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TEMPLAR THE 1946 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR ELASS OF TEMPLE HILL HIGH SEHOOL i mo HillVDHIMi MRS. SAMUEL G. HOWARD To Mrs . Howard, we extend our deepest apprec- iation for her untiring efforts to aid the senior class. Her loyalty, devotion, and ever present smile have won a place in our hearts which time •cannot erase. 4 DEDICATION MRS. J. E. GARTER In appreciation of her friendship and cooperation, we sincerely dedicate the 1946 edition of the " TEMPLAR to our teacher and sponsor, Mrs. J. E. Garter. t i FOREWORD We, The Senior Class of 1946 have enjoyed pub- lishing the year hook of Temple Hill High School, " THE TEMPLAR. " We have tried to recall the pleasant memories, and happy associations of the past four years. We trust that each one who has purchased an annual will cherish it and that it will he an inspir- ation in the future years. The Class of 46 wishes to express to the fac- ulty, students, and especially to our sponsor our appreciation for their cooperation in the puhLicaticn of this year hook. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1946 CLASS HISTORY The history of the senior class is a record of what we, the class cf 1946, have accomplished during our high school career. It seems hard to realize that we, now as seniors, confronting you in all our strength and beauty with the wealth of experience written on our various features, were ever a group of empty-headed youngsters with nothing in our empty brains. Since then, we have indeed accomplished something to be thankful for, but I hear a critic cry out, " Ho, that cannot be true, we always hear of Freshmen standing at the foot of a steep hill up which they are obliged to climb before they reach the diploma which hangs on high. " This criticism applys to those other days. Whom shall we thank? First of all, we want to extend ou r deep appreciation and thankfulness to the school board, the Superintendent for his wise choice of teachers, and our principals, who have prepared and helped us with our studies. Next, our teachers, who haw so patiently and faithfully worked over our empty brains for the past four years. Last, our parents. It was they, who urged us on to our goal of graduation. It is true sorre strange things have happened since that far-off September morning of 1942 when we en- tered high schodas Freshmen. There were 75 of us, then. That day all was strange and new to us. Some of us have been together since the first grade; Ma?y Ruth Banner, James Dickenson, Betty Nell Salyer, Mildred Campbell, George Campbell, Estelle Bratton, Sally Jessee, Stanley Banner Lois Kiser, Mildred Couch, and May me Saddler. From Emerson came Bennie Johnson, Paul Burke, Marvin Byington, Nettie Castle, Elaine Byington, Henry Dotson and H. B. Isaacs, Jr; From Dorton came Wilma Byington, J. R. Welch, Jr., and Robert Porter. From Sunny point came Muriel Wolfe, Thomas Salyer; and Lorene Horne. From Hamlin came June Hamm, Georgia Parks, and Neil Halo. From Sulphur Springs came Harold Carty ( " Chick " ). CLASS PROPHECY Last night I sat alone in my study, enjoying the twilight and my own most wonderful thoughts. I heard a soft rustling behind me and turning I saw near my chair a queer little creature which I couldn’ t clas- sify. It wasn’t strictly human and yet I had never before in all my study of Natural History, ever seon anything distinctly resembling it. Before I had time .to ask the customary questions ’’When and where were you born, are you white or black, single or married, " the strange visit or asked in a mighty voice which made me leap out of my chair, " Are you the student who has been selected as the prophetess of the class of Temple Hill High School of the year 1945-46. If you are, I was sent here to give you information on any of your classmates whom you might wish to find ' . ' My hoart was filled with joy when these words came to my ears because for sometime I had been won- dering where all my classmates were and what they were doing. The funny little creature lifted from a box throe small stones which he handed to me and ' said " Take these and soon you will be in wonderland, where you will find all of your classmates once again. " I did and the next thing I knew I was walking down the street in Washington City; before my eyes came a small blonde-headed girl whom I thought I should know. Why sure, it’s Estelle Bratton, who is employed by the F. B. I. in that city. The farther I walked the more I thought and won- dered. Next I came to a nice little schoolhouse. I said to myself, 1 11 go inside and find out who the teachers are. I took the chance and found that three of my best classmates were teaching: S. A. Fraley, Jr. was principal, Stanley Banner, Agricul- 1 turc teacher, and Slaino Byington w as Cornmercial teacher. They seemed to have a fine school and I enjoyed my little time spent with them very much. As I came out of the school house my eyes glanced to the right side of the street. There I noticed a sign " Welch’s Service Station. " The next thought which came was if Junior and Mary Ruth had married and settled there. I could not resist going in. I was right; they had taken their vows two years be- fore. I chatted there a while and at 2:30 I was to leave for an airplane ride with Marvin Byington as the pilot. While we wore riding we talked about our classmates and good teachers that we had at Temple Hill. Marvin suggested that we tune in for some mu- sic on the radio, so I agreed. A voice was singing " Tho White Cliffs of Dover. " It sounded very beau- tiful and the voice was familiar. " Listen, Marvin, did you hear that? " Annette Litton was singing from Hollywood. I had often wondered where she and Thomas Salyer were and if their friendship was still as it was in school. As the plane came lower tho ground I could sec a small object standing at the airport. The plane came down to the ground and I got out. It was Thomas standing there. Ho said, " Hello, cousin, " and I said " Hello and good bye " to those friends and started on a-gain. Next, I find myself in a department store buying some lace handkerchiefs. The clerk, can you imagine, was Wilma Byington. She said she liked her job fine and was taking life easy Still onward I went. I saw a man and his wife and two small children coming toward mo. They all looked very familiar. I said to myself that looks like Mr. Bane Daugherty and his wife, the former