Temple High School - Cotton Blossom Yearbook (Temple, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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Q if f fl ' "' l V !! 2 X f X X '5 X f Q f f 5 M l 20" 0 ZX N, XXXL -1-! f w 4 X f'THE 1 ,X X ,,, ,- f f f Mg.: J 4 ff - '4 4 .A Edited By Semm- Cfldgg Of 2953 Temple Hugh School Temple , Texas g ,-..-E, ,-l l ..J,..J L I N dvovefw Think for a moment of the great founders of the Roman Empire-- Iulius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cicero--and remember that we, too, are empire builders--the empire builders of today! We present the COTTON BLOSSOM of '53 to you in hopes that you may fondly recall your past accomplishments. View them proudly, whether they are great or small, they are the result of your own ef- forts. Let us all resolve to build better, stronger empires in the future --empires based on higher ideals! 7 we 6' cafi 0 6 SX L x Wal xv T' 2, e up v6 0' ' 1' o all . awww helF1.fX'AX 5 We X Xl ef offs mf 6 Q99 QL9 CX CSLLT' 3:V9 , 3 of 1g?l5oK:x,'0'AX be at . X GQ,5u,T'G Tm' 6519 9 ,f C6ft4QTL Bliapwff Tl A 4.16 J 7 f ' bx 1 ' 'R X ,414Q 5-aan gk . .f 1, fffwfm' - .,-f-21 -.-T fn - Z, mg nll 4 M 1-5 A 2 i' 4!udl"'i , 'N' - .... 1- .Q 4- --H :---- ' X - F mv -., f X X- A Q v A iz :SKS- -.? -X ...- Q FP' "I U!,f,f'f' , 'K r, "1 I ' P ' 0' r1f,'.'v" 1' " eff' I I 1 v, hd, ml " ll" :jx I ' ., 11 4 ll J? " ,... -i y NOTE 3- X+ 1 -N E . 5 '? 1 ma-v, W :.i75 f A 5 KN' .. Qigqx -IQ' L ., -A 1 w N NW , fi' 1 ff? f 'f...a:.Q..---1. ,- . .l ,4-ififiliff-?"f ,f I I I Q73-zj' 23713- : 4 - iff: 1:52,-,IEE 14:--QL-rg 1:-izii---x tis +21-f? 4:5212 saafzzff Fw- U - - ,'- 14? wir?-lcv' 'J' 221:-.ef -4 x5- '-Tl.--415, -' -fig .-- .ip fx im' . if f '?v F 'E 4--lf- eg E152-2 -i fi- i 2: , 1 ' Nh- X ., , --f,,,, . -Q: Xf KQ-. -gngg' 'if-L 34, -'f - 'A . ff -X1--:fi --- sf ' '-'s- 'f1Ft:4-kr-g:.ss- - ' 13 X - r?N-f.LgL?:3. f ,fL'Z2i" -D X -,fig :tif 41 v f 'L, 51:1 'ie W, Z ,- 62,-5' E- V: f, TT .222 ff-'vii' 'vm El 45 W H154 mf Ig-' nf' "V 141 Q ,wig ,J 1 j gfgfgi ,.5 ,r, ,mf ' 11.5, 4l' . ,',' gf ,, 'nf ifllihfflvi BV. E K5 Nw '4ffg:wf:f'1'1f12 i :N . je x , - , -' -f Q 'xixzfb' + A.-' k -225' wg R -- VX . 3 x':t1:x 9 " "+ ' -121 1. - J - -Zn iifvis 524- "Egfr V-143' 1 A-J" . LEQN ' 1 Qi' N -QQ? 'f-sig- - ff:-i A' ,K - , ':i?fi4 ' - . ' xlL - ' :" -',, X,-we x 34 4: lQ.,":" ' -4 - ,,..:.-Z X-" -3' '-' Ax- E 74 1 v ff Q , l ' , f w AN ' V I , , X I 1 1 1 X V X' n ' z X X: . QD 3 Smini afvafion 4f' m gi? 7 W f f if f n 1, f f., ' f yy ,ff -4 - ,N ' lixgzfs -j- "W THQ' ,111 1 -2 .- V W' K ,.f'yf""Yvs ffih ,4-feb! S.. Eanes, Daniel, Marek, Wright, Brown, Ware, Flock, Mrs. F. Campbell, Mrs. J. T. Campbell, Cowan BOARD OF EDUCATIO MR, VANNOY REV, GEORGE BROWN - - MR. THEODORE FLOCA - MR, DENNIS VANNOY - - MR, S, P, COWAN - - - MR, LOGAN WARE ---- MRS. I. T. CAMPBELL,IR, DR, DAVID EANES MR, JOHN B. DANIEL, IR. MRS. IODIE MAREK MR, W, D. WRIGHT MRS. FLOYD CAMPBELL - - - - President President Pro Tem - - - - - - Secretary - - Superintendent - - - Business Manager - - - Secretary to the Superintendent " X o My ,uw f . "I J will MR, S. P. COWAN Superintendent B. A. , Daniel Baker College M, A, , University of Alabama M gl W NEAL, MR. C. L. Principal B, S, , M. A. . Southwest Texas State College 1f5m wS!Qh1Y33Xm?1ff9QfWQ?gwQB2 ei4ww:gw1ww. ew PAYNE, MR, JOHN S, Assistant Principal B. S. , North Texas State College M. S, , in Education, Baylor University BARE, MR, 'TED B, A, , Southwestern University Physical Education Coach BLACK, MISS MARGARET E, B,A. , Texas State College for Women M. A. , Columbia University Typing, Journalism CHAPMAN, MISS MARGARET E, B. A, , M. A. , University of Texas English DAWSON, MR, TED B. B. A. , The University of Texas M. S. , Baylor University Coach BROWN, Miss PEARL B A Mary Hardin Baylor College Mathematics BURT MISS EMILY B A University of Texas English I World History ELLIOTT , MISS ELIZABETH B. A. , University of Texas M. A. . University of Texas B.S, , Texas State College for Women English, Library ERWIN, MR. ROBERT M. B, S, , Stephen F. Austin State College Backfield Coach, Physical Education DEVINE, MISS MAVERN B. A. , Baylor University M. A. , Baylor University English EBERHARDT, MISS GERTRUDE B, A, , Mary Hardin-Baylor M. S. , Baylor University Biology, Algebra Wil EWING, MRS, RUBY GENE B, S, , North Texas State College Junior Business Training, Typing, Commercial Arithmetic FAITH, MR. JEFFERSON B, A. , Southwestern University M, Ed. , University of Texas Algebra FARRELL, MR. HARRY C. B, S, , Southwest Texas State College M. S. , North Texas State College History FENSTY, MRS. MARGARET B. A. , M, A, , Baylor University B, S, , Mary Hardin-Baylor College Physical Education 'A -0 FRANZ, MISS INEZ B.B. , West Texas State College English, Speech GOODRICH, MRS. PATSY HILL B, A, , Sam Houston State College Art, English FERRILL, MR, DOUGLAS B, S, , M. Ed. , North Texas State College Mathematics FERRILL, MRS , RUTH B.B. A. , Sam Houston State College Secretarial Training, Bookkeeping, Typing HILLEY, MR, GORDON , A. , The University of Texas Coach, Driving HOLDEN, MISS MARY ELIZABETH , A. , Mary Hardin--Baylor College M. A. , The University of Texas nglish K fd H I s, x C Y in I HAYWORTH , MR, GUS B.S. , Howard Payne College Bible HENDRICKS, MISS CECIL MAY B. S. , The University of Texas Homemaking HOOKS , MRS, GLAD YS B. S. , Southwestern Texas State College M. A. , Baylor University General Science, Chemistry HOWARD, MR. DURWARD B, B,'M, , The University of Texas M. A. , Columbia University Band, Orchestra ,HUNKA, MISS DORIS I, it . V! B, S, , in Physical Education, The University of Texas Physical Education IONES, MRS. OLIVIA B, A, , The University of Texas Latin, World History MCNEIL, MR. WILLIAM R. B. S, , Union College, Kentucky M. S, , The Stout Institute, Wiscon- sin Co-ordinator, Industrial Co-opera - tive Training MEENACH, MRS. ELISABETH B, A. , The University of Texas M. A, , Texas State College for Women English KILPATRICK, MISS BEADIE L. B, S. , Mary Hardin--Baylor College M. Ed. , Texas State College. for Women Homemaking LINDEMANN, MISS ALICE B. A. , The University of Texas M. A. , The University of Colorado English ia, ,,m,-fr -.aff f,-f . :,mwmv:Ewmm.- RAWLINGS, MR, JOHN H. B, S, , Education, New Mexico A. SLM. Physical Education, Study Hall, Coach SPENCE, MRS. MARIE H. B, A, , M, A. , The University of Texas Spanish, English VICKERY, MR. C. P. B,S, , Auburn, Alabama M, S, , Texas A. KLM. College Vocational Agriculture WEEDIN, MISS MARY FRANCES B.M. , North Texas State College Music WELCH, MISS IUANITA B. A. , Baylor University M, A. , The University of Texas Mathematics WENDT, L, H. B,E. , State Teachers College, St Cloud, Minnesota Graduate Work, University of N.D. , Grand Forks, N.D. Industrial Arts, Woodwork, Mechanical Drawing 1. I.une11eBurche11. 2, Norman I-Iluchan. 3. Mary Nelle Crone. 4, Bonnie Taylor. 5. Patsy Gregory 6, La Grace Weerns. 7. Dorothy Henley. 8. Ginger Wentzell. 9, Patsy Ray, 10. Maxine Bostic. 11. Nila Dupree. 12. Raymond Davis. 13. Edward Talasek. 14. Shirley Steika. 15. Robbie Brandon. 16. Bobbie Plaster. 17. Frank Wilson. 18. Andy Edmondson. 19. Charlene Scott, 20. Marvin Chlapek, 21. June Moorman. 22. Van Alessandro. 23. Charles Voelter. 1 1 , Seniors: First row:B1ake, Haynes, West. Second row: Maxfield, Meyer, Buckeilew. CLASS OFFICERS, Juniors: First row: Wilson, B, Little, Second row: Bruce , Thompson. Zumvec Sophomores: Greenlee Edmonson, Myers, Rodgers, Morries, Freshmen: McBumey, Wilburn, Jenkins, J. Little. Powell President - - - - Vice President - - Secretary - - - Treasurer ---- Sergeant-at-Arms Reporter ----- President - - - - Vice President - - Secretary ---- Treasurer - - Reporter - - President ---- Vice President - - Secretary ---- Treasurer - - Reporter - - President ---- Vice President - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter - - - SENIORS IUNIORS James Maxfield Oren Buckellew - - - - Ian West - - Gene Meyer - - Eddie Blake - - Betty Haynes - Rogers Bruce Barbara Zurovec Virginia Wilson Bert Thompson - - - - - - - - - - Barbara Little SOPHOMORES FRE SHMEN - - Clea Myers - Curtis Morries Nancy Rodgers Betty Edmonson Helen Greenlee - -Tom Jenkins Louis McBurney Cynthia.'Powe11 - - - Ian Little - Bobbiea nn Wilburn 9571 ailm 1 4 1 Y 1 4 i N AXFIELD OREN BUCKELLEW 1 AGGIE M -J 4 W 1 1 JACK MCCALL ROY CHAPMAN Y VAN ALESSANDID DONNEL BERR SUE SKELTON oLA DAVIS FRED STALKUP ANDY EDMONDSQN l V , 1 S LEE EPSTEIN ALLEN ERNST KAY CAMPBELL w I f JACK EBERTS JAN WEST DOYLE TRAYLOR ANDERSON, IEANIE "Cotton Blossom, " Associate Editor, Latin Club, Treasurer, National Honor Society, Pepperettes, Senior Choir, Booster Club, Square Dance Club, FHA, Sportsman's Club, Camera Club. ARNOLD, JOANN Square Dance Club, Distributors, Leatherwork Club. ---f:,,-2-in .I L wgagrrmrs fw7,:xmmzrJrwuwfs AARON, URBANE Sportsman's Club, Distributors. ALESSANDRO, VAN "Budgie" Student Council, Vice President, Senior Choir, President, Dramatics Club, President, Booster Club, Presi- dent, Junior Music Club, President, Pan-American, Treasurer, Senior Choir, Vice President, One-Act Play Contest, All State Chorus, Senior Choir, Opera. AYCOCK, WELDON "Nig" Baseball, Sportsman's Club, Square Dance Club, Booster Club, Rock Hounds. BAILEY, ELIZABETH Senior Choir, Accompanist, Band, Orchestra, Starlighters, Flag Bearer, Music Club, Pianist, Informal Group Singing, National Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Square Dance Club. BARNETT, HAROLD Footballg Basketballg Trackg Sports- man's Clubg Booster Clubg Informal Group Singingg Angling Clubf Junior Rotarian, Junior Kiwanian. BARTEK, GARY Sportsman's Club lg Sportsman's Club 2. BLAKE, EDWIN Senior Class, Sergeant-at-Armsg Trackg Tennis: Tennis Club, Secre- taryg Booster Clubg Math Clubg Intra- mural Basketball. BOATWRIGHT, BREVARD BERRY, CARRICK National Honor Society: Bandg Orchestrag Music Clubg Informal Group Singingg Square Dance Club: Dramatics Clubg Mixed Chorus, BERRY, DON Footballg Basketballg Trackg Baseballg Senior Choirg National Honor Society: Sportsman's Club: Square Dance Club BRANDON , RDBBIB "Wildcat Rambler" Staffg National Honor Societyg Freshman Teen Haven Representative: "Cotton Blossom" Staffg Press Clubg Informal Group Singingg Square Dance Club. BRIDGES, MAR1oRrB "Cotton Blossom" Staffg National Honor Societyg Tumbling Teamg Tennis Team: Informal Group Sing- ingg Tennis Club: Gym Decorating Committee: Camera Clubg Pan- American Clubg Square Dance Clubg Booster Clubg Sportsman's Clubg Basketball. BOSTICK, MAXINE Pepperettesg Camera Clubg Personali ty Clubg Booster Clubg Square Dance Club 1 and 2g FHAg Informal Group Singingg Basketballg Volleyballg Dramatics Club. BOYD, GLENDA Captains Clubg Square Dance Clubg Distributorsg Informal Group Singingg Squad Leaderg Leather Work Clubg Mixed Chorusg FHAg Camera Club. BROWN, DARRELL Sportsman's Clubg V. I, C, BUCKELLEW, ORAN. Freshman Class, Vice Presidentg Senior Class, Vice Presidentg Foot- ballg Baseballg Trackg Senior Choirg National Honor Societyg Booster Clubg Math Club. BURCHELL, LUNELLE "Cotton Blossom," Associate Editor, Senior Choir, Secretary, National Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, Drama- tics Club, Music Club, Informal Group Singing Club, Square Dance Club, Leatherwork Club, Booster Club. CAMPBELL, KAY Yell Leader, 3 years, Sophomore Favorite, National Honor Society, Treasurer, President, Booster Club, President, Tumbling Team, Pepperet- tes, Latin Club, Woodwork Club, Vice President, "Cotton Blossom" Staff. I CASTILLO, IANIE Pepperettes, Square Dance, Informal Group Singing, Booster Club, FHA, Pan-American Club, Squad Leader. CHAPMAN, ROY Football Co-Captain, All District, All State, Basketball, Baseball, Track, National Honor Society, Junior Class, Reporter, "Cotton Blossom" Sports Editor, Pepperette Ideal Boy, FHA Ideal Boy. i i- .,.,. ,... n s... . .l,.,.. ,. .ws ,,.. ra .,., : tw.