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 CORNERSTONE 1966 AMBLER CAMPUS OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY AMBLER. PENNSYLVANIAWHAT DOES COLLEGE REPRESENT Embodying the ideals of higher education, freedom of choice, and the realization of being an individual, college represents one of the most important periods in a young adult's life. As a young person enters his freshman year, he begins to see the diverse ideas, sentiments, and attitudes of hundreds of students from many backgrounds. The student then lets university life mold him into a well organized, free thinking individual. Along with the strides he makes himself, the importance of helping his fellow classmates and developing university policy becomes predominant. The university, with the help of the student himself, helps to build an individual that will later be a useful citizen. College represents an ideal, a realization and a continuing development—years the student will look back on with pride and pleasure. 2 EditorTABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Administration Faculty and Staff Student Life Sophomores Freshmen Activities 4 6 7 15 27 50 59 Patrons 65WE THANKFULLY DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO YOU, MRS. FOX 4March 2, 196b 2135 Jenkintown Pd. Glenside. Pa. Dear Bonnie and Stuart! It was very pood of you to ask «» to write a short biography of ■yself and to tell you about ay philosophy of teaching, but it is very difficult for ae to do this. When I reflect on ay past expertences, I guess that I have always wanted to teach in one way or another. and I enjoy any group of students whether they are in secondary school, college, or graduate school. I have had experience with a variety of such teaching situations and have appreciated working with each group. Within each class, there are individuals who have special goals, probleas, desires to develop and achieve who have not been able to realise any of these to a point of satisfaction. Since I an privileged to be their instructor, I feel that this aeans that I must help thea to succeed in the oftentiaes artificial environaent of the four-walled classrooa. The potential of each student is iaportant to ae in teras of his own life and happiness, not because he or she is an undiscovered genius. My errors in teaching also bother ae, and each seaester when I enter the classrooa, I hope that I gain new insights into tho teaching and learning process. Insofar as history is concerned, aany students approach this area of study with great dislike. History is the story of nan and civilisation, and as such, it should be aade Interesting to aost students. A heavy eaphasis on political events often has no aeaning for youth. Therefore. I believe that certain facets of civilisation should be presented in such a nay that he can draw on the experiences in future life. For example, the history of aedicine, architecture, aatheaatics, ailitary and naval strategy, art and ausic, can all be used by the student to further his own interests in each area. In a world beset by all kinds of serious probleas, history also affords its own particular kind of escape into the past. I suppose you want soae personal data as well as ay "philosophy", and I aa happy to write that ay husband is a successful practicing veterinarian and that we have four children, the youngest of whoa is thirteen. At tho present tiae, I have an A.B. and M.A. in History froa the University of Pennsylvania, and I hope to have ay PhD shortly, in American Civilisation. I have published a few biographical articles on faaous Anerican wosen, and hope to write aore. My future plans are uncertain, but they will undoubtedly involve teaching. I also have an M.Ed. froa Teaple University. Best wishes to you both. Sincerely, 5 Claire B. FoxADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY DEAN UDELL With the spate of new buildings and ever-increasing population at the Ambler Campus, life has become more and more complex for the student. Within this framework. Dean Udell has done much to help