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Sydney Silverman Editor-in-Chief Marvin Rappaport Business ManagerEager to start the day's activity Our hero rushes into action And pops a button . . . He places himself Into his day's program Or will it be pogrom . . . lE-D'-'CBOa ic ooaaos ic D3Bana IC 033000 IC 030003 IC o:oaoa IB 030000 ggnaa irt u CQ33S 3 003 21 0 oooac 3 QOOOfl 3 n 52 3rsn 34 “Dr.___________” the cheerful voice announces “Patient waiting” Or “pick up line four. ” The voice Of doom and discontent. . . Undaunted, our hearty warrior Arms himself for the day's battle And drops his bur box . . . With heady delight He obtains his battle station Or cancels And retreats to fight another day. 54 6 f i XJ' Staunchly he carries on Using the latest in scientific approaches He obtains the dento-facial relationship And receives an excellent result By mounting with A jig . . .Utilizing The diagnostic aids so carefully collected His previous experience And present knowledge He greets the next arena with a smile. Hoping not to be shot down and shackled Hoping not to gain knowledge Unless it can not be avoided Hoping not to meet and defeat the challenge But rather to avoid it Whose fault? Whose fault? 78With iron unthinking head He rushes for help Where none but Common sense Is needed. And once in a rarity Find he must do it Himself. And so he applies the mechanical ability Of his well learned theory.10 Until A form in long white coat Materializes Scrutinizes Laughs inwardly And labels the capacity of this machine To produce Produce he does, for Produce he must. iiBut of what does our valiant warrior think Of what is he capable What will be his mark on not only our society But more importantly on society For. after all he Is a human machine And is capable (Hopefully) Of the full rage of emotionsAnd so he leaves. A rebirth after four years of Purgatory Knowing full well the meaning of thorns He wears his crown Forgiving And trying to forget His future is limited only by His energies and his visions. 13DEDICATION Dr. Rosenthal was bom in Philadelphia on August 19, 1899, and has been associated with dentistry cither in actual practice, or in education, since 1923. He received his D.D.S. from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School in 1922, and then stayed on to become a research associate in bacteriology and an instructor in oral medicine at the Graduate School of Medicine (1943-47). In 1945. he became visiting periodontist at Ml Sinai Hospital of Philadelphia, and then two years later was appointed to the faculty of the Temple University School of Dentistry 1955 then saw him the Professor and Head of the Department of Oral Diagnosis. Dr. Rosenthal is an Honorary Professor of the University of El Salvador and San Marco University. Peru, having received from the latter a Fullbright Grant in Oral Medicine. He also holds an honorary-membership in the Scicdad Pervona de Paradonlologia. He is a fellow in the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as the following fraternities: Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Sigma Xi, and Sigma Epsilon Delta, having served as the latter's Grand Master in 1954.Dr. S. Leonard Rosenthal, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D. Class of 1966, I am proud to graduate with you. You are exceptionally well prepared to con tribute to the further growth of our profession. The recent changes from a tooth rehabilitation technology to a comprehensive health service augur ever greater advances in the future. To meet the challenge, you will have to be perennial students - reading and keeping abreast of scientific progress in graduate, postgraduate and refresher courses. My final year at Temple has been greatly enriched by acting as your class advisor. Your scholarly and technical attainments, your courtesy and kindness have transmitted the usual pleasant teacher-student relation to one of warm and rewarding friendships. As we leave the academic world together, my best wishes for your success and happiness go with you.Charles L. Howell TO THE CLASS OF 1966: In extending my very best wishes to each of you upon your graduation, may I offer a word of counsel. You will receive your diploma from a University nch in a dedication to “providing opportunities to those of a good mind and a willingness to work." It has been this dedication to service and to excellence that will enable the University through legislative action from the Commonwealth this past year to expand these opportunities to increasing numbers of deserving young people; the same opportunities that have been yours while students in the School of Dentistry. You will receive full membership in a Profession that is equally rich in a dedication of service to the Seneral public thereby providing each individual opportunities of optimum dental health. Dentistry, as tc University, is being provided opportunities of expanded service, an increasing body of knowledge, and improved methods of delivering care through research supported by public and private funds. Yes. you are leaving the University as it enters a most exciting penoo. And you are entering the Profession as it continues in a period of excitement and challenge. The manner in which you fulfill these challenges will determine in large measure the legacy you leave for future generations. The challenges arc clear. You have the knowledge to exercise proper judgement. The University and the Profession, indeed society in general, will grow and prosper depending on how well you serve each. The opportumucs arc yours - use them well. Charles L’ Howell. Dean January 25. 1966 In Memoriam Louis Hcnnan, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. July II. 1895 August 30. 1965 The passing of Dr. Louis Herman only one month after his retirement in June of this year brought to an untimely close a career that spanned over forty-nve years, successfully and faithfully dedicated to the profession that had its praises by him almost every day of those many yean with a flash of nis characteristic ear to ear grin. Dr. Herman received his D.D.S. from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1919. He then started his long, professional association with Temple that saw him serve as instructor. Associate Professor of Oral Anatomy. Professor of Oral Anatomy. Chairman of the Admissions Committee, and Director of Graduate Studies. He administered to the heavy burden of these last two positions concurrently. and still had enough time left over to erect both students and faculty alike with that familiar, laughing gnn. The awards and honors he received, the degrees and responsibilities he held arc numerous, too numerous to mention. They arc the things that neither should be nor will be remembered when people fondly recall him. They are not important ' Of more significance is the living legend that Dr. Herman created through his own efforts, with no thoughts to honors or positions. He became an “institution" within an institution, and this alone will remuin m the minds and hearts of friends, relatives, faculty, and the many, many more graduating classes to come 17ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 18ASSISTING STAFF Mrs. Frances E. Ncstcr Student Records Oral Surgery Receptionist Sandra Riggs A ► Mrs. Roseannc Spitz X-Ray Dental Assistant Secretary to the Dept, of Periodontics Mrs. Helen Lanccit Clinical Supplies Mrs. Lee Kitchenman Mrs. Josephine Gabryelcwicz Mrs. Elizabeth Pfeiffet Mrs. Beatrice Schroeder Patient Registration Clinic Receptionists Mrs. Dorothy McCIuskcy Mrs. Mary Johannesson Mrs. Catherine Fromc X-Ray Dental Asst.Dental Assistants Mrs. Alice A. Edcr Head of Dental Assistant Program Mrs. Gertrude S. Gehly Medical Technician Supplies and Records Crown and Bridge Prosthetics Mrs. L. Pederson Supplies and Records Jean Whiddcn Claire D'Occhio 20Millard E. Gladfelter President To the Class of 1966 School of Dentistry: Your graduation from the Temple University School of Dentistry comes at a most significant time in the history of this institution. It is a time of profound change and growth. Outwardly, the face of Temple University is undergoing tremendous physical expansion. But. internally, as well, new ideas, new methods, new developments in teaching, training and practical experience are improving to meet the demands of higher education, research and graduate study. You are completing your formal study at the second oldest dental school in the world in continuous existence, and one which has established an impressive heritage and significant influence upon our community, our nation, and the world. As alumni you become part of a group which provides 60 percent of all the dentists in the great Delaware Valley. And the program you are including is one of the nation’s finest in dental education. This training and experience gives you the knowledge and skills to enter a challenging and stimulating professional life. Our nation today places greater emphasis on preventive medicine than ever before in our history. As dentists. you will be faced with providing a share of this care in dental hygiene as well as treatment and therapy. Dental care for the aged will be an ever-increasing function of your profession. As you leave the classroom for the office, the clinic or hospital, the challenges of our complex world await you. Whether you serve in this community, in the service of your country here or abroad, or other parts of our country. this should be a time of personal satisfaction and fulfillment with other men of science that you arc waging a war against sickness and death in our society. As alumni of the Temple University School of Dentistry, I hope you will continue to take an active interest in your alma mater, just as your school will continue to watch your growth and accomplishments. Sinccrly yours. President 21S. Leonard Rosenthal Professor D.D.S., F.A.C.D.. F A.D M ORAL DIAGNOSIS Norman C. Freeman B.S., M S., D.D.S. Simkin D.D.S. Harry J. Frank Assistant Professor D.D.S. William J. Updegrave Professor D.D.S., F.A.C.D., R.A.A.O.R. Henry W. Finger B.S., D.D.S. Frank J. Sammartino Paul J. Marcucci D.D.S. Albert J. Polls B.S., D.D.S. r RADIODONTICSLeonard N. Parris Professor and Chairman D.D.S. Harold M. Rappaport A. B.. D.D.S. Bernard Evans D.D.S. Allan Ceiron B. S., D.D.S. A. Maxwell Perlswcig B. S., D.D.S. Richard Weiss D.D.S. Robert Ellison D.D.S. ENDODONTIC George Graham D.D.S.ORAL SURGERY John W. Hamilton Fred C. Leiscr. Jr. Professor D.D.S. D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Phillip D.D.S. McGloughlin 24 Anthony L. Chccchio D.D.S. Anthony Lewandowski Assistant Professor D.D.S.Jacoby T. Rothner Professor D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Miles Scheffer D.D.S. Mervin Landay D.D.S. Emanuel R. Tress D.D.S. PERIODONTICS Richard L. Evans D.D.S. Neal W. Chilton Associate Professor B.S.. D.D.S., M.P.H. Leon Levi D.D.S. John C. Dombrowski D.D.S. John T. Dubinski D.D.S. Erving Abrams D.D.S. 25PEDODONTICS Ernest F. Ritsert Professor D.D.S., F.A.C.D. William H. Binns, Jr. Assistant Professor A.B.. D.D.S. Augustine J. Chialastri D.D.S. Robert L. Moore. Jr. D.D.S. Eugene S. Czarnecki A.§.. D.D.S. Kurt Bomze D.D.S. Gregory W. Scidcrs D.D.S.' 26CROWN AND BRIDGE Ernest Mingledorff Professor D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Bruce DeMartino D.D.S. George Capa Id i D.D.S. Theodore Kaczmar D.D.S. Jose N. de Cardono B.S., D.D.S. 27Operative Dentistry John Bomba Professor of Operative Dentistry D.D.S. Joseph A. Glaudel. Assistant Professor. D.D.S Charles Nagle. Jr., Associate Professor. D.D.S. John V. Esposito. B.S„ D.D.S. James W. Craig, D.D.S. Jerome R. Gutterman, D.D.S. Anthony Cardone. D.D.S. Joseph Reich, D.D.S. Robert Hardy, B.S., D.D.S. Vincent Buggy. D.D.S. Cornelius White. D.D.S. Robert Cornish. D.D.S. Samuel Lazzaro. D.D.S. Anthony De Santo. D.D.S. Albert Porreca. D.D.S. Joseph Casciato. D.D.S.Prosthetic Department Jay Monari. B.S., D.D.S. James Turner, D.D.S. Irwin Friedman. D.D.S. Charles Mallon, D.D.S. Harold J. E. Lantz, B.S., D.D.S., M.Ed., F.A.C.D. George Knast, D.D.S. Jay Speakman. D.D.S. Frank Schiesser, B.S., D.D.S. John Gregory Assistant Professor, D.D.S., F.I.C.D. Dale F. Rocck, D.D.S. Mark Waltz. B.S.. D.D.S. Richard R. Chillemi, D.D.S. Stanley Gold. D.D.S. Ralph Domonico, D.D.S. 29SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President — Sydney Silverman Vice President — Robert Calabria Treasurer -Frank Spinelli Secretary Robert Adler Student Council -Joseph Mugalski CLASS HISTORY 1966 CHRONICLE OF THE CLASS OF 66 “Stone Walls do not a person make Nor Iron Bars a Cage" Genesis ... We arrived. One hundred-thirty bright young men expecting to be taught dentistry and to be treated like men. One guy told us he would have gone to medical school, but he "noticed that the mcd. students wore their gowns outside of school during lunch hour and felt he couldn't tolerate this unprofessional decorum. At registration we got our first glimpse of the ensuing battle of wits. We were told not to listen to upper class-men. that we were entering a marvelous institution, that the instructors were our friends, and that "The Saint” was not Bert Piel. How Inspiring! The upper classmen had a slightly different story. En masse, they sang: ‘The work is hard The rewards are small Just wait and see They’ll s — you all'." Back to the supply houses - We walked around the camera men there, who were filming a scene from the forthcoming movie entitled “Jesse James, Outlaw.” Six hundred dollars poorer and three cartons richer we ventured forth to the bookstore after which time we faced our first problem in Dental School: how the hell to carry all the stuff; We stacked the freshman year into one heap (topped by Jolly Joe Landa) and staggered home. Our Inaugural Week in Dental School began with Brother Lantz throwing out the first bowl of plaster. Dr. Custer was there to catch it . . . and then drop it (of course) . . . and so we saw our first slump test on top of his shoes. The first diagram drawn on the board was that of a feline anus. The course was Histology B.M. (Before Mc-Crea). The course was a breeze and" to prove this, many of us were able to wave the slides in the air during the final. Completely devoid of prepared notes some guy named Bcrelson told us that he had 20 years of medical experience and that there were four factors to X-Ray. After a thunderous ovation, Abe led 130 of us down to the darkroom. Standing there ten abreast and thirteen deep. Abe asked us if we could all see the dot on the X-Rav. I couldn’t even see Abe! Numb from laughter. I grabbed for the doorknob behind me only to discover it turned out to be an OH. As we were leaving, a tall chap with sparse blond hair, wearing his lab gown, sport jacket, and overcoat, and carrying an engine box, scooter box and microscope, fell into the developing tank. Abe pulled him out after five minutes at 65°. A further word on Dr. Custer — 01’ Sweetpea always seemed to turn up when least expected . . . like horse “bopkas." After giving myriads of quizzes, exams, and radicals, he optimistically asked us to evaluate him and is course. Wyatt Eaip himself couldn’t have done a better job of shooting him down. This cured him of his “In-scctus Rectus", but he became so upset that he invested I orthopedic Custer was aboard the eood ship "Hope” with Blue Leg waving good-bye from the shore. Recognizing talent, the captain of the ship allowed ’The Pea to drop the anchor. With shoes shined and spatula in hand we entered Prosthetics Lab. Several weeks and 8 highly polished custom trays later, we were up to our cars "in green stick. When heated, this stuff turned out to be a giant fungus — it kept increasing in size. The class record for the longest strand was 13 feet 4 inches. When we chipped throughthe mess, we found Charles Pipe, a vial of Gingival 7 a wig, a shoo fly pie, and a list stating the six r‘-nr in tKc floor of the mouth. Our friend. Dr. L that the first ten boys finished would be give: the clinic. These patients turned out to be as , as fig.00 in Landa. Likewise then we have our so-called Snod. Usin stacks of protocal as a pillow, we slept through the whole being — Irom cranium to little toe. Awakened from our stupor, we were herded into the lab, affectionately known as the "Valley of Death". Whenever we fell behind, we followed the same procedure. Step 1 — Call over Dr. Whitcomb. Step 2 — Point to the body and ask him a stupid question: (that was easy). Step 3 — Stand cfear of flying fascia. Dr. Whitcomb, incidently, is the last of the barehanded dissectors, so don't offer him your little scalpels. Now the Snod is no fool! No Sirree! Aware of the need for further organization. he improved his course by having us wear dissectors caps and taking a more lengthy attendance. Dr. Santangelo was like a healthy mammelon standing amongst many broken down cusps. The Saint, a master in statistics, semantics, and soap, taught us about dolphins, mice, and elephants, calico us "Doctor,” treated us tike children, was oooed vehemently on occasion, and was generally unpredictable from day to day. Dr. Cobe and nis fine staph brought the freshman year to a close by teaching us the generalities and testing us on the specifics, by giving each lecture a title, and by defining for us the words lecture, title, each, etc. Everything went by smoothly until Mr. Lieberknight (Mr. Nu) accidently locked Schw'artz and Goldstein in the incubator. And so, unsure of our impending future, but thoroughly permeated with professional atmosphere, we finish the freshman year leaving Charlie Rider sleeping in the prosthetics lab for the summer. "... A hard time we had of it At the end we preferred to travel all night. Sleeping in snatches With the voices singing in our cars, saying That this was all for folly”. Tugging on his bow tie and removing mesenchyme mesenchyme from between his teeth. Dr. McCrea ushered in the horrendous sophomore year. We soon learned that with a sharp eye and a good imagination, anything was visible under the 'scope. A rumor developed that Dr. McCrea's real name was William Williams and that he hailed from Walla Walla. However when approached on this issue, the “king of the summer” told us it was just “a bunch of stuff”. It turned out to be a full year of Sheaths by Hertwig, Bodies by Russell, Mistakes by Orban, and Exams by Marion that Maynard K. Hine would have trouble passing. Gone, but not forgotten, is the biologically and mechanically acceptable, but non-esthetic “Smokey" Stover. Now nobody really has eyes in the back of his head . . . but the Earl of Stover came close. How can we ever forget the day when Smokey got too close to Lloyd Teran as he was sweating his band The poor Smokes was accidentally swedged against the band to become an integral part of the final restoration. He shall long be remembered for his "rounded square shoulder.’ his radiant smile, his glowering frown, nis combination smile-frown, the bend of the beam, “why don’t you do it over.” and for the famous 1.2,3,4.4a,7 fist. He was truly “the finest"! Faster than a speeding bullet is our own Horace Herbie (Super) Mann. Armed with printed lecture notes, we fct there writing feverishly while he USP’d all over us. Vy this time at TDS, wc noticed a funny coincidence. It •ad that the lousiest lecturers woulcl always spend •nc taking attendance than in teaching us. Which ?o Dr. Hedges. Open wide and say “Ahh,” Dr. Kv ,k did. Between Er and Ahh. Gnathastomcs and Strachadcrms, and fiddling with his eye glasses, the Hedge found very little time to teach us Ortho. Now Dr. Hedges is no fool. No Sirree!. Painfully aware of the need for change in his course, he fixed things up by shocking us with a non-protocol final and then flunking sixtv. It was a real pleasure being in class at 8 A.M. to hear Dr. Rothner inform us that he was “Nationally renowned for using a hard bristle brush.” It soon became clear the ‘The Snake” believed Perio should be taught facing East and West rather than North. Matter of fact. Dr. Rothner was set to appear on "Face The Nation.” but when the producer of tne show interviewed him, he soon changed the name of the show to "Face The Ocean.” Dr. Rothner is now retired and it has been learned that he spent the first five minutes of his retirement writing his own book entitled, "Modern Periodontology,” To supplement this rather scanty text, further chapters were later added including: 1. The Care and Feeding of a Porte Polisher 2. The Benefits of a Hard Bristle Mustache Brush 3. The Sterilization of Articulating Paper Forceps So Long Snake — Keep your stones in oil’. Our Endo. Lectures couldn’t have been any more dramatic if C.B. DcMille himself had directed them. We watched anxiously as cameras, spotlights, tape recorders, and microphones’were set up. Finally, to the accompaniment of mood music, and following little girls throwing pieces of colored chalk on the red carpet. Prince Leonard was carried in on his sedan chair. As the orchestra struck up a stirring arrangement of ‘The Poor People of Paris," tne rest of tne entourage came in to watch their king perform. The “Little Kings’ stood up. surveyed the loyal subjects of his department and in an excited, high pitched voice, squealed, “Whoth minding the thtorc?” Dr. Parris’ philosophy was “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and considering what time it was when he finally got started, this philosophy was worthy indeed. But once he finally did get started, he did give us a hell of a good course. With an ample supply ol colored pencils, sawdust, and gefilte fish, the course really wasn’t too hard. Just one more question, oh mighty Reamer — about the apex — are you supposed to seal it? Completely devoid of prepared notes, Abe Bcrclson came upon the scene once again to tell us that this was “it", that he had 20 years of experience, and that there were still four factors to X-Ray. Smartly dressed in a T-shirt and surgical gown. Dr. Cassalia came in once a week, for 16 wccks, to needle us with the finer points of Anesthesia. Now this hour is definitely not conducive to learning, even for a gung-ho class like ours. It’s like asking a garbage collector to take out the trash at night, after handling the stuff for the whole day. Anyway, “Pistol Pete” told us about Navy life, promised to get us aspirating syringes, promised to get us black bags to carry tne alleged syringes, and promised we would use these syringes to inject oranges. We wound up with a Cooke-Waste Manual and Dr. Cassalia decided to go into politics.The land of Operative Dentistry was like entering the "Land of Oz" ana you know how unbelievable that place is. For lecture we had his Lordship, Dr. Carlos Weil. How can you do justice to the man? How is it possible to put into words afl he has taught us in these years? What do I remember most? I Remember: — how sharp he dressed, especially his Freudian tie pins. — his unusual dietary habits. — his good clean jokes, convincing us more and more that he writes material for Lenny Bruce. — his advice on how to mix drinks. Can anyone forget “Tec Many Martoone’s”? — his never losing his temper when he got mad — He lost his mind instead! — His understanding when you didn’t have the instrument he wanted. And last, but not least, the fantastic amount of knowledge in Operative Dentistry that he had . . . and kept to himself. The sophomore year drew to a close amidst a maze of Orange Juice, Ncsoits (which, strangely, all looked the same), blue canvas shoes (wobbling badly from side to side), and our first two leaky inlays. And so. as the sun sets on the beautiful white Philadelphia Trolley Cars, we leave the world of Typodonts. ivonne, and mannequins for that of real teeth, real people and real chaos. “1 think I am in rats alley Where the dead men lost their bones.” August was a wasted dud which bore some similar features to the first two years, while givine us some indication of the forthcoming pandemonium. It seems like only yesterday when . . . Mrs. Nestcr cheerfully informed us that 50 lb. clinic cases were available to us at only 80 cents lb. ... the ever present, ever vivacious, ever helpful “Saint" even more cheerfully told us (in his own inimitable style) that we would have to paint and wallpaper these squeaky hernia inducers . . . Clinic Gowns (as tailored by Midge) . . . Money for keys, towels, bags, and the right to use the Clinic Mens Room ... the ease in which you placed the dam on your partner — and the difficulty that the poor boob had in placing the thing on you . . . “Where is your grass line ligature?” . . .Two engine cords?? . . . pceso pliers!? ... the Endo.. Perio., Prosthetics, and Diagnosis Depts telling us how to raise and lower the chair ... but the ultimate in demonstrations; our former adviser, friend, and interpreter, Charles Santaneclo (B.A., M.A.. D.D.S.) briskly informing us that the ligfit is to be parallel to Broad Street, the rheostat wings arc to be perpendicular to the comer of 15th and Norris, and the heaa rest is to be parallel to the log. tangent of the cosine of a hyperbola adjacent to Philadelphia’s New Sports Stadium . . . Abe Berelson (drooling saliva and stringy pastrami) telling us “this is it - there will be no other,” k.v.m.a. etc. . . . wailing for the first patient . . . Mrs. Schroeder’s List . . . More Lists . . . Getting the first patient . . . Where do I go now? — What do I ao? . . . “we'll have to take a few more X-Rays, Mrs. Jones? . . . and ?? The Junior Year in Clinic proved to be like an endless game of Johnny-on-the Pony (Buck-Buck) with the instructor as the perpetual jumper and the student as the perpetual pony. The diagnosis department jumped first. The Bird hiked up his pants and snook his index finger before jumping. His magnificence. Dr. Freeman, took a great deal of time. but did get off a bcautceful jump. Dr. Frank jumped most quickly of the trio and proved to be most agreeable with the pony line. It was quite unanimous that the Diagnosis Department jumped in such a fashion that was least harmful to the student. ‘Gums” Rothner led the Perio. dept, when their turn came. He missed the pony entirely because he turned his head at the last moment. Dr. Saturen refused to jump because someone in the line had his legs crossed. Drs. Xan-day. Levin, and Scheffer arrived too late to do much damage with their jumps, but they swore to get revenge the following year. The Operative Dept, was the most damaging of the Oers. We had to wait a great deal of lime until they y showed up. Dr. Reich complained that we had not prepared our line correctly. Dr. Cardone said the angle of our backs was not sharp enough. He was a base individual indeed. Many a student complained that his back was scratched badly by Dr. Lazarro’s, annoying jump. Dr. Glaudel missed his turn since he was attending to his daily manicure. When it came time for Pedo. Dept, to jump, surprised to note the most bothersome of all we were _ _ _ _ was Dr. Whiddcn. Dr. Lantz told us that he and his dept, did not want to hurt us, and that they would not jump . . . and then he jumped as we were sighing in relief. However, the junior year was not all clinic. To keep us we did spend some time up on the third floor. Of all the lectures and labs, one stands out and will live forever in our hall of shame. The next few paragraphs are indeed a fitting tribute. Now we entered the invaluable phase of our dental education which has enabled us to design, construct, and place into the defect, all types of removable partial pros-theses. In fact Jim, awed with reverence for our erudition, often exclaims, "What’s this!? Put in a one-two combina- tion. The men responsible for presenting this vast body of knowledge in a form as palatable as tabasco flavored alginate, we shall call M,D, and W. This dynamic trio of educators, in good humored self-appreciation, jested and 34SENIOR FACULTY General Anesthesia — Anthony L. Checchio D.D.S., Ma rio V. Troncelliti B.S.F, M.D. Practice Administration — J. H. Eshleman D.D.S., D.Sc. F.A.C.D. Oral Diagnosis — S. Leonard Rosenthal D.D.S., F.A.C.D.. F.A.D.M. Jurisprudence — Esther Polen B.S., L.L.B., L.L.M. Crown and Bridge — Ernest B. Mingledorff D.D.S.. F.A.C.D. Oral Surgery1 - John W. Hamilton Professor of Oral Sur- S D.D.S., F.A.C.D. etics — Harold Lantz Professor and Chairman B.Sc., D.D.S., M.Ed., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D. Public Health — David A. Soricelli D.D.S. M.P.H.H., F.A.P.H.A. Stomatognathology - Morton Amsterdam B.A., D.D.S., F.A.CD., Arnold Weisgold D.D.S. Operative Dentistry — John Bomba Professor of Operative Dentistry D.D.S. 35joked and kidded and fooled and laughed and laughed while we, in stupified self depreciation, struggled and moaned and poured models, and poured models, and poured models. Their castigation of our efforts will remain in our minds long past that June day when we begin trying to forget that M. D, and W are our peers. When these dedicated scholars relinquished their precious time on a sabbatical to Ohio, we derived inestima-table benefits from their additional training. It was immediately evident that M, D. and W had achieved learning. In fact, it was widely held that Lassie herself was masticating efficiently with a partial denture designed by Dr. D. Althougn she complained of one small sore spot, she found Dr. D so charming, his wit so sparkling, and his appearance so enticing that she is telling all her friends wnat a fine practitioner he is. “New Deans Never Die - they just lose their faculties." The Senior Year saw many magicians creating new and sweeping changes. Magician I - The Smiling Shadow that Jiggled Jaws. Inis magician, who had the unique talent of appearing from nowhere, changed Jigs to Face bows before our horrified eyes. Anvwhere an articulator was present so was the roving ambassador of Occlusion. To this man. the condylar path is the path of life. Every time we would try to seat a bridge, deliver a set of dentures, or cement ah inlay, his nose would soon be in our way. When last seen, Dr. Weisgold was in his disguise as Reuben, boy wonder, and was in the Amstcrmobile trying to put the clutch into the most rctruded position. Magician 11 - Earnest You All Perhaps the greatest of magicians, this confederate changed plaster to stone, acrylic to porcelain. Stevens to Hanau and changed the whole C. and B. Dept, into an Emory Board. Getting into the spirit, the overzealous staff members changed the letters on their sweatshirts from a large sloppy E to a big blue M. Magician 111 — La Bomba - The Color King Transformed himself from a junior member of the Prosthetics Dept, into Head of Operative. After cleaning his office of old copies of Playboy and used martini glasses, Dr. Bomba performed an unheard-of feat of magic. He made the operative department a tolerable place to work in. Magician IV — The New Breed (The Brothers Curettage) faith the 3M Company (Merwyn. Miles, and Morton) as a nucleus, we saw a 3 visit prophy, orange juice, charters breeze, become an eternal nightmare of recurrette and re-equilibrate. The patients never seemed to tire of our hands being in their pockets. After about ten weeks of scratching and scrapinc and jiggling and Hawleys and more jiggling, the New fireed would inevitably want to "cut in’. And so, it was ten paces North into the "Butcher Shop" or. as Jake so conservatively puts it, the "Special Clinic”. Magician V — The Chairman of the Boards Holy Molyus — it’s Crolius. The Emperor of Trivia was responsible for the more significant changes like Soap to Betadinc and Linen to Paper. At last! Now our clinic is perfect. Despite an extremely busy schedule, the Emperor still found occasion to swab the decks. He has also completely undermined the A.D.A.'s stand that chewing gum is no good for your teeth. Hail Crolius! The Senior Year also saw’put into effect the now infamous Treatment Planning Board. Few of you arc aware of the day when the lecturers from the last two years were asked to attend. Dr. Ritsert (Standing with his hands in his pockets): "Aw’ Right, Shaaaup! It is most distressing that we neglect to remember the Image of Dentistry which is not unlike treating the patient as a hole. ‘Whatcha’ think about that?’ Dr. Chilton (Jingling his keys): "Well, according to Oschenbein and RoT inson . . .” Dr. Leiser (Yawning): "This patients teeth are stained and carious. She also has gingivitics. I would extract all her teeth!" Dr. Lants (Smiling): "Oh, good boy, Freddie! We’ll take her into Surgery and let Tony take out her teeth, O.K.?” Dr. Landay (Foaming at the mouth): "Not Ok. (PuthennaHawIeyforlOWccks . . . andthen-splintsand surgery!” Dr. Freeman — (With eyes closed): “Did you notice the while spot beneath the plica fimbreata?” Dr. Castigliano (Unsheathing his machete): "White Spot?” Dr. Hamilton (Slowly and methodically); “Gentlemen, I’m sorry to be late. I was attending to my weekly voice lessons from Dr. Snodgrasse. 