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, 4 7. .A,. A ui., OJUJUV iJ my j L6977L,0"1l,Q ' ' if 2 6 e 'ITC ix yr fill 1926 Year CBoOlc of Temple High School Temple, Texas Engraving By UTHWESTERN S0 ENGRAVING COMPANY Fm' Worfh Prmhng by GRESHAM5 Temple Texas r , f f ' i. 'CJ' ' EYQWUFM Wlmn flu' 11I'I'N1'ilf has l!I'f'lIIllI' 'Wllllll 1111111 N,lfIll'A.., 111111 H11' 1I11,lf,w in 7'C'III1JIf' High N11l11mI ll1ll'1' 11111.11 Ill'I'lL flfllllf, flll'Il, if H111 "l'UT7'0.Y IiI,0NNOJl" of I!l.2'i lwlps fo I'f?fI'l'NllI'Il Iljfllll' n11'm1n',1f of H112 71111111.11 1111118 uf .ljfH'C,, fhis l1jl'Ill' bool: ll11.v f11IfiIl1'1I Hx lIlII'jIUSf'. OEOHCATTON IN AQKNQWLEDQMENT or THEIR ZULOOS EVFOPT3 TN OOR BEHALF, THE SETSO? CLASS OT TOZQ O9f1THT'OLTY OEOTUS LS THI HCOTTOT1 BLOSSONM' OTTOZQ TO THQ TEMPLE BOARD OF EDUCATION GUN? Y I mag lp , f J. x hr K ir? A X xx xaygkimfc g? AY .FH , K 5- fi ' X :ffm ".Ym'flz or ,south or mst or u'esf, 7'l1f'r6'.w but mu' sf-hoo! ll'I' Iorc the best, UI'f'l' all if f0N'!l'S,' Oflzfr 0110.9 may grander lm, Hut flwre's nom' for you und mr. ' 1 Lila' fhis high .svlloul of orlrsf INTERIOR VIEWS OF THE NEW AUDITORIUM 4:94 - L, xg, 2 B M , Ega ef me . I Ir: 1 I 55 1-gg N 2:53, I I. iw 1" . .. , , , , , , , A: L, ,,,.'.1' """ ,gt V' 1 A I -..Y , 1 W , . A . E , t I . , K ,V 3- , , J I ll' .. Ki, I ,, 1. -Q A Q ,...,.,.,.,,.N.,N. ALA T Tl'IMl'l,l'I HIGH S1'H1mL lfs 'l'1'111pl1' Higli N1'l11mI.' Ifiv Tmnplf- High N1-Imnlf TII1' pridrf of 6'l'l'l'.lj ,sf111I1'111 flmrfz, UOIIIC' ml gr, old gr111l.v, Join with us ymnlg lads, 11's TUIIIIIII' High N1-llnul Kon' 11'1' 1'l11'1'1'.' .-l111l 11o11' ifs film' lmgx, To n111l.'1' ll big Illli-W'- Xn 11111ff1'1' 1171111 11111 lwoplf' mg, TllI'l'l'.8 llllllflllf fo f1'11r 77111 fjllllfjl-Q 11ll l11'1'1'. Ng l111il fn 7'1'n1pI1' High NI'flUfiI.' H11iI.' . T' Y LH'-1 ,1 1 1 wg K 'M 1 gas 2,-A! A M R Bri W if Pi P34 1 1 sg if : 'A ff 112111151 llllllllllllllllllllllllnll lllw Wg! lllllllll ,WQQI O mmm lllllllIllII'IllllIIllIllIIIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISQQQVIE' F S S W 2 Q LCD QE E El ,E E Q P' Q ' 7 U K M93 Q? "ii A lmlllllllllllllmlqlllllllllllllllllllllllll llll ll FACULTY is CLASSES C L U B S BLOSSOMS DOLLS ATLIL E TIC S SCI-IOOL LIFE U I V' ' : - 3509 - J X I. X Q-MII Ill I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Il iff? E V 7 , w 1 N P' 'llll llIlllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lIl""1 Ye? . - - : Y 5 BOOK ONE llllllllllll nllllIlllllllIIlllllll K f E ..I'...'l.., ..l .i. T- Q!!! 4 35' - - i f ...i 0 X : g ' I E - , I 5 U! I 5 K 5 FE C A 5569 L tvs ,-fu QISIII lllllllllllll 2 ffm, H MR. L. C. PROCTER Texas Christizxn University, M. A. SIIDGHIIIGIXGGIII of Schools , W W V,V, ,V.. VVVVVV W VVVVV 'Q W Vx V W W W W W W W V W V W W NIR. J. L. HEAD Baylor University, Ph. B. Principal MISS MOZICIIA ARNOLD II. A. Smllllweste-1'11 l'11i1', Iillglisll MISS MERLE HOLSAI-'PLE M. A. Texas f'lll'iStiRl1 Unix' IWZIIIIPYHHIICS FACULTY MHS. OLIVIA JONES H. A. l'IlIVF'1'SiI3' 111' Texos L:1ti11 MISS .I VANITA PUIITFIR B. A. Su11tI1w9stv1'11 L'11iv. Spzlnish MISS GLADYS 'l'RlIEI3LOOD H. A, lI11ive1'siIy ut' TQXQS English MR. D. H. Mc'f'ALI1 II. A, B2lj'lllI' l'l1ive1'sity Iiusiness 211111 Science MR. L. T. BURTON II. A. Baylor University NIHIIIHIIIIIIICS MISS DOROTHY M1TI'HE1.1, 11. A., S. M. V. English MISS 161.01510 RO.XC1i l111ix'e1'siIy of Tvxas Spmish v vii. 11111. H. B. 11155111.11 Il. A. 1111w111'11 1'11y11e1 31111111-111111i1's 111111 S1'19l1CI' MISS MARGARET ISASSETT 13. A. lY11iV. 11' Tvxas 12113111111 MR, 0. l'. WILKS R. A. Tvxzxs l'11iVz-1'sily 1C11:1is11 MISS NANVY RILICY 13. A. S1111t11wvstv1'11 Unix M11t111.'1111rics MR. C. VERNON 13. A. I51l1110l Bzzkm' 3I2lt11I1H1ilI1t'S 111111 Sc-is-1101. I " 'T' .H .E ,ls 111. J S MR. R. E. HENDERSON MISS VELMA HORN B- A. Howard Payne MR. S. P. SEVIER B. A. Baylor Univf-rsity History B. A. Baylor University Latin History MISS IJOYIE BELLE STRASBUliGl-IR MISS LENA WORD ll. A. Baylor Collvgv Me1'i1liz111 College History 111111 Ste11ou1'z111l1y MISS .IESSIE GARNFIZI B. S. Bzlylor Collr-ge Doniestic Art MR. G. ST. ULAHI li. A. lluylm' l'i1iVf11'r4itj.' His! Ury Libraxrian .il MESS GLADYS FRANKS li. S.. H. E. Univ. of Texas lloniestir Sffieiice ?--I 1 Mi . 3+ . Pi LQ fn! .4 lllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll w V as 5 Boox Two X g f gm -P' - W Q! mf Q H a f Q Q30 Qi V K C?-Hifi llllllllllIlIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Ill L I: I E E : I : E 1 I - - S ' E J E : l - I' m 4 n I -I 1 l - : R 2 - ' X. X. : I ' 5 ' : fi !-N : : 'Jr -Mi L 'if : I ,X E : Y' - 1 2 G51 vi 'ml : I 1 il 1 ' YS ' ' ' - lv ,f - l ' X ,T 3 4 - : XX K : 1 ' f' - E X E E 'X 5' ly 032 E l -1: v 'Q ' L1-f 1 : :I V 5.-. X ,Toi T-5 -1 : : N ' 7 +-- p -ff - - ' - ' A . : I 'L - n - 2 A a : ' I ' ' 1 - . - - 5 1 1 " E I - - 5 : - s, R' is L- .. IQ - 'lg .4 SE E 2 E , 5 2 5 P . M E 5 E E Ei E 2 -- y X' E 5 - -SL Q! 5 2 7 wi EK 5 E , fy f"' f X-f 5' 2 2 K ' " I . E 2 , x ,QQ 5 5 N ' ' E E X 'w 2 E fiat 51 5 'X 2 ,-E 1 . S E X -mm A E , E .E v ,,,-. I' A.: lil 5 - K '- A : 2 1 Z Q51 ff s E 5 E f E E 5 3 1 -- . rfimzffi- E 2 L-ff :IQ 3 E L-1-H., ff' X Q- 2 5 2 N' 'far A ' 5 'P-X 2565- "W - - - W- 3 i f f -,, f -.:.2 f' if - -fl 4' ' - ! fl K 4, E : J - " --ff AL 5 ':'!- Af E- "'fX,l4,."J-' - -1 , 5 -3- 5: 'k ,-,,.L ' f'ifi-iff' ' in ' E ZZ , , ,, ff V -f-- Y ::::::. f " 2- -,.. 113455: f-m,-- Y, , ,,f!1'f' 'f :-, ff ff ff ...M ff - -E fi? 7 - ' 'zmffff' f' T-4 fl E 5 ag' W- !!?Lf f V ,SQZ1 f fff" f . . - - ii' X S E fjff' , X' '-F' U 4'-WS 625515-441-gn-as-v ' , f' ' J' K fl! 41 E ' ' x 2, 222335: :L 1' ' 0 nf 4- , ' if P, ' ' H ' Whmfgifh 2 "':'!-?5'5535'am435'I" ' cg-'--F -.-4455: -, ut NA ' l"f'l5' BTC E K? .v' 'I f1s'p-'fails' ,ff -- -. 6111411-:Ig l gp 09,1-:, lflfrlll R5 - ' ' " " -1--' vn u 'fifiivi b ,,gg,,4E3',gai::i""fg65, ,n 2 ' - ' f ', T- ' 'I' - 4 n ' f - , ..m.,..g ,446 1,561-if -9, mmmmlnmnumnun eg: fo' ' ,ei f x ' il0.,,g,24:gh gttavv . . . H ' 1 ,.' ,.M:Qg?::,g:!6 'gpg'-I' V J V - . A f., U, j",,g , , .... .W ..., , , 'E Y , i , gf. ,s " , J 1 -s 1 i.. 'Ai rr-5"- .-r r f ' fa 4.l,!.ik."l1 uOAym.,f,L7 1 ' L " Y Z A 1,4 x 1 A7 V .V 4, .. ,,.v,,. e,-.,,,. L , , RUSSELL HAAG ATER CLARK BAILES President ,,,7,,A,.,,,. Vice President ,.,.... Secretary ,,,.,........ Treasurer ,..,,,,,,,,, ., Sergeant-at-Arnis ,,,,.,, Critic ,,,,,,,, COLORS l'i1ik and Green FLOWER Pink Rosebufls M O T 'I' O KORKAMES .Jim Ed Russell ,,,,,.,,Byron Clark .Marguerite Ater ,...,.Blanche Haag ,.,,......Nick Bailes Hazel Korkames "Climb though the rocks be rugged" - 4 1 req A Us fig v it 5, iii z M13 1 STE A PTS 3 K .. ., , I .-.. 4..4gLg.-,, ,, ' LIMQLL '11, . .N ,., X , i 1 lt 3 , . , -, ,,- n.":,...,.- , L . ,, ,. l 34 ' "JV "x1r. i .. , sf , V tam.-if f if . ,.. v v ...nw 4 f A at History of the Senior Class of 1926 As the freshnian class of 1921 we looked forward eagerly to four long years of progress in tliscovering the mysteries of Temple High School. lYe inust have realized that we could only glean as 1llllCil profit as the amount of labor we put in, for we entered with spirit and enthusiasm. and at the end of the first year felt that our efforts had not been wholly in vain. ln our sophomore year we felt more than ever what it meant to co-operate with the high school. lVe were well repre- sented i11 athletics, including football, baseball. basketball, tennis, and track. The class also took part in declamation. def hate. spelling. and other literary contests. The junior year is nieinorable for success in the Latin Tournainent. and also for state honors in the essay contest, as well as for county and district honors in slcclaination and debate. The clinmx of our high school life is our senior year. NVe are beginning to look upon our past as secure and well worth being proud of, as with anxious hearts. perhaps a little sad at the thought of parting, we look forwartl to the future. So now as we glance back over the seemingly short four years, we sigh a little as we think of the good times that used to he, but we shall feel rewartled for all our efforts when we receive our eliplonias. llut "graduation" means. not an ending, but a progressiilg. "1 D. nleinories of past that is", sang the poet. but we only smile and look aheanl anal say. "I-,',rccIsior". My , v . 'sf H4 h . A-.i . 1 - f it. . M- 40.4 til 1 ' Pvqdli 91 'Rl t ei I-" 74 G ss i i A iw . ri :Ag a Aft . RALEIGH H. CURTIS LURHAINE EICKLY . BYRON B. Q'LARK Laun Club 'z4. Foren- Junior Buys' Delmriing sic '24, '25, Annual Staff '26. Club '22, 732 SDHHISFI C1115 '243 Track '25, Forensic '25, '26. CH HISTYNE LACIZEY OYIE FKUFT 4'h01'ul Ululy '23, '2-11 Story Lllllll Club YG. Tvllers '23, '24, Spanish Club V 1.73 w.,G l-YAZEL IQORIKABIES -1' H ' , Lat' "1 l " , '25, 7 ' v11:cuN1A ROBINSON nrmAI,D DOLAN Sw,.g,'n fl-Ellis 433: ' Mifg Story Tellvrs '22s MMC Mita-hvll 'msg .lunior Mi1f'h"11 253, 529: , Jumor Choral Club '24, Senior Choral Club' 23-.q?4- Home L'hm'al vnu. '25, 'zuz winner EC'U11f'Y1'11f'S 911113 -6- in Speklling T351 Essay XY1'it- ing '21i: Critic, Senior Class: Latin Tournament '21i: Home EC-unmnivs Club '2t5. EVA JONES EDRIE KNOXYLES Story 'l19ll91'S '22, '23g Lat- Story Tellers '23, '24, in Club '23, '24, '25, '2!i: Mate Mitvhell '24, '25, '26, lfhural Club 23, '24, '2lS: VVll1ll01' in Declamalion ,251 Annual Staff: Essay XY1'iting Spanish Clulr '25, 'ZGQ Sillllfll' '2U. l'l10l'21l Club 'L . 1 6 l 1 i i FRANCES LUNSI-'ORD VERNON CARGILL Junior Choral Club '23, Latin Clubg Highest honor '24: Senior Choral Club '26g in Latin Tournament '25, Annual Stuff. LILLIAN GRAZIER Latin Club '24 Choral Club '24, '26 SELMAE HARGROVE MABEL BRUNIGR FRANK VVYNNE OZEL CARTER J, E, RUSSELL Foorbflll 'ZZ' 73- Band '233 Forensic'24, '25 Basketball '22, '23, 24, Za 126. Latin Club ,24 .25 ,26 Baseball 'Z2g La Tertulia '23. Extempore Speaking ' .24 Yell Leader '25, '26, Presl dent Senior Class, BOND GOBLE VIRGINIA IGSCUE Mate Mitchell '2G: Spanish Club '26: Choral Club '22, 'Z3. YVILLIAM EARL BACHUS JEANNETTE ALLEN YXIARCELLUS XV, NEAL Junior Debating Club '22, Story Tellers '23, '24, Band '23, '24, '26, Orches '23: Forensic '26, Spanish Mate Mitchell'25, '26, Junior tru '23, Junior Boys' Delmt Club '26. Choral Club '24, '25, Senior ing Club '22, Choral Club '26, Latin Club '25, '26. LORRAINE DAVIS MADGE KATHRYN CLARK Tennis Club '26, Mate Latin Club '25, Story Tellers Mitchell '26. '23, '24, Mate Mitchell '25, '26, .Iunior Choral Club '23, '24, Senior Choral Club '26, Tennis '24, Home Econom- ics '26. MILDRED REEDER XVILLIAM FLOXVERS Nl-DLVA YORK Spanish Club '23, '24, '25, Junior Boys' Debating '21, Mate Mitchell '25, '26. '24, Forensic '25, '26. BONNIE HADICN STICLLA MAE MASON ROBBIE MAE PORTER CHARLES EDVVIN FULLER Spanish Club '23, Latin Club '23, '24, '25, '26. Story Tellers '23, '24, Lat- DORRIS RIDDLE Story Telers '22, '23, '24: Mate Mitchell '24, '25, 'G Home Evononiics '2li. GEORGE S. MCREYXOLDS JOSEPHINIC Latin Club '24 chestru '24, '25, , 'L'5: Or- '2li: Band '26: Glee Club '25, '26, An- nual Staff. IRENE EBFIN Latin Club '25, '26, NETTIE LEE IIE!-IK ER in Club '24, '25: Mate Mitch- ell '25, '2fi: VVinner Extem- pore Speaking '24: XYirminf: Debating Team '25. '26 Choral Club '23, '24, '26 EMMA GRAY LESIKAR DYVIGHT L. CHAPMAN Spanish Club '24, '25, '26 FRANCES DULANEY Story Te-Hers '21, '24: Latin Club '26, Mate Mitvhell '25, '26, Econom- ics Club '26. ISNNIS KINSEY YIZRLA BRIDGEXVATER TA YLOR JOHNSON Junior Boys' Debating Club Basketball '25, '26: 'Win- Spanish Club '23, L '22, '233 Latin Club '243 ner in Tennis '263 Annual '2Gg Football '24, '25 Base Forensic '2-1. Staff '26. ball '24, '25, '2li: Ti '26: Basketball '22, MARGARET ANN CHAFFIN BLANCHE HAAG Story Tellers '23, '243 Jun- ior Choral Club '24g Mate Mitchell '25, '261 Senior Choral Club '25, '26g Latin Club '25, '2ti: NVinner in Latin Tourna- ment '25, '26, OLIN GOBER BROOKSIE NELL BOYD G. F. VECK Tennis: Glee Club: Annual Choral Club '23g Mate Mitch- Staifg Junior Boys' Debat- ell '24-'25g Story Teilers '22-'23g ingg Forensic. Tennis Club '24. GRAPE HOLLAND MacGREGOR JEANETTE MILLER Story Tellers '23, '24g Mute Mitchell '25, '26: Junior Choral Clubg Senior Choral Club. J. B. MILLER EMMA ROSIGNER VVALTER ROSENBERG Mate Mitchell. MARGARET DAVIS MADGE FELDER Story Tellers '21, '22 S'ory Tellers '23, '24 Mate Mitchell '24, '25 Mate Mitchell '25, '26 Home Elonomics '26 ROY RLOMQUIST RUTH SELLERS ADRIAN MARRY Latin Club '24, '25, Span- B:1seball'26. ish Ulub '26. HXSSTE OLIVIA FULLER 'VAFGHAN HIINTON Lzziiii Club '25: Home I'lf'OTlUlll- 4'h01'2ll Club '23, '24, '25, '262 la-s Club '2tS. Stnry 'Pelle-1's '22, '23: Mate Mitvhell '24, '25: Basketball '22: Ops-re-ttzx '24, '25, '2li: Tennis '25, '2ti: Minstrel '22, '23, Home EC- onumif-S '26, Latin Club '24, '25. LVCILE SMITH EMU, XVADE CRETYS SMITH Story Tellers '23, '24: Lat- Band '24, Baseball '24, Mate Mitchell: LLL Ter- in Club '24, '25, '26: Junior '25, tulia: Choral Club: Basket- Chorul Club '22, '23: Senior ball, Yell Lender '26g N'Vin- Choral Club '26, Home Evo- ner in Tennis '26, nomif-s Club '26, Matte Mitvhell '24, '25. NED ELNOR LEXVELLEN MARIETTA BASS Latin Club '23, '24, '253 Mate Choral Club '24, '25, '26: Mitchell '25, '26: Home Economies Latin l'lulx.'25, '26, Mute Mitvh- Club '26: Chornl Club. ell '263 Tennis '25, '26. NICK BAILES KATHRYN MOORE INPIZ lXlc'CALEB 1q,.,t1,,,11 '25: Raygkptlmll Mate Mitchell '25g Choral Mate Mitt-hell '24, '25, '26, '24, '25, '21igBaSQim1l'g4,'g57 Club '26, Story Tellers '23, Spanish Club '25, '26, Home '26g C1199 Club'25y'21i. '24, Latin Club '25, '26, Economics Club '26: Band Home Evonomies '26, '25, '263 Ori-hesiru '26. ALBERT TURNER MARGARET TALLEY XVinner in Tennis '261 Spanish Latin Club '23, '24, '25, '263 Club. Junior Choral Club '23, '24: XVinner in Latin Tournament '25, Mute Mitchell '24, '25, '2li. LIICILE ALSUP HAROLD BAKER Junior Boys' Debating '22, '23, Latin Club '24, Busi- ness K1lLI12lg'911 of Annual '26. VELMA GUNN DORIS CALLAXVAY JENELL HAINIM ' Choral Club '24, '25, '26: Mate Story 'l1E'1l6'1'S '22, '23, Mate Mitchell '25, '26, Tennis '26, An- Mitchell '25, Latin Club '23, nual Staff '26, Operetta '25, '26, Spanish Club '26. Home l-Icononiics '26, HELEN OGLE CLARENCE CHILDHI-ISS LOUISE YOUNG Junior Choral Club '23, 2-li Senior Choral Club 23, '26, Story Tellers '22, l '31 Mute Mitchell '24, '25, Hn C4 :me 1'I'lllll1lllCS Ululu '26 MARGlfEHI'l'E IXICKAY LENA XVOOD Chorail Club. Bfiskeltlnill. VIOI-.-X HENSCHEN JOE Il 7 Forensim' 'LG IHIGNE POPE Homo Economics Club '2G. i ICTTIGE R MILDRIGD GARDNER . Story 'Fellers '22, '24g Choral Club '24, '25, '26. MARION HOLMES Junior Choral Club '24, Story 'Fe-llers '23, '2-1: Mute Mitchf-ll '25, '26: Spanish Club '25, '26, Econoniivs Club '26. XVILI..-XRD BRVVIG NICIGLY ROMING ELOISE XYORD fl10l'2ll Club '22, '23, Story Tollors '23, Latin Club '23, '24, '25, '26: Mute Mitchell '25, '2li: Junior Ll-HLA SUIT Story Tellers '23, V241 Junior Choral Club '23, '2-1: Latin Club '26, Mate Blitvli- ell '24 "Hi Choral Club '22, '24: Senior Choral Club '25, 'ZGQ Nation- al Meat Story Contest '25, CLARA BRIGHTXVELL Choral Club '24, '25, '26, MAXINH 1"Ll'I'FCHEH LORAINE LSLES THELMA CANNON Story Tellers '23, Latin Fooiball '23, '25g Bagg, Bzisketlvull '24, '25, '26 Club '24, '25, '26, Tennis '2-1, ball '25.. Tyggk '24- Mfxte Mitchell '24, '25, '20 Junior Choral Club '23, '24 '25, Senior f'h01'2l1 Club '2l3 Annnzxl Staff. M,-XHGl'l'IR1T1'I ATEH LIDAUILX GRAY Story 'Fellers '22, '23, '24, Mate Mitchell '24, '2t5: Latin Club '24, '25, '2LiZ XYlnnv1' in Latin 'l'0urnarnent '25. '26, Sec1'etz11'y Senior Class. ICMIL SCHMIIJT, Jr. MI'Il,V.-X CALIJXYELL FHEIJ GREENVVAY JlllllU1'130YS' Debating Club Story Tellers '2-l. '25: Bzxskx-tbzlll '23, '25, Track 'l9: L11 TL'I'tUli1l'2fi. Mzvtv Mitchell '26, I,tlIlYl '23, lkub '20, XVinnm-r in Extvm- pore Speaking '24i. VIRGINIA MAE STAIJKITP GR.