them over the rough spots. Always interested in students and their problems, Dean Udell is receptive to their ideas and gives careful consideration to their suggestions. He has been instrumental in creating many of the new activities and organizations requested by the students. Naturally, problems sometimes arise, and we believe our Dean docs his best to understand and solve them. Students realize some of the complexity of the Dean's job, and thank him for his hard work in making Ambler an integral part of Temple University. As a major part of the administration at Ambler Campus, Dean Fisher serves many functions. She helps students solve many problems concerning their social and academic life. Students can always see her around campus performing the many functions delegated to her, for she plays an integral role in all student organizations. serving as advisor to activities and student groups on the campus. Dean Fisher’s job entails enormous complexities and responsibilities, and wc arc thankful that she fulfills her role with insight and understanding. 6 DEAN FISHERMr Wayne Snyder. F-Pol. Sci. Mrs. l-ovald. F-Soc.; Dr. Pearson, F-Bio.; Mrs. Harris. F-Math Mr. Crcuzigcr, F-Hng.; Mr. Stewart. F-Math Mr. Zutter. Miss Anders. Mrs. Fisher. Mr. Manaker. F-Hort. L. D. Dept. Dr. Visser. F-Hist. 7FACULTY AND STAFF Dr. Clemmer, F-Hist. Mr. Visscr, F-HisL Mrs. Fox-F-Hist. Miss Fogarty, F-Eng. Mrs. Hemphill. F-Eng. 8 Mr. Dissinger, Psych. Mr. Mall, F-Sp. Mrs. Kroeger. FL. (French) Mr. Devlin. FL. (German) 910 Mr. Hcndifar, F-Chcm.Mrs. Hofman. F-Math. Mr. Leach, Chorai Director Mrs. Reisse, Phys. Mr. Martin, Ed. Psych. Mr. Dunning, Math. Mrs. Harris. Math.Dr. John Swartley. Chairman of Ihc Horticulture Department Mr. Frederic S. Blau. Instructor in Landscape Design Dr. E. Barclay Rile. Instructor in Horse Husbandry 12 Mr. Edgar Grater, Instructor in Flower Shop Management ■ Mr. James O'Reilly, Instructor Fine ArtsMrs. Winfield Scott, Sec’y to the Dean of Women Mrs, Charles Rommel, Receptionist Mrs. John Reid. Sec'y of the Budget Miss Frances Singer, Faculty Sec’y; Mrs. Gary Bub, Sec’y to the Dean -4? ppm., I I Am RW. Mrs. Leonard West, Sec'y of Records PHYSICAL PLANT: Frances Roberton. Harry Schulze. William Hale. Robert Cope. Anthony Telesc, Albert Saylor. William Hale Jr.. AI Schwcikert 13 Mrs. Louise Williamson, NurseMr. Myles Martel. Head Resident, Men's Mr. Julian Biller. Asst. Resident. C Dorm Dormitory Mr. Norman Scott, Asst. Resident, D Dorm Mr. Edward Abramson. Asst. Resident. B Dorm Mrs. Bettina Juers and Mrs. Ida Cunnanc, Bookstore 14Mrs. Marian Van Steenwyck. Hostess. Bright Hall Lounge Miss Priscilla Snyder. Asst. Miss Carol Bainton, Asst. Resi- Resident, G Dorm dent, H Dorm Miss Marilyn Alice Reiher, Asst. Resident F Dorm 15 Mrs. Marian Deckman. Hostess. Bright Hall LoungeSTUDENT LIFE 16171819 20212324252627PATRICIA ABRAHAMYAN 71 Boxwood Rond. Crestwood. N. Y. likes: people, dancing, music. New York dislikes: gelling up in the morning, animals activities: choir, dormitory council. May dance committee, homecoming float and parade goal: elementary teaching (major child psychology) CARL -SKIP" ADAMS Mill St. RD 1. Boyertown. Pa. likes: horses rate high and girls rate easy on the eyes, especially blondes dislikes: conceited and possessive people goal: to enter the field of forestry and conservation activities: soph. Christmas dance, soph, social committee, frosh student council and May dance committee CHRISTINE BAIRD Pikeland Hollow Rd.. R.D. I. Malvern. Pa EVELYN NELL ARONOW 6 Dogwood Terrace, Springfield. N. J. likes: roll on my wheels, fishing, boating, cars, boys dislikes: none activities: choir—2 years goal: psychologist 28MARI A T. AUERBACH •J R;iincs Sired, Huntington Station, N. Y. likes: scotch, people, flowers, DR room dislikes: sadness activities: frosh—dean’s list I, House Council II. volleyball. May dance committee, soph.