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, M' ..q,.f im .,gzs.,. 1 ' 'J'-Qsa. Produced by the journalism Department of Temple junior College Temple, Texas Volume 39 Templar 1971 Academics Activities Classes Organizations Sports msg' w w H w w x 1 ,kg W Y 4 m.. 1' 3 5 . 1 NH '4-M , z 1 M 1 ,1 AN I win- 1 J, 1,,.:f.'11 ' ' ' sa.- - 1-J'-"9f"!4N ' - l , 1, 5-.fl i 'TH ' , 'Q' Si 13 W if-1 .1 . 9' I , .w.. 594:-.,'.-'-L-, . -A ..4fF.f: ,ff fm V , , 5: K' N , iff 1-3" +1-1.:"ff., -2-993- 'ATI' " '5'5""1'f5' is "" fl -'Q731'U,,' L if '.DI5,'L s " ' 5' ' ' '. - I '4H1?f.: w::f gn 1 2 q J " 'fi lf' 'YL if'-f's'E: "H ", 'W' 2 'L an-I' .2 r L V 1 T" . - J, .:f.:,- .. '- , -"N :1,,.1-.1 r,.- .-- w-1 I G- L .. .w . www . XX X ' w' w w ww X w WA' ww w w ww ww f w lg.. .J':LfEiff?3j.ZXX' . .. -XX... X X w H Q wig' . 5 fw . ww ' W w- 'X uni .Y W A 1 w wX n 1 w ,. w w w is new-Q-,gf .qwfwww ' iw: , . wx-4-.w,,gq,s,g'e6w 'jim-w .w.-.--vww x . 'wwfw-.www-,XX, , w-1 ,. .. .. . .. . . w , . , 1 . .. .5 . . , w ' f ' X,'ww,3'-54-'--3-'f'c1?41w ' "f1ff"w'- w"'--PM -1- w.. ,- 1 -- . ' .Swv ' ' "1 . w " 'ww iN 'Q -L - - 'A 'w . 3 X X X .. ' ' ' 'w 1- ff" W ' M ia w , ' F .-V -. - - ww w f- i U wx 'fwif'- w'1"hx "N "MW U3 -:L X 3 W 1 ww ' -. w '- ww -13' . x g -:X -ilw a ww .Xl w ' . . . . ' , ww, ,. 4- X X ww 'w 'iw A' I-' -sw h ww X w w '-wwiwwfwgw, w - . sv- , -,., 3 '-w .. : gf? f ww1,.d7' -f . 9' - w,jHf1:- - , w,.,:nf -i, ' - -w.-...gg-: gww. wWi"' ' X -wwswswaf iw w-.w,,X,jI,XXXX,w..wgx zwf.w:31w,:1-Er My ' m ? ' w' Q" I ' "' ' . T f-Hi '-1, -4-www'-. ,X 1 .-M - 1. 11.. w - .. - il! ' 'F ssuiw-.-F,-M X .. . 11254 K- . -.X XX 5' 'A 51 ia-eau XXF . f- w ,www X H ww w X X XX X X X -XX X XX X X . XX X . XX X Xi . X XXX , . . w .X . - ,. f X- ,. L - ff ,X WX.,-.. Xa vi.. " '- ' .. - ww 25 .w mx L "Y-w . -bf - pw., w w . -wQwww"" 'V e .Q W.. 1 Q. , w., ,X . Q5 Wx- we, ZWUX Mai.-X X X X. w ,ff , .. - w "ww-... 'iiw 97'13"" ' ' 'U' www- w 5 K aw ' ww' -w wwf' . ' ww X X 1 X X .w ' V U ' ' ' ' X X T ff'-wwifiw " -T.-.jf I" X.wX. L. . , ' .w M W w w ' iiwww ww' w '77 '42"'Eg'lQMY7'P'9E'm ' . .awww ww ffwwgs ' fl f' w. w . ..,. iw'f'5a. ifln il uw- X -w w wwnww X. 'w ., ww --1135155 - L T . w ww ww-w". 'ww-w . ' ' E ' "iw-,F ' w': K "'g . " ' w I T -lwf1"wwwwwWew""'f'wMw wwwwwwwwrwwtwwf .3 ' w w " Fw ' w ww .w w . X X XX w .www w XX' w ww ww wwwwwwww ,X'XwX X www WXX :Www-F 'w'V..., ' igfffswwlww X' 'XX 'w XX ' wX X w-wwXX 5 ta f-xwxww iw w ,X Xw X, 'ww W jgfwivwfww " wwf.. P522 w'wF5?v5gQVs'xwF' -W' .j1'?fw5-'iw "wwwwJ'www -F' 22 'Q w ww 'fl www-wmgwr w A w " ' . . " w' www- f' wh'-"i96'fff9fw'12?w5 1 :L Ww2sQ3w"..-z- 5w?Qg.ww,.3i.wf5g ww - -,w5.41.,3Q-f4'wpw.Q,Xi2w'w 'ww wg,-. w Aw. ww . w w - gl .X . w.w .. w. w ww ww ww wwwfwwgi X5 ' ww w w . .X w wj wp 3' ww jjf"f X ..Xj wjg afuwr X ' . 'tirw' ,,1w., Lswwwugi. g. X X X ,Hifi w XXX w 'nw XX w - "L ' 'w XX f' 'nw JXWYAQ1- X 1. w wwf Q- 33' N .gf " 'T 'es..k.. Hi.. .. f' - w - - w H .w v .1 w..w ww w ' - al . "' .. .w H wi w '- '. ww .. if-3935251 wf I AINEBH'-P.' . . ww, ,fwff ,nw il ' ww "f"wL-Pi iii-lf?'E"f -ww " X X ,.X.rwww4w w,XXf. ,X XX X - X,X,g,3,.. no 1 new ww- hX,qwXf X f . .4 M X .. 47.5.-f. .WXX 3 X X X Xwv 1 X Q-1-.-'www w Q ww 'V wwf' . Wi- ww, 1, .EL 'fa' .3w?WU'-1 ,wg,X9w:+'i"'.w.,. X., . f iw, X F. 'nv .XX w, XXX . .. 31 XXXXXXYQ ' qXXXXXXv-' X X fwww XX ...XX . .XFX .XXX ggi., . w 4 'W w ww . wxhifiiuiw' wiwilwwww . wfgifik' H, wwwawwapwwgfm, :-XT. ' . . M, w ' wwf wr-L? . " ' fawwwm w deg 4 - f ......w.w..w.w ...MM Q.: - -' ww from january 1957. . Administration building Air conditioning for the Administration Building will soon become a reality with the passing of the bond election. The addition of this convenience makes the oldest building on campus completely up-to-date with modern facilities. Along with the classrooms and an adjoining gymnasium, the build- ing contains the business and registrar's offices. Linda Biery, right, gives a report to her government class. Don Minor, center, psychology instructor, explains to Ruth Hoesel and his applied psychology class the principle of a Ouija board with the use of a ring and a lock of hair. 1 LL ' ' 7- 'mall n, Larry Bell, top right, receives a tuberculin skin test administered by Mrs. Hazel Bond, an RN from the Bell County Health Department. He was one of the 450 students to receive the test. Psychology class students, above, observe a mixed- media presentation, a light show with music on the subject of paranoia. to September 1961 . . Berry hall With the construction of the new Fine Arts Center, Berry Hall will no longer be used as the Fine Arts Building, this year is its last. But it will never be useless. lt is being air-conditioned and will be con- verted into an academic classroom structure. Frankie jenkins, right, converses with Margaret Green, in the corridor of Berry Hall. Emilie Cavanaugh, top right, inspects a tear in the old choir robes. Richard Allie and his brother Louis, center right, give a demonstration speech using a bassvfiddle as an illustration. A group of teachers, below right, converse on the sidewalk leading to Berry Hall. . .ff ,gn 1 "1 was 559 - ff?-V f ,LT 4. A- M - .. l :ff-' 'sfo-1-.revs-Q.-1 gr-1 .,.. f'l7T.MaWE'J"'i.illllvi 975904-,i5F?li'1,.iI? win-J" ll, T H . - - ' 'il ' .- -1--li fam? fm? -la'1l,..r'-6-,,,wEPm'1w iv.-v-..--QIUQ cgi. . , gs a. ni, .J F... Y- nf- W5 T13-L . J -0, ski 1- wa? am! me '- Q , mial N X, L ' .gf- .gg--fr I J .1-.. 4 f N .N 7 M --"L 'ww' ., . -1 V all-'rf -' I Z --H" " """w- 'XL J fro m july 1 9 6 . . . A d s Q s at ' -y" 4 , . -.-. , 17 Q L. . :Ji :Li'v..:,,,g,4-V, ip' th ey -'12, -Y lNleWtOl'l SCIGHCG wi N s or is firm if Lgulg-dQE ,f':E,1-,Ig :iii f A T 1 li Q ' gjfild gfgaf V g ' ' F, The science building was renamed the Newton A 'AQ . . . ,Jai 'jf ,,f.:-'-3, 'aa-'lf 'Zi' ,,-, "if -T fwf- Science Center this year In honor of Mrs. Anne Penney Newton, biology chairman and instructor, , . , Y , ' XT-YS' .:, ,',' ffl' ' 1" , v- f f'1"g5,f--f.j.,l-522. who has taught here since 1948. Students, below M asc-' M , :54.3y,i" ' t, . . . . , . -'. ' - -" gf, ,, 'P' .,,1-If-r L',.-K ' Lfjg,-,a'2'f?':.' left, In a biology lab watch intently as a lab assistant as prepares a drawing they will have to make. r li it Q t , 4 , i g Ginger Leslkar, below center, works as a student as- - - ' " ':iif'gxr'g-j.:1.' 15:11,-T' slstant In the NSC. ,iii t,,, 1 . ff 't" V i,-w--w,r'f,-::V-akqglf::p:a1gQ5s25E'fe-iw wz1esL:smaf,me,tf ' - - W.. -A ' 1 ' ,,.-.-.0 . . - 4 5M"':'iaZ james Taylor, biology Instructor, far right, commu- fgffiibdaglli asf ,-,- U nlcates with hand gestures as he gives his lectures. ' ,,,f,eggag13H2n1..:.'s:1f."f.1ZlffQ'1-1atQL3.1',:,t,:'s,,,k'7'rfffi-Six as i- ""?", 8 rw 2395 Qs: fliii to September 1965 . . . Hubert M. D "A Tour of the Hubert M. Dawson Library" is a new audio-visual aid narrated by counselor Ray Richey to be used in freshman orientation classes. The aid fea- tures slides and an audio tape which shows students the proper way to use the library. Paula Martin, right, daydreams in the solitude of the library. Mrs. Gwendolyn Hauk, center right, carefully checks over freshman research papers while Mrs. Wilma Lewis, far right, takes a short breather. The mezzanine in the library offers desks and a lounge area or private rooms where the student can study. One, below right, takes advantage of the library facili- ties to study for final exams. 1 0- -d 1 dl .aff-wt "' .nl from Se 'Tember 196 tg1asii2sigs?ff ,, m'.il"g? SWA' 'ff N if :' ' 2 Y it ' . A U A In keeping abreast of the rapid technological pace, the Watson Technical Center participated in an IBM teleprocessor linkup while approximately 500 students viewed the experiment. A telephone number connected a 360-67 IBM computer in Los Angeles to a console in the Watson computer center. above right. Various tones were coded and decoded into machine language, which were sent through the computer's memory banks-the process took one-half second. Richard Shine, far right, was one of the many students who participated in the experiment. Students were given an opportunity to ask the com- puter questions and answer its questions. jimmy Haynes, center right, monitors an IBM card- read punch unit as it sorts 1,000 cards per minute. A student assistant, right, feeds data processing cards into a card punch unit. 12 QQ-x v ,. L vm ,,., , i.Vi l m iz. Alf- , ' M 1. U I xi 46" . V X 1? A w . za .jj f 'a Q f X -E-...ii 5 13 to March1968. . . Arnold Student Union if- ' A .ll ' lil H 1 UCIIQQI Addition of a gameroom complete with four pool tables and two ping-pong tables increases leisure time activities offered by the Arnold Student Union. Money made from the students' use of the game tables goes for maintainence of the ASU and new equipment. ASU features a snack bar and cafeteria with dining area to serve the students and a faculty dining area. Located at the south end is the bookstore and at the north end, a carpeted lounge, parlor and a mez- zanine with color television. Glenn Hagler, far left, prepares to return a serve in a match in the gameroom. Gary Shelton, left, watches David Talasek make a strategic move in the ancient game of chess. I5 1 11 A-1aff.1a':,., Qzmzw 1:11111 , J11.L3,, 'fiiiid eil 1 -' " , Viz.-YW, 1,.,..,, 2-'ei .1 ,nw 1-. Q. . Ayr. 1 T 1111151511 111 1' A--'A--' 11 ...1-id ffl 555 ' 2 132315152711 , ' 'iz .1 1 14, 1 , 1 11N-1 51 We 'Wax 1 E ,EI ' bm 111 1 .V 'fiixfsiy 'LL 1 M11,1.,,.1uu N :Liv Mm: 7 W M M ,qfggifg 5 1 1- L'11f24s1s1i,,. 2 1 11'-12241122 M iif3ggf1121: ' 11 ,X .V,AfM z,15 1 Q 1 1' 1 1111 1 M'7?i?3?E5?'W 'A W 5 WI 7 511 W 1 1 ag? 51- , ' xfg , 1 1111711 11111 1 . ii' A 1 ,111 QQ: , , .. .151 ,KM 1 ,1 -' wa - , A -1 i 1 EE- Q 11221 val. Q .,-, r .T 51:1 1 1,1 11 A 15 Q51 ,wr u 1 11 '. 1 , 1 1 QQ' 1' ', gg M uf ' .... 1 1 ffl - W 1.1, . i . E Q , t .-,, 4 ,,,I-34 --'1 s 1111 5, 1? . . :QL P' 4 1 1 +22 ft, 1 1 . 1 al 1 5 'Z 1 Q11 1 Lmmxrrfs to 1970 East W A P w 18 5 .55 -, L. 1 -J-A Y 'gi 'r J l V l,, IH E 'mg :L ' ' 5 . . ' 'A 1 . Y H, " I B if ' as 1 5 1 . W 3 if f . , ,A 1 W gr f ' , . ,, ?.' na A K ', '4-trips, -R24 -, Q u 'Q ,, . W .. ig ' f' '- Q" 'H' aff '-v 1 f'4"T.,ii A, , v 65.-X . I :H f. - A - .MG-' , - f E.. el. ,Q V. s. , M ' A if, ,'E'Q.,. ' , , fin , Y, 4 . V 9. , ' ,1 ' , , 1: 'f 1,3 . Wi, ' a ,fe " U ? gm 5 fi .- My gi, 1- Af A - xi, 3 wt-.2 2 M 1., V n V ,di I Y VV M Y ff' , -E ,, K Q r 'L Vi K N' Q V A P L ,wi , , A '21 Nj A f I' ., ' , - -L , 4 , V A 1 ' 92 . ,wxx - -- R v . A W' .. H ' ' lp iff ?bff,..mf3B. I 5- .m M: 1,-5I.sQ,L. P: ' , I .-if 2: at 4 'rf I. Marilyn Wesson, lower left, contemplates on what shot to make in her bowling class. Harold St. Amant, center, practices his driving at the golf course located on the East Campus. The East gym, below, will soon be replaced by the new physical education building. It is presently used for bowling, weight-lifting, archery and other physical education courses. --'ff' - '47 C u D , --A fr" M.. , Q ,, ,.---f' JZJ,-f ,.- Y - --' Y ,Z 0 Y . ' 7 , , f ,1- ' " J..-"', Egg." ',.- 'fy , ff' ' -' , fr, - ' 'V V . -V" f,"""v,,-ff ',,- , " , f -jff. , V Z? a .aaa 1 .. -eq.-,gg "' ' ' f .-.-', ',V,,.. -wwf.. .a.a,, '- I1 ' L. .., --g..1aQ-sv.. ., ,if -..ta .M 53,4-.M 14... -3" - s+ff'f'+wfacat1onb A Ny. I N' -- 'NQJLQ' Q, . VZ, I 1 n .- . 'K 'Fin'-I -fi-'ffql 5 " 5"'5:"'-f '- ' If 1 and Iewfple -9' aff' was '- ...ri 31? ww ,P V A 'gag f Y an .., -.- dgpucgthe 'ns-F I- 4 it 1 972 3 WI is - . , - , . , ., .f 1 ,. with s,ea.t1ng'4 for 1 - ' "5-'f"f iff" ' , ' . , , - ,"-.' 1- .' V - -, , swfmvm ool-W fou'r ' Q " L. , ,- Dx' V " . - D , tw0.'j5f1dbaII cc3urts, :-rl g, L' U'QHin alle aragqf-dressing -- ' fy gg myfdeg f h 'g ,' ', Y V " hp V1 or eac -A 1" g eigalio ..A .F b T G f ,Rl G.-f f' .M ll ..,, . ,i . "iwf"" 51,Q' , ..,--vp .pw-'J ws' ws. -'Q J I 4 -- . I I . :'!w',z E - . I 1 ' gy, -hafta' ,f by A' "" inn-'..mwf - Q' L 1-4, 4'-'J . . j,,',l!.,qJ F --,,.- 4. -v' , g ' , '- A Q- nil -' ' ' ,.,.-, , . . ,,, . - A ,4 r. .-y5v,vha1c -'wi-1 are -W, gr -v. Y ' ' - , " 5' M ' -f .-. . Y ,W A 1-ww nuff. " ' .W ' Ai . S - 'Qs 7- Q ' ' 1 4. . A K . 