1 would treat this case ultra-conservatively. Now, if you will excuse me, I must give the seniors" their final exam." (Dr. Hamilton now exits walking between the crack in the swinging doors.) Somebody: “Where is Dr. Troncelliti?” Dr. Ewing (pacing up and down): “That’s a nice bridge ya got there, except for the yclla winda." Dr. M ingledorjf: “It’s not perfect! Have the student cast it over a few times! Where’s Skip?" Dr. Kotanchik: “Here! Now dis here crown here ... Be quiet for a minute, George! Somebody give me a cotton roll.” Dr. Eshleman (Handing Skip a cotton roll) ‘Take one of mine. Ihave a whole garage full of them." Dr. Soricelli (Combing his hair): “The pandemic rates and ratios of this case point to a survey based on teamwork.” Dr. Hamilton (Reappearing); "Excuse me. gentlemen. I seem to have misplaced the Seniors final examination." Dr. Troncelliti (From outside): "Where is everybody?” Somebody — "We’re in here! Just follow your nose!" Ultimately, the patient was found to nave a positive RPR. ana was sent on her way to go about her business. The events set down in this history are to the best of our abilities a true and honest account. If we have offended, we can apologize only by saying that we perhaps have been offended. "And so he leaves A rebirth after four years of Purgatory Knowing full well the meaning of thorns Forgiving And trying to forget His future is limited only by His energies and his visions." 36Robert H. Adler, B.A., D.D.S. University of Vermont Junior American Dental Association American Society of dentistry for Children Alpha Omega, Vice President Freshman Class President Sophomore Class Vice President Senior Class Secretary Student Council Representative Inter Fraternity Council Army Reserve 37Jerr old Hugh Axler, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity — Secretary — Vice President Student Council Representative U.S. Air Force Reserve 39Alan Edward Babigan, B.S., D,D.S. The American University Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Freshman Class Secretary Army ReserveMichael Sherman Baum, B.S., D.D.S. Brooklyn College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Literary Editor — Odontolog U.S. Army Reserve 41Morton S. Beck, B.A., D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta FraternityJack Belchinsky, B.A., D.D.S. Brooklyn College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Pedodontic Study Club Gold Foil Study Society 43 mtEdward B. Beskin, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer SocietyEdward Besner, B.S., D.D.S. American University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omga Fraternity Pedodontic Study Society Army ReserveStephen Jay Blum berg, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity - Inner Guard Odontolog Staff Air Force ReserveJoel M. Bodnar, B.A., D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society U.S. Army Reserve 47Ronald Walter Borick, D.D.S. Penn State University Wilkes College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Air Force ReserveAshley A. Howard Botnick, B.A., D.D.S. Yeshiva University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity — Chaplain Frederic James Society John A. Kolmer Society 4950Ronald L. Bregman, B.A., D.D.S. Lafayette Junior American Dental Association Odontolog Staff 51Robert Winfred Brumfiel, Jr., B.S., D.D.S. Ursinus College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity — Worthy Master ’64-’65, ’65-’66 Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Naval ReserveRobert D. Calabria, D.D.S. Villanova University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children John A. Kolmer Society Senior Class Vice President Army Reserve54 Stephen Craig Carmick, B.A., D.D.S. Gettysburg College University of Miami Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity - Social Chairman ’64-’65 Grand Master ’65-’66 Inter Fraternity Council President ’65-’66 Chairman of All Dental Dance 1965Dominic Anthony Castaldo, D.D.S. University of Pennsylvania Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity — Treasurer Frederic James Society John A. Kolmer Society Pedodontic Study Society Air Force Reserve 55Douglas Lee Chester, D.D.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children — Senior Class Representative Alpha Omega Fraternity Odontolog Staff Army Reserve 56Albert S. Chinappi, Jr., D.D.S. St. Joseph’s College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society — Vice President James R. Cameron Society — Secretary-Treasurer John A. Kolmer Society Pedodontic Study Society Gold Foil Study Society — Vice President Student Clinician American Dental Assocation Convention 1966 Odontolog Staff Associate Editor Naval Reserve—I 58 George M. Coladonato, Jr., D.D.S. Rutgers College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmcr Society Naval ReserveDale W. Collins, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity — Historian Air Force Reserve 59Gary L. Conover, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Air Force Reserve 60Robert E. Conway, B.A., D.D.S. Wilkes College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Air Force ReserveAllen H. Cutler, D.D.S. Pennsylvania State University Junior American Dental Association John A. Kolmer Society Army ReserveEdgar Richard Dalton, D.D.S. Rutgers University Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity ) 6364 Jay Alan Denbo, B.S., D.D.S. Dickinson College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Air Force ReserveAaron Zelig Dern, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega - Secretary Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society — President Sigma Epsilon Delta Delaware Alumni Award for General Studies Odontolog Staff U.S. Public Health Service Reserve 65C. Joseph DeSalvo, B.S., D.D.S. Marquette University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Student Clinician American Dental Association Convention 1966 Odontolog Staff Air Force Reserve 66Richard Morris Diemer, B.A., D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Odontolog Staff — Literary Editor Naval ReserveR. Bruce Drysdale, B.A., D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity — Secretary Pedodontic Study Society Gold Foil Study Society Naval Reserve 8John F. Fame, B.S., D.D.S. St. Francis College Junior American Dental Association Army Reserve 69David A. Fields, B.A., D.D.S. Bucknell University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Temple Dental Review Staff Odontolog Staff Lester B. Friedman, B.S., D.D.S. Long Island University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Temple Dental Review Staff Naval Reserve 71Dennis L. Gilbert, D.D.S. Albright College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity Temple Dental Review — Staff, Editor, Business ManagerHoward Cameron Giles, Jr., D.D.S. University of Delaware Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society — Treasurer Gold Foil Study Society Freshman Class Treasurer Sophomore Class Secretary Naval ReserveElliot H. Goldman, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Frederic James Society — President James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Martin Walter Goldstein, B.S., D.D.S. City College of New York, Brooklyn College Junior American Dental Association Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Army Reserve 75Glenn P. Good hart, D.D.S. La Salle College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega FraternityIrwin Haas, B.S., D.D.S. City College of New York Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society Air Force Reserve 77Carl Joseph Hajduk, D.D.S. La Salle College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity Army ReserveThomas Julius Hanewald, B.S., D.D.S. Saint Lawrence University Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega FraternityJoseph P. Hanuscin, B.A., D.D.S. La Salle College, Washington and Jefferson College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity Naval ReserveLarry Harad, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Air Force ReserveRichard V. Hartzell, D.D.S. King’s College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer SocietyDupree A. Haynes, Jr., D.D.S. Fordham University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Xi Psi Phi Fraternity - Vice President Naval Reserve84 James Paul Heidere, B.S., D.D.S. University of Pennsylvania Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Pedodontic Study SocietyPaul George Heimer, Jr., B.A., D.D.S. Dartmouth College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity Pedodontic Study Society Naval Reserve 85Ronald Helfand, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Assocation Air Force Reserve 8688 William Dale Herriman, B.A., D.D.S. Lycoming College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society John A. Kolmer SocietyPaul W. Jelus, B.S., D.D.S. University of Maryland Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Frederic James Society — Secretary James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Air Force ReserveMark E. Kaiser, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity Temple Dental Review — Staff Army Reserve 90Marvin A. Kaufman, B.A., D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity Odontolog Staff Army ReserveWarren Klein, D.D.S. Yeshiva University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Army ReserveGary Ronald Klimen, B.S., D.D.S. University of Maryland Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children — President Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Odontolog Staff Air Force Reserve 9394 Allan Ian Krieger, B.S., D.D.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity — President — ’65-’66, Treasurer — ’64-’65 InterFraternity Council Army ReserveMark Dennis Krupnick, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity Temple Dental Review Staff Odontolog Staff Air Force Reserve 95Fredric Kudish, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Frederic James Society Air Force ReserveSheldon Kupferberg, B. S., D.D.S. City College of New York Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society 97Charles B. Lawley, B.A., D.D.S. Gettysburg College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity Air Force Reserve 98Jacques L. Lake, B.S., D.D.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity 99Howard E. Lorber, B.S., D,D.S. Brooklyn College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity — House ChairmanJoseph John Magalski, B.S., D.D.S. University of Scranton Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Sophomore Class Treasurer Junior Class Student Council Representative Senior Class, President of Student Council 101 fpJames F. Maynes, B.S., D.D.S. St. Joseph’s College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity Naval ReserveJoseph A. Mazula, B.S., D.D.S. King’s College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society104Robert Stanley Moczulski, B.S., D.D.S. University of Scranton Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity Naval Reserve 105Bernard Montalbano, D.D.S. St. Anselm’s College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity Gold Foil Society Naval ReserveDavid Murrin, B.S., D.D.S. Penn State University Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity Air Force ReserveFrank Nicholas Nicolini, B.A., D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Xi Psi Phi Fraternity - Vice President Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Army Reserve 108Charles Edward Nocco} D.D.S. Rutgers College Junior American Dental Association, Secretary American Society of Dentistry for Children Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Gold Foil Study Society Junior Class President Student Council Inter Fraternity Council Odontolog — Photgraphy Editor Air Force Reserve 109J. Richard Oliver, B.S., D.D.S. University of Dayton Junior American Dental Association American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Xi Psi Phi Fraternity — SecretaryWilliam Pace; B.A., D.D.S. Buckndl University Junior American Dental Association112 Patrick A. Petrillo, B.S., D.D.S. King's College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Pedodontic Study Society — Secretary-Treasurer Air Force ReserveCarmen R. Petulla, B.A., D.D.S. Villanova University, Temple University Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Junior Class Secretary Air Force Reserve 113Leonard W. Pincus, B.A., D.D.S. Yeshiva University, New York University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Junior Class Treasurer Army ReserveRaymond Puma, D.D.S. mcA NsftT Ka }«vV Ns ot aV OT t mam Vrasfy xA T}«fljs, rj fox C u dxex yt 3i YtaxtnvWj kxxv'tXACi.xv tou odtVj cA k t%XYxes o o§j 115Marvin S. Rappaport, B.A., D,D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Odontolog — Managing EditorTaylor P. Reeder, III, B.A., D.D.S. Gettysburg College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Sophomore Class PresidentJohn F. Richardson, B.A., D.D.S. University of Connecticut Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Air Force ReserveLeslie Salkin, B.S., D.D.S. Brooklyn College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity, Social Chairman Army Reserve 119Stanley Schaeffer, B.S., D.D.S. City College of New York Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children John A. Kolmer Socity Pcdodontic Study Society Shriner’s Hospital StaffBert R. Schenk, D.D.S. Brooklyn College Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity James R. Cameron Society Army Reserve 121Steven Schnitzler, B.S., D.D.S. Long Island University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Odontolog Staff Army ReserveMel Barry Schwartz, D.D.S. Rutgers University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer SocietyAndrew Senkowsky, B.A., D.D.S. LaSalle College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity 124Allen Paul Shapiro, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Odontolog Staff — Art Editor 125Charles Howard Shmelzer, B.A., D.D.S. Syracuse University Hunter College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Societyi Arnold Harvey Sikow, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Odontolog — Humor Editor Naval ReserveSydney A. Silverman, A.A., D.D.S. Wesley College American University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity -Outer Guard Junior Class Vice President Senior Class President Student Council Odontolog — Editor Army ReserveGary Simon, B.S., D.D.S. Rutgers University Fairleigh Dickenson University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society 129Frank Spinelli, B.A., D.D.S., Temple University Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Sophomore Student Council Representative Senior Class Treasurer Air Force ReserveMyles Spodak, B.S., D.D.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Army ReserveAllen H. Stein, D.D.S. Temple University St. Joseph’s College Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity Army ReserveJames Art her Stone, B.A., D.D.S. Lycoming College Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Gold Foil Study SocietyRobert Stone, B.A., D.D.S. Arts and Letters Pennsylvania State University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity — President Gold Foil Study Society Table Clinic Junior American Dental Association DayStephen St rock, D.D.