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TEMPLE UN IV. LIBRARY PALEY . . I 'TEMPDDIAN 19 4 3 Library Temple University Chiropody Dept I -i • WILSON TAYLOR Edilor-m-Ch»el NORMAN PEARL Associate Editor ARTHUR A BRISKIN Busineae Manager|H|H|TEMPLE UNIVERSITY School of CHIROPODYPRESENTS THE T E M P □ D I A N Library Temple University Chiropody Hept DEDICATION DR ROWEN 1 C • • • » ■« « J4is knowledge, wisdom, and friendly spirit have long been recognized. The.fntjre faculty and student body knows him as a worthy scholar and a egujar “good fellow." Thus, the staff of the 1943 Tempodian dedicates this , yclutfie to a man who has so capably fitted into the Temple plan of doing hifigs quietly but well. By the same token that this book is dedicated to Dr. Rowen, it is also dedicated to the military men of our school, for they are part of Chiropody's future. Their every movement or action which brings them new glory will be shared by our school and our profession. With this book the class of 1943 and the staff of 1943 Tempodian wishes Dr. Rowen the best of luck and to the boys in service, we salute you.FOREWORD .f I S As you complete your course in the School of Chiropody, we look on you with pride. You have worked well under the pressure of an accelerated program and have accomplished all that has been expected of any preceding class. I need not say that I would like to see you going out into a world at peace, nor need I say how very much I wish that each of you might immediately take up his profession. But you have a debt to pay to the country in which you have lived in freedom and all personal desires and prejudices must now be laid aside until our great fight is won. When it is over you will return to the profession for which you have studied so diligently, stronger, finer, more faithful men. As you enter the service of your country, I want each of you to know that the best wishes of your President and every member of the University staff goes with you. God speed! ROBERT LIVINGSTON JOHNSON, President, Temple University 409509To the Class of 1943: Because of my illness, I have not had personal contact with you during the past year but, to use an old phrase, you can be sure that I have been with you all in spirit. Many difficulties will face you after graduation, many more than usually face the graduate, because of the chaos in which the world finds itself today. I am confident, however, that you will face these difficulties with courage and honor and will prove yourselves worthy of the country of which you are citizens and the profession you have chosen. I wish you God-speed and good fortune in your future life and the strength of body and mind to meet both your physical and moral obligations. R. RAY WILLOUGHBY, B.S., M.D., Dean.MESSAGES It is with mixed emotions of pleasure and regret that I write this message to you, the class of February 1943; pleasure in seeing you ready for graduation, but regret in the knowledge that you go out to face uncertainty. The majority of you will serve in some branch of the armed forces immediately upon graduation so that the practice of the profession for which you have been trained must be postponed until better times. Wherever you may go, be assured that my best wishes for your good luck and future welfare are with you. CHARLES E. KRAUSZ, D.S.C., Acting Dean.FACULTY C. GORDON ROWE B.S., D.S.C. ROGER E. E. CLAPP GEORGE K. SCHACTERLE Phar.D.. B.S, D.S.C. GRIFFITH I. RATCLIFFE M.D. BARTON R. YOUNG M.D ROBERT T. ROWEN BS.. Ph.C. IOHN ROYAL MOORE A B.. M.D., F.A.C.S. REUBEN FRIEDMAN M.D. MARTIN FISHER M.D. MAURICE LEITCH BS. ANTHONY RAMPULLA D.S.C. FRANK N. R BOSSLE PhG, DSC EMIL M. CHRIST B.S . D.S C. HARRY G. CORNFELD Ph.G. FRANK N. EBY Phar.D.. G.cp. FRANK ELSE B.S.. Ph D FELTON O. GAMBLE D.S.C. HARRY KAUFFMAN D.S.C. ARTHUR K. LEBERKNIGHT Ph.G.. B.S F F OSTERHOUT BS.. MD HEADS ARTHUR RAPPAPORT. D.S.C FRANK J CARLETON, D.S.C. LESTER A WALSH. D.S.C THOMAS M LOGAN. A.B..MD G. ELMER HARFORD, D.S.C HERBERT M. COBE, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D, LEWIS K. HOBERMAN, M D WARREN G. STIRLING, M.D THEODORE A. ENGEL, D.S.C. JOHN SHARPE. D.S.C ELSIE H. WOERNERIN RECOGNITION OUR PRESIDENT This volume comes from the entire class of 1943, and not alone from the editor and editorial staff. Being the first class to graduate under the new accelerated course, we naturally are the first class in history of this institution to receive our diplomas in February. To go one step further, we are the first group that will after four years of class association come to ihe parting of the ways in mid-winter This year above all, due to the unsettled world conditions, it is our fondest hope that this littie volume will many times carry you back to these halls of learning, and many pleasant memories.OF Sialf Members of the Tempodian WILSON TAYLOR Edilor-in-Chiel EDITORIAL STAFF NORMAN PEARL—Associate Editor ARTHUR A. BR1SKIN—Business Manaaer MURRAY TAVIN ROY RONEMUS LILLIAN BALTER LEONARD CHERN ROSE FRANKEL MAX NEIBURG IRVIN SAMUELS LEON BRANDOFF BUSINESS STAFF SHIRLEY HURWITZ JULIAN GREENBAUM DORIS GEDNEY HARRY TARNOFF TYPISTS JOHN LASHER JOHN HAMILTON MORTON FOXLILLIAN THAIS BALTER 5750 N. 16th Street Philadelphia. Pa. Philadelphia High School for Girls "L" for logician—"T" for trustworthy—"B" for brainy. However, no letters or words can describe her unique characteristics as her mischievous laughing eyes which seem to store up her thoughts and tell the most incredible tales, for Balter isn't Balter unless her arms are waving in comical gesture. For someone who can both work and play earnestly and fairly we can look to Lil. Her outstanding scholastic ability does not obstruct from her keen sense of humor, and charming personality. You can see her dashing madly to classes, effectively demonstrating a basketball pass, seriously working out a problem and efficiently applying a weak foot strap. Her versatility and sincerity have won her the friendship and admiration of all her colleagues and associates—ready to render her help to any who need it. Her aim is to fill "each unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run." Her favorite thought: This above all, to thine ownself be true and thou const not be false to any man. Honorary Bacteriological Society Honorary Chiropodical Society Corresponding Secretary 2, 3, -i Tempodian Anatomy CertificateALBERT W. BARNICO 8 Mott Street Ansonia, Conn. Ansonia High School As we now come to the end of our four years of Chiropodial training, we find in our midst a student who has been everyone's good friend and all around good fellow. Reserved and unobstrusive, he has won the respect of the class. For his modesty and gentlemanly manners he was armired by all. A1 delighted in taking his gang to the “Y." and during an afternoon of exercise and frolic he was doubly pleased when some of the boys, especially Collins, couldn't take it. A1 comes from Ansonia, Connecticut, where the swimming is really good, all along Long Island Sound. Naturally we wonder about that one Atlantic City trip, when the traveling facilities were so over-burdened. Remember? Here is wishing you the best of luck, and may any problem you encounter be easily solved. Member Honorary Chiropodical Sociely Pi Epsilon DellaFRANK E. BELKNAP. JR. 432 Bosler Avenue Lemoyne. Pa. Lemoyne High School Who’s the blond, possessing that "come hither" smile which makes every girl's heart flutter? No need for a second guess—it’s none other than that reserved, pensive boy with the dynamic personality. Only those chosen few who really know him can realize to what heights this ambitious, capable, young doctor will climb. His firm polite manner in treating patients, and his immaculate appearance will always be remembered as standards for clinical proficiency. Frank Belknap is our choice for the member of this class most likely to succeed. No obstacle will stand in the way of this young man’s complete success in his chosen field. Associate Honorary Chiropodical Society Dance CommitteeLEON BRANDOLPH 3944 W. Girard Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Girard College Temple University Teachers College B S. Education Lee as he is best known will be remembered lor his fine qualities His fine scholastic abilities, his human understanding will long be remembered. He had no difficulty in making friends, and they all have benefited by it. Lee entered the “Married Man's Club' during his freshman year, and was made the president of that club by Dr. Hoberman. His fine scholastic abilities, plus his dynamic actions won him a place in the hearts of all. Aside from his curricular activities he will always be known for his leadership in our class activities. Lee could always carry on interesting discussions on any subject brought up, which showed the wealth of knowledge he possessed. We all know and wish to extend our thoughts that Lee will become one of the finest in his chosen field. We v ant to extend all the success and happiness in the world. Honorary Bacteriological Society Honorary Chiropodical Society Tempodian Historian 1. 2. 