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A " ! NEW TEMPLE HILL HIGH SCHOOL " THE SHACKS KAREN JANE CARTER Dedication L he Senior Class of Temple Hill High dedicates th TEMPLAR to Jane and Gail, as representatives of generation who will be citizens of the new Temple Hill. May you ever treasure the history, traditions, and ideals that have made Temple Hill an outstanding institution oj learning in Russell County. To vou we give the tore! $e yours to hold it The Templar Staff ALONZO BEAUCHAMP, JR. DIXIE DICKENSON CHARLES COOPER PEERY PATRICK SUE BRATTON JACK BARTEE 1 CAROLYN MEADE EULIS HUFF BILLY JESSEE JIMMY CAMPBELL FRANK WOHLFORD PEGGY MINNICK HAROLD LEONARD BILLY ONEY MRS. I. A. BEAUCHAMP ...... Editor ' . Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager Feature Editor Assistant Feature Editor Sports Editor Art Editors Typists Sponsor •wBgaa High School Faculty MR. RYLAND DISHNER MR. C. H. GILMER (yrtT J irf ) Elementary Faculty ■AiQM x f k W VtW) w aJj ' Seniors GENE THOMAS ALLEY " Gene " LILLIE ANN BARNETTE PAULINE BEAVERS " Pauline " HUGH JACKSON BARTEE " Jack " ANNA SUE BRATTON " Sue " IRVING ALONZO BEAUCHAMP, JR. " Beech " Seniors GAY NELL BYINGTON " Gay " WILLIE CARLYE BYINGTON " Carlye " DIXIE DEEN DICKENSON JAMES ERNEST CAMPBELL CHARLES RICHARD COOPER " Charles " HELEN RUTH HARMON " Helen " Seniors FAYE JOAN HALL " Joan " KENNETH LEE DORTON " Kenneth " BILLY MAXWELL ERVIN " Max " MARY MAGDALINE HOLMES " Mag " IRENE ELIZABETH IRICK " Irene " GEORGE BENNETT HALE " Bennett " , A. A 4 Seniors Seniors Seniors CATHERINE PEGGY ROBINSON " Cat " ROBERT PEERY PATRICK " Perry " Seniors FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT ROBINSON " Franklin " GOLDIE MARIE SADDLER " Goldie " MARY JO SARGENT " Mary Jo " WALTER LAFAYETTE SALYER " Walter " FRANCES LEE TURNER " Frances " GEORGE FRANK WOHLFORD, JR. " Bud " Class History Chapter III High School Days A bond of unity and friendship began on that day of September, 1946, a bond which shall soon be broken up as each member takes his place in the world. Yes, it was then that a new class of 76 students became a part of Temple Hill High School. The members came from the Temple Hill grades, Sulphur Spring, Dorton ' s School, Hamlin, Emerson, and High Point. With Mr. Carter as principal and Mrs. Laymon Kiser and Mrs. Donald Gray as home room teachers, we soon learned to love high school life. The year passed quickly and we returned the following year as Sophomores. It was a great shock when the school burned on January 24 of that year, but we were taken to Lebanon to finish the year. We returned to the temporary buildings at Castlewood the next year as Juniors. Several of us were taken into the Beta Club and several of our members helped compose the athletic teams. We also took part in the county literary contests. Our rings were received in November, and a banquet was given for the Seniors on April 14. Then in the fall of 1949, the day arrived that we had all longed for. We were Seniors! Forty-two out of 76 had made the journey. The year was filled with activity for most of us. It is now, as the year is fast drawing to a close, that we, with sorrow, appreciation, and pride prepare to leave our dear school. As each of us departs alone, we wonder how the fourth chapter of our lives will be written. Last Will and Testament of The 1950 Seniors We, the Senior Class being of insane mind and unsound of body do hereby make our last will and testament. To the Junior class we leave our most cherished possessions as follows: Gene Alley wills his coal truck to Cecil Porter. Alonzo Beauchamp wills his many girl friends to Coolidge Burke and -Ralph Sexton. Jimmy Campbell wills his pet saying " old feller " to Kenneth Wampler. Max Ervin leaves his red hair