical and didactic work to earn your dental diploma. Now, your view point is focused on what opportunities will allow you to best utilize your education now and how they will assist you toward the realization of your long range goals. To assist you in an unbiased analysis of your opportunities and realization of your LONG and SHORT term goals, Codesco has developed an information program known as PERSPECTIVES. The thrust of our program is to listen and to understand your desires, concerns, motivations and interests, and then share with you information and services to make your dreams a reality. Call Codesco ... the company eager to listen to your perspectives and share their own! 460 N. 6th Street Philadelphia, PA 19123 (215) WA 3-9400 198THE PROVIDENT NATION-WIDE DENTAL SERVICES AVAILABLE THROUGH HEIN5HEIMER -SA5LOW OFFICE PLANNING AND DESIGN LOCATIONS - POSITIONS ASSOCIATIONS SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT 10 WEST COULTER STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19144 1-215-849-9000 Philadelphia's First Ceramic Lab FIFTY YEARS AT ONE ADDRESS SPELLS QUALITY • CERAMICS • VENEER WORK • FIXED BRIDGEWORK Herman Axelrod Laboratories, Inc. Medical Arts Building • Locust 3-6997 • Philadelphia 19102 PROVIDENT NATIONAL DANK 3509 North Broad Srreer Philodephia, Pennsylvania 19140 1215-2232700 BEST WISHES from COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "The House of o Thousand Models" Free Corotog upon Requesr 49 East 21 Srreer New York. N Y 10010 199THE WHITE CO A T Nor easy ro be black ord female. In a strictly male orienred world, But I'm determined ro wear rhe white coor No room for error or fa ng. Almost unreobsnc demonds upon me The coldness of death I've held m my honds. Dissecting, probing. My mmd has obsored ond stored The knowledge TH need I've reached for rhe highest, rhe white coor of o surgeon, IE wear it well the white coor It's taken years of perserveronce Bur now it's no longer remote I've reached for my goal and attuned it I pad dearly ro wear my whre coot • Ne e Brin Author Mother Dedicated ro Dr Darcet Orirr PATRONS We would like ro rhank Mrs. Ted, rhe Denrol Museum, ond rhe people or Dovor Phoro (especially Lois ond Alex) for rheir help. David Appleby, D.M.D. Mrs. Nellie Drirr Mr. ond Mrs. John Decroo, Sr. Dororhy Fink Dr. and Mrs. Paul Lesser Ramonira Rivero Gildo Segal Dr. George Shelly 200NOV 1 ? 1980

Suggestions in the Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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