-Xl'l-I MARTIN Story 'l'e1lv1's '22, '23, Matte Chorztl' Ulnb '22, Story Mi chell '21, '25, Spanish 'Pvllers '22, '23, Mate 1'Iub '25, '26, Home Eco- Mitchell '24, '26, nmnics Club 26. TEMPLE MURRAY IDA- NELL CLAYTON DELLOX NVELCH Story Tellers '24, '25, Mate Mitchell '25, '26, Home Economics Club '26g Choral Club '26. P'RANCES AUS'I'IN SAINIHTIE OLA 1-IUNT U Junior Choral Club '24, '25, SIOFY TQIIGYS '221 TGYEHN '25, Senior Choral Club 26. DIARY JOE RTCE ROBERT NEAL Sl-TIRLEY BETH LEE St0!'Y TGHQPS '23, '243 Jun- Football: Basketball. Basketball. ior Choral Club '53, '24: Mate Mitchell '25, '25, Latin Club '25, '263 Senior Choral Club '25, '26, Home Eco- noniivs '26, TRUEDEL HOOD GRENETA COURTNEY Home Economics Club '26, Story Tellers '32, '23C Story 'Fellers '23. Spanish Club '23Z Mate Mitchell '25, '26, GEORGE YOUNG EDITH DOSHIER XVILSON DAVIS Debate '25g Declamation '25, '26g Extempore Speak- ing '25, '26: Jones Medal Contest '251 Basketball '26g Track '25, '263 Annual Staff. GRACE YANN EESSIIC HOOD Choral Clulvg Spanish Club. SAM ALLEN FRANCES ADAMS HAROLD HARGROVE SADIE RUSHING .Ili'l'.X Blf-UOY Stzxlv Essay Honors Lzxliu l'lu?r. '251 D. SHLYIDGH PLIMAGE TAYLOR NIQLLIH GRAY J-ILBERT L.-XM Ifrmtlnlll 'Z-1, '25, 'QGZ Glue Club. HELEN PATTERSON MORRIS NEAL Story Tellers '23, .312 Latin Club '25, '26, Blat? Mitfthell '25, '26g Tennis '25, '26, I w i. F i I Q 5 i I I 4 4 i x 1 2 a i i i .fm H' it 'M El 'H il , , 1 The fron ' I fe:-H C0 or - .e O I QJVl1d-Year Seniors---1927 Bland. Temple Blake, Jimmie Lee Brotherman, Charles Bicklyv Lorraine Brown, Buster Bouchillon, Christyne Buchard, Donald Buckellew, Tulline Carroll, J. D. Christie, Pearl Cawthon, Fred Cloud, Mattie Chapman, Dwight Dillard, Libbie Cooper, William Gilley, Loyce Easterling, Henry Graeter, Oama Elliot, Ashley Hancock. Eula ElIlb19l',v6l'IlOl'l Hanes, Anna Dell Firstbrook. Harry Hobbs, Frances Foreman, XV. L. L21IIlal', Leia Mitchell, C. I. McWhorter, Pearl Neal, Earle Machalek, Antonie Perry, Dan Machalek. Lillian Rettiger, John Mahler, Helyn Roberts, Charles Madeley, Hazel Russell. Nelson Neal, Margaret Sellers, Claude Seago, Elgie Shull. Hayward Sealy, La Veta Worden, Ralph Shirley. Berta Lee 1 1 L...--.,-. .... , ,.,,,..,.. ,-,.,r-,---.,- ,.,, ,-,W,,,,,m, .w?Q,Wm-UMMWWW-wm,,mm-,CMM-i 7f:.1tV'::::g-'::::::::1:::.:::L:::t.::1T,::1:f1t: 1, .,,. ,v.... ,,.., , N.., ..., , , ...Mgr j'g:J,,-Tn:,A , 4 , -9 1 4 . M m . f , ,L .,- , g..r.3:z....,,-,,.,.-N,..,.,-.,, ,..,. ,.,,,,.,,,.., 4uf'!,:A. ' f z L f fl, Af FQ v., EJ I J V A am. A V 4 v- V f-W-M-l..., W.. "uf:-, Ja X mr , x . ,. 55.14 i U W? agi ia: I 551 1 wg 9 v J AM L K f WP A x w 1 Q' M1 1 .1 J UNIORS K X aan, :::::' f .. ... muL X J Q, :"' AI...:g X f VW fHL11f1r.fLLMfUffff : E E .1 E A E Q E : E E I n 5 E 5 e 9 5 : -' A N A in : E I 'E Ai ly E lllll I , E W m Ann g I - lllllll o M j Wlillll E aaaaaw ge ' : llllllllk Xb .small E Ei " 'W 5 : 'V N ll!-:rll 1 K : : A I---ll 1 K at Q : I ' 7 ...Q E I I f f E s Q- E I 'Z Tl!! ' n I I rl 'V -1 : fifol mlllllll lllllll ll ll Ill I Ill Ill lllllllllm unior Class Roll Azbill, Eugene Barrett, Bernard Barton, Albert Bennett, D. C, Bickly, Ennis Bryant, Garland Carroll, Joe Cooper, Robert Covington, Philip Cox. John Culp, R. O. Darling, Charles Doshier, Alfred Erskine, Fontaine Felder, Bill Ned Furl, Oren Glass, Ely Gibson, Richard Grubbs, D. M. Harlan. Frank Hill, Maxon Holtzclaw, Otis Hudson, Clarence Hargrove, lra Lee Jennings, Lieuen Kelly, Maurice Kersey, Clinton Koch, Barton Knight, Jack Lambert, Standard Lang, Gustav Lunsford, John McBurney. Robert McDonald, Douglas McFadden. Jack Pass, Lamar Peters, Erven Pollok, Lewis Rawlings, XVade Ray. John Robertson, Robert Roming, Melvin Russell, Jim Smith, Marcus Streater, Aubrey Temple. Seth Thomas, Lee Thompson. Townsie Wickliami. Oscar NVilson, Bassel Zachry. XVoodie Zarr, Lynn Zurovec, Elias Allison, Vera' Barham, Adele Bassett, Kathryn Bennett. Opal Berger. Charlie llolin. Allyne Buckellew, Bernire Bullard. Bernice Burns, Mary Burr. Adele Baker, Aureba Cagle, Lorraine Callahan, Elva Lois Carr, Dorothy Castleman, Olive Cater, Nellie Childress, Lois Crosno, Virginia DeBusk, Alice Dickson, Jewel Dodds, Madeline Doshier, Ethel Downs, Elizabeth Drake, Evelyn Dunlap, Johnie Vera Eben, Louise Eubanks, Minnie Kathryn Freeman, Alwilda Furl. Alma Barnes, Alta Geistman, Beulah Geistnian, Gladys Grazier, Lillian Grimes, Margaret Hay. Essie Mae l-lughes. Mary Hughes, Ruby Hunton, Melva Jackson, Audrey Kirk. Adeline Lowry, Mary Louise Messer, Mary Lee Miles, Twila Moore. Erma Murphy. Regina Neal, Gladys Nelson, Castelaine Newby, Velma Nichols, Naoma Noble. Cornelia Overton, Glondon Parker, Letha Prater, Berniee Psencik, Marie Reaks. Enid Rivers, Lois Sanford, Tyra Simmons, Daisy Smith, Gladys Strange, Louise Streater. Ollie Mae Sullivan. Eunice Thomas, Maurice Thompson, Doris Wlheeler, Laura White, Ruth lVillig, 'Gertrude Willis. Nell Wood, Bess NVoodall, Eunice Worden, Robbie Wyatt, lris York. Malta Mae Young, Mary Edna Young, Ruth IN NENORIAM GRAY umm mm BORN DECEWHQ 3 WO DID FEBRUARY Zi 1926 qi l r-' C ' , . Allen, Prater Alvarado, Roy Bennett, Selma Berry, Barnett Blackburn, Robert Bond, Oral Byus, Billie Childress, Jack Clark, A. J. Cox, Jack Taylor Croft, Ferris Daude, Albert Dolan, Jim Dowd, Morris Evans, Robert Earnhart, Gleston Eberhart, Edmond Escue, James Fletcher, Leonard Flipyto, Alfred Floyd, J. T. Fox, Ernest Fuller, Roland Goldberg, Morton Goolsby. Wayne Gresham. Bob Harl. Toni Henson, Duke Holcombe, J. C. Hc-inuth. Earl Hopkins, John Horan. Lavelle Hunt, Thomas Jackson, Hal Jackson, Jarrell Jenkins, Quincy Johnson, Billy Johnson, E. C. Kirk, W. T. Koch. Milton Korkames, Joe Lee, Lawrence Mabry. John Henry Machalek, Thomas Manley, Clarence Martin, Alton Melton. Sam Mills. Kenneth Mitchell, Joe Mozley, Edward Mullins. Isaac Mct'elvey, Staton Sophomore Class Roll McDonald, Morris McElroy, Buster Mclfarlan, Robert Lee McKenzie, Glen Neatherlin, Virgil Pate. James Peterson, Malcollm Plaster, Quentin Querner, Jimmie Reynolds, Travis Scanio, Thomas Sellers, William Smith, Harry Streater, Roderick Talley. Barto Yann, Henry, Jr. XVade, Dan lVard. Lewis Watson, Cooper NVells, Benjamin XVhist-nand. Donavan Wilbnrn, Robert Woodall, Walter Adamick, Hattie Alexander, June Eva Anderson. Frankie Aycock, Opal Barton, Frances Berger, Evelyn Bowley, Ailene Bouchillon. VVilma Brooks, Zinn Brown, Julia Carter, Cathryn Carver, Fay ' Chaffin, Lillian Cornell. Hadie Lee Daniel, Claire Davenport. Kathryn Davis. Margaret Deason, Margaret Doshie1'. Gladys Dulaney, Alice Duncan, La Verne Eben. Olga Ellis. Emily Forrester, Sara Frazier, lnez Gardner, Dorothy Garner. Lois Garner, VVilma Giles. Sibyl Gillespie, Jeanette Gilstrap. Ine.c Goldsborougli, Frances Graeter, Edna Graves, Nelle Grazier, Nell Gresham, Elizabeth Gandy, Hellen Hartmann, Louise Hawkins, Opal Helms, Fay Helms, Vivian Hipp. Myrtle Hoffman, Lizzell Janak, Helen Jecmenek, Maxine Johnson, Mildred Jones. Laverne Jones, Mary Alice Karback, Marjorie Kelly, Ruth Kerley, Stella Knight, Muriel Lesikar, Lydia Liles, Pauline McCormick. Bertha McFarland, Ollie Mae McLanrine. Willie Mae McReynolds, Mary Mahler, Thelma Miller. Leona Mullins, Dorothy Nelson. XVinnie Peck, Llaverne Pedigo, Virgle Lee Polak. Marie Pollard, Margaret Porter, Alta Punchard, Frances Rhode, Louise Roberts. Hazel Rushing, Myrtice Selvidge. Louise Simmonds. Margaret Smith, Dorothy Smith, Estelle Stewart, Eugenia Stiff, Gladys Stokes, Harriet Thielepape. Mabel Tice, Katherine lValker, Lois White. Lucille White. Mabel 'sVilliams. Marguerite Zarr. Margaret - - !Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllHlIllHlllllllllllflllllllllllll! : f N, E : I I N 5 E E O : E -f E E -. E E QXXXQ Pxxge BR E 2 M ya? 6 M , E ,-?. g,g:fr+:1A-4 Q' - ' ' N : - - ' ' ,z-.-.-. -5 . l : ,N E .Q ,xggjgx sf. -1 W 5 55.- : vo' 4 ' . ,-g-g::,:f xxx N : ,:.' ' : gg, J Z a 4.52 E lg A sg: fi X 4:33 - , .1-,-. f- .::: :,,.1 Q, :GE aff-zz' . -:4 15226. vqilqga . '-. -94 g ' pw , iv ' '-,-gn,-,g-:: o,'0.'Q,0s -.1041 0 ' ' " '-ef. o'o' 0030 ' 'fl Q K ' v O 5 5 0.9.9 o"O1"Q"o x X '0 ff '3930 O 0,"a.'0fq Q - xv Vx 'ff 4 w 093.9 ".0vi+! e ., ' if vw s Q f 1 'grim' swf 2 Q f .fzsfxs ' me.: 2555" f - :-se' --:-: ', .izffi igiirik -' 1 Mm. f . v6'35t+'Z' 4,000,217 If K R 111,01 Nm f 'v, , 9,6 2535? ' ,Q b -sf, -W' f 6.32.3 ,,'o t -f V -, Q X XX :ge lx. 0.90950 X rf 5 W Q W4 "'32?2z ,. uf A W it , .,, 21' J, Nil- ,W 'S ' N '41ZQ"l mwwxm X 544 X U A , X X .!p?o, Q7 i I y,::5 A - .era-I .Q 0 3-4 X x .L X ,gn-.2r::.X f 32' ,155 ? V Q! 1 k vfaixv Aaxsrl 1. , 1111" ' 'E-. .N x W, '.:S5'?ii!l f' ',, 95-Lsz5 ,,, I f fudixxxx - ::a:i:Scea::m ,gffct .D YS x - x x x xx x xx X-1 ' X x ff? "fi XYQQXQQQQQ H xx YixffivXxisbrxxxwxxwxgf -H X N 4- 5 ff ,., ., --sxxxx XX'X1Xx x ' ,'f'fr - . . , Q- - ' AX QQQX x 1 . X 1QixxxiQxxxxQ3?f53155ffR - warn teie ' - ...Q X ' - iilllllllllllllllllllllllllllll annie-3: X' F X r uuunn 5 gfjgels F E S 9X Q P' 1. ,t B, f'.ifv -lflf -af' -in Adams. J. C. Anderson. llershell Baird, Ottie Bishop, Burton Blackshear, Colbert Blint, Harry Bowman, Chesley Brightwell, Clyde Briton. Alfred Brooks, Robert Brooks, Valmore Brown, Elmer Bruce, James Bullock, Norman liurmeister, Herman Caldwell, Wallace Callaway, Paul Cargill, Frank Carroll, Jesse Chaftin, James Chaffin, Preston Chance, Frank Chisholnn, Fred Cook. Henry Cooper, Robert Cornelius. Aubrey Cox, George Allen Crawford, Thomas Culp, Jack Cummings. Lee Danquard. Ernest Dillard, Boyd llornwell. Bill Dunlap, Jeff Durden. Aubrey Faith, J. D. Garth, Sam Gibson, Harry Grazier. Philip Harris, Weldon Hay, John Haynes. Rudolph Henson, Darrel Hill, Frank Holtzclaw, Seth Honeycutt. Rufus Howard, Thomas Jacob, Alvin Jacob, Everett Jarrell, B. N.. Jr. Johnson, Avery Jones. Lee Kleeka. Albert King, Tom Korkames, Harvey Lemay. K. L. Lesikar, James Lyles. VVinston Lowry. Mattie Martin. Carl May. Melvin Mayfield, Leo Meeker. Riley Messer. Marion Freshman Class Moore, Raymond McSpadden, Clydell Nelson, Martin Nichols, J. L. Pangburn, Charles Parker, XVillie Patterson, James Paysee, Edward Perry, Coy Pickett, Garland Rainey, D. B. Richards, Shirley Robinson, Orval Robinson, Murton Sayle, Bill Schulze, Robert Shafer, Alfred Shirley, Chester Spencer, James Stalkup, Fred Stavinoha, Robert Stefka, Henry Stewart, W. P. Swink, Jesse Taylor, Weldon Temple, Raymond Thompson, XVill Tomlinson, Hamlet Wade, Blake Ward, Earl Wayland, William White, Charlie lVhitlow, Joe Wilkerson, Fred Wilson. Claude VVilson, H. P. NVilson, Woodrow Wooley, Leslie Ya l'lJ01'0llfJ,'h, Henry Young. Harrison Younts, Albert Zaehry, XV. D. Adams. Shirley Anthis, Goeffrey Atkerson, Lucille Bartles, Mildred Bass, La Verne lilinl. Helen Bloniquist, La Verne Burehard, Helen Balch. Louise Cast. Dorothy Clark. Mary lJeBusk, Maxine Dunlap, Bettie liasly. XVillie Enloe. Blanclie Evans. Mary Ruth Evans, Virginia lfelder, Lainartine Fielder. Mildred Fisher. McNell Flowers. Fannie Mae Ford, Lillie May 'J' YA k- t , . J" nv CROH Fuller, Lois Gee, Juanita Haag, Ethel Holbert, Jewell Hancock, Mildred Hast, Iona Hawkins, Virginia Holden, Mary Elizafbeth Hood, Joyce Hughes. Josephine Hunt, lnez Jackson, Helen Jackson. Mary Alma Jackson. Ruth Jones, Juanita Kamas, Binnie Killingsworth, Claiullne, Lamar, Carrie Lamb, Ethel Lanktord, Evelyn Lusk, Viola McClure, Lorena McQueen, Ouida Madeley. lladene Maples, Barbara Maples, Mary Lee Miles, Laura Lee Miller, Exie Mitchell. Curtis Moncrief, Ethel Fay Mousner, Lauriue Motley, Evelyn Norwood, De Lette Pargen, Sallie Payne. Dorris Peck, Hazel Phelan, Mildred Pope, Mamie Ray, Sybil Seybold, Margaret Shirley. Merle Smith, Christine Smith, Iris Smith, lVilla Mae Snyder, Winifred Spears, Sletia Jean Stephens. Nan Shultz. Katherine Temple, Virginia Terrell, Mary Louise Thomas, Anna Willis Tyree. Lena YValker. Louise Xvesteiman. Mary White, Mary Cathryn Willoughby, Bess XVithers, Lucille VVood. Lurine l.Vood. Mary Franres Woodall, Ola XVofford. Mary Zachry. Eileen -f l 1l lllllllllllllllllll k pkg! lllllllllllllllllllll Ill? J BOOK THREE m ' 6 J' fl - CY- X fr- oo N ff M Q f wfdce. Q X E, Qu Q X xv-A9 f 1 'Q X Q75 of f E Af A ' A 4X ini ' 2 xg L WB! 7 - i L 'F I' f- ,se .'w::, R l Q, ' I: Qi 3- i! ' .A 'A .L A M :lui -,. ln ' 4, f 'XE ' 'Q Q J 4 .KA Bio ,A ,Qx I nf f Y N U Q. V '- t -. 1 x O' , QI' X - -f xx . M Q X g'1 0.5 6 , .1 XX 5,3 Gi, "' xy I wi if O f N ' lllllll I' A mm Q z 49: 0 Q Q :Anil Q.::',O,. W Q 6 lllllll lp ,s 'gag' .Wil ' +05 ""99' na- J.. IIISDO gi' ta,Q9gp M' ' gf I Wg! 1,904 +5112 Xl IIl!' M155S99' lvunl' m ."'K"iQ' '89, null I 'lqsflff 9 ,lv I ll It fr' 0 0 "af mx :::::: QW W xg! ll! lg, ,Fix A 19 I mug: I .Pell nu... ,O'Qm'lg.l lII"" !I"':I'n ,-lllllqufll.. I. llll I. u . n.. ' . Nu. 'ln' I... ll u ig 1 111:1 1 ,,4 "': R:'ex Q Q O MM H19 Q xv", el 0 'Q O Arg? f g b? o ,,, CQILLUH 35 6 I .J G69 M gil lllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIL 'YW' " MATE MITCHELL LITERARY SOCIETY OFF I 1 'li li S FIRST TERM SECOND TERM President LLLL,,LIw..,,,LL,,,,.... Nettie Lee Meeker President ...,,,,.,..,,...eeee.e....eeeeeee. Louise Y01111 Vice President ,,e,e,e, ,,,,,,,, H eleu Patterson Vice President ,.,,,,, ,,,,,., X 'irginia Clos 10 Secretary ,,,,,,,..,,.... ,..,,,.. J eanette Allen SGC1'9l?i1'B '... ...,..,,.,,, ....,,, 1 I Hrieilfl BHS Treasurei '..,.,,,,,,, ....., ,,,,..,,,, A I arietta Bass T1'e2iS111'e1 ....,,.,......,,. .,..... E loise Wold Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Margaret Talley SGl'g821l1t-Eli-Al'UlS .,,,..,,,,.,.,....YYY.,,,, Leila blllf MEMBERS Geistnian, Gladys Overton. Glondon Allen, Jeanette Ater, Marguerite Bass. Marietta Baker. Aureba Brolin. Alleyne Burns, Mary Burr, Adele Carr, Dorothy Caldwell. Melva Callaway, Doris Callahan. Elya Loi Clark, Madge Clayton, Ida Nell Cloud, Mattie Courtney, Greneta Crosno. Virginia De Busk, Alice Dickson. Jewell Dulaney, Frances Eubanks, Minnie Felder, Madge Fletcher, Maxine Freeman. Alwilda Graeter, Onia Goble, Bond S Kathryn Haag, Blanche Haynes, Anna Belle Hayes. Essie May Hobbs, Frances Holmes, Marion Jackson, Audrey Kirk, Adaiene Korkanies, Hazel Knowles, Edrie Lewellon, A ed Elnor Lowry. Mary Louise Martin, 'Grace Mahler, Helen Machalek, Lillian MacGregor, Grace Holland Meeker, Nettie Lee Messer, Mary Lee Murphy, Regina McCaleb, Inez Madeley, Hazel Noble, Cornelia Neal. Margaret Newby, Velma Nelson. Castelaine Nighols, Naomi Parker, Letha Patterson, Helen Rice. Mary Joe Rivers. Lois Robinson, Virginia Riddle, Dorris Reeder, Mildred Sanderford, Tyra Seago. Elgie Snnith, Cretys Smith, Gladys Streater. Ollie May Suit, Leila Sullivan, Eunice Strange, Louise Shirley, Berta Lee Talley, Margaret Twitty, Estelle YVhite, Nelta May Willig. Gertrude NYord. Eloise IYyatt, Iris Young, Ruth Young. Louise we 35 C 'if MQW' ' L STORXrTELLERS'SOC 1 llf'l"l1 'ISHS IURST TERM IETY M M' f r . H-,fizqg , vm. S SECOND TERM President ........,....,... ....,,.,.....,., 7 ,.Cliii1-e Daniel President A7........,..,,.......,,,,,,,, Iliiclem- Madeley Se:c1reI,zi1'y ....,,,..,..,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, A lm-ie Porter Secretary .......,..,,,,,,,,,A,, NIill'g2ll'6'l Sinunonds MEMBERS Alexander, June Evu Alexander, Sara Elizabeth Anthis, Geoffrey Atkerson, Lucille Balch. Louise Barton, lfrances Buss, La Verne llloniquist, La Verne Brooks, Zinn lii11'c:lizi1'rl. Helen Burns, Bonnie Cast. Dorothy Ulark, Mary Connell, Hadie Lee Daniel, Claire llezison. Margaret De Bnsk, Maxine llulzuiey, Alice lluncaii, Le Verne Eben, Louise Flowers. Fannie May I+'or1l, Lillie Mae Forrester, Sara lf'elmler. Laniartine Fuller. Lois Gziriier, Lois Gzirner. Wilma Gillespie, Jeanette Gilstrzlp, Inez Golrlhoro. Fmiiees Grzieter, Edna Graves, Nelle Greslizuii. Elizabeth Haag. Ethel llolherl, Jewell Hiifllllilllll. Louise Heist. Iona