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Text from Pages 1 - 170 of the 1945 volume:

,- 5 'J Ts-, -3. '. in ' ff--.LL I , FI ww ak 9' 2 1-Nvfk: , 311 ' 'f.Qg, , II .I f I H . V' Sl' uf n I 4,,',' - . L. I II Qu., QI ,QI LMIIIII S: WWW I I v,,I Q. QIIIZZIIIII m II Maj MII 5 1 x AK W ' If M 0550. icfwwwduw '44-M-. fMf,wf,,1W..f IIIIIIIIII . ,A"" "' - 'J ' P 1 . Y . ,. ,. III, I . Y '9 1-'J-E.'..'i , .' Q. ---hu, ' ':, .- , -. I- I I -HN", ' ,,,, ,..L-QQ, 3-I-:Pg ., .r, ,,, . ,,kgIIII,I f. IEIEIIiJ. , I J .N:I, f . . II, - - I',j.1y,, - 1, iA,ZIII X , - 54'-"'--15?f'Eg4f:' ,'i1'4-Ar ' ., AV- fu.-I..',g -L.. Mg., Y - . ., -- li jgkg TLTQQC-.' . I -, I I I .113 34- IItI II I IIII ' f , 'Ig 1, ,, --,. a, . 4 - wf.. -1 "?Sl,.xf1Q lg,-.L I ' H. 1 -. ' I NFB-,I, . I,,II,,. I I I f-4, "K LTI? 'I 'H Q-,. ,- , ,I '--I, If A "" " '5 "f.,,,, ' x-- ' I-. I? ' l , I.,II- I 5,III I y Y "' 411 ,. ,img Nw '59 M J 'Vw 's x mag mfw a M9fQN"VQ.w ?fZVwf- 'NJYQRQE Q -5-D WZ GI'-+. 2 M M Q aww! wmv Nw 6. ,M ,QA 1+ SQ? -Q1-QQ Maw J 35? Ja, 77ofQf.,4L Wwomwmv Eff Kgs: Qwqwpwk k,51:fWWm 3 FK' JK 6 W MM wiihgfqqqi WWW MMC!! E :yy M QMW if Q gy -4. A W Yfffnpfa fly, ,f J I Ib ,-,..-, Y. " Published by the studenis of TEMPLE IUNIOR COLLEGE F ,Forfeword This TEMPLAR represents the effort ot the loyal stall to preserve lor T. I. C. students both a true and joyous record ol the events. failures. successes. and glorious traditions ol the school year just passed. In the years to come. the TEMPLAR ol 1945 should remind its owner oi the incidents oi a school life replete with fond recollections. "Af -f'- sf 'sz , ' ,. .,, , ,A , !MQ,rM by . X k , . ii, Y - NX f i t .Q , M D 3 5 . lj- V ' si Y 1 Decz'z'Ca tion .7 .7 To Mr. Berry, the driving force behind student activities. the man who says he was once a boy and proves it. in whose person abound sterling qualities oi character and a genial sense ot good humor and whose interest in the individual student and his problems has won him the admiration ol the entire student body. this annual is respectfully dedicated. I i MR. BRYANT BERRY dminlafrafion 1 . . . TWIN COLUMNS Board of Ea'ucaz'z'on MR. CHAS. S. COX, JR. MR. KENNETH PHILLIPS MRS. T. M. NEAL DR. R. C. CURTIS I A E MRS. J. E. JOHNSON MR. LESLIE HUFF DR. H. B. ANDERSON MR. ALFRED WILLIG Business Manager MR. D. H. VANNOY Secretary of Board of Education MR. GEORGE H. GENTRY Acting President B. A. Baylor University M. A. University of Texas LIEUTENANT-COLONEL JOE R. HUMPHREY President B. A. Trinity University M. A. Teachers College, Columbia University Ed. D. Teachers College, Columbia University MR. O. C. WILKS Acting Registrar B. A. University of Texas M. A. University of Texas MR. CONRAD VERNON Dean B. A. Daniel Baker College M. A. Baylor University Facu ity 1 3 MISS MARIAN ARNOLD B. A. Southwestern University M. A. University of Colorado English MISS MOZELLA ARNOLD B. A. Southwestern University M. A. University of Colorado English MISS HELEN BARRON B. S. East Texas State Teachers College M. A. Texas State College for Women Home Economics MR. BRYANT BERRY B. A. Baylor University M. A. Baylor University Government MISS AUVAL BROWN A. B. Baylor University M. S. University of Chicago Biology MISS VELMA HARRELL B. S. Mary Hardin-Baylor Home Economics MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE A. B. Texas Christian University M. A. Texas Christian University Mathematics Faculty MR. D. M. MAYFIELD B. S., S. W. T. S. T. C. M. S., A. and M. College of Texas Industrial Education MR.. D. H. MCCALL B. A. Baylor University M. A. Baylor University Science MR. W. E. ROUTH B. A. Hardin-Simmons University Physical and Health Education MRS. MARIE HAYS SPENCE B. A. University of Texas M. A. University of Texas' Spanish MISS GRACE WATSON B. S. Texas State College for Women M. S., N. T. S. Teachers College Business Administration MR. O. C. WILKS B. A. University of Texas M. A. University of Texas History and Economics MISS LENA WORD B. S. West Texas Teachers College Librarian s 1 l Alma Mater Hail to lhee, our Iunior College Temple's dearest school. We find in pals a lasting lriendshxp Faiihlul. tried. and true. Lili the chorus Speed it onward, May we loxiihlul be: So hail to thee. our Hail to T. I. C. Iunior College 04464 s mf ,xl af,.ww vk.:,, .,5::5a5.,:g:,-R.-.-- uf X JN :: ..V.., , , A,EEiE:,,. , ' gn.-.Q W Mem U iizl , 'IQ I Y --,vim , , Y 2 'N Sw lx !L"wfH.A.,EX 55015515 'N , ,H W ,Hy N: .Q,SiQQ,fUf' , I 35 '-Wim., f 4-,ws ON TOP OF THE WORLD JACK COWAN "Jackson" . . . Sociability plus . . . Dramatics and Tennis Clubs . . . Peanut Officer . . . Soph President . . . Soph Favorite. VIRGINIA GIESLER "Jenna" . . . Distinctive charm . . . President Luncheon Club . . . President Dramatics Club . . . Tennis Club Reporter . . . Soph Favorite . . . Soph Vice-President . . . Bull Moose . . . "It is beauty that begins to please and tenderness that completes the charm." . . . Three-Act Play. BILLIE GOAD A rare pattern . . . Versatile . . . A good time . . . Peanut . . . Thoughtful . . . Alarming efficiency . . . Luncheon Club President . . . Spanish Club President . . . Drnmatics Club Vice- President . . . Soph Class Secretary . . . Tennis Club . . . Table Tennis Tournament . . . TEMPLAR Business Manager . . . Two-Act Play. MARY KATHERINE GRIMES Beautiful hair . . . Cameo features . . . Pleasing voice . . Earnest . . . Dramatics Club officer . . . Peanut . . , Three-Act play. MAR-IAN ADRIAN "Carrot top" . . . T.J.C. Nightingale . . . Charming . . . Lives in a daze . . . Peanut Officer . . . Business Administration Club, Dramatics, and Tennis Clubs . . . TEMPLAR Staff . . . Three- Act Play. HELEN ANDERSON "Red" . . . A sure success . . . Friendly . . . Fun . . . Tennis, Dramatics, and Spanish Clubs . . . Soph Class Reporter . . . Peanut . . . TEMPLAR Staff . . . Three-Act Play. RUTH ANDERSON Executive Type . . . Loves to talk . . . Willing to help . . . Spanish, Tennis, and Dramatics Clubs . . . Peanut . . . Table Tennis Tournament . . . Soph Class Program Chairman . . . TEMPLAR Business Manager . . . Three-Act Play. WIN IFRED BOULDIN Quiet . . . Kind . . . Sympathetic . . . Co-operative . . . Peanut . . . Dramatics, Spanish, and Tennis Clubs . . . TEMPLAR Stal? . . . Play director. BILL BOB MAHLER Persuasive . . . Playful pranks . . . Dramatics Club . . . Bull Moose . . . "In the spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love." DOVIE MEADOWS Infectious laughter . . . Down to earth . . . Cheerful chatter . . . Personality . . . Luncheon Club . . . Peanut . . . Dramatics Club . . . Three-Act Play. BILLIE PAULK "Katie' . . . A good 'old gal . . . Companionable . . . Tennis Club Captain . . . Wholesome . . . Tomboy . . . Peanut . . . Dramatics Club. NELLIE PECHAL Petite . . . Never in a state of disorder . . . Poised . . . Good natured . . . Bull Moose . . . Dramatics Club. MARIETTA GRYGAR Quiet to the vanishing point . . . Retiring . . . Down to earth . . . Dramatics Club . . . TEMPLAR Staff . . . Bull Moose. BILLIE HUGGINS Definitely c-ute . . . "Grr-r and a half." . . . Ready gab . . . Never a hair out of place . . . Secretary of the Luncheon Club . . . Bull Moose . . . Business Administration Club President . . . Dramatics Club Reporter . . . Tennis Club . . . Soph Class Social Chairman . . . Three-Act Play . . . TEMPLAR Staif. EMMALINE J ARMA Earnest and industrious . . . Studious . . . Conservative . . . Soft Spoken . . . Only till you know her . . . Bull Moose Board of Control. HILDA LEWIS Meek and mild . . . Eager to please . . . Quietly thoughtful . . Peanut . . . Spanish Club Secretary . . . Soph Treasurer . . Dramatics Club . . . TEMPLAR Staff. i F ' Q Q , ' I K 1 W X . xi '- ,, Wit.- ' .H I ,,s. I XL A In W, W , - -.sw , ,W X - ,V ,E . 4 S915 LMI U9 BETTY LOU BENDER "Good things come in little packages." . . . Cute kid . . . Gay . . . Fish Favorite . . . Board of Control . . . Peanut . . . Busi- ness Administration and Dramatics Club. VIRGINIA BOLIVER "Bina" . . . Gigglish . . . Silken tresses . . . Never on time . . . Good Srlort . . . Minstrel Gal . . . Bull Moose officer . . Fish Secretary . . . Tennis Club. MACK BRANHAM Impulsive . . . "That worried look upon his brow, we often wonder why." . . . Ever ready for fun . . . Bull Moose That motorcycle! . . . Independent. BEULAH JO BROWN "Jo" . . . Attractive . . . Gay laughter . . . Merry . . . Curtis's gal . . . Bull Moose . . . Minstrel . . . Secretary Business Ad- ministration Club. KLOMA BROWN "K" . . . Ready conversation . . . "Laugh and be merry, remember, better the world with a song." . . . Strives to please . . . Little . . . Bull Moose . . . Business Administration Club . . Minstrel Gal. LOUISE COLLIER Independent . . . Frank . . . Slightly impulsive . . . Bull Moose . . . Drnmatics Club . . . TEMPLAR Staff. JOSIE CROFT Amiuble . . . Jane's shadow . . . Laughs with those big brown eyes . . . Bull Sessions . . . Dramatics and Business Administra- tion Clubs . . . Bull Moose . . . Two Act Play. LOIS NELL CROSS 'Nellie" . . . Raven locks . . . Forceful . . . Consistent enthus- iasm . . . Tennis and Dramatics Clubs . . . Bull Moose . . . Business Administration Club officer. MARYE LOUISE CRUSE "Murry" . . . Goldylocks . . . Tall, yet small . . . Hands from the Chen Yu ads . . . Pearly teeth . . . Wholesome laughter . . . "The only way to have a triend is to be one." . . . Minstrel Gal . . . Vice-President Fish Class . . . Reporter Peanut Party . . . Dramatics, Tennis. and Spanish Clubs . . . TEMPLAR Staff. JOHNELL DA VIS "Johnnie" . . . Sweet :inrl demure . . . Domestic . . . Soft voice . . . Ever ready for fun . . . Dramatics Club officer . . . Bull Moose . . . Minstrel Gal . . . Fish Class Treasurer . . . Play Director. CARL ELLIOTT "Daddy" . . . He knows the way to 21 woman's heart . . . Masferful . , . Sings . . . A genuine hunk o' man . . . Bull Moose . . . Fish Sergeant at Arms . . . Dramatics Club . . . Three-Act Play . . . Minstrel Man. HELEN ENGLE "Red" . . . Saucy . . . Natural spontaneity . . . Bustling Those eyes! . . . Bull Moose . . . Dramatics Club . . . TEMPLAR Staff. ELWOOD ESCHBERGER Comfortably casual . . . Not a care in the world . . . Playboy . . . Band . . . "A diller a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar. He':l rather stayed 21-bed." ROYCE HARLAN Sports a Ford . . . Impulsive . . . Lust minute worker . . . Luncheon Club . . . Business Administration Club . . . Bull Moose. NELDA HATCHETT "Bitsy" . . . Literal minded . . . Auburn halo . . . Formal . . impersonal . . . Bull Moose. FRANK HILL Blushcs . . . Lean and lank . . . The lone wolf in Physics class . . . "Still water runs deep." . . . Dramatics Club . . . Bull Moose. BETTYE JO HOHERD Mail and males . . . Just like a page from Mademoiselle . . . Cool composure . . . Interesting . . . Dramatics Club . l . Busi- ness Administration Club . . . Bull Moose . . . Night Owl . . . Three-Act Play. ANNA JANICEK "Janna," . . . willing worker . . . Gay . , . Quiet popularity . . . Tennis and Dramatics Clubs . . . Three-Act Play . . . 