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Army Reserve 135Paul Stutman, B.A., D.D.S. University of Pennsylvania Junior American Dental Association James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmcr SocietyRichard Subin, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Odontolog Staff 137Barry Sukoneck, D.D.S. Albright College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Alpha Omega Fraternity Temple Dental Review — Staff, Assistant Editor, Business Manager Air Force ReserveStephen H. Sunshine, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children — Vice President James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Odontolog — Staff Air Force ReserveLloyd Joel Ter an, B.A., D.D.S. University of Massachusetts Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Odontolog Staff 140William Michael Thomas, D.D.S. University of Bridgeport Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Gold Foil Study Society142 Robert Allen Til wick, B.A., D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Army ReservePaul John Waicus, B.S., D.D.S. Johns Hopkins University, Springfield College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Frederic James Society - Treasurer James R. Cameron Society — Vice President John A. Kolmer Society — Secretary Pedodontic Study Society — President Shriner’s Hospital Staff 143Robert Ernest Watkins, B.S., D.D.S. University of Miami Florida State University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children — Secretary Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Pedodontic Study Society Shriner’s Hospital Staff Dental Chorus 144William Edward Watkins, B.A., D.D.S. Wilkes College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Society Gold Foil Study Society Air Force ReserveRobert S. Weissman, B.S., D.D.S. University of Toledo, Fairleigh Dickinson University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity Army Reserve 146 Dean G. Wetzel, B.S., D.D.S. Lebanon Valley College Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity — Treasurer — 65-’66 Pedodontic Study SocietyBruce B. Wright, B.S., D.D.S. Wesley College, Washington College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity — President — ’63 - 64 Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society Inter Fraternity Council — President ’63-’64 148Lewis Zagon, B.S., D.D.S. Brooklyn College Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society James R. Cameron Society John A. Kolmer Society150 Bruce Arthur Zucker, D.D.S. Temple University Junior American Dental Association American Society of Dentistry for Children Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity - Historian Temple Dental Review Staff Odontolog Staff Air Force ReserveSENIOR CANDIDS I I Gimme two tickets on "Scratchy Sam . Maybe that’s why be kept dropping things! Who stole the strawberries? Shake hands and come out fighting! Dr. JekyJ and Mr Hyde. Goldie-Links and (he Big Bad Wolfe Wait 'Ul he finds out I wear dentures. 151Just what wc need - another clown in this school. Come in Carlos. 1 was 29 when wc got signed into peno . . . . . . and then the student fell down the steps and broke both his arms. Listen Doc. I’m tired of sneaking in here just so you can work at night! The history of Public Health begins . . I don't mind charting myself, but what is a buccal mucosa?Shucks! I left the 1-3-6-10. . . . and then he dropped his corned beef sandwich into the fixer, Who knows what evil lurks Anything else . . but no coup d'etat. "Old Mac Donald had a farm.” Your camel was pretty rambunctious today Dr. Nasife. I swear! You won’t get sterile. Now will you check my prep off Dr. Chialastri. 153Steve. Steve. You're bcttcr’n Shafer, Mine, and Levy. Boy! Do you have to go as bad as I do? Castigliano’s first patient. Yeah, Doc. I had lunch . . a salami and on- ion sandwich. You didn’t call me that! Did you, Norman? Please do not feed the animals.I don’t care how old you are put your telephone no down! Get the idea? That won't help unless the mirror reaches the cafeteria. Pace. Turn in your syringe. Gosh dam' Wish I had a lance. And goal. "All the worlds u stage . . then my good fnend Clyde Schuyler kicked a field "Ahm sorry. Beznah. We can't open the clinic on Sunday!" 155£ CLASS HISTORY Klinic Romaic He had completed his third year at this special assignment His mother already called him doctor and granted appointments and discounts to special friends (I've got a girl for you) and family. But Vince was tired. As he lay back, sipping on a Dirty Nail (cut not filed), imported from Glaw Dell, in Scotland, he thought of the beginning of that year . . . . . . His Hanau H-2 Sports Coupe coasted at 90 on route I. Vince’s eyes scanned the matched condylar settings, while his right hand lovingly caressed the Bennet shift. His mind once again sorted the details of his assignment Bringing the H-2 to a quick stop, Vince jumped out and entered the doors of RJinic Royale. He paid 5150 in unmarked bills and was led upstairs by one of'the scantily clad incisal guides. Vince entered the Elush office, tossed his union made scooter box deftly on to the lab table, issed Mrs. T. on the nape of her neck, and moved with cat-like Srace into C’s office. C, a former naval intelligence officer, sat behind his esk deftly adjusting the knobs on the precision made green cylinder. He appeared satisfied as the Oxygen drifted slowly through his silvery-gray moustache. •'Now hear this, Vince. You're here for just one dam reason - to beef up our counter espionage team and stop this dam smuggling of gold to Africa." Vince’s mind returned to the present. He poured himself four fingers of Grossman’s Old Formula, pulled to one inch, not sorted, and returned to his reverie . . . ... “I want you to suiri on this mission by checking with the section heads." Vince started with the closest department He stepped into the office, dropped softly into the wood chair and listened to R. He quickly decided that one ear was sufficient to hear what was being said Vince listened to the scraping noises with the other His eyes quickly scanned the small room and noticed the flag with the motto "Don’t Tread on Me." After a few minutes, Vince decided he had heard enough He started to thank R. but noticed that R had left. ’That’s funny he thought, “I hadn’t realued R had stopped talking." As Vince left the office, his mind was disturbed by something he nad seen. The snake on the flag was wearing a moustache. Vince tripped Looking down, he saw a man in a white coat and an orange name tag. The poor fellow had a tooth in one hand and a long metal object in the other. Vince listened as the other explained. “I cur-retted around this tooth for five months. It fell out yesterday, and they told me I hadn’t given it enough of a chance. They told me to take it home and scrape it every night Maybe it’ll reattach'.” Vince went on to section O. where most gold leakage seemed to be occurring. He watched as another Orange Tag approached the cage of a squat ogre. The ogre soon opened her eyes, yawned, stretched, sauntered over to the bars of her cage, and glared at the Orange Tag. The Orange Tag said. "I need some gold please." “So.” thought Vince, "this is where the gold is going." “Here.” said the ogre, “fill out this form and wait here while I fill out these." An hour later, Vince left them still standing there. “If any smug- Sis being done here.” he thought, “it couldn't be more than a mar-leakage of gold.” Something whizzed by Vince so quickly he could see only a blur. But at the same time he felt his mouth open a’nd close quickly. Filing that in his mind. Vince entered P section, and was confronted by the nefarious Dr. Ho Ho. "Why. when 1 was in your position. Vince. I completed sixteen cases in one year, and twenty-seven cases the next vear." Vince's mind guzzled in the information’ — forty-three cases of Riel’s in two years. As Vince hurried down the hall, he bumped into a quick-to-smile blonde. “Hi. y’all." said the blonde. The black name tag read P. Galore. As the blond continued speaking. Vince realized that “Hi, all" must be the only English that the blonde spoke. But he had to communicate. "What’s your first name" asked Vince. "Porcelain." said the blonde. Once again, something whizzed past Vince with a blur of motion. Once again his jaw opened and closed. This time the vortex drew Vince along tne hallway. He was tossed through a doorway, and into a small cubicle. "It may be an incipient beginning," Vince overheard someone saying, “but someday the enure world will be parallel, and all of the royalties will be mine.' Vince stumbled away, and found himself in a no man's land. “Could some strange form of uncollimatcd. unfiltered radiation have caused an increase in my size? I can't even fit into one of these chairs." thought Vince, as he studied the nice pictures on the wall. A tall man darted from a doorway, handed Vince a ream of mimeographed paper, and said. “Take these . . . You’ll never read them anyway ... I can stand a little pain ... I don’t believe in it. . . rotten hide brats . . ." Trying to escape. Vince ran to the elevator, opened the door, and jumped in. As he felt himself going lower and lower. Vince noticed the sign that proclaimed “Cameron Elevator Co.” He found this so funny that he was in stitches. When the elevator reached bottom. Vince could hear screams of anguish. The screams were those of five Orange Tags, who were standing in front of a clock. The Orange Tags were rubbing the skin from their hands with stiff brushes. Horrified at the sight or aseptic muscle, Vince ran out. C was pleased when Vince entered the office. “I have the solution. C,” said Vince. "Have the secret agents Junos and Augustus aid the Orange Tags in delivering their quotas. With the Orange Tags out, the smuggling should stop." "Well, said C ... (to be continued) 160CLASS OF 1967 Asta Berenbaum Beneshan Berman BtxJck Brodie Boruchov Bumstcin Bloomquist Butler Bottomley Cameron Blum Cavanaugh Brczmslu Chiincn 161CLASS OF 1967 DeNobile Dickcrman Chapman Cooper Cohen Christ Curcio Dekyne DiPictro Drennon Drcsmn Esdale Fuktor Feldman Fishclbcrg Fomby 162 Francis FricdlanderHallman Hanik Friedman Glassman Goldblau Goldman. R. Gorscn Griesemer Genet Goldberg Goldman, M. Goddard Greenwald Haimes 163Hertz Hertzfcld Hoffman. S. Hontz Hottenstein Ingber Jaspan Kalmanson Katz. D. Katz. G. Kaye Kaytcs CLASS OF 1967 Langbcrg Lee Leonard Levine Luz MacLeod Marcus Marsh Melvin Messinger Nathan Pagana Petkov Oven Partow Pierce 165 Misher NakumaruPiskae Pollack Rainka Risley Rochclcau Rokhsar Salko Shatzcr Shugar Siegel Singer Soffer Siravo Sokol I Siegel Singer 166CLASS OF 1967 Tocker Tractenbcrg Valacc Wartell Stolbcr Sulkcs Targan Tcncri Stout Swamootl Tcillcman Thomas 167JUNIOR FACULTY ORTHODONTICS S. Eugene Cohen D.D.S., M.S. Milton J. Lande D.D.S., M.S. RADIODONTIA William J. Updegrave D.D.S.i F.A.C.D. F.A.A.O.R. ORAL SURGERY John W. Hamilton D.D.S., F.A.C.D. PEDODONTICS Ernest F. Ritsert D.D.S., F.A.C.D. William H. Binns, Jr. Assistant Professor A.B., D.D.S. PERIODONTICS Jacob)' T. Rothner D.D.S.. F.A.C.D., F.A.A.A.S. OPERATIVE DENTISTRY John L. Bomba D.D.S. ORAL DIAGNOSIS S. Leonard Rosenthal D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D., F.A.A.A.S., F.A.D.M. PROSTHETICS Harold J. E. Lantz B.Sc.. D.D.S., M.Ed., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D. EXODONTIA Frederick Leiser, Jr., D.D.S. CROWN AND BRIDGE Ernest B. Mingledorff D.D.S., F.A.C.D. 168SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pres.. Dtck Albright Vice-Pres., Tom Goslin Trew.. Ira Titunic See., Jim Spinclh Student Council Rep., Dick Galeone CLASS HISTORY As the overture began in early September we found our conductor replacing many of the vintage musicians while trying to keep us on two point harmony, which as we all know is absurd; due to the fourteen discordant harmonies being played in our orchestra. The beat, the beat (Ssst!) was immediately picked up by the gray-haired crew-cut Azarian flute player who managed to set a quick tempo which in reality was right off the music stand. The second fibrous and harmonious flute player was occasionally seen but was never known to blow a note of nis own. Seated next to the flutist were two masters of one of our most difficult instruments, the oboe, which struck a pathological note in the hearts of all men. Playing first microphone was our Jordanian water-powder ratio measureman. Even though his music was audible he made no contribution to the orchestration. The root of the orchestra was composed of five reamers and files playing at their own tempo and lead by the kosher kibitzer. No matter what piece was being performed this section always seemed to be playing “Ream out the Bung Hole”! By the time we recognized these distinguished musicians the overture was over, the symphony was mounting in pitch, and we were two months behinu. It was at about this time that we, aah . . . heard, aah ... the first, aah . . . respondent booms, aah . . . from our loud, aah . . . but sleep inducing kettle drummer aah . . . who constantly played our, “Face From Fish to Man”. What ever happened to Ortho? Every orchestra must have its bow section and ours is no exception. Leading this jovial crew was the mild mannered and considerate first violinist, through whose interesting efforts we almost achieved a state of harmony. However, the Chicken, loudly playing his violin and the Hen sofUy playing his triangle managed to negate the efforts of their leader. The newest section of the orchestra, by incorporating a bit from each of the other instruments, permitted us to hear for the first time, the true sound of music. At this time the symphony was well past its middle movement and we were only six weeks behind. Behind what? Behind the Pennsylvania Dutch Woodwinds whose dapper soloist was constantly handing out sheet music to the appreciative audience. In the background was heard the faint but ever present old, old, melody of “Focus on the Highlights”. To our delight, this discordant melody was drowned out by the efforts of three young scalers. The symphony had a fresh Dixie Land beat this year and though there were njany bars to learn to play, we found this beat to be in accord with the sound of music. There was, however, one bad “link”. Needless to say, our orchestra like most, had a member who just refused to play along with the others. This self centered musician was never satisfied with our performances and was constantly vieing for the position of our Azarian flutist. As the symphony approaches its climax we mustn’t fail to mention two of our favorite artists. A state of numbness was produced by the first, through his injections of interest into us all. Our last virtuoso was a Mann of uncanny acumen whose wry wit and all encompassing knowledge took in the “Haht” of all of dentistry. Thus ended our symphony. 169f SOPHOMORE FACULTY PERIODONTICS Jacoby T. Rothner, D.D.S. F.A.C.D. ORTHODONTICS Robert B. Hedges, D.D.S., M S., F.A.C.D. PROSTHETICS Dale F. Roeck, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. OPERATIVE DENTISTRY Charles Santangelo, B.A., M.A., D.D.S. GENERAL PATHOLOGY Andrew J. Donnelly, M.D. ORAL PATHOLOGY Marion W. McCrea, D.D.S.. M.S., F.A.C.D. CROWN AND BRIDGE Ernest B. Mingledorff. D.D.S., F.A.CD. PHARMACOLOGY David E. Mann, Jr., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. PHYSIOLOGY Martin Tansy, Ph.D. ENDODONTICS Leonard N. Parris, D.D.S.B. Sklar L. Snider J. Silberman M. Sher D. Segnere R. Schulman L. Niad J. Mele J. Nathan A. Neckritz J. Meyer S. Moskowitz CLASS OF 1968 I. Titunik P. Tighe S. Tetchin D. Tauber M. Wolov C. Bender D. Anolik R. Albright F. Bishop S, Bosonac R. Berman J. DeFinnis A. Deberardinis P. Calabria G. Danyliw R. Cherry A. CutlerE. Santucci S. Roseman E. Salin M. Rosen K. Sacks I. Roseff H. Block J. Bruno L. Blosco W. Beick T. Gosselin F. Rickter N. Pecuch E. Pellis J. Piepszack A. Olitsky N. Niad B. Rifkin M. Pokomy D. Pinkus J. Rokita L. Rose T. Rinaldi N. McDermat N. Matloff J. Maynard M. Levine J. Markowitz A. Malerman B. Fairez T. Fareno P. Feuerstein D. Firestone R. Friedlander CLASS OF Ln R. Stump M. Stiglitz L. Prussack J. Spinelli R. Szish A. Strauss How do I get this tube in your mouth? Goodman S. Goldstein U. Goldberg M. Pace J. Buckweitz R. Galeone A. Kirsch D. Klein S. Kimmel S. Ko J. Koraido S. Grossman But Doctor! I Guess who have an in-grown toe nail.FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President Barry Dubin Vice President — Stuart Schirota Treasurer — Harvey Green Secretary — Leslie Morgan Student Council — George Heckert CLASS HISTORY The sun was shinning brightly over the Temple University School of Demisin' on Thursday. March z5, 1966. The freshmen students of Section B were enthusiastically attempting to find some of “that there stufT in their oral histology slides. In one comer of the laboratory Dr. Mc-Curve was having a friendly chat with some of the fellows, while in an opposite corner an intelligent looking student was expressing his disbelief of Dr. McCurvc’s theory on the differentiation of the mesenchyme cell. Meanwhile, in another laboratory, the freshman students of Section A were sculpturing some alpha hemi-hydrate teeth which had been prepared with a special solution from Cob’s Creek. A petite instructor was seen to be judiciously passing from row to row inadvertently checking on the progress of his students. Every few minutes the in" structor would be spasmodically telling his students to discontinue the whispering. The whispering, which involved all of the students. was concerned with a rumor that the Saint was going to collect next month’s projects withing the hour. At 10:35 AM the fire bells began ringing. In the oral histology laboratory the students were told to remain seated until they had identified all of the unknown cells in their slides. Concurrently, three instructors were seen running from the operative laboratory, but the students of Section A were not following them?? Just for the record: Dr. Guttcrman was in the midst of his earjy morning roll call. Several minutes later everyone realized that the fire bells were not a joke, for a squeaky, but sweet, little voice was heard over the public address system as saying. ‘The fir© is for real, everyone grab your valuables and run.” Well, everyone did run and only a dental student can imagine what the result was! Several weeks after the last embers of the fire were smothered, a coroner’s inquest was held to obtain information on the beloved items lost in the fire. Several Freshman students were subpoenaed. The report of the inquest was published in the Daily News. The following were shown to be casualties: 1. 