— Pres. House Council, V.P. sophomore class, social committee, Christmas dance goal: undetermined at present LEONARD A. BADER 219 Fifth Avenue. Bradley Beach. N. J. likes: good music, good biographies, fun activities: frosh choir, photography club, soph. newspaper reporter goal: Marine Biologist JEANNE L. BARRON 20 Russell Road. Willow Grove, Pa. activities: Dean’s list goal: Elementary school teacher ALAN B. BENSON 1075 Old Ford Road. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. likes: chess, pinochle dislikes: English goal: veterinarian 29STEPHEN BERMAN 29 N. Ormond Ave., Havcrtown. Pa. likes: fast cars, girls—(you can't live with them, and you can't live without them!) dislikes: accounting, possessive girls activities: social committee II, intramurals I II. Christmas dance committee II. proctor D dorm goal: to go into business management RICHARD BICER 20 Pleasant Road. Norristown. Pa. likes: cheese, blondes, food, booze dislikes: studies, work activities: intramural football, basketball, eating cheese, pic club, athletic club goal: to marry someone rich, and to be an interpreter LYNN N. BLANCHARD 3 Ivy Court. Brookville. L. L. N. Y. likes: Horses. Jay, cards dislikes: French activities: riding club, volleyball goal. Medical technology JOANNE BLENHEIM 802 South Fairway Rd., Glcnside. Pa. likes: sailing, pizza, carrot top. convertibles dislikes: none goal: Home economics major 30ANTHONY BONDI 2024 Swede Road, Norristown. Pa. likes: animals, sports, math dislikes: teachers who return papers marked D—, and then in the upper left-hand corner (good—big improvement) goal: Physical education teacher BONNIE J. BRODIE I Cloverlcc Lane, Newtown, Pa. likes: blue-eyed blonds, scotch, sports dislikes: 59 Rcnaults, conformity goal: Working in some aspect of medicine, large family ERICH G. BERKE 315 Holme Avenue, Elkins Park. Pa. WAYNE BULLOCK 1441 Turke Rd.. Warrington, Pa. likes: racing, football, cheese, Supremes dislikes: sex. New York goal: Professional Racing car driver 31MICHAEL J CUSTER 409 Winner Road. Halboro. Pa. likes: sports and people in general dislikes: people with superficial attitudes goal: job with the U.S.D.A. after four years of study in Horticulture or related study WILLIAM GILES DOUGHERTY 3103 Colony Lane, Plymouth Meeting. Pa. likes: Cobra 427. Jean Shepherd on WOR Radio dislikes: none NANCY DUDLEY 520 Stevens Ro;id, Morrisvillc. Pa. likes: eating but not Slater's food activities: social committee, volleyball team goal: to lead an exciting, adventurous life full of happiness and success PATRICIA AGNES CARR 310 Krcwson Terrace, Willow Grove Pa. likes: the state of Maine dislikes: none goal: elementary school teacher 32JOHN FELDMAN 24 N. Midway Avc., Fcastcrvillc. Pa. likes: listening (o short-wave radio dislikes: none goal: To join the Federal Communications Commission and improve the quality of American Radio JOHN CRAWFORD 2959 Banner Road. Willow Grove, Pa. dislikes: S.D.S., peace marches activities: Member of Judiciary Board, frosh vice president, recreation supervisor, gym assistant, football and basketball referee, intramural football MRS MARGARET FRIDAY Knight Road. Ambler, Pa. GIANINA M. GALZERANO 430 Radcliffc St., Bristol Pa. likes: Terry (Ycoum), spending money dislikes: Ambler food goal: to teach 33CLIFFORD KENT GF.ARY 146 Ml Pleasant Ave., Ambler. Pa. likes: sports, girls who like me dislikes: work and school goal: to get through school without being drafted CAROLYN J. GEORGE Farmington. Pa. EDITH K. GREINER Willow Dell Farm. Mackeyvillc, Pa. DORIS EILEEN GROSS 131 Pleasant Road, Norristown, Pa. likes: languages, food, swimming, "Jo." blonde hair, summer time dislikes: physics, getting up early, snow goal: linguist for the government, or late documents poetry, to trans- 34CHARLES E. HAMILTON 15 Malvern Road. Norristown. Pa. likes: food, sports, pinochle dislikes: slow drivers activities: intramurals goal: lo graduate PAT HANNAHS Bayard Road RD 2. Kennctt Sq.. Pa. likes: George. Rolling Rock dislikes: Cultz, greenhouse duty activities: dorm council frosh and soph., and Christmas dance in soph.ycar goal: to graduate HED1 HEARON Route 1—Box 52. Inman, S. C. likes: Carolina, gardens, happiness dislikes: greenhouse duty, fighting activities: dorm council