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£.y xiiJJtXAMBLER CAMPUS of TEMPLE UNIVERSITYTO EDUCATION: The Pursuit of Truth WITH APPRECIATION TO DR. FOY 2ADMINISTRATION To the Class of 1961 Change, and somewhat explosive growth have been a normal part of your Ambler existence. Probably this has been exciting, annoying, stimulating or frustrating at times, but you have weathered it all very well. For the first time in the institution’s existence, we have had Sophomores in the liberal arts, and an almost eqUal distribution of men and women students. For the first time. Ambler students will take part in the University’s impressive Commencement Exercises at Convention Hall in Philadelphia. As you leave Ambler, I hope you will take with you an affection for the college which gave you your start and a desire to support it in the future. I extend to you my warm personal wishes for your success and happiness in the years ahead. May your lives be filled with health, courage, and service to others; and may God bless you! To each member of the class of 1961, I send my deepest wish for your progress and happiness. You have won a place in our Ambler family. As you think back on Ambler scenes, may you remember the trees, steadfast in purpose, yet gracefully adapting to a changing climate, and ever growing. 3ROBERT BERNDT Box 188, Chadds Ford. Chester Co.. Pa. •Bob’’ Landscape Design Riding Club; May Dance Committee Quiet, reliable and popular . . . more than one co-ed would like to solve the mystery of Bob's silence . . . diligent worker . . . crackcrjack mechanic . . . good confidante . . . Bob looks serious, but often startles us with his unexpected barbs of dry wit. RICHARD A BLOCK 3211 Manor Rd., Bcthayrcs, Pa. "Rick" Liberal Arts Sophomore Class Treasurer; Drama Club; Social Committee; May Dance Committee; TEMPORAL Staff Smooth personality . . . well-read . . . lively conversationalist and writer . . . Rick's small stature belies his intellect . . . likes intelligent girls, coffee and cigarette discussions, applying psychology ("They’re sick"), electronics. science-fiction . . . dislikes Naval Reserve weekends and “that type of thing" . . . corner-table philosopher. ANNE BOORMAN R.F.D. 1. Middletown. N. Y. “Midge" Landscape Design Riding Club; May Dance Committee Pug-nosed blonde, usually found in the vicinity of the barn . . . Midge loves hunters, hopes to raise them . . . custodian of "Arnold" . . . does Midge own stock in a bus company? ... “My father’s snowplow—” ... a Kool 4 smoker (nobody bums from Midge!). DANIEL BREADY Davisville Rd.. Hatboro. Pa. “Dan” Landscape Design Photography Club President; May Dance Committee Ambitious . . . independent . . . aggressive and determined . . . good business mind . . . loves tuna-fish sandwiches and Bermuda in July . . . hates walking and disorganization . . Smart boy Dan! He gets a beautiful wife and an efficient business assistant in one fell swoop.SANDRA G. BURR 210 Hillside Ave.. Berkeley Heights, N. J. "Sandy" Horticulture Glee Club; May Dance Committee Trim and prim . . . Petite, quiet and demure, but a real hot-rodder in Frankie’s Chevy . . . Sandy knows what she wants . . . "Quiet hours!" . . . Accomplished flautist . . . Often seen in company of Magoo . . . Enthusiastic member of the "ten o’clock club." MARJORIE COMSTOCK 216 Belden Hill Rd.. Wilton. Conn. "Midge" Landscape Design Riding Club; Glee Club; May Dance Committee Impulsive and impetuous . . . carefree and cheerful . . . "Where’s the party?" . . . Her sweet smile belies much of her deviltry ... up at dawn "mucking out" . . . Midge and her horses. Casey Jones and Duplicate, are always perfectly groomed . . . "Hey there, what-cha doin’?" LYNDA SUE DARTNELL 138 Raab Ave., Bloomfield. N. J. “Lynn" Liberal Arts Student Council Secretary; Social Committee Co-Chairman; Tennis Team Manager; May Dance Committee; French Club; Co-Editor TEMPORAL “Hey Lynn, SanDcc's on the ’phone" . . . Future interior designer ... Ivy League, with a passion for the Nasoons - . . Lynn mixes studying and bull-sessions, saves mornings for sleeping . . . The “champ" at any sport . . . Her sculptured beauty attracts admiration everywhere. EMILY DEXTER 132 Mohawk