2360 points from the prosthetic’s midterm which were misplaced as Dr. Monari watched the Flint-stones on TV. 2. 69 tons of protocal which the sophomores so diligently told the freshman to rely upon. 3. Dr. Gutterman and his sharp line angles. 4. All the fine memories and knowledge. 5. The many spy maneuvers by the fellow students. 6. Possclt’s rest position. 7. Dr. Hedge’s alphabetical roll sheet which he himself created. 8. A gallon of special water. 9. Stu’s wife. 10. 5 bottles of J 696969 mouth wash from Dr. Di-Dio’s liquor cabinet. 11. Dr. Lantz’s toilet seat created for special study habits. 12. 119 pillow's from the anatomy lectures. 13. 119 applications to other dental schools. 14. The green check-off cards for leaving the building in case of fire. 15. Dr. Monari’s desk along with the three missing manikins which the freshman class was charged for. 16. A barrel of Charlie’s special alcohol. 17. Dr. Jordon’s vacuum plaster mixer. 18. 69 tons of Dr. Pollock’s maraschino cherries. 19. 69,000 pounds of unused wall plaster. 20. Dr. Wcisgold’s pasley ties. 21. 119 draft deferment cards. 22. One “video screen." 23. Dr. Jordon’s well planned grading system. 24. The Saint’s podium. 25. Dr. Gold and 119 fingernail files. 26. Barry Dubin’s quadrant roll cards. 27. 238 plaster indices. 28. The everlasting friendships established first semester in the twice-a-week three hour cofTcc breaks. 29. The act of avoiding to give information. 30. Some 69 odd oral hygienists. 31. The educational projects from oral anatomy. 32. All the modem laboratory facilities, especially the lab chairs. 33. Herman and his skulls. 34. A year’s supply of Duco Cement which the Freshmen had already put to so many good uses. 35. The promotion committee. 174 freshmen faculty John Bomba D.D.S ORAL ANATOMY Charles Santaneclo B.A., M.A., D.D.S. ANATOMY Richard M. Snodgrass Ph.B., M.A., PhD PROSTHODONTICS Jay Monari B.S., D.D.i HISTOLOGY Marion W. McCrea D.D.S., M.S.. F.A.C.D. BIOCHEMISTRY Robert Pollack B.Sc., M.Sc.. Ph D. DENTAL MATERIALS J. Stanley Jordon D.D OCCLUSION Arnold Weisgold D.D 175Hey. Jay. send back the protocol! . . . and if this doesn't work, use Duco. I said ‘sprcw it , not. . . . I See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil. I'd take the shirt off my back to get an impression like this! Come pick up your unknowns. • • • and we never have an attendance problem with section B. You’ve got some of that “stulT' in there too. How thick is this supposed to be? Is that what Dr. McCrca told you' Who the hell is Russel C. Wheller? 176Joel Feinbcrg Tom Forgcng Charles Fulk Richart Bun Dick Frimauer Harvey Gerber Dave Furman Harvey Glicker Jeffrey Grastcin Gary Gill Irwin Adler Jeffrey Ahlin Barry Baum Harry Avcs J. Keith Bateman Richard Bloomstcin Donald Bedrosian John Bcschcnbossel Marty Blecknci Robert Blair Paul Blumberg Arnold Bucciarolli Gerald Blumenfeld John Carlo Martin Clarey Frank Brown Mike Broutsas Tom Conley Theodore Cohen Daniel Brodkowit . Alan F.hrenrcich Roben Davidson Barry Dubin Hugh Dixon Tim Devore Donald Fisher John Eaton Stan Dinteho Alan Doyno 177L ny Wolford Stephen Row Daniel TUhler Ki Williams Ray Palmer Dennis McBride Harvey Green Stanley Lcviias Arnold Bun Alan Levin Joel Sendroff Ronald Sicilia John Schiavo Roben Soper Fred Selzer Marty Levy-Sun Li sow ski Howard Krugman Barry Kellner Joseph Lo Giudtce Edward Kosek Gerry Kazmerski Murry Kuhn John Kellogg Walter King Steven Scott Ronald Montaro Curtis Martin John Macawlay Warren Newman Paul Mancia Leslie Morgan Norman Kurtztnan Michael Maurer Saul Mcdmck George Heckert William Gould Nathan Greece Terry Hake Stuart Gross 178Ronald Todd Arnold Wallins Robert Zinderman John Ziegler Jay Taylor Stanley Starr Barr)' Sherman Bernard Shulman Gahncl Saland Ronald Roth Willis Sage Peter Messier Leonard Medura Judith Popdan Braham Polikoff Dennis Pctricoin Gerry Smith William Rose Richard Newman Bany Wohl Martin Wimmer Julian Freemun Jerome Spcchler Albert Solomon Barry Stark Stephen Suden Jordon Spcctor Henry Leis Maurry Leas Richard Troll William Viechnicki Smart Schirota Arthur Pederson Leonard Perrone Hcncry Poloskey Ralph Weinstein Richard Olitsky Russell Strauss Frank Solga John Tartcra 179FRA TERN I TIES AND ORGANIZA TIONSOMICRON KAPPA UPSILON NATIONAL HONOR FRATERNITY Omicron Kappa Upsilon is the national honor society of dentistry. To be elected to membership the senior student must be in the top twenty percent of his class academically, and a maximum of twelve percent of the class may be elected by the faculty members on the basis of the individual’s academic ability and character for the entire period of dental school attendance and the individuals potential for future professional growth and attainment. The Society was founded fifty two years ago at Northwestern University and its membership is the highest honor which dentistry can bestow upon a student. The name and design of the key are founded on the initial letters of the Greek words Odontos meaning teeth, Kai meaning and. and Hygcia meaning Health. The outer border of the key is in the form of the Greek letter Sigma, the first letter of the Greek work Soteria meaning conservation. The goal of this society and of all dentistry is therefore the conservation of teeth and health. ROBERT BRUMFIEL ALBERT CHINAPPI C. JOSEPH DESALVO HOWARD GILES JAMES HEIDEREPAUL JELUS FRANK NICOLINI WILLIAM HERRIMAN ■tk PATRICK PETRILLO JOHN RICHARDSON WILLIAM THOMAS PAUL WAICUS ROBERT WATKINS BRUCE WRIGHT 183FREDERIC JAMES The Fredrick James Society of Clinical Histo-pathology is the oldest of all Temple Dental School's honor societies. It was formed in 1930. thirty-six years ago by Dr. Fredrick James, retired professor of Oral histo-palhology. Through the efforts of Dr. Marion McCrea and Dr. Martin Entinc the society invites nationally known authorities in the field of Oral Histo-pathology. The aim of the James Society is to correlate actual clinical findings with subject matter studied in the first two years of dental school. By correlation of Oral Histology and Oral Pathology with the various phases of dental practice it is hoped that greater interest will be stimulated in these sciences. Membership in the James Society is limited to twenty-five senior and twenty-five junior students. Members are selected on the basis of their class standing in addition to their grades in Histology. Oral Histology. Pathology, and Oral Pathology. The Society sincerely wishes to thank Dr. James for founding the Society, and giving us this opportunity for advanced study.SENIORS Ashley Botnick Bob Brumtiel Domanic Caslaldo Albert Chinappi Zelig Dcm Elliot Goldman Martin Goldstein Irving Haas Richard Hartzell James Heidere Dale Hcrriman Paul Jelus Warren Klein Fred Kudish Shelly Kupferberg Frank Nicolini John Richardson Charles Nocco Mel Schwartz Al Shapiro Arnold Sikow Mike Thomas Robert Tilwick Paul Waicus Bruce Wright Lewis Zagon JUNIORS Richard Arsht Mike Boruchov Mike Chapman Murry Cohen David Dcakync Bob Esdale Bob Goldman Gary Hirsh Steve Hoffmun Gordie Kalmanson Melvin Kaye Gerry Langbcrg Thomas Leonard Stuart Mcssingcr David Nathan David Oven Roger Parlow Norman Rochclcau Wes Swaincott James Thomas Jim Vulace Bob W rteU David Weston Keneth Stout Joseph Kielty Peter Hottcnstein. President E. Goldman Vice-president - A. Chinappi Secretary - P. Jelus Treasurer — P. Waicus 185JAMES CAMERON Society of Oral Surgery The James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery was founded at Temple in 1934. Among the objectives of the Society are: the promotion and cultivation of the science and art of Oral Surgery; the fostering of higher scholastic efforts; and more complete fraternal and non-fraternal relationships among the members towards science, and towards ethical and professional groups. The Society accomplishes its aims through the presentation of practical and theoretical consideration by guest speakers, thereby promoting an earnest study of the most current problems of oral surgery. Senior members of the Society are afforded the opportunity to play an active role of participation by the presentation of papers on pertinent topics. Membership in the Cameron Society is based solely on academic achievement, character and a sincere interest in the surgical aspects of dentistry. At the beginning of the junior year a representative number of students are selected from the junior class and offered membership in the Society by the Honorary President of the Society and the senior members. The society is most indebted to Doctor James R. Cameron for his past continued leadership in the Societies activities. and for his continued inspiration and guidance in attaining the goals which he so successfully achieved as a professional man, teacher and friend. 186SENIORS JUNIORS Edward Beskin Robert Brum tie I Albert Chinappi Asron Dcm C. Jos. DcSalvo Howard Giles Elliot Goldman Martin Goldstein Richard Hartzel James Heidere William Herriman Paul Jelus Warren Klein Frank Nicolini Charles Nocco Patrick Petrillo Marvin Rappaport Taylor Reeder John Richardson Mel Schwartz Allen Shapiro Arnold Sikow Paul Stutman Stephen Sunshine William Thomas Paul Waicus Robert Watkins Bruce Wright Lewis Zagon Robert Til wick Micheal Boruchov Donald Brezinski Joseph Cameron Joel Chanen Michael Chapman Murry Cohen Ralph Curcio David Deakyne Robert Esdale Stephen Feldman Gerald Fishelberg Donald Fomby Ralph Francis Robert Goldman Gary Hirsh Peter Hottcnstcin Roland Griesemer Gary Katz Melvin Kaye Joseph Kielty Harvey Labcnow Stuart Messinger David Oven Roger Parlow Edward Spencer Ken Stout Wesley Swaincott James Thomas James Valace David Weston Robert Wartcll President - Frank Nicolini, Vice-president - Paul Waicus. Sec-Treasurer -Albert Chinappi. 1JOHN A. KOLMER President A. Dern Vice-President R. Brumfiel Treasurer H. Giles Secretary P. Waicus JOHN A. KOLMER HONORARY MEDICAL SOCIETY The John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society was founded at Temple University School of Dentistry in November 1936 by Dr. John A. Kolmer, the late Professor of Medicine at Temple University Dental and Medical Schools. With the passing of Dr. Kolmer in December 1962, Dr. S. Leonard Rosenthal, Professor of Oral Diagnosis, accepted the position of Faculty Advisor. Under his able direction and guidance an excellent program of guest speakers who were authorities in various medical fields has been possible. The purposes of the society are to further the intelligent cooperation and understanding between the medical and dental professions. The emphasis of our interests is placed upon the interrelationships of the systemic diseases and oral manifestations of these diseases, since the dentist is often in a strategic position to observe early manifestations of a disease state and advise prompt medical attention before serious sequale take place. Membership in this society is based on scholastic achievement, character, deportment, and a show of genuine interest by a student in Internal Medicine. 188SENIORS Edward Beskin Joel Bodnar Ronald Borick Ashley Botnick Robert Brumficl Robert Calabria Dominic Castaldo Albert Chinappi George Coladonato Gary Conover Robert Conway Allen Cutler Aaron Dern Joseph DcSalvo Howard Giles Elliot Goldman Martin Goldstein Richard Hartzell James Heidere Paul Henry William Herriman Warren Klein Gary Klimcn Sheldon Kupfcrberg Joseph Magalski Joseph Mazula Frank Nicolini Charles Nocco Patrick Petrillo Carmen Pctulla Marvin Rappaport Taylor Reeder John Richardson Stanley Schaeffer Mel Schwartz Allen Shapiro Charles Shmelzcr Arnold Sikow Gary Simon Miles Spodak Paul Stutman Stephen Sunshine William Thomas Robert Tilwick Paul Waicus Robert Watkins William Watkins Lewis Zagon JUNIORS Joel Agranoff Richard Arsht Morton Bercnbaum Eugene Berman Donald Bloomquisi Michael Boruchov Donald Brezinski Larry Butler Joseph Cameron Richard Cavanaugh Joel Chanen Michael Chapman Thomas Christ Murry Cohen Ralph Curcio Warren Davidson David Dcakync John DcIFino Frederick DeNobile David Drennon Robert Esdalc Stephen Feldman Gerald Fishelberg Dan Fomby Ralph Francis Charles Friedman Irving Gcrstman Robert Goldman Arthur Greenwald Roland Griescmer Allen Haimes Barry Hanik Gary Hirsh Dennis Hoffman Steven Hoffman F. P. Hottcnstein Jeffrey Ingber Joel Jaspan Gary Katz Melvin Kaye Joseph Kielty Harvey Labenow Gerald Langbcrg William Lee Thomas Leonard Daniel Marcus Stuart Messinger Richard Misher Kent Nakamaru David Nathan David Oven Roger Par low Michael Pierce John Piskai Norman Rochelcau Yousef Rokhsar Lawrence Siegel Edward Spencer Kenneth Stout Wesley Swaincott James Thomas James Valace Robert Wartcll Mark Weinstein Samuel Werrin David Weston Stephen Young William Young1966 ODONTOLOG STAFF Arnic Sikow Warren Klein Mel Miller Marv Kaufman Sieve Sunshine Dave Fields Steve Schnitzlcr Doug Chester Gary Klimen Bob Adler Leslie Salkin Bruce Zucker Aaron Dem Ira Titunic Lou Peroni Barry Sherman Steve Moskowitz Art Greenwald Gary Katz Ed Hertzfeld Allen Haimcs Victor Goldberg Howard Giles Bob Brumfiel Steve Carmick Richard Arshl Jerry Zimmerman Eugene Santucci Harvey Labenow Our Editor-in-Chicf Creating the 1966 Odontolog has been an interesting, if not, trying challenge. I hope it will be a special source of pleasure to the members of the senior class, in years to come. My special thanks to the nucleus of my staff whose help has made this book possible. Though four years of Dental School has been a time of hard work and challenge, certain events of a humorous and unique nature have occurred. We have tried to blend these events into a refreshing synopsis for all readers. Sydney Silverman Editor-in-chief 190EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Sydney A. Silverman BUSINESS MANAGER Marvin Rappapori CO-ORDINATING EDITOR Albert Chinappi LITERARY EDITORS Mike Baum Richard Dicmcr PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Charles Nocco ART EDITOR Alan Shapiro SECRETARIAL EDITOR Steve Blumberg ASSISTING CO-ORDINATING EDITOR Bob Wartell ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Art Grcenwald ORAL HYGIENE EDITORS Dale Spurgeon Kathy Winters FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Bomba Dr. Roeck Dr. Binns Miss AJden, R.D.H. The C.I.A. Put S 10.00 on “Riot Act" in the third. The shutter bugs. The Brothers Grim. 191Pres. - P. Waicus. Sec Treas. - P. Pcirillo. Members - B. Wackins. P Hcimcr. J. Heidere. S. Schaclfcr. P. Henry. D. Wetzel. D. Caslaldo, B. Drysdale. A. Chinappi. J DeSaJvo. Faculty Advisors — Dr. Ernest F Rittert, Dr. William H. Binns. Jr. THE PEDODONTIC STUDY SOCIETY The Pedodontic Study Society founded under the auspices of Dr. Ernest F. Ritscrt, professor of Pedodontics, is a group of students selected on the basis of academic achievement, clinical ability, personal character and above "all the quality of interest in the advanced studv of pedodontics. Tfie primary goal of the society is to provide an opportunity for its members to come into contact with advanced problems in the handling of the child patient and to be exposed to advanced methods concerning treatment and the general welfare of these patients. It is the additional purpose of the society to provide an opportunity for its members to attend seminars and lectures by outstanding pedodontists and to observe difficult procedures on children under general anesthesia at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children. Four members of the society have been selected for clinic duties at Shrincr’s Hospital For Crippled Children. Other activities have included visits to the offices of certain members of the pedodontic department and a visit to Cooper's Cleft Palate Clinic. TEMPLE DENTAL WIVES SOCIETY President: ....... Vice President: Treasurer: ......... Recording Sec’y: • Corres. Sec’y.: . . . Social Chairman: . Student Consultant: Advisor: .......... • • - • Mrs. Gayle Labcnow Mrs. Gloria Salko • • • • Mrs. Joanne Hanick . . . Mrs. Lucille Pederson .....Mrs. Barbara Sage .....Mrs. Susan Bishop .....Mrs. Anna Pagana Mrs. Laurine A. Tiedckcn The Temple Dental Wives Society was organized so that dental students’ wives could get together in order to share common interests, problems, goals and experiences. Mrs. Laurine A. Tiedckcn has served as advisor to the group since early I960. With the beginning of each school year, our activities open with a -Social Hour" in the lobby of the school w-hcre we meet and greet new and old friends. A guest speaker usually has a few guidelines for us during our school career. The girls work as a unit collecting food at Thanksgiving time for a needy family, and at Christ mas-Chanukah gather toys and clothing for underprivileged children. Panel discussions and lectures are ncld with the express purpose of aiding us to help our husbands now and after graduation. A festive banquet is held at the closing of the school year in the Spring with The Dental Wives Society is open to all wives of Temple Denial students. Educational meetings arc held the first Thursday of the month, social meetings the third Thursday, after which refreshments are served. 