'iFish" Class program chairman . . . Minstrel gal . . . Office' of Business Administration Club . . . Bull Moose . . . "I, too- am a rare Datternf' BILLY KELLY Handsome . . . Well groomed . . . Quiet . . . Bull Moose . . Fish Favorite . . . Minstrel Man . . . Fish Vice-President. MARY LOU LABIT Music lover with accent on the boogie . . . With an air of dignity . . . Slow and easy pace . Board of Control . . . Bull Moose . . . Tennis Club . . . Band. BETTY LIPSCOMB "Lippy" . . . "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice" . . . Sensitive . . . Gay . . . Lovable . . . Business Ad- ministration and Spanish Clubs . . . Bull Moose. BOBBY LOVICK Surprise grin . . . Azure eyes . . . Scientifically inclined . . VVell-groomed . . . Bull Moose. JANE McGREGOR "Janie" . . . Enjoys life . . . Bubbling enthusiasm . . . Whistles . . . Little hunk o' expression . . . Tennis and Dramatics Clubs . . . Business Administration Club . . . Bull Moose . . . Three- Act Play . . . Minstrel Gal. BILLY McMURTRY Warm smile . . . Serious minded . . . Ready and willing to work and he did . . . Genial . . . Lively chatter whenever he talked . . . Bull Moose. GEORGE MARKS "Oh! Mischief. thou art swift to enter the minds of little chil- dren." . . . A way of his own . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Fish Class . . . Bull Moose. WILLIAM MATUSH "Willie . . . Sports a convertible . . Not a care in the world , . Minstrel Man . . . Dramatics Club . . . Fish Class Presi- dent . . . Bull Moose . . . Three-Act Play. JOHN STEPHEN MAYFIELD Oh! Those jokes! . . . Delayed laughter . . . Buckholts . . . Easy going . . . Unconcerned . . . Peanut . . . Spanish Club Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Tennis Club . . . Luncheon .Club Secre- tary. PRESTON MONAGHAN ATOMS . . . Accommodating . . . Sells :ce cream . . . Clever Common sense . . . Disarming . . . Tennis Club . . . Peanut . . . Dramatics Club . . . Luncheon Club Board of Control. DORIS MORGAN Striking . . . Dignified . . . Air of superiority . . . ThreeAct Play . . . Eyes . . . Tennis and Dramatics Clubs . . . Peanut. DORIS MORRIES Poised . . . Air of composure . . . Soft voice . . . Business Administration Club . . . Dramatics Club . . . Bull Moose. GRANVILLE OLIVER "Corky" . . . Mr. Interlocutor . . . Unpretentiously humorous . . . Mischievous . . . Bull Moose. PAULINE PEACOCK "Polly" . . . Eager . . . Always hungry . . . "Active natures are rarely melancolyf' . . . Full of fun . . . Treasurer of Luncheon Club . . . Bull Moose . . . Minstrel Gal. CHARLES ROBERTS "Charlie" . . . "O Liberty! Liberty! How many crimes are committed in thy name." . . . Dauntless spirit . . . Clever . . . 'Say teacher-" . . . Band . . . T.J.C. Regular . . Dramatics Club. FRANK ROY I-lair from the Kreml ads . , . Intelligent . . . Diligent . . . Little giant . . . President Fish Class . . . Dramatics Club . . . Peanut . . . Tennis Club, BETTY ANN SEYBOLD "Seybold" . . . Quaint . . . "With malice toward none: with charity for all." . . . Radiant . . . Sweet . . . Bull Moose . . Business Aclministration Club. RANEY SOUTHERLAND Fun to be with . . . The latest jokes and the old ones too . . . Sincere and earnest . . . Minstrel Man . . . Peanut Sergeant- at-arms . . . Dramatics Club . . . Three-Act Play. GAIL THORNTON Conservative . . . Polished manner . . . Studious . . . Sharp . . . President of Tennis Club . . . Luncheon Club Vice-President . . Peanut. ARTHUR TICE Typical cowboy . . . Tall and lanky . . . Always late . .. Golf enthusiast . . . "Blessings on him who first invented sleep." MARY KATHRYN WAGNER Full of fun . . . Enthusiastic . . . Good pal . . . Bull Moose . . . Dramatics Club. LEWIS WALD "Louie" . . . Curly . . . Careless complacency . . , Last minute worker . . . Bull Moose . . . Dramatics Club . . . Minstrel Man. DIXIE RUTH WEBSTER Always dependable . . . Flare for writing . . . Choral Club . . . Thoughtful . . . Appreciative . . . Bull Moose. LAVANIA WILCOX Little but nice . . . Soft spoken . . . "She was one of those who hoard her thoughts carefully." union Class of Nurses Scott And White Hospital Laverle Akin Billy Jean Bacon Miriam Baker Juanita Bolzle Imogene Burrell Adela Cadra Doris Lea Cansler Naida Sue Clements- Helen Dusek Betty Fitzgerald Laverne Gallman Pauline Graeber Josephine Hauser Lucile Hensley Margie Leatherwood Helen Macina Shirley Manley Margaret Mejerle Alice Payne Lola Permenter Janie Rountree Billie Shurtleff Elizabeth Trammell Lora Turner Bettie Gray Eloise Willis Joy Gregg Ella Valverde Bottom Row: Bacon, Leatherwood, Clements, Pei-menter, Shurtleff, Val Verde, Bolzle, Baker Second Row: Mucina, Burrell, Fitzgerald, Thompson, Akin, Cansler, Gray. Third Row: Gregg, Dusek, Graeber, Mejerle, Turner, Cadra. Freshman Class of Nurses King's Daughters Hospital FEBRUARY DIVISION Joyce Craig Joy Looper Onieta Morrow Corene Sharp Lorene Sharp Maxine Talley Doris Todd Nadine Wallace JUNE DIVISION Dorothea Dalton Evajien Goode Frances Hodges Nita Huddleston Morens Morrow Evalyn O'Neal Betty Ruble Virginia Starkey Jeanell Williams Gladys Wolf Bottom Row: L. Sharp, C. Sharp, Talley, Todd, Etheridge, Hodges, Ruble, Goode, Craig. Second Row: Looper. Wolf, O'Neal, Williams, Huddleston, Starkey, Dalton, 0. Morrow, M. Morrow Freshman Class of Nurses Charlys Allen Tommie Lou Baker Bettie Joe Beaty Dorothy Bedrich Marjorie Bernhardt Marjorie Bowling Marjorie Chandler Marie Corbin Mary Louise Dalton Trula Dalton Mary Davis Melba Davis Lydell Drawe Wilma Elliott June Flinn Marie Gidley Velma Gidley Jane Hinkel Scott And White Hospital Daisy Lee Hopson Inez Howard Hazel Lipe Paula Montgomery Jane Perkins' Mary B. Peters Frances Plemmons Helen Ritchie Lillian Rodgers Madge Scott Margaret Sefcik Lucy Starling Ruth Steglich Electra Spacek Billie Sparkman Lena Thomas Connie Wa1'ren Allene Wichita Bottom Row: Wichita, Thomas, Bowling, Davis, Snacek. Steglich, Howard, Senck, Rogeis Second Row: Perkins, Starling, Hopson, Allen, Hinkle, Drnwe, Snarkman, Chandler Third Row: M. Gidley, V. Gidley, Montgomery, Elliot, T. Dalton, Scott, Baker, Bernhudt Fourth Row: Corbin, L, Dalton, Flinn, Lipe. PPecZz'nz'caI Class of Nurses Hopis Ashcraft Bobby Brazzil Mable Bruce Brooksie Butler Frances Crenshaw Beray Duewall Susie Ferguson Audrey Fetner Frances Flowers Evelyn Gersbach Emily Luker Evelyn Marek King's Daughters Hospital Marie Meador Leanna Morse Ruth Roberts Sue Scott Brooksie Sinclair La Nelle Tuttle Evelyn Vavra Arlene Williams Erma Lee Williamson Ruth Wood Clara Wooddell Bottom Row Ferguson, Vavra, Williams, Marek, Tuttle, Crenshaw, Butler, Scott, Bruce, Sinclair Bnalvil becond Row Wooddell, Luker, Gersbach, Ashcraft, Duewall, Morse, Roberts, Williamson, Wood, Me'1do1 Fetnei Flowexs AS WE LIKE THEM sf an is as n s 4: www -,mm ' fmfhfxm-'g' mn . H ggEmxs3,5g 5, W AN vilcsloiffavorue SOP ' VIRGINIA GIESLER Sophomore Favorites -Q. ss ,ff ., Q HE -an . A vo ,Q In '47 :am So., . u Wm ws BILL KELLY Freshman Favorite BETTY LOU BENDER Freshman Favorite OUTSTANDING PERSONALITIES Selected by the Student Body VIRGINIA GIESLER "Jenna" . . . sweet and lovely . . . Her heart belongs to Henry! . . . beauty and brains . . . sunny smile . , . laughing eyes . . . Love that gall . . . Commercial Club officer . . . Dramatics Club president . . . . . . MOST OUTSTANDING PERSON- ALITY. JACK COWAN Casanova . . . W'URFl . . . "Take me to Tulsa, I'm . . . poison-ality plus suicide blond, died by his own hands . . . "Suffer-more" president . . . Dramatics Club . . . MOST OUTSTANDING PER-- SONALITY. back RANEY SOUTHERLAND Constant corn . . . all smiles . . . definitely genuine . . . home cooked . . . Minstrel Man . . . Dr-amnlzics Club . . . Fish reporter . . . SERVICE AND LOYALTY . BILLIE PAULK Ixatle . . . wholesome . . . grass in the snake" . . . mischievous moments . . . "The lxne is busy. . . . infectious laugxhtez . . . sailo1"s gal . . . Tennis Club captain . . MOST FRIENDLY. l I CARL ELLIOTT "Daddy" . . . woman's home companion . . . sharp . . . slap happy . . . our crooner Minstrel Man . . . Dramatics Club . . . MOST FRIENDLY. OUTSTANDING PERSONALITIES Selected by the Student Body FRANK ROY Subtle wit, bload smile dxoohn wid schoolin slow drawl blushes sllghtlv genius big blown eyes Fish President Dramatxcs Club MOST SCHOLARLY BETTY LIPSCOMB Lxppy . . . fun . . . that special sparkle . . . drools for Arturo de Cordova . . . in telligent . . . Commercial Club . . . Spanish Club MO ST SCI-IO LARLY HELEN ANDERSON "Red" . . . clever . . . that throaty drawl . . . jolly good fellow . . . diligent worker . . . questions . . . Dramatics Club . . . Svanish Club . . . MOST LIKELY T0 SUCGEED. GAIL THORNTON Brains and brawn . . . meticulous . . alreet . . . 11-lenty potent . . . comfortably casual . . . a perfect gentleman . . . quiet wit . . . main interest: hunting . . MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. F x ' x BILLIE GOAD Dimples . . . the voice . . . toothpaste grin . . . clever and capable . . .scienti- fically inclined . . . Spanish Club presi- dent . , . TT ftennis tornado! . . . Dra- matics Club . . . Templar Stall . . . SER- VICE AND LOYALTY. Cfixflfifg Pan American C1 Lib SPRING SEMESTER Billie Goad Ruth Anderson Hilda Lewis John Mayfield OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER President Billie Goad ........,. ..,,,....,.,i,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, u,A,,,4.--- Vice President Betty Lipscomb ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,l,,l,,,-, Secretary Mary Jane Stephens .......,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,v .,,.,','v Treasurer Granville Oliver ...,... ,.,4,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,A,,,,,i, .,..'-,- Reporter Lavania Wilcox .....,. Program Chairman Ruth Anderson ......... Social Chairman Mary Louise Cruse ......... Helen Anderson Ruth Anderson Winifred Bouldin Mary Louise Cruse Billie Goad Frances Hubby Members Hilda Lewis Betty Lipscomb John Mayfield Mary Jane Stephens LaVania Wilcox Hilda Lewis Ruth Anderson Mary Louise Cruse Anderson, R. Mayfield Goad Stephens Cruse Wilcox Bouldin Lewis Lipscomb Business Acilminis tmtion Club OFFICERS Billie Huggins ......... Virginia Giesler .....,. Jo Brown ,......,.,.,,. Klonia B1'oWn,.. Nell Cross ......,,. Anna J anicek .,...... Virginia Giesler ....... ....................President , ......... Vice President ............SecI'etary ..,......Treasurer .....................Reporte1' Social Chairman Marian Adrian Wanda Aldrich Jo Brown Kloma Brown Nell Cross Virginia Giesler MEMBERS ........P1'ogra1n Chairman Betty Hoherd Billie Huggins Anna Janicek Betty Lipscomb Doris Morgan Dorris Mori-ies Adrian Janicek Giesler Hoherd Aldrich Morries Morizan Lipscomb Huggins Cross Tennis Club Marian Adrian Helen Anderson Ruth Anderson Winifred Bouldin Jean Brownlee Jack Cowan Mary Louise Cruse Elwood Eschberger Virginia Giesler Billie Goad Billie Huggins Anna Janicek Jane McGregor Billy Bob Mahler Preston Monaghan Doris Morgan Billy Paulk Frank Roy Gail Thornton OFFICERS Gail Thornton ...... ....................... ......,......,, P r esident John Mayfield .............,...... ........ V ice President Martha Bob Richards ........, ........... S ecretary Billie Paulk, Frank Roy ......... ...... C aptains Bottom row: Roy, Mahler, Thornton, Cowan, Monaghan, Eschberger, Second row: McGregor, Goad, Huggins, Giesler, Pztulk, Anderson, R. Third row: Anderson, H. Janicek, Morgan, Brownlee, Cruse, Bouldin, Adrian. Marian Adrian Helen Anderson Ruth Anderson Virginia Boliver Winifred Bouldin Jean Brownlee Louise Collier Jackson Cowan Josie Croft Dramatics Cfub Billie Huggins Anna Janicek Billy Kirkpatrick Hilda Lewis Betty Lipscomb Jane McGregor William Matush John Mayfield Dovie Meadows Nell Cross Marye Louise Cruse Johnell Davis Virginia Giesler Billie Goad Arlene Grauerholz Mary Grimes Frank Hill Betty Jo Hoherd Preston Monaghan Doris Morgan Doris Morries Mason Mosley Billie Paulk Jane Stephens Raney Southerland Lewis Wald Mayfield J anicek Southerland Cruse Davis Matush Meadows Grimes Grauerholz Morries Lipscomb Stephens Collier Cross Hoherd Mosley EVER FAITHFUL "TempZarfn Staff BUSINESS MANAGERS Billie Goad Ruth Anderson Marian Adrian Helen Anderson Winifred Bouldin Katherine Butler Louise Collier Jack Cowan Mary Louise Cruse Helen Engle Hilda Lewis EDITORIAL STAFF Virginia Giesler Ann Gilleland Marietta Grygar Billie Anna Doris Billie Mary Doris Huggins J anicek Morgan Paulk Jane Stephens Willis Collier Anderson, R. Huggins Giesler Cowan Lewis Bouldin Anderson Paulk Grygal' Stephens J anicek Morgan Cruse Goad Adrian Morgan Anderson, Giesler Hill Dmmatzbs Club In the fall semester the Dramatics Club presented a one-act play for assembly. They also presented a three-act play "The Man in the Green Shirt"'. In the spring semester the club in addition to giving a one-act play in assembly and at Little River Academy, presented a two-act play "The Red Lamp" for the Parent Teachers Association and gave a performance of another three act play, "What Wright Left". The club was also responsible for several outstanding social functions. 'Affair Anderson, R. Goad Monaghan H. Bouldin Lewis Adrian Huggins Mc Gregor Cowan Paulk Brownlee Croft w Giesler Matush Huggins Lnbit Marks FALL SEMESTER Virginia Giesler .... .. Willie Matush ....... Billie Huggins ...... Polly Peacock .,......... Georgia Ann Seals ...... Luncheon Club Peacock Jarma OFFICERS if SPRING SEMESTER President B-1 .d . .........Billie Goad , "M of Comm! Vice Ppegident ' Lou Labit Betty Bender """'c'ml Thornton Genrge Marks Preston Monaghan Secretary ,,.,,,,J0hn Mayfield Harry Keaton Marian Adrian T1'921SHl'El' ' Emmaline Jarma 'Jack Cow-an ,,.......M1n'y K. Grimes Reporter 'Q' .........Mil1'YE Cruse Goad Thornton Mayfield Grimes Cruse Southerland Adrian Cowan Ben der Monaghan Luncheon Club Political activity in Temple Junior College developed with the opening of the school year. The two old political parties, the Peanut and the Bull Moose, organized early and began their campaigns. Orchestras, vocal trios, and quartets attracted the attention of the crowds while posters and orators proclaimed the merits' of candidates and platforms. Special visits were made to the residences of student nurses to arouse their interest and support. The Bull Moose party won the election by a majority of two votes. The Peanut party kept its organization intact and when the second semester election was held, it was rewarded for its perseverance and promises by sweeping to victory in all offices. The luncheon club officials arranged four banquets which were well attended by the students. In addition to these functions they sponsored Red Cross and war bond drives. Several changes were made in the bylaws and the constitution in order to make the organization more efficient. The climaxing entertainment sponsored by the club near the end of the year was a swimming party and picnic. I MINSTREL Presented by Freshman Class THE WEDDING PARTY Minister Bride Groom Scenes from the wedding of the "M1'. Old Student" and "Miss New Student". W6 We Q2 6 mm ,rug .gfzxxw , "W ,W . 1 ,L -' xxsvf x iff if LEISURE TIME I FOR A SQUARE DEAL Compliments of GIN WITH RAMONA COURTS J, W , G 0 A D l Pendleton, Texas Compliments of Southside Drug Store COMPLIMENTS OF Y "I f It's Clharltows P0l'Cy,S Sllilll Label, Ifg Right" Avenue G at Third Street DIAL 4516 RELIABLE FURNITURE COMPANY EASY TERMS M. SULLIVAN - - OWNERS - - W. B. HOYLE Compliments of Compliments of S T E F K A , S FRANK MATUSH RED Sz WHITE GROCERY "Everything for Your Automobile' 720 North 14 Phone 3015 DODGE fmd PLYMOUTH Nlclfelvey si Seylnfld GENERAL INSURANCE TEMPLE ROTARY CLUB 'He Profits Most Who Serves Best' Only through the medium of sound education can you serve best COMPLIMENTS OF KYLE CLEANERS ii? 7537 if Congmtulations to the 19.45 Gmducates of TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TEMPLE "The Fricvnlly Bmzlc on the Coruerl' Member of Federal Deposit Insurzmce Corporation Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF CINDERELLA SHOP Gibb's Exclusive Styles 11 EAST CENTRAL I I .I I . Compliments of Complzmevzts of . , Central MUSIC Company HUME I FURNITURE AUTOMATIC PHONOGRAPHS -7 CQ, X-1 COMPLIMENTS OF Mgponald and Newtgn First Federal Savings and INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE L0al1 ASSOCIZIIZIOII "I'rzszw'e in Szwe Insm'cLnce" OF TEMPLE COMPLIMENTS OF HUGGINS SERVICE STATION GULF PRODUCTS Qti' 2465 COMPLIMENTS OF W I R T H C A F E NATHAN'S H H ,O H Exclusive Ladies' Department Store Home Of Delwwiw Waffles i... Q5-73 C053 C463 COMPLIMENTS OF CHEEVES BROS. 8a CO. Brooke Pharmacy Millinery, Ready-to-Wear, Dry Goods H AWN HOTEL Clothing, Shoes, Etc. TEMPLE, TEXAS Temple's Oldest Department Store C553 CQQQ Compliments of l , ROBINSON Sz CLOUD If ' U ' 5' , RUE 1 W 1250 FIRST ST. MPLELTEY COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF C 1 T Y C A P H MACKEY,S DRUGS 4 South Main The Rexall Store Downtown Cafe 6 SOUTH FIRST GOOD FOOD IN GOOD HEALTH MASON WALKER, Manager CALL 4455 Compliments of lR9.dl0 KTEM St2ttlO1'1 TAYLOR 8K TAYLOR MUSIC-SPORTS-NEWS LAWYERS Affiliated With BLUE, MUTUAL AND TEXAS NETWORKS HAWN HOTEL Ed COFFEE SHOP H. C. RAY, Manager ii? if 'LY' COMPLIMEN TS OF American Desk A . Manufacturmg C0 WW Mdjoqf .jlmplmam C? Mme Q wwf MQW 'WWW READY-TO-WEAR AND SHOE I O Cong t Z tions , fn TEMPLE'S FASTEST GROWI X H A50 f o I 1 , Z I cl I ! M ell s Compliments Of The Kyle llotel WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR NEW COFFEE SHOP Now O2 L SLA M Z '9 N'w 6'fNA'tXoe R. T. Dennis 8z Co., Inc. VAL ' ART SHOP 59 years dependable service DRESSES - SUITS - COATS ACCESSORIES Furniture Rugs Stoves 13 West Central OFFICE PHONE 3248 RES. PHONE 2687 Dr. Thomas N. DeLaney OPTOMETRIST AND OPTICIAN 513-14-15-16-17 Professional Building TEMPLE, TEXAS Compliments of A I L L ' Temple Floral Company H M S KYLE HOTEL fmfwe Arthur 85 Jennie Alagood, Owners A BEAUTY TREATMENT TEMPLE, TEXAS PHONE 4445 FOR CLOTHES if ik' 1? COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLE HARDWARE CO. ik 'ik Tk GRE HAM 'S PRINTERS -if PUBLISHERS Manufacturing Stationers IO7 SOUTH FIRST STREET Our 51st Year in Temple C 1' t f AUSTIN SHOE STORE A mp men S 0 l f n14'JfCM'l Quflfliiy SHOGS f07" H116 LFIQZETESSEQANB LOANS jg' Enfife Family TEMPLE, TEXAS C053 WHT - 0 . f' I 1 ' . I Comphzments of 1- , ni I-ffl: I In - '- Elf? ' Q GARNER'S PHARMACY ll' A Yom' Prescription Store DF. Pepper f-- F j - ? 24 South First Dial 4513 B0ttl1I1g COMDHHY 4- Q-WD TEMPLE, TEXAS J xi... ll Congratulations and Best Wishes 1945 HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE , 'F CLASSES HN A 1 f King's Daughters Clinic' A Hospital A . ,r , . , ' .1 , A N A Tl 'w " F-W 0 ' " "wha H . , ' T , 'X 3 1 T L ,W gg E, H EEE - fi ff nlmni1iiammiii.m.z6:f I n in gf 'f' i ' 'N 1:'FWQ22i Q L' ,- Cir' I5.!!giaiu'ixzlu'iML'i11inuxx:1 :Ili Z 'I I H E, gy H, "V- . A ' T- . ie, "f 1 :E A T ., G. I uw 1-" ' 1Z.!A:5Q2!,g23 A.E j1,Qfg.Lki f 1 V, N ' L ,W V P ,..,-. xi VV VI Vi 1 J , Q I X ' ' V ,A I, X Y ' . ' w J , h H 3 1 5 W f T4 A, HIL , I 1 V fd" 'iz fl . f llilliflllbililllll It Fillilllllillilllf Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS HENDLER'S BOOTERIE l Pos-r 158,000 Congratulations FOR N THE CONTROL ROOM at the Texas Power 81 Light Company's great Trinidad Generating Station, alert and experienced workers constantly on the job direct the flow of 158,000 horsepower to serve the needs of home, business and industry throughout 1 wide area of central, north and east Texas. You never see these workers, but their work is evident in the accurate operation of your electric clock . .. the cheerful lighting of your home . . . the labor-sav- ing performance of your electric appliances. Theirs is a constant vigil to assure you that the power pro- duced at Trinidad will be supplied in exact accord- ance with every demand . . .whether it be for the needs of a tremendous war industry or for heating the baby's milk. This is just one example of the human side of rendering electric service to a busy and important area of Texas. Other workers perform similar tasks at the Company's other power plants. Still others must operate the switching stations and sub-stations . . . must patrol and maintain the thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines. They are all working in your behalf. . . producing and delivering your dependable, low-cost TP8:L electric service. aC1Sfe1l' THE ELECTRIC HOUR - Every Sunday Afternoon at 3:30 O'Clock Over KRLD, KTBC, KTRH, KTSA, or KW T E x A s . P o ite, v "Say It With, Flowers" Evelyn and John Hopkins Ninth at Central Dial 2332 French Moss Grocery 805 East Ave. C PHONE 2517 Sweethouse Pastry Company 9 South First PHONE 2688 Good Fruit Cakes and Cookies S H A D E ' S NEW APPAREL SHOP First and Central Avenue Temple Life Insurance Company ONE OF THE LARGEST COMPANIES OF ITS KIND IN TEXAS Over ilS9,UUO,UUU.UU in Force WE' PAY -- NEXT DAY Vernon Roberts, President W. B. Smith, Secretary cnnrnor. noon AT mm gf, 231, 1 ... . hm. ,..,.,..s ..A,,,., f E t9 C431 0 I V40ifJv4, ,-Z,ff',4?Z! -Q, U41fcf2'ffE,,4L vffyQfU"' 'Q' 7 H H ff wb My W? 1 T Q , E E A 3 -. JJ E E 'E " -fy ' H E f if 'ff 3 EE EE Buy- lfedbfg Bonds angbgiamps 1-Q4.acZ.,,. ' 5-4 ' ' ,flvryfv ,KW r JJ jfv' K, V M5 ,jf A' K Jr.. :QV 9-7M ff! 'fl E' ff THE Q 5, w BT .,,'. bf',fT'yI T U . WW' if if ' Wxw A Soufhland Cotton Oil Cjomf 7 9' IL Md-71ZLfCLCt'lL7'67'S of Circle-S Feed KJ F fy' -Eylsi "Chick" Walker, Manager Q CONGRATULATES THE VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF TEMPLE HI- ON THEIR ACHIEVEMENT OF 1945 ' YQ ' 'yr 1 A X XI I ,, , , I Wie If fy ' I 6 tk 3- .If . 'I bf' L, X ,fn ,J gil, A ui A Ya ,,, ,L I. f ,E-1 A .. M IA IQ . I FN qv if 'GEO E 74' f IQ. I X! is iv is 71,6 -fdaixyxi I if Iii if f I View M I ig 5 SHIRLEY R1cHp,KfIn?,Pfs GROCEIRY I A I fu' ' 'sxh A VD 'III ,dj N! . WWI YQUR USIN5Lj5'g'JAj'MWIf1fYS APPRECIATEIZ j lj Wy - II, A I WU fl!! ' LJVXQ ' C! U f LL "f ii ,IV 7? lv V J if A' I7 - ' ' K , ' if H ' , - , N , 1U H I 'VC , -s 'K '-' 4 ' .f- ! X ' X ' ,J ,Q I ff I I f yy :Mi kj KVM M, M I 1 , , fi 7 gl XJ! Q 5 A 1 ,ay rj 1 if V K Z Y , Compli enisirfof If! K X , fl!! NJ' Compliments of 'r PLE FEED, AND FUEL pro. H -' IW ff C Thomson Grocery Company lg FEI:EDfANDffFUIIILe ,I I , IJ if KK . 