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Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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mphasis on dentistry...PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA DENTISTR Y FOREWORD AS THE FIRST FOUR YEARS OF OUR DENTAL EDUCATION DRAW TO A CLOSE, WE ARE PRONE TO SEE OUR PAST TRAINING IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT emphasis we placed each year seemed independent and unrelated First we looked upon Dentistry as a tooth we sectioned or carved. Then the tooth took on a new significance. We prepared a replica TO RECEIVE RESTORATIONS AND REPLACEMENTS. FINALLY. OUR emphasis WAS PLACED ON THE HUMAN MOUTH. AND WE RESTORED HUMAN TEETH However, we have now learned that there is more to Dentistry THAN WE PREVIOUSLY SUPPOSED. IN EVERY SERVICE WE PERFORM DURING OUR PROFESSIONAL CAREERS, LET US PLACE OUR emphasis UPON THE GENERAL WELL-BEING OF OUR PATIENTS, RATHER THAN ON THE ORAL CAVITY alone. With this in mind, success is ours.Foreword . . Occupation ■ ■ Administration Sophomores . Pu nlicat ior p Fraternities . Oral Hy giono Advert isemonts Pa e 4 8 10 14 24 95 103 111 119 131 135 156 180 195 CONTENTSThe Philadelphia Dental College, which became the Dental School of Temple University. was organized by Dr. John H. McQuillan and several professional associates in the fall of 1862. In the spring of 1863, a charter for the new school was granted by an act of the Legislature of Pennsylvania. In November of the same year a competent faculty was secured and the first term of the school was begun. In 1897, a building for the Dental College was designed and erected at 18th and Button-wood Streets. At this time, it was a model for all dental school buildings. In 1907, by mutual agreement, the Philadelphia Dental College was taken over by Temple University, another step in bringing dental education into the field of higher education. Dr. Gerald D. Timmons was appointed Dean of the Dental School in 1943 and was instrumental in the perpetuation of ideas that are well recognized today in the field of dental education. A new school building opened its doors in 1947 to the dental student body at 3223 North Broad Street, above Allegheney Avenue. Today, the faculty still consists of highly qualified and renowned educators who contribute so unselfishly to the growth and development of the dental profession by having the welfare of the Dental School deeply fixed in their list of responsibilities. The future of Temple University follows a pattern of progress through service. And as it receives encouragement and support from its alumni and friends its capacity for service will be enlarged. 6The Editor and Business Manager ponder the problem. Odontolog Staff Stanton Deitch John J. Vignola Editor-in-Chiei Business Manager Martin Apothaker Howard Photography Editor Mendelwager Photography Editor Bernard Moskow Americo Venneri Leo Blaszczyk Photography Editor Photography Editor Art Editor Charles Ludwig Art Editor T H EOFELOS Aliapouhos Robert Friedman Features Editor Features Editor Jack Sokolofp Features Editor 7 Vincent Pollaro Assistant Business ManagerE DIC AT IO N To Dr. James R. Cameron, for imparting to us knowledge that can only be gained by long years of experience, for working towards alliance between the dental and medical professions, and for his untiring service to humanity, the Senior Class respectfully dedicates this book. Born in Brisbane, Australia on September 16, 1892. Dr. Cameron attended Wellington College in New Zealand and received his D.D.S. in 1914 at the University of Pennsylvania. He served his interneship at the Episcopal Hospital, being the first dental intern, and organized the Oral Surgery Service at that hospital. During World War I, he served as a First Lieutenant in the Dental Corps from 1917 to 1919. Married to Anne Elizabeth Stein, Dr. Cameron has two sons, James R., Jr. and George S. Cameron. With a view towards bringing the dental and medical professions into closer contact. Dr. Cameron's suggestion to the Philadelphia County Medical Society brought about the admission of dental practitioners to that society as associate members. Dr. Cameron holds many teaching positions and memberships in many professional organizations, both dental and medical. At present he is Chief of the Oral Surgery Service at the Pennsylvania Hospital and President of the American Board of Oral Surgery.James R. Cameron, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.A., D.Sc.mphasis on... LEARNING is the prime purpose of institutions such as ours. At Temple Dental School we have been transformed from novices in learning into novices in Dentistry. Our teachers have impressed us with the terms and technics they have used to carry out their duties in the performance of dental services. For all of this — for starting us on the road to success in our chosen profession — we owe and express our thanks to every member of the faculty. ADMINISTRA TI 0 NAND FACULTYPresident s Message . . . O To The Class of 1954: The newspapers carried a story some time ago about the average income of dentists. The amount of money involved was enough to insure security and pleasant living. It was not enough to encourage extravagance. It was indeed a modest enough sum when you consider the dentist’s capital investment in professional training and equipment. In the light of the responsibilities he must assume, the continuing studies he must engage in, and the diligence he must exercise, his monetary reward would be little enough if that were his only return. Fortunately, for most of you, the satisfaction of the profession will go far beyond dollar income. The joy of accomplishment of the dentist is not unlike that of an engineer who performs a difficult feat or an artist who looks on his work and finds it good. You. too, are creative and you are happy in your creation. More than that, you are serving human need. Your skill relieves physical distress, it contributes to health, it prolongs happy and useful living. The sum total of these satisfactions is a profession as rewarding as any in the world. I congratulate you who are about to enter it. Sincerely. 12Dean ’s Message O GERALD D. TIMMONS PH.S., D.D.S., D.S.C., F.A.C.D. Dean, School of Dentistry To The Class of 1954: During the past three years you have looked forward to this, the final year. Now that it is nearly finished your sights are again raised toward that which lies beyond. You are fortunate in that you will be entering your chosen profession at a time when your services are much in demand and at a time when good service is appreciated more than ever before. To be successful in your personal ambitions is not enough. The advancement of the profession is in direct ratio to the effort expended by the men and women who compose it. Therefore, give unstintingly to the future of the profession, being mindful that the heritage we now enjoy is due largely to the loyalty, vision and devoted service of those who have preceded you. As an Alumnus you have certain responsibilities. You should maintain the principles and standards of conduct which are called for by the profession, because by so doing you will validate the training you have received and at the same time increase the prestige of your Alma Mater. I sincerely hope that as graduates of the School of Dentistry you will retain your loyalty to the school, honor its tradition, reflect upon its dignity and assist in its future development. I. personally, wish for each and every one of you a long life of achievement, happiness and contentment. Sincerely, y . J. 13VICTOR B. HllTZ EDWARD J. HOLLAND JOSEPH M. I.IMQUICO ■••• • M.O. A.»„ M.D. Instructor Instructor AttUumt Professor SAMUEL H. KONKIN CHARLES SCHABlNCEK RICHARD M. SNODGKASSI ■ o.o.t. m.c.. w.d. u.a., nm., m.». Assistant Pi of star Associate Prolessor A facial Prof war ANATOM) GEORGE U. MII.I.ER M.D., f.UJ. Professor of Anatomy BACTERIOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND HERBERT M. COBE m.a.. rii.u. Professor of Uocteriology ARTHU R K. LEBERKNICHT m.c. Assistant Professor JOSEPH G. McCUNNEV Technician DENTAL MATERI4LS ROBERT ROUEN ■ rn.c. Professor of Biochemistry and rental ,Materials JOHN II. GITIIENS o.v.y. Instructor GEORGE R. SCH ACTERI.E D..1.C. InstructorFIXED BRIDGE ICNOI.lt K. Mil l,EH B.DJ. Instructor GEORGE VC EISENBEKGKK l .! . . Instructor GEORGE BREWER o.d.». Instructor PROSTHESIS JOSEPH E. F.VUNG P.P.S. Profrttor METRO J. KOT A.M.TIIK D.BJ. .tuliMiu Pro euor THEODORE KAC7.MVR WILLIAM H. SAVIOR MARVIN MASER Instructor 0.0.5. Instructor P.P.S. Instructor EX DODO IS TICS MORTON AMSTERDAM o.p. . Attocialv Pro euor LEONARD PARRIS D.0.5. Instructor JAMES NAPLACIC Instructor VICTOR II. POLIKOFF 0.0.5. Instructor SAMUEL J. PAUL P.0.5. Instructor JERAI.D SNYDER 0.0 ■». InstructorS. LEONARD ROSENTIiAl D.D.A., F.4.C.I . Pf« «M«r o Oral Oiatnosh ORAL SURGERY JAMES R. CAMERON p.o.s.. r.A.c.o.. r.i.c.A.. o.»c. Professor of Oral Surfcty JOHN J. STETZER. JK. JOHN » . HAMILTON B.D.S., F.A.C.D. O.6.A. Ittociale Professor Instructor J. HARMON HENRY Issistant Protestor PETER T. CASSAI.IA • ■A.. I’.O.S. Instructor JAMES D. STEWART PHILIP Mcl.AUCHLIN O.D.». Intlrurlor U I III AM HECK Instructor JAMES M. FUNKE D.D.S. Intlrurlor PJJ.S. Intlrurlor CHESTER E. McAEEE. JR. D.D.S. Instructor JOHN F. GIORDANO D.B. . IntlrurlorPROSTHODONTICS GEORGE S. KSSIC H.D.S. Ittocinlc Profeitor THOMAS OII.WOKTH .!» dole Profet.tor dale f. roeck D.D. . Inalructor MICHAEL A. SALERNO D.D.». Initruelac HAROLD J. I ANTZ ■ D.O. . Imlruelvr z. JOHN GREGORV p.d.». Imtruetor GEORGE E. RIES II. NORRIS SMITH Inttrueioc Imlmetor JACOBY T. ROTHNER D.D. .. r.A.c.o. Profcnor of Periodontia PERIODONTICS SUMNER X. I’AI.LAKDY d.d.s., r.A.c.P. Projtuor o Protlhodonlirt CARL K. McMURRAY Clinical Profatot 0.0. . Inrlrurlor P.D. . D.D. i. I n true toe .tuition Ptoffttor D.D.5. IntnuciocCARlipS WEIL I .Of IS HERMAN LAWRENCE E. HESS, 0.0.5. 11.03. 0.0.5. Pf ofv not of Operative Ih-ntistry Prolessor of Oral Anatomy A nit taut Prof f tun OPERATIVE DENTISTRY WILLIAM S. BACUVO ANTHONY C. CARHONE JAMES W. CRAIG ARTHUR I.INTIIICUM EDWARD J. DOYI E 0.03. 0.03. 0.03. 0.03. 0.0.5. Instructor 1 infractor Imtructor Instructor Instructor HAROLD L. PACCAR! 0.03. J. W ALLACE FORBES JAMES A. CLAUD El GEORCE T. MEKVINK SAMUEL LAZZARO Instructor, Lecturer on o.o. ., r.A.c.o. D.D.5. 0.0.5. O.O. . Hiitory of Dentistry Instructor Imtructor Instructor Instructor CHARLES A. NAGLE. JH. ALBERT PORECCA II.VRHN W. HALLMAN PAUL I . ULRICH PAlil. S. BUCKLEY DO, o.o.». o.o.». o.o.s. o.n.«. I nil rue tor Instructor Instructor Imtructor ImtrnttorORTHODONTICS ROBERT B. HEDGES THEODORE TEZESKI JOHN VI. EIANACAN D.D.S.. .». D.O. . Associate Professor Instructor Instructor Chairman of Orthodontics Dept. c. a. ckisci Instructor MEDICINE PATHOLOGY ANDREW J. DONNF.I.I.V 1.0. Professor of General Patholofy JOHN KOI.MER JOHN H. KOI MI R M.U.. OH. r.ll., M.A., II..If., H. .. M. „ M.U. I..H.H.. r.t.c.r.. I.A.c.D. Instructor Professor of Medicine FREDERIC JAMES L-t).A., D.O. . Professor of Histopalhotogy Director of Isaiah Door Research l.ahoratory R. ELIZABETH HEATH Issue trite Professor RAYMOND F. CHASE Instructor JOHN E. McKENNA EDWARD l McKI.INDEN B.OJ. UJ 3. Instructor InstructorRADIODONTICS PHARMACOLOGY ALFRED E. LIVINGSTON ■ M.S., tH.D. Proftnor of Pharmacology WILLIAM J. UFDECRAVE ALEXANDER WEINBERGER D.D. .. r.A.C.O. B.D.J. Proftnor of Radlodoniut Intlruclor JOHN A. ENGLER Intlruclor NORMAN RIEMER b.b.». Intlruclor PHYSIOLOGY EVERT J. LARSON FRED DrMARTINIS. JH. M.A., H«.B. A.«„ M.t. Proftnor of Phytlology Intlruetor VISUAL EDUCATION LIBRARY STAFF CHARLOTTE E. COFFMAN librarian School ol hrntittry and Pharmacy ALEX MUCHA FRANCES CASSAI.IA Director Artitl Pirual I'ducalion DepartmentLECTURERS S. CORDON CASTICI.I VNO X. .. 1.0., r.A.t.5. Prit diof o Oncology JACOB UISAN o.i .x.t.r.H. Lecturer on Public Health RANDOM1!! S. KI.KIN C. WILLIAM MILLER U..I, IX.M. Lecturer un Jurisprudence M.4., rust. Lecturer on Technical Composition JAY H. ESHLEMAN o.o. . Lecturer on Practice Management MARIO V. TRONCF.I.LITI M.O. Lecturer on Anesthesia ASSISTING STALE (MRS.) CERTHUDE CEIII V Medical Technician Magrn Laboratory (MRS.) JOSEPHINE IIAIMOWIT2 H.K. Sort . Oral Surgery Clinic (MRS.) FLORENCE A. HOLI.0WELL (MRS.) ANNA W ALTON Orul Surgery Clinic Anesthetist. Oral Surgery Clinic EUW ARD II. SHICEOK V M.D. Instructor in Oncology MAURICE LEITCH • 3.. .». Prolej»or of General Histology and EmbryologyASSISTING STAFF (MRS.) ESTHER DOYLE HyglrniiI. Orthodontia Clinic (MRS.) MAHCARET BREIT1SGER Technician In llhtoloty and Pathology (MRS.) EVELYN REICHARD (MRS.) ALICE CATHERM N Technician Clinical Clark In Oral Hirtology and Pathology (MRS.) ELIZABETH I’EEIFFER (MRS.) LEONA BRUCK Clinical Clerk Neerplioniil Oral Surgery Department CHARLES SCOTT Technician Proilhetic Department CLAUDE F. KING Technician Anatomy DepartmentCAROI.YN M. SI'AIIN Manager of Kook Store EDNA ATHKKHOLT Clerk. Bookstore VIOLA YOTHEHS BETTY JEAN SHAFFER HELEN RUTTER Telephone Operator Secretary Secretary to Will Hailey Office of the Dean JOAN SI'KIXCMAN MARY McEVERS Secretary Secretary to Mr. Ehly Office of the Dean VIRGINIA BERTINO Secretary Office of the Dean JACQUELINE GREEN Secretary to Dr. Herman EDITH CUERRERA Clinical Cashier MORRIS BERESIN Technician Sohle Laboratory ERLE E. EHLY Secretary to the Facultymphctsis on.. ALLIANCE between the Dental and Medical professions is of utmost importance if we are to render an adequate service to the patient. Restoration of the oral cavity to a state of health and well-being is valueless if we do not consider its effect on the rest of the body and detect oral manifestations of systemic disease. It is our duty to consider the general health of the patient if we are to fulfill our obligations to humanity. THE SENIOR1954 WILLIAM ACKERMAN 1225 Hale Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Bachelor of Arts r Junior American Denial Association John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Janies R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Te m p I e U n i v c r s i t y THEOFELOS A. ALIAPOULIOS 627 Summer Street Manchester, New Hampshire I niversity of New Hampshire Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Soi iety Frederic Janies Society of Clinical Pathology Odonlolog, Feature. . Editor Dental Mirror Christmas Show. Director Circle “K" Club. Dental Representative 261954 ANGELO ANDREACOLA 1829 Broadway Camden. New Jersey College of South Jersey Temple University Junior American Dental Asscciatior Xi Psi Phi Fraternity School of Dentistry MARTIN APOTHAKER Sheldrake Apartments 49th and Spruce Streets Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Scranton Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Odontolog, Photography Editor 271954 JACK H. ATKINS 331 12lh Avenue Paterson, New Jersey Syracuse University-Bachelor of Arts Junior American Denial Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society TernpIc i n ivet si(y JOHN D. WEDISIAN, JR. 23 hast Esther Avenue Orlando, Florida Providence College Bachelor of Arts 28 Junior American Dental Association Xi l i Phi Fraternity Christian Medical SocietySchool of DentisIry MICHAEL KLAUS BAKER .14 Melmore Gardens East Orange, New Jersey 11 ashington Square College Hurhelor of Arts Junior American Denial Association Xi P i I’lii Fraternity, Editor, President John A. kolmer Honorary Medical Society Junior Clays, Vice-President Newman Cluh Temple Dental Review, Assistant Editor Interfraternity Council 46 alnut Street ellsboro. Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Junior Class, Secretary 195 THOMAS H. BAILEY 291951 WILLIAM ANTON MANTLE. .III. 409 Kendall Boulevard Oaklyn. New Jersey Temple I itiversily Junior American Denial Association John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology 30 I empie iiniversiI v WILLIAM M. BAKING EH Star Route Allentown, Pennsylvania Muhlenberg Ct llege Junior American Denial Association Delta Sigma Della Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society1954 FREDERICK JOHN BARLOW 109 Andrew Avenue Trenton. New Jersey Temple University Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Della Fraternity Junior Class, Student Council Representative School of Dentistry ROBERT L. BERG 486 Irvington Avenue Maplewood, New Jersey Pennsylvania Stute College Muhlenberg College Buchelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Freshman Class, Vice-President 311954 HARRY BERMAN 3205 West Clifford Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College Temple University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Delta Epsilon Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Christmas Show Tetriple Univet sity ARTHUR D. BINNS 5849 North 6th Street Philadelphia. Pensylvania Temple University 32 Junior American Dental Association John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society1954 WILLIAM H. BIN NS. JR. 5528 Wayne Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Junior American Dental Association John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Christmas Show School of Dentistry HAROLD G. BLASBAND Berlin Road Haddonfield, New Jersey Temple University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity 331954 LEE BLASZCZYK 466 Old Elm Street Conshohocken, Pennsylvania LaSalle College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Newman Cluh Odontolog, Art Editor Christmas Show Te t il f) Ic University MILLARD MOSES BRAIN STEIN 1994 Penfiehl Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association lpha Omega Fraternity. President John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Interfraternity Council. President 34SIDNEY K. BRIDGES 1954 2222 North 18th Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Temple University Junior American Denial Association John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology School of Dentistry SUMTER DE L. LOWRY CAMP 577 Northeast 96th Street Miami, Florida University of Florida University of Miami Junior American Denial Assn., Secretary Delta Sigma Della Fraternity Temple Dental Review 351954 JAMES PAUL CARLOS 50 Mountain Avenue Bloomfield, New Jersey Villanova College Junior American Denial Association Della Sigma Della Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Newman Club Temple I n versity GEORGE D. CHARLES 433 Chestnut Street Lebanon, Pennsylvania Lebanon 1 alley College 36 Junior American Dental Association I'si Omega Fraternity Christmas Show, Orchestra1954 ALAN HAROLD COHEN 151 Gilbert Avenue New Haven, Connecticut University of Connecticut Bachelor of Arts Junior American Denial Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Senior Class, Treasurer Christinas Show School of Dentistry LEONARD W. COHEN 429 Snyder Avenue Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Terri pie i n iversity Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Orul Surgery, Secretary Frederic Janies Society of Clinical Pathology Student Council, President 371954 JAMES CHARLES COLLETT 419 East Airy Street Norristown, Pennsylvania V Ulanova College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Christmas Show Tetriple I niversitv ARTHUR V. CONWAY, JR. 265 Rutledge Avenue East Orange, New Jersey I p.uihi College Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Crand Master Temple Dental Review, Co-Editor-in-Chicf John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Christmas Show. Co-Director 381954 HOWELL EDGAR COOK. JR. 26 East Verona Avenue Pleasantville. New Jersey Temple University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmcr Honorary Medical Society Christmas Show School of Dentistry RICHARD D. CRAIGHEAD 3213 North 17th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I nit ersity of Pittsburgh Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology 391954 PHILIP C. DEARDORFF 1137 West King Street York, Pennsylvania Lebanon Valley College Bachelor of Science Junior American Denial Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Koliner Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Te m pie U n i v e r s i ty STANTON D. DEITCII 1507 Yedro Avenue Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Temple University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity, Vice-President John A. Koliner Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Odontolog, Editor-in-Chief 401954 RAYMOND L. DETZ 77 Newport Street Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Mansfield State Teachers College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Newman Club School of Dentistry WILLIAM A. DINGERSON 31 iNorth Willard Street Burlington, Vermont University of Vermont Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association. Vice-President Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society 411954 ANTHONY B. D1 RENZO 224 West For nance Street Norristown, Pennsylvania Temple University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity TempIe University 42 LAWRENCE DITORO 333 Parsonage Street Pittston, Pennsylvania University of Alabama Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Freshman Claes, President1954 School of Dentistry HAROLD JONES EOERSOLE 125 East Hi fill Street Huminelstown, Pennsylvania Elizabethtown College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James K. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery, Treasurer Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Christmas Show SIDNEY BENSON DORIS 355 Salem Street Bridgeport, Connecticut I nicer si ty of Connecticut Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity, Inner Ouard. House Manager John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James K. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology 431951 DAVID SAUL EH RICH, JR. 6115 Boulevard East est New York. New Jersey Alfred University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology T e m pie I n i v e s i y ROBERT E. FAHRINGER, JR. 246 West End Avenue Newark, New Jersey St. Johns University Bulgers University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Sophomore Class, Treasurer Christmas Show 441954 MORRIS I. FEINSTEIN 13 North Main Street Ashley, Pennsylvania W ilkes College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity, Secretary, Treasurer John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society School of Dentistry JAY E. FLECK. JR. 425 Penn Street I Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Juniata College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity 451954 DONALD D. FLINCHBAUGH 630 South Main Street Heel Lion. Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. Kolnier Honorary Medical Society Tempie L niversity JOHN DAVID FRIEDLANDER 19 Glencoe Road Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Olngo I nicersity of Yen Zealand llachelor of Dental Science University of Pennsylvania Master of Dental Science 46 Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity John A. Kolnier Honorary Medical Society1954 ROBERT FRIEDMAN 1018 Sylvan Avenue Bridgeport. Connecticut University of Bridgeport Bachelor of .Iris Junior American Dental Association Si Rina Epsilon Della Fraternity, Chaplain, Outer Guard Odonlolog, Features Editor Interfraternity Council Freshman Anatomy Show Junior A.D.A. Day Clinician School of Dentistry ALAN L. GANS 124 Everit Street New Haven, Connecticut Yale University Bachelor of Arts Harvard Graduate School Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society 471951 NICHOLAS CHARLES GENTILE 834 Paoli Pike est Chester, Pennsylvania If est Chester Stale Teuchers College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity, Editor John A. Koltncr Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery, President Te m p I e U n i v c r s i t y ARNOLD M. GORDON 705 Greenwood Avenue Trenton, New Jersey Drake University Temple I nil ersity Bachelor of Arts 48 Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega FraternityLEONARD GRIFF 195 600 East Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia, Penns lvania Tv in file University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology School of Dentistry JOHN . HAGEN R.F.D. 2 Holt wood. Pennsylvania York Junior College Franklin anil Marshall College Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Christmas Show 491954 CHARLES T. HENRY 23 Fisher Place Trenton, New Jersey United States Naval I cade my Rutgers University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Te m pie Univ e rs i I y CARL S. HOFFMAN 3017 West Berks Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lake Forest College. Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity All-Dental Dance Committee1954 THOMAS J. HOFFMAN, JR. 711 Pine Street Bristol, Pennsylvania Saint Josephs College School of Dentistry RODNEY R. HOOBER 101 East Conestoga Road New Holland, Pennsylvania Lebanon I alley College Franklin and Marshall College Bachelor of Science Junior American Denial Association Psi Omega Fraternity, Social Chairman John A. kolmer Honorary Medical Society All-Dental Dance Committee Christmus Show Junior American Dental Association John A. Kolmer Honorary .Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral SurgeryCHARLES A. HORN 1306 Center Street Ashland. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Slate College Bachelor of Arts Junior American Denial Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Tempie Universitv GEORGE B. HUBER R L). 1 Lititz, Pennsylvania Franklin ami Marshall College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity 521954 JOHN J. In DOCK. JH. 526 South Poplar Street Hazleton, Pennsylvania I’eiinsylvahkt Stoic College Muhlenberg College Junior American Denial Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity School of Dentistry WILFRED K. W. I G 718 Spencer Street Honolulu, Hawaii I niversity of Hauktii If'osh ington Stole College Michigan Stale College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Christmas Show 53I(J54 GEORGE 0. ISAACSON 701 Hamilton Avenue Trenton, New Jersey Temple University Junior American Denial Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmrr Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology I c m p I e U n i vc r s i t y SIGMUND S. JAFFE 6533 North Smedley Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Temple University 54 Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity, Historian John A. Kolmrr Honorary Medical Society1954 EDWARD J. JENNINGS 16 Oak Lane Trenton, New Jersey Niagara Un i versify Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity, Treasurer Freshman Class, Secretary School of Dentistry WILLIAM A. JENNINGS 16 Oak Lane Trenton, New Jersey Georgetown University Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity, Pledgcma ter, Secretary John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society, President Newman Cluh Interfraternity Council 551951 ROBERT W ILLI M JEW ELLS, II 132 Hast Broad Street Taniaqua, Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Christmas Show 7 e m pie I n i v e r s i t y DEAN L. JOHNSON R.F.D. =tl Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Temple I niversity Junior Amerieun Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity, Treasurer John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. (Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Senior Class, Vice-President Christmas Show 561954 . 1)1 ANE Jl NKER 11 First .Street Galcton. Pennsylvania Mansfield Stale Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Junior American Dental Association John A. holnter Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Christmas Show Sc hoo! of Dent is I ry BERNARD S. KAMINSKY 229 East 22nd Street Chester, Pennsylvania University of Wisconsin Otterbein College Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society 571954 GILBERT KARASH 231 South 40th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania i niveraity of Pennsylvania Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Te mp I e in i v c r s 11 y BENJAMIN KARP 1329 Friendship Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Temple University 58 Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity1951 LESTER DAVID KELNER 3224 West Norris Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity, Treasurer John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society School of Dentistry MARVIN IRVING KOGAN 323 South 58th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University 59 Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity. Historian John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society1954 ROBERT A. KOLB. JR. 427 Clement Road Jenkintown. Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College Bachelor of Science Junior American Denial Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Christmas Show I empie L niversity JOSEPH E. KOLTISKO 260 East Kline Avenue Lansford. Pennsylvania Saint Josephs College Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society, Treasurer James K. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Freshman Class. Student Council 601951 STANLEY A. KRZYWICKI 49 Park Avenue W i 1 kes- Ba rre, Pennsy I van i a King's College Junior American Denial Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity School of Dentistry LOUS A. KURTZ 513 North Shamokin Street Shamokiu, Pennsylvania Bucknell University Junior American Denial Association XL Psi Phi Fraternity 611954 FRED A. LENTINI R.D. 1 R in goes, New Jersey University of Denver Junior American Denial Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity I e m p e L n i v c r s i I y E. THOMAS LENZ 296 Old Bergen Hoad Jersey City. New Jersey I psalu College. Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity. Pledge Group President, Social Chairman, House Chairman Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology 62BERNARD LEVINE 1954 165 Bellevue Road New Haven. Connecticut I niversity of Connecticut Junior Vuierican Denial Association Alpha Omega Fraternity, Sergeant-at-Arms, Hush Chairman Junior Class, President Senior Class, President Student Council School of Dentistry DANIEL ROBERT LOVETTE Spangler, Pennsylvania Indiana State Teachers College University of Titlsburgh 63 Junior American Dental Association l si Omega Fraternity, Librarian, Historian1954 CM RLES M. LI I) IG 1401 Summit Avenue Union City, ! ew Jersey Saint Peter's College Bachelor of Science Junior American Denial Association Della Sigma Della Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Odontolog, Arl Editor Te m pic I in ve r s i t y BERTRAM SAUL LURIE 611 South 63rd Street Philadelphia, Pensvlvania University of Pennsylvania 64 Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity1954 WALTER L. MALINOWSKI 22( North West Street Shenandoah. Pennsylvania Albright College Bachelor of Science Junior American Denial Association Psi Omega Fraternity School of Dentistry JOSEPH A. MARCELL, JR. 444 Second Street Palisades Park. New Jersey Columbia I niversity Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts 65 Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Newman Cluli 1954 GEORGE A. MARINO, JR. 108 X est Collings Avenue Col I in wood, New Jersey I'oune Scientific School, University of Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association John A. kolmcr Honorary Medical Society James K. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery All-Dental Dance Committee Christmas Show. ( lee Cluh Te m pie I n v e r s ty ALFRED MAZUR 213 North New Hampshire Avenue Atlantic City, New Jersey Temple University Junior American Dental Association l’si Omega I'ratcrnity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society 661954 School of Dentistry NOWAK!) B. MEN DEL WAGER 24 West 43rd Street Bayonne, New Jersey Rutgers University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity, Secretary John A. Kolnier Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic Jame Society of Clinical Pathology Joint Society Banquet, Co-Chairman Sophomore Class Student Council Representative Temple Dental Review, Business Manager Odontolog. Photography Kditor JOHN J. MERCALDO. JR. 8 Perrotta Place Burlington. Vermont Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Serihe, Historian John A. kolnier Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology. President Newman Club, President Loyola College Bachelor of Science 671954 ROBERT L. MOHR 228 South Main Street Hatfield, Pennsylvania Juniata College Bachelor of Science Junior American Denial .Association Tempie I nivers ty RAYMOND J. MOLKENTHIN 237 Forest Avenue Glen Ridge, New Jersey Seton Hall I niversity Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Variation Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Senior Page John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery, Vice-President Frederic Jamo Society of Clinical Pathology Temple Dental Review, Co-Editor-in-Chic; All-Dental Dance. Chairman 68DANIEL A. MONACO 1951 2915 South Broad Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Mount Saint Mary's College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association P'i Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology School of Dentistry ROBERT S. MORAY 83 Sunnyside Terrace East Orange, New Jersey Seton Hall University Upsala College Bachelor of Arts 69 Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity1954 BERNARD S. MOSKOW 1914 South 4th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity Odontolog, Photography Editor T e m pie I n i v e r s i tj CARL DENNIS NELKE 2 )2 V reeland Avenue Midland Park. New Jersey Hope College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Junior Page. Worthy Master John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Dental Mirror, Editor Christmas Show 701954 ROBERT A. ORTELERE 54 Maplewood Avenue Maplewood. New Jersey Seloti Hull University Bachelor of Science Junior American Denial Association Della Sigma Della Fraternity Newman Club Christmas Show School of Dentistry JOSEPHINE C. PALANCIA 1527 West Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, Pensylvania Temple University Bachelor of Arts 71 Junior American Denial Association John A. kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology1954 GEORGE N. PAPPAS 132 North Tenth Street Reading, Pennsylvania Albright College Junior American Denial Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmcr Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Temple University HARRY CALVIN PEBLEY 1011 Beckley Avenue Johnstown, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Gettysburg College Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association, President Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmcr Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic Jume» Society of Clinical Pathology 72 A. MAXWELL PERLSWEIG 95 West Broadway Salem. New Jersey Drexcl Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science Temple University Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society, Secretary James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Sophomore Class, Secretary School of Dentistry MILTON PKVNER 1883 Conlvn Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Dental Mirror Christmas Show 731951 RAYMOND H. PIERSON, JR. 58 North Montgomery Avenue Norristown, Pennsylvania Mansfield State Teachers College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Tempie I niversity DAVID N. PLESSETT 141 East Main Street Plymouth, Pennsylvania East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity 741954 VINCENT JOSEPH POLLARO 845 Chain hers Street Trenton. New Jersey (’psula I niversity Hut .Hers University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Denial Association Odoniolog, Assistant Business Manager School of Dentistry CARL P. POMMER 420 Euclid Avenue Erie. Pennsylvania Gannon College, Junior American Denial Association Psi Omega Fraternity Christmas Show, Orchestra1954 JOHN GARWOOD ROBB 221 Lowell Street Vandergrift, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Temple i niversitv JAMES FREDERICK ROBERTS 57 East Main Street Plymouth. Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall College Wilkes College Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Della Fraternity 761954 NORMAN J. ROSENBERG 104 South Swarthmore Avenue Ventnor City, New Jersey Btichnell I diversity Bachelor of Science Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity School of Dentistry LAWRENCE ROZANSKI 336 West Main Street Plymouth, Pennsylvania Wilkes College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Newman Club 771954 GEORGE C. SAMPLE 4602 Peach Street Erie. Pennsylvania Gannon College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. Kplmer Honorary Medical Society Te m pie I niver s i t y WILLIAM k. SCHAFFER 617 Irving Street Allentown. Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. kolmer Honorary Medical Society 78195 ROBERT E. SCHRAISHl HN 3357 St. Vincent Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Martin Area Collette Temple L niiersity Junior American Denial .Association Della Sigma Della Fraternity School of Den Iish y THOMAS A. SilAAK 200 Pershing Avenue Lebanon, Pennsylvania Lebanon Valley College Junior American Denial Association Psi Omega Fraternity, Editor John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Christinas Show, Orchestra A L1954 JAMES F. SHANK 20 Hall Avenue Newport, Rhode Island Miller sville Stale Teachers College Temple University Bachelor of Science Franklin ami Marshall College Junior American Dental Association Della Sigma Delta Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Te m pie Un i v e r s i I v HOW ARD M. SIGMAN 1229 Hellerman Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Temple I nicer sit y Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Frederic Janie? Society of Clinical Pathology 801954 GEORGE MBRWIN SMITH 334 South Franklin Street Allentown. Pennsylvania Muhlenberg College Junior American Denial Association, Treasurer Xi Pt-i Phi Fraternity School of Dentistry JACK PHILIP SOKOLOFF 35 Boyden Avenue Maplewood, New Jersey Rutgers University Bachelor of Arts Junior American Dental Association Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity, President Freshman Class, Treasurer Odontolog, Features Editor Interfraternity Council, Treasurer Junior A.D.A. Day Clinician 81gaiMN 1951 ROBERT ALAN STEW ART 218 East Broadway Salem, New Jersey University of Delaware Junior American Dental Association John A. Kolracr Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology Christmas Show Tetuple University EDWARD W. STOEBENAE 1718 Eckert Avenue Reading, Pennsylvania I 'Ulanova College Junior American Dental Association Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Newman Club 821954 GEORGE J. STORE 201 West Main Street New Holland, Pennsylvania Catholic University of America Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Koliner Honorary Medical Society Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology School of Dentistry RICHARD T. SWEET Plainfield Heights Vi ind Gap, Pennsylvania Albright College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Koliner Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery 831.954 ROBERT FRANCIS SWIFT Spaulding Manor Danville, Pennsylvania Bucktt ell II it i vers its Junior American Dental Association I’si Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Christmas Show Freshman Anatomy Show Te mp le University GER ALD SA DELL 45 Willoughby Street Newark, New Jersey Vem ork University Southern Methodist L niversity Junior American Dental Association Sigma F.psilon Delta Fraternity Christmas Show Freshman Anatomy Show 841954 AMERICO JOSEPH VENNEKI 7221 Vandyke Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple I niversily Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Newman Club Odontolog, Photography Editor Christmas Show Freshman Anatomy Show School of Dentistry JOHN J. VIGNOLA 1106 Haddon Avenue Collingswood, New Jersey Temple I niversily Junior American Deniul Association John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Junior Class, Treasurer Odontolog, Business Manager, Assistant Editor Alumni Agent, Class of 1954 Christmas Show Freshman Anatomy Show, Chairman 851954 MORTON JOEL WACHS 1814 West 3rd Street Chester, Pennsylvania Dickinson College Junior American Dental Association Alpha Omega Fraternity, Treasurer John A. Kolincr Honorary Medical Society Christmas Show CHARLES F. WAGNER 532 Lincoln Street Hazleton, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity 861954 KENNETH WILLIAM WERLEY 508 Delaware Avenue Palmcrton, Pennsylvania East Stroudsburg Stole TPot hers College Pennsyh ania State College Junior American Denial Association Psi Omega Fraternity, Grand Master John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society Interfraternity Council, Secretary Christmas Show School of Dentistry EDWARD E. WIENSKI, JR. 33 Lanark Road Stamford, Connecticut Alliance College Bridgeport University Junior American Dental Association Xi Psi Phi Fraternity, Philemon John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Sophomore Class, President Interfraternity Council Christmas Show 871954 JAMES M. WILSON 111 Owen Avenue Lansdowne, Pennsylvania l.ehigh University Junior American Dental Association, Vice-President P-i Omega Fraternity, Historian John A. Koliner Honorary Medical Society Christmas Show Te m p e I n i v e r s ity WILLIAM B. WILSON 720 East Second Street