Beulah Moore, and children. The closer I came the more I hesitated to stop and talk. " Who’s the little man with tho black whiskers? It’s Chick Carty. " Doesn’t he look natural? There’s a good-looking man in that Navy Uniform who resembles a classmate of mine. It is Ray Hughes, V) still as blond as ever. He says the Navy is a swell place for a fellow to be i For relaxation I decided to go to the movies. Who’s the blonde-head selling tickets? Did I- hear someone say it was Thelma Addison? Of course, she was always fond of movies when she went to school. I walked in the theater and found a very comfortable seat with a good-looking bunch of boys. I sat down, and looked from side to side. There I saw they were McNeil Hale, H. B. Isaacs, Albert Sargent, Bennie Johnson, and Thomas Phillips. I was really glad to see them. After the show, I was very hungry. So I went down the street and came to a place called Dickenson’s Cafe. I remembered I wont to school with James. Could this be his place, was the thought which ran through my mind. I went in and found that I was right. His waitresses were Lorcne Horne and his wife, the former Muriel Wolfe. I enjoyed my meal very much and on I went. Who are the girls wearing those W.A.V.E. Uniforms. Don’t they look nice? Why, it’s Betty Nell Salyer and Gayc Herndon. Just then passed ' a T-IIodxl car. Boys and girls were in it laughing, talking; and having lots of fun. Don’t those voices sound familiar? Who could it be? The driver is Henry Dotson, accompanied by Robert porter, Paul Burke, George Campbell, Iris Boll King, and Sally Jessee. They were so merry it brought back the sweetest memories of my high school days. Johnson’s 5 10 $1 Store. That reminds me of Rudolph and Mary Elizabeth. They have gone in partnership in a nice store and their two very nice clerks are Garnet Salyer and Nettie Castle. They had lots of pretty things and while I was there a very attractive little lady came in and bought seme stationery. I thought I should know her. Just then I heard Nettie say, " 7 hat for you, Georgia?” I knew then it was Georgia Parks. For whom is the letter? was getting very ugly the beauty salon and By this time, my hair so I decided I’d go down to get ny hair groomed. I went to the " Powers-Hann Beauty Salon " and there I was very lucky. I talked with Dorothy and she told me that she and June Hamm were ' in partnership and had employed Mildred Camp- bell, Betty Hall, and Flo Johnson to work for them. Out of that hunch Flo told me that she was married to a boy in the Navy. I couldn’t believe it. I still haven’t seen all of ny classmates. Some of them are nurses I hear. I must see all of them so I decided I’d go over to the hospital. I found Vir- ginia King as private secretary, Mildred Couch as floor boss and special nurse of the hospital. She likes her work very much. V hilc there, she told me that Betty Jane Peters and Ivlayme Saddler were in college in that town. I could not resist seeing them. Betty and I.Iaymc told me their desire was to become teachers at " 01c Temple Hill " when their courses were finished. I must go down to the post office and mail a let- ter hone to tell mother what a wonderful time I am having. Just as I walked in the dooij I met Evange- line Jackson coming out with lots of letters. She is employed there. Since I have seen all of my classmates I must now go back to my studios; but before I do I want to say that It was a great pleasure seeing all of ny class- mates once again. Thanks to you, little creature , who made my wonderful thoughts come true ’. Lois Kiser Prom Dante came Betty Hall. From Radford came Ray Hughes and from Ervington High came Thomas Phillips. That year our school life wasn’ t a bed of roses. We were looked down upon by the advanced classes as being poor, meek, and shy Freshmen. Wilma Byington, Annette Litton, Nettie Castle, and Lois Kiser went out for basketball and made outstanding players. Mary Ruth Banner won the Scholarship Medal. We studied hard and soon entered our Sophomore year. Only 65 of us came back that fall as sopho- mores. We welcomod several new teachers to Temple Hill and the year passed quickly and we soon found ourselves studying for our final exams. ' At the beginning of the Junior year, we welcomed Mr. J. E. Carter as principal, who had taken Mr. Robinson’s place. Mr. Carter has been well-liked by the students and made many improvements in our school, work. During that year we received our class rings and ga e a very promisirg Junior play, " Spring Fever 1 ' . under the direction of Mrs. Carter. Our .Girl’s Basketball team won tho county championship Trophy of 1S45 in the Tournament. This happy year soon came to an end and we were truly sorry to see it close . Then came the Senior year with all its dignity and grace. We had ' a ..new homeroom teacher this year, Mrs. Carter, whom we respected, and appreciated. She has helped us in every possible way. At the begin- ning of this year, we welcomed three new pupils to join our happy class; Iris Belle King from Dante, Beulah Dougherty from Kingsport, and Ray Hughes from a Naval Academy in Florida. At last we have reached our goal of graduation. Wo feel all our struggles and disappointments haven’t been in vain and we can easily look back through the past four years and see our mistakes, yet they are only dim shadows in the past and we look forward to a brighter tomorrow. When the members of this re- markable class have all achieved the fame and honors that arc bounds to come to the£i the memories cf these four years w ill linger in the hearts of each and every one. Betty Jane Peters CLASS WILL The class of 1946 of the High School of Temple Hill having come to our last hours in our right mind and in peace with all the world do hereby give, be- queath, and devise all our worldly goods and posses- sions to the following: Ray Hughes wills his appetite to Joyce Ring. Robert Porter wills his ability to argue with Miss Highfiel to Curtis Mays. Henry Dotson leaves his height to Fred Williams. Wilma Byington wills her passion for ministers ' sons to Nannie Branson. Georgia Parks wills her girlish figure to Ruth Kite. Annette Litton and Thomas Salyer will their ever- lasting friendship to Bob Porter and Katherine Ke it b. Dorothy Powers wills her passion for Frank Sinatra to Helen Robinson. Paul Burke wills his masculine handsomeness to Winston Meade. Betty Nell Salyer will her ability to play the piano to Joan Couch. James Dickenson