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.’; ? ' jHEfe 1 - THE TEMPLAR THE SENIOR CLASS TEMPLE HILL HIGH SCHOOL CASTLEWOOD, VIRGINIA Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager _ Assistant Manager _ Advertising Manager Sponsor TOMMY JOE HORNE MAX IE SALYER CODY HORNE JACK MILTON JOANN SMITH MRS. I. A. BEAUCHAMP Photographs of Activities TOMMY BEAUCHAMP ton MISS MOLLIE DICKENSON We, the Senior Class of Temple Hill High School, consider it a privilege to dedicate the 1949 Templar to Miss Mollie Dickenson. Our annual would not be complete without paying a tribute to one of the first and best known teachers of Temple Hill. She retired from the teaching profession in 1935 after giving 50 years of service to the schools of Russell, her native county, 45 of these years being spent at Temple Hill. Miss Mollie was an excellent teacher, a mother to each child, and still today she can see a proud parent or grandparent and say, " He was one of my children. " No one has the interests of Temple Hill nearer his heart than does she, and always the two— Miss Mollie and Temple Hill— will be synonymous. MR. JOHN EDGAR CARTER Mr. Carter has been principal of Temple Hill High School for the past five years. He is recognized for his long and faithful service to our school, for his thorough understanding of our problems, and for his never tiring efforts to help those who earnestly strive to cast off the bonds of ignor- ance and enter into the better ways of life. MRS. I. A. BEAUCHAMP English MISS HELEN CAUDILL English MRS. W. E. DESMOND Government MR. C. H. GILMER Agriculture MRS. D. D. GRAY Commercial MISS LEXIE JOHNSON Science MRS. H. C. MEADE Social Science MISS KATHLEEN YOAKLEY Mathematics lenient ary rx Cj c acu h ¥ MRS. IRA TALBERT First Grade MRS. H. V. CLINE Second Grade MRS. JOHN HARDING Third Grade MISS PRISCILLA HARDING Fourth Grade MRS. PAUL ADAMS Fourth and Fifth Grades MRS. W. E. MABE Fifth Grade MRS. H. D. MUNSEY Sixth Grade MRS. KELLY MILTON Seventh Grade n nn n uu _U . icers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer __ Reporter .. WILLIE MAE HORNE CODY HORNE DOROTHY KING _ JACK MILTON CHARLENE ROBINSON i eniors EMOGENE CARTY " Gene " " The best always goes first. " BILLY RAY BRANSON " Billy Ray " " Witty, winsome and a wee bit wicked. " JOANNE DICKENSON " Phoebe " " Good nature and good sense are usually compan- ions. " JOSEPH F. BURKE " Joe " " Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. " MARY ELLEN FIELDS " Ma ry " " It is a mark of superiority to give kindness. " CLAYTON EDWARD CHAFIN " Clayton " " Little men talk big; big men talk little. " LILLIAN FUGATE " Lill " " Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. " EDWIN LEE COOPER " Eddie " " If words were wealth, he would give away a fortune daily. " eniors RILDA LEE HALE " Rilda " " She is truly happy who makes others happy. " JAMES HUBERT HALE " Hubert " Be resolved and the thing is done. " LILLIE ARDIST HICKS " Ardist " " To know her is to love her. " WILLIE MAE HORNE " Willie Mae " " If thou love learning thou shalt be learned. " RICHARD LEE HALE " Richard " " Says little and thinks much. " DOROTHY MAE JACKSON " Dot " " Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul. " WILLIAM LEE HARTSOCK " Billie " " A blush is beautiful but in- convenient. " emiors CLARA MARIE JESSEE HAROLD