to Raymond Griffith and Jimmy Milton. June Kiser wills her position on the basketball team to Norma Gay Cox. Donald Lee Jessee leaves his job at the Esso station to Bobby Ramsey. Goldie Saddler leaves her ability to get along with boys to Harriet Campbell. Carlyle Byington leaves all his excess weight to Bobby Joe Austin. Irene Irick leaves her bangs to Anna Kate Davis. Bernard Kiser leaves his chewing gum to O ' Neal White. Sue Bratton leaves her typing speed to Eva Lou Litton. Eulis Huff leaves his cigarettes to Jerry Johnson and Max Sproles. Gay Nell Osborne leaves her " Secretary ' s look " to Billie Jean Robinson and Bessie Cantrell. N. C. Johnson wills his army jacket to Felix Caudill. Joan Hall leaves her " green eyes " to Lois Salyer and Mozelle Powers. Kenneth Dorton leaves his glasses to Joe Counts. Gay Nell Byington leaves her sweater with the " J " on it to Lois Vicars. Jack Bartee leaves his " laugh " to Carol Musick. Dixie Dickenson leaves her West Virginia friends to Jean Osborne. Harold Leonard leaves his brown eyes to McKinley Johnson. Magdaline Holmes leaves her " giggles " to Blanche Fugate and Lucille Morrison. Pauline Beavers leaves her blond hair to Helen Campbell. Bennett Hale leaves his " loud mouth " to Earl Cook. Eula Osborne leaves her wit to Lois Brown and Evelyn Rynes. Joyce Ann Meade leaves her love letters to Dorothy Lewis. Perry Patrick leaves his English classes to Guy Castle. Ann Barnette leaves her pretty white teeth to Cholene Perry and Jackie Gilbert. Billy Oney leaves his trips to the office to Sam Castle and Bill Kelly. Carolyn Meade leaves her front seat in the study hall to Peggy Johnson and Polly Horne. Franklin Robinson leaves his grades to Johnny Adams. Marie Johnson leaves her books to Irene Meade. Billy Jessee leaves his talent to sing to Walter Bostic. Helen Harmon leaves her quiet manners to Evelyn Mitchell and Beulah Rose. Walter Salyer leaves his fountain pen to Ulas Hawkins. Mary Jo Sargent leaves her black pocket book to Peggy Kiser. Asa Jessee leaves his " silly questions " to Jimmy Horne. Frances Turner leaves her " smallness " to Betty Huff and Virginia Patrick. Frank Wohlford leaves his " crew cut " to Edward Hurd. Catherine Robinson leaves her voice to Jean Chafin and Cornelia Amos. Charles Cooper leaves his red sweater to Ralph Sexton. Peggy Minick leaves her " blue jeans " to Ruby Jean Bradley. Anna Mae Salyer leaves her wedding ring to Eleanor Johnson. MW rji ri y ' rAPICO POL I Y unn.,r ' kjs ' PEGGY CARICO POLLY HORNE e ,.., UlAS HA N President Vice-President Secre ' o r Y Junior Class F “Gate re asu rer i - J A: y First row, left to right: Johnny Adams, Cornelia Amos, Bobby Austin, Harriet Campbell, Walter Bostic. Second row: Helen Camp- bell, Coolidge Burke, Bessie Cantrell, Guy Castle, Jean Chafin. Third row: Sam Castle, Norma Cox, Felix Caudill, Anna Kate Davis, Earl Cooke. Fourth row: Irene Fugate, Joe Counts, Jackie Gilbert, Raymond Griffith, Betty HufF. First row, left to right: Eleanor Johnson, Jimmie Horne, Peggy Johnson, Edward Hurd, Peggy Kiser. Second row: Jerry Johnson, Dorothy Lewis, McKinley Johnson, Eva Lou Litton, Bill Kelley. Third row: Irene Meade, Jimmy Milton, Evelyn Mitchell, Carol Musick, Lucille Morrison. Fourth row: Cecil Porter, Jean Osborne, Virginia Patrick, Cholene Perry, Bobby Ramsey. Fifth row: Mozelle Powers, Billie Robinson, Ralph Sexton, Beulah Rose, Evelyn Rynes. Sixth row: Max Sproles, Lois Salyers, Kenneth Wampler, Lois Vicars, O ' Neal White. 