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- ' f f - '12-1--1-ur---Y f ,-1"-bf:-nga'-uf , '?-A 5253i V Si ii sian, ' wil, :e:f'+1 1 au.- ,:. . , f- ,.. 4,4 3.. -Q K, , R., -rg 1 , 'if ny-'S y M-, -1. ? . W , ,ff '5' E .41 5 V 4' 'V ai - -- 'S-.. 'XX A A - V 1 A ' - -.SQLWQAX ' 1, '95 f-Q. "L, ,A ' , ., -T. K 7 ,E Ak , "QTL s " ., Q - 34 , .. , " " 1- N ' ' Ng. wi ' XX, if ' "A- ,xii fi ,,1 ig ' XX ' - ' ' NM . - Sei? X' ix - H. 5 ' :z E 51, r' fa ..-M. , W .,,. x WF., K , 4 X, we , M 1 2 'B , Axx- Y , Tift 'J' f g . " ' . 4 V Q , .fl P555 Neg we . ,Q-. twe - 3311114 1 wifi' we E41 E323 ' ' tr , V , , - , ' , J f :- - ' ' Q.,-P-'-5,13-?3:,g,i':, l if V Y I- -4' FY'-" 4 3. " '1'-f-.ji-Q.. - qw -L J.-r vi 'A ' :gp qv -fig . L. Q F.-: C' . . ,, af: - V f , f:-5: Eig. 5 , ' A ' ffgixrff ff' - A N ,.f:51-an-L 'VQJ1 ,.-if V .. , , q 'fn "' " ' f- -:.4-., W. . " " V ' 2" " 1 L f' K - : - -4 . -. ff, 1 ' a-- . 9fAHi2!1fG1fff'm?i'h:'-ae1v+g1.mg1 1'ww-f,w1',-1'-,mam,,:,,WH.,1:-1:-.5U11 1-,-.M . ' ' ' ' " MV V 1 1,-H rf.-1owg1,12..2. -' ' 1 - .n W.-.f .1-.Lf--1 -,vnu - 1- -, , Q .. ,. -... i"-W" ' , Ftfgxz- 'X314111-:iilE'131ii:1:Zzlif? f' 1 25-'tamtiffifi-aifiif .E,4'9?f??T5:1sili4i5:-fix? 124: 22212125-' wgzl-' . ,za 4-T ' :. .1Q5,,F"fI5.17 f f "b.L',J',7,:pi i SEQ ' !'E 'M :L rea. -fr: , I ,XXII i fs ici, N"-S..-L.N l Q Published by Temple junior College Temple, Texas N NX W Q . Gwzfezzis Administration Classes Organizations Vanity F air Sports Activities Ads L Chrewor The 1942 "Templar" is the result of our earnest at- tempt to record the events of the junior College. We have tried to represent the various activities. If to review these pages brings pleasant memories of your experiences in Temple junior College, our efforts shall not have been in vain. The Sta ff I MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE To Miss Merle Holsapple whose good qualities of char- acter, sense of good humor, sincere friendliness, and genuine interest in the individual student and his prob- lems have guided us, we do gratefully dedicate this 1942 "Te1nplar". our 0, Jucafion IR. BERT DeBORD, MR. KENNETH PHILLIPS MRS. H. B. MASON DR. R. C. CURTIS Chairman MR. LESLIE HUFF MRS. H. D. COWAN MR. CHARLES S. COX, JR. MR. W. B. HOYLE Secretary of Board of Education MR. ALFRED WILLIG Business Manager mifzisfmfors MR. GEORGE GHNTRY, Dean and Acting President ILA., Baylor University lVI.A., University ol' Texas MR. CONRAD VERNON, Registrar HA., Baylor University M.A.. Baylor University MAJOR JOE R. HUMPHREY, President B.A., Trinity University M.A., University of Texas Ed.lJ., Columbia University acufiy I l I ,Y IR. W. J. ADKINS MISS MOZELLA ARNOLD MISS HELEN BARRON MR. BRYANT BERRY B.A., North Texas State B.A., Southwestern Uni- B.S., East Texas State B.A., Baylor University Teachers College versity Teachers College M.A., Baylor University M.A., Texas Technological M.A., University of Colo- M.A., Texas State College Government College rado for Women Vocational Teachers Certi- English Home Economics ficate, University of Texas Distributive Education ISS MARTHA CAYTON MR. H. M. DAWSON MISS MARGARET FINNEY MISS KATHLEEN FLOOD B.A., University of Texas B.A., Baylor University B.S., Texas State College B.B.A., Univ e rsity of Microbiology I M.A., Southern Methodist for Women Texas University Music M.B.A., U n i v e r sit y of Languages QF1-ench and Southern California Spanishb Business Administration acufzfy MR. V. R. GUNN MISS IIETH HENSON MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE MISS RUTH LASLEY ILA., Indiana University B.S., Vocational A.B., Texas Christian Uni- B.A.,Hardin-Simmons M.A., University of Chi- North Texas State Teach- versity versity cago ers College M.A., Texas Christian Uni- Music Education Home Economics versity Mathematics i I MR. IJ. II. McCALL MR. D. C. ROGERS MR. W. E. ROUTH ILA., Baylor University B.S., East Texas State B.A.,Hardin-Simmons Uni- M.A., Baylor University Teachers College versity Science M.S., A. SL M. College of Physical and Health Edu- Texas cation Industrial Education MR. 0. C. WILKS B.A., University of Texas M.A., University of Texas History and Economics MISS LENA WORD B.S., West Texas Teachers College Librarian p MHSSES L E 4 E S0,0lZOI7Z0l'6 721466129 CHARLES GARNER RAYMOND BOSTICK President Vice-President MARCILENE JOHNSTON DOROTHY ANN DUSEK LAJUANA DANFORTH KENNETH MARTIN Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms I SUPLOVIZOVZS 1 TICK, RAYMOND H. CARDWELL, THELMA CAUGHLIN NIARGARFT CLARK MONA FRANCES lsiness Administration Club Business Administration Club CLAIRE Choral Club 'amateurs Dramateurs Dramateurs Templar Staff mcheon Club Officer Choral Club Social Science Club Ll1l'lChe0l'1 Club icial Science Club Social Science Club Luncheon Club rphomore Class Officer Luncheon Club "Templar Staff le-Act-Play Tennis ennis "Templar" Staff 'emplar" Staff retry Interpretation loral Club COX, NED P. Social Science Club Luncheon Club Basketball COURTNEY, BILLY RAY Dramateurs Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club Social Science Club "Templar" Staff l 4 DANFORTH, LAJUANA Choral Club DAVIS, MARY DUSEK, DOROTHY ANN Foreign Language Club V Sophomore Favorite Debate Social Science Club Luncheon Club Business Administration Debate Dramateurs Tennis Tennis Social Science Club Personality Plus Club Choral Club Luncheon Club "The Messiah" Dramateurs Personality Plus Club Social Science Sophomore Class Officer Sophomore Class Officer "Templar" Staff "Templar" Staff "Rambler" Staff El'l'EliSON, BESSIE LOUISE FARRICLL, H. C. FOUST, J. CARLTON Business Administration Club Choral Club Social Science Club Luncheon Club, Board of Control Dramateurs "Templar" Staff Tennis Luncheon Club Choral Club "The Messiah" Foreign Language Tennis Extempore Speech Club Business Administration Club Dramateurs Luncheon Club Officer Basketball Debate Tennis Choral Club GARNER, R. CHARLES GODSEY, JUNE COLE Sophomore Favorite Dramateurs Choral Club Social Science Club Luncheon Club, Board of Control One-Act Play Debate Sophomore Class Officer Tennis JONES, ELIZABETH GRESHAM Luncheon Club One-Act Play Cheer Leader Luncheon Club Officer Social Science Club Foreign Language Club Dramateurs Personality Plus Club "Templar" Staff "Wildcat Rambler" Choral Club Temple Duchess to Granger JOHNSTON, MARCILENE Dramateurs Social Science Club Choral Club "The Messiah" Luncheon Club Personality Plus Club Sophomore Class Officer "Templar" Staff i GREENER, CHARLES Luncheon Club Tennis Radio Speech McCALL, EDITH CAROL Luncheon Club Officer Foreign Language Club Choral Club Dramateurs "Templar" Staff Radio Speech 1 l MARTIN, JAMES KENNETH SHIPLETTE, DELONA SHOTWELL, NONA SUTHERLAND, ALTA Luncheon Club Luncheon Club Personality Plus Club MAUREENE Foreign Language Club Social Science Club Business Administration Club Dramateurs Business Administration Club Choral Club Personality Plus Cluk Social Science Club Social Science Business Administrat Sophomore Class Officer Tennis Social Science Club "The Messiah" Luncheon Club TICE, DORIS MAE Social Science Club Business Administrati Dramateurs Luncheon Club Choral Club "The Messiah" One-Act Play Poetry Interpretation "Templar" Staff "Templar" Staff TODD, HELEN WEAVER, MARY JANE WHYTE, GORDON Luncheon Club Luncheon Club Choral Club on Club Foreign Language Club Social Science Club Luncheon Club Social Science Club Choral Club "Templar" Staff "Templar" Staff Choral Club ,jf gpg 172012 fjqcers CHARLES BAKKE BROOKSIE NELL HILL President Vice-President JOE LOVE JEAN McCALL Treasurer Secretary R. H. HARRELL Sergeant-at-Arms ASlH'RAF'l', SHIRLEY Luncheon Club Business Administration Club ISAKKIC, CHARLES President of Luncheon Club President of Freshman Class Freshman Favorite BERRY, D0'l"l'lE Luncheon Club Personality Plus Club llramatcurs Business Administration Club Yell Leader "Templar" Staff Choral Club IQRICWICR, MARTHA Dramateurs Personality Plus Club Business Administration Club 'tWildcat" Rambler Luncheon Club Choral Club CLARK, DORIS DAWN "Templar" Staff Business Administration Club Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club Officer gifes H2612 BAKER, FRANCES Luncheon Club Business Administration Clul Social Science Club BASS, KENNETH BEWLEY. EVELYN Luncheon Club Personality Plus Club Dramateurs Business Administration Yell Leader "Templar,' Staff Freshman Favorite Tennis Club CAIHLLO, JESSIIC CRO FT, MILIJR ED Luncheon Club Club EARLY, ROZELLE Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club GRAY, LLOYD Luncheon Club Tennis Club Business Administration Club Social Science Club Basketball Foreign Language Club HARRELL, R. H. Officer of Freshman Class Officer of Luncheon Club Officer of Business Administra- tion Club HILL, BROOKSIE NELL Dramateurs Foreign Language Club Tennis Club "Templar" Staff Extempore Speech Freshman Class Officer JEFFERS, JUNE Luncheon Club Foreign Language Club Tennis Club Choral Club Business Administration Club ELLISON, ROBERT Luncheon Club GRIMES, ELIZABETH Luncheon Club Foreign Language Club HARTFIELD, HAROLD Luncheon Club HILL, COLLEEN Choral Club Social Science Club Business Administration Club Personality Plus Club Officer Luncheon Club "Templar" Staff HOWELL, RUTH Business Administration Club Luncheon Club KOCH, GEORGE Business Administration Club Luncheon Club "Tcmplar" Staff LIGON, MARGIE Luncheon Club Foreign Language Club McCALL, JEAN Luncheon Club Officer Freshman Class Officer Dramateurs Choral Club MARTIN, JACK Foreign Language Club Business Administration C Social Science Club Officer Luncheon Club Tennis Club MAYS, RAYMOND Luncheon Club Distributive Education lub LEWIS, E. C. Business Administration Clu Social Science Club LOVE, JOE E. Business Administration Clul Social Science Club Freshman Class Officer Luncheon Club Officer McDONALD, EDNA Luncheon Club Personality Plus Club MARTIN, OMEGA Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club MOON, SUE Foreign Language Club Business Administration Club Choral Club "Templar" Staff Officer of Luncheon Club Tennis Club NELSON, THOMAS Luncheon Club Social