llziwliins. Virginia Helms. Vivian Holden. Mary E. lloorl. Joyce Nelle llnglios. Josephine .lui-kson. Mary Alina Jiinzik. llelen Jzickson, Helen Lucy .lea-riielieli, Maxine Jones. Marry Alyce Kzinizis. liinnie Killingswortli. Clzincline Mucleley. llzirlene Maples. Mary Lee Maples, liill'b2ll'il Mi-Flurv. Lorena Mznlilcfr. Tlielinii Miivlivll. Curtis Moore, Erma Mozley, Evelyn Nelson, Winnie Norwood. De Lette Payne. Doris Peck, Ilaverne Phelan. Mildred Pnrgen. Sallie Pope, Minnie Porter, Marie P1111c'liz1l'cl. l"1'a111m-ws Rhode. Louise Robertson. Marie Rushing, Myrtive Sniiih. Dorothy Simnlonds, N1ill'H21l'P Stephens, Nun Stokes. llurriet Swinli. Luville TEIHDIV. Virginian XYillongliby. Bessie xVl11l2lIllS, Nl:l1'g11e-ri! XViiliers. Lnrille XVoi'l'or1l, Lllceille Zzirr. Mzirgurvt Zzic-liry. liileen MEMBERS 7- - -77- i i i I . FORENSIC CLUB Sponsor--Mr. Willis 4bIf'l"Il'lCRS FIRST TERM Jim Ed Russell ,,,,,,, ,, , , , President Buster Brown, , ,Nice I,l'6Slll9llf Seth TQIIIDIQH, SPL'l't'IilI'Y-T1'0iiSlll'Cl' Earl Havlius ,,,, ,,SPl'g8iil 1L'2ll-ATIHS Mr. XYilks,, ,,,, , ,,,, , , , , , ,,,Y,,,,C1'1t1t: SECOND TERM Buster Brown ,, , l,,,,, , ,,,,,, C, ,President Olin Gobei ',,, , , ,,Vic'e President Hyron Clzi1'lx,,, ,, ,, . , .Secretz1ry.'I'reasu1'er Russell llowu1'4l,, , ,S9l'g6liIlt-ill-Al'IllS Mr. XVilks ,, ,, ,,,,, , Critic Jiln Ed Russell lluster Brown Seth Temple Earl Bachus Olin Gober Byron Clark Charles VValker Olin Sullivan William Flowers Raleigh Curtis Joe Carroll Joe Rettiger Harry Firsibrook Claude Sellers Robert Greslnun Douglas Mclloiiuld Robert Robertson Albert Dziuxle Elias Zurovee 'l',l1eo1lo1'e Sniilh J. D. l'z11'roll Clinton Kersey lluywzlrcl Shull Lynn Zuri- Cf- Ilynn Zari ',,,,,, ,,,,, Thomas Scanio .A,,,, Quincy Jenkins ,A,,,, Hoy Alvarado ,,,,., Thomas Svanio ,,,,,, Jack Childress ,,,i,,, NVilliaIn Sellers ...,,, J, D. Faith ,,,,,,,,, Douglas Mc-Donald Benjamin XVells Jessie Swink Darrell l-ienson Jinirnie Querner J. D. Faith Roy Alvarado Leonard Fletcher Morton Goldberg Colbert Blavksliear Elmer Brown Mnrton Robinson Albert Duude Elias Zurovec William Johnson James Lesiliur Frank Marek James Ray XY:1llz1Ce Caldwell William Sellers Riley Meeker JUNIOR BOYS' DEBATING SOCIETY MR. S. I'. SEVIER, Sponsor Hlf'l"Il 'ISHS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM MEMBERS Jessie Cii1'l'Oll Robert Robertson Joe Korkaines George Cox Paul Callaway YVeldon Harris Orval Robinson Jim Dolan Toni Harl Thoxnas Sc-unio Clinton Kersey Alfred Flippo Jannes Patterson Bartow Talley Robert XVilbnrn J. C. Adams Alfred Doshier Jai-it Childress Frank Clianm- Quin.-jv .Jenkins Let- 'llllfllllilli . ..,,,, President .. ,....... Vice President Secretary-Treasurer .,...Sergeant-at-Arms ...,,.......... President . ....,... Vice President .SGCI'SlEll'Y4T1'9H surffr Sergeant-at-Arin:4 lVinston Liles Philip Grazier Thomas CI'Ei.lVlfOl'll .Iohn Henry Mabry James Spencer Joe Mitt-hell Bill Sayle Norman Bullock D. C. Bennett Woodrow Wilson Harvey Korkaxnes Martin Nelson Aubrey Cornelius Selma Bennett Hamlet Tomlinson Earl NVz1rd Lee Jones W. T. Kirk Guno Ferguson K. l,. l.eMay LATIN CLUB Sponsors-fMRS. OLIVIA JONES. MISS VELMA HORN FlRST TERM OFFII 'ISHS SECOND TERM Blanche Haag .,,........,,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,,, President R. O. Culp ,,..,,,,.,. ,,.,,,.,,,,I,,,, .,..,,,,,,,. P r esidert Eloise Word ..,..,.,... ..,,.,,, X ice President Eva Jones ..,,,,,.,,., ,..,, , ,Vice President Raleigh Curtis ........ Secretary Zinn Brooks ,,,I ,,,, .,,,,,,.I...,., S e cretuy Maigaret Talley ',,,,,,,, ,,,,,,l ,.,,,,,,l T 1 'easurer Raleigh Curtis ,,,.,,l,, ,,,,,.,..,, ,,,,, T r easurer Jim Ed Russell ,,.....,,,,,,,l, Sergeant-at.Arms Myrtice Rushing ,,,,..l.,.,,,, Sergeanteat-Arms Marguerite Atei ',e, ..,..,,,,,,,,..l....,,,,,,,,,,,,, C ritic Cornelia Noble ,,,,.,..,.,.,,,..,,.,.....,...,..l,,.... Critic MEMBERS Maxine Fletcher Cornelia Noble June Eva Alexander Jeanette Allen Marguerite Ater Frances Barton Bernard Barrett, Marietta Bass Mary Burns Zinn Brooks Adele Burr Melva Caldwell Dorothy Carr Virginia. Crosno R. O. Culp Ovie Croft Raleigh Curtis Claire Daniel Jewell Dixon Elizabeth Downs Madeline Dodd Frances Dulaney Irene Eben Olga Elbner Minnie Kathryn Eubanks Sara Forrester Charles Fuller l-lassie Fuller Roland Fuller Gladys Geistman Jeanette Gillespie Margaret Grimes Edna Graeter Blanche Haag Louise Hartmann Audrey Jackson Helen Janak Eva Jones Mary Alice Jones Marjorie Karback Adeline Kirk Hazel Korkames Hazel Madeley Thelma Mahler Mary McReynolds VVinnie Nelson Erma Moore l.eta Lamar Naonia Ni: hols Letha Parker Helen Patterson Kathryn Moore llaverne Peck Lewis Pollok Marie Porter Bernice Prater Frances Punchard Mary Joe Rice Lois Rivers Myrtice Rushing Jim Ed Russell Daisy Sinmonds Lucile Smith Leila Suit VVilliam Sellers Margaret Talley Mable Theilepape Townsie Thompson Ruth White Gertrude Willig Eloise Word Ruth Young Margaret Zarr HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Sponsors-MISS FRANKS, MISS GARNER Hazel Madeley ,,,A,,, Louise Young ....... Evelyn Drake ....,, MEMBERS Allison, Vera Bassett, Kathryn Bale, Alene Barton, Francis Barham, Adele Burns, Mary Berger, Charlie Bolin, Alleyne Berger, Evelyn Callaway, Doris Carr, Dorothy Cloud, Mattie Childress, Lois Clayton, Ida Nell Callahan, Elva Lois Clark, Madge Bullard, Bernice Drake, Evelyn Dulaney, Frances Dickson, Jewell Eubanks, Minnie Kathryn Flowers, Fannie Mae Felder, Madge Fletcher, Maxine Fuller, Hassie UFFIQ 'ERS Graeter, Oma Grimes, Margaret Holmes, Marian Hood, Trudell Hughes, Mary Hay, Essie May Hunton, Vaughan Hancock, Eula Hilliard, Ruby Jackson, Audrey Kirk, Adeline Knowles, Edrie Lewellen, Ned Elnor Lackey, Christyne Mahler, Helen Moore, Kathryn Murplhy, Regina Machalek, Antonie Machalek, Lillian Mozley, Evelyn Madeley, Hazel Messer. Mary Lee McFarland, Ollie Mae Mousner, Laurine McCaIeb, Inez Neal. Margaret ,,...,,,.,,.,....Presidenr z,,,,,,,zVice President SecretaryfTreasurer Parker, Letha Pope, Irene Peck, Hazel Praeter, Bernice Riddle, Dorris Roberts, Hazel Rice, Mary Joe Robinson, Virginia Strange, Louise Spears, Jean Smith, Gladys Stevens, Beatrice Smith, Lucille ' Stalkup, Virginia Terrell, Louise Thomas, Maurice Talley, Margaret Yann, Grace XVhite, Grace White, Lucille Xvillis, Nell Woodall, Ola Word, Eloise Vklheeler, Laura Young, 'Ruth Young, Louise LA TERTULIA SOCIOS fSpanish Club Membersy lfransisca :XKILIIHS Raul Alvarado Earl Bacchus Bernice Bullard Lorraine Cagle Fay Caryer Lilia Chaffin Dwight Chapman Lois Childress Perla Christie Martita Cloud Felipe Covington Jacobo Cox Alma Furl Bond Goble Marion Holmes Quincey Jenkins Mildred Johnson Taylor Johnson Edrie Knowles Cristina Lziukey Paulina Liles Inez McCaleh Douglas McDonald Lilia Machalek Helena Mahler Kenneth Mills Velma Newby Mildred Reeder Elgie Seago Ruth Sellers Berta Lee Shirley Tomas Scanio Emilio Sm-hniidt Cretys Smith Gracia Vann Nelta Mae White Maria Edna Young LA TERTULIA Lu 7'f'1'luIi11 es el llUllllb1'l' del eluli PSIIZIIIUI. Slulaililente los 2llllIll11OS que han i6l'llllllilll0 u11 ano de l':Slb2lll0l. a niediu ano een notas sulu-esalieiites. pueden sei- sm-ins de este elnln. lil ann pasadn il4l0IIl12llll0S una eollstitlleioli. Hay dos classes de soeins: aetivos 5' llUllU1'il1'lllN. Los l1o1101'a1'i11s son eleetos poi' el eluli de entre los pi-ufesores que salnen espanol. lil pmpnsito del club es tlill' :1 Ins illlllllllUS la 0IP0l'tl111l1l2lIl lialnlai' cl espanol. Nnnea se habla ingles sin el pei-iniso del presidente. Tilllllblell se 2llll'91l1ll'll las l'0SillIlllll'0S espanolas, los illlf01'0S 5' sus olu-as, los piiitores Iv 1!lllill1'ilS. lis lllllj' interesante. lil elulr tiene sus sesiunes una vez a la Selllilllil para un lll'l'V0 llI'1lQ,fl'2llllil. La lnadrina del elub es la Seiiuriia Iiuaeli, anvudada poi' la Sl'l10l'll2l l,U1'l0l'. Hay iiiieiaeiuii de soeioa nuevos una vez al ann. lvllil vez al ann lla 'l'e1'tulia tiene una fiesta CXil'2l0l'1llllill'l2l. lil 111111 pasailo tuvinms llll ll2llllllll'T0 Qll el enal la Sl'llUl'lfil 1li'lll'0lN. de Vnsta liiea. lialrln. liste ano Tux inins una Yt'l'1l2lll0l'il fiesta 0Sll2lllUl2l. 'lmlus Ins sueius viniernn vestidus en iraies. iii ieos USIIEIIIUIQSQ iuvinms niusiea l'Sllilll0l2lQ ll2llll'N 1'Sll2lll0ll1SQ ln-indis esyraiiolesg 11n real lrnen tiempo lllllj' a la espaiiula. LA TERTULIA LIQBLX: Adelanie. Slt'llllll'P adelante t'Ul,OliliS lCMlll.l-IMA'l'l4WPS: Rojo lv um FLUH: Rosa de Vaslilla Hl"l1'lAl.liS PRIMER PERIODO 1 Vifgillia Stlilkllp ,,.,.. ,,,...,.... ......,.,,,.,.,,,,.,.,...... .,,.,,.,,,,,,,,, P 1 ' esidentg THY101' Johnson ,,.,,,, ....... X 'iee Presidenze CfI'iStiI1a Lackey ,,...., ,,,,,YY,,,,,,,,-. S eQ1'uLg11'i9 Marion Holmes ,,,., ,,,,Y- T gsm-gpg Raul Alvarado ....., ,e,,,,,,,, C 1'itiQ0 Cracia Yann ...,,,, ,e,,,, R gpm-fem J2iC01b0 COX ..Y... ..,,,,,, ,,,,,.....,, ,,,,,,.,.....,,,... ,,,Y,, S a 1 ' gento SEG-UNDO PERIODO CI'lSilI'IH Lackey ....., ..,....,,,,,,,...,.Y.. ...., ....,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,Y,,,, P 1 ' 13 Sidente Felipe C0ViUgT0I1 -,-.,,,, Vice Presidente Nella Mae White ..,.., ,,eA,,,,,YY,,,,., S QQ1'e1,a1'iQ Ellrie KIIOWIGS .,.,. ,,,,A, T egoreyq Helena Mahler .,,., ,A,,A,,,.. C ripigo Virginia Stalkup ....,ee .,,.,, R eportero Jacobo Cox ,,Y,.YV,...,... mSargent0 .-1 ,L J-hh A V Q Y CHORAL CLUB Mrs. Lillie B. Brooks Allen, Jeanette Buss. Marietta lirightwell, Clara lluckellew, Tulline liuvkellew. Bernice Callaway, Doris Clark. Madge Clayton, Ida Nelle De Busk, Alice Fletcller, Maxine Gardner, Mildred Hunton. vkillgllilll Haag, Blanche Hunt. Srrnmie Ola Hobbs. I'wl'2illC'PS DIRECTOR Miss Beryl Wright PIANIST Korkames, H mel Lunsford, lflaneeb Lewelleu, Ned Elnoi Knowles. Elllltl Jones, Eva McGregor. G1 ite Holland McKay, lVIi1I,.,l1911t9 Meeker. Nettie Lee Moore. Kathelxn liice. Mary Joe Smith. Lucllle Smith. Cretys meago, ldlgie Word. Eloise Young. Louise Yann. Grate T ,,, Z TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB lHRECTORS Mrs. Lillie B. Brooks Miss Beryl Wright BASS Pliniage Taylor Earl Neal George McReyno1ds C. l. Mitchell NY. IJ. Zac-llry .lim Ed Russell Olin Gober llarold Childress Nick Bailes 'FENOR Womlie Zan-hry Aubrey Streater Ilan Perry Fred Greenway lloiizild Burcliard lflaywalwl Shull Chester Shirley .fill 2. ,. 1 '51 11:2 . ,.:1g.'.." ' 1,.:.gL,-:'.-g,.g: -.:e"' """ , .,. L ,, , V 7- ff .. if Q F55 'I "iffZf:ifi?4 " it 'P "F M i , ,-...,,, fr 5 .Z 1 :FF 2 l f TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND 4 DIRECTORS ' il Mrs. Lillie B. Brooks i 1 Miss Beryl Xvright MF. D. H. McCall ii ll A iiiffl f iff AI lv li 1 rl ,. I 'CLARlNETS-- ALTO HORNS- BASS HORN- Q Lewis pouok Wade Rawlings Lee Jackson Ei Lynn Zarr Jimmie Querner D. B. Raney Lewis VVard Eugene Azbill Bernice Buckellew 'l'ROMBO'NES- - J. D. Faith 1. Avery Johnson W. D. Zachry Hamlet Tomlinson SAXOPHONES- George McReynolds Seth Temple C. I. Mitchell Robert XYilburn Inez McCaleb SNARE DRUM- Robert Gresham BASS DRUM- Harold Childress CORNETS- Marcellus Neal XVoodrow Wilson Thomas Crawford Paul Callaway .5 Fr d C Wtho .- - . E Eniil wide H Tulline Buckellew gee? Elklffgg ,' mccono- BAHITONE- Hal-1 ward ti Donald Burchard J. L. Head Thomas King li For several years Temple High School has needed ll bandg so finally Mrs. kj Brooks was persuaded to take over the direction of it. She. with Miss VVright's it aid, organized a good-sized band. At its first appearance at the formal opening at of the new auditorium, it displayed some of its fine instruction. VVe hope that hi? i11 the future Temple High School will neyer be without a hand. if ,-i ., ., X W - ag if 1: SE. , gl I llllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllll Q5 I QU Boom Pom Uk 1 X 409 ff if X gf N TKXHXX X MW f 'CFS I V we sy. A 4 A E. ' I A- N f E E 5 2 Rf V E : 1 -" -' E E S : - X N V - : I" Z W X 1 HX - g XX ff 'Mi E : X ' ff, fc X : " X 2 IWW? . I : f- f X : E I I 1 : I , I I ,i 9 X E - ,NZ f , , T X X - E if ff' X X x : l QQK , f 7 , - f -, I , , Nf - - f f X x I E 4 If K x X I E U E : E I : E I I I I I I - ' 1 A 'N ' A I 1 ' 1 I I I I 5 E E LQQQSQMS Eb av E E llllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll - Q.-.JTX M .H V V X. Nw' 1" , X , 3 4 ' 7 'Q ,a'gj,?"' . fjkx. qv N xt 1 f V' H X pf 51 V E ff" m Y' L f 5 ' " ' " , . L -' 'QW' ' f KL C ggi, I V929 3 as L I Q- Q Y, Lf' ' N 3,1 "M 'V ,QiQQ ,M ,,g,.1V,. i,,,,m.'fg31 1 .M.w.,, , ,Mi gg, n , W S. E. ,, Q 1 1 , mm I ' JS r 1 1 'Y '. ' 1 ' sf 1 w 1 'N -W, .f,. , A ,, A:h.,. ,k.,,f.,..A .ALI A , L L. lx ii, qwyhz W L,,L,Vv ,Z-gy-,W,, ,zgn -,LV,1.L , l V ' QA K fm +. N' N 3 A7 I I ,. Y k.V,, KL A h K N--fi ,A N K px K ' D 1 , ' ' ff 'f"'T"B GL W-:, fv ,kM ' V , f" s . , 1 E . E E 1:1 Q vis sf. ef , Q- K L 'lil N 1-5-,:m5'fm,23jA:fLf ,Q qw - ,wf:'21 e,,,, -f,A 1 fzgwsis' fef F3770 iymilfvf "4ifZiEf??5 I f - www 4ff?f":a "af, -- 1,1 'f ': f ff-7 ' , ' i,, 2 A ' J, ifa - ' . 7 , - ' Heh. V, ' 7," , Ag ff' M152 ,515 ' ' . ,. - V, :Sw 4 I I i 1 f -, J " FF x ' ff' L4 g' pw V Y A " Y V ' 1- "X' fk.. .- xf' W AW K gg i kigz -46' ..4-lu- J ht K. Q. .,?h 4 W 'ff wi e t i V ' ri' ' ff ' X " 3 M Y. i I kryl VVAV J X K VI M y KMWLN Y ,, .V K Akhr .., .L-H M j Y N r 1 l ! i i 4 w 4 J 4 V E L 1 I + 1 n X , 5 1 P 5 L. iw.. A Ai pf.. Ill"'i .Q 1 : : 1 Q5 3: GE KE EE me : '- iq' : : 5: wi nn :IQ Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I F " 32, f ir ge MU SL 5' XV xx '- Vt XL! ff W ,fr ,J 5? I Exim' J . fin lllllllllllll lllllllllllllll lllllllllllllll ll 'ig Z X 45 :C f fix QU M WL Jll lllllll-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIME Cprayers of a Sportsman lleztr Lord. i11 the battle that goes oll throngli life I ask ibut at field that is fair, A CIliIl1l'0 that is equal with all in the strife, A courage to strive and to dztreg And if I should win. let it he hy the code With 1113' faith amd my honor held highg And if I should lose, let me stand hy the road, And eheer as the winners go hy. And Lord, Illilj' my shouts he Illlgldltlglllg and clear, .X tribute that comes from the heart, And let me not cherish at suurl or at sneer U1- play any SIIIYCIIIIQI part: Let me say, "'IlIlUl't' they 1-ide. on whom lz1tll'el's bestowed Since they played the gaune better than I." Let me stand with at smile hy the side of the mud, And eheer as the winners go hy. So gII'2lllI me to t'0Il1llI0l', if Utllltlllel' I Cilll, I-ly lIl'0YIllQ.f my worth in the fray, Hut tem-h me to lose like at I't',LIllI2lI' lllilll, And not like at l'I'iIYPll. l pt-ay: Let me take off my hut to the warriors who strode To victory splendid and high, Yea. tealeh me to stztnd by the side of the road And 1,-heer us the winners go hy. -liy lferton Hruley, in The .lmeriz-un Legimz lI'eeL'Iy. i -A ,Y 4' W 'N if? QOTIOAI I YELL LEADERS ELGIE SEAGO CRETYS SMITH BUSTER BROWN JIM ED RUSSELL EASTERL1NG, Captain-Elect SHULL, Captain L FGOTBALL J ,L WILDCAT S BBE. J lfxfsflxgr Y X XNILDCATS vggflf Q Lf m my X -Vi ' A WILOCAT5, F 5- RH ipxl pam' :maui V' 3 ,7 VI C H T , 3' if I v AIX.. f' X ,K i L 'iii-Y.'q4Gxl'i Y, Y 'Y gi - c Y f T- f ig irri kg? . FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 'Femplv .L,,,,L L,,L, f U f'2llll8l'0ll .,A,,, L,,, ,L,, Y,L,,L, I 1 'l'01nplv ,,,, 26 SUllfllYVOSf0l'll ...,.. .. fi 'fvmple , ...., 21 Marlin ,, ,, H 'l'o111ple ,,,,,, fi Helton Y,,,, ,, ,,,,,V, 0 TQIIIPIP ,,,,,,. ,,,, Y 5 Hillsboro ,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 P 'l'v1uple- ,,... , ..,,,,L,, 39 Ennis Y, li Templo ,.....,, .,.,,,,,, 0 XV:l1'o ,,,YY,,,,,A,, ,,,,,,,, 1 4 'Velnplv ,....... , .AAA...., 101 Oppunmlnts V ,,,,,, , .AAA 26 L ,f ff, 2 J 9 If! , C "If L X ' -f Z ' , , 3 'ft X ,fn ff Til, 43 , v-Zi,-11' ef F .Q ,, , , ,1..,- -. 1 11 1,1 ,n . 111 kjw-11: N l 1 1 vs. M- rf. ll. A 1 FOOTBALL GAMES rw -- - 1 1 ' 11111 1I1'S1 g'1111111 111 1111' s011s1111 was with 111111111'1111. Wl11l'll 1111111111 11-11. 