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 - Class of 1958

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'Zi ...gf r A ,f l nwyiyw Q N139 1 - v WN 75,,f 1,404,114 I ,L , W if .+fZcn.c4J7-JRY A an If J U 1 ,MWM ,. w y LM WMLV ,Q NX , R Iv! N3 ,f ' fb ,,, il nu K fr xx ff fb w M SGW fl gs I kf1l1 ,J W x I i'Wl?' 'mm R fl ' 6 Xi, f- 1.1 lx i '- 1 ' Wm xiii-fL1e .11 M11 f,.gf,.11 , . ,I N ,W WW . l 1, 1 . i. ,, , H ,.1,. 1 , , SQ 1 11 1 M11. 1 X UW111 Q U 5 Y pw 1 1 1 '. . ,," 1 1 .,,f -. , .111 V . , 1 .1.- 1 14' - ,. '11 .1 .Q-.LI ,..,. ,111 Qin., , A -. 1 1111, .L MQ-37 1 1- 111'V11-'11'.-A up 5' ' . , . 1 1 11 1 "1 1 5ji1"" .-KW2191 W.. L . . .. ,L ..,. , 1-5.19-1.1.1111 - 1 , ',3VN1.7g'f-:ii '. 1 11- 1, ,, .1 Q 1 !'.1fL??11F ' WH? .:.: 1 ',,11k'1' N 1 11' 1 ft' ' 1 v 11 'WM fx .1 111 1, J 'h ' ,A Y 1' 1 1 - r 11111 , 1 M" 1 1 F21 1 A 1 311.111 ,11' 11 1. ' .11Q,5F' 1 1 VMMI4 1 avxww 1 1 ' " ' .1'f"""'11 ' 1 11-1 1 1, 11 Q ,111 'X "N V 1 1:1 :H 1 1- .WL why! 1 1 " 1"'w1. . 1.'1fw1,H , 1 ,. 1 1 5.15 1 ' MV. ,, wiv, 1. .. .1 'QT' .1 1 1 1' ' 21--lnfw M1 N' .x , 11 1 1 . 'lfvga ' 1 V K ,.1: X124 112- -. - -' .1 xv-1.f1L:1E..'1", 1 wg-:QQ1 1.1kff54,u':'3jAjQ.'1 1j ,frggtl--. -'1,g1vi2.! 1 '1 - 111 11, 1 gi, ' ,1 1" " 1.111 .,..H. 1 wg X X D0 1 A A Y Q . 11 1' '11 11 1 1 , 1 " AL, ' 1 .El m '34 - L 8 54 ,Vi P Y N. X P BLGSSGM v GPYQTQY ADU LTS 5 sruvsmss S cmwnsw 4 15 NDER my K' V' .x MP -4 f fI.fi-5- ' i is L 1 ,QQ 1 G H giiffi "' E ff' ,, -, ',-W , -- ,Q .. 2?-,if L' 'Sa ... T - P R- , f' I .' Y A I' s, - Y -XWA VV ., ik 11+ -1 f A. if , ' -f ' , J' 'T jj V 1 " J' -J Jvgil 5, g.fLg1' is- ,K f- in f - -v- x - Q - X .. , ', ' kv: .ig L 1 -Q-Vx ' , E, g 2 1 , .,-..H, R -M . 5 A A' lfdw' - 4 ,. .A ,- . kk , 9 is-v T E COTTON f- - xkxlxfxrxfxl X, ,, H X, X! ll H N xl UV!! - 2406200102621 62 0505 - : Now Slwowmcs 3 ec if 2 5 37 U 1 SENIOR CLASS 'N 72 x--, if J " 'L' ' . .--'V vim if ,firm -T ' ' +57 P N-7' f 'Z 'i g'fAi4N Q S - 4 Yi:-2-? ,.,iL: E-i1jf,'fkV- .Y-w?j l .V -.rfraago - . A, - -xii.- , -.. L , W- -, t M-S . "" n-. V - --1. .., E?" v-.-,A --.i.,, I. ,.....- 'f4?,fj'f 5 at I , I Af., I Y fle f Q 2-149 ' A l-12:1-ff TY! 7: t "7.7f4L 0 ga-f f , ,, ga. Q 5 K 'FT 'L"' 1 JM ,, xy f' wif X. ' XX X H h I ' i X XX S? ' W -. fi " NX EQ' hx N lyk l 'if . V T- W M T 1 N 2 Y X X 4 , -nj., A T T ru 2 : "L . N Aw Ql'A A ,av.4...Y QSQQQ., U1 wh XX W N .Ng ,X W , W , I I 'WH 4 V A g fy 4 1 ' " M, 1 5 ! N XX, XXX' lx W my W we 'T' ug ' f T T T 'Fell it il ,..1 -.-az.- Y 3-1-.-a--7 h 1 , r '.XXx,Qi,iX ,QM M MU Ly Q i ll is X fl! kim QRX X ,Q LQYD K EY h h it ggiwpa' , If Q -- ,Lx , 1 i - Mx' Y X N, Al tl , fl ,J k bi '- W cw, -. W , ' w , F QE WORD This year's Senior Class proudly presents the 1958 COTTON BLOSSOM ' with a star-stud- ded cast of Temple High School students. The spotlight is on the memories of friend- ships and good times that we have enjoyed throughout our school days at Temple High School. T lfgff W W fi lflfl I L.-. -. ,, ,, -.L-...Y - M. mi.-42' xx Dedication Q I f',f,,M,,-,L A .1 gl,-44,f'21,n:-Q For the best male supporting actor, we present the Temple High School Academy Award to Mr. Gor- don Hilley. Throughout his years at Temple High School, his friendliness and his sportsman-like atti- tude have made him a friend of each and every stu- dent. He ishighly respected by the boyswho partici- pate in sports under him, both because of his faimess and because of his ability as a coach. For these and many other reasons we dedicate our COTTON BLOSSOM to Mr. Gordon Hilley, a true sportsman. We present our Temple High School Academy Award to Mrs. Durward Howard because of the great supporting role she has played in the success of the graduating class of 1958. For the past four years Mrs. Howard's help has been invaluable. She has gracious- ly given much of her time to the activities of our class. We realize that,- without her help, our class would not have been the success we feel that lt is. Our 'hats are off" to you, Mrs. Howard, and we de- dicate our COTTON BLOSSOM to you. si? s 5 LK I Q Q " P 9 Q ,l :M"' P Q - an -0 S Qi 5 6,- 13 u ,oofl"o N. ,fxxwwwm x "LMT 'Siva A Bo' 9, a P 0 f 5 if WU MWTP G Q - ' ' QL f WA F 9 5 5 - il" 9 I ' "I "!"Mf'f1' 4 1 l4ll1lf,4Il1'1 X - : I fiilfw 9, o ' l D ' 0 Y f C I a 'L ,, D W. 0 0 B N LQ 9-H 5 0 0 Q Nl o W 0 e 0 I l wp! Q 0 0 o 1 0 :L--H ,D la 0 n f ' V' :Jw i 0 0 w0 I D in g f 1 ll g W n w xg I i Av wo! , 9 fx n D, U "I I, ., 8 ci 0 : 9 n 0 1 o 'L V 11 6 a ., D 0 Q n 0 1 - V N ff , 'V T U 374 M1901 'ff' ' f 0 ' 11 f q U U l M A i U U . D . Q ' D "' 'I1 E Q UTY V , if ,NI wundguagut, Jann ao' U aeuduguacoacn N d01'1Il. 'adicvg qq"'QaUe1 ob Q.. Q.. . Q - 0 of ucatwn Superintendent Dzrectors MR JOHNNY PAYNE A . 1,73 Principal ' MR VALIGURA A ' Teachers , .,f 34 J- V .44 X ff X 7 K N Producers . . . Board Ed ' l MR. NEWMAN SMITH f I 1 f 13 . f X f Y . ,X ff ffg ' 4 I f f f, 7 1 , ,,, , 'f , f , ET! 'xx AD INISTRATION Seated: Mr. Newman Smith, Superintendentg Mr. Robert McBumeyg Mr. Jimmy Faulknerg Mrs, Daphna White, Secretary to Superintendent. Standing: Mr, Milo Remund, Administrative Assistantg Mr, Glen Johnsong Dr, Hanes Brindley, Mr, A, B, Fowlerg Dr, Robert Murrayg Mr, Joe Everton, President. MR. MIID REMUND Administrative Assistant B, A, , B, S, , Southwest State Teachers College, Oklahoma M, Ed, , University of Oklahoma 01:9 if Q 1 9 1 1 I ' 5 I? ima' W. ,ML ' 'R 5:15 3 MR, NEWMAN SMITH Superintendent B. A. , Texas College of Arts and Industries M, A, , University of Texas MR, JOHN S, PAYNE MR. WILLIAM J. VAL1GURA Principal Assistant Principal B, S, , North Texas State College B. A. . Baylor University M, S, , in Ed, , Baylor University M.A. . Baylor University BAILEY, MRS, TOM B, S, , North Texas State College American History BLACK, MISS MARGARET B, A, , Texas State College for Women M, A, , Columbia University Journalism Typing I "Wildcat Rambler" B01-IRS, MRS, HARRY B, A. , Baylor University English BOND, MRS, JOHN B, S, , in H, E. , University of Arkansas Home Economics Biology CHAPMAN, MISS MARGARET B,A, , M,A, , University of Texas English 'Cotton Blossom" COTTLE, MR, MARCINE B, S, , Howard-Payne College Physical Education Football EBERHARDT, MISS GERTRUDE B, A, , Mary Hardin-Baylor College M. S. , Baylor University Biology ELSIK, MR, ANTONE B, A, , University of Texas Mathematics Science FENSTY, MRS, MARGARET B, A, , M. A. , Baylor University B, S, , Mary Hardin-Baylor College Physical Education Tumbling FERRILL, MR, DOUGLAS B. S. , M. Ed. . North Texas State College Mathematics Slide Rule FERRILL, MRS, RUTH B, .B, A, , Sam Houston State College Secretarial Training Bookkeeping Typing, Shorthand FIKES, MR. I. S, B, S, , M, S, , Hardin-Simmons University Football Coach HENDRICKS, MISS CECIL MAE B, S, , M, Ed, , University of Texas Homemaking Future Homemakers HILLEY, MR, GORDON B, A, , University of Texas M, S. , Baylor University Basketball Coach, Tennis Coach Driving "B" Team Football Coach HOLDEN, MISS MARY ELIZABETH B, A, , Mary Hardin-Baylor College M,A, , University of Texas English Student Council HOOKS, MRS, GLADYS B, S, , Southwest Texas State College M, A, , Baylor University Science, Mathematics HOWARD, MR, DURWARD B. B, M, , University of Texas M,A, , Columbia University Band, Orchestra Starlighters Pepperettes HOWARD, MRS, JEAN B, A, , Mary Hardin-Baylor College Social Science Debate Club HUCKABEE, MRS. NITA B, A, , Mary Hardin-Baylor College English Speech JONES, MRS, OLIVIA B. A. - University of Texas World History Latin Latin Club KIRK, MR, GEORGE B, S, , Texas Christian University Sociology Physical Education Basketball, Football KIRKPATRICK, MR, WARREN B. A. , North Texas State College Art World History LANCASTER, MRS. MILDRED B, S, , North Texas State College Physical Education Yell Leaders LINDEMANN, MISS ALICE B, A, , University of Texas M, A, , University of Colorado English Future Teachers McKEE, REV. JOHN B, A, , Texas Wesleyan College B, P, , Perkins School of Theology, S M U Bible MEENACH, MRS, ELISABETH B, A, , University of Texas M, A. , Texas State College for Women English, Ready Writers MEIER, MRS, RUBY H. B, B, A, , University of Texas Typing Texas History PATTERSON, MR, R, M. B, S, , M, E, , McMurry College Physical Education Football Coach SPENCE, MRS, MARIE H, B. A. . M. A. , University of Texas Spanish English Pan-American Club THOMPSON, MR, WAYNE B. S. , Centenary College, Shreveport Lousiana Distributive Education VICKERY, MR. CLARENCE B, S, , Aubum College Alabama M, S. , Texas A8LM College Vocational Agriculture F. F. A. WEEDIN, MISS MARY FRANCIS B, M, , North Texas State College Music Chorus WELCH, MISS IUANITA B. A. . Baylor University M.A. , University of Texas Mathematics National Honor, Society WENDT, MR, LAWRENCE H, B, S, , State Teachers College St. Cloud, Minnesota Indusuial Arts WORD, MISS LENA B, S. , West Texas State College Library Library Club HOLSAPPLE, MISS MERLE B. A, , M, A, , Texas Christian University Co-ordinator of Counseling WELCH, MRS, LUCILLE Secretary 1-if-3 I 5 all Q- -X N , , -CX, N .5 L ' I gi it W A x V 1' gi s g N fy, H li . A N gf , 'V lf s PM X' i N . 1 ,Nha -vp W ff fm , 1 XX Mi? X - in if ,. , X f Xb 'Q J XX I ,.,. jf X X f x X r 1 3 Qi? 0.0 ,r Q M R XX 6 ff, W X If QQ I 1 fi? VY Nh I ,I H LLOYD mm, 4' X Ni QL N -ENIOR5 X X x Seated: James Houston, President. Standing: Dan Malin, Vice President, Jan Gothard, Reporter, Shelley Howell, Sergeant-at-Arms, Nancy Walker, Secretaryg Clinton Bond, Sergeant-at-Armsg Beverly Brindley, Treasurer. FLOWER: Yellow Roseg COLORS: Yellow and Whiteg SONG: 'Moments to Remember," MOTTO: The future is a world limited only by ourselves. MARY SUNDAY AGUILAR National Honorg Pan American, Pepperettes, STANLEY ARMSTRONG Temple: Latin Clubg Golf, Pan- Amg Senior Play Crew. Abilene: Basketball, Senior Choirg Boxingg Pan-Amy Senior Play Props. IAN ALLEN FFA President, Parliamentariang "A" Team, Manager, "B" Team Manager, Track, Managerg Science Clubg Senior Play Props, Tumblingg Sweetheart, DANIEL ARRIA GA National Honor, Pan-Americang Senior Choirg Mixed Chorusg .A Science Clubg Boys' Ensemble. JIMMY ARTZ Pan-American, Science Club, LUCILLE BA N DA S Glencoe, Minnesota Girls' Recreation Club, Future Nurses, Library Club, Junior Play, Cho- rus. Temple, Latin Club, Pow- der Puff Football, Choir, Senior Play, ROBERT ALAN BERRY Latin Club, Pan American, Science Club, Golf, Rockhounds, NAN BOOTH Senior Play, 'Wildcat Rambler, " Activities Editor, Pepperettes, Student Council, Treasurer, National Honor, Debate, Sec- retary, Dramatics, Latin Club, Thespians, National Forensic, "Cotton Blossom' Staff, IO HN BM DFIELD Highlighters, National Honor, Latin Club, Science Club, WILLIAM EARL BACHUS IR. Band, Rockhounds, IEANIE BEA CH Rosebud High School Sophomore Homecoming Candidate, Speech Club, Reporter, Pep Squad, Interscholastic League Declama- tion and Typing, "Rosebud" Staff, Reporter, 'Panther Tracks' Staff, Junior Play, CLINTON BOND Football, "A" Team, Track, Manager, Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior, Pan-Am, Bi-Phi-Chem, Intramural Basketball, Senior Play. ANN NUNNA LLEE BOYD FHA, Future Nurses, Girls' Choir, Science Club, BEVERLY BRINDLEY Yell Leader, Student Council, Treasurer, Junior, Senior, Prin- cess, Junior, Senior, Pepper- ettes, National Honor, Thespians, Latin Club, Dramatics, Tennis, Senior Play, 'Cotton Blossom" staff, Declamation, HOUSTON BROWN Football, "A" and "B", Track, Intramural Basketball, Pan-Am HARLEY CA LVERY Football, "B", National Honor, Science Club, Pan-Am, DE, NHLTON CA RVER Football, "A" and "B", Base- ball, Track, National Honor, Intramural Basketball, Boys' State, MADGE CHAFFIN Latin Clllbg FHA, Girls' Choir, "Cotton Blossom, " JAN CHLAPEK National Honor, "Cotton Blos- som", "Wildcat Rambler, " Circulation Manager, FHA, Senior Play Make-Up. VINSON BROWN Band, Rockhounds, Intramural Basketball. WILBURN CA RTWRIGHT Dramatics, Vice President, Football, "A" and "B", Base- ball, Track, Reporter, Fresh- man, HENRY CASTILLO National Honor, Thespians, National Forensic, Vice Pres- ident, Senior Choir, Debate, Vice President, 'Cotton Blos- som, Latin Club, Dramatics, Pan-Am, , Cheerleader, A1- temate, Senior Play. ANN Cl-ILA PEK National Honor, 'Cotton Blos- 5om", "Wildcat Rambler, " Make-Up Editor: FHA, Senior Play Make-Up. WAYNE CHUPIK Football, "A" and "B", Latin Club, National Honor, Pan-Am Senior Play Props, DOIDRES CONLAN St, Mary's Academy, Amarillo: FHA, President, Choir, Junior Play, Temple: Pan-American, Dramatics, Powder Puff Football, Senior Play. STANLEY WILLIA M COUFA L Pan-A m, National Honor, Sci- ence Club, DE, KATHY M, DIXON National Honor, Pan-A merican, FHA, Treasurer, "Cotton Blos- som", Powder Puff Football, Girls' Choir, Mixed Choir, Pan- Am, Choir, ANNIE EASLEY Future Nurses, Library Club, Secretary, FHA, Dramatics, Powder Puff Football, Captain, Volleyball, "Cotton Blossom' Staff, Senior Play. GEORGE EUBA NKS III Football, "A" and "B", "Cotton Blossom", Pan-Am, Science Club, Dramatics, Senior Play. CAROLYN S, COPELA ND Future Nurses, Dramatics, FHA, Mixed Choir, DORIS DILLARD Cheerleader, Queen of Sports, Class Favorite, Freshman, Soph- omore, Junior, Student Council, Latin Club, Treasurer, FFA Sweetheart, Senior Play, Ac- companist, Senior Choir, Orches- Ua, CORINE DRAGOO Future Nurses, Library Club, Volleyball, Powder Puff Football "Cotton Blossom", Sports' Staff, FHA, Senior Play. NANCY ELLIOTT Fl-IA, Dramatics, Christmas Play GLENN ANDY FINCH Slide Rule, Latin Club, National Honor, Science Club, Senior Choir, SANDRA F0 YT FHA , IESSIE FURL MA RYBELLE GEE Dramatics Club Plays, Pan-Am, FHA g Ensemble. JOHN GILL Football, Track, Dramatics, Reporter, Play, Pan-Am, Junior Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bandg