3, 4ARTHUR A. BRISKIN 85 S. Hancock Street Wilkes-Barre. Pa. Coughlin High School Bucknell Junior College St. Thomas University Presenting for consideration our beloved '‘Dictator," stormy, diplomatic, amicable A true leader whose aggressiveness has been revolutionary to the school His keen interest for his fellow students long will be remembered. Artie' has risen as a friend of professors and students alike, in spite of himself, some might say. For in him we find the qualities of a reckless congressman as well as all around chum. His ceaseless work was bent to the needs of The Tempodian, indeed his efforts have made this year's publication possible. In addition to sitting in the Class President chair in his junior and senior years, his scholastic ability placed him in all of the School's honorary societies The next year will bring Arthur to the doors of America's two greatest institutions—marriage and the army. His charming fiancee is a student at Bryn Mawr College Class President 3. 4 Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society Honorary Chiropodical Society Honorary Bacteriology Manager oi Tempodian Phi Alpha Pi FRANK V. CARUSO 1631 E. Possyunk Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. South Philadelphia High School Best described as smilin Frank with contagious laughter is the famous member of that notorious trio; Keogh, Herter and Caruso. Musically talented, he always sings the blues, following every exam even though he survives nobly Although he has never mentioned it. we know he strums the guitar, and is a master of the terpsichorean art, dancing to you. As a unique shoe salesman, Frank is super especially with the fair sex. Socially minded, he is forever in spirit with the Thursday night members, but never in body. His pleasant disposition is part of him, but can ‘put on the heat" if necessary, giving us the impression of being slightly punchy at times. We can see Caruso with short fast strides always in a great rush to go nowhere, but ending up somewhere Being with Frank for four years has showed us that he is designed for great things in the future, and he won't let us down. Honorary Bacteriological Society Honorary Chiropodical Society Honorary Anatomical Society Dance CommitteeLEONARD CHERN 5216 Delancey Street Philadelphia, Pa, West Philadelphia High School What Bill Taylor is to Pi Epsilon Delta, so William is to Phi Alpha Pi. A student deluxe, he has one of the highest averages in the school for a period of four years. In addition to being a member of all the honorary societies, Willie is also an outstanding member of Phi Alpha Pi. having been elected Vice President of that organization in his Senior year. As a reward for his many accomplishments during the past four years in Chiropody, Willie was appointed to the Editorial Staff of this year book and to an executive office in every honorary society. Despite his remarkable achievements in school, “little Willie" is very modest, almost shy. That is probably the reason we all admire him so very much. After the war is over. Willie expects to practice in the quiet little city of Lancaster and we know he will succeed. Phi Alpha Pi Vice President 4 Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society Vice President Honorary Bacteriological Society Vice President Honorary Chiropodical SocietyROBERT H. COLLINS 280 Glenn Street Glen Falls, New York Glen Falls High School Rugged individualism! Bob is a swell fellow to know, and of course everyone knows him. Hailing from that good old Lake George region of New York State, we first knew him for his military knowledge. But, over the course of four years we got to know him as a fellow well versed in many things, and better yet as a downright "swell guy." In the first couple of years, the line-up was Collins, Taylor and Gordon, later changing to Collins, Taylor and Zechman, that seating arrangement being constant. Bob is one of those fellows who is known as 'All American Vote Getter," being the man elected whenever he sought an office One office most relishly held by Bob was the Presidency of the "Thursday Night Club." His winning ways and pleasing characteristics, a valuable adjunct to his chiropodical ability, will in the future make him an asset not only to the profession, but also afford him self-satisfaction. Seraeant-at-Arms I, 2, 3 Pi Epsilon Delia Vice President 4 Honorary Chiropodical SocietyISADORE FORMAN 928 W. Silver Street Philadelphia, Pa. Northeast High School University of Pennsylvania Yes, there's a Greek scholar and literary genius in our class and his knowledge of medical terms derived from the Greek language enabled him to correct Dr Stirling on many an occasion. "Buzz' is also the leading authority in the class on philosophy, psychology, and literature. However, his ability is not confined to learning. A former University of Pennsylvania athlete, he is a remarkable leader of men, having proved his capabilities as class president in our sophomore year. "Buzz” was also an active members of Phi Alpha Pi and was elected secretary of that organization in his senior year. His future will undoubtedly be a thrilling one as he is anxiously awaiting call to service by the Army Air Corps. With his courage and sound determination, we cannot help but feel that "Buzz" will be a credit to us and to his country. The class wishes the best of luck to a fellow who can't miss. Honorary Chiropodical Society Phi Alpha Pi Secretary 4 Class President 2MORTON M. FOX 319 High Street Hurlock, Md. Hurlock High School Morty, a product of the eastern shore of Maryland, is the happy-go-lucky member of our class. The only time Mort ever loses his winning smile is during final exam week, and how he does worry! However, he is one of the better students of our class and his clinical ability is outstanding. Morty is without a doubt the best dressed man in school. There isn’t a day in a year that he doesn’t feature something new from Esquire. He is also one of the lovers of the class, although his interests now are more or less confined. All the competition has withered away (or else they were drafted) and so Morty is now the privileged possessor of sweet little Louise. Morty has been an active member of Phi Alpha Pi for the past four years, and was the treasurer in his junior and senior years. With his dynamic little inspiration to spur him on. Morty cannot help but become an outstanding success in Chiropody. Good luck, good looking! Honorary Chiropodical Society Phi Alpha Pi Treasurer 3 4ROSE FRANKEL 1826 S. 2nd Street Philadelphia, Pa. South Philadelphia High School for Girls Scarcely five feet tall, but a giant in personality to all who know her Cute, radiant smile, laughing eyes, all synonymous with Little Rosie alias “Cutie Pie.” Once timid and shy, now adorably brazen. Devoted to her studies, anxiously and eagerly, and on her own merits she survives with flying colors. And with the same aspirations working in clinic toward the mitigation and curing of human ailments. And practical? What can be more practical than bringing in a half dozen needles and an array of thread to reconstruct the torn musculature of her specimen in Anatomy lab? Her fidelity and generosity have won her a friend in every seam, and we don't mean pediculi either. Seldom seen alone, for Rose without Balter is like a shoe without its mate ... Biblical Ruth and Naomi; more modern, the Bobbsey Twins. Yes, Rosie, you certainly have showed us that good things come in little packages. Honorary Chiropodical Society Recording Secretary 2, 4 TempodianHENRY J. FRY 321 Jefferson Avenue Cheltenham, Pa. Northeast Catholic High School Henry Fry, facetiously dubbed "Curly, is the best natured fellow in the class, and is courteous at all times. He is always featuring a friendly smile, despite the difficulty he has keeping his hair under control. Henry was one who could be depended upon to help make our class activities at Mitten Hall successful. He certainly isn't a woman hater, but he rarely discusses them His leisure is spent at Ocean Gate, one of New Jersey s Northern resorts "Curly” is quite a sea-going chap, probably inspired by that picture "Mutiny on the Bounty.” He claims he is not a country boy even though he comes from Cheltenham Village. Yes, Mr. Fry certainly studied diligently for his final exams in his Junior Year as he watched the ball game with Barnico and Weiss. His long, fast strides give the appearance of him being in a hurry but he is going nowhere as usual. He is usually found in a horizontal position between classes. Chairman Senior Dance Committee Honorary Chiropodical SocietyM. DORIS GALLMAN 904 Chestnut Street Reading, Pa. Reading Senior High School Duck, classmates- here comes Gallman. that mercenary creature exhausting everyone's finances. "Pay your class dues or else-" is her usual threat. Yes, she is the embodiment of efficiency and always ready to perform her duty as class treasurer, as well as any other duty. Another frequent indulgence of Miss Gallman's is dancing- she would rather dance than eat. What is a class dance without Doris' supervision— without that concoction of sandwiches which makes her a master of the culinary arts? Off the record and a helpful hint! Engaged males receive osculatory congratulations from M. D. G. It's not only because of what she does that makes Doris a favorite but because of what she is—the calm in a fierce wind and sweetness par excellence. Class Treasurer 1, 3. 4 Pi Lambda Sigma Sorority Secretary 1 Treasurer 2, 3. 