Science Club PETREK, SHIRLEY Luncheon Club Dramateurs Personality Plus Club Business Administration Club Choral Club REID, LESTER Luncheon Club SHOTWELL, MILDRED Choral Club Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club Social Science Club Personality Plus Club "Templar" Staff SPURLIN, PEARL Luncheon Club OLIVER, ALLEN Luncheon Club REED, THOMAS SCHWERTNER, LENA MAY Luncheon Club Business Administration Club Foreign Language Club Choral Club "Templar" Staff Social Science Club SMITH, VVALTON l Business Manager of "Templa1 STAVINOHA, MARGIE Foreign Language Club Personality Plus Club Choral Club Luncheon Club Business Administration Club 'WVildcat" Rambler Staff t'Ten1plar" Staff SOUTH EIILAND, DORIS LaNELL Personality Plus Club Luncheon Club Forcipgn Lung'uug'e Club THORP, Rlll'l'IR'l' TICIC, CARLIE Luncheon Club Social Science Club Business Administration Club Dramuteurs "Templar" Staff Golf Basketball VAUGIIN, .IIMMIIC Luncheon Club Basketball W A LL, MILISURN Luncheon Club Business Administration Club TAYLOR, PAT Luncheon Club THOMPSON, MARIE Luncheon Club VANCE, BILLY Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club Officer Social Science Club Yell Leader Business Administrzltion Club WALKER, CA ROLYN Personality Plus Club Social Science Club Business Administration Club Choral Club Foreign Language Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff "Templar" Staff WEAVER, M ARJORIIC JEAN WEDEL, ANITA Social Science Club Business Administration Club Tennis Club Dramateurs WITHERS, LYNDELL Choral Club Officer Dramateurs Tennis Club Luncheon Club Social Chairman of Freshman Class Foreign Language Club "Templar" Staff BRUCE, JOE Oratory Luncheon Club WELLS, MARY BLAND Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club Business Administration Club WOODALL, SARAH Luncheon Club Foreign Language Club Social Science Club Dramateurs Personality Plus Club Choral Club McLERRAN, HARRISON Basketball Luncheon Club +-ww-wwww-mwuw wx 'MMM xv? 4 v,,w,,wn,SSes MW i1IIllZlillCCl'S Ililllmillics Llmck XY:1gg'1v11 .X f-Illlllll n N1 lim IIIUIHI Hrs. XYzl1'4l flmrlic First quill N wht HHEHNIZHHUNS Che ngenzpfarv Sfaff The members of the staff are Dorothy Ann Dusek, Harrison McLerran Margie Stavinoha, Carolyn Walker, Marceline Johnston, Mary Davis Evelyn Bewley, Doris Dawn Clark, Billy Vance, Sue Moon, George Koch, Dores Tice, Brooksie Hill, Martha Brewer, Bess Epperson, Colleen Hill, Mildred Shotwell, Margie Ligon, Alta Southerland, Lyndell Withers, Mona Clark, Margaret Caughlin, Lena Schwertner, Anita Wedel, Lajuana Dan- forth, June Godsey, Raymond Bostick, Carol McCall, Carl Tice, Billy Courtney, and Walton Smith. Y 7 One Gflcf Tfczy Under the direction of Miss Merle Holsapple, the one-act play cast pre- sented "The Weak Spot." The cast gave a creditable performance at the State One Act Play Meet in Hillsboro. The cast Was composed of Charles Garner, June Godsey, and Dores Tice. Raymond Bostick Was student manager. Tice Godsey Garner I L ifemry epreselzfafives CHARLES GREENER CAROL McCALL RAYMOND BOSTICK Radio Speech Radio Speech Poetry Interpretation DORES TICE H. C. FARRELL ISROOKSIE NELL HILL Poetry Interpretation Extemporaneous Speech Extemporaneous Speech First Place ifemry epresefzfafives CHARLES GARNER MARY DAVIS CARLTON FOUST Debate Debate Debate LAJUANA DANFORTH JEAN McCALL JOE BRUCE Debate Oratory Oratory , I FIRST TEAM Charles liaklie Billy Courtney Jean McCall Carol McCall Lajuana Danforth Roy ML-Lerran June Godsey H. C. Farrell Dorothy Greene LLIZC 6012 OFFICERS SECOND Tlflliltl President Carlton Foust Vice President June Godsey Secretary Billie Vance Treasurer Sue Moon Reporter Raymond Rostick Sergeant-at-Arms R. H. Harrell BOARD OF CONTROL llarrison McLerran Evelyn Bewley Bess Epperson Joe Love Charles Garner The Luncheon Club, this year, has been very successful. The attendance has broken all of the records of previous year. This can be credited to the cooperative spirit prevalent among the pupilsg the strong, but good- natured, rivalry existing between the political partiesg and the ceaseless efforts of Mr. V. R. Gunn, sponsor of the club, and other faculty members who have been sponsors of the various committees. The programs of the club have been very educational and entertaining. The club has purchased defense stamps the last semester and hopes to keep adding to that sum as long as it is necessary to do so. Cham! CDM OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM Pearl Spurlin President H. C. Farrell Lyndell Withers Vice President Charles Garner H. C. Farrell Secretary Mona Clark H. C. Farrell Treasurer Margie Stavinoha Raymond Bostick Reporter Lajuana Danforth Dottie McClerran Sergeant-at-Arms Raymond Bostick June Jeffers Librarian Dores Tice The T.J.C. Choral Club has presented many programs. The chorus took part in the presentation of the "Messiah," The club presented programs for the surrounding communities of Temple, assisted the community chorus at Thanksgiving and Christmas, helped with the Junior College State meet and the Texas State Music convention. Because of the interest stimulated by the chorus a new music course called "Discovering Music" was introduced into our curriculum. Miss Margaret Finney is the director. BOTTOM ROVV: Petrek, Dusek, Johnston, Godsey. SECOND ROW: Stavinoha, VValker, Caidwell, C. McCall, C. Hill. THIRD ROW: Berry, Danforth, Epperson, Tice, Woodall. FOURTH ROW: Shotwell, VVithers, Jeffers, Schwertner. FIFTH ROVV: B. Hill, Moon, Brewer, Bostick. SIXTH ROW: Garner, Foust. gl-hreiqiz mzquaqe l Martin Moon l Woodall Gray Walker Jeffers McCall Davis Reed Stavinoha Ligon Early Godsey Martin Grimes Shotwell Wells Hill Withers Clark Wedel I i OFFICERS H. C. Farrell, President Lena Mae Schwertner, Treasurer Mary Davis, Vice President Billy Ray Courtney, Reporter Carolyn Walker, Secretary Mr. H. M. Dawson, Sponsor The Foreign Language Club promotes the policy of better understanding among the Romance Language students concerning the traits, characteristics, and customs of those about whom they study. This club is opened to all language students, and those inter- ested in the study of the Spanish and French people. Other than regular meetings, there were assemblies and dinners and student activities sponsored by the club. Martin Woodall Walker Baker Tice Hill Bruce Garner Martin Bostick Sutherland Weaver Caughlin Wedel ociaf Science Danforth Gray Cardwell Epperson Davis Dusek Johnston Godsey M. Shotwell N. Shotwell Love Tice Koch OFFICERS Raymond Bostick, President Jack Martin, Treasurer Joe Love, Vice President Charles Garner, Reporter Billie Vance, Corresponding Sccrctary Kenneth Martin, Sergeant-at-Arms Lena Schwertner, Recording Secretary Mr. Wilks, Sponsor The Social Science Club, which was organized for the purpose of better acquainting the students with current problems, is indeed a helpful organ ization in Temple Junior College. The club sponsored several parties and an assembly program during the year. LL5iIZ655 G? milzisfmfiolz OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Frances Baker President Jack Martin Vice President Doris Clark Secretary Margie Stavinoha Treasurer R. H. Harrel Reporter Lena Mae Schwertner Historian Miss Flood Sponsor 5 Brewer ' Martin Moon 1 Petrek Woodall Danforth Gray Walker Jeffers Baker Cardwell Epperson Tice Hill Garner Stavinoha Howell Bewley Berry Martin Foust Bostick M. Shotwell N. Shotwell Sutherland Wells Clark Tice Love Wedel SECOND SEMESTER Charles Garner Frances Baker Thelma Cardwell Margie Stavinoha Carolyn Walker Bess Epperson Miss Watson Brewer Danforth Cardwell McCall Epperson Tice Dusek Garner Johnston Caughlin Godsey Bewley Berry Foust Bostick Southerland l Hill Withers Tice mmafeurs OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM Charles Garner President Raymond Bostick Harold McCullough Vice President Evelyn Bewley Evelyn Bewley Secretary Brooksie Nell Hill Dottie Berry Treasurer Dottie Berry Lajuana Danforth Historian Lajuana Danforth Ralph Whitely Sergeant-at-Arms Carlton Foust Miss Holsapple Sponsor Miss Holsapple The purpose of the Dramateurs is to maintain an interest in dramatics. A program of four one-act plays was presented in the fall. The proceeds from this were placed in the bank for funds for a clubroom. In the spring, the club sponsored the one-act play, t'The Weak Spot", which was presented for various schools in Temple and the contest is Hillsboro. Also in the spring, the club presented the three-act play "Bound to arry . The club had many social functions: a farewell party for Harold McCullough who joined the R.A.F., the Christmas party held at the home of Charles Garner at Belton, and a hike given for the school. The club also honored the Junior College graduates with a skating party and picnic. ersolzafify fm Petrek Woodall Walker Hill Croft Dusek Johnston Stavinoha McDonald Godsey Bewley Berry M. Shotwell N. Shotwell Southerland OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM Marcilene Johnston President Dorothy Dusek Margie Stavinoha Vice President Nona Shotwell Darryce Billings Secretary Shirley Petrek Darryce Billings Treasurer Colleen Hill Carolyn Walker Reporter Marcilene Johnston The Personality Plus Club was organized this year by the members of the Homo- making' department with Miss Beth Hensen as sponsor. Personality and social life were stressed. E i VHNHY IHIH 86617465 gflrlfer Sopfzomore gavorife 'aw -za, Q K Sf' '52, , M. -. X Q- ., 5 .E nfvx guy Wx' v A A XI. ,ix Q ae ,Q Ii .gk . in QM. mga! M Rl SUSK M 'Wa wi' QQ' Vi mm iw + 3' Fl' + SQ-'Mex 'fn X 1 + QW w f',.'5x ,aw 1 ,Q Aw N W 'Sf ' Y :rg X X X 3 mi ,K 0 Y M W 3 X 'H' v Q Y 0? E Qx '3 viii 1 Q 'ima New W gf 2:3 x ,S k 'S 'M K Q W A 9 , .W , XA y. N A' , an + v 4 x A 1 X: M, 1 A Q 1 wx M gif. .. N 4 H, Qu xx, M Nix qw, fu, ss 54 Tw Q. , av", fix iii' 3 X we Q. tip: X -N ev .gf e, 'X 'Cx ' 'B mv' , -, x ax A A X 1 .N in A lkx ,, X ' X M , ny X wx, wig xx , xv K oroflzy 641212 0,0b0Ill0f6 61V Life C orife Sept. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May wzior Goffeqe Gczfelzcpar Soph Entertainment for Freshmen at Hospital Dairy Farm Freshman Carnival for Sophs Stunt Night Freshman Assembly Freshman Maneuvers Soph Christmas Party in Cafeteria "We F lunk 'Em Flat Party" in Food Lab-Freshman Party Soph Assembly Program Soph Day at Spartag Freshman Day at Mother Neff Park Assembly Program Mountaineer Day and Mountaineer Party in Gym Formal Soiree Dinner for Freshmen Soph Formal Dinner at Kyle Hotel Personality Plus Club in Gym Baccalaureate Commencement A3 I askefbaff l o Ned Cox-Ned was late coming out for the team. Although it was his first year, plus inexperience, he showed more improvement than anyone on the team. Harrison McLerran-Harrison was playing his second year. He was an especially fast breaker and never gave up. He was high point man for the year. William Hester-William, playing his first year, was a capable guard. He was a very good man under the basket. Leonard Beach-Leonard, formerly from Rosebud, played center remark- ably well with much fight. He was second high point man. Y 1 Lloyd Gray-Lloyd, playing his first year, played well every position on the team. He will be very valuable next year. Carlton Foust--Carlton tried hard and, although his height was a dis- advantage, he had splendid attitude and was a very competitive guard. Jimmie Vaughyn-Jimmie had a late start, but improved rapidly. This was his first year and he will prove to be very valuable next year. Willie Tischler-Willie was always ready to play at any time. He kept the team spirit very high. 526 5665012 Harrison McLerran was the only returning letterman whom Coach Routh had. The squad was composed of the following boys: Beach, Gray, Cox, Hester, Foust, Tischler, Vaughn, and McLerran. Coach Routh, despite the lack of boys and school interest had a very successful season, Winning eight out of thirteen season games plus several practice games. 7' Harrison McLerran was high point man with a score of 88 points, plus points in practice games. Leonard Beach was second high point man with 70 points. emzis OFFICERS Carlton Foust, President Raymond Bostick, Vice-President Charles Greener, Boys' Captain Mary Davis, Girls' Captain Miss Holsapple, Sponsor f 4 253-3:- S, 15 f I Z' ' ,fyff 1, Wf ff' fr, f .ff "V fl ,...-, X l':1l1'iuliv "lfmmic" cutting calpa-1's Hllzunlcl, Uh llzulmlvl. il' 'xml only .Xu 1lll1liL'1lL'l' for Nc-cl I,l'C5f.Ol1"'llllll5llIll , ll:u'ul1l :uul Shirlq lliml 5011 szly' 1HQ'I1iIviK'1l Suplw? 'I'l1v51,4-ll1,1'll11-gn-1-411Imvr 'lunc ling zuul Nl2ll'QClll'l Cl 5:1111 mic it, I lu' 4liSgl'1lL'Q1l. Slflillg 11:15 Spfllllg QucL'ns??? Nlllfgil' Llml SIIZUI4 I 1'iclvil." Ilfllg wlurc rwxvlmiw "l5111l1liu!' 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H+ Q V--, Q4 if 4 , if? .. 3 1 f ax J! x N S . ix Nx l mv- 1 HUVEHIISIMINIS , aw Q A COMPLIMENTS OF SCOTT ac WI-IITE CLINIC and HOSPITAL Compliments of And Sincere Wishes for Success in the Future C. H. Cox Grocery Compliments of S'I'RASBURGER'S XVRIGHT'S GREETINGS DRYK'S STUDIO NOT THE CHEAPEST BUT THE BEST Above J. C. Penny TEMPLE, TEXAS DIAL 2958 RELIABLE FURNITURE COMPANY EASY TERMS M. SULLIVAN, OWNER I-lOWELL'S STUDIO BETTER PORTRAITS FOR LESS PROFESSIONAL KODAK FINISHING AND COMMERCIAL WORK T. J. LARAMEY Wholesale and Retail Farmall Tractors and Farm Implements International Trucks Compliments of FERGUS MOTOR COMPANY Temple, Texas MODEL CLEANERS Radio K T E M Station MUSIC - SPORTS - NEWS Affiliated With Mutual and Texas State Networks Compliments of L. F. J O N E S The Texas Company YOUR DOLLARS BUY MORE at Penney's J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Compliments of Slnillfs Norlhside Drug 3rd and French Phone 3446 Free Delivery CHEEVES BROS. Sc CO. Millinery, Ready-to-Wear, Dry Goods Clothing, Shoes, Etc. Temple's Oldest De.par'tment Store gilding, ' ' KEYIIQEIL ' 1, Aghvl ' sex. A ,7,,, ,Je 5 Q -- Lllilliijlfiii ...2.f:1g.1in:Er:sI::I:: ,::::: ff - V N 'll V 'zfif -. H ,lf fl' ' 'if l Clf vi i? Il ll in-A " l 'A ..., Y ,w JlA'- STAVINOHA CORPORATION Compliments of Hendler's Booterie Compliments of Dr. W. H. Fischer Chiropractor 1l14 W. Calhoun 13110119 2 883 Compliments of City Lumber Company Kabella Plumbing Company of Temple Tin Work-Plumbing-Repairing Phone 2322 11 South 6th Dial 3630 J. Bt Stanton, Mgr. Compliments of Compliments of STFFKPCS RED 81 WHITE GROCERY JR' 720 North 14 Phone 3015 Attorney W. S, NANCE and Daughter THERA J E W E L E R S 11 W. Ave. A Temple, Texas JIQZLMQZ iii 2:55. :VV J .- f nun - lurzuren r f 4: 1,1134 'T' N -ous - hu-rrv ' H' " V ,xx A Ji 'ls Arcaclia, Gem, Bell, and Texas Theatres Showing The Best in Motion Pictures Compliments of CHAS. S. COX 86 SON COMPLETE OUTFITTERS To Men and Young Men Compliments of I-lendler's Dry Goods R. T. Dennis 86 Co., Inc. FOR Largest Stock Home Furnishings Temple, Texas Compliments of A. Peters Service Station TEXACO GOODRICH Second and Adams ALWAYS SUPPORT the WILDCAT RAMBLER 1111! XX 1? x Yi E NA'Y!!ff "',fff fgqffx 4? lg ES Qi x 1' offi 57' Compliments of Temple Floral Company flncorporatedj KYLE HOTEL MRS. JAMIE BARTON, Manager Temple, Texas Compliments of Campbell-Marrs Lumber Co. Temple. Texas Compliments of jANEWAY'S Home of Tasty Ice Cream 11 ' Best Wishes from Duncan Service Station 2 South First St. Dial 4531 Phone 4621 CAMPBELL 86 COMPAN Y, Inc. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS PLANNING AND FINANCING Johns-Manville DuPont Roofing MAXWELL CAMPBELL ' Dial 3666 , Manager Paint HMlHIEHN HllliiiilllNHlHElUHINH EHMPHNY Belts-Bi1l.fc-lds-Leather Goods Luggage Repairing FRED WISMAR Leather Worker at Stavinoha's Compliments of Nlaclietfs Drugs The Rexall Store Compliments of Hicks' Alanis Shop Temple, Texas Compliments of FRANK MATUSH "Everything for Your Automobile" Dodge and Plymouth Compliments of Thomson Grocery Company Phone 4671 EARL GRUBBS Radio, Gun, and Lock Repairing SPORTING GOODS Tennis Rackets Repaired and Restrung 118 So. Main Temple, Texas I goginq 5 Temple's Leading Jeweler Easy Terms - Dial 2083 Compliments of TEMPLE DAIRY STORE Anderson's Sweet Cream Ice Cream Gfufoqrapks "iff LNG Lf . 1 I hm.-. , 1. Fw .fm L , - ..u1!'JxlW45use 521 If wig .ww NEHHHN SEHIUR ULHSS UF TEHIPLE HIGH SCHUUL WW 3 01" EWU? In spite of the fact that we have fewer pages in our annual this year than last year and that we have had to economize in many ways, we hope that the student body will find a faithful record of its activities and will receive pleasure in the memories which these pages recall. We sincerely trust that you will feel a sense of gratitude to those who have made it possible for us to publish a 1942 "Cotton Blossom." edicatioiz MISS MARIAN ARNOLD The Seniors dedicate the 1942 "Cotton Blossomv to Miss Marian Arnold for having a genuine interest in the stu- dents and their scholastic welfare, for being a true friend as well as a teacher, and for maintaining her sense of humor in spiteof us. aan? of CCJLLC6lfL'0lZ MR. BERT DEBORD, Chairman MR. KENNETH PHILLIPS MRS. H. B. MASON MR. LESLIE HUFF DR. R. C. CURTIS MRS. H. D. COWAN A MR. CHARLES S. COX, JR. MR. W. B. HOYLE Secretary of Board of Education MR. ALFRED WILLIG Business Manager GflJmi1zisfraf0r5 MR. GEORGE GENTRY Acting Superintendent of Schools MR. CONRAD VERNON Principal MAJOR JOE R. HUMPHREY Superintendent of Schools giacuffy MR. S. L. ADAMS Vocational Agriculture MR. G. 0. ALESSANDRO Band Instructor MISS MARIAN ARNOLD English Public Speaking MISS MOZELLA ARNOLD English MR. W. J. ADKINS Distributive Education MISS HELEN BARRON Home Economics MR. BRYANT BERRY History Economics MISS MARGARET BLACK Typing Journalism MISS MARTHA CAYTON Biology MISS MARGARET CHAPMAN English MR. LESLIE W. CRANFILL Physical Education MR. H. M. DAWSON Spanish gacuffy MR. TED DAWSON History MRS. MARGARET FENSTY Physical Education MISS MARGARET FINNEY Music MISS KATHLEEN FLOOD Shorthand Bookkeeping MISS MERTIESMAE FLOWERS Mathematics Typing MR. V. R. GUNN History MISS BETH HENSON Home Economics REVEREND H. C. HOESCH Bible Miss MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN English MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE Mathematics MRS. OLIVIA JONES Latin MISS RUTH LASLEY Music Supervisor acuffy MISS LEIVERNE LOWRY English MR. D. H. McCALL Algebra MISS ETHA MERLE Spanish English MRS. T. L. REDDEN Mathematics MR. D. C. ROGERS Algebra Industrial Arts MR. W. E. ROUTH Mathematics MR. E. R. SADLER Science MR. OTIS SCRUGGS History MR. O. C. WILKS History MR. C. G. WOOD Mathematics Industrial Arts MISS LENA WORD Lib1'arian 1 MHSSIS AKRIDGE, J. L. Tennis Chemistry Club American Legion Oratorical Contest Choral Club BAKER, KENNETH CALVIN Football Basketball Track Treasurer of Senior Class Choral Club Future Farmers of America EEN N E'l"l', TH E LM A Mate Mitchell Club Science Club Debating: Club Gamma Alpha Beta Volleyball BOLIN, GRACE Spanish Club BRA V EN EC, WILLIE M AE Volley Ball Club Future Homemakers Club eiziors BA GG ETT, ED W I N A RELK, M A RY LOU ISE Spanish Club Future Homemakers Club Travelers Club BLANK ENSTEIN, FRANCES Spanish Club Home Room Officer BRAND ES, IREN E Latin Club Pepperettes Student Council Committee Latin Tournament Mate Mitchell Club Choral Club Fire Prevention Essay Winnei Home Room Officer Gamma Alpha Beta Future Homemakers Club Senior Committee BREDTHAU ER, WIL LIE M AE Latin Club Treasurer of Delta Zeta Treasurer of Home Room Story Tellers Club Pepperettes Dramatics Club Mate Mitchell Club Future Homemakers Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff Camera Club BROCKER, DORIS Choral Club Spanish Club Travelers Club BURNS, LILLIE Junior Historical Club Home Room Officer Future Homemakers Club Rope Spinning Club Science Club CAMPBELL, H F LEN Tennis Club Tennis Team Science Club Rope Spinning Club Homemakers Club Travel Club Junior Historical Society Secretary of Home Room CANNADA, WANDA Debate Team Student Council Radio Club Junior Historical Society Home Room Officer Dramatic Club Debate Club Officer Public Speaking Play Latin Club CLARK, FEROL Mate Mitchell Story Tellers Junior Historians BRYANT, HENRY F.F.A. Chess Club Q Track CABINISS, LAURA