Senior Play. IAN GOTHARD Senior Princess Candidate, Senior Class Reporter, "Cotton Blossom, " Art Editor, National Honorg "Miss Spark", Student Councilg Tumblers, Senior Choir, Pan-Am, DANIEL M, FRANCIS Number Sense, Rockhoundsg Dramaticsg Science Club, Senior Play Props, IDUIS GARVIN National Thespiansg National Forensic, Dramaticsg Debate, Parliamentariang Pan-Amg Pan- Am Choir, Bi-Phi-Chem Clubg D. E. , Sergeant-at-Armsg Mixed Chorus, Senior Play Director. JAY GIBSON Football, National Honor, Presi- dentg Latin Club. 2nd Vice Presidentg 'Cotton Blossom, " Sports Editorg Student Councilg Basketballg Science Club, Dra- matics, Golf, Senior Play. LINDA GILMORE Bandg FHA, Future Nurses, Vol- leyball, LEE ANN GREEN Band, Head Majoretteg Feature Twirlerg Orchestrag National Honor, Latin Clubg Pan-Am, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Senior Play, CHESTER GROVES Dramatics, Dramatics Club Plays. JIM HAMMOND Student Council, Vice Presi- dent, Football Manager, Dec- lamationg National Honorg Latin Clubg Pan-Am, Science Clubg Dramatics, RICHARD HARRISON Basketballg Latin Club. CHARLOTTE HAYDON National Honorg Band, All- Regionalg Orchestra, Secretary- Treasurerg TMEA Youth Orches- tra, "Cotton Blossom"g Number Senseg Senior Playg FHA, JOE B. HEAD Band, President, All-Regional, Boys' State, National Honor, Latin Clubg Highlightersg Or- chestra, Slide Rule, District, ALICE JANE GURLEY 'Cotton Blossom' Staff, FHA, Powder Puff Football, Captaing Senior Play Sets. RONNIE HARKRIDER JOE HARVEY National Honor, Football, "B" Teamg Science Clubg Rock- hounds. STA NLEY E, HAYES National Honorg Band, All- State, Number Sense, State Contest, Typing, State Contestg Boys' Stateg Orchestrag latin Club, Science Clubg Pan-Am. NORMA JEAN HEIL National Honor, Library Clubg FHA, Library Assistant, 'Cotton Blossom" Staff. JEANINE HELBERT National Honor, Future Nurses, Powder Puff Football, Girls' Choir, Mixed Choir, FHA, Sec- retary, HOWARD HERRINGTON Band, All-Regional, Tennis, National Honor, Science Club. CHARLES HINKLE Football, "A" Team and "B" Team, "B" Team Captaing Intramural Basketball, National Honor, Track. SHELLEY HOWELL Football. "A" and "B", Track, Latin Club, Pan-American, Student Council, Sergeant- at- Arms, Senior Class: Intramural Basketball, Senior Play Props. CLIFFORD HUGHES D, E. Club. FA YE HENNIG Pepperettes, 'Cotton Blossom, " Associate Editor, National Hon- or, Dramaticsg FHA, Senior Play, Make-Up, RENEE HICKS FHA, DE, Secretary, Dramatics Club, IA MES T. HOUSTON Senior Class President, Football "A" and "B", All-District, Captaing Basketball, Captain, Baseball, National Honor, Par- liamentariang Pepperette Ideal Boy, "Cotton Blossom" Staffg Dramatics, Track, STANLEY HOWSE Football, "B" Team: "Wildcat Rambler," Sports Editor, Senior Choir, All-State Choir, Alter- nate, "Cotton Blossom", DE. DONNY HYDEN Baseball, Manager, Football, Manager, DE, Secretary, Dra- matics. SHARON IOHLE MCFARLAND Senior Choirg Mixed Chorusg FHA, BARBARA JONES Pepperettesg National Honorg "Cotton Blossom" Staffg Senior Choirg Temple Hi-Litesg Dra- maticsg Radio Speechg Pan-Amg Powder Puff Footballg Ensembleg Senior Play Make-Up. BARBARA KAMAS FHAg "Cotton Blossom" Staffg Powder Puff Footballg Senior Play Sets. IO SIE KA YS National Honorg Pepperettesg 'Cotton Blossom" Art Staff g Latin Clllbg P3Il'AIIlg FHAg Powder Puff Footballg Dramaticsg Mixed Choir, ROBERT L, KERLEY Bandg Latin Clubg Science Clubg Rockhoundsg Senior Play. IEANNE JOHNSON Senior Choir, Sweetheart, Presidentg National Honorg Pan- Am, Parliamentariang Library Club, Secretaryg FTA, Reporterg Senior Play Propsg Typingg Pepperettesg Tumbling, JANICE JUNEK National Honorg Pepperettesg Interscholastic League Typingg "Cotton Blossom"g FHA g Powder Puff Footballg Pan-Amg Dra- maticsg Senior Play Sets. MARGIE KA TTNER Future Nursesg FHAg Dramatics Playg Mixed Choir, KATHERINE KELLY Pepperettesg Senior Choirg National Honorg "Cotton Blos- som"g Girls' Choirg Fl-lAg Senior Play Sets. CA ROLYN KING Three Rivers: Bandg Editor of Newspaper. Temple: Band: FHAg Orchestrag Senior Play Make-Up. WAYNE KIRK Intramural Basketballg Rock- houndsg Science Club, GERTRUDE KLEPAC FHAg Art Club, ROBERT KOLLS Bandg Orchestrag Science Clubg Senior Play Sets. SHIRLEY LAIRD Student Councilg Pepperettesg Tumblingg "Cotton Blossom," Secretaryg FHAg Pan-Amg Dra- maticsg Senior Play, DONNA LANCA STER Future Nurses, Presidentg Na- tional Honorg Latin Clubg FHA JOHNNY KIRKPA TRICK University High, Waco: Winner in National Poetry Anthologyg Sophomore President. Temple: Dramaticsg Thespians. LLOYD KLEYPAS National Honorg Bi-Phi-Chemg Dramaticsg Tennis Teamg Basketball, Managerg Pan-Amg Choirg "Cotton Blossom. " MARGARET KUBALA National Honorg Pepperettesg FHAg Senior Choir: "Cotton Blossom"g Powder Puff Footballg Dramaticsg Senior Play Sets, JIMMY LAMB Bandg Highlightersg Tennis, WANDA LANCASTER Pan-Amg FHAg Dramatics Playsg Senior Play Sets. BARBARA LAND DE Clubg FHA, NANCY ANN LEWELLEN Orchestrag Band, Sweetheart, Directors Award, Secretary- Treasurerg Office Secretary, Head Librarian, 'Cotton Blos- som", Powder Puff Football: FHA, Senior Play, JAN LONEY Pepperettes, Pan-Am, Dramaticsg 'Cotton Blossom' Art Staff g Senior Choir, Girls' Choir, FTA, Powder Puff Football Manager, Senior Play Sets, VICKI LOVELA DY 'Cotton Blossom, " Business Manager, Pepperettesg FHA, Secretaryg Declamationg Na- tional Honor, Latin Club, Powder Puff Football, Dramatics, FTAg Senior Play, ROSEMARY MCDONA LD FHA, Song Leaderg Tumbling, Secretary, Dramatics, Secretary: Pepperettesg National Honor, "Cotton Blossom" Art Editor, Tennis, Senior Choir, Pan-Am, Powder Puff Football, Senior Play Props, Basketball Sweet- heart, LINDA LA NHA M Senior Play Staff, Football Sweet heartg Student Council, Co-Edi- tor, "Cotton Blossom"g "Miss Spark", Senior Princess Candi- date, Latin Club, President, Dramatics Club, President, Na- tional Honorg Tumbling. CLA UDIA LEWIS National Honor, Senior Choir, Historian, Choral Ensemble, Latin Clubg Powder Puff Football: FHAg Pan-Amp Mixed Chorus: Senior Choir, 'Top Typers. " IUDY LONGBOTHAM Pepperettesg Dramaticsg Tumb- lers, Treasurer, FHA, Treasurerg "Cotton Blossom, " Secretary, Student Council, Senior Choirg Junior Tennis, Powder Puff Foot- ball, Senior Play Props, JUANITA LOVORN FHA, Pan-Am, Senior Play Sets. ROBERT MCFARLIN Band, All-State, Highlighters: Rockhoundsg "Cotton Blossom" Staff, JUDY KORNEGAY MCNA BB Pepperettes, FHA, Dramatics, Powder Puff Football, Junior Tennis, Rockhounds, Declama- tion, Choric Choir, DAN MALIN Senior Class, Vice President, National Honor, Vice President, Football, Captain, Basketball, Captain, "B" Team Football, 'B' Team Basketball, Captain, Pan-Am, Track, Student Coun- cil, JOE CLYDE MARTIN Student Council, President, Junior Class, Vice President, Freshman, Sophomore Sergeant- at-Arms, Pan-Am, Parliamen- tarian, Basketball, National Honor, Dramatics, MARY ELIZA BETH MELTON 'Cotton Blossom' Staff, Pan- Am, Future Nurses, FHA, Powder Puff Football, Senior Choir, Sen- ior Play Make-Up. A, W, MEYER III 'B' Team Football, Captain, Sophomore, Reporter, "A" Team Football, Junior, Report- er, Dramatics, Pan-Am, Senior Play, Powder Puff Football Yell Leader, BILL MA CHA LEK Football, "A" and "B" Teams, Track, FFA, Treasurer, Intra- mural Basketball, FHA Ideal Boy, JERRY MALINA Football, "A' and 'B' Teams, Pan-Am, Science Club, Vice President. MOLLY MA ZE Student Council, Secretary, Pepperettes, Captain, Pan-Am, Vice President, Latin Club, National Honor, Junior Class, Secretary, Dramatics, "Cotton Blossom' Staff, CHARLES MERTINS "A" Team Football, "B" Team Football, Track, Pan-Am, SHIRLEY I, MIERSCH FHA, Pan-A m, National Honor, Volleyball, Assistant Librarian, "Cotton Blossom. " AGNES F. MIKULASTIK National Honorg Fl-lAg Library Clubg Volleyball. GA RY MOORE FRANK Mori, FFA, DE, GLENN ODS'I'RCIL Football, "B"g Science Clubg DE. JOHN PATTERSON Basketballg National Honor: Latin Clubg Science Clubg Senior Play Sets. ELLIE LOUISE MOORE Band, All-Regionalg Orchestra, Sergeant-at-Armsg Dramaticsp Junior Tennisg FHAg Powder Puff Footballg Senior Play, PA T S Y MOORE FHAQ Pan-Amg Tumblersg Senior Play Sets. BARBARA MYERS National Honorg Pepperettesg 'Cotton Blossom' Staffg Pan- Amg FHAg Mixed Choirg Girls' Choirg Powder Puff Footballg Pan-Am Choir, .lA MES PA SCHA L Football, "A" and "B"g Trackg Pan-Amg Senior Play. SA NDRA PA TT ERSON Pan-Amg Library Clubg FTAg Senior Play Make-Up. GENE PEMBERTON National Honor, Band, Orchestra, Rockhounds, Science Club, Pan- Am, Intramural Basketball, Base- ball, Manager, TOMMY POPELKA Football, "A" and "B", Track, Pan-Am, REBA JOYCE RELF Pepperettes, Girls' Choir, Senior Choir, FHA, National Honor, DE, AFTON FAY RIDDLE 'Cotton Blossom' Staff, DAVID ROBERSON BILL PETERS 'The Wildcat Rambler, " Pro- duction Manager, DALE M. PYEA TT Football, "B", Science Club, ALBERT I, REZNICEK National Honor, FFA President, Secretary-Treasurer, Number Sense, Slide Rule, Track, Basket ball, "B", FRANK ROBERTS Football, "A" and "B", Basket- ball, "A" and "B", Track, Boys' State, Latin Club, Dramatics Christmas Plays, Thespians, Senior Play. WANDA ROWE 'Cotton Blossom", FHA, Girls' Choir, Library Club, Pan-Am, Dramatics Play, Powder Puff Football, Senior Play Sets. DONNA RUTH SANDERS FHAg Volleyballg Future Nursesg Rockhoundsg "Cotton Blossom. " BETTY IEA N SCHILLER National Honorg Pepperettesg "Cotton Blossom": FHAg Future Nursesg Girls' Choirg Pan-Amp Senior Play Sets, GERA LDIN E SCHNEIDER National Honorg Rockhoundsg "Cotton Blossom"g FHAg Inter- scholastic League Typing, Al- temateg Library Clubg Senior Play Sets. JAY W, SEASTRUNK II National Honorg Football, "A" and "B"g Band, Vice Presidentg Latin Clubg Highlightersg Or- chestrag Science Club, IDNNIE SHIRLEY Football, "B" Teamg Latin Clubg Science Clubg "Cotton Blossom" Art Staff g Senior Play Sets. BESSIE SCHILLER FHAg Volleyballg Library Club, GEORGIE SCHILLER Pepperettesg "Cotton Blossom, " Business Managerg National Honorg FHA, Historiang Powder Puff Footballg Latin Club: Dra- maticsg Pan-Amg Library: Senior Play Props. JOYCE SCHNEIDER FHAg Library Clubg "Cotton Blossom, " HARRY JOE SHA FER Football, "A" and "B"g Base- ballg Bandg Bi-Phi-Chem, Pres- identg Dramatics Christmas Playsg Rockhounds. PEGG Y SIMON TON National Honorg Pan-Am, Choir FHAQ Pepperettesg Powder Puff Footballg Senior Play Make-Up. AUDREY SLDUGH FHA, Pianist, Pan-Am, 'Cotton Blossom, " Sports Editor, Pepper- ettes, Tumblers, Reporter, Dra- matics, Senior Choir, Powder Puff Football, Mixed Chorus, Senior Play, Sets. LINDA SMITH Pepperettes, Head Captain, Student Council, National Honor, Reporter, Latin Club, Dramatics, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, FHA, Tennis Team, PTA, Senior Play, IANICE E. SPRINGER 'Cotton Blossom, " Staff, Pan- Am, Dramatics Club Play, FHA, Future Nurses, Mixed Choir, Ensemble, Choic Choir, Junior Tennis. HOWARD STEFKA CARL SYMM National Honor, Science Club, Rockhounds. CHARLES ROBERT SMITH Band, Highlighters, Basketball, 'A' and "B" Teams, Co-Cap- tain of "B" Team, Baseball, Tennis, Rockhounds, "Cotton Blossom" Staff. NANCY SNYDER 'Wildcat Rambler' Editor, Na- tional Honor, Treasurer, Latin Club, Secretary, Tumblers, Co-Captain, Pepperettes, Stu- dent Council, "Cotton Blossom", Dramatics, FHA, Pan-A m, Senior Play Crew. KA THERINA PFA NN STA CHOWIAK Latin Club, Pan-Am, FHA, Volleyball, Powder Puff Football, CHARLES O, STEVENS Football, "A" and "B", Track, National Honor, Favorite, Fresh- man, Sophomore, Junior, Student Council, President, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Classes, Base- ball, FFA, District, Vice Pres- ident, Pan-Am, Senior Play, DORTHA TAYLOR National Honor, "Cotton Blos- som" Staff, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Pan-Am, FHA, GARY TA YIDR Band, Sergeant-at-Arms, Or- chestra, Baseball, Manager, 'Cotton Blossom" Staff, Powder Puff Cheerleader, Rockhounds, IANIE THOMPSON Pan-Am, FHA, KA THRYN TUNE 'Wildcat Rambler, " Associate Editor, National Forensic, Re- porter, Debate, Secretary, Dis- trict, Ready Writing, District, Pepperettes, FTA, Reporter, President, District X, President, National Honor, CHESTER D. TUTOR Band, Orchestra, Secretary, All- State, Highlighters, "B" Team Football, Junior Tennis, FFA, Secretary, Latin Club, DIANE VA NNOY Yell Leader, Student Council, Tennis, National Honor, FFA Sweetheart, Latin.Club, Pepper- ettes, Thespians, Dramatics, Treasurer, Freshman, Sophomore Class, senior Play. EVELYN BOBBIE THOMPSON National Honor, Senior Choir, Girls' Choir, Mixed Chorus. KENNETH THOMPSON Band, Highlighters, "Cotton Blossom", Latin Club, National Honor. JERRY TURNER La Vega: Football, Track, Basketball, Manager, Temple: FFA, Sportsman's Club, Science Club, DE, Senior Play, AUDREY LEMOINE VANNERSON Orchestra, Band, Librarian, Dra- matics, Rockhounds, FHA, BOB WA INGER Science Club, Rockhounds, Pan- Am, Powder Puff Pepperette, NANCY WALKER Girls' State, Latin Club, Treas- urerg Pepperettes, Head Captain, Freshman Queen Candidate, Sophomore and Senior Princess Candidate, Co-Editor "Cotton Blossom", Student Council, PAT WALLACE National Honor, Pepperettesg Pan-Am, "Cotton Blossom' Staff, FHA: sms' Choir, Powder Puff Football, Mixed Choir, Pan-Am Choir, EVELYN A. WHITLEY FHAg Library Club. WILMA ELAINE WILEY 'Cotton Blossom" Staff, Pan-Amg Dramaticsg FHA: Girls' Choir, Library Club, Dramatics Play, Senior Play Make-Up. DAURICE QRICYJ WILLIAMS National Honor, Pepperettesg FHA, Historian, 'Wildcat Ram- bler, " Art Editor, Latin Club, Tumblersg "Cotton Blossom": Orchestra, Pan-Am, Powder Puff, IANICE WA LL FHA, President, Tumbling, Co- Captaing Pepperettesg National Honor, 'Cotton