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-. .Q-Ag: 1 -- xrkv ,I . . YKL I ..-,. xl wg-,:4I.I 'sq I' -. .- I --I-,-Q - ,x- . .x I .. ...- ,III-I -5: u- . .... I -,- , I ,. - II.-4 -,v ,LIL -. , -. - ' - 1 - . ' "'L " I H1 1i"I17- 'N, - ' ' 'I -gsfigq-ji?-if T"j . I. I I ' - -.14 -..,IITS - L f , . I.: - Ig.,::.j '. -- QI-,fn . :' .': -' . 'Q.:' -. -:'-f'.-.'55-- Q . ' 5. 1.: - 'X""2 ' - - ' .P : I ' ' - -1 I. - '-'if' ..I- ..-.-TI ' M--.E-5'??LfT'I. "II Q-' -- - . ' 1-1 -I - ' E-.. '--.EQ . . IIIQK , "I,': I, II.. . I -31-3 I' -. I . - ' ' ff 1- III,-. : : -1-rf' - II " - ' .TV I-'LJ . 3 . Y ,J -'-Z-'-X gI.f-" ,. . . f - . 1' . I1-tg .. -. f'giExi'I - . -- I ' ' I' 5. . I. H: I ' ' -V ' ' :V 'A' "ii-. '::-'- 53 ' 'QV 7-K 1 ' .I ' I. ,I 4- I- I -IgNI'I ,QQ-,Iw:,. ' I. -'I 'I ff" , - ' .,-17' 1 '- f',,'5I'.I.'I3:?I'j--I-rixjjffj, " F-,Z 2I:Ig..-- ' ' V x V , - .14 . ff f - 1- I---1' -I" ' - - -., ' . '- - -:I -5 -4.g,J,gf..1-'-Q - . I ' -f '31 Ld l 'F ..,. :Ig-4... ' N?-22' -. -I ' 1 - . . 3.I, I.-I, ,- . I. --Q I .k -5- I..I- , . . f ' -ff' 7 ,ww .fu , . ' 'Di' ' X- " -.:'--Ai -' ' -- .-. f , .- . --' 'f' . -1. ,ff . ',fft"'f' ' 4 b 1-1 ..f- "FI . iii: 'I 'rf :g5L:I." - -. x , fx -. ,-'52 f- v I-. --.1-C - . . - ' . 51- 5- cf" . -' , ' . - :- 1 1' 32 V "' .- -,-f.'I- -'I: if ' -:xII-f:.'T'- '. 1.3.5. .T fv' 11.0 J- I .1 --1. ",- I,-.f,srIg R -' ' -j'- ":-"acl -' ' J. 'z X 'A I " .,,I,.--I ' ,f I4-I. . -jII,II ,.. 4' gf.-'Q '. '- ' IQQ I .' '.:I'y'-'IJI .- .I -I I. I., -, . -- .Jr - H-I AI- -.,.- '- 'g--- 51 -I,:lI. -,-:.-, :-I -gf.:-.I 1v1'I.-I.- ' f I - I, I Q- ,M 1, :I.If., , 1. ,Ii I. 1- ' . .2 ' 'pi 1 .1 I .'. uf' ..1.L- IQ :li-.' xx.: ' - 'T"- I - I ., fr., .QI ,lg ll.. -I gif-1 -L3125:-,--Sw-5--1':f-' '.jj+:fef-:WL ":f- ' -' 3, --f ' , -.I- --: . g, f . . - ,--H I V- f, 'n Af-'-Q I I .. f -- -:Ii-fa-.I --Z-.. 1 -Ing --I - I.: ,fx - 1.3-. --. . . - . 1- . - 1.1: ' A - , ' -. f - -. --z..-'-- W: - f --.---M -. - -- f' -1--J , - , 1 - . .wg-.-:-L - . "4 ' 5' ' : v 5 f WT :f ,'-' -- -: - 3 "i.- QL -. ' 5121?--if .. .nv 'L--1.123-5 615-.5 B'-.iikiri-Elf-' J' ' ' v ,- - .J 'f,-- I -- -: 1: -' I I' '.-as ' - ,I -- -. -irq. ig.:--.Hg1-,II-1:5513-"Ij,, 4:-:'.I..-wI.'I LI" 1- '.wN-1q.-f-fpit--- - ' , - . r -' -, 'I fa f--: J -" '.'--g- ' I .pk fp L Z". ,Ng,Eg-j-.N-':..I.-3 ':-.-I::.3. , -- 1,55 . .'I4,41s..,.. II--.L -.41 , ,f 11 . . f- . ' - - ' ' - "D I .-1" '.L.-J'-fwsze-1 :Jr ' .29-f -. -:If--.-. L ' -' -11.1-ts 1.-.if . aff- Qc.. 54,1 -E-Q-:.f,.gw -g-P-,L--3-.If - . 1 . -I I .V .ff .. . I ., , 1' --4..-..- -.1 f . - N. -.gg-.g,..f -,.-.1 I.-...I:.-,E-.gg . - 1' .-' 1 f ' I ' f '- '--f 1' -I 5 -L-fy - I-3. I, . I.. J,-.J .Ig-.a4:.: ,1.':-.- .-T-fs-1-'N'?-s-g'. -H-,1--.f ,-4 5:93 1 ,.'-,L ..--J-:IQ-gf.-.--as, 1- -.1-:-,-I....', IQ,-..I.:. I I, I ,If, ff...-, , I. I, ,-I,,I ..,..j.-I,,,III.-- .Ig ...-,.,II- 5-.I-1, .IIQI-I .-, ...:f',I..,,I,..I,I I.-. 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UR qgxtiili-H1111 +-M-N-T7-ff --', W- nu an an an a an 0 0 an Q Q at Q an -Q---1-v-. me nn nu Q an Q ul Q 1 Q Q Q in in - -' f Q an 0 un Q Q Q Q Q nl 0 an an an 1 F - -,w- H--1 -- -f-- an an n U Q Q an an in Q Q Q Q an an an nn an an an un s I 1 1 1 1 1 """1' 1' "V Gln' H' 1 1 1 I ' 1. -I v- . 'V E F , wlunnpnQ-W.. ,.. -A ., ' in V V L GOTTON BLOQQOM Temple High Qclwolb Temple, Tum Wa, dw geamboob S6166 061 Tempiof High Qclwolf, pwseut dw H967 OOTTON BLOQQOM THE MONTHS BEHIND . . . AND THE AHEAD Students of Temple High School, we give you in this 1967 Cotton Blossom, a calendar of events, that you may recall the experiences, both sad and joyful, of the past nine months. Along with these memories we extend good wishes for the future for each of the classes. Sophomores, as you have the greater part of your high school career ahead, we urge you to make the most of your opportunities. Keep your enthusiasm for high school and nourish your eagerness to learn. Juniors, you must realize the importance of the coming year. In becoming the new leaders of the school, you will meet more demanding responsibilities, and you will need to be diligent. Seniors, we hope that you will persevere in your attempts to attain success. We hope that you will achieve the high standards you have set. May the class spirit and loyalty you have felt this past year challenge you to take pride in all that you do. To accomplish these things you need self-confidence, honesty, and integrity. More important, you must always remember to call upon God for guidance through the coming years. Amo one wuo me MADE me PAST MONT!-IQ A eu In gratitude for the concern you have shown to our Senior Class, we proudly dedicate this annual to you, Miss Mary Elizabeth Holden. You have been 1T1OSt understanding to us and have worked hard for our Senior interests. We have been encouraged by your informative classes and friendliness to all. We hope that you will realize that your efforts have been truly appreciated. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1967 rf' "'11f::1' 5 . .:,., 1 TVIA T Vizkr I ..,r. . EAV iv ,f ir if ,, K p-z Q Lzii rg f Taking time out from her many activities, among them grading senior research papers, Miss Holden has a short coffee break in the faculty lounge. After all, even teachers need a break every now and then. Q ' .I - X Q Ou1vAUmwMamv, Fwm gow wdua Uewuwdf tof be Qu pwudf 061 gown bwdwons, Yowu spwt, And, 6ofuTEMPLE HUG!-I QC!-IOOL Mwwlvow, allfglonious. Ambmag gowvcoloas, Bbwcmdfwldw, BE E'El2f VICIOPJOUQ. Tabu og FoaewofwL...10 20 Admmzsbwtum Jumm...7s WW ...Q-4 rrwmzte5...1os Qpoffts....190 Qdubg OM: Ream. . . 222 W Ads .... . 240 Aetwztms...114 B3 Monflv . . . Qepfembefu Organized confusion Back to books THS students swing at after game dance. . . .A611-I Oofobcfv Peter Pan flies again. PTA gets acquainted . Nouew-bw Smokey says, "GO WILDCATS, BEAT CORSICANA !" Football sweetheart, Jana Price, receives roses from Van Taylor. Head 'em up, move 'em out! 4 F x - is f 1 Q . L 1 ,ri ., .5 .J X? r'i n '- Q 5 gy , 4 1B-P' if . fag? Q Only twenty more credits to go! Seewadwe'redoin'? Take it off . . take it Q off But professor. . . I combed it this morning! With legs like that who can 1ose???? Wits: . ff f I J I l F n, at 1 T fr at 11 J Q A, . I Q ' I 9 2 L.: if ' lx ., Q "1 This year s P1gsk1n Revue On With the Show was a great success. The three classes competed for their representatives to be awarded the title of Mr and Miss T. H. S. " The SENIORS' overwhelming victory broke all previous records set by Pigskin Revue ticket sales. The Juniors came in second, with the Sopho To make money, the Ger man and French clubs overcame language dif- ferences and sponsored a dance for the student body. - H The long awaited prom is only memories now. ommo ,' o ,L 5 ,o,oo o oo..o oooooo 1 H v,.,, Q' f si' 4 1 uf M ig: 5' .1 '-'.1 1, 4 Q if 1 row. 21' -fa. W .','k o "X, ' "' ' 1 ' 4 - - M 1 ,oLkL, K will .K 2' , .Q 5' .iizg ffm Xpa-1asa1m?"- ffm -' L- n ' ., .,,. V m mooo . A J . K , ,. ..,, ,. .K ,, .Q ..,, 11 xW..,, 1 ,.,.1,.,,W - , , ., V. . Track and baseball mofwpolize HCIIV 111165 EAOJIJY AND ADMINIQTPAUON 's SEATED: Mr. Ed Easterwood, Mr. Reginald Evans, Dr. Terrell Speed. STANDING: Mr. Tommy Strasburger, Mr. Jack Morris, Mr. Alan Johnston, Mr. John Samrnons. BQAPD OF EDUCATION - ADMIN! MR. ACE ALSUP, Superintendent, B.A., L.L.B., M. A ., Baylor University. 20 MR. WILLIAM VALIGURA, MR. KIRBY TAYLOR, Assistant Superintendent, BUSi11eSS Administrator B.A., M,A,, B.B.A., North Texas Baylor University. SIHIC University. ON MR, CALVIN WHATLEY, Principal B. S., M, S., East Texas State College MR. E, M. DOERFLER, Assistant Principal B,S., University of Texas Our Administrators 4 as we see them MR. JAMES C. FOUST, Counselor B.S., Abilene Christian College M, S. , Baylor University MRS. GLADYS HOOKS, Counselor B. S. , Southwest Texas State College M. A ., Baylor University BLISS, MRS. CHARLENE B. S., Texas Technological Collegeg Chemistry BROWN, MR. DON B. A., Southwest Texas State Col- legeg World History, P. E., Foot- ball, Track CASKEY, MR. BOB B. S., Texas ASLM Universityg P.E., Driver Training, Football, Baseball CHAPMAN, MISS MARGARET B.A., M.A., University of Texas, Englishg COTTON BLOSSOM CORBIN, MRS. LEE M. B.A., Abilene Christian College, English ' CUBA, MRS. BERNADETTE B.A., University of Texasg Algebra, Consumer Mathg National Honor Society 22 ANDERSON, MR. RONALD B.A., Baylor University, Biology, Advanced Biologyg Bio-Chem Club ARRIAGA, MR. DANIEL B. S., Baylor Universityg Related Math BAILEY, MRS. TOM D. B. S., North Texas State University American History, Sociology, Eco- nom ics BERGER, MR. ROYCE B. S., Texas Lutheran Collegeg World History, Health, B-Team Football, Basketball, Baseball BLACK, MISS MARGARET B.A., Texas Woman's Universityg M.A., Columbia Universityg Jour- nalism, Typewriting THE WILD- CAT RAMBLER BLACKBURN, MRS. JOHNNY Secretary ,EER .X .tt," 'wt wt- ,kg . fi, , 2 . . ,..,, ,, ' at I gr -s S - 1' f"f' ..1 . . ,. ,,,,, .. sw DILLARD, MISS DOROTHY B. S., Mary-Hardin Baylor College: Biology, General Science, FTA DuBOIS, MR. FOY B.A. , Baylor University, Texas History, American History, Key Club DUGGER, MRS. W. W. Southwest Texas State Collegeg Office Clerk ELSIK, MR. ANTONE D. B.A. , University of Texas, M.A,, Baylor Universityg Mathematics, Physicsg JETS PENSTY, MRS. MARGARET B.A., M. A., Baylor University, B. S. , Mary Hardin Baylorg Health, P. E.g Tumbling, Girls' Tennis FERRILL, MRS. RUTH B.B.A., Sam Houston State Col- lege, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Student Council FLOYD, MR. BILL B. S., New Mexico State Universityg American History, P.E.g Football Track FOURNIER, MRS. MARY DALE Scott and White School of Nursing, School Nurse FOUST, MRS. JAMES C. East Central State, Ada, Okla- homag Assistant Librarian Now we know what Mr. Elsik does in his spare time! Smile, Miss Brown, you ve been caught by the THS roving photographer. GABY, MRS. HELEN Nashville Business College, Temple Junior Collegeg Secretary HAWKINS, MR. RIK B. S., University of Texasg Geome try, Trigonometry, Key Club HENDRICKS, MISS CECIL MAY B. S., M. Ed., University of Texas Future Homemakers of America HIGGINS, MRS. LAURA NELL B.S., Stephen F. Austin Collegeg Related Math HILLEY, MR. GORDON B. A., University, of Texas, M. A. Baylor University, Driver Educa- tion, Basketball, B-team Football, Boys' Tennis HOLDEN, Miss MARY ELIZABETH , B.A., Mary Hardin-Baylor Col- . lege, M.A., University of Texas, English, Student Council HOWARD, MR. DURWARD B. B. M., University of Texas, M.A. Columbia University, Band, Or- chestra, Highlighters, Pepperettes HOWARD, MRS. JEAN B. A. , Mary Hardin-Baylor College Government KEAHEY, MRS. G. L. B. A. , Texas Woman 's University, M. Ed., University of Texasg Geo- metry Another letter home, Miss Clampitt? Mrs. Mascorro, a scholar interrupted. - Mrs. Smith quickly fa- miliarizes herself with activities at T. H. S. KIRKPATRICK, MR. WARREN B. A. , North Texas State University Art KOPISCH, MRS. HAZEL B. A., University of Texas, M. E., Texas Christian University, Librari- an, Library Club LANCASTER, MRS. MILDRED B. S. , North Texas State University, Physical Education, Cheerleaders, Volleyball LINDEMANN, MISS ALICE B. A., University of Texas, M. A., University of Coloradog English LOTT, MR. CHARLES M. M. Ed. , Southwest Texas State Collegeg Vocational Agriculture, Future Farmers of America MCDANIEL, MR. BOBBY B. S. , Howard Payne Collegeg Biologyg Bio-Chem Club, Para- medical Careers Club MASCORRO, MRS. VICTORIA B. A., Texas Christian University, M. S., Baylor University, Spanish, Pan-American Club MEENACH, MRS. ELISABETH B. A ., University of Texas, M. A., Texas Woman 's University, French, Englishg French Club, UIL Ready Writing MEIER, MRS. RUBY H. B.B.A,, University of Texasg Typ- ing, Office Practiceg UIL Typing 25 ' Faculty volleyball game Sock it to 'em, Baby! Nominated as the faculty 's cutest couple, Mr. and Mrs. Foust cele- brated their twenty -first wedding anniversary on April 4, 1967. MESSER, MR. A. BRYANT B. A., Abilene Christian Collegeg Special Education MIKESKA, MRS. JANELL B. S., Mary Hardin-Baylor College, English NICHOLS, MISS KATHARINE B. P. S. M., Southern Methodist University, M. Ed., Baylor Uni- versity, Typingg Future Teachers of America, UIL Spelling OWENS, MRS. GRETTA B. S., Mary Hardin-Baylor College, American History, Governmentg COTTON BLOSSOM PEARCE, MRS. BEE B. S., University of gexasg Speech, Drama, Englishg AC T, Debate, Thespians, Tech 5 REDDEN, MRS. ANNE CAROLE B. S., Mary Hardin-Baylor College: Health, Physical Education 26 ls there any doubt why Rome fell? THS 's Go Go Girl! !! ROBERTS, MRS. SAM B.A., M. S., Baylor Universityg English SCOGGIN, MR. JAMES B.A., University of Texasg Algebra Related Math SCOTT, MRS. FROTILLA B.A., Baylor University, M.Ed. University of Texas: Englishg Para- medical Careers Club P SHARP, MR. MELVIN Q. English SHEPPARD, MR. KENNETH B.A., University of Texasg Biology, Chemistry S-IMCIK, MR. FRANK B. A., University of Texas, B. D., Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminaryg Bible SPENCE, MRS. MARIE B. A., M. A., University of Texasg Spanishg Pam-American Club STREATER, MR. BILLY FRANK B. S., M. Ed., Sam Houston State Collegeg Industrial Cooperative Trainingg Vocational Industrial Club of America THOMPSON, MR. WAYNE B. S., Centenary College, M. Ed., Baylor Universityg Distributive Edu- cationg Distributive Education Club 27 B.A., University of Texasg Spanish, The "New Faculty Minstrels" TULL, MRS. NELL-WYNN G. B. S., M.A., Texas Woman's Universityg Homernaking, Adult Classes, Future Homemakers of America WALSER, MRS. LEE ANN B. A., Sam Houston State Collegeg Latin, English, Latin Club WEEDIN, MISS MARY FRANCES B. M., North Texas State University Choral Music, Director of Choirs WELCH, MISS JUANITA M. B,A., Baylor University, M. A., University of Texas, Geometry, Algebra, National Honor Society, UIL Number Sense WENDT, MR. L. H. B. E., State Teachers' College, St. Cloud, Minnesota, Industrial Arts WHATLEY, MRS. JULIA B. A., Southwestern University, M. A., East Texas State College, English, World Geographyg UIL Ready Writing WILKINSON, MRS. MARY B. A., Mary Hardin-Baylor College Physical Education WINTERS, MR. ALLEN B. S., University of Texas, M.A. , Southwest Texas State Collegeg Physical Education, Athletic Di- rector, Football WINTERS, MRS. ALLEN Southwest Texas State College, Secretary 28 Let 's not loaf! Ugh! What a load Some people just do not like to co-operate E 5 ,b 1,. Q, 5 llllll e of eelllel lelll e at sk . .,1., . . is up L, el Z 9: ? ,, up 3 Miss Jolly for 1967 , ll e zsffsf .lle ' e What a team! if E1 M if , ,t,,t a Curly, our own lady plumber woalww That's 5000 heads of lettuce. . . Have broom, will sleep Super-O Wihdex does it again 29 W i V a I 1 I w 1 ' A ' T W V 1 N n ,, W 1 . 41, i il , I " ,N 1 1 .K f 1 1 w V1 ,i 1 1 'a 1 QENIORS Senior Class officers for 1967 were Charley Andrews, Presidentg John Adams, Vice-Presidentg Kay Bartek, Secretaryg Rosalind Ramsey, Treasurerg Cy Long, Parliamentariang and Jana Price, Reporter. 1 O COLORS Deep Rose and Pink FLOWER Red Rose MOTTO "Of those to whom much is given, much is required. " John F. Kennedy X: xx ' J L of 57' If ' 'J 4514533 4110 JAN ADAMS Pepperettes, FHA, Class Chairmang Paramed, Library Club, Treasurer, ?Orchestra, French Club, AC T, Office Girl, Senior Play MART IN AGU IRRE Football A and B National Honor Society JETS, Pan- Am, Latin Club KAY APEARY COTTON BLOSSOM, Editorg Pepperettes, Captain, Miss THS, Miss Flame, Student Council, NHS, Parliamen- tariang Paramed, Historian, Latin Club, Treasurer, FTA, Sophomore Scholastic Jacket 1 967 SONG "BORN FREE" Born free, As free as the wind blows, As free as the grass grows, Born free to follow your heart Live free, And beauty surrounds you, The world still astounds you Each time you look at a star. Stay free, Where no walls divide you, You're free as a roaring tide, So there's no need to hide. Born free, And life is worth living, But only worth living, "Cause you 're born free. JOHN ADAMS Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Vice-President, Student Council, Football A and B, Track, Paramed, Future Teachers of America C HARLEY A NDREWS Sophomore and Senior Class President, NHS, Vice-Pres- identg Key Club, Second Vice-President, Mr, THS, Student Council, Debate Club, JETS, Paramed, COT- TON BLOSSOM RONALD ARNOLD Paramedical Careers Club, Choir 33 STEPHEN BALLARD Band, Solo and Ensemble, Latin Club, Boys' Tennis KAY BARTEK Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Secretary, Sophomore, Senior Cheerleader, Student Council, FTA, Vice-Pres- identg FHA, Pianist, Pan- Am, Pepperettes, JETS, Pigskin Revue, COTTON BLOSSOM LINDA BARTOSH Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Pan-American Club, COTTON BLOSSOM, Library Club BOB BEIMER Pam-American Club, Band, Paramedical Careers Club JEFF BENTLEY JETS, Pres.g Bio-Chem, Pres.: Student Council, Soph. , and Jr. Class Favorite, NHS, Junior Class Pres.g Paramed, Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball, International Science Fair, TJC Sweep- stakes Winner, Pigskin Revue 34 LINDA BARNES Future Homemakers of Amer ica, Library Club, Office Girl ANN BARTELS Band, Secretary-Treasurer, Sweetheart, NHS, COTTON BLOSSOM, JETS, Reporter, Latin Club, FTA, Senior Play, Pigskin Revue, Para- medical Careers Club A UGUS TINE BAUTISTA Baseball A MARY ELAINE BELL National Honor Society, French Club, Choir, All-Regional, All-State, Pigskin Revue GILBERT BERNHARDT Pan -American Club GENEVA BERRY Student Council, COTTON BLOSSOM, Paramed, Pan- Am, Fl-IA, Class Secretary, AC3T, JETS, Senior Play, FTA, Committee Chairman FRED B IERSCHENK Pan-American Club, Voca- tional lndustrial Club of America, Reporter CHERYL BLACK Pepperettes, Captain, COT- TON BLOSSOM, Asso. Ed.: FHA, Parliamentarian, Fourth Vice-Pres., Most Outstanding Junior Girl, Para- med, Library Club, AC3T, Girls' Choir JAY BLINT Pan-American Club, Para- medical