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AMTU Ambler Campus of Temple UniversityTo George Manaker, For the sincerity of his interest in the Class of 1964, For the genuine regard for his field of study which he has communicated to the Ambler studentry, For his invaluable contributions, as both teacher and advisor, to the future of his students, We, the Class of 1964, dedicate this yearbook. 2MR. GEORGE MANAKER 3DR. EUGENE UDELL A wish for the fulfillment of all your nurtured hopes goes to each member of the Class of 1964. Doors in the halls of knowledge have been opened to you here, through which you may explore for further open doors as you progress to other stages of experience. We shall be interested in your progress, and trust that you will increasingly value your Ambler years and will be vital members of our Ambler family. Louise Fisher Dean of Women Khalil Gibran has said, “. . . Not a yellow leaf falls but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree.” As a student body you have enriched us and have been enriched in turn; the tree has grown another sturdy ring. We hope you will come to be active in alumni affairs. An informed alumni body will be of ever-increasing importance to its membership as well as to the Ambler Campus of Temple University. We wish you the energy to reach for the full fruition of your aspirations and your talents. Dr. Eugene Udell Dean 4 MRS. LOUISE FISHERFACULTY MISS VIOLA ANDERS Horticulture, Floriculture, ami Herbacious Plants MR. KENNETH ACKERMAN Physical Education MR. FREDERIC BLAU Landscape Design Techniques MRS. JOHN BODINE English MR. HOWARD CREUZIGER English 5MR. MERVIN DISSINGER Psychology DR. JOHN FOY Chemistry MISS ALEXANDRA GRILIKHES Librarian 6MR. GEORGE MANAKER Botany, Floriculture and Horticulture MR. EDWARD MERAT Sociology DR. PHILIP PEARSON Biology MR. JAMES O’REILLY Basic Design DR. BARCLAY RILE Horse Husbandry MRS. HERBERT PRESSMAN Political Science 7MR. WILLIAM STEWART Accounting DR. JOHN SWARTLEY Trees and Shrubs MRS. FREDERICK VOLP Physical Education MRS. MARGARET WINCHELL Equitation MR. GEORGE SYME History MR. HANS ZUTTER Fruits and Vegetables 8STAFF ADMINISTRATION—Seated: Mrs. Bub. Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Scott. Standing: Mrs. Rommel, Mrs. Woodington. MAINTENANCE—Mr, William Hale, Jr., Mr. William Hale, Mr. F.arl Roberts, Supervisor of Physical Plant and Maintenance, Mr. James Pulli, Mr. Angelo Pulli. 9MRS. JEANNE WONDERS Housemother MRS. ANTHONY CATTOLICO Nurse MRS. S. A. DAHLGREN Bright Hall Hostess MRS. HARRY MacWHORTER Bright Hal! Hostess 10MRS. E. A. VAN STEENWYK Bright Hall Hostess MRS. KATHERINE LUSKY Dorm Maintenance KITCHEN— Mr. Charles Patterson. Assistant Chef, and Mrs. Nellie Bullock, Chef. IIMAY DANCE. 1963 Presented by the Class of 1964 May Eleventh Theme: Days of Wine and Roses MY SCRAPBOOK by: A. Sophomore CHRISTMAS DANCE. 1963 Presented by the Class of 1964 December Thirteenth Theme: Winter Paradise 12CLASS OF 1964 President—Edmund J. Holcomb Vice President—Janet Welch Secretary—Nancy Phillips Treasurer—El wood Carter 13MEI.VIN ARTHUR ADAMS. Jr. Horticulture Mel; Bowling Club 1. 2; May Dance I; Photography Club 1; Basketball I; Lecture Committee 2; Christmas Dance 2; AMTU Photography Editor 2. "Nothing less will really make people responsible . . —Hurl PAUL D. BASENBERG Business Paul; Football I; Basketball 1; Baseball I; Tennis 1. "The quiet mind is richer than a crown . . —Green RICHARD LAWRENCE BLENHEIM Business Dick; Football 1. 2; Soccer 2; Student Council 2: AMTU Staff 2. "Hail to thee, blithe spirit!" —Shelley NANCY BROOK Horticulture Nancy; Glee Club I. Chairman 2; Riding Club I. Vice President 2; Bowling 2. "She was the single artificer of the world in which she sang." —Stevens NANCY HELEN BULLOCK Landscape Design Nan; Archery Club 1; Photography Club 1: Bowling Club 1. 