Secretary of Home Room CANION, BOYD Band Track "Messiah" Choral Club Industrial Arts Club Home Room Officer Wildcat Rambler CAWTHRON, MARGARET Treasurer of Gamma Alph Radio Club Choral Club Pepperettes Home Room President Pep Squad Science Club CLARK, ROY LEE President of Home Room Science Club Chess Club T.N.T. Industrial Arts Club Collectors Club Spanish Club Travel Club Home Room Reporter Radio Club Choral Club Junior Historian Debating Club a Beta CLOUD, TOM Science Club Latin Club Tennis Club Senior Program Debate Tennis Golf Home Room President T.N.T. Declamation Contestant Jones Medal Contestant Chairman of Red Cross Committee COLLIER, JAM ES Future Farmers of America Woodwork Club CONNELL, DE'l'TY JO Mate Mitchell Club Story Tellers Club Science Club Future Homemakers Club Latin Club Volleyball Club Volleyball Team COX, .IOHN Football Track Basketball T.N.T. CRANFILL, MARY LESLIE President of Story Tellers Club Vice-President of Mate Mitchell Club Secretary of Student Council Editor of "Cotton Blossom" Art Editor of "Wildcat Rambler" Vice-President of Travelers Club Future Homemakers Club Spanish Club Choral Club Home Room Officer Secretary of Badminton Team D.A R. Repicscntativt Delta Zeta Senior Committee COLEMAN, JACK Band Radio Club Latin Club Science Club Home Room President Distributive Education Junior Boys Debate Team T.N.T. Collectors Club COLLIER. JEN Delta Zeta Latin Club Story Tellers Club Mate Mitchell Club Choral Club Future H omemakers Club Dramatic Club State Officer of C.A.R. Captain of Pepperettes Science Club Home Room Officer CORNELISON, JEANNE Science Club Madripfal Club Choral Club "Messiah" Public Speaking' Play Wildcat Rambler Staff COX, LA VERNE Future Homemakers Club CROFT, ANNA LOUISE Junior Historical Society Latin Club Mate Mitchell Club DAVIDSON, VIRGIE Gamma Alpha Beta Mate Mitchell Club Reporter for Junior Historical Society Spanish Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Story Tellers Club Future Homemakers Club Pepperettes Home Room Officer DENSON, ALBERT DUSEK, MARY BESS Mate Mitchell Club Story Tellers Club Spanish Club Home Room Officer Future Homemakers Club Tennis Club Pepperettes ECKERMAN, RAYMOND Future Farme1's of America ELZA, J. C. DAVIS, SARAH ANN Gamma Alpha Beta Captain of Pepperettes Future Homemakers Club Choral Club DISMUKES, HELEN Spanish Club Future Homemakers Club ECKERMAN, NADINE Junior Historical Society Latin Club Mate Mitchell Club ELSIK, RUTH Spanish Club EMERSON, TOMMIE Latin Club Choral Club Mate Mitchell Club Debate Story Tellers Club Junior Historical Society Dramatics Club EM ERY, JOE Wildcat Rambler Staff Tennis Club Home Room President Vice-President Student Council Business Manager "Cotton Blossom" Choral Club Air-Raid Warden Latin Club Fire Chief Debate Spelling' Contest EVANS, REGINALD Football Basketball Track Baseball Science Club T.N.T. Home Room Officer FERGUS, DAN Football Track Tennis Basketball Secretary Senior Class Vice-President Freshman Class President of T.N.T. President of Home Room President of Science Club Collectors Club F.F.A. FRANCIS, MATTIE JEAN Mate Mitchell FURL, FRANCES Homemakers Club ENLOE, DOROTHY DELORIOI President Mate Mitchell Pepperettes Annual Staff Latin Club Homemakers Club Home Room President FAMBROUGH, ZELDA Spanish Club Choral Club Homemakers Club FOYTASEK, VIOLA Spanish Club Homemakers Club Volleyball Club FULLER, MARY JO Business Manager "Wildcat Rambler" Home Room Officer Student Council Public Speaking' Play Latin Club Story Tellers Club Debate Student Council Representative GAVENDA, MARIE HELEN Secretary of Home Room Homemakers Club GIBSON, MERLE Gamma Alpha Beta Homemaking Club Secretary Home Room Vice-President Home Room Choral Club GREENE, NORMAN Latin Club CQuaestorJ Latin Tournament Science Club Choral Club T.N.T. Student Council Junior Historical Society Extempore Speech Home Room Officer GRIGGS, MARY LUCILLE Junior Historical Club Mate Mitchell Pepperettes Spanish Club Homemakers Club GRUBB, BILL Football Science Club Debate GRYGAR, HATTIE BERNICE Volleyball Club Choral Club GODWIN, GILBERT Track Choral Club Madrigal Club GRIFFIN, BOBBY Collectors Club Science Club Industrial Arts Club T.N.T. Student Council Latin Club First Place-Latin Tournament GRIMES, LI LA LEE Latin Club Homemakers Club Mate Mitchell GRUBB, ROSE Spanish Club Travelers Club Homemakers Club Rope Spinning Club Pcpperettes Choral Club GUNN, BETH Home Room Officer P.T.A. Home Room Representative Mate Mitchell Victory Varieties Annual Staff HALLMARK, EDNA EARLE President of Volleyball Club President of Home Room Collectors Club Story Tellers Club Homemakers Club Spanish Club Volleyball Team HAWKINS, VIRGINIA Mate Mitchell Club Homemakers Club Home Room Officer Spanish Club Pepperettes Story Tellers Club HENDLER, BETTY LOU "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Annual Staff Mate Mitchell Story Tellers Dramatics Club Delta Zeta Latin Club Badminton Club Home Room Officer Public Speaking Play HICKS, ROBERT MILLER Senior Debate Team Business Manager of Annual Football Basketball Tennis Home Room President T.N.T. Radio Club Science Club HILL, NORMA BERYL Latin Club Choral Club Junior Historical Club Home Room Officer Annual Staff Madrigal Club HARVEY, JIM ANNE Gamma Alpha Beta Student Council Band fColor Bearerj Pep Squad Spanish Club Senior Play Dramatics Club Future Homemakers Choral Club H EAP, PEGGY JEAN Story Tellers Mate Mitchell Dramatics Future Homemakers Delta Zeta Secretary Pepperettes Club "Wildcat Ramblern Staff Home Room Officer HESTER, CALVIN F.F.A. Historian Club HILL, DORRACE Latin Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Pep Squad Mate Mitchell Junior Historian Society Homemakers Club Story Tellers Club HILL, WAYLAND Football Basketball Track Senior President Junior President Junior Favorite HOESCH, KATHRYN President of Rope Spinning Club Band Latin Club Mate Mitchell Club Future Homemakers Club HOMEYER, ROSEMARY Gamma Alpha Beta Secretary of Story 'Tellers Club Reporter of Mate Mitchell Home Room Officer Band Choral Club Future Homemakers Club Badminton Club Latin Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff "Cotton Blossom" Staff HUNNICUTT, RAMON Industrial Arts Club Science Club Basketball Choral Club JAMES, BILLIE FAYE Delta Zeta Travelers Club Latin Club Dramatics Club Story Tellers Club Collectors Club Mate Mitchell Club Home Home Officer Circulation Manager of Home Room JOHNSON, MARY FRANCES President of Choral Club "Messiah" District Winner Extempore Speech Madrigal Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff Story Tellers Club Mate Mitchell Club Pepperettes Tennis Club Home Room Officer Latin Club Biology Club Public Speaking Play Secretary of Junior Music Club District Winner of Declamation HOLDER, CHARLES C. F.F.A. Conducting Team HUDSPETH, JOY Mate Mitchell Story Tellers Choral Club Spanish Club Delta Zeta Home Room Officer Dramatic Club Captain of Pepperettes Junior Favorite Yell Leader Tennis Club Sweetheart of T.N.T. Homemakers Club Annual Staff Senior Favorite HUNKA, GEORGIA ANN Secretary of Volleyball Club Volleyball Team JANICEK, H. A. JONES, GIDEON JONES, GLEN Home Room Officer Track KAMAS, GEORGIE Homemakers Club Volleyball Club K EITH, JACK Band Choral Club Tennis Basketball T.N.T. Latin Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff KING, VICTOR T.N.T. Latin Club Science Club Industrial Arts Club Student Council Band Orchestra President of Home Room KISER, J. O., JR. President of Science Club President of Home Room Vice-President of Choral Club Secretary of T.N.T. Junior Boys Debating Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Student Council Annual Staff Yell Leader Chess Club Basketball Track JONES, ROSELLA Science Club Volley Ball Mate Mitchell Debating Club KEATON, C. L. Football F.F.A. KILLEBREW, MARYLU Junior Historical Society Homemakers Club Science Club Latin Club Home Room Reporter Mate Mitchell "Wildcat Rambler" Staff KISER, CLYDE Latin Club Radio Club Collectors Club Band KLECKA, DOROTHY ANN Mate Mitchell Homemakers Club Delta Zeta Story Tellers Spanish Dramatics Club Badminton Club Pepperettes K LEYPA S, LAURA LEE Vice President of Delta Zeta Mate Mitchell Story Tellers Dramatics Club Homemakers Club Latin Club Annual Staff Badminton Club Pepperettes KREIDER, ALMA Dramatics Club Student Council Science Club Mate Mitchell Homemakers Club Junior Historical Society Latin Club Travelers Club Pepperettes Choral Club LA N CASTER, NELLIE ROSS Vice President of Home Room 'tWildcat Rambler", Staff Public Speaking Play Choral Club Homemakers Club MARRY, LANELL Junior Historical Society Homemakers Club Science Club MARTIN , F. G. Football KOCTA R, ROBERT LEE Football Basketball Track LANCASTER, LORRAINE Tennis Team Homemakers Club Choral Club Story Tellers Club Science Club Junior Historians Lal'RADE, MARY LOUISE Mate Mitchell Home Room Officer Homemakers Club Latin Club C.A.R. Delta Zeta Dramatics Club M A RSHALL, KEIFER Football Tennis Basketball Golf Track President Home Room Secretary T.N.T. Student Council Committee Regional Declamation Winner One Act Play Jones Medal Winner Choral Club Collectors Club Science Club MARTIN, RAY MATOUS, HENRIETTA Homemakers Club Volleyball McDONALD, NORMA Spanish Club Homemakers Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Travelers Club MEEK, MARY ELIZABETH Reporter of Story Tellers Spanish Club Homemakers Club Mate Mitchell Student Council Committee Delta Zeta Editor of "Wildcat Ramble1"' Secretary of Science Club Choral C1171 Dramatics Club Captain of Pepperettes Home Rqim Officer , f Q! M J J MERTHKIS, GLADYSV' Mate! Mitchell N-'of . nis Tea ' ' f ry Telle U-lub u ior Hi ricalf Society if K xj X F fj xxNJ , X PI, J T Y A X MYERS, SUE ALLAN Editor of "Wildcat Rambler" Editor of Annual Extempore Speech Pepperettes Reporter for Pepperettes Delta Zeta Secretary of Story Tellers Student Council Committee Latin Club Mate Mitchell Homemakers Club Camera Club Dramatics Club Senior Play Program McCALL, PRESTON Vice-President of T.N.T. Latin Club President of Home Room Radio Club