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,image 4- , - ,L-'vw-zfgn p . V - X T . , 1 f ' . . N: , s. . 5' ' f V , v. . ,- , I 5 'rfA,.,. 'e.v,?+ -g 5 -, QU-4,-V3., .x I - A gia , , ' n .,.,. , ,, . 4 W 'W A 5 , H1 , 1 ' 1 , "' S? a . I 4' . ,ar x WY- D as 4, Ji wif 1 1 - I Q X. gs Q .-'. .' J. I n ,, 1 ' 1 A x L., , . . w ,QV vs, ,fu 4-P1 , V , , ,,., , ' g . ' V 'r 12 'T . . 4 ' ' J ' - ' -' I -3' . A, 1 , K Km, ? S 3 . Q . Q as 5 N fr Q 3 1 CUTTON BLOSSOM Temple H igli School Temple, Texas 1972 Edition Volume LVIII Table of Contents Inlroductlon Academlcs and Honors Semors So omores Sports 0fg3HlZ3tl0HS Advertlsements juniors Ph ' ' - s and music b Carole King. Co right 1971 by - ' l0022g Use! by Permissiong Awlllights Reserv . So proud of tradition Ray Johnston walks through the traditional sign held by Dena Case . At far right, students send the Eats off to Cleburne with an after school pep rally. .kr 'ff 1-2 ,V ' 'iii l Y ' 1?"v'1f n I nit? 25 f "F p 5 ' Q fn"-.1 I S ' f Qgif?-f"Q'.' ' 4 Ak? 4 'Arif' s 3, ., I V H ,,, J, 2- 1 ,M A rx !.f' M ' f'fQf?'ffe'?'4if S 'EA f' 1, .?y'l'f2' iwfffsff -I F" I 6' ' la 1 y y y'y ' yy ry, "xxx, f Q D ff y 1 y A V Q ar I nr lf -f 1 ii v' ' v- , H. Q , 4 H' ' - 4 ,. , . ,5 Eyy , , i 1. r ... f M1 . 9 y Q -if -y-' yyy A -.. vm- - an y Fgfy N ffvi... ,is A Q' 1 da-. A 4 ' . Y . 9 your spirit, loyalty. ,Pr .22 ff ef. x . . L f ' Lv A A f 553, ,, S Bez! 12113 ff" WL , M, - f , If , 95:25:47 if fvwfwx A I na feb Q Q W . . - 'vga-wr-M, - WN-is ww v W , Q K with many a challenge. At far left two students take make-up tests oppo- site each other in the lon hall. At left Donald Rolginson carries Gary Baxley in a football train- ing exercise. lntroduction 5 just an old-fashioned p-r-M ...- N, ,V Q, E .Q .1 . , i be-2 'S if I ,? sg, 5 15 r , . V. .' 7' if up N- 3 910' .x was , , , f iw M- .9 f 4 4 X , s y M. W 42 1 U , ,, V ' J, , W . Y , W mx J, wg , J W f' , wt. ?mwN'1 ' in ff 'I , 'li . 4197 Q m 2' A' ,142 : Christmas Dance 6 Introduction , , W' fy L 7 is dl 7' if v ' ,WS-"' 2 , A 1 7 yr, fa X x QL! fi 5, 'i ' 3 Q, ,412 -xi, ' I, ,W ff'-q,.K.., A 6' ,gh 1 3. 3511 MMR K E 1, 5 'K' N .. fy 1 i 7 twine 1 7 jf X 1 ,. I rg ,' 5 A V , Tiff-3' Y :qt ' , fu TT -5'L?': ati? ' 4 if f gu- 5' , M M 1 'D '55 V up W , X M P W" 'Nui , .K' ,X '- ,sit n ' A. at ll'- K- '-"N W Hgh! M. ...JH W W ami' ,Lp 1 -ww .. 3 s . K is ssl' , ., ' ' ' if e F ' s ' 9 n X I ., ,. , 1 . ev '+L , Tv new -A , "N " "" , 7 M 7 ii? 'V A " X V rig - ., , ,N 7771 i u sxiiiipfx .e 411- Students enjoy dancing at the Christmas Dance held in the THS student center. The dance was sponsored by the Stu- dent Council on December 17, 1971. Introduction 7 Where have all the young men gone . Gary Baden Neil Cobb Don Bagby joe Garcia from Sophomore . . . 8 Introduction Mike Yanito 0 Allen Brown Bill Ramsey lim Bonnet to Senior. , We've a lang way toget to where we got to V " .17 -- 'w ff' 'fi -VV '. V V ' .V A1 V V ' J V ' V1 A' ' fV 1" - V-VV 1 . WV . in ' ,AQ .QV ' A-1: Ervgfi " '52 i 5 'Ll' ,lt-. 1 i ' -5 ' '5 4 4' V . Di' 'Q , -Q 1 Z' as Q ' 1 8 Vi., .l 3 V. fi ,g 1!f4QV' g:.VvF sg "'.,V.w-V. '13 of ' '. V: V ' .VV V .V 2- V, 1 V Va, L-V-' ' h , A V V -, 932'-AQ' , ff, V ' V. , z I. a, V- 1 4 y 1 V, , 4 , . -Vf A A x VA . ,gi 'sei' 4 s Vw: E ' K- 11: ' V Y Vw V, - 11-1-'V MV" rn half, A' Vg lg 5 43' -V avi" we - 'i ,gm 1,1 . U' ' -'VV ' K HL V V :ll ti-kigfa M, 4 f 1 Y' ,Mi ' wa' ' " ' ' 1 If 'w W :VME VV Y , 'pl .Z - '1 ' "yi Qi 1' fwfr A' W 'MV -H VM 'V V V ' ' an ' V ' V V V V, 7 lu LEW X V fn Vp 'Vw V:. , ,Hg " A "" ' Q ' , Q h A K ,l ' 'F ' 5 A . ' A fz' ' A 'V V - . .. l4V V,.VV.V.li-mm 11'1""1"" "' ' ' . H V, V ,V A .L Q V' " A ' A f :,Q l, ,' f 1' ii 2 "f--4.5.5-r'-f 'gi if , i': iwL" ' 'A - A , A I . V 1--H V, ah, .. -- , J V ' if ' H W . -N ' ' . Ve- 9 .Z 1 1 . V, V , V, V V, I p , N , , MV Y V, W N -.3 Q v fx, V A 1 ., V M Ura V ' " V' VV? V ' 12 VV 5' VAW ' " 'V 'ALA f 'VV V H' I ' V ' V f - 'f V V' fl MM V V V. V ,.- V, V, 'V Vw Vi W VV' :W , - 'f V V, 'V' M V V , V V UV VV, Vn4V.V,.VVVVV V V, VV 4 V. VV VV -VVQ. ,.'1Tm,VVVVVV'V..VV, VWV V. 1 V. V, V- V-1 . 1,1 I P N VV 1 V.' V ' VM V.V"'VVyI' ,V V jfs, VA 'f " ' - V g 4 Q, XV 1' FJ, QV, " . M W .gVw,,. 'V ,Vx VV Q V 'Af l' 'Q 'V VV? VV,"VV4'V1VA '41, M I V Vg! ,ga 355 "' VV' " 'V MV VVS' H., f'fgHf'1XVVVg 521, " Y- f If Q ' "VT .ff ' A I-:J .VH 5-WA. 1 V "x"',,f" ' g M, 'MV A 'gg Vi 4: 1 : ,Hs f'-' 'W' V ,"g if j V a if -A :V 'V 'V -Wi K ,V ' "U in," E , ' ' V V V , U . f , 'V . -6 Vx ,, ah Af V Q V H-V...s , V V , . V Vw , V V N V I V, gk .ff . ,,,. . V , UR it V V I ,, . Q w ,A i v A .lb Fira ,9 kzQa V, ' 'yixq' 'I Avi. ' .5 2- ', ' 1,311 Q' 1 V ll 'V V - NV: W - V V ', .V V ,V X VV . V ' M. - ' ' .V V- 4 ' ' V V - ,.f-7' ' en . , V fJk,V'g35,9 -,iff ,H Q.. 5 -I , A 'H -1 v ivrffi ,. ,Gai A -7,151.4 V, ik? ,Iii-3 'bk .1 12:24 V I-V: I 4 , V ,N V U' I K 14 ,. . ,fi , rv' . V-,E ,w- 'TVV,V VJ, .,. V,-"V --, -.11 " V es? M' , , " ,V f --V gif i" . .y 'QV 1 lf: no .. '-'.,.'yq,jC3V V 'V l , V- , vr1.'VA . I 'rea . V! A: FJ. me .Ll .fi T 'A lk u 4 J '-elr'f'Vf-'r -, " " V lgif Q' V'-Legg P' lf F El Q' i- I h- I 1- V".-1 f ' a.. Vi VV . V V af V- Vfzf- 54' V. 1 Ati, VV. Vt. " ' V V -QV nv 'Q V QQ J. . ' 'ffi WV,-V N . V11 ' V .Vin ', ' - 'ff f- L 'a YV, H, V-'WV ,F --gf ,Vw h ,J -V HV MAW+wa1pfnm'VVVWVnVhW:hf W WnWW'VV.w+m.wnm,aiVwHVhawfnV1 Q, V . f. V V. V WV dm + I 'P-I ' 'Q nk V ' VV ,, Q, 1 - 3' Le, V "f VVV V nw' , Xi , VV? .' A 'W ,QVVV it s V, V' ' ., MY A 3" V' V ' V . 4' V- V, an e .VV V V V1 V .Via VV- , V V V VVVVV 'ff .Qi ,VVV fy 'L Adj, ,V,gV.e , VVV,'.V.r V V V' gfff'-glgi' yp' , P y 1 ' 3 . V0 ' ,L 'V - ,VVVK gr ,Q 'V:r.1'12 jvl 'iiffQjiV-' 1'-...VL ' 1131" 1, n ' : Q A' . . i V, VW pf?" fzl 'V ,.11- 'Z A' ' f -1 ' -r f "il :EN . nk,--u',,',-,f:gL VVVQVEV V mmf V V Q- - -VV.V V ...V V ,Q-, VV -.VV I V - 1 . V ' V V V V 4 fifr 'L ff "ff-V -' ' ff V ' ' V: V H A . y l , V , A .. z ,i?.MA33,.5:,,gg,yg,5, ,j 75,yl:,55. ,4 4k ' VZM-V, 'Y V ' f" 3 'fi V 45, f 'VI VW nf' V 1 ' V' A V ' V ' W ' ' V .,V , ,4, ,V , l ,Vf VV 'f W L-Nw?" 'VV "af fx' fA 'V 'V '- V ' , Vg, V 1 5,5 V "'!! " ' "fx '5'x'A7. " ,,f:"f 'V ',VVV""V' "limi "VV 'LV'-'V A Vw Q WJ, .ni-AVE Vi-t1,,n' V-' .' ,V V .x!'::l'V'V V :A ' V 5 V VV'ff14"' 'V' 'M' V Vff'V'VnVVgV,,V-,L,V4fnV-GH' V .Vw Vw ' -V+ ff. Wm. Va V ' , , , V 5 VV'w,Vw fy HVET- , 3 ,ft ,5g',':V1.,V,2v,Q31i!,VgiQWVVVV ,,131V,"- VMV if-.5:x,V,,,VV,. V V V , ,V ' ' , V i ' V V V . f Mfr ,J V V ifgtxhm- V',e.:V' 2' ' ' . xndgn' 'V' j V,,+. A.,,l.!f A 2 .. 'fbi V ,V QE ' hx 9 V I- 1 . . 1 , I J ,-. n nt. it f ' . l.-is V sr V rg A . ,4VV V.: V ig H. . A : . .. .V . . as 'l ' 'V -A--iii., V V' -A T BOQ.: ' A ' -V'- V, . A .V-' .N " ' M 0--' ii V ' -A - Van' 5 f'f"'4fV:fV ' V ,- V I.. .. ia ,. "3 -V , ' V 3 Arf -Rf 1 VV A 'V 1' Q -L V VV , V- i - .. ug" VM.-'V. V V ,. VV VV' - ,Q VriV1:z:4,V , .-.. fi VV' ' Vs. ,. . in-'li W V if ,, , ,- 4 . fi., V Y. . wmief .L k V .N V V , 'RK' .,.V Y U V 4 xx Y , y 6 . iw Y my V V Y Y Y A t v4A.f'.,.p-P V., pk c-' pwmg. ,A V I ts V V bt 'Q .Vim K 3 jaw. 8' 3 .A A V,-J my gr 9 vm In N In N i LF J' A ..L.4, V. A Hy, VV .VV xxll N M. lf' -w O JV' N .V , M' ' qv .VV 'V f 'P u lf, 0' F 'g -.V,VVVVV,1"':'yf' Vg' .1 1 'FATF ' Q1 VV V ' V 'fs' ' ' A ' ' Q4 -9 A all-Vi in 1-E ug, ': I ' V., qi . I. 3 'k,. 1 A Y Q , " ' A' ' ' 4' 3 ' s f . N if . V1. 1' V t i V A A VV" 1 J ,zz VV V ,I N N NIVQHY-'ff INMWVM M5 5 V -V " V, N y ' i 4 ,Vn-Vw ,-"" Vw M V V Q ' " " - ,V , V " 'fm-VVV V' lVV 'VV' V "1 WM Riva wx- Q V L-,,,.a V , T . V F1 .B nal 5 Y V - -4' W, 4 1 A ' -f-AM' WV., ,gi1,,fifQ""vvf1V .Q 3 V , -aww .Q - A MWNQ V 2 V VQQV ,--,hw-"Nh 'W 5- A V Y .M l me . 'VL Q V X V VV . 'k"""7" "' --f--VV .V,,,,. ,' V , ' 7 V ' V ' ' V ' 9 1 , "V ' A ' V " V V "' ' O QVHW V' ' Vmal.gVV.4L..VVV , 'V' ' A r. A The Band and Pep rettes dedicated the new Texas Stadium in Dallas on Thanksgivin Dany. The theme of the was " y y Birthcgy, America," and it initiated the state and national observance of the Bicentennial era. This marked' e ninth consecutive year the Band and ,Peppefettes entertained Cowboy fans. V. V I0 Introduction l . show Show V . today. in ...W ,emu .f 5 4: 1 A .. .dw W , ... .,.. ,xt A .. Q .U lgk' Q. , St'mL .y . gf 4 if Vi' 1 N 'gs .Q J' '- sl twig. af" .anti t j -4. an-1 Q - - R 2 41: ,gf wr if ff' 3 pri 1 1 1... y W ,. '- vu W I . F W W Y My A Hal M NL ix N , -a,,,,,,.' I-.-vwr..,.,.g1ga1uf-1-:naar - ' . :,,,,.e.....a..4,.,.,,,.a..1.- ' ' . . 5 ,. fe . S "' P .' , .511 5. F " '.t'v: if 1 W 1' -,. - ,h it ,M wr W , -, X' VM I 1,t D . 1 4 . 1- "WM " 'N ,' ,J My . .ga .. .. .rj - ng, -W T' M .. ox. 3 K . . 1 " H W 1 -' N A Av , v, W .MM X' 1.fr7,,. f:w.,'i'u-'-f' -M: "' H.. at N ' 1... 'L fly ' ,,,' 's 1w..'7, Q i. .je - 1- ' ' l . A. it Q, ,,-Qaiga. V I ,V ' 44,-QJ, 'Q ' m - LV .v V " Q- q - r , - 1 ,I 1' 1 f-4 ' ..4 4:-qs., g VV ,Mr nfl i ,lk-fa ., 4'-i do-I f'f,"' O KP' ' ' ' ' ' 'J' 13" ' "nn " ' ' . , . If 4 Zagat 'hm Va A95 it .3 . .. . ,nay , 2 . - ' ' . X 1 ' H ' U X -wQ,W...4Wwyw.,W'4wj,rfw11e wx-'www-wwww-'w-B "" WW - I -,wp mst:-A HV' T'-53',yW'N.'w 'N i K N ,LVQQVWYYW jg ,' 7 g....,-rg 4 1 " " E, ii, v. Ii. , T QT: ......,........ ...W . ,-F"-3-"A ,. . s. A"'-F -... -"-"'-. s nfs .a 1. . spina-iv i1-Q 1snii . ..' humans: H- lisa,-J "' " ' ' 1- -.-,. - X . u L yu, X gr.-lg Now- Irby- hp-ew' H M -V-it---.-1. Jr' .1 -A 'I , H. W ' N J- . ' pa I!! ss, 3 K 'ff 1 .M ,V W H Upper right: Temple's grand finale of unfurling a thirty yard flag has had such tremendous response that the Cowboys have requested it to be made a Thanks- giving tradition. Lower right: February 2, 1972, marked the twentyzfifth anni- versary of Mr. Durwood Howard as THS band director. Mrs. Roy eith, band secretary, serves Mr. Howard cake and punch at the reception honoring him. Introduction ll Amit zt good to know you ,oe got a mend Beverly Lloyd, janice Clemmons, Deborah Huffman, Gloria Farrow, Rosl Benford, Marshall Bearor, Sandi: Triplett, and Demetra Ken- nedy extend a friendly toast to each other at Wyatt's Cafeteria in Dallas after performing at the Texas Sta- dium. On opposite page Mary Potter befriends a tapir. xiii QQMQ1' K ,f , liz!! an gp gf as Q 3 0 f p fum ffm .1 ' i K k ff f nw ggi EK 25 2' 'AA . 2 ,t , F , 5' -on sw i W S SIIOWCHSC '72 represented by the combined ef- forts of the music, speech, and art departments climaxed the ticket sale competition among the sophomore, junior, and senior classes for the Mr. and Miss THS contest. The seniors won the contest, therefore, Kirby johnson and Regina Anderson were named Mr. and Miss THS. Imme- diaw right: Lanny Blacklock fCeorgeJ and Rebecca Silva fEsterJ stole the show expressing the light side of ro- mance. Middle right: Brantley Weathers lOscar Listerl and judy Barnes fAbigaiI McCauleyJ played the leading roles as two unwed school teachers. Far right: Mama French Wioletj and Randy Russell 1BobJ added romantic interest to the play. Lower left: The young ladies of Miss McCauley's school are led in singing their school song by Judy Barnes fMiss McCauleyJ. They are back row left to right: Marcine Bearor, Beverly Burgess, Pam Davis, and Wanette Grubb. Front row left to right: Becky New- bum, Rebecca Silva, Amy Aldrich, and Nancy Reese. Lower middle: Susan Lee fMrs. Murphyl encourages Les Winkler fSamJ to "Get Up and Co." Lower far right: The young men of Mr. Lister's school sang their school song under the direction of Brantley Weathers CMr. Lis- terl. They are back row left to right: Bruce jimerson, Ed- die Walker, and Mike Yarrito. Front row left to right are Paul Huber, Lanny Blacklock, and Kim Carver. Youive Got To . 14 p and Go. v M f MM ,pw .NLT up 'LM .4-W, W- .NM A . Y ,, ,V 8 .V an . bu Y SY , ' vl- 35115 ,:, 4 4, , , v M ,f 'K' 9' 4. W 'H ' dia' M f 1. 'fm . iff. l Q-A. ' ,- H. iigqw- 'A Forms, bulletin boards, headaches, and Smiles are all a part RI Q 1 1 wmxbm .N hx' ' y, x L, x ' I M J W Y' .N Academics and H onors Board of Education xg: X. lm Temple Independent School board members are standing Lany sitting left to right Jack A Morrls Blll Cor , 5 : . ' , ' de left to right: Lee Roy Calhoun, Bobby Dillon, Kirk De- I.B. fBettel Weathers, Jr., and Edward Hinkle. I8 Academics n, Mrs Temple Independent School District Superintendent is Mr. Ace Alsup. ff' -wif i Mr. Kirby Taylor administrator. is business Mr. William Valigura is assistant superintendent. Academics 19 Administration -- 44 George Davis is principal of Temple High School for 1971-72. 20 Academics fs 'H rv' Assistant principal is jeff Bentley. jack Cunlock is Dean of Boys. Y i Lkii. ...ggi W 1 hr'-x'N ' fx' 'J . 5,1 1 1 as..-gif "H-...x ,1 M,,,--'Q hu- .C Q5 ,, 'nfs 'R .5 , 3 .L We v,VVt 4 W la MM , ,g l X -an , ki V f P . fi . J-R , L.M- I Dean of Girls is Mrs. Wanda Donaldson. Academics 21 1 2-J r 3 Qfqx 4 aw, ua , swf F !l 'Q 'MLW YR' "ik .v.v, ..f Director of guidance is james C. Foust. 3 a tw Librarian is Mrs. Hazel Kopisch. 22 Academics K- sm -4 N , M 1. ' ., M 4 'N Q his vdx Pictured above are Mrs. iang Mrs. Olga Watson, Frances Gibson, library clerkg Mrs. Vinia Pierre, librar library clerkg and Mrs. Kirby Taylor, librarian. Q Uunselors and Librarians ,,,. fr. Q?" I-'Wow Vilma Williams is counselor for the juniors. Mrs. D0l'0fhy R0b9l'fS is the S6Ill0r C0unSel0r. 'ffff 4' riff, .iw Sophomore counselor is Mrs. Gladys Hooks. Academics 23 School assistants help in various ways Secreta in the office of the counselors is Mrs. June Davis. Mrs. Octine 'Keith is secretary for band. Mrs. joanne Crafe, Mrs. Mary Roper, and Mrs. Minnie Dugger are Building care assistants are Preston Taylor, j.C. White, Curley johnson, and secretaries in the attendance office 24 Academics Secretaries in the main ollice are Mrs. Hazel Vaughan, Mrs. janey Smith, an Mrs. Joyce Gillard. lev Nea 0 School nurse is Mrs. Mary Fournier. Mrs. Anne Brothers assists in the study hall. Mrs. Shirley Rush assists in the study hall. Mis. Betty Kaster assists in the study hall. r. sa , 'QS-I7 w-www ,J ff 1,3 , fam Cafeteria employees are first row left to right: Arealia Ewing, jean Frits, Vera Green, second row: Virginia Kelley, Doris Burch Mary Crygar, Regina Pacha, Annie Plsek, Johnnie Ocklebury, Vera Walker, Bobbie Lou Smith, Mary Miller. Academics 25 Mrs. Ann Barker English Sherwood Barker Coach, Drivers Education Harry Bauerschlag Vocational Agriculture Durwood Bonner Woodworking, Related Math Mrs. Bettye Brewer Art Gene Brewer Geometry, Data Processing Mrs. Virginia Brookshir Bookkeeping, Typing Katharine Burchard Spanish Margaret Chapman English 26 Academics 8 K X 9 ,K nts or 5 'mtv arf' ,lg 'QI va, awlft sv. f . i ,F ,g,',f.l 19 xl- ' ' y , 'M Sl ' . N 'rf if -'iss , Mrs. Lee Corbin English Mrs. Joyce Crow Vocational Oflice Education Mrs. F lorine Curry Homemaking Dee Dearen Coach, World History Foy DuBois Texas and American History Jerrold Durling Coach, Drivers Training, Art Mrs. Beth Dykeman English Wilma Edwards Physical Education, Health Antone D. Elsik Physics, Geometry, Trigonometry Academics 27 Mrs. Diane Elwell English Mrs. Ruth Ferrill Shorthand, Bookkeeping john Friesner Vocational Building Trades Kenneth Fuchs English Mrs. Nancy Cauntt Typing Mrs. Linda Cist Physical Education, Health Mrs. Sandra Grossi English Mrs. Bette Guthrie English Cecil May Hendricks Homemaking 28 Academics JW is a-gif 1 faq:-4 pi an 1- Bobby Henry Vocational Agriculture Ronnie Henson English, Health, Coach Kay Hester Speech, Drama Mrs. june Hill English Corden Hilley Tennis, Drivers Education Mary Elizabeth Holden English Durward Howard Band, Orchestra, Highlighters Pepperettes, Humanities Mrs. Jean Howard Civics, Sociology, Humanities Mrs. Margaret johnson American History, Civics Academics 29 Mrs. Betsy Johnston American and World History Mrs. Martha Kahler English, Journalism Mrs. Helen Keahey Algebra Mrs. Susan Keilers American History, Economics james Kerby Biology, Physical Science Warren Kirkpatrick Art, Humanities Mrs. Mildred Lancaster Ph sical Education, Track Volleyball Mrs. Judy Lawler World History, Civics Bobby McDaniel Biology 30 Academics GK al"""' xt Dwain Marshall Choir, Polyfoniks William Marshall Biology, Physical Science Mrs. Elizabeth Meenach English, French Bryant Messer Special Education Mrs. Janell Mikeska English Lester Moore Physical Education, Coach Mrs. Mariella Morgan Algebra, Related Math Mrs. Dorothy Murcherson Typing William Owen Coach, Physical Education, Health Academics 31 Cary Pemberton Gemian, Spanish Bill Phillips Distributive Education George Pollak American and World History Allison Powell Biology, Physical Science Rhoda Pritchard Vocational llcalth Occupations Mrs. Anne Carole Redden Biology, Physical Educational Mrs. Camilla Schneider American and World History Larry Scott Algebra, Geometry Neil Scott English, Latin 32 Academics A ML 6 W z lr ag, 'ggi 'ev Mrs. Sandra Scott Chemistry Mrs. Ioan Shamblin Typing, Record Keeping, Clerical Practice Melvin Sharp Spanish, English Rev. Frank Simcik Bible Gary Smith Chemistry Mrs. Marie Spence Spanish Mrs. Charlene Sterling Consumers Math David Stirman Band Billy Streater Industrial Cooperative Training Academics 33 Mrs. Marilyn Thomas Homemaking Juanita Welch Geometry, Algebra L.H. Wendt Industrial Arts Tommy West Bible Mrs. Eldee VVhitaker Geometry, Related Math Mrs. Connie VVhitesell English Mrs. Clara Williams 34 Academics ,fx 'gsm flak i"'f"'f- McQueen names Wildcat coaches ,ik ig 5 n ,Qi, Q .jiiffi k-,,, , zfss HIM. ' 'l.: .. -S., W. - X l f ,.,...,..,. ........