wills his ability to give the wrong answer In bookkeeping and stand by it to Doro- thy Porter. I Iris Belle King wills her nick name, " Prissy” to Frances Johnson. H. B. Isaacs and Bonnie Johnson will their abil- ity to always find a seat in the back of the room to Jean Hamm. Lois Kiser wills her personality to Dana Johnson. Lorene Horne wills her brown eyes to Betty Jo Kite . Mary Ruth Banner and Junior Welch leave their " study hall romance, " to the " Romantic Age. " Sally Jessee wills the slightly used gum under her soat in the senior room to Christine Conley. S. A. Fraley Jr. wills his ability to talk at all times to Berniece Halo. George Campbell wills his artistic ability .to Frances Robinson. June Hamm wills her beaming red hair to Nora May Saddler. Garnette Salyer wills her ability to get along with male population of this school ' .to Loretta Willis. Betty Hall wills her letters for publication in next year’s annual. Muriel Wolfe wills hor loyalty to the navy to Louise Pratt. Evangeline Jackson wills her bashfulness to Kat- herine Stampor White. Betty Jane Peters wills hcrability to get straight A averages to Max Milton. Albert Sargent wills all his excuses for bclhg absent to Harold Dorton. 0 Stanley . ' Banner wills his ability to go to Sopho- moro parties to Elbert I re son. _ Marvin Byi ngt on wills his class pin to Dorothy Couch . Harold Carty wills his love for Junior._gj.rls to Glenn Selfe. ) McNeil Hale wills his ability to talk about Pres- ident Truman to Pauline Hall. Beulah Doughtery wills her matrimonial success to Versio Mayo Lowe. Rudolph Johnson and Thomas Phillips will their excuses for skipping classes to any person in thG Junior class who can best use it. Mildred Campbell wills her ability to laugh at all times to Mil Nettie Castle wills her place on the basketball team to Janie Ruth Osborne. Mary Elizabeth Johnson wills her membership in the Beta Club to Bonnie Salyer. Mayme Saddler wills her quietness to June King. Virginia King wills her shorthand books to Joan Hacknoy . Floe Johnson wills her scrap paper left in the desk to Juanita Bradley. Gaye Herndon wills her boy friends to Cecile Wolfe . Elaine Byington wills her neatness to Jean Pur- cell . Mildred Couch wills her ability to get her French by fair means or foul to Caryl Porry. We, Thelma Addison and Estelle Bratton, your humble servants, ■ ' do hereby will ‘.to tho ' .unf ortuniito writers of next year’s class our imagination some- what dulled by long hours of hard work on this will, our well-worn poncils and typewriter ribbons and cur writing ability gained through many hours of hard work . We, the seniors, will to the faculty the follow- ing: To Mr Carter, goes our appreciation for his co- operation with us in all our undertakings. To Mrs. Carter, we entrust tho caro of the Junior class. We feel sure that she will guide thorn with patience and understanding as she has in the past. To Miss Lois Johnson, we will onough correcting fluid to publish next year 1 s school papor, one hun- dred bottles. To Mrs. O’Dell, we will our compositions and themes for use as an example for next year’s Senior Class . To Mr. Doughtory, we will all the basketbaT 1 shoes for next year’s champions. To Miss Lexie Johnson, we will Gnough frogs and tadpoles to carry out next year’s experiments. To Miss Couch, the librarian, we will all our dilapidated and worn out books, with the privilege of mending, pasting, gluing, and sewing them to- gether. To Miss Highfiol, we will a horse so she will be able %© got home .from ball gamej next yoar. To Miss ' Myers, we will Tnomas Thill ip ts se,o,t ip Winston Meade’s car. To Mr. Grizzle, we will enough argiculturo pins for next year’s Senior Class. Thelma Addison and Estelle Brattcn - Vh.«»j( kJ. wu -i ii 4 . tt«( tt .l iUUi I iv» 4 V ' » v - j r ■ to . i « :J V . i- v ■ tv , ? . t v ■ ' • » ■ • .. di -st . iv.5. . v- : , - V ’ ; ■•» «•••• : ' ’ - • - 4 » •» . - .. ■«. - ■ W • ,• P ■ « . • » •■• .. V % v ... a 4 s 1 -• • 4 V . . J £ » ' »- w.. « . . {MM.. j. t -i. v . viWAJ.i .. v ». |M Jf v » .•» i -i -■ v»J ' i fa. v . » ' ■ y .. . ' «fa ! » . ak. L A 4 .... •- ; ■ u h i - • • • ' .. »■•. •» • ' - :»• 1 it -,. ► ••• j- v.e - •♦ -V 4 ' J» ' ’ ‘ WHO S WHO Moat Valuable Athletes Wilma Bylngton Jame3 Dickenson Hungriest Boy and Girl S. A. Fraley, Jr. Loretta ' Will is Hollywood Bound Boy and Girl Paul Burke Annette Litton The Cutest Couple Mr. and Mrs. Bane Daugherty (T a Moat Bashful 3oy and Girl Henry Dotson Garnette Salyer Gabbiest Boy and Girl S. A. Fraley, Jr. Betty Hall 3 Wittiest Boy and Girl Betty Hall Harold Carty Most Popular Teacher Mrs. J. H. O ' Dell All Russell County Basketball Players for ‘46 Nettle Castle Wilma Byington Most Ambitious Boy and Girl Best All-round Boy and Girl Mary Ruth Banner George Campbell Most Popular Boy and Girl Annette Litton James Dickenson Friendliest Boy and Girl S. A. Fraley, Jr. Beulah Daugherty ( Cl CONTENTS STAFF FACULTY CLASSES CLUBS ATHLETICS FEATURES, ADVERTISERS mm r ■ OFFICERS MEMBERS Editor-In-Chief Dorothy Powers Assistant Editor.... .....George Campbell Business Manager S. A. Fraley, Jr. Assistant Manager Thelma Addison Advertising Manager Stanley Banner Front row, reading left to right: Dorothy Powers, S. Addison, George Campbell, Jr., and Virginia King. Second row: Lois Kiser, Robert Porter, Muriel Wolfe, Mary Ruth Banner. Back row: Henry Dotson, and James Dickenson. A. Fraley, Jr., Thelma Stanley Banner, and THE STAFF ( € THE FAEULTY Front row, reading left to right: Mrs. John Harding Miss Jerroleen Couch Mrs. J. H. 0 Dell Miss Virginia Cooper........ Mrs. San Howard Miss Velda Myers Mrs. Hubert Salyer.......... Mrs. Clyde Kiser Back row: Mr. Bane Daugherty Miss Catherine Harding Mrs. W. C. Banner Mrs. H. D. Munsey Mrs. C. S. Kiser............ Mrs. J. E. Carter Miss Marie Highfiel Mr. T. R. Grizzle Mr. J. E. Carter.... Miss Lexie Johnson i .Third Grade Librarian English Second Grade Commercial Home Economics Fifth ar d Sixth Grades First Grade History and Math Fifth Grade Seventh Grade Sixth Grade .Fourth Grade French and Math ...History and English Agriculture Principal ...Science and History BETTY HALL . ( Befcts } Betty Is a short dumpy senior with brown hair and eyes. She Is known for her friendliness and wlttlness. She was chosen as the gabbiest and wittiest girl of 1946 In the Popu- larity Contest. Ambition-Secretary Fet Saying-Good night l THOMAS PHILLIPS (Red) Thomas is one of our quietest senior boy3, and he will always hold a link of friendship with each of his sen- ior classmates. Ambition-Working for Uncle Sam. Motto-.Vhere there ' s a will thore ' s a way. Favorite song- " Always . " LORENE HORNE Lore.ne is a pretty, brown-eyed, brown- haired girl with a winning person- ality. She was Vice-President of the Freshmen class of ' 43- ' 44. Her pastime is writing to boys in ser- vice. Mob to- " May the best woman win. " Ambition-Housewife I IRIS BELL KING (prissy) Iris is a small brown-eyed blonde and never meets a stranger. Her greatest delight is getting called down in classes. Her pet saying is I love that man! Greatest fault- worrying O ' Dell. Favorite song- " Some Sunday Morning. " Ambition-Nurse ; ( HENRY DOTSON (Shorty) Henry is a tall, friendly blond, always in. a big hurry and likes very .much to talk to the girls and to be considered a " Lady ' s Man. " He plans to be an electrician. His greatest fault is bashfulness. Motto-If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again. ( MILDRED CAMPBELL (Kitten) Mildred is a tall, slender, dark- haired girl who always has the abil- ity to look on the cheerful side of things. Her greatest fault is gig- gling. Favorite Song- " Ch, Y hat It Seemed to Be. " Ambition-Stenographer. Motto-Happiness is made to be shared. i % t m mm Hi ESTELLE BRATTON Estelle is a friendly girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. She has a win- ning personality and enjoys singing and telling jokes. Her favorite song is " You Belong to My Heart. " Motto-Smile, and the world smiles with you. Ambition-Secretary BENNIE JOHNSON ( Bernie) Bonnie has brown hair, green eyes, and is a very witty person. He has a winning p ersonality and is always singing something- -But he car. sing ' . He is a member of the Library and F. F. A. Clubs. Favorite sub ject -English Ambition-Mechanic A P ( DOROTHY POWERS (Dot) A snail studious girl with brown eyes and brown hair. She is very co- operative and is always willing to help. She is editor-in-chief of the annual and was reporter for the Sop- homore and Junior classes. Favorite Song- " Ko Love, No Nothing. " Ambition is to be an author. S. A. FRALEY, JR. S. A. is a tall, dark, handsome boy whom everyone likes. He is friendly and always ready to give his opinions and ideas. Re is assistant Business Manager of the School Paper, Business Manager of the Annual, and whose greatest fault is flirting with girls. Ambit ion-To visit every state in USA. THELMA ADDISON (Tweedle) Thelma is a small blonde with pretty sparkling, hasel eyes. She has a lov- able personality and is very popular. She is Ass ' t Business. Manager of the Templar and President of the Library Club. Ambition-Secretary Biggest Fault-Two timing 1 HAROLD CARTY (Chick) Harold ' is a small, friendly boy, who is a very aotlve member of the class. He is joke-editor of the school paper and Secretary of the F.F.A. " Chick ' s " greatest fault is talking to the Junior girls. His favorite song is " Lone Prairie. " Ambit ion-3o West. MAY: IE SADDLER Mayme is a quiet, friendly, blonde who is always ready to give you a smile. She is a very co-operative member of the senior class. Her favorite song- " Make Room in Your Heart for a Friend. " Greatest fault- Sashfulness . Ambltion-A beautician. MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON (Johnson) Mary is a sweet brown-haired girl with blue eyes and always ready to smile. She is a member of the Beta Club. She enjoys pestering Beulah Daugherty. Weakness-Giggling Motto-To have a friend, be one. Favorite song- " Some Sunday Morning. " Ambit ion- Nurse STANLEY BANNER ( Porky) Stanley is a small senior with gray eyes. He is very witty and a _:reat hand for jokes. He is very popular among the girls. He is the Vice- President of the class and the Adver- tising Manager of " The Templar. " Ambition-Agriculture teacher. Motto-Love ' em all, marry none. ANNETTE LITTON (Daisy) An attractive brunette with blue eyes and a very act ive member of the Senior Class. She has a pleasing disposition and a smile for everyone. She is secretary of the Beta Club. Motto-Make an effort to get what you want. Ambition-Commercial teacher. 7 eakness-Certain St. Paul boy. t ? MARVIN KINGTON (Leon) Marvin is a very popular member of the Senior Class with black wavy hair and brown eyes. He had a part in the Junior play. Uncle Sam has Marvin ' s future planned. Motto-Forget the past and think of the future. Pet Saying- " Ah shucks l " BETTY NELL SALYER ( Cutie) Betty Nell is a friendly girl with blue eyes and dark blonde hair and a winning personality. She is one of our most popular Seniors who belongs to the Commercial Club and is Vice- President of the Beta Club. Motto- Where there is a will, there is a way. Ambition-Secretary. GEORGS CAMPBELL George is a very studious and popular senior. He was president of the Freshmen and Junior classes. He is Secretary of the Senior class and is Editor-In-Chief of the school paper. Ambition-Aviator . Motto-Keep trying. Favorite Song-”Ohl What It Seems to Be.” Pet Saying-Well, sure now. VIRGINIA KING (Jenny) Virginia is a small energetic senior with lovely brown hair and eyes. She is known for her neatness and charm- ing hair styles. She is very quiet. She is typist for " The Templar.” Ambition-Beautician Hobby-Going to a movie three times a week. H. B. ISAACS (Boone) E.B. is a tall handsome senior with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is very quiet and his greatest virtue is honesty. He has been known to tell the truth at all times. He is very polite and courteous. Ambition-Radio technician Motto-Hitch your wagon to a star. ELAINE B5TINGT0N Elaine is a tall girl with brown hair and eyes, who has a sweet dis- position and is willing to do her part In everything she is asked. Ambition-Secretary. Motto-Smile and the world smiles with you. Favorite Song- " At Mail Call Today. " Greatest Fault-Slow (period). EVANGELINE JACKSON Evangeline is a sweet, blue-eyed, bashful brunette. Her quick acting always brings her around in plenty of time. Her ambition is. to be a nurse. Her greatest fault is falling to get to school on time. Her favorite song is " Address Unknown? Motto-Aim High. MILDRED COUCH (Tom) Mildred is a laughing, blue-eyed, brown-haired girl. She has a lov- able disposition. Her favorite sub- ject is French, which she hopes to use someday. Motto-Truth shall set you free. Pet saying-I’ve got to go 1 Favorite song- " Deep Purple. " She plans to be a nurse. c % •THOMAS SALYER (Tommy) Thoms is a friendly blond-headed, freckle-faced boy who never seem to get anywhere on time. His fault is flirting with a certain Hollywood- bound Senior girl. Favorite song- " Only One Love in a Lifetime. " Ambit ion- Agriculture teacher. Motto-Live and learn. MARY RUTH BANKER (Phoebe) A charming blue-eyed, brown-haired girl. She won scholarship awards in 1943 and 1945. Mary Ruth had a part in the Junior play, which helped to make it a great hit. She is also typist for " Highlights of Temple Hill High, " and " The Templar. " Ambition-Commercial teacher. D .