'f!7 ' i,,1v"i1"i ' ' w -,J , , .5 lg.: A K W- 4 nf .- M - - Q'---. - . 2-v-' . M .. 5- , '- f '-. f':'-"C-11-3 'A 9 ' ' . 4 f ' ' ' , 752' CQ 1 9 ' . 1- ' . .. . ' . - J - V. - -- -,. .., N .-, . .lgn ,..'z 'M--J .. -- --P -.U f... fb . ., Y , . . A 8 'O' -yy 14 Q" Y .4 "dx ' fb- ah "" " ' '..f: ' '-,' -'L -, ' .u A . A '.' ."-' n :.'."iwrR.g L.'f4.g"L?L.ix..L.S31A'f 'iw,,Q, g....' 31,31 ,R-fwf- .. fy Q"!1i'5PlI..n-'11-.lik -ark-'-A -L -'."hJ YIM. Q'-if ,,. '-ff if 145' 9' 4 g Q w xx fi: M' Lu 32 .54 5 has Li an sf? Z , Y L LA my ,,,.. W X E U N-K aaa -5-...G-a A. 3- H, cw -.9 ,W '. www in ,F , , - ' J -1- ' 5 J..- . . . .- ,I :. .1 ,L gm Y lfg in .nz , mg, F 12' Q wg 'ru mf W, so .. A:.,,, ,A ,., A The new'Fine Arts Center, as shown in this architec- tural fdrawing, will include the radioand television, speech and drama, choir, art andsbanld departments and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 1,200. Features of the building will include a theatre-in- the-round, a radio and television studio, an audio- visual room, classrooms and office space for all departments. A music library, a band music library, practice rooms for speech, music and band students and a display area for the art students will also be contained in the FAC. -- f---N' -'W iz?" 57' "' 'V ' . 1 ,, ,, , ,M .c ,sw .. .V it V W Yyw-gb -Y ,cc,,,,,.., -,,-sf',-': Y' ' "U ' ' WHNMY Y 1:L4.,,,,,,,.... a,...-23S, -iv-LEW .W aw! 5-ZX.. st5,1,a, ?g,5,3,iat.2Lf, ,L ,g5,,.., i .age me sa., ,, ,- friimsgsfz Iifsir dia me Q W4 ' W' If v ai ' " ' ' Qs' 'x ' ' J 23521 ' WYE' fy? Y? U, Y Q :tw J 'f Y ' ..,4 V N E55 '5 S. ' k f?5?Wrws, , , - ,-' '- - -1 fair: 2 t . QQ . ,Ag -W A-tim sal z a' .: -- tis: +L'--.. W . V , W, 1, "2--. -X-'J ' "' .Sf .--7 -- ' - . at-fra, t..t W l My as , A-Q.: - - , f fi.,-. 3, f 5- - -,i M' K- J, .-3Ei, -. ,. ,sf ,STI 'al "--"T-- 'Kgs Y- - ' i3?Q- "1 gi?" " 'fmi W5 if-ff, -V 3131- Na ,.gg5QM 5111 W wah., ' ' -V - " E35 , , 1 sis' 121 Wife? l it v 1 1 V 1 4 2 WI, ,za si . .. 5 5 , .- 5 xp A . my A , ag! Q . at A,-4 If fi .agwgg 'f"-'-if i ,, N- ,gg f A -Wim ,,f, 1 V HRH: N, gm rw W ww 1131 :wx , ww 4 Academic Board of regents TjC's Board of Regents, a nine- man governing body, is elected by Temple citizens. Each member of the board serves gratis. Lanette Wiggington, below, is secretary of the board. Board members are, right top to bottom, Keifer Marshall jr., who operates a private insurance busi- ness, Sam E. Carter, who is in the business of building library furni- ture, R. 1. Smith, insurance and real estate business and R. L. Ep- person, who is manager of King's Daughters hospital. 'ifl-fr, . rg,-9 Y X Xl ' N. Xiu ' 'il Dr. H. H. Brindley, below, is a bone surgeon at Scott and White hospital. Other regents, bottom left to right, are Dr. E. R. Veirs, an eye specialist at Scott and White, L. R. Waters, in the lumber busi- ness and Paul Boyd, owner of a local automobile company. Boyd is president of the board. Not pic- tured is N. A. Flood III, owner of an accounting firm. A M I , r l 27 President and vice president Dr. Hubert M. Dawson, college president, pauses to straighten the picture of Mozella Arnold in the Ar- nold Student union. The union was named after Miss Arnold and her sister, Marian, who taught at TIC. Bill Cloud, bottom, of Cloud Construction Co. presents a flag to Dr. Dawson. The flag was donated by Representative john R. Bigham and the flagpole by Cloud. ik. i X A Y . . ,fig-1 I .TP 1.511 , 4 -Jf1i"""- gi. 52,3 .1-. . 5 y , i - . i . , i, V rr l' ff-if it f - '-4 ".1Z'y,t m r. name i- :-: :-: zzvffw Vice president johnny Payne, left, speaks at a student assembly. Payne finds time from his duties to join in a moment of laughter with student, Ginger Lesikar, above. 29 ki-Il. Dr. Harry C. Farrell, jr. Dean Dr. Harry C. Farrell, right, picks up a piece of meat at the annual picnic the faculty gives students. Dean 4""'f:g A . 1, L rl 41 iw. ,4 ef ,,y 4 :QI 2 -.,Zf, My ' U - .- 3434? d I! N ,H M :XE biiigi ' f H y i -JU 1 ' A-' .. 1' ' ,ff - I ,N Vi, . file, M' J , i , t A ' A Registrar and counselors f F ,1 1 .-:G Charles Stout Ra. -.1,-3-...M 1,-n..,- W- 4- , V., 6' tm l Registrar Charles Stout, registrar, left, keeps a record of students signed up for all the classes so he can tell them when a it l class is closed. QR FZ' Don Minor Counselor Financial Aid Director Ray Richey Counselor 31 Neva Cason Secretary to Dean Stanley, Churchill Technical Division Director Louise Cox Secretary to President Douglas Ferrill Evening Division Director i William Matush, Arnold Student union director, above left, dictates a letter in his office located in the union. Secretary to the registrar, Lanette Ranly, above right, reads incoming mail. Neva Cason, secretary to the dean, right, checks an item on a letter she is typing. Administration X WS' lrene Haag Dean of Women Betty Irby Secretary to Vice President William Matush ASU Director Lanette Ranly Secretary to Registrar Virginia Sutherland Secretary to Tech. Director Anna Lou Taney Assistant to Bursar Lanette Wiggington Bursar Ellen Merks and Marcia Ashby, left foreground f compile research findings on math and English Angela Galley and Ray Richey, background, perform james Bonner Business Shirley Cowan Business Ann Frazier Data Processing Melva Garner Business Chairman Members of the business department, above discuss problems concerning the aged with jim Sherry, a representative of the Governor's Conven- tion on Aging. They are, left to right, Clydelle Dusek, Judy Berryhill, Sherry, business instructor Shirley Cowan and janet Marek. Mrs. Alfred Lastovica administers the tuberculin skin test to Garnett Frazier in the old student center, right. Approximately 450 persons received the test. Business 34 vi:-f' Nancy Matthews Business Anthony Piel Data Processing john Swanson Business Amelia Turner Data Processing Gayle Harper, below, prepares cards for the data processing unit. Garnett Frazier, chairman of Data Processing department is not pictured. I. ii my 5 . --4.1 NVQ E u n g I I h Donna Calvert Linda Everton Irene Haag Gwendolyn Hauk Lyle Lancaster 36 3, 'Q' Wilma Lewis Elizabeth Silverthorne Chairman Wilma Wirt English journalism Wilma Lewis, far left, lectures her British literature class on the contrasts between the Classical and Romantical periods. Donna Calvert's bulletin board, above, is a collage of her various collections while an English teacher. Lyle Lancaster and Irene Haag, left, converse while waiting to register students for the spring semester. Not pictured is Louisa Mehaffey, chairman of the modern language department, who also teaches En- glish. 37 Fine arts N William Hall Music Priscilla Heard Music William Howell Art Chairman Mary Alice Marshall Music Chairman Bryant Reeves Art Carol Stout Music 38 fha Charles Taylor Drama Nil Whittington Speech and Drama Chm. Mary Alice Marshall, far left, directs the choir at the Christmas assembly. Larry Vanecek, center, starts sketching in his life drawing class. William Hall, bottom, directs the stage band at an assembly program. Charles Taylor also directs, below, and gives in- struction to the cast of the play, "Member of the Wedding." V' iii ww. Wi,11Qt.r E Y ll. ' "1 if L' iglilffftk ,, hggllk-W - will - I 39 Library Rose Anne Brasher Juanita jones Htglggi Juanita jones, assistant librarian, above examines the new card catalogue purchased for the library to handle its increasing number of books. Early in the spring semester the library added its 20,000th vol- ume to its shelves. The book, right, was on the sub- ject of botany. Two students top right, take advantage of the soli- tude in the library to work on their assignments. Night librarians not pictured are Christine Cevedon and Schlieker. 40 r H :i,... ,?r,,E N s .s .:::i.,.,. . .c ii i x .5 ,J"" 3 Modern languages Language lab assistant Karen Pekar readies a tape recorded lesson for students to listen to in their in- dividual booths. Nancy Knecht, foreground, and joy Thompson, also language lab assistants, grade examination papers. Not pictured is Kenneth Young, German professor. Sue Bertoleit Spanish ll Louise Mehaffey French Q it - ii fe-dvi h . Ntat efnatics ROW C An 'W D Ufant I bel ow, checks a Stude nfs a I- gebra te st Pa Per, 42 ipg dns v. , 1 O- X N 4 9 X5 f 2 9,0111 X Ku 6 Bud the cvnivr, gb' eggenuiciky, and SLCPKCXX Un' 51' , 3 if 352 + S 5 1 -4- A U -if 23" + E 5 all NUS l lit" "' il' l at 3 l 1 , ffil Q A-PL 1 p it sss it l if it ,. W,,,5'1lf,!,'j ' , M..".. Misra if wwf.. My px , . is , K, '1 l ' if-ul v ,gh l n Nl L Mir" . . V. 1?'i 2 1. mf . 1 J, ,. ,V , W AA ,w,.hr iQ... L 1522.- 'fill as - l r f.'ff t:a Rowe Ann Durant Douglas Ferrill Ethel 1. Haag Chairman Bill W. Vannatta ri li Working on a calculus assignment, left, a math student plots a graph by working on the given equations. Douglas Ferrill, above, prepares to grade math tests. Calvin Cherven ka Physics Ann Ketchens Chemistry Arch Koontz Biology Ann Penny Newton Biology Chemistry Chairman 'im Q A pl. if Robert Schlieker Chemistry Pat Simpson Biology james Taylor Biology Anne Newton, far left, expresses thanks at an as- sembly when the regents announced the science building had been named the Newton Science center. Maidene Lawler, left, discusses a biology lab assignh ment with her lab partners. Robert Schlieker, chemistry professor, bottom left, addresses a meeting of the Science club. atural science I Q gvgq Physical education Leopard coach Danny Scott, right, pauses in reflec- tion as he watches basketball practice. Coaches of the various sports introduced before a basketball game are left to right, jim Brown, Danny Scott, Frances Garmon and jerry Brentham. 46 jerry Brentham jim Brown Director of Athletics Frances Garmon W l Danny Scott Coach jerry Brentham, left, displays a jovial mood at a faculty Christmas party. Sandy Hilley, below, checks records of an in- tersquad scrimmage while Bernice Valchar, left, and Leopardette coach Frances Garmon, right, observe. . .rf ll 7 Y lil " lll ll 'l ll l Y 'V 1 ii 'll ll Hr it ll , ll 1 ll l N ill ll l ll ll: K E T-4. l il L- -A . 47 Bryant Berry Geography Weldon Cannon History N H 1 jimmy Duke ' Government H. C. Farrell, jr. Government Mary Farrell History Walter lohanns History Bobbie Marshall Sociology john Meharg Economics Harold Whittington, above, pauses in his duties as government instructor and public relations director to catch up on some reading. History instructor Weldon Cannon, right, boards a train as he begins tracing the journey of B.M. Temple, after whom Temple, Texas is named. Don Minor Psychology Ray Richey - Psychology Boyd Spencer Psychology Harold Whittington Government Walter johanns, below, was an airplane pilot before he turned to teaching collegiate history However, he still keeps abreast of the latest air space devel opments by reading aeronautical magazines anew li. ' '1"sL tm ,tk . g s Meal W 1... W5 ug t 'z '-isis 2,-vt X awful 2 H-ess rfg, L ligfg' i View Haw if Ami ' aw gm E ll -az' QL L .l M ii..' 3if'P 7 l if , L" :.11E' P ,gms iff-' 5: . .x.-faq 1 w V EL, :-ff " . gif W l l. W . get tEt":4f!?? 3525 perils Lloyd Brown ' Drawing Q E Stanley Churchill Tech. Div. Director Bill Hermon Mid-Management Winfred Raymond Auto Mechanics ng -fl! Billy Hermon, above, examines an army hand gre- nade that was converted into an office paperweight. Auto mechanics students, center right to left, Edwin Vasicek and Waymond Brown check the brake linings on a car. Technical .,.. 'ins l "1 .xv ., S Robert Wallingford Environment Glenn Webster Radio and TV john Birdsong works with a slide rule as Clay Lundy checks tabulations in their environmental control class, below. , ,mage figs' wg.-.5 -w-,. -5.3 3. is 1 J W , ,Bla 3 -n-"' e b Inu , Zi" milf ,iff ia . - .ii Q 1 ' H Irr V ,il rigs: ri lr .ii L, It rl' .ima X L-,HQ ii all Qs fi 'ff -P ss? , . Wie, ,H . a ., H25 - "im-ea' ,X We 19.5- wl ,. Pl riff -451 ,. 