-s,-rt,-W, ,,,, . .,,, ,, Hf,::,,.w,,.:f, -J,-,1f,,.f,,ff CANIPE, JOYCE National Honor Society, Personality Club, FHA, Informal Group Singing, Leatherwork Club, Squad Leader, Camera Club. CARVE R, IOANN Personality Club, Homemaking Club, Informal Group Singing, Leatherwork Club, National Honor Society, Volley ball Tournament, Squad Leader, "Cotton B1ossom" Staff, Art Club, Pepperettes. CORBIN , JOHN Library Club, President, FFA, Student Helper in Library, National Honor Society. cowAN, JERRY -, .wasansslusasreafmtmLf-fawvsffvea-1w,.wwf, . A .. n CHLAPEK , MARVIN JAMES FFA President, Secretary, National Honor Society, Sportsman's Club, Magic Club, Future Teachers, FFA Grass Jud-ging Team, Baseball, Toast- master, FFA Banquet. COBB, PHIL Golf Club, President, Freshman Class Secretary, Bi-Phi-Chem Club, Rock- hounds, Booster Club. COWAN, PERRY Band, Orchestra, Football "B", Basket- ball "B", National Honor Society, Magic Clllbs Sportsman's Club, Pan American Club. CRONE , MARY NELL Nati0Il21 Honor Society, Debate Team Debate, Vice President, Informal Group Singing, Camera Club, Art Club: Leatherwork Club, Dramatics Club. CROW, GEORGE Sportsman's Club, Angling Club. DANA, LEROY FFA, Vice President, Second Vice President. DANIEL, PATSY National Honor, FHA, Chapter Presi- dent, Chapter Parliamentarian, Dele- gate to District, Area and State Meet- ings, Pepperettes, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Music, Informal Group Singing Club, Student Council, Square Dance Club, Dramatics Club, DOCKRAY, PAT SY Creative Writing Club, Music, Booster, FHA, Skating. DAVIS, OLA Yell Leader, Senior, Junior Favorite Freshman Favorite, Freshman Candi- date, Queen of Sports, Sophomore Class, Reporter, FFA Co-Sweetheart Student Council, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, "Wi1dcat Rambler" Staff, Tumbling Team. DAVIS, RAYMOND Football, Mixed Chorus, Baseball, Track, Square Dance Club, FFA, Senior Choir, Leather Work Club. D UMA S , GWENDOLYN National Honor Societyg FHA, Treas- urerg Skating Clubg Square Dance Clubg Leatherwork Clubg Camera Clubg Booster Clubg Squad Leader. DUPREE, NILA National Honor Societyg "Wildcat Ramb1er" Staffg "Cotton Blossom" Staffg Booster Clubg Informal Group Singingg Volleyballg Basketballg FHAg Square Dance Clubg Press Club, Treasurerg Dramatics Clubg Camera Club. DOWLING, FRANCES "Pan" Pepperettesg "Cotton B1ossom" Staffg Distributorsg Pan-American Club. DRAKE, RUTH Distributors: Informal Group Singingg Personality Clubg FHAg Booster Club. DUSEK , EDWARD .Square Dance Clubg Magic Clubg VICg FFA. EASLEY, JEAN National Honor Societyg FHAg Squad Leaderg Informal Group Singingg Magic Clubg Volleyballg Basketball. EASLEY, JIMMY Angling Club, Secretary-Reporterg Sportsman's Club, Intramural Basket- ball, IntramurualVo11eybal1g Intra- mural Football. EBERTS, JACK Track, Math Club, Number Sense, State Finals, Latin Club, Reporterg Bi-Phi-Chem, Vice President, Camera Club, Presidentg National Honor Society: Basketball. ELLISON, FRANCES Square Dance, I, Creative Writing Club, Camera Club, FHAg Distributors. EMERSON, DORIS National Honor Society, Sportsman's Clubg Informal Group Singing: Business Club, Skating Clubg Art Clubg Tennis Club, Square Dance Club, Tennis Team. EDMOND SON , ANDY National Honor Society, Footballg Basketballg Track, Junior Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, "Cotton Blossom" , Business Manager. ELLIS, LAVERNE Pepperettesg Tumbling Team, Pan- American Club, Termis Clubp Informal Group Singing, Square Dance Club, "Cotton Blossom" Staff. , , , ,,W,,,m .st:f,mwwfL:1wsm:MfwM1iv FAMBROUGH , LOUISE Senior Choir, Treasurer, Pepperettes, Tumbling Club, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Flag Bearer, Orchestra, Squad Leader, Mixed Chorus, Booster Club, Sportsman's Club, FARRELL, BOBBY Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Sportsman's Club, Pan-American Club, Square Dance Club, Tennis Club. EPSTEIN, LEE Junior Queen of Sports Candidate, Student Council, Secretary, "Wildcat Ramb1er" Editor, National Honor Society, Secretary, Vice President, Dramatics Club, Secretary, Tumbling Team, Reporter, Senior Choir, Re- porter, "Cotton Blossom" staff, Wood- work Club, Secretary. ERNST , ALLEN Football, All District, Best All Around Player-District 5-AAA, Baseball, Basketball, Track, National Honor Society, Student Council, "Cotton B1ossom" Art Editor, Booster Club, Square Dance Club. FEASTER, DOYLE Football, Pan-American Club, Square Dance Club, FFA, Parliamentarian, Rock Hounds. FIPPS, ANNA NELL Captains' Club, Distributors, Square Dance Club, Informal Group Singing: FHA, Squad Leader. FLENTGE, LORENE Library Club, Personality Club, Library Work, Office Work. FLINT, MARY LYNN Queen of Sports, '52-'53, Student Council, Tumbling Team, Band, Secretary, Debate Club, President, Latin Club, Tennis Club, Square Dance Club, Dramatics Club, One-Act Play, Senior Choir, FOX, PHYLLIS Sportsman's Club, Camera Club, Informal Group Singing, FHA, Business Club, Art Club, Skating Club, Vice President, Square Dance Club, FRANCIS, ALVIN RAY Auto Mechanics Club, Aviation Club. FOJTASEK , Jos National Honor Society, Student Council, Football, "B" Squad, Basket ball, Latin Club, Sportsman's Club, Booster Club. FOLSCHINSKY, MARY FHA Club, Personality Club, Art Club Squad Leader, VIC Club, Informal Group Singing, FURL, SHIRLEY FHAg Informal Group Singingg Square Dance Clubg Rock Hounds. GARTH, SAM Footballg Square Dance I, Square Dance llg Booster Club: Rock Hounds Clubg Art Clubg Pan-American Club. PRANKS, JERRY Track, Captaing Footballg Baseballg All State Choirg Senior Choir. PULP, RAY Footballg Basketballg Rock Houndsg Booster Clubg Sportsman's Clubg Leatherwork Club. GEISSELBRECHT, ELVIN RAY Sportsman's Clubg Distributorsg Rock Hounds Club: String Band, GERLOFF, GLEN Student Councilg Temple Junior Music Club, Vice Presidentg Tennis Tearng Informal Group Singingg All State Chorusg Square Dance Clubg Intra- mural Volleyballg Intramural Footballg Intramural Basketball. GONZALES, JOHN G, Pan-American Clubg Sportsman's Club, GOODE, A, E, Intramural Basketballg Trackg Football, "A" and "B" Squads, GRIBBLE, BILLY NED VIC Clubg Booster Clubg Leatherwork Clubg Woodwork Clubg Boys' Gym- nasticsg Square Dance Club. GUESS, RONNIE Sportsman's Clubg Boys' Gymnasticsg Trackg Footballg Intramural Basket- ballg Senior Choir. , A fy, f fs, A GOODNIGHT , MA URICE Footballg Trackg Basketballg Debate Latin Clubg Square Dance Clubg Leatherwork Club. GREGORY, PATSY "Cotton Blossom" Staffg Informal Group Singingg Art Clubg Camera Club: Pan-American Clubg Future Teachers Club. HARLESS, FRANCES Band, Orchestrag Art Clubg Vice Presidentg "Cotton Blossom" Art Editor: National Honor Societyg Poster Club, Reporterg FHAg Sketch Clubg Booster Clubg Informal Group Singing. HARRISON, TOM Rock Hounds Club, HAISLER, MARY IANE Square Dance Clubg Informal Group Singingg National Honor Society, HARDAWAY, VERNITA FHA Executive Council Memberg Bandg Dramatics Clubg Informal Group Singingg Music Clubg Square Dance Clubg Skating Club "B"g Booster Club. alfa'- fbi HAYNES, BETTY National Honor Societyg "Wildcat Rambler" Activities Editorg Senior Class, Reporterg Pepperettesg "Cotton B1ossom" Staffg Booster I, Treasurer: Student Councilg FHAg Press Club, Vice Presidentg Squad Leaderg In- formal Group Singingg Square Dance I, IIQ Basketballg Volleyballg Camera Clubg Personality Clubg Band. HAYNES, Jo NELL FHAg Music Clubg Square Dance Clubg Dramatics Clubg Squad Leaderg Skating Club. HENLEY, DOROTHY "Wildcat Rambler" Staff, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Flag Bearer, Skating Club, Reporter, Press Club, Future Teachers Club, Secretary, FHA, Art Club, Personality Club, Square Dance Club. HILL, PAGE fnizzyy Football, Baseball, Track, Booster Club, Angling Club, Sportsrr1an's Club, HROMADKA, ROBERT E, FFA', Treasurer, Sportsman's Club, Leatherwork Club. HUFF, DAVID Football, "B" Team, Intramural Basketball, Band, Orchestra, Music Club, Camera Club, Sportsrr1an's Club, Projection Operators. HLUCHAN, NORMAN Senior Choir, National Honor Society Camera Club, Square Dance Club. HOOK GLENDA Dramatics Club, Captains' Club, Square Dance Club, Informal Group Singing, Distributors, Squad Leader, FHA. MM. sM2374Yf9SP5'ii?'