Blossom" Staff, Powder Puff Football, Pan-Am, Dramaticsg Miss Spark, Senior Play Sets. BARBARA WESTFALL Columbus, Georgia: Beta Rho Chi, Vice President, Junior Red Cross, ROTC, Sponsor. Temple: Pan-Am, Fl-IAg 'Cotton Blossom' Staff, Powder Puff Football, Cap tain, Senior Play, DONNIE WIESE Senior Choirg Mixed Chorus, Pan-Am, Boys' Ensemble, DE. Treasurer, All-State Choir, Al- temate. FLOYD RAY WILLIAMS Football, "B", Band, Drum Majorg Student Conductor, Ser- geant-at-Armsg All-Regionals, Director's Award, Orchestra, Student Conductor, All- State , Vice President, WAYNE WILLIAMS Football, and "B", Basket- ball, "A", Trackg National Honor. RUDOLPH WILLMANN National Honor, Science Club, SANDRA WILSON National Honor, Orchestra, Pres- ident, All-State, FHA, Class Chairman, Senior Choir, Dra- matics, Latin Club, Pan-Am, Girls' Choir, Senior Play Sets. HJBERT D, WINNETT Football, "A" and "b", Basket- ball, "A" and "B", "B" Captain, Baseball, Bi-Phi-Chem, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Dramatics, Pan-Am, LINDA WYCHOPEN 'Wildcat Rambler," Art Editor, FHA, Library Club, Rockhounds, DE. LANE ZIVLEY 'Cotton Blossom", Football, "A" and "B", Baseball, Pan-Am, Powder Puff Football Coach, Band., Science Club, Rockhounds, Senior Play. DAVID WILSON Student Council, Senior Play, National Honor, Science Club, Latin Club, President, Pan-Am, Track, "B" Team Football, Yell Leader, 'Cotton Blossom", Ser- geant-at-Arms, Freshman Class. ROSEMARY WINBURNE Band, Twirler, Orchestra, Li- brarian, Reporter, Historian, Powder Puff Football, Captain, Rockhounds, FHA, TOMMY WRIGHT Football, "A" and 'B", "A" ball, Track, Tennis, Vice Presi- dent, Freshman, Sophomore, Student Council, National Honor Reporter, Senior Play, DAVID YOUNG National Honor, Band, Debate, T hespians, National Forensic, Dramatics, Treasurer, Pan-Am, FHA Sweetheart. NOT PICTURED: Mary Caswell, Jessie Forester, Jolm Gilmore, Clifton Henderson, Stanley Howard, Aurelia Jiminez, Richard Lowry, Rosalinda Luna, Bannon McLerran, Jacinto Moreno, Jody Matush, Martha Pechal, Mary Lou Reed, Margaret Rich, Ruth Rowe, Barbara Schweideps, Emzy Starnes. Team Captain, Basketball, Base- Whogs Who K KAY TUNE DORIS DILLARD JANICE WALL 1- JAMES HOUSTON DAVID YOUNG STANLEY HAYES SUPPORTI 1 f xx Z xx X X.X ff NX ,IIIORS If Juniors funwr Class Omcers Seated Marcra Stevens Treasurer Terry Daniel, Secretary. Standing: Dennis Farley, Presi- dent Don Mraz Reporter Krrby Rlchter, Sergeant-at-Armsg Bobby Wooley, Sergeant-at-Arms -1 ,U 'V ff 4-7 ,f - f GAYLE ALBERT RITA ALEXANDER DAVID ANDREWS BOBBY BARCUCH BILL BARNHART SALLY BEASLEY CECILIA IO BELL PAM BERRY ROYLINN BIRD SUE BOREN KENT BRADLEY BILL BREEDING EUGENE BRIDGES DANNY BRYANT DOROTHY BUCKHANNON JOE BURDETT RONALD BUSH BETTY BUTLER KATE BUTLER PATTY CALDWELL TOMMY CARTWRIGHT ROBERT CARVER SHARON CHAFFIN' DIANE CHUPIK BETTY COPELAND PHILIP COVINGTON FRANK CURTIS TERRY DANIEL LA NELLE DAVIS WREN DILLARD KAKI DOWLING WILEY DUGGER SANDRA DU LANEY CAROLE DURDEN NAN DURDEN LAMAR EIDSON ELIZABETH ELLIS DAVID EMBRY MARY IO ERSKINE DAVID EVETTS VICKI EWING DENNIS FARLEY JOYCE FARLEY SAM FLOCA TRAVIS FOJTASEK MARY FOURNIER LLOYD FURL MARILYN GENTRY , .aa Mmsgsw. .,05,,.LWL yy, - ,g,f, v Wiffiwh ,. ft: Q A K .Sz . ni. MM. 1" .Selw- Q. Q32 fag-.53..QQ, Yzizz' --fzg?f.:::.:: t H Q gg, 'L' , X? ' . :L fx s 21:15 I ' F351-, Y . 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Qi X SAMMIE JONES DENNY KELLEY LELAND KJELLAND SUZAN KLECKA IJORETTA KLEPAC OSCAR KRAL IAN LAMBRIGHT LINDA LEFLER GRETCHEN LEWIS ALLAN LUECK BOBBY MCDANIEL NANCY MCGREGOR JO MARSHALL MARY MARTIN RICHARD MATTHEWS DAVID MAYHEW SHARON MEACHAM WAYNE MEIER GORDON METCALF NANCY MORRIES GEORGE MORRIS GINGER MORRIS DON MRAZ SANDRA MUNSELLE JIMMY MURPHY SYLVIA NEAL WANDA NEELEY CHRISTINE NEWCOMB FRANK NEWCOMB NEIL NICHOLS MARY FRANCES NICHOLSON LAWSON NILES SUE ODOM CARO LYN OWENS CHARLOTTE PERSKY DOROTHY PLSEK DANA POPE MARGIE PREWETT JANE PRIDGEON JUDY PRIDGEON RUTHIE PRICE ROSEMARY RAMSEY PATRICIA REAGAN CLARA REED NAOMI RHOADES KIRBY RICHTER CAMILLE ROBERTSON L. D. ROMINE HAYDEN ROUTH HAL ROWE GWEN SADLER DOT SAN MIGUEL CAROLYN SCHILLER IO LYNDA SCHRANK CHARLES SCHULZ JACKIE SEBASTIAN ANNETTA SHACKELFORD SHERRY SHAFFNER CLARENCE SIMANK MARY JANE SIMMONDS TOMMY SIMMONDS BOBBIE SMITH CHUCK SPEED JERRY STACY JUDY STARK MARCIA STEVENS GEORGE SYPERT MARVIN TARRANT BONNIE TAYLOR DONALD TAYLOR LANETA TAYLOR MIKE TEMPLETON BENNIE TSCHOERNER PAT URNER BILLY VOELTER PAT WADE KIT WARD WALLACE WATTS HARLAND WEATHERS DAVID WELLS JIMMY WERNER WAYLAN WEST CHARLES WHEELER RAL WHITE MARGARET WILLIAMS KATHY WOLF DIANE WOMACK BOBBY WOOLEY RHETA WYLIE BARBARA YOUNTS JOYCE ZALESKI 1462475 A, gf- 5 Q Ll 5 4 22 eg Jfgf Q, -iff Yi-: u l V ! f'f4f.Tf.:',:?E--f., X ig I ,wif if f 1 2 1 , ' I ' T, f -A 54.759 U : Q2 J 7 M fa - ' .' 1 - , ' . . D fr ! 17- " J ., .313 if i t ! X -Y 1 Q D N-. " " " 2 ' '- i : ' f Y . X Aff' H -- jlty- ? Q ' . 1 xx? X X ' .54 6 3 - -- ' ', 5: Q q f N ' g ' 45 - K. 4 qi: 'I' V -. fy X f QQ, - I, U ,,' - !g i Ms Q ! 1,, -1,1 A, 5, N Q I 1 L5 p I ,X M y 2, ,I I A ' if Q , E2 '9-LI 1 , gi f? fg' " f "-.E I X. f o. "'if, Av, --Z-,Z A. I ff , Z A -7 ,ff f Q 2 - ? I . R- ' Q , if 3 t If X 4 If VR? 1 F' 14 I Q I ? f . , 5 f f emi' 1' ' 9 -'F' I 1 Z 1 TA V, f , PQAV X ii ' 7 2 I "' WM' .1rY0E'572?3qM?Qi1gf2Zfi?fi.32591-I-iw 4 ' r YEL I ' 1? f Q - Tj-ff 2, if Z1 IQ dw :E ' L i Hr! Lgx X I Zffirffiff 4 -- ,L - Ll? Q" W2 STANDNINS E1 A qs e-43 'F 16 G, 0 '-Eg Q 5 all I ! f '-5.7 A N "' lf 'N' - 1? 1' N X S QPHQMGRES Sophomores Sophomore Class 0 ficers Bobby Marshall, Presidentg Anne Carole Brown, Treasurer: Charles Krempin, Sergeant-at-Arms: Cynthia Robinson, Reporter: Jill White, Secretary. lmmrrv .3 ggrenvma- fs-li M, f - JOE EVERTON Vice President Evelyn Adams Tommy Allen Jimmy Alston Lorraine Bandas Maidene Barcuch Connie Bartek Janice Barron Sue Barton Cleigh Nel Baugh Jamie Beller Dixie Berryhill Doris Boecker Charlene Boedecker Ruthie Bolin Dannie Boswell Roy Lynn Boutwell Michael Bowen Charlotte Bridges Charlene Broaddus Carol Joyce Brooks Anne Carol Brown Jimmy Brown Ann Butler James Caldwell Lana Cantrell Margaret Carlisle Charles Cash Alton Chaney Beverly Chaney Mickey Chapman Gregory Chappell Anna Jean Chupik Johnny Chupik Eddie Collier Pansy Cowan Terry Coyne Rod Croom Billy Cross Elaine Dautenhahn Patricia Davis if E... is 14 Q9 E Tommy Davis Bert DeBord Curtis Dillard Delores Dillard Jerry Donlca Elsie Dragon Tessie Dupree Hamid Ellison Laird Engle Joe Everton Allen Farley Wallace Ferguson Jean Fischer Jerry Flanders Diane Foyt Thomas Foyt Ann .Fredrickson Yvette Freeman James Gauntt Tommy Gibson Ann Gilliesple Don Gilliam Bobby Gilmore Donna Gothard Janice Grayson Judy Green Diane Green Bobby Greenwood Bruce Haas Billeta Hall Kenneth Hallmark Jerry Head Pat Heine Sharon Hejl David Henderson Carolyn Henry Jimmie Herring Miki Hervey Martha Hester Linda Hinton Vivian Hitchcock Jane Hitt Frazier Holbert Druane Holton Randy Holtzclaw Tommy Honeycutt Carolyn Hopson Carolyn Hunka Bobby Janeway Mike Jenkins Joe Jennings Milton Jez Augustine Jiminez Gayle Johnson Elizabeth Junek Lynda Juroska Johnny Kabella Tommy Kamas Esther Kegley Carole Kinslow Marcia Lea Kunkel Ruth Lange Jack Lewis Frances Lewis Bobby Livings Beckey London Nancy McCe1vey Lamar McCormick Sandra McDow Linda McGregor James McQueen Ronnie Machalek Marilyn Marek Bobby Marshall Marji Mayes Marquita Matthews Elaine Matula Sammy Melton Patsy Messer Bobby Mihatsch Ann Miller Bonnie Miller Royce Money Frances Morgan , , I1 5.1.5, W W X q X 4 M w' ,g:fq:g X W , :K g j sw ga-JV ..,,, A K K1 4' 1 T- -i'E1I?' , fx. S-2:4 M ' .f F R . u A I W X555 . . f if " Q-Hfxaxm . -if T11 , 15. ":fE1'fv f- ,Mmm 1+-f 95 , .igjigiy lg., L N ew -W' -1: 41 "W, glrywewk k , ' EJEQN- iff. 5: -"' fig 4, 35 X Eg - hw- ,. H X AQ.: fm, W N .SNK 3-.-x..v.,i-'SQL issszlfx. .1 x . f M , 'A W I , .,,. , , , W. , QW 'QA 'Tf'Qf'5'2 ' 'QmL,L35ifQ' Q' A :Z k Ji.-if W fl Y-QL lf: V , 51.4 ., .,.. M. . . ,A AM, my N ,,,..... , , .- ms 1 W 1 A ZZ A... -f f 1 13: ,XS . .. .l q I: X.,, . ,-4 : i 5 X 'Wa -2, QL- Saw? ps i .z . , - -- faxfsvl if . W2 f 1 - 1' 3313, L AV: filsxsw-Er, .:. ' 15355 FN-: - 5?gff9r f , X, ,L gi, -g A ,Hi , iwfgvw W H1 ,fL.fga'U1:5::. -- X L 5 Tfxflgff ' X"W3?IRQi..iZ W" k - 1 , .. . H1 - A x.:.is?s1 ,K . 1 LL,, V ,K . V K w!1"?z , ' 4 iKfHf:s'22S.Q:f1 , .flgwgv-aww-11-' , x ,Ag,,A. I L,,,,...,5 , . fame . .. . A., ,L ,MA ' we X 'ffkimzxif f n Ni REST' ,W gg. .,11v,yf- gifs- ik - ---- , - ,V - Q- in - - - Amy, A .1 W W.. , ,M Tix: I ' . bt wfzgfiei . 75.151 3. gig.. Q le.. i ,,-, ,M i. ,J , wg: " . Cynthia Robinson Linda Robinson Rolinda Russell Johmiy Sepulvado Nancy Shibler Jimmy Shields Richard Sidles Don Simonton Janice Skelton Lynn Smedley Joan Smith Portia Smith Sandra Smith Stephen Smith Douglas Sodek Jimmie Spencer Kirby Sprayberry Louise Standard Virginia Stone Peggy Sttacener Larry Strimple Bob Summers David Sypert Tobi Talasek Carol Talley Beverly Taylor Pat Thedford Pat Thomas Josephine Tiberghlen Carolyn Tidwell Anna T ims Janet Tune Tommy Vanderveer Frances Vanecek Sue Vaughn Rose Mary Villanueva Shirley Voss Shirley Wadsworth Joe Waggener Karen Weller Jo Wendland Joyce Westfall Judy Westlake Gretta White Jill White Charlie Wigginton Peggy Wiley Mary Eva Wilks Gary Wilson Carolyn Wofford Carolyn Wolfe Carolyn Woods Darrell Wright Shirley Wyrick Mikky Young Wm- FMEQSI 'fy 3 ..,4 A XMA? .4 W E Nm :M QE 9 K S, Y . fs X -K 'sam' M aww-1.-N, U -vu :V ,J LJ-f,": as me-nazi isa' s 4 ku ' FIGHT CANCER ILEX WITH KNOWLEBGE Chnstmas in Art Class Pan- Am Dance Future Nurses help in showing of Cancer Film MERICAN CANCER ii1I3iiE'?Y E. fifisfffi Qfizzsssiafgf W'-7 f x 0 O o . A . :Q -I .I :.f .3 'f X '-' , . . 1-. L-,tt 5 .',,--., - . . ,. .vu .II - '. """'u .' .'--' 1' ""-.'. , - fr -, . ' . - .,. '..' ' 1 . ' "'. " 'f ." ' '.. .."' "- 1 'a 'I' - 1 ' I ',,- , s- . --. .' ' "'4 '- J Q . ,.' .J ' '1 1 -. ' n ' In . , tl . I. nt -Y I xi . . . 'x 1-, . ' ' Q. s ,- - - .. .. B Q 4 o ,. 4 E Q .. s' If T5 . 4, v J J -' -Q ' . - .-, as ' . .1 ' ,- .I nf I' . - .- ', U 'v 2 l ' 1' 1 :JJ . x ,' - -, ..- -I' in 1:5 ? A . .' I 5: p 1- 1 Q Q Q I. ..,' v.. .. "-'. Cx s 11 .- I ' 4 . . If A A ' H1 1' -1 '..' A .P --' .' '.. 5-, 11 r' : -1 . Q f' ' .u '.. f-: J" A.' Q.. . -- '.'. ., :ff ' .-, - .-.- .1 l x' '- , , " .--, :I ... --.:. I....: If 11" -' Q. . . .. . --fx .-' ,u "r -u x".'.x 'f n, n- -- ' -. ' .vs , 1, ' ' -' n '--.'- .- - s-. '.-4 ' onbj- , xx w V V L- L ll-1, U l 1 0 5. ,Q Y . ..- n. s ,- .n - 4 ,., ,I I 4 0 o .I v. ' s "n '. , v . .-. . 55. 1 v .'. :".' x 05, . , vu Q 1 . ' 1 w - ' ' -u . I. tu.. 'S v sf J l'. 1' n 0 I" ' x xl an , I h Favorites Senior Girl DORIS DILLARD nl I .. 2: - " ' s . M gg W ", U . . WS ,M I I5 ' ,Wa 'f -. W V . 5 f.' , Y. .W 4, u . s 4 H" 1+,fyf5w,3k5g V, u M K v ,N f A -if - W '. . -' " ff -V 8 , , I . , , ,' . , - . , , , .- X . v,'r n' In " ' X ,' - ' ps 1 l J - '. : ', . U- ,,-- , ,,,,- .. -g. , ,f,..4,, ..t, ,,.,.- -2 . ' . -.- N,..-3g1g,.,-,,x,,.,, v- ,,. Senior Boy JAMES HOUSTON 1,1 .., 3 .f 9 4 , ..,, :Q ' xo A s u l 1 4 ' . a p . ' 0 9 1 ix' x - 1 ln 'xx-,, 24' .r' I . fb". ' I u uw. .. gl I.. u 'n' , - I .u ,A ,."'1.. - J,-0' s'A 2 5 -Q U I x'L 4. .cl i 5'- nl 5' 1 .H ' Ja: . K , sl. Q l I' I 'cf x ,, x u no , . 1 l1'.'l i1. . I-'O Q .J .E 0. .hp V I' I has Vi" '- 1' I ,----,. 5ff:2. T' Af'-71 ' "C '. Q 1 H 'I vxx . ' n .". 44 1- i, ' ' ', 'J i lu 1 n , J- .Y '-cl -, V Favorites o iq-'. x . '- ' s In u ,nlpn u-0 . 1 W 'Q' l .'sq 4 .- , I ' ' ' uf c Y t-Q "- ' I. max. xx : ' - I . 1' . ' x s' Junior Boy .-' 0 '., I "0" ' DENNIS FARLEY l Q. .. .I .Y 1' .- - ' Y QI.-,tv .A 7.- J' . . 0 0 Q 3,8 Un ' d'.. , 5 I n F.: 0 n'-. K, 5: st.. , . .. - ':.,-,"--- .g- . 4 - '- - ' - s - - . ,vi 1 . ' av ,' .. . , ll, 1, 4 ., - . ,5:o' 'N ,'l' I.. tl" :-'-f" x': n'...a'0.,N.' 0, ' , " ' ' ". avi: u .-'.-N! . . ,U-3, s-'O-,, .-' ,. ., ,---U,-,l.Qvs', ks? 'H' X Junior Girl MARCIA STEVENS 'Y l..'.s..s fl 'O' .A N K , n QQRLIT -'41 Q 4 W el Q I K 'n n I 'Q -'Q-' - nt 'IA' u s ' .- I. pn '.n..' 'bi l.n .'?g. ':,. 'n aa..xi,,1 ' el' 5 x '1'.',I.- . . . o': .3"1s:'1-.nf 13-01: :': .- .1 :- - ,Uk " 1 ",",x .ht- .,. 'Hn 5 ' 114'-:A my-.'. .' J.. ' 'K ffl? " 'I -Al' . . 5 'A 41 -N . Nu -S . .Q "'.u: ,. lf. fn." . 1 'hu' . 5.5:-3 qu n . .:cS::w ,' . . I n u' 4. x . . 1.1: 2, I' , ll'.u0 5' '. 212' :V-, I: 5" .: 1' -LS' IA H o"J'-1 ' nf 'a, b -,ge n , .l'- "iz '- ...- ' " Q V A B 4, 5- -. Q- -I f , as". 'ul . . . , .i 9, ,. K.:-v-A. , .-u, .f'P'a -gi...-f R. h . W ff' . X . . Q Q - -'!.v' 1 ...: X: :lsr 3 Favorites ji 8' .- Q X- BSP?-f'-if ,, . , ., fa: 5 B 'uf u' .' O ' u'....!' ' v I 'A 115. ln fig n,n' is el' 53 .N ..'f'x :' Mui: "In rx x '.'f-"l X - x fain ' 'big Lf-A --sf' .--LL.,- .,'0Q- Q' J ' 0 . Sophomore Boy BOBBY MARSHALL 'i.'!1g2'.-P- I" 'Hx 0 ,nl- , an 1 11- ,-. . -' L 1 ,.:',.- .--1 A, A - . .. 143. .:,k..-M -' - -,- A 1 'o- 1 ,' 1- .HKU X Q -.. 4 1 ' I 'x Q-?." 'WJ' Q ..rn,1l,, .. ' -.-- v, K lix n1nxeF S52 . Linh s",2,h'xb.- N Nu ' - n .HN . .R "ink :F LQ. '. h ' .4 K+, .. .x'n '5 55.1 1 EI, -afq. n, ' -Vx 's".b-:Q ' ,. . S , ,K x. y". .'z:'05 I O xr 'uit-:',,I, ,, , Q' r I Q'l ' .cs . 1 'xr' . 'bxsty 5 . x.,.- ., '-',"-.' , v '.. . .ji ,lyl ' .H . . ls' ,.-., ,.,. .,: 'Q . , - l,'a,.. p - ,-, -,.. ...Y D "',,1. -',' . ' .L - ' .,. . , I-A7.','.-fx-"4v . .. ., . .1 V -,N . ,. ,n - n I I . p "ll 3 5:.' if--,i .,.' '- C ' I " ".vfX.-' ' " L" all . U x- .-?- Q I . -1. -J - :,i1.-'...f,,-.'--Ley' ,.a- 4. ', ..,-'.-... 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E 'TBALL ETHEA SWE RT .5 WEE THEAR7' LINDA LAN!-IA M NANCY LEWELLEN S' BA 5 WEE T,-32197 4515515 1-- SX S W X X f 7 C HOIR E SWA-'E771' ART JEANNE a0Hfv50N ?T Fx' 'E 1 M4 film ECHIQOI' . .,.. if I M"--- Q .'S 'Q ?