secretary and representative in freshman yr.. frosh riding club, frosh May dance committee, soph. Christmas dance goal: landscape designer and happiness WILLIAM HENRY 1208 St. Clair Road, Orcland, Pa. likes: sports cars, surfboards, folk music goal: government service 35RICHARD B HUGGETT Pound Ridge Road, Bedford Village, N. Y. likes: To be dislikes: The thought that it will have to end goal: Actor LOUIS JOSEPH JANIK JR 2128 Pershing Ave.. Morton, Pa. likes: girls with blonde hair, fishing dislikes: English class activities: frosh—intramurals. May dance, soph —intramurals, social committee, Christmas dance, vice pres, of dorm D goal: to go into the field of forestry and conservation PENNY JOHNSTON 922 Cleveland Ave., Westfield. N. J. likes: horses, drawing, sewing dislikes: none activities: frosh—riding club, photography club, glee club. May dance; soph—riding club, Spanish club, glee club. Christmas dance 36RODGER N. KONYK 222 Green Si., Lnnsdalc, Pa. likes: extra activities, teaching, work, and sports dislikes: being lazy or sick goal: a B.S. degree in mathematics THOMAS P. KOSTIC 674 Woodlawn Drive. Lansdalc, Pa. likes: scotch and water, Flo. folk music and jazz activities: Jarrelown with Barry "dirty old man of Ambler Campus goal: to live a good life—die old and happy DEAN ROBIN LEONETTI 322 Valley Road, Orcland, Pa. likes: knowing the future lies ahead activities: student council, golf team, sky diving, member of HACALS goal: to believe JOHN LOHAN Hagues Mill Road, Ambler. Pa. likes: music goal: secondary educationCHIYO LEE MATHEUS IS9I Carhart Avc.. Pcekskill. N. Y. likes: horses, traveling England and tea dislikes: construction, intellectuals, rain, family style meals goal: veterinarian and to marry a millionaire JOSEPH McCORMICK 524 Summit Ave.. Fort Washington. Pa. goal: Biological research WILLIAM TERRENCE McDONNELL, 239 Berkeley Road. Devon. Pa. likes: sleep, good times, hunting, sports dislike: people who complain about everything all the time activities: frosh—president, student council. May dance, intramurals; soph.—chairman of social committee, Christmas dance, intramurals KENNETH MEEHAN 6030 Cannon Hill Rd.. Fort Washington. Pa. likes: scuba diving. 327 Chevy ss convertible, Joanne activities: President of student council goal: marine geologist 38RON MELK 90 Newtown Rd., Warminster. Pa. likes; girls, parties, weekends dislikes; physics, math, statistics activities: sophomore student council goal: to travel and become a copy-writer with an advertising agency RILL MIFFLIN 8006 Crispin St., Phila.. Pa. likes: sports, the "Four Seasons" dislikes: people who complain activities: soph—class treasurer, member of the social committee goal: to enter the landscape business LAWRENCE MILLER 10 Abbey view Avc., Willow Grove. Pa. likes: V miles, surf board, blondes activities: frosh—student council. May dance committee: soph, float committee goal: law JOSEPH O BRIEN 18 Malvern Road, Norristown. Pa. likes Lynn, triumphs, booze, cheese, queens goal: to graduate from college 39MARK EDWARD OSTRANDER 72! Oldslate Road. Berwyn, Pa. likes: nature and people dislikes dishonesty and Mondays activities: freshman class treas., student council. server in dining hall and a worker in the greenhouse goal to pursue a career I really enjoy I» MICHAEL C. PARELLA 317 Noble Street. Norristown. Pa. ROBERT PFL.AUMF.R 16 Underwood Road. Wyncotc. Pa. likes: sports activities: automobiles, member student academic disciplinary committee goal: B.S. DAN POLKA Washington Crossing. Pa. likes: motorcycles, skating and skiing dislikes: warm winters goal: landscape architecture 40JIM POND 410 W. Moreland Avc., Hatboro, Pa. likes: Barbra Streisand, cat fights, traveling. New York dislikes: nasty people goal: history teacher CLARENCE B RANDALL 176 Highland Avc.. Pittsburgh 29. Pa. likes: girls, hunting, sports, booze dislikes: certain people activities: football, basketball, athletic club float: to be a successful psychologist SCOTT E. SAYLOR 625 Kingswood Road. King of Prussia. Pa. BONNIE SCHWARTZ 129 Cornell Road. Bala Cynwyd. Pa. likes: sports cars, fireplaces, gin. Rolling Stones dislikes: Mondays, irresponsible people, moods activities: soph.