!52s'?i f"iQg29s1?Mi-'J V 834325115 IEZ, MARTHA National Honor Societyg "Cotton Blossom" Staffg FHA, Executive Coun cilg Informal Group Singingg Booster Clubg Camera Clubg Square Dance Clubg Squad Leaderg Volleyballg Bas- ketball. IEZEK, DOROTHY Captains' Clubg Dramatics Clubg Square Dance Clubg Informal Group Singingg Distributors, Reporterg FHA, fi s?iLli1?,iTl.r -524 3? E 5WfWW5'Ji-:??7'9-l35WWf5f HUTKA, WILLIAM JEZ, JOHNNY National Honor Societyg "Wildcat Rambler" Sports Editorg Student Councilg Senior Choir, Reporterg Trackg Football, "B" Teamg Press Club, Parliamentariang Boys' Quartet Camera Clubg Bi-Phi-Chem Club, JONES, REBA Art Clubg Informal Group Singingg Leatherwork Club. JUNEK, JOHNNY Woodwork Clubg Booster Clubg Sports man's Clubg Future Teachersg Base- ball, KELLEY, JAMIE Football, Manager, Track, Manager, Sportsman's Club, Booster Club II, Booster Club I, Tennis Club, Leather- work Club, Iunior Rotarian, Junior Kiwanian. KILLO UGH , ANITA Personality Club, Informal Group Sing- ing, Senior Choir, Dramatics Club, Square Dance Club, Music Club, LAWSON, ELTON VIC Club, Sportsman's Club, Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Quartet. LEE, BOBBY National Honor Society, Math Club, Bi-Phi-Chem Club, Slide Rule, Latin Club, Tennis. KRISTINEK , IOHNNIE "The Wildcat Rambler" Business Manager, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, National Honor Society, Squad Leader Press Club, President, FHA, Informal Group Singing, Booster Club, Camera Club, Leatherwork Club. LARA, SALLY Pan-American Club. MCCALL, JACK Basketball, Captain '52g Football, "B" Tearng Tennis Teamg Senior Choirg Sportsman's Clubg Latin Clubg Tennis Clubg Booster Clubg National Honor Society: Iunior Class Favorite. MCCOMAS, CECIL Rock Houndsg Sportsman's Clubg Bi- Phi-Chem Clubg Intramural Basket- ballg Junior Rotarian. LYKES, CARALEN Pepperettesg FHAg Square Dance Clubg Leatherwork Clubg Informal Group Singingg Camera Clubg Art Clubg Future Teachersg Library Club. MCBURNEY, ROBERT Band, Vice Presidentg National Honor Societyg Baseballg Football, "B" Team Booster Clubg Math Clubg Dance Bandg Junior Rotarian. MCDONALD, JOY National Honor Societyg Pepperettesg "Cotton B1ossom" Staffg FHAQ Booster Clubg Art Clubg Informal Group Singingg Camera Clubg Square Dance Clubg Squad Leader. MANLEY, SHIRLEY Square Dance Clubg Camera Clubg Informal Group Singingg FHAQ Business Clubg Art Clubg Skating Clubg Sports- man's Club. MAREK, PAT National Honor Societyg Student Councilg "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Band, Orchestrag Booster Clubg Tennis Clubg Square Dance Clubg Music Club, Camera Club. MARESH, BILL Basketball, Assistant Manager, Base- ball, Assistant Managerg Tennis, District Junior Doublesg Anglers Club, Presidentg Tennis Clubg Leatherwork Clubg Camera Clubg Booster Club. MEYER, GENE Football, Co-Captain '52, All Dis- trict '52g Basketball, Baseball, Track, Booster C lubg Tennis C lub, Freshman Class, Treasurerg Junior Class, Secre- tary, Senior Class, Treasurer, Pan- American Club. MILLER, BONNIE "Wildcat Rambler" Staff, Press Club, Reporterg Business Club. MAXFIELD, JAMES "Aggie" Football, Class President, Sophomore Junior and Senior Year. MAYS, WAYNE National Honor Societyg Booster Clubg FFA Clubg Rock Hounds, Sportsman's Club, Math Club. i J - l ww, t.,.,..,,w...............,..s.,,..,,..W.........s...,.. .i..,Ws-MM MOORMAN , JUNE Press Club, Reporter, Informal Group Singing, "Wildcat Rambler" Staff, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Dramatics Club, Reporter, Debate Club, Record- ing Secretary, Booster Club, Squad Leader, Personality Club, FHA. NASH, BETSY "Cotton Blossom" Editor, Tumbling Team, Captain, Latin Club, President, Assembly Committee, Chairman, National Honor Society, Pepperettes, Senior Tennis Team, Dramatics Club, Ensemble, Sportsman's Club. MILLER, DONN IE Press Club, Reporter, "Wildcat Ramb- ler" Staff, Business Club. MOCK, SHIRLEY National Honor Society, Band, "Cotton Blossom" Sports Editor, Tennis Team, FHA, Music Club, Square Dance Club, Sportsman's Club, Tennis Club, Vol- leyball. NETTLES , EDDIE National Honor Society, Sportsman's Club, Rock Hounds, Math Club, Bi- Phi-Chem Club, Track, Manager, Basketball, Manager, "B" Team Foot- ball. oDoM, IANETTE Art Club, Personality Club, Mixed Chorus, Senior Choir, Dramatics Club Squad Leader, Informal Group Sing- ing. , PAGE, HOMER Football, Track, Basketball, Manager Baseball, Manager, FFA, Student Advisor, Sophomore Class, Sergeant- at-Arms, Leatherwork, Sergeant-ar- Arms, Camera Club, President, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Art Club, Magic Club, Booster Club, Sportsman's Club, Projection Operators, Tennis Club, Aviation Club, Bi-Phi-Chem Club. PALOMINO, Jos PIT ZER, BOBBIE Distributors, Square Dance Club, Leatherwork Club. PLASTER, BOBBLE "Wi1dcat Rambler" Staff, "Cotton Blossom" staff, Senior Choir, Flag Bearer, Band, Art Club, President, Dramatics Club, Personality Club, Press Club, Informal Group Singing, Skating Club. POWELL , WILLIAM Golf Team, 3 Year Letterman, Sports- man's Club, Junior Rotarian, Distri- butors, President, Woodwork Club, Shorthand Club. PUETT , BILL Track, Basketball, Football, "B" Team Rock Hounds Club, President, Bi-Phi- Chem Club, President, Angling Club, Vice President, Boys' Gymanstics, Square Dance I Club, Square Dance II Club. ROBERTS, IOHNNY Track, Basketball, "B" Team, Foot- ball, Pan-American Club. SANDERS, RICHARD Distributors. SAWBERGER, VIOLET Captains' Club, Booster Club, Square Dance Club, Squad Leader, Distri- butors, D, E. , Secretary. SCHMIDT, EDNA EARLE "Wildcat Ramb1er" Production Mana- ger, National Honor Society, Pep- perettes, Press Club, Secretary, FHA Club, Informal Group Singing, Booster Club, Squad Leader, Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Square Dance Club, Drama- tics Club, Sportsman's Club. SILER, GoRDoN Football, Debate Team, Art Club, Camera Club, Square Dance Club, Latin Club, Tennis Club, Debate Club. SKELTON, SUE Pepperettes, Captain '52, Co-Captain '51, FFA Sweetheart 2 Years, Sopho- more Candidate, Queen of Sports, Student Council, Treasurer, National Honor Society, Pan-American, Presi- dent, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Tumb- ling Team, Tennis Team, Tennis Club, Treasurer, Declamation Dis- trict Winner. SCOTT , CHARLENE Latin Club, Booster Club, Pepperettes, National Honor Society, Tumbling Team, Secretary-Treasurer, "Cotton Blossom" Staff, Informal Group Sing- ing, Square Dance Club, Sportsman's Club, Latin Club, Secretary, Ensemble SHADE, Jos Football, Tennis, Track, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Angling Club, Camera Club, Square Dance Club. STALKUP, FRED Freshman Class, Presidentg Tennisg Slide Ruleg National Honor Society: Math Clubg Latin Clubg Bi-Phi -Chem Club. STAMPS, NORMA Press Clubg Art Clubg Square Dance Clubg Camera Clubg Leatherwork Clubg Squad Leaderg FHA. SKRABANEK , ELMER FFA, Secretaryg Square Dance Clubg Woodwork Club. SMETANA, EVELYN "Cotton Blossom" Staffg FHAg Booster Club: Square Dance Clubg Camera Clubg City Recreation, STEFKA , SHIRLEY "Cotton B1ossom" Editorg Pepperettes National Honor Societyg Latin Clubg Dramatics Clubg Camera Club: In- fromal Group Singingg FHAg Square Dance Clubg Squad Leader. STEPHENS , PAT SY National Honor Society: "Cotton B1ossom" Staffg Pepperettesg Student Councilg Tumbling Team, C0- Captaing Booster Clubg Tennis Clubg Informal Group Singingg Woodwork Club, STRINGFELLOW , DOROTHY "Cotton B1ossom" Art Staffg Pepperet- tes, Captaing Tumbling Team, Mana- ger: Poster Club, Secretary-Treasurerg Dramatics Clubg Informal Group Sing- ingg Art Club, Presidentg Booster Clubg Personality Clubg Basketballg Ensemble. SULA, GEORGIA ANN VIC, Secretaryg City League Volley- ballg Square Dance lg Square Dance Ilg Informal Group Singingg Squad Leader. TAYLOR, BONNIE "Cotton Blossom" Staffg Art Clubg Future Teachers Clubg Pan-American Clubg Informal Group Singingg Camera Club. TOBOLKA , JAMES Football "A" Squad, Football "B" Squadg Baseballg Trackg Intramural Basketballg Advanced Square Danceg Sportsman's Club. TALASEK, EDWARD Football. Trackg Tennisg Leatherwork Clubg Auto Mechanics Club. TATUM, SHIRLEY Bandg Orchestrag "Cotton B1ossom" Staffg Music Clubg Distributorsg National Honor Society: Skating Club Camera Club: Square Dance Clubg Informal Group Singing. TRAYLOR, DOYLE Football, All-District, A11- State, All-American, Most Valuable Player Basketball, Baseball, Track, National Honor Society, Student Council, Freshman Favorite, Sophomore Favor- ite, Sophomore Class Vice President, Junior Class, Vice President, Booster Club, Square Dance Club, "Cotton B1ossom" Staff. VASEK, FRANK VIC Club, President, Magic Club, Tennis Club. TOMLIN, JOHNNY Football, Track, National Honor Society, Booster Club, Woodwork Club Leatherwork Club. TRAYLOR, BOBBY G, Yell Leader, Yell Leader with Most School Spirit, Student Council, Foot- ball, Manager, Booster Club, Sports- man's Club. VILLINES, JEAN Leatherwork Club, Square Dance Club FHA, D, E. , National Honor Society. VOELT ER, CHARLES Football, Track, Band, Starlighters, National Honor Society, "Cotton Blossom" staff, Camera Club, Sports- man's Club, Bi-Phi-Chem Club, Junior Rotarian, Junior Kiwanian, Angling Club. WAGGONER, HAL FAIN Footballg Angling Clubg Track, Booster Club, Camera Club, WALKER, SHIRLEY National Honor Society, "Cotton B1ossom" Staffg Tumbling Team: Pepperettesg Tennis Team, Basketballg Typing Club, Shorthand Club, Pan- American Club, Sportsman's Club. WENT ZELL , VIRGINIA "Ginger" Pepperettesg Band, Flag Bearerg "Cotton B1ossom" Staff, Tumbling Team, Manager, Latin Clubg Booster Clubg Ensemble. WEST, IAN Senior Class, Secretaryg National Honor, Treasurer: Pepperettes, Co- Captaing Tennis Team, Captain, Tennis, District Winner: "Cotton B1ossom" Staff, Student Council, Senior Choir, Tennis Clubg Latin Clubg Informal Group Singing. WEBSTER, GLENN National Honor Society: Rock Hounds Secretaryg Bi-Phi-Chem Club: Boys' Quartetg Aviation Club. WEEMS, LA GRACE Camera Clubg FHAg Art C1ub,D. E, Sweetheart, WHITMORE , IO FHA: Personality Clubg Squad Leaderg Student Councilg Informal Group Singing. WILL , HENRY Footballg Sportsrnan's Clubg Projection Operatorsg Booster Clubg Square Dance Clubg Woodwork Club. wnma, JOYCE National Honor Societyg "Cotton B1ossom" Staffg FI-lAg Art Clubg In- formal Group Singingg Dramatics Clubg Personality Club. WHITE, NORMA Pepperettesg "Cotton B1ossom" Business Managerg National Honor Societyg Volleyballg Booster Clubg Fl-1Ag Camera Clubg Informal Group Singingg Personality Club. WILLIS, JACK Press Clubg Sportsman's Clubg Gym- nastic Clubg D, E, Club, Vice Presi- dentg Trackg Junior Rotarian. WILSON , FRANK Football, Managerg National Honor Society: Junior Rotariang Booster Club Angling Clubg Camera Club, WINNETT, BILLY Sportsman's Club, Leatherwork Club Square Dance Club, Distributors, Ar1 Club. WOOD , BETTY Basketballg Volleyball, FHA, VIC, Treasurer, Square Dance Club I, II, Squad "B" Leader, Informal Group Singing, Rock Hounds Club. WRIGHT , BILLY MACK