0 a- ' t First row, left to right: Tommy Beauchamp, Deloris Austin, Ray Burke, Patricia Biggs, Billy Burton, Bertha Cantrell. Second row: Oneta Castle, Bill Carty, Lois Chafm, Lowell Carty, Lola Chafm, Billy Chafm. Third row: Maxine Chafin, Lincoln Chafin, Willa- de n vSklfm, Ben Champion, Marguerite Cooper, Jim Davis. Fourth row: Lois Couch, Jack Dingus, Lois Cox, Jimmy Dorton, Faye rland Fields. Fifth row: Marie Heaton, James Hale, Betty Herndon, Jim Ireson, Launa Hurd, Artis Johnson. Sixth row: rick, Farrell Johnson, Peggy Jessee, Edward Johnson, Blanche Johnson, Willard Johnson. First row, left to right: Corena Jones, Carolyn Kiser, Lucille Lasley, Cora Ledford, Hazel Milton. Second row: Betty Lowe, Howard King, Agnes Martin, Jack Kiser, Dorothy Meade, Lynn Kiser. Third row: Betty Mitchell, Freddie Meade, Madge Mitchell, Jimmy Moore, Maida Oney, Dee Phillips. Fourth row: Bobby Robinson, Sue Osborne, J. S. Robinson, Hazel Porter, Ray Salyer, Betty Robin- son. Fifth row: Dora Salyer, Edro Sargent, Anne Mae Scarberry, Leon Selfe, Dorothy Skeens, Gene Sexton. Sixth row: Jay Sluss, Katherine Skeens, Randolph Smith, Nada Smith, Gerald Smith, Shirley Smith. Seventh row: Jean Taylor, Pauline Taylor, Lowell Vicars, Ann Wampler, Lephia Wampler, Phyllis Wood. Freshman First row, left to right: Loretta Addington, Ellis Ad- dison, Dorothy Amburgey, Kenny Austin, Sally Bailey, Tommy Bartee, Beatrice Bukowinski. Second row: James Bradley, Pauline Bukowinski, Donald Branson, Phyllis Bush, Jackson Burke, Wilma Buskell. Third row: Carless Burton, Carrie Campbell, Fred Bush, Ruth Couch. Fourth row: Jimmy Campbell, Agnes Culbertson, Tyler Castle, Maxie Dingus. Fifth row: Byron Cook, Sue Fields, William Cooke, Ann Garrett. ' Sixth row: James Carty, Nancy Gibson, Gene Couch, Betty Jo Hale. Seventh row: Hattie Hale, Willie Fields, Dare Hall, Thomas Garrett, Eloise Hall, Carlye Holliman. Eighth row: Allen Hicks, Ella Holbrook, Kenneth Helton, Mary Horne, David Horne, Mary Isaac, Joan Hicks. First row, left to right: Edna Jessee, Fred Hughes, Esta Jessee, Mack Hurd, Willie Jewel Jessee, Denny Jackson, Judy Johnson. Second row: Leo Jessee, Jean King, Lynn Jesee, Louise King, James Johnson, Betty Kiser. Third row: James Kelley, Ellen Lewis, Rodney McCoy, Imo- gene Lewis, Duff Meade. Fourth row: Ruth Meade, Nyle Meade, Madge Musick, General Meade, Fay Os- borne. Fifth row: Tommy Meade, Dorothy Phillips, Johnny Perry, Lucille Porter, Donald Phillips. Sixth row: Betty Robinson, Walter Porter, Mary A. Sad- dler, Robert Puckett, Dorothy Salyer. Seventh row: Margaret Sex- ton, Helena Smith, Jimmie Ring, Virginia Taylor, Robert Salyer. Eighth row: Shirley Thomp- son, Larry Smith, Susie Wohl- ford, Bobby Ring, Geraldine Wood, Delmar Willis, Jack Willis. Grades ,w, ; r fy, m ■HI « gHKJH mhkew ity i ■ So ;;. Osborne, » ' " S ° ' Cooper, 0 cWens° B £ co Hor ne, ' ser ' GObO ' E 0 N c. Johnson, Beo ochomp. president " ' CH P - u r;r- o n Club ;: 1 C °nn, erchi a ub president . ' ce-P res;de feretory treasure, Reporter - Z CHarle s cooper - -Sfr’Sg s ' V r Coi Die ‘“»». B. anh ■ Coo Urt Resident _ ' 8e ° u o mp _ . SgBj ' «?%££! r french ( Wonogra C,ub Bu , k . - w ReoocWomp. = lSer L.,n. Co pbe " - — I I, Ed ' ' °! Mtduor - — sS ' v tJ ' ' ° ' - M Mi ' ° ' - ► " ' -Ti,- r: - .X f« -T5S - SSs :::: “ " S «« 8 ce L ' ub ° u rke, C r. i es Ch ° ?Z or ' £%: o mith - » i bror - °3Sg " •■ ta M ' »on. 51 e °«c j, PArsy S® 1 • SS5L c Bw ; ,GGS ooi « ' » £% • ‘:zy Future Homemakers of America President CAROLYN MEADE Secretary POLLY HORNE Vice-President PEGGY CARICO Treasurer SUE BRATTON Reporter EULA OSBORNE Saddler, Bratton, Rynes, Dorton, Kiser, Lasley. Osborne, Meade, Smith, Martin, Meade, Carico, Campbell, Herndon, Robinson, Oney. Wood, Amos, Kiser, Lewis, I rick, Osborne, Smith, Kiser, Johnson, Mrs. Banner. Holmes, Austin, Biggs, Litton, Johnson, Heaton, Byington, Osborne, Horne. 