'I ,1 fl I I faq W if," QV Congratulations to the Class of '45 ,V kAfUAB,CADIA - GEM - BELL - TEXAS - RIO X7 'ff' KN INTERSTATE TI-IEATRES Aj? x ii' Sk YZ? DU PONT PAINTS 1 LU ER D BIRD AND SON ROOFING BUILDING MATERIALS VW Company, Inc. I I L 4 NG AND FINANCING A M pb 1, Manager QQ! D 3666 MY W I 'Q f 0 I I I ea s Finer Food roducts Compliments of D A I L Y GROCE-TOTE COMPANY Pies, Potato Chips and Doughnuts 7 West French Phone 4480 I For Quality Meats and Groceries fri? , ' Y 1 WEN . ,ff XM 1 ' K N g'g 51 IV ly I , 1. 1 , X , , 1 v rx My ,M rj- if W Q 1' J 1Xi 1 I I I ,h x Compliments of 1 14 W XE: rf A If 'px W1 111 ., 1 jf Q5 1 11 Q 5 ' ,PQBXORIL TIRE CO. 'j W, JXX1' JJ f' 1 , 15 f 1" , Q' . up gf 7,1109-11111 SQUTRH MAH ,911 1 NN ' ' " " 'I ' PHONE 4772 I 1' X111 .J , J1 fl. ' 1Wy' ' fl 11, If , , . If 1 nf II1 1 , ' ,V , L, ,f COMPLIMENTS OF 1 1 , STRASBURGER1 1f0:,L.lvo-v- iw as aw '74,-HJ Je Swgompliments Sf! R-vue-AU LQ"'J5"""'UlfC -f1fvvx.A.n,8v SAA-fgqg 6 S I 'li-If-L So t, Q , r 1 7 if -LQ., I ,,vwm:+ ," 'P' ""k" 2" "-H' :E H-.Q Ha 1 1016, vw LWiQwAMwL 4fffJ2fMJ Rf-g,..,.Jo C:.,4.,l! CQ , 641 1 't'4""" 'A if-Nqfff ,0Q,M1+6f.., ' 1v4""'TJf's3?11?1T"rHfiaL'4MLw dawxg AJ E-Qvs v bldg .- but 3- .fvvvkra-...,? CQXVS So NP, li Q g 'll S - - UL-A.-mf . -WHMMMWWH F 14LWfZ27 EAA, 'vfM-0..,c:G,vz4,m,,L.,f,-.fff .SCH , l ILA" f' 5,11 y -, , 9 . , , c EDQT JEW LER f'MJ"""' ICE CREAM PLANT ' " VL ' GREE TIN GS! N P I6 6' DRM Q QIUDIO Not the Cheapest but the Best Above J. C. Penny TEMPLE, TEXAS DIAL 2332 hw,-J 1 - ' if ,jf I A A Qplw' TEMpLE, IJUNIQR fcX6l.LEGE ' . 1 , 5 . j The TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE blecome a popular and well established institution. During the pig y'6ar it has experienced a splendid enrollment. It' is recognized both by the State Department of Education and by the Association of Texas Colleges as a junior college of the "First Class" without condition or reservation. The graduates of the College may enter any of our senior colleges with full junior standing. Many of our graduates are likewise taking 'their places in industry and the armed services of our country. I Some' of the advantagesVofferedf'lhy thefiTEMPLE JUNIOR . COLLEGE are: ff L, 3, 1. The members qgfrthe faculty are scholarly' and experienced and are fimrelparedfl o rendy' service'of the highest order in the classf room. " j ' , . ,jf j f' f ' lf' fa! . ' . . . . 2, lThe clgilses are relatively small, which condition makes 1n- UIJ divglual instlqiction and personal attention possible. xx I U . ' j , ,J j , if V1 styents areftaught by the headsfof the department. 1 ' A ' 1 .I xy! . Tittfbxpeqvse is comparatively small, as the trustees are striv- nf l . .. , . " g to operate the college on'a cost-lbasis. Our low rates will br' enable you, to save enough, during your two years here, to p AJ pay for your junior year at a senior college. jj 4 54' Ourfyoung- men and women may remain in their homes two K r 'T I. years longer. N . '-6. Thelextra-curricula activities are varied and afford oppor- tunity to the students for development in public speaking, 'J drama, music and athletics. I C The aim of the TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE is not only to give two D years of highly efficient literary work, but to provide guidance, d' vocational preparation, and to develop talents and character in our' A people as well To this program the trustees and the faculty of t 1 st U tion are dedicating their efforts. 1 x JL For further information see or write the Registrar. Ji ,JJ X. I l J 'W f l I A X' lx ll 553, My My XERJEZZC W W ' x A f CG, E W eane s .CL iii R. S. ST ET ii 1 1 'T 'L BELTS - BILL FOLDS - LEATHER GOOD imefffgipl 5 ve - HICKS MAN SHOP 108 East Avenue A TEMPLE, TEXAS LUGGAGE REPAIRING F R E D W I S M A R Compliments of C pl t f Smith'S City Drug- Store S ITH'S NORTH SIDE DRUG STORE Main 85 Ge AEIW. lihgne 36 Qkgho 'W 446 3 d d French tl? 7 x FI -U ' wf M fy UW' M 44,1 I M E-3 1 fy S v W E ik pj -Qi J ' ' l G ' I A ,ee , I Qgg ,, x1'XxJw? T " 9' J QW A ' 11- Q ei ff' ' h -- - , - ff. 5, 6-ag ux:-fav srrumo , . ' Vl I 1, W W f. l ,wvf W HMM JMU iw Jw ' My JW W ' 'QQ UWM, 5 ' Af ff df W. iff ' X ,, ,, ,E gf. Q L19-f'1,,1p,,Z j,,M,,,,,.,,f bf,1T,, M,,,.-ju I lu 0 In V gg , V N ,YIJ, 1 MJ, I' 'rf' I , ,f,,ff-1-Lg CQTT Com ' A 6? ijiiments w! ,f ,,, ,? V, in Jw , ,gpm Of f ,ff in QSQQWC iw J , ,fi M" .KW y TT LIN, A Q KWM KJJAY 9X5 J :RVfZf,1uffZQ f' roffffjjiyff , b if' jffj lf 633234 W, 4 5 -!,, ,L Aflq 1 k fp Ab V' Af'f'W' JJ Q 5 w ' 1 wg, jjj M MW 'XLR Qfgi 'WV , Q2 -X :J QQ xg .9 ASX xg , Qs? 'R Riga. 71 NN Q R I if A I f M y I Ralf' , Ccompl' en of 1 HpUGRiT! BROS Compliments of Temple Radio Hospital I W WQLLIAT ' Q PAINT HERBERT B. MADELEY if V 4 PICTIUR FRAMES Radio Technician JE R 0 D D Y ' S ,iq NATIONAL The Newest for Ast i oney ' L A U N D R Y R0 , SS fp JK S M I R Ol PIX Q oN ag SHEBBILL pw I EPE D' LE INSURANCE SERVICE Over J. C. Penny Co. SI' LE TEXAS R M Begt Wishes from The Bell Baking Co., Inc. BAKERS BUTTERNUT BREAD Compliments of Your Friend Powers' Drug Company Serving Temple since 1909 I, jf ,' - . fl J6aAjMQlQMf,1- all . A MJ JQAQ, ,Q ' "I RTB? X R9ai,1.,., I Exif' CL, X' Q55 ' iq fzfigl uma Ram si U on o lsfiizy W ' 4 15 SOUTH FIRST STREET ' .A Cfemplefs Leaaling Studio ,J ,sf . A ' If IZORTRAITS are COMMERCIAL . 'gf .f gf 'MX KODAK FINISHING lf I , 1:1 'N W 1, R ,J , I I - so K ,fx yew I 3 I LIYJJSZYQ . 11,17 Q , N Jf Ip L! lj V 1 xt X ll' If fr M! f Lf MILLER PHDNE QHUH PI INTING CO. Cmz.,', l1UAL!I T,QPHINTEHS ciffff fy of . A14 , 5 E 130NNfEfl'!QAF,AW,f SERVICF s ES fy ff",941zf4fHg'1Yf2,f209KE1kf529 LZXlA, Dial 3131 of ' A 1io,gSv4ff'om Santa Fe Hospital S, ,,. Q "VV !'Lf8Qf,1,L4f' '- , f,flifALg,fi'! I . 4 if 'yy' 11.11957 OD DR G STORE ff' MARESH co. GRBCERYDDWMKRKET The Courtesy Corner Phone 4600 11th and Ave. G Phone 4555 Free Delivery QUALITY FOODS Corner 251-dh and Ave' H Make Our Store Your Store J 2 H Our ,'n ngrat lg-E best Wishes to the graduates of D W e ' Soho and ol Classes of 1945 awf 0W'1lClS4fi5fMD 'igA1N COMPANY H 0 ik AUTOMOBILE SEAT COVERS ik AWNINGS ik Door: GLASS vi? WIND SHIELDS llc-B01-ll Alexa!! del' Clllllllilll y E X kk 'Et as. S. CQQSFSNQKRT , COMELE OUT TERS TO N AND NG , 4 -T E ,-ff' E . wa .ig Q -YQ i I gy ,Iv ' ,I v ESV' I If L jf! I' Compliments of W tl R COMPANY , SWAN MoTo A TEMPLEZS' MOTOR CLINIC STUDEBAKER SALES - SERVICE .i McCelvey, Moore 8z Compliments Of Whitley Co. O. L. Vaden and Son Packard and International Trucks INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE SALES - REPAIRS - PARTS DIAL 2033 Compliments of L E S L I E HU F F LIFE INSURANCE SERVICE PHONE PROFESSIONAL BLDG. ' I Compliments of b Y A I" . HOSPITAL DAIRY EARM . "Home of C9'I't7:fI6fl M1ll'Ic'f' I l f' ' f ' II A ,f ' I J? J H- jj I 0 fd! J! A l ffl' I ff .1 'l ' I 3 ITY LUMBER CO. f I -f J ' 'A I ' J. B. STANTON it It ,I V AE Owner J In ' . - X I ' Q WN ff A 0 ijt -ff RAJNQI5 .J fu R ZWWZ I 2 T r , jd X f ...- cg D K QX?f-: 4' :'2 ' x 'IIN LLLL .,,,i: HI L ' Llll Zmwig N - - 5' L 1 W., 1 L QL ' : , fn A N , L l. - I X x 59 ,fx fg' W 4 Nz V Vx N? r SQ 3 Ill f ,H ml , Ummlllu.. 1 L 1 If L L ,r ' ll In : HN L T , ,-41 -,I I I ly!-1 5 'w,. Q A L 4 L L D I O H W,-F gl b I I, L' i- Eipeiwv 1 L .4jf vt 1 + liimxbk d.5w LW? LwL 5 1 M YQ - I . rib Nz? , QZEQ77 ,' x, f",Xf hah V ' Y - TRW? 1 X 1 ' f 1 ' Q 1 A : D hl l ,- -Q- ' , -u , P T '4 ' E?7f i f2. fjzgxkf W JI X Q' 5 - far R'-:E-" " ILELHTQ ,x N 1 Mays XWNVQX fxyy XWVQA -A ZVX w-,,.....g4-4.21 70 '1 .igfxlfg A f 1 f X jg .4. .,MgZZQQSwM l t..l rf ' +f-J70Z ' "' 'grease' H Y :3:ib- Zf 1 'EEEEEEEQ Vlzzgiyzgav ks-V KV Noon Session Sweet sextet Cute kids Pu-lease, girls! Tennie Miss Arnold Familiar sight Rachel whips the man shortage Jean, Joe, and Lina How do you spell a long low whistle ? Love. you reckdn? Our Student Council "prexY" Wildcats Four Co-Eds ff W, Q Q ...iq XX. 'x . X Happy Just us galsl Who put this in? Nita! Luv-nuff sed! Joyce and Joyce Ain't we awful! Pin-up gal! Is it that good? "Rack" and "Poncho" aww. Sammy and Terry Gooney girls! Having fun? x Pat Helen "Stc:u.Ii':s" and how! Yea cats! Ah-sunny spring! Whatcha doin? Pals Shoe rationing? Sophs X S Q ', 'J 1 f What a mob ! surpfised 2 V "Slick" Come on "Cats" I 'Faint polite to point! Wlu-1t's up fellas? Must be funny! Resting 0 2 Who and what? Gruesome twosome Toothpaste grin Seniors and their sophs. Teachers Sittin pretty Waiting? No boys? Rucker! Sammy and Paul Annie Louise "Silvertoe" 1 to he tttte ee, . Coach Wow ! Ain't picnics fun! Affectionate? Competition, "Smiley"? Bucldie Buds Hobert and his harem Our super "pepper-uppers"! Dynamite boys! Our Alma Mater Mrs. Jones I! Luvl? Which is which? Grand gals! Say now! 1' X 33 W7 Z Aw ' f' , f Q ,Af ff I gf C? Y XX . X 6 f?x fl 4 ,,v , V1 , X9 XI xx f f ' f PM 2 Z 5 'lc Z ff' fe? K C X, 'x X X x X N Ks Luxmxxkyyff y D A gf ik, NAPSHO TS Jacqueline Anderson Monroe Bannister Adelaide Clements Charlie Dobbins Paul Emery Forrest Fenn Tennis Club Townsend Field Dorothy Hathorn Lowell Hays Doris Hunks. Raye Virginia McCreary A. J. Lewis Emily Nail Charlotte Robinson Annie Faye Schmidt Lewis Tarver Cary Thornton Charlotte Robinson, Emily Nail, A. J. Lewis, Lowell Hays, Chailxe Dobbins, Raye Virginia McCreary, Jacqueline Anderson, and Doris Hunka. Those who lettered were: Bottom row: Dobbins, Fenn, Emery, Lewis, McGreary, Robinson, Thornton, Hunka, Schmidt Top row: Hays, Bannister, Field, Tai-ver, Anderson, Clements, Nail, Hathorn. Track DISTRICT TRACK MEET Sain Stephens, Richard Howe, and Lewis Petersen won places in the district meet held in Austin. Sam Stephens placed second in the 880-yard dash, Howe won second in the low hurdles, and Petersen placed third in the mile and fourth in the high hurdles. Howe and Stephens were letter- inen of last year. The boys who qualified for the regional meet are Edward Costillo, Sam Stephens, Richard Howe, and George Gentry in the mile relayg and Richard Howe, Sam Stephens, Charlie Tutor, and Collins Welsh for the 440-yard relay. Bottom row: Matush, Watson, Howe, Tudor, Jones, Wendland, Petersen, Reynolds. Top row: Vasek, Costello, Greene. McWhorter, Stevens, Fergus, Temple. Gentry. gg JJ Basketball Squad Bottom low Jacobs, Thompson, Rogers, Purkins, Jarrell, Davis, Zinn Festeivand Second row Moreland, Baird, Cantrell, Field, Hopkins, Moore, Sheppard Eckeiman Third row Paitin, Fowler, Bode, Sneed. Nanny, Davis, McDonald, Vaughn Coach Wood THE SEASON The B team played thirteen games, winning eight, losing four, and tying one High scoring honors were won by Bennie Zinn, Bill Purkins, Clayton Hopkins, and Ernest Feste1van Othel outstanding players were Ray Cantrell and Charlie McDonald Charlie McDonald Ray Cantrell