Bloonislntrg, Pennsylvania Bloomsburg State Teachers College Gettysburg College Bachelor of Arts Junior merican Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolmer Honorary Medical Society 88DONALD E. YODER 1954 2139 East Philadelphia Street York, Pennsylvania York Junior College I nieersity of Maryland Franklin and Marshall College Junior American Dental Association Psi Omega Fraternity John A. Kolincr Honorary Medical Society James R. Cameron Society of Oral Surgery Frederic Jame Society of Clinical Pathology, Secretary School of Dentistry 89Senior Class Officers B. LEVINE D. JOHNSON J. HAGEN President Vice-President Secretary A. COHEN Treasurer L. COHEN Student Council Representative Class History “Friends condemn'd Embrace and kiss, and take ten thousand leaves, Loather a hundred times to part than die." Shakespeare On September fourteenth, we, one hundred and thirty men and one woman gathered as a class for the first time in the auditorium to begin four of the most important and formative years of our lives. Dr. Timmons welcomed us and impressed us never to forget that we were a dedicated group who were about to begin in a worthy and honorable profession, that of Dentistry. The next few weeks of getting acquainted with new classmates, a new school and its courses of study occupied most of our time. Out of the confusion of equipment, textbooks and studies, we slowly adjusted to the heavy schedule and rapid pace. Highlight of our freshman year was becoming acquainted with the beautiful curves, sulci, ridges, contour and cusps of the human dentition, under the tutelage of ever popular “Uncle Louie” Herman. We were soon introduced to an honest to goodness cadaver and Dr. Miller and his staff of singing troubadours. “Rapid Robert” Rowen developed digital 90dexterity early via use of carving square blocks out of plaster, slump test, N.P.N. and determination of unknowns in Biochemistry. Our trips to city libraries for Dr. Faggart occupied our free Wednesday afternoons. Prosthetics and linguist Dr. Gregory proved quite humorous, ask Josephine. Let us not forget the man of the hour. Dr. Freyvogel. Our class officers were: Lawrence Ditoro, President; Robert Berg. Vice-President; Edward Jennings, Secretary: Jack Sokoloff. Treasurer; and Joseph Koltisko, Student Council Representative. Summer vacation soon passed by and we began another year in our search for knowledge. Theory and laboratory courses became more involved. Remarks heard at that time were: You may be required to make base plate trays. Have you joined the fifty cent club yet? Is a mirror necessary? Well I see the cats died early today, no one is in Physiology Laboratory. Joe (the green blooded Irishman) Bush helped us in Pathology along with Drs. Donnelly and Leitch. We became proficient in art in Dr. "Freddie” James’ class. Contact points and paths of insertion were at a premium, especially with "Eagle Eye” Dr. Mc-Kechnie. Outside Reading Proud! Chief Complaint Technician n the book? Little Boy Lost 91Our class officers for the Sophomore year were: Edward Wienski, President; John Mercaldo, Vice-President: Maxwell Perlsweig, Secretary; Robert Fahringer, Treasurer; and Howard Mendelwager. Student Council Representative. We are off! This is it! Get your keys, lockers, instrument cases, clinic gowns, napkins, sterilization bags and tags and get your cases checked. Apply that rubber dam on your “Buddy”, he can take it. Remember, oral tissues heal quickly. Patients, Radiodontia and Oral Diagnosis require time, retakes, questions, retakes, disappointments and patients. After a short period of time, the routine of the “floor” becomes more familiar and you only ask a few questions instead of hundreds. We soon learn that there is more to the Junior year than Clinic. The casting of the century (the monster), immediates, inlays and Crown and Bridge occupy all our spare time. Every Friday came the warning, “It’s going to be awfully hot here this summer.” The password to the “floor" was, “Please report all chair cancellations.” Dr. Kolmer's monthly exams arrived with foreboding regularity, but time passes and we get that last denture, bridge and gold foil inserted. Next year is better. 92What's Cooking? Leisure Time Gotta Match? Doctor? i Junior class officers were: Bernard Levine, President; Michael Baker, Vice-President; Thomas Bailey. Secretary; John Vignola, Treasurer; and Frederick Barlow, Student Council Representative. Well, here we are. And who said the last year is a snap? We were told not to listen to those upper classmen. Class Ill’s and Class I gold foils arc always at a premium, not to mention the skill that is required to remove a wax pattern from an inlay preparation. Dr. Kolmer’s clinics are as ever a must. The fifth stage of general anesthesia was explained to us by “The Sparrow,” and in Practice Management we were taught the pitfalls of beginning private practice. Remember the North by Northeast light! Mr. “Tiny" Miller made it tough on wives, sweethearts and the librarians as he gave us the fundementals of Technical Composition. “Doctor, would you repeat again what a brief speech plan is?” It took us a long time but we finally learned where the “sucking pad” is, thanks to “Mike.” “Bags” Baglivo’s “can you see that in the back?” and “any more questions, come on fellows” proved to be quite humorous. “Roll call at five after and then every twenty minutes after that" kept us running to Ceramics Laboratory. “Happy” Dr. Weil always was ready with “It’s later than you 93think” and his ‘‘Milk of Human Kindness” was always there to advise us and help us. Dr. Amsterdam’s two hour marathon on controversial dental subjects produced many a lively question and answer period and helped correlate our many dental courses, (seventy. I believe was the count). The question of the year was, “What would you tell your three year old patient as to preventive dentistry and the care of his full upper denture?” As we look back over our four years at Temple University School of Dentistry, we see our dreams have become a reality. We have completed the requirements necessary for us to earn the respect of, and our acceptance into an honorable profession. This realization could not have been possible without the advice and leadership of Dean Timmons and the faculty members. May each one of us show our appreciation for their help and guidance by being a credit to ourselves, our school, and our profession. "So much to do that is not e'en begun. So much to hope for that we cannot see. So much to win, so many things to be.” Morris 94mphasis on... TREATMENT during the Junior year is concerned primarily with the tooth or teeth in question. You have not yet considered the body as an entity as you perform your oral treatment. You have the anxiety and pride that we all possess in our third year of learning. You are just beginning to put together the pieces of knowledge acquired prior to this time. You will now begin to apply the basic principles that you thought would never be understood. THE JUNIOR YEARJunior Class Officers S. OLIVER G. DIEHL A. BILLOTTE A. DI DIO W. BLACK President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative Class History And so it began. Dr. Miller, “the Ormandy of Anatomy” set che tempo for our dissections. Specifications were learned — to pass and be forgotten with the rest. We came to know the aroma of Dr. Herman’s cigars, the making or breaking of a freshman class. We discovered prosthetics — a combination of strange materials and even stranger results. Dr. Lietch won the man of the year honors for turning out the lights Monday mornings. Dr. Cobc learned much from us — how unknown an unknown can be. Time passed rapidly by and with the arrival of June we sat back, realizing then that we have gained much more than we had given. Sophomore year we came back for more. Our sage advice was eagerly offered, though often less than earnestly sought. Truly the sightless will lead the blind. Yet we did progress. We found that all dentistry was not Prosthetics. Crown and Bridge became the pinnacle. Through Dr. Herman we met the Dentoform, attacked heroically, and soon learned the rituals of the fifty cents club. Lives there a man with luck so rare, to have never joined this group. June soon arrived, we packed away our microscope for the last time and went our way squinting into the summer months. Junior year, “the boy dentists” had arrived. Easily recognized were these trembling creatures in shrouds of white. Slowly the subtleties of Diagnosis and X-Ray unfold. Newly acquired patients are entrusted to hands that still shake, knees that still knock. Confidence is gained and the floor — impregnable for two years, becomes our home. The ice is broken and we’re under way. Our history as a class is yet to be fully written, but looking back on these past years we rediscover more than our share of pleasant memories which have been a part of our introduction to dentistry. These things will remain with us. More lasting even than this will be that debt of gratitude which we owe our instructors. Their work to mold us into a group capable of meeting their requirements is one which can be rewarded only by our efforts. To them, our appreciation and the hope that we may give them pleasure in our accomplishments. To the Seniors who led us and the classes which follow, good luck and success now and in the future. 96TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY ABRAMS L. ABRAMS B. ABRAMSON B. ADDIEGO L ANNUNZIATO T. AYOUB B. BALKIN R. BAMBERGER H. BARLET7A S. BECKER W. BELL . A. BERING A. BILLOTTE W. BLACK R. BOGDANOFF R. BORCHARDT J. BRAVERMAN H. BRENMAN A. BRODSKY J. CARCHMAN , G. CASTANZO R. CHANDLER R. CHROBOT E. COLLEVECCHIO H. COLTON 97TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHORL OF DENTISTRY A- COOK M. CREAMER R. DAGES A. DALMASS J. DELLA CROCE N. DELLA PELLE R. DEL NEGRO A. Dl DIO G. DIEHL J. DILLON C. EBLING M. EVANS R. EVANS J. FELDMAN P. FINK 98CLASS OF 1955 ■ % u R. HENDRICKS A. HERSH C. HOCH y l J. HOLIFIEID A. HORN 4 J. KALLAV AY C. KAPUSHINSKI I S. KOPEIKA R. KIM J. KORNMAN J. KOZURA II D. KRASNER W. KRYSPIN M. LATONI ,3 Library Temple University Philadelphia Dental CollateTEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY A. MORASKI A. MORRIS S. OLIVER W. OWENS L PELLEGRINO A. PEYSER J. PISANO G. POGOSKY M. POMMER M. PONCE G. PORTER R- RAAB A. RAHIMO B. RAINES J. RAPONE 100CLASS OF 1955 E. SCHAEFFER F. SCHIESSER R. SCHWARZ 8. SCULLY H. SELDEN T. SHEEHAN I. SHORE M SIEGEL D. SORICELLI R. SOWINSKI T. STAMPIEN R. STEGNER C. STEINER J. STEPHENS E. THOMPSON a 101CLASS OF 1955 No more trees Studying? Who’s the child? k W mBi It won’t work Gigantis Local or General in . Schmitty! Hey Wallflowers Screen 102a s i s on... THE TYPODONT brings us closer to our dream of clinical practice. Upon it we apply our digital dexterity, we learn technics which will be utilized in the performance of our clinical duties. As Oser said. "As is your pathology, so is your practice,” and so pathology, both general and oral is stressed at this time. All of our practice on the tpyodont will be wasted if we can’t distinguish normal from abnormal and correct the pathological condition. THE SOPHOMORE YEARSophomore Class Officers J. CIABATTONI R. MARTIN G. MERLA H. BERGER M. KROP President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative Class History The autumn of 1953 saw an eager class of Sophomores, well rested from a welcomed vacation, back in the laboratories and lecture rooms, adding techniques and knowledge to that acquired in the previous year. It seemed, at first, that Dr. Herman’s lectures had gone for naught as the cavity preparations became correlated with the endodontia treatment. and in short order everyone was received as a bona fide member in the “61” club. This provided an effective means for future improvement. A similar situation had to be faced in Crown and Bridge technique. Nothing was more disheartening than to have a gold band burn, or to await with anticipation the results of a casting, only to find a well casted button. Dr. Kotanchik demonstrated that the sweating process can be difficult — to the despair of the one who purchased additional gold. Many hours were spent in Physiology laboratory, and far more at home in an effort to understand the peculiar properties of the heart. If only the kymograph readings obtained coincided with those in the text. Then again many reactions do show a deviation from the normal, and the class thought this the answer — though Dr. Larson may think poor technique responsible. Normally, this would have been sufficient frustration for one year, but Pathology and Oral Histology had to be reckoned with. Polymorphonuclear leucocytes became qualified by only one word — tremendous. It was quite a feat to locate these along with edema and the like under the microscope, even with one of Dr. Donelly’s descriptive drawings in mind. Who will forget, “Gentlemen. I can’t overstress this point,” whether with reference to enamel, dentine or cementum. Surely, Dr. James’ words will not be unheeded. Eh, What! Now to recognize the structures and conditions as seen on the many slides, and to know how to treat them when we reach the clinic floor. Satisfaction was at its highest in Prosthetics when a final polish resulted in a denture capable of complementing any oral cavity. Thus the framework has been laid and now to elaborate upon it in the next two years — and then — ? 104TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY N. AKELLIAN R. ALBER t ANTONOFF S. ARISTIDE A. 8AILEY M. SELLER A BERENATO ► G. 8ARBOR | S. BEGUN P. BELSER H. BERGER G. BICKERT J. BISSELL G. BLYMIRE R. BONACCI F. BOUDREAU M. 8RAMAN F. BRAnON C. BRIGHT H. CARLSON 105TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY il A. CR1ST1ANO F. DE CHESER D. DE FONCE R. Dl GUARDI R. DOMANICO M. GRIECO E. GULMAN E. HALDER G. HAMM A. HEETER 106CLASS OF 1956 M. HELD J. HENNINGER G. HERGOTT R. HILLES K HIMMELSTEIN J. HOLSTON A. HOLTZIN S. HYMAN J. INGHAM S. JAJICH T. KACZKA H. HOROWITZ R. HOWELL W. KEARNS J. KELLY D. LA PiDUS P. LEE A. LEVIN - G. LEVIN R. LEVINE 107TE!»IPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY R- little l longo b. McNair r. malinowski g. mandas L MARSHALL K. MARTIN R. MARTIN W. MAfASAVAGE R. MATCHICK R. MEARS G. MERLA S. MOORE J. MORRIS J. MULVEY M. MUNIN C. NEEL T. NICKOLAS S. OBAL H. OLIVER I W. PALADINO K PHILUPS P. PINTOFF H. PITTEL A. POTTS 108CLASS OF 1956 L SMALL M. SPITOFSKY A. STADTHAGEN A. STILES E. STOEBENAU 109CLASS OF 1950 K. WHEAT A. WINIGRAD R. WOOD G. WAGNER D. YANELL Fatherly Advice French Film Where’s Pierre? The book says Draw Four A ; Gotta Match? Passive Congestion Strapless. Please Mass Production 110mphasis on THE TOOTH, as an entity, is the Freshman’s conception of Dentistry. Whether it be a sectioned tooi:h, a drawing of a tooth, a carved tooth or a decalcified tooth, it is merely a unit of that which can only be anticipated. At this point, the complete picture cannot be seen: only the culmination of a generalized education and the inauguration of a specialized field of learning is realized. THE FRESHMAN YEAR 9 A •Freshman Class Officers B. HOFFMAN S. ALLEY J. RULE P. DIAMOND J. BALLOTS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative Class History % This September, when we entered Temple Dental School, we were initiated into an almost entirely different atmosphere. Here were one hundred and thirty fellows who had one big thing in common — their life's ambition. Now there was going to be no more of the tiresome competition that was felt as an undercurrent in undergratuate school. There we were, as the saying goes, "just one big happy family.” Of course, as the year progressed we found, as any family would find, that there were minor differences of opinion arising now and then, but nothing serious. Confusion reigned for quite some time the first semester, especially in "Moe’s Mystery Hour.” In fact it took us until January and "Ripper” Rowen's first Biochemistry exam to "develop some thought.” But when we finally did get started we really picked up some valuable information. Z. J. Gregory let us in on a few of his better stories to spring upon our unsuspecting patients. Our good humor had another contributor. Dr. Faggart’s old newspapers, complete with stories of tar and featherings and rewards for runaway slaves helped us spend a pleasant evening. The art of learning in Anatomy class came a little harder to us. Despite one hundred and ninety two hours of searching for Dr. Miller’s "Hole in the Bottom of the Sea,” the only thing we found even slightly resembling it was the Anatomical Snuff Box. There were mixed emotions the first semester concerning Dr. Herman’s good nature, but when he displayed his winning smile as he talked about the Junior A.D.A. meetings, we decided he was the man to fill the job of Freshman Class Advisor. And so, despite all manner of complaints, criticisms and scooters, we are awaiting our Sophomore year with even more enthusiasm than we had on registration day. September 18, 1953. Our years of preparation are nearly over and we are rapidly approaching the culmination of a dream this year’s Seniors have already realized. The Class of 1958 extends its best wishes to the graduating Class of 1954. 112TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY 8. ABRAMS c. ADAMS S. ALLEY k C. ARATOW J. BALLOTS G. 8ARDFELD I. BARONE J. B5YRENT H. BOURGON W. BOYD F. BRAUN G BREIDENSTINE G. BRODSKY H. BROKOFSKY R. BURNE R. BUSH H. BUSHMAN S. BYORICK B. CALL R. CHAMPAINE R. CHARNY H. CILLS P. COOLICAN w. cooper 113TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY J. CORSETTI r T. CUSH B. DAT7ILO J. OE SANTIS P. DIAMOND J. DUBINSKI S. EATER i, FElT R. FELDMAN W. FINKBEINER J. FORTE A. FREEDMAN W. FREEDMAN M. FRIEDMAN H. FRIES A. FURMAN D. GAUL E. GAYLORD C. GOLD H. GOLDBERG R. GOMER D. GOODMAN E. GRANITE L GREENBERG N. GROSSCLASS OF 1957 D. GROSSER R. HARRIS W. HARRISON O. HIPPENSTEEL J. JORDAN L JUROS G. KANAMORI 9 N. KAPLAN F. KOHLER J. KIT7MILLER D. KOCH G. KUNE B. HOFFMAN J. KIMMEL E. KOPP L LA MAINA R. LANDES D. KUNKLE S. LEHMAN P. LAFRENIERE P. LAKIND I. LEWIS I. LEAMAN E. LECLERCQ 115TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY H. UCHTER D. LIPKIN R. MARHEFKA A. MAR7ELLA A. MtDAUGH A- MILLER J. MILLER M. MILLER A. MORRIS S. MORRIS R. MOSKOW R. NEAGLEY A. PECARSKY D. PERRY N. POKRAS K. POWLEY J. RAVIN 116CLASS OF 1957 .it li H. WHIPPLE L. WHITNER R. WOLF R. SHEMO P. SINGER G. STINSON J. TOM H SEGAL J. SERLING A SOCHACKI J. SOOJIAN T. STUMP S. THOMAS T. SHIMADA G. SHOENBERGER R. SINGER R. SMITH H. STRICKLER M STROMFELD R. UCHIN I. UF8ERG R. SIEGFRIED H. SILVERSTEIN 117CLASS OF 1957 B. ZAHARIADES S. ZALESKI A. ZEITZER A. ZIMBLE Scooters SjM Making like Dentists What’d He Say? Now, Draw Them Water Boy Grey Anatomy Men Picking up pointers 118EMPHASIS ON . . . S 0 CIE TIES i vDR. JOHN A. KOLMER M.D., DR. P.H., M.S., D.SC., LL.D., L.H.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.D. Professor of Medicine The John A. Kolmcr Society was initiated at Temple University School of Dentistry in November. 