} 3EULAH JAUGHERTY A small, friendly girl, who has pretty blue eyes and brown hair. She always has a " Good Morning " for everyone and always ready for a good laugh. Her favorite song is " There ' s Only One Love in a Lifetime. " Motto-Smile, and the world smiles with you. Ambition-Housewife. JUNE HAMM June has pretty red hair and hazel eyes. She never says much to any- one. Her motto-Live and learn; die and forget it all. Pet saying-Is that right? Favorite song- " Let It Snow, Let It Snow. " Greatest fault -going to the show. Ambition-Beautician. ) RUDOLPH JOHNSON ! .URIEL WOLFE Rudolph Is a friendly boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He ' s always talk- ing and laughing in class and gets called down often. He is a snimeo- grapher for the school paper and was reporter for the F.F.A. ' 45- ' 46. Kis favorite song is " It ' s Been So Long Darling. " Ambition-Aviator Muriel is an attractive girl with hair so wavy it makes you seasick. She is a member of the Beta Club. Her greatest fault is her interest in the Boone descendants. Motto-To have a friend, be one. Ambition-Commercial Teacher. NETTIE CASTLE (Stringbeans) - Nettie, a friendly brown-haired girl, seems to be everywhere at once. Her greatest fault is sleeping. She won an all-county metal in basketball this year. She plans to be a secre- tary. Pet saying-Ah, shucks l Favorite song- " No One Will Ever Know? GARNETT SALYER Garnett is a tall quiet girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes and is a very ambitious girl. She is an active member of the Beta Club. Her favorite song- " Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief. " Her greatest fault: bashful- ness. Motto-Actions speak louder than words. Ambition-Secretary. GEORGIA PARKS ( Buck) Georgia is an attractive black-haired, blue-eyed girl who has a smile for everyone . Ambi t i on-Nurs e Favorite Sont;- " Always 1 ’ Greatest Fault-Eating peanuts. Motto-To arrive, stay on the Beam. McNEIL HALE (Neil) McNeil is a quiet, friendly boy with blue eyes and blond hair. His big fault is talking politics, but he never harms anyone. Motto-Let ' em bump. Favorite sor.g- n Fistol Packing Mama. " Pet saying-Ki Babe. He is an active member of the F.F.A. and plans to be a farmer. SALLY JESSES (Bess) A very witty girl who is always laugh- ing when she isn ' t supposed to. She enjoys talking to the Cleveland toys very much. Ambition-Nurse. Motto- Actions speak louder than words. Favorite Son L ,- " You Can ' t Conceal a Broken Heart. " Greatest Fault-Tall, dark, handsome men. PAUL BURKE ( Pete) Paul is a friendly good-looking boy with black wavy hair and blue eyes. He is very popular among his class- mates. His favorite sor.j- " Don ' t Fence Me In. " His greatest fault- Not getting enouglr sleep. His Motto Love ' esi and double love ' em. Ambition-Pilot . c e ROBERT PORTER ( Pprter) A very likeable boy with blond hair and bine eyes. He has a very win- ning smile and a way of making friends with everyone he meets. Motto-Love ' em and leave ' em. Pet saying-It ain ' t so. Ambition-Bookkeeper. Favorite song- " Don ' t Fence Me In. " Greatest Fault-Hating girls. LOIS KISER (Kaiser ) Lois is a likeable girl who seems to get along with everyone. She has blue eyes and dark blonde hair. Favorite song: " Ho One " ill Ever Know. " Motto: Actions speak louder than words. Greatest fault: Dating an ex-senior. She plans to be a Commercial teacher. WILMA EYIKGTON JAMES DICKENSON (Stilks ) James is a very distinguished member of the senior class, being class president. He has black hair and brown eyes. He was a member of the basketball team for four years. He was captain this year. Vice-President of the Junior class. Motto-Slow but sure. Ambition-Aviator A very prominent member of the senior class. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is president of the Beta Club and Captain of the basketball team, and chosen for an all county player. Favorite song- " Scme Day. " Motto-It is better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. FLOE JOHNSON (Flossie) Floe 1 s a cute blonde with blue eyes and a good disposition. She has gained the love of her classmates during her years at Temple Hill. Motto-Smile and the World Smiles with you, weep and you weep alone. Pet saylng-0 l Gee 1 Favorite song- " Star Dust. " Ambition-Secretary. GAYS ZEILE HERNDON (Joy) A blonde with blue eyes and a very amazing personality. Gaye is a member of the Home Ec. and Commercial clubs. She has gained many friends during her four years of high school. Favorite song- " Bell Bottom Trousers. " Motto-Smile on, but keep silent. Ambition-Photographer JUNIOR WELCH (Reecy) Junior is a quiet boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He is Treasurer of the Senior Class and a member of the F.F.A. Greatest fault-Dating a Senior girl. . Favorite subject: Agri- culture. Motto-Smile, and. the world smiles with you. He plans to be a farmer on " Grassy Creek. " BETTY JANE PETERS ( Betts ) Betty, a cute blonde, enjoys laughing and talking. She is a member of the Beta Club and took part in the Junior Play. Ambition-History teacher. Motto-Let us be seen by our deeds. Pet saying-Ah, ha, San Antoine l Favorite song- " Sentimental Journey. " . OFFICERS Ruth Kite Elbert Ireson ...Catherine Keith Winston Meade Joan Couch Mr. Bane Daugherty MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Helen Robinson, Ruth Kite, Bernice Hale, Christine Conley, Jean Hamm, Dorothy Porter, Joyce Ring, Nannie Branson, Frances Johnson, Janie Ruth Osborne, and Joan Couch. Second row: Juanita Bradley, Jean Purcell, Dana Johnson, Nora Mae Saddler, Cecil Wolfe, Pauline Hall, Caryl Perry, Versie Mae Lowe, Loretta Willis, Joan Hackney, Frances Robinson, Dorothy Couch, and Bonnie Salyer. Back row: Curtis Hays, Max Milton, Glenn Selfe, Bobby Porter, Mr. 3ane Daugherty Elbert Ireson, June King, Catherine Keith, and Betty Jo Kite. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsor THE JIMIOH CLASS THE SOPHOMORE ELASS OFFICERS ' Bill Robinson Bobby Kiser ...Gaines Skeen Thelma Castle Harry Bratton Mrs. J. H. O’Dell Miss Lexie Johnson MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Jean Burke, Peggy Gose, Helen Holbrook, Thelma Castle, Mildred Salyer, Betty Ann Robinson, Catherine Counts, and Dorothy Gibson. Second row; Gaines Skeen, Helen Smith, Catherine Kiser, Hope Jessee, Eva The Holmes j Dorothy ' Jill is , and Donald Hall. Back row: Marvin White, Joe Hawkins, Junior Biggs, Junior Osborne, Stafford Skeens, Bill Robinson, Jimmy Bostic, and Ralph Mustek. President Vice President Secretary Reporters . . . . . Sponsors. . . . . . ' I SUPHOMOHES (CONTINUED) Front row, reading left to right: Margaret King, Margaret Pickett, Margaret Mays, Catherine Davis, Zelma Couch, Doretha Marshall, Mrs. O ' Dell, Frances Wohlford, Betty Jean Johnson, Virginia Bolton, and Bobby Kiser. Second row: Willard Kiser, Mattie Ellen Qray, Hazel Huff, Billy Honaker, Emogene Carty, and Darius King. Back row; Harry Bratton, Dennis Salyer, Harry Dickenson, John W. Lawson, Ernest Jessee, Bobby Branson, Curtis Lambert, Bobby Harding, Johnny Osborne, Bearnard Davis, 3. T. Davis, and Bruce Lambert. THE FRESHMM ELASS OFFICERS President Vice President Sec. and Tress Reporters Sponsors MEMBERS .....Katherine Rose Jack Robinson Paul Burton Dorothy King ’”f 6ris Lee Carter Mrs. Sara Howard Mss Marie Highfiel Front row, reading left to right: Jackie Dlnsmore, Walter Salyer, Billy Ray Branson, Willie Mae Horne, Doris Lee Carter, Katherine Rose, Anna Lee Lambert, Frances Lee Searcey, Paul Slu33, Bert McCoy-, and Billy Castle. Second row: Maxie Rose, Inez Cooper, Marie Johnson, Elizabeth Cox, Dorothy Jackson, Nancy Bevins, Ruth Powers, Ruby Powers, Lucille Johnson, Joyce Ann Meade, and Fred Johnson. Back row: W. H. Nuckles, Alonzo Wolfe, Giles Dingus, Clayton Chafin, Eddie Cooper, Leroy Lowe, Elmer Johnson, Hubert Hale, Eulis Huff, and Mrs. Sam Howard. I Ji FRESHMEN (CONTINUED) Front row, reading left to right-: Joan Smith, Jack Milton, Joan Dickenson, Christine Keith, Faul Burton, Tommy Joe Horne, Maxie Salyers, Dorothy King, Anna Kate Ring, Ardist Hicks, Thelma Creekmore, and Peggy Jessee. Second row: Charlotte Dotson, Alma Dickenson, Joyce Pendleton, Lorene Salyer, Mary Ellen Fields, Helen Ramsey, Ethel Monk, Larue Salyer, Shirley Statzer, Geneva Kiser, Lois Hurd, Mavis Fleenor, and Wanda Meade. Back row: Miss Marie Highfiel, Mattie Lee Hartsock, Billy Hartsock, Roy Lee Hamm, Herman Hall, Jack Robinson, Buddy Robinson, Ralph Ledford, George Jessee, Joe Burke, and Richard Hale. ( NEWSPAPER STAFF OFFICERS Editor-in-Chief George Campbell Assistant Editor James Dickenson Business Manager .....Thomas Salyer Assistant Manager S. A. Fraley, Jr. MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Ilarry Bratton, Stanley Banner, Dorothy King, George Campbell, Jean Hamm, James Dickenson, Dorothy Powers, and Harold Carty. Second row: Lois Kiser, Doris Lee Carter, Muriel Y olfe, Mary Ruth Banner, Joan Couch, Annette Litton, and Thelma Castle. Back row: Robert Porter, Rudolph Johnson, Henry Dotson, Marvin Byington, and S ' . A. Fraley, Jr. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS ' President ..... Vice President Sec. and Treas Reporter Sponsor . . .Stanley Betty Jane •Mary Ruth . . .Annette Mrs . J « E . Banner Peters Banner Litton Carter MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Mildred Couch, Evangeline Jackson, Stanley Banner, and Betty Jane Peters. Second row: Floe Johnson, Muriel Wolfe, Mrs. J. E. Carter, Mary Ruth Banner, and Annette Litton. OFFICERS President - Georgia Parks Vice President Ruth Kite Secretary June King Treasurer Joyce Ring Reporter Jean Hamm Sponsor Miss Myers MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: June Hamm, Jean Hamm, Helen Robinson, Ruth Kite, Georgia Parks, June King, Joyce Ring , Miss Myers, and Sally Jessee. Second row: Evangeline Jackson, Mayme Saddler, Loretta ' Willis, Caryl Perry, Nora Mae Saddler, Pauline Hall, Gay Herndon, Frances Robinson, Joan Hackney, Lorene Horne, and Bonnie Salyer. S Third row; Nannie Branson, Betty Jo Kite, Catherine Keith, Iris Eell King, Versa Mae Lowe, Dorothy Couch, Christine Conley, Dana Johnson, and Jean Purcell, HOME ECONOMICS CLUB G OFFICERS President Thelma Addison Vice President Catherine Keith Secretary Junior ' .Velch Sponsor..... Miss Couch MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Helen Robinson, Ruth Kite, Catherine Keith, and Christine Keith. Second row: Miss Co®ch, Thelma Addison, Eelen Holbrook, Margaret Mays, Lorene Horne, Katherine Kiser, and Peggy Gose. Back row; Junior Welch, Rudolph Johnson, McIJeil Hale, and Benrtie Johnson. LIBMHY CLUB PHYSICAL ED. LEADERS Front row, reading left to right: George Campbell, Thelma Addison, Thomas Salyer, Mary Ruth Banner, and Lois Kiser. Second row; Rudolph Johnson, James Dickenson, Wilma Byington, and Estelle Bratton. Back row: Nettie Castle, Muriel Wolfe, S. A. Fraley, Jr., and Dorothy Powers. ) FUTURE FARMERS RF AMERICA OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter ..... Sentinel Advisor ..James Dickenson Paul Burke Harold Carty • • -Thomas Salyer « « • .Robert Porter S. A. Fraley, Jr. • • • T . R. Grizzle MEMBERS . Front row, reading left to right: Neil Hale, Marvin Byington, Stanley Banner, Paul Burke, James Dickenson, Mr. Grizzle, Harold .Carty, S. A. Fraley, Robert Porter, and Bennie Johnson. Second row; Donald Hall, 1,’arvis White, Curtis Mays, Junior Osborne, Junior Welch, John Lawson, Jimmy Bostic, Junior Big , H. E. Isaacs, Paul Burton, Bobby Harding, G. T . Davis, Gaines Skeens, Ralph Mustek, and Willard Kiser. Back row; Bruce Lambert, N. C. Johnson, ■ Bernard Davis, Dennis Salyer, Max Milton, Curtis Lambert, Johnny Osborne, Clayton Chafin, Stafford Skeens, Harry Dickenson, Glenn Selfe, Bob Porter, El: ert Ireson, and Rudolph Johnson. BETA CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-President Sec. and Treas Reporter Sponsor ....... ...Wilma Byington Betty Nell Salyer ...Annette Iitton Mary Johnson Mrs. J. H. O ' Dell MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Betty Jo Kite, Ruth Kite, Jean Hannn, Mrs. J. H. O ' Dell, Betty Jane Peters, and Mary Johnson. Second row: Muriel Wolfe, Sarnette Salyer, Wilma Byington, Mary Ruth Banner, Annette Litton, and Betty Nell Salyer. COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS President. . .Dorothy Powers Vice President Thelma Addison Sec. and Treas .Rudolph Johnson Reporter Mildred Campbell Sponsor Mrs. Sam Howard MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Mildred Couch, Betty Hall, Virginia King, Dorothy Powers, Thelma Addison, Sally lessee, Iris Tell King, Estelle Bratton, Georgia parks, Mayrae Saddler, and Mrs. Sam Howard. Second row; Mildred Campbell, Lois Kiser, Floe Johnson, Lorene Horne, Muriel Wolfe, Kettle Castle, Mary Johnson, Beulah Daugherty, Annette Litton, Mary Ruth Banner, Wilma Bylngton, Betty Kell Salyer, Elaine Bylngton, Gaye Herndon, Garnett Salyer, and June Hamm. Back row; Harold Carty, Robert Porter, Thomas Phillips, Bennie Johnson, H. E. Isaacs, Henry Dotson, S. A. Fraley, Jr., Rudolph Johnson, George Campbell, and James Dickenson. ( ( $ T-H CLUB OFFICERS President James Dickenson Vice President............ ..Wilma Byington Sec. and Treas. Bobby Porter Reporter Elbert Ireson Mrs . J. E. Carter Sponsors Mr. Bane Daugherty MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Nannie Branson, Dorothy Porter, Castle, James Dickenson, Wilma Byington, and Doretha Marshall. Nettie Back row: Mrs. J. E. Carter, McNeil Hale, Stanley Banner, Stafford Skeen, Bobby Porter, Elbert Ireson, Gaines Skeen, and Mr. Bane Daugherty. c s ; OFFICERS Captain Wilma Bylngton Manager Doretha Marshall Coach Mrs. J. E. Carter MEMBERS Reading left to right: Wilma Bylngton, Virginia Bolton, Doretha Marshall, Nannie Branson, Dorothy Porter, Joan Couch, Thelma Castle, Nettie Castle, Mildred Salyer, Ethel Monk, Frances Wohlford, and Mrs. J. E. Carter. The girls basketball team was rather successful for the year of 1945-1946. We made 590 points during the season, while our opponents made 530. We played In the final game of the County tournament, and lost to Lebanon High School by six points. Wilma Bylngton, forward, and Nettie Castle, guard, were placed on the all County team as a result of their excellent playing. GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM ( OFFICERS Captain Betty Nell Salyers Sponsor Mrs. J. E. Carter members Front row, reading left to right: Betty Ann Robinson, Juanita Bradley, Mattie Lee Hartsock, Zelrna Couch, Lois Kiser, Janie Ruth Osborne, Frances Johnson, Helen Robinson, Maxie Salyer, Hazel Huff, and Emogene Carty. Second row; Betty Hall, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Loretta illis, Hope Jessee, La Rue Salyer, Nora Mae Saddler, Pauline Hall, Cay Zell Herndon, Eva Mae Holmes, Margaret King, Margaret Mays, Joan Dickenson, Dorothy King, Peggy Jessee, Joyce Pendleton, and Alma Dickenson. Back row: Artist Hicks, Helen Smith, Christine Conley, Catherine Keith, Betty Nell Salyer, Beulah Daugherty, Annette Litton, Versa Mae Lowe, Elaine Byington, Shirley Statzer, Geneva Kiser, Lorene Horne, Betty Jean Johnson, Lorene Salyer, Christine Keith, May me Saddler, and Lois Hurd. SOFTBALL TEAM c c BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM OFFICERS Captain James Dickenson Coach Hr. Pane Daugherty MEMBERS Reading left to right: Mr. Eane Daugherty, Stafford Skeens, Bobby Porter, Slbert Ireson, Stanley Banner, Tommy Joe Horne, James Dickenson, Garland Kiser, Bobby Harding, Harry Bratton, Gaines Skeens, and Bobby Kiser. iliflll? !! ftMHIiffisfl BASEBALL TEAM OFFICERS Captain James Dickenson Manager ..Thomas Salyer Coa ch . .... Mr . Pane Daugherty MEMBERS Front row, reading left to right: Paul Burton, James Dickenson, Garland Kiser, Gaines Skeen, Elbert Ireson, Thomas Salyer, and Bobby Porter. Back row; McNeil Hale, Stanley Banner, Stafford Skeens, Glenn Selfe, Ralph Ledford, and Mr. Bane Daugherty. € t I I BUS DRIVERS Reading left to right: Bobby Jesses, Woodrow Kiser, Oscar lessee, Eranzil King, Olan S alyer, and Slenn Tate. ) r J ' 1 SABO’ S SERVICE Compliments STATION of Groceries, Heats, FOREST HILL Fruits, Vegetables Under New Management St, Paul, Va. Phone 75 Phone 8723 SHOP AT D. C U R Y S Clothing For Every Member of The Family St. Paul Phone 78 Virginia When you are in the market for anything in the Furniture line See LOUIS STERCHI FURNITURE CO. Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia or Abingdon, Virginia We have a complete line of Furniture, rugs, electric refrigerators, washers, stoves, ranges, etc. LOUIS STERCHI FURNITURE CO. Bristol Abingdon Compliments " Say It With Flowers " For All Occasions NORTON FLORAL C 0 M P A N Y Norton Phone 280 Va. of NEW HARDWARE St. Paul Phone 21 Va. D R. W. Abingdon Compliments of R. CLINE, DENTIST Virginia Compliments of CASH WHOLESALE GROCERY Phone 82 Abingdon Virginia Compliments of Compliments of DR. P. N. DAVIS TAYLOR S Phone 140 BARBER SHOP St. Paul Virginia St. Paul Virginia • Compliments FULLER ' S MARKET of Fresh Vegetables N E W HARDWARE Moat Feeds Phone 21 St. Paul Virginia Phone 107 St. Paul Virginia BEAUCHAMP’S DAIRY Grade A PASTEURIZED MILK Phone 94F31 Castlowood Virginia A 5c H GROCERY Call 3846 Coeburn Virginia COEBURN BEAUTY SHOPPE Complete Beauty Service Front St. Call 3926 BILL’S SHOE SHOP Compliments of Coeburn Virginia FARMERS EXCHANGE BANK CULBERTSON GROCERY Coeburn Va. Coeburn - Virginia Steve Domby, Jr. Compliments of Coeburn Virginia 0 dell Salyer COMPLIMENTS of VANN S and NEW DIXIE WAREHOUSES Abingdon Virginia . BALL BROTHERS, INC. TYPEWRITER SALES and Since 1905 SERVICE COMPANY Royal Typewriters 506-510 State Street Sales -Services -Rentals 34 Moore Street Furniture Bristol, Va. Bristol, Tenn.-Va. Phone 746 J MAKS ONE CALL I Compliments of DO IT ALL 1 STERLING HOUSE Send your Laundry with Bristol, Va.