--1 ..,...... 4-'F-1? ........., ,.......,,.. '91 swf lf' ii! Standing are jen'y Durling, Ron Henson and Ken Caunsler. Kneeling are Dale Baker, Bob McQueen and Dick Stafford. Academics 35 UIL attracts contestants in shorthand, spelling, Shorthand contestants are Susan Lee, Carol Fox, Rebe Marek, and Cathy Vitek. Carol Fox placed second in district and was a participant in the regional contest. Q f t . it "2" V. kr.L L i L, k V M I . Y Q. " :" f l 'Ml . rzc -2 13: 1 ' css! f fl K lk fits Richard Hurt, Judy Bison and Lynn Anderson were UIL spelling contestants. Judy Bigon placed thir . 36 Academics number Sense, typing, and ready writers Number sense contestants are Frank Sodek, Curtis Sitz, Warren Sunbury, and David Phelps. Warren Sunbury placed second in district and was a particpant in the regional contest. left: Teresa Schiller, Linda Marinik, Brenda Kennedy, Phyllis Taylor, and Mike Thompson represent THS in the typing competition. Ahoveg joy Les- iker, Virgil Wilde, and Anne Martt are the ready writers. Academics 37 tm, Below: Andre Avots is UIL science contestant. Right: Cindy Donaldson and Brett VVallace are the chosen Temple High School re resentatives to Girls' State and Boys' State sponsored, by the American Le- gion. Bottom: joumalism UIL contestants are Russell Bridges, jeff VVhittington, and Don Whitley. Not pic- ture is Katherine Cole, Russell Bridges won first in editorial and feature writing and was a participant at regional. Don Whitley won second in news writing, and Katherine Cole placed fourth in headlines. K. -SA vw' -...N ...L-. R- Jeesm tra. , M sf. 1 .Malin -I. fm- . ,yzsgsp HQZSTWV- an ' B' .. :rf f ' lkfi? vis-Q 'J if N-'V -ig1g.,,f,,fq-,Q-455,555 ,, ' 'krf,'W.:Qf,'.-42936, .1 H-M --fe i',,y K -we U 3 Q 'Wi I, Q-- fv 3 Cb? 1' 4Z',?7a'14 I , wi GIS! 38 Academics Soplwmores achzeve honors Top: Marianne Riegler and Marvin McClendon are the girl and boy winners of the sophomore scholastic award jackets. Ma- rianne Rieglefs average is 98.1114 Marvin McClendon s average is 98.600.Lejt: Robert Allen will receive a scholastic awar jacket for his senior average of 95500. Three other sen- ior reailimients 0 scholastic award jackets are pictur on page 41. Academics 39 juniors and Seniors win scholastic awards Q . k ar 13 aww? yfvf-s,. , 'W' Z 11 Q5 . junior scholasiie award jacket recirients are Linda Marinik, Mark DeVane, Kim Carver and Nan Daniel. Their scholastic averages are for the junior year: Linda Marinik, 98.8004 Mar DeVane, 97.900g Kim Carver, 97.5005 and Nan Daniel, 98.400. 40 Academies Senior scholastic award jacket recipients are jan Foust, jim Bonnet, Hehe Marek and Robert Allen Knot shown in this pic- ture, see page39J. Their scholastic averages are for the senior year: jan Foust, 97.6005 jim Bonnet, 97.7005 and liebe Marek, 97.888, Academics 41 Bebe Marek is Valedictorian Average 97.612 I-Vs ,olOiI'- oooaoousso oruwtsoaon' csavosuvv eoeanovs li up 1 aw. 'BGL M "A N7 f- f 'Z,,K Y'5Q" TF'i ? 5Y2',1gSS ' ,, Q ii gwfww , 'N .N .w f A 2 'W ,-,.. . K1 .2 .355 fy w ' ,nl az :M -M., .Q-f"S ,fwc wg.. A 'fum if .J an Q :,g4v,,,vf. w :n7'l,5f.L S'f A M, H. 61 KY hm Bm . next zs Salutatarian verage 97.529 Wm Homecoming Queen is Carolyn Hall, escarted by Iaeob Salisbery N I Judy Barnes captures two titles -gidykllames is Miss Flame itop middlej. The Miss Sparks are Tinka Stinson, Dehhie Gideon, Regina Anderson, and Cindi ase . """'Nln-1 .W Q C Y W wax V W? 3'b ,,,-ff" 5 gi iw? - gm Eg? ,Lg Hwy, 'im wmi? 5 gy-L? asgj '- -, I A z, ,. i n 5 Kiwukf 5f'?QWLgA+Q ' mv - "M dwg LvVwH,Ji Mufmxgymwww UMM ME '6S0me men see things as they are and say, 'VVhyP' I dream of things that never were and Say, 'Why n0tP' 48Sen Robert F. Kennedy -. ,S Y ,, -1-V-lg' A An 'Y Senior Seniors 49 Seniors Choose Eight inf' Senior class oflicers for 1971-1972 are Steve Silverthorne, Presidenlg Cindi Plasek, Secretaryg Mary Baron, Reporlerg Tinka Stinson, Parliamentariang Judy Bames, Treasurerg and Andre Avots, Vice-President. 50 Seniors fharles White and Debbie Epperson are senior class favorites. Seniors Sl Reason Alexander Robert Allen Peggy Alsup Regina Anderson Miss THSg Future Homemakers ol America, Future Teachers of America, Para-Med Rhonda Anderson Distrihutive Education, Treasurer, Sweetheart, Para-Medg Tennis Sarah M. Anderson National Honor Society, Varsity Bandg Para-Med, Cultural Activ- ities Club When ymfre down and troubled Andre Avots Senior Class, Vice-President, Var- sity Band, President, International Club, President, American Legion Boys' State Cary Baden THS Golf Team, knior Play Stage Manager, Thumhprintsg Speech 61 Drama Club Don Bagby ii Distrihutive Education, Out- standing Boys' State Contestant , 52 Seniors and you need some love and care i f f ,K 7 .' l judy Baggett National Honor Societvg Peppe- rettes, Pan-American Cluhg Para- Med Alvin Bailey Varsity Band, Highlighters, Cul- tural Activities Club Doug Bane Orchestra, President, Rambler Susan Banks Cary Barnes Judy Bames Miss Spirit, Polyfoniksg National Honor Society, Sweetheart Mary Baron Senior Class, Reporter, Pepperette Head Captain, Tennis, Student Council Marshall Bearor Kathy Beimer Cotton Blossom, Editor, Future Homemakers of America, National Honor Society Seniors 53 Carl Bell Kay Benjamin Health Occupationsg Future Homemakers of Americag Pan- American Club Edwin Bigon Varsity Football, Most Con- scientious Playerg Key Club, Vice- Presidentg jets, Secretaryg Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes, President Cynthia Billeck Pepperettesg Future Homemakers of Americag Para-Medg Senior Play, Crew Patricia Blackburn Choirg Pepperettesg National Honor Societyg Future Teachers of America jill Blankemeier Pan-American Clubg Future Home- makers of Americag Future Teach- ers of Americag Cotton Blossom Pam Bolding National Honor Societyg Varsity Bandg Orchestrag Keyettes jim Bonnet Student Councilg National Honor Societyg Highlightersg Varsity Band Suzanne Booth Pepperettesg Choirg Keyettesg Cot- ton Blossom 54 Seniors 'fx- ali' And nothm thin, is goin , right, Frances Bradford International Clubg Vocational Education Club Beth Brady Speech and Drama Club, Pan- American Club Mollie Bragewitz Varsity Band, Cotton Blossom, Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Sen- ior Play, Crew Mike Bramlett Distributive Education Club jen Brandes Varsity Band, Twirler, National Honor Society, Secretary, Tennis, Future Teachers of America, Secre- tary, Sweetheart Allan Brown Track, jr. Varsity Band, Cultural Activities Club, Pan-American Club Gail Brown Rambler, Editor, Sweetheart, Speech and Drama, Treasurerg In- ternational Club, Reporter, Pepperettes Debra Bulls Future Homemakers of America, Second Vice-President, Pan-Ameri- can Club Sylvia Butler Seniors 55 Cathy Capps National Honor Societyg Para-Medg Varsity Bandg International Club Susan Carr Trackg Pan-American Clubg Cul- tural Activities Club Donna Cartwright Vocational Office Education Sweet- heartg Choirg Future Teachers of America Debbie Case Choir, Sweetheart and Librariang Polyfonicsg All Region Choirg Showcase '71 Dena Casey Tumbling, Captain and Sweet- heartg Student Councilg Para-Med, Chaplain Allison Chandler National Honor Societyg Student Councilg Tennisg Pan-American Club, First Vice-President Charles Chapman Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseballg Student Councilg Key Club Linda Childers Varsity Bandg Pan-American Clubg Vocational Office Educationg Fu- ture Homemakers of America Margie Church Tennisg Latin Clubg International Club 56 Seniors Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there P' a C? 1 5 1 lea Shiela Clark Cultural Activities Club Randal Clawson Polyfonicsg Choir, Vice-President Speech and Drama Club, Vice President, One-Act Play Richard Clearman Intemational Club Janice Larcenia Clemons Pan-American Club, Varsity Band, Secretary, National Honor Society, Intemational Club Cathy Clouse Neil Cobb Rambler, Art Editor, National Honor Society, Varsity Bandg Sen- ior Play Cary Cockrum Rogie Cohorn Keith Connell Varsity Football, Best Defensive Back, jets, Treasurer, Student Council, Pepperette Ideal Boy Seniors 57 William Bruce Copeland Debbie Corsentino Pepperette Head Captaing Future Teachers of America, Vice-Presi- dentg Para-Med, Reporterg Tennis Becky Craig Para-Medg International Club Connie Crumpton Future Homemakers of Americag Intemational Clubg Cultural Activ- ities Clubg Para-Med Gloria Ann Cruz Pepperettesg Pan-American Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Keyettes james Culp Rick Cummings Charles Davis Varsity Bandg Key Clubg Para-Med- UIL Solo and Ensemble Cary Davis 58 Seniors to brighten up even your darkest night. ou just call out my name Tana Dianne Davis Barbara Ann Dawson Future Homemakers of Americag Cultural Activities Clubg Speech and Drama Club Randy Dixon Sophomore Footballg Trackg Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes Aubrey Duane Dragoo Choirg International Club Charles Drobena Cotton Blossom, Photographerg Choir Bernard Drozd Distributive Education Club Patricia Dugger Varsity Bandg Showcase 72, Crewg Future Teachers of Americag Pan' American Club David Eaton All State Choirg Polyfonicsg Na- tional Honor Societyg Choir Heike Eller National Honor Societyg Future Teachers of Americag Thumbpr- intsg International Club Seniors 59 jim Ellison Pam Engbrock Future Homemakers of America, Corresponding Secretaryg Peppe- rettesg Pan-American Club, Future Teachers of America Steve England Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Para-Med, German Clubg Football Manager Debbie Epperson Cheerleader, Three Yearsg Class Favorite, Three Years, Student Council, Sweetheartg Tumbling jan Epperson Choir, junior Class Reporter, Stu- dent Councilg Keyettes Gloria Farrow and you know wherever I am Lanette Fincher National Honor Society, Varsity Band, Librarian, UIL So 0 and En- W semble, Future Homemakers of 1 America, Future Teachers of , America , Mark Finney Patti Finney I 60 Seniors 'Q' . ,, :A,,,.., A. ,ll come runnin, to see you again. tfeiiifie Debbie Ann Flanagan Football Sweetheartg Cheerleader, Three Yearsg Key Club, Sweet- heartg Homecoming Nominee Debbie Faye Flanagan Para-Medg Pan-American Clubg Fu- ture Homemakers of Americag Fu- ture Teachers of America Rosemary Fletcher Cheryl F lippo Pan-American Clubg Vocational Office Education Marvin F ojtasek National Honor Societyg Varsity Bandg Para-Medg International Club Jan F oust National Honor Societyg Pan-Amer- ican Club Charles F oyt Ramhlerg Cotton Blossomg Science Fairg Bio-Chem Club Paul Francis Speech and Drama Clubg UIL Typing Helen Teresa Franklin Seniors 61 Cindy Gaby National Honor Societyg Polyfon- icsg Tennisg Keyettes Linda Candy joe Garcia james Gerald Varsit Football Leo Club' Fel- ' Y 5 , lowship of Christian Athletes Debbie Gideon Thumbprints, Presidentg Rambler- Wildflowers, Editorg UIL Dramat- ics, Best Actress District 15-AAAAg National Merit VVho's VVho Among American High School Students Branda Glass Brandt Glover Varsity Basketballg Varsitv Base ballg All-District Basketball Becky Goad Cotton Blossomg Future Home- makers of Americag Future Teach- ers of Americag Para-Med Danny Goates Auto Mechanics President 62 Seniors Mark Goldman Orchestra Jean Goodall Jackie Gray Speech and Drama Club jets, Vice-Presidentg Footballg Na- tional Honor Societyg Phlogiston to do is call and I ,ll be there. Debbie Green Varsity Bandg Future Homemakers of Americag Future Teachers of Amelicag .Pan-American Club Lynda Green Future Homemakers of Americag Distributive Education Club, Out- standing Girl Becky Greening Speech aml Drama Club, Presi- dcntg International Club, Secre- taryg Varsity Bandg Rambler Seniors 63 l Varsity Bandg Highlightersg Jeff Gray Varsity Bandg Varsity Basketballg Footballg Student Council Tim Grear Leslie Jerome Crygar Speech and Drama Club Paul Guthrie Key Clubg Ramblerg International Clubg Cultural Activities Club Gary L. Haddon Varsity F ootballg Fellowship of Christian Athletesg Key Club Cecilia Hallford National Honor Societyg Tennisg Future Teachers of Americag Pep- perettes, Head Captain Elaine Hansen Student Councilg National Honor Societyg Senior Playg Varsity Band, Region Band Linda Hanson Don Harris National Honor Societyg jetsg Phlo- gistong Pan-American Club Sandra Harris Varsity Bandg Future Homemakers of Americag Pan-American Clubg Showcase '72, crew Patricia Havlik Intemational Clubg Vocational In- dustrial'Clubg Para-Med 64 Seniors If the sky above you grows dark 5 5 is ,,. :- rf w 2 and full of clouds 'wwf 'TZIZV' ,, . W . ,,,.., ,. .. -43: Q sq Q Y J, 5 gg 35 g 52 M si .M is 1- f, see A .,:- if .. ,magic-1 " wif F - ififziii rig-' V' A-9152 ,mi A50 Rita Hayes Choirg Tumhlingg Girls State Rep- resentutivcg National Honor Society Pam Hejl Pan-American Cluhg Office Workerg Futurc Homemakers of Americag Future Teachers of America Susie Herring Future Homemakers of Americag Future Teachers of Americag Para- Medg Office Worker Donna Hertel Future Homemakers of Americag Varsity Bandg Bio-Chemg Pun- Americun Club Vicki Hester Future Homemakers of Americug Distrihutive Education Cluh Joyce Hickey Loddie Hicks Peggy Hill Para-Medg Pan-American Cluhg Fu- ture Teuchers of America Annette Hinds Choirg Para-Nicdg Pan-American Cluhg Future Teachers of America Seniors 65 Phyllis Hinkle Choirg National Honor Societyg Pepperettesg Alternate All Region Choir Linda Hipp Future Homemakers of Americag Office Education Association David Hobday Michael Hoelscher Vocational Industrial Clubg Cer- man Club Mark Holland Pan-American Clubg Speech and Drama Club john Holley Vocational Industrial Clubg Pan- American Clubg Cultural Activities Clubg Varsity Football Patricia Diane Holmes Future Homemakers of America, Class Chairmang Thumbprintsg Senior Banquet, Decorating Committee Phyllis Houston Choir, Accompanistg Polyfonicsg Speech and Drama Clubg Future Homemakers of America Paul Huber Annual Statfg Choirg All State and All Region Choir 66 Seniors Z? k Qwlvlli 121, , tw' s And that ol, north wind fix , 2 begins to blow, Debora Huff Varsity Bandg Distributive Educa- tion Cluhg Senior Play, Crewg Para- Med Deborah Huffman Trackg Volleyballg Varsity Bandg Future Teachers of America Angela Hunt Temple: Future Homemakers of Americag Pan-American Clubg Denver City: Choirg Pep Squad Brandt jamroz National Honor Societyg Letsg Phlo- gistong Intemational Clu Patricia jackson Raygene Louis Jansing janet Jennings Para-Medg Choir, Section Leaderg International Club Kathleen johle Office Education, Treasurerg Fu- ture Homemakers of America Carol Moore Johnson Art Clubg Para-Medg Vocational Oflice Educationg Office Education Association Seniors 67 Kirby johnson Varsity Basketball, Captain, Mr. THSg Key Club, Vice-Presidentg Student Council Pamela Johnston Keyettes, Future Homemakers of America, Future Teachers of America, Office VVorker Ray Johnston Varsity Football, Fortitude Award, Key Club, Pan-American Club jack W. jones jr. Varsit Football, Scholar Athlete Awardi Optimist Youth Award, Na- tional Honor Society, President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Vice-President Judy jones Kathy jones Future Teachers of America, Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Para-Med Phyllis jones Vocational Industrial Clubg Health Occupations Ronnie Jones Varsity Football, Wildcat Player Award, Student Councilg Key Clubg Fellowship of Christian Athletes Vivian Kattner Intemational Club, Pepperettes, joumalism Reporter 68 Seniors ...,...,..,,y md call my name out loudg Vance Kelly Varsity Band Demetra Kennedy Varsity Bandg Cultural Activities Club, Treasurerg National Honor Societyg National Science Founda- tion Scholar Cary Ketterman Distrihutive Education Clubg Pan- American Club Cynthia Klepac Vocational Oilice Educationg Of- fice Education Associationg Partici- pation Area III, VOE Conferenceg Future Homemakers of America Ralph Kohutek Holly Kuykendall Future Homemakers of America, Presidentg Student Council, Pan- American Club, Treasurerg Pepperettes Patti Lane Pepperettesg Future Teachers of Americag Future Homemakers of Americag Para-Med Mark Lanford Ramblerg Varsity Bandg High- lightersg National Honor Society Peter Langsjoen National Honor Societyg Phlogis- tong Leo Cluhg International Club Seniors 69 johnny Lastovica Key Clubg Pan-American Clubg Distributive Education Club Jane Laurens National Honor Societyg Peppe- rettesg Future Teachers of Amer- icag Pan-American Club Pam Ledger Future Homemakers of Americag Office Workerg Speech and Drama Club Brenda Lee Speech and Drama Clubg Cultural Activities Clubg Para-Med Kevin LeF an Brenda Lesikar Choirg Pepperettesg Cotton Blossom joy Lesiker National Honor Societyg Para-Medg Intemational Clubg Ready Writers Janice Lewis Myra Lindsey National Honor Societyg Student Councilg Pepperettes, Captaing Or- chestra, Concert Mistress 70 Seniors ymfll hear me 34 knookin, at your door. Beverly Lloyd Varsity Bandg Cultural Activities Clubg Future Homemakers of Americag National Honor Society James Lockabey Ruth McClaugherty Bio-Chemg Pan-American Clubg UIL Typing Regionalg Varsity Band Kenneth McCormick Bennie Kay McDonald Varsity Bandg Future Homemakers of Americag Oilice WVorkerg Show- case '72, Crew Bemice McDonald Participant in Speech Tourna- mentsg Keyettesg Future Home- makers of Americag Speech and Drama Club Rosalie McGuire Pepperettesg Future Home-makers of Americag Speech and Drama Clubg Intemational Club Pam Machalek Cheerleaderg