Drive, Cranford, N. J. "Em" Landscape Design Riding Club; May Dance Committee; Glee Club; Social Committee Emily’s petite, impeccable and aloof ... a breakfast regular . . . loves blue ... an accomplished equestrienne . . . envy that lovely hair and private bath . . . Everything happens to Em and Midge . . . need a hair-wash Em? . . . "I'd like you to meet Steve."EDITH EBERLE 732 Arden Rd.. Jenkintown, Pa. “Babette" Liberal Arts Student Council; May Dance Committee; Social Club Committee Sophisticated Babette is completely feminine ... a cute figure . . . likes dancing and the 14th Street Beach . . . Loves that law teacher! . . . avid follower of the newest fashions ... an elegant hostess; her parties arc memorable! . . . "Have you seen Debbie this morning?" THOMAS EVANS 2055 Parkview Ave.. Abington, Pa. •Tom" Liberal Arts May Dance Committee “Such is life" is the philosophy of the Ambler Phantom . . . Whereabouts generally unknown . . . has a mania for drag-racing and that wild Studcllac . . . future engineer ... if Tom had a million he’d make Gebby's Porsche look like a wind-up toy. ALINE EWING R.D. 4. Elkton. Maryland “Clips" Horticulture Social Service Club President; Student Council; May Dance Committee; Photography Club; Fire Captain: TEMPORAL Staff Got a problem? See Aline . . . Always ready to help, charitable and kind . . . Maryland booster . . . Completely feminine and gracious . . . “Oh really!" . . . Shares the private suite with Sudie . . . Mania for coffee and saxophone music . . . Makes the Dean’s List look ) POLLY FISCHER 405 Jamaica Drive, Merchantville, N. J. Liberal Arts Student Council; Co-Editor TEMPORAL; Archery Club; French Club Campus mother, but one of the gang . . . Polly likes people, flamboyant clothes, cigarette-holders, violent discussions . . . dislikes prejudice, narrow-mindedness . . . unforgettable laugh . . . one of the corner-table philosophers . . . "Sure, bu-ut" . . . really appreciates Martin. Skipper and Jane—lucky Polly!GALEN T. FRITZ 27 E. Third St.. Pottstown, Pa. "Galen" Horticulture Archcry Club; Social Service Club Treasurer; May Dance Committee The portable arsenal . . . Often found at the Pottstown Pistol Range . . . Shoots Microbes . . . Love that red dinner jacket and imported shoes! . . . “hearts” expert in more ways than one . . . campus tease . . . Move over Fred Astaire, here comes Galen! V SUSAN CHRISTINE INGHAM c o Mrs. T. A. Wcathcrley. The Rise, Woodbury, L. I., N. Y. "Sudie” Landscape Design Student Council President; Social Committee; May Dance Committee Sudie is Bermuda's most charming, pretty, beautifully dressed, bright, artistic, and amusing export—what more could Dan ask for? . . . She's a great raconteur, a campus leader, a future architect and a July bride . . . found weekends at Brcady's Nurseries. ROBERT H. JACOBS 103 Summit Ave.. Fort Washington. Pa. "Jake” Liberal A rts Drama Club; Choir; May Dance Committee; Social Committee; French Club; Tennis Club; TEMPORAL Staff Ambassador from the Independent Republic of Fort Washington . . . "Fort Washington e'est plus interessant que Paris" . . . Copyrighted by Jake: That pipe and natty vest .. . Very handy with a football, basketball and iano . . . Future oceanographer . . . "Ha. Ha! You unk!" WILLIAM JARMOLUK 29 Meade Rd.. Ambler, Pa. Liberal Arts May Dance Committee; Drama Club; Temple University Football Team Charming and attractive Bill likes jazz, football, fast automobiles. psychology, and Charlie (remember "Poopsie and Lambie-Pie”?) . . . Dislikes narrow-mindedness and French conversation . . . one of the corner-table philosophers ... car doctor now. people doctor later . . . "Anybody goin' in town for lunch?"DEBORAH JORDAN Shcaff Lane, Whitemarsb. Pa. "Debby” Liberal Arts Riding Club; French Club; Tennis Team Captain; May Dance Committee Noted for her quiet elegance, Debby can't decide between Haverford and Princeton . . . Wheels a hot yellow Jeepster . . . Doesn't know whether to "Sell my car and walk, or sell my horse and ride" . . . "Tennis, anyone?" . . . "Have you seen Babette this morning?" KENNETH G. KAGAN 803 Dover Rd.. Philadelphia 18. Pa. "Ken" Liberal Arts Student Council; Social Committee; May Dance Committee; Tennis