51 Service staff Helen Wiseman, below, clerk in the Arnold Student Union book- store, reads when she is not busy. Right, top to bottom: administra- tion building custodian Ted Sofge cleans the chalkboard in a classroom. R. E. Shepheard, ASU custodian, stacks chairs out of the way in order to mop the floor. Doris Webb, assistant to dietitian, cleans the hamburger grill. Assis- tant to dietitian Charlie Cov- ington helps head dietitian Neva Oliver store kitchen utensils tor the day. e-gig! l Q Q, 5 -. ,L f 5 1 Berry hall custodian L. T. Shep- herd, left, checks on the amount of trash in his container. Below, left to right, Billy Slaugh- ter, science building custodian, prepares to empty his trash collector for the day. Night dieti- tian Frankie Plemmons pours coffee for a student. O. E. Lambright, chief engineer and custodian, shuts windows in the old student center. Lester Rosen- crans, tech building custodian, sweeps the hall before leaving for the day. 53 1 3 i Z 2 E : lwswhruwnifxmmsfr'-511.2-rffvrffmr-1'-.-L-.2-'f2f.'24a'wa1r4,'za-Qsew:Luv-, 1 -14: J ff.:--1--.aff-144. .. :fl-uri-5:21-pfywgffv1c,,w1g4:gu,u,.pv - - 5wg.d,Mw,.wMQ...v.u.,.-:..,.1-Q,-F,f.w..w..w.-.....-.v,.f.,T..M..-...-.N-.-....- ..fW.....-.....f..-- . .. . ,v.,. - - V v Vw -WVWVWV Activities Leopard baseball team member, jerry Tyroch, was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and was named to the dean's list. He was active in the Luncheon club and the Circle K club. Tyroch will attend the Uni- versity of Texas at Austin and major in accounting. Who 5 who among students in American junior colleges ia!'f,s1,f . Physical education major, Sandy Hilley, lettered in intercollegiate tennis and was a cheerleader both years at TIC. She was also elected the 1970 Leopard Sweet- heart and received a Karem Shriner's Overall Crew scholar- ship. A Phi Theta Kappa member, Miss Hilley plans to attend the University of Texas in Austin. 56 Education major Jeanne Logsdon was vice president of TSEA her freshman year and president her sophomore year. She was named to the dean's list and was historian for Phi Theta Kappa. She was elected president of the Social Science club her sophomore year. She received the scholastic honor award and the Delta Kappa Gamma scholarship for two years. Miss Logsdon contributed to the literary magazine, "College," and won second place in watercolor at the TJC art show. She will continue her studies at Southwest Texas State. Billy Tom jackson spent much of his time in the science department serving as vice-president of the Science club and as a biology lab assistant. He was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and received scholar- ships from the Rotary club and American Federated Womens' club. Future journalist Eloise Lundgren was editor of Leopard Tales during the spring semester of her sophomore year. She also worked as a reporter in the women's news section of the local newspaper. Some of her poetry was featured in "College" the literary magazine. Miss Lundgren was on the dean's list and will major in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Twenty-one students from TIC are named in this year's edition of Who's Who Among Students in American junior Colleges. Only second year students chosen by members of the faculty on the basis of character, leadership and scholarship are eligible to re- ceive this honor. These students' names and biographical sketch are listed in the an- nual publication which contains the names of distinguished students throughout the nation. jerry Haisler, sociology major, was named to the dean's list and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Harold St. Amant was staff pho- tographer for the Templar and Leopard Tales both years at TJC. Some of his photographic works were displayed in the Fine Arts festival and others were made into slide presentations. He also served as reporter for the Social Science club. St. Amant plans to major in psychology at the Uni- versity of Texas at Austin. -named editor of its newsletter. Elaine Skypala was Science club vice-president her freshman year and secretary her sophomore year. She was on the dean's list and a Phi Theta Kappa member. Secretary for the Luncheon club, the sophomore class, and two years for TSEA, she was chosen second runner-up for Miss TIC. She repre- sented the Newman club on the College council. Miss Skypala plans to major in elementary educa- tion at Baylor university. VVho's who among ff: I Future missionary Paul Iohnson 1.-- I attended TIC his sophomore year and was elected president of the College Players. Active in the Baptist Student union, he was Q.,pf He also was a member of the Gavel club and the choir. Iohn- son will attend Howard-Payne College and then continue his theology work. . f 1 U., . M .91 .f"Zf"'ff3:5f ',fo,:,f' ,, 11 3 Business major Ginger Lesikar worked part-time in the TIC sci- I ence department. She was treas- urer of the Science club, Lunch- eon club and was chosen the sophomore class favorite. Ginger plans to attend Southwest Texas State university. student: .4 Sophomore class favorite Bobby Spence was also second runner-up for Mr. TjC. He was named to the dean's list and was Phi Theta Kappa's College council representative. Spence was parliamentarian for the sophomore class and the Luncheon club and participated in the Circle K and Science clubs. At Baylor university he will study accounting. in American junior colleges 1 -A 1 . . . 5 Xtxg s s yyy r gi 1 5, f .- 1 tr . College council president Norm Kelly was a member of the Bap- tist Student union and was its missions and social chairman. He was special projects chairman for spring activities in the Luncheon club. Kelly plans to attend the University of Texas at Arlington and major in business. He will then enroll at Southwestern The- ological seminary and work towards a Master of Divinity degree. Paula Poboril served as secretary- treasurer for the College council her sophomore year. She was named to the dean's list and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Miss Poboril plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in business. Musician Buddy Forrest was a member of the junior College All-State choir and sang with the Choirdaires, a specialty group of the TIC choir. ln addition, he was a yell leader and a member of the Newman and Luncheon clubs. He will enroll at Sam Houston- State university. if . - Y ' !f' ' V ' "y ..-:j-:Ill-E A gravy V ij ,W liafai YJ 59 :sf Danny Allie participated in athletics and was recip- ient of the Lion's club scholarship. He is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa. For outstanding achievements in scholarship and athletics, he was chosen Outstanding College Ath- lete of America his sophomore year. He served as captain of the basketball team and was selected to the all-conference team his freshman year. Allie is a math major. Who's who among students Eva lo Clawson was elected the 1971 Miss TIC. She served as vice-president of the Baptist Student union and as class repre- sentative to the College council. She was a cheerleader her fresh- man year and participated in choir and harmony maids. She will enroll at Southwest Texas State. 60 Tom Goman was president of his freshman and sophomore classes and was chosen freshman class favorite. He also served as president of the Circle K club two years and was vice-president of the Luncheon club his freshman yearp its president his sophomore year. Goman was named to the dean's list, is a Phi Theta Kappa member and was named Mr. TIC his sophomore year. He plans to study computer sciences and technical management at the University of Texas at Austin. joy Lea Thompson was named to the dean's list and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. She was president of BSU: served as its missions chairman and was the first woman selected to the state BSU president's council. Fall 1970 she received the Optimist Youth award. She was also active in the Spoken Arts club, Alpha Mu Gamma and the drama club. Miss Thompson will major in English at Sam Houston State university. ,,.. i ,..-Q N'- I is Speech therapy major Carol Bush was elected vice- president of the sophomore class and was elected sophomore class favorite. She also served as vice- president of the Luncheon club, was on the dean's list and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Mrs. Bush plans to attend Baylor university. ln American junior colleges 5-Y- ta i 5 a s P -I .1 QAM, Q' Ricki Dill was a member of the Social Science club and TSEA. Her senior college plans are to earn BA and MA degrees in elementary education from Abi- lene Christian college. Sandra Richter served as secre- tary-treasurer of the choir and was in the specialty group, the Harmony Maids. She is a mem- ber of the Language club and the language affiliated fraternity, Alpha Mu Gamma. Eva joe Clawson, Tom Goman are Mr. and Miss TIC 62 Sophomores Tom Goman and Eva Io Clawson, far left, were elected Mr. and Miss TIC in Ianuary. First runners-up were Rex Harold and Ginger Lesikar, left, second runners-up were Bobby Spence and Elaine Skypala, below. Nominees for Miss TIC, bottom front row left to right, are Ieanne Logsdon, Ianet Schiller, Sharon White, Sue Reed, Emilie Cavanaughg middle row, Nancy Knecht, Terri Rucker, Ioy Lea Thompson, Marcia Ashby and Linda Mroska. For Mr. TIC back row left to right, Harold St. Amant, Ralph Iohnson, Ieff Bearor, Randy Prince, Pat Mur- ray, Eddie Ray and Norm Kelly. vi 63 Sophomores e ect Carol Bush, Bobby Spence favorites Carol Bush and Bobby Spence, top far right, were elected sophomore class favorites. Mrs. Bush is majoring in speech and Spence is an accounting major. Both will attend Baylor university. Nominees were Marcia Ashby and Frankie jenkins, bottom far right. Miss Ashby is a data processing major and jenkins will continue speech studies. Elaine Skypala and Eugene Marak, above, pause for a soft drink. She is studying elementary education and Marek is a business major. Business major Ginger Lesikar and Eddie Ray, top right, stop to chat on the stairway. Ray wants to con- tinue work on a degree in history. Discussing plans for the Choirdaires and Harmony Maids are members Eva jo Clawson and Buddy For- rest, right, who pause on their way to the ASU mezza- nine. Forrest will further his music studies. WWW s -me-9 c!?!E!?:lu.-' P ,s,,,, . , ,.,. M ,N , . -'fm-ijifi ,f1:. , W - 1' ' 1 , WW Wu w ,:-H-. 1 ... ,...-.mf-v u1-.,-v-- M 1 n N - 1 xx ,w 'Ps '- -' : ,v. 1. - . x.,.A. Yr afu L 49 vi :J W .- V . . F a : , - ' ' I NE -V . .. , -E fx, In W il ' YW 'L 5 S -1 :ff-gpg?-2 - " f .. - ' ,r -,....1 . X' - .3 M., N 4? lid Millie Adams, George chosen favorites Millie Adam. and George Brindley, bottom right, were elected 1971 Freshman class favorites. Miss Adams is a speech and drama major and plans to attend Stephen F. Austin college. Brindley's plans are to complete his denistry studies at the Universi- ty of Texas at Austin. Barbara Michalek and Rodger Weems, below, were among the nominees. She is majoring in interior design and plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin. Weems, a part-time minister, is a speech major. Right, Anne Caesar, Leonard Pietzsch and Karen Dillon, left to right, converse in the ASU lounge. Miss Caesar is a history-sociology major, Pietzsch will continue his law studies and Miss Dillon is majoring in education. Margaret Green and Ray Naizer, top far right, leave the cafeteria in the ASU. Miss Green will further her speech and drama studies at Sam Houston State. Naizer is majoring in history and political science and will attend UT. xv 1311? Brindley Barbara Bulls and Goudarz Karimkhani, above, look over a student newspaper. Miss Bulls is a speech major and Karimkhani is an Iranian student, majoring in pre-med. Brenda Coates and Larry Harvey, above right, stop for a moment to visit. Miss Goates is an English majorg Harvey a business major. , , Contests, dances, parties are part of campus life Hot dogs with all the trimmings were served to some 300 students, faculty and families at the annu- al faculty picnic, given for students. The crowd, right, gathered between the administration building and Berry hall. Another activity relieving students from their studies was a "grub-in" sock hop where Beettie Lee and Rex Harold, top second right, were elected Mr. and Miss Grubby TIC. Western regalia, below, was designated for Western day held in con- nection with the TIC intercollegiate rodeo. Those choosing not to wear cowboy duds had to buy a "Dude" for a small fine. "Talenttown TIC" . . . 