Careers Club, Key Club, AC3T DON BOLSINS FootballB, Track, Library Club NANCY BERRY AC3T, Pan-American Club, Choir, Senior Play LETA B ILBREY Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, French Club, Paramed- ical Careers Club PHYLLIS BLEVINS Student Council, FHA, His- torian, Class Chairman, AC3T, vice-President, NHS, FTA, COTTON BLOSSOM, Latin Club, Paramed, French Club, Thespians, Pigskin Revue LINDA BODENHEIMER COTTON BLOSSOM, IETS Senior Play, Paramedical Careers Club, Future Teachers of America, Parliamentarian LINDA BOSTIC K Pan-American Club, Para- med, FTA, AC3T, Tumbling, Senior Play, COTTON BLOS- SOM, Pigskin Revue, "Peter Pan" 35 MARY HELEN BRE WS TER Paramedical Careers Club, Latin Club, Library Club, FTA, FHA JOAN BRINDLEY coTToN BLOSSOM, AC3T, Paramed, Latin Club, Girls' Tennis, UIL, Prose, Pigskin Revue, Pepperettes, Future Teachers of America, Miss FTA CALVA LITA SUSAN BROWNING Dunbar High School: "Miss A Capella", Choir, Madri- gal Singers, Octetg Drama Club Temple High School: AC3T, Thespians, "Journey to Jeru- salem" Whose is he? 36 G LEN BRINDLEY Band, Student Council, Vice President, Mr. Spirit, Latin Club, Vice-President, UIL, Speechg Key Club, Future Teachers of America, Mr, FTAg Pepperette Ideal Boy JERRY BROC K FootballB, Pan-Am, Bio- Chem Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Junior Engi- neering and Technical So- ciety DONALD BURKES Basketball B, Pan-American Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Distributive Education Sergeant-at-Arms Student Council prepares for Santa 's arrival. ala Jia - Come on Seniors, just one more quarter and we BETTIE CARTER Pan-American Club, Junior Engineering and Technical Society SHEILA CARTER Leilihua High School: French Club Temple High School: AC3T, Future Homemakers of America JAMES B. CHAFFIN Baseball A, Basketball B OUR PRESIDENT 'll have that weinie roast I promised. DAVID CARTER Football, A and B,' Pan- American Club, Key Club, Secretaryg JETS, Library Club, FTA, Student Council GLENN CATHEY, IR. Future Farmers of America, President, Greenhand Reporter Pan-American Club ALICE COOK Senior Play, Pepperettes, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Future Teachers of America 37 JU LIE A LLEN COOK Volleyball, FTA, FHA, Para- meclical Careers Club, COT- TON BLOSSOM, Library Club, Senior Play, Choir JO NELL COSPER Choir, Future Homemakers of America MICKEY CRANFORD Golf, Pan-American Club BARBARA JEAN CRISWELL Brady High School: Band, FTA, Junior Historians, FHA Temple High School: Band, Majorette, Office Secretaryg FTA, FHA, UIL, Orchestra DEVONA KAYE DAVIS COTTON BLOSSOM, Pan- American Club, FTA, Ac3T Senior Play, Thespians, Para- medical Careers Club, UIL, Shorthand 38 WA LTER H. COOK Princeton High School: Foot- ball, Track, Basketball, FFA Reporter Baseball Temple High School: French Club CARY COX NHS, Band All-District Highlighters, UIL, Solo and Ensembleg FTA, Pan-Ameri- can Club, JETS, Orchestra JIMMY CREASEY Latin Club, Key Club, Band, All-Regional, JETS, Boys' Tennis, Senior Play, Para- medical Careers Club, Pig- skin Revue CYNTHIA CRUMPTON Library Club, Girls' Choir, Senior Play, Future Home- makers of America, Future Teachers of America SA NDRA DAVIS Distributive Education DEBBIE DENNIS Pepperettes, AC3T, Pan- American Club, Senior Play, Paramedical Careers Club JERRY ANN DIVIS Paramedical Careers Club, FHA, JETS, Library Club, President, Library Assistant RIC K DORNHOEFER Baseball A, Basketball B, Key Club, JETS, Paramedi- cal Careers Club, Pan-Amer- ican Club, FTA, Bio-Chem Club ISABEL V. DURAN Future Teachers of America, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Pan-American Club PEGGY EASTERWOOD Band, All-Regional, All- District, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, NHS, Pan-Am, German Club, Reporterg Para- med, FTA, Office Girl, Ready Writing BARBARA DIC KERSON FHA, Library Club, Secre- tary, Paramedical Careers Club, Jars, Ac3T BETTY GAYLENE DIX ON Paramedical Careers Club, FHA, Pan-American Club, Future Teachers of America JOYCE ELAINE DRA KE Parameclical Careers Club, FHA, JETS, Library Club, Presidentg Library Assistant JIMMY EANES NHS, Band, FTA, Paramedi cal Careers Club, Pan-Amer ican Club, JETS, Navigator LINDA EDWARDS COTTON BLOSSOM, Para- med, French Club, Pan-Am AC3T, Future Homemakers of America, Senior Play, Future Teachers of America 39 ANDREW GRATAN EIBEN Pan -American Club KATHY ELDREDGE FHA, Office Girl, Senior Choir, Girls'Choir, JETS, Senior Play, Library Club PAU LA SA VERINO ELLIOTT Pan-American Club, Para- med, Girls' Choir, Future Homemakers of America Senior Spirit! RAY EIC KENHORST Band, Latin Club, Junior Engineering and Technical Society LYNN ELLIOTT Pepperettes, Girls' Choir, AC3T, "Peter Pan, " Future Homemakers of America SHERRY ELLIOTT Distributive Education, Treasurerg Future Home- makers of America, Future Teachers of America 40 Rociarz Ettrsou AC3T BARBARA EVANS Latin Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Senior Play, Girls' Tennis DEBBIE FERRARA Choir, Paramed, Senior Play, Library Club, COTTON BLOSSOM, Future Home- makers of America ROBERT FITZHUGH JAMES R. FREI Paramedical Careers Club ROGER EP PS Band, Orchestra, Tennis A, District Winner MARION EVANS Paris High School: Pan -Amer ican Club Temple High School: Future Homemakers of America CARL R. FITZHUGH Football A and B, Track, Future Farmers of America, Greenhand President, Sen- tinel, Pan-American Club, Paramedical Careers Club ARTIE FOWLER JETS, Key Club, Latin Club, Orchestra, Boys' Tennis, FTA National Honor Society LINDA FREI Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, AC3T, Choir, "Amahl and the Night Visitors" 4l .IANIE GARCIA GARY GARNER Choir, Distributive Education, Paramedical Careers Club, National Honor Society IOEL GARRISON Student Council, Presidentg Key Club, First Vice-Pres- identg Latin Club, Vice- Presidentg FTA, Bio-Chem Club, JETS, Paramed, Pig- skin Revue, Senior Play, Band RICHARD GILLEY PRESTON GOFORTH Orchestra, Distributive Edu- cation 42 TEDDY GARC IA Football A and B, Track, Student Council, Paramed- ical Careers Club, Pan -Amer ican Club, Senior Play JAMES GARNER Track, Football B, Pan- American Club JEAN GIBSON Student Council, Treasurerg Pepperettes, Captain, NHS, Latin Club, Secretaryg Miss Spirit, Miss Spark, Key Club Sweetheart, Senior Play, Paramed, FTA ROBERT R. GILMORE BILL GRA HA M National Honor Society, Band, JETS, Key Club, Golf, Highlighters, Latin Club, German Club, President LARRY G . GRA HA M SHARON DELL GRA VES Paramedical Careers Club, Pan-American Club, Choir UIL Contest ELDON RALPH GREENWAY, IR. Pan-Am, Paramed, FFA, FTA, Football B, Baseball, Band, UIL, Solo and Ensem- bleg Senior Play, Pigskin Re- vue DARRELL GUESS Key Club, Pan-American Club, Football A and B, FHA Sweetheart, Basketball B, National Honor Society ROB GUNN National Honor Society, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Pan-American Club, JETS, Distributive Education, Pres- ident LARRY W. GRAHAM Future Farmers of America, Sentinel, Secretary PAULA GREENFIE LD NHS, Orchestra, Librarian, Vice-President, All-Regioral All-District, Band, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, Latin Club, Treasurer, Pepperettes, Cap- tain, Girls' Tennis, Paramed, Treasurer PA T GRIS HA M NHS, Library Assistant, Li- brary Club, Vice-President, AC3T, Paramedical Careers Club, Thespians, Senior Play Pigskin Revue, Office Girl DIANE BENJAMIN GUNN Pan-American Club, Para- medical Careers Club, FTA, FHA, Office Girl, Library Club KENNETH HACHTEL Football A and B, Track, Paramedical Careers Club, Pan-American Club, Senior Play 43 1 PAT HAND Pan-American Club, Thes- pians, French Club, COTTON BLOSSOM, Senior Play, Li- brafyciub, FHA, AC3T, "Peter Pan, " "Jack and the Beanstalk" IAN HARPER FTA, Presidentg Fl-IA, Pan- American Club, JETS, Para- meclical Careers Club, COT- TON BLOSSOM, Senior Play, Library Assistant, Student Congress BILL HARRISON Future Farmers of America, Sentinelg Pan-American Club BARTON HA VINS COTTON BLOSSOM, Busi- ness Managerg JETS, Bio- Chem Club, Science Fair Winner JERRY LYNN HEISTERBERG Senior Play, Future Home- rnakers of America 44 VIC KI CAROL HANNON AC3T, Future Homemakers of America, Office Girl, Senior Play GAY LENE HARRIS Future Homemakers of Amer ica, Paramedical Careers Club DIA NNE DYBITHA HARRISON Paramedical Careers Club, FHA, FTA, Office Girl, COTTON BLOSSOM, Senior Play DOLORES HA WKINS Paramedical Careers C lub, Pepperettes BARRY HEND LER Pan-American Club, Bio- Cbem Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Golf GARY HENKE MICHAEL HERRING Paramed, Library Club, Key Club, Boys' Choir, "Amahl and the Night Visitors, " Pan- Anierican Club SHERYL HILL Pan-American Club, Library Assistant, Future Homemakers of America, JETS DONNIE RAY HILTON THE WILDCAT RAMBLER, Art Editorg Choir, Vice-Pres- identg Future Teachers of America LINDA KAY HORTON Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Paramedical Careers Club, COTTON BLOSSOM IOSIE HERNA NDEZ Pan-American Club, Future Homemakers of America, Girls' Choir MARY ANN HILL NHS, Treasurerg Pan-Am, Pres., Rep., Paramed, Trea., Chaplain, Girls' Tennis, Captain, COTTON BLOSSOM, Sports Editorg Student Council Pepperettes, FTA, FHA, Sen- ior Play NELDA HILLIARD Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Distributive Education MAURICE ADDISON HITC HC OCK Football A and B, Track, Band, Orchestra MARILYN HOVIS Senior Play, Future Home- makers of America 45 ,AMaTWin,,r,3,W.r51r.,.r,.517,131,7,ar,:.:,,1Q,.r.r ...., ...... ., ,r K ,, , CAROLE HUGHES Basketball Sweetheart, FFA Queen, French Club, Vice- Presidentg JETS, Tumbling, Treasurerg Pan-American Club, Paramedical Careers Club LINDA HU MPHREY MYRNA CAROL JAMES Pepperettes, Captaing Para- med, Girls'Tennis, Library Club, Library Assistant, Latin Club, FHA, COTTON BLOSSOM, Junior Scholastic Jacket, National Honor So- ciety 46 Figure these two out! PAM HUGHES GERA LDINE HURTA AC3T, Paramedica1CareerS, Club, FHA, Choir, Senior Play, COTTON BLOSSOM DONNA MARIE JARMA Pan-American Club, Library Club CATHERINE JARVIS Student Council, Secretary, Pararned, First Vice-Pres- identg Latin Club, Pepper- ettes, Captaing NHS, Secre- tary, French Club, Presidentg FHA, Presidentg FTA, His- torian WAYLA ND H. IENNINGS Football A, AC3T, Library Club, Future Teachers of America, Paramedical Ca- reers Club CHARLES LEE IOAC HIM Sweeny High School: Foot- ball, Basketball, Junior Class President Temple High School: Golf, Captaing Future Teachers of America, Choir, President fi' PHYLLIS ANN IEA NES Band, Secretary, Librarian, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, All District, All-Regionalg Or- chestra, All-Regionalg Senior Play, Library Club, FTA, Latin Club LARRY Y . IIMENEZ Future Farmers of America, Star Farmer, Greenhand Vice-Presidentg AC3T, Sen- ior Play WAYNE JOHNSON The gang says "Hello", David hauling his Geographics. A small part of the Senior victory. BOB JONES Future Farmers of America, Greenhand President KERRY KABELLA Academy High School: Jun- ior Play, Girls' Basketball, FHA, Pep Squad Temple High School: FHA, THE WILDCAT RAMBLER, Activities Editor, JETS, Latin Club, Bio-Chem Club KAY KAREN KEITH Sophomore Class Reporter, Student Council, Teen Jury, COTTON BLOSSOM, Pepper- ettes, FTA, French Club, Bio-Chem Club, Pigskin Re- vue Choir 48 House wrapping on a big scale. MARTHA GRAC E JONES COTTON BLOSSOM, Editorg Senior Class Favorite, Stu- dent Council, NHS, Reporter Pepperettes, Paramed, Chap lain, Second Vice-President, Pigskin Revue, FHA, Latin Club, Library Club KATHERINE REGINA KEIL French Club, AC3T, Thes- pians, Senior Play, Pigskin Revue, Paramedical Careers Club, FTA, "Peter Pan," COTTON BLOSSOM, FHA, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award JAMES KELLEY Football B, Varsity Manager Is there anything under there for me? DA NA KELLY COTTON BLOSSOM, Asso. Ed.g FTA, German Club, Secretaryg Pigskin Revue, AC3T, Pepperettes, Para- med, Volleyball, Co-Captain BRUCE KEOWN Paramedical Careers Club, Pan-American Club, JETS, Gold, senior Play, ACST, Pigskin Revue, "York Cycle Play" JUDY BARBARA KETTERMAN COTTON BLOSSOM, PTA, FHA, Paramedical Careers Club, Office Girl, Pepper- ettes Andy says, "This is my box!" DONNA KENT Pepperettes, Tech 5 ROYC E WA YNE KER LEY Band, Vice-President, All- State Symphonic, All Re- gional, All-District, All- American Youth Honor Band, Highlighters, Orchestra, Pigskin Revue, Pan-American Club YVONNE KNOWLES Distributive Education, Re- porter 49 JOHNNIE KOHUT Distributiv e Education MIKE KOPRIVA "Peter Pan, " "York Cycle Play, " Debate Team JA Y NE KORNEGAY Thespians, FTA, AC3T, Li- brary Club, Senior Play, "Peter Pan, " "Shoemaker and the Elves, " Paramedical Careers Club TOMMY LA MB ERT Pan-American Club, Para- medical Careers Club, Junior Engineering and Technical Society, Bio-Chem Club JOYCE LANE Future l-lomemakers of Amer ica, AC3T, Paramedical Careers Club 50 KENNETH JAMES KOHUTEK Band, UIL, Solo and Ensem- ble, All-District, All-Re- gionalg Highlighters, Para- medical Careers Club RON NIE KOPRIVA ANN KUNKEL COTTON BLOSSOM, Para- medical Careers Club, Latin Club, Pepperettes, Choir MARY JO LA MBRIGHT FHA, First Vice-President, Class Secretaryg FTA, Para- med, COTTON BLOSSOM, Secretaryg Pepperettes, Sen- ior Play, Pigskin Revue, Pan Am, Group Leaderg ABWA Scholarship, Dawson Chapter RONALD RAY LANFORD Latin Club, Band, All-Re- gionalg Highlighters, National Honor Society HEIDI LANGSIOEN FTA, National Honor Society Paramed, AC3T, Latin Club, Orchestra, COTTON BLOS- SOM, Pepperettes, FHA, Li- brary Club BRUC E LA WHORN Football A and B, Baseball, Orchestra RUCE LAZA rchestra, Highlighters, Band All-District, All-Regional, All-State Concert Band KATHIE LEINDSEY National Honor Society, Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Vice-Pres.g UIL, Ready Writ- ing GARY LOGSDON Golf, Latin Club, JETS, Para medical Careers Club, Band, All-Regional, All-American Youth Honor Band, National Honor Society h ROX IE LaSOYA Band, Librarian, Reporter- Historian, UlL, Solo and En- semble, National Honor So- ciety, Paramed, Latin Club, German Club KENT LA WHORN JETS, FTA, Band, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, All-Senior Honor Band, Pigskin Revue LINDY LEE Latin Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Library Club, National Honor Society BERNIE LENART National Honor Society, Paramed, JETS, Pan-Am, Orchestra, Baseball, Band, All-District, UlL, Solo and Ensemble CY LONG Football B, Boys' Tennis, Student Council, Paramed, Latin Club, Future Teachers of America, Senior Class Parliamentarian, Senior Play Pigskin Revue 5l BECKY MCCELVEY Future Homemakers of Amer ica, Senior Play, AC3T, COTTON BLOSSOM, Pigskin Revue HELEN MCGEE COTTON BLOSSOM, Pan- American Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Future Home - makers of America, Latin Club, Ac3T GLEN MCKENZIE, IR. Paramed, Pan-American Club, Future Teachers of America, Band, Senior Play, AC3T, Thespians MIKE MCMILLIOAN Football A and B, Track, Band ROSA LEE MCNIEL Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Paramedical Careers Club, AC3T 52 ROBERTA MCEVER Paramed, Pan-Am, FTA, FHA, Corresponding Secre- taryg COTTON BLOSSOM, Senior Play, Office Girl, Bio-Chem Club, UIL, Typing LEE MCFADDEN Track, Captain, JETS, Future Teachers of America, Nation al Honor Society, Pan-Amer- ican Club, Paramedical Ca- reers Club, Student Congress ION MCKINLEY JA NIS LYNNE MCNEILL Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Library Club, Paramed- ical Careers Club, AC3T CYNTHIA ANN MADRIGAL Pan-American Club, Choir, UIL Contest IA MES DON MA LIC OAT Vocational Industrial Club of America ESTHER MARTINEZ. Pan-American Club, FHA, Girls'Clioir, AC3T, "Ber- nadine, " "Peter Pan, " "York Cycle Play" BILL MAXWELL Football B, Varsity Manager, Key Club, NHS, Student Council, Paramedical Ca- reers Club, Sergeant-an Arms, Latin Club, Com- mended Student National Merit Scholarship One nieat and two vegetables, or one vegetable and one salad, ,lf Of... DA N MARSHA LL Choir RoY qnusrm MAULDIN JR. National Honor Society, Pan- American Club PATRICK RAY MEADOWS Vocational Industrial Club of America 53 IAMES B . MESEC KE Holland High School: Foot- ball, Basketball, Agriculture Club, Temple High School: Distri- butive Education HAROLD WAYNE MILLER National Honor Society, Paramedical Careers Club, JETS, Number Sense, Pan- American Club, Golf, Senior Play, Distributive Education WILLIAM MARK MILLER NHS, President, FTA, Para- med, President, Sophomore, Junior, Scholastic Jacket, American Legion Boys' State, UIL, Number Sense, Latin Club, Pan-Am, FHA Ideal Boy, Senior Class Favorite I. R. MOORE, IR. Student Council, JETS, FTA, Youth Council, Vice-Presi- dent, AC3T, Boys' Tennis, District Winner CYNTHIA MULLAN Pepperettes, FTA, National Honor Society Paramedical Careers Club, Choir, Pan- American Club, Senior Play, COTTON BLOSSOM 54 DARRELL MILIAN Band, Future Farmers of America, District President, 1965-1966 IUA THENIA MILLER Choir, Paramedical Careers Club, Future Homemakers of America SUZANNETTE MIZELLE Pepperettes, Paramedical Careers Club, Latin Club, Bio-Chem Club, NHS, FTA, Choir, UIL Contest, UIL Ready Writing, Pigskin Revue VIRGINIA MORENO Senior Play, "Peter Pan, " FHA, AC3T, Thespians BOB MU LLINS Band, Manager, All-District, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, Highlighters, KeyClub, Para- medical Careers Club, JETS, Communication Officer, Pan- American Club, Golf MIKE MUREHEAD Band, AC3T, Senior Play, Pigskin Revue, One-Act Plays, French Club, Paraniedical Careers Club, Bio-Chem Club, FTA MARY C LA IRE NEAL Fl-IA, Treasurerg AC3T, Thes- pians, Paramedical Careers Club, FTA, French Club, Choir, COTTON BLOSSOM, "Peter Pan, " Senior Play TEDDY NEWTON WAYNE NORMA N Golf, FootballB, Manager, Football A, Trainerg Baseball, Manager, Track, Manager, Paramedical Careers Club, Pan-American Club, AC3T, Senior Play, Pigskin Revue BECKY OWEN Pepperettes, Pan'American