4 Co-Chairman Dance Committee Honorary Chiropodical SocietyJOSEPH GOLDENBERG 1814 South 4th Street Philadelphia, Pa. South Philadelphia High School "Golden Boy," as he is known to the class ol 1943, is a chap who needs no introduction. Joe is everyone's (riend, for he has a remarkable ability for making friends and acquaintances. His greatest quality was being sincere and this won for him the admiration of the class and made him an accomplished clinical operator Joe is a very jolly chap, and when the time for seriousness presents itself. "Joe" can revert to the serious side of his nature as easily as he can the more jovial rnood. Due to his aggressiveness and his congenial character we know he will go lar in his chosen field. Joe will always be known for his "wise cracking" replies, and his unique sense of humor. We all wish him the best of luck in his chosen profession in the many years to come, and we all know that he will be a successful practitioner.ra JOHN A. HAMILTON 520 Idaho Street Farrell, Pa. Farrell High School "Ham." cs he is known to most of his friends, makes up the other part of that inseparable duo of Hamilton and Lasher. Tall, blonde, fair and blue eyed . . possessing a most engaging smile. His suave, congenial and personable manner plus his appreciativeness seem to account for his popularity with the members of both sexes. I guess we will always remember John for his frankness—his outspoken and down-to-earth opinion often demonstrated during the course of a class meeting "Ham" hails from a small steel making city in Western Pennsylvania and comes from a family line of Pharmacists. Although it looked like "Ham" was destined to join the ranks of the "pill rollers," he surprised them all by choosing another field and it seems that what has been Pharmacy's loss has been Chiropody's gain. Quiet in manner, dignified, professional, and versatile seem to pretty well complete our description. His proficient manner of handling patients, his sympathetic and compassionate attitude have become a standard for the remainder of us to model our deportment by, in an attempt to attain that epitome of aptitude and dexterity. Honorary Bacteriological Society President Class Vice President 2 Tempodian StallCHARLES HERTER 2911 W Cheltenham Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Central High School Very tall, dark, handsome, mature and suave is the description for Charlie. A member of the inseparable trio composed of Charlie, limmy Keoqh, and Frcnk Caruso. What would you do with J. Keogh on Saturday nights, Charlie? Don't answer that! We know!!! Charles' manner betrays him for almost anyone could see that he was a jolly, good fellow in spite of a habitual serious expression. Charlie's immaculate appearance combined with a charming personality offered an irresistible appeal to the feminine patients and students of our clinic and school. Towering above the entire class in stature, his good nature also shone above all. Ready to lend a helping hand to those who needed paternal, fraternal and even maternal advice made Charles liked by all. There is no doubt in our minds that you will be successful and well liked by all those who come in contact and associate with you.SHIRLEY HURWITZ 103 Academy Street Plymouth, Pa. Plymouth High School "Lookit, kids, I found the Sartorius but the Plantaris is missing. My specimen must be an anomaly!” Yes, you guessed it, that's Shirley—talking herself into something and out of everything, and knowing every other person east and west of the Mississippi—including two Captains in Hawaii. Shirley has become an indispensable friend, not only because she hands out Philip Morris (Oh no?), but because she is someone you can count on. Her frankness is an asset, and her audacity amusing, that is, if you’re not the victim She’s the favorite partner in a verbal battle—coming out with flying colors and her foe a couple of pegs lower. An avocation of Miss Hurwitz is distraction . . . "prof distraction” . . . sitting in front of the room with a 19 inch skirt. No wonder there was a ratio between the handsomest prof and the amount we learned. We will always associate Shirley with Mr. Webster, for we prophesy a new word to be added to the dictionary . . . “hurwitzing," meaning to box one’s ears—and effectively, too. (Ask some of the boys!) We can best liken Shirley to a Social Entity with vivaciousness, charm and poise as the outstanding symptoms. Honorary Bacteriological Society Honorary Chiropodical Society Student Council 4 TempodianJAMES KEOGH Atlantic City, N. J. Atlantic City High School Pride and joy of the world's playground is our pal Jim with that famous question: "Say, did I ever tell you about Atlantic City?" A standard iixture in front of the Ambassador Hotel, Jim earns his money the hard way We can hear him telling his patients that mercurochrome performs wonders, and in the same breath talking about that certain girl back home and his glorified high school days. Two of Jim's pet diversions are starting fictitious rumors, and constantly annoying the weaker sex without any complaints in either direction Although we think otherwise, Jim claims that he has never received a commission from the Chamber of Commerce for inducing tourists to stop at the "Underwood Hotel,' due to government evacuation of the town. No doubt when Jim graduates, he will take full charge of treating recruits in his home town with the same success as he has enjoyed at school in the past four years. Honorary Chiropodical SocietyJOHN W. LASHER 212 East Street Warren, Pa. Warren High School Hoffs Business College Reserved, quiet and unostentatious, he has won the respect and admiration of the class for the modest way in which he has conducted himself for the past four years. We can never think of John without thinking of his closest friend and roommate. John Hamilton. In rain, shine or snow they have always been together. They came together and they go together. John is one, or if not, the most abled technician in the clinic. He has even had the honor of being independently praised by Dr. Rowe. Serious of mein, impressive and affable, John can certainly be counted upon to do credit to himself, his community and his chosen work. If he impresses his patients in the same manner he has affected us, he will surely have smooth sailing and a brilliant future ahead of him. Senior Ring Committee Tempodian StaffJOHN LAWRENCE 2200 Bellevue Road Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris Senior High School If rhythm counts toward success in Chiropody, "Jackson' is certain to get his share of it. Who can forget those impromptu "jam sessions” when classes were over, and at those Pi E. D. parties with Jack keeping the various groups synchronized with the agile movements of his hands? Carrying this same smoothness into clinic. Jack's work could always be counted upon to be uniform and polished. Especially so. when Jack was able to wield the family instrument, the scalpel. Yes, Jack adores scalpels, except of course those used on cadavers. Remember? Perhaps not too impressive as a scholar, Jack always finished the year in good standing. Therefore proving, beyond a doubt, that there is more in Jack than meets the eye. Isn't it so even in all those top flight band leaders? Possessor of a genial nature, and well prepared for his calling, Jack cannot help but ' drum” his way into the hearts of his patients. Musical Director of Pi Epsilon Delta 1, 2, 3, 4 Pi Epsilon DeltaE JUSTIN LOVE 109 Genesee Street Montour Falls, N. Y. Watkins Glen High School It is a pleasure to give to the profession of Chiropody a man as capable as Bud. In our four years of association with him we have found him to be an accomplished man in class and clinic. Bud's sense of duty is an outstanding part of his make-up. He is one of those rare individuals who attacks every problem with an intensity that insures success. When Bud first came to study it was his determined ambition to become a doctor and now that realization of that ambition is here. These years of hard, serious work, and study have sharpened the edges of his fine character and developed a man well v orthy of the title for which he has been striving. In social and fraternal affairs. Bud was always found among the leaders. We all know Bud will reach the top, and we also know that his trip there will be on a one-way ticket. Class President 1 Senior Dance Committee 1, 2, 3 Senior Ring Committoc 4 Pi Epsilon Delta Vice President 3MAX NEIBURG 333 McKean Street Philadelphia, Pa. South Philadelphia High School Temple University Oh! Oh! Here's bashful Max, a combination of ambition and rare ability Any mark below 90 is a failure as far as Max is concerned, and it is very seldom that Max fails to attain this grade in an examination. Max is also very proficient in clinical practice, especially when the patient is a very attractive young woman of 18. Between classes and during clinics, we were always entertained by Max's crooning, and according to men in the know, his love-making technique is attributed to this ability. Max is another one of our boys awaiting an army call, and after the war he intends to establish an office in God’s chosen country, South Philadelphia In parting, the class wishes Max even greater success than he has attained in scholastic life. Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society 3 Honorary Chiropodical Society 3 Year Book StaffHENRY MILLER 2636 S. Sheridan Street Philadelphia, Pa. South Philadelphia High School lor Boys Let us present one of the youngest members of the class. Henry "Baby Face" Miller as christened by Dr. Hoberman. What he lacked in years, however, he more than made up in energy and capacity for making friends. There was not a person on this earth created by the Almighty who enjoyed his food more than Henry did. Some people eat to live, but Henry lives to eat. Sincerity and good naturedness are his two outstanding traits. His ability in the mastering of the art and technique of playing "pinochle and rummy" was surpassed by no one. Considered one of the luckiest members of the class in all he did, including playing cards, getting next to the smart people in exams, cutting periods in which role wasn't taken still made Henry very well liked by all his classmates. Eight o'clock classes were his bane. But there were times when he would condescend to honor us with his presence during the last fifiteen minutes of the hour. So, good luck to you, Henry!ALYCE O'NEIL 1468 Stratford Avenue Bridgeport, Conn. Who's that stealthfully making her entrance into class one-half hour after class has begun and two days after vacation is over? It's Alyce O'Neil, having thumbed her way across every state in the union back from California. And who's that Chiropody girl nonchalantly sauntering into every Pharmacy and Dental dance without a ticket? A ticket is only a matter of formality." says Miss O'Neil. And who's that new waitress at Mammy's down in Atlantic City eating a doughnut and selling one simultaneously? "Well, you know how it is, I was sort of short on cash," was Alyce's retort. And who's that exponent of reciprocity—A toe for a toe, a tooth for a tooth? It's Ally repaying a dental prof—An ingrown nail and 2 H. D.'s for an amalgam filling and a distal occlusion. Yes, it's those extra-curricular activities, that neat sense of humor and that love for fun that makes Alyce a swell girl and everyone's pal Corresponding Secretary 1 Recording Secretary 3 Vice President 4NORMAN PEARL 807 Chestnut Street Kulpmcnt, Pa. Franklin D. Roosevelt High School Washington University We will all remember Norm for his fine qualities. Here is a man that can always be counted on for the correct answers. His all around learning is obvious from his scholastic standings. Not alone attaining good grades, he has been appointed to every honorary society. Norm was the type of fellow that was a friend to all, and all were his friends. During the past four years it has been a great pleasure to have a fellow like Norm as a classmate. He not only was a leader in the classroom, but was also the leader of Phi Alpha Pi, being elected president of the fraternity in his senior year. We all wish Norm the same success that he achieved in scholastic and fraternal and marital life, and feel sure that he will rise to the peak of our profession, for he is one who is surely worthy of such acclaim. Honorary Bacteriological Society Honorary Chiropodical Society 3. 4 Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society 3, Secretary 4 Phi Alpha Pi President 4 Associate Editor TempodianR. ROY RONEMUS 78 East Mill Street Nesquehoning, Pa. Nesquehoning High School Here is our gift to Chiropody, student, fraternity brother, and all around swell fellow. Always serious and level headed where work was concerned, Roy built up an enviable record both scholastically and clinically. His work never dropped from the substantial level which he successfully sought to maintain Two traits to be admired in him were his willingness to learn and alacrity in aiding others. This is why we feel that Roy will have no trouble in reaching the pinnacle of success. Roy in addition to being president of Pi E. D. in his senior year was also Vice President of the Blue Key National Honorary Fraternity, We wish Roy all the success in the world in his new venture and we know he will succeed, because he has that certain something that raises him into the "Outstanding'' among his fellows. Member Honorary Anatomical Society Honorary Chiropodical Society Pi Epsilon Delta Secretary 2. President 4 Dance Committee 1 Tempodian- i a FRANK RUBIN 61st and Pine Streets Philadelphia, Pa. Overbrook High School Here he is, jolly Frank Rubin, the most versatile man in our class. Frankie has so many extra-curricular activities that we often hear him saying that there should be more than 24 hours in a day. In addition to his work in Chiropody, Frank was a shoe salesman, night club entertainer, real estate handler, wholesaler. grocery store operator, politician, dental mechanic and druggist. You wonder how he managed to do all these things—well, he used to live sufficiently on two hours' sleep a night, except on nights before examinations when he had to study, whereby he was content v ith no sleep at all. Frank is now a member of the married mens club and so to his long line of duties he has added housekeeping. After the war, Frank expects to open his practice right here in Philadelphia. With all the connections that the "Big Man' has made, we cannot help but feel that he will be an outstanding success. Dance Committee Editor Hand BookIRVIN SAMUELS 5122 Pembridge Avenue Baltimore, Md. Forest Park High School Presenting God's gilt to women, 'The Baltimore Adonis." The lover,' as he is known at the Phi Alpha Pi House, is our contribution to Hollywood. His handsome features, bashful smile, and "regular guy' personality all helped to make Boots one of the most popular men in our school. It wasn't until his Junior year that he began to take his school work seriously, with the result that he became one of the better students in the class And it wasn't until his Senior year that he began to take a woman seriously, and now he's a member of the married men’s club. "Boots" is another one of our boys awaiting the call to arms and after the war he intends to settle down in a small Pennsylvania town and practice Chiropody. The boys at the Phi House will certainly miss "Boots" and his stories on the art of handling women. And so, in parting, we wish the best of luck and happiness to this Chiropodial Cassanova. Honorary Chiropodical Society 4 Phi Alpha Pi Tempodian Art StaffEDWIN SEAVE 2414 S. 63rd Street Philadelphia, Pa. Northeast High School Ed typifies the strong silent type of American boy. Never one to talk about his accomplishments or cast his opinion for or against someone or something, he made himself known by his long list of good deeds. One of the best students in the class, Ed was also an outstanding man in clinical practice. He was a very active member of Phi Alpha Pi fraternity, being elected scribe in his senior year. Besides his academic activities, Ed performed a splendid job of financing his own education by working after school. Never one to complain about hardships, and never one to shirk any duty, Eddie won a place in the heart of every classmate. We cannot help but feel that his goodness will some day be rewarded. We sincerely wish the best of luck to a prince of a fellow. Phi Alpha Pi Scribe 4DONALD C. SIEDEL 44 S. 4th Street Hamburg. Pa. Hamburg High School Tall, dark and uncommunicative. Here in a nutshell, we have an accurate description of Don. Lest any mistake be made, let there be no misconstruing of the meaning of uncommunicative. Don was really one of the top flight students of our class. Being, however, of a very modest nature, he never said anything until it was absolutely essential. Whenever he spoke, you may rest assured, there was no doubting the veracity of his statements Don's fraternal life was the tops, but we could, and do, often wonder what it is like to room with a "Wolverine," and a "swing king." His final analysis shows a fine record behind him. With this in mind it is only natural for us to believe he will easily attain the success due him. That is why we feel sure that Don will reach the top in his chosen field. Honorary Bacteriological Society Associate Honorary Chiropodical Society Honorary Anatomical Society 4 Pi Epsilon Delta Sergeant-at-arms 3. 4WILLIAM C. SINDONI 1315 Pine Street Philadelphia, Pa. Central High School Another loyal son from Atlantic City is "Gentleman Bill” whom we have pompously welcomed back to Temple in his senior year. We recall that Bill received what is to be believed his first hot foot” in his freshman year. The reason for his lateness to class on Mondays is still an enigma. Could it be the morning after the night before? Quite an orator, Bill held his classmates spell bound when he delivered his speeches—noted for his paradoxical dissertations on Diabetes, probably following in the footsteps of his brother Quite a fashion plate, it is ascertained that Bill is a follower of Esquire. Known for the goreous damsels that he has escorted to our yearly dances, and known for the toast of the various after dark places, surprisingly, a cigarette has never caressed his lips. A good technician and a connoisseur in obtaining keen edges—remember! Small, but fiery in his decisions, Personality Bill is indeed a good example of how to get along with your fellow men.f HARRY TARNOFF St. Joseph's College Philadelphia, Pa Harry or "Hesh” is one ol the "very married" men of the class. A pleasant disposition mingled with an ever-burning desire for knowledge places Harry deep in the hearts of his classmen. Considered by the females as one of the best looking, and one of the well dressed men of the class still makes Harry liked by all the male members of the school. It has been said that Harry has more coats than an