20 entries . . . Standing Room: O . . S400 . . . were the cries heard from the largest TIC talent show audience. Big Bird, Steve Linny, right, made a special appearance at the show. The "best of the show", Marvin and the Cas- uals played for the Christmas dance, bottom. . ll VJ I , 1 'K . Xr""T'..'5 qi - it G . ., O 5 P fa If piss: an lf: gg -5 sf Ei arf ? '7 if I 3 it . .W , 41 13' .. ' Ji' 2" at 4.? Convocation opens semester Highlighting the first assembly program, the 45th convocation, was the naming of the Newton Science center after biology chairman, Anne P. Newton, above left. Leading Leopard cheers at a pep rally, above left to right, are Susie Schwartz, Sandy Hilley, Terri Rucker and Donna Pittman. Sandra Hilly, top, paints a poster for the rally, Debbie Scott, left, is Leopard mascot. The annual Thanksgiving program featured Dr. William G. Tanner, Mary-Hardin-Baylor presi- dent, who emphasized to students the importance of appreciating their country and what they have. Fine Arts committee presents Baumgarten concert Dave Baumgarten's folk concert was one highlight of the Fine Arts committee. The concert, attended by approximately 215 persons, was a casual affair with students relaxing upon the floor listening to the noted folk musician. Concert proceeds are used for Fine Arts festival activities, also sponsored by the committee. Plays, art shows, choir and band concerts are planned by the committee in conjunction with the directors of these groups. The Southwestern Uni- versity symphonic band concert was given in early March. Plays presented by the drama department include "Member of the Wedding," "Red Peppers" and "Harvey," Marie Cooper and Millie Adams, below left to right, rehearse for the play, "Member of the Wedding." Paul johnson and Emilie Cavanaugh, center, sing a duet at the Thanksgiving assembly. Dave Baumgarten, top far right, spectulates the crowd before starting his concert. Bryant Reeves, bottom far right, discusses tech- niques used in art works on display in the library. tviw, v , I 6.2 - Ji FQ! 1-F5 F-T-. la ,, 1 ,f W, if i P? ,Li ,Pk fi 2 551 M , 'fy , ff' '77 1 , B Q .' . 'f A .ggzif gy, ' 1 P.-A V- ' ' 1 R 4 4,14 , ws rv., ,..-Y x ffrfrgf' w- M, Kim 4 ,. A . 4 , l v, gg rf." qi'-giigggjhz: Qi. X ..f.4.,,E,. . .4 MQW, 3, Jin Q xl g' 4 I ' 'V 'al El u 5 'fe '15 v F 91 Y f- 8 I R. wx N. it 'ai 94" in 11, Q, f f if +3 ' Collage characterizes fine arts festival Portions of student literary magazine, Collage, were used in dramatic readings during the fine arts fes- tival. Co-editors for the fourth edition were Mar- garet Green, Rodger Weems and Marilyn Wesson, bottom far right. Elizabeth Silverthorne, Donna Cal- vert and Bryant Reeves were faculty advisors. Margaret Green, right, prepares to strike Gary Lanham in rehearsing for Noel Coward's play, Red Peppers, produced during the festival. New feature of the fete was a photographic show by Harold St. Amant, publications photographer, below. fi? H it--l. i A' l .1-Q.-. , i a t ltlillllli 'yll lllll lllIlllll sins ftstwnt ll! WV. .rl ill' ll di ,Af A if' ,, Conventions portray student involvement First TIC convention was the press clinic which drew 200 highschool journalism students to the campus. Members of the Texas Foreign Language association, left, met on campus to discuss methods and problems in teaching foreign languages. Approximately 500 highschool students descended upon the TJC campus for the Area Distributive Edu- cation Clubs of America KDECAJ youth conference, above. Five panels of judges and 87 students representing 10 area junior colleges convened on campus for the second annual TjC Forensics festival, top. 73 Publications students host first press clinic Some 200 area high school students attended TlC's first press clinic sponsored by the journalism department. Featured were outstanding Texas jour- nalists Walter Humphrey, Larry lngram, David Bowers, Stuart Long, jon McConal and Dr. Otha Spencer. Freshman Lynn Logsdon, bottom center, was selected state secretary at the Texas junior College Press association's annual conference at Texas AGM. Two honorable mentions were received: Ginny Apple in sportsp Templar in layout. J' i t ,Qi , Editing Leopard Tales one semester each were Ginny Apple, left, top right, and Eloise Lundgren. The 1971 Templar was co-edited by Marilyn Wesson, left, and Rick Monfrini, top right. The newspaper, was published semi-monthly for the first time and Templar is now collegiate size. Staff members for both publications include Lynn Logsdon, Larry Sanders, bottom far left, jim Terry, above left, Bud Karrer, Kenny Little, Frotilla Scott, Dolores and Garry Samuels, Robert Surovik, left top center and Tom Brown. Photographers are Harold St. Amant, left, bottom right, Larry Wilkerson, left, top left and Garry Samuels, not pictured. Publica- tion secretary Lois Engholm served as copy typist. Dolores Samuels, left, above left, assists editor Elol e Lundgren at the registration booth at the pres clinic. journalism instructor and publications advis ,r Wilma Wirt discusses Dr. Otha Spencer's photography book at the event, above right. 75 r-9-ul as aavqgsg- . N,-f5wvvS6i'm'E5'!fZf1EY3'4f?wW' PQ-5WT?yv43.:i"q3gigx Wligflgiigw A ? ,H MfN1,+.r-,uifwh 4-.M-T, I A 'V '11+'M4s45z?wJ51fw we ' 1 13, ' 24 ,f W. Jmfkfhzaafb.. .a.RM'A' 1 xg. .6 1 ,2, WCW- I - W.. 1 M710 ' 1-iv? '1'fI4..' -,zmi214 :,.:.ffi' u 1,.ff'E'f-fiiimzf, :f1r':,':'lf-.fm 15' 13,63 '-16'5?as5"':fl',.F?fLa'5,f, 1 '- iff J- G X -'f F! 1?ff5a152' 5:15 Q " - -' rw . 5':Z,'!3f"..'iV m4aE.i"21'?I5f :'v',4f,"., ' - I 'j , ..1u.--,,,f.,,.5" -x:,f,fi, , ,V A-.4f,1. 1,.,-,.f,,-,fy --fax: nf, A- ff.-Q azz, g: 1, ' 11 ,-v'1q.f,.j-',,, Tp ., .-1'-TM? ,iw g, 1-1 MM.: 4.14 ,,.,,,g5a,,s, -, .-.-.:,fg.,xf.,:g,gg ,i .J,f1.-L.- 5-L 1:,. v ,.::vI?f2',e 'w 5: '. -f-mf,'1-,'.1,--19"- 2'L:,.x- .f-',-114 -. wi- x f ,.-.,..- ,,-:'-r,- . ,1-,- -'ff' c,-'.'A,A ',, S: ,- f-..f4,, N-nf , ,:.,z ,-:,-:J ,,3'-p v ," y .IL-,m -3.53 ..-if 3,1-V' ggfQ,:,i:'f:',f:f: rj Qui, X,-fg.iy1, . 93:3 :,'y,.qggk,-,Q -:,:hg,Ir,-.wig-,.,-jf. 5 ,qgg5,,Q: wf ,.f,v-,i ,,., , , E, by 1, 3-fi, .' A f,g7..9f5.1 1'1,1,1"235.v2f,'u.,,.,V:: ,M ,lfiufy Q ' p."', T,Dr 81.1-"x"'5':i -- f 1 f--,xp-:,-x-, -5 am. rf' f,,'f'wg:z . cfs., , 'rfzy-1-1'. 1,,,,.: A ', -.3 7-,,':.11.41.L.:vEV,,,-Qtr, Am-,N ,, ,yi ,sf-,Q --2 EJ ,JFF ' ,, L..-1 :.',:1,L' .f..ffg, ' 'L L 'v ' 1-'15, ,, U, rm ,.,.5 ,U ,rw I 54.,,,y, ...y x,. ,xw,:.':z'-1 X mmm- -xv :, , x,,4 aucq- , ,..15 .g,,.: ,A 3 m,'.,f..', , ,, lv ' 4'-uw , NQBL,-' .I -",,"sLUi 1' xl, ' fe vw,- ..,..f,,, w -f. " -fs-2-:..,a. ' r ' I WL15.,ffl-:j1Qgf'5'! - -,.,ff, u,. V., -ww.,-f,Q,q,, 4 e,,'1f,-:'b,gr,C,k " -12 f,fr,'L,1.,- lf' 1. 1-, , L ., 1,,..V,L,x. ., .v -A " -,uf -1,1 WL351., :jk 's1' 1f:,x:, lvvl, ,- 'Q .g,,f 25. 'i , ,,, - ff, ,-,f,-M.,:,. ,- ,Q 1, N '-' .,' .., N Q ., . 5 - "'3-,An - w:,g'p:.u1:.- .1--mf an ,f+'rQw:n,f.,.:' A V: Mi-ff, M- ywgg , .f,,,5b!'i5!aP' ,vwffilfl 1-Q.. , wm.,,,m i LiH9i1 HNWMvMm Classes Freshmen jerry Tyroch, right, checks on the backdrop he is helping to paint for an assembly Karen Pekar, far right, and Pat Gilmore discuss the change in the dress policy permitting women to wear pants to class. Abulfazie, Sadri lran Adams, Millie Kay Troy Akridge, Robert Wayne Troy Allen, Monica C. Belton Anderson, Sheridan Temple Baize, Patsy jean Gatesville Barganier, Grady Eddy Bates, Carolyn Faye Louisiana Bauer, Edward Leo Cameron Bern hardt, Linda Diane Taylor M 3: si? ' 3' 3 . , ,-, -f.-fa, ,iw N ,.-... as A 'H ',-nv .el . .L .- n-1 tt- ,slgqu Qi 1 1 -'Til A me 153 fl rl gr ..,, L-E" Quai. ii-, 7 mr 1 Beyer, Margaret Alice jarrell Bigham, Andrea Kay Temple Brooks, james Steven Temple Browning, Jacqueline Kay Belton Bruton, judy L. Gatesville Buegeler, janice Patricia Burlington Bulls, Barbara Louise Temple Burns, David Robert Temple Caesar, Anne Temple Caldwell, Priscilla L. Gatesville Carberry, Billy james Troy Cason, Scott Temple Cavanaugh, Emilie Ann Granger Chambers, Walter Dean Temple Chupik, Russell Lynn Rogers Collier, William C. Troy Freshmen A student concentrates on studying her biology lab drawings in preparation for a biology lab practical final. 80 . .VX " 3 lf - ,L . ' 1 H.:-'fgstlif Q, . A , iff -'Flax ,,f...Ei-kia! ' 3 4 1' , V ' i- "Mbit-l ' , ,f--"C '- 5 J 1 3-.-if ' -1-?ffm"' 4 J '4,g,Q3,bl45Vfii1? fi L'f' IL,-if" 4' .' V " - K ' ,gy 5. V ---U 5' -. .vx . - I L 5' 'lf .' f,x,'2-":"'!t1"'Jfw' ' ' 2 V f ,,,,..-- .- " ajqiej'-V N, . '- e ls' l ,,..'fff'L..,...-.fit . ' H,--f',,5,5nqa9ff' rp ,f ,..vf"" ,...-'- wi- .. - '-1 ., bv, .,,.l,- ,. ,,. , ,-. ,,.,,-.. f-al.: 1 -., .-.,. K, ..,- -I X.. .gem Cooper, Wanda L. Holland Crumpton, Linda 1. Temple Cummings, Larry Dornell Granger Darakhshan, jamshid Iran Dillon, Karen Sue Temple Earwood, Floyd Wilson Ft. Worth Edmond, Joyce Elaine Temple Eickenhorst, judy Kay Temple Ellis, Danny Lee Troy Ellis, Robert Wayne Troy Freshmen Ellison, Carol Ann Temple Elrod, Louis Wayne Belton Gazaway, Michael R. Bruceville Gersbach, Leland Ray Salado Gerstenberg, Gilbert A Center Point Gibson, john Marshall Temple Gipson, Phillip Eugene Dallas Goates, Brenda D. Temple Goodnight, Larry C. Holland Gordon, Lonnie Chilton Gower, julie Ann Temple Green, Diane R. Temple Green, Margaret C. Cyclone GVYSHF, Eileen Grace Temple Guajardo, jimmy G. Belton Gus Stevenson is one of many students attending Temple junior College who works at an outside job. He sacks groceries at a local supermarket. il XPN I HQ is 1 . Haas, Benjamin E., lr Temple Hacopian, Rafic Iran Hagler, Glenn Ray Temple Hall, janet Kay Temple Freshmen Harold, Rex L. Iowa Hawkins, Mary Eska Temple Hekmat, Shahrokh Iran Helpert, judy A. Burlington 84 Paul johnson and Emilie Cavanaugh sing a duet at one of the assemblies held during the year. Hester, David T. Temple Hightower, Patricia Victoria Bartlett Hollas, Harold 1. Cameron Howe, judy Lynne. Belton Huber, Ralph E. Troy Huey, Peggy jean Salado jimenez, Raymond Louis Cameron johnson, Bradley E. Temple johnson, Ralph Pennsylvania jones, Cynthia L. Academy Goudarz, Karimkhani Iran Klima, Dan na Kaye Taylor Kneese, Roy Richard, jr. Belton Kretschmar, Charlene A. Cameron Kruse, Suzanne E. Taylor Kuba, Irene Agnes Cameron Lanham, Gary David Little River Lawrence, Debbie Sue Corpus Christi Lee, Patricia Lynne Goldthwaite Logsdon, Lynn Temple Long, jo Ann Lott Loudin, Hugh jeffrey Belton Love, john Harold Academy Freshmen ,1 X X av 4 , I McCraney, Nettie Bee Holland McEntire, William Keith Temple Mclntosh, Edward Norval Rosebud McLaughlin, Matthew Martin Temple McMurtry, Cary Dean Troy Martin, Paula Ann Gatesville Martin, Ted Warren Cameron ,, W. Mayes, Vivian Arlene Temple 5 Merka, Ellen Rose Granger Q11-1 ,...--,..- U- -e -"-E-- dv 'sf'-fu -- al? '-1" T'3 : 3':Lwtf':'f'l 'Pit' t -it .li Q i Q E fm W , -N, I A. .. i 511:11 :ta 1 t tv fl ,, rw l J A A- , F F' ' l ill: 51 .wa- ,. ,- K: ww ,ENR Mills, William james Temple Four members of the Soulful Six, a dance group consisting of Temple junior College students, prac- tice forthe Luncheon club talent show. 87 Freshmen Mitchell, Carolyn R. Cameron Mitchell, jamie M. Temple Moeller, jane Marie Rosebud Moore, Charlotte Gail Academy Moraw, Eugene Andrew Cameron Morgan, Wanda Ava Belton Mortimer, Bridgit Renee' Cameron Naizer, Raymond Alan Granger Newman, Lawrence E. Temple Nidositko, Wilma Michelle Salado 88 Rick Monfrini, far left, listens quietly during a Mass Communications class. Sharon White, left, has time for laughter while preparing refreshments at a BSU party. Novosad, Arno A. Academy Oliver, Phoebe Temple Ortega, Santiago Steve Belton Pagel, Paula Elaine Temple Pajestka, josie R. Holland Parker, Donald Gene Temple Patterson, Kathy R. Temple Paulk, Cynthia Ann Temple Payne, Londa G. Temple Payne, Robin E. Temple Pekar, Karen Lois Granger Pelzel, Gloria G. Lott Perkins, Richard C. Temple Phillips, Brenda j. Taylor Pierce, Larry Roy Temple Pomykal, judy D. Temple Freshmen Gary Lanham, above, lines up a shot on one of the pool tables in the Arnold Student union. Priscilla Caldwell searches through the files for in- formation for William Matush, director of the Ar- nold Student union. She is his secretary. 