Club, FHA, Paramedical Careers Club, Library Club C LA RIC E MURRAY FHA, Paramedical Careers Club, Latin Club, Library Club, UIL, Spelling BILL NELSON Basketball A and B, Manager Debate Team, UIL, One- Act Play, Library Club, JETS B ILL NOB LES Vocational Industrial Club of America, Junior Engineering and Technical Society CARL ORLANDI Football A and B, Library Club, Pan-American Club, Track DELORES PAGEL FTA, Paramedical Careers Club, FHA, Library Club, JETS, COTTON BLOSSOM 55 EUGENE WARREN PALLA, JR, Band, All-Districtg Junior Engineering and Technical Society THOMAS R. PAPPAS III Annandale High School, An- nandale, Virginia: Junior Varsity Football, Junior Var- sity Baseball Temple High School: Key Club, Baseball A, Junior En- gineering and Technical So- ciety La DONNA PERKINS JETS, Future Homemakers of America Future Teachers of America Paramed Library Club French Club LES LIE PA LMER Track, Pan-American Club Paramedical Careers Club, JETS JERRIE SUE PAULK Latin Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Future Home makers of America RALPH PETERS Paramedical Careers Club Pan American Club Bio Chem Club, FTA Trlnlty Speech Festival Frnalist 1 I , 1 - a 1 , 1 , , , . ,, . L. . ,, ..,,,r, ..,. . . .. ,. ., 1 -. . -.. .A - .X - e vu-H ...,- A... - WANDA FAYE PETERSON Azle High School: Future Homemakers of America, Future Teachers of America, Drill Team, "Pep" Team, Junior-Senior Play ANDY Pl-IILLEY Football A, Captaing Base- ball A, Basketball B, Student Council, KeyClub, Paramed, FTA, JETS, National Honor Society, Band IEANNIE PIRTLE THE WILDCAT RAMBLER, Sports Editorg COTTON BLOS- soivi, PTA, PHA, AC3T, Senior Play, Choir, Treasurer IA MES PETUCH Distributive Education, Ser- geant-at-Arms D. B. PHILLIPS, JR, German Club, Future Farmers of America, Treasurer RONNIE PITTS Football A and B, Track, Paramed, FTA, Bio-Chem Club, Pigskin Revue TOM POULA N Senior Play, Pigskin Revue, Choir, Accompanistg AC3T, Thespians, Fan-Am, "Valley Forge, " "A Night at the Theater, " "Dial Shakespeare for Murder, " "A1nahl and the Night Visitors" BILL PROCTER Pan-American Club, Track DIANE RATTERREE French Club, Secretary, FTA, Parameclical Careers Club, Tumbling, Secretaryg COT- TON BLOSSOM, Senior Play, JETS SUZANN CHAMBERS RAY Future Teachers of America, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, COTTON BLOSSOM, Latin Club, Paramedical Ca- reers Club, JETS LY NDA LE REA Football A and B, Future Teachers of America, Fara- medical Careers Club 58 IANA PRICE Cheerleader, Sophomore, Junior, Seniorg lunior, Senior Class Reporterg Football Sweet heart, StudentCouncil, NHS, FTA, Latin Club, Sophomore Class Favorite ROSA LIND RA MS EY Senior Class Reporterg Tum- bling, Captaing FFA Sweet- heart, Miss Spark, FTA, Treasurerg Student Council, COTTON BLOSSOM, Pan- American Club, Paramecl, Orchestra MARY LEE RAY COTTON BLOSSOM, THE WILDCAT RAMBLER CHARLES WILLIAM REA Future Farmers of America VIRGINIA ANN REA Future Teachers of America, Pan-Arn, Future Homernakers of America, Library Club, Library Assistant MIKE RICHARDSON Future Teachers of America, Highlighters, Orchestra, Band, Drum Majorg Golf non Kino Rorsiusou Ac3'r, Tech 5 MARGARET ROSSER JOHN F. SAMMONS Golf, Captaing Orchestra, Presidentg Future Teachers of America, Paramed, Pan- Anierican Club, Group Leader DAVID SCHILLER Highlighter, National I-lonor Society, JETS, Band, UIL, Solo and Ensembleg Para- medical Careers Club, Or- chestra IA NIS RIC KARD National Honor Society, Pepperettes, Captaing FTA, COTTON BLOSSOM, Future llomemakers of America, Paramecl, Library Assistant, Senior Play, French Club JOHNNY ROSE National Honor Society, Jun- ior Engineering and Techni- cal Society ROBIN RU MPH .IA MES SA WYER LARRY JOE SCHILLER Rogers l-ligh School: Future Farmers of America Temple High School: Future Farmers of America, VICA, Parliamentarian 59 TOM SCHNEIDER Pigskin Revue, Senior Play, Golf, Pan-Arn, Library Club, Paramed, JETS, Thespians, AC3T, UIL, one-Act Play PATSY SEFC IK Future Teachers of America, Latin Club, Paramed, AC3T, Pigskin Revue, Senior Play, "Peter Pan, " COTTON BLOS- SOM RAC HEL SERVANTEZ Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, AC3T, Tnespiaus, Li- brary Club, Senior Play, "Peter Pan, " UIL, Speech 60 Anything but this! O. K. SCI-IURTZ Ill Pan-American Club, Football A and B, Future Teachers of America, Parainedical Ca- reers Club SARAH SELLERS National Honor Society, COTTON BLOSSOM, Pan- American Club, Pepperettes, Paramedical Careers Club ANDREA SEWELL JETS, Band, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, Majoretteg Or- chestra, Vice-President, Re- porter, All-Regional, Student Council, COTTON BLOSSOM Paramed, Pigskin Revue, Sen for Play, FTA, Girls' Tennis, Pan-Am, Library Club AVID SIGUT io-Chem Club, Paramedical areers Club HENRIETTA S MIT H Navasota High School: Speech Club, Science Club, Bank, Pep Squad, PASF, Track, Volleyball Temple High School: Fl-lA, TA, Ac3T, voueybau SARA SOHO Orchestra, President, All- Region, All-State, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, Pepperettes, Captain, Pan-Am, Group Leader, COTTON BLOSSOM, UIL, Shorthandg Senior Play, Pigskin Revue, Paramed, FTA, Library ciub, Ac3T CHESTER sPooNTs JUDY STANFORD Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Distributive Education, Sweetheart BONNIE SIMPSON Pan-American Club, JETS, Paramedical Careers Club, Latin Club, Peppercttes, Bio- Chem Club, COTTON BLOS- SOM PENNY SM I'I'll AC3T, Secretaryg Thespians, Pan-Am, THE WILDCAT RAMBLER, Circulation Man- ager, LibraryClub, Senior Play, Mixed Choir, "Jack and the Beanstalk" LINDA SPA TA Tumbling, Senior Play, AC3T, Latin ciub, coTToN BLOSSOM, Pan-Am, German Club, JETS, Paramed, Future Teachers of America IOHN STANFORD C URTIS ST ERMER Football A and B, JETS, Pan-American Club, Basket- ball B 6l JERRY STUC KEY Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Paramedical Careers Club, Latin Club JUDY SWAN Pepperettes, Captaing Junior Class Favorite, Tumblers, Reporterg JETS, "Miss Spark, NHS, Orchestra, Vice-Prcs- identg Latin Club, Paramed, FTA, Pan-Am R. D. TALASEK, JR. Football, A and Bg Track, A and B, Regional Qualifierg Band, Fararned, JETS, First Officer, Future Teachers, Pan-Am, Senior Play RANDALL SUMMERS Maconaquah High School: Football, Track, Baseball Temple High School: Senior Play, "York Cycle Play, " UIL, Speech, Football, Mgr. Thespians, Vice-Pres. JAMES SWANZY Future Teachers of America, National Honor Society MARSH A TA LLEY Latin Club, Pepperettes, Captain, NHA, Girls' Tennis, Pararned, Pan-Am, Orchestra, Secretary'Treasurer, Reporter Historian, FTA, COTTON BLOSSOM, Associate Editor, Student Council The bestest with the rnostest! Research, research, and more research, 62 SAMMIE LOU TA LLEY COTTON BLOSSOM, Pepper- ettes, French Club, Senior Play, Pigskin Revue, Library lub, Orchestra, Librariang Library Assistant LUPE TA MEZ Pan-American Club, Future Homemakers of America, AC3T, "York Cycle Play, " Library Assistant A MARTHA TAYLOR Student Council, National Honor Society, COTTON BLOSSOM, Business Managerg Junior Cheerleader, Pepper - ettes, Miss Spark, FTA, Pan- Am, Sophomore, Junior Class Parliamentarian CARRIE TA LLMAN Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Industrial Cooperative Training Sweetheart GARY B. TAYLOR Pecos High School: Football B, Spanish Club Temple High School: Future Partners of America, Student Advisor, Treasurer VA N TAY LOR Football A and B, Scholarship Athlete Award, Basketball A and B, Captain, Baseball, Key Club, Presidentg National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Pan-Am, JETS, Future Teachers of America, Para- med aa 4, JOYC E THOMA S Latin Club, FTA, Bio-Chem Club, AC3T, Thespians, German Club, Senior Play, COTTON BLOSSOM, THE WILDCAT RAMBLER, JETS RIC HARD THOMAS Distribu tive Education JOHN THORNTON Paramedical Careers Club, Junior Engineering and Tech- nical Society LARRY DALE THOMAS, JR. Band, JETS, Senior Play, Junior Engineering and Tech- nical Society JOHN QUINCY THOMPSON, JR. Band, President, All-Regional UIL, Solo and Ensemble, Para med, Boys' Tennis, Key Club Highlighters, Latin Club, Pres identg NHS, Student Council SANDRA TUCKER National Honor Society, Band, UIL, Solo and Ensembleg Or- chestra, Senior Play, COT- TON BLOSSOM, FTA, Pan- Am, Paramed, LibraryClub, AC3T Majorettes team with the Spanish Flea to twirl the Cats to victory! 64 l'll never sell all these tickets. .,..... .,., .,W, M, .....A.. X. swf -ff- 4 C Silence is golden LINDA TUTTLE French Club, Reporter, Sec retaryg Pan -American Club, Group Leader, FTA, FHA, Paramedical Careers Club, Pepperettes ELIZABETH VA NFERSON Arlington High School: Tri- Hi-Y, Red Cross Council Corpus Christi High School: History Club Temple High School: Choir LARRY VENABLE Pan-American Club, Track I , at f A V ' lft i f I BV", ' i "' " " fp 3 I W g ' '-'-'- I but thls 15 rldlculousl 2, '.',. . ' ' ' The noser strikes again! CAROLYN URUBEK THE WILDCAT RAMBLER, Editor, Paramedical Careers Club, Treasurer, National Honor Society, PepperSIISS, Pan-American Club, COT- TON Btossorvr, FTA, AC3T KATHY VAUGHAN FTA, FHA, Pan-American Club, AC3T, Sweetheart, Thespians, Paramedical Ca- reers Club, Senior Play, Pig skin Revue, Office Girl CHRISTINA VILLARREA L Latin Club, Paramedical Ca reers Club, Pan-American Club, Sweetheart 65 CHARLES VILLEROSA Band, Paramedic al C areers Club LINDA WADE Band, Majorette, UIL, Solo and Ensemble, FTA, National Honor Society, Library Club, Pan-American Club, Para- medical Careers Club DON WALKER Band, All-Regional, All- Stateg Highlighters, Golf, National Honor Society, Para medical Careers Club, JETS, Pan-American Club Pump ld 66 Q' JUDY KAY VITTEK Latin Club, Library Club, Paramedical Careers Club, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Future Teachers of America LYNN WINSTON WA KEF IELD Highlighters, Pan-American Club, JETS, Latin Club, FTA, Bio-Chem Club, Band Pigskin Revue, Boys' Tennis DOY LE WA LKER Orchestra, Paramedical Ca- reers Club Tippy and his magic balloons. 4 SHARON WA LL Pan-American Club, Nation Honor Society, Paramedical Careers Club, FTA, Senior Play, Choir JOHN WESLEY, IR. Basketball, A and B MARIAN I. WHITE al Dunbar High School: Choir, Harry T. Burleigh Madrigal Singers, A Capella Choirg Student C ouncil, Secretaryg Medical Careers Club, Bert English Club CI Temple High School: COT- TON BLOSSOM, Choir MARY ELIZABETH WEBB Plainview High School: Band FTA, FHA Temple High School: Band, AC3T, Thespians, "Peter Pan, " "Bernadine, " "York Cycle Play, " "Poor Madda- lena, " "The Shoemaker and the Elves" JUDY WHEAT Band, Majoretteg Orchestra, Bio-Chem Club, Pigskin Re- vue, Girls'Choir, Pan-Amer ican Club WALTER WILDE Pan-American Club, Para- medical Careers Club Close your eyes and hang on tight, Billie! 67 These are our baseball players? LARRY WILLIAMS Band, Key Club, ,Latin Club, Future Teachers of America, AC3T, Pan-American Club, Library Assistant, Paramedical Careers Club DANNY WILSON Band, Track, Bio-Chem Club, AC3T, Paramed, Library Club, Future Teachers of America .IA MES WILSON Paramedical Careers Club, Football B, Pan-American Club, AC3T, Future Teachers of America, Vice-President 68 59? ,K r, ZA:",,,,M,,"iU wwwmmrai awww-mm t f , - '. ' MW' - "r' , " ' ls V . V ,wrt -34' 1. 1 . fa ff , .., rf, , W-Aww ,Qgzga p fy-N - , ft' t '- , ,,,,,, .,tt 1 f -- ' rw if-Qlnmpo 2 tar, si,-f --,- I . ' Penland Hall dorm mothers! ! ! KITTY WILLIA MS Pepperettes, JETS, Future Homemakers of America, French Club, Pigskin Revue, Choir DENNIS WILSON Football A and B, Baseball A, Student Council, Paramedical Careers Club, Library Club, Pigskin Revue SANDY WINTERS Volleyball A and B, Pepper- ettes, Paramed, FTA, Pig- skin Revue, Football Sweet- heart Nominee, CCTTON BLOSSOM, UIL, Shorthand Alternate VICKI YAUK Paramedical Careers Club, Bio-Chem Club, AC3T, S611- ior Play, "Peter Pan, " COT- TON BLOSSOM, Choir, UIL, Typing SUSIE YOUNTS FHA, Reporter, Class Chair- man, Orchestra, Secretary- Treasurer, UIL, Solo and En- sembleg COTTON BLOSSOM, FTA, Senior Play, Pan-Am, Paramed, Pigskin Revue PAM YORK Future Teachers of America, Paramed, Volleyball A, Bio- Chem Club, Pan-American Club, COTTON BLOSSOM, Business Manager TERRY SIMONTON Basketball, Distributive Edu- cation, Secretary, Treasurer NOT PICTURED: Raymond Aguirre, Frank Anderson, Eleazar Arriaga, Theron Barnes, Harry Blanding, Ronnie Bowen, Thomas Brazzil, Charles Brown, Mike Brumbelow, Walter Brummett, Jane Castilleja, Edward Chism, Jimmy Church, Patricia Davis, Danny Dusek, Mark Elliott, Bryce Ellison, Butch Embry, David Fernandez, Allen Flentge, Janice Frei, Alice Garcia, Lester Hansen, William Harris, Maria Her- nandez, Sandi Hightower, Bill Hillyard, Phil Horton, Jackie Howell, Jim Howell, Jimmy Keener, Bar- bara Komar, Russell Lewis, Ben Lowry, Robert Luna, Robert Mitchell, Joy Morries, Myrna Payne, Billie Peters, James Ritchie, Lupe Rodriquez, Terry Shelton, Robert Straka, Jerry Talasek, Teddy Tiemann, Glenn Wiggins, Marie Wigginton, Mary Ybarra. I We honor the memory of Linda Sue Thomp- son, a classmate and friend who shared our experiences in Temple High School. 69 WI-IO Q WI-I0 I :HH JOHN ADAMS CHARLEY ANDREWS 2 E 4 KAY APEARY 70 E A ' KAY BARTEK L ,,. . A WS' if i E .' 2 ' f 2, L , 12 -- lub F., 2 iff- . W ff fig- K f-,' 2. 'fij 1'. flu ' 2655 LLLL gf I Wk., :E'gf57'If'-:f 5 ' MARY BELL 5 JEFF BENTLEY GLEN BRINDLEY DAVID CARTER 92 LLAL A W A 1 --:1g:.!f 1, ,,,1jL,5i:g, .. V - -:f1: ilizifweii K':' V' PEGGY EASTERWOOD JOEL GARRISON JEAN GIBSON BILL GRAHAM DARRELL GUESS MARY A NN HILL 5 CGTLANU CAROLE HUGHES MYRNA JAMES CATHERINE JARVIS MARTHA JONES 73 KAY KAREN KEITH MARY IO LAMBRIGHT BILL MAXWELL MARK MILLER ANDY PHILLEY RONNIE PITTS ROSA LIND RA MS EY Exvummsh., ,,,, ,IANA PRICE TABLE OF THE fu 4 ,Q OV JUDY SWAN JAMES SWANZY 75 MARSHA TALLEY MARTHA TAYLOR VAN TAYLOR JOHN THOMPSON KITT Y WILLIAMS DENNIS WILSON NW N1 "'-.ff-I v,N.-f'v, v,v5,b-'hill u.n,,"" ,3 we . A , x-,bf ,na ' uf M -.f The invocation was given by Catherine Jarvis, and the class was presented by Mr. Calvin Whatley. Mr, Ace Alsup accepted the class. Diplomas were presented by Mr. Reginald Evans. Mary Bell led the audience in singing the school song and Charley Andrews gave the benediction. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 78 Jumrorae Junior Class officers for 1967 were Ronnie Keenan, Presidentg Tommy Moriarity, Vice President Carole Cunningham, Secretaryg Jean Joe, Treasurerg and Nell Fischer, Parliamenrarian. Xxx X 0 W XJ' URW!! r 51311 A ffa I b fl CJ V 1,4 C N ,, , is 'Cu Abbott, Susan Ach, Frank Adams, Glayton Akin, Debra Aldrich, Terry Allen, Judy Alsup, Jim Althaus, James Anderson, Linda Ashley, Taylor Baca, Sandra Junior cheerlead er tryouts. Bain, Marlena Baldridge, Sylvia Bales, Elaine Ballard, Barbara Barkemeyer, Hubert Barnes, Mary Ann Bartek, Doug Barton, John Beaty, Lynda Blevins, Ted Blight, Brenda Bodenheimer, Frank Bowmer, Brownlee Boyd, Faith Boyd, Sara Bragg, Sandra Brazzil, Jimmy Brewer, Jeanette Brock, Michael Brock, Terry Broders, John Brodt, Jeff Brooks, Carlos Broughton, Jim Ann Burke, Barbara Bushey, June Collins, Tim Connally, Paula Conrad, Karel Cottle, Marcia Cottle, Pam Cox, Andrea Crews, Kathy Cryer, Cindy Cunningham, Carole Curlee, Craig Daniel, Leslie Davis, Elaine Cannon, Sharon Carmichael, Kathie Carter, Lynda Cartwright, Linda Carver, Donna Casey, Mary Ann Cawthon, Lanny Chaffin, Joe Chirhart, Ann Chupik, Kenneth Clark, Judy Colacino, Frank Davis, Rex Dewbre, Jan Dixon, Judy Doerfler, Debby Doss, Glenda Doughty, Ronnie Drozd, Helen Dugger, Larry Dukatnik, Janice Dunagan, Jacqueline Dunbar, Carol Dunlap, Meri Dyer, Rosanna Ellis, Debbie Ellison, Robert Everton, Sue Evetts, Debbie Farrell, Mike Farris, Sue Ferrel, Louann Fischer, Nell Flentge, Linda Floca, Frank Foegelle, Mike Folks, Nancy Foust, Charles Freytag, Debby Fritz, Patsy Fulwiler, Jane Gandy, Nicky Gillespie, Jean Girndt, Lynn Goad, Kay Goss, Susan Grayson, Willard Gregory, Jackie Will the real Sophomore please stand up? Haddix, Judy Hamilton, Doris Hardegree, Beth Hardt, John Hargett, Billy Harmon, Carol Harrington, Joy Harris, Sally Hoelscher, Floyd Hoppock, Douglas Hudson, Carol Hughes, Shelley Hutchinson, Larry Hyslop, Liz Ibarra, Beth Inmon, Jim Inmon, John Isbell, Evelyn lakubik, La Verne Ianak, Larry Harrison, Judy Hartley, Tom Hastings, Glenn Hawkins, Colleen Head, James Heap, Sally Henderson, Kay Hess, Larry Hester, Cherry Hill, M. H. Hobbs, Kenneth Hobday, Debbie Jarma, Dickie Jergins, Annette Joe, Jean Joe, Lum Johnson, Glenda Johnston, Sandy Jones, Burt Jones, Edward Keaton, Mary Keenan, Ronnie Kelm, David Key, Linda Krapes, Jack Kuban, Greg Laramey, Larry Larsen, Pernell Laurens, Mimi Lea, Scott Le Bus, Becky Le Fan, Loris Leizear, Kay Lemmons, Jimmy Lemmons, Linda Lewellen, Linda Lewellen, Lucinda Liles, Billy Loggins, Sue Jane Long, John Lott, Sharlene Lynn, Dana McConnell, Fraiser McCutcheon, Ian McGee, Maureen McGoldrick, Ricky McNallie, Marilyn Maedgen, Larry Can anyone forget Hepzibah Pyncheon'? Mahler, Rick Malcik, Roger Malone, Cynthia Malsbary, Robert Manriquez, Loy Manriquez, Rosalie Marinik, Robert Martin, Cindy Mata, Frank Meyer, Sharon Mikeska, A. J. Mitchell, Vicki Moore, James Moore, Jimmy Moriarity, Tommy Murray, Jerry Nell Navratil, Jo Ann Newburn, Mary Nibling, Susan O'Keefe, Carol Pate, Leonard Patschke, Larry Perry, Jan Petty, Connie Phillips, Jerry Phillips, Sharon Pipkin, Theresa Piftle, Donna Pitts, Gaye Pollak, Mark Reznicek, Judy Rincon, Linda Rittenberry, May Rohan, Edward Rosas, Hilario Roskey, Diann Rucker, Debra Sanchez, Margaret Sanders, Gary Sanders, Terry Scanio, Sharon Schaefer, Sharon Pomykal, Joyce Popelka, Robert Potter, Oren Prater, Betty Priddy, Buddy Procter, Ralph Rampy, Connie Ray, Janice Rea, Debbie Reclwine, Cheryl Redwine, John Reedy, Linda Schlesinger, Mary Schuessler, Kathy Schutz, Cathy Schwartz, Sally Scogin, Malon Scott, Lana Shelton, James Shine, David Shine, Richard Showalter, Elaine Siler, Stan Silva, Stella Simpson, Linda Smith, Stephanie Which one would win the Miss Graceful Contest? Snyder, Gloria Spoonts, Debbie Stanley, Debby Stewart, Judy Stoebner, Barbara Stracener, Pam Talafuse, Carroll Tallman, Rose Taylor, Connie Thompson, Mike Thompson, Susan Thompson, Tawana Tippit, Judy Tope, Cindy Trautvetter, Mike Trout, Lynn Tucker, Steve Tuttle, Teresa Tyroch, Grady Underwood, Gary Vanderveer, Lee Veirs, Laura Wade, Robert Warren, Arkansas Weathers, Jerry Webb, Helen Wensien, Mike West, Judy Weyrick, Ricky Wheeler, Douglas Now your slip won't show more! ally' Wyche, Martha Wylie, Doris Yarrito, Fernando Yepez, Ruben Zellars, Richard Wiese, Pam Wilde, Lloyd Wilhelm, Beth Williams, Kathy Williams, Mary Williams, Rika Williams, Stan Winkler, Bernice Winkler, Eugene Witt, Patti Wolf, Genie Woolley, Lynn Q-um. X M A 5 .