1936, by Dr. John A. Kolmer, Professor of Medicine. At the present time the membership consists of 100 students of which seventy are members of the Senior Class and thirty arc members of the Junior Class. Membership in the society is based on scholarship, character, deportment, and sincere interest in internal medicine in relation to Dentistry, irrespective of race, sex or religious affiliation. There is a twofold purpose governing all society functions: to promote understanding and cooperation between the Medical and Dental Professions, and to enable dentists to recognize those systemic diseases which manifest themselves in the oral cavity. Society functions consist of monthly meetings at which student members present the case history, physical examination and laboratory findings of a clinical patient. These presentations are followed by a discussion of the oral aspects of the condition by Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Kolmer and a paper by a guest lecturer, a faculty member of the Medical or Dental School. The scientific meetings are concluded by questions and discussion. The primary goal of this society might be called student education and with the character of Dr. Kolmer as an inspiration, it is certain that the society holds a cherished position in carrying out the principle of student impression. John A. Kolmer OFFICERS William Jennings... President Max Perlsweig ..... Secretary Joseph Koltisko.... Treasurer SENIOR William Ackerman Theofelos Aliapoulios Martin Apothakcr Jack Atkins Thomas Bailey Michael Baker William Bantle William Baringer Harry Berman Arthur Binns William Binns Lee Blaszczyk Millard Braunstcin Sidney Bridges James Carlos Alan Cohen Leonard Cohen Arthur Conway Howell Cook Richard Craighead Phillip Dcardorff Stanton Deitch William Dingerson Sidney Doris Harold Ebersole David Ehrich Morris Fcinstein Donald Flinchbaugh John Friedlander Alan Gans Nicholas Gentile Leonard Griff John Hagen Thomas Hoffman Rodney Hoober George Isaacson Sigmund Jaffe JUNIOR Isaac Abrams Leonard Abrams Ben Addicgo Henry Barletta Alfred Billotte Richard Borchardt Henry Brenman Emidio Collcvecchio Arnold Cook Robert Funk Martin Goldberg William Griffith Fred Horvath Robert Laurie MEMBERS William Jennings Dean Johnson Duane Junker Bernard Kaminsky Gilbert Karash Lester Kelncr Marvin Kogan Joseph Koltisko Charles Ludwig George Marino Alfred Mazur Howard Mendclwagcr John Mercaldo Raymond Molkcnthin Daniel Monaco Carl Nclke Josephine Palancia George Pappas Harry Peblcy Max Perlsweig George Sample William Schaffer Thomas Shaak James Shank Howard Sigman Robert Stewart George Storb Richard Sweet Robert Swift Amcrico Venneri John Vignola Morton Wachs Kenneth Werley Edward Wienski James Wilson William Wilson Donald Yoder MEMBERS William Linenberg Gilbert Lyons Richard Manning Edward McGurk Stanton Oliver William Owens Bernard Raines Norman Rose Leonard Salines Charles Santangelo Bernard Scully Howard Scully David Soricclli Frank Truskolaski Paul Weiner 120Honorary Medical Society 121James R. Cameron DR. JAMES R. CAMERON D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.A., D.SC. Professor of Oral Surgery OFFICERS Nicholas Gentile..............President Raymond Molkenthin . . Vice-President Leonard Cohen.................Secretary Harold Ebersole ............. Treasurer The objects of the Cameron Society are to promote and cultivate the art and science of Oral Surgery in dentistry; to encourage research in Oral Surgery and its allied branches of science in relation to public health; to foster higher scholastic effort and to better fraternal and non-fraternal relationships among the members toward scientific, ethical and professional progress. Membership is based first on fraternity affiliation. Each year a representative number of Junior students are chosen from each fraternity and the independent group by the Senior members of those organizations. The society accomplishes its aims through the presentation of practical considerations by guest speakers, thereby promoting and cultivating an earnest study of current problems of Oral Surgery. Dr. Cameron, through his leadership in Society activities and through his contributions to our profession, has inspired and encouraged the members of the society who are soon to begin their professional pursuits. To Dr. Cameron, we extend our sincere appreciation for his efforts and his association with us during our student years. It is with pride that we will wear the Cameron coat-of-arms upon our Society Key. SENIOR MEMBERS William Ackerman Harry Berman Sidney Bridges Leonard Cohen Phillip Deardorff Sidney Doris Harold Ebersole Nicholas Gentile John Hagen Thomas Hoffman Dean Johnson Duane Junker Joseph Koltisko George Marino Howard Mendelwager John Mercaldo Raymond Molkenthin Carl Nclke George Pappas Harry Pebley Max Pcrlsweig James Shank Richard Sweet Edward Wicnski Donald Yoder JUNIOR MEMBERS Isaac Abrams Leonard Abrams Ben Addicgo Richard Borchardt Julius Braverman Henry Brcnman Emidio Collcvccchio Harris Colton Arnold Cook Michael Creamer Robert Dagcs Robert Funk Martin Goldberg William Griffith Charles Hoch Fred Horvath Robert Laurie William Linenberg William Owens Bernard Raines Julius Raponc Norman Rose Leonard Salines Bernard Scully Howard Sclden David Soricclli Harold Tiemroth Anthony Villanc Paul Weiner Harrison Wilson 122Society of Oral Surgery 123Frederic Janies Society DR. FREDERIC JAMES L.M.M.S.S.A., D.D.S. Prolessor oi Histopatholo y A new society was formed and approved by a faculty vote in February, 1932 at a meeting over which Dr. I. Norman Broomell. Dean of the Temple University Dental College, presided. The youngest society in 1932, the Frederic James Society of Clinical Pathology, finds itself today the oldest society in the dental school. The society was named in honor of Professor Frederic James, L.M.M.S.S.A. (London), D.D.S., professor of Dcnto-histo-pathology and Therapeutics and director of the Henry Isaiah Dorr Research Laboratory of Temple University Dental School. The purpose of the Frederic James Society is to stimulate an interest in clinical pathology, to aid in research and to supplement individual and lecture room study. The society is formed by taking into membership 35 members from each Junior class, active membership continuing until graduation at the end of the Senior year. Those members of the Junior class who have been outstanding in the study of Oral Histology and Pathology are taken into the society. It is with deep gratitude that we, the members of the society, participate in the activities of the organization. The additional benefits derived from the extra-curricular activity are welcomed as a needed supplement to our dental education. Fine speakers and educators come before the group each month to stimulate interest in fields pertaining to the various specialties and related subjects encompassed by dentistry. In appreciation of this, we thank you. Dr. James. OFFICERS John Mercaldo.............. President Joseph Dillon ........ Vice-President Donald Yoder................Secretary Douglas Ebling............. Treasurer SENIOR MEMBERS William Ackerman Theofelos Aliapoulios William Bantle Robert Berg Sidney Bridges Leonard Cohen Richard Craighead Arthur Conway Phillip Dcardorff Stanton Deitch Sidney Doris Harold Ebcrsole David Ehrich Robert Fahringer Leonard Griff George Isaacson Joseph Koltisko Thomas Lenz Howard Mcndclwagcr John Mercaldo Ray Molkcnthin Daniel Monaco Carl Nclkc Josephine Palancia George Pnppas Harry Pebley Howard Sigman Robert Stewart George Storb JUNIOR MEMBERS Leonard Abrams Howard Brenman Julius Bravcrman Arnold Cook Michael Creamer Anthony DiDio Thomas Diehl Joseph Dillon Armand Dalmass Douglas Ebling Jerome Feldman William Griffith Herbert Goldberg James Holifield David Krasner William Lincnbcrg Robert Hendricks Gerald Mclman James Mazur Victor Mazur Harold Miller William Owens Stanton Oliver George Pogosky Bernard Raines Rudy Radick Julius Rapone Charles Rcif Howard Selden Charles Santangelo David Soricelli Harold Ticmroth Frank Truskolaski Harry Wilson Donald Ziegenfuss 124of Clinical Pathology 125Junior American Dental Association OFFICERS Harry Pcbley.................President Sumter Camp................. Secretary George Smith.................Treasurer Paul Weiner........ 1st Vice-President Charles Gerber .... 2nd Vice-President The Temple University Chapter of the Junior American Dental Association was established in 1943 at the Temple University School of Dentistry. It is a student organization designed to further interest the undergraduate in the broader fields of Dentistry. Through the local chapter, students receive the monthly A.D.A. Journals, are entitled access to the organized dental conventions and participate in monthly meetings where prominent lecturers are presented. During the past year, the following speakers were heard: Dr. Wilton Krogman: "Man, from there to here, to where?" Dr. M. A. Pleasure: “Practical Denture Construction." Dr. G. R. Lindquist: “Periodontics" Dr. Hubert N. Alyea: "Atomic Energy — Weapon tor Peace" Dr. Lewis Blass: "Patient Relations" Dr. C. W. Hagan: "And for this we have Children?" An innovation this year was the combined Junior American Dental Association Day held in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania. This was the first combined Jr. A.D.A. Day, and was held this year at the Temple Dental School. Forums, papers, table clinics and demonstrations were presented by members of the Senior Classes of both schools. 126Omicron Kappa UpsiIon Omicron Kappa Upsilon is the national dental honorary fraternity, election to this group being the highest honor bestowed upon a student of our profession. A committee from the dental student body of Northwestern University in 1914, “desirous of organizing and founding a national honorary fraternity . . . which shall consist of dental students exclusively, admission and membership to which shall be based upon scholarship and character as manifested by election of the faculty.” submitted the foregoing petition to the faculty. Omicron Kappa Upsilon was so organized. to encourage and develop a spirit of emulation among students in dentistry and to recognize those who distinguish themselves by high attainments while students. William Ackerman Sidney Bridges Leonard Cohen Howell Cook Richard Craighead Philip Dcardorff Sidney Doris Harold Ebersole W. Duane Junker Howard Mendelwager George Pappas Harry Peblcy A. Maxwell Perlswcig Richard Sweet Donald Yoder The name and design of the key are founded on the initial letters of four Greek words. Satiria, Adantos, Kai. and Hygeia. which mean Conservation of Teeth and Health. Membership is limited to twelve per cent of the highest one third of each graduating class conditional upon excellence in academic attainment and meritorious professional conduct. 127Student Council The Student Council is an organization whose ideals are: (1) to develop a sense of joint responsibility of the student, faculty and administration for the welfare of the Dental School, and its effective management to achieve its educational objectives in the field of dentistry; (2) to govern all student activities; and (3) to promote a closer relationship between students and faculty in areas of school policy in which cooperative action is feasible. This year the Student Council has been active in many fields; again publishing the Freshman Handbook and the Student Directory. supervising class elections, setting class dues, as well as reviewing reports of the All-Dental Dance Committee and Odontolog Staff. The Council also acted on a new method of electing class officers, brought before it by the newly organized Inter-Fraternity Council. It has been the policy of the organization to receive and act upon com- OFFICERS Leonard Cohen....................President William Black....................Secretary Mr. Erie E. Ehly...........Faculty Advisor plaints of students to better coordinate faculty and student members. The Student Council consists of two member-; from each class, the present and the student council representative. The senior class members are Leonard Cohen and Bernard Levine, those of the junior class William Black and Stanton Oliver, and the sophomore class members Morris Krop and James Ciabattoni. This year Mr. Erie E. Ehly was elected Faculty Advisor. It is the hope of the council members that those men who carry on the work in the future will do so with the same sincerity and enthusiasm. 128Newman Club The Newman Club here at Temple University School of Dentistry is a branch of the National Federation of Newman Clubs and a part of the National Catholic Youth Council, a coordinated organization approved by the American Hierarchy. The Newman Clubs were founded through the foresight of the eminent Henry Cardinal Newman, who banded them together under the Newman Clubs Federation covering the United States and Canada. conjunction with the undergraduate chapter. The National Headquarters for the Newman Clubs is located in Washington, D. C. From these headquaters the members receive a national paper and also any needed advice or ideas necessary in dealing with their problems or functions. The large and active membership here at the Dental School is made up of students of both the School of Dentistry and the School of Oral Hygiene. The aim of the Newman Club is to further the religious and educational, as well as the social outlook of its student members. Locally the chapter is under the directorship of the Reverend Francis Kimball. John Mercaldo is president of the chapter here at the Dental School. The Newman Club holds its meetings twice a month, conducting both business and social functions at these meetings. Guest lecturers are present at many meetings to discuss timely topics with the members. Semiannual Communion breakfasts are held in OFFICERS John Mercaldo.....................President George Lopatofsky............Vice-President William Sherry....................Secretary Robert Van Sciver. ...............Treasurer Reverend Father F. Kimble..........Chaplain 129 n ter fra tern it'j Co unci I In the Spring of 1953, with the assistance of Mr. Erie E. Ehly. an Interfraternity Council was formed at Temple University School of Dentistry. Each Fraternity was represented by its President and a second duly elected member. The Council was created in an endeavour to further cement existing ties between the fraternities for the increased welfare of the fraternities, the student body and the school itself. In its first year of existence the council made considerable progress. A constitution was adopted, rushing regulations and pledging procedures were standardized along with recommendations for some changes in procedure. It is the fervent hope of this first Inter-fraternity Council here at Temple Dental School that this infant organization will grow with the exfoliation of primary prejudices and the eruption of an even closer permanent relationship between the member fraternities. The Council would like to thank Mr. Ehly for his invaluable advice and experienced guidance. I OFFICERS Millard Braunstein.................President Arthur Conway.................Vice-President Kenneth Werley.....................Secretary J ack Sokoloff.............................T fonSurer Mr. Eric E. Ehly.....................Advisor 13DEMPHASIS ON . . . PUBLICA TI 0 N SThe Odontolog STAFF Editor-in-Chiel Stanton Deitch Business Manager John J. Vignola Faculty Advisor Eric E. Ehly Assistant Editor John J. Vignola Ass't Business Manager Vincent Pollaro Photography Editors Martin Apothakcr Howard Mcndelwager Bernard Moskow Americo Venneri Art Editors Lee Blaszczyk Charles Ludwig Features Editors Theofelos Aliapoulios Robert Friedman Jack Sokoloff For the past three years we have seen three excellent editions of the Odontolog put forth by our predecessors with a tremendous amount of work and effort. Little did we realize then that we too would be expending our energies and talents our senior year in order that we could present a yearbook which would be worthy of our efforts and a credit to our class, school and faculty who strive always to make each class a little bit better and a little more wiser. Weighing in the balance of our past experience and benefiting by those who preceded us, the staff has attempted to present a yearbook which encompasses a variety of our likes and dislikes with some sections, has introduced a theme which we feel is not obscure, has adopted some new photographic techniques, has presented a rather unique features section, and has varied the layout to suit our needs. We wish to extend many thanks to those members of the alumni, faculty and student body who gave unselfishly of their efforts. Also many deep thanks are extended to Stanton Deitch and the staff for their never ending toilsome hours of work so that we could enjoy this, our Odontolog. 132The Temple Dental Review was revised in 1945 to become the official publication of the Temple University School of Dentistry. This year has seen the development of a more modern cover and the incorporation of several new features. Fashioned after many national dental publications, the Review’s primary concern is with increasing the growth and interest of dental education. It affords an opportunity for student participation in the field of journalism and encourages student research and review writing. The Review is also an outlet for student editorials, alumni and faculty news, reports and activities of classes, societies and fraternities at the Dental School. Published three times during the school term, with a circulation of over seven hundred, the Temple Dental Review helps to demonstrate to students of other schools and dental societies the type of educational program which is an integral part of Temple University School of Dentistry. STAFF Editors-in-Chiei Raymond Molkenthin Arthur Conway Assistant Editors-in-Chiei George Porter Rudolph Iacino Assistant Editor Michael Baker Business Manager Howard Mendelwager Assistant Business Manager Malcolm Ponce Art Editor Sumter Camp Faculty Advisory Council J. Wallace Forbes D.D.S. Harold L. Faggart D.D.S. The Temple Review 133ihe Dental Mirror Editor Robert Chandler Advisory Editor Carl Nelke Reporters A1 Potts William Sherry Ray Chrobot Richard Bush Dave Kunkle Charles Thomas Susan Beach Helena Presser Gloria Ludwig Irv Karel Hal Miller Richard Sklut From obscure speculation to regular enjoyment and interest is the course of the Nineteen Hundred Fifty Three-Fifty Four Dental Mirror. Deadlines met and missed, lack or abundance of ideas, an organ of pertinent information, news old and new, anecdotes and dates to remember, a correlation of our school and fraternity doings mixed with gossip and hearsay, our own publication filled with personal data about our colleagues and friends: this is our Dental Mirror, as new as our surroundings and as prying as our thirst for new- methods and techniques. Those of the staff from the supervising editor and the editor through the reporters and circulating managers are all equally credited for the work done on the paper. It is an organization well familiar with the awareness of those who read it. For those who follow us on the future staffs of the Dental Mirror, may they find the pleasure and satisfaction in their efforts to bring their fellow students and professors all closer to each other through our school and out of school activities. 134OFFICERS Millard Braunstcin.......President Howard Scldcn.......Vice-President David Krasncr.............Secretary Bernard Layton...........Treasurer Sigmund Jaffe.............Historian Dr. M. Amsterdam. .Faculty Advisor Dr. Martin Salas. . .Alumni Advisor Dr. Leonard Beilis. .Alumni Advisor Alpha Omega The objectives of Alpha Omega Fraternity are to promote the profession of Dentistry; to establish, foster and develop higher standards of scholarship, leadership and character: and to inculcate a spirit of fellowship among all its members. While in Dental School, the spirit of fellowship stands as a bulwark towards confidence for the Alpha Omega student. After graduation, the Fraters are extended continued advantages along these lines. Alumni groups, ready made for their welcome admittance, give still more mature promise for that esteemed hope we call Brotherhood. By virtue of Alpha Omega’s inherent sponsorship and creed, this cherished aspiration of good fellowship is fostered. Coupled with local interchapter congeniality. our National Conventions, Council meetings. Seminar and Regency Conferences place at the Fraters disposal propitious experiences to make friends, understand people, and to learn to live among them in amity and accord. The Theta Ramach Chapter was organized in 1914 with the merger of the Theta Chapter of the Philadelphia Dental College and the Ramach Chapter of the Medico-Chirurgical College. From then until now. Theta Ramach has exemplified Alpha Omega to its utmost by making its motto a living part of its Fraters. “Harmonia. Amor et Veritas." the motto of Alpha Omegans. characterize their efforts to establish, foster and develop the highest ideals and standards of the Dental profession and inculcate a spirit of good will to all. As always. Alpha Omega displays great pride in the Senior Class and extends to all hearty congratulations. It is hoped that these men will continue in their firm fraternal friendships in graduate chapters and be an honorable credit to the good name of Temple University and Theta Ramach Chapter. Alpha Omega. 