Football, Managerg Track, Baseballg D, E. Club: Editor and Promotion Managerg Distributors, Student Coun cilg Intramural Football, Intramural Basketballg Junior Play, Debate. YORK , NORMAN Band, Presidentg Most Valuable Marcher, '52, All-State Orchestra, Mass Orchestra, "Cotton B1ossom" Staff, Starlightersg Music Club, Orchestra, Aviation Club, Projection Operators, YOUNTS, MARY ANN Band, Majorette 4 years, Band, Re- porterg National Honor Society, Stu- dent Conductorg Booster Club, Square Dance Club, Captain's Club. Not Pictured: Bartek, Jamesg Chism, H.C. g Conover, Brooks, Ham, Patg Jones, Lynng Pinkston, Richardg Sefcik, Thomas: Winnett, Geraldine. Wg? . ,gg Q 'Ps f dig ,JM , , W 00,3 I Happy now, Donnel? Take lt away, boys NICJR QUEE SPORTS ACTIVITIE Modest Maiden! Don't do it, Eddie! Little girls must play! BERAN, MICKEE BERNETHY, MARY DELL BIGELOW, LEE BLOODWORTH, WANDA BOLSINS, NANCY BOSWELL, DAVID BOYLES, ELIZABETH BROADAWAY, CARROL BROOKS, BILLIE BROOKS, RAYMOND BRUCE, ROGERS BRUCE, SALLY uni ora ADRIAN, ERLE ALEXANDER, BARBARA ASHABRANNER, ALICE A,YCOCK, MARY ,M BAIRD, RONALD BANKSTON, BOBBY BANZHAE, GOERGE BARTON, SHIRLEY CALDWELL, BENNIE CARLISLE, DORIS CHILDERS, ANNIE MAE CLEMENT, SCOTT COLOPY, MARCIA CONNER, VIRGINIA COOK, BOBBIE SUE CORBIN, COLDMAN CORBIN, ROMELLE CORNELISON, JERRY COUFAL, EDWARD CROW, DONALD DENsON, DAMA DOECKLE, DOROTHY DOSS, DON DRAGOO, JEAN EIDSON, MADIENE EMBLER, JOE EWING, GARY FARLEY, GLEN Fox, JOYCE Fox, NELTA FRITZ, PAULINE GLANTZ, WESLEY KEY, BOB KING, JANE KIRK, BILL KLEYPAS, BILLIE RUTH LEE, NARAY "Buddy" LEGAN, HARRISON LINDSEY, MARY LITTLE, BARBARA MCCRAY, NELTA MCGUIRT, A, J, MCSPADDEN, MERLE MCWHERTER, EUGENE GUNN, LAWRENCE HALL, ROBERTA HALVERSON, I-IELGA HEDBERG, JOHN HELBERT, JOYCE HESTER, RANDOLPH HINKLE, BOB HONEYCUTT, JOEL HUGGINS, LINNIE JACKSON, SHIRLEY JOHNSON, BEVERLY KEITH, KATHRINE MACEY, JOE MAL1NAK, BOB MANLEY, PATSY MARESH, JOHN MARSHALL, IEAN MARTIN, ROSA LEA MAYES, MARY MICKLE, ELSA MIKESKA, LaVERNE MIKULASTIK, TERESA MILLER, IANET MOORE, IANE MORRIS, MARY ANN MORTON, JAMES MURPHY, ELSIE NEWBY, IANELLE NEWBY, BOB PALMQUIST, RAYE PETERS, DONNA PITTS, BEVERLY PRYOR, ROY PRZYBYLSRI, PAUL RAMEY, PAUL RAST, CHARLES 1, I 1 WALKER, I. B. WALKER, RONNIE WALSER, CATHERINE WEEMS, ELIZABETH WEAVER, JOE WELCH, KENNY WILSON, VIRGINIA WILSON, JIMMY WINNETT, IESSIE WOLF, BOYD WILLIS, ARLYS WILKES, MARY LYNN ROWE, MARIORIE SCHILLER, JOYCE SETZER, NORMA SHAEEER, CAROL SKELTON, SANDRA SPENCE, IAMIE STEVENS, BOB STEWART, BARBARA THOMPSON, BERT D. VAUGHN, MARLENE WADSWORTH, TERRY WAGGONER, BOYD WYLIE, MARGARET YOUNTS, MLLTON ZUROVEC, BARBARA MOORE, ROSEMARY LAWSON, VELMA PERSKY, ALICE spa P03 Adler, Anna Andel, Calvin Baird, Margaret Banzhaf, Glenn Barfield, Don Barrett, Betty Berry, Bryant Blackburn, Tommy Boatwright, Allen Bostick, Modine Brock, Barbara Brown, Margaret Cryer, Wade Danneberg, Judy Davis, Donald Dyess, Bobbie Easley, Billy Edmonson, Betty Ellis, John Epperson, Jane Ewing, Adrianne Ewing, Danny Faulkner, Patricia Frost, Harriet Brown, Vanny Buie, Betsy Bulls, Gary Caffrey, Charles Cartwright, Harold Chaney, Billie Ann Chapman, Jeannine Chlapek, Irene Coates, Glenn Cooper, Vickie Crenshaw, Shirley Couch, Nancy W f , 5ggfisixfmmmmi nf i H 15.1, ' f . ,a . . . Glasscock, Anne Gonzales, Mary Frances Goodman, Linda Goodnight, Kay Greenlee, Helen Hamil, Mary Lou Hardaway, Carleen Hastings, Paul Henley, Elaine Henson, Beverly Hervey, Madeline Hicks, Odean Hilbers, Larry Hill, Waneva Hines, Sharon Holtzclaw, Peggy Honeycutt, Robert Hopkins, Maude Houston, John Hubbard, Willard Jernigan, James Jones, Billy Jones, Doris Jones, Jean Lugo, Charles McCollum, Bonnie Io McCormick, Kent Malinak, Peggy Mann, Janice Marek, Shirley Marshall, Dwain Marshall, Marilyn Menzel, Mary Mikeska, Charlene Mitchell, Jo Ann Moore, Janice Sue Kalmbach, Darlene Kalmach, Marlene Kitchens, Patsy Koctar, Pauline Kosarek, Wanda Kristinek, Carol Kuehn, Harold Lawler, Pauline Lewallen, Randall Lewis, Buddy Liles, Allen Lisenbe, Roy Morries, Curtis Morris, George Morris, J, Helms Murphy, Virginia Myers, Qlea Niles, Charles Nixon, Herbert Pitrucha, Rose Powell, Betty Powell, John Pridgeon, James Redden, Ruth Ann LGCJVV ' J Ricketts, Kathleen Rios, Grace Roark, Gloria Rodgers, Nancy Roming, Melva Lou Rucker, Mickey Salmond, Virginia San Miguel, Mary Helen Schlicht, Frank Schmidt, Johnell Scott, Pat Seibold, Shirley Thompson, Wayne Tomlin, Joyce Tomlinson, Jackie Tyler, Patsy Uselton, Yvonne Vaden, Margie Villines, Perrie Voltin, Beverly Waggoner, Betty Walker, Billy Warren, Billy Waters, Richard Shafer, Bobby Shilling, Virgil Shirley, Ruth Sirney, Gladys Smith, Patricia Smith, Sandra Smith, Sharon Stewart, Jean Stoneham, Mar Talley, Pete Tanner, June Taylor, Sue ian Wendt, David Wentrcek, Joyce Wheeler, Michael Wilson, Mickey Wins1ow,, Johnny Younts, Annie Beecham, Sharon Bryson, Bob Jw, men Aaron, Billy Ray Adams, Ruby Dean Bales, James Ballard, Arthur Bartek, Sylvia Barton, Anita Beck, Nell Bigham, Edna Ann Bigharn, Mary Bigham, Sue Blake, John Bland, Gordon Burns, Mary Burton, Sharon Callaway, Amelia Callaway, Stuart Campbell, Binks Campbell, Carolyn Carroll, Dennis Cassidy, Bill Cawthron, Jack Chandler, Mary Glynn Chlapek, Ben Christopher, Har olyn Blansett, Bennie Bolding, Bobby Boren, Jean Boyd, Joe Bridges, Catherine Bridges, James Brooks, Grant Brown, Lanell Brown, Freddie Bruce, Peggy Buck, Lanette Burchell, Glenn Chupik, Wildeane Cleveland, John Collier, George Conner, Jerry Cox, Jack Coyne, Nancy Craft, Carl Creamer, Jackie Cummings, Ronnie Davis, Glenda Davis, James Duncan, John Dunlap, Jamie Edds, Donald Elder, Doris Engle, Rose Marie Erskine, John Evans, Shirley Farley, Ramsey Fly, Elizabeth Fojtasek, Alton Fojtasek, Barbara Fox, Dorothea Fritz, Gladyne Gross, Jimmy Groves, Jane Hahn, Jimmy Hardaway, Maureen Halverson, Lloyd Havlik, Martha Haynes, Glenn Hejl, Alvin Hejl, Juanita Hernandez, Victoria Hester, Wanda Hieronymus, Marian Fry, Joe Ray Gee, Phyllis Geisselbrecht, Ruby Gerloff, Marsha Gill, George Glantz, Robert Glover, Yvonne Goates, Pat Goolsby, Joe Gregory, David Gribble, Jo Sharon Grisham, Marylu Hill, Juanita Hill, Pat Hilliard, Carolyn Hoherd, Lanier Honeycutt, Janis Hoover, Mickey Hudson, Sondra Hutka, Shirley Hyden, Danny Janes, Nancy Jenkins, Tom Johnson, Helen Johnson, Marilyn Kacir, Betty Kaulfus, Annyce Kerley, Mary Kornegay, Joe Krumnow, Barbara Lange, Frances Latham, Lila Lavendusky, Jacqueline Law, William Lengefeld, Joy Little, Jan Martin, Glenda Martin, Samrnie Martinec, Franklin Massingale, John Mathis, Gerald Matthews, Cornelia Marous, Helen Matula, Franklin Mayhew, Patsy Mikeska, Leroy Mikeska, Ruben Mikulas, Janet f L Loney, Taddie Lucas, Ronald Lynch, Katherine McBurney, Louis McClelland, Michael McCord, David McCulloch, John McQueen, Sue Mabry, Virginia Marek, Jodie Marshall, Joe Martin, Dan Moore, Gayle Moore, Howell Moore, Norma Morris, Sarchie Nelson, Martha Nobles, Sue Norman, Bonnie Oliver, Memelee Parham, Jean Parker, Catherine Pearson, Charles Pennington, David Peters, Sibyl Pitts, Carolyn Potts, John Powell, Cynthia Puett, Elaine Purkins, Marcia Ray, Donna Retzlaff, Melton Ricketts, Gayle Rodarte, Joe Rodgers, Sherman Rodgers, Thurman Stringfellow, Douglas Tanner, Edward Taylor, Leta Burl Terrell, Pat Tutor, Annie Walker, Ann Walker, James Walser, Paul Walton, Carolyn Waters, Marie Westbrook, Carolyn Whatley, Gwenda Sandefur, David Schmidt, Juanell Scott, Mossie Sheppard, Ellen Shirley, Aubrey Shirley, Wayne Skelton, Judge Smith, Gay Snoddy, Gayle Sodek, Pat Stevens, La Greta Stevenson, Bob Whitley, Jerry Wiedeman, Monty Wilburn, Bobbieann Wiley, Charles Wiley, Doris Wiley, Patsy Wilkinson, George Williams, Charles Wolf, Karen Woodward, Joe Wychopen, Rosalie Younts, Bobby Prewitt, Buck W W9 off! FRESH MAN FAVORITES BOBBIE ANN WILBURN M MM! SGPHOMORE FAVORITES UNET JUNIOR FAVCDRITES SENIOR FAVORITES 'Save e 4,1 Ke fa 7... I ' -Q- A V ALICE PERSKY Basketball Sweetheart Football Sweetheart .L- !,h 4 , ...L- ' 1 W SHIRLEY TATUM MARY NELL CRONE Band Sweetheart Choir Sweetheart T 55 ' ' ' efmnfwa THE COTTO BLOSSOM Officers: Shirley Stefka, Betsy Nash, Lunelle Bur- chell, Norma White, Shirley Mock, Allen Ernst, Roy Chapman, Jeanie Anderson, Andy Edmondson. Co-Editors - - Associate Editors Business Managers Sports Editors - - Art Editors - - - Sponsor - - OFFICERS - - - BETSY NASH SHIRLEY STEFKA ' ' .TEANIE ANDERSON LUNELLE BURCHELL - - - - NORMA WHITE ANDY EDMONDSON - SHIRLEY MOCK ROY CHAPMAN - - FRANCES HARLESS ALLEN ERNST - - MISS MARGARET CHAPMAN 6 f. if A A . s Q C 3 I Frances Harless Make-up Staff: Seated: Louise Fambrough, Virginia Wentzell, Joy McDonald, Pat Marek, Charlene Scott, Dorothy Stringfellow, Patsy Ray, Jeanie Anderson. Standing: Frances Dowling, Ian West, Jamie Kelley, Lee Epstein, Lunelle Burchell, June Moorman, Sue Skelton, Patsy Gregory, Bonnie Taylor. Art Staff: Dorothy Stringfellow, Patsy Ray, June Moorman, Allen 1 Ernst, Charles Voelter, Betty Haynes, Frances Dowling, Jeanie Anderson. Not pictured: Frances Harless, Kay Campbell. Advertising Staff: Patsy Stephens, Norma White, Homer Page, Andy Edmondson, Norman York, Frances Pillow, Joyce White, Joy Mc- Donald, Marjorie Bridges, Pat Marek, Shirley Walker, Shirley Tatum Not pictured: Kay Campbell. Sports Stnffi 1.153 Weil, Sizulcy Ekimtk, 330553: Pumplk, Raw fjhsapmaax, Emjxle Trzwlmzvr, Realm fiiwig Jan Niki Dnprsef, Exifffrmzf f.'s"E1ziuZ 5u?z::2 Mm Kristififffk, imfsmiii' ZEm':Efi'3', ?v'i::rf?m jf,-3 E?zif?fi'1ic 21.25 2 N3 ID?v.'ee,, E'YLe!Sfg Eimm,-I ?4?L1fl,:z- kimix I 15. HWY Editors - - Activities Editor - - Make-up Editor - - Sports Editor - - - Assistant Sports - - Business Manager - - Production Manager Circulation Manager Faculty Advisor ---- Art ------ A ynemilnrstlk mhlef THE WILDCAT RAMBLER Published Every Two Weeks By the Journalism Class Temple High School Temple, Texas MEMBER INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE PRESS CONFERENCE - - - Lee Epstein Mary Lynn Wilks - - Betty Haynes - - - -Nila Dupree - - - - -Johnny Jez - - Barbara Alexander - - Johnnie Kristinek - - - Edna Schmidt - - - - Robbie Brandon - - Miss Margaret Black - - - -Goldman Corbin Bonnie Miller Betty Haynes Reporters - - Johnny Jez Nila Dupree Betty Haynes Donnie Miller Robbie Brandon Dorothy Henley Barbara Alexander Johnnie Ann Kristinek Edna Earle Schmidt Mary Lynn Wilks Bobbie Plaster Bonnie Miller June Moorman Goldman Corbin