1 Posival, Paul Stanley Cameron Pryor, Misha Allen Temple Ramirez, Paul H. Troy Ray, Gary Temple Record, jerry Roann Ft. Worth Redwine, Vivian lean Temple Reed, Laura Sue Temple Reese, Gloria jean Temple Freshmen Reyna, lHopel Esperanza Eddy Rheay, Kenneth Lynn Belton Richardson, Patricia A. Temple Ricketson, Larry Little River Roasa, Mike Harold Temple Robinson, Maria Kathleen Temple Robinson, Mary K. Temple Rockholt, Charlene M. Belton "Mu lil A.. fflfw' K iii .Ji 3?-39' Margie Starnes, far left, adjusts the opticals on her microscope while her biology lab partner, Peggy Dooley, reads the instructions for their experiment. Susan Slavodnik, left, studies pictures of Parisata Language club meeting. Rodiguez, Fred Paul Belton Rogers, Christopher Don Pendleton Roschetzky, Mary jane Cameron Rucker, Terri Lynn Temple Samuels, Dolores Annette Temple Samuels, Garry Gene Temple Serrano, Victor Torres Sinton Simek, Frankie L. jarrell Sitz, Carolyn Irene Temple Skelton, Sara Elaine Temple Smith, Alan Reh College Station Stanke, Raymond C. Temple Stermer, Karen Ann Temple Stewart, james Randy Graham Stuart, Herman Fran k Belton Talasek, David Scott Taylor Taney, john W. Temple Teakell, joe W. lr. Temple Terrell, Billy joel Belton Terrell, Larry Wayne Cleveland ig, Linda Crumpton, above, peers into a microscopic F S h m e n world during her biology lab. Freshman class officers are, first row, left to right, Wayne Akridge, Linda Moore, Millie Adams and George Brindley. Back row, Kim McMullen, Pat Gil- more and Karen Pekar. The officers were elected in September. Tomlinson, Shirleyjean Garland Turner, Stephen Randy Temple Turner, Thomas Alan Groesbeck Tweed, Nancy Louise Temple Urubek, Kathryn Ann Temple Valchar, Bernice lane Temple ,Q 's 5 r w I W -Q A '1 4 A J Q 5 S f Y . Y I F '-. 0 mfwll ll 4 lwllll !?'a.1'Wf it um ms-,,. H -1 W .41'S'u A "sl 5 ,v '- . 'IX X Si. 5 r .' H' -I "1 rxa-ff-g"'.a y f ,s Y ' N D Q 5 V s 1 5 A 1 , f.. l'.- 15. ' sr .f H x'-1 Q J- s I5 'ls .r ',. X' Z .. 'v a' 1 S""o rua -',,y'1 , :la s. -.-In 1 -. its I.. 4 , ,N ,saxf, fi N Q nun .,s'-. 1, ,I U Q 5 I' - . Valley, Christine Patricia Temple Vanderveer, Brenda jane Temple Vanecek, Larry D. Temple Vrana, Diana Kay Granger Waters, Thomas Daniel Gatesville Watson, Peggy Ann Troy Watson, Samuel B. Catesville Weems, Rodger Cary Rogers Freshm n Weir, Marvin Wayne Belton Whatley, joseph F Rogers White, Nancy Dawn Bartlett White, Sharon Kaye Temple Whyburn, Donny R. Troy Williams, Lee Edward San Antonio Williams, Leola Temple Wood, William H. Corpus Christi Q- Wolley, Deborah L. Temple Zajicek, jimmy Gene Holland Zett, Bob Dean Temple Zotz, Frances Louise Cameron Shirley Brown, far left, models a latest fashion for the student newspaper, Leopard Tales. Dolores Samuels, left prepares posters for the Texas junior College Press association's convention at A 84 M. She campaigned for association president. Amato, Michael Belton Ashby, Marcia Ann Temple Baggett, Rita Lynn Temple Barkemeyer, Alan Roy Buckholts Bartek, Larry Andrew Temple Bauman, jonathan Douglas DeLeon Berryhill, Judy Kay Temple Bostic k, Glenn Myron Belton Buckholt, Roy 1. Lott Burdette, Dennis Clay Belton Bush, Carol Vickie Temple Carroll, Milton L. Belton Some students use various types of toys after classes, and sometimes during class, to relieve ten- sion or just to have fun. jackie Doyle, right, plays Frisbee in front of the ASU. Cass, Debbie Ann Belton Cervenka, Gloria A. Granger Clawson, Eva jo Temple Cooksey, Ginger K. Rogers Cooper, Ella Marie Lexington Cooper, Rebecca jean Holland Sophomore .- Q m 4: f f 1: b b , v v"3 QE? Q is 5595" 35233 W 4 H if L -vm, .., ,... X-N -. u X! N X X nl N X X s- , WSW W 5.: N , Mfw,w.mf5-Eg--M -yi f bQH M ,Wx "1 'tllxllwk Sophomore Doehre, Kelvin Thomas Temple Dominguez, Ygnacio jr. Taylor Doyle, jacqueline Taylor Driska, Kenneth L. Belton Dunlap, jane Fairly Temple Durbin, Stephen Carl Temple Edmond, Thomas Eugene Copperas Cove Elsik, Maria Elaine Burlington Engholm, Lois Ann Temple Engle, Rosemary Taylor Fisher, Mary Elizabeth Temple Folks, Gary Dale Temple Betty Goolsby, far left, watches Rex Harold slice a piece of devil's food cake he brought to share with his friends. George Gideon, left, takes pictures for the class section of the Templar. Forrest, Buddy Temple Foster, Pamela jo Olton Freeman, Mildred Ann Troy Frenzel, Gary joseph Lott Garcia, Freddie B. larrell Gattis, Randy Lynn jonah Goman, Tom L. Temple Goolsby, Betty L. Temple Sophomore Several French students, above, attended a party at the Mehaffey's home in Waco and then hiked to a lake nearby. Mike Doefler, right, and Ginger Lesikar listen atten- tively to glean the highlights ofa lecture. 51 j was s5'Fi...i:fwi fl iii?l'llll9 T1 , lr iyiir' T leaf ,V E ,, n . si f,-Q: 5 - , . ,fq ,,.1.,:, -. --. eg, A 1 Q? ity"-+f',r rf m-'wigs 4 2 1 rf- Lwr +- '4k X jig,-it' 1. 'Q Jimi ,ilu V Q 4 'fir sae A Lf-li -F? 115 -5-fb -if -, ' .1 F21 arab:-i 1" 'V . , fn, ,jf -. ' ,I , . 11' "Q -'if 2, - - H g,ggqg:3.sq1l vii '.',-ijzrxwj 1 y , 'v,e.r.:s:::e:f.::ea f are- 1 . -" .f' . wfwi ' - ,im-f--,een 9 .5 -:Hi Hi K 1 f ' ll ifzi:-"s'a'f-rake' 5"'rff""-.V-,.LQ:?r.fe -V 7 ' lil ,:s,,5s2- -,-.s ' e.. 1. .. my ..: -' -' , :assi ill-:.:!4.H1x "f'1e::1J,.L-,'i'f. ff.,-112:22-1 wif-i ,Z J 'J H ' Y., 'hr' .qw i 771 Grayson, Nancy Lee Temple Green, Corene Lucy Rogers Green, Sandra Kay Taylor Gunderman, james Jarvis San Antonio Haisler, jerry Wayne Temple Ham, jimmy Neal Temple Harper, Virginia Gayle Cameron Henson, David Roy Buckholts , ll ."f lx, il, 'ly :Z 'H 1 M i, iii Baa - i, ,i at ui il , 5 lip? j r r l 3311-iQlQ9Lf ds L 'ifsjfi,.. l 1 ll i T T , T l' il iiiiiifgii, l 'lil' iss?:5s1u"i Sophomore Officers for the sophomore class are far left to right, Ginger Lesikar, Bobby Spence and Eva jo Clawson. Bottom, left to right, Tom Goman, Carol Bushand, Elaine Skypala. Brenda Pick, left contemplates during an English lecture. 'Z' 'ggi Hill, Charlene 1. Temple Hilley, Sandy j. Temple 'X Hinton, Valeree W. Belton Hoesel, Karen M. Houston Hoesel, Ruth Ellen Houston Tennessee Horak, Dianne Veronica wc" - Granger janacek, Gary Lynn Troy Holt, Herbert Daniel - '? X 1arosek,joe Melvin Temple jenkins, Frankie M. Lott jezek, Barbara joyce Temple johnson, Carolyn Faye Calvert johnson, Virginia Lee Temple jones, Carol jean Bartlett jurca, Ronald Lynn Temple Kamenicky, Robert Ben Rogers Kasner, Donald E. Rosebud Kelly, james L. Temple Kelley, ludy Katherine Rosebud Kelly, Norman C. lr. Temple Keown, Donald Bruce Temple Knecht, Nancy L. Temple Kohut, Elizabeth Ann Temple Kopriva, jerry Edward Temple Kovar, Gayle Arlene Rogers Larson, Rebecca D. Temple Lee, Sharon Elaine Temple Lesikar, Ginger D. Rogers Lewellen, Barbara Lynn Temple Logsdon, Jeanne Temple Lunday, Clay Austin I W , I -W 1 r +1,.'ll,3i ' ' I ' ff s' Y "' v I L K F U' L, X 1. ,, , X ,. 1 rf My 13,1 . 1 M Q5-1-1 .M V+-ff w fi I 31 1,-.'1'l-Jin ,' Eg, . W., L. "" f f Q--g:1'.m . M 2' "z k I N ,gg 1 .gig-11 ., wi- ': ' - - .f l . lfkli ,nj W1 1' 11744 VIZJ' " I 'V 23644 ' QWKIIZQY H ff- V Z' Hn " " fb "" 1 f iii! I-1 Sophomore Donna Schillar pulls a piece of taffy while Grace McLarety watches. Newman club students attended a party at sponsor Lyle Lancaster's apartment. McKee, Katherine L. Temple McLerran, Sharon Marie Cameron McNeil, Georgia Faye Giddings 108 ,A vs' . 'LYNN -. v :xii I gg,-4 :N af Q93 'fr S523 ' arg Q4 News ill. ,.,.. 1635.4 McNeill, Terry Lynn Buckholts Medford, Rosa Lea Temple Meek, Doris Marie Temple Miles, Charles W. Star Miller, Ernest Lee Temple Moore, Kenneth 1. Temple Moore, Larry Dee Austin Myers,john R. Temple Naylor, Charles A. San Antonio Neman, David C. Temple Nemec, Theodore Thomas larrell Newton, Janice Marie Belton Nichols, Aubrey W. Virginia Noel, Rita Loreane Temple Normand, Nancy Darlene Temple Nygard, Mark Wayne Elgin Palousek, Andrew W jarrell Pasemann, Glenda Lyn Taylor Pavelka,1ohn G. Bartlett Pelzel, Alan Leonard Burlington Persky, Janice Darlene Bartlett Persky, Wayne A. Academy Peters, Billy Ray Belton Pick, Brenda M. Temple Pirion, Frank Temple Sophomore Performers at the Luncheon club talent show included The Musical Band, right, and Ginny Apple Pinon, Tony Temple Pittman, Donna Lynn Austin Poboril, Paula Kay Temple Rad, Homayoun N. Iran Ray, Eddie A. Temple Ray, Tom A. Temple VA! l it Hi asv? M. .gf , L , V LT ' yi -Y 's Www ??,v5"" JE "f wifi im ' . "MAL ,A 'x L.. 1 'Q- -3 1? f.. ,n ,Y f'- -21 1 4- '- W" 1 ii' f' ,N- , ,,g1y'i 1' Don Henjy, right ponders the next play to make In an intramural football game Various club represen- o"e 6' tatlves participate in Intramural sports through-out Reimer, Galle Marie Temple Richter, Sandra Kay Belton Rocha, Angelita Bartlett Rodriguez, David Belton L., 45 'Nr Rose, Donald Lynn Cameron Roznovak, Debbie L. Taylor Schiller, Donna LaVerne Temple Schneider, Karen Jeanette Rogers Schneider, Richard A. Temple Schwartz, Tommi Sue Temple Senkel, Paul Ray Cameron Shockley, Linda Marie Temple Showalter, Deana jane Temple Sigut, Janice Sue Temple Skypala, Elaine M. Temple Smithwick, Gary Temple Spence, Bobby Clyde Belton Stahr, Brenda Carol Temple Steglich, Daryl F. Bartlett Sunbury, Karen Lee Temple Suniga, Gabriel Temple A Surovik, Robert john Temple Sutherland, Barbara Temple Sybert, George Doyle jarrell Taylor, Beverly lean Belton Thompson, joy Lea Temple Tyroch, jerry D. jr. Temple Sophomore 114 Eloise Lundgren discusses a humorous incident with Kathy McKee before their British Literature class begins. ,QE lu , Umberhagen, William Holland Vaculin,JuIia Anna Cameron Vasquez, Gloria A. Temple Vela, Rick Cardona San Antonio Wall, Ronald Timothy Temple Wallace, justin Lew Rosebud Sophomore Nell Dees signs a class card during the spring semester registration procedure as Mrs. Mary Alice Marshall looks on. "Volunteers," above right, is a rock band that per- formed forthe talent show. Wafschak' lohf' Charms Burlington Waters, james David Catesville H6 X .C M f P . .Mme 1-11.2 1 il sfx u-a?v 2 ,, SEL ii :Qi Wesson, Marilyn E. Temple White, Patti Austwell Wieser, Marilyn Charm Cameron Winkler, james V. Temple Winkler, Royce Lynn Temple Wofford, Cynthia Yvonne Rogers Wohleb, Barbara C. Temple Younts, Ronald Wayne Temple Zajicek, Raymond L. Holland .-AQ: 44, '25 HQ .al 'wa .Q 1 QLXQQ ' Miami-i' ,:?gg.5.c'1e2 :2.x-JL2"1- Crganizations Archaeology club Students interested in archaeology reorganized the Archaeology club this year but because of Article 6145-9 in Vernon's Texas Civil statutes, the group was restricted in its activities. The statute forbids archaeology groups and clubs to dig and research sites without a professional archaeologist to pre- vent amateurs from destroying sites for trained personnel. Officers of the club are Louis Creps, president, Larry Terrell, vice-president, Betty Hemer, secre- tary-treasurer, janet Creps, College council repre- sentative and Lee Williams, reporter. Weldon Can- non and Walter johanns co-sponsor the group. ii, ,il 5- H- If J,-'gf- , g , 3, ,, Q -,, Q -cg -.e. LZ -'T ' Lf' -' fe: , 1 F"'2 'r .ruff .'3 , 51' sl: l Es E- . fy J ,531 - . -1.1 5 0- -0 .I-' l lgs -V 23.22, -. . I l . Q. all .,-A asp .35- il gf -. ,.,.... ,T m ll hz I s- pw-, 5 'I 4 16 i u 4 . -,nv I Weldon Cannon, top left, stands by rubbings of tombstones he made in his excursions to various cemeteries throughout the nation. Walter lohanns, below, discusses the new archae- ology statute at the club's first meeting. Officers of the Archaeology club gather around Louis Creps, seated bottom left, as he reads a paper on archaeology research. Standing, left to right, are Betty Hemer, Lee Williams, Larry Terrell and janet Creps. , V ie . Qlli l ,. ii sg, iilwxiwwirru : I 'Q 'A K M l f 2 'Eff iw. ii, ,x L , M - 'fir 10 .., 7.4 Baptist Student Union 'J M.,-l it One of the main activities of the Baptist Student union was a mission trip to Mexico. Members also attended the BSU state convention and participated in area retreats. They also furnished refreshments at pre-school registration, sponsored a "Howdy Party", participated in a work week in the valley and the International Student conference, assisted with the campus clean-up and entered teams in intramural sports. Shirley Cowan, top left, prepares popcorn balls for the BSU Christmas party with Paul johnson, center, playing the unique Santa Claus to those children present. Members gave assistance to loading the BSU bus, center left, before departing for the state conven- tion. BSU officers, lower left, are Barbara Bulls. devo- tional chairman, Martha Cannon, secretary, Eva jo Clawson, vice-president, Paul johnson, newsletter editorp joy Thompson, president, Norm Kelly, mis- sions chairman, Carolyn johnson, publicity chair- man and Georgia McNeil, social chairman. Sue Bertoleit and Shirley Cowan are sponsors. Kenneth Rogers, below, is BSU director. 