DOYLE HAWKINS VIRGINIA CHRISTINE KEITH " Peggy " " Always friendly, always the same, and fairness should be part of her name. " " Harold " " As merry as the day is long. " " Cris " " I do not believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in taking a second look. " DOROTHY LOUISE KING " Dott " " Merit is sure to rise. " CODY OLIVER HORNE " Cody " " Actions, looks, words, steps from the alphabet by which you may spell character. " WANDA RUTH POWERS " Ruth " " In her very quietness there is charm. " TOMMY JOE HORNE " Tommy " " He is noble who performs noble deeds. " (O. eniors HELEN JEAN RAMSEY " Helen " " She is always in fashion who wears a smile. " GARLAND KELLY KISER " Togy " ' A lad sweet of face, who is never in his place. " ANNA KATE RING " Kate " " Better a good friend than silver and gold. " AGNES CHARLENE ROBINSON " Charlene " " Fair was the maid of the seventeen summers. " CLIFFORD BRUCE LAMBERT " Bruce " " Good nature and good sense are usually compan- ions. " LORINE SALYER BERT HARDING McCOY " Lorine " " Bert " " A face more sweet, ne ' er " If worry were the cause of had it been my lot to meet. " death, I would live forever. " ( 3 . eniors EARNEST WINSTON MEADE " Winston " " He is not made to be the admiration of everybody, but the happiness of one. " MAXIE SALYER " Pood " " Her lovable personality, gentle manners, and sweet- ness of temper have en- deared her to each of us. " DOSS JACKSON MILTON " Jack " " Give me a million girls, but give them to me one at a time. " f i FRANCES LEE SEARCEY WALTER H. NUCKELS " Bates " " With a merry smile and a word of cheer for all. " " Frances Lee " " A big heart always wishes to do right and be friendly. " JACK FIELDS ROBINSON MILDRED JOANN SMITH " Jack " " Jennie " " Is jolly, good natured, and " A happy combination of radiates sunshine wherever cheerfulness, studiousness, he goes. " and thoughtfulness. " P, eniors PAUL SLUSS " Granny " " His conscience isn ' t trouble- some. Of joy he has a double sum. " SHIRLEY AGATHA STATZER " Shirley " " A smile for all — a greeting glad — a loveable jolly way she has. " JAMES BUFORD ROBINSON " Buddy " " Accommodating, friendly, full of wit; but mix this with a lot of grit. " ass slory. As we turn through our annual we see our class activities portrayed in pictures; yet there are many other events that occurred during our high school years which remain vivid in our minds. As we leave school we wish to record these memories in case our minds become dim. ' C stle :u ooq T H. H S. Dt pSorwa DROP 0OT5 ( a ) ' TKH.S. C DIP LOflR4 Turn l$-ft 1 As I awoke from my sleep bright and early on the morn of September 1, 1496, this sign post was the first thing I saw. Why should I see this? I thought. Then I remembered that this was to be my first day in high school. I hurried through my breakfast, then dressed most carefully, so that I might make a good impression on my new teachers and all the new pupils from the different schools whom I would meet for the first time today. When we got to school and en- rolled there were 86 girls and boys to begin the long journey with me. Over the many miles of this journey we would obtain wisdom. I wondered how many of them had seen the same sign post that I had, and which direction some of them would take. Before the year ended; there were 23 who had detoured to the left. Our