'l'h11 1Yil11c111s 11i1l11'1, show 1111 11'11l1 111 1his g1111111, 11111 11 111111111 11111111 111111-0 1l0101'111i11011 111 1V11l 11111 1111x1 111111. 111111 1h0y 11141. 11 11ls11 s1111w011 1110111 111111 11101 llilil l!Xl'l1llP1l1 1111111111111 11111 111 whi1-11 111 11111'1111111 21 g111111 NY1l1'li1ll1Lf 11111- 11111110. T1111 Wil111'111s 1110111 1110 S1111111w11s1111'11 Fish 0111-11 111111- 111 ll 111'111'1i1'11 11111110. wl1i1'l1 is 21lXVi1'VS 21 01111111, ll21l'1l flbllgllf g1111111. This 111111' 11111 151111111 111111011 211-11 111 f11v111- 111 H10 W1l111-111s. TI111 1Y1l111'111s 111111 11111 11lll1'l1ll 1111111111gs, 11111111'111i111111 11,1 111111411 1111 11111' 11111 111111 s1'111'11 111' l11s1 S011s1111. T1111 111111111 011111111 21,11 111 0lI1'l f111'111'. A1111111g 1lll'11lil11j' j11.1's 111 11111 1111s1 111111' 11111111 is111111 11111s1111111i11g 11v11111, 11111 1111111111 111' H10 110111111 'l'ig1111's 111' 11111' 11w11 V1'il111'111s 1111' 1110 S1-111-0 111' 11-11. This 11111110 w11s11111.1'1111 111 111'l111ll, 111-1111101-251111 21 W111 110111. T01111110 111111111 11111 111-s1111111 111111' 111111'111111w11 111' 1116 g1l11lC1l1 H10 1i1's1 f11w 111i1111111s 111 111211. Nivk l111il0s 111110111111 il kick 1111111' 11!11l11111's 110111. 111111 1110 1111111 1-111111'011 it 11111111111 1110 11110. T110 'l'ig01's g111 1111111111111 111 1110 111s1 11l12l1'1Pl' 111111 11111110 21 111111111111' 111 g11i11s 111 w11l1i11 11111 ,1'111'1ls 111 1110 T011111111 111111. 11111 111111' 11111111 llllil11l1' 111 11111 11 111'1'11ss. 1111111 11111111s 1111111111 21 01111111 gllllllx. T110 XYi11l1':11 11121111 11111-111111 11s 21 wl11,1111 111 this 11111110. 11111 W,1'11110. Shull. -I111111s1111. l"111'1. 1i111'h. 111111 N0111 S1111111 11111 11s S12l1'S. '11111' Hills11111-11 11111110 w11s11111 first 11111110 111111 1-1111111011 111 1110 1'1l11llll1111ll' s11i11 1'111'0g 1lll'1't'1'1ll'l' 11 was il l12l1'1l 1111115111 g1111111. ll11w111'111'. 11111 1Vil111'111:1 11'111'11 11111 1101101' 1P2l1ll, 111111111111 Sl-11. All 1111111111511 11110 111111-11 111'0 11111111111 W1111 11111 111'1'11111 111' 11111 11111111si111111. N111 k1111wi11g 11111 s11'011gg111 111 11111 1C11111s ftiillll, 11111 NVi1111'111s 111111 111 1111,-1: 1111s s111110 11i1'1'i1-11111. 11111 1ll1'.V 11'111-0 111:1s101's 111: 11111 s111111111111 111111 11111111 1111 11111 l2l1'g.ll'S1 8111111 111' 11111 s011s1111, 2151-11. "T1101'0 111'11 1w11 11111115 111111 W0 11111s1 11111111 111 11111111111's. 111111 111111' 111 11'111, 211111 111111H1111' 111111' 111 111s11." says N11-. 111-1111. .11 1112100 N1111111111111- 121, 1110 1V1l1l1'2l1S 111111-11011 111 111s0, s11f1'111-1111.5 11111 fi1's1v1111f0111 11f 11111 s011s1111 111 1110 11111111s 111' 1118 11111011 '1'ig:011s 111' 21 s1-111'0 111" 1-1-11. T110 Tig01's s1'111'1111 11111 11 1111i111s 111 11111 11111111 1111111-11113 11111 1110 1Yi1111'111s 111111111 11111111 1'ig.!l11i11g,5 111 11111 12181 111111111111 211111 111111-11111 11111 111111 111 w1111111 N y111'11s 111 11111 g11111 11110. T1111 0x1'11110111 w111-k 111 1'11w1l11111, 1'I11s101'1i11g. T11yl111-, Sllllll. 211111 W,1'111112 will 111' 1'011101111101'1111 1111' 11111111' .1'11111's. This 12211119 111111011 1110 111111111111 s1111s1111. ,V-Ivy., i rw' ,,,'.,!z,,,! 'g,g.4,.,,,,,. ri? 3..fN Q., -Q Af' .fn fg Q! - Qin-V A ze., zz., x fr- at L1 .11 FOOTBALL MEN N l'IAS'l'EHLING lf'aptain lflleetl Taekle l'Iasterling's work at taekle was surpassed hy no opponent during the year. His work was so good that several prominent papers referred to him as "The Wildeat's Star Tan-kle." His weight commanded a right of way in every game of the season. With him in a large degree lies the sueeess ol' the 19213 squad. FI'Zl.llICIi Tackle "Stonehead" lived up to his reputation and filled one of the hardest positions o11 the team with his giant hulk, coupled with his ahility, which gave him the opportunity to smash his opponents' plays before they were executed. CULP Half "Ike" went through the line like a bullet, hard to stop. and when stopped, not so very pleasant. He was a hardened athlete with a strong will power and abundant enthusiasm. LA Ml-l1CliT Guard "Dashing Lambert" XVOII this place on his good looks. No opponent Could stand more than one look at him. But outside of his handsome fare. he was a real asset to the team hy his steady playing, and we are glad that we will have hin1 next year. SHITLI. gtfaptainl Quarter As raptain of the team and as one of the best quarters in the history of the Wildeat maehine. Shull was ever in the game, a generous winner and a good loser. Shull is the type of player who knows how to use his head at the right time and plaee: therefore he ran his plays to perfection. He was an exeellent passer. and was good at carrying the hall around end. The team would he at a loss without Shull. I 'L:.1..1::1:::41:z.f .:::::f:::': ..:.i::, , ..g,::.::T. "4 I ' V . 1 . -V W - - wwf -'75, ,Y Nr, ' U5 Q .X -L-s.t.,.W,-...,..,i.,e,.,, t Hg.. W --Q-fi ', . XM ,lj ,, X ,bmfr A 'V V X1. Q31 'Z 'I I i ' .i,'4fjif1,.e,., ,qi ' L uf. -E1 -JE ggi - A 5135 v-lv H ', . qi 'Gt ad it FOOTBALL MEN V f i at ml kj U1 l l l l ZAVHHY Gnnrml HZQICIIN is not the kintl that "t'lnslles," hut at team made np nl' such men will Cllllllllilllil the respeet of any 0IDIN'llll'llf. His chief zlsset is his grit in hohling the line against larger uppunents :tml sticking his Qfl'0llllll. KUt'll End Nu main t1-:lineal lmrtler than "Hott-l1y". He wus n llil1'1l hitting, hone- Slll2lS1llllQ'l'll4l, who lovetl the Qtllllt' :mil prmetl it hy his plunging. Platy- ers of his type are lmrtl tn fiml. i JOHNSON Half 'l':iyl0r's playing was lmrsl to equal. Ile is the kind of player who is in the game from stnrt tu finish. lle earned every bit of l'llC0ll1'ilg6lllC11i given him. :tml then some. Wntvh him "strut his stuff" nextf year. s'1'1:1-:.x'r1cH l Center i Aubrey was the "find" of the season, :intl hy his nzitnrnl ability he l sncvesstnlly plugged the center of the line. He was ever alert, and llliltlif i few, if any, inisplnys, :mtl we expect him to round out into even better i y lllilillfllll when il cull is mznle for men next year. t TAYLOR lind N , ,, . . . f-2: 1 "Rel1ahle Pete, as he has wine to he known m high svlmnl, nmtle his y M last year in school stand out in shining letters, and it will be il long rig time before he is f0l'g0i,iCll. He wns at l'0fl-lll'2ltll'd tleinon on the defeuseg Lrg! Q but thnt'S just half of it. His offense work was splendid. W1 If 5-it A , w Elm 4 'B l pd, '. ,e ,, , ' - , , ,W N ,Ng Q, i, K ,Q 15,1 1 1 x V Yf.fiL..,-...'fN"""A W' """""IflT.4 """ 'kfrqx I e-M" ' """' ""r"'::?u :Z.LiL1'.'Li.ISZ'..:"f.'f. i ' fl 4.1 QFCQ7'-I lj 70 S-I-O E1-gf-....-.:.:.'......mm-:l.T.,:M,, Z. 3 E1 :lf'i,l'I','.LII fI.'lQl'fLT-1' 'v'lEl',iiT1fQQiTL,.,.I."l.'I1T'2I'3'.l'IlTi 2 'ra iw? fait E 5- 1 I 5 FOGTBALL MEN 2 l' i 'mill his 2 'ffl fl .r 3 5' in QF 1 E 5 S! 2 if ' I 1 i - I l if 5 ll fl i tl 5 : il JAT lx IXBIGHI' f Business Manager Receiving no praise, Jack kept right on working for the betterment of the team and was always in i1is place. To him the high school and team extend their thanks for his time and service. FVRL End "llutch'l has all the nerve in the world, uses bis head always, and is a clean and hard player. although he knocks one or more men out in every game he plays in. He sizes up his plays well, and very seldom lets a play get by him. U ROBERTS i Guard 4 Charles made the team this year after several years of hard work. V when his team mates got the praise and he got the "rough and tumbIe', l and the 'honor of decorating the "bench," But with that "never say die : spirit" which characterizes the lVildcats. he made his mark. and we know he will keep it. BAILES Guard Since Nick came to the high school. he has been one of the most popular athletes. He tried his hand at football this year, and made a success. His chief characteristic seems to be success. He was especially good at throwing forward passes. UAYVTHUN Full "Snooks" was out of a great many of the games of the season on 4, account of injuries, but he came back in the Waco game with all the pep 3 1 that he had been storing un during his inaction. He was liked by his QU teammates, and feared by his opponents. He is noted chiefly for his famous center plunges. He will probably be back next year. i 4 RLY l i s gms, ,.-. . W .K.-.:l.. fc F.. , L U e ,,we 11 , TWWWWWZ T ' . .' ", M" l' 1 f " ' ,' ' 2 ' ' f 4 - -f" -. , A -5--7.-fa--1.w .Wk ...A--...,..-,.A,.,, A . ff 11. ,Q , f .1 1 ,. ,P , 4 ,Q 1, 1... , l., , ,. . ,, f v wr wi 'ffgfgli fxx 1' 1, ,K 4 if 1 it ,',. L' ,,.. ir:'.yg11:g:1:1ft:rr1i::'::'f,1t'f "" ' ,.47"1Q:41:::1::.:.::.:4r:Eli1155M1 'Q' i FOOTBALL COACHES COACHES Rl'SSlCl.l, and HENIDERSON A successful season in football is clue largely to the work of these two coaches. Mr. Russell has bee11 with tl1e school and team for several years and l1as grown i11to tl1e lll'2lI'tS of all the boys. Mr. Henderson was a new coach this year, but soon took l1is place with Mr. Russell i11 the turning out of a winning ilggT't'g2ltlO1l. Both men held the respect ol' all the players. IDR. MASON Ihr. Mason gave untiringlv of his service to tl1e injured. of tl1e team NVltllOllf charge, and to him tl1e team is indebted Very much. WYNNIC Half Little need be said about this remarkable backfield man, as everyone knows his enviable record. He won state recognition, including write-ups in various newspapers. He was tl1e first down the field on a punt, and was never downed in his tracks. His place will be difficult to fill, but here's wishing l1i1n luck. Q ROSE Guard "Big Rose" gave a good account of himself l1is first year at guard, and substitute at l1alf. He could throw passes exceedingly well. and could also carry tl1e ball for consistent gains when he played in the backfield. NEAL Half Jack has all the necessary qualifications that go to make up a. great half-speed, power, and determination. These make a half l1ard to stop, and he used them to advantage in all tl1e games. A good record, Jackg keep it. ...'..:,.. I? lll ff-N 4, 23 S , QC :Y 5 FIS F . A '45 F ff! , ru? """""' ., F I E mm F ' ' A '21 -A K X, Qc-,W ,su v I -zf.g.-5:-5' 2, 5 , , ., -f'jj'j , 'III' 5 ..., f - .l X -A 9 if T -. ,:.1.,f V, W K7 A. , ..,, , fff . 4, . .. . ,. , . -Qg2?222a ,,,,,, , , , ,. -311 Hheiqk w ' f QW ? E A-4 11Z2:?2:2:', '7:7""' '2ff?111'2fi AH! male 54 E BUu.D:NGx Af M KK 72 WZ, W ,Q 7 V '- 'ZZIQZJC ll ' 4 wf X X 4' X 1 X f ff 1 'gfililzf f . f f H f 9 '?Z:"'z:'- '-.:Tff...,f .. .. ,I . -S' fmfT'1i211ff9'5'f'E1' :'ff f"' X ' 7 -f fff X , ,, - f ' ., Nw M f f rezfirff' "" '-----------0 -. J ,,'.,:.,f.j , 5-,,l:,i' I f:fg.1::M , x -rffzgf-,V ' 'f'f-145' 'ririilf 2:-15:11 Fitfiffffof -fiiffle - ' A ' ' 711:-29: C f' 4 2571-551 kb- ' Y f 'F Q. '.g-.3-: ' 1-2'.:'.' , 4 451-zz.. W V! M W rf f , A- 1 ,, n 1 ,w 1 4 ,, , I , y X 'lf L 5 S. ,,.... ,,.... ,.. V! 1 1 fi!! 5 JI ,377-V if 11,1 In LW Ill X Ill Ill I I I 4 U f W x IQQHIEEJ is 5 Q M FHA f STHERTERN if- p 'rcs WJ-, -,...--- -..:i,..:T:.-..uIJ.41 L77 , A5 -f- A ,Lil . . V I -cx...-,-,,..--....-.,-w ,,.-.,.- lil Egg BASKETBALL This year the Wildcats enjoyed il very sueeessful season. They had high hopes of an stute championship teum. hut when Frank Wynne und Niek liuiles were declared ineligible, their hopes were somewhat , dampened. However, they fought harder, und eume neur going to the state tournament. When they slueked up o11 their playing, the coaches called them i11 for private chat. No one knows what was said, but there was more pep in the next games. They upheld their honor hy defeating their unc-ient riyul, llelton. They went to the lbistriet Meet in il crippled condition, hut did well, and a i it V, almost "COIIjJ0tlw the title. This ended the season, hut both the team 1 it and couches knew that the hest had been given. . l l X : 1 , Q, 'f l -1 5 ! fl? 9 SCHlClll'l.l'l Temple ,,,,.,, .... 2 2 flP1l:lVlll6 ...,, ...... 1 2 Temple .....,, .,.,.... 3 543 Vumeron ,,,,,, ,...... 5 I Temple ,,,,,,, .,,...,i l Z Vnmeron ,,,,,, ,,,l,,, l ED TUIIIIIIV .,.,. , ,....... 355 l'endleton ,,,,,,,, it 20 Temple ..,,... ,,...,,, l 43 Viseo ww,,,,lee,eeeeeeY, 24 Temple ,,,,,,. , .,,. KN Taylor ,,,,,,eeeee L Temple ..,..., ,,,ii.i, 1 U 1'ruwfo1-d Y,,,,, 20 Temple v,v...w lele 2 fi Pendleton lle.,,. L23 Temple ......l ,leeeeel 1 55 Killeen ......ell,,, l,,,.. 1 T Temple ,,l,,,. l,...,,, 4 U llni-tlett ,,,,,, 10 Temple ..,.... .,,,,,,, ' 553 Gzitesville ,,,,,,, , ,,,,, 2143 i Temple ...,,,. ..eeeew, 4 Fi Gutesville .,,, .. 41 T A Temple ,,,.... ..., Z2 Q Ueimrille ,,i,,, ,,,,,, 1 fb fl Q Temple .,.,.,. ..., 2 S Wueo ,,,,,,ll,l, lip Temple ,,,,,,, ,,i.,,,, 2 5 Helton .... 122 V I Temple ..,, ., lll,.,,, 122 Belton ,,,, IT Temple ...,,,, ,,l,,,,, 2 S Belton ,,,, lb! 1 Temple ,...... ,,..,,., 1 fb Belton ,,,o 2:3 1 Temple ,,,.... ,,..,,,, 2 U Helton ,,,, Hi L1 qjemple ..,,,,. ,,,, -L austin .w.. emp e .,,..,, 1.3! 'neo ...,.., 5 Tldlllllt' ..,.,,, .,.. 2 0 Austin ...lli., ,Y,.... 2 l Temple ...,,,, .,,. 3 30 Uenuville ,l,,,, ,,...., l 9 it 5 Temple ,,,,.., ..., 1 213 Killeen eeeevelleee, e..,,, l 'l A If Temple ,,.Y... ,.ie 2 ii Iileimville ,,,eeY,,,, ,,,,., 1 5 it Temple ..,,,,. ,,...iw, 2 Prairie Hill wYY,,, , ei.,,,. 23 'E ,, Temple ,YY.... vw,,,.,. 2 S Wm-o e,,.....,.oee.,..,.. el.,... 1 I3 P3 EL Femple ,,,,, , ..., 25 Gutesville .,,.... ,, ,,,.,,,. 26 4, y Temple ..YY,,. il.,,,ll T UZ! Opponents ,....,,.... 502 ,L ii'f'?1fi M' 'i"' i"' l i v 1 .Y ,. .aim-'nf :'M7"i, ,i N",, 1 A E.. 37 ' 1 A igwahgnwwhw M A 5 if 3-fi? f e..e ifffitT,fl,Qfe f f-if if ' : H 'il M BASKETBALL MEN MR. HENDERSON, Coach SHULL Forward By putting his whole heart into the game, Shull has become one ol' the fastest forwards on the team, always dependable and with an accurate eye for the goal. He inspired tl1e team to victory many a time by his words of encouragement and advice. JOHNSON Guard Taylor was injured in one of the early games of the season. but until then he stood out as a shining star in the XYildcat aggregation. lVe know that he has the "stuff," and will prove it in the near future. EASTICRLING Center "l.atcl1v" was a brilliant laver at either center or forward but he Q P - . . ' . played at center most of the time this year. As the captain, by setting the exam ale, he led his team to manv victories this season. He had the distinction of being among the high-point men in the Interscholastic League this year. ZAUHRY Guard In the position of basket guard Woodie was supreme. He was the slashing type of player, the one, who when once started, was always doing his duty in breaking up passes and shots. He starred in the fourth Bel- ton game. He knew his 4'okral'.-that's all. FURL Guard This was Furl's first year with the regular squad, but he developed into one of the best high school guards in the state. In no game was his work surpassed. He trained hard and played the game fair. lVe arc expecting even more from him next year. ge., aff 155 HB3 ,-, at his 1,1 Hifi .Tv-fr 'fm ' ,L1:312- ,,,.. .,,,, ,,..1..111.:Z::::.4L1:..gg-.L11414322:LT "" ' '61, t 1 E i l S i , . , . ,A ,,,., 4, ,- 1' fm . . , f , ., ., ,, LI-'i,'fIi '2lP M'7""?. L i, if if 'yi I f ' " U Uiflt.51177""'T'li?k1i-fel11' 'I -I. .lf N tl 1 P I l W1 'fit 7:12 eggs We 'FE is-gl BASKETBALL MEN gf: 1, Q if i Plz i 'vi V5.3 mi fl 5 MR. RUSSELL, Coach WIVKHAM Venter USCQII' is an Clllllbllliltltlll of uhility plus eoaelliug. mostly coaching. He wus il dark horse this year, hut proved himself worthy to wear the Wildcat spungles. lfly the help of Mr. Russell he heeznne zlhle to till the place of l'0llfl'1' very saltisfzletorily. NEAL tl':ill'll Fon-ward "Snoh" was not used niueh until the lust games of the season, when E 2lN'lll'2ll'.Y ut shooting goals and lll'9ilklllg of enemy passes, won hin1 reeorg- A g nitio11 und praise. I nnY.xx'r Guard fl . . .. . . . . , ., . if f Hy his eonslstent and lmrd fighting Sll1l'li 'hleepy gained il place 5 it on this ,veau-'s squad and the 1-espeet of his f0illllllllltt'S. Ile was always ta E gi gentleman on the field. 