Temple University School of Chiropody - Tempodian Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

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Temple University School of Chiropody - Tempodian Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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 TEMPODIAN ’50 Published by the Senior Class TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CHIROPODY Ph iladelphia, Pen nsylvan ia IFOREWORD AS THE SANDS of the far-flung deserfs slowly erase the landmarks of the arid wastes, so do the sands of time blanket our memories of a joyous day gone by. Only by constant reminder can we hope to retain the many highlights of an otherwise forgotten yesteryear. With that thought in mind use this, your Yearbook, wisely. In a day when the world seems overrun with gloom, open these pages once again and roll back the sands of time to the more pleasant days of the past. THE EDITORS 2r JONAS C. MORRIS, D.S.C. DEDICATION To Dr. Jonas C. Morris—Instructor, faculty advisor, and personal friend. We, the graduating class of 1956, have dedicated our Yearbook to you. This, in itself, is a token honor. What is of greater importance is our other dedication, that of eternal respect and gratitude for your guidance, especially in this, our last and most trying year. We realize that you have but one goal, to help establish Chiropody as the most honored and respected of all the professions. With this thought in mind you have attempted to mold us into your own image, as outstanding examples of professional conduct. Thank you, Dr. Morris, for what you have done for us and the profession of which we are about to become a part. 3 The Class of '56REUBEN FRIEDMAN. M.D. The Class of 1956 respectfully pays tribute to the memory of Dr. Reuben Friedman, who passed away on February 4, 1956. Dr. Friedman graduated from the Medical School of Temple University in 1916, the same year that the first Chiropody graduates received their degrees from Temple University. He pursued graduate studies at the University of Vienna, and in 1928 accepted the position of Chief of Clinics at the newly-organized Philadelphia Skin and Cancer Hospital. He was Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Temple's Medical School, and in 1942 was appointed Professor of Dermatology at the School of Chiropody. A short time thereafter Dr. Friedman was chosen as Faculty Adviser by Phi Alpha Pi Fraternity. Dr. Friedman was the author of "Biology of the Acarus Scabiei," "Story of Scabies" and "History of Dermatology in Philadelphia." He also made numerous contributions to the Archives of Dermatology, the A.M.A. Journal and the Journal of the National Association of Chiropodists. He was Past President of the Medical Alumni Association of Temple University and the Philadelphia Dermatological Society, Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Diplomate of the American Dermatology Society and an honorary member of the Dermatology Societies of Italy and Cuba, the Chiropody Society of Pennsylvania and the National Association of Chiropodists. Dr. Friedman was an inspiring teacher, a distinguished practioner and above all a fine friend. "And now that the strife is over And he has been laid to rest, There still shall come forth others His worth to manifest." 4 IN GRATITUDE JAMES C. GUIFFRE, M.D. Professor of Surgery, Temple University School of Chiropody Fellow of the International College of Surgeons Medical Director and Chief of Surgery, St. Luke's and Children's Medical Center. To Dr. Giuffre: The Class of 1956 wishes to express its gratitude for the opportunities you have afforded us and for your work in the interest of Chiropody, done wholeheartedly and unselfishly without thought of personal gain. Thank you. The Class of '56PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Because of the outstanding loyalty to Temple University many times manifested by the School of Chiropody's alumni group, I take pleasure in welcoming to that body the splendid accession