135137alpha omega SENIORS Martin Apothaker Jack Atkins Harold Blasband Millard Braunstein Alan Cohen Leonard Cohen Robert Berg Stanton Dcitch David Ehrich Allan Gans Arnold Gordon Leonard Griff George Isaacson Sigmund Jaffe Bernard Kaminsky Gilbert Karash Thomas Lenz Bernard Levine Bertram Lurie H. Mcndelwnger Robert Moray Bernard Moskow David Plcssctt Norman Rosenberg Howard Sigman Morton Wachs JUNIORS Leonard Abrams Bert Abramson Jack Carchman Arnold Cook William Frost Arnold Goldman David Krasner Robert Laurie Bernard Layton Alvin Morris Jerome M elm an Stanton Oliver Allen Peyser Malcom Ponce Howard Scldcn Martin Siegal Paul Wiener SOPHOMORES Sanford Begun Gerald Cohen Jerry Fine Leonard Fishman Jerome Friedman Myron Freeman Irwin Geller Howard Glaser Raymond Goldstein Stanley Goldstein Alfred Gutman Morris Krop Irving Karel Donald Lapidus Alexander Levin Grant Levin Robert Levine Howard Pittel Donald Yanncl FRESHMEN Barry Abrams Gilbert Bardfield Stanton Fater Irwin Feit Arthur Freedman Arthur Furman Harold Goldberg Ronald Gomer Walter Harrison Jeffry Kimmel Fred Kohler Paul Lakind Stuart Lehman Harvey Lichter David Lipkin Stanton Morris Richard Moskow Jack Neff Norman Pokras Jerome Serling Harry Silverstein Melvin Stromfeld Robert Uchin Irwin Ufbcrg 138Wall Flowers In Conference What’s To Drink? Where’s the Pretzels Fill 'er Up Muscle Molder Trophy Boys Tennis. Anyone? v: ,f Bang. Bang Lulu Laundry Men AC 7 think If hipprns.d 'T in Boston Are You Sure? A. 139OFFICERS Arthur Conway...............Grand Master Carl Nelkc.................Worthy Master George Porter............Treasurer John Mercaldo...............Scribe William Black...........Historian Raymond Molkcnthin. . .Senior Pa e Robert Chandler.......Junior Page Julius Rapone................Tyler Dr. Sumner X. Pallardy. .. . Deputy Dr. John A. Engler. Assistant Deputy Dr. Norman Ricmer. Assistant Deputy Delta Sigma Delta In November of 1882. seven men at the University of Michigan incorporated their high ideals into the first Dental Greek letter society — Delta Sigma Delta Since the beginning, the objectives of our fraternity have been to keep high the standards of Dentistry by inculcating in the minds of dental students and practitioners a spirit of fraternal cooperation towards scientific, ethical and profession progress. Our fraternity endeavours to teach us the high ideals of Dentistry, one of the noblest of all professions. Since the founding in 1945 of Rho Rho Chapter, here at Temple University School of Dentistry, the attainment of a high standard of scholarship has always been most important, and has been emphasized in its relation to producing Dentists of high professional acumen. Through the capable guidance of our Deputies, Dr. Sumner X. Pallardy, Dr. John Engler and Dr. Norman Riemer, and a fine group of officers headed by Arthur Conway, the school year. 1953-1954 will long be remembered. The hard work on the part of each member has resulted in the complete renovation of our recently acquired chapter house. We surely are thankful to each brother who has toiled to complete these renovations. To every graduating brother we owe and offer our deepest thanks for your many contributions to Rho Rho Chapter. You will now be elevated to the graduate Chapter, but the fraternal spirit that you stirred here will long be felt. Every brother wishes you our congratulations and the greatest success as you enter your chosen profession. 140MlRecruits Bored Stiff Getting Fixed Up Rehabilitation Champ Horse and Friend SiX'Appeal Master Roberts Getting Lit Up Chug-A-Lugdelta sigma delta SENIORS Theofelos Aliapoulios Fred Barlow William Baringer Sumter Camp James Carlos Arthur Conway Raymond Dctz William Dingerson Larry Ditoro Harold Ebcrsolc Donald Flinchbaugh Jay Fleck Charles Henry William Ing Robert Kolb Stanley Krzywicki Charles Ludwig Joseph Marcell John Mcrcaldo Raymond Molkcnthin Carl Nelkc Robert Ortelere Raymond Pierson John Robb James Roberts Larry Rozanski George Sample James Shank Edward Stoebenau William Schaffer Robert Schraishuhn JUNIORS Ben Addiego Lewis Annunziato William Black Robert Chandler Raymond Chrobot Robert Dagcs Arm and Dalmass Joseph Dillon Joseph Grimes John Hafer Charles Hoch A1 Horn Rudolph Iacino Walter Kryspin William Mlkvy George Porter Julius Raponc Bernard Scully Michael Creamer SOPHOMORES Harry Carlson Poy Lee • Kenneth Martin Barack McNair Stanley Obal Homer Phillips Eugene Stoebenau Richard Howell Theodore Nickolas FRESHMEN John Ballots William Boyd Richard Bush Harold Fries Dale Gaul Ernest Gaylord Jack Jordan George Kanamori Darrell Koch Jack Kitzmillcr Niel Kopp David Kunkle Paul Lafreniere Charles LcVan Richard Marhefka James Miller Lynn Neagley Kenneth Powley John Ravin Robert Shemo George Shoenberger Robert Siegfried John Soojian Charles Thomas Harvey Whipple 142OFFICERS Kenneth Wcrlcy........Grandmaster Thomas Diehl. . .Junior Grandmaster William JenninRS........Secretary Edward J ennings................T reasurer Thomas Shaak...............Editor Dr. C. McMurray, Deputy Councilor Dr. Thomas Dilworth. .Ass’t Deputy Councilor Psi Omega Eta Chapter of Psi Omega is observing its 58th anniversary this year at Temple University School of Dentistry. Eta. the seventh chapter to be installed, was organized in 1896 at the Philadelphia Dental College, only four years after the founding of the National Psi Omega Fraternity. The objectives of Psi Omega Fraternity, inculcated at the time of its inception are: to provide members with friends to whom they can turn for advice and assistance when needed: to further develop the social qualities of its members: and to exert its influence for the advancement of the dental profession in methods of teaching and practice. Having attained these objectives, the members will be adequately fit to take their places in one of the noblest of all professions. that of Dentistry. During the past year, the fraternity has been a very active and progressive organization. Many improvements to the fraternity house at 1505 Allegheney Avenue have been made through the fine cooperation of every member and under the capable guidance of our Deputy Councilor, Dr. Carl E. McMurray. Due to its large membership. Eta is the largest chapter of Psi Omega at the present time. The fraternal spirit of cooperation and association, both socially and scholastically, is continually shown by this fine organization, high in ideals and motivated by the regard for, and devotion to. the interests of others. Through the formality of graduation. Eta Chapter contributes twenty-seven men to the class of 1954. These men, having departed from active membership in Eta to join the Alumni ranks, have gone forth to take their places in the world as members of an honored profession with the highest ideals of humanitarian service to mankind. We feel sure they will continue their firm friendships in active graduate chapters and renew their associations with the present brothers and classmen. We extend to them our most heartfelt thanks for the leadership, friendship and cooperation they have so generously given us and with them the greatest success in their chosen profession. 144145psi omega SENIORS Thomas Bailey Leo Blaszczyk George Charles Howell Cook Richard Craighead Phillip Deardorff Rodney Hoobcr George Huber Edward Jennings William Jennings Daniel Lovette Walter Malinowski Alfred Mazur Daniel Monaco George Pappas Harry Pebley Carl Pommcr Thomas Shaak George Storb Richard Sweet Robert Swift Joseph Venneri Charles Wagner Kenneth Werley James Wilson William Wilson Donald Yoder JUNIORS Russell Bamberger Henry Barletta William Bell Alfred Billotte Richard Borchardt Nicholas Della Pella Thomas Diehl Douglas Ebling William Griffith William Haig James Holifield Harold Johnson Jack Kommann John Kozura George Lopatofsky Edward Lychak Gilbert Lyons Edmund McGurk Richard Manning James Mazur Victor Mazur Harold Miller William Owens Louis Pclligrino Matt Pommcr Richard Raab Norman Rose Charles Reif Len Salines Edward Schaeffer Charles Santangelo Tim Sheehan Frank Schiesser David Soricelli Ronald Sowinski Theodore Stampien Joseph Stephens Everett Thompson Frank Truskolaski Robert Van Zandt Andrew Welkie Lewis Williams Stanley Witt Robert Yackel Arnold Zappasodi Donald Ziegenfuss SOPHOMORES Nuber Akellian Samuel Aristide Alan Bailey Gerry Barbor Paul Bclsor Andrew Berenato Henry Berger Gus Bickert Joseph Bissell George Blymire Fred Boudreau Ralph Domanico George Feeney George Hamm James Henninger A1 Hergott Jack Holston Jack Ingham Richard Little Louis Longo George Mandas Raymond Martin Willard Matasavage Richard Mears Gerald Merla Samuel Moore Joseph Morris Albert Potto Richard Riehl Jacob Salem Joseph Shinn John Schwendeman Edward Shaffer William Sherry Robert Shultz William Scanlon Lewis Small Austin Stiles Robert Van Scivcr Frank Veit Kenneth Wheat Robert Wood FRESHMEN Cecil Adams Leo Barone John Beyrent Glenn Breidcnstine George Chandlee Paul Coolican Walter Finkheiner Robert Harris Oscar Hippensteel Robert Landes Ivan Learn an Ernest Lecleve Donald Perry Gilbert Rose James Rule Angelo Sartor Richard Smith Gerry Stinson Orvin Strickler Thomas Stump Robert Weaver Lewis Whitman Ted Forte 146Whiffen poofs Whistle Bait Roughin’ It Athletics Bam Storm Then I Stripped Periosteum What’ll You Have? 147ZEA OFFICERS Jack Sokoloff................Master Robert Friedman...........Chaplain Philip Fink.................Scribe Morris Feinstcin.........Treasurer Louis Ivry....................Inner Guard Harris Colton.................Outer Guard Gilbert Kates.............Historian Dr. R. Popper...............Deputy Dr. B. Saturcn......Faculty Advisor Sigma Delta Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity was founded in 1901 at New York University College of Dentistry for the advancement of its members and the constant uplifting of Dental standards and practice. Its foremost ideal has been the professional dvelopment and personal broadening of the individual by the daily contact of men living and working together on the undergraduate level: meeting, discussing, collaborating on the graduate level. It has afforded its members a forum for the interchange of thought: broading them by the discovery and the composition of differences, bringing the experience of the graduate to the undergraduate, providing the undergraduate in its fraternity houses the benefit of group study. In short, it has striven to develop leadership, personality, and professional ethics in all its members. For fifty-two years Sigma Epsilon Delta has been living proof of the success and practicability of the highest ethics in Dentistry, of idealism and individualism in everyday life. Delta Chapter at Temple University is a fine example of the principles of a Dental fraternity in action. Sigma Epsilon Delta National Council and the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter joined last year to sponsor the remodeling of the Delta fraternity house and installation of the finest dental laboratory on campus. Graduate and undergraduate functions, both social and professional are all closely integrated. Frequent lectures and clinics by outstanding graduate brothers are given to the undergrads to close the gap between the student and outside professional world. A formalized counciling program brings each student into intimate contact with at least one graduate counterpart. The exemplary record of Sigma Epsilon Deka men in Dentistry thus proves to be no accident. Little wonder, then, that we have no fears for tlie future of our present graduating class. They have already stood forth at Temple Dental School in leadership, scholarship and character. We are confident that future generations in Delta Chapter shall find these men eminent guides toward the ideals of Sigma Epsilon Delta. 148149sigma epsilon delta SENIORS Harry Berman Sidney Doris Morris Feinstein Robert Friedman John Freidlandcr Carl Hoffman Benjamin Karp Lester Kelncr Marvin Kogan Max Perlsweig Milton Pevner Jack Sokoloff Gerald Sydell JUNIORS Burton Balkin Stanley Becker Rubin Bogdanoff Julius Braverman Arthur Brodsky Harris Colton Marvin Evans Jerome Feldman Philip Fink Herbert Goldberg Martin Goldberg Arthur Hcrsh Milton Isaacs Louis Ivry Gilbert Kates Saul Kopeika William Lincnberg Fred Liskcr George Pogosky Bernard Raines Irving Shore Charles Steiner SOPHOMORES Mortimer Beller Matthew Braman Allen Freed Charles Gerber Daniel Goldberg Sorrell Goldberg Harvey Himmelstein Allyn Holtzin Howard Horowitz Stanley Hyman Gerald Korn Leon Marshall Martin Munin Charles Neel Philip PintofI Richard Sklut Melvin Spitofsky Seymour Sturm Jerry Summers Allen Winigrad FRESHMEN Fred Braun George Brodsky Harvey Brokofsky Howard Bushman Robert Champaine Robert Chamey Howard Cills William Cooper Ralph Feldman Mark Friedman David Goodman Edwin Granite Lester Greenberg Nathan Gross Bernard Hoffman Norman Kaplan Arthur Morris Bernard Nisenholtz Alvin Pccarsky Herman Segal Paul Singer I. Russ Weinstein Robert Wolf Albert Zeitzer Alan Zimble 150Who’s Goofy? 1-2 Punch Who’s Who Near Beer Smile Awhile r SED’s Finest Student’s Seminar 151OFFICERS Michael Baker..............President Aziz Rahimo. ....... .Vice-President Robert Jewells.............Secretary Dean Johnson...............Treasurer Edward Wicnski..............Philemon Nicholas Gentile..............Editor Dr. L. Graves.................Deputy Dr. E. Ritscrt.....Assistant Deputy Dr. R. Rowen, Sr. .Assistant Deputy Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi National Dental Fraternity was founded in February 1889 at Ann Arbor, Michigan by a group of five freshmen of the Dental Department of the University of Michigan and has grown and expanded so that at the present time there are thirty-one college chapters. Our Chapter, Gamma, was chartered in 1894, at the Philadelphia Dental College, now known as Temple University School of Dentistry, for the purpose of providing a better, more substantial foundation upon which to build a successful professional life; of creating a desire for a cleaner, healthier and more than wholesome atmosphere in which to live; of developing an appreciation of the qualities of friendship and hospitality; and of stimulating a desire to include these qualities in the character of its members. We most emphatically declare for a brotherhood based on the real merit of the character and achievement of the individual, and deny the superficial instinct which prompts fictitious valuation placed on wealth, blood or religion. This year marks the fifty-ninth anniversary of the conception of Gamma Chapter and to this day we have upheld the principles set forth by our founders: namely, knowledge, morality and friendship. This year also marks a milestone in the annals of Gamma Chapter in that our fraternal activities are taking place in our newly purchased house at 1424 West Allcgheney Avenue. The house has been completely renovated, complete with an addition of a beautifully decorated basement party room. We also have a well equipped laboratory with ample working space for approximately twenty men. Another feature which we have resumed this year is the serving of meals at the Chapter house. Monty, our cook, provides us with our “three squares” a day. all deliciously prepared. And from the appearances of our brothers, it seems that the food is really good. The achievements and advances of the past year are due to the close cooperation, untiring and unselfish efforts by all our members and by our increasingly active alumni. 152153xi psi phi SENIORS Angelo Andreacola John Avcdisian Michael Baker James Colletti Anthony DiRenzo Nicholas Gentile John Hagen Charles Horn John Hudock Robert Jewells Dean Johnson Joseph Koltisko Louis Kurtz Fred Lcntini George Smith Edward Wienski JUNIORS Theodore Ayoub Edmidio Collevechio Ralph DelNcgro Fred Horvath Milton Latoni George Montano Alfred Moraski Joseph Pisano Aziz Rahimo Robert Schwarz Harold Tiemroth Anthony Villane Harry Wilson SOPHOMORES Roy Bonacci Thomas Chermol James Cinbattoni Patrick Cicchino Floyd DeCheser Donald DeFonce Richard DiGuardi Joseph Giordano Michael Grieco Edward Haider James Hutzler Thaddcus Kaczka Woodruff Kearns Richard King Robert Matchick Robert Malinowski William Paladino Edwin Rogalewski Gerald Sattee Robert Senerchia John Shepp Alejandro Stadthagen FRESHMEN Samuel Alley John Corsetti Thomas Cush Frank Dattilo John DeSantis Donald Grosser Larry LaMaina Anthony Martela William Orlacchio Alex Sochacki Stan Zaleski 154155mphasis on... COMMUNITY HEALTH is a major problem that confronts us all. The Oral Hygienist presents herself as the front line of defense. Preventative Dentistry is the watchword. Complete oral prophylaxis and the administration of sodium fluoride treatments to the erupting dentition save the patient from complicated and extensive restorative treatment later. The Oral Hygienist is able to aid the Dentist since her schooling involves a vast range of basic sciences in addition to the training to perform her duties. ORAL H Y G IE N EA dm in is trat ion MARGARET A. BAILEY Professor of Oral Hygiene Supervisor—School of Oral Hygiene To The Oral Hygiene Class of 1954: It is with a feeling of mingled gladness and sadness that I extend this greeting to you— gladness that you have achieved a successful conclusion of this period of your training— sadness because a pleasant association must be severed. Plutarch, in his writings, says: "When men are arrived at the goal, they should not turn back." Because you have completed this period of training, do not stop your studying, learn something from each day’s duties, read widely in the literature of your profession and mingle freely with your fellow-workers. Remember your Alma Mater will watch your progress, will share in your joys, in your sorrows and success, and always feel free to return for any help or advice at any time. May success attend your every effort. Sincerely. 158 RUTH M. HECK Assistant Supervisor School of Oral HygieneStaff Senior Class History Two years of hard work, studying and fun in Oral Hygiene arc over. We reminisce as we say farewell to all of our wonderful friends and instructors. September 17. 1952 — that was the memorable day the class of "54” arrived at Temple University — sparkling, bright and eager. We came from seven states and the District of Columbia. Several weeks later, after an introduction to professors, courses, books and teeth, we met them — face to face — our manikins. They won't bite, Pattie! Will we ever forget how we filed and sawed away at those teeth and the number of cards we used in mounting them. Ohh! There goes the apex. Myra. And then came the drawings. Among the many Rembrants in our class were Janine, Joan, Barbara, Gloria and Jayn. Remember — how could we ever forget — our custom made uniforms and smocks. Breathlessly we awaited their arrival. Pat. are you sure that’s not Louise’s? Then just before Christmas we began carving those little pink blocks of wax and turning them into — surprisingly enough — teeth. Among those talanted in this field were Anne, Pat. Dorothy, Bobbie and Sue. We elected Class officers: President, Cindy Crosland: Vice-President, Nancy Ness: Secretary, Elaine Block: and Treasurer, Betty Rispoli. Before we knew it, Christmas was here and we were busy practicing for the Christmas Show. Then we whizzed through semester exams and before we knew it we were in clinic and working on “real live” patients. We had many new and interesting subjects and time seemed to fly. Pedodontia, Endodontia, X-Ray, Surgery and Oral Diagnosis were among our new studies. About this time ash trays curiously resembling teeth 159Class Officers B. HERMAN J. BULLES G. MAJSEL D. SWYERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer History (con t.) appeared. The semester ended sooner than we expected and we departed for our vacation. We returned in September amid the excitement of pinnings and engagments and a Potato Blossom Queen. We were all anxious to get back to our studies and clinic. We began giving Sodium Fluoride treatments and trying to get our X-ray requirements finished. Ruth. Mary Jane, Marie, Linda. Arlene and Jane were a few of the many looking for edentulous patients. Alarm clocks rang earlier and louder. In fact it was quite dark out — oh, those eight o’clock classes! Dellie, Paula. Janet, Flossie and Nancy claimed they didn’t hear a thing. We had fun planning our “little sister” party and enjoyed attending the O. H. tea. We studied hard throughout the year. For relaxation we played scrabble, bridge, pinochle and knitted. Grossly underbid, eh Twinnies, Mary Anne and Marilyn? Our officers were Barbara Herman. President; Jean Bulles, Vice-President: Gloria Maisel, Secretary: and Donna Swyers. Treasurer. Temple Homecoming Weekend brought our Senior Dorm first place in the parade. We were all very proud. No one knew who the goat was — Sue or Betty. Christmas came with just about the best show ever. Our vivacious Can-Can girls were Ginger, Dinny, Mary Lou and Iris. Jeri, Bobbie and Joyce went to town on the Charleston. The traditional candle light procession was beautiful. We won’t forget this, our last Christmas at Temple. Time was flying and we did quite a lot of studying for semester exams. The freshmen joined us in the clinic our last semester. We enjoyed every minute of clinic and found it very interesting. One of the loveliest affairs was our Senior Dance. We all had a wonderful time. Before we knew it, June was here, graduation arrived, a most memorable day. The study was over. We were now Oral Hygienists. Our friends were many, the memories linger on. The two years we spent were wonderful ones. The books, professors and studies all made it more interesting. The time was filled with fun, excitement, hard work and study. We hope that we can live up to the high standards taught us and we are determined to make good in our profession. 