MEADOWS, HENRY MEINSCHER, CYNTHIA Tennis Club Tennis Team Chemistry Club Story Tellers Club MIKESKA, GEORGIA MARY President of Home Room Student Council Latin Club Dramatic Club Pepperettes Tennis Club Rope Spinning Club Science Club Texas Historical Club Homemakers Club Collectors Club Mate Mitchell Choral Club MURRAY, BILL NANCE, FLORA Story Tellers Club Homemakers Club NICHOLS, OPAL FAYE Mate Mitchell Spanish Club Homemakers Club NUN LEY, MARY FRANCES Gamma Alpha Beta Secretary Mate Mitchell Spanish Club Band Choral Club Homemakers Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Home Room Officer Ballad for America OLSON, DORIS Il Gamma Alpha Beta President Home Room Secretary Homemakers Club Student Council Mate Mitchell Club Annual Staff Choral Club AGEL, ELM ER F.F.A. Track Tennis Football Baseball Basketball Volleyball NANCE THERA Band Orchestra Story Tellers Vice-President Rope Spinners Homemakers Club Choral Club Science Club NICHOLS, JANE 0'BERG, VIOLA Mate Mitchell Pepperettes Choral Club Volleyball "Wildcat Rambler" Staff OSWALT, EVELYN "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Junior Historical Club Science Club Volleyball Homemakers Club PARROTT, DORIS Gamma Alpha Beta Homemakers Club Pepperettes "Cotton Blossom" Staff Latin Club Circulation Manager Science Club I'EA RSON, M A RJORIE Choral Club Madrifgal Club Mate Mitchell Club Delta Zeta One Act Play Sophomore Favorite Orchestra Band QDrum Majorj Homemakers Club Annual Staff Home Room Officer Story Tellers Club Spanish Club 5 rEl.s, viaG1N1A Latin Club Peppcrettes Mate Mitchell Choral Club Junior Historical Club Concert Choir Spelling' Madrigal Club Junior Music Club REYNOLDS, NORMA Spanish Club Homemakers Club Home Room Officer ROIiER'I'SON, .IENNA LOIS Band Choral Club Latin Club Treasurer Story Tellers Club Mate Mitchell Gamma Alpha Beta Secretary of Junior Class "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Annual Staff Homemakers Club Student Council Ballad of America ROBINSON, DOROTH Y Latin Club Story Tellers Club Mate Mitchell Badminton Club Pcppcrcttes PELS, JOHN HARRY Band Orchestra Choral Club Latin Tournament Latin Club Radio Club Science Club Listeners Club Madrigal Club PITTMAN, A. D. T.N.T. Band Debate Spellers Orchestra Radio Club Latin Club Science Club Essay Writing Junior Historical Society RICHARDSON, GLORIA Yell Leader Choral Club Mate Mitchell Annual Staff ROBERSON, VA UGHN Latin Club Latin Tournament Secretary of Home Room RODGERS, ESTELLE Homemakers Club Spanish Club Travelers Club Home Room Officer SAFLEY, JACK Football Basketball Baseball Track Science Club T.N.T. Collectors Club Radio Club Chess Club SCOTT, BILLIE MARIE Home Room President Secretary of Radio Club Delta Zeta Mate Mitchell Club Annual Staff Band SCO'I'l', JAMES F. Distributive Education C T.N.T. Collectors Club Band Officer Radio Club Home Room Officer SHOCKLEY, VERA Volleyball SNODGRASS, JACK Tennis T.N .T. Science Club Collectors Club lub SCALORA, THOMAS F. Football Basketball Track Science Club T.N.T. SCOTT, BILLY Latin Club K , Industrial Arts Club, Science Club Radio Club Biology Club T.N.T. SHEPPARD, GLADYS EVELYN Latin Club Junior Historical Society Mate Mitchell "Cotton Blossom" Staff SIMPSON, BETTY FRANCES Home Room President Essay Representative Mate Mitchell Story Tellers Club Delta Zeta President Latin Club Officer Spanish Club First Prize Fire Prevention STANCEK, JOE L. Track STANDARD, FAYE President of Gamma Alpha Beta Editor of "Cotton Blossom" Captain of Pepperettes Fire Prevention Essay Winner President of Home Room "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Senior Debate Team Story Tellers Club Latin Club Future Homemakers Club Science Club Mate Mitchell Club Dramatics Club Radio Club Officer of Debate Club Travelers Club STEPHENS, ROXIE Band Home Room Secretary Future Homemakers Club Story Tellers Club Badminton Club Tennis Club Annual Staff Gamma Alpha Beta Latin Club SUMRALL, CLARENCE Spanish Club Junior Boys Debate F. F. A. Football THUM SON, FRANK Home Room President Sophomore Class President Sophomore Favorite Declamation fDistrict Winnerj Latin Essay QDistrict Winnerj T.N.T. Officer Yell Leader President of Student Council Senior Favorite Track Latin Club Officer Choral Club Dramatics Club Jones Medal Contest "Wildcat Rambler' Staff "Cotton Blossom" Staff Senior Committee Public Speaking Play TISCHLER, WILLIE T.N.T. STEPHENS, JOHN ROY Football Basketball Track Latin Club Debate Club Senior Class Officer STEWART, ANNA Pepperettes Spanish Club Science Club Tennis Club Junior Historical Society Mate Mitchell Club Homemakers Club Tennis Team TAYLOR, MARY EDITH THORP, RUPERT Latin Club TUCKER, .IEAN UNDERWOOD, WANDA Gamma Alpha Beta Spanish Club Junior Historical Mate Mitchell Club Homemakers Club Pepperettes "Wildcat Ramblern Staff Science Club WEAVER, LEE Football Basketball Track WHITE, DOROTHY Gamma Alpha Beta Orchestra Ensemble Club Future Homemakers Story Tellers Club Latin Club Tennis Club NVH ITE, MOZELLE Mate Mitchell Homemakers WHITELEY, DORIS NELL Junior Historical Society Latin Club Mate Mitchell Annual Staff WALKER, CECIL Football Science Club Debate WENDLAND, BOBBYE LE E President Home Room Student Council President of Orchestra Latin Club Program Chairman Third Place in District Declamation American Legion Oratorical Contest Ensemble Club Editor of Annual Concert Master of Orchestra Chairman of Welfare Committee President of Junior Music Club WHITE, JAMES ERVIN Baseball Junior Athletic Club WHITEHEAD, VIVIAN Officer of Latin Club President of Home Room Junior Music Club Madrigal Club Mate Mitchell Choral Club Tennis Team Tennis Club Story Tellers Club Pepperettes WHITLEY, MILTON President of Home Room Science Club Radio Club Football Chess Club WILLIAMS, DARLENE Story Tellers Club WYNNE, JERRY Vice-President Gamma Alpha Beta Messiah Homemakers Club Spanish Club Dramatics Club Captain Pepperettes Junior Music Club Vice-President Home Room Choral Club YOUNTS, JACK MILLER, BILLY Latin Club President of Industrial Arts Track Band Orchestra Choral Club WICHITA, FRANK, JR. Band Dramatics Club Madrigal Club Student Council "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Choral Club Latin Tournament QYMJJ ,X - dxf YATES, MARGARET ANN Band Mate Mitchell Club "Wildcat Ramblern Staff Story Tellers Club ZIDELL, MADELON Debate Tennis Club Mate Mitchell Story Tellers Spanish Club President Home Room President Public Speaking Play wziors ADAMEK, LILLIAN ADRIAN, MARIAN AKRIDGE, EULAINE ASHCRAFT, MARTHA AYCOCK, BILLIE LOUISE BAKER, .IO NELL BANTA, RUTH BELK, EVELYN BIGHAM, MARTHA LOIS BIGHAM, MYRTLE BLANKENSHIP, JOANN BLAYLOCK, .IOAN BLAYLOCK, JUNE BOLIN, MARY BOULDIN, WINIFRED BRAVENEC, RUTH BRODIE, RUTH BROWN, DAISY BRUCE, LINNELL BRUCE, MABEL CALHOUN, EVELYN CALHOUN, LETA MAE CHANEY, DAPHNE CLARK, FAYE COLLIER, MILDRED CONNELL, EARLYNE UOOKSEY, OLIN CRENSHAW, BILLIE RA YE DAVIDSON, W. S. DAVIS, DAWN DAVIS, PATSY ANN DEASON, EVA GANT, DANA JEAN GIESLER, VIRGINIA GRAUERHOLZ, ARLENE GRIMES, MARY GRYGAR, MARY ETTA HAM, BARNEY HARGROVE, CLEO HARPER, CLARA LEE HENDLER, ALBERT HILL, DORIS MARIE HONEYCUTT, MILDRED HOOD, BILLY HUNT, CELVIA INGRAM, MADELYN J EZ, JOE D. KENNEDY, GENEVA KILLINGSWORTH, BILLIE JEAN KIRKPATRICK, BILLY LARAMEY, MARILYN LEWIS, MARGIE McKINNEY, LESLIE MADELEY, JEAN ANNE MATL, ANNIE MATUSH, WILLIAM MEADOWS, DOVIE MERCER, DOROTHY MILLER, JOAN MOTL, JOHNNY NAIVAR, EVELYN NORTON, JUNE PAGEL, ETHELYN PAULK, BILLIE PHILLIPS, KENNETH RAMSEY, CHARLES RECTOR, FRANCES ROBINSON, BARBARA ROWE, MILDRED RUSS, ISOLA SCOTT, JUDY SLOVAK, EVELYN SMITH, LINDA SMITH, RAYMOND SODEK, RAY SOWDERS, BILLIE BI' TH STAVINOHA, DORIS STEFKA, LORENE STEVENS, ELIZABE'I H TATUM, GLADYS THOMPSON, DORIS THOMPSON, FAYE TODD, MARIE TROUT, JO ANN ULRICH, GEORGE URBANTKE, CARL VADEN, LYNN WAGNER, MARY WALTON, MARTHA WARREN, LLOYD WATSON, EVELYN WEINBLATT, JACK WHITE, ETH ELYN WHITEHEAD, DORIS WHITEHEAD, EMMF'I'I WHITLOW, DORIS NI' LLP WHITLOW, HARRY WINNETT, LILLIAN WINSLOW, BETTY WITHERS, RUTH WINKLER, BERNIE WINKLER, MONROE WOODS. MARTHA S0,0ll0WZOI'65 ALDRICH, WANDA LEE ARMBRUSTER, MARY ATKINS, BILLY JACK BARTON, SARAH BOLDING, KENNY BOLIVER, VIRGINIA BOSTICK, BILLY BROOKS, DORIS FAYE BROWN, MACK BRYANT, BETTY BURKE, BONITA BUTLER, KATHERINE CARDWELL, DOROTHY CHERVENKA, DOROTHY COLE, BETTY COLE, HELEN JO COLEMAN, JESS COLLIER, DORIS COLLII-IR, LOUISE COX, DOROTHY ANN COOKE, AILENE COOKE, LILA LEE CROFT, JOSIE CROSS, NELL DAVIS, JOHNIILI, DOSHIIIR, VIRGINIA EDDS, EDITH ESCHBERGER, ELWOOD FOYTASEK, MARY JO GERTSENBERG, NELDA .,,,,., -"' ' ""55:: .J 'QEa25s:::,,,." f.fIQf:f2 ,vv'fwsl.f1lun ,,,...., 3,,.-.,a' GREEN, FRED HAMRICK, MILDRED HAWKINS, BILLY HAWKINS, REX HILL, FRANK HILL, MARJORIE HOHERD, BETTYE HONEYCUTT, VIRGINIA HUDSON, WANDA JANICEK, ANNA JOHNSON, ELBERT JONES, MACK JONES, PEGGY KACIR, STANLEY KREIDER, EVERETT LABIT, MARY LOU LAMAR, GAY LaPRADE, BILLY LEDBETTER, PEGGY LIPSCOMB, BETTY LLOYD, MARY EDITH MILLER, PAULINE MONAGHAN, PRESTON MOORE, JAMES CARROLL MORRIS, DORRIS- MURRAY, CHARLOTTE NAIVA, ARLINE NANCE, LUCILLE NANNY, WALTER NEWTON, THOMAS NORFLEET, GUY OLIVER, GRANVILLE O'MALLEY, PATSY PARROTT, CHARLES RAY, LOLA MAE ROBERSON, LODDELL ROBERTS, CHARLES ROSENBERG, EDDY SCOTT, DOYCE SCOTT, PATTY SEVERS, BETTY SHANNON, MOLLIE SIMMONS, HOBART SIMPSON, CHARLES SCHNEIDER, BERNICE STANTON, JERRY STAUFFER, MARJORIE STEVENS, GORDON STRAUSBURGER, WINFREY STURDIVANT, VIRGINIA BETH TISCHLER, LINDY WEBB, LA NELLE WEBSTER, DIXIE RUTH WENDLAND, WVELDON WHITE, MADIE LEE WICHITA, ALLENE WICKS, BETH WILLIAMS, ALLENE WYNNE, HUBERT YATES, HENRY YOUNG, CAROLYN ........n. Q , g X , ! . Q , Q gf Wt' ".i6,kB5 Q E ' v HEHVHHS 5 . E pf X 111111111x 1111 111 lllllxlll XXV? sl1'11g'g'11' 111111 sow '1w111'l't'.S11 1'1-1111 811111 11111 g1111:1 111' :1 1'1111111:111 11111-11 11111411111 1,i11111 XX'1111.:111 111111 1111 111 1:11111 1'1Xl'lA 111'1'x1'11l N11111111:15 1'1'1m'11 551111151 111119111 111 ll 11111K'1l111IP115 A1l1I'C 1111111ls 1111' 1111- XX'11111'z11s ,11111i111' L'111111g1'l 2 Al K .pf ' if 1 Q gf! fha- gi' g Us x ai Q ffxu ggi 4 iii!