Tumblingg Student Councilg Pepperettes Sonja Malmin Pepperettesg Choirg Latin Clubg Para-Med Seniors 71 Robert Mansfield jets, Presidentg Varsity Footballg Fellowship of Christian Athletesg Leo Club, Vice President Lawrence George Marble Student Councilg Para-Med, Presi- dentg Pan-American Club, Presi- dentg Varsity Football, Captain Leonard Marek Rebe Marek Junior Scholarship jacketg National Honor Societyg UIL Shorthandg Quill and Scroll Joyce Marshall National Honor Societyg Varsity Bandg Future Homemakers of Americag Pan-American Club Anne Martt UIL Speech and Dramag Peppe- rette Captaing jetsg Rambler Linda Marx Senior Playg Varsity Bandg National Honor Societyg Speech and Drama Club Cecil Massey Jerry Matl Speech and Drama Clubg Pan- American Club 72 Seniors ow ainit it good to know Q that you 've got a rwnd Mike Matush Co Carla Mayfield Peppercttesg Future Homcmakers of Americag Tumblingg Para-Med Iris Mersiovsky Choirg Future Teachers of Amer- icag Office Education Associationg Thumbprints Paulette Mesecke Pepperettesg National Honor S0- cietyg Speech and Drama Club Donald Mihatsch Distlibutivc Education Club George Debs Mitchell Brenda Moore Gilbert Moreno Varsity Bandg UIL Solo and En- sembleg Trackg Pan-American Club james Mullan ,irleech and Drama Clubg umbprintsg Pan-American Club Seniors 73 Student Council, Vice-Prcsidentg Kei' Clubg Sophomore Fuvoriteg f David Murray Distributive Education Club Estella Myers 413 Future Teachers of America, Par- liamentariang Keyettesg Future Homemakers of America, Class Chairmang Volleyball Steve Newman Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Para-Medg Fellowship of Christian Athletes Max Newman Varsity Bandg Para-Medg Pan- American Clubg Speech and Drama Club David Newsome A ll'-fi' Intemational Clubg Varsity Base- ballg Basketballg French Club Donna Nicholas Ollice Education Associationg Fu- ture Homemakers of America people can be so cold? Susan Nobles Future Teachers of Americag Na- tional Honor Societyg Tumbling, Presidentg Pepperettes, Right Guide Randy Nolen Varsity Bandg Library Worker Earl Nottingham Highlightersg Cotton Blossom, Pho- tograp erg Region Bandg Rambkr 74 Seniors N w 1 i Iheyill hurt you, yes, and desert you, Rickie Novosad Varsity Band Janet Oates Sharon Ochs Varsity Bandg Junior Varsity Band Charlotte Allene Oliver Future Homemakers of America Jackie Palmer Future Homemakers of America, Pan-American Club, Future Teach- ers of America, Para-Med james Patman Claud Payne National Honor Society, jets, Var- sity Bandg Future Teachers of America Paula Perkins Partgijlaant in Area and State Of- fice ucation Association Confer- ence, National Honor Society Andy Pettigrew Seniors 75 Becky Phelps Vocational Office Education Asso- ciation, Historiang Pan-American Clubg Future Homemakers of America William Phillips Janelle Pickett Student Councilg Tumbling, Vice- Presidentg Pan-American Clubg Fu- ture Homemakers of America Cindi Plasek Varsity Band, Sweetheart, Re- porter-Historiang Homecoming Princessg Class Secretaryg Tumb- ing Captain Donna Plumlee Janelle Pomykal Pepperettesg Pan-American Clubg Future Homemakers nf Americag Chriss Poole Varsity Band Billy Popelka Leo Cluhg Future Farmers of Americag Track Delores L. Pospisil 76 Seniors i i r i And take your soul dyou let them l Mary Potter Student Council, Tumbling, Cap- tain, President, Sophomore Parlia- mentarian, Keyettes Carl Priddy Key Club, Treasurer, Distributive Education Club, Vicc-President, Student Council, Mr. Spirit Janice Provazek Vocational Office Education, Out- standinfg Student Award, Student Counci , Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Future Homemakers of America Denise Psencik Choir, National Honor Society, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Pan- American Club Mary Quinteros William Rampy Student Council, President, Key Club, President, Junior Class Presi- dent, Key Club, Secretary Bill Ramsey Intemational Club, Pigskin Com- edy Hour Nancy Reese Bio-Chem, National Honor Society, Choir, Showcase '72 Melba Reyna Seniors 77 Nancy Rieger Pan-American Clubg Tennis Caroline Robbins Future Homemakers of Americag Pan-American Clubg Para-Med Teresa Roberson Choirg Keyettesg Pepperettesg Fu- ture Teachers of America Norma jean Roberts Judy Rogers Kathy Rogers David Ross Intemational Clubg jets john Ross Intemational Club Richard Ross 78 Seniors You just call out my name 0'ilsw'-"ul 'f-,,,qrf you know wherever I am Randy Russell All State Choirg Varsity Bandg Para- Medg Senior Play Gus Santos Philip Scanio Future Farmers of Americag Pan- American Clubg Library VVorkerg Future Teachers of America Anita Schiller Pepperettesg Tumblingg Future Teachers of Americag Pan-Ameri- can Club joan Schiller Future Homemakers of Americag Vocational Industrial Clubg Health Occupations Malcolm Scott Marion Scott Cultural Activities Club, Presidentg Intemational Clubg Exchange Edi- tor, Rambler Darleen Sebek Future Homemakers of Americag Pan-American Clubg Para-Medg Fu- ture Teachers of America Glenda Kaye Shelby Vocational Oflice Education Clubg Zycee Beauty Pageant Contestantg ta Phi Beta Sc olarshipg Varsity Band Seniors 79 Carol Shenkir Oflice Education Association, Sec- felaffi Future Homemakers of Amenca Molly Sheppard Pepperettesg Future Teachers of Americag Pan-American Clubg Stu. dent Council Debbie Sides Drill Team AHSg Pcp Clubs Office Education Associationg American Youth Hostels janell Sigut Cotton Blossom, Editorg News As- sociate, Ramblerg Future Teachers of Americag Senior Play Steve Silverthorne Senior Class. Prcsidentg Varsity Band, Vice-President, Drum Ma- jorg National Honor Society, Vice- President Cheryl Simcik Patricia Simecek National Honor Societyg Future Homemakers of Americag Pan- Amexifcan Club Bob Simmons Varsity Football, Tri-Captaing Na- tiona Honor Society, Parlia- mentariang Futurc Teachers of America, Presidcntg Leo Club, Treasurer Phyllis Smith 80 Seniors "h"lHn-..-4 Q-9. V I ,ll -come runnin i WST Mark Snyder Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Secretary, Varsity Football, Leo Club Debbie Sodek Pepperettes, Captain, National Honor Society, Future Teachers of America, Pan-American Club Betty Solomon Pepperettes, Student Council, Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Sen- ior Play, Crew Cynthia Spoonts Tumbling, Captain, Speech and Drama Club, Pepperettes Wayne Spoonts Varsity Band, Pan-American Club, Orchestra Sylvia Stephen Cultural Activities Club, Health Occupations Club, Future Home- makers of America, Parlia- mentarian, Track Manager Katherine Stinson All State Symphony Orchestra, Senior Class, Parliamentarian, In- temational Club, Sweetheart, Stu- dent Council Brenda Stoebner Mary jane Streater Varsitv Band, Vocational Otlice Education, National Honor So- ciety, Futme Teachers of America Seniors 81 Dianna Suniga Pepperettesg Senior Playg Speech and Drama Clubg Cotton Blossom Mike Supancic National Honor Societyg Youth En- vironmental Supportersg Future Teachers of Americag Quill and Scroll Paul Wayne Sutter Robert Swaim Phlogistong Varsity Band james Talafuse Vocational Industrial Club Murphy Talley Highlightersg jets Dora Tamez Terry Thomas All State Orchestrag Varsity Bandg Orchestrag Senior Play Wallace Thomas Intemational Club 82 Seniors '-QE 1-url!" Winter, spring, summer and fal 5 Q 3 All you have to do is call Mike Thompson Lets, Reporterg Key Clubg Basket- allg UIL Typing Debra Tilghman National Honor Societyg Pan-Amer- ican Clubg Future Homemakers of America Sandra Denise Triplett Student Councilg Keyettesg Presi- dent and Sweetheartg Varsity Bandg Para-Med, Vice-President Paul Trout Senior Playg UIL One-Act Playg Speech and Drama Clubg Pan- American Club Stan Troy Thomas N. Turknett Avalene Turner Future Homemakers of America Patricia Tweed Oflice Education Associationg VOE First Place, Accountingg Future Homemakers of Americag National Football League Scholarship Con- test Runner-up Raye Ann Vance Seniors 83 Ronald Vanecek National Honor Society Paul Vaughan Key Clubg Pan American Clubg Para-Medg Vocational Industrial Club Cathy Vitek UIL Shorthandg Pan-American Club jim Votaw Linda Faye Wade Malcolm Wahle Varsity Bandg Orchestrag National Honor Society Carry Walker Colfg Para-Medg Pan-American Clubg Varsity Band Robert Walker Varsity Basketballg Varsity Track Debbie Wall Pan-American Clubg Para-Medg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag Cultural Activities Club 84 Seniors and I ,ll be f'..i""' Leslie Wall Choir Kirk Wallace Distributive Education Club, Repoder Sharon Warren Cotton Blossomg Editor and Sweet- heartg Choirg Pepperettesg Future Teachers of America Debbie Wassermann Future Homemakers of Americag Vocational Industrial Club Sheila Wear Vocational Office Education, Fourth Place, Accountingg Vol- leyballg Pan-American Club Cynthia Krauskopf Weathers Glenda Webb Bill Weekly Vocational Industrial Club, Fifth Place VVinnerg Distributive Educa- tion Club Randell Wells Seniors 85 Linda Eaks White Para-Medg Pan-American Clubg Bio-Chemg Future Homemakers of America Charles White Class Favoriteg junior Class Of- ficerg Student Council Viee-Presi- dentg Tumbling Sweetheart Charles Whitley Don Whitley National Honor Societyg Cultural Activities Clubg International Clubg Quill and Scroll jelf Whittington Rambler, Fine Arts Editor Mark Wiese Tennisg Fellowship of Christian Athletesg Pan-American Club Barbara Wilde National Honor Societyg Pan-Amer- ican Clubg Pepperettes Virgil Wilde Vocational Office Education, Presi- dentg National Honor Societyg Mr. VOEg UIL Ready Writing and Typing Carleton Wilkes Colfg National Honor Societyg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag jets 86 Seniors Youive got a friend, , :M 4 at -5 34' Wh' ,.A"", Mnit it good to know Beverly Ann Williams Future Homemakers of Americag Pan-American Clubg Cultural Ac- tivities Club Mike Williams Jerry Wilson Choirg Polyfoniksg All Region Choir Les Winkler Choir, Presidentg Polyfonicsg All State Choirg Showcase '72 Billy Wiseman Fellowship of Christian Athletesg Para-Medg Trackg Baseball Alicia Wisener UIL Debateg Ramblerg Speech and Drama Cluhg UIL One Act Play Bruce Wood jetsg Para-Med Mike Yarrito Orchestra, Solo and Ensemhleg Na- tional Honor Societyg Jetsg Future Teachers of America Harriet Yoeman Seniors 87 David Zabcik Leo Clubg Intemational Clubg jets Cary Zaremba Valerie Ann Pierre National Honor Societyg National Merit Scholarship Winnerg The graduating class of 1972 elected twenty classmates for senior honors. The honors ranged from Best All Around to Class Clown. Right: Deborah Huffman and Bob Simmons received Best Athlete awards. 88 Seniors 271 in 'N mn., gr.. wtf' 'U'-1. ,,..f wa.- Kirby johnson and Debbie Epperson are the best all around boy and girl. 90 Seniors xii 1 ecml senior honors awarded .QW K If 3,3 x ' 9 F 1? A 4415-if? xg-4 if Y if 5-'ar f,i Leif' . i' six rf ,V . " 'g X4-,AQ , wa s vP w :V A ' N1 do , LJ QW '. " ,",..gxi Q " 'fe M 1, K Vkyh . EH . ,.. A - W- rv-4 RWM S my Zrl Top: Regina Anderson was selected as the most beau tiful gir in the senior class. Most handsome boy IS Mike Matush. Bottom: The best dancers are Charles White and Sandra Triplett. Seniors 91 Most talented, friendliest, cutest, neatest, l ,Mi VY k . Top: Steve Silverthrone and Becky Greening are named most talented boy and girl. Bottom: F riendliest girl and boy are Mary Baron and Bill Rampy 92 Seniors and funniest are elected QQ 'WW 5 V 5 QE 1 .A X gg Top left: Rhonda Anderson and Gary Haddon are chosen the cutest couple. Top right: Debbie Flanagan and Jack jones are the neatest girl and boy. Bottom left: Paul Trout is the class clown. VV I 'K A , K Seniors 93 H " ...4.IV- i X X f - Y W if VVh0's VVh0 1972 Ten percent of the senior class is se- lected each year for Who's Who. This year forty-six seniors were elected. These students are nominated by their classmates for outstanding service, lead- ership, and character, with each senior nominating five classmates. The ballot prepared from those receiving the most nominations is submitted to the faculty. Faculty members may also nominate y worthy students. l Anclrc -huts klun Hanlrx - I .2 as ' 5 jmh Harms Xlnry Baron kallln H1'nm'r ,annunnlltviil Edwin Bigon jim Bonnet .len Bralldes 94 Seniors K Gail Brown Allison Chandler Randal I Ilawsnn Nm-il lluhh l- Debbie Consent ino David Eaton 4 f , nv-vs ,..., Qin r I ff , wi' Charles Chapman Keith l nnne-ll Heike Eller Seniors 95 D1-hhic Epperson Dclmhic 1 lidcon 96 Seniors Cecilia Hallford Da.-hhie Ann l"lunngan W Brandt Glover 1 Phyllis Houston Carl Franklin I lary Haddon Deborah Hulfman Kirby johnson Myra: Lindsey Bebe Marek jan-k junm Holly Kuykendall Pznn xliK'llilll'k 'HTTP' MUTIYIU Susan Nobles Valerie H0110 Seniors 97 C .url Prlddx Sh-xr Silu-rihurm' Mary jane Streater 98 Seniors I.nm 1 l'llu.11q-L Huh Nnnlmnn- Mike 'l'hnmpson Hill lkuuln llllk-I 'Sllnvm Sandra Tri plett i , n r i t ' Class of I 972 march to tlwzr Baccalaureate s ii rf, R. 253 ff f my 5' we as, .aqffgifr Wnth axprm ssmns ui h appun ss sndm ss and se rmusm ss un mln rs nl lln sa umr class Pun Bnldnq, :ll Bhmke muu Pat Blamkhurn I Vlllhld Bllluk Path hnnu 'Vlark lwnnn I..uuth hmher Nhkc Pnlds C Ion.: I nrmvs, Dc-bbw Pppa rson jun I-ppm rsnn Shu England Pam Pnghrock Heike Eller Daud laaton Pfnlrum Duggnr .md Barnard Druid 'om thc Ban. :laura-an prou-ssum fi flux X 9 7 WK' , 7, Y ll Zag Z '.:,1"ff:' f- TNQ I. ,al fa Qz. 'wuiw We are the class of 73 .Q Q1 e+s1Q'44..:,:.5.1 -' .- by . ' 'wr' fgfiim, ' -- cv ' , 0' D- . ' '. 1, ' 'Ji' - ' , ,.., .H , I00 'N .lr- Juniors ers lead the way junior class officers are Guv Fowler, Vice-Prcxidvntg Susan Cloud Rcpurlcrg Dawn Cole, Parliamenlariang Missie Fletcher, Secretary: Vicky Vlillialns, Trcasnrerg and Wayne Fulton. Prcsidc-nt. l02 juniors jacob Salisbery and Missic Flelcher are junior class favorites for l972. juniors 103 Cary Akin Vickg Akin Deb ie Anderson Yvonne Armstrong Linda Asher Robert C. Atkins Cathy Autrey Melissa Aycock David W. Bailey David Baird Crystal Baldwin Karen Baldwin joy Baldwin Sam D. Barlield Alan Bames Ban'y Bamett Cary Baxley Denise Beach Marcine Bearor Paula Bellomy Mike Benner Jeannie Bilbrey larry Binns Mary Black Sara Blackburn 104 juniors Rings receivedg rank reached Lanny Blacklock Toni Boenig Cindy Boland Beth Boyd Lana Boyls 'FJ is Frank Sodek, jerry jones, Hal Goolsby, Richard Foster, David Newman, and Gwen Smithson receive class rings. Russell Bridges Ronnie Broadus Beverly Burgess David Burke Patricia Campbell Frank Capps Wanda Carlton Kim Carver -if-N Bruce Cater Elaine Caughlin juniors 105 Pam Cawthon Sue Cawthon john Chambers Bill Chandler Virginia Chaney KU' john Kohutek Clu'tis N. Chattam Marylou Clawson Susan Cloud Lisa Coates Judy Cockrum Larry Cockrum Dawn Cole Ruth Coleman Robert Conn Larry Cooksey 106 juniors -we J ,Y 3 if ' li Qi Russell Bridges Hal Coolsby penny for your thoughts Cathy Cummin s Kathy Cunninglgam Wilbed Curtis Nan Daniels Virginia Davis Jolm DeLany Diane Denson Kevin Dewbre Danny Dillon Cindy Donaldson Sylvia Drobena Yolanda Duarte Kathi Duncan Sandra Dvszrrt Cary Easley Kristi Easterwood Robin Ellis Byron English Daryl Entrop Margie lfvuns Rex Falconer Melvin Feind Jake F errel Albert E. Fletcher Missie Fletcher juniors 107 janell F ojtasek Pat Fojtasek Guy Fowler Carol Fox Margie Fraga Barbara Freeman Kathy Freeman Kathy Frei Cindy Freitag Linda F uc s Junior study The House of Seven Gables David F uentez Pam Fulton Wayne Fulton Ronald Gaines Steve Gaines Emest Gamble jack Candy Cindy Garcia Svlvia Garcia Nonna L. Georg Gail Gillard Ray Gilles ie Sherry Gillimeister Sherry Goeke Lucretia Goer 108 juniors """'!' -H unmana-sawn Klghie Kasberg, Dina Manriquez, Vicky Williams, and Cathy Orlandi study the House of n Gables from a complete paperback edition. 'Q A 'R r ...W J ' ' Qf1Q.E2"5' V, - bfi? 'C 1? be A , ,gf if 8 ' 55? f t, . - V: K A :Y , S"-be ffl Dennis Hobbs studies from a different source. I ' V' 3536552 Danny Golder janet Goldman Jessie Gonzales Hal Goolsby janet Graham 19-4 Roger Graves Nun Grcur '!"""Y' Shaft Gregg Wirnetla Grubb David Grygar Mark Guenat Dainett Hagee Brad Hall 'W-va Denise Hallford Stephen Ham juniors 109 Melodi Hammond Mike Harper Cindy Hastings Mark Hawkins Sharon Hawkins Roberta Hayes Brian Heffner Dale Heisch Roxanne Hendricks Lissann Hestand La ' Hester Delbrbie Hicks Pam Hicks Mark Higginbotham Kathy Hil Attentive expressions vary Dennis Hobbs Robert Hochstedler David Holmes Melody Honeycutt Katy Houston Sherry Howard Sue Hune Richard Hurt Edward Hurta Gene Janicek 110 Juniors Qtggqggggpg, 11: Nba uy Fowler appears content while biting nails. Brenda Kennedy checks assignments closely. Barry Jarma Tim Jarvis Vcnessa Jlenkins Alana Jo nston Dean Johnston Stacly Jones Pau Karnowski Debbie Kasberg Janice Keetch Mark Kelley David Kelly Sandy Kelly Brenda Kennedv Susan Keown ' Robert Kerbow Juniors ll l Nicky Knecht Ricky Knecht Dorothy Kopriva Beth Krugman Beverly Labaj johnny Lange jim Latimer Willie LaVan Tressie Law Kevin Lawler Susan K. Lee Mary Lehr 'I'en'y Lemmons Iim'y Lewellen Lori Lewis jimmy Latimer, Pam Fulton, Mona Matush, and janet Graham sell snacks during activity period. 