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 - Class of 1947

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Temple College - Templar Yearbook (Temple, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1947 volume:

X. ue '94 7 CZHZPZQV E A OVQZWOI' A record of unforgettable inciclerzts, of memor- able personalities, of everlasting friendships- this is the Templar of 1947. wzfemfs ADMINISTRATION CLASSES FAVORITES ACTIVITIES SNAPSHOTS ADS W 'is MWLQ: West Building-Scott and White Hospital Clinic-Scott and White Hospital Temple Junior College 6LWZ,DLL5 Main Building-Scott and White Hospital Temple J umor College Y LEWS Front View, King's Daughters Hospital wr . ' ,Ji qi ,N Southeast Wing, King's Daughters Hospital Lobby, King's Daughters Hospital I P 0 OLL -the students of Temple Junior College about 'whom this recorcl is built we cledicate these pages. This booh we are publishing about you and for you. The story of your college life, your thoughts, ancl your emotions comprises this volume. It is the aim of your staff to foster a spirit of unity and goofl fellowship among you, the student bocly. Mfg mix M7 ' W 1 ff ' 1 . I4 : bf' 1 4 'N 'fi , 1, " f , FI l K 1 Jn-X Amt Vx 1 Y X I K "I Q Q V ts? xx 4 Q 'lr If xy. X W . If X f 1 L N X 'X XR X ,GJ JAWWF admin zsfra hon omg of Cgducafiwz lk 6.1. ,wi Z, ' 5. .IH E - g5.. i n 1 E 5 il' 4 1' L' C 'C nl III . K X f Vg' ' ' :L mmg i , if - J... 5. . ..... . is go f ' W , -1. ' KARR , uffgg, V: ' , :- -17. uw ia '-N., ' N . .....- .. . .sph X27 Ulu ag wwmu ig. I K ,. .L . 1 '- l" Q I5 i Left to right: Mr. Leslie Huff, Dr. H. B. Anderson, Mrs. R. K. Harlan, Mrs. J. W. Seastrunk, Mr Shirley Richards, Dr. R. C. Curtis, Mr. Charles S. Cox, Jr. 1ChairmanJ MR. ALFRED WILLIG Business Manager MR. D. H. VANNOY Secretary of Board of Education MISS LILA LEE CRIMES Secretary to the Superintendent DR. JOE R. HUMPHREY Superintendent B. A. Trinity University M. A. Teachers College, Columbia. University Ed. D. Teachers College, Columbia University MR. H. M. DAWSON Registrar B. A. Baylor University M. A. Southern Methodist University MR. YV. JJADKINS Dean B. A. N.T.S.C., Denton M. A. Texas Tecllnologiczil College Mr. Frank A. Thomson Hospital Administrator Scott and White Hospital Miss Anna Laura Cole Superintendent of Nurses, Scott and White Hospital R. N. Scott and White Training School B. S. University of Texas Miss Evelyn C. Calhoun Director of School of Nursing, King's Daughters Hospital R. N. Santa Rosa Hospital School of Nursing B. S. Incarnate Word College Mrs. Ruby Buchan Gilbert Hospital Administrator, King's Daughters Hospital R. N. Iowa Methodist Hospital School of Nursing B. S. University of Texas V 1 Boavrcl of Trustees Kifng's Daughters Hospital Mr. F. A. Thomson, Sr., Mr. A. J. Kuykendall, Mr. A. L. Flint, Sr., Mr. A. P. Brashenr, Sr., Mrs. J. K. Campbell, Mr. Wm. Maedgen. E Staff If7i7'Lg,S Dczfugkters Hospital Seated: Dr. A. H. Alsup, Dr. L, W. Pollok, Dr. W. A. Chernosky, Dr. R. C. Curtis Dr. J. S. McCelvey, Dr. L. R. Talley, Dr. N. W. Larkum, Dr. R. K. Harlan Dr. F. W. Howell. Standing: Dr. Charles Parker, Dr. A. S. Fouts, Dr. S. W. Shibler, Dr. A. E. Wiedeman Dr. Travis Smith, Dr. J. M. Barnhart. ! Mr. Dan L. Anderson Miss Marian Arnold Miss Mozella Arnold ' B. S. North Texas State College B. A. Southwestern University B. A. Southwestern University M. S. North Texas State College M. A. University of Colorado M. A. University of Colorado Psychology and Sociology English English Miss Helen Barron Mr. Bryant Berry B. S. East Texas State College B. S. Baylor University M. A. Texas State College for M. A. Baylor University Women Government Home Economics Education acuity SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Miss Auval Brown Miss Irene Havekost Miss Merle Holsapple B. A. Baylor University B. S. Southwest Texas State B. A. Texas Christian University M. S, University of Chicago College M. A. Texas Christian University Science M. A. Southwest Texas State Mathematics College Music Mr. Thurman B. Hull Mrs. Ruth Lemming B. S. University of Texas B. A. Mary Hardin-Baylor Physical Education B. E. Mary Hardin-Baylor Health Education M. A. Northwestern University Speech Mrs. Philip Loving Mr. D. H. McCall Mr. D. M. Mayfield B. A. Southeastern State College B. A. Baylor University B. S. Southwest Texas State Music M. A. Baylor University College Science M. A. A. and M. College Industrial Education Miss Jessie Miller Mrs. Marie Hays Spence B. S. Texas State College for B. A. University of Texas Women M. A. University of Texas M. S. Colorado State College Spanish Home Economics acuity SCHOOL OF' ARTS AND SCIENCES Miss Gracie Watson Mr. O. C. Wilks Miss Lena Word B. S. Texas State College for B. A. University of Texas B. S. West Texas State College Women M. A. University of Texas Librarian M. S. North Texas State College History Business Administration Economics i Dr. Burbank Woodson, B. A., M. D. Miss Annon Price, R. N. Dr. Sam W. Shibler, B. S., M. D. University of Texas Incarnate Word College University of Pittsburgh Tulane School of Medicine Pharmacology Medical Nursing Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Nursing Surgical Nursing Mrs. Inez Jordan, P. H. B. University of Chicago Diet Therapy acuity .7Ci1zq's .Qauqlzfen gfospifaf Dr. Joe M. Barnhart, B. A., M. D. Mrs. Nola Ruth Hightower, R. N. Dr. Charles Parker, B. A., M. D University of Texas Operating Room Technique University of Texas Obstetrical Nursing Nursing Education Orthopedic Nursing MISS ANNA LAURA COLE MISS FRANCES E. BRUSH MISS PAULINE BEAUCHAMP R. N., Scott 8x White Training R. N., St. John's School of Nurs- R. N., Methodist Hospital School School ing of Nursing B. S., . Nursing Education, Uni- B. S., George Peabody College History of Nursing Vefslty of Texas M. A., George Peabody College Professional Adjustments No. 1 Educational Director Professional Adjustments No. 2 ermvuzemf ursilzg acuffy scoff 6 Qfylzife 3f05pifa! MISS EVELYN BOHLS MRS. EDNA STEVENS MISS CHARLENE MIDDLETON R. N., Scott Sz White Training: R.N., Scott 8: White Training R. N., Scott Sz