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Wise Acres 1959 AMBLER JUNIOR COLLEGE A DIVISION OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY AMBLER, PENNSYLVANIAIN MEMORY Upon our entrance into this college as freshmen, we, of the Class of 1959, had become students of the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women. Since its foundation by Jane Bowne Haines in 1910, the school had taught agriculture, horticulture, and landscape design. In the spring of 1958, because of increased costs and the small size of the college, it became necessary to remove agriculture from the curriculum and to merge with a larger educational institution. The school then became Ambler Junior College, a division of Temple University. Although we are aware of, and thankful for, the many benefits to be gained by this merger, we shall never forget our Agricultural Department and the thrills and pleasures which we derived from it. For the chance to live close to our cultural heritage, to love and respect the land and all that which grows on it, for fond memories of comradeship during work and play, and for the simplicity and wholesomeness of good country living, we express our thanks. 2DEDICA TION Mr. and Mrs. Bush-Brown Never have we met two people more dedicated to their work, to other people, and to the promotion of horticulture than you arc. You two wonderful, youthful people have been a constant inspiration to all of us. Therefore, because you have given us knowledge, understanding, friendship, good cheer, and an excellent example of wholesome, happy living it is our privilege to dedicate to you our 1959 Wise Acres. The Class of 1959 APPRECIATION I am not willing that this discussion should close without mention of a true teacher. James A. Garfield We would like to express our appreciation to Miss Anders, a teacher whose good nature, patience, and helpfulness have consistently made our work much easier and more pleasant. The many things which she taught us about plants and their culture, garden planning, and flower arranging will be invaluable to us all of our lives. 3Jonathan W. French, Jr. Director To each member of the Class of 1959 I send my best wishes for a happy and productive life. As a class, you were both first and last: first to spend one year as students at the School of Horticulture and one year as students at Ambler Junior College; and last to have no men as classmates. You lost a major field, and gained academic prestige by becoming, willy-nilly, students at Temple University. You weathered the changes with mature good sense and with good grace. May God bless you, and may you send your sons and daughters to Ambler some fine day! ADMINISTRA TION Mrs. Reed S. Fisher Dean of Women Dear Seniors: During your two years here you have contributed much to the glory of our college. Like young trees, while you have grown in stature, you have sent out roots, grounded in knowledge and understanding. May your lives always be supported and enriched by these Ambler roots. 4FACULTY First Row: Mr. David Matza, sociology; Miss Viola Anders, floriculture; Mrs. Rccd Fisher, woody plants; Mrs. James Bush-Brown, journalism, public speaking; Mr. Hans Zuttcr. fruit, vegetables. Second Row: Mr. Robert Thomas, floriculture, botany; Mr. George Mitchell, English; Mr. Jonathan French, director; Mr. James Bush-Brown, landscape design, fine arts; Mr. Henry Cadwaladar, horse husbandry; Dr. John Swartly, trees and shrubs. Absent: Mr. Theodore Pugh, riding; Mr. Jordan Dannin, chemistry; Mr. Edgar Grater, flower shop management. STAFF First Row: Mrs. Robert McKinney, Mrs. Jonathan French. Second Row: Mr. Jonathan French, Mrs. Katherine Lusky, Mrs. Bertha Church, Mrs. Gary Bub, Mr. William Hale. Absent: Mrs. William Woodington, Mr. Robert Snead, Mrs. George Bullock. 5As We See Them 6s-.b ••• • SENIORS 7PEGGY LEE BOYD “Peg” Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“Gads!” . . . Ambition—to live in her palace . . .Destiny— the moon ... Just imagine if she went to breakfast every morning ... Where Found —watering baby azaleas ... Pet Peeve-women who wear hats after six . . . Noted For—occupying the telephone booth . . . Pastime—sports . . . Saving Grace—attractiveness. She could live in a palace well Then she could live well in a palace. 