123 Business Ad club Approximately 500 business and other interested students watched the teleprocessor linkup of the IBM 360.computer with a 360-67 IBM computer in Los Angeles. Business Ad club members attended a forum to discuss problems concerning the aged at the Harvest House in Temple. Major problems voiced by the people centered on transportation and gen- eral financial difficulties. Club oficers are Bill Koslik, presidentg Gene Zelisky, vice presidentp Marcia Ashby, secretary-treasurer and Gayle Harper, College council representative. Amelia Turner, Nancy Matthews and jamie Bonner are sponsors. tray. l l 124 -XX if-' -X ,Q 'd'ln 1s"4 L,:4 Q1- ',.! -U A computer representative, top far left, explains the teleprocessor linkup to Richard Shine, right, as Harold Whittington looks on. Business students, bottom left, watch the operation of the IBM 360 computer. Standing left to right are Tom Goman, Norm Kelly, joy Thompson and Bobby Spence as they watch Paula Poboril feed data into the computer. Gloria Blanchard, left, listens to a discussion on problems concerning the aged at the Harvest House forum. Amelia Turner, below, utilizes an overhead pro- jector to illustrate material during one of her lectures. l25 Staff dedicates 1971 Templar to Mary Alice Marshall Members of the 1971 Templar staff dedicate this book to Mary Alice Marshall for her achievements and contributions to Temple junior College and its students. In 1963, under her guidance the choir first made its spring tour to area high schools which has now become an annual event. Because of her leadership, the Choirdaires, a specialty group, were nationally televised on the Ted Mack Amateur hour in 1970. Receiving her BA from Mary-Hardin Baylor and her MS from Baylor, Mrs. Marshall taught music in the public school system. ln 1955, she left the Kings- ville system to join the TIC faculty becoming its director of music and department chairman in 1956. With her nuturing, the choir has grown to a membership of 60 in the past 15 years. It and the specialty groups have presented an average of 100 programs annually for the last four years. Active off-campus, Mrs. Marshall is a member of Texas Music educators, TICTA and is an instutional member of the Texas School of Music. 'Q - -vb 1... V -Wi . N l 3 Mary Alice Marshall, far left bot- tom, avoids stepping on some- one's shoes while she assist workers in preparing a backdrop for an assembly. Center, the music director runs off sheets of music on a dupli- cating machine. She enthusiastically sings along while she directs the choir at the 1970 fall convocation services, above. Mrs. Marshall and Frances Garmon, left, applaud a guest speaker at an assembly program. On these two pages are depicted her share in TIC and its campus life . . . to Mary Alice Marshall . . . with love and grat- itude . . . this year- book is dedicated. . . 127 a :.g59:::.:.:. 1 hiv. l--wil z - 3 The Choral club is composed of choir members and speciality groups Harmony Maids, Choirdaires and Madrigal singers. Since 1963, the choral club tours some 12-16 Central Texas high schools, presenting an average of 100 programs yearly. Club president is jeff Bearor with james Winkler sewing as vice president. Sandra Richter is secre- tary, Randy Turner, sergeant-at-arms, Margaret Green and Ray Naizer, librarians, Margaret Green, reporter and Susie Schwartz, College council representative. Choirdaires and Harmony Maids, above, rehearse amid a mirrored reflection. Choirdaires, the all- male group, include left to right, Buddy Forrest, james Winkler, Bill Bales, jamie Mitchell and Randy Turner. Harmony maids, left to right, are Brenda Vanderveer, Patricia Hock, Sandra Richter, Eva jo Clawson, Valerie Hinton and Sue Reed. Emilie Cavanaugh models a new gold choir robe as she looks over the old black one and then places it in a box for storage. Choral club l ,i Circle K club "Operation Drug Alert" was one of the programs Circle K brought to the campus. It involved br- inging in knowledgeable authorities to speak to student groups about drug abuse. Circle K helped arrange student activities for 600 students in the ADA convention and its members sponsored a basketball game between themselves and the local Kiwanis club. Numerous other projects the club assisted with were the Dave Baumgarten concert, the talent show, the club-oriented pep rally and the Thanks- giving program. The group also helped faculty and student groups with projects and sold concessions at athletic events. Club officers are Tom Goman, president, jerry Tyroch, vice president, Steve Cook, secretary, Rus- sell Chupik, treasurer and Larry Harvey, College council representative. Ray Richey is sponsor. Ray Richey, left top to bottom, speaks at a meeting of Circle K, using many different gestures. Richey and Tom Goman, president, affix the Ameri- can flag to a staff for use at meetings. ' .bam Student government officers from area junior col- leges met at TjC as the College council hosted the Region VI Texas junior College Student Govern- ment association in February. Plans for an extra- mural basketball tournament were formulated at the conference with the TIC council as host. The council revised its outmoded constitution and sponsored a candy sale to raise money for the Earl Williams scholarship. Norm Kelly is president of the council with Steve Durbin as its vice president. Paula Poboril is secre- tary-treasurer and Donna Schiller, parliamentarian. Sponsors are Charles Stout and Bill Vannatta. Above, Paula Poboril registers Charles Stout at the Region Vl conference. President Norm Kelly, right, addresses a meeting of the council. College council Newman club The Catholic-affiliated youth group, the Newman club, has reorganized after being dormant three years. lts purpose is to develop character, to en- courage spiritual growth and to cultivate Christian fellowship. Highlighting the club's functions was a taffy pull at the apartment of co-sponsor Lyle Lancaster. Other activities include a bake sale and an all-day picnic at Belton lake during the holidays. Ray Nazier was chosen president of the group. Other officers are Victor Serrano, vice president, Janice Sigut, secretary, Chris Valley, treasurer, Marcia Ashby, publicity chairman and Elaine Sky- pala, College council representative. Father Tom Chamberlain of St. Luke's assists Lancaster as sponsor. Lancaster, left, pours the taffy to be pulled at the club party. Grace McClarety, bottom left, watches as Donna Schiller begins to pull a piece-and below . . . the finished product. 131 Q3 ' qw. 1 9' Q.. . - w ,. ., .m w' 1-W-..-w -M, H ' it 'E : -Wmfwfii f ' Y' ' v . . , ff - 1 ,M 41 -1, i?:.:.U..-.-,,,5-,- ,, air., V- . .. 1. . . - H 1 L .. K N 1- '- :L 1. .v.5a's5:3.ig51iJ ggmf-5 .-Q'-Us vim- - ,- 4,-. , - 1 1 - H ,-.:.:.g,-Z: 1 - -, ,Hp A. Y -Li 1 1... ,. .. .,.. .1,.. r . . - - .. - , Y V V V - - - .,- A 'J Wi P 1552. " . , A , Q ' ' ' 2't:L gg Q5 ilgi. V- ' D v- fx V V I Q1 2 , . uv g. V ..' ff' 'W' N 2 fsaimaidi' ' is E 1 VG., A K 4 '. , V . 5,1215 y,gi??Qfg??:2l1 K 'J ig l ' -YT' "TE ' , f. 'J T LHS ' ' J X fl f- A . ,UL f- S if . .K ' 11.7, if - 1, ' y w fi '31 - Q. A P' 5 .. 5- . 'Fl ' .wr ' , 4 . . J, f r gifs' ' 4 ggi 3.4 .EH F' 4' -ix X ' an .-'fi -Q A ' ., Q -Q1 f ' .. ,Q Q Lis., ,. ' , '- ' 1 . QQJRBE-W 'Li 1 f 2 ' Q. - X- Q , Ag -41 X . N A J amy- A Z' v-3:15. wffgg. ' I U . exams? ' 1 ' is M .Xu W A w- 4,-+57w,g..1. cv -' 1. 3133155 J g - .Ei im -j 11 ki ' 1 ,iif H .. ' -1:5 If: ' 1? f LSC: ,i', , ,s at zzggfs' f f 3iNe'1122rM E T1 'E' -5551-J ZEN- , .1 i ..a: Q M ... A T. "" hw N ffl.. W' 'Q :5. l 1' N-A l iii , " X 3 2 W1 X JWH- v -1 fa. - - 1. .1 .1 . .I - L, N? . H L 51, L .. in, L gff: 5 I af-Wx , . . 5 . ik A L J... W E B ll ' ll 'EW as axis, ',,, ' H ig' 2 , , mm. . w..s.-.a..,.- -..,, L .iw-.f-:fs ,B f. "1 Bryant Reeves administers a pledge to the first five Delta Psi Omega initiates, above, while drama instructor Charles Taylor looks on. Left to right are Sam Baker, Margaret Green, Gary Hobday, Donna McGoldrick and Gary Lanham. DPO officers are Baker, president, Hobday, vice president, Miss Green, secretary, Lanham, treasurer and Miss Mc- Goldrick, College council representative. Drama coach Charles Taylor, far left, directs the cast. Margaret Green and Gary Lanham, top left, practice for the play, "Member of the Wedding." Millie Adams and Eddie Rynearson, bottom left, also rehearse for a performance. Language club and Alpha Mu Gamma Highlighting Language club activities was a trip to Chihuahua City, Mexico during the spring vacation. The group co-sponsored the Christmas dance and also sponsored a Halloween party. At a Christmas party, members, below, hike near co-sponsor Louisa Mehaffey's home. Arleen Manchu, president, far right center, shows slides to Linda Biery, left, vice president and Susan Sladovnik, right, secretary-treasurer. Mary Fisher, reporter and Glenn Hagler, College council repre- sentative are the other officers. Sue Bertoleit 'is club sponsor. joy Thompson, right, speaks at a monthly meeting of Alpha Mu Gamma, the language honorary so- ciety. janet Schiller is president, Houmayoun Rad, vice president and Louisa Mehaffey is sponsor. ziggy,-,ca gg K ,, 134 I M .,'EQg4N' N , , "wp ' 'W .,,vvNMQs55g A 4 - , .TTQQ-fiigf .fr ij f . 1 U w i -rv-"" 2 'I ,n 3 Sw, ,QV 1 I an 5 4: my x V ' -5 J..-1 . . we W gan E52 Kei 5 'Q Q ,1. rms' 1 Cl vu H M I3 Q 5 ? f 4, , rr 1 H Haw J 5 fd gn: A . n, ,v IW 5 fx: 1 lr L N wb ,--q"5',If,,':.,h - f ag v 1 'a v" '. 1 A D I mg.. ', In '. V ' I ' tiifyv 473- , 2 Q' . ' yy I - '-uf -W-f.. I " ' ' 0 A Q 0, -:- 1 f . ' IK .LIN H" . 4 r ' . g 4 u . Qu, . a . N 55 . - . Q ii .4 . Q -. . , , Q . Q M . L ' " if at Q ' ALM' . , - h wi' , -5 ' ' , -rszslieggge K , u , , . . . ' u la.. .U ' ,. s,-. fn 0 mQ,!- 'ag lg- '-...N . 'f?. , U., ' .910 . s . . ' . 1 o . -' ,, W 1.5: L t sifff, - . .5 :SIM gfk., 0.,'?:-2533, lr. - 'f'1'Wg1egfg1. 13525 lg- "- 'fab 11432451 -L, x - "X V 'P me fry .A FI- 1.10.5 L. I is gg. l .L s , . .- : ' "'f-lg1"':'3'L?aQ?ijf"L. V 1 - ' Y --3.5-.1. i,.A 1, N 1' ff 1, iff . 5 1 n aa- . ".'fo4' Luncheon Club "Tallenttown TIC" sponsored by the Luncheon club netted approximately S5400 for the school. More than 800 people attended the show which included 20 entries with fillers between acts. Paul johnson, left, did his impression of "Geraldine" from the Flip Wilson show. john "Michael O'Day" Hale, a KTEM radio an- nouncer, was the MC for the "grub-in" dance, below. The club also sponsored a Christmas dance and spring dance. Sophomore class officers serve as Luncheon club officers the fall semester and freshman officers take over the spring semester. Tom Goman was the president the fall semester, George Brindley the vice-president. The top four officers of the classes compose the college board. Wilma Lewis, far left, is one of the organization's sponsors. V 0 0. ! ,'D,,., K Q . o 0 ' n'- 1 - ' I 'U ' S ' ' I ' rf 'lr tl' 'T Q" " 1 " w6'ldi"' l lk 1 1 I Q. ' ' a 3. Q A A , I , Qw- riii . Q ll, Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa members attended the Fourth Annual Honors institute at Durango, Colo. in june. They participated in state and national conven- tions, assisted during registration and served as guides for high school Career day. Some 38 members were initiated into the organiz- ation this year. Members are selected on the basis of character, citizenship and scholastic standing. Symbols of the organization are displayed on the initiation ceremony table, top far right. Primary goal of the national fraternity is to encourage and recognize scholarship among students on junior college campuses. President Tom Goman was assisted by Richard Schneider, vice president, Nancy Knecht, cor- responding secretary, Dianne Horak, recording secretary, Karen Schneider, treasurer, Jeanne Logs- don, historian and Bobby Spence, College council representative. Sponsors are Irene and Ethel Haag. E ,J- I rig? fufssw 'Ht H ll My ' ' "gag null. N, , H 522 Wlu"' Y , N ,H -M, Lffrx' ui H 51, lx 1 ' f 'L' 1 Dr. Hubert M. Dawson, top far left, conducts the initiation ceremony for Phi Theta Kappa officers. William Matush, ASU director, far left, helps PTK member Bobby Spence serve food at the state language convention held here. Irene Haag, left, co-sponsor of Phi Theta Kappa, lectures to her English class. Vice president Richard Schneider, above, announc- es the speaker at a meeting of the honorary society. 