-W5 W ,X XF K X .? ug af if ' A ' , , S Q ancefrs Q - . 4 ' ff.. CJYOFUS ITZ 'ff C in , Q ff IG K' 5'-,L - -+ X! pecialperformer ,Q . Clif ' gif-ng-'RE3QA " Q55-nn.. . .. Ei ? Q Color 2Jc1.ffLDg ,f 9 9 fuk ' 43: 2mEzSlU.0f20D. .5 - i. f- ,..0. -ff- - ,1 X .U '..-,.,.l Qoafaxf ff 56w '.. M 1 I l v f- ' -"' E ., ', '7 0. ,ff 'V -,,, Y -- via F- , I ff 'Q Z'T-2,-5 ,gf QQ 4, ,i -'L R The Cotton Blossom 1 1 ta w ao- fs x X ' fl l e Q Pfzovucsz ty ,fag L Hlflwonl OFFICERS Standing: Janice Gothard, Art Editorg Shirley Laird, Secretary: Jay Gibson, Sports Editor: Vicki lovelady, Business Managerg Audrey Slough, Sports Editor. Seated: Rosemary McDonald, Art Editor, Nancy Walker, Editorg Linda Lanham, Editor, Judy liongbotham, Secretary: Georgie Schiller, Business Manager. FAYE HENNIG, Associate Editor MAKE-UP STAFF First row: M. Maze, G. Schiller, J. Chlapek, C. Haydon, A. Gurley, B. Kamas, R. Sanders, S. Mier sch, N. Lewellen, Second row: B. Brlndley, R. McDonald, J, llongbotham, D. Williams, L, Lanham, J. Loney, A. Chlapek, A. Slough, L. Smith. Third row: L. Kleypas, L. Shirley, G. Taylor, D, Wil- son, L. Zivley, J. Gibson, G, Eubanks, Miss ChaprnanqSponsory. Fourth row: N. Walker, S. Laird, N. Snyder, J. Gothard, V. Lovelady, D. Dillard, B, Schiller, A. Easley. SALES AND ADVERTISING STAFF First row: M. Maze, G. Schiller, J, Chlapek, C. Haydon, A. Gurley, B. Kamas, R. Sanders. Second row: N. Walker, R. McConald, D. Williams, J, Wall, L, Lanham. I. honey, A, Chlapek. Third row: N. Booth, N. Hejl, A. Easley, B. Schiller, G. Schneider, S. Laird, D, Conlan. Fourth row: G. Eu- banks, G, Taylor, D. Dillard, D. Vannoy, V. Lovelady, L. Smith, S. Miersch, N. Lewellen. .mf M u 519114 V, -.5 Charlotte Haydon, Lloyd Kleypas, and Vicki Lovelady work on pages. Jan Gothard and Lloyd so some art work. Ian, Vicki, Lloyd, and Nancy Lewellen are planning. Corinne Dragoo is selling annuals. Katherine Kelley is also selling. Beverley Brindley is typing senior activities. Katherine and Faye sell to Senior Jan Loney and Junior Patricia Reagan. Georgie has a typewriter there, Corinne sells Annie Easley a yearbook. at ITU fated! Wirrmanacwilamhnrf Sitting: L. Wychopen, K. Tune, N. Snyder, N, Booth, J. Chlapek. Standing: S, Shaffner Miss Black fSponsorJ, A. Chlapek. THE WILDCAT RAMBLER Published by The Journalism Class Temple High School Temple, Texas Though small in formation, it's great information! MEMBER INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE PRESS CONFERENCE EDITOR: Nancy Snyder A SSOCIA TE EDITOR: Kathryn Tune SPORTS EDITOR: Sherry Shaffner ACTIVITIES EDITOR: N an Booth ART EDITOR: Linda Wychopen MAKE-UP EDITOR: Ann Chlapek CIRCULATION MANAGER Jan Chlapek FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Margaret Black Q Je? ,fx 1 ,N h ,, -fx rw Jv- -'4s-- -Q--- 'U 1 Yell Leaders v . x ak. ,.. K..-.......,.. W- '.,'l.,Lu-..,. 'r.amf,."""'f 3 Beverly Brindley, Joyce Farley, Diane Vannoy, Tobi Talasek, Doris Dillard, Marcia Stevens nm HS l Band Members Flutes: C, Haydon, R, Winbum, D, Dillard, G, Tanner, C, Wofford, J, Pace, L, Standard, W, Ward, M, Peters, Bassoon: F, Williams, Clarinets: S. Hayes, C, Robertson, M. Gentry, H, Herrington, P, Cladwell, D, Hill, N, Durden, H, Weathers, E, Matula, M, Nicholson, R, Wylie, B, Hudnall, W, Dillard, J, Green, M, Norwood, D, Berryhill, S. Purkins, A, Fredrickson, M, Bowen, Y, Freeman, P, Wiley, C, Talley, B. Tyler, Alto Saxophones: B. Marshall, H, Rowe, P, Smith, B, Gilleland, Baritone Saxophone: J. Faldez, Tenor Saxophones: D, Mayhew, D, Wells, B, Janeway, E, Nettleton, French Horns: D, Young, J, Lamb, R, Kolls, C, King, L, Green, L, Zivley, G, Johnson, R, Garcia, T, Gibson, L, McCormick, Cornets: J. Stacy, K. Thompson, C, Reed, C, Smith, G, Taylor, J, Head, B, Summers, J, Seatrunk, M, Templeton, C, Hopson, S, Wadsworth, V, Brown, J, Lambright, R, 'Croom J, Grayson, Trombones: C, Tutor, R, McFarlin, B, Barnhart, J, Hunter, C, Speed, K, Bradley, L, Bandas, Baritones: G, Pemberton, W. Meier. D Andrews, J, Sepulvado, Basses: B, Bachus, W, West, W, Ferguson, Percussion: J, Head, N, Lewellen, J, Mereno, A, Barba, S, Nance, J, Behne, B, Livings, P, Urner, E, Starnes, Flagbearers: N, Morries, S, Chaffin, E, Ellis, Director: Durward Howard Ma U W Ill A President, Joe Head, Vice President, Kenneth Thompson: Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Lewellen, Reporter, David Mayhew, Sergeant-at-Arms, Gary Taylor, Riding those yellow school buses to Dallas N-v Eating at the Piccadilly Opium den Picnic on the grounds Ready to leave? First in line for Cinerama 4' nm ,5-We In X W1 M Wo X 4 f O 'C' 4 I A., 4 :ff-2X W' W Q asks 'SN C-D7 f-3 X i X ,242 .ax X yf r it O lfiwwgu' Qt ml f '- WI Il II KX , B Q "argl-uw X in - , was 'ry gl' 'ia Y ffi .1 J' f ' Y ff ii!! E r 2 it G Af ix' X' o Eg 'T' u x t Nik O ,ffff ,ff X . 7 , fl.:,X 0 B l of f Q D of f n I 'X -ff , ,c J 45 f 'lill y if fy!! .ll TWIRLERS K Garcia, R, Winburne, R. Bild. J. Green, G. JOIIDSOII. M. GCIIT-ry. M.-A-,l,,. . ill R 5 7 R gas DRUM MAJOR Floyd Williams Qtx' 'Ula X61 lvlflb . ' I 0 . E sa 2 4 Q I 1: Q: gs A sl ,.. , 5 E 2 s HEAD MAJORETTE 5 V. Lee Ann Green JA: Best Opponent Award Head Captain Award Band Sweetheart fa.. M., ,, , t ,. -so y , f t . .M . Temple High School Urchestra Violins: S. Wilson, M, Hooks, M, Beasley, V, Stone. Viola: M, Barcuch, Cello: J, Palomino, Bass: B, Reed, Flutes: R. Winburne, C, Haydon, Clarinets: E, Moore, D, Hill, N, Dui-den, Bassoons F, Williams, M, Bowen, French Horns: L, Green, C, King, R, Kolls, Trumpets: C, Reed, J, Head, M, Templeton, Trombones: C, Tutor, J, Hunter, Piano: D, Dillard, Tuba, G, Pemberton, Per- cussion: N, Lewellen. J. Behne, Director: D, Howard, s. OFFICERS Ellie Moore, Sergeant-at-Arms, Rosemary Winburne, Reporter and Historian, Floyd Williams, Vice Pres- identg Charlotte Haydon, Secretary, Sandra Wilson, Presidentg Mr, Howard, Sponsor, 'Hi' RD ig. F Pepperettes Top row: P, Simonton, T, Daniel, C, Broaddus, B, Miller, N, McCelvey, K, Ward, M, Erskine, J, King, S, Heil, I. Johnson, G, Schiller, C, Baugh, P, Wallace, B, Jones, V. Ewing, S, Jones, F, Vane- cek, C, Hunka, B, Schiller, R, Williams, I, Kays, J, Price, J, Smith, J, Skelton, A, Shackelford, J, Wall, Left side, top to bottom: M. Martin, N, McGregor, B, Hall, J, Longbotham, A, Slough, K, Kelly, C, Bartek, V, Hitchcock, C, Robinson, J, White, B, Myers, N, Booth, M. Proctor, L. Taylor, B, Taylor, J, Pridgeon, D, Pope, B, Jackson, P, Stracener, L, Harrison, A, Gillespie, K, Peters, K, Tune, Right side: M, Williams, T, Dupree, M, Hooks, D, Chupik, F, Hennig, R, McDonald, P, Wade B, Copeland, C, Tidwell, L, Davis, G, Morris, I, Junek, J, Loney, M, Fournier, P, Berry, G, Lewis, J, Pridgeon, P, Reagan, M, Carlisle, K, Wolf, L, Wolf, L, Klepac, N, Northington, R, Ramsey, Front row: M, Kubala, C, Schiller, S, Munselle, V. Lovelady, S, Beasley, N, Snyder, Captains: Linda Smith, Molly Maze, Linda Lanham, Nancy Walker, Kaki Dowling, Sylvia Neal, C7 ,W lv it , or , ' cl? I ., : , ' T fi- . TQ " ' B, : . rr e Z K W1 K I frm ,L p , ii ' i s Us PEPPERETTE CA PTA INS First row: Sylvia Neal, Kaki Dowling, Second row: Linda Smith, Nancy Walker, Third row: Molly Maze, Linda Lanham, hw 0 0 U ll Tumblers First row: J. Wall, R, McDonald, N, Snyder, J, Longbotham, Second row: G. Lewis, L, Harrison, G, Morris, M, Erskine, S, Chaffin, L, Davis, J, Pridgeon, J, Pridgeon, L, Klepac, R, Ramsey, A, Slough P, Berry, Third row: M, Martin, K, Ward, I. Stark, W, Green, S, Laird, J, Gothard, C, Schiller, S, Jones, J, Johnson, E, Ellis, S, Johnson, M, Gentry, P, Moore, C, Newcomb, Q my JN Q Q 3 h Q K if ' - - ' 1 A .' BJ OFFICERS ROSEMARY MCDONALD, Secretary NANCY SNYDER, Co-Captain JUDY LONGBOTHAM, Treasurer JANICE WA LL, Co-Captain AUDREY SIDUGH, Reporter MRS, MARGARET FENSTY, Sponsor rsrwmf,.,s r Third year girls: J. Longbotham, R. McDonald, N, Snyder. I. Wall. I ofa". ig 9 ff wr- up Q Q First year: C. Schiller. I. Gothard. S. Laird. P. Moore, E. Ellis. M. Martin, J. Stark. J. Johnson, S. Jones, C, Newcomb, K. Ward, W. Green, S, Johnson, Sitting: M, Gentry. ww! 1 2 J, Pridgeon. J. Pridgeon, R, Ramsey, L, Klepac, L, Davis, S, Chaffin, , X f f 4 f +1 -P' ii i ii 4 Y' L 3 X, Hz: , ig i P, Berry, G, Morris Qbottomj, L. Harri A son ftopj, , Slough fbottomj, M, Erskine, ftopy, G, Lewis JAN ALLEN, Tumbling Sweetheart 1958 Choirs T rg A Christmas Program First row: I. Kirkpatrick, R, Lowry, J, Markham, I, Everton, E, Rodgers, E, Collier, R, Money, B, Vannatta, F, Michalk, H, Bradford, G, Hastings, K, Hallmark, R, Rowe, S, Warrick, P, Stracener, D, Womack, C, Tiberghien, M, Carlisle, I, Riveria, Second row: K, Peters, B, Hester, B, Copeland S, Johle, M, Kattner, A, Tims, D, Arriaga, D, Wiese, S, Howse, L, Kjelland, J, Murphy, S, Mun- selle, P, Wade, M, Mattews, V, Hitchcock, M, Hester, G, Klepac, Third row: C. Schiller, D. Chupik, J, Gothard, N, McGregor, M, Millender, N, Jones, R, Ramsey, J, Cartwright, S, Meacham, B, Butler, E, Wiley, R Lange, M, Kunkel, M, Gee, J, Huey, B, Miller, S, Hejl, D, Gothard, T, Dupree, B, Taylor, A, Chupik, M, Marek, Fourth row: P, Caldwell, B, Thompson, V, Ewing, M, Rich, L, Bandas, S, Myers, C, Copeland, J, Springer, M, Chaffin, J, Skelton, N, McCelvey, S, Cle- ments, B, Jones, L, Cantrell, E, Dautenhahn, C, Lewis, N, Morries, At piano: P, Berry, I, Johnson, nu-1 S ,E BOYS' ENSEMBLE S, Howse, D, Weise, D, Arriaga, B, Vannatta, F, Michalk, J. Murphy, R, Money, E, Collier. J. Everton o '1 'ea' I ..-f""'3 GIRLS' QUARTET GIRLS' TRIO S, Mnmselle, D, Chupik, C, Schiller, I. Johnson, P. Caldwell, C. Lewis. B. COPCIBYICL l r GIRLS' CHOIR ENSEMBLE: Mary Gee, Anne C31'01e MIXED CHORUS ENSEMBLE: Sharon Hejl, Margie BIOWII. Vivian Hitchcock. AI Pi3I10: Sandra Smith. Millender, Kenneth Hallmark, Elaine Wiley, Peggy Stracener, At piano: Janice Springer, CHOIR - SPEECH ASSEMBLY PROGRAM SOCIETY i X w ' M , , J V 'x Y 'N I fi 4,,,4jj f pr ul .IW X W "W V ' A O I K - - . W J - ' S-effxgffx Z ,n N I I If x fx X N 1 mr NJN E r ' V' wt: 4 V, 'lqqwvbi ' U ,x +A I fq 7 v xl I . w f KW? 9 I 'A" 2535! W A6 IM, L i + 4 , 4. u K 1. ' w + J M 4 M if f Wx M' M Q Xxx M l P li YI W A a g p li mn 3 , M 9 w .+ R 1 ' ' f K NW 'X' XL, A ww xl A A xx 1 NQXKS Lf- ' XV 1 V' X rw? :TX X X X xx 1 ' if f . f , ,.. 'gif ' 1 - -N4 ' ly ' - f H! -I Nfl - 4 fp f X! K Qf X V ,X 51 X W f ' .f X nn m W 1 fx A Q '- "f"f, a' ::f , ' .:" . WX H W ' 51 W NX WM 5 JA X x ' ' XX Nix Vu Q3-"X 7" XC ' 1 A4 'KN l XY ' X N XXX N, W V .ff K ' 'R , kk r X X Nm N Uv x X' Ilxwxx LW .X X X ! Q W Q W Vx X X W. ' u l 6" W x qi W M, W Xx X x XX X HW QW M x K M54 X X X Xxx QF Q X N '1f5 .L ,:- A51 N . W x 1 7 KG M153 X Xl 2,9 9:79 X X K X X M XXX W xx tudent Council S TUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Molly Maze, Secretary, Betty Copeland, Treasurer, Joe Martin, President, Jim Hammond, Vice President Miss Holden, Sponsor. I ,,. - - I lJLk.lXl. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS SENIORS First row: J, Gothard, S, Laird, D, Vannoy, B, Brindley, L, Lanham, N, Walker, D, Dillard, Second row: S, Howell, D, Malin, J. Gibson, B, Stevens. ' ' E Sc 4- ' I goo X , ll svtuvvl X what STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS IUNIORS First row: M, Stevens, S, Shaffner, T, Daniel, I. Pridgeon, J. Pridgeon, D, Gibson, Second row: D, Farley, C, Hundley, C. Schulz, R, White, F, Curtis, M, Tarrant, K, Richter, J. Werner, B, Woolley, D, Mraz, N W fy , I l N NX X l X X X X R J f lg X N X ' Y eygipx ' l fi X l if 'g'-X .1 NLX ..! xi hx' -'X ff-x. f-ll -f-X-HAS KS! f ' ' x l'r ml ll X wHLEy7?i'?+J-f !,XXRQ2xJgNNJ!'i1jli'il5'l'N,trRNli1fH ueen of ports CANDIDATES AND EXCORTS D, Dillard, J, Gibson, T. Talasek, J. Werner, L, Liles, Queen of Sportsf1956-5'7j, D. Malin, J. Farley, S, Floca, I x 1 ' . Z 1 'L .',. '.' -Inf' DORIS DILLARD Queen of Sports 1957- 1958 D f I X 1 x O O Ti. z ,I mf is This year the activities of Sportsmanship Week consisted of selling tickets, tags, programs, and concessions for the Powder Puff football game on Friday night which climaxed the busy, fun-filled week of class competition, The coronation was scheduled for halftime of the Waco game the following week, but because Waco cancelled the game, a coronation assembly was held in the auditorium that afternoon. Student Council Christmas Dance S fe Ya In " NW' ' WW Q xw Z N S W f S X 6 its Z his H E Af f f S f Q w + Z Wafffrffflvw S ww it if Q ff Q WUXXXMWXXXXY Q a ational Honor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Officers Linda Smith, Reporter, Nancy Snyder, Treasurer, Jay Gibson, President, Doris Dillard, Secretary, Dan Malin, Vice President, Miss Welch, Sponsor. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIE TY QS s n. National Honor Society OLD MEMBERS First row: Miss Welch, B, Myers, J. Junek, M. Kubala, G, Schiller, J. Johnson, N, Booth, I. Gothard, Second row: H, Castillo, F, Williams, H, Herrington, S, Hayes, J, Seastrunk, G, Pemberton, J, Head M, Carver, Third row: M, Maze, S. Miersch, A. Mikulastik, C. Haydon, G, Schneider, N, Hejl, K. Tune, B. Brindley, Fourth row: K, Dixon, K McDonald, V. Lovelady. J. Wall, F, Hennig, K, Kelly, P, Sirnonton, L. Lanham, N, Walker, Fifth row: B, Schiller, D, Taylor, D, Arriaga, A, Reznicek, L, Kleypas, R. Willmann, J, Bradfield, A, Finch, J, Patterson. Sixth row: D, Lancaster, J. Helbert, K, Thompson, D, Wilson, J. Hammond, T, Wright, W, Chupik, S, Wilson, Seventh row: B, Jones, P, Wallace, B, Thompson, A, Chlapek. I. Chlapek, L, Smith, N. Snyder, D, Dillard, D. Vannoy, Eighth row: J. Gibson, D, Malin, A vote to raise membership standards, NEW MEMBERS First row: M. Aguilar, R, Alexander, L, Davis, B, Barnhart, S. Beasley, P, Berry, B, Butler, S, Chaffin, D, Chupik, Second row: T, Daniel, K, Dowling, W. Dugger, L, Eidson, M, Erskine, V, Ewing, D, Farley, S, Floca, Third row: C, Robertson, L, Green, W, Green, L, Hachtel, W, Haisler, K, Hawkins, D, Hill, M, Hooks, C, Hundley, B, I-Iunka, Fourth row: J, Kays, J, King, C, Lewis, G, Lewis, A, Lueck, J. Martin, D, Mayhew, W, Meier, M, Millender, N, Morries, B. Copeland, Fifth row: N, McGregor, S, Neal, F, Newcomb, L, Niles, I. Odstrcil, C, Owens, D, Plsek, D, Pope. I. Pridgeon, J, Pridgeon, T, Fojtasek, Sixth row: L, Taylor, J. Roariguez, C, Schiller, C, Schulz, A, Shackleford, E, Sosa, B, Smith, C, Speed, J, Stark, D, Gibson, Seventh row: B, Woolley, B, Vanatta, P, Wade, K, Ward, D, Wells, C, Wheeler, R. White, K. Wolfe, B, Jackson, F, Curtis. Eighth row: S, Munselle, G. Morris, B, Voelter, P, Reagan, S, Jones, E, Jakubec, R, Ramsey, L, Goode, C, Reed, M, Tarrant, M, Stevens, M, Gentry, .nf 1 Illlllljlllllillllllllllllllllllllllll , -: R - 1 X ' 'CJ3 'nw Q B NVQ, Xffxigfexff f wx Afr x Llyaaqifiv ,ii fu fa f E 'T "-f , 1, Y , -, 1, -N , X4 :J X, ff i'1 gif,,fs,,+1 W fi T 5 f f , i,,iN 5 Q , 55 6 ,Mf nkx Z XXCKC, llllslllllllllll lSlllllilllllOOOllll PROBA TION A RY MEMBERS First row: N, Popelka, J, Voltin, J, Beller, E, Collier, A, Farley, B, Janeway, K, Hallmark, M, Young, Second row: R, Money, B, Marshall, D, Boswell, E, Brinkmann, M, Smith, T, Allen, L, Strimple, D, Simonton, Third row: S, Pemberton, J, Robinson, R, Machalek, C, Cash, S, Smith, R, Sidles, J, Behne, 1, White, B, Summers, Fourth row: J. Gauntt, E, Bethke, E, Junek, A, Gillespie, N, Shibler, J. Grayson, C, Hopson, J, Smith, G, White, Fifth row: C, Dillard, P, Davis, F, Vanecek, K, Peters, J, Pace, J, Green, S, Wyrick, J. Newman, B, London, Sixth row: B, Tschoerner, J, Alston, R, Russell, M, Marek, F, Marturano, A, Hernandez, J, Tiberghien, L, Hood, K, Sprayberry, Seventh row: M, Barcuch, S, Barton, J, Kostohryz, M. Elliott, T, Talasek, N, McCelvey, C, Baugh, C, Kins- low, B, Hall, P, Smith, S, Hejl, Eighth row: UJ. Skelton, N. Northington, D, Sodek, M, Corbin, G, Kleypas, C, Bartek, A, Pollak, E, Matula, D, Dillard, C, Wofford, R, Garcia. Ninth row: J. Price, D, Boecker, C. Tidwell, T. Dupree, P, Smith, J, Westlake, C, Robinson, C, Hunka, B, Chaney, E, Dartenhahn, E, Kegley, Tenth row: C, Weller, P, Thomas, S, Smith, D, Gothard, J, Spencer, B, Taylor, M, Proctor, P, Stracener, M, Carlisle, B, Miller, C, Broaddus, -5-' f ' ,Y f' A' ,f if rib Q, f i 7 Q ff 7 x--T' ' l ji I 1 V ,f' Y i F , .1 Y mum? X4 p 4.173 X fa X xl I X f,:5g,:?-ff!f.g? 47f,5'f HSS' Q , -F 45-19 Dramatics DRAMA TICS CLUB OFFICERS Rosemary McDonald, Secretaryg Linda Lanham, President, Standing: Shorty Cartwright, Vice President John Gill, Reporterg David Young, Treasurerg Mrs, Huckabee, Sponsor, First row: B, Winnett, A, Meyer, I, Gill, E, Barcuch, B, Stevens, P, Covington, D, Mraz, S, Cart- wright, Second row: A, Lueck, H, Castillo, L, Kleypas, C, Groves, J, Kirkpatrick, G, Wilson, L, Garvib R, White, Third row: J, Werner, M. Tarrant, W, Dillard, F, Curtis, B, Woolley, D, Young, N, Nichols, Fourth row: H, Routh, W, Dugger, C, Hundley, S, Floca, K, Richter, B. Breeding, H, Weathers, W, Meier, Fifth row: G. Eubanks, T. Cartwright, J. Martin, B, Hall, L, Posey, J, West- lake, S, Shaffner, F, Roberts. Sixth row: S, Beasley, K, Dowling, E. Ellis, C, Robinson. J. Pridgeon S, Armstrong, Seventh row: P, Berry, D, Conlan, K, Ward, D, San Miguel, M, Williams, B, Butler, L, Harrison, M, Erskine, K, Wolf, G, Morris, Eighth row: E, Moore, P, Caldwell, B, Summers, J, White, J, Springer, E, Wiley. J. Johnson, D, Womack, "BAUBLE FOR THE BABY' First row: M. Gee, S, Neal, T, Daniel, J. Marshall, M, Prewitt, C, Durden, S. Meecham, B. Younts, C, Hunka, Second row: B. Smith, C, Newcomb, A, Easley, T, Talasek, L. Hinton, R, Russell, M, Marek, A, Brown, B, Miller, Third row: J. Loney, G, Schiller, F. Hennig, S, Jones, P. Reagan, L, Davis, R. Ramsey, B, Hall, M. Mayes, Fourth row: L. Smith, M. Maze, V, Lovelady, S, Laird, R, McDonald. I. Longbotham, A, Slough, L, McGregor, D, Pope, Fifth row: D, Gibson, B. Brindley, J. Gothard, K, Tune, M, Lewis. I. King, S, Wilson, N, Booth. J. Smith. Sixth row: M, Hooks, P, Wad B, Copeland, B. Jones, N. Elliot, M, Simmonds, R, Hicks, N, Shibler, Seventh row: Mrs, Huckabee fSponsory, S, Barton, J. Skelton, N, Northington, C, Kinslow, V. Hitchcock, I. Tune, D, Roberts, A. Chupik. C 'BAUBLE FOR THE BABY' ational Thespians First row: K, Dowling, S, Beasley, T, Daniel, I. Pridgeon. J. Pridgeon, Mrs, Huck abee, Second row: N. Booth, B, Brindley, B, Jones, M, I-looks, W, Meier, Third row: J, Kirkpatrick, C, Hundley. D. Young, L. Garvini, R, White. Membership in the National Thespian Troupe is based on points eamed in dramatic productions, One of 1, 767 in the nation, Troupe 1259 was organized in 1955- 1956. It is not a secret or social club, but is an organization for the advance- ment of dramatic arts in the second ary schools of the United States, L.f'5 I, 1 4 K I v fi Q73 J- NATIONAL FORENSIC First row: A, Lueck, K, Tune, P, Reagan, Mrs, Howard fSponsorJ, Second row: I. Tune, F, Newcomb, A, Gillespie, D. Young, N, Booth, L, Garvin, M, Hooks, W, Meier, M, Mayes, S, Beasley, A DEBA TE C LUB First row: L, Garvin, D, Young, P, Reagan, K, Tune, H, Castillo, L, Lueck, Second row: F, New- comb, W, Meier, M, Hooks, M, Mayes. I. Tune, Mrs, Howard, Sponsor, adn fi U50 NX 4 W, V xt 'U L y We 0105 First row: C, Robinson, C, Hunka, N, Northington, J, Skelton, J, Pridgeon, T, Daniel, Second row: C, Lewis, J, Kays, S, Boren, G, Morris, G. Lewis, Third row: F, Roberts, N, Walker, S, Shaffner, P, Stewart, J, Farley, K. Wolf, Fourth row: D, Williams, D, Lancaster, C, Owens, M, Foumier, K, Tune, K, Butler, Fifth row: N, Snyder, L, Bandas, L, Smith, V, Lovelady, G, Schiller, J, Johnson, Sixth row: D, Roberts, I, Tune, J, Pace, J, Green, B. Probst, C. Tidwell, Seventh row: C, Cash, R, Sidles, T, Foyt, M, Young, K, Hawkins, L, I-1achteL Eighth row: J. Stewart, D, Boswell, W, Ferguson, A, Chaney, S, Smith, Ninth row: C, Kinslow, S, Barton, V, Hitchocok, C, Henry, E, Jakubec, M. Millender, Tenth row: R, White, M, Prewitt, S, Wilson, P, Wade, D, Vannoy, R, Bird, Eleventh row: G, Wilson, D, Gilliam, B. Murray, G, Metcalf. OFFICERS David Wilson, President, Nancy Snyder, Secretary, Linda Lanham, First Vice President, Terry Daniel, Reporter, Doris Dillard, Treasurer, Jay Gibson, Second Vice President, Mrs, Jones, Sponsor, nl First row: N, Booth, M, Maze, S, Neal, D, Dillard, J, Gibson, D. Kelly, N, Nichols, Second row: M, Martin, B, Brindley, L, Lanham, J, Pridgeon, S, Armstrong, J, Hammond, W, Chupik, Third row: M, Gentry, M, Hooks, S, Klecka, L, Klecpac, S, Jones, R, Ramsey, P, Reagan, Fourth row: W, Meier, L, Shirley, K, Thompson, J, Patterson, R, Berry, H, Castillo, A, Lueck, Fifth row: I, Seastrunk, A, Finch, T, Fojtasek, B, Tschoemer, J, Stippick, C, Tutor, F, Williams, Sixth row: J, Head, J, Brad- field, M, Tarrant, L, Romine, B, Hunka, S, Floca, B, Murray, Seventh row: M. Chapman, M, Mayes, T, Talasek, R. Russell, M, Marek, E, Matula, J, White, Eighth row: D, Wilson, S, Beasley, C, Hundle D, Mayhew, S, Chaffin, C, Robertson, F, Newcomb, Ninth row: Mrs. Jones, J, Everton, Y R Shaving so young? King and Queen of Satumalia "I knew in a moment it x o lt must be Saint Nick' That's a nice group of slaves, "When what to my blood shot eyes should appear - Roman muscle-men? ROMAN BEA UTIES PA N-AMERICAN OFFICERS President - - - - - RAL WHITE Reporter - Vice President - - - - SYLVIA NEAL Committee Vice President - - - - MOLLY MAZE Committee Secretary - - - - - TERRY DANIEL Committee Treasurer - - - - - - FRANK CURTIS Committee Parliamentarian - - -""- JEAN JOHNSON Committee Sponsor --------- ----- MR S, SPENCE Pan,-American Club ' -JUDY PRIDGEON - '- - - DANA POPE - SANDRA WILSON CAROLYN TIDWELL - RICY WILLIAMS - -KATHY WOLF PAN-AMERICA N CHOIR First row: L. Harrison, G, Lewis, M, Martin, J, Marshall, J, Skelton, S, Chaffin, G, Johnson, S, Bar- ton, B, Copeland, Second row: J. Pridgeon, J, Pridgeon, R, Russell, P, Berry, M, Prewitt, K, Ward, K, Wolf, T, Talasek, R, Ramsey, Third row: J. Helbert, K, Dixon, C, Owens, G, Morris, M, Erskine, A, Brown, M, Marek, Fourth row: L, Kleypas, R, White, First row: M, Aguilar, C, Boedeker, P, Berry, C, Baugh, S, Barton, J, Barton, F. Artz, Second row: D, Chupik, A, Chupik, S, Chaffin, P, Caldwell, K, Butler, B, Butler, A, Butler, E, Burtchell, C, Brown, Third row: S, Floca, D, Gibson, L, Eidson, W, Drugger, C, Durden, K, Dixon, W, Dillard, L, Davis, B, Copeland, Fourth row: B, Hall, J, Head, L, Garvin, A, Fredrickson, V, Ewing, D, Evetts, J, Gill, G, Eubanks, M, Ers- kine, E, Ellis, Fifth row: W, Lancaster, S, Meacham, L, Harrison, P, Heine, J, Hammond, B, Hall, D, Green J, Gothard, D, Gothard, C, Goode, Sixth row: N, McGregor, M, Melton, D. Conlan, I, Helbert, G, Johnson, B, Jackson, J, Hitt, L, Hinton, C, Henry, Seventh row: N, Bond, S, Laird, M, Kankll, L, Kleypas, S, Klecka, J. Kinslow, J, King, J, Kays, P, Jordan, S, Jones, Eighth row: M, Marek, J, Malina, J, Lovern, J, Loney, B, London, J, Lewis, R, Lange, Ninth row: C, Brooks, L, McGregor, N, McCelvey, M, Maze, R, Matthews, M, Martin, J, Marshall, J, Martin. 7 -- -.-7, First row: R, White, S, Neal, M, Maze, T, Daniel, F, Curtis, J. Johnson. J. Pridgeon, K, Wolf, S, Beasley, S, Boren. Second row: A, W, Meyer, M, Millender, P, Moore, G, Morris, B, Murray, B, Murray, S, Munselle, N, Morris, B. Myers, S, Myers, Third row: W, Neeley, D, Pope, M, Tarrant, N, Northington, L, Niles, C, Owens, J, Paschal, K, Pfann, M, Prewitt, J, Pridgeon, Fourth row: S, Wilson, L, Posey, R, Ramsey, P, Rea- gan, C, Reed, H, Routh, K, Richter, C, Robinson, W, Rowe, Fifth row: D. San Miguel, B, Schiller, C, Schulz A, Shackelford, S, Shaffner, N, Shibler, T, Simmonds, C, Schiller, Sixth row: P, Simonton, J, Skelton, J, Smith, B. Smith, C, Newcomb, J, Springer, T, Talasek, C, Talley, D, Taylor, P, Thomas, Seventh row: J, Tune, S, Vaughn, S, Voss, P, Wallace, K, Ward, C, Weller, C, Tidwell, B, Winneti, D, Wilson, S, Howell Eighth row: J. Wendland, B, Westfall, J, Westfall, J. Westlake, E, Wiley, D, Williams, M, Williams, B, Younts, L, Zivley, D, Young, B. Wooley, Student Council members conduct Santa Pal it Drive, decorate Council office. Future Homemakers have Child Study Unit, decorate cakes. 35' Library lub OFFICERS J, Johnson, Secretary, C, Hundley, Vice President, M, Tarrant, President, A, Easley, Treasurer, B, Hejl, Reporter, Miss Lena Word, Sponsor, First row: S, Munselle, C, Schiller. J. Johnson, G, Schiller, J. Springer, D, Plsek, C, Dragoo, Second row: E, Whitley, W, Rowe, B, Hejl, A, Easley, C, Hundley, M, Tarrant, N, Hejl, E, Wiley, J, Schneider, B, Hall. J. Tune, D, Roberts, Miss Word CSponsorQ, Future Teachers First row: J. Johnson, S, Klecka, M. Hooks, C, Hundley, M, Tarrant. Second row N Mc Gregor, B, Copeland, A. Brown, B, Miller, N. Northington, T, Talasek M Gentry Thud row: I. Tune, B, Hall, O, Taylor, K, Tune, S, Dulaney, P. Caldwell, C Robertson, C Owens, President ---- Vice President - Secretary ---- Treasurer - - - Reporter - - Sponsors - - E, Ellis, Fourth row: Mrs. Hooks, Miss Lindemann, OFFICERS - - MARVIN TARRANT CHARLES HUNDLEY - - MARY SUE HOOKS - - SUZANN KLECKA - - - - - JEAN JOHNSON - - MRS, GLADYS HOOKS MISS ALICE LINDEMANN FUTURE TEA CHERS' CA UCUS ,V . Eilll Ill NNMHM8 Haa! M, ,LLx, MW-M TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL, NOVEMBER 2, 1957 Q9 HOMEMA KING OFFICERS Front row: I, Longbotham, R, McDonald, D, Williams, Back row: M, Stevens, K, Dixon, C, Newcomb. I. Wall, N, Walker, J. Mar- shall, A, Slough. Treasurer - - - Song Leader - - - - - Historian - - Reporter - - - Treasurer ---- Vice President - - - - President ---- Secretary ---- Parliamentarian - - - Pianist ------ Sponsors - - - ' ' 'JUDY IDNGBOT1-IAM RO SEMA RY MCDONA LD - DAURICE WILLIAMS - - - MARCIA STEVENS - - - - -KATHY DIXON CHRISTINE NEWCOMB ' ' ' " 'IANICE WALL - - - NANCY WALKER " " ' IO MARSHALL - - - AUDREY SLOUGH - - -CECIL HENDRICKS MRS, IOUISE BOND DAVID YOUNG Sweetheart QMAKFR +09 Soft ffl ,Q 1 fr 4,9 S, Q1 3' fj0 , ,Y 1, 7- 1 'P Mex DNEW HO BILL MA CHA LEK Ideal Boy E - K First row: A, Slough. I. Marshall, J, Pridgeon, M, Stevens, C, Newcomb, J, Wall, N, Walker, J. Longbotham, R. McDonald, K, Dixon. Second row: A. Gurley, B. Hejl, B, Jackson, A, Easley, C, Dragoo, B, Copeland, J, Stark, W, Green, D, Dillard, B, Hall, I, Helbert, Third row: P, Heine, C, Boedecker, C. Brooks, L, Harrison, M, Erskine, C, Durden, S, Boren, J, Barton, M, Chapman, E, Dragoo, Miss Hendricks, Fourth row: P, Cowan, C. Bartek, S, Barton, J. Fischer, C, Henry. J. Hitt, D, Boedecker, S, Klecka, M, Hooks, A. Hipp, S. Myers. Fifth row: B, Butler, C, Hunka, A, Butler, C, Baugh. J. Milam, S, Hejl, M, Bell, M, Hervey, C, Foster, M, Franks. Sixth row: P, Jordan, P, Thomas, J, Tiberghien, P, Wade, D, Pope, S, Shaffner, K, Pfann, R, Sanders, A, Mikulastik, S, Miersch. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS First row: B. Kamas, S, Laird, I. Iunek, C, Weller, B, Younts, D, Womack, J, Pridgeon, C, Persky, Second row: P, Simonton, N, Snyder, D, Lancaster, P, Wallace, B, Myers, J. Kays, C, Lewis, A, Shackelford, Third row: E. Iunek, M, Pechal, D, Plsek, A, Nunnallee, N, McGregor, E, Whitley, S, Munselle, C, Schiller. Fourth row: S, Kiser, B, Smith, R, Bolin, S, Jernigan, G, Wendland, J, Westfall, S, Voss, J, Price, Fifth row: S, Jernigan, G, Klepac, P, Smith, C, King, P, Smith, J, Tune, S, McDow, P, Messer. Sixth row: S, Vaughn, S, San Miguel, T, Talasek, R, Russel, L. Posey, M, Procter, B. Taylor, N, Northington, 4 Charm School Style Show HOMEMAKING CHAIRMEN HOMEMAKING CLASS SECRETARIES J, Wall, N, Walker. J. Marshall, M, Melton, D. Back row: B, Hejl, L, Hinton, J. Helbert, Front Green, S, Wilson, row: J, Prldgeon, B, Jackson, M, Stevens, KAY TUNE BILL MACHA LEK, Ideal Boyg Betty Crocker Winner JANICE WA LL, President, DAVID YOUNG, Sweetheart, CHAPTER PARENTS Mrs, James Westfall, Mrs, Dan Pope, J. Wall, Presidentg Mr, and Mrs, Alton Wall. Q FARM S Or ' Seated: B. Craft, M. Elliott, T. Coyne, R. Morris, I. Brown. First row: B. Reed. I. Innmon, F. Huddleston, B. Machalek, I. Allen, D, Dillard, D. Vannoy, P. Brooks, R. Carver, B. Stevens, D. Mraz, K. Vaughan, B. Hall. Second row: C. P. VickeryfSponsorJ, W, Eaton, B. Cross, T, Wall. 