8NADINE F. CONNER “Mac Dean' Ambler, Pennsylvania Landscape Design Favorite Expression-“What?” . . . Ambition—to maintain a bird sanctuary1 . . . Destiny—to be a veterinarian ... Just imagine if she had a temper . . . Where Found—listening to records . . . Pet Peeve —cruelty to animals . . . Noted For—big eyes, curiosity . . . Pastime—working in greenhouse . . . Saving Grace—unselfishness. The joy of youth and health her eyes display’d And ease of heart her every look convey’d. 9SANDRA A. DUDAS “Sandy” Fair Lawn, New Jersey Horticulture Favorite Expression—“That’s life!” . . . Ambition—to own a flower shop . . . Destiny—to become a milkmaid ... Just imagine if her closet were empty . . . Where Found—in the greenhouse ... Pet Peeve-slugs . . . Noted For—long fingernails . . . Pastime—skating . . . Saving Grace—responsibility. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ioI FLORA JANE HAND “Miss Foot" Butler, New Jersey Horticulture Favorite Exprcssion-‘Vo you want to go into town?” . . . Ambition-to count pa-duddlcs ... Destiny-to become a professional dishwasher . . . Just imagine if Arizona were closer . . . Where Found-writing letters ... Pet Peevc-an empty mailbox . . . Noted For-taxi service . . . Pastime-cooking, writing . . . Saving Grace-sympathy. A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warm, to comfort, and command.One man among a thousand have I found. JEAN ELIZABETH HARDING ‘‘Jim Hardie” Lee, Massachusetts Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“I’m going to flunk this test.” . . . Ambition—agricultural spouse . . . Destiny—family of freckle faced redheads ... Just imagine if Bob were 4' 11"... Where Found-Pottstown . . . Pet Peeve—no time . . . Noted For-making decisions . . Pastime—horseback riding . . . Saving Grace—friendliness. ___A .LOIS IDA KLOCKNER “Lois Ida” Trenton. New Jersey Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“All mic up.” . . . Ambition-who needs it . . . Destiny-swimming instructor ... Just imagine if the banana boat got lost... Where Found —we still don't know ... Pet Peeve—wasted time . . . Noted For-washing her hair . . . Pastime—radio, furries . .. Saving Grace-good sense. The heart to conceive, The understanding to direct, or The hand to execute. 3MARILYN MOHR “Marilyn” Breinigsville, Pennsylvania Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“Gotta fert my af-fies.” ... Ambition—to own her own greenhouse . . . Destiny—to pick peaches . . . Just imagine if she switched to pineapples . . . Where Found—in her room . . . Pet Peeve—mice . . . Noted For—her never-ending apple supply . . . Pastime—fixing the conservatory, spraying the orange tree . . . Saving Grace—generosity. Some of cheerfulness or of good humor. The more it is spent, the more it remains. GAIL ANN MURCH “Murchie” Holliston, Massachusetts Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“He’s a round turned tasty kinda horse that’ll work in any spot or place you’ve a mind to put him.” ... Ambition—to go West . . . Destiny—to live in the city and raise ten kids ... Where Found —studying . . . Pet Peeve—not enough ice cream . . . Noted For—hollow leg . . . Pastime—filling Pepsi machine . . . Just imagine if all dances were square dances . . . Saving Grace—willingness. Never idle a minute, but thrifty and thoughtful of others. 5LINNETTE M. OTT “Neii” Boyertown, Pennsylvania Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“Oh, no.” . . . Ambition—to be a floral designer . . . Destiny —to babysit for Peg and Bob ... Just imagine if she were fat . . . Where Found-ironing room . . . Pet Peeve—boys . . . Noted For—flower arranging ... Pastime-records . . . Saving Grace—artistic ability. It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection. 16 •MvNg:MARY JANE SCHUSTER “Schusie” Litchfield, Connecticut Horticulture Favorite Expression—“So don't I.”, “Amazing, isn’t it?" ... Ambition—to own a ranch in Wyoming . . . Destiny—to replace Grade Allen ... Just imagine if she got every joke . . . Where Found—in the darkroom ... Pet Peeve—her open closet door . . . Noted For—blank expression . . . Pastime—catering to gloxinias .. . Saving Grace—innocence. The sweet converse of an innocent mind. 7JANETTE WARD SMINGLER “Jan” Erie, Pennsylvania Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“Lot’s a luck.” . . . Ambition—live happily ever after ... Destiny—to shock Broadway ... Just imagine if the Erie Playhouse were on campus . .. Where Found—in the stable ... Pet Peeve. —people . . . Noted For—moods . . . Pastime-theatre, records, horses . . . Saving Grace—good conversationalist. Bid me discourse and I will enchant thine ear. 18TSUNEKO SUZUKI “Sue” Tokyo, Japan Landscape Design Favorite Expression—“He talks too fast.” . . . Ambition—to have a good home . . . Destiny—to have a houseboat... Just imagine if she went home weekends . . . Where Found—in Marilyn’s room . . . Pet Peeve—kitchen duty . . . Noted For—artistic ability, patience . . . Pastime—radio, pressing flowers . . . Saving Grace—sweetness. The daintiest last, to make the end most sweet. 