represented by the Class of 1956. Its lustre, I am sure, will both add to and reflect the brilliance of our roster of classes. Great days are ahead for the School of Chiropody—a future in keeping with the traditions of its distinguished past. For many years, its representatives have risen with such regularity to positions of responsibility in professional circles that we accept these honors as the deserved measure of our merit. It is right that we should, yet we must never be content. With the help of faculty and alumni, we shall continue to seek the means for adding to our services and to the proficiency with which we discharge those services. ROBERT L. JOHNSON President 6DEAN’S MESSAGE I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Class of 1956 on the successful completion of their professional education at the School of Chiropody. This year's commencement exercise coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the graduation of Temple University's first chiropody class. It is interesting to note that this group consisted of three men and one woman, all from the state of Pennsylvania. In that same forty year period, our school has graduated 1217 men and women who practice their profession in 39 different states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Approximately 20% of the practicing chiropodists in the United States are Temple graduates. At the time that the 1916 Class graduated, only thirteen states had chiropody practice acts. Today we find that all of the forty-eight states, the District of Columbia and Hawaii, have passed laws regulating the practice of chiropody. The profession has broadened its scope of practice, increased its educational standards, launched a foot health program on a national scale and has gained recognition from many agencies at both the federal and state levels. These are just a few of our professional achievements as we look back over the past four decades. The future of chiropody will soon be in your hands. I trust that you will carry on the work of your state and national associations to a point which shall far exceed the original aims and intentions of those who started our school forty years ago. CHARLES E. KRAUSZ, D-S-C. Dean 7THE FACULTY Theodore A. Engel. D.S.C., Professor of Didactic Chiropody, A. John Fabii, D.S.C., Instructor in Bactoriology, Benjamin Feldman. D.S.C., Instructor in Dermatology, Martin Fisher, G.Cp., M.D., Professor of Physiology, Isadora P. Forman, D.S.C., Instructor in Hospital Chiropody. Emanuel Frankel, D.S.C.. Professor of Clinicol Diagnosis. James Bates, D.S.C., F.A.S.C.R., Instructor in Roentgenology. Stanley A. Beloff, D.S.C., Instructor in Pathology. Frank J. Carleton, D.S.C., Professor of Mechanical Orthopedics. Emil M. Christ, B.S., D.S.C., Assistant Professor of Chiropodical Orthopedics, Harry Cook, D.S.C., Instructor in Roentgor.ology, Joseph E. Cush. D.S.C.. Instructor in Didactic Chiropody. Victor Digilio, M.D., Profossor of Internal Medicine. George H. S. Drewes, D.S.C., Assistant Professor of Chiropodical Sur-gery, Frank H. Eby, Phar.D.. G.Cp., Professor of Materia Modica. Pharmacy and Therapeutcis. Harold Friedman, A.B., D.S.C., Instructor in Clinical Diagnosis and Experimental Therapeutics, James C. Guiffre, M.D.. Profossor of Surgery, David A. Graves, D.S.C., Instructor in Orthodigita and Chiropodical Surgery, G. Elmer Harford. D.S.C., Professor of Anatomy. Louis D. Hoffstein, M.D., Instructor in Dormatology. Vincent A. Jablon, D.S.C., F.A.S.C.R., F.A.A.C., Professor of Roentgenology.Luke W. Jordan, M.D., Professor of Orthopedics. Aaron Katz, D.S.C., Instructor in Physical Therapy. Samuel Katz. D.S.C.. F.A.C.F.S., Professor of Physiotherapy. Harry Kauffman, D.S.C., Instructor in Anatomy, Elmer Landis, D.S.C.. Instructor in Chiropodical Surgery Maurice L. Leitch, B.S., M.S., Professor of Histology. John T. Sharp, D.S.C., Professor of Chiropodical Pediatrics, Arthur Sharpe, D.S.C.. Professor of Mycology. Herman D. Staples, M.D., Professor of Neuro-Psychiatry. Robert