Club; Drama Club; TEMPORAL Staff "With this biology. I’m beginning to wonder if I'm going to make Vet school!" , . . Ken's a one-man student council .. . uninhibited eater . . . drives a multi-colored Plymouth . . . Often seen with J. B. . . . Known for his individualistic humor. MARGARET ALLEN LINGNER 11 Montview Rd., Summit, N. J. "Magoo" Landscape Design Glee Club President; Social Service Club; May Dance Committee; Fire Captain Magoo plays the violin beautifully; usually found with Sandy, that is if Billie’s not around . . . Conscientious, especially when she's working on her Landscape Design g projects . . . Glee Club soloist and general manager . . . Known for her quick smile and infamous laugh. JOSEPH C. LO CICERO. JR. 625 Devon Road, Moorestown, N. J. "Joe” Liberal A rts Co-Chairman Social Committee; Tennis Club; Photography Club; TEMPORAL Staff Campus agitator . . . "Where’s Mar?" . . . ball of fire . . . fond memories of Haverford . . . cynical and realistic, yet helpful when the chips are down ... the Medic . . . "Old Spice" and that Latin temperament arc made for each other ... Joe deserves those good grades.JEANNE MARSHALL R.D. 1. Harleysville, Pa "Jeanie" Horticulture May Dance Committee “Hey Jeannic. going to Jarrettown?" . . . always on the go . . . perpetual ponytail . . . unforgettable personality nnd laugh . . . Hot-rod Packard . . . Friday night carloads of "canned" fun . . . can be found anywhere but where she's expected . . . Insatiable thirst for experience. ROBERT MeGARY R.D. 1. Newtown, Pa. “Bob" Landscape Design Sophomore Class Vice-President; Photography Club; May Dance Committee Bob is relaxed, easy-going and casual but conscientious in his work ... a quiet, nice, sincere, well-liked guy who loves to tease . . . he’s Toots' most reluctant dance partner . . . favorite Monday morning saying—“This blankety-blank week sure is going slow!" RICHARD MINUTO 532 Seventh Avc., Warminster. Pa. “Dick" Liberal Arts Student Librarian; Temple University Football Team: May Dance Committee; French Club How much coffee can a guy drink? . . . Dick is easy to be with ... Would rather listen than speak ... Fascinated with cars and their innards ... An athlete who plans to major in Physics! . . . Dick's missing? Call Karl’s place. MICHAEL PRICE 1761 Undcrcliff Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. "Mike” Horticulture Tennis Club; May Dance Committee; Archery Club The class rebel . . . Intense . . . Plays a rough piano . . . Known for his ping-pong, chess, tennis and radical ideas . . . The chemistry “brain" . . . likes billiards, poetry, hunting, fishing . . . possible career in biochemistry .. . Tropical fish enthusiast . . . Usually found in greenhouse.FRANK REDDAN River Road, Yardlcy, Pa. “Frank" CUSONDRA LYNN RUEDA 4th Cheltenham Ave., Philadelphia 26. Pa. “SanDcc" Horticulture Liberal Arts May Dance Committee; Student Council A red-haired, exhilarating, effervescent twin . . . Frank is a ladies’ man who always manages to avoid entangling alliances ... a cinch for any “Ten Best Dressed" List . . . Good natured in difficult circumstances . . . “Ha Da! Got A Dahm Da?" Social Committee; Co-Editor TEMPORAL; Tennis Team; May Dance Committee; Drama Club; Glee Club Lord and Taylor would perish without her. and her luscious clothes show it . . . SanDec’s vivacious, sparkling personality and her cultured taste will make her a fabulous interior decorator . . . enviable naturally curly hair and a self-made beautician to boot . . . "Sharp!" GF.BHARD SACHSE 294 W. 22nd St., Eugene, Oregon "Gebby" Landscape Design Student Council; Social Committee; May Dance Committee The young German Mr. Malaprop . . . perpetual joker with a flashing smile . . . efficient and jovial host . . . enthusiastic at social activities . . . Alice and Gebby put us to shame with their waltzing . . . Oregon bound . . . loves classical music . . . envy that Porsche! FREDERICK N. SCHROEDER Bird-In-Hand, R.D. 1. Lancaster, Pa. "Fritz” Landscape Design May Dance Committee; Photography Club This gentleman definitely prefers blondes . . . “Fritty's" a kidder who takes jokes well . . . notorious for mealtime impeccability and feminine popularity . . . Unavailable