-Tenn. your Dry Cleaning - For Only hero do you get RANKINS COURT licensed Sanitone Cleaning DINING ROOM 8 Mi. East of Bristol, Va. SEVIER S GOOD FOOD AND SANDWICHES , Clifton Rankin, Mgr. B U D L E Y BURNS Distributor-General Electric Supplies-Goodyear Tires International Trucks Service Lebanon, Virginia Phone 157-153 SALYER ' S DAIRY MOLINARY GROCERY STORE Grade A Pasteurized Milk Feeds, Fountain Service St, Paul, Va, -Phone 66f2 St. Paul Virginia WHITE ' S ORCHARDS APPLES, PEACHES, BERRIES, GRAPES , AND CHERRIES Cas t lowood Virginia THE ' AS H. W 0 R TH STUDIO J. W . Ashworth, Prop, High Grade Portraits Phone 3556 Coe burn Virginia C 0 I ' .I P L I M ENTS o f SENATOR HARRY C. STUART ELK GARDEN, V A. LEBANON HARDWARE AND FEED CO. General Hardware, Furniture Feed and Seed Store Phone 8 Lebanon Virginia THE LEBANON NEWS " Russell County’ s Family Newspaper Since 1880 " Lebanon Virginia Compliments of DR. R. F. GILLESPIE Lebanon Phone 72 Virginia DICKENSON - MC N E E R COMPANY, I N C. WHOLESALE GROCERS St. Paul Virginia 4-1 years of service to the retail merchants of this section. c e Compliments of Mr • and Mrs. H . E . Addison Compliments of Hamlin School Compliments of City Cafe Compliments of Lowell Baker Compliments of Howard F. Suit Compliments of Hamlin Tea Room Compliments of Paul Eiser Compliments of Dairl Fraley Compliments of H. L. Burns Compliments of Mr-. Mrs. He Is on Ball Sen Compliments of G. H. Givens Compliments of W. E. Russ Lumber Co. Compliments of V Prices Soda Fountain Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Bar tee Compliments of Farris Service Station Compliments of Selfe’s Service Station Compliments of Charlie Pientka Compliments of Mrs. Homer Parks Compliments of H. W, Green Compliments of Cohen’s, Norton Va, Compliments of R. W. Hurd Compliments of Paul B. Smith Compliments of St. Paul Esso Station Compliments of Lowell N. Smith Comoliments of Smith’s Floral Co. Compliments of U. A. AMBURGEY, POSTMASTER Castlewood, Virginia Compliments of Albert’s Loan Office Compliments of I. J. TAYLOR, DEPOT AGENT Castlewood, Virginia Compliments of Uncle Sam’s Pawn Office Compliments of B ob Je s s e e Castlewood, Virginia Compliments of S. C. Gibson Compliments of A FRIEND Bristol, Virginia Compliments of B. B. Gibson Compliments of V;. W. Kiser Comoliments of Olen Salyer Comoliments of Salyer’s Service Station Compliments of King’s Taxi Cab Compliments of Norton Appliance Norton, Va. Compliments of Mr Mrs. Norman Kiser ST. PAUL NATIONAL BANK Compliments of Glenn Tate Capital $100,000 BRANSON ' S CASH STORE Member of F. D.I.C. " The Friendly Store " St. Paul, Virginia Castlewood, Virginia c ( Compliments of Compliments ROCK HOUSE I NIT of Eat, Dine, and Dance WEST END PHARMACY Guy Shoemaker, Mgr. INC. Phone 87W11 Holston Virginia Abingdon, Virginia ► G. S. ALLEY Merchandise and General Hauling " Service V ith A Smile " R. F. D. 3 Castlewood Virginia Compliments of DR. WALTER C. ELLIOTT Lebanon Phone 24 Virginia Compliments of JOHNSON S 5 and 10 Store St. Paul Virginia ST. PAUL SUPPLY CO. INC. Hardware, Furniture, Paints Seeds and Fertilizer Phone 22 . St. Paul Virginia BOOKS. SIFTS Greeting Cards for All Occasions KEMBLE COCHRAN CO., INC. Booksellers, Stationers, Office Outfitters Printers and Engravers 623 State Street Bristol Virginia BIBLES G A M E S Compliments of ARTHUR BYRD FURNITURE CO. 801- -803 -805 State Street Bristol Va . -Tenn. Telephone 1847 JOHNSTON Compliments of MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Abingdon Virginia Compliments of SAMPSON’S CASH STORE Cleveland Virginia LEBANON DRUG STORE Lebanon Prescriptions and Fountain Service Virginia Compliments of S. B. QUILLEN, Attorney at Law Lebanon Office Phone 31 Virginia Compliments of D R. J. C. W A T K I 11 S, DENTIST Lebanon Virginia RUSSELL HARDWARE International Farm Machinery and Repair Parts Lebanon Phone 23 Virginia LEBANON SERVICE STATION Lebanon Sinclair Gas and Oil General Tires Body Work and Painting Virginia (L Compliments of N. G. PETERS, TOWN PDLICj L ebanon Phone 48 Virginia Compliments of VAUGHT PER GENS ON, HIGH SHERIFF Lebanon Phone 40 Virginia Compliments of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Coeburn Virginia Lumber and Building Materials Westinghouse Kelvinator Appliances Maytag Washers CLINCHFIELD LUMBER and SUPPLY COMPANY St. Paul . .Phone 5 Va. DELICIOUS EATS RUSSELL GRILL A. A. Candler, Mgr. Phone 106 ' Lebanon, Virginia _ CHARLES KISER General Merchandise and Groceries Castlewood Phone 15F4 Virginia A T 0 M I C Cleaning and Altering ’’Satisfaction Assured” Cas tlewood Virginia BIG Cas tlewood Compliments of S F R I N G GARAGE Jerry Couch V irginia L UNITED FURNITURE STORES Complete Home Furnishings Quality Value; Terms Bristol Va. -Tenia. LYNCH M 0 T 0 R CO. Dodge, Plymouth, Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Dependable Service For All Hakes of Cars Lebanon i. JAMES 0. DICKENSON Virginia Jeweler Cas tlewood V irginia T J S N K S M AST Lebanon Virginia RUSSELL MOTOR SALES, Inc. Ford Sales and Service Lebanon Virginia PERRY ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " We Clothe The Whole Family " Lebanon Virginia Compliments of D. T. SMITH, DEPUTY SHERIFF Lebanon Phone 48 Virginia Compliments of BRISTOI FLORAL CO. Compliments of Oscar Jessee a THE HUFF-COOK Mutual Burial Association, Inc. Office: Mitchell Building Rooms 1, 2, and 3 Lee St., Bristol, V a. Telephone 2165 Pioneer Burial Association of Virginia One of the largest in the South. Serving the Public since March 15, 1933, Chartered under the Insurance Laws of the State of Va, STRONG SAFE SURE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ”A good bank in a good county” Resources over $3,700,000 Lebanon Virginia Compliments of THE LEBANON FURNITURE CO. Phone 100 Lebanon Virginia J LAY ' S HARDWARE FURNITURE CO. St. Paul, Coeburn, and Norton, Va . General Electric Appliances Majestic Ranges Duo-Therm Oil Heaters Hannas Green Seal Paints Radio Repair Work ' Compliment s oT ALFRED’S Phone 151 Lebanon, Va, " A Smart Shop For Men and Women” ' Compliments oT E. F. HARGIS, Clerk Lebanon Virginia LEBANON GROCERY Lebanon C. D. lessee, Mgr . Virginia " It T s a good place to eat” HOMELAND CAFE Lebanon Phone 105 Virginia Compliments of S A M HOWARD, Assistant Cashier FIRST NATIONAL BANK Lebanon Virginia Compliments of THE BANK OF RUSSELL COUNTY Cleveland Virginia Compliment s of BROOKS ELECTRIC HATCHERY Abingdon Virginia HERPF JONES CO. DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF SCHOOL AND C 01 LEGE JEWELRY, GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS , MEDALS, CUPS, AND TROPHIES INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA JEWELERS TO TEMPLE HILL HIGH SCHOOL S. GLENN, REPRESENTATIVE V Compliments of NORTON GEN, HOSPITAL Norton Virginia HARTS OCK’ S INC. Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Watch Repairing Norton 710 Park Ave. Virginia C omp 1 iment s of WISE HARDWARE AND FURNITURE CO. Norton Virginia Compliments of ROYAL JEWELRY COMP A N Y Elbert D. Bolling, Owner Park Avenue Phone 5 Norton, Va, Compliments of MITCHELL-POWERS HARDWARE CO. Bristol Est. 1880 Virginia f AUTOGRAPHS O

Suggestions in the Temple Hill High School - Templar Yearbook (Castlewood, VA) collection:

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