J. Thomas, D.S.C., Instructor in Cast Making, William J. Ziegler. D.S.C., Instructor in Anatomy. Louis P. Zulli, D.S.C.. Instructor in Internal Medicine. CAMERA SHY Charles Briglia. D.S.C.. Instructor in Shoe Therapy. Reuben Friedman, M.D.. Profesor of Dermatology, Wesley L. Hall, D.S.C., Professor of Chiropodical Casting. Joseph J. Jupina, D.S.C., Instructor in Chiropodical Surgery. Morton Polokoff, D.S.C., F.A.S.C.R., Professor of Ortho-digita. Paul A. Quintavalle, D.S.C.. Professor of Peri-phera; Vascular Diseases. C. Gordon Rowe, B.S., D.S.C., Professor of Clinical Chiropody and Chiropodical Surgery Robert Rowen. Ph.C., B.S., Professor of Chemistry. George R. Schacterle, D.S.C., Instructor in Chemistry, Edwin Seave. D.S.C.. LLB., Professor of Jurisprudence. Matthew T. Lettieri, D.S.C., Instructor in State Board Exams. Thomas M. Logan, A.B.. M.D., Professor of Path-oloyg and Bacteriology Charles MacMath, D.S.C., Instructor in Physiotherapy. Angelo S. Monaco, D.S.C., Instructor in Cast Making, Jonas C. Morris, D.S.C., Professor of Chiropodicol Economics. Louis M. Newman, D.S.C., F.A.C.F.S., F.A.C.F.O., Professor of Public Health.ADMINISTRATION Frank N. R. Bossle, Ph.G., D.S.C., Controller of the Clinic, Amelia Perry, Secretary to the Dean, Bernice Long, Librarian. Grace E. Tibbetts, Registrar of the Clinic. Doris Dress, Assistant to the Controller. 10Presenting . . . II THE SENIOR CLASSPRESIDENT’S MESSAGE I regret that after four years of friendship and cooperation the ties that have been so firmly forged must now be weakened. I say weakened but not severed, for it is now that the strength of our professional and personal friendships will receive their most severe test. Let us not weaken to the sins of separation but rather attempt to unify ourselves in our separation. We must remain united even to a greater degree now than ever before, for in unity is professional progress. The metamorphosis from individual to doctor has been a difficult one. A group of strangers have come to be close companions after four years of academic combat. It should follow therefore that in the years to come we should and shall remain as one for the advancement of Chiropody. RONALD N. McDOUSLE 12GILBERT WHITMAN Vice President 1 ANN MARIE ROSATO Secretary 13 CHARLES N. PATTI Treasurer RONALD S. KRUSCH Student Council RepresentativeSOPHIE LORETTA BAKKE, R.N. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania Hospital Delta Sigma Chi WARREN EUGENE BLACKSHEAR Stamford, Connecticut Lincoln University, C.C.N.Y. Phi Alpha Pi; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Temple University Hospital Accident Dispensary. STANLEY DAVID Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Alpha Pi; Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society, Secretary 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; Temple University News Reporter 3, 4. 14SINCLAIR BOWEN DELLASTIONS, B.S. Silver Springs, Maryland U.C.L.A. Pi Epsilon Delta; Art Editor 1955, 1956 Tempodian; Student Plan Representative I, 2, 3, 4, Chairman 3; National Association of Chiropody Students, Secretary 4; Class Treasurer 2. EDWARD L. EDMONSON Montclair, New Jersey Upsala College Phi Alpha Pi, Sergeant at Arms 3, 4. Phi Alpha Pi. MELVIN H. GREIFF Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University 15■ OLIVER C. HUBBARD, B.S. Plainfield, New Jersey Morgan State College Associate Member of Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; Honorary Bacteriology Society. GRACE BROWN JACKSON, B.A. East Orange, New Jersey Fisk University Delta Sigma Chi, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; Hematology Laboratory; Class Secretary 3. T. WILLIAM JURGENSON Wilton, Connecticut University of Bridgeport Pi Epsilon Delta; Associate member of Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society; Honorary Bacteriological Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society. 