19MRS. WYLLYS TERRY, JR. “Mrs. T." Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania Landscape Design Favorite Expression — “Simply divine!”, “Absolutely fascinating!” . . . Ambition— to become a landscape designer . . . Destiny—to become a Charleston instructor ... Just imagine if there were no cigarettes . .. Where Found—studying ... Pet Peeve —calceolarias . . . Noted For—doodling in class . . . Pastime—theatre . . . Saving Grace—congeniality. To look up and not down To look forward and not back To look out and not in, and To lend a hand. 20SUZANNE ELAINE WILSON “Sue” Doylestown. Pennsylvania Horticulture Favorite Expression—“Golly be!” ... Ambition—to be a nurse . . . Destiny to have a greenhouse ... Just imagine if she didn’t have a typewriter . . . Where Found—in the vegetable greenhouse . . . Pet Peeve-cities . . . Noted For—her laughter . . . Pastime—collecting recipes . . . Saving Grace—promptness. A ll things are won by diligence. 21PROPHECY Mrs. Jean Harding Grim in her true bliss will be Raising red-headed farmers, one, two, or three! Miss Hand joined the army, or am I mistaken? Did the army draft her for her fine cookie bakin’? Gail Murch packed her bags, and away she did go To train Quarter Horses for a wild west show. Jan now owns The Playhouse, and then on the side She raises fine horses, her pleasure and pride. Nettie Ott, for her roommate, arranges seaweed In Peg’s new aquarium, a true friend indeed! Marilyn—no, she’s not pruning Dad’s tree— She’s making “mohr” fruit in a wax factory. Nadine Conner, star of H.M.S. Pinafore, She sure likes her music, has records galore. Shushie tried taking the enlarger in her car, But driving a Saab she didn’t get very far. Sandy Dudas is making herself very wealthy; Raising flowers? No—mice! She keeps them quite healthy. Lois I. Klockner will rejoice in her folly— A hundred acre nursery full of Japanese Holly. Suzuki's new project is planting some phloxes All through Tokyo in neat window boxes. A hospital now is Sue Wilson’s domain; She fills rooms with flowers to relieve all the pain. Mrs. Terry, with volumes of cookbooks in tow, Is baking tortillas and rolling in dough. But where’er they may be—or wherever they’re stuck— We wish all the seniors a pot full of luck! by Helen Pfaffinger 22 3G. Rhodes, secretary; A. Unger, vice-president; C. Ludy, president; E. Cortelyou, treasurer. First Row: V. Juhring, E. Cortelyou. G. Rhodes, C. Rinzler, M. Dulin.5ecom Row: C. Ludy, P. Boyer, L. Weisc, H. Pfaf-finger, C. Blankfield, Mrs. Bocock. J. Morris. Absent: M. Smith. 24During our last year here at Ambler Junior College, the freshman class has made our educational pathway sparkle with their encouragement, understanding, and cheerfulness. The respect that they have shown us and the assistance that they have given us in the various school and club activities have made our year a most enjoyable and memorable one. We are deeply grateful for their cooperative efforts in all that we have endeavored to do, and we hope that they have reaped many rewards from their life here at college. We know that the freshmen will be capable leaders when they take their roles as seniors next year. The incoming class should be very proud to have such a fine group of college citizens to look to for guidance and understanding. 