192GOLD FOIL STUDY GROUP R. Stone C. Nocco A. Chinappi B. Drysdale W. Watkins B. Montalbano J. Belchinsky M. Thomas H. Giles J. Stone Faculty Advisor -Dr. Robert Hardy TRIP TO ELI LILLY AND COMPANY P. Henry Mr. Mrs. Wright Mr. Mrs. Wetzel Mr. Mrs. Sunshine Mrs. Tiedekin Mr. Mrs. Ferrara M. Thomas D. Collins F. Spinclli J. Mayncs Mr. ’ Mrs. Oliver Mr. Mrs. Giles S. Silverman B. Moczulski S. Schaeffer L. Teran P. Petrillo B. Tilwick D. Murrin J. Mazula 193Pres. - Joseph Magalski Pres. Elect - Steve Young Sr. Pres. - Sydney Silverman Jr. Pres. — Roger Parlow Soph. Pres. — Richard Albright Soph. Rep. — Richard Ga leone Fresh. Pres. - Barry Dubin Oral Hygiene Sr. Pres. -Kathyrn Tribus Oral Hygiene Fresh. Pres. — Anna Lutz Advisors - Dr. Charles L. Howell, Dean Dr. Dale F. Rocck, Asst. Dean STUDENT COUNCIL The student council met at least once a month during the school. The class president and representative of each class brought their problems to these monthly meetings and by discussing these problems with the other members and Dean Howell they were usually ironed out in good fashion. This year was a busy one for the council. In addition to the normal responsibilities of supervising class elections, printing and issuing the student directories, governing the school publications and sponsoring the All Dental Dance, it was the responsibility of the Student Council to plan and sponsor Parent's Day which is held every three years. Parent’s Day held on Sunday October 17, 1965, with the cooperation of all departments, was a huge success with about 1000 people in attendance. Dean Howell delivered the address to the guests assembled in the Auditorium, tours and table clinics were given throughout the school. JUNIOR AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION President — F. Nicolini Vice-President — G. Wolford Secretary — C. Nocco Treasurer - R. Adler Faculty Advisor — Dr. Antnony Quattrone 194Editor — Dennis Gilbert Assistant Editor — Barry Sukoneck Circulation Manager — Mark Kaiser Distribution Manager -Lester Friedman Photographer — Mark Krupnick TEMPLE DENTAL REVIEW STAFF JUNIOR AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION TABLE CLINICS S. Schaeffer G. Simon B. Stone L. Pincus B. Schenk D. Haynes H. Giles R. Diemer 195 NAVY RESERVE ARMY RESERVE 196 THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN President G. Klimcn Vice-President S. Sunshine Secretary R. Watkins Sr. Representative D. Chester Jr. Representative AgranoffAIR FORCE RESERVE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 197 S. Carmick, B. Slone. G. Wolford, A Kncgcr. Brezmsky.Pres. Allan Kricger V.P. Randy Werrin Sec. H. Zclig Dcm Tre s. Gordon Kalmanson Historian Joel AgranofT ALPHA OMEGA Alpha Omega is a professional dental fraternity based upon the principles of Judaism. Professionalism, and Fratemalism. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership. and character, the object of the fraternity being to develop high standards in these qualities as well as to initiate and maintain a spirit of fellowship among the members. The 1965-66 year was a highly successful and productive one lor the fraiers of Theta Ra-mach. Our social program was one of the finest in the history of Alpha Omega at Temple. The Halloween part) “and our wildly fantastic Go-Go party were just two examples of this memorable years activities. A basketball game with Beta chapter of Alpha Omega from the University of Pennsylvania was held late in February, and we are happy to say they were defeated. This was followed by an enjoyable combined mixer at our fraternity house. We were ouite proud of our basketball team this year - they compiled a very honorable record indeed. The Senior Farewell Dinner Dance was held on April 30th at the Andorra Country Club, and was. to say the least, a smashing success. Frater Jacoby T. Rothner was honored as Theta chapter’s Man of the Year. This affair climaxed our chapter's social calendar for the year and served as our final fond farewell to the graduating seniors. Many thanks to both' Allen Stein, our closing affair committee chairman, and Marvin Blum, our dynamic social chairman, for a job well done. Our large and active Women’s Auxiliary also had a veiy good year, as evidenced by the Seat interest and participation shown by' all the girls. Notable guest lectures highlighted cir meetings and much was accomplished throughout the year. The fraternity would like to thank its present executive council and appointed committee men for all their time and efforts whicn have helped to make this year a success. Also, special thanks to our Deputy. Dr. Jack Neff, and to our Regent. Dr. Fred Kohler, for all they have contributed to our chapter. Class of 1966 Adler. Robert Beskin. Edward Bcsncr. Edward Bodnar. Joel Botnick. Ashley Chester. Douglas Dem. Aaron Gilbert. Dennis Goodhart. Glenn Haas. Irwin Kaiser. Mark Kaufman. Marvin Klein. Warren Klimen, Gary Kricger. Allan Krupnick. Mark Lorber. Howard Rappaport. Marvin Sauin, Leslie Schenk. Bertrand Shmelzer. Charles Simon. Gary Spodak, Myles Stein. Allen H. Sukoncck, Barry Wcissman. Robert Zagon. Lewis Class of 1967 AgranofT. Joel P. Bcrenbaum, Morton Berman, Eugene M Blum. Marvin E. Bodck, Barry Boruchou, Micheal Brodie, David Bumstein. Kenneth Cohen. Murray Davidson. Warren Fishclbcrg. Gerald Gaspan. Joel Genet. Bernard Goldberg. Stephen Goldman. Mitchel Goldman. Robert Gorsen. Mclvyn Greenwald, .Arthur Hanik. Barry Hirsh. Gary Hoffman. Dennis Ingbcr. Jeffrey Kalmanson. Gordon Katz, Dennis Kave. Melvvn Kaytes. Fred Langberg, Gerald Melvin, Jay Nathan. David Petkov, Alan Pollack. Harold Rokhsar. Yousef Siegel, Lawrence Sokol. Joel Stolber. Robert Sulkcs. Richard Trachtenberg, Allen Trachtenberg. Lawrence Werrin. Samuel Zatman. Ronald 198Who’s running tonight? Not plates. Dentures! One and one arc two . . . A.O. Wives. A fi When do you want it for? HMmtn. Twenty-five cents. CLASS OF 1968 Andlik, Dave Block. Harold Finkelstcin, Allen Friedlander, Roger Goodman, Sheldon Gray, Edward Greenberg. Mark Katz, Stephen Kimmel. Stuart Krrsch. Alan Klein, Donald Krugman, Paul Malerman, Arnold Markowitz, Jerry Neckritz, Arthur Niad, Leanord Niad, Neil Olitsky, Allan RiOcin. Barry Salin, Eugene Roseff. Ivan Sacks. Kenneth Shcr, Martin Stiglitz, Michcal Strauss. Arthur Tauber. Donald Tituniki. Ira Worunan. Kenneth Zeman, Robert I9SDELTA SIGMA DELTA Delta Sigma Delta is a professional fraternity, international in scope, whose membership is the largest of all dental fraternities. The object of this organization, founded in 1882, at the University of Michigan, is to maintain the high standards of dentistry by inculcating in the minds of dental students and practitioners, a spirit of fraternal cooperation toward scientific, ethical, and professional progress. From the day of its initiation. Delta Sigma Delta has done more than its share in maintaining this objective. With the passing of each semester, the members of Delta Sigma Delta seem to benefit and enjoy greater benefits from the fraternity, both academically and socially. Our helpful, educational clinics and speakers arc complimented by our broad, enthusiastic social program, including smokers, mixers, and T.G.I.F. parties, not to mention our annual smorgasbord dinner which initiates our neophytes into a lasting brotherhood. Delta Sigma Delta is constantly on the move, as evidenced by the increased enthusiasm of its members in doing more to benefit its physical plant; new laboratory, new recreation area, new draperies and furnishings, newly paneled living room, new equipment. and new upstairs living quarters for its members. Delta Sigma Della’s very active wives' auxiliary necessarily formed an integral part of every aspect of the new decor. The renovation and enthusiasm inspired the "New Delts” to emerge. Success began to be "catchy”. An outstanding pledge class was convinced Delta Sigma Delta was the only fraternity. Success marked every endeavor from covered dish suppers to mixers, from Chnstmus trec-tnmming parties to TG1F gatherings. This success, now a byword of the fraternity, is certainly more than attributable to its profound leadership during this year, both from its student members as well as faculty advisors. Dr. Sam Hardison and Dr. Charles McCauley. As the year draws quickly to a close, I can only remind the graduating seniors of Delta Sigma Della's objective; “Keep the standards of dentistry high". With this one very important thought in mind, success will certainly be inevitable. MEMBERSHIP Seniors Robert Bmmfiel Richard Diemer Howard Giles Carmen Petulla Tony Puma Taylor Reeder Andrew Sankowsky William Thomas Robert Watkins Dean Wetzel Bruce Wright Juniors Donald Brezinski Donald Bloomquist Joseph Cameron David Deakyne Roland Griesemcr George MacCleod Daniel Marcus Richard Rainka Orlando Sanchez James Siravo Kenneth Stout Steven Young Sophomores Walter Binck Thomas Gosselin John Hill Richard Jones Sok Nam Ko Peter Richter Martin Scanlon Freshmen Robert Davidson Hugh Dixon Thomas Forgeng George Fortner William Gould Teny Hake George Heckcrt Richard Newman Raymond Palmer Steven Scott Grand Master - Donald Brezinski Worthy Master - Robert Brumficl Treasurer — Dean Wetzel Scribe — Steven Young Senior Page - Thomas Gosselin Junior Page - Donald Bloomquist Tyler - Howard Giles House Manager - Donald Brezinski Beer Mcister - Howard Giles Social Chairman - David Deakyne 1FC Representative - Bruce Wright ADVISORS; Supreme Deputy — Dr. Sam Hardison Assistant Supreme Deputy — Dr. Charles McCauleyPrecision casting at 2 a.m. “The first ladies." Cut it just a little more. Don I’m just startin’. The comforts of home. “I’d do full mouth rehab, and then . . . Even Dr. Capaldi was there. Dell Can Can Girls. Joe. Pete. Deak. Brumie, and Howdy.JUNIORS Bottomley. Bruce Chapman. Michael Christ, Thomas Drennon. David Goddard, John Hallinan. Thomas Harrington, Russell Heilman, John Kielty, Joseph Lee. william Leonard, Thomas Lur, Manuel Marsh. Richard Matuch. George Nakamaru. Kent Oven. David Parlow, Roger Pierce. Micnael Piskai, Jack Pagana. Charles Risley. Walter Rochcleau. Norman Salko, Jerry Spencer. Edward SENIORS Alexander. John Borick. Ronald Bray. Richard Carmick. Stephen Castaldo, Dominic Chmappi. Albert Collins, Dale Colodonato. George Conover, Gary Conway. Robert Dalton, Edward De Salvo, Joseph Drysdalc, Bruce Hajduk. Carl Hanewald. Thomas Hanusein. Joseph Heimcr. Paul Hcmman, Dale Lake, Jacques Lawlev, Charles Magalski. Joseph Magnes. James Mazula. Joseph Moczulski, Robert Montalbano, Bernard Mumn, David Petrillo, Patnck Watkins. William PSI OMEGA Psi O has enjoyed a most productive and successful year under the guidance of Grand Master Stephen Carmick. Early in August, the quiet composure of the Psi O house was broken with sounds from Ed Spencer and his crew repairing and painting the entire first floor and front porch. This typical Psi O enthusiasm, once generated, carried our fraternity into another outstanding rushing program directed by Charles Pagana. The outcome, as expected, was an excellent pledge class of 21. with additional Freshmen waiting to join our fraternity at the beginning of their Sophomore year. With the best of the Freshman class in our house. John Heilman and Bill Lee provided us with several unforgettable parties, such as our Christmas Dinner Dance at the Covered Wagon Inn and our Initiation Banquet in March. As if this wasn’t enough for a successful year, Bruce Drysdalc led the all star Psi O Basketball team to an undefeated year winning the Professional League title for the second straight year. Thus Psi O completed another year as the number one all around fraternity. Grand Master Junior Grand Master Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Pledge Master Senator Editor Historian Guardian House Manager Social Chairmen FRESHMAN Beschenbossel. John Broutsas, Michael Brown. Frank Carlo, John Clarey, Martin Conley, Thomas Eaton. John King. Walter Kosek. Edward Logiudicc. Joseph Mancia. Paul Massic, Charles Medura. Leonard Messier. Peter Morgan. Leslie Petricoin. Dennis Sage. Willis Scniavo. John Tartera. John Taylor, Russel Viechnicki. William Stephen G Carmick David Oven R. Bruce Drysdalc Dominic Castaldo Joseph Kielty Charles Pagana Kent Nakamaru James Heidere Dale Collins Bernard Montalbano Edward Spencer William Lee. John Heilman SOPHOMORES Albright, Richard Bishop, Frank Blasco, Lloyd Bvme. James Calabria, Philip Cole, Glenn Deberardinis. Tony Definnis. John Galley. Thomas Gioraano. Louis Heinrich. Calvin Hermann. James Hovsepian. Edward Iannonc. Ronald Karmilowicz, Norman Letizia, Thomas Mele. Joseph Meyer, Joseph Paprocki. Ted Pecuch, Nicholas Pcllis, Edward Rokita. John Santucci, Eugene Slump. Ronald Szish. Ronald Tighe, Philip Yezbak. Charles 202203SIGMA EPSILON DELTA S.E.D. Delta chapter, began its year with an enthusiastic rush program and initiated 29 neophites to the" brotherhood. The several lab, lecture and slide clinics held throughout the year, emphasized the large part played by the fraternity in dental education. As a result, S.E.D. nas established a supplemental lecture series given by the graduate brothers, modernized its lab with a new model trimmer'and porcelain oven, reestablished the big brother program and maintained a close association with the faculty. The social calendar of S.E.D. surpassed all records; in September the house held a mixer in the typical S.E.D. style and a boat ride. Later in the year came the bam dance, Monte Carlo nite and hay ride. The athletic committee led the basketball team to an impressive record. Interest was stirred in establishing a softball team and intermural football games. The spring formal was held at the Cheriy Hill Inn. The event culminated a most successful year for the fraternity, and allowed the brotherhood to bid its farewell to the seniors. President — Robert Stone Vice-President — Jerold Axler Treasurer — Richard Arsht Secretary — Harvey Labenow Historian — Bruce Zucker Outer Guard Sydney Silverman Inner Guard - Steve Blumbcrg Harr)1 Avcs Martin Blckner Paul Blumbcrg Gerald Blumenfeld Daniel Brodkowitz Arnold Burt Barry Dubin Alan Ehrenretch Nathan Greece Joel Karpcl Barry Kclner Norman Kurtzman Maurry Leas Henry’Lcis Alan Levin Joel Scndroff Barry Sherman Bernard Schulman Albert Solomon Jerome Spechler Barry Stark Stanley Sun Martin Wimmcr Barry Wohl Howard Krugman Robert Berman James Buchwciu Paul Fcuerstein Barry Fireman David Firestone Allan Gibbs Vic Goldberg Steve Goldstein Jerry Grossingcr Barry Kramer Stan’Kromash Mike Pace Martin Pokomy Lou Pnisack Steve Rose man Mel Rosen Don Rush Richard Shulman James Silberman Bruce Sklar Larry Snyder Mike Wolov Ken Yaros Jerry Zimmerman 204Richard Arsht Lonny Butler Joel Chanen Alan Dickcrman Stan Dresnin Steve Feldman An Fricdlander Ken Goldblatt Alan Uaimes Peter Hertz Ed Hertzfeld Gary Katz Harvey Labenow Stu Messinger Richard Mtsher Aaron Shatzer Irv Shugar Jeff Singer Mel Soffer Steve Targan Ed Teitlcman Howard Tocker Roben WarteU Mark Weinstein Karl Classman Jerry Axler Morton Beck Jack BelchinsKy Steve Blumbcrg Larry Harad Mel Schwanz Allen Shapiro Sid Silverman Robert Stone Steven Strock Richard Subin Bruce Zucker Len Pincus 205Officers President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairman Editor D. Gory Wolford Frank Nicolini Richard Oliver James Thomas Frank Spinelli Harry McDermott XI PSI PHI Five freshmen dental students at the University of Michigan founded the Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity, February 8, 1889. The second oldest dental fraternity established its Gamma Chapter, at the Philadelphia Dental College five years later in 1894. As a professional fraternity we are concerned with the scholastic and social development of the individual student. We have set as a goal, the attainment of a professional man. dedicated to and skilled in his profession, who is an asset to society. Gamma Chapter has experienced a fine and successful year, both socially and scholastically under the exalted leadership of D. Gary Wolford. The old ZIP house, at 1424 West Allegheny Avenue, received a complete new coat of paint, inside and outside, last fall. Our rushing program, numerous mixers. Thanksgiving party, Christmas dance. Initiation Banquet, Spring Formal, and weekly T.G.I.F. parties were the highlights of our social calendar. Gamma Chapter of Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity wishes to extend its congratulations and regards to the graduating seniors and may they have good luck in all their endeavors. We know they will all be a credit to the Dental Profession. Seniors Frank Nicolini James A. Stone Charles E. Nocco Alan E. Babigan John F. Richardson Dupree A. Haynes Robert A. Tilwick Frank J. Spinelli Joseph R. Oliver Richard V. Hartzell 206 Freshmen Dennis E. McBride Stanley J Lisowski Leonard V. Perrone Henry Poloskcy John R. Macaulay Ronald R. Montano Larry M. Wolford Sophomores Harry J. McDermott John A. Piepszak Louis H. Perrone George M. Danyliw Anthony J. Fareno Richard J. Galeonc Carl D. Bender John C. Bruno Woodrow L. Lahr Gerald Koraido Juniors James J. Valace Eugene T. Terreri John J. Asta David W Weston Wesley E. Swaincott James M. Thomas William O. Young D. Gary Wolford Loen H. Cooper John J. Dclfino Robert M. Beneshnn John J. DiPietro Ralph E. Curcio Richard R. Cavanaugh Look! There on the floor! A three horned, snagglctoothed cockroach! Now that's what I call a real set . . . of teeth! 