onion. There is no doubt that Harry in his unassuming, efficient manner will do much to assuage the ills of suffering humanity. He is one of those people who had to struggle endlessly for the knowledge he has received, knowledge obtained regardless of the amount of effort required. Much is owed to the fine quality which he possesses—his ability to plug. This is a fine attribute and has been thoroughly demonstrated during his four years in school. With this in mind we know that Harry's name is going to be seen in lights on the stage of Chiropody. Vice President 3 Dance Committee Chiropodical Society TcmpodianMURRAY TAVIN 2734 Silver Street Philadelphia, Pa. Simon Gratz High School Lincoln Prep Murray is another member of the married men's club, and like the majority of the married men, Murray, too, is an outstanding student. Perhaps the most diligent and ambitious boy in the entire school, he is the only member of the downstairs “blue room gang" that studies between classes instead of playing pinochle. His high grades are a just reward for the many hours he spends preparing his subjects for the following day. Murray is also outstanding in the Chiropody Clinic, being gifted with the artistic touch of a natural born surgeon. With his keen intellect, understanding nature, and burning ambition to succeed we feel certain that Murray will be rewarded with unusual success in his chosen profession. Honorary Chiropodical Society 4WILSON H. TAYLOR 8 Garfield Street Thompsonville, Conn. Enfield High School Every class has an outstanding student and here we give you the brain" of Pi Epsilon Delta, Bill Taylor. No one ever recalled Dr. Stirling giving grades like 94 or 99 until Bill came along. As a reward for his scholastic achievements. Bill was appointed to the various honorary societies, being elected President of the Anatomical Society. He was also appointed Editor-in-Chief of the year book. This appointment is just another addition to his long list of school accomplishments. Many of us feel that Bill is also the "number one ' student in clinical practice. He has proved himself especially capable in the field of diagnosis. In parting, the class takes pride in wishing the best of everything to the outstanding scholar of our class Editor-in-Chief Tempodian Honorary Anatomical Society President Honorary Chiropodical Society Pi Epsilon DeltaHERBERT WASSERMAN 5921 Pine Street Philadelphia, Pa. West Philadelphia High School "Wassy," as we all know him, was one of the most friendly fellows in our class. We all knew him as one who has been everyone's good friend and an all around good fellow. His loyalty, and sense of duty, are an outstanding part of his makeup. He enjoys the company of his companions which is demonstrated by his constant appearance with them. Those that knew him personally found in him a wealth of fine quality— unselfishness, earnestness and sincerity, both as to time and energy, especially where his class was concerned. "Wassy" will be remembered for his "easy going way." Although he did his work slowly, and made it seem easy, it always came out. It is with reluctance that we bid farewell to you, "Wassy," but with our farewell goes our heartiest and best wishes for success in your profession— Chiropody.JORDAN WEISS 6530 Cutler Street Philadelphia, Pa Central High School Joe Weiss, as he is called by his friends, is quite a ladies' man as he recently became a member of the "Married Man's Club, and no one need look twice to see the good it has done. Joe has always done his work well without fuss or ado. No one could question his integrity, initiative or capabilities. He was one of the members of our class enjoying a host of friends through his subtle humor and his willingness to swap stories. Joe’s hangout was in the Pharmacy Building, and he always could be found there among his Pharmacy as well as Dental friends. He is one of those rare individuals who attacks every problem with intense interest that assures a successful result. The class of 1943 sends forth this man with pride and confidence. In parting, it is our desire to wish him every success that life can offer. Historian 1 Ring Committee Chairman 4ROBERT WILCOX 342 Fairfield Avenue Ridgewood. N. J. Ridgewood High School Bob is the big boy of the class. Standing seventy-six inches, topped by blonde wavy hair, he resembles a movie star. Bob's pleasing personality and good humor have made him an outstanding member of his class Bob had no difficulty in making friends in his four years, and all his friends have benefited by his clear conception of his work and the industriousness with which he has attacked every problem. Quiet in manner, he went about his daily tasks with a skill that left nothing wanting. There was one thing that bothered us, that of course being the sugar problem. We were sure that Bob would take care of that for us, either by way of the plantation, or by those "sugars,” that walk about. He was on the inside track in both respects. When Bob gets out in practice we know that his nurse will have that P. R. T. trouble often. It isn't difficult to conceive why we feel that Bob will not fall short of success. Honorary Chiropodical Society Pi Epsilon DeltaROBERT R. WILLOUGHBY 123 College Place Ypsilanti, Mich. Ypsilanti High School Michigan State Normal College "Riggs," as we know him well, was one of the most amiable fellows of our associations. No one could question his integrity, initiative or capabilities. He was one of the serious minded members of the class enjoying a host of friends. He earned the reputation of being careful and conservative in all his work, never satisfied with the mediocre, but always striving toward perfection. His timely criticism in heated arguments proved that his level headedness was one of his most forceful assets. Bob over the course of three years was treasurer of Pi E. D. and he took care of that office in a very efficient manner. Knowing that Bob comes from Ypsilanti, and knowing also that those far flying Ford bombers come practically out of Bob's back yard, it is no wonder we look forward to "Willow" going as far in his chosen profession as those "Willow Run" planes and just as fast. Associate Honorary Chiropodical Society 3 Pi Epsilon Delta Treasurer 2. 3. 4y WILLIAM WYLIE Silverton Avenue Little Silver, N. J. Red Bank High School Bang, Crash . . . Don't get excited, it's not a tornado, hurricane, or an air raid, it's simply William getting a chair to repose in for the next hour. To disregard what has gone before and add that Bill was one of the quiet fellows in the class is actually putting it more correctly. Bill always likes to get started home for a weekend on Thursday if possible, but of course he had a good reason, those Jersey mosquito swamps sure need plenty of attention. Bill was one fellow that didn't let Anatomy bother him any. He studied it, and knew it, that was his way of making the tough ones easy. The ultimate outcome of this policy was membership in the various honorary societies. "Wile," if we may add, is quite a gunner but he is allergic to fireworks, so we are wishing him more luck than he had that night. Stirling Honorary Anatomical Society Honorary Chiropodical Society Pi Epsilon DeltaJ JOHN ZECHMAN 340 Chestnut Street West Reading, Pa. West Reading High School V e dedicate this portion of our year book to "Zeke." It would be impossible to reserve a space for a finer fellow. These years of close association have proved that to us beyond a doubt. John we will remember was reticent and had little to say, but when those coveted final marks came in he was right there, with the goods. We all remember the difficulties “Zeke'' had with his local draft board, and were pleased when his problem was finally settled favorable to him. Keep steady in your resolve. Those details that presented such obstacles during your last two years were burdens, but not hindrances, as your scholastic record shows. Not alone from the writer, nor the "Thursday Nighters" but from all, comes the hope for the best of everything in the future. Member Honorary Chiropociical Society 4 Pi Epsilon DeltaSENIOR CLASS HISTORY "WE GO FORTH TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY" On September 27, 1939, we convened as a class for the first time. Since then, each succeeding day has brought us all closer and closer in friendship; but now there must be a parting of the ways. This cannot be the final chapter in the history of the Class of February 1943. It is more fitting and proper to call it "the end of the first chapter.” History is but the unrolled scroll of prophecy We know not what the future may bring. Nor can an historian depict those bonds of friendship formed, nor the joys attending success. In the four school years that we have attended this great institution we have become a closely knit group which now must be scattered to the four corners of the world. The small seemingly insignicant things which have been an important part of our educational life here at school will stand out later as a memory to be cherished and long remembered. As we look in retrospect, the road was rough and long, hard, and at times unbearable, but for sheer determination we were not found wanting in our desire to make these four years a credit to ourselves and to those endeavoring to impart their knowledge and experience to us. To these professors and clinicians we owe a sincere