5WILL Nadine Conner wills “Yul” to Vail Juhr-ing, her late hours to Betsy Cortclyou, and her hair cutting business to Pat Boyer. Gail Murch wills the pleasure she derives from riding ’’Western” to Carolyn Blank-field. To Kassy Hludzinski, she wills the picture covered wall of her room. To Helen Pfaffinger, she leaves the key to the Pepsi machine. Marilyn Mohr wills her apple sales to Audrey Unger, and her parking space to any lucky freshman who has or acquires a car. Sue Wilson wills her study habits to P. G. West and her alarm clock to Prita March. Jean Harding wills her luck with N. A. C. to Carol Ludy, her love of horses to Barbara Mazanec, and her height to Linda Thompson. Linnette Ott wills her connections with U. of P., P. M. C., Lafayette, and Muhlen-burg to Vail Juring and Prita March. Lois Klockner wills a 35 foot banana tree to the conservatory. To each of her “Little Sisters,” Gail Rhodes and Carol Rinz-lcr, she wills two inches of her height. Mary Jane Schuster wills her chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease to Mary Lou Smith, her gullibility to Linda Wcise and her Jimmy Dean pictures to Peggy Dulin. Sandy Dudas wills her makeup to Audrey Unger and her long fingernails to Nancy Obermayer. Jan Smingler wills the care of all sick horses to Mary Lou Smith and the responsibility of the Kleenex business to Terry Nack. Flora Hand wills the care of the tea pantry along with her recipies to Mrs. Bocock, her letter writing habits to Alicia Stevens, and her study habits to anyone crazy enough to take them. Sue Suzuki wills her English-Japancsc dictionaries to Terry Nack in case she ever visits Japan. To Carol Wagner she wills her scotch tape for woodie cards. Mrs. Terry wills Julie seniority in the day student room. The class of 1959 wills to the class of 1960 the job of putting out a yearbook, writing a disease paper, welcoming the freshmen, heading tables, and preserving the senior walk. We shall not forget Ann Bannerman, Linda Byrne, and Sherry Lough who helped us paint memories of our freshman year. 26F. Hand, vice-president; J. Harding, president; T. Suzuki, treasurer; M. Schuster, secretary. YEARBOOK STAFF Wise Acres was published under the direction of our patient editor Jean Harding. Marilyn Mohr, with the help of Sue Wilson, started the ball rolling by getting money through their untiring work on the advertising campaign. Our expert photographers, Mary Jane Schuster and Mr. Thomas, provided the excellent photographs. Lois Klockner, as literary editor, did a splendid job of writing the various articles. The senior class editor, Flora Hand, made that part of the book interesting with her clever ideas. Nadine Conner and Tsuneko Suzuki used their creative talents to produce the fine art work. Many thanks to our typist, Jan Smingler, who did her work with accuracy and perfection. The final “dummy sheets” were laid out through the diligent efforts of Gail Murch. Special thanks go to the following freshmen without whose help this book could not have been published; Kathryn Hludzinski, advertising; Linda Thompson, advertising; Carol Rinzler, advertising; Barbara Mazanec, photography and Carol Ludy, art. CLASS OFFICERS 28STUDENT COUNCIL The members of the Student Council tried to create a feeling of harmony and good will among the students and to maintain order in the dormitory. They met with Dean Fisher and Mr. French to discuss various problems and plans for the future development of Ambler Junior College. The council consisted of Lois Klockncr, president; Jean Harding, senior class president; Marilyn Mohr, senior class representative; Carol Ludy, freshman class president; and Kathryn Hludzinski, freshman class representative. SOCIAL SER VICE This year, as in other years, the aim of the Social Service Club, headed by Lin-nette Ott, was to give their services to the less fortunate. The club provided a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family in the area and planted an array of colorful spring flowers in Philadelphia window boxes under the supervision of Mrs. James Bush-Brown. To earn money for the coming projects they sold mugs, sweatshirts, pennants, and mascots. The auction, too, brought in funds for the club’s many activities. MUSIC CLUB “Music must rank as the highest of the fine arts—as the one which, more than any other ministers to human welfare.” The members of the Music Club, with Flora Hand as president, enjoyed many hours of informal gatherings. They played records which provided a relaxing background for writing letters and knitting. The members were guests of Dean Fisher, the club’s sponsor, on several occasions and spent memorable evenings chatting and listening to records in her cottage. 