207To the Members of the 1966 Graduating Class: Please accept my sincere congratulations on having successfully completed the course of study in the School of Dental Hygiene. We have tried to give you a foundation on which to build - what you build on that foundation depends upon you and you alone. We hope one of the blocks of this building will be active membership and participation ui your professional organizations and attendance at meetings. We shall look forward to seeing you at the annual meetings of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and your own Alumnae Association. Again I say congratulations and best wishes to each of you. Supervisor School of Orul Hygiene Professor of Oral Hygiene SUPERVISOR Miss Betsey A. Aldcn, R.D.H., B.S. Assistant Supervisor 210211CLASS OFFICERS Besides classes there were so many outside activities like . . . and then there was . . .! We did manage to sell some cookies every once in awhile to make up the grave deficit in our treasury. Sprinkled throughout first semester were unannounced fire drills in Jones Hall. Finally we looked at the calendar and realized it was second semester. This meant switching our talents from manikin heads to real heads. This was called CLINIC. It meant white cap, white shoes, white uniform, and white stockings (unless they were dirty!) Our goal was twenty-five sets of teeth with no calculus or stain. Hitting the magic number marked the termination of freshman year. As we entered the revolving door again in September. 1965 each of us knew that next September it was no revolving door at Jones Hall. We helped check in the new freshmen and the first night meant fifty veterans explaining to a group of sixty novices the O.H. life. The following morning meant another talk with Miss Heck. We found out that instead of having to clean seventy-five sets of teeth it was one hundred and clinic was to remain open until five o’clock. Being devoted, as we were, we were all glad to be able to clean more teeth. CLASS HISTORY This is Jane Bond, double OH (OOH) reporting into headquarters. I’ve completed my two year assignment at Temple Oral Hygiene School. To recap the events, 1 entered in September, 1964. My job as an O.H. was to investigate the unhygienic activities at Temple. As I entered the revolving door of Jones Hall on that 1st day I was attacked by the cheese and salami of the American (or was it anti-American?) hoagies sold by the nurses. But those two years were much the same for 47 (oops - 50!) girls. School began with a warm greeting from Miss Heck and her staff with explicit directions on everything from writing out a check to writing out a resignation for spending an evening in a boy’s apartment. In return for my S 1200.00 check I received a little piece of white paper saying — PAID. I was now an O.H. Of all my Freshman courses the one 111 most remember is Dental Anatomy. The main reason 1 won’t forget it is because of the tiny, white blisters on my fingers from hot sealing wax. We didn’t mind microbiology except for the hairs we burnt over the Bunsen burner and — the growths on our hands. Carol Richards Vice President 212What made us even happier, were the multitudes of patient penalties given out for such grave misdemeanors as “dirt in the cracks of your shoes” or “dust on the lip of your cuspidor”. As we filed out of the manikin lab that day we wondered if the “Easy Second Year" was a myth. After all. with fifty girls that meant five thousand clean sets of teeth. It scared us! But the pressures of clinic were lightened by organized activities. To start the year off we threw a picnic in Hunglington Park. It was climaxed by — wheelbarrow relays. After the first vacation and after every succeeding one, we held a bake sale, just like Freshman year. Everyone would import all sorts of goodies from Johnstown. Puerto Rico, Lakeland and all the other homes of our O.H.'s. (Those who didn’t care to bake had to donate one dollar). But cookies sales weren’t enough to make up that grave treasury deficit. We needed something big. We put Mary Fisher Secretary our minds together and decided on a car wash. With mops in hand and soap and water at the Sunoco gas station. wc bravely washed (we use the term loosely) our way to a sizable profit. Besides our money-making projects most of the action centered around Jones Hall. At the last count there were three engagements, one de-pinning followed by a pinning, and numerous other transferrals of affection. Getting back to more mundane topics, there were boards. Not ironing boards or skate boards (which we Mary Ellen Fntz Treasurer also saw a lot of), but National Boards. The threat of them hung over us. but wc never lost our heads. It was painstaking, reviewing everything from the grooves in the teeth to the valves in the heart. Finally they were completed and the worst seemed over. Then there was the treasury’s money to spend. As in past years the answer was in our Closing Affair. It was held at the Rickshaw Inn and with a light squeeze on everyone’s purse wc gave a dinner-dance. Everyone rode up to the entrance and stepped out of their cars with long formals and of course their dates. Our instructors were also there to liven things up in case it became dull. We danced to the music and ate the food of the Rickshaw-Inn. and drank the liquor of the Rickshaw Inn and any other outside alcoholic sources. One would think that w-ith this culmination point, our worries were over, but — NO! There were last minute scrambles to complete patient quotas (and penalties) and to take x-rays, on pedos in particular. But finally with the last set of O.H. finals we left the back door of the Dental School for good only to return as patients or because our boyfriends (or fiance) were still there. Miss Alden. our assistant supervisor once told us that these would be the best two years of our lives. In the first few months of school I said, “If these are the best. I’d hate to see the worst”. But in one way or another each graduating O.H. has found one or more facet of O.H. life - the best. Of the past two years at Temple we’ll remember the friendships we’ve made and the hard work to achieve the knowledge and skills of our profession. P.S. Incidentally, after a two year study. I. Jane Bond found nothing unhygienic about Temple!BAROWSKI, Delphine M. 201 Florida Avenue Shenandoah. Penna. 17976 BEERS. Dana L. 9633 Old Spring Road Kensington. Maryland. DATTILO. Geraldine M. 2713 Kent Road Broomall, Penna. CANNAMUCIO. Lucille M. 414 Elrino Street Baltimore 24, Maryland ALTON. Sandra M Church Street Windsor, New Jersey. BRACE. Romaync J. RD «2 Clarks Summit, Penna.DcCROES. Mrs. Gwen M. 303 Wyman Drive. Box 466 Salisbury, Maryland EDWARDS. Susan 25 Pierce Street Kingston, Penna. 18704 FRITZ. Mary E. 311 S. Church Street Quanyvillc. Penna. 17566 FISHER. Mary G. 28 Quarry Road Leola. Penna. 17540 FREED. Brenda D. R.D. 8 York. Penna 17403 FRYE. Bobbi M. Mr. Mrs. W. C. Frye 826 Speer St. California. Penna. GARLAND. Sharon E. 1484 W. Poplar Terrace York. Penna. 17404 GROWER. Phyllis A 12 Spring Street Portland, Connecticut 06480 HILLERSON. Karen 905 Melrose Avenue Melrose Park. Pcnna. 19126 HOLLINGSWORTH. Lynn K 162 E, Front Street Lititz. Pcnna 17543 HOLMES. Linda J 1008 Kcnwyn Street Philadelphia. Pa. 19124 HOFFMAN. Mrs. Carol A. 3316 N. Park Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. 19140 HUBER. Esther J R D. 4. Box 387 Litiu. Pcnna. 17543 KIMMF.Y. Margaret A. 56 West End Drive Lansdalc. Pcnna. 19446 216REINHART, Mrs. Frances R.D. 2 Lititz. Penno. 17543 KNOEPP. Lori A. 2042 Arthcr Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107 KRIEG. Diane L. 300 West Main Street Dallastown. Penna 17313 LESESNE. Mary A 534 E. Brinton St. Phila.. Pa. 19144 MIHALIK. Diane 237 Fayette Street Johnstown, Pa. 15905 LEVIN, Lenora 936 East Ellet Street Philadelphia. Pa. 19150 LONG. Patricia J. 568 Beck Road Soudcrton, Pa. 18964 217O BRIEN. Kathleen S 2030 Hopkins Road Richmond. Virginia 23224 OLSEN. Karen E. 912 N. Citron Street Anaheim. Calif. 92805 MILLER. Esther L. 6332 N. 12th St Philadelphia. Pa. 19141 PAGANA. Victoria A. 1210 Walnut Street Williamsport, Penna. 17702 PARKINSON. Elizabeth A. 1324 Easton Avenue Bethlehem. Penna. 18015 218 PFAUTZ, Jo Anne 310 No. Water Street Lititz, Penna. 17543 RICHARD. Carole E. 977 Daffodil Drive Lebanon. Penna 17042ROVELL. Robin G. 2623 New Jersey Road Lakeland. Florida STAMBAUGH. Drcna L. R D I Thomasvillc. Pcnna. SMITH. Patricia E. 215 Piedmont Avc., Apt. 1801 Atlanta. Georgia 30312 SATINSKY. Barbara L. 50 Belmont Ave.. Apt 404 Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 19004 STEINBRENNER, Diane 51 Sussex Road Elmont. New York SWARTZ, Anita L. 505 Elm Avenue Hershey. Penna. 17033 SPURGEON, Dale P. 1757 Verbena St. N.W. Washington. D.C. 20012TRIBUS. Kathryn J. 67 Regional Dnvc Penns Grove. New Jersey 08069 WEINER. Cheryl A. 45 Westford Street Albany. New York 12208 VESPICO. Christie A. 2610 Hollywood Court Reading. Pcnna. 19606 WEISS. Michele J. 429 Garden State Drive Cherry Hill. New Jersey 08034 WEDEMEYER. Pamela 170 Tcrwood Road. Apt. E53 Willow Grove. Pcnna. ZWALLY. Nancy Jo 1700 Santa Barbara Drive Lancaster. Pcnna. 17601 WILLIAMS. Bonita A. 9119 Rimes Street Silver Spring. Maryland WYATT. Sharon 125 W Adams Street Georgetown. Delaware And they say the 76ers draw a crowd. Oh wait til I show daddy. JNLJU Profiles in courage NVhat touch? What makes a shy girl get Come down from there Dr. Intimate? Tabatabai. I won't hurt you. Sexless Sextet Do unto others . . . "Balls on de floor.” 221In the mature female . . . Rough day in Crown and Bridge. Same to you mister! Ship of fools. The Personna blade does better than - beep or beep beep! I don't care if Miss Heck needs volunteers. I'm thrilled with my new dentures from Temple.FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY Anna Luu President In we stumbled, the unknowing ones of 67. Through a mass of suitcases stuffed with all our worldly possessions and forcing last good-byes, we managed worried smiles, visions of roommates conceived only in our wildest dreams haunted us. Piling into the elevator, we listened wide-eyed while torturous tales of our fate were unleashed. Love those big sisters. Our first meal was a treat not soon to be forgotten. Those smiling people so willing and happy to serve us. the atmosphere! We knew we had found a second home! “Man your trusty' pens, girls,” seemed the order of the day at school. (Dfd it continue all year for you, too!?) Another three digits did you say? Books in arms, in bags, baskets and anything else large enough to haul them aD — we trudged up, up. and up. to class where we sooned learned for tne sake of sheer survival to take notes with ease and grace, but never could remember just exactly which lecture was held where. Room A or was that room D? Follow the masses! Never quite sure whether those manikins sported grins or sneers for our benefit, we were thankful only for their silence as we worked on and on and on . . . Steadily we gained confidence that any patient we encountered with gross desposits of blue or green plaster or pencil lead would prove no problem to us. Covered from head to toe with loothdust, carving and sealing wax and that delightful aroma acquired only within the walls of micro miracle land, we had the perils of physiology lab and those horrors of histology to conquer. "Erythrocyte, leukocyte and phagocyte" wasn’t that a singing group during tne war? No, Waller, I didn’t do it. Hasn’t anyone seen that apex? It flew northwest over Dr. Santangelo’s head. Arc you sure there arc 185 ways of brushing??! And not to f e forgotten our class mottos, "I don’t believe it!!’’ and “Are you serious?" Such, were the joys of our social life. With suave and debonaire dental and pharmacy boy wonders to whisk us starry-eyed, into a whirl of parties - among other things! Who wanted to go home? Ask anyone who led the stampede of damsels leaving the “City of Brotherly Love” in a mass of waving arms and echoes of cheering voices each Friday afternoon. Not to neglect'the government’s physical fitness program, there were countless brisk jaunts (escapes?!) to the roof where races at midnight sufficed very nicely. During exams they became part of our existence out of sheer necessity to keep awake. Voted the social event of the year was the Little Sister Party and its original Off-Broad Street production of Good Foil starring Temple’s most illustrious O.H. Jane Bond and “a cast of thousands!” We laughed — we relaxed — we loved it! New friendships are a precious entity to be shared not only through receiving but through giving as well. No one can ask more if one gives sincerely of his abilities and himself. Now, as we look back to our accomplishments, tears and knowledge gained this first year and ahead to the hopes we hold in our future, we know what we've experienced here will always be an important part of both our professional and personal lives. I__11___11 Class Officers Vice President Linda Calabrese Secretary Deanna Snavc Treasurer Peggy Win 222BLOOM. Barbara M. 6013 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore. Maryland 21215 CORDDRY. Christine M 7th and Philadelphia St Ocean City. Maryland CALABRESE. Linda A. 315 So. Third Avenue West Reading, Penna. 19602 BALIN, Carol L. 17 MeFadden Drive Huntingdon Valley. Penna. 19006 DECH. Cynthra J. 227 Chestnut Street Nazareth. Penna. 18064 DcROCHE, Shirley L. Mousam Road Spnngvalc. Marne 04083 COMSTOCK. A. Catherine Box 34 Woods boro, Maryland 21798 Halitosis COOPEE, Mary L. 7 E. Chestnut Street Easthampton. Mass. 01027 BILL. Janice L. 1723 Thomas Road Wayne. Penna. 19087 CLOOGMAN. H. Sharon 2201 S.W. 25th Avenue Miami. Florida 33145 224 BENCICH. Marieann I McDonald Place. N.E Washington. D.C. 20011FLINCHBAUGH. Sally K. 5 S. Russell Street York. Penna. 17402 GREENWOOD. Marian 224 Chestnut Avenue Trenton. New Jersey 08609 EDWARDS. Louise E. 25 Pierce Street Kingston. Penna. 18704 FEICHT. Mrs. Tom L. 112 Valley Lane Norristown. Penna. EINHORN. Alicia P 2150 S.W 21 Avenue Miami. Flonda 33145 I could almost care. GARROW. Kathlcene J 722 W Oak Street Palmyra, Penna. GRIEST. Anne E. 925 Cameron Avenue Lancaster. Penna. 