second year in high school was just as wonderful as the first. Even though we had many new bridges to cross, we all pitched in and made a success. This year we chose Maxie Salyer as our class president. With the able assistance of Miss Lexie Johnson and Mr. Sidney Johnson, we had again finished a year, and were eager to begin our Junior year. In our Junior year we felt that our activities were a part of the school, and we began to take a more active interest. In November we received our class rings. We had a variety of rings from which to choose, but we finally selected the ring pictured below: We gave a play " Henry ' s Hired Aunt " on December 17, 1947, which was sponsored by Mrs. J. H. Odell. We had fun producing the play, and is was a great financial success. Three of the Junior girls were on the basketball team this year. The boys also took an active part in each of the ball clubs. TH.H.S. oiplorr z yerrs DROP GUIS n left- On January 24, 1948 a destructive fire occurred, destroying our high school at Castlewood. The remainder of the school year was finished at Lebanon High Our Commencement exercises, in which we took a part, were also held As a farewell to the Senior Class we gave a picnic in their honor School in Lebanon, at Dougherty ' s Cave On September 3, 1948, we entered our Senior year, the last mile, but oh! how long, a real country mile. That last year we returned to school at Castle- wood, our alma mater being a group of temporary buildings. Our class sponsor this year was Mrs. I. A. Beauchamp. There were so many things to attract our at- tention and require our time, that it seemed there was hardly any time left for our studies. We selected our invitations early in October. Basketball practice started early also, and since we had no place to practice we had to go to Lebanon so that we might use their gymnasium. The annual had to be produced; mid-term exams took up much of our time; and graduation exercises had to be practiced, but what a wonderful year! THM ' S. ' DlpLOnfl (.ns r mile D«op OUTS IE DOw ' : These years have seemed short and our goal has been reached hardly be- fore we realized it. As we come to the close of our Senior year there is within us, a mixture of emotions— sorrow, gratitude, loneliness, and of course, the pride of knowing that we have accomplished our first great goal in life. it mors CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer CHARLES GOLDIE FRANKLIN MAX COOPER SADDLER ROBINSON ERVIN JACK BARTEE PAULINE BEAVERS ALONZO BEAUCHAMP GENE ALLEY ANN BARNETTE SUE BRATTON GROVER BRADLY GAY NELL CARLYE BYINGTON BYINGTON DIXIE DICKENSON SAMUEL CASTLE JOAN HALL LLOYD CREEKMORE HELEN HARMON KENNETH DORTON MAGDALINE BENNETT HOLMES HALE IRENE IRICK EULIS HUFF MARIE JOHNSON uniors EDWARD HURD JOYCE ANN MEADE U JUNE ASA CAROLYN KISER JESSEE MEADE DONALD LEE PEGGY JESSEE MINICK FRED JOHNSON KATHERINE ROBINSON N. C. JOHNSON GAY NELL OSBORNE ANNA MAE CAROL MARY JO BILLY SALYER MUSICK SARGENT ONEY ROY LEE WALTER O ' NEAL FRANK PORTER SALYER WHITE WOHLFORD BILLY JESSEE EULA OSBORNE PEERY PATRICK rC J FRANCES LEE TURNER HAROLD LEONARD CORNELIA AMOS BOBBY JOE RUBY JEAN AUSTIN BRADLEY NORMA GAY COOLIDGE MARY LOU CLAUDE HARRIET JOE COX BURKE COX BURKE CAMPBELL COUNTS PEGGY FELIX CARICO CAUDILL ANNA KATE EARL DAVIS COOKE JEAN CHAFIN LEONA DINGUS GUY HELEN CASTLE