White Training School School School A. A., Texas Lutheran College Surgical Technique. A. A., Temple Junior College Nursing Arts Nursing Arts DEPARTMENTAL 'SUPERVISORS Top row: Mrs. Vance Mitchell, Mrs. Letha Parker, Mrs. Frances Brock, Miss Lillian Bohls Bottom row: Miss Juanita Bolzle, Miss Louise Basham, Mrs. Edna Stevens, Mrs. Doris Poss SUPERVISORS OF NURSING SERVICE Top row: Mrs. Nobia Doolittle, Miss Alice Payne, Miss Pauline Graeber, Miss Dena Bond, Mrs. Evelyn Hess. Bottom row: Miss Margie Leatherwood, Miss Lorraine Brumbelow, Miss La Verne Gallman, Miss Gladys Biels. ursiizq ervice Sfaff cm ggzcuffy Scoff 8 Qylzife gfospiiczf E si MISS RETA GRAY, R. N. Director of Nursing Service s N , x ' X- vi Q J , r me 1 X f ' ll CIOSSBS x ri fha I N X f f J' 7 Q WX .,, ff Ja w L X I5 ax- R . A . xxx ' ef HJ ff 71522 r NI I ,. We i F Q ' 2-I ' V ' s il Q l e ee l ...:.:,:::::.:: Q LZ zzzzz 1., SOPHOMORE OFFICERS ' ..:.:. E 3 Doris Kemp, Reporterg Shirley Holcomb, Secretaryg -55 if Billy Valigura, Vice-President ' A 1 ii: A. J. Lewis, Treasurerg George Walton, Presidentg K P"' f James L. Gray, Sergeant-at-Arms '-A "'-" f ' -R'-HJ SENIOR OFFICERS King's Daughters Hospital EMILY LUKER President SUE SCOTT Z , Vice-President Q55 LCEFS BERDY DUEWALL Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR OFFICERS King's Daughters Hospital DOLORES THORSON President ANN VOIGT Vice-President GLORIA JONES Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN OFFICERS Ray Rucker, Sergeant-at-Armsg Walter Nanny, President: Mary Dean Baird, Secretaryg Cary Thornton, Treasurerg Evelyn Snellings, Reporterg Jean McEldowney, Vice-President. ' GENERAL COUNCIL Seated: Marjorie Bowling, Isobell Reat, Evelyn Barton, Voncille Lee, Viva Jo Hammer, Allene Wichita, Evelyn Bohls, R. N., Advisor, Madge Scott Standing: Ruth Steglich, Sarah Barnabee, Joy Singleton, Nova Lene Caffey, Daisy Weaver, Anna Marie Moore, Marilynn Constant, Mary Nell Carter, Lydell Drawe. Student Government Scott ee W bite Hospital VIVA JO HAMMER President ALLEN E WICHITA Vice-President VONCILLE LEE Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Ruth Steglich, Allene Wichita, Daisy Weaver, Evelyn Barton, Voncille Lee, Viva Jo Hammer, Isobell Reat, Mary Nell Carter, Anna Marie Moore, Nova Lene Caffey, Marilynn Constant, Evelyn Bohls, R. N., Advisor. School offfrts and Sczences CARTER, CLARENCE Dramatics Club, Delta Psi Omega, One- Act Play, Contest Play CAUGHLIN, JAMES Dramatics Club, Tennis Club, Historical Society, Delta Psi Omega, One-Act Play COLEMAN, SUE Secretary of Tennis Club, Reporter of the Business Ad. Club, Dramatics Club, Historical Society, Delta Psi Omega, One-Act Play COUCH, BILLY N. Board of Control of Luncheon Club, Choral Club, Historical Society, Quartet, Veterans Club GRAUERHOLZ, ORVILLE Dramatics Club, Tennis Club, Delta Psi Omega, One-Act Play GRAY, JAMES L. Basketball, Sergeant-at-Arms' of Sopho- more Class, President of Veterans Club HOLCOMB, SHIRLEY Secretary of Sophomore Class, Historical Society, Business Ad. Club, Secretary of Dramatics Club, Luncheon Club Board of Control HUNKA, DORIS President of Tennis Club, Luncheon Club, Volley Ball, Choral Club CEDAR POST QUARTETTE X lily l l 1 HUNNICUTT, RAMON Business Ad. Club KABELLA, RAYMOND Dramatics Club, Luncheon Club, One- gft Play, Delta Psi Omega, Three-Act 35' KEMP, DORIS Dramatics Club, Historical Society, Ten- nis Club, "Leopard Tales" Staff KOCTAR, J. D. President of Business Ad. Club, Chair- man Student Activities Committee, His- torical Society, "Leopard Tales" Staff, Veterans Club, Luncheon Club LlTTERAL, RON Reporter of Luncheon Club, Delta Psi Omega, Dramatics Club, Historical So- ciety, "Leopard,Tales" Staff, Extempor- aneous Speech, Chairman Radio Commit- tee, Three-Act Play LUDWICK, LESTER McDONALD, BETTY Delta Psi Omega, Luncheon Club, Dra- matics Club, Tennis Club, Historical Society MATTHEWS, CHARLOTTE "Templar" Staff, Historical Society, Pan- American Club, Dramatics Club, One-Act Play, Student Activity Committee, Delta Psi Omega, Tennis Club, Poetry Interp- retation MAYS, RAYMOND, JR. Veterans Club PECHAL, BILL Basketball, Dramatics Club, Delta Psi Cslmgga, One-Act Play, "Leopard Tales" ta X -1 - PHILLIPS, DAVID Dramatics Club, Delta Psi Omega, One- Act Play, Three-Act Play PURKINS, WILLIAM O., JR. Basketball, Touch Football, Delta Psi Omega, Business Manager of "Leopard Tales", Treasurer of Pan-American Club, Dramatics Club, Tennis Club RAEKE, CHARLES SHAFFER, ROBERT Dramatics Club, Editor of "Templar", Delta Psi Omega, Tennis Club, Pan- American Club, "Leopard Tales" Staff SORENSON, MRS. MARIAN STAVINOHA, WILLIAM B. Dramatics Club, Tennis Club, Historical Society, Delta Psi Omega, Business Man- ager of "Templar" THOMPSON, LOUISE Tennis Club, Historical Club, Yell Leader, Volleyball VALIGURA, BILLY President of Historical Society, Vice- President of Sophomore Class, Treasurer of Luncheon Club, Chorus, Golf Club, Quartet, "Templar" Staff W THREE WISE SOPHS AND SHIRLEY I VOLTIN, ANDREW J., JR. WALTON, GEORGE W. Sophomore Favorite, President of Sopho- more Class, President Luncheon Club, President Dramatics Club, Choral Club, "Leopard Tales" Staff, Delta Psi Omega, Historical Society, Poetry Interpretation, One-Act Play Director, Veterans Club, "Templar" Staff, Thre-Act Play, Radio Committee WILLI, HERMAN "Leopard Tales" Staff, Radio Activities Committee WOOD, LA TRISSIA Secretary of Luncheon Club, Sophomore Favorite, Treasurer of Business Ad. Club, Historical Club x 1947 l l PITTMAN AND COLEMAN Sckoof of dvursizzq scoff 6 ALLEN, CHARLYS Corsicana, Texas BARRON, MARY ANN Bryan, Texas BARTON, EVELYN Granger, Texas BEATY, BETTY JO Ardmore, Oklahoma BOWLING, MARJORIE Benavides, Texas Qwzife gfospifaf CHANDLER, MARJORIE Brownwood, Texas DALTON, TRULA Coleman, Texas DAVIS, MARY FAYE Hearne, Texas A SWS MAIN BUILDING DRAWE, LYDELL Mercedes, Texas ELLIOT, WILMA Kyle, Texas FLINN, JUNE Clovis, New Mexico GIDLEY, MARIE Salado, Texas HAMMER, VIVA JO Muenster, Texas HERRIN, BILL Italy, Texas HOWARD, INEZ Brownwood, Texas LIPE, HAZEL Los Fresnos, Texas MARTIN, BILLIE