- E . 'fi . , . ...wmfahf , .,.1-, ww W1 Q' ar in w Am r bs X ,mg ,,.,."' Xu ..,. ,,.,,,.. ... ,,22,,.g f-gifs.: ., . ,.,, is X, if mf Q R X .Pr wg-'SI A I F F' W SOP!-IOMOI-ZEQ Sophomore Class officers for 1967 were John Cunningham, Presidentg Tom Goman, Vice-Presidentg Jan Burleson, Secretaryg Laura Robinson, Treasurerg Jeanne Walker, Parliamentariang and Marilyn Matush, Reporter, f f fa fn -fi e' J er le f, if ll l Q xx A W 3 1 X , 5,1 Y I 1 Now the girls get to see what the boys go throu gh ! Jrtivbm any ' " . 1 45, ,-7 .,-1,4 new ' eg wi, -355: if .,,,,, ,rw f i : 1 ff , 'SLS ,eff M ,rf P Wa, ,,. x lip' 'B Q ,.,,A if Adams, Jerry Anderson, Celia Andrews, Duke Arnold, Kelly Babalonis, Windy Bailes, John Barnes, Beverly Barnes Dora Barnes Juanita Bartek, Larry Bautista, Martha Bearor, Jeff Berryhill, Judy Boniface, Dennis Brock, Rhonda Brothers, Karen Broussard, David Brown, Bill Brown, Kazel Browning, Adana Brubaker, Sharon Bryant, Carolyn Buford, Vestel Burch, Jeanette Burleson, Jan Burtchell, Betty Busby, Ethel Mae Cabla, Don Carnes, Kathy Casey, Jeanice Chambers, Jan Chambers, Martha Champ, Jean Chaney, Jack Chapman, Connie Chervenka, Ronnie Chirhart, Edward Chisholm, Dana Chisholm, Debbie Clouse, Steven Cobb, Steve Cole, Carole Collier, Gene Cook, Steve Cox, Dudley Crews, Steven Crockett, Ann Culp, Jane Cunningham, John Daniel, Sue Dees, Nell DeWeese, Pamela Dodgen, Randy Doehre, Thomas Doerfler, Jimmy Dragoo, Dbcie Dusek, Brad Dysart, Ann Easterwood, Jimmy Edmondson, Doug Eiben, Willis Eichmann, Debby Eickenhorst, Susan Elliott, Becky Elliott, Judy Elliott, Mark Elliott, Paul Elsik, Cindy Faichtinger, Johnnie Faulkner, Joe Fipps, Debbie Fisher, Mary Flanery, Terry Fleming, Linda Folks, Gary Ford, Bruce Forrest, Buddy Fowler, Margy Frei, Sharon Frits, Roy Fritz, Kathy Fritz, Tommy Fulton, Ronnie Gandy, Sue Garcia, Suzanna Garner, Joe Anne Garhings, Stuart Gillis, Carolyn Glass, Sharon Goates, Dale Goman, Tom Goolsby, Betty Goolsby, Donna Gottschalk, Ilene Grant, Judy Grayson, Nancy Greathouse, Brenda Green, Jan Green, Jill Grisham, Janice Guess, William Gunderson, Christine Guthrie, Carolyn Guthrie, James Haas, Stanley Hallford, Steve Hallonquist, Debbie Ham, Jimmy Hand, Carol Hargett, Gary Harris, Angela Harris, Lillian Harrison, Frank Harrison, Linda Hart, Larry Harvey, Patty Haudek, Frank Hawkins, Beth Hawkins, Kathleen Head, Janet Hejny, Don Hendler, Becky Hendrix, Pam Hendrix, Tina Hernandez, John Hill, Charlene Hill, Linda Hilley, Sandy Hinds, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Jones, Jackie Jones, Kathleen Jones, Pat Jonson, Kathy Kattner, Connie Kaulfus, Marlene Kelley, Dianne Kelley, Mike Kinard, Don Klaus, Barbara Holmes, Debbie Honeycutt, Ricky Hoppock, Bill Horton, Susan Hovis, Carolyn Hubbard, Glynda Huckabee, Dayne Huckabee, Dwight Hughes, Glenn Hughling, Nelda Hunt, Donna Janeway, Keith Jarvis, John Jezek, Barbara Johnson, Jay Jonas, Peggy Homemaking girls model their masterpieces. Kubick, Marilyn Krumnow, Glenda Krcha, David Kopriva, Jerry Kohut, Elizabeth Koehn, Ray Knecht, Nancy Labaj, Jeanette Lane, Jerry Lanford, Claire Lange, Kenny Lawhorn, Janice Lee, Barbara Leidy, Patty Lesikar, Joyce Lewellen, Barbara Logsdon, Charlotte Logsdon, Jeanne Loudermilk, Janice Lundgren, Eloise McClaugherty, Grace McEntire, Susan McEver, Patricia Mclnturff, Mike McQueen, Marilyn Mr. Anderson and his science wizards take a break Maas, Stephen Mahler, Tim Maldonado, Raymond Manning, Manette Marshall, Hugh Marshall, Keifer Martin, Danny Martin, Olan Massey, Bettye Matush, Marilyn Maupin, Warren Mees, Cynthia Mercer, Mike Merrill, Margaret Miller, Kendall Miller, Mickey Miller, Nathan Mills, Janice Mills, Rachel Moore, Kathy Moore, Mike Moran, Wayne Motl, Linda Motley, Vickie Norman, Ron -Qs sts. Sophomore class studies intently? Oates, Oscar Olejnik, Betty O'Mary, Patricia Overton, Mona Owen, Bobby Pacha, Aubrey Padilla, Rudolph Passons, Donna Patterson, Sandra Pick, Brenda Pippins, Patricia Poboril, Paula Potter, Lois Pottorff, Lynn Pryor, Wilton Quarles, Sherrie Raby, Wanda Raesz, Linda Ray, Mark Rea, Glinda Reeder, Kathy Reid, Carolyn Reimer, Gaile Rewolinski, Sandra Richardson, Judy Roberts, Shari Robinson, Laura Salmans, Janice Sanders, Tommy Sanderson, Geneva Sanderson, Gordon Scanio, Richard Schaefer, Linda Schiller, Alexine Schiller, Cathy png Q-Q, L1 ii , C will ,Wg K 'ST xx, hx. ,,-0 -15 'ir g 'G' in 40" ?'5- AKQ GPRS!! w--,v .ga ,Fe BA ZW' mf xx if-4. YJ f gg Schiller, Donna Schiller, Janet Schillingburg, Don Schlenker, Tony Schneider, Richard Schuetze Kathy Schwartz Susie Schwertner Cy nthia Scully Jean Shockley Linda Showalter Jane Sigut Janice Sikes Millicent Simmons Leslie Simmons Mary Simpson Bob Skypala Elaine Smallwood Mike Smith Barbara Snuthwick Gary Solomon Susan Soto David Spoonts Lana Spoonts Steve Sprinkle Sherelyn Stahr Brenda Starnman Elaine Stavinoha Kathy Stewart Gail Stone Susan Straka Elizabeth Sumrall Ellen Sunbury Karen Talley Lee ' K . 1 ' C if ,. Q. ' 3- W-Q K , 3 X.. A V V, V 'lf' V YZ' . y L AAHE", . K y X I f sw' - L I . . .Q ,rf la, y 1 K ' 1 I , if - : '- I h :irq , a ' I S 1 S 'W - . Q. it 0- , 1 1' ,, 1 . Ax , A,,rt , , ' . Y D if 'limit aw 1 ' L' 4 -,M ' fi, . , ,Af y , , , , ' f K K ' 5 V X I fb ' ' Z-'ff I Sprout, Debbie :za K ltee K"-'N f .Q W -5. 1 ' A '- e sv-f-r . ' ,, I I ' 51 n, V , ' k.,, Q, byinw i rr,. I ,, Lg . V, 4- - - y , , S N ' Sophomores seem to get smaller every year. Thomas, Elaine Thomas, Terry Thompson, Janet Thompson, Joy Lea Thompson, Pat Tucker, Joe Ellen Turner, Katie Tyroch, Jerry Underwood, Jon Valenta, Donald Vasilinda, Lon Walker, Jeanne Warren, Linda Weaver, Sharon Weinblatt, Cathy Wells, Candy Wensien, Vicki Wheat, John Whigham, Pamela Wilds, Robert Williams, Jean Winkler, Royce Winters, Casey Wood, Shirley Young, Jeannie Zurovetz, Cheryl School really can be fun. Tippy and his beautiful assistant. If I'd only known .... Jonathan Winters Well, my best time was at Tom 's the other night. Ask the guys who overeatfor a living. o--see the pretty butterflies! Chemistry for next year? , MARK MILLER . 4 ' R MAR A ES . 'Q I TH JON los JOHN BRODERS g - . NELL FISCHER J 7 1 TOM GOM ' N AN MARILYN MATUSIj 9 1 I I 0 M :QQ Kay Apeary Jean Glbson Rosa11nd Ramsey NUQQ SPARKS Judy Swan Martha Taylor 'Q S e QQ-xgifi 5 iw A 0 W k "5 via? W H 'E " H XQNAF I 1 1 ! K : .f-- Q NF 'W X f g 1 Nell + Glen OQE any , .A ,Q , Lb' fs K um new Martha + John '11hhA11i1 K' ' LL': L 111 n ee .e 3 'a nree eerr n erre h .1 n i r 1 1 Eiihizfee Ann + Pat Delores + Jody Geneva + Robert Rggaljnd + Jimmy June + Royce .mimi 1 Jan + Allen paula + Don Vicki + Larry Q. in ,fr I ii if in my -'Me 'K . 3.4 VV I " """"'U hu 1966-67 CLUBS AND ACHVU1 EQ You are now entering Paradise Garden. Pfcom Let 's make this a night to remember. When you walk through a flower-covered garden you never can tell what you're going to see. Hey, Mark, don 't be So camera shy! 1 - FL , NZLL V S UQ- K K VJ ," .if ,V kk X1 if Gigli -I Q . lk 2, W, 1 'Q iv 'ff 1 Q-is Q. .K 5-ww W m A Night Tov mf 'Iii Banquet Toastmaster, Charlie Andrews, got the banquet off to a smooth start. Eat, drink, and be merry. . . The THS Canton Coolies provided the entertainment, Scenes Ffzmw Qkaugw-Laf S Guest speaker for this year's banquet was Dr. Hanes Brindley, father of Glen Brindley, a THS senior. II9 ww -quam... The Smothers Brothers entertained. Texas T Buff advertised his bargain priced furniture I20 L Ei ll 'i The T. H. S. custodial crew received award from the Women 's National Sani- tation League for their excellent wor keeping the school clean. MN- ,, ,,.s5. wr: fi , 'wr Era k 9 - 'fe : E Y a 1 5 F 31 1 fg A 5- 9 if ef 3 Af ? Wm , ,, , W g? P , slit ' 4 , Q M 1 '7 8 2 4? nf ' ' 'fir' ' 14. ,, .J -, T. 4: ff, ,- v ,f ,, S? W Q 1? ff asa . ' .. . .X-1 ,, , . rti, I iv. jay? . ing f Mif- .sgz f Q 15' i i,, 'f ff? . ar 2 2 it ir 4 ,X ..t ,c,n , if .1 a vail an R in Wm. ,t -,. .. ff? El ,i H .f ad ,- ff t if- '- " 5 ,Har A 4, ,iM1: 'f' W 4 ,lt,,i 7fEf fx V 1 W xi llzf eo? , V 'fm , ,ff 'fr 1 A 234 , if ,Al ,f f.,k, A fy, is at L fi Y if F' L? f l 'fe 4 f VH, M ' 3 fi: E 1' 5 Q Q Q H gig? f i rs he fl V T 1 ', s 5 z 1 4' v , 4:1 f tt,.., file! 24 1 E " . .,,.' 5,3 W LL ' vff 2 'ii ,, Q2 14. 5? g ay! ' ag 9? . , ,f,--- ..,'f,,,: Q : I f- 2, QWEZ., -me i' 1 Q A ,, ei 'ig is Wg 2 mf 7 ,fJi'ff1 f rf . -, if A 31 it 132 rr M. ,, . are l fr. 2, fl A .V zz 223 e Following the assembly, awards were presented to outstanding seniors. Lady Bird Johnson presented an award for beautification to the Key Club--a new broom to sweep the school parking lot SENIOR ASSEMBLY AWARDS Best All-Around Girl Catherine Jarvis Best All-Around Boy Charley Andrews Boy Most Likely to Succeed Charley Andrews Girl Most Likely to Succeed Catherine Jarvis Best Personality- -Girl Kay Apeary Best Personality--Boy Joel Garrison Friendliest Boy Mark Miller Friendliest Girl Kay Apeary Most Talented Boy John Thompson Most Talented Girl Mary Bell Best Dancer- -Girl Kitty Williams Best Dancer- -Boy R. D. Talasek Neatest Boy David Carter Neatest Girl Jean Gibson Best Athlete- -Girl Mary Ann Hill Best Athlete--Boy Van Taylor Cutest Couple Jeff Bentley, Judy Swan Most Beautiful Girl Judy Swan Most Handsome Boy Mike McMillioan Class Clown Tommy Schneider ITION E American Business Women 's Assn wk ,,, Perfect attendance qDawson Chapterj an J il 'ii Qptimist Youth Award Central Texas Military Engineers Band - - Science ------- ' 'John Thompson - - -Mark Miller Scholarship Jackets ------------ Juniors: Doug Bartek, Tom Hartley, Jan Perry Sophomores: Steve Crews, Janice Loudermilk American Legion ------ Bell Telephone ---- D.A.R. Good Citizens - - Elk's Club - - French Club - - Music Club ------- Optimist Youth Awards - - Perfect Attendance - - - - - - Ronnie Keenan - - - Mark Miller - - Martha Jones Mark Miller - - Martha Jones Joel Garrison - - Linda Tuttle - Phyllis Jeanes - - Jeff Bentley Catherine Jarvis - - - - - Mark Miller Augustine B autista, Tom Poulan, Don Walker United Fund - - ----- Durward Howard, Mark Miller Woodmen of the World - - - Randall Summers I22 A WA RDS Society for Academic Achievement: Charley And- rews, Kay Apeary," Ann Bartels, Jimmy Creasey, Jimmy Eanes, Peggy Easterwoodf' Artie Fowler, Jean Gibson, Bill Graham, Pat Grisham, Mary Ann Hill, Myrna James, Catherine Jarvis,' Martha Jones, Ray Lanford, Heidi Langsjoen, Kathie Leindsey, Gary Logsdon, Lee McFadden, Billy Maxwell, Harold Miller, Mark Miller," Joy Morries, Andy Philley, Jana Price, Johnny Rose, Sarah Sellers, Judy Swan, James Swanzy, Marsha Talley, Van Taylor, John Thompson, Carolyn Urubek, Don Walker Q 'Cum Laude ASSEMBLY Scholarship Jacket Awards rl 4 ,VE ,Ei 5, .S 9 1 Student Council officers Band Award Society for Academic Achievement Bus. 8: Prof. Women SC HOLARSHIPS Altrusa ------------------ American Business Women 's Association fDawson Chapterj ------------ Business and Professional Women ---- City Council P.T.A. --'-'-' Future Teachers of America - - Key Club ----------- National Honor Society - - - Paramedical Careers Club - - Student Council ------- Temple Classroom Teachers - - Temple High School P.T.A. - - - Texas State Teachers' Association - - - - - -Pat Grisham Mary Jo Lambright - - - -Sandy Winters - - Larry Venable - - - Virginia Rea - - -Chester Spoonts - Kathie Leindsey - Roxie LaSoya - - Myrna James - - -James Swanzy - Henrietta Sm ith - - Martin Aguirre I23 www my T' Mr. Frank Sirncik, Tl-IS Bible teacher, was chosen by the seniors to deliver the baccalaureate address, The THS choir, directed by Miss Mary Frances Weedin, provided the musical selections. Martha Jones gave the invocation. David Carter introduced the speaker. Mary Bell led the audience in singing the school song, and Mark Miller gave the benediction. Paula Greenfield read the scripture selection. May 28, 1967 TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM tw ENOEMENT Friday June 2 1967 Wildcat Stadium VALEDICTORIAN MYRNA JAMES SALUTATORIAN KAY APEARY "Reciprocal Agreement" "The Demallds in 3 Leg-HCYH Special Awards D.A.R. Good Citizen - - - -Catherine Jarvis Optimist Club - - - Darrell Guess Exchange Club ----- - - - Patsy Sefcik Review Club - - - Sandra Tucker Barton Havins Martha Jones Kiwanis Club - - - - Carolyn Urubek Charles Joachim Elaine Drake Rotary Club - - - - - Joel Garrison Lions Club -------------- Isabel Duran Charley Andrews National Merit Scholarship Certificates ------ Catherine Jarvis Ray Lanford THS Scholastic Jackets - ---------- - Billy Maxwell Peggy Easterwood Peggy Easterwood Mark Miller Judy Swan Van Taylor Teddy Newton SEN! 0121 DAY May 29, 1967 Veterans Administration Pool f v W"k zik. W isf,V f.,g4L,g3Q3'1-rliif im- iw, X ' A ' I Lirl, nhh ' , . f' T755 W F51 kk,, I k.Vk fV,k i ,.-- nnnn nnnn N -mLL, ' n,-L -n., - .- ' H 'L U Lnni-, N"' Q ' y. .kk., ,LI v 1 if ' ' - ' i if nn 'Wading Pool Class Clown TOMMY SCHNEIDER Bar-B -Q Line-ups QENIO ENT "B DlNE" Produced by special arrangement, Dramatists' Play Service, Inc. , gif FW lm Z rrrer . 6a'::vfff-::f- .,,,' Q ,,,, ,,,,., . ,,,,, . +3 7 my I G ,,-, , o ff Arthur Beaumont Leonard Carney - Will McElroy - - Morgan Olson - - Dave Gibbs - - - Ruth Weldy - - - Selma Cantrick - Jean Cantrick - - CAST CREW HEADS Buford Weldy fWormyj - - Marvin Grimer fTubJ ---- Glen McKenzie Jimmy Creasey - Don Greenway Tom Schneider - Larry Thomas - Linda Edwards Debbie Dennis - - Kaye Davis Mike Murehead - - Bruce Keown George Friedelhouse flludgej ---- Allen Flentge Helen, a waitress Vernon Kinswood Enid Lacy ---- Diane Ratterree - - Tom Poulan - - Jan Harper Hotel Wolf - - - - - -Andy Philley Bellboy -------------- Wayne Norman A. Ji Witnock, Hotel Manager - Randall Summers A Woman --------- ---- J ayne Kornegay Man on the street - - ------ Ray Eickenhorst Hotel Lobby ---- - -Pam Hughes, Julie Cook, Phyllis Blevins, Mary Webb, Susie Younts, Rachael Servantez, Esther Martinez, Virginia Moreno, Phyllis Jeanes, Kathy Keil, Vicki Yauk, Jeanie Pirtle, Sandra Tucker, Mary Neal, Larry Jiminez, Augustine Bautista, Cynthia Crumpton, Cynthia Mullan, Dan Marshall Stage Manager Building ---- Lights - - Sound ----- Hand properties Stage properties Painting ---- Costumes - - Make-up ---- Publicity and House manager Kathy Vaughan -Richard Walker Tech 5 members Tech 5 members - - - -Ray Eickenhorst - - - - Cy Long - Phyllis Blevins - Janis Rickard - - -Pat Hand - - Pat Grisham The make-up crew and all of their "goop" The costume crew at work. The artists?'? The indispensable ones. and what about you, Tubby'?" "Why don 't you treat her like a lady?" Now run along to the beauty shop. " "But I've never met anyone like you Bernadine. " ww, The Corrom BLOQQOM COTTON BLOSSOM OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Parn York, Business Mgr.g Gaye Pitts, Secretaryg Kay Apeary, Editorg Cheryl Black, Associate Editorg Martha Taylor, Business Mgr,g Marsha Talley, Associate Editorg Sue Farris, Sports Editor: Martha and Kay made the BACK ROW: Mary Jo Lambright, Secretaryg Mary Ann Hill, Sports Editorg Martha annual dedication at Sen- Jones, Editorg Dana Kelly, Associate Editorg Barton Havins, Business Mgr. ior Assembly Editors' Staff Miss Margaret Chapman receives a plaque of recog- nition from Taylor Publishing Company for her out- standing contribution to the Cotton Blossom. This Awwnlb fail-l.Q. ! Hey, Barton, whatcha looking at? It melts in your mouth and not in your hand! Sales Staff Sports Staff Sales Staff Ofhcers attend workshop TYPISTS Maman Whlte Cynth1a Mu an Myrna James and Ann Kunkel Secretarles and F111ng Staff Glamour glrl. Miss Chapman advises the staffs. The core of Council activity was aptly led by President Joel Garrison, Vice -President, Glen Brindley, Secretary Catherine Jarvis, and Treasurer Jean Gibson, These are the representatives. . . the Spirited Seniors. . . Eackbow' TT . . the Jovial Juniors. . . the Saucy Sophomores. . . Through the combined efforts of every stu- dent at T. H. S., this year's Santa Pal drive was a record breaking success. This Stu- dent Council sponsored activity gave the students an opportunity to display their spirit in class competition. The Student Counc11 s Chrlstmas Dance IS one of the most enjoyable funcuons of the school Garden masterpieces some like 'em, some don 't! ll: mt Ra These were the people who published Temple High Schoo1's newspaper, The Wildcat Rambler. Editors: ------ - - Carolyn Urubek, Patsy Fritz Associate Editor: - - Activities Editor: - - Girls' Sports Editor: - - - LaVerne Jakubik Sports Editor: ---- Art Editor: ---- Make-Up Editor: - - Circulation Manager: - Production Manager: Business Manager: - Faculty Adviser: - - - - - Ann Chirhart - - - Kerry Kabella - - - Jeannie Pirtle - - - -Don Hilton - Sue Jane Loggins - - Penny Smith ' - - Joyce Thomas - - - - LaVerne Jakubik Miss Margaret Black Publications work is an important phase of the daily life at Temple High School. By the combined efforts of staff members the many events of the school year are recorded and therefore remembered for years to come The Wildcat Rambler members not only per- form a service to the school, but also pre- pare themselves for a possible career in this field. Members work hard to get the newspaper out on time. On their way! I37 National Hmwfu This year 's N.H. S. officers are Catherine Jarvis, Secretaryg Mary Ann Hill, Treasurerg Charley Andrews, Vice-Presidentg Mark Miller, Presidentg Kay Apeary, Parliarnentariang and Martha Jones, Reporter. These Seniors worked hard to remain in the National Honor Society for three years. S y,,rrr yrrry,rrr S Dr. Rynearson was the main speaker at the District N. H. S. Convention. -y z i All the members worked hard to make the convention successful, clw1la.stwA ' These are the Junior members initiated this year. 1 - ' -l -an If "H A - 1 '. 