112 juniors -W X .Qs 7 ....., " f, i y W! , A .f-V10 l ,,,Y j Patsy Lewis Ricky Lewis Debra Liles Brad Lippe jannie Little Melvin Lowe Terri Lucko Susan Lunn Carolyn Lynch Dianne McClure Marvin McDaniel McDonald Cathy McGinnis Mike McHan Richard Mclnturff Martha McKee Tommy McNiel Linda McQueen Mike Main David Malone Dina Manriquez l,ind:i Nlarinik Bill Marsh Charlotte Martin Melinda Martin Juniors 113 Mona Matush Stanley Maxwell Shirley Melcher Bemadette Mesecke Steven Mesecke Ellen Miller Rachel Miller Stanley Miller Bruce Minzenmayer Pamala Moore Susan Moore Bunkley Morris Marsha Morris Kathy Moseley gm. Karl Murch idclassvmen master manuscripts Lois Murray Sherry Myers Ann Narro C 'nthia Neitsch Elick Nejtek Dave Newnmn Clmrles Nichols Rod Nicholson NliIl'g2ll'Cf Oates Kelly Ogle ll4 juniors f 'Z fl gi Ronald O'Neal Cathy Orlandi Tony Pacatte Cindy Pagel Roh Parnell Vickie Paulk Tina Payne Susan Peters Helen Peterson Clayion Pick Boron K. Porter Boo Pospisil Nliclmel Posvar Greg Powell David Punclmrd Meliculous Mclnlurll' minds his English business Disturbed Df0beHa types for the School PaPer' p, juniors 115 john Purifoy Margaret Quinteros David Rankin Deborah Reeders Terry Reese Gary Reid Rebecca Richardson Barbara Riley Diana Roberts jimmy Rogen Irma Rosas Harold Rowe Bill Rucker Frances Salas jacob Salishery Mark Samford Donald Sanders Marcia Sanders Maxine Sarls Theresa Schiller Ray Gillespie and Kellez Ogle complete researc for debate. 116 juniors Cheryl Schlueter Sidney Shinkawa Trina Shumake Rebecca Silva Robert Simecek Amv Simpson Carla Sim son Richard Sge Darla Smith Larry Smith Pam Smith Sandy Smith Gwen Smithson Butch Sneed Frank Sodek Melissa Spears James Spencer Patricia Spivev Charlotte Stallings Charles Stark Susie Stenner Greg Stewart iznice Stewart ary Ann Stumph janet Sumrall Jlmiors 117 Beth Sunbury Robert Talasek Lora Talley Lauretta Tate Doyle Taylor Henry Taylor Phyllis Ta lor Johnnie Thomas Sharon Thomas Sheree Thomas Jim Thompson Sheri Thompson Sue Traylor Steglhen Trussell Bet elline Tull Juniors dream of days to come Bob Upshaw Frank VanDyck Mark DeVane Mary Vanegas Ronnie Vanicek Peggy Vasek Tommy Vitek Rene Vybiral jeraldine Wade Randy Walker 118 juniors .Arla Smith dreams amidst an mist. juniors 119 Dean Wall Brett Wallace Carol Wann Susan Warren Rick Waters Brantley Weathers Iohn Weaver Russell Weaver Steve West Bobby VVhite Susan White Nancy Whitley Pam Whitworth Charlotte Wilde Cathy Wilkerson B, tfv-r X . ,i he . Phylis Tayl0r . . . Leslie Shine . . Denise Hallford 1210 Juniors wp-...,,. Y ,Ii- Dawn Cole . . Kathy Houston li R.B. Wilkerson Alice Williams Barbara Williams Kathy Williams Susan Williams Vicky Williams Paula Willson Cherry Wilson Tom Wolff Shirley Woodruff joan Wright Sandy Wunsch Debbie Yount Sammy Young Betty Zuehlke . Tis Harrison Juniors 121 Bonham, Lamar, and Travis groups merge at T H S 6g gfflg 255 19' frfff' 'L-' 3 1... -Q """ Quinn.. .,.41:" --vw 'ln- 122 O 9 , QP' homores 4: S in M 1 A ln' Y K' wax ' M246 gg ' ab 'Ja' ., I 5 W if sig ' ' a l, J . Is'-Y-"'l' 1 6 2 .9 ' 'mia' f ,fe we X.-ff-at , Q il Aia mfg '14 6 'jigs F'-by , it is W v X A ,Q fll M Q - . i ,fr Zed' ' , ,. - ,P ' L 1 3, Q 7 at ff ,iw 1 4 Q V my 'QQ . M , ,fy .asv -1 5 4,5 X a if mr 4 , gt, , M an la a I sffk . , if gl ' wg P4 A c .1 R I :Q 1, if. ' has 1 gm Q Eg! 'NW 1 f F' t x' ' Q 6 ' ,f ii '- ,V in Sq, 'W Wim-a N Q MMK 4' "SM, ,LY xlxiavk -1 ' wP'f'x' 3 Q 1.11 W ' 1 P ilk is 4 F N ill ,mural Sophomores selected Charles Hamilton and Kay Barnes as favorites. 124 Sophomores Sophomores select six Sophomore class ollicers are left to right: Mark Baker, Vice-Presidentg Cynthia Plsek, Secretaryg Charles Hamilton, Presidentg Leslie Shine, Treasurer, Kay Bames, Reporterg and on the oor Dianne McCracken, Parliamentarian. Sophomores 125 Linda Adams Tina Agee Amy Aldrich David Alexander Melinda Alford Danny Allen Kenneth E. Allen Ki Allen Linda Allen Lynn Anderson Connie Armstrong Peter Avots Debbie Bachhofer Karen Baham james Eric Bailey Mark Baker Kay Barnes Cathy Barnet! Man Bamett argaret Baron Barry Basham Ava Bates Sandi Bates Cindie Beck 126 Sophomores Wallace express their sophomore sentiments. Shirley Biels Judy Bigon Robert Bingham Virginia Black jonathon Blocker Debbie Boedeker John Booth Lovie Jean Bouldin Alan Boyd Becky Boyd Janis Brady Tip Bransom Connie Braun Scooter Brockette Kathleen Broughton Cary Brown joe Brown Pam Bruce Curtis Bulls Mitchell Busb Donna Caddelll Kay Campbell Lydia Cam bell Sally Campbell Sophomores 127 Cathy Canipe Shen'y Carpenter Marcella Carter Mickye Carter Beth Ceaser Amy Chandler Sharon Choat Lois Clark Donna Cole Christine Collier Ray Connell Jim Connorty Sally Cook Claire Cox Cloria Cruz Debra Cryer Ma Culp ' il' ' gs Cm y Cummm Linda Cunnin ham Kathy Davee g Pam Davis Paul Davis James Deaver Renee Deer 128 Sophomores wo., '-vi in-"A Karen Randolph daydreams. A if 'xl 1 X ,N J. C i PW :lvl 3 31: iii f' ,Ji I .ff .ff 1 Eoyce Murcherson serves Rita Laura and Alan Deaver at sophomore PTO re- eshment day. Dolores DeLeon Richard Dell Anita Dever Danny Dickerson Cheryl Divis Joannie Divis Kathy Doehre Kim Doyle Robin Driver Maria Duran Rickey Durham Pam Eaks joe Easlev Teddy Edens Karin Eller Vicki Elliott Connie Ellison Carla Enghrock Donny Epperson Dana C. Evans Reggie Evans Doris Evetts Linda Farr Brenda F ipps Sophomores 129 Terri Flanagan Steve Flanigan Jeanette Flowers Sharla Forrest Billie Foster Melvin Kenneth Fowler johnny Fraga joey Franks Mama French Mike F rerichs Kathy F rits Ronny Fritz Rhonda Fuhrmann laura Gibson Paula Cillmeister Larry Goad Terry Commert Mike Coolsby Brian Coonan Han'y Grant H30 Sophomores f,::...-"""'s cousins, Donna dnd Kyle, sit in alphabetical order in English class. Susie Ann Grant Melissa Gray Sandra Gray Jay Green Sandy Greening Kent Greenway Kip Guenzel Loretta Grisham Scott Guthrie Talma Haile Charles Hamilton james Hammer joni Hampton Carlene Hansen Joanne Hardin Logan Harlan Susie Harpool jack Harris Richard Harrison Richard Harwell Sophomores 131 Sue Hawkins Craig Heffner Marcia Henke Charles Henry Helen Hernandez juanita Hemandez james Hester Rachel Hicks Carrice Hilbers Dianne Hill Dou Hilliard Chaiies Hinkle Merilyn Holleman joe Holman Roxie Hoskins Melvin Housewright Galen Houston Tommy Hovel David Howard Dwaine Hurta Brenda Hutka Frances jansing Pam Ieter Randy jeter 132 Sophomores ,i 5 I ,Q Af 2139? ' fa 3 Zi fy rr za ' sz? gg '.',., 133 if Y K Marvin McClendon standing, gives his interpretation of Julius Ceasar for f low classmates. Back row: Jackie Ledbetter, Brenda Krause, Royce Murch son, Sharon McColdrick, Charles Moeller, front row: Ruben Muro, Riel Manuel, and Peggy Leonard. nk.-" "' " Qu: w J , V as , twixsv f. V R V ,f,,, w-L., Q5 -iii E' in teve Nussbaum proves to be camera shy. jerry Bell yeilds to mental cultivation. Sandra L lecture. Aw Q74 Bates is attentive to K Irene joe Gene johnson Lisa johnson Melvin johnson Brent jones Eddie jones Gary Jones jimmy jones Donna Kacir Ronald Kalkbrenner Regi Ketcham Marvin Ketterman the day's Frank Klinlcovslcy Hal Knight Peter Knudsen Larry Koslovsky Jeanie Kostohryz Brenda Krause Sophomores 133 Melinda Lambert Steve Lane Vicki Langram Rhett Lawhorn 'Backie Ledbetter ebbie Ledger Peggy Leonard Kenny Lirette Eula Lloyd Eddy Love Denese Lowe Judy Lunde i aww? Students say good-bye to student teacher Luann Lytle Ricky Manuel Billie Marinik Bonnie Marshall Wallace Marshall Nancy Marx Jlames Matl ed Maxfield Mike Mayes Marvin McClend0n Dianne McCracken Ten'i McEntire Ruth McFadin Berta McGee Kath f McGee L mia McGee Sharon McC0ldrick Chris McGregor Peggy McLean jessica Ann McLem0re janet Melcher Debbie Mesecke Susan Mesecke Debbie Meyer 134 Sophomores 9,3 F4 fig? H S 79 2 Q r 'K W iw l E 'K if H yin 5 W V H : - E311 3' 3 im HQ- 1.- Q1 5 it 1 at A, L. N... -v1-ji' 'KPN' 4 fm e Corbm s student teacher, Sharon McCutcheon receives a wami ood bye from Randy Shenkrr Cathy Barnett Susan Slye Barbara Straka, Sharon Milmtsch Russell Mikeskzl Charles Miller Frank Mills Terri Mills Charles Moeller Perry Molett Pam Moody Paul Moore Theresa Moore Cindi Morris Valerie Mureh Royce Murcherson Janice Neal V' Debbie Nell Newburn Nita Newsome james Nichols Sophomores 135 Shari Nichols William Nickles Brian Nolen Wallace Norwood Frankie Novosad Steve Nussbaum Laurie Olsen Robert Ortega janet Owen jayela Owens Marianne Passons jerry Patton Leann Patton Doug Patterson Susan Pavlica Martha Perez Janice Perkins Susan Perkins Robb ' Pettigrew Davirl Phelps Carey Pick 136 Sophomores .YK Ira consideration - - Speculation deliberation . . application, Laura Wallace Angela Pierre Cynthia Plsek Cynthia Popelka Carol Poppell David President Christine Procter Ronnie Psencik Cordon Purser Tony Quinteros Liz Rahe Gloria Ramirez Caryn Randolph Patty Rankin Kenneth D. Reed Maxine Reed Sharon Reid Gerry Rieger Marianne Riegler Deborah Rice Mark Richardson Martha Rickard Sophomores 137 Joe Roark Cindy Roberson David Roberson Mary Robinson john Rossing julie Roush Sandra Rowe Scott Rum h James Sangel Eamest Sanders Marie Santos Susan Santos Laura Schaefer Susan Schneider Gwen Schoolar Sharon Schraeder Sharman Schwartz Billy Schwertner jen'y Scott Larry Scott Paula Sefcik Bill Shaffell David Shaffell Randy Shenkir 138 Sophomores 51" .uv- QQ , ' , I .--., S K 1 if S? 4 X if , is gs V1 'Rummy rg?" if 'iii if f f ,Nxt Christine Proctor jerry Bell ' fi .' -in , gfflsii f ' it Liv: a I sy - gs 4535 if ' 1 'ir-W' Ronald Kalkbrenner Bel-ta McGee Karen Shillingburg Leslie Shine Patti Shirle Odesa Shulgeld Karen Sides Karel Simecek Tim Simmons Curtis D. Sitz Denice Skeen Denise Sladek Susan Slye Donna Smetana Debbie Smith Debbie A. Smith gynn Snow aries Sodek Cindy Sodek Maxine Souls Audrey Lee Stavely Barbara Stephens Bobby Stephens Barbara Straka Corey Sudduth Warren Sunbury Sophomores 139 Ma Sutherland Michele Symm Kenneth Tackett Harald Tannreuther Charles Teakell Patty Texter Thomas Bill Thomas Kibbie Thomas Nicki Thomas joy Thompson Linda Thorp Pat Tormey Cheryl Touchstone Patsy Tull Ricky Turner Mike Tutor Ray Urubek Nancy Valley Richard Vanecek Becky Vanicek Vicki Vaughan Irene Venable Rosalinda Villanueva Cheryl Villines Cerardette Voigt Tommy Valenta Debbie Voss Vicki Vogel Eddie Walker Marcia Wall joel Wallace Laura Wallace lee Wallace Debbie Warren David Webb 140 Sophomores Sue Wendler john VVhite Linda White Carolyn Wilde Dean Winkler Paul Williams Randy Williams Lisa Williamson Kathy Wilson La Wilson all wood Connie Woodruff Marie York Randy Young Don Zabcik Sharon Zaruba Debby Zirkelbach Donnly Epperson seems only slight y amazed at Becky Newbum's new discovery of eyelash style. Sophomores 141 Sometimes you just carft win I2 sp. 01758 Lower first row, from left to right: Student managers and trainers5 Ted Maxfield5 john Booth5 Scott Duke5 Carter Farris5 Edward Ybarra5 Hal Goolsby5 Larry Lewellen. Second row: Steve Neman, 275 Edwin Bigon, 605 James Gerald, 505 Paul Guthrie, 675 Keith Connell, 245 Gary Baxley, 205 Bruce Cater, 185 Bill Rucker, 555 Dean Wall, 775 Albert Garcia, 11. Third row: Ricky Shaklovitz, 645 Geor e DeLeon, 625 Mike Flowers, 835 Ciarles Chapman, 525 Ray John- ston, 255 Larry Marble, 655 Don Rob- inson, 365 jack Jones, 855 Ronnie Jones, 665 Bob Mansfield, 455 Bercha Anderson, 405 Mark Snyder, 445 Wayne Fulton, 12. Fourth row: Gary Haddon, 105 Tim Grear, 325 Richard Mclnturff, 805 Ken Maddux, 715 Brett Wallace, 765 Bob Simmons, 755 Alfred Sanders, 705 Mike Jenkins, 885 Dale Gilmore, 735 Steve Baker, 845 john DeLany, 825 Carl Franklin5 46. Coaches at eft: Billy Irby5 Ron Henson5 Bill Owen5 Sherwood Bark- er. Coaches at right: john Elam5 jer- rold Durling5 Dee Dearen. Manager not shown: Mike Harper. In the lower left photograph, Ronniek Jones, 665 and Mike Flowers, 835 loo on as the Cats end up on top of the Uni- versity Trojans. 144 Football Cats toiled toward winning season 5 f a , in 9 , an w 9 sn 5 25 59 Football 145 146 Football Bercha Anderson junior Guard Steve Baker Senior End Cary Baxle junior Halfbacli Edwin Bigon Senior Guard Bmce Cater Junior Quarterback Charles Chapman Senior Center 0pponent's grip curbs Don Robinson's rushing as David President stands by Flanagan elected sweetheart F Debbie Flanagan was chosen as the 1972 Football Sweetheart by members of the Wildcat team. She was escorted to the field by Kirly johnson during the hal ime of the Temgle versus Richfield game. Larry Marble, 65, and Bob Simmons, 75, presented Debbie with a dozen roses an a football autographed by all team mem ers 147 Football Keith Connell Senior Halfback john DeLany junior End George DeLeon junior Guard Coach Darling urges Marble 148 Football 1' ' ge fills mf' i VS. Lili Ffllw sf" 'WN Mike Flowers junior End Carl Franklin Senior Halfback Wayne Fulton junior Quarterback Albert Garcia junior End james Gerald Senior Center Dale Gilmore Ilmior Tackle Tim Grear Senior Fullback Gary Haddon Senior Quarterback Mike Jenkins Senior End 150 Football jack jones Senior End Ronnie jones Senior Guard Ray Johnston Senior End Richard Mclnturff junior End Ken Maddux Senior Tackle Bob Mansfield Senior Hallback Larry Marble Senior Guard Steve Neman Senior Hallback Hobs '53, 5 41' if rx t l X Robinson voted "mos 490' as will S ,nj john Purifoy Junior Center Honorees at the Wildcat Football Appreciation Banquet are from left, Keith Connell, Don Robinson, Ronnie jones, and Ray Johnston, standing from left, Dr. H.B. Anderson, Edwin Bigon, Gary Haddon, Mike Jenkins, Bob Simmons, jack jones, and AJ. Mercer, jr. Qaluable playerv Carl Franklin, 46, throws an block as Keith Connell, 24 meets thc opposition. Football 151 At rightg Bob Mansfield, Larr Marble, Charles Chapman, Jack jones, Dale Gilmore, Gary Baxley, Brett Wallace, and Bill Rucker con- template new game strategy during halftime. At lower right, Steve Ne- man lights for extra yardage. At right, Mike jenkins escapes his opponent. Cats rest, mn, and msh 152 Football Donald Robinson junior Fullback Bill Rucker junior Tackle Alfred Sanders Sophomore Tackle Ricky Shaklovitz Sophomore Guard Qi-.B Bob Simmons Senior Tackle Mark Snyder Senior Guard Nw-66'-M' .-my-5-an-v-W 'ft in Dean Wall junior Tackle Brett Wallace Junior Tackle Q, fi "Yury, AK F' ,K V,4. 5 K f Football 153 junior Varsity Members of the 1972 Junior Varsity team were as follows: Lower frst row, from left to right: Iimmfy Thomas, 40, james Bauldin, 62, David Ben ord, 83, john Kohutek, 25, john Castillo, 67, Ronnie Broders, 31, David Rankin, 20, Reggie Evans, 63, Clayton Pick, 54. Second row: Stuart Evins, 53, james Alex- ander, 72, Robert Brown, 74, Russell Mikeska, 10, David President, 87, john Purifoy, 52, Al- bert Rhymes, 70, Byron English, 75, Steve Gaines 76. Third row: Don jackson, 35, Charles Hamilton, 27, Ricky Surner, 60, Ke- vin Dewbre, 735 Bunkley Morris, 77, David Baird, 553 Eddie jones, 21, Dale Heisch, 80. Coach at left: Ron Henson. Coaches at right: left to right: Billy Irby, Dee Dearen. Below Robert Brown contemplates a new play. The season record for the lunior Varsity was 5-4. Coach Henson descir ed the players as ex- cellent material for next year's team. nderclassmen have tough season Sophomore Team Sophomore team members for the 1971 sea- son: Lower first row, from left to right: Glen Blunson, 24g Edward Salazar, 275 Ines Avila, 423 joe Magana, 503 Ernest Salazar, 413 Mark Hanson, 233 Artie Fraga, 853 William Nickle, 643 Barry Basham, 213 Gene Wilson, 22. Sec- ond row: Mike Coolsby, 80g Steve Flanigan, 813 Howard Creasey, 123 Kenny Reed, 515 Tony Cruz, 725 Ricky Durham, 61, Tim Sim- mons, 70. Third row: Ki Allen, 843 joe Brown, 633 Cary jones, 103 Issac Wilson, 253 Donald Epperson, 11g Perry Molett, 82. Coach at left: Bil y Irb . Coach at right: Dee Dearen. Above Alien Fine and an opponent tr f for the ball. The Sophomore team was made up of twenty-three sophomores. The team played nine games winning one, tying one, and losing seven. Football 155 QF... --ss, lm 'X X 13 3 l U -vb-ld' r f ii kim jfgr., 5 in B' s 2 x .L ,Q if .til Flip labels Cats co-champs The 1972 Wildcat basketball team worked hard for a suc- cessful season. The Cats were district co-champs, losing to Killeen in the coin toss that determined who would repre- sent the district. Ernest Walker was the high point man for the 1971 season, scoring 722 points in thirty games. The team won-loss record was 26-5. ns., uv K W. 5 l X .kjj Ji If staff, Varsity basketball team members are ltop row, left to rightj John Pleasant, 345 Jimmy Rogers, 335 Brant Clover, 215 jeff Cray, 505 Ernest WValker, 135 jacob Salisbery, 315 fbottom row, left to rightj Willie LeVan, 225 Bob WValker, 245 Kirby johnson, 145 Mike Jenkins, 325 and Jerry Jones, 12. Basketball 157 Wm Q nn' ,VM 5 wi is is 1 if his .. ats Soo action Below: jeff Graaf, 50, succeeds in keeping the ball away from his opp0nent's reac . Upper right: Kirby johnson, 14, and jimmy Rog- ers, 54, stand ready to get the rebound from the shot made by Er- nest Walker, 10. Lower right: Jimmy Rogers, 54, is surprised by the pass thrown to him by Kirby johnson. 158 Basketball hav' ,X-sfwfff' Brant Clover Jeff Cray Mike jenkins Kirby johnson je f jones Wane LaVan john Pleasant jimmy Rogers Jac-oh Snlishery Basketball 159 Bob Walker Ernest Walker Ernest VVard, manager Above: Angela Pierre was elected sweetheart by members of the varsity team. At right: Mike jenkins 32, wants to help jimmy Rogers 33, make his basket. 160 Basketball mm ,Hlw . 