-Sag li if ,JN is F5 H -. .g,.4gfL4,f- " ,.,.,.,VcA gf .2620 36 Mme l'vsLa iloi11g' s0mcwl1C1'u 'IQUOUIIIZISIC grins Thrcc volnrrxflvs Z -L fv IU. 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'Vi Hu. li1wI1 'l'1111111z1111 N111111 U111' K111lz1I4u1' liilkl Xifl l'1m111g XXX' XX I1 l.1111lX fill ll1cv:11111111f The N cssizlll ii1'fmp l'ru-N Slluln-111 lmlllvll IM W0 Inu' IIS!!! Nmph I mu "l'1nxx" llc luliful K Jlll' Iirlilmx 1204141 rlclvzllu elm I VHNHV IHIH F Y I .Taxis Jzlzzior Q21 vorlfr Jycirifyn .Earamey Junior gavorife M 2 eg, E , , 3 if ef " , IKM: f's'W'1VfZ ff. ' fi ' , Mm .7 . GM yJ?vflZ'W 2 I if 1 Q w ,, 2 ,age if 03219012 CMQHJIMJ Sopfzonzore avm iii G6LI'0!yIZ CZJOLUZQ Soplzomore gavorife Cgfer Mclorlous Our cyflma Water From You We've learned to be So proud of your traditions Your spirit, loyalty And hr 'Temple High School March on all glorious c-And may your colors, blue and wlrite CBe e'er victorious. Goins egg., Ni x 5 E E Q 3 QQQQ .QQQ .sw lug Q E HIHHIIES ghofhaff 60516665 MR. ROUTH MR. WOOD MR. CRANFILI MR. DAWSON Ham-Barney made many all-state teams, and well he deserves the honors. He will be here next year to lead the line. Baker--"Kenny,' was one of the most outstanding ends in Temple High's history and proved it by making all state. Hill fCo-Captainb-"Sleepy", an all-state back, will always be remembered by Temple fans 4, for his unconquerable spirit and his natural ability. Watson, LaVerne-Although this was LaVerne's first year, he started many games. He is due to do great things in the next two years. Safley-Jack was fine defensive boy and Will see a lot of service next year. Weaver-Lee played "heads-up" football all sea- son. We expect big things from him next year. cilmpfe vs. aco Heap--"Ed" really earned his title of all-state. A His place will be hard to fill next year. La Grone--H. E. was the most versatile backs on the squad, playing three positions Well. He will be a valuable man next year. Stephens-John Roy was a fine runner and dealt the opposition many worries. Dillon-Jamie Was fighting "scat back" this year. He will be back to head the backfield next year. Martin fCo-CaptainJ-F. G., who was awarded the title of "Most Valuable Player", made an excellent record. Fergus-Dan was shifted from backfield to end and played his position efficiently. He will be a regular next year. l l ghofbaff Squad Koctor-Robert was the smallest lineman on the starting eleven, but he was an aggressive player. Morris-Earl had an educated foot which meant a lot to the Wildcats. llc was also a good passer. Evans-"Red" showed plenty of intestinal forti- tude and will be a great asset to the line next year. Allen--Jack was a rugged and ready full-back who never knew the word "quit", He made all-district. Marsliall-Keifer played three positions capably. llc will deal the opponents a lot of misery next year. Teague-"Hobby" was a hard charging tackle and a vicious blocker. He will he back next year. fi jf' , , ' J f' f 'f , fl' x ' ye!! .EEQJEVS Bettye Winslow Gloria Richardson .I0 Nell Baker Mollie Shannon Joy Hudspelh Weldon Wendland Frank Thomson J, 0, Kiger William Matush Marjorie Pearson - - Drum fllajor Johnny lleimer Football Manager Ray McLerran Football Manager 1 in .a:...,.:: .:,,,: .:,.,.:: zir ,. .. WEN xv ,,., A 4 . :::f ------ -- f --:-: 1 Q 5' gi :--.',- l , b ,..'.:::. P S Q .ATE FIM N , ,W lmfxw my 3 we S X ,.,., ..,.,. . l.,, Q s A l ,Q A' aw wi y ,, 4 evee , Zig f ., W . Z? 0 -- -1-A W Q , A1 X: . As? 7 me S 660 012 MEXIA The Wildcats ran wild to smother the Mexia Blackcats to the tune of 62-0, in the season opener. AUSTIN The Cats played one of their most thrilling games, when they played the Austin Maroons, a non-district game, which we won after some hard fighting 12-13. BRYAN The Wildcats' aerial attack clicked for three touchdowns in a real thriller against the Bryan Broncos for the final score of 28-7 . CLEBURNE The Wildcats had an off night when they n-osed out the Cleburne Yellow- jackets in a fight of fumbles that ended with a victory of 13-0. ENNIS The Ennis Lions invaded Temple for the first time in a district thriller that came out with the Cats on top 13-7 . HILLSBORO The Wildcats rallied in the fourth quarter to take a decision of 12 to 0 over the Eagles. WAXAHACHIE The Cats again showed that they really had a ball club, and lots of pep and get-up, when they played Waxahachie, an old time rival, and won 20-0. CORSICANA The battling Cats eliminated the Tigers from the district by a well- earned 7-0 victory. WACO The valiant Wildcats thumped their ancient rivals, the Waco Tigers, in a mud-battle royal. The score was 13-0. BRECKENRIDGE The Wildcats won their first game in the State Championship Race from the Breckenridge Buckaroos by a slender margin of 13-7. TYLER Trailing 0 to 7, at the half, the mud-pie Kids came back with a roar in the last half to defeat the Tyler Lions. LAMAR A sensational Wildcat eleven drubbed the favored Lamar Redskins by a crushing victory of 19 to O. WICHITA FALLS For the second straight year the Temple Wildcats were stopped just short of the state crown. This year it was the Wichita Falls Coyotes who stopped the c-ourageous cats by a 0 to 13 score. VHCC The 'track team began work in January with only one letterman return- ins. Roy Stephens was elected captain of the 1942 track team. The fol- lowing boys were lettermen of 1942: Roy Stephens Jamie Dillon Billy R. Baggett Lloyd Warren Glen Jones Elmer Pagel Boyd Canion CAMERON RELAYS The team entered its first meet at the Cameron relays winning third place. Competition was very keen and the boys received some good train- FT. WORTH FAT STOCK SHOW This meet proved to be the fastest in the history of the Fat Stock Show. Coach Routh entered his mile relay team which won fifth place. DISTRICT MEET In this meet the Wildcats for the second consecutive year won second place with twenty-six and one-half points. The following boys qualified for the regional meet by winning the following events: Stephens-440 yd. dash, lst, 220 yd. dash, 2nd, mile relay, lst, 440 yd. relay, 3rd. Pagel-Pole vault, tied for 2nd: broad jump, tied for 2nd. Warren-440 yd. dash, 2nd, mile relay, lst, 440 relay, lst. Jones-Broad jump, tied for 2nd, Dillon-Mile relay, lst, 440 yd. relay, 3rd. Canion-Mile relay, lstg 440 yd. relay, 3rd. Baggett-Mile run, 4th. ing there. REGIONAL MEET In the regional meet of the state at San Marcos, Texas, Temple qualified four boys for the state meet. Stephens-440 yd. dash, 3rd, mile relay. Dillon-Mile relay. Warren-Mile relay. Pagel-Mile relay, broad jump. askefnaff SQUAD liarney Ham Frankie Williams Bill Davis Forward Forward Forward Keifer Marshall Bobby Teague Reginald Evans Jamie Dillon Guard Forward Guard Guard H. E. La Grone Harry Keaton Dan Fergus John Roy Stephens Guard Center Forward Forward Jack Safley Laverne Watson Guard Center irfs I Kemzis KJ' Top Row: Strausburger, Hunt, Mertins, Paulk, Gant. Bottom Row: Meinscher, Russ, Calhoun, Miller, Lancaster. Leta Mae Calhoun, captain, and Cynthia Mienscher, captain last year, made up the doubles team for this year. Because of illness, Cynthia Meinscher was unable to enter the district meet so Jo Ann Miller, the third ranking player, played with Leta Mae. They won both matches the first day but were defeated by Taylor in the semi-finals on Saturday. Lorraine Lancaster, fourth ranking player, played singles and was defeated in her first match. Gladys Mertins and Billie Paulk were the other members of the team. nys I emzis Raymond Smith, top ranking player and captain, and Jack Snodgrass made up the doubles team for this year. Raymond was hurt in a bicycle accident the morning of the meet, so Keifer Marshall played with Jack at district meet. They lost their first match. J. L. Akridge, captain and third ranking player, was the singles repre- sentative. He was defeated by Georgetown. Tom Cloud was the other member of the team. Cloud Marshall Snodgrass Akridge Moore Smith fx girfs I fvoffeyhaff Top Row: Grygar, Bruce, Bravenec, Matous, Hunka, Connell, Hall, Bravenec, Tucker. Bottom Row: Sharp, Collier, Schwake, Fensty. Mildred Collier, captain, Georgia Ann Hunka, Marietta Grygar, Betty Jo Connell, Fay Sharp, and Bernice Schwake made up the volleyball team which played at the district meet. Ruth Bravenec and Jean Hall acted as substitutes for the district meet. Other members of the team were Jean Tucker, Henrietta Matous, and Naomi Hegar. The team held a volleyball play day November 15, with several schools attending. They also played in a tournament held at Moody on Feb- ruary 26. The Temple team was hostess to a volleyball demonstration by the University of Texas on March 7 with the teams of Moody, Cameron, and Temple demonstrating. Miss Betty Autry, instructor for the University, directed the demonstration. HHHHNIIHIIUNS offmz 0550172 Staff Sponsors: Miss Mozella Arnold Mrs. T. L. Hedden Editors: Sue Allan Myers Mary Leslie Cranfill Faye Standard Bobbye Lee Wendland Business Managers: Miller Hicks Joe Emery Clubs: Norma Beryl Hill Doris Parrott lloxie Stephens Gladys Sheppherd Doris Whiteley Athletics: Frank Thomson Joy Hudspeth Jenna Lois Robertson J. O. Kiser Features : Jack Keith Margie Pearson Mary Frances Johnson Betty Lou Hendler General Assistants: Willie Mae Bredthauer Beth Gunn Dorothy Enloe Rosemary Homeyer Doris Olsen Billie Marie Scott Sponsors : Miss Margaret Black Miss Margaret Chapman Editors: Sue Myers Mary Elizabeth Meek Business and Advertising Manager: Mary Jo Fuller Sports : Hallie Gee Art: Leta Mae Calhoun Mary Leslie Cranfill ambfer Staff Leta Mae Calhoun Jeanne Cornelison Mary Jo Fuller Hallie Gee Peggy Heap Dorrace Hill W. R. Langston Mary Elizabeth Meek Sue Myers Martha Walton Typists: Jeanne Cornelison Rosemary Homeyer Mary Elizabeth Meek Mary Nunley Evelyn Oswalt Jenna Robertson Jack Grubb Lena May Schwertner peuon Walker Margie Stavinoha Carolyn Walker Circulation: , Peggy Heap Production: Martha Walton D01'1'3C9 H111 Mary Jo Fuller President, Raymond Eckerman Vice-President, Jack Younts Secretary, J. B. Mahler