17601 GEHLERT, Linda E. R D 1. Mill Road Hatfield. Penna. 19440 HARR. Diane E. 141 Baringer Avenue Silverdalc. Penna. 18962 225Nobody loves me. KRESOE. Judith-Ann 1211 South Boulevard Bethlehem, Penna. 18017 MASON. Suzanne E-10 Holyoke Drive Delran! New Jersey 08075 MEYERS. Joann R 439 Mallard Road Hatboro. Penna. I9OJ0 KIESER. Judith O. 932 W. Evesham Road Glendora. New Jersey LAFFERTY. Susan J. 13 Co ram Road Shelton. Connecticut MITTELMAN. Donna S. 32 N. Exeter Avenue Margate, New Jersey KRZYWICKI. Barbara A 2012 Waltmlev Drive Wilmington. Delaware 19808 HOOVER. Sandra L. 1047 1st Street Manhattan Beach, California 90266 LEVITHAN. Roberta Z. 1113 Scott Drive Coatesvillc. Penna. 19320 226MOHR. Jane E 117 N. 5lh Sued Emmaus. Penna. 18049 O'NEILL, Jean-Mane 47 N. Keystone Avenue Upper Darby. Penna. 19082 PETERSON. Patricia A 12734 Robindale Drive Rockville. Maryland 20853 ROSE Judith A. 151 Eaist Genesee Street Auburn. New York 13021 SHERBONDY. Lee A. 14 Marblcstonc Lane O BRIEN. Carolyn R. 1846 Clover Lane York. Penna. 17403 -HS Dear Dr. Santangelo. we’re down on our knees. PASIK. Sharon L. 443 Valmerc Avenue Duncllen, New Jersey 08812 SCOTT. Sue E 7604 Lauralin Place . Springfield, Virginia 22150 O'HARA. Hilary 436 N. Washington Street Falls Church. Virginia 22046 PHILLIPS. Dale R. 25 Dorrance Street Hey. Fang. I have one done. Hamden, Connecticut 06518 SECHRIST. Linda L 231 S. Pleasant Avenue Dallastown. Penna. 17313 Levittown. New JerseySHIELDS, Susanne F. 47 Scarlet Avenue Green Ridge. Pcnna. 19014 SWIFF. Shcrrilyn I. 139 Pearl Crofl Road WEISS, Arlene M. 2650 S. Marshall Street Philadelphia, Pcnna. 19148 Cherry Hill. New Jersey 08034 THOMAS. Patricia E. 831 Lindin Road Hershey, Pcnna. SKINNER. Sandra L. 418 Becker Avenue Wood crest Wilmington, Delaware 19804 WINTERS. Deborah J. R.D. I Coatcsville. Pcnna. 19320 TRAYNOR. Margaret M 415 Adair Road Holmes. Pcnna. 19043 SNAVE. Deanna M. 1413 Woe an Road York. Pcnna. 17404 WIRS. Margaret M. 2 Robert Lane Wilmington 7. Delaware WAGMAN. Barbara R 511 Cambridge Road Cynwyd. Pcnna. WATT, Christy A. SPLANE. Mary Anne P 7207 Marian Drive 43 Duncan Lane Alexandria. Virginia 22307 Springfield. Del. Co.. Pa. 19064 1 just ironed it and it’s still wrinkled. 228NEW EPINEPHRINE PELLET PLACER Solve the ape-old problem of proper placement of cotton saturated medicines, uses unique yet direct method proved during the War Between The State Each pellet is fired into place with vigor and uncanny accuracy Patients re member this technique for ycata to CO roc For a free trial pkg. of 6 rounds (and a demorumitor muxxlc). write today A colorful, wall-mountable target tm| will be pro-for prc operaiivc practice during the alow houi THWiANC IS SUCCESSFUL USE JIMOANDY GINGIVAL RETBACTOR dOlve? 01.0 PROA! t Best known method yet to quickly cau« the effective retrrit of recalcitrant gingival Colonel Jaw (Jim) Dandy hunulf perfected the device pictured here The operating ptmcrple 1% thus; vwtng apparatus int the patient's mouth aim with care; put your fingers in yftur.carr, trigger the ‘'ting mechanism with ymn foot The resultant shock wa-.es will rrn...t all gingival margins within one city block Dmtnta in nearby) buildings will hr grateful. PREE BOOKLET'! "Hav C . Make $100,000 A Ytsr " Write PASCAL COMPANY m.U DEXTER AVENUE NORTH. SEATTLE WASHINGTON.Personalized DENTURES 1 j They Feel Better... Because They Look Better AND THEY LOOK BETTER... Because They re Wearing The “living” appearance of a POLYCHROME full or partial demure is so believable, because even across the table—close up — no one can tell! Specify POLYCHROME for your next full or partial denturo case ... POLYCHROME dentures assure delighted patients who feel better because they look better. POLYCHROME AnKrlor U«.J Uialifiillr •iA l)MVAC-P.r .lalu umI VEHIDENT-PUilie tnth. COMPANY 48th at Brown Straot. Philadelphia, Pa. 10139 Patients exude a pleasant feeling of confidence when they wear a full or partial denture created with POLYCHROME . . . the anterior teeth with the new color dimension. h6n it’s time to -'-hang up your shingle remember to remember Jelenko Now and in the years ahead . . . your Jelenko representative will be your helpful guide, bringing you new ideas, equipment, materials, and technics. Jelenko Jelenko Je’lenko Jelenko Ceramco, Jelenko IfC Inlay Fumaco Thermotrol Handy Sandy Modulay Firmilay Gold LFA Furnace JF JELENKO . co„inc. 170 Petersville Road • New Rochelle. N. Y. 10801 LOOK TO JELENKO FOR PROGRESS IN PROSTHETICSGood Luck FINE PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL RINGS By BALFOUR L. G. BALFOUR CO. Subyrbon Office 237 North Highland Ave. Lanjdowne, Ponna. MAdiion 2-0360 JACK'S DELICATESSEN 3240 NORTH BROAD STREET BOTTLED BEER —SANDWICHES Let Jack Cater Your Next Porty • CERAMICS • VENEERS • FIXED BRIDGEWORK HERMAN AXELROD LABORATORIES, INC. 520 Medical Arts Building PHILADELPHIA 2, PA. Phone: LOcuit 3-2492The complete study of all techniques and close affiliation with Pro fessional Research Organizations enables us to state . . . “The point of fact is, zee are certain you shall find ns Experienced. Equipped and Able.” We suggest and recommend that you entrust your restorations to our usual prompt and skillful service. for quality in prosthetics... MUTH. A MUMMA. • HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA •Good Study Models Make a Good Impresssion on Patients COLUMBIA RUBBER MODEL-BASE FORMERS Make Neat Bases on Study Models per Set—1 Upper and 1 lower No. R1X—Extra large Site $5.50 No. R1 —large -75 No. R2 —Medium 4.75 No. R3 — Smoll 3.75 Catalog No. 33 describe many useful models and accessories. If you do not have a copy, write for one todoy. To have perfectly smooth, symmetrical, nicely finished bases on your study models, simply pour platter or stone into former and mount anatomical casts. After plotter hot set, a beautiful set of models is easily removed from the soft, flexible model-bate formers. Directions tell how these formers enable you to r.oke upper and lower models which osv ode automatically. Anferior-Bito Models Made Neatly and Quickly with the Columbia Anttrior-BHe Model Former . . . Meal for making models for pre-extraction records for immediate or permanent dentures. • A special anterior impression troy takes impressions of both upper ond lower together; no need for separate impressions. • Impression tray it then pressed into slot in the flexible rubber model former. With one pouring of plaster or stone a neat, sharply-outlined model of the anterior bite ... in one piece ... is eosily produced. Neat, presentable models of the anterior bite are also advantageous in a "before-and-after" demonstration to the patient. Order today this anterior-bite model former with one troy—Col. No. 903—$7.50 Extra troys $1.50 each COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "Tho House of A Thousand Mode "—and Home of Brown Precision Attachments 131 BAST 23rd STWfT NIW YORK, N. T. 1001 WOOD, NOVICK WINGROD Dental Laboratories Inc. Ceramics — Crown Bridge Precision Attachments Pre-Paid Mailing Labels Available 1 930 Chestnut St. Phila. 3, Pa. L08-1 575 PREMIER TRADE MARKS Means Quality — Since 1913 1. -Pramtar" - for 11 Products 2. "Premiar ta“ - Oparatna ln tn nant X Pho phofhror" Liqwl or Gal - Aodulatad Prsowhal Ouonda 4 CndoPrap’ - A ClMmo Mactianical praparaoon ot tha Root Canal 5. •"Sbanttf - Oantai Ugnt and Autoclave 6 "Cartadiaad" Scalar - Ejcavator - Owl 7. "Mamodant" - Hamostatc Solution - Gngr.il Retractor Cord 8 Tlavar Ocf Damn Amattam Gum 9 Rod CM' - Diamond Tm umant JO tinaniaad'' - Towel and B T.C. II "El '' - Cartxde and Sr 1 1 Bur 12 "Stnptite" - Main Retanar 13. 'Cavt" - Ready Mmd Cawty Seal 14. -Oakal' - Root Cana) ft IS BeuMrod- - Endodontic Una 16. Topieale - Topical Anesthetic 17 "Strip A J - Sett Adhecng Band 18 "Stamde" - Stannous Fkxmd 19. "Macitm - Bur and Diamond Cleaner 20 An got tor" - lor more parted -R y 21. Wedges A edge (‘ovtMiarj 22 "vetraid - swophata W. 25 Zo SoV" - ZOE Sohent Ask your Supplier for Premier Products PREMIER DENTAL PRODUCTS CO. Phila., Pa. 19107Best Wishes from Leaders of Progress in PORCELAIN TEETH Aesthetic • Aesthetic Characterized Myerson and Sears Synchronized PLASTIC TEETH Dura-Blend • Dura-Blend Characterized Myerson and Sears Synchronized CROWN AND BRIDGE Dura-Blend Veneers Crown and Bridge Resin Self-Cure Resin MYERSON TOOTH CORPORATION 66-90 HAMILTON STREET • CAMBRIDGE, MASS. 02139 Serving Professional Uniforms and Professional Linen and Paper Towels to Dentol Offices KUNE’S Coot, Apr on and Towel Service 4100 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia 24, Pa. Cumberland 9-5300 Compliments of a FRIENDProsthetic planning is not ACCIDENTAL The Technical Department oi the DENTAL LABORATORIES Specializes in “ALL DETAIL" Prosthetic Planning Specialties Under Our Personal Supervision Swissedent Centrecord Saddle Lock Bridgework Permadent Ceramco Mouth Reconstruction Porcelain Jackets jy on S-C...on OK Buy direct from the manufacturer at Wholesale CEMENTS ALLOYS LOCALS ACRYLICS IMPRESSION MATERIAL EXPLORERS and many others too. Send for our Free Illustrated Catalog describing the S-C Wholesale Plan with savings up to 40%. STRATFORD-COOKSON CO. 550 Commerce Drive 207 N. BROAD ST. PHILA.. PENNA. WORK-AND-STOR AGE CENTERS TAILORED FOR THE DENTAL OPERATORY An entirely new cabinet idea! A complete selection of work-and-storage centers positioned where you need them for more productive, less fatiguing office hours. Cost less-can be installed easily. MtAlrfMlWMf C««H«r • Twe »•»» • WlUKIIK Yeadon, Penna. Compliments of HOSPITAL CLOTHING COMPANY 1107 Walnut Street Philodefphio, Pa. WAInut 3-1785 PARKER’S RESTAURANT DINNERS and PLATTERS and DELICIOUS SANDWICHES 3220 North Broad Streethallmark of a reliable product a guide for buyers of dental supplies Professional success in dentistry—reputation and acclaim—is earned by hard work presented with integrity, accomplished with skill, and resulting in satisfaction to patients. A dental manufacturer wins success in the same manner. Research, product development, convenience packaging, advanced engineering ... fair prices for fine quality ... supplies and equipment that satisfy dentists the world over because they contribute functionally to professional skill. The way to identify such products? Just look for this name and symbol: 5.5.WHITE®FROM DENTAL FLOSS TO FULL DENTURES From the day you hang your shingle There’s a strong right hand extending you much, much more than Congratulations on becoming a valued member of the dental profession. Climax has both hands full of vital equipment, materials and services for you. Backed up with three generations of experience, ours is one of the most service-minded companies in the field. Our experienced, capable representatives are always available to you. If you find it more convenient, they will gladly arrange to see you at your office. COUNT ON CLIMAX FOR: ■ Office Design and Equipment ■ Equipment Maintenance and Service a Denial Supplies a Laboratory Service a Management Consultation DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. General Offices: Philadelphia, Pa. Branches: Lancaster and Wilmington, Falls Church, Va. and Richmond, Va.Compliments of The Pedodontic Study Society Compliments of THE MASTER CARVER ALLEGHENY DRUG CO. M. Grossman S. Eshner Broad Street Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia 32, Pa. Phone BA 8- 1113 Compliments of MORRIS FEDpR LAB TECHNICIAN Compliments of MORRIS FEDER LAB TECHNICIAN COMKIMENTS OF DENTAL WIVES ASSOCIATION HAYDENS OF CONNECTICUT Complete Service for the Dental Profession Since 1906 In Bridgeport Call 335-5183 In New Haven Call 865-3141 In Milford CAII 874 6275 •Members of the Americal Dental Trade AssociationBest Wishes to the GRADUATES Irom M E R STUDIO 1010 CHESTNUT PHILADELPHIA 7. s STREET PENNA.Compliments of JAMES SOCIETY of CLINICAL and HISTOLOGIC PATHOLOGY Compliments of KOLMER HONORARY MEDICAL SOCIETYCompliments of CAMERON SOCIETY of ORAL SURGERY Compliments of SENIOR CLASSCOMPLIMENTS BAldwin 5-9227 MIDGE'S BARBER SHOP SPECIALIZING IN CREW CUT and RAZOR CUT 3214 North Broad St. OF Daily 9:30 to 7:00 Philadelphia 40, Pa. AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF DENTAL WIVES ASSOCIATION Our Thanks To Douglas Chester For an Excellent Job As Protocol Chairman, from the LANTERN RESTAURANT DINNERS and PLATTERS and DELICIOUS SANDWICHES 3248 North Broad Street CLASS OF 1966 Compliments of Pat’s Barber Shop 3336 N. Broad St. BA 5-9196 Philadelphia, Pa.From its beginning, the purpose of Temple University has been to furnish an education to deserving young men and women. The visionary and dedicated work of the founder, Russell H. Conwell, alone led to the founding and early growth of Temple University. When a small group requested his help in securing an education, Russell H. Conwell embarked on the purposeful course of work and self-sacrifice that led to the great university of today. His words and deeds through the years serve still as guideposts of Temple University. Many fields of study lead to the businesses and professions of our country. Temple University has contributed to these with distinction, with the realization that a university is great only as its graduates are great. The obligations of a university to its students, the community and the nation are many, and Temple University strives always to fulfill these obligations. The well-trained, conscientious student of Temple University may go forth confident of his ability to meet the challenges of his chosen career. Temple University congratulates the men of this graduating class. HERE'S THE DENTAL CONSOLE DESIGNED TO BE DESIGNED BY YOU! Modulaire ...by Ritter We're not kidding! The new Tri-Drive Air System gives you your choice of hand-pieces—including the new Ritter Powerair Lo-Speed, Hi-Torque handpiece. And what a line-up of accessory options—every one designed to save you time and energy: the handsome Console Cabinet, a built-in High Volume Evacuation System, the Flexarm Operating Tray, Sensitron Pulp Tester—the list goes on and on. All of these are available with the Modulaire Console Deluxe. Or, you can order the basic Modulaire Pedestal and add these Modu-laire “building blocks" as you need them. See your Ritter dealer for full details. P.S. To complete your Ritter-equipped operatory, there’s a wide choice of proven Ritter equipment: Modulex® X-ray, Ritter lights and chairs, Ritter Borden Airotor , the Castle 777 SpeedClave, and more. And the Ritter Professional Equipment Plan gives you the equipment you need, right now, without a large cash outlay. Just ask your Ritter dealer. .Trarf,mo, Ritttr Company (IC I ¥ company INC JLVJlt. V.9PVV nocMistt , n y. iwojYour patient is likely to be apprehensive. Chances are, you may be a little nervous yourself. In such a situation you will want to use every possible means to gain your patient's confidence and create the proper emotional climate for your diagnosis and treatment. Consider the Blend Selector for Trubyte Bioblend. It is an invaluable aid to natural tooth color selection. And, during the all important first appointment, it is a highly effective instrument for demonstrating your own professional knowledge and skill. The Blend Selector is so unique it is patented. There is nothing like it in the entire world of dentistry. Ask your Trubyte Dealer to show you its use, in practice—for your first denture case, and for all the denture cases in your forthcoming career. □□□□□□□ How will you present your first denture case? THE DENTISTS' SUPPLY COMPANY OF N. Y.. YORK, PENNA. Experienced help on all these subjects is available to yOU without cost or obligation from Caulk and Harris Dental Companies through the many branch offices and rep-resentatives. Few sources can offer you more facts, more impartial opinions and advice ... recommendations based on our years of practice-starting experience. We have helped thousands of dentists with all the details of opening their offices; we’d like to help you, too. See your Caulk man : SAM REIF THE L. D. CAULK COMPANY • 1902 CHESTNUT STREET LOcust 3-2750 BALTIMORE • CAMDEN • CHARLESTON • CHICAGO • HARRISBURG . HUNTINGTON • JERSEY CITY JOHNSTOWN • NEWARK • NORFOLK • OAKLAND • PALO ALTO • PHILADELPHIA • PITTSBURGH RICHMOND • ROANOKE • SACRAMENTO • SAN FRANCISCO • SILVER SPRING • WHEELING h Wm-Km

Suggestions in the Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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