2 E Q E NEAL qfluckp 5 1 Ifloi-ward I E .lark is il 1l2lilll'2ll lmskethzlll plalyerg he is shifty and one who knows 5 f how to use his heud in il tight hole. His speed enables hini to run ill Cir- -A cles an-ound the opposition, and his eye for shooting goals is almost un- E C2lllllV. i ' 5,5 S'l'RlCA'l'l'IR und PULLUK t ' :if N Q Gu-u'ds 'fs ,, . .' 24: 1 , lo these two boys llllll'll eredlt is due. Although unable to lnuke the V, li team, they trained hard, and never missed il day from practice. From Q5 nien with the spirit of these, the Wildcat machine is fornied. Try it , A zlgziin next year, and ll0l'6,S hoping! if M Pd, i .i' pg N 4 f 'ij MAI' "" ""t' . " "":i1. "" I ,.,. ,." Nt, . up -gi P. K, i ufiij, ' ,Wi lf' lxfif 1 'Trp' 1 E E If K Aw s .ig N -1- X L X I 'S lk J L ! ' S., x 3 K J' ,N f N g 4 Q X I X , , Q7 -. 1 X , f K f xo . Q X X N , x I x . Q Ol fix N X 6 H I Y f XA! 's 'gin - 1- C K xc I X "'r:::iig.-- - f J 1 o xv " II!!fiii,g,. X X stx 439:21 - - oo , Q .. .. oszzx .ss..-x. ,... V :.0g2.s. x "XXXL Q .,o ,gs X msxsgi- , R g 6 995,555 xxx? -,So 00 ,Oxy .vegas 96 0 0903 Sgvggzza-, Sw '38-0-': "2-'52210 .av svtvftl-'x ' ':3rs- .250 00' 0"s""sS 'ssva' "s09' X '.Q5"'s0' 5,995 "10"' 0 ,,s0.,QO , -2 f +35 900.9550 ' 90909, l ai 90. 959 ' W tfyw. kvgziztt-99 66.0. QQ9z,g,.ss4j,5g2:5, 1 5 5460 QQ" Qss I if 309 .o0' .o eve 99995053-3, Rs 29 3292 git 1-5 Affsos-' - 5548. " , 5 ., Ar.. ,, 1 ii.. ' 2221 BASEBALL SQUAD i , At the time the annual goes to press. there have been no games played on l aeeount of the had weather. but there are splendid prospects. and everyone looks forward to a winning team this season. We are eertain that the team will not fail to bring honor to the school and to themselves. liU4'H l4'apt.l-t'ateher llarton is a good eaptain and il good catcher eombined. lfle is a natural lead- er. lle is one ol' the hardest hitters on the team a11d is always sueeessful in ehalking up the st-ore. BAll.l'ISw1'itelier 'l'he old reliable piteher of last Neil- son is has-k again this year with all the "tight" he showed last year. Ile has l'ew equals in high school baseball. He has a sunny disposition and makes friends quit-kly. NEAL 1-laelcnelfii-st Base .lack gives a good aeeount of himself on first. He is there with the "pep- per" all the time, a11d is a Uood "rust,- ler. I5 -s BIAHHY-Seeolnl liase This boy plays on second in a "jam- up" good fashion, has a good "wing," is very eonsistent. and fast ou his feet. GIBSON-Tliird Base Richard holds down the "hot corners" exceedingly well, and "muffles" every Upop-up" that eomes l1is way. He has a world of good-playing' ability. -IUHNSUXW-Sllort Stop Taylor has a good arm, and knows how to use it at the right time and place. He is also good with the bat, and helps to pile up many seores to the team's eredit. SHI'l.l,-Left Field When Shull plants his legs apart and poses his arms with glove uplifted, then you eau say that the "ole pill is in at well". lle is one of the surest field' ers 011 the team. Rl'SSlCl.l,ft'enter I-'ield Nelson is a graeeful fielder. Ile 1-overs the "whole garden." and pulls down many long ones that look like hits. l"l'RI.-t lutfield iil'l'll is a valuable: asset to the team both in his fielding and his hitting. He is a player with brighter prospeets awaiting in the future. WHEN-Uutfield Usear is always in his plat-e doing his best. He is a shitty and consistent player who will show up better as the season advances. t'RISI'-lnfielder Albert is a shitty. reliably stand-by who uses his head as well as his arm. He has lots of "speed" to his throwing and is a good "S1llg'gltl'.u He ean also be used in the "box," SIHITPI-fi2ltl'ill3l' Assistant Smith is a handy assistant at catch- er, and gives a good aeeount of himself. He has plenty of pep and knows the game well. He can be used in the in- field also. NEAL tllorrisl-First Base Asst. Neal is a eountry boy who plays eity baseball. and has gained the respeet of all the players and the eoaeh. TRACK 2 w i i t as A 4 . T w i i i ' TOIIIIIIU won tha- l'0llllf'V meet with 58 points. XYith what was tlmugglit to he a lltbtbl' tvam. Tl'lllIli6 went to thv County Mvet. This sauu- team provenl to lw perhaps the hvst tvam that the high st-hool and Mr. St. Flair have turned out. taking PY0l'.V fil-st plavv hut two. Mon Pllt0l'0ti iu the Ctlllllfll' uwvt wore: Furl-Shot qlstr, ilitlryai-tl lbash qlstr. Relay tlsti, 100- Yill'ti llash tiilvll. XYu01lv Z2ll'lll'YA-P010 Vault 1'l'iml lstr. High .lump mea m f. ' i t i NV. lb. Zilt'ill"Y-POIU Vault 1Tiod lstl. High .lump f'l'ie1l lstl. Sluilzv-Milt' qlstl. STUNVZIl'f-NSU-yill'Kl tlstl. Milv tilmll. J0illlSUll-lil'0illl Jump tlstr, Relay tlstr, Shot 1331-mlb. Kuigllt-Rvlay tlstl. li. Nval-livlalv tlst U. t'. 1'l1ilml1'e-ss-lilmaul Jump 431111. ll. l'hilmllvss-A4445-y:ll'1l Hthl. liastvrli11g'f440-,x':l1'4l tihwll. livlsvy-ll i lv 15th 5. I'0l'l'.Y .. Bullock. lbavis. hltlll that will l'01II'l'S0llf 'Fcunplc at the District Meet are is follows: Furl W. ll. Z1ll'ill'.Y NY. M. Zac-lnry Shulm- - Stvwart .lulllismu Knight li. Neal TENNIS CLUB Tennis has had a very successful season. There were more entries in the pro liminaries than in any previous year. There were about twenty-five boys and fifteen girls out for practice. In the try-outs for the boys. Olin Goher, Albert Turner, and Jack McFadden were chosen as our representatives. Henry Easterling, Bernard Barrett, and Eugene Azbill played exceptionally well. There was not so strong competition among the girls as among the boys. Cretys Smith. Mary Alice Jones. and Verla Bridgewater were the girls to make the team. Dorothy Carr and Lorraine Davis were alternates. In the county contest the girls won first, and the boys second place in both singles and doubles. mx GIRLS' BASKETBALL V M....y.m.... i K .-1,5 vw - Q . V- lhv girls hzlslietlmll ll'2llll hml Ulliy ll lvw QZIIIIPS. llwlx' wwe- with small towns. :tml ilu-rv was mit mm'h mmpm-Iitima, ll' tha- 4-multi-titinii haul lu-vu Sll'tPllQl'l'. thv high st-lmul wunltl lmw haul at lwttvi- team. Unly tlii-oo wall games wx-rv St'lll'4illl0tl during thc' SUZISOII, thv first Irving with lflflmly, tht- stronggc-st fllillll wv plalywl. 'l'lw.v wore- Zlilil' to llm-fmt us hy at smzlll svol-41, but wo plzlywl this gmm- lwl'm'v om- fltlllll was in Fillltillilill to play. xVt'1liS0 Iliilytlti Hullzmnl :mtl liillwn :tml 4iUiAl'2llU1i thvm by ai l2ll'gl' si-ow. llni- lzmil was tht- Fllillllllilill ul' tha- vlzlss ll sclmuls. Thi- lliilflllg sqmul vmisistwl ul' thv f1Iii0XYlllg'I Vziptzxin Svzlgn, gmu-ll: Wuml, gmu-el: Vzmnmi. gmml :mil l'l'llfPl'I iil'l1lQUWilll'l', l'ui'wz11'4l: Wullcvl-, lm-will-ll: Mc-F111-lzlml. lm-wzml: l'orlv1'. t'm-wan-ll: t'. Smith, vvlill-I-: liowlvy. t'ltllf1'l'1 lb. Smith, centt-1-. GIRLS' TRACK TEAM 'llw wil-ls' trawl: tvzun ut' 19243 was V0l',Y slluvvssflll at tl i'4lllllT,Y vulltvst. 'l'lu-11' wvw vigllt svlmuls who vmllpvtwl ln Ill N mlm-st. :md 'l'1-mplv won 112 out of 55 points. 'l'ln- fnllmvixw""i1-IQ Wtbll points fm- 'l'e-mplv: P P' ' llalsvlmll tlll-mv-S4-:Agn :md Sllilqllj' fiwl for SOUOII4 ' umm! l'mI 1 llzlskvtlmll tllrmv--XYuml fil-sl. Nll'l'iH'lilllll sl' . fl 1 ll PT ll. 11-vulwl mI:1shf3l1-l"':11-Izumi first. l'u1't0r sm-oml. me wunlel Ptlllll llmf' llmml jump-3lvl"zu'l:1114l first. NVQ I s ' , ' 1 144,-,Y2ll'1l I'0l2l,V-S4'1'0ll1l IXYUOGI, 502120. l'Ul'f0l'. illltl Nh l"z11'lz1ml.r 'lll IIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I Ci 'gf EIU 1300K sux LM 1 X N 1:5-Sim "' :I WWII 2. lg , a ,III H' llllE.g.. Ill: 5 " Hi 5 E, QM? wi r K A W llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI IIIQS F' ' X ' W Liu W' W9 s g 5 ' A. S , : I I - ! I Q 5.1 3 I i -3 - 'I 2 ll E: 'J ff- fish ' I ' '54 gi xxx XS 'U J E L:-3. X 7- ' - E : I -:F A 4 Q - X W' 1 g fi- YQ: I ' 2 I : 3 Atl' - I : "f 7 11 1 "' ! ' l-- S' -" f - ' f' ' I.. I IH x - i, , ' E' .-l:i' - Ulf! : ' M V X if 1 ififll """ I I 1 ll 'Ili g E--. I I:::::!E!5!55!!!I!s:. I as-' fig I 1 aw --:mf--.... ::"'m' E : ll' l Q 41 Ill lfll g Q! n Wg: : : .- mfs - i 'll I if.-5 v X! I I ' "X's : : I I : I - - " S J E : I I I - H I - I - . i - E 5 1151 1 53 Q F1 H11 113 11,1 1551 T11 5 STE i ww! 1 '--1--- .. 5454-315-,:" W I-1114.11.11 . " 111' I 121 - 1ff"11'1141f11f "1!f"f""'1--11' 1- . .111 f' ., ,,,. . " ,Inf V KV 5: A1 v , -.. 1 1121111-11 DEBATING TEAMS LEE THOMAS LEYVIS POLLOK NETTIE LEE MEEKER VIRGINIA CROSNO The girls' 111111111i11g 1e11111, 1'4111sis1i11g 41f X1111i11 1.1111 311141111111 111111 Vir- gi11i11 1'1'11s1111. 111111 11111 1111ys' 11111111, 111111sis1i11g 111' Lewis 1'11l111k 111111 1,1111 Tl11111111s, sl:11111 11111111111 1111: V11111115' M11411 lllilllj' 1l21'VS 11f11111'11 work 111141 s11111j' 111111011 11111 s111141rvisi1111 111 1ll1'11' 4-1111111111s. Miss .X1'1111141 111111 Mrs. I'1'011111r. 1411111 1e11111s 111111 21 1111111111111 11f pr11111i1-11 1111l111111s. 1'111'1111ps 11111 11111st 111111111111 vi1'1111-ies w111'11 111lilll1ll1011S 1141cisi1111s 11v1-1' Hlglllilllll Park, 11111111s, 01111 Sil1111'41ilj' for 1111111 1l1l,VS 211141 girls, Zllld 11111111i1114111s 11111-isi1111s flll' 1111111 boys 211111 girls 11g11i11s1 NV111-11 11111 f0l10wi11g' Si111l1'll2l,V. The gi1-1s' 11111111 W11111 111 119111111 1'0r 11111 1'011111y M11111. They 1111fe111e11 11111111111 hy 21 11111111i1111111s 1101-isi1111 111111 1111111111 hy il V0111 0f Z! 111 2. 'l'1111 1111ys 1-9111111111111 i11 T1111111111 211111 1101111111111 Ki11e1111 111' il 11111111i1111111s 11111-isi4111. 11111 111s1 10 11011211111 hy il v111e of 2 111 1. 'l'1141 girls W11111 111 11111 I1is1ri1-1 3111111 April 24 111141 W1111 by 1h1'1111 1111211111 1111111s 1l1111isi1111s 1'i1's1 1:1111'11 i11 11111 11ig'111 1-1111111i11s l'11p1'11s111111111. T1141 girls V Y will 11111111- 11111 S111111 5111411 31115' 41. 111111 11111111111 11ig11 811111101 is 11111i1'iI1111,i11g g1'11111 l101141l'S 1'111' 1111s s11111111li11 11111111. 1111111 11111111s 111111 111111 11111111 111111111-s 111'41 11111' 1111-g111y 111 11111 11ll11l'111Q 11l'1'111'1s 111' 111l111' 1-11111'l111s. ' 1 11:11. 3 WJ! 1 'F 114 1 1-4 1 his 6 1 1 THE LATIN TOURNAMENT The Latin pupils who 4-ntvrwl the l'o11trz1l Tvxns liislrirt Latin T0lll'llillllt'llt from Tvlnplt- wt-rv: llvlvn -lm-lcsull. Miltlrm-tl l'l1t-lam, llaulvilu Illzulvley, MZIVQY Ifllizzllwtll lloltlt-il, Ibm-otlilv Gm-1liivi', -limo lim Aloxzlh- tlor, Townsiu Tll0IllIlSUll, lrllizulu-tl: lmwns, lilzmvlw llzulg. :mel Mur- g'uim'itv Ater. In the imlivitlilzll vxzuniiiaititms lilzmc-lie Hating: won svruml plzlrv iii thv fourth war rlzlss, :tml llzult-iw fllzulolev won sec-mul plum- in tht- first 'Yltill' class. The first 'YUZII' twain. llzulmw Mzitlvlt-y mul Mary lilizzllwth llnldvll. won first plzirv. lllillilllg :Ill an c1'zlg'v of 97.459, Thx- fourth 'Yllill' TOZIIII. 13111111-lie Hung :mtl Xl2lI'g'llt'l'lTt' Ater. won first plum-, lllillilllgl am ZIVPITIQIP of 95.54. lisszlys wvrv XVl'lllllll lair th-ut't'i'vy -XlltlllS anal Nam Stvplivns for the first -Yk'2ll'1 t'lziirv ll2lllll'l :incl xI'Yl'tll'0 RllSllillQ' for thc svrmitl .warg Lvtlm l'a1rkvr for tho thirtl .vt-air: llzm-l limi-lcauhes for tho fourth yvzir. tlvufflxv Allthis won first plalrv :mal Nilll Stvplwns won sm-mul plzlre in tho first year essay miitvstg Myi'tirv Kusliing won Sl'l'llll4l plalw for tht- svcolltl ,veziii Lvtlm l'Zll'lil'l' won third plat-cf for tht' thirel 'Y02ll'1 :url lluzvl Ii0l'kilHll'S XVUII svrmul plzlrv for the fourth ,vveiix EVA JONES J. D. CARROLL HAZEL KORKAMES MELVA CALDXUELL LETHA PARKER HELYN MAHLER HAZEL MADELEY INTERSCHOLASTIC CONTESTS The following students were successful in local ll1'6llll1lllilI"Y contests and won the right to represent Temple High School in the county contest: Boys' ll9L'lil111ilfl01l ......o,, ,,,,,,oooo,,,,,,,,,ooo,,,,,, ,,oooo,,,,,,,,,Ooo.....,,.,ooo.....,,l,,oo.l.,,, - J . ID. Carroll Girls' lll'l'lilIIlilfl011 ..A,,,,ooo, ,,,,oo,,. H uzel Mmleley Exteuipore Speaking Y,,Y,,,,, ...,,, ,,,,,,..A,,,.,,,Y..l,,,,.,,,A...A.. B I elva Ualflwell Spelling ,7....,,...w....,,.....o..........lo. ,,,o.o,,,, I lelyn Mahler. Letlizi Pail-ker Essay Writing .....................,.....,,.,,,..oooooo,..,.oooooooo,,, Eva Jones, Hazel Korkames These Contestants were very sue-resstul, J. ll. Carroll and Melvai Fuldwell, winning first place in their respertive contests. Hazel Blzulelefx' won second place and the privilege of going to the district meet. The spellers won first place. In the district nieet Hazel Mzuleley won first place i11 girls' 1l9lilZllllzlA tio11. NYe know that slle will represent Temple well :lt the stzlte meet. ENVIABLE RECORD IN ESSAY CONTEST In winning the state essay contest in 1924 and the second place in 15425, Temple High School has set a high mark in essay work. Miss Lenola Johnston of Temple High S ghool won the state cup for the local high school year before last and Miss Jeta McCoy won second honors last year. lll a letter to Principal J. L. Head of the local high school about Miss McCoy's victory, Roy Bedicheck, head of the bureau of extension of the state university, said: "Allow me to congratulate the Temple High School on having Won first place in the essay writing contest in 1924 and second place in 1925. I do not believe that any school has duplicated this achievement except the remarkable run of essay prize winners put out by the El Paso high school from 1915 to 1919? JETA MQCOY Miss McCoy's winning essay was as follows: VVIIEN THE JOKE XYAS OX MIC Last year my mother and I spent two weeks on a farm near Victoria. The people whom we were visiting were a typically happy family, There were the niother Maude, the daughter Polly, the son George, and the cousin and chief source of amusement, Grady. Each evening the Your of them sang, almost rivalling a negro quartet in the beauty of the low, plaintive songs they sang. One evening there was only a trio for 'tltly Old Kentucky Home," and only a single person composed the audience, whereas there had been two-that is, George, the tenor, and I, the larger halt' of the audience failed to appear. However, this was not so unusual, as we sometimes took a bumpety spin in the old rattley means of transportation. Almost every person has been "trans- ported" in one, and knows just what they are. VVel1, on this evening, we started on our way in old noisy four-wheels. After we had arrived at the 'tbig road," where a long line of trees was be- tween us and the singers, we stopped the vehicle. Probably of more importance than the trees, was the fact that the wind carried away from the house, the noise of our car. "It'll be a coupla screams, I'll say," grinned George. "Me too," I added, uselessly, but sincerely. "To see you fall into old Grady's arms, weeping-Haw-hawI-and claim- ing him as a long loved and long lost brother! Oh -l-l." He actually groaned with glee. He chuckled, too. Somehow or other, up to that time, I had al- ways associated chuckles with round, soft. fat men. But never again. George is an angular and as lanky as Ichabod C. himself, and chuckles as nicely as any fat man! I reached into the back of the "can" and took out the bundle. Being a rather small boy fl truly hate the word smalll, I was to masquerade as Sally, the sweet sister to Grady, the clown, who had always played pranks on us. At last we were to get even with him, 'We had sneaked out Cousin Maude's pretty curls tl never have found out why women would rather wear other people's hair than their ownj, Polly's make-up apparatus. and a dress and accessories from the Lord-knows-where. VVe bumped back to the house, I sobbing all the way fpractising, you knowl. Upon our arrival, I bounced out of the seat, and interrupted "Nelly YVas a Lady" by throwing my arms around good old fat Grady and kissing him, loudly and rather damply, on account of the sobs, He tried to pull away, gulped a time or two and then broke out, 'tl-Iey! YVhaddya think this is?" George mumbled something about a long lost sister. Grady did not hear, however, on account of my kissing him in one ear, and holding my hand over the other to keep it from going out, Maude and Mamma and Polly, naturally not so excited as Grady, recognized me in my make-up, but like good sports, said not a word. George, seeing that action was not progressing fast enough, bellowed "iTenshon, Grady! This poor girl says she's your sister Sally, and that she hasn't laid eyes on you in twenty years. Is she and hasn't she?" Xl'e waited for a vigorous denial from Grady of any knowledge of such a sister Sally, but! "Oh, my Sally! Sally, dear! XYhere U where have you been? Sallv, why didn't you como to nie sooner? Oh Sally' I can't realize that it's really you. Oh, Sally, kiss ole Grady. I'm so glad you've found me!" Then seeming to remember the rest of the family was there, he efrploded. "Folks, here's Sallyf She's my sister. I haveift--Z" Hsay, cut it out: cau't vou'g"' Hut he couldnt Iflis fieudish old eye had penetrated my disguise too soon. 