29DRAMATICS CLUB Although the Dramatics Club had a small membership this year, the traditional May Day play was still presented before the Queen and her court. The efforts of the players reaped a bountiful harvest in the successful performance that was given. Janette Smingler was president of the club for the past year. GLEE CLUB Each Monday evening found the members of the Glee Club singing together under the direction of Mrs. Lessack. After diligent efforts at the rehearsals, the Christmas concert was held and lent itself well to the festive season. Another concert was held in the spring, and the harmonious music was enjoyed by everyone. President Nadine Conner assisted in the well-organized running of the club throughout the year. ATHLETIC CLUB The club, with Marilyn Mohr as president, strived through the year to provide recreation for its members. Some of the many things taken part in were the ping-pong tournament, swimming at the Norristown Y. W., and tennis outdoors in the spring. There were also frequent skating trips to the nearby farm pond. These healthful activities increased good sportsmanship as well as hearty appetites. 30CAMERA CLUB Under the direction of Mr. Thomas and the club's president, Mary Jane Schuster, many enjoyable hours were spent taking pictures and developing them. The college purchased new equipment for the darkroom, enabling the “shutter bugs" to produce good quality photographs. Other projects that the members undertook were tinting of photographs, printing Christmas cards, and enlarging. RIDING CLUB The Riding Club has made several impressive gains during the past year. The dairy bam was remodeled into a well-equipped stable with a tack room, and several horses were generously donated by outstanding horsemen in the area. Mr. Cadwaladcr and Mr. Pugh have greatly aided the members in impressing upon them the importance and fundamentals of good horsemanship. Under the supervision of the club's president, Gail Murch, the annual horse show took place and was a great success. ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE The Activities Committee, under the direction of Peggy Boyd, has been very industrious this year. The new school year began with a very successful square dance held at Johnson’s Barn. Numerous phone calls and careful planning by the committee resulted in more entertaining socials with such colleges as Drcxcl, Muhlcnburg, Lehigh. P.M.C., and Valley Forge. The Christmas, Valentine, and May dances were also outstanding highlights of the year. 3»EAT MOHR FRUIT MOHR ORCHARDS FOGELSVILLE, PENNA. 33ATTENTION ALUMNAE THE PENNSYLVANIA PRIMEX GARDEN CENTER HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY offers many advantages in your field "For the most pleasant Subscription to HORTICULTURE garden shopping Use of on excellent horticultural library either in the rooms of the Society or by moil 435 West Glenside Avenue Free tickets to Philadelphia Flower Show and Sworth-more Chrysanthemum Show Association with other professional horticulturists and with skillod omoteurs Glenside, Pa. These and many other privileges for an annuo! fee of $8.00. Phone TUrner 7-7500 For further information phone Rittenhouse 6-8352 or come in to the rooms of the Society 389 Suburban Station Building Philadelphia 3, Penna. Gordon Green William Green CHALFONT GRANGE MAZUR NURSERY CO-OP. ASSOCIATION Grower Tel. Store: VanDyke 2-0304 of Tel. Whse: VanDyke 2-2357 Annuals, Perennials and Route 202 Chalfont, Pa. Vegetable Plants Fresh Meats, Groceries and Baker Basin Road General Merchandise EASTERN STATES' Trenton, New Jersey Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers, Farm Supplies and Spray Materials JUniper 7-9150 34HISTORIC RICHMOND FOUNDATION 1015 East Clay Street Richmond, Virginia At Si. John's Church in Richmond the Virginia Convention of 1775 mode its historic decision for organized resistance lo Great Britain. Here Patrick Henry gave his oft-quoted "Liberty or Death speech, here his fellow delegates—Washington, Jefferson, Randolph, lee, and Mason—took a firm step toward Revolution. Historic Richmond Foundation is trying to reclaim tho once Fine residential section around the Church, where more than 70 houses, built before 1861, still stand. Visitors to Richmond will find St. John s ond its ancient graveyard one of the principal points of interest. Edgar Allan Poe's mother is buried in the churchyard. Across Grace Street is the house where Poe bade farewell to Elmira Shelton. The Shelton house is owned by Historic Richmond Foundation, ond is its headquarters. Compliments of Best Wishes to all of WARREN G. MURCH the Lovely Girls at AND SONS Ambler Junior TRIANGLE FARM “Fiskie” (Dave) Holliston, Massachusetts Compliments of THEODORE L. GROSS CO. Fancy Poultry Old Comfort Company, Inc. Plymouth Meeting, Penna. Spring House, Penna. TAylor 8-1420 Mitchell 6-2771 35MARTHA’S CHOCOLATE HOUSE HOWARD JOHNSON’S Route 309 between Ambler Springhouse, Pa. BETHLEHEM PIKE Norman H. Clarke Bertha S. Clarke AMBLER, PA. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY AMBLER CAB COMPANY Class Rings, Pins, Diplomas, Commencement Announcements, Medals and Trophies Ambler Junior College Class Rings AMBLER PENNSYLVANIA 1601 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 3, Pa. KOEHLER FRETZ, INC. Compliments Mity-Nice Bread — Rolls — Coke — Pie Lonsdale UL 5-4626 Compliments of D. R. WEST TV and Appliance Dealer 16 East Princess Street York, Pennsylvania Phone 5764 of a “Friend” GEO. M. YOCUM, INC. Sales FORD Service Cars—Trucks—Tractors Farm Industrial Equipment Lansdale, Pa. ULysses 5-1153 36FINE PHOTOGRAPHY CASINO STUDIO 28 N. Main Street H. C. DEENS BRO. 21 Butler Avenue Phone, Mitchell 6-0802 Night Phone, Mitchell 6-6491 Electrical Hardware Supplies Ambler Pennsylvania Mitchell 6-0249 Residential — Commerical Industrial Wiring Compliments BEST WISHES, of A FRIEND THE JACKFIN COMPANY NEW YORK, NEW YORK Manufacturers of Fine ladies' sportswear 37Office Phone Ml 6-0192 Res. Phone Ml 6-5160 AMBLER COAL COMPANY Joseph Signore, Owner Fuel Oil — Coal Building Materials 250 N. Main Street, Ambler, Penna. Brandenburg’s Stationery 9 Butler Avenue Ambler, Pennsylvania Phone Ml 6-7070 VARIETY CENTER opposite Post Office Ambler, Pennsylvania Headquarters for Stationery, Notions, Toiletries, and Soft Goods "What on earth is going on around here!" Read The Ambler Gazette and The Public Spirit BARCLAY BROS., INC. Blue Prints — Ozalid Prints Photostats — Drawing Supplies 1516 Santom Street Philadelphia 2, Penna. JIM’S ELECTRONICS 6-8 Cavalier Drive Ambler, Pennsylvania Phone Ml 6-0186 MAC’S SANDWICH SHOP 267 Butler Avenue Ambler, Penna. Ml 6-9768 THE LUCKY WELL MOTEL Bethlehem Pike Rf. 309 Ambler. Pennsylvania Ml 6-5111 “KEL-EES” GIFT PET SHOP Porokeets — Canories — Goldfish — Gifts Tropical Fish — Hamsters — Turtles All Pet Supplies — Dog Licenses Issued Musical Instruments — Sheet Music 30 N. Main Ml 6-0470 Ambler, Penna. HILL HARDWARE COMPANY 8615 Gcrmontown Avenue Philadelphia 18, Penna. Garden Heodquarters CH 7-7600 ROTELLE INC. Wholesale Fruit and Produce Distributors of Frozen Foods HANDSCHUSTERMOHRTAXISERVICE Phone Mitchell 6-9880 38COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. Mrs. Linwood W. Ott Compliments of ALFRED ANGELO INC Manufacturers of Bridal and Formal Wear Ambler, Pa. BUB ADVERTISING, INC. AMBLER, PA. CHARLES A. MEYERS Fainting and Decorating Mitchell 6-2324 626 Norristown Road Maple Glenn Pennsylvania THE JOHNSON PRESS Ambler's Printers Letterpress - Offset - Engraving Phone Mitchell 6-3007 160 No. Main St. Ambler, Pa. WM. ERHARDT CONTRACTOR BUILDER Ambler, Pa. 39SILVER PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. James Bush-Brown Ambler Fashion Shop The Gift Gallery Mrs. Katherine Lusky Howard Camera Shop Mr. and Mrs. William Hludzinski Feld's Meats PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. William Woodington Mrs. Genevieve S. West Mrs. Reed Fisher Springhouse Tavern Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas The Camera Club Mr. and Mrs. Hans Zutter Mr. James P. Mohr The Arnholt Family Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Koch Mrs. Robert H. McKinney Jean and Bob Mr. Charles A. Dulin Marie and Buttercup Miss Alice David and Friends Miss Barbara Smith Palermo’s Market Social Service Club James J. Notaris Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Neishloss Arrow Hawk Acres Dr. and Mrs. John Swan Icy Anne Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conner The Riding Club Mr. and Mrs. Filippus Mostfsco The Athletic Club Mr. and Mrs. John Schuster Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. French, Jr., Kathy and Julie 4° This book printed by VELVATONE. a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Vclvatone method.I

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