Lee Epstein THE NATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY OFFICERS KAY CAMPBELL - - ---- President LEE EPSTEIN - - - - -Vice President CAROL SHAFFER - - - - - Secretary MARY LYNN WILKS - - - - Reporter MISS JUANITA WELCH - - ---- Sponsor MISS MAVERN DEVINE - - - - - Co-Sponsor MEMBERSHIP SENIORS, Anderson, Jeanie, Bailey, Elizabeth, Berry, Carrick, Berry, Donnel, Brandon, Robbie, Bridges, Marjorie, Buckellew, Oren, Burchell, Lunelle, Campbell, Kay, Canipe, Joyce, Chapman, Roy, Chlapek, Marvin, Corbin, John, Cowan, Perry, Daniel, Patsy, Dumas, Gwen, Dupree, Nila, Easley, Jean, Eberts, Jack, Edmondson, Andy, Emerson, Doris, Epstein, Liana, Ernst, Allen, Fojtasek, Joe, Geisselbrecht, Elvin, Haisler, Mary, Harless, Frances, Haynes, Betty, Hluchan, Norman, Jez, Johnny, Jez, Martha, Kristinek, Johnnie, Lee, Robert, McBurney, Robert, McDonald, Joy, McCall, Jack, Marek, Patsy, Mock, Shirley, Nash, Betsy, Nettles, Eddie, Schmidt, Edna, Scott, Charlene, Shade, Joe, Skelton, Sue, Stalkup, Fred, Stefka, Shirley, Stephens, Patsy, Tomlin, Johnny, Traylor, Doyle, Voelter, Charles, Webster, Glen, West, Virginia, Walker, Shirley, White, Joyce, White, Norma, Wentzell, Virginia, Wilson, Frank, Younts, Mary Ann, Stringfellow, Dorothy. JUNIORS, Adrian, Erle, Ashabranner, Alice, Aycock, Mary, Beran, Mildred, Bernhardt, Paul, Bernethy, Mary, Boswell, David, Boyles, Mary E., Brooks, Billie, Bruce, Sally, Carlisle, Doris, Childers, Annie Mae, Cornelison, Jerry, Doeckle, Dorothy, Dunavant, Glenda, Duzan, Donald, Eidson, Madiene, Ewing, Gary, Farley, Glenn, Fox, Nelta, Helbert, Joyce, Hinkle, Robert, Huggins, Linnie, Jackson, Shirley, Jez, Frank, Jones, George, Keith, Kathrine, Kenworthy, Doris, Kleypas, Billie, Little, Barbara, Malinak, Robert, Manley, Patsy, Maresh, John, Marshall, Jean, Matl, Marguerite, Mikeska, Laverne, Mikulastik, Teresa, Miller, Janet, Moore, Rosemary, Newby Janelle, Peters, Donna, Pinon, Jane, Pryzybylski, Paul, Robinson, Floyd, Rowe, Marjorie, Schiller, Joyce, Shaffer, Carol, Stastny, Dorothy, Skelton, Sandra, Stephens, Bobby, Stewart, Barbara, Wadsworth, Terry, Walser, Cathe- rine, Wilks, Mary Lynn, Wilson, Virginia, Wylie, Margaret, Zurovec, Barbara, Willis, Arlys. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ex 'Z S!! rg E L ACTIVE MEMBERS: Sandra Skelton, Sue Skelton, Dupree, Eidson, Scott, Anderson, Stefka, Peters, Walker, Bridges, Stephens. Second row: Kenworthy, N. White, Haynes, Keith, Marshall, Walser, Nash, Stewart, V, Wilson, Beran, Doeckle, Miss Welch. Third row: Manley, Rowe, Schiller, Fox, Younts, L. Mikeska, R. Law- son, Stastny, Childers, Mikulastik, Matl, Zurovec, S. Bruce. Fourth row: Shaffer, Wilks, Huggins, R. Moore Helbert, Jackson, Stringfellow, Wentzell, West, Boyles, Kristinek, Schmidt, M. Iez, Fifth row: Carlisle, Ashabranner, I, White, Burchell, Daniel, Mock, Cowan, J. Iez, F. Iez, M. Chlapek. Sixth row: Corbin, Willis, G. Jones, Ewing, Boswell, Maresh, Webster. PROBATIONARY MEMBERS: First row: D. Jones, Crenshaw, Lawler, Glasscock, Menzel, S. Smith, Rogers, P. Malinak, Dyess, C. Mikeska, Chaney, Roark. Second row: Frost, Pitrucha, Baird, I. Mitchell, A. Ewing, Hopkins, I. Chlapek, M, Marshall, Redden, Couch, Henley, I. Jones. Third row: Sirney, Kitchens, Edmonson Kosarek, Vaden, Greenlee, Tomlin, Myers, Morries. Not Pictured: Adler, Blackburn, Boatwright, Bostick, Broadaway, Brock, Bulls, Burns, Chaffin, I. Chlapek, Coates, Cuba, Eckerman, Danny Ewing, Goodman, Haisler, Hervey, Hill, Hubbard, Koctar, Kristinek, Kuehn, Liles, Lisenbe, Lusk, McCollum, D. Marshall, Powell, Pridgeon, Salmond, Sanders, Schiller, Shafer, Schlicht, Shirley, Skrabanek, Slaughter, Tanner, Villines, Voltin, Walker, Wilson. MEMBERS Urbane Aaron, Joann Arnold, Mary Aycock, Otis Beck, Glenda Boyd, Virginia Conner, Jean Dragoo, Ruth Drake, Frances Ellison, Anna Fipps, Elvin Geisselbrecht, Wesley Glantz, Glenda Hook, Ben Kegley, Weldon McQueen, Janet Miller, Bobbie Pitzer, William Powell, Paul Przyby- lski, Huges Rue, Ignacio Ro- driguez, Billy Shepperd, Duane Standard, Jean Villines, La Grace Weems, Arlys Willis, Jack Willis, Billy Winnett, Geraldine Winnett, Jessie Merle Winnett, Mack Wright. OFFICERS William Powell - - - President Jack Willis - - Vice President Violet Sawberger - - Secretary Mack Wright ---- Ediror and Promotion Manager DISTRIBUTORS LaGRACE WEEMS Club Sweetheart OFFICERS Frank Vasek ----- President George Wallace-Vice President Georgie Sula ---- Secretary Betty Wood - - - - Treasurer Billy Gribble - ---- Reporter Don Doss - - Sergeant-at-Arms O O C. CLUB MEMBERS Don Wood, Kenneth Fisher, Darrell Brown, Elton Lawson, Frankie Haisler, Johnny Long- botham, Joe Bob Dorn, Billy Kamenicky, Io Whitmore, Mary Folschinsky, Mr. McNeil Sponsor, THE STUDE T CCJLINCIIL First row: Beran, Mickee, Hester, Don, Campbell, Kay, Chaney, Billie Ann, Chlapek, Ben, Davis, Ola, Dodgen Beverly, Eidson, Madiene, Flint, Mary Lynn. Second row: McCord, David, Hardaway, Maureen, Snoddy, Gayle Jez, Johnny, Keith, Kathrine, Liles, Allen, Lengefeld, Ioy, Malinak, Peggy, Marshall, Jean. Third row: Nobles, Sue- Parker, Catherine, Peters, Sibyl, Powell, Betty, Powell, Cynthia, Coyne, Nancy, Pridgeon, James, Rodarte Joe, Rogers, Nancy. Fourth row: Tanner, June, Thompson, Bert, Walton, Carolyn, Wilson, Virginia, West, Jan, Zurovec Barbara, Stewart, Barbara, Stephens, Patsy, Skelton, Sandra. Fifth row: McBurney, Louis, Marshall, Marilyn, Daniel, Patsy, Rowe, Marjorie, Frost, Harriet, Haynes, Betty. Not Pictured: Fojtasek, Joe, Gerloff, Glenn, Gerloff, Marsha, Greenlee, Helen, Marshall, Dwain, Traylor, Bobby, Campbell, Binks, Dunlap, Iarnie, Jenkins, Tom, Prewitt, Buck. OFFICERS ERLE ADRIAN ---- ---- P resident VAN ALESSANDRO - - - - -Vice President LEE EPSTEIN ---- - - - Secretary SUE SKELTON ----------- - - Treasurer MISS MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN - - - Sponsor THE SPORTS OUEE BANQUET STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Vice President - - Van Alessandro Secretary ------ Lee Epstein Treasurer - - - - Sue Skeltqn President - - - -Erle Adrian QUEE OF SPORTS CGRQNATIG ACTIVITIE From left to right: Bobbieann Wilburn, Freshman Candidate, June Tanner, Sophomore Candidate Barbara Little, Junior Candidateg Lynn Flint, Senior Candidate, and Rita Jackson, last year's Queen Sports. r0WnS tg BYU: C ain Of me iootbciggate- Omg! 1 an CZ? H C XOY, uee Dogleeiixig seniof SVOUS ol LWB ' v. OH- candidares 300 "I crown you Queen of Sports for 1952-53, " of THE STUDENT COUNCIL FLOAT THE F. F. A. FLOAT THE ART CLASS FLOAT " STUDENT CQUNCIL CHRISTMAS DANCE CLIR CH EER LEADER l l vii' J' Harriet Frost, Bobby Traylor, Madiene Eidson, Ola Davis, Cecil Duty, Ian Little. FLUTES Madeleine Hervey David Pennington George Gill Shirley Seibold PICCOLO Paul Hastings OBOE Shirley Tatum BASSOONS Carrick Berry Edward Tanner CLARINETS Jimmy Wilson Perry Cowan Shirley Tatum Catherine Parker Rueben Garcia Mary Ann Younts Amelia Callaway Judge Skelton Beverly Pitts Pauline Koctar Bobbie Sue Cook George Ivey John Tom Potts Memelee Oliver Cornelia Matthews THE BA D ALTO CLARINET Elizabeth Bailey BASS CLARINET Jerry Whitley BARITONES Virgil Shilling Neylan Lewellen FRENCH HORNS Bonnie Jo McCollum Mary Ann Morris George Collier Ben Chlapek CORNETS Ruth Shirley A. I. McGuirt Mickey Wilson Bennie Blansett Franklin Matula Charlie Williams Virginia Murphy Carolyn Pitts Frank Schlicht David Sandefur Glenn Banzhaf Lanier Hoherd Joe Ben Boyd Carl Craft SAXOPHONES Charles Voelter Margie Vaden Wanda Kosarek Mary F, Gonzales Constance Marek Robert McBurney James Chlapek TROMBONES David Huff Dwain Marshall Lee Bigelow Wayne Thompson David Boswell Charles Wiley Leroy Mayes BASSES Johnny Lusk Ephraim Garcia PERC USS ION Norman York Mary Lynn Flint Betty Edmonson John Cleveland Glenn Farley Doris Elder Jean Parham Maureen Hardaway Yvonne Glover Learning anything? Oh! My poor dogs! BAND OFFICERS President: Norman York Vice President: Robert McBurney Secretary-Treasurer Lynn Flint Sergeant-at-Arms: David Huff fnot picturedj Director: Durward Howard fam PEPPERETTE Captains, Skelton, West, Skelton, Stringfellow, Keith, Stewart, I. Marshall, Beran, Mickle, Wilson, Peters, Wylie, Couch, Little, Alexander, M, Marshall, Schmidt, Doeckle, S. Smith, Johnson, J. Stewart, Brown, Haynes, Castillo, Bostick, Hopkins, Dowling, P. Smith, Mikeska, Goodman, King, Co10PY: Bernethy, Lee, Scott. Huggins, Bruce, Faulkner, I, Moore, Henson, Fambrough, Daniel, Moorman, Anderson, Wentzell, Rodgers. Mann, Dyess, Lindsey, Chaney, Vaughn, Wilkes, Wagoner, Bolin, Ray, Powell, McDonald, Menzel Carver, White, R. Moore, Stefka, Tanner, Hall, Malinak, Walser, Murphy, Helbert, Danneburg, Weerns. HmmmLssrimfwaigwaewsmzizmswiskszswVivzzzevifaswwfzasf X Little Dutch Mill Eiffel Tower. Planning the Half-time shows Keep it straight! The finished product?? Hut-two-three-four! Line it up! SENIOR CHOIR First row: Doeckle, Glasscock, Fritz, Reed, Crone. Second row: Wentrcek, Peters, Pillow, Mickle. Third row: Skelton, Sue, Copper, Baily, Plaster. Fourth row: Skelton, Sandra, Sirney, Fambrough, Hall, Cryer, W,, Thompson, Fifth row: Wilson, V, g Webster, Berry, Stephens, Irish, Krumnow. Sixth row: Anderson, Alessandro Sebesta, Lawson, Caffery, Siler, Seventh row: West, Hluchan, Hutka, Guess, Buckellew, Eighth row: Murphy, Hastings, Marshall, Berry, D., Burchell, Aaron, Wilson, I. g Huff, Weems, Cryer, B. 9 Clements, McCall, Ray, Iez, Franks, Gerloff. OFFICERS President ---- ----- B ERT THOMPSON Vice President 1 - - - -- - - VAN ALESSANDRO Reporters - - - - - LEE EPSTEIN, JOHNNY JEZ, Secretary - - - - - - -LUNELL BURCHELL Treasurer - - ------ LOUISE FAMBROUGH Director ---------- MISS MARY FRANCES WEEDIN NLF, , , nl' I Y . .- ,K ,X 1 'W fx' , 5 ,,,. -59 Q , . . 