Bill Purkins Clayton Hopkins Ernest Festervand Bennie Zinn Turner Jacobs Maxie Jarrell Don Vaughn Mark Thomas PLAYERS Melvin Moreland Sam Moore' Johnny Nanny Sterling' Baird William Sheppard James Fowler Glen Thompson Townsend Field Ray Ecl-:erman Leo Davis Ray Holloman Olen Rucker Billy Morris O. G. Minden GUARD GUARD FORWARD MANAGER THE SEASON The 1945 basketball season for Temple High School was- a very successful one. Some of the best crowds in years were on hand to see the Wildcats play. By midseason, the Wildcats were one of the best teams in the state, but were soon reduced to only a fair team by two of the regulars and a substitute volunteering for the Navy. Two games were won by top heavy scores from Cameron, Bryan, and McGregor. Belton was beaten three times. Waco won two out of three games' from the Cats. Austin won two. In the district tournament held at Temple, Waco was the first opponent for the Wildcats, Waco winning by the score of 42-29. Waco went on to win the tournament, and the next week beat Brecken- ridge twice for the bi-district championship. '14 U Basketball Charles- Dobbins Bobby Davidson Hayward Sims Eldo Johnson FORWARD FORWARD GUARD GUARD Guinn Fergus Sam Stephens George Gentry Collins Welsh FORWARD GUARD CENTER GUARD " U ootball Squad Bottom row: Coach Woods, Waters, Watson, Johnson, Cantre'l, Baird, Welsh, Minden, Mgr. Second row: Vaughn, Morris, Guess, Harrison, Costello, Brooke. KITTENS Bottom row: Coach Woods, Connell, Thompson, Davis, Fowler, Morris, Jarrell, Davis. Second row: Tutor, Simmons, Moreland, Eckerman, Kalenda. Rawlings, Third row: Hejl. THE SEASON it ik ik AUSTIN VS. TEMPLE , The Wildcats' first game was with their ancient rival, the Austin Maroons. Though outplaying the Maroons throughout the game. the Wildcats lost 7-6. First downs were nine to five and penetrations five to one, all in favor of the Wildcats. Twelve thousand people saw the game. THOMAS JEFFERSON VS. TEMPLE The Thomas Jefferson Mustangs were next on the schedule of the Wildcats, and, playing at home, the Wildcats emerged victors 9-6. ENNIS VS. TEMPLE " The first district game was with the Ennis Lions and was played at Ennis. The Wildcats took charge early in the game, and the outcome was never in doubt. The score was 27-0 in favor of the Wildcats. JEFFERSON DAVIS VS. TEMPLE Jefferson Davis of Houston came to Temple October 13, and had high hopes of stopping the Cats, but their hopes were soon blasted by the hard charging, hard tackling and hard blocking Wildcats. Jefferson Davis lost 43-0. BRYAN VS. TEMPLE The next game was with a hard fighting bunch of Bryan Broncos. Playing in Bryan, the Cats had to come from behind to win. However, towards the end of the game, the Cats had the Broncos whipped down, the final score being 20-13. J. B. Mahler was the outstanding star for Temple. CLEBURNE VS. TEMPLE The Cleburne Yellow Jackets came to Temple hoping to upset the Wildcats, but the Wildcats could do nothing wrong, and won by a score of 35-0. HILLSBORO VS. TEMPLE The Hillsboro Eagles were swamped 34-0 the next week-end. The Eagles had to play most of the game against the Wildcat regulars, as the Cats had only a few substitutes who could play that night. WAXAHACHIE VS. TEMPLE Waxalmchie had one of the best teams in the district. The Wildcats scored on a blocked punt, early in the game and led 6-0 until the middle of the last quarter, when the Indians tied the score. This seemed to wake the Cats up, and they took the ensuing kick off and marched sixty-five yards in nine plays to win 12-6. CORSICANA VS. TEMPLE Corsicnna had a. very young and inexperienced ball club. They did not expect to win from Temple, but neither did they expect to lose 48-0. WACO VS. TEMPLE On December l, the 10AA district championship was played at Waco before 15,000 fans. Both Waco and Temple were undefeated in district competition. Waco was the favorite by 2 'to 3 touchdowns. The Wildcats were handicapped by injuries and lost the ball on fumbles four different times to Waco, thereby helping them to win 14-6. Waco played a great game, and deserved to win, but was battered up so bad by the Wildcats that they were never in top shape again. " U Football Squad Bottom row: Coach Granfill, Davidson, Mgr., Jacobs, Mgr., Coach Routh. Second row: Hawkins, Holloman, Rucker O., Wallace, Simmons, Rucker R., Thomas, Cantrell Third row: Kunkel, Brooks, Stephens. San Miguel, Simms, Mahler. Crenshaw. Fourth row: Hopkins, Johnson, Weaver M., Winkler, Hinkle, Gentry. Fifth row: Green, Weaver G., Grady, Carver. MANAGERS BOBBY DAVIDSON TURNER JACOBS Football Elbert Johnson , END James Winkler TACKLE J. B. Mahler BACK Ed Hinkle END Ray Rucker GUARD Bill Crelishaw- BACK AA 4 ootball Z 1 I 2 I Oran Casey GUARD Ernest Cantrell BACK i J. M. Brooks END Jessie San Miguel CENTER, BACK Mack Weaver TACKLE Moody Thomas BACK E Foo tba!! Rex Hawkins GUARD Hayward Simms END Hobert Simmons CENTER Clayton Hopkins TACKLE Henry Wallace BACK Sam Stephens BACK ,Jvi X V' YELL LEADERS ff ' YE . Lewis Tarver, Raye McCreary, Howard Ogden, Patsy Easley, Pete Wilkinson, .Twine Lawhorn, Charlie Dobbins. DRUM MAIOR DORIS MARIE KING 1 w l Coaches MR. C. G. WOODS MR. LESLIE CRANFILL MR. W. E. ROUTH QE Qs to KJ . E: E1 R -,,, l 2 A E Jw U W Egg 5 Xb X R ' ak- 1 JMU, ' ff 9 ' LE.-1x'J,f'xy X X . 'if 54. W 53' W V' ,, E 1 ' xx 8-I .'Q 2 s, 5 ,Q 4,,, mild ,, ES 1 n I ' , I 1 1 W 2 411.453 IP ' -ff A l ' ' W . W , ' '? 'N V K 2 1 , bf 1 5 -Z 1'ilH'IHiHlllllllilwllllilw ' + 151 ff" -ffff' 2 :X X 1, I i . . ,, f VX ff' 'e ffrl ITUIHIIIIHIMWIUIIIIIIHIIMIIIIHMMHlllUHIHIHlIllIJ!lll'fUIW A Q 1 im Q ws l H , J -iiigfgf ' jg, , 1, ,"' ! 1 ummulmm K ' UIIWJIIIIIIUUJIIIIIIIUIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIQIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllillllllllflllllllllllllllllll 622 Q THLETICS School Calendar 1944-1945 September 9 September 22 September 29 October 6 October 20 October 27 November 3 November 10 November 17 November 24 November Z9 November 30 November 30 December l December 13 December 15 December 19 December 19 Ianuary 2 Ianuary 12 Ianuary Z9 February 9 February 23 February 24 March 9 March Z9 March 30 April Z April 3 April 3 April G April 13 April 13 April 16 April 27 May 4 May 8 May 15 May 25 May 27 May 29 u.-,sf un,-.J s..-,-.1 Enrolled tor fall term Austin football game Thomas Iefterson football game Ennis football game Bryan tootball game Student Council Ha1loWe'en dance Cleburne football game Hillsboro football game Waxahachie football game Corsicana football game Bonfire and pep rally Waco football game Thanksgiving Holidays Football Banquet Band dance Student Council Christmas dance Christmas Holidays Choral Club dance Enrolled tor spring term Homemaking Valentine dance District Basketball Tournament Campfire Girls' Barn dance Field Day Easter Holidays Boxing matches Luncheon for Seniors given by First Baptist Church Student Council bond drive dance District Tennis Meet Banquet for Seniors given by Memorial Baptist Church Banquet for Seniors given by Seventh Street Methodist Church Dance for Seniors given by Catholic Church Picnic for Seniors given by First Methodist Church Iones' Medal Contest Senior Day Senior Dance Baccalaureate Services Graduation Exercises DRUM MAJOR: Doris Marie King CLARINETS: Billy Barrett Catherine Brandes Margaret Collier Patsy Hamil Audie M. Harlan Richard Howe Martha R. Jones Doris M. King Rose M. Kleypns Frances Kostohryz John Lusk Thcda 'fimafms Wanda Lee White Billy B. Welsh Joan Tripp CORNETS: Jo Ann Davidson Burton Kim: Dorothy Kuban Jerry Maxfield Collins Welsh Claude Woolsey FLUTES : , Darlene Schmidt Louan Bexley Director: MR. G. O. ALESSANDRO COLOR GUARDS: COLOR BEARERS: Billy Kirkpatrick Mary Lou Labit Elwood Eschberger Elizabeth Robinson OBOE: DRUMS: Louise Snrayberry Judith Blanton BASSOONS: Cary Thornton Marjorie Fenton Betty Jo Jackson Monroe Bannister David Phillips Bob Shaffer Robert Cale TROMBONES: Millard Peters Ralph Bean Beatrice Brocker BASSES: Ross Vicksell Jimmy Miller Roy Easterwood BARITONES: Gay Cu!-lee Eaton Lee Jones Roy Timaeus Billy Hargett Arthur Timaeus James Easley Joe Mac Paulk SAXOPHONES: Mary Kocurek Jerry Stanton James Janeway Billy G. Brooks HORNS: Bill Johnson Frank Harlan Ann Morgan BELLS3 Syble Russ Tiny Walling Camille Blackburn Shirley Brown TYMPANI: Shirley Brown Rope Spinning Club President ........... Vice President .,....., Secretary ....,....,. Treasurer.. ...... Program Chairman .,..... Marian Barnett LaVerne Duzan Helen Gilliam Kathryn Rose Sims Verne Duzan . .............. Emily Nail . .,......., Dorothy Hathorn .Charlotte Robinson MEMBERS Dorothy Hathorn Betty Ramsey Letha M3.CMU1'tl'Y Charlotte Robinson Emily Nail Kathryn Rose Sims Left to right: Sims, Robinson, Nail, Hathorn, Duzan, Gilliam, Chapman. Tumbling Club w f W9 1 . ASSEMBLY PROGRAM . ,L x x Tumbling Club K Sponsor: MRS. MARGARET FENSTY President ...,......... Vice President ......., Secretary ....,....... Sylvia Barron Barbara Boyd Ruth Bryan LaVerne Carson Barbara Ann Charlton Patsy Cox Carolyn Culp Shirley Hallman Doris King MEMBERS Rose Marie Kleypas June Lawhorn Ruth Locke Janis Metcalf Raye V. McCreary Ann Morgan Bobbie Nelson Anna Lou Nettles Elizabeth Peters Elizabeth Pirtle .....,...Rose Marie Kleypas ....,....,i,.......Betty Swan .,.,....Tiny Walling Rita Ann Shelton Betty Jo Sisco Evelyn Snellings Dawn Snodgrass Jane Snodgrass Betty Swan Tiny Walling Betty Jean Wichita Betty Wilson Left to right: Lawhoi-n, Walling. Morgan, Nettles, Sheldon, Peters, Carson, Pirtle, Bryan, Kleypas, D Snodgrass Holloman Snellings, Wilson, Metcalf, J. Snodgrass, Swan, Charlton, King, Cox, McCreary, Culp, Sisco, Nelson, Wichita Orchestra 'ik if ik lst VIOLINS DOUBLE BASS Errol Wendland, concertmaster Betty Jean Griffin Betty Jean Wichita Doris Nell Lewellen Lewis Petersen Ann Buchanan TRUMPET 2nd VIOLINS 0' G' Minden Gayle Sagehiel CLARINETS Mildred Winkler I Patsy May Richard Hovfe Neva Joyce Paulk Kathryn Wrlgley PIANO VIOLAS Doris Chapman Marie Lehotsky T . Ch k Audrey Green eeme amos y Wayne Schmidt CELLOS Douglas Dillard May Dean Fambrough Sh' SZ' 72? l l Left to right: Petersen, Buchanan. May, Paulk, Wendland, Wichita, Sagebiel, Winkler, Chernosky, Howe, Wrigley, Schmidt, Greene, Lehotsky, Griffin, Lewellen, Fambrough, Dillard. Gertie Aaron Peggy Allison Monroe Bannister Sylvia Barron Frances Beasley Ted Blankenship Judy Blanton Marian Boutwell Barbara Boyd Mary Ann Bravenec Shirley Brown Olga Burris Brooks Burton Juana Burton Dot Byers On-an Casey Billie Caswell Doris Chapman Gayle Davis Patsy Easley Mary Epperson Choral Club Helen Ewing Emil Fojtasek Hattie Gaines Bessie Garner Billie Gray Bob Green Dorothy Hathorn Joyce Hinkle Irmgard Hobratschk Dorothy Hodge Shirley Holcomb Shirley Holloman Jean Honeycutt Jane Hoyt Eileen Kennedy Burton King Margaret King Rose Marie Kleypas Harold Kunkle Wanda Lamberth Bill Larkin Jane Ledger Marie Lehotsky Joyce Linn Marilyn Manley Betty May J. H. McQueen Janis Metcalf Ruby Mikeska Elizabeth Moore Josephine