'l'allk ? . 2'-1 2 O 'i 1 PROGRAM Formal Opening of the QNEW QAUDITORIUM emple High School MARCH 19.1926 Aiiuwiczi Invo1-zl1ion- I'1-1-sielvlif l'z1siurs' Associatioll JOHN XVRIGHT HOLSAPPLE Musivhlligll S1-Iiool lhmal MRS. LILLIE B. BROOKS, Di1'ec't0I' - l'rvsi1h-lit Sm-ilior Vlzlss JIM ED RUSSELL A lhlbl't'l'i2lTiU1l lly the Stlliivllf Iimly A Hvsollltioil - NETTIE LEE MEEKER sidvnt Svlmol llmird O. F. GOBER .Ml1ll'vss - l'rv Song-qTlw World is Nhlitiiig for tho Sunrise TEACHERS' CHORUS -l'1'vsi4lo11t High S1-lnool I,Rll'6llt-T01lL'll6l'S. Association MRS. Y. Q. BAKER -.lust Likv Your ligws DOUBLE QUARTETTE Snug -l'rvsi1iei1t Ullalinnlvei' f'0Illlll0l'l'6 JOHN A. COLE Adel ross A1i1iI'PSS-AIZIIYOI' U. I.. Walker Mixod Vllol-Us-1:11 Uh, Miss Hilllllilll qln Villlql You lllxill' Mo 1'z'1Hii1g, Caroline HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB AND CHORAL CLUB x i 4 i s sw -Q - --'-4 . .Y . Plug!-,, YYAA. lx ,si It 9 1. :L ,.i, . wiv Fi 4 Ffii fi fi V3 HPICKLES OR ,, ,. , 'Z Ja. 71 "IN OLD VIENNA" CAST OF CHARACTERS Haus Maier. Proprietor of Wurtzelprneter Inn ..,.,,,A,,,.. ..,AA. Louisa, a Waitress .,,,....,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,, Captain Kinski, Chief of Detective Bureau of Vienna. ,,,.,,, . Bumski and Rumski, Kinski's Faithful Sleuths ,,,..... ,,,, J. Jennison Jones, an Advertising Expert ,,,,,,,,,,, Jigo, a Hungarian Gypsy ,.,,......,,,,,....,....,,,,,,,,,r,,. Ilona, a Gypsy Girl ,,.,.,...........,,,,,,,,,,. t,........,..,t,,,,,,, , , Arthur Crefont, an American Artist .,,, ,,,,,.,....,,r,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,..,, June Pennington, an American Heiress ,.........Y.,..,. Jonas H. Pennington, Proprietor of "Peter Piper Pickles" Lady Vivian, a Charming English Widow ,,,.........,..,,,,,,. .,.., ' Ol Waiters ,...,,,,,, ......,,,..........,,,,..,,,.,,.,i...,,,,.....,. . ,..... . Dancer ,.,, ....,.,...,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,..,.,,, ....,.,,,,, .....,,,,,,i..... Violinist ,..,,, Robert Brooks Buster Brown Donald Burchard R. O. Culp Morris Dowd Fontaine Erskine Roland Fuller Bill Gregory Bob Gresham D. M. Grubbs John Hopkins Jarrell Jackson Edward McAleXander Robert McBurney Glen McKinsey Earle Neal Charles Roberts Orval Robertson Jim Russell Nelson Russell Robert Schultz Chester Shirley Aubrey Streater . ,, 1.4 ... CHORUS W. D. Zachry Lynn Zarr June Eva Alexander Marietta Bass Zinn Brooks Bernice Buckellew Tulline Buckellew Doris Callaway Dorothy Carr Cathryn Carter Madge Clark Ida Nell Clayton Claire Daniel Alice DeBusk Maxine Fletcher Sara Forrester Doro hy Gardner Blanche Haag Frances Hobbs Mary Elizabeth Holden Sainmie Ola Hunt I ouise Hartmann Helen Janak DIRECTED BY Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Lillie B. Brooks Beryl Wright Merle Holsapple Dorothy Mitchell Margaret Bassett .,,.,,,,...DaIl Perry ......Clara Brightwell ,,.,.,,,,Harold Childress jNick Bailes ,Hayward Shull .,.......Plimage Taylor l. Mitchell ......Vaugha.n Hunton ,,,..,rWoodie Zachry: ..,...,..Louise Young: ..,,..Jim Ed Russell Mildred Gardner In Gober, George McReynolds ...........,..,.,.....,.,,,,,Jeanette Allen Hamlet Tomlinson Mary Alice Jones Eva Jones Edrie Knowles Hazel Korkames Ned Elnor Lewellen Frances Lunsford Marguerite McKay Grace Holland MacGregor Nettie Lee Meeker Curtis Mitchell Erma Moore Kathryn Moore Marie Porter Mary Joe Rice Myrtice Rushing Margaret Simmonds Cretys Smith Lucile SmiQh Harriet Stokes Elgie Seago Leila Suit I ois Walker Eloise Word Margaret Zarr v K qleclamation Contest HIGH SVIIUUI. .XI'llI'I'0RII'M NIQIITII 25, 19243 Vinum Sulum ,, A ,lllzlllvlw Ilililil Tho IvIIkIlUXYll Spez1Ice1' Y,,,,, ,, ,.-I. IP. 4':ll'l'w!1 Tlw Sl:Iq-g1lw1- of ,XIIIOFICQI ,,,,,, Y,,Y,,,,, Urvul Ilolvinsun A Mvssagv to Garcia .,,,,.,,,, .,,.,,, . XIIIiI'0'Y SIl'P2lfl'I' 'Elle Ncw South YY,,YY,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , ,,A...... , , , ,,,, X Vilsun lbzlvis f Louisa' Yullllg' 'I'1'in,, , ,,,,,..... I Vullgllzul Iluufmu I 1'Ia1rz1 Ilriglltwvll The .Xlrwrimll Flag A , ,.,..,,,,,w Hazel If0l'Ii2llll0f4 A Blessugo to Gam-izl .....,w...., ......,,,, ,,,,,,7,,,,,., , ,,,,,,,,,,, N Iyrtivv Iiuhlning My COIlIlfl',V, My Mother, My God ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,..,,., . Xllyne Iiulin Warriors of thc Brokell Sword ,,,,,,,,, ..,,,,,, I ,uvilv Swiuk 'I'Iw VIIICIIUNYII Spslzlkel' ,Y,,,,,,,,,, ,,,Y,,,,,, . .. ..,..,.. HZIZQII Mzulelvy A 'fmlsf to the Flag ...,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, .....,,,,..., .A,, ,,,,, B I Q - Iva 4'g1I4IwvII l'iz11I0 Solo ...Y.... ,,.,,,, , ,.,, , ,.,,, ,Y,, . . ,.,, Y,IDol'uI'I1y f'ilI'I' H I , M . . H llllltllxnrrr S I. I . 4 IIIIHII "I Hzlzvl Mzulcllvlx' SUSIE' AN 2 OMPLE TE A BINE T ITCHEN OR US Direct from E. St. Louis 35 PIECES 35 EVERY MEMBER A LADY-EVERY LADY AN ARTIST IN FULL BAND UNIFORMS Fork over the price, CAN the blues, and enjoy an evening of real fun. You never SAUSAGE a show. Sousals was great-this is GRATER. The FUN- NEL last over an hour. Hear the peals from the PEELER and the sweet strains from the STRAINER. We hope it PANS out all right. BUTTER come - at the High School, Tuesday Night, April 20 Presented PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION 1 51 I 1 A 2 V ",f'1lIl IIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllll llr' 'f Q M331 E-E EH Doorx SEVEN HUB ii IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII -I m E' 1: 2 b '11 U. L., S, JP .,. -4 g 2 Q m 1 Q VT1 I F1 cu I7 1 Q E C -4 lllllllllllllllllll I """""'""""""" "" 5 n ig WE ......... . . . 'I 5 ki MA. PAH 0PP0ffHHifYf0 There is a real opportunity in this life for every young person who will learn to Work-who is Will- ing to practice self-denial of the good things of today for the better things of tomorrow, and is Willing to save a part of his or her income regularly. G3 When trained in the habits of industry, self- control, and thrift, success is bound to follow. 63 OPEN YOUR THRIFT AO- COUNT WITH THIS BANK THE EERSE NAEIUNAE BANK 0E TEMPLE HAMILL-HAINES UTHE BEST CLEANERS" AND DYERS 1111111 1'1..xss s114111: 111i1'.x11:1x41 P H O N E 8 1 2 BAKER 8: COLEMAN '1'1xN1-:ns 111111 1'1,1'111a1c11cs SO. THIRD and CENTRAL-TEMPLE PHONE 181 1 1 1 li YL? ENGINE eR:AND noon HARRY WAS KILLED BYA REVOLVING CRANE. ENGLISH MAN: MY woao! WHAT P15905 amos You HAvE1N AMERKCA4 I. We Are With You, CBoys--GirlsfD 3 7 f-X7 MMQM g X . l Jw -If you finish High School and leave a clean record and are ambitious to get a college education, We Will be glad to assist you. -We are with you in your athletics and Want you to Win. -We are with you in your school Work and Want you to Win. -We are with you for a higher education and will help you Win. 'ign 7 O 651:12 The City? Cflational CBanlc OF TEMPLE f f 5, meggni ,If IJIRECTTOHS: CHAS.M.CAMPBELL THOS.H.CAMPBELL I L.CARLHLE O.F.GOBER THOS.C.HALL R.E.KlPATRmK I B KREUSCH A.l KUYKENDALL W.E.MOORE R.H.PATTERSON C.RODDY WHS.ROWLAND HARPER STEPHENS D.E.TEMPLE W.F.WAYLAND P. W. Carroll E5 Company INSURANCE, BONDS, REAL ESTATE, AND RENTAL AGENTS 400-401 City National Bank Building PHONE 257 THINGS TO MARVEL ABOUT Our hilll' cut ................. The Three Musketeers ,,,o., My lips ,ii,,,,....,,,,,,, My posters ,,.,,...-,.,,,...., My shining roses ,,o,o, Our high heels ,Y,,, , l. S ,,,...,,,,,,...........,........... ...... Me ziml I mrotliy ,,YY,,...,. I llbb HS I l l JPEIIIPIU' Allen Minnie Kaltllryn I':IlllilllkS Nan Stephens 'urtis Mitchell Mary lilizahefli Holden Bai-liam My halskethaill playing ..,.,..,,,, My spelling .....,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,i,., Our iliroait trouble .,,,, I Me ......,,,,,,,.,i,.....,.......,,,,, ,,.,. . ,, My Nllll'lilll'1IS ,,,,,,,, My voiffure o.,,,o,,o,i My yoiu 1,,, ..,.,....,,,,,,,,, , The sheik ,............,,,,,,,..., My lN1l'lll2lllQI1I YYZIYPW. My swezifei '.,,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,o,.,,. My sim 1,,,,,, .......,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,, My long Il'UllSl'l'S,,,,, My vest ....,,,,.,, ,,,, , ....,,,..,,,,.,Boh iiI'0Sll2ll!I ,,,....,,...,N'irginia Urosno S Nettie Lee Meekei I Alive lleliiisk S Nick Bailes 1 fil'ill'l' Mali-tin ..,,,Y,,1izi1'le11 Bryziiit ii..,l,,,,, Vrefys Smith lsvzir hVll'klliH1l S Temple Miiri-:xy Russell Howzml ,,,,,,l,,,,,,,....Y,,,,,Morton Gohlhei-g 'l'i-nvis Reynolds ,,Hi'zu'e llollzliul Mvlhegoz- XVz1lkm-1' ,,,o,,,o,,,I,i,,l'1-liter Allen .,.,,,,,m,,n,,lliiiiiice Sullivan ...,,,,,,,,5lzirgiiei-ite AIUKZIIY 'lzlrelice Hudson ,,,,,i,,,,...iiSni11 Allen l1'Pll Furl NORTH PARK LOTS MCCELVEY LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY Owners and Developers THE OLYMPIA FOR EATS - DRINKS - AND SWEETS Temple, Texas Bell and Crescent Theatres THE HOME OF GOOD PICTURES WE'VE OFTEN WONDERED NYhut malkes -lm' t':1l'1'nll do the way he dm-s. Xt fI0lH"V l'lznstvl'li11g's social zispimtimis. l How lizlrl li2lt'llllS 1-:lu think of so lll2lll'Y 1lllt'StlOIlS. Xt the seiniors' Illl'llf2lllf.V. XVIIIV tht- Sillllll girls are lute ewry lIltlI'lllllg. lYh'v Iiill Xml is culled "Sto11el1ezul." At Adele- liill'll2llll. Hulbert Xvz1l's affinity for F01-tl l'tlllIl0S. Why Womly is sm-h il lliillggltll'-OI1. At -lim lCtl's self-ilnpnrtzuice. Whzlt umkes the girls love G. F. su. l How Mrs. llrooks l'illl Slillltl the ju,x'l'uI noise in the musit- POOH1. Why Milrlilll Ilolnws cam always flll'lllSll il mr. l.l'il2l Suit's gggiggliilg pmvlivities. Why t'la:u'h-s Holm-1-t is such an sheik. NVI15' fil'2lt'l1 lltlllillltl 1-efm-metl sunwwlmt mn l2ll'4lll'S this YORIP. NVII5' tlzlrlt-11 lil"V2llll faves the ll2ll'li ut' the 1-00111 so lllllfll. Alhtilll flowvl' Sll0Wl1l'S. About the lllil'tltlll1'lltlll tu the Sem -l2ll'lllIU spewll. The Cooper Grocery Company 'l'r'II1pl1".w Ulrlffxf ll'lIoIw.w17w III-Iwrfrxw wHoI,IcsAI.Ic fzlzovllllzs ANII 4'oIf'FIcI': I:o,xs'I'IiI:s We Recommend-Hunt's Supreme and Stable Fruits "Cal1forn1a's Finest" We Roast Daily - Cooper's Best Coffee - 4'The Coffee with a Kick" National Laundry '4The Old Reliable" QI11IlI'f,I1 ll'orl.' anal Nf'I'l'ff'I'-fillll' Motto P H O N E 4 5 R. L. Barclay, Proprietor T. R. Thornton, Plant Manager F L O W E R S .IN I'II'H1f.'l.'fJ 4 .I X I'7'l.Il 1-J - .IN I'lf1.x'11 RING NIGHT PHONE 1262 RING DAY PHONE 777 BELL FLORAL COMPANY TEMPLE, TEXAS 'ii " Guy H. Baker J. C. Bak Wx W Xxsxwyi Phones 652 and 957 Y K In N gk If af w Li' BAKER BROS n "G f rl EE. IE Q k BUILDING and PAINTING ' 'Fill if H Contractors I llllfl 0 Tr NIPLE. TEX x 4 E I X 4 I 4, I , .,4,,,,,az1'Z'!7 'I Civ X' - i ' , I. X744 , ,, 'f,5fX, XXX- I Ng - 5 ,fffvff f -I I' I X . f ,,gsLg2f' fy I .X -, rf 1 WI- 1 , I X I Q , 1 157 f,?f ff" ff ' Z! fl! .W -' 5 If, J'f - Magna ,T L i A - kg . 1 .4-affix ,X W 1- Y- 5:5 ' , ,Ju -... ' I. I '-.--in-......:f-55552 " I 'ff ff - . ---M-I.,-Iv. I I I- ' :ff"l:. ..:f ::. I '5 I I' li- ffii lg ' I I ' ' WH L- ,III--. , ., .I 'Zig--any 1: --:::4-:gi ..' Q? ' - I III, The Thomson Grocery Go., Inc. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS FOR ALL GOLD CANNED FRUITS MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE-ACORN FLOUR THISTLE BRAND CANNED GOODS ASK YOUR GROCER ABOUT THE BRANDS Temple Gatesville J. M. MURPHY, D. D. S. 405-7 City National Bank Building Office Phone 29g Residence 929 Compliments of J. W. RILEY, Lawyer CAMPBELL LUMBER CO. Carries a full line of Builders, Supplies. We have house plans and would gladly furnish you an estimate to help . you plan your new home. FORD SALES AND SERVICE Good Used Cars at Fair Price TEMPLE AUTO COMPANY, Inc. Phone 251 Doering Bldg. !IlllllIIllIIHIIIIIUIIIIDHUIIIIIHIIIIIIIIMIlllllIllIIHIIIIHIIIHIIIHHIIIIIIIUHIHIIIINllllIllllllllllllllIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIUIIIIIIHIIIHI! 5 2 fi YE OLDE PEDAGOGUE IOS JANEWAY'S DRUG STORE Drugs - Confections - Toilet Articles Up-to-the-minute Delivery Service High School Boys and Girls Spend your l su e hours at the Y. M. C. A. For only a small membership fee you ll have the access to the library, reading room, gymnasium, tennis courts, the swim- sg pool. FOR THE BOYS ALONE-THE BOYS DEPARTMENT Young Men's Christian Association of Temple SANTA FE AND CITY FRANK MATUSH Federal Tires and Tubes Radios and Accessories PAPA GEO?RGE'S STORE MEN AND Bors' FURNISHINGS LA I II ICS' RICA I VY-'IW I-NY EAR DRY Gooos AND sHoEs "We Sell For Less" . MA DANIEL FURNITURE CO. QUALITY-SERVICE BETTER GOODS FOR LESS MONEY IN STREET TENIPL E. TEXAS Have You Started Your Savings Account? 4 PER CENT PAID ON YOUR ACCOUNT with THE FIRST STATE BANK TEMPLE, TEXAS 1886 - 1926 Another mile post passed. This is the Fortieth Year I have been in Temple. There have been many changes, but the Service at Willis' Drug Store remains about the same. W. E. WILLIS DRUG STORE Wishes each of you a successful career FAMILIAR ECHOES -lurk Pulp sec Bliss llama' . l Zllll glml tn sw Ilml you are lillilllg cure ol',vul1rselx'cs. lissiv Marv Huy will llume. Fmne by :mil take cure nf your lllllllll. The llolnllvrs sw- Blix l'rm'Ter. All 1-iglut. leI's t'lllllP tu lmsnwss, tolli. Cul flu- 1'0IllPll.Y. I Report In the ofl'ic'0. lie ut 'Ylblll' I-asv. f' HOTDOGf fi fs WE SHO AN Cc-rm' OUR New FLOOHS WAXED ECONOMICALLYI I qs menrfa C E Nb 19 JLG' W. B. SHAW Chrysler Dealer Ilan Nu. lluinf run ll,Ml'l,E L Compliments E. J. COLEMAN GOODYEAR Means - Goodwear .IIFFY TIRE SERVICE III East Velzfrczl P h 0 n e 2 6 9 Try HOLDEN 'S CAFE When Hungry s .1-C 'TVN 1 C Q N f f A , Q' NX NM I . O N ' G MUN lb . N 5 KW gk x :SD Ml 3, g sv KQQ N A Q all gl 6 'J 1-Q. is , FHM 2' 1 - ,Q-255, GUIC I .5715 I Q Qj I - SS? RADIO PROGRAM IIROAI N 'AST BY S'I'-X'I'IUX 'I'. II. S. Nulo-Hvziri Ihi-obs A,,,Y,,A,,,,...........A...,....A .,,,,Y,,,,,,,A.,,...,,,..,,,, ,,,Y,,,Y,,,,,,.,, I I 1-Ion -IZIIIZIII I:l'2IlIIl1QQ+,XIbSlI1lL'lI BIZIRUS TIN- III-:irt 141-ow I"on1I9r ,,,,. I. VV. Filip I VIII-isiiiw IiUlll'IlIIIOIl U I II1-Ilon Gzlmly Qlmi-iota-llw I'lI1l0I'2II bong ,Y,, .,,,.. , . ..Y,,. I -luzlliltzl In-0 I IYiIm:i Iloiivluillou Iivzuliiigfkly Low is Like an Iii-al. lied Rom ',,YY,,AAYA,,,,,,,,,,, Nick Ihiilvs Solo-,It is I. I. I ...,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,...,,..,,,, ,......,.......,..,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, - I i 1 ll ICII Iiussvil Violin SoIog'l'I10 IYo1'I4I is xxriliiillg for NI1- Io Rim A,,,,, ,,,,....... . IIIIUI-5I1NlIlII2'Ilt :xml Iiosvs ,,,,,. , ,.....,., I Ihiul'-V lizilsturlillg ' I Iintln-yii Hassett CongratuIatior1s to the Graduating Class From Birkhead Motor Company BUICK AUTOMOBILES Sales and Service 'I'I+INII'I,IC, 'I'I'IX.XS J. W. BONNER Watchmaker and Jeweler Next to the Crescent Theatre TEMPLE FUEL COMPANY WOOD and COAL Phone 80 Phone 98 Hflmnnd lIvni.sm1: "My girl tohl nw I was the answer to il Muir l'i-ayeif' Imrix Culluzruyr "She 4li1ln't :isle for much." ,ll1'. ll'iIl.'x: "Now it is the duty of f0l'6Illllll-7, Hur! BIII'I'llllS.' "Which four IIIQAIIT. nlivcp that sc-lioul girl l'UlllllIOXIUllf0lIt of the 1-aiu." rlliss .lr11olfI: "Wl1a1t's il lI2ll'ilIiIll'f" .llurifzn l1oIm1's.' "An exvuse for il story without any point." Harolrl f'l1iIr11'v.v.s.' "liver lwvii to 1l1'ev11lz1il1l?" I"1'unf'r.5 liubbs: "No, only Lillllilllll.