CAMPBELL RAYMOND IRENE GRIFFITH FUGATE BILL CARTY JIMMY HORNE BLANCHE ULAS FUGATE HAWKINS JACQUELINE GILBERT McKinley JOHNSON BETTY HUFF JERRY JOHNSON BILL KELLY POLLY HORNE FREDDIE MEADE GERALDINE HILL JIMMIE MILTON ELEANOR JOHNSON PEGGY JOHNSON GEORGE MILTON HELEN KEITH CECIL PORTER PEGGY KISER BOBBY RAMSEY DOROTHY LEWIS RALPH SEXTON EMOGENE ROBERTA MILLION MEADE J. S. ROBINSON MADGE DEMPSON MITCHELL SALYER EVELYN MAX LUCILLE JEAN MITCHELL SPROLES MORRISON OSBORNE EVELYN RYNES BILLIE JEAN ROBINSON MOZELLE POWERS US KENNETH VIRGINIA KENNETH WAMPLER PATRICK RYAN BEULAH LYDIA MILDRED LOIS O ' DELL LOIS ROSE ROBINSON RICHARDSON SALYER TAYLOR VICARS DELORES AUSTIN TOMMY BARTEE HELEN AUSTIN TOMMY BEAUCHAMP PATSY BIGGS RAY BURKE BERTHA CANTRELL BILLY BURTON ONETA CASTLE LOWELL CARTY MAXINE CHAFIN BILLY CHAFIN LOIS CHAFIN LINCOLN CHAFIN LOLA CHAFIN WILLIAM COOKE WILLADEAN CHAFIN JOHN COX MARGUERITE COOPER JIM DAVIS LOIS COUCH JACK DINGUS LOIS COX JIMMY JOE DORTON l amaia FAYE DORTON GARLAND FIELDS JOANNE FIELDS JAMES HALE ANN GARRETT AGNES HAWKINS FRED HUGHES MARIE HEATON CARTER HURD BETTY JEAN HERNDON LAUNA HURD MAC HURD MARY I RICK ARTIS JOHNSON MARY FAYE ISAACS PEGGY JESSEE JIM IRESON BLANCHE JOHNSON EDWARD JOHNSON CORENA JONES CAROLYN KISER FARRELL JOHNSON LUCILLE LASLEY WILLARD JOHNSON CORA LEE LEDFORD GLENN KING BETTY LOWE HOWARD KING AGNES MARTIN JACK KISER BERNICE MEADE LYNN KISER DOROTHY MEADE JIMMY MOORE HAZEL MILTON FRANKLIN D. PHILLIPS BETTY MITCHELL BOBBY RING NANCY MONK BOBBY ROBINSON MAI DA ONEY RAY SALYERS SUE OSBORNE EDRO SARGENT HAZEL PORTER BETTY JEAN ROBINSON LEON SELFE DORA SALYERS JAY SLUSS ANNA MAE SCARBERRY BESSIE SEXTON RANDOLPH SMITH DOROTHY SKEENS GERALD SMITH KATHERINE SKEENS NADA SMITH GUY STEFFEY SHIRLEY SMITH LOWELL VICARS JEAN TAYLOR PAULINE TAYLOR GLENN WOLFE ANN WAMPLER LEPHIA WAMPLER PHYLLIS WOOD eta President ANNA KATE RING Vice-President . _____ CODY O. HORNE Secretary ___. DOROTHY KING Treasurer MAXIE SALYER Reporter WILLIE MAE HORNE drench President WINSTON MEADE Vice-President ________ ____ TOMMY JOE HORNE Secretary DIXIE DICKENSON omemaKers o memca President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporters JOANNE DICKENSON .... LORINE SALYER JUNE KISER _ ARDIST HICKS MAX IE SALYER, EULA OSBORNE ulure C c armers o memca President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinel JAMES ROBINSON W. H. NUCKELS BILLY LEE HARTSOCK PAUL SLUSS FRED JOHNSON GARLAND KISER «r President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . CHARLENE ROBINSON DOROTHY KING JOANN SMITH JACK MILTON Captain MAXIE SALYER Coach . MISS KATHLEEN YOAKLEY Manager SUE BRATTON M. Salyer, J. Smith, G. Saddler, S. Statzer, C. Meade, Miss Yoakley, K. Ring, S. Bratton, O. Taylor, D. Dickenson, B. Herndon, L. Vicars, H. Campbell. Coach C. H. GILMER Captain TOMMY JOE HORNE Manager JACK ROBINSON SQUAD MEMBERS First row: J. Horne, Griffith, Beauchamp, Cooper, Wohlford. Seco nd row: Jessee, Dorton, Ervin, Gilmer, T. J. Horne, Burke. SCHEDULE T. H. H. S. 18 Chilhowie 34 T. H. H. S. 31 Richlands 61 T, H. H. S. 46 Lebanon 31 T. H. H. S. 30 Honake r 49 T. H. H. S. 22 Cleveland 23 T. H. H. S. 31 Grundy 75 T. H. H. S. 22 Honaker 43 T. H. H. S. 27 Abingdon 50 T. H. H, S. 29 Richlands 64 T. H. H. S. 39 Gate City 44 T. H. H. S. 19 Chilhowie 31 T. H. H. S. 22 Lebanon 30 T. H. H. S. 26 