Mucha Emily Nail Bobbie Nelson Betty Niles Catherine Owens Mary Helen Outhouse Mary Frances Parrish Hope Pate Sonja Perez Joan Petersen Lewis Petersen Joan Pirtle Barbara Jean Reed Frances Roberts Olen Rucker Gayle Sagebiel Katherine Sanders Dolores San Miguel Kathryn Rose Sims Mary Sue Smith Louise Sprayberry Jack Standard Bernice Talasek Juanita Tate Bobbie Thomas Jacqueline Turner Eloise Walker Charles Watson E1-roll Wendland Jack Whyburn Dorothy Wicks Mildred Winkler Pete Wilkinson Future Homemakers 0 Texas SOPHOMORES Sponsors: MISSES VELMA HARREL AND HELEN BARRON HOMEMAKING UNIT OFFICERS SENIOR Chairman: Betty Ann Ramsey Reporter: Mary K. Henley Secretary: Charlotte Robinson Vice Chairman Programs: Emily Nail Sylvia Barron Peggy Blankenstein Ruth Bryan Nelda Faye Bulls Ruby Chaney Flora Jane Coker Margaret Collier Mary Craft Gay Curlee Johnie Curlee Shirley Ellis Valasta Elsik Christine Gunn Bessie Louise Halfor Gladys Hedge Joyce Hinkle Shirley Holloman Myrtle Faye Hughes Betty Huggins Dorothy Ann Jez JUNIOR Chairman: June Bolding Secretary: Donna June Kline Treasurer: June Lawhorn Vice Chairman Programs: Barbara Charlton Reporter : Evelyn Snellings Martha Jones Margaret King Sue Kirk Ruth Locke Raye V. McCreary Ruth Machalik Patsy May Leatha McMurtry June Kay Miller Wilma Murray SOPI-IOMORE Chairman: Shirley Holloman Secretary: Sylvia Barron Treasurer: Elizabeth Peters Vice Chairman Programs: Margaret King Merle Naylor Josephine Padilla Elizabeth Peters J ulia Przybylski Virginia Reed Gilda Roberts Annie Faye Schmidt Agnes Schneider Beatrice Shultz Janice Skinner Joan Saage Jane Snodgrass Dawn Snodgrass Juanita Tate Bobbie Thomas Frances Thomas Betty Mae Wernlie Betty Wilson Mildred Winkler Wanda White Bottom row: Winkler, J. Snodgrass, Bryan, D. Snodgrass, Skinner, Hughes, Murray, Le Fan, Roberts, F. Thomas, Huggins, Schmidt. Second row: Przybylski, B. Thomas, Lewellen, McMurtry, McCreary, Miller, Jez, Reed, Elsik, Machalek, Kirk. Third row: Barron, Collier, Blankenstein, Wilson, Morgan, Schultz, Saage, Ellis, Gunn, Mikeska. Fourth row: Coker, Jones, Bulls. Future Homemakers of Texas SENIORS AND IUNIORS Sponsors: MISSES BARRON AND HARRELL HOMEMAKERS CHAPTER OFFICERS Lina Glesler .... ,,.. ...........,.. , . .......................,...,,... . ..... . ....,Y.. . .... .... . .Y.. . Tiny Walling ....,... Bessie Garner .,.,... Wanda White ...,... Joyce Hinkle ........ Joyce Linn ............ Tiny Walling ......,.... Charlotte Wacker ...... Nita Lon Terrell .,,..... Charlotte Robinson ....... President .........iVlCE President .... ,.......Treasurer ........,Reporter ...............Pianist ,......,.,.,..i.....Sonfr Leader ........Prog1'am Chairman ..........Activities Chairman ..............Social Chairman Year Book Chairman Joyce Linn Betty McDonald Charlotte Matthews Anna Lou Nettles Minnic Lou Nichols Betty Ann Ramsey Charlotte Robinson Lee Birta Shannon Evelyn Snellings Glenda Southerland Nita Lou 'Ferrell Charlotte Wacker Mary Wiggers Reba Young Jackie Anderson Annie Mae Baker Joyce Barr Kathleen Black June Bolding Helen Buster La Verne Carson Billie Caswell Barbara Ann Charlton Teenie Chernosky Eleanor Cox Dorothy Croft Joan Doty Patsy Easley Ruthie Farrell Dorris Floca Bessie Garner Lina Jean Giesler Betty Jean Griffin Mary Kathryn Henley Betty Jo Jackson Donna June Kline Helen Kreitz June Lawhorn Bobbie Lou Leatherman Bottom row: Cox, Roberts, Nettles. Walling. Lawhorn. Carson, Chernosky, Terrell, Ellis, Baird, E. Nichols, Griffin, Buster Second row: Garner, Sisco, Snellings, Charlton, Wacker, Kline, Kreitz, Mucha. Matthews, Shannon, Bolding, Robinson. Third row: Caswell, Black. Anderson, Floca, Young, Doty, Farrell, Southarland, Baker, Linn, M. Nichols. Fourth row: Ramsey, Giesler, Wiggei's. Bryan. President.. .............. Vice President ........ Secretary-Treasurer ...... Reporter ...,..,........,.... Gertie Aaron Barbara Boyd Olita Burris Bonnie Cameron Billie Caswell Eleanor Cox Dolores Craft Jeannine Ellis Biology Club Mary Epperson Helen Gilliam Marguerite Green Betty Griffin Audie Harlan Anna Henderson James Janeway L. D. Kleypas OFFICERS MEMBERS Mary Kocurek Helen Marie Kreibz Mike Moore Arthur Naumann Elizabeth Nichols Minnie Lou Nichols Mary Helen Outhouse Joan Petersen ........Dorothy Wicks .......Mary Epperson .........Mary Kocurek .......Barbara Boyd Charles Reynolds Mary Sue Smith Jacqueline Turner Charlotte Wacker Eloise Walker James Wells Dorothy Wicks Pete Wilkinson Patsy Woodward Bottom row: Reynolds, Walker. Epperson, Smith, Ellis, Baird, Nichols, Griffin, Cox. Second 1'ow: Naumann, Boyd, Turner, Burris, Wicks, Wacker, Harlan, Outhouse, Kocurek. Third row: Woodward, Gilliam, Wilkinson, Caswell, Kreitz, Nickols, Janeway, Moore. Physics and Chemzstry Clubs Sponsors: MISS AUVAL BROWN MR. V. A. MICULKA OFFICERS CHEMISTRY CLUB PHYSICS CLUB n President Ixathryn Rose Sims ........ . ................,...,..,.,..,.. ,A,,,.,,, B ill Staviuoha Vice President Carl' Tl'I0l'I1t0Il -.--.-..A- .....-.......................Y. , ,,,,.,, , James Caughlin Secretary Shirley Holcomb .---... . ......................,..... ,,,,,,, R 059 Marie Kleypag ' Treasurer Theda TIUIHBUS 44-- -----'--'------v------------,------,-- ........ R ose Marie Kleypas Sergeant-at-Arms Eston Lee Jones ...........,.....,......... ..,.......................,.,...........,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., M a 1-vin Feml CHEMISTRY PHYSICS June Boldimz Frances Kostnhryz James Caughlin Bill Purkins Catherine Brandes John Lusk Mm-vin Fenn Millard Peters Mary Ann Bravernec Doris Butler Bessie Garner Dorothy Giles Dorothy Hathorn Dorothy Hodge Betty Jo Jackson Mrxie Jarrell Eston Lee Jones Ruby Mikeska Joe Mac Paulk Joann Pirtle Barbara Jean Reed Pat Ricks Lewis Tarver Jeannine Vicksell Tiny Walling Betty Jean Wichita Townsend Field Lewis Jones Doris Marie King Rose Marie Kleypas Howard Ogden William Pechal Elizabeth Robinson Dick Rogers Bill Stavinoha Edward Surovik Roy Timaeus Betty Lou Swan Eilcen Kennedy Bottom row: Fenn, Caughlin, Walling, Jackson, Brandes, Timaeus, M. Mikeslea, R. Mikeska. Sims. Garner, Bolding Second row: Peters, Rogers, Kostohryz, Thornton, Wichita, Pirtle, Kennedy, Hodge, Giles, Hathorn. Third row: Tarver, McCord, Stavinoha, Surovik, Paulk, Ogden, Purkins. MEMBERS President, ............. .. Vice President .... ,... Secretary ..,........... A. Treasurer ....... .. Reporter. ........ .. Historian .......,..... Song Leadeit., ..... . Watch Dog ......., Cyril Allen Edgar Bruce Lee Roy Calhoun Vernon Camp Earnest Lee Cantrell Oran Casey Sam Cater Joe Champ Maxwell Clark Cecil Cockrum Thomas Easterwoocl Emil Fojtasek Bobby Fulgham Robert Gandy Billy Gordon Sponsor: MR. S. L. ADAMS OFFICERS Kenneth Harlan Amos Hejl J. W. Jennings Eldo Johnson Willis Johnson Joe Kalenda Raymond Kneblik Lonnie Lewis Robert Lewis Lynn Ray Lewellen Charles McDonald Thomas McWhorter Horace Maddox Billy Morris Bunkley Morris . ..,... Joe Champ ..,.l...........,Bi1ly Morris Allen .......Earnest Lee Cantrell Herbert Persky ............Maxwell Clark ..........Billy Wood ......,.Billy Streater Herbert Persky David Phillips Samuel Pitrucha Bill Shephard Billy Streater Curtis Temple Moody Thomas Frank Vasicek Heywood Weldon Freddie White William Wofford Billy Wood James Wood Adolph Zatopek Edwin Zvolonek Bottom row: Kalenda, Fojtasek, Knebelik, Camp, Wood, Phillips, Cater, Zatopek. Persky White Second row: Hejl, Weldon, R. Lewis, Wofford, Bruce, Champ, Maddox, Johnson. Sheppald Third row: Harlan, Easterwood, McDonald, Lewellen, Calhoun, Gorden, Zvolanek. L. Lewis Stieatei Popufus Romanus Sponsor: MRS. OLIVIA JONES FALL SEMESTER: Bill Brown, Betty Farrar ......... Bill Howell ............,,.,.............,.....,., Charlie Tutor, Jean Honeycutt ..,,.,. Cary Thornton. Elizabeth Pirtlc .......,. Janis Metcalf, Wanda Lamberth ....,.. M8FJO1'lB Fenton ........ ,... ..........., , ...,... Gertie Aaron Bill Brown Shirley Brown Olga Burris Juana Burton Doris Butler Betty Farrar Marjorie Fenton Jean Honeycutt Bill Howell Harriet Hughes Wanda Lamberth OFFICERS Consuls q'mWClikZf3LQE5i-""'i ""'ii13ll5'LiQQQS"'u N"4""'Xe'liiiQE"""' MEMBERSHIP Janis Metcalf Bobbie Nelson Joan Petersen SPRING SEMESTER: Charlie Tutor, Kathryn Rose Sims .......,.....Juana Burton .......Cary Thornton, Betty Farrar .Janis Metcalf, Wanda Lamberth .,..,.....Olga Burris, Betty Wichita Petersen Lewis Tarver Cary Thornton Charlie Tutor Elizabeth Pirtle Betty Wichita William Roach Kathryn Sims Bottom row: Farrar, Pirtle, Honeycutt, Lamberth, Burris, Burzon, Aaron. Second row: Fenton, S. Brown, Thornton, Petersen, Metcalf, Wichita. Third row: Howell, Tudor, B. Brown, Tarver. Los Amll-Q08 Pan-A merican Club qchaptei- of students' Pan-American F01-um of Texasl Sponsor: MRS. MARIE SPENCE President FRANCES BEASLEY OFFICERS Vice Plesldent RAYE VIRGINIA MCCREARY Reporter: IRMGARD HOBR Jacqueline Anderson Mary Dean Baird Sterling: Baird Frances Beasley Kathleen Black Judy Blanton Logan Bruce Rutli Bryan Mary Cabillo Bonnie Cameron MEMBERS Barbara Ann Charlton Arlelaid Clements Carolyn Culp Dorris Floca Peggy Glass Anna. Henderson Irmgard I-Iobratschk Burton King Bobbie Lou Leatherman Raye McCrez1ry Secretary: CAROLYN CULP Treasurer: TOMMY TANNER ATSCHK Jean McEldoWney Sheilia Sanders Lee Birta Shannon Rita. Anna Sheldon Dawn Snodgrass Jane Snodgrass Tommy Tanner Nita Lou Terrell Dolores Tucker Bennie Zinn Bottom low J. Snodgrass, Glass, Sheldon, D. Snodgrass, Cameron, Leatherman, Clements Mosher 'luckel Second 1ow McEidowney, McCreary, Padillo, Shannon, Holoratschk, Black, Floca, Anderson Thud row Tanner, Baird, King, Blanton, Culp. "Cotton Blossomn Staff EDITORS ELIZABETH ROBINSON HOWARD OGDEN KATHRYN ROSE SIMS LA VERNE DUZAN TOWNSEND FIELD PECGY GLASS LINA GIESLER VIRGINIA GRIMES DOROTHY HATHORN IRMAGARD HOBRATSCHK SHIRLEY HOLCOMB DORIS KING ROSE MARIE KLEYPAS BUSINESS MANAGERS GUINN FERGUS BILL VAUGHN Staff MARY KOGUREK A. J. LEWIS JOYCE LINN CHAROLOTTE MATTHEWS ELLIN MOSHER EMILY NAIL CHAROLOTTE ROBINSON LEE BIRTA SHANNON BETTY LOU SWAN MARY WIGGERS Robinson, Ogden, Sims Fergus, Vaughn Hob Lewis. Giesler. Kocurek, Kleypas, Field, Swan, King, Wiggers, Duzan, Holcomb ratschk. Hathorn, Glass, Linn, Robinson Nail, Matthews, Shannon, Mosher, Grimes. "U5'1dcat Rambferff rqcuuy Advisors: Mrss MARGARET BLACK Mxss MARGARET CHAPMAN ..V.,. A' A --.1:: R , .:.::: A AAR R ' . A 3 AL-'A2 I ig ,.,. ":' Dorothy Hathorn Emily Nail A A AR'R gg ' 2 W' an "'3f' RAMBLER STAFF TED BLANKENSHIP JANE HOYT GWENDOLYN CATCHINGS DORIS KEMP PATSY CONNORTY JEWEL ETTA MYLES DOUGLAS DILLARD CHARLOTTE ROBINSON MARVIN EENN LEWIS TARVER LA VERNE EURL CARY THORNTON TARVER. FURL HOYT BLANKENSHIP ROBINSON MYLES CONNORTY THORNTON FENN KEMP CATCHINGS DILLARD Student Council Sponsor: MISS MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN OFFICERS President: Charles Dobbins Secretary: Dorofhy Hathorn ' Vice President: Lina Giesler Treasurer: Rose Marie Kleyvas DOBBINS HATHORN GIESLER KLEYPAS MEMBERS Frances Beasley Bobby Dillon Johnny Janicek Nina Snracllcy Ted Blankenship Jeannine Ellis Mary Kocurek Lewis Tarver Robert Brooks Shirley, Ellis Ruth Locke Cary Thornton Grace Bruner Virginia Grimes Charlotte Matthews Charles Thorp Carolyn Culp George Hoover Mary McDuffy Theda Timaeus Gall Davis Bill Howell Howard Ogden Bill Vaughn Tom Denson Doris Hunka Joe Mac Paulk Ruby Zailukal James Janeway Kathryn Rose Sims ' Bottom Row: Janicek, Thorp, Kocurek, Grimes, Sims, Ellis, J. Davis, Timeaus, Bruner, Culp. Second Row: Vaughn, Howell, Blankenship, Janeway, Thornton, Matthews, Hunka, Zatlukal, Ellis, S Third row: Brooks, Denson, Hoover, Tarver. Paulk, Dillon, Ogden. .sl fx., rj - f F.