65 SML -df' junior Varsity has successful season Coached by Dee Dearen, the Junior Varsity team had a highly successful season. The team lost only four regular season games. Melvin Freeman and Willie Rogers led in outside shooting, while David President and Marion Loving led the season in rebounds. Above: junior Varsity team members: top row, left to right: Mike Cephus, Charlie Hamilton, Willie Rogers, Marion Loving, Pete Knundson. Bottom row, left to right: Paul Houge, Barry Basham, llerry Berry, Melvin Free- man. Al left: Coaches for the Wildcat Basketba l teams were Dee Dearen and Lester Moore. Basketball 161 M.. X ' v ' X S W f 6 fm, -W - W Q 5 4 s Ak 995 E 151 115 , Q 5222, ,, A gr 1 8, I K K 952- 5 K fix xi ,. , M , Nw 5 4 'S+ ,M f is S Q 4 J ,N W ,W , M . A5.,A 5 - gk 'S gitggg: - ' X . 1 lax fx, mm , 'Wi s T V-'Fifi ' A 1? ,j "' Q, f M N' 5 2 i , , . 1 3 S -f 4, :x ii M 3 .. x ,, MT .f up A . N 1 :R ...J " "'S 5' I? 1 - :Wifi V-gig If ' T231 X -mxi' 1 23 ,L , . ., -f .W "1 1 3 wi , 215 ij 3 5 X 'W' 33? Mn JL if ., 1 1 5 'Ms -3' V X Q.,- is 5 , ,. ,mx 5 NNI "Q QM' glam X ,M J wx x X -amz .AHS Members of the Tumbling Team are bottom row, from left to right: Cynthia Spoonts, Janelle Pickett, Cindi Plasek, Mary Potter, Carla Mayfield, Susan Nobles, Rita Hayes, Christy Autrey, Pam Machalek, and Mrs. Cist, sponsor. Second row, from left to right: Dena Casey, Anita Schiller, Paula Bellomy, Beverly Burgess, Nancy Marble, Cindi Donaldson, Stacy jones, Susan Moore, Sherry Myers, and Melissa Cline. Third row, left to right: Susie Grant, Shirley Bricker, Marcella Carter, Sharon Schraeder, Angela Pierre, Christine Procter, Leslie Shine, Rita Lara, Melinda Alford, and Kay Campbell. 7 Tumblers entertain basketball fans Senior members of the tumbling team perform at a basketball game. They are on the floor, Janelle Pickett and Cindi Plasek. Standing from left to iight are Dena Casey, Mary Potter, Debbie Epperson, Pam Machalek, and Carla Mayfield. Opposite page: Junior cheerleader is Patricia Spivey, left. Right, soph- omore cheer eader is Cene Sprott. Tumblers 165 .734 We 5? , , Senior members of the 1971 Tumbling Team are pictured above.,They are, on the glow, left to right: Anita Schiller' Dena Casey, and Rita Hayes. Second row, left to right: Carla Mayfie d, Pam Mac alek, Mary Potter, Cindi Plasel. and Janelle Pickett. Stan ing from left to right are Christy Autrey, Cynthia Spoonts, and Susan Nobles. Tumblers choose johnson sweetheart Thirty-one girls participated in the activities of the 1971-1972 Tumbling Team. There were fourteen first year girls, six second year girls, and eleven third year girls. Two groups performed at the halftime of each home basketball game. The annual Spring Show, which was on March 6, followed the Alamo theme. A new 'Wx tumbling mat was purchased this year, and with profits from the Spring Show, all thirty-one tumblers were lettered. Susan Nobles was President of the tumbling team. Other officers were Janelle Pickett, Vice-president, Carla Mayfield, Sec- retary, Pam Machalek, Dena Casey, Mary Potter, Cindi Plasek, and Cyn- thia Spoonts, Captains. Managers 3 were Sherry Myers and Melissa Cline. Mrs. Cist sponsored the Tum- I Qs Ot If blers. At right is Kirby johnson, V,'. M ' tumbling sweetheart. if A "gi g 166 Tumblers L.-JL-JI--.-I C-5"""ill"""""'t"""" . 1, 'm At left: junior members of the Tumbling Team are in foreground, Sherry Nleyers. On the floor are from left to right: Cindy Donaldson, Nancy Marble, and Beverly Burgess. Standing from left to right are Stacy Jones, Paula Bellomy, and Susan Moore. Sophomore tumblers are pictured in the lower photograph. They are kneel- ing from left to right: Susie Grant, Shirley Bricker, and Leslie Shine. The second row, standing from left to ri ht: Kay Campbell, Christine Procter, Meinda Alford, Mar- cella Carter, and Rita Lara. From left to right on the lop row are Angela Pierre and Sharon Schraeder. 3 I we 9 uk. Tumblers 167 Baseball team takes second place The Wildcat Baseball team had a season record of fif- teen wins and eight loses, with the south zone record being six wins and four losses. This put the Cats in sec- ond place. Charles Chapman was the winner of the Hallford trophy and the outstanding player trophy. He had a season batting average of .370 and was voted the catcher of the south zone team. Key graduating seniors were Brant Clover, Chapman, Carl Franklin, and Mike Jenkins. Chapman and Franklin were voted captains of the team. Wayne Fulton was the key pitcher for the team with seven wins and two losses to his credit. Pitchers for the varsity team pictured at right are left to right: Al- bert Garcia, Wa ne Fulton, and Brant Colver. Outfielders, pic- tured below, are left to ri ht: Albert Garcia, john Kohutek, Russell Mikeska, Cary Davis, and Mike jenkins. 168 Baseball .,, S at N. ff' n77f""' ,,,."f - .1-if -fl 'za sf! , C fe , , E Y rl. rl N" ' 1 . . , , ' ' xx :Z f -K N K ! , y S , g :arg i l ve VVKL ,l ,, . 1 5 ,af f -' V' I 1 g L ' ,. A ' is . RL? -W fb Vkkk . ,L bm, My .V 5 m .L l , l l l , t V we e , , V , , , . , ' L .. , - A ,,,,,:',gi, V f3rFasr.fl,,,iat f- 7 ,W a,..,,,, 1 JW. ,f v- K ,gina fi' Q' I -'g.-g,,Z,5,,fg,s A. .1 - giigggigg L -as iw ., Q l , - f V3-4 wk f 4, .Q -53- 5 lk " .4 K 'f -- -1' y - 'Ex 1, f, ' 'zfii' ,. K' K - - 5 - -, Q fr -, is , ' L K, 1 , , 5, s YM- .m,,m,k.,R .., an ,v,..k7? 'gg ,EY , iw gfggtzk , V' :'5fi'3Qg?lf35F?'j f i, I ,Nf -f L' 'fi P t ff, , it s f gag , " . ' - ' 5' V 2 - PFW' "' W?- -5,1 rug: '- ' A . 'L 'V ,: : rf -57237 . ' k 9 ,' K 'f ' ' alibi' fx f ,AQ -35,53-V,, A.r, ,v,,,Q ,Z . get ,... 3,,?", fs .--h Qi-f - I X Jjfsgggew iy ,, me ' sf fr' 5 ,Q .,,M,i,,1, .. .MM My k , Q. .- -ya, ' K. , -K .,a.. ,, n we 1 egmtggjilf " ,gs 5 fe ' " . Qs A iseggkssg i, , ,Qt ff . ,rigging X Q? A " X . W. W M f :Mg -. ' fs, , , '4 , A " Y Q ' ,, A' . 1-' " ' ' 6514 9 A V 2 Q 'ia ggi fa, -Mt g A ' ' l"" 3H K , K. F iv e. ' . . . , ,, , ,V ,,,k,,. ,. , Va, , ,W , , J, swf-ri, W. " , ., -, -V 1 . H ' , .L 3: A ,.. ' " Munn, :J ' 4' 'H ' N fy... " me , 'H , ,.,, Q ' 2 Tir-'A ' ' ' it , :','l,. f zmlif ng sf' e " 1 kms, NM1iQ,a,3,fM ,, , , -, -nf ., . A .. 5 , X v , ,- 1. .tm M. Infielders for the Wildcat baseball team pictured above are kneeling from left to right: jerry jones, Charles Chapman, Cary Baxle , and Baron Porter. Top row, left to right are Wayne Fu ton, Don Robinson, Clayton Pick, and Bunkley Morris. In the photo raph at left, Carl Franklin demonstrates his excellent atting ability. Baseball 169 VWldcat relays break long standing records Members of the boys' track team are top row, left to right Al- len Fine, Steve Newman, Richard Smith, William Nickle, Pe- ter Knudsen, Raymond Toliver, and Charles Teakell. Middle row, left to right: Steven Gaines, Keith Connell, Edwin Bigon, Debs Mitchell, Allen Brown, and J.C. Lowe. Bottom row, left to right: David Rankin, Edward Ybarra, Richard Mclnturfl, Steve Flanigan, Ted Maxfield, Barry Jarma, and Ki Allen. Pe- ter Knudsen, pictured at right, was the high point man for the Cat track team. He won the track award at the Spring Sports Banquet. At the District meet Peter won first place in the 880 run. At the Regional meet in Denton he placed sixth in the 880 run with a 158.2 time which was better than two track contestants who did qualify for the state finals. On the opposite page, Keith Connell practices his broad jump. 170 Track W, Track 171 an-' W 172 Golf I-...A 4. R' Temple gobfers are up to par Pictured above are members of the lgqolf team. They are clockwise: Mark Cuenatt, Cary Baden, Dennis Hobbs, George Sladacek, Bill Chandler, and Larry Binns. Seated are Carlton WVi es and Randy Young. Pictured below are the team members who went to regional. They are from left to right: Bill Chandler, George Sladacek, Dennis Hobbs and Larry Binns. Opposite page: Carlton Wilkes watches as Larry Binns prepares to putt. lg swf ,ix . We L.: g M A -. 'L ii Both boys , and girls, tennis teams swing .......+... f'iQ4, , ' 'N ' iw , X'22"-if 355+ Q- x xvui i.-J' 'T , N 7, ' " 555, -Q 1 . 1 I ' in N . ef 'Zh f f ' 1 - f Qv-,N I! I "lm, ,.. AAA. K W i vu 5, 0,7705-ite page, Upper hoto: members of the gir s' tennis team are Eack row, from left to right: Allison Chandler, Melissa Aycock, Nancy Reiger, Mary Baron, jen Brandes, Beth Ceaser, Debbie Corsentino, and Cecilia 'Hallford, Second row, left to right: Cindy Neitsch, Vicky Akin, Margie Baron, Margie Church, Christi Easterwood, Cindy Ca y, and Pamela jean Davis. In the far left photo, Allison Chandler is one of the fine singles players. In the left shoto, Debbie Corsentino an Cecilia Hallfor work at being a doubles team. Six girls represented Temple in district competition. Pictured in the ower photo, they are from left to right: Debbie Corsen- tino, Cecilia Hallford, Al ison Chandler, Ma Baron, jen Brandes, and Kristi Easterwoolii Members of the boys, tennis team are pic- tured above. They are, back row, from left to right: David Webb, Marty Lundgren, Danny Dillon, Mark VViese, and james Sandel. Front row, from left to right: james Hammer, Rett lawhom, Rob Pamell, and Eddy VValker. The members of the boys' tennis team who at- tended district are pictured below. They are back row, from left to right: james Sandel, Mark Wiese, and Marty Lundgren. Front row, from left to right, Rob Parnell and Rhett Lawhom. Tennis 175 Members of the "Av volleyball team pictured at right are bottom row, eft to right: Darla Smith, Royslin Burton, and Linda Pet- rury. Top row, left to right: Es- tella Myers, Tina Payne, Carolyn Hall, Vickie Paulk, and Margie Evans. Not pictured is Rosalyn Runyon. Captains for the "A" team pictured at lower left are Carolyn Hall and Vickie Paulk. Captains for the "B" team pic- tured at lower ri ht are left to right Rosherion Chiles and john- nie Mae Thomas. '12 , r. i -'il-gr Fm Girls, volleyball wins district championship 176 i -in-an Q we ,Y I Members of the "B" team ic- tured at left are bottom row, ll,eft to right: Ivor Wilson, Rosherion Chiles, Janelle Pickett, and John- nie Mae Thomas. Top row, left to right: Judy Bigon, Linda Ward, Ruth Cranderson, Karen Baham, Susie Stermer, and Virginia Black. Not pictured is Sylvia Stephen. Captains for the "Cn team pic- tured at lower left are left to right Virginia Black and Jeanette Flow- ers. Members of the "C" team pic- tured at lower right are bottom row left to right: Gracie Vasquez, Lupe Olivares, and Martha Perez. Top row left to right are Jeanette Flowers, Diane Hill, Debbie Meyer, and Linda McGee. Volleyball 177 Members of the track team for 1971 included, bottom row, left to right: Beverly Lavan, Judy Measles, Susan Carr, Judy Roush, Barbara Williams, Odessa Sheffield, Rosherion Chiles, Sherry Myers, Barbara Green, and Carol Wann. Second row, left to right: Susan Mescke, Lynda McGee, Judy Bigon, Kathleen Brogghton, Jeanette Flowers, Coach Mildred Lancaster, Susan White, Deborah Huffman, Nancy Marx, Estella Myers, and Peggy McLean. Not pictur are Sylvia Drobena, Debra Franklin, Demetra Kennedy, Mona Matush, Donna Plumlee, and Gwen Schoolar. Girls, track team brings honors Managers for the track team pictured above are Estella Myers and Beverly Lavan. Man Deborah Huffman attended the state meet. agers not pictured are Mona Matush and Demetra Kennedy. 178 Cirls' track w Eleven girls attended the regional meet. They are bottom row, left to right: Bar- bara Green, Odessa Sheffield, Rosherion Chiles, and Sherry Myers. Top row, left to right: Susan Carr, Deborah Huffman, Lynda McGee, Barbara Williams, and Nanc Marx. Not pictured are Nancy Marblle and Janie Hogue. The track team tri-captains are Shen'y Myers, Deborah Huffman, and Barbara Williams. Girls' track 179 Sponsored groups accent school life ,I ,viii-gf ,f yi .Q W, fx , ,, .1 K 3 5. , f?!X:,,5,1. I A E , s mir , 4, li. I , rg ,o5x, ' 4 X I sl E h . f 41 'Fi " it 4 U . 5 1' , N " o foi, ffgiff ' X .. ,1'ff.vr.w3gJ,..-, A v f -fm f. K5 W? l30 Organizations Organizations Pride of Temple High School is reviewed W! 5 , . i' xg 182 Organizations T 2 ' Q E!! f QNX.-4 hs-0'5--, . KN ,f-"a'i" Opposite page upper le t: Band of- ficers are Steve Silver orne, Vice- Presidentg Cindi Plasek, Reporter- Historiang Missie Fletcher, Secre- tary-Treasurer: and Andre Avots, President. O posite page upper right: Steve Silcerthorne is drum ma- jor. On this page upper left is Cindi Plasek, the band Sweetheart. The three THS majorettes are Cindy Donaldson, jen Brandes, and Dawn Cole. Orgamz ations 18 Assistants keep all kinds of notes O'Qf"9'Ll Librarians are from left to rightzdlanet Goldman, Lanette Fincher, Ro- Secretaries are from left to right: Terry Thomas, and Janice Clemons sallnd Benford, Linda Marx, an Mary jane Streater. Opposite page top junior Varsity Band mem- i bers are first row: C. Boland, N. WVhitley, B. Hutka, A. Frost, Brady, P. Bellomy, M. Honeycutt, C. Hilbers, M. Symm, M. York, 0. Shuflield, D. Hertel, C. Smithson, Second row: R. Hendricks, C. Malone, M. Martin, K. Davee, S. Nichols, L. Bo ls, N. Marx, D. Flores, C. Hansen, D. Holliman, D. Thomp- son, V. Black, T. Simmons, A. Whitaker, Connorty, Green, Third row: Beale, B. Bamett, P. Cam hell, D. Patterson, D. VVebb, M. Busby, R. Kalkbrenner, R. Gaines, D. Hill- iard, R. jones, Jimenez, T. Willis, L. Wall- ace, B. Anderson, N. Whitehead, Gonzales, J. Woolley, P. Molett, D. Hurta, M. Kelley, K. Shillingburg, Fourth row: K. Campbell, P. Shirley, D. Smetana, D. Skeen, Flowers, R. Foster, C. Daniels, P. Avots, L. Smith, Salis- bery, D. Zabcik, D. Brown, K. Houston, L. Koslovsky, R. Hurt, S. Brockette, D. Bailey, S. Lopez, Hill, M. Johnson, E. Lloyd, G. John- son, R. Turner, M. Richardson, C. Wilson, C. Hamilton, D. Howard, P. Smallwood, R. Ie- ter, R. O'Neal, K. Starnes, C. White, Fifth row: T. Rivera, B. Holleman, D. Risby, K. Cuenzel, B. Jones, Mr. Stirman, Hammer, D. President, S. Sn der, R. Durham, A. Boyd, M. Hawk, D. Winkler, C. Easley, S. Brewer, L. Anderson, C. Brown, K. Greenway, R. Novosad, D. Robinson, A. Brown, Easley. Manager is Mark Goldman, Assistant drum major is Gary Parsons. 184 Organizations xl' 4? QU! unior Varsit adds support ' f Ilindy Boland and Nancy Whitley are IV secretaries. Marie York, Paula Bellomy, and Carrice Hilbers and JV band twirlers. 'X are Kathy Davee, Nancy Marx, and Melinda Martin. Right: JV Drum is Mark Kellev. :aww nw. .1 . Y . f Mr. Howard receives pot of gold First row: seated left to right: judy Barnes, Debbie Corsentino, Second row: Beth Boyd, janet Graham, Cecilia Hallford, Anne Martt, Third row: Myra Lindsey, Mary Baron, Debbie Sodek, Sue Traylor. 186 iw B as fi E i Lowerjirst row, left to right: D. Sodek, M. Baron, A. Martt, J. Barnes, C. Hal lford, D. Corsentino, J. Graham, B. Boyd, M. Lindsey, S. Traylor. Second rou S. Nobles, C. Autry, D. Suniga, G. Cruz, R. Silva, C. Autrey, C. Randolph, I Shine, A. Narro, B. Tull, S. Dysart, S. Forrest, K. Do le, T. Flanagan, C Wann, Third row: V. Akin, S. Mihatsch, K. Doehre, A. Aldrich, P. Mesecke, S Myers, S. Moore, C. Cox, C. Spoonts, T. Roberson, S. Lee, C. Billeck, S. Black burn, P. Cawthon, D. McClure, Fourth row: S. Malmin, L. Pahe, S. Keown B. Mesecke, P. Houston, E. Miller, L. Fuchs, Eppersonson, Laurens, N Marblekl. Baggett, B. Wilde, K. Thomas, M. S ephard, R. Ellis, Fifth row: C Mayfiel , M. Potter, S. Zaruba, C. Lynch, B. Solomon, M. Aycock, C. Pagel L. Coates, M. French, L. Hestand, P. Hicks, D. Voss, K. McGee, L. Gibson ai lf? S l l. I P. Roberts, Sixth row: C. Fox, R. Deere, L. Lytle, S. Harpool, S. Cawthon, L. Iurray, K. Freeman, D. Case, C. Freytag, K. Cunningham, P. Engbrock, J Qeetch, E. Cau hlin, P. Hinkle, B. Lesikarg Seventh row: Thompson, Kos lhryz, S. Clouci C. Engbrock, C. Schlueter, R. Ha es, L. Olsen, P. Vasek, B ipzs, A. Johnston, P. Fulton, D. Hallford, M. Lamblert, M. Stumph, M. Lehr ig th row: S. Booth, D. Meyers, j. Bigon, C. Schoolar, S. Drobena, R lcCuire, B. Snyder, Pomy al, M. Clawson, A. Schiller, D. Beach, M lack, C. Brown, D. Boedeker, S. Warren, Ninth row: L. Cunningham, M. lford, M. Baron, L. Williamson, K. Barnes, P. Blackburn, D. Bac hofer, S. illmeister, V. Kattner, P. Lane, V. Elliot, T. Haile, L. Schaefer, C. Cum- ings, D. Kacir. a Opposite page, top left: Durward Howard presents a trophy to out- standing head captains: Mary Baron, Cecilia Hallford, and Debbie Corsen- tino. Opposite page, top right: Andre Avots, on behalf of the Band and Pepperette members, presents Dur- ward Howard with a bucket of money to carpet his office. Top left: Band and Pep rettes unfurl the American Hag cfirering halftime cere- monies Thanksgiving Day at the new Texas Stadium. Top right: Mary Baron was elected Pepperette sweet- heart for 1971-1972. 187 Highlighters are seen from different points of View five, Top right: Highlighter members are under the direction of Durward Howard. Lower left: 'Lack Harris, Piano, Bun ley Morris, Bass Guitar, Guy Fowler, Percussion. Op- posite page, top left: Andre Avots, Ronnie Vanicek, Murphy Talley, jim Latimer. Top right: Comets: Warren Sun- bu ', Ray Connell, Mark Govdman, Earl Notting- ham, Creg Stewart, Rick Waters, john Rossing. Lower: Saxophones: Ilim Bonnet, Frank K in- kovsky, Alvin Bailey, Charles Hinkle, Mark Lanford. 188 Organizations gui if 1, .. rr? fy J , . . ' ' "4 Q " 4 ...Q , 5.3 " W: K, ff exif 1 8 ,Q ik. W sf: vo Y A 'z me ,K A M me .Q by ,, : I. is 2. , f . 'w 1 Ayf 4 'fr 1'3- v -.f - A 1 gr , 1'- -W V ,WN :Qa'ffg,.,K V ,- an 4 18 . if A K""5gg I g Y ' ' . "' 5 V, xx: 5 'r' Ly if - R W ,L. h i m Ei? 1' QL, ,sim I , W ,MQ 'S www- 'o f fu .As - K '59, if b 5 5 . . Lsrwwef :Sf U . if Qaida .fi Mi .. .I i.,, k p , L ..1. 