139 Rodeo club An indoor collegiate rodeo, affiliated with the Na- tional lntercollegiate Rodeo association, spotlighted the Rodeo club's activities. The club also sponsored a rodeo team for NIRA competition in the southern region and a TJC western week. Rodeo club officers are Eddie Ray, president, jon Bauman, vice-president, Sharon White, secretary, Londa Payne, treasurer, john Hairston, publicity and Charlene McDermont, College council repre- sentative. Melva Garner, Arch Koontz and john Meharg are sponsors. Purpose of the club is to organize collegiate rodeos in accordance with the rules of the NIRA. The group also works to create and produce interest in western heritage. James Moore and sponsor Arch Koontz, top right, discuss plans for the TJC indoor rodeo. Some of the events of the rodeo were saddle bronc riding, center right, and bull riding, bottom right. john Meharg, above, shows Rodeo club members the type of letter jackets they can earn. Meharg, far right bottom, discusses the rules and goals of the TJC Rodeo club at its first meeting. l40 "W"-v EN . -A. r"5'un "'-V-1, I-: I5 Sponsoring various off-campus trips, the Social Science club's featured activity was a trip to Chi- huahua City, Mexico with the Language club during the spring holidays. Another highlight was a trip to Big Bend National park. The club also took field trips to social institutions such as the boys school in Catesville and the VA hospital and assisted with the Christmas dance, hayrides and parties. Club officers are Jeanne Logsdon, president, Karen Sunbury, vice presidentp Chris Valley, secretaryp Harold St. Amant, reporter and Ann Crockett, Col- lege council representative. Above, Dean and Mary Farrell, sponsor, enjoy the scenery during the trip members took to the state fair to see the musical, "1776." Club members rode the Swiss sky ride at the fair and observed the midway scene, right center. Sponsor jim Duke bottom right listens to a discus- sion at the group's monthly meeting. Weldon Can- non also aids in sponsoring the organization. Social Science club 44 fd Science club Science club members attended the Texas Academy of Science Collegiate academy's annual convention. The club sponsored campus speakers and organ- ized a field trip. President Larry Bartek was assisted by Tom jackson, vice president and Elaine Skypala and Ginger Lesikar as secretary and treasurer respectively. Sponsors james Taylor and Anne P. Newton, right, converse before club meeting. Eloise Lundgren and Harold St. Amant, below left to right, observe Ginger Lesikar, jerry Haisler and Tom jackson work on an experiment. Two other students, bottom, conduct a chemistry lab experi- ment. Spoken Arts club A name change and a new constitution were the major steps taken by the Spoken Arts club, formerly known as the Gavel club. The change originated to better communicate the organization's purposes. Members brought back awards from the Southwest Texas State university speech festival and the speech contest at Baylor university. The group helped sponsor TlC's second annual forensic fest- ival in which ten junior colleges participated. The 1972 festival will be held in the new Fine Arts center, depicted by the floor plan, below. Purposes of the club are to present programs to local high schools and civic organizations through its speakers' bureaup to attend speech tournaments, to sponsor the forensics festival and encourage fellowships between students engaged in forensic activities at the college. Club officers are Margaret Green, president, Frankie jenkins, vice presidentp Charlotte Moore, secretary-treasurer and Rodger Weems, College council representative. Nil Whittington sponsors the group. C0l'lllllG SOON Tflanlrs fo our -Eazpayefcs, this new building will be ready nezf spring! Dorff miss our U72 Forensics Fes'hvaf...-- FlllE HRTS BUILDING V mam JUNIUQ ggusut W "V " " N Nr "" ii " 11-1 IIK. ku X S N H f- In - ' mx mm rg 1 lfl .i , I --I ' 'E A ,,, 5.3 E Y, :ey ' V 4.3. Aim! . 5-:jg mu wf -5 """ N ik. E , it r Y,,,.,1Tisf-gf? gil "vi" ll 'F ' A it - tt M214 T 1 g ima .. Qzfrfdlmzrssi 1 'L' -. , - :rsvp S t I W ' 'fs ' f ..-E+. " ,. ?9i " L." TTT , t i Eiffel U ff'-,W ll.. .ff . . , - ,if-"l-2,"-1.5-' 5 -5- si fx " Til" ki at . . Ei' Is, 'ii T TEM? ,,. ,Q J if KQAA' .,.' ,. ',,.,,'sy-ellftfe':z.1a.f..s.:,s:.:. 7', '- ' - 1',.Wi." '-'1'1HJ.vl. ,Z Jager - f - ,V-.gf -' gif .'L5g ,4t.'i " r:F5g 1 'fi J A I n . a , ' lk' ' A J i , A . 11. r, E+ i"'1 ' L X L 'gf Q2 as 'r ,fl j . P 1 , i rx 4 r h , I.'."'r.1 "' ai.. -' "?f?'?I..-if rt ' -,nl .L ,Q uni:- . . , , A ' ' .. -afts x. .f c 1-1 qw , "gal iv-.. : 31- tp, -, . , rr ' . ' yr l cc 1.2. ' ag? 'ff will will "' . ,.,-,.,.-- . . ,yu ?'Qh. tai, M--I . ..,,,,.,.. 'X l Spoken Arts club officers, top center left to right, Charlotte Moore, Margaret Green and Frankie len- kins converse about future club plans. Barbara Bulls, bottom center left to right, responds to some last minute coaching by speech teacher Nil Whittington before the forensic meet begins. Nil Whittington, below, and students Paul johnson and Margaret Green relax between practices. ' gr it ,, ,, it it , l 1 H" 'W " ,w , ww 2. it Wim Texas Student i ft' Education association TSEA members traveled to Corsicana to gain a better understanding of the ungraded school sys- tem. A state convention in March and a banquet completed the year's activities. Club officers are jeanne Logsdon, presidentp Robin Payne, vice presi- dentp Elaine Skypala, secretaryp Barbara lezek, treasurer and Martha Cannon, College council representative. sQf5::Q.f72sQ'ZL, ggi- 1 .. Y, A - - - W 1 TF 3 '.. f' 4' -1' 2 rr- . V i ig:LQ,2'- ' ii X :,.-51, lu - W All 5 - ,rf ' vi f -VL 1 146 President Jeanne Logsdon, top left, reads an art history book in the library. Panel members, center left, discuss problems concerning education at a TSEA forum. Panelists are left to right, jeanne Logs- don, johnny Payne, Annetta Ketchens, sponsor, and Douglas Ferrill. Reading about their organization are TSEA officers, first row left to right, Elaine Skypala, leanne Logs- don and Robin Payne, top row, David Gaylord, Barbara jezek and Martha Cannon. Sponsor Rowe Ann Durant listens attentively and takes notes at a TSEA meeting. 147 48 1L7y'm., . FW ,- 'R gif wa 5-W A las 4 rx, ,A my .,4q 'Yi ,gf 1 NVQ' lv 'Q' gy -2334 K ws' Sports Leopards finish third in host tourney Season Record TJC Opponent 69 87 84 100 87 83 80 93 72 73 117 108 131 84 91 89 90 75 88 113 96 98 92 94 89 94 101 104 94 78 113 114 80 107 93 89 90 82 82 94 87 103 69 97 69 103 97 87 105 91 84 79 73 85 106 103 85 88 98 110 Murray Northeastern Oklahoma A 84 M Southwest Missouri San Jacinto Blinn Wharton Baylor Lee McLennan San Jacinto Wharton TCU McLennan Hill Southwestern Christian Navarro San Jacinto Cisco Ft. Worth Christian Ranger Hill Texas A 84 M Cisco McLennan Navarro Southwestern Christian Ranger Ft. Worth Christian Blinn San Jacinto Finished third in Crowder classic Finished second in Temple J.C. tourney Waymon Marshall, top right, practices his layups. German West, bottom right, stops quickly as a Blinn player comes up behind. Lee Williams, 22, and Walter Brown, 40, far right, squeeze a Blinn player as they jump for the rebound. iso il ui W vi ii . lllrgfllllfulll il Jill ll il l J my , 7 5' aff T' , . . M ' ., ,351 ,, 1 " v 351-L . x 0 1 JETS!! aaa in .gqgvxjnf FW? ey as-13 .,- 5 K Hu an : ,ms Ziyi Q H 5 I x k a if S+ av- of ,, . 'lu Aww. '1 ' ww FH fun' -A -, X L 5 ':':'E's-?:fn".' :' '- N ,, fm' -W . 1 52- lv' Q - - Ns' sin. ' if 4 M... 352559 A , ..., W a,.L , Hamm ,A K Q, ", X W IKGIPQGSKWS yew 23 4. Y S? 1 -- M 1 2 . 3 : . ' g" :s.g 19 ,Q -fgf 1 ' 3 A l S + ' 'V -'J , ' " ..... , ' ,. ffwiggg Q22 ' mg ,Q ' if A 'am fi, N .. .. .... . 'A 52 ., Www A Emi, -. mir?-' f ' -'-'- 77 Qgffsiwifrlfffigffgfgf '-WW-ff ' , 'WHS - .nfs ' 'A N 1 H - :mu S-amz?" Muon: . Qff9wXv:hfw1 nf- Hf gms.-, A.- , -ga, W 3- 1, .:. -.:.:. ..,.p- :,Q3'j:Eg1:3 L ,I Q M . Q V sg zzfzaqiigfzaiig ' 22, fi. A: ggrgggg xi ' Lv g x 'Q-.E ' , 5 5' 14621451 Mm . A523-, .. . ' V5 ,K-:fix ig, lt. ,z,,., 3 fl gh ui WW.. .s-,X fam, 'n an ' 1 ' 1 , 'Ha X a..I5sa:,,4 X ""'44"'11few!'21ww-Qefliew mx -H' LI hifi my Leopards David Morrison, below, and Philip Gipson, bottom, work on their aim during warmup. 'I52 L ' iii ? ' fl iv QE , ,Q 5 Y,-v-V - ,llllvltvlrw Q . W., ---' 1 Lee Williams, center left, gets two points with a jump shot as his opponent reaches for the ball as it sails over his head. Before the contest joe McClaran, top, tapes a players' ankle to pre- vent injury. Coach Danny Scott, left, muses over game tatics. Leopards Danny Allie, below, goes in for a layup closely guarded by a Navarro player. Practicing to keep an edge on their skill, right top to bottom, are Leopards Willie Bennett, Floyd Ear- wood, Mike Belto and Danny Snyder. iwhvsl l wlc, 'l' ii f2gV,:r,,'rig,, 251' lgrzfgggfleif 5 is jr ifsufilggmii ,xi M ' is 154 ww jf Lonnie Gordon, left, prevents a Lee college player from making a goal. julius Howard, above, smiles when he makes a layup. 155 T- is M, ,f , if X ,N ,gnu 2 1 '.a- Q , ' 22 35 1 aw Hs: - x' ' iff 1 we 1 I ' i'f..fj1. w " ' 1. A ., 2 '. ,, Q - , Q X -,F ,A 4 if i' 'f Y .s"' x A -1, H , It .1 . , f h -. V ' id? ' 0 A .. 1, N F V 6 ,T -0,3 X V A .M Q Qi , K. ., ., , K . Q.. :Tl . .ii F' 6 A 'H ' K ' ,ua 2:r'L- . Mag wi ,TA-7 m 'M ---f F1 f- ,QV W -1f!1?F'2" A QE .f 91 Efzzgi. gin QL, S JM!! gbfQ,g5g5,?y., :Jin Z V' ww, 5517 , 'rag '. ' , Mn . - .E ,, ,N . M f ,.E, 'ES 5 K. ,Q..!" xx X is Q ef 'V I M fsmgii Mx X . 1 4 .Kr A .v -:: 1- -, : H. A,-m.:.:f.:ff - 1 11, :Jw ' is 1 Ei a 4 ' 4 Q 'L F' 1 1 S J 3 8 F 13 J, X x riff' Eli ,ja nas .gu- H A +. iw 'jiggl f i -fini.-- - 4-fav .-i , 3- - -if-. 2 fm' .5...:,uwf,,jQQ.,Y 1 " L, W fx Fil 1 '- - - j-,-,- mai -- X35 L -EQ' Jae 6 , ' Jr 3 5' 35,1 ,V r if -. 4 54 ,,c ' S N JI" iii 54. Q... X Q M, LW n 1 .w 4 5. ...YH 1. -gg: af, , - ' 7111-: 3- 1125! 5- ,- 4. 2 -5 - A . s. 15 Practice plays an important part with the Leopard team. Players practicing here are, left top to bottom, Danny Allie, Chuck Halmess, Waymon Marshall, Terry Hutchens and Lee Wil- liams. Lee Williams, below, goes up for two points as his competitor un- successfully tries to block the shot. ri-of K'-51' , i it it it , ,, it it Marie Wolle from Round Top, below, aims carefully for the basket on a free throw. Karen Hoesel from Houston and Donna Pittman of Austin, right, vie for the ball during a practice game. Bryan's and TlC's Geralyn Hardin, bottom far right, dribbles the ball down the court avoiding all con- tenders. Coach Frances Garmon, top far left, finds time to relax during an interim in her busy schedule. She coaches tennis, girls inter- collegiate basketball, intramural volleyball and teaches health and physical education classes. 158 " -. ' ' 2 :f.U'E, , V Q Qfii3"s -sa- Leopardettes are state jc champions BN- l .ll .