-- -- ,-M g W is H QE i E gr 0116 N ZATIUNS E ,er Victo Pious Our Alma Maier From You we've learned lo be So proud of your traditions Your spirit, loyalty And for Temple High School March on all glorious Q And may your colors. blue and white Be e'er victorious. Skuiirik RAY!! VIRGINIA McCREARY So h p omore Favorite 2 W Q 5 We i 455.1-LV ga , , 4. as ' Q sm. BROWN , SoPhom0Ie f"""ne A! :I 1 1 ...,. .,,.., wx- .-,. , vx hm, , TINY W I-ILLIN G Iunior - F avorite HAROLD KU ' Fav Iumor NKEL orite ,,,, ug-FX V g- X. S .x.-- Yxw' ELIZABETH SON Senior Favorite ROBIN 3751, Q "YK Wim - sa? ,f I d,,Y.,:. .,...,. .fM,,4 - 1-,AX ROBERT SIMMONS Senior Favorite 1 Wifi' f VQTES 1 'J Z gf If F 0111 T S SCHMIDT, ANNIE FAYE SCHNEIDER, AGNES SCHULTZ, BEATRICE SHANKLE, R. D. SHELDON, RITA ANN SCHILLER, VALLIE MAE SHOTWELL, NELL SIMMONS, GORDON SKINNER, JANICE SNODGRASS, DAWN SNODGRASS, JANE SPURLIN, BILLY STAVINOHA, MARY SWAN, BOBBY TALASEK, BERNICE TANNER. TOMMY TATE, JUANITA TAYLOR. OLEAN THOMAS, FRANCES 4 THOMAS, BOBBY THOMPSON, GLENN THORNTON. IMA JEAN TUCKER. DOLORES TUDOR, CHARLIE VASICEK, FRANK WALKER, ELOISE WATERS, KENNETH WEATHERS, TOMMIE LOU VYELDON. HEYWOOD WELLS, JAMES WELLS. MARY WERNLI, BETTY J. WHITE. WANDA WHYBURN, BILLY J. WILLIAMSON, JOYCE WILKINSON, PETE WILLIAMS, J. B. WILSON, BETTY WINKLER, MILDRED ZATOPEK, ADOLF MATUSH, JAMES MAY, BETTY MAY, PATSY MAYFIELD, TINY McCREARY, RAYE VIRGINIS MCMURTRY, LEATHA MIKESKA, MARY MILLER, JUNE MINDEN, O.'G. MORGAN, ANN MOROSKA, IMOGENE MORRIS, BUNKLEY MURRAY, WILMA NABOURS, EDWARD NAYLOR, MERLE NELSON. BOBBIE NILES, BETTY OSVVALT. G. C. OWENS, EULA MAE PADILLO, JOSEPHINE PARTIN, FRED PEREZ. SONJA PETERS, ELIZABETH PETERSEN, JOAN PIRTLE, ELIZABETH PRZYBYLSKI, JULIA RAWLINGS, GEORGE REED, NONA REED, VIRGINIA REYNOLDS. CHARLES RICHBROOK, GERALD ROACH, WILLIAM ROAN, LORENE ROBERTS, GILDA SAAGE, JAUANE SAGEBIEL, GAYLE SAN MIGUEL, GLORIA SAN MIGUEL, RALPH HEJL, AMOS HEJL, BEATRIGE HENDERSON, FLOYD HILLIARD, I. V. HINKLE, JOYCE HOLLOMAN, SHIRLEY HONEYCUTT, JEAN HOWELL, BILL HUGGINS, BETTY HUGHES, MYRTLE FAYE JACKSON. JEWELL JANICEK, JOHNNY JEZ. DOROTHY ANN JOHNSON, ELDO JOHNSON, MAY LEE JOHNSON, WILLIS JONES. MARTHA KABELLA, DORIS KACIR, SIDNEY KALENDA', JOE 'Q. KEENER, JAMES KING, BURTON KING. MARGARET KIRK, SUE KLEYPAS, L. D. KUBAN, DOROTHY LAGRONE, DONALD LAMBERTH, WANDA LANCASTER, MARY LEVY, BETTY JO LEWELLEN, DORIS LEWELLEN, FRANCES LINDER. MARIE LIPS, DORIS MARIE LOOKE, I RUTH MAOHALEK, RUTH MAN LEY, MARILYN 'W aff COLLIER, MARGARET COKER, FLORA CONNER, MARY ANN COSTON, DIXIE RUTH COX, PATSY CRAFT, MARY CULP. CAROLYN DAVIDSON, JO ANN DAVIDSON, MARY DAVIS, GALE DAVIS, HERBERT DAVIS. LEO DENNIS, C. R. DENSON, TOM DURDEN, CARO LYN DYER, CHARLENE ECKERMAN, RAY ELLIS, SHIRLEY ELSIK, VLASTA EMERY, PAUL EHRLEN, ROBERT EUBANKS, BETTY FARMER. JANYE FARRA R, BETTY FENN, FORREST FENTON. MAJORIE FOWLER. JAMES FULGHAM, BOBBY GANDY, ROBERT GRAY, BILLIE GREEN, MARGUERITE GUESS, CARL GUNN, CHRISTINE HALFAKER, MARGIE HALFORD, BESSIE HAMIL, PATSY HARLAN. AUDIE ECKERERMAN IHRTLE x LEY CULP I SOPHOMORE OFFICERS RAY ECKERMAN ............,....... President FRANCES BEASLEY .... .... V ice President ELIZABETH PIRTLE . , . ..... Secretary CAROLYN CULP . . . ..... Treasurer Sopfzomores J K, i AARON, GERTIE ALLBRIGI-IT, DOLORES ANDERSON, RUBY ATKINSON, CHARLES I, 'w AYCOCK, EDWARD BA-BCOCK, FOY PAGGETT, LEATRICE QBAIRD STERLING BARRETT. JOHNNIE BARNETT, MARION z BARNETT, THOMAS BARRON, SYLVIA BEASLEY, FRANCES BEECHAM, BETTY LOUISE BENTON, HELEN BIGON, HELEN BLANCHARD, MARJORIE BLANKENSTEIN, PEGGY BLANTON, JUDY BROOKE, ROBERT BROWN, BILL BROWN. SHIRLEY BRUCE, EDGAR BRUNER, GRACE BRYAN, RUTH BRYANT, BETTY BULLS, NELDA FAY BURTCHELL, A. J. BURTCHELL, SHIRLEY BYERS, DOT CAMERON. BONNIE CARLISLE, HAROLD CARTER. HUGH CATCHINGS, JAMES CHAPMAN, DORIS CHILDERS, ALEENE CLEMENTS, ADELAIDE LEDGER, JANE LEHOTSKY, MARIE LEWIS, ROBERT LUSK, JOHN LYDA. DOYL MADDOX, HORACE - MAYFIELD, DAVID Mr:ELDOWNEY, JEAN MCQUEEN. J. H. METCALF, JANIS MOORE, ELIZABETH MOORE, MIKE MOORE. SAM MORELAND, MELVIN MUCHA, JOSEPHINE NANNY. JOHNNY .NAUMANN, ARTHUR NETTLES, ANNA LOU NICHOLS. ELIZABETH NICHOLS, MINNIE LOU NICHOLSON, BILLY OUTHOUSE, MARY HELEN PARRISH, MARY FRANCIS PAULK. JOE MAC PERSKY, HERBERT PETRUCHA, SAMUEL PIRTLE. JOAN REED, BARBARA JEAN RICHEY, GWYNELL ROBERTS, FRANCES SANDERS. KATHERINE SISCO, BETTYE ' 71 SMITH, MARY SUE SNELLINGS. EVELYN SPIVEY, MARJORIE STEFKA. PAULINE STEGGMAN, BILLIE STOLL, ADELINE STREATER, BILLY TARVER, LEWIS TIMAEUS, TI-IEDA TIPPIT. LA VERA TERRELL. NITA LOU THORNTON, CARY TRAYLOR, HAROLD TURNER. JACQUELINE VICKSELL. JEANINE WAC KER. CHARLOTTE WALLING, TINY WATSON, CHARLES WATSON, LLOYD WEAVER, GLEN WENDLAND. ERROL WERCHAN. GLORIA WHITLEY. FLOYD WISENER. HAROLD WICHITA, BETTY WOODWARD, PATSY WOOLEY, PEGGY WRIGHT, BILLIE YOUNG. REBA ZINN, BENNY RUTH w .0 J . ,O X , ,N xx IN EASLEY, JAMES ELLIS, JEANNINE EPPERSON, MARY FARRELL, RUTHIE FLOCA, DORRIS GENTRY, GEORGE GILES, DOROTHY GILLIAM, HELEN GOUGH. ROY . GRIFFIN, BETTE JEAN GRIFFIN, NITA FAE HASTINGS, CLARENCE HAVERLIN, JAMES HILLIARD, OLLIE HODGE, DOROTHY HOOVER, GEORGE HUTKA, FRANCES MAE JACKSON, BETTY JO JANEWAY, JAMES JARRELL, MAXIE IENNINGS, J. W. JONES, ESTON KEMPER, BOBBIE KLINE, DONNA JUNE KOSTOHRYZ, FRANCIS KREITZ, HELEN MARIE KUNKEL, HAROLD LANGSTON, BILL LASTER, FAYE LAWHON, ELIZABETH LAWHORN, JUNE LEATHERMAN, BOBBIE AKERS, GLENN ALLEN, DORIS ANDERSON, JACQUELINE AUGER, YVONNE BANNISTER, MONROE BLACK, KATHLEEN BLOSS, DOLORES BOUTWELL, MARIAN BOLDING, JUNE. BOYD, BARBARA BRANDES, CATHERINE BRITTON, WILBURN BROWN, HOWARD BRUCE, LOGAN A BURRIS, OLGA BURTON, Bnooxs BURTON, JUANA BUSTER, HELEN BUTLER, DORIS CARSON, LA VERNE CASWELL, BILLIE CHARLTON, BARBARA CHERNOSKY, TEENIE CLARK, MAXWELL CLOUD, BILL COLLIER, OTIS COTTLE, GWENDOLYN COX, ELEANOR CRAFT, DOLORES DILLARD. DOUGLAS DILLON, BOBBY DOTY, JOAN PAULK REED DILLON ' ZINN IUNIOR OFFICERS IOE MAC PAULK .................... President BOBBY DILLCN .... .... V ice President BARBARA REED . . . ....... Secretary BENNIE ZINN .... .... T reusurer Eu n io rs WELSH, COLLINS Band Football Basketball Science Club F.F.A. Tennis Track WEBSTER, DEAN Choral Club Football WIGGERS, MARY KATHERINE Latin Club Choral Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff Student Council Future Hornemakers of Texas ZATLUKAL, RUBY LEE WEAVER, MAC Football President of F.F.A. Basketball WHITE, FREDDIE EARL F.F.A. WOOD, BILLY F.F.A. Football STAVINOHA, WILLIAM B. Track Intramural Sports President of Physics Club Student Council Representa- tive SUROVIK, EDWARD Physics Club Intramural Football TEAL, RICHARD TODD, JO NELL VAUGHN, MARY Physics Club Rope Spinning Club Future Homemakers of Texas Chemistry Club STEFKA, ELLSWORTH SWAN, BEKETY LQU 1 .I ' Home R om Officer J Tu bling Club offMf Plylzics Club fi" f ,V r'Future 6 nakers' of Texas -N 'Q ot o o som" Staff at , . t 1113.1 adminton TIMAEUS, ROY Band Physics Club Intramural Boxing Intrarnural Football VAUGHN, BILL Student Council Business -Manager "Cotton Blossom" Intramural Sports WADE, LESLIE SHANNON, LEE BIRTA Secretary of Future Home- makers of Texas "Cotton Blossomn' Staff Rope Spinning Club Spanish Club SIMS, KATHRYN ROSE Latin Club Science Club President of Chemistry Club President of Rope Spinning Club Student Council Editor of "Cotton Blossom" Choral Club , Intramural Badminton Intramural Baseball Home Room Officer SNEED, CARL Junior Class Officer Basketball Intramural Football Intramural Basketball "Wildcat Ramb1er" Staff SPRADLEY, NINA Latin Club Student Council Tennis Club SCHWAKE, Q. C. F.F.A. SIMMS, HAYWARD Basketball Football Choral Club Track SLEATOR, WINFRED Choral Club SOUTHERLAND, GLENDA Rope Spinning Club Future Homemakers of Texas SPRAYBERRY, LOUISE Band Future Homeniakers of Texas Choral Club STANDARD, JACK Science Club Spanish Club Student Council F.F.A. Intramural Football Declamation Choral Club PURKINS, WILLIAM Track Basketball Intramural Football Latin Club Physics' Club RICKS, PATRICIA Tumbling Club Science Club Intramural Badminton Latin Club Physical Fitness Club Future Homemakers of Texas ROBINSON, ELIZABETH A Senior Officer Junior Officer N Senior Favorite ff' X Junior Favorite A ' 'I Latin Club up Physics Club Future Homemakers of Texas Band Home Room Officer "Cotton Blossom" Editor Intramural Badminton SANDERS, SHEILIA Spanish. Club SCHMIDT, DARLENE Band Orchestra Future Homemakers of Texas RAMSEY, BETTY Student Council Representa- tive Tennis Club Rope Spinning Club Officer of Future Home- makers' of Texas Intramural Badminton ROBINSON, CHARLOTTE Tennis Club Future Homemakers of Texas Intramural Badminton Spanish Club Science Club Rope Spinning Club "Wildcat Ramble1"' Staff "Cotton Blossom" Staff Physical Fitness Club District Championship Tennis Doubles ROGERS, RICHARD E. Basketball Physics Club SAN MIGUEL, JESSE Football I Basketball Intramural Football Choral Club President of Science Club Spanish Club Track SHAFFER, ROBERT Debate Latin Club NAYLOR, MARY FRANCES Future Homemakers of Texas OGDEN, HOWARD Editor of "Cotton Blossom" Yell Leader Student Council Physics Club Latin Club Sophomore Class Officer Intramural Sports PARKER, ANNETTA JUNE Future Homemaker Spanish Club Science Club PETERS, MILLARD Band Physics Club PHILLIPS, DAVID Band F.F.A. s of Texas NORTON, MARILYN Choral Club Future Homemakers of Texas OWEN, VERA Future Homemakers of Texas PATE, ELIZABETH HOPE Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club PETERSEN, LEWIS Choral Club Tennis Club Track Orchestra Intramural Football Science Club POLLIE, MILLIE MCDONALD, BETTY Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas McDUFFEY, MARY MATOUS, FRANK Track MORGAN, GLENN Junior Class Officer Senior Class Officer Track Band NAIL, EMILY Editor of "Wildcat Rambler" "Cotton Blossom" Staff Future Homemakers of Texas Latin Club Tennis' Club President of Rope Spinning Club Choral Club Science Club Intramural Badminton Fire Prevention Theme Winner District Championship Tennis Doubles 1 MCDONNALD, CHARLES Basketball Football MATTHEWS, CHARLOTTE Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas Home Room Officer Student Council Repre- sentative "Cotton Blossom" Staff Zofvctj MIKESKA, RUBY Future Homemakers of Texas Science Club Choral Club MYLES, JEWEL ETTA "Wildcat Ramblers Staff NAUMANN, CURHAM Basketball KENNEDY, EILEEN Choral Club Science Club KING, DORIS MARIE Drum Major . ' 'S