160Class of 1954 SUSAN BEACH Ansonia Road Woodbridge, Connecticut "Pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too. to think on.” SYDELLE BERNSTEIN MRS. ELAINE BLOCK YANELL 1828 West Tioga Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 52 King Philip Drive West Hartford. Connecticut "Fashioned so slenderly, so young, and so lair. "High erected thoughts seated in the heart oi courtesy.” SUSANNE BLYMIRE 204 West Main Street Dallastown. Pennsylvania In every gesture, dignity and love. Oral 161 ieneOral Hygiene GLORIA BOURNE 1427 N. W. 16th Street Miami, Florida Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. JEAN BULLES 312 Fairview Street Reading. Pennsylvania "Dreamer and achiever oi dreams.' JAYN COLLETT Route 2 Trinity, North Carolina “Liberal, cheerful and sincere—a host of kindly traits." CYNTHIA CROSLAND 914 Columbia Avenue Lancaster. Pennsylvania "She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone, or despise." Temple University 162MARIE DEL PRETE 31 Lanfair Road Cheltenham, Pennsylvania • 4 heart that is true—she is a constant triend." School of Dentistry 144 Hubinger Street New Haven. Connecticut “The sweetest essences are always confined in the smallest glasses.” MARY FERGUSON R. 700 North Locust Hazleton. Pennsylvania “ ‘Twas her thinking ol others that made you think ol her.” RITA ECKENRODE 701 North George Street York, Pennsylvania “Those iracelul acts, those thousand decencies that flow trom all her words and actions.” PAULA EPSTEIN 163Temple University Oral Hygiene ANNE FINK 10 Augustine Road Wilmington, Delaware Strength and dignity are her clothing." JANE GIBLIN 730 Stanbridge Road Drcxel Hill, Pennsylvania "Quietness and confidence shall be your strength” MARY JANE GIORDANO 2825 South Smedlcy Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A large heart—a Iriend indeed." JANYCE GRENET 411 Miller Street Butler, Pennsylvania Strong of will and strong ol character.” 164School of Dentistry JOYCE GRENET 411 Miller Street Butler, Pennsylvania "Whatever her hand fmdeth to do she doeth with all her might." BARBARA HERMAN 503 Carpenter Lane Philadelphia. Pennsylvania "Never too unhappy to smile, to speak." never to busy t IRIS JAFFE 208 Farmington Avenue Hartford, Connecticut “Free from deceit her face, and lull and free her heart." JOAN KELLY 5589 North Hill Creek Drive Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Thoughttulness is the essence of friendship." Class of 1954Oral Hygiene I MRS. DOROTHY LANTZ 2634 Dickinson Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kutztown State Teachers College Bachelor of Science "All things are easy that are done willingly." MARYANN McGRATH 761 Second Street Catasauqua. Pennsylvania PATRICIA MAC GIBBON 1405 S. E. 4th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida lace "The light that dances over her sunshine in her heart." speaks oi "One could ask no more oi late than to be simple, modest and true." GLORIA MAISEL 104 West 28th Street Wilmington. Delaware "Strong ol heart—gentle ol manner. 166 Temple UniversityARLENE MILLER R. D. 3 Stcwartstown. Pennsylvania "Her voice is ever soft, gentle, and low—an excellent thing in a woman.” EVA MILLER NANCY NESS 664 Pennsylvania Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania R. D. 3 Stcwartstown. Pennsylvania "Ever lair and never proud—had tongue at will, but never loud.” "Grace is in her steps — in every gesture dignity.” JANET MILLER 5145 North Hutchinson Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Her wit is the salt oI conversation." School of Dentistry 167Temple University FLORENCE ODENHEIMER 1516 Widener Place Philadelphia. Pennsylvania "She touches nothing but she adds a charm." JANINE PROVOST 1724 N. E. 16th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida “She strove all to please with manners wondrous pleasing MARILYN READING 129 Lafayette Street Easton. Pennsylvania A merry heart is good medicine.” ELIZABETH RISPOLI 4314 22nd Street, N. E. Washington. D. C. "She mixes reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth." Oral Hygiene 168School of Dentistry BARBARA RODENSKY 21 Alger Street New London. Connecticut “Ever steady, ever ready—she has a heart that is loyal." BARBARA ROGELL 243 Sherman Avenue New Haven, Connecticut “Very rich she is in virtues—we deem her a friend. PATRICIA ROSE 502 North Broom Street Wilmington, Delaware “With lips that brim with laughter, she smiles away the clouds." MARILYN ROTH Hamilton Street Bowmanstown, Pennsylvania “Simple tastes — mind content, she builds bridges of respect.” 169 Class of 1954OraI Hygiene BARBARA SAMKOFF 62 Bajart Place Yonkers. New York "Her presence and her company we here have long enjoyed." NANCY SCHWARZ 1577 Santa Barbara Drive Dunedin Isles. Florida "Not oiten does she speak, but there is conversation in her eyes." VIRGINIA SHABAZIAN 521 West 185th Street New York, New York "The world of merriment crowned her with sunshine.” ARLENE SHEINBERG 1701 North Lincoln Wilmington, Delaware 'A heart that is loyal will never grow cold. 170 temple UniversityClass of 1954 MYRA SNYDER 4616 North 8th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "Softly speaks, softly smiles—she values the merits ol others." LOUISE STRUVEN 2412 Briarwood Road Baltimore, Maryland "Good sense is her helmet." DONNA SWYERS 815 Biscayne Drive West Palm Beach, Florida "She casts her nets in many streams to catch the silver fish of dreams." RUTH TEPPER 7921 West Chester Pike Upper Darby, Pennsylvania "Quiet in manner—a will inflexible." School of Dentistry 171Class of 1954 LINDA ULP 822 Jackson Circle State College, Pennsylvania “She has one ot those well-oiled dispositions which turns upon the hinges of the world without creaking PATRICIA WHITE 65 N. W. 106th Street Miami, Florida Walking in silence, she sees and understands.' 172Oral Hygiene Freshmen A. BENJAMIN President R. RUTECKI Vice-President H. SARAKANYCH Secretary J. MILLER Treasurer Class Officers (lass His ton The eventful day had finally arrived! As freshmen, and future Oral Hygienists, we were both thrilled and bewildered, looking forward with great anticipation to our studies and duties. We were determined to excel in our classes. During the first semester we were introduced to teeth of all sizes, shapes and forms. We sawed, filed, carved and drew these teeth. It seemed that there was nothing so important in life as a tooth. In Bacteriology we met all the important “bugs.” and spent many happy hours in Lab trying to distinguish between them. On Hallowe’en our big sisters entertained us with a party. We discovered there was quite a bit of talent in the senior class. The fraternities also helped in keeping us entertained with their parties, and it wasn’t long until our Thanksgiving vacation began. We felt we deserved this vacation after we had experienced all our mid-semester exams. After our return we rehearsed for the annual Christmas program. The candlelight procession, in which all the girls participated was very dramatic and impressive. The entire program was most successful, and we commenced our Christmas vacation “filled to the brim” with the Christmas spirit. Before we could realize it. mid-year exams were due and it was just another cycle of studying and cramming—rushing to finish our drawings and carvings. The memory of that week of con:inuous exams is one we have erased from our book of happy memories. The beginning of our second semester marked the beginning of our duties in the clinic — at last! It was something we eagerly anticipated — this is what our studies of the first semester had prepared us for. We marked this day down as a “red letter” day. Working in the clinic and becoming acquainted with dental procedures occupied the majority of our time. Easter vacation came and went, followed by study for final exams. Our hopes and ambitions are to be worthy of the standards taught to us, and to overcome any obstacles we may encounter in our future profession as Oral Hygienists. 173ORAL HYGIENE ANNE BENJAMIN 1100 Brandywine Blvd. Wilmington. Delaware ELAINE BERKOWITZ 1008 Monmouth Avenue Lakewood, New Jersey MARILEN BOWSER 1010 Fifth Avenue Ford City, Pennsylvania REBEKAH CALECHMAN S16 Yale Avenue New Haven. Conn. LOIS CAMPBELL 2624 Frederick Avenue Baltimore, Maryland PATRICIA CARELLO 1802 Elm Street Wilmington. Delaware JOAN CATON 625A South Main Street Philipsburg, New Jersey TOBY DENNER 179 Exeter Street Brooklyn, New York CAROL EICHMAN 133 West Mahanoy Street Mahanoy City, Penna. SALLY EISENSTAT 308 Irving Drive Wilmington, Delaware 174C LASS OF 1955 DOLORES EPSTEIN 9503 Wire Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland VIRGINIA FOLMER 641 West 169th Street New York, New York MRS. MARIE GAINEY 5747 Vine Street Philadelphia. Penna. ANNA GLADHILL Main Street Damascus, Maryland BARBARA GLASSER 11 Applegate Avenue Pen Argyl. Pennsylvania I DOROTHY HENRY 229 Springdale Avenue York, Pennsylvania VANLEE JAMES 247 North Ruby Street Philadelphia. Penna. CAROLE KOTTRABA 117 South McKean St. Butler, Pennsylvania ROCHELLE KRAMEN 905 West 24th Street Wilmington, Delaware AUDREY KROMNICK 208 Atlantic Avenue Atlantic City, N. J. 175JOYCE KURFIRST 3015 Van Buren Street Wilmington, Delaware MARGARET LAUBSCHER 925 North Third Avenue Tucson. Arizona CAROL LAZOVICK 333 East 22nd Street Paterson, New Jersey EVELYN LEVENBERG 7820 Oak Lane Road Cheltenham. Penna. HARRIET LEVINE 517 Fountain Street New Haven, Conn. ORAL HYGIENE ) ) . JANET LIPITZ 1120J 2 19th Ave., S. W. Miami, Florida KAYE LIPSEY 5706 Narcissus Avenue Baltimore, Maryland ALICE LIPSHER 145 Stimson Road New Haven, Conn. GLORIA LUDWIG i 235 North Church St. Robesonia, Pennsylvania MARJORIE MEARS 26 Montgomery Avenue Bala-Cynwyd, Penna. 176CLASS OF 1955 MRS. JANICE MILLER Koffcl Road. R. D. No. 1 Lansdale, Pennsylvania GRACE MOCK R. D. Chadds Ford. Penna. PAULINE MONTALTO 371 Windsor Road Wood Ridge, New Jersey KATHLEEN PETERS W'alnut Street Stoncboro. Pennsylvania HELENA PRESSER 8014 Rodney Street Philadelphia, Penna. MARY RIGHTMEYER 607 South 4th Street Hamburg. Pennsylvania REGINA RUTECKI 607 Winters Avenue W. Hazleton, Penna. LOIS RUTTENBERG 4946 North 30th Street Philadelphia, Penna. HELEN SARAKANYCH 38 Railroad Street Morea, Pennsylvania LOUISE SEVER Charleston Road Beverly. New Jersey 177ORAL HYGIENE CAROL SLADE 65 Charlotte Street Fall River, Mass. PATRICIA SLAUGHTER 213 Phillips Place Orlando, Florida DELENE SMITH 709 North Redmond Bethany, Oklahoma DOROTHY STEIGER WALT Andreas, Pennsylvania DEBORAH STEWART 6201 Ventnor Avenue Atlantic City, N. J, MARGARET SULLIVAN 3909 Calverton Drive Hyattsville, Maryland HELEN SUSS 120 Avila Court Coral Gables, Florida MARY THOMPSON 317 Christian Street Newport, Delaware JEWEL VAN BEBER R. No. 5. Box 458 AC Muskogee, Oklahoma VICTORIA WAGGER 500 East Lexington Ave. High Point. N. Carolina 178CLASS OF 1955 ELEANOR WEBER 773 39th Avenue, North St. Petersburg, Florida RUTH WENGER 535 Monastery Avenue Philadelphia, Penna. EILEEN WHELAN 513 Springfield Avenue Cranford, New Jersey SONDRA WOODOFF 41 Hotchkiss Street New Haven. Conn. Mutts and Jeff Split Decision Cuttin’ Up Is It Catching? Watch That Wrist Big Brothers 8 . 1 179EMPHASIS 0 F E A T UR E STHE HOUSE ON BROAD STREET A Gnathoscopic Production Filmed In New-Hue Color with Nestcrphonic Sound Directed by G. D. Timmons Produced by R. L. Johnson Screen Play by Erle E. Ehly Associate Producer C. Weil Adapted from Class Notes by Sumner X. Pallardy and Introducing the Class of 1954 Music by............... Musical Conductor...... Photography .......... Lighting............... Historical Data....... Technical Consultant . . . Choreography........... Make-Up................ Scenery ............... Cutting and Splicing Male Wardrobe.......... Miss Cathermans Gowns Root Canals by........ ............Anatomy Ensemble ..............G. ‘Glen’ Miller .............. H. M. S. James ..........J. Radiant Rothner ..........‘Fauchard’ Faggart ..................Weinberger Courtesy of Information Please ........Twinkletoes Salerno .....................H. Cobe ...........L. ‘Hills’ Herman ..............S. G. Castigliano ‘Adolph’ M. Amsterdam. A.C.E. .........................Omar ...........Naplacic, P.B.S.C. Filmed in Philadelphia. U.S.A. MCLMSSATDS “We wish to thank all of the other members of the faculty without whose help this production would not have been possible. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely intentional; the names were not changed so that the innocent might suffer."ROLL CALL “All the world's a stage And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances And one man in his time plays many parts.'’ The teacher, the pupil; the master, the slave; The victor, the vanquished; the hero and the knave. As without the offspring there cannot he the mother, So without the one there cannot be the other. Thus let us introduce each actor by his name And you shall for yourself decide whence came his fame. BILL ACKERMAN — "Chop-Chop" as hr was called as a freshman certainly has proved his worth in the three societies. Minerva, his wife, and Michael Scott, his son, will accompany him ns they start private practice somewhere. Roll call could never start without Bill. STEVE ALIAPOULIOS — From the hills of New Hampshire came Steve, and the Xmas shows underwent a transformation. They have been real hits ever since. An extra-curricular hustler if you ever saw one. Our last chance to say thanks for all the errands and kind deeds. ANGELO ANDREACOLA — "Ang.” always teasing and joking; but still always ready to give a hand when help is needed. Like many of us. Ang’s next two years will be confiscated by the Navy . . . "forget it.” MARTY APOTHAKER —Born and bred Philadelphian. One of the photography boys of the Odon-tolog. Noted for his work for AO New Year parties. Can usually be found in Soblc Lab designing costume jewelry. JACK ATKINS — Hails from North Jersey and a keeper of the Budda. An oft seen prowler on the grounds of Beaver. One of the eligible and elusive bachelors of the class. JOHN AVEDISIAN — “Juan!" a born New England yank who had his heart stolen by the deep south is in a dither as to where to practice . . . "Amigo.” TOM BAILEY—“Beetle" has two loves; Dentistry and Bev. This quiet red head from Wellsboro is level-headed, and we aren’t referring to his flat-top haircut. His ability to win and hold friends and his avid interest in Dentistry will certainly bring him success. MIKE BAKER — As well as making a name for himself while here, Mike also became an ardent bridge fan and the target for much teasing. BILL BANTLE —The "Old Dad" of the class certainly must be enjoying married life along with his dental education for he has two now. Always worried, always rushing, never smiling. Bill will be known to us as the worrier. BILL BARINGER — Bill came to us from Muhlenberg College as one of our younger members. Sharp with the clothes and sharp with the answers. Has all our sympathy, put up with Barlow his final year. FRED BARLOW — The greatest student council representative going; distinguished from other members of the class by the class key. An old baseball player from way back, Fred played the field beautifully. When it came time to promote, he employed politics tactfully. BOB BERG — Once a gay playboy and proprietor of Cafe "HEB.” Bob traveled the hospital routes until secured by Edie and is now teaching Phil "Oh Mein Papa." A native of Allentown, plans to migrate to North Jersey. 182HARRY BERMAN — Affectionately called The Ackerman Hood," mighty mite demonstrates a variety of Aliapoulios enviable faculties. Sleeps like a horse, works like Andreacola a beaver, dances like a gazelle, and scoots like a weasel. The inertia accumulated from the past four years will carry Harry far. DON BINNS—Don is a boy who has a firm grasp on Dentistry, but an even firmer grasp on his scooter box ever since that disaster on the subway Apothaker during rush hour. Wife Barbara and private prac- Atkins ticc must bow to the Navy. Avedisian BILL BINNS — Bill’s talent for music, his fine sense of humor, and his easy going disposition assures him and his wife, Sarah a successful life and dental practice. Bill made the Anatomy Lab. bright with his singing. HAL BLASBAND — Another of the cute "HEB” clientele, he wandered out to Kalamazoo to seek Eileen as his Xmas present and succeeded. A great guy with a happy word for all. Bailey Baker Bantle LEO BLASZCZYK— Answers the roll call to anything that sounds like "Blsfzik." always has a Baringer ready smile for everyone he meets. From Con- Barlow shohocken. he will return there after sailing the gerg seven seas in search of experience. MIL BRAUNSTEIN —A tried and true Philadelphian and president of AO. An expert on methods and data of the Slump Test. A hard-working and diligent student. Serious about all obligations in or out of school. Berman Binns, A. Binns, W. SID BRIDGES — Sid is serious, scholarly, silent and single. He has both feet on the ground but will soon have his head in the clouds and rising to greater heights in the U. S. Air Force. SUMTER CAMP — Florida's northern representa- Blasband tive to promote Dentistry. The student with the Blaszczyk soft spoken accent, Sumter was not only adept Braunstein with the mind but truly adept with artistic hands. After graduation he will drift down home below the Mason-Dixon Line. JIM CARLOS — The class philosopher; destined to be one of the greatest philosophers of the dental profession. Jim’s method of study was based on Bridges relaxation, but he always scored well when it Camp mattered. Some day he will know the T-M joint Carlos better than anyone. 183ANOTHER. “ROftO PICTURE FROM _ ) [yAD JO fvJECROS IS HOWELL COOK — The "Pleasantvillc Romeo” always finds time to make another set of dentures even though his lady friends take up much of his time. The mountain air and parties seem to keep him atop the class. Cookie’s on his way to be an oral surgeon of wide reknown. DICK CRAIGHEAD — Hails from Indiana, Pa., is noted for his immaculate appearance. He is one of the triumvirate seen putting their heads together looking for a short cut to an “a.” Has the poise and amiability which will surely bring success in the future. GEORGE CHARLES — Though rarely seen in school, nevertheless has the ability to crowd a semester’s work into a week-end and meet the deadline. This dynamo from PsiO, when not in bed, could accomplish much. Movies and westerns did not keep him from writing daily to a sweet someone. AL COHEN — "Gohn." our Connecticut Yankee half dentist, half musician, a wild man with a pair of sticks and a set of traps. A good student with a happy disposition. An AO Bnsketballer. LEN COHEN — A solid married Templar from the word go. "But Doctor, what if . . . ?” known as Len’s trademark. Extremely conscientious in all he docs. Considering surgery, but whatever he chooses he is sure to be a success. JIM COLLETT — Being the class singing cowboy Jim is as apt with a guitar as a handpiece. Still it seems as though he’s not going to settle in the cattle country. BILL CONWAY — The great white father of Delta Sig and a capable director of Xmas shows. Plenty sharp in looks and finesse, field representative for Upsala until death. Married and the other half of the team, Bill and Phil. PHIL DEARDORFF — As a Freshman. Phil dazzled the Anatomy instructors with his knowledge of anatomy. One of the most promising members of the class; he will make an excellent oral surgeon. His endless energy and drive will assure Phil a successful future. STAN DEITCH — Famous last words, "I can get it for you wholesale." A hard worker for AO and the Odontolog. A Philadelphian who does "Superior Dentistry.” boasts the fifth freedom, freedom from lab bills. RAY DETZ— The little man with the big cigars. Ranks high in the ranks of the most conscientious. Ray’s hobbies include some fine woodwork and he can really carve amalgams. One of the week-end commuters, Ray rolled up many miles in his Plymouth. BILL DINGERSON — Vermont's gift to Temple. Rarely wears a top coat in cold weather. The best “Cake-Walk” dancer on campus. More sensational since marrying dance partner. Would like to go into Orthodontia if he can ever get things straight-ended out. TONY DrRENZO — A combination of marriage and work has kept Tony from us a great deal of the time but not so much as to completely deprive us of his friendship. LARRY DITORO — First president of our class, Larry was a real family man and was blessed with a new addition—and then there were four. Kept plenty busy over the last year holding down a job and doing very well at school. 