Treasurer, Charles Holder lluey Alderson Howard Aycock lilias l5ig'on llougrlas Billings lloy Dean Bounds Leo Blackburn Hueghie Carberry Aaron Cunningham Burt Davidson, Jr. Rube Davis Alton Eckerman Raymond Eekerman Carl Elliott Roy Lee Fulton Fred Gillnieister Georgze Harris, Jr. Charles Holder Ilollis lngram SPONSOR: S. L. ADAMS OFFICERS Reporter, Arthur Floyd Malicoat Historian, Clarence Sumrall Song Leader, Aaron Cunningham Jr. MEMBERS Garland Jennings Wayland Jennings Gideon Jones C. L. Keaton Kenneth Kelso Charlie King Billy Linder Aaron Luecke J. B. Mahler Arthur Floyd Malicoat Georgge Marks Johnny Matl Ray McLerran Bill Murray Newton Newell Gus Nichols Pryce Nunnallee Granville Oliver Farm Watch Dog, Burt Davidson, Llmer Pagrel Kenneth Phillips Claudie Presley Joe Sawyer Wiley Slvehoin William Hill Shep Billy Earl Smith M. H. Spoonts Clarence Sumrall Arthur Tice Carl Uibantke Frank VVelch R. A. Welch Bernie VVinkler Monroe VVir'kler Jack Younts pard dence GM SPONSORS: MR. SADLER, MISS CAYTON BIOLOGY CLUB Lynn Vaden Thomas Newton Linnell Bruce Eulaine Akridge Leta Mae Calhoun Marian Adrian Eulaine Akridge Martha Ashcraft Billy Barrett Linnell Bruce Mabel Bruce Jo Nell Baker James Butler Leta Mae Calhoun Evelyn Calhoun Jess Coleman Faye Clark John Cox Jeanne Cornelison Fred Day Dawn Davis OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter MEMBERS Evelyn Flanders Billie Goad Jack Grubb Byron Goode Bobby Griffin Gilbert Godwin Celvia Hunt Albert Hendler Billy Hood Victor King' J. O. Kiser Joyce Ann Love Billy Larkin Annie Matl William Matush Mary Meeks CHEMISTRY CLUB J. O. Kiser James Butler Mary Meeks Betty Winslow Fred Day Thomas Newton Barbara Robinson Isola Russ Linda Smith Judy Scott Jerry Stanton Faye Standard Lynn Vaden Evelyn Watson Weldon Wendland Pellon Walker Milton Whitely James White Betty Winslow Wanda Underwood . x - , qw. ate ifclzeff SPONSOR: MISS IJOWRY OFFICERS President, Dorothy Enloe Secretary, Mary Nunley Vice-President, Mary Leslie Cran- Treasurer, Vivian Whitehead fill MEMBERS lrene lirandes Willie Mae Bredthauer Ferol Clark .len Banks Collier lletty Jo Connell Jeanne Cornelison Anna Louise Croft Virgie Davidson Mary Bess llusek Nadine Flckerman Tommie Emerson Mattie .lean Francis Mary .lo Fuller Merle Gibson liila Lee Grimes Rose Grubb lieth Gunn I'egg'y Heap Betty Lou Hendler Dorraee Hill Kathryn Hoeseh Rosemary Homeyer Joy Hudspeth Billie Faye James Mary Frances Johnson Dorothy Ann Klecka Laura Lee Kleypas Mary Louise LaPrade Norma MacDonald Lanell Mabry Mary Elizabeth Meek Cynthia Mienscher Gladys Mertins Sue Allan Myers Viola O'Berg Doris Olson Doris Parrott Margie Pearson Virginia Pels Norma Reynolds Jenna Robertson Dorothy Robinson Billie Marie Scott Gladys Sheppard Betty Simpson Claire Snowden Faye Standard Roxie Stephens Anna Stewart VVanda Underwood Doris VVhiteley Madelon Zidell tory Zeffers SPONSOR: MISS HOLDEN OFFICERS President, Virginia Giesler Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Young Vice-President, Bettye Winslow Reporter, Martha Walton MEMBERS Martha Lois Bigham Daisy Brown Linnell Bruce Bettye Bryant Faye Clark Virginia Giesler Joan Miller Patsy O'Malley Loddell Roberson Ethel Rae Sampson Judy Scott Patricia Scott Martha Walton Bettye Winslow Ruth Withers Martha Woods Carolyn Young Pat Young First, Semester Fred Day Judy Scott Bettyc Cole Martha Woods Betty Lipscomb Patricia Scott Patsy O'Malley Peggy Jones Winfrey Strausburger Mabel Bruce Marian Adrian Virginia Nell Boliver Daisy Brown Mabel Bruce Katherine Butler llorothy Cardwell llettye Cole lvorothy Ann Cox Josie Croft Fred Day Mary Earle Fowler Albert Hendler f aim SPONSOR: MRS. OLIVIA JONES OFFICERS Consuls Quaestor Censors Tribunes Aediles Scriba MEMBERS Peggy Jones Lou Labit Betty Ann Lipscomb Joan Miller Pauline Miller Guy Norfleet Patsy O'Malley Loddell Roberson Judy Scott Patricia Scott Betty Ann Seybold Charles Simpson Second Semester Judy Scott Fred Day Alleen Williams Martha Woods Albert Hendler Patricia Scott Patsy O'Malley Jack Weinblatt Guy Norfleet Charles Simpson liene Sodek Winfrey Strausburger Helen Tindall Evelyn Watson Dixie Ruth VVebster ,lack Weinblatt Ethelyne White Allene VVichita Beth Wicks Alleen Williams Eloise Willis me merica SPONSOR: MISS PETTY OFFICERS President, Frank Cox Vice-President, Anna Janicek Secretary, Doris Morries MEMBERS Mary Bolin Doris Faye Brooks Dorothy Chervenka Frank Cox Helen Engle Mary Jo Foytasek Doris Gandy Clara Gripgg's Mildred Hamrick Betty Jo Hoherd Virginia Honeycutt Anna Janicek Gay Lamar Billy LaPrade Peggy Ledbetter Ruthelle Mays Regina Medrano Doris Morries Arline Naivar Walter Nanny Don Olson Jesse San Miguel Betty Frances Simpson Virginia Beth Sturdivant Lavonia VVileox Madelon Zidell zzizsfriaf Gfrfs SPONSOR: MR. ROGERS OFFICERS President, Billy Miller Secretary-Treasurer, Billie Paulk Vice-President, Victor King Reporter, Jean Ann Madeley MEMBERS Billy H2lf.l'4Lf0tt Mack Brzxnham Joel Brown Boyd Canion Clarence Carter Hallie Gee Bobby Griffin Frank Hill A. B. Hobbs Paul Hover Ramon Hunnicutt Mack Jones Victor King Jean Ann Madeley Billy Martin Billy Miller Billie Paulk Walter Roberts Glenn Rucker Billy Scott Sam Stephens Roger Swank Glyn Toliver Robert White Roy Lee White amp e Sckoof cuz G. 0. ALESSANDRO, DIRECTOR MARGIE PEARSON, DRUM MAJOR Color Bearers: Jim Ann Harvey, Patricia Scott. Color Guards: Clyde Kiser, George Koch. Librarian: Margaret Ann Yates. Quartermaster: John Pels. Clarinets: Billy Miller, Hallie A. Gee, Lee Phelps, Rosemary Homeyer, Hubert Wynne, Kathryn Hoesch, Mary Nunley, Jim Alice Charlton, Jenna Lois Robertson, Roxie Beth Stephens, Winifred Bouldin, Marjorie Lewis, Betty Jo Hohe1'd, Nell Cross, Billy Barrett, Richard Howe, Rose Marie Kleypas. Cornets: Margaret Ann Yates, John Pels, Charles Roberts, A. D. Pittman, Glenn Rucker, S. M. Nash, Henry Pochman, H. A. Janicek, Roy Strausburger. Horns: Thera Nance, Jack Weinblatt, Allene Wichita, Kenneth Phillips. Trombones: Billy Baggett, Boyd Canion, Paul Hoover, Fred Wilson, Bobby Lovick, Millard Peters, Elwood Eschbergcr. Basses: Victor King, Rita Fulton. Baritones: Leslie Wade McKenney, Vernon Hoesch, Calvin Guthrie, Roy Timaeus. Saxophones: Jerry Stanton, Mary Gennelle Kocurek, Mary Edith Loyd, Henry Yates, Raymond Kabella, Jack Younts. Flutes: Margie Pearson, Allen Matthews. Piccolo: Mary Wagner, Oboes: Billie Marie Scott, Louise Sprayberry. Bassoon: Alleen Williams. Tympani and Bell Lyras: Daisy Means Brown, Mary Lou Labit, Betty Bryant. Bass Drum and Cymbals: Frank Wichita. Snare Drums: Jack Keith, Thomas Newton, Robert Cale. liulaine Akridge Lee Roy Anderson Mary Armbruster llilly Roe liziggtett Beatrice Brocker .less Coleman livelyn Flanders Glenn Flunclers Marian l'll2lHdCl'S rclzesfm SPONSOR: MISS RUTH LASLEY OFFICERS President and Concert Master, Bobbye Lee Wendland Vice-President, Dorothy Ellen White Secretary and Treasurer. Byron Goode MEMBERS Hallie Gee Billie Jo Gilliland Byron Goode Audry Greene Naomi Hegar Jean McCall Billy Miller Thera Nance Charles Parrott John Pels Mollie Deane Shannon Lee Timaeus Bobbye Lee Wendland Errol Wendland Weldon Wendland Dorothy Ellen White Sarah W'oodal1 Pat Young Glam! Club SPONSOR: MISS MARGARET FINNEY OFFICERS President, Mary Frances Johnson Vice-President, J. O. Kiser Secretary, Frank Thomson MEMBERS Marian Adrian J. L. Akridge Irene Brandes Daisy Brown Linnell Bruce Bonita Burke James Butler Boyd Canion Jeanne Cornelison Laura Lee Corzine Frank Cox Dawn Davis Clinton Dickson Joe Emery Henry Fisher Mary Earle Fowler Dana Jean Gant Virginia Geisler Billie Goad Gilbert Godwin Lelia Goff Byron Goode Norman Greene Marietta Grygar Sue Beth Hargrove Vernon Hoesch Rosemary Homeyer Virginia Honeycutt Mary Frances Johnson Jack Keith Billie Killingsworth J. O. Kiser Billy Jack Kirkpatrick Marilyn Laramey Hassie Lee Martin Allen Matthews Ruthelle Mays Mary Elizabeth Meek Billy Miller Joan Miller Pauline Miller Lucille Nance Mary Frances Nunley Doris Olson Marjorie Pearson John Pels Virginia Pels Mary Louise Roberts Jenna Lois Robertson Glenn Rucker Edna Santo Judy Scott Billy Smith Lorene Stefka Mary Jane Stephens Roger Swank Faye Thompson Frank Thomson Martha Walton Dixie Ruth Webster Roy Lee White Harry Whitlow Frank Wichita Beth Wicks Lavonia Wilcox Martha Woods Hubert Wynne Jerry Wynne Jlufure S omg ., offers 0 exas SPONSORS: MISS HENSON AND MISS BARRON OFFICERS President, Lorena Stefka Secretary, Doris Olson Vice-President, Laura Lee Kleypas Treasurer, Edna Santo MIGMBIGIIS Iivelyn Hella Mary lielk Winifrecl Houldin Irene Branfles Willie Mae Brerlthauer Betty Bryant lion-is Bryant livelvn Calhoun Lois' Campbell lan li'lIIl'S Vol .' 