Abilene, Texas MILLER, ERTITH Stephenville, Texas MILLER, JOYCE Stephenville, Texas PATTERSON, JOY Dublin, Texas PERKINS, JANE Gatesville, Texas PETERS, MARY BELLE Rogers, Texas PLEMMONS, FRANCES Bartlett, Texas SCOTT, MADGE Bryan, Texas SEFCIK, MARGARET Caldwell, Texas Sl-IACKELFORD, WYNELLE Kilgore, Texas .5 , Ms 2 OFF DUTY X X347 SINGLETON, JOY De Leon, Texas SPACEK, ELECTRA Dime Box, Texas STARLING, LUCY Bradley, Arkansas STEGLICH, RUTH Bartlett, Texas STERN, GLADYS Brenham, Texas THOMAS, LENA Dublin, Texas WARREN, CONNIE Salado, Texas WEAVER, DAISY Gatesville, Texas WICHITA, ALLENE Temple, Texas ZABCIK, DOROTHY Burlington, Texas Sckoof of ursizzq jfirzqls .waugfzfers gfospifaf BRUCE, MABEL Temple, Texas CRAIG, JOYCE Marquez, Texas DUEWALL, BERDY Caldwell, Texas FETN ER, AUDREY Pearl, Texas GERSBACK, EVELYN Bartlett, Texas LUKER, EMILY Copperas Cove, Texas MEADOR, MARIE Jacksonville, Texas MORROW, MOREAS Garland, Texas MORROW, ONIETA Garland, Texas SCOTT, SUE Somerville, Texas X ' 14 STARKEY, VIRGINIA Brownwood, Texas TALLEY, MAXINE Mineral Wells, Texas TODD, DORRIS DALE Fort Worth, Texas ROBERTS, RUTH ANNE Dublin, Texas RUBLE, BETTY Dallas, Texas VAVRA, EVELYN Dime Box, Texas WILLIAMS, ARLENE Briggs, Texas WILLIAMS, RUTH JEAN ELL Briggs, Texas WOLFF, GLADYS Belton, Texas WOOD, RUTH Somerville, Texas AKERS, MELVIN Sckoof of Gfrfs and Sciences Choral Club, Historical Society ANDERSON, ROY D., JR. President of Luncheon Club, Radio Committee Member, "Leopard Tales" Staff, Business Ad. Club BAIRD, MARY DEAN Luncheon Club Officer BOYD, BARBARA "Leopard Tales" Staff, Delta Psi Omega, Choral Club, Historical Society BRANDES, CATHERINE Historical Society BROWN, HOWARD CAFFREY, JOHN THOMAS CAVILLO, MARY AT LEISURE 4' y x 1543 X CADWALADER, BILL "Templar" Staff CALHOUN, LEE ROY CAMERON, BONNIE CASWELL, BILLIE CHARLTON, BARBARA CLARK, MAXWELL COLEMAN, JESS Tennis Club, Dramatics Club, "Leopard Tales" Staff, "Templar" Staff COLEMAN, STANLEY COLLIER, OTIS RAY COTTLE, MARCINE Tennis Club, Golf Team DANIELS, FLORENCE DAVIDSON, BOBBIE Basketball EASLEY, PATSY Secretary of Business Ad. Club, Histori- cal Club, "Templar" Staff, Yell Leader EPPERSON, MARY ELLA FALKE, RAYMOND FIELD, HUGH TOWNSEND Dramatics Club, Pan-American Club, Radio Activities Commitee, "Templar" Staff, Oratory, Historical Society FORD, HARLAN Pan-American Club, Historical Society, "Templar" Staff FORD, ROY JEAN READS THE NEWS Q ,XX XX 1918 X GAINES, LAURIN Business Ad. Club GARNER, BESSIE Pan-American Club GLAZENER, JAMES V., JR. Business Ad. Club, Historical Club, Radio Activities Committee, Veterans Club HEJL, DOROTHY Choral Club HOBBS, A. B. Business Ad. Club HODGE, DOROTHY "Leopard Tales" Staff, One-Act Play, Historical Society HOLTKAMP, HENRY HUFFMAN, JOHN HUMBLE, DON 12,2111-AlY191'iC2H Club, Publicity Committee, Veterans Club, Lunclie Club Officer, President SNAFU KOLLS, JACKIE 011 LAND, THOMAS Pan-American Club LEATHERMAN, BOBBIE LOU Dramatics Club, "Leopard Tales" Staff, One-Act Play, Delta Psi Omega, Radio Speech LEHOTSKY, MARIE LEWIS, ROBERT LOTT, CHARLES M. LOTT, SHIRLEY Vice-President of Historical Society, Re- porter of Tennis Club MCDONALD, JOHN McELDOWNEY, JEAN Freshman Favorite, Vice-President of Freshman Class, Dramatics Club, Pan- American Club, "Leopard Tales" Staff MR. McCALL AND CARY XX 8 MQLENDON, BILLYE Associate Editor of "Tem- plar", "Leopard Tales" Staff, Business Ad. Club, Publicity Committee, One- Act Play, Choral Club, Tennis Club, Pan-American Club. MCLERRAN, RAY Basketball, Tennis Club, "Leopard Tales" Staff MCWHERTER, TOM MACHALEK, JOE Basketball Manager NANNY, WALTER Freshman Favorite, Presi- dent of Freshman Class Board of Control of Lunch- eon Club, Business Man- ager of "Templar" NETTLES, ANNA LOU Pan-American Club, Dra- matics Club OWEN, CATHERINE PEARSON, WILLIAM PITRUCHA, CLARENCE Pan-American Club, Ten- nis Club ROBERTS, KENNETH Editor "Leopard Tales' Radio Activities Commit tee ! Debate Team, Associate Y SCOTT, ALEX SCOTT, JOE Debate Team, "Leopard Tales" Staff, President of Business Ad. Club SISCO, BETTYE JO f'Leopard Tales" Staff, Dramatics Club, One-Act Play, Freshman Minstrel SITTON, BRENNAN COLLINS "Leopard Tales" Staff, Debate Team, One-Act Play, Dramatics Club, Historical Society, Freshman Minstrel, Veterans Club SNELLINGS, EVELYN Reporter of Freshman Class, Dramatics Club, One-Act Play, Tennis Club, Histori- cal Society, "Leopard Tales" Staff SOUTHERLAND, RANEY Dramatics Club, Veterans Club, Luncheon Club SPARKS, OTTIS L. SPEED, LEHMAN T. Z M355 l' . BARBARA AND 'DOROTHY V 1 X SPRADLEY, RICHARD "Leopard Tales" Staff, Vice-President of Luncheon Club, Veterans Club, Business Ad. Club, Historical Club STANECEK, JOSEPH L. STREATER, BILLY FRANK SUKUP, PETE F Business Ad. Club THORNTON, CARY Editor of "Leopard Tales", Treasurer of Freshman Class, President of Pan-A1ner- ican Club, Vice-President of Tennis Club, Oratory, One-Act Play, Choral Club, Student Activity Committee, Delta Psi Omega, Historical Society TINDALL, DARRELL Secretary of Luncheon Club, Debate Team, Business Ad. Club, Tennis Club WACKER, CHARLOTTE WICHITA, BETTY Associate Editor of the "Templar", "Leopard Tales" Staff, Pan-American Club, Tennis Club, Student Activity Com- mittee, Choral Club X WILSON, Jo ANN - - Business Ad. Club, Tennis Club WRIGHT, ED CURTIS 8 M S DAVIDSON, VOTERS ON LUNCHEON CLUB ELECTION DAY elmo! of Wursinq jfilzqg .pauqhfers gfospifrzf ALLAMON, LANITA Belton, Texas BEAZLEY, LORENE Temple, Texas BIGON, MARY FRANCES Temple, Texas CHAFIN, OPAL Pearl, Texas BOBBIE Liberty Hill, Texas DIXON, KATIE Temple, Texas ELSIK, RUTH Temple, Texas JONES, GLORIA Mexia, Texas TW A X LESCHBER, ELAINE Walburg, Texas PILLING, IRMA Cameron, Texas PITTS, CORENE Temple, Texas RACHUI, DELLA Burton, Texas REDDEN, DORIS Hamilton, Texas RICHARDS, MABLE LOYCE Turney, Texas RILEY, BOBBIE JOYCE Hamilton, Texas STEGEMUELLER, HELEN Brenham , Texas THORSON, DOLORES South Beloit, Illinois VERNER, Virginia Lubbock, Texas VOIGT, ANN Lubbock, Texas WILLIAMS, MINNIE FAYE Gatesville, Texas WRIGHT, WILMA Belton, Texas ZSCHIESCHE, FRANCES