16FRANCIS MICHAEL KING Bridgeport, Connecticut Univesrity of Bridgeport Pi Epsilon Delta. MARVIN L. KRAVITZ, B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Alpha Pi, Scribe 3, 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society, President 4; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; Hematology Laboratory; National Association of Chiropody Students, Vice-President Temple Chapter, 4. RONALD S. KRUSCH Newark, New Jersey Rutgers University Phi Alpha Pi, Secretary 3, 4; Co-Editor 1956 TEM-PODIAN; Student Council, President 3, 4; Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society. 17RONALD N. McDOUGLE, B.A. McClellandtown, Pennsylvania College of Wooster Pi Epsilon Delta, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3; Student Council, Vice-President 3, 4; Class President 3, 4, Vice-President I, 2. JEROME MILLER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Alpha Pi. ROBERT MOSS Newark, New Jersey Phi Alpha Pi, Parliamentarian 3, 4; Co-Business Editor, 1956 TEMPODIAN; Honorary Bacteriology Society. 18ROBERT PARKER Trenton, New Jersey University of North Carolina Phi Alpha Pi, Treasurer 3, 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; Associate Member of Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society; Chiropody Ball Committee 1955, 1956. CHARLES NICOLAS PATTI Ansonia, Connecticut New Haven Jr. College of Commerce University of Bridgeport. (Conn.) Phi Alpha Pi, Vice-President 4; Photography Editor, 1956 TEMPODIAN; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; National Association of Chiropody Students, Treasurer 4; Class Treasurer 4. THOMAS J. RITTENHOUSE Scranton, Pennsylvania University of Scranton Pi Epsilon Delta, Vice President 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society. 19 ANN MARIE ELAINE ROSATO Old Forge, Pennsylvania Temple University Delta Sigma Chi, President 4, Chaplain 3; Honorary Bacteriology Society, Secretary 4; Honorary Chiro-podical Surgery Society, Secretary 4; National Association of Chiropody Students; Surgery Assistant 4; Class Secretary I, 2, 4. EDWARD MILTON SAMUEL Knoxville, Tennessee University of Tennessee Pi Epsilon Delta; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society. JAMES F. SANDERS. JR. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University, University of Pennsylvania Phi Alpha Pi; Copy Editor, 1956 TEMPODIAN; Student Plan Committee I, 2, 3. 20JACK MAYNARD SCHREFFLER Sunbury, Pennsylvania Susquehanna University Pi Epsilon Delta; Student Council I, 2, 3, Secretary 3; National Association of Chiropody Students, Vice-President 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; Temple University Golf Team 2, 3. ROBERT S. SCHWEITZER, A.B. Abington, Pennsylvania Universidad Nacional De Colombia Cornell University Phi Alpha Pi; Student Plan Committee 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society, Vice-President 4; International Club. GARRY SHERMAN Brooklyn, New York New York University Phi Alpha Pi; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society. 21DAVID A. STONE. B.A. Binghamton, New York Harpur College, State University of New York Phi Alpha Pi, Scribe 2, 3, President 3, 4; Co-Editor 1956 TEMPODIAN; Student Council I; Honorary Bacteriology Society, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society; Surgery Assistant 4. JAMES GARDNER STRICKLAND Shamokin, Pennsylvania Saint Vincent College Pi Epsilon Delta; Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society. President 4; Honorary Chiropodical Surgery Society, President 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Hematology Laboratory. DONALD M. SWANSON New Britain, Connecticut Boston University Pi Epsilon Delta, Corresponding Secretary 2, Sergeant at Arms 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Chiropody Ball Committee, 1955. 