Band My Choral Club ' Tumbling Club 5 Latin Club LD' Physical Fitness lub , Physics Club 'fill Chemistry Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff Intramural Badminton Home Room Officer KOCUREK, MARY Vice President of Future Homemakers of Texas Secretary of Biology Club' Student Council F- Band "Cotton Blossom" Staff LEWIS, A. J. Tennis' Intramural Football Intramural Basketball Biology Club Student Council Q "Cotton Blossom" Staff LIN N, JOYCE Choral Club Band Future Homemakers of Texas "Cotton Blossom" Staff Rope Spinning Club Physical Fitness Club Tennis Club Texas University Music Clinic K KEITH, FRANCES Future Homemakers of Texas KLEYPAS, ROSE MARIE Sophomore Favorite Sophomore Officer Band Secretary of Spanish Club Secretary of Science Club President of Tumbling Club Choral Club Treas'urer of Student Council "Cotton Blossom"' Staff LAMAR, DOTTIE Future Homemakers of Texas LINDER, DONALD EDWARD F.F.A. Basketball McCORD, PAUL Band Football Intramural Sports Chemistry Club Orchestra HOBRATSCHK, IRMGARD Choral Club Spanish Club Officer "Cotton Blossom"' Staff HOLLOMAN, RAY EDWARD Football I Basketball Track Tennis Intramural Boxing Choral Club HOYT, JANE "Wildcat Ramble1"' Staff Choral Club Future Homemakers of Texas Rope Spinning Club Physical Fitness Club JACOBS, TURNER Football Manager Basketball Manager Latin Club Basketball JONES, LEWIS Physics Club Aeronautics Club Aircraft Modeling Club Intramural Football HOLCOMB, SHIRLEY Latin Club Science Club Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club Officer of Chemistry Club Physical Fitness Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff HOWE, RICHARD Track Band Orchestra Intramural Football HUNKA, DORIS Tennis Club Tennis Team Volleyball Club Science Club Student Council Representa- tive Home Room Business Man- ager of "Wildcat Rambler" Intramural Softball JOHNSON, ELBERT Football Basketball Track Intramural Football Intramural Basketball Choral Club Softball KEMP, DORIS' "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Home Room Officer Future Homemakers of Texas GREENE, AUDREY Orchestra Choral Club p Spanish Club HANACIK, WILMA Future Homemakers of Texas Physical Fitness Club Volley Ball Club HATHORN, DOROTHY Tennis' Club Editor of "Wildcat Rambler" Secretary of Student Council Vice President of Senior Class Treasurer of Junior Class Science Club Chemistry Club Treasurer of Rope Spinning Club Officer of Latin Club Medical Auxiliary Essay Winner "Cotton Blossom" Staff Intramural Badminton Choral Club HAYS, LOWELL B. Intramural Football Intramural Basketball Intramural Softball Tennis Club Sophomore Favorite President of Sophomore Class Light Weight Boxing Champion HILL, GLORIA Future Homemakefs of Texas Tennis' Club GRIMES, VIRGINIA Latin Club Science Club Rope Spinning Club Student Council "Cotton Blossom"' Staff I-IARLAN, KENNETH Choral Club F.F.A. HAWKINS, REX Football Basketball HENLEY, MARY KATI-IRYN Latin Club Physics Club Future Homemakers of Texas Tumbling Club Physical Fitness Club Chemistry Club HILL, TROY FIELD, TOWNSEND "Cotton Blossom" Staff Basketball Physics Club Intramural Football Tennis FLETCHER, VELA IRENE GAINES, HATTIE Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club Squad Leader www' IESLER, QTNA JEAN Vice President of Student Council Tennis Club Latin Club Officer President Junior Class President Senior Class President Junior Unit F.H.T. President T.H.S. Chapter F.H.T, Jones Medal Contestant "Cotton Bloss-om" Staff Fire Prevention Theme Winner GOODNIGHT, LOIS FLANDERS, MARIAN FURL, LA VERNE Future Homemakers of Texas Tennis Club "Rambler" Staff- Circulation Manager Squad Leader GARNER, BESSIE NELL Choral Club ' Future Homemakers of Texas Chemistry Club GLASS, PEGGY JEAN Spanish Club Science Club Rope Spinning Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff GORDEN, BILLY Industrial Arts Club F.F.A. Latin Club Intramural Soccer CRENSHAW, BILLY RAY Football Basketball Track Junior Favorite Middle Weight Boxing Champion Intramural Softball Championship Team President of Choral Club DAVIDSON, BOBBY Basketball Football Manager DuPRIEST, MILTON Choral Club "Wildcat Rambler" EASLEY, PATSY Choral Club Yell Leader Future Homemakers of Texas FEN N, WILLIAM MARVIN Sports Editor of "Rambler" Officer of Physics' Club Boxing Finals Soccer Champion Team CROFT, DOROTHY Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas DOBBINS, CHARLES Officer of Latin Club Choral Club Tennis Basketball President of Student Council Yell Leader Boys' State Award Intramural Sports DUZAN, ELTON LAVERNE Future Homemakers of Texas Home Room Officer Officer of Rope Spinning Club "Cotton Blossom"' Staff Squad Leader Intramural Badminton EWING, HELEN Choral Club FERGUS, GUIN N Football Basketball Intramural Football Champion Team Business Manager of "Cotton Blossom" BURNS, CLAY Science Club CALHOUN, LEE ROY Intramural Football Intramural Baseball Industrial Arts Club F.F.A. CATCHINGS, GWENDOLYN Spanish Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Squad Leader CAWTHRON, BETTY Future Homemakers' Tennis Club CONNORTY, PATSY of Texas "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Future Homemakers of Texas CAIN, ROY Latin Club Intramural Football Chemistry Club CAMP, L. G. F.F.A. CAUGHLIN, JAMES Vice President of Physics Club Model Airplane Club CAWTHRON, LENORA Future Homemakers of Texas COX, JUANITA Future I-Iomemakers of Texas ALLEN, CYRIL Intramural Football BAIRD, MARY D EAN Future Homemakers of Texas Spanish Club Choral Club BARRETT, BILLY Band BLANKENSHIP, TED "Wildcat Ramb1er" Staff Student Council Choral Club BRAVENEC, MA Choral Club Science Club RY ANN ALLISON, PEGGY Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club Squad Leader BAKER, ANNIE MAE. Latin Club Rope Spinning Club Future Homemakers of Texas Tennis Club BIGON, MARY FRANCES Spanish Club Future Homemakers of Texas Squad Leader BODE, ERNEST Intramural Football Boxing Intramural Basketball BROWN, LaNELL Science Club Rope Spinning Club Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club 4,41-1 GIESLER - ROBINSON HATHORN MORGAN SENIOR OFFICERS LINA GIESLER ...................... President DOROTHY HATHORN ............ Vice President ELIZABETH ROBINSON ...... Secretary-Treasurer GLENN MORGAN ..... . . .Sergeant-at-Arms Seniors ' X X X xxx A 4' 1755 X . J! 0 O QNQM M Q 0 M5 Qe fu i EQ, ifffa MH E- Q' M 0 Y-l - - i gil- J 5 3 1 is M" f , HMM- Y 5 ' I 2 I il-'11-1-u 69? Facu ity MR. D. H. MCCALL Science MR. V. A. MICULKA Science MRS. BETTY ROSS MORRIES History MR. W. E. ROUTH Mathematics and Physical Education MRS. MARIE H. SPENCE Spanish and English MRS. MYRTIE MAE TALLANT Mathematics and Business Administration MISS GRACE WATSON Business Administration MISS JUANITA M. WELCH Mathematics MR. O. C. WILKS History MR. CLARENCE WOOD Woodwork and Mathematics' MISS LENA WORD Librarian Faculty MRS. MARGARET FENSTY Physical Education MISS ELMA JEAN FOWLER Biology and History MISS VIRGINIA HALBEDL Music MISS VELMA HARRELL Home Economics MISS MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN English MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE Mathematics- MRS. OLIVIA JONES Latin and History MISS RUTH LASLEY Music MISS ALICE LINDEMANN English MR. D. M. MAYFIELD Mechanical Drawing and Mathematics Q.- MR. S. L. Faculty Vocational Agriculture MR. G. O. ALESSANDRO Band MISS MARIAN ARNOLD English MISS MOZELLA ARNOLD English MISS HELEN BARRON Home Economics MR. BRYANT BERRY Economics and History MISS MARGARET BLACK Typing and Journalism MISS AUVAL BROWN Science MISS MARGARET CHAPMAN English MR. LESLIE CRANFILL Physical Education Acz'mz'nz'S tra to PS T l l . MR. GEORGE H. GENTRY MR. CONRAD VERNON Acting Superintendent Acting Principal B. A. Baylor University B. A. Daniel Baker College M. A. University of Texas M. A. Baylor University LIEUTENANT-COLONEL JOE R. HUMPHREY Superintendent B. A. Trinity University M. A. Teachers College, Columbia University Ed. D. Teachers College, Columbia University Board of Ea7ucatz'on MR. CHAS. S. COX, JR. MR. KENNETH PHILLIPS MRS. T. M. NEAL DR. R. C. CURTIS 1 L MRS. J. E. JOHNSON MR. LESLIE HUFF DR. H. B. ANDERSON MR. ALFRED WILLIG Business Manager MR. D. H. VANNOY Secretary of Board of Education , H N ' VREGISTRATION I x I I v A , E I il I s 1 : 5 I 4-1 V IW ff ' Wlmibx cc' ff H ' A NE' IWW A M ISTIMTIUN MISS MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN Dedicated to Miss Mary Elizabeth Holden who is not only a teacher but a lriend to all students. Her interest in the individual student and school activities has made her a favorite with all. Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS SNAPSHOTS ADS 'x Fo PQ wo Pd It vivid memories of our school lite are perpetuated by the pages ot this 1945 "Cotton Blossom". the stat! teels that its ettorts have not been in vain. 1 LJ J L LliT XX ,U l , , V J jr - F- .X ' E I X -ei O' A X Du M L f ,f-f' A L 1 .f N"-j U N!! 'U J L -l gl..-1-. f ff A A,,A , Qi jf YL , N pf H f U Ll lyj ffps D ,. jfisspaklq A , -, ' 1 , p.. Y ' 1 Hz' f X 'L , Q A 5 . X X 1 , E s I O A 'kg-'Jn' lf? -I i N- g m . ' ,QI ' Z li QA 45 1501 fi? A A ,l ' W ., Q ,,,. PA aww . VW X X ELGSSONS- '-il ' M V Y Z!-E"E.'-Ti, --ity 7 ACS CS E? 77 WWW I' s 5 l I 7 X 1 1 .....- Eff X A 9 ? xwQk'QX W 1 1 + ws 2 l ll E7 1'-1 -W ' MWUW5 Mk x M Q, llkllilllllhllilllllllllllllllllkllllIlIllUlillIl'IlIil!lIll!lIl!IIllilllllillllllllllllilllllllllllIIlflIllllllUllllH1llllIllIlllllll 1l1llUlllHll!Illlll1llll11lIll!lll IillilliliNllll'lllllIWIHiIlIIllllIflllllIIEll!illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllIllfillllllll 77 Tjw The 1945 .9 THE SENIOR CLASS TEMPLE HIGH SCHGOL TE WHT A ,. .,. - . Rf-og: f l,ms54g"+ " x Hi 9?-:M 'tifff - Nw F12 i' 'lm XX ',:f W m k mv 1 1 1 1"i::i'lflI UVi, lf '25,IAM'M. ,5lfl6-,-A,y:E,vVgi :W "vii-L "'k Z L'.iiIg4i ., W as . Ju, wsu, ms, ----vv 1 .... iw -- I -- H f N fm, A y ,gg ,---. W1 ix, 1, , f -mg: A ww W- In 5 - ,f N kfiwww W YSNSWFWSI. ,., , . S-smmmm w,g,Mw , W E vm 1 -Q, . 1 A 'M ,sm - My H -fm ' ',QggiQZf:.1 is H H2 , x Y x Lil s QQLLUOL1-f' 6U""'-'CQ'-ff 90 1 A-n..,..z,,4-j ff- IA! N7-..f,kV..g,,fJ A7'-Q14---f f..xwA-...,,,J -52,+4- 0 -lf '1 NM was W J N lf XM M ww SQ W5 by my f-,MM 547-W fp.-16 ,Hum f""'W mia M3255 W g A,,f1y!p,U4 amid 'W 9, M fmfgyff 5 fwfi' W Wvfvfow-'MI 'YMJQ 8 My 3,124 W Gfgufifmw K Wwwff QM fa 51.5 CW W fW'f"'W' DW Q37 ' B' ff W! Tm ff if ff . ,W MWQMWWWAMJXQ Igmpjwx, .mn -as A 1 ':.a:z:sem1'r.p.,,fm.,.1'u"e:zmrsear:m1w,mx'a:,:'4.1.v" ".i:1:"v. a:L.1z...'f1 '..m..a- "Wiz-sm....JBe,T4. '1+-P' 'm E,L2.'-L." mf pp 1.5M KM? jjiwo Wwwwfgwmf JE V xewbigb, QL Mffff fmj 1 x MQW? 3' E ffW5'axif,,f',Qf,Zi1f ' 'J' fwiif wvfmigzwjfaggg-WW QM-'M ,Mb RWWWW SQ! my' WNGW QQQWA E I r 3! ' V 1- . I 1 - -.-1. .-J-J,-, Y-'-Q-1..---ss: -' , 'fat' 1 . . , ,M 7 .7 A -. ?-:A-11.2 --f'f:r1':'-f'f'14fN'.:ruff-.ifii, P2 'HH' 'MSP ,- ff. yr: -l.-Hf,1f-' i- :ML 4- X.-b N- ff. A' -r 1 My -"Wg p 4 4 W 95 QQ., sf wqwwjw Sfxgxjwwjkygwg' 1 I I r L

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