1 T M T iiiw y f - if S .l ...r Q S 'V fr " : f uer 'frk ' LL" l ff ' i .r K 7 . f-'L K 'r-,,' " 5' ' W", - " ' p ggmm- rf: ,,,,.. A ...T 5 r,,, , -V 'iw -..-4 V ,.. , . , ,, " ' 'f' - , ,. - The Sophomore probationary members are hoping to be initiated next year. The Rev. Fred Bomar was one of the speakers on religion at the District Convention. The Tutor System sponsored by N.H. S. proved to be beneficial to all. I League! SHORTHAND: Jo Ann Navratil, Kaye Davis, and Sarah Soho. SHORTHA ND Ruth Ferrill TYP ING COACH: TYPING: Connie Taylor, Gloria Synder, Sally Schwartz, Ruby Meier' Mimi Laurens, Leslie Daniel, and Loris LeFan. DEBATE COACH: Bee Pearce. l40 DEBATERS: Mike Kopriva, Martha Wyche, Robert Wilds, and Karen Brothers- FRENCH: Linda Tuttle. :aku READY WRITERS: Larry Maedgen Suzanette Mizelle. JOURNALISM: Caroline Urubek, and Patsy Fritz. READY WRITER COACH: Julia Whatley. JOURNA LISM COACH: Margaret Black. i A A' 'ELEEZ' NUMBER SENSE COACH: Juanita Welch. SPELLERS: Susan Goss, Clarice Murray. L . QW? ' Q Q 1 1 NUMBERSENSE: Wayne Lewis, Mark Miller, Noah Gates. f R' Sf. ff., ssi N .. VN! .., 5:5 . ff 3 ' A., A 3 . rist i C ... asttss ..s1 s'ssrii - ' ' , rsii s .iss ,ss .nn A tsrt 5 SPELLING COACH: Katharine Nichols. l4I This year 's officers of the Key Club are Van Taylor, Pres,g Doug Bartek, first vice-pres.g Charley Arid- JEAN GIBSON Senior rews, second vice-pres.g David Carter, Secretaryg Key Club Sweetheart Jeff Brodt, Treasurer. Temple High School Key Club unselfishly serves faculty and stu- dents alike through its activities and motto: "We serve. " .. TT.. ,rf 1:2 ER: -E ,4' X q x 4 3 X x X n XX C 9 IIA' x.i9,,1f These are the "elves" of Mr. DuBois' conference periods. All the boys enjoyed the convention - pri marily the food. These members attended the Na- tional Key Club Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I43 Paw-Aww H This organization promotes continued interest in Span- ish speaking countries and in the people. To belong to Pan Am you must have had one year of Spanish or be enrolled in a Spanish class. OFFICERS were: Mary Ann Hill, Presidentg Frank Floca, First Vice-pres- identg Ronnie Keenan, Second Vice-president, Beth Ibarra, Secreraryg Leslie Daniel, Treasurer, Grady Tyrock, Reporter, Burt Jones, Parliamen- tarian. Faculty sponsors, Mrs, Mascorro and Mrs. Spence, along with all Pan-Am members, experienced an enthusiastic and rewarding year in all their varied activities. ewvAbTI-I Group leaders marntarned order and upheld the club s efflclency Pan Am members entertaln Temple s Laun Amerrcan chlldren at the annual Chrrstmas party ln the THS student center ,..,...,.......-.W--M L0biwdubPwm0fQ8lmf9fcA815lw TMLaiiwLauguogefmwL Serving as officers were John Thompson, Glen Brindley, Kay Apeary, and Jean Gibson. "Five cents! Who will bid more?" was typical of the cry heard at the annual Latin club slave auction. Pictured below are the masters who spent their hard-earned money so that a variety of their chores could be taken over by the slaves they purchased. . i ii 15 ' K? '11 -5719 "" .1 QP-rw 1 .... .. ., . .. .. Vt-K .A . K" xl 1 ' 5 V S wx na "J 'sf 'Gif 5-., ,af ly., SQL Du fjffl 1 A f , , V, Q! , 512 JZ s Slaves Uvirs. Walser 's first-year Latin stu- dentsj anxiously await their turn at the auc- tion block. Lynn Wakefield, Joel Garrison, Jana Price, Larry Williams, and Cy Long served as the year's officers, leaders, and policy-makers for the "slaves" below. aasf ,,., ' if -- - -, ,-p,f:a:v,. ,,,,, r, . , ssiss I47 EW.. il C FRENCH HAS BUSY NIH is i555 b fl '55 - g,,.: , at my is was X ,.-., - w 51.4 if ovri' we N fr aw , rw ,G rf ,swnewdfmiwgafw if ai' E w x if :Q Yi' fr X 5 P? 'X rf, 'X ki wa ef gawk is M1 EY' 'Nr We 1 f N2 34 fx 4 sf Q 14 l' 5' :S E ba x P N 4 K 3 . 'Wg tr. X3 v as If X wi ,Vp as N y srr r Q h h1 ' ,.k.. 1 ' t - Q rr L,.... N ' -.1 , . rl W..:kkL . ' ,, x . Kev? -: ki ir -1 K 1 K-A' ' L. . r, f-,, 1 , s.s,.sr.r C, f.. .tr Ps A ietlw, , V -fm. , .. -I , V- fm E, Q Y ---sr ,la .L C , T Q, ,..k V ,,,,, a . , ,. . 'f -sf Hgh, ,..,. .,,f - .gg -r Hfzfgriail C 'k" fl " ' f C : il b,"k' fbk. a. ' ,,,." . .'LL 1-' 5 f !--"' 1 rr r f ttrl C l ' 9 g f- - A 1 E Nga lt -'AA'L' 'f ggi H ,f:g,,,:-14-,, s,,::24E Vis: I I W J ' fff., - " 'is :Hifi 4' ,Eg ,ffl 5 ff as Jffi5,::? - ' N., gf -.f: ' - . "Le Cercle Francars provrdes to French students a chance to further therr knowledge of the French customs thelr language and the cultures of thelr country 45, as C is. 33 OFFICERS: Catherine Jarvis, President' Carole Hughes, Vice pres1dent,D1ane Ratterree, Secretar , Carole . ' Y Cunnlngham, Treasurerg and Linda Tuttle, Reporter. - v-mi King and Queen Rex, Mike Murehead and Catherine Jarvis, reigned over the annual French festival, the Mardi Gras. King and Queen Comus of the French Club were John Jarvis and Carole Hughes. Their court consisted of Grady Tyroch, Linda Tuttle, Kitty Williams, and Glen Wiggins. As the Yuletide season drew near the Christmas spirit gained mo- mentum. Here, Pierre Noel dis- tributes gifts in one of Mrs. Mee- nach's French classes. I49 'lm "auf Deutsch, bitte ! " These words may be heard quite often around room 222. Translated this means "speak in German. " The purpose of the German Club is to promote interest in the study of not only the German language, but also the German people, their culture, and their country. NEWEST ORGANIZATION IN TTI-LQ. The officers of the German Club are ftop to bottomj Bill Graham, President, Paula Greenfield, Vice-presidentg Dana Kelly, Secretary, Carolyn Urabek, Treasurer, Peggy Easter- 5 , wood, Reporterg and John lnmon, Program Chairman. Though the German Club is a new organization at THS the members enthusiastically boasted its support We hope it s here to stay' Fernando Yarrito, a bi-lingual student in French and German, along with Paula Greenfield and Carolyn Urubek, attended the Trinity University Speech Contest Presenting a selection from German poetry, Fernando advanced to the finals in the tournament. For the first time at THS the German and French Clubs shattered the language barrier and Jointly sponsored a dance for the entire student body in the THS student center The combined efforts of the two organizations provided enjoyment for all in the Continental European style ,Ni 'HIE' . fffirf 1 ,JW ,, Q . Membws og Teaclwzs Serving FTA as officers this year were Kay Bartek, Vice- presidentg Catherine Jarvis, Historiang Ian Harper, Pres- identg Beth Ibarra, Secretaryg Sue Jane Loggins, Reporter. Not pictured were Linda Boden heimer, Chaplaing Rosalind Ramsey, Treasurer. I Future Teachers of America was organized to acquaint students with different requirements techniques and problems of a teaching career They are steady workers and are interested not only in being better teachers of tomorrow, but also in being better students of today ,,t' 5 W- is sf 5 wfwwfw ' wa 'cg f L 'M Q' 6 J. me f ft- fm ' ff X 1' v B ZWWM Mafia? r Lwwfwwwugwrsulwowm OtlwuQfdefOffTlwDesb. . . A l Several members of FTA attended the state convention and Nell Fischer, candidate from the Temple Chapter, won the honor of being State Vice- Presideht for 1967 68 It was the work of diligent committee members that made the FTA 's year a complete success. , ,, .... ,. -M-M. s,,- f ..s,,.. . - s.,,. ,,,,.i M ,,,..., .., ,,...,,s,,i: , .,,. .,.. , ., ,. ., ,f , , mfmsmwmr. FOR 153 N 2 s 2 Class Chairmen and Class Secretaries spent many worthwhile hours working for FHA. s E Serving the FHA as officers this year were Kay Henderson, Karel Conrad, Cheryl Black, Phyllis Blevins, Kathie Leindsey, Catherine Jarvis, Mary Jo Lambright, Kay Bartek fseatedj, Roberta McEver, Glenda Johnson and Mary Neal Qstandingj. I54 FO NEW I-IOIZIZONQ . . . to further interest in home eco- nomics and to promote apprecia- tion of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking are two purposes of the Future Homemakers of Amer ica. Opportunities for study are available in planning and carrying out activities related to home- makers, m n .-.4115 Z ,l O fo NI' QQ-0 NEW X4 AKE 5 m 1 '3 ,W X S, v l r r , t 1 r-,1 K W K r A A"A- ' - I f ,,-- :ri - i k Umm- ZZV I f- " K ,,,h ' , Hg IE ,Q L 1 o f Q5ffQf1 ,- " L V'! Q ml QE Q X v f, so V Q 5,35 N Q Q s X X 1 ii x 3-X N -X U' ,X 6 ' 2 Q, S1 Gb s 1 H '9 s f + A is rs: 2 rs 1 s N fl 2 X s m L .. Q ' K N f . - 'I .Q , '1 XA. Q , 1 2 1 W. ., Q ..., , ,,,.L ,,,. r W K X .r ,, . .5 Q Ewa -w N - W ,:.,,LLA , These members of FHA worked to help make the organization a more successful one. This year's members attended the Dallas Fair, honored numerous visitors, and served as gracious hostesses at several functions. 1 Gm-wash , ' ff A , r , Y I - if l yg YL :KV VVV 1 . I H in V K , f l - fa l F' f 3 s f ,yrhi AZVV i . A ,Wu V at 5 ,634 ,,,A Ag 2,51 A W - ' I K , ..,k Q nf is., J' I . i'?1f1ggif'Y'i ",, ' Y I HW 5 N.. I 'r , , wyfyqg-, ' -5- ,, H ' ffV'L ji r'Lk' f A - Y f, r , ' ' . 1 r 'Uhr' H., L 'M-W.. l55 The FHA 's Ideal Boy was Mark Miller, and Darrell Guess was chosen the club's Sweetheart for 1967. Second-year FHA girls, Jan Harper H115 Mary Io Lambright, model their fashions at the annual fall style show in the living room of the homemaking department. Among their many other activities the girls honored pre-school children at a Valentine Party. Refresh- ments were served in the foods lab. BIO-CHEM MEMBERS EXPLORE SCIENCE Officers for the year were: President, Jeff Bentleyg Vice-President, Dickie Jarmag Secretary, Leslie Simmonsg and Treasurer, Frank Colacino. Faculty sponsors are Mr. Bobby McDaniel and Mr. Ronald Anderson. The members explored the various field of science through the help of the faculty sponsors, who con- ducted experiments and accompanied them on field trips. E128 EXPLORE Tl-IE WORLD OF A6121 CULTURE Leaders of the FFA work untiringly to uphold the objectives of their organization. Serving as officers were Glenn Cathey, Presidentg Bob Wiley, Vice-Presidentg Larry Graham, Secretaryg Gary Taylor, Treasurerg Ricky Weyrick, Reporter and Carl Fitzhugh, Sentinel. Members of the FFA strive to learn more about the best farming methods of today. The primary purpose of the club is to give its members useful training in agricultural fields. Each year the students adopt projects in different areas of agriculture and farming techniques to help them become better leaders, be more co -operative, and become better citizens. mmf"'i' Bill Harrison, Glenn Cathey, and Carl Fitzhugh show off their prize winning bulls of the livestock show. Billie Peters and Carl Fitzhugh are busy with last minute chores before entering their bull. Larry Graham awaits the exciting judges' decision of his project. Carole Hughes and Rosalind Ramsey have been chosen F.F. A. Sweethearts. "He gets his kicks on the back of a steer. " l59 PARA-MED - fs' - ",w- , ,--, ., ' i:1 "" s L Q , ' ' 5 mi 5 it ss Q 4 X' tm. r ss as r ' . , " " -'S -29: W , . s. L .... - , rl. 5 .iff N A -Www , Q ,N . I - 5 . :M-nr in K ,, SJ ns,-2 X B s - sp, 3 W., ..,,.. s x... t 1 E . s . p r yypyy p The Para Med Club is composed of students considering a profession in the field of medicine. This program is designed to promote interest in medicine as a career. Lectures, films, and field trips help aid the activities of this club. OFFICERS: Billy Maxwell, Tommy Moriarity, Mark Miller, Qljresidentl, Catherine Jarvis, flst Vice-Presidentj, Kay Apeary, Mary Ann Hill, Martha Jones, 2nd Vice-Presidentg Carolyn Uru- bek, Paula Greenfield, Beth lbarra, Becky LeBus. l60 .-Q' - '9 hi ---esfg' 5 :fr sw ' Q A F at k " f 2 ae- AQ 2 ,l 5 if 'W.z?3?Q Bill Graham and Billy Maxwell the trip home. Marrha 'Jones and Mark Miller were named Mr. and Miss Para-Med. relax on Billy Maxwell talks with a speaker on The Para-Med group arrives at Bryan the program, Adams High School in Dallas Jets XY Officers of the Jets were Jeff Bentley, Captain: R. D. Talasek, lst officerg Bob Mullins, Commu nications Officerg Jimmy Eames, Navigatorg and Ann Barrels, Reporter. BOB GORDON 3. .. ,. ,,x,,. sfzffffk 1' ' -: vi, .315 DEBBIE RUCKER w GLEN HASTINGS D.E. officers were Rob Gunn, presidentg Donald Burkes, vice-presidentg Sherry Elliot, secretary- treasurerg and Yvonne Knowles, reporter. James Petuch was program chairman. swab Judy Stanford was chosen D. E sweetheart. 5 1 w.....,ff Xanmfi MMMW Bryce Ellison. . . Food Mart Edward Chism. . . Ben Cuba 's Sherry E11iott...V8LM s Q , if 3 5 ,WW 1 ' N37 2 if 3 in iw Homer Dye. . . Ford Office Machines Terry Simonton. . . Spot Cash ei . 5.5 5 3 3 if ' Q VOUYUONAL INDU L OP AMERICA CARRIE TALLMAN was elected Sweetheart of VIC for 1967. Y img i..........-E1 OFFICERS were: Jackie Howell, Presidentg William Harris, Vice-presidentg Jimmie Keener, Secretary William Haudek, Treasurerg Fred Bierschenk, Reporterg Larry Schiller, Parliamentariang Jim Howell Sergeant at Arms. INDUQHZLAL COOP TRAINING ,, ...N . h , .., 1 J p p Robert Luna - Office Machines Mike BFUHIIDGIOW Sc JHFHSS Moore ' Auto Parts Ronnie Kopriva - Cabinetmaking Jim Howell - Auto Mechanic - .i.. .M ,....mv!-R Patrick Meadows - EISCIHCH1 Fred Bierschenk - Radio Sc TV Repair Appliances ! David Searcy - Auto Body Repair Eleazar Arriaga - Electrical Instrument Repair o661wGw awe 'MM The purpose of the Library Club is to serve the stu- dents. lt helps them to learn about the facilities l of the library. SER YH? rfwf'wsx f' The Library Club officers are Jerry Ann Divis pres ldent Sylvia Baldridge vice president Ian Adams secretary Barbara Dickerson treasurer and Pat Grisham chairman of the program committee 7 - , I x - l I 1 , 1 , . Thespians K wif? D Miha The Thespian officers were Robert Ellison, president, Randall Summers, vice-presidentg Leonard Pate, scribe, Paula Conally, treasurer, and Michael Pearce, Historian. Not pictured - Rosanna Dyer, secretary. L,L, ,,1,ATAl ,, , ' 'A - , ' New IM if ,M sw nn' 4 f , r may Vlk: A h,,h V ,,,'g ',.., ,ik A ,, 5,5 I I K N? f, fi, K f..,, 5 '-V, 5 -zu . . ,KIAL ez, 5 1 Y , ' , . ye 1 I r LKZ In I VVVV M: I damnmw , . i f P , , , - ,K KVLV 'V I I .Q-1,-,.' q , :V ,,.,L ,,,.,W Vaikxy NH' we L' F :-Qf ,,,, ' fm -.4 - Ac3T AC3T Sweetheart - AC3T OFFICERS: Doug Hoppock, presidentg Phyllis Blevins, KATHY VAUGHN vice-presidentg Penny Smith, secretaryg Faith Boyd, treasurer and Leonard Pate, scribe-historian. "Peter Pan" l7l Girls' Debate Team - Martha Wyche and Karen Brothers, "Peter Pan" , . is R f X - v 1 2 , :1' x'it: ff 'W' ROSANNA DYER - secretary of Thespians. Boys' Debate Mike Kopriva Bob Wilds and Left to Rig Burleson. Boost , fa, rf --' s I ! as A 'Sl' ht: Laura Robinson, Carole Cunningham, Kay Bartek, Jana Price, Nell Fischer, and Jan Mrs. Mildred Lancaster is the sponsor. Cheerleaders display school spirit at a night pep rally. Qclwolb Qpwb Cheerleaders sponsored an after-game dance. A school pep rally was held to encourage the cats to another victory PIGQKIN EEVUE - NG QU Music by Al Davis and Al Polhamus Libretto and lyrics by Mel Weiser CAST Danny - - ----' ' ' - Bob Ellison Aggy - - - -Kitty Williams Sid - - ' Tom Schneider Lefty 1 - - - - - - Ronnie Pitts Ma Allbee - - - - - Kay Keith Teena - - - - - Phyllis Blevins Sheriff - - - - -Ben Gresham Maria ---- - - Sue Jane Loggins Mrs. Midrock - - - - Sandy Winters Lucy ---'---------- - - - - Gaye Pitts Roustabouts and men of circus --------- Frank Floca Don Greenway, Bruce Keown, Kent Lawhorn, Rick Mahler, Mark Palmer, Grady Tyroch, Women of circus --------- June Bushey, Kathy Crews Sue Everton, Susan Goss, Liz Hyslop, OK, you beetles and kinkers, shake some of the DHHS Kelly, Mary JO Lambfighf, sawdust out of your ears, , , , , Jo Ann Navratil, Sally Schwartz, Andrea Sewell, Judy Wheat, Susie Younts Towners - - ---- Kathie Carmichael, Jean Gillespie, Kay Goad, Linda Lemmons, Fraiser McConnell, Mike Murehead, Wayne Norman, Sharon Phillips, Susie Schwartz Dance Doreena, dance! ! CREW Rehearsal pianist --------- - - Joseph Abston Prompter and roll checker - - - - Martha Jones Stage, lights and sound ------------ Jerry Adams, Glen Cathey, Jimmy Creasey, Dale Goates, Craig Irby, Steve Sindt, Sara Soho, Sammie Talley, Kathy Vaughan, Properties - - ---------- Karen Brothers, Glynda Hubbard Costumes - - ------- Paula Greenfield, Judy Grant, Beth Hardegree, Jeanne Walker, Cathy Weinblatt Make-up - - - ---- Marcia Cottle, Ann Barrels, Sue Farris, Beth Ibarra, Marilyn Matush, Pam Wiese Scenery, Art, Effects -------------- Judy Allen, Teresa Tuttle, Sharon Alsup, Lynda Beary, Joe Ellen Tucker, Linda Bostick, Andrea Cox, Laura Veirs, Kathy Fritz, Donna Goolsby, Doyle-Walker, Pat Grisham, Glynda Hubbard, Cy Long, John Hughes, Annette Jergins, Lucinda Lewellen, Marilyn McQueen, Carol Dunbar, Mandi Raymer, Cathy Schutz, Patsy Sefcik, Linda Simpson, Fernando Yarrito It was never meant to be. . . . The Pigskin Revue was entitled "On With The Show, " a story about three swindlers and a circus. The crew members worked to keep behind-the -scenes activities running efficiently. Sidney watch where youwe going! Say, you 're nice. Do you like snakes? I'm Mrs, Midrock, girly, anC1l'm going to shut down this two-bit circus! The next person who swings a fist is gonna get a bullet where he won 't be able to sit anymore! s f'm""tm You seen anything of these people? Silk' , up V 2,5 I d like to give you ten thousand Sad when you're lost in the dollars ol buddy bottom of the well. . . I78 WW Mn. AND Mreen-1.9. MMM The Temple High School choir participated in varied activities throughout the school year. During the Christmas season they presented "Amahl and the Night Visitor, " in March they gave the students an Easter program, and for their final activity, they sang at Baccalaureate cere- monies. Q The choir officers for this year were Charlie The class secretaries were Nancy Folks, Glenda J021Chi1T1, PfCSid61'1I: Donnie Hilton, vice- Krumnow, Bernice Winkler, and Elaine Bales. president, Mary Bell, secretaryg and Jeannie Pirtle, treasurer. I80 MPM OGQMQ Sue Jane Loggins and Mary Bell represented T. H. S. at Regional. Mary Bell advanced to State TT .Q. BAND MAJORETTES: Twana Thomp- son, Judy Wheat, Andrea Sewell, Linda Wade, Jeanie Criswell, June Bushey. ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR Doug Bartek BAND MA NAGER: Bill Graham DRUM MAJOR: Mike Richardson SECRETARY Mrs. Keith V . .La-, Q3 5 :fn wif QL, Q35 SX ' ' Q5 xiii 5 Q.. -. A v- 'EG if E aff' Y . -, i H- W- W if Qs fi ig? vga 54 f if A..4, -- . . ,. ,, . .X JE:'...'f Qfyiiika-"faf' , " fi ., BMJ! me M 3 f :Fw . . . Q 535 2 . K 32 5 my A :pq A - 3 35 .,.. , , . SE S , -' f -Q MW :. .,-1 BW . 11 f ' Q Q ' ,fil- ! fi? L53 ,, .,.. .. .. ,.,., , f ,:. iia gu gi 2, QQ 4 5 5, ,. ..,: .,:.2 4 H- E : ,A-i gig Q, S E 4 : ag . af 3 .A51, , 3 K r . ,fe . .Q , , .. ,..,g :ff - L, Q- kfWf' z :'v2' Q3 - 1 AQ NQQ22'-2 gpskgafvkw , hr V Q W 5 X Mg -. 0 Q 5 PP ' .5 , ' QQ va fy, ,H aw ,M . ,. , .. is m y 'S ..: Gy! ,. 5 . f f f ,- .:: .: :. :: KW: 53' if F J Nga: was f -L, L . A L u is g , if 1 5: 21- is ? 1 ' i f WEEEWE' - .EE.'.': :::E: .5'E' 7 F L Y' . " ' :: 2 :251 52 wi f Eh , si x. , ,. Qgrgzg .4 ag,-51:-.s m , 4 W , ,V M ,,, 4 ,. . U 2 Lx- ' i k X gas S X I 12 w.3Z3'7k' ? pg! 53 1325 wS"f4bN 3 'S' 2.4, i g ggi gi iff fm ig ifuf .'-x.y:i..,':jv-- -1. M w:: 2ET"2 1 -- ff wx xi 1 1 ,. 755:",:i:'Ei . M ,. :. : .:. ,:. L -. :: 5 . 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LZ L , , j. .?:- m g : A Aggiijfg gi g 11 :v lah ,H , , .. ,SK A 552 5 1 gn .. G i gygk k xggr , 1. f "5 kr-as 5 252 , 3112 ? QE . QW 3 xq .xwjgiku KE If ., Tx Q ,qw I H rf JA W5 Aga A N , 53326 A9 3 if ga , ,, . , 3 msg fir? g f W wi?-1 1 az -br uff 5 '5ff1aa" A w 44e.f' f5fI,Fff,:Q LJ? 3 j 41:95 : ., :E::.22:g -V A Wim ' Q2 .... W ' k , iw? ' N, my QQ N ,xzaswmww x sm, ,r R 2igviM'w,g,,f,g wg' Ex M fe eg 3 lm, 3,8 1 W WW mf M P5 4 U mg? ff r w Q-, ,wif Ngjgggipgx QWEEMQQW M Magi ms 5 ,ff jr f 95, 4 4 0: :W,,?g+ gin! in Ewgggggifk wg :sg xl Q gfgigizsw , A by ,sy Lf if gf 2 ,,, Nf Q4 We 5513 Q 25 ,lfmf ,qlqwiggvzfiig Egg lim . 3593 W ,QNX , Egg W Band officers were John Thompson, presidentg Royce Kerley, vice-presidentg Ann Barrels, secretary-treas. g and Roxie LaSoya, reporter- historian. L The clerical officers were Phyllis Jeanes and Jeanie Criswell. Don 't give up the ship, Mr. Howard! Office secretaries were Roxie LaSoya Sharon Band members read letters received from their perform Phrllrps Cheryl Redwrne Linda McGill and ance at the Cotton Bowl Sandra Johnston I84 The orchestra officers were Sara Soho, presidentg Paula Greenfield, vice presidentg Andrea Sewell, reporterg and Marsha Talley, secretary. The librarians of the orchestra were Phyllis Jeanes, Heidi Langsjoen, and Sarnmie Talley. ORC!-I Mr. Durward Howard directs The Orchestra director is the HIGHLIGHTERS. Joseph Barra. Hmm 3 1 , 3 5 J :ff L gi. L Y Q, 1' Qwfgvkdipifzzl Qkiwwgmfkzgmmwwyfumzxz:H-.Q , ,mfgwww W. M. .W ,, W., WW A ' -:eww pfm:-,W-sggfagffassfQgi"uf411-5g:ff,e1sggfway. W f-f f0W,,MpQfgwawwfhgfa.f , . SSWQEXASV 2 gag?QQg:Jif.:-5-fcmgzmf:ww432512125-iqgxg ,wie Aw. - MgfwxgfgkmxxMfifwfizgfzigiw-gkiwfgiggw, ,-LW, . wg535w,fwNm,,WLQkjM,3,fQ?w5QggNfuf3,M2.,, - Q45Qwf,wf21f'S'fiafgwgglgfxfzfMikie-v.YfwJ.Sigg5hzA. 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' ., 41 if E if or p i gf n or as . VA 5 ' sf J I ,gm 'i 'l ..-,- f'-, -ffff' X l fl A , W ' ' v iw' J ,m'L V A r JE? . , --'. L '1'fW' r - 1 in 6 1 . - - 1- f ' as ' -"' J' 'er is' . ' gs? is at if -1, .- Se R .gf X,,. 'M P -- 5 1 its , ' "" 'k--' G . i G V Q V, 5 - 1: , ,, . if I - ' . J N' N" f ' i J ' J' G' ' .. r - A"' if .ali ' I - E SQ ? Q I as . s . .. .'J.ff'T, f ' . In .ss . -.P J :r ..., .h .. ""' :. A ' -- we if r..,.. ..,, H f - f- f NW-f . s..rN,.m,m.nFA M.. ,,y,,,al ' '-'kk- 5'5" --fqggg, J' , 3-jj '-'A-:Q A-M-swpgxzggsazawrmlg x , ' ,Nw , s J SEATED: Catherine Jarvis, Jean Gibson, Janis Rickard, Paula Green- fieldg STANDING: Marsha Talley Apeary, Judy Swan, and Cheryl Black. , Sara Soho, Myrna James, Kay J Mrs. Keith and Mrs. Howard were' presented flowers for their cooper- ation in respect to the band and Pepperettes. Judy Swan was named Neatest Pep- perette. Glen Brind- ley was named Pepperette Ideal Boy. The best opponent award went to KTEM. Glen Brindley gave the invo cation. BAND-QUEST Kay Apeary and John Thompson received Toastmistress and Toastmaster Awards. Mr. Howard presented Best A11-Around Awards to John Thompson and Catherine Jarvis. 5, :Y Kay Bartek and Jana Price received awards as most spirited cheerleaders. Jimmy Creasy and Mary Io Lambright - Most Spirited. 'E iii! ' f 'P ,iff 3 5:5 s i! 1 2 ' M '53 E am, E? is F, 3' N 1 2 Q 3 aww 155553-f"' kwin ,aa - -.1353 as G fA L l i M i Q1 2 .7 ,QP k , , i, L. . ,.-,..f1.1,-. - . uf ,- Q 1 .- 2 1.--1 2 T f ..,,. ,, TEMPLE COACHING STAFF: Gordon Hilley, Don Brown, Bill Floyd, Allen Winters, Royce Berger, and Bob Caskey 12 T 1,-ML N TEMPLE WILD ,, 1 Y -7 lvl' -L , A MANAGERS: Wayne Norman, Billy Maxwell, James Kelley, Randall Sommers, Joe Faulkner, and John Meyers Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple 196 6 SEASON SC ORES 26 Lanier - - 14 Carrollton 32 Killeen - 14 Reagan - - 14 Bryan - - 22 Richfield - 7 Waco - - 37 University 7 Corsicana 6 Cleburne - STANLEY WILLIAMS Junior, End X 35, ' -f . -.Q K if kr ,7fi,.jw M i d K 4 V 2 kb it A mg Ab ' F' fi 7 ' A A 'F ffe. -fi ' , V . ' -' " 4' ' ' , .1 X- if A f ' ,,,, ,. W-Wp+W""4-H I A ,.., ,,., , L, SKx'J5xh , ,.,v Gm. ' -- ' "' ' "5 ""' fziiiiiiiiiiiViEESi255YEfi'1i?!!?2!7SFW5E?Z?f52, 1 ' WW' ' ,- .. :: .1 " f r Vn::,7zH', - W ' ' f 2 ' 'fx ff wg, ,f i"' ' ' , ' W ' '- ,yfrzms rpzrggfyafrw - ai r 5 of W" ' "" Ff' 1 ' I 4' R 'iiXIfiff3i??'1f K ifQgi , ,iff51H3"'5 ,QT Q-,zzgqs-im W - Sign!-, rf' X S f fr ,W KSN, - g pf' . f .rife -f9Q1,1,,, ' -I , fr -v args: X ME, V ' -.5 A X r My ' r i' , I- , ' iff.: T" M ,. , ' CARL ORLA NDI Senior, End MAURICE HITCHCOCK Senior, Center r .... 1 1114 91 , S -gf. -5S':f?': L -, --'- " ,- I i Q " 1 . . , . ..f. f kK,-- K- CARL FITZHUGI-I Senior, Fullback I95 JOHN ADAMS Senior, Halfback LYNDA LE REA Senior, Guard 1' 5 . ' ',v2U9 .,,2?'-' " 41? , ,ku-m.-, KM' i J- ,f fl , '-'- El ,M X ,HW ,,,. .,,W.L xii? uf? , in -' Jimgfll " W K, -,ff H , ' 61 Q' ' 1 ANDY PHILLEY 5 Senior, Tackle . - -2 ,,"e , H A in fnA-- 5 .1 ---' 4 54, "" fa f ir .,.1,,ff- A -- - .-,Q 11-him uf f. V, A W ' . W , :ii 15?izff, :cw F 9, 'W' m f ' :LW 1 F! f- 1 ,,fQ """ 3 as gf f" 1 JEFF BENTLEY Senior, Guard RONNIE PITTS Senior, Center f f M ' ,,, , J C PM ? F A' ' ' s K ,W Q , .L is ,,,,,l,L.A ,,,,zA. MART IN AGU IRRE zzg Senior, Guard fqw, ,, A ,, .,,W.f RONNIE DOUGHTY Junior, End , ,, zhffffgf- L V' A fvffgl' ' V' ,. ,, , J Q ' , I . ,.,.. ,,,. ,L , . L .,..,l,,, 1m,,,l-,,., W , r 3.4, 1, V 1 f M ,f .gmfm J , f ff W ,Q w 5 f f , , H , M, ,,f.-, fmwf. ig-:M M""" " gy,-f., - y m, W-3 , af A 1 HL ' V ,fa f' W , Qi , If Q ,ji . , , , .. , ,f , WP X 4 242 15 '5 f f ,gr f yy? f 1 , 4 at Q My M fy .Y 6 'MN -1"'-'93-E Q-. MIKE MCMILLIOA N Senior, Halfback TEDDY GARCIA Senior, Halfback 5 4 'fin 4 5' nv Hlwf I 2, tj ,. as 4 ,- is l i Lf if pffwn if 2 MVP g ggvkfglgiwqgg VX' r f awww mf QW M Z? sl Z QW 4, iffgggw fqwnya f fpfffaw w , f i 5 ff 2 Aff Wm . 4' f Q 1 Z I , N 5 4 3 M 2, 5 --"' 2 1 EY g Y 7 'fii'i"5v' Si,,, 1Wmm. w f ,r M25 reef. ag- M f' " wx Y' , -"S .3 1 i V , N , M. M BRUC E LA WHORN Senior, Fullback 200 Writ-r ww Aww Mr VH' ww Q y V ' .-fig az Y ff DAVID CARTER Senior Fullback A MAww.1Lf1.:f,.L,-Wr'w www. Q A ' Y Mm " K " + 2 ,,., CURTIS STERMER Senior, End .AW 7 Wu... 1av'f W Q, y fwwwf ww My ,, nf 1323! ,Ti ff W, , Qwqirfd MU" Aim Wifi. M DANNY DUS 'V Jr r , f 5if'3'Jswfw+f A , WWQ5 36 M 438 va f EK Semor, Fullback 1, ' C, 7' : : .T i My V,,,b. ,,,,,, , ,A 1, . V ,D ' 'MH '11, Q - rf' V- rw - ,, ,.. ,, A ff Q ,- ' , ,I. " 1 My if . n '22 I, " ' 2,il:if L' W 5. 4 fu, ', I W Hiqfrf, ?5i5i2!f57mE?5?Jfi? Vs , fm. if-zgsfz, N 'wffifxtfiiiitfwf 'Q ' ' " . ' . YM -Ins' . 15 , if E, f X 1 Mu ie f 6' Q DENNIS VAN TAYLOR Senior, Quarterback WILSON Senior, End KENNETH HACHTEL Senior, Halfback O. K. SCHURTZ Senior, Guard MA LON SCOGIN "h' Iumor, Quarterback s El f vaf' ..,, - MTW' ' ' ' f ' 592 . 1, ,,. , Q A 1 ' ,., kygyy 3 K 3 i 1 5 ' ,-'- I 'L Y 1 gf ' -"- ww 4 4. M , ,,-f- 1,1 E Hg x E122 A Wi VE -N 4 s SQ f Q A JAMES KREMPIN i 5-L - ' . ??-1 - V L1' Q , 111 55 if H Jumor, Tackle 7 mi , 1, 2 iz K H P' 'Z-' , J E " , . " ,, "' 1 , H Mfg?" , , , ' , V , fx-gf' , : 'f',5,i ,, K 'LV' 'W ,, ,,:w f,4, - ,, Q ,.. f V ,,.L g H .'.--,, '-,ff ,g,Zff"f' -ff. Lf K'-- ' ,-', . , :',s-121524111-mfz' if ,"., , f ,AZ,f3'mwx' V- . ww " f , . 'ifzf-M ,-" 'K ,,,, fag '3 QV' -f ' f .B , K v 4,m,grw- " "-f V 1 .4 , LUM 505 ROBERT . ..,A JUHIOI, Halfback POPELKA . , C 202 'r g 1,,4s:iv'z. i W M .fi 1 V ,m,A K , Qi . R , , n "T f K , 1 ,, 5J5,:j'QQ?.3,., . I "A '-' F 'lf' , , 2 " '- W ' "' ' " ' Www" QL " 'VKL' ff,f ' K ' i or . , . 1 W 'K 'z I A H Q ,1 27 M ,-L-M -,., 1 ' . ,fn do-+1 , , , , .W -. VVV . , i r X -V TIM JONES Junior, Tackle Q ,ffliffil . 'Wi ' '4ag2z,., I f , . , RALPH BARBOSA KEN CHUPIK Junior, Tackle. Junior, End M. H. HILL Junior, Guard DAVID MART INEZ. Junior, Tackle . . J J V . J ' W ' f.ff -ff.- 1 .vLL I 'QWTGN - A - W" OLLIE STONUM J unior, End 'W' ,m, JIMMY BRAZZIL ' ., Z. Z Jumor, Center ifljii W nr 2 I . J rJ J "J,i Hg .., 'rr" . 1 J umor, Guard Ii A, 'J ,J?"'1 r,,, fa u ag? sau EQL E .M Wana? At right Wildcat Van Taylor congratu lates Jana Price on being chosen Foot ball Sweetheart for 1966 Her escort is Ilmrny Eanes The Band and Pepperettes perform at half-time at the Homecoming game At left Glen Brindley and Jean Gibson Seniors were crowned Mr and Miss Spirit at the Cor- sicana pep rally which cltmaxed Spirit Week. , ,, ...i r. , .G .. 1.., ..,.. I Y A .,,., ,r.,, rt, r ,,.. ..,.,,u, M, Y Y YW Y .rf-rtiqmefsttgrffag-f ,,.,m-vin szmanair :mum i! 17 i1?""' TOP ROW: Kelley Arnold, John Wheat, Keifer Marshall, Ray Koehn, Stuart Gathings, Bill Hoppock, Jeff Bearor Larry President, William Guess, Mike Mercer. THIRD ROW: Coach Hilley, Bob Simpson, Mike Mclnturff, Robert Wildes, Dan Kinard, Vestel Buford, James Rountree, David Krcha, Mickey Miller, Joe Faulkner, Coach Berger. SECOND ROW: John Meyers, Casey Winters, Ernie Durham, Carlos Brooks, Danny Martin, Gene Col- lier, Ricky 1-Ioneycutt, John Cunningham, Jerry Tyroch, Tony Pinon, Jon Underwood. FIRST ROW: Mike Ar- ledge, Rickey Ramirez, Pete Cortez, Mike Reedy, David Herrera, John Bales, Keith Janeway, Bruce Ford, Tom Goman, Craig Lawhorn. wr. Ny' Coach Winters introduces some of the football players. Claude R. fChenaJ Gilstrap, athletic director from Arlington, speaks at banquet. Awards were received as follows: Van Taylor, Highest Scholastic Averageg Carl Orlandi, Best Defensive Backg Jeff Bentley, Coaches' Award, Darrell Guess, Fortitude Award, Brad Dusek, Most Valuable Playerg Robert Popelka, Best Offensive Backg Ronny Doughty, Best Defensive Linemang Andy Philley, Best Offen- sive Lineman. 207 BAQKEIBALL A" Team FRONT ROW: Brad Dusek, Keifer Marshall, George Alexander, James Krempin, Russell Lewis, Ronnie Doughty, Stan Siler, Bill Nelson. BACK ROW: Lloyd Wilde, Jerry Stuckey, John Barton, Van Taylor, John Wesley, Jim Alsup, Robert Popelka, William Guess, Scott Lea, Danny Dusek. Coach Hilley 208 Co-captains, Van Taylor and Ronnie Doughty, present a kiss to the Basketball Sweetheart, Carol Hughes. 3 Please, I would rather do it myself! Talk about a chest pain! 209 0 Wld 'RJ ,,,,f?15'ig I v S 'I' vw ,-' 0 Wa: mf f FRONT ROW: David Herrera, Jerry Tyroch, Casey Winters, Ren Maupin, Craig Lawhorn, Steve Hallford, Jon Underwood, BACK ROW: Tommy Sanders, Dan Kinard, Stuart Gathings, Bill Hop pock, Mike Mclnturf, John Jarvis, Mickey Miller, Coach Berger. R - . S M V ' W S 7 f 'i'r . Elin? '1': ' f'-" f ' .. . . I-I ' WN S ' Waiii is fr ' 1 -.,r 1 44 1 - ..,. , . ,K ----,- "'- ' ' .. 3 i n R R ' ' ' ' R ' .,,,.. sin S n"'r' ssir'r S V I I H ,Ni ,kVV,LL , ..,,..,.. in 'rl 'f'ss-ss1 + ww'--iii,-iris? - '1-W",' , - f-M "kVV 1 ' V kkxx i 5 ',"'r K ,," .kffiffufiIkfff1:iftMfTfi"ff'. "fQ Zh, 1 . -f . P. -rf - ,,. jifii' M 4539 L., in 4"' 5 2 W0 1. fr i'35w4""Q 1? r if ap' 7 3522" 4 ga 4341- fiisgfrsa 1 .sr f- 5 "H --5: r L 1 ,in 1:rs.4.s12s , , RBH, l "' , I A E 1 V 2 Stan looks on as George tries for two 2.. A f e g ' a ,R er 2II j ,ap i ' .44 , , s kf.L :,,, I 'CWM-:V iiii "2-' is-I ,Ef .rg-1' 1-,L fi, :'. ff TPACIC COACHES: Bill Floyd, Don Brown. CAPTAINS: Ray Aguirre, Lee Mc- Fadden. a 51' "eW' 'J-wif: 'A mmf W' fl ' ' -ww 123: -,.. ,M ,.,n....,,....,. .L- W. N-f V , 'Mm I Q- If-+L rr -fwwmww ,V .reg W- . . www-.r w LH-Zyl-. -WS' f L "l' James Krempin made his way M M EMM , Mew' , , Q 12 4735 ,MW - ik - , T . 1Z,1.,.rw we V A2 S 'xiii are M f 51 ,Q KW Eg! s 5 vip' ff 9 W , Zvi ,,f 4 A 6, I Wa wg f I ,ff yew, , . 3 . ,,.' Future Track Star. to State where he placed 4th , A' se i ' in me shot Put. ' Q f lll r elre My-.r +- Ronnie Doughty also made his way to the State meet but was not able to qualify for the finals in the discus. Stress and strain proves beneficial to Gary, WEIGHTMEN: Brad Dusek, Keifer Marshall, Ronny Doughty, James Krempin, Kennith Chupik, Gary Underwood. lu lil-. v What an energetic group of Lracksters. Now boys ! Let 's have none of that, 440 Relay: Lum Joe, Lee McFadden, Craig Lawhorn, Robert Popelka. K -, 1 Xl Mfr A-4, W N W f V 'Mug -1,193 f f H 5 M , Q 5 1 4 -- air? 'Q f , fi N33 ' ' w , , my P? -, , g,?,L, ,4 M si gy? ysasaggli ,72'15fI:,5xE-fig-E L b fi' Earl i Z ' :N L ggg, 'Q 'Ilia "'b A I llvgzg 'zllvziisiszrffbiwif H fl P welfiiffiaffs!'f':?:2.5f51 H if-wwfwf, M X.: ,xvx 1: -Q 1- grew?-wg sy Y -I AVA, A,,., V in VA.,V, VA.,, ,sl ' 'L' , fsfel- ' , A - 1 Would you believe . . . . .cramps'??? 2l4 Up, up, and away! DISTANCE RUNNERS: FRONT ROW: Ricky Honeycutt, Billy Liles Oren Potter, BACK ROW: Ray Aguirre, Carter Bradley Pete Cortez Mike Reedy, Larry Venable. POLE VAULTERS Stan W1111ams and M1ke Mclnturff HIGH IUMPERS: Bill Procter and R. D. Talasek. Superman flres agarnl 880 RELAY: Larry Venable, Malon Scogin, John Jarvis, Lee McFadden. 6 Captains, Ray Aguirre and Lee McFadden, accept a lst place trophy for the Wildcat team at the Bryan Relays. Temple also won the Temple Relays and came in 2nd in District. Ten of the Wildcats partici- pated in Regional. 440 RELAY: Tom Gorman, Jerry Tyrock, POLE VAULTERS, BROAD JUMPERS, AND HIGH JUMP- Danny Dusek, Bob Simpson. ERS: FRONT ROW: Brad Dusek, Mike Mclnturff, R. D Talasek. BACK ROW: Stan Williams, Bill Proctor, Jimmy Moore. BASEBALL zwix A t - f--- T ' , fy : 5 ,tg t . e t e I f,-kk 35' Ha 5 "k' 1 'Q if' W5 :1WL '1-kk. 3 it . ..,k X J N fl, 4 X i J, . , V, - ,, A vt ,Y 4... D, N ,f R ,ff we xt ff S i J , C OACH BERGER PITCHERS: Jeff Bentley, Augustine Bautista, Steve Hallford. 2l7 1 . M, wil X rx Q .F Q Q INFIELD: Bernie Lerlart, James Chaffin, Van Taylor, Ollie Stonum, Larry Mclntyre, Steve Tucker. JEFF BENT LEY ,, 0 0 xr .r,, . . x X Rx N X N5 A g 'K Y? ,. .K F f v QQ 'R , 1 N .:,.E . ' J la u is 3' f 9 . 7 S 7 rr J ,F u' 7 4. ,rx l lf Qi If ,R , F nr f l' A ' - ik: 1, ', QQ ilk Klgigifi ,URN N. H eamygjib gm, N .... 1 :,, i r F ,r.r,3s.-wg. - K if I ,, ' 1 F F 1 V. W,,r L F F , F Q 1 fi ,E! ' M F5i Snr AU GUSTINE BAUTISTA CATCHERS Gary Sanders DSIIHIS Wllson Bruce Lawhorn If W' EV' My , , A , 45 WV VAN TAYLOR RIC KY DORNHOEFER DENNIS WILSON BRUC E LA WHORN OUTFIELD: Nicky Gandy, Ricky Domhoefer, Andy Philley, Casey Winters, Chester Wills. BERNIE LENART 220 ANDY' PHILLEY JAMES CHAFFIN BOYS' TENNIS FRONT ROW: Don Hejny, Pat Mullins, Oscar Oats, Steve Cobb, Terry Aldrich, Roger Epps, Jim Alsup, Lynn Wakefield. BACK ROW: Mike Collins, Don Schillingburg, Thomas Doehre, J. R. Moore, Wil- liam Horton, Larry Hess. Kmswww WM 5' , 7"""'ff:' fl' ' H rrl' Alxrflh Vky.k.r E ,,, K, ,,,, ,, A , ai ,',1 ' "Ai ' f - 'WW' ' Y f ' ' M... 1' K "" W , ,-,,mg-2 2 -swf ' T' . , . , ir ' lg .fn T 1' f 'F ff .- A 2 mf any-Q , M . ff-We fi -f -V1 , Q-six - Ag f ' e ,g,y: awzgfyfaQ,ra:?1,11e7a:iii' W rrrr "r' ' f ' ' , DISTRICT WINNERS 'U 'Ns if-A 'WE l if? if i I ., . -.. .sri-,i,. ,S vii' "'LL .?L -, , ff 3 5 a W 1 X, , x 8 ,rv w bw-2' ki, 'E ., ' -'N 1 , ff 1+ 'L K 1 C 'Y :iii s E - Q Q l 'KH S 15:--. 5:.::':N ,rfwmii nf-3 4 , A W 5 ww. W' fl mwxkwf 'FQ in J w fifw' A X . 5 'k Xt R ' " x w Ya 5 is X Nw X N my , :Im iw 'Q K wr R -1:.f11::,fM ,,,L W-11 5.4 5 M . K A Q! X Q x wp FA? x W Q f Y fr 'xg :Tx 1. Q W ai, . X: .vs www-. ii sf . ggk1. ? 8 Q, LW. W . W w Q S 5 W1 1 ' Q1 9 ' Q k Q ff-gs-is 'Ki Q X, ' f W S .4M.Q..4.w..WL.s, ggi 1 , , ,r , ,. H Y IKQ H . 1, ' -11.11 ling 'I In ul Taking a bow for a ow , P 1 ' I , , .4 Q V iff -mu gllg 15 gk: x. ' kv rl RQ r Ah, don't take my picture ! . 1 .- .kg ww , GIRLS' TENNI FRONT ROW: Debbie Sprout, Barbara Stroebner, Sandy Hilley, Mary Ann Hill Paula Greenfield Myrna James, Mary Simmons. BACK ROW: Sharon Phillips, LaVerne Jakubik Barbara Ballard Kathy Reeder, Mary Schlesinger, Laura Robinson. r ' "" . ,,, 5 S S 1 ,. i,r' M y e , f I ,,,r Q ,,,, ,,,, .,,, B , ,B r,w.w, , ..,V , ig K , Q f . ., ,I ' - ,Q 2,5 gsm 422 r. Y' " ' I 1 Emi av .aww I aw - W-X l N Q. of wiki! W a r , i I M 7, Pnre Grace ! Q e f c erde r W y d M1 rddd - ' M ' H .. fr -we nnemwflfzvl "" ' 1 , f ' ,f ' X MK flings! Ky M if f' Gif 'Q ,Q 544 Vg ,4 r wr ,gig M gym f 1 4 . , . ,K " ef' ' 'WW T .. . ,V . ., ,,. . . , rv ' 5 12' S ay, f n 'rw awazifwfzzi V, l , A L . wa 'Mm ' .N ' ' Wei llvvwmr-vw, W ,f M WM ,,r.,, g , ,,.,,,,,, V , , ,,.,,.,qgw,m,,,,,r,!i,m..,rr.,, A .N 1 ,... A , r ,, f R - A. .,,fV.