4 i President CHARLES COOPER Reporter KENNETH WAMPLER Treasurer CECIL PORTER Secretary ULAS HAWKINS Vice-President FRANKLIN ROBINSON Sentinel JACK DINGUS MR. C. H. GILMER Advisor B. Kiser, King, Moore, Milton, Sproles, Griffith, Austin, Selfe, Robinson, Musick. J. Hale, Johnson, B. Hale, Oney, Horne, Dingus, Sluss, F. Johnson, Bostic. Hurd, Sargent, Cooper, L. Carty, B. Jessee, Bartee, Wampler, Counts, Robinson, Adams, Hawkins. Ireson, Mr. Gilmer, Chafin, D. Jessee, L. Kiser, Wohlford, Alley, Byington, Campbell, Burke, B. Carty, Castle, Kelly, Meade, Porter. OUTFIELDERS: Cooper, Wampler, Vicars, Salyer, Beauchamp. PITCHERS: Porter, Jessee. Baseball Team CATCHER: Campbell INFIELDERS: A. Beauchamp, Wohlford, J. Kiser, Hale, Castle, B. Kiser. Lesley, Wohlford, Dickenson, Mrs. Fortner, Saddler, Bratton, Cox. Meade, Herndon, Vicars, Campbell, Kiser, Austin. Girls ' Basketball Team V. ■ - ■ - - s Mith Girls’ Basketball Team Front row: Cooper, A. Beauchamp, Wohlford, Burke, Campbell. Back row: Coach Dishner, Champion, T. Beauchamp, Ervin, Griffith, Horne, Manager Sexton. Boys’ Basketball Team i COOPER, Guard J SEXTON, Manager BURKE ERVIN T. BEAUCHAMP KISER WOHLFORD, Captain Center CASTLE, Forward R. DISHNER, Coach CAMPBELL, Forward Most Athletic FRANK WOHLFORD JUNE KISER Most and Least CARLYE BYINGTON PETE MEADE Most Popular ALONZO BEAUCHAMP GOLDIE SADDLER Best Looking Biggest Pests ASA JESSEE SHIRLEY SMITH Wittest RAYMOND GRIFFITH HARRIET CAMPBELL Most Likely to Succeed MAX ERVIN CAROLYN MEADE (not pictured) Best All Around Senior JIMMY CAMPBELL DIXIE DICKENSON Best School Spirit PEGGY CARICO BOBBY ROBINSON Best All Around Junior: PEGGY JOHNSON Sophomore: BETTY JEAN HERNDON Freshman: BETTY LOU KISER Biggest Fli PEERY PATRICK ANN BARNETTE Most Courteous CHARLES COOPER EULA OSBORNE ALONZO BEAUCHAMP, JR. Editor, Templar — President French Club KENNETH DORTON Editor, Highlights of Temple Hill CHARLES COOPER President Senior Class F. F. A.— Commerical o MAX ERVIN President of Beta Club CAROLYN MEADE FRANK WOHLFORD, JR. President of F. H. A. Captain of Basketball Team A D V E R T I S E M E N T So is for the anguish these ads have caused us, is for the dark times which seem to be a " must " , is for the virtues we ' ve tried to uphold is for the energy that these pages mold, is for the road that we ' ve trod, is for the trust we ' ve put in God, is for the interest in the job we ' ve done, is for the success that we ' ve won, is for the essential part you ' ve played, is for the masterpiece that ' s been made, is for encouragement you bestowed, is for the niceness that you showed, is for the thanks we extend to you— trade with them that are tried and true. THANKS EVERYBODY! THE TEMPLAR STAFF HERFF-JONES COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry, Graduation Announcements, Medals, Cups and Trophies Indianapolis, Indiana Jewelers to Temple Hill High School S. 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For the Best in Gifts Sporting Goods Class of ' 50 Go To CAVALIER THEATER DOBYNS-TAYLOR Hardware Furniture St. Paul, Virginia Kingsport, Tennessee LEBANON FURNITURE COMPANY Quality Furniture Sold on Easy Payment Plans Phone 100 Lebanon Virginia SPRINKLE FURNITURE and UPHOLSTERING SHOP CLEVELAND HARDWARE and FURNITURE COMPANY Repairing and Refinishing Building— Hardware— Furniture Implements— Electric Appliances Abingdon Hi-Way Seeds— Fertilizer Bristol Virginia Cleveland Virginia NEW HARDWARE and FURNITURE COMPANY Hardware, Furniture and Sporting Goods Dial 2611 St. Paul, Virginia Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Honaker Virginia Compliments of LYNCH MOTOR COMPANY DODGE-PLYMOUTH Phone 35 Lebanon Virginia CASTLEWOOD FARM SUPPLY FEEDS, SEEDS, and FERTILIZERS Dial 4874 Castlewood, Virginia Compliments of ST. PAUL NATIONAL BANK JONES CAPITAL $100,000 WHOLESALE COMPANY Member of F. D. 1. C. 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