311, x J' . I t 5, 31 V, 1:8 w --w'5,'s-iff? SYQW, W Q S ' Q Q sus SKELTON 4 ,, 'K i a '4'uL' A' y 1 i "li'f?' As A V Madonna CHCDIR HRISTMAS PROGRAM 'Q-v , 33.2 we Kg? - MISS WEEDIN C AROLE RS CHOIR K A , W, Li , . , , 'l' 1 THE TARLIGHTERS Left to right: A, I. McGuirt, Ruth Shirley, Mickey Wilson, Margie Vaden, Durward Howard CDirectorJ, Wanda Kosarek, Morman York, Jimmy Wilson, Charles Voelter, Johnny Lusk, Lee Bigelow, Robert McBurney, Dwain Marshall, Elizabeth Bailey. Scene from "One Foot in Heaven" THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN'.' A comedy in three acts by Anne Coulter Martens From the novel by Hartzell Spence fProduced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Companyj CHARACTERS Reverend William H. Spence - - Hope Spence --------- Hartzell ---- - - Eileen ---- Dr. Romer - - Louise ---- Maria - - - Molly - - Ronny ---- Letty ----- Mrs. Sandow - - Mrs. Digby - - Georgie ------ Mrs. Cambridge - - Mrs. Jellison - - - Major Cooper - - - - - Bishop Sherwood ----- Reverend Fraser Spence - - - Director ----- Stage Manager - - Prompter - - - - OREN BUCKELLEW - - - - BETSY NASH - - NORMAN YORK - - - - LYNN FLINT - - - ROBERT MCBURNEY - - - - LEE EPSTEIN - - SHIRLEY STEFKA - -- --IANWEST - VAN ALESSANDRO - - - PAN DOWLING - - - - SUE SKELTON - - MARY NELL CRONE - - - BOBBY FARRELL - - - - - - -REBAIONES VIRGINIA WENT ZELL MAURICE GOODNIGHT BILL PUETT - - EDDIE NETTLES - MISS INEZ. FRANZ - - KAY CAMPBELL - - - CARALEN LYKES CREWS Charles Voelter, Homer Page, Frank Wilson Don Doss, Joe Palomino, Perry Cowan, Dar rell Brown, Glenn Gerloff. Phil Cobb, Laverne Ellis, Bill Maresh, Sue Reed, Jack Eberts, I. B. Walker, Gene Meyer, Bonnie Taylor, Sam Garth, Edna Schmidt, Ray- mond Davis, Nila Dupree, Dorothy String- Aggie Maxfield, Jack McCall, Mary Ann Younts, Jeanie Anderson, Lunelle Burchell, Patsy Ray, Shirley Mock, Louise Fambrough, Jack Willis, Charlene Scott, Donnel Berry, Patsy Daniel, Eddie Blake, Iune Moorman, Andy Edmondson, Patsy Stephens, Marjorie Bridges, Shirley Walker, Phyllis Fox, Shirley Manley. fellow, Norma White, Jo Ann Carver, William Powell, --so if you've all been good little boys and girls. CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY P R06 RAM and a little red wagon for Miss Chapman surprise! !? "This contains a simple explanation of psycho- analysis" Silence -- - THE DRAMATICS CLUB Presdents "SUPPRESSED DESIRES" Happy Endin rv-im n mf Tgk In-.far rn,Lf1H-'E g,L.g,sF ' ul V I Q First row: Finney, Motl, Lewis, Kirk, Bill, Skelton, Sandra, Chlapek, Irene, Davis, Ola, Skelton, Sue, Carberry, Coufal, Vickery, Second row: Pechal, Mikeska, Leroy, Snodgrass, Nixon, Reed, Fojtosek, Ratzlaff, Keith, Baird, Kirk, Bobby, Third row: Reznicek, Skrabanek, Martinek, Ellis, Wofford, Heil, Chlapek, Biskup, Malina Fourth row: Andel, Moore, Dana, Pechal, A. g Bulls, Hrornadka, Haisler, R, MHCCR, Vernon, Haisler, F.: Macek, Virgi1,Mikeska, R. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS BILL KIRK ---- - - - - - - President JAMES CARBERRY - - ----- Vice President BUDDY LEWIS ---- - - Second Vice President EDWARD REZNICEK - - - -Third Vice President EDWARD COUFAL - - - ----- Secretary ROBERT HROMODKA - - ----- Treasurer JOE WEAVER ------ ---- Re porter JOHNNY CHLAPEK --------- - - Student Advisor FRANKIE HAISLER, JOHNNY POWELL - - -Parliamentarians CLARENCE PECHAL --------- ---- H istorian MR, C. P. VICKERY - - - - Sponsor FUTURE RM E R S FP' ,T OF , twig itwgi 1 1 Eat lots of foodg make good sausage. Hi! Mr, President These little pigs went to market. .sf pr 4 E! W atch where you are going, Edward! Ed. and the com stalks , , . i F, H, A, OFFICERS Patsy Daniel ----------- President Mary Lynn Wilks ------ Vice President Carol Shaffer ---- Second Vice President Elizabeth Weems -------- Treasurer Marlene Vaughn - - ---- Reporter Patsy Manley --- ---- Historian Linnie Huggins - - - - - Parliamentarian Ruth Ann Redden - - ------ Pianist Joyce Schiller ------ - -Song Leader Miss Beadie Kilpatrick - - - - - Sponsors Miss Cecil Mae Hendricks IAKERS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First row: Mock, Barton, Helbert, Denson, B. Little, Wilkes, Huggins, Shaffer, Beran. Second row: J. White, Redden, Tomlin, Morris, Walton, Sodek, C, Kristinek, Ricketts, Cale, I. Chapman. Third row: Chupik, M. Iez, I. Shiller, S. Bruce, A. Younts, Nelson, Reed, L. Taylor, Arnold. Fourth row: P. Manley, Bernethy, Lee Mitchell, Baird, G. Smith, Johnson, Shepperd, Keener, Vaughn, Fifth row: Weems, Haisler, P. Bruce, Walser Geisselbrecht, Talley, Daniel, Miss Kilpatrick, Miss Hendricks. YMAKERS W on , Lf. ' 7 i 3 70 , eo H ,sf 2d :- E A f if vs- fy 9 H 93 o -- Q '41, wo 0 NE X W Hog PAN-AMERICAN CLUB OFFICERS ERLE ADRIAN - - ---- President KITTY KEITH - - - - - Vice President NANCY COUCH ---- - - - Secretary CHARLENE MIKESKA - - - - Treasurer BETTY POWELL '--- - - Reporter MRS. MARIE SPENCE - - - - Sponsor MERICAN First row: Moore, Tanner, Buie,. Smith, Mikeska, Dyess. Second row: Rogers, Snoddy, Frost, Roark, Couch, Eidson, Skelton, Sueg Dowling, Zurovec, Wilson, Stewart. Third row: McBurney, Thompson. Lengefeld, Hamil Ellis, Powell, Skelton, Sandrag Keith, Mrs. Spence. Not pictured: Barbosa, Blake, Brown, Barba, Cavillo, Castillo, Christopher, Cooper, Garcia, Ruebeng Garica, Ruth, Gonzales, Johng Gonzales, Mary, Henley, Hernandez, Hill, Lara, Luna, Macey, Pinon, Rios, Roberts, Salazar, San Miguel, Terrell, Wagner. CHRISTMAS PARTY Wilson, Chlapek, Boswell, Fritz, Miss Lindemann, Mikulastic, Mrs. Hooks, Peters, Cooper. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Chlapek, Wilson, Peters, Boswell. OFFICERS BARBARA ALEXANDER - - - - - President VIRGINIA WILSON - - ----- Reporter DAVID BOSWELL ---- - - - Vice President MARVIN CHLAPEK ---- - - - Parliamentarian DONNA PETERS ---- - Secretary-Treasurer MISS ALICE LINDEMANN - - ----- Sponsors GLADYS HOOKS Members: Barbara Alexander, David Boswell, Marvin Chlapek, Vicki Cooper, Gladyne Fritz, Marian Hieronymus, Beverly Johnson, Teresa Mikulastic, Donna Peters, Virginia Wilson. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS BETSY NASH - - ---- President LEE BIGELOW ---- - - Vice President CHARLENE SCOTT - - ---- Secretary PEGGY MALINAK - - - -Treasurer MRS, OLIVIA JONES ------------ Sponsor Members: Lee Bigelow, Allen Boatwright, John Cleveland, Glenn Coates, Judy Danneberg, Jack Eberts, Joe Fry, Joe Fojtasek, Marsha Gerloff, Linda Goodman, Maurice Goodnight, Helen Greenlee, Eddie Harkrider, John Hedberg, Beverly Henson, James Hesse, Marian Hieronymus, Bobby Lee, Peggy Malinak, John Maresh, Jean Marshall, Marilyn Marshall, Franklin Matula, Jack McCall, Michael McClelland, Gayle Moore, Betsy Nash, Cath- erine Parker, Cynthia Powell, James Pridgeon, Joe Rodarte, Frank Schlicht, Charlene Scott, Robert Slaughter, Fred Stalkup, Shirley Stefka, Bert Thompson, Catherine Walser, Paul Walser, Virginia Wentzell, Jan West, ANGLI G CLUB Valigura, Maresh, Puett, Blake, Easley. Easley, Blake, Rodarte Maresh Sharp McClelland Schlict, Valigura, Walser Erskrn Stevenson OFFICERS BILL MARESH - - ------- ---- P resident BILL PUETT - - - -------- Vice President JIMMY EASLEY - - - - Secretary-Reporter IOHN BLAKE -------- ----- T reasurer MR. WILLIAM VALIGURA - - - - Sponsor Not Pictured: Gordon Bland, Glen Banzhaf, George Crow, Billy Easley, Danny Ewing Gary Ewing GLENN FARLEY - - HELEN SANDERS - - BOYD WOLF ---- IOHNNY LUSK - - - IOHNELL SCHMIDT MR. H, C, FARRELL GLENN WEBSTER - - ROCK HOUNDS Members: Bill Cassidy, Jack Cox, Glenn Farley, Johnny Lusk Randall Lewallen, Helen Sanders, Iohnell Schmidt, Glenn Webster Boyd Wolf OFFICERS - - - President - -Vice President - - - Secretary - - - - - Reporter - Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - - Sponsor DR MATICS CLU B OFFICERS VAN ALESSANDRO ----- - DAVID MCCORD - - - LEE EPSTEIN ---- - - President Vice President - - Secretary IUNE MOORMAN - - MISS INEZ FRANZ. - - - Reporter - - Sponsor CLUB , ART CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS DOROTHY STRINGFELLOW - - ---- President Monroe Broadaway, Shirley Crenshaw, Doris Emerson, FRANCES HARLESS ----- - -Vice President Phyllis Fox, Patsy Gregory, Reba Jones, Doris Ken- ANNIE MAE CHILDERS - - - - - SCCFCUYY worthy, Naray Lee, Joy McDonald, Shirley Manley, BARBARA ODOM ------ - - Treasurer Sue Nobles, Patsy Ray, Bonnie Taylor, Carolyn MRS, PATSY GOODRICH - - - - - - Sponsor Walton. Word, Corbin, Baird, Moore, Chandler, Sodek, Mitchell, Kristinek, Chandler. JOHN CORBIN '------ -------- P resident LI B R MARGARET BAIRD - - - - - Vice President IO ANN MITCHELL - - ---- Secretary B CAROL KRISTINEK -' - - Repgl-ter ---- ------- - - Sponsgr Henley, Brandon, Jez, Miller, Kristinek, Schmidt, Plaster, Dupree, Miller, Haynes. JOHNNIE ANN KRISTINEK - - ---- President V BETTY HAYNES ------ - - Vice President EDNA EARLE SCHMIDT - - ---- Secretary P S S NILA DUPREE --------------- Treasurer B DONNIE MILLER, BONNIE MILLER ---- Reporters JOHNNY IEZ ------------ Parliamentarian ROBBIE BRANDON ------------- Historian MISS MARGARET BLACK - - - - Sponsor ni Seated: Edmonson Goodnight Oliver First row Smith Mann Tanner Crone Janes Adler Engle Havlik Second row: Wen'rcek Chlapek Sirney Chuprk Westbrook Not Pictured Gribble Uselton Peters JUNE TANNER President KAY GOODNIGHT Treasurer JOYCE WENTRCEK Vice President BETTY EDMONSON Reporter MARY NELLE CRONE Secretary MISS MARY FRANCES WEEDIN Sponsor OFFICERS Harrison Legan Phyllis Fox - - Frances Pillow - Dorothy Henley Miss Emily Burt 4 l .. ' fl vi apo ws + lift' , 1 f x Y ' 1 I N ffa- Ni "..1"' 'C- v fi-F in-l-f"""' ue-""""'-fl" EYE l 1-'f' TAKM1 '?1'oM' INFOVMBTQVQ Class'-wow P'J"Wc Sm' Mascot, Blomquist, First row: Brooks, I. B, Walker, Chapman, Traylor, Rhea, Farrell Ernst Dees Caldwell Second row: B. Waggoner, R. Walker, Fuller, Welch, Corneilison, Malinak, Smith, Morton Third row Kelley Barbosa, Honeycutt, Bruce, Garth, Tomlin, Wilson, Fourth row: Will, Siler, Franks, Edmondson Hill Shade Davis, Fifth row: H. Waggoner, Buckellew, Guess, Goodnight, Berry, Voelter, Maxfield Sixth row Fulp Meyer, Barnett, Goode. Not Pictured: Feaster, Tabolka, Talasek, Conover. "A" SQUAD OOTBALL September September September October October October October October November November November November December December December SCHED ULE Denison Sunset, Dallas Waco San Jacinto, Houston Arlington Heights Baytown Open Corsicana Open Lufkin Palestine Bryan Port Neches McAllen Breckenridge Here There There Here There Here Here Here There Here Here Here Wa co 38 33 27 41 48 20 41 35 21 26 48 36 20 I ::. W . Y! ff swf We W- ww ' 11: K 7 ' . is ,F H HM, -3 gk tw QA fu , li A X , ' QB W2 W an 4 - 4 5 , 212 " A 1 ' V M Z7 ,,, X f Ki' 3' , , ,, Q A Q E- 1 g 6 "' i.-WEA Mug y 4 Jw' 5 L Q X Af if f ,Q my N if M' :E 2 il ' I We lv' ? 1, e YW 1295? 2 ij? f V Wfyiiif K 2 Kb - , J w I 4 1 1 tl 4 1 ,4 A, 1 vm ! 