-fmgr.3W,wyw.m.g,. Y,,,, . , .,,, ' 1 -"' . ' 'L ' 22 ' in . f" w5?11fJ 5'2 .3 J 1 Mary really gets wrapped up in her c game. W . fuk Sheer determination! Ready for action Qwhat?J Such form ! FRONT ROW: Robbie Stavinoha, Tommy Sanders, James Ritchie, Sue Farris, William Guess, John Meyers. BACK ROW: Rodney Chervenka, Randy Dodgen, Bruce Keown, Wayne Norman, Charles Joachim, James Blanding, Don Walker, Wren Maupin, Paul Boyd, Phil Horton, Tommy Schneider. CAPTAINS: Don Walker, Charles Joachim, Phil Horton. Not Pictured: John Sammons. Phil Horton shows the proper form. gf? gg ff,',-, J 525115 J ' f . 'J' 1 is 56 35, J W -fiflff ,- Sl 1 I V.,,, J , j, ih,g A W ! Af, JW, 5 M Zu. ff "' fri I A 'f ,, ' rri' f J ,. ,af 'f ff V , 1, " fff llf 1: K., , 'V ff T1-. ' I ' ' - " 4 W M' - K . iff lr ' -' -. V ' 1' ' 13, ' ' 1 J A f f -' , , 2 K if ..k.L-, T 1,2-A ,. v Maupin blasts out of the sand trap. -' x - 'NR2QW',. :nf -5 sm -Y W s ., ,-,- My Q1 L M-1-,--Mzazziwif- ,limi-121 ::. M2211-AMv.A H AW, J ws 3 Coach Cottle sets an example. Teeing off with John Sammons. Officers congratulate Jimmy Eanes on being elected Tum- bling Sweetheart, fi i ii-i, , TUMBLEIZQ OFFICERS: Judy Swan, Reporterg Rosalind Ramsey, Co-captaing Linda Spata, Manager Diane Ratterree, Secretaryg Carole Hughes, Treasurer, if . , ifi f .. ,,, S,,,..,,,,,.4,.,,V,,,V,,..,,,,,M,,W,m,,,A,,:,,,,,,.,,,1 ,. . t,,.. , , ,.., ,..,,., . .,.. H ..,, .,,...,,.,,., .t.,..i.,, . , .,,, i ff.ftM.:-twmtfiW1 -sf-Wff, -ww,-s ..s,--., ,.s,t.- W ,,,f 1.t,.1iWw,.M.,,,f,, -ff'. PW- -.tt,,. ,.,.-,sf..uM-wmfmm,:-H-aww, ffmzwz: 227 S rx , I Third Year Girls MQSRT Y' T' LS ifmxi? ,N 7523? , -2-Q ' . f fr i +223 , ' , i I - I X r g 3 r I i , i , M 1 ' . - f A .,.. 'R ,. , L A T K ,,.. f . .5 . . ..,, .. . ,, ,.,.. ,, ,. .... r , ,, ..,. , ,, ,, wi, ,,,. .. , ,, .,., . ,-ifziifzigiwiafeswzy vu' ' - K -- nag, r f- 5,1 .Q ,fr3g2-W kgi mg' f- 5 , KL,.L ' ,,.W . K r dw ,s ,S A 1 rrr.r X .rrrr iiii L ,rr, ...L - ,rrrr 'rr-" .. , ' Y ' ,- Second Y ear Girls VY' Q , sf, 1 A Q 7 957' ' L ., 1 e f , f -1 T -- "" T t ' if W K. 54+ ,?i1f,'2, ,, 1, , I -f ' M k A . ' ' ' ' , i I L ,,.,, Q 1 1 "" .1 , 7 U ,, - ' T - T ' , K ' ml A W , ,M ff: 2 f.g.,M,ff, V, -fmmflzi w fmisf 2 +2 N-:1 A .f-: I -'11 .flW.,.sW,I.w,Ww,L1,,,,1 A " 'ik M, V- -- V W WT 'L "'gg' ' ,,,,,,, w ,Y A ' --W f W f' ' "wa':fWfM11f15i WCW M i ww-131, A wg? ,,.,y f" 75? ,W if Fir f f 2 , 4 A 44 4 Wi!! 1' 4 . ,, .Ve q s ,Ei 3 s w X 2 1 f 3 ,-14 f 5 ff st Year Girls 5 k us nf 5 VOLLEYBALL CAPTAINS: B Team,' Beth Hardegreeg A Team, Pam York. COACH: Mrs, Lantaster. CO-CAPTAINS: A Team, Dana Kelieyg B Team, Brenda Stahr. A TEAM: Henrietta Smith, Stephanie Smith, Pam York, Betty Prater, Dana Kelley Sandy Johnston, Judy Reznicek, Debbie Evetts, Sandy Winters. B TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jan Green, 1111 Green, Linda Lewellan, Lucinda Lewellan, Kathy Crews. BACK ROW: Brenda Stahr, Cheryl Redwine, Tina Hendricks, Jan McCutcheon, Beth Hardegree, Paula Poboril. Commander of F Troop. What a spike! VZ' SPRING SPORTS BANQUEI' 'fivhwwwf Mr. Bobby Dlllon was Ioastmaster Guest speaker was Mr Gene Glbson Head Basketball Coach at Texas Tech VAN TAYLOR - Best All-Around SANDY WINTERS - Volleyball Athlete JAMES CHAFFIN Baseball PHIL HORTON Golf CAROL HUGHES Tumbling RONNIE DOUGHTY - Basketball ROGER EPPS - Tennis JA MES KREMPIN Track MYRNA JAMES Tennis Ac3T Sponsor: Mrs. Bee Pearce Adams, Jan Adams, Jerry Alsup, Sharon Althaus, James Bay, Sharon Beaty, Linda Berry, Nancy "'Bigham, Roy Bing, Pegqgy Black, C eryl Blevins, Phyllis Blight, Brenda Bostick, Linda "Boyd, Faith Bradley, Dee Brock, Terry Brothers, Karen Brown, Tommy "Browning, Calvalita Carter, Lynda Carter, Sheila Casey, Jeanice Cathey, Glen Chervenka, Rodney Chisholm, Debbie Cole, Carole Colacino, Frank "'Connally, Paula Corsentino, Diane Culp, Jane Davis, Kaye Dennis, Debbie Dickerson, Barbara Dyer, Rosanna Easley, Linda Edwards, Linda Eldredge, Kathy Elliott, Judy Elliott, Lynn Elliott, Paula Ellis, Debbie Ellison, Robert Ellison, Roger Faichtinger, Johnnie Flentge, Allen Frei, Linda Gandy, Nicky Garcia, Janice "Garcia, Suzanna Goolsby, Donna Gossett, Cindy Grant, Judy Greenfield, Paula "Grisham, Pat Harris, Angela Haas, Stanley Hand, Pat ' Hernandez, John Hill, Mary Ann Hobday, Debbie 'Ho ock, Dou Horggn, Linda g 234 Hovis, Carolyn Huckabee, Dwight Hughes, John Hughes, Shelley Hurta, Geraldine Irby, Craig Jezek, Barbara Jiminez, Larry Johnson, Wayne Jones, Martha "'Keil, Kathy Kelly, Dana Kelley, Michael Kent, Donna "Kornegay, Jayne Knight, G. W. Krumnow, Glenda Kubick, Marilyn Lane, Jerry Langsjoen, Heidi Lemmons, Jimmy Lewis, Debby Liles, Billy Lowry, Ben Lowry, Vickie McCelvey, Becky McConnell, Fraiser McEVer, Patricia McFarland, Charlotte McGee, Helen McKenzie, Glen McNeill, Janis McNeil, Rosa Lee Mahler, Rick Martinez, Esther Matush, Marilyn Miller, Kenda l Moore, J. R., Jr. "'Moreno, Virginia Myers, Cora Ann 'Neal, Mary "Newton, Teddy Pate, Leonard Patschke, Larry Pearce, Michael Pirtle, Jeannie Procter, Ralph Rea, Glenda Reid, Carolyn Robinson, Don Ross, Betty Schaefer, Sharon Schiller, Donna Schwertner, Cynthia Sefcik, Patsy "'Servantez, Rachel Sewell, Andrea Shehorn, Bobby "'Simecek, Dennis "'Sindt, Steve Smith, Penny Soho, Sara Stahr, Brenda Stavinoha, Kathy Stavinoha, Robbie "'Summers, Randall Tamez, Lupe Thomas, Joyce Tucker, Sandra Tuttle, Teresa Urubek, Carolyn Vasquez, Richard "Vaughan, Kathy Wade, Linda "Webb, Mary Wen, Shirley Wilds, Robert Wilhelm, Beth Willard, Lane Williams, Larry Wilson, Danny Wilson, Jim Wyche, Martha Yauk, Vicki Ybarra, Mary 'National Thespians, Troupe 1259 BAND Director: Mr. Durward Howard Alsup, Jim Babalonis, Wendy Barnes, George Bartek, Douglas Barrels, Ann Bay, Sharon Beimer, Bob Blevins, Ted Bradley, Carter Bragcg, Sandra Brin ley, Glenn Brock, Michael Browning, Adana Bushey, June Carroll, Ronald Carver, Donna Casey, Jeanice Cawthon, Lanny Childers, Verl Cobb, Steve Connally, Paula Cook, Steve Cox, Cary Cox, Dudley Creasey, Jimmy Criswell, Jeanie Darden, Kim Davis, Rex Dodgen, Randy Doehre, Thomas Dunbar, Carol Dunlap, Meri Easterwood, Peggy Eickenhorst, Ray Eickenhorst, Susan Elliott, Mark Elliott, Paul Ellis, Debbie Ellison, Robert Epps, Roger Faichtinger, Johnnie Ferrier, Jim Fitzhugh, Robert Fleetwood, Jimmy Floca, Frank Folks, Gary Foust, Charles Frits, Roy Galanffy, Adam Gandy, Nicky Garcia, Alex Garcia, Suzanna Garner, Joe Anne Goad, Kay ' Gossett, Cynthia Gottschalk, Ilene Graham, Bill Grayson, Nancy Grayson, Willard Grear, Billy Greenway, Don Grisham, Janice Hargett, Billy Harrison, Frank Harrison, Judy Hartley, Tom Hinds, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Hitchcock, Maurice Hobbs, Timothy Hobday, Debbie Holder, Gary Horton, William Hughes, Pam Hughes, Shelley Hughling, Nelda Hunt, Donna Irby, Craig Janak, Larry Janeway, Keith Jeanes, Phyllis Jergins, Annette Johnston, Sandra Jones, Robert Jones, Jackie Keenan, Ronnie Kerley, Royce Kohutek, Kenneth Krapes, Jack Lanford, Claire Lanford, Ray LaSoya, Roxie Lawhorn, Kent Lea, Scott Lenart, Bernie Lewellen, Barbara Lewellen, Lucinda Logsdon, Gary Logsdon, Jeanne Loudermilk, Janice Lundgren, Eloise Mahler, Rick Mahler, Tim Malsbary, Robert Manning, Mannette Martin, Olan McConnell, Fraiser McGill, Linda McKenzie, Glen McMillioan, Mike Millian, Darrell Miller, Kendall Moore, James Mullins, Bob Murehead, Mike Nieto, Johnny Oates, Oscar Olejnik, Betty Padilla, Rudolph Palla, Eugene Passons, Donna Peterson, Martin Philley, Andy Phillips, Sharon Ray, Mark Raymer, Mandi Redwine, Cheryl Redwine, John Reid, Carolyn Richardson, Judy Richardson, Mike Ritchie, James Roskey, Diann Rucker, Debra Sanders, Gary Sanders, Terry Sanders, Tommy Sanderson, Geneva Schiller, Cathy Schiller, David Sewell, Andrea Shehorn, Bobby Shillingburg, Don Simms, Marshall Sprinkle, Sherelyn Stamman, Elaine Stone, Susan Sunbury, Karen Thomas, Larry Thomas, Terry Thompson, John Thompson, Susan Thompson, Tawana Tucker, Sandra Villerosa, Tom Wade, Linda Wakefield, Lynn Walker, Don Wall, Ronald Warren, Linda Webb, Mary Wheat, Judy Wheeler, Douglas White, Raphael Williams, Jean Williams, Larry Wilson, Danny Winkler, Royce BIO -C HEM Sponsors: Mr, Bobby McDaniel, Mr. Ron Anderson Andrews, Jack Arledge, Mike Bentley, Jeff Boyd,.Faith Carter, Lynda Colacino, Frank Dees, Nell Dodgen, Randy Doul, Bruce Gassiot, Jim Haddix, Judy Harris, Angela Hastings, Glenn Havins, Barton Herrin , Ricki Hess, Earry Hester, Cherry Ivy, George Jarma, Dickie Larsen, Pernell Maas, Stephen Mesecke, Mike Nichalson, Tom Palmer, Kathy Pollak, Mark Pryor, Wilton Rucker, Debra Scanio, Richard Schaefer, Sharon Scott, Billy Sigut, David Simecek, Dennis Simpson, Bonnie Sprout, Debbie Swanzy, James Talley, Lee Vance, James. Weaver, Sharon CHOIR Sponsor: Miss Mary Frances Weedin Arnold, Ronald Bales, Elaine Bell, Mary Bigham, David Blight, Brenda Boyd, Sara Brindley, Joan Broussard, David Burtchell, Betty Burk, Barbara Cannon, Sharon Carmichael, Cathy Carter, Bettie Chapman, Connie Chestnut, Ira Clark, Doris Cosper, Jo Nell Crumpton, Cynthia Cryer, Cindy Davis, Dorthelia Davis, Elaine Davis, Lee Davis, Patricia Dennis, Debbie Dietz, Debbie Doss, Glenda Edwards, Linda Ellison, Jerry Fischer, Mary Forest, Vernon Folks, Nancy Frei, Janice Frei, Linda. Garcia, Alice Glover, Stephen Graves, Sharon Griffith, Douglas Harrington, Joy Harvey, Patricia Helbert, Jimmy Hernandez, Josie Herring, Michael Hill, Charlene Hilton, Donnie Holbert, Howard Horton, Susan Humphries, Tommy Joachim, Charlie Kaulfus, Marlene Keith, Kay Krumnow, Glenda Labaj, Jeannette Lemmons, Jimmy Loggins, Sue Jane Mackey, Beth Madrigal, Cindy Madrigal, Rene Marshall, Dan McEver, Patricia Mills, Janice Mizelle, Suzanette Motl, Linda Mullan, Cynthia Neal, Mary Peterson, Wanda Pirtle, Jeanie Pool, Carol Ann Potter, Lois Poulan, Tommy Raby, Wanda Reed, Anita Reyes, Mary Rivera, Lucy Rowe, Patricia Scully, Jean Searcy, Charles Siler, Stan Silva, Stella Smith, Barbara Smith, Carol Smith, Penny Stevenson, Gus Tippit, Judy Trout, Lynn Tucker, Bonnie Vanferson, Wanda Wall, Sharon White, Marian Williams, Mary Winkler, Bernice Wooley, Lynn Yauk, Vic i DEBATE CLUB Sponsor: Mrs, Bee Pearce Bigham, Roy Brothers, Karen Kopriva, Mike Wilds, Robert Wyche, Martha DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Sponsor: Mr. Wayne Thompson Adams, Glayton Anderson, Frank Baldridge, Sylvia Burkes, Donald Canipe, Terry Chism, Edward Davis, Mickey Davis, Sandra Dye, Homer Elliott, Sherry Ellison, Bryce Flores, Robert Fournier, James Garner, Gary Gassiot, Don Gilley, Richard Goforth, Preston Gunn, Rob Hilliard, Nelda Jarma, Dickie Knowles, Yvonne Mesecke, Jamie Petuch, James Rowe, Kenny Shelton, Terry Simonton, Terry Smith, Paul Solis, Tino Solis, Tony Stalmach, Jerry Stanford, Judy Talasek, Jerry Truelove, Joe Wilds, Robert COTTON BLOSSOM S onsors: Miss lxiargaret Chapman, Mrs. Gretta Owens Andrews, Charley Apeary, Kay Bartels, Ann Bartek, Kay Bartosh, Linda Benjamin, Diane Berry, Geneva Black, Cheryl Blevins, Phyllis Blight, Brenda Bodenheimer, Linda Bostick, Linda Brindley, Joan Brock, Terry Broughton, Jim Ann Bushey, June Casey, Mary Ann Chambers, Suzann Cook, Julie Davis, Ka e Edwards, Einda Ellison, Jerry Farris, Sue Ferrara, Debbie Gottschalk, Ilene Haas, Stanley Hand, Pat Harper, Jan Harrison, Dianne Havins, Barton Hawkins, Kathleen Hill, Mary Ann Hill, Sheryl Horton, Linda Horton, Susan Hughes, John Ibarra, Beth James, Myrna Jones, Martha Keil, Kathy Keith, Kay Kelly, Dana Ketterman, Judy Kunkel, Ann Labaj, Jeannette Lambright, Mar Jo Langsjoen, Heidbi Lemmons, Jimmy 'McCelvey, Becky McEv,er, Roberta McGee, Helen McGill, Linda Martin, Cindy Mullan, Cynthia Navratil, Jo Ann Neal, Mary Pagel, Delores Perry, Jan Pirtle, Jeanic Pitts, Gaye Ramsey, Rosalind Ratterree, Diane Ray, Mary Lee Rea, Debbie Reedy, Linda Rickard, Janis Sellers, Sarah Sefcik, Pat? 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B. 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Regardless of how often or how rapidly the outside temperature may change, the flameless electric heat pump automatically keeps the inside temperature at the comfort-level you select. The heat pump provides fresh, draft-tree air, the year 'round . . . pleasant warmth in the winter, delightful coolness in the summer. aragwaqwmomam . . . we it." TEXAS POWER Sn LIGHT COMPANY a lax-paying, lnvufor-owned electric utility . Compliments of C O mpl 1 m e nf S of ' " ' ' 1 '2':""'1'-' :If 1 8 0 Z S o uth Fi r s t S t . i v lz' .::,l'A .:::' .L T e mpl e 1 North Main Temple Easfovica Jewefers Radio and TV Sales and Service 103 East Central PR ALFRED E. LASTOVICA, I If s 3-5772 Owner Compliments of LAVENDUSKY'S CROCERY 701 South 8th Compliments of SANTA FE CAFE Lunches are our Specialty PR 8-9777 118 So. 5th St. CY'S DRIVE IN Hamburgers and Home Cooked Pies TEMPLE FLORAL Where Satisfaction ls Guaranteed BEA AND JESSE OWENS PR 8-1304 4 EX Compliments of SCOTT AND WHITE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL and SCOTT AND WHITE CLINIC I THAT MAEANS THE ULTIMATE IN CLASS RINGS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, DIPLOMAS, CLUB PINS, MEDALS, AND TROPHIES JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSM EN T . JONES CEN-TEX SPORTS CENTER 0 817 PR 3-46110 213 East Adams Jwitionaf Dry Cleaning of Distinction Dial PROspeCt 3-3045 102 South Fifth Street SIOUX BEE HONEY SO GOOD . . . SO MANY WAYS I-Iome of the Wor1d's Greatest Hamburgers 57th and General. Bruce Hlmsuncens' Df- HOUSE OF BEAUTY 111 North 5th Always First in Fashions BERNICE'S CAFETERIA and Catering Service 2.0 South 5th PR 8-9896 Compliments of EAKES GULF SERVICE South lst and Ave. G. BARTEK TELEVISION Radio T V Hi-Fi Phone PR 8-4111 PR 8-975-1 2314 West Avenue M Temple, Texas Gifts and Decorating H-B PAINT CO. THE i 311 East Centra BROWN nuvr 1' T 1 T HCUSE ,J emP ef. was 110 North Main PRospect 3-5381 ARTCO-BELL CORPORATION TEMPLE, TEXAS Educational Equipment for Church and School Designs for Growing Minds 2 W , U CY Congratulations Levi's and Young Men's Wear Headquarters Youngstown Shopping Center Ben Long, Mgr. Temple PR 8-4301 R. M. WHEAT, Mgr. BEIMER'S JEWELRY BEN FRANKLIN STORE Also . . China, Crystal, and Sterling Wltlggiigiyii Frgearliglgklng 11 W. Ave. A. PR 8-2314 e- PR 8-9803 PROSpeCt 27th and YOUNTS' STANDARD 3-5351 W. Adams SERVICE STATION OFFICE MACHINES COMPANY 317 West Adams I-Iulen C. Ford, Owner "Write Right With Royal" Q ,,,,, A, A 'N -5 gq-wifi? i IWWTlE'iilliliflwifiifmii 55eminemeqgissssssszesu'ggas2.32:1neesnalfasssesssiililis'u1:gm iii if m'5s"""" -- in Salflngs 5 if fe if Z? if ff 'mmmsgin LOHHS -Q as aft " 'L'-ff as 11 .,:,FSW'i"'-' FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LCSQANIASSQCIATION Bell County's Largest Financial Institution Temple, Texas RAMONA BEAUTY SHOP Compliments gf DOLIE LEACH, Owner 410 West Avenue G PR 3-2758 TEMPLE COVER CO. I Compliments of Slfllll 516 East Adams PR 8-3369 Qlri1"- ttfqaiigziglg by KYLE km: I 1 Maid M 1 y Us HOTEL ff ? KUYKENDALL MOTOR I 'E L COMPANY Temple's Civic Center Famous for Fine Foods ' C1 b'1 Cadluac O1 Smo 1 G LEE SLAUGHTER, Manager Compliments of TEMPLE HARDWARE COMPANY "You Will Like Our Service" 16 East Central -11 ffl-,g,E Fq I ::: 'I I l 1 M1 I I' 1 7 '-'S X- ln' Q' i ' - -ft9f3'?4?"' E K ' 4514215 ii '34 ,LA ll' I flmimg seals-E I Ha VI :I It at gg I 4 if I . I Um gf 33,55 Rm -4 'Z f . Quia! ','- H' 3 A ' S - 1 E 5515- 14 LL i'fffff P M 1 :Z' 1 .5-g'e.Q :H L 3 fi ,-t.-it-1 ..,, 1: E E F ' . I I I Q - . A . . l-L,l... V,-,tv hzl :H .F 7 2 l5q5,q1'f,.X1gQ.'.gifsltgm-L , lu: V 1. '--'M J 1 11 A- N --5-7-egg-jeifeffvw - dy? CLINIC AND HOSPlT TEMPLE, TEXAS " L TEMPLE NATIONAL Q Temple, To In Wildcat Country, xas Member F D I C the favorite meeting placer for dollars and scholars! GOLDMAN ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR SHOP Complete Motor Rewinding and Rebuilding 501 East Adams Temple, Texas Raymond Goldman PRospect 8-2626 WRIGI-IT'S FOOD STORE 117 West French Phone PR 3-4524 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES all SERVICE 1401 South First 1 A I' 104 South Main D. L. RUSSELL VIRGINIA RUSSELL Compliments of TEMPLE GRANITE WORKS F. S. WALKER F. N. WALKER 310 south Main PR 3-5220 THE SAMPLER ,- :LI-W Eg 501 W. Ave. G 2 ' L -- I PR 2-5152 513 3.pT.::Tg j25.j.g-3 Anna' T Restaiifaizf-5's Since 189 5, Graduates and Their Parents Have Been Saying: - - Get It -From GRESHAM'S Office Supplies Office Furniture Printing At 6th on Adams Dial PR 8-1313 CHAMBERS FOOD MARKET Your Friendly South Side RED AND WHITE STORE 1103 South First Street Temple, Texas PR 3-5236 We Give S 81 H Green Stamps nugoholg ' 11 South Znd St. Temple 8: Belton VE-LM ML DRUGS China by Wedgwood, Lenox, and Royal Doulton Silver by Wallace and Gorham - Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics 108 South Main Temple, Texas PR 3-2195 .Jfarjs Eeauiy Salon BEN CUBA GROCERY vouR INVITATION TO BEAUTY HOSPIAL SERVICE CALLS 620 So, Main PONDEROSA MOTOR INN Temple, Texas 2625 South 31st PR 8-5511 - Ext. 213 Cut prices Temple, Texas PR 3-4911 "Save With Dave' 45th and Avenue M pass-eff Temple Texas L J DAVE'S ' ' Phone PR 8-'7546 CARL CUTI-lRIE'S BARGAIN CENTER GARAGE 5 South Second "Complete Automotive Repairs" Typewriters - Adding Machines - Cash Registers IO!