Grundy 63 T. H. H. S. 39 Abingdon 37 T. H. H. S. 46 Dante 22 RUSSELL COUNTY TOURNAMENT Semi-Finals Finals T. H. H. S. 43 Honaker 41 T. H. H. S. 29 Lebanon 40 (Sauglil in chon men » mm mu? Best Lookers DELORIS AUSTIN GARLAND KISER Most Versatile Junior Sophomore Freshman JUNE KISER PEGGY JOHNSON BETTY HERNDON B ' " e5 ' u ME r LD AH E ASA J sSEt e " i Most " e Osf ' Ale BE Au Ch AM Best All Around Seniors JOANNE DICKENSON JACK MILTON ft g 3 e - ' vAa FVirt L, -X± r- tfJftUU plt,(Uy ( Ljs ' - ' . — ■ b4 • CL • n H. P. KING COMPANY BRISTOL Where the young folks of Southwest Virginia have preferred to shop for smart apparel for the past three generations HERFF-JONES CO. Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry, Graduation Announcements, Metals, Cups and Trophies INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Jewelers to Temple Hill High School S. Glenn, Representative COMPLIMENTS OF Class Flower Sweet Pea Climb " CLASS ROLL E. Harold Adams Margaret Jeston Baldwin Mary Louise Ball Vera Virginia Clay Kyle E. Cox Mary Ellen Dickenson Claude Martin Dickenson Retha Leota Fields Lucy Elizabeth Hodge Jessee Chandler Holbrook Robert C. Hoanaker, Jr. Della Isabelle Jessee Ancil E. Kiser Amy Victoria Meade William Abel Oney Gladys Annette Osborne Fannie D. Quillen Dora Louise Robinson Willie Ethel Tyler G. H. Givens, Superintendent B. C. Wh.t , Principal ☆ ☆ ☆ To Our Good Friend and Principal, Mr. B. C. White: We pause at the end of twenty years to pay tribute to a cause and influence linked by a golden chain of memory held dear to the heart of each us; to the honor of having been instructed as students under the guidance of your hand. To us, no greater privilege could have been given in the four years of sowing the seeds of knowledge— no twenty years so rich in the reward of harvest reaped from the years of time. To you, we, as students of yesterday and as men and women of today in this small way, hope to express our lasting appreciation. ☆ ☆ ☆ To our classmates, Mary Ellen Dickenson and Claude Martin Dickenson who are no longer among us as the living, we bow our heads in tribute to their memory whose lives were as the sweetness and beauty of the lily and in knowing them was to love them, and thus in the knowledge of such a love and devotion, we dedicate a memory which will never fade. BREAD AT ITS BE ST! Best Wishes To The SENIOR CLASS OF ' 49 FULLER ' S MARKET Complete Line Of FRESH MEATS FRUITS VEGETABLES DIAL 41 1 1 ST. PAUL, VIRGINIA LEBANON FURNITURE COMPANY Quality Furniture Sold On Easy Payment Plans. LEBANON, VIRGINIA PHONE 100 ARONALD ' S JEWELRY FULLER and HILLMAN ARONALD ' S JEWELRY in MAIN STREET KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE ABINGDON, VIRGINIA Compliments FINNEY-EASTERLY-FINNEY of FUNERAL SERVICE KILGORE GROCERY CO. DAY and NIGHT WHOLESALE ONLY Phone 23 Phone 3746 Lebanon Virginia Coeburn Virginia DAVIS SERVICE STATION VANN ' S TOBACCO WAREHOUSE GROCERIES, GAS and OIL J. C. Vann Hardware and Supply Co. Phone 197-WI J. C. Vann Equipment Co. Dickensonville Virginia Abingdon, Virginia FRAZIERS DRY CLEANERS H. D. CAMPBELL ' S GROCERY ONE DAY DRY CLEANING SERVICE GROCERIES - GAS — OIL Dial 3832 Phone 343-J 1 St. Paul Virginia Compliments Compliments of BOLTON BROS. of St. Paul Virginia RUSSELL HARDWARE CO. INCORPORATED Lz 1 D j U IN w K U L t K T