-i Olin Sullirun: "lint I 4lon't think I ileserw 2111 absolute zero." rllr. lfllS-W'H.' "Neither ilu l. but it is the lowest mark that I Illl :nllowwl to give." HOUGHTON BROTHERS Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Wall Papers, Glass and Pictures Picture Framing A Specialty WADE FILLING STATION Headquarters For Gas, Oils, Accessories, and High Grade Tires Telephone 808 len N FIFTY-SEVEN VARIETIES LET- HARRY SHANKLIN Do Your Cleaning RugsCleaned P h o n e 1 2 3 4 Time to Start Trading With C. H. GRADY GROCERY "End of the road Where you can make ends 1neet"' Corner Ave. B and Main P h 0 n e 1 2 1 4 Miss T1-1111111111111 g:11'1'111'1'1'1z1ssz1 Test i11 whivh she 11skes1 them to 11111111- five of S11211il'Sl?t'Zl1'9.h plays. .xlllllllg the titles 1'e1'eiv1111 W1-1-11 these: KING LIAR. A Ml'I1i1'I1-XXT UF YENVS. 01.11 F1C1.l.0XV, M 1' HA TH. UBIl'I1.l'I'1'. 1Yhi1'h 1-11111i1111s us 111' the high s1'h1111l p11pi1 111111114 Nozill. who sui11 that S1l21liffS110ilI'0.S 11111st 1:1llllllllS 1109111 wus "Ve11i1'e 211111 A111'1111i11s." 11111-nflly fllll'I'.' "1,11v1- is of :Ill the p11ssi1111s the st1'o11g11st. 1111- it 111- iiIl'1iN si111u1t1111e11us1y the 1lt'il11. the llt'211't. 111111 the st-uses." .1llI1l'1lll' f"ft'fl'llf'I'.' "lf wishes 1'z11111- true. what w11u111 you wish fi1'stZ"' Clin GUIN'I'.' "1 151111111 wish-1111--if 1 only 11il1't'11 tell ,v1,111." 11l1l.riz11',- "11111111: w11a1t1111y1111 think l halve 131111112111 up wishing f111'Z"' J. A. LIPSCOMB C C. sxoooimss ODGRASS-Ll PSCOM B Men's Furnishings, Hats, Caps, Work Clothes 1":111111us XY2lSl1 Suits 211111 Suits 3121110410-.11l'i1S11l'l' ",N1'11' 11l1iI1' lfls XI'll"' 1'h111111 " 4 " '1'I"111'l 11' 'l'1"Y V4 - - .. 41. 4.,1 THE GAS HEATER IN YOUR NEW HOME SHOULD BE A Humphrey Water Heater - We specify and sell the HUMPHREY because- ' ' E31 .E,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?',,,f",r lt is the original, 'i Kc X lll' -n lt has the factory guarantee to perform the work for which it was made, It can always 'be maintained4other heaters are imitations, they come and go, and cannot be main- tained by replacement of worn parts, 9 Nl When better Water Heaters are made, HUM. 'Ulm "" PHREY will make them. We sell the HUMPHREY for cash, or on terms f suitable to the purchaser. lw ll 4' A There are more HUMPHREYS in service than any other Gas VVater Heater made. -Z-. 1 f X J x i il 2 Temple Gas Co. .-falflw lfulr: "Wnnn-n are 1-ntitlell to life :unl liberty :intl the pur- suit nt' main." I"11!lnl'.' "Well sun. you l'0l'f2llDiY nnule ai foul of vmirself. 'l'li:lt l girl 1-ulrlwtl you of every rent you had." l,f'onur4l I"Iwtr-l1r'r.' "NY:-ll, slzul, ,vou'll liaive to lninfl it to nw for picking tlufin clever." Nlll1'NlHIlll.' "Vain I st-ll .mu il vzu-uuni 1-li-:ilu-rZ"' .llfulyfw l'v1flIl'l'.' "Xin we have nu Y2lQ'lllllll tn 4-le:ui." Q.: Wllut is :in alley? ifillllf Ii'Ifl!N."'.Xl1 alloy was sminfniie who lwlywl the I'. S. in the war." Lllfllll Zulr: "ls Mr. Mc-1'ull il gmnl t'lwi1listi-5' tem-l1ei'?" .lxlzlfjlf l','IIiot.' "4loml? l slmulll say lu' is. Hes get the zlvitls eating' right out of his llailnlsf' ll'4m1l'fj 'iSu'x'. Blix llvaul. wl1:1t's il grnlli-l'i-1iit?" ,llfz llw1fl.' "lt's ii ivlllllll tl:nt's lreeii given n 4-llzliive :intl Inns tzlken illlllllllilgtt til' it." Branham Repair Shop ELECTRIC AND GENERAL AUTO REPAIR WORK TEMI'I,l'I7 TEXAS P h 0 n e 4 2 1 102 South Third Street ,lavlr .llr'I"adflf-H: "Tho show is good. 'l'lle1'e is il gl'0ilf 1-lmmx lll tho lust au-t. Just als two lmrglzn-s climb iu the l klfl'IlQ'll wimlow tlw vloe-lc strikvs ollvg tlwu-" l,r'1rl's l'olIol.'.' "Ile mort' explicit. lVlni1-ll our- :lid tllv I 1-lol-lc sTl'ik4'1" NUllll'lIllflI'1'.' "Aw you wailing for solm-o11v?" lliymififwl Nflllflll' "No, l pl-omiswl to nu-vt il fl't'Slllll2lll llL'l'0.u .llr. .lfI'f'llH.' "lf il lllilll 1l1-llggist is vzlllwl Illllll'lll2l1'lQl' what would you cull il lVUlll1lll 4ll'llg'Q,flSf?'. lmilu Nuff: "A Illlill'lllilL'lSfl1l' of t'0lll'Sl'.N J 0. B. DANIEL LAWYER WE WISH TO CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1926 ON YOUR SUCCESS. We Want you to be customers of our store, assuring you no store in any city of Texas has a superior stock from which to choose the apparel you Want. Chas. S. Cox 83 Son OUTFITTERS TO YOUNG MEN, BOYS, AND MEN "IRI Filflltfl' he il Vonlml He lf I voulcl not be an Are. For ai Vould He is 21 May lie NYith a l'll2lI1l'8 of tourhillg par. i l'd rather be an Has liven Than :1 Might Huw lieen by far For a Might Haw Been has livver been lint zu Has was onvv nn Are." f-IfUl'l'OXVl1ll. Ln' 7'lmu11l.w: "Let the fellow who does not wish to be idle-fzlll in love." Hmzry Hmnpfflx "Say, tlml. l'l'lll0llllWl' that story you tolll me about when you were expelled from Sl'llO0l?u Ffzilzwr: "Yes" Hl'IlI'.Ij.' "NVelI. I was just thinking. llzul, how true it ie that history repeats itself." I-IOWELL'S STUDIO Avenue A Phone 483 Better Portraits for Less PROFESSIONAL KODAK FINISHING STAVINOHA BROTHERS HARDWARE - PAINTS - WALL PAPER The Largest Hardware Dealers in Bell County Telephone 133 , Temple, Texas Q- Q.: "What llQlIlIK'llN to gold wlulu it is exposwl to air? Hflmlrl Rul.'r'1': "It's stolen." illixs Tr11r'hIon1I.' "Did you l'llllDlO.V some uuderllaud de- vice in writing this tl1emo?" Nuflic Ifllxllinyf: "XlD-l'1l1lQI'XVOOd." Iiwltish' "Awfully sorry. Miss. but l just took off :Q piece of your gum." Hlluicc' Snllirrln: "Tl1z1t's all right. just stick it under tlle Cllilll' :md I'll get it wlu-11 I go out." Combine Pleasure with Duty by Eating Lots of BELL ICE CREAM IT'S A REAL HEALTHY FOOD Bell Soda Water is not only a thirst quencher, but a body builder, and costs no more than the ordinary kind. Insist on BELL ICE CREAM and SODA WATER every time, everywhere. Phone 573 START HIGH T! One of the best qualities you can develop is that of thrift. It will enable you to get established in the World of business. One of the best ways to practice thrift is to buy your goods here and save money on each and every purchase. Checivcs Bros. E5 Co. IDRY GUUIIS. 4'lAVI'IIINH, BIII.LINICICY LA I 1 I ICS' RICA I DY-TI I-XYICAR .ll1'. ll'i1l.'.w: 'WVI15' 4li1l lIz1wtI1111'111- llilllll' 111111 of his novels "'I'l1e S1-z11'l1-t Lette1'?" rlliww: "I tlllllllll. unless he 15'z111i111l it to 111- I'l'1l1l.u llun l'r'1'1"1f.' "lI11w fill' are 'Will i11 lit-111111111i1's?" I-'1'u1u-few .l11.wIi11: "I11 the lzlst of 1'1111s1111111111111. I Illrs. lf1-11111.-x.' 'Wyllili ke5' are 'Vllll 11l115'i11g in?" l"I'f'll f'Illl'flI0l1.' "Skelet1111 levy." illrs. Ii1'm17.'s.' "Sk1-I1111111 kv5"?" 1 l"1wl: "Sui-11. fits 2lll'YTlll1lQl'..' llrur-1' llf11I11111I: "Now 15'l1:11 Wtrlllll 51111 do if 'Hill wen in Ill.Y sl111os'!" ,lfllI'l'l'HlIS .Yf'ul: "Het them Nil'1'tl'll0d.., Illr. liI'I'IIUII.' "lI:11'e 'Will ewi' llilil l1z1ll111-i1111ti1111sZ"' ,lflrflr lf111'l111111.' "Yes twiw: tlw first ti1111- il 1Ii1l11't Tlliil' but 1111- Svtitvlltl time it left ll S1-ur." Imp: "Why 1l1111't .Yflll blow ,YHlll' 11111-11 :it II11- 1'1'11ssi1'1gs?' .Il1', N1.f'lai1': "lil'l'1lllSP e5'e1'5' time I do. all the girls stog out t11 1111- 1'lII'l1.i' "The Main Place on Main Street" Temple. the Town to Tie To California Confectionery MOORE and LESS Cold Drinks, Candies, Ice Cream, Cigars and Tobaccos, Fruit, Etc. Tl'IMI'l.IC. TEXAS jloflzer: "Have you given the goleltish waiter today?" .lludyfe l'Inrl.'.' "No. Mother. they huven't finished the water I gave them yesterday." Hl'l'I.IjlL Ilralre: "Are you l'o114l of teal?" H. F. l'ef-lc: "Yes, hut I like the next letter better." Lo l'erm' Iiu,s.v: "I saw you out driving yesterday with ll young lllilll. He uppeureel to have only one urns: is that ull he hus1"' -lrmeplzifir' Hzlyln-s.' "Uh, no: I guess the other au-in wus around son1ewl1ere." lfyron l'l41rl.'."'lii4l I ever tell you the story uhout the flirty win4low?" V. 1. .Iliff-lzell: "You iliil not. Tell nie about it." Hjllllllf "No use.-you eouhln't see through it." I llr. .lIu.won: "NYill you please holal out your tongue?" lI.eilu Suit opens mouth alnel sticks out tongue u little.l The lir. luguinn: "Put out your tongue il little further. please." 1.0111 lpeeveillz "Well. 4lon't you think there is any enel to ai girl's tongue?" FARMERS STATE BANK Capital 375,000.00 TI'lMl'I.Ii. 'l'l5X-xs A. L. Flint, President T. A. Cheeves, Vice-Pres. Paul Casimir, Asst. Cash. C. D. Seyloold, Cashier A. L. Flint, Jr., Asst. Cash. AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRIC COMPANY LARI. ll. VASICY. Mgr. Radios and Parts USL Bat teries Gabriel Svviblers WILSON 8a SHERRILL Insurance, Real Estate and Rentals UVM' Willis Ilruy Nforf' 'l'l'IBll'l,E, TEXAS CALE BROTHERS GROCERY and MARKET TEM l'Ll'I. TEXAS A. L. LILES SOUTH HENRY SPENCER SIDE GARAGE Xfwr Nwofl if Wliilf' H1l.9l1lflll STOP AND GAS WITH US I'llurlf'.s I1'olu'rfs.' " 'iich Xll llo you think is thc- ln-st' ncrolmt. Iloullini. oi' llonnlal Ogden Stunrt's lim-o, who nionnteil his horse :ind gnllopeil off in all 1li1'e1'tionsZ"' 'Aft .lin-L' ,Yf'lll.' "Y6lIlll'l' YVll'l lbiplomavy E z ' ' ' . . . l about Robinson 1'rnsoe? ll says llere, el' he hurl finished his nienl. lie lit up hi' pipe lI11l s 11 salt llown on his rlu-sl.' " is the Ill ol lettlno' soni oi-i - ' Z., , e .1 llse liziw your Wily. ,llr. ffflllllf "The wily you high svhool flzippers sling the slung. yon 4lon't sounnl like nothing' niui-h." .llr. Alla-l'11ll: "I'Izu'l. stop 2ll'g'lllllf". You :ire -is haul -i ' th ., . . s e ninn who nrginwl ill ilaiy :ls to wllerlwr his g1l'e:it-grzliillfnthel' was EPT or EPS when lw died." Hurl liflvhus: "How olil was lie?" Miss lruvlvlooll, who tolil her 1-l'1ss to write on thi il ' 10 ' ' ' llwpiioli of llU1lY0ll, was snrpriseil to lwweill- il lrlunk llilllvl' from lVillinni llc-sser "lYlmt is lhs- lllllillllllg of thisZ"' ZlSlCllll Miss 'l'rl1ehloo4l. "I lolll yon lo write on your 1-onveption of llenvm-ll. Zlllll liero you ll2lYl' llone nolliin0"' ' "luring nothing. Bliss 'l'1-nehlooil nil Xlllllllll 1 nn llllllllfllllll ii llC2lYl'll " f F' . sz 1 'A . TEMPLE'S EXCLUSIVE OPTICAL STORE Christian Optical Company HON THE SQUARE"- TEMPLE, TEXAS Located at 19 North Main Street We test your eyes and fit glasses-we grind the lens from the rough optical glass in our shop. THATS ALL WE DO, BUT WE DO IT RIGHT. J. F. CHRISTIAN, Optometrist CHRISTIAN OPTICAL CO.-"On the Square" Trrlris Ifvyimlfls: "W.I1a1t would you say if I flunked foul subjects Z", Big Ifrntluvz' "Get ont. .YOIl.l'6 fooling." Traris: "'I'II:1t's what Mr. Hvznl said." Olin Iiabwr: "I lll2llllTZ'l1l that men :mal women a11'ovq1u1I." ilfll.l'IIH' I'wIf'ff'l1l'I'.' "Uh, Olin, you'1'm- Ir1'zl0'-filigz' " ?'2" 1 ' illr. l'I'I'I11Hl lin 1'I1ysimI Iimgi-ziplnyr: "What is the vii'- CIlllIfPl'I'Ill'1' of The v:ll'Tll2"' .I. -I. Nr1l'f'll: "HIL about LZELUINI miles." Jlr. I'r'rnon Islxm-level nt ilu- Iam-st of iiitelligem-er: "IIo'.v do you find the elistzlilrcir' ,I. -I.: "I find it IIIIIIIUIISIHH A DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN MEMORY Commencement Day - The day when the young Woman or youth graduates from the studies that will fit them for the ser- ious affairs of life, is one that will be cherished always. Associations and pleasant friendships made in the class-room will live in memory years after many of the old school chums have scattered widely in business pursuit. A photograph will be appreciated by your class-mates and Will serve to revive pleasant memories of the old days in years to come. LACKEY STUDIO , W DRINK O R A N G E C R U S H AND GET IT IN' KRINKLY BOTTLES ONLY ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING CO. Theo. Floca, Mgr. P h 0 n e 6 .ll7'. illr-I'r1ll: "XYhvn am- lllOI'fj.f2lgIOS usually paid off?" ll. F. l'r'r-Lx' "In the lust avi." .Yvffiw Imf' .Ilw'I.'f'r.' "I slliwly was sorry to hezu' that you were injured in the XVz1c-o game." Hrnry ,Bill-VfF'I'Iillfl.' 'WVIIUI1' did you get Hint? I wz1sn'f hurt il lriffy Ywffif' l.fv'.' "XVIII, the newspzlpi-I' Writeup kepf I'l'ft'I'l'illQ To your 'stiff fmnf " .lim Hd lf1r.vsr'll.' "NVI1z1t's in this book. 'The l,:ld,v and The 'I'ig1-r.' 2llI,VXV2l,Y?'7 .Yir'l.' HuiIf's: Hlmnno. but possibly it refers to the Tem- ple-Ileifon Qilllllhii -Illllfffill' "I found that 'Not To Ile I'sed. Except in 412180 Of Fire" plan-:11-d those boys got" .lIr. l'I'IN'ff'l'.' "XxYill'I'l'?'i -,llIlffllI'.' "'l'I1f-iv hand naili-1I it ow-1' The coal bin." DRS. COTTON and COTTON cflIIl:0vI:..u'Tn' HIIZAIJFII sl'li1'LxI.ls'i's The latest in Spinal Therapy 20.3-' ll'ilw,n ,'f11:'lfl1'ny 1 I I' I1 o ll 0 2 U J, 'l'li5II'I.I'I. TIG SLOVACEK MUSIC COMPANY Band and Orchestra Instruments Pianos, Phonographs, Music and Studies-Easy Terms Business Phone 994--Residence Phone 1181Z TEM I 'Ll'1, TISXA S FIIHICIH' "Failed in your exaxnination again! Whats the ,.. excuse this time Z f'JllllfCl' Nullirau: "Well. what couhl you expect? Tliey set the saine silly q11estio11s!" .-luhrey !'on1f'Ii11s.' "l was surely l'lllll2ll'l'2lSSt'4I the other night when l Illillil' il IIIISTEIICK' in front of iny girl." ,Lldrirm .Ifllblzlff "Ol1. cliagri-i11e1l?" .lllbl'f'.lf.' "No. she Iilllgllllwlf' ffI'lIl'l' fllintlllll .llrlrfirf-gm': "Ally fashions i11 thc paper, lizl4l1lv?" Futlwr: "Yes: but they are of 110 use to you. dear. It is yesteiwlznfs pa1pe1'." ,llixx .Iliff-MII: "What tln you know about Fielding? Iizriglzt !'l1apnu1n.' "Nothing, l failed to inakc the twain." OUR JUNIOR COLLEGE To make Temple attractive to prospective citizens we must p11t our schools in the first rank. VVe have always been proud of our schools, but in these progressive times we must aspire to larger and 'better school facilities. The Temple Chamber of Commerce desires to see every boy and girl in the City of Temple so educated as to -befcme a paying investment to our city. We are glad we have secured o11r Junior College and want every boy and girl to take advantage of this opportunity to secure a college education. TEMPLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE J. H. HEMPEL JEWELER The Best of Everything in Jewelry Headquarters for Graduation Gifts "XVllill.S the lllilll0I'. Nick?" "Notl1in'. -Ins' Rl lvit dizzy from rc-:uling il vilwillzli- lvtt , Ol' tlmt's all." The rozuls to the lllDl'2ll'.Y are pzlvwl with good intentions. riwffu lfu.w.v.' "NYlmt in the world is il IIll'f21illl0l'?'. Helen l'r1ftr'r.wu1: "To keep vows in. Sflllll1,l.u .llu TOMLINSON'S TUFTLESS MATTRESSES Made from Highest Grade of Long Lint Cotton Renovating Work a Specialty Temple Mattress Company D. W. Tomlinson, Prop. sw E. Avenue C. P h 0 n e 2 9 s Temple, Texa Denison E5 Laramey FARM IMPLEMENTS AND BUGGIES Agents for STUDEBAKER CARS Goodrich Service Station LET US MAKE YOUR OLD OAR LOOK LIKE NEW Auto Painting, Trimmings, and Awnings DeBord-Williamson Top Co. Tl'IMI'l,Ii, TEXAS Xivlf HuiIv.s.' "Say .uni going tu he huslv this eveni11g?" Graf-ff illartin: "Nm I'm nut." .Yicl.'.' "Then you Wtblllf ho til-od in tho inurliiligx. will ymiZ"' .llr. ivl'l'llUllI "What is ai Y2lK'lllllll?'i Imilu Nuff: "I lmvv it ill my hvzid hut I Cilllii think of it just now." Sl'l'l'0Sl'f- l. Lvila Suii ccnildlft fzllk. 2. Nvttiv Lev and Alive did not seo van-I1 nthvi- for ai whole hour. Zi. The Sonim-s did not get an vxziggvi-zitvel idvu of tlwir- illlIb0l'fill1l't'. 