-lNNIE'S OFFICE MACHINE COL THE Sales - Service - Rentals CHUC-WACUN 17 South 2nd pR 3-7608 1018 South lst - Temple Temple, Texas "SUPPORTING THE WILDCATS ALL THE WAY" Broadcasting all Temple High School Activities, through the co-operation of the Ambassador Club. RADIO TEMPLE O Good Listening in Central Texas Since 1936 1000 Watts Day Affiliated with the 250 Watts Night Mutual Broadcasting Non-directional System CONCRATU LATIONS, SENIORS '6 7 HOOVER BROTHERS INCORPORATED Congratulations, Seniors '67 I 108 North Main Ph. 3-3141 INDUSTRIAL REPAIRING COMMERCIAL REWIRINC RESIDENTIAL RELIC1 I-ITINC ELECTRIC WIRING FOR AIR CCNDITIONERS AND STOVES 1205 West Adams Avenue Phone PR 8-1377 Temple, Texas so 11 - ff:-f Ai! I if 1 4' I 11535 2 X +EQf .D'AiM'wk9gIiQ oqoe I 1 gk? if "4 0 7177771773 3I7I II,' In ww:ffSff'ffif2ffs:f. 1 1 ff ' ae'f gf nf- I A 'I i . I mi5+3M'gwgwwwsf,-:ffm I2f-'. f?Wl57mwf1MI swim? HARPER-TALASEK FUNERAL HOME Phone PR 3-4166 D. E. Hughes HUGHES BARBER AND BEAUTY SUPPLY 1008 East Adams Temple, Texas CHEEVES BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE 14 East Ave. A PR 3-2317 DAVE COLL1ER'S ELECTRIC CO. Phone PRospect 3-5590 P. O. Box 3681 1808 West Ave M Temple, Texas Compliments of STEFKA'S AFFILIATED FOOD STORE 720 N. Katy PR 3-3015 There's n "one and only in refreshment, too f J! V BOTTLED uuoen Aumomv or THE cocA.coLA COMPANY uv TEMPLE COCA'COLA BOTTLING COMPANY WA RB Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY CLAY'S RENTALS "WE RENT MOST EVERYTHING" Authorized Parts and Service for KIRBY AND AIR-WAY VACUUM CLEANERS We Service All Makes and Models Phone PR B-3131 810 West AW- M Temple, Texas CD CLOTHES FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN LADIES' SPORTSWEAR TOO! Best Wishes From J. M. DYER CO. Temple's Leading Department Store U.S.REG, ' DIAL No. vze-r PR 3-451: SOLLTHSIDE DRUGS CORNER sm a. AvE. s - TEMPLE, TEXAS We feature the latest in mens hair cutting including the new Roffler, Sculptur or Razor kuts. PR 8-9848 HOLDER'S BARBER SHOP 1705 W. Ave. M 7 Phone PR 3-2954 .I 81 B Appliance 81 Furniture Co. L. S' JAMES JEWELER 25 Years Continuous Service Local Santa Fe Watch Inspector 12 East Temple, Bl'-l BEX'-FY Central Texas RSLi?.eL.fp'Qa2?E5Q9 3:12njjf',jg,S KORNEGAY SCHOOL Nursery School - Kindergarten - First Grade 1302 S. 27th Street Phone: PR 3-6535 Temple, Texas FARMERS FEED Sc SEED COMPANY f -1 ' 'E N Vet. Supplies - Farm Supplies - Fertilizer--H Temple ' Texas QQ .j "You'11Be Way Ahead when Jack R. Morris and . - ' ' Thetfe Tm Fed hs Danny J. Vojtas PR 3-2387 300 S' in t 1712 North General P, O. BOX 888 COMPLIMENTS OF Bruce Dr. 3 Phone PRospect 3-6803 a,,,,,,,,,,4 Temple, Texas 76501 lllnlllf PIWIKU 2.2.3 ',:f.f,f f:..,.,k CM.-1. n......11 E94 came Zalefz and ampcwq THE PIZZA HUT 2413 West Aye. M Temple, Texas PR 3-5321 POWELL AND GUTHRIE REAL ESTATE JOE N. GUTHRIE OT15 POWELL WE 9-5237 WE 9-5016 1 STA1-IR gl GREGORY Roofing and Sheet Metal Company 2421 West Adams Temple, Texas Office: PR 3-5491 Jerry Gregory Nite: PR 8-8022 BERRY gl SON L. H. AUTO SALES RAY STALLINGS MOTOR COMPANY South Ninth- and Avenue G 65 -PALACE 414 West Adams PR 8-9053 BLEVINS LUMBER CO. 2020 East Adams Avenue Temple, Texas PRospect 3-3333 H. H. BLEVINS J. P. BLEVINS BEACH MOTORS Lincoln-Mercury-Comet 311 East Ave. A Temple, Texas Phone PR 3-3433 ABC CLEANERS Free Pick-Up and Delivery James Lewis, Jr. PR 8-9836 518 E. Ave. Temple, Texas "We give S 81 H Green Stamps" A PAYMASTER OIL MILL CO Temple, Texas CHICK" WALKER, District Mgr 507 South 14th IOM 9 ,K '10 W-asa.. 'N ,ul O ...W X- 5 vu S,5,,,..I 3 Q 402 North Main Telephone PR 8-2751 Your Insured Savings Working Around the Clock FRIENDLY PONTIAC-GMC, INC. G C -rnucxs , 18 S. 3rd Street Phone PR 3-6891 I, Temple, Texas BouLEvARD A GLASS M co. I I 3010 General Bruce Drive Temple, Texas PRospect 8-7173 WALTER ADAMEK COMPLIMENTS OF MONCRIEF-LENOIR MANUFACTURING COMPANY Metals Service Center Sheet Metals - Wire Products - Roofings P. O. Box 707 Temple, Texas, 76501 Compliments of Compliments of BOYS-GIRLS SI-IOP CI-IARCOAL DRIVE INN 1219 South 31 10 East Adams Temple, Texas LIGHTNER'S Ladies Ready to Wear Welcome to Our "Teen Trap" 1400 W. Adams Phone PR 3-5551 Temple, Texas Quality Phone PR 3-2129 Service BRUCE CAMPBELL 81 SCN LUMBER CO. "Everything for the Builder" 21 South 4th Temple, Texas FARM EQUIPMENT SERVICE J . I. Ca s e and HOUC1HTON'S PAINT STORE Ma S sey-Ferguson Dealer 109 South lst Across from PR 3-6848 McCloskey Hospital Temple, Texas - 76502 u 1 I , -.,, ' ' fi" ' K' i 7 ,,,., .. . ' , . F C T q 1' N fl' T f i MM -,aww as1-ef-gfffffl"'Wf'fff""'AMl'' A . ' V . ., T, - ,. . ,gf 1- 'wg '- '- - 'ff?""': A - , -s I ' 2' , , I I KS! ,141 x et. . --.- . I 'rv -. -,-4-fl -.f-- H .w 1'-,f.fi Y- .,V, 1-m f ., . -A ' if A ' 'fi - Ax ' 'm m kk A Jw, V 1 - rwsgvefgwg A fi'-V K . ., I p I MW M., V,,k miwmqk Make Texas National Bank of Temple Your Bank THE BANK WHERE SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE of Temple C ompliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 102 E. Central Temple, Texas Compliments of AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY J. W. PERRY Office Supplies Textbooks School Supplies Compliments of CHUPIK C D R P O R ATI D N "QUALITY MILLWORK SINCE 1929" CHAMBERS-HALLFORD MOTORS General Automobile Repairs IClimatic Air Auto Air-Conditionersl PR 8-1415 4 South 3rd Street Temple, Texas CENTRAL MUSIC COMPANY 113 South First Street Temple, Texas Compliments of BIG 3 AUTO SUPPLY STAR BARBER SHOP Fritz Goldman - Owner 9 West Central PR 8-9961 Telephone PR 8-4211 Compliments of VETERAN'S CAFE Coin-Operated Amusement 108 S' lst Equipment Phonograph Leasing M 9 LADIES 4 sour:-4 MAIN STREETI SPORTSWEAR TEMPLE, TEXAS "Always With You In Mind" 258 RALPH WILSON PLASTICS CQMPANY :QM Jlif CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS OF '67! If you would have tomorrow rich in achievement, follow this ad- vice of Christ: "Knock, and the door will open to you. For it.is always the one who asks, who receivesg and the one who searches, who findsg and the one who knocks, to whom the door opens. " Students Today: Successes Tomorrow TEMPLE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE 514 North 3rd PR 8-3668- p WE ARE HAPPY I TO HAVE 11 1 rwzf- f- ,WML pp f- SUPPLIED TI-IE LTTE' . Q I I FENCE AT THE I I ' l Im 1111 'W 'A - .. V A 1 f- A ,M c,,.,.,,f El U.f,,! a I T HI GH .S C HOO L -2-H - - .. , V, A ",e .azA?: " 'i'?-P: MM"R ,a.- .1 -v w tf' " . rf ' P41 4 ' 'IW' ff .f-m,..,..,..l .... - ,,,,,i . A rw.-,. , ,,,. . YYV,. X . .ew M- 4 . . i,,,: ,:,, , E ,M.. 4. AAHE Qs? 2' CEN-TEX CHAIN LINK FENCE CO. For Free Estimates Call WALTER PAYSSE, Owner .IOI-INNIE PAYSSE, Assistant Manager 103 General Bruce Drive Phone 8-7019 DAN STEAKLEY CHEVROLET CO., INC. "Best'Dea1s In Texas" Temple, Texas PR S-4285 ROSE SHOE as BOOT SHOP DUNLOP TIRE SERVICE Exggiftggfelfsgair Temple, Texas Western Boots Made to Order PR 3-3114 603 South First fslililcis Std Rldmg ggblglilglsfs Congratulations, Seniors '67 HOME FURNITURE COMPANY MRS. W. C. BREDTHAUER, Owner 106 North Main, Temple PR 3-6838 Compliments of KINCS'S BARBER AND . . BEAUTY SHOP Congratulatlons Semors '67 713 'South 25th Street DAN I E L' S MEN'S WEAR EIGHT SOUTH MAIN Compliments 1EMPLE. TEXAS of PR 3-5866 VERA LEE's 301 N. 3rd PR. 3-62.00 'Fl NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT' INSURANCE CORPORATION U S. GOVERNMENT GENERAL DEPOSITARY Temple, Texas 2911 South General Bruce Dr. DISCOUNT CENTER Temple, Texas 76501 .F-ff xi H U E, x", . -NRI!! I pyk- Q S, 'X 0 'X QC A . X A WHERE YOU ALWAYS , api HOME OFFICE ' ' MANUFACTURING BUY THE BEST Eos LESS SEAGOVME TEXAS HAWKINS GROCERY 8: MARKET C omplime nts of PERFEC TO C LEANERS 15 5th Street and Ave. M 4702 O7 N. 3rd -- PR 3-5490 So. Main -- PR 3-2977 BAUGH'S INCORPCRATED Moccasins and Casuals M Compliments of Compliments of KIM'S DRIVE-IN A FRIEND 2801 General Bruce Com 1. INSURANCE p lments of Consider the I V , , DEQNK P ' , I -5- 1 , I 1 F- 1 0 ' V 'A' I, I-i- - ffl Pi,- 4 2 mtl S I UENJUYUFE A 1 Miz! DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Temple, Texas 8 E- B Personal Service of BUSTER BROWN INSURANCE arton PR 3-6846 FAMILY FINANCE LOANS, INC Specializing in Personal Loans p Friendly, Courteous, Service Ladies, Dress 107 North 3-rd PR 8-5241 Sportswear Shoes MEIQLE NOQIVIAN cosms-rucs I-LOQNSBVS FUNEQAL HQME Courtesy Demonstration 2IJ'l SUUTH BTH STREET TEL. PR. 3-3325 TEMPLE, TEXAS 765131 pR 8,1722 HAZEL. NIOLJNCE. OWNER TEMPLE, TEXAS 1305 W. ADAMS PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY 518 North Fifth Temple, Texas Phone PR 3-6949 Where Pharmacy Is a Profession H Q6 U, S, Navy Recruiting Station Compliments of f .N 1 19 West Avenue A 5 5 G- A- Bendufe Phone CITY LUMBER co BRC USN PR 8-1231 ' 1 0' RECRUI ..--' TIN G SERVICE AMERICAN DESK MANUFACTURING COMPANY Temple , Texas Compliments of BLUEBONNET CAFE 705 south 25th street Compliments of WEST SIDE DRUG TEMPLE BEAUTY COLLEGE South 31st Street 305 West Thompson PR 8-2141 Photography by BRADY Temple, Texas PAUL BOYD FORD INC. 503 North General Bruce Drive SALES SERVICE PARTS Tele-phone Tefnple, TeXaS Compliments of CASTILLO'S BARBER SHOP Greyhound Bus Station COOK'S BARBER 8: BEAUTY zo south 5th SHOPS Compliments of DANIEL BUICK COMPANY "When better automobiles are built Buick will build them" Authorized Buick--Opel Sales and Service 206 E. Adams Phone PR 3-4548 Temple, Texas CONTINENTAL MOTOR I-IOTEL Congratulations Srs. '67 and BEN FOYT SERVICE STATION RESTAURANT 405 South First Intersection of 15th Street Temple, Texas I-35 S. I-I. Green Stamps PR 8-3621 Mechanic and Body Shop COMPLIMENTS OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON RESTAURANT FISCHER CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Phone PRospect 3-2139 315 North Third Street Temple, Texas WALTER H. FISCHER, D. C. ALVTN M. FISCHER, D. C. Compliments of ELROY DARDEN "Your Friendly Barber" COOK'S BARBER SHOP DAIRY GRILL Q fl DINING ROOM I t and COFFEE sHoP Hmm SIMM 5460449 5120 SOUTH GENERAL BRUCE DRIVE - . Open 6 a. m. till El meal conmcfin Of Au xmas 10 p. m. Lfght Fixtures ancIApp1iances Bus. Phone PR 3-zosi ol EMR' Res. Phone PR s-zovs TEMPLE, TEXAS: Compliments of DIETZ 81 DILLARD QPTICAL CQ. T. I. WHITLEY USED CARS Ponderosa Motel Bldg. 2625 South 31st Temple 515 West Adams TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE Serving Central Texas Youth in Education Service Since 1926 Fully Recognized and Accredited by SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS and The College Where YOU Should Begin Your Higher Education Write the registrar for additional information DAIRY QUEEN Air Conditioned Dining Rooms" MALTS - SUNDAES Chicken Basket - Hamburgers Barbecue Sandwiches - Shrimp Basket Chili Dogs - French Fries Root Beer - Soft Drinks Corn Dogs - Cheeseburgers Call ahead - your order will be ready on arrival Compliments of TRIANGLE DRIVE INN COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLE MEDICAL CLINIC 317 North 2nd DOWNTOWN 7th and Adams PR 3-6021 Compliments of SOUTHSIDE SUNNY'S BAIT HOUSE 33rd and Av. M PR 3-4191 Belton Lake, Texas HAWN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT "Temple's Busiest Hotel" Complete Banquet Facilities Home of Most School Proms Phone 3 - 5246 Temple, Texas Compliments of UNCLE LEE'S TOY WORLD I I WHEELER LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of GILLMEISTER ROOFING CO. GUESS' BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service Mrs. Ted Guess, Experienced Hair Stylist PR 8-8152 115 N. 23rd FARMERS MUTUAL -PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION oF TESCAS Fire - Extended Coverage and Theft Insurance - Farm and City Home Office -------- Incorporated 1901 ---- ,TERRY E. VALCHAR 20 So. 4th St. Office: PR 3-2181 President P. O. Box 426 RVOS DENNIS BARTEK, Sec Temple, Texas 76501 GEO, HUBIK, T1-egg SIRLOIN ROOM of the JEAN MOTEL Serving buffet lunch--11:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. Try our Friday night sea-food buffet from 5:00-9:00 p. m. Compliments of SWIM PARK MINIATURE COLF Barton French, Sr., Manager Compliments of HAPPY SMITH TERRELL GRANITE WoRKs MUTUAL OF OMAHA WM, TALASEK AGENCY PR 3-3835 Temple, Texas Compliments of TEMPLE TAC COMPANY Temple, Texas WACO MUSIC CENTER "Your Most Complete Music Store" Records - Sheet Music - Instruments - Lessons 3021 Youngston Center Temple, Texas 8-3941 DOYLE PHILLIPS' RESTAURANT 4401 General Bruce Drive Serving the finest food in Temple TEMPLE PHOTO 2008 West Avenue M Phone PR 8-3901 Temple, Texas QUALITY CLEANERS 511 West Avenue M SAWYER ENGINEERING COMAPNY RICHARDS INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE SHIRLEY RICHARDS GLENN RICHARDS For All Your Insurance Needs 503 W. Avenue C Phone PR 8-1607 Temple, Texas Compliments of G J. M. Woon MANUFACTURING co. Comphments of DIVISION OF CENESCO STOKES' EQUIPMENT Conjplifnentg of TE co RATS TEXACO No. 1 316 s. First 100 East Adams PR 3-4599 No. Z' 508 W. Adams PEACOCK BEAUTY SALON Always First in Fashion 2.02 East Barton Ave. Temple, Texas PR 3-3205 Compliments of FREYTAC FEED AND SEED Compliments of CEN-TEX READY-MIX CONCRETE COMPANY AND BELTON SAND 84 GRAVEL COMPANY Temple- - Belton LA FIESTA RESTAURANT Famous Mexican Foods Z V Since 1932 YCJUNGETDWN SHOPPING CENTER 514 West Adams PR 8-9705 TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 4 A R, A Compliments of WESTERN REPUBLIC LIFE INS. co. 5- , :T Hospital Surgical Insurance - Life Insurance - Disability 1 XA Income - Educational Plans - Retirement Income ss C U V' 1305 W. Adams BILL PUETT, JR. Temple Compliments of McLANE CO. INC. Temple, Texas PECHAL CABINET SHOP 2018 East Adams Particular people prefer Pechal Products. KUNKEIJS BLIND and DRAPERY SHOP Upholstery - Drapery - Blinds 14 North 10th Phone PR 8-2821 Temple, Texas Compliments of MUSTANG CORRAL FLETCHER FOODS Compliments of ENTERPRISES MAREK DRUGS Temco Feed Mills and Associated Companies YOUR INTERSTATE THEATERS of Temple Since 1907 ARCADIA---TEXAS Tillman Bond, Manager Best Wishes From 9 WEN EJLAND S FARM PRODUCTS, INC. ---- O 1. M- FURNITURE 1404 West Adams PHONE PRospe:c'r 3-3217 TEMPL E, TEXAS 76501 Compliments of A FRIEND HASTINGS RADIO and T. V. SERVICE 1119 North Seventh 9ClClQiQ99 Fashions for the Young Temple, Texas Mrs. Jackie Bethune Texas 76501 Phone PR 3-2439 Youngstown Shopping Center MESSER PLUMBING COMPANY 10 East Barton Temple, Texas TEMPLE'S LARGEST EXCLUSIVE gl PRESCRIPTION STORE Everything in cosmetics 419 West Adams PR 3-3365 STEWART'S A y Paint Wallpaper Glass Art Supplies Linoleum 109 No. Third Temple - PR 8-7640 RESTAURANT Compliments of Compliments of . U I "" T ' 'Nd SCANIO AND SON Wholesale Fruits 'i fn?-E521 VALUES ALWAYS!V and Vegetables OUTFITTERS TO MEN gl TEEN MEN Supreme Lodge of the Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas IS. P. J. S. T.l Temple, Texas M V, ,E I 4 L 02-1? -351, - -T J' ww f V fwyf -L.,,.N,,,wM Q "K" x mf: 'I V - Qffls .gf ' 11 I' U7 Q ,L I ik WV 1 W7 It 4 1 W A I .Q 445 ii Legal Reserve Fraternal f ' -nXy. ' ' Q - I I Insurance Protection for ,Eg A11 Members of the Family f f ,.L'- W 1' f V: , - For A11 Purposes frlrrr ii f .1 we . mmf. Wg .W Adult and J uvenile Departments gy Mortgage Loan Department 5 " 9, 452 I VT A 55 e l ITT M74 M, I 3 g i tl l' M :u.ggi.WLgW,t..,giE.,.e3L..,gzg Or ga n1z ed J uly 1 , 18 9 7 L -AVV I ,M ..,,,c........, r,A. MMEE.. if I ' .. In VANIS TEXACO LADYBIRD'S FLOWERS First and Ave G 217 N. 3rd St. PR 8-3601 Temple, Texas We Give S811-1 Green Stamps NATIONAL BUILDING CENTERS, INC. Inter Regional Lumber Yard Materials, Supplies and Service for the Field of Building and Construction ROBERT L, GREEN Teiephone PR 3-21197 and Local PR 3-2198 Manager Temple, Texas - 76501 P,O, Box 1109 - l 1 I EMIL A. JUNEK JUNEK ENCO STATION Compliments of 703 South lst St. TEMPLE COTTONS THE WATCH SHOP Albert Pagel 1200 E. Adams Avenue PR 3-5984 Temple, Texas Sandra Davis Carl Schilling "Hot ,4 Shot" Rodriguez L. t ui? 4 -'Y 1 I.. ,- : f' Tw bt-I I ' ' f , wir : f' 11, ' :EL-fjfii fl , j' 2 fi , 1 Clem Mikeska Bob Michna CLEM MIKESKA'S BAR-B-Q Catering Service "Our Customers Say It's Texas' Finest Bar-B-Q" Ave. M and 57th PR 8-5481 Mary Zajicek Congratulations, Seniors '67 ,. 2 Lo cations It Ma' Plant ij up ON E - Ho U R ZGHUHX WF . ,Q fllllllwfizi. 3 1 St at Ave . M f ' gfewedzf 2710046 Emergency Ambulance--Oxygen Equipped 14 West Barton Avenue Continuous Service Since 1911 PR 3-4567 Temple, Texas Compliments of MR. 81 MRS. HAL ELLIOT 1204 Industrial Blvd. Temple, Texas CONGRATULATIONS, 1967 SENIORS BILL HARRISON ACUON REAL Twelve South Sixth Temple, Texas :Nassau Lumen co. ! s North rhmmm 2 cHAm.la WALKER n"P"' 3-2609 g IANAIII TEMPlE, TEXAS ! Compliments of DISC SHOP 5 West Avenue A A Complete Line of Wiiw m, ,e e .K p i p leb x Qbe. 1 eQmA Phonograph Records GREYHOUND BUS STATION MR. AND MRS. W. B. TEMPLE KOPRIVA'S CABINET SHOP 616 1X2 E. Central ' PR 3-4461 Temple, Texas Custom Built Cabinets and Cvrner L and 55th Q PR 8-433' Store Fixtures Z E , Main at Central Temple KTON - Awogswlcwg JOHNNIE'S CLEANING 81 TAILORING "Skill gl Care Beyond Compare" 116 South Main CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY SUPPORT YOUR Petroleum Products ADVERTISERS! and Fertlllzer . . . and so with this yearbook, the record of its history, the class of 1967 leaves only a memory at TI-IS. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" K . 1 jp., , , , , 1 1 A u vm 1 Q s s x W s 4 n f nf. q Q n 1 -Q M s u . 1- n -L A 1 l A s 1' ve 4 uk a n 1 1. s- 4., . 1. A n 4 Q Q, 'K f f 4 kiwff 1 ' "-Q M ww? ' a6X fQ"' ' .. w, .4w:lm.w,,,. A M , 1 sf, fu , -V ,Q S 1 MA, -U WA. EN! 1 Q 1 ' I 3 ,x,.ay,,. ha 1 3' f UR Q 1 A H-gililirnkf-Xiil' if I F'lli'1'Rf. 'llf' -S A ug ,N-f ., Lu . 5 g QV he-3 ,A Wiri- V K ' KK f W N ,X , .f-p up . L. f N "WF ww ,www 1 W. ' ' f -v mm wg, ,M , f ' J" F57 -ww -M, fm ,. w F' fi K H 'A ' W' 'Jim VFR! fra mm -"HS mg X , fx l L - 1 .. 'W 'N V ,, 1 X 'W V 'ff W wr W ' .iif -if:4iffi,1 tw L --.'1,,,,,,,K,? . , , 1 , W V wwf. N ,...--,-.- 4 x E ww ,qw A- ,, 7 , K H V M-.W .,.mm"1wmmlw2'imK , W,.fMMgrAmw M Ag -- . in ' . -, b .. -1,: -,,, Q n 'Lf .ff-A ,,,,,. 3 'ifkf ,H M b- , , , ,A W1 -I f.-min: -Q .' 'A v ,jf: A :f,1 --'Nw-2. V T ,f t Q. W-mam. - f '. 1- '-4 4' -f"5?. X 'KN - .. W. .f?'52r.4 sfwiif g- 1 . P i rx.. M . ff, .O E if 4 i A a . w x.- 11 , Q . TM4! 1- QS. ' Q 'Z Hr' .yi . , . , ,, .'n"','f.Q MA, , Jn ,, , ' f, i , . ax 4 . aah. X, .

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