GENERAL MERCHANDISE Lebanon Virginia STANDARD ESSO PRODUCTS Castlewood Virginia Compliments Compliments of of JENKS-MAST DEPARTMENT STORE JOHNSON ' S 5-10-$1.00 Lebanon Virginia St. Paul Virginia BRANSON CASH STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Castlewood Virginia PHILLIPS BODY SHOP PARTS FOR ALL CARS Phone 2015 Dante Virginia SABO ' S GROCERY OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Dial 3421 St. Paul Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF LUTHER HALE Compliments of BRICK CHURCH M. Y. F. Castlewood Virginia Compliments of PARAMOUNT DRY CLEANERS PHONE 2336 Coeburn Virginia DIAMONDS WATCHES FISHERS ' JEWELERS C. L. LITTON, Manager MASONIC RINGS Bristol Tennessee THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Phone 3110 Bristol, Virginia Venetian Blinds Kemtone Art Supplies Wallpaper REMINE-GOBBLE Bristol ' s Smartest Men ' s Shop Bristol Tennessee Compliments of BLUEFIELD PRODUCE and PROVISION COMPANY Wholesale Food Distributors Bluefield West Virginia Compliments of BRISTOL GROCERY Bristol Virginia MRS. McKINNEY ' S CAVALIER SHOPPE SODAS — SOFT DRINKS — SANDWICHES CANDY — SUNDAES — GIFTS Dial 2621 St. Paul, Virginia MEADE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE DRY GOODS - SHOES - CLOTHING " For The Entire Family " St. Paul Virginia Dial 4221 T. S. BRATTON and SONS INTERIOR and EXTERIOR DECORATORS Dial 2826 St. Paul, Virginia THOMAS DEEN COMPANY Department Store Deen ' s Super Market " Quality Merchandise at Quality ' s Lowest Prices " Phone 351 1 St. Paul, Virginia PORTER AUTO SALES DODGE PLYMOUTH OLDSMOBILE Repair Service Dial 2551 ST. PAUL VIRGINIA TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE COMPANY ROYAL TYPEWRITERS PHONE 246 Bristol Virginia D. CURY ' S " Clothing For Every Member of The Family " Dial 3431 St. Paul Virginia ST. PAUL ESSO STATION 1 ATLAS TIRES -BATTERIES Specialized in Lubrication Dial 4231 St. Paul Virginia Compliments of THE MODERN LAUNDRY " OUR SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING " KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Phone 2250 DICKENSON-McNEER CO., INC. Consistently Trying to Serve the Retail Merchants of This Section for Over 44 Years. DIAL 2232 ST. PAUL VIRGINIA For the Best in HARDWARE GIFTS FURNITURE SPORTING GOODS go to DOBYNS-TAYLOR KINGSPORT TENNESSEE When in Kingsport Stop at SHORTY ' S Where the Food is Good and Service is Better ST. PAUL NATIONAL BANK CAPITAL $100,000 i Member of F. D. 1. C. St. Paul Virginia K. O. HARTSOCK GENERAL MERCHANDISE Castlewood, Virginia Phone Lebanon 502-F-21 BINGHAM FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture and G. E. Appliances Telephone 1492 Kingsport Tennessee BALL BROTHERS, 1 NC. FINE FURNITURE 506-510 STATE STREET BRISTOL, TENNESSEE-VIRGINIA J. BROWNI NG TRANSFER " Anywhere Anytime " Route No. 1 Castlewood, Virginia CLINCH MOTORS, INC. CARS TRUCKS PHONE 2311 ST. PAUL VIRGINIA NEW HARDWARE and FURNITURE COMPANY DIAL 2611 ST. PAUL, VIRGINIA CLINCHFIELD LUMBER and SUPPLY COMPANY PHONE 2411 ST. PAUL, VIRGINIA VANCE SUPPLY CO., INC. HARDWARE - BUILDING SUPPLIES FARM MACHINERY RANKINS DINING ROOM BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Abingdon Virginia Compliments of BRISTOL CHICK HATCHERY, INC BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Compliments of SALYER ' S SERVICE STATION