—yearbook business manager. film and lecture committee goal: elementary education 41STUART L. SHARENOW 3 Du rye a PI., Lynbrook, N. Y likes: sports, rest and sleep, small girls, the cottage dislikes: waking up. irresponsible people, problems activities: soph.—drama club, film and lecture committee, yearbook editor goal: to choose a profession that will yield the greatest amount of pleasure. SUSAN SHILLIDAY Fox Run Hollow. Bryn Mawr Avc., Newtown. Square. Pa. likes: all animals csp. horses, gentleman with a capital "G." all sorts of sweaters, sports cars, large houses and big lawns dislikes: rainy weather, know-it-all people (sort of like Polonius) goal: to become a famous breeder, trainer and racer of thoroughbred horses and to teach elementary school JAY W. SIMMONS 207 Hilltop Rd.. Norristown. Pa. likes: basketball, football, cheese dislikes: the kid down the street activities: intramurals (football, basketball). athletic club goal: F.B.I. agent PAUL STEPHEN SNYDER 251 Susquehanna Avc., Lansdale. Pa. likes: sports (volleyball, soccer, baseball), cards goal: science field (chemistry) 42SHELLEY SUSAN STEGG Ols. “B" NAF. Johnsvillc, Pa. activities: May dance committee goal: secondary education PATRICIA A. STEWART 7 Winslow Road, Winchester, Mass. likes: horses, Vermont ski lodges, sports, and camp dislikes: lateness, all-nighters (studying), and Mondays activities: riding club, glee club, dorm council. and Frosh class secretary goal: to become an elementary teacher WILLIAM STROUP 100 Pleasant Road, Norristown, Pa likes: Swcdesburg blondes. Bice, woods, squirrels, and rain dislikes: calculus, cheese. Buicks, patrolled parking lots goal: A Smokey Bear helper WILLIAM M. TAYLOR 723 Oak Terrace Drive, MR. 2, Ambler. Pa. like: blondes, Pontiacs, skiing. GTO’s, Blondes, other sports dislikes: Fords activities: yearbook staff, skiing, sky diving club, member of HACALS, float committee, and Christmas dance committee goal: to own my own advertising agency 43WILLIAM H. TIMBY 116 New Road. Horsham. Pa. ESTA TORNERO 102 Butternut Drive. Hatboro. Pa. DAVID M. TRUSAL 1874 Brentwood Road. Abington, Pa. likes: photography, people who arc sincere and friendly, snow. Renault that don't hit other cars, and people dislikes: dominant people, beer, long classes, and greenhouse duty activities: Frosh photography club treasurer. Soph, photography club pres., May dance, Christmas dance, yearbook, greenhouse worker goal: go on to school and eventually get a job with the state or federal government in some form of horticulture BARRY C. VANDEGRIFT 1770 W. Main Street Norristown, Pa. likes: bourbon dislikes: idiots activities: football, volleyball, athletic club and soccer goal: maintain my "cools" 44RAYMOND R VASEY RD 1, North Wales, Pa. likes: airplanes. "Joe," Bobby Vinton. American History, antique weapons dislikes: Physics goal: history teacher NED WARRICK 7207 Charlton Street. Phila. 19, Pa. likes: life. Wheaton, whisky sours dislikes: 8:00 gym class, old cans Coal: to live l.YNFORD S. WALTERS III 3263 Alton Road. Dresher, Pa. likes: (lying. Soupy Sales, hill-climbs dislikes: everything in general, and nothing in particular activities: student council treasurer, sky diver club, member of HACALS, intramurals, and mcmlier of the judiciary board goal: airline pilot CAROLYN B. WEINBERG 403 W Ml. Airy Avenue. Phila., Pa. likes: horses, tennis, photography, cancelled classes dislikes Slater foods, and cactus beds activities: riding club, glee club, photography cluh, Christmas dance. May dance, plant sale, mailing list committee goal: horticulture or landscape work 45CLAIRE LOUISE WEIR. ‘ MIKE-7642 Rugby St., Philadelphia, Pa. likes: Horses, music, orchids, water fights in the greenhouse and staffy ihslikes: Bcatlc haircuts and aphids activities: Photography club, volleyball, glee club, plant sale, mailing list committee. Christmas dance committee and May dance committee goal: Que sera sera AARON WEXLER 8813 Tyson Road. Philadelphia