184SID DORIS —Daddy Doris, our father who arted Charles in Dental School, hallowed shall always be his Cohen, A. name. Sid set the world on fire with his extra- Cohen, L. ordinary scholastic achievements as well as his dynamic personality. Will e'er a mere woman snare him? HAL EBERSOLE — Came to Temple after receiving a degree from Elizabethtown College. One of Collett the leaders in the Cameron Society and justly so. Conway Has a wife that can cook and Hal really enjoys Cook the chow. Had a real racket with the Reading Railroad during vacations. DAVE EHRICH — A big sports enthusiast. A Bas-ketballer and hitch hiker par excellence. One of the few men in Temple’s long history to complete the Junior year on one leg. Had to break away from Log Tavern to return to school. Craighead Dcardorff Deitch BOB FAHRINGER — U.S.A.F.R. Major, family man, memorable M.C. and humorist, man of inexhaustible energy, holder of a thousand mysterious jobs, outstanding student. Fahringer—why is it you never got to class on time? Detz Dingerson Di Renzo MORRIS FEINSTEIN — Feiny’s the fmset, a gentleman and a scholar, but a bad judge of beer. The possessor of attributes we all admire: unassuming, yet confident; serious yet jovial; sincere yet discreet. With his ability to befriend, success is assured. Ditoro Doris Ebersole JAY FLECK — Curly-headed member of the class with a crew cut. Often appears rather concerned, but takes everything in his stride. Polishes his car better than his amalgam fillings. DON FLINCHBAUGH — Real tall, easy going with Ehrich a smile. That’s big Don. A good student that can Fahringer see no profit in getting excited. Would certainly Fcinstcin have studied more, but he didn't have to turn pages on the TV set. JACK FRIEDLANDER — Orthodontist extraordinaire dynamic Jack is New Zealand’s gift to T.D.S. and U.S.A. Endowed with insatiable curios- Fleck ity and effervescent personality. John’s other wife Flinchbaugh is Dentistry. Industrious, affable Jack's a tribute Friedlander to N.Z. 185JOHN HAGEN — Quiet, conscientious, excellent operator and married. John without question will be a great asset to Lancaster County after he fulfills his service . . . "Go! darn it." CHARLIE HENRY—One of the boys from Trenton. Ruddy, round, rugged and ready. Always good natured about everything. Always ready to lend a helping hand. Charlie has made our stay at Temple more enjoyable. Will drop anything to go fishing. HOB FRIEDMAN — Friedy’s gifted hands produced an artistry which will not easily be surpassed, however, his generosity and good nature in helping us all can never be rivaled. Active in school and fraternity life Bob had time to rival the great Valentino . . . "The Dentist’s Dentist." AL GANS — The Ivy League transport — tweeds, vests and dirty buckskins — the dental uniform of the day. An excellent student, sophistication and culture, for Al’s a Yale man. NICK GENTILE — Little Nick’s constant wit and humor is proof that many good things come in small packages. We hope his brief Navy stay won’t dampen it . . . Party, Party! ARNY GORDON — "Gordo," the flash, "You should have seen me in my younger days.” A recent addition to the Trcntonians. One of the original Temple Owls from Broad and Montgomery to Broad and Allegheny. One of his happiest moments, "Four hundred in spades!" LEN GRIFF — One of the health boys of Moray. Mendelwagcr and Griff who together guarantee to outweigh any member of the class. An eager-eyed member of our class. A Philadelphian who only needs to jaunt down the Allegheny Pass to get to school. CARL HOFFMAN — Enthusiastic Carl enjoys what he docs because he docs what he enjoys. Hard like nails: hard riding, hard driving, hard drinking. hard hearted and hard headed; Hoff’ll be heard or he'll holler. With his drive he’ll be a great success. TOM HOFFMAN —The "Bristol Bomber” is a member of the ancient order to Hyburnians, a Sunday only bartender and onetime private eye. With a background like this, how can Tom he anything but a success in Dentistry. ROD HOOBER—Also known as “Hoobs,” has logged many hours of sack time in the past four years. He has been the party boy of PsiO and was always locking for a reason to organize a party. His congeniality and winsome ways have won many friends and will pay off in the future. CHARLIE HORN — Four years of the city’s ways and punctuality convinced Charlie that his easy going ways would be more appreciated in the hills of home . . . "Going back to the hills." GEORGE HUBER — A fun-loving lad from the Pcnna. Dutch country is remembered for his engaging manner and winning smile. Easy-going with an excellent ability for winning friends. His bout with infectious hepatitis has not hampered his progress nor dampened his spirit. JOHN HUDOCK—"Doc," as a hard worker and a constant jester has a combination which would seem to guarantee him an excellent practice no matter where he goes. 186WILIE ING — From the tropical climate of Hawaii Friedman to the smog-ridden city of Phila. How he did it, Gam no one knows. If you've ever heard him play the Gentile ukulele, you are glad to have him. Can really ride the surfboards and hit the tennis ball. GEORGE ISAACSON — "You mean to say you’re going to insert that restoration without a gnatho-scope?” According to Jankelson and McCullcn the Gordon Trenton local is four minutes late on Wednesdays. Griff One oi the outstanding students. George is never Hagen at a loss for an authority. SETH JAFFE — The Don Juan of AO; always willing to share his wealth of feminine research material. "It worked out O.K. in spite of myself.” The man behind the power of the AO presidency. Our nomination for the Tommy Manville Honorary Society of Dentistry. Henry Hoffman, C. Hoffman, T. ED JENNINGS — Perhaps the only PsiO who sang all songs in one key. The protege of an operative professor who has taken him under his wing to guide him to be an excellent clinician. Ed will Hooker spend some time in the service before returning to Trenton. Horn Huber BILL JENNINGS — This tall young man from Trenton has been the class politician. As president of the Kolmer Society, Whitey’s sincerity and friendliness leaves no doubt that he will go far in Dentistry. His brother Ed tells us that he will take him under his wing. , , udock Ing Isaacson BOB JEWELLS — Constantly dreaming of and planning more than his nerves of steel and blood of ice could ever do. Bobby has left a mark at fraternity and school . . . "it isn’t cold." DEAN JOHNSON —Calm level-headed Dean lost his equilibrium for a second and got married, but as usual both he and his work are still tops. "Did someone say a movie?" Jaffe Jennings. E. Jennings. W. DUANE JUNKER—If Duane’s dental practice is as precise as the intricate mounting jig that he Jewells machined, we are confident that his success is Johnson limitless. Move over Dr. Hanau. Who knows Junker what’s next? 187BOB KOLB — From up Jenkintown way. This fine Pennsylvania gentleman came down the pike every day. Always on his toes, Bob became known as a last-minute man. Helped many a quartet sound good. Another one of the men from Muhlenberg. JOE KOLTISKO — Handsome Joe with the magnetic personality left Lansford and became a Trenton commuter to Temple Dental . . . "going to get the 4:10, Vin?" BERNIE KAMINSKY — From the gridirons of Western Pcnna. to the street of automobile agencies, funeral parlors and Temple came "No Question” Kaminsky to make his mark and career. "I got this one doped out." Can be kept happy with forty-eight cards and three other hands. GIL KARASH — A perfectionist at both work and not worrying. Gil came to us from "that place across the river.” At lecture a good man to be near if you care to see the creation of a cartoon. Silent but sure! BEN KARP — Industrious Ben gets his work done. A keen mind and a kind hand has made Benjy many friends. Earnest and diligent won acclaim and fame when during exams his baby son came. With Robin and Ruth behind him a bright future lies before him. LES KELNER — Incisive Les may be incisorless but he sure can digest lecture material. Sharp as his prose and bright as his bridge. Les will end up on the crest of the ridge. This litcrodontist, our poet laureate will make a great name. STAN KRZYWICKI — Good old Stan “Kur-veets-kcy." Really did a bang up job as house manager of Delta Sig. Equally efficient with the technique of Dentistry and the technique of love. He's the Stan in the famous Dixie song, "Have you seen Stanley?" by Barbara Hill. LOU KURTZ — "Zip" the name of the dog in the Kurtz household indicates where son Jimmy spends many a spare moment. Lou's plans call for institutional work for a while back home. FRED LENTINI — During his pre-dental studying Fred fell in love with the West, but not enough to stop him from coming East again to get Marg and a good grasp of Dentistry. TOM LENZ — The "Feek.” the smallest and most spastic member of our class. Will have an office of pipe supplies and Bantam Books. A swell guy with an unusual ability for pegging exams and gastro-analysis. BERNIE LEVINE — From the height it's hard to tell if it was the Dean or Levine that went by. "Hold it, fella’s" seemed to be his entire vocabulary and announced the end of a lecture. A second term president, he has been heard to say, "Don't get spastic, Mendel." MARV KOGAN — Snatched from the arms of the army, Kogy often felt thrown from the frying pan into the fire, but when the chips were down Marv turned up an ace. Parliamentarian supreme, fraternally-minded. and lovely Charlotte-guided. Marv will always be great. DAN LOVETTE — Will always be remembered for his ability to remain calm under pressure. This quiet lad has been heard to utter a few words at the PsiO parties, to the amazement of his friends. His sincere ambition and determination will be an asset in the future. 188CHARLIE LUDWIG —It’s Thursday already so Charlie’s weekend has begun. A final remnant of the Caputo regime. Has provided many good belly-laughs with his ever so humorous cartoons. Can make light of any situation. Bound for North Jersey (by the Dean). BERT LURIE — One of the PTC’s most aggressive competitors. My aim — the first one out of an exam. The smile is willing, an energetic worker. Bert’s economic philosophy on life is to hold four jobs at once for four months and recuperate for eight. WALT MALINOWSKI — The "salt” will be remembered for his amicable nature and unselfish attitude. Always ready to help and eager to encourage and compliment. This happy-go-lucky lad with his unassuming nature will go far. Good luck in California. Walteck. JOE MARCELL — Tread softly and carry a big scooter box. If Joe ever becomes Dean there will be no eight o’clock lectures. Never known to create a fuss. Always a new date for every party was his motto. GEORGE MARINO — Over twelve hundred rides across the Delaware River Bridge, pizza piemaking with Vignola and Venneri and interesting French films have kept George occupied in the past. In the future the armed services and Gina will occupy his time. AL MAZUR — This energetic lad along with his two brothers have taken over TDS and will probably head the Mazur Dental Clinic in Atlantic City sometime in the near future. His pleasing personality and fine technical ability will no doubt guarantee a successful practice. HOWIE MENDELWAGER— Levine’s tutor and President of the study session on 17th Street. A top man in the class and a member of each society. Creates much doubt when he claims he's not enrolled in the OH school. Famous speech to his room mates. "Don’t go to sleep." JOHN MERCALDO — Truly the hardest working member of the class in regards to studying Reviewed for State Boards in first semester of freshman year. The good prexy of the James Society among other achievements. Gained popularity by keeping the OH’s well fed. Kaminsky Karash Karp Kelner Kogan Kolb Koltisko Krzywicki Kurtz Lent ini Lenz Levine Lovette Ludwig Lurie Malinowski Marcell Marino Mazur Mcndelwager Mercaldo 189BOB MOHR — This Hatfield-McCoy is a well-rounded boy from summers as a dairy worker, cab driver and road builder. With all this and schooling too. Bob still found time to make photographs, to make models, to make Gladys and to make a Baby. Navy bound. RAY MOLKENTHIN — One of the ten best dressed men in the U.S. The other half of the comedy team Bill and Ray. No less than Editor of the Dental Review; a fine job well done. Really taught the Delts how to pledge freshmen. Also an authority on gold fish. DAN MONACO — "Smiling Dan,” while at TDS. has won many friends with his congenial manner. He enjoys parties, and is always seen at PsiO affairs with the same cute little chick. Dan will enter the service before returning to the city of brotherly love to practice. BOB MORAY —"I’m small but tough.” Tiger claims to have the most beautiful wife in the class. Has a full time job leading Biddle around. Plans to continue this confusion by going into practice with Jerry. BERNIE MOSKOW — Concert connoisseur, philosopher and woodsman. An experienced baby specialist and even a Pcdodontist. Biddle’s greatest difficulty in life reading Moray’s writing. Another of our sport enthusiasts, an athclete at heart and foot. CARL NELKE — Found out early in life that it requires less muscles to smile, so he always does. Shadow of Bill for two years but gave it up for a good-looking nurse that can cook, Wini. Made sure to satisfy the hungry demands of the students for more Dental Mirrors. BOB ORTELERE —The golden boy of the Sax. The only member of the class who lined up State Board patients in his freshman year. Received his degree in three years at Seton Hall. Made good money during vacations as an electrician. Guaranteed to do all right in Dentistry. JO PALANCIA — The most unique member of our class, Josie’s more than a lady, she is a true gentleman. shouldering her own load and asking no quarter, she fends for herself and thrives. Kind and considerate, confident and competent our pretty little miss can’t miss. GEORGE PAPPAS — Has managed to be top man in the class for four years. He gave unselfishly of his time and efforts to aid his fellow classmates, yet seldom missed a weekend at home with his wife and two daughters. His energy and personality spell a successful future. HARRY PEBLEY — After serving time in the Navy, came to TDS to become one of the top men in the class. This expectant father will probably be in the Navy again when his heir arrives. President of the JADA, he is a stickler for detail and a good technician. MAX PERLSWEIG —To do justice to Max’s achievements and attributes would take more than a page of superlatives, but briefly and inadequately; most modest, conscientious, diligent, talented, discreet, and successfully married and sonned. To say the least Max is most. MILT PEVNER —"M-N-E-M-O-N I-C Milt" Afilt Never Ever Afade Our Nerves ce Cold . . . but he sure warmed our hearts. "Tennis anyone.” or Basketball, softball, pinochle, poker, or party? Milt’s always available just lookout for Elly and don’t give him an argument. RAY PIERSON — The most traveled man in the Senior Class; commuted daily from Norristown. A lover of the outdoor’s sports, Ray prefers hunting to final exams. Managed to begin a nice family since coming to school. First one to do multiple restorations in one visit. 190DAVE PLESSETT — A swell guy who could enjoy Mohr sunshine and golf to the maximum. A good word Molkenthin for all. A real socialite from Allentown with his Monaco own deck of bridge cards. A conscientious person, is constantly under the scurtiny of a school teacher. VINCE POLLARO — TDS’s fashion plate and Iron Mike’s right hand man, stand out of his way when the 4:10 comes through, he's gotta tend bar in Trenton. (In front or back, Vin?) A quick hand, a quick wit. and a quick smile will bring quick success to Vinny. Moray Moskow Ndke CARL POMMER — Eddie Duchin of Matt’s Cats, earned so much money on the ivories, his allowance from home was affected. A warm smile and winning ways melted hearts of many females. Intends to head back to Erie where he and his Ortclere brother will establish a partnership. Palancia Pappas JOHN ROBB — A big smile and a story about little Gus, John’s favorite nephew. John presents a serious disposition but behind it is a fine sense of humor. Won’t guarantee the fillings, but the prescriptions will be accurate. Received his degree at the U. of Pittsburgh. Pebley Perlsweig Pevner JIM ROBERTS — Very quiet and a big soft smile. If there is an authority on fishing, it’s Jim. Can really do fine woodwork and has given the building at Delta Sig a boost. Will always be remembered for his white coat and black tie. Pierson Plessett NORM ROSENBERG — "Budda." our competition to Bet A Million Bashby will probably open his ° oro office next to the two dollar window at Atlantic City. The vague conversationalist via the telephone. An out and out expert at telling half a joke. LARRY ROZANSKI —A fine product from Wilkes College. When he’s on the move, watch out. The boy that can squeeze extra hours into a 24 hour day. May start up a winery some day since he has so many friends. Larry could turn out beautiful technique. Pommer Robb Roberts GEORGE SAMPLE — A fine dentist from a family of good dentists. Came from Erie, plans to go back. Doesn’t know what type of practice he’ll Rosenberg run. but he knows someday he’ll have a nice boat Rozanski on Lake Eric. One of the main cogs in helping Sample Delta Sig get a house. 191GEORGE SMITH — George, a TDS scholar during the winter becomes a bus jockey in the summer, between Phila. and the seashore . . . “Pay your JADA dues.” JACK SOKOLOFF — The greatest boon to any party, any problem and every girl, leader of men and follower of women. Soky gives till it hurts. SED's greatest champion, the memory of his achievements and hilarious situations shall always remain a legend. BILL SCHAFFER — The little Dutchman from Allentown who has specialized in making aids that help the student. Has fun killing time by baking. Will go hunting anytime. The Road Department will miss its chief inspector up in Allentown. BOB SCHRAISHUHN — One of the local talent being a hometown boy. Equally famous for his smile and ability to blush. Wore out the tile floors running to the Pcdodontia department. Said to have more Pedo patients than Dr. Ritzert. Has record for going steady the longest. TOM SHAAK — Big Tom from Lebanon, praised for his technical skill. Will be remembered as the boy who answered roll with a loud burp, assuring us it was really Tom and not a friend answering for him. “Dcr Lands Mann" will probably return to the Pa. Dutch country after service. JIM SHANK — Known as "Pappy." Real warm, congenial guy. Really showed the boys how to get some good grades. Said to have gone to grammar School with Saint Appolonius. As good-natured as it is possible to be. Responsible for the knotty-pine basement at Delta Sig. HOWIE SIGMAN —One of the Quaker City crew. A disguised athlete at the Monday night club. A good student and a conscientious person. Dangerous with a partial to invest. BOB STEWART — Delaware born. Delaware bred. “Al” now sleeps in a Salem bed. A talented singer, an actor sublime, he meets his requirements in his spare time. Inspired by Lois and with all this ability he will go places because of his humility. ED STOEBENAU — One of the solid members of the class from Reading. Really rooted for Villanova when they had their big winning streak. A good worker if there ever was one. One of the pillars of Delta Sig. Hopes to be as good a dentist as his dad. GEORGE STORB — Short in stature, high in ideals and aims. We marvel at the energy coming from such a small mass, but then there’s the atom bomb. His ability to change a diaper is only surpassed by his technical skill. If we’re near Terre Hill we’ll be sure to drop in. DICK SWEET — The wonder boy from Wind Gap, has shown remarkable intelligence and ability. He has stayed near the top of his class by hard work and a sincere effort to succeed. Dick's future is all planned for him. the immediate future, that is. by Uncle Sam. BOB SWIFT — His nickname Swifty refers to his quick wit and hilarious remarks. "Leaving lab early as you did last week?” rings in the ears of section B. He is a conscientious worker and an excellent technician. Terry and the service will split his time in the near future. JERRY SYDELL — An infectious laugh, a modest nature, an unselfish friend, an agreeable listener, and a willing cooperating worker. All this characterizes our Jer. With his beautiful and wonderful wife Roz, Sydie shall return to Newark, the conquering hero, and triumph again. 