4 i ,x if t ,J VP 1? Vg Q eff ,A avg 5 i. ff , gs 1 iffw,-W .,-2, Nr, ,L L- ,. . f -, -- -N aismgfg ,Q fm. MQ, 11551353 ' 1 " " ' : ' ?i'iilig3i??7?' NX fs Qiey ,Q i V Smeg N ww, 33,5 Sm ff 'mf' fyw ,wie 1 W fins QW I, ff ,Z fe s Q we ,K ms Qi Ae fx si f I r r 1 Ti? , iam, L, , . gif MQWQWMWW . f fa and ,ifgfz 1 K1' ' ' s W' If .X X :YK J 49 1 . fx fn gf gf 3 3 Q. nie 2 W 'P J A wi, 1 X , F S 'YB we w ' , S ' Q ii' 2 , ,M X , , K E M 2 S, , x 4,5 ' 3 H I ' y bf QE? +3912 1 iixmyewixx 4 s 11- 2 W W W f H' -3 we- .. , A , L, f KX aj 0 it - y - sy ,' a ,siaflfs .,.1:.L.zwmgf,Saag , . A if W, Igsjw-55, ff. 1 K 1 'v5i5'?'35i-Qziiff-A'Qi-B -7 Y. ' W. gmggwg ,Z 6 5:g7:,g :,g leak Jw ' ,. sh-is , 4 - , .ff . 5 ,n fm he 592:25-5 A a my-f Nev112'fw15vywm nw- ,H '- W '2..ma'.wi-2f.:g2g,g1a,5252523-.2 ' . fi, ,mh 5,Qxmf- 'nv 1sQw,.wlm A My 4 ,A ..-.fw aw 1,4 13 J w ?-""" v f 'S ' A , K, si x. X ' ' ' V""' Hy, L! 1 X dw,'-.S':g1,?'f1if.fw1vif ...xu Orchestra strings along f 7' e v ' 1 V Af J -. uns- gm ff 55:5 fa ff ' is zfimllzwry ,i - rf?igQtuwgv?i:u1,"1rs2 Q -VXI-LSfYIi1i,l 'fjirifii xl?'3ftl'S-WE.-ig , as 1 Q fri, ab-,7'2ffg-,,sg:azlLgiixww 2 - QP' 7 ,. 1: 9 mls Q , s,,s' -Mf,'-- Liv fir' Librarians are Martha Rickard, Corey Sudduth, and Ellen Miller. Concert mistress is Myra Lindsey. 190 Organizations 1-nd Secretaries are Sandra Triplett and Beverly Burgess. Terry Thomas and Tinka Stinson are members of the All-State .....,,,.-N 'i QA 5 lflicers are Tinka Stinson, Vice-President, Terry Thomas, Reporter-Historian, Sandra 'riplett, Secretary, and Doug Bane, President. ,X Ai I ,A gx xltlaiai' inrt row: Myra Lindsey, Debbie Zirkelbach, Beverly Burgess, Claire Cox, fallyl Norwood, Patsy Tull, Doug Bane, Tinka Stinson, Second row: Bill lars , Ellen Miller, Susie Harpoo , Lisa johnson, Martha Rickard, Marga- et Oates, Linda Marx, Terry Thomas, Pam Bolding, Sandra Triplett, Tom igham, Corey Sudduth, Scott Rumph, Galen Houston, Third row: Lynda Managers are Ki Allen and Jack Candy. Ti Y 3 ' 1 - McGee, jack Candy, jayela Owens, Mark Goldman, Malcolm Wahle, Phyllis Taylor, Rick Cummings, Durward Howard, Cary Jones, Bunkley Morris, Mike Yarrito, Ki Allen, and Wanetta Crubb. Annual activities in- cluded PTO Open House, touring of the elementary schools, THS Spring Musical Festival, Recognition Assembly and Baccalaureate. Organizations 191 Mr. Marshall receives greenbaek Worth 100.00 .. A M . . .. ., . Wil? were.. , . ' ' wg, . A.,. . A.,, .,., . . . ,...,., . 5'-f.5.4ff,s5 .f ,.f.,,-.5-5 ,,.0 . . 0eN0 mf--..-as-, .4f: f 's1ssax.. f- .. .gi,,g.,5rfsq.-,.., . 1: -ff.-1. f..':..Q...,f T A ,, M .amz gx4l'??2WlsV,,5 i . .1 A .: - V , ,.., S.. -,-, i . -, ff ' .ly , , i, ,, " 1' sis... ---v- 1 . J . . ,, - .. , if ' V ' - 1- :- .-wwf-'mf W... .,... M ' in M www! Nm Jufg.-5i'5,Lggl.nPs"'r W , , , ,, ,3 , .....W......Ws,.s..... L.. .. iftsxi-iwwiiw " -M ' ' ' Choir members are front row: C. Garcia, Tray- lor, T. Roberson, C. VVann, D. Epperson, D. Flana an, L. Cochran, B. Jimmerson, M. Hig- ginbogiam, R. Clawson, R. Silva, P. Hicks, N. Reese, C. Gaby, P. Spivey, R. Ramsey, Second row: C. Pagel, C. Freytag, B. Labaj, D. Hicks, P. Hinkle, D. Hallford, S. D sart, L. McDonald, G. Davis, L. Wall, R. Russela, L. Lewellen, K. Free- man, C. Easterwood, C. Autrey, B. Boyd, R. Hayes, D. Hagee, Eppersong Third row: C. Cunningham, B. Lesikar, S. Nlalmin, D. Case, N. Creur, C. Baxlev, D. Dragoo, R. Dunkens, D. Green, R. Talaselt, Pebbles, F. S rout, L. Win- kler, Jennings, S. Booth, T. Schillbr, S. lVarren, S. Thompson, Graham, L. Lewis, I. Blersiovsky, Fnurfli rout: V. svllliillllb, C. Cummings, S. Cocke, L. Hcstand, M. Bcaror, R. Kelly, C. Chap- man, S. Gaines, T. Lemmons, C. Drobena, VV. Fulton, B. VVeathers, WVilson, D. Eaton, P. Hu- ber, S. Young, L. Blacklock, A. Hinds, R. Burton, S. VVarren, D. Pseneik, P. Blackburn, and Judy Barnes, Phyllis Houston is pianist. 192 Organizations Les Winkler on behalf of the Jr.-Sr. Choir members, presents Mr. Dwain Marshall with a one dollar bill during the Ir.-Sr. banquet at the Stagecoach Inn. E it QU a ,.,.. ,. ., , ., 'opz Randall Clawson Eresents Debbie Case, choir sweetheart, with a kler, Presidentg Judy Barnes, Reporter-Historiang Debbie Case, Librarian ozen red roses during t e spring banquet. Bottom: Officers are Les Win- Cathy Cummings, Secretaryg and Randall Clawson, Vice-President. Organizations 193 Four receive All-State Choir honor Below: Front row, jr.-Sr. Choir Sec- tion Leaders are Beverly Labaj, Cyn- thia Caby, Nancy Reese, Janet jen- nings, back row, Les Winkler, Frank Sprout, David Eaton, and Charlie Chapman. Right: All-State choir members are Randy Russell, Paul Huber, David Eaton, and Les Winkler. The Junior-Senior Mixed Choir, un- der the direction of Dwain Marshall, performed for several all-school as- semblies, churches, and local service clubs. At UIL Choir Contest, the junior-senior choir received a I rat- ing in concert and sight reading. In the spring the fourth annual choir record, "You've Cot A Friend" was recorded. 194 Organizations Sophomore Choir is upcoming at TH S Left: Sophomore Choir Of- ficers are Liz Rahe, Presi- dent, Mark Baker, Vice- President, Brenda Fipps, Secretary-Treasurer, Denese Lowe, Librarian. The Sophomore Choir presented concerts at Bon- ham and Travis Junior Highs. They also attended the Texas State Fair in Oc- tober for Music Day in Dal- las. The choir joined the junior-Senior Choir for the Spring Concert. Above: Sophomore Choir members are bottom row: Debbie Neff, Cindv Roberson, Barbara Stephens, Maria Duran, Terri Flanagan, Renee Deer, Amy Aldrich, Mike Mayes, Larry Wilson, Martha Perez, Maxine Reed, Eam Eaks, Liz Rahe, Debbie Smith, and Kay Barnes, Second row: Mama rench, Laurie Olsen, Roxie Hoskins, Helen Hernandez, Delores DeLeon, Mark Baker, Barry Basham, joe Roark, Dana Evans, Arkainee Sims, Pam Ieter, Debbie Warren, Vicki Vaughn, Robin Driver, and Beth Caesar, Thurd row: Becky Newburn, Linda Adams, Carla Tharp, Carey Pick, Me- linda Lambert, Berta McGee, Danny Allen, Peter Knudsen, jerry Patton, Kathv WVilson, Paula Sefcik, Linda Thorp, Cene Sprott, Brenda Fipps and Kathleen Broughton, Top row: Ruth McFadin, S aron Mihatsch, Sandra Rowe, Pamela jean Davis, Cynthia Plsek, Ccrardette Voigt, Mark Hanson, Leo McHenry, Richard Vanecek, Luann Lytle, Debbie Boedecker, Linda Cunningham, Debbie Bachhofer. Denese Lowe, and Gwen Schoolar. Elena Atkinson, piano and Assistant Director. Organizations 195 Pclyfcniks accent park setting , . I . , . . iffy, ff 1 5 6,-M I , ,JL Adil!" va, ,mi 1 if-4 Above: The Polyfoniks, under the di- rection of Dwain Marshall, are Front row: Phyllis Houston, Randall Claw- son, Second row: David Eaton, jerry Wilson, Kim Carver, and Les Win- kler, Third row: Cynthia Gaby, Judy Barnes, Debbie Case, Lori Lewis, and Amy Aldrich. Far right: Les Winkler, senior, sings tenor and Lori Lewis, junior, sings alto. Right: Dwain Marshall is C oir and Polyfo- nik director and Phyllis Houston, senior, is pianist. 196 Organizations Cindy Gaby, senior, sings alto, Randall Clawson, senior, sings tenor. jerry Wilson, senior, sings baritone, judy Barnes, senior, sings alto. K1 ,K - iii Amy Aldrich singing soprano is the only sophomore and David Eaton, senior, sings bass. Kim Carver, junior, sings bass, Debbie Case, senior, sings soprano. Organizations 197 Cotton Blossom staff gets together 1. -f , I sggifnh ,ft v n 'K 'YQ ol? 5 tw." .4 Top: Cotton Blossom staff members are Mrs. Ianell Mikeska, Sponsorg jan Epperson, Editor Assistantg Charles Hinkle, Photographcrg janell Sigut, Editorg Charles Foyt, Photographerg Charles Drohna, Photographcrg Sha- ron Warren, Editorg Earl Nottingham, Photographerg and Kathy Beimer, Editor. Bottom: Staff memhers are Ian Epperson, Editor Assistantg Jill 198 Organization as my A .-.fuzzy tu-4 it an ,. dl' lr 4 i Blankemeier, Editor Assistantg Gloria Cruz, Ad Salesg Sandra Harris, A Salesg Suzanne Booth, Editor Assistantg Cynthia Billeck, Ad Salesg Charle Hinkle, Photograghcrg Janell Sigut, Editorg Sharon Warren, Editorg an Kathy Beimer, E itor. I Top: Other staff members are Judy Baggett, Ad Sales, Sara Blackburn, Ad Sales, Susan Cloud, Ad Sales, Standing: Robin Ellis, Ad Sales, Molly Bragewitz, Editor Assistant, and Becky Coad, Typist. Left: Mrs. Janell Mikeska is sponsor on the Cot- ton Blossom staff. The Cotton Blossom staff proudly presents the 1972 yearbook. Making contacts for the staff all year was sophomore, Herbie Parsons. Earl Nottingham, Charles Foyt, and Charles Drobena worked together taking pictures, developing film, and printing pictures. They were assisted by Charles Hinkle and Herbie Par- sons. The Editors, Kathy Beimer, Sharon Warren, and janell Sigut or- ganized the book, drew layouts, wrote copy, and proofread. Other staff members assisting who are not pictured are Gail Gillard, Berta McGee, Cindi Plasek, Teresa Rob- erson, and Phyllis Stevenson. Sharon Warren is sweetheart. Organizations 199 Cultural Activities Club organized in December, 191 Cultural Activities Club was orga- nized in December 1971. The pur- pose of the club is to enlighten all races of Black history and cultures. The club had as speakers at various meetings Emory Dubois, Education Service Center Region XII, and Ros- coe Harrison, Temple news reporter. The Club held a Cultural Festival to enlighten the community of differ- ent cultures. 200 Organizations Cultural Activities Club officers are ront row Demetra Kennedv Treasurer Charles Howard President, Marion Scott, President Back row Valerie Pierre Secretarv Gall Brown and Debbie deon, Reporters. if M ,Uh X it We Committee chairmen for the Cultural Activities Club are from left to right: Lucretia Goer, Sarah Anderson, Mike Supancic, Vanessa jenkins, Joyce Hickey, and Susan Carr. V YW iw, , Organizations 201 Creative Writers organize literary club ,rf 8 , ,..-"I-:T 1- f-+rr'siTw1iQ4 bmw fi F .. J X ,Q- ,QSMVYY r ' wwf as .-IW" -" Q 1,5 is 1 .. wr we S-512 i' WY -,....4 f + ' 5 WN, 4 ye Nu,-fvgf., y i Wir 4-64' g. , of t' I if it 'sxxa . Nt IIIIIU 'ny-funn-up Aw pposite page top: Thumbprints members are front row: leike Eller, Rita Hayes, Iris Mersiovsky, Corey Sudduth, id Joanne Hardin, Second row: Connie Garner, Kathy ames, Berta McGee, Karen Eller, Dena Whitaker, Doris vetts, and Connie Ellison, Third row: Debbie Gideon, ltty Holmes, Allison Chandler, Vickie Williams, James Iullan, and Randy Jeter, Fourth row: Tommy Upshaw, my Pacatte, David Green, Lanny Blacklock, Mike Yar- 50, and Gary Baden. Opposite page bottom: Thumbprints iicers are Vicki Williams, Treasurer, james Mullan, Senior Epresentative-Executive Committee, Allison Chandler, pretary, Connie Garner, junior Representative-Executive immittee, Debbie Gideon, President, Dean Whitaker, 'ia xt Sophomore Representative-Executive Committee, and Gary Baden, Reporter. Top: Mr. Kenneth Fuchs, Mrs. june Hill, and members attend a lecture. Bottom: Miss Mary Elizabeth Fox, Assistant Dean of Fine Arts at Southwestern University at Georgetown, gave a lecture on today's op- portunities for young writers. Thumbprints was designed to stimulate the creativity among its members as well as to foster an interest in better literature guided by a more selective basis of criticism. It was organized for the first time in November of 1971 with forty-three members under the sponsorship of Mr. Kenneth Fuchs and Mrs. june Hill. Meetings are devoted to critical readings of members' works. Organizations 203 Christian athletes goin fellowship A I .K -.l.,, Top, front row: Salisbury, D. Robin- son, C. Hamilton, A. Rhymes, C. Ou- jezdsky, K. johnson, R. Johnston, W. Fulton, K. Dewbre, B. English, Thomas, Second row: Brown, C. ones R Kohutek T Maxlield B An I 9 ' a ' Q ' ' derson, P. Hogue, B. Porter, Alexan- der, S. Baker, B. Mansfield, S. Neman, M. Matush, I. Wilson, Third row: C. Jones, K. Connell, Jones, M. Snyder L. Marble, E. Bigon, C. Chapman, R. jones, Garcia, C. Rieger, G. Haddon, J. Gerald, Fourth row: S. F lanigan, B. Basham, Roark, T. Quinteros, Ma- gana, Patton, R. Shaklovitz, R. Tumer, R. Lawhorn, jones, T. Grear, M. Codsby, Fifth row: B. Wallace, D. Dillon, H. Coolsb , B. Morris, K. Ogle, J. DeLany, K. Alllen, L. Lewellen, M. Harper, D. Heisch, B. Simmons, S. Gaines, Sixth row: jones, R. Evans, D. Wall, B. Rucker, D. Baird, C. Pick, R. Mclnturff, B. Cater, C. Baxley, R. Pamell, Booth, T. Simmons. Bottom, right, front row: Mark Snyder, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Edwin Bigon, Presi- dent, Back row: Coach Durling, spon- sor, flack Jones, Reporter, Larry Marb e, Vice-President, Coach Owens, sponsor. 204 'Nam ,.W. Vkkkyrz WMM,-M,,.,.,-ef-" Vw: f ,..a--- WM-3.233 ,.. , A , ,Mawm , xx a if -xi., sf ri, . f - J 'af' li 51? ,. X if or ff? , C H lyk EM lfx' B f T, Q . S Q fiction readers unite Top, Phlogistun Club members are Front row: Peter Langsjeon, Brandt Jamroz, Susan Nobles, Jane Laurens, Mike Thompson, Andre Avots, Claud Payne, Steve Silverthorne, Back row: Frank Vandyck, Bob Swaim, Don Harris, Jim Bonnet, Bob Mansfield, Chris Oujezdsky, Mike Yarrito, Cary Baden, Carlton Wilkes. Left: Sponsors are Mrs. Cam- illa Schneider and Mr. Gary Smith. we nl Wi? 205 FFA nets 1,875 in fruit sale - 5 y it .li FFA members are Top, front rmr: H. Pagel, L. M urraly, R. Gil lelzlnll, R. Simeeik, C. Nlzlrhurgerg secoml rmr: Franks, I.. Davis. C, Easily, R. Dell. D. Stroud, C. Baron. C. Ashby, C Faucet, R. Trice, Third mir: R. Wiggintnn, H. 1ill0l'lll2ll, ll NVe:n'er, L. Marek, B. llocllstecller, L. Stevens, P. Sczxnio, P Kurnowskig Fourth rmr: Deuvers, P. Dragon, R. xYllllZllllS, S. 206 Organizations Barfield, R. Kohutek, R. Fletcher, P. Baggerly. Lower left: Vicky Vaughn is FFA sweetheart. Lower right, kfront: Robert Trice, Sentinel, Philip, Scanio, Treasurer, Bac row: Ralph Kohutek, Secretary, Sam Barfield, President, Gary Easley, Re- porter, and not pictured is Mike Tubbs, Vice-President. These young men are FFA officers. Rodeo Mr. team members place in area rodees H. -5,1 ,fa 1114 k 'SEB' 5 , . 5, , ' 3 A 1 , wwf E 514 i fi' H, P' 2 aaT,a af- Q EV K ,' td!! 93' V. "' ' lwe R , 2 is ii 1 A' 'N af r 1 , K: 3, kg fi J' y I H? 5 1 2 qi gg a 32 .,J?liLf.:ie 2 . - af Toi, front row: Rodeo members are R. Gilleland, S. Barfield, R. Ko utek, D. Davis, L. Davis, B. Turner, Back row: R. Dell, D. Stroud, R. Weaver, R. Trice, H. Thornal, L. Murray, C. Easley. Lower left, front row: Sam BarHeld, Vice-President, Ralph Kohu- tek, President, Duke Cillard, Treasurer, Back row: Cary Easley, Reporter, Mike Tubbs, Secretary. Lower right: FFA sponsers are B.L. Henry and Harry Bauerschlag. Organizations 207 Top right FHA class chairmen are Regina Ander son, Sandy Smith, Silvia Drobena, Estella Myers, Becky Coad, Gloria Crews, Patricia Holmes, and i im Brenda Class. Not pictured is Terri Lucko. Middle left, FHA oflicers are Janice Provazek, Reporter, Myra Lindsey, pianist, Judy Barnes, First Vice- President, Deborah Bulls, SecondXVice-President, Mona Matush, Third Vice-President, Carla Sim- pson, Recording Secretary, Pam Engbrock, Corre- sponding Secretaizg Claire Cox, Historian, Lau- retta Tate, Fourt Vice-President, Susan Cloud, Treasurer, not pictured is Sylvia Stephens, Parlia- mentarian. Standing are Danny Dillon, sweetheart, Holl Kuykendall, President, and Wayne Fulton, Ideal, Boy. Lower left, class secretaries are Becky Snyder, Mary Lehr, Brenda Krause, Lois Murray, Susan Warren, Beverly Williams, Sherr Gillmeis- ter, Elaine Caughlin and not picture! is Janifer Anderson. Lower right, sponsors are Miss Cecil May Hendricks, Mrs. Marilyn Thomas, and Mrs. Florine Curry. I ii ... iflllkl Varied activities keep FHA in a "Steiff, ii , illlllw-Ewa illlllllllli l Ba! mlliiii ...J a 'N-... K I W i : . , ,,,, , 1l.1 ,,, 1 fl , km' .1294 . ' . , A' Qgg.,...,, , , sf p L. , p p . , , A V ,, , -- at f at e - . H' t ,. a ,.,. Top left, Danny Dillon is FHA sweetheart. Top right, Wayne Fulton is FHA Ideal Boy, Lower left, Holly Kuy- kendall was chosen FHA candidate for homecoming queen. The Future Homemakers have had a wide variety of meetings and activities. The club participated in the Christmas party, took a trip to the Dallas Fair, and the State Convention, sold football pep items during football season, sold cookbooks, and honored the seniors with a banquet. Organizations 209 French, German, and Latin merge to form International 1 1 xg ii in Above: German students present a survey of Ger- man music. Singing German music, front row: are Rebecca Silvia, Luann Lytle, Debbie Case, Cindy Gaby and judy Barnes, Back row: Brantley Weath- ers, David Eaton, Les Winkler, Randy Clawson, and Kim Carver. The International Club is composed of students taking French, German, and Latin. This year the club was sponsored by Mr. Neil Scott, Mr. Gary Pemberton, and Mrs. Elizabeth Meenach. Activ- ities of the club included an International Good- will Week in December, a trip to Brennan's in Dal- las, a survey of German music, and numerous slides of each country. They are pictured at top. 210 Organizations All ""'E'? 