2. "A friend he has whose face will never change—” —O’Reilly 14WARREN BULLOCK Landscape Design Warren: Freshman Class President; Archery Club 1; May Dance I; Valentine Dance I; Bowling Club 1. 2; Student Council President 2. "I have been so great a lover . . ."—Brooke ELWOOD CARTER Liberal Arts Elwood; Newspaper Copy Editor I; Linguist Club 1; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Drama Club 2; AMTU Co-Editor 2; Bowling 1. 2; Bridge Club 2. “Stars caught in my braches Make day of the dark . . ." —Swinburne WILLIAM R. COMERY Landscape Design Bill: Basketball I; Photography Club 1; May Dance 1; Christmas Dance 2. .. And a lass is good. And a pipe to smoke in cold weather;" —O'Keefe WILLIAM J. CRANDLEY Landscape Design Bill Crangy; Basketball I; Football 1; Soccer 1, 2; Volleyball I, 2. "The pensive man . . . he sees that eagle float for which the intricate alps are a single nest.” —Stevens RONALD BENARD DUNN Business Ron; Student Council I; Ambler Intramural Council President 2; Baseball I, 2; Volleyball 2; Soccer 2; Football 2; Social Committee 2; AMTU Staff 2. "My night shall be remembered for a star that outshone all the suns of all men's day." —Brooke 15GLENN EUGENE FAHNESTOCK Horticulture Arch; May Dance 1; Christmas Dance 2; Drama Club 2. "Laugh yourself into stitches." —Shakespeare JEFFREY L. FOULK Landscape Design Jeff; May Dance 1; Basketball 1. 2; Christmas Dance 2. "A mind content, both crown and kingdom is."—Greene CARL IVAN FOX Landscape Design Foxic; Drama Club 2. "I had a thing to say, but I will fit it whith some better time." —Shakespeare 16ROBERT JOHN GOODALL Landscape Design Hob: Bowling I, 2; May Dance I; Christmas Dance 2; AMTU Staff 2. "We are ready to try our fortunes to the last man.” —Shakespeare CHARLES FORS HAAG Landscape Design Charlie; Riding Club I, President 2; May Dance 1; Christmas Dance 2; Student Council Treasurer. “Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup . . ”—de la Mare CHRISTINE SARAH HAMMEL Education Tina; Riding Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1,2. . . horse in the silence champed the grasses on the forest's ferny floor.” —de la Mare 17STEVEN J. HILBERG Horticulture Steve; Riding Club 1. 2; Social Committee 2. "We have ideas yet that we haven’t tried."—Frost EDMUND JAY HOLCOMB Horticulture Hokey, Jay; Photography Club 1; Bowling Club 1. 2; Freshman Class Treasurer; Sophomore Class President; Basketball 1; Soccer 2; Social Committee 2. "Blessed are the peacemakers." —Matthew MARGARET LYN HUISMAN Education Lyn; Social Committee 1, 2; May Dance Committee 1; Bowling I; AMBLE Committee 1; Riding Club I; Christmas Dance 2; Volleyball 2; AMTU Staff 2. "Good Luck is the gayest of all gay girls . . ."—Hay 18CAROL LEE KAHN Landscape Design Lee; Glee Club I; Dorm Council 2. . . lhe importance of being earnest."—Wilde ROBERT KILLOUGH III Liberal Arts Hob; Marriage Club I. 2; A MTU Staff 2. "With a voice like a north wind blowing over corn stabble in January . . "—Sandburg JOHN CHARLES KRICHER Liberal Arts John; Football I; Soccer 2; A MTU Staff 2. “Why, what a very singularly deep young man this deep young man must be!” —Gilbert 19DONALD EARL LEVENGOOD Horticulture Don; May Dance Committee; Basketball 2; Soccer 2. "Here there was laughing . . —Swinburne MICHAEL E. NEUMANN Business Mike; Football I; Baseball I; Tennis I; Volleyball 1; AMTU Business Editor 2. "Seest thou a man diligent in his business?"—Proverbs PETER JAMES PARSIL Horiculture Pete; May Dance Committee 1. "Such a constant lover." —Suckling NANCY ALICE PHILLIPS Liberal A rts Nancy; Riding Club 2; House Council President 2; Sophomore Class Secretary. "Protagoras asserted that there were two sides to every question. exactly opposite to each other."