192JOE VENNERI— The overhaul of his car motor Schraishuhn and the new coat of paint may indicate that his Schaffer fees may be a bag of potatoes or a cow. Was busy Shaak as the Odontolog photographer, and did an excellent job. Dry humor and witty remarks have marked him as the class comedian. JOHN VIGNOLA — “Big John” or man mountain dynamo with an inexhaustible capacity for work Shank and an unswerving devotion to duty has been one of TDS’s most selfless contributors of time and igman energy. Whether it’s collecting money, or gather- Smith ing ads, or dispensing humor, John does it big. MORT WACHS—"Mr. Fixit” from Chester, always a willing fourth for pinochle. AO court stalwart and Levine’s partner in playing father to Mendel. A devil-may-care bachelor who’s open for a good Sokolo proposition. "If we hurry we can just be late.” Stewart Stocbenau FRITZ WAGNER — The boy who has always kept us informed on his progress from hour to hour and from day to day. Has an affinity for white caps in the area of 17th and Tioga. After donating his professional abilities to Uncle Sam, will return to Hazleton and a bright future. Storb Sweet Swift KEN WERLEY — This lovable chap from Palmer-ton has befriended everyone with his good humor and pleasant smile. As Grand Master of PsiO, he has given unselfishly of his time. Behind his inspiration we find Ruth, who will further inspire him to attain infinite success. Sydell Venneri ED WIENSKI — Need help with lab work? Call Ed. v,6no,tt After a short employment by Uncle Sam. Ed plans to go back home and give Pop some real competition . . . "Who’s got the butter?" JIM WILSON — One of the most quiet and subtle Wachs members of the class. As a member of the Student Council and Vice Pres of the JADA, his ability agner to lead has been well demonstrated. A good stu- Werley dent, sincere, efficient and meticulous, which adds up to a bountiful future. BILL WILSON — Blackie, the boy with exceptional talents in the arts of tcrpsichorc and oil painting, will go far in Dentistry. His ability to make Wienski friends and his dry humor will always be remem- Wilson. J. bered. His easy going manner is our assurance Wilson. W. of his successful future. 193DON YODER — Sincere, honest, dignified, good-hearted and friendly are a few words that describe this fellow from York. A skilled technician and an excellent operator. He is well on his way in setting up a practice, and we know that he will be a credit to Dentistry. Yoder Special Mention In honor of Dr. Raymond Walter, retired Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry and Supervisor of the Operative Dentistry Clinic, the Class of 1954 dedicates this space. Associated with Temple Dental School for many years. “Bucky” will long be remembered and respected by those of us who met him during our Junior Year and by those who have graduated before us. DR. RAYMOND WALTER Acknowledgments O The Odontolog Staff wishes to express its sincere thanks to Dean Gerald D. Timmons. Miss Margaret Bailey, Mr. Erie E. Ehly. the Faculty and the entire student body for their cooperation and support: to Miss Mary McEvcrs and Miss Jacqueline Green for their valuable stenographic assistance: to Mr. Alex Mucha for his photographic assistance: to Mr. Francis Porter of Campus Publishing Company without whom our difficulties and shortcomings would have overshadowed our success. To all these, our most humble thanks for giving us faith to continue and publish a successful year book. 194The J. M. NEY COMPANY Depenc oY e Proc ucts • . . YYefp u Se S 2 ervtce and here’s what we mean by Helpful Service. The Ney publications shown below contain basic up-to-date information about Ney Golds and dental laboratory technics. They answer the questions most frequently asked and cover the technical problems most likely to arise. We are glad to make them available because we feel that you will find them truly useful in your daily work. In addition, we hope that you will always feel free to use the consulting services of the Ney Research and Technical Departments as well as the closer assistance of your local Ney Technical Representative, whom you will find particularly helpful when you establish your practice. Write The J. M Hartford 1, Ney Company Connecticut. NtY CHAYES ihi n way nnni, 5 Get to know your NEY Technical Representative HOWARD W. ELDRIDGE 12 Ardmore Rood Frominghom. Man. EARLS. KENNEDY P. O. Box 811 Dollot Texas 8RENDON B. SCUIUN 1442 Elmwood Av . Lakewood, Ohio I0NY52RR NEIL 8. SWANSON 713 Graitbury Avenue Haddonfield. N. J. WARREN T HAMMONO Son Francisco, Calif. TED JEWETT 1427 Ronald Ori ve Webster Grovet. Mo. W. SCOn ALBAN ||( Sheffield Road Columbus 2. Ohio HARRY E GOWER 89-51 Vanderveer S». Queens Village. L. I.. N. Y. ATHOL DICKSON Houston, Texas JACK REINHARDT 244 N. Lincoln Avenue Pork Ridge. Illinois DAVID E. PAULEY Route £1 Winter Garden, Fiorido LOUIS ANDREATTA 2341 Clark Avenue Long Beach 15, Calif. 19Sharmony in all dimensions When Nature or man combines faces and teeth of like or similar form, the effect is harmonious and pleasing. When either fail, the effect is frequently displeasing, according to the degree of disharmony present. Trubyte Bioform Teeth harmonize with all three dimensions of the face. These three harmonious relationships — outline form, profile and cheek planes, are primary considerations in fine denture restorations. Their recognition and incorporation in Trubyte Bioform Teeth is a major advance in esthetics. Now, for the first time, you can select teeth which are in harmony with not just one, but all three aspects of facial dimensions. They provide a new ease and simplicity of selection, and enable every dentist to attain a new degree of excellence in his prosthetic work. Trubyte Teeth A Product of The Dentists’ Supply Company of New York York, Pennsylvania 196CHOOSE S. S. White Master Unit and Motor Chair are as modern as the present moment . . . will date your office with today and tomorrow . . . tell patients you are prepared and equipped to render the latest and best that dental science has to offer .. . make it easy for them to refer their friends. se right It has been truthfully said that the productive work of dentistry is conducted at the chair . . . that every needless move during an operation adds to lost time and profitless effort. S. S. W hite equipment was conceived, designed, and built upon this simple ami obvious premise . . . its accessories are always convenient and under perfect control for efficient operating: for example . . . the warm and cold air syringes, mirror, lamps, cauteries, low voltage instruments, sprays. X-ray illuminator. Bunsen burner, connection for -- ★ FREE Office Planning Service DhtrlbulOC of S.S. White Equipment will w lcom« the opportunity to help you find a location ond plon on office . .. for city or tubvfbon practice ... in office bvildmg or bungalow ... olio tvltei foe multiple practice! ... oil without charge or obligation. Eaiy-paynent plant are alto available ... oik your lo-col dealer or write direct. pulp tester, call button, etc. arc on the accesses table or arm . . . making finger-tip convenience a fact . . . because they are always close to the field of operation, whether you are beside or n back of the chair, without needless reaching or stretching. Operate an S. S. W hite Motor Chair . . . elevate ami lower it . . . test its perfect balance. simple, easy adjustability and positive locking . . . learn why it is so easy to work with it and around it. Sit in it . . . the form-fitting seat and backrest will hold and support you . . . make you relax instinctively . . . prove that S. S. W hite Chairs are the most comfortable ever built for the dental operating room. THE S S WHITZ DENTAL MTG.CO. 211 South 12 th Street, Philadelphia 5. Pa. 197seeking INFORMATION? The Equipment Department of The L. D. Caulk Company makes a point of knowing about population, neighborhood trends, purchasing power, and Office Management Courses. Have you recently asked them about your interests? THE L. D. CAULK COMPANY BALTIMORE BROOKLYN CHARLESTON CHICAGO HARRISBURG HUNTINGTON JERSEY CITY NEWARK OAKLAND PHILADELPHIA PITTSBURGH SACRAMENTO SAN FRANCISCO WHEELING Wc suggest the use of ADA Dental Health education Material 198I . . .the all-new RITTER I nstru - Mafic offers the finest in . . . EQUIPMENT • selection • planning • service After 10 years' intensive research the Ritter Co. presents the world's most advanced dental unit — the Instru-Matic — with 25 exclusive new features to aid your professional skill and save your precious time. You can see many of the new Ritter Models in harmonious surroundings in the large Climax showrooms — for more than half-a-century equipment headquarters for leading Dentists in this area. The Climax staff is available at any time and any place to help with every phase of your office planning problems. And the Climax Service Department of factory-trained experts is ready to keep your Ritter equipment operating at top-notch efficiency. When investigating new Dental equipment, Doctor, it will pay you to consider RITTER and CLIMAX! 199 DENTAL SUPPLY CO., Inc. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Philadelphia 2 • LO 7-2929 with RITTER THE WORLD’S FINEST... THE ALL-NEW Inslm-Malic V ,, Inspired by the dental profession, the all-nesv Ritter (nstni-Matic Unit is the result of many years of Ritter research and engineering. Picture this unit, the ultimate in contemporary design, in your new office. Your hours in the operating room will be most enjoyable, working with a unit unsurpassed in case of operation. Be sure of the right start in your new office and include w ith the sensational new Ritter Instru-Matic Unit, a Ritter Motor Chair, a Ritter Dual-X, a Ritter Stool and a Ritter Sterilizer. With Ritter you own the finest dental equipment backed by over half a century of leadership. Take advantage of the many Riucr services that arc planned to help you build your practice, such as the Ruter Office Planning Department and the Ritter Statistical Service. Ask your Ruter Dealer, too. for copies of the Practice-building Studies and the Professional Office Planning Book. For information on the deferred investment plan write the Ritter Credit Corp. We're ready to assist you in escry way. Rit t e i' 0 a r A « v iKoiroaiMO time MU tOC H f S M ) N Y 2007Ze4 a icA CcvU j - Confrio€ fatten, otf AtntnidenZ Urea-provided in high concentration by the high-urea ammoniated dentifrice formula- penetrates deeply into the enamel ...diffuses back to the surface gradually. Here (under the plaque) it hydrolyzes to ammonia... keeps the pH alkaline for hours0...resists the acidifying effect of sugar hydrolysis. 1 The high-urca ammoniated dentifrice formula also inhibits growth of acid-producing and other potentially cariogemc bacteria.1 Long-range clinical studies, as summarized below, demonstrate the cariostatic effectiveness of Amm-:-dcnt under actual conditions of use. DURATION OF STUDY NUMBER OF PATIENTS CARIES RATE % REDUCTION OF CARIES INCIDENCE BY USING AMM-I-DENT Tolol Control T..I Control Amm-i-dtnt 4 ytor tludy, complete report 185 75 no 2.33 1.31 43.6% 3-yeor Hody,5 inrtf.m report 120 31 89 2.19 1.08 50.9% 2-yeor jrudy. interim report 60 30 30 1.60 0.96 396% REFERENCES. I. Dale. J. A D»nt. P.cord 71 IS, 1951. I Hentch l. C J. and Liebtr, L.: Ofal Sure . Oral Mid . and Oral Path. (Ret. to com ) J. J n-km., K. N. and Wri,hl. D F. : Brit Dent J 90:117. 1951 a Lefkowitr. W. and Sin(«f. A. J.: N Y. St D nt. J 17 159. 1951, 5 UTkowiU. W. and Venti. V. 1 Oral Sur .. Oral M d.. and Oral Path. 4:1576, I9S1 6 L.III . M K . Brudevold. F . and Taylor. R.: ). D «t. Ret. (•bate.) 30 495. 1951. 7 Singer. A. J.t Oral Sure., Oral Mod., and Oral Path, 4; 1568. 1951. 3 Wain .rithl, W. W. and Lcmmna. F. A : J A D A. 4 I r 135. 1950. AMM-I-DENT, INC. • Jersey City 2, N. J, AmmidenZ THE HlGHoREA AMMONIATED TOOTH POWDER AND TOOTH PASTE WHITE OR GREEN (CHLOROPHYLL) 201••YORICK" Skull is 3V»" x 2Vt With this Miniature Skull You Can SHOW Patients What You're Talking about PRICE—$15.00 You do not hov °ur Catalog No. 33. writ for YOur copy today TRYING to explain to patients why "permanent" dentures should be remade periodically to preserve normal occlusion and condylar relations, takes some talking. With "Yorick" you can show them. You can also show — • How tissue changes cause loose dentures. • How abnormal condylar relations cause auditory troubles and facial neuralgia. • How bite raising can relieve such conditions; restore normal appearance. • How cusp interference causes unbalanced occlusion. Whereas patients recoil at such demonstrations on a human skull, they're intrigued with "Yorick." Yet this little half-sized skull in "Ivorine" is a replica of a human skull, with cranial sutures, nerve foramina, full dentition and a movable mandible. "Yorick" Is Invaluable in Educating Patients to Accept the Advanced Concepts of Dental Service. COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "The House of A Thousand Models" also Headquarters or Brown Attachments 131 East 23rd Street New York 10. N. Y. 202MODERN SCIENTIFIC PROCEDURES FOR TOOTH SELECTION TO CREATE PERSONALIZED DENTURE ARRANGEMENTS 0 Tins is an important volume for your dental library. It is a review of basic research for scientific tooth selection and the development of dental character through the use of varied labial surfaces. Simplified tooth selection procedures are explained in detail. Analysis of tooth color is also treated thoroughly and clearly. The dimensions of color and their significance in a correct color guide are graphically demonstrated to simplify expert selection and matching of tooth colors. This hook is available to dental students and faculty, upon request. UNIVERSAL DENTAL COMPANY 48th at BROWN STREET - PHILADELPHIA 39, PA. Manufacturers of FIVE-PHASE ANTERIORS • NIC POSTERIORS DR. FRENCH’S POSTERIORS • NUFORM POSTERIORS NUFORM TUBE TEETH • INTERCHANGEABLE FACINGS 203204For Precision Dental Castings TYPE a JIUNKO TYPE B TYPE C «« |y cote MODULAY 7mrcgflg "" mto.u i.rmr on. mto o.S.rmr.orr SOFT MED. HARD HARD for for M.O.D. (Standard Hardness) Simple and Simple for Carmichaels. Inlays Inlays Crown and Inlay Abutments GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR type c mm mto.nt.mtr or?. HARD (yet Easily Burnished) lor Carmichaels. Crown and Inlay Abutments GOLD COLOR JELENKO CAST GOLD me a. m.t. nr. err. The PATRICIAN oi Casting Golds lor 1-Piece Unit Castings, Clasps Bars. Saddles, etc GOLD COLOR JELENKO ELECTRIC INLAY FURNACE with Pyrometer lor Wax Elimination JELENKO GOLDS JELENKO PRECISION CASTING EQUIPMENT These superlative Jelenko Golds will meet every casting need. The inlay golds are certified to meet A.D.A. Specification No. 5. Jelenko No. 7 is unexcelled among partial denture golds. In equipping your laboratory, start right — with Jelenko Precision Casting Equipment. Jelenko Electric Inlay Furnace for wax elimination and "Thermotrol Junior" — the Dentist's Personal Electric Casting Machine — provide the essentials lor precision casting. Add other equipment as needed. Detailed Literature and Catalogue on Request J. F. JELENKO CO., INC. Manufacturers of Dental Golds and Specialties 136 West 52nd Street New York 19, U.S.A. JELENKO "THERMOTROL JUNIOR" JEFFERSON DENTAL SUPPLY CO. PHARMACEUTICALS DENTAL EQUIPMENT 1324 W. Allegheny Avenue PHILADELPHIA 32, PA. Dealer for Myerson Teeth - Weber Equipment Complete Office Planning 205 BA 9-9808A Complete Laboratory Service IN OUR MOST MODERN EQUIPPED LABORATORY WE ARE ABLE TO SERVE YOU IN ALL PHASES OF MODERN DENTISTRY Superior- C.3J3. DENTAL LABORATORIES 311 S. BROAD ST.. PHILADELPHIA 7. PA. fl LUXE N E 44 KI 5-1030 MAY WE OFFER OUR FACILITIES FOR YOUR USE? HERMAN AXELROD CERAMIC LABORATORY 513-14-15 Medical Arts Building PHILADELPHIA 2. PA. Phone: RIttenhouse 6-2492Natural bristles "Duratized" for longer life. Bristles reinforced by special process to assure ’'flexible stiffness,” resist matting for longer periods...outlast ordinary brushes up to 3 times. Straight-line design to meet professional preference. Straight-trimmed bristle tufts, straight shank, straight handle... for simpler, more efficient manipulation. Py-CO-tip for interdental stimulation. Flexible, resilient rubber construction . .. ready for your patient’s use according to your instructions, to reach interproximal spaces inaccessible to the toothbrush. Pycope, InC. • Jersey City 2, New Jersey 7fu C fa vUe in Design., RECOMMENDED BY MORE DENTISTS THAN ANY OTHER TOOTHBRUSH 207ALFRED R. RUCCI DENTAL LABS Specializing In CASTINGS GOLD and STAINLESS STEEL WM. GALLAGHER PROSTHETIC LABORATORY Reputation Is Precious But Character Is Priceless Precision Attachments Mouth Rehabilitation Have Your Dentures Made By A Denture Man A COMPLETE LABORATORY SERVICE 134 E. Kings Highway HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY HAD. 9-5089 HAD. 9-0351 For the Finest and Best Fitting DENTAL GOWNS and COATS Made to YOUR Individual Measurements from Choice Materials Write Today for Samples and Prices Uniforms for Assistants and for Hygienists—Made to Measure C. D. WILLIAMS COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers Since 1876 246 So. 11th Street PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. Phone: PEnnypacker 5-1580CENTRIMETRIC SYSTEM (CENTRECORD) Record and maintain Centric in Equilibrium Avoid Retrys and Make-Overs Skill — S«rvic« A Simple and Concise Technique for Recording Correct Individual Centric and Vertical Dimension (JidbAJj. DENTAL LABORATORIES 1658 Mt. Ephraim Avenue. Camden 4. N. J. WOodlawn 4-5989 4-5990 WOOD NOVICK Porcelain and Acrylic Restorations Reinforced with PLATINUM or GOLD Spruce Street Medical Bldg. 269 S. 19th Street PHILADELPHIA 3, PA. PE 5-9684 Keesal's Pharmacy REGISTERED PHARMACIST Always in Attendance STUDENT SUPPLIES (Everything the Student Needs) A FULL UNE OF PENS When You Equip Your Office Let Us Supply Your Desk Sets We Repair Pens Checks Cashed for Students 3436 N. Broad Street (Next to Medical School) RA 5-9955 ACCREDITED TECHNICIANS IN ALL BRANCHES OF PROSTHETICS MOUTH REHABILITATION CENTRECORD PROCEDURE and McGRANE PROCEDURE FOR FULL DENTURE CONSTRUCTION LUXENE 44 - COBAUTE ALLOY CRITERION DENTAL LABORATORIES 200 S. 13th Street KI 6-1800 Philadelphia. Pa. 209Best Wishes BROCK COMPANY Inc. CAFETERIA SERVICE 420 Erie Avenue PHILADELPHIA. PENNA. 1927 — Our 27th Year of Service — 1954 BALIBAN STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for THE 1954 ODONTOLOG Portraits Appearing in This Publication Are on File in Our Studio and Can Be Duplicated at Any Time. 1935 Church Lane PHILADELPHIA 41. PA. HAncock 4-0954 It's NEW . . . It's MOBILE . . . It's an AMERICAN CABINET! New styling, new colors, practical mobility, work-saving features professional men have come to expect in American Cabinets. Think of the convenience — visualize it in your new office—ask your dealer to show you American Cabinet No. 180. No wonder more dentists use American Cabinets than any other make! Thxt CUruuilxLCLn. CadrinaT GrmpxLn Division of Hamilton Manufacturing Company TWO RIVERS, WISCONSIN FRED'S LUNCHEONETTE 1329 Rising Sun Avenue TASTY SANDWICHES AND SOUPS Best of Luck to STAN and JOHN 210ONE MOMENT, PLEASE. SEE YOUR WEBER DEALER FIRST BEFORE YOU DECIDE THE WEBER DENTAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY CANTON 5, OHIO USE Myerson’s DURA-BLEND STERIOR A plastic anatomical posterior with synchronized occlusal forms that give you easy articulation (they practically fall together) and lateral motion without tripping. Myerson Tooth Corporation Cambridge, Mass. Leaders of Progress in Porcelain and Plastic Teeth 211PUBLISHERS OF DENTAL RECORDS Since 1916 HARRY J. BOSWORTH CO. Stan Eaton Harry Acker EATON and ACKER DENTAL TECHNICIANS 506-07-08 Medical Arts Building PHILADELPHIA 2. PA. RI 6-8595 RI 6-8995 L. G. BALFOUR 1601 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA 3. PA. Official Jewelers to Delta Sigma Delta, Psi Omega. Cameron Society and the John A. Koliner Society Headquarters for Organizational Insignia CLASS RINGS — CERTIFICATES DIPLOMAS — FRATERNITY GIFTWARE LEATHER WALLETS - DANCE PROGRAMS DANCE FAVORS Baldwin S. Brown SPruce 4-7078 JACK'S DELICATESSEN 3240 North Broad Street BOTTLED BEER - SANDWICHES Let Jack Cater Your Next Party Mary and Pat's LAUNDERELLE DRY CLEANING SERVICE HALF HOUR LAUNDRY 1421 Westmoreland Street Dental Gowns Our Specialty RAdcliff 5-8558 Compliments of HOSPITAL CLOTHING COMPANY 1107 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA. PA. PEnnypacker 5-8576 PARKER'S RESTAURANT DINNERS and PLATTERS and DELICIOUS SANDWICHES 3248 North Broad Street RALPH'S BARBER SHOP 1414 W. Westmoreland RA 5-9354 ---- MASTER PRINT («u»ul rumiMiMO • 410 WALNUT I TOUT. OMlt AOILOMIA 212Terr.pie University Philadefoh:3 Dental Colleget

Suggestions in the Temple University School of Dentistry - Odontolog Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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