weekends . . . weeknights found in drawing room or library . . . “I'll never pass that test!" . . . “Right away, Dr. Swartley!"ROBERT STEIN R.D. 2. York. Pa. “Bob" Horticulture May Dance Committee; Social Service Club Bob possesses a quietness that rarely reveals his emotions . . . gifted with the tenderness and skill of a floral artist . . . expert on the willow-tree . . . thrives on flower-shop conversations . . . Catches quick breakfasts in the lounge ... “Guess what I did to Bill!" WILLIAM H. STEVENSON. JR. Buttonwood Rd., Berwyn, Pa. “Bill" Horticulture Social Service Club; Archery Club; May Dance Committee "Sweet William." lately called "William the Conqueror." is good-natured and kindhearted. with a paradoxically unexpected wit . . . Seen around the lounge, watering can in hand.—Bill’s a Cryptomerias devotee and would give anything to have it declared our national tree! RICHARD BARRY SUSSMAN 2485 Avondale Ave., Roslyn. Pa. "Dick" Liberal Arts Student Council Treasurer; French Club; May Dance Committee Introspective and understanding . . . Good conversationalist with an abundance of dry wit . . . Dislikes Dogma and superficiality . . . Enjoys solitude, bowling . . . Great spaghetti chef . . . Fan of Johnny Mathis. Mario Lanza. Jean Shepherd, Lenny Bruce, Long John Ncbille ... a night-owl . . . Writes interesting poetry. MARILYN ELIZABETH THOMAS Black Rock Road. Black Rock Farm. Phoenixville. Pa. “Mar” Liberal Arts Class President; Student Council Vice-President; French Club; Social Committee; TEMPORAL Staff Ambler scholastic whiz ... A real terror in Wednesday Chemistry Lab . . . "Oh well. I flunked that one" . . . ] j Mad for that Prussian Teddy-bear . . . Dynamic Mar and Lynn have their own Grand Central . . . Famous for pulling a "Thomas" . . . "Hey. Mar!"GWENDOLYN THOMPSON 505 Drayton Rd.. Orcland. Pa. "Wendy" Horticulture Archery Club; May Dance Committee; Social Service Club Vice-President; TEMPORAL Typing Editor Lithe, graceful, demure and dainty with the grace of a Transvaal Daisy ... "I forgot my fruit map. Mr. Zulter." . . . “Hi!” . . . Everybody's friend . . . consistently cheerful ... a whiz at the wheel . . . Loves charm bracelets, sports cars and kittens. DANIEL CASTLE TURNER 6961 32nd St.. N.W., Washington 15. D.C. “Spats" Landscape Design May Dance Committee; Photography Club; Social Service Club; Social Committee Dan is often seen screeching around corners in his “Spats wagon" . . . pleasant smile . . . kind . . . quick mind . . . Universally known for his ability to get along well with all his teachers . . . Likes poetry, woodies. and creative art ... “Funny as a moose!" E. JANET WELCH 3703-34 St.. N.W., Washington 8, D. C. “Jan" Liberal Arts Captain of Competitive Tennis Team; Co-Editor TEMPORAL; Lounge Hostess; Fire Chief; May Dance Committee Our quiet elder pixie . . . Protector of the lounge . . . Individualistic, introspective, serious-looking.—Jans a gay sprite to those who know her well . . . Ambition; “to live a quiet life” . . . "Why do you have to be twenty-three to get an apartment?" MARY-ALICE WILDER 1638 Lafayette Ave., Columbus. Indiana “Malice” Liberal Arts Class Secretary; Archery Club; Athletic Club Treasurer; Fire Captain; TEMPORAL Staff; Dance Committee Malice likes solitude, reading, late hours, root beer, cooking fried onions at 2 A.M.. long conversations, coffee and cigarettes, philosophy, symphonies, bowling, ping-pong, her stuffed menagerie . . . Dislikes early rising . . . "I have zero monies, much needs" . . . Need advice? . . . See "Mother Malice."J. Kuscoc. P. Jenkins, P. Fischer, R. Sussman. M. Thomas, S. Ingham, L. Dartncll, K. Kagan. P. Paul, R. Bcishlinc. B. Tornay. STUDENT COUNCIL RIDING GROUP The student government represents Ambler Campus through the participation of its delegate on the Temple University Student Council. It handles problems of student discipline and acts as liaison between the student body and the administration. This year’s Council laid the foundations of constitutional and representative student government at Ambler Campus. This year has been one of the most fruitful for the Riding Group. The members organized a joint show with The First Philadelphia Troop, which led