Pottsville, Texas BRTHX 59 131955 Sckoof of Swff 6? CWA 154 X 8, Cifllursilz ife jfospiial ANZ, ALLEEN Clifton, Texas ARNETT, Peggy Hamilton, Texas BARNABEE, SARAH Mission, Texas BAXTER, MARTHA Franklin, Texas BOONE, BILLIE Gladewater, Texas BROWN, BETTY Bowie, Texas BULLOCK, OLLIE New London, Texas CALHOUN, MARGIE Holland, Texas 7 CARTER, MARY NELL Elgin, Texas CORBIN, MARIE Moody, Texas ELDER, DOROTHY Clifton, Texas GRIMES, MARY K. Temple, Texas LEE, VONCILLE Sweetwater, Texas LEWIS, LOU Hillsboro, Texas LINDMAN, MAXINE Corpus Christi, Texas MAXFIELD, JUANITA Abilene, Texas McBEATH, JAMIE Belton, Texas NIX, ANN Henderson, Texas X A X X RALSTON, MARY FRANCES Pasadena, Texas REAT, ISOBELL Troy, Texas SANDERS, JOYCE Ledbetter, Texas TURNER, SI-IELLY El Paso, Texas WALKER, EDITH Laredo, Texas IN SURGERY BEATY, MYRTLE Milano, Texas BINGLEY, DOROTHY San Benito, Texas BONNER, KATRYN Gregory, Texas BROWN, BOBBYE Duncan, Oklahoma BRUN E, JOYCE Sealy, Texas CAFFEY, NOVA LENE Cameron, Texas A FAMILIAR SIGHT CHANDLER, DORIS Galatin, Texas COLLMAN, DORA Colbert, Oklahoma 1 1 X x Q CONSTANT, MARILYNN Freer, Texas CULWELL, MARY SUE Stamford, Texas DAMON, JUANITA Clovis, New Mexico GOODNIGHT, MARY ELIZABETH Holland, Texas HAWKINS, NELLIE Clovis, New Mexico HICKS, DOROTHY Port Arthur, Texas A HORD, DOROTHY Gatesville, Texas HORTON, JIMMIE NELL Merkel, Texas HOWARD, BOBBIE Arlington, Texas HYDE, SUE Altus, Oklahoma PRE-CLINIQS JACKSON, JOY Weslaco, Texas JURECKA, GEORGIA Bartlett, Texas KANZ, BERNICE Clifton, Texas KING, VIRGINIA Elgin, Texas LITTLE, AYLEEN Altus, Oklahoma LITTLE, KATHLEEN Altus, Oklahoma MATEJOWSKY, WANDA Schwertner, Texas MOORE, ANNA MARIE Duncan, Oklahoma ull W MORGAN, ELIZABETH ANN Stephens, Arkansas MORGAN, WILLETTE Uvalde, Texas MOTT, JUNE DALE Jefferson, Texas NICHOLS, LOU Temple, Texas ODELL, SHIRLEY New Braunfels, Texas ORR, RUBY RAY Talihina, Oklahoma PATTILLO, PEARL Lufkin, Texas PIPPIN, MARIAN Clovis, New Mexico ROBINSON, JEAN Houston, Texas SLATON, PATRICIA Seminole, Texas sf. ? SPRINGER, CONNIE Bartlett, Texas STEPHENS, FAYE Jayton, Texas STINE, DAWN Lufkin, Texas STRANGE, JEAN Holland, Texas TREES, DESSIE Uvalde, Texas WAAK, IVTAVRCELINE Bellville, Texas WINCHESTER, PAULINE Dallas, Texas YOUNG, ESTHER Mercedes, Texas LEAVING LAB IX Q9 .QE ' ' CNW . 'If' f ff! ff f ffffffff F vofwrfs , 7 f sv' I gr A K? ' T TX' , X , .ff x - X ,r X 721, if '1- X 4 X 5 , , f X Y '1 ! I george Qyaffon SOPh0m0V8 gavorlie is 3545 Crissa 0P lLOIIZO VZ 09209 avorife T.. Jig' lr J4-"J 1 , -.3-jf ,,.., ff U- .- J' .-r ,, v. Qyafzfer 9 greshman gavorifa 612212 fe Kg 5 X 55-1f ' .N.xS I 'QW-.. , , M ,.? , ECDZ .MC8lJOWH6y greskman gavorik .M 6168! 31' UCB jfinqls .Tauqfzfers Senior gavorife wlf Qforia Jones Inq? Qauqlzfers Junior gavorlie Jo ghmnlgr scoff 6' OHL' Lfe Senior gr avorife 'IDL if . . VL 1 , V V wis- Qfzzem Gem cuff 5' Qwzife Junior gavorife yy 1? ,effl- W ff P - , ff" 1 ' if C- , f, w G ,141 " jf y 72 'g,' ff" qi' L, - -- , .2 fx f N f f . . fl!! M' ffgpx' ff, f ,4 V ' x f' 5 ' f I f f 605166 Nirfifie X LLIZC 6012 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President ....... . ROY ANDERSON Vice-President . . . RAYMOND KABELLA Secretary . . . DARRELL TINDALL Treoszwer . . . BILLY CASWELL Reporter .... . . MARY DEAN BAIRD Sergeomt-at-Arms . . CHARLES HIGHTOWER Board of Control SARAH BARNABEE, KENNETH ROBERTS, LYDELL DRAWE, ARTHUR ROSEMAN Seated: Tindall, Drawe, Anderson, Kabella, Barnabee Standing: Caswell, Roberts, Baird, Mr. Berry, Sponsor FIRST LUNCHEON CLUB MEETING OF FALL SEMESTER GM SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President . . . Q . . . GEORGE WALTON Vice-President . . RICHARD SPRADLEY Secretary . . . LATRISSIA WOOD Trecesurer . . . BILLY VALIGURA Reporter . . . Q RON LITTERAL Sergecmt-at-Arms ..... JUNE HOLCOMB Board of Control . WALTER NANNY, KATHRYN BONNER, BILLY COUCH, NITA DAMON Seated: Nanny, Damon, Walton, Bonner, Couch, Wood Standing: Spradley, Valigura, Litteral, Holcomb FIRST LUNCHEON CLUB MEETING OF FALL SEMESTER ' r an- merictuz I M ernber of Pan-American Student Forum of Texasj Sponsor: MRS. MARIE SPENCE Fall Semester ' Spring Semester CARY THORNTON . . . President . . . CHARLOTTE MATTHEWS DAVID PHILLIPS . . Vice-President . . CLARENCE PITRUCHA BETTY WICHITA . . S667'6t!1,'l"y . . . CARY THORNTON BILL PURKINS . . . . . T'I'6CL8'tt'I'67' . . BILLYE MCLENDON CLARENCE PITRUCHA . . Sgt.-atLArms . . . BILL PEARSON BILLYE MCLENDON . . Reporter . . BILL PURKINS MEMBERS Fred Bennett Billye McLendon Mary Cavillo Anna Lou Nettles Townsend Field Bill Pearson Margaret Flanders Clarence Pitrucha Bessie Garner Bill Purkins Donald Humble Alex Scott Thomas Land Bob Shaffer Charlotte Matthews Cary Thornton Jean McEldoWney Betty Jean Wichita Mr. H. M. Dawson Honorary Member Seated: Matthews, Spence Standing: Cavillo, Pitrucha, Humble, Thornton, Field, Garner, Land, McEldoWney, Wichita, McLendon, Pearson Ltsilzess Sponsoaz' MISS GRACE WATSON OFFICERS P7'6S1fClG7Zt First Semester ,,H,S,,S,, ,, - Second Semester BENNETT BROOKE HYTJ. D. KOCTAR Vice-Presiclent ...e...,,Se.H...,.... J OE SCOTT Secretary -. .S..e -. .........,,.,. PATSY EASLEY Trecasurev' ....S.e-,........,. Reporter ........,.,,H...... I ml MEMBERS 'PKL-xy... its Roy Anderson Bennett Brooke O. B. Brown Mary Cavillo Thomas Caffrey Sue Coleman Florence Daniels Mary Ella Epperson Patsy Easley Laurin Gaines J. V. Glazener A. B. Hobbs Shirley Holcomb LA TRISSIA WOOD .