3 'F' """,....".2 A--4 K Intemational Club officers are Tinka Stinson, Secretary, Beth Sunbury, Treasure? Ray Gillespie, Vice-President, Gail Brown, Reporter, and Andre Avots, Presiden Tinka Stinson is sweetheart. If fx 1 W ,....f-,-gf .X V ij . S' J A Q afaam. :l0m'S'.'1 in YW 'a Vop: Future Teachers of America are pictured. Above Left: lusan Nobles, Vice-President, Debbie Corsentino, President erve FTA. Not pictured, Oflicers are Jen Brandes, Secre- Ely, Janice Provazek, Treasurer, and Estella Myers, Histor- n. Above Right: Jen Brandes is FTA Sweetheart. future Teacheris Project Envolvement centered around he REACH center. This project included a work day that uture teachers help children through REACH involved cleaning the grounds, painting furniture, and re- pairing toysg a Thanksgiving dinner was served to the REACH children, family and friends, FTA members drew names and sent cards and took toys to the REACH Chil- dren, FTA members took the children on a picnic on buses and fumished them lunches. In May, FTA treated the REACH children to a meal at Luby's Cafeteria. Organizations 211 Two girls join engineers Top, front row: jet members are Tim C-rear Cmasked studentjg Bob Mansfieldg Murphy Tal- leyg Claud Payneg Jack jonesg Mike Yarritog Alli- son Chandlerg Keith Connellg Mr. Elsik, spon- sorg Anne Marttg 'Let sweetheartg Back row Edwin Bigon, Mi e Thompson, Chris Ou tezdsky, Don Harris, David Zabcik, Carlton Wil es, Brandt jamroz, and Andre Avots. 212 Organizations Leos boost Harry Wilson fund with basketball marathon LKB. ' ml fi Leo officers are Bob Mansfield, Vice-President, Bob Simmons, Treasurer, john DeLany, President, Ray Susan Moore is Leo Club sweetheart. Gillespie, Secretary. row: Leo members are Hal Coolsbv, Ray Cillesrie, Ronnie Vanicek, Jim Latimer, lohn DeLany, Randy Walker. Second row: Danny Dillon, l Zabcik, Keith Connell, Bob Manslield, Carl Be l. Third row: Lanny Blacklock, Ric ard Foster, David Bailey, Ted Maxfield. Fourth row: Bob nons, Richard Mclnturlf, Wayne Fulton, Bobby YVhite, and james Gerald. Organizations 213 Key Clubis concern keeps campus clean Key Club members are front row: Car Haddon, Edwin Bigon, Debbie Flanagan, sweetllleart, Carl Priddy, Paul Guthrie, Second row, Larry Marble, Eddie Walker, Bill Ramp , Kirby johnson, Donnie Epperson, Third row, Mike Matush, Johnnie Last- ovica, Cary jones, Bruce Cater, Mike Thompson, Back row, Rick Waters, Paul Vaughn, jack jones, Charlie Davis, and Charlie Chapman. Not pictured are Ronnie jones, john Purifoy, Rob Parnell, Bill Rucker, Tom Mohs, and Ki Allen. Right: Key Club members participate in campus clean-up. 214 Organizations Senior members, Billy Rampy, Paul Guthrie, Ronnie jones, Paul Vaughn, and Mike Matush, are given duties bv Mr. Fov Dubois, sponsor. lg The Temple High School Key Club was organized in 1965 as a service club sponsored by Kiwanis International. There are over 2,000 Key Clubs in the United States and Canada. Temple High School Key Club is limited to 30 members who wish to assume today's responsibilities of duty and serv- ice. Members are required to participate in at least 30 serv- ices each year and attend the two regular meetings each month. During the year some of the projects and activities are 1. Campus clean-up 2. Coffee for Community Concerts 3. Errands for school personnel 4. Ushers for graduation 5. Umpires for elementary baseball games 6. Donation to library 7. Carried voters to polls 8. Kiwanis pancake supper 9. Blankets for Indian refugees 10. School calendar sales 11. School spirit hat sales 12. Concessions at basketball games 13. Attended Kiwanis meetings 14. Attended Church as Club group 15. Basketball marathon for charity Left: Key Club oflicers are front row: Kirby johnson, First Vice-Presidentg Debbie Flanagan, sweetheartg Carl Priddy, Treasurerg Standing, Rick NVa- ters, Secretaryg Edwin Bigon, Second Vice-Presidentg and Bill Rampy, President. Organizations 215 Keyettes serve school and community 1 First row: B. McDonald, G. Cruz, B. Williams, E. Myers, B. Kennedy, P. Bolding, Brandes, H. Kuykendall, P. Machalek, D. Epperson, S. Booth Secrmd row: B. Caesar, T. Flanagan, C. Cox, A. johnston, R. Ramsey, R. Mureherson, C. Schlueter, S. Traylor, P. Johnston, T. Roberson, Epperson D. Flanagan, Third row: A. Aldrich, D. Cole, S. Carpenter, L. Shine, V. Akins, M. Aycock, M. Alford, K. Broughton, M. Potter, Barnes, M. Baron C. Gaby, Fourth row: R. Silva, S. Dvsart, K. Cunningham, M. Stumph, Graham, P. Bellomv, M. Black, Cloud, L. Talley, Ffth row: jones, M Matush, B. Boyd, S. Myers, M. Lehr, N. Marble, P. Fulton, L. Boyles, D. Cole, C. Donaldson, and M. Fletcher. in-va. Ink-it l i , i 1 l ,f 'nl Above: Keyette sponsors are Miss Kay Hester, Mrs. Betsy Johnston, and'Mrs. Bette Guthrie. Right: Standing, Officers are Beth Boyd, Treasurer, Brenda Ken- nedy, Secretary, sittin : Alana Johnston, Vice-President, and Sandra Triplett, President. Not pictureg are Missy Fletcher, Reporter, and Pam Bolding, Treas- urer. Acitivities included working at basketball and baseball games, helping the Kiwanis Club with its pancake supper, and helping the Key Club clean-up the school grounds. 216 Organizations 'fvfG-i"xf'Q' I-Q Mi lllicers helpers are L. Fuchs, Pickett, R. Anderson, C. Lynch, D. Nicholas, M. Robinson, M. Sheppard, Laurens, M. Spears, N. Crear, B. Ander- on, M. Hammond, P. He'l, D. Beach, P. Blackburn, D. Psencik, P. Engbrock, C. Cillard, A. Johnston, L. Hestand, R. VVeaver, B. Rucker, H. Taylor, . DeLan , M. Sutherland, H. Eller, S. Harris, D. Boedecker, L. Talley, C. Gaby, P. Johnston, M. Clawson, T. Roberson, Blankemeier, S. VVarren . Sumrali, B. Snyder, C. Canipe, C. Schlueter, M. Alford, S. Thompson, M. Sanders, K. Baldwin, R. Hayes, E. Caughlin, B. Solomon, S. Stermer, M. latush, Lesikar, V. Paulk, M. Lehr, B. Boyd. Q ibrary helpers are first row, left to ri ht: Christine Collier, Beverly Williams, Sonja Malmin, Bernice McDonald, Allan Brown, james Connorty, lax Newman, Ronald Teague, Secom? row: Amy Simpson, Rosalie McGuire, Shelley Perry, Randy Nolen, Jerry Matl, Thomas Wolff, Third row: Pavid Green and David jamroz. Organizations 217 1 .W f . FV 9 . Ai-. Sophomores outnumber juniors in HS if? , . f Sophomore National Honor Society members are Front row: Donny E person, Ki Allen, Leslie Shine, Ricky Shaklovits, Mike Goolsby, Paul Williams, Patricia Rankin, and Welden Frits. Second row: Melinda Alford, Melgida Lambert, Janis Brady, Doris Evetts, Laura VVallace, Marvin McClenden, and Susan Schneider. Third row: Joan Wright, Vicki Elliott, Royce Murcherson, Brenda Hutka, Donna Smetana, john CChuckJ VVhite, and Gorden Purser. Fourth row: Shirley Biels, Carrice Hilbers, Debbie Voss, Kibbie Thomas, Patsy Tull, joe YVolley, and Larry NVilson. Fifth row: Kay Barnes, Marianne Riegler, Sharla Forrest, Peter Avots, David Phelps, and Michael Zvolanek. Sixth row: Liz Rahe, Debbie Mesecke, Rick Turner, Kenny Reed, and Chris McGregor. Seventh row: Susan Mesecke, Carla Engbrock, and Beth Caesar. Eighth row: Laurie Olsen, Cynthia Plsek, Judy Bigon, Larry Koslovsky, Becky Thomas, Richard Vanicek, Dwaine Hurta, and Doug Patterson. Ninth row: Luann Lytle, Martha Rickard, Charlie Hinkle, Don Zabcik, Mike Hester, Curtis Sitz, and Debbie Meyer. Tenth row: Debbie Boedeker, Shari Nichols, Kathy Davee, Larry Goad, Diane Hill, Dana Evans, and Connie Grygar. Sixty-two Seniors fubfill requirements for membership The initiation of new members was the high- light of the year. Dr. H.C. Farrell, Dean of Temple junior College, was the speaker. In March we elected o cers for the followinlg year. In April the new oiiicers were installe . Mr. Carlton Foust was the speaker for the in- stallation. The meeting in May honors the seniors. The following are chosen: Mr. and Miss NHS, Most Studious Girl, Most Studious Boy, Teacheris Pet, Funniest, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Athletic Boy, Most Athletic Girl, Most Beautiful Girl, Most Handsome Boy, Best All-Round Girl, Best All-Round Boy, Best Dressed Girl, Best Dressed Boy, Most Sarcastic, Best -Musician, First To Make A Million, The Sweetest Girl, Best Dancer- Girl, Best Dancer-Boy, and First To Be Married. 218 Organizations The pro'ects of the National Honor Society are a scholarshi to the school of the mem- beris choice, and, the attaching of seals to the diplomas. Gold tassals are worn at graduation by the senior members. Students aving all A's since the ninth grade are given recogni- tion with a placard in the Student Center. Senior National Honor Members not pictured are Sarah Anderson, Becky Greening, Kirby johnson, Steve Silverthorne, and Linda Young. Bob Allen Andre Avots-Most Likely To Succeed f . E 2 ai E luniors outnumber Seniors unior National Honor Society members are Front row: Russell Bridges, Sharon Thomas, Brenda Kennedy, Sherry Thompson, Lana Bovls, Beverly fabaj, Beth Boyld, Patricia Siivey, janet Graham, Missie Fletcher, and Lora Talle . Second row: Tommy Vitek, Steven Mesecke, Paula Bellomy, Kathy Cunning am, Vicky A in, Cindy Pagel, Ann Narro, Carol Fox, Janice Keetcli, and Beth Sunbury. Third row: Mark Kelley, Kathy Freeman, Iathy Cole, Carolyn Lynch, Lisa Coates, Beverly McClure, Lydia Perez, Sherry Goeke, Lorainne Lewis, Lissann Hestand, Carol Wann, and Nan Daniel. Fourth row: Melvin Feind, Frank Van D ck, Kath Houston, Linda Marinek, Teresa Schiller, Margaret Oates, Cindy Boland, Debbie Ander- on, Sandra Dysart, and Sherry Cillmeister. Fifth, row: Ecflward Hurta, Ro er Graves, Rebecca Richardson, Sidney Schinkawa, Charlotte Wilde, Ja- ell Fojtasek, Bernadette Mesecke, Ellen Miller, and Denise Hallford. Sixti row: Bruce Minzenmayer, Cary Reid, Bobby White, Wayne Fulton, Jim atimer, Hal Coolsby, Danny Dillon, Cindv Donaldson, and Phyllis Taylor, Seventh row: Bret Wallace, Ray Gillespie, Mark Devane, David Baird, luy Fowler, Bunkley Morris, Dennis Hobbs, Dawn Cole, and Darla Smith. in ational Honor Society 'HK ,Hu ...-r' lx X .... A Judy Baggett judy Bama-Miss Na- Kathy Beimer Edwin Bigon Patricia Blackburn tional Honor Society Organizations 219 L Pam Bolding Jim Bonnet Most Studious Boy jen Brandes Cathy Capps First To Be Married Allison Chandler Janice Clemons Neil Cohh Funniest Boy David Eaton Teacher's Pet Heike Eller Lanette Fincher Jan Foust Marvin Fojtasek Carl Franklin Cindy Gaby Most Athletic Tim Crear Best Dancer Cecilia Hallford Elaine Hansen Most Beautiful Girl Don Harris Phyllis Hinkle Rita Hayes Brandt jamroz ,luck jones r. National Honor Society Demetra Kennedy Mark Lanford Peter Langsjoen First To Make A Million 220 Organizations AQ' Q-"1 f--Q,-H 'ST-Til' 6""Vx Y..-f 'M bk jane Laurens My Lesiker yra Lindsey Best Dancer Bebe Marek Most Studious Girl Joyce Marshal Anne Martt Linda Marx Paulette Mesecke Susan Nobles Claud Payne Paula Perkins Valerie Pierre Cindi Plasek Best Dressed Girl Nancy Reese Sweetest Girl Patricia Simecek Bob Simmons Most Athletic Boy Debbie Sodek Mike Supancic Best Dressed Boy Murphy Talley Ten'y Thomas Best Musician jim Votaw Don WVhitlev Barbara Wilde Virgil Wilde Denise Psencik Organizations 221 Para-Med aids Rehabilitation Center sw ---f -f-in Amin To Beth Boyd is Para-Medicial Club sweetheart. 222 Organizations . :AWV m Ai,,L, V A ilie Para-Medical Club sponsors are Mrs. Charlene Sterling, Mr. Gene Brewer, and Mrs. Dale Fournier. 'if QF? :th Boyd, Mrs. Fournier, Larry Marble, Sandra Triplett, and Becky Craig fill sacks with ndy for the Rehabilitation Center at Christmas. Throughout the school year, the Para-Medi- cal Careers Club, under the new sponsorship of Mrs. Dale Fournier, Mr. Gene Brewer, and Mrs. Sterling, has had many interesting activities. Some of these activities were help- ing in National Nurses' Week. They also baked cookies for the Rehabilitation Center for Christmas and Valentines. Every year the club gives a scholarship to Temple junior College. Speakers have been Mrs. Seally, chief thera- pist at the V.A. Hospital, Mrs. Grace Labaj, nursing instructor at Mary Hardin Baylor, Dr. Macey, obstetrition at Scott and White Hospital, and Dr. Able, psychologist, and Dr. Bandy. Top left: standing: Officers are Dawn Cole, Historian, Larry Marble, President, Dena Casey, Chaplin, Roh Par- nell, Treasurer, Mary Potter, Parliamentarian, sitting: Debbie Flanagan, Vice-President, Debbie Epperson, Secretary, San ra Triplett, Second Vice-President, and Debbie Corsentino, Reporter. Organizations 223 Mr. Calvin Wheatley speaks at Pam American banquet Pan-American activities included a Mexican supper held in the High School cafeteria in October. A Christmas party was held in Decem- ber for Latin American children. Re- freshments were served and games were played. A display case in the li- brary window was set up com- memorating Pan-American week. The annual trip to San Antonio was taken in May. The club members vis- ited historic missions, and took the scenic river ride. At the end of the year, a banquet was held at El Cha Cho, pictured below. The officers for the coming year were installed. At the December meeting Debbie Gideon, a guest from the Speech and Drama Club, read The Legend of Guadalupe, a story about a Spanish boy to whom the Virgin Mary ap- peared. Rebecca Silva, a club mem- ber, led the December meeting in singing Spanish Christmas carols. At the january meeting Mrs. Spence told about the celebration of "Po- sadas" in Mexico. She also told about her trip to Los Moches and brought a hand-carved fiddle from there. At the February meeting Dr. Urista, the chief lab serviceman at the V.A. hos- pital, talked on Mexican education and life in Mexico. Mr. Hernandez gave an interesting talk about Peru, Panama, and Bolivia. Opposite page, top, Oflicers are Pa- mela Hawkins, Reporter, Janice Provazek, Secretary, Susan Cloud, Second Vice-President, Allison Chandler, First Vice-President, and Larry Marble, President. Not pic- tured are Holly Kuykendall, Treas- urer, Debbie Flanagan, Parlia- mentariang and Mona Matush, Historian. Sponsors are Miss Katharine Bur- chard, Mrs. Marie Spence, and Mr. Melvin Sharp. 224 Organizations ln E ui W NNW' Organizations 225 Rambler adopts magazine ormat Top: Members of the Wildcat Rambler staff are Don Whitley, editorial assistant, Russell Bridges, editorial assist- ant, Sylvia Drobena, editorial assistant, Gail Brown, editor, Debbie Gideon, editor, Mark Lanford, business manager, Alicia Wisener, art editor, Becky Greening, business man- ager, and Neil Cobb, art editor. Right: Don VVhitley, senior, visits with Frances F arenthold, "that lady for governor." The stall of the Wildcat Rambler is composed of students who have taken journalism I. In its thirty third year of publication, the student newspaper is printed every three weeks. This year marked the beginning of the paper's magazine for- mat. In addition, journalism students published the second issue of Wildflowers, THS literary magazine. Debbie Gi- deon was the editor. Editors of the Rambler were Debbie Gideon and Gail Brown. Art editors were Neil Cobb and Alicia Wisener. Business managers were Mark Lanford, Becky Greening and Anne Martt. Jeff Whittington was fine arts editor. Pho- tographers were Charles F oyt, Doug Bane, Earl Notting- ham, Charles Drobena, Charles Hinkle, and Roger Graves. Rambler sponsor is Mrs. Martha Kahler. fr P+- ,oi if its LBCAT SLE as mi Above: Students who attended THSPA in December were Neil Cobb, Debbie Gideon, Mike Supancic, Mark Lanford, Charlie Hinkle, Katherine Cole, Mrs. Martha Kahler, Gail Brown, Becky Greening, and Mary Black. Left: Russell Bridges ran for vice-president at ILPC in March. Mar- tha McKee and Don Whitley worked with other journalism students to promote his candidacy. At UIL competition Russell Bridges won first in feature writing and editorials and Don Whitley placed second in news writing. The newspaper is a member of Texas High School Press Association, In- terscholastic League Press Association, and Quill and Scroll. Quill and Scroll members initiated during the year were Russell Bridges, Debbie Corsentino, Katherine Cole, Debbie Gideon, Mike Supan- cic, Mary Black, janell Sigut, Sylvia Drobena, Don YVhitley, and Dawn Cole. Awards of Honor went to Jeff W'hittington, Mark Lan- ford, Gail Brown, Neil Cobb, Alicia W'isener, Becky Greening, and Anne Martt. The paper received an All-Texas rating at THSPA and Award of Distinguished Merit at ILPC. Alicia YVisener won first in large advertisements at THSPA. Staff members issued a special election supplement preceding city and school board elections. Helping were Don Whitley, Russell Bridges, Sylvia Drobena, Gail Brown, Debbie Gideon, Mark Lan- ford, janell Sigut, Alicia Wisener, Neil Cobb, Becky Greening, Mary Black, and Anne Martt. Class representatives rorn Student Council Right front row: Student Council officers are Ray Gil- lespie, Treasurer, Bill Rampy, President, Holly Kuy- kendall, Secretary, Mike Matush, Vice-President. Background: Mary Baron, jan Epperson, Pam Mac- halek, Myra Lindsey, jim Bonnet, Debbie Epperson, Edwin Bigon, Tinka Stinson, Keith Connell, Debbie Gideon, Elaine Hansen, Charles Chapman, Carl Priddy, Allison Chandler, Larry Marble, Ronny jones, Charles VVhite, jack jones, Mary Potter, Janice Prova- zek, Betty Solomon, Sandra Triplett, jen Brandes, Debbie Flanagan, Cindy Plasek, and Kirby johnson. Sophomore representatives are below left, Bottom front row: Sophomore representatives are Leslie Shine, Becky Newburn, Diane McCracken, Sharla Forest, Carey Pick, Katheleen Broughton, Cene Sprout, Vickie Vaughn, Caryn Ran olph, Terri McEntire, Claire Cox. Back row: Charles Hamilton, Barry Basham, Mike Goolsby, Eddie Walker, Mark Baker, Paul Williams, Larry Goad, Donny Epperson, David Alexander. Bottom right front row: junior rep- resentatives are Brenda Kennedy, Cathy Cummings, Paula Belomy, Beth Boyd, Sue Traylor, Lora Talle , Cathy Autrey, Missie Fletcher, Sherry Myers, Cind, Donaldson, Susan Moore, Nancy Marble, Pam Full ton, Mary Lehr, Debbie Hicks, Susan Cloud. Back row: Roxan Ramsey, Stacy Jones, Ray Gillespie, Rus- sell Bridges, Mary Black, Bruce Cater, Dawn Cole, Kim Carver, Steve Thompson, Bret Wallace, Kathy Cunningham, David Baird, Susan White, Bunkley Morris, Vickie Williams, Danny Dillon, Guy Fowler, john DeLany, Patricia Spivey. -lm F719- 228 Organizations Debbie Epperson is Student Council Sweetheart 19,11 i if i is Organizalions 229 L each and drama original play won second in district The Speech and Drama Club involves students connected with the department in expanding their experiences and ap- preciation of public speaking and the theater. The club was led this year by Becky Greening, President, Randal Claw- son, Vice-President, Debbie Gideon, Corresponding Secre- tary and Sweetheart, Anne Martt, Recording Secretary, Gail Brown, Treasurer, Kathy Freeman, Historian, and Miss Kay Hester, Sponsor. These oflicers carried on the three-year old club's traditions. The fall garage sale and the Annual Twirp Week Talent Show, featuring Paul Trout as 230 Organizations .iff ii fi, 'FIN a F' if T l a.f's.' the "Sugar Plump Fairy", proved better than ever. These two activities provide scholarship and activity funds for the club and department. The department won awards this year at Baylor and Trinity University Speech Festivals. Becky Greening and Randal Clawson won second place at Baylor for Duet Acting. john Rossing, Mark Richardson, and Debbie Gideon won first place trophies at Trinity for German poetry, oratory and set design. Debbie Gideon, Paul Trout, and Alicia Wisener won third place trophies for play-writing and set design. K 'ill district winners this year are Debbie Gideon, first in poetry, Becky Greening, second in prose, Mary Baron and Alicia Wisener, 'ilctlrgihln debate, Gordon Purser, third ln persuasive speaking, Mark Richardson, second in informative speaking, and Steve n v ome. x"f"a Crew members are Paul Trout and Randy VValker. Bliss Kay Hester is drama coach. The Speech and Drama department chose to present an original play "Nine-North Checotah Lane" for the District One-Act competition this year. The play directed by Miss Kay Hester won second in district. Debbie Gideon was chosen Best Actress. Steve Silverthorne, Randal Clawson and Debbie Gideon were chosen members of the All-Star cast. Other cast and crew members were Becky Greening, Andre Avots, Alicia Wisener, Kathy Freeman, Lanny Blacklock, Mark Richardson, Paul Trout, and Randy Walker. Speech and Drama Club sweetheart was Debbie Gideon. Organizations 231 A oa1'oo1"in Building Trades is based on a good foundation Jf-1' 1421 s 2 s 1 :Q 5' f W, A lbw, fi Ga . :Q new v -5 if -' 0 QQ tad, is 4 15,358 ff I rw-' 5 L W- E" ,, 5- A .