to a better showing at the annual Ambler Campus Horse Show in the spring. To those interested in Horse Husbandry the Riding Group has been an especially worthwhile activity. FIRST ROW: J. Hensler, M. Dumont. M. Smith. S. Olsen, C. C. Clevenger. L. Mowen, V. Murray, D. Knocke, P. Rose, J. Morder, S. Haggerty, L. Udell. S. Nucsc, M. Comstock. L, Casler. J. Barschi, E. Dexter. Ferar, P. Axt, J. Gibbons, K. Meier, C. Gill. SECOND ROW: 13STANDING: M. Thomas. L. Dartncll. R- Jacobs, P. Fischer, R. Minuto. SEATED: K. Kreidlcr, V. LoCiccro, P. Paul, P. Goodman, W. Jarmoluk, R. Sussman. C. Morris. FRENCH CLUB What did we do? Nothing. Where did we go? Nowhere. But we had fun at the soirees given for the foreign students from Temple University at Ambler Campus! GLEE CLUB Perhaps the most active of the recreational activities has been the Glee Club. Every Wednesday night, under the direction of Mr. Robert Lucci, the Glee Club rehearsed for its inspired performance at the Christmas Banquet. S. Haggerty, S. Rucda, S. Burr. J. Barschi. B. Tornay, J. Ruscoc, C. Gill, C. Cartwright, C. Clevenger. G. Patterson, M. Linger, S. Beltz, J. Ziogas, N. Stiles, E. Dexter, C. Marder, C. MaJesky. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club had the darkroom cleaned, painted and modernized. Pictures were taken at the various dances. The ones most remembered will be the wonderful shots of the Christmas Dance. S. Olsen, V. Murray. G. Sachse, F. Schroeder. D. Turner, D. Bready. I. Maymi, G. Patterson. R. McGary. J. LoCicero.TENNIS Utilizing the able assistance of Mr. Connor, the tennis team has emerged, if not victorious, with a greater comprehension of the essentials of tennis. Wednesday night blackboard sessions and court practice led to the initiation of tournament play. FIRST ROW: B. Tornay, C. Morris. K. Kreidler. P. Goodman. J. Welch. V. LoCicero. A. Gill. A. Nelson. R. Beichline. SECOND ROW: N. Stiles, L. Fcrar. V. Murray, L. DartncII. R. Jacobs. D. Turner, D. Jordan, S. Rueda. H. Henck, J. LoCicero. SEATED: A. Gill. W. Thompson. A- Ewing. D. Turner. STANDING: R. Stein. C. Gill. G. Fritz, W. Stevenson. SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB For the purpose of serving our community, the Social Service Club has yearly collected food and gifts for a needy family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of its main activities, and a very rewarding one, is assisting Mrs. Bush-Brown with the planting of flower boxes for the Neighborhood Garden Association. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Social events finally got into full swing about Thanksgiving time. The ••Sleigh-ride,” the annual Christmas dance, was the first major, successful fete for the committee. Throughout the remainder of the year socials were planned for weekends: Gay Twenties, Shipwrecks, Fireside gatherings, etc., accompanied with diversified music, all added up to fun and happy times at Ambler. SEATED: B. Eberly, M. Thomas. H. Henck. S. Rueda. L. Dartnell. J. LoCicero. G. Sachse, J. Barschi. C. Morris. STANDING: D. Turner. R. Jacobs. K. Kagen. NOT PICTURED: P. Paul. B. Tornay.BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS HILTON PHARMACY AMBLER CAB COMPANY RAILROAD STATION HOWARD JOHNSON S RESTAURANT AMBLER, PENNA. A. J. PALERMO AMBLER, PENNA. TOWER shoes -----JK1TS------- Polly Martin Fischer Delsea Drive Marlton Pike Vineland, N. J. Pennsauken, N. J. PATRONS NAC’S SANDWICH SHOP 267 Butler Avenue Ambler, Penna. Beck’s Gulf Service Beth-Pike Pharmacy Alvin G. Block Campbells Toys Mr. Mrs. Edward M. Cheston Mr. Mrs. George W. Dartncll J. Horace Ewing Mr. Mrs. George Falk Polly and Martin Fischer Mrs. Louise Fisher Mrs. Kathryn Fritz Mr. Mrs. Gill Mr. Mrs. Homer Cook Grasbcrger Mr. Mrs. Ed Haggerty Mr. Mrs. Richard Kane Leroy Lewis Liz Luball, Inc. McGee Funeral Home Miss Julie Morris J. J. Notaris Mr. Mrs. Sheldon Paul Martin W. Reddan Mr. Mrs. Richard B. Rucda Mr. Mrs. Salvador Rucda Margaret A. Sabella Schaefer Florist Frank Seitz Mr. Mrs. Robert M. Taddei The Gift Gallery William Thompson Mr. Turner Valley Gardens Mr. Mrs. Emmett H. Welch Mr. Mrs. A. WishnofT Mr. Thomas A. Wood, Jr. 16

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