22CARMEN F. TRAVAGUNE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania College of William and Mary, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Temple University Pi Epsilon Delta, Vice-President 3, President 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society. ANDREW VITTORELLI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania LaSalle College Pi Epsilon Delta. GILBERT WHITMAN. A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple University Phi Alpha Pi; Assistant Photography Editor, 1956 TEMPODIAN; Class Treasurer 2, Vice-President 4; Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society, Vice-President 4; Honorary Bacteriology Society; Honorary Cihropodical Surgery Society. 23THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President—CARL KERN Vice President—MELVIN WEISBERG Treasurer—MYRON RUBIN Secretary—ARTHUR HELFAND Student Council—BURTON BORNSTEIN Student Plan—STANLEY ARONSON SEYMOUR FRIEDMAN 24THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President-nROBERT FLEISCHNER Vice President—NICHOLAS KAYAL Treasurer—PETER MYLON Secretary—HERBERT KALLMAN Student Council—DAVID DERR Student Plan—EARL HOROWITZ 25THE FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President—JOHN THOMPSON Vice President—JACK WEAVER Treasurer—EDWARD KENT Secretary—RITA ROBINSON Student Council—RICHARD GRAHAM Student Plan—RONALD LEINSON JACK REESE 26Presenting . . . THE HONORARY SOCIETIES 27STIRLING HONORARY ANATOMICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS President—JAMES STRICKLAND Vice-President—GILBERT WHITMAN Secretary-Treasurer—STANLEY DAVID SENIOR MEMBERS Stanley David James Strickland Ronald Krusch Gilbert Whitman 28HONORARY BACTERIOLOGY SOCIETY OFFICERS President—MARVIN KRAVITZ Vice-President—DAVID STONE Secretary-Treasurer—ANN MARIE ROSATO SENIOR MEMBERS Sophie Bakke Warren Blackshear Stanley David Oliver Hubbard Grace Brown Jackson T. William Jurgenson Marvin Kravitz Ronald Krusch Robert Moss Robert Parker Thomas Rittenhouse Ann Marie Rosato Edward Samuel Jack M. Schreffler David Stone James Strickland Donald Swanson Gilbert Whitman 29HONORARY CHIROPODICAL SURGERY SOCIETY OFFICERS President—JAMES STRICKLAND Vice-President—ROBERT SCHWEITZER Secretary-Treasurer—ANN MARIE ROSATO SENIOR MEMBERS Stanley David Oliver Hubbard Grace Brown Jackson T. William Jurgenson Marvin L. Kravitz Robert Parker Ronald S. Krusch Charles N. Patti Ann Marie E. Rosato Edward Samuel Jack Schreffler Robert Schweitzer Garry Sherman David A. Stone James G. Strickland Gilbert Whitman 30Presenting . . . THE FRATERNAL GROUPSPHI ALPHA PI Iota SENIOR MEMBERS Warren Blackshear Stanley David Edward Edmonson Melvin Greiff Marvin Kravitz Ronald Krusch Jerome Miller Robert Moss Robert Parker Charles N. Patti James Sanders Robert Schweitzer Garry Sherman David Stone Gilbert Whitman OFFICERS President—DAVID STONE Vice-President—CHARLES N. PATTI Secretary—RONALD KRUSCH Treasurer—ROBERT PARKER Parliamentarian—ROBERT MOSS Scribe—MARVIN KRAVITZ Sergeant At Arms—EDWARD EDMONSON 32 WA J 4PI EPSILON DELTA Alpha SENIOR MEMBERS OFFICERS President—CARMINE TRAVAGLINE Vice President—THOMAS RITTENHOUSE Treasurer—DONALD ECK Recording Secretary—DAVID DERR Corresponding Secretary— THOMAS BRESNAHAN Sergeant At Arms—NICHOLAS TROLIO Chaplain—FRANK AUGELLO Grand Council Representatives—CARL KERN JACK SCHREFFLER Sinclair Dellastations T. William Jurgenson Francis King Ronald N. McDougle Thomas Rittenhouse Edward Samuel Jack Schreffler James Strickland Donald Swanson Carmine Travagline Andrew Vitorelli 3435DELTA SIGMA CHI MEMBERS Sophie Bakke Grace Jackson Ann Marie Rosato OFFICERS President—ANN MARIE ROSATO Vice President—GRACE JACKSON Secretary-Treasurer—SOPHIE BAKKE 36STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Burton Bornstein David Derr Robert Fleischner Richard Graham Carl Kern Ronald Krusch Ronald McDougle John Thompson OFFICERS President—RONALD KRUSCH Vice President—RONALD McDOUGLE Secretary-Treasurer—BURTON BORNSTEIN 37OFFICERS President—JACK SCHREFFLER Vice President—MARVIN KRAVITZ Secretary—SINCLAIR DEVASTATIONS Treasurer—CHARLES N. PATTI NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIROPODY STUDENTS STUDENT PLANNING COMMITTEE MEMBERS Seymour Feldman, CHAIRMAN Stanley Aronson Martin Davidson Sinclair Dellastations Earl Horowitz Ronald Lienson Jack Morris Robert Schweitzer 38Presenting . . . 