Pa. likes: Guitar, mood albums and fires in fireplaces dislikes: traffic, know-it-alls, bad moods on people activities: projection crew, lectures committee and film committees goal: Recognition in the world LOUISE J. WHEELER Honeysuckle Knoll. Davis Road, Ambler. Pa. TERRANCE M. WILSEY 2998 Sheffield Drive, Norristown. Pa likes: Gia (yeoiim). sleeping, sports, guns dislikes: Arguments goal: to graduate 46JAMES J. BENO 428 Butler Pike, R D. 4. Norristown. Pa MARILYN BRYANT Valley Forge Road, Worcester, Pa. JAMES F. CARR 2157 Joshua Road. Lafayette Hill. Pa. likes: Fins and skiing dislikes: school and teachers goal: millionaire BYRON P COLLINS 121 Susan Avenue, Willow Grove. Pa. NEIL C. CURRY 235 Cedar Avenue. Horsham. Pa. goal: B.S. DIANE M EAST 407 S. Broad Street. Waynesboro. Pa. likes: Horticulture, outdoors, new people dislikes: dreary weather, "cross garters and yellow stockings” goal: experiment or research in horticulture or botany activities: sophomore class secretary, decoration of Christmas dance, 1965 MARTHA G. FOGG 312 Woodward Road, Moylan. Pa. CHESTER ADAM HARACZKA 161 E. 7th Avenue. Collegevillc. Pa. RICHARD KEELER Stony Brook Drive. Blue Bell. Pa. DANIEL LAWRIE Hickory Hill Apts. Apt. I-A. Feastcrville. Pa. david c. McKenzie Route 113, Creamery. Pa. JOHN B OKIE Spring House. Pa. likes: blondes, brunettes, redheads and sports dislikes: photographers, school and '57 Chevs. and Fords activities: chorus and church choir, homecoming float goal: communications THOMAS RYAN 446 E. 4th Street, Lansdale. Pa. likes: cards, sports, watching T.V. and driving. A lover goal: government work LAUREN E. STUART 270 Ocean Avenue, Marblehead. Mass. JAMES R. SWARTZ 209 Penn Avenue. Soudcrton, Pa 4748FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS (I. to R) Pres.—Doug Dale: Vice Pres.—Richard Cohen; Sec.—Marsha Goldberg; Treas.—Edward Karban FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1969 49H DORM FIRST FLOOR Back row: E Karhan. E. Calccn. A. Lincbcrgcr, P Ccr a. Front row: i. Cohen. D. Clasen, M. Robbins. Not present: L. Bader, J. Bridges. D. Calabrese. M. Cavalier. P. Chwat, M. Cohen. H. Hazzouri. M. Kananack, B. Kanofsky, P. Karr, J. Krajcwsky, J Schwartz, L. Tyrell B DORM—SECOND FLOOR Hack row: J Duke, G. Groskinsky. K Kubin, NV. Kuprevich. R. DeLuca, D. Dale. S. Deakin. Front row: A. Curtze, D. Lipson. M. Cyter, J Mag-licre. H. Curtze. Not present: R. Cohen. J. Csnnadi. P. Daniele. J. deVries. S. DranolT. R. Drapkin. R-Durich, F Kramcrman. S. Krugc, A. Lee. S. Lcffler, J. Lehman. L. Letwin. J. Levin. C. Long 50C DORM—FIRST FLOOR Back row: J. D .icjma, M. Masiuk. B. Phillips, E. Ewing. J. Mlynarczyk, M Minclla. Front row: P. Eller, C. Er-hardl, G. Martin, S. Pciscr, M. May-lin. Not present. J. Amil, J. Edwards. A. Epstein, F. Feely, A. Finkcl, W. Fischbach. R Frcudenberger, W. Friedland, D Marks. R. Mcloni, W. Nakata, W. Noss. J. O’Sullivan C DORM—SECOND FLOOR Third row: K. Rubin. W. Cohen. M. Rothstein. D. Goldstein. A Adams. W. Allman. R. Albertson. Second row: J. Rosenberg. J. Reiner. P. Garnett, T. Condit, B. Pomcranlz, D. Adam. First row: M. AIcnick, M. Pressman, R. Goldman, K. Scherer. R. Goldberg. Not present: S. Anccl. D. Gilchrest. E. Jones. E. Reynolds. M. Robbin 51D DORM—FIRST FLOOR Not present for picture: L. Apirian. J. Arabian. R. Bauchncr, R. Bcrncl, B. Birkc. F. Brink, M. Burgess, R. Draper, J. Grecnwald. M. Lloyd, D. Logsden, C- Pcrlc, S. Rothstein. A. Schlisscrman, S. Segal, R. Shannon. S. Sherman. S. Shivc. R. Skaktin, D Stewart. K. Sugam. D DORM—SECOND FLOOR Nor present for picture: C. Adams, J. Goldstein, M. Goldzwcig. C. Gottlieb. T. Grant. J. Gustavsen. G. Hart. S. Herzig, R. Hunt, G. Izing. D. Polka. A. Siegel. R. Smith. S. Swartz, D. Tangora. R. Teck. R. Warwick. V. Weil. M. Weisgold, M. Wood 52F DORM—SECOND FLOOR Not present lor picture: M. Abrams, K. Andrew, J. Coover, R. Dietz. L. Fishman, I. Fruchtbaum, D. Gardner, L. Golodncr, F. Hearon, D. Jensen, G. Jones, A. Kalafian, M. Macaluso, N. Orsulak, S. Schnatz, C. Schreck, D. Schuman, C. Smith F DORM—FIRST FLOOR Rack row: B. Anderson. I.. Hastings, A. Roach. L. Headrick, L. Goldstein. E. Cowan Front row: J. Garriola, D. Costallas, M. Corricre. G. Rothman. Not present: E. Aronow. S. Coleman. J. Crawley, R. Feinslcin. J. Friend. S. Goldstein, M. Goodwin, S. Hall, F. Hclman. C Kissinger, D. Rosenblatt, F Saloman. S. Steinberg 53G DORM—FIRST M OOR Back row: E Kcidcl, A Gilbert. K. Hill. M Weaver. P Goldstein. Front row: B. Shochct, B. Kut. H. Gromck, E. Sodl. Not present: M. Asincr, E. Feldman. L Gillingham, S. Kirshen-baum, M. Krasnow, C. Kresberg. L. Lubis, E. Radio, S. Ravin. R. Sclig-man. G. Stern G DORM—SECOND FLOOR Not present for picture: M. Angclastro, T. Barshay, H. Blonder, S. DiPetrillo. P. Di-Yenno, D. Efron. D. East, M. Goldberg, M. Hood. B Koehler. K, Lessner, P. Levinson, J. Lorenzo. B. I imbach, E. Murray, D. Ogborne, R. Parillo, S. Shrcnsel, L. Silver, B. Sonnen-schein. P. Sternfcld. R. Wcndel. L. Woloshin 54H DORM—FIRST FLOOR Third row: N. King, A. RuJin, C. Simon. E. Kamhi, C. Smith. Second row: N. Kalinyak. S. Schreiber, L. Tcich, K. Freed. First row: E. Kreshovcr, D. Dunbar, L. Licb. L. Cohen. Not present: J. Ccrf. A. Cipoletti, C. Cusworth. J. Loos. B. Morganstcin H DORM—SECOND FLOOR Not present for picture: B. Clarke, R. Clarvitt, A, Colangelo. D. Griffin. L. Duchin, K. Eken, M. Emanuel, C. George. J. Glucksman, M. Hool, A. Jay. C. Matheus, B. Price, L. Stuart. N. Vandcnvater, J Walbaum. J. Warner 5556Commuters 57ACTIVITIES 58STUDENT COUNCIL: Hack row: T. Grant, K. Meehan (Pres.), M. Ostrander, R. Melk, S. Sharenow. Second row: P. Daniclc, R. Huggett. (Vice Pres.), D. Dale, L. Walters (Treas.), B. Bauchner. First row: P. Abrahamyan. I.. Mason. M. Emanuel, J. Blenheim (Sec.). SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Back row: A. Schlisscrman, C. Long, C. Perle, J Lehman. J. Edwards. Front row: R. Bauchner. D. Griffin, S. DiPetrillo, E Radin, R Seligman. G. Jones. D. Lipson NEWSPAPER STAFF: Back row: Advisor—Mrs M. J. Hemphill, S. Segal, L. Troop, J. Grecnwald, M. Cyter. Front row: M. Asiner, E. Cowan. N. Orsulak. M Krasnow, R. Dietz 59 RIDING CLUB: Back row: E. Greiner, M. Weaver, A. Gilbert, E. Calcca, E. Rcidcl, A. Curtze. From row: H. Curtze, J. George, C Smith, C Matheus, P. Johnston, C. Weinberg COMMUTERS COUNCIL: E. Thompson. N. Moffet, L. Troop, S. Picow, S. Dinsmore CAM FRA CLUB: D I rtisal. C. Weinberg. F. Brink. M. Cyter STAMP AND COIN CLUB: Back row: W. Allman. R Meloni, M. Robbins, L. Janik, W. Kuprcvich. From row: M. Malyn, C. Adams, C. Erhardt, S. Berman 60MEN’S DORMITORY OFFICERS: Standing: K. Sugam, D. Dale. VV. Cohen. A. Schlisserman. C. Gottlieb. Seated: L. Janik. A. Lineberger, R. Cohen. Not present: R. Goldman. T. Condit, J. Edwards. F. Kramerman AMBLER CHORAL GROUP: Rack row: N. Kalinyak. A Curtze. C. Weinberg, K. Leach. Director: M. Fogg. T. Condit. H Curtze. Front row: E Anderson. L. Freed, F.. Cowan. B Clarke. C. Smith. C. Weir 61PICTURE AND LECTURE COMMITTEE (First Semester): W. Timby. L. I'roop. B. Schwartz. S. Sharenovv. A. Wcxler, L. Wheeler DRAMA CLUB ADVISORS: J. Biller. J. Fogarty 62YF.ARBOOK STAFF Standing: D. Goldstein. D. Adam. Seated: M. Cytcr. E. Kamhi, M. Rothstein S. Sharcnow Edilor-in-chicf 63 B. Schwartz Assistant Editor and Business ManagerYEARBOOK PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amii Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Aronow Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Baird Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Bauchncr Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brink Dr. and Mrs. Jack Calcca Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Chwat Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Sluart Cohen Adm. and Mrs. Charles A. Curtze Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Custer Mr. and Mrs. Ivo Daniclc Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Dziejma Mr. and Mrs. Charles Erhardt Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood W. Fogg. Jr. Miss Claire Garriola Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Harry Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Leon Golodner Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grant Mrs. Elizabeth M. Greiner Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grbac Mr. and Mrs. James Hall Mr. and Mrs. William Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. Albin Hodell Dr. and Mrs. George B. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kirshenbaum Mr. and Mrs. William Kuprcvich Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kut Mr. Charles LaGreca Mr. and Mrs. Irving Leites Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Macaluso Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Mclk Mr. and Mrs. Murray Mione Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mlynarczyk Mr. and Mrs. Robert MofTet Nancy Mr. and Mrs. Russell Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Shigeru Nakata Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Ostrander Mrs. Louise G. Pols Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Price Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Riedel. Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Philip Rothman Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Philip Scherer Mr. and Mrs. H. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stegg Col. and Mrs. James R. Stewart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Stewart Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson BUSINESS FIRMS Ambler Cab Co.. MI 6-2610, Ambler, Pa. Ambler Fashion Shop. Butler Pike, Ambler. Pa. Brandenburg’s Stationery, Butler Pike, Ambler, Pa. James A. Cassidy. Real Estate, Butler Pike, Ambler, Pa. G. M. Deck Sons, Stationers. Main Street, Ambler, Pa. Hilton Pharmacy, Butler Pike, Ambler, Pa. Old Comfort Oil Company. Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Palermo's Market, Cavalier Drive, Ambler, Pa. Pike Restaurant, Inc., Bethlehem Pike. Spring House, Pa. Primex Garden Center, Inc., West Glcnside Avc., Glenside, Pa. Provident Tradesmens Bank. Butler Pike, Ambler, Pa. Regan’s Shoes, Butler Pike, Ambler, Pa. FACULTY Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Udell Mrs. Virginia Beards Mr. Howard Crcuzigcr Mrs. Reed Fisher Mr. Edgar H. Grater Mrs. Mary Jane Hemphill Mr. Robert Martin Mr. Wayne Snyder Mrs. Ruth M. Schcibner Mr. Harold Stewart Mrs. Louise R. Williamson The Yearbook Staff gratefully acknowledges the $50.00 donation from the Student Council. The Editor and staff of the Ambler Cornerstone would like to thank Dean Fisher and Mrs. Scott for all their help and guidance in making this Yearbook possible. 64 ©This book primed by VELVATONE, a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvaione method.PiC - : ’ ’ ' ' ■ ’ ■. ' ii - ‘ ns! m ...... . . : • . rf!-.;;:-::;;' - a yia: iESKS; s;!K!S ' ; jrjij - : rj £ : •• : ■ • -- . • ■ li-'-IrllviT r'i ::;. '"i:.: V W: : - .'-1 ::: . MotVit• v ■' ■ .: •.::: •• . . .. ; • .;; . : . •: : -v. •".:-•••■ •V -V :JLv, 4. Olfikxr?; .. M Si!; • r»i6 vL'i vcc . ........... ;r. j::::::;ct .......: : . •: :ir . v :; , s :. . Vfffi ' j: ; '■ f i : ::i:. 1 • ■ . . . - : ::::: ■ «. w • y '• :r ■ . • . :: r • r ;• r. : : . : . • $m v-'v . v- ■ ■ . •" LvV”. ■ ■:::. . iii . . : - WW...¥■ ;i : j: ,• •• vi.-v: : • ::-J ■ • v - .. • • • • : k- ' • :: -:.'i ■: !v: .. : ♦ • , • j,- . • :.. . . • ' : ••• v. " : ...........................;•• ••.; :J- ::: ; • • ' :: ' ;■ v';:;;-’ . , ? :::% ft :L:: • ... • F Fmmm M . • . :f: •• -• . - ' : t!i'::H; • Hi w. ■si::? iV-V :c”.r r-" .. . JtjV.'.jW i! x -'i1 ml ; ' . i ■ H . i j| i ' M ' I ' ' . m :• ■ .. ■ ; . . • • . • • • flf . .. pi:: • MFf :;.i 'iLp:.i. v ‘ - - ■ ' •; : ?ir « . . . ... j .:y; ■ J , • 1- ■ fi r.'itgr, : •;;;; •: :i - :? :r. i'» .vim' • • • • n ; .1 ;:;t y: ; ■ • WM'M . -.Pi:::; . : ; : - :■ • ;'i. ;• '■ - '• :. ' : •; - ; Ti '.'.1 i • .: ■ '."J . . iT jpS ' I • i llfea :M-II ' 101 • : : . • : .......% , i :: ■ • - ' ; . : . : .. ; :. . ■ . ■ HiinHv ?: ■ • : -v: : i •: :FF::m mm-, r.M± . . ; • | • .... • ... .•'» ■ • i ' 1 • • ! .............• . ' 4 ' • , ' ::

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