'L af ' . B B ww , 'F 5 la 0 1 A 1,7 '9'5i1'L 0 DIANE VANNOY DORIS DILLARD Co-Sweetheart Co-Sweetheart Robert Carver, Bucky Stevens, and their hog co-operative. Lloyd Fur1's pedigreed ewe sheep project. Robert Carver's fine registered Berkshire brood sow. V . I ' 4 zK ...x la A q I . In f- fx .s . 1 .1 r 'av itfvs M is fs fi 1 ' Ki '7 ,V 'fl-. 1- W ' tn rim I 'I M KH' . . 'i1'wK'u, :V , 'L ,yt my Uihl- 'Y 215.5 Y.Vfl'- I..lx.'uk, 'N' .. lg rf 111 ' ' W k4411,'lfJJl"" ' AW t ,!. Wx, ' Wllhff, Q 'lumi 'A Q K' .A 0 o Q 1' i Q rf in il 4 l'r Donald Taylor's registered Duroc gilt. Paul Brooks, feeding his re- gistered Duroc sow and York shire gilt. Temple F. F. A. officers retuming from Camp Trini- dad rraining school. l OFFIC ERS PISSMCHI """ '-"'--- - - HARRY SHAFER Vice President ---- - - JERRY MALINA Secretary-Treasurer -- ---- BOBBY WINNETT RBPOIICI' ------ - - CLIFTON HENDERSON SPOIISOI - - - - MR. ANTONE ELSIK Science Club First row: H. Shafer, J. Malina, B. Winnett, C. Henderson, P. Covington, M. Corbin, M. Young, C. Elliott, A. Lueck, D. Francis, Mr. Elsik. Second row: W. Kirk, C. Boedecker, P. Heine, P. Caldwell, P. Reagan, L. Davis, R. Ramsey, R. Alexander, M. Gentry, C. Robertson, D. Jordan. Third row: G. Morris, G. Lewis, M. Martin, J. Skelton, J. MacNabb,C. Robinson, W. Dugger, N. Popelka, M. Lewis, A. Gillespie, G.Rinch. Fourth row: W. Landers, R. Busn, L. Kleypas, C. Hundley, B. Niles, K. Richter, B. Woolley, G. Eubanks, K. Hawkins, B. Murray, J. Voltin, J. Bradfield. Fifth row: D. Wilson, L.Zivley, D. Kelly, J. Hammond, D. Gibson, B. Breeding, J. Gibson, F. Curtis, C. Schultz, P. Patterson, C. Speed. Sixth row: L. Garvin, N. Bond, M. Tarrant, B. Greenwood, N. Nichols, R. White, B. Hall, J. Tune, D. Roberts, S. Drawn, L. McGregor, B. Barnhart. Seventh row: C. Newcomb, B. Smith, M. Erskine, K, Ward, D. San Miguel, B, Butler, C, Durden, 5, Meacham B. Younts, M. Yez, K. Hallmark. Eighth row: H. Brown. B. Murray, S. Armstrong, D. Gibson, L. Shirley, G. Odstrcil, I. Odstrcil, T. Vanderveer, J. Lewis, D. Roberson, I. Matush, H. Calvery, S. Coufal. Ninth row: J. McQueen, R. Boutwell, C. Dillard, B. Kerley, J. Harvey, C. Symm, K. Hall- mark, H. Herrington, S. Hayes, I. Seastrunk. Tenth row: S. Floca, J. Murray, R. Willmann, R. Wainger, A. Nunnallee, K. Tune. Furtmt Nurzsts F Q ,ll yy K? y X 4 F-U' First row: Christine Newcomb, Treasurer: Bobbie Smith, Vice President: Linda Gil- more, Secretary. Second row: M. Gentry, C. Robertson, M. Kattner, C. Copeland. Third row: L. Bandas, M. Mayes, B. Probst, J. Green. Fourth row: C. Dragoo, B. Schiller, A. Easley, J. Helbert. Fifth row: J. Hill, W. Green, J. Stark, R. Sanders. Sponsors: Mrs. Terrell Speed, Mrs. Peggy Bonner. 'X P' 3' J 'f hw PRODUCTION Director ------ Mrs, Nita Huckabee Student Director ----- Stage Manager - - - - Prompter ---- - Props Set - louis Garvin' Linda Lanham -Molly Maze Nancy Snyder -John Patterson TICKETS, PROGRAM, AND USHERS Nancy Walker Janice Wall Rosemary Winburne Jim Hammond Joe Martin David Young' The Senior Class Presents "ONIONS IN THE STEW " Dramatized by William Dalzell and Anne Coulter Martens, from the book by Betty MacDonald Produced by Special Arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Co. March 3, 4, 1958 CHARACTERS Betty - - - - -LINDA SMITH Mr. Curtis - - Don - - - - TOMMY WRIGHT Mrs. Curtis - - - Anne - - - - BEVERLY BRINDLEY' Her Helper - - Joan - - - - - NAN BOOTH' Lyda - - - - Howard - - - - - JAY GIBSON Jim - - - Roger - - - - FRANK ROBERTS Dotty - - - c1aud--- ---DANMALIN Jo------- Claire - - LUCILLE BANDAS other Friends - - - Lesley - - - - DIANE VANNOY' Margo - - - - - JAN GOTHARD Delia and Friend Miss Garvey - - Bee Gee ---- Salsie - - - - - Kitsie ------- Mrs. Walter 's Harry - - DORIS DILLARD' - - - LEE ANN GREEN VIC KI LOVELADY - - - SHIRLEY LAIRD - - - - DAVID WILSON New Motor Marvin - - - - JIMMY PASC HAL Announcer - - - Grover - - - Sailors - - old Buddy - - 'Members of National T hespian Society - - NUBBIN BOND - - - ELLIE MOORE - NANCY LEWELLEN - BARBARA WESTFALL " ' "' ' ' JOHN GILL - - - MARTHA BOOTH - CHRISTIE HUCKABEE - - - - ANNIE EASLEY JERRY TURNER - CORINNE DRAGOO CHARLOTTE HAYDON - - - DAVID WILSON ' 'JERRY MALINA - - BOBBY KERLEY LANE Z.IVLEY - - A. W. MEYER Interscholastic League Lff1'Y!4r,v ll lil ,..i:, 1 Slide Rule: Joe Head, Bennie Tschoerner, Travis All-State Band and Orchestra: Standing: Joe Head, Fojtasek, John Stippick. Mr. Ferrill, Sponsor. Snare Drum: Stanley Hayes, Clarinet: Johnny Palo- mino, Cello: and Floyd Williams, Bassoon. Seated: Jane Reed, Trumpet: Sandra Wilson, Violin: and Chester Tutor, Trombone. Mr. Howard, Sponsor. Xi V +"'ic fi i j 1. co 55 f,, lug gi it ,sly Wing X M 7- 1 XA NUMBER SENSE First picture: Stanley Hayes. Second picture: Charles Cash, Stephen Smith, Marvin Tarrant, Miss Welch, Sponsor: Eliza- beth Junek. Not pictured: Diane Roberts, . li Y-I Speech Contestants: First picture: Kaki Dowling, Anne Gillespie, Jill White, Mary Sue Hooks, Sally Beasley, Molly Maze, Daniel Francis, Bob Summers, Wayne Meier. Second picture: Vicki Loveiadv, Patricia Reagan. Third picture: Garey Wilson. Not pictured: Frank Roberts, Mrs. Nita Huckabee, Sponsor. READY WRITERS Frank Roberts, Iim Ham- mond. Mrs. Meenach, SPELLERS 1 SPOHSOI- Judy stark, Dorothy same- F singer, Betty Sue Gilliland. 54 Mrs. Elizabeth Meenach Sponsor. N 1, I+ . fx if 7 Q , ,yf li, 1 .. ' wma - f ,X , :A R' A eww b -kLi V d if Top Typers Seated: Annetta Shackelford, Secretary, Rita Alexander, President, Barbara Younts, Vice President, Bob- bie Smith, Reporter. First row: Dorothy Plsek, Sharon Meacham, Betty Butler. Second row: Claudia Lewis, Wanda Green, Nancy McGregor, Pam Berry, Christine Newcomb, Pat Wade, Betty Copeland, Third row: Mrs. MeierfSponsorj, Denny Kelley, Jan King, Sandra Munselle, Mary Io Erskine, Margie Millender, La Nell Davis, Sharon Chaffin. INTERSCHOLA STIC LEAGUE SHORTHAND Norma Hejl, Jan Chlapek, Stanley Hayes, Agnes Mikulastik, Bobbie Thompson, Ann Chlapek, Janice Iunek, Georgie Schiller, Jeanie Beach. Mrs. Ferrill, Sponsor. ?' L 259 fi, 'V , W 1 'M - VV. My L 1, X N, M W? .., , ,K VM BAIBJ Cd E5 O N, K --aa - X ,,,,,,..ix,iu., S .,.. gf, f .fa K 'Ji' kv We L xr' Aw .. ,K ,V RX 4 1 WI 1 'kum- ...wx 1 .sm WW : 5. rf, -f 'vb 1,1455 'J-4' in Q 0 L+' M, COTTLE, Backfield P. PATTERSON, Line Coach f x fjfww M 'S X " x "' '- f N r J, FIKES, Head Coach Sf 3 fi ff N fl f' Q' ' f I I KLA! 5 N E wi G. HILLEY, Basketball Coach G, KIRK, Coach Top row: G. Morris - Manager, Gill, Eubanks, Malina, Krempin, Paschal, Routh, Chuplk West Wheeler, Schulz, Williams, Richter, Niles, Roberts, Allen. Second row: Brown, Hall Hlnkle Goode Machalek, Carver, Meyer, Shafer, Breeding, Dugger, Curtis, J. Gibson, Zivley, Werner Farley Mraz Bryant, Hammond. Bottom row: D, Gibson, Sypert, T. Cartwright, Stevens, Popelka Seastrunk Woolley, Malin, Wright, Houston, S. Cartwright, Howell, Rowe, Dillard, Mertins. September September September October - - - - - October - - - - October - October - November November November November Temple Wildcats WILDCAT SCHEDULE 1957 Sam Houston - - 14 Jeff Davis- - - - O Smiley - - - - - 12 Brownwood - - - -13 Cleburne - - - 7 Killeen - - - - 0 S. F. Austin - - 13 McCallum - - 0 Travis - - - - - 13 Open Date Waco Canceled fi!-C , 4:52. S ' ' X r 'litse-f""" vxf " 'Q- wi. i X EQ ff' "Fe-, Q 4- R ' fe '3 , 4 rrnw, !!. 'l ,r I' lgblx N ff ,ex x lQr if-' X 1' .' le' s 1 1 X fy ' ll v -f 0 I f iw Qw ' M' af 1 i Wx x -1" I ft WQQ A fir 1 ,xl nz , A05 xNMXw , ff f kr ,h 1 tl ll ' 1 I X ' Hy, V . , if l!K'l6,!lQ'g5N' I I Xx.Ql'Q,'t 1 1 il ,nblfw ' 1-'l....l Q 0' ' v . Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats 4' FIRST DEFENSE W. Cartwright, W. Chupik, T. Popelka, R. Dillard, J. Malina, I. Seastrunk, B. Machalek, D. Malin, B. Stevens, J. Houston, T. Wright. FIRST OFFENSE J. Houston, D. Malin, T. Wright. M. Carver, C. Richter, B. Wooley, D. Farley, H. Brown, D. Mraz B. Breeding, F. Roberts. ff I a mx , - we . K f SWEA TER A WA RDS fl my SX If . TROPHY A WA RDS K. Richter, Best Offensive Back: W. Cartwright, Fortitude Trophy: T. Wright, Best Defensive Back: J. Houston, Best'Offensive Linemang D. Malin, Most Valuable Player: B. Machalek, Coaches' Award IYOROWN J. HOUSTON D. MALIN T. WRIGHT M. CARVER W, CHUPIK F, ROBERTS B, MACHALEK J, MALINA I, SEASTRUNK C, MERTINS I. GIBSON C, STEVENS I. PASCHAL li L, ZIVLEY A, W, MEYER G EUBANKS W CARTWRIGHT S. HOWELL I. GILL T, POPELKA W, WILLIAMS H, SHAFER C, HINKLE D. MRAZ D. FARLEY D, BRYANT: F, CURTIS K.' RICHTERW B. BREEDING B, WOOLLEY D, GIBSON I K W. DUGGER H. ROUTH C. WHEELER H. ROWE W. DILLA RD C. GOODE L. NILES I, WERNER B, HALL G, SYPERT W, WEST T, CARTWRIGHT C. SCHULTZ C. KREMPIN J, ALLEN J, HAMMOND G, MORRIS Top row, left 'to right: Machalek - Manager, McQueen, Kabella, Wall, Voltin Elliott Sabastian Reed, Murray, Martinez, Money, Hotzclaw, Strimple, Marshall- Manager Middle row Hatchel Collier, Landers, Boutwell, Sepulvado, Honeycutt, Stewart, Bethke, Cooksey Jez Bottom row Rosser, Cross, Carver, Bradford, Wiggington, Beller, Chupik, Jenkins, Dillard Chappel Holland - Corsicana - - - University High Rogers ------ - - Killeen ---- Austin High - - McCallum - - Travis - - - Belton - - - Waco - - Kzttens WE THEY --13-- ---13 -- - 45-- -- o --- - '1-- --12 12-- --41 --45-- -- '1 --2o-- --40 --25-- -- 7 -1-- -- 0 -- 39-- --13 --12-- -- o Z 45, 1 7' Aix September September October - October - October - October - October - November November November Ml? . ,QAM 55 yalif' , f Rx 6 sf! ff nk I, X M ll .wr I I A fx l', 02? A' . M f , 0,62 ff xx O' all Temple 39 - Sam Houston 14 The fighting Temple Wildcats, vow- ing to win their first game and start the season on the right foot, played a fine brand of football in downing the Sam Houston Tigers 39 - 14 on Woodson Field. Led by the brilliant running of Dennis Farley and expert defense by the Wildcat forward wall, the Wildcats showed much spirit and fire. Touchdowns were made by Farley, Frank Roberts, Dan Malin, Kirby Richter and Tommy Cartwright. Temple 25 - Jeff Davis 0 The Wildcats, fighting the "flu" as well as Jeff Davis of Houston, played valiantly. Although half the team was not suited up for the game, the Cats fought hard all the game. Led by the im- pressive, tough, fullback Kirby Richter who scored two touchdowns, and with one touchdown by Dennis Farley, and Don Mraz, the Cats were never in danger. Temple 48 - Smiley 12 XXNX ss' Y X ! Tr' 5 X 3' fi" wm1u1m-Nvr1..s.wrMMWr,W,.aw1s:rf, f- my :rsr..wslr,r.r.,.1m.. 5 rs 1 - f Showing a tremendous offense the Wildcats piled up seven touchdowns in a bombarding game with Smiley of Houston. Wildcats sub- stitutes played almost the entire second half. Temple 34 - Brownwood - 13 Putting on a fine aerial exhibit the Cats really poured it on their old rivals, the Brownwood Lions, Completing 11 of 16 passes, Don Mraz again played a great football game. Tommy Cartwright started the scoring with a beautiful 50 yard run. Then Mraz threw a magnificent pass to Wayne Williams for the score. Big Wren Dillard, a monster to the Lions all night, along with slim James Houston, threw the Lions for a loss behind their own goal for a safety. Mraz threw to Houston to set up the next score. As usual Kirby Richter, Cat fullback, played a tremendous game. Jn" W -www? F f Q J 2 1-3? A. N. YK I TGS, K H .M f 'X 2 W I Q .L.,, Q Q QM gk if: fi X A ,, , S as . ap Sag ma. W KE mf K, W E QI' vw-'ivy -Q, ,jg 2 A 4 N B X Q . gf A f . it! . . .-1 iff' ,L f 4 5 Q 'Y Q 4 xy S ,, QM?-A is ffsfifg vi .ak Temple 6 - Austin Maroons 13 The Wildcats' famous spirit and "hard nose" k N K W Y - f , brand of football was shown to every fan who wit- nessed this great football game. When the final gun sounded, the Wildcats and the coaches were on the short end of the score. But in the statistics and all out play the Wildcats ruled. W Q X Kirby Richter compiled more yardage than the entire Maroon backfield and yet the cats could only score one time. As usual the Cats' defense was great. The Wildcats lost Houston Brown for the remainder of the season when he broke his leg. At the first of the game the Cats were under a handicap because James Houston had torn his ligaments and was playing just offense because he could not run defense. TEMPLE 32 - MCCALLUM O The Wildcats, bouncing back from the bruising Maroon game, played a terrific game. Quarter- back Don Mraz started the scoring off with a beautiful 51 yard scamper for the Cats. Other T. D.' s were scored by Dennis Farley, Kirby Richter, and Tommy Cartwright. Outstanding linemen were Dan Malin, Milton Carver, Jerry Malina, Wren Dillard, and Bill Machalek n R' ,L ,-, , - W F'-i-if "' ' ff 'if' - ,,,,-, Ywmfcfi- -:fa-,ZQL fl --+77 l,:, N -if ' 01:51 N vq +W Y , Y va mm 7 by T..,a:.!' V afff ,Y M: 1:7 , x-V' W7 .am ..-ax 'c":l N f - 'Li' i '!T:' xenfrf :P -iii a, U , v Ny I 7 ly, ee-2 Qt . ' -U -S 1' ' X xyiify "5 - ' -0 ii fi ffyl X X7 Z, X I KW' A K-4-:T 1 5, Q. ,gk .-.M,4,,-,,.-. ., 1 , f YQ 'iqrqgg ' V tr -9 ' MLM 'ff' - Lf f ,W -LQ , X L 1w g3,J9?' f mfzfm 1 I!!