debt of gratitude for equipping us with the basic foundation whereby we may go forth to serve society. With each successive day bringing forth new political and economic repurcussions in a world ravaging with hate and war, the Class of February 1943 has left its imprint in the annals of Temple University history. We have fought on through the four years to establish and uphold the name that this great University has given us as a heritage. We came originally to master the treatments by which we aim to alleviate the ills of a “foot-sore” public. The common inheritance of mankind has become the right to live in health and we came here to acquire the knowledge and skill to insure this inheritance. Already there has been many of our classmates who have joined the colors in its fight for freedom. Many of us will enter the armed services upon graduation. To us Chiropody seems to be a field far removed from our thoughts at the present moment, yet it is the field which is so closely within our grasp. We must go forth to serve our country for our deeds must be our life and our actions speak for us. In closing we sincerely hope that we have carried on the high standards set by preceding classes and we hope to measure up to the mark which our profession has attained for us. To the underclassmen, we leave in your hands to do what has been left unfinished and to higher those goals for which we have worked hard to attain. LEON L. BRANDOLPH President ARTHUR A. BRISKIN Vice President .............ALYCE R O'NEILL Recording Secretary . . ... ROSE FRANKEL Corresponding Secretary .. LILLIAN T BALTER Treasurer .........DORIS GALLMAN Sergeant-at-Arms ROBERT COLLINS Historian ...................................... . LEON BRANDOLPH Student Council................................ ... SHIRLEY HURWITZPERSONALITIES STUFF AND It can happen in Esquire, but we've seen it here too! Freshman Mighty Martell: Was Stirling strict in his classes, Lillian? Senior: Strict? Rosie Frankel fainted in her chair and they propped her up 'till the lecture ended. Patient in Psychopathic Ward of Phila. General (mistaking Alyce O'Neill for M D.): We like you better than the last doctor! Alyce (flattered): And how is that? Patient: You seem more like one of us. Forman: I'm glad I attended your lecture on insomnia. Dr. Shacterle. The Doctor: Did you find it interesting? Forman: No, but it cured my insomnia. Weiss: Stop waving your arms and making faces, lady. Why I haven’t even touched your knee-cap. Patient: I know you haven’t, but you're standing on my corn. Dr. Briglia: Samuels, are you the teacher of this class? Samuels: No, sir. Dr. Briglia: Then don't talk like an idiot. Dr. Christ: The patient limps because his left leg is three inches shorter than his right, Herter. What would you do in such circumstances? Hurter: I believe. Doctor, that I should limp, too. Pearl: Ahhhhh, Dr. Rappoport, I hear your wife had twins. Boys or girls? Dr. Rappaport: Well, I believe one is a girl and one is a boy, but it may be the other way 'round. Dr. Hobie: You can't sleep in my class! Hamilton: If you didn't talk so loud I could. Dr. Harford: And why are you late? Fox (meekly): Class started before I got here. Patient in Clinic: How do you do? Second Patient: Oh so-so. I’m aching from arthritis. First Patient: Glad to meet you. I'm Moskow from Chester. Caruso: I'll be perfectly frank and tell you that four out of five patients bleed terribly under this operation. Is there anything I can do for you before I begin? Patient: Yes. Help me on with my shoes and stockings. Fry: I must paint your husband's foot with silver nitrate. Mrs. Wasserman: Use gold nitrate, doctor, we can afford the best.NONSENSE Lasher: Let's cut Eby's class today. Hamilton: Can’t. I need the sleep. Place: Philadelphia General Hospital. Case: Woman, blood sugar 780, 4 plus Wasserman. Prognosis: Cut her and it's too bad. cut yourself and it's too bad. too Dr. Ratcliffe: Your trouble is, you have a constipation of thought, and a diarrhea of words. Remember Dr Hobermans dissertation on Selective Activity, regarding that parade, pigeon, and windy city Gordon? Chemistry Lab (Dr. Rowen speaking): What you fellows need is a toughie. longie, and quickie. How about the riveting machine. Dr Else, and the Alimentary Canal? Dr. Gamble: If the nurse wasn't so good looking I would have fired her for not reloading that film holder Dr. Osterhout . . . psychology in person. Remember his holiday advice our first year? How true. Did Dr. Logan like "here sir, yes sir. no sir ”? Now if you have a silver— Dr. Leberknight: What did you say? ... Look it up. We will write it next week—Dr Bossle speaking. Dr. Rowe: Nov I will have to bore you for an hour on the manufacture of felt, serrated or not, what a shield! Dr. Harford: All you have to know is what Dr. Stirling tells you, what I tell you, and whatever is in that little 1500-page volume How many times was that pail knocked over in dissection? Nerve racking, wasn't it? Dr. Eby: We will get one tough exam out of the way before the others start. Nice to know beforehand anyway.FRESHMEN FRESHMAN OFFICERS President.................. .................. Vice President............................. Recording Secretary ..... Corresponding Secretary ......... Treasurer..................................... Sergeant-at-Arms ............................. Historian .............................. ____HAROLD GREEN .....BERYL J. OSER ......JOHN J. KANE ....EDWIN L. BRODY ..... MAE KRAMER CLIVE A. HENNINGER ... HELEN E. TURNER Student Council Representative . ARTHUR C. SOLOMONFRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY GW Well, this really has been a very unusual year for the Freshman class. It can well be said that we are quite different from the previous Chiropody Freshman classes. America's entrance into the war brought many changes to the regular routine of the school. As many other schools have done, our Chiropody School adopted the accelerated plan. Since we were the incoming Freshman class we became the first class to begin Chiropody at the school in the summer. July first v as that momentous day when we started a brand new page in our lives. We didn't mind too much but the size of our class was affected greatly, having an enrollment of twenty-six. Because our class was so small we of course felt much closer and became quite chummy. We were a bit timid as we entered our first class with Professor Clapp He immediately won a definite place in our hearts. The timidity of course wore off as the semester progressed. By now some of the professors probably think a few of the Freshmen even bold. We are quite fortunate to have Dr Emil M. Christ as our class advisor this year. With the completion of the first semester came the anxiety that the Chiropody Ball must bring every year. We too had a deiinite hand in its preparation with Beryl Oser and Soliie Mantell lending their assistcnce as members of the dance committee. How grand it was meeting the various members of this class in such a different setting! Our boys actually looked handsome in evening attire and the girls quiie charming. The gaiety did not end at the Ritz-Carlton by any means, a special party followed at Palumbo's for Freshmen only, where the class and their dates became better acquainted. A definite loss is felt by the class because we have lost four grand people First petite Babs LamPrechter, the fourth girl of the class and brains supreme. Then, quiet Bill Norton, our first class president, was claimed by the Navy Amiable Armand Lefkovics succeeded Norton as the second president but had to leave to go into the Army. Dave Bach was third to assume the position until joining the Signal Corps. We really did have more than a little trouble keeping a presiding officer. Whitey Kirschner came to the rescue and was acting president during the interim until congenial Harold Green was elected to carry on as Freshman president. We wish him every success as the new Freshman president. We miss the four who had to leave because they were three great fellows and a grand girl. To the Seniors who are leaving us—all of the luck in the world! You're bound to succeed after having such sound foundation. To the incoming Freshmen—a hearty welcome! HELEN E. TURNER, Historian.SDPHMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer............... Student Council Sergeant-at-Arms .. WILLIAM ZEIGLER ...GRACE WIEGAND ......MARIE HARE ....MARTIN HIRSH THELMA MESSINGER ..ANTHONY GRIECO Historian FREDERICK SHEASOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Upon returning from a very short summer vacation, due to the Accelerated War Schedule,” the class of 1944 dug into one of the toughest semesters of our Chiropody course, namely the Sophomore year. All those, who have passed before us, well know the trials and tribulations of the "struggling Sophomore,” Although most of us were a little slow in starting, who can help forgiving this, when they realize the hot summer nights made studying difficult. Before the time was over, however, we did our job and did it well. We have had throughout the year a number of our fellow classmates who saw fit, and justly so, to leave us in order that they might better serve their fellow man ... in the services of their country. We here proudly present them, that their names might live in the memories of their friends and classmates: Walter Kelly. U. S. Army; Ralph Florio, U. S. Naval Air Corps, Myron Friedman. U. S. Merchant Marine; lack Marcus, U. S Army; Leonard Lippkin. U S Navy. It is with much pleasure and appreciation that the Sophomore class congratulates the Class of 1943. May they be successful and happy in both their Chiropodial endeavors and in their private lives. As many of the Graduating Class will be serving their country shortly after graduation, may we wish this particular group Godspeed and a safe return to their homes and practice. Respectfully submitted, FRED SHEA, Class HistorianJUNIORS President .. Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . ........... Sergeant-at-Arms Historian ......... Student Council ........ JUNIOR CLASS . WILLIAM KOPENSHAVER ...........................ANDRE PONTONE TOBIE WEISS ......................LILLIAN SEIBERT ..................... WILLIAM A. POTTER . . .WILLIAM H. WESLAR ....................... ROBERT HOLMES JAY VIZERHISTORY OF JUNIOR CLASS % Once upon a time, September 26, 1940, to be exact, there was a group of freshmen. The same in most respects as any other beginners in the role of college students Confusion and tumult reigned but underneath was the steady, driving urge to become confident, educated Doctors of Chiropody. This aforesaid party became a class when organized by Dr. Engel, who remains to this day, our honorable adviser Elections were held for class officers to preside over very unruly subjects being guided along the narrow rocky channels of education by brow-beating Doctors. Meanwhile Professor Clapp attempted a psychological analysis of these freaks of nature and mold them into dignified professionals. A recreational interlude v as offered by George Marlov e and his band in the form of the Chiropody Ball. The time of finals came and passed along with the bewilderment appropriately alloted to freshmen. Vacation time was the wild shout as sad partings were effected and the students disseminated to their respective good old home towns. Time passed quickly and on September of 1941, we met at 1812 Spring Garden as experienced sophomores, with Doctor Else laconically remarking, "wise guys." This v as the year we were introduced into the field of Anatomy, carefully proctered by Doctor Stirling, who was soon called on active duty in the United States Army as a major. Worriment v as the foremost issue as the midyears approached, and relief v asn't too great afterwards; but sorrows were drowned at the Chiropody Ball to the strains of Clarence Furman's Orchestra. The remainder of this year was taken up by public speeches, and diligent study on the part of the students, and more brow beating on the part of the professors. The final examinations v ere dutifully overwhelmed, and with foreboding realization of the large casualty list the accelerated wartime schedule was introduced. At the end of the shortened vacation, the junior year was started with a grimmer disposition enshrouded by ham joking. The rate of students going into the service was increasing. Outstanding interest was directed toward dissection and our introduction into clinic, an event none will forget. And immediately afterward midyear exams began, with it came the knowledge of the increasing difficulty of a shortened schooling. The Chiropody Ball offered a chance to forget with Chuck Gordon and his orchestra and everyone enjoyed himself. During our sojourn at school many of our friends have interrupted their education to join the various branches of the fighting forces. We pay our deepest tributes to these boys and also to the ones soon to join them. R. HOLMES, Class Historian.IN SERVICE eom.c.Notsttu UYtfO H W.8 A WILLIAM BOCCELLI GEORGE SPEIZMAN MAYER FEIGENBAUM PAUL DEUEL FREDERICK A. PELLETIER TED LEVY IRA BRADLEYACTIVITIESTHE CLINIC Dr. C. GORDON ROWE .. ............................Chief Clinician DR. T. A. ENGEL............................................. . . Registrar Registrar DR. A. RAMPULLATO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1943: It is with a certain amount of regret that I bid the Class of 43 hale and farewell. It has been my task to make you good chiropodists from many viewpoints, both professional and social One of my consistent and recurring thoughts to each class is to bear in mind that you are all and individually professionals—you are chiropodists and have submerged yourselves in a professional group The entire profession will be judged by your individual behavior. I am and I want every one of you. to be proud of your profession. Keep it clean, sincere and upright for your own sake and your fellow practitioners Also remember that you are a representative of a great University You may well be proud of that association and graduation from Temple University Wherever your journeys may take you, and some of you will go far, take these two thoughts with you—I am a graduate of Temple University and I represent a profession of which I am justly proud. DR. ROWE.A DAY IN THE CLINIC CLINICALLY During the past year in clinic, which started June 8, thousands upon thousands of conditions have been treated by our class as a whole. Under the supervision of Dr. Rowe and the entire clinical staff, much headway was made by the entire class in adopting themselves to the correct and most efficient way to treat all sorts of chiropodial ailments. Patients from all over the United States, yes, and from countries all over the world, were treated in our surgical and orthopedic clinics this past year. This fact of course is easily understood when we take into consideration that number of service men in Philadelphia from distant lands, due to various reasons.ANATOMICAL SOCIETY STIRLING HONORARY ANATOMICAL SOCIETY The first honor society in the School of Chiropody has successfully passed into its eleventh year. Dr. Stirling, founder of this society, is again in the armed service, but under the supervision of Dr. Harford, the meetings and discussions were carried on in the usual manner. The activities for the year included monthly meetings at which scientific papers were presented by the members. The annual banquet was held in January, with alumni, members, and associates all having a most enjoyable evening. We graduating members hope that our successors uphold the ideals of this society, and have as successful a year as we have just completed. OFFICERS President ........... ........................ WILSON TAYLOR Vice President ...............................LEONARD CHERN Secretary ....................................NORMAN PEARL Members: Roy Ronemus, Donald Seidel, Arthur Briskin, William Wylie, Frank Caruso.BACTERIOLOGY SOCIETY HONORARY BACTERIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Having the distinction of being the second oldest society in the school, this year the society celebrated its tenth year of existence. The society is steadily progressing under the capable sponsorship of Drs. Logan, Cobe and Leberknight. Meetings are held once a month, at which time subjects vital to the profession are discussed, also the members have the opportunity to study advanced bacteriology, urinalysis, and hematology from a practical viewpoint. A number of new members were elected into the society. Membership is limited to those students obtaining an average of 85 or better in bacteriology and a good average in all other subjects. Now that we are departing we hereby wish our successors the pleasure of many interesting and eventful discussions in the future. OFFICERS DR. THOMAS LOGAN................................ ... Sponsor DR. HERBERT M. COBE.................................. Adviser JOHN HAMILTON..................................... President LEONARD CHERN................................. Vice President THELMA MESSINGER ................................... TreasurerCHIRDPDDICAL SOCIETY HONORARY CHIROPODICAL SOCIETY Under the capable sponsorship of Dr Rowe and co-sponsors Dr. Engel and Dr. Rampulla the society has progressed far, and has been very active Meetings are held once a month, during which time lectures are given, discussions held, and demonstrations of interest to the Chiropodist are shown. The society has two objectives one, which is to promote and preserve the ethics of the profession of Chiropody; and the second to demonstrate Chiro-podial procedures and technique by means of lectures and demonstrations. Eighteen new members were admitted into the society Membership was limited to those who attained high averages in both Practical and Didactic Chiropody and all other subjects also. The graduating members wish the undergraduates the best of luck and hope that the fine spirit of the society prevails. DR. C. G. ROWE..................................... Sponsor DR C. E KRAUSZ....................................... Sponsor DR. A. RAMPULLA ................................... AdviserPHI ALPHA PI The Iota Chapter oi Phi Alpha Pi came through the year 1942 in line fashion, contrary to the prediction that wartime and all its frustrations would stagger it. The year has been eventful as. and more successful in some respects, as any year since the Chapter's inauguration in 1929. The students' mind and body must never become lazy. Science is a wondrous thing, indeed, and Science knows full well that extra-curricular activities make a well-balanced menu for the normal student. Frequent participation in athletics—football, basketball, and baseball—provided the necessary