--SUE COLEMAN Ramon Hunnicutt J. D. Koctar Marie Lehotsky Billye McLendon Kenneth Roberts Joe Scott Louise Slough B. D. Smith Richard Spradley Pete Sukup Darrell Tindall Jo Ann Wilson La Trissia Wood First row Koctar, Coleman, Spradley, Wood, Scott, Hobbs, Cavillo, Wilson. Second row Mr Rogers, McLendon, Smith, Anderson, Field, Roberts, Sukup, Watson, Tindall, Easley Melvin Akers Cyrel Allen Ernest Allen Roy Anderson Francis Bradley Maron Brizendine Clifford Brooke Orlando B. Brown William Brown William Cadwalader Thomas Caffrey Clarence Carter Rodney Coleman Marcine Cottle Bill Couch R. E. Davidson H. M. Dawson Ted Edens Elwood Eschberer Reginald Evans Raymond Falke Robert Fenton efercuz 5 G LL ' Z 6 Faculty Adiiisers: H. M. DAWSON, W. J . ADKINS MEMBERS Roy Ford W. A. Flynn, Jr. Norman Frederick Laurin Gaines Hallie Gee James V. Glazener Orville Grauerholz Lloyd Gray Charles Hightower June Holcomb A. B. Hobbs Ray Holloman Raymond Holsch John Huffman Donald Humble Ramon Hunnicutt Robert Hunt Claude Jacks, Jr. George C. Joyce Clifton J unek Charles L. Keaton Harry Keaton William Kelly Sam Kennedy J . D. Koctar Thomas Land Grady Laudermilk Charles Lott Richard Lott J. E. Luckey Robert Lunsford John McDonnold Melvin McDonald Ray McLerran Joe Machalek Raymond Mays Walter Nanny Vernie Norred Frankie Novosad Johnnie O'berg Roy Pierce Joe Ravanelli Ray Rucker Joe Scott Johnnie Shebesta Hayward Simms Brennan Sitton B. D. Smith Raney Southerland Lehman Speed Richard Spradley Joe Stanacek Pete Sukup G. A. Taylor Moody Taylor Roscoe W. Terrell L. J . Timaeus Darrell Tindall William H. Traylor William Valigura George W. Walton Donald Weaver Joe W. Wilder Eddie Wright Charles Younts l Bottom row: Flynn, Mayfield, C. Allen, Akers, Cadawalder, Nanny, Brown, Timaeus, Luckey, Spradley, Koctar, Sukup, Speed, Grauerholz, Wright. Second row: Joyce, Yates, Southerland, Younts, Ford, E. L. Allen, Sitton, Tindall, Hightower, Holcomb, Huffman. Jacks, Caffrey. Fourth row: Shebesta, Edens, Holloman, Davidson, Falke, Walton, Bigham, Brizindine, Mr. Adkins. Fifth row: Hobbs, Rucker, Traylor, Thornton, Stanecek, O'Berg, Kennedy, Rodney Coleman. Sixth row: Simms, Machalek, McLerran, Hunt, Kabella, Gray, Cottle, Gee. Seventh row: Hunnicut,-Keaton, Mays, Weaver. Mr. Dawson. Third row: Taylor, Aldrich, Valigura, Jess Coleman, Anderson, Glazener, Carter, Terrell, McDonald, DRAMATICS CLUB Sponsor: Miss MERLE HOLSAPPLE Seated: Betty Sisco, James Caughlin, Anna Lou Nettles, Robert Shaffer, Raney Southerland, Barbara Boyd, Charlotte Matthews, Jean McEldowney, Bonnie Cameron, George Walton, Bobbie Leatherman. Standing: Sue Coleman, A. J. Lewis, Raymond Kabella, Granville Oliver, Cary Thornton, Willian Stavinoha, Dorothy Hodge, Orville Grauerholz, William Pechal, Clarence Carter. mmafics Delta Psi Omega Officers Fred Bennett, Robert Shaffer, Cary Thornton Delta Psi Omega James Caughlin. isforical Society Sp0ns07".' MR. O. C. WILKS OFFICERS P'2'esicZefrz.t .,...M.5-. MM., A . BILLY V ALIGURA Vice-Pvwesiclent .g .,W .H 4 ,.H. SHIRLEY LOTT S6C'l"6tf1,7'1j-T7"GCLS?,t7"67' ,WECHARLOTTE MATTHEWS S67'g6CL'l'Lf-Cbfl-A1"'WLS ., d5,.. be ,,,, J, D, KOCTAR Reyaortev' .s,. .- ...., ,fW.. . ---PATSY EASLEY Melvin Akers Fred Bennett Barbara Boyd Catherine Brandes James Caughlin Sue Coleman Billy Couch Patsy Easley Harlan Ford MEMBERS J. V. Glazner Shirley Holcomb Dorothy Hodge J. D. Koctar Bobbie Leatherman A. J. Lewis Shirley Lott Betty McDonald Jean Mclildowney Walter Nanny Anna Lou Nettles Arthur Roseman Evelyn Snellings Dick Spradley Louise Thompson Cary Thornton La Trissia Wood George Walton Charlotte Matthews Front row: Wilks, Lott, Snellings, Valigura, Nettles, Leatherman. Back row: Caughlin, Stavinoha, Lewis, Coleman, Koctar, Matthews, Easley, Thornton Ford. peach Cflcfivifies Q One-Act Play Joss Colenzzm, Anna Lou Nettlcs, Blllye McLendon, Cary Thornton, Betty Wichita, A. J. Lewis, Bill Sitton. Debate Kenneth Roberts, Darrell Tindall, Bill Sitton, Joe Scott. Orators Harriet Hughes, Charles Younts, Cary Thornton, Townsend Field. B 1 Radio Speech Exteniporaneous Speech ' Poetry Interpretatlon Evelyn Snellings, Ron Litteral, Weldon Bigham, Shirley Lott Charlotte Matthews, George Walton. Bobbie Lou Leatherman. . : , ,B A ,. f ff st gi Q -uk I I I. M.:,gf3,.,Z3E55m5E35E5EES,.,ts ,..., ..:...:.:.:.:.:.tg:. , g,. ,,-, ., g.,,g:,:: .... 1 ,., ..... : .:.:.::.:.:::.:.s.. M, f . Front row: Cadawalder, Easley, Matthews, Walton, McLendon Back row: Nanny, Stavlnoha, Coleman, Shaffer, Wichita. Ruble, Jones, Miss Calhoun Bowling Lee Barton Singleton Nix STAFF Editors Billye McLendon Charlotte Matthews Robert Shaffer Betty Wichita Business Managers Bill Stavinoha Walter Nanny Photographers Jess Coleman Bill Cadawalder Assistants Patsy Easley George Walton King's Daughters Comm Betty Ruble Gloria Jones Miss Calhoun Scott 8: White Comm. Marjorie Bowling Voncille Lee Evelyn Barton Joy Singleton Ann Nix Faculty Adviser Miss Mozella Arnold Business Managers Bill Sitton Robert Shaffer James Caughlin Bill Purkins Reporters Bobbie Leatlierman Ron Litteral Betty Wichita Anna Lou Nettles Dorothy Hodge George Walton Billy Valigura Fred Bennett Ray McLerran Roy Anderson Cartoonist Pellon Walker Typists Billie Ruth Wright Patsy Easley Catherine Owens Faculty Adviser Miss Marian Arnold STAFF Eclitmj -rrs.,-o. r..Y.r...rr CARY THORNTON Assoczctte Eclztor rrrr .-r.-e.-e- KENNE'1H ROBERTS Circfulatiofn Ma-nagev' e. .D ere DICK SPRADLEY Bill, Stavinoha Kenneth Roberts J. D. Koctar Dick Spradley Herman Willi Doris Butler Bettye Sisco Billye McLendon William Pechal Barbara Boyd Raymond Kabella Doris Kemp Joe Scott Bill Sitton A. J. Lewis Arthur Roseman Joe Scott Harriet Hughes Marguerite Allison Evelyn Snellings Standing: Spradley, Koctar, Pechal, Boyd, Litteral, Wilton, Leatherman Wichita Kemp, Bennett, Hodge. Seated: Kabella, Easley, Roberts, Thornton, Nettles, McLendon WL? Sew 4 Q x 1 WT? 5 f m i g 75223, W? E if King's Daughters J unior-Senior Banquet at the Hawn Hotel College Quartet A. J. Lewis, Bill Couch, Rodney Coleman, Billy Valiguru. ampus czfivifies College Duet Mary Epperson, Marie Lehotsky. than Se: . Igbard Spb Qdlejead, ' If lo . , 2, O 11'e121,Z?Z?3gZ2f12t If ff' Obertlejoi S Sb! lv-je Jf Late ,Om N fi' 1- 186' 6 OW.. AAS J 80 bj3z1,.eCAAa abd 2116320 1882 J? 0 05. QQ? ,ble If 1280 12 K Wg, Qbn . 