-H rr' ' W, . In - ll N 1, - - A.:.5: ie, :api ' iii 1 ' ,, H 4. ' Conference record Opponent TIC Seminole 64 59 Parsons 51 42 Weatherford 38 70 Wharton 26 84 Seminole 53 56 Seminole 60 65 Texas A 84 I 48 65 Wayland 54 42 West Texas 39 83 Gulf Coast 39 51 Gulf Coast 36 61 Wayland 47 33 Wayland 55 39 Howard 31 71 Ranger 44 51 Stephen F. Austin 35 48 Sam Houston 47 66 Weatherford 27 53 Howard 33 73 Ranger 38 65 Belmont 51 60 Wayland 68 33 Ranger 41 46 Mary-Hardin Baylor 11 82 Howard 33 63 Ranger 53 51 Wharton 0 2 Texas Women's Univ. 29 50 Season Record: 21-7 Conference Record: 6-0 Texas junior College Women's Basketball Confer- ence champions 159 Leo pard ettes l ll' 1' Eg lv 4 4 Ire, 335415. 5.3 , ri' f ' :img-,T Aifirf f 1 f- V J ll- W 3-5, 160 Pam Foster, right, dribbles the ball down the court. Theresa Perry, bottth left, makes a hook shot. Karen Hoesel, bottom right, prepares to pass the ball to Lou Lytle in a game with West Texas State. x., Ip 53 i- j 1 i ni g Q A -KN r ::: Q . , - Leopardettes, top left to right, ludy Brown, ludy Williams, Ginny Apple, Theresa Perry, Marcia Hostetler and Sylvia Laslie Bush warm the bench while awaiting their turn to play. Karen Hoesel, second left, scores two points. Debbie Lawrence, left, watches until her shot hits its mark. Leopard ettes Patti White, right, attempts to steal the ball from a contender. Theresa Perry, no. 23, bottom left, blocks an op- ponent's shot while Ruth Hoesel guards another rival. judy Williams, bottom right, aims for the basket during a practice session. P S1 .an-pea, .-:'f"'v V Y 162 l l i i it a s s- -"-2f A - 'I lf ,y 5 6 l fa.. '2 " vi- ,QL L. r sw.-. A - lllllllliiw 53, i ii iii iii ,iii l W it .it i,M Donna Pittman, left, makes a jump shot count. Patti White, above, watches the ball she shot go through the net. K Grady Barganier and William Wood, top left top to bottom, were among the Leopard pitchers. jerry Brentham, top center, coached the Leopard baseball team which played its second season in 1970. Another pitcher for the team was john Underwood, above. lack Montalvo, top right, played the infield posi- tion. Emmit Wood, right top, held the second base posi- tion. Manager for the Leopard baseball team was Alfred liminez, right bottom. . ' Rv 4.31-3 x x 4... N 'Tix lx f 'L gqul fa? qv.-t. sr.: L.-.2 .. "f 'N bw. -,lf ' ..',.-Wffif ' "gy 6? eff'-" .pJ. K QT. ...Qi , if , -- '- n es.-qi-, 3g..:f.1: :K1.K,.f 'P -f?'i?:.5fE61-.4 Baseball in its second year. Season Record TIC Opponent 3 McLennan 2 McLennan 1 Ranger 9 Ranger 9 7 McLennan 2 McLennan 8 0 Concordia 0 Stephen F. Austin 3 Stephen F. Austin 6 Wharton 3 0 Wharton 1 Bee 1 Bee l S -e lt! Hu -.-.Cf-Q 1 5- 1-' , Q, .c...a. .h 1 I , jim Gunderman, left top, played third base for the team. The first base position was held by Mike Gardner, left bottom. Fred Butler, below, played in the outfield. l65 Baseball Baseball team members, far right top to bottom, include Ralph Huber, pitcherg Lee Williams, short- stop and Rick Vela, pitcher. ii! Q ,W s W-as Y iq, -1., U M: l if l is , . K , W, , Y I .. NN as W v AA-4, 'fx 5, l' F.. .1 ,, .--.,- , .- i lf" -x , . I 166 'EEE , Z, , , wrfifr-, 'fi-L' fe ...ruvzm i f J-'Fav vwnv- gffii-94' .M :ear ,Q if, 1 k'?li'3agJf-57 " , Q. , ,W -Uh -- ' r ' ' -f i ' Q. 1, lf. 'fiffifll ' '1 'Q- Ya I ,I ff: is , -was , 1 Wes ., M, Eb sf! l u nw Q55 -J ' Sa 2 Y ill 5 . , , L. ii"etEef"- Qs ' r ,Af , , i 1 Far left top to bottom are Dan Schneider and jerry Tyroch, both outfielders. lack Montalvo, far left bottom, is infielder. Fred Butler, top left, and Eldon Coward, top right, play in out- field positions. Leopard catcher Larry Moore, above bottom, readies to catch the ball. Mark Palmer, second right bottom, holds the third base position. Pitchers joe Gonzales and Ralph Huber, left top to bottom, display their ability. I67 f F.. .LN WA. ' x Q if SUHXS3 ll ffrki is M' ,iw i Elliott captures honors Bob Elliott clinched Medalist honors in the South- western Recreational Golf tournament in Fort Worth, moving TJC to second place. john Myers took fourth and Ricki Herring took sixth place. TlC won second place with a 625-stroke total, beating out Odessa junior college and running behind Southern Methodist's junior varsity with a 619. Golf coach lim Brown, top right, prepares to play a few holes him- self. Golf team members Ricki Herring and William Guess, center right top to bottom, prac- tice their putting. joe Young and Bob Elliott, second center right top to bottom, practice for an up- coming golf contest. Working on their driving techniques during golf class are john Myers and Mike Cameron, below left top to bottom. Barbara Sutherland, bottom left, and Brenda Stahr, Q sv ' .i.'Vs"JFT, Tx--. s T"-TQ.. 49. bottom right, pull their caddy carts as they move along the course. i ,L 1 tif, , . k f25f,'13,,srF"' . , ly: ' 3 ri 1, '34-5' . file 'Q' S Ten- '-.-. - U , ' up . X' inf' ,V , '3'2'E:il.- "-M, - ....,. ..... -....-..-.... ...... . ...... .. .............. .- ......... - ....... -.. ......... 1 ...... . ..... .... - .... .. i. ............. 1- ............ .1T...--W ....... .--..--..-..-.- ------------M----- ml N Practicing for a tennis tour- nament, left top to bottom, are players Terry Book, Bobby jones, Randy Stuart, Floyd Earwood, Shirley Tomlinson and Bernice Valchar. Sandy Hilley, top, and Lou Lytle, above, placed first in the San An- tonio tournament. Hilley, Lytle bag tennis Netters Sandy Hilley and Lou Lytle won first place in the women's doubles at the San Antonio Invita- tional tournament in the spring. Hilley also won second place in the women's singles. Record for the women's spring matches stood at 5-3-1 and the men's at 1-3-1 in mid-March. Individually, the women's records were Sandy Hilley, 9-65 Lou Lytle, 7-6g Shirley Tomlinson, 5-5 and Bernice Valchar, 4- 7. Men's individual records stood at 8-5 for Randy Stuart, 5-1 for Bobby jones and and 6-10 for Terry Book. First intramural basketball all- stars named jerry Brentham organized the first intramural basketball program at TlC this year. Several or- ganizations participated including the Luncheon club, BSU, College council, Choir and Circle K. Highlight of the intramural basketball season was the choosing of all-star players from these teams and an extramural basketball programs of junior colleges in the Regional six area. Playing for TJC were all-stars Lonnie Gordon, Walter Brown, Lester Nelson, German West and Stan Bush, Luncheon club, Charles Miles, Pete Ger- stanberg and Lynn Marshall, BSU, Larry Cummins and Tarl Lloyd, College council joe Barbosa and john Love played for Circle K. Coaches were joe McClaron and Tom Goman. Colleges participating in the tournament were TIC, McLennan, Central Texas, Blinn, Navarro and Hill. Mike Beal, right, watches Bob Elliott carefully as he dribbles down court in an intramural game. jim Duke, below, tries to prevent the ball being taken from him by Randy Stuart as he lies on the floor. Walter Brown reaches for the ball held by Tarl Lloyd in an intramural basketball game, far right, left to right. 'ae lr' 170 !! ! ! !! !! ,, ! !! ! ! Lnf , X!! H!! uw ! H ' !! ! ! Q1 ! UMW !w! M !!, K ' !!!w' !!! Q P ii- I ' ' ' ' ' 'X nm w!!! W: W! ' w!!!W!!" ag 1!!! 1 1 M ! M ...g:. gg., !- - ! N ez! M ! Ls 1 1 1! !,!1!!!! 1! ! f !!W ! 1 R!! .Q ! W! ' ' 4 4 ,,AA, MM" mum! '! -' X 111 111!!!!!!!'!!g51' !, !,!!!! 1 !!!!1! !! !!!!!'1-- - !. '1'1'!!. 1' A, .. . X!!! m!!H !!! . ,, 1-'!- Qw' !! 43'-s H!!! , H W ! 51521111 ! 1 1 3 '- 11esf'ssf'f?M ! ' 11!11 ! W!!!1!!'g !! !1 !I!'!!! !5 N Afiy 1!! !! U! Nl! 1 Q' U ! an l ! ! ! HH!!! K H!!! a X! !!!!1 wg!! ,! M M ! W! !,,j!w!11 1 11!!! 1!!! v !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1111i!!E1!Q2 ' ! Wlx' !!!'gN w . Q Q 1 ' inf:-' Q N w' !a. H 5 ,,YfQg ! Q. X g ??iggiQgwW fNq!p!! W5 , !. !M1 ggi i2Qlgg5N1gg1mM!1Ms! ,www AJILN '!mu M' igigi 1i1!QQW 452145 -TQ5?-L h,gw-i JKT n 7 M U' !!. 1 :. X 3.-Z' Xu!!! '.-.L gg: A, l'15'3??f'5mfL V1 1.7 12552225 iii ir! !!wgLg!W!MW!aiq1Eif51:- X 1!i!!-!!!!111!!!!!!!!!! ! , M Jfsg, 1 gX1!,!!' ? 122' "" ' H E !!,:,'.2 if 12-1 Qi V 'V Z :ag , ! - !!!!WVNiuw !w111!11!!f!!1!!1! 1 W!! W. I HU. W!" "W ! X !! H! H ,! ,L W HUM 1 J'-'L 1 EM1 gg !! 1' ' !! ! NAS! . ! fn ! 1 L M!" W "!!!!!!1 H' W!! gf25g3g5gz51fg,yg!g!g3 '!!'1!'!!'!M H H' EiZHg!'.3Q5j.g!1"!!M! ! W '1!"!!1f! ! W, aff, ! 1 1!!! !11!!1!-!1 !!1 !! !fff!1!!!1 !!!W!1!w!!!11!! 11 1 'iii' !! 'MQ ' Z !! !! , Q!! '! !! ! .L-fy-1 Q ' fgiiiA , 'N. Nm 3 T H 5 N I pw 1Q!!gWw !M W Intramurals continue Tarl Lloyd and Walter Brown, below, left to right, vie for the ball in an intramural basketball game. john Love and Alan Smith fin shirth, right, jump for a tie ball in an intramural game. 172 Volleyball opens women s intramurals ' Q Volleyball opened the field of in- tramural women's sports this year with Frances Garmon as coor- dinator. Participants in the matches in- cluded Luncheon club, choir, Baptist Student union, and Texas State Education association. Miss Garmon said the girls seem to enjoy themselves regardless of who won and they "seemed to have a great time." Carol Krempin, left, returns a serve in the women's intramural volleyball game. Carolyn johnson spikes the ball as Kathy Patterson, Londa Payne and Eleanor Bean try to give as- sistance, above left to right. Luncheon club team wins Intramural football kings were the members of the Luncheon club. Upholding the title earned by last year's team, the Luncheon club managed an 8-0 season. Battling the undefeated College council in the final tie-breaker, the Luncheon club won 14-0. Touchdowns for the Luncheon club were on pass plays from quarterback jerry Tyroch. Tyroch con- nected with Larry Moore for a 10-yard touchdown play and later in the game hit Stan Bush for a 30- yard touchdown play. An extra point conversion was made after the second touchdown, when Tyroch completed a pass to Tarl Lloyd. Members of the winning team are jerry Tyroch, Lupe Duran, Tarl Lloyd, Robert Avile, jim Gun- derman, Reece Morrison, Mark Palmer, Stan Bush, Victor Serrano, Larry Moore and james Marshall. Manager of the team was Carlos Falcon. Vying for third place honors were the Language club and the Science club. The Language club breezed to a 28-0 victory. Members of the Luncheon club's team received in- dividual trophies for their participation. 1, Q V ,k,,,... V, .s .L az: 2 'il 'sen' B2 1 .. ii ii ii, ii gm .fwtt:gt1sgtr,5i37tgf - slz.. f E, xii 'vwvilwfff Luncheon club intramural champs, below, front row left to right are Lupe Duran, Larry Moore, Mark Palmer, Victor Serrano, Lloyd Tarl, james Gun- derman and Stan Bush. On the back row and Reece Morrison, Robert Avila, jerry Tyroch and james Marshall. They were undefeated with an 8-0 record. Members of the intramural football all-star offen- sive team, bottom left, front left to right, are Grady it it raw-: l ' WNV' Wi:- 174 intramural football trophy Barganier, Douglas Griffith, Rodney Chervenka and Tom Goman. Alan Smith, Bobby jones and William Wood stand on the back row. All-star defensive team members, below, front row left to right, are Lupe Duran, Lloyd Tarl and Reece Morrison. On the second row are Spencer Smith and Raymond Puente. Mike Roasa, Robert Avila and jerry Tyroch comprise the back row. "Minnesota Fats" might have acquired some com- petition if he had entered the intramural pool championships which followed intramural football. Cue wizards numbered 16 as the contest got un- derway. Bobby jones was the eventual victor, defeating Waymon Marshall 2-1, 2-1. jones received a trophy for his efforts. It seemed that winning was on the agenda for jones this past year, because he captured the intramural ping-pong championship also. Going into the finals, Randy Stewart defeated Alan Smith and in the final contest jones bested Stewart 2-1, 2-1. He received a trophy for ping-pong also. There were 14 partici- pating in ping-pong. Individual trophies were given to each member of the winning team. Coach jerry Brentham is the in- tramural director. Brentham stated that 50 trophies were awarded in the intramural program this year. He stated that total student involvement in intramural sports is the goal of the program. 'fits EL g l i Q V, 175 Advertising OLD... 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