—Laertius 20PATRICIA ROMAN Education Pat; Riding Club 1; Student Council Secretary 2; AMTU Staff 2. “Give me a look, give me a face. That makes simplicity a grace." —Jonson ELWOOD J. RAHM Horticulture Woody; Bowling Club I; Basketball 1; Soccer 2; Social Committee Chairman 2. "Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard." —Auden PETER PATRICK ROOSEVELT Business Casual; May Dance 1; Christmas Dance 2; AMTU Staff 2. . . of unmatcliahle courage." —Shakespeare EDWARD GORDON RUDOLPH Liberal Arts Hap; May Dance 1; Intramural Council Secretary 2; Football 1, 2; Lecture Committee 2. . . pubs, mud. cockles, flatfish, rain, and human, often all too human . . —Thomas 21ROBERT J. RUDOLPH, SR. Landscape Design Bing; Football I; Volleyball 1; Archcry Club 1; Soccer 2; Social Committee 2; Married Club 1. 2. "In life's small things be resolute and great. . —Lowell JUDITH SCHEIBNF.R Liberal Arts Judy; May Dance 1; Riding Club 1, 2. "In peace there's nothing so becomes ... as modest stillness and humility;"—Shakespeare WILLIAM DALE SHIELDS Landscape Design Bill; Basketball 1: Baseball 1; Football 2; Soccer 2; Christmas Dance Committee 2. "Such as you with such a master speed.”—Frost JOAN SUE SIMS Education Jo; Riding Club I; Linguist Club 1; Social Committee 1; Volleyball 2; Drama Club 2; Bridge Club 2; Christmas Party 2: AMTU Layout Editor 2. . . whose red and white 'tis beauty truly blent. . —Shakespeare ANTOINETTE MARIE TOSCO Horticulture Toni; Bowling 1; May Dance 1; House Council 1. Vice President 2; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Christmas Dance 2. "There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that every body guesses."—Shaw 22FRANCES TYL Education I-rani; Riding Club I. 2; Choir 1. 2; AMTU Art Editor 2. 7 love to see that gracious smile light up your face . . —Morris SANDRA GAIL VENABLE Landscape Design Sandy, Sahuda; May Dance 1; Riding Club 1. 2; Bowling 1. 2; Christmas Dance 2; AMTU Staff 2. “Responsibility's like a string we can only see the middle of."—McFee ELEANOR JANET WELCH Landscape Design Jan; Lecture Committee Chairman 2; Sophomore Class Vice President. "She rode astride as troopers do.”—Morris MARILYN ZIMMERMAN Liberal A rts Marilyn; AMTU Co-Editor 2. "Profound, remote, immediate and calm.”—Eberhart 23CLASS OF 1965 President—Robert Thomas Vice President—Serge Dihoff Secretary—Jane Spencer Treasurer—Jane McNeary 24LIBERAL A RTS—Seated: D. Rosin. F. Sinncma. V. Malanga. N. Jackson. Standing: A. Pfcffer. J. Longo, D. Stewart. K. Marggraff, K. Theobald. J. McCormick. R. Cannon. J. DiPuppo, H. Tak, D. Green. EDUCATION—Seated: M. Emery, M. Weiss. Standing: P. Crist, S. Fein. M. Cattolico. N. Sherman. S. Zwirn. S. Slelden. I. Luxenberg. BUSINESS—Seated: M. AfTlerback, J. Cris-pcll, J. McIntyre, D. Hill. Standing: R. Staub, W. Staley, F. Romanoski.LANDSCAPE DESIGN—Sealed: M. Schultz, D. Bissett, J. Ayton, E. Evans, Jane McNcary, Class of 1965 Secretary. Standing: A. Dromeshauscr, A. Thornton, M. Price. R. Thomas, Class of 1965 President; J. Scott. G. Roller. J. WicofT. HORTICULTURE—Sealed: M. Pence, A. Scheufele. Standing: S. Dihoflf, Class of 1965 Vice-President: W. Leach, E. Blanche!, H. Daniels, W. Seidel.ACTIVITIES 27STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right: D. Blenheim, C. Haag, Treasurer: D. Green, B. Thomas, D. Bissctt, P. Roman, Secretary; S. Bean. E. Holcumb, Vice-President; J. Foulk, W. Bullock, President. HOUSE COUNCIL Seated: N. Phillips, President; H. Tak. Standing: C. Kahn, V. Malanga, A. Tosco, Vice-President; D. Bissett, L. Weiss, Secretary. 28YEARBOOK STAFF Seated: E. Carter, Co-Editor; M. Zimmerman, Co-Editor; M. Adams. Photography Editor; P. Crist, J. Sims, Layout Editor; M. Neumann, Business Manager. SOCIAL LECTURE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE First Row: R. Dunn, R. Rudolph. Second Row: L. Huisman, Co-Chairman; V. Malanga, P. Crist. Third Row: W. Staley, E. Rahm, Chairman. Seated: J. Welch, Chairman; K. Marggraff. Standing: E. Rudolph, M. Adams. 