1 x. f Louise Follier Nlilllrecl llolliel lla Verne Cox Mary lieslie Cl llawn Davis Patsy llavis Eva lieason lllilly lluseli lier 'anfi Iiclith Eclcls liita Fulton Merle Gibson Lila Lee Grimes Many Grimes Kathryn Hoesch Rosemary Homeyer liilly Hug'g'ins Mamlelyn lngrrain Dorothy Ann Kleeka Laura Lee Kleypas Marilyn Laramey Mary Elizabeth Meek Sue Allan Myers Evelyn Naivar Flora Nance 'Fhera Nance Mary Frances Nunley lloris Olson Norma Reynolds Jenna Lois Robertson Nellie Ross Lancaster Ethel Rae Sampson Lou Ann Spoonts lloris Stavinoha Lorene Stefka Roxie Beth Stephens Gladys Tatum Joe Ann Trout Velma Vawters Mary Wagner I.a Nell VVebb Doris NVillis Ruth VVithers Dorothy VVhite lVlzulic Lee IVhitC R. L. Aldrich Luzior isforicaf Society SPONSOR: MR. WILKS CO-SPONSOR: MR. THOMPSON OFFICERS President, Tommie Emerson Secretary, Anna Stewart V ice-President, Claire Snowden Treasurer, Norman Greene Reporter, Virgie Davidson MEMBERS Helen Campbell Wanda Cannada Ferol Clark Roy Lee Clark Louise Croft Virgie Davidson Nadine Eckerman Tommie Emerson Norman Greene Lucille Griggs Royce Harlan Calvin Hester Dorrace Hill Norma Beryl Hill Ruth Jackson Alma Kreider Lorraine Lancaster Lanell Mabry Gladys Mertins Georgie Mikeska Evelyn Oswalt A. D. Pittman Gladys Sheppard Claire Snowden Anna Stewart Wanda Underwood Lila Mae Walker Doris Whiteley Harold Lee VVinnett isfribufive Education SPONSOR: MR. ADKINS liuymond Mays Paul Easley Boyd Waters Iermun Moody A. IJ. Pittman Gone Goodnight llupc-rt Thorp Thelma Bennett OFFICERS President, James Scott Vice-President, Raymond Mays Secretary and Treasurer, Vivian Whitehead Reporter, Henry Meadows isfridufive Cgduccufiolz SPONSOR: MR. ADKINS The program of Distributive Education was introduced into Temple High School and Junior College this year. lt is designed to meet the needs of those students Who desire to gain an understanding as to how a retail or wholesale business is carried on. Students are employed generally for half day and go to school the other half. Technical related subject matter is studied in the classroom as it applies to the students' respective jobs. Practical training is given them on the job by the employer. Students are given credit for this work toward graduation as well as being paid for the work they do on the job. Although it is quite new in the schools over the state, it is filling a defi- nite gap in our educational program. l ul Lohman lleniy lVIeadows Tommie Illmmerson ll. ll. Ham Iohn Prls Thomas Welch Viviun Whitehead James Scott SfLLJe1zf Gomzci SPONSOR: MISS LA VERNE LOWRY OFFICERS President, Frank Thomson Secretary, Mary Leslie Cranfill Vice-President, Joe Emery Treasurer, Margie Lewis MEMBERS Betty Bryant Bonita Burke Wanda Cannada Jim Alice Charlton Dawn Davis Mary Jo Fuller Rita Fulton Nelda Gerstcnberg' Virginia Gicsler Billie Goad Norman Greene Calvin Guthrie Jim Ann Harvey Alma Kreider Victor King' Billy LaPrade Marguerite Lewis Joyce Ann Love Georgia Mikeska Doris Olson Edna Santo John Roy Stephens Lynn Vaden Dixie Ruth Webster Frank VVichita Allcen Williams 1 HHISEMINIS Congratulations TEMPLE'S FASTEST GROWING READY-TO-WEAR AND SHOE SHOP ZIDELL'S Compliments of Compliments of R. O. Culp 86 Company ,Moss foie Gap Real Estate - Insurance No. 1 and No. 2 Rentals - Loans Temple, TCXHS CARROLL PATTERSON Sc SHERRILL Dependable Insurance Service Over J. C. Penny Co. TEMPLE TEXAS Compliments of Ramona Courfs Compliments of Ccrseg Radio Company FURNITURE at MAYTAG WASHERS Compliments of Groce-Tele Grocery FOR QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES DRINK Q R s 7 V QF .4 4 f f 7? IN BOTTLES Compliments of VAL-ART SHOP Sportswear - Gifts 13 West Central Compliments of NATHANE Exclusive Ladies' Department Store Congratulatioins CHARLTON 'S SOUTHSIDE DRUG STORE ROSCOE CHARLTON DRUG R. L. MAXWELL 306-307 Professional Buiding Organized Life Estates Life Insurance and Annuities GREAT SOUTHERN LIFE INS. CO. One of the Fine Things of Life DELICIOUS BELL ICE CREAM It's a Health Food Call for it by Name Everytime Everywhere A Smile Always Follows The Spoon BELL ICE CREAM COMPANY I-lAMILL'S Feature A BEAUTY TREATMENT FOR CLOTHES WIRTH CAFE "Home of Delicious Waffles" Compliments of ROBINSON 86 CLOUD and CLOUD COMPANY Office Phone 3248 Res. Phone 2687 DR. THOMAS N. DeLANEY Optometrist and Optician 513-14-16 Professional Building Temple, Texas Compliments of Compliments of TEMPLE FEED 6- FUEL CO FEED AND FUEL THE Southland Corian Oil Compcrng Manufacturers of Circle-S Feed "Chick" Walker, Mgr. Congratulates the Vocational Department of Temple Hi On Their Achievements of 1942 OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF THE TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE CLASSES OF 1942 Wendland Grain Company Temple Life Insurance Company One of the largest Companies of its kind in Texas. Over S7,500,C00.00 Insurance in Force WE PAY :-. NEXT DAY We thank the following for donations: BELL PUBLISHING COMPANY BLAND SERVICE STATION MR. FRANK HILL MR. T. L. SOWDERS MR. C. J. O'MALLEY .!Mary gfardin-jayfor Goffeqe OUTSTANDING LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Located next door to Temple, this fully ac- credited college is a member of the Southern Asso- ciation of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the National Association of Schools of Music, and is approved for awarding Smith-llughes certificates in home economics. B. A., B. S., and B. M. Degrees are offered with majors in Art, Speech, Music, journalism, Physical Education, Home Economics, Education, and Busi- ness Administration. One and two year Secretarial courses also given. The nation now needs more business trained women. HELL COUNTY young women will find in nearby Mary Hardin-Baylor a progressive woman's college. Here girls are graduated intellectually alert physically fit and culturally enriched. Real college life is enjoyed on QL fifty-acre campus of natural beauty. Modern fireproof buildings. Expenses rea- sonable. THE COLLEGE WELCOMES VISITS For Further Information Write to: GORDON G. SINGLETON, Ph. D. President's Box Belton, Texas Compliments of LESLIE HUF F Phone 2248 303-5 Prof. Bldg. Compliments of E. E. HEAP tveiiii ihfiiniloiiiiilns Agent fOr Congratulations Mobilgas Mobiloil REED FLOWERS Temple Ninth at Central Dial 2332 S Outdoor Advertising and Commercial Signs Of All Types Cen-Tex Advertising Co. Coffee Shop With Us Before and After School PARTIES OUR SPECIALTY Kyle Hotel and Coffee Shop outh Main Dial 3169 Congratulations to the 1 942 Graduates of TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TEMPLE "The Friendly Bank on the Corner" Member c-f Federal Deposit I nsurance Association Corporation Compliments of Plgglg Wlgglg 108 South First Street Compliments of YOUR FRIEND POWERS DRUG COMPANY Serving Temple Since 11909 RODDY'S The Newest for the Least Money at RODDY'S ALWAYS Compliments of TEM-TEX SEED 86 FLORAL CO. Jin 4 Dr Pepper Bottling Co ! Temple, Texas ii -' Temple Rotary Club "He Profits Most Who Serves Best" Only through the medium of sound -education can you best serve. We Congratulate the Class of 1942 and W' ' ish You Success in All Your Undertakings FARMERS STATE BANK TEMPLE Over 31 years of safe banking in Temple Member Federal De ' I posit nsurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. M T ember Federal Reserve System TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE The TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE has become a popular and well es- tablished institution. During the past year it has experienced a splendid en- rollment. It is recognized both by the State Department of Education and by the Association of Texas Colleges as a junior college of the "First Class" without condition or reservation. The graduates of the College may enter any of our senior colleges with full junior standing. Many of our graduates are likewise taking their places in industry and the services of our country. Some of the advantages offered by the TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE are: 1. The members of the faculty are scholarly and experienced and are prepared to render service of the highest order in the class room. 2. The classes are relatively small, which condition makes indivi dual instruction and personal attention possible. 3. All students are taught by the heads of the department. 4. The expense is cemparatively small, as the trustees are striving to operate the college on a cost basis. Our low rates will enable you to save enough, during your two years here, to pay for your junior year at a senior college. 5. Our young men and women may remain in their homes two years longer. 6. The extra-curricula activities are varied and afford opportunity to the students for development in public speaking, drama, music, and ahtletics. The aim of the TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE is not only to give two years of highly efficient literary work, but to ,provide guidance, vocational preparation, and to develop talents and character in our young people as well.. To this ,program the trustees and the faculty of the institution are dedicating their efforts. For further information see or write the Registrar Congratulations and Best Wishes 1942 HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE CLASSES King's Daughters Clinic 6- Hospital Y ' ul' f V All 4 ,Q fl my X I ul i wil 1 fi I Q LU, 4. . Y' 'VFi,ff.ffPW!, 5 A .7 i ,iiigiii X. as 1 ,. Hi ' nl-V AWE.. - E ! ,Virus-',ggi i i':f,Qh Iip 5 A mlnr-, ,ml ii " I bu 659, .Tsn flhfff ."' it 1 A l"ly 'L ua' asi.i.z,-..iEi.in5flii.ul14 U' 1- z' I sf: B' - Q was . false I H' K 34 4: lil-5 LZ. . M 1iigEQa5'5g-a Page E I gm , '.: . -1f.4 2.-iv.,--Iii: 3 , - 1-' I- 'ff L5 fir? '!"""lflUilllI!IIT'li+?3.-4e'4 Gi pa,-tes.. I .---.1.-. v - .,,,.--- -4 - --ef.-qv ,Lui ,-Qs. -,, . --- . H!" Cllr! 1 ,U Illll inmh numb, BLUEBONNET CAFE Complimemof k d . . Home C00 ed Foo S The S1lver Gull Cafe Open Day and Night Across Street From Santa Fe Hospital 16 South lst Phone 4413 Compliments of ROY I-1ang5t0n,5 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE BARBER SHOP STORE A 6 East Central Temple 16 West Ave' USE APPLIANCES "Stay Young Electrically" Texas Power 8: Light Compung Compliments of mericcuz rifzfinq Gompcuzy A. D. Baggett - Jack P. Keith CINDERELLA PEOPLE'S STORE Will Dress A Girl So She'l1 Outfits A Boy So's Catch The Eye of Every Fella The paying Part Beeemee a JOY Dresses, Coats, Hats "We Teach Your Dollars To Hose, Shoes Have More Cents" Compliments of I-I EIEPITAL DAI RY FARM uHome of Certified Milk" MIHIH PHINUNE EUMPHNY 120 SCIUTH FIRST STREET If We Serve It-It's Good Food PERCY'S Compliments of THE FAMOUS Temple, Texas Compliments of SAULSBURY 6- SKELTON Attorneys Compliments of Pei'e's While Kitchen AND DINING ROOM 10 West Ave. A Compliments of Swift 86 Company ICE CREAM PLANT Compliments of BELL BAKING CO. Awnings, Furniture Upholstering Auto Body Work and Painting DeBORD ALEXANDER CO. Temple, Texas Compliments of O. L. VADEN 86 SON Automoblie Loans Insurance Dial 2088 I-Ieweit Funeral I'IO1DC AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 4567 Compliments of HENRY TAYLOR WOODS DRUG STORE The Courtesy Corner LAWYER Phone 4555 Free Delivery Corner 25th and Avenue H Compliments of Temple Hardware Co. Gflufoqraplzs Gfufoqmplzs EdNfEI?1?3:'5QfElF 5 1 1 i I 1 E K X-'HW' 1253- " , YF7f5fM?.1f Eis.Ek'f i?5S?IHSfn9'L ,l.5irT?Z!'1W1 i:. Hi

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