6,3245 ix sz Q- ,259 fr? Q4 Capping Exercises at Scott and White Left to right: Misses Hammer, Brune, Caffey, Chandler, Hicks. Don Weaver Charles McDonald Bill Purkins Ray Hollomzm Center Forward Guard Guard U6 EOIUEU' 5 v The Squad Bottom row: Mr. Hull, Coach, Gray. Davidson, Weaver, Clouse, Hunt, Machalek, Manager. Second row: Purkins, McDonald, McLerran, Lewis, Holloman, Sims. Bobby Davidson . Forward Ray MCL61'T3H Guard Hayward Simms Forward Billy Hunt Forward Yell Leaders Patsy Easley and Louise Thompson James Clouse Carl Taylor Lloyd Gray A. J. Lewis Center Center Guard Forward 1 Top row: Hunl-za, Thornton, Thompson, McLendon, Bennett, Shebesta, Pearson, Coleman,. Holcomb Wichita, Kemp, McDonald, Matthews. Purkins, Stavinoha, Willi, Caughlin, Lewis, Shaffer Bottom row: Snellings, Coleman, Lott. Clouse. I l l l l i l Finalists in Tennis Tournament Hunka, Thornton, Snellings, Lott. Lewis, Holcomb, Shebesta, Stavinoha. Officers of Club Thornton, Coleman, Lewis, Hunka, Lott. W 151 WE5"v 'SQA ig M 55 2 1543 f fz A XV? m 2 V XX X3 Q ' XA . I -fi QW 1 .'illAP.5I7' 0 75' ,ss ' .ff jf 'THU WE, flififlssn 32:3 5.2 V V - 91551 ' w, :ff rff ,A ,.., . 2 V X Q Q 4 553'5li7l. f JW'- V 1131-,. V m .W K K K X ,Hy :'f1'1', ' ll, 3 Wm - ,, ., VM . i. g-515, ,, 1 1' Q' A ' 2.1 CU 5? U 6 ,V 4.,Q"'l !H . muh .Www ' lgi . ,f,F. , , 'H 4Q , WF, ff3E1i fig. "if K5 K 1:Ii M4 K 'E ,W 5, S3 : fx mtl my I pk glm ' B xiii? :fi V W" ' QQSS' Kls m-+21 ,A 4 VN , , . r '55 s5s,:assa:f:: .... fiwi' 5m'fv'f 'fx 'ftif ' 3751-7 " 1' , V 'fffil' .1151 ,, gf TM V ' IIIIJ M: ffffff' ' r'?f'-ffli, 1 ,Y 1'L.I.I.. aw' fl I M X4 s. MHA 4 4 v NIL 51 VW, AH ' 'Wx v9 ' ,iii ii , 11 ,V VV'VV nz Vfsmir- my- 5 1-H... x- , sly" f in Q milf W, ,li ,V:g?!.Q14.'s'k .HV wldii : A 2:61 Vwl 5 ' , H . :Q.- Z seas? Ax. , :x k,, . . '-if L- S .U , xx. . 'LEM VV-V... 13,-:.fl1,z,. M13 , ,iiffw 'Ls 1. qmk- V551 'M V, ' Ifgwiiiiiiiigf-V gQi!l,jii3,EEiM 'fi'2f::.? P21555 A VSV ' ' 'WNV-1'V7i'Y'f?fiW' f'-iii QE'g,33ii:1113W IIM4i-f5Vii2xi:1VziilVn'N 5 W 1 W m g .,.,..,,.,, ,- s,, x S 5 W-,DMX V. my W MM wx , m if ,ss xii' X L . f. f W A. w' . 4, W - ,mfg . 5 5 1 4. V W- f 0 'f . Ami! , ,, M . n,gf,jLsfg12" ' k Q. M , ' , , ffgzilwlwf 3 A ' 12 W V . ' " " N' fmlfm-gf,-Q - -, W- ,H ,i , ll fx' 1' A ' fi ' ,, jff M2111 ,, . ' ff Y' 'Q H, xii 57' 2t2".'.1-mf" 4: -,gpg Q Jig :, 1 523: g 5 .412 3 9 ., QEi?::i1K:-V , 'fam X. , 4' , Jw ' Q' 1,21-f - ' 1 . ,gflllbx , f., ' 3 "Q-,MH 'm,v?4f6-'D ww' ' ' f, ' E391-3th, ' ff 5fMfS2"Z4 ., xii? -K, 334459 . ' ' -fx 94342 - ""'M'd'wf ' - if-2-'Ql"':'4 H .3 qww My .1 ,:'.'-,,133-gx-Jig' ii X .,:J4W ff ,i:3'.',1.. 1 ' N.. w 2' QL ?.,f,,,, ,szihfvm .A . 'L J:-:f5?ns', 1 it -Avi Qff ' M Wikia 1,,,, ,:.,i, V f 9 ' , ' 6 5,-gs-591335: M, N, fi 1 ,ww 5 1- 11: '.., ' f 'WL was ,W mfs Q6 f J 10 ' 0 MD I 6 x 1 x-,. Qgsf! , ww . 2 fx Q Q2 Q' . 'fi ' ,A x wk' is ' tr Q9 Q ,in- :A ,f 3 N' ,, yffwu . wk- J 'man 41' f CO!!! AEN 'mf A wa 9 vw ,f ,eww ....... , gg 5.5. Y W ,M 4 J' 5.37, 9,7 A 7206 ia. V.. isisiaiaisiaisiaiaiaiaisaissm., x K g K QQ :W ,A If - - wg, M ww-f . ,f,,m,,y 1 .,.: ..... - E.. Wi, 1, W rff. K- S fs, -P ,.,, ..... : ' t.1-SH Q51 . Tiki A M Q fi if ' 1 T ,... QL TSW " 1- I ' I ' firm ' ----f: f- Q mg,-fw ,.g .,.. - "" , "" A , Q2 ,S 4 5, 1, x 4- 45 Y '1-'M -'Q HW 'W' fws 4,1 4... 0lfU 'Zi S8zW Belles and beauties. How Did those men get in here? Those Seniors look very happy about something. The Miller sisters are inseparable. f -:Be 555 .Q ,mpmyn-snwvwmv' 5 2 zffl' 5 , WQS: M58 is x i .4 ..s if ...lg if ,,.M...o-..- .Wy A fteaf' hours at Scott and White Looks like all play cmcl no work That wonderful stipencl! -Mali?-.izlfgo iiuaizlflitg t. 1- 'tgga :Qi :S tm 1 A f,f1.5f'v?ff4C . W ll E Weaver They made it! Fun! Silly Girls! Bill es Simpatico! Relaxing, Melvin? Professor Speed Buddy-Buds What happened, W.A. yr, A ,W .Ml .N Wi WMU, Q Q Q -555: Q ,Q w s...+ , :,,,, E Av' -a ', , xx , N. f?'-,Qs ,W I Q r 4 U 4 Z Q, 1 -. -- ,JR .ww A. " M ,.,, . ww ,I .-km..-:.,.:,.Z W ima , J , 'll is ,QM , , Q 2 4 vs: 4.3 x' , A A3 ...:., , K Q , .:.:.,... ,.,.,..:.: N ML A525 - Mgr ' , Zkwzwfiyv .. N' 4- N 5 5 Wx .nab Y 4 YS X 4 E zz 1 , 'W I Y gr uf 1 Qm 4952753 m WM! X. -in vffi? f 5' X a t , If ,, vw y 3, s 1 I i,,,, ..I1lQ'I4 ' I g 4,,.fjF'if'i l , ,,Wmx, N :. ! ' fx- T' i 'J uyif' , .4-fV:K4ff5113kM.gQ g K 442' gf 1 S, it " ,ff it it . Q 2 . W ?1 Ami rffgfgn 1 . gli? V, , , V S x, yi, ' Q -' :,: Gem ' ' QEM' xg, V 3 ss 5 if ' ' 2 , ' , at sf x 1 "" X V Q ,, A el. , "', . v 4 gy n N ,Er A XJ 4 43" vga-a ,wwwfq Q zwwfgzwf w H449 A Q MQ, ., f W: f 4 f , -mf, , Abs x. ,X .5 , , .WW ft, KU, '58 A-,MM WM, W 4' 1 1: J I 5. H? . ,J A it , KQV 'Y A. , V4 I Q if 'i' . 2i: 3 Wi, , 'fs ..,, ' - - 7 "" .,., s. is ...,.: eff jfs .M f 'T , 1 3- ' Q ,W gk .I fp sr ti - , ,f ,. . ,. . JT , M, . 12325 Q .... ..... Z if as ,... , W ' .. A x f -' V " I " V Lsf 5 fl, -5- 'S?':':', , 'I " "' - we 2:-5gEg,L T. Udrerfff :Wim if ILLQIES M W PATTERSON 5 BH ERRI LL DEPENDABLE INSURANCE SERVICE TEMPLE TEXAS HEWEATT FUNERAL HOME AMBULAN CE SERVICE Phone 4567 Compliments of COX'S GROCERY C. H. COX W. D. WRIGHT Phone 4524 117 West French OUR VERY BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1947 .... from the bakers of BUTTER-NUT BREAD, CAKES, COOKIES, AND PIES Bell Baking Co., Inc. .TEN WAGENFUEHR Compliments of NA-I-HANIS C Y 1 5 Exclusive Ladies' Department Store Phone 2114 McCelvey Bldg. Office Phone 3248 Res. Phone 2687 DR. THOMAS N. DELANEY OPTOMETRIST AND OPTICIANS 513-14-15-16-17 Professional Building Temple, Texas Compliments of K P CAFE ALTON WOOLEY 401 South First Service Station Wm. O. Purkins Sl.. Temple Life lnsrance Company ONE OF THE LARGEST COMPANIES OF ITS KIND IN TEXAS Over S9,000,000.00 in Force W E P A Y - N E' X T D A Y Vernon Roberts, President W. B. Smith, Secretary ' 1 QM fvfzhga' , Compliments 1 9th Street at Central 0 f Temple, Texas Qwqlbw 2.931 Cmivlvinwnts Of COBB-REED MOTOR CO. FRED CHI'-DRESS Willys Motor Cars, Trucks and Jeeps U White Trucks Refrigeration cind Air Conditioning 601,603 South First Street , Phone 5505 RELIABLE FURNITURE COMPANY E A S Y T E R M S M. SULLIVAN, Owner Compliments of ,,l'1.."T f,CHliV Roalgjn ,T The JOHNSON CH EVROLET COMPANY Temple Belton Compliments of C V t f omrp zmen s o TEMPLE FEED AND FUEL CO. FEED AND FUEL Thomson Grocery Company Our Congratulations to the Classes of '47 Arcadia - Gem - Bell - Texas - Rio T H E A T R E S Compliments of GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES Frank Maruna, Mgr. 18 E. Ave. A Dial 3131 PEARCY'S Fl NER FOOD Dusek Wallpaper 6' Paint Store PRODUCTS Raymond J. Dusek D A 1 L Y , Pies, Potato Chips Phone 2605 114 S. Maln St. and Doughnuts 7 West French Phone 4480 MARY HARDIN-BAYLQR COLLEGE Czssures its Students . . . I SMALL CLASSES I COMFORTABLE LIVING CONDITIONS I EXCELLENT FACULTY I REASONABLE PRICES And Invaluable Associations in a Nationally Recognized Senior College GORDON G. SINGLETON, Ph. D., President MARY HARDIN-BAYLQR COLLEGE Established in 18,45 Under the Republic of Texas BELTON, TEXAS R- T- DENNIS 5' C0-, WC- Sweethouse Pastry Company 59 years depencluble service Good Fruit Cakes and Cookies Furniture Rugs Smves 9 South First Phone 2688 Phone 2322 Res. Ph. 2611 First Federal Savings and Loan Association HOME LUMBER COMPANY OF TEMPLE Efverrythxing to Build Anything 301 S. lst McDonald and Newton TEMPLE, TEXAS INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE P' O. BOX 221 "Insuv'e in Sure Insurance" COMPLIMENTS OF F O O D M A R T 1501 N- 3rd Temple, Texas Compliments of FRANK MATUSH C I N D E R E L L A S H O P "Everything for Your Automobile" DODGE and PLYMOUTH Compliments o f Compliments of Moncrief-Lenoir Manufacturing Co. WHOLESALE SHEET METALS - WIRE PRODUCTS 202 South Fourth Temple, Texas Compliments of CHEEVES BROS. Er CO. Millinery, Ready-to-Wear, Dry Goods Clothing, Shoes, Etc. Temple's Oldest Department Store COMPLIMENTS OF "TH E SHAM ROCK" "Where Students Eat" WE SPECIALIZE IN CURB SERVICE BILLIE OWNERS CHARLES All of the Latest Recordings I fPopular and Unpopularj C0'm17lZ'm67LlfS of MODERN I HENDLER'S Hardware 6' App iance , Post Office Corner Mam at Central Washing Machines - Freezer Boxes - Household Refrigerators WEBSTER BROTHERS , 209 East Adams Avenue Mmneapolis-Moline T Zenitl1dR3dio. Modern Farm Machinery Temple, 97435 Sales an ervlce MCCELVEY 6' SEYBOLD GENERAL INSURANCE V , f-:ini 4 ITV-ffl-iii DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Temple, Texas AUSTIN SHOE STORE Quality Shoes for the Entire Family Compliments of Glam! eampcamf REAL ESTATE AND LOANS TEMPLE, TEXAS King's Daughters Clinic fr Hospital LMI i III 'r f 41 ' ' F .QAM A -U BE N W 1 af gig 'Win fi :nil r 6551 85 E3 215,-Igjii H ii' "'w'MHlLl'IJW i J., :fi X 5 H f, fl l '-L-17 ' n "Q ' VE, I ' "W "'3n'?wE17F icy' 1 H -f-.rw-T, - - f f T, was 1- " ' .gi 'P wife.. . ia . if 5 A 'f 4 ug' 1 figiwiluezluiuiummimsn:-i 'T?f U1,,'15i' 1 I , In in ,JI n QL ij., 5' m :n ,515 ii iiiidg , "f ---firifiw iq' : In EJ ' ' ..e,,, 1 . . ...i-diqq-.A-QQT' jiigangfiian A --.Q -i-fvr:-:- -F I ig?-M ' Til:-if:-dx M Q Compliments of Scott 86 White Clinic and Hospital Compliments of Compliments of A ,DRUG STEFKA'S M CKEY S S RED Xt WHITE GROCERY The Rexctll Store 720 North 14 Phone 3015 LACK'S ASSOCIATE STORE Home and Auto Supply 14 EAST CENTRAL Phone 3903 Compliments of CAMPBELL-MARRS LUMBER CO. Compliments of ROBINSON 6' CLOUD Compliments of ' GIBB'S EXCLUSIVE STYLES INSURANCE 11 East Central New . . iiifiifffw iffifl f?5?f2f.- ge qofnosewgi- KJ ?i555i5i?555W" Q 5 Y 10' 4122 vefiiaviieetgavf , eSS' 30 x97-9 tu' 90626 mf-E 90" wiiafiiiiiifif 525555 225355 11555555355525152g,55,."fest---iI'1E2'11, 'I-,ae Zach , 19434, 'f the gore' 'M fitiisfsiaisistizisiaisa ezine be G26 bun lift 33235121 E253-15252321rE534:'5E1'fE1frf"1f5Eg'?96'I,,,fEEEEiE:E5f5EiQ Q:sgzgsigfgsiagsgsieisisisgt , a ,5s55is5f21f- eifisfiff- Es25gfz:,gE? 1 ' " Qcwiiow iv qlygef- 0 O 'QJW' xeis seiko! cos! 12-f:z:f,2f-" . 1:-:, fgzgsq1.3 'ficiiffi .1.:.s:s?z2f. wtf' we 10" I1 4' 1 E551ErErE:E1Er5r5rE1Ei:5E91: 015 30 delhi co5 :'ErErf" yr1ErE" 1E55f 45:51:51-. 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COX C1 SON Complete Outfitters Time out for Coke Compliments of TEMPLE DAILY TELEGRAM Compliments of WESTSIDE DRUG STORE THE FRIENDLY CORNER 25th and Ave. H Compliments of MAXFIELD BROTHERS SHEET METAL WORK Plumbing and Heating 519 South Main Phone 4470 Belts - Folds - Leather Goods Complimeqzts of Luggage Repairing F R E D W I S M A R 108 East Ave. A 1 North Main Phone 3635 KLECKA'S DRUG STORE Congratulations POTEET GROCERY 6' STATION Phone 2955 1119 S. First St. Owens G' Money Service Station Main Gate, McCloskey Hospital Compliments of TEMPLE GRANITE WORKS F. S. WALKER Phone 4787 310 So. Main THE SOUTHLAND COTTON OIL COMPANY Mannfaotn1'e1's of Circle-S Feed "Chick" Walker, Manager CON GRATULATES THE VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF TEMPLE HI ON THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS FOR 1947 COMPLIMENTS OF W. W. Raalak mc! Gampamf HHHHK Nash EUMPHNY Temple Insurance Agency orth First Street Phone A The BURBAN K WOGDSON Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic 601-22 Professional Building Temple, Texas V l 'ki' Shirley Richards Grocery YOUR BUSINESS ALWAYS APPRECIATED it CBe5t W i5l7es HU BERT STUDIO Congratulations Wildcats BROOKE PHARMACY HAWN HOTEL Temple Texas Peters 6' Eldredge Service Station 100 EAST ADAMS TEXACO GOODRICH Temple, Texas GRESHAM'S PRINTERS 0 PUBLISHERS Manlufacturing Stationers IO7 South F t Sl: i: Our 52nd Ye Te pl Compliments of SCANIO cf TODARO LEE R. BUTTRILL, A. I. A. Wholesale Fruits, Vegetables and ARCHITECT G1'ocer's Sundries Temple, Texas Phone 2101 Avenue D and 2nd St Compliments of TEMPLE HARDWARE COMPANY Compliments of Compliments of BEST FURNITURE COMPANY TAYLOR 6 TAYLOR Lawyers Compliments of TEMPLE'S FASTEST GROWING READY-TO-WEAR AND SHOE SHOP ZIDELLXS Congratulations to the 1947 Graduates of TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL First National Bank OF TEMPLE "The Frienclly Bank on the Corne1"' Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ' ...H Compliments of X LA,, V " " -1'f-V- G ROC E'-I-OT E C O M PA N Y f:', WU' " ' '.g . . Greetings to Temple High School and Temple Junior College from BOYD-TARRANT MOTOR CCMPANY Home of the FORDS Compliments of mcmpseelnuwzccem Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1947 NORTHSIDE DRUG S. E. O'BANNON 519 North Third Phone 3446 'A' Our sincere congratulations and best Wishes to the graduates of Temple High School