-,fix 'ff 'f Z ' ' M' S' 5 a so s 'Q . 1' Wifi- W A2234 ' 11 fn of ffm' 232 ffl' ld A Ni. Y .' ' 53' , 5 , " 5 L ' .,?4?, .N , ' " . :, ' - ti-'-3,1 ,s a K ,Q ' A r , S , 5219, f t 4- s , Q 'f ngffw Q- , Akai, v- gn.. , , ,. ,, A.W,,, o ,AWA. . ,,,. ..,....,,, A ,.,,,,,,. ..... WMM, Aww v Y , , MW .A J gg ,K -if-in -11 I , .M . A . . In 97 ,Mm mx, , hw .V W A ' L, 4 fHure's.:A.v,r'r' .Q f'2'.Zi?wa.,, S ,iw -A Y- t. , ,,-- .,. . .5 , if, VEAVJ' H ...mf V if wa . J' 'fic ,. K, lv.4.ff.,xM Q 4 ,i W.. ,-My X Opposite page, top, front row: Building Trades members are Steve Ceiselbrec t, Doyle Davis, Larry Wright, Cary Bellhghle, Tommy Hovel, Ernest Salazar, Joe Cordova, john ic esinger, Edward Salazar, Charles Teague, Kyle Kacir, ohn Friesner, instructor, Center row: Mikey Whigham, fliles Oakley, Samuel Baggett, Billy Turner, Jeff Rundell, Kenneth Allen, Danny Dickerson, joe Holman, Lynn Cuth- ie, Back row: Robert Lee Hall Jr., Darrell Hawkins, Nelson Huffman, Stephen Shelton, Bobby Davenport, Keith 'almer. Opposite page, bottom, front row: Building Trades Ilub mem rs are Charles Teague, Reporter, Larry Wright, SXSW Timqf a ga 5,QaGml46-J ,gQ3ar..,5Q' V g . 1. ,K ' S wa.-1 . N Miles Oakley, Parliamentarian, Doyle Davis, Secretary, Steve Ceiselbrecht, President, Gary Beighle, joe Cordova, Sgt.-at-Arms, john F riesner, sponsor. Back row: Billy Turner, Vice-President, Samuel Baggett, Treasurer, Lcynn Guthrie, Bobby Davenport, Nelson Huffman, Jeff Run ell, Danny Dickerson. Above left: Students set up rafters. Above right: Second staige of house indicates work has con- tinued. Above: Sign in icates house has been sold before completed. The Building Trades Class project was sponsored by Bruce Campbell Lumber Company. Organizations 233 ,lj-g,'.n,, I ,7 .17 DECA meets career demands of complex society 5' an Front row: D. Huff, L. Green, Cockrum, R. Anderson, V. Risby, Second row: D. Colder, R. Kasner, L. McQueen, D. ovica, L. Davis, D. jarosek, L. Hillyard, C. Lange, C. WVeathers, K. Hill, D. Bookoutg Scott, K. LeFan, Third row: D. Gommert, M. Craven, N. Cox, R. jansing, L. Wilson, C. Clifton, D. Stroud, Lock- abey, C. Stark, B. Morland, R. Duckens, C. Crocker, Fourth Rose, D. row: Vargas, G. Gregg, F. Rodriguez, L. Hester, M. Rhonda Anderson-Cold Bond Stamtg Redemption Center- Swee eart 234 Organizations Shannon, Wade, C. Cockrum, C. Priddy, Spence, Last- C0 eland, B. Drozd, M. Hawkins, C. Massey, Fijgh row: Bill Phillips, sponsor, L. Cocksey, D. G. Ketterman, R. Reddehase, M. Bramlett, R. Bagby, D. Murray, E. Hurta, D. Mihatsch, K. Wallace, K. johnson. Linda Green-T G 8: Y Judy Cockrum-T C 61 Y n in g a-.5 4 am fi Mike Bramlett-Camera Department, Levines DECA oflicers are bottom: Cindy Lange, Secretary, Rhonda Ander- Debbie Huff-Disc Shop son, Treasurer, Second row: Cary Cockrum, Parliamentarian, Ron- nie Rose, President, Third row: Kirk Wallace, Reporter, Carl Priddy, Vice-President. 'A i l Kevin LeFan-Wheeler Lumber Kathy Hill-Pennys Don Bagby-Men's Department, Levines Organizations 235 Health occupations organize for first time CAM? xi. Wa' 4 4 !:5:'5if.v :V , I, , X 1 ff AE l f viii, fi if ,f f . In September 1971, the Health Occupations Club organized and elected the above officers: Glenda 'Weblg Vice-Presidentg Judy jones, Valarie Piene, Presidentg Debbie Louis, Secretaryg Linda Candy, Parliamentariang and Brenda Stoebner, Treasurer. wr -'03 sr' Sylvia Stevens-Nurse Aide Debbie Wasserman-Nurse Aide Brenda Stoebner-Nurse Aide 236 Organizations X 3 Mesquite VICA Youth Lead- ership Conference was at- M tended by the officers in Octo- ber, 1971. In the district meeting in Waco, Sylvia Ste- vens placed fourth as nurse's aide, Debbie Louis attended as dental assistant and Glenda Webb as nurseis aide. A bake sale, field trips to Scott 61 White and St. Joseph's hospital in Bryan, picnic and banquet were other activities. law 2 I Qs ka, ff ront row Club members are Glenda Webb Miss Rhoda Pritchard Coordinator Sylvia Stephens Debbie Was- Dorothy Kopriva-Xruv Assistant ennan Phyllis ones Second row Debbie Louis Valarle Pierre Linda Cnadv Kav Benjamin Third rou, Brenda ' ' I Mike Fields-Medical Laboratory Aide Organizations 237 Vocational Industrial Club of Amenca Top, front row: Members of VICA are D. Owens, G. Barnes, Talafuse, R. Schiller, Regina Anderson, sweetheart, R. Wells, M. Scott, Ellison, Second row: B. Week- ley, C. Mills, P. Vaughan, A. Bricker, T. Pacatte, E. Chlapek, M. Hoelscher, G. Hurd, L. Winslow, Holley, Third row: C. Nobles, L. Hicks, D. Waskow, M. Cos- nell, Patman, D. Chavis, T. Turknett, P. Sutter, Fourth row: B. Maupin, M. Fin- ney, B. Sneed, F. Capps, H. Rowe, I. Chavis, M. Hopson, D. Taylor, R. Sly, Shawl, and Mr. Streater, sponsor. Right: ollicers are Cary Barnes, Sgt.-at-arms, Roy Schiller, Reporter, Jim Ellison, President, James Talaguse, Parliamentarian, Regina Anderson, sweetheart, Malcolm Scott, Vice-President, Mr. Streater, sponsor, Ran- dell Wells, Treasurer. 238 Organizations Students train or service trades X' t ,f v Paul Sutter FAQ-,,,. ti fa . M- ,,,v"f'lfT , Fit ' 5 Q i WMWM, David Hobd jim Ellison Lefl, James T I f h f B M. lf 1 mr' .M . . . 4 v fs . X? 4 7 W M jg, is 5. , , ff 'J J 5 7 1 34' 1 n 'i U 2 .f . my 1 .. J., I . . ' 'NV -.1 1 6 u I' . Mt , Q ,N , JZ 1 1, f K., M D 'W 2' n 4 ',,.2,q ref, .a 5 215 . J P f f , .ff .. , f J , J .za f .ei 'I M3 1, f 5 ' OE stresses secretarial Success K fu -2- wweqrag if J,-M ll ll! Q A . ai p, ., M I-"E Q,-I-It Front row: V. Wilde, Culp, Provazek, and B. Phelps. Second row: D. Sides, L. Childers, Anderson, C. Shelly, F. Bradford, C. Flippo, D. Cartwright Eaton, D. Nicho as, P. Tweed, I. Mersiovsky, M. Quinteros, P. Alsup, V. Volkmer, and C. johnson. Thir row: C. Klepac, S. Wear, M. Streater, L. Hipp, P. Perkins, P. jackson, K. Johle, Clemons, C. Shenkir, A. Horton, M. Main, and C. Harper. 1 ar G 7 M K -s L P K .f ' ' Donna Nicholas-USDA Office of Inspector Arlene Horton-USDA Office of General Patricia jackson-USDA Office of General general Counsel Counsel 240 Organizations . ,Q ' ,, , W . . - ,M rw 1 .4 J left: Mrs. oyce Crow is VOE instructor. Top right: Do C t ' h E ' irie: VO,E picers are Kathleen Johle, Treasurer, Carol Shenlfclfri Seilclrelivaifgg blafsocldinvgeidxjstizisqqg Lidxzgi. ar iamentariang Becky Phelps, Historian, Janice Provazek, Vice-President, and Virgil WVilde, W! 'lr 'y Jane Streater-Lincoln Liberty Life Insurance Glenda Shelby and Becky Phelps-Ralph Wil. son Plastics The Office Education Association had a very active 1971-72. In Octo- ber we hosted the Vocational Office Education Teachers' Workshop and the OEA Officers' Workshop. Ap- proximately 150 attended this event. In December we had our annual Christmas party and acted as a Santa Pal to a needy family. We were asked to host the Area OEA Youth Leadership Conference this year so we started preparing for this in Janu- a1'y. We were in charge of all ar- rangements. The Conference was held on March 3-4, 1972. Approxi- mately 500 VOE students and teach- ers attended the event. Temple OEA was fortunate enough to place in ten of the twelve contests entered. Six students went on to represent Temple High School at the State Conference in Fort Worth. They were Janice Clemons, Paula Perkins, Becky Phelps, Janice Provazek, Pa- tricia Tweed, and Sheila Wear. Paula Perkins placed fifth in the state in the Job Application contest. The mayor of Temple proclaimed Na- tional Vocational Education Week in Temple so we prepared two dis- plays showing our work and accom- plishments, one for the student cen- ter and one for Temple National Bank. We presented programs to civic clubs, had two radio shows, and did a TV show to explain our VOE. We held an assembly for all students in vocational education at Temple High School for the mayor to present the proclamation and recognize the students for their ambitions and de- sires to prepare for the future. Our annual Employer Appreciation Ban- quet was held in the Temple High School Student Center on April 17. Four students were cited for aca- demic excellence, leadership abili- ties, and job performance. Virgil Wilde was named Mr. VOE-OEA by his fellow students. Janice Provazek and Becky Phelps were named as the Outstanding Students for 1972. Paula Perkins was presented a plaque for her efforts at the State Conference. All students who par- ticipated in the Area and State Con- ferences were recognized as well as those who have maintained an "A" average and perfect attendance for the year. We closed our activities for the year with a pleasure trip to Six Flags over Texas on May 7, 1972. Put it in the want ads I ,. 'ri ,L ?,i L, .,,-.I K3 ,, , , . .ml 4, x M , , B W - 'W I 1 a M 'Wwlsq-'xii NEA R , W Q. ,W V -'IS 5 L X ? ' A ., Q X ,if www 'B' Q. M' 1-1 ww-N. AW' Q WW' N A A W UF M., 5+ , :A 5' 'JA , .- 1 it -f ' li :Cp 5? 2-42 X Mi: f-,..,"' BE 1' .ve if M gfiqw ,iw 5 w .L WGN -M lk 53' in 'Weigh ,, 'W Q Q., Yumazw -Q uf bn. gn- ls- mmf 'nr' I 'va-,fiuQ'lf -ge A ":m.......9 .WT-1" in , vvrAj1 QSM., '3?:nr'54.q, -ww? 'Ciudad Fi Q ., -FW ny Q ...iw ,391 ua uv M wx .mx 223,32 Efmxw fr Mv"""-"'m x wxtl Advertisements The people who luke to help T pl Nt aIBank Supreme Lodge of the Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas SPJST P.O. Box 100 Temple, Texas 7 7 3 - 1 5 7 5 db 5 X New Home Office - SUPREME LODGE SPJST - Temple, Texas 76501 025 " 31x17 ug' f QW 07 HI, ix.. ,gf RQ T IV A ffl I xPSQ,4 lf: X was ,Q -Q LEGAL RES PROTECTION FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY FOR ALL PURPOSES ERVE FRATERNAL INSURANCE Adult and Juvenile Departments Mortgage Loan Department Organized July 1, 1897 B 8: K PLUMBING Co. 608 s. MAIN -:- Phone: 778-7361 TEMPLE COVER CO. TEIVIPLE, TEXAS 76501 - PLUMBING REPAIR SERVICE SEWER Cm SINK SERVICE - alu. semen LYN Kn.EvPAs 516 East Adams 778-8369 773-5989 773-6922 EL CHA CHO and 112 W. French AVENUE GLASS CO. WRIGHT'S FOOD STORE 3rd and French 508 E. Adams Temple, Texas PR 3-2642 Complete Auto Glass Service THE CHARCOAL 8: Largest Stock in This Area THE CHUCK WAC-UN Windshields Installed While You Wait Advertisements 245 Ho - AN KTGN low- FN EAKES GULF SERVICE South lst and Ave. G 778-9751 KING'S BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP 713 South 25th Central Texas lst and forenwst I- I country musk voice JERRxAg?g'ROCH Gaylon Christie ME4-0940 fKilleenJ or WE9-3738 CBelt0nD P.0. Box 240, Belton, Texas Cen-Tex Insurance Agency Eldo johnson SH OEARAMA Manager, Terry Scott Store hours: Mon.-Wed. 9:30-6:00 Thurs.-F ri. 9:30-8:00 Sat. 9:30-6:00 Phone 778-3941 Towne 61 Country Shopping Center TEXAS FIREPROOF STORAGE COMPANY 2502 N. General Bruce Drive Temple, Texas ARTHER CRCSS - Manager THE SHOE BOX 3 South Main 246 Advertisements A Compliments of SCOTT AND WHITE Ad rt ents AUT "6 035 sfo 3 AUTO PAR HIERONY M US PRINTING COMPANY TEMPLE DAILY TELECRAM 2108 West Ave. H h-5173 P. O. 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Ave. D ARTCO-BELL CORPCRATION Temple, Texas Educational Equipment for Church and School Designs for Growing Minds BL u 7 lu U 1 Advertisements 257 J HOSPITAL AND CLINIC TEMPLE, TEXAS things gg DM better PAYMASTER on MILL co. Qlie , T 1 , T Q as I? i empe exas , S' fl 'R "lx S ' "CHICK" WALKER, District Mgr L -1,115 -? Af 77 I Q 507 south 14th ' A A 'L1 258 Advert t js- . . 1- 1 51 . ' -ff , X 1- A - V V,',, V f My ,f NL 1 1 M V - 4 Q 5 This new building for classes in art, radio, television, music, speech and drama will formally open this year. TEMPLE I UNI OR COLLEGE "Academic Excellence for 46 yearsv Adrt owgfzalukdihno CL SS XXII AMERICAN DESK MANUFACTURING COMPANY TEMPLE ' M14 . - TEXAS ,,f RD JOHNSON PIANO 81 ORGAN CO. The Complete Music Store 119 So. Main Temple 773-3231 108 E. Green Killeen 634-5325 Doyle gl Lucy BostickCC HERTZ RFNT A MR and 2210 S. 57th Street X isx f?i ,.....,.,-X CAROLE RTCHEY K General Manager ASSOCIATES UNIVERSAL TRAVEL 1223 SOUTH 3151 STREET TEMPLE, TEXAS 16501 Across From the Post Office I8I7j 778-B906 Advertisements If-I2 HI THE BLUE BONNET CAFE S gth f tf dt thf tp plf Z2 5:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. 7 Days a Week J C PITTS, Owner DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. S th Drhwels THE FRIENDLY "PEPPER-UPPER" R E OU DOWN mu Neve L TQ v TEXAS PQWER 8. LIGHT COMPANY PONDEROSA BARBER SHOP open emo AM. - wfoo mn. B ff f 1100 - ms muy 2625 S. 31st Temple, Texas Jack R. Morris "Chief" and the lfpngeroial Shirley Burns Barber 4-IP E:-ii-5 Q COMPLETE CATERING SERVICE 0 TEMPLE'S TREATS Fruit Baskets for A11 Occassions WAYNE smnuzv zszs som am se. Shi ed b -ns-assi TEMPLE, 'rx-:xAs , PP Y Scanio Sc Son, Inc. 773-2 10 1 Locksmith Gunsmith NVQ "f Rod and Reel Repair TEMPLE SPORTING GOODS QW- .l.1-1-L-i-1-1 1510 SOUTH THIRTY-FIRST STREET TEMPLE, TEXAS 7691 104 North 27th H. E. B. Kress Shopping Center Temple, Texas 76501 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT DONALD BULLS, Mgr. 817-778-3201 KTEM Rada+14 "People Tum Us Oni, l 262 Advertisements Congratualtvkms SRS. 72 FIR T ATIO AL BANK OF TEMPLE . First in Temple Cen-Tex Tile and Floor Co. 2112 W. Adams 13.0. Box 1045 Temple, Texas 76501 Phone 778- 7161 JOHNNY SODEK V 8. M DRUGS China by: Lenox, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Poppytrail, Fransis can Silver by: Wallace, Gorham, Towle, International. Lunt o 2 o o O 4212 S. Gen. Bruce Dr. PR Temple, Texas 346900 BLEVINS LUMBER CO. 2020 East Adams Avenue Temple, Texas 773-3333 H. H. BLEVINS J. P. BLEVINS Advertisement L Handy TEMPLE LABORATORIESINC. HARDWARE COMPANY "You Will Like Our Servic 16 East Central 264 JOI-INNIE'S CLEANING Kr TAILORING Skill and Care Beyond Compare 116 South Main L. S. JAMES, JEW1-:LER Phone 773-2954 if Local Santa Fe Watch Inspector 12 East Central Temple, Texas 76501 WAEKUW u 1 APPLIANCEQTV U ' . I 9 . - D G61 S .. ,..... 709 s th 25th 'Z' Temp1ZLT Texas Phone 778'Z794 4405 so. General Bruce Dr. sTEWART's ff V MART Paint Wallpaper Glass Servlce Department Art Supplies Linoleum Ben Tschoerner, Owner-Mgr. 118 south 25th 778-7640 903 50- lst St- Phone 773-4769 SPECIALTY MUFFLER SHOP Mufflers and Pipes for A11 Cars E. J. Kelarek, Owner 519 E. Adams Temple, Texas Phone 778-2861 -w-..- Towne and Country Shopping Center J. H. GLASER, Mgr. Advertisements 265 f 2 V X -f L v,,? X . is 'Y 'Y l i V, .V If , : N. cet: l ,I kv V 2 fl, O! 'V VV V N W I h hx E:.x'X1GiW,Q::,siyEl1 N .1if...f" 1' , 'Q . L , ff ' . 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'72 Webb s Czty Drugs 419 West Adams Temple, Texas City Wide Delivery TEMPLE WELDING SUPPLY gl STEEL SERVICE 2102 West Avenue D Temple, Texas Towne and Country Barber 4401 South General Bruce Drive In the Towne and Country Shopping Center Temple High School sincerely appreciates the patron- age from this city and surrounding areas. We are grateful for your generosity and your cooperation for making this publication possible. THE EDITORS Advertisements 271 , IP 5 Lx, 1,9 . E- ,, ,K a ,Q-M4 -1. 9 , 5 'K 1 -ff M 'vw "

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