-,,-11' ,jx 1.3 g"j,Urf--j Z A , -- K il w --V I r h f' W Q ' M-W if 444 44 A4 Temple 14 - Travis 13 The Cats got a real scare from the Travis Rebels, but, by the talented toe of Don Mraz, who kicked both extra points, the Cats came out on top. Mraz and Dennis Farley scored Temple touchdowns. Temple - Waco The Temple-Waco game was canceled because of the bad weather. ' a7. 1f 1 -1- "A" TEAM Front row: Oscar Kral, Dennis Farley, Tommy Wright, Bobby Winnett, Frank Roberts. Second row Charles Hundley, Manager, James Houston, Pat Patterson, Charles Smith, Joe Martin. Third row Jackie Sebastian, Dicky Gibson, Dan Malin, Charles Wheeler, Charles Schulz. Temple 53 24 56 50 58 31 60 44 56 40 39 55 39 55 41 53 54 Non-District Opponent University High Qwacoj Rockdale Rockdale Pasadena South Houston Brazos Port Killeen Gatesville Belton Bryan Waco Ft. Worth Tech. Killeen Snyder Abilene Coleman University High fwacoj Basketball "A" SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Temple 39 38 36 63 35 40 62 45 35 46 35 55 70 51 31 48 34 26 50 64 48 42 53 '76 34 District Opponent Austin Maroons Travis McCallum Waco Austin Maroons Travis McCallum Waco "B" TEAM Front row: Charles Wigginton, Gregory Chappell, Tommy Honeycutt, Lloyd Kleypas, Royce Money Ian Lambright, Wayland West. Second row: Joe Everton, Bobby Greenwood, Wallace Ferguson, Eddie Col lier, Jamie Beller, Larry Strimple, Not pictured: Bobby Marshall. Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Basketball "B " SCHEDULE AND RESULTS University High "B " Cameron "A" Gatesville "A" Hearne "A" Marlin "A" Holland "B" Holland "A" Killeen "B" Killeen "B" Cameron "A" University High "A" Austin Maroon "B " University High "B" McCallum "B" Waco "B" Austin Maroon Reserves Travis "B" McCallum Reserves Waco "B " XP' f Cl fig ii T 'Q y ii Wildcats in Action, Baseball s J xt Sift N X .N First row: Bobby Winnett, Tommy Honeycutt, David Young, Shorty Cartwright, Don Mraz, George Sy- pert, Jamie Ballard, Greg Chappell. Second row: Royce Money, Harry Shafer, Dicky Gibson, Tommy Wright, Bucky Stevens, Jimmy Werner, Dennis Farley, Charles Wigginton, Milton Carver. Third row: Jackie Sebastian, James Houston, Eddie Collier. Not pictured: Jan Allen, Gary Taylor, Lane Zivley, Bill Craft, Archie Kennedy, Coach Cottle, X D Y , A N lr i ff! XQQ ,aff-S' it ' ,:ff 'B f ,J ' I gg: ' - A? :Q ,Fei-, 2gfn7d'P747f"-' ' X Baseball in Action Nfl- ll' Coy Left to right: W. Evensen, G. Wilson, B. DeBord, J . Gibson, S. Armstrong, B. Murray, R. Matthews, S. Floca, R. White, T. Simmonds, B, Murray, D. Kelley, N. Nichols, D. Boswell, Co-Captains, R. White, S. Floca. Sponsor: Mr. Johnnie Payne Volleyball First row: Mrs. Lancaster, Sponsor: C. Snodgrass, S. S. Nance, L, Gilmore. Second row: M. Kaiser, D, Tiberghien, C. Henry. Mrs. Lancaster, Sponsor. Doggett, J. Hill, A. Haisler, N. Haisler, P. Kasner, Reed, S. Miersch, A. Mikulastik, R. Sanders, J. J, , Girls ' Tennis First row: Mary Martin, Marcia Stevens, Dot San Miguel, Linda Smith, Terry Daniel, Sherry Shaffner, Charlotte Persky, Diane Vannoy, Sammie Jones. Second row: Jo Marshall, Sylvia Neal, Gayle Johnson, Beverly Brindley, Dana Pope, Marilyn Marek, Rolinda Russell, Jan King, Third row: Billeta Hall, Elaine Dautenhahn, Margie Prewitr, Portia Smith, Anne Carol Brown. ul l'l fe fo' K U5x 'n 4, gf b EF! ' f Boys 9 Tennis First row: Lloyd Kleypas, Jerry Donica, Kenneth Hallmark, Allen Farley, Rod Croom, Joe Everton. Se- cond row: Billy Voelter, Wallace Ferguson, Charles Smith, Lamar Eidson, David Gibson, Marvin Tarrant. F B 5. AWE N-.Ni J., Ti San-0 owl.. ..... .. .......-.... 01 1 ,.. K , X 1 N ,lp J! N Y ,,,,, 1 N F 2 F 5' 'Y N f gf fl f ap 5 QX fy F To 3 X 3 I or ,X N- 7 y is a . G N N f K xx XX - sf' awk Track First row: George Morris QManagerj, Tommy Cartwright, Charles Wigginton, Jimmy Brown, Bobby Mar- shall, Lawson Niles, Joe Mihatsch, Roy Boutwell, William Landers. Second row: Bobby Wooley, Curtis Dillard, George Sypert, Don Mraz, Dennis Farley, Kirby Richter, Billy Hall, Emil Bethke, John Gill, Tommy Honeycutt. Third row: Danny Bryant, Bill Breeding, Charles Krempin, Alfred Martinec, Tommy Murray, Charles Schulz, Wren Dillard, Albert Reznicek, Larry Strimple, Wayne Williams, Coach Wilson. l f X. nl' SNAP H0 i 'ffixx Jf! X . 4501 4' f 2491 f 'iw ' f ' - 1, 1,1 W4 x 1? Z 1515? ' f 2 4' ' A 1" 1 , 40 1 g1yG'2 -9-Q..-xgx v f fx R Q i -argl fyrff 3 , vi gf fi-X" ff ljf' ' , 1,21 ' ..' " -5: x , 1 X. Q17 , ,if -- n K- J , , 26 Fe' ,f 1 ' , , QI: f f isq'fQ ", , fr X 17' .K ,Ml :iff , Wf' f X fi' v l fin Q! 1 f 4 ,iq iff Q' f '11 11- ,I A in A ,M 1 1.!,1 f,fy,1 4 ,'f , A7 , 21 f -1 ' ' 1 - , 11 1 I , , 4, 24g',.liLd:-,A K 1' 5 Q, B , 1, - 1-1 . 11 f .1-:A-1 e - f- if ' f 1 ,df 4 "xl ,,, 5 . efo 860:70 yr,--' 4, A - ' ff . ' 1 f f"f ,Z 4-if f -as if 6 117 ,,, E N. xx :if If f' 2 Z '3,...-1 g NN 'Q g 5, ff' fB,e'Fi"55e X, 71,1- ff -r,!I',L f'Z", 4 .J i 2 slam LT f X in ' K 'N- -' xi -Q! ...aj if -ng X 4 ,, 'TSX f 59 'SQC' 1 'ln Xxx 3 V55 RX -Q V Q , N I' Q kg xN, 1 Y gs Y 1- xxx I 5 XX r S g :sity T Q S X55 Rx 'Cf' 'iQ '1 XNKX 'lx-,Cf I fir 7 N' ' ,1 If , s x QTY 4 1 'Q J 'S 02s X d xxx Od, LL .-. gx , nner l i HJ! , X 4 f V f f ' 1 X 1 f f 1 f f ' x 1 f' 1 " ff ' 1 1 0 f Z 1f I 5 . , -1 , , ff - E ' ,, ,,' ' ,Q 4 j A ,HJ , 1 'f A I ,' ' ' 1 ,-.4 V x A fd , 1 I '-1' if!-ni ," "fl, I f 71 If V W -- . - '., J: f, ' -"a -' . 4, vj 1 gn, .- .1-, - Af -V 4- az .I , 'Z ' ' x1-"a- 3'1" fwfr- ,U-. , f , 1 Ar, I V N -, . ,-1-V01 90-1 13,1 J'1,j .- 3 , , S- - ' . --7 -A - ., , 1 1 ,, ' J i .K . j,x .t i f 1 K Q if , 1 f VJ- x etgfffzffzv 5322! - H -. , ,J-1114 'Ex 1 - :is 5 - 1 1 - -- ' -in Y A ,- ' . ,f , f we ' , - 1,1 ff1,,1 - , I , . , ,X V , . 4 ,A - ':- F- 1141 f 'Q V x I. . v ,, 4 ' ,.,-. , 4 ,X -f-f W i XA, L , 7 , V , , 1 , K, , 'L' f F ' K ' K , , 'J -F .-: 5' -f ,K .. s 1 57' ' ' 1- 3" e , ' -,gi 1 1 1 , 'v' "' 1 ' ' , XV. , c . ,,,,:,,,,:fi Q N: ox N 5. X , ff 1' A !'L11c'13F'7?-- -N9 5 -5, K rr " . Z , 1 .,: w J- v J.-Q- - , ,, ,Q f - Q.. V - ,1 , ,,--,1A,-- s -' Q , Sf- ',f-41: 1 4' 1, gcugk: Q' -4.1- - " ff f' 1- 9: "ex v 'I v ,-4 L1 f fl," 3 , S ' ,513 ' x -6- - , , Sr X -1 ' - . S . 1 1' 11 - fc 1 'li - V f E 5 ',. - - , . ' '.- " - - - , Z N, -5 .ll .. ,F -, V 1,31 '- A . ul V 1 ' - ' ".?f " . : 1, I K-,-N U., ,,.',.ss' -,- sv - 'ISIN 5' 1 11 'r '- ?5::' . R , - f . . . ,. f -. 1- -,v Q' , Fr X' N ' L 7 xx u 5P,."""r, . ,111---5, C 1 1 Q- ,- ' - - Q -. -'-'NHT-' - , ' X ' 7" 1 -f.x'x1'-fv D ' L i N N" - ,awfqv 1 1 5 Nxxqiia, . -xx X , ,V g, 5 - '- -sz ' " ' , ,4,-2 Qu., xi V XW5, Q ,yv,.xQX n 'xx "- K! 1.6 gx - 4' . f, Q.- f, x I - 1- . - - x 1 A V ' ' 4 5-7. ' X -af' rxfxslii I f"f,p' ,lb ,i 1- ,. ,-. X .1 x ' . -'uv '.-.-1- , --L- 1.-V X Agp- XX - p .4 !,, ,.x3, A, Y ' E -Y-1 I , - , It A- . , - , 1 , .., , -. .K v '.'- N X ' 'egg -' In 'gf --qv, X I2 . XX'-L ,.- 'qw 41 ,,--X Ja- 2 L ' 6 1 --1- . , '?"f:-V 4 f 1- X ,-.-5,4 - , U .4 ,flu ,, gwf, ,. ,f f-Lxfssw' f':-'MM at-5 11 , X151 4 ': 1 -1n'j,,' rg-Q, Nrxqzllbr gs., ? gxqg J,."1 1is,,,. -' Ax 1.59 ' .g.g4N -' - -., i, ,Ar I" U .--2 1 4. sv W 1 r Nan? cog oC,c,yX Callpornluhas 5 " I r, s- 'L if 1 1, e +4 , , S - , . 1 i M ,fl - 'f n A 4 , ' Q ' '- A 2 E S "MQ iq we .a fy ,Q 1 5 f f., g ' Q' ga Q I v 1 1 X r' Q -a-,,.,,..w4""' -ww gi 1? 35' . G X 5 W me QE -.Q 1 K 1 f WPQFIW- x if sf-Q-M' Q Powder Pubff Football BLUE TEA M First row: L. Bandas, K. Pfann, S. Nance, N. Lewellen, R. Ybarra, J. Silvas, P. Jordan, B. Kamas T. Dupree, B. Westfall, A. Gurley, J. Marshall. Second row: J. Pace, l.. Bandas, G. Wendlan, S. Myers, D. Gothard, C. Baugh, C. Broddus, C. Wolf, M. Melton, R. Russel, M. Marek. Third rowg J. Green, M. Chapman, M. Hervey, S. Voss, P. Messer, L. Posey, J. Westlake, J. Barton, K. Wolf, L. Harrison, G.'Morris, T. Talasek. Fourth row: M. Gentry, J. Westfall, C. Robertson, S. Smith, J. Tune, 1. Helbert, K. Dixon, M. Martin, B. Myers, S. Meacham, R. McDonald, B. Butler, J. Hill. rx is is as I sg if it 4' ,Q is YY Q 9 WHITE TEAM S. Floca, J. Farley, R. Winburne, A. Easley, P. Wallace, J. Price, A. Brown, J, Junek, C. Persky, N. Snyder, N. McCelvey, S. Tanner. Second row: J. Skelton, B. Brindley, T. Daniel, K. Ward, M. Erskine, C. Lewis, J. Kays, D. Conlan, J. Loney. Third row: C. Schiller, C. Dragoo, L. Davis, E. Ellis, B. Miller, C. Talley, L. Hinton, M. Mayes, A. Butler, S. Hejl, W. Ward. Fourth row: P. Smith, L. Goode, G. Schiller, J. Johnson, P. Simonton, P. Wiley, P. Thedford, A. Miller, G. White L. Taylor, C. Henry. Fifth row: S. Thompson, C. Hunka, M. l-looks, S. Klecka, B. Copeland, J. Pridgeon, J. Pridgeon, G. Lewis. Sixth row: D. Farley, K. Richter, D. Gibson, D. Mraz, J. Werner, F. Curtis. C71 f f' 1.V'Lz"6?'f It HH Y ATTRACTIVE YELL LEADERS ff YELL if 4-R QA. Q .1 a Q 1'--51 '.jt IN ACTION A NY PENA LTY? TIME OUT! fMy lipstick smearedy Mr. Howard, these are the PEPPERETTES? M1 F K X ki' X I A' ...hug 'vi I -2: J X7 Aren't they cute! CANDIDATES FOR QUEEN OF SPORTS Tobi Talasek, Sophomore Doris Dillard, Senior Joyce Farley, Junior Q ,M ....-f-"M" , . M-""' Q 5 1. K. Kelly 2. E. Wiley 3. A. Slough 4. J. Gothard 5. H. Herrington 6. M. Kubala 7. M. Kattner 8. D. Wilson 9. G. Schneider 10. I. Helbert 11. B. Stevens 12. R. Luna 13. A. Mikulastik 14. W. Kirk 15. R. Sanders 16. B. Thompson 17. 1. Gibson. -'-32335, Q D rfxl , E -vw .' SI 'Hfwnmv 1. A. Nunnallee, L. Shirley 2. G. Schiller 3. D. Conlan 4. L. Kleypas 5. M. Gee 6. A. Chlapek, J. Chlapek 7. J. Junek 8. C. Copeland 9. N. Snyder 10. J. Houston 11. D. Taylor 12. S. Armstrong 13. M. Carver 14. L. Zivley 15. N. Hejl 16. L. Wychopen 17. J. Johnson 18. F. Hennig. ' SN. QI' if . ' ,yfr ' Q X f :Qi 4 Z it ' ga I g L. f svn: '- , .17 x I ? E ' ff Q 451 Q7 , 9 ff b Vg Prf12,+,ns. i f Q, .- , -91 - X ,Q 'L S' .f"XW"""S 1. I. Wall 2. N. Lewellen 3. C. Smith 4. P. Wallace 5. D. Arriaga 6. K. Dixon 7. A. Rezinek 8. S. Wildon 9. M. Melton 10. P. Moore 11. J. Longbotham 12. J. Lovorn 13. B. Westfall 14. L. Gilmore 15. H. Castillo 16. M. Maze 17. B. Schiller 18. F. Roberts 19. E. Moore 20. S. Johle 21. G. Eubanks. y V, W . U., Q ik W, , H 3 . Fl-rg X - 3?-.gy . . : .Qii'Q:Qi. , , L,,, L . if . - 1 J xi fi I Ejif, . gi kX,,..L, , , if-ix 21:5 ---- ,H si E?-ff ,, ,X., ,, ww, Q. , MA , ,H My - K . , -Y ff Zicf-vel q " ,M ., 2 flfmwgg--gq.-Q-.W-, ,gi 55141, ., V ,z . - X 5. "gif, iii! A . 5 :L,5.Z , yang ISQ11 - - V-iyzsziifggqz, ,- ggglif ,-,- , 'I IE.3ZW"TLIi"51i1f:i- 1-'zu,Lili.I:l!l,9fllf'1'TN3' 5 f " ' i55:Ti'E-31: like lf.. Sifff .JLF'fxTE5',yFizEE'1EiiT. SN- 'LW' .. I I. ' W Y- 1 f.ilf5.r ,, gsgg:'iLLJL5f.fgg., S 2 .M 6.,, , f f l" 2- :L 5 1 if 5 5 ' iwizi 5 f12'w,f.ff' -f 5. L5 .. .. M ,, W W -JG ,..., 1,mii,Y ffm zfmwv xi mf . ., Mfg K K . 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S -mwwwewh Q5 J, A. .van..,g' 'W AMI' ,mmf 'Q .-fri b !,'i ... Q u . ' fm .VZVI HM: V: - ,,?.,X V - .Q Serious and Humorous aims E 4' 5 en, Q 121 S 35' v Class and Campus Ska , L W A. ,, mf 'V 'gh E mga- Q . , .. XS. 1--Y' ,, 4 rr 'Q gf ., M- ww f Q ff Hai 'U-f if ,Q , Q' m K ,K mpg LVL' f QM-4 1 rw, 4 W 'y,f gn , Xwy, W My 'A ' 1 ,fzl ',iqM"Qf M This and That Snaps Ss? 9 M In S .. ,x .J- QY! X1 1? l 9' .53 iff! A., V -ia 19-A xi ' Q! K4 f A ' , :5,,,.fQ,,.AJEm Inq AY-N Kw- A WNW Sports? Too Late to C1ass1fy A few couples--and some guys and gals. Two bables--Tommy Wnght and Lmda Smith. -1 at - I ' E 1 5 , h 1 f ' ' ' f ' f . f ' E9 -. I . .' G 1 , I ' ' 5 I NYM X' X C . f f --f- - ,,, S i +L ' ,K -f I- ? J, , fy f f Q 'f Tm K ff f I xx f X, X , 0 l Qf f Os fri' X' fy 1 , f f' ff f f . 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" ,- 1-- ,,c4', f I f f JJAY , ,Vi L, .7 2- -J 1 r rw:-415 f Afk, ,fl-: f2?' ' jg., 1 0' 2' f ff""'f ' ' f"'flj?'1' ' .. , ffl- if ff fjirnzr , ipwf' - "' I il ff Jia ffl 'ff' 1 ' Y " Y r-JZ , X!!! ', ,ff -1 f f X fin Temple Life Insurance Company O rating by Authority of Board o You f Insurance Commissioners pe State of Texas Temple, Texas r Home Town Life Insurance Company "We Pay Next Day" VERNON ROBERTS, Pr esident WALTER B. SMITH, JR. , Secretary C ompliment s of ED 5ABCVEC SPORTING GOODS i Petite D Our store has a complete line of sport and dress shoes n all sizes and We handle erican Gentle- Am for men and boys ebs for girls and ladies Famous Red Goose for children. K CAMPBELL- Mnmzxze. LUMBER co , INC ' Corner 4th Street and Avenue A V sir! lil Temple , Texas I Compliments of BILL LUECK GULF SERVICE WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Accessories STORE Washing W. S. TI-IRASH, Owner ms Lubrication Ph. PR. 3-4413 -10 No. Znd St. PR8-9657 Third and Elm C ompliment s of MCCELVEY INSURANCE AGE NC Y 1. ICINEYES lD,ArLJC-El-I'V-E122-3 CLI N IC I-ICDESDVIZAL. Myanmar: A GOODYEAR SERVICE if If G0""f'vmw Retail Division of fif The Goodyear Tire 8a Rubber Company FRANK MARUNA 11 No. 4th 122?n:?g'fhTTg1gg Manager Phone: PR 3-3131 D. L. RUSSELL TOM POPEJOY Congratulations to Seniors of '58 .TOHNSON'S Clothes for Men and Young Men C. H. MOORE, JR. .TOE CLYDE MARTIN Junior College Representative Temple High Representative Compliments of TEMPLE DAILY TELEGRAM Read and Enjoyed by Central Texans for Over Fifty Years C 1' . omp lments of 90016 fd Qmdkzufaanf . I 10 EAST CENTRAL AVENUE - Qsfzfnfzk, fgexad 'x 7 North Main - WE SPECIALIZE IN sEA Foon - JUNEK'S HUMBLE SERVICE STATION 18 North 4th PR3 -3514 V I . Sales 17 . Service 'A ,V . Parts '-'FXQEEY BOYD-TARRANT MOTOR CO. , INC. Third Street at Avenue A PAUL C. BOYD Telephone PRospect 3-5258 Y. S. TARRANT Temple, Texas A11 P P 1 I.. Y urpogirvifjona can Seeds and Seed Store Items EMPIRE SEED CO. CITY FINANCE COMPANY Temple Texas 8 East Ave' A 15 5192 109 East Ave. A PR 3-2333 'gig GREYHOUND BUS STATION MR. AND NIRS. W. B. TEMPLE IOG HRS. W. 0. BREDT'I'llUEIl, UVIIIGI' Compliments of the Supreme Lodge of the Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas Q S. P. I. S. TJ Temple , T exas Legal Reserve Fraternal Insurance Protection for All Members of the Farnily for All Purposes Adult and Juvenile Departments Mortgage Loan Department 61 Years of Faithful Service. N WM. CAMEIQDN 8: CO. Hom e of Complete Building Service orth 4th Street Telephone 3-2.197 or 3-2198 Temple , Texas Congratulations to the SOUTH SIDE DR UG Class of 1958 Collins Janeway Cor. 3rd and Ave. Cr Ph. 3-4516 I 'ECDYE ful-ICT:-7 INIC, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE COMPANY 516 North Third Temple Belton PR3-5555 555 Congr atulations , Senior s From Compliments of HARTMANB B1..AYI..ocK's BARBER SHOP AVENUE G PHARMACY 411 West Avenue G 415 West Ave. G PR3-5206 Compliments of AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY School Supplies Office Supplies A. D. BAGGETT HARLAN 'S SPOR TING GOODS CHEEVES BROS. Sz COMPANY Nlillinery, Ready-to-Wear Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Etc. Compliments of KABELLA PLUMBING CO. Temple's Oldest Department Store PR 34760 314 East Ave- A RETAIL MERCHANTS Compliments of ASSOCIATION BROWN-SHERRILL 407 Temple National Bank 110 North Main Street Building MRS. CLAIRE D. MAZE, Manager SOUTHLAND K CORPORATION ICE Dry Cleaning of Distinction Dial PRospect 3-3045 102 South Fifth Street CHUPIK WOOD - 2 -ly MANUFACTURING Manufacturers - Wholesalers co., INC. .9',j5Qgiy',5 Established 192.9 See Your Local Lumber Dealer 611 East Avenue A - P. O. Box 547 - Phone PRospect 8-1325 Fort Worth - Temple, Texas - San Antonio Compliments of C0mP1iment3 Of STEFKA'S RED AND WHITE GROCERY RAY 'S JEWEL-ERS 720 North Katy Temple ' DANIEL BUICK COMPANY b""" - 'fr 1-lg'I J " Authorized Buick Sales and Service K -1,4 Phone PR 3-4548 , A 4' 206 East Adams Avenue Temple, Texas Congratulations, Class of '58 I E-Lil' I 4: CHALKBOARD COMPANY, INC. Box 191 Temple, Texas PRospect 3 -4707 C0T181'a-tulations t0 the Congratulations, Seniors '58 Class of 1958 CAMERON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE ' Located in Downtown Temple X Stenography - Bookkeeping CITY DRUG Typing - Filing - Office Procedure Shorthand and Dictaphone Placement Service Main and Central Day and Evening Classes A. I. KLECKA PR3 -3 635 Tuition Payable Monthly Our Best Wishes H to the Class of '58 "Temple's Homefo1ks" 4-3 ITZSW FEDERAL SAVINGS Ol: TEMPLE. Compliments of MWMW Wes? M 'WW WW MW T emp V What Sears Sells Sears Services 110U'Wlp Too ---- 55, 'Jia 4: o f - IKYXVLIROVQ IIIAT IK ff iff fx X 102 East central 1 C N MUS w w We Temple, Texas lffK,m-tC Phone PR3 -4534 A- J- JUNEK Compliments of Real Estate - Loans R0DDY'5 Phone PR3 -3727 Temple, Texas 401 SPIST Bldg. Temple Compliments of TEMPLE HARDWARE COMPANY "You Will Like Our Service" 16 East Central Pr3-5288 Start Off Your Business Career Right, With Good Banking Connections Bank with the Friendly l- H257 NAT I CDIXDAL. BANK Member F. D. I. C. Chain Link Fenc e Redwood Fence Steel Clothes Poles Also Tropical Fish Supplies CEN'TEX 64442: lane FENCE CO. 103 General Bruce Drive Phone PR8-7019 WE DLA Grain, Gra Phone PRospect 3-5211 ll GRAIN sammy in Products, Mixed Feeds Field Seeds and Fertilizers Get It From STAVINOHA'S at Sixth and Adams DROBENA'S DRIVE-IN Printing - Office Supplies 215 North Third Phone PR 3-3863 Temple, Texas Since 1895 Compliments of TV MART Main and Avenue B PR3 -4769 Congratulations to the Class of 1958 NORTHSIDE DRUG PR3-3446 Third and French For Tailor Made Seat Covers Furniture Upholstery See TEMPLE COVER COMPANY PR8-8369 516 E. Adarns Compliments of I 1 BUTLER, AND ED 's W j TEXACO STATION First and Ave. G RESTAURANT I 7th and Avenue G Compliments of FLOYD L. CAMPBELL Temple, Texas FLOOR SERVICE Good Food - Good Health STEWART'S RAM A BEA SH P PAINT - WALLPAPER - GLASS ON UTY O 410 West Avenue G 110 West Adams Avenue Phone PR 8-7640 Temple, Texas PR3 -2758 DOLIE LEACH, Owner Congratulations to the Clas s of 1 9 58 TE Mco F EED NIILLS Compliments of 11' L.-'-ETC: H-E12 OIL COMPANY Distributors for STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF TEXAS 255901 P CTAESI-I NCD. I SUPER MARKET 3 1 6 South 1 st -SPOT CASH NCD. 2 SUPER MARKET 9th and Adams iq l Our Best Wishes and Sincere Congratulations to the Class of '58 VW Wvmezgf QM? TV Sales and Service TEMPLE ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. "Your Hotpoint Appliance Dealer' French and Third Temple, Texas PR8-8515 Compliments of C0mP1imentS Of NoR'1'1-ISIDE 5 at 10 STORE COX 512 N. Third sf. VVIZIGI--I I fNear High Schooll GROCERY BEN FRANKLIN STORE 117 West French Corner Ave. G and Ninth St. Phone PR3 -4 524 POWERS DRUG CO. TEMPLE MATTRESS FACTORY Q , Old and New Mattresses ! 101 N. slxth Renovating PR:-3-4551 817 E. Ave. C PR3-2298 ESCDLJ I I--lL.LbJXlTl'D C OT T ON OIL C OMPANY "CHICK" WALKER, Manager Congratulates the Vocational Department of Temple High on Their Achievement of 1957 - 1958 'n fl any A Girl s Very VW we ff ff . best Friend . . her fri P' 3 Diamonds may dazzle, but I wouldn't trade 'x..,,s ' ' 3 t xi eta 0 "-T rs.,-S' my electric range for anything! A flick of the switch and high speed cooking units are ready for use - or I can put the food in, set the controls and forget it! Clean, cool elecuic cooking keeps the kitchen fresh and shiny. Electric cooking is economical, tool Cooks with current off more than half the time . . .costs less than Lp per person a meal. Yes, for turning out tasty meals with no trouble, an electric range is a girl 's best friend. BE MODERN . . . COOK ELECTRIC ! TEXAS POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY - J Compliments of 4' 1 . ' ' HENDLER'S Main at Central COMPLETE OUTFITTERS ro MEI G BOYS Best Wishes From E n " D CJ. lvl. IDY-E2 CCD. --Temple's Leading Department Store 5 N' MAIN - TEMPLE CENTRAL GARAGE TEMPLE BATTERY COMPANY DUKATNIK BROS., Owners Battery and Radiator Service Auto, Truck, Trailer 209 E. Central PR 3-3046 Repair PR 3-6070 303 E. Central L. S. JAMES .TEWELER Local Santa Fe Watch Inspector Distressed Merchandise 14 West Avenue A' J. w. UAKEJ CARTER SALES co. Temple, Texas Phone PR3-5018 P. O. Box 502 Night me-7094 112 w. Ave. A Phone Prospect 3-2954 DIETZ AND DILLARD OPTICAL STAR BARBER SHOP COMPANY JOHN FARROW Distributors FRANK MACHALEK SPIST Building FRITZ GOLDMAN, Owner Temple, Texas Downtown Temple PR-3 6402. Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance - Farm and City QVCDS FARMERS MUTUAL PROTECTIVE ASS'N OF TEXAS Incorporated in 1901 P. O. Box 426 Temple, Texas 20 South Fourth Street PR3-5834 Seniors 1958 The Very Best of Wishes to Each of You Your Friends at Wmpiw Mime! QW? Temple, Texas Member F. D. I. C. rnrclsluu vlslon ,CHEVRQLEW DAN STEAK1-EY A mi ,T 4-1V V -" Z : CHEVROLET co. 4 TEXH5 STFITE " Third and Adams PR3 -2112 UPTIEHL .. PERFECTO CLEANERS 19 South Main Temple Fur Storage E E , d PR3-5490 1505 N. Third Yes Xamme PR3-2977 702 S. Main Glasses Fitted Compliments of CLLCLJD C OMPANY REAL ESTATE CLOUD MORTGAGE CO., INC., LOANS TEMPLE HOUSING CORPORATION General Contractors PR 8-1365 14 West Adams Temple, Texas QWWZQYWZZWX Qwvfpwmlkf Temple, Texas ... mm- FA Compliments of GRO ERY 81 MARKET The Home of "Every Day-Low Shelf Prices" ACROSS FRUM SANTA FE HOSPITAL Best Wishes ff Congratulations From From A A f WMWW BOTTLING COMPANY up CAFE Temple, Texas F! Y X 2 fr 4. 'I Y KL..-1-I 705 South Z 5th fAcross From Santa Fe Hospitall Best Wishes, Seniors! KING 'S BARBER SHOP 715 South 25th GROCE-TOTE GROCERY AND MARKET "Shop Here--Save the Difference' 702 West Ave. G Compliments of RAMONA COURTS Modern--Comfortable I Near Scott 8: White Hospital fi 39 U. S. 81 and 190 Highways EE j 500 West Ave. Cr PRS-1374 KYLE ,pa HoT.r3L 5 The Home of Good Hamburgers Malts, Sundaes, Banana Splits HUGGINS DAIRY MART 25th and Ave. H PR3 -2855 Famous for Fine Foods CEN-TEX BEVERAGE COMPANY Compliments of 206 South Main St. PR3-Z 633 Bottlers of Chukker Orange HICKS' MAN'S SHOP Delaware Punch, Hires Root Beer and B-l FOOD MART PWS' 1501 N. :ard Compliments of AVENUE "G" HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES "BOB" HOLSTINE RAY LAWHORN 610 West Ave. G PR8-2598 TEMPLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 9 uality Chelcd Compliments of KJ, TEMPLE FLORAL NORTHSIDE GROC ERY viigfg' COMPANY Across From High School A, phone PR 3-4445 416 North Third Kyle Hotel' , M Temly 3239 All VL ff W ' Q 5,1 M 'rm W ff' fl F, A ESLEVI NS M 1 1 ,!, 1. LUMBER co. H. H. BLEVINS , WM! ' J. P. BLEVINS ihlf-JW Q 2020 East Adams Avenue My Temple, Texas ' PR3-3333 "Best Buys at Blevins" I 8: B APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE COMPANY Sales and Service 2. North Third PR3 -4148 ' Compliments of SWAN-BEACH MOTORS Temple Motor Clinic THE HIGH HAT Studebaker Mercedes 51 4 W. Adams PR3-3152 117 S. 3rd St. PR3-3433 M X615 mL'?Q'3ff'r ,g 1 mg : JEAN MOTEL ,E I s s Our Best Wishes and Sincere Congratulations ' to the Class of '58 2500 General Bruce Drive PR3-4559 Compliments of Compliments of Www M655 WW Wan MOTOR COMPANY EQUIPMENT COMPANY 60 I South Fir st Compliments of ALBERT's GULF ELITE CAFE SERVICE STATION Homemade Pies and Good Coffee South First and Ave. G our Specialty PR3 -3772 Phone PR8-9695 103 south First I N, COMPLIMENTS OF RALPH WILSON PLASTICS, INC. sux HUNDRED GENERAL BRUCE oRlvE PROSDQCI' s-2711 TEMPLE, TEXAS Manufacturers of xy' JW ' ' ' ' 'T-I BLUE BONNET PRODUCE CO. MUNSELLE PIANO CO. - Fresh Dressed Quality Poultry 605 So. First Street W. H. CHUPIK Temple, Texas 109 W' Ave. D' PR3 -3634 Organs, Pianos, and Rebuilding Congratulations to the Seniors 1958 ROBERT B. MCBURNEY 35th St. and Ave. M Temple, Texas Cooksey? Magnolia .Yfarion Washing - Greasing - Polishing - Waxing C0mP1iment5 Of Motor Steam Cleaning - Wheel Balancing TEMT EX FLORAL CO. Mechanic on Duty 910 So. 3rd PR3 -3418 lst and Ave. G PR 8-9801 Pick Up and Delivery - Road Service Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1958 ' ,rll ' . 'i '64 W V 5 " "' 'If I 6,1-.. tlxr I, diiyoikwfezgffwffgf 5 - of 301 South First ' A ...kg I i . ' n. 1: PR3-6801 HURRICANE FENCE CO. 1605 W. Ave. M. Compliments of Temple, Texas PR8-8183 DAIRY KING JIMMY LEMMONS 1602 South First PR8-8684 Owner -Mgr. Congratulations to the Class of 1958 ROSE SHOE 8: BOOT SHOP I I Hand Made Boots and I Expert Shoe Repair We, ,rn Boots Made to Order CL' N I Phone PR 8-9917 eo? south First 12 so. lst street Temple, Texas ' E I V I V WHEELER LUMBER COMPANY Across From McCloskey Hospital "Your Lutnber Nurnber PR3-6861" L. GUNN LEWIS WALD C lim ts f Complirnents of Omp en 0 HOUGHT oN's ' R' MKQIEJVIQSSERI SON PAINT AND WALLPAPER 3-6848 109 so. lst EL RANCHO MOTEL Sr INN "An Experience in Good Eating. " CENTRAL BUTANE CO. 6 South 1 Temple, Texas DR. CLINT L. SOLOMON OPTOMETRIST 19 South First Street Temple, Texas Telephone 3 -7048 MAYS at SONS PHILLIPS 66 DUNCAN BAKERY SERVICE STATIONS 112 South 1 1616 so. 1-7 Phone Pr. 8-1589 PR 3-2505 Wfgyv Free Delivery' Temple, Texas x SNAPPY DRIVE INN 1219 South 1 FELIX MAY, Owner Printing - Office Supplies MILLER PRINTING CO. 120 South First Street Phone 3-4596 Temple, Texas QWW6WdgZfWfZ Our sincere congratulations and best wishes to the graduates of Temple High and Junior College of 1958 "THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE" 24 South 1 Phone Pr 3-4531 CHARLES R. HARRIS, Owner we C ar ere qrepu ico exos- - orrexas A College for Young Women Mary Hardin-Baylor College is a fully accredited s ' enior liberal arts college where an enthusiastic young woman can find. . . . . . Facilities for excellent preparation for h f er uture - whether for marriage, a career or both Opportunities for developing her individual ab'l' ' 1 ities and qualities for leadership. . . Write Today DR. ARTHUR TYSON, President MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR COLLEGE Belton, Texas For many years the students' choice for better Cotton Blossom-Templar pictures has been N . 2 2 lDl2Nfl4f-3 e fl:-4-I Ii R! e STUDIO fx 9 so. lst sf. ,Fl . Temple, Texas PR3-2958 WWW? i ,. ,V ,,..',-W,,,,,,, A,HW,,,,,,W,m ,- WWW Quran QWW Serving Central Texas Youths in Education Service - Since 1926 Opened a New S3 00,000 Home etc Central Texas High School Graduates - H t " N i m'N' w' 'f' 'r I N , M' XKN QV ni on my V ' .Tanuary Z, 1957 W W ' Write the Registrar for Additionallnformation I v Q l Best Wishes to the Compliments of Class of 1958 BEN CUBA GROCERY DUNLOP TIRE SERVICE 2903 West Belton Blvd. W. L. MEIER A. C. McGUIRE PR3 -3114 WM Zffvbwfwgmwaf PQINTING COMPANY Finest Quality Printing Phone PR 3-4464 2108 West Avenue u BLAND BOATS 8: MOTORS Compliments of 1205 West Avenue G EIDSON ELECTRONIC CO' Central Texas' Only Complete North at Ivlarine Store T emple PR3-3901 FORD OFFICE MACHINES COMPANY Typewriter Specialists Sales - Service - Rentals 18 South Third Temple SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS Watch Those Yell for the TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL LEOPARDS WILDCATS .VH I . I '1 1 5 w .' ' w 1' r w 1-Q. , - - E - v , V f l 4 N b , , N -'r' w i 1 N N V 1. wi V f .s I I vig si + L D " 2. 45535533 , y W W Tx U wx lox V " 'N . N .'7?'ffx V w YM N Us f l ' ' ww f lr . pw If M! 4 A W W' N3 bi ' A R E3 'x if Y x l Q x 0.q, W N 4 ' 5:-. N f W N '- ,,7,,- .--ji n Q I X I i X Xrzw qmnl X Q x f R, Xnx 1 mx 3 1 i , g i A N f X -' xx M ' 4, Q 4 X w Fl Q x.. .1 , ei! 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Suggestions in the Temple High School - Cotton Blossom Yearbook (Temple, TX) collection:

Temple High School - Cotton Blossom Yearbook (Temple, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Temple High School - Cotton Blossom Yearbook (Temple, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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