and Junior College Classes of 1947 'k 'k WENDLAND GRAIN COMPANY 'A' 'A' Air Coiiditioiiing Lighting Fixtures Wiring Devices Motors Refrigerators Washing Machines Iroriers Temple Electric Phone 2138 French at Third Com e ts MEF'-' 1 1 ' 0 FURNITURE ' 1 'k 'A' Compliments of American Desk Manufacturing Company Temple, Texas 'kk JACK'S ICE CREAM - DRUGS 1503 N. 3rd - GIFTS Phone 4798 HAWN HOTEL Er COFFEE SHOP H. C. RAY, Manager Compliments of TH E KYLE HOTEL Air-Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Famous For Fine Food LEE SLAUGHTER, Mgr. Qborfmifs of Qualify omfqomery Sfugio AUTOMOBILE SEAT COVERS AWNINGS 620 South Main Phone 5004 Doon GLASS Temple, Texas WIND SHIELDS FR o EE DELIVERY SERVICE DeBord-Alexander Company Lusk 6' Morgan Realty Company 503 Temple National Bank Bldg. Phone 5231 Real Estate Insuwwzce Loans Rentals John W. Lusk W. Glenn Morgan mlufn Pmnnns compnnu Compliments of Blacklond Equipment Company HOME OF INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER PRODUCTS IN TEMPLE Phone 5193 1401 S. lst LARAMEY IMPLEMENT CO. Wholesale and Retail W I R T H C A F E MASSEY-HARRIS TRACTORS I I 1 and 'fgfome of Qbelzczous Clwajfles' FARDI IMPLEMENTS ANDERSON'S Compliments of Sweet Cream Ice Cream RAMONA COURTS 'A' -k Compliments of HOSPITAL DAIRY FARM "Home of Certified Milk" ir 'k Compliments of Compliments of H'CK5' MAN SHOP 'rEM-TEx seen a FLORAL co TEMPLE, TEXAS Complimmfts of Exclusive styles for the Your Fmend Jnniors and College Girls Powsks' DRUG COMPANY BUTTREYIS FAMOUS Serving Temple since 1909 Temple, Texas Compliments of FLOYD L. CAMPBELL FLOOR SERVICE Sanding Finishing Linoleum Carpets Phone 2296 407 West Ave. G We Congratulate the Class of 19.47 and wish you success in your undertakings 'TEMPLE NATIONAL BANK T E M P L E Over 35 Years of Safe Banking in Temple Always Dependable Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. Member Federal Reserve System DRYK'S STUDIO PORTRAITS and KODAK FINISHING DU PONT PAINTS BIRD AND SON ROOFING CAMPBELL COMPANY, INC. Lnmbei' and Building Materials Planning and Financing MAX CAMPBELL, Manager Dial 3666 Compliments of ZIP INN DRIVE INN Compliments of SNO-WHITE BAKERY Sandwiches Cold Drinks Compliments of S H A D E I S SHAW MOTOR COMPANY NEW APPAREL SHOP First and Central Avenue Compliments of AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY A. D. Baggett - Jack Keith School Supplies Office Supplies Compliments of Radio KTEM Simon Saulsbury, Skelton and Everton MUSIC - SPORTS - NEWS AHOWGUS Affiliated with Byron Skelton Joe Everton MBS and TSN Compliments of MaI'Sh3ll'S .X V If - SOUTHSIDE DRUG STORE A Pi ,Wi 116 West Ave. G Dial 4516 . if ' . . . . -fig Q Q ' IQ "Prescription Specialists" ' , I Distributors for Yardley, Lentheric, REED S AIR SERVICE Helena Rubenstein, Chen Yu, and Day Phone 4788 Revlon Beauty Aids Night Phone 4328 Your Patronage Appreciated ' 7 i'hone2-467 ng 0 """"'f -109- 'Y f,f,,fff"" so is: sr alfff' My , ' ' ?' WALLPAPEIPPAINTS TEMPLPS LEAMNG Over 50 years continuous service J E W E I- E R Wallpaper Paint GRUEN - BULOVA - HAMILTON Picture Frames WATCHES Phone 2083 Temple, Texas Compliments of O. L. VADEN AND SON Insnmnce and Real Estate 8 East Barton Dial 2088 15 East FURNITUIENIJHARDWLIE Central phone at 2nd 2355 OUTDOOR ADVERTISING Compliments of and COMMERCIAL SIGNS f OF ALL TYPES Cen-Tex Advertising Co. FURNITURE'fAF - 320 South Main Dial 3169 .CES COMPLIMENTS OF STRASBU RGER'S GlBSON'S CLEANERS Good Clothes deserve good cleaning to be enjoyed completely E. E. N ETTLES 0 Real Estate 0 0 Loans 0 Our Skilled Cleaning makes new clothes look new longer Q Investments Q Phone 5490 1505 N. 3rd 512 N. 3rd Phone 3181 Compliments of DECKER DRUG COMPANY COSMETICS DRUGS SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE M O N T Y ' S ICE CREAM STORE Across the Street from High School I TEMPLE VXWAN, ROTARY CLUB X Y' !l,fff?i l X lIVlX la Q -gl so Q-4 6' WQEEW' "He Profits 0 M st Who Serves Best' Only through the med education can y ium of sound ou serve best. TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE For the high school graduate the choosing of a college in which to continue his education is always an important matter for consideration. First of all he wants to know that it is an acceptable, approved, and well- known college. Then it must offer the courses which fall within the field of work he wishes to pursue. There should be sufficient college activity to afford him a Well-rounded social life. Consider how TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE meets the graduates' requirements. . 1. What is the academic status of TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE? Temple Junior College is approved by the State Department of Education and the Association of the Texas Colleges as a first- class junior college. It is an active member of the Texas Junior College Association and the American Association of Junior Colleges. 2. What fields of study are available? Preparatory courses in the fields of medicine, law, business, engineering, teaching, and general education are available. 3. What college activities are accessible? From the social point of view there are the Freshman and Sopho- more receptions, club parties, college dances, class entertain- ments, and Luncheon Club dinner dances. For general club activities there are the Pan-American Club, Business Club, Social Club, Dramatic Club, Delta Psi Omega, and others. 4. What activities are available that will enable me to obtain prac- tical experience in my college Work? The "Leopard Tales", college paper, and the "Templar", college annual afford excellent opportunities in the field of journalism. The Junior College Radio Series offers opportunities in radio Writing, production, and presentation. 5. What are the qualifications of the faculty? Scholarly and experienced faculty members are prepared to give constructive guidance and instructional service. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS WRITE The Registrar - Temple Junior College

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