29GLEE CLUB Seated: J. Longo, F. Sinnema, V. Malanga, C. Hammcl. Standing: K. Marggraff, F. Tyl, J. Ayton, N. Brook, Chairman; M. Pence. BOWLING CLUB Seated: M. Pence, S. Venable, D. Bissett, N. Bullock. Standing: A. Thornton, G. Koller, N. Brook. G. Fahnestock. P. Crist, E. Carter. R. Goodall, Chairman; J. Krichcr, M. Schultz, W. Leach, J. Ayton, M. Adams. E. Holcomb. 30RIDING CLUB First Row: N. Brook, Vice-President: C. Haag, President: N. Phillips, C. Hammcl. F. Tyl. Standing: M. Pence, P. Roman. R. Staub. H. Tak, F. Sinncma, K. Marggraff, D. Rosin, J. Crispcll, Secretary-Treasurer: K. Fagan. M. Schultz, A. Scheufele. S. Venable. ATHLETIC CLUB First Row: D. Levengood. H. Daniels, R. Blenheim, J. McCormick, D. Stewart, R. Dunn, President. Standing: W. Crandley. S. DihofI, H. Chilimidos, W. Staley, E. Rudolph, P. Miller, F. Romanoski, A. Blum, M. AfTlerbach, A. Dromcshauscr, J. Krichcr. 3132 333435PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. R. Bean Mrs. M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. A. Bissett Mr. and Mrs. W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. Bullock Mr. and Mrs. R. Myers Mr. and Mrs. D. Crispell Mr. and Mrs. Parsil Mr. and Mrs. C. Crist, Jr. Mrs. G. Potts Mrs. L. Fors Mrs. S. Pugliese Mr. and Mrs. J. Goodall Mr. and Mrs. H. Roosevelt Mr. and Mrs. J. Haag Mrs. C. Schreitz Mr. and Mrs. G. Hammel Mr. and Mrs. R. Stan wood Mr. and Mrs. E. Holcomb Mr. and Mrs. M. Staub Mr. and Mrs. Kahn Mrs. A. Taverno Mr. and Mrs. R. Lawton Mr. and Mrs. O. Theobald Mr. and Mrs. T. Lees, III Mr. and Mrs. D. Thomas Mr. L. Liss Mr. and Mrs. A. Tosco Dr. and Mrs. G. Lynab Mr. and Mrs. G. Venable Mrs. L. Miller Mrs. D. Zimmermann 36FACULTY PATRONS Dr. Eugene Udell Mrs. Viola K. Anders Mr. Frederic S. Blau Brady and Swartley Mr. Howard W. Creuziger Mrs. Louise Fisher Mr. Edgar Grater Mr. Edward Merat Mrs. Ernest Kroeger Congratulations 1964 Graduating Class SCOTT PAPER COMPANY Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19113 JOSEPH BULLOCK AUTO WRECKER GENERAL SCRAP DEALER 1525 Turk Road Warrington, Pennsylvania D! 3-1900 G. M. DECK SONS HARDWARE Plumbing Lawn Heating Supplies Electrical Builders Supplies Hardware Porter-Cable Power Tools MI 6-0201 27 N. Main St. Ambler, Pa. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Roman and Family 37Many Thanks for Your Past Patronage PENNBROOK MILK HOWARD JOHNSON'S COMPANY Ambler, Pa. Lombard 27th Philadelphia 46, Penna. TO CLASS OF ’64 Outdoors advisory service is one of the most desperate needs of the suburban homeowner today. Mitchell 6-4944 If you choose to put your fund of knowledge to commercial use, we suggest you make such THEODORE L. GROSS services an important part of your program. COMPANY LOTS OF LUCK! Bill Green Gordon Green Wholesale Poultry Fresh Killed-Fresh Frozen-Parts PRIMEX Garden Center Glenside, Pa. TU 7-7500 George Bishop, Mgr. Spring House, Pennsylvania 38OLD COMFORT CO., INC. Butler Pike Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Sims and Family Compliments of AMBLER FASHION SHOP Ambler Pa. FRED C. GLOECKNER CO., INC. Compliments of STUDENT COUNCIL Compliments of SCOTT’S BAR GRILLE Compliments of WALTER FREE MASTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY 10 Cavalier Dr. Ambler, Pa. MI 6-3013 39There is a Banking Service For Your Every Need— On or Off Campus At Ambler’s Key Bank PROVIDENT TRADESMENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 132 E. Butler Avenue Mitchell 6-1400 Member FDIC BUSINESS PATRONS Brenneman and Brady Brandenburg’s Palermo’s Market The Sherwin Williams Co. C. E. Kingston W. Howard George Burns 40 ©This book printed by VELV ATONE, a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: NVm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No oihtr priming firm is authorized to use the Velvatonc method.  

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