4. Mi-. Head didn't iimssalge his hvzid vvery lllOl'Ilillg. 5. Louise Young XVilSll.f always smiling. XYEIJ,--ll'ST SI'l'I'OSI'I. A-ldvlv Burr: "Uh. Gmini-ge. I saw ai hig fish-Thai hung, undci- the ive." llrfuryw ,llcIfv'1f111rIrI,w.' "Are you suw ihali it waiszft your l't'fil1l'TiOll?u Wm. A. BRADY, 6'That Trading Mann OPERATING- l'!H,XlVY'S 'l'K.XlblXG POST HH,XIlY'S Ii.XliIlNY-Xlil'I VU. "SELLS FOR LESS" Down-in-the-Hole 504 Second Street gm, . STUDE TS CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS CARTER E3 BA UGH '4If It's New, We Have It" Ifrllriylz !'u1'fi,v.' "lC1'H-11:11'l' you 11021111 thc- song 11111611 NlH'f'lHlI'fII,C FllfIU'lf,Ij?U .1ff1l'f1Ilf'I'ffl' .lla-l1'f1y.' "1 l10ll.T 1'1-11111111-t 1lilY1Ilg 11021111 it. A1-11 you positive that you 11111 calling it by its right tit1e1"' 11'aIf'igl1.' "hV1lf'-XV1lAY. I 1101111111 it is t'OlllIIlllll1,Y 11111911 In Ihr' Nll7'f'f B310 mul Iiyvf' Imris C'rzIIu1N'r1,11.' "Did the I1111iz111s 1151111 any 11isti111't social g1'o11ps?" Nadif- l1'11s11i11y1: "Sure-. H:11'011't you 1l02ll'11 of the 1114111111 1'111bsZ"' ,vw Jlrs. Jmzffsr "What does 'Siv trzmsit' lllilillli V1'1I'fIfIl1fIl f17'0.WlU.' "A111l111l:1111'0 se1'vic'0." IJ. Il. Hr-I1'i1lg1': "Say, 410 you think j'0ll'l'l' tho best looking lllilll on thv CZIIIIIDIISZFQ Hayzrarfl Nhirll: "No, I 11o11't: but whz1t's my opiiiion 1-111111111111-11 with tho opinion of 1lllI141l'9I1S of girls?" Illr. Hfvlfl: "Have you 11111-11 Sllllbkillgf in 1lPl'9?N Harold l'l1iIfI1'f's.v.' "1C1'-1111, Mr. H9z111." .1lr. Head: "NVQ-11. 111911. what 111:1k1-s tho room 1ook so l1:1zy?" Harold: "W11y--1-1'-1 opvni-11 thv wimlow 211111 il 1'1o1141 hlew in." 'l'f'mpI1' IiIu11d.' "I 1111111 111111 this l'2lI' for t111'1'1- y11a11's now :11111 11:11'- 11't 1111111 il wut for 1'e11:1i1's." ,lim Hd I1'1f,v.QffII: "Yes, 1 l'1l2lI'gl1 lllj' hills, too," ATHLETIC SUPPLIES FOOTBALLS EMBLEMS BASEBALLS HELMETS BASKETABALLS STORE GLOVES C. I. MITCHELL, Sporting Goods H. C. Chas. J. M. T. B. W. S. CPE LETTER Dear High Schools Students: The officers and directors of the TEMPLE TRUST COMPANY are interested in your future. You are going to be good citizens or you are going to be bad ones. The city has some of both kinds in it. YOU WILL DECIDE FOR YOURSELF Out of the long years of experience and observation we know that your lives will depend to a large degree upon your attitude toward money. There are a few fundamental things every boy and girl ought to learn about money. 'FIRST-Money is a sacred trust, for it's brains and blood and heart power fcharatterj coined into negotiable form. SECOND-lt is not "Filthy luere" unless the character producing it is filthy. THIRD-To waste it is to waste good character, the most valua- ble thing that God has ever given to man. FOURTH-To serve money is t0 become an idolatrous slave. FIFTH-To make money serve you and your neighbors is to be a master with money, the slave. SIXTH-To possess money. you have to save it and to save it, you have to form the habit early. The habit is worth more than the money. This company has a plan for you. Come and see us. Yours sincerely, TEMPLE Glenn. President M. Campbell, Vice-President VVoodson, Vice-President Duggan. Vice.President Rowland, Secretary-Treasurer TR ST CO. Miss Ermine Davison. Asst. Sec. Miss Hazel Millard, Bookkeeper Miss Flora Lackner, Assistant Chas. M. Orgain. Special Inspector -TTGHS R A ss M ' i wil VW, ' i ' A 1 , ' , illfrks ewgwlf f C I 09 ev lst I V A 'iff R-J A I M ff 'NE W J THE SCHOOL ANNUAL IS AMONG T 'Am mf I , I L AMERICAS MOST PRECIOUS INSTI- TUTIONS. G ON ITS PAGES LIE THE ARTISTIC EXPRESSION OF Ik!! fry. A' I I YOUNG AMERICA. Q BUILDED IN- ' ' TO IT IS THE LIFE OF OUR YOUTH. , A I Q IT is A MIRROR THAT REFLECTS I I ,M I THE INSPIRATIQNS OP YOUNG I M, i'Wv'W MANHOOD AND ASPIRING WQMAN- 'WWF I HOOD. 65 FITTING INDEED THAT f I I , I, so MANY OF THE YEAR BOOKS I I 1 - 'S N SHOULD SEEK THE FAITHFULNESS 4 A X 3 OF REPRODUCTION AND THE PINE A A, EXPERT TOUCH OF THE CRAFTS- MANSHIP CHERISHED BY THE 4 w P Q r I I In SOUTHWESTERN N4 2 fy ENGRAVING COMPANY . I Chi 'AL Fort Worth :: Dallas :: Houston :: Tulsa :: Wichita Falls Pi Ei :Ex if A ,L ' S-JS P L I RYA Rm , .SN f2IQf-sie,-is-'f , 'Yi-' A-ff-A m I Our ATION-WIDE 1 Buying Most 696-Store Z4 lvlN5T'TUT'0N We Buy Buying KA H . For Less- Power vfr JI? Ei I-, S- li-' Selling Most Saves You Q 0 O C G' qncorporated WC SCH Money X w For Less NO. 12 SOUTH MAIN STREET, TEMPLE, TEXAS 696'-Store Power That Saves You Money.f At this store you enjoy savings which only the combined buying power of 696 Department Stores can provide. As we buy goods in very large quantities, we not only obtain the lowest prices the market affords but such high and reliable quality of goods as will insure our further orders to the producers. Our values are real and without a peer. Our established policy is to give the lowest possible prices at all times for goods of strictly reliable quality. We aim to serve you well and unfailingly. A fair. cordial and courteous treatment is ex. tended alike to all always. We do not raise nor lower our prices except when market con- ditions make it necessary-and we do not hold "sales" You are assured at this store-at all our stores-of the lowest prices Consistent with current, market costs and you will be given the benefits of every purchase we make through our extensive buying power. WRIGHT UNDERTAKI G GO. TOM S. WRIGHT, Manager I I Ax E I w f fe + 1 VWQQJ FY + T T .14 S ' 4 ,T T Lf? ZR-f 3 N f Qge f , 'V 2 T Y Fa .igf 'j 3 4' , ' ff--W. 1,.,,4:, NVOUIPHOXV XVILSON VOMICS TO HIGH SUHOOI.. Telephone No. 420 MODERN FURNITURE COMPANY HOME FURNISHERS Push or l'rr'1lif 3 'l'l'IMl'l.l'I. TEXAS 1 A T R N Kelly-Springfield Tires TELEPHONE 81 J. M. 0ZIER'S GARAGE AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES Gasoline, Lubricating Oils-Storage and Repairing No. 5-7-9 and 11 South Third Street TEMPLE, TEXAS ALBERT JANAK ELECTRIC SHOE REBUILDING ihzml xYUl'kl1l4HN1 Matwizllfzlllel il fzlix' SIIIIIIVK' pl-iw Ike f:Ull4l,Yl'Zll' XVi11gf4m1 Soles :xml lleels ALL OF OUR WORK GUARANTEED Quality Goods at Fair Prices is thi- Slogan of this Slow. Um' goods will lll1'2lNlll'Q up to il high stzlmlalril of tlllillily. Um- prim-s are lowfoui' svrvif-1' iillvxi-1-llwl. .X voiniiflvim- stork of vw-1'y1lllll2 1-z11'l'iwl in illl ilir-to-flaliv llzul-ilwzlrv S101-e. IN-.20 ln'r1.w1 l'w11l1'11l .lI'f'11u1' I' ll 0 N l-I Z! 4 Il 4 'l'l'IMl'l.li. TEXAS GREEN HARDWARE STORE THE GEM CON FECTION ERY "Where You Get the Best of Everything to Eat and Drink" M. WATSON, Prop. fX 0 ily. 9 r l il, si' -Y: 1 I' VY f GUESS? COMPLIMENTS OF J A RRELIXS SOUTH SIDE DRUG STORE N. G. FHARLTON. Prop. "Thr Nfflfl' l'f1'IIlII'f'flI1" PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE f- FREE OF CHARGE Phone 618-146 DOERING-DULING OIL COMPANY Gasoline, Kerosene, Fuel Oil High Grade Lubricating Oils P h o n e 1 4 3 Temple, Texas B. E. ESCUE Chiropractic Physician 'l'EMI'I.I'I. TEXAS ill f iil'I'lllH' .1 Urn' l2Im'l.'nl0n'.w .lf'll'r'lry Stow' 1' business is lending IIIUIIPHY on 'l'emple honnes-We flllillllf' 11011141 on the easy lllfbllflllj' plzm-less than rent. l.et's talk it over. R. O. CULP 8: COMPANY W. W. SELLERS Furniture and Sellers Mattresses IJ!! Nnullz .lluin 'l'l'IMl'LlC, TEXAS BELL NEWS STAND Shine Parlor for Ladies and Gentlemen Newspapers and Magazines C. C. BARTON, Prop. T. W. REED "THE TEMPLE FLORISTU For Graduation Bouquets P h o n e 3 3 3 QIV1eCe1vey-Hartmann Extend their hearty congratulations and good wishes to the graduates ' h 1 of Temple Hlgh Sc oo May they live long and prosper IBBIPGERB ff A995 13 r it ff V! f X 3 ,fr x" 5 , . 34.9 bT1EE.!-Q x limi? 11 gnmazfkg r , x -lb Ill nn num r I , lllllll llllllll '. X , , , A 3 kt Qbzf Ill ai 'milf gl' N iif"" t it alumna ' lllllnll - mmllgik 5 -sswivaa to r r r L ul 1 5 T ff J - x fi, iz ' gi lI?a!::w5lU - 1 5 , ix I 1 Scsi ,i Q xx nf' -Ag X X 1, 5' Q t K fx , r Q4 xx 2 'r J 1 , Baylor College For Women Baylor College had last year the largest summer school of any college in the south outside of the State Institutions which in many instances were too crowded for good and efficient work. glhelprospects for this summer are even better than they were or ast. Th first term of Summer School opens June 7th and closes August 14th. The last half term opens August 14th and closes September 17th. This enables a girl to get in a third of a session by staying through the first term or a full half session by staying through the last half term. Girls who stay through whole sum- mer, through next session and following summer may get in two full sessions and save one full year. The fall term opens Sep- tember 28th. Baylor College has same entrance requirements as has the University of Texas and same recognition from State Depart- ment of Education. The faculty for this summer and next ses- sion will be larger and stronger than ever before, as we are add- ing five men with Ph.D. degrees. In addition to standard courses leading to standard de- grees, all special courses will be offered. Baylor College has a Fine Arts department of which any institution might well be proud. Large loan funds and special terms to girls and prospective teachers of limited means where properly endorsed. Baylor Col- lege co-operates with Temple Rotary Club in lending money to worthy Temple girls. We are proud of Temple High School and of girls we get from Temple. We want more each year. For additional information, write J . C. HARDY, A. M., LL. D., President, Belton, Texas. IFKG 11' 11v111-.V 1112111 i11 the 151111111 11f play 1'1111l11 XVlll 11111 111111-111s 11ff111-1111 1l1121'11, 11' 111111-.V 1111111 1-1111111 l111v11 his way .xlld l11s11 111111 11111 9.011 give 11 l'il1'CQ If 11111-11 could g1'i1 l1is 11111111 111111 sign, A1111 s111i1i11g with 151-i111 11elig.5l1t, T11 111111 he f111'11s '1-1'41ss 1110 11Il8,-- 1111's g41i11g 141 NV111 11141 fight: If 111'111'y 1111111 1-1111141 lllllj' 11is 1,1l'S1 When 11111 1i1111s 111' 111111111 1111'1l, 013 S11P1l1Q 111'11is11 1111 ,211 111 11111 1-11s1, S1111 1111' l11w1'v 11111 119.61 s11111-11: 1f1111 1-1111 fight till 11111 l11s1 wl1is1111 11111NVS. 1i1lUNV1l1Qlf 1111 is 111s1 11111g 'f111'11 '1is 41'111', Y111 with 11111 v111"1' 1111s1 i11 111111 11111111s11. A1141 1111 11111 l1is 1l1'1l1l1 1111 illlj' 141w'1-3 11' lll' 1-1111 111111111 11119 1111' 411' 1111 11is l'1li11ll'l'S A1111 1-isk 1111' g1111111 4111 411111 11l1'1l 11f will-111'-111s11, 4xll41 l41s11. 211141 s1111-1 11g'11i11 wi1l1 111w111' 1-1111111'11s A1141 g1'11i11 i1 11111-li 2111121111 111 111111s 411- 1w11s1 11' 1111 1-1111 1111-1-11 11is 1111111-1 111111 11111-V11 111141 N11ll11V '1'41 figl11 11111 g1111111 llbllg 11f1111' 111111 111-11 15111113 A1111 s11 1111141 1111 XV1lE'll 111111-11's 11111111 141 1111141 111 4 1'lXl'L'Ii1 1111' 1Vill W1111-11 says 111 111111111 "1l11141 1111 lf 111' 111111 111111111 21 1111111-111111 11111 1111 11igg111'g 111- 1111 21 S1Zl1'--11111' 111s11 11111 1-411111114111 1111111hg lf s11'11111y W411-14 411' gl111-i1141 filllll' l'211l'1 11isfig1'1-3 11' 1111 1-1111 g1l111jv 1411'11. 11111 11111 14111 1llll1'1l. 11.1111 1-1111 fill 11111 f11s1111' fl-111111 111i1111111 Wi111 six1'v s111-411111s' XYU1'1'1l 111' 11is111111-11 11111,- I1is is 1-41111 1.211110 111111 111'111"1'1l1i11g 11121118 wi111 i1 .xl111'1Y1111'11 is 111411-11--1111'11 1111 21 S1111'. lIl,Y 84111. I I 11Vi1l1 111141111ggi11s 111 Ki111i11g.1 I I. K'111'1 Congratulations to Temple High School's Fine Student Body ' As you plan to take your part in the activities of the com- mercial and professional life of our Great Nation, you will soon realize that LIFE INSURANCE is part of the firm foundation upon which the strength and Weight of America's vast business institutions rest so securely. As you build character and fortune, use Life Insurance as your corner-stone and the structure Will Weather the storms suc- cessfully. W. J. BASSETT, General Agent TEMPLE, TEXAS "Faithful to Customers Since 1896" MISS DAISY H. LEAKE Associate Three Leaders in Tires DAYTON-DIAMOND AND SOUTHERN CORDS Hicks Rubber Company P h o n e 1 7 1 7 TlcMl'I.I':, 'l'l+1XAs Smith E3 Elliott "The Shoe Store of Personal Servicen SHOES - HOSIERY - MILLINERY TISS! l'lil'l. 'FICXAS THETESTOFADVERTISING IS RESULT THE PR00f0f RESUUS '3RfPfl'l'0N Q -We are always glad to give an adver- tisement to the Annual of the Temple High School. -This is the stamp of our approval of your efforts, and the mark of our congratulations on the success you have attained. -We appreciate your good will now, and will afterwards when you be- come ice customers. -Your friendship as well as your pat- ronage is sought. -We are strong for all educational ac tivities. 65 IEMPLE :cf za Rffnacmnnc GQMPANY PHONE ' i lax MADELEY E5 MADELEY 65 FOR TEMPLE AND HER SCHOOLS I I F31 . J lf? H ' 'JR COMPLIMENTS I li 4," I F If Q Ii' jj? 5 I V f girl ' VI I v A Il T5 EDiIL0RAl Cu l . ,Eau My W ll x, X , X' I I ' Ill ,vlllllg f 'hi t I 14 E. Central Ave. Phone 1318 OLDEST IN SERVICE ESTABLISHED 1839 "WE PAY FOR ASHES AND SELL DIRT CHEAP" F or 37 years the insurance companies that we represent have been paymg for ashes, and We have sold many pleces of real estate cheap. We are here to serve you further. JOHN A. COLE Real Estate and Insurance Specialists fi-N llnlI'l1.vfl!wnflrlzf lillzll 1151 'l'l-IMI LIC. 'l'l-IX X Ag C. L. REYNOLDS, Druggist Kmizlks and Fold Drinks II Xfwfll .lluin NI. CITY DRUG 8: JEWELRY CO. IJHVGS-TUI LET AR'l'lC'I.lGSw-GRA! IVATIOX GIFTS C'm"nf'r .iluin and fvfllffllf I' ll 0 I1 0 5 5 'l'iCMl'Ll'l, 'TEXAS Subject to Action of the Democratic Primary S. B. 11'a1pl Mc-ICLRUY EX-TEMPLE HI STUDENT Candidate for h,f'lII'f'Sl'I1fllfiff' B171 lwlnlljf Respectfully Solicits Your Vote and Influence GRIFFITH'S "Mn STORE Owned and operated by a Temple citizen "Where courtesy and cleanliness are the Watchwordsn . E. . VI W .ii rx aaa it 1 1 if nose . . "iii i ' W ' 0 G 'th h ........................... - . Ep luiwflm ip enulne O1 op omc 35 85 00 L 'ii' i R- 1: Portable Super Heterodyne ............ 3225.00 Hi - ii, eg-'TR exif- h CONVENIENT TERMS ,.,,,-...ya-fx.,-.fffff """'v"' 'Q' PAGE BROTHERS Architects A u s t i n , T e X a S CITY BAKERY Butter-Nut Creme Bread .1 Spf-vifllfy U. J. VVAGENFELTHR. Prop. Southland Cotton Oil Co. Mill SEED PRODUCTS fl-m,,,.1, 1,-PM Callaway E3 Sullivan GROCERIES and FRESH MEATS -XLI. KINIDS FRICSH FliI'l'l'S ANI! Yl'I4llC'l'Alil,l-IS IX SEASON S. A. CALLANVAY. Mgr. M. SULLIVAN, Mgr. North Side Store South Side Store Xu. 308 IJ. I"r1'nrl1 .1112 Xu. T06 ll'. .ll'1'. fl. We give Green Stamps and the Price is Always Right DR. E. H. CHAMBERLAIN, Dentist Complete X-ray Equipment 1.2 112 llfxi .il'l'Illll' .l. Phone 231 Residence 1086 READ THE ADVERTISEMENTS E are proud to list the "Cotton Blossom" as a Gresham Product I 4 N L MARTIN HOTEL MOSS ROSE CAFE ' FOR TEMPLE and SCHOOLS Your Business is Appreciated W. A. FISHER Dentist I"Ir'h-lim' lfllflllilljj TEM l'l.lC. TICXAS ARTHUR HEWETT Undertaker READ THE ADVERTISEMENTS O D D Y R O T H E R Department Store That Service Built Style! The Magic Word that means so much to Well dressed Women It is the constant thought of manufacturers of fine Wearing ap- parel-It is RODDY BROTHERS that sets the style for Temple BELL BAKERY TWIN LOAF and DOROTHY PERKINS B R E A D Our Quality of Bread is the Best to Be Found Anywhere Try Us and Be Convinced TEMPLE, TEXAS Congratulations to the Class of 1 9 2 6 DR. H. B. MASON K. S. Hull, Jr. GENERAL CONTRACTOR City National Bank Building TEMPLE, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS Wm. Cameron 63' Co., Inc. TELEPHONE 17 T E M P L E T G9 TE LETEXAS LET'S BOOST TEMPLE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS V I r i I i LV - -- u

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