CASTLEWOOD, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF BROOKS HATCHERY ABINGDON GROCERY CO. ABINGDON, VIRGINIA NORTON MOTOR INN International Motor Trucks — International Refrigeration McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery and Power Units PHONE 41 NORTON, VIRGINIA FAUCETTE COMPANY CHINA - GLASS - SILVER - GIFTS Bristol, Virginia-Tennessee Compliments of C. D. KENNY DIVISION CONSOLIDATED GROCERS CORPORATION Bristol Virginia LEROY M. HULL POWER FARM MACHINERY 840-842-844 State Street Bristol, Tennessee MILTON ' S GROCERY MEATS GROCERIES CASTLEWOOD, VIRGINIA CLEVELAND HARDWARE and FURNITURE COMPANY Building — Hardware — Furniture Implements — Electric Appliances Feeds — Seeds — Fertilizer Cleveland Virginia SPRINKLE FURNITURE and UPHOLSTERING SHOP REPAIRING and REFINISHING j Abingdon Hi-way Bristol Virginia Compliments of LEBANON DRUG STORE Lebanon Virginia J. S. HENDERSON, D. C. CHIROPRACTOR Neurocolometer X-Ray ! WALL STREET PHONE 99-W Abingdon Virginia C. S. HARGIS HARGIS FLOWER SHOP FLORAL DESIGNS, PLANTS, CUT FLOWERS Phone Lebanon 87-W-22 Hansonville, Virginia DUTT-WAGNER WHOLESALE LIVE POULTRY and EGGS Abingdon Virginia HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY CO. DIAL 4621 ST. PAUL, VIRGINIA LYNCH MOTOR COMPANY DODGE - PLYMOUTH — DODGE TRUCKS Phone 35 Lebanon, Virginia CASTLE CHEVROLET COMPANY CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service Lebanon Virginia McREYNOLD HARDWARE and FURNITURE All Kinds of Nice Furniture Dial 2601 St. Paul, Virginia FIRST NATIONAL BANK " A Good Bank in a Good County " Resources over $4,000,000 LEBANON, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF ST. PAUL BOTTLING CO., INC. ST. PAUL, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend J. C. King C. E. King Cavalier Grill W. W. Mac Co. Federated Stores Charles Kiser ' s Store Coeburn Produce Co. Dickenson ' s Greenhouse Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Porter Arthur Byrd ' s Furniture Co. Mrs. Joe Barker, Palace Cafe J. C. Fioward, Gate City, Virginia Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Yearly Bros. Music Co. Raines Electric Shop Ackley Cleaners Coeburn Supply City Garage O. P. Fiorn COMPLIMENTS OF Palace Fruit, News, and Barber Shop Bobby Jessee Bill Salyer Lawrence Smith O. B. Meade J. W. " Red " Ervin Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Ring Big Spring Garage Church ' s Grocery B. B. Rhynes S. A. Fraley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kiser Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Porter Adams Signs E. M. Quillen Tanner Gose Fannie D. Quillen Albert ' s Loan Office Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gilbert Mrs. E. M. Quillen Ada Lockhart June King Frank Milton B. B. Gibson L. E. Gibson Trent and Popp Grocery Store Jim Castle, Electrician J. J. King Bob Vance Joe Domby ' s Shoe Shop J. Bodor Barber Shop J. E. Milton Ray Addington Kemper ' s Cab Happy ' s Cab Delux Cafe A. L. Addington, Taxi Swindall ' s Grill Ring ' s Grocery C. D. Kenny Co. Charles Kiser, Jr. Taylor-Kiser Insurance Agency Charlie Booth Joyce Ring Hill Top Store The Quality Tailors, Bristol, Virginia James O. Dickenson Mrs. Mozelle Cress Able A. Dickenson Con-T. Greer Russell County Public Library 3 1066 1004 4329 4

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