diversions. Each sport season found Phi active in weekly contests. Phi completed a well-rounded year with informal and formal house parties, smoker, hay-ride, and the Annual Induction Banquet, at which time 10 new members were admitted to the fraternity. OFFICERS President ... NORMAN B. PEARL Vice President ..............................................LEONARD CHERN Treasurer MORTON FOX Scribe ..................................................... ..EDWIN SEAVE Secretary ...........................................IS ADORE FORMAN Sergeant-at-Arms ......................... . JULIAN GREENBAUM Colors: Blue and WhitePI EPSILON DELTA Pi Epsilon Delta, the first Chiropodical fraternity to hold a national chapter, has once again completed a successful year. The men of Pi Epsilon Delta have answered our country's call-to-arms with twelve of them enlisting in the Army Enlisted Reserves Seven of the men are seniors and will leave for active military service upon graduation Two others, Walter Kelly and William Norton, a pledge, left earlier in the year for service in the Army and Navy respectively Six new members were initiated into active membership this year The chapter has also been active in extra-curricular activities by placing teams in intramural competition and the professional school interfraternity basketball league. The fraternity extends its best wishes to the graduating class and urges those who are going out into this war-torn world to fight on for the advancement of our profession OFFICERS President ...................... . R ROY RONEMUS Vico President ...................................ROBERT H COLLINS Treasurer ... ....................... . ROBERT R WILLOUGHBY Secretary ..................................WILLIAM W THOMPSON Sergeant-at-Arms................................ DONALD C. SEIDEL Colors: Green and While Library Temple Univ rgtfyBUY WAR BONDS FOR VICTORY jkj h.t: i-. H? W; ■ Vc'. - " y • . Mf Hy . c • Lft i . ••- N. Vh ? ’Oh H p ACKNOWLEDGMENT Although the work of the Tempodian 1943 is carried on in the name of a few individuals, the actual labor requires the work of many hands. Here we take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to those whose efforts have helped make this book a success, especially Our Patrons; Our Advertisers; Mr Forte of Record Engraving, Mr. Wm. B. Rosner. of Novelty Bookbinding Co. For his cooperation and untiring efforts to make The Tempodian 1943 a yearbook we are all proud to have contributed to THIS YEARBOOK A PRINTED VIEW OF STUDENT LIFE AT THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CHIROPODY WAS PLANNED, DESIGNED AND PUBLISHED BY NOVELTY BOOKBINDING CO. 40- 50 No. 6th STREET. PHILADELPHIA. PA.PATRONS George J. Worrall Alice W. Krausz Louise F. Krausz John J. Kerns William A. Mackie Dr. Charles E. Krausz S. Rubin.sky Harry W. Stein L. Shainis J. Abramson Dr. Arnold W Newman Dr. Sydney Wolff Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Belknap Miss Frances M. McGuire Miss Violet A. Hiler Richard H. Belknap, U. S. C. G. Miss Patricia F. Belknap Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sweeney Dr. Morris L. Borkon Mrs. C. A. Nichols Dr. James M. Gibb Miss Patricia E Hubbard Miss Audrey K Cramer Miss Helen Joan Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Samuels Mr and Mrs. Louis Samuels Mr. and Mrs. S. Schoenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rudich Ferd. P. Benj. Schoenfeld Sarony Studios Rev. J. BriskinSchmid Chiropody Chisels SHARPENING AND RENICKELING OF INSTRUMENTS St CIRCULAR MAILED ON REQUEST MADE IN U. S. A. TYPES OF HANDLES USED LEOPOLD SCHMID MANUFACTURER OF HAND FORGED CHIROPODY CHISELS 1241 BUTTONWOOD STREET PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA•'TED" URBAN INVITES YOUR INSPECTION OF THE MOST MODERN, LARGEST AND COMPLETE SHOWROOM OF EXCLUSIVE CHIROPODY EQUIPMENT CHIROPODY SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS, INC. 62 WEST 14th STREET NEW YORK CITYOUR EQUIPMENT IS GOING TO WAR DEMANDS FOR THIS TYPE EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN MADE BY OUR NAVY AND WE SUGGEST FOR THOSE WHO INTEND OPENING OFFICES TO MAKE THEIR IMMEDIATE CHOICE OF STYLES AND PLACEMENT OF THEIR BINDER. For Literature on ’Reliance’ Equipment ... Write to Ted” Urban CHIROPODY SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS, INC. 62 West 14th Street, New York CityIn A Nutshell! Fine materials cleverly used by master boot craftsmen to produce effects of startling beauty—plus quality you would expect to cost $12 to $14. That's the story of Ansonia shoes. 1143 CHESTNUT STREET (Near 12th St.) NEW YORK, PHILA., MIAMI BEACHH. B. GORDING- Jeweler THE SHOP WHERE CLASS RINGS AND PI-EPSILON DELTA FRAT PINS ARE MANUFACTURED Tel.. WAL. 3101 716 SANSOM STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. POPIar 8641 The Ideal Place to Meet, Wine and Dine GEORGE'S RESTAURANT N. W. Cor. 22nd and Spring Garden Streets Philadelphia, Pa. Sea Food - Wines and Liquours - Beers and Ales Sandwichos and Salads • Steaks and Chops Plato Dinners "Light on Your Feet" FOOT FRIEND SHOES COMPLIMENTS OF CANTILEVER and GROUND GRIPPER SHOES Ccintileuer Ground Gripper Shoe Store 113 So. 13th STREET 1629 CHESTNUT STREET Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia. Pa.CORRECT AND CORRECTIVE SHOE SERVICE For Men, Women and Children A complete corrective ihoe jervice will be Available to the public, under the supervision of their chiropodists. Experienced corrective appliance specialists will be in attendance to follow the chiropodists' instructions and properly fit their patients. Whitman Platos, Arch Supports, Shoo Pads, Lifts and Wedges, Braces, Elastic Hosiery, etc. NULTY-COGGINS, Inc. 25 SOUTH 16th STREET RIT. 8984 - 8985 Custom Arch Supports SPONGE RUBBER - CORK - SPRING APPLIANCES MADE TO CAST OR PRESCRIPTION A ALBERT L. COMROE, Mfr. 34 - 36 SOUTH 16th STREET RIT. 5827 PHILADELPHIA. PA. The Only Philadelphia Firm Catering Exclusively to the Chiropody Profession FOR A QUICK SNACK . . . STOP AT BOB'S PLACE Buttonwood Street ACROSS FROM TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Compliments of DAVID GREBERMAN 2005 CHESTNUT STREET Philadelphia, Pa. PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT AND WHIRLPOOL BATHS SERVICE LE£RflPP SHOES Correctly Balanced for Men, Women and Children Specia!i:ing in doctor's prescriptions and handling various lasts that are specially designed as an odjunct for the treating of various forms of foot disabilities. Specialists always in attendance to follow chiropodists' instructions and properly fit their patients. Shoes carried in stock to take care of Whitman plates, arch supports, shoe pads, and wedges. Corrections also made according to chiropodists' prescriptions. ROOM 224-7 1011 Chestnut Street Phila., Pa. WALnut 3834 Please Note Change of AddressPROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE "RELIANCE" CHIROPODY CHAIRS CUSTOM BUILT AT REGULAR PRICES Imprest your clientele with new, modern Reliance" equipment. An investment that will pay big dividends by increased business. LX. •• 4 STAR EQUIPMENT. "RELIANCE" LEADS. OTHERS FOLLOW IN YOUR FINAL ANALYSIS, be sure to consider the many advantages for which "Reliance" Chiropody Chairs and Stools are known throughout the world. PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE —COMFORT TO PATIENT — COMFORT TO OPERATOR — RIGIDITY IN CONSTRUCTION —ADVANCED AND DISTINCT DESIGNS. Ask your friends what they think of "Reliance" equipment. Nothing we could say would be a better recommendation. "Reliance" equipment has stood the test. . . . Let us send you a descriptive folder showing a number of different models . . . F. F. KOENIGKRAMER (Manufacturers tinea 1898) Cincinnati, Ohio 1914 Western Ave., Dept. TUFOR DEPENDABLE SERVICE TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS AND ORDERS FOR DRUGS TO McCONOMY’S COMPLIMENTS OF THE PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY ORTHOPEDIC 19th and BUTTONWOOD STREETS SHOE SHOP Compliments of DAVID MILLER REAL ESTATE TRUST BUILDING ATLANTIC SURGICAL SUPPLY Philadelphia. Pa. 1859 NEDRO AVENUE Han. 0360 Philadelphia. Pa. Suite 627 - 635 To th© Clan of 1943: Greetings ond hearty woicomo. We invite you to an Associate Membership in the Eastern Division of the Every graduate should feel it his morel duty to support his Chiropody Society of Penna. Membership in your professional organization is a positive step toward succosful Alma Mater by being affiliated with the Alumni Associa- practise for it has been truly soid that no member who hat been active end in good standing has evor been a failure in his chosen field. tion. Membership Fee: $3.00. Make checks payable to: Do not pass up the chance for good fellowship, pro-•action of your profession, and the advantages of scientific discussions to furthor your knowledge. DR. RAY E. DOUGHERTY, Treas. The first year's Associate Membership costs you nothing but your sincere wish to be an active membor of your profession. Room 1009 ▲ 12 S. 12th STREET Eastern Division of the Chiropody Society of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pa. Affiliate of N.A.C. Compliments of OUR DINER 1814 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. Library Temple University Chiropody Dept. ___ For Reference NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM THIS ROOM

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