39 THE CLINICSSOPHIE BAKKE WARREN BLACKSHEAR STANLEY DAVID 40 GRACE JACKSON T. WILLIAM JURGENSON FRANCIS KINGMARVIN KRAVITZ RONALD KRUSCH RONALD McDOUGLE JEROME MILLER ROBERT MOSS ROBERT PARKER CHARLES N. PATTI 41 THOMAS RITTENHOUSE ANN MARIE ROSATO EDWARD SAMUELJames Sanders jack schreffler Robert schweitzer GARRY SHERMAN DAVID STONE JAMES STRICKLAND DONALD SWANSON CARMINE TRAVIGLINE ANDREW VITORELLI GILBERT WHITMAN 42HEMATOLOGY LAB SURGERY X-RAY LAB CHILDREN'S CLINIC DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC HOSPITAL DUTY 4344(tyanactenA 45the pitch players genius AT work STERILE SCRUB? THE HARD LIFE THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE THE DUNGEON THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES STUDENT AT WORK IMPROMPTUNO SMOKING INCOGNITO JOE AND FRIEND LUNCHEON AT SARDI’S JUNE, 1956 SEPTEMBER, 1952 WEDNESDAY, 4:58CENSORED THERE’S A FUNGOUS AMONG US THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME PHI BEATS PI-FOURTH STRAIGHT YEAR THE BEANERY CONSULTATION THE LULL BEFORE THE STORM AFTER THE GAMEPhotography Editor Staff Members CHARLES N. 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SURGICAL SUPPLY SERVICE At Barr's HEAVY 10 GOLD MTG. 1112-14 ChMtnul 90 South 69th St. Sth A Olnay Aw« k; STONE CENTER DATE ON SIDE 5600 Ctrmant'n 4650 Frankford 7317 Frankford 108 S. Bdwy., Camden 519 Mkt.. Che«ter Compliments 825 Walnut Street Philadelphia 7, Pa. LO 3-7392 LO 3-7393 of DELTA SIGMA CHI SORORITY The Ever-Popular Adhesive for Chiropodists Tried and True. The Plaster for You. Sold by all Supply Houses or WILLIS L. MASON CO. 173 TAYLOR STREET Manchester, N. H. BEST WISHES from ARCHRAFT LABORATORIES M g. Custom Foot Appliances 1807 ARCH STREET Philadelphia 3, Pa. Compliments of AL'S LAUNDROMAT 605 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. EARLE'S CLEANERS £ DYERS 572 N 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. IDEAL FOOD MARKET S. W. CORNER OF 20th and GREEN STS. Philadelphia, Pa. 62 PETE'S BARBER SHOP 2024 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.Compliments of the FACULTY and CLINICAL STAFF Dr. James Bates Dr. Stanley Beloff Dr. George Bitler Dr. Harry Cook Dr. Richard Dooley Dr. Stephen D'Orta Dr. Ray Dougherty Dr. George Drewes Dr. Frank Eby Dr. Theodore Engel Dr. Martin Fisher Dr. Jerome Fishman Dr. Isadore Forman Dr. Harold Friedman Dr. David Graves Dr. James Guiffre Dr. Vincent Jablon Dr. Howard Jochimsen Dr. Joseph Jupina Dr. Aaron Katz Dr. Samuel Katz Dr. Charles Krausz Dr. Elmer Landis Dr. David LeBovith Maurice Leitch Dr. Matthew Lettieri Dr. Charles MacMath Dr. Angolo Monaco Dr. Jonas Morris Dr. Louis Newman BEST WISHES FROM PHI ALPHA PI, lota and PI EPSILON DELTA, Alpha Dr. Joseph O'Neill Dr. Morton Polokofi Dr. Paul Quintavalle Dr. Gordon Rowe Dr. George Schacterle Dr. John Sharp Dr. Richard Shaw Dr. Manning Smith Dr. William Smith Dr. Herman Staples Dr. Arthur Whittick Dr. William Ziegler. Jr. Dr. Louis Zulli and Joseph Conway THE FRATERNITIES of TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CHIROPODYCongratulations from the ALUMNI of TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CHIROPODY Experience has no substitute 20 Years of Yearbook "Know How" BEST WISHES from the STUDENT COUNCIL MERIN STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers to the 1955 TEMPODIAN All portraits appearing in this publication have been placed in file in our studio and can be duplicated at any time. Write or Phone tor information 1010 CHESTNUT STREET WAlnut 3-0146 — 3-0147 Philadelphia 7. Pa BEST WISHES from the FRESHMAN CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS JUNIOR CLASS 64 ywDm@sir®GQ PQDBaasKiora® SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNEALS NARBERTH, PENNSYLVANIA

Suggestions in the Temple University School of Chiropody - Tempodian Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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