3 E 4 9 I n f Wgig. - ,1,y,-yea, . . f,-, fy f. -A - 1 .swung-ws Mp- .......m..,. ........, . MEYER, TRAYLOR, CHAPMAN l Offensive Platoon: First row: Ernst, Meyer, Cornelison, Tomlin, Edmondson, Garth, Chapman. Second row: Berry, Farrell, Traylor, Bruce. ERN ST Holding BERRY Kicking CURTIS DEES DOYLE TRAYLOR Watch the birdie, gentlemen. FCJCJTBALL DAD'S D Y PORT NECHES GAME Touchdown! That's my boy! Tough break! THE FOOTBALL BANQUET ,,mW,.M,W,,:1, Qi , , - K M- f - rw First row Beechem Cartwright, Cryer, Winslow, Davis, Key, Powell, Boston, Ellis Secon Thompson Banzaf Odom, Luna, Rast, I. H. Morris, Schmidt. Third row: Bryson Waters Rogers Greenwood Kaulfus C Morris Rucker. Fourth row: Huggins, Sirney, Davis, Meyers, Boatwright Caffrey Fifth row Weaver Haisler Barfield, Coach Bare, Hinkle, Blackburn, Jenkins. " " SQUAD FOOTBALL September September September October October October October November November N ovember SCHEDULE Gatesville A Holland Bryan B Cameron B Palestine B Hamilton A Waco B Open Gatesville B Waco B There There Here There Here There Here Here There RONNIE GUESS ANDY EDMONDSON CHARLES VOELTER ROGERS BRUCE Back Center Tackle Back JAMES MAXFIELD HAL FAIN WAGGONER DOYLE FEASTER MAURICE GOODNIGHT End End Tackle End JOE BARBOSA KENNETH WELCH A. E. GOODE RAY FULP Back Center Guard End PAGE HILL BROOKS CONOVER JAMES TOBOLKA BOYD WAGGONER Back Back End End JAMIE KELLEY I, H. RAWLINGS T. R. DAWSON R. M. ERWIN Manager Coach Coach Coach Bottom row: Gene Meyer, Roy Chapmen, Allen Ernst, Jack McCall, Bobby Farrell. Second row: Doyle Traylor Joe Fojtosek, Jodie Greenwood, Don Davis, Johnny Roberts. Third row: Homer Page, Manager, Buddy Honey cutt, Donnel Berry, Bob Malinak, Benny Cuba, Eddie Nettles, Manager. SQUAD BA KETBALL N H " Brownwood Tournament "' "' Houston T ourname nt December December December December January January January January January January January January January February February February February February February February February February SCHEDULE Marlin Waco Tech. Kerrville San Angelo Marlin Milby Victoria Conroe Sweeney Palestine Bryan Lufkin Corsicana Waco Palestine Bryan Waco Lufkin Corsicana South Park South Park South Park There Here Sl lk Here tt Sf it it There Here There Here There Here There Here Here There There Here Austin 43-49 52-45 57-44 40-42 57-36 47-71 47-45 46-39 57-56 46-47 35-34 58-39 I3-37 50-40 54-40 40-38 59-32 57-40 48-31 55-66 47-41 44-46 vu..-N... ruvvg uuyu vva Cartwright, Dale Kulfus, ll 9? December January January January February February February February February 'No-A id gguucr, Logan rum, Jonn Hedberg, Ed Luna, Eliseo Arriaga. Second row Joel Honeycutt Raymond Brooks, Scott Clements, Dwain Marshall. Third row: Joe Macey, Manager, Alan Boatwnght Harold SQUAD BA KETBALL QL 27 6 23 30 3 6 10 13 17 ' E SCHED ULE Waco Tech, Marlin Bryan C orsic ana Waco 6th, Per. P.E. Bryan 6th. Per. P. E. Corsicana There There Here Here Here Here There Here There 39-36 55-50 30-36 46-28 33-27 42-32 42-34 38-40 43-45 ,21 A 5 E 555 I s w gig Ks A S WW 6 wa 5 15 R gf 3 if H f P HH 9 , M , is 1 -if ,, 1. 41 , X? Y 4 ya It I1 f , .m,h Q , 5, AW" . ,W me f , X AFAW'-kfiiw-fiax I LL iii' r- 1. siizilifl'-?"ke2: , , p E V 3: 2 ff 'ak - Vw K E - 4 gm K X U X i iff ig ,R , 5 -r N-, '-. M W ff '29 QE S M H 'EPM ,LW 44 M SENIOR TENNIS First row: Shirley Mock, Betsy Nash, Barbara Stewart. Second row: Marlene Vaughn, Ian West, Irene Chlapek, Patsy Manley, Janelle Newby, Jane King, JUNIOR TENN S First row: Jean Boren, Jerry Whitley, La Greta Stevens, Betty Kacir, Marilyn Marshall. Second row: Io Sharon Gribble, Anita Barton, Leta Burl Taylor, Sue Taylor, Lila Latham, Donna Ray, Peggy Malinak, Miss Hunka. TUMBLI G TEAM First row: Fambrough, Ray, Wentzell, Manager, Stringfellow, Manager, Scott, Stephens, Captain, Bridges, Walker, Flint. Second row: Zurovec, Lee, Wilks, Johnson, Keith, Beran, Wilson, Morris, Marshall, Third row: Frost, Alexander, Nance, Powell, Danneburg, Greenlee, Chaney, Hall, Buie Mikeska, Brown. Not Pictured: Ellis, Rodgers, Skelton, Skelton, Smith, Walser, Wentreck, Wylie. WALKER, FLINT Rodgers, Smith, Wentrcek, Skelton, Skelton, Ellis. Stringfelldw, Stephens, Wintzell, Scott. Ray, Bridges, Fambrough, Walker Sn apwfo XXX i, ,f f Q S i .xx g Q if 1,70 X 2 fl 47 Q f f X f V ' I 13' fix i o Y ,iff 4 12-fy C,-,S if 205' Vrwn.. 3 ' '1Q'f'L'Q"'f'f'Cfit?yoovn heh. rf"'5,, "' 1 wiv hw R '2' K ,,,.. -f SQ Affiifaff' fi? y,. , is ai MM." , f . fl at -- ' af? f ' 35 5 , zz 9' -1 L"L A ' k ff fig, A ,,,, A ' L. ,, . Q 14. 5, L,,...,., E M? Y A 5 s Nz f S X its ix ' " '32 if X M X ' A2 ' fu, , New ,, . F v 1. 341' lifes: 4-aa . -1. M uf ii .Q , ,A-1 ,. k. X L , V QW ', "6 N Q ,s - KL H W ,V ,QE K YF? 'A "1-W 4 , .41 hi, ggi gb 1 A Lg ,: : fjii "D2HgCI0US D0Y1C" "Knuckles" Guess 'Fingers' Franks And And "Eastside" Edmonson Crew SENIOR CLASS GANGSTER PARTY ' ' if i "Bar-room" Lu The "Livewires" "Machinegun Wi11ie" "Pat the Pocketpicker "Lightning Voe1ter" 'Joe the Schmoe" And Sidekicks "Pan the Fandancer" Q 1. Edna Earle Schmidt. 2. Caralen Lykes. 3. William Powell, 4. Martha Jez. 5. Marjorie Bridges. 6. Roy Chapman, 7, Tom Harrison. 8. Phyllis Fox. 9. Lynn Flint, 10. Nig Aycock. 11. Henry Will. 12. Reba Jones. 13. Jamie Kelley. 14. Jeanie Anderson. 15. Sue Skelton. 16. Patsy Daniel, 17. John Gonzales. 18. Dorothy Stringfellow. 19. Johnny Jez. 20. Betty Haynes. 21. Joyce White. 22. David Huff. 23. Jean Easley. 24. Patsy Stephens. 25. Maurice Goodnight. 26. Norman York. H60 Ai 91: ...I Iohnson Chevrolet Company TEMPLE BELTON DRY CLEANERS Dial 33113 For Pick-up 8: Deliver 'a l Hear Radio's Best Program on Radio Stations KTEM and KTEM-FM Temple, Texas yl Compliments of Vera Lee Shop lll W. French 504 N. 3rd Temple, Texas Compliments of i Amer1ca's Finest Pianos ZESTO Electronic Organs Martin 8: Sam Drobena, Props. Phone 33863 Z15 N. ard. SWAN-BEACH MOTORS mmm. TEMPLE 's Moron MUSIC COMPANY CLINIC Ph. 3-3433 'The .Leading House of 117 S. 3rd St. Temple, Tex. Music in Central Texas Cars - Studebaker - Trucks A A Temple' Texas C ongratulations To KLECKA'S CITY DRUG A. J. KLECKA Telephone 33635 Main And Central Th e Class Of 1953 NORTHSIDE DRUG C. B. SMITH Telephone 33446 Third and French King's Daughters Clinic 6' Hospital Repairing At Its Best Kis FLOWERS STANLEY EDMONSON'S SHOE SERVICE 'iF0r every Blooming thing' Hand Made Boots K. and Roy Ferguson - Owners Gift Department Phone 345412 411 112 West Avenue G 1212 We-Sf Avenue G Temple, Texas TCIHNC. Texas Compliments of LUECK GULF SERVICE BLUE BONNET CAFE Phone 3 -9657 Phone 3-6654 25th and Avenue G. 705 South 25th Compliments of Compliments of ROSALIE BEAUTY SHOP 5M1TTY'5 CAFE ' 111 West Avenue G Phone 3-7236 AVENUE G HARDWARE and APPLIANCES Authorized Dealers in Bendix and Crosley Television Sets R- H- H01StiT1e Shirley Richards PTIOHS 3-9498 618 West Avenue G Qftyfi Quick Ni N f '95 1 91.E ' :! PORTRAITS and , KODAK FINISHING jl173"? ,I'E WZ SKATE LAND Rolle 1' Skating l . 45" -4 'H . I XFX-Il I I t rf BELLWOOOZI AL O MEM IDAIQIQ Phone 8-8588 115 N. 3rd. Ben Franklin's Store Your Friendly Neighborhood 5 and 10 Cent Store 419 West Avenue G Arthur C. Martin - Owner Congratulations , Seniors SUNSET HATCHERY 8: POULTRY FARM Phone 3-4214 P. O. Box 52 Temple, Texas Compliments of NEWTON'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY Woodworking -i Power Tools Beltonrlighway Temple, Texas Compliments of BEN CUBA GROCERY 2903 West Belton Blvd. Tk' Egfzffihfwf COTTON OIL COMPANY "Chick" Walker, Manager C ongratulates the Vocational Department of Temple High On Their Achievement for 1952 - 1953 Best Nishes to the Senior Class, 1953 67? LUMBE R COMPANY O BLONDY DRYK'S STUDIO MLW, 6 Q I,,,. I J C"aC' 3 Commercial - Kodak Finishing Portraits TEMPLE, TEXAS THE TQWN'S SEED STQRE Phone 32644 151fZ W. Ave. A FEEDERS SUPPLY COMPANY V. G. QBUDD MONEY Poults - Chicks - Supplies - Remedies Phone: Temple 3-5744 ?iQ,1 South Seqgnd 5311-eel. - Temple, Texas - Old Auction Barn Compliments of LAZY SUSAN 6 A mick OYA,Mea1 geedeaf 5505, It s Delicious lar? Noriih lst 3-9722 + 'E-. COMPANY Compliments of Mllllnefy, Ready-T0-Wear, Dr Good , CI fh' CYS DRIVE INN y s o mg, Shoes, efc. TEMPLE'S OLDEST DEPARTMENT STORE 10 West Ave, A Phone 3-4148 5a1eS1'001'f1 J 8: B APPLIANCE Night 3-3059 Gene ral Electric Appliance s Sales And Service B. Bexley, Manager Temple, Texas A N D E RSO N 'S Sweet Cream Ice Cream CURTIS SHOE COMPANY OF TEXAS Manufacturers of Highest Quality Infant's and Children's Shoes Belton Hi-Way Temple, Texas -l i ' Compliments of I Compl1ments of LAUNDROMAT MARESH CASH FOOD MARKET 13 West Avenue G Phone 6400 11th and Ave. G Phone Foods HARTMAN'S AVE. G PHARMACY Compliments of BLAYLOCK'S BARBER SHOP phone 3-5206 415 W. Ave. G 411 West Ave. Cr Temple, Texas Shirley Richards RICHARDS and JOHNSON EMO Johnson Insurance Auto - Fire - Casualty - Inland Marine Phone 3-2031 608 West Avenue G Temple, Texas Cleaners for Particular People fffafy WQIZSQZQ Cleaners Cleaners 1505 'North 3rd 717 South Z5th Phone 3-5409 Phone 3-2123 pf f ' 6 The cone with the curl on top Hamburgers - Hot Dogs - Malts - Sundaes R. C. Evans - Owner Compliments of HARDWARE COMPANY Distributors Professional Building Temple, Texas PAN DORA 'S Blouses - Skirts and Sportswear Dietz and Dillard Optical Company Compliments of Q Wir EXCLUSIVE STYLES ll East Central Temple, Texas i Compliments of Temple Glass and Paint Company The Home of Hallmark Cards Pittsburgh and Vaspar Rogers Shoe Store A. E. Steurer' owner 1 5 West Central 12 East Central Temple, Texas Compliments of amp Typewriter and Adding Machine Company Phone 3-2855 ' dawg., , , 1 Qevv . f Adv vjfww J Q Mia. 1 dqubknk orvf 4VTg7 X Igiix WMM QOVD-TAQQANT - M225 QWWHW? me Sales Service 102 So. 3rd Phone 3-5259 The New Standard of the American Road WORTH CAFE We SPScia1ize in Waffles 0 10 North 3rd Street Operator Mr, and Mrs. R. N, Cockrell STUDIO KENNEDY DRY CLEANERS 105 North 3rd Street 611 North 3rd Street 3'Z444 3-7317 Compliments of GLENN A. .TOHNSON'S Frozen Food Lockers STAVINOHA S 3-3311 X A 117 North 3rd Thes"Comp1ete Hardware Store LOTUS INN ' Serving A11 Chinese And COBB MOTOR COMPANY American Dishes PACK-ALRD Phone For Reservgtions 16 South 3rd Air Conditione Temple, Texas F1405 3rd Temple, Texas! ff Q - r i 'm ,ff .Zvi YV 4 I P c F I vm 4 f J AL 71" ' if - . ,yi ix . , it 5 Q fi? v 1 L l Complimenfs of b W WJ, s MEMQQIAL 4...nQ31rDu-r',1:KL...e . 3 W A m wZW a NV! C omplimeuis 0 f American Desk Manufacturing Company In Nvf rlllley Grocery T IN - EES Q LIYY Swv PAY CASH PAY LESS P S h jim fvmplem Jani '77'Zazzlm.f, C70 WVLQ, of GROCE-TOTE COMPANY O For Qualify Mea+s and Groceries my 9 Dfzue COLLINS .TANEWAY Corner 3rd and Avenue G Phone 3-4516 For Fasi' Dependable Service l.ATHAM'S CLEANERS 709 W. Ave. G. Two Blocks Wes? ScoH 8: Whife RAMONA BEAUTY SHOP We Are Noi' Safisfiecl Un+il You Are" A COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE al 2758 4I0 Ave. G DOLIE LEACH. Owner Compliments of KING'S BARBER SHOP 715 South 25th Street Complimenfs of RAMONA COURTS NOBLE I-I IE TZONYNXI U5 Finest Quality Printing PHONE 4464 2I08 WEST AVENUE H The Very Best of Wishes To Each of You Today - - - - and during the "Tomorrows" when memories will return you to your school days. Your Friends at ZW! 6 ITQSN Al.. BAM1-4 Member F. D. I. C. im Maw PIZODL ici-1 Retail and Wholesale Poultry Dressed Daily W. H. Chupik Phone 3-3634 109 West Ave. D 655 Sc no um on uolvun uuon wvnemv ov ml can-:ou connuv lv Temple Coco-Cola Bottling Co. IL. S. JAMES JEWELER LCICAL SANTA FE WATCH INSPECTDR Compliments of Brown - Sherrill, Interiors 3-5381 1019 East Adams Compliments of CLOVER LEAF ICE CREAM CO. "A smile always follows the spoon" Mid-T ex Equipment Company Your International Harvester Dealer Refrigeration - Trucks - Farm Equipment 1401 South lst Street Temple xzcffzdefg-Qu TRANSIT COMPANY -gl-.1-mmm-m STEFKA'S DICK LOGGINS RED 8: WHITE GROCERY RED 8: WHITE STORE 720 North 14 th 3-3015 702 E. Central 3-9684 PAT'S BEAUTY SHOP 13 South 14th 8-8378 PECHAL CABINET SHOP .TERRY J'. PECHAL, Owner Fireplace Mantels -Bookcases Kitchen Cabinets-Plywood Phone 3-4082 2018 E. Adams Temple, Texas CUT ON'S GIFTS Ceramics and Supplies Brouse Around With Us Gifts For Every Person Phone 3-4839 319 W. Avenue G STATE FARM INSURANCE COM. Auto-Life-Fire CLAUDE W. SHEPPERD 513 So. lst Street Phone 8-8826 Compliments of Z , gA13OVEQ if it's new-- Youfll find it at l Q TEMPLE Q I0 SOUTH MAIN l Where the fashion wise Economize Compliments of - ' . DANIEIQS MEN'S WEAR I ' ' X Phone 3-5886 4 So. Main Your PHI'-CO Dealer Complimenis of Temple Floral Company R O D D Y ' S Kyle Hotel 3-4445 Temple, Texas Temple' Texas The Friendly IZHZST WEQWK QA TNI I4 Congratulates the 1953 Graduates of Temple High School and l Temple .Tunior College T5 AXLE 8: WHEEL ALIGNING CO. Frame Straightening, Wheel Aligning, Wheel Balancing Temple and Killeen EB an -Ze' ADVERT ISINC- COMPANY Outdoor Advertising 320 South Main Temple HARDY BESELER , Manager Compliments of Wayne 4d4f'5W"Z'5 Q!!! Completely Air - C onditioned Under Direction of H. C. "CHILI" RAY F. S. Walker - F. N. Walker ' Phone 3-5220 310 SO. Main Temple, Texas bthimffn, ffmfg Qc! 0 ZW6 f azdefdd D I2 U 6' COMPANY Prescription Phone 3 -4552 Temple, Texas C ompliments of ZW M BEVERAGE CO. Temple , Texas flfr I CITE" IEEE I I' I It I I I I DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Temple, Texas BLAND'S IEWELERS Everything In Jewelry Watch Repairing - Hand Engraving Diamond - Setting Compliments of I-I+:N D LEI-55 I ' 2 Il . b g 'P 3 II Y Wall Paints Wallpaper Carpet Linoleum WESTLAKE'S ll4 South Main Temple 3-2605 DANIEL BUICK COMPANY Authorized Buick Sales and Service Phone 33168 Temple, Texas ZO6 East Adams Ave. Compliments of CLOUD COMPANY l Estate and Loans Rea ,. Temple Housing Corporation General Contractors 14 West Adams Phone 3-4543 Temple, Texas SPOT CASH No. 1 316 South lst. SPOT CASH No. Z 9th and Adams STRASBURGER'S 18 South lst. Compliments of SERVICE ' STAT ION Zncl and Adams ff' 17536150 PETERS TEXACO Compliments of C. D. BROWN 8: SON Gulf Oil Distributors: Compliments of GOLDINCHS .TEWELERS Compliments of TEMTEX FLORAL CO, 3-3418 910 S. 3rd DIXIE FURNITURE COMPANY r 104 South Main T emple , ' D . L . R U SSE LL TOM POPEIOY Foremost in Fashion CONGRAT ULAT IONS to the Clas s of 53 F r om W Y g Iit. . I R IR YO UR DE P AR T MENT ST OR E j . . rf. Congratulations To Seniors of '53 I J C34-1 NSON 5 Clothes For Men and Young Men C0mP1imentS Of Compliments of MAXFEHJDBROTHERS CenUa1HmnhQ J.C.PENNEY'COMPANY Phone 3-4407 519 so. Main Alwavs First In Quality ZIDEI-Lis Compliments ot "THE Home or FAMOUS MACKEY'S DRUGS BRANDS" The Rexall Store C0n4Mbneun'0f R.T.DENNwalco,1Nc, 67 Years' Dependable Service RAYIS JEWELERS Furniture - Carpets - Appliances BeoutHuI.. .PracHccI and ALL ELECTRIC Here's the kind of kitchen young moderns call a dream kitchen. Ot course, it's electric! . . . with all the magic appliances that mean A maximum cleanliness, beauty, speed, etticien- 'F cy, and a minimum ot drudgery! An electric range tor tast, accurate cooking with the automatic features that mean more leisure tor you! An electric refrigerator with generous space tor fresh and trozen foods-and engineered to operate at tar less cost than older models! An electric sink . . . with automatic dishwasher and disposal unit to eliminate your two most irksome tasks: dishwashing and disposal ot food wastes. Yes, kitchen work is a snap . . . when it's done at the snap ot a switch! So now that graduation is here, and you've begun to think about a kitchen ot your own, just remember - Wondertul Electric appliances make meal-making and hospitality a pleasure! TEIXIKS PCJVVIER 18. LICSPIT CICDNIPIRBIY MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR COLLEGE A Full Accredited Four-Year College E is of Liberal Arts Distinguished for Its Positive Christian Influence Offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Music Degrees Majors in Special Fields: Art, Music Business, Education, Home Economics, Speech, and Physical Education. Excellent Faculty Comfortable Living Moderate Rates For Inforrnation Write DR. A. C. GETTYS Acting President I Belton, Texas jjrg f CAMPBELL-MARRS LUMBER Co. INC. 7 Q CORNER 4-TH STREET AND AVENUE A Iwf TEMPLE, TEXAS I V V W Y FRANK MATUSH WEST SIDE LUMBER COMPANY R f. - . - "Everything for your Automobile " oo ngilildliiinguplxxiiipaper Dodge and Plymouth F. Erskine Phone 3-7414 10 N. ljth st. ly, T Compliments of E TEMCO FEED MILLS TEMCO "Er Temple, Texas 3-6814 BEIIvI.ER'S JEWELRY Telephone 3-9314 11 West Ave. A Temple, Texas SHADE 'S APPAREL SHOP Printers Bookbinders Gifts Books MILLER PRINTING Co. 55, 4 120 So. First St. EDD1E'5 BEACH HEAD Phone 3"4596 16 South First Street TemPle: Texas Hdq. for Temple Eagle Tickets DR. CLINT L. SOLOMON D- S- HONEYCUTT OPTOMETRIST CENTRAL TYPEWRITER CO. ' Phone 3-7048 All Makes Typewriters and 19 South lst Street Adding Nlachines Repaired fl-emple, Texas 11 East Aggie-321:13-9285 Temple C ompliments of C Ompliments of f-?f3QE.e+.I-.- WM CROCERY 117 West French MANUFACTURING Co. Phone 3-4524 INCORPORATED 9 LJ13137CDl2'I' O U12 yyjfgikgyiffaof Compliments of 'T'ElN!lI3l..E g k in 2-Lo T E L.. E 6 I2 A lxfl Our Very Best Wishes To The Senior Class of 1953 QELJ. QANKINQ1 C0.,lNCa Compliments of Compliments of HOUGHT ON 'S CASEY 'S PAHNIT and WALLPAPER FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCES 3-6848 109 So. lst Temple, Texas Compliments of AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY School Supplies Office Supplies A. D. Baggett Our Sincere CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To The Graduates of Temple High School and Junior College Classes oi 1953 ZWMQQQXIN Co. T emple , Texas il?-I, j Le JK ryfib 1 , J fx" Y 7+ L, 1 lv. cj UN my . MQQJ Y 8 ily. , X , X 4 ,Lv 1 1 J TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE ij" ,' J ' ' e L' 1 E! ' t B it ' QD rblgbl J ,Q 3 Wx 1 6 ,QV if it if Q: -L., . 'Q' , if .,,...f N , , Q 1.-4' Q. 6 t jj., vi fb E QJ I , f For the h'lgh school graduate the choosing of a college in which to continue his education is always an important matter for consideration. First of all, he wants to know that it is an acceptable, approved, and well-known college. Then it must offer the courses which fall within the field of work he wishes to pursue, There should be sufficient college ac- tivity to afforclrhim a well-rounded social life, Consider how TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE meets...glle,,graduates' requirements, f U . H I J" -y .,L, J -sa i? What is me academic status of TEMPLE JUN1oR COLLEGE? gf- lf,-.P N Temple Junior College is approved by the Texas Education Agency and -AO Y - the Association of the Teaxs Colleges as a first-class junior college, It is an active member of the Texas Junior College Association and the " American Association of Junior Colleges, 2, What Fields of study are available? Preparatory courses in the fields of medicine, law, business, nursing, engineering, teaching and general education are available, 3. What college activities are accessible? From the social point of view there are the Freshman and Sophomore receptions, club parties, college dances, class entertainments and N H Luncheon Club dinner dances, For general club activities there are i the Pan-American Club, Business Club, Social Science Club, Dra- l matic Club, Delta Psi Omega, Do-Si-Do, College Council and i others. E . . What activities are available that will enable me to obtain practical p expe ience in my college work? i - L e " eopard Tales," college paper, and the "Templar," college J i M f an fford excellent opportunities in the field of journalism, i p -ah Junior College Radio Series offers opportunities in radio writ- J , 1 facing, production and presentation. i ' .A I' Q i ' 5. What are the qualifications of the faculty? 1 i 9 Scholarly and experienced faculty members are prepared to give constructive guidance and instructional service, For Further Particulars Write THE REGISTRAR--TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE I I 444, 1 's M ' Y. ompliments of N ! OM siiffgs' M Compliments of ZR Com V in IT s o AMPBELL aI COMPANY ET , P jgccc ilding Materials 3' Y k - ' W WM. CAMEIQDN an + Home of Complete Building Servi phone IM iffy W , R Ja WM iey. T T0 GREATER VALUES' si? 55500 Jggifawg l ML ., E -,H qi -b M M WW - 2 Q l bg ,JE WP? ff 352 Q? i i A r QB T M WMSZMJR fa My W A ax MWWMQWW Bangs? 5 by My WW 1 Q Q + Q, V 3 X px ' 3 Y i ' -b og W . m "W 85, ' H Kilim A ,ig 5 ik f , W b fl 1' Y , A XVBW W? vl MMP flfw fy ww WM ., H' wwf M M f Gm VW my M WW Jw Mfg? kfwiiigvgg MLW! if J WWW Qgfifggjmzg QW ML QE Ex 26 Egg 2 10 of x GW ss A Q M 'W K C Wy of ' J ' ' , kd , i 1 X1 ! L 9 O f ' . i f.Q i,,.,,:U U . L D 'il I I ob, 4 J N--Q L J . 6 2' N 'ITF 'Q' Vmb? ' Q 7 m Q I on Q W fwjikil I ZX . , js 23 mil gg ""W 11 x 'J v-. 4 ,. ! i